World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Trent Sunderland vs Jimmy Henderson

Singles Match

Jimmy starts off the match quick, taking Trent Sunderland down with a stunning Russian leg sweep. Trent rolls away and jumps back to his feet, charging at The Renegade Southerner. Trent with a vicious clothesline takes down Henderson but Jimmy's quickly back on his feet and both men lock horns. They twist back and forth, pushing each other back until Jimmy twists Trent's arm and hip tosses him to the canvas. Trent with a drop toe hold takes Jimmy down but Jimmy is quickly back on his feet and hits a stunning enziguri kick across Trent's face. Jimmy climbs the to the top rope and as Trent Sunderland gets to his feet, Jimmy flies off and lands on his shoulders, smashing his fists into Trent's head while sitting on his shoulders before flipping and hitting an electrifying hurricanrana. Trent is helped to his feet by the dominant Renegade Southerner who attempts a DDT but Trent reverses it, flipping him with an awkward snap suplex to the canvas. Trent with a cover!



Jimmy easily kicks out and as they get to their feed hits Trent with a snapmare before going for a cover of his own.




Jimmy doesn't relent, whipping Trent into the corner and then climbing over him and punching him in the head. 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! 10! The crowd chants along with each strike and after the tenth, Jimmy Henderson monkey flips Trent Sunderland off the corner and onto the canvas. Trent looks to be in bad shape as he's slow to his feet but he and Jimmy begin exchanging lefts and rights until Trent grapples Jimmy and lays him out with a northern lights suplex! Trent picks Jimmy Henderson up by the neck and Irish whips him into the ropes. He seems ready to flip Jimmy over but Jimmy jumps over him and as Trent turns around he's met with Whistlin' Dixie straight to the chin! The thud of the impact is heard throughout the arena and all the fans go "OHHHHHHHHHH"! as Trent Sunderland hits the canvas lifeless. Jimmy Henderson covers!





Jimmy Hendersons hand is raised in victory by referee Dwayne Cross, as Trent shakes his head looking up at the spotlights on the arena ceiling.


We find ourselves in the Second 2 None locker room, where Matthew Engel and Jethro Hayes talk strategy for the upcoming match. We hear a knock on the door, drawing their attention. However, before they can verbally acknowledge the visitor, Lucious Starr lets himself in. He walks straight up to the two men, all three with grins on their faces.

Matthew Engel: So, couldn’t even wait for the match to get your hands on me Lucy?

Lucious shakes his head, a look of annoyance. He gives Hayes a dark look before turning to Engel.

Lucious Starr: Not even. Look, I know we’ve had a lot of issues in the past, and yeah I’ve ended up on the losing side more often than not. But I wanted to let you know that I have no hard feelings against you. You’ve proven yourself to simply be the better man. I respect that.

Matthew and Jethro turn to each other, almost confused. Engel turns back, questioning.

Matthew Engel: So is this a ploy or are you being serious here? Cause I’m not going to go easy on you just for learning your place.

Jethro Hayes: I don’t think Lucious could learn his place.

Lucious Starr: Nobody asked you, Vik.

Jethro Hayes: Vik?

Lucious Starr: Yeah, Vik. As in you’re the Viktor Stone in this group, being carried by the Shadow Starr... which would be Engel.

Matthew Engel: Don’t even compare me to you. That’s just insulting.

Lucious Starr: Just saying. And besides, it’s a comment on the team dynamic, not on you. Granted, the Southern Zero here is almost as good as Viktor was, but you’re in a league I’m only beginning to be able to touch.

Jethro laughs out right.

Jethro Hayes: This is a partnership, we've both got our goals and neither carries the other on their shoulders.

Lucious Starr: Yeah. Engel is Second to none. You? You’re second to anyone who can throw a fucking stick.

Jethro laughs again.

Jethro Hayes: And remind me Lucy, how many PWA World titles have you actually won? And I don't mean them being handed to you, I mean busting your ass to win them in a match.

Jethro goes to stand up and get into Lucious' face.

Jethro starts in on Lucious, but is stopped by Engel. He looks on at Lucious, thinking.

Matthew Engel: Jethro, let it go. Save it for the ring. Lucious, is there a reason you’re still here?

Lucious Starr: Yeah. Just wanted to let you know that you won’t have any trouble from me. I’m looking out for the team here, so don’t worry about an attack or any backstabbing. I’m destined to win Who’s The Man? and become World Champion again, and I don’t want it marred by your injury.

Jethro Hayes: You win Who’s The Man? is like a cat winning a Dog Show trophy.

Lucious Starr: You know what, I would take offense if that wasn’t coming from a guy paying a hooker to be his girlfriend.

Jethro Hayes: You little...

Lucious laughs as he watches Jethro turn red, getting to his feet, Engel trying to talk him down again. Engel turns to Lucious, both angered and somewhat enjoying this trade of insults.

Matthew Engel: I think it’s about time you leave.

Lucious extends a hand, Engel weary. He looks to Hayes, who scoffs and steps away. Engel turns back, shaking Lucious’ hand and Starr turns, walking out the door. He turns, a grin across his face.

Lucious Starr: Oh, and Hayes. Next time you see your girl, ask her if she’ll sign a copy of Gutter Whores 2 for me. Always love autographs from the stars.


Lucious laughs as he exits, shutting the door. Jethro bounds to the door, Engel unsuccessfully trying to talk him down. Hayes swings the door open, but Lucious is already out of sight.

Mark Zout vs Dos Caras

Winner Decides Zout's Tag Partner at WTM!?

Mark Zout and Dos Cara start the match face to face in the center of the ring. Mark Zout starts the fight with a few swings of his fists. Dos falls to the mat getting up quickly and receiving another stiff shot. Mark grabs Dos by the head and walks him over to the corner slamming it hard into buckle. Over and over again, The Referee goes to the buckle to break it up which Mark gladly obliges. With little to no effort Mark lifts his foe off the ground and placed him on his shoulders. With a quick spin he falls back and hits the Mark out. Dos hits the mat head first, and rolls under the bottom rope. Mark takes chase but by the time he gets to the apron no one lay on the outside. He looks from right to left up the ramp to the skirt around the ring. Without notice Dos cara comes up from behind Zout and rolls him up for the One two three. Dos care then lifted his arms in victory as another Dos cara rolled out from beneath the ring holding his head the Dos’s pulled a fast one and They will pick his partner at Who’s the Man.

Interview with Nightmare

The camera cuts to the backstage area where the PWA reporter, Lean Bean Miller is attempting to hunt down the PWA superstars for a pre-match interview. A familiar Bronze, chizzled physique passes by causing miller to hurry after him.

Lean Bean: Jon! Nightmare! A moment before your match tonight, please?

Jonathon Wehali, dressed in his normal ring gear, turns to Lean Bean Miller with a smile

Nightmare: For the PWA's ace interviewer? Anytime my friend.

Lean Bean: Jon, what are your opinions regarding your opponent Matt Stone, this evening. He took your offer of sportsmanship and basically slapped you in the face.

Nightmare's smile shifts into a small frown at Miller's word.

Nightmare: Seems to be the regular MO for guys in this sport and in this company. Well, Just like Maverick and Blazenwing learned, and Hunter will be reminded, disrespecting me is a sure fire way to wind up in the hospital. Matt Stone thinks he's hot shit around here. Well, he's half right, he's shit to me.

Jonathon nods, his eyes hard and unforgiving.

Lean Bean: Speaking of Hunter Sullivan, given his actions in the past two weeks and the fact that he is the guest commentator for your match tonight, do you think he'll once again get involved in your match?

Jon smirks.

Nightmare: I fully expect it and Welcome it. I'm prepared for anything he may throw at me this week ... And Next! That is why I have taken out an Insurance policy for this evening... a very large and strong insurance policy.

Lean Bean: do you have any final words for your opponent tonight?

Nightmare: Yes! As good as Matt Stone is, or even thinks he is, I'm simply that much better.

He turns from Bean and addresses the camera directly.

Nightmare: By the way Matthew ... really ... I mean, Really? The other day you accused me of claiming you were nothing but a disrespectful punk. Well aside from the fact that this very statement proves you right, because I made no mention of you what-so-ever, It does bring up a couple of points I should probably address.

Nightmare: One: Your Network? First, no-one, and I mean NO-one in this entire fed has the right to claim this as "Their" network, not as long as there are other hard working talents here entertaining the fans of PWA. If anything this should be considered the AOWF's network.

Nightmare: Two: So, my name means Shit to you huh? I'm nothing but a One-hit-Wonder is it? Did I get that part right, because I'm trying really hard to be accurate here. Well to be honest with you Door Mat ... and that is just one of the things I'm gonna call you because not only does your name mean nothing to me but neither do YOU ... Hell, until we were booked to face each other I had no reason to even think about checking up on you, let alone waste a moment of breath about you in any of my other promos to date. As for the One-Hit-Wonder status? It's two actually, Intercontinental and Tag, which you would have known if you had done Your research. I'm actually surprised because that would be the one legitimate reason for you to claim you were better than me. Instead, you flat out admit your nothing but a lucky choke artist. I guess for that I should go ahead and give you points for honesty. As for the whole "I'm Superior because I'm Canadian" thing? That's like claiming the French are not Cowards because they finally had the balls to attack Libya.

Nightmare: You should have heeded my words from the beginning, for now you will pay the price for doing so. After all ... This IS the year for Killing Dreams and Bringing Nightmare's to life.

Lean Bean Miller nods then listens to his headset.

Lean Bean: Well, According to the stage tech we are out of time for now. You are wanted at the Gorilla Position. Good Luck, Jon.

Nightmare: Thanks LBM, but it's Matt Stone who will need luck... surviving our match.

Nightmare flashes a roguish grin then walks away to take his place while the cameras return us to ringside.

Matt Stone vs Nightmare

Singles Match

Jon McDaniel: The Following encounter should be quiet the contest and I for one am looking forward to it. Given the hope that Someone doesn’t get involved.

Hunter: How about this Jon, Just for you, I guarantee I will not lay hands on Nightmare during this match.

Brian Rentfro: See Jon, Hunter is here to do some fair unbiased Commentary.

Jon McDaniel: Brian.. I can’t even expect you to make fair unbiased commentary.

The house lights dim as smoke begins to boil up from the entranceway.

Eric Emerson: Introducing now... standing at 6'9" and weighting in at 280 pounds...

A pulsing beat hits the air as "The Great American Nightmare" by Rob Zombie begins to play as a group of ravishingly beautiful women in hot pants and cropped halter tops rise from the smoke, moving in a sensuous provocative manner to the music. The arena lights begin to strobe in synchronicity to the music as the opening guitar riff hits its crescendo, the huge monitors flashing in counterpoint.

~Dig deep down from Planet X, yeah~
~Thirteen ghosts in the devil's head~
~Step right up and feel the fire~
~Hardcore love of the never dead~

Eric Emerson: He hails from Los Angeles, California accompanied by Tim Murphy... he is Jonathon Wehali... he is...

Spotlights pan through the stadium, scanning through the air. Suddenly the entrance explodes with a spike of red pyros as the monitors begin showing highlights from Nightmare's previous matches. Icons and champions go down to his kicks and strikes. Superstars and legends tap out to his submission holds. One after another faces famous, infamous, and unknown are shown, each being driven into the canvas headfirst. The footage then burns away to a single word suspended in darkness: NIGHTMARE. It then shatters, the monitor going black.

~Call me the American nightmare~
~Call me the American dream~
~Call me your soul corrupted~
~Call me everything you need~

Eric Emerson: NIGHTMARE!!!

As a shower of red pyros rains down upon the stage, Nightmare steps through the entrance with the huge man following behind. Red war paint marks his face.

~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Yeah, who do you love~
~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Who do you love, yeah~

Nightmare scans the crowd like a general surveying his troops. His gaze then settles upon the ring. Making his way forward he slaps hands with the fans. Trailing behind Nightmare still is Tim Murphy.

~Black boots stomp and penetrate, yeah~
~Lust and death gone in your head~
~Rat pack mind degenerated~
~Thirteen ghosts sing the body red~

Arriving at ringside, Nightmare selects a lovely young woman out of the crowd, placing his signature Gargoyle sunglasses upon her head then posing with the fans before turning to once again view the ring.

~Call me the dark intruder~
~Call me the haunted sea~
~Call me your Monster Zero~
~Call me anything you need~

Once at ringside Nightmare springs onto the ring apron, grabs the top rope, and flips over the top.

~Call me the American Nightmare~
~Call me the American dream~
~Call me your soul corrupted~
~Call me everything you need~

Nightmare walks to the center of the ring and pumps his fist into the air. The four corner posts of the ring erupt into an explosion of red pyros as the song fades out, the stage once again in darkness as the dancing girls return to the back.

~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Yeah, who do you love~
~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Who do you love, yeah~

Nightmare takes his place in his corner to await the beginning of the match as Tim takes his station outside the ring.

Hunter: Tim Murphy huh? Interesting.

Jon McDaniel: He’s likely out here to stop you from getting involved

Brian Rentfro: Hunter has already promised he wouldn’t get involved. There is no need to be concerned. Right Hunter.

Hunter:.... yeah. Sure.

Say whoa (whoa)
The more I feed it (whoa)
The more I need it (whoa)
You say whoa
Whoa is me
I'm so whoa

Matt Stone comes out from the back to a chorus of boos. He struts down the ramp towards the ring, wearing his patterned hoodie with a large Maple Leaf on the back. He threatens to hit a member of the crowd who was holding up a "Canada sucks" sign and just walks on.

Say whoa (whoa)
The more I feed it (whoa)
The more I need it (whoa)
You say whoa
Whoa is me
I'm so whoa

Matt gets on the apron and gets inside the ring, heading straight to a corner and mounts the middle turnbuckle raises his hands. "I'm the best there is!" He shouts out over the loud jeers being rained down on him. He shakes his head to their reaction. "You don't deserve to see me!" He shouts out getting down and taking off the hoodie. Matt get's ready for his match, looking over at Nightmare in the other corner patiently waiting for Stone to be ready for the match.

Jon McDaniel: Matt Stone is a huge force in PWA. He’s always there. Sometimes you forget about him, and then when you least expect it, he pulls out a huge victory.

Hunter: You need to stay on your feet with Matt in the ring. One, he’s Canadian. Two, it’s just like you said, if you let down your guard even a little, he is NOT afraid to take advantage of that.

The bell sounds and Matt walks up to the middle of the ring standing opposite of Nightmare. Jonathon stares down at Stone who has an arrogant smirk on his face.

Matt Stone: “Face it Nightmare, you’re more washed up than Japan!”

Nightmare stares a hole in matt’s eyes as he continues

Matt Stone: “Oh, I’m sorry, was that too Tsun…ami? You stupid…”

Whatever Matt Stone was going to add was silenced quickly by a chop to the throat by Nightmare.

Hunter: HA, hilarious.

Jon McDaniel: That was outrageous, there are people who die-

Hunter: And a rough chop to the throat.

Matt instantly dropped to the mat holding his throat, his feet kicking in pain.

Jon McDaniel: W-What?

Brian Rentfro: Keep your head in the match Jon. Geeze. Way to be professional.

Nightmare looks down at Stone and grabs him by the back of the head and brings him up to his feet. Nightmare backs Matt up against the ropes and sends him off to the opposite side, seeing Matt come back off the rebound Nightmare lunges forward and connects with Stone’s head, dropping him down with a vicious clothesline. Matt drops to the ground and starts rolling out of the ring to catch a breather.

Hunter: Smart move by Matt here. I hope Tim Murphy keeps his hands to himself though. I’d hate to see this match tainted like that.

Brian Rentfro: True enough Hunter. That would be a shame. Tim Murphy shouldn’t even be allowed at ring side after what he did last week to David.

Jon McDaniel: You’re kidding me right?

Nightmare seeing Matt outside the ring walks over and reaches over the top rope and grabs Stone by the head. Matt tries wriggling out, but he is lifted up on the apron and Nightmare chops Stone’s chest and flips him over the ropes into the ring. Matt starts to get back to his feet via the ropes but is helped midway through when he grabbed by Nightmare. John, backs Matt towards the center of the ring before spinning Stone around and grabbing him by the throat, lifting him up in the air for a choke slam, but Stone reaches down and rakes Jonathon’s eyes, freeing himself.

Jon McDaniel: Questionable method, but surely effective.

Hunter: Man...

Brian Rentfro: What is it Hunter?

Hunter: Just thinking how bad Nightmare has become. Really though. Pitiful even.

Jon McDaniel: Please... elaborate. I got to hear this.

Hunter: Just watch him.

Matt lands on his feet and hit the ropes, running back at Nightmare who was holding his eyes and hit with a low dropkick in his right leg. Nightmare fell to one knee and Stone was quick to his feet, looking at the big man.

Matt Stone: “Kneel before Zooood!”

Matt swung his right foot for Jon’s head, but Nightmare ducked the oncoming boot and stood up as Matt spun around, grabbing him by the throat again and lifting him high in the air and instantly slamming him down to the ground with a choke slam!

Jon McDaniel: Yeah, I’m watching alright.

Hunter: Keep watching.

Brian Rentfro: I’m not sure I understand Dude. Nightmare is kind of dominating.

Nightmare hooks Matt’s leg and the ref gets down and starts counting



Kick out!

Nightmare looks down at Matt with a bit of a satisfied smile, glad that he could continue to punish the Canadian. Nightmare lifts Stone up by the back of his head, but is hit in the ribs by a quick forearm, followed by a second, then a third. Upon the third shot, Jonathon releases the grasp he had on Matt and takes a step back. Matt hits Jonathon with a stiff European Uppercut that forces Nightmare to take a few more steps back and Matt his the ropes again, going for a leaping forearm but before he could even jump in the air, Nightmare took one step forward and caught Stone in the jaw with a big boot!

Jon McDaniel: A brutal boot, proving more so the dominance and skill of the returning Nightmare.

Hunter: Heh, I guess that is a little impressive.

Brian Rentfro: How does it feel knowing you have to face him at the ppv?

Hunter: That? Or Nightmare. Because those are two different things really. You’ll see by the time the match is over.

Nightmare glares down at his opponent as Stone starts to get to his feet on wobbly legs. Nightmare takes Stone by the arm and spins him around to face him, Slamming down his head and connecting with Stone’s skull with a head butt, knocking Matt backwards into the adjacent corner. Nightmare approaches Matt and starts to backhand chop Stone, followed by another head butt, a few football kicks and a knee strike. Stone is out of it by now and Nightmare turns around, looking straight at Hunter Sullivan and ran his fingers across his throat.

Hunter: That man in the ring? An imposter. Someone who thinks cut throat poses and a namesake can carry him through the night. He’s going to learn that’s not true.

Jon McDaniel: And what’s that supposed to mean?

Hunter: I told you, watch the match.

Brian Rentfro: This should be good.

Nightmare turns around and Stone springs off the bottom ropes grabbing Jon’s head, bringing his knees up into Nightmare’s jaw and falls backward!

Hunter: And look at that. Combo Mofooking breaker!


Stone went for the cover.




Brian: HA, YEAH, MATT WINS. I knew you were right Hunter.

Hunter: Oh my, look to the ring man.

Stone held his hands high in the air and got off Nightmare, sighing. The referee started immediately waiving off the fall, though, pointing to Nightmare’s right leg which was under the bottom rope, thus cancelling the pinfall. Stone was furious and got right to his feet, getting into the referee’s face.

Matt Stone: “That was three! You fucking counted it! It counts damn it!”

Nightmare was starting to get up now, glaring over at Stone who was otherwise preoccupied. Stone, giving up on trying to coerce the ref turns around to a pissed off advisory charging his way. Stone is caught with Nightmare’s shoulder and lifted into the air before being driven into the mat with an effective Lanarse!

Hunter: And this is where is show you what I meant. You guys better watch. This will be fairly entertaining. For... well.. It will for me anyway.

Hunter Sullivan got up from the commentary booth and headed towards the ring, but is stopped by Tim Murphy. Hunter looks into the eyes of Tim who was standing with his arm crossed, a confident grin upon his face. Hunter grows a smirk of his own to counter-act. Tim is smug about it giving Hunter a ‘Come Get it’ Look on his face, jerking his head with the look. Without a moment to registered what just happened Hunter swiftly kicks Tim in the nuts. Murphy grabs his package pushing Hunter back into the announcers table in disgust and pain. Hunter hits slightly and turns back to Jon with a twinkle in his eye.

Brian Rentfro: What’s he doing! He promised he wouldn’t get involved!

Jon McDaniel: He said he wouldn’t lay a finger on Nightmare. And so far he hasn’t.

Brian Rentfro: Oh right, haha, I knew he wouldn’t break his promise.

Murphy powers through the pain and marches as Hunter to moves out of the way swiftly and nails a uppercut into the wrestlers face who returns with a blunt fist of his own Dropping the viper to the ground. The self acclaimed G.o.D scurries to his feet and eggs Murphy on to follow him, making a fake towards the ring. Murphy cuts him off and scoops him up, slamming him onto the matting. It’s here Nightmare climbing to his feet glares outside the ring at Sullivan being manhandled by his guard. Hunter cringing in pain glances at Nightmare who is growing a smirk now, amused with the damage on his rival.

Jon McDaniel: OH NO!

Hunter winks at Nightmare which causes him to lose his smirk quickly. SCHOOL BOY ROLL UP!




The bell rang and Stone immediately released Nightmare and rolled out of the ring, holding his right hand high in the air as he backed up the ramp, holding the back of his neck. The fans Jeer loudly in response.

Brian Rentfro: Genius! Hunter Didn’t need to even touch Nightmare and he cost him the match!

Jon McDaniel: I don’t think he’s going to enjoy the repercussions of his actions as much as he would have hoped though...

Nightmare is furious and rolls out of the ring towards Hunter who is dragged to his feet and full nelson’d by the huge hulk of a man. Nightmare spits words of Venom at the wrestler calling him out on what he’d just done. He swiftly slaps The Viper across the face, only for the wrestler to turn back and spit right in the superstar’s eye.

Brian Rentfro: RIGHT IN THE EYE! Gross!

Jon McDaniel: Such a crass showing of disrespect. Hunter Is taunting the man, messing with him. I think Nightmare has just about hit his boiling point!

With that comment Nightmare snaps and pummels Hunter with a right hand. Tim keeps him in arms grasp as Nightmare unleashes his frustrations on the face of the former PWA wrestler. Hunter’s nose begins to bleed as the Viper takes a beating my the wrestler. Left hands, right hands, left hands. Nightmare just continues to lash violently into Hunter’ face.

Jon McDaniel: Nightmare is showing that bastard what he thinks of him with those brutal fists!

Nightmare stops and grabs Hunter by the chin, lifting it up. When Hunter makes eye contact he slowly wipes the spit from under his eye away and flicks it to the ground. Hunter shares one last egotistical smirk before Jon Sprays a black mist into The Viper’s face!

Tim tosses the wrestler into the barricade leaving Hunter on the ground, rolling around in pain, gripping and clawing at his face in pain. The Viper kicks at the matting as Tim and Nightmare leave the scene of the match.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like the Viper got exactly what he’s been asking for.

Brian Rentfro: Poor dude getting that spit in his face. That’s just gross!

Cleared for Take Off

The ADC-Tron comes to life with the vision of a young girl standing inside of a PWA ring, her back to the camera, a bright light enveloping her. She starts to run, then leaps over the ropes, launching into a corkscrew body press on a body outside of the ring.

Run and tell all of the angels
This could take all night
Think I need a devil to help me get things right

A flash brings us back into the ring, where the girl leaps onto the top rope effortlessly, then launches herself at an opponent before catching them with a slingshot dragonrana.

Hook me up a new revolution
Cause this one is a lie
We sat around laughing and watched the last one die

Another flash; this time, the girl runs at her adversary before leaping up, wrapping her legs around their head, and spinning around the upper half of their body before dropping them to the mat with a double tilt-a-whirl headscissors takeover.

I'm looking to the sky to save me
Looking for a sign of life
Looking for something to help me burn out bright

More flashes; a shooting star press, a moonsault into a diving double foot stomp, and a sliced bread #2.

I'm looking for a complication
Looking cause I'm tired of lying (trying)
Make my way back home when I learn to fly

One more flash brings the viewer into the eyes of the opponent lying on the mat. The girl leaps to the top rope, then launches herself backwards with a split-legged corkscrew moonsault. As she lands the move, the screen flashes and shakes, transitioning into a logo.

Duff & David Blazenwing vs The O'Connor Boys

Tag-Team Match

"Aah, I need a drink."

Alternating green and gold pyros shoot up from the entrance ramp as a loud guitar riff hits the PWA P.A system and begins to pick up speed, until the voice of Dropkick Murphys begin singing
"You say its because we're boisterous
You hate us 'cause we got our dignity "

Green and gold shamrock lights flicker through the crowd as shamrock shaped confetti rains down on the crowd.

Eric Emerson: Making their way down to the ring at a total combined weight of three hundred and seventy pounds, they make their home in Boston Massachusetts... SEAMUS and SEAN... THE O'CONNOR BOYS!

Seamus and Sean run down the entrance ramp making sure to slap the hands of fans who reach out to touch wrestlers.

"We stand together so proud and strong
This is a place where we belong "

They slide into the ring under the bottom rope and kip up to their feet quickly. Each hits a corner throwing their hands up to the fans.

"We got loyal friends
We keep our heads held high,
We'll stick together you and I "

They hit the two remaining corners and *WHAM!* green and gold pyros go off above the ring showering them in the sparks from the explosion. They pay little mind as the pyros rain down on them.

"But the blood that runs right down your wrist
Don't come from a knife, but the cuts on your fist "

They begin to stretch out themselves and warm up for their match as the crowd begins to chant "OCB, OCB, OCB"

Never alone...
The city streets are where we roam.
Never alone...
This is Boston it's our home.

Don't need no gang to watch my ass
Just loyal friendship and a pint of Bass
In the midst of the chaos and insanity
I'm a member of the working class society
We'll sweat in the ring and bleed in the streets
But our will and spirit can never be beat

Seamus and Sean give each other a hug and a high five before discussing who will start the match tonight.

You can shoot and you can kick but together we'll stick
Through thick and thin not stick or stone
Can break the bond that has here grown
Arm and Arm We Fight As One.

Never alone...
The city streets are where we roam."

The Jobber Blues House Band begins to play a jazzy rendition of "Slaughterama" by GWAR. Robert Greenberg steps out from behind the curtain and walks to the top of the ramp. He smirks and looks around at the cheering crowd, waving.

Robert Greenberg: GOOD EVENING, LADIES AND GERMS! I AM ONE RUDE, CRUDE DUDE WITH A ROCK-AND-ROLL ATTITUDE! ROBERT -- [dirty poem that will be sent in every week] -- GREENBERG!

The crowd goes bananas.

Robert Greenberg: Tonight's guest(s): [derogatory bit about opponent which will also be PMed weekly]! And now, HERE IS YOUR HOST... HE TOWERS OVER MOST OF HIS COMPETITION AT 6'7", AND WEIGHS IN AT 275 LBS. ... HE IS DUFF-MAAAN!

The band plays on and Duff-Man emerges from the back. His million-dollar-smile can be seen from the nosebleeds, and he's wearing a blue-and-white pinstripe sport jacket. He waves to the crowd, blows kisses, and gives out high-fives as if they were going out of style. He stops at ringside to give his cheap sunglasses to some lucky fan.

Duff looks in the ring and smiles as he climbs the stairs. He gets in the ring and walks over to his corner, waiting for the match to begin.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin... weighing in tonight at 245 pounds... he is Milwaukee's Greatest Export... he is DAVID... BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZENWING!!!

The lights in the arena all cut to black and the Tron comes to life, pulsating with a green light as a quiet beat gets louder with every flash. It gets faster and faster, and louder with each pulse, until the pulsating light explodes into the words "True Icons Never Die" and "Superstar" by Saliva blares across the arena sound system.

#Now has come the day that I take the lead and I make you follow
Toast to champagne cause I came for greed and not for tomorrow
If it feels good, then it feels good and I do it all day
You want me to play?
You best bring your brain
You best bring your money#

Make me a superstar!
No matter who you are!#

The stage fills with smoke and the crowd comes to their feet, cheering loudly as the smoke clears on the stage and a man in a dark green trenchcoat stands, head down, facing the ADC-Tron. He raises his hands and snaps his fingers, causing four loud bursts of pyro to ignite, two on each side of him, before spinning around Y2J style to reveal David Blazenwing!

#Razorblade and lines and I walk the line without fearing no one
Damn, my throat is dry, I can't taste the wine from these empty bottles
Films and magazines
It's all what I need and all what I planned on
Where's my limousine?
It's just like a dream that I won't wake up from!#

His sunglasses shining with the glare from the arena lights, David looks to the left, then to the right, nodding towards the crowd before walking down the ramp. After stopping to slap hands with a few fans, David moves towards the ring steps and hops up and down a few times in front of them before quickly racing up the steps to the apron side facing the stage. He stops and pulls his sunglasses off, then leans down and steps through the middle of the ropes to enter the ring. David walks across the ring and leaps up onto the second rope in the corner nearest the timekeeper, then pulls off his trenchcoat and tosses it towards the timekeeper.

Make me a superstar!
It don't matter who you are!
Yeah! Come on!
Make me a superstar!
No matter who you... AAAARRRREEE!!!#

David smirks and points to the fans, then slaps his chest a few times and points up towards the sky, closing his eyes and saying a short prayer. David leaps down from the corner and immediately turns to sit down in the same corner, ala Raven. David then rests his head on the second turnbuckle pad as his theme fades and the crowd continues cheering loudly.

Ding Ding

Dave stands in the center of the ring, waiting smugly for Seamus to step forward and start the match. Seamus and Sean shake hands before Seamus turns and heads into the center of the ring. Lockup, Seamus with a go behind into a rear waistlock. Blazenwing grabs the hands, breaks the hold locking in one of his own on Seamus. Seamus grabs Dave’s head, dropping down with a stunner, he covers but Dave with a quick kick-out before a count is made. Seamus kips up to his feet, followed quickly by Dave. Chop to Seamus’ chest, a second, and a open handed slap to the face catches Seamus off-guard. Blazenwing whips Seamus into the ropes rushing forward to deliver a knee into his midsection. Seamus is doubled over, Blazenwing jumps into the air, bringing his right leg down on the back of Seamus’ skull. Dave reaches out tagging in Duff. Duff comes into the match, looking a bit testy at having to team with Blazenwing.

Brian Rentfro: Duff and Dave aren't getting along, but yet Seamus and Sean haven't teamed together in PWA in over a year.

Jon McDaniel: But in that time, Seamus and Sean have been multiple time NAPW Tag Team Champions in NAPW.

Brian Rentfro: Who cares?

Duff with a side headlock, Seamus sends him into the ropes. Duff rebounds, but Seamus is struck from behind by Blazenwing, sending him stumbling forward. Duff with a running big boot takes Seamus down onto the mat. Over in his corner, Sean is breathing heavily, trying to hold in his anger as he holds onto the tag ropes. Sean begins to shout for this brother, he tries to get the fans behind him, and they respond with some cheering. Duff pulls Seamus up to his feet, forearm to his throat backs him into the corner, Duff is right down in his face, headbutt before lifting Seamus up onto the top turnbuckle. Duff climbs up after him, top rope vertical suplex! Seamus’ back lands heavily on the canvas and Duff rolls over to make a cover. Scott Swindell slides into position.



Seamus kicks out with some authority, but has to waste the energy to do so very early in the match. Duff pulls Seamus up again, but Seamus with a elbow to Duff's face backs him up. Seamus springs backwards, dives forward Duff with his version of the Mountain Bomb takes Seamus down on the canvas once more here in this match.

Jon McDaniel: You can tell that Seamus has a bit of ring rust here.

Brian Rentfro: Why don’t you just say he sucks?

Duff makes the cover, but Seamus places his foot on the ropes before Scott Swindell can even slap the mat once. Dave kicks the foot off the ropes, but Swindell sees and gets in Dave's face about it. Duff looks up as Seamus crawls away towards the outstretched arm of Sean, Duff sees at the last second and dives. Too late. Seamus with the tag in the match but Swindell doesn’t see the tag, Dave has his attention. Sean comes in just as the referee turns around to see, he orders Sean back out of the ring; Sean mimics making the tag to his brother, Swindell shakes his head. Seamus gets up to his feet as a few people in the crowd agree with Sean that he made the tag. Seamus ducks a right by Duff, spinning around to deliver a kick to the back of his knee taking him down onto one knee. Seamus with a Shining Wizard takes Duff on over to the mat as Seamus falls on his face from exhaustion. He looks up, seeing Dave Blazenwing on the other side of the ring, Seamus crawls over to the ropes, beginning to pull himself up to a vertical base.

Jon McDaniel: Seamus with a desperation move, but can he take advantage?

Brian Rentfro: Dave with a veteran move moments ago, can it happen again?

Seamus reaches up, Sean has the tag rope, the hand is there… Dave yells for Swindell, his attention diverted. The tag is made, but Swindell hears the tag as Sean comes into the ring. Duff with a hip toss sends him over onto his back. Sean lands on his feet, forearm to Dave sending him down to the floor. Sean leaps to the top turnbuckle, flying backwards with an elbow takes Duff down to the mat, Sean back up on his feet, trying to get the crowd behind him. Sean leans over the top rope, yelling at the crowd as he claps his hands together over his head; the crowd is about a quarter against him, three quarters for him. Seamus is clapping along with him as Sean turns back around. Sean runs forward, leap frogging Duff, coming back with a dropkick to the back of his head. Sean pulls Duff up, whip into the ropes, Dave slaps the back of Duff and rushes into the ring. Sean with another leap frog on Duff but Dave with the running clothesline takes him down. Duff steps through the ropes and grabs the tag rope.

Brian Rentfro: Great veteran move there.

Jon McDaniel: Dave isn't a legend in this business for always playing fair.

Dave is mouthing off at Sean, but the smile never leaves his face as he shoves Sean into the corner. Dave with a running clothesline, but Sean ducks under running out and mulekicking Dave in the back. Dave falls to one knee, Sean springs from the middle rope with a spinning toe kick catching Dave right in the temple taking him down. Sean is on fire now as he pulls Dave up, whipping him into the ropes. Dave rebounds as Sean runs forward. Sean rolls forward and as Dave is even with him, Sean spins to the side sweeping Dave's legs out from under him. Sean sprints over the fallen Blazenwing, back flipping onto Dave with a leg hook. Swindell slides into perfect position for the pin.



Dave kicks out as Duff stomps on the back of Sean’s head to break up the pin. Sean gets back up to his feet, rubbing at the back of his head as Swindell gets Duff back to his corner. Dave nails Sean in the thigh with a chop and Sean goes as green as his tights. Dave with a swinging neckbreaker takes him down and Swindell turns around just in time to see the pin taking place; he slides into position.





Sean is able to somehow kick out of the surprise pin.

Brian Rentfro: A near fall there and perhaps the last victorious pin of Dave's PWA career.

Jon McDaniel: Or perhaps not.

Brian Rentfro: How can you tell them apart?

Jon McDaniel: I don’t have all of the answers Brian.

Dave pulls Sean up, right hand to his face, whip into the corner. Dave rushes in after Sean, clothesline in the corner. Dave has Sean in the neutral corner barrage of martial kicks to the exposed ribs of Sean fold him up like an accordion. Sean with a weak and desperate right hand backs Dave up. Sean comes out with another one, and a third backing Dave up. Sean springs from the middle rope, diving clothesline taking Dave down. Sean falls on the mat, looking up at his brother, both reaching for the other to make the tag. Sean looks over to the ropes, pulling himself up. Dave rolls over onto his front and shoves himself up to a vertical base. Sean is vertical now, he sees Dave up. They come together, all exhaustion out of the window. Sean with a thigh kick to Dave, whip into the ropes. Reversal from Dave, Sean into the ropes.

Brian Rentfro: Running Super Sized Kick!

Jon McDaniel: Sean is down, but is he out?

Duff enters the ring to prevent Seamus from coming into the match, Dave makes the cover.


Seamus dive s in anyways, trying to get past Duff.


Duff spears Seamus back into the corner.


Ding Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: Winners of the match... Duff and Dave!

The Final Bosses, The Phoenix & Might&Magic vs Jethro Hayes, Matthew Engel, Lucious Starr & Marxx

5 on 4 Handicap Match

The main event was as they say, a real clusterfuck of action. Before it began, Chamelion made it a no disqualification event, but still only one fall. Jethro and Engel worked well together, along with Marxx. Lucious played along well, except he and Hayes had a few moments of near disaster during tags, as the hatred between the two was still palatable. The four former world champions, going for the WTM Franchise and World titles took control early in the match against Phoenix, Might & Magic and the Final Bosses, but as it progressed, with frequent tags being made by all (except Phoenix who selectively chose to tag in M&M members the whole time) each man had his moment in the spotlight, dominating an opponent, before being double teamed to turn the tide. Toward the middle of the action packed match, the ring lights flared and a bolt of lightning flashed from them to strike the stage, where it exploded into flames. From the flames, Black Dragon appeared and he stalked to the ring where all nine members looked on. As he approached, he pulled from his robes the very same branding iron used on Enika Engel. Matthew grew angry and slid from the ring, chasing Black Dragon up the ramp, both disappearing backstage.

Down to three on five, Ash and Maverick took turns dominating over Jethro Hayes, with Marxx trying to make the save but Lucious just looking on with laughter. Hayes even tried to tag to Lucious but instead got a slap in the face for it. As Hayes fell back, into Marxx, Lucious' smile turned to shock, as Raizzor came from the fans again and pulled him from the apron and began demolishing him. Starr and Raizzor brawled up the stage, themselves disappearing to the back.

Marxx and Jethro, left alone, fought valiantly to their best to fend off the five, but it seemed to no avail. Ash made the tag to Phoenix, forcing him into the ring and as Phoenix entered, ash drop kicked him from behind, right into Marxx and Starr. Phoenix became their punching bag while the distracted M&M, urging Phoenix on, didn’t see Ash and Maverick slide out and grab back their PWA Tag titles. They size up and clobber M&M, who tumble of the ring apron and the four men themselves follow suit of the previous, battling up the ramp to fade from view.

In the ring, Phoenix, Marxx and Jethro are all that are left, with Phoenix somehow taking control and being the champion he is, managed to clothesline Jethro over the top to the floor. He turned and he and Marxx battled one on one, big time, going at it for a full three minutes. Phoenix went for his finisher, taking down Marxx but before he could capitalize, Ash returned with the PWA TV title in hand, clobbered Phoenix from behind and laid him out. He slid out to go find Maverick and M&M to resume the brawl while Marxx got up, hit the leaving Marxx on Phoenix and scored the 1-2-3.

Post match, Jethro came in from behind and hit the Plow on Marxx! As he smirked, the rest of the two teams came rushing back out, everyone brawling back in the ring, with everyone somehow managing to hit their finishing move on one of their major opponents by the end of the brawl… when it was over, the only one standing in the middle was none other then Lucious Starr. He laughed, holding his arms up, before the middle of the ring ripped open and he screamed as Raizzor came up from below, grabbing him and pulling him down into the depths of hell, smoke billowing up from the hole in the middle of the ring. The crowd was beyond loud as the screen faded to black.

© PWA 2011

Quick Results:
Jimmy Henderson d. Trent Sunderland
Dos Caras d. Mark Zout
Matt Stone d. Nightmare
Duff & Blazenwing d. The O'Connor Boys
Hayes, Engel, Starr & Marxx d. Phoenix, Might&Magic, Ash Nukem & Johnny Maverick.