World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Good Help, Hard To Find, etc

Rob Robinson sits at his luxurious desk as "Fantastic" Andy Strickland flips through stacks of papers.

Andy: Rob, this is insane. I can't keep track of all the numbers anymore. I need help.

Rob: Come on Andy, show me I wasn't wrong when I only slightly cut your pay to keep this place going.

Andy slams the papers down as he looks up at Rob.

Andy: Rob, how was it possible to even cut my pay?

Rob: Details, details Andy.

Andy slams the papers down and stands up. He straightens his suit before walking out.

Rob: *Sigh*

Conveniently, that's when the door opens. A familiar face walks in.

Mr Hardcore: 'Ey Rob.

Rob: Uh, can I help you?

Mr. Hardcore: Rob, its me!

Rob: Me who?

Mr. Hardcore: Come on, Rob. Mr Hardcore.

Rob: Oh, yeah. Sorry, I didn't recognize you when your back isn't flat on the mat.

Mr. Hardcore: Oh...haha. I guess after two years of taking that crap from you, it has kind of jaded me to it. Anyway, I came to see if there is anything you need help with around here?

Rob:Yeah, like I need YOUR help. It'll be a cold day in hell before I sink that low. But, there is one thing. It isn't that I need help exactly, but since you're already here and you've got some experience doing this sort of thing...well, the pay isn't great, but I need you to go run the hot dog stand at the catering table. Remember, NO ONE eats for free! If they want a dog, they better pony up the $4!

Mr. Hardcore: Really Rob? Nothing else? It sure looks like you have a lot of damn papers there to keep up with? What if I help you with that? I'm sure there could be other stuff too.

Rob begins twirling his wrist.

Rob: Eh....Only if you work cheap.

Mr. Hardcore: Pay me more than you paid me on PWA Radio, and its a deal.

Rob: But I didn't pay you.

Mr. Hardcore: Exactly.

Robinson taps his chin a few times, then writes a number on a piece of paper. He slides it to Hardcore. Hardcore looks down and smirks.

Mr. Hardcore: Deal!

Rob: Wonderful. Just need you to sign this standard PWA contract everyone has to sign whenever I run this place.

Hardcore looks at the paper for a moment.

Mr. Hardcore: Hang on a sec. What's this part about my, "looks, likeness, marketting rights, and soul belong to Robinson Inc?

Rob: Hardcore, you want the job or not?

Without missing a beat,

Mr. Hardcore: Yes!

Hardcore signs the paper and sides it back to Robinson.

Rob: Great. Now get these papers in order.

Mr. Hardcore: Can do.

The Memento

We fade backstage, where Bud Adams is standing by with Spectre in front of a PWA backdrop.

Bud Adams: I'm here backstage with Spectre, who has seemingly been going back and forth with Joshua Danielson over the last few weeks since his debut in the PWA. Spectre, in the last Rampage before Honor Bound you and Danielson took a big fall off the stage and through some tables. You both thus weren't cleared to wrestle. How do you feel tonight?

Spectre: I don't feel anything, Bud. Emotion is a weakness, and the body heals of it's scars. Let's be blunt here, Bud. I'm ready for combat once again and I fully expect that Mr. Robinson will have me breaking bodies again next week.

Bud Adams: What about Danielson? Why do you feel so compelled to, in your words, destroy him?

Spectre offers a smile.

Spectre: Destroy him? I've already destroyed him, Bud. As for the why? Really, people ask themselves those kinds of questions so they can cope with what's happening. The unknown fears them, and right now I am fairly unknown. The only thing anyone really knows is that I was trained at Simon Kalis' school in Osaka and that I am every bit as towering and powerful as I am advertised. Joshua knows the why, though. He is a traitor.

Bud Adams: A traitor to what?

Spectre cocks his head, looking down at Bud and cracking another grin.

Spectre: To the Order of Chaos.

Bud Adams: But the Order is defunct and has been since Good versus Evil. Danielson stuck with them until the end, did he not?

Spectre: He allowed Lucious Starr to usurp the mantle of leadership. He is a croney and a goon to Starr.

Bud Adams: But aren't you the same thing vis-a-vie Simon Kalis?

Spectre laughs a big Scottish hah!

Spectre: I am an apprentice of one of the most dominating talents the PWA has ever witnessed.

Bud Adams: Then why attack Danielson merely on the orders of Simon Kalis?

Spectre: Because he offered Danielson this chance and Danielson just picked the wrong side. Duff? He was a goon. Reaver? He was a goon and a slave. Me?

Spectre leans in to the camera.

Spectre: I am your worst fuckin' nightmare.

He leans back, looking back down at Adams.

Bud Adams: So what's the end game, Spectre?

Spectre: I hereby challenge Joshua Danielson to a match at High Stakes. I will show him on the big stage, in front of the whole world, what happens to traitors.

Spectre pushes the camera aside and walks off, leaving Bud Adams stifled.

Contract Signings - Never a Good Idea

We cut to the ring where a table has been set up. Lean Bean Miller is standing by the table with a microphone in hand.

Lean Bean Miller:Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to be able to officially announce the first match for High Stakes, the Grizzly Beer title match! Tonight, Grizzly Beer champion Ash Nukem and number one contender Cody Bogard will sign the contract to face each other at High Stakes.

The crowd cheers. Those that haven't gone to the bathroom, obviously. Suddenly, Welcome to the Masquerade by Thousand Foot Krutch starts playing and former Grizzly Beer champion Marxx comes out and heads to the ring.

Lean Bean Miller: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Marxx, I'm not sure if you remember, but you lost the title at Honor Bound.

Marxx shoves Lean Bean aside and signs the contract.

Lean Bean Miller: Great, just great. You know President Robinson is going to dock my pay 15 cents to have a new copy of the contract made.

Just then, Super Charger Heaven by White Zombie starts to play and Marco Dante walks quickly to the ring.

Lean Bean Miller: Oh, come on! Seriously, this is not how this is supposed to go. Neither of you are in the match!

Once again, Lean Bean is ignored and shoved aside as Marco Dante signs the contract.

Marco Dante: If Frenchy there gets a second bite at the apple, so do I.

This time no music announces their arrival, but both Ash Nukem and Cody Bogard come rushing out of the backstage area and head to the ring. The enter the ring together, eye down the interlopers and sign the contract, Cody first, then Ash. Then they look at each other, nod, and start attacking Marxx and Dante. The brawl continues as Lean Bean leaps through the ropes to safety and the locker room clears out to restore peace.

Vicious Vic Wagner vs Scottie 'The Panther' Snow

Singles Match

The match starts in a rough way as Vic charges directly at Scottie and pushes him to a corner, followed by a flurry of kicks until Scottie is trapped in a sitting position in the corner. The referee interferes and Wagner is forced to back up. Scottie gets back on his feet and comes back with a few punches directed towards Wagner, but Vic comes back with a big clothesline. Wagner covers for a 2 count. Wagner drags Snow to the ropes and starts choking him before the referee breaks the hold again. Wagner starts arguing with the referee and Snow jumps on the opportunity to go for a school boy for the 2 count. As both are coming back to their feet, Vic nails a kick to Scottie’s stomach, putting him in a head scissors position, ready for the Vicious Cycle. Once Wagner connected with the move, he went to cover Snow, but kept himself from doing it. Instead, he goes for a scissor armbar, forcing Scottie to tap out.

Winner by submission: Vicious Vic Wagner at 4:12

Country Roads

Jethro stands in front of his cooler, pulling out a green Amp Energy drink, popping the top. Jethro is dressed in his wrestling attire, bluejean overalls, Wolverine workboots, and John Deere shirt; the AOWF Tag Team title sitting beside his cooler on the bench. A knock comes at the door as Bud Adams walks into the room.

"At least you knocked this time Bud, apprecinate it."

Bud just looks at Jethro, motioning the cameraman into the room.

"And I see you brought along a friend, was under the impression with your bold approach to journalism you didn't have many."

Bud just looks at Jethro, pulling out a notepad.

"Damn Bud, you don't have to be so damn serious, I'm just messing with you man."

Bud gives a nod as he flips to a certain page in his notepad.

Bud: Jethro, what do you have to say about Hir... I mean Nadare's words concerning you and Engel being teamed up yet again?

Jethro smiles, taking a swig from the can.

"I've got the following to say Bud... same old speel, just a different wrestler and this one wearing a mask. Do you honestly want me to answer that or would you rather reference the other hundred and five times I've addressed the same things he's said in his promo for this week's match?"

Bud nods, getting what he expected to get.

Bud: What about how your size has been an advantage, but also a disadvantage?

Jethro sighs.

"Well Bud, see its like this. And for reference I've said this about seventy-five times before but I know you need something to go on or else you will have wasted your time."

A swig and a smile for Bud.

"The record indicates that my size has helped me out more times than not as I do have a bit of a winning percentage. Take a look at Lucious Starr's record, he being quite a bit smaller than me and well, his record... not so great... actually being on the south 40 of great."

He shakes his head.

"No, I'm not great, not by any definition of the word. I've fallen, I've stumbled, but each and every damn time I've gotten myself right back up and went at it. I'm not the most athletic, I'm not the most technical sound individual in this locker room, but I'm working towards learning more of that aspect. I've been training to condition my heart and working on my cardiovascular aspect of this business, this sport, this job if you will."

He shrugs.

"Will I ever have the conditioning of Hunter Sullivan? Matthew Engel? Not really sure, but will I work towards the conditioning of those type of athletes?"

He stares at Bud.

"You are damn right I will. I'll always be tall, I'll always weigh over three hundred and fifteen pounds, most of that being muscle, but I can increase my stamina and technical ability by working out day after day."

He winks.

"I think Hiro, or Nadare as he is calling himself, may have underestimated me..."

He shrugs.

"Or he may have my number, we'll find out in a few minutes won't we?"

He nods at the notebook.

"Got any more brain squeezers?"

Bud looks down at his notepad and slowly shakes his head.

"Well then, let me leave you with this little tidbit of information."

He winks.

"Hiro, Nadare, or whatever he wants to call himself is a great athlete, is a decent speaker, but he made one mistake."

Another swig of the Amp.

"He reminded me of my glory moments when he mentioned my PWA World Title reigns, how I was on top of the mountain..."

He winks, crushing the can to toss it into the trashcan.

"He reminded me how much I need to push myself to get back there..."

He turns to face the camera.

"Thanks man, lets... get... ready... to... rumble."

A wink and a smile.


Nadare vs Jethro Hayes

Singles Match

Once both men entered the ring, the bell rang. Both circled around the ring before going for the lock-up. Nadare grabbed Jethro in a side headlock and he was quick to react, pushing Nadare towards the ropes. From there, Nadare showed his agility by bouncing back and forth on the ropes, jumping over Jethro or sliding under him. This went on for 10 seconds and Nadare even did a handspring before jumping on Jethro and sending him to the mat with a Monkey Flip. Jethro gets on his knees, looking at Nadare who is getting over with the crowd after such a demonstration of agility. But this wasn’t over. Jethro charged at Nadare who quickly went behind and rolled him into a school boy for a quick 2-count before Jethro kicked out.

Both men went back on their feet. Nadare quickly ran for the ropes and bounced, only to get caught by Jethro in a clothesline. Jethro covered Nadare for the count of 2. He went back on his feet, grabbing Nadare’s head and bringing him back on his feet as well. He tossed Nadare in a corner and Nadare tried to defend himself, going for chops to Jethro’s chest. After four chops, Nadare turned his back and climbed on the turnbuckle, but Jethro was quick to react with a hammer fist to the back, which caused Nadare to lose his balance and eventually fall outside the ring. Jethro followed him outside.

He waited for Nadare to get back in his feet before sending him to the guardrail with an irish whip. From there, Jethro followed with some punches directed to Nadare’s head. He picks him up and rolls him back inside, leaving only Nadare’s head on the apron. Jethro rolled back in to not be counted out by the referee, but rolled back on the apron. He went back on his feet and then jumped off the apron, nailing an elbow drop on Nadare’s head in the process. He rolled back in and pulled Nadare to the middle of the ring, covering him for a 2-count.

Jethro gets on his knees, and then back on his feet. He grabs Nadare, ready to send him to the ropes. But this time, Nadare reacts, doing a handspring, bouncing on the ropes and coming back with a roundhouse kick to Jethro! Now both men are on the ground as the referee starts to count. Jethro is on his feet at 6 and Nadare at 8. Jethro goes towards Nadare who sends him to the ground with a Japanese armdrag. Then another one, and another one, and another one! And as Jethro went back to his feet from the last one, Nadare jumped onto his shoulders, then flipped Jethro backwards in a reversed frankensteiner, better known as the Time Traveler. Nadare turns Jethro on his back and covers him for a 2 ¾ count.

Nadare can’t believe it. He looks at the referee, upset that he didn’t get the win yet. He went back on his feet, waiting for Jethro. Once Jethro was on one knee, Nadare went for a roundhouse kick, which missed its target as Jethro ducked under Nadare’s leg. Now that Jethro was behind him, he capitalized on the opportunity to lift Nadare and send him to the mat with the wheelbarrow driver. Jethro tried to pin Nadare, but he kicked out at 2 ¾ as well. After that, Jethro went up and signalled for The Planter. As he lifted Nadare in the air, Nadare defended himself by throwing a few punches and sending Jethro towards the corner with a head scissors. Jethro hit the corner and came back to the middle of the ring as Nadare kicked him to the knee. Now that Jethro was on one knee, nadare back in the corner and charged at Jethro, nailing the Omega Burst, which was quickly followed by a 3-count.

Winner: Nadare at 9:46

From Here On Out

We fade backstage to the Common Enemy quarters of the arena, a large area with three joint locker rooms and an office especially paid for by the Kalis Estate this evening. Spectre sits across from Simon, who's large office chair is turned and thus keeping him hidden from the cameras view.

Spectre: So...

Simon Kalis: So...

Spectre clears his throat, there's obviously some sort of awkward silence going on. Simon finally swivels his chair around to face Spectre.

Simon Kalis: What'd you wanna do?

Spectre: What do you mean?

Simon Kalis: What do you want with your career? Your life?

Spectre: I never really thought much of it outside graduating your training school in Osaka. I guess I figured you'd guide me.

Kalis nods, pulling a pack of smokes from his suit breast pocket. He lights one and offers a cigarette to Spectre, who shrugs and takes it, lighting it in turn.

Simon Kalis: Well I've already sort of got you embroiled in a mess with Danielson, don't I?

Spectre: Yes. That's not a problem though. He's little and squirmy, but then again the soft ones always are.

Simon Kalis: Do you like the mask? The black leather, about to invade Poland and shit look?

Spectre itches his red mask and shakes his head no.

Spectre: Not really.

Simon Kalis: Then take it off.

Spectre cocks an eyebrow before ripping the red mask off, on camera for the first time we see his pale white Scottish skin.

Spectre: I can breathe.

Simon Kalis: You have a nose!

Kalis forces a grin, and finally stares down at the dossiers on his desk. Many names. David Blazenwing. Marvin Wood. Alexander O'Ryan. Matt Stone. Matthew Engel. Ace Olen. Lucious Starr. He slides them all off his desk and into the garbage bin next to the desk.

Spectre: So... What now, Simon?

Simon sighs, exhaling cigarette smoke.

Simon Kalis: For the first time I just don't know Spec. I really don't. Rayn's gone. Masa's gone. Maya's gone. Tamika's... Tamika's gone.

Kalis takes another drag off his smoke, as does Spectre.

Spectre: So it's just you and me?

Emily Corlen: What, you two idiots gonna just ignore me?

Corlen cracks a quip which has Kalis force a grin. Kalis reaches into his desk drawer and pulls out three shot glasses and a bottle of Hennessy Cognac. He quickly pours Spectre and himself a shot as well as one for Emily Corlen, who the camera now pans to show in view.

Simon Kalis: If you want. I won't hold either of you from whatever you wanna do.

Spectre: From dust we came!

Simon Kalis: For glory and fame!

Spectre: They shall know our name!

Spectre raises his shot glass.

Simon Kalis: Eternal we reign!

Kalis raises his. Emily slides over in her chair, which has cool wheels and stuff. She grabs her shot glass and raises it, rolling her eyes.

Spectre: Until the end of days!

They all laugh, their shot glasses clink and they chug down their cognac in brutish fashion for such a classy drink.

Emily Corlen: What's that? The Common Enemy motto?

Spectre: No. It's the motto from Simon's wrestling school in Osaka.

Emily Corlen: God awful.

Simon rolls his eyes as he pours out three more shots for them, flicking his cigarette ash into the ash tray.

Emily Corlen: Also, if I may say so? Common Enemy is a horrible name too. Sounds like something Matt Stone would come up with.

Spectre and Simon look at each other before laughing. They raise their shot glasses again together.

Simon Kalis: Fuck it.

The glasses clink and the "Common Enemy" begins to slip off the wall, one side of it curling down revealing a spray painted skull behind it... Fade...

Lucious Starr vs Jimmy Freeman

Singles Match

The match started off with Freeman going after the knees of Starr, trying to keep the bigger man down and incapacitated. But that didn't work out as well as he wanted as Starr reversed a figure-four leglock and then german suplex'd poor Jimmy into the turnbuckles. Jimmy fought back with quick striking and a low blow that the ref didn't see. Why? Because Jimmy does what it takes to win. Jimmy lost the advantage when Starr countered an irish whip and clotheslined Jimmy over the top rope and to the floor. Starr would go after Jimmy and throw him around on the outside of the ring, with the ref nearly reaching a ten count. But Starr would bring Jimmy back into the ring, only for Jimmy to eye gouge (again the ref didn't see it) Starr and roll him up. Starr would kick out right before the three count. However Starr's violent kick out ended with the referee on his stomach and knocked out due to Starr accidentally kicking him in the head. Jimmy would dropkick Starr over the top rope and the fight would continue through the crowd and backstage! Yeah, it was a good fight, and both guys took it to each other as best as they could. The crowd was into it, but with a knocked out referee and the two competitors lost backstage somewhere - where they probably ended up hitting the buffet instead of each other - the match ended in a no contest.

Winner: No Contest

Tit For Tat

We're backstage in the private office of President Robinson. He's sitting at his desk playing a Professor Layton game on his Nintendo DS when there's a knock on the door.

President Robinson: Come in.

The door opens and the Dragon walks in.

The Dragon: Fantastic Andy said you were looking for me.

President Robinson: Yeah, I've got a job for you tonight.

The Dragon: Oh yeah? What?

President Robinson: Well, I figured since I made sure you retained your tag team titles by impersonating you, its only fair for you to return the favor.

The Dragon: I'm not following. You want me to help you in Victory with your next title fight?

President Robinson: Not exactly. Remember, I said "tonight"?

The Dragon: Yeah. But you're fighting Matt Stone tonight.

President Robinson: No, [b]I'm[/b] not.

The Dragon: Yes you are, I saw the booking sheet when I got to the arena. It said "Phoenix vs Matt Stone" in the main event slot.

President Robinson: Yep, that's what it says.

The Dragon: Then you're fighting Matt Sto... Oh shit.

Ryan Ross vs Cody Bogard

Singles Match

As they get settled in the ring and the bell sounds, Bogard grabs him from behind and reverse snap suplexes him to the canvas. Ross is caught completely off guard and rolls and gets himself to his feet. Bogard charges with a shoulder block, knocking Ross down to the canvas one more time. Saucey Rossy gets to his feet and is met with an elbow shot right to the side of his head sending him off balance into the corner. Ross responds finally, with a sickening knife edge chop to the chest of Bogazzzzzz.... Oh we're still on? The crowd ohhhhs with each chop as Bogard stumbles back, oozing of NyQuil essence.. A fan holds a sign that says "ROFLS LOVE YA" and then Bogard grabs Ross's head with his hand and drives his own head down hard onto it and in effect Ryan who hits the canvas. Ross laying on his side sends a ferocious kick into the shins of Cody Bogard. He repeats until Bogard hits the canvas on his knees. Suddenly from the crowd, one of the Dos Cara's hops the barricade and begins circling the ring. Boss Ross gets to his feet and hits a sitdown DDT, twisting Bogard spine, neck and head into the canvas hard. He notices Dos and yells at him to stay out before dropping onto Bogard. He covers! 1! 2! KICK OUT! Bogard rolls away and gets to his feet, and as Ross does as well. Dos continues to circle the ring. Bogard hits a dropkick, taking Ross down to the canvas! Bogard covers! 1! 2! KICK OUT!

Bogard gets to his feet and lands an elbow drop on the back of Ross' head. Dos taunts Ross from the outside as Bogard applies a crossface submission maneuver on Ross while on the canvas and pulls back on his head. But Ross doesn't tap out, instead Ross pushes himself to gets to his feet and pushes Ross away. Ross elbows Bogard in the head and then runs to the ropes. Flyin' Ryan with a flying shoulder to Bogard's head sends him down to the canvas. Ryan Ross covers! 1! 2! TH-KICK OUT! Dos continues to mock Ross from outside. Bogard rolls away and gets back to his feet quickly now, countering Ryan Ross with a hip toss of ultimate doom to the canvas. Bogard lifts Ryan Ross up... KIKOSHO DRIVER! He covers!





Winner: Cody Bogard

Dos Cara slides into the ring and immediately begins an attack on Ryan Ross. He stomps down on him hard and Bogard slides out of the ring and out of the way. Ross fights back and they brawl all the way backstage.

High Stakes Commercial

We see darkness, save for the light ember of a cigarette. "In A Heartbeat" by John Murphy plays softly in the background while a voice begins to speak, and it is instantly recognizable.

Simon Kalis: It feels like it's been an eternity, yet it wasn't that long ago was it...

There's a flash on the screen, bright, before we hear another voice, also recognizable.

Matt Stone: Two years I’ve been here, and they still don’t respect me

There’s another flash and we return to the dark illumination.

Simon Kalis: Founded on the principle of defense of the PWA and the integrity of this sport.


Matt Stone: Integrity, it’s just another word in our business

We pan back to the dark illumination

Simon Kalis: Good intentions are the pathway to hell.

Matt Stone: My intentions are to be the best. End of story.

There is now light in the room, as we see Simon Kalis standing in his home office.

Simon Kalis: What do I do?

Simon stands in his current wrestling gear, his back turned to the camera. He is standing before a glass case which hangs on his wall. He takes a drag from his cigarette, and turns around to face the camera, smirking.

Simon Kalis: This is my PWA.

He pauses, his cigarette hanging from his mouth with the PWA Intercontinental title around his waist.

Simon Kalis: No, this is our PWA.

Kalis turns around, lifting his trademark "Golden Gun" out from behind the Intercontinental title and smashing the glass case with it.

Flash. We see the banner of the "Common Enemy" burning away.

Simon Kalis: I thought I was your common enemy.

We now cut to Matt Stone alone in the locker room. Wearing his wrestling attire, he looks ready to go.

Matt Stone: I went through some of the best this company has to offer, and I will go through one more to realize my destiny.

Flash. We see images in quick succession showing Stone holding up television, Grizzly Beer and Intercontinental champions, then being knocked out by Riona at Summer Sizzler.

Matt Stone: Titles come and titles go. Respect stays with you, and I will be respected.

Flash. We see a quick succession of images from the past year in the PWA, culminating with the infamous ring burning a few weeks ago.

Simon Kalis: But I realize now... I am what I was always meant to be.

Flash. We see The Alliance of Wrestling Finest's form, with the beatdown of Simon Kalis. We can hear the imposed voices of thousands of fans back in Osaka chanting...


Cut back to Matt Stone, who is holding a box of Chex Mix in his right hand. He quickly tosses the box off to the side.

Matt Stone: No more sharing the spotlight, no more gimmicks. This is one man facing one man the way it should be.

Flash. We see Simon Kalis once more, in complete military urban camouflage inside of a PWA ring in an empty arena. A single spotlight on him.

Simon Kalis: I was... I will be again.

Flash. We see quick images pass by the screen of Matt Stone, culminating in his attack of Simon Kalis last week at Honor Bound.

Voiceover: Matt Stone challenges Simon Kalis for the Pioneer Wrestling Association Intercontinental Championship! As the PWA, in association with the Magee Network and the AoWF, presents: HIGH STAKES!

Flash. Matt Stone smirking at the camera.

Matt Stone: I will be the Intercontinental champion.

Flash. Simon Kalis raises his head.

Simon Kalis: I will shut you up.

Flash to Matt Stone who turns his head straight to the camera

Matt Stone: You will respect me.

Flash. We quickly see, for a split second a skull and bones emblem flash quickly before the PWA and AoWF logos appear as we return to Rampage.

Marxx vs Marco Dante

Singles Match

The Japanese fans took to both men rather lukewarmly at first as they traded headlocks and standing armbars, neither man really able to gain an advantage on the other due to their similar sizes and years of experience. After Marco threw Marxx into the corner, though, Marxx took over, exploding out and taking Marco down with a series of clotheslines for a 2-count. Dante reversed a powerbomb attempt into a back body drop and then rained fists into the former PWA World champion's skull, dropping a leg for a 2-count. Marco went to go for the Flat Line but was drilled with the Canadian Leg Sweep and then the Party Crasher for another 2-count. He brought Dante up and set him up on the top rope for a superplex, but Marco fired off a pair of rights and fought his way back down to the mat, sending Marxx falling out of the ring with the Black Out.

The action now on the outside, Marco really took the lead with a belly-to-belly suplex onto the bottom of the entrance ramp and then a spinebuster into the ringsteps. As the ref's count got to 9, Marco rolled Marxx back in and cover him for 2. He locked on an elevated Boston Crab, nearly drawing the submission out of Marxx, but Marxx grabbed the bottom rope, forcing the break. Dante rushed in for a lariat but only met a Jagerbomb for a 2-count. Both men up and they met in the center of the ring, trading stiff right hands, drawing louder and louder reactions with each shot. Marxx hit the ropes and drilled a forearm into Dante, who responded with one of his own. They continued trading running forearms to the face before both men hit it, knocking each other down. The count got to 8 and Marxx was up in the corner, Dante barely rising to a knee in the center of the ring. Marxx rushed in, scooped him up, and then dropped him in the center with the Leaving Marxx for the 1-2-3.

Rising to the Occasion

The camera comes in to Matt Stone sitting in his locker room with Elizabeth Davis and Katrina. They’re watching the monitor and see the last match wrap up and Stone get’s up from the couch.

Matt Stone: “Okay, game time. You two stay here.”

Katrina & Liz: “What?”

Stone turned around and grabbed his hoodie off the back of the couch.

Matt Stone: “Yeah, you two are staying here. I don’t need any distractions to happen out there, this match is important and I don’t want a repeat of Genesis, understand?”

Katrina and Liz just nod.

Matt Stone: “So just stay here and watch as I pluck the feathers of The Phoenix and take one more step towards the World Title. Don’t worry about me, I’ll have back-up.”

With that, Stone smirks and walks out of the room as the two girls look to each other confused.

Brian Rentfro: “Stone seems confident that he will beat The Phoenix tonight, guess he wasn’t watching the show earlier.”

Jon McDaniel: “You know what he says, if he’s not talking, he’s not listening.”

Mark Zout vs Ash Nukem

Non-Title Match

Zout moves in for an immediate strike, a flying lariat as he comes forward. He nails Ash in the head but all he does is then move himself towards him, hitting Mark with a vicious and dirty knee-on-knee colission. Zout flips to the canvas and Ash drops his leg over his throat for good measure. He elbows him in the face and then jumps back, bounces off the ropes and comes back with a moonsault that lands flush on Mark. Ash rolls away and Zout grabs the ropes, pulling himself to his feet. He looks up at the ADCTron which shows the action in the ring and sees Ash coming for him, so he pulls himself into the ropes then slingshots himself backwards with a blind elbow that cracks Nukem in the throat as Zout falls back. Nukem spins and grabs his throat before falling to the canvas as well.

Mark Zout is up now as is Ash and they rush each other. Mark ducks a clothesline attempt and hits an abdominal stretch pump slam on Ash. He strains himself however by lifting Ash, still feeling the effects of the big TLC match from Honor Bound, but shows clear strength and skill in doing so as they both hit the canvas hard. Zout rolls away and gets to his feet, shaking the pain away before baseball sliding right into Ash... Or so he thought! Ash rolls away at the last second and he slams right into the corner turnbuckle, into the metal portion of it. He favors his ankle as Ash picks his up by his hair and lifts him up, spinning DDTing him into the canvas before getting to his feet. Nukem quickly goes to the top rope and comes off flying with a big senton splash! Nukem's up immediately and waves to cheering fans as Zout pulls himself back to his feet. Ash rushes Zout who rolls out of the way and then BANG! SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE!





Winner: Mark Zout

The Stakes Are Definitely... High

Backstage. The PWA World Champion is walking around in casual attire. Although not scheduled to fight tonight, he is here anyway because well.. he's kind of a big deal. People know him - especially Lean Bean Miller.

LBM: Matt, can I get an interview from you?

Matthew Engel: Sure, LBM.

LBM: Is Rob Robinson going to give you Jethro Hayes as your opponent for High Stakes?

Matt takes a moment with that question.

Matthew Engel: As far as I know, he intends to have Jethro Hayes be my opponent for the PWA World Heavyweight Championship at High Stakes. However, am I skeptical about it? Of course I am; Mark Sommers changed the structure of Who's The Man?! at the drop of a hat, and Robinson is clearly capable of doing the same.

LBM: Do you believe Robinson intends to do that and not honor the one on one match you two have been wanting?

Matthew Engel: I believe he is capable of doing that, but whether he actually does or not we'll just have to wait and see. But, for right now, I'll fly under the assumption that Jethro Hayes is my opponent and Matt Stone is still a douchebag that whines about not getting his shot. It's funny, Lean, he dropped so many names in his interviews this week - except the one that matters. Mine. That whole list of people he's beaten recently? You won't see my name on it - now or ever. So perhaps Rob would rather see someone fighting me that he knows is absolutely capable of bringing him a great main event - like Jethro Hayes - rather than someone who has yet to prove that.

Stone's first World Title opportunity came against Riona Langly, and in an embarrassing under-ten-minutes match... he lost via elbows galore. What sucks for him is that the gap between mid-card and main event is so large for him that he can't cross over. Nobody's holding back Matt Stone except Matt Stone, whether he wants to believe that or not. But I won't doubt the man's talent and drive; I've said this before, I've said it again. Matt Stone will be a World Champion someday; it just won't be this month, or any month that I'm holding the title.

LBM: How can Matt Stone prove he's capable of being in the main event if the opportunities aren't coming his way?

Matthew Engel: Simple - making every match you're in a main event match. That's how the pros do it. He's got to close the gap between where he's at, and where he wants to be, and talking people's ears off until they start bleeding isn't the best way to do it. Matt Stone needs to take action, and a lot of it. But hey, what do I know? I'm only a four-time PWA World Champion. Four, Katie. You got that?

LBM: Matt, that joke is like two weeks old.

Matthew Engel: It's still good. She has the mathematical abilities of a toddler, Lean.

LBM: I don't know about that, even some toddlers can count to four.

Matthew Engel: Aha! Good one, Lean.

Lean nods his head, a stupid grin on his face.

LBM: Do you think your match with Hayes at High Stakes will put even more strain on your partnership and being AoWF World Tag-Team Champions?

Matthew Engel: I would like to think that if we haven't killed each other by now, there pretty much isn't anything that can stop us from dominating the AoWF tag division. Our match at High Stakes is a long time coming, and it isn't over bad blood or psychological mind games. It isn't my intent to ruin Jethro Hayes and rebuild him in my image. Hayes has evolved over the years, with my help of course. Our match at High Stakes is about respect; it's about finishing the rivalry and giving ourselves, the wrestling universe, a finite answer to the million dollar question:

Who is better?

And the people in the back can roll their eyes at that all they want. They can grunt and say nobody cares, but that's not the case. All the fans, the AOWF community, and more importantly - Jethro and myself - care about answering that question. Everyone will get their answer on May 22nd, Lean.

LBM: And what about your subtle notions of possibly leaving the PWA? I know you're contractually obligated to be exclusively PWA as long as you're its World Champion, but you can't be World Champion forever. Do you have plans to go to another company?

Matthew Engel: As of right now, no. Could that change after High Stakes? Maybe, but for the sake of having a sense of comfort for everyone here, let's just assume I'm here indefinitely.

LBM: Very well, Matt. Thank you for talking with us.

Engel nods, and we cut back to ringside with Brian Rentfro and Jon McDaniel.

The Hero and the Villian

Eric Emerson: Introducing…

“Paradise Lost” by Hollywood Undead begins with an opening piano sequence as the crowd rises to their feet and turns their attentions to the entrance ramp.

Eric Emerson: He stands in at six feet and three inches tall, weighing in tonight at two hundred and thirty five pounds…

Gold pyros arch over the entrance ramp towards the opening from the back. They’re in a constant stream and arch as Simon Kalis steps forward from backstage, a black PWA hoody over himself and his head, the PWA Intercontinental title shines around his waist. The crowd immediately begins to cheer, "The Cult Hero" emblem burning over the ADCTron with the skull and bones behind it.

So watch my chest heave
As this last breath leaves me
(We see Kalis bloodied on the canvas from an old match)
I am trying to be
What you’re dying to see
(We see Simon Kalis stand in the midst of camera flashes)

Eric Emerson: He hails from Montreal, Quebec CANADA…

We see Simon sway back and forth amidst the pyros, but the brightness leaves him as just a dark figure in the light.

I feel like “Fuck man,
Can’t take this, anymore,
(On the Tron we see Simon standing, smirking with an eye patch over his left eye)
This heart, break this.”
This is life that’s so thankless,
How could he just forsake us?
(We see Simon Kalis cut his own left eye out)

The crowd cheers louder as Kalis tilts his head all the way back, the hood falls off his head and he raises his arms in the air as the arch of pyros pick up and explode around him in a flashy display. Smoke from the pyros he’s inhaled rises out of his mouth and nostrils as he looks up, and then begins moving forward towards the ring throwing controlled bursts of fists and kicks out Goldberg style.

Racist he makes us
Hate us he gave us
(We see The Order of Chaos disappearing in smoke)
Nothing but no trust
And I am so fucked up
(We see Kalis smoking a cigarette, smiling)
So let this gun bond us
(We see Simon pointing his “Golden Gun” towards us and smirking)
Let’s hide by this lust
(We see Tamika Nash Strader and Simon kiss for the first time on PWA Chaos)
And once we are just dust
(We see flashes of all the people hit with the Sentencing of the Damned)
He’ll know that he loved us
(We see flashes of Simon’s hand being raised in victory over the last ten years)

Eric Emerson: He is THE LAST SUPERSTAR... THE CULT HERO!!!!!

Kalis saunters to the ring in his full wrestling gear. He has black elbow pads with the PWA logo on each, with his black wrestling tights which read “OUTLAW” down the right side of his leg and “KALIS” down the left side of his leg. He taps the yellow knee brace over his left knee as he chucks his PWA hoody to one of the fans who's cheering more once they get it. He circles the ring, clapping the hands of fans as he passes by and hops up onto the apron facing a large section of the fans. His back stands to the ropes as he looks out into the sea of fans. He taps his left eye where a black eye patch sits covering it and smiles.

Let it all burn
(Pyros explode across the entrance ramp and the four corners of the ring)
I will burn first
(Kalis shoots his arms up, leaning against the ropes as flames shoot up from each corner)
God I’ve tried, am I lost in your eyes?
(On the ADCTron, we see Simon standing in the burning PWA ring- his arms extended outward as he basks in the flames)

Just let me burn,
(Pyros explode from the ceiling like rockets, popping off right next to Simon and Tamika)
It’s what I deserve.
God I’ve lied, am I lost in your eyes?
(He taps his left eye patch again as he enters the ring)

Eric Emerson: He is your PWA Intercontinental Champion.... SIMON KALIS!!!!!

We’re the heart for the heartless,
(On the ADCTron we see Simon reach out towards us)
The thoughts for the thoughtless,
(on the ADCTron we see Simon writing one of his famous letters)
The lies for the honest,
(We see The Order of Chaos emblem quickly flash over our screen)
We’re the gods of the godless!
(We see the old Order encircling Simon, and saluting him in unison)

Kalis goes to each turnbuckle and raises hid middle fingers to the crowd, smiling and posing for pictures for the fans.

I can not stand
Who I am I’m this man
(Simon stands in the ring and tilts his head back)
With this blood on my hands
(He raises his hands as if in remorse)
In this blood I am damned
(The four corners light up one more time in flames, in bursts they shoot up)
So watch my wings burn
As they burn in the fire
(We see Simon Kalis fall to Laura Estella, Raizzor and Teresa Quaranta)
I’ll scatter the ashes
No need for the choir
(we see flashes of him as PWA World, Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion)

Kalis grabs the microphone from Eric Emerson and throws the PWA Intercontinental title on his shoulder, smirking as the crowd cheers thunderously.


Jon McDaniel: I can barely hear myself think, Brian! This is such a beautiful moment, though, isn't it?! Such a turn around, it's good to see The Cult Hero back in the PWA!

Brian Rentfro: It's sickening, I hate it.

Jon McDaniel: Your bribes stopped coming didn't they?

Brian Rentfro: Yes.

Rentfro makes a frowny face at ringside as Kalis waits for the crowd to calm down.

Simon Kalis: Say it with me now! FUCK WOOD!

Kalis points the microphone to the crowd.


Simon Kalis: FUCK O'RYAN!

Kalis points the microphone to the crowd.


Kalis walks around the ring, smirking.

Simon Kalis: FUCK PHOENIX!

Kalis points the microphone to the crowd one more time!


Simon laughs, gazing out into the cheering crowd.


He raises the microphone upwards, lowering his head.

Fans: SIMON KALIS!!!!!!!

There's more thunderous applause as Simon clearly never forgot how to work over a crowd as the good guy.

Jon McDaniel: Only Simon Kalis could go from one of the most despised men in not only the PWA, but the whole AoWF, to one of it's most beloved.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah just because he didn't wanna join the next big evil doer group of evil doers. Pffft.

Kalis waits for the crowd to calm down a bit before continuing.

Simon Kalis: They're all chumps, but... There's a reason I'm out here tonight. Is it to save the PWA from certain peril that a Matt Stone main event would bring? Certainly. Do I wanna come out here and explain why I wasn't able to win the AoWF World title for the PWA? Not really. What can I say? It's been a fucked up week for me.

He pauses as a huge STRADER chant begins. He lowers the microphone and circles the ring, nodding respectfully.

Simon Kalis: You've got Matt Stone feigning injury just so he can get close enough to me to attack, because afterall he's a drooling fat vagina no talent in the ring, no charisma on the mic and he gives the Hall of Fame the kind of credibility that a boob job gives a stripper.

The crowd laughs.

Simon Kalis: You may have nice fake tits, but your nose still has blow stains and your pussy still drips with the clap baby.

They laugh again, Simon looking into the camera and winking for Stone.

Simon Kalis: I mean here's a guy who wins almost every other match through some underhanded tactic or the other, because he knows he can't beat a Trent "Who The Fuck?" Sunderland on his own. He has not one but two women around him at all times cutting half his promos for him because if we had to watch Matt Stone talk for twenty minutes the suicide rate amongst Magee Network subscribers would jump 500%. Then he has the audacity to find the first big gorrila black guy he can find and make him his bodyguard, because really there's a lineup of people who want to put a filed down toothbrush into his neck. Not because they're jealous of him, but because he is so god damn awful he gives Cody Bogard World title cred. Pathetic.

Kalis shrugs, as the crowd continues to laugh and cheer.

Simon Kalis: Then there's another Matthew, slightly more talented but with an ego so big he'd make Donald Trump blush.

There's a mixed reaction now from the crowd.

Simon Kalis: I'm talking of course about the pathetic World Champion, Engel. A man who continues to talk shit about me every single week on this program folks! He drops my name and tries to use me as a bouncing board for insults, just to remind people he's World Champion. Here he is folks... Defending the PWA World Championship at REBEL Pro's Honor Bound! Against Thunderwolf who's so washed up we may be seeing him on the next season of Celebrity Apprentice with Chingy and that one gay guy who almost won American Idol. And they have this great fucking thrilling match, not because Thunderwolf who hasn't wrestled in how long, is so good, but because Engel is just so god damn awful.

The crowd "OOOOOHHHHH"s.

Simon Kalis: I mean the only reason Engel keeps dissing me is because he is afraid of me. He wakes up in cold sweats every morning at 4am to check his email, check the PWA, AoWF websites to make sure he's not defending against me. He has to convince himself that I'm not one of the single most dominat figures in the PWA almost two years running, just so he can feel a slight sense of comfort when he looks at himself in the mirror. Don't worry though Matt, I'm not out here to challenge you for a PWA World title shot...

The crowd errupts into cheers, obviously wanting to see that match.

Simon Kalis: No, no. I can't. I'm busy at High Stakes dealing with Matt Stone, and truth be told I've been given the chance to bring prestige back to one of the PWA's biggest championships. So don't worry Matt, I won't be coming to take back my title off you just yet... But...

Kalis cracks a grin.

Simon Kalis: Keep my god damn name outta your mouth nigga, or I will fucking end you so fast you'll wish you were Riona Langly.

Kalis bursts into laughter throwing a middle finger at the camera directed to Engel.

Simon Kalis: The truth is I've still got a lot on my mind. My son is still missing and someone backstage-

Before he can finish, the ADCTron goes black and we hear laughter over it.

Voice: What? Did someone lose their kid?

The man laughs again as we now see young Brian sitting at a kitchen table, listening to an iPod cheerfully as the man stands behind him, completely cloaked. His voice is robotic, clearly warped and distorted.

Voice: Don't worry Simon, I'm taking good care of him. But it's nice to see you being distracted with defending titles, practically begging for world title shots and all. You think you're so great! That you're just so charismatic! That you can lead the PWA! Well I've got news for you.

Kalis drops his microphone and clenches his fists.

Voice: So you do that! You fight your matches, defend and lose your titles. And when the moments right? You'll be all mine, just like Brian!

Simon quickly slides out of the ring as the crowd boos the cloaked man on the ADCtron. He waves and the feed cuts to static as Kalis holds his face and runs backstage.

Matt Stone vs The Phoenix

Super Awesome Main Event
Winner gets a bottle of Yoohoo Vintage Reserve

Brian Rentfro: “Here we go, Matt Stone and the Phoenix, this is what we’ve been waiting for.”

Say whoa (whoa)
The more I feed it (whoa)
The more I need it (whoa)
You say whoa
Whoa is me
I'm so whoa

Matt Stone comes out from the back to a chorus of boos. He struts down the ramp towards the ring, wearing his patterned hoodie with a large Maple Leaf on the back. He threatens to hit a member of the crowd who was holding up a "Canada sucks" sign and just walks on.

Say whoa (whoa)
The more I feed it (whoa)
The more I need it (whoa)
You say whoa
Whoa is me
I'm so whoa

Eric Emerson: “Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing first, weighing in at two-hundred and ten pounds, from Ottawa, Ontario Canada…he is Maaaaaaatt Stooooone!!!!”

Matt gets on the apron and gets inside the ring, heading straight to a corner and mounts the middle turnbuckle raising his hands. "I'm the best there is!" He shouts out over the loud jeers being rained down on him. He shakes his head to their reaction. "You don't deserve to see me!" He shouts out getting down and taking off the hoodie. Matt get's ready for his opponent, bouncing off the ropes to loosen up as his music fades away. Matt is handed a microphone and the crowd starts booing as Matt looks around getting ready to speak.

Matt: “So you may have noticed that I’m out here alone with Katrina or Elizabeth. I’m sure you’re all disappointed that you can’t see them, but never fear, because I will have someone in my corner tonight. Someone will be out here to watch my back from any attacks planned by those hooligans in the Alliance of Whimpering Failures. Introducing my personal bodyguard, ladies and gentlemen…Tyson Cowell!”

From the back came a large man wearing black dress pants and a white sports jacket. He isn’t that tall, only standing at 6’4, but he is well built. With a scowl on his face he walks down to the ring and stands on the outside, arms crossed. The crowd boos as we now await Matt’s opponent.

Jon McDaniel: “Who is that guy?”

Brian Rentfro: “Weren’t you listening? That’s Tyson Cowell, Matt Stone’s new bodyguard and what an impressive specimen he is.”

Jon McDaniel: “Is he a wrestler?”

Brian Rentfro: “I don’t know, but he certainly looks like he can handle himself.”

Eric Emerson: “Introducing at this time, ‘Fantastic’ Andy Strickland!”

Andy came out from the back holding a metal bucket full of ice and two YooHoo vintage reserve bottles. Behind him walks Moke Doshky carrying a leather Eames chair. They walk around the ring and Moke sets the chair down and Andy set up the bucket as the light in the arena start to dim. Thing of Beauty by Hothouse Flowers begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and green pyros flare from the ring posts. The Phoenix walks out from the back with his AoWF Intercontinental and Car Crash Championships and stands at the stage for a moment as another Phoenix walks out from the back. This one is a little taller and thinner, but aside form that the two are dressed exactly alike.

Brian Rentfro: “Two Phoenixes?”

Jon McDaniel: “Yes, that’s one unlikely explanation, another one is…”

Brian Rentfro: “There are two Phoenixes!”

Eric Emerson: “Introducing the opponent, he is the owner of Pioneer Wrestling Association…The Phoenix!”

The two of them walk down to the ring, the taller one sliding into the ring and the other walking over and taking a seat in the Eames chair, cracking open one of the two bottles and taking a swig.

Brian Rentfro: “Those are two-hundred and fifty dollars a piece, what a grand prize for this match!”

The bell sounds and Stone and the Phonyex lock up in the center of the ring. Stone is overpowered and backed up to the ropes before the Phonyex whips Stone across the ring, Matt comes back and leaped over the Phonyex who had dropped down on the mat and as Stone rebounded again he was caught by the Phonyex and power slammed to the mat! A quick cover on Stone.


Kick out.

Brian Rentfro: “You’re not going to pin Matt Stone that easily, even if you are the Phoenix!”

Jon McDaniel: “He’s not the Phoenix.”

Phonyex picks up Stone but is quickly countered and Matt hits him in the head with a forearm. Followed by a second, then a third. Matt then send Phonyex off the ropes and leapfrogs over him as he rebounds again, and when Phonyex comes back Matt catches him and tosses him over his head with a belly to belly. Stone quickly floats over with a cover.


Kick out

Jon McDaniel: “Stone trying to keep up with…”

Brian Rentfro: “The Phoenix, yeah, I can see that.”

Stone transitions into a side headlock on the Phonyex and turns so that he’s facing Phoenix sitting in the Eames chair.

Matt Stone: “What’s the matter? Can’t face me like a man?”

As Stone starts his jaw jacking, the Phonyex starts to fight to his feet. Stone if forced back to a vertical base and sent off towards the ropes and upon his first rebound, Matt is knocked on his back with a shoulder block. Phonyex tries to his Stone with a flipping Senton but Matt quickly rolls out of the way and scrambles to his feet, going for his Kneel before Zod as Phonyex is getting up, but the kick is ducked and Phonyex grabs Stone in a reverse waist lock and tries to hit Stone with a German suplex, but Matt wraps his leg around to block it and catches Phonyex with a reverse elbow and does a standing switch, pulling Phonyex down by his mask under Matt’s arm and is driven down to the mat with a reverse ddt. Matt goes for a cover.



Kick Out

Jon McDaniel: “Nice show of technical skill by both men”

Brian Rentfro: “Phoenix and Matt Stone, two of the PWA’s best going at it.”

Jon McDaniel: “That’s not the Phoenix.”

Stone picks up Phonyex, but is raked in the eyes and has his right foot stomped on. Matt hopes up and down from the impact and is kicked in the stomach. Stone doubles over and Phonyex drives Stone into the mat with a ddt. Rather than go for another cover, Phonyex gets Matt with a head scissors. Referee Lance Weston goes to see if Stone was going to give up, but Stone was able to kip up out of the head scissors. Phonyex quickly gets to his feet and charges Matt, but is flipped over on his side with a deep arm drag. Both competitors got to their feet and Phonyex was flipped over once again with an arm drag. Again the two of them got to their feet and Stone went for a third arm drag, but was countered with a stiff kick to Matt’s ribs. Phonyex locked Matt’s arm up and dropped straight down, giving Stone a modified jaw breaker. Matt stumbled back into a corner holding his jaw. Phonyex backed up and charged the corner, hitting Matt with a shoulder tackle in the corner. Stone stumbled out of the corner and Phonyex leaps in the air with his legs around Stone’s head and flips him over with a hurricanranna!

Brian Rentfro: “What athleticism from the Phoenix!”

Jon McDaniel: “Again, that’s not…”

Brian Rentfro: “There’s a cover”



Stone kicks out at two. Phoenix takes another sip of the YooHoo at ringside as Phonyex picks stone up and gives him a knife edge chop, backing him into the corner again. Phonyex send a few kicks at Stone’s ribs, then does a jumping back kick to Matt’s head, causing Stone to fall in a seated position in the corner. Phonyex starts forcing his foot into Matt’s throat as Lance starts counting for the choke. Phonyex lets up at four and backs up, looking at Stone. Phonyex charges across the ring and drives the side of his leg in Matt’s face! Matt looks dazed and Phonyex grabs his leg and pulls him towards the center of the ring. Phonyex goes for a cover.



Matt shoots his right shoulder up.

Brian Rentfro: “The resilience of Matt Stone is amazing, but can he keep up with the Phoenix’s high impact offense?”

Jon McDaniel: “You don’t listen to me at all, do you?”

Brian Rentfro: “If Matt Stone isn’t talking, no one listens to you.”

The sound of Brian laughing can be heard as Phonyex picks up Matt and punches him in the head for good measure before sending him once again into the corner. Approaching with caution, Phonyex lifts Stone up so he’s sitting on the top rope. Phonyex hits Stone with an uppercut and get’s on the middle rope himself. Grabbing Matt’s head in a front Chancery, Phonyex looks around at the crowd before hooking Matt’s tights and flipping him over backwards, delivering a massive superplex! Both men hit the mat hard, but Phonyex has the presence of mind to roll over and cover Matt Stone.



Kick out! Stone once again gets the shoulder up, however this time he rolls slightly off the mat rather than shoot his arm up like before.

The Phoenix: “He’s tired, finish him!”

He sound of Phoenix sitting in the Eames chair can be heard between swigs of his precious YooHoo. The Phonyex nods his head and picks Matt up slowly. He locks Matt’s arm and goes around for a hammerlock, looking to set him up.

Brian Rentfro: “What’s Phoenix going for now?”

Jon McDaniel: “Well, it appears to be the Dragonwing Suplex”

Brian Rentfro: “How clever, using his associate’s move to throw Stone off his game!”

Jon McDaniel: “Yes…’associate’”

Phonyex tries to lift Stone backwards, but Matt ducks down quickly and reverses the hammerlock with one of his own, but he only holds it for a second before grabbing Phonyex’ head and driving him backwards with the Stone Cutter! In a fluid motion, Matt grabs Phonyex’ legs and sets him up, locking him in a sharpshooter!

Brian Rentfro: “There it is! That’s the Wrath of Khan!”

Jon McDaniel: “What? How did you come up with that?”

Brian Rentfro: “Matt told me, we hang out all the time”

Jon McDaniel: “Really?”

Brian Rentfro: “Well, he posted it on twitter…but we’re still friends…oh my gods, is that Simon Kalis?!?”

The camera quickly pans to see that yes, Simon Kalis was indeed walking down the ramp to a chorus of cheers. Stone has his back to the ramp and doesn’t see Simon coming, but Phoenix does from his Eames chair. Moke stands in front of the ring to block Simon’s path and for the first time all night, Tyson also moves, heading to block off the ring as well. Kalis just smiles at the two men, not really intimidated at all. After Honor Bound, Kalis wanted to get his hands on both Matt Stone and Phoenix. Kalis shrugs and pulls out a pack of smokes from his pocket and lights one, turning to the crowd and he starts signing autographs for fans. Moke and Tyson advance no further towards Kalis. By this time, however, both Lance and Matt Stone have turned to see what was going on, seeing Simon Kalis on the ramp. Matt releases his hold and walks over to the ropes to see just what is going on, along with Lance. Phoenix sees the commotion and gets out of the chair, pulling Phonyex out of the ring who is out from the pain of the Wrath of Khan. Phoenix props him up in the chair and puts the empty YooHoo bottle in his hand.

Jon McDaniel: “What’s going on here? You can’t just tag out like that.”

Brian Rentfro: “Now we’ll see what the other Phoenix can do, I hope Matt is ready for this.”

Phoenix slides in the ring and, completing the switch, spins Stone around.

Stone immediately sends a kick at Phoenix between his legs which is undetected by Lance and Stone leaps in the air, driving Phoenix down with the C-c-c-c-combo breaker! Matt goes for a quick pin.




The bell sounds and Moke slides in the ring, just a second late from making any kind of save. Stone has already rolled out of the ring as his theme plays in the arena.

Brian Rentfro: “Matt Stone just beat the Phoenix!”

Jon McDaniel: “Yeah, I think he did…”

Brian Rentfro: “What’s Andy doing?”

Andy Strickland had grabbed the second bottle of YooHoo and leapt over the barricade, running out of the arena with the pilfered prize. Stone didn’t seem to care as he quickly backed up the ramp, Tyson standing between Matt and the ring incase Moke or Phoenix had ideas of attacking. Phonyex falls out of the Eames chair and Matt cracks a smile before he’s spun around quickly by Simon Kalis.

Brian Rentfro: “Uh-oh…Matt forgot about Kalis”

Jon McDaniel: “Finally, this should be good.”

Kalis hit Stone with right hand after right hand before Tyson turned around to see what was happening. He quickly came over and grabbed Simon around the waist and tossed him a good five feet away from Matt. Stone scrambled away down the ramp and Simon ran at Tyson, hitting him in the head with a forearm, kicking him in the knee, head butting the side of his head and sending a fierce fist at his temple. Matt scampered in the back and Cowell pushed Kalis pack with both hands and backed away holding his temple. He still had that scowl on his face as he followed Matt to the back.

Jon McDaniel: “Matt won’t be able to run when he faces Simon for the Intercontinental championship.”

Brian Rentfro: “Simon won’t be able to catch Stone from behind, either.”