World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


An Eye For An Eye

Backstage the cameras focus on the arrival of Matt Stone. He is the PWA Intercontinental Champion and BWF US Champion. He is The Cure. The Common Enemy. Everything which you are not. Matt has a look of pride and arrogance on his face as he climbs out of his limo, Katrina and Liz at his sides. The limo pulls away as they enter into the backstage area.

Matt Stone: You've got my bag right Katrina?

Katrina: It's right here Matt!

She holds it up with a big smile on her face. Their walk is swift and purposeful, until a voice catches their attention.

"I've got my eye on you, Stone..."

They turn around to see a man coming out of the shadows. At first, they see the eye patch! Could it be? Did Simon escape from his mental institution already? But, alas, they are relieved and confused when they see the man is white and has a World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. Let the collective "Phew!" begin.

Matt Stone: Jesus, Engel. You had the girls frightened for a moment!

Stone tried to hide his own fright, but Engel picked up on it and laughed.

Matthew Engel: Like the patch?

Matt Stone: Not really.

Engel shrugs, rubbing his chin and taking a few steps forward. Katrina and Liz back up at the non-verbal demand of Stone pushing them back.

Matthew Engel: We've got business, you and I. See, you decided to attack me after my match with Kalis and Emily last week. I can only imagine the purpose was to try to get an advantage over me the only way you can; a cowardly attack after I was exhausted from a match.

Stone laughs at the idea and tries to retort, but Engel presses on.

Matthew Engel: But I get it, Stone. You’re trying to get my attention.

Engel removes the patch from his left eye.

Matthew Engel: Now you’ve got it.

Engel whips the patch at Stone’s face to distract him for a moment and then levels Stone with a roundhouse kick sending him to the floor. The ladies back up in anger and fear, and Engel lets out another laugh as he puts his sunglasses on and walks away. Stone is holding his jaw and shaking his head.

Katrina: He’s such a meanie!

Liz: Matt, are you okay?

Matt Stone: That mothefu…

Stone mumbles the rest and tries to get to his feet, his face beat red from rage. We go back to ringside.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like Engel is repaying Stone for his attack last week.

Brian Rentfro: Stone is lucky that’s all he got, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: I thought Engel wasn’t going to resort to the whole eye for an eye crap anymore? No pun intended.

Brian Rentfro: I think that went out the window again after what PX did to Joe BoXeR.

Jon McDaniel: Maybe. Stone is livid. I don’t think he’ll lay down as easily as Engel would believe.

Trent Sutherland vs Titan

Singles Match

Trent and Titan started the bout off with a collar and elbow tie up and did a good technical exchange between the two before Trent broke the mold and punched Titan in the face, getting the advantage. Trent stayed on the attack, hitting the Luchador with a shoulder breaker. He then hit Titan with a backbreaker, followed by a deep headlock. Trent wrenched his neck Titan fought out of the headlock though and went on the attack.

Titan hit the ropes and came back with a flying clothesline, knocking Trent down. Spring boarding off the ropes, Tuan nailed Trent with a dropkick. Trent started getting up but he was nailed by Titan’s head scissor takeover. Titan went for a cover but got a two count. Might & Magic hit the ring and attack Titan and the referee calls for the bell. Moke Doshky goes to attack Sutherland, but Trent has enough sense to get the hell out of Dodge.

Winner: Trent Sutherland via DQ

What Was That All About?

In the ring, Moke Doshky stands behind the Dragon like a massive statue while the Dragon yells at Eric Emerson for a microphone.

The Dragon: What you just saw, that's what we're going to do to every new "talent" the PWA signs. Moke and I won the tag team titles to bring some respect back to the tag team division, but that's not easy to do when the front office won't sign any new tag teams for us to fight. So until they do, Moke and I are going to make their new hires look like fools.

The Dragon drops the microphone and Might & Magic leave the ring.

Joshua Danielson vs Eli Storm

Triple Threat Extravaganza

The bell rand and Eli was already on the attack. Wanting to redeem what happened last week against Matt Stone, Storm was vicious in his attack. Hitting Joshua with rights and lefts, Danielson had no other option than to cover you. Storm grabbed his head and flipped him straight on his back with an over-the-head toss. Storm floated over for a two count. Joshua started to get an offense in, hitting Eli with a few elbows to the midsection followed by a kick to the side of the head. Joshua went on the attack and hit Eli with a snap suplex. Joshua got up but Eli was already to his feet and he caught Danielson with a swift kick to the head. Danielson was dazed, but pushed Eli away. Eli stumbled back and Joshua got up, calling for Storm to get some. Eli dashed at him and caught Joshua under the chin with a knee. Joshua backed up against the ropes and came back, getting nailed with the Ratings Boost! Eli rolled Danielson over on his back and Eli pinned him for the 1 2 3!!

Winner: Eli Storm

The Franchise Returns

Brian Rentfro: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Sunday Night Rampage! Last week, we saw a great mess of spectacles, each one outshining the other.

Jon McDaniel: PanzaDize returned in a victorious showing against Lucious Starr. The Last Pioneers filled Jethro Hayes' room with live chickens. Marxx handed Triad his first AoWF loss, and Second 2 None managed to continue their streak at the expense of the Last Pioneers.

Brian Rentfro: But the most disgusting thing we saw last week... aside from Emily Corlen's KFC-sized thighs, was the showing by Lucious Starr. Last week, that horrible excuse for a man broke Spectre's legs, and for what? Eating pickles and ice cream!! I mean, the guy was minding his own damn business!!

Jon McDaniel: But possibly more astounding was that Lucious Starr manipulated Simon Kalis into entering a psych hospital, and from what we understand, gaining custody of Brian Kalis. This is a sad, sickening, and downright uncouth set of events...

“Paradise Lost” by Hollywood Undead begins with an opening piano sequence as the crowd rises to their feet and turns their attentions to the entrance ramp.

Brian Rentfro: NO DAMN WAY!!!

The crowd erupts in cheers as a man in a straight jacket manages to walk out onto the stage. His arms are freed, but he's now working on what appears to be some sort of muzzle. He salutes the crowd as he works his way down, drawing a standing ovation and a deafening roar.

Jon McDaniel: HE'S DONE IT AGAIN!!

Kalis rolls into the ring, calling for a mic. He stops dead center of the ring, a wrinkle forming over his eyes as he begins to grin beneath the muzzle. Suddenly, something feels very wrong.

Brian Rentfro: Wait... why is he...

Jon McDaniel: Is Kalis SMILING under there??

Kalis raises the mic to his muzzle, speaking to his adoring fans.

Simon Kalis: Ladies and gentlemen, I came here tonight... to apologize.

Brian Rentfro: That dirty little fu...

Jon McDaniel: BRIAN!

The fans begin to turn, realizing that there is something VERY different, but at the same time VERY familiar about this voice. He continues, still (assumingly) grinning beneath the muzzle.

Simon Kalis: I have to apologize for everything I've done since my entering the PWA. I have done many people wrong, I've done many things that are unacceptable by a man in my ranking. And I sincerely apologize for the pain, the distress, for the chaos I have caused in the last two years.

Brian Rentfro: Dammit, haven't you done enough??

Jon McDaniel: Man, I thought it was sick last week... I think I'm gonna puke...

Simon Kalis: I apologize to Marxx, the memory of the Straders, Lucious Starr, Joshua Danielson and all the others who I sold on my dream... only to use them to further my own main event status. I apologize for using you like the tools I used you for. I apologize to the Sommers clan for usurping the power that I so obviously did not deserve, nor knew how to handle.

The crowd is now outpouring every ounce of disdain as the now known fake Kalis continues, taking some sick pleasure out of this moment.

False Kalis: I apologize to Riona Langly for defeating her for the World Championship. I never should have tried to ride your coattails after you took the title back from Starr. I apologize to Ms. Teresa Quaranta, for being such a sub-par challenge when I lost the title to you. You deserved to face someone with far more talent than my own, and I marred your legacy in having etched my name into it. I apologize to Spectre and Emily Corlen, for being the one who led you both on a path of self-destruction for my own personal amusement. You two are very talented athletes, and I wasted your skills to make myself look better.

Brian Rentfro: This is bull! Someone get this fraud out of the ring, PLEASE!!

Jon McDaniel: Seriously, this is getting out of hand.

As the crowd jeers this fake, he takes in a deep breath. He speaks slowly as he dishes out his most heartfelt apology.

False Kalis: And most importantly, I apologize to my children. Adrian, Maya, and Brian. I apologize to the three of you. I was a horrible father, a terrible role model. Adrian, Maya- I built you two up to be failures, just epic failures, to make myself look stronger. I made you two into the joke that I alone could make you into, by using your trust for me against you. I made you both into miserable, worthless, talentless hacks in this business, and I apologize with all my heart for taking you both for granted. I know I was a terrible father, with what I did to you. Hell, just look at your little brother. I can't even take care of my ten-year-old son.

Brian Rentfro: THAT is uncalled for!! Cut his mic, NOW!!

Jon McDaniel: Seriously, I don't agree too often with Brian, but this is just wrong!

The crowd is deafening as the false Kalis looks to the audience. He seems to laugh beneath his disguise, some of the body darkening makeup starting to wash off under the lights. He shakes his head, slowly removing the muzzle. His skin beneath his nose is entirely white.

False Kalis: Yes, boo me. I led each and every one of you along like the pathetic sheep you were. I led you to believe I was the hero, the villain, the devil and the savior. I twisted your mind, toyed with your emotions. I owe each and every one of you an apology for manipulating you as much as I did the Order and the Last Pioneers. I am an undeserving, overhyped, unappreciative bastard with no sense of pride in real work. I am truly sorry.

The fraud finishes ripping his muzzle off, grinning from ear to ear. Soon, his headpiece is gone, revealing choppy shoulder-length hair. He slowly removes his straight jacket, revealing an "Untamed Fury" T-Shirt (available ONLY at beneath it. He wipes his face clean, throwing the jacket into the crowd. Lucious Starr looks out into the crowd, shaking his head.

Lucious Starr: You pitiful sheep follow the smartest and the wittiest of us. You follow Aaron Simon Kalis simply because he speaks in such a way that outwits you. And so you worship him, kiss the ground upon which he walks. I am here to save you all from yourselves. At Honor Bound, I took advantage of the trust I'd built with Kalis' youngest son to get him out of their Osaka home, burning the place to the ground. For weeks, I told Kalis I would find the kidnapper, all the while taunting him with the idea of never seeing Brian again. And when I finally revealed myself at High Stakes, when Kalis finally realized that he had been surpassed in mental prowess and manipulation, I took him out of his element and into my world. I handed the Intercontinental Championship to Matt Stone on a silver platter, simply to take it away from Simon. I broke Spectre's legs, so... I mean, he had it coming. Ice cream and pickles? Come on now. In breaking Benji's legs, I took away Aaron's protege, and his legacy. And then... then I pulled the Flush. I found the unbeatable hand. Last week, I took the very business he loves and desires so badly from him. Last week, I took the next step, and effectively removed EVERYTHING Aaron held dear. Simon Kalis is sitting in some psych ward right now, watching this program, realizing that fucking with me back in the Order was the WORST thing he could do for his career. He's watching right now, wishing he could be here and praying for the day when his broken spirit finally returns to the squared circle. But when he does, he will find that the war has only begun. When Aaron does make it back, he will find that his mind tricks and manipulative ways will no longer work.

The crowd begins to hush, still some sections jeer on. Lucious looks about the audience, grinning.

Lucious Starr: Do you think you scare me, Kalis? Look what I've done. I took your son. I burned down your house. I took away your precious student and left your one friend without a partner. And I assure you, Kalis, that this is only the beginning. When you do get out of that mental center, I will dedicate every moment of my career to making your life a living hell. This war, Kalis... this war has only begun. This war is only the first of many battles that I intend to win. This war will continue until one of us is finally gone for good. If you know what's good for you, Aaron... if your life, your well-being, and your family mean ANYTHING to you... you will do us all a favor and fade into anonymity once again. Until next time, Aaron. Until next time.

Lucious drops the mic as "Turn The Page" hits the PA, the crowd jeering the Fury. Brian and Jon watch as Lucious walks victoriously up the ramp.

Brian Rentfro: This is disgusting. This... this is wrong. Lucious making a mockery of Kalis AND taking a personal shot at the same time??

Jon McDaniel: Lucious has taken this thing WAY too far, and hell will be paid when Simon finds his way out of that psych ward.

Brian Rentfro: An update on Kalis- he has not yet been "shanked", so he's gonna be okay.

Jon McDaniel: Right. Yeeeeeaaaaaaaah. Okay, let's get to our first match, ladies and gents.

Matt Stone & Panzadise vs Nadare & Marxx

Tag Team Match

Nadare is in the ring waiting, as Panzadise and Matt Stone argue about who should start the match. Finally, Stone decides he will start, but as soon as he turns around he is met with a handspring back elbow to the side of his head. Nadare follows that up with a Japanese arm drag takedown, and then locks Stone in an arm bar on the mat. Stone struggles back up to his feet, rolls out of the arm bar, and then attempts a martial arts kick to Nadare’s head, but Nadare ducks and catches Stone with a backdrop suplex. Stone quickly crawls over to his corner and desperately tags in Panzadise.

Panzadise steps over the top rope to enter the ring, as Nadare hits the ropes on the opposite side. Nadare comes off the ropes and launches his body at Panzadise, but Dise ducks, and Nadare lands in a somersault on the mat behind him and gets back to his feet. Panzadise turns around, and Nadare delivers a knife-edge chop to his chest. Dise grins, obviously unharmed, as Nadare delivers another knife-edge chop across his chest. Realizing he’s not doing any damage, Nadare hits the ropes, but on his way back he is immediately met with a big boot to the face sending him crashing to the mat. Dise picks Nadare off the mat and drops him with a backbreaker, but he continues to hold Nadare over his knee turning it into a submission move. Dise grabs on to Nadare’s mask and tugs on it a bit, threatening to remove it as the crowd screams in suspense.

Jon McDaniel: “Come on, Dise! Why do you have to go for his mask?!”

Brian Rentfro: “Because everyone wants to see what’s underneath. I’ve been waiting for you to take that ugly announcer’s mask off for years now, Jon!”

Nadare summons the strength to create a little wiggle room, and pulls his knee up, smashing it against Dise’s head. Nadare delivers a couple more knees to Dise’s head allowing him to break free from Dise’s hold. He then stuns Dise with a European uppercut, and races over to tag in Marxx.

Dise gets to his feet, but Marxx charges in with a shoulder block sending him crashing to the mat. Dise gets back up, but Marxx hits the ropes and drops him with another shoulder block. Marxx stands over Dise’s head and drops a leg drops across his face as the crowd goes wild.

Jon McDaniel: “Marxx is putting his new attitude on display here tonight!”

Brian Rentfro: “I’m glad I picked up a Midnight Role Model T-shirt last week, because those things have become collector’s items now!”

Marxx scales the turnbuckle and waits for Dise to get to his feet. Marxx then leaps off for a cross body, but Dise catches him in mid-air, runs towards the corner, and drives his back into the turnbuckle. Dise tags in Matt Stone, and the two begin kicking away at Marxx who is stuck in the corner. Finally, the officials pry Dise off of Marxx, but Matt Stone continues pounding away. Stone looks over the crowd and yells “Shut me up!” as he continues his assault on Marxx.

Stone then pulls Marxx to his feet and delivers a perfectly executed hurricanrana, sending Marxx flying to the center of the ring. Stone waits for Marxx to get up, hits the ropes, and leaps over Marxx’s body for a sunset flip...

Brian Rentfro: “Rolling Stone coming up!”

As Stone begins to come down from the sunset flip and attempt to hit the power bomb, Marxx uses his strength to reach down, lift up Stone, lock him in a half-nelson, and hit a Russian Leg Sweep.

Jon McDaniel: “The Canadian Leg Sweep!”

Stone’s skull bounces off the mat as Marxx goes for a cover...



Stone kicks out! Marxx stays aggressive as he throws Stone into the ropes, bounces off the opposite set of ropes, and catches Stone with a bulldog. Marxx covers Stone...



2 1/2...

Stone squirms out at the last minute! Marxx gets an almost psychotic look over his face, as he knows he needs to put Stone away. He waits for Stone to get to his feet and locks in the MarxxOut! Stone is being strangled as Marxx continues to crank away on the hold. Just then, Panzadise enters the ring and crashes into Marxx forcing him to break the hold. Nadare has had enough, as he scales the top turnbuckle from the outside, leaps onto Panzadise’s shoulders, flips backwards to swing between his legs, and smashes Dise’s head onto the mat with an inverted frankensteiner!

Jon McDaniel: “Nadare just rocked Panzadise with the Time Traveler!”

Brian Rentfro: “I’ll admit. That was actually pretty sick.”

Dise rolls out of the ring. Nadare looks like he is going to head outside the ring to continue his attack on Dise, but Matt Stone is back up to his feet. Stone grabs Nadare and spins him around...

Brain Brian Rentfro: “C-c-c-c-combo Breaker!!!”

Nadare rolls to the outside in obvious pain. Stone and Marxx are still in the ring, and are still the legal men. Stone points and laughs at Nadare, but turns around to notice Marxx back up on his feet. Marxx charges in with a diving clothesline, but the impact knocks out both Stone and the referee!

Jon McDaniel: “The referee is out cold!”

Panzadise gets to his feet on the outside and notices the situation in the ring. He rolls to the inside and lines himself up behind Marxx. Marxx gets to his feet and turns around...Dise delivers the Panzonic Kick to Marrx!

Brian Rentfro: “Panzonic Kick! NAP baby!”

Dise hurries over to Matt Stone and drags his body on top of Marxx. Dise then shakes the referee until he regains consciousness. The referee sees Stone on top of Marxx and counts...



Nadare rolls into the ring to make the save, but he’s too late!


Eric Emerson: And your winners. The PWA Intercontinental Champion Matt Stone and Pannnzz-zaaahhhh-diiiiissssee!

Dise Gets Bossy

[Panzadise demands a microphone and begins to speak…]

Dise: “Ever since I attacked Jethro Hayes at High Stakes, I’ve been sitting back and waiting…and waiting…and waiting. I mean, come on! Who gets slammed through a stretcher and doesn’t try and get revenge? It seems that Jethro Hayes is even weaker than I thought. Ever since I hit him with the Panzadise Bomb, he’s been hobbling around with a bad back. Now he wants nothing to do with the NAP. Well, you know what? I don’t blame him.”

[The NAP theme music begins to play as Dise gets ready to leave the ring, but then suddenly he is interrupted…]

###Down the road where the black top ends, you can find Jethro Hayes with all his friends, we’re used to gravel roads, and fishin’ with cane poles, wasn’t no swimmin’ pools, just swimmin’ holes###

[Jethro Hayes makes his way onto the entrance ramp as the crowd explodes in cheers. Dise begins mocking Jethro by attempting to dance to Jethro’s theme music. Hayes enters the ring and hits the ropes hard, as Dise backs off. Jethro climbs the turnbuckle and holds his fisted right hand into the air and then points over the crowd soaking in the cheers…]

[Jethro hops down from the turnbuckle, and you can see him favoring his back as he lands, obviously still in pain. Dise notices, and speaks…]

Dise: “Did you see that? Did everybody see that? Jethro can barely walk around this ring because his back is so messed up!”

[Jethro grimaces in pain.]

Dise: “What are you doing out here, Jethro? Isn’t it dinner time? Does anybody have some barbeque beef to feed Jethro?”

[Jethro laughs for a moment, and then suddenly gets dead serious. He stands face to face with Pazandise, as the two are now eye to eye in center ring. Jethro rips the microphone out of Dise’s hand and speaks…]

Jethro: “It’s going to take a lot more than a Panzy to keep down this country boy!”
[Dise grins, but then immediately gets the microphone smashed over his head by Jethro creating a loud “pop” over the speakers. Dise staggers backwards, as Jethro grabs onto him and throws him into the ropes. On Dise’s way back, Jethro meets him with a huge right-handed haymaker, and then delivers a quick single arm DDT. Jethro then leaps into the air and drops a big leg drop across Dise’s neck.]

[Just then, Tony Danza runs down the aisle with an NES console in his hand. Danza slides under the ropes and positions himself for a knock out blow, but the crowd alerts Jethro by screaming for him to turn around. Jethro snaps his neck around, and Danza slowly begins walking away, thinking he might be able to escape unharmed. Jethro approaches Danza slowly, building the suspense, as Dise gets back to his feet in the background. Suddenly, Danza runs at Jethro and swings the NES, but Jethro ducks down and Danza lays out Panzadise!]

[Jethro laughs as he grabs onto Danza and launches him over the top rope with one hand. He then turns his attention to Panzadise who is layed out on the mat. He grabs Dise’s legs, and locks in the Combine Seat! He cranks away, bowing Dise’s back as far as he can with an almost psychotic look on his face. Finally, officials pull Jethro off of Dise, but you can read Jethro’s lips saying, “Now whose back is messed up?”]

Teresa Quaranta vs Lucious Starr

Singles Match

Lucious Starr and Teresa Quaranta stand face to face in the ring. The lights of the arena beat down on them as time slows to a stop. Lucious acts first only to get blocked and to take a stiff shot in the stomach. Starr doubles over as Teresa grabs a hand full of hair and starts to kick Lucious in the face. The ref breaks it up Starr hits the mat while Quaranta hits a kick to her foes side. Starr roles out of the ring Teresa walks over slowly waiting to see if Starr makes it to his feet but is met with a jumping Enziguri. Teresa drops prone over the middle rope as Lucious hopes to the apron and charges at his opponent kicking her hard in the head. Starr hops in the ring and covers her. The ref gives a two count but Quaranta kicks out. Starr lifts his opponent off the mat and gets hit in the stomach Teresa charges the ropes only to get caught by Starr and receive a belly to belly suplex. Starr taunts the crowd and doesn’t notice that Quaranta got to her feet Starr turns to get met by a low drop kick and the Death of the Future. Starr taps.

Winner: Teresa Quaranta

Might & Magic Were Too Hasty

The screen flips over to a short voice over with the words, Hot and Sour Inc. on the screen.

Voiceover: This Message has been brought to you by “Hot and Sour” Bobby Louwer and Hot and Sour Inc.

The screen fades to a room with Titan and his manager Bobby Louwer.

Bobby: Hello folks today, I Bobby Louwer, have an important announcement for you the PWA faithful. I have signed a former PWA champion to my talent agency. He has beaten some of the best in the PWA and he will continue to do so. He is the beast from the east. Beauty and the beast, the British Brawler BLAKE WITCROFT!

Blake Witcroft walks out from behind a door and enters the room in a suit and tie. He steps up next to Bobby who gives Blake the floor to say what he wishes.

Blake: Well, well, well, look whose back. Bet you neva thought you’d see ol’ Black Witcroft stepping back into the PWA but thanks to Bobby Louwer my passport issues are resolved and I can return to my rightful place in the PWA. HA,HA,HA.

Bobby Claps as Blake spins around and Titan joins with the clapping.

Bobby: Hot and Sour just gets better every day. HA, HA, HA.

The screen fades to black.

Ash Nukem vs Vicious Vic Wagner

Grizzle Beer Title Match
Church of the Glowing Taco Rules

Before the match, President Robinson comes out and announces to the crowd that he's got good news and bad news. The bad news is that since the PWA is still having trouble finding a Church of the Glowing Taco that's still open, this match will be contested under normal rules. The good news is that they have indeed found one to use in the future. The better news is that it is in St Louis, the location of this year's Summer Sizzler. The brighter folks among you can do that math and explain what that means to everybody else.

Vic doesn't wait for the match to start and attacks Ash before the bell even rings. The Grizzly Beer champion succumbs to the punches and then kicks. At that point, the challenger becomes more methodical and targets Ash's legs to prevent him using the Sensory Overload. However, no matter what Vic tries, he can't get Ash to submit. As he grows more frustrated, Wagner starts to get sloppy, finally giving Nukem an opening, which he seizes. Ash fights to his feet, but quickly collapses under his own weight. Wagner bends down to drag him back up, but Ash was faking and hits an enziguri type kick from his back on the mat. Wagner hits the mat hard and Nukem takes over the offense.

Nukem follows Wagner's lead and works the arms. An armbar followed by a single arm DDT later and Ash slowly heads to the top turnbuckle, ready for a missile dropkick. Wagner gets to his feet, Nukem leaps, and Wagner has the move scouted. Vic catches Ash's legs and drops backwards, slingshotting Nukem into the corner. Nukem staggers backwards, but Wagner is running forward and the two collide with Wagner grabbing Nukem and landing a bulldog. Wagner drops to cover. 1...2... Wagner breaks the cover.

The crowd boos loudly as Wagner struts around the ring, arms in the air, indictating he can finish this match whenever he wants. He picks Ash up and executes a suspended vertical suplex. As Wagner gets to his feet, he points to a girl in the crowd. It is Dahlia, Ash's friend? Girlfriend? Roommate? I'm not really sure. But it is totally her. Vic slides out of the ring and takes his time climbing over the barricade, wanting Dahlia to really have time to be afraid. But just as he reaches her, Ash comes leaping over the railing and slams into Wagner. The two men pull themselves to their feet and brawl in the crowd, neither one noticing the referee's count. Too bad for them (except for Ash since titles can't change hands on a countout), they both get counted out.

Winner: Neither due to a double count-out!

The Lawyer

Backstage we find Rob Robinson in his office doing presidential stuff. Like having staff polish his belts and drinking Yoo-hoo from a golden chalice! Stuff like that. A knock on his door and Rob, a bit disgruntled, says to come on in!

Robinson: Come on in!

He shakes his head and a man comes through the door in a fine pressed suit holding a briefcase.

Robinson: I smell trouble. What do you want?

Random Man: Here on business, Mr. Robinson.

The man hands him a check. Robinson's eyes go wide.

Robinson: Whoa! Have a seat!

The man nods and sits down. He opens his briefcase and pulls out a sheet of paper.

Random Man: If you want that check, then all you have to do sign this.

Robinson grabs his pen and immediately goes to sign it, but holds up for a moment.

Robinson: Wait a second. I better read this first. God knows what kind of trouble this could get me into.

Random Man: No trouble at all; just a simple decision and signature on your part, and my client and I will take care of the rest.

Robinson: You're a lawyer?

Lawyer: Yes, indeed I am. And that is my client's money, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Robinson nods and reads the contract. A few minutes later, Robinson is laughing.

Robinson: You CAN'T be serious?

Lawyer: Very.

Robinson: But this is ridiculous!

Lawyer: Is it? Well, I'll just take that check and be on my way.

The lawyer reaches for the check, but Robinson moves it away.

Robinson: Alright, alright! Fine!

Robinson signs the contract and hands it back over to the lawyer. You can almost feel his dignity melting away.

Lawyer: Just for the record, if you don't adhere to this contract, my client would like to remind you that he will sue you for every single penny you and the PWA are worth and then use that money to purchase the controlling interest of the PWA and fire you.

Robinson: WHAT?! There's no way I'd allow that!

Lawyer: Well, there isn't anything you could do about it. So follow the contract and all is well.

The lawyer gets up, taking the contract and putting it in his briefcase. He begins to walk out.

Lawyer: Good day, Mr. Robinson.

Robinson: Yeah, yeah.

The lawyer leaves the office, but not before Lean Bean Miller comes storming through.

LBM: Rob, what the hell happened? Looks like you got beat up by a suit!

Robinson: I did, Lean. Now I'm forced to name Summer Sizzler for a very large sum of money. This is egregious!

LBM: You sign anything?

Robinson: Yes, I did.

LBM: Well you have to do it. What do you have to name it?

Robinson: Summer Sizzler: No Cure.

LBM: Oh...well that's not so bad. It pertains to the probable main event doesn't it?

Robinson: It's terrible, LBM. And I can't prove it, but I know Engel is behind this. I'm going to make this summer Hell for him, Lean! I promise you that!

Robinson slams his fist on his desk, but then looks at the check to soothe his nerves.

Robinson: (muttering to himself) Do they even know how many pennies this company is worth?

Emily Corlen vs Matthew Engel

World Title Match

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, our main event for the evening is scheduled for one pinfall or submission and is for the PWA UNDISPUTED WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

The crowd goes crazy.

Jon McDaniel: This is going to be a great match, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: More like a slaughter, but yes it will be great!

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, the challenge...

The lights in the arena cut to black as the intro to "Firebird" by Dreamtale hits the P.A. As the crowd cheers loudly, green strobe lights fill the arena and "The Emerald Phoenix" Emily Corlen slowly rises up through the stage, her arms outstretched akin to wings. She sweeps her arms over her head and closes them around her mouth, screaming loudly before a single blast of pyro goes off behind her.

Eric Emerson: She hails from Los Angeles, California by way of Rockford, Illinois...

The strobe lights slow down as Emily begins making her way down the ramp. By the time she reaches ringside, the strobe lights have completely stopped and emerald colored spotlights have begun swirling around the crowd and ring.

Eric Emerson: She is the Emerald Phoenix...

After making her way around the ring once, Emily hoists herself onto the apron and enters the ring through the first and second ropes.

Eric Emerson: She is EMILY… CORRRRRRLENNNNN!!!

Emily makes her way to all four corners of the ring, climbing up each and posing for the fans. As the lights return to normal and the music fades, Emily slowly paces around the canvas, glancing out to the still-cheering crowd and smirking.

Jon McDaniel: Emily looks in great shape tonight and ready to face the World Champion.

Brian Rentfro: We'll see about that.

Eric Emerson: And her opponent...

The lights go out inside the arena as "Sympathy for the Devil" performed by Guns N' Roses hits the sound system. Green and silver pyros shoot off as spotlights around the PWAtron move to the rhythm of the song.

Eric Emerson: Introducing now, hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin...

Matthew Engel steps out from behind the curtains as one of the moving spotlights shines down on him. He is in his usual dark green tuxedo. The magnificent voice of Axl Rose comes to life.

"Please allow me to introduce myself..
I'm a man of wealth and taste.

I've been around for a long, long year..
Stole many a man's soul and faith."

The crowd gets on their feet, but most of them are booing the former World Champion. Engel begins to make his way down to the ring.

Eric Emerson: He stands six feet tall and weighs in tonight at 210 pounds...

"Pleased to meet you.. hope you guess my name
But what's puzzling you is the nature of my game."

Engel remains focused on the ring, and reaches the steel steps. He ascends onto the apron, and climbs into the ring between the top and middle ropes.

"I watched with glee..
While your kings and queens..
Fought for ten decades..
For the Gods they made."

Eric Emerson: He is the current Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World... MATTHEW... "VIRUS"... ENGEL!!!!

"Just as every cop is a criminal..
and all the sinners.. saints..
as heads is tails, just call me Lucifer..
'cause I'm in need of some restraint.

So if you meet me..
have some courtesy..
have some sympathy..
and some taste.

Use all your well learned politesse
or I'll lay your soul to waste."

Engel has removed his jacket, tie, and dress shirt, revealing his standard white undershirt. He begins to stretch in the ring and prepare himself for the match. The referee holds the World Championship up in the air to show the crowd that the title is definitely on the line. He hands it off to the timekeeper and then signals for the bell.


Emily charges at Engel, but Engel slides away and grabs Emily's ankle, tripping her up. Engel quickly drops an elbow to Emily's neck. He does it again, and then goes off the second rope and connects with a guillotine legdrop. Engel stomps Emily in the chest and backs up for a moment. Emily begins to move, and Engel hits Emily with another stomp and a stare. The stare hurts more.

Brian Rentfro: Engel showing his authority as the Undisputed Champion.

Jon McDaniel: Emily's got quite a challenge in front of her, but I think she's up to the task.

Emily gets back to her feet. She cracks her neck, and nods. Emily and Engel lock up, but Emily is quick to land an elbow to Engel's side. Emily follows it up with some hard knees to the stomach and hits a neckbreaker on Engel. Emily flies into the ropes and comes back with a senton bomb. She covers Engel.


Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: Barely a one count!

Jon McDaniel: Anybody can be surprised, Brian. Perhaps Emily thought she had Engel locked down.

Brian Rentfro: Laughable.

Jon McDaniel: Go ask her then.

Brian Rentfro: Uhh.. no thanks.

Engel is to his feet. Emily checks him with a quick right, and follows it up with a jaw-breaking left hook. Engel stumbles back and Emily tries for a spinning heel kick, but Engel brushes her aside. Emily to her feet. Engel comes at her with a side kick, but Emily catches Engel's foot. Engel tries for the enziguri, but Emily dodges. Engel crashes to the mat and Emily is right on him for another assault. She unchambers lefts and rights, and then gets Engel to his feet. Emily takes him down with a quick hip toss, but Engel is to his feet. Emily spears him into the corner.

Jon McDaniel: Corlen pierces Engel into that corner!

Brian Rentfro: Engel looks like he got the wind knocked out of him.

Emily runs to the opposite corner and charges. Halfway, she launches into the air for a corner splash.

And misses.

Emily connects with the turnbuckle as Engel dodges at the last second. Engel wraps Emily up from behind and hits her with a huge german suplex. Engel holds on and stands up, still holding onto Emily. He hits ANOTHER german suplex on her. Engel uses a lot of strength to get Emily back up again, Emily trying to struggle out of it. Emily fights back with an elbow, trying to avoid a third. But Engel perseveres and hits another german suplex on Emily. He bridges it.



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: Emily powers out of that pin attempt like a true warrior.

Brian Rentfro: I wouldn't say power out.. she just barely got her shoulder up.

Jon McDaniel: I'd keep quiet, Brian, she might hear you.

Emily to her feet. Engel starts to give her some lip, but there's too much of it as Emily takes him down with a roundhouse. Emily grabs Engel's arm and rushes toward the turnbuckle. Emily hits a tornado cross arm breaker on Engel. Still holding on to Engel's arm, she rings him up and attempts to kick Engel in the back of the head. Engel telegraphs it and ducks, grabbing her leg and taking her down to the mat. Engel is up and Emily gets to his feet. Engel kicks her in the gut and hits a huge jumping piledriver on Emily.



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: Seems that Engel has broken down Emily a bit with that piledriver.

Jon McDaniel: Indeed, Brian. Emily needs to put together some offense if she wants to survive this match and walk away the new World Champion.

Emily is a bit groggy now as she gets to his feet. Engel wraps Emily up with a front facelock, and lifts Emily vertically above him. Engel drops down and hits a big brainbuster on Emily. He doesn't go for a cover, but flies into the ropes. He springboards off the middle rope, attempting a moonsault. He overshot it. Wait -

He didn't overshoot it, he lands both feet on Emily's chest for a huge double foot stomp! A quick cover.



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: Close call there after Engel's High Voltage move, a move he's been doing for quite some time now.

Brian Rentfro: He's an innovator, Jon! Also, Engel thought he had the three count and begins to argue with the ref.

Emily cringes and begins to gasp for air. Engel is up to his feet. He lands a few stomps, and gets Emily up to his feet. Engel drags her over to the corner, giving Emily enough time to catch her breath. Emily slams her elbow into Engel's stomach and plants him in the mat with a vicious DDT. Emily hooks the leg.



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: Nearly a three count! Again, a surprise counter can be a deadly move, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: I happen to agree with you there, but Engel's been around long enough that chances are it's not going to work on him.

Emily is to her feet. Engel gets to a knee, but not before Emily slaps on an arm-trap triangle choke. We've seen Engel use this move before. Engel tries his hardest to fight it, but eventually falls to the mat. The referee is down in Engel's face, asking if he wants to give up. Engel shakes his head, and tries to fight back with elbow shots to Emily. Emily just tightens the grip, and Engel's face begins to turn red. Engel looks about three feet in front of him, and notices a bottom rope in close proximity. He reaches out, but he's a few inches away. He starts to muscle his way toward the rope as Emily tries to hold him back. He reaches it, and the ref makes Emily break the hold.

Jon McDaniel: We've seen Engel execute that choke hold... and now Emily is using it against him.

Brian Rentfro: It's a risky play, because Engel knows the strengths and weaknesses of that hold better than anyone.

Engel starts coughing and gasping for air himself. Emily hits a soccer kick on him, and gets him to his feet. Emily sends him into the ropes and telegraphs a spinning heel kick. She connects this time and sends Engel to the canvas. Emily is into the ropes and springboards off with a perfect moonsault. She holds it for the cover.



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: Some fancy aerial out of Emily, but it wasn't enough.

Brian Rentfro: Engel practically invented fancy aerial, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: I highly doubt that.

Engel is up to his feet as Emily grins. Emily lashes out, but Engel dodges it and wraps Emily up in a hammerlock. Engel dishes out some brutal forearm shots to Emily's back and then kicks out the back of her knee. Emily is down to one knee, but Engel picks her up and executes a big sidewalk slam. Emily gets to a knee and Engel is on the attack. He hits Emily with multiple forearm shots and punches. He gets Emily up to her feet and lands a huge ace cutter. Engel hooks the leg.



Emily catches the bottom rope with his leg.

Jon McDaniel: Great ring awareness from the Emerald Phoenix.

Brian Rentfro: I can feel Engel starting to wear Emily down finally.

Jon McDaniel: Even Engel has been impressed with Emily's resilience, so I don't think it's getting that close.

Engel slams the mat in frustration and gets in the ref's face a bit. He's claiming he had the three count before Emily got her leg up. Meanwhile, Emily regroups and knocks Engel down. Engel to his feet, but he's met with a devastating dropkick. Engel flies into the corner. Emily mounts and unchambers lefts and rights. She finishes it off with an ice-cold headbutt, and Engel falls to the canvas. Engel to a knee and Emily grabs him by the hair. Emily rushes to the corner and hits a big-time tornado DDT. A quick cover.



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: That was too close, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: Emily can feel Engel starting to wear down now, this is when she needs to strike!

Engel shakes it off and tries to get to his feet. Emily drops an elbow on his back and follows it up with some stiff kicks to the back of the head. Emily gets Engel to his feet and works his arm again. Engel falls to a knee, but looks up into Emily's eyes and gets an adrenaline shot. Engel muscles back up to his feet and flips out of the arm bar. Still holding onto Emily, Engel pulls her close and gives her a clothesline she'll never forget. Engel climbs the top rope - cannonball 450 splash. Perfect. He covers.



3 -- NO! Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: That was 3!!

Jon McDaniel: Not according to Lance Weston.

Engel to his feet and Emily uses the ropes to get up. Emily rushes at Engel and locks up with him. Engel shoves Emily out of his grips and into the ropes. Emily rebounds looking to connect a lariat on Engel, but Engel ducks and Emily stops on a dime, kicking Engel in his bad knee. Engel goes down and Emily grabs Engel's legs out from underneath him.

Jon McDaniel: Emily nails The Catalyst on Engel! This could be it! We may have a new World Champion!

Emily covers Engel.



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: Holy crap!

Jon McDaniel: Engel's resilience is unprecedented, but he'll need to do something now if he wants to escape Emily's determination to win and become World Champion.

Emily pulls Engel up to his feet, but immediately takes him down to the mat with a tiger suplex! Engel is cringing and Emily hooks his leg.



3 -- NO! Engel kicks out!

Jon McDaniel: Now THAT should have been three.

Brian Rentfro: 'Not according to Lance Weston'.

Jon McDaniel: Oh shut up.

Emily slams the mat in frustration, but gets up to her feet. Engel is using the ropes to get up and Emily kicks him hard in the gut. Emily delivers another kick and then clubs Engel on the back. Engel falls to a knee and Emily goes into the ropes. Emily bounces back and tries for a diving forearm, but Engel drops to the mat and rolls out to the apron. Engel gets up to his feet and springboards off the apron, hitting a rising Emily Corlen with a missile dropkick! Emily falls to the mat.

Jon McDaniel: And just when Emily thought she had Engel down, Engel counters!

Brian Rentfro: The sign of a true champion, Jon.

Engel gets Emily up to her feet and nails her with the Sons of Plunder.

Jon McDaniel: Sons of Plunder! Engel has ended a few matches with that move!

Engel covers.



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: I can't believe it!

Jon McDaniel: Neither can Engel!

Engel tries to keep Emily grounded with foot stomps, but Emily grabs Engel's left leg and nails Engel with several punches to his right knee! Engel hobbles away, trying to protect his knee.

Jon McDaniel: Emily is attacking Engel's weak knee.

Brian Rentfro: He doesn't have a weak knee!

Jon McDaniel: Yes he does! And Emily knows it!

Emily rises to her feet and clips Engel from behind. Engel falls to the mat and sits up, grabbing his bad knee. Emily's eyes widen, she goes into the ropes. She bounces back and tries for a devastating kick to Engel's head, but Engel goes flat and ducks underneath it at the last possible second. Emily gets up to her feet the same time Engel does and charges, but Engel counters with a powerslam!

Jon McDaniel: Engel puts Emily down with authority from that move, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: There's no other way for him to do it, Jon.

Engel goes up to the top rope and calls for it.

Brian Rentfro: YES! Here he goes, Jon! He's about to solidify himself as the longest reigning World Champion ever!

Jon McDaniel: All depends on when Robinson tells us when Sizzler is, Brian!

Engel with his back to the ring, leaps off and connects with the Euthanasia on top of Emily Corlen. Engel bounces off of Corlen, holding his ribs. He may have injured himself, but it doesn't matter.

Brian Rentfro: HE GOT IT! HE- WAIT, WHO THE HELL?!

Jon McDaniel: That's Warren Engel! Matt's younger brother! What the heck is he doing here?!

An estranged Warren Engel is walking down the rampway, marked with fresh scars and a look of rage on his face. It also seems like he hasn't showered in quite some time. Matt looks up and sees him by the ring. Matt doesn't know what to think. Referee Lance Weston is yelling at Warren to get back and stay out of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Damn it Matt! Pin her already!

Jon McDaniel: Calm down Brian! Wait, Warren's dragging Lance Weston out of the ring!

Warren brutalizes Lance with a couple of hard punches to the face. Lance goes down hard and isn't likely to get back up any time soon. Matt is yelling at Warren.

Matthew Engel: What the fuck Warren? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

Meanwhile, Emily is using the ropes to get up, trying to gasp for air after that painful Euthanasia she just got. She notices Matt's back to him. Matt continues to yell at Warren, but Warren kindly points behind Matt. Matt turns around and gets kicked in the gut and then Emily executes the MDK on him!


Brian Rentfro: This is an injustice, Jon! Engel had her beat with the Euthanasia!

Emily notices no count being made as she's on top of Engel. Warren slides into the ring, giving Emily a smile. Emily gives Warren a "Who the fuck are you?" kind of look and tries to get in Warren's face. Warren decks her with a right hand and she falls right to the mat. We notice Warren's right hand has some brass knuckles on it.

Jon McDaniel: Oh God, Brian. This is crazy...what the hell is he doing?

Brian Rentfro: He's just a brat, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: Emerson needs to call his match off... this is getting ridiculous. We need security out here! Warren looks crazy!

Emerson talks to the timekeeper and another official on the floor, neither of them will go near the ring with Warren in there. Emerson speaks.

Eric Emerson: Due to the nature of outside involvement in this match, the match has been declared a NO CONTEST! And still your champion by default... MATTHEW... "VIRUS"... ENGEL!!!

Warren scoffs at Emerson's announcement, and helps Matt up to his feet. He lays Matt against the turnbuckles, asking him if he's okay. But then Warren hits Engel right in the face with the brass knuckles! MATT GOES DOWN!

Jon McDaniel: JESUS!

Warren mercilessly beats Engel down with those brass knuckles and then gives a few hard kicks to Engel's bad knee. Engel is screaming out in agony and pain as the crowd is booing Warren heavily. After Warren finishes, Emily starts to get back up, but Warren gives her a kick to the side and it knocks her out of the ring. Warren demands a microphone and Emerson hands over his immediately.

Warren Engel: For so long, Matt, I've been the runt of our family. For so long, I've had to deal with you...and Joe..and Enika...all your bullshit and your supposed family legacy. I'm so tired of it, Matt.

Warren grabs his head, obviously not feeling well.

Warren Engel: This is just the beginning, Matt. I'm here to destroy the family legacy. I'm here to destroy you and strip you of everything you claim to be. I'm going to rebuild the Engel name the right way... my way. I'm going to be... the way of our future.

Matt's eyes light up at the sound of those words.

Warren Engel: I'M..

He begins kicking Matt again.

Warren Engel: GOING...

More kicking.

Warren Engel: TO...

Yes, a continuous fit of kicking. Matt's head, knee, chest are all open season.

Warren Engel: END YOU! You got that, Matt?

Warren climbs out of the ring, tossing the microphone away. He grabs the World Championship from the timekeeper and hops the barricade, disappearing into the disapproving crowd. Engel is a fucking mess inside the ring, trying to get up to his feet. Emily is getting up to her feet finally outside the ring, obviously exhausted and also cut open from Warren's brass knuckle punch.

Jon McDaniel: Warren stole the World Championship, Brian!

Brian Rentfro: This is bad news, Jon. Did you see Warren's face? That kid looks sick.

Jon McDaniel: It look like he...was tortured, or something. He didn't look well, that's for sure, but he stole PWA property!

"Hold on, hold on..."

President Robinson emerges from backstage, holding a microphone in his hand. He obviously doesn't like the way things went down.

President Robinson: First of all, I've got security combing the arena to find your twit brother and return the World Championship. Don't worry about that. You Engels and your damn drama. We couldn't have a normal World Championship match, could we?

Robinson shakes his head, but an idea comes to mind.

President Robinson: You know, Matt, I'd really love to restart this match and see you lose. Not a whole lot of things would please me more, but this little family meltdown of yours has given me an idea. Yes, I has them, and I am awesome. Emily, despite her disadvantages like being overweight and a woman, put on a hell of a fight and really surprised you, didn't she? Well, I'm impressed. So that's why at Summer Sizzler you're not only fighting Matt Stone, but you're fighting Emily Corlen as well in a triple threat match!

Engel obviously gets pissed. The crowd begins to roar in approval of this idea from their President.

President Robinson: That's how we reward our champions around here who don't give the fans proper title matches. You don't even have to be pinned to lose that belt now, Matty. Good luck!

Robinson exits as Matt Stone comes out. Emily has a wicked smile on her face, and Engel is a bloody mess while Stone looks on with a smug look. Stone has his BWF US Championship on one shoulder and his PWA Intercontinental Championship on the other, but he signals for a title around his waist.

Brian Rentfro: Stone's calling for the World Championship. Doesn't that guy have enough gold?

Jon McDaniel: No. Sadly, I don't think there is enough gold in the world to satisfy him. And the World Title has eluded Matt Stone his entire career, and I'm sure there's nothing he wants more than to beat Engel and Corlen to win it for the first time.

Stone disappears backstage and the show fades from Engel's bloody face to black.