World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


188 Days Later

Simon Kalis

That was the name on the door that Matt Stone was standing front of, with the aid of the crutches under his arms. He has a cast on his left foot. Matt is alone and wastes little time knocking on the door. From inside we hear the gruff voice of Simon Kalis from inside.

Simon: "It's open"

Stone turned the knob and hobbled in the room. Kalis looked up and immediately stood up when he saw it was Stone, but sat back down with a slight grin on his face seeing Matt with the cast and crutches. Simon was sitting on his leather couch looking down at a picture of Tamika with his Intercontinental championship sitting on the table. Matt takes a second to admire the championship before addressing Simon who has returned to looking at the picture.

Matt: "I know you probably don't want to see me now. I just wanted to come in and say that I think it's an absolute tragedy what happened to the Strader family. Their loss has not only affected those whom they were close to, but to the entire Alliance itself. I only had the privilege of being in the ring with Meghan and Tamika, but I can tell you that they were among the very best at what they did. They even bested me, well Alexander, but I was part of that ass whooping too. They were good people."

Simon looked up at Stone for a moment, nodding his head, then went back to looking at the picture. Stone continued.

Matt: "Clearly I'm in no condition to compete with Mark tonight, so it looks like he'll be defaulted to be your new number one contender. Shame, really, ‘cause I know I can beat you, I proved that last time we stepped in the ring."

Simon turns his head to Stone after hearing that.

Matt: "Furthermore, I'd like to wish you good luck tonight and I wanted to sincerely tell you that even though the fact that Sommers selected you over me for the AOWF World Title shot was one of the single worse calls that man ever made, I want you to bring that belt to the PWA where it belongs."

Simon: "Okay, shut your damned mouth right there. I've been through a fuck load of shit this week, and the last thing I need is for you to come walking into my god damned dressing room with your little condescending remarks and hollow grandstanding. Now given your current condition, I will allow you to come as close to walking out of here in one piece as you can muster, but that will require you leaving right fucking now. Understand?"

Stone looked Simon in the eyes and the two of them looked at each other for a few awkward seconds.

Matt: "Alright Simon, calm down, I'm leaving."

Simon looked back down at the picture.

Matt: "Just one last thing"

Simon: "What's that?"

Kalis asked not even looking at Matt.

Matt: "Like you...I don't forget!"

Stone dropped the crutch that was under his left arm and standing perfectly stable on both legs he brought the right crutch in the air and slammed it down across the back of Kalis' neck. Simon hunched over and Matt took one step back before swiftly kicking Kalis in the chest with his cast covered foot! Simon coughed and Matt got down on his knee and ripped off the plaster that was around his foot. He smirked, looking at Simon.

Matt: "October 19th, Lucha Libre Simon, ring a bell?"

Matt got closer to Kalis and started talking in his ear as Simon was coughing from the shot to his chest

Matt: "You attack me in the back with a steel pipe. Sure, I still won the Intercontinental title that night, but I never did get my revenge on you. Now here we are, the night of the biggest match of you career and I just couldn't help myself. Tamika's demise just added to the deliciousness of revenge. You wanted to be alone, no Spectre, no Maya, no one is here to protect you from me. You're mine!"

Kalis quickly turned his body and punched Stone square in the face. Matt stumbled back swearing as Simon got to his feet. Kalis ran at stone and tackled him, bull rushing him right into the wall of the locker room, crashing through the drywall and crashing in the hallway. Kalis is mounting Stone, throwing fists down as Matt covers up.

Simon: "You picked the wrong fucking night Stone, the wrong FUCKING night!"

Simon was screaming out as Matt covered up, but Stone was able to roll to the side and elbow Simon off of him. The two got to their feet and Simon charged again, but Matt was a step quickly and ducked to the side, pushing Simon from behind into the wall. Matt scrambled back into Kalis' locker room and grabbed the crutch he originally dropped, ironic as it's been said he's been using crutches his entire career. Simon re-entered the room and Stone swung for the fences, in this case Simon's head. With his one eye, even Simon Kalis could see that pone coming and he quickly ducked the shot and backhanded the crutch out of Stone's hand. Matt had a look of fear on his face

Matt: "Now, now Simon...let's just calk down here..."

Simon was walking slowly towards Matt with a smile across his face.

Matt: "We can still be buddies. I've made some mistakes, you've made some, who's really to say who's to blame..."

Kalis was still approaching Matt, now about ten feet from his advisory. Kalis was advancing and Stone had to think quickly, reaching down, he grabbed the Intercontinental championship off the table and dove at Kalis' head with the title, hitting him square in the forehead! Both men fall down, Stone dropping the title almost instantly and crawling towards the door, he got to his feet and walked out the open entrance.

Matt: "Good luck, champ!"

Matt was able to say as he took off down the hallway, the camera coming back around to Simon rolling on his stomach and pushing himself up, scowling at the camera.

Dos Cara & Dos Cara vs Ryan Ross & Mark Zout

TLC Match

Dos Caras stand in the ring as their music fades...

I'm a Soulja by Ghetto Commission hit's the PA and from the backstage sprint Ryan Ross and Mark Zout. The pair slide into the ring and tackle the pair of Dos Caras before the bell even has a chance to ring. There are rights and lefts flying from all four men as the roll across the mat. Ryan Ross and Dos 2 roll under the bottom ropes of the ring and fall to the matting below. Inside the ring Mark has taken a clear advantage over Dos 1 and has pinned one of the Dos's arms with a knee and the other with his arm and he uses his free hand to repeatedly humble Dos 1 with strike after strike to the face until the official peels him off to give Dos room to breathe.

On the outside, Dos 2 catches Ross off guard with an overhead punch, but Ryan retaliates with a tackle into the steel post. Dos 2 grabs his back in pain, but Ryan does not let up. He hoists Dos 2 onto his shoulder and slams him with authority into the ringside barricade. Then, letting out an aggressive howl, Ryan whips Dos 2 into the steel steps. Dos 2 connects with them knees first and tumbles over, groaning on the other side. Ryan immediately begins ripping up the matting to the outside and is joined by Mark as the other souljah exit's the ring.

The two manage to take apart one whole side of the outside matting before they're taken down by Dos 1, flying over the top rope with a Space Flying Tiger Drop! All three men are down and out while Dos 2 finally regains his feet. Dos 2 takes a look around, finding the other three laid out, and takes the opportunity to set up two tables outside the ring near the entrance ramp. He then picks up a chair and stalks over to the other three.

Standing over Ryan's legs, Dos 2 lifts the chair high over his own head and prepares to swing it down at Ryan's, but he's doubled over! Ryan connects with a desperate kick to the groin! Dos 2 stumbles backward and his chair is taken by Mark. Mark swings at the back of Dos 2's head, but his momentum is stopped short when Dos 1 takes the chair from him! Dos 1 winds back to swing at Mark and lets it rip hard! Mark ducks the shot and the chair connects with Dos 2's back! Ryan uses the bent over body of Dos 2 as a stepping stone, leapfrogging over the now standing Mark Zout, and connects with a flying shining wizard against Dos 1!

The fans pop and the souljahz motion for the fans in the front row to stand. When they do, the pair begin grabbing chairs from the first row and begin throwing them into the ring. After some convincing on the side of the souljahz the Japanese fans are now throwing their own chairs at the ring. Before we know it the ring matting is completely covered by chairs and there are several on the outside of the ring.

The souljahz each grab a chair on the outside and wait for their opponents to make it to their feet. When they do, the two toss the Dos's their chairs and then dropkick them into the Dos' faces! The two dos' stumble back into the ring apron and the Souljahz roll them into the ring on top of the chairs.

Jon McDaniel: This ring really looks like a war zone.

Brian Rentfro: I can't believe those Jerks took all those fans chairs.

Jon McDaniel: I didn't see them take all their chairs, most of the chairs came flying in on their own.

Dos 1 shakes the cob webs of the thrown chairs as he gets to his feet looking out to the crowd where his foes stand. He charges the buckle and leaps to the top rope. With a burst of strength Dos launches himself off the top rope and into the crowd smashing Both Souljahz with a flip dive. Dos gets to his feet first groggy and in pain but better off than the Renegade ones. Dos Cara 2 gets up from a top pile of chairs that had covers the ring mat. He stumbles to his feet to see the two downed Souljahz and his drowsy barely standing partner. He lifts his hands in praise and taunt.

The fans boo loudly and jeer Dos in their native language. Ryan Ross gets to his feet and charges his foe, slamming him into the barricade. Dos one clutches Ross as Dos two grabs a chair and hustles to the outside to slam Ross with a steel chair dropping him to his knees. Dos 1 raised a clutched fist and slammed it into Ryan's face causing him to fall backwards onto the concrete floor. Mark Zout reaches his feet to see the Two Dos's standing over his downed friend. With a reluctant burst of energy Mark darts to over to both the Cara's leaping off the ground and delivering a double drop kick knocking Dos 1 over the barricade and sending Dos 2 into the nearby steel steps.

Jon McDaniel: What a drop kick, he took them both out of action.

Brian Rentfro: I'd say it worked if Zout was on his feet but he's down and out McDaniel like a trout.

Dos Cara 1 gets to his feet slowly, using the barricade as a crutch as Ross does the same thing. Both men look at each other as if they don't realize who they are. Without a noise Dos swings and crashes his fist into Ross's face. Ryan retaliates with a stiff right of his own. Dos comes back with another which Ryan ducks. Ryan comes at dos with another right knocking him back into the apron. Ryan jumps onto the Barricade and leaps off grabbing onto the head and neck of Dos Cara and slamming him head first with a DDT onto the steel chairs on the outside.

Jon McDaniel: Did you see that desperation move? He left it all on the table there.

Brian Rentfro: I doubt he has anything left in the tank and Dos 2 is back on his feet.

Dos 2 gets to his feet clutching his head and back. The steel steps leaving there marks in deep tissue damage. He picks up a steel chair and walks toward Ross who's laying prone to get him with the chair. Zout reaches his feet and sees the passing Dos. With a short dash Zout jumps over the barricade but Dos turns and slams the chair into Zout's unprotected face. Mark falls straight down onto the mat clutching his face and head in pain as he rolls around on the chairs. Ryan see's Dos 2 walking towards him as he lifts the chair and slams it down onto nothing as Ryan rolls out of the way. Ryan kips up to his feet but slips on the chairs missing Dos's wild swing for his head. Ryan rolls backwards grabbing a chair on his way up. Dos 2 swings and Ryan blocks it with his chair. Dos 2 makes a stab for his foe but Ryan slams the chair down. Ross lifts his chair up smashing Dos 2 in the chin. Ryan lifts his chair high and brings it down hard onto Dos's prone head. Mark Zout gets to his feet as Dos 1 gets to his both look at each other before charging in to strike. Mark ducks Dos and gets behind him lifting him high above his head and slamming him down on some chairs with a German suplex. Ryan grabs a table sitting next to the barricade and sets it up so it leans against the barricade. Mark Zout lifts Dos 1 off the ground and Irish whips him into his partner across the ringside area. Ryan ducks his head and lifts Dos high into the air lifting him up as he falls, crashing down, on to the table. Wood particles fly in all directions as Dos lay completely out. Dos two gets to his feet and charges Mark who throws a closeline. Dos ducks it and leaps on to the apron flipping backwards and hitting Zout with a perfect moonsault. Ryan runs over to the scene only to get kicked in the stomach and doubled over. Dos lifts his opponent off the outside floor high into the air and holds him for moments until finally dropping him onto the chairs with a stalling suplex. The Souljahz lay in the feudal position as Dos 2 gets a table and sets it up where the ramp meets the ringside area.

Jon McDaniel: This fight is going to kill one of these men. I don't see this going much longer.

Brian Rentfro: I agree and the Cara's hands will be raised in victory.

Dos 2 takes his time setting up a second table on the outside. He walks over to his partner and helps him to his feet as the Souljahz roll into the ring slowly standing up. Seeing bot Caras standing by the tables the Souljahz charge and leap Ross going for a suicide dive and Zout flipping over the top rope crashing into the Caras, Smashing the two tables set up for any kind of destruction.

The fans clap loudly as the Souljahz reach their feet woozily, wobbily, they help each other to the back of the arena. Mark Zout and Ryan Ross Come out from the back stage area with a huge ladder.

Jon McDaniel: What is that? Is that a...a forty foot ladder?

Brian Rentfro: They make them that big?

Dos Cara one gets to his feet after an insane fall from the top rope onto a pile of chairs. Zout gains speed pulling Ross behind him and smashing Dos in the face. The masked menace falls hard onto the pile of chairs. Zout pushes the ladder into the ring with a little help from his partner it slides to the center with ease as Dos Cara two gets to his feet stepping out of the ruble of a broken table. Ryan turns just in time to slam his fist into Dos's prone face. Again he hits him, a third time his hammer like fist drops on Dos. Ryan lifts his foe off the ground and slams him hard onto the ring apron. Dos falls off the apron clutching his back as he lands on the multitude of chairs outside the ring. Ryan rolls into the ring to help set up the gigantic ladder.

Brian Rentfro: That's my kinda ladder Jon.

Jon McDaniel: What would you do with a ladder that big?

Brian Rentfro:...

Zout slowly starts to climb up the ladder slowly as both Dos's start to rise from the ground. Ryan goes to the apron to meet his foes. Both Dos's quickly lay in to Ross kicking the man, striking him, as if he were a prone beast. Zout looks down to see his friend getting attacked Zout started to climb faster. Ryan blocked a few punches and took his licks on the outside bidding time until his partner got to the top. In desperation Ross pulled both Cara's in to his body and leaps from the apron delivering a double side effect to the chair covered outside of the ring. All three men clutch their backs in pain as they roll around the ringside area.

Brian Rentfro: That was complete desperation a real man would have taken the Dos's out one by one.

Jon McDaniel: It was a two against one assault. Ross made a desperation move and it paid off.

Mark Zout is nearing the top of the forty foot ladder. He looks down as he gets to the top a look of fear and justification. His sight goes from the floor to the sky a silent pray escapes his lips as he stand s and dives spinning and twisting his body one thousand and eighty degrees smashing all three men on the floor.

Jon McDaniel: OH MY GOD!

Brian Rentfro: OH MY GOD!

The Referee dives to the outside of the ring as fast as possible. Both of his arms go into the air as he hurries over to Eric Emerson.

Eric Emerson: By referee decision no competitor is able to continue this match. It will end in a draw!

The fans boo loudly as EMT's run out with four stretchers. The EMT's loud up the battered life formers as the screen cuts to a break.

Happily Ever After (Earlier this week)

We fade in to the hotel that the Strader family had in Osaka. Simon Kalis and Tamika Nash Strader are on top of the roof of the hotel, as Simon's face takes up the entire screen while he sets up a tripod to film what's about to happen.

Tamika Nash Strader: What exactly are you doing?

Kalis steps away from the camera, throwing a wink to it as he goes towards Tamika.

Simon Kalis: I wanted to film the greatest moment of our lives for everyone to see.

Tamika Nash Strader: What'd you mean the-

Before she can finish, Simon drops to one knee as the sun begins to set behind them in a picture-esque moment.

Simon Kalis: I know I'm somewhat of a dork, and I do all kinds of stupid things... Basically almost all the time.

Tamika's eyes begin to water as Simon reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small velvet box, holding it in his left hand as he grabs Tamika's right hand with his right hand. She covers her mouth with her left hand in shock.

Simon Kalis: The thing is, you make me believe in life again. You make me want to live right, and settle down and realize what I'm doing to myself. But most importantly, to those I love. And Tamika? I love you with all my heart and soul.

Simon pops open the box, revealing a diamond engagement ring.

Simon Kalis: I feel like one chapter of my life is coming to an end, I can't keep fighting forever. I'd like to think though, that as this chapter of my life comes to an end... A better one is just beginning. And that it's a chapter dedicated to you, and being the man and husband of your dreams.

Kalis holds up the velvet box and ring to Tamika.

Tamika Nash Strader: Oh my god...

Simon Kalis: Will you marry me?

Tamika nods, holding back tears as Simon slips the ring onto her ring finger.

Tamika Nash Strader: Yes! YES!

Simon stands up and Tamika jumps into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist as they share a passionate and romantic kiss in front of a rooftop sunset in Osaka... We fade back to ringside, where the crowd is silenced with painful emotion.

Jon McDaniel: Folks. There's not much we can really say right now. Simon and Tamika filmed that mere hours before the sudden, vicious and completely horrendous murder of the Strader family.

Brian Rentfro: This was meant to be aired as the start of a beautiful night, and as you're all well aware that is far from what has happened. Our sincerest condolenses to all of the Strader family, their fans and supporters.

Over the ADCTron, we fade backstage to Simon Kalis' locker room. He slowly removes his suit jacket and chucks it aside, very somber as Lean Bean Miller arrives in the room.

Lean Bean Miller: Simon... Are you availible for an interview?

Kalis shakes his head as he puts the PWA Intercontinental title down across the bench in his locker room, the two BWF Tag Team titles already at either side. LBM nods and slowly backs out of the locker room, but there's already someone there waiting to see Simon. Kalis sits down on a chair and we now see him holding that engagement ring in his hand. He breathes heavily as Emily Corlen carefully steps into the locker room, with LBM shaking his head to ward her off.

Emily Corlen: Hey... Simon.

Simon turns his head, the right side of his face teary eyed.

Simon Kalis: Listen... I... Uh..

Kalis coughs and lowers his head, Emily steps forward and kneels down, hugging him.

Simon Kalis: I... I...

Emily Corlen: I know.

Emily glares at the cameras and we fade out just as Simon breaks down into tears...

God Rest Their Souls

Backstage at Osaka-jō Hall. Matthew Engel finds himself in his locker room, listening to his iPod. We don't know what song it is, but we know it's heavy rock with how loud it's blaring in his headphones. Yeah, headphones that actually cover your ears and produce quality sound. Earbuds are for pussies. Matt's vibe is interrupted with a knock on his door. He slides his headphones off.

Matthew Engel: What?

He's obviously not in a pleasant mood. Who could blame him, all things considered.

Bud Adams: It's Bud, Matt. Just wanted to get an interview.

Matthew Engel: No thanks, Bud.

Engel slides the headphones back on. But, Adams is relentless. He actually opens the door, even when he wasn't invited in. What if Engel was know, not dressed or something? Bud walks in, a camera behind him. Voiceover from Rentfro and McDaniel.

Jon McDaniel: That was a little rude, Bud better watch himself.

Brian Rentfro: Obviously Engel doesn't want to be disturbed.

Engel looks up, sliding his headphones back off. He looks fairly upset.

Matthew Engel: What the fuck did I say?

Bud Adams: Matt, you know me. Come on, I'd just like a simple interview before your big match tonight.

Engel shakes his head.

Matthew Engel: Just get the fuck out, Bud. I'm not even kidding you. I will make you eat that microphone.

Adams is obviously upset now, and quite scared. But, the guy is persistent. That's why he won all of those awards for being a good reporter, whenever that happened.

Bud Adams: I don't think that's very nice, Matt. We go back, and you know me. I'm a straight-shooter, but I won't talk about anything you don't want to. I just want to get some more of your thoughts on your AoWF Tag Title defense tonight.

Engel was just about to put his headphones back on, but he lays them and his iPod on a table. Engel stands up, scratching his two-day beard. He's still banged up from his match on Friday night, but that was to be expected. However, other than some cuts and bruises, he looks ready.

Matthew Engel: Listen Bud. It's quite simple. I'm going to destroy the Bluegrass Mafia. I'm going to take Marvin's stupid head and turn it black and blue from turnbuckle to turnbuckle. I'm going to make his crackwhore of a partner eat canvas for a solid ten minutes while I pull and twist her limbs in directions they weren't meant to go in. And this isn't just about me anymore. This isn't about the AoWF Tag Team titles. It's about the terrible loss the entire sport just felt two days ago. I'm going to honor the Straders the best way that I can, because the two other teams in this match couldn't give two shits about them. I'm going to win - for them.

Bud Adams: That was a terrible tragedy, Matt. The AoWF just won't be the same. So you're going to fight in their honor?

Matthew Engel: I really don't have a choice, do I? Meghan and I grew close, and I buried the hatchet with Scott a while ago. The Straders and Engels have a long history, and it's only right that I fight for both families tonight. But - it isn't going to be much of a fight, Bud. Those four other victims don't have any idea what they've got coming to them. Sadly, it isn't their fault. It's just the way it's going to be. Tonight Second 2 None reigns utterly supreme, and the two teams that fall to them can go back to whatever mediocrity they crawled out of and try to pretend to be relevant. Marvin can keep trying to change people's lives, for the worse. Estelle can keep trying to pretend she's a champion, when in fact she's nothing but a troll that grabs on to whatever she can to keep herself from drowning.

Who are you handing out L's to, cunt? Tre Crawford? Wow, I'm fucking impressed. You beat a Simon Kalis wannabe, and then couldn't even get over Riona Langly who's had a worse year so far than Mark fucking Zout.

Oh yeah, you've definitely earned your spot here. Congrats. Congrats on being a last minute replacement because Marvin knew his chances went out the window when Karina left him for greener pastures.

You two aren't ready for this. Better luck next year.

And of course, Chad and Matthew Kurtis can go back to being forgotten. But not me. Not Jethro. We're going to win, and we're going to stay at the top of this community.

Engel is pacing a bit more now. Clearly the adrenaline is pumping through, and all he can think about is cold-blooded murder. He's been on the giving end of that.

Bud Adams: I also wanted to get your opinion on the AoWF World Title match tonight. Who's your pick, Matt?

Matthew Engel: Lisa.

Bud Adams: And why's that?

Matthew Engel: Isn't it obvious?

Bud Adams: She's your half-sister?

Matthew Engel: Bingo.

Bud Adams: You can't give me an unbiased answer?

Matthew Engel: Why should I? O'Ryan waltzed into BWF and got the shot handed to him because Tao is a gigantic cunt. All Teresa had to do was beat someone that's clearly worse than she is. And Simon - don't get me started on him. He fed Chamelion enough money, or sexual favors depending on how you look at it, to get his spot in that match. So, bias or not, clearly Lisa is the only one who deserves her opportunity and she's going to win.

Bud Adams: You're suggesting Simon bought his way in?

Matthew Engel: Well he certainly didn't get there by earning it.

Bud Adams: But Simon was the PWA World Champion, he's a WTM Winner, and has been very successful in the PWA.

Matthew Engel: Simon burned down a PWA ring, Bud. Simon is a fucking bitch. In 2010, he got embarrassed by Laura Estella and she was only in her tenth match and World Champion. In 2011, he was embarrassed by Teresa and she was in her eleventh match. I mean... the guy isn't as good as advertised, but he was reigning supreme when the only credible contenders to his title were fucking Rayn, Lucious Starr, and Matt Stone. Someone with actual talent came along and put him in his place.

It doesn't matter, it's in the past. I can't change Chamelion's decision, and neither did Robinson. So what the fuck ever. I just hope whoever wins that match has the courage to step into the ring with me and put the title on the line. It's only a matter of time before I earn the same title some of the greatest AoWF athletes held as well. And right now, I got nothing but time. But here's a thought for you all. I'm actually going to earn my chance to fight for the AoWF World Title. If that means I have to beat said champion in a non-title match, or wrestle ten other douchebags, it doesn't matter. The AoWF Event Calendar can suck a cock; the champion can put his or her title on the line in any match, according to the rules.

I leave it up to fate at this point. Now, Bud, is that good enough for you?

Bud Adams: Yes, Matt, but I was --

Matthew Engel: You were just leaving, right?

Bud looks down, and nods his head. He leaves the locker room, taking the camera crew with him. We cut back to ringside.

Brian Rentfro: The Virus has made it quite clear he's going for the AoWF World Title after Honor Bound tonight, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: It makes sense, but Engel should worry about one thing at a time. He'll have to defend his own World Title at High Stakes, and chances are it will be against his tag-team partner Jethro Hayes.

Marco Dante vs Cody Bogard

PWA G.B. Contendership Match

The lights in the arena dim as the sounds of gunfire and distant explosions echo through the PA system as CNN footage of the night vision cameras footage "Shock and Awe" campaign over Baghdad, Iraq play on the big screen, there's a sudden big flash as something explodes along with a blast of white pyrotechnics from the stage as the screen goes blank for a moment. The Guitar and drum beat starts as "Super Charger Heaven" by White Zombie starts to blare through the PA.

Jesus lived his life in a cheap hotel
On the edge of Route 66 yeah He lived a dark and
Twisted life and he came right back just to do it
Again - Eye for and eye and a tooth for the truth -
I ain't never seen a demon warp deal'n a
Ring-a-ding rhythm or jukebox racket my
Mind can't clutch the feeling - yeah!


Eric Emerson: "Now Coming to the Ring! standing at a height of 6 feet 2 inches, weighing in at 245 lbs, Hailing from Trenton, New Jersey! He is "The Jersey Devil!" Marcoooo Danttttteeeee!!"

Marco Dante steps from behind the curtain into another shower or white pyrotechnics, wearing a pair of Airmen Battle Uniform Pants with a pair of desert tan Converse Tactical Boots,and a sage green muscle shirt tucked into his pants, black tape on his hands and wrists. The big screen behind him playing highlights from his matches as he starts to walk towards the ring.

Running in MY HEAD YEAH
Running in MY HEAD YEAH

Hell hounds lead at the cowardly kings
And carry souls across the river Styx
Yeah! They see no evil and feel no pain
Sucking juice from a fallen angel - I dreamed
I was a super nova fucker nitro-
Burning and fuel injection - Feed the gods a strychnine
Soul a motherfucker of invention

As he walks, he high fives and knuckles to fans as he passes them, his eyes focused on the ring however, on his opponent if he's the second person out, just before reach the end of the barricade, he runs and baseball slides in under the ropes, jumping to his feet and then moving over to the turnbuckles, climbing each and thrusting both fists into the air, and then let's out a bit of a roar to get the crowd pumped.

Running in MY HEAD YEAH
Running in MY HEAD YEAH

Yeah inbreed the witches
And woship the dogs
Deformed and fuck'n lazy
Damn yourself and choke
On my name I'd love to love ya baby
Deadringer rats swinging in the trees
Immaculate conception Bury me an angel God I need
Some inspiration

Marco Dante then jumps down from the turnbuckle, going to the next, repeating the steps before and so one..for each turnbuckle then a one handed chest pound just before hopping down from the last turnbuckle, he walks to the center of the ring and waves for the crowd to get louder and louder.

Running in MY HEAD YEAH
Running in MY HEAD YEAH!

He then turns to the entrance ramp if his opponent is second, or the center of the ring to await the bell.

The lights suddenly dim down as the opening intro to Dragon Storm 2007 plays. Once the intro finishes and goes into the main theme, smoke emerges from near the entrance way.

A figure emerges from the smoke, standing while looking at the fans as he stands in the shadows. The figure is seen as strobe lights go off to reveal Cody Bogard posing at the entrance way. Cody makes his way to the ring.

Mizukara no ishi de sono tobi tataki
Mizukara no ishi de sono tobira wo hiraku
Taka naru mune no kodou wo Osae kurezu ni
Kokoro ni himeta Tsuyoi toshi wo moyasu

Cody makes his way over to the ring, springing up to the ring apron, climbing the turnbuckle and posing with his arms open in a pose.

Kanayaku daiya no Genseki no youni
[Itsuka wa hikari wo hanatemasu youni...]

Cody jumps from the turnbuckle as he thrusts his arm into the air to a hail of cheers.

Yume no tobira wo hiraku Erabareshi senshitachi
Kagirinaki kanou sei wo Sono mune ni idaita mama
Mizukara wo shinjite tsudoishi nakama wo shinjite
Hatenaki "yume oi bito" wa Ashita e no michi wo iku dake

Cody takes his time to prepare for the match as the theme fades out.

Bogard and Dante immediately tie up in the middle of the ring, a power struggle ensues between the two men. Bogard whips Dante into the ropes and hits a flying shoulder block that knocks Dante hard to the canvas. Bogard quickly rebounds back to his feet, as does Marco Dante. Dante with a hip toss as Bogard rushes at him, Bogard rebounds quickly again and Dante follows it up with a Russian leg sweep! The crowd is feeling electrified and pumped, cheering the quick paced action as both men quickly get back to their feet. Bogard jumps at Dante, latching onto his neck and head, spinning and dropping him to the canvas with a spinning DDT!

Jon McDaniel: Fast paced action here, Dante with a serious DDT here on Dante.

Brian Rentfro: Each of them knows what's at stake here, Jon.

Dante shakes it off but Bogard is quick to the attack, bouncing off the ropes and hitting a stunning missile dropkick to Dante. Bogard hops up onto the top rope and flies off with a stunning frog splash, only to be thwarted by Dante's knees as he raises them up to block the impact. Bogard bounces off clutching his ribs and Dante jumps to his feet ready to take advantadge. Dante lifts Bogard up off the canvas and elbows him directly between the eyes. Cody stumbles back and The Jersey Devil follows it up with a perfectly executed fallaway slam!!! The crowd cheers as Dante covers!




Bogard kicks out, and referee Dwayne Cross holds up two fingers and shakes his head. Bogard rolls away and gets to his feet. Dante and Bogard are back up in the ring and taking shots back and forth now, until Bogard whips Dante towards the corner. Dante catches himself at the last minute and lifts his body upwards, his feet aimed back as Bogard runs towards him. Yet instead of running into Dante's boots, Bogard stops himself and then grabs Dante by the legs and rips him off the corner, spinning and dropping him down onto the canvas with a face-first sitdown powerbomb that ignites the crowd! Not literally of course, but they're certainly into this heated action. Bogard is up and jumps onto the top rope but as he comes off with a double elbow drop Dante rolls out of the away and avoids the hit, Bogard crashing to the canvas hard. Dante is up and lifts Bogard by his head and whips him into the ropes. As Bogard comes back Dante goes for a spinning backbreaker that crushes Bogard to the canvas. Dante rolls off him, breathing heavily and wiping his face, still feeling the effects of that face-first sit down powerbomb from Cody Bogard. Bogard pulls Dante into the Darkness Buster and hits a Kikosho Driver.




Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner and new number one contender for the Grizzly Beer title... Cody Bogard!

The Great Fire of Osaka

I've Been Lonely
I've Been Waiting For You
I'm Pretending
And Thats All I Can Do
(Thats All I Can Do Mama)
The Love I'm Sending Ain't Making It Through To Your Heart
(I Hope You Hear Me)

"Something You Forgot" by Lil Wayne hits and the crowd jumps to their feet as Simon Kalis appears in the entrance ramp, his head lowered.

Since I've Lost You, I'm Lost Too

Kalis steps forward as pyros shoot up, images of the Strader family over the ADCtron. Simon Kalis has his PWA Intercontinental Championship strapped to his waist, and each of the BWF Tag Team titles on his shoulders.

I Was Her Gangster, She Was My Shoulder
You Were The Pistol To My Holster.. Bang

[Chorus: Heart]
[Fades In]
You've Been Hiding, Never Letting It Show
Always Trying, To Keep It Under Control
(I See You Hidin' It Mama)
You Got It Down, And Your Well On Your Way To The Top
(Keep Doin' Your Thing)
But There Is Something You Forgot

Kalis slaps the hands of fans as he passes by, circling the ring slowly and obviously choked up as he does so.

To Me You Are The Brightest Star Under The Sunlight
See Take Away My Title, Take Away My Stripes
You Give Me Back My Girl And You Give Me Back My Life
Give Me Back My Girl And You Give Me Back My Life
See This Is Just A Nightmare, So I Blink Twice
Open Up My Eyes Hopin' She'd Be In My Sight

Simon enters the ring now and raises the BWF Tag titles in the air, pyros shooting off behind him. Simon is thrown a microphone and he begins to speak as the music stops.

Simon Kalis: Now I uh... I don't know what to really say.

The crowd cheers and Simon taps a black armband around his left bicep with the Strader name.

Simon Kalis: Tamika I fucking love you and miss you baby...

Kalis begins choking up immediately, shaking his head.

Simon Kalis: Meghan you were always one tough girl, and god damn... Scott, we never got to do the big one did we? I... I...

Kalis pauses, wiping his eyes.

Simon Kalis: I guess what I'm trying to say really is, I love you all and I'll miss you with all my heart. We will never forget.

Simon places the BWF Tag Team titles on the canvas and closes his eyes, whispering a prayer.

Simon Kalis: Tamika baby, I'll see you soon.

Kalis kisses his ring finger where he has the engagement ring he gave to Tamika originally, dropping the microphone as "Something You Forgot" plays again. Simon slides out of the ring as the fans cheer the Straders, a photo of all three on the ADCtron. As Simon makes his way up the ramp however, suddenly the music is cut.

Voice: Simon! OHHHHH SIMON!!!!

Kalis looks up at the ADCTron, and his eyes widen as we see a burning house on the screen. Not just any house, it is the Kalis residence right here in Osaka, Japan!

Voice: You know, I REALLY wanted to fucking ruin your life tonight. I thought of all the ways I could, and it hit me how perfect your little fucking twat of a girlfriend Tamika and her family being murdered really was!

Kalis looks like his heart just sunk to his stomach as the crowd boos incredibly louder.

Voice: Soon you'll pay for what you did to ME, Simon! I will have my vengeance, and just as you burned the PWA ring down! I will burn your house, your family and your LIFE to ASHES!

On the screen we see Simon's youngest son, Brian waving to the camera as a hooded figure stands with him.

Brian: Don't worry dad, Uncle-

Voice: Shhh.

Brian: Uncle saved me!

Brian smiles innocently, and Simon falls to his knees and holds his chest.

Voice: You think your life was fucked already, Aaron? You have no idea.

The screen cuts to static as Simon is on all fours along the entrance ramp, the crowd in complete and utter shock.

Jon McDaniel: Wow.

Brian Rentfro: ...

Suddenly Emily Corlen rushes out from backstage and grabs Simon by his arms and hoists him up. Simon's legs shake as he covers his face and she helps him backstage as we fade...

Retro N Hip vs Might & Magic (c)

PWA Tag Team Title Match

Eric Emerson: The following match is set for one fall and is for the PWA World Tag Team championship! Introducing first, the challengers...

Quiet as a Mouse" by Margot and the Nuclear So and So's hits the PA and Jimmy G. Freeman rides out from behind the curtain on a bright blue bicycle. He's dressed in a button-up plaid shirt, tight blue jeans, a pair of big plastic glasses, and a pair of Doc Martens. His hair is all over the place, as if he's just rolled out of bed.

He rides down to the ring and the fans throw trash in his direction as he turns up his nose to them. He stops at ringside and props his bike against the ring steps before stepping into the ring and yelling that everyone in the crowd has poor taste in everything. Orville Ichabod follows along behind, in no real hurry.

Eric Emerson: And now introducing the PWA World Tag Team Champions! Weighing in at a combined 675 pounds... Might & Magic!

The gothic organ intro for Hard Rock Hallelujah starts to play as the arena goes dark. Then, as Mr. Lordi starts to yell "Hard Rock Hallelujah!", pyros explode and the Dragon, Moke Doshky, Fantastic Andy Strickland, and Rob Robinson are standing at the top of the entrance ramp. The Dragon is wearing a new red and white Japanese themed mask for the occassion, Doshky is wearing dark red trunks, Robinson is wearing a track suit and the less said about Strickland's attire, the better. The champs are wearing their belts: the Dragon has his around his waist, Doshky is wearing his around one arm, though it seems a little snug.

As the music plays, the four men take their time heading to the ring, with Robinson and Strickland in the lead. Once they get to the ring, the managers hold the ropes open for the tag champs. Senior referee Lance Weston checks the four opponents for weapons and Freeman and the Dragon head to their corners. The ref calls for the bell.

Jon McDaniel: It looks like Ichabod and Doshky will be starting things out. That's an odd choice for Retro 'n' Hip.

Brian Rentfro: I think Jimmy Freeman wants to take some pictures of the arena with his Instamatic before he has to wrestle.

Doshky stands with his hands on his hips as the elderly Ichabod advances. Ichabod tries a shoulder block to no effect. Then he grabs Doshky around the waist and tries to move him, his face turning red with the effort, but he might as well have been trying to move a redwood. Finally he steps back and charges with a clothesline, only to bounce off the big German and fall to the mat himself.

Brian Rentfro: I've never seen anyone walk for a clothesline before.

Jon McDaniel: I'm pretty sure that was his running speed, Brian.

Doshky throws back his head and laughs like some sort of video game villian, then bends down to pull Orville to his feet. Doshky lifts the old man over his head in a gorilla press and then turns slowly so the whole arena can get a good view.

Jon McDaniel: Doshky is looking to end this match early.

Before Doshky can drop Ichabod, Orville rolls to his left, out of the big man's grip and catches his head on the way down, executing a beautiful neck breaker. He follows it up by dropping to the mat to grapevine Doshky's leg.

Brian Rentfro: Now that's a plan, right there. You take out Moke's legs so he can't stand and it doesn't matter how strong he is.

In the ring, Doshky is kicking at Ichabod until the old man lets go. Once they're both on their feet, Orville lands a few chops until Doshky tires of this and literally shoves him across the ring. Ichabod hits the ropes and rebounds back and Doshky nearly takes his head off his a clothesline. Doshky tags in the Dragon. The Dragon slingshots over the ropes, flipping and hitting Ichabod with a leg drop. The Dragon gets to his feet and stands back, waiting on Ichabod. Orville gets to his feet only to find a dropkick waiting for him, sending him right back to the mat. The Dragon stretches and yawns, then checks his fingernails to see if they've grown any since the match started, then gives Ichabod a couple of kicks before stepping back again.

Jon McDaniel: The champions are obviously toying with Ichabod. Freeman needs to get in there and help his partner out.

Brian Rentfro: I don't think there's much point in that, Jon. While I was eating dinner with Rob, he promised me that Might & Magic would win.

Jon McDaniel: Wait, why were you eating dinner with the owner of the company?

Brian Rentfro: So I didn't have to pay $4 for a hot dog.

The Dragon crouches down and starts talking to Ichabod, thought the camera doesn't pick up what is said. Then the Dragon starts slapping the back of his head. Ichabod reaches back and hits the Dragon with an uppercut out of nowhere. The Dragon falls backwards, giving Ichabod enough time to reach his corner and tag in Jimmy Freeman. Dragon gets to his feet and meets Freeman in the middle of the ring. The two men trade punches with the Dragon backing Freeman into a corner. The Dragon grabs Freeman's head and monkey flips him to the middle of the ring. Unfortunately for the champion, Freeman managed to land on his feet and is waiting for his opponent with an eye gouge when the Dragon turns around.

Jon McDaniel: What athleticism!

Brian Rentfro: What cheating! I don't know who to cheer for!

The Dragon falls to his knees and scurries backwards from Freeman's assault until he ends up in the corner with nowhere to go. The Dragon fights his way to his feet, but a well placed knee from Freeman ends any thoughts he was having of turning the tide. Freeman whips the Dragon into the far ropes, then uses the ropes to slingshot himself up to the top turnbuckle. As the Dragon heads back, Freeman leaps off the top with a missile dropkick. Freeman makes the cover. 1...2..kickout!

Jon McDaniel: Hey, its a near fall.

Brian Rentfro: Not near enough to win the titles, though.

Freeman bends down to pick up the Dragon, but the Dragon decides not to cooperate and jabs him in the throat for the effort. Moke motions for the tag and holds out his hand, but the Dragon waves him, mouthing "I've got this". He goes to powerbomb Freeman, but on the way down, Freeman turns it into the Pitchfork Plunge!

Jon McDaniel: That's it, we've got new tag team champions!

Freeman drops to his knees to cover, then gets up shaking his finger at the Dragon and then at Doshky for good measure. Freeman saunders to his corner and tags in Orville Ichabod.

Jon McDaniel: Jimmy is making good on his word to let Orville win the match.

Brian Rentfro: Could you get any more insulting? Man, I'm really starting to like this guy!

As Ichabod gingerly makes his way between the ropes to enter the ring, Doshky easily steps over them to storm his opponent's corner. Orville warns his partner, who turns just in time to eat a flying clothesline, which sends both Freeman and Doshky over the top rope. Fantastic Andy jumps onto the ring apron and starts screaming at the ref, who turns to argue back. Meanwhile, it turns out Robinson's wearing break away track pants as he rips them off to expose tights identical to the Dragon's. Robinson reaches into the pocket of his track suit jacket and pulls out a red and white mask, which he slips on, then rips off the jacket. That accomplished, he grabs Dragon's foot and yanks him out of the ring, then slides in himself.

Jon McDaniel: I can't believe this! The Phoenix is getting personally involved. So that's why he promised you they'd win, huh?

Brian Rentfro: I don't know what you're talking about, Jon. I only see the Dragon.

Jon McDaniel: The problem is you're seeing two of them!

Brian Rentfro: I guess Rob's right, Yoohoo is a helluva drug!

Ichabod doesn't care who happens to be wearing the mask, he just wants to kick some masked ass, so he rushes "the Dragon" with the conviction of someone that will soon be dead anyway. "The Dragon" sidesteps a wild haymaker from Ichabod and scoops him and nails the Flame. As "the Dragon" covers, Fantastic Andy drops off the apron and the referee turns around, amazingly oblivous to the shenanigans that have just transpired. 1...2...3!

Jon McDaniel: The Phoenix just robbed them of the title.

Brian Rentfro: Man, oh man was that some great cheating. From both sides, even. This may be my favorite match ever!

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen... your winners and STILL PWA World Tag Team Champions... Might & Magic!

The Dragon, Doshky, Phoenix, and Fantastic Andy all hurry backstage while Freeman stands outside of the ring, shaking his head in disappointment. He watches as Might & Magic celebrate in the ring. He slides into the ring, just as Orville is coming to, and begins kicking him in the ribs and cursing at him! He lifts Orville and kicks him in the stomach, and follows it up with an emphatic Pitchfork Plunge! He demands the microphone and the crowd boos him with much gusto.

Freeman: You know, I tried. Really, I tried. But you, Mr. Old P. Icy-Hot, are nothing but a leech on the professional wrestling industry. For the last two weeks, you've been more or less silent, and left me flapping in the wind while these Troglodites took turns on playing kickball with my head. But do you give a damn? No, because you're tired, and old, and not worth your weight in garbonzo beans! Next week, on Rampage, I am challenging you to a match. If you've got any honour, or integrity, you'll accept. And if you don't, then I'll just continue making your all ready pathetic life even more miserable.

Jimmy spits on Ichabod and rolls out of the ring as the crowd rains trash on him for beating down an elderly man.


The scene kicks in, Lucious Starr with the PWA Television Title over his shoulder. He stops at a locker room door, knocking. He opens it without bothering for a reply, entering the room. Inside, we see Ash Nukem getting ready for his Grizzly Beer Championship match.

Ash Nukem: Can I help you?

Lucious Starr: Hey, man. Don't get mad at me, dude. I come baring gifts. Well, a gift.

Ash Nukem: What, a beat down from Marxx??

Lucious Starr: Oh, hell no. Marxx is a fuckwit who doesn't deserve his spot. To be honest, I'm rooting for you on this one.

Ash Nukem: Then what are you here for??

Lucious takes the TV Championship off his shoulder, offering it to Nukem. Ash looks to the title, then to Lucious, confused.

Lucious Starr: I wanted the last Television Champion to have his belt... as sort of a momento of his reign.

Ash looks to Lucious, then shakes his head.

Ash Nukem: Thanks for the offer... but I've gotta say no.

It's Lucious' turn to be confused, drawing the title back toward him but only slightly so. Nukem takes his stunned silence as a chance to explain.

Ash Nukem: Look, it was great being Television Champion. It really was. I mean, it meant really being someone. But taking that title... after Rob stripped me and declared it null and void... Taking that title is a means of looking to the past. I've got a Grizzly Beer Title match tonight. That title? That's my future. And I've gotta keep looking to the future if I'm gonna go anywhere, Starr. So... again, thanks. But... I really can't.

Lucious ponders, shaking his head.

Lucious Starr: I can respect that, bro. And I respect you for making that kind of decision. Hey, go out there and beat Marxx into next year, man.

Lucious holds out a hand, Ash cautious as he looks at Starr. He takes the Fury's hand, the two men sharing a handshake and a respectful glance.

Ash Nukem: Will do, dude. Will do.

Lucious turns, exiting the room. Ash looks on, then goes back to lacing up his boots.

Mark McNasty vs Matt Stone

PWA I.C. Contendership Match

Eric Emerson: The following match is set for one fall and the winner will receive a Pioneer Wrestling Association Intercontinental Title shot at High Stakes...

Say whoa (whoa)
The more I feed it (whoa)
The more I need it (whoa)
You say whoa
Whoa is me
I'm so whoa

Matt Stone comes out from the back to a chorus of boos. He struts down the ramp towards the ring, wearing his patterned hoodie with a large Maple Leaf on the back. He threatens to hit a member of the crowd who was holding up a "Canada sucks" sign and just walks on.

Say whoa (whoa)
The more I feed it (whoa)
The more I need it (whoa)
You say whoa
Whoa is me
I'm so whoa

Matt gets on the apron and gets inside the ring, heading straight to a corner and mounts the middle turnbuckle raising his hands. "I'm the best there is!" He shouts out over the loud jeers being rained down on him. He shakes his head to their reaction. "You don't deserve to see me!" He shouts out getting down and taking off the hoodie. Matt get's ready for his opponent, bouncing off the ropes to loosen up as his music fades away

The lights in the arena cut to black and blue as "Whatever you Became" by Cold begins to play.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Atlanta, Gerogia. Weighting in at 255, and standing at 6 foot 3 inches,

Two blue pyros erupt from the stage as smoke begins to flow from the back.

Eric Emerson: He's "The Main Event."

After a moment, out walks Mark McNasty, receiving a huge pop from the audience.

Eric Emerson: MARK MCNASTY!

He stops at the top of the ramp and cocks an eyebrow, as he rubs his chin. He then smiles and points to the crowd before he walks down the ramp. He slaps hands all the way to the ring where he rolls in. Mark then walks to a corner and jumps onto the turnbuckle before pointing out to the crowd, receiving another huge pop. He goes to the opposite corner and does the same, getting another huge pop. He then walks to the center of the ring, looks to his left, then his right, and then straight up. As he does, he raises his arms straight up, and pyros begin reigning down behind him. As the pyros stop, Mark makes his way to his corner as the music fades.

Ding Ding

Collar and elbow lockup, McNasty with a wristlock turning it into a quick hammerlock takes the early advantage. Stone ducks and twists his body until he is behind McNasty and has the ring veteran in a hammerlock of his own. Mark slaps at his shoulder, looking for a way out, he shoves his body backwards. Stone drops the hammerlock, tripping McNasty up and as Mark falls Stone slams his elbow into McNasty's face for added emphasis. Mark rolls out of the way of the elbow and up to his feet quickly, Stone releases a swift kick to McNasty's midsection. Mark is able to catch the foot, Stone nails him in the back of the skull with an enzeguri but McNasty ducks under the blow catching Stone with a bulldog down to the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: What fast paced counter wrestling early on.

Brian Rentfro: McNasty is a ring veteran, Stone is one of the most promising individuals to come up in the PWA ranks in a very long time; I expect only greatness.

Stone crawls for the ropes holding onto the bottom one for a count of four until McNasty is forced to release the hold thanks to the referee being right thre. McNasty quickly holds at his left eye, water streaming from under his cuped palm. The referee is right there yelling something at Stone who shrugs before nailing McNasty with a right hand to the face. The referee admonishes Stone who delivers an palm thrust to McNasty's chest before slamming his head back with one to his face. Stone with an Irish whip sends McNasty into the corner where Stone chops his chest with a vicious knife edge chop.

Brian Rentfro: Stone with the early advantage.

Jon McDaniel: Has nothing to do with the thumb to McNasty's eye does it?

Brian Rentfro: Did you see him thumb Mark in the eye?

Jon McDaniel: No.

Brian Rentfro: Did the referee see him thumb McNasty in the eye?

Jon McDaniel: No.

Brian Rentfro: Then it didn't happen did it?

Stone knees McNasty in the midsection doubling him over and allowing him to grab a side headlock. McNasty fights through the tears lifting Stone up for an atomic drop. Stone slams his feet into the top rope flipping back over McNasty in an awesome display of athleticism. Stone lands on his feet charging in at McNasty jumping up with both knees locked together. McNasty spins out of the way bringing up his heel to connect with Stone's forehead bringing him down to the canvas. McNasty lifts Stone up, wipes hs eye, and shoves him into the corner. McNasty with a shoulder thrust into Stone's midsection doubles him over. Mark brings up his knee into Stone's face standing him up vertically before climbing up and mounting him in the corner.

One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven!

Stone shoves hiim off, but Mark lands solidly on his feet. Stone rushes in but Mark lowers his head sending Stone over with a back body drop. Stone lands on his feet kicking out for Mark's left knee. McNasty side steps the thrust nailing Stone with a clothesline. Stone ducks under spinning around to send a dropkick to McNasty's back. Mark spins into the ropes coming off with a clothesline. Stone ducks under this one as well catching McNasty around the waist from behind. Stone lifts McNasty up for an atomic drop.

Brian Rentfro: Look at Stone go, what a performance!

McNasty flips on over backwards landing behind stone, grabbing him from behind instead. McNasty lifts Stone up for an atomic drop, but Stone shifts his weight forward bringing McNasty's face down onto his knee for the finish of the encounter.

Jon McDaniel: Counter after counter, this is great action, should boost our ratings big time.

Stone is off the ropes, knee dropping the back of McNasty's skull before picking a body part and going after it. Stone stomps down on Mark's left knee before grabbing his ankle and stomping on the side of the kneecap to weaken McNasty's base of operations. Stone leaps up, while holding the ankle, and comes down with the point of his elbow driving right into the kneecap. Mark grunts in pain before kicking out with his right foot connecting with Stone's midsection as he goes for a second elbow drop to the kneecap. Mark pulls himself up quickly nailing Stone in the face with a knee to stand him up and delivering a right fist to Stone's face. The referee admonishes McNasty for the closed fist, but Mark just slams a second one into Stone's face and the referee warns Mark for the last time. McNasty delivers a palm thrust to Stone before whipping him into the corner with an Irish whip.

Jon McDaniel: The referee admonishing Mark McNasty for his closed fists there.

Brian Rentfro: He should, those are illegal.

Mark follows Stone into the corner with a hard clothesline and a chop to the chest.


McNasty with a second chop.


McNasty with a shoulder into Stone's gut doubles him over but the knee lift stands him right back up and Mark is on a roll now. McNasty with an Irish whip into the other corner, but Stone with the reversal however McNasty with a second reversal right into a Whisper in the Wind from Stone!

Brian Rentfro: What a counter from Stone there!

Jon McDaniel: Stone really wants that Intercontinental Title shot against Simon Kalis.

Stone makes the cover as the referee slides into position.



Thr McNasty with a foot on the bottom rope breaks teh count.

Brian Rentfro: That was close there but listen to this crowd into the match.

Jon McDaniel: A country steeped in wrestling tradition Brian.

Stone lifts McNasty up, but Mark with a shot to the kidneys before following it up with a neckbreaker to complete a mini combo that lays Stone out on the canvas. Mark locks on an arm triangle choke to try and force Stone to quit.

Brian Rentfro: A very questionable hold by McNasty, I think he's turning it into a real choke hold.

Jon McDaniel: No he is not, it isn't really a choke hold, but resembles one.

Brian Rentfro: Then why do they call it a choke hold if it is not a choke hold?

Stone reaches out for the ropes, but is a bit far away to grab them. Mark tries to hurry along Stone's energy and oxygen to the brain, but Stone sees the title shot in his near future if he can only reach the ropes and win this match. Stone reaches out again, half the distance is gone about a foot to go.

Jon McDaniel: McNasty is doing all that he can to prevent Stone...

Brian Rentfro: But Stone is fighting through and... he's got the ropes!

Stone holds onto the rope, the muscles in his forearm bunching with the effort of holding on to it and keep from passing out. The referee's count reaches four and McNasty is forced to break the hold or be disqualified. McNasty presses his advantage.

Brian Rentfro: Come on, time out Mark let him catch his breath!

McNasty catches Stone on the rebound, spinning in mid-air with a spinebuster that would be the envy of Arn Anderson. McNasty quickly up and off the ropes with a leg drop to complete his signature move Ouch.

Jon McDaniel: McNasty delivering one of his signature moves there has Stone on the canvas.

Brian Rentfro: Now McNasty going for the cover.




Stone throws a shoulder up, somehow he found enough in his tank to get his shoulder up just in time!

Brian Rentfro: Stone continues, the mark of a true champion.

Jon McDaniel: Stone with a ton of guts and fortitude in his two hundred and five pound frame.

McNasty signals for his finisher move, the Sault Slam as he pulls Stone up. Matt Stone with a knee into McNasty's side halts the move for now. Stone with a quick jumping front kick to McNasty's face that sends him stumbling near the ropes. Stone wastes little time in leaping to the top rope and springing back with a spinning heel kick connecting with McNasty's temple dropping him down onto both knees shaking his head.

Brian Rentfro: Matt Stone making Mark McNasty Kneel Before Zod!

Jon McDaniel: Stone has found his second wind here in this contest for a shot at the PWA Intercontinental Championship.

Brian Rentfro: Stone with the cover.




McNasty gets a shoulder up, keeping his title match hopes alive.

Jon McDaniel: McNasty able to kick out.

Brian Rentfro: That was three!

Stone pulls McNasty back up to his feet, European uppercut knocks McNasty backwards. Stone with an short Irish whip slams McNasty chest first in the corner. Mark stumbles backwards out of the corner right into a German suplex from Stone. A second German suplex. A third German, and Stone spins around delivering a fourth and holding it for the pin!




Mark able to somehow roll a shoulder up and stay in this match.

Jon McDaniel: A kickout born strictly of instinct there.

Brian Rentfro: Has to be because McNasty is out on his back.

Stone lifts McNasty up, placing him on the turnbuckle going for a belly to belly superplex... Mark fires an elbow into Stone's head, a second, and a third causes him to release the hold. Mark stands up, balancing before leaping backwards and catching Stone in an inverted facelock...

Jon McDaniel: M&M!

Brian Rentfro: That totally shouldn't have happened cause Stone won this match, the referee didn't want to admit his failure as a zebra though.

Mark with the cover.




NO! Stone witha foot on the ropes at the last instant, how did he do it?! The crowd are on their feet, really into this match up for the spectacle that it is!

Brian Rentfro: Now, that was clearly two, not near as close as the referee is making it out to be.

Jon McDaniel: Stone able to get his foot on the ropes, but I'm not sure if it was before or after the count of three.

Brian Rentfro: Sure, take McNasty's side.

Mark lifts Stone up, snap suplex onto the canvas before he lifts him back up and nails a snap mare to the former Grizzly Champion. Mark isn't finished though, he is going to put Stone away for good and lifts him to the top turnbuckle, climbing up after him. Mark leaps off with a DDT from the top turnbuckle!

Jon McDaniel: Totally Nasty!

Brian Rentfro: McNasty going for the cover, blah blah blah.




NO! Stone once again with the presence of mind to get a foot on the bottom rope!

Brian Rentfro: That is the mark of a true champion right there in Matt Stone!

Mark is beginning to get a bit frustrated then he whips Stone into the ropes. Stone ducks under the clothesline, McNasty with an arm drag. Stone counters with a spin and takes McNasty down to allow his face to make contact with his knee with a solid connection!

Brian Rentfro: Stone with an unorthadox counter, however it is highly effective!

Both men lay there for the referee's count that reaches seven before both make it up to their feet similtaneously. Stone and McNasty with a collar and elbow lock up, McNasty with a hammerlock. Stone runs up the corner, McNasty coming with him allowing Stone to flip over McNasty and catch him with an inverted facelock into an inverted DDT! But wait, McNasty counters with a shove sending Stone into the ropes to prevent the inverted DDT! Stone off the ropes, McNasty with a back body sends Stone up and over the top rope. NO! WAIT! Stone lands precariously on the top rope leaping out to land on McNasty's shoulders! Mark with a powerbomb, but Stone holds on flipping McNasty over with a hurricanrana instead!

Brian Rentfro: Look at Stone go!

Jon McDaniel: Stone with a rolling thunder of his own to McNasty!

Stone pulls McNasty up, looking for the C-C-C-C Combo Breaker, but McNasty with a forearm to the midsection stops that line of thinking from Stone. McNasty with a neckbreaker, but Stone counters with a neckbreaker of his own! McNasty shoves Stone away preventing neither man from nailing a neckbreaker. Stone and McNasty in the ropes, double clothesline takes both men down! The referee begins his count, he has to after all.






Brian Rentfro: It can't end in a draw!


Jon McDaniel: It can and it just might!




Both men reach their feet just after the count of nine. They both charge at each other.

Jon McDaniel: C-C-C-C Combo Breaker!

Brian Rentfro: Yes!




Ding Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: Winner of the match and receiving the PWA Intercontinental Title shot at High Stakes... Matt Stone!


We find ourselves backstage, following Lucious Starr. He walks with purpose towards the parking lot, barely able to stop as Mark McNasty comes around the corner. The two share a quick glance, Lucious beginning to walk off. McNasty stops him, pointing to the Television Championship hanging off his shoulder.

Mark McNasty: So, you're the newest TV Champ, huh?

Lucious Starr: Naw, man. Actually, I was gonna give it to Ash tonight before his big GB Title match. As a souvenir of sorts.

Mark McNasty: Lemme guess, changed your mind?

Lucious Starr: Actually, he turned it down. Said it was a great moment of his past, but was focused on his future. Kid's a bright one. Definitely going places.

Mark McNasty: Maybe. Hey, if he didn't take it... you think I could buy it off ya?

Lucious Starr: Say wha?

Mark McNasty: Here's the thing. I remain the longest reigning Television Champion in PWA history. And... well, the thing is, I know better than I seem. I've been fighting for years, man, and it's really starting to hit me that "I can't carry this place forever."

McNasty lets out a half-hearted laugh.

Mark McNasty: When I look at that belt, Lucious... I don't just see a piece of gold strapped to a leather belt. I won that thing when I was in a place I was lucky to come back from. And it stands for how hard I'm willing to fight; and how dedicated I can be, even at my absolute worst. It's a part of my legacy, man.

Lucious Starr: Well, I suppose...

Mark McNasty: I'm filthy stinkin' rich, man. Name your price.

Lucious looks to McNasty, who seems eager to get the title off of Lucious. Lucy looks at the belt, then back to McNasty. The belt slides from Lucious' shoulder to his elbow, then to his waiting hands. He holds the title up to McNasty, nodding.

Lucious Starr: Take it, man. It's all yours.

McNasty looks to Starr, slightly confused.

Mark McNasty: Dude... I heard you paid a boatload for this thing... I couldn't...

Lucious Starr: Hey, that was blood money. There's some people I want to get my hands on in the near future, and helping Robinson get the PWA out of the red was my way of... sweetening the pot. The title was simply a means to legitimize that specific task. Frankly, having never held this thing legit, I don't have any real sentimental attachment to it. If it means that much to you... it's yours.

Mark McNasty: Wait, what?... It can't be that simple. Who are you going to want me to stab?

Lucious Starr: Like I said man, it's nothin more than gold and leather. If you don't take it, I'll probably just slap it back on eBay. And I'd rather just give you this as a gesture of respect.

McNasty and Lucious look to each other, McNasty weary. McNasty finally flashes his trademark smile, before taking the title and sliding it over his shoulder. Lucious extends a hand, McNasty shaking it.

Mark McNasty: I don't care what any of these guys say, man. You're good people Lucy....Lucious.

Lucious grins, nodding.

Lucious Starr: Same here, Mark. Same here.

The two release the hold, walking in differing directions. McNasty taps the Television Title a few times as he walks down the hall, heading for the arena.

Ash Nukem vs Marxx (c)

Grizzly Beer Title Match

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, our next match is for the PWA GRIZZLY BEER CHAMPIONSHIP! The match stipulation, as chosen by the champion, will be a Best of 3 Tables Match! In order to win, you must put your opponent through a table twice!

Jon McDaniel: Marxx did mention something about tables in his promos this week, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: This should be interesting.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, weighing in tonight at 175 pounds...

A ridiculous cover of the Beverly Hills Cop theme hits the sound system as Ash Nukem comes out from backstage. He gets a decent reaction from the crowd, and begins to make his way down to the ring.

Eric Emerson: He is a former PWA Television Champion and Tag Team Champion... HE IS... ASH NUKEM!

Ash hits the ring and slides in, getting ready for the match.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent..

The arena is under a dimmed light. Only the tron is flashing as Welcome to the Masquerade by Thousand Foot Krutch plays through the arena. All of a sudden, four bright spotlights starts turning around like on a red carpet and stops all of a sudden, doing a "X" form with their rays of light. Red and blue spotlights turns in circles over the crowd as Marxx appears from the entrance ramp, wearing his signature black leather coat.

He walks to a side of the ramp, raising his arm, then walks to the other side, where he does the same thing. While walking to a side to another, we could notice he was dancing a little bit. After, he comes back to the middle of the entrance ramp as he motions the crowd to cheer louder with his hands each sides of him. From there, he puts his arms in front of his face in his usual X, and then drops them quickly at each sides of him, a huge smile on his face. He let go a "Woo!" before starting his walk to the ring.

Eric Emerson: On his way to the ring, from New Brunswick, Canada, by the way of Indianapolis, Indiana: your Grizzly Beer Champion... MARXX!!

He starts walking on the ramp, clapping in the nearest fans hands. He stops in front of the ring, then turns back by the fans as he takes off his leather coat to the crowd's excitement. Then, he rolls inside the ring and jumps on a corner, where he does an X with his arms in front of his face before dropping them to each side. He jumps off the turnbuckle and does the same thing on the opposite side before going back to his corner, where he starts stretching. He hands over his title to the referee, who raises it in the air.

Brian Rentfro: The title is on the line tonight, Jon. Osaka is going crazy!

Jon McDaniel: Perhaps it's because each side of the ring has two tables folded up against it?

Brian Rentfro: Precisely!


Marxx goes after Nukem and slams his knee into his gut. Nukem is doubled-over and Marxx takes Nukem down with a snap suplex. Marxx up to his feet and stomps on the former TV Champion. Marxx brings Nukem up and gives him a chop across the chest, the crowd responds. Nukem fires back with one of his own, and the crowd responds again. They exchange chops, and Nukem even uses the middle rope as a springboard for a massive chop to Marxx's chest! Marxx is backed in the corner and Nukem charges, but Marxx bends over and lifts Nukem up and over the top rope. Nukem crashes on the floor to the outside!

Jon McDaniel: Nukem's going to need a 1UP to get back in this match after that nasty fall.

Brian Rentfro: Please tell me you're not going to make video game references during this match.

Jon McDaniel: I can't promise you anything, Brian.

Weird to hear Jon making ridiculous comments, but here in Osaka anything is possible - like Simon Kalis winning. Marxx leaps over the top rope and crashes down on Nukem who was just getting to his feet. Marxx gets up and gives Nukem a kick to the back. Then he brings Nukem to his feet and tries to slam him into the ringpost, but Nukem puts his boot up to block it, then slams his elbow into Marxx's face. Nukem fires with lefts and rights, trying to chop down to the bigger man. Nukem knocks Marxx against the barricade with a dropkick. Nukem clotheslines Marxx over the barricade and into the crowd!

Brian Rentfro: The fans here in Osaka can't get enough as the fight spills into the crowd.

Jon McDaniel: Nukem is showing he's willing to do what it takes to win this match.

Nukem hops over the barricade as the fans go crazy around them. Marxx is to his feet and Nukem slams his forearm into Marxx's head, but Marxx fights back with a kick to Nukem's gut. Marxx gives Nukem a push and Nukem is against the barricade, and Marxx nails him with a right hook and left uppercut combo, knocking Nukem back over the barricade onto the floor. Marxx climbs over and begins to set up one of the tables.

Brian Rentfro: Here we go, Jon. Remember you've got to put your opponent through a table twice.

Jon McDaniel: And stacking up two tables for one kill shot doesn't work, right?

Brian Rentfro: I don't think so.

Marxx has the table set up finally, but Nukem is back on his feet and gives Marxx a dropkick to his knee. Marxx falls to a knee and Nukem takes him down with a running knee to the head. Nukem is getting the crowd going by stomping Marxx as hard as he can. He notices the table Marxx has set up. Nukem gets Marxx up to his feet, slamming his fist into his gut a few times. Nukem lays Marxx across the table, then hops onto the apron and climbs to the top turnbuckle.

Jon McDaniel: Ash is looking to go up one in this series with a risky move!

Brian Rentfro: Danger and a high payoff? Sounds right up his alley, Jon.

Ash flies off with a frog splash...

but Marxx rolls out of the way!



Marxx rolls up to his feet as Nukem is lying on top of the table debris, the referee calling for the bell.

Eric Emerson: Winner of the first fall... MARXX!! The match will restart in 30 seconds!

Jon McDaniel: It didn't pay off that time, Brian, but at least Ash made the effort.

Brian Rentfro: Marxx barely escapes going down one fall and lets Ash do the work for him. Sounds like a true PWA champion, Jon.

Thirty seconds have passed and Nukem is back up to his feet, disappointed about losing the first fall. Marxx is in the ring and Nukem enters as well. The referee waves to have the match restart.

Jon McDaniel: Act Two, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Scene...900.

Jon McDaniel: What?

Brian Rentfro: I don't know. You're crazy.


Nukem goes after Marxx and gives him a kick to the side. Marxx blocks most of it and tries to punch Nukem, but Nukem dodges. Nukem goes for a roaring elbow but Marxx goes horizontal like it's 1999 and The Matrix was cool. Nukem turns around and gets met with a boot to the face from Marxx! Marxx crashes down on Nukem with a leg drop. Then Marxx brings Nukem up to his feet, whipping him to the ropes. Nukem bounces back with a diving forearm smash, knocking Marxx down. Nukem drops an elbow on Marxx's sternum, and then brings Marxx up to his feet. Nukem goes for the Sensory Overload and connects!

Jon McDaniel: Sensory Overload right off the bat in the second fall here, Brian!

Brian Rentfro: Yeah but what did it matter, Jon? He's got to put Marxx through a table!

Nukem is up to his feet as Marxx is on the mat, in obvious pain. Nukem goes to the outside, grabbing one of the tables. He slides it into the ring, and gets into the ring himself. Marxx is still down, but trying to get back up to his feet now. Nukem is setting up the table, and Marxx is up to a knee. Nukem takes notice and gives Marxx a kick to the side of the head. Marxx goes down again and Nukem finishes setting up the table. Nukem goes over to Marxx and applies a standing leglock, trying to wear Marxx down even more, but Marxx uses his free leg to give Nukem a stiff kick to the chest. Nukem backs off and Marxx is up to his knee. Nukem tries for another kick, but Marxx grabs Nukem's leg. However, Nukem counters with an enziguri!

Brian Rentfro: And Marxx goes down again!

Jon McDaniel: Nukem has awoke from his slumber ladies and gentlemen. I suppose crashing through a table will do that to you!

Nukem gets Marxx up to his feet and gives him a european uppercut, but the Grizzly Beer champion fights back with a toe stomp and a thunderous clothesline, nearly beheading Nukem. Marxx gets some momentum going, and the crowd is still into it. Marxx gives Nukem a chop to the chest and then throws him into the corner. Marxx charges and crushes Nukem in the corner and then hip tosses him down to the mat. Marxx notices the table and lays Nukem across it.

Jon McDaniel: Nearly deja vu, Brian!

Brian Rentfro: If Nukem can't stop this, Marxx will walk away still the champion!

Marxx is slow to climb to the top rope after what Nukem has put him through so far. Nukem is still sprawled out on the table. Marxx is on the top rope, and the cameras are going off! Marxx leaps off and tries for a shooting star press...

but Nukem rolls off the table just in time!



Jon McDaniel: Sheesh, another high-risk move not paying off...

Brian Rentfro: I guess Marxx didn't learn when he did that to Nukem.

Eric Emerson: And the winner of this fall... ASH NUKEM! The next fall will decide the Grizzly Beer Champion!

Nukem gets his thirty seconds to relax, which he uses. Marxx is climbing off the debris of the table, not feeling too hot after that move. The referee signals for the bell.


Marxx is up to his feet, but gets dropkicked into the ropes by Nukem. Nukem gives Marxx a punch to the gut and then takes Marxx by the head and slams him face-first into the top turnbuckle. Marxx staggers back to the middle of the ring and Nukem connects with a jumping side kick right on Marxx's jaw! Marxx falls like a bag of bricks.

Jon McDaniel: Marxx took a hell of a shot to the jaw there, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: His bell just got rung, that's for sure.

Jon McDaniel: Nukem's on the offensive as he stomps Marxx on the chest a few times. Nukem brings Marxx up to his feet, and tries for another Sensory Overload!

Brian Rentfro: Marxx reverses and hits the Leaving Marxx on top of some of the table debris!!!

Both men are down, but Nukem is worse than Marxx. Marxx is struggling to get to his feet, as Nukem is rolling around trying to resist the pain. Marxx climbs through the ropes and lands on the outside. He grabs another table, and slides it into the ring. He begins to set it up over the broken table already in the ring. Nukem is trying to get to his feet, but Marxx gives him a double axe handle to the back. Marxx grabs Nukem by his head and throws him through the ropes. Nukem bounces off the apron and lands to the outside. Marxx finishes setting up the table.

Jon McDaniel: Smart move by Marxx there, keeping Nukem out of the ring while he sets up the third and possibly final table.

Brian Rentfro: Well if it gets used, it's going to be the last for sure.

Jon McDaniel: Nukem gets back to his feet and notices Marxx finishing up in the ring. Nukem reaches for something underneath the ring...

Brian Rentfro: A Nintendo Wii controller?

Jon McDaniel: Looks painful, Brian.

Nukem slides into the ring and Marxx turns around and BAM! Marxx gets knocked down with the butt-end of that Wii controller. That couldn't have felt good.

Jon McDaniel: I suppose that's legal?

Brian Rentfro: Well naturally a tables match is no disqualification, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: There's nothing natural about getting hit with a gaming system controller, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: And Nukem nails Marxx again with it!

Marxx is bloodied on his forehead now, and Nukem tosses the controller away. The crowd is going crazy. Nukem brings Marxx up to his feet and gives him a chop to the chest again, and then shoves Marxx on top of the table.

Jon McDaniel: Nukem springboards off the middle rope with a moonsault!

Brian Rentfro: He connects on Marxx and sends him through the table! Unbelievable!


Eric Emerson: Winner of the third fall... your new Grizzly Beer Champion... ASH... NUKEM!!!!

Nukem gets up to his feet, his stomach/chest hurting a bit after that move, but he's happy regardless. The referee hands him his new championship, and he raises it up in the air.

Jon McDaniel: Well, Marxx brought a hell of a fight tonight and made Nukem earn this win, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Yes he did, Jon, but Nukem was the more clever fighter and got the win with an assist from his controller friend.

Nukem gives Marxx a salute, and slings the GB title over his left shoulder. He exits the ring, heading backstage to a round of applause from the fans.

Second 2 None (c) vs Cowgirls From Hell vs Bluegrass Mafia vs Marvin Wood & Estelle Webb

AOWF World Tag-Team Championship Match

The scene switches up to the center of the ring where we find our announcer, Eric Emerson, with mic in hand. He gives a small nod and the house lights begin to dim. His powerful voice starts to flow through the stadium. The ruckus crowd begins to die down.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen earlier this week the AOWF Community suffered a devastating loss when Scott Nash Strader and his daughters Meghan and Tamika were taken from us in a most brutal fashion.

He pauses for a moment and moving the mic away from his lips takes a deep breath. The mod din the arena has grown somber.

Eric Emerson: The Straders were great friends and supporters of the wrestling community and their loss will be felt for many years to come.

He pauses again to clear his throat.

Eric Emerson: Tonight Meghan and Tamika Strader were to participate in the AOWF World Tag-Team Championship bout...

It's not really a cheer that goes out. More like a slight ripple that passes through the crowd. Just fans declaring their feelings for the Straders. We will miss you. Not a pop or a giant roar. A clap here, a whistle there, just some way of expressing themselves.

Eric Emerson: So please help me in calling The Cowgirls from Hell down to ringside one last time. Thank you.

The house lights die and in a dark a small mutter starts to build through the arena. The ADCtron flickers to life, bathing the arena in its glow. On the screen two sisters sit with their backs to a bar looking across the distance towards us. Dressed in identical clothing of black fishnet leggings, white BWF logoed t-shirts with "cFh" spray painted across them, and black miniskirts. The moment is frozen in time. The last time they interviewed together.

The scene begins to play...

Meghan Strader: "See Tamika, people that aren't apart of the AoWF's history don't really get the rest of us. We know who are our opponents are (most of us anyways), so it's not like we play an ignorant role."

The scene pauses and doesn't jump so much as it shifts forward in time. Tamika Strader, is in mid sentence when we start up again.

Tamika Strader: "...My sister and I as the Cowgirls from Hell have brought grown men to their knees. We have made the greatest tag teams in recent years look amateur in first title reigns. That legacy of Strader family dominance in the tag team division, is going to continue ..."

Again the scene pauses and we're shifted forward in time but just briefly. Sneers now rest across their faces. A trademark sneer from a legendary family.

The Cowgirls from Hell: "We're taking over this town."

Pantera's "Cowboys From Hell" hits the sound system as the image of the two Strader women blinks away. We are once again plunged into darkness. A small cheer begins to build through the arena. People unsure if this is what they should be doing.

Eric Emerson: Let them hear you ladies and gentlemen.

Not much more provoking is needed as finally, fans full of emotion, ignite into a giant roar. Then at the seventeen second mark of "Cowboys From Hell" trademark gold and silver pyros shoot upwards in the air. The arena flashes in blue and silver.

"Ooooooh, COME ON!"

Eric Emerson: Now coming to the ring and hailing from London, Ontario, Canada, they weigh in at a combined weight of two hundred and sixty five pounds...

The ADCtron again flickers to life to find PWA's last stock footage of the Cowgirls from Hell riding out on a couple Harley Davidson Sporters, with the cFh logo airbrushed on the tanks. They rev the bikes as the fans head bang to the music.

Eric Emerson: They are former and longest reigning PWA World Tag Team Champions AND are the current BWF World Tag Team Champions...

On the ADCtron the girls start to the ride down to the ring. Meghan is on the left so she takes the left and Tamika takes the right. Live and in the arena the fans are going nuts. Chants of cFh have started to build and build.

Back on the screen the Cowgirls park in front of the announcers table.

Eric Emerson: Representing the BWF in this AOWF World Tag Team bout! They are Meghan and Tamika Nash Strader, they are...the COWGIRLS FROM HELL!!

On the screen Meghan and Tamika slide under the bottom rope. Meghan takes one corner and Tamika takes the opposite. They raise their fists in the air to the beat of the song, as the fans cheer loudly. They step down, and walk towards each other placing their foreheads against each other. They yell...


...and then take off the then PWA World Tag Team titles from around their waists, handing them to a ringside attendant. Slowly their music begins to fade away as the image of the two Straders standing together at a turnbuckle pauses and holds.

The cheering begins to die down as the moment stretches. Finally a lone spotlight shines down from the rafters and lands upon one of the turnbuckles. The padding on this turnbuckle has now been covered in black. Seemingly the same corner that the Straders had chosen all those months ago. The image of the Cowgirls hold. The spotlight holds. Silence ensues.

Abruptly everything goes dark once again.

Jon McDaniel: Brian, are you crying?

Brian Rentfro: No... I just got something in my eye.

The house lights come back to life and after a momentary pause, "Maniac" by Kid Cudi hits the PA ...


Eric Emerson: And now coming to the ring from New Ithaca, Ontario. Standing at five-feet five-inches and weighing in at 105-pounds...

Kid Cudi harmonizes in the background as the melodic verses from MANIAC enter the ears of everyone involved. Estelle Webb comes prancing out from behind the curtain. She wastes little time on fanfare and instead heads straight for the ring. And emotional arena cheers her approach to the squared circle.

Eric Emerson: She is the Webb Champion! She is the Space Age!

Reaching ringside Estelle Webb slides in under the bottom rope and is quick to pop up to her feet.

Eric Emerson: She is one half of the team representing the VW. She is.... ESTELLE WEBB!!

Again the fans pop, caught up in the moment, but Webb chooses not to acknowledge them. Instead as her music fades she moves towards an empty turnbuckle and leans back against it heavily. Her eyes begin to wander the stadium.

The first few chords of Edward Elgar's fourth Pomp & Circumstance March are played from the PA system into the arena. The euphoria seems to be wearing off as a few boos and jeers start to build through the arena.

Eric Emerson: Coming to the ring now from Pontefract, England. Standing at six-feet two-inches and weighing in at 230-pounds...

Marvin Wood appears from behind the curtain with a dour expression on his face. He walks to the middle of the stage area and stands there for a few seconds, to survey the audience. The boos start to build in intensity. Satisfied he nods to himself and then begins walking down the entrance-way. He looks at no-one as he approaches the ring, but stretches his fingers a bit. He stretches three fingers on each hand, first, and then four fingers on each hand.

Eric Emerson: He is the self proclaim Purist of the AOWF...

Marvin walks towards the ring steps, and walks up them and towards the middle of the apron, sliding his hand over the top rope as he does so. He looks across the way to Webb and gives her a brief nod. Finally he swings into the ring, right leg first and then left leg. He enters with plenty of pomp and circumstance, as if he were a foot taller than he is.

Eric Emerson: He is the other half of the team representing the VW. He is... MARVIN WOOD!!

Marvin raises a couple of fingers to acknowledge his name being announced but doesn't make a flourish of it. Nor does he move towards the corner that Webb had chosen for them. Instead he focuses in on the black padded corner that had been chosen as memorial for the Cowgirls. A slight smile touches his lips as he starts to make his way towards that set of turnbuckles.

Jon McDaniel: On now this is just wrong! Does the man have no sense of decency!

Brian Rentfro: He's British, Jon. He's British.

The booing from the fans intensify as Marvin reaches the turnbuckle and slumps back against them luxuriously. With a little shake of her head and a rolling of her eyes Webb, begrudgingly makes her way towards Wood and his chosen spot. His music is soon to fade away.

Eric Emerson: And now coming to the ring...

"Cocky" by Kid Rock assaults the arena's PA system and the fans are once more thrown into cheers. Marvin seems somewhat displeased by this, but continues his conversation with Webb nonetheless.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Kentucky and weighing in at a combined weight of 550-pounds...

Blue and green pyros begin to erupt around the entrance way as Chad and Matthew Kurtis push their way out from behind. They stand shoulder to shoulder amongst the spray from the pyro display as the fans roar with vigor.

Eric Emerson: They are former RPW Tag Team Champions. They are "The Show" Chad Kurtis and "The Bluegrass Badass" Matthew Kurtis...

With a nod to each other the two brothers start to run down to ringside. Once their they launch themselves beneath the bottom rope and then spring up to their feet with their arms raised in the air at the middle of the ring. The fans pop again.

Eric Emerson: Representing RPW. They are... THE BLUEGRASS MAFIA!!

The Kurtis brothers acknowledge the fans in a sweeping 360-degree turn. Their turn ends with them facing the team of Wood and Webb. The two Victory wrestlers spare them only a momentary look before returning to their conversation. A conversation that seems quite animated on the part of Webb at least.

Jon McDaniel: You could consider The Bluegrass Mafia a last minute substitution here, Brian. They didn't find out until just a few weeks ago that they were replacing another RPW team for this opportunity. Not sure how much time they had to prepare especially considering they're coming off a small wrestling tour.

Brian Rentfro: What team did they replace, Jon?

Jon McDaniel: Hell if I can remember, Brian.

Kid Rock starts to fade away as the Kurtis brothers move towards their own corner. A decision on their part was seemingly made prior to this as the smaller Chad hops out of the ring leaving his brother, Matthew, inside.

Eric Emerson: And finally coming to the ring...

"All Nightmare Long" by Metallica hits the sound system and cheers for the Bluegrass Mafia intensify.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Wisconsin and Georgia respectfully and weighing in at a combined weight of 525 pounds...

Matthew Engel and Jethro Hayes walk out from backstage to a mixed reaction of cheers with some speckled boos. The guitars and drums of All Nightmare Long take over the ambiance, however, and Hayes and Engel make their descent to the ring. Engel is in his usual dark green tuxedo attire, and Jethro Hayes is sporting his overalls and John Deere hat once again. Both men keep their eyes on the ring, and their opponents, not letting the crowd distract them or make them lose focus. Engel is featuring his PWA World Championship on his right shoulder, and his AoWF World Tag-Team Championship around his waist. Jethro Hayes has the other AoWF World Tag-Team Championship.

Brian Rentfro: Champs are looking good, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: That they are, Brian.

"Luck.. runs... out"

"Crawl from the wreckage one more time Horrific memory twists the mind
Dark, rutted, cold and hard to turn
Path of destruction, feel it burn"

"Still-life incarnation
Still-life infamy
Hallucination, heresy
Still you run, what's to come? What's to be?"

Eric Emerson: They are the current PWA World Tag Team Champions! They hold one half of the AOWF World Tag Team Titles. Between them they have a combined 17 PWA Championships...

Brian Rentfro: That's a mouth full.

-Cause we hunt you down without mercy
Hunt you down all nightmare long
Feel us breathe upon your face
Feel us shift, every move we trace-

-Hunt you down without mercy
Hunt you down all nightmare long, yeah!
Luck.. runs.. out
You crawl back in, but your luck runs out-

Hayes and Engel make it to the ring. Engel slides in, and Hayes takes the steel steps and climbs into the ring through the ropes. Hayes takes a moment to give a little nod to the Kurtis brothers who in turn return the nod and then both he and Engel turn their focus towards Webb and Wood. The two Victory representatives deem to look towards Hayes and Engel. With a small smile Wood pats the blackened turnbuckle.

Jon McDaniel: Uh oh!

Brian Rentfro: Kick his face in Virus!

Engel starts to take a purposeful step towards Woods but a hand on his shoulder from Hayes stops him and spins him towards an empty corner. With a sour expression on his face and a last look over his shoulder at Wood, Engel begins to take off his jacket, tie, and dress shirt, leaving his white wife-beater on.

Eric Emerson: They are PWA Hall of Famers "The Virus" Matthew Engel and "The Southern Hero" Jethro Hayes....

"Then you crawl back in
Into your obsession
Never to return
This is your confession"


"Hunt you down without mercy!
Hunt you down all nightmare long!
Feel us breathe upon your face
Feel us shift, every move we trace"

"Hunt you down without mercy Hunt you down all nightmare long, yeah!
Luck.. runs.. out
You crawl back in, but your luck runs out"


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen these are your PWA representatives. They are... SECOND 2 NONE!!

"All Nightmare Long" dies down but the roaring crowd does not. In their corner Hayes and Engel look over towards team Victory. Finally Hayes pats Engel on the shoulder and The Virus slips out of the ring and takes up a spot on the apron.

On the other side of the ring Webb and Wood still seem undecided about who should start. Finally Webb holds up a hand to Wood and slips out of the ring. With an exhale of breath Wood turns to face his opponents.

Jon McDaniel: Well here we go Brian. This is it. This is for the AOWF World Tag Team Championship.

Brian Rentfro: Let's go PWA!


The three men in question: Hayes, Matthew Kurtis and Wood start a slow circle around the ring. Their eyes flicker from one to the other as they move around the edge of the ring. None of them wanting to engage the other and leave their backs exposed to the free man. The circle begins to grow tighter and tighter.

Jon McDaniel: Someone's going to have to make the first move here, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Come on! Fight already!

As they move to within feet of one another Wood makes the first move. Feinting an attack on Jethro he instead spins to deliver a hard elbow into Kurtis' midsection. Kurtis doubles over at the loss of air, but instead of pressing the attack Wood spins to narrowly avoid a double axe handle from Hayes. Missing Wood the attack instead drives into the back of the Bluegrass Badasses head, dropping him to the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: WHOA! I don't think Jethro was planning on that.

Brian Rentfro: Doesn't matter Hayes! Just hit everything!

Though it may have been unintentional it doesn't seem to phase the Southern Hero as he is quick to turn from the downed Kurtis right into a big boot from Wood into the midsection. Hayes takes a stumbling step back grabbing at his stomach as Woods launches himself towards Jethro with a powerful lariat.

Jon McDaniel: And that sends Hayes back peddling towards the ropes! But he stays on his feet!

Brian Rentfro: Come on hick fight back!

Jon McDaniel: Marvin not relenting as now he starts to deliver a series of knife edge chops! He needs to get the bigger man down on the canvas where he's at his best.

Marvin winds back for another chop and another. He changes it up with an elbow smash to the face and then a knee to the midsection again. Jethro, stays up on the ropes deploying the Dope on the Rope tactic. He goes in for another attack when he's caught from behind by Kurtis and pulled up and then slammed down with a suplex. Matthew holds the suplex, pinning Marvin's shoulder to the mat. The ref goes down for the count.

Jon McDaniel: One!

Brian Rentfro: Thank God...

Marvin is quick to kick out. Webb and Engel both only managed to get one foot in the ring before Marvin is rolling away from Matthew. Kurtis is quick to push up to his feet and press his attack on Marvin. Seeing Kurtis approach Martin decides to roll out of the ring for a quick breather. Clutching the back of his head he starts to make his way towards Webb.

Jon McDaniel: Doesn't look like Matthew is going to press the attack as he turns his attention back towards Hayes who still looks a little dazed from those flurry of attacks that Wood unleashed.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah maybe the big doofus should worry more about his training and less about walks in the park. COME ON JETHRO!

Matthew hooks up with Jethro against the ropes and launches him across the ring. Jethro goes barreling into the far ropes and rebounds back towards an incoming Matthew who launches himself with a clothesline. The impact drops Hayes to the canvas, the back of his head bouncing off the ring floor. Matthew doesn't waste time with a cover. He knows enough of Hayes to know he's not done yet. Quickly he rolls up to his knees and drops a couple of hard shots into Jethro's face.

Jon McDaniel: Should be noted that there is no count out in this match as Marvin is still talking with Webb. Looks like Matthew is going to take them back to their feet.

Brian Rentfro: Oh for the love of God would you just tag in Engel you big lummox!

With a handful of Jethro's hair Kurtis drags the Southern Hero to his feet and gives him a hard right cross. Hayes stumbles backwards and Kurtis presses the attack. Locking on to Hayes the Bluegrass Badass pulls him down in set up for a DDT. He goes to execute the move but Jethro holds firm. Matthew tries again but this time he's picked up and bull rushed forward into the empty turnbuckle.

Jon McDaniel: OH! That was a bone crushing collision there!

Brian Rentfro: Do something with it now Hayes.

Hayes separates himself from Kurtis and drives a hard elbow into the bridge of his nose. He follows that up with a couple of chops to the chest and then for good measure drives a big boot into his face. Behind him Marvin has decided to slip into the ring. He stays in his corner, watching... waiting. Webb's hand finds his shoulder.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like Hayes is getting ready to take Matthew for a stroll, AND Hayes sends Kurtis flying towards the far turnbuckle on a collision course with Marvin!

Hayes goes running in behind Kurtis, but as Kurtis nears Wood rolls to his right. On the apron Webb launches herself to the top of the turnbuckle and then leaps. She clears Matthew who slams into the turnbuckle she'd just vacated but catches Jethro with a body splash that lays them both out. She goes for the pin attempt. At Matthew slumps heavily against the turnbuckle.

Brian Rentfro: ONE!



Brian Rentfro: For the love of...

Again Chad and Engel barely start to get into the ring before the pin attempt is stopped. Webb wastes no time in pressing the attack as she pops up to her feet and drives a couple of hard boots right into Jethro's face. Turning she launches herself towards Matthew and walking up his body latches onto him with a reverse headlock. Marvin is there to give a little extra push as Kurtis is pulled down into a reverse DDT. Again Webb tries for a quick cover.

Jon McDaniel: ONE!


NO! Jethro is there to break it up. He didn't even have to get up. He was able to just kick Webb off the pin attempt from where he was.

Brian Rentfro: Well at least he's staying aware. Hey Jon don't you think Webb looks kind of skanky?

Jon McDaniel: Trying to call a match, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Well yeah, but she just has that real dirty girl look you know?

Webb again is quick to her feet. So close to their corner Marvin is there with an outstretched hand, but she ignores it and moves past Kurtis to go after Jethro. She goes in for a stomp but Hayes catches her foot and shoves her lighter frame backwards. Webb stumbles backwards right into a school boy from Kurtis.

Jon McDaniel: ONE!



Marvin with the save as he kicks Kurtis off his partner.

Brian Rentfro: Even when Hayes does something good he almost messes it up.

Wood slips back out of the ring as Matthew groggily rolls up to his feet, Webb more surprised than hurt is quickly back to hers as well. Beyond them Hayes pulls himself up with the ropes. For a moment a Mexican stand off ensues before Webb launches herself towards Kurtis.

Jon McDaniel: Kurtis swings with a haymaker! MISSES as Webb slides between his legs!

Brian Rentfro: I'm sure she's use to being there.

Webb uses the momentum of her slide to carry her up to her feet, and then launches herself at Hayes with a spinning heel kick. She connects and sends Hayes stumbling back along the ropes, but a firm grip on the top rope keeps him from falling. Webb rolls back up to her feet and turns her attention back towards Matthew who has already started to move towards her.

Jon McDaniel: Here comes Kurtis with a full head of steam. He tries for a clothesline but Webb ducks under that. She flows up behind him DROPKICK!

Kurtis hits the ropes and tips over the top spilling out onto the floor. In her corner Marvin is beckoning for a tag. Instead Webb turns her attention back to Hayes. She goes charging towards Hayes, but at the last second Hayes ducks his head and catches Webb in a Georgia Slam. Webb struggles against the hold driving hard shots into Hayes kidney's. Jethro finally has enough and sends Webb for a ride.

Jon McDaniel: WHOA! Jethro just sent Webb flying over the top rope and crashing into Kurtis! What a collision!

Brian Rentfro: I'm sure she's also use to having guys slam into her.

Jon McDaniel: Please Brian.

Brian Rentfro: I'm just saying Jon.

For a moment it looks like Jethro is considering taking it outside, but instead turns towards his corner to make a tag. Marvin takes that opportunity to slip down off the apron and start making his way towards Webb and Matthew Kurtis.

Jon McDaniel: Jethro making the smart move here. Tag matches can be long drawn out affairs. Get some rest when you can.

Brian Rentfro: Finally some Virus action.

The tag is made and Engel, noticing Marvin's movement, just hops down from the apron and starts to make his way towards the same tangle of bodies. Chad, who's the furthest away seems torn between going down there to watch his brothers back or staying in place to make the tag should Matthew get back in the ring. He seems to make up his mind as he hops down off the apron and starts to converge on the others.

Jon McDaniel: It's about to get real sticky here at ringside Brian. That's a lot of bodies in one spot.

Brian Rentfro: I'm sure Webb is use to being around that many male bod...

Jon McDaniel: Alright Brian we get it.

Brian Rentfro: Just saying she's an experienced wrestler. I'm sure this isn't the first time she's had to deal with multiple opponents.

Jon McDaniel: Oh well. I didn't realize. I'm sorry.

Brian Rentfro: I'm just kidding Jon. I was totally eluding to her being a whore.

Jon McDaniel: Right.

Webb finally manages to roll herself off of Matthew and sends him a weak kick to his ribs for the effort. Kurtis responds with an elbow to the jaw. A look of rage crosses her face as she throws herself at Kurtis and starts dropping fists into his face. Marvin and Engel approach the scene at roughly the same time. Neither one makes a move, clearly weighing all the possible scenarios in this situation before acting.

With a huge push Matthew flings Webb away from him and into the steel railing. Shaking his head he starts to dizzily push up to his feet. Marvin decides to make his move then as he decides to send a forearm into Matthew's jaw. Engel launches himself at Marvin, leaping and springing off the nearby railing to drive into Marvin with a flying knee.

Jon McDaniel: Pandemonium Brian! And now here comes Chad Kurtis in behind Wood and drops him with a bulldog! Engel not playing favorites though a send a stiff kick right into Chad's face!

Brian Rentfro: That's what I like about Virus. He only really cares about himself. What the hell is Jethro doing anway?

Hayes watches from his corner. He doesn't seem too concerned with what's happening outside the ring. Back in the fray Webb pushes herself up and sends herself flying towards a dazed Matthew Kurtis, who catches her in a life crushing bear hug.

Jon McDaniel: Webb is sending hard shots into Kurtis' face, but he's not giving up. He's squeezing her like a rag doll! She's starting to fade.

Brian Rentfro: Virus looks like he wants to bring in the big guns.

Engel turns from the downed forms of Marvin and Chad and moves to collect a chair. Marvin rolls away from Chad onto his back clutching at his forehead. Engel turns, not towards Webb or Matthew, but back towards Wood. With the chair raised Engel goes charging in.

Jon McDaniel: Here come Engel! NO! Wood sends out a kick that catches The Virus in the knee and sends him down to the ground. I think Wood did some real damage there. Engel has forgotten about that chair and is clutching at his knee. Wood however is quite aware of the location of the chair and snagging it up, hops up to his feet and brings a hard shot crashing down across Engel's head.

Brian Rentfro: Oh look big dumb Jethro finally looks like he's going to get involved.

Jon McDaniel: I don't blame him. Engel seemed to have the situation under control.

Webb's punches and knees have started to grow weaker and weaker as Matthew continues to apply his bear hug to Webb. Realizing her shots aren't working she brings her small hands up to his neck and starts to strangle him. Enraged Matthew drops a headbutt into her face which causes her nose to explode in blood. Matthew again drives his forehead into Webb's face and she goes limp in his arms. A dazed Engel starts to crawl away from the confusion, still grabbing at his knee.

Jon McDaniel: That's it. Webb's gone. She's out. Matthew letting her slip from his arms... OH!! Marvin just damn near caved in Kurtis' face with that chair shot.

Brian Rentfro: Nobody puts Baby in the corner.

Jon McDaniel: What?

Brian Rentfro: I don't know Jon I'm tired.

Marvin spins and catches an approaching Chad Kurtis in the chest, and though pain blossoms across Chad's face he clutches onto the chair and pulls it away from Marvin's grip. Chad stumbles backwards into the railing clutching the chair. Marvin starts to move towards Chad, but instead is caught from behind by Hayes and rammed face first into the ring apron. Engel disappears around the far side of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: There are just too many bodies in that small area. No one can keep the advantage.

Brian Rentfro: I wish someone would be smart enough to get back in the ring and finish this thing off.

Jethro goes to slam Marvin into the apron again, but this time Marvin catches himself and sends a hard elbow right into Jethro's sternum. Haynes staggers back trying to catch his breath and receives a chair shot to the back of the head from Chad. Hayes falls forward and Marvin finishes him off with a knee to the face.

Jon McDaniel: Jethro just had his life rearranged there! Chad not wasting any time dwelling on Hayes as he swings for Marvin, and finds nothing but apron.

Brian Rentfro: Marvin Wood is as slippery as an eel. And as arrogant as a Briton.

Marvin almost makes a clean getaway from Chad, but his foot gets caught on the unconscious body of, Matthew Kurtis and he stumbles to the ground. Chad pushes his attack, but is suddenly pulled down face first to the ground by Webb as she applies an ankle lock.

Jon McDaniel: That chair's not going to help Chad now. Look at the leverage Webb has. And now here comes Marvin... the opportunist.

Brian Rentfro: Have to respect the man's style Jon. I really do.

Marvin uses a foot to slide the chair back away from Chad and then drops down onto Kurtis with a cross face. He wrenches back on it as he yells over his shoulder at Webb. Estelle nods and releasing the ankle lock pushes up to her feet and rolls into the ring. Using the ropes she slowly pulls herself up to her feet.

A dazed Matthew likewise starts to show signs of movement. Webb yells down to her partner, pointing to Matthew, and with a nod of his head Wood releases his hold and rolls up to his feet. Making his way over to Matthew, Wood pulls him up and with a hard right cross, rolls him into the ring where Webb starts to rain down on him with stomps.

Jon McDaniel: Finally two of the competitors are back in the ring. Webb really stomping the living snot out of Kurtis!

Brian Rentfro: Looks like Wood's going to keep Chad and Jethro busy on the outside.

Chad has already started to push back up to his feet as Wood turns, but Marvin seems only slightly concerned about Chad. His gaze sweeps around the ring... searching. Chad starts to advance on him so Marvin is forced to deal with the matter at hand. Nearby Jethro starts to show signs of movement as Chad and Wood begin to exchange blows.

Jon McDaniel: Webb is in a perfect position right now to finish this thing off. All alone in that ring with Matthew Kurtis. IMITATION ISN'T FLATTERY! Estelle, with her signature moonsault stomp off the ropes and here goes the pin!




Foot on the ropes! Kurtis gets his foot on the ropes!

Brian Rentfro: That rule just needs to go away.

Frustrated Webb slaps the canvas with her hand and grabbing Kurtis by an arm starts to drag him away from the ropes. At the middle of the ring she drops a few more kicks into his face and then turning him over drops down onto him...

Jon McDaniel: END GAME! Webb's just synched on the End Game and this could be it! No one's there to make the save!

Brian Rentfro: Where the hell is The Virus!?!

Around ringside Chad and Marvin continue to exchange blows. Chad glances aside for a moment to the ring and sees his partner in trouble. Marvin goes for a lock up but Chad is quick to back away from that. He then tries to make it to the ring but Marvin pulls him back and fires him into the ring barrier. Wood then follows up with a choke on Kurtis, and misses Jethro sliding into the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Marvin has one down but he can't keep track of them both.

Matthew looks to be on the verge of quitting, just as Jethro comes in and clobbers Estelle with an Axe-Handle smash. The hold is instantly broken but Jethro can't follow up, and goes down to the mat as Marvin grabs him through the ropes. Estelle then Dropkicks him through the ropes and lets Marvin take him to the floor. Estelle then turns back around to finish Kurtis. Meanwhile Matthew Engel is finally making his way back up the ring apron.

Brian Rentfro: He's back! We're saved!

Jon McDaniel: Not if he doesn't get a move on.

Estelle drags Matthew off the mat, only to be caught with a fist around the throat.

Brian Rentfro: He's got her up for the Chokeslam!

Matthew drags himself onto the apron as Estelle struggles at the end of Kurtis' grip. He then lifts her straight up, but Estelle fight back by throwing out a kick. That breaks him off. Then she charges forward, throwing up a knee and crushing it against his face.

Jon McDaniel: Estelle knocks Kurtis clean out with the Evolver!

Brian Rentfro: And Engel still isn't there!

The Virus drags himself up the ropes. Estelle then lays on the cover.




Brian Rentfro: Chad pulls her out the ring!

Chad pulls Estelle off his partner and smashes her into the guardrail. Estelle tries to fight back but Chad wails on her with a chair and sends her across the floor.

Jon McDaniel: Chad has Estelle, Marvin has his hands full with Jethro, Matthew is down...

Brian Rentfro: And no one is watching Engel!

It takes him an age to fight up onto the top-rope, but he makes it, and then hurls himself toward Kurtis.

Brian Rentfro: EUTHANASIA!

Jon McDaniel: And he lands hard!

Engel rolls off clutching his knee, but the PWA faithful fans cheer him on. On the outside Marvin rids himself of Jethro and charges after Kurtis.

Brian Rentfro: The pin! He's got it!


Marvin charges...


And takes out Kurtis before he can brain Estelle with a chair.


Brian Rentfro: The PWA takes tag gold!

Jon McDaniel: Yeah but Engel is shot.

The Virus rolls off onto his back as Jethro runs in with the belts. He looks ecstatic but that quickly fades when he sees Matt's on the mat. The two exchange words and Jethro quickly moves to help him. Outside the ring Estelle rips Kurtis jaw with another High Knee. She then leaves him laying and marches passed Marvin, bumping shoulders with him for good measure before marching up the ramp.

Jon McDaniel: Marvin and Estelle don't look happy.

Brian Rentfro: Those are just their faces.

Jethro hands Engel his belt and pulls him to his feet, careful not to hurt him anymore than he already than he already is.

Jon McDaniel: So Engel retains and Jethro gets his first taste of AoWF gold, but at what cost.

Brian Rentfro: Who knows Jon, could just be a sprain, but that's tomorrow's problem.

Jon McDaniel: Long as we got the titles, right Brian?

Brian Rentfro: Right!

Jethro helps Engel to the floor and up the ramp, but Engel stops them in their tracks at the top of the ramp. He then turns, grimacing, but still holding his title high.

Brian Rentfro: Look at that Jon .Even gimped up to high hell he still holds his title proud.

Simon Kalis vs Alexander O'Ryan vs Lisa Seldon vs Teresa Quaranta

AOWF World Heavyweight Championship Match

Our camera view once more swings back to the ring. The familiar forms of both Joel Cronus and Eric Emerson are seen stepping through the ropes. The crowd buzz starts to build in intensity. Once at centre stage Joel thumbs his mic to life as the house lights drop.

Joel Cronus: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now my pleasure to introduce the main event of the night and the week... a one fall to a finish Fatal Fourway contest for the Alliance of Wrestling Federation's World Championship!

As expected the crowd is rapturous, cheering and stamping their feet. In the ring Joel, having made the initial announcement, passes the microphone back to Eric, where upon the two exchange a few pleasantries before Joel gives up the floor and exits the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Joel Cronus of course the signature voice of the AoWF, turning up tonight to make the official introduction for this momentous occasion.

Brian Rentfro: What a night it's going to be too. We're about to crown the eighth holder to the prestigious AoWF World championship and the first since 2003.

Jon McDaniel: And they'll be up there with some of the greats in our industry. Jeffery Drake, Shawn Twilight, Styx, Willy Moran... Angel.

Brian Rentfro: Guess they can't all be special.

Jon McDaniel: Yeah I know. Anyway...

Back to the ring, the lights lower.

Eric Emerson: Coming to the ring first...

The PA system remains silent as Alexander O'Ryan emerges from behind the curtain with Scott Benjamin at his side. Normally Benjamin would announce his talent, but the AOWF didn't allow him to do so tonight. The expressions on both of thier faces seem a little more sour then usual.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Mexico City, New Mexico by way of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He stands at six-feet even and weighs in at 222-pounds...

The jeers coming from the crowd seem amazingly loud amidst the lack of entrance music or any other kind of fanfare. O'Ryan doesn't seem to notice as he makes his way to the ring, not ignoring the crowd, but giving zero specified reaction to them either, simply taking it all in for what it is with a smug grin on his face. Beside him Benjamin is a bit more perceptive to the reaction has some some choice words for those close enough to hear.

Eric Emerson: A former PWA Grizzly Beer Champion, but tonight he fights for the BWF...

The pair reach ringside and ascend the steel steps. Benjamin holds the ropes open for O'Ryan and then follows Alexander from the outside as O'Ryan selects a corner and leans into it.

Eric Emerson: He is the Rule Breaker! He is... ALEXANDER O'RYAN!!

The boos intensify for O'Ryan as Benjamin crawls up on the apron, shooting a glare in Emerson's direction, who clearly has done an inferior job of hailing his talent to the ring. Benjamin tries to give his talent a last few words of advice, but O'Ryan seems not to notice as he focuses his attention on the entrance way.

Jon McDaniel: Alexander O'Ryan, the BWF's representative has been suspiciously quiet in the lead up to this event.

Brian Rentfro: Nerves? Tactics? Super Secret Gameplan?

Laura Estella: Gabe Shelley tore out his throat when he humped his ass?

Laura's familiar voice suddenly burst into the broadcast, and we cut away from the ring to our announcers table to find her situating herself between Jon and Brian. We hold there for only a moment until we again cut back to the ring.
Jon McDaniel: Oh God.

Laura Estella: That's right motherfuckers, Laura Estella is back on the headset!

Jon McDaniel: Kill me now.

Laura Estella: Happily.

The arena is suddenly plunged into darkness. A few screams and squeals are heard in the darkness...

Laura Estella: Ugh, this bitch now.

Brian Rentfro: Not a fan?

Laura Estella: What gave it away Pervy?

Eric Emerson: Now coming to the ring...

A single light winks in and out of existence on the ramp, like a heartbeat, and is followed by another one, and a third as the epic opening to "Rising Mercury" by Nick Ingman comes to life over the PA. The crowd noise begins to build into cheers. Filling the darkness. Just barely visible, a heavy fog begins to settle in on the ramp and migrate down to the fans below as a row of 12 women in skimpy white togas and angels wings made of the finest goose down make their way to the ramp.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada she stands at a, ahem, statuesque six-feet three-inches and weighs in at 190-pounds...

Laura Estella: Freak.

Two women stand in front, burning torches scented with purest sandalwood as the fumes waft into the awestruck crowd. Still others throw rose petals, staring into the crowd and the camera with looks of focus and intense devotion. Finally, six of the women stand in the center of the formation, holding up a litter on their backs, and as this company of angels make their way down the ramp and a majestic, heavenly light spreads through the arena, we see Teresa Quaranta in the litter, surveying the entire arena with a grin and eating a bunch of grapes. She soaks in the cheers while wearing an olive wreath and an elaborate white toga with gold trim. Beside her, an arm wrapped around Quaranta possessively, sits Karina Cecilla. She'd dressed quite normally in that she's not at all wearing a toga or an olive wreath.

Eric Emerson: She loves children, small animals and YOUR favorite local sports team...

The caravan comes to a stop outside of the ring, and two angels on each side carefully escort her down from it, lovingly removing all of the extraneous gear. A couple of other girls go to help Cecilla down, but she slaps their hands away and glares at them until they skitter off to further assist, Quaranta. Cecilla glares across the way at Estella before taking a seat at ringside.

Laura Estella: What puto? You want some of this?

Quaranta is escorted into the ring ring by two of her angels, who site on the ropes as she ducks inside. Once Quaranta finds herself at the center of the ring a very soft mist descends from the rafters as the music begins to peak. Naturally, a spotlight falls on her as she raises her arms and soaks in the adulation of the crowd.

Eric Emerson: Representing the VW. She is The Quaranta! She is... TERESA QUARANTA!!

The crowd erupts as Quaranta gives a little bow to each side of the ring, and even a nod to O'Ryan. Alexander ignores her, he didn't appreciate the knock on his name. Quaranta rolls her eyes and makes her way to a corner, waving to the fans as she does so. Her music fades away as the house lights return to normal. Quaranta's little caravan of women and litter start to head for the back. They'll be cleared out before the next participant is called down.

Jon McDaniel: Victory Wrestling's entrant now, Teresa Quaranta, easily the hot favourite going into this match.

Laura Estella: Meh... maybe a distant, very distant, second favorite.

Brian Rentfro: No personal bias?

Laura Estella: None at all PWA boy.

The arena gently sinks into a soft, purple haze. A light guitar gently rocks the speakers and queues up a gentle siren-esque wail. "Change in the House of Flies" by The Deftones. The cheering that was once for Quaranta continues on...

Laura Estella: I LOVE YOU LISA!!

Eric Emerson: Coming to the ring next...

"I watched you change, into a fly
I looked away, you were on fire"

Lisa Seldon steps lightly onto the stage, slinking through the wash of purple smoke and stepping to the stages edge. She closes her eyes, and lets slip a smile as she lifts her palms up to the sky. Slung loosely around her slender hips, rest the RebelPro Wrestling World Championship. It gleams and glitters in the dull light as she soaks up the fans admiration.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico she stands at five-feet six-inches and weighs in at 125-pounds...

"I watched a change in you
It's like you never had wings"

Behind Lisa the curtains part again and Alexis Sykes emerges. She looks... bored. As if she'd rather be elsewhere doing other things. These things may or may not include battery operated apparatus and certain parts of the female anatomy, but still this doesn't seem to be one of the things she really wants to be doing. Alexis comes to stand beside Lisa and together they make a slow descent off the ramp, touching base with a few fans on her way down.

Eric Emerson: She is a member of Self-Inflicted Drama. She is the Drama Queen. She is a former LWF World Heavyweight Champion and the current RPW World Champion!

Reaching ringside Lisa unhooks her belt and tosses it over to Sykes. It hits Sykes in the chest and they both watch as it hits the floor. Sheepishly Lisa snags up the title and carefully hands it over to Sykes. Sykes snags it out of her hands with a glare for Lisa and then turns from her making her way to her seat in the front row. On her way she and Cecilla catch each others eyes and offer a little smile and nod to one another.

Laura Estella: What the fucks that all about?

Jon McDaniel: Language please.

Laura Estella: I'd be more concerned with what I can shove up into YOU as opposed to what I'm saying. Yeah?

Jon McDaniel: Yeah.

Laura Estella: Yeah!

Lisa skips up onto the apron. She lands on one knee, allowing her to lean back off the ropes and take a look around the arena before slipping through the ropes.

Eric Emerson: Representing RPW. She is... LISA SELDON!!

Lisa holds a hand up to an explosive pop from the fans. She noticeably doesn't look in Quaranta's direction. Quaranta also seems to be quite engaged in a bit of something she's found under one of her nails. Slowly Seldon's music begins to fade.

"Now you feel so alive
I've watched you change"

Brian Rentfro: So with Lisa and Quaranta fighting does this mean you get to be Lisa's best friend again.

Laura Estella: I've always been Lisa's best friend. She just forgets sometimes. Teresa has some weird lesbian powers. Lisa is helpless against them. Just ask Alexis.

Brian Rentfro: Whao, whoa, whoa... I thought you WERE a dyke!

Laura Estella: Oh look Lisa is waving to me! Hello Lisa! Hello!

Brian Rentfro: You gonna answer the question?

Laura Estella: Oh now she's making that adorable "I'm so nervous" face. Isn't she just special?

For the second time tonight "Cowboys From Hell" by Pantera hits the PA-system and the fans go absolutely nuts. The ADCtron flickers to life and we watch scenes of Tamika Nash Strader in the ring play out.

Laura Estella: What's all this about?

Eric Emerson: And finally coming to the ring...

Simon Kalis steps forward from backstage, a black PWA hoody over himself and his head, the PWA Intercontinental title shines around his waist. He turns his back to his opponents and the fans to look up to the ADCtron. There are no pyros. No fanfare. Just a man and his memories.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada he stands at six-feet three-inches tall and weighs in at 255-pounds...

Kalis dips a hand beneath his hood and with a nod of his head finally turns and starts to make his way down to the ring. He doesn't so much ignore the outstretched hands of the fans as he just seems to pass by them without really noticing that they're there. That anything is there.

Eric Emerson: He is The Last Superstar! He is The Cult Hero! He is the current PWA Undisputed World Champion!

Kalis reaches ringside and lets his robe and hood fall away from his body. He continues to move forward in a daze, unhooking the PWA IC strap and also allowing that just to fall to the ground. A ring attendant is quick to snatch up botch. He has black elbow pads with the PWA logo on each, with his black wrestling tights which read "OUTLAW" down the right side of his leg and "KALIS" down the left side of his leg.

Laura Estella: Wait. Are we sure this is Kalis? Wait! Did he actually care about someone else other then himself?

Jon McDaniel: Looks to be the case.

Laura Estella: Hmm.

Kalis rolls into the ring and slowly pulls himself up to his feet. The roar of the crowd is thunderous but he doesn't seem to hear it. Or at least doesn't react to it. Both Quaranta and Seldon give him quizzical looks, expecting something from him but getting nothing. O'Ryan seems disinterested in all of this. His eyes just continue to flick around from one opponent to the next.

Eric Emerson: He is YOUR PWA representative tonight. He is... SIMON KALIS!!

The arena roars and Kalis finds himself in the corner with the black padded turnbuckles. A deep breath escapes his lips and he drops to one knee gripping the ropes. The last few scenes of Tamika play out on the ADCtron. Finally a candid image of Kalis and Tamika together freezes and holds on the screen. They're smiling at one another. Their eyes speak volumes.

"I love you."

"Cowboys From Hell" fades away and Kalis rises back to his feet. He places a hand on the top turnbuckle, and then turns to lean back against it. His head still remains down. The cheering begins to die down.

Jon McDaniel: I've never quite seen Kalis in this state. Or at least I haven't inside of a wrestling ring.

Laura Estella: Hmm... I just.

Brian Rentfro: Yes?

Laura Estella: Shut the fuck up mouth breather! I hope he gets his face crushed in!


Teresa and O'Ryan step forward and tease a few holds before a single knuckle lock leads Teresa into a rear Waistlock on O'Ryan. O'Ryan tries to spread his legs and force her off, but Teresa reacts by realising and dropping down to sweep a leg. O'Ryan then rolls to his back while Teresa catches a leg and looks for a Kneebar, only to be kicked off. O'Ryan then jumps up and walks right into an Armdrag that Teresa holds on for an Armbar. O'Ryan then tries to roll backwards out of the move, only for Teresa to lean back and toss him across the ring. She then lets him get back to his feet before chopping out his legs and landing onto a pin. She gets a one count before O'Ryan kicks out but easily manages to take him down for another count before he pushes her away.

Jon McDaniel: Teresa is all over O'Ryan in the early going.

Brian Rentfro: Who'd have thought that trying to outdo a Mexican in lucha libre was going to backfire?

Laura Estella: She's Canadian.

Brian Rentfro: And you're really from Bermuda.
The two get back to their feet where O'Ryan catches Teresa with a kick in the gut. He then backs her to the ropes and prepares for an Irish-Whip, but Teresa holds on and pulls him into a back elbow that stuns him for a second and allows Teresa to swing an arm around and plant him with a Russian Legsweep. Keep a hold of him she then kicks a leg over his head and latches onto a grounded Octopus Stretch, cranking it on for a valuable few seconds before O'Ryan manages to scramble into the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: Teresa still on top of him but O'Ryan catches a break.

With the hold broken, Teresa bounces back to her feet, cracks her neck and generally looks ready to go again, right up until the point she gets shouldered into the floor by Lisa Seldon, who takes up the fight with O'Ryan in her place. As O'Ryan comes forward Lisa plants a straight kick into his gut. O'Ryan staggers back but lurches forward again with a Clothesline, only for Lisa to duck under and trade for a knee in the gut. Lisa then steps forward, tearing off two punches and then spinning into a Backfist across his jaw before dropping down into a Legsweep. She then jumps back to her feet, shoot s fist straight up in the air and then leaps, twist and crushes him with a Standing Stardust Press.

Laura Estella: A vicious flurry ends with O'Ryan being utterly crushed.

The referee moves to count a cover but Lisa springs back to her feet and lets O'Ryan roll off to safety. Instead she turns her attention to Teresa, and takes a bow as Teresa gives her a polite little clap.

Brian Rentfro: Well how sporting.

Jon McDaniel: Wouldn't count on it lasting.

Back on their feet Teresa dodges past a kick from Lisa and then moves under a spinning Back Elbow that lands her in position for a Waistlock. Teresa then stands straight up for a Northern Lights Suplex but Lisa breaks her grip by planting the point of her elbow on Teresa's head. Lisa then backs up and shoots with a Front Kick, only for Teresa to catch it and send her up over head. Lisa lands on her feet, just in time to side step a Yakuza Kick and then shoots back with a Roundhouse. Teresa gets up both arms to block a kick aimed right between her eyes and then jumps straight up over a Leg-Trip. Lisa ends up on her back and Teresa attempts to crush her with a Double Stomp, only to have Lisa roll out of the way and then kip back to her feet.

Jon McDaniel: Some real back and forth action from easily the two quickest stars in the match.

Lisa then pushes Teresa back into the corner, only to catch two feet in the gut as Teresa kicks her away. Lisa then stumbles back but uses the momentum to roll into a cartwheel and then a standing backflip, through which she lands perfectly on both feet and then throws both hands straight up in the air. The entire room cheers; save for O'Ryan in the corner, Kalis on the outside blowing out his brains with an imaginary gun and Teresa, who steps forward and slaps Lisa across the face.

Brian Rentfro: Oh no she didn't.

Lisa rubs her face, looking quite offended and mouthing some words it's probably best we don't get to hear. She then charges forward with a tackle that ends with both girls on the mat, trading close punches and while rolling out to the floor. Across the way Simon Kalis just shakes his head.

Jon McDaniel: Guess it's time to see what Kalis can do.

Taking over the ring again, Kalis blindsides O'Ryan with a clubbing forearm to the back. He then rips an elbow up through O'Ryan's jaw before turning into a Side kick that knocks his man back into a corner. O'Ryan responds by rushing forward with a skull crushing fist, only for Kalis to step forward and straight under. He then straightens up and doesn't even bother to look back when he throws back a Thrust kick straight into O'Ryan's chest.

Jon McDaniel: Kalis plants that kick.

Brian Rentfro: Something about him Jon. He seems even more cold and aggressive tonight than usual.

Jon McDaniel: I'm hardly what you'd call a fan but even I can't blame him after the week he must have had.

Laura Estella: Its fine, he'd have driven her to suicide himself anyway.

Jon McDaniel: You people.

This seems to stagger the man, and allows Kalis to drag him up onto a shoulder. He then points him toward the side of the ring with Lisa and Teresa, runs a few steps forward and then hurls O'Ryan out and then down into a mess of bodies on the floor.

Brian Rentfro: Everybody out of the pool!

Picking out the first body he can find, Kalis drags Teresa to the ring and then sends her to the ropes. Teresa then returns, ducks a Clothesline from Kalis and then slides between O'Ryan's legs as he returns and lifts Simon with a Lucha Shoulderblock, lifting him a few feet into the air. O'Ryan then hits the adjacent ropes and comes back with a spin into an Armdrag. O'Ryan then gets up just in time to catch Lisa with a Tilt-A-Whirl, only for her to spin out and toss him with a Head Scissors Takedown. This then sends O'Ryan toward Teresa, who leaps over him with a Sunset Flip that O'Ryan rolls through. He then bases as Lisa comes in from behind, leap-frogging his back and digging her heel down where Teresa was just a moment ago.

Jon McDaniel: Back and forth from all four, but there was certainly some wicked intention on that shot from Lisa.

O'Ryan catches Lisa from behind with a Snap Backdrop and then follows up with a Scoop Slam on Teresa to lay them side by side. Kalis then tries to catch O'Ryan with a Toe Kick but O'Ryan catches his leg and then spins Kalis 180 to take his back. O'Ryan then executes a backdrop lift and lets Kalis go, dumping him on top of Lisa and Teresa.

Brian Rentfro: Looks like Vaxman came to play.

Jon McDaniel: A lot of people had counted him out of this match as soon as his name got thrown up but if he keeps this up he might start turning a few heads.

O'Ryan then catches Kalis on the bounce and secures an arm.

Laura Estella: La Majistral for the pin.



Jon McDaniel: Kalis forces his way out of that lock.

Kalis breaks free and O'Ryan climbs up, right into a Hurricanrana from Lisa that leaves her on her knees. Teresa then jumps on this, catching her in a Double Underhook and attempting to pull her into the cradle, but Lisa straightens out her arms behind her and slips out the hold.

Brian Rentfro: Eew gross.

Laura Estella: She can also get both her legs up behind her head. She's very bendy.

Lisa lands on her backside and sends Teresa forward O'Ryan, who catches her with a Monkey Flip that she manages to roll through. Kalis then breaks the deadlock, smashing O'Ryan with a Yakuza Kick.

Laura Estella: and the quarterback is toast!

Kalis then dodges a Back Elbow from Teresa and grabs her trailing arm to reel her back into one of his own. He then throws two punches into her gut and catches her with a Sob at kick on the turn. Kalis then fires himself into the ropes.

Brian Rentfro: Looks like Teresa is next.

Kalis runs past Teresa but quickly turns on a pivot. Teresa meanwhile grounds herself and leaps backwards, throwing herself into a backflip before coming down with her foot crashing into the back of his skull.

Brian Rentfro: Teresa catches him off guard!

Laura Estella: That's because no one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

Teresa tries to race back to her feet to capitalise but Lisa runs in, steps off an extended leg and tears through her jaw with a knee. Lisa then gets up and barely off her knees before O'Ryan rushes in and turns Lisa inside out with a vicious Lariat brings the fans to their feet. He then rushes forward, only to have Kalis run in from straight ahead, catch him around the head, drag him around and plant him face first into the mat with an Ace Crusher.

Brian Rentfro: Shining Wizard from Lisa! Lariat from O'Ryan! Tears of Redemption from Kalis! And he's got them all down.

Kalis immediately flips him for the pin.




Jon McDaniel: No! Teresa breaks the count!

Brian Rentfro: Kalis came a hair's breadth from stealing this match.

Laura Estella: That's exactly what it'll be if he wins.

O'Ryan rolls limply away from the ring as Teresa tries to bring Kalis to his feet, only to take a shoulder in the gut for her troubles. Kalis then charges her back into a corner, crushing her against the buckles before pushing p straight and cracking her jaw with an elbow. Teresa shoots back with one of her own before swapping positions, leaning him up in the ropes and hammering him with a flurry of short sharp shots that get a rise out of the fans.

Jon McDaniel: Teresa is starting to open up on the attack now.

Teresa finishes by burying a knee in his gut before backing up into some room. She then charges with a Forearm but Kalis steps forward and catches her with a T-Bone before hurling her back, smashing her into the buckles and then dropping her to the mat.

Brian Rentfro: And just like that he's back in the game!

Laura Estella: Awful cheery considering he's the guy who fucked both of you up and then set fire to the ring.

Brian Rentfro: What can I say, I'm a PWA loyalist.

Jon McDaniel: I am too Brian but I'd hardly consider him the man I'd want representing us.

Kalis then puts his back into the corner again; holding onto Teresa's had as he pulls up the ropes. He then brings Teresa up in front of him?

Brian Rentfro: Sentencing of the Damned already?

Laura Estella: He might have the position but its way – way – too early.

Teresa is pulled up to the second rope before she fights back, smashing Kalis with a Palm Strike. Kalis gets rocked and almost topples over, but Teresa holds on and saves him from a fall. She then grabs hold of his wrist.

Laura Estella: Flying Crucifix Armbar coming up. Looks like she's getting set to get rid of him for good.

Teresa latches onto his arm while kicking up her legs, securing both of them around his neck and snapping back. It never comes off though as Kalis holds his ground, locking both his wrists and keeping his arm out of danger. He then fights his arm away from her and secures a hold on both her thighs.

Brian Rentfro: Looks like he's trying to pull her back up for a Powerbomb.

Jon McDaniel: Teresa isn't letting it happen though.

Teresa tries to wriggle out his grip but Kalis won't give in. Meanwhile across the way Lisa is standing on the apron.

Laura Estella: This is going to hurt.

Lisa springs up onto the top-rope and fires herself the length of the ring. She then kicks up both feet and drives them into Teresa's chest. This causes her to give up the fight, allowing Kalis to snap her back up and then take a leap forward, smashing her into the mat with a top-rope Lyger Bomb.

Laura Estella: Two moves and Teresa just got her shit fucked up.

Kalis holds on for the pin.



Brian Rentfro: And Lisa's there to break it up.

Lisa pulls Kalis up and blasts him with two kicks in the chest before bringing him to his feet. Lisa then cracks him with an elbow to back him with the ropes where she follows with a knee into his chest. Lisa then puts him to the mat with a Snapmare and drops a kick down his spine. She then runs to the ropes and charges back with another kick but Kalis drops to his back and then pulls her into a School Boy Roll-Up.



Jon McDaniel: Lisa rolls out.

Laura Estella: Better enjoy that two count because it's all he's going to get.

Lisa rolls over onto his knees but Kalis ends up on top of her and sinks a knee into the top of her head to leave her rocked. Kalis then pulls her off the mat and hooks both her arms.

Laura Estella: No... no no no.

Alexis shouts Kalis down but he doesn't rise to the occasion. Instead Kalis twists around and stands up into the move, but Lisa rolls off his back and lands on her feet behind him. He then pushes her forward, right into Teresa, who grabs him with an Arm Capture Suplex and slams him to the mat.

Brian Rentfro: Kalis loses one and then gets smashed by the other.

Laura Estella: His track record with women was never too great.

Kalis lands hard on the back of his head and decides to take a powder, leaving Lisa and Teresa alone in the ring. Tension amongst the stands begins to rise.

Laura Estella: Oow now it's about to get serious.

Jon McDaniel: These two exchanged some real heated words this week, but let's see what they've got in the ring.

Laura Estella: Good money says Frankenstein there gets the bolts pulled out her neck.

A few seconds pass as the two begin to circle. Teresa shoots for a lock-up but Lisa decides instead to step aside and sweep her leg to put Teresa to a knee. Teresa then sits up and gets stung with a kick into her chest. It's Teresa's turn to look affronted as Lisa dances away.

Laura Estella: Oh it's on now.

Lisa runs forward with a kick that Teresa ducks under. The two then turn to meet again and Lisa lifts up with a kick, but Teresa catches her leg and cranks it into a Dragon Screw. The fall is jarring but Lisa takes it in her stride, fighting back to her feet and rushing with a Yakuza. Teresa catches it again and looks to shoot for a Leg Capture Suplex, but Lisa shoots up her other leg and pulls Teresa down into a Triangle hold.

Brian Rentfro: Lisa with a... submission?

Laura Estella: Weird, huh.

Lisa tightens it up but Teresa still has her feet on the ground, and answers by dragging her off the mat. Lisa feels the slam coming though and lets her go, settling instead for a Head Scissors Takedown that sends them to opposite sides of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Lisa trying to set the pace but Teresa is keeping up thus far.

Lisa then rushes forward, planting a kick on Teresa's chest and using the momentum to throw herself backwards and onto a knee. Teresa wobbles but stays up, and manages to side step Lisa as she comes running. Lisa then leaps up to the second rope and bounces back, only to land right into Teresa's arms, who buries her with a German Suplex.

Jon McDaniel: Lisa takes that German Suplex full on her neck, but she rolls through!

On perhaps nothing but momentum Lisa ends up back on her feet, ricochets off the ropes and then lurches forward, only to have Teresa step forward under her, placing her head under her arm before standing straight up.

Brian Rentfro: Air Raid Crash!

Teresa takes one step forward and then buries the move, splattering Lisa across the canvas. She then leans back and hooks a leg.



Brian Rentfro: She kicks out!

Lisa gets off her back but Teresa refuses to let her stay down, pulling her off the mat and straight into a Front Facelock. She then grabs a hold of her side, pulls her from the mat and then hammers her into the mat with an Implant DDT!

Jon McDaniel: My God, at a horrendous angle!

Teresa rolls her again in a tight cradle.



Laura Estella: No, no...

Jon McDaniel: Lisa shoots out an arm again!

Teresa punches the mat in frustration, but it's not long before she drags Lisa off the mat again, only for her to sink to a knee. Teresa then tries to pull her up by the hair, only for Lisa to snake around her, grabbing her left arm in a Hammerlock and then pushing her forward.

Laura Estella: She's going for the Anxiety Attack.

Jon McDaniel: Those really need better names.

Lisa stacks Teresa on her shoulders and grabs a leg.



Jon McDaniel: And this time Teresa breaks free!

Lisa staggers to her feet as Teresa comes up in front of her and then leaps up with both legs into Teresa's arm pits, looking to roll her again./

Laura Estella: Now the Mouse Trap...

Teresa holds her ground though and lets Lisa hit the mat before scooting her feet and turning her back toward the corner. Teresa then falls back, catapulting Lisa into the ring post; where she cracks her skull and then staggers back, right into Teresa, who twists up both her arms.

Brian Rentfro: Aztec Suplex!

Teresa arches back and smashes Lisa into the mat.

Jon McDaniel: She holds on!



Laura Estella: Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: And she does!

Lisa crumples into a heap and Teresa rolls to her knees to take a breath. On one side of the ring Alexis pounds the mat and screams a few obscenities while across the way Karina stands back and looks on anxiously. The fans simmer.

Jon McDaniel: Teresa piling on the pressure, but how long can she keep it up?

Teresa and Lisa both fight to their feet and move forward with Teresa looking for a catch that Lisa moves under. She then catches an arm and twists, bringing her behind Teresa and sending a few screams through the fans as she sets up for the Viledriver. Teresa senses it coming though and instantly pulls out an arm before sticking an elbow down into the back of Lisa's head. Teresa then takes a look back at her opponent, waiting for her to stand up before she spins back with a Rolling Elbow. Lisa shoots first though, kicking up with a Roundhouse that smashes Teresa across the side of the head. Teresa sprays spit as she staggers forward but doesn't go down. Instead she turns back and tries to answer with a strike of her own but Lisa steps up and blasts her with a Superkick that sends her back into the ropes. A Spinning Back Kick comes next and puts Teresa to a knee, where Lisa follows up by whipping a kick into her chest.

Brian Rentfro: Now Lisa's lighting her up.

Laura Estella: Like a Christmas Tree, right Brian?

Brian Rentfro: Perhaps to be seasonal I'd have said some kind of Easter lantern if that were a thing.

Teresa follows back and Lisa rolls her onto her knees. She then rolls her off the mat and into a clinch, but Teresa gets her arms up and breaks off her grip before hitting back with an Elbow. She then moves forward but Lisa hits back with a Push Kick into the chest and then ducks under a ruthless Haymaker swing to cut her down with an Overhead Elbow Strike. This staggers Teresa left and into a kick in the ribs to send her the other way, where upon Lisa leaps up and crushes the back of her head with a firm Roundhouse Enzugiri.

Jon McDaniel: Lisa annihilates her off a series of strikes.

Laura Estella: She's going all out.

Teresa collapses to her knees and Lisa pushes her down for the pin.



Laura Estella: Yes!

Jon McDaniel: No! Teresa fires up.

Lisa jumps up first and catches Teresa rising, pulling her head down and then smashing through it with a knee that whips her up right again. She then drops low and sweeps out her legs to leave Teresa kneeling on the mat, and perfectly setup.

Laura Estella: Here comes the big finish.

Lisa leaps back standing and rips off a Roundhouse kick, only to have it caught over arm and on Teresa's shoulder. Teresa then pushes forward off her knees while sweeping out Lisa's free leg with her hand, putting the Victory owner her on her back.

Brian Rentfro: Death of the Future!

Alexis Sykes: Oh no...

Lisa tries to fight out but Teresa stands up and takes a step forward, forcing Lisa onto her front before sitting straight down, racking body straight through from tip of her spine all the way to her knee as she hyper-extends it across her shoulders. Lisa calls out in pain and instantly shoots her hand toward the ropes, but Teresa takes a step forward and brings them out of reach before setting down again.

Jon McDaniel: Teresa with the Argentine Leg-Lock and now sitting down on it like a Boston Crab.

Brian Rentfro: She's got nowhere to go!

Alexis Sykes rushes around to the side of the ring in front of Lisa and pounds the mat to get her attention. Karina calls foul and various insults are traded in at least three different languages before Alexis blows her off and gets back to Lisa. In the ring Teresa succumbs to a knee but doesn't let that stop her cranking on the hold. Lisa grits her teeth though and gets her elbows under her to begin working toward the ropes, executing a slow and agonising crawl as the inch ever closer.

Laura Estella: She's reaching for the ropes; she's going to make it.

Lisa gets with in a fingers reach and just manages to touch the bottom rope, before Teresa steps forward and pulls her back to the centre of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Teresa gives her a single, painful taste of freedom before snatching it away.

Demoralised Lisa raises her hand to tap the floor, but pulls herself together just before she can. Alexis pounds out a rhythm on the mat to drive her on, but it only seems to spur Teresa on, forcing her to lean and contorting Lisa's spine even more. Lisa looks to be slipping.

Brian Rentfro: She's going to tap! Her hand is raised!

Lisa slaps her hand to the mat, but it's balled in a fist, and she digs it down to begin edging toward the ropes again.

Laura Estella: She's going to do it!

Then fans join in, cheering on for each side as Teresa lays the pressure on thick. It's not enough though, and Lisa edges bitterly slow but steadily toward the ropes, getting within inches and then making a dive.

Laura Estella: She got it!

The referee rushes in to force Teresa off and for a moment she thinks she's one, but as she falls out of the hold she turns to see Lisa hang on to the ropes and then drops herself to the canvas in frustration.

Jon McDaniel: She put her all into that move and still Lisa found a way out.

Brian Rentfro: She's gotta be wondering what else she can do.

Laura Estella: She can't do shit. It's time to throw in the very large towel and call this one a night.

Jon McDaniel: Wouldn't be so sure.

Teresa finally reaches her feet again and grabs onto Lisa's legs to pull her back, but Lisa baits her into a Small Package.


Brian Rentfro: What?


Jon McDaniel: She's fighting but she can't break free.


Brian Rentfro: It's over!

Jon McDaniel: No, he's waving it off! It's just two.

Karina lambasts the referee for an overly fast count while Lisa and Teresa pull themselves from the mess. Lisa then rolls out to the apron and pulls herself up on the ropes, just in time to catch Teresa moving in and smash her in the gut with a shoulder. This buckles Teresa's legs and gives Lisa the time she needs to pull herself up in the ropes, where upon she leaps up with their aid and smashes Teresa in the side of the head with another kick. Teresa staggers back, and Lisa lets her stumble to just the right distance.

Laura Estella: She's baiting her for the PoP.

Lisa springs up but her back gives out, keeping her off balance and allowing Teresa to step in and catch her on her shoulders. Teresa then tries to pull her deeper into the ring, but Lisa cracks her with an elbow and forces Teresa to lose her grip, allowing Lisa to drop down to the apron again. This time the pain doesn't stop her.

Laura Estella: PoP!

Lisa flies from the ropes, coiling her body up and twisting through a corkscrew before snapping her legs out and straight into Teresa's face. The force of the blow sends her back flying before she plummets to the mat. Lisa in turn lands hard and takes a few seconds to get some wind about her before she can crawl for the cover. Unfortunately Teresa just manages to roll herself under the bottom rope, and drops to the floor before Lisa can catch her.

Laura Estella: No, it was over!

Jon McDaniel: Teresa with just the presence of mind to get out of the ring and stop Lisa from putting her away.

Lisa sinks into the mat as she watches Teresa hit the floor, only to pull herself up with the ropes again. She then moves to pass through but O'Ryan returns to blindside her with a knee as he charges across the apron.

Laura Estella: Oh fuck this guy.

The fans turn as O'Ryan takes his time following Lisa into the ring. He then stands her up and tags her with a few easy punches before taking a step back, winding up and then taking a swing.

Brian Rentfro: Four Best Friends...

Laura Estella: Duck!

O'Ryan follows through with a world destroying Haymaker punch, but finds nothing on the other end as Lisa ducks under. She then jumps up behind him, spins herself into the air and then shatters her heel off the back of his skull.

Laura Estella: Heads Will Roll!

O'Ryan collapses and Lisa drops him for the cover.



Brian Rentfro: It's Kalis!

From out of nowhere Simon Kalis returns rocks Lisa with a chair shot that has everyone in the building call for the bell. The referee goes to make it official but Kalis puts him on the mat.

Brian Rentfro: He's lost it!

Laura Estella: He's going to lose something alright if they end this match.

On the outside Alexis is screaming obscenities but Kalis' only reply is a trail of spit in her general direction. Kalis then turns back to Lisa, dragging her off the mat and smashing her again with the chair to put her back down. The fans begin throwing trash but after everything he's endured, he doesn't seem to care and settles for pulling Lisa up to her knees once more.

Jon McDaniel: This is a mugging.

Laura Estella: It's his funeral.

Kalis slaps Lisa to bring her around. A few words are sent her way before he lifts the chair over his head. Lisa smiles.

Jon McDaniel: No he can't!

Kalis brings the chair down to finish her off, but finds it plucked out of his hands. He then turns around to find Teresa reaching over the ropes and cracking him with an elbow that turns him back towards Lisa, who lurches off the mat, grabs him by the head and pulls herself up with a Double Knee, driving both knees into opposite sides of his skull. This turns him back to Teresa again, who steps up on the second rope and leans in to secure both his arms. She then throws all caution to the wind as she throws herself backwards.

Jon McDaniel: Process of Illumination onto the floor!

A sickening sound rings out as both Teresa and Kalis fall and shatter against the floor, bringing the fans onto their feet once again.

Jon McDaniel: They could have been broken in two off that move!

Brian Rentfro: Someone better start moving the stretchers.

Lisa seems to be out on her knees, blood dripping down her forehead from a shot with the chair. She shakes it off though, scattering drops across the ring before pushing up on her hands and knees. She then falls to O'Ryan again; pulling him down into the Muay-Thai Clinch and tearing him open with a knee that sends a shriek of agony up through her body. She holds on though and rips through him with a second that causes his legs to buckle underneath. She doesn't let up though, pulling him back in for one third and final knee, splitting a crack down his face wide open and sinking him to his knees. She then drops to all fours in front of him, pounding both fists off the mat.

Laura Estella: Call it.

Brian Rentfro: The Killer!

Lisa snaps back up straight and disconnects O'Ryan from reality with a Left Roundhouse Kick, flattening him out. She then sinks into the cover.


Laura Estella: She's done it!



Laura Estella: That's it!

Jon McDaniel: There's the bell!

The moment takes a second to sink in, settle and then explode in a chorus of cheers as every person watching jumps up to their feet.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen... presenting... your NEW AOWF WORLD CHAMPION... LISA SELDON!

And the cheers just keep coming as Lisa rolls back onto her knees, looking a little woozy but quickly coming to. The referee then moves in and quickly raises her hand before scurrying out of the way as Alexis slides into the ring and tackles her to the mat.

Laura Estella: She did it! She did it! She's totally the champion, and all you other people watching this can go ahead and suck it.

Alexis drags her bestest buddy in the world off the mat and into a hug. The picture of joy on Lisa's face is marred only by the horrible pain she happens to be in. In the moment it's a minor inconvenience, and she uses Alexis to steady herself as she turns and raises a hand up toward the sky.

Jon McDaniel: Well she said she wanted it more, and after being stretched by Teresa to breaking point to Teresa and near beaten senseless by Kalis; it's hard to deny her.

Laura Estella: What can you say; she's a massive AoWF nerd who wanted nothing more than to stand at the top of the heap. Now there she is.

At this point Lisa struggles even to stand without Alexis' help, and even after Alexis mops her off with a towel, blood continues to sweat down her forehead. The towel itself finds its way into the crowd, some lucky fan getting a very awful souvenir to remember the night. A moment longer though and the mood starts to shift.

Brian Rentfro: Here comes trouble.

Alexis steps forward as Teresa returns to the ring, flanked by Karina who takes a step forward in her place. Teresa looks beat up and on legs that are begging her to give out, but never the less she holds herself high and moves an arm out to bring Karina back.

Jon McDaniel: She's beaten every single other person in her way up until this point, but this just wasn't to be her night, but the question now is how is she going to take?

It's hard not to miss the hint of disappointment on her face, but despite that she takes a step forward, and offers Lisa a hand. In turn Lisa contemplates it for a moment, looking her up and down and choosing her next move carefully. Eventually she pushes her hand aside and throws both her arms around Teresa's shoulders. The fans applaud.

Brian Rentfro: What a bunch of girls.

Laura Estella: I know, right.

Teresa looks, well, mildly disconcerted by the fact that Lisa seems to be hanging off her, but she accepts and gives it back, in a rather touching moment that isn't at all ruined by the fact that Lisa happens to be in the air, hanging off her like a child.

Jon McDaniel: You know, after everything between them, she could have lain on the floor and let Kalis bash her brains in, but in the end she did what was right, and I'm glad to have been here to see it.

Laura Estella: What an awful time to find out you have a soul.

Laura then drops her headset and makes her way to the timekeepers table, apparently wanting to be the one to give her friend the belt. Back in the ring Lisa eventually lets go, shakes Teresa's hand and then plants a rather large, sopping wet kiss on Karina's lips, seemingly for no other reason than she just happens to be there, and it seems to fit the mood. Karina looks disgusted, but decides not to ruin the moment, instead turning her attention toward helping Teresa from the ring.

Brian Rentfro: So what happens if they ever go one on one?

Jon McDaniel: I imagine there will be lots of kicks, Suplexes, broken bones, blood, hurt feelings and possibly the end of the world.

Teresa leaves and Laura takes her place, the AoWF World title in hand. Lisa accepts it and then sinks to her knees, tears welling up in her eyes.

Jon McDaniel: It's a goal she's chased her entire career.

Brian Rentfro: And one that will pull us up the rankings another week running.

Lisa sits with the belt in her lap, tears flowing freely down her face as the weight of it all seems to sink in. Still, not one to miss a moment, Lisa calls for someone to bring her other title, handing it off the Alexis who in turn passes it over.

Jon McDaniel: Somewhere back in the States Larry Gordon is watching this with a smile a mile wide.

Brian Rentfro: Don't think that's not why she's doing it either.

It takes the help of both Laura and Alexis to get her standing again, but she does and makes her way into the ropes. She then carefully ascends to the second and hoists both titles, one in each hand, high overhead.

The AOWF's Finest

In the wake of one of the most important matches of their respective career, Simon Kalis and Alexander O'Ryan gradually regain their composure. It is no easy task. However, once they have regained their equilibrium and rational trail of thought, they lock eyes. For the next few moments, the exchange of glares continues as it is, with no further development. This is until Kalis says something, with heated venom, to Alexander O'Ryan that is not picked up by the PWA microphones. And, just like that, the two erupt into an argument, as they both take turns to rant at each other.

The audience are getting behind this explosion of egos. However, their enthusiasm quickly turns into disdain as a ripple of boos heralds the arrival of David Blazenwing, who sprints into the ring and stands by the side of his associate, O'Ryan. With the odds currently one-sided, both David and Alexander implore Simon to fight them. He stands in a defensive stance, but does not approach them. However, as the seconds pass, it becomes evermore apparent that the two will soon begin their attack on their adversary.

However, right at the peak of this tension, none other than 'The Purist' Marvin Wood enters the scene and immediately takes the side of Simon Kalis, the first true form of indication that he is indeed aligned with Simon Kalis. And so, the tension begins to mount, again, with the two tandems veering every-closer to a brawl.

The four men all begin to loosen up, and drop their defensive stances. Each of them begin to nod and then smile to each other. Before long, they are each shaking hands with each other! This sends the audience into a state of exasperation and confusion. Nevertheless, they are being noisy in response to the scene. They become even noisier as the four men stand in a row, facing the camera, and raise their arms in a show of unity.

Marvin Wood goes to grab a microphone, and returns with a satisfied gleam in his eye. He is the first to break the ice on the situation.

Marvin Wood: What you see before you are four of the most successful professional wrestlers of the modern era. David Blazenwing is the owner of the ultra-successful Blazenwing Wrestling Federation and a multiple-time World Champion. Simon Kalis is a multiple-time World Champion and a leader of men. Alexander O'Ryan is the epitome of what the Alliance of Wrestling Federations is all about. And, I - Marvin Wood - am the most skilled wrestling technician in the world. Collectively, we are the true leaders of the AoWF. Yes - in fact, we are the true AoWF. We are the Alliance of Wrestling's Finest.

With a pensive expression on his face, David joins them. Marvin continues to speak.

Marvin Wood: Unlike what some of you may be thinking, this is no rehashed faction. This is not Order of Chaos 2.0. We do not simply wish to take over the AoWF. What we wish to do is, change the AoWF from its core. In addition to being four of the most successful wrestlers of our generation, each of us each respectively represent a different member promotion of the Alliance of Wrestling Federations. I represent Victory. David represents PWA. Alexander represents BWF. And, Simon Kalis represents Rebel Pro Wrestling. Collectively, it is our goal to eliminate the nihilism of our respective promotions, through our dominance, and thereby benefiting the business as a whole. This is not a short-sighted ambition. This is a well-thought out plan. We will not be competing against each other. Instead, we will be competing against the respective talent pools that are available to us in our respective promotion. We are each great enough to dominate our respective promotions, by ourselves.

Marvin Wood: The reason that we have decided to align ourselves with each others is because we simply do not like the direction that the likes of Emily Corlen, Larry Gordon and the recently-departed Mark Sommers has taken this industry. We do not like the senselessness which is evident in too many of our colleagues. And, we do not like the present culture of our profession. And, rather than simply sit back and collect a paycheck, we have decided to do something about it. To take constructive action. And, that is precisely what you will see unfolding over the subsequent weeks and months.

Marvin nods. He then looks around to his new associates, before resting his eyes on Simon.

Marvin Wood: Simon...

Kalis looks around the booing crowd, the fans here in Osaka who have ALWAYS loved and treated him with the utmost respect now shunning him. Kalis steps back from Marvin Wood, David Blazenwing and Alexander O'Ryan. Kalis lifts his PWA Intercontinental title off his shoulder and straps it to his waist before shaking his head.

Simon Kalis: No... You know what, gentlemen?

Kalis cracks a grin.

Simon Kalis: Fuck you.

The crowd explodes into cheers, as the other three man suddenly glance at Simon with shock.

Simon Kalis: I've been down this road, and I know where it leads. You and I, Marvin, may share a philosophy at the core, but you are merely walking a path that I trailblazed long ago. And this path is not the one that shall lead to the success of this goal.

Kalis rubs his left bicep, which has a black armband with the Strader name on it.

Simon Kalis: After all we've lost, and after all I've done to hurt the PWA that I love so much and hold so dearly to my heart... I can't do this again. My son has been taken from me, my wife to be has been ripped from my arms and her family ripped from this world. I can't be apart of this type of insane hierarchy of egomaniacal fanatics like the one you are trying to shove down our throats. No, not this time. I will remember what Tamika gave me.

Kalis spits towards the Alliance of Wrestling's Finest.

Simon Kalis: She gave me a new life, and a new beginning.

Wood, Blazenwing and O'Ryan enter offensive stances again as Simon backs up.

Simon Kalis: I will defend the PWA, as I always have meant to. As was always my destiny. I will defend REBEL Pro! I will even defend Victory and the BWF itself if I must! But you three shall not pass this day.

Kalis drops the microphone and steps forward, as the three encircle him. He sighs deeply as they unleash a fury of attacks, Simon tries to block but it's too late too quick as they take him down with a number of stiff kicks and punches. Simon stumbles around the ring groggily, suddenly David Blazenwing steps in and nails THE FULL EFFECT on Simon Kalis! Kalis flies to the canvas, barely conscience. O'Ryan picks Simon up by the neck and head and throws Simon into the ropes. Simon comes back and O'Ryan aims and fires with his finisher, the Four Best Friends! Simon hits the canvas hard, the crowd boos hard.


The fans chant hard to revive Simon Kalis, but he remains nearly motionless on the canvas. Just as Marvin is beginning to build up some steam to attack Simon as well, Emily Corlen makes her way into the ring. She subsequently implores David Blazenwing to not align herself with these men. David ignores her. As she continues to persist, David turns his back to her completely. And, from behind, comes Alexander O'Ryan with a hard elbow to the back of the neck of Corlen, sending her crumbling down to the canvass. Then, whilst Blazenwing has his back turned, Marvin hits Emily with the Imperfect Tense STO, knocking her unconscious. She lays in the ring with Simon next to her now as Wood grabs ahold of Simon Kalis and locks in the Imperfect Science. Simon's eye lids flutter as he tries to maintain consciencess, and he looks out towards Corlen who came and tried valiantly to rescue him. Simon reaches his free hand out to Emily Corlen and she nods, breathing heavily as they grasp each others hands. Blazenwing begins stomping down on Simon Kalis' back and legs as O'Ryan gives a big soccer kick to Emily's face. Emily is now fully knocked out, and Simon's eyes final shut as he is now unconscience.

Jon McDaniel: This is sickening.

Brian Rentfro: This is amazing.

Wood lets go of the hold and gets to his feet, picking up the microphone once more.

Marvin Wood: Now that we have established that Simon Kalis has just made the single worst decision of his career...there is one more piece to this puzzle. What was originally intended as the icing on the cake of the Alliance of Wrestling's Finest will now take the form of an upgrade of Simon Kalis. As I have already alluded to, the Alliance of Wrestling's Finest will have one member of each roster to represent us in that company. Now, we have a gap open for Rebel Pro.

'The Purist' raises his eyebrows in a gesture of insistence.

Marvin Wood: And, I know just how to fill that gap. The person who I am about to introduce has the unique distinction of being both a legend of Rebel Pro and being on a par with each of us. So, without further ado, let's introduce this person. Ladies and gentlemen, our new representative for Rebel Pro!

The camera shoots to the entrance-way...and stays there...for quite some time. Does this mean that there truly is no one in the Rebel Pro roster who are on a par with Blazenwing, O'Ryan and Wood? The crowd boo out of impatience...but, suddenly, a familiar theme song hits, and out walks none other than...'The Phoenix' Rob Robinson! The owner of the PWA! The audience explode with cheers at this new revelation, even if they do not like the implications.

Phoenix is wearing his mask and an expensive, dark blue suit. For him, this is the culmination of everything that's recently happened. He finally got his company back, he's got a title in Victory, he's the AOWF IC champ, and now he's aligned with the guys he sees as the other three best wrestlers in the AOWF. After years in the wilderness, he's finally back on top of the world.

Once in the ring, he shakes hands with the other three men before taking the microphone from Marvin Wood. He speaks.

The Phoenix: Some people may be wondering why I chose to be here. Didn't I learn my lessons about super groups when the original Pantheon turned against me? That's a good question and I'm glad you asked. The fact is, the Pantheon was a bunch of insecure little girls that couldn't stand the fact that I stood head and shoulders above them. So when Marvin Wood called me and asked me to be a part of this, to be a part of history, I did indeed want to make sure I wasn't in for more of the same. I watched the tape, I did my homework and let me tell you, the men standing in the ring with me... Well, they're clearly the best the AOWF has to offer. And if I can put modesty aside, they see the same quality in the Phoenix.

The Phoenix: Make no mistake, this isn't the Pantheon, this is bigger. I've learned from my mistakes. We're not all hunting in the same forest here, there's no competition. One company, one man, that's the rule. As for me being the Rebel Pro representative? That, my friends, is the very definition of irony. Larry Gordon may have stolen my company away from me, but he screwed up big time when he kept me under contract. That mistake and my new associates means that from now on, whenever anyone thinks about Rebel Pro, the first name that pops to mind is Rob Robinson. That's not just served cold, that's fucking frozen. How does that feel, Larry? How does it feel to know that the best your company has to offer is a man that loathes being there?

The Phoenix: But most of all, I'm proud. I'm proud to be a part of this alliance. I'm proud to be working with men that I respect for a change. And most of all, I'm proud that I'm able to be the host of it all. I'm proud that the turning point of AOWF history is getting started in a PWA ring.

The Phoenix places the microphone on the canvass, and the four pose in a show of unity to close the show...