World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Malicious vs Aeolus Wrath vs Jack James

This match was a great example of the talent that PWA has to offer with all three men showing off their varied arsenal. Wrath showed why he was a highly scouted free agent as he began to control the match with some innovative offense. But even he found it hard to topple the insane antics of Malicious. Not to be left out, James showed off his own daredevil skills. But it was Aeolus Wrath , who was able to get the win.

WINNER: Aeolus Wrath

Nuke Fusion vs Matt Seraph

And here is another match that pit two new comers in the PWA. With a win already under his belt, Fusion made short work of Seraph, who put in a half hearted effort. Nuke, after a few minutes of showing off some moves, put everything to bed when he nailed his finisher, Fusion Cutter.


El Rey vs Showtime

This was a great match between two former champions, which saw the two pull out some amazing spots that kept the crowd hooked. But eventually it was El Rey, who was able to reverse a Irish whip into the Tango Pasado del Amor for the win.


Riona Langly vs Jethro Hayes

A great match between two wrestlers that know each other from other encounters. And try all she might, Riona could not stop the steamroller known as the Farm Express. So Hayes gained the win, after nearly folding Riona in half with The Planter.


Scottie Snow vs Kyle Stevenson

Television Championship Match

Due to some faulty camera we can only get a re-cap of this grueling match. Snow came down to the ring with a swagger in his step. Kyle was kinda of his steps because of having to keep an eye on Snow and outside for Viktor Stone who has gotten involved in some of Scottieā€™s matches. This match was ended when Stevenson pulled out a incredible set of moves.

WINNER: Kyle Stevenson