World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick



Fade in… the horrific scene from Genesis Six, when Draven returned with Jasmine Lee to put to end the legacy of the Soul-Taker……Raizzor is slowly pulled to his feet, hoisted onto Dravens shoulders, Death Valley Driver style, and, lightning quick, is heaved up and over, and dropped with an inverted DDT...a DVD into a Inverted DDT....coined the Akharu Death Driver. Raizzor’s now lifeless body is rolled towards the casket.

Jon McDaniel: Jasmine.. with Draven??? They are dragging Raizzor body into the casket!

Indeed, the two throw Raizzor in, and slam the door shut. Draven silently points the red gas can… and Jasmine fetches it. She then begins pouring the rest of the gas over the casket.

Brian Rentfro: No… NO! Someone stop this!!!

Standing back, with a satisfied smile, she watches with adoring eyes as Draven grabs the matches and strikes one, careful to keep them away from himself.. and with a flourish, tosses it on top of the coffin.

Jon McDaniel: OH MY GOD!! Ok, Had one left.. GOD NO!!!!

The casket bursts into flames, and Jasmine and Draven soak up the heat… and the arena is filled with screams and crying…. No one can believe what has just went down!!!

Brian Rentfro: Someone, for the love of god, help him!

Help him echoes repeatedly as it fades and in it’s place music grows louder as the theme for Genesis Seven; “I Stand Alone!” by Godsmack fills the airwaves and the scene switches to focus on the divided picture of the frozen faces of both Erik ‘Valek’ Draven and Raizzor in his demonic mask! As the intro continues, that picture fades as we catch quick glimpses of the action over the past month in the PWA!

Alex Wilkie follows up with a snapmare, whipping Erik Draven's head forward and then back to the canvas. Alex Wilkie then signals for the end, and as Erik Draven stumbles up to his feet, Alex Wilkie runs to the ropes for momentum to hit the Red and White, when he finds himself toppling over the top rope, which was pulled down by Brymstone!

Guitars kick up...

The referee calls for the bell, disqualifying Erik Draven. Brymstone grabs Alex Wilkie and throws him back into the ring.

Drums Enter...

Draven scoops him up and connects with the Ahnkharu Death Driver !!

Music Continues...

Protean goes for another Standing Drop-kick to the same area but Sirus manages to roll out of the way and get to his feet.

Vocals enter...

Protean gets up quick, shaking off the botched Drop-kick. Sirus goes to catch the quick Protean

~I’ve told you this once before can’t control me~

---but he dodges it and throws a kick to the back of Sirus legs, Sirus goes down a bit, and Protean throws another.

~If you try to take me down you’re gonna break~

This time Sirus goes down to one knee. Finally protean backs up a bit and then kicks Sirus in the back of the head.

~I feel your having nothing that you’re doing for me~

The scene then switches to show Draven standing behind Nina Daemon Macabre.

~I’m thinkin you are a fake, you are that way~

It then cuts to the events of last week; The Pyros hit the bottom of the ramp and then more pyros go off in the four corners!

~I stand alone~

Suddenly smoke begins to fill the ring!

~Inside I stand alone~

Soon, the smoke completely fills the ring. In that smoke, a figure emerges, covered in a black leather duster, the figures demonic features solidify to that of the Soul-Taker; Raizzor who wears a frightening looking mask.

~You’re always hiding behind your so called goddess~

~So what you don’t think that we can’t see your face~

It cuts then to the two in a desperate battle of domination.

~Resurrecting back before the final fallen~

The scene then turns to The Notch, as he smirks, and XTC turns he cracks his former protégé' right across the face.

~I’ll never rest until I can make my own way~

The Notch takes the contract from Mack Moran, signs it, and hands it back to Moran. XTC, rubbing his right cheek, takes it from Moran, signs it, then connects with a shot to The Notch, the two exchanging rights and lefts.

~I’m not afraid of fading~

Sandra surprises Ethan by taking the clothesline only to grab hold of his arm, spin her body around and hit a massive face plant DDT!

~I stand alone~
~Feeling your sting down inside me~

Sandra stops suddenly, looks concerned for Ethan and pulls him to his feet.

~I’m not tired forever~

The crowd is stunned as she then plants a soft kiss on his cheek, before turning him over into a devastating pile driver, finishing him off with the Kiss of Death!

~I stand alone~
~Everything that I believe is fading~
~I stand alone~

Chamelion swings his feet around,

~Inside I stand alone~

---but Draven catches him, pulling him legs first into the ring and then slingshots him up and over, sending Chamelion crashing down on his stomach!

~Now it’s my time~

Wasting no time, XTC hefts Sandra back to her feet and attempts to hook her into a powerbomb,

~It’s my time to dream~

--- but Sandra blocks him and heaves, sending him over in a back body drop!

Sandra rushes the ropes as XTC rights himself and she swings for a clothesline but XTC ducks, twists his body and as Sandra turns, he kicks her square in the gut and successfully hits the powerbomb!

~Make me believe that this place isn’t made by the poison in me~

Brymstone then attacks Sirus and the two men fall outside the ring. Draven picks Grifter back up, but Grifter breaks Draven’s hold and connects with a DDT.

~Help me decide if my fire will burn out before you can breathe~

Grifter goes for the cover, but Draven kicks out on two. Both men get back up, while Brymstone and Sirus still fight outside the ring.

~Breathe into me~

Grifter rushes forward, but Draven kicks him in the mid- section, and then gives Grifter a huge power bomb!

Music Break

Jacob capitalizes on his momentary advantage by throwing a few more hard shots to the jaw of Wilkie before sending him to the ropes again.

~I stand alone~
~Inside I stand alone~

On the return trip, Wilkie comes to his senses and tries for a clothesline... nobody home, however, as Seldon drops to the canvas and Wilkie is forced to carry on past him into the opposite set.

~Feeling your sting down inside me~

As he comes back once again, Jacob pops up off the canvas and drops him with a high-angled dropkick, that earns an "Oh!" from one or two members of the audience. This is followed up by a quick pin...

~I’m not tired forever~

It then reverts back to do a quick recap of all the opponents facing each other in profile as the camera spins around them.

~I stand alone~
~Everything that I believe is fading~

It flicks through each of the matches before settling in first on Erik Draven

~I stand alone~

---and then to Raizzor’s masked face as the camera zooms in on his eyes.

~Inside I stand alone~
~Inside I stand alone~

And finally fades out…as the music dies.


And mere seconds later, is replaced by the explosive pyros going off in the PWA Dome as we open Genesis Seven! The camera pans over the brim filled arena as the fans in attendance are all on their feet, screaming and cheering. We see many signs being displayed "9-1-1 Wilkie!", "I'm Psycho for Sandra!" "Draven's soul belongs to Raizzor!" "The Notch in a circle with an X through it and then T-C following" "Choose MY Destiny, Protean!" and much more. As the camera moves about, it begins to pan down to ringside where our two favorite announcers are already in place, and Genesis begins!

Jon McDaniel: Welcome everyone, to GENESIS SEVEN!!

Brian Rentfro: Four years! We’ve had to wait four years, but we’re finally back!

Jon McDaniel: Only two years since Genesis Six, which was hosted by High Impact Competition, but yes, the PWA has taken four years to return, but it feels so good to be back!

Brian Rentfro: Tonight, a new history for the PWA Begins, but some histories will finally come to a close!

Jon McDaniel: A war that started in the PWA at Genesis Three finally sees closure tonight when the Reaper of Souls, Erik Draven, seeks to put to rest the mythos of the Soul-Taker, Raizzor!

Brian Rentfro: Draven nearly destroyed Raizzor at Genesis Six, and if he gets his way, he’ll finish the job tonight!

Jon McDaniel: But before that, another feud hot in the making is between Alex Wilkie and Brymstone!

Brian Rentfro: those two began crossing paths at the very first PWA show, and it’s culminated into an ambulance match here tonight!

Jon McDaniel: We also have the debut of three new PWA superstars, as they enter into the first even Choose Your Destiny match! The winner is going to have a golden opportunity to become either the Grizzly Beer Champion, or if his luck holds; PWA World Champion!

Brian Rentfro: A great way to enter the PWA, that’s for sure!

Jon McDaniel: Speaking of titles, Psycho Sandra will have her greatest test here in the PWA as she goes up against Protean to defend her PWA Grizzly Beer title!

Brian Rentfro: I don’t know, when she defended the World Title against Thunderwolf, I thought that was her greatest challenge! Protean has been tall on words, but short on concept! He could change that all here tonight should he win!

Jon McDaniel: And of course, no Genesis would be complete without an appearance by the Brothers Grimm as they go for their 11th PWA Tag-Team titles, but they first have to get past the Red Army Warriors, a hot and upcoming tag team, who could really upset the Grimms if they win!

Brian Rentfro: Finally, Genesis will see a great match of respect by two great veterans of the sport! XTC and The Notch will highlight tonight’s extravaganza as they go one on one to decide which of the two, really is the better competitor!

Jon McDaniel: The crowd’s buzzing, we’ve held off long enough! Let’s get to ringside for our first match, and it’s a HUGE ONE!!

Psycho Sandra vs Protean

PWA Grizzly Beer Title Match

Jack Mulligan: Ladies and Gentlemen this match is scheduled for one fall!… Introducing first, weighing in at 180lbs and hailing from Washington, DC, she is the PWA Grizzly Beer Champion; Psycho Sandra!

Sandra walks out to the song "Sikamikaniko" by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The clips that play show her wrestling men, riding her motorcycle, and eating chilli peppers.

Jack Mulligan: And Her Opponent! From Albuquerque, New Mexico, weighing in at 191lbs, Protean!

The crowd gives a mixed but impressive reaction as "Make Yourself" by Incubus hits up over the sound system. Brandon Boyd's distorted and swaying vocals continue unfettered for a few moments, before - as the song explodes into life - the man known as Jacob Seldon steps out through the entrance curtain for another roar from the crowd. He is dressed tonight in a black tee-shirt baring the logo for HiC's Genesis Six and a pair of loose fitting black pleather pants. He jogs unhurriedly down to the ring, slapping the outstretched hands that surround him, before sliding under the bottom rope and springing to his feet on the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: Protean looks to be in fine shape!

Brian Rentfro: Maybe he took Chamelion's comments to heart! Thought that will be bad new for Sandra!


Sandra and Protean circle the ring, before both of them walk to the front and lock in a grapple, Protean works quick and turns the grapple into an Arm wrench, Sandra, showing her Bar-brawl style fighting, grabs Proteans arm and twists it back, and reverses his move into a hammer lock of her own.

Jon McDaniel: Here we go! We are already starting to se some of Sandras smash mouth style!

Brian Rentfro: Your absolutely right. The Hardcore Dare-Devil Protean. Versus The Bar Brawlin’ Psycho Sandra, this should be a good one!

Sandra pushes Protean into the ropes and he bounces back first and Sandra grabs him and rolls him into a school boy pin!


Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: You’ll have to do a little bit more than that Sandra!

Sandra moves quick again and straddles Protean , she grabs his hair and begins to throw punches to his forehead. The ref pulls Sandra away as protean gets up, he holds his head to check for blood, but as soon as the ref steps away from Sandra, and she rushes for Protean, Protean hits Sandra with a rough take down.

Jon McDaniel: Nice!

Sandra reverses the take down into an arm bar (But still takes the full force of the take down) but protean manages to get his arm free and reverse her arm bar into an Ankle lock!

Brian Rentfro: Both Opponents moving fast in this match up! No dust on them!

Protean locks in the Ankle lock with a Grapevine but Sandra manages to kick her boot into the Arm pit of protean, forcing him to break the hold.

Jon McDaniel: Wow, Sandra is really taking it too him!

Protean and Sandra get to a vertical base as quickly as possible. The crowd cheers wildly as chants for both wrestlers erupt from the crowd “LETS GO PROTEAN!” “PSY-CHO SAN-DRA!” the camera moves up to Protein’s face, who was smirking.

Brian Rentfro: It’s a shame, these two cant just share the Grizzly Bear title. They deserve it!

Jon McDaniel: Well they cant and you know that, silly.

Sandra makes the first move, and quickly locks in a headlock, trying to go for her famed, Hop Drop, but Protean reverses the move with a few quick elbows to the gut, Sandra lets go and leans forward a bit, holding his stomach, Protean runs towards the ropes and bounces off them hitting a hard clothesline, Sandra gets up fast, but Protean knocks her back down with another clothesline, this time, he goes dashes towards Sandra and then locks in his own headlock.

Brian Rentfro: It would seem to me that Protean wants to end this quick! Its such a great match!

Jon McDaniel: Well wouldn’t you want to end it quick?

Brian Rentfro:…yeah

Sandra tries to climb to a rope, but Protean pulls her back and then locks in a tight leg scissors!

Jon McDaniel: Sandra isn’t going anywhere!

Sandra slowly begins to crawl towards the ropes, with protean latched onto her back, unfortunately she falls flat on her face, Protean still adding on pressure.

Jon McDaniel: It looks like Protean may have locked in a sleeper hold!

Brian Rentfro: It could be over for Sandra!

Sandra’s arm outstretches, her hand clenches into a tight fist and then releases, and then clenches again, but drops to the floor. Protean yells a “Tap!” the ref gets in close and grabs her arm and lifts it up and drops it!


He picks it up and drops it again


He picks it up one last time and drops it! It stays in the air! The ref waves to signal consciousness, Sandras’ arm shakes violently as she begins to lift herself up! With protean still latched on!

Brian Rentfro: No way!

Jon McDaniel: Sandra isn’t out yet!

She gets to her feet, the 191pound man on her back, she takes a step and then falls backward into a modified Electric chair drop!

Brian Rentfro: No Way! Sandra Just made a hell of a counter there!

Jon McDaniel: Sandra is still in this one! She’s tougher than she looks.

Sandra holds onto the ropes as she looks at the downed Protean, she slowly gets her strength back, becoming fully awake and alert.

Brian Rentfro: Looks like Sandra is ready for round 2 but is protean?

Protean begins to make his way to his feet, holding his back in pain from the Electric chair drop. Sandra eyes him like a vulture. As he turns his attention to the champion, she charges him and hits a hard shoulder block once his turns around, He gets up quick and she hits another shoulder block, imitating what Protean did to her, instead, this time when protean stayed down she bounces off the ropes. hits a rough Rolling thunder hopping up as quickly as she hit the move.

Brian Rentfro: Sandra is burnin’ it up here!

She picks protean up and hits a hard rolling neckbreaker. Protean holds his head and rolls over on his stomach, kicking the mat a bit with the tip of his toes.

Brain Brian Rentfro: Sandra seems to be doing her damage to Protean here.

Jon McDaniel: And she’s looking damn good while doing it!

Sandra poses to the crowd getting a huge pop. As she goes up to the top rope. Yelling to the crowd, getting an even bigger pop as Protean runs up behind and slips in-between her legs and hits a hard power bomb!

Jon McDaniel: WHOA!

Brian Rentfro: Protean out of nowhere!

Protean goes up to the top rope, and sits there for a moment as Sandra slowly gets to her feet, shaking her head, as she tries to get the stars out of her eyes, Protean stands up on the top rope, poses to the crowd for a few seconds and Just as Sandra turns around, Protean jumps off the top turnbuckle and latches his legs onto Sandras neck and pulls his finisher the Esyilum, Sandra gets roughly thrown to the ground, she knocks right into the ref who gets pushed out through the middle ropes.

Jon McDaniel: The Refs out!

Brian Rentfro: But Protean doesn’t notice!

Protean goes for the pin, smiling as he thought he’d won! But there’s no count. He looks around and then notices the absence of the ref, he shakes his head and then rolls out of the ring and looks at the ref, and he shakes the ref hard on the collar and then picks him up and rolls him under the bottom rope.

Jon McDaniel: A lot of help that’ll do Protean!

Protean then rolls back under the bottom rope and goes to the announcers table, he smiles at the two announcers and takes Jon’s water bottle and gives him a quick thumbs up.

Jon McDaniel: HEY THAT’S MINE!

Protean takes a big sip of the water and then spits it into the refs face, the mist wakes him up, enough for him to know what’s going on, Protean goes back under the rope and picks Sandra up, he goes up to the top rope and goes for another Esyilum, but as soon as he jumps off Sandra steps out of the way, Protean hips the mat hard but gets up quickly, he holds his lower back and takes a step forward and Sandra creeps up behind him, she dashes down behind Protean and slips her arm up and pulls him down into another school boy!

Jon McDaniel: HERES THE PIN!



Sandra puts her feet on the ropes for leverage!


Jack Mulligan: Ladies and Gentlemen, Here is your winner! And Still Grizzly Bear Champion! PSYCHOOOOO! SANDRAAAA!

Jon McDaniel: Did You See that!

Sandra rolls out under the bottom rope and throws her hands up in victory! The ref hands her title belt and she holds it high in the air, the camera cuts to Protean who is holding the bridge of his nose, looking very frustrated with himself.

Brian Rentfro: It looks like Sandra stole one from Protean!

Jon McDaniel: I know! WHAT STRATAGEY!

Sandra continues up the ramp, holding her title up, yelling “THIS IS MINE”

Brian Rentfro: I’d say she deserves that, even with that little leverage stunt! Both wrestlers showed great skill tonight!

Jon McDaniel: But its not over yet!

Brian Rentfro: it its not! We still have the Wilkie vs. Brymstone Ambulance match!

Jon McDaniel: And We still have to enter the Seven gates of hell and come back before the nights over!

Cody Galle vs Gregory Littlebear vs Johnny Phoenix

Choose Your Destiny Match

Jack Mulligan: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is the Choose Your Destiny triple threat!! The winner of this match will have the opportunity to either challenge for the PWA Grizzly Beer Title at Who’s the Man? Or enter into the Championship tournament for the PWA World Title! Introducing the first challenger, weighing in at 227lbs and hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, Cody Galle!

“Ace of Spades” by Motorhead hits the PWATron as the arena goes dark. Cody “Ceige” Galle comes out with his sunglasses on and makes his way to the ring in the darkness, while camera flashes illuminate his solemn poker face. He jumps up onto the apron and climbs into the ring through the ropes. He pulls out two cards from the back of his tights, an ace and a king of spades. He then pulls out a lighter from a pocket in his tights. He lights the cards on fire and then drops them, gazing up at the ceiling as the lights come back on and the music fades.

Jack Mulligan: And his opponent, weighing in at 258lbs, and hailing from Jamestown, VA, he is Gregory Littlebear!

Red Stripe walks out to the song Buck Dich by Rammstein. He raises his arms to the crowd, and runs in place to get energized.

Jack Mulligan: And now, their opponent, weighing in at 245lbs and he calls Las Vegas, Nevada his home, Johnny Phoenix!

As Bodies rings through the loudspeakers, the arena goes dark. Smoke begins to come up through the ramp. Suddenly a light from behind the stage comes on and we see a dark silhouette standing there. As the music hits, fireworks go off from either side of the stage to create an X, and Johnny Walks through the smoke.

Jon McDaniel: This is the debut for all three men!

Brian Rentfro: I bet they didn’t expect to walk into the PWA and immediately get the chance to go for a championship opportunity!

Jon McDaniel: One step at a time, first one of them has to win, and then there’s the difficult choice to make!

Brian Rentfro: Right! Take a title match, or opt to be one of eight potential world champions! I am not sure what I would do!

Jon McDaniel: I do! I’d take the Grizzly Beer title shot! A quick title run can lead to the world title in a short time!

Brian Rentfro: You’re awfully confident, let’s see what these three can do in the ring!


All three men look at each other, wondering who will make the first move. Greg cracks his knuckles and feigns a move towards Cody but turns and rushes Phoenix, catching him with a forearm smash! Cody sees the opportunity and joins Greg as both men begin to work on Phoenix! They double whip him to the ropes and with a solid double clothesline, they send Phoenix sailing onto his back!

Jon McDaniel: Seems there was some talk about working together!

Brian Rentfro: Good idea, it’s really the only way to win! Get one man out of the match and then focus on each other!

With Phoenix down, both Galle and Greg begin stomping on him, driving him to the corner. Together, they pick up Phoenix and whip him to the opposite corner, and he hits hard. Cody grabs Greg and whips him at Phoenix, who manages to duck and as Greg collides with the turnbuckle, Phoenix launches with a drop kick to the oncoming Cody!

Jon McDaniel: Phoenix comes back and evens the field!

Brian Rentfro: Even? I doubt that! But he’s showing he wants the chance at his own destiny!

Now in control, Phoenix picks up Cody and heaves him into a body slam! Covering, Phoenix hooks the leg.



Jon McDaniel: Way too early for a pin!

Brian Rentfro: Ya gotta take every chance you can!

Greg pushes Phoenix off, and hits a leg drop on Cody before rolling back to his feet and attacks Phoenix in the corner again. Greg delivers a series of lefts and rights, before setting Phoenix up on the turnbuckle! Climbing, Greg hooks Phoenix up, attempting a superplex when Cody races to the corner and gets Greg up on his shoulders, falling backwards and sending both Greg and Phoenix down to the canvas with a double superplex!

Jon McDaniel: HOLY!

Brian Rentfro: That was awesome! Cody uses their own weight and I bet Phoenix took the worst of it!

Cody rolls to his feet and runs, sending Phoenix outside the ring with a baseball slide. He then jumps up and turns his attention to Gregory! Hoisting Greg up, Cody hits a high knee lift and follows up with another good clothesline. With Greg down, Cody applies the Ceige Twistlock! He pulls hard, trying to get Greg to tap!

Jon McDaniel: That move could almost be illegal!

Brian Rentfro: The ref is checking! No, it’s legal, but yeah, it’s damned close to being a choke!

Greg struggles and twists and manages to break part of the hold! Flipping, Greg drives a knee up into Cody, precariously close to the wrong spot. Cody stumbles back and Greg finds his footing. Greg then runs to the corner and goes for his finisher, the Peace Pipe, but as he gets up top, he gets thrown from the ring by Phoenix!

Jon McDaniel: He forgot about Phoenix!

Brian Rentfro: And he’s paid the price, and he was so close too!

Phoenix then turns to climb back into the ring, but gets a jab to the face from Cody. Phoenix nearly loses his footing but is able to bend and drive a shoulder in Cody’s stomach! Phoenix then launches over the top rope and flips Cody over for the pin!




Jon McDaniel: Nice move by Phoenix!

Brian Rentfro: But not enough!

Phoenix grabs Cody and sends him back down with a pump-handle slam and goes for another cover.



shoulder up!

Jon McDaniel: Phoenix is definitely showing some skill in the ring!

Brian Rentfro: He’s executing some devastating moves, but he still has to be careful not to forget it’s not just the two of them!

Frustrated, Phoenix scoops Cody up, but Cody lifts his arms up and blocks Phoenix, and then follows up with a kick to the stomach and a firm DDT, planting Phoenix into the canvas! Cody rolls him over and covers.



shoulder up!

Jon McDaniel: Cody takes control of the match, but still can’t seem to get the win!

Brian Rentfro: It’s been back and forth and.. well, back again between all three!

Cody brings Phoenix up and whips him to the ropes, but Phoenix manages to reverse it and Cody is sent to the ropes! However, Greg pulls the ropes down and Cody goes tumbling over the top! Greg smirks and rolls into the ring and stands. Greg and Phoenix then link up in the center of the ring with a standard collar and elbow tie up! Greg puts Phoenix into a headlock, and then turns it into a hammer lock before driving his elbow into the back of Phoenix’s skull! He then floats around Phoenix and hits his Orange Crush (drives his face into Greg’s knee). He then covers.




Jon McDaniel: OW!

Brian Rentfro: You can say that again, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a broken nose in the mix now!

Slamming his fist into the mat, Greg pulls Phoenix up and hoists him up and connects with a jack-hammer suplex! He tries again.



Cody dives and makes the save!

Jon McDaniel: That would have been it, right there, had Cody not made the save!

Brian Rentfro: Unless you can firmly put one man out of the match, this is going to happen again!

All three men return to their feet and begin to slug it out in a three way battle for supremacy. Phoenix takes a shot to the face and turns away, holding his mouth. Cody and Greg continue with Greg getting the offensive and he catches Cody with a version of the Unprettier! He covers.



Shoulder up!

Jon McDaniel: Taking quick advantage there!

Brian Rentfro: Still not enough! I wonder if anything will be!

Phoenix tackles Greg, and the two men roll out of the ring, slugging it out! Outside the ring, as Greg attempts to take control, he throws Phoenix against the turn post and then races in. Phoenix moves and Greg connects head first, cracking his skull. Phoenix then steps onto the steel stairs and comes down with a hard leg drop!

Jon McDaniel: Greg looks unconscious!

Brian Rentfro: This may be it, it’s down to two men!

Phoenix then rolls into the ring, and is met with a knee to the chest from Cody! Cody raises Phoenix up and connects with the Double or Nothing (Double Dragon Suplex). Breathing hard, Cody scales the corner and aims and flies with the Down to the Felt! At the last second however, Phoenix gets his knees up and Cody bounces off, rolling around holding his stomach in terrible pain!

Jon McDaniel: Cody went for it! Phoenix had the presence of mind to get his legs up!

Brian Rentfro: But can he capitalize!

Phoenix stumbles to his feet, and he takes his turn up on the corner and he wows the crowd with The Rise of the Phoenix (Corkscrew 450 Splash) and connects on Cody Galle! He covers!




Jon McDaniel: Phoenix did it!

Brian Rentfro: What a move to put away Cody! Any less would not have done it!

Jack Mulligan: Here is your winner of the Choose Your Destiny match, Johnny Phoenix!!

Phoenix rolls out of the ring, holding his side as Bud Adams comes down the ramp quickly. He joins Phoenix at ringside.

Bud Adams: Phoenix! Congrats on your victory here tonight! The question now is, what are you going to do? Which choice are you going to take with your destiny??

Phoenix breaths hard, trying to catch his breath as he leans against the apron of the ring. He then nods his head.

Phoenix: I gave it some hard thought, if I came out the winner… and I feel there will never be a better opportunity then the one I earned here tonight! I want to be the World Champion more then anything! So I’m going into the tournament!

The crowd pops loudly by this, and Phoenix holds his hand up!

Bud Adams: There ya have it folks! Johnny Phoenix will join the Who’s The Man? Tournament! Also, I’ve been authorized to announce once we knew Phoenix’s choice that both Cody Galle and Gregory Littlebear will meet this coming Rampage to determine the number one contender for the PWA Grizzly Beer Championship!

The crowd roars it’s approval of this announcement!

Brian Rentfro: Not bad! Cody and Greg may have come up short tonight, but they get another opportunity at title gold at Who’s the Man?!

Jon McDaniel: And as you said, a win there can still catapult either one towards the world title very soon! Phoenix wins the first ever choose your destiny match! But we have much more to go!

Alex Wilkie vs Brymstone

Ambulance Match

Jon McDaniel: Here it is folks! One of the most anticipated matches of Genesis Seven! The Ambulance match between Alex Wilkie and Brymstone!

Brian Rentfro: Well it all started with this…

The scene changed quickly to a scene from the first Rampage of 2006-

Alex Wilkie follows up with a snapmare, whipping Erik Draven's head forward and then back to the canvas. Alex Wilkie then signals for the end, and as Erik Draven stumbles up to his feet, Alex Wilkie runs to the ropes for momentum to hit the Red and White, when he finds himself toppling over the top rope, which was pulled down by Brymstone!

Jon McDaniel: What the hell?

Brian Rentfro: Brymstone makes the save??

The referee calls for the bell, disqualifying Erik Draven. Brymstone grabs Alex Wilkie and throws him back into the ring, where Draven scoops him up and connects with the Ahnkharu Death Driver !! Draven stares as Brymstone enters the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Maybe Brymstone didn’t want to wait any longer, and we’re gonna see all hell break lose here and now!

Brian Rentfro: Oh, I like when hell breaks loose!

In the ring, the two giant men stare at each other, eyes locked… when Brymstone shocks the world by extending his hand, and Draven takes it and they shake.

The scene changed back quickly to another shot. With Brian Rentfro calling the background.

Brian Rentfro: And then the week after, June 2nd.

While Brymstone is bent over, XTC attempts to whip him into the ropes, but instead Brymstone pulls him into a fireman's carry, which quickly gets turned into a Sitout Tombstone Piledriver!

Brian Rentfro: Pits of Hell! XTC is down! He's not moving!

Brymstone steps on XTC's chest with his massive boot as the ref counts



The lights suddenly go out!

Brian Rentfro: What the hell is going on!

The arena is abuzz as no one can see a thing, and then there’s a loud crack!! Suddenly the lights came back on as Brymstone is laid out on the mat with Alex standing over him with a Sledgehammer held high over his head!


Brian Rentfro: Oh my god! Alex has taken out Brymstone! What the hell!


Jon McDaniel: The ref is calling for the bell!

Jack Mulligan: The winner of this match, as a result of a disqualification! Brymstone!

Alex grabs the mic from Jack Mulligan and waited for the fans screams and cheers to die down.

Alex: Brymstone, You knew I was coming after you! You knew tonight would be the night I would take you out, you fat sack of crap! I bet you can’t hear me, but let me tell you one thing that someone will tell you tomorrow! ME AND YOU at Genesis! Ambulance Match! Give me your answer next Friday, Or this will happen again! And again! Until you accept!

“Halo” By Soil hit as Alex rolled out of the ring, Holding the sledgehammer high up in the air, as he backed up the stage, pointing his Hammer at the unconscious Brymstone.

Brian Rentfro: I’ve never seen this happen to Brymstone before! What a cheap shot from Alex!

Jon McDaniel: It’s only fair to Brymstone! He attacked Alex last week!

The scene went back to a shot of Brian Rentfro and Jon McDaniel.

Jon McDaniel: But it didn’t end there. Oh boy, it didn’t. things only got heated between these two. Like back on June 9th when Protean and Alex were having a great match, perhaps a candidate for match of the year… until Brymstone interrupted.

The scene changed to

The crowd applauds frantically, interchanging between chants of "S-I-D!" and "LET'S GO WILKIE!", as they try desperately to find the strength to keep moving. Amidst all this, neither of them notices the sudden change in crowd reaction as a lone figure detaches himself from the front row and moves towards the ring, a chair in hand... until the sickening smack of steel on bone resounds around the arena.

Jon McDaniel: OH GOD! Wilkie just got blind-sided!

His eyes rolling back into his head, Wilkie staggers forward a few steps and then falls forward, his face bouncing off the canvas. Leaning over the ropes, chair still in hand, Brymstone stares down at him with a smirk. Protean looks on with a mixture of confusion and disgust on his face, as Brymstone hops the ropes and advances on his fallen opponent. Dirk Vargas wastes no time in signaling for the bell...


Paying it no heed, Brymstone raises the chair once again and brings it down hard across the back of the already unconscious Wilkie. Boos and jeers rain down from the stands as he jabs the young man in the side with the tip of his boot and laughs quietly to himself.

Jon McDaniel: This is just absolutely disgusting. Seldon and Wilkie were putting on the beginnings of a real classic for these PWA fans; there was no need for it to end like this!

Brian Rentfro: Well no one looks more disgusted than Jacob, since he made his return to the sport he's been all about showmanship and good quality wrestling, and Brymstone just put an end to all that.

Brymstone raises the chair again, but stops as he sees Protean staggering across the ring towards him. Letting the chair drop down by his side, he grins at Seldon and says something to effect of, "Like what I did here?" Evidently Jacob does not as he begins to remonstrate angrily with him, gesturing from the chair to Wilkie and then up around at the crowd. Brymstone's grin quickly fades and he gets right up in Jacob's face, shouting the odds.

Jack Mulligan: Ladies and gentlemen, as a result of outside interference, the referee has ruled this match a no contest draw!

Hearing the result, Seldon gives Brymstone one last disgusted look then backs slowly away from him to the ropes. Still not taking his eyes off of Brymstone, he climbs out onto the apron and then drops down onto the floor before at last turning his back and making his way on up the ramp. Brymstone just chuckles at him and then turns back to Wilkie who he stares intently at, that same sick smile riding high.

Jon McDaniel: Folks... I... I can't believe what we've just witnessed here! Brymstone ruined a classic and now he’s looking to do even further damage to Wilkie!

Brymstone grabs Alex by the throat and lifts him into the air before throwing him over the top rope and onto the floor! Alex Wilkie lands on his side, hurt badly, but he manages to get up and stagger to the barricade for leverage, he’s about to run back into the ring, until Cindy Fantasy runs down the ramp and pushes him back from the ring. Meanwhile Brymstone smirks arrogantly and motions for a mic from the ring announcer.

Brymstone: You have your answer Alex... at Genesis... it will be you and I in an Ambulance Match... And it will be you who gets driven to the nearest emergency room.. when I break every bone in your body..

Brian Rentfro: And then just last week, Pick your poison! Both men attacked each other costing each others matches. Which was expected of both, but both men wanted to destroy each other before Genesis. And we can only imagine what’s gonna happen tonight.

The camera shot changes to the ring.

Jack Mulligan: Ladies and Gentle, this match is an Ambulance match, and the only way to win is to throw your opponent into the Ambulance and close the doors.

The crowd goes silent for a moment. Then for a moment. On the PWAtron, a Sound Wave string begins to vibrate over the screen.

~Time to play the Game~

~Time to play the Game~

~Time to play... THE GAME!~

Yellow pyro goes off on the stage. And “The Game” by drowning plays as the PWAtron plays Alex video for a few moments.

~It's all about The Game, you fall like the rest...~

~Your failure is my success...~

~It's all about control... will you make it?~


Alex walks out to the stage wearing a silk black jacket with A+ sown in on the back. And his regular Black long tights, he stood on the stage, looking out to the crowd. He then spun around and threw his arms out as yellow sparks fell down from the ceiling.

Jack Mulligan: Making his way to the ring first, weighing in at 275lbs, from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, “Grade A” Alex Wilkie!

~I'm in control, I Am Your Pain...~

~After this you won't be the same...~

~This is My Time, I make the rules.~


The chorus began to play and Alex turned around and began to walk down the ramp, slapping some fans hands as he continued down, pulling up his jacket sleeve and flexing for the camera a bit.


~Here comes the pain!~


~Here comes the pain!~


~Here comes the pain!~


~Here comes the pain!~

Alex walked over to a side of the ropes. looking out to the fans again. he pointed to one of his fans with a sign and then jumped up to the apron, walking over to the middle of the set of three ropes. he spun around so his back was to the ropes but his arms were around the top. Yellow pyro shot up from the top and rained down into the ring.

~Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide...~

~Now it's time to die...~

~I am the pain, I am The Game...~


Alex stepped through the middle rope and went to the nearest turnbuckle. Standing straight up. pointing to himself with his thumbs. He then pointed out to the crowd and then hopped down as the music faded.

Jack Mulligan: And his opponent!…

"Mein Blut" by Eisbrecher plays across the stadium's PA system and the arena is bathed in a cold blue light. Fog rolls in to cover the ramp just as the chorus vocalizes. When the lyrics begin to sound out "Kaltes Herz/ Eis Kaltes Licht" there would be Brymstone rising from below the main stage and once fully revealed he would slowly stalk down towards the ring with his head bowed. Brymstone makes his way down and into the ring and comes face to face with Alex Wilkie!

Jon McDaniel: Expect this one to be brutal!

Brymstone and Wilkie are standing in the middle of the ring waiting for the match to be started. The two men are staring at each other, neither one willing to budge an inch in this battle of wills. Suddenly the power in the arena is cut, even the neon sponsors signs are no longer glowing.

Jon McDaniel: I thought they fixed this problem!

Brian Rentfro: I’m scared hold me Jon!

Jon McDaniel: No!

Suddenly a voice echoes throughout the arena.

The Voice In The Dark: Brymstone. Wilkie. It is now the time of your reckoning. Your crimes of the past can no longer be put aside, and it is time for one of you to pay the piper.

“The Final Countdown” begins to play over the loudspeaker and the crowd goes insane at this unexpected appearance of former PWA World Champion, The Spider. Cameras are flashing even though the arena is still totally dark.

Jon McDaniel: The Spider is back! The Spider is back!

Brian Rentfro: He is here to go after Brymstone who was boasting about pinning him in the PWA earlier!

Abruptly the music is cut and we hear the scratching of an arm being pulled off of a record. What was before “The Final Countdown” has now been replaced with “Start Me Up” by the Rolling Stones. Standing at the top of the ramp is…

Jon McDaniel: The Man???

Brian Rentfro: I heard he was in jail!

Jon McDaniel: I heard he was dead!

Out of nowhere Silent Bob appears between the two commentators. The both turn in shock and look at him.

Silent Bob: I heard that after he retired from the PWA and the W4F he squandered his money in a variety of poor investments such as a company that makes solar powered flashlights and another which provides screen doors for submarines. At that time he also became deeply in debt to a Mexican crime lord because he had borrowed so much money from him in order to support his cocaine habit. In the end he had to sell himself into slavery to a small African nation where he worked digging wells in the middle of the desert to look for water. He was finally freed when he dug so deep that he actually struck oil and the country was able to purchase all of their water direct from Dasani. He then came back to the United States and resumed his cocaine habit, until one day he woke up from a party lying in a bathtub of ice with a cell phone and a note saying to call 911 immediately because his kidneys had been stolen for sale on the black market. But that’s just what I heard, don’t take it as the gospel.

The crowd begins to boo The Man, angry that he led them to believe that The Spider was going to be making an appearance at Genesis. The Man runs towards the ring where Brymstone and Wilkie look at each other with a questioning look on their face which says ‘Is he going for you or me’

Jon McDaniel: The Man is running towards the ring now!

The Man slides underneath the ropes only to be met with Brymstone’s boot right in the face. He gets to his feet and throws a hard right hand at Brymstone but it is intercepted in midswing by Wilkie who then whips him into the ropes. On the return swing Brymstone and Wilkie give him a double clothesline sending him into the canvas.

Brian Rentfro: I can’t believe this, Brymstone and Alex Wilkie are teaming up on The Man!

Jon McDaniel: This fight is between the two of them, and the obviously don’t want his interference!

They begin to pummel The Man with a series of kicks, as he struggles to roll out of the ring and starts to stumble up the ramp. Not satisfied, Brymstone slides out of the ring and chases The Man up the ramp, giving him a hard kick in the ass for emphasis! The Man manages to scurry backstage and Brymstone turns to return to the ring! Suddenly, Alex rushes out of the ring and up the ramp to meet Brymstone half way, Alex throws the first punch to Brymstone and the ref signals for the opening bell!

Jon McDaniel: Here we go folks! Alex uses the distraction from the return of The Man, and gets in the first attack!

Brymstone fights back with a hard upper cut to the jaw of Alex. Alex goes back a bit but comes back with a hard knee to the gut and then a hard sweep neckbreaker onto the ramp!

Brian Rentfro: Alex just might have a chance here! Look at that hard neck breaker!

Alex gets up quickly and runs towards to the ring and flips up the apron cover and grabs whatever he can, he pulls out a chair, a garbage can and lid, a stop sign and even a couple hardware tools.

Jon McDaniel: Hey Alex! Where’s the Kitchen sink?

Alex grabbed the chair and walked over to the downed Brymstone, he brought the chair high over his head, but just as he was about to bring it down, Brymstone brought his foot up and kicked the chair right back into Alex’s face.

Brian Rentfro: Well it seems Brymstone is still awake.

Jon McDaniel: It was just a NeckBreaker, Something like that wont keep The Big-man down!

Brymstone sat up right and turned his head to Alex who was on his knees using the barricade to stand up. Brymstone gets back up to his feet and walks over to Alex and grabs his hair.

Jon McDaniel: Hey! Don’t grab Alex’s hair!

Brian Rentfro: It’s all legal in this match!

Brymstone drags Alex up the ramp by his hair, but about half way up, Alex began to throw shots to Brymstones kidneys. Brymstones back arched a bit and he came back and bowled Alex with a hard left directly on the forehead. Alex fought back feebly, a bruise already began to form on his forehead.

Jon McDaniel: Brymstone is going to dominate Alex through this match, no matter what Alex says!

Brymstone lets go of Alex, walking back down the ramp and grabs the stop sign that Alex had pulled out before. He walks back up the ramp, and lifts up the sign for ever one to see, and just as Alex gets to his knees. Brymstone brings the sign down and cracks it over Alex’s thick head.

Brian Rentfro: I sickening shot!

Alex holds his head in pain as Brymstone lifts it high up once again and brings it down on Alex’s head. The sign gives him a nasty cut on the forehead, which begins to bleed profusely.

Jon McDaniel: Alex is already bleeding, this early in the match, this cannot be any good!

Brian Rentfro: We have to get some EMT’s down here, Alex will not be able to continue in this condition.

Brymstone picks Alex up and lifts him up high over his head like he did with the stop sign, and threw Alex down behind him in a hard military press slam. Brymstone laughed maniacally as he turned to look at Alex he was getting back up to his feet.

Jon McDaniel: Maybe Alex might be able to continue!

Brian Rentfro: Look at him though he doesn’t even know where he is!

Jon McDaniel: It could be some sort of special tactic!

Brian Rentfro: Highly Unlikely.

Alex began to walk up the ramp, away from Brymstone, Brymstone follows and turns him around, but Alex’s fights back, showing a little bit more effort. He begins to throw shots to the face of Brymstone, the height difference makes it difficult. But Alex still manages to get a few good shots in.

Brymstone stumbles back a bit come and Alex begins to push him back to the ring with a couple shots. Both men battle back and forth on the ramp, finally Brymstone throws a hard right but Alex dodges in and quickly moves behind Brymstone, he jumps into the air and hits Brym with a hard dropkick to the back. Bringing the Titan to his knee

Brian Rentfro: Alex seems to be gaining his edge back!

Alex moves quickly and locks in a rear choke hold onto Brymstone, he then applies the leg lock and begins to apply pressure. Brymstone, however, powers out of it and elbows Alex in the face a countless number of times.

Jon McDaniel: And Brymstone just doused that flame of Alex’s

Brian Rentfro: Don’t get too hasty.

Alex let go and backed off a bit as Brymstone begins to stand up. Alex begins to walk backstage, giving Brymstone a chase.

Jon McDaniel: Huh? Is Alex Leaving?

Brian Rentfro: It looks like it.

Brymstone begins to follow Alex to the backstage area, the camera changes to an empty corridor where only Alex is walking down, yelling to Brymstone behind him.

Alex: Come on ya slow Fucker!

Alex went out of the camera and Brymstone walks into the scene pushing things out of his way. He yells to Alex.

Brymstone: Come back here coward!

But behind him, Alex comes up quickly and smacks him in the back with a Kendo stick!

Brian Rentfro: A KENDO STICK?!

Jon McDaniel: No way! How many weapons do we have in this arena!

Alex began to crack the Kendo stick over Brymstones back as fast as he can, almost snapping the Kendo stick in half. Across Brymstones back, dozen of long red marks formed quickly as Alex through the Kendo stick down the hall, noticing the small toll booth down at the end of the hallway that lead into the parking lot.

Brian Rentfro: What is Alex thinking?

Jon McDaniel: I don’t know, but let’s watch!

Alex grabs Brymstones arm and tries to Irish whip him down into the some toll booth. But Brymstone managed to use his weight as an advantage and stop him from moving at all.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like Alex’s plan backfired!

Brymstone went behind Alex and grabbed his arm and instead of Brymstone going into the booth, Brymstone whipped Alex hard through the back window of the booth. Making the whole small structure collapse in on itself.

Brian Rentfro: OH MY GOD!

Jon McDaniel: NO WAY

Heaps of wood and glass crumbled over Alex’s lifeless body. Brymstone laughed heavily and walked over to the pile of wood. He pushes some wood and glass out of the way, grabbing Alex out of the pile. Brymstone, showing no sympathy, drags Alex out by the arm to the arena again.

Brian Rentfro: Looks like they’re coming back out.

The camera switched to a shot of the entrance where Alex left through, and a few seconds later, Alex flew through the curtain, as Brymstone trails behind Alex begins to get up but falls on his stomach. Brymstone kicks Alex so he rolls over on his back. Brymstone walks down the ramp and towards the announcers table and grabs a mic.

Brymstone: You see, Alex. You’re nothing but a pitiful human.

Brymstone walks up the ramp slowly to the almost unconscious Alex.

Brymstone: You knew you never stood a chance, and pretending you can beat me will be your downfall.

Brymstone stands over Alex. Who was stirring.

Brymstone: Quit, And you’ll go home in an ambulance with your life. What do you say.

Alex’s eyes snapped open and his right foot shoots up right between Brymstones leg, knocking him in the groin.

Jon McDaniel: Oh My god! Alex just cheap shot Brymstone!

Brian Rentfro: He Had no choice, it was either that or quit.

Brymstone crumpled down, he holds his grapefruit and stamps his feet on the ground. Alex slowly stands, staggering a bit, he reaches for the mic and holds it up to his mouth.

Alex: Not a chance… In hell.

Alex walked away over to the other side of the stage and hoped down grabbing a ladder that was laying against the barricade. The crowd screams in approval as he throws it up to the stage.

Jon McDaniel: Okay so now hardware is going to be used as a weapon.

Brian Rentfro: It’s nothing new Jon!

Alex sets the ladder up and then looks at Brymstone, and then looks out to the crowd. And shakes his head and then goes back down to the other side of the stage again, he goes out of the shot of the camera for a moment and then he came back up. he throws a table onto the stage. The crowd screams in delight and begins to chant “TABLES! TABLES! TABLES!”

Jon McDaniel: Now were bringing tables into the mix!

Alex sets up the table just in front of the ladder. And picks up Brymstone who was still holding his nuts, he’s face turns to see Alex, but he gives a hard shot to the face. Managing to push him onto the table. With his stomach up.

Brian Rentfro: I think I know what Alex is going to do.

Alex walks over to the ladder and begins to climb, slowly, but he manages to get to the top. He stands there for a moment. Basking in the cheering and photography. He then turned around his back to the fallen Brymstone and the crowd.

Brian Rentfro: What the…

Jon McDaniel: Hell?

Alex leapt off the ladder and pulled an almost perfect moonsault landing directly onto Brymstone, both men’s body shatter the table in two.

The crowd gasps and then explode into chants of “Holy shit!”

Jon McDaniel: They’re Dead! They’ve killed each other!

Brian Rentfro: Its pure carnage out here folks! Both men are laying in a heap on our stage!

The crowd had mixed chants now, “LETS GO ALEX!” “BRYM-STONE!” “LETS GO ALEX!” “BRYM-STONE!”, Brymstone begins to get up first. He picks up Alex who manages to get up on his own slowly. Brymstone pushed Alex between his legs and set him up for his power bomb, to put him away for good.

Brian Rentfro: This could be the end!

Jon McDaniel: But wait! Alex survived the Judgment Day Power Bomb before! Can he do it again!?

Brymstone picked Alex up, and was about half way through his power bomb when Alex gave a few shots to the head of Brymstone.

Jon McDaniel: He’s doing it!

Brymstone stopped the Power bomb and Alex reversed the power bomb into devastating DDT, Brymstone was opened up and bleeding just as bad as Alex was.

Brian Rentfro: NO WAY! I’m now a believer folks! Alex can do this!

Jon McDaniel: I’m not hopping on that bandwagon! GO BRYMSTONE!

Alex threw out his arm in a sort off to the side with his thumb sticking out the side. He then points it to the ground and crowd that are Alex fans scream in approval, Alex signals for the Ambulance to make its way out, off to the side of the stage. Sirens can be heard as it pulls backwards through a large curtain. Alex picks Brymstone up onto his shoulder and manages to carry him over to the other side of the stage.

Jon McDaniel: Oh No! Alex could win! Right here!

The Ambulance doors swing open and Alex looks down at the Ambulance, and then turns towards the crowd once again, his back to the ambulance, he swings Brymstone off his shoulders into a TGAKO! Which throws Brymstone off the side of the stage right in front of the ambulance.

Brian Rentfro: The Moment of truth!

Alex hopped down and begins to lift Brymstone up, throwing him into the Ambulance. He closes one door

Brian Rentfro: OH MY GOD! ITS OVER!

Just as Alex is about to close the other door. Its stopped! Brymstones foot kicks the door open!

Jon McDaniel: Now he’s not out yet!

The door closes a bit but Brymstones hand stops it, but just as suddenly as Brymstone stops the door Alex jumps up and drop kicks the door to try and close it on Brymstones hand.


Brymstone pushed open the door and crawled out slowly. Alex backs up slowly. Brymstone holds up his hand that turns a sickening purple color. The hand swelling majorly.

Jon McDaniel: Brymstone may have a broken hand!

Brian Rentfro: Could Alex use this to his advantage?

Alex sees Brymstone holding his hand in pain, and then runs over and delivers a low drop kick to the face of Brymstone.

Brian Rentfro: It seems Alex is using Brymstone’s pain as his advantage!

Jon McDaniel: Just like he said he would!

Alex walks back over to Brymstone and stomps on his broken hand, worsening its condition. Alex laughs and poses for a moment as he is now in control of the match.

Brian Rentfro: Oh Quit showing off and end the match, Alex!

Jon McDaniel: Let him give something to the fans!

Brian Rentfro: He’s already given a great match! We want to see more action!

Alex began to pick Brymstone up, and pull him back over to the ambulance. The crowd begins to cheer loudly again. the end was getting closer and closer!

Brian Rentfro: Here we go the moment of truth again!

Brymstone broke Alex’s hold and then Picks Alex up and carries him over to the Ambulance, and throws him in, Brymstone laughs Maniacally, remebering his feeble attempts. But out of Nowhere a huge pop from the crowd bursts out, and Brymstone turns around only to receive a hard Sweet Sound of Success from Chamelion!

Brian Rentfro: WHAT THE!


As Brymstone stumbls back, Chamelion pushes him into the Ambulance and closes both doors!


Chamelion stood at the back of the Ambulance, he held a mic up to his mouth.

Chamelion: BRYMSTONE!

He tires to get Brymstones attention, not caring if he hears or not

Chamelion: I may not like Alex Wilkie all that much, But I’d sure as hell want him to win this match over you, which is why I came out here, Alex, if you can hear me, Get your Canadian ass out here now!

The side doors of the ambulance opens slowly. And Chamelion goes to check if Its Alex. Instead he gets a large lump of Human that is Brymstone, he looks almost half unconcious. He manages to pull himself all the way out, and kick the door shut.


Jack Mulligan: Ladies and Gentlemen, Here is your winner! BRYMSTONE!

Brymstone raises his hand in victory, and then turns sharply on Chamelion who spits on the floor! He starts for Chamelion when security rushes out and intervenes! Chamelion smiles smugly as Brymstone is hauled off, screaming in rage! Chamelion shakes his head.

Chamelion: You lucked out today, you son of a bitch! But that luck isn’t going to hold out for long, count on it!

Back at ringside, Brian and Jon shake their heads.

Brian Rentfro: Our ‘esteemed’ President sure knows how to make enemies!

Jon McDaniel: He sure does! Wilkie came so close tonight! Let’s hope he makes it back to the ring very soon!

The Brothers Grimm vs The Red Russians

PWA Tag-Team Championship Match

Jack Mulligan: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall! And is for the World Tag Team Titles.

The slow stamping of soldiers feet can be heard softly in the distance and then loudly the starting of the Soviet National Anthem hits the PWAtron.

Jack Mulligan: Making his way to the ring first! Weighing in at 276lbs, from St Petersburg, Russia, KRISTIAN NIKOLIE!

Then the lights go red as red sparklers rain down from the entrance slowly. Out of the sparklers steps Kristian Nikolie, he unzips his red vest sporting the Sickle and Hammer on the back and lets it drop off as he throws his hands in the air pointing to the sky, he then walks down slowly to the ring, scowling at the fans as he rolls under the bottom rope. Going to the nearest turnbuckle, his head down, he then throws it up in the air, doing the same pose he did on the ramp. Yelling out to the crowd, he then hops down and waits for his opponent.

Jack Mulligan: And His tag team partner! Weighing in at 260lbs, from Moscow, Russia, MIKAIL ANDROPOV!

The slow stamping of soldiers feet can be heard softly in the distance and then loudly the starting of the Soviet National Anthem hits the PWAtron, and then the lights go red as red fireworks shoot down the ramp and hitting the ring corners last. Mikail Andropov walks out to the stage, carrying a hammer and a sickle, holding them close to his chest, he walks down the ramp and he looks from side to side and then at the end of the ramp he throws his arms out, hammer and sickle in each of his hands and fireworks go off from the four corners of the rings, he runs up the steel steps and stands in the middle of the ring, crossing the hammer and the sickle together as the music fades.

Jack Mulligan: And they’re opponents, first, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, weighing in at 234lbs, Accompanied by ‘Al’ the bear! SIRUS MORAN!

"More Human than Human" by White Zombie hits the PWAtron as Sirus Moran comes out from the back moving to the music. His hair swings around wildly as he pumps ‘Al’ up in the air for all to see. He then rolls into the ring and pumps 'Al' some more as the music fades.

Jack Mulligan: And His Tag Team Partner. Weighing in at 240lbs, from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada, GRIFTER!

"Another Brick in the Wall" by Pink Floyd hits the PWAtron as Grifter walks out onto the stage, then continues to the ring. He rolls inside and walks towards the corner as the music fades.


Brian Rentfro: Here we go, Tag Titles on the line! Both teams very well established, and both are eager beavers just to get this match started!

Jon McDaniel: Eager…Beavers?

Grifter and Mikail both start in the ring first, the circle each other for a moment and then lock up in the center, Mikail pushes Grifter into they’re corner and begins to drive his knee into the silent man’s gut. The ref pulls him away and tells him not to do that, but behind him, Kristian grabs the tag rope and begins to choke Grifter with it!

Jon McDaniel: What! The Russians are trying to pull one over our eyes! Just like In the cold war!

Brian Rentfro: You weren’t even alive then.

Jon McDaniel: Yeah, but I took history class.

The ref turns back to Grifter just as Kristian lets go of the rope and lets it fall. Kristian turns and looks away whistling softly to himself. Mikail goes back to work on Grifter. He gives him another quick knee to the gut, but Grifter fights back, first he elbows Mikail and then Kristian and then Mikail again! Grifter begins to push out of the corner, he throws hard shots to the head of Mikail!

Jon McDaniel: Grifter is really giving it to The Red Army Warriors tonight!

Mikail grabs Grifter’s arm and pulls him into a hard arm drag, he sends Grifter to the floor, and he lands on his backside hard, Mikail then jumps in the air and Dropkicks Grifter in the back, Grifter’s back clenches hard in pain as Mikail goes for another drop kick. Grifter falls on his back, as he holds it, his eyes clenching in pain, Mikail goes over to his corner and tags in Kristian.

Brian Rentfro: Fresh man in! good strategy by RAW here tonight!

Kristian runs over to Grifter and quickly applies a headlock, but Grifter powers out of it and hits a few hard elbows to the gut of Kristian forcing him to release the hold. Grifter then jumps and hits Sirus’s hand to make the tag, Sirus jumps for joy and hops over the top rope, knocking Kristian down with a shot and then knocks down Mikail and he enters the ring, just as Kristian gets up he knocks him down with a hard clothesline, Sirus then picks Mikail up and throws him out of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Sirus is all fired up!

Jon McDaniel: Which is good, Cause Canadians are always so cold!

Sirus picks Kristian up and puts him in between his legs!

Jon McDaniel: It looks like Sirus wants to Roll up the rim to win!

But just as Sirus is about to pick Kristian up, Kristian flips Sirus off him into a hard back body drop. Kristian find an opening and runs for the rope, he jumps onto the second one goes for a quick Springboard Moonsault. But sires rolls out of the way and Kristian manages to land on his feet. But just as Sirus is about to get back up, Kristian hits a hard baseball slide knocking Sirus out of the ring!

Jon McDaniel: You're outta here!

Brian Rentfro: Would you stop making stupid puns.

Grifter dashes into the ring, but Mikail stops him by hitting a hard Siberian Winter! (Sweet Chin Music) Grifter gets knocked over the top rope, but just as both men are celebrating Sirus rolls under the bottom rope and turns Mikail around!

Brian Rentfro: Fast paced action! Don’t blink!

Sirus hits the Wrong hand of doom! (heart punch) Mikail grasps where Sirus hit and slumps down to the mat and rolls out of the bottom rope, Kristian and Sirus are in the ring!

Jon McDaniel: it’s an Old fashioned stare down!

Kristian makes the first move and knees Sirus in the gut, he pushes Sirus in between his legs and hooks the arms, and He tries to go for the Red Army Slice! But Sirus reverses it into a back body drop!

Brian Rentfro: Sirus just reversed the Red Army Slice!

Sirus picks Kristian up and looks out into the crowd and then looks back at Kristian and begins to head butt him hard, once, twice, three times! He then tosses Kristian into the ropes and Picks him up! THE NAMESLESS KNOCK OUT! (180 spin into sit out power-bomb)

Brian Rentfro: Its over!

Sirus goes for the pin!


Mikail gets up to his feet!


Mikail tries to get under the ropes quick enough!



Jack Mulligan: Here are you winners and New World Tag Team Champions! THE BROTHERS GRIMM!

“More Human, Than Human” Hits the PWAtron as Sirus rolls out of the ring to meet his brother Grifter, the ref runs over to them and hands them the tag titles, Sirus picks Grifter up, he holds ‘Al’ High up in the air, along with the Tag titles.

Jon McDaniel: Nice Job Brothers Grimm! You deserve it!

The camera cut to Kristian and Mikail who looked very frustrated and depressed.

Brian Rentfro: Not like those Cheaten’ Russian’s!

Jon McDaniel: Thought those were your kind of guys?

Brian Rentfro: NOT when they don't get the job done!

Jon McDaniel: Um, sure, okay! Next up, a match of great anticipation! A battle of respect by two veterans of the ring! XTC, a former PWA superstar and the Notch! Let's go to ringside!

Words With Seldon

A hard fade through takes us backstage to the Self~Inflicted Drama locker room, where we find Jacob Seldon, still dressed in his ring attire from earlier this evening, sat upon a wooden bench with his head in his hands. His hair is wet through, and a few beads of water roll down his shoulders and splash onto the tiled floor beneath his feet. The camera approaches slowly, perhaps even nervously, until from behind it emerges the suited figure of PWA's own Bud Adams. He takes a few cautious steps towards the hunched over figure of Seldon and then begins to speak...

Bud Adams: Mr. Seldon?

His words elicit no response from Seldon, except a slight tightening of the shoulders which only serve to add poignancy to his silence.

Bud Adams: Mr. Seldon? I was wondering if maybe we could get your reaction to your loss against Psycho Sandra earlier this evening?

At last, Jacob looks up at the camera, and as he does we can see that his eyes are weary and blood-shot. He takes a moment just to stare at nothing in particular before opening his mouth. When he does speak, his voice is hoarse and ragged.

Jacob Seldon: My reaction?

Bud Adams: Yes. Your thoughts on taking your first real loss here in PWA, and how that factors in to you leading by example. And also to what extent you believe this now justifies Mr. Sommer's decision to book you so low down the card.

A heavy intake of breath through the nose and mouth from Jacob; he turns his attention now to Adams, whom he fixes with a piercing glare.

Jacob Seldon: Did Mark send you?

Bud Adams: Uh... Yes, sir. He felt you'd probably have a lot to say.

Jacob sighs and places his head back into his hands.

Jacob Seldon: Get out.

Bud Adams: But don't you want to--...

With a sudden burst of aggression, Jacob leaps to his feet and looms over Adams. The much smaller and weaker man recoils in fear, sinking down even lower beneath the full six foot two of Jacob's impressive stature. Even the cameraman, correctly appraising Seldon's mood, moves back a step or two - causing the lens to rock gently.

Jacob Seldon: Get out.

Adams turns to the cameraman and waves his hand frantically.

Bud Adams: Cut the feed - cut it now!

On this command we fade abruptly to darkness and a voice that echoes!

Raizzor vs Erik Draven

Seven Stages of Hell Match

Brian Rentfro: Oh man, oh man, oh man! It’s next!

Jon McDaniel: The deadliest match concept in PWA History!

Brian Rentfro: To house the longest, darkest feud in this companies history!

Jon McDaniel: The crew has begun putting this monstrosity together! While they do so, let’s recap how this all came to be!

Brian Rentfro: It all began back before Genesis Four! Draven had kidnapped Chamelion's wife Sandra weeks before and started this whole affair. When Genesis came about, Draven came out to challenge Chamelion in a burried alive match, but since CHamelion already had to fight Thunderwolf that very same night, Raizzor stepped up to the plate.

Genesis Four

Brian Rentfro: Well, Fallen Angel got lucky I guess, stepping right into an IC title match tonight.

Jon McDaniel: I wonder what happened to Quicksilver?

Brian Rentfro: The PWA works in mysterious ways, Jon.. Now.. WHOAH!!!

The Lights dim to almost nothing... Purple strobe lights dance madly around the arena. Quick, blue flashes of light set the grave into a black and white like image. "To Live Is To Die" by Metallic kicks up and the fluorescent spotlight shines down on the rampway. Draven comes out, and walks calmly down to the ring. He steps up the ramp and over the top ropes, and looks out to the crowd. Draven walks over and holds his hand out for a mike, which he gets from a nervous tech at ringside.

Draven: Does it surprise you, PWA fans, that I have come out before you? I have heard the empty threats by Chamelion and Raizzor.. and they do not frighten me. In fact, I welcome them... I welcome them into my domain.. So that I may show them the true darkness.. a true hell.. Yes... here, now.. I challenge Chamelion... let him come forth.. the coward.. let him come forth, if he should so dare...and face me.. tonight..... to be buried ALIVE!!!!

Brian Rentfro: WHOAH!!

Jon McDaniel: Eric Draven has challenged Chamelion to a Burried Alive match here tonight??? Chamelion can't accept that!!! he's got Thunderwolf later on!!!

'Come With Me' hits the arena and the fans are on their feet as Chamelion comes racing out, but before he gets far.. Raizzor catches him and holds him back.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, the fans don't like that!! But Raizzor wasn't going to let Chamelion ruin his chances...

Jon McDaniel: Draven's got a cruel smile on his face there.

Draven: What's the matter? For all your gloating, you're not going to come after me? Is the fear swelling in your heart, Soul-taker, for what I will do to your brother???

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor's whispering in Chamelion's ear... Chamelion looks angry.. wait...NO WAY??

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion's smiling!!! He's grinning like a mad cheshire cat.. he's patting Raizzor on the back.. and leaving!>????

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor's coming down to the ring now.. Slowly, calmly... Even Draven looks a little surprised by this.

Raizzor steps into the ring and walks right up to Draven. He stares Draven in the eyes as he takes the mike from Draven.

Raizzor: Draven.. I accept your challenge.

Brian Rentfro: WHOAH! Listen to the crowd reaction to that!!!! Draven is taking the mike back!

Draven: It matters not to me.. you or your Brother.. I will bury you tonight... and you will never bother me again.

Raizzor takes the mike back, and smiles his dark grin.

Raizzor: Believe me, Draven.. I welcome everything you got... but be warned... you will not be prepared for the Soul-Taker... NO ONE ever has!

Raizzor drops the mike and the two men go nose to nose.... before security is down to the ringside to force the two out of the ring. Raizzor nods and backs up, falling over the top rope and landing to his feet.. just as Draven does the same on the other side.

Brian Rentfro: A burried alive match!! TONIGHT!!! That's going to be great!! Raizzor will finally put an end to that SOB Draven once and for all!!!

Jon McDaniel: Or will Draven claim another in his evil quest?? The ring is cleared, we can continue on now!!

Back to Live.

Jon McDaniel: Later that night, Raizzor would defeat Erik Draven. Everyone believed that to be the end of it. However, after the end of the PWA, Raizzor and Chamelion entered the HiC. About six months in, Panzadise returned and immediately set his sights on Raizzor. The two were fated to meet at Genesis Six, but Erik Draven would return!

Genesis Six

Staggering backwards in pain, Panzadise isn’t ready for Michael, who hits a thrust kick with his good leg. Panzadise is forced over, and Michael sets him up….

Brian Rentfro: He’s going for it???

…Wrapping his arms in position, Michael lifts Panzadise up…

Jon McDaniel: His leg’ll give, you know it!!

…Twisting him over, Michael locks Panzadise in position over his back… and gets on arm around his neck….

Brian Rentfro: He’s stumbling!!!!

…Wobbly, Michael nearly loses his balance, but with a cry of pain and rage, he holds his leg steady, even as it threatens to tear out from under him and he locks Dise’s legs around him…

Jon McDaniel: No way!!!

…and Michael Sommers bites his lip, and sacrifices the last of his energy and hits the Final Exam!!!!


Sirus Moran turns and calls for the bell! And then is quickly over to check on both Sommers and Panzadise..

Jon McDaniel: I can’t believe it.. after everything Michael’s been through… the loss and sacrifices…

Brian Rentfro: Sirus is raising Michael’s hand in victory… but I don’t think Sommers is totally aware of it yet. Let’s get the ring announcer’s official word!

Ring Announcer: The winner of this match.. MICHAEL SOMMERS

Quickly and abruptly, the arena receives a huge power surge, making the brightness of the lights almost unbearable.

Brian Rentfro: What the hell????

A funeral bell is struck, tolling throughout the arena.

Jon McDaniel: Oh no….

The bell tolls a fifth time. The red glow now pulsates through the arena. The sound of muffled screams and voices can be faintly heard over the PA. Another toll, which brings the titan tron to life, filled with a snowy static. Sommers turns to face it, expecting some sort of cryptic message...instead, the static remains, the buzzing sounds that come from it steadily getting louder. The anticipation grows just as fast.

The music continues to play as another dark figure emerges...this one much larger than the least 7', or damn near it. He steps out slowly, his head bowed and the hood of his dark cloak full concealing his facial features. He stops at the edge of the ramp, and slowly raises his hands to the hood. A massive wall of flame erupts in front of him. He walks right through it, no longer donning the cloak and hood.

Jon McDaniel: NO way!! No FUCKING WAY!

Brian Rentfro: You swore??

The long, black hair that hangs in his face...the menacing green eyes...the floor length trench coat, and the expressionless face...not to mention, the slow, methodical walk...more so stalking...The face of XIII. The real XIII, formerly one such Erik Vespillo...alias Eric Draven.

Jon McDaniel: It’s Draven!! Eric Draven!! All this time!!! God oh, mighty!

Michael swings a left, Draven catches. Michael quickly swings a right, and connects, Draven takes a step back, but quickly returns with his own rights and lefts. A fist fight ensues, with neither man getting the clear advantage. Draven breaks the cycle with a knee to the gut and sends Sommers into the ropes, only to have him rebound with a flying shoulder tackle, taking XIII off his feet. Michael wastes no time and violently yanks Draven to his feet, lifts him over a shoulder, and connects with a bone shattering power bomb, causing the whole ring to shake. Michael again pulls XIII up, and this time, nails the Final Exam. Draven lays there, unmoving, and Sommers sees his opportunity. He quickly slides out of the ring, and goes digging underneath it, eventually producing a large red can...gasoline, and a big box of matches.

Jon McDaniel: Oh god.. Michael wouldn’t!!! He WOULDN”T!!

Brian Rentfro: He was told to send XIII back to the fires of hell, and after all that XIII has done.. damned right he would!!

Back in the ring now, Michael begins to drench Draven in the gasoline. Satisfied that this is enough to do the trick, he pulls out a match and strikes it...and is about to drop it, when something out of the corner of his eye catches his attention. More cloaked figures emerging from backstage...this time, they wheel an old, wooden casket, it's top covered with graying dirt and bits of yellow grass and weeds. Sommers immediately recognizes the ornate designs on the side.

Jon McDaniel: I think I’ve used up my Oh My Gods.. I’m just gonna sit here in shock.

Brian Rentfro: yeah.. me too

Jasmine's casket. The figures wheel the coffin to ringside, and quickly turn to leave as Michael drops the now extinguished match and rolls outside. He cautiously approaches, not really sure of what to do. The lid slowly creaks open....Jasmine Lee Sommers, although different...her hair now a jet black, with it's tips a blood red, and her makeup is all gothed out...pale with gray lips, red eye shadow, and dark, thick eyeliner. Sommers is taken aback at the sight of his wife...She rises and climbs out of the coffin. The ominous image of XIII slowly and eerily sitting up in the background, unseen by Sommers, whom has his back to the ring, and Jasmine seems to respond. A devilish grin crosses her face as she brings her hand hard across Michael's face. The impact causes him to spin around, and the shock disorients him long enough for Draven to reach over the ropes and pull him back into the ring by his hair. Sommers shakes free, and swings a hard right fist. He connects, but to no effect. XIII just stands there, amused. A left. Same effect, just stands, statue like. Sommers rebounds off the ropes to go for another flying shoulder tackle, but is caught in mid air by the throat. XIII lifts him up, ala Choke slam, and holds him there awhile until the color starts to fade from Michael's face...finally, he drills him to the mat. The ring shakes from the massive impact. Some could say they hear the 'crack' of Michaels neck, but it'd be impossible to distinguish with all the screaming and noise coming from the crowd.

Brian Rentfro: I.. god, that looks like Jasmine!

Jon McDaniel: But.. I don’t get it.. why is she here? Why did she slap Michael?

Brian Rentfro: I’ve decided to stop trying to understand things around here…

Sommers is slowly pulled to his feet, hoisted onto Dravens shoulders, Death Valley Driver style, and, lightning quick, is heaved up and over, and dropped with an inverted DDT...a DVD into a Inverted DDT....coined the Akharu Death Driver. Sommer's now lifeless body is rolled towards the casket.

Jon McDaniel: Jasmine.. with Draven??? They are dragging Sommers body into the casket!

Indeed, the two throw Michael in, and slam the door shut. Draven silently points the red gas can… and Jasmine fetches it. She then begins pouring the rest of the gas over the casket.

Brian Rentfro: No… NO! Someone stop this!!!

Standing back, with a satisfied smile, she watches with adoring eyes as Draven grabs the matches and strikes one, careful to keep them away from himself.. and with a flourish, tosses it on top of the coffin.

Back to Live!

Jon McDaniel: And that was the last we had seen of Raizzor! Draven eventually disappeared himself, until Mark Sommers, Raizzor's brother restarted the PWA and somehow managed to get Draven signed!

Brian Rentfro: It didn't make sense at first, as to why he would do such a thing, but now we know!

Jon McDaniel: A feud like no other, ends tonight, one way... or another!



Crowd pops.



Crowd pops


Another huge pop from the crowd.


Deafening roar.

Jack Mulligan: And now, the competitors! Introducing first!

The lights dim to near total darkness, save for four spotlights attached too the rafters that begin flowing over the arena. Smoke begins to fill the ring and a single GONG! Echoes the coming of the pyros! First, they set off on the stage, in succession as they burn a trail down the ramp until they reach the bottom. Then from the four corners of the ring, more pyros explode as the smoke grows thicker. The entire arena is fixated on the ring, expecting Raizzor to appear from the mist. Suddenly the four spotlights center above the cage, all converging on a single point! There, on top of the cage at it’s center point, stands The Soul-Taker!

Jon McDaniel: Oh My God!

Brian Rentfro: Wow!

The arena explodes into the biggest pop of the night at his appearance!

Jack Mulligan: Standing at 6 feet, 8 inches tall, and weighing in at 285lbs, he has been known as the Franchise, The Sharp One, and most of all; the Soul-Taker! From the depths of hell, the past returns… He is RAIZZOR!!!!!!!

Spreading his arms out wide, his cloak takes on the appearance of demonic angel wings, his mask’s features outlined with crimson paint. He then ‘lifts’ from the top of the structure and floats down to the floor. When his feet touch, he shrugs off the cloak, revealing a harness and two technicians quickly help remove to remove it. Raizzor then turns and enters the cage. Deftly, he makes his way to the top as Jack Mulligan resumes the introductions.


Surprisingly, there is a small pop from the crowd at the mention of Draven's name. A single bolt of lightning strikes the top of the pyramid structure, traveling down the four corners and hitting the points of the middle structure, causing flames to erupt from the four posts. The lights dim and a red glow overtakes the arena.

A funeral bell tolls, and marks the beginning of the countdown...









"Rise of Hatred" by TestAmenT plays as a wall of flame explodes at the entrance, and before it can completely die back down, Erik Draven steps through, moving at a quicker pace than usual, his trench coat swaying back slightly with each step. He walks right up to the base of the structure, glaring up at Raizzor, a fire of hate and determination blazing within his eyes.

The ref opens the gate as the lights return to normal and the music dies down. Draven enters and the door is shut behind him as he slowly and methodically makes his way up the various ramps to the top to stand toe to toe with Raizzor. The two stare off, awaiting the bell.


Raizzor and Draven circle one another, staring intently into one another’s eyes, each crouching, maneuvering, searching for just the right moment to pounce. However, while that is going on Nina Daemon Macabre has made her way out from backstage with a smirk on her face. When Raizzor catches a glimpse of her, he gets distracted for a moment. Draven takes this opportunity to lunge grabbing Raizzor by the shoulders and tries to force him down, but Raizzor manages to steady himself and grabs Draven by the shoulders and tries to push him down instead. While Daemon, who hasn’t been noticed by her brother as of yet, takes up a seat at the announcers booth putting on the spare head set that was laying on the table.

Daemon: Hello, boys.

Daemon speaks with the other announcers, spitting fire with her thick British accent.

Brian Rentfro: Mrs. Stone! I had no idea you’d be here.

Daemon: Well, that’s the idea, now isn’t it? Now why don’t we watch my brother destroy this man, hm? He’s had it a long time coming.

Raizzor and Draven battle back and forth to prove which one of them is the stronger of the two, finally after a several minutes of the back and forth struggle Raizzor looks to be the stronger of the two men, as he forces Draven into a deeper crouch. Draven drops to one knee, but quickly, he reverses direction, dropping lower, and thus out of Raizzor’s grip. As he dives, he grabs Raizzor by the leg, and leans back, pulling Raizzor’s leg out, and toppling him backwards. Draven hooks one of his own legs over Raizzor’s, and attempts to work Raizzor in to a figure-4 leg lock. Raizzor seeing the inherent danger of the situation, raises his other foot as Draven spins his back to him, and pushes it against Draven's back, sending him towards the cage wall. Draven is just barely able to stop himself from going in to the cage face first, Draven grabs the cage, not electrified at the moment and starts to shake it violently before he turns to face Raizzor. Raizzor now in a standing position, is glaring at Draven as he weights his adversary mentally and then nods approvingly.

Jon McDaniel: It doesn’t look good for Draven! Raizzor seems to be sizing him up pretty well!

Daemon: I’d think before opening my mouth next time, mister McDaniel. Look.

Draven throws his head back and quickly lunges again at Raizzor. Raizzor, expecting Draven to take part in his banter instead of an attack, steps back a bit, but not far enough. Draven spears Raizzor, sending the both of them to the steel canvas. Draven mounts Raizzor, and begins throwing right hands that rain down on the side of Raizzor’s face. Raizzor manages to get his arms up to block some of the blows, but each one pushes his arms a bit lower and out of the way. Raizzor resorts to raising his knee, hitting Draven hard in the kidney region, but Draven ignores it, still throwing punches into Raizzor’s arms. Finally, he moves his arms, letting two solid blows to land on his face. Draven goes to strike Raizzor again, but Raizzor grabs his arm, Draven throws a punch from his left hand, but Raizzor catches that one too! Raizzor forces Draven‘s arms apart while pulling Draven down closer to him, and then WHAM! Raizzor head butts Draven in the nose! Draven rolls off Raizzor as Raizzor lets go of his arms holding his nose, which allows Raizzor to get to his feet where he wipes a little blood from his mask from just below his left eye. Raizzor looks at the blood on his hand and smirks a little bit as Draven gets to his feet and the two them approach one another, standing toe to toe.

Brian Rentfro: Look at those two behemoths in each other’s face! This can’t be good!

Jon McDaniel: I have a feeling that this is going to escalate a lot further than we thought!

Draven and Raizzor stand in the center of the pyramid and stare down one another again, before Raizzor tries to goad Draven in to another test of strength, but Draven sees through it and kicks Raizzor hard in the stomach doubling him over. Draven takes a few steps back and then runs at Raizzor nailing him in the side of the head with a knee lift. Draven picks Raizzor up and starts to set up Raizzor for a double under hook piledriver, but Raizzor digs down and flips Draven with a back body drop! Draven’s feet touch the cage as he falls to the mat, but he doesn‘t get shocked.

Draven quickly climbs to his feet and grabs Raizzor and elbows him in the head a few times. He gets Raizzor on his knees, then takes his fist and punches Raizzor right on the forehead several times. Raizzor starts to bleed from a cut above his left eye, then Draven lifts him back to a vertical base. He grabs Raizzor, lifts him up and face plants him hard, then locks in an arm bar submission almost instantly after Raizzor lands. Draven puts as much pressure on the hold as he possibly can, but Raizzor refuses to give up and Draven decides to let the hold go for now, but only because the look in his eyes show that he wants to inflict more pain to Raizzor. Draven lifts Raizzor up and then sets him up for a swinging neck breaker, but before Draven can drop down to the mat with Raizzor, Raizzor counters it in to a back slide pin!



Daemon: As if my brother would allow such a weak move to get the better of him…

Brian Rentfro: Sure looked close, though!

Raizzor gets up to his feet and pulls Draven up as the hum of the electricity going through the cage is now heard. Raizzor starts to nail Draven with an entourage of vicious blows, but Draven finally blocks one of Raizzor's punches and kicks Raizzor in the gut. As Raizzor doubles over, Draven grabs him around the head, pulling Raizzor’s head down between his legs. Draven lifts Raizzor into the air nailing an Last Ride power bomb sending him straight in to the cage! Raizzor out of reaction grabs on to the cage and the current starts pumping through his body causing him to start shaking violently. The stage hands turn off the current just long enough to allow Raizzor to fall to the mat. Draven looks on with a huge smile on his face as Raizzor hits the mat and his body is still shaking, but that doesn’t stop Draven from going for the cover…

Brian Rentfro: He’s going for the cover!! Is this match going to end so soon??!




Daemon: Use your strength, Eric…

Jon McDaniel: Looks like that’s all he has left, at this point!

Draven raises up, not believing that Raizzor kicked out after the flow of electricity was pumped though him. He drops down on top of Raizzor and pins him again…

Daemon: Go, Eric, do it!!



Raizzor lifts a shoulder and the ref sees this and goes to a knee, waving Draven off.

Brian Rentfro: Still, nothing!

Draven looks back and rolls his eyes, and rises, kicking Raizzor in the head before walking away. Raizzor grabs his head and rolls over, kicking one foot on the mat as his body is still twitching slightly. Draven walks over and grabs a handful of Raizzor' hair, hoisting him to his feet. As he rises, Raizzor throws a hard punch to Draven's stomach. Draven takes the punch, and rears his fist back, slamming it into Raizzor's head dead on the wound already bleeding above Raizzor‘s left eye. Raizzor makes another blow to the abs of Draven, and Draven repeats the blow to Raizzor's head. With every headshot, Raizzor rises a bit more, until he is standing and he and Draven begin trading punches once again.

Daemon: Eric, stop toying with him…

She sounds slightly apprehensive.

Brian Rentfro: This is brutal! How can they pummel each other like that??

After a short while, Raizzor is bleeding worse from his eye as it is starting to impair his vision, but at the same time his nose is starting to bleed as well from a nasty shot from Draven. Draven isn‘t immune to bleeding as his lip has been busted open from a hard right cross from Raizzor.

Daemon: Bleed him, Eric. Blood for blood!!

Jon McDaniel: Uhm, Mrs. Stone—

Daemon: What, peon?!

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor’s making the next move!

Raizzor finally tires of getting his face beaten, grabbing Draven by the arm, and turns, throwing Draven towards the cage wall. Draven narrowly misses touching the cage. Raizzor sets up for a clothesline, but halfway to returning, Draven leaps from the mat, and over Raizzor's maneuver, delivering a fierce flying lariat of his own to Raizzor, knocking them both down. Draven rolls halfway to the canvas, coming easily to a sitting position, and wipes the blood from his lip, but it is quickly re-covered by more running blood. He rises and kicks Raizzor one last time in the head, then turns, grabs a ladder and sets it up and begins climbing. As he climbs, Raizzor quickly and surprisingly sits upright, then turns, pushing to his feet. Draven turns on the 6th rung, but his eyes go wide as Raizzor steps up on them as well, grabbing him by the throat. Raizzor lifts Draven from the ladder and turns, hip tossing Draven into the steel canvas. Raizzor collapses beside Draven, but rests an arm over him, and the Ref drops to count.



Raizzor gets off of Draven and goes to climb the ladder. This time, however, it is Draven who sits up. Draven quickly rises to his feet as Raizzor continues to climb.

Daemon: Go, Eric… break his will!

Brian Rentfro: He’s going for the ladder!

Draven starts in on the opposite side of the ladder, leaping up to get a head start and the two meet at the top and begin trading punches. Draven with a left hook. Raizzor teeters, but returns with a left of his own. They continue the fist fight with both men almost taking the fall on more than one occasion. Finally, Draven breaks the sequence with a thumb to the eye, and wraps his hand around Raizzor's throat, lifting Raizzor up and falling to one side, nailing Raizzor with a falling chokeslam, with the back of Raizzor's head colliding with a steel chair that was laying below. Draven sits up, pulls the chair from underneath Raizzor's head, and places it over his face. He stands, backing up, and runs towards Raizzor, leaping up and hitting a leg drop onto the chair, nearly crushing Raizzor's face.

Daemon: Yes!! Destroy him!

Jon McDaniel: I don’t think they can take much more of this!

Brian Rentfro: As if! These two have been looking to take each other out too long not to do it right!

Draven stands and pulls Raizzor to his feet. Raizzor staggers a little, still woozy from the leg drop as Draven grabs a nearby chain. He swings the chain, catching Raizzor in the side. Raizzor grabs his ribcage, as Draven goes to swing again. He connects, but this time Raizzor catches the chain and yanks Draven in, dropping him with a stand-still clothesline. Raizzor, now in possession of the chain begins wrapping it around his fist. He stands, poised and ready as Draven climbs to his feet. Draven turns, and Raizzor clocks him with the chain. Draven collapses to the canvas, knocked out cold. Raizzor shrugs and tosses the chain to the ground.

Daemon: Eric!! Eric, no! Get up now!!

She stands up and pulls off her head set to yell at her brother in the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Draven is out cold!! Raizzor has it in the bag!

Raizzor pulls Draven up to his feet. Draven wobbles around somewhat, still feeling the aftereffects of the steel chain. Raizzor, in a cocky manner, smacks Draven across the face which only serves to wake him up.

Daemon sits back down, and puts her headset back on

Daemon: You’ll pay for that now…

Jon McDaniel: I think they’re both paying for it!

Draven’s eyes widen and out of nowhere he unleashes an onslaught of right hands that send Raizzor reeling back. Draven measures him up and sends him toppling down the ramp to the middle section with a huge big boot. Raizzor tumbles down to the floor and is quickly back to his feet as he holds his head and looks up at Draven in shock. Smiling, Raizzor backs away and beckons Draven to come down.

Daemon: Kill him, Eric… wipe that sickly smirk off of his bloody face!

Draven obliges, and the moment he steps off the ramp, Raizzor charges in to attack but Draven ducks under Raizzor's fists, and nails him with rapid fire punches to his abdomen and ribcage. Raizzor staggers back and is flattened by a running lariat. Draven pulls Raizzor to his feet, lays in a few right hands then whips him into the cage. Raizzor's back catches on the barbed wire, ripping into his flesh. Raizzor ignores the pain and rebounds off the cage wall but is caught by Draven who levels him to the mat with a massive spine buster. Draven mounts Raizzor and wraps a hand around his throat and begins punching him in the face, quite viciously, with his free hand. Surprisingly, a few fans seem to be behind Draven in this match up, as a small eruption of cheers rings out from the crowd.

Brian Rentfro: This isn’t even wrestling anymore, it’s just a free for all!

Daemon: Come now, you can’t slaughter someone without breaking a few rules.

Raizzor ends Draven's mounted punch assault by shoving him off and over to the canvas. Dizzy, but quickly recovered, Raizzor climbs a short ways up the ramp and launches off with a leg drop across the chest of Draven. He moves to his feet and makes his way back to the top structure, grabbing all the weapons he can carry as well as kicking one of the ladders down into the middle section. He exits the top, heading back down the ramp but Draven is already standing and waiting. Seeing the various weapons that Raizzor carries with him, Draven simply smiles and nods his head approvingly. Raizzor drops his cargo, and moves in for a collar and elbow tie up, but Draven catches him with a knee to the gut. Draven quickly spins Raizzor around, drops and nails him with a vicarious low blow, sending Raizzor crumbling to his knees. Draven snatches up a steel chair and wallops Raizzor across the back of the skull. He falls face first, holding the back of his head as Draven sets the chair up in the center of the cage and waits, on the opposite side, for Raizzor to stand.

Daemon: (laughing) This is proving to be better than I expected!

Brian Rentfro: He’s humiliating Raizzor; I didn’t think it was possible!

Jon McDaniel: If that’s what you want to call it, but Raizzor isn’t out yet!

Raizzor stands and Draven charges, stepping up on the chair and launching himself into Raizzor with a flying clothesline, sending both men crashing into the wall of barbed wire behind them. Draven suffering various lacerations to his forehead, and Raizzor with various cuts and scratches to the side of his face and left shoulder. The blood flows freely.

Daemon: Paint the canvas red, brother…

Draven is the first to his feet, and reaches up into the pyramid and grabs a table, yanking in down into the middle section. With Raizzor still down, Draven begins setting up the table beside the ramp. Once the table is set, Draven drags Raizzor halfway up the ramp and lifts him to his feet. Draven attempts to German Suplex Raizzor off the ramp and through the table but Raizzor breaks out and Irish whips Draven down the ramp and across the cage. Draven crashes into the barbed wire, but instinctively bounces back, with Raizzor catching him with a big boot as he returns swatting Draven down to the canvas. Bringing his opponent back to his feet, Raizzor whips Draven off the same cage wall to set up his next move but Draven catches himself clinging tightly to the barbed wire, which stabs into his hands. Draven winces in pain as Raizzor charges him at full speed, delivering a huge splash and sandwiching Draven into the wall. Draven slumps down, the pain of the barbed wire stabbing into his back evident on his face. Raizzor, seizing this opportunity, reaches over into the pile of weapon debris and pulls out a set of handcuffs. Quickly, he snatches up Draven's wrist, and locks it to the cage wall with the cuffs. Raizzor moves back over to the pile of weapons and pulls out a small can of lighter fluid and begins dousing the table with it. He flashes a devilish smile over to Draven, who continues to struggle against the restraints, as he reaches down for the lighter. To the screaming of millions of fans, Raizzor lights the table ablaze, which goes up in a small *whoosh*. Draven, pulling with all his might, with blood gushing down his wrist and arms from the earlier stabs to his hands, finally breaks the cuffs open. Holding his wrist, he stands and turns to face Raizzor. Seeing the flaming table, and to the sickening surprise of many, including Raizzor, Draven simply smiles, before rushing at Raizzor. Raizzor catches Draven with a knee to the gut and then grabs him and pulls him into a power bomb position. Raizzor lifts Draven up and then turns to face the table. Draven begins to fight back and tries to reverse Raizzor’s power bomb into anything he can think of but it’s too late. Raizzor sends Draven crashing through the flaming table.

Daemon: Eric….Eric?? Don’t let him get away with that, kill him!

Draven lies amidst the broken, burning table, as Raizzor watches on, amused. Sooner than later, the lighter fluid having been burned away, the fires burn out. Draven still lies there, unconscious, but relatively untouched by the flames, with only a few articles of clothing and a couple areas of exposed skin being affected.

Brian Rentfro: It looks like he’s just knocked out! Don’t worry, Mrs. Stone, I’m sure—

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor’s taking advantage of the situation!

Raizzor stands at the feet of Draven, raising a single fist into the air, signaling for the end, when suddenly, Draven bolts up, growling, with a surprising, although relatively small pop from the crowd. Raizzor, shocked, staggers back a few feet as Draven stands, and quickly moves in. Raizzor meets him with a kick to the shin, followed by a gut wrenching suplex. With Draven’s blood on his hands, Raizzor punches Draven as he tries to get up. Draven lies in a pool of his own blood after Raizzor has opened up Draven’s forehead more than it was before. While Draven is down, Raizzor gets another table, dragging it down to the middle section as Draven climbs to his feet. Draven and Raizzor trade punches on each other and then Draven sends Raizzor into the corner so hard he falls down. With Raizzor down, Draven sets up the table, and then goes back over to Raizzor who is halfway to his feet. Raizzor delivers a low blow to Draven who drops to his knees. Raizzor grabs Draven and throws him headfirst into the corner against the hard steel post. Leaving Draven in the corner, Raizzor walks over again douses the table that Draven set up and again, lights it on fire. Raizzor pulls Draven out of the corner. Draven is losing a lot of blood and puddles of it dot the canvas all over the place.

Daemon: (through grit teeth) He’ll pay for every drop of blood that falls from my brother’s body, I swear…

Draven staggers about, weakened from the blood loss. Raizzor signals to the crowd and wraps a hand around Draven's throat, lifts him up, and drives him down with a massive chokeslam. Draven lies there, arms sprawled out, unconscious. Raizzor pulls him to his feet, and sets him in position for another power bomb. He lifts him up, elevating Draven higher at the last second for added impact, and power drives Draven, once again, through a flaming table...this time, however, Draven's clothing ignites. A "HOLY SHIT!" chant begins to build up in the crowd.

Daemon: No!! Eric, no, drop and roll! Drop and roll!!

Brian Rentfro: Holy shit, look at that fire!!

Jon McDaniel: Someone better put him out, or it’s the end of Eric Draven!

Raizzor watches as the flames begin to die down, a little slower than before. He motions for Draven to sit up, and, as if on cue, Draven obliges. Climbing to his feet, his left arm still ablaze, but paying it no attention, he stalks towards Raizzor. Raizzor swings a hard right hook. Draven catches and swings Raizzor's arm over his shoulder, gripping him by the throat he lifts him up high in the air and flattens him with a huge chokeslam of his own. He brushes the fire from his arm and moves over to the center wall, kicking the door down and moving through to the other side of the middle section, where more weapons await, these a little more sadistic than those at the top. He grabs a table that has been all but completely covered in barbed wire, and pulls it to the other side, sets it up just as Raizzor begins to stir and move back to his feet.

Raizzor staggers over and Draven kicks him in the gut, doubling him over, and follows up with a double-underhook DDT. He pulls Raizzor up and places him on the table and gives him a few quick punches for good measure before he moves over to and begins setting up the ladder.

Brian Rentfro: Looks like Draven has plans for that ladder!

Daemon: That’s right, show no mercy!

He climbs up to the very top, hesitating only a brief second before he leaps off, splashing Raizzor and sandwiching him on the barbed wire, ripping and puncturing various places on his back.

Daemon: Delicious…

Draven pulls him up, and sets him into position for a power bomb of his own, attempting to put Raizzor down into the crushed table once more. He lifts him, but, at the same time, Raizzor leaps up himself, using Draven's added momentum to propel himself over and behind Draven. Quickly, before Draven can turn, Raizzor grabs the ladder, and pulls it hard, smashing Draven in the face just as he turns. Draven staggers back. Raizzor picks up a piece of charred, broken table from earlier, and smashes Draven over the skull with it. It shatters like glass, but Draven remains still, unaffected. Raizzor throws a punch. Draven motions for him to try again...and again...and again. Finally, a kick to the groin stops Raizzor's advances as Draven downs him with an uppercut to the throat. He moves back to the other side of the structure and picks up a two by four, and douses it with what was left of the lighter fluid and lights it ablaze just as Raizzor sits up.

Draven swings. Raizzor ducks in the nick of time, but Draven, unhesitant, quickly swings back, this time nailing Raizzor in the side of the face. He falls to his side, strands of his hair catching on the fire but quickly extinguished by his falling motion. Draven brings the flaming 2x4 down hard on Raizzor's side multiple times before tossing his weapon and moving back to the opposite cage to look for more devices of pain. A steel shovel suits him just fine.He pulls Raizzor up, smashes the shovel in his midsection and then brings it down across his back, dropping him to his knees. He swings it back around, nailing Raizzor in the back of the head, making a loud "WHAM!" that causes most in the crowd to gasp.

Daemon: Did you hear that, mister McDaniel, mister Rentfro?

Brian Rentfro: …the shovel??

Daemon: No; the sound of victory!

He tosses the shovel and pulls Raizzor up, whips him into the barbed wire wall and splashes him there, using the rebounding momentum to hoist Raizzor up over his shoulders, getting him into position for the Death Driver to the delight of a few of the fans. He swings up and over, nailing his finisher. He pins.




Having scored the pin, Draven wastes no time and hoists Raizzor over his shoulders, beginning the trek down to the arena floor, where the tomb awaits.

Daemon: Yes!! Yes, I knew it! Kill him, Eric, waste no time and destroy him so he never comes back!

Jon McDaniel: Now wait just a second, Mrs. Stone—

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, do what she said!

Jon McDaniel: That’s illegal!

Brian Rentfro: That’s a ratings spike!

He carries him to the opposite cage....down the ramp to the bottom...a couple feet from the door leading to one of the four bottom cages, ever so close to the exit to the tomb...suddenly, Raizzor comes to, and slips out of Draven's grasp.

Daemon: What the bloody--?!

Landing behind him, he shoves Draven face first into the cage wall, which, by the way, happens to be both entwined with the barbed wire, as well as pumped full of electricity. Draven sticks to the wall like a fly to a bug light, convulsing and shaking violently, causing the barbed wire to puncture his body in multiple places. Raizzor watches on behind him, kind of half smiling, and half in shock at the overall viciousness of the match. Apparently he hadn't known the bottom structure would be electrified.

Daemon: Eric, no! You can’t do this!!

She gets up from her seat and throws the headphones down.

The ringside crew flips the switch and Draven stiffens up and falls directly back, still convulsing. Raizzor waits until the convulses die down to a slight twitch before he pulls Draven up and gets him in position for the Tombstone Shoulder breaker. He nails it and pins.



2 1/2...

2 3/4/...


Brian Rentfro: Almost!

Jon McDaniel: This match is nearly over, they can’t possibly take any more punishment!

Draven barely kicks out, but it is enough to leave Raizzor in shock. Frustrated, his pulls a now lifeless Draven to his feet, and sets him up for the Final Exam. He nails it, but does not go for the pin. Raizzor stands and motions to the ringside crew, who flips the switch. Loud buzzing is heard as the walls are again pumped full of electricity. He pulls Draven up, and whips him into the wall. Again, Draven sticks and convulses violently.

Daemon is screaming at several men with PWA SECURITY t-shirts, who are at a loss for what to do. She continues pointing at the scene, and eventually pulls out her cell phone, making a call as she watches with horror what’s happening to her brother.

The crew flips the switch off, and this time, Raizzor catches Draven as he's falling back, flipping him over and nailing another Tombstone Shoulder breaker. The crowd is deafening as Raizzor makes the cover.




Jon McDaniel: It’s over! It’s all over!

Raizzor raises to his feet, and hoists Draven up over his shoulders. He motions to the crew and they flip another switch causing all four doors in the bottom section to swing open. He carries a lifeless Erik Draven through the doors to the outside.

Raizzor makes it a mere feet from the Tomb when Draven slips down behind him, landing on one knee. As Raizzor turns, Draven rises up,gripping him by the throat and lifting him up, choke slamming him onto the concrete's all Draven had left in him, as both men now lay unconscious on the floor beside one another. Suddenly, from the back, Chamelion comes bursting out, a small pitcher of water in his hand. He rushes down, and splashes the water in Raizzor's face, reviving his Brother. He helps him to his feet, and the together, the two slide the massive stone lid from the tomb. Raizzor pulls Draven to his feet, puts him in position and drops him into the tomb with a massive, bone crushing Last Ride power bomb!!

Brian Rentfro: Now that’s what you call family love!

Jon McDaniel: This has become sickening, how can Chamelion do that to a man??

Brian Rentfro: Are you kidding me?? I’m surprised he hasn’t done more!

Raizzor climbs over into the tomb, placing a boot over Draven's chest...the ref makes the count...



2 3/4...


Quickly, Raizzor hops out and, with all his strength, heaves the massive lid back over the tomb, sealing Draven up and Ending the match.

The Ref calls for the bell!



Jon McDaniel: It’s over! It’s finally over!

Brian Rentfro: I don’t believe it!

Jon McDaniel: After five years, Raizzor has put the final nail in the coffin of Erik Draven!

Brian Rentfro: And in a match that I never thought I’d ever bare witness to!

The lights fade. A single bolt of lightning strikes the lid of the tomb as Raizzor and Chamelion watch on.

Jon McDaniel: An exclamation point!! Hey, where are you going, Miss Stone??

Daemon tries to run to the coffin, but she’s being held back by five PWA security guards. She punches one of them in the face, but they continue to hold her back. She’s screaming bloody murder the entire time, her face a contorted expression of anger and despair.

Daemon: Eric! Eriiiic!!

The funeral bell tolls a solitary, lengthened 'GOOONNNGGGG!' as flames erupt up the side of the bottom structure of the Seven Gates, with Raizzor standing, exhausted, bloody, and bruised, but victorious at the forefront. He raises a fist, and the crowd erupts with deafening cheers.

Brian Rentfro: I have to admit, he deserves that win, with what he’s gone through!

Jon McDaniel: Medics are coming out to attend to the tomb! Now that the match is over, they can attend to what is left of Draven!

Brian Rentfro: Appears that they may be having a little trouble getting the lid off that thing...Miss Daemon is finally being allowed over to the tomb! Whoah, wait!

Nina indeed is let free by the guards, but as she races over, she has to cross paths with the Soul-Taker! He turns, his bloodied face staring down at Daemon as they come face to face. By this time, Chamelion had already begun the trek back up the ramp. He turns and notices the confrontation.

Daemon looks as if she’s about to scream at the Soul-Taker, but he surprisingly steps to the side, giving her clear berth towards the tomb. Considering the options, Daemon continues to run to the tomb, following it to the back as the crew wheels it away.

Jon McDaniel: The repercussions of this match could last a long time!

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor’s joining his brother at the top of the ramp! And look! Jasmine and Sandra have joined them! The entire Sommers Family stands proudly at the top of the ramp!

Jon McDaniel: Genesis has truly been a new beginning!

Brian Rentfro: You realize we did it! We saw the birth of another Genesis! The PWA really IS back!

Jon McDaniel: It can only get better from here! That’s all for tonight, everyone! We’ll see you this Friday for Rampage, and the beginning of the Who’s The Man? Tournament! For Brian Rentfro, this is Jon McDaniel, saying goodnight!

The scene fades on the Sommers family leaving the staging area, and the scene fades to black.

© PWA 2006