World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Brotherly Love

"Sympathy for the Devil" performed by Guns N' Roses hits the sound system as Matthew "Virus" Engel comes out from backstage to a roaring crowd. It's a mixed reaction, but it's a huge reaction nonetheless since Virus wasn't scheduled to be on Rampage tonight. Even World Champions need a week off every once in awhile, just look at Lisa Seldon.

Brian Rentfro: I knew he was here, Jon!

Jon McDaniel: Easy there, Brian. You got your pants on?

Brian Rentfro: I.. uhh, I don't even know how to respond to that, Jon.

We hear Brian take his headset off for a moment and McDaniel laughs. Engel slides into the ring dressed in a fine tailored black suit. He removes a pair of sunglasses and tucks them in his jacket pocket. He grabs a microphone as "Sympathy" dies down.

Matthew Engel: I went to Boston last week.

Engel pauses for a moment, rubbing the back of his neck.

Matthew Engel: I tried to be reasonable. I tried to confront Warren about his actions and understand what was going on. The more I call him and try to locate him, the more I feel I am losing him. But I'm not going to give up on him. Warren, your family needs you. Next week, you know where I will be. I'll be right on Rampage. If deep down you really want to work things out, then I'll be standing right in the middle of the ring and waiting for you. I won't make you air your personal grievances to the crowd, but I'm giving you an exact time and place of where I'm going to be. You can either come back to the family or keep trying to make yourself my enemy.

Matthew Engel: You'll never be my enemy, Warren. You're my brother, and there's nothing that will change that.

Engel paused again, trying to hold back his emotions. He leaned against the ropes, not showing too much injury from the attack on him last Tuesday.

Matthew Engel: I asked Robinson for the week off. Warren did a number on me...and I have a feeling my neck will never be the same. But..

Engel was obviously in more pain now. Chances are he isn't even supposed to be out here talking, but at home resting. He's a stubborn bastard.

Matthew Engel: But I'm here, because I'm your World Champion.

He holds his belt high up in the air.

Matthew Engel: Warren decided to give me my title back. He lured me into his locker room because he thinks I was only there to get this back. He couldn't be farther from the truth. I was there to get him back and nothing else. Believe it or not, when it comes to my family, I'm not as heartless and soulless as most of you would like to believe. Sure, I've done terrible things and I kept my own family in the backseat and let my career ride shotgun for a lot of years, but... never did I place a championship as a higher priority than my family. Never. I won't start now. So if that's what it will take, Warren. Listen to me, I will give this up and this life if it means you'll stop what you're doing and come back to us.

Matthew Engel: I'll be waiting for your answer next week on Rampage, Warren, since you won't return my calls or allow me to see you. If the only way I can talk to you is through this, then so be it, because this isn't the real you.

Matthew Engel: I'll give up the World Title and the entire AOWF if it means we get to have you back. Isn't that what you want?

Engel rubs his neck again, turning toward backstage. He was hoping Warren would come out now, but he knows Warren isn't here.

Matthew Engel: I've got a busy few weeks coming up, don't I? According to the AOWF Championship Committee, Second 2 None will be starting off the new 'Tag Team League' by facing Technical Perfection next week on Rampage, should Rob Robinson approve the match. The next day I face Teresa Quaranta in an Ironman Match - sorry, Marathon Match sounds really lame - on Rebel Pro's Red, White, and Bruised pay-per-view event. The following Sunday is my World Championship defense against Emily Corlen and Matt Stone. Right now, that's up in the air as I wait anxiously and patiently to hear from my younger, troubled brother. I meant what I said - I will walk out on all of you if that means I get him back. Don't take it personal, but I've done such a terrible job at being a father, a brother...a husband.. I can't turn my back on him now just because I'm on the verge of being the greatest PWA World Champion of its entire history. Would I throw that all away to save my brother? In a heartbeat. So I hope you all can prepare yourselves for a title match that may never be, and perhaps Matt Stone will finally get his hands on this after years of failed opportunities. I know he can beat Corlen, but he can't beat me.

Matthew Engel: I know, this isn't the Matthew Engel you're all accustomed to seeing. Me, having heart? Compassion, even? It's unprecedented. But, it's amazing how quickly one individual's actions can turn your world upside down and make you really think about the future. Make you think about what's really important to you. Championships and victories are fun, but they're hollow compared to the people you care about in your life. There's been a void inside of me for a long time and it's eating away at me. Fear not, however, because next week Jethro and I will continue our undefeated streak and we will give you yet another impressive performance. We will throw down our dominance as the tag team champions of this community and there isn't enough perfection in the world to save Dolten and Wagner.

Matthew Engel: And then after that, I'm going to put Victory into cardiac arrest when I destroy its beating heart.

Engel drops the mic as "Sympathy" cues back up and the PWA crowd roars with approval for Engel's promise to knock off one of the top stars from Victory Wrestling. He exits the ring and heads back up the rampway.

Brian Rentfro: Teresa doesn't stand a chance, Jon. Engel is going to demolish her and then win at Sizzler!

Jon McDaniel: It sounds like he might not even show up at Summer Sizzler, Brian, if his brother Warren decides to drop this war he's brought upon Matthew and go back to the family.

Brian Rentfro: I don't think Engel would just give everything up for a little twit like Warren who could have ended his career last week on Victory with those chair shots to his neck.

Jon McDaniel: We'll have to see, Brian, but Engel looks confident about his match with Teresa. Teresa is arguably one of the most talented competitors in the community and he's going to have his hands full. I just hope Engel doesn't underestimate her and helps the PWA deliver a blow to Victory Wrestling.

Brian Rentfro: He'll get it done, Jon, don't worry. Meanwhile, our first match of the night is coming up NEXT!

Cody Bogard vs Dolten Adler

Singles Match

Dolten Adler is handed a microphone, and he walks to center ring and stares down Cody Bogard. He laughs and says, “Don’t get mad at me. I was born better than you!” Just then, Adler swings the mic at Bogard, but Bogard ducks and dropkicks Adler in the knees sending him down to the mat. Bogard grabs Adler and Irish whips him into the turnbuckle, and then follows in with a diving forearm smash. Bogard then begins punishing Adler with a series of machine gun slaps to the chest, as the crowd screams “Ora! Ora! Ora!” after each slap connects. Finally, Adler rakes Bogard’s eyes and turns the tables. Adler smashes his elbow into Bogard’s head a couple times, and then drops him with a swinging neckbreaker. Adler then runs to the ropes and leaps off for a springboard moonsault, but Bogard puts his knees up sending Adler down in pain. Bogard waits for Adler to get to his feet, and then charges in for the Excalibur Slash, but Adler ducks, and then plants Bogard with a superkick. Adler climbs to the top rope and leaps into the air for the Dark Halo 450 splash, but Bogard rolls away at the last minute. Both men are on the mat in pain. Finally, they both stagger to their feet, and Adler leaps onto Bograd’s shoulders for a heads scissors, but Bogard instinctively drops him with a Basara Bomb and scores the pinfall.

Winner: Cody Bogard

Damien Dunn vs Vicious Vic Wagner

Singles Match

Eric Emerson: The Fallowing contest is for one fall Introducing first Form Brooklyn, New York He stands at a height of 6 feet and 4 inches tall, weighing in at 255 pounds. He is "Devastating" Damien Dunn.

The arena lights dim as "OV" by Three 6 Mafia begins to play over the audio system. A dense gray fog pours out from under the ring and white strobes begin to flash at a fast pace throughout the arena, causing the crowd to turn towards the entrance stage with some booing and some cheering, as the lyrics kick in.

Fuck with this super thug and get drugged
Sweep your bodyparts under the rug
Bury this butcher knife deep in yo guts
Make you a nice warm blanket of mud

You fools ain't learned to see the rear burn
Hollow point hit you so hard your body turned
You have been advised, don't fuck with wise guys
Hypnotize Rydaz 4, 5 clips surprise

I know your click is full of wussies
When you walk by you smell like pussies
You niggaz ain't killa to fuck with godzilla
Monsters, Villains, fo real and cap peelaz

"Devastating" Damien Dunn steps out onto the stage dressed in a pair of black wrestling tights, the word "Devastating" dripping down both legs in a blue, blood-like, script. He stands at the head of the entrance ramp scanning the crowd and raises both his arms high into the air, his middle fingers extended. Blue pyros explode along the edges of the stage and entrance ramp and Dunn lowers his arms, beginning to walk towards the ring.

So all you niggaz join gangs because your weak alone
Catch you by yo self, yo ass'll get gone
Run up in the door, high jack you in yo home
Tie your ass up and beat ya wit the phone

You don't wanna feel the force of the tone
Smack ya in the face and crack your jaw bone
Hit this cocaine and do yo ass wrong
Like a 1 in 1, put 2 to yo dome

Glock, Smith and Wesson, Luga and Rugaaa
Will make sure you have no future
Cock back the hammer and close your pupils
Lord wit the sword is very crucial

Damien climbs onto the ring apron and walks slowly around the perimeter of the ring, exchanging words and hand gestures with the fans. He climbs the outside of a nearby turnbuckle and looks out over the arena, his arms once more raising into the air, gesturing towards the fans.

Wanna run up on me, its OV
Test the D, U, to the N, its OV
Get these bullets on GP, its On Me
Better drop down to your knees its OV

Dunn jumps off of the turnbuckle into the ring and glares towards the referee. The fog drifts up into the ring, covering the mat as "OV" slowly fades. The arena lights begin to regain their brightness and the music fades completely.

A lion roars then the heavy guitar riff, and pounding drums of the song start.

Eric Emerson: Introducing his opponent Form Munich, Germany He stands at a height of 6 feet and 4 inches tall, weighing in at 264 pounds. He is cut off as the vocals of the song kick in

I rule the jungle, I rule it with pride
I'm judge and jury, your life I decide
I have awakened for my nightly feast
a reign of terror, beware of the beast

Vic Wagner appears at the top of the stage looking pissed off to be here, and moves to the top of the ramp.

Don't try to run there's no way to survive
a vicious surrender I'll eat you alive
no one is safe until I get my fill
all hear my warning I'm king of the kill

Wagner holds up his right hand with his ring and middle finger forming a V and yells "Vicious", then quickly brings up his left hand has his ring and middle finger forming a V and yells "Vic". He then places the two Vs together to form a W and Yells "Wagner", and then lowers his ring fingers to flip off the crowd begins to head down the ramp.

stalking the land for the scent of my prey
stopping for nothing don't get in my way
left to the vultures your life is denied
I rule the jungle I rule it with pride

as Vic Wagner heads down the ramp trash talking fans, he almost ends up throwing punches at a few select fans.

Don't try to run there's no way to survive
a vicious surrender I'll eat you alive
no one is safe until I get my fill
all hear my warning I'm king of the kill

Vic Wagner rolls into the ring, and moves into his corner. Vic ends up half sitting, and half leaning on the second turnbuckle with his arms stretched out over the top ropes

Scott Swindell looks at both men to make sure they are ready, and then calls for the bell Ding Ding Ding.

Vic comes out of the corner a little bit, and then stops. Vic flips off Damien who in turn charges across the ring at him. Vic is able to side step catching Damien with a drop toe hold sending him face first into the second turnbuckle. Vic backs up to the middle of the ring, as Damien starts to get back up to his feet. Once Damien is back up to his feet Vic charges in, and leaps up into the air. Vic comes crashing down on Damien with a big corner splash. Damien drops down to his knees. Vic reaches forward , and places Damien in a reverse front face lock. Vic then lift Damien up off the ground Vic then slams Damien back first against the corner. Vic then makes sure to lock Damien’s legs under the top turnbuckle placing him in the tree of woe. Vic then climbs up to the second rope, and places his right foot in-between his Damien’s legs. Vic then takes his left foot off the ropes putting all of his weight onto his right foot. Scott Swindell puts Vic to a five count 1...2...3...4. Vic then jumps off his opponent, and turns his body to the side. Vic then comes crashing down with a Guillotine style Leg Drop right to Damien’s jam slamming them down head first into the mat. Vic hits Damien with a hard Halifax Gibbet. Vic quickly locks Damien’s near leg going for a pin Scott Swindell drops down to count the pin 1...2. Damien gets his foot up on the bottom rope.

Brian Rentfro: Man Vic is trying to make quick work of this one.

Jon McDaniel: Damien Dunn is going to have to find some way to get going.

Vic grabs a hold of Damien’s arm with his left arm, and pulls him up to his feet. Vic then pulls Damien towards him. Vic slams his right arm into Damien leveling him with a clothesline. Vic walks over Damien’s head, and places his heel right on Damien’s face. Vic then turns his heel back and forth grinding away at Damien’s face. Vic reaches down and pulls Damien back up to his knees. Vic places Damien in a front face lock, and then pulls him up to his feet. Vic walks backwards leading Damien to the center of the ring. Vic then falls back driving Damien head first into the matt hitting a hard DDT on Damien. Vic quickly rolls over to his stomach, and gets back up to his feet. Vic once again pulls Damien back up to his feet, and then hits him with a swift knee to the stomach doubling him over. Vic places Damien in a front face lock. Vic then places Damien’s left behind his head, and then grabs a hold of Damien’s trucks. Vic quickly pulls back on Damien, and slams him into the mat with a snap suplex. Vic holds onto Damien, and brings them both to their feet. Vic then lifts Damien up into the air, and holds him there. Vic holds Damien up into the air for a good five seconds; before falling backwards slamming Damien back first into the mat. For a second time Vic rolls over onto his feet taking Damien with him. Vic hooks Damien’s left leg. Vic suddenly snaps Damien with a twist hitting him with a swinging
Fisherman’s Suplex. Vic bridges his back, and goes for a pin. Scott Swindell slides into position to count the pin Damien is able to kick out.

Jon McDaniel: Damien Dunn still has fight in him but if he is going to do something I has to be now.

Brian Rentfro: Vic out smarted this guy from the second the bell started. Damien has no chance of wining unless he call his dad the devil.

Jon McDaniel: Brian that’s the wrong Damien your thinking of.

Brian Rentfro: Whatever I still stand by my statement it will take divine or demonic intervention to save this guy.

Vic get up to his feet, and gets in Scott Swindell’s face yelling about how that was a slow count. Damien get to his feet behind Vic, and locks his arms around Vic’s waist. Before Vic can do anything Damien pulls back, and lets go of Vic sending him flying backwards with a Release German Suplex. Vic bounces off the mat as Damien quickly gets back up to his feet. Vic gets back up to his feet, but Damien is on him before he can react. Damien locks Vic up, and falls backwards tossing Vic overhead with a huge T-bone Suplex. Damien gets up to his feet, and walks or to Vic who remains on the mat. Damien walks over to Vic, and kicks him in the ribs to make him roll over. Damien then pulls Vic up to his knees, and places him in a front face lock. Damien pulls Vic back up to his feet, and walks him to the center of the ring. Damien grabs a hold of Vic’s pants, and then lifts him up into the air. Damien then falls backwards driving Vic face first into the mat with a huge Implant DDT. Damien gets up to his knees, and rolls Vic over covering him for the pin. Scott Swindell drops down to count the pin 1...2. Vic kicks out.

Brian Rentfro: Well looks like Damien made a deal with the Devil because he is back in this thing.

Jon McDaniel: I told you already your thinking of the wrong Damien, because that was a movie.

Brian Rentfro: I think you mean documentary.

Jon McDaniel: Your hopeless lets get back to the match.

Damien looks frustrated that he wasn’t able to get more then a two count out of that. Damien gets to his feet, and reaches down grabbing a hold of Vic. Damien pulls Vic back up to his feet. Damien then places his head under Vic’s right armpit. Damien pulls back, and attempts to Northern Lights Suplex Vic. Vic is able to put his left leg behind Damien’s right leg blocking the suplex attempt. Damien is undeterred, and tries a second time to Northern Lights Suplex Vic, but for a second time Vic is able to put his left leg behind Damien’s right leg blocking the suplex. This time however Vic slides up his knee hitting Damien with a low blow that the ref missed. Vic pulls his left leg out from behind Damien’s right leg, and falls backwards spiking Damien head first into the matt with a DDT. Both men are down on the mat for a good five second before Vic finally stirs, and gets back to his feet. Vic walks over to Damien, and pulls him up to his knees. Before Vic can do, anything else Damien fires off a punch that hit Vic right in the gut. Vic in turn responds to Damien, and fires off a right of his own slamming Damien right in the jaw. The two men keep trading blows back, and forth. Damien is able to fight is way back up to his feet. Vic and Damien are going blow for blow neither man show any signs of giving the other an inch in this battle. That is until Damien hits a huge right that rocks Vic sending him reeling back a bit. Damien goes to fallow up with another big right, but Vic is able to grab it. Vic then traps Damien’s arm under his right armpit. Vic then turn his head to the side, and begin head butting Damien right in the face. Vic delivers sickening head butt after head butt to Damien five or six in total. Vic lets go of Damien who drops to his knees. Vic then turns and runs to the ropes facing towards Damien. Vic bounces off the ropes, and hits Damien with a running knee lift. Vic then drops to a knee, and grabs his head. Damien is flat on his back not moving.

Jon McDaniel: I think those head butts might have taken almost as much out of Vic Wagner as they did to Damien Dunn.

Brian Rentfro: No Way Vic is a head butting machine I mean did you see that last one I think he broke Damien’s nose.

Jon McDaniel: Both of these guys might have concussions after those head butts. Scott Swindell should call this match, and have both these guys looked at by the medics.

Vic gets back up to his feet having shook out the cob webs. Vic reaches down, and grabs a hold of Damien’s arm with his left arm, and pulls him up to his feet. Vic then pulls Damien towards him.
Vic tries to hit Damien with a another clothesline, but Damien is able to duck under it. Damien runs, and bounces off the ropes coming back at Vic. Vic is able to grab a hold of Damien as he comes back at him, and twirls him around. Vic then slams Damien down across his knee hitting a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Vic places one hand on Damien’s face the other on his near knee, and pushes down bending him over his knee. Scott Swindell asks Damien if he wishes to give up. Damien says no so the match continues. Vic continues to apply pressure on the hold, but is beginning to see it isn’t having the desired effect. Vic then pulls his hand off of Damien’s knee. Vic then brings his other hand up as well forming an axe handle at the same time Vic pulls he knee out from under Damien. Damien falls back first into the mat, and has he hits Vic smashes him in the face with an axe handle smash. Vic rolls Damien over onto his stomach. Vic then sits down on Damien’s back, and reaches forward with both hand. Vic places his hand under Damien’s chin, and pulls back locking Damien in a camel clutch.

Brian Rentfro: Well Damien is screwed he is in a camel clutch in the center of the ring, and if that wasn’t bad enough the hold is being put on by a submission expert.

Jon McDaniel: Damien Dunn could still fight out of this hold.

Brian Rentfro: Stop dreaming Vic’s got him locked in good and tight. Damien should just tap now to stop the pain.

Jon McDaniel: Damien Dunn has more fight left in him then you think.

Scott Swindell asks Damien if he wishes to give up, but Damien says no. Damien tries to rock back and forth, but Vic is firmly planted in the camel clutch. So Damien tries a different tactic Damien struggles little by little in spite of the pain being inflicted upon him. Damien is able to get his knees underneath him. From there Damien with a great burst of strength stands up on his feet, and falls backwards driving Vic back first into the mat with an electric chair drop. Both men are winded, and laying on the ground. Scott Swindell tells them to get up, but both men seem spent. So Scott Swindell beings to count them out 1...2...3 Damien gets back up to his knees ...4.Vic manages to roll over...5...6. Damien gets back up to his feet..7. Damien walks over to Vic, and pulls him up to his feet. Damien starts to punch away at Vic. After a few good shoots Damien locks Vic in a front face lock. Damien quickly swings Vic around, and drives him into the mat with a swinging neckbreaker. Damien get to his feet, and seems to be revitalized. Damien waits for Vic to get back to his feet, and when he does Damien spins him around on his feet, and grabs a hold of him. Damien then drives Vic face first into the mat with a reverse russian leg sweep. Damien pulls Vic up to his knees, and reins down a few punches on him. Damien then pulls Vic up to his feet, and places him in a standing head scissors. Damien lifts Vic up off them ground, and then falls into a sitting position driving him back first into the mat with a sit-out powerbomb. Damien grabs Vic’s legs, and Scott Swindell counts the pin 1...2... kick out by Vic who manages to get his shoulder up.

Jon McDaniel: Damien Dunn has turned this match around in a hurry.

Brian Rentfro: I don’t know I think he took far to much of a beating in the beginning to finish this match

Jon McDaniel: Remember the saying it’s not where you start but where you end up that matters.

Damien points to the top turnbuckle, and yells something out. Damien walks over to the turnbuckle, and climbs to the top. Damien then leaps from the top clearing half away across the ring. Damien lands square on Vic hitting the Quintessential Essence. Damien hits with such force that he bounces off of Vic. Damien is grabbing at his chest in pain, but manages to pull himself over to Vic. Damien throws himself on top of Vic, and Scott Swindell drops down to count the pin 1...2...thre some how Vic manages to get his shoulder up off the ground. Damien stares at Scott Swindell in disbelief. Damien gets back to his feet, and reaches down pulls Vic back up to his feet. Damien kicks Vic in the gut doubling him over, and then goes behind Vic. Damien locks his arms through Vic arms, and spins him around so Vic is facing down, but before Damien can complete his Pure Extacy finisher Vic stands straight up. Vic then drops down into a sitting position hitting Damien with a Vertebreaker. Vic slowly gets up to his feet, and by the time he does Damien is back up to his hands and knees. Vic backs up a few feet, and the runs forward jumping up, and driving an elbow drop to the back on Damien’s head. Vic point up to the rafters after doing this, and looks up as well. Vic then gets to his feet, and looks at his downed opponent, and grins evilly. Vic walks over to Damien’s legs, and then quickly crosses his legs hooking the left foot behind the right knee. Vic then hooks the free leg with his right leg to keep it in place. Vic then reaches forward, and hooks Damien’s arms in a full nelson then pulls back on Damien completing the Full Nelson Death Lock STF.

Brian Rentfro: It’s all over Vic’s got Damien in the Breaking Wheel no where near the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: Damien Dunn might still have something left.

Brian Rentfro: Give it up no one has ever gotten out of The Breaking Wheel, and no one ever will.

Scott Swindell asks Damien if he wishes to give up, and Damien nods yes. Scott Swindell calls for the bell. Vic keeps the hold going for a few extra second then lets go.

Eric Emerson: Your Winner by Submission Vicious Vic Wagner.

Brian Rentfro: Vic lock Ash or Nadare in that come Summer Sizzler we will be looking at our New Grizzly Beer Champion

Jon McDaniel: Yeah if he can lock it in.

Hot & Sour vs Lucious Starr & Joshua Danielson

Tag Team Match


The bell sounded with Ryan Ross and Lucious Starr going at it first in this gigantic battle of epically epic proportions. Starr had Ross on the mat in a sleeperhold to wear the Renegade Souljah down, but Ross got a jolt of energy and muscled his way out, cracking Starr in the jaw with his noggin and taking Starr down with a double underhook suplex. Ross stomped Starr a few times and then strutted around the ring, messing with some of the crowd. Joshua Danielson, however, didn’t think it was all that funny and knocked Ross down with a missile dropkick from the top rope. The ref told Danielson to get back on the apron and that allowed a double team on Starr after Ross got up. Ross and Titan hammered Starr in the corner and then the referee finally turned around, only to see Titan go back to the apron. The referee yelled at Hot & Sour, but couldn’t do anything because let’s face it, refs are useless. Ross went back to striking down Starr, but Starr countered with a toe stomp and a chop to the throat of Ross. Starr kicked Ross low and then put him in a side headlock. Starr ran up the turnbuckles for a tornado DDT and smashed Ross into the mat. Starr tried for a cover, but it was interrupted by Titan after a two count. Danielson got back in the ring and kicked Titan in the face, knocking him back to the apron. Danielson wiped his hands and went back to the apron himself. Starr tagged Danielson in and the two delivered a double suplex on Ross. Starr went back to the apron. Danielson kept the upper hand for a few minutes on Ross, but Ross denied Danielson a suplex attempt and instead took Danielson down with a hanging brainbuster! Ross was trying his best to crawl to Titan to make the tag. Ross tagged in Titan! Danielson got up to his feet!

Might & Magic storm the ring and start beating down anyone that isn't them. Danielson and Starr get tossed over the top rope as M&M target Titan and Witcroft. Titan gets hit with the Blitzkrieg and then Witcroft is taken out with the Arockalypse, leaving the tag team champions standing tall in the ring.

Winner: No Contest

Nadare vs Jake Norton

Singles Match

Jake Norton and Nadare circle each other, as the crowd starts up an overwhelming Nadare chant. Norton shrugs with a grin, and locks up with Nadare. Norton outmuscles Nadare in the lock up and executes a wristlock, and then pulls Nadare into his body repetitively with a series of shoulder blocks. Nadare drops to one knee, and Norton quickly circles around him and locks in a reverse chinlock. Norton cranks away on Nadare as the crowd boos loud as hell. Nadare then fights to his feet and delivers a bicycle kick to Norton’s head, causing him to break the chin lock and stagger backwards. Nadare quickly plants Norton with a dragon suplex into a pin...



Norton frantically kicks out. Nadare keeps up the attack and locks Norton in an ankle lock, but Norton eventually rolls out and drops Nadare with a swinging neckbreaker. Norton then taunts the crowd and drops an overly theatrical elbow across Nadare’s chest. He takes his time and makes the cover...



Nadare kicks out. Norton grapples Nadare and attempts a belly-to-belly suplex, but as Nadare is flipped over Norton’s head, he somehow lands on his feet behind Norton. Norton turns around to see Nadare surprisingly on his feet, and Nadare drills Norton with an enziguri that drops Norton to one knee. Nadare signals to the crowd, bounces off the opposite ropes, and uses Norton’s knee as a springboard to leap into the air and attempt the Omega Burst! But on his way down, Norton rolls out of the way causing Nadare to land awkwardly. Norton hooks Nadare’s arms and delivers the Double Hammerlock Piledriver!!!




Somehow Nadare manages the kickout. The crowd explodes and Norton appears to be beside himself. Norton waits for Nadare to get up, and then executes a shoulder jawbreaker, sending Nadare staggering backwards into a turnbuckle. Norton gets a running start and charges in for a splash in the corner, but Nadare sidesteps and Norton bashes his face over the turnbuckle. Nadare then smashes Norton in the face with a roundhouse kick that drops him to the mat. Nadare scales to the top rope, and leaps off with the OMEGA BURST ZERO-FIVE!!! Both of Nadare’s feet just double-stomped onto Norton’s head! He covers...



3...!!! Kickout!!!

It appeared that Norton might have kicked out just as the referee was making the three count, but this one is over. The referee calls for the bell.


After the match, Nadare exists the ring looking like he has been through a battle, as the crowd goes crazy. Norton remains in the ring on his knees, laughing at Nadare with an almost psychotic look on his face.

Panazadise & Matt Stone vs Jethro Hayes & Emily Corlen

Bonus Tag Team Match

Stone and Hayes start the match off. The big red neck takes the early advantage, not wasting time with actual wrestling moves. Jethro rains down fists, surprising Stone with the ferocity of the attack. Stone backs up and Jethro follows. Stone ducks down to try and get under the blows and grabs Hayes' head to hit a jawbreaker.

The move is enough to stun Hayes for a moment, giving Matt Stone time to recover a bit. Stone starts working on Jethro's legs, deciding that keeping the big man grounded is the best course of action. Stone puts Jethro in a Texas Cloverleaf. Hayes reaches for his corner, but is way too far away. Digging down deep, Jethro claws and drags his way across the ring, dragging Stone along with him. Stone releases the move before Jethro can get to the corner. Stone turns around and reaches down to grab Jethro, but eats a boot in the face for the trouble. As Stone staggers back, Jethro lunges to his corner and makes the tag.

Corlen comes in ready to kick some ass. Stone is looking none too happy about his bloody nose and all too eager to dish out some payback for it. Corlen and Stone trades blows, and even though Stone gets the upper hand, he realizes he's got a fresh man waiting to tag in, so that's what he does. Panzadise steps over the top rope and Corlen steps back to assess the situation. She tries a drop kick that staggers the big man, but doesn't actually drop him.

Corlen uses her speed to keep Dise staggered, but the attacks trade speed for damage. Finally Dise has enough and grabs Corlen by the hair as she tries darting past. He swings her around and throws her into her corner by the hair. As Corlen hits the turnbuckle, Dise stands his ground and raises one arm to point a finger at Jethro Hayes.

Corlen tags in Jethro and the fans are on their feet. The roar for the meeting between these two enemies covers up the roar of the people for Matthew Engel, who jumped the barricade behind Matt Stone. Not wanting to be a total bastard, Virus clears his throat. Stone looks behind him, sees Engel and jumps down. The two start to fight.

In the ring, Hayes and Dise lock up, but neither man is giving any ground. Back in her corner, Corlen sees Stone and Engel fighting and decides to join in. She gets in the ring, runs right across it, past Hayes and Dise, and jumps over the top rope to land on top of both Stone and Engel. Dise sees Corlen darting by and turns his head to find out what the hell she's up to. This gives Jethro the chance to spear Panazadise. With Dise down on one knee, Jethro grabs him in a waistlock and hits him with the Planter for the win.

Winners: Jethro Hayes & Emily Corlen

The Phoenix (c) vs Marxx

AOWF Intercontinental Title Match

Cut to the ring. Eric Emerson shuffles his notecards and brings the microphone up.

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with no time limit, and it is for the Alliance of Wrestling Federations INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

The fans cheer for the announcement, but then turn to a mixed reaction as the lights dim. Only the ADC-Tron - showing black, white and green clips of Marxx fighting - is flashing as “I’m Not Afraid” by Lacuna Coil plays in the arena. All of a sudden, the stage ramp starts being covered in smoke as green lights flashes on each side, making the impression that the ramp is a green haze. Marxx appears from the entrance ramp, wearing a sleeveless black coat, studded on the shoulders. He stays in the middle of the entrance ramp, looking down. Then, all of a sudden, he raises his head and does his usual “X” with his arms before slowly extending them as sparkles are falling in front of the entrance.

Eric Emerson: On his way to the ring, from New Brunswick, Canada, by way of Indianapolis, Indiana...MARXX!!!

He starts walking on the ramp, exchanging high fives with some fans on his way. He stops in front of the ring, then all of a sudden, he turns back and takes off his coat. He climbs inside the ring and then heads towards the corner. He climbs on it, and then makes the same gesture he did on the entrance ramp, forming an “X” in front of his face with his arms and then extending them to each side. He jumps off the corner and goes to the other side, where he does the same thing. "I'm Not Afraid" dies down, the ADC-Tron temporarily returning to normal before a flaming bird takes it over, cuing up Europe's "The Final Countdown."

Eric Emerson: Making his way to the ring at this time...

The keyboards reach their apex, snares are hit, and the main galloping riff of the song enters, bringing forth the Phoenix from behind the entrance curtain, out to a chorus of jeers. He hoist the AOWF Intercontinental title high above his head, smirking behind his mask as he drops it over his shoulder, slapping the center plaque with an open palm. He makes his way to ringside, giving the camera a wink, and then slides underneath the bottom rope.

Eric Emerson: He weighs in at 230 pounds and stands at 6 feet even...!

Marxx doesn't even wait for the opening bell, opting instead to attack the Phoenix the moment he enters the ring.


Jon McDaniel: I can't believe it! Marxx jumping the gun!

Brian Rentfro: What's not to believe?

Marxx completely decimates Phoenix in the corner, stomping away at him before driving a pair of chops into his chest and whipping him across the opposite corner.

Brian Rentfro: He's eager to get the title. Why does somebody choosing a strategy that actually works always seem to surprise you?

Marxx follows him in with a corner clothesline, sending Phoenix down on his ass in the corner. A few more boots to the face, and Marxx brings the current AOWF IC champion to his feet, laying in a pair of forearms before sending him out of the corner with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.

Jon McDaniel: ALL impact!!

Marxx covers.



Brian Rentfro: And it's waaaaay too soon.

Phoenix tries to scurry to the outside, but Marxx follows him in, clubbing the back of his head a few times to shove him into the ropes. The former "Midnight Role Model" lays in a pair of knife-edge chops...

Fans: WOOO!! WOOO!!!

...before reaching over the top rope, pulling up the middle rope and tying Phoenix's arms between them.

Brian Rentfro: What the hell?

Referee Scott Swindell admonishes Marxx, telling him to back off, but Marxx shoves him aside and begins laying in forearms to the face.

Scott Swindell: Get him off the ropes! 1! 2!

Marxx continues his assault.

Scott Swindell: C'mon, get him off! 3! 4!

Marxx shakes his head, backing up just enough to place a big boot directly into Phoenix's jaw.

Scott Swindell: 5!! That's it!!

Swindell calls for the bell...


...and then runs over to the corner, meeting Emerson.

Jon McDaniel: Did...did we just see a DQ...?

Brian Rentfro: Already?!

Emerson nods, bringing the mic to his face as Swindell reaches for the AOWF IC title from the timekeeper.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, referee Scott Swindell has just informed me that due to ignoring the 5-count while Phoenix was on the ropes, Marxx has been DISQUALIFIED!!!

Mixed reaction.

Eric Emerson: Thus, your winner, and STILL the AOWF Intercontinental champion...THE PHOENIX!!

Swindell and a few of the ringside attendants free Phoenix from his top and middle rope prison, allowing the retaining AOWF IC champ to slide out of the ring. Rather than walk back up the ramp after being handed the belt as "The Final Countdown" cues back up, he shakes his head and waves his arms, walking over to Emerson and stealing the microphone away from him.

Phoenix: no...

The music dies as all attention goes on the PWA President.

Phoenix: I'm not going to retain my title just like that. Not here, not tonight, and not against a dirty French Canadian like you, Marxx.

Mixed reaction, and Marxx is furious, ready to go at it again if not for PWA security invading the ring, holding him back.

Phoenix: As the President of the Pioneer Wrestling Association, I am ordering that this match be restarted, only this time...

Phoenix slides back into the ring, motioning for security to keep holding Marxx back as he brings the AOWF IC title back up.


Phoenix rushes Marxx, still held back by security, and nails him with the microphone a few times, the pops heard clearly throughout the arena before the bell.


Jon McDaniel: Well, that was almost honorable of Robinson.

Brian Rentfro: He's a very honorable guy, Jon. He still has you on the payroll after all of the horrible things you've said about him over the years, right?

Jon McDaniel: And you, after all of the sexual harassment suits he's had to settle out of court between you and some of the secretaries at the offic...!

Brian Rentfro: Marxx is fighting back!! Yeah, back to the match! Yeah!

Marxx blocks a right hand from Phoenix and drills him with a knife-edge chop...

Fans: WOOO!!

...and another...

Fans: WOOO!!

...before drilling forearm after forearm into his jaw, forcing him to drop the AOWF IC title and the microphone. He whips him into the ropes and charges in with a clothesline attempt, but Phoenix holds on and ducks underneath it. Marxx hits the ropes and stops himself, turning around to a face the Phoenix as he charges in with a clothesline attempt of his own, but Marxx ducks down and back body drops him over the top rope and to the floor.

Brian Rentfro: It's on the outside now!!

Marxx slides out of the ring after him as Phoenix gets back to his feet, placing a pair of boots into his midsection before whipping him - HARD - into the guardrail.

Jon McDaniel: Maybe Phoenix should've thought twice about restarting this match.

Marxx stalks over, ignoring Swindell's orders to get back into the ring.

Scott Swindell: Back in, c'mon!! 1!

Marxx brushes him off and is met with a pair of rights by Phoenix, followed by a spinning backfist that sends him to the floor.

Scott Swindell: 2! 3! 4!

Phoenix drops a knee into Marxx's head and then brings the former PWA World champion to his feet, looking to whip him into the guardrail himself before Marxx stops it, pulls Phoenix back in, and drops him with a beautiful spinebuster onto the floor.

Scott Swindell: 5! 6! 7!

Marxx backs up to the apron, forming an "X" with his arms, and then charges forward, nailing a somersault leg drop to the downed Phoenix.

Scott Swindell: 8! 9!

Marxx, hearing the 9, quickly rushes back into the ring, looking to break the count...

Scott Swindell: 10!!

...but it's just a second too late as Swindell turns to the timekeeper just as Marxx rolls back out to the floor, calling for the bell.


Marxx throws his arms up, fuming, and begins marching around ringside towards Swindell and Emerson.

Eric Emerson: I have just been informed that due to not meeting the 10-count of referee Scott Swindell, the Phoenix has been counted and, thus, your winner...MARXX!!!

Mixed reaction, a bit of confusion, and Marxx gets his hand raised, but he's still not happy.

Eric Emerson: However, due to the AOWF regulations that state a title cannot change hands on a disqualification or a countout, the Phoenix is STILL the AOWF Intercontinental champion!!

Boos. Lots of them. Both for Phoenix retaining and the bullshit finish.

Jon McDaniel: Oh, COME ON!!!

Brian Rentfro: What? It's not the Phoenix's fault that Marxx is dumb and didn't know enough to break the count earlier!!

Phoenix pulls himself to his feet with the guardrail, PWA security keeping the front row fans away from him, and shakes his head. A stage hand runs out from the back, handing the PWA President a microphone, and gets shoved away for his efforts.

Phoenix:!!! Not like that, either!!

Brian Rentfro: Wait...what?

Phoenix: Dammit, I KNOW for a FACT that I can beat Marxx!!


Phoenix: Shut your dirty inbred mouths!!

Even more boos.

Phoenix: As the President of the Pioneer Wrestling Association, the reigning AOWF Intercontinental champion, and the REBEL Pro associate of the Alliance of Wrestling's Finest, I am hereby ORDERING that this match be restarted disqualifications...FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE!!!

Swindell throws his arms up, shaking his head.

Scott Swindell: Fine. Whatever. I give up. Ring the bell!


Marxx nods and charges over to Phoenix, looking for another big boot, but Phoenix quickly throws a handful of powder into Marxx's eyes, blinding him. Phoenix then ducks down and places a fist squarely into Marxx's family jewels.

Jon McDaniel: OOOOOOOHHHH!!!!!!

Brian Rentfro: Heh...X really DOES mark the spot, eh?

Marxx drops down to his knees, allowing Phoenix to pull a chair out from under the ring. He swings it fiercely, connecting square-on with Marxx's head.


Phoenix nods, blowing a kiss to a particularly nasty specimen of the female gender and her equally "should have been neutered for the betterment of the gene pool" male companion, and places Marxx's heads between his knees, lifting him up and cradling a leg before dropping him down head-first to the floor with a cradle piledriver.


He covers, and Swindell rushes over, dropping down.




Jon McDaniel: Marxx kicks out...MARXX KICKS OUT!!

BIG POP for Swindell holding up only two fingers. Phoenix, wide-eyed behind his mask, stands up, perplexed and furious.


Swindell holds the two fingers up to Phoenix again, tapping his shoulder and moving his arm to show that Marxx kicked out.

Brian Rentfro: I can't believe it...

Phoenix shakes his head, grabs the chair he pulled out from under the ring, and slams it down on top of Marxx, positioning it over his head before climbing onto the apron, measuring him.

Jon McDaniel: Oh no, he's going for...

Phoenix shakes his head and taps his elbow, flying off of the apron and connecting with a picture-perfect elbow drop onto the chair, the impact crushing into Marxx's skull.


Phoenix rolls away, clutching his elbow, and then shoves the chair off of Marxx's unconscious body, covering him and hooking both legs.




Swindell calls for the bell...


...and Phoenix jumps to his feet, ecstatic that he was able to prove he could beat Marxx. He backs up against the ring apron as a ringside attendant rushes the AOWF IC title to him, ripping it from the lowly attendant's hands before holding it high up above his head with pride.

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, and STILL...


Eric Emerson: ...the AOWF Intercontinental champion...THE PHOENIX!!!

"The Final Countdown" cues back up and Phoenix looks at Marxx, his eyes still rolling in his head, and shakes his head, laughing as he makes his way back up the ramp.