World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Dise Speaks

[The scene opens backstage, as Panzadise is seen sparring with Tony Danza in preparation for his match tonight. The camera is zoomed in tight on the two, but suddenly it zooms out to reveal someone standing right behind Panzadise. It’s Mattew Engel. The crowd watching back in the arena explodes in a thunderous pop, anticipating what may happen next between the two PWA legends.]

[Danza motions for Panzadise to turn around. Engel has his PWA World Championship draped over his shoulder, and Dise gives the belt a good long stare
before he looks into Engel’s eyes.]

Engel: “I think it’s messed up what you did to Jethro last week.”

Dise: “Is that right? Well, I think it’s pretty messed up what YOU did to Jethro last week! I just put the icing on the cake, bro. You’re the one who beat your
own friend within an inch of his life!”

[Engel takes a deep breath and soaks in what Dise said.]

Dise: “Face it, Engel. We both have a lot in common. We’re both willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top.”

[Engel steps closer until he is right up next to Dise.]

Engel: “The only difference is…I handle my business like a man!”

[Tony Danza acts like he is about to go after Engel, but Dise holds him back. Dise reaches behind him and pulls out a T-shirt that was hanging out the back of his jeans. He holds it up in front of Engel to reveal that it’s an NAP T-Shirt. Dise extends his hand to offer the shirt to Engel, almost as an invitation to join the NAP. You can hear the crowd back in the arena going crazy.]

[Engel reaches out and takes the shirt from Panzadise. He looks it over and smiles. Just then, he tosses the shirt back into Dise’s face, readjusts his world title on his shoulder, and walks out of the scene. Panzadise and Tony Danza are left looking pissed off like they are going to go after him, but they stand pat.]

Jimmy Freeman vs Orville Ichabod

Singles Match

Jimmy wastes no time attacking Orville as he lunges forward with a fury of fists, catching Ichabod off guard. Jimmy lands each left and right with the old man unable to counter very effectively, but he does try to put his arms up to block the attacks. Jimmy whips Orville into the ropes and bounces himself off the opposite ropes at the right moment, springboarding himself forward and body splashing Ichabod to the canvas. He covers! 1! 2! Kick out! Freeman is much quicker to his feet than Orville, for obvious reasons, but before Freeman can continue his attack Orville is up and nails him down with a belly to belly suplex. Orville headbutts him as he lays on the canvas and grabs him by the neck, lifting him up and chucking him into the turnbuckle. Freeman rushes forward from the turnbuckle like he's on fire but gets nailed with a clothesline sending him crashing to the canvas.

Freeman gets himself up and Orville attempts to hip toss Jimmy who lands himself on his feet and reverses the move, turning it into an armbar on Orville Ichabod. The old man winces as he slaps the arm Freeman has locked up, but Orville throws out a few elbows into Jimmy's face to get himself free from the move. He follows it up with an impact DDT that flattens Freeman! He quickly covers! 1! 2! KICKOUT! Freeman jumps up onto Orville after from behind and hits a reverse hurricanrana and the stunned crowd quickly snaps as many pictures as it can as Orville crawls away and gets to his feet. Orville throws a heavy left hook which throws Jimmy into the turnbuckle with force. Ichabod charges Freeman in the corner but Freeman throws both of his legs up into the old man's face sending Orville stumbling back. Freeman charges forward, kneeing Orville in the gut. PITCHFORK PLUNGE!!!! Freeman covers again!





Eric Emerson: Winner of this match by pinfall, JIMMY G FREEMAN.

Home Sweet Home

We fade backstage where Jethro Hayes can be seen walking down the hall, heading towards his locker room with a duffle bag slung over his shoulder. He opens the door to his locker room and is immediately met with surprise.

Jethro Hayes: Who the...

Hayes looks around, and there are chickens EVERYWHERE. They're bawking, squaking, clucking and walking around flapping their wings as they bob their heads back and forth. Feathers are all over the room, as well as fecal matter.

Jon McDaniel: Oh my...

Brian Rentfro: Whoever did this to Jethro is a little chicken shit! Get it?

Jon McDaniel: We get it, Brian.

The camera zooms in and there's a large poster on the wall inside Jethro's locker room. It's that of "The Last Pioneers", Emily Corlen and Simon Kalis. They're smiling devilishly in the poster, and an addendum in spray paint has been added above the poster.

"Home Sweet Home!"

Jethro shakes his head and looks down to see a chicken running into the hall.

Chicken: Bawk bawk bawk! Bawk bawk?!

The chicken slips along the hall and hits a wall before running off as...

Emily Corlen: It's pretty awesome, isn't it?

Kalis nods as they walk by Hayes' locker room, Emily Corlen showing him her engagement ring from Johnny Maverick.

Simon Kalis: Johnny's that nigga, he's always had a good taste in jewelry.

They both laugh as we fade...

Joshua Danielson vs Vic Wagner

Singles Match

Eric Emerson: The fallowing contest is for one fall Introducing first from Des Moines Iowa.
He stands at a height of 5 feet and 6 inches tall, weighing in at 198 pounds. "The Punisher"
Joshua Danielson!

The pounding drums to 'Trust' by Megadeth hits the speakers, and the crowd is on their feet! Joshua Danielson pushed through the curtains and stopped at the top of the entrance ramp, throwing his arms out in an open handed crucifix.

Joshua then went down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans at ringside before sliding into the ring and jumping up to the second turnbuckle. He did the open handed crucifix pose again, before hopping down and waiting for the match to begin.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent Form Munich, Germany He stands at a height of 6 feet and 4 inches tall, weighing in at 264 pounds. He is cut off as the vocals of the song kick in

I rule the jungle, I rule it with pride
I'm judge and jury, your life I decide
I have awakened for my nightly feast
a reign of terror, beware of the beast

Vic Wagner appears at the top of the ramp looking pissed off to be here, and moves to the top of the ramp.

Don't try to run there's no way to survive
a vicious surrender I'll eat you alive
no one is safe until I get my fill
all hear my warning I'm king of the kill

Wagner holds up his right hand with his ring and middle finger forming a V and yells "Vicious", then quickly brings up his left hand has his ring and middle finger forming a V and yells "Vic". He then places the two Vs together to form a W and Yells "Wagner", and then lowers his ring fingers to flip off the crowd begins to head down the ramp.

stalking the land for the scent of my prey
stopping for nothing don't get in my way
left to the vultures your life is denied
I rule the jungle I rule it with pride

as Vic Wagner heads down the ramp trash talking fans, he almost ends up throwing punches at a few select fans.

Don't try to run there's no way to survive
a vicious surrender I'll eat you alive
no one is safe until I get my fill
all hear my warning I'm king of the kill

Vic Wagner rolls into the ring, and moves into his corner. Vic ends up half sitting, and half leaning on the second turnbuckle with his arms stretched out over the top ropes

Dwayne Cross makes sure both men are ready then calls for the bell. Ding Ding Ding the match begins.

Both wrestlers come to the center of the ring, and begin circling one another looking for an opening. Suddenly Vic charges across the ring at Joshua. Vic swings his right arm at Joshua trying to take his head off, but Joshua is able to duck under the clothesline. Vic turns around in time to get a spinning back kick to the gut. Vic doubles over grabbing his stomach; as Joshua runs off to the far ropes. Joshua comes running back at Vic, and makes a low jump. Joshua slams both of his feet into the Vic’s left knee dropping the bigger man to a single knee with a perfect low dropkick. Joshua quickly gets to his feet, and sees the state Vic is in. Joshua then runs off towards the ropes again, and comes rushing back at Vic once more. Once Joshua reaches Vic he places his right foot on Vic’s right knee. Joshua uses that to push off, and brings up his left knee slamming it into the side of Vic’s heading hitting a hard shining wizard. Vic crumples over towards his left as Joshua lands on his back.

Jon McDaniel: Joshua Danielson is on fire, and really taking it to Vic Wagner.

Brian Rentfro: You know what they say the flame that burns the hots only burns half as long.

Jon McDaniel: So what your saying is Joshua Danielson is going to run out of gas.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah all Vic has to do is weather the storm, and Joshua will be easy pickings.

Joshua quickly kips up to his feet, and walks over to Vic who is still down on the mat. Joshua turns away from Vic, and then leaps into the air. Joshua preforms a backflip, and comes crashing down onto Vic’s chest with a standing moonsault. Joshua hooks the far leg, and Dwayne Cross slides into position. One... Vic gets his right shoulder up. Joshua gets up to his feet, and once more runs to the ropes. Once Joshua is close enough to Vic he jumps up into the air. Joshua does a front flip, and comes crashing down onto Vic’s chest with a Running Front Flip Senton. Joshua quickly hooks Vic’s near leg going for the pin. Dwayne Cross drops down into position. One...Tw Vic is able to get his left shoulder up. Joshua slams his fist onto the mat out of frustration.

Jon McDaniel: Joshua Danielson is really hitting Vic Wagner with everything has.

Brian Rentfro: And Vic has managed to kick out of it all.

Jon McDaniel: But Vic Wagner doesn’t manage to mount some offence soon this match will be all but over.

Joshua gets up to his feet, and places his hands on his hips. Joshua looks around like what is this going to take to keep this guy down. Vic in the meantime has sat up, and has his arms crossed holding his chest in pain. Joshua sees Vic is up, and walks over too him. Joshua walks up behind Vic, and throws a swift kick right to his back. Vic yells out in pain as the kick connects. Joshua is still standing behind Vic when he looks like he gets an idea. Joshua jumps up into the, and comes down feet first onto Vic’s shoulders with a split double foot stomp. Joshua then quickly pushes off of Vic’s shoulders. Joshua then brings his feet together, and pulls back his legs. Then Joshua hits a violent dropkick that sends Vic’s head snapping forwards. Vic’s head then snaps back as he falls backwards onto the mat. Joshua looks like he is going for a pin, but stops shaking his head no. Joshua pulls Vic up to his feet, and places him in a cravate. Joshua then drops down to a knee, and rolls Vic over into a sitting position with a nice snapmare. Joshua gets up to his feet, and once again kicks Vic in the back. Joshua walks around to Vic’s front. Joshua stands with his legs on either side of Vic’s legs, and then jumps into the air. Joshua kicks Vic in the face with a drop kick, as he starts to flip backwards. Joshua twists his body in mid air coming crashing down onto Vic completing a dropsault splash. Joshua hooks Vic’s Far leg. Dwayne Cross slide into position One...Two...T Vic manages to get his right shoulder up.

Jon McDaniel: Joshua Danielson has to be wondering what is it going to take to keep Vic Wagner down.?

Brian Rentfro: I will tell you what it is going to take a whole lot more then what Joshua is brining.

Jon McDaniel: What more can Joshua Danielson do he has already hit Vic Wagner with so much of his play book.

Brian Rentfro: looks like Joshua is starting to get tired.

Joshua has managed to get back up to his feet, and is sucking in air. Joshua wipes the sweat from his brow. While Joshua has caught his breath Vic has managed to pull himself up to a knee. Joshua see this, and runs to the ropes in-front of Vic. Joshua bounces off the ropes, and charges at Vic. Joshua looks like he is going for another shining wizard, but right before Joshua gets to him Vic blocks his head with is arms. So Joshua pushes his left foot off Vic’s knee, and comes down onto his head with a axe kick hitting a scorpion rising. Vic crumples backwards in a heap. Joshua motions that it is over. Joshua moves outside the ring, onto the apron waiting for Vic. Joshua waits for Vic to get up to his feet. After a little bit does just that, and ends up facing away from Joshua. Joshua springs up to the top rope, and leaps off of it spinning his body. Vic turns around in time to be hit by the Spinning springboard cross-body. Vic slams hard back first into the mat, and Joshua hooks Vic’s far leg. Dwayne Cross drops down into position. One...Two...Three. Joshua gets up and celebrates, and the fans cheer. Vic rolls over onto his stomach.

Jon McDaniel: Joshua Danielson has done it he has beaten Vic Wagner.

Brian Rentfro: I am not so sure look at Dwayne.

Dwayne Cross is looking at the time keeper waving it off, and motions that Vic kicked out. The time keeper calls over Eric Emerson, and whispers something into his ear.

Eric Emerson: Referee Dwayne Cross has ruled no 3 count has taken place thus this match will continue to it’s scheduled 1 fall.

Joshua looks like someone let all the air out of him, and the crowd boos loudly. Joshua walks over to Vic who has crawled towards the ropes. Joshua grabs Vic’s legs setting Vic up for a Boston Crab. Vic is able to push up on his arms, and roll forward. Vic twist his body as he rolls and sends Joshua flying in-between the ropes. Joshua smacks his head on the apron, and lands on the floor hard. Vic pushes himself up onto all fours as Dwayne Cross begins to count out Joshua.
1...2...3...4...5...6 Vic gets back up to his feet...7 Joshua pulls him self up to his feet...8 Joshua gets on the apron. Vic charges across the ring at Joshua. Vic goes to dive between the ropes for a suicide dive spear. Joshua side steps to the left, but it is a feint Vic holds onto the second rope, and swings his lower body up smashing Joshua in the face with his back left heel. Joshua grabs his face with his left hand, and is barely able to hold on to he top rope with his left. Vic’s back hits the ropes, and springs him back onto his feet. Vic grabs Joshua’s arm, and pulls him back towards the ring. Vic places Joshua’s left arm behind his head, and Vic places his right arm behind Joshua’s head. Vic jumps up second rope, and springboards backwards into the ring taking Joshua with him hitting a springboard suplex.

Brian Rentfro: Told you Vic would weather the storm.

Jon McDaniel: I didn’t think a we would see any offence from Vic Wagner the way Joshua Danielson was going.

Brian Rentfro: Vic is way too good to get squashed by someone like Joshua.

Vic gets up to his feet, and walks over to Joshua, and grabs him by the hair, and pulls him up to his feet. Vic locks Joshua in a front face lock. Vic then throws himself backwards, and drives Joshua hard head first into the matt with a hard DDT. Vic gets up to his feet, and grabs Joshua’s hair pulling him up to his knees. Vic looks around the ring, and yells out “This is best you can send out.” Dwayne Cross warns Vic about pulling the hair. Vic flips him off, and slaps the taste out of Joshua’s mouth. Dwayne Cross puts Vic’s to the count 1..Vic punches Joshua in the face.2.. Again Vic punches Joshua right in the face.3..For a third time Vic punches Joshua in the face.4. Vic lets go of Joshua’s hair, and then brings up his knee slamming it right into Joshua’s face. Joshua is rocked on his knees, and Vic reaches down locking him in a butterfly. Vic pulls Joshua up to his feet. Vic lifts Joshua up into the air, and jumps up into the air. Vic falls down to the mat slamming Joshua head first into the match with a double underhook brainbuster. Vic pulls Joshua up to his feet. Vic places Joshua in a front face lock. Vic then swings Joshua over, and drives him down into the mat with a swinging neckbreaker. Vic hooks the near leg, and goes for the pin. Dwayne Cross drops down and starts to count the pin One... Joshua kicks out.

Jon McDaniel: That was a quick kick out by Joshua Danielson.

Brian Rentfro: Don’t worry Vic has only just begun to bring the pain.
Jon McDaniel: If Vic Wagner can survive Joshua Danielson’s offence I am sure then Joshua Danielson can survive Vic Wagner’s offence.

Brian Rentfro: Fat chance of that.

Vic grabs a hold of Joshua’s hair, and starts to slam the back of his head off the mat. Dwayne Cross warns Vic to stop, but Vic just keeps going. 1..Vic Slams Joshua’s head off the mat.2..For a second time Vic Slams Joshua’s head off the mat.3.. For a third and final time Vic Slams Joshua’s head off the mat, and then lets go of Joshua’s hair. Vic grabs Joshua’s arm, and pulls him back up to his feet. Vic kick’s Joshua in the stomach doubling him over in pain, then Vic quickly crosses Joshua’s arms across his throat. Vic then swings Joshua around so that they are back to back, and then pulls down on the arms as he falls into a falling cross-arm neckbreaker. Hitting Joshua with a hard Hangman’s Knot. Vic looks like he is going to go for a pin, but shakes thinking better of it. Vic grabs Joshua’s hair, and drags him to the nearest corner as referee Dwayne Cross yells at Vic to let go. As Dwayne Cross is about to put Vic to the five count lets go of Joshua’s hair and begins to stomp away at his chest. Once Vic thinks Joshua is softened up enough he walks over to the corner, and climbs up to the top turnbuckle.

Brian Rentfro: What the hell is Vic doing up there?

Jon McDaniel: I don’t know, but I am willing to be he doesn’t have Joshua Danielson’s best interest at heart.

Vic leaps from the top turnbuckle at his downed opponent. Vic places him self in a seated position. Vic comes crashing down with his right leg across Joshua’s neck. Hitting him with a huge guillotine leg drop. Vic quickly rolls over so his back is across Joshua’s stomach as he hooks Joshua’s near leg. Dwayne Cross slides into position to count the pint One...Two. Joshua manages to get his left shoulder up kicking out. Vic sits up looking frustrated, and then stands up. Vic starts kicking Joshua in his ribs. Joshua rolls over onto his stomach and tries to push him self up, but Vic stomps his right foot down right into the center of the Joshua’s back. Vic then places his right leg behind Joshua’s right knee, then slides forward. Vic places his right arm under Joshua’s neck, and his left arm in front of Joshua’s left arm, and behind there head locking in a rear naked choke. Vic then rolls over onto his back, and pulls back on Joshua’s neck locking him in the Black Forest Black Out.

Jon McDaniel: This doesn’t look good for Joshua Danielson.

Brian Rentfro: The match is over Vic wins.

Vic keeps wrenching back on Joshua’s neck trying to choke him out. Joshua straggles to get out of the hold but is unable to get out of it. Dwayne Cross asks Joshua if he wishes to give up he waves him off, but is starting to fade. Dwayne Cross sees that Joshua is out, grabs his free arm. Dwayne Cross lifts up Joshua’s arm, and lets it fall. Joshua’s arm hits the mat, and Dwayne Cross yells out One. Dwayne Cross is now holding up his left arm with one finger up as he grabs Joshua’s arm again. Dwayne Cross lifts Joshua’s arm a second time, and lets it fall. For a second time Joshua’s arm hits the mat. Dwayne Cross yells out Two, and is now holding up two fingers. Dwayne Cross grabs Joshua’s arm for a third time. Dwayne Cross lifts Joshua’s arm again, and lets go, and for a third time Joshua’s arm hits the mat. No wait Joshua’s arm is just above the mat. Joshua begins to rock back and forth violently trying to get out of the submission. Joshua is able to roll him, and Vic onto their side. With his free hand Joshua reaches out, and grabs the rope. Vic doesn’t break the hold, so Dwayne Cross puts him to the 5 count 1...2...3...4... Vic lets go of the hold. Vic gets up to his feet as Joshua grabs his neck and coughs. Vic pulls Joshua up to his knees, and drives his right elbow into his forehead. Vic then pulls Joshua up to his feet, and places him in a front face lock. Vic then hooks Joshua’s left leg with his left arm, and lifts him up into the air. Vic then falls backwards, and drives Joshua head first into the mat with a fisherman brainbuster.

Jon McDaniel: Joshua Danielson is in real trouble here.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah Vic has just been relentless.

Vic pulls Joshua back up to his feet, and places him in a standing head scissors. Vic then grabs Joshua around the waist, and lifts him up into the air. Vic then falls backwards driving Joshua head first into the mat with a piledriver. Vic hooks the far leg going for a pin. Dwayne Cross drops down to count the pin One...T Joshua gets his left shoulder up kicking out. Vic gets up, and reaches down grabbing Joshua by the arm, and pulling up to his feet once more. For a second time Vic places Joshua in a standing head scissors. Vic then grabs the back of Joshua’s pants. Then Vic falls backwards into a seated position driving Joshua head first into the mat with a pulling piledriver. Vic covers Joshua again this time hooking the near leg. Dwayne Cross drops down to count the pin One...Tw Joshua manages to get his right shoulder up in time. Vic looks frustrated as he gets to his feet. Joshua rolls over onto his stomach, and tries to get up. Vic see this, and begins to stomp away at Joshua’s neck. Vic yells out “I am going to break your fucking neck.”.

Jon McDaniel: Vic Wagner has snapped Dwayne Cross should just end this match before he kills
Joshua Danielson.

Brian Rentfro: Oh boo who Vic starts kicking your guys ass, and you suddenly want to end the match grow up.

After a series of violent stomps to the back for Joshua’s neck. Vic reaches down, and grabs a handful of Joshua’s hair. Using to once more pull the battered wrestler up to his feet. Vic for a third time places Joshua in a standing head scissors. Vic then grabs Joshua around the waist, and lifts him up into the air. Vic then jumps up into the air before falling down driving Joshua head first into the mat with a jumping piledriver. Joshua bounces off the mat, and rolls a away from Vic. Vic stands up, and walks over to Joshua rolling him over with his foot. Vic drops down, and covers Joshua for yet another pin. Dwayne Cross slides over into position One...Two... Joshua some how manages to kick out. Vic just starts to punch Joshua right in the face. Dwayne Cross warns Vic about using the closed fist Vic just glares at him, and gives Joshua one more good shoot to the face. Vic gets up to his feet, and Dwayne Cross goes to get to his. Vic see Dwayne Cross getting up and yells “Stay the fuck down I am going to pin this bastard again.”. Dwayne Cross stays on his hands and knees waiting. Vic pulls Joshua up to his feet yet again, and once more places Joshua in a standing head scissors. Vic then grabs Joshua around the waist, and lifts him up into the air. Vic then hooks his right arm around Joshua’s left leg. Vic jumps up into the air, and come crashing down driving Joshua head first into the mat with a cradle piledriver. Vic quickly covers Joshua. Dwayne Cross counts the pin One...Two...Thre Joshua some how musters up the strength to kick out. Vic looks like he is about to kill someone. Vic shakes his head, and pulls Joshua up to his feet, and kicks him in the mid section. Vic then places Joshua in a standing head scissors. Vic then motions with his pointer finger a circle above his head.

Brian Rentfro: This is it Vic just called for the Vicious Cycle.

Jon McDaniel: If Joshua Danielson has anything left he has to get out of this move.

Vic then grabs a hold of Joshua’s waist. He lifts him up for a Piledriver. Vic quickly hooks his right arm around Joshua’s left leg. Joshua places his arms behind Vic’s legs, and pushes forward flipping Vic backwards onto the mat. Joshua lands on Vic’s chest in a pining position. Dwayne Cross counts the pin One...Two...T Vic kicks out of the surprise move. Both men quickly rush up to their feet. Vic rushes at Joshua throwing a clothesline that the smaller man is able to duck.
Vic stops on a dime, and throws a quick back elbow. The elbow catches Joshua off as it smashes into the back of his head. Vic quickly turns around, and wraps his arms around Joshua’s waist. Vic lifts Joshua going for a German suplex, but Joshua manages to lock his legs around Vic waist. Vic tries to pull Joshua up, but all that happens is Joshua locks his left arm around Vic head, and swings out his legs hitting Vic with a wheel barrel bulldog. Joshua kips up to his feet, and the crowd cheers him on.

Jon McDaniel: This match has just intensified so much it’s almost unreal. Both of these guys have taken a beating in this match. How they are standing is beyond me.

Brian Rentfro: That is what they are paid to do. They put there bodies on the line every single match.

Joshua pulls Vic up to his feet, and locks him into a front face lock , but before Joshua can do anything. Vic lifts up the smaller wrestler, and pulls his head free from the DDT attempt. Vic then throws Joshua down hard back first into the mat with a spinebuster. Vic now pulls Joshua back up to his feet. Vic bends down placing Joshua’s left arm behind his head, and Vic places his right arm behind Joshua’s head. Vic lifts Joshua up into the air, and keeps him there. Joshua manages to slip off of Vic’s shoulder, and lands on his feet behind him. Joshua jumps up into the air, and kicks Vic in the back sending him stumbling forward, and landing across the second rope. Joshua rushes to the ropes, and jumps through the second and top rope while managing to holding on to both ropes. Joshua then swings his legs around smashing Vic in the face with a tiger feint kick. Vic falls backwards towards the center of the ring. Joshua quickly runs over to the nearest corner, and climbs up. Joshua stops on the top turnbuckle, and does his open handed crucifix pose. The crowd roars with approval, which to shouts of warning. Vic has used this dely get to his feet. Vic stumbles over towards the ropes slam his arms on to top rope. Joshua loses his balance and falls onto the top turnbuckle. Vic is using the ring ropes to hold himself up.

Brian Rentfro: That’s what happens when you play to the crowd rather then try to win te match.

Jon McDaniel: The crowd loves Joshua Danielson, and they are what has kept him in this match.

Brian Rentfro: This mistake could cost him the match.

Vic regains his composer, and walks over to the turnbuckles. Vic climbs to the second turnbuckle, and smashes Joshua right in the forehead with a bionic elbow. The crowd boos this loudly, and Vic flips off the crowd. Joshua out of nowhere hits Vic with a big right hand that rocks him the delight of the crowd. The two men start trading blows on in the corner. Joshua is starting to get the upper hand of the battle.

Vic as a desperation measure Vic hits Joshua with an eye flick. gaining the upper hand. Vic pulls down Joshua like he is setting up for a superplex, and crosses both of Joshua’s arms around his neck. Vic then lifts Joshua straight up in the air. Vic then jumps off the turnbuckle, and Joshua starts to fall backwards. Vic lands in a sitting position driving his shoulder into Joshua’s neck hitting an Elevated Suplex-lift Cross-arm Hangman's Neckbreaker hitting a Gallows Humor. Before Vic can go for the pin, Ash Nukem slides into the ring and lays him out with a Guitar Hero controller. Dwayne Cross calls for the bell.

Ding Ding Ding the match is over.

Eric Emerson: Your winner by DQ... Vicious Vic Wagner!

Brian Rentfro: Vic has done it! You know what that is why he is a Grizzly Beer contender.

Jon McDaniel: What do you mean "He's done it"? He won by DQ!

Brian Rentfro: You can complain but Vic is a perfect 4 and 0 in singles matches, and nothing you say can take those wins away.

Jon McDaniel: Hate you and I really hate Vic Wagner.

Triad vs Marxx

Singles Match

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this next contest is scheduled for ONE FALL...”

The arena is under a dimmed light. Only the tron, showing black, white and green clips of Marxx fighting is flashing as “I’m Not Afraid” by Lacuna Coil plays in the arena. All of a sudden, the stage ramp starts being covered in smoke as green lights flashes on each side, making the impression that the ramp is a green haze. Marxx appears from the entrance ramp, wearing a sleeveless black coat, studded on the shoulders. He stays in the middle of the entrance ramp, looking down. Then, all of a sudden, he raises his head and does his usual “X” with his arms before slowly extending them as sparkles are falling in front of the entrance.

Eric Emerson: On his way to the ring, from New Brunswick, Canada, by the way of Indianapolis, Indiana: MARRXX!!!”

He starts walking on the ramp, only looking at the ring. He stops in front of it, taking off his coat. He climbs inside the ring and then heads towards the corner. He climbs on it, and then makes the same gesture he did on the entrance ramp: an “X” in front of his face with his arms and then extending them to each side. He jumps off the corner and goes to the other side, where he does the same thing.

Red Yellow and Green fireworks go off on the stage, causing a chain reaction of fire works to go off down the ramp and exploded at the four corners of the ring.

Eric Emerson: “and his opponent, from Osaka Japan, weighing in at 210lbs, TRRRRIAAADD!”

Regret nothing comes on strong as Triad runs out from behind the curtains on the stage, he goes to each corner of the stage and poses to the crowd before running down the ramp and sliding under the bottom rope, he rolls to the middle of the ring and hops up, hoping in place he punches the air like a boxer, he turns to the crowd and raises one hand up in the air, pointing to the sky as the music fades.


Jon McDaniel: “We're in for a great match tonight folks, both of these competitors look ready and able to kill each other tonight.”

Brian Rentfro: “You got that right! Marxx I'm sure is ready to let off some steam from Highstakes, and Triad looking to keep a good thing going after his first one here in the PWA!”

Marxx and Triad lock up first in the ring, Triad goes to pull him down into a quick arm lock, however Marxx doesn't move and instead thrusts his elbow hard into Triads mask! Triad backs off a bit and Marxx goes on the attack, he quickly tackles Triad into the nearest turnbuckle and begins to drive his shoulder into Triad's gut! The ref tries to pull Marxx out of the corner and Marxx obliges only to sock Triad hard in the face!

Jon McDaniel: “Marxx really showing his dark side tonight, maybe high stakes showed he needed a bit more aggression to get to the top!”

Brian Rentfro: “Yeah, more aggression, that's what Marxx needs.”

Marxx pulls Triad out of the turnbuckle and pulls him hard into a hard scoop slam! Marxx goes for the pin hooking one leg lazily.



Triad forcefully pushes Marxx off and rolls out of his way and gets back up to his feet, he dusts himself off and turns to face Marxx in a fighting stance, Triad and Marxx again go to lock up in the ring, this time Triad gets the upper hand and knees Marxx hard in the gut before he drops him with a quick DDT! He picks himself and Marxx up and Irish whips Marxx into the ropes, but Marxx comes back with a hard clothesline, Triad ducks under it quickly and as soon as Marxx turned around, Triad met him with a swift kick to the skull!!

Jon McDaniel: “Marxx is out like a light!”

Brian Rentfro: “Did you hear that sickening crack!”

as the replay showed on the screen, Triad points to the sky and goes up to the top turnbuckle, standing precariously on the top rope he poundes his elbow into his hand before he leaps off the top rope for a high top rope elbow!! Marxx however quickly rolls out of the ring and Triad bounces off the mat like a rag doll!!

Jon McDaniel: “It looked for a second like he was trying to use one of his other suits finishers but missed by a mile!”

Brian Rentfro: “Either that or Marxx was just playing possum, you have to give Triad credit for trying!”

Marxx stalks around the outside of the ring, Triad rolls over onto his knees as he holds his arm, the ref checks on him to make sure his okay, Marxx takes his chance and while the ref is distracted he rolls back in under the ring and charges at Triad delivering a hard kick to his skull! Triad falls out of the ring as well as the ref who got caught in the crossfire!

Jon McDaniel: “Triad's in trouble!”

Brian Rentfro: “and so is the ref!!”

Jon McDaniel: “It seems like Marxx figured it was eye for an eye in this match! Totally blind siding Triad!”

Marxx stands in the middle of the ring, smirking, he poses to the crowd to the sound of many boos with a mix of quiet cheers, he looks out of the ring to see Triad stagger to his feet, Triad looks over to Marxx and reaches for the ring driver on his side belt, of course, Marxx saw this from a mile away and immediatly ran for him, leaping over the three ropes and suicide diving Triad from inside the ring!! Both men crash into the side of the announcers booth as Triad drops his Ring driver without which he has no hope to change his suits.

Jon McDaniel: “Are they out!”

Brian Rentfro: “Oh they're out alright!”

Marxx, first to rise, grabs Triad by his helmet and tosses him towards the ring, Marxx looks to check on the ref who was just picking himself up, Triad of course was out, Marxx reaches down and picks up his almost lifeless opponent and tosses him under the bottom rope, following in after, he then moves over to the ref was and motions him to get in quickly as he dives for a quick pin! The ref lazily counts!




Marxx looks over, thinking he had won, instead he saw that Triads foot had been draped over the bottom rope! Marxx shakes his head and Pulls Triad over to the middle of the ring, going for another pin! The ref counts




Triad gets his shoulder up quickly!

Brian Rentfro: “Triad just isn't going down without much more of a fight!”

Jon McDaniel: “Triad is still new, and Marxx is a hell of a wrestler, I can't see this fight going on much longer!”

Marxx stands up and begins to argue with the ref, unnoticed, Triad crawls over to the outside of the ring, going for his ring driver, Marxx catches him out of the corner of his eye and rushes over to grab his feet and pull him back, Triad however turns himself over and donkey kicks Marxx off, rolling under the bottom rope he snatches up his ring driver and runs it across his belt! The lights go out! A familiar voice is heard over the speakers “SAI! GORILLA! ZOU!!” a loud explosion goes off infront of the announcers booth as the Silver suit of Sagozo stands infront of Marxx, heaving his now heavy fists, Triad beats his chest and runs under the rope, going back to Marxx now completely refreshed, Marxx goes to tackle Triad, thinking he was no different from before, but Triad trips him up onto his back and then drops a heavy elbow right onto his chest!!

Brian Rentfro: “The Powerhouse suit of Triad now coming into play! Did Marxx expect this?!”

Jon McDaniel: “I wouldn't put it past him, but I'm sure he thought Triad would be down and out by now!”

Triad picks Marxx up with ease into a high free military press before dropping him right on the ground in front of him! Triad, now getting extremely cocky, plants his boot on Marxx's chest, pinning his shoulders down, the ref goes for the count.




Marxx kicks out forcefully and rolls out of the ring! The Ref trying to make heads or tails out of Triads new suit doesn't notice Marxx going for a wooden cane, however, Triad does and tries to pull the kendo stick out of his hands, however, the now attentive ref notices what Triad is doing and tries to grab the weapon, he manages to get it free from both of their grasps and tosses it out of the ring, Marxx takes advantage of Triad's divided attention and and Pulls him down snagging his throat off the top rope!!

Jon McDaniel: “Marxx using the chaos in the ring to his advantage here, maybe taking back control of this match!”

The ref comes back from throwing away the weapon and now find Marxx had latched himself onto the back of Triad, pulling him down into a sleeper hold! Triad however keeps to his feet and shifts his weight, as he flips Marxx over his back and onto the floor!!

Triad tries to go for another elbow drop, however this time, Marxx rolls out of the way before he could get hurt, Marxx keeps to one knee as he eyes Triad, Triad however rushes over and goes to pick up Marxx, his opponent however striked quick, jabbing his shoulder into Triads gutt quickly pulled him over his shoulder and in a split second Marxx was to his feet and dropping Triad hard with his “Leaving Marxx!”

Jon McDaniel: “Marxx with the huge move!! Could this be it!!”

Marxx goes for the pin!





Just mere mili-seconds before triad could get his shoulder up, the Bell sounded and Marxx leapt to his feet!!

Eric Emerson: “Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner... MARXX!!”

The ref grabbed Marxx's arm to lift it up before he yanked it away, he looked over at the lifeless Triad before smirking and walking out of the ring, he looked down and noticed the Kendo stick that had been thrown away, he picks it up and examines it for a moment before he walks back into the ring, he walks over to Triad and raises the kendo stick high over his head, but before he could bring it down, Triad's foot shoots up, square in Marxx's man parts!

Brian Rentfro: “Damn! Triad with the blind side to Marxx!”

Marxx rolls out of the ring holding his junk, he backs up up the ramp watching Triad as he got himself up.

Ash Nukem vs Dolten Adler

Singles Match (Non-Title)

The bell sounded and Nukem and Adler went at it furiously, exchanging punches and kicks. Adler got the advantage at the beginning and really took it to the Grizzly Beer Champion with a lot of flashy aerial maneuvers and some proficient takedowns. But Nukem's resiliency and determination helped him survive a few pinfall attempts from Adler and get him back in the fight. Nukem reversed a suplex attempt from Adler and turned it into a northern lights suplex, bridging it for a pinfall attempt and only getting a two. Nukem turned the tide on the match and went to work on Adler, hitting a few big moves like a top rope elbow drop and a fisherman's DDT. Adler reversed an irish whip and sent Nukem into the ropes, but Nukem ducked underneath a clothesline attempt, coming around Adler's side and nailing him with the Sensory Overload! Nukem would score the pinfall and a hard-fought victory over Adler, carrying his championship up the rampway with a big smile to the applause of the roaring fans in Mississippi.

Winner: Ash Nukem in 9:12

Lucious Starr vs Panzadise

Singles Match

Starr and Panzadise stare at each other from across the ring. The bell sounds and both men start to circle the ring. Starr makes the first move leaping into the air and drop kicking Panzadise. Dise hits the mat with a bump and gets back to his feet with a smirk on his face. He wipes his mouth as Starr gives a smirk back. Dise starts to circle again. Starr charges and leaps again attempting another drop kick but Dise moves to the left and kicks Starr mid-air. Starr hits the mat as Panzadise starts kicking his downed opponent. Starr rolls out of the ring to recover and trips Dise as he gets too close to the ropes. Starr climbs to the apron and mounts the top turnbuckle and leaps off landing on the downed man with a splash. The ref counts but Dise kicks out. Starr gets to his feet and argues with the ref about a slow count. Outside the ring, Danza throws a NES to Dise, then jumps up on the ring apron. The ref sees him and goes to tell him to jump down. As the ref is yelling at Tony Danza, Dise clocks Starr with the NES and covers him. Danza jumps down, the ref turns around and counts. 1...2...3!

Winner: Panazdise

Matt Stone vs Eli Storm

Singles Match (Non-Title)

The two men both tried to start the match quickly. Stone connected with a few backhanded chops, then Eli would connect with a kick to the side of Stone’s leg and a quick dropkick sent Stone on the mat. Eli dropped a leg across Stone’s chest and picked him up, going for a shoulder breaker, but Stone rolled down Eli’s back and grabbed his head, driving him flat on his back with a reverse ddt. Storm was quick to his feet and locked up with matt, the two not giving an inch and walking around the ring trying to gain leverage on one another and the two actually spilled outside the ring. Still locked yup, the continued until Matt was able to grab a hold of Eli’s tights and pull him straight into the steel post outside the ring.

Having the advantage now, Matt would roll Eli into the ring. Matt measured him and as Eli started to get up Matt kicked him square in the head KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!! Stone shouted before the blow and went for the cover, getting a 2 count. Stone dropped an elbow on Eli and picked him up, whipping him into the ropes and catching him with a belly to belly suplex. Stone rolled over and grabbed Eli’s head, trying to get him in a triangle choke. Eli was able to counter and scrambled to his feet, Matt getting up as well. Stone charged at Eli, but Storm caught him with a toe kick and grabbed Matt’s head, sweeping his leg and dropping Matt on his head, CHEAP POP!!!! Storm went for the cover and got a two count.

Now with Storm in command, Eli backed up as Matt started getting up, Eli ran at him and hit him hard in the head with his leg. STORM WACTH!! Another cover produced a closer two count, but Eli didn’t show signs of frustration. He picked up Matt and lifted him for a Storm-plex! Matt is down on the mat and Storm goes for another cover, Matt has his foot under the bottom rope to nullify the cover. Storm pulls Stone away from the ropes and covers again, but Matt kicks out! IT’S OVER Storm called out and measured Stone as he was getting up.

Matt started getting up to his feet and Eli grabbed Matt’s head, going to drive him to the mat, but no! Matt reverses and goes for the Combo Breaker! Stone counters by forcing Matt down to the mat with his right hand. Matt starts up and Storm kicks him in the stomach with a viciuous shot. Then Storm kicks Stone in the back of the legs, causing Matt to struggle forward to his knees, then Storm grabs Matt’s head, but Stone get’s Storm with a quick gut punch, which surprises Eli and Matt leaps to his feet and grabs Storm’s head, driving him forward onto Stone’s knee! C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!!! Storm rolls to the side and Matt goes for the cover. 1 2 3!!!! Matt’s theme plays and he rolls out of the ring, being handed his two titles as he walks back to the locer room area, holding his stomach from that vicious kick.

The Last Whores

Backstage. Matthew Engel, the World Champion, is having a Vitamin Water and a bag of pretzels. Mm. Sounds good! Lean Bean Miller, however, interrupts Engel's relaxation time.

LBM: Matt!

Matthew Engel: Ugh, motherfu...

The rest goes under his breath, where we like words like that. Bad Matthew.

LBM: Matt. I...

LBM tries to catch his breath.

Matthew Engel: Take it easy, Lean. Don't be running that hard if you're this out of shape.

LBM: No, I... yeah, you're probably right.

Matthew Engel: And for *beep*'s sake, go on a diet already. How can anyone call you Lean Bean Miller if you get fatter than Emily Corlen?

LBM: She's...she's not even that fat, Matthew.

Engel rolls his eyes.

Matthew Engel: We'll see about that. Now what is up, Lean?

LBM: Just wanted to get some words from you about your big match tonight. The Last Pioneers are a grave threat to your undefeated streak with Jethro, would you agree?

Matthew Engel: A grave threat? No. They are a threat, sure, but so is every team that steps into the ring with us. They're no different than Marvin Wood and Estelle Webb, or Might & Magic. They're just a threat, and they will be handled as such. Lean, don't give them any more credit than they deserve. That credit lies with the AoWF Tag-Team Champions.

LBM nods, breathing easier now.

LBM: I know this is their first time together as a team, but Emily has proved she is a talented individual with the potential to be a big star here in the PWA and Simon Kalis is a PWA legend. Together they could be just as successful as Second 2 None and a win tonight would solidify that. How are you and Jethro planning to make sure you stay undefeated?

Matthew Engel: Okay, okay. Sure, Simon is a PWA legend. Sure, Emily is talented. But even in your own words, Lean, they're half as good as we are. Jethro and I are both legends in the PWA. We're both champions. We're both Hall of Famers. So whether or not Simon comes to the ring as good as ever, his partner will lack the experience necessary to even come close to beating a team like us.

LBM: What about Simon toying with the idea about teaming up with former PWA World Champion Teresa Quaranta?

Matthew Engel: What about it?

LBM: What do you think about that, if it happens?

Matthew Engel: Good for them?

LBM: They would definitely be a grave threat to Second 2 None, don't you think?

Matthew Engel: No, I don't.

LBM: Teresa is a former PWA World Champion and a great fighter. I'm sure the ratings would go through the roof if that match ever happened.

Matthew Engel: Probably, but the ratings go through the roof any time Second 2 None is in the ring because our streak is on the line.

LBM: That may be true, but Teresa --

Matthew Engel: Lean, it doesn't matter. That was Simon making excuses for his lackluster partner, that's all that was. If that match ever happens, so be it. Jethro and I will handle it properly. But, that was just hot air blowing out of Simon and he really doesn't have much to stand on when it comes to the match tonight. And I seriously doubt Teresa could withstand being at his side for more than thirty seconds, but she's more than welcome to grab a less controversial and possible better wrestler from her neck of the woods and try us.

LBM: Is that a challenge?

Matthew Engel: No, it's a statement. Anybody can lose on any given week, and I urge any team from any part of the AoWF to try that theory on us. You people act like I've never lost a match in my life and if S2N ever loses, it would be the end of the world. It wouldn't. We'd get back up, dust ourselves off, and crush the next team put in front of us.

Engel throws his hands up as LBM tries to talk once more, and then walks away with his Vitamin Water and pretzels. I want pretzels. Cut back to ringside.

Might & Magic vs Nadare & Eli Storm vs Vicious Vic Wagner & Dolten Adler

Tag Team Elimination Match

Storm and Wagner start out and trade moves back and forth. Storm tries to tag in the Dragon, but he and Moke jump off the apron to avoid the tag. This gives Wagner a chance to whip the surprised Storm into his corner, where Adler holds on to him while Wagner flies in with a Stinger Splash. Storm stumbles forward and Wagner takes him down with a bulldog. The two battle back and forth a bit more, with Storm trying hard to get to his corner to tag in Nadare, but Wagner manages to keep him cut off. Wagner hits the Virtue of the Vicious for the first pinfall.

Doshky wastes no time entering the ring and attacking his fellow German. He stomps Wagner down, then continues the assault. Wagner nails Doshky with a low blow to even the score and rolls to his corner to tag in Adler. Adler rushes the big man, who is down on one knee, but Moke was playing possum and traps Adler in the Mokey Squash. Wagner looks up and sees what is happening and gets back in the ring to help his partner, but out of nowhere, the Dragon spears Wagner and both men fall through the ropes to the floor outside. In the ring, Adler fades quickly in the massive arms of Doshky. The ref checks his arm three times and three times it falls.

Winners: Might & Magic

Shooting Starr

We fade into the locker room of The Last Pioneers, and we immediately see Emily trying to hide her laughter as Kalis scratches his head.

Simon Kalis: So... You actually showed up, did you?

Justin Bieber: Well yeah, yo!

He throws his head back, that god damn fucking hair of his waves. He's wearing a Matthew Engel t-shirt and smiles at Emily who seems ready to punch his face in.

Justin Bieber: When I heard Engel was a huge fan of mine, I had to come here! If he listens to my music while he works out? Man that'll give me so much credibility!

Emily Corlen: Yeah, cause you're the Kurt Cobain of your generation.

Justin Bieber: Yeah, so what're we waiting for baby? Baby! Baby! Ohhhhhh!!! I wanna see Engel!

Kalis reaches behind his back, and he grips a pistol he has tucked into his belt. Corlen steps forward, smiling as she smacks Simon's hand away from it.

Simon Kalis: What? I'm pretty sure I'd get a medal.

Corlen laughs as Bieber tries opening the locker room door.

Justin Bieber: Hey dude, it's stuck?

Bieber struggles with the door but then again he's a pansy.

Simon Kalis: Step aside.

Kalis goes to open the door, but it's jammed. He tries pushing against it but it won't open.

Lucious Starr: Don't worry, someone will open it eventually.

The camera switches angles and just ouside of The Last Pioneers, is Starr. He's locked the door from the other side. Cue the 24-style split screen view.

Simon Kalis: You better step back, cause I'll shoot my way out if I have to.

Lucious Starr: Sure, big bad Simon has guns! Big surprise!

We see Starr hold up a pistol of his own and take out the clip before chucking it into a garbage bin. Kalis steps back, Justin Bieber grabs onto Emily Corlen and presses his face against her breasts.

Emily Corlen: Get the hell away from me.

She gives Bieber a light shove but he goes flying into the lockers, and begins to shiver as tears come through his eyes. Why? Kalis pulls his gun out and takes aim at the locker room door.

Jeremy Gold: It's okay! It's safe in here!

Gold opens the closet where he's crying, covered in his own piss. Emily shoves Bieber into the closet with Gold and locks it shut.

Justin Bieber: I don't wanna die man!

Kalis takes aim and FIRES!


Lucious Starr: Yeah like I wasn't prepared for this, come on Simon. You've certainly lost your edge.

Water squirts out from the gun in Kalis' hand, obviously it's a cheap water gun spray painted black. Kalis chucks it aside and sighs.

Simon Kalis: I'm gonna kill you, Starr.

Lucious Starr: Oh, no you won't.

The camera shows Joshua Danielson next to Starr, both men have sledgehammers that they lift up, the long shafts of the handles resting on their shoulders.

Joshua Danielson: You sent someone to take me out, Simon! That was too far.

Simon Kalis: Oh and helping Starr kidnap my kid is what?

Suddenly, Spectre turns into this hallway eating icecream and pickles because he's Scottish and thus weird like this.

Spectre: What the?

Danielson and Starr turn and immediately swing their sledge hammers at Spectre. Spectre drops his ice cream and pickles and takes a shot directly in the gut from both men, falling to his knees. Starr lifts the butt end of the handle up and smashes it over Spectre's face. A third split in the screen shows Gold holding Justin Bieber inside the closet.

Justin Bieber: Are we gonna die?

Gold whimpers.

Jeremy Gold: With Simon, everyday is a day you can die.

Emily kicks the closet door.

Emily Corlen: Keep quiet!

Kalis turns to her and shakes his head, the screen for us now just shows Danielson and Starr standing over Spectre.

Lucious Starr: You think you can threaten me, Simon? Threaten US? No...

Starr and Danielson stomp down over Spectre's neck and face, and he rolls over onto his back, bleeding and knocked out.

Joshua Danielson: I know you explained why they call you the Spectre, Ben... But do you know why they call me The Punisher?

Starr nods, and both men raise their sledgehammers high up into the air, taking aim at Spectre's legs.

Simon Kalis: Whatever you're thinking of doing, don't!

Lucious smirks.

Lucious Starr: I can end careers too, Simon.

They bring down their sledgehammers right over Spectre's knee caps! Spectre's eyes shoot open as he SCREAMS AND SCREAMS at the top of his lungs!


Starr and Danielson drop their sledge hammers and make a quick exit.

Lucious Starr: See you soon, Simon.

Inside the locker room Kalis frantically begins bashing himself against the locker room door. Emily joins him and after three combined hits from the two of them, they bash through but Starr and Danielson are already gone. Emily gasps, holding her hands over her mouth as Kalis drops to his knees and lifts Spectre into his arms.

Spectre: I need help! I need help!


Kalis trembles as he looks at Spectre's knee caps, the camera makes it a point to avoid focusing on them.

Emily Corlen: You're gonna be fine, Benjamin! You're gonna be fine!

Corlen kneels down and holds Spectre's hand as his mouth is open and his eyes wide, he rocks back and forth in shock. Kalis and Corlen look at each other and shake their heads, Simon almost in tears as he holds onto his friend. EMT's arrive and we fade to ringside...

Jon McDaniel: Starr and Danielson are asking for it, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Spectre's faking.

Jon McDaniel: ...

Brian Rentfro: What? What a big cry baby. Kalis asked for this long ago, and now he's gonna drag Corlen down to hell with him.

Jon McDaniel: Folks, we'll back after this commercial break...

Second 2 None vs Corlen & Kalis

Tag Team Match

Ding Ding

Jethro and Emily starting off this contest with a collar and elbow, but Jethro quickly powers Emily around towards the S2N corner. Emily ducks under, kick to Jethro's back and he goes down hard, reaching out for a tag. Engel looks a bit perplexed for a moment before coming over the top and nailing Emily with a flying forearm rocking her head back. Engel with an Irish whip as Jethro is pouring sweat on the ring apron. Emily bounces off the ropes, back into a back body that she spectacturlarly turns into a tornado DDT center ring. Emily up quickly with a leg drop, but Engel has already moved as Jethro is finally getting onto his feet on the ring apron. Emily charges at the PWA World Champion with a rush, but a hip toss sends her down to the canvas flat on her back. Engel off the ropes, nailing Simon in the chest with an elbow as he hits them. Emily sitting up, but she's able to aboid the knee strike to the face as Simon climbs back up onto the apron.

Jon McDaniel: Engel doing what he needs to do here in trying to make Simon come in for an S2N double team.

Brian Rentfro: He isn't still The General for nothing.

Engel goes flying over Emily, but uses his momentum to spring to the middle turnbuckle and back around with a roundhouse kick. Emily ducks, firing up with a uppercut into his midsection that doubles Matthew over gasping for breath. Emily with a picture perfect neckbreaker takes Engel down to the canvas before she blows him a kiss. Emily off the ropes, reaching out for a tag to Simon, before baseball sliding into Engel's side. Simon comes in, lifting Engel up to his feet, nailing him with right and left forearm shots to the chest and face. Simon mounts Engel in the corner, pounding down with right and lefts to the face and jaw of the World Champ.

One! Two! Three! Four! Fi...

Engel grabs Simon around the waist, dropping him from the elevated height with a high angle spinebuster; Simon's eyes closing sharply upon impact. Engel rolls up to his feet, reaching out and pulling Simon by the wrist up to his feet. Engel with a few kicks to the ribs before securely locking on the wristlock and tagging in the waiting Jethro Hayes. Jethro comes in...

Jon McDaniel: These two with still a huge score to settle.

Brian Rentfro: Ah, Jethro's just got a major chip on his shoulder.

Jethro with a big knee lift into the ribs that Engel was working over whips him around and back first into the corner. Jethro reaches out kicking Simon right in the throat before repeatedly ramming his knee into Simon's chest and midsection. Jethro reaches out for the tag so that S2N can utilize some double teaming action, but Simon manages to shove the hand away, grab the wrist, and spin Hayes around with his shin coming up and driving Jethro's face into the canvas hard. Simon rolls up to his feet, nailing Engel with a running forearm knocking him off the apron before lifting Jethro up peppering him with rights and lefts. Irish whip sends Jethro into the ropes. Emily with a stiff knee shot to Jethro's back causes hiim to stumble right into a face buster from Simon.

Brian Rentfro: The Last Pioneers working extremely well together here tonight.

Jon McDaniel: For their first time teaming up, yes they are.

Simon rolls Jethro over onto his back, placing The Southern Hero into a sleeper hold, driving all of the oxygen out of Jethro's brain. Jethro almost immediately begins to fight out of the hold, firing left and right elbows back at Simon's head in hopes of using that to get him out of the move. Jethro fights up to one knee, Simon doing his best to keep the muscled heavyweight down. Jethro up to one knee, fires a right elbow up at Simon's face, but also plants a left back kick right into Simon's left knee. Simon falls back, Jethro stumbling forward a bit before righting himself. He spins around, Simon flying through the air with a scissorskick, but Jethro catches the feet spinning him around and dropping him with a spinnin around and toss move. Jethro lands on his back, quickly rolling up to his feet as Simon does the same, though the two probably shouldn't be moving this fast.

Brian Rentfro: Both men showing their resiliency here.

Jon McDaniel: So, you are saying something good about Jethro?

Brian Rentfro: Yup, filled my yearly quota.

Collar and elbow, Jethro powering through, but Simon ducking and getting behind Jethro with a waistlock. Simon lifts as though for a German suplex, actually picking Jethro up a few inches before releasing the hold. Jethro falls back down, but Simon is already around with a running bulldog before Jethro's feet land on the canvas; using the momentum to his advantage in driving Jethro's face into the canvas. Simon rolls over, pulling himself up to the top turnbuckle, diving off with a flying headbutt, right onto Jethro's knee as he rolled over just in the nick of time. Jethro pulls himself up, dragging Simon up as well before the two begin to exchange moves again. Jethro with a side headlock, but Simon uimmediately begins to fire left after left elbow jabs into Jethro's ribs in an attempt to break the hold, but no go. Jethro drops the side headlock in favor of slamming his knee right into Simon's face and lifting him up onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry position. Jethro bounces off the ropes, Engel tagging himself in, and releases Simon with the Calf Toss.

Jon McDaniel: A move we are starting to see a bit more and more in the Calf Toss.

Engel with a 360 degree front flip off the top turnbuckle drives the air right out of Simon's lungs, if he had any left and makes the first pin of the match.



Emily comes into the ring, but Jethro meets her and the two come to blows as Simon kicks out anyways. The referee is in danger of losing control here, but he quickly breaks Emily and Jethro up and the two go to their respective corner. Engel lifts Simon up, driving an elbow into the back of his skull while similtaneously lifting a knee up into his face.

Jon McDaniel: The crowd really into this one Brian, I'm not sure if anyone is sitting down.

Brian Rentfro: Then why pay for the seats?

Simon grabs Engel around the waist, shoving him into a neutral corner. Engel releases the hold on Simon, who manages a springboard elbow to the back of Engel's skull sending him down to one knee. Simon off the ropes, Shining Wizard!


Engel shoves Simon back down, but Simon rolls through and up to his feet with renewed energy, it seems. Engel and Simon come together, but both go to duck under the other's clothesline attempt and both send a back in the direction of the other. Simon and Engel spin around and finally come together. Engel powering Simon back, but Kalis quickly spins around slamming Engel into the corner again. Engel lifts a knee into Simon's thigh causing him to wince in pain before spinning Simon around to the corner. Engel climbs up, monkey flip sends Simon to the center of the ring. Simon rolls back up to his feet, drop toe hold sends Matthew down onto the canvas. Simon with a leg drop onto the back of Engel's head buys him enough time to tag in Emily, which he does promptly. Emily leaps over the top rope.

Brian Rentfro: The other Last Pioneer into the match.

Jon McDaniel: And she is undoubtedly the freshest person in the match, having been on the apron for a good seven minutes or so.


Emily chops Matthew HARD.


Matthew chops Emily HARD.

WHAM! Emily with a headbutt staggers Matthew into a corner. Emily begins UNLOADING WITH CHOPS. thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud THUD, Matthew's
face showing the pain... until finally, with a burst of frustrated energy, Matthew grabs Emily by the ears and spins her around, changing positions. Now
it's Engel's turn!


thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud Kick to the thigh. Emily fighting intelligently to get the advantage. Her pasty white chest is already glowing
a bright red as Engel's chops broke open blood vessels. Matthew's chest, also shows red welts forming, but Emily takes Matthew over
with a vicious snap suplex, then floats over into a mount. She starts pounding away on Matthew, who tries to cover up.

Jon McDaniel: Look at Emily here, the freshness paying dividends.

Brian Rentfro: As it always does.

the ref tells Emily to get off and starts issuing a five count...





Emily with no signs of stopping.

So the ref gets in Emily's face urging her off of Matthew.

Brian Rentfro: Oh come on, the official can't get involved like that!

Jon McDaniel: The official can do what he deems necessary to enforce the rules, and Emily wasn't breaking away from Matthew.

Emily looks furious, but the ref isn't about to be cowed by her. Emily grabs Matthew... Matthew with a shot to the breadbasket! Point of the elbow to the
back of the head! Matthew takes Emily down with a Fireman's carry, then begins driving his knees into Emily's back. No doubt setting him up later fora submission hold. A few more of those and Matthew's anger gets the better of him, and he just begins to choke out Emily. the ref comes in with a count, warning
Matthew to break...






Once again, the ref refuses to allow the wrestler's to just do as they please, physically getting involved by getting in Matthew's face. Matthew's eyes are wide, nostrils
flaring as the ref simply shakes his head. Don't even try it. Matthew grabs Emily, vertical suplex with authority. Leg drop connects, makes a cover.



Jon McDaniel: Close call there.

Brian Rentfro: Slow count.

Emily kicks out. Matthew pulls Emily up, hooking a Sambo Suplex --- elbows from the Emerald Phoenix, she ducks behind Matthew, German suplex? Matthew has it well-scouted, refusing to allow Emily to fully lock on the German suplex. He spins out, snapmaring Emily down to the canvas. Off the ropes, flipping neck snap! Perfectly executed! Then FUJIWARA ARMBAR! Emily quickly gets to the ropes and the ref calls for a break.





Fi--Matthew grunts and gets up, pulling Emily up --- Emily headbutts Matthew in the gut! Another headbutt! And that's enough of an opening for Emily to hit a Northern Lights Suplex!




Matthew gets out, Emily's turn to snapmare Matthew over. Off the ropes, Emily hits a diving forearm to the seated Matthew. He goes down on his back. With
Matthew down, Emily hooks the legs in a stepover... hooking in a figure four submission hold applied, but Matthew is able to make it to the ropes this time.

Jon McDaniel: Emily trying to weaken the legs of Matthew here.

Brian Rentfro: Smart move, but it can fail.





Emily breaks at four, giving the ref an annoyed look.

Jon McDaniel: As we expected, neither wrestler able to gain any clear advantage. So far it has been move for move, hold for hold, each with a period of dominance
but unable to sustain it.

Brian Rentfro: Two masters at work, Jon. You should just sit there and enjoy it. You know, without talking.

Jon McDaniel: ... at least for the moment, both competitors are obeying the official,. But I don't know how long that's going to last.

Emily pulls Matthew up and puts him against the ropes. A chop, then an irish whip. Matthew reverses! Emily goes running, her lower back slamming hard into Jethro's waiting knee and forearm to the back of her skull for good measure. Simon wants to come in, but he knows that'll only result in a vicious double team from S2N and he can't allow them the slightest advantage. Engel with a wristlock tags in Jethro, who comes in kicking Emily right in the side, possibly bruising her ribs with that single kick and most definitely with the other five as Engel steps through the ropes to the apron. Emily with a shot to the left knee of Hayes stumbles him to the ropes. Jethro comes firing back with a few well placed shots, but Emily uses her speed to kick him in the knee and hips slowing the big man down. Emily and Hayes with a collar and elbow in the very center of the ring. Collar and elbow lockup, Emily quickly losing the advantage there, she drops the hold, floats behind Jethro dropkick to the back of the big man. He stumbles into the corner, grabs the two sets of ropes, turns around. Ducking the clothesline, he sends Emily over the top rope to land on the apron. Emily with a kick through the ropes, catching Jethro in the ribs. He holds at his ribs as she delivers another swift kick. Emily with a third kick, but Jethro catches the ankle, dropping down to the mat while dropping an elbow on Emily's knee. She drops the hold on the top rope, Jethro breaks the hold. Emily rolls to where her entire body is on the ring apron, she rolls down to the mat outside as Jethro stands up; he backs away allowing her to enter the ring. Lock up attempt, Emily with a forearm to Jethro's thick skull, the big man is sent backwards. Irish whip into the ropes, Jethro reverses and Emily is sent running. Trying to catch the top rope to brake herself, she is unsuccessful, Jethro catches her on the rebound with an airplane spin. Jethro spins around, dropping Emily's throat across his shoulder with a airplane spin into a stunner. He makes a cover.


Two! Emily kicks out.

JON MCDANIEL: Emily may be the youngest experience wise in this match, but she's definitely showing her resiliency here tonight.

BRIAN RENTFRO: Emily showing the PWA and AOWF roster that they need to take notice of her abilities as well as her rocking body.

Jethro pulls her to her feet, right hand, knife edge chop to Emily in the corner. She winces from the pain of a second knife edge chop and Jethro grabs the wrist, whip into the corner. NO! Emily counters with an armbar takedown. Emily hooks on an arm trap crossface. The referee is down in Jethro's face asking if he wants to submit, Jethro shakes his head "No." Jethro shoves up from the mat with his free hand, Emily isn't heavy enough to prevent this, Jethro shoves forward into the ropes, clutching at the bottom rope. Emily there to make the referee count his mandatory count.

One... Two... Three... Four... Fi

Jon McDaniel: All competitors utilizing that mandatory five count.

Brian Rentfro: Take all the rules will give ya.

Emily breaks the hold. Jethro pulls himself up as Emily backs off. Emily with a high knee lift into Jethro's chest, Jethro spins around once, slamming her down to the canvas with a spinebuster. NO Wait! Emily at the last instant somehow turned the spinebuster into a DDT, Jethro may be out cold on the canvas!

BRIAN RENTFRO: Jethro is out!

JON MCDANIEL: What a counter from Emily!

She grabs him around the head, pulling him up to his feet, forearm to his chest, European uppercut sends him into the corner. Front dropkick to Jethro's knees nearly causes him to drop down to the canvas on his wounded right knee, but the European uppercut gets him back up vertically in the corner. Emily with a knife edge chop, she turns sprinting to the middle of the ring. Turning back to face Jethro she sprints, runs up Jethro, kicking him in the chest as she reaches his chest and flips backwards. She finishes it off with another dropkick to Jethro's knee that she has decided to work over in this match, the right knee of Jethro has got to be giving him some pain now. She drapes the leg over the middle rope, grabs the ankle, and bends the knee over the middle rope to cause even more pain and damage to that leg, Jethro is breathing heavily now, the sweat pouring from his forehead. Elbow drop onto Emily's back, she loosens the hold, another elbow drop, she drops the hold completely. She looks up at Jethro, swinging out with a right hand, Jethro hooks her in a half nelson, turning around slamming her down to the mat with a half nelson slam., Emily's foot lands under the bottom rope, so no cover is made.

Jon McDaniel: Jethro looks to be hurt here as he pulls himself over to Engel and makes the tag. Engel looks down, a bit concerned? Who knows, he comes into the match as does Simon, the former PWA World Champion receiving Emily's tag just as Jethro tags in Engel. Emily onto the apron, Jethro onto the apron; both gasping for breath.

Jon McDaniel: Here we go Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Where are you going? I'm going to stay right here, no commercial breaks at all!

Tie up, Engel with a knee gets him the advantage as he doubles Simon over. Matthew picks him up for a back suplex, driving him down hard on him back and neck. Matthew pulls
Simon up, talking a little trash, then slapping Simon in the back of the head. Matthew pulls Simon's arm across his throat, what's this? SUPLEX! Unique
belly-to-back suplex there, Simon landing right on his head. Matthew then stands in a ready stance, slightly crouched, right fist cocked. Simon slowly
gets up, staggered, and Matthew waits, waits, waits...


NO! Simon falls down and rolls to the outside, avoiding a potential match-ending blow right there. the ref tells Matthew to stay put and begins to count
Simon out.

One... Two... Three... Four...

Jon McDaniel: Engel can't wait, he isn't going to wait!

Brian Rentfro: Mark of a true Champion there!

He gets to four when an anxious Matthew decides he can't wait anymore and slides out the other side. Matthew circles around, coming right for Simon...
drop toe-hold from Simon! Matthew hits the floor hard, coming up holding his nose. Simon with a stiff kick to the ribs of Matthew, and then he grabs the

Oh hell.

Simon holds both arms behind Matthew, plants his foot on the back of his head, and


On the floor.

The ref begins his count again, as Matthew moans on the outside, moving slowly.

One... Two... Three... Four...

Matthew trying to get up...

Five... Six... Seven...

Jon McDaniel: Can Engel make it in on time?

He's clutching at the apron...

Eight... Nine...

Matthew makes it back in!

the ref says it's good, but to reward Matthew for his tenacity, Simon kicks him in the face. Matthew pulled up slowly, Simon gets behind and delivers a
headbutt to the back of Matthew's head, then a GERMAN SUPLEX. Release! Matthew is in a bad way here, and Simon senses defeat. He climbs to the top rope...

Diving Headbutt!
Nobody home!

Jon McDaniel: That has got to hurt.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, but either way someone was going to pay there.

The crowd is into this match. Some are pulling for Simon, some Matthew, most are just wrapped up in the contest
and hoping their favorite kicks the other's ass at some point. However, right now, both men are down and the ref fires up a ten-count.

One... Two... Three... Four... Five...

Jon McDaniel: Come on, it can't end like this!
Brian Rentfro: Nah, neither man will let it end like this.

Both men grabbing the ropes to help them up...

Seven... Eight...

They're both up!

Simon gets the first shot, Matthew still quite dazed from the curbstomp. He whips Matthew to the ropes, hits the opposite ropes, looking for a lariat!
Matthew ducks!

Simon turns around

Brian Rentfro: A perfectly placed uppercut!

Simon goes down in a heap, Matthew collapsing himself. Matthew pulls himself over Simon!




No no no no

Simon barely gets the shoulder up. Matthew shakes some more cobwebs loose, and then looks out to the crowd. He makes a "snapping" motion with his hands and
yells "Time to make him humble!" Matthew stands over top of a rising Simon, throwing some crossface shots into Simon's face before locking on a camel clutch. He has Simon in the center of the ring, the hold cinched in! The part of the crowd behind Matthew is chanting "TAP TAP TAP!"

Simon yells in pain.

Jon McDaniel: Simon has a high tolerance for pain.

Brian Rentfro: But how long can he hold out?

the ref asks him "DO YOU GIVE? Simon DO YOU GIVE?"

Matthew, eyes wide, yells a guttural yell, no words, just base emotion.

Simon tries to struggle, tries to crawl as best he can with his arms trapped, trying to inch sideways, to get a foot on the rope... he's so close... but
not there! Inches away! Simon's face is showing tremendous pain! He almost looks like he's going to scream "YES I QUIT"... but with one final effort,
manages to hook his foot over the bottom rope. the ref tells Matthew to break it, on the ropes, Matthew holding on, wrenching back!

One... Two... Three... Four... Fi--
Matthew breaks. the ref warns Matthew angrily, Engel getting right in his face.

Jon McDaniel: Matthew needs to watch his temper! This is one referee you don't want to mess with, he has no problems calling for a disqualification.

Brian Rentfro: And Simon is one opponent you don't want to give any advantage to!

Matthew quickly disciplines himself and grabs Simon. He hooks an inverted facelock and climbs up to the 2nd turnbuckle, sitting on top. Matthew looks out...
then flips forward to jar Simon's jaw on his shoulder. Matthew covers Simon!




Not yet Not Yet Not Yet

Foot on the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: You want to talk about ring awareness, how did Simon have any idea where he was?

Brian Rentfro: Instinct is all it could have been, Simon barely avoiding defeat there. Matthew has more tricks up his sleeve, however!

Indeed he does. Matthew whips Simon into the turnbuckle and charges in with a big lariat. Simon sags, and Matthew whips his man out to the other side. Another
charge... Simon slings through the ropes and Matthew's momentum takes him between the turnbuckles, shoulder into the steel post! Simon on the outside
grabs his arms, plants his foot on the ring apron, and then PULLS for all he is worth, trying to pull Matthew's arms out of their sockets! the ref tells
Simon to get off his man in the ropes,

One... Two... Three... Four... Fi---Simon just lets go, he doesn't care about the referee, but he does hate LOSING.
Matthew sags back into the ring, holding his left shoulder in pain. Simon gets in... and goes for a FUJIWARA ARMBAR!

Jon McDaniel: That's a smart move.

Brian Rentfro: He is going to dislocate Engel's arm!

Matthew yells in pain as Simon looks to tap the man out with his submission move! Matthew can see the ropes, but they are feet away. He bites his fist, groaning in
pain, Simon's part of the crowd chanting "TAP TAP TAP!" the ref checks in, Matthew yelling "no no no no!" Can he hold out much longer? He tries to shift his body, Simon moving as he goes, not letting loose on the hold. Matthew stretches his leg out... out...

He raises his free hand!



Matthew makes a fist and makes a final lunge, getting his foot on the bottom rope. the ref calls for the break. Simon simply stares at him.

One... Two... Three... Four... FiVE! Simon is OFF OF Engel!

Simon is furious now, ripping a verbal strip out of the ref, who gives it right back, telling Simon to break the damn hold when the man is in
the ropes! Simon forces himself to ignore the ref and turns back to Matthew, who is holding his arm in pain. Simon pulls the man up... Tazmission!

Brian Rentfro: Matthew is near the ropes.

Matthew pushes off, landing on top of Simon, whose shoulders are down!



Simon kicks out! Matthew slowly gets up, but Simon grabs him. OH NO!

Bridge Northern Lights... countered into a DDT!

Engel nods at Hayes, who waits a second before Engel dives off the top with the Euthenasia! It connects! Jethro sends Emily backwards through the ropes with The Plow, but quickly falls on the canvas, unmoving once more. Engel makes the cover.




Ding Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: Winners of the match, the team of Matthew Engel and Jethro Hayes... Second 2 None!

Engel gets up, his hand high in the air, but Jethro is still laying there on the canvas, his face pressed into the ring in obvious pain as sweat pours off his face. Engel drops down to one knee beside Jethro and the bigger man nods. Engel helps him up and the two stand there in the ring, both exhausted, both worn out, but Jethro looking a bit greenish white around the face. Matt Stone comes out of the crowd and hits Matthew Engel with the C-c-c-c-combo Breaker. Hayes spins around to see what just happened and chases Matt Stone up the ramp, leaving the World champion laying in the ring, alone.

The End is Only the Beginning

Without any warning, Lucious Starr slowly emerges from backstage, clapping slowly (and rather sarcastically, even!) for the Main Event showing. He carries a microphone in one hand, and hauls a folder under the opposite arm.

Lucious Starr: What a match, what a match. I mean, to close out Rampage with something as epic as that... wow.

Engel and Hayes walk past Lucious cautiously, Starr moving ever so slightly out of their path. He turns his attention toward the ring, where Emily is trying to talk Kalis down.

Lucious Starr: Just when I though Corlen there had picked the WORST possible partner, you go and prove that that particular honor still goes to Matthew Stone. Win or lose, the Last Pioneers really know how to throw down, right people?

The fans are a mix off boos for Lucious and cheers for Simon and Emily. Lucious continues to the ring, walking up the stairs.

Lucious Starr: Now, Simon, I know what you're thinking. And while it's tempting to take away the one thing you have left, Emily is engaged to J-Mav. Congrats on that, by the way. No, Kalis, I'm here, right now, in this moment, to explain exactly what is going to happen in the coming weeks.

Simon begins to draw back his fist, but Emily catches it. Kalis looks back, puzzled. Corlen motions in Lucious' direction, Kalis seemingly understanding.

Lucious Starr: Smart move, Kalis. You wouldn't want to go back to jail so soon after the paraphenilia charges, now would you? So, here's where we stand. Next week, I have Teresa Quaranta coming over from Victory to... well, you know, basically try to rouse my interest and stroke my...

Lucious Starr: Ego, you disgusting pervert. Stroke my EGO. After that, however, I'm going to go ahead and have Robbo hook us up... you know, Hell and High Water versus the Last Pioneers, losers disband match? Yeah, figure that would help to rid the planet of your unholy alliance. Then, I would go ahead and just pop you and me into a match... what do you think, Last Man Standing? First Blood? Steel Cage, Texas Bullrope, TLC? I dunno, we'll figure it out later. Point being, we both know by now that I am, by far, the superior athlete, the superior mind, and the superior ma...

Kalis lets loose his fist, clocking Lucious one right in the jaw. He doesn't let up as he hops onto Lucious, pounding him left and right with fists.


Emily pulls Kalis off, only for Kalis to reach behind himself and pull his desert eagle. Lucious starts to his feet... laughing?

Brian Rentfro: Is he fucking NUTS?!

Jon McDaniel: Oh, this won't end well.

Lucious looks at the gun, to Kalis, back to the gun, back at Kalis. He grins as he spreads his arms, laughing.

Lucious Starr: What the FUCK are you gonna do, Kalis?! You gonna shoot me now?? You gonna fucking KILL me?! Come on, you little bitch! DO IT!

Kalis gets right up into Lucy's face, still holding the Desert Eagle. He is mad as all hell, breathing deeply.

Simon Kalis: I'm only going to ask you one more FUCKING time! Where is Brian, you sick bastard?!

Voice: Daddy??

Kalis' eyes grow wide as he starts to look up, seeing his son on the ADC Tron. He looks to his hand, quickly throwing the gun out of view. He looks to Brian, reaching out.

Simon Kalis: BRIAN!! Where are you, honey? Where are you at right now? Where does he have you?

Brian Kalis: Daddy, why were you holding that gun next to Uncle Lucy?

Simon struggles, the mix of fear and desperation are apparant on his face.

Simon Kalis: Brian, please. Where are you, baby boy? Please...

Brian Kalis: Daddy... you weren't going to hurt Uncle Lucy, were you??

Simon Kalis: Brian, please... Where are you? Please, tell daddy where you're at Brian.... Brian, buddy, son, PLEASE...

Brian Kalis: Daddy? Where did you go?? Daddy?

Simon looks to the ADC Tron, slightly confused.

Simon Kalis: Brian?

Brian Kalis: Daddy, where are you??

Kalis starts to turn, noting that Lucious is no longer beside him on the mat. He turns, finding Lucious out of the ring, leading Emily right into a barricade of fans, who block her from moving much of anywhere else.

Simon Kalis: Let my son go, you dirty....

Lucious Starr: I make the fucking demands, Kalis! I give the fucking orders!

Kalis shakes his head, looking at Emily as she's being held back by so called "fans". Emily shakes her head.

Lucious Starr: Thing is I thought we could go through that big disaster for the next few months, but then I realized something Simon. Why delay the inevitable? Everyone knows you've been losing it lately, you're obviously not the same caliber of man you were heading into 2011 as PWA World Champion now are you? So here you are, all alone. No Order of Chaos. No First Class Felony. No other stupid little group you can come up with. There's only you, and you alone are weak and pathetic Simon.

Lucious slides back into the ring, Kalis still grips his Desert Eagle. From backstage Joshua Danielson comes out, holding Brian's hand.

Lucious Starr: First you cut your own eye out, and there's obviously something wrong with you and everyone knows it. Then your fiancee dies, murdered horribly. And after it took you so long to get over the fact your wife was murdered, much the same way! Your old friend Scott Nash Strader and Meghan go with her! Your daughter overdoses on drugs! You lose the AoWF World title match, lose the PWA Intercontinental title. Your life and your career are in a race to see which one hits rock bottom first.

Joshua Danielson brings Brian into the ring. Kalis falls to his knees and throws the gun aside, embracing Brian in his arms.

Lucious Starr: A long time ago, when we were in the Order, you signed a document, Simon.

Kalis ignores Starr, and doesn't notice a group of police officers coming to the ring from backstage. Starr flips open the dossier he has with him.

Lucious Starr: You signed a document stating that in the event you were unable to take care of Brian, I would get custody over him.

Kalis looks up at Starr in shock.

Lucious Starr: No, I didn't think you remembered that. Officers.

Kalis looks all around him now, as several police officers enter the ring.

Lucious Starr: Don't worry, you're not going to jail. I made sure that you'll be in the best of care when they place you in a straight jacket and throw you into a pysch ward, Simon.

Kalis looks at his son Brian, holding back his emotion.

Lucious Starr: Until you're ready to be a respectable member of society... If, you're ever ready...

Kalis kisses Brian on the cheek, and steps back from him as he gets to his feet. Simon lights a cigarette as he looks at Emily Corlen who looks on in shock and confusion.

Lucious Starr: This is the end, Simon.

Kalis kneels down and kisses Brian one more time.

Simon Kalis: You learned well, Lucy. Covered all your bases. Prepared for all scenarios. I'm a better teacher than I realized.

Lucious Starr: I'm better than you realized.

Simon Kalis: There's only one thing you forgot.

Lucious Starr: What's that?

Simon Kalis: I'm Simon fucking Kalis.

Kalis whips the microphone at Starr's face and goes to lunge right at him but the police officers begin bashing Kalis with their batons, and they take him down quickly. Brian looks on in horror as Starr grabs Brian and pulls him away, comforting him.

Lucious Starr: It's okay kiddo, your dad's sick. He's gonna get help.

Starr smirks devilishly, proud of what he's done as Simon is cuffed and taken out of the ring. The crowd BOOS heavily and loudly as Kalis is hauled off away from the ring. The fans holding Corlen back finally let go and she rushes towards Simon but an officer stops and pushes her back and away from him.

Lucious Starr: Say goodbye everyone! Hayes thought he did it once by framing Simon to get arrested! Then Raizzor thought he did it when he got Kalis fired! But now our dear friend is going to get all the help he needs inside a psych ward. Say goodnight to the bad guy!

Kalis is taken up, but...


Jon McDaniel: OH MY GOD!


Starr's eyes widen as do Danielson's as they begin looking around.

Brian Rentfro: IT CAN'T BE!


The lights go out, and all we can do is hear the fans screaming and cheering.

Jon McDaniel: Could it be?! Could he be here?!

The lights turn back on and atop the entrance ramp, Simon is still in the custody of two police officers. But surrounding them, four men to the left, four women to the right. And one man ahead of them all.

Brian Rentfro: What the hell?!

Jon McDaniel: Who are those people?!

Kalis smiles as he's pulled away by the officers, but the nine remain.

Voice: The end is only the beginning, Lucious Beta Starr.

The one man ahead of the others looks up and points into the ring. Emily Corlen laughs, knowing full well who they are as she turns to look into the ring. Starr shakes his head, neither he nor Danielson afraid as they point back.


The lights go out and we fade to the PWA and AoWF logos...