World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


::Start Transmission Feed::

[Big gray letters appear on the screen, the words "Last Twister" flashing on the screen. The Kumquat Kid's theme music is heard.. We get scenes from the Tag Team Tournament. We see the rotten kumquats being dumped out as Ryan cries tears of anger. The music becomes garbled. We then switch to the end, Jenny getting power bombed through a table and Ryan getting titanium golf club shots. The music is now submerged in mocking laughter.]

Jon McDaniel: This is disgusting! The Kumquat Kid's world is falling down in front of us all!

[The camera shows The Deadpool and The Cowboys From Hell, each team with a smile on their faces, the music fading away.]

[We see Ryan Lewis standing in front of a television monitor in Fruit Of The Loom's locker room, his face stern, and somewhat cold. We don't see The Kumquat Kid we're used to. His eyes tear up as he turns away from the screen. Ledge appears beside him.]

Ledge: Ah Ryan, I had hoped I'd find you back here, but maybe a little bit of better spirits. I have a little surprise for you. You know how it's Easter tonight? Well, I know how this is like, your second favorite holiday, next to William Shatner's birthday, so I thought this would really boost your spirits.

[Ledge approaches the door, with a sly look on his face. Suddenly he springs back, opening the door, and in pops the Easter Bunny. Or rather, a man dressed as a poor representation of the Easter Bunny. He dances around Ryan, but Ryan simply gives him a look as if to say "I'd suggest you leave." The Bunny, catching this, turns and leaves heart-broken, an enormous smile still plastered on the oversized head.]

Ledge: Aww, I think you hurt his feelings. I was only trying to make you happy, you've been so depressed lately.

[Ryan turns to Ledge, fishing something out of his pocket. He pulls out a rotten banana, Ledge holding his nose due to the smell.]

Ledge: *holding his nose* Man! Where did you get that?

KK: I got it from the arena floor, after they were dumped there.

Ledge: But why? Why would you want a rotten kumquat?

[Ryan's eyes light up, not the same goofy one we're used to, but one almost maniacal. Ledge takes a step back and eyes Ryan with concern.]

Ledge: You all right man?

KK: Oh fine. I just realized something a few minutes before you came in here. I've been toying with the idea, but I can't toy with it anymore.

Ledge: What? What idea?

KK: The idea that sometimes my friend, even the tangiest of kumquats have to be rotten. And that sometime starts..tonight.

[Ryan walks away, leaving Ledge a bit confused.]

Ledge: What is he talking about? Hey Ryan wait up!

[Ledge follows his friend off-screen, the crowd chanting "Kumquat" as we fade to black.]

[An ambient sound is heard, followed by an electronic drum beat and heavily distorted guitar lick. The High Impact Competition logo fades in, and the vocals enter.]

::The sewers belch me up::

[Don Mega is shown driving the nail-studded baseball bat into his arm, blood pouring from the wounds.]

::The heavens spit me out::

[Chance hops off of the ring apron, denying Don Mega the tag out during the Tag Team title tournament.]

::From ethers tragic, I am born again::

[Jimmy Ultros rolls Ledge up in a small package, hooking the tights.]

::And now I'm with you now::

[Ledge stares down at Ultros, who runs up the ramp with the Campion's Choice title with Bruno in tow.]

::Inside your world of wow::

[Kumquat Kid flies off of the top rope with the Five Alive Splash onto Deacon Frost.]

::To move in desires made of deadly::

[Deacon Frost grabs Nemesis by the throat and choke slams him on the ringside floor.]


[Brandon Nova catches Lisa Lorenzo's kick, and delivers the dragon screw leg whip that torqued her knee.]

::Till the end times::

[Lisa is shown delivering the Picture Of Perfection to Chamelion, covering him to win the HiC World title.]


[Tommy Riley lifts Ethan Evans high, and delivers the Supreme Execution.]

::Is it bright where you are?::

[Nightmare ducks under a clothesline by Michael Sommers, and takes him down with a Fujiwara Arm bar.]

::Have the people changed?::

[Showtime is shown power bombing Corey Lazarus off of the top rope through a stack of tables on the outside.]

::Does it make you happy?::

[A slow-motion clip of Sirus Moran holding 'Al' close to his chest is displayed.]

::You're so...strange::

[In the middle of the ring, Michael Sommers stares down the mysterious XIII as the lights come back on.]

::And in your darkest hour::

[Don Mega flies off of the entrance stage and through a flaming table below.]

::I hold secret's flame::

[Thunderwolf is seen flying off of the top rope with the Lycanthrope Splash '03 to Sirus Moran in their Tag Team title match late in 2003.]

::You can watch the world devoured::

[The bloodied face of Lisa Lorenzo cries out while stumbling to her knees.]

::In its pain::

[The Dragon and Robbie Robinson come up behind Sirus and knock him down with a club shot to the back of the head.]


[The scene turns white, and then fades quickly into Tim Murphy delivering a German Suplex so stiff that Don Mega lands right on top of his head.]

::Climb my ribcage to::

[Ray Stanford rolls Rob Barker, attempting to lock on the Final Decision, into an inside cradle as the referee begins counting.]

::The replays run for you::

[Scott Nash Strader grabs Tim Murphy, and quickly delivers The Memory Remains.]

::Unhook my lights to peak behind the flash::

[Corey Lazarus lies across the top two ropes, smirking and pushing his silver-rimmed Ray Ban's back up his nose.]

::For I am crystal chrome::

[Brandon Nova lifts a knee directly into the chest of Lisa Lorenzo, knocking her down.]

::I am shatter dome::

[Thunderwolf stands tall, but exhausted: the winner of the 2004 Rumble In The Bronx.]

::I am Kremlin king of angels::

[A brief of Malcolm West and Gregory Price in West's office at Club Xanax is shown.]


[Rain and Dominique are in the background as Blaze and Natasha talk to each other.]

::To destroy::

::The end::

[Panzadise lifts Michael Sommers high up on top of a Benz, and Panzadise Bombs him onto the roof, caving it in and breaking some of the glass.]

::Is it bright where you are?::

[Nightmare is brought to his knees after Chris Chimaria connects with a stiff chair shot to his upper back.]

::Have the people changed?::

[An all-out brawl occurs in the ring between members of Team Nightmare and Team Deadpool.]

::Does it make you happy?::

[The logo for HiC Genesis VI: Rebirth is displayed with television static behind it.]

::You're so strange::

[Tommy Riley lifts Corey Lazarus up high, and drops him on his head with the Supreme Execution.]

::And in your darkest hour::

[Duncan Aries pops up, grabs Tommy Riley, and delivers the Culmination.]

::I hold secrets flame::

["The Nemesis" Jason Ambrose flies off of the top rope, connecting with the Last Sun Drop onto Duncan Aries as Corey Lazarus rolls out of the way.]

::And you can watch the world::

[Thunderwolf is shown on the mat, screaming out in agony and clutching his right knee as Lisa Lorenzo bashes it repeatedly with a steel chair.]

::Devoured in its pain::

[The song fades into a slightly distorted guitar with faint electronic drumbeats in the background, and then the snare drum is hit fast, and the chorus starts up again as the scene cuts to the inside of the PWA Arena, scanning the audience.]

Jon McDaniel: Welcome, fans, to High Impact Competition Genesis 6: Rebirth!

Brian Rentfro: We're live with this capacity crowd at the PWA Arena in St. Louis, Missouri. Jon, remember when we hosted the very first Genesis six years ago?

Jon McDaniel: It was actually five years ago, in 1999, Brian. This is the sixth, not the seventh, and the first was in 1999.

Brian Rentfro: Right. Anyways, folks, tonight is brought to you by the GENESIS SIX: REBIRTH video game for the PlayStation 2 console, brought to you by Rockstar Games! Think fast, and play hard!

Aeolus Wrath vs. Eli Storm


Wynes: The following match is a single pin fall match with a fifteen minute time limit. Introducing first...

(Innocence's voice comes back over the sound system as we cut to a video feed of the new Genesis VI: Rebirth's already being randomly controlled...)

Choose Your Wrestler, baby!

You have chosen: Aeolus Wrath!!!"

[A gold dragon appears on the HiC-Tron as "Unstable" by Adema blares.]

Wynes: Hailing from Somerset, Bermuda... he stands at 6'2" and weighs 216 pounds... he is part of the Kelser wresting dynasty and a member of Obituary... he is Thomas Kelser... he is...

[The lights dim as blue and gold Pyros explode and Aeolus emerges, his head down.]


[He walks down the ramp to the ring and hops over the ropes. Bumping his fists together he jumps onto the top rope and does a Moonsault landing on his feet as silver Pyros explode from the posts. "Unstable" fades as he removes his hoodie and he does some shadow punches in his corner.]

Wynes: And introducing his opponent this evening...

(Innocence's voice comes back over the sound system as we cut to a video feed of the new Genesis VI: Rebirth's already being randomly controlled...)

Choose Your Wrestler, baby!

You have chosen: Eli Storm!!!"

[The lights dim in the arena and smoke begins to creep through the building. "King of the World" by Saliva blares through the speakers and the red Pyros explode through the arena.]

Wynes: Fighting out of parts unknown... he stands 6'0" and weighs 227 pounds... he is a member of The Deadpool... he is The Shooter

[The crowd raises to their feet as they see Eli Storm walk out onto the stage. Eli's hair drapes over his face. He flings his head back and the red Pyros explode once more.]

Wynes: ELI STORM!!!

[He continues walking down the ramp way and then slides into the ring. Eli walks to the nearest turnbuckle and makes the cross sign on the turnbuckle. He hops down from the turnbuckles and glares at Aeolus as Wynes exits the ring. Wrath steps up to him, not intimidated in the least, and glares right back at him. Eli Storm begins talking smack and bad mouthing Aeolus Wrath. Aeolus continues to glare at Eli, who tries to smack him in the face. The smack is blocked and a slugfest ensues. Referee Buck McGruff calls for the bell to begin this match.]

Jon McDaniel: Eli Storm is definitely trying to get under Aeolus Wrath's skin here, even before the match officially begins.

Brian Rentfro: This started long before these two men stepped foot into the ring here tonight. Old resentments and injustices have been building up ever since Storm and Wrath began their careers here in High Impact Competition.

[Eli Storm ducks a chop from Aeolus Storm to apply a cobra clutch. Rather than maintain the hold and go for a sleeper this early into the match he suplexes Aeolus down onto the mat. Storm runs into the ropes and performs a springboard corkscrew leg drop. However, Aeolus rolls out of the way, causing Eli to hit only the mat. Wrath moves around behind Eli Storm, and as Eli gets to his feet Aeolus executes the Wrath Of The Present, driving the back of Eli's head into the canvas. Aeolus positions himself and unleashes a buzz saw kick to Eli Storm's temple as Eli climbs to a kneeling position. Storm topples over, laid out flat on his back from the impact of the move.]

Jon McDaniel: Aeolus attempting an aerial move as he leaps to the top turnbuckle. Will he be more successful than Eli Storm was in his attempt?

Brian Rentfro: Personally I hope he isn't. He signals for My Vicarious Bliss and connects!

[Aeolus Wrath covers Eli Storm for the pin fall attempt.]



Kick out!

[Both men roll to their feet. Wrath leaps into the air with a missile dropkick aimed at Eli's chin, but Storm ducks. As Aeolus stands up he is driven into the corner with a series of punches and buzz saw kicks to his midsection from Eli Storm. Aeolus grabs Storm's left arm and hits a step-over spin kick that knocks Eli down. As Wrath pulls Eli Storm back to his feet, Storm ducks behind Aeolus Wrath and locks in a sleeper hold. They are too close to the ropes for Eli to maintain the hold, however, as Aeolus grabs the ropes. Referee McGruff calls for the break, and Eli Storm plants Wrath into the mat with a sleeper hold drop. Eli Storm springs onto the top turnbuckle and flies off with the Blitzkrieg.]

Jon McDaniel: Storm hits his mark this time and goes for the pin. What?? He has his feet on the ropes! Take a look, McGruff!!

Brian Rentfro: Hehehe hey, whatever it takes to get the job done, right?

Jon McDaniel: But he doesn't get the job done! Aeolus kicks out just before the three count!

[Infuriated, Eli Storm motions for the High Impact Clash and sets Aeolus Wrath onto the top turnbuckle, obviously going for a super H.I.C. Wrath, however, comes to his senses in time and jumps off with the Zero Tolerance. Aeolus hops onto the top rope and begins walking down its length towards Storm. As Eli stands, Wrath leaps off with an axe kick, sending Eli Storm crashing back down onto the canvas. Aeolus Wrath pops back to his feet and measure his opponent, pounding the sole of his foot down onto the mat. Eli climbs back to his feet with help from the ropes. Aeolus darts in with a super kick. Storm drops to the mat, causing Wrath to miss his mark.]

Jon McDaniel: A bad break for Aeolus Wrath there as he misses the Son of Silence.

Brian Rentfro: Bad break my ass. This is the opening Eli Storm needs, and he's taking it, going for the rolling fisherman suplex.

[Once... Twice... Thrice... Eli Storm executes three textbook perfect fisherman suplex on Aeolus Wrath then rolls him up for the pin.]




[Aeolus manages to get his foot onto the bottom rope, causing referee Buck McGruff to break the pin. Storm yells at Wrath as he pulls him back to his feet by his hair. Eli delivers a snap tiger suplex followed by a tiger driver. Eli Storm climbs to the top turnbuckle and leaps off with a twisting Asai Moonsault, further punishing Aeolus.]

Jon McDaniel: Eli Storm going for the pin once again, this time wrapping up Wrath so he can't use the ropes to break free.

Brian Rentfro: He's using his head. That's why he's The Shooter!

Jon McDaniel: And Aeolus just manages to kick out yet once again! Eli is livid!

[Eli Storm pounds the mat, shouting at the referee about a slow count. Both men get to their feet. Storm whips Aeolus Wrath into the ropes, and Wrath rebounds off with a top rope head scissors takedown that flips Eli through the air and across the mat. Aeolus takes advantage of Eli Storm's dazed state, calling for the Sins of the Father and delivering, driving Storm into the mat. Aeolus covers for the pin fall, but is informed by the official that Eli is in the ropes. Wrath drags Eli Storm into the center of the ring and climbs to the top turnbuckle, soaring off the top.]

Jon McDaniel: MODERN DAY VAGABOND!!! This could be it!!

Brian Rentfro: NO! No no no!! Kick out, Eli!!!

[And kick out Storm does, just as the referee's hand strikes the mat. The official instructs the timekeeper that Eli broke out of the pin just before the three count and the match must continue. Aeolus scoops up Eli Storm and perches him on the top turnbuckle. Wrath then exits the ring and leaps onto the top rope, calling for and executing the AeoShocker. He catches Eli Storm in a small package, and referee Buck McGruff drops to make the three count.]




Ding Ding!!

Wynes: The winner of this match by pin fall... AEOLUS WRATH!!!

[The scene opens outside the arena in the parking garage. We hear the sound of a car revving up in the distance.]

Brian Rentfro: What's going on out here?

[The camera pans to see two cars, one a custom pickup truck with the name "The Savior" on the hood, the other a Hummer with the name "The Monster" on the door.]

Jon McDaniel: Those are The Deadpool's cars. Wait! That sound is getting louder. Brian look! It's the Kumquat Kid!

Brian Rentfro: What the hell is he driving?!

[In the driver's seat of a bright orange monster truck is The Kumquat Kid. The hood has a kumquat that's brown and green, its face looking like something out of a horror flick, fangs and big red eyes. He rolls his eyes back like Fire Marshall Bill from "In Living Color" and with an eerie "VIVA LA KUMQUAT!" proceeds to roll over both Bronx's truck and Deacon's Hummer, backing up, and accelerating several times, smashing glass, and leaving both vehicles squashes messes in the parking lot, the crowd going nuts.]

Jon McDaniel: The Kumquat Kid has snapped!

Brian Rentfro: He's gone rotten all right!

[Ryan climbs out of the truck and sits on the roof, pulling a ripe kumquat out of his pocket and eating it, his feet dangling, whistling to himself.]

Jon McDaniel: The fans love it! Ryan getting a bit of revenge tonight!

[Ryan looks at his watch and his eyes bug. He quickly re-enters the monster truck and drives away, the camera fixed on the two smashed vehicles.]

Don Mega vs. Chance

Jon McDaniel: This next match promises to be interesting.

Brian Rentfro: What the Hell are you talking about? Nothing involving Don Mega has ever been interesting. We should rent him out as a cure to insomnia, because he puts everyone to sleep.

Jon McDaniel: Well, Mega has been showing a lot of focus on this match, unlike Chance, who we've yet to hear from at all.

Brian Rentfro: That's because he knows just how far below him Don Mega is.

Jon McDaniel: Well, he'll have to get through Don Mega in a hardcore match tonight if he expects to face Nightmare for the Twister title this evening.

Brian Rentfro: Piece of cake.

Jon McDaniel: You'd think so, but you've been proven wrong many times. Let's see just who does pull out the victory and in what condition they'll be in to face Nightmare later tonight.

Wynes: This next match is a hardcore rules match with a twenty minute time limit...

["Nobody's Listening" by Linkin Park begins to play over the arena speakers.]

Wynes: Introducing first...

(Innocence's voice comes back over the sound system as we cut to a video feed of the new Genesis VI: Rebirth's already being randomly controlled...)

Choose Your Wrestler, baby!

You have chosen: Don Mega!!!"

Wynes: battling out of Hong Kong... he stands 6'5" and weighs in at 280 pounds... he is The Violent One

[The lights go out, then a blue spot light shines down on the stage to reveal Don Mega surveying the crowd.]

Wynes: DON MEGA!!!

[Don Mega walks down to the ring, removing his black cloak and handing it to the ring attendant before sliding into the ring. He walks into his corner and stands ready for his opponent.]
[Linkin Park stops playing, segueing into "Take a Number" by Stonesour.]

Wynes: And introducing his opponent..
(Innocence's voice comes back over the sound system as we cut to a video feed of the new Genesis VI: Rebirth's already being randomly controlled...)

Choose Your Wrestler, baby!

You have chosen: A Custom Character!!!"

Wynes: coming from New York City... he stands 6'4" and weighs in at 260 pounds... CHANCE!!!

[Chance enters the arena, walking to the ring with his hands in his pockets with little more than a thought on his mind and a purpose in his eyes. About halfway down the aisle he stops and takes a look around, before heading into the ring by diving under the bottom rope. As Chance enters the ring, Don Mega walks over and whips off his sunglasses, glaring into Chance's eyes menacingly. Chance returns the glare with a smirk and turns to walk away. Don Mega spins Chance back around and hits a series of knife edge chops across Chance's chest as referee Buck McGruff calls for the bell to officially begin the match.]

Jon McDaniel: Don Mega is sick of the lack of respect he's received here in HiC, and he's venting that anger and frustration out on Chance.

Brian Rentfro: Mega should consider just why people say the things they do about him. Maybe they say them because... they're true?

[Mega whips Chance into the ropes and sending him into the air, catching him with a Thai backbreaker. Don Mega applies a cravate to Chance, locking it in tight. Chance fights to his feet and begins driving elbows into Don's abdomen in an attempt to break free of the grapple. Don Mega shifts the lock into a cravate suplex, and Chance rolls out of the ring to avoid The Violent One's wrath. Don quickly follows after Chance, pulling him to his feet by his hair. Chance catches Mega with an overhead belly to belly suplex, however, and begins choking him out with the camera cable.]

Jon McDaniel: Now that's surprising. I would have thought The Violent One would have been the first one to go hardcore in this match.

Brian Rentfro: Just shows how much you know. Chance is taking Don Mega to school in Mega's own supposed specialty.

[Don Mega fights his way back to his feet and whips Chance face first into the steel ring post. As Chance stumbles back from the impact, Mega catches him with a huge release German suplex, sending his back flying against the steel restraining barrier. Chance staggers back to his feet and is met with a stiff back thrust kick that propels him over the fence and into the fans. Don Mega steps over the barrier in pursuit of Chance. Don grabs a chair and begins cracking it across the head and back of Chance.]

Jon McDaniel: This is looking really bad for Chance here. Those fans should watch out, too. The Violent One is just as likely to attack them as Chance if they get in the way.

Brian Rentfro: Don Mega is like a mad dog and needs to be put down just like one.

[Chance nails Mega with a low blow, doubling him over. Chance calls for the Random Chance, but Don Mega counters with a back drop driver. Don hauls Chance to his feet and executes a spinning power slam onto the chair. Don gets a hand full of Chance's hair and pulls him back to his feet. He goes for a bulldog over the restraining barrier, but Chance shoves free. Chance springs onto the fence and flies off with a missile dropkick to Don Mega's chin. Chance follows up with a snap suplex onto the entrance ramp.]

Jon McDaniel: Chance is pulling a table out from under the ring while Don Mega is down.

Brian Rentfro: He's going for something big here. If he's able to follow through, this could be the end of this match.

[Chance slides the table under the ropes and sets it up in the center of the ring. Chance stalks after The Violent One, planting Don Mega's face into the ramp with a spinning DDT. Chance drags the dazed Mega back to the ring, slamming his face into the ring steps and busting him open. Chance throws Don into the ring and dives in after him. Chance points at the corner and signals for the Random Chance.]

Jon McDaniel: OH MY GOD! He's going to deliver the Random Chance off the top turnbuckle!

Brian Rentfro: No doubt sending Don Mega through the table on the way down. Yeah, that should put him away for the three count.

[Chance gets Mega into position. Don comes to his senses in time, however, and sends Chance flying off the turnbuckle to crash down through the announcer's table instead. Don Mega gets a vicious smile on his face as he hops down onto the apron and walks over to the inert body of Chance, lifting him from the wreckage of the table to deliver the Ice Breaker. The Violent One nonchalantly goes for the cover.]




Ding Ding!!

Wynes: The winner of this match by pin fall... DON MEGA!!!

Kumquat Kid Segment

[We open in the catering area where Scott Nash Strader is sitting in a chair on his cell phone.]

SNS: Yeah. Uh-huh. We leveled him with some golf club shots. Oh yeah. All for you man. You don't mess with the Cowb-

[Scott is interrupted by a golf club shot to the back of the head, knocking him, his phone, and the chair to the ground. The crowd is red hot as we Ryan Lewis standing behind him, his eyes wide as he delivers another shot to Scott's back, knocking him down flat. Ryan drops the club, now bent, chuckling to himself like an evil scientist.]

KK: You know something? You look familiar, but I just can't place you. Oh! I know why! Here you go.

[Ryan proceeds to take a whole bucket of mashed potatoes and pours them over Scott's head.]

KK: Ah! There you are! You're Scott "Mashed Potatohead" Strader!"

[Ryan picks up the phone, holding it with a smile to his ear.]

KK: This just in...Payton Strader STILL SUCKS! He he he he he!

[Ryan hangs up the phone and jumps around like a kid on Christmas. He takes out a piece of orange gum and places it in his mouth, walking away from the potato covered SNS.]
[We go to Lex Demise sitting at a desk, searching frantically for something.]

Demise: Damn it! Where's my bourbon? Dustin wouldn't hide it. April Fool's Day is officially over. Hmmm...maybe down here.

[Demise bends down as a bottle comes crashing down over his skull. The camera pans to find Ryan Lewis, smiling.]

KK: Damn I'm good.

[Ryan puts a full bottle of bourbon on the table and waves to Demise, who oddly enough is staring at Ryan with a smile of his own, one of respect almost.]

West Indiez vs. Ray Stanford vs. Chris Chimara vs. Demon

Fatal Fourway Match

Jon McDaniel: The four men in this match have a great opportunity before them.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, to be in Genesis. Two nobodies, a loser, and a wannabe. They're lucky this isn't a dark match.

Jon McDaniel: The reason for that is because the winner of this bout gets a shot at any HiC title of their choosing other than the world championship.

Brian Rentfro: Two of these guys, Demon and West Indiez, haven't shown any interest in this match at all. They should just make it Ray Stanford against Chris Chimaira. Tell me again who Chimaira beat?

Jon McDaniel: Nick Dragon, he was a contender to the Tempest title.

Brian Rentfro: Right, Walken's boy. Who'd Stanford pin?

Jon McDaniel: Aeolus Wrath and Corey Lazarus amongst others.

Brian Rentfro: I think that sums it all up. Let's get this over with.

Wynes: This next match has a twenty minute time limit and is for a single pin fall.

["Starseed" by Our Lady Peace hits the PA as the lights dim.]

Wynes: Introducing first...

(Innocence's voice comes back over the sound system as we cut to a video feed of the new Genesis VI: Rebirth's already being randomly controlled...)

Choose Your Wrestler, baby!

You have chosen: Ray Stanford!!!"

Wynes: hailing from Rotherham, England... he stands 5'10" and weighs in at 237 pounds... he is accompanied by his manager, David Gemini...

[A solitary spotlight finds its way up the aisle where it finally comes to a halt at the stage. Ray Stanford steps into the spotlight taking a look around as the lights come back.]


[Stanford heads down to the ring, checking his wrist tape flanked, David Gemini close behind. Gemini snatches a few high fives from some unsuspecting fans as Stanford rolls into the ring.]

Wynes: And introducing his opponent...

(Innocence's voice comes back over the sound system as we cut to a video feed of the new Genesis VI: Rebirth's already being randomly controlled...)

Choose Your Wrestler, baby!

You have chosen: A Custom Character!!!"

["Starseed" gives way to "Step Up" by Drowning Pool over the arena sound system.]

Wynes: Calling Chicago, Illinois, home... he stands 6'1" and weighs in at 215 pounds...

[The lights cut off and a red light appears over the stag entrance. A few moments later a brief pyro explosion hits the stage, and Chris Chimaira steps out onto the stage.]


[Chimaira glances around the arena with a cocky smirk and struts down to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and gets to his feet, leaning against the turnbuckles in his corner.]

Wynes: And their opponent...

(Innocence's voice comes back over the sound system as we cut to a video feed of the new Genesis VI: Rebirth's already being randomly controlled...)

Choose Your Wrestler, baby!

You have chosen: A Custom Character!!!"

[Drowning Pool segues into Metallica as "Ride the Lightning" begins to play.]

Wynes: Coming from Tampa, Florida... he stands 7' and weighs in at 305 pounds... DEMON!!!

[Pyros fire off around the stage and Demon enters the arena. He glares at Stanford and Chimaira coldly as he strides towards the ring, ignoring the chorus of boos from the fans.]

["Ride the Lightning" screeches to a halt as "Ever Blazing" by Sean Paul takes its place.]

Wynes: And introducing their opponent...

(Innocence's voice comes back over the sound system as we cut to a video feed of the new Genesis VI: Rebirth's already being randomly controlled...)

Choose Your Wrestler, baby!

You have chosen: A Custom Character!!!"

Wynes: battling out of Miami, Florida... he stands 5'11" and weighs in at 232 pounds... WEST INDIEZ!!!

[West Indiez struts through the entrance towards the ring. Upon reaching the ring side area he removes his sunglasses, handling them to the ring attendant. He hops onto the apron and steps through the ropes, smirking at his opponents before taking his place in his corner. Referee Buck McGruff calls for the bell to begin this match as Wynes exits the ring.]

[Ray Stanford whips West Indiez into the ropes, catching him on the rebound with a bear hug that he quickly transitions into a belly to belly side suplex. Stanford applies a rear chin lock on the downed Indiez, pulling back on his neck. Chris Chimaira chops away at the massive chest at Demon, but Demon seemingly ignores Chimaira's assault as he drives a boot into Chris' abdomen. Demon executes a huge northern lights suplex that drives Chimaira into the mat.]

Jon McDaniel: Demon towers over these other men, both in sheer size and strength. It would seem to be a veritable mismatch. Just look at how easily he's manhandling Chris Chimaira.

Brian Rentfro: It's like Thunderwolf taking down those midgets the other week.

[West Indiez begins powering his way back to his feet. Indiez drives a series of elbows into Ray Stanford's midsection, causing him to release the hold. West Indiez throws Stanford into the ropes, sending him tumbling across the mat with a vertical suplex. Ray quickly rolls out of the ring. Meanwhile Demon has applied an abdominal stretch onto Chris Chimaira. West Indiez nails a dropkick to the back of Demon, breaking the hold. As Demon turns around to face West Indiez with a glare, Chimaira hops to his feet behind Demon, landing a low blow that staggers the big man. Chris hits the chop block, taking Demon off his feet, and he locks in a half Boston crab.]

Jon McDaniel: Chris Chimaira gets the opportunity he's been awaiting and attempts to exploit what he feels is Demon's weak point: his legs.

Brian Rentfro: Well, Demon is a big powerful brawler type that loves to use high impact moves. If he's unable to stand he can't utilize that strength and has no other strategy to employ.

Smart thinking by Chimaira, but he needs to watch out. A man as large as Demon can easily reach the ropes to force the break.

[Demon does indeed reach out and grab the ropes. As Chimaira is forced to release the hold, West Indiez comes in from behind Chris to apply a half Nelson. Demon repays West Indiez for his dropkick with a big boot, knocking him loose of Chris Chimaira. Ray Stanford climbs to the top turnbuckle and flies off with a bulldog onto Demon. Chris Chimaira applies a spinning toe hold to West Indiez. Stanford performs a grounded front face lock onto Demon. West Indiez kicks Chris Chimaira into the ropes, looking for a monkey flip, but Chimaira drops his knees into Indiez's stomach. Demon climbs back to his feet, executing a gut wrench suplex onto Ray Stanford.]

Jon McDaniel: Demon continues to maintain the advantage against these three men, regardless of who he faces. What is it going to take to keep him down?

Brian Rentfro: Either a group effort or a big mistake on his part.

[Demon pulls Stanford to his feet and tosses him into the corner, following close behind with a corner avalanche. Ray Stanford drops to the mat and rolls outside. Demon turns around to face his other two opponents and is met with a double clothesline from West Indiez and Chris Chimaira. Demon stumbles back, thrown off balance. The two men execute a two-person butterfly suplex on Demon. Ray Stanford grabs Chris' ankles and trips him, pulling him out of the ring, while West Indiez goes for the pin.]



Jon McDaniel: Stanford mixing it up with Chimaira on the outside. Both men are brawling around the ring. Ray Stanford ducks a haymaker from Chris Chimaira and executes a perfect German suplex.

Brian Rentfro: Meanwhile West Indiez is looking for the pin... but Demon kicks out with authority! Sending Indiez through the ropes and out onto the floor!

[Demon steps through the ropes to the outside area. Ray Stanford applies a side headlock on Chris Chimaira and begins grinding it in tight. Demon grabs West Indiez by the throat and choke slams him onto the hard concrete floor. Chimaira suplexes Ray onto the ringside floor, breaking the grapple. Demon whips his head to the side and grins cruelly at Chris, charging him with a spear. Chris Chimaira sidesteps the attack, and Demon hits the ring post. Chris hops onto the apron and climbs the turnbuckles, flying off with the Final Judgment upon Demon. As Chris climbs to his feet, Stanford executes The Cut and throws Chimaira back into the ring, rolling in after him.]

Jon McDaniel: What a series of moves! West Indiez and Demon are down on the outside, and Stanford just manages to avoid the ten count.

Brian Rentfro: This is not looking good for Chris Chimaira.

[Ray Stanford drags Chimaira into the center of the ring to apply the Stanford Stretch. Chris attempts to rally back, reaching for the ropes. Referee McGruff asks him if he wishes to submit, but Chimaira refuses to answer. Chris Chimaira's arm falters and drops. The official raises Chris' arm and lets it drop. He does this a second time. This time, however, Chris Chimaira's arm stays up. He tries again for the ropes, but falls just short as he taps, submitting to Ray Stanford and the Stanford Stretch.]

Ding Ding!!

Wynes: The winner of this match by submission... RAY STANFORD!!!

Lisa Seldon Segment

[We go backstage to see Lisa Lorenzo warming up for tonight's match. There is a knock on the door.]

Lisa: Come in.

[In walks the last person Lisa expected to see, Lex Demise.]

Lisa: ....didn't expect to see you.

Lex: Oh come now Lisa...can't a big brother wish his little sister good luck?

[The crowd breathes somewhat of a shocked gasp at that revelation. Lisa just stares at him.]

Lisa: You and I both know that's not why you're here. What do you want?

Lex: see I'm in somewhat of a bind here. If you of my best friend's doesn't get his world title. You sister is considered a fluke champion who buckled under the see my dilemma.

Lisa: Not my problem.

Lex: No of course not. But I wanted to tell you it's not too can still accept the offer to be in the Family.

[Lisa stops for a second and stares at him.]

Lisa: You're joking right?

Lex: I never joke to family.

[Lisa smirks a bit, then stares right at him.]

Lisa: Thanks...bro...but no thanks.

Lex: Fine then...but understand'll have no problem with interference because I will be the special guest referee. But when Dustin beats you...and he will beat you...I'm washing my hands of your failure....end of story.

[Lex stares at Lisa and then walks off, leaving her dumbfounded.]

Raizzor vs. Panzadise

Finishers Match

Brian Rentfro: Man, I’m not sure what to say about this next match.

Jon McDaniel: I know.. We’re supposed to promote it, but…

Brian Rentfro: Sorry folks, Jon and I both are having a little trouble.. Since this next contest is supposed to be Michael Sommers against Panzadise.

Jon McDaniel: Just a few days ago… Michael’s wife, Jasmine Sommers was killed in a vehicle accident.. And all of us here at High Impact Competition will mourn her loss…

Brian Rentfro: Michael is here tonight… he will compete.. But I just don’t have any hope for him to come out on top.

Jon McDaniel: Panzadise has shown a cold side that baffles many of the HiC stars and staff… and because of it, we expect he’ll mow right through Sommers.

Brian Rentfro: Normally we’d go over the events leading up to this encounter, but since we’re sure you all already know.. for the sake of letting Michael move on with his life, let’s just get to the match and …

Jon McDaniel: Get it over with.


Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall…and it is the FINISHERS MATCH!!

[The explosion of cheers and screams in the arena give clue to the anticipation of the battle about to commence.]

Ring Announcer: The only way to win this match is to secure and execute your finisher on your opponent!! Panzadise has the Panzadise Bomb, and Michael Sommers uses The Final Exam…

Jon McDaniel: It will be interesting to see how many times they do go for covers, forgetting that particular rule!

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, our special guest referee… from Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada… the One, The Only… The Legend: SIRUS MOAN!!!!

[“More Human Then Human” by White Zombie begins, and without much fan fare, Sirus Moran walks out onto the stage…dressed in his special PWA Referee shirt, and after a moment to collect his thoughts, walks down to the ring and slides inside. Standing, he walks to a neutral corner and waves half heartedly to the fans.]

Jon McDaniel: The usual spunk seems drained from Sirus… not only does he have to referee this match, knowing the pain his friend Michael is going through… but in just a short while, he will compete against his former boss, Rob Robinson and The Dragon in a Battle-Dome match!

Brian Rentfro: His mind has to be turned inside out and upside down!!

Wynes: And now, the contestants… Introducing first……

(Innocence's voice comes back over the sound system as we cut to a video feed of the new Genesis VI: Rebirth's already being randomly controlled...)

Choose Your Wrestler, baby!

You have chosen: Panzadise!!!"

[The screen begins to distort and switch to a red tint as the NAP Theme Song begins to play. Dise appears at the top of the entrance ramp as the crowd explodes into a mixed reaction. Dise throws up the NAP sign and begins heading down to the ring mocking the fans who are getting in his face. He gets onto the apron and steps over the top rope. Dise stands in the center of the ring, looks around and grins, and then throws the NAP sign into the air as red Pyros sprays from the ring posts. The screen begins to go back to regular viewing as the music cuts out.]


Brian Rentfro: Look at him! Cocky and so full of it!!

Jon McDaniel: Even the fans are mixed on their response to the Panzy….you can hear the boos just as loudly as the cheers…

Brian Rentfro: Panzadise is an accomplished veteran of the ring, but his attitude is horrible.

Jon McDaniel: That attitude, however, is most likely going to win him this match!

Ring Announcer: And now, his opponent…

(Innocence's voice comes back over the sound system as we cut to a video feed of the new Genesis VI: Rebirth's already being randomly controlled...)

Choose Your Wrestler, baby!

You have chosen: Michael Sommers!!!"

[The arena roars to life… as the lights dim… and the sound of footsteps fill the arena… and then a deep voice booms.. “DEAD MAN WALKING!”….followed by ‘You’re Gonna Pay!’….and as Pyros explode on the ramp… Michael Sommers comes out, dressed in faded blue jeans and a muscle shirt.. his hair, straggled and a mess flows around his face.. and his eyes… blood red… but no special effect… these eyes are from crying and lack of sleep….and he stares a hole through Panzadise as he walks quietly towards the ring..]

Ring Announcer: Weighing in at 285lbs, from Las Vegas, Nevada… MICHAEL SOMMERS!!!

[Michael reaches the ring and stops… and then he turns around… and points back up stage.]

Brian Rentfro: What’s he pointing at??

[From the entrance on the stage, out comes ‘The Priest’…. The man whom had sent Michael the cryptic message last week… he comes down towards the ring, on unsteady feet… and comes up to stand next to Michael. Michael turns back, and lifts himself up into the ring.]

Jon McDaniel: What is that man doing here?

Brian Rentfro: You can expect XIII will probably rear his ugly head sometime tonight… perhaps Michael felt the Priest and his supposed knowledge of XIII could be the turning point?

Jon McDaniel: Where do you come up with this stuff?

[In the ring, Michael continues to glare at Panzadise, who smiles back at him as he paces on his side of the ring. Sirus comes up to Michael and says something, but Michael hardly hears it as his eyes will not leave Panzadise.]

Brian Rentfro: How Michael is even able to stay calm is beyond me.

Jon McDaniel: I’m surprised to see him even look focused… but the comments that Panzadise made might have been enough to turn his despair into rage…

Brian Rentfro: This match may not be so one sided, after all.

[The bell signals the beginning of the match, Michael Sommers and Panzadise walk to the center of the ring… and Sirus Moran stands to the side, explaining quickly the rules. Panzadise just continues to smile while Michael’s eyes burn in rage and despair. Sirus says good luck to both, and Dise grins and imitates wiping his eyes from crying. In rage, Michael swings but Dise ducks and twists behind Michael, pushing him towards the ropes.]

Brian Rentfro: Panzadise is playing with Michael!

Jon McDaniel: He better be careful how far he pushes Sommers!!

[Michael turns and stalks up to Panzadise. And again tries to swipe at him, but this time Panzadise slides outside of the ring to the floor. Michael slides out after him and begins to chase Panzadise around the ring. Panzadise reaches the other side and quickly rolls into the ring, as Michael follows, Panzadise viciously attacks with a swift kick to Michael’s face, him back to the floor in pain!]

Brian Rentfro: Smart move by Panzadise!!

Jon McDaniel: Panzadise is controlling this match.. and Michael!!

[Michael gains control of his senses, and climbs the steel stairs and onto the ring apron. Panzadise charges, attempting to knock Michael off, but the big man pulls the top rope down and Panzadise goes flying down to the floor, hitting the ringside barrier with his head!]

Brian Rentfro: Oh man! That’s gonna turn the advantage big time!

[Michael jumps down onto the floor, and grabs Panzadise by the hair. Pulling him to his wobbly feet, Michael whips Panzadise into the barrier, and with a resounding crunch, Panzadise bounces painfully off and onto the floor. Michael then turns, and rips apart the steel steps.. taking the top half to smash onto Panzadise. However, Panzadise regains his balance and drop kicks the steel steps into Michael’s face.]

Jon McDaniel: Is that legal? I didn’t think this was a no holds barred match!

Brian Rentfro: The rules state very clearly that you can ONLY win via your finisher… that means no Dq’s, no count outs!!

Jon McDaniel: Wow…

[Panzadise climbs over the steel steps and drives a knee into Michael’s groin! Michael rolls over in pain and Panzadise turns, grabs the steps, and throws them into Michael’s side!! Panzadise then jumps onto the mat, turns and comes flying down with an elbow to the same area! Michael gasps in terrible pain!]

Jon McDaniel: Oh man! Panzadise’s really laying into Michael!!

[Panzadise grins widely, and reaches under the ring, and pulls out a table! Panzadise pushes it into the ring, and climbs in after. Panzadise then pulls the table up, flips open the legs and sets it in the middle of the ring. Wiping his hands, Panzadise then slides out, pulls the injured Michael to his feet and throws him into the ring. Getting in himself, Panzadise drags Michael up, and whips him into the ropes, Michael however, manages to reverse the move.. and as Panzadise comes careening back, Michael back body drops Panzadise onto the table, which amazingly, does not break.. the legs just bend slightly out.]

Brian Rentfro: Panzadise had plans for that table, and they just backfired!

[Michael then turns, and limps to the corner, climbs the ropes to the top.. turns.. and sails through the air, coming down with the Guillotine Leg Drop! Panzadise’s eyes snap open, and he rolls amazingly quick out of the way, letting Michael crash through the table and missing his target!]

Jon McDaniel: That high risk maneuver failed!! I don’t think Michael’s got much of a chance now!

[Panzadise is laughing as Michael groans painfully from amidst the debris. Panzadise tilts his head, as if just getting a new idea, jumps out of the ring, and drags out a ladder!!! Panzadise tosses it into the ring, and moves back inside. Panzadise then lifts the ladder up, holds it high, bounces off the ropes and drives the huge metal ladder right into Michael! Panzadise then begins punching at Michael through the steps, when suddenly, Michael’s hand shoots up through the grating and catches Panzadise by the throat! Panzadise gasps in shock and sudden lack of air, and Michael struggles to his feet, not letting go of his hold. Now standing, with the ladder stuck between the two men, Michael uses all his strength to Choke slam Panzadise to the mat, with the ladder crashing down on top of him!!]

Brian Rentfro (Almost jumping out of his chair): HOLY!!! Did you SEE THAT!!!??

Jon McDaniel: What a move!! What a comeback!! Michael’s up!!!

[Michael throws the ladder to the side, and picks up the dazed Panzadise and sets him up.. and delivers a huge power bomb, right into the table debris. Turning, Michael goes and sets the ladder into the corner, tilted, and then picks up Panzadise by the hair. Michael glares down at Panzadise, and whips him into the steel ladder.. Panzadise bounces back, holding his forehead and Michael catches him into a back suplex.]

Brian Rentfro: For a moment, I didn’t think we’d see Michael with any advantage.

Jon McDaniel: Now that he does though, he’s gonna make Panzadise pay dearly!

[Michael turns, lifts up Panzadise's legs and drives a knee into his groin. Panzadise cries out and tries to roll away, but Michael holds the legs up, steps on foot between to the side, wraps the legs around his, and turns him over into the Sharp Shooter.]

Brian Rentfro: The lesson in wrestling continues!!

Jon McDaniel: This is a wear down move.. and a painful one at that! Panzadise’s struggling to reach the ropes, but Michael has the move cinched in!
[Panzadise squints his eyes, his rage building and with all his might, pushes with his legs… Michael stumbles, but doesn’t break the hold, but it’s enough for Panzadise to reach the ropes.. he grabs them,.. Panzadise grabs the second set, then pulls himself up to the third set, uses the balance and forces Michael away. Michael stumbles out of the move and turns, a small look of surprise on his face. Panzadise tries to lift himself up with the ropes, but Michael gives a swift kick, taking out Panzadise’s stand. Panzadise falls flat on his back, and Michael kicks him to the floor. Panzadise pushes himself to his feet, twists towards the ring and watches Michael come sailing out through the ropes!!!! Panzadise throws himself to the side and Michael hits face first into the ringside barrier!!]

Brian Rentfro: Man, Panzadise’s quick!! Michael just hit his face for the third time!!

Jon McDaniel: And it’s the charm, Michael’s bleeding!!

[Through blood stained eyes, Michael sees Panzadise crawl slowly, painfully back into the ring. Michael tries standing, but is groggy from the sudden loss of blood. Sirus, which we’ve ignored up to this point, exits the ring to check on Michael’ status. Panzadise meanwhile, sets up the Ladder next to the turnbuckle, and stands the legs apart. Panzadise turns and moves to intercept Michael, who is pulling himself into the ring with much difficulty. Panzadise hits a perfect drop kick onto Michael, who almost made it up, before being sent back down to the mat. Panzadise then jumps behind Michael, and grabs his legs.. pulling him around, and applying a Boston Crab!]

Brian Rentfro: Both men now, are trying submissions!!

[Michael, through the fog of the pain, snaps suddenly clear of his surroundings. Michael turns and sees the steel ladder in front of Panzadise. Michael grimaces, bites his lip, and strains.. and with the effort, sends Panzadise careening into the steel ladder! Panzadise strikes hard, and falls backwards, with the ladder teetering on the edge of falling. Michael climbs to his feet, a new surge of energy and a need to finish this, he tips the ladder over onto Panzadise!]

Jon McDaniel: OUCH!! Panzadise’s nearly out!!

[Michael then pulls the ladder back up… sets it back into position.. and bends down confidently to collect Panzadise. Michael pulls him up to his feet, and attempts to turn him over. However, Panzadise too, has urgency to guide him.. and without thought, he jams an elbow into Michael’s stomach. Michael backs off, trying to regain his breath, and Panzadise grabs him by the hair and pulls him forward!!]

Brian Rentfro: I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!! Panzadise’s got the match won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Panzadise puts Michael into position and throwing up the NAP sign, wraps his hands around Michael’s waist and throws him up in the air for the Panzadise Bomb! Michael, however, throws a hell of a vicious punch into Panzadise’s nose and the force takes Dise off his feet, and he crashes backwards on the canvas with Michael on top.. who proceeds to throw punch after punch into Dise’s face.]

Jon McDaniel: Sirus is now trying to pull Michael off, before he loses focus of the match. Michael actually rolls away!

Brian Rentfro: Not Moran’s job, but I think he was a little concerned about both men there.

[Panzadise is in shock!!! He sits back.. staring at Michael, who, still gasping for pain, gets to his feet! Panzadise can’t believe it, and has trouble regaining his focus, and both men climb to their feet. Michael turns and stares a burning hole of defiance into Panzadise, who in turn, sneers back. The two lock up, and fight for control. Panzadise wraps Michael up into a headlock., but Sommers pushes Dise into the ropes and shoulder tackles him on the return. Michael then bounces off the ropes, Panzadise drops, Michael jumps over to the other side, Panzadise jumps to his feet, throws a clothesline that Michael ducks. Panzadise then bounces off the other side, and as the two meet in the middle.. both hit with clotheslines!!]

Jon McDaniel: Both men are down!! Michael’s face is almost covered in red!! Panzadise now has a slight cut on his face as well!! They’re both gasping for breath, but not moving otherwise!

Brian Rentfro: How can two men, so big in stature, move so quickly!!??

[Panzadise struggles back up, and Michael follows suit. Michael attacks, but Panzadise knees him in the stomach, and as Michael bends over, Panzadise hooks him, and flips him over into a fisherman’s suplex. Sirus Moran shakes his head, as pin falls don’t count. Panzadise, getting frustrated, pulls Michael up and swings hard. Michael though, ducks, wraps his arms around Panzadise’s waist and pivots him over. Michael connects with the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker!]

Brian Rentfro: NOW it’s over!!!

Jon McDaniel: That’s not his finisher for this match! Sirus won’t call for the bell!

Brian Rentfro: Michael looks pissed too…

[Michael stand back.. watching Dise try to get back up, and he shakes his head.. in surprise and maybe a little respect. Panzadise rushes foreword, but Michael ducks and both men hit the ropes opposite each other. Panzadise comes charging back, and Michael uses the ropes as momentum, and comes sailing back with the Flying Clothesline! Panzadise slams hard to the mat, nearly out!]

[Rolling to his feet, Michael dusts himself off, grabs Panzadise and brings him to his feet. With a swift thrust kick to the stomach, Michael wraps his arms in position and lifts Panzadise up and over… locking him in for the Final Exam!]

Jon McDaniel: That’s it… Michael’s gonna pull it off!

[Panzadise however, manages to break one arm free, twists his body and bulldogs Michael to the canvas! With quick wits, Dise jumps up and climbs the turnbuckle. Waiting for Michael to stir, and push himself to his hands and knees, Panzadise imitates the Guillotine Leg Drop, crashing down on the back of Michael’s head!]

Brian Rentfro: Sommers' own move!! And Panzadise executed it perfectly!

Jon McDaniel: Now what is Dise doing???

[With Sommers just about completely out, Panzadise pulls him back up.. and locks his arms around his waist.]

Brian Rentfro: This will do it, Dise is going to walk out of Genesis 6 the winner!

[But Dise has other plans, and lifting Sommers up, carries the move through to lock Michael into the ‘Final Exam!’ With a shout, Panzadise executes the Final Exam and Sommers is left twitching on the canvas!]

Jon McDaniel: I don’t… don’t believe it! Panzadise could have hit the Panzadise Bomb with no problem!

Brian Rentfro: Instead, he goes and humiliates Sommers with his own move!

[Panzadise laughs and tells Sirus Moran it’s over, and he should just ring the bell now. Sirus shakes his head, as it was not Dise’s move to end it. Panzadise shrugs.. and walks confidently over and drags Michael to his feet, but Michael surprises him with a roll up.]

Jon McDaniel: No pin falls…

Brian Rentfro: It was a desperation attempt to stop Panzadise, and it worked.

[Dise kicks out, and as he jumps up, Michael rolls out of the ring… trying to get his bearings. Panzadise curses and slides out after him. Dise grabs Michael and whips him to the steel post, but Sommers reverses and Panzadise crashes face first into the steel corner.]

Jon McDaniel: Where is Sommers getting his energy from?

[Dise backs up, his nose busted open..blood pouring down.. and he wipes it away in disgust. Turning around, he races at Michael who lifts his leg up and connects with the Big Boot, sending Dise sliding on his back into the barrier again.]

Brian Rentfro: Now that’s the viciousness we’ve come to expect from Michael Sommers.

Jon McDaniel (quietly): You mean, from Raizzor.

[Sommers stalks over and grabbing Dise, throws him into the ring. Picking him up, Sommers quickly wraps his arms in position and flips Panzadise up and sends him crashing to the canvas with the Panzadise Bomb!]

Brian Rentfro: Michael retaliates!!!

Jon McDaniel: Now it’s Panzadise who’s being taken to school!

[Walking to the corner, Michael proceeds to untie one of the turnbuckle pads. Sirus quickly runs over, trying to persuade Sommers to stop. Michael asks him if he’ll disqualify him if he doesn’t and Sirus shakes his head no. So Michael starts whistling as he undoes the pad.]

Brian Rentfro: I think Sommers has lost it.

Jon McDaniel: Can you blame him?

[Throwing the pad into the crowd, Sommers turns around and goes back over to Panzadise. Lifting him up, Michael positions him and whips him.. but this time Dise reverses and Michael is sent into the corner with the exposed steel. Hitting hard in his chest, all the air is blasted from his lungs and as Michael stumbles back, Panzadise hits a standing drop kick, and Michael is sent face first into the same steel post. A loud crack sounds through the arena and Michael falls back, unconscious to the canvas.]

Brian Rentfro: Dear god!!

Jon McDaniel: Panzadise may just have obliterated Michael Sommers!!!

[Sirus, now very concerned, drops to check on Michael, who does not respond. In fear, Sirus begins to go to the corner to call for the bell… but Panzadise grabs Sirus and spins him around.]

Brian Rentfro: Now what???

Jon McDaniel: Dise wouldn’t attack Sirus, would he????

[Panzadise argues with Sirus to not call for the bell… but Sirus is telling him that Michael is laid out, and cannot continue the match. Panzadise nods and says he’ll finish him off right away, and then Sirus can call for the match to end. Moran looks stricken, but also understands the rules of the match… as the two discuss this heatedly, the crowd explodes in cheers… Michael Sommers sits up!]

Brian Rentfro: That was familiar!

Jon McDaniel: Told you!

Brian Rentfro: Wha...?

[Dise, hearing the roar, spins around and can’t believe what he sees. Sommers, climbing to his feet, turns and Dise steps back, as all he sees are the whites of Michael’s eyes, and the aura of Michael Sommers seems to have changed.]

Jon McDaniel: The power of Raizzor may be returning!!!

[Dise runs forward, and strikes, but Sommers blocks it, and swings with his own punch, knocking Panzadise backwards. Dise tries to hold up his hands, but shot after shot, puts Dise in the ropes. Sommers then grabs his arm and whips him to the other side… Panzadise bounces off and Sommers hits the Big Boot right in the center of the ring.]

Brian Rentfro: Panzadise is down!!!

[Grabbing Panzadise, Michael lifts him up and rotates behind him. Grabbing his neck, Sommers rears back and applies a Dragon Sleeper on Panzadise. He wrenches and tries to knock Panzadise unconscious!]

Jon McDaniel: Another submission type move by Sommers!

Brian Rentfro: If he can put Dise to sleep, you know he’ll not waste any time to deliver the Final Exam!!!

[In mere moments, Panzadise loses consciousness and Sommers drops him to the canvas. Standing, Michael looks around, listening to the roar of the crowd. Picking Dise up, Michael moves to hook him into position when suddenly Panzadise swings his massive arm up between Sommers legs, and Michael falls to the mat in terrible pain.]

Brian Rentfro: Panzadise was playing possum!!!!

[Spitting on Michael, Panzadise stands up and goes to the corner where the ladder is. Picking it up, he throws it on top of Michael for affect, and then moves it down and sets Sommers legs between the top and bottom potion of the ladder. Panzadise then stops of the ladder, grinding the metal into Sommers legs!]

Jon McDaniel: Panzadise is going to try to take the wheels out from under Michael!

Brian Rentfro: No legs, no Final Exam!

[Panzadise then quickly climbs the turnbuckle to the second rope and uses the height to jump down on the ladder, crunching Michael’s legs between the supports. Michael screams and rolls away in pain, clutching his left leg. Sirus is there, checking to see if Michael is okay, but Dise pushes past Sirus and pulls Michael to the center of the ring. Once there, Panzadise applies a figure four leg lock!!]

Jon McDaniel: A classic submission move applied by Panzadise!!

Brian Rentfro: The extra pressure is really going to tear into Michael’s already damaged leg!

[Squirming and crashing his palms to the canvas, Michael tries desperately to ignore the intense pain. He sits up and swings and Panzadise, but misses… Dise just grins and sticks his tongue out… and infuriated, Michael tries again.]

Jon McDaniel: If Sommers doesn’t get out of this move soon, he’ll have nothing left!

Brian Rentfro: I’m not sure he’ll have anything left anyway…

[Suddenly, Michael grits his teeth and struggles to twist his body, back and forth to turn the move over, and Dise fights to keep control. But Sommers with one last scream, rotates his body and indeed reverses the move. The pressure reversed, sends sharp pains shooting through Panzadise who immediately breaks the hold and crawls to the ropes.]

Jon McDaniel: Michael was lucky there… but what damage has been done?

[Struggling to the turnbuckle, the one exposed, Michael lifts himself up… turning and propping himself against the corner and gasping for breath, Michael tests his leg and grimaces in pain. Panzadise, seeing him immobilized, races in and jumps, intending to deliver a huge Stinger Splash! Michael suddenly drops out of the way, and Panzadise hits the exposed steel hard.]

Brian Rentfro: Rookie mistake from Panzadise!! He forgot about the steel!

Jon McDaniel: Dise is shaken hard from that move!

[Staggering backwards in pain, Panzadise isn’t ready for Michael, who hits a thrust kick with his good leg. Panzadise is forced over, and Michael sets him up…. ]

Brian Rentfro: He’s going for it???

[…Wrapping his arms in position, Michael lifts Panzadise up…]

Jon McDaniel: His leg’ll give, you know it!!

[…Twisting him over, Michael locks Panzadise in position over his back… and gets on arm around his neck….]

Brian Rentfro: He’s stumbling!!!!

[…Wobbly, Michael nearly loses his balance, but with a cry of pain and rage, he holds his leg steady, even as it threatens to tear out from under him and he locks Dise’s legs around him…]

Jon McDaniel: No way!!!

[…and Michael Sommers bites his lip, and sacrifices the last of his energy and hits the Final Exam!!!!]


[Sirus Moran turns and calls for the bell! And then is quickly over to check on both Sommers and Panzadise..]

Jon McDaniel: I can’t believe it.. after everything Michael’s been through… the loss and sacrifices…

Brian Rentfro: Sirus is raising Michael’s hand in victory… but I don’t think Sommers is totally aware of it yet. Let’s get the ring announcer’s official word!

Ring Announcer: The winner of this match.. MICHAEL SOMMERS

Brian Rentfro: Listen to the fans!!! They’re behind Michael 100%!!!!

Jon McDaniel: Panzadise is stirring, and Sirus is there to check on him. Dise seems to be asking Sirus what happened.

Brian Rentfro: And I think Dise just got the answer!! He looks shocked and very angry!

Jon McDaniel: Michael is leaning against the ropes, favoring his leg and wiping the blood from his face.

Brian Rentfro: Oh hell, Panzadise isn’t through with him.

[Panzadise walks towards the center of the ring, and Sommers, painfully, walks forward to meet him there. The two men stand toe to toe in the center of the ring, both engaged in a stare down that seems like it could last forever. The two exchange a few harsh words, and then, quickly and abruptly, the arena receives a huge power surge, making the brightness of the lights almost unbearable.]

Brian Rentfro: What the hell????

[A funeral bell is struck, tolling throughout the arena.]

Jon McDaniel: Oh no….

[One of the power fuses blows, letting out a loud explosion. Sparks fall from the ceiling, as the lights begin to flicker violently.]

Brian Rentfro: This can’t be good!!

Jon McDaniel: The power of the understatement.

[Both Panzadise and Sommers look around their surroundings, neither knowing what to expect. The priest on the outside of the ring, ignored completely this whole time, lets out a frightful 'Yelp!' and leaps nearly three feet in the air at the sound of the second explosion. His eyes grow wide in fear and he quickly drops and crawls underneath the ring, his body weight too much at first, and he gets stuck halfway, but eventually manages to squirm and wiggly his way through.]

Brian Rentfro: If not for the seriousness of the moment, I’d find that funny!

[A second toll rings out.]

Jon McDaniel: I don’t think we’re going to get any more previews… Michael wanted XIII, I think XIII is going to oblige him!

[Back inside the ring, Dise begins to back into a corner as Michael spins circles in the center, preparing himself for the inevitable. Panzadise drops and rolls under the bottom rope, leaving Sommers to deal with this on his own. Sirus comes up to Michael, but in no uncertain terms, he tells Sirus to beat it. Sirus complies after patting Michael on the shoulder. Dise and Sirus disappear backstage.]

Brian Rentfro: I do not blame Panzadise one bit for getting the hell out of there!

[A third and final explosion leaves the entire arena in complete blackness. Minus the few fans who have their lighters or glow sticks handy, not a single source of light exists...not backstage...not in the concession area...not even in the restrooms. A complete blackout. Strangely enough, the lights seem to be the only thing suffering from the power surge, as the cameras and sound equipment remain fully functional.]

Jon McDaniel: I can’t seem a damned thing!! Someone tell us what’s going on!!!

[A third tolling of the funeral bells. It seems that every fan in attendance has now risen to their feet, screaming their lungs out...not necessarily cheering, and not jeering, but just being extremely loud. The whole arena is abuzz with anticipation. Then, suddenly, Flames explode from each side of the ramp way. A red glow emanates from the entrance. A thick, red smoke quickly begins to rise, reaching midway to the HIC-Tron in a matter of seconds.]

Brian Rentfro: Here we go!!!

[The bell tolls a fifth time. The red glow now pulsates through the arena. The sound of muffled screams and voices can be faintly heard over the PA. Another toll, which brings the HiC-Tron to life, filled with a snowy static. Sommers turns to face it, expecting some sort of cryptic message...instead, the static remains, the buzzing sounds that come from it steadily getting louder. The anticipation grows just as fast. Another toll...the muffled screams stop, and are replaced by a familiar feminine voice...the voice of Jasmine Sommers...]

Jasmine Lee Sommers: Michael.....I miss you soo much......please...come set me free.

Jon McDaniel: Oh, lord…………

[Seventh bell toll. That one solitary image of her broken and torn body, covered by a blood soaked sheet, being loaded into the ambulance begins to play in repetition on the video screen.]

Brian Rentfro: That’s just sick!!!

Jon McDaniel: Michael’s face, look.. it’s ashen white.

[The final bell tolls, and marks the beginning of "Life, Birth, Blood, Doom" by Black Label Society kicking up abruptly on over the PA.. Dark figures slowly begin emerging from behind the smoke screened entrance...about eight in total. They charge to the right and start to surround Michael Sommers.]

Brian Rentfro: A siege attack!!!

[However, Sommers wastes no time and immediately attacks the cloaked figures, knocking down one after the other. Most crawl out of the ring, but Sommers is able to catch one by the leg and drag him back in. Sommers powers him up, and hits a massive power bomb, causing the cloaked man to bounce up, balance on his head briefly, and then fall face down, unmoving. He rolls the broken individual out of the right with his a piece of trash.]

Jon McDaniel: The rage that Sommers has left those things no chance at all!! Maybe that’ll be it…

Brian Rentfro: You are a wistful thinker!

[Then refocuses on the entrance ramp. The music continues to play as another dark figure emerges...this one much larger than the least 7', or damn near it. He steps out slowly, his head bowed and the hood of his dark cloak full concealing his facial features. He stops at the edge of the ramp, and slowly raises his hands to the hood. A massive wall of flame erupts in front of him. He walks right through it, no longer donning the cloak and hood.]

Jon McDaniel: NO way!! No FUCKING WAY!

Brian Rentfro: You swore??

[The long, black hair that hangs in his face...the menacing green eyes...the floor length trench coat, and the expressionless face...not to mention, the slow, methodical walk...more so stalking...The face of XIII. The real XIII, formerly one such Erik Vespillo...alias Eric Draven.]

Jon McDaniel: It’s Draven!! Eric Draven!! All this time!!! God oh, mighty!

Brian Rentfro: This, has nothing to do with God.

[He moves onto the apron and steps over the ropes, moving right up to Sommers, slighting towering over him]

Jon McDaniel: The promise made months ago, fulfilled! XIII, I mean, Draven is here!

Brian Rentfro: I don’t think Sommers is impressed, LOOK!

[Michael swings a left, Draven catches. Michael quickly swings a right, and connects, Draven takes a step back, but quickly returns with his own rights and lefts. A fist fight ensues, with neither man getting the clear advantage. Draven breaks the cycle with a knee to the gut and sends Sommers into the ropes, only to have him rebound with a flying shoulder tackle, taking XIII off his feet. Michael wastes no time and violently yanks Draven to his feet, lifts him over a shoulder, and connects with a bone shattering power bomb, causing the whole ring to shake. Michael again pulls XIII up, and this time, nails the Final Exam. Draven lays there, unmoving, and Sommers sees his opportunity. He quickly slides out of the ring, and goes digging underneath it, eventually producing a large red can...gasoline, and a big box of matches.]

Jon McDaniel: Oh god.. Michael wouldn’t!!! He WOULDN”T!!

Brian Rentfro: He was told to send XIII back to the fires of hell, and after all that XIII has done.. damned right he would!!

[Back in the ring now, Michael begins to drench Draven in the gasoline. Satisfied that this is enough to do the trick, he pulls out a match and strikes it...and is about to drop it, when something out of the corner of his eye catches his attention. More cloaked figures emerging from backstage...this time, they wheel an old, wooden casket, it's top covered with graying dirt and bits of yellow grass and weeds. Sommers immediately recognizes the ornate designs on the side.]

Jon McDaniel: I think I’ve used up my Oh My Gods.. I’m just gonna sit here in shock.

Brian Rentfro: yeah.. me too

[Jasmine's casket. The figures wheel the coffin to ringside, and quickly turn to leave as Michael drops the now extinguished match and rolls outside. He cautiously approaches, not really sure of what to do. The lid slowly creaks open....Jasmine Lee Sommers, although different...her hair now a jet black, with its tips a blood red, and her makeup is all gothed out...pale with gray lips, red eye shadow, and dark, thick eyeliner. Sommers is taken aback at the sight of his wife...She rises and climbs out of the coffin. The ominous image of XIII slowly and eerily sitting up in the background, unseen by Sommers, whom has his back to the ring, and Jasmine seems to respond. A devilish grin crosses her face as she brings her hand hard across Michael's face. The impact causes him to spin around, and the shock disorients him long enough for Draven to reach over the ropes and pull him back into the ring by his hair. Sommers shakes free, and swings a hard right fist. He connects, but to no effect. XIII just stands there, amused. A left. Same effect, just stands, statue like. Sommers rebounds off the ropes to go for another flying shoulder tackle, but is caught in mid air by the throat. XIII lifts him up, ala Choke slam, and holds him there awhile until the color starts to fade from Michael's face...finally, he drills him to the mat. The ring shakes from the massive impact. Some could say they hear the 'crack' of Michaels neck, but it'd be impossible to distinguish with all the screaming and noise coming from the crowd.]

Brian Rentfro: I.. god, that looks like Jasmine!

Jon McDaniel: But.. I don’t get it.. why is she here? Why did she slap Michael?

Brian Rentfro: I’ve decided to stop trying to understand things around here…

[Sommers is slowly pulled to his feet, hoisted onto Draven's shoulders, Death Valley Driver style, and, lightning quick, is heaved up and over, and dropped with an inverted DDT...a DVD into a Inverted DDT....coined the Akharu Death Driver. Sommers now lifeless body is rolled towards the casket.]

Jon McDaniel: Jasmine.. with Draven??? They are dragging Sommers body into the casket!

[Indeed, the two throw Michael in, and slam the door shut. Draven silently points the red gas can… and Jasmine fetches it. She then begins pouring the rest of the gas over the casket.]

Brian Rentfro: No… NO! Someone stop this!!!

[Standing back, with a satisfied smile, she watches with adoring eyes as Draven grabs the matches and strikes one, careful to keep them away from himself.. and with a flourish, tosses it on top of the coffin.]

Jon McDaniel: OH MY GOD!! Ok, Had one left.. GOD NO!!!!

[The casket bursts into flames, and Jasmine and Draven soak up the heat… and the arena is filled with screams and crying…. No one can believe what has just went down!!!]

Brian Rentfro: Someone, for the love of god, help him!

[The fans screaming takes on a new sound, as Panzadise with fire extinguisher in hand, bursts from back stage and races down the ramp. With no concern for Draven or Jasmine, he begins spraying the coffin, dousing the flames. Draven takes Jasmine’s hand and they calmly walk up the ramp… ignoring Panzadise as he finishes the job.]

Jon McDaniel: Dise?? Panzadise of all people??

[As the flames are taken care of, Panzadise drops the fire extinguisher and rips the coffin open, and backs away in shock. A camera man, quick as ever, points the lens inside and the image is displayed on the big screen.]

Brian Rentfro: What the fuc…?

[Inside, a burnt husk is all that is left… the size and shape of a large man… blackened charcoal.. nothing more. Panzadise just stares at it in total shock… and the arena nearly goes deftly silent.]

Jon McDaniel: Cut to commercial, go to an advertisement.. I don’t care, just get this off the air.. NOW!!!!

Robinson Segment

[We find our self in the hallway outside of a door that says Locker Rooms. (Real ones this time) The door opens and out steps Robbie Robinson, former president of the PWA and The Dragon. They are discussing their upcoming Battle Dome Match against Sirus Moran. They take a few steps away when from around the corner comes an Japanese schoolgirl, complete with fuku outfit, knee-high socks and a Hello Kitty backpack. She is holding a bottle of Strawberry Yoo Hoo in one of her long gloved hands. She looks up and her eyes go wide, her face flushing. She bows and then starts talking rapidly in Japanese.]

Girl: Konban wa Gozaimasu ! ! Dragon-san, Robinson-sensei ! ! Omaesan mai honmei faita-puro resu ! ! Hai, hai! Douzoyoroshiku gozaimasan.

[After several moments of mixed Japanese and miming she stops and opens her pack and pulls out a notebook and a pen. Robbie and Dragon watch as she holds the book out and bows her head.]

Girl: Doka-sumitsuki? onegaishimasu!

[After a moment she looks up and sees the pair look at each other and shrug. She smiles big and repeats herself, in broken English this time, as she holds the notebook and pen forward.

Girl: Would . . . please . . . autograph? Please Sir? It . . . please this one . . . have . . . autograph of . . . Great Dragon and Pre-si-dent of BEST Puro Resu Fed ever.

[Robinson looks at Dragon, laughs and then looks at the schoolgirl smiling like a used car salesman, or a shark.]

Robinson: It would please this one if you would tell me where you got that drink.

[He points to the bottle in her hand.]

Robinson: If you tell me where you got that I will sign your book.

[She looks at the drink and then looks at Robbie and then grins.]

Girl: Ah soo.desuka, Yoo Hoo. Hai, hai ! Yoo Hoo ne ware desuka Ven-di--ng Ma-chine.

[Robinson nods and grabs the notebook to start to sign it when we hear a commotion coming from down the hall. he stops and looks at Dragon then looks in the direction of the sound.]

Dragon: Sounds like a fight, maybe we should check it out?

Robinson: Sounds good. Man what was I thinking ! ? No one who goes to this Podunk Federation's shows deserves our autographs.

[Robbie then goes to hand the book back but when the girl reaches for it he tosses it skidding down the hallway. Then he laughs derisively at the girl and he and Dragon start walking toward the noise.]

[The girl watches the pair until they are out of sight then giggles and utters two words.]

Girl: Baka Yaro !!

[She then looks around before she opens the backpack again and pulls out a can of spray-paint. An evil grin spreads on her face as she quietly slips into the locker-room..]

Don Mega vs. Nightmare

HiC Twister Championship

[The camera focuses on the ring, where Lewis stands tall in her elegant gown with the microphone in hand and the index cards as well. The bell rings four times – roughly a second between each ring – and Lewis brings the mic to her face, reading off of the card.]

Lewis: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 20-minute time limit, and is for the High Impact Competition TWISTER CHAMPIONSHIP!

[Linkin Park’s “Nobody’s Listening” begins playing over the PA system, and a blue spotlight focuses on the top of the entrance ramp. Out from behind the curtain walks Don Mega, wearing his black trench coat, holding his neck a little bit and moving with a slight limp, favoring his back. He stops at the top of the ramp, looks around the arena, and begins walking down to the ring.]

Lewis: Introducing first, the challenger!

(Innocence's voice comes back over the sound system as we cut to a video feed of the new Genesis VI: Rebirth's already being randomly controlled...)

Choose Your Wrestler, baby!

You have chosen: Don Mega!!!"

Lewis: Weighing in tonight at 289 pounds, and standing at 6 feet, 5 inches tall…hailing from Hong Kong, China…”The Violent One”…DON MEGA!

[Don walks up the ring steps, and takes off his trench coat, tossing it to a ringside attendant. He steps into the ring, and “Nobody’s Listening” dies down. The sounds of a guitar whining and a woman moaning faintly are heard, and then a synthesizer noise plays for less than a second as the lights in the arena dim, replaced by red strobes as smoke shoots from vents near the entrance curtain. Red Pyros begins raining down from the rafters onto the stage, and a final guitar whine is heard. The main riff of Rob Zombie’s “The Great American Nightmare” begins blasting over the PA system, and Nightmare walks out from behind the curtain, adjusting his gloves, the HiC Twister title over his shoulder.]

Lewis: Introducing next, the champion!

(Innocence's voice comes back over the sound system as we cut to a video feed of the new Genesis VI: Rebirth's already being randomly controlled...)

Choose Your Wrestler, baby!

You have chosen: Nightmare!!!"

Lewis: Weighing in tonight at 285 pounds, and standing at 6 feet, 9 inches tall…hailing from Los Angeles, California…he is the current, reigning, and defending HiC Twister champion…NIGHTMARE!

[Nightmare exhales the smoke from the vents, and the red Pyros stops falling. Nightmare looks out across the thousands of people in attendance, and begins walking down to the ring, adjusting his gloves. He hops onto the apron, and then tosses the Twister title to referee Buck McGruff. Buck catches it, and then Nightmare slingshots himself over the rope, somersaulting to his feet. Nightmare then grabs the title away from Buck, and holds it up high for all to see.]

O’Keefe: Fans, for this match, we thought we’d switch it up a little bit. Instead of myself broadcasting with my partner, Ricky Sanchez, I’ll be teaming with my Twister counterpart Brian Rentfro.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah. I suggested just me and Jonny Boy commentate on this match, but acting president Jason Keldman has thrown down that idea. So it’ll be me and Mickey.

[Lewis exits the ring, and Nightmare hands the title to Buck McGruff. Buck shows the title to Nightmare, and then to Don Mega before holding it up high overhead so the fans can see it. McGruff hands the title to the timekeeper, and calls for the bell.]

O’Keefe: There’s the bell, and Mega looks to be favoring his neck and back a little bit.

Brian Rentfro: Well, did you see the Hardcore match earlier tonight between him and Chance? He hit his back pretty damn hard, Mickey! His neck isn’t in great shape either.

O’Keefe: And you just know that Nightmare is going to expose every weakness Don Mega has.

Brian Rentfro: Of course. That’s why Nightmare is the Twister champion, baby!

O’Keefe: Okay…

[Nightmare walks slowly into the center of the ring, as does Don Mega, hunching his shoulders slightly so that some pressure is taken off of his back. Mega throws the first punch, clocking Nightmare across the face. Mega fires off more rights, and whips Nightmare into the ropes.]

O’Keefe: Nightmare reverses, and Mega off the ropes. Nightmare with a clothesline, Mega ducks, Nightmare turns around…OH MY GOD!

[Don Mega quickly reaches up and grabs Nightmare’s head, facing him, and falls backwards, driving Nightmare’s through into Mega’s bicep.]

Brian Rentfro: He hit the Icebreaker! Icebreaker!

O’Keefe: The cover!

[Mega hooks both legs, wincing from the impact of the mat on his spine.]



[Nightmare gets a shoulder up, and Buck raises two fingers into the air.]

O’Keefe: Just a two!

[Mega grabs Nightmare by his head, and brings him to his feet. Mega whips Nightmare into the ropes, and ducks down for a backdrop. Nightmare goes for a kick to Mega’s chest, but Don stands up quickly, catching Nightmare’s leg, and hooks his head, delivering a high cradle suplex that dumps Nightmare right onto his head.]


Brian Rentfro: This match has only been going on for a minute, if that, and we’ve already seen the Icebreaker, and a devastating High Cradle Suplex. Mickey, what else could be done?

O’Keefe: I have a feeling that if we still watch, we’ll see.

[Nightmare gets to his feet, slowly, and Mega rushes over, hooking Nightmare’s head again and twisting around, falling into ANOTHER Icebreaker.]


O’Keefe: Mega off the ropes with a tornado Icebreaker…




[Nightmare is pulled to his feet by Mega, who hooks his head for a third Icebreaker. Mega starts falling, but Nightmare wraps his arms around Mega’s waist, lifting him up into a bear hug.]

O’Keefe: Nightmare, even after two Icebreakers and a High Cradle Suplex, is STILL fighting.

Brian Rentfro: That’s why he’s the Twister champion, Mickey!

[Nightmare wrenches in the bear hug, swinging Mega around violently, but Mega refuses to tap out. Nightmare then takes a few steps forward, and delivers a VICIOUS overhead belly-to-belly suplex, dumping Mega on his upper back and shoulders. Nightmare quickly dives forward, locking on a Dragon Clutch.]

Brian Rentfro: Nightmare’s got that inverted front face lock applied, and he’s seated on Mega’s back.

O’Keefe: That’s the Dragon Clutch, Brian. And Nightmare’s REALLY wrenching it in.

Brian Rentfro: It makes sense, since Nightmare has that submission-only War Games match in later on tonight.

[Nightmare wrenches back hard, and Mega waves his hands around, not wanting to tap out as Buck asks him.]


Brian Rentfro: Nobody ever said Don Mega was the smartest wrestler, Mickey.

O’Keefe: I know the man has an amazing threshold for pain, but this move is tearing the muscles in his neck and back, and the man still won’t tap! He’s been in the hold for almost half a minute now!

[Mega’s body goes limp, and his hands drop. Nightmare wrenches back harder, and Buck raises Mega’s hand, dropping it down to the mat once.]


[Buck raises Mega’s hand again, and it drops to the mat a second time.]


[Buck raises Don’s hand a third time, and drops it…

O’Keefe: ...!


[The bell rings, and Rob Zombie’s “Great American Nightmare” begins playing over the PA system as Nightmare releases the Dragon Clutch and stands up, holding his throat and looking at the unconscious Don Mega. EMTs and Security rush down to the ring with a gurney and a stretcher, and Nightmare is handed the Twister title.]

Lewis: The winner of this match, and STILL HiC Twister champion...NIGHTMARE!

[Nightmare picks up Mega’s limp hand and shakes it. He drops it back to the mat, and then rolls out of the ring, walking up the entrance ramp.]

Sirus Moran vs. Rob Robinson & The Dragon

Handicap Match

[Cut back to ringside. A panning shot of the crowd, they’ve seen a lot of action so far tonight, and they’re anticipating even more.]

Jon McDaniel: Well there you have it ladies and gents…

[On these words the shot changes to – a carefully constructed death trap of steel, hanging high above the arena floor. Within it, the ring and one very frightened referee are contained. Down below, technical experts, EMTs, and stunt co-coordinators rush around trying to prepare for what is essentially an unpredictable match of mass carnage.]

Jon McDaniel: The Battle-Dome. Eighteen feet by eighteen feet, and enough steel to house probably an entire prison wing of convicts…

Brian Rentfro: Speaking of dangerous criminals, when are our competitors arriving?

Jon McDaniel: Contained within that cage, are an assortment of dangerous weaponry. The object is of course to send your opponents out of the cage and down to the ring floor... far below it.

Brian Rentfro: Great spiel, now let’s get to the bloodshed!

Jon McDaniel: I don’t think there has been a match quite this dangerous… since Halloween Harvest last year.

[Lewis, who has given up even trying to find a good place to stand and has settled to balance himself on a chair to talk to the crowd, picks up the microphone and waits for quiet.]

Lewis: The following is a Battle-Dome handicap match, with a thirty minute time limit.

[Right on cue, some vaguely oriental sounding music hits up.]

(Innocence's voice comes back over the sound system as we cut to a video feed of the new Genesis VI: Rebirth's already being randomly controlled...)

Choose Your Wrestlers, baby!

You have chosen: Custom Characters!!!"

Lewis: Introducing, the team of Robbie Robinson and Dragon!

[There is an anticipatory pause and then…]

Brian Rentfro: What the f*** are they wearing?!

[The two men who storm angrily out from the back are not, as we would expect, dressed in ring attire. Instead, they are both wearing Brothers Grimm t-shirts and black pants across the backs of which has been spray painted “Sirus is God”.]

Jon McDaniel: Well, Robbie Robinson and Dragon, were victims of a cruel practical joke I assume perpetrated by their opponent, Sirus Moran. I guess this was all they could find to wear.

Brian Rentfro: Shouldn’t you be plugging those Brothers Grimm t-shirts and the HiC Shop zone in general, like crazy right now?

Jon McDaniel: Meh…

[The two men reach ringside and are helped into a pair of harnesses. Technicians prepare to winch them up into the ring. Meanwhile, Lewis is still in full flow.]

Lewis: And their opponent…

(Innocence's voice comes back over the sound system as we cut to a video feed of the new Genesis VI: Rebirth's already being randomly controlled...)

Choose Your Wrestler, baby!

You have chosen: Sirus Moran!!!"

[Sirus comes tearing down the ramp and begins to wail on Robbie Robinson, who is trapped in his harness.]

Lewis: Erm… Sirus Moran!

[Robinson struggles but finds himself helpless. Sirus begins to yell at the technicians to haul them up.]

Jon McDaniel: Whoa! Sirus is not even waiting for the bell here, he’s attacking Robbie Robinson before they’ve even got into the damn cage!

[Both harnesses begin to rise off the ground, and Sirus wraps his legs around the back of Robbie and continues to punch away as they head upward. Dragon can only look on in frustration as his partner is beaten.]

Brian Rentfro: Well I guess Dragon will be fighting at a disadvantage, Robbie certainly won’t be on top form after this mid-air thrashing he’s taking.

[They at last reach the cage and are lowered into it. Sirus slips free and lands one last shot on Robinson for good measure before waiting patiently in a corner. Dragon gets out his harness and helps Robbie with his, as he does so Robbie falls forwards flat on his face on the mat.]

Brian Rentfro: Yep, see I was right, compare your greatness to mine and kill yourself!

Jon McDaniel: Oookay…

[Dragon looks accusingly up at Sirus as if to say ‘You did this!’, but Sirus just smiles back with childlike innocence. Dragon launches across the ring at his opponent and unleashes some furious kicks to the midsection and head. Moran judders in the corner like he’s being shot.]

Jon McDaniel: There we see the training of Dragon coming into play. He’s just lethal with those kicks.

[The bell rings. Straight off the bat Dragon backs up and helps his partner out onto the apron before he begins to circle, feinting left and right looking for an opening. Sirus makes some attempt to match his pace then just shrugs and steps back into the corner, ending the dance. Dragon looks annoyed but plays the game none the less and steps in for a lock up.]

Jon McDaniel: Sirus is a great manipulator, he knows how to get under his opponents skin.

Brian Rentfro: Another way of putting it would be that’s he freaking nuts.

[Moran holds his ground in the grapple then feels himself start to weaken, so breaks with an elbow to the chin. Dragon staggers back a few steps and Sirus uses the opening to take his wrist and swing around for an Irish whip. However, Dragon manages to reverse the momentum and send him into the opposite turnbuckle padding.]

Brian Rentfro: I think if it comes down to a technical battle, then Dragon probably has the advantage here…

[He recovers well and pretends to brush himself down, getting a laugh from the crowd. Dragon holds up for a test of strength, but Moran grabs his outstretched fore-arm and twists it up and around with a taut wrist lock. Dragon kicks low to break the hold quickly then walks away massaging his shoulder. He spins suddenly and unleashes a few quick punches to the head followed by a short-arm clothesline which drops Moran to the canvas.]

Jon McDaniel: Nice clothesline from Dragon. Say, where’s Al tonight?

Brian Rentfro: He’s somewhere, that nasty old thing is always somewhere… it’s enough to make a fellow paranoid.

[Sirus clambers up carefully and stands toe to toe with his opponent. They stare each other down for a few seconds then Dragon steps back and spits at Moran’s feet. Sirus responds by slamming a boot into Dragon's gut then hooking the head...]

Brian Rentfro: Yeah he’s around here somewhere… there he is! No, wait, that’s just some weird looking kid…

Jon McDaniel: Will you give it a rest, this isn’t Where’s Waldo.

[Sirus tries to lift up for a suplex, but Dragon powers down and plants his feet. Moran grunts and puts a knee in then snaps over with a suplex that he manages to complete. Dragon pushes up with relative ease and tries to sit bolt upright but Moran grabs him around the neck and starts to punch away.]

Jon McDaniel: This match is beginning to deteriorate into a brawl.

Brian Rentfro: Isn’t that what it’s mean to be?

Jon McDaniel: Fair point.

[Dragon reaches up and grabs at the man's face, then lands a few shots of his own. They roll on the canvas jabbing and clawing, school yard style, until eventually the referee pulls them apart. They both back up into opposite corners, and Dragon spits blood and starts to hurl abuse.]

Brian Rentfro: Very nice, I’m sure the censors are having a field day with that one.

Jon McDaniel: If we’re getting sued again, it’s not coming out my paycheck, I tell you that.

[They wait, neither one of them wanting to make the first move until eventually they both sprint for the middle of the ring - getting a pop from the crowd. Dragon goes for a clothesline but Sirus ducks and catches him with a waist lock take-down. He rolls over and smashes his opponents head into the canvas a couple of times before getting up and dropping an elbow into the small of the back.]

Jon McDaniel: Sirus is still dictating the flow of this match up.

[Moran pulls Dragon off the canvas with an under hook then motions like he's going for a pile driver. In desperation, Dragon pushes up and back body drops him to the canvas. We cut to a shot of Robbie Robinson who is at last beginning to come around.]

Brian Rentfro: Maybe he’s going to do something in this match for once… maybe.

[Both men get to their feet as quickly as they can. Sirus goes for a collar and elbow tie-up but gets arm dragged down. He pops back up but Dragon pulls the same trick and then follows up with a kick to the back. The referee cautions him but he just laughs and connects with another kick, then a third to the back of the head.]

Jon McDaniel: Dragon showing no regard for the rules.

Brian Rentfro: I wasn’t aware there was rules for this match.

[He reaches around from behind and hauls Moran up before dropping him back down with a well executed reverse DDT. He is about to do more, when his partner Robbie taps him on the shoulder. Dragon turns and begins to grin when he sees Robinson is brandishing a chair.]

Brian Rentfro: Oh yeah! Here we go!

Jon McDaniel: Goodie [/sarcasm].

[Dragon picks up the downed Sirus in a full nelson and yells at Robbie to smash him in the face with the chair. Robbie steps back and swings the chair around in a wide arc, but Moran suddenly slips out of the hold and drops flat, causing Dragon to take the chair square in the jaw.]

Jon McDaniel: Yes! Justice! That’s what you get for bringing a chair into play!

Brian Rentfro: Oh shush!

[Dragon collapses in a crumpled heap as Robinson looks on in horror. Sirus takes advantage of the confusion and leaps to his feet before connecting with a double knee lift on Robbie. He hooks the head and twists around with a neck breaker.]

Jon McDaniel: Perfectly executed neck breaker there from Sirus…

[With both his opponent down, Sirus takes his time. Sauntering around picking up the chair and a pair of brass knuckles. He slips on the knuckles and pulls a dazed and confused Dragon to his feet. Moran hands Dragon the chair, saying ‘Hold this’. Then winds up the hand with knuckles on and punches the chair right back into the man’s face.]

Jon McDaniel: Well ouch.

Brian Rentfro: Ouch indeed.

[Robinson tries to get back to his feet but takes a brass knuckled uppercut right to the mouth. Sirus grabs Robbie by his hair and picks him up before slinging him across one shoulder. He walks over and picks up Dragon and slings him across the other.]

Jon McDaniel: He’s not going to…

Brian Rentfro: He has to, to win the match remember?

Jon McDaniel: Yeah… but he wouldn’t…

[With a man draped on either shoulder he skips to one side, and peers over, whistling appreciatively at the size of the drop. For a moment he seems to consider the ethical problems with what he’s about to do then shrugs and…]

Brian Rentfro: Hell yes he would! Robinson is falling!!!


Jon McDaniel: Oh my god!


Brian Rentfro: This is going to be sick!


Jon McDaniel: I think I’m going to be sick myself… look at the debris, the carnage, Robinson is a broken man.

[He grins at the noise of Robbie landing and then sets up Dragon to take a similar plunge. Suddenly, Dragon slides down his back and pushes him into the ropes!]

Brian Rentfro: Yes! Come on the bad guys!

[Moran has to stop himself and that is the opening Dragon needs to connect with a savate kick to the chest. Sirus wobbles and seems to be about to fall over the ropes and down to certain injury.]

Brian Rentfro: He’ll be going over anytime now…

[Dragon steps back and then unleashes a second kick. Sirus flails his arms and groans, trying very hard to stay in the match and avoid being air born.]

Brian Rentfro: Yep anytime…

[Dragon stamps his foot then runs back to the far ropes and comes off looking for a jumping lariat…]

Brian Rentfro: Now!

[Sirus duck and presses up, sending Dragon tumbling through the air… and over the caging!]

Jon McDaniel: Nope!

Brian Rentfro: Oh… raspberries.


Jon McDaniel: Second time for the plunge!


Brian Rentfro: I can’t look… wait, who am I kidding, yes I can.


Lewis: Here is your winner, SIRUS MORAN~!

[Sirus laughs and begins to jump around as the fans go wild. Below, EMTs rush to the aid of the fallen men, as we fade to…]

Team Nightmare vs. Ultros Enterprises

War Games Match


Jon McDaniel: This next match could very well blow the roof of this arena, Brian.
Brian Rentfro: The War Games match is not for the squeamish. The only way to be eliminated is through submission or surrender. This could lead to a lot of brutality in that ring.
Jon McDaniel: That's rings, as in the plural, actually. There are two rings set inside a gigantic hell in the cell cage.
Brian Rentfro: With twelve men in this match, it would take two rings in order for them to not get in one another's way.
Jon McDaniel: They don't enter all at once, however. One man from each side will battle one another for five minutes. Then a coin toss is made to determine who the next entrant will be. After two minutes another wrestler is randomly picked from the opposing team.
Brian Rentfro: This continues until all competitors are in that ring. No wrestlers can be eliminated until all twelve are in the ring. It's like a royal rumble mixed with a hell in a cell match. Thus, we have an equation for violence.
Jon McDaniel: And not one of these men have qualms about shedding the blood of his opponents here tonight. Let's go to Wynes to find out who will be beginning the match.
Wynes: Introducing first... representing Team Nightmare...
[You Know Your Right" By Nirvana hits.]
Wynes: Hailing from Marina del Ray, California... he stands 6'2" and weighs in at 211 pounds... he is a member of Obituary... he is Marcus Ambrose
[Marcus comes out now as Cobain's painfully beautiful jagged screams keeps carrying through the arena which by now is in darkness aside for the music video of "You Know You're Right" playing. Ambrose's release from the back comes at a walking pace that suggest no hurry. He looks at the crowd and gives off a face that suggest he doesn't know what to think of them, and they respond without cheering nor jeer.]
Wynes: SHOWTIME!!!
[A couple people might boo him or yell out a scream for the PWA but it’s really just a quiet awe being exchanged between he and the fans as he proceeds down the aisle. He stands outside of the ring with his head down until the song finishes then slides in the ring.]
Wynes: And his opponent... representing Team Deadpool...
["The Bloods Thick" blares through the speakers and the lights go blood red.]
Wynes; Coming from Parts Unknown... he stands 7' tall and weighs in at 410 pounds... he is a member of The Deadpool... he is The Monster...
[Pyros explodes through the arena and out walks Frost. He stops at the top of the ramp way and makes the cross sign towards the ring with his fingers. ]
[The big man walks down to the ring. He walks up the ring steps and steps over the top rope. Frost stands in the middle of the ring and raises his hands in the air and the lights return to normal. Referee Buck McGruff closes the steel door and has security padlock it closed. Deacon Frost walks over and glares down at Showtime, talking smack and trying to intimidate him. Showtime, however, only looks bored with the man's antics.]
Jon McDaniel: For those who fans who may not have been with us a few months back, Deacon Frost took Showtime out of active competition for quite some time with a power bomb onto a steel chair.
Brian Rentfro: Looks like Marcus Ambrose can put a final close on that incident after tonight, whether he defeats the big man or is beaten by him.
[Deacon Frost laughs and slaps Marcus Ambrose hard in the face then begins pushing him around in the ring. Showtime continues to look disinterestedly at the big man. Frost whips Showtime into the ropes. Ambrose leaps and springboards off the top rope with a hurricanrana that takes Deacon off his feet. As the monster slowly lumbers back to his feet Marcus attempts to DDT his head into the canvas. Deacon Frost counters, however, and executes the Heli-bomb. Frost applies a dragon sleeper on Marcus Ambrose while he is down. Showtime attempts to turn out of the hold, but Deacon shifts the sleeper into a dragon sleeper suplex. As he is lifted into the air, Marcus manages to slip free and performs a face buster, planting the monster into the mat.]
Jon McDaniel: Showtime is using his higher degree of agility to good effect here against the monster Deacon Frost.
Brian Rentfro: He's been able to counter Frost so far, but he'll pay the price when Deacon's attack hits its mark.
[Showtime grabs Deacon Frost's leg and cinches in an ankle lock, twisting hard. Deacon growls and attempts to roll over in order to kick Marcus off his ankle. Marcus Ambrose counters, rolling Frost back over. The referee asks the monster if he wishes to submit but is shoved away as the giant reaches for the ropes. Deacon Frost grabs the ropes, causing the break. Ambrose climbs the turnbuckles, moving into place for a frog splash on the downed Deacon, but Frost grabs the ropes and throws Showtime off balance, causing him to crotch himself on the turnbuckles. The monster stalks Marcus Ambrose and executes a Samoan drop off the top. Deacon Frost pulls Marcus to his feet. Ambrose quickly goes for a T-bone suplex, but finds the greater mass of the monster to be too great. He gives it a second effort, but Frost blocks and counters with an arm and leg suplex of his own.]
Jon McDaniel: A surprising show of counter wrestling by both men in this contest so far. I'd expect this from a seasoned veteran like Showtime, but I never expected such technical expertise from Deacon.
Brian Rentfro: Eli Storm and Bronx Williams have been training with Frost. He's bound to have expanded his wrestling repertoire.
[The timer goes off to mark the end of the initial five minute mark. The HiC-Tron comes to life, showing a flipping golden coin. The coin lands face up and the name BRONX WILLIAMS comes onto the screen. The picture of the coin cuts out as the words "Evolution Is A Needed Process" appears on the Tron. "Eat You Alive" blares through the speakers and the red Pyros explode through the arena. The crowd raises to their feet as they see Bronx Williams walk out and down the ramp way. Bronx stops in the middle of the ramp way and gives the sign for the crucifix. He continues walking down the ramp way and then slides into the ring. Security unlocks the padlock to admit Bronx into the ring. Williams throws open the door and charges into the ring to double-team Showtime. Security close and lock the door after him.]
Jon McDaniel: This looks bad for Showtime. Both men responsible for putting him out of this sport are now in the ring attacking him.
Brian Rentfro: You wouldn't have been so concerned if it had been Deacon Frost being ganged up on, would you?
[Bronx Williams grabs Showtime and whips him into the ropes. Deacon Frost catches Ambrose and drives him into the mat with a spine buster. Bronx leap frogs over Deacon's back and drops an elbow into Marcus' chest. Frost sets Marcus Ambrose up for a power bomb. As he is lifting him into the air, Bronx Williams runs into the ropes and springboards off with a clothesline, increasing the impact as Showtime is planted into the canvas. Williams grabs Marcus' legs while the monster steps back. Bronx drops back onto the mat, catapulting Ambrose face first into a big boot from Frost.]
Jon McDaniel: My God! They're decimating Showtime!!
Brian Rentfro: Maybe now he'll show some interest in this match. Then again who's paid notice to him of late other than The Deadpool?
[The buzzer sounds to announce the arrival of the next wrestler. The HiC-Tron comes to life, showing a flipping golden coin. The coin lands face up and the name JACK FROST comes onto the screen. KMFDM's "Ultra" blares over the sound-system as a small amount of mist forms at the entrance ramp. After a few moments, Frost calmly steps out, taking no time to pose on the ramp. He walks to the ring with a deliberate purpose and waits for security to grant him access into the ring. Jack then slides into the ring behind The Deadpool, springing to his feet with a staggering clothesline from Hell that takes Deacon Frost off his feet and flips Bronx Williams through the air.]
Jon McDaniel: And here comes the cavalry! Jack Frost is taking it to The Deadpool!
Brian Rentfro: Keep quiet about the cavalry remarks. Haven't you noticed that a whole section around the ring seems to be full of Indians??
Jon McDaniel: Oh, that, Nightmare sent tickets to the Cherokee reservation in Oklahoma.
Brian Rentfro: Heh well he better prepare for his own Trail of Tears here tonight.
[Jack Frost closes on the downed Deacon Frost, applying a rear waist lock and sending him overhead to drive him into the mat with a release German suplex. Jack attempts to capitalize by following up with a pump handle suplex, but Deacon counters with a hard stomp to the foot followed by a swinging neck breaker. Bronx Williams grapples with Showtime, performing a twisting fisherman's bronxplex. Bronx climbs to the top turnbuckle and dives off with a twisting Asai Moonsault. Showtime tucks his knees in towards his chest. Williams crashes down onto Marcus' knees, driving the air from his lungs, and rolls in pain. Ambrose drags Bronx Williams to his feet to deliver a double arm DDT. Meanwhile Deacon Frost whips Jack Frost into the ropes, scooping him onto his back for a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Jack Frost slips out behind Deacon Frost, lifting him high overhead with a military press. Jack shifts his grip and the ice man plants the monster into the mat with a shattering spine buster slam.]
Jon McDaniel: We have a literal battle of the titans going on in the ring as Jack and Deacon Frost go toe to toe with one another.
Brian Rentfro: So far it's a seesaw battle between those two, while Showtime is repaying Bronx Williams for the earlier two-on-one. This tide can be upset with the arrival of our next competitor, however.
[The buzzer goes off to mark the end of the two minute mark. The HiC-Tron comes to life, showing a flipping golden coin. The coin lands face up and the name KUMQUAT KID comes onto the screen. The lights in the arena dim as we see a slot machine on the video screen. As the guitar opening of "Short Fuse Burning" by Less Than Jake blares we see each kumquat come onto the slot machine. When the last one comes up orange and green Pyros explode as the crowd is on their feet for The Kumquat Kid. The crowd is eating it up as he surveys the crowd with his shades, walking down the rest of the way of the ramp. He tosses his shades into the crowd as "Short Fuse Burning" fades away.]
Jon McDaniel: The Deadpool are in deep shit now. The Kumquat Kid has a definite to score with all three of them after their attack on Jenny.
Brian Rentfro: Lewis is in and immediately hits Bronx Williams with the Pez Dispenser!
[Bronx Williams rolls out of the ring, seeking some respite from the three-on-two. Ryan Lewis has other ideas, however, as he flies out of the ring with a corkscrew planche onto Williams. The Kumquat Kid begins driving his fist into Bronx's face. Jack Frost pulls Deacon Frost to his feet in the ring, attempting a short-arm clothesline. Deacon picks him up into a fireman's carry, switching it into a reverse death valley driver. Showtime steps through the ropes and enters the second ring, watching the action distantly. Bronx Williams scrapes Ryan Lewis' face along the iron grating of the cage. Bronx hops onto the apron and jumps off with a sunset flip power bomb, driving the Kumquat Kid into the concrete floor. Williams applies a surfboard chin lock, looking for the submission.]
Jon McDaniel: Bronx Williams attempting to put away Ryan Lewis, but he can't until the rest of the combatants have entered the ring.
Brian Rentfro: He may not be able to eliminate The Kumquat Kid, but he sure as Hell can punish him.
[Jack Frost is sent into the canvas with a spinning brain buster from Deacon Frost. Deacon drags Jack to his feet, but is whipped into the ropes. Jack Frost executes a tilt-a-whirl back breaker, followed by a vertical suplex. Bronx Williams finally releases the submission on Ryan Lewis and rolls him back into the ring, sliding in after him. Bronx sets the Kumquat Kid on the top turnbuckle, positioning him for a super back drop, but Lewis shoves him off the ropes, sending him crashing onto the mat.]
Jon McDaniel: It looks like Deacon Frost is beginning to wear out. With the expected length of this match the big men will be running on fumes by the end.
Brian Rentfro: Which will make them easy prey. These giants love to strut around saying how strong they are, but when they have to be in a fight for the long run they just don't have the endurance to cut it.
[The timer goes off. The HiC-Tron comes to life, showing a flipping golden coin. The coin lands face up and the name SCOTT NASH-STRADER comes onto the screen. "Cowboys from Hell" by Pantera plays over the speakers as Scott Nash-Strader strides onto the stage, accompanied by his wife Amy Nash-Strader. They walk down to the ring, where SNS is admitted into the ring. Amy stands outside the ring to cheer on her husband.]
[Scott Nash-Strader hits a running bulldog on Jack Frost, driving his head into the mat. The two men begin squaring off, exchanging punches and chops. Deacon Frost steps into the second ring to help Bronx Williams assault the Kumquat Kid. Showtime comes to Lewis' aid with a standing back flip into a neck breaker on Bronx. Deacon hits a short arm clothesline on Ryan, sending him to the floor. Deacon Frost throws Ryan Lewis through the ropes and back into the ring. Scott Nash Strader executes a series of snap suplexes onto Jack Frost. Marcus Ambrose sets Bronx Williams up for a brain buster, driving him into the mat. Deacon enters the ring and goes to his partner's aid with a running shoulder block to Ambrose.]
Jon McDaniel: The Deadpool returns to their tag team mentality as they watch over one another's backs.
Brian Rentfro: Coming to Bronx's help backfires on Deacon Frost, however, as he forgets about the Kumquat Kid. Ryan Lewis hasn't forgotten about him, however, as he sends Deacon's head into the canvas with a rope flip neck breaker.
[Jack Frost choke slams Scott Nash-Strader out of the first ring and down into the second. Jack steps over the ropes after Strader. The Kumquat Kid runs up the turnbuckles and flips off with a Moonsault leg drop across Deacon Frost's throat. Bronx Williams sends Showtime's head crashing into the mat with a corkscrew tombstone pile driver. He runs into the ropes and springboards off with a reverse hurricanrana on Ryan Lewis. Deacon Frost swings the Kumquat Kid into the air and power bombs him into the turnbuckles. Jack Frost scoops up Strader and performs a running body slam before The Deadpool descend upon him.]
Jon McDaniel: Jack Frost trading blows with both members of The Deadpool. He hits a big shoulder breaker on Bronx Williams.
Brian Rentfro: But that leaves him open to Deacon Frost as he's sent down with a pile driver, Bronx Williams providing the assist with an elbow drop to the crotch. Strader follows up with an inverted STF as The Deadpool begin stomping away at The Kumquat Kid and Showtime.
Jon McDaniel: All right, and now the next competitor will enter the match…
[Suddenly the buzzer sounds to announce the arrival of the next competitor. The HiC-Tron comes to life, showing a flipping golden coin. The coin lands face up, but just as a name is about to appear on screen the HiC-Tron shuts down.]
[The fans murmur amongst themselves, wondering what's going on.]
Brian Rentfro: Well, I guess nobody’s up next!
Jon McDaniel: Someone should be entering the match right now…
[The triumphant trumpets of Ferrante & Teicher’s “Exodus” ring out over the arena as the lights turn low and silver glitter and confetti rain down on the stage. Gold lights swirl around a darkened arena as Jimmy walks out to the stage with a single spot-light on him.]
Brian Rentfro: Wait, look over there.
Brian Rentfro: You don’t think Jimmy’s next do you?
Jon McDaniel: Yes, as a matter of fact I do.
[Ultros gets a microphone and looks out at the crowd as all the other wrestlers take a look.]
Jimmy Ultros: Ladies and Gentlemen, I must apologize. At this time, I am the next scheduled competitor to enter this match, and I know how much all of you paid to see me wrestle here tonight. But, it’s not going to happen.
You see, I know that I am the backbone of our team, and I alone would have led us to victory tonight. Yet, I have yet to be shown ONE iota of respect or kindness from any of my teammates. I am promoting solidarity among us, while they only think of themselves. Six individuals against One team cannot survive!
Maybe next time you’ll put your badass image aside and worry about what’s best for all of your teams. Deadpool, Cowboys, if you are going to fall, you are going to do it alone! Fuck you! I’m not going to be dragged down with you, I’m going home to Jersey!
Jon McDaniel: Did you hear that, Jimmy’s running away! What a coward!
Brian Rentfro: The man’s right. He knows that his teammates are doomed and it would be a black mark on Jimmy’s record if he let himself get involved.
Jon McDaniel: Well, looks like Jimmy’s out.
Brian Rentfro: Not quite, look at what’s following Jimmy up the ramp!
[Suddenly, the mysterious woman in white who attacked Jimmy earlier in the night comes running out of the crowd. As Jimmy wanders up the ramp she comes running from behind. The woman grabs the back of Jimmy’s hair and jumps forward, smashing his face into the ramp.]
Jon McDaniel: And Jimmy goes down again!
Brian Rentfro: Jimmy was right!
Jon McDaniel: Right?! About what?
Brian Rentfro: That he is simply the victim of women’s crimes! The man wants to save his reputation here tonight and he’s maliciously attacked by the same woman yet again!
Jon McDaniel: Don’t be ridiculous! For months Jimmy’s been berating and verbally attacking women and now he tries to run away from this match and gets his just desserts!
[As Jimmy struggles to get to his feet, the woman in white picks up Jimmy’s Schadenfreude title belt and waits for him. As Jimmy stands back on his feet, she runs at him, takes to the air and smashes the belt into his face, knocking him flat on his back to the delight of the audience and participants in the match. With that, Tim Murphy walks out of the crowd and up the ramp as the woman drops the title belt and disappears into the backstage. Murphy grabs Jimmy by the back of his head and begins to drag him back down the ramp. Murphy drags Jimmy to the door of the cage, lifts him to his feet and rolls him into the ring, slamming and locking it behind him.]
Jon McDaniel: Look at this, members of opposing teams working together to get Jimmy back into the ring!
Brian Rentfro: This is a travesty! The whole world’s against Jimmy tonight!
[Jack Frost and Scott Nash-Strader stalk around opposite sides of the ring after Jimmy Ultros. Strader holds Jimmy's arms behind his back while Jack drives fists into Ultros' stomach. Scott then drives Jimmy Ultros' head into the side of the cage and grates his face along the steel. Ultros suddenly drives Scott Nash Strader's into the floor with a DDT out of desperation. Jack Frost dives off the apron with a flying clothesline, but Ultros ducks out of the way, causing Jack to crash into the side of the cage. Meanwhile Showtime has sent Bronx Williams into the mat with a belly to belly suplex. Deacon Frost spins around to attack Marcus Ambrose, only to eat a super kick to his mouth that sends him into the ropes. Marcus follows up with a missile dropkick that takes the off balanced giant over the ropes to hit the floor below.]
Jon McDaniel: Showtime sends the monster out of the ring! He's going for the Walk of Fame!
Brian Rentfro: And Deacon Frost catches him! Showtime goes down hard to a gorilla press slam from Deacon!
[Jimmy Ultros waist cinches the fallen Jack Frost and, with a great show of effort, manages to German suplex Jack Frost into the ring steps. Jimmy springs onto the apron and performs an elbow first suicide dive... right into Jack's upraised foot! SNS executes an full Nelson suplex onto Jimmy Ultros. Jack Frost follows up with a lifting spine buster. On the other ring Kumquat Kid has landed a rope flip splash on the prone form of Bronx Williams. Ryan Lewis picks up Bronx and charges the corner, going for a top rope reverse tornado DDT. Williams throws Lewis over the top rope and flying into the steel cage. Bronx Williams rolls out of the ring to perform a release crossed-arm suplex, planting Ryan's back into the concrete.]
Jon McDaniel: The team of the Deadpool continue to barrage their adversaries, while the impromptu pairing of Jack Frost and Scott Nash-Strader take it to a reluctant Jimmy Ultros.
Brian Rentfro: Jack Frost and SNS better hope Bruno doesn't enter that ring or they'll be regretting their actions against his friend.
[The timer sounds. The HiC-Tron comes to life, showing a flipping golden coin. The coin lands face up and the name TIM MURPHY comes onto the screen. The lights dim and the flag of Ireland appears on the HiC-Tron the flag fades into clips from Tim's matches interspersed with the video for 'Boys From The County Hell' by The Pogues. As the music starts orange and yellow lights flicker from the entrance and Tim comes through the entrance on the back of a silver, American Iron horse ~Outlaw~ Motorcycle. He has a can of Harp lager in hand. He rides down the ramp to boos and hisses taking swigs from the can and flipping off the occasional heckler. When he gets to the ring he circles it twice on the cycle before parking it next to the announce table and pulling another beer out of the saddlebag. Tim surveys the scene inside the ring as he drinks his beer. After finishing his drink he throws the can over his shoulder into the crowd and enters the ring.]
[Immediately upon entering the ring, Tim Murphy goes to his Obituary stable mate’s aid. He catches Deacon Frost with a tilt-a-whirl low-blow power bomb, driving the monster into the ringside floor. Showtime breaks off from battling Deacon Frost to attack Scott Nash-Strader, locking in a Canadian cross face from behind. Bronx Williams drops the bloody Kumquat Kid and rolls into the ring, running across to the other side and spring boarding off the top rope with a shooting star press onto Jack Frost. Jimmy Ultros spies the downed Ryan Lewis and begins putting the boot to him.]
Jon McDaniel: Strader drives his back into the apron, sandwiching Marcus Ambrose to break free of the hold.
Brian Rentfro: And it's a quick snap tiger suplex onto the steps, further damaging Showtime's injured back!
[Deacon Frost locks Tim Murphy into a bear hug, squeezing tight and shaking him like a rag doll to drive the air from his lungs. Tim begins driving his forehead into Deacon's face, busting his nose and mouth wide open. Deacon plants Murphy onto the floor with a belly to belly suplex. The Kumquat Kid grabs Ultros' tights and sends him into the cage wall face first. Ryan Lewis rolls Jimmy into the ring and runs for the ropes. Ryan flies off with a top rope high cross body, which is met in mid-air by a flying cross chop from Jimmy Ultros. As Bronx Williams rolls back to his feet, he is nailed in the chin with a running Yakuza kick from Jack Frost, sending him tumbling into the ring post. Deacon Frost pulls Tim Murphy to his feet, only to get caught with an Argentine back breaker. Tim holds the torture rack for a few moments before dropping Deacon with a chained pile driver.]
Jon McDaniel: These men are finally beginning to pay the toll for their participation in this match. Several men appear to be badly hurt, while a couple more are bleeding.
Brian Rentfro: Now you begin to understand why this match is called War Games.
[The timer goes off to mark the end of the two minute mark. The HiC-Tron comes to life, showing a flipping golden coin. The coin lands face up and the name BRUNO KRONG comes onto the screen. The opening of “Fighting Stance” by Big Dumb Face shakes the arena as fireworks shoot from the stage in pairs, in rhythm with the music. As the intro ends, yellow lights flash around the arena as red sirens spin around the entryway and that’s when Bruno walks out. He walks towards the ring, yelling at the fans and flipping off a few. Suddenly Bruno roars in rage as he sees Jimmy fallen in the ring. Security quickly opens the door as Krong charges the ring.]
Jon McDaniel: Bruno Krong has hit the ring and there will be Hell to pay.
Brian Rentfro: Can't say the Kumquat Kid doesn't have it coming.
[Bruno grabs the Kumquat Kid by his red-besmirched blonde hair and forces him to his feet. Krong performs his infamous "Little Knee to the Gut", followed by an Alabama slam that rocks the ring. Jimmy Ultros laughs and sets Ryan Lewis up for a pile driver. Bruno Krong climbs the turnbuckle and dives off, shoving down on Ryan's legs to make it a spiked pile driver. Seeing this, Showtime rolls into the ring and grabs Bruno by the head, pulling him over backwards to execute an inverted DDT. Scott Nash-Strader attacks Jack Frost from behind, lifting him up into a torture rack that switches over into a Samoan drop. Strader throws Bronx Williams into the steel grating of the cage, catching him on the rebound with a sit-out spine buster bomb.]
Jon McDaniel: Looks like Strader's looking to even some scores in this match with his teammates as well, having attacked Ultros and now Bronx Williams.
Brian Rentfro: Hey, everything's fair in love and war.
[Tim Murphy goes for the Shileleigh Smash as Deacon Frost pulls himself back to his feet, slamming him into the steel wall of the cage. Deacon ignores the blow and executes the Spinal Shock. The Kumquat Kid springs to his feet and whips Jimmy Ultros into the ropes. Lewis hops onto the top rope and catches Jimmy with a hurricanrana that sends him tumbling across the canvas.]
[The timer goes off. The HiC-Tron comes to life, showing a flipping golden coin. The coin lands face up and the name BRUNO KRONG comes onto the screen. The lights dim. White strobe lights flash at the entranceway as the intro to Cold Reader by Stone Sour plays, then suddenly stop, flashing bright. Ledge's silhouette can be seen as he enters from the back. He stands in the light for a moments, then makes his way down to the ring as spotlights search the arena. He enters the ring and points at Jimmy Ultros. Shouting, he dives in the ring after Ultros. Jimmy slides out the other side of the ring, right into Jack Frost.]
Jon McDaniel: Bad break for Ultros there. In trying to avoid Ledge he's run into Jack Frost!
Brian Rentfro: This could be a brutal two-on-one on Jimmy.
[Jack Frost hoists Jimmy Ultros into the air overhead and launches him like a javelin into the grating of the cage. Bruno shouts and rolls out of the ring, going to attack Jack Frost, but is intercepted by Ledge, who hits him with a super kick. Bruno staggers back, doubled over, and is driven into the ringside floor with a sit-out power bomb. Jack Frost backs up and nails Ultros with a running DDT. Meanwhile the two members of Obituary are squaring off with the members of The Deadpool. Deacon Frost fires a Yakuza kick at Showtime, nearly taking off his head. Tim Murphy spears Deacon into the corner. Scott Nash-Strader enters the ring and takes a three-point stance. He charges at The Kumquat Kid, but Ryan Lewis steps aside, catching Strader with a sidewalk slam.]
Jon McDaniel: What an amazing display of strength by the Kumquat Kid. I never expected him to slam a man as big as Scott Nash-Strader with such ease.
Brian Rentfro: Desperation drives men to greater heights. He knows he's outmatched, but he just doesn't know any better.
[Bruno Krong kicks back to his feet, executing a bulldog lariat on Jack Frost. Krong spins around and grabs Ledge by the throat, lifting him high into the air and planting him into the concrete with a giant choke slam. Bruno picks up Jimmy Ultros and sets him on the apron, who dives off with a guillotine leg drop across Ledge's throat. Bronx Williams leaps into the ropes and performs a springboard arm drag on Tim Murphy. Showtime executes a whisper in the wind on Deacon Frost, sending the monster crashing into the canvas. Strader stands up and grabs Ryan Lewis by his tights and hair, driving his shoulder into the ring post. He follows up with a running crucifix power bomb.]
Jon McDaniel: OUCH! Strader just devastated Ryan Lewis!
Brian Rentfro: So much for the Fruit of the Loom's chances in this match. He'd be gone by now under the rules of any other match.
[The timer goes off to mark the end of the two minute period. The HiC-Tron comes to life, showing a flipping golden coin. The coin lands face up and the name ERIC HARTMAN comes onto the screen. "Cowboys from Hell" by Pantera plays through the arena, but Eric Hartman is nowhere to be seen.]
Jon McDaniel: Looks like another attempted no-show for this match. Hartman should get out here. He's abandoning his tag team partner and best friend.
Brian Rentfro: Meh he just believes that strongly in Scott Nash-Strader's abilities to defeat everyone else in this match.
[Ultros rolls Ledge into the ring and sets him onto the top turnbuckle, positioning him for a Frankensteiner off the top. Ledge punches away at Ultros, dazing him, and comes off with a reverse power bomb into the mat. Bruno rolls into the ring to help Jimmy. As Ledge stands up, Bruno Krong performs a Lou Thesz press and begins driving punches into Ledge's face. Jack Frost dives into the ring and drives Krong's head into the canvas with a rolling DDT. Deacon grabs Ledge and executes a full Nelson slam DDT, planting him right beside Bruno.]
Jon McDaniel: Ledge, Jimmy Ultros, and Bruno Krong are down. The two Frosts now facing off against one another.
Brian Rentfro: And Jack Frost gets the upper hand as he throws Deacon into the corner to hit the body splash. He sets Deacon Frost into the Tree of Woe and spears him!
[Scott Nash-Strader spins Jack Frost around and drives a stiff punch to his stomach, setting him up for a tombstone pile driver which is delivered with brutal efficiency. Tim Murphy sweeps in behind Strader and locks in a spinning full Nelson. Strader tries to power out, but it's to no effect. Bronx Williams springs onto the top rope and hits a shining wizard to the back of Murphy's head, sending both Tim and Strader onto the canvas. Showtime flies off the top turnbuckle with the Hollywood Press onto Williams, which is followed up by the Double Coupon Day from the Kumquat Kid.]
Jon McDaniel: And finally it's time for the last man of this event to enter the match, Nightmare.
Brian Rentfro: He'll go down just like every other member of his team, so don't get too excited.
[The timer sounds to announce the entrance of the final man in this event. The HiC-Tron comes to life, showing a flipping golden coin. The coin lands face up and the name Nightmare comes onto the screen. A hush of expectation falls over the crowd. The audience waits in anticipation, every individual sensing a moment of signifying importance is reaching towards them, drawing them towards a historic fateful meeting with destiny. The house lights dim as smoke begins to boil up from the entranceway. A pulsing beat hits the air "American Nightmare" begins to play, the arena lights strobing in synchronicity to the music. Spotlights pan through the stadium, scanning through the air. Suddenly the entrance explodes with a spike of red Pyros. As a shower of red Pyros rains down upon the stage, Nightmare steps through the entrance. The roar of the crowd becomes deafening as they chant his name loudly in unison. Nightmare adjusts his gloves he scans the crowd like a general surveying his troops. Nightmare races towards the ring as the monitors begin to play flashes of his fighting career: knocking opponent after opponent out in the boxing ring, training in his dojo and gym, making opponents tap out in mixed martial arts competitions, highlights from his international wrestling matches, all interspersed with footage from his matches in the AJWF and HiC.]
Jon McDaniel: Nightmare coming out of a successful title defense here tonight, his second defense against The Violent One, Don Mega.
Brian Rentfro: He may have won that match, but he won't win this one. Mark my words.
[Ledge grimaces and staggers over to Jimmy Ultros. Ledge throws him into the corner and steps onto the ropes, pounding away at Ultros' face until he busts him open. Jimmy grabs Ledge's legs and drops him into an inverted atomic drop. Ledge executes a belly to belly overhead suplex on Ultros. Tim Murphy locks the Goodnight Irene onto Scott Nash-Strader. Deacon Frost whips Showtime into the ropes and drives him into the corner with a turnbuckle smash. Jack Frost executes a belly to back crossed arms suplex.]
Jon McDaniel: I have to wonder what kind of condition most of these men are going to be in after this match is over. This is pure Hell.
Brian Rentfro: As General Sherman said, war is Hell, and I plan on making it so.
[Kumquat Kid runs to the ropes and flies off with a shooting star press. Bronx Williams hits the mat, causing Ryan Lewis to miss his mark. Bronx begins working Lewis over with the stump puller. Showtime takes Deacon Frost down to the mat with an arm drag. Scott Nash-Strader performs a double leg takedown on Tim Murphy, rolling him over into a Boston crab. Nightmare snaps off a back thrust kick to Strader's face, busting open his nose. Bruno picks up Jack Frost and drives him into the mat with the South Texas Death ride. Krong turns to the crowd and shouts "MAKE WAY FOR BRUNO" before bouncing off the ropes and splashing down upon the prone Frost.]
Brian Rentfro: I swear to God Bruno Krong could roll Jack Frost up for a five count now.
Jon McDaniel: If it wasn't for the fact you have to make your opponent submit or surrender, that is.
Jon McDaniel: Fans, we just got word from the back that there has been a substitution allowed for the missing Eric Hartman!
[The timer goes off to mark the end of the initial five minute mark. The HiC-Tron comes to life, showing a flipping golden coin. The coin lands face up and the name CHRIS CHIMAIRA comes onto the screen. "Cowboys from Hell" plays over the house speakers as Chris Chimaira walks onto the stage with a smirk.]
Brian Rentfro: Makes sense, one member of cFh substituting for another.
Jon McDaniel: Wait, something's happening.
[The timer goes off to mark the end of the initial five minute mark. The HiC-Tron comes to life, showing a flipping golden coin. The coin lands face up and the name ELI STORM comes onto the screen. The lights dim in the arena and smoke begins to creep through the building. "King of the World" by Saliva blares through the speakers and the red Pyros explode through the arena. The crowd raises to their feet as they see Eli Storm walkout and look at Chris Chimaira. The two men nod to one another and head to the ring.]
Brian Rentfro: That also makes sense. The third member of The Deadpool, the captains for their team.
Jon McDaniel: But both men? That'll make it seven versus six. That's unfair!
Brian Rentfro: And I suppose it would have been fair to leave it five on six??
[As the two men enter the ring, Eli Storm targets The Kumquat Kid, while Chris Chimaira zeroes in on Nightmare. Storm executes the High Impact Clash on Ryan Lewis, then pulls Lewis up to hit the R. D. N. Chimaira applies a sleeper hold onto Nightmare. Nightmare attempts to whip Chris into the ropes, but he refuses to budge. Nightmare drives a series of elbows back into Chris Chimaira's midsection, which is answered with a sleeper hold drop from Chimaira. Chris runs into the ropes and springs off with a shining enzuigiri as Nightmare climbs back to his feet.]
Jon McDaniel: The two men are blazing through their competition in this match.
Brian Rentfro: That'll teach Team Nightmare to not become overconfident.
[Chris Chimaira grabs Nightmare by the hair, pulling him to his feet, and is driven into the mat with the Godsmack. The Kumquat Kid nails Eli Storm with the Pez Dispenser. Scott Nash-Strader comes to his stable mate's aid, driving a big boot to the face of Nightmare. Tim Murphy takes him down, in turn, with the Shileleigh Smash. Jack Frost and Bruno Krong trade massive fists, swinging with devastating force at one another. Ledge drives kicks and punches into Bronx Williams, backing him up into the corner. Deacon Frost pulls off a huge exploder suplex on Showtime. Jimmy Ultros stays back, trying to remain unnoticed by the other wrestlers.]
Jon McDaniel: All Hell's broken loose in this match. They're in both rings and on the floor!
Brian Rentfro: You expected this group to keep it inside a single ring? Get real.
[Tim Murphy drills Chris Chimaira with the Bum's Rush, then locks in a crucifix arm bar. Scott Nash-Strader attempts to go to Chimaira's assistance, but Nightmare catches him with the Tenzan Tombstone Driver. The Kumquat Kid takes Eli Storm into the corner and down onto the mat with a reverse tornado DDT out of the corner. Deacon Frost runs in and begins stomping away at Ryan Lewis. Bronx Williams sends Ledge into the corner with a lifting turnbuckle smash. Jack Frost whips Bruno Krong into the ropes and catches him with a shattering spine buster bomb. Ultros takes advantage of the downed Showtime and applies a front chancre.]
Jon McDaniel: Chris Chimaira's in a bad way here. He has no way out of that arm bar of Murphy's and his teammates are all being kept away.
Brian Rentfro: Fight it, Chris! You can do it!!
[Murphy maintains the arm bar on Chimaira. Chris Chimaira attempts to power to his feet, but Tim sends him back to the mat. With no way out and no one able to come to his rescue, Chris has no choice but to tap out. The referee signals that Chris Chimaira has been eliminated.]
Jon McDaniel: And the first person to submit in this match is the Cowboy from Chicago, Chris Chimaira.
Brian Rentfro: That's Cowboy from Hell. Get it right.
[Nightmare is whipped into the ropes by Scott Nash-Strader and caught on the rebound with a goring spear that sends him through the ropes. Strader spins around with a clothesline that floors Tim Murphy. Eli Storm executes a cobra clutch suplex on The Kumquat Kid, followed by a springboard corkscrew leg drop across the back of Ryan Lewis' head. Showtime snap mares Jimmy Ultros to dislodge him. Marcus Ambrose goes for a dropkick, but Ultros ducks under it. Ledge runs in with a snap tiger suplex on Storm, but Deacon sends him down with a fisherman's suplex. Jack Frost performs a tiger driver on Bruno Krong. Bronx Williams descends on Showtime, rolling him over into a Boston crab. Jimmy Ultros bounces off the ropes and drives a knee drop into Showtime's shoulder blades.]
Jon McDaniel: I wonder just how many of these men are going to be able to walk out of here tonight and how many are going to have to be carried out.
Brian Rentfro: With the punishment they're all taking it should certainly put an end to the feuds these men are developing.
[Nightmare catches Scott Nash-Strader with an electric chair drop, sending him crashing down into the canvas. Tim Murphy sets Strader onto the top turnbuckle to execute the Dropping the Bomb. Deacon Frost power bombs Ledge into the turnbuckles. Nightmare throws Deacon Frost over the top rope and onto the floor below. Eli Storm dives off the top with the Blitzkrieg, but The Kumquat Kid rolls out of the way. Ryan Lewis applies a Texas cloverleaf to Storm. Jack Frost nails a diving clothesline onto Bronx Williams, causing him to release the hold on Showtime. Bruno Krong picks Jack up to apply a bear hug, trapping his Frost's arms against his side. Showtime locks a crippler cross face onto Deacon Frost, dragging him down onto the mat.]
Jon McDaniel: Unless Eli Storm finds a way out of this hold, he could be the next one out of this match.
Brian Rentfro: If anyone can, he can. He's The Shooter.
[Deacon Frost rolls back into the ring, but he is too late. Eli Storm has been forced to submit to the Texas cloverleaf from The Kumquat Kid. Referee Buck McGruff signals that The Shooter has been eliminated from the match.]
Jon McDaniel: Like I said.
Brian Rentfro: Oh shut up, would you?
[Nightmare lifts Scott Nash-Strader up onto his shoulders, throwing him off with a death valley driver. Tim Murphy catches Strader in a hangman's DDT, sending his head crashing into the canvas. Bronx Williams releases the stump puller on the Kumquat Kid in order to come to the aid of his teammate Deacon Frost. Ledge cuts him off, however, as he performs the Afterthought. Jack Frost kicks out from under Bruno Krong. The Kumquat Kid scoops Jimmy Ultros and sets him into the Tree of Woe. Ryan Lewis backs up and shouts "VIVA LA KUMQUAT" before running in to deliver a dropkick to Ultros' crotch. Showtime continues to apply the crippler cross face. Deacon Frost attempts to power out of the hold, but he is unable to regain his feet. Deacon crawls out of the ring, taking Showtime with him, desperately looking for some way to break free.]
Jon McDaniel: Showtime's got that cross face cinched in tight and doesn't appear to be budging.
Brian Rentfro: That's what you think. That spill out of the ring did the trick. He's dislodged that leech.
[Marcus Ambrose executes the End Product onto the concrete floor and resumes the crippler cross face. Deacon Frost groans in pain and just manages to tap out before dropping to the floor unconscious. As the EMTs carry out the unconscious Deacon Frost, Showtime walks out after them.]
Jon McDaniel: The Hell?? Why is Showtime leaving? He hasn't been eliminated.
Brian Rentfro: Looks like he's taking himself out of this match. He's settled the score with Deacon Frost and he's done with War Games.
[The Kumquat Kid climbs wearily onto the top rope, signaling for the Five Alive Frog splash onto the felled Bronx Williams. Lewis soars off the turnbuckles, seemingly hanging in the air forever, before crashing down onto Williams. Jimmy Ultros falls to the canvas in the corner and Ledge closes in on him, applying the Lockdown. Bruno grabs Ledge by the head and begins squeezing, twisting the head vice into a neck twist as well, forcing Ledge to release Ultros. Jack Frost executes the Nuclear Winter on Jimmy Ultros. Tim Murphy pulls Scott Nash-Strader to his feet, placing him in a standing head scissors. Murphy signals for the Bum's Rush, but Strader sends him over and down with a back drop driver.]
Brian Rentfro: Look out behind you, SNS!
Jon McDaniel: He can't hear you, Brian.
[Nightmare clips Strader's legs out from under him then applies the Bad Religion. Bruno Krong nails Jack Frost with a heart punch that sends him staggering back into the ropes. Bruno hits a Yakuza kick that sends Frost over the ropes and out of the ring. Ledge leaps onto Krong's back, applying a cobra clutch sleeper hold. The Kumquat Kid drags Bronx Williams into the center of the ring and applies an Indian death lock. Jimmy Ultros performs a dropkick to Nightmare, forcing him to release the hold on Strader. Tim Murphy stands up and plants Ultros into the mat with a gut wrench power bomb.]
Brian Rentfro: I wonder who will be the next man eliminated in this match.
Jon McDaniel: I'm not sure, but it'll probably be soon. Some of these men have literally been beaten into the ground.
[Bronx Williams calls out for help, but none of his teammates are free. He tries to reverse the hold but finds no way out. Finally he has no choice but to tap out. Ryan Lewis holds onto the lock, however, seeking to inflict just a little more pain on behalf of Jenny. The referee tries to pull him loose, and he relents, freeing Williams. Bronx rolls out of the ring and attempts to walk to the back, but his leg gives out from under him. Security assists him into the back.]
Jon McDaniel: Three to five, the odds aren't looking good for Team Deadpool. What's more, both members of The Deadpool have been eliminated.
Brian Rentfro: These bloodthirsty bastards will probably gang up to beat down Ultros, Krong, and Strader. Damn them!
[Scott Nash-Strader performs a pump handle suplex on Nightmare. As Strader stands up, Tim Murphy sets him up for a crucifix power bomb. He holds the position for a few moments. Before SNS can kick out, however, Nightmare scales the turnbuckles to drive Scott Nash-Strader into the mat with a bulldog lariat as Tim completes the power bomb. Bruno Krong drives his back into the corner to dislodge Ledge. He turns around and goes to drive his shoulder into Ledge's stomach, but Ledge rolls over him with a sunset flip. Ultros kicks Ledge in the back of the head. Jack Frost performs the Nuclear Winter on Jimmy Ultros.]
Jon McDaniel: No wonder Ultros didn't want in this match. He's getting his ass handed to him.
Brian Rentfro: He's not out of this yet.
[Bruno Krong executes the Oklahoma stampede on Jack Frost then turns on Ledge. Jimmy Ultros locks the Cash in the Bank on Frost. Ledge runs into the ropes and flips off, catching Bruno's head in the process for a reverse stunner. Scott Nash-Strader bursts to his feet with a clothesline from Hell to Tim Murphy and Nightmare. As Nightmare kips up to his feet, Strader drives his foot into Nightmare's face with the Semper Fi. He turn executes the Full Metal Jacket on Murphy.]
Jon McDaniel: Strader utilizing his friend and partner Hartman's finishing moves here. Obviously a sign of respect for his sick friend.
Brian Rentfro: And beating the crap out of Hellfire in the process.
[Scott Nash-Strader executes the Finishing Touch on Murphy, followed by The Memory Remains to Nightmare, before being taken down by a 450 splash from the Kumquat Kid. Ryan Lewis runs up behind Jimmy Ultros and performs a running face slam. Bruno Krong charges Lewis with a lanzarse, but Ryan hits the mat with a drop-toe hold, sending Krong crashing face first into the mat. Ledge and The Kumquat Kid perform a tandem Ledge-End.]
Jon McDaniel: The Kumquat Kid is running wild here.
Brian Rentfro: I hope he gets eliminated, the rotten kumquat.
[Jack Frost rolls to his feet and walks over to Bruno Krong. Fruit of the Loom descend on Jimmy Ultros while Frost tosses Bruno onto his shoulders, driving him into the canvas with the Deep Freeze. Jack locks on the Eternal Blizzard. Krong calls out for help to Jimmy, but Ultros has problems of his own as Ledge and The Kumquat Kid execute a double fisherman buster. Scott Nash Strader throws Tim Murphy out of the ring and grabs Nightmare by the head, signaling for a second The Memory Remains. Nightmare plants him into the canvas with the Devildriver, however.]
Jon McDaniel: The numbers game is definitely playing in favor of Team Nightmare here.
Brian Rentfro: Pfft it's the only way they could beat Team Deadpool, and you know it.
[Bruno cries out in pain. The referee asks him if he wishes to submit, but Bruno Krong doesn't understand what the word submit means, literally, so the official asks him if he wants to quit and he agrees. Jack Frost releases the hold and helps usher Krong out of the cage. Ledge pulls Jimmy Ultros to his feet, but Jimmy executes a snap DDT, driving Ledge's head into the mat. The Kumquat Kid bounces off the ropes and goes for a cross body block on Jimmy, but Ultros pulls down the top rope and hits the canvas, causing Ryan Lewis to fly out of the ring. Nightmare applies the Theatre of Tragedy onto Scott Nash-Strader as Tim Murphy slides back into the ring.]
Jon McDaniel: With Bruno Krong eliminated it's now down to Jimmy Ultros and Scott Nash-Strader for Team Deadpool.
Brian Rentfro: Goddammit!!
[As Jack Frost re-enters the ring he is caught with the Ecstasy of Gold from Jimmy Ultros. Ultros drops to apply the Cash in the Bank for a second time. The Kumquat Kid punches Jimmy in the face, trying to force him to let go, but he refuses. Jack Frost attempts to power out of the hold, but Ultros just increases the tension. Ledge climbs to his feet and hits a dropkick on the back of Jimmy Ultros' head, but it's too late. Jack Frost has tapped out.]
Jon McDaniel: I bet the Cowboys from Hell had wished they had planned for a replacement for Hartman. Nightmare's got that hold locked in tight and I see no way out of it.
Brian Rentfro: No! There has to be!
[Jimmy Ultros grabs Ledge by the tights and throws him out of the ring, falling into The Kumquat Kid. Ultros runs into the ropes and performs a neck snap on Nightmare that forces him to release the submission hold on Scott Nash-Strader. Tim Murphy executes the Bum's Rush on Jimmy while Strader rolls out of the ring. Ledge gets to his feet and moves in after Strader. Scott Nash-Strader whips Ledge into the ring post then stalks in after him. Suddenly The Kumquat Kid hops up from his hiding place under the apron to swing around the ring post with a tiger feint kick to Strader's face.]
Jon McDaniel: Well, looks like Strader got a lucky break after all.
Brian Rentfro: No, that's called teamwork.
[Scott Nash-Strader pulls an object out of his tights and drives a hard fist into The Kumquat Kid's face that stuns him. Strader does the same to Ledge. Tim Murphy locks a scorpion leg lock onto Jimmy Ultros while Nightmare stands back to watch. Strader drives Ryan Lewis' face into the wall of the cage, busting him even further open, then hits him with the Semper Fi. Ledge shakes off the effects of the augmented punch as Lewis falls onto the concrete floor. Strader turns around to drill another punch into Ledge's face, busting his lip. Ledge falls down with Strader raining fists into Ledge's face.]
Jon McDaniel: Strader's got a weapon! This isn't a hardcore match!
Brian Rentfro: Prove it. I say he has fists of stone. He's a dangerous man.
[Nightmare slips out of the ring to help his friends, only to be met with a brass knuckle punch as well. Strader spots Jimmy Ultros' plight and dives into the ring, firing off a Semper Fi at Tim Murphy. As Tim falls to the mat, Scott Nash-Strader applies an Asian spike with the foreign object to Murphy, attempting to choke him out. Tim gags and gasps for breath, struggling to get to his feet. Tim Murphy hits a jawbreaker on Scott Nash-Strader to get free. Tim moves to pick up Strader, signaling for the Bombs Away. Scott Nash-Strader, however, hits a low blow on Murphy and returns to the Asian spike. The referee asks Tim if he wishes to submit but he refuses. Murphy's breath has now become shallow and frothy as his eyes roll into the back of his head. Referee Buck McGruff raises Tim's arm once... twice... three times, but there is no response. The official signals that Tim Murphy has been eliminated.]
Brian Rentfro: The odds are looking better now. It's only three to two, and Ryan Lewis is in no shape to continue.
Jon McDaniel: Apparently McGruff has reached the same conclusion because he's throwing in the towel for Ryan Lewis. We're down to Nightmare and Ledge against Jimmy Ultros and Scott Nash-Strader.
[As the EMTs carry out Tim Murphy and The Kumquat Kid, the remaining wrestlers pair off. Jimmy Ultros stalks Ledge, as Nightmare circles Scott Nash-Strader. Strader tries to grapple with Nightmare, but Nightmare ducks and slides behind him to execute the Cryptopsy. Jimmy Ultros applies the Money in the Bank on Ledge on the ringside floor. Ledge and Strader struggle against their opponents. Scott Nash-Strader very slowly climbs back to his feet, but Nightmare spins around to send Strader crashing back down onto the mat.]
Jon McDaniel: Whoever gets the submission here will give their team the numbers advantage.
Brian Rentfro: By the looks of things that advantage may not be soon enough to prevent the other man from being taken out of this match.
[Referee Buck McGruff glances at the four men, and finally turns to Nightmare and Scott Nash-Strader. The referee asks Strader if he wishes to submit. Strader refuses, shaking his head. Nightmare pulls back on the hold, intensifying the pain. Scott Nash-Strader's head slowly shifts from shaking to nodding, shouting that he submits.]
Jon McDaniel: And we're finally down to three men, Nightmare, Ledge, and Jimmy Ultros.
Brian Rentfro: Ledge would be out of this match if the referee would pay attention!
[As Scott Nash-Strader is ushered out of the ring by security he suddenly breaks from them to attack Nightmare. Nightmare ducks the punch and hits a back thrust kick that sends Strader over the top rope. Security pull Scott Nash-Strader out of the ring while Strader yells that this is not over. Referee Buck McGruff rolls out of the ring to where Ultros is torturing Ledge, Ledge having submitted but not where the official could see it. Nightmare rolls out of the ring and stomps on Jimmy Ultros' face, causing him to release Ledge. While Ultros clutches his face, blood trickling through his fingers, Nightmare lifts him up and drives him into the concrete floor with the Nothingface.]
Jon McDaniel: Good god! What a brutal move! Nightmare just took out Scott Nash-Strader, and now he looks to be ready to eliminate Jimmy Ultros as well.
Brian Rentfro: Wait... he's leaving the cage.... What the Hell??
[Nightmare asks for a microphone as he leaves the cage.]
Nightmare: Some people say this match was about vengeance. Some say it was about proving who's superior, while others say it's all about pride and evening the score. I say it's about doing what's right, and what's right is for me to step out of this match now, captain or not. This isn't just team Nightmare, it's team Murphy, team Kumquat, team Ledge, team Frost, and team Showtime. Right now, however, it all comes down to you, Ledge. You know in your heart what's right, Nick, now put this bastard away!
[Nightmare leads the fans in a LEDGE-END chant as he stands by ringside, watching the closure of this monumental match. Ledge weakly crawls over to the downed Jimmy Ultros and locks in the Lockdown. Despite his valiant efforts, Jimmy Ultros has suffered too much punishment in this match and passes out to the dragon sleeper. Referee Buck McGruff calls for the bell.]
Wynes: The winners of War Games... TEAM NIGHTMARE!!!
Jon McDaniel: TEAM NIGHTMARE HAS WON WARGAMES! Brian Rentfro: No fair they cheated!
[Nightmare smiles and decides to get back into the ring. He raises the hand of Ledge who just staggers around, when all of a sudden from the back Chris Chimaira and Scott Nash Strader return to the ring. As the cage is lifted they both stare down Nightmare and Ledge, when from under the ring comes Eric Hartman! Hartman runs into the ring and drives both men down to the ground with a huge boot to the face!] Jon McDaniel: What the hell!? I thought he was injured to the point of never being able to wrestle again?!
Brian Rentfro: All a ruse it looks like.
[The crowd stare in silence as the four men look at the fallen Nightmare, and then they point to the entryway. Suddenly the lights go black, flickering a few times, before "Step Up" by Drowning Pool begins to play.]
Brian Rentfro: Uh...Jon?
[Above the entryway on the HIC-Tron, three smoking skulls suddenly appear...and the crowd instantly breaks into the familiar chant.]
Jon McDaniel: Oh are the TDR's skulls!
[There's a brilliant flash of light and from the back comes Payton Strader, nine irons in hand, trench coat over the cFh T-shirt, and a wild-eyed smirk on his face. Payton walks down the entryway and into the ring. He smiles as Ledge gets to his feet and is then blasted in the face with his nine-iron. Nightmare gets to his feet and TDR quickly kicks him in the gut and drops him with the Dream Sting.]
[Hartman, SNS, Chimaira and TDR high-five each other as they stare at the fallen Nightmare, when all of a sudden Payton's music fades out and "Money, Power, Respect" by The LOX plays over the PA system. From the back President Jason Keldman comes out and stands at the entryway, with plenty of police backup.]
Keldman: Mr. Strader...while I am well aware that you signed a contract this morning to return to High Impact Competition...that contract does not take effect till April 15th, which is not today. Therefore, I brought out this police escort to see that you are taken out of the ring. And seeing as how I know you won't go quietly...
[Payton and the rest of the cFh just smile.]
Keldman: I brought out someone to make certain that you will go quietly.
[Suddenly from out of the crowd a masked man carrying a spray can of some kind comes running into the ring. All of the cFh turns around and the masked man sprays the can, which turns out to be full of mace, into their eyes, blinding them. The man the grabs TDR by the head and hooks him in a suplex position.]
Jon McDaniel: Hey Brian...does that look familiar to you?
Brian Rentfro: Now that you mention it...
[The masked man hooks a snap suplex on TDR, and then floats over.]
Jon McDaniel: It can't be.
[The man then nails a front suplex on TDR and lifts up TDR one last time.]
Brian Rentfro: It is!
[The masked man finishes off TDR with a jackhammer slam and then gets to his feet. He pulls off the mask and reveals to the world that he is indeed Trey.]
Jon McDaniel: TREY! TREY'S BACK!
Brian Rentfro: Whoopdeedoo.
[Trey stares down at TDR as we go to a video package for the next match.]

Video Package

[The video fades in as the sound of howling winds are heard. Suddenly, a heavy guitar riff begins playing, albeit not fast. Corey Lazarus is seen delivering the Mercury Driver to Showtime at HiC Rise Of Tyranny, and then holding the Tempest title high above his bloodied head. The heavy guitar riff continues, and Lazarus makes Nightmare tap out to a Half Crab. Lazarus is then seen being pinned by Brian Mitchell, and the heavy guitar riff ends and turns into beautiful acoustic/classical guitar with drums and bass in the background. Brian Mitchell squares off with Tommy Riley, and the scene cuts to the end of the match where Riley delivers the Supreme Execution, and then a slow-motion clip of Riley holding the Tempest title over his head is shown as the vocals enter.]
::Into a strange new world::
::Into the after, all your tears::
::Might find you've fallen too far::
[Riley is shown delivering the Supreme Execution at Rumble In The Bronx to Ethan Evans, but Evans kicking out at 2.]
::Take another look::
::Take another ride::
::Can't we make them leave the hate behind?::
[Riley is given The Mark by Evans, but then kicks out at 2.]
::And I still believe in nothing::
[Riley delivers a series of three rolling Supreme Executions, and pins Evans to retain the Tempest title.]
::Will we ever see the shape of tomorrow?::
[The heavy guitar riff from the beginning returns, and we see a video clip of Tommy Riley in the HiC radio studio when he talked about Nemesis being a joke. The scene cuts to their match on the March 8th, 2004 edition of Tempest, with Nemesis hitting a swinging bulldog onto Riley. Riley then delivers a powerful DDT onto Jason Ambrose, and then a Tiger Suplex by Nemesis. A super kick sends Riley down to the mat, and the next clip is of Riley delivering a HUGE gut buster to his opponent. Nemesis delivers a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to Riley, and then comes off of the top rope with a Shooting Star Press for 2. A belly-to-belly suplex from Ambrose sends the champ down, and then we see Riley executing the Supreme Execution for the win. The beautiful classical/acoustic guitar returns, with an electric solo over it.]
::Into the empty storm::
::Into the formless loss of hope::
::Where we can forget the game::
[The Deadpool run out, and deliver a double choke slam to Nemesis on the outside. Duncan Aries then runs out with a chair, and knocks both Bronx Williams and Deacon Frost down with it. He then tosses it to Riley, who catches it, and dropkicks it into his face.]
::And I still believe in nothing::
[Aries and Riley begin trading rights and lefts from their match on March 15th, 2004. Aries picks Riley up for a power bomb, but Tommy floats over and turns Duncan around, hunching him over and connecting with the Supreme Execution.]
::Will we ever see the cure for our sorrow?::
[The HiC logo flashes briefly.]
::Nothing is sacred when no one is saved::
[A slow-motion clip of Duncan Aries delivering the Culmination to Corey Lazarus is shown, displaying the ferocity of his execution of the move.]
::Nothing's forever, so count your days::
[Corey Lazarus, in slow-motion, delivers the Box Office Bomb to Nemesis, focusing on the style and finesse of his body as he performs the move.]
::Nothing is final, and no one is real::
[The Last Sun Drop is performed onto Tommy Riley by Nemesis in slow-motion, displaying Ambrose's grace in his aerial movements.]
::Pray for tomorrow, and find you're empty still...::
[Riley is shown lifting Duncan Aries up high, and then dropping him on his head with the Supreme Execution in slow-motion, Riley's precision in targeting Duncan's head and neck being the focal point.]
[The screen goes black, and the classical/acoustic guitar returns with a slightly "sad" sounding electric guitar solo over it. Text appears on the screen, reading "MARCH 29th, 2004." Tommy Riley, Duncan Aries, Nemesis, and Corey Lazarus are all standing in the same ring, staring each other down. The camera focuses on each man's face individually as the heavy part returns with the guitar solo over it.]
[Aries and Nemesis immediately attack Riley, and Lazarus lies out across the two top ropes, chewing his gum with a smirk on his face. The scene then cuts to Lazarus and Riley staring each other down, trash talking, and Nemesis shoves Riley into Corey. Corey bails out of the ring, and Nemesis gets clotheslined over the top rope. Aries gets to his feet in the ring, but Nemesis rolls in and then clotheslines him down. The scene then cuts to Nemesis nailing a slingshot plancha over the top rope to Corey Lazarus on the outside, and then Aries delivers the Culmination in the ring to Riley. Nemesis tries to whip Corey into the steps, but Corey reverses, sending Nemesis head-first into them. Lazarus then breaks the pin fall attempt by Aries in the ring, and then bulldogs Duncan into the midsection of Riley "by accident." Riley gets up, kicks Laz in the midsection, and delivers the Supreme Execution.]
::Nothing is sacred::
[Riley covers Aries, but Nemesis flies off of the top rope with the Last Sun Drop to break the pin fall...but Riley moves out of the way and Nemesis lands on his partner.]
::When no one is saved::
[Riley grabs Nemesis as he gets to his feet, and delivers a side belly-to-belly suplex as Corey Lazarus stumbles to his feet, royally pissed off.]
::Nothing's forever::
[Lazarus picks Riley up in an inverted fireman's carry, and delivers the Mercury Driver, leaving Riley out cold in a heap on the mat.]
::So count your days::
[Corey turns around, smirking, and is caught in Nemesis' Face Time, being brought down to the mat.]
::Nothing is final::
[Duncan Aries flies off of the top rope with the Enter Gideon, looking to nail Corey Lazarus, but Laz breaks the hold.]
::And no one is real::
[Duncan inadvertently comes crashing down on top of Nemesis with the Enter Gideon, and gets to his feet.]
::Pray for tomorrow::
[Duncan charges Lazarus with a clothesline attempt, but Corey ducks it, and leaps up into the air...]
::And find you're empty...::
[...twisting his body around and connecting with the End Credits to Aries.]
::Nothing is sacred when no one is saved::
[Lazarus covers Nemesis for the 3-count, and Riley begins stumbling to his feet with the aid of the ropes. The scene cuts to Lazarus sliding out of the ring and holding the Tempest title up, pointing to it.]
::Nothing's forever, so count your days::
[Aries locks the House of Gideon onto Corey, who begins tapping like crazy after dropping the Tempest title. The scene cuts to Nemesis going up to the top rope, and flying off with Last Sun Drop onto both men. Riley then kicks Nemesis in the midsection, and delivers the Supreme Execution.]
[The last scene is of Tommy Riley holding his neck and the Tempest title high over his head. A title appears at the bottom of the screen saying NEVERMORE - "BELIEVE IN NOTHING" as the video package fades to black...]

Duncan Aries vs. Corey Lazarus vs. The Nemesis vs. Tommy Riley

HiC Tempest Championship Match

Jon McDaniel: Well Brian, we're looking forward to this match to say the least...4 title...not much else to say. Let's send it to Jon Wynes.
Wynes: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is the fatal four way match for the HIC TEMPEST CHAMPIONSHIP!...introducing first...
(Innocence's voice comes back over the sound system as we cut to a video feed of the new Genesis VI: Rebirth's already being randomly controlled...)
Choose Your Wrestler, baby!

You have chosen: The Nemesis!!!"
[The lights dim to a nice brown out as "Beginning of the End" by Systematic plays. On the video screen is Jason standing there as black stars circle him. His name appears followed by his in ring name and finally the words the Last Star, then highlights from his matches play. As he steps out white fireworks shoot off and as he walks to the ring a spot-strobe light follows him down the aisle.]
Wynes: From Tacoma Washington...weighing in at 204 pounds...THE NEMESIS...JASON AMBROSE!
[Nemesis leaps into the ring as his music fades and we begin to random selection again.]
(Innocence's voice comes back over the sound system as we cut to a video feed of the new Genesis VI: Rebirth's already being randomly controlled...)
Choose Your Wrestler, baby!

You have chosen: Duncan Aries!!!"
[The scene opens with what looks like a black and white film, a first person perspective of a beautiful apartment building. The door opens to a bedroom, and then descends a spiral staircase. Up top on the roof stands Duncan Aries, as the black and white turns to color. He gazes out into the sea. Turning to the camera, we get a close up of his eyes, his voice, calm, soothing, yet ready to become intense at any moment. "The culmination..of a revelation!" With what Duncan's eyes turn into computer graphic blue spades on fire, ice blue Pyros exploding as "Inside" by Switched. Duncan emerges with Taylor walking next to him, both of them slapping hands with the fans, Nocturnal John walking close behind. Duncan enters the ring and throws some shadow punches and kicks, before scaling the top turnbuckle and extending his fists to the heavens before flipping off the turnbuckle and landing on his feet, blue Pyros exploding from all 4 corners of the ring. Taylor removes Duncan's silk shirt and takes his shades, John bumping fists with him before exiting the ring, leaving Duncan to warm up in his corner, "Inside" fading away.]
Wynes: To be accompanied to the ring by Nocturnal John and Taylor Lourdes...from San Diego California...weighing in at 240 pounds...THE SPADE...DUNCAN ARIES!
Jon McDaniel: Many call Duncan the uncrowned champion.
Brian Rentfro: I don't...
Wynes: And now...
(Innocence's voice comes back over the sound system as we cut to a video feed of the new Genesis VI: Rebirth's already being randomly controlled...)
Choose Your Wrestler, baby!

You have chosen: Corey Lazarus!!!"
[The lights in the arena dim, and an old-fashioned black and white film countdown appears on the screens of the viewers at home, and on the screen above the scaffolding for those in the arena.
BOOM! A single blast of Pyros shoots off, and the screen shows sped-up clips of Corey Lazarus in action with each burst of guitar riffage. At the 30 second mark, the screen cuts between a still frame photo of Lazarus posing and a slow-motion clip of Lazarus delivering the Mercury Driver to Showtime from Rise Of Tyranny with each drumbeat. The song hits the 38 second mark, and then Corey Lazarus walks out from behind the entrance curtain as the first verse starts, a spotlight instantly focusing on him as he stands there. Sporting a pair of silver-rimmed Ray Ban's on his face and a towel over his shoulder, Corey takes a few sips from a bottle of Aquafina before going back to chewing his gum with his mouth wide open. Gregory Price walks out behind him, looking out around the crowd while chewing his gum noisily, his mouth wide open. Lazarus walks across the top of the stage, standing on the corner of the ramp while outstretching his arms, smirking at the crowd. When the bridge starts at the 53 second mark, Lazarus begins walking down the entrance ramp, still chewing his gum with his mouth wide open. Lazarus brushes a few fans attempts at high-fives and handshakes away, and then rolls into the ring. Corey kips up to his feet, outstretching his arms while walking in a circle around the ring, and smiles while still chewing his gum. The referee walks over to Laz to try to check him out for foreign objects, to which Lazarus spits his gum into the referee's face. The referee backs off, wiping the remnants of saliva from his face, and then Corey backs into his corner and hands Price his Ray Ban's and his towel. "Feed The Gods" dies down as Laz takes a big gulp from the Aquafina bottle, and pours some of it over his head. Corey hands the bottle to Price, who hops off of the apron and pockets the Ray Ban's.]
Wynes: Introducing at this time, hailing from Hollywood, California...weighing in tonight at 233 pounds, and standing at 6 feet, 3 inches tall..."The Premiere Attraction"...COREY LAZARUS!!!!!!
[Corey smirks and turns around, bowing to the crowd. He looks back at the referee, and then leans back against the top turnbuckle pad, lifting his legs up and lying them on the top rope, essentially reclining in the corner.]
Brian Rentfro: THAT'S the uncrowned champion.
Jon McDaniel: How do you figure?
Brian Rentfro: Simple...he never lost the belt.
Wynes: And finally...
(Innocence's voice comes back over the sound system as we cut to a video feed of the new Genesis VI: Rebirth's already being randomly controlled...)
Choose Your Wrestler, baby!

You have chosen: Tommy Riley!!!"
[Red Lights come on the arena as Drowning Pool's "Tear Away" hits the PA. Riley walks on top of the ramp. Fireworks go off, Riley with a confident yet cocky stride heads down to ringside. He slides under the ropes and awaits his opponent. ]
Wynes: From Boston Mass...weighing in at 234 pounds...The HIC TEMPEST CHAMPION!...TOMMY RILEY!
[Riley removes his belt and the four men just stare at each other. Laz is perched up in the corner, leaning on the top rope and yawning to himself, while Nemesis stares down Aries. The bell rings and Laz gets off the top rope, as Ambrose dives after Duncan.]
Jon McDaniel: And this match quickly under way as The Nemesis and Duncan Aries are duking it out.
Brian Rentfro: Look at Laz, cool, calm, collected.
[Nemesis nails right hands on Duncan, who tries to get his hands up to block the shots. Meanwhile Riley and Lazarus circle and then lock up in the middle of the ring. Laz nails an arm drag takeover and hooks Riley in a wristlock, one that the technician quickly flips out of, reversing it into a hammer lock on Laz. Laz sneers in a little pain, and then reverses the hold with a snap mare into a reverse chin lock. Over on the other side of the ring, Nemesis continues to pound away on Duncan, until he gets him into the ropes, and then clotheslines Duncan and himself over.]
Jon McDaniel: The action is fast and furious in the early going.
Renfro: Unlike the movie of the same name.
[Nemesis and Duncan continue to fight on the outside, trading lefts and rights. Nemesis tries to nail a right hand but Duncan ducks him and then grabs his arm, and whips him hard into the ring post. Nemesis falls to the ground as in the ring Riley gets to his feet and whips Laz into the ropes. Riley catches Corey with a reverse elbow to the jaw, and then nails Laz with a DDT straight down to the canvas. Riley runs off the ropes and jumps into the air, driving his knee into the sternum of Lazarus. Meanwhile Duncan runs into the ring and before Riley can go for the cover, Aries clotheslines Riley down to the ground. Aries then climbs up to the top rope to nail Riley with a huge elbow, but Nemesis gets onto the apron and pushes Aries off onto the ground.]
Jon McDaniel: WHOA!
Brian Rentfro: Indeed whoa...
[Nemesis this time climbs up to the top rope and tries for the Last Sun Drop on Lazarus, only to have Corey move out of the way. Lazarus looks at Riley and picks him up, and whips him into the corner, following him in with a hard clothesline. Laz smirks to the crowd and then nails a couple reverse knife edge chops to the chest. Laz then tries to whip Riley into the corner but Riley reverses and whips Laz into the corner. Riley goes running in for a clothesline only to be wiped out by a spin kick from Duncan Aries.]
Jon McDaniel: We knew this would happen, all four men getting involved with one another in this match.
Brian Rentfro: Of course dum-dum. If you don't then you lose.
Jon McDaniel: What is Nemesis doing?
[Indeed Nemesis has slinked off for the time being, and is currently setting up two tables on the outside.]
Brian Rentfro: Now wait a minute, is this no DQ?
Jon McDaniel: I believe it is.
Brian Rentfro: Why didn't someone tell me that?!
[Nemesis finishes setting up the tables and goes back into the ring just as Lazarus gets out of the corner. Nemesis kicks Laz in the gut and then hooks him up, executing a picture perfect snap suplex. Nemesis holds onto the suplex and flips around, and nails a second snap suplex. Ambrose tries to do this a third time, only to have it countered by Lazarus with his own snap suplex. Off to the other side of the ring Aries has Riley in the corner, nailing him with rights and lefts to the face. Duncan then sets up Riley in the corner for a Tornado DDT, but Riley hooks the ropes to block the move, and then uses his strength and leverage to bridge over holding Aries in place, nailing a northern lights suplex from the second rope. The ref goes down to count...
Kick out!
Laz had started to break the count, but Riley kicked out on his own. Laz turns back around to deal with Nemesis only to get a thumb to the eye. Ambrose then grabs Lazarus and proceeds to toss him out over the top rope and onto the floor below. Meanwhile on the inside Riley continues to work on Aries, whipping him into the corner and following in with a charging shoulder. As Duncan staggers out of the corner, Riley tries to nail him with a bulldog but Duncan pushes him off and into the turnbuckle chest first. Aries then bounces off the ropes and nails a spinning heel kick on Riley, taking the technician down.]
Jon McDaniel: Duncan Aries really taking it to the champion here tonight.
Brian Rentfro: But what are those two guys doing.
[On the outside of the ring, Lazarus has taken it to Nemesis, pounding his head on the guard railing several times. Before long Lazarus comes over and sends Nemesis careening into the ring post, busting him open. Laz smiles to the crowd and plays up the boos, before going over to Gregory Price for a drink. He chugs down the SoBe drink, making sure the logo is showing on camera, but when he turns around is clobbered in the head with a hammer by...the timekeeper?]
Jon McDaniel: What the...
Brian Rentfro: Who's that timekeeper think he is?
[The timekeeper removes the hood off of his sweatshirt to reveal himself to be Don Mega. Price comes over to protest, and is promptly clobbered in the head with the same hammer.]
Jon McDaniel: Don Mega just waylaid Laz and Price, and Lazarus has been busted open here!
[Mega smiles again and then heads out through the crowd as the bloodied Nemesis comes over to take care of Lazarus. But he no sooner picks him up then he is dropped back down again along with Lazarus with a huge leaping double clothesline by Duncan Aries to the outside. Duncan sends both men down to the matting, and then proceeds to open up Nemesis more with a series of right hands to the temple and just above the right eyelid, exposing the cut to more punishment. Aries proceeds to whip Nemesis into the guardrail, and then Duncan follows him in and clotheslines him so that both men are out in the crowd. The two men get to their feet and start to trade lefts and rights, fighting amongst the crowd.]
Jon McDaniel: The fans at ringside getting an up close and personal view of this match.
Brian Rentfro: And look at Riley, he's the only one left in the ring.
[Riley slowly gets to his feet and looks around. He sees the fallen Lazarus on the ground rolling over in his own blood, and decides to take advantage. Riley heads to the outside and tosses Lazarus back into the ring and then chases after him, before putting the boots to Lazarus. Riley then takes down Laz with a body slam and then climbs up to the top rope. Riley signals for the end and tries a huge elbow drop from the top, only to have Lazarus move out of the way.]
Jon McDaniel: Big mistake by Tommy there to head to the top rope.
Brian Rentfro: A very rare mistake by Tommy Riley.
[Lazarus picks up Riley and kicks him in the gut, and prepares to nail him with the Box Office Bomb. Riley counters out of the move, while on the outside Nemesis clotheslines Aries back to the ringside area and out of the crowd. Nemesis stomps away on Aries after following him, while on the inside Riley counters Laz's Box Office Bomb with his own Supreme Execution! Riley then goes for the cover...
Jon McDaniel: Nemesis making the save for Lazarus there...I don't think I've seen him run that fast.
Brian Rentfro: He was a count away from losing the Tempest Title.
[Nemesis picks up Riley and kicks him in the gut a few times. He tries to whip Riley into the ropes but Riley reverses, however instead of bouncing back, Ambrose holds onto the top rope. Riley goes charging in after him but Ambrose ducks down and nails Riley with a back body drop, sending Tommy flying out to the outside. Nemesis then follows him out there with a huge plancha, while Duncan rolls into the ring and sees the fallen Corey Lazarus. Duncan takes advantage and goes for the pin...
Kick out!
Lazarus kicks out but does more than that as well, as he hooks up Aries in a cradle like move...
Kick out!
Aries kicks out of the move and proceeds to get to his feet, as does Lazarus. Duncan tries a roundhouse thrust kick to the jaw of Laz but Corey ducks it and then picks up Duncan and drives him down with a big back suplex. Laz takes a moment to catch his breath and then climbs up to the top rope. Laz tries to nail The Hollywood Ending, but from the outside Nemesis reaches in and moves Duncan out of the way, causing Laz to hit nothing but canvas. Meanwhile Nemesis has taken out Riley with a series of moves on the outside, and then Ambrose proceeds to put Riley on the two tables on the outside. Nemesis then climbs to the top rope.]
Jon McDaniel: Oh no...
Brian Rentfro: DO IT!
[Nemesis tries the Last Sun Drop through the two tables, but Riley moves out of the way and Nemesis goes crashing through the two tables, as the crowd erupts into Holy Shit chants.]
Jon McDaniel: Jesus Christ Nemesis may be broken in two.
Brian Rentfro: He brought it on himself Jon...
[Riley staggers over to the ringside apron, only to be dropkicked straight into the face by Duncan Aries. Duncan then goes over and grabs Lazarus, and proceeds to nail him with a few more right hands. Duncan then looks over to Taylor Lourdes who hands him a chain from ringside, left over from Battle-Dome. Duncan grabs the chain and wraps it around his fist, and looks to pummel Lazarus, only to have Laz counter the punch at the last second with a kick to the gut, followed up by The End Credits from Lazarus! Corey then goes for the cover...
Shoulder Up!]
Jon McDaniel: And Lazarus looks a bit frustrated here.
Brian Rentfro: Wouldn't you when the ref had a blatant slow count?
[Laz takes notice of the chain on the ground, and proceeds to grab it and wrap it around his fist. Laz then pounds away on Duncan from the mounted position, placing his chain-wrapped fist into the face of Duncan, and ripping and tearing the flesh.]
Jon McDaniel: And now Duncan has been busted open.
[Riley rolls back into the ring and proceeds to undo the turnbuckle padding on the middle turnbuckle off in the corner. Corey turns around and goes running after Riley, only to have Riley trip up Lazarus and sending him face first into the exposed steel turnbuckle. You can hear the audible crunch of Corey's nose.]
[Riley smirks to himself as Laz holds his nose in pain, but as Riley walks off he is victim to Duncan's Culmination out of nowhere. Duncan then goes for the cover...
Brian Rentfro: Good...Laz still has a chance...
[Duncan looks to the referee angrily while from amongst the ruins of the table on the outside, Nemesis emerges, and rolls back into the ring. Duncan sees Nemesis and proceeds to run over and lock Nemesis in the House of Riches! Nemesis screams in pain, but the pain only lasts a few seconds before Lazarus comes over and dropkicks the face of Aries, causing Duncan to break the hold. Lazarus picks up Nemesis and tries for a body slam, but Nemesis counters with a knee to the gut and then hooks up Laz, nailing him with a gut buster. Nemesis then picks up Laz again and nails him with a straight brain buster, before picking him up a third time and nailing him with the Russian Neck Drop called The Tough Break!]
Jon McDaniel: TOUGH BREAK!
Brian Rentfro: COREY NO!
[Nemesis doesn't stop there however, taking it upon himself to climb to the top rope and nail Lazarus with the Last Sun Drop! Nemesis then goes for the cover...
Duncan saves the match by attacking Nemesis with an axe handle to the back of his head. Duncan rolls out of the ring, grabbing Nemesis by the leg and dragging him out with him, as Riley comes over and grabs Lazarus. Riley climbs up on the middle turnbuckle and sets up Lazarus for a Tornado DDT, but Lazarus counters with a shot to the gut, and then lifts Riley into position.]
Jon McDaniel: He's not going to...
Brian Rentfro: YEAH BABY!
[Corey nails the Mercury Driver off the top rope on Tommy Riley, eliciting more holy shit chants from the crowd.]
[Lazarus slowly goes over for the cover...
Duncan tries to roll into the ring...
Nemesis holds him and stops him from doing so
Brian Rentfro: HE DID IT!
Wynes: Here is your winner...and the NEW HIC TEMPEST CHAMPION...COREY LAZARUS!
Jon McDaniel: Corey Lazarus has emerged the new Tempest Champion after this huge match! Give props to everyone else in this fantastic match, though.
[Lazarus rolls out of the ring as Gregory Price grabs the Tempest Title, and the two of them head to the back.

Ultros Segment

[We then cut to the back...We see Jimmy Ultros, wearing his Schadenfreude Title belt, standing backstage at a vending machine. He is looking over the drink selection through the Plexiglas..]
Ultros: Milk? . . . It does a body good, but naw, I don't think so. . . . Yoo Hoo? Man, what kind of Putz drinks that shit anyway? . . . Ahh, yes !! Do the Dew !!
[Jimmy puts his dollar into the machine and punches b4, the machine hums and we see the bottle of 'Live Wire' Mountain Dew pushed forward then it slides sideways and sticks.]
Ultros: Damn it!! Muther F'ing machine !!! Give me my Live Wire !!!
[Jimmy grabs the machine on the sides and starts to shake it, trying to knock loose his soda. He bangs on the plexiglass and kicks at the side of the selection panel.]
Ultros: Damn Vendors, It's a conspiracy I tell you. Grrr, Bruno !! Now where did he get to anyway:? BRUNO !!
[He goes back to shaking and beating on the machine, not noticing another figure walking up behind him. It is a person, obviously female, wearing a full body suit, white with red and yellow flames going up the sides and the arms. And she also has a full head mask with only the eyes showing. She stands there for a moment watching Jimmy assaulting the drink machine then taps him on the shoulder. He turns and stares at the figure for a second. Up and down.]
Ultros: What do you want toots. An autograph? Well, you'll have to wait until after Genesis and get out your $10 like everyone else. Now, IF you don't mind I'm trying to get something to drink. Dammit !! BRUNO!!! Now where the hell is he ? !
[Ultros turns back to the machine and starts once again to get his Dew. After a few more moments he stops.]
Ultros: Christ!! It's not like I'm asking for a miracle. All I want is a POP !!!

[Just as the words fade from his lips a white booted foot connects with the back of his head, smashing his face into the plexiglass. He staggers back holding his nose and turns around to receive another boot to the midsection, he crashes back into the machine. Then he sinks down to one knee. The woman takes Jimmy's Schadenfreude Belt and looks it over, tracing the etching on the front. Then she drops it to the ground and grabs him by an arm and his collar and pulls him back up to his feet before trying to whip him across the hall but he reverses it and she careens into the wall. He straightens out his shirt, picks the belt up and starts to walk away, cursing all of woman-kind.]
Ultros: Damn Bitch!! Why is it that I am so cursed as to bring out such passion in women? They should all just keep to their proper place in the kitchen and bedroom. Well, I better find Bruno before he gets into some kind of trouble.
[He dusts himself off and starts to head down the hallway . but white gloved hands grab him from behind and toss him back towards the vending area. She charges after him but he counters with a hip toss. She counters the hip toss with one of her own and then with him on the ground again she follows through with a buzz saw kick but Jimmy grabs her leg and shoves her off balance tree topping her to the ground.]
[The two of them circle each other for a moment, Jimmy feints to the left and then breaks right away from the confrontation but she grabs him belt which comes off. James turns and reaches for the belt but she holds it out of his reach.]
Ultros: Give me back my belt Bitch.!!
[Ultros charges at the woman who steps out of the way and Jimmie spears the Vending machine head first, spider webbing the window. The mystery woman pulls Ultros to his feet again and takes a couple of steps away, Ultros wobbles a little on his feet. Then she spins and hits him in the chest with a fully extended thrust kick sending him into the front of the machine and shattering the glass. Soda and Yoo Hoo scatter, rolling everywhere. She is about to leave the area when we see President Keldman standing in the hallway. He shakes his head as his and the woman's eyes meet.]
Keldman: So, you want the Champions Choice Belt ? Or would you prefer Jimmy?
The woman in white tilts her head inquiringly.
Keldman: Problem is the next Title match for the Champion's Choice Title has been set. I can give you a shot at the belt but you may not be fighting Jimmy for it. Or if you would rather I could set up a fight between you and Jimmy there but he may not have the belt anymore then. Your choice. But either way I can’t let you have the belt right now.
[The woman looks from the belt to Jimmy to the belt again. then a few moments then holds up the belt and nods at President Keldman. She then tosses the belt and it lands on Ultros. She looks at Keldman and then walks past them and disappears down the hallway.]

Thunderwolf Segment

[From that we cut backstage to one of the more luxurious locker rooms backstage in the PWA Dome, where we find part of the Exit Music crew, more specifically that of the Kelsers, making last minute preparations before they make their grand entrance for the premier main event of High Impact Competition. It all came down to this - the biggest stage - 364 other days he could've screwed up all he wanted to, done any and everything wrong, but tonight, in his mind, he had to come out on top. To prove a point, to teach a lesson, and to keep a pact with a friend/brother that he vowed to always protect. Hopping from one foot to the other, in front of a mirror we find Thunderwolf, his wife standing right there by his side.]
[He's already in his garb for this evening: An unbuttoned, short sleeve, shirt that was accented in blue and black, wearing an MoA toboggan, white cargos, a pair of blue and black flame design boots that are tucked beneath the cargos, and a pair of black wrist bands that his daughter had bought him with what was left over from her "allowance". Oh. And that little gift from Cliff Young at Final Notice? The knee brace that he got for his right knee? It's there as well.]
[As for Blaze, well, let's just say she's never in her life looked more elegant to the general public’s eye. Her make-up was professionally done by some of the best in the entertainment business, as was her hair, thanks to Corey Lazarus's influence. She wears a light maroonish-pink silk-chiffon gown (similar to that of what Catherine Zeta-Jones wore to the Oscars) done up in Swarovski Crystals, all of which covers just enough of her petite shoulders, and covers down over top of her golden glass heels; all of which was compiled as yet another favor to Corey Lazarus, by Dontella Versace. A long stand of diamonds strings down from each ear...her vibrant green eyes were brought out even more by her mocha-toned eye shadow. Wolf stops his pre-match routine and Misty steps in front of the mirror, wrapping her arms lovingly around his neck - as his hands manage to find a firm placement on her hips...]
Misty: "...Well Honey, I guess this is it."
Thunderwolf: "I guess it all comes down to right here, right now...I just pray things work out the way we've had them planned..."
Misty: "You worry too much, ya know that? I mean I'm not one to talk, but you should just take it easy. As cliché as it sounds, go out there and have fun. Put all your energy into your game plan and routine. Don't think of it as Lisa Lorenzo, just think of it as one of your sparring buddies."
Thunderwolf: "If only it were that easy."
Misty: "Well whatever happens, you've still got me to come home to, right?"
[She says it with a glee-filled giggle.]
Thunderwolf: "Damn straight I do, snugs."
Misty: "Well...let's not keep everyone waiting...and by the way...I love you."
[Wolf and Misty embrace, and not in a painstakingly long kiss either, or anything of the norm for that matter. Just a simple hugging embrace, with wolf lifting Misty off the ground as he does so. About this time the door flies open, revealing an all-denimed up Innocence, her hair and make-up done to the nines as well...]
Innocence: "It's game time, babycakes."
Thunderwolf: "Let's do this."
[And with that...Wolf and Blaze make their way out of the room, and onward towards their future...]

Short Segment

[The scene fades in on a still image of the plaque in the center of the High Impact Competition World Heavyweight championship belt. The camera zooms out, and the sound of a foghorn is heard as slight techno beats are heard.]
[The scene fades to black.]

Video Package

::Made me give::
[The scene fades in to slow-motion, black and white clips of Thunderwolf walking out from behind the HiC entrance curtain for the first time, looking around the arena with a smile on his face.]
::Your silver grin::
[Lisa Lorenzo walks out of the ring while the remaining members of VDP bicker back and forth, but gets pulled back in by Ai Mei.]
::Keeps sticking me in::
[Thunderwolf stares down his step-father, Dalton Campbell, in the center of the ring. The two appear as if they want to murder each other, and Wolf backs out of the ring with the stare still on his face.]
::You have::
::Some machine::
::Soul machine::
[A clip of Lisa Lorenzo and Ai Mei Montrose staring at each other before Ai Mei kisses Lisa is shown just as Ai Mei leans in, puckering up.]
::The longest kiss::
[Thunderwolf gets his knee wrapped in a steel chair at AOWF Final Notice, and stomped on by Cliff Young. In the corner, the line "FOOTAGE COURTESY OF THE AOWF" is displayed.]
::Feeling furniture days::
[Lisa Lorenzo is shown being helped to her feet after a tough, brutal match by Wild Chylde and Nightmare.]
::Drift madly to you::
[Thunderwolf is shown confronting Lisa for the first time at his New Year's Eve party, the entire "Exit Music" family hanging around in the background as Wolf and Lisa stare each other right in the eyes.]
::Pollute my heart, drain::
[The scene goes to black for a second...]
::You have::
[...and then Thunderwolf and Dalton Campbell, the first two entrants in the 2004 Rumble In The Bronx, are shown trading punches.]
::Broken in me::
[The scene cuts to Rise Of Tyranny, where Lisa Lorenzo has just been completely decimated by Chamelion. She screams out in pain, blood all over her face.]
::Broken me::
[The scene "breaks" into pieces that then form a clip of Thunderwolf delivering the Cry Of The Wolf onto Sirus Moran the night he won the HiC Tag Team titles with Lex Demise.]
::All your mental armor drags me down::
[Lisa Lorenzo is shown flying off of the top rope with a corkscrew missile dropkick to Chamelion, sending him flying through the ropes and out of the ring.]
::Nothing hurts::
[The World title is focused in the center of the screen again.]
::Like...your mouth::
[Thunderwolf smiles at Dalton Campbell, and then a clip rolls of Wolf being pummeled by three men at Rumble In The Bronx.]
::Your loaded smiles::
::And pretty just desserts::
[Lisa Lorenzo runs in and helps Thunderwolf at Rumble In The Bronx, helping him eliminate his attackers and step-father.]
::Wish it all for you::
::So much, it never hurts::
[Wolf stands tall, and then collapses, the winner of the 2004 Rumble In The Bronx.]
::You have::
::Soul machine::
[Lisa Lorenzo is seen holding the World title over her shoulder on her way to the ring.]
::Stolen me::
[As the drum beats, still frames of Thunderwolf and Lisa Lorenzo are shown interchanging with each beat. Thunderwolf clotheslines Lorenzo down from their tag team match, and then Lorenzo delivers a powerful enziguri to Brandon Nova.]
::All your mental armor drags me down::
::We can't breathe when come around::
[Thunderwolf is seen flying off of the top rope with an elbow drop to Lisa Lorenzo, who moves out of the way. Lisa then kicks at Nova, but Nova delivers a dragon screw leg whip that sends Lorenzo to the mat, holding her knee in pain.]
::All your mental armor drags me down::
::Nothing hurts...::
[Wolf is then seen assaulting Dalton Campbell with the aid of Corey Lazarus after Campbell finally admitted he was proud of Thunderwolf. Lorenzo then attacks Wolf from behind, smashing his knee with a steel chair.]
::Like...your mouth::
[Wolf is seen in clips delivering various moves to his opponent's in President Keldman's "Gauntlet" from weeks prior. Another clip rolls from that same night, with Thunderwolf clutching his knee as Lorenzo crouches down beside him, a microphone in her hand.]
::Your mouth::
[The scene goes to black as the music "fades down," so-to-speak, and slow-motion clips of both competitors doing their entrance jargon are shown.]
::We'd been missing long before::
::Never found our way home::
::We'd been missing long before::
::We will find our way...:: [Thunderwolf is seen getting up off his couch in his locker room as TV-MA, Innocence, and Blaze look on. We cut to the ring, where Lorenzo delivers a standing Moonsault onto Brandon Nova, covering for the pin.]
::You gave me this::
::Made me give::
[Thunderwolf runs out from the crowd, slides into the ring, and head butts Lisa in the midsection, knocking her down. He then pulls out a pair of brass knucks, and slides them onto his fingers as he mounts LoCo's chest.]
::You have::
::Soul machine::
::Broken free...::
[Wolf busts LoCo wide open with the brass knucks, the blood covering her face, and hovers over her, yelling into the microphone.]
::All your mental armor drags me down::
[Tim Murphy enters the ring as Nova bails, and Wolf ducks under a clothesline before bailing.]
::We can't breathe when we come around::
[Wolf and Nova back up the entrance ramp, pointing at the ring while Wolf belittles Lorenzo. In the ring, Murphy tends to his stable mate.]
::All your mental armor drags me down::
[The picture freezes on the bloodied faced of Lisa Lorenzo.]
::Nothing hurts...::
[The scene fades to black...]
[...and then fades into sped-up clips of Lisa Lorenzo and Thunderwolf in action, delivering moves to one another from their few brawls and moves to other opponents.]
::Your mouth::
[Lisa Lorenzo lifts Chamelion up as high as she can, and drives him down onto his head with the Tequila Slammer.]
::Your mouth::
[Lorenzo holds up the World title for the first time, victorious after defeating Chamelion at Rise Of Tyranny. The picture then morphs into Thunderwolf wearing the HiC World title, an obviously edited picture, with a question mark as the background.]
::Your mouth::
[Wolf is shown again raising his hands in victory after Rumble In The Bronx. At the same event, Lisa Lorenzo locks the kata-hajime onto Chamelion with the body scissors, and Chamelion's arm drops a third time to signify Lisa's successful title defense.]
::All your mental armor...::
::All your mental armor...::
[The video package starts again from the beginning, each clip sped up slightly.]
::And your mouth::
::Mouth (x14)::
[The package ends as the song fades into silence, with a lone picture of the High Impact Competition World Heavyweight championship in the center of the screen with a black background...]

Thunderwolf vs. Lisa Seldon

Hic World Heavyweight Championship

Jon McDaniel: "Well Brian...we've had a superb show so far, possibly the best in the history of Genesis, and a top contender for all-time in this sport."
Brian Rentfro: "And it'll be even better if Thunderwolf can hold it together in his second headlining of the event. May Psycho Sandra rot in hell for all eternity for that shameful event..."
Jon McDaniel: "...Rrrright. Moving right along, it looks like we're ready for this match to get under way, as Lex Demise has already taken his place in the center of the ring, ready to call this match..."
(Innocence's voice comes back over the sound system as we cut to a video feed of the new Genesis VI: Rebirth's already being randomly controlled...)
Choose Your Wrestler, baby!

You have chosen: Thunderwolf!!!"
[Inhale. The sound of the mighty Atlantic crashing into one of the many shores of Bermuda blasts through the sound system. The lights begin melding into a beautiful aqua blue, as the HiC-Tron comes back to life with shot of the Kelsers private beach. Paradise. The signature Exit Music logo writes itself in cursive overtop of the scene...a simple tap of a drum picks up...Exhale.]
Lewis: Coming down to the ring first...being accompanied by his wife and a number of friends, he is the current number one contender to the HiC World Title!!!
["Now or Never". Dope. Cue the perfect meshing of fanfare; love, hate, whatever it is, it's felt above all else going on at the present time. Whether you wanna admit it or not, it brought the fans to their feet...maybe just a little more so than usual, with the majority of the fans leaning towards the side of negativity - but there's still the faithful. No less, the capacity crowd is up on their feet, roaring...]
### What'd you go and do that for? ###
### I see the way you're ###
### Looking at me ###
### And I don't know why ###
### I don't know and I'm not sure ###
### Have you lost your way? ###
### Did you lose your mind? ###
### Are you out of time? ###
[The last note of the aforementioned song seems to catch, right on the 30 second mark as aqua-toned fountains of sulfur pour down from the scaffold which cues Thunderwolf and Blaze to stroll out from the back, hand in hand, the AOWF Intercontinental Title strapped firmly around Thunderwolf's waist. The HiC-Tron continues ticking off various moments from Wolf's career, as the camera get's a close on the video, but that doesn't last for long as the two pass under the sulfuric storm from the scaffold....but for tonight, they aren't alone, not alone by a long shot...]
Lewis: Weighing in at one-hundred ninety-six pounds, and standing at five eleven, he currently hails from Tuckers Town, Bermuda...
### You say goodbye ###
### Like everythings all right ###
[Innocence, Rain, Dominique, and the most notable member of all, in Styx, all walk out, side by side, in support of Thunderwolf. They too pass through the sulfur bath and continue towards the top of the ramp, where they meet up with the two Kelsers...]
Lewis: He is the Master of the Cry of the Wolf and the Dramatica...a former HiC Tag Champion, PWA Grandslam Champion, and currently the AOWF Intercontinental Champion!
### You say goodbye ###
### Like everythings all right ###
[This of course triggers off the 'artificial rain' portion of Wolf's entrance (which is basically just very small openings from the pipes over head in the rafters being opened to give off this watery illusion), but oddly enough it's been set to land only on the specific place where the two Kelser's are standing, as marked by red tape. Thunderwolf and Blaze engage in a kiss as the others await their cue to head on down to the ring .]
[Thunderwolf's attire consists of everything we saw in the backstage segment just moments earlier, with the addition of his white framed, powder blue lensed predator ray-bans. As for everyone else? the DVD...]
[Wolf and Blaze finish their walk down to ringside, and their group gathers around them. A few words are exchanged between Styx and Thunderwolf, but none of this lasts for long as wolf slaps high fives all the way around, save to the aforementioned father. Wolf totally ignores the crowd, who's booing intensifies to deafening levels upon one action...he and Styx shake hands; and with that said and done, he hops up on the apron, which brings up an explosion of pyro's all around the ring and up in the rafters...which brings the house likes back to normal...]
###If we go on it's now or never ###
### If we go on ###
### If we go on it's now or never ###
### If we go on ###
[Wolf leapfrogs over the top rope, being careful to land on his left knee as opposed to the right as he does so. He circles around mid ring bringing up his AOWF Intercontinental Title as he does so, acting as if he's the one with the Champions pride, and title at stake. He takes a couple of jinga's back and forth, cracking his neck from side to side, which doesn't last for long as he takes a quick bounce off of each set of ropes, checking each for their durability. His music begins to fade...and so too does his smile. He hands his title and sunglasses between the ropes, down to Dominique, to whom he winks at. Wolf hops up on the bottom rope, stretching his back out over the top, awaiting Lisa Lorenzo. His crew scatters themselves out and about around the ring...]
Jon McDaniel: "...I have a bad feeling about this...Styx is at ringside...and that's ever a good thing. I personally hate the bastard."
Brian Rentfro: "I'm...I'm in heaven...just look at the girls...oh god...I'm gonna...wait...did you say Styx?!?!? STYX IS HERE?!?!? WHERE?!"
Jon McDaniel: "He walked down to the ring, with Rain, Wolf, and the Girls..."
Brian Rentfro: "Rain and Wolf came down? Sorry I was too busy starring at ass, buddy..."
Jon McDaniel: "You really are sexually deprived, aren't you?"
Brian Rentfro: "Meh. You're one to talk."
Jon McDaniel: "Good point."
(Innocence's voice comes back over the sound system as we cut to a video feed of the new Genesis VI: Rebirth's already being randomly controlled...)
Choose Your Wrestler, baby!

You have chosen: Lisa Lorenzo!!!"
[Slowly the arena begins to hush, the arena fading into a dark, purple hue as the gentle sounds of an electric guitar begin to sound. Quietly now, a siren-esk call echoes throughout the arena, leading to a gentle drumbeat as Deft ones: “Change In The House Of Flies” begins.]
#I watched you change#
[Carefully now, an image begins to fade onto the screen, as we see Lisa Lorenzo emerge from the wash of purple, a faint smile across her lips.]
#Into a fly#
[A silent laugh now falls from her lips, before she once more slips off into that sea of color.]
#I looked away#
[A new scene now emerges through this as we see Lisa stood on a ring apron, smirking and crouched ready to attack. Seemingly in slow motion now, she rises leaping to the top-rope as those last three words are spoken.]
#You are fine#
[And with that, she takes flight. Soaring through the air with the Picture Of Perfection, drilling an opponent in the face…as the song now hits a crescendo.]
#I watched a Change#
[Another shot breaks through the dark, once more in slow motion as we see Lisa lifting opponent with a Tequila Slammer.]
#...In You#
[…Then falling. Driving them straight down into the mat as the scene fades away.]
#It’s Like You Never#
[And into another as we see Lisa turn and hoist an opponent into the air.] #...Had Wings# […And down. Slowly falling as crushes an opponent to the floor with the Viledriver.]
#Now You Feel…So Alive#
[Once more a clip fades over this as we find Lisa, stood at the edge of the ramp. Here face covered in blood. Her palms…held to the heavens. And her face…twisted to a smile.]
#I’ve Watched You Change!#
[And without warning, she soars. Leaping up and plummeting down with a shooting star press style maneuver. A scene which never ends, simply fades into the gaping purple mists, as the song falls once more.]
Lewis: “And his opponent. Hailing from New York, and weighing in at one hundred, thirty pounds”.
#I Took You Home#
Lewis: “She is the last surviving TNT Champion. And also our current and longest reigning World Champion”.
#Set You On The Glass#
Lewis: She is The Mistress Of The Tequila Slammer, The VileDriver and The Picture Of Perfection”.
#I Pulled Off Your Wings#
Lewis: “She is…The Picture Of Perfection”.
#Then I laughed#
Lewis: She is…Lisa ‘LoCo’ Lorenzo”.
[As her name is called, the song kicks into full tilt to the roar of the fans. As a figure now steps from the curtain and into the purple mist which shroud the stage.]
#I’ve Watched A Change…In You#
[Slowly now the mists begin die. Evaporating as we are left with that same familiar smirk from before.]
#It’s Like You Never…Had Wings#
[Still the mists fade as she comes clear. Lisa Lorenzo, stood tall, centre stage, dressed in her usual Black Baggy Trousers, hanging down over an old pair of black Vans sneakers, and hanging low of simple white T-Shirt. A blank canvas, marked with but two words: Paradise Lost.]
#Now You Feel…So Alive#
[With a glint to her soft lilac eyes, she gazes out. Watching over the sea of faces which stretch on and on into the expanse. Still smiling as she adjusts the two belts which sit overlapped across her waist.]
#I’ve Watched You Change!#
[No fancy explosions or lighting effects are needed as the song reaches a new high. Just her dazzling smile as she begins to step from the stage.]
#It’s Like You Never. Had Wings#
[An ever so slight change of pace now as Lisa closes her eyes as the words break down to a hollow, empty wail, swaying to the music…she moves ever onward. Finally reaching the ring as she takes hold of the ropes, pausing for a moment before hoisting herself to the apron.]
#I look At The Cross#
[And now up to the ropes, perching a foot on the top turnbuckle and unclipping that old retired title. For a moment now she stares at it, watching it glisten in the purple hue, before hoisting it into the air for all to see. As the song drops to a moment of silence before slipping into a few simple words.]
#And I look away#
[Suddenly now the smile wanes as her eyes lock with…his. Yet it only lasts a moment. The smile returns as she lowers the belt, throwing it before him, it’s all she’ll ever concede to him.]
#Give You The Gun#
[Lisa closes an eye, putting her two fingers together and taking aim.]
#Blow Me…Away#
[The smile widens for a moment as she jerks her hand back slightly, before slowly trailing it through her hair as the song rises once more.]
#And I Watched A Change…In You#
[He doesn’t look impressed, in truth though she couldn’t care less at this point. Even he wasn’t enough to drag her down at this point.]
#It’s Like You Never…Had Wings#
[She now leaps over the ropes and down to the ring, before moving to the centre, her jeans sweeping across the ground as she moves.]
#Now You Feel…So Alive#
[The second belt, the one this is all about…now comes into play. She moves a slender hand round her waist, unclipping it, taking hold of the strap. Allowing it to slip to the floor.]
#I’ve Watched You Change!#
[Slowly now she raises it to the air amidst an array of lights, each flashing and shattering in seconds.]
#Now You Feel…Alive#
[Still she holds it high, her eyes once more rolling away as she leans back, her heavenly features turned towards the skies.]
#You Feel…Alive# [The smile morphs to a sly grin, as something now as a glittering shower now descends. Lisa simply stands there, embracing it all.] #You Feel…Alive#
[Still she stands, never moving as the glittering sparkles still fall.]
#I’ve Watched You Change!#
[Once more the song turns ever so slightly, as Lisa swings from her spot. Once more hitting the ropes a she throws herself to the top. Holding out her title to the legions before her.]
#It’s Like You Never…Had Wings#
[Again the words break down to that empty call as she sways, nodding to the music with a smile. She could listen to this song for hours, remembering all the things she had done to this tune. Even he couldn’t ruin that.]
#You’ve Changed#
[Finally we begin to wind down, the song going through its final throws. As she now drops back to the mat.]
#You’ve Changed#
[She turns, seating herself on the top-rope, as finally this show comes to an end, life only with her beaming smile. Seeping through the darkened hue of lights.]
Jon McDaniel: "...Things are about to get underway now as Lisa Lorenzo and Thunderwolf go face to face, knee-brace to knee-brace, eye to eye and...
Brian Rentfro: "We get the point. Stop droning on like you're Dan Timberland or something, Christ."
Jon McDaniel: "I could only wish for a partner like Ransom. I'd least I'd get a small level of humor..."
[Lisa and Wolf continue to stare one another down.]
Brian Rentfro: "Hahaha, for the first time in Thunderwolf's career, he can honestly say he has the size advantage..."
[Ignoring the world around them, Lisa and Wolf continue to stand there...until finally a figure emerges from the back, which can best be made out to be Nightstryker. The crowd goes crazy and wolf turns his head away from Lisa.]
Brian Rentfro: "What the hell is Bryce Knight doing out here? Obviously he'd be in support of Lisa, but he has no business being here!"
Jon McDaniel: "Look at Lisa, she's pissed 'cause Wolf broke the stare down!
[There's a joke in there somewhere...]
Jon McDaniel: "Lisa pushes wolf with all her might..."
[Wolf stumbles back a little ways and quickly snaps his head back towards Lisa, which immediately leads to a lock-up, wolf forces Lisa back, and whips her to the other side, she comes bouncing off with a spin kick which wolf barely manages to duck, he waits till she hits the ropes again, and hits her with a cocky forearm smash, which she immediately gets back up from, only to have a series of fists in her face. One of which manages to take her to the ground...he continues the assault.]
Brian Rentfro: "Aw shit...this match is gonna blow...they're just gonna keep punching each other till one of them knocks out, this has done went beyond the realm of being a normal match."
Jon McDaniel: "You could be right, except for the blowing part. Wolf lands some stiff shots into Lisa - he's picking her up now, but she breaks away from his arms, hits the middle rope, flips around and hits him with a body press!"
Brian Rentfro: "She she's going for the cover right here and now!"
Kick out!
Jon McDaniel: "Wolf easily breaks the cover and they're both back up to their feet, keeping this match going at a wicked quick pace, Lisa's just leapt up wolf's body, and brings him down for a flying head scissors, but Wolf's quickly back, and goes running at Lisa, he hits that knee brace right into her stomach. That stopped the momentum if for just a second, Wolf looks to the outside towards Misty and sets up for something..."
Brian Rentfro: "He dropkicks lisa - and flips out!!! Dropsault! God that's gotta be my favorite move."
Jon McDaniel: "It is a glamorous move, but still just a dropkick, and Lisa has kipped back up to her feet now, she charges wolf and lands a solid shoulder thrust to his guy, she grabs his head, hits the middle ropes, swings around his body, swinging DDT! Very nice maneuver!"
Brian Rentfro: "...And Wolf hit his head awfully hard, but he still isn't going to give up the pace of this match as he too kips up, immediately locking up with Lisa...he charges her into the corner, but immediate brings her back out as he breaks the tie up and lands an Escorão kick! That's usually the set-up for the Cry of the Wolf, but instead he tucks her head in-between his legs, in the process he takes off his shirt, and...bwhahaha...that's so right where she belongs."
Jon McDaniel: "You objectify women like the bitch that you are...oh...and wolf's lifting Lisa up now - SLAM~! HE BROUGHT HER DOWN WITH A HELLA-HARD SIT-DOWN POWERBOMB THAT SHOOK THE RING~!!!! He keeps her legs hooked, and he stays in the
sitting position for a cover." One...
Brian Rentfro: "God I wish I was in his position...his crotch is right up next to her..."
Jon McDaniel: "Would you stop that for Christ sakes? Wolf shoves her legs to the side and gets back up to his feet as Lisa rolls over onto her stomach, wolf comes in with one of his signature snap field goal kicks to her ribcage...and another...and third. He starts stomping her down now with some quick stomps that really get the crowd going with a line of boo's as Lisa drops to the outside, with a thud...over to the side of Styx, who looks down at her non-chalantly..."
Brian Rentfro: "Hahahaha!!! Look at her! She looks scared to death of the old man as he reaches down into his pocket for something, she quickly scrambles back into the ring. Looks like he just wanted to pull out a business card as he walks over to Misty...they're talking about where to go eat after the match...and Lisa thought he was gonna pull something on her, what an idiot."
Jon McDaniel: "That man's done worse in his time - and I'm sure if given the opportunity, he'd have probably done something to ensure his "sons" victory. The bastard. Glad he fell..."
Brian Rentfro: "...Fell? From what?"
Jon McDaniel: "Grace Brian, he fell from Grace..."
Brian Rentfro: "Pfft. He should just get back up and dust himself off then...I don't see no damn Charms around here, do you?
Jon McDaniel: "Depends on your definition of a Charm. What in the hell?!?!?! Lisa just took wolf down with a leg clip from behind! To his injured leg no less! Lisa grabs the leg back up now and slams it down hard into the mat. She lifts him up one more time and goes to slam him, but he jumps and attempts an enziguri, to which she ducks, and manages to slam that knee back into the ground, that got a reaction from the crowd....and now she's...oh no...this is gonna do it...she's gonna try and take him out early..."
Brian Rentfro: "AHHHHHHHHH!!!! NO!!!! FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK!!! She's got it twisted around, come on wolf, kick her off, NO!! SHE DROPPED BACK! IT'S LOCKED!! SWEET JESUS NO!!! THIS MATCH HAS JUST BEGUN!!!
Jon McDaniel: "And look at the smile on her face, dear god, she's getting a sick pleasure out of this, she's laughing, almost orgasmatic at the pain she's putting Wolf in...he's screaming out in agony as she REALLY wrenches in on that knee, on the outside Dominique, Natasha, and Misty all step up to the mat and start slapping it to get Wolf rallied..."
Brian Rentfro: "I wish they were slapping more than that...hee hee hee..."
Jon McDaniel: "You're such a fag...and the fans are pumped...ecstatic almost, but not for Wolf, for the fact that Lisa could end it all right here! But wolf being the technician that he is, controls his pain if for just a second and flips wildly over onto his stomach, now he's got her leg!!! NOW SHE'S GONNA TAP!!! SHE'S SO CLOSE TO THE ROPES AND..."
Brian Rentfro: "Nightstryker pushed the ropes in for Lisa just as Wolf was getting ready to pull her back out to the center...that's bullshit!"
Jon McDaniel: "Innocence is right up in Stryker's face now yelling at him, but he just smirks and turns to leave as Tasha stands yelling...Demise has some words for Stryker too...telling him if he does anything like that again he'll ban him from ringside...and with that said, Stryker's smirk just widens that much more."
Brian Rentfro: "Lisa and Wolf both get to their feet now, and retreat to neutral corners."
Jon McDaniel: "Now Wolf comes in running at Lisa, Lisa springs up to the middle rope before...turning in mid air she catches her legs round his head for a Hurricanrana....but Instead of just falling back, she uses the momentum to spin him round before snapping back with the rana...DRIVING HIS HEAD RIGHT TO THE MAT! OUCH! She's going for the cover!
Jon McDaniel: "Wolf kicks out and gets to his feet a little wobbly, pulling Lisa up as he does, he gets an adrenaline boost whips her hard to the ropes...he catches her for a tilt-a-whirl slam...SALGA DE LA MUSICA~! THAT SPINEBUSTER RATTLED the ring! ANOTHER COVER!!!
Kick out!
Jon McDaniel: "Wolf grabs his head and almost falls back down, as he never really got a chance to recover from that move of Lisa's...and Lisa, tends to her back now, as she gets to her feet, the two of them lock up again, and this time Lisa forces Wolf to the corner."
Brian Rentfro: "Did anyone else get aroused when Lisa jumped up for that rana in wolf's face? I know I did, and if I were him, man I'd feel like the luckiest man on earth. He's had all four of the girls down there's face in his crotch at least once, well, except maybe Dominique but I'm sure she'll have it there too eventually."
Jon McDaniel: "You're fucking sick."
Brian Rentfro: "No. I'm just a realist. And a pervert."
Jon McDaniel: "Lisa with an elbow to the side of wolf's face, but he pushes her away and scrambles up to the top, but she's quick to hit the ropes and..."
Brian Rentfro: "OOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!"
[The fans join in with the owwwwing as well, Lisa springs onto the top rope beside of Wolf, turns, and brings her leg out to fame-asser Wolf off the top rope...his face hits with some impact.]
Jon McDaniel: "That could do it right there!"
Thr...kick out!
Brian Rentfro: "Phew. Just barely..."
Jon McDaniel: "I have to say...Lex has called this thing right down the middle...but it looks like Lisa is disputing the call...and...what the hell..Nightstryker's coming in now...Wolf gets to his feet...LOW BLOW!!! An under hooking low blow right to the family jewels, and wolf turns green with that...ouch...and just imagine...he fell on the turnbuckle just minutes ago..."
Brian Rentfro: "Misty is telling Rain to take Nightstryker out! Topher slides in, and tackles Nightstryker to the ground, the two go rolling out of the ring, and wow...that little fuck is blasting Nightstryker with some lightning fast blows...and he isn't relenting at all!!!"
[Lisa and Demise never even saw Nightstryker enter the ring, ...Lisa picks Wolf back up, sets him up for a suplex...Sidewinder...]
Brian Rentfro: "Here we go again...Sidewinder...he'll kick out...just wait..."
kick out!
Brian Rentfro: "Ha!!! See, I told you he would!!!"
Jon McDaniel: "I never said he wouldn't..."
Brian Rentfro: "Yeah...well...shut up!!!"
Jon McDaniel: "Somehow...wolf's getting up to his feet now...neither of these two will stay down...Lisa comes charging in, but wolf doesn't even give her the chance to hit anything as he charges her and...Cabeçada!!! That took her down with some force, and he's wasting no time, he's got her arm, he flips her over, grabs onto that injured Leg...SILENT THUNDER!!! IT'S ALL OVER RIGHT HERE!!!"
Jon McDaniel: "This is definitely going to take its effect on the rest of the match, Wolf wrenches back with as much strength as he can, trying to force a tap out, but he can't break Lisa's will!"
Brian Rentfro: "Just give it some time!"
[Demise drops down to check for a tap out as all the fans rally behind Lia...]
[...and with that she starts to fade...]
[...into a black oblivion...]
[ can just imagine every thought going through her head as she starts to fade...her life, her title, everything starting to flash before her eyes...Demise grabs her hand...]
[It drops. There's nothing she can do as she lays there...just a few feet from the ropes...out of it...]
[Wolf's smile intensifies...the world title is his for the taking...Misty and Innocence come together and grab hands, jumping up and down cheering...the hand drops a second time...]
[You could only hope for a miracle...]
[...he counts it...but as the hand drops for three, just a fingernails length away, she somehow snaps out of it...the claws her way with all of her left over energy to the ropes, she hugs onto them for dear life as Demise pulls Wolf away...]
Brian Rentfro: "DAMMIT!!!"
Jon McDaniel: "That was close...and...well...I just...I don't know...she can't have much more left after that." [Wolf himself limps away, the effects of the figure-four from earlier taking its effects...notably Nightstryker tries to get up on the outside, and Rain takes him back down once again.]
Jon McDaniel: "Lisa's back up now, and with a weary stagger she stands, she goes over to wolf...punch, punch, and OWWW! She got him in the eye with that one, he grabs her wrist and brings it down into a wristlock...Blaze jumps up on the apron..."
Misty: "That was bullshit Lex! Her thumb hit him in the eye! CALL HER ON IT!!!"
[No sooner than she says that, does Lisa break free of the wrist lock, in an attempt to take wolf down...she bounces off the opposite set of ropes...and inadvertently knocks Misty off...]
[With that...the whole world comes to a stop...the crowd draws silent as Misty's body turns upon being deflected off the apron, and with a sickening camera view, she hits stomach first into the safety rail as wolf looks on, in horror...]
[She bounces off, clutching her stomach tight as wolf runs past Lisa, in total disregard to the match...]
Jon McDaniel: "Oh...oh my god...this...this is horrible...
Brian Rentfro: "....I...don't know what to say..."
Jon McDaniel: "I just pray for the best..."
[Natasha, Dominique, Styx, and Rain all gather round as Wolf comes darting, almost diving out of the ring for his wife. He cradles her head in his lap, as she whimpers, holding her stomach...]
Brian Rentfro: "...Look at Lex...Oh my God...he's gonna blow..."
[And he does...he grabs Lisa, who had been starring down over the ropes in horror as well, head first into the mat. he gets in her face, yelling at her for all he's worth, telling her out it is and how horrible of a person she is.]
Jon McDaniel: "...What's Misty saying..."
Misty: [whimpering/whining] "It hurts so bad her....just make sure she's okay..."
Thunderwolf: "I won't let him hurt her..."
[Confused by Misty's message, as fatigue has all ready started to set in for him, he gently helps her to her feet, and into the arms of Styx...Dominique goes to get on the other side, but Styx tells her to stay here at ringside for Wolf. Styx aides Misty up the runway, an arm supporting her own, over her stomach. Misty's being the biggest little trooper about the situation that she can be...but even the camera can't hide her tears, or fears...]
[All the while Wolf slides in, just seconds before Demise can Silver Bullet Lisa, who in the last couple of minutes, has set her up on the opposite turnbuckle...]
Thunderwolf: "This is my fight...let it can't hurt her..."
[But almost ignoring his own words he charges Lisa with fists flying...almost every smack knocks her head to the ground, which causes it to bounce back up into yet another fisted shot, and finally her forehead opens up with some blood...Wolf picks her up, and drop toe holds her throat first onto the bottom rope...Wolf then bounces off of the opposite ropes and leaps over his Lorenzo, corkscrewing his body around 180 degrees and catching the top rope, uses the momentum of the swing to come back and dropkick her in the face, still holding onto the ropes, acrobat style.]
Jon McDaniel: "That's his new move...The PSP!!!"
Brian Rentfro: "Paint Shop Pro? I hear he's deadly with it..."
Jon McDaniel: "No, the Punk Static Paranoia!!! I heard he was going to debut it soon, I just didn't know sent Lisa a good ways back, and managed to keep that blood flowing out of her head, he's setting up for the Lycan '03...this could be it..."
[As soon as he hops around, though, Lisa is back up to her feet, and pushes Wolf down to the outside, to meet his own fate with the guard rail - head first, which in turn, busts his mouth and right over his eye open, but not quite as bad as that of Lisa. Wolf still hangs there...face down, on the unpadded guardrail.]
Brian Rentfro: "Lisa's backing up now..."
Jon McDaniel: "Goes running, hits the top rope with a springboard, and..."
[Swanton's the hell out of Thunderwolf, but that comes with a price, as her and wolf both fall into the front row of the crowd - both laid out, Lisa on top of Wolf...Brian's probably getting a cheap thrill.]
Brian Rentfro: "They're dead! Now who's the world champ gonna be? I mean...hey...if you can go out with a chick on top of you, all the more power to ya, but they're still dead!"
Jon McDaniel: "Oh can your mouth! They aren't dead, they're already starting to stir."
Brian Rentfro: "They're both to their feet...and make their way back over the barrier...Wolf out of nowhere grabs Lisa and whips her to the steel steps..she manages to turn and go back first into them!!!"
Jon McDaniel: "Wolf goes running...and dropkicks her face back into the steps! Lex hasn't even bothered to try and count them out, folks, there's gonna be a definite winner here tonight!"
Brian Rentfro: "...I'm...actually more concerned about Misty..."
Jon McDaniel: "Me too too."
[The announcers go silent for a moment, as Wolf rolls Lisa back into the ring. He sets her up on the upper-left hand turnbuckle, she starts to stand up to attempt a comeback, but Wolf punches her, hard, right in the groin...]
[...but he rolls off the turnbuckle upon doing so, grabbing at his right hand, his knuckles bloodied at the force of the punch and connecting with...well...her groin. Though, Lisa just laughs, something's definitely up...]
Brian Rentfro: "Oh my god. I'm going to puke. She's a damn hermy..."
Jon McDaniel: "Huh?"
Brian Rentfro: "A hermaphrodite you idiot, she was wearing a cut, I mean hello?! How many women do that? None!"
Jon McDaniel: "...."
[Lisa stands up as tall as she can on the top ropes, extending her palms to the heavens, she comes diving off with an SSP Leg Drop...]
Brian Rentfro: "THAT'S GONNA DO IT!!!"
Jon McDaniel: "No!!! That can't be it!"
[ wasn't...wolf's foot was on the ropes Just as the hand had hit three. The match resumes.]
Jon McDaniel: "That was the closest fall yet, next to the Silent Thunder that she was locked into..."
Brian Rentfro: "She's going back up to the top...she's gonna do it one more time...or maybe she's gonna...YES!!! SHE IS!!! SHE'S GONNA GO FOR THE PICTURE OF PERFECTION...SHE'S JUST WAITING FOR WOLF TO GET TO HIS feet..."
[...And wolf does...but perhaps...just a bit quicker than she was expecting, as he takes a wild leap for the ropes, knocking her down onto the turnbuckle...Wolf leaps up the ropes, under hooking both of the arms, and what could only be described as a moment captured in time, almost in slow motion, he brings her up, in a snap motion..and just like that...he cracks her down head first, into the mat...with one of the most deadly DDT's he's done do date...]
Brian Rentfro: "TOP ROPE CRY OF THE WOLF!!!!!!!!! IT'S ALL OVER!!!"

::The sewers belch me up::

::The heavens spit me out::

:: From ethers tragic, I am born again!!! ::

[The Genesis theme kicks into full gear as the match comes to an unexpected halt...with Wolf pulling the win out of nowhere, and knocking Lisa out, unknowingly, in the process.]
Jon McDaniel: "...We...we have a new World Champion!!!"


[Lex Demise seems to have something else on his mind, he lifts wolf's hand, embracing his friend quickly - Wolf whispers something into his ear...that could be best described as "please go check on her, I’ll finish things up from here on out..."]

Brian Rentfro: "...And that's going to do it, as the confetti starts to fly, the lights go to a deep aquamarine, and yet another Genesis finishes up..."

[Lex Demise quickly leaves the ring as the rest of the crew starts to gather round. A tired, blood, tears, and sweat filled Wolf drops to the ground, looking at the unconscious Lisa. The backstage people behind the lights keep trying to dim the aquamarine to a darker tone, but are apparently having a rough time. Nonetheless, wolf gets greeted with a set of pyro's from each turnbuckle, in bright golden arrays...he slumps over to the side...]

[Dominique collects the World and Intercontinental titles and makes her way into the ring with a slick grin, she's careful on her way in as not to mess up her gray business woman's jacket and skirt. Both Innocence and Rain, though, slide in immediately to help the tired Wolf to his feet, as the Genesis theme of "The End Is The Beginning Is The End" by Smashing Pumpkins starts to pick up. Wolf regains his composure, and takes in hand both the World and Intercontinental Titles...he backtracks himself to the set of ropes behind himself, draping the titles by their clasps, down his arms...the flash photography goes crazy throughout the arena, and already some of the more pissed off fans have begun throwing stuff into the ring, while the loyalist roar their hearts out with cheers...Dominique collects a mic from the ring girl as the lights start to dim out, the Genesis theme continues to play...but just an octade lower than it had been. Wolf hands his titles to rain, saying something inaudible to the crowd that could be best read as "thanks for being here...". Wolf takes the mic in hand, and stands between Dominique and Innocence, while Rain backs up to the corner...]

Thunderwolf: "Tonight...tonight I did what I said I'd do all along...and none of you pricks, not a damn one of you thought I could do it, not from the beginning, not ever. Deep in the back of your hearts and minds you knew I'd get here, but there was always some political figure, always someone ahead of me, always something in the way, and now? Now that ends...I'm your new motherfucking world champion, your new community icon, your new way to go..."

[That brought in a whole new chorus of boos as a beer bottle finds its way into the ring.]

Thunderwolf: "Real funny queefmuncher, why don't you try aiming a little further to the left next time? Now, as I was trying to say, like i've been trying to say all along...all of us, those associated with me, those you see before me, those you don't, we are the way of the future. And so represents the lovely anthem brought to you tonight - which has a double meaning behind it. Because tonight...tonight the Masters of Armageddon name that I've been running around with, ends, and yet something more beautiful, something more meaningful, more respectful begins - that will lead to the end of each and every one of you. And what a better place to start than Genesis? The beginning of it all for those of us deserving..."

[Wolf paces back and forth now...]

Thunderwolf: "...The end of everything else for those who aren't. Like piss poor pathetic Lisa over here. She had a chance at it, she had a chance to stand with the dominant, she had a chance to be in the family - but no, she's just a stupid girl, a stupid girl with no sense of anything that happened in the community preceeding her. I offered her the chance of a lifetime, and she spat in my face, and not once, not twice, but a number of times. I let it go. I gave her a chance to say she was sorry to those who deserved it. Then I spoke up. And she a result she lays here now, knocked out cold, from the Cry of the Wolf...I said it...I said it a billion times. I told you to hear it, I told you to fear it, I promised you that it would be the end of everything four years ago...and yet none of you believed me. But there are those who do. And those who I believe in...Rain over here, I believe in Rain. A former BMW World Champion. A man who in his time, has defined the word Hardcore..."

"A man who has never stood on his own, and yet, on the same token, has. A man who I'm setting free once and for stand beside me as we take everything we've ever wanted."

"And of course we've got Natasha, one of the best friends a man could ask for. Not only that but a faithful friend, someone who all of you called a whore. We ignored it. 'Cause frankly your opinions never mattered in the first place. You thought she was gonna be the end of me, the end of Misty, and yet she stands here today, by our side, basking in the glory of the battle fought by the one man who has always fought for her..."

"And now we've got you...Dominique..."

[A devilish smile makes its way across wolf's lips as he looks over to the Mocha-skinned beauty...]

Thunderwolf: "A new face, a new name, a great addition to the family. A woman who came to my home just to lend a helping hand...a woman my family welcomes with open arms."

[Wolf and Dominique nod towards one another as wolf lowers the mic once again...the boo's keep pouring in, the Smashing Pumpkins tune loops in the background and continues to play...]

Thunderwolf: "Yet...there's so much more. The family doesn't end here. Not by a long-shot. Of course you've got the man who has successfully fulfilled the role of my father - in Styx. The most beautiful, vibrant, loving woman in the world, my wife, Misty. And of course my two brother' being Lex Demise, the man who despite past tensions, has always been there. As a guardian angel if you will, even during the years of my childhood. Then there's the shyer of the two Ryan...Motherfucking....McCade...a man who's wings were clipped before he ever truly got to fly in this sport, but behind the scenes, no one could ask for a more supporting sibling..."

"Still...we don't end family...the family has continued to grow...guys..."

[The Genesis theme kicks up to more than a light background tune now, as Corey Lazarus, Brandon Nova, Gregory Price, and Malcolm West all make their way out from behind the curtain, and down the ramp...they all slide into the ring.]

Thunderwolf: "Corey Lazarus, who in the last four years, has proven time and time again to be my most loyal bud in this entire sport. When those of you thought twice about turning your back on me, he didn't. Not once. He stood equally, by my side, running up the other side of the ladder at the same time. We've always been on the same page, and we will continue to BE on the same page. Sure, somedays, we'll have our differences...but we'll always come back together in some form or another, as a collective unit, of the two greatest talents on the face of this planet."

"Gregory Price - you've proven your worth beyond words."

"Malcolm, you're a class act, and we welcome you to the family..."

[Wolf stops pointing from member to member, and goes face to face with the one he's yet to mention...Brandon Nova...]

Thunderwolf: "Brandon...Brandon Nova. Well. Who would ever have thought we'd see the day that the two of us would end up on the same side. I'm honored, hell, estatic that we were able to put our differences aside, because I stick by my words, you are without a doubt, one of the brightest up and coming stars in this business, you're yours ahead of your time in terms of quality matches, and I welcome you with open arms to the fold..."

"And still...we don't end here...we have two more members we've had our eyes on, one since our days in Liberty, the other a little more recently...would all of you please welcome our newest additions to the Exit the AWN family...two guys who I will personally lead to the future...lead to stardom...and they are...Ray Stanford and Ron Barker...come on down!"

[And with that - they do. Ron Barker and Ray Stanford come out, slapping hands as they do so, they both slide into the ring and wolf turns back around to face the camera as the music dies out and the lights come back on. Wolf hands the mic over to Natasha. Wolf collects his titles...]

Innocence: " comes to my attention that we haven't properly introduced ourselves as a family. Dustin just said it, the AWN family, and I'm sure some of you are wondering - what in the hell is that supposed to mean? AWN? Just another insignificant three lettered group of wrestlers who stand for nothing? No, far from it, we go further than just a stable. We are a business, a corporation, a network if you will that extends it's practices further than that of just the wrestling ring..."

"We are the Acheron World Network. The ultimate compliment to the original father...and even moreso to our new leader, in Dustin "Thunderwolf" Kelser..."

"This is your new found destiny. Learn to fucking deal with it. We're outta here..."

[With that each and every member exits - Nova, Laz, Rain, Dominique, Innocence, Price, West, Barker, and finally Stanford. All of them exit to Acheron World Network/Genesis theme as Wolf drags Lisa out to the middle of the ring, falling down to his knees over top of her chest. He utters something inaudible to the crowd, to her...he brushes a loose strand of hair away from her face, a sinister smile resting on his face as he shakes his head at her...he lifts himself up as the last person makes their way into the back...he rolls out of the ring...but the night hasn't ended...]

['Holding Sand' by Rival Schools explodes to life and the crowd pops loud as Jacob Seldon, better known by his ring name of Protean, steps out with fury burning in his eyes. He's dressed mock casually in a faded grey t-shirt and equally faded jeans which are ripped open at the knees. These lead down into, not his trademark DCs, but instead some white converses. His hair is no longer dyed black like it once was but now is back to it's original sandy color for perhaps the first time in his entire career.]

Brian Rentfro: "HOLY SHIT!!! Protean's back!!!"

Jon McDaniel: "I thought he quit HIC over a month ago...why...I mean wait...wasn't he friends with both...oh shit I don't even know what's going on!"

[Wolf and Protean meet midway up the ramp...and go face to face, but never actually touch. Wolf stares at Protean with a dead gaze, whereas Proteans hold just a little more emotion. His pace was raged and so are those blood shot eyes - whereas Wolf takes the more calm, cool approach. He simply looks at Protean - with what could almost be described as a bored expression. Which was an obvious front, as this had been his protege...and one of his best friends...]

Brian Rentfro: "They're gonna explode just you wait and see...all proverbial hell's gonna break lose, blood's gonna go flying, face's are gonna be smashed, egos tamed, and Wolf's gonna be the one to do it!

[But that's actually quite the opposite of what goes down...the two just stare one another down, until finally Protean is at his breaking point, but instead of hitting wolf, who almost prompts him to as he cracks his neck to the side, he sidesteps him and slides into the ring. Wolf continues up the ramp - Protean tries to revive the fallen Lisa, but to no avail, there isn't a response...wolf continues towards the curtain, never turning his head to look back. Protean picks up Lisa to carry her out, one arm under her legs, the other supporting her back. Wolf stops, looks down from one title to the other, and contemplates going back - but before he can get to deep in thought, Lazarus runs out from the back.]

Corey Lazarus: "We have to's something bad wrong with Misty...didn't you hear me...I said now!"

[The color of wolf's face goes to that of a ghostly white, he takes a deep swallow, but his expression never changes...the camera pans up to the plasmatron to reveal the AWN logo, as we break, to static...]


Thanks to everyone who helped make this card go smoothly...

Dustin- for the fantastic work on graphics and a match that needed to be done at the last second.
Drezzy- for the nifty video segments introducing the final two matches and the opening video segment.
Solomon- for stepping in at the last second and writing the Battledome match.
Thurston- for writing four matches in a fantastic way.
Chris B.- for Raizzor vs. Panzadise
Me- for booking the stupid thing.

And indeed to everyone for some fantastic RP's. I understand we've hit a bit of a rough spot, but with this PPV done and out of the way we can start working on the next set of storylines.

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