World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Cody Bogard vs Damien Dunn

Singles Match

The match started off with Dunn exploding out of the gate, completely taking the 2-time PWA Intercontinental champion off guard. A barrage of rights and lefts into the corner forced referee Dwayne Cross pull him away, almost allowing Bogard a chance with a roundhouse kick attempt, but Dunn studied his opponent and caught his leg, using it as a lever to drill him head-first to the canvas with an Exploder suplex for a 2-count. Dunn then went to finish Cody off, setting him up for the Euphoria, but Bogard turned it into a unique version of a facelock, using Dunn's own attempt at locking on a Gory Guerrero Special to set up his "Devastating" finishing move of choice against him.

Damien got to the ropes, forcing a break at 4, and then it was all Bogard. STIFF kicks to the face. STIFF kicks to the chest. STIFF forearms and elbows to the side of the head. Dunn was out on his feet and easy pickings, but Cody wanted to set an example and did so with Brainbuster rolled into a Fisherman's Buster rolled into another Brainbuster rolled into a picture-perfect DDT. Cody went to cover, but broke the pin at 1, shaking his head and basking in the growing adulation of the crowd. Bogard brought Dunn to his feet, sent him down to a knee with a series of Machine Gun Slaps followed by a STIFF Shotei, and then finished it all off with the Kikosho Driver for the 1, the 2, and the 3.

WINNER: Cody Bogard @ 7:32

Hot & Sour vs Jake Norton

Handicap Match

Jake Norton is in the ring, awaiting his opponents. Titan and Blake Whitcroft come out, only to be attacked from behind by Might & Magic. The tag champs keep up the attack on their upcoming challengers, even when it is clear that Ho & Sour are out for the count. Out of nowhere, Hell & High Water come out to make the save, chasing off Might & Magic so the EMTs can come in and do their job. Jake Norton doesn't look super pleased, but at least he's getting paid for showing up.

Winner: No Contest

Panzadise & Matthew Engel & Emily Corlen vs Nadare & Ash Nukem & Marxx

6 Man Tag Match

Much to the surprise of all parties involved, Eric Emerson announces this match has been changed to Tornado Tag rules.

Panzadise and Nukem fight, Engel and Takawa pair off, leaving Marxx and Corlen to fight each other.

For Dise and Nukem, issues have been brewing near since the Hall of Famer made his return to the PWA. Nukem attacks him with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove. Taking a page from Emily Corlen's book, Nukem attacks hard and fast, hitting and moving out of the way. Panzadise is no fool and after Nukem's gameplan becomes obvious, Dise stands his ground, times Nukem's attack and counters with his own, laying out the Grizzly Beer champion.

Across the ring, Engel and Takawa are facing in in a rematch of sorts. Looking to avenge his previous loss, Takawa shows that he learned something from his last match with the Virus and counters many of his moves. But Engel is a pro and refuses to lose his cool, no matter how much Hiro tries to push him over the edge. The PWA World champion keeps his cool and rolls with the punches, waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

Marxx charges at Corlen and spears her, taking her to the mat right from the start. Using his size and strength advantage, Marxx's plan is to force Corlen to tire herself out trying to escape him. Not a bad plan, exactly, but not the most exciting thing to watch as his strategy is to literally lay on top of her. It would seem the former World champion has been watching a bit of MMA lately.

Virus makes his move on Takawa, catching his foot during a flashy kick. The champ has been having a bad month and is no mood for this shit and lunges forward with a massive clothesline that nearly takes off Hiro's head. Its a good thing that the cameras are rolling because otherwise no one would ever see what Engel does to Hiro because every person in the arena has their eyes covered in a mix of disgust and horror.

Meanwhile, Nukem has gotten the upper hand on Panzadise. The big man has gone down to one knee and a cut on his forehead sends blood into his eyes, blurring his vision. Nukem has got the crowd behind him as he fights the Panzie down to the mat. Ash makes a cover! 1...2. Dise kicks out with authority, pressing Nukem up and flinging him away. Ash gets to his feet quickly and charges Panzadise and tries to whip him into the ropes. Dise reverse the whip and lifts his huge foot up and Ash comes running back. Dise drops a big standing elbow and covers Nukem. 1...2...3!

Winners: Panzadise, Matthew Engel, & Emily Corlen

Didn't See This Coming, DID YOU?!?

Matthew Engel, Panzadise and Emily Corlen raise their arms in victory as Marxx, Nukem and Nadare painfully roll out of the ring in defeat. The three have little time to celebrate though.

Phoenix: OK! Everyone out of the ring, now!

The loud booming voice of President Robinson grabs everyone’s attention and they turn en mass to the stage, where Robinson walks out, attired in his Phoenix gear. Marxx and his team are already working their way up the ramp and in the ring, Panzadise, Corlen and Engel look up at Robinson, and begin to do as he asks.

Phoenix: All except you, Engel.

Engel glares, as Panzadise and Corlen drop out of the ring and start up the ramp, Phoenix continues.

Phoenix: You and I need to have a bit of a chat, Engel.

Phoenix begins to work his way down the ramp, passing Panzadise and Corlen and he continues to speak as he approaches the ring.

Phoenix: It seems to me that you’ve taken a liking to sticking your nose in my business, something I’m not too fond of.

Engel smirks at this, before turning serious again. Phoenix climbs up the steel steps.

Phoenix: But I’m a forgiving man, Engel. Unfortunately, I know of a few others.. not so forgiving.

Engel shrugs and then becomes aware that the arena is on it’s collective feet screaming and he spins around only to get cold cocked by a steel chair at the hands of Marvin Wood. Finale slides in as Wood slams the chair down on Engel yet again.

Phoenix: First, you interfere with our little fun with Lisa, then you put the boots to Wood the very same night, and it’s a bit frustrating you know? To put all these plans together and have someone just get in the way.

Finale grabs Engel and pulls him to his feet and Wood rears back.


A third strike to the forehead of Matthew Engel has him back on the canvas with a busted forehead. Phoenix hands the mic to Marvin Wood.

Wood: When we’re through with you, Matt, you won’t be getting into anyone elses business again!

Marvin gives the mic back to Phoenix and then grabs Engel by the hair and slides his neck and head through the steel chair and has Finale and Phoenix position Engel while Wood begins to climb the turn buckle.

Jon McDaniel: Now wait, this is going to far! He could break the man’s neck for Christ’s sake!

Brian Rentfro: The AoWF is out to make one hell of a statement, and its being done here on Rampage where no one is in position to come save the PWA World Champion!

Wood negotiates the top portion of the corner turn buckle when suddenly the lights cut out.

Jon McDaniel: What the hell!?

Rumbling echoes through out the arena, and spot lights cutting paths all over the fans and through the ring, shining quickly over the AOWF and their fallen victim. Phoenix and Finale start turning in circles, looking for the cause of the interference and Marvin Wood looks pissed and starts to stand up for his attack when..


Pyros shoot off from the stage and mist swells out from under the ring and as the lights flare up, the whole arena explodes and McDaniel gives voice to the new presence in the ring.

Jon McDaniel: RAIZZOR!!! It’s RAIZZOR!

In the ring, the Soul-Taker stands between Matthew Engel and Marvin Wood, a dark vicious blood thirsty look glazes over his eyes as he stares down Wood in warning not to jump. Behind him, Phoenix and Finale look aghast and they start to move forward and it causes Raizzor to turn his head sharply at them.

Brian Rentfro: I can’t believe Raizzor’s here, but he’s out numbered. He can’t take on three of the AOWF’s finest, not even he’s that powerful!

On cue, another shock recoils through the arena as familiar music starts blasting over the speakers. The response is defeaning as The Most Devious S.O.B. in the Business Today; Chamelion, comes barreling out from the back stage area with a crowbar in hand and he races to the ring and slides in, coming to stand at his brother’s back.

Jon McDaniel: (Almost hyperventilating) Chamelion! Mark Sommers! He’s back!!

Brian Rentfro: You noticed!?

It’s all Rentfro can seem to get out, as Chamelion and Raizzor stand back to back, challenging the AOWF’s Finest. At Chamelion’s feet, Matthew Engel begins to stir, pushing the steel chair off his neck and he rolls to his knees. Through blood soaked eyes, he comes to grips to what he sees before him…. The Krymson Dragons hovering over him as protectors against his foes.

Jon McDaniel: NOW.. now it’s even!

Wood yells at the Dragons and Phoenix and Finale back off, knowing that in this situation they are out matched. Engel wobbles to his feet, wiping blood from his eyes and turns towards Chamelion to offer thanks.


Engel drops like dead weight to the canvas, the crowd goes silent in shock before exploding in boos, and above Matthew Engel… Chamelion holds the crow bar in a striking pose, fresh blood on its tip. Raizzor turns away from Marvin Wood and comes to look down at the carcass that was Matthew Engel as Wood climbs down, a huge grin on his face. Phoenix and Finale laugh and move in and the five men now stand in a circle around the fallen PWA World Champion.

Brian Rentfro: Whoah.

Jon McDaniel: The Dragons… they… they’re WITH the AOWF!? NO! NO!

Wood goes to grab Engel, but Raizzor steps forward and puts a hand on his shoulder and shakes his head. Wood gets the message, they’ve done enough. The AOWF all pat Chamelion and Raizzor on their backs and exit the ring as medics come down to attend to Engel. Raizzor falls backwards out of the ring to land on his feet, and it leaves Chamelion in the center of the ring by himself, watching the medics do their work. He has a mic in hand.

Chamelion: Cut the announcer’s mics, I don’t want their shit ass commentary getting in the way!

Rentfro and McDaniel gasp, trying to speak but they no longer can.
Chamelion: I bet you’re all clamoring for answers. You’re asking ‘Why, Mark, Why!?” Well, I got just two words for you, and for the entire AOWF community. FUCK YOU!

He spits the words out and glares around, daring anyone to speak against him.

Chamelion: Fuck you for turning your back on me. Fuck you for not questioning my disappearance. Fuck you for sabotage, mutiny and trying to take from me everything I worked so hard to create. Fuck you for your lack of support. I gave my heart and soul to this community, I gave up precious time with the woman I love to be here and it cost me that love. Yeah, Sandra’s gone, took off because I spent more time here then I did at home. I blame each and every one of you, from the fans to the wrestlers, the board of directors who I had fired, to anyone and everyone… I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, say FUCK YOU!

He heaves his chest, anger building as he releases his pent up rage.

Chamelion: I’ve been watching from the shadows for months, watching the ass kissers and cock suckers get everything handed to them while the lower card feeders bottomed to them every week. I’m not here to give a rise to those poor bastards. Marxx, Bogard, Nukem, to name a few can continue to be the bitches they are, and score me some easy wins as I decimate each and every PWA wrestler here.

Chamelion: Which I’m sure begs the question to all of you. Why am I a part of the AOW’s Finest. Because Marvin Wood came to me with a vision, and while the creed of the AOW’s Finest I give two shits about, the group is comprised of men who know what it takes to get shit down, and the shit’s gonna get done. I’ve painted my targets and one by one, they’re going down.

He grins his Cheshine smile then, turning to face the camera.

Chamelion: Hey Jethro! I heard you whining like a little baby that you got fucked over in BWF last week in your match with Corlen?

Reaching into his back pocket, Chamelion pulls out a mask and slips it over his head.

Chamelion: SURPRISE!

Ripping it off, he laughs.

Chamelion: In fact, the attack on Hijo, the clipping of Blazenwing’s knee… those were all me. I was actually set to debut last week in Victory, but when Wood told me of Finale’s induction, we decided to pull a small switch. I felt it was more epic to return in the PWA, as this will be my fed to represent in the AOW’s Finest quest to take for ourselves every piece of fucking gold this community has to offer.

The smile fades.

Chamelion: And that starts next week. I’ve already cleared it with Robbie, but Might & Magic vs Hell & High Water has just been expanded to include my brother and myself. Yeah, that’s right, the Krymson Dragons return and we’re taking back our PWA World Tag-Team Titles! So, kiddies, best take some flexural to try and sleep, cause your dreams are about to turn into nightmares!

He pauses, listening to the boos, jeers and mixed in cheers resound through the arena and he turns his face back to the camera and spits out.

Chamelion: GOT IT!

A quick step back and Chamelion swings out with his leg, sending PWA Rampage into blackness with a Sweet Sound of Success superkick.

Quick Results:

Bogard over Damien
Hot & Sour v. Norton - No contest
Panzadise, Engel, Corlen over Marxx, Nadare & Nukem