World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Raizzor vs Rage

Grudge Match

Wynes: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall!! Introducing first, the challenger, a veteran of the PWA.. he is Rage!!

Rage enters the arena, and makes his way to the ring, rubbing his hands together in anticipation of this challenge.

Wynes: And his opponent, weighing in at 285lbs, the 'Soul-Taker'; RAIZZOR!!!

The lights in the place suddenly dim.. an eerie chime begins, slowly building a rift that turns into fast paced metal piece.. the spotlight shines onto Raizzor, who comes onto the stage carrying a golf club in one hand, and a trash can lid in the other. He heads down to the ring, his eyes burning a hole into Rage who grins back at him. Raizzor climbs the stairs, dropping his items into the ring and steps over the top rope.

Brian Rentfro: As a grudge match with no rules, Raizzor is bringing a selection to the ring!.

Jon McDaniel: I so look forward to this! Let’s go!

The bell sounds and the two men circle each other carefully, neither one wanting to make an early mistake. They move in to lock up, but Raizzor ducks him and steps to the other side. Rage turns, eyes narrowing. Raizzor turns, and smiles at Rage, goading him in. Rage takes the challenge and charges, but Raizzor again ducks.

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor's playing with Rage!

Brian Rentfro: You don't play these type of games with Rage.. it will only make him more vicious.

Jon McDaniel: And that’s something you just don’t do with the former champion!?

To prove the point, Rage moves in again, and as Raizzor tries to sidestep, Rage turns, driving his elbow into Raizzor's face. Raizzor backs up, but Rage presses the attack. A swift side kick from Rage doubles Raizzor over and Rage then hits a scissors kick to the back of his head, and Raizzor is sent to the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: Rage hits a series of excellent moves there.

Rage then jumps out of the ring and pulls the apron up, bringing out a few items from below the ring. Two trashcans, a bundle of cable and then a table, all get pushed into the ring. As Rage climbs back in, Raizzor gets back up and grabs the golf club. He turns, ready to strike, when Rage throws a trash can into Raizzor. Raizzor stumbles backwards and Rage charges, clotheslining Raizzor down, and he loses his club. Rage then grabs the same trash can and slams it over Raizzor's head. Rage then drives a knee into Raizzor's stomach and covers.. One... Kickout.

Brian Rentfro: Too early into the match for that!

Rage gets back up and spots the lid Raizzor brought to the ring, he goes to pick it up and turns back for the attack. However, Raizzor has retrieved his golf club, and like a professional, Tee's off into Rage's groin!

Jon McDaniel: OUCH!!!!!!!!!!

Rage Gasps, eyes wide as he drops to his knees. Raizzor lines up for another shot and slams the head of the golf club into Rage's chest! Rage falls backwards and Raizzor drops the club, bouncing off the ropes and hitting a strong leg drop right against Rage's throat. Raizzor tries for a cover..




Brian Rentfro: Even the Soul-Taker wants to end this match soon.

Raizzor stands and moves over, grabbing the bundle of cable and unwinding the end. He drags the heavy gauge cable over to Rage.. but Rage rolls quickly up and hits a spinning heel kick to Raizzor.. the Champion stumbles back and Rage takes advantage to grab the cable and lasso the end around Raizzor's neck. Rage tightens it with three extra rings around him, and then Rage drags Raizzor across the ring with the cable. Raizzor struggles against it as Rage jumps over the top rope and lands on the floor, pulling Raizzor up against the ropes, effecting hanging him there. Rage pulls with all his might as Raizzor struggles to get free!

Jon McDaniel: Rage is trying to choke Raizzor out!

Rage pulls and pulls, and moments later, Raizzor goes limp.. passed out from lack of oxygen. Rage grins wickedly and jumps into the ring. He pulls the cable off of Raizzor and throws him cruelly to the mat in the center of the ring. Rage then covers Raizzor..




Brian Rentfro: SO very close!!!!!

Rage is astonished, but has little time to focus as Raizzor lashes out with a vicious kick, connecting right in Rage's face. Rage falls backwards, hard.. and Raizzor climbs up, massaging his throat. Rage stands, wobbly and turns towards Raizzor. Raizzor grabs Rage by the throat and hits a quick choke slam on the challenger.

Jon McDaniel: Not as effective as usual, but that will bide Raizzor some time.

Raizzor then stumbles, painfully over to the corner.. dropping to his knees coughing, trying to get some air back into his lungs. Rage meanwhile, shakily gets back up and starts to move in on Raizzor. The champion notices this from his peripheral vision, grabs the trash can lid, and hurls it at Rage... The lid strikes Rage dead center and the challenger is taken down.

Brian Rentfro: Rage with the bat, Remo with the knuckles, Raizzor with the lid.. what next?

Raizzor stumbles to his feet, breathing hard, shaking his head respectfully to Rage who has kept up with him so well. Raizzor drags the table from the corner and sets it up in the center of the ring. He then goes for Rage, who is crawling to the ropes to use them to stand. As Rage reaches them, Raizzor reaches him. Rage kicks out, backing Raizzor up. Raizzor tries again, and this time Rage delivers a strong crescent kick to Raizzor's jaw. Raizzor wobbles back, and Rage tackles Raizzor down. Rage pounds his fists into Raizzor's face, and the champion finds himself at a disadvantage. Suddenly, Raizzor lifts his knee, and it connects in a very vital spot. Rage groans and falls to the side.

Jon McDaniel: The oldest counter move in the books.

Raizzor wipes his face, spotting some blood on his hand, his head whips around, eyes slitted menacingly at Rage. He stands, flipping his hair back and grabs Rage and pulls him up. Raizzor whips Rage into the ropes and on his return, a big boot to the face takes Rage down hard. Raizzor then quickly picks Rage up again and body slams him down on the table. Raizzor then crawls onto the table, sets Rage up and power bombs Rage to the canvas from the table!

Brian Rentfro: HOLY! That’s got to be a good 8 to 10 feet in the air that Rage just fell from!

Raizzor waits.. as Rage struggles up onto his hands and knees. Raizzor then jumps, and hits the Guillotine Leg Drop to the back of Rage's head! Rage crashes down, and Raizzor rolls him over..




Jon McDaniel: What a vicious finish!

Brian Rentfro: And wipes his hands of Rage once and for all!

Wynes: The winner of this match, The Soul-Taker, RAIZZOR!!

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor's out of the ring and heading out as Rage starts to regain consciousness.

The Phoenix vs Showtime

Singles Match


Wynes: This next match is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit. Introducing first, he is a former PWA World Champion. He is... THE PHOENIX!

"Rain" by The Cult begins to play as the Phoenix steps out onto the ramp way, taking a swig of that sweet choclately juice before crushing the can and hurling it into the crowd.

Brian Rentfro: Ah yes, The Phoenix. There in all his glory.

Jon McDaniel: Something like that, yes.

With one can down and another already on the go, The Phoenix makes his way down the ramp, heckled by the fans but never showing them anything at all - all that is except from a bright blue pastel bunny rabbit in the front row who shakes his fist right in the Phoenix's face, and ends up with half a can thrown in their face for his trouble.

Jon McDaniel: What heinous disrespect!

Brian Rentfro: I know, that fan got what he deserved. It's just a pity he had to waste a whole can in the process.

Screaming something in audible at his blue and chocolaty adversary, The Phoenix rises up the steps and then swings in beneath the top rope. Turning on his toes then, The Phoenix rises up the ropes and throws his arms in the air, earning nothing but jeers for his trouble. The music begins to fade then as our announcer steps back to centre stage.

Wynes: And his opponent -

Wynes barely gets the words out before The Phoenix snatches the microphone from his hand and pushes him to the floor.

The Phoenix: Ahem. Before we get any further, I have to announce that Showtime wont be here tonight as he has a prior engagement.

With his free hand he makes a drinking motion.

The Phoenix: But don't worry people, because I've gone one better!

He lifts a hand toward the stage.

The Phoenix: I give you, Showtime, Marcus Ambrose.

And as the lights begin to die the screen lights up, the gentle strokes of "You Know Your Right" taking hold of the speakers as the screen cuts in two, the video in one half, a Showtime highlight reel in the other.

Brian Rentfro: This'll be good.

Jon McDaniel: Yeah, I bet.

The song continues to build then, and just as the speakers burst something staggers onto the stage, electing a cheer from the crowd before the realisation sets in.

Brian Rentfro: It's... it's...

Jon McDaniel: It's a hobo. How very enjoyable.

His hands balled into fists and struck straight in the air, a filthy bearded and bedraggled figure fills the stage - his character only clear from a black "Showtime" T-Shirt above an old ragged pair of jeans, and every inch of the man crawling in filth.

Brian Rentfro: Looks like Jamie Havoc is pulling double duty tonight.

Jon McDaniel: Praise to God after tonight I never have to work with you again.

Brian Rentfro: Amen to that.

Staggering down the ramp then, the man saves himself from a fall several times before he finally makes it to the ring where he gives it his all to pull himself up the ropes before sliding in over the bottom strand. Jumping to his feet then, our hobo turns and shoots an arm into the air, screaming at the top of his lungs at his own approval.

Jon McDaniel: This is sorry day for the PWA.

Brian Rentfro: Really, he's actually getting some cheers.

It's not long then before the music fades and our two "competitors" take up their positions in the centre of the ring, The Phoenix taking his stance while our hobo merely does his best not to fall over. On the bell though he explodes, and off a drunken sprint he mows the Phoenix down before falling into the ropes opposite. Expectedly, The Phoenix is quick to his feet, but he doesn't seem in a hurry to do anything as he allows the hobo to floor him again, earning a rise out of the fans for what it's worth.

Brian Rentfro: Straight out of the gates and Showtime is on fire!

Jon McDaniel: Why are you even bothering?

Brian Rentfro: I really need this job.

Once more then The Phoenix rises and this time gets caught by the hobo who wraps his hands around his head and then pulls him between his legs. The man then grabs him around the waist, and braces himself.

Brian Rentfro: The End Product! It's over!

Still the fans cheer as the hobo hunkers down, but try as he might he can't so much as get The Phoenix to raise a leg, and only succeeds in pulling out his back as he gives in, pushing The Phoenix back down to the mat in the process.

Brian Rentfro: No, The Phoenix blocks, but it looks like Showtime has other ideas.

This time The Phoenix remains prone on his back as the hobo falls into the ropes. Struck with an idea though he grasp the top-rope in both hands, screams and then prepares to jump.

Brian Rentfro: The Walk of Fame. One of the most elegant moves in the business.

With a spring in his step the man throws himself into the air with all the grace of a one footed penguin and manages to get all of one foot onto the second rope as he hangs stomach first across the top. On que then The Phoenix acts, leaping back onto his feet and latching onto the hobo from behind. In one fluid motion then he snaps back, dragging the man overhead in a beautiful arc before bringing him down sharply on the back of his neck with a German Suplex.

Brian Rentfro: And The Phoenix counters out of nowhere! What a move.

Jon McDaniel: This is quickly turning sour.

Landing at a ghastly angle, the man flops dead onto his front, leaving The Phoenix in control as he darts to his feet and throws out his arms to soak in whatever the fans can throw at him. A thin smile sits sly below his mask as he kicks the man over onto his front before turning his attention to the ropes.

Brian Rentfro: Looks like The Phoenix is going to fly.

Jon McDaniel: You think he told this guy how it was going to go when he dragged him into this.

Brian Rentfro: Hey, Showtime knew what he was in for when he signed up.

With a quick hop he makes the it to the top-rope and then with just a moment to sight up his shot he leaps high into the air before crashing down hard on the man with a picture perfect Elbow Drop.

Brian Rentfro: The Ashes! And that's going to do it for tonight.

Jon McDaniel: Dear God I hope so.

The hobo lays flat, splattered across the man as The Phoenix kneels over him for the cover.


Jon McDaniel: And this match is mercifully over.


Brian Rentfro: Oh no it's not!

At the last moment The Phoenix pulls up a shoulder and earns the mass hatred of every single person in attendance as he rises to his feet and makes for the ropes once again.

Jon McDaniel: Oh this is pathetic.

Brian Rentfro: No Jon, this is history.

From the ring apron now The Phoenix grasps the ropes in hand, razes a foot to the second turnbuckle, and then stops to survey the fans in quiet content. Suddenly though something in the crowd changes, and quickly the commotion spreads before the camera notices a familiar blue rabbit scrambling over the guardrail and hopping onto the apron. The Phoenix notices, but all too late as The Rabbit charges him down and knocks him from his perch. Luckily for The Phoenix he manages to catch a rope on the way down, yet still he thuds hard against the ring apron before slumping to the outside.

Brian Rentfro: Well what the hell?

Jon McDaniel: I... I don't know what to tell you.

Security makes their presence known as a few of them round the ring where our blue bunny now stands. Meanwhile on the outside The Phoenix is back on his feet, and nothing short of livid as he spits a few words in the rabbits direction before making a charge on the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like The Phoenix wants to resolve this himself. And this folks is exactly why fans shoulder never get involved in the action.

The Phoenix dives up onto the apron and right the rabbit, grasping it's head in both hands and tugging back as it does it's best to pull away. And then suddenly the head pops off, and the ovation lifts.

Jon McDaniel: It's Showtime! He's here!

Brian Rentfro: But, if he's Showtime, then whose the guy in the ring?

The Phoenix stunned, almost as much so as when Marcus socks him in the face with a fist, sending The Phoenix flying from the ring and rolling out on the floor as Showtime steps through the ropes to follow. Turning away then Marcus gives him time to rise as he takes position, shooting only the quickest of glances over his shoulder before he springs up onto the very top-rope and then shoots himself overhead in a high arching Moonsault that takes The Phoenix right off his feet and leaving the two laying in a heap on the ramp way.

Jon McDaniel: The Walk of Fame! Showtime is here and the crowd are going insane!

The cheers deafen the arena as Marcus Ambrose finds his feet first, shedding the rest of his costume first before he drags The Phoenix back to his feet and then throws him head over heels into the audience. The Phoenix lands hard on his back but doesn't stay there for long as he back peddles along the floor with Showtime in pursuit, tossing chairs aside before he finally catches him trying to turn, only to catch a boot in the gut as The Phoenix lashes out. With Showtime doubled over then, The Phoenix gets his feet and then quickly dives in on the attack, only to be turned as Showtime cleans out a row of chairs and scatters the fans as Phoenix crumbles into a heap.

Jon McDaniel: The fight is on and it's all Showtime from here.

Brian Rentfro: Well what do you expect, he jumped him. This isn't even an actual match.

The Phoenix drags himself from a mess of chairs, and in his daze he almost misses the one swung at his head, cutting nothing but air as he flattens out. The swing takes Showtime off his balance, and this time The Phoenix hits his mark as he gets his feet under him and drives Showtime back into the barrier, knocking the wind out of him. The Phoenix then presses home his advantage, looming over Showtime as he digs his hands into his face, arching Showtime against the rail as he does.

Jon McDaniel: The Phoenix is ruthless in his assault.

Brian Rentfro: He's really out to win this.

Finally Showtime manages to free himself, sticking a knee in The Phoenix's gut to shake his grip before staggering away, swatting at nothing as he struggles to see beneath his swelling eyes. Again though The Phoenix is on him, flooring him with an Axe Handle shot in the back. Still though he doesn't get a break, and with a handful of hair The Phoenix pulls him up and then sends him back over the rail towards the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Finally they're heading back to the ring.

Brian Rentfro: I don't think so.

Held in one arm, The Phoenix sends Showtime skidding across the floor before crushing him against the Spanish announce desk. Showtime slumps to the floor then, but again The Phoenix pounces, pulling him back up and then smashing him face first against the wood. The Phoenix then leaves him slumped over the desk as he procures a chair, and the announcers scatter.

The Phoenix: I knew that was his website. That furry loving bastard!

With the bitterest of intentions then, The Phoenix brings the chair down, splintering it against Showtime's back who arches up in pain. The Phoenix then turns away, jawing with a few fans before he turns back on the offensive. This time though as he throws up the chair, Showtime fights back, kicking up a leg and nailing a Superkick that sends it back, cracking against The Phoenix's face, flooring him as Marcus in turn sinks back onto the desk.

Jon McDaniel: A Superkick out of nowhere from Showtime and once more this is anyone's fight.

Through stinging eyes Showtime finds his prey, and with one hand he catches him around the head and pulls him up to his feet before slamming him down on the table. Quickly then Showtime throws himself up on the wood and brings The Phoenix with him, pulling him doubled over as he steps in over him.

Jon McDaniel: He's going for it. The End Product, right here on the table.

Brian Rentfro: I don't think The Phoenix is walking away from this.

With a grunt Marcus bares down and hauls The Phoenix off his feet, kicking all the way. However he can't get him all the way, and as e tries to pull The Phoenix latches onto the table and refuses to let go, kicking wildly at Showtime who eventually drops him back to his knees. The Phoenix rises up then, taking Showtime over the top of him before dumping him down behind, snapping his back against the edge of the table with a Back Bodydrop before he himself slumps forward.

Brian Rentfro: The Phoenix saves himself there.

Jon McDaniel: Yeah but at this rate one of these guys is going to end up crippled.

Brian Rentfro: Whose your money on then, the drunk or the retard?

Rolling off the table then The Phoenix finds his feet and turns on Showtime again, pulling him along the table into position before dropping an elbow across his face for good measure. He then turns back to the ring, throwing himself up onto the apron and then pulling himself up the buckles.

Brian Rentfro: The Phoenix is climbing the ropes, looking to nail him with The Ashes yet again.

Jon McDaniel: ... he hasn't hit him with it once.

Brian Rentfro: Really? Then what was all that stuff about at the start of the match?

Jon McDaniel: You drink far to much.

A slow assent to the top, but finally The Phoenix rises. Steadying himself on the top rope, then he takes a breath, leaps...

Brian Rentfro: The Ashes! He soars!

Spanish Announcer: Santa Maria!

And comes crashing through the wood, crushing Showtime and the table as it explodes beneath them, leaving the two shattered amongst the broken wood. A silence fills the arena then, before slowly rising into a chorus.

Brian Rentfro: Oh my god!

Jon McDaniel: The Phoenix takes a risk and dear lord what a fall.

It's a while both either man as much as moves. The fans whipped into a frenzy and hungry for more rise again as The Phoenix stirs first, crawling from the wreckage and leaving Showtime broken in his wake. He doesn't move, and it takes everything The Phoenix can muster to scrap him from the wreckage and wearily drag him along the floor to the ring. At the apron then he takes him under the arms and pulls him up to his knees and then again as he gets him to his feet just long enough to roll him under the bottom rope. With both of them finally in the ring, a bell sounds to officially sanction the match.

Jon McDaniel: Folks, looks like we're about to see the shortest match in PWA history.

With the sound still echoing, The Phoenix makes the cover.



Brian Rentfro: No!

In the last possible moment Showtime throws up an arm, and as The Phoenix rolls off him he lies there utterly stunned, no idea what to do next. Still though the fans cheer as he pulls himself to a knee with the aid of the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like we're going to be running on fumes now.

It takes a moment for him to find his feet again before he sets on the attack, turning Showtime over and dropping down over him as he tries to lift, but he can only get him as far as knee before his own give out and he falls back into the ropes for a breath. Sweat drips from every pour as he comes back then, clubbing Showtime across the back again and again with wild stinging strikes before he locks arms around his waist again and pulls, finally getting Showtime to his feet, but still he can't pull him up for The Flame, and as he falls away again Showtime comes back, swinging wide and nailing him with a right hand in the gut that doubles him over. Showtime drops again then, giving The Phoenix just enough time to fight back as he lifts a knee through Showtime's face, spit and blood turning through the air as Marcus falls forward into his clutches, and gets driven straight down as The Phoenix plants him with a DDT. Once more then Showtime goes limp, and The Phoenix turns to the ropes.

Brian Rentfro: Again?

Jon McDaniel: Well he can't get him up, what else is he going to do?

Slowly then he climbs the ropes from the outside, too slow in fact as Showtime comes back, staggering forward into the ropes and clearing his feet out from beneath as The Phoenix falls seated on the top buckle. Marcus then joins him on the ropes, hitting a few quick punches before he locks in a Front Facelock, but the Phoenix fights back, sticking a few punches in his ribs before he pushes him off and Showtime falls to his back.

Brian Rentfro: Showtime is down and now The Phoenix has him lined up.

His opponent down The Phoenix pushes himself up, but out of nowhere Showtime finds his feet and charges the man down in a burst of speed. Instantly then he rises the ropes and catches The Phoenix unaware as he jumps, secures his legs around his head and throws back, sending The Phoenix across the ring with a top-rope Hurricanrana.

Brian Rentfro: A Super Frankensteiner out of Showtime! Where did he find the energy.

Jon McDaniel: The Adrenaline is pumping and it looks like he's got his second wind.

The Phoenix hits hard and skids across the mat while Showtime falls to his knees. Not a moment of recovery though from the man as he clumsily pulls himself to his feet and falls into the ropes by The Phoenix, lining up his shot before he springs to the top-rope and soars backwards through a crushing Moonsault.

Jon McDaniel: A picture perfect Walk of Fame, and how is he standing let alone anything else.

Showtime lands full bodied across The Phoenix, popping up from the force of the landing before he sinks in for the cover, and the referee skids in for the count.



Brian Rentfro: He's up! He's still in it!

The Phoenix rolls a shoulder, lifting the cheer back through the fans before he slumps over on his front to keep Showtime off him. Showtime however doesn't wait, getting all he can out of his burst of speed as he claws to his feet, dragging The Phoenix with him and onto his feet as he looks once more for the End Product. What little of The Phoenix is left however sees it coming and tries to sink to a knee, only for Showtime to drive a few elbows into his back before he pulls up again, this time he gets him up, giving it his all to get the man onto his shoulders, as he falls back through The Phoenix puts all his weight through it and sends him over with a Hurricanrana of his own. Both men break away and find their feet instantly, but The Phoenix strikes first, smashing Showtime in the face with a Clothesline that brings them both to the mat.

Once again then The Phoenix takes control, scooping up his battered opponent - blood now splattered across his face - and hooks him in a Front Facelock. As he lifts him for a suplex though, Showtime fights back, lashing out with his knee and cracking The Phoenix hard on the top of his head, causing The Phoenix to drop his man and put Showtime back on he's knees where he leans into a right hand that brings The Phoenix down to his level. Once more then he rises, and pulls The Phoenix in for the End Product once more. And once more in turn The Phoenix tries to escape, falling back into the ropes to prevent it. The referee steps in to get Showtime off him, but he's got no intentions of letting go and grabs a handful of The Phoenix's mask as he lets loose with kicks, belting him in the skull over and over again before he pulls him from the ropes and down into a knee strike that crushes his nose into his face, and then another that splits wider the gash and drops The Phoenix dead onto his knees.

Relentless in his assault Showtime drags him in and then scoops him up. Letting the dead weight hang from his shoulders for just a moment he rises up on his toes and then sinks down, dropping to his knees and crushing The Phoenix into the mat, crumpling him into a heap as Marcus himself falls back away from him.

The fans growl in appreciation, baying for more as Showtime struggles with consciousness. Wiping the blood from his swelling eyes then he struggles over onto his front, crawls to his opponent and then falls down over him onto the cover.



Brian Rentfro: No!

Jon McDaniel: He gave him too long, but what either man has left I just don't know.

Throwing up an arm is as much as he can manage, leaving both men flat on their backs, heavy breaths rising in their chests and blood seeping liberally across the mat. It's Showtime then who moves first, reacting as the referee reaches a five count and pulls himself into the ropes, just breaking the count himself at nine before the Phoenix slowly follows him. Giving him time to rise then the two meet again, and Showtime bowls him back into the corner before he drives a shoulder into his gut. From here then he lifts, forcing The Phoenix up onto the top-rope before blasts him across the cheek with an open hand slap.

Brian Rentfro: Listen to that sound! Showtime just unleashed on The Phoenix!

Sadly for Showtime the hit only seemed to wake him up, and as Showtime rises he gets an elbow in the gut for his trouble. Taking the blow Marcus grabs onto the Phoenix's head to save himself from falling, almost pulling the two of them to the ground before he gets his balance and fights back with a few quick jabs from his free left hand. The Phoenix's head snaps back and his world starts to spin from a jaw rocking blow, but it doesn't take him out and only wills him on as he grabs Showtime in two hands and pulls him into a devastating, full on Headbutt. The force almost caves his head in, splashing his nose all across his face and leaving him dead on his feet as he falls back from the ropes - but not with The Phoenix still holding on, his fingers sunk deep into his head.

Jon McDaniel: He could have cracked his skull on that blow!

Clearly out cold, Showtime's legs fall out from beneath him, but The Phoenix already has him in his grasp, letting him fall forward onto him as he locks around his waist and pulls him upside down off the ropes. All he has to do then is stand up, and Showtime droops right into position as The Phoenix chains his hands around his leg.

Jon McDaniel: He's got the leg cradle on, and from the second rope.

Brian Rentfro: The Flame! And if he hits that from here there's going to be nothing left of Showtime to pin.

He doesn't even think about it, barely awake himself, and simply leaps forward, kicking both legs into the air and leaving Showtime to take it all as he drives down, spiking him head first into the mat with a Cradle Piledriver to a dead silence. You could almost hear the pop, and Showtime falls, dead weight, right into the mat. It's all he has to do to drape an arm, and The Phoenix makes the cover


Brian Rentfro: He's got him!


Jon McDaniel: There's nothing left!


Brian Rentfro: He did it! He's won!

The third hand falls, and a roar breaks out across the arena. Once more then "Rain" kicks up over the speakers, but the sound is lost beneath the crowd, each and everyone screaming their praise for both men.

Jon McDaniel: It took everything they could give, but finally we have a winner. He may not be a popular, but The Phoenix has won the crowd tonight. Both men have! What a show they've given us!

The referee lifts The Phoenix's hand, just hanging limp in his own.

Brian Rentfro: What a match, and you couldn't ask for a better ending.

Jon McDaniel: And it's not over yet folks, we've still got a lot to get through.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah but after that you might as well just hit the freeway and beat the traffic, because there's nothing here going to top that.

Jon McDaniel: Not a fan of our Main Event?

Brian Rentfro: Can you blame me.

Our last shot of the ring, The Phoenix finally manages to pull himself seated in the ropes, his hand held, and we cut away.

Thunderwolf vs Project X

PWA Intercontinental Championship Match


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen...the following match up is scheduled for one pin fall or submission.

The silence is broken, a melding of the house lights into a beautiful aqua blue begins to transpire. The fans who know what's coming begin launching out fanfare, and while it's meshed inbetween a few lingering boo's, but mostly cheers for the current entrant, it comes across loud and clear in what could be described as at least somewhat of a massive roar, especially from those faithfuls.... a voice rings out through the PA-system...

"Perhaps you had better start from the beginning."

The intro to 30 Seconds to Mars "Attack" plays, but just for a second, as it's replaced by a short clip of "After The Flesh" by My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult, notably the theme of the group that nearly killed the PWA, The Masters of Armageddon...

"Perhaps you had better start from the beginning."

The realization has set in. Those cheers just keep coming...

Hide Your Face, Forever..."

"Open Your Eyes" by the Guano Apes, the old Exit Music theme... brought on by static, overrides "After the Flesh".


But is soon replaced by a familiar voice, that of Styx...

"I Am The Way of The Future..."

"After the Flesh" and "Open Your Eyes" alternate back and forth... 19 seconds into the song, the intro to "In the Air Tonight" - The Nonpoint cover, kicks into play, the sprinkler system in the scaffolds comes to life, as the sound of rain pouring down picks up with the Phil Collins replication...

"There's a lot of innocent people being crucified..."

The opening lyrics finally hit...

"I Can Feel It... Comin' in the Air Tonight... Oh Lord..."

"Now or Never". Dope. It's all coming together now as the fans spring to their feet... a few seconds later, dark aqua green pyro's begin shooting out, all across the stage, and into the heavens....

Eric Emerson: INTRODUCING TO YOU!!! All the way from Tucker's Town, Bermuda!

The song creeps along, and reaches the one minute mark... where the lyrics begin to kick in...

### What'd you go and do that for? ###
### I see the way you're Looking at me... ###
### ...And I don't know why ###

An AOWF, and PWA legend in his own right - Dustin "Thunderwolf" Kelser steps out from behind the curtain. The beat of his entrance music, which he hasn't heard in ages... has him pumped up. Instead of his usual antics though, he slowly walks to the ring, just like last week. His eyes are hidden behind a pair of white-framed, black-lensed Predator Ray-Bans, and his face is expressionless. He's shirtless, and in a pair of baggy, slate gray and black camo cargo shorts that come down below his knees . A black and white striped skull cap on his head, white Nike sneakers on his feet. And a Hurt Styk in his right hand. He's not stupid.

### I don't know and I'm not sure... ###
### ...Have you lost your way? ###
### ...Did You Lose Your Mind? ###
### ...Are You Out of Time? ###

His walk from the curtain to the top of the ramp is reserved, even through the embers that pour down upon him from the scaffold. It's notable that there's a knee-brace on his left leg, a constant reminder of one of his most glorious nights in this sport. His head is slightly bowed as he hops around from foot to foot, trying to get back into the groove of just how this is done - even from a reffing stand point. He scans the arena, rather quickly - checking to make sure who's around. He nods his head towards someone in the crowd and finally begins his descent to the ring...

### You say goodbye... ###
### Like everything's all right. ###

Brian Rentfro: There were definitely some heated words between X and Wolf. This should serve to be an interesting match.

Jon McDaniel: Righty-o, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Righty-o?

### You say goodbye... ###
### Like everything's all right. ###

Another set of cannons go off as Thunderwolf reaches the bottom of the ramp - still being showered from the pipe-system water. As he looks to his left, seeing one sign in particular in the crowd with his name on it, his nearly expressionless face almost manages to crack a smile, almost.

### If we go on it's now or never ###
### If we go on... ###

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at 194 pounds, and standing at five foot eleven... he is a multi-time PWA Intercontinental Champion...

He climbs up the ring apron, and leap-frogs over the top rope, and proceeds to do a round-house kick for old times sake...

### If we go on it's now or never ###
### If we go on... ###

Eric Emerson: He is... Dustin... THUNDERWOLF... KELSSSSSSSSSERRRR!!!!

Thunderwolf stands center stage, with his arms crossed in an X - which he swings outwards and down, swinging his head back and emitting a turquoise mist from his mouth, and into the sky...

Brian Rentfro: No. Seriously. Righty-o?

Jon McDaniel: Who the hell uses mist anymore?

Brian Rentfro: The same people who say "Righty-O".

Jon McDaniel: Just drop it.
The house lights drop and are taken over by the illumination of red strobe lights that dance about the PWA ramp. "Hysteria" by Muse hits the PA system as a bright white light blasts out from the back, against this light the outline of Project X can be made as he jogs on the spot, preparing himself for the task ahead.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent...hailing from parts unknown...

When the music reaches it's peak, he bursts forth in a rush of energy and launches his chokeslamming arm up into the air as a jet of pyro launches up behind him.

Eric Emerson: ...he stands seven feet tall and weighs three hundred and fifty two pounds...

He then makes his way to the ring with a purposeful walk.

Eric Emerson: ...the current PWA Intercontinental Champion... PROJECT X!!!!

Brian Rentfro: Ugh...where's Bryce when you need him?

Jon McDaniel: Who knows. Project X is the Intercontinental Champion, not Nightstyker.

Brian Rentfro:You WOULD think that.


PX and Wolf circle each other in the ring, and PX strikes first with a vicious right hook, and tries with a left one, but Wolf ducks and smashes his knee into X's chest, and then goes into the ropes. Wolf comes back and hits a huge swinging neckbreaker on X. Wolf springboards off the middle rope and connects with a perfect moonsault. He covers.



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: Wolf is wanting to get this over with as quickly as possible.

Jon McDaniel: It's gonna take more than a damn moonsault to put X away.

PX gets up to his feet and Wolf tries with a cross body, but X catches him and plants him to the mat with a fallaway slam. X gets to his feet and goes into the ropes. Huge legdrop! PX goes it for again, and connects. He hooks the leg.



Shoulder up!

PX gets Wolf up to his feet and tosses him into the corner. PX unchambers lefts and rights, and finishes the assault off with an elbow to Wolf's face. Wolf staggers forward, and PX grabs him by the throat.

Brian Rentfro: What?!

Jon McDaniel: This could be it for Thunderwolf!

PX lifts Wolf up by his throat. Wolf is struggling, trying to get out of it. He manages to lift his knee up and smash it into X's face. X drops him and Wolf backs up a bit, grabbing his throat. Wolf connects with a perfect spinning heel kick and takes X down. Wolf using his speed quickly gets on the top rope and comes off with a four-fifty splash. He covers.



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: Close fall there!

Jon McDaniel: Wolf had some major, major air on that splash there.

PX gets to his feet and Wolf lays into him with lefts and rights. Wolf sends him into the ropes, and tries to catch him with a dropkick. PX side-steps and grabs Wolf in midair!

Brian Rentfro: Holy crap!

Jon McDaniel: X smashes Wolf across his right knee with a devastating rib-breaker!

Brian Rentfro: Wolf is grabbing his side there, that didn't look good!

PX falls to his knees and hooks a leg.



Kick out!

PX is a little more frustrated now. He gets Wolf up to his feet and sends him into the ropes. PX hits a huge spinebuster on Wolf, planting him into the mat. PX covers again.



Shoulder up!

Brian Rentfro: Wolf is simply not giving up, Jon!

PX gets Wolf to his feet and uses one arm to toss him into the corner. PX lifts Wolf onto the top turnbuckle, and climbs to the middle. He wraps Wolf up in a facelock, tossing Wolf's free arm over his head. He lifts Wolf high off the turnbuckle and slams him down with a huge superplex.

Jon McDaniel: Good God! We might not have a ring anymore after this!

Brian Rentfro: The crowd is going crazy here!

Jon McDaniel: Project X slowly rolls over and manages to hook Wolf's leg...



3!! No! The ref is saying Wolf had his leg on the bottom rope.

Jon McDaniel: Wolf using his extensive ring experience to locate that bottom rope.

Brian Rentfro: Just call it what it is, Jon. Luck.

Jon McDaniel: It wasn't luck.

Brian Rentfro: If Project X had slammed Wolf six inches farther away, PX would have retained the title.

Jon McDaniel: Maybe.

PX gets Wolf up to his feet. PX slams his forearm into Wolf's back, and sends him into the ropes. PX grabs him by the throat again.

Brian Rentfro: X smells blood! He's gonna finish it once and for all!

Jon McDaniel: NO! Wolf kicks PX low and wraps him up in a front facelock, hooking both of X's arms.

Brian Rentfro: Wolf lifts PX up and holds him in the air for a moment. What strength!

Jon McDaniel: CRY OF THE WOLF!

Wolf takes PX down with an implant DDT, the arms hooked for effect. PX is out. Wolf hooks both legs.





Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match and new PWA Intercontinental Champion... THUNDERWOLF!!!

Wolf rolls out of the ring...and the referee steps out to hand Wolf his belt and raise his arm. Wolf's arm, with his belt in his hand, is raised high, as PX manages to get to one knee in the ring. PX is menacing, and disgusted at the same time.

Jon McDaniel: Wolf once again proving why he is one of the most dominant superstars today, Brian!

Brian Rentfro: X needs to learn how to close the deal with that chok eslam of his...

The Brothers Grimm vs Ego Trip

PWA Tag-Team Championship Match


Sirus and MVP start off with a simple lock up. Sirus transitions into a hammer lock and applies pressure. MVP quickly reverses that and takes it into a head lock. Sirus shoots a couple of elbows into MVP's back to soften him up and tries to push him off into the ropes, but MVP takes a hand full of Sirus's hair and uses the leverage to pull himself back into the head lock. Sirus tries again but again MVP pulls himself back into the head lock by the hair.

Jon McDaniel: MVP using the hair to keep the advantage over Sirus Moran.

Brian Rentfro:: It's his own fault for not getting it cut. Damn hippies!

MVP wrenches down on the headlock and Sirus again eases the pressure by shooting a couple of elbows into MVP's back, but instead of pushing him off, he lifts him up and sends him crashing down with a back drop. MVP sells the pain and rolls over to his corner quickly to tag in The Man who smiles widely as he sizes up Sirus. The Man offers up his hand in a test of strength which Sirus accepts and begins to get the better of The Man when The Man goes for a cheap shot kick that Sirus manages to dodge. Sirus breaks out of the test of strength and wrenches it into a wrist lock on The Man. The Man winces as Sirus pulls him over to his corner and tags in Grifter. Sirus keeps the writs lock applied as Grifter goes up top and brings a double axe handle crashing down onto the helpless limb.

Jon McDaniel: The Brothers Grimm are a well oiled machine when it comes to tag action. You'd have to eat a lot of Weet-a-bix and spinach with a drink of Red Bull to be able to get one over them in a tag team contest!

Brian Rentfro:: Meh, they're okay.

The Man shakes off his arm as Grifter pummels him into the corner where he unloads with lefts, rights and kicks. Once he is sufficiently weakened, Grifter marches to the other corner and comes charging at The Man in a splash attempt, but The Man moves at the last second, making Grifter eat turnbuckle padding.

Brian Rentfro:: George "The Animal" Steele would of been proud at how well Grifter eats a turnbuckle!

Grifter staggers out of the corner and The Man catches him around the head to nail him with a bulldog. Grifters head bounces and he rolls onto his back as The Man charges and jumps onto the middle rope, moonsaulting himself back off it to land on Grifter, making the cover afterwards.




Brian Rentfro:: Damn it, they're not trying hard enough!

The Man puts the stomps to Grifter before tagging MVP back in. They start to double team Grifter as the ref begins a count for The Man to leave the ring. They both whip Grifter into the ropes and send him crashing down to the mat with a double back body drop. The Man then goes to his corner as instructed as MVP keeps up the assault on Grifter. He tosses Grifter into his teams corner and beats him down into a sitting position where he puts his boot across his throat. The ref counts... 1... 2... 3... 4.... The ref pulls MVP off and he distracts the ref while The Man chokes Grifter some more behind the ref's back.

Jon McDaniel: Grifter will want to make a tag soon, because Ego Trip are starting to take control of this match.

Brian Rentfro:: Ego Trip are using every under handed trick in the book, I love it!

The ref turns around but The Man cuts off the choke at just the right time. MVP picks Grifter up and lifts him in a sustained vertical position before bringing him back down with a hard vertical suplex. He makes the cover.




MVP picks Grifter up and whips him back into his team's corner before tagging The Man back in.

Jon McDaniel: And here comes The Man back in.

Brian Rentfro:: Ego Trip are rotating the punishment.

MVP stays in the ring for another spot of double teaming as Sirus watches on helplessly from the apron. MVP whips Grifter into the ropes and hoists him into the air as The Man grabs him by the head and drives him down into the mat with a 3D. MVP is ejected from the ring as The Man makes the cover.




The Man picks Grifter up but he begins to fight back by firing punches into the gut that back The Man up. Grifter then goes to the ropes and comes off to nail The Man with a clothesline from Hell. He then collapses in a heap and starts to crawl towards his corner as the fans cheer him on.

Jon McDaniel: Grifter needs this tag badly!

Brian Rentfro:: You ain't kidding!

Grifter is almost to his corner and to Sirus's outstretched hand when MVP suddenly comes rushing in and knocks Sirus off the apron. While the ref is busy ejecting MVP from the ring, The Man low blows Grifter from behind and applies the walls of Jericho!

Jon McDaniel: The end is in sight, I can't see Grifter turning this around now!

The Man wrenches the hold as the ref goes through the redundancy of asking a mute whether he quits. Grifter grits his teeth and fights to his hands, pulling himself towards the ropes and grabbing hold of them. The ref begins a count as The Man refuses to break the hold... 1... 2... 3... 4.... The Man breaks the hold and goes to pick Grifter up but Grifter suddenly springs to life and nails The Man with a stunner the sends him flying backwards. Grifter then staggers back to his corner and tags in Sirus who comes charging in. BOOM! The Man goes down! MVP rushes in, BOOM! MVP goes down. Sirus picks up MVP and tosses him to the outside.

Jon McDaniel: Sirus is on fire!

Brian Rentfro:: Then put some water on him.

Sirus delivers a powerful straight punch to the sternum of The Man, The Wrong Hand of Doom! Sirus makes the cover.




Jon McDaniel: And the Grimms win yet again!

Brian Rentfro: Typical!

Chamelion vs Jamie Havok

PWA World Title Match

Brian Rentfro: Our final match of the night is set to be a doozy!

Jon McDaniel: Doozy? Is that a technical term!?

Brian Rentfro: Yes. Chamelion, the PWA World Champ, defends his title against Jamie Havok.

Jon McDaniel: This should be good! I mean, a doozy!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, he is Jamie Havok!

Jamie walks to the ring, looking confident.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 250lbs.. He is the PWA World Heavyweight Champion, CHAMELION!!!

‘Come w/ Me’ by Puff Daddy begins as the PWA-Tron shows clips of Chamelion’s past matches. Chamelion walks out, to a combination of cheers and boos… he acknowledges them but hardly reacts to the booing. He smiles, and rubs his hands together as he makes his way to the ring. Sliding in, he stares at Jamie Havok across the ring before standing and playing to the crowd.
Brian Rentfro: Chamelion, after all this time, still gets the best reactions!

Jon McDaniel: He loves them, good or bad, he loves the attention!

Both men circle each other, and then lock up. Chamelion gets the first advantage, putting Jamie into a side hammerlock. He turns it into a regular hammerlock then into a headlock. He holds the headlock for a few seconds before Jamie backs him into the ropes and sends him across the ring. Chamelion comes back and tries to slide between Jamie's legs, but Jamie drops to his knees above Chamelion's chest and starts hammering his face.

Brian Rentfro: Vicious punches by Jamie! He means to take Chamelion’s face off!

The ref warns him and the distraction allows Chamelion to kick him in the back and he falls off. Chamelion picks him up and whips him into ropes. Chamelion bends over and hits a back body drop. Chamelion turns around and tries for a quick leg drop, but Jamie rolls and he lands hard. Jamie runs into the ropes, comes back and sit-out dropkicks Chamelion in the face and he falls back. Jamie hooks the leg. 1.. 2..kick.

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion’s face has to be pretty bruised up by now!

While Chamelion’s still down, Jamie moves to the corner and climbs up to the second rope. He turns, getting ready when Chamelion nips up and charges Jamie. Chamelion hits the ropes, causing Jamie to straddle the ropes painfully. Chamelion gets Jamie up on his shoulders and falls back for a belly-to-back type suplex. Chamelion goes for a pin. 1... shoulder-up.

Brian Rentfro: Only a one! Jamie’s a tough hombre! Chamelion’s gonna have to do more damage if he wants a win here!

Chamelion grabs Jamie and picks him up and goes for a powerbomb. He only gets him half way up when Jamie kicks and comes back down, and back-body drops Chamelion who, in turn, holds on and goes for a sunset flip. Jamie counters by dropping to his knees again for an axe-handle to Chamelion's face but Chamelion hits him in the groin as he drop. Jamie's knees buckle and Chamelion pulls him into the sunset flip anyway. 1...2...shoulder!

Jon McDaniel: Low blow from the Devious one! It wasn’t enough to get the pin tho!

Chamelion stands and lifts Jamie up and whips him into the ropes. Chamelion bends over for the back-body drop but then Jamie comes back and kicks him in the face. Jamie whips him into the ropes. As Chamelion comes back Jamie tries to gorrilla press him but Chamelion kicks and comes down behind him but before his feet hit the mat Jamie grabs his head and brings him down in a front neck breaker. He tries for the pin. 1...2...thr-KICK!

Brian Rentfro: WHOAH! Close call there!!!

Chamelion starts to get up but Jamie pulls him up and DDTs him. Jamie goes out onto the apron. He springs off the second, over the top, and legdrops Chamelion. He picks Chamelion up and whips him but Chamelion reverses it. Chamelion takes him down with a spinebuster, then carefully hooks the leg. 1…2.Kickout!

Jon McDaniel: Man, every time you think one of them is building up for the coup de grace’ the other one manages to turn it around!
Brian Rentfro: That’s what makes the PWA such a great federation! The action is incredible!

Rolling to his feet, Chamelion waits… then as Jamie pushes himself up.. Chamelion spears Jamie, taking him back down. He grabs Jamie's arm and pulls him into an armbar. After a second Jamie leans over and punches Chamelion dead in the face. He releases the armbar and retreats to a turnbuckle holding his eye.

Jon McDaniel: Sheesh, Chamelion’s face has become a punching bag tonight!!

Jamie is up and Chamelion goes in for another spear. Jamie catches him this time and drops him into a DDT. Jamie picks Chamelion up and Chamelion hits him with a quick left jab, then he hits the ropes and comes back with a hurricarana. He geos for the pin. 1..2 Kick out.

Brian Rentfro: Where is Sommers getting all this energy from?

Chamelion grabs Jamie by the hair and lifts him up. He whips him into the corner. He stands on the second rope and starts pummeling Jamie's head. He climbs down and lets Jamie fall onto the mat. Chamelion hits a legdrop one the back of his head then rolls him over and goes for the pin. 1...2... kick out!

Jon McDaniel: Oh, that should have been it! Jamie’s incredible!

Chamelion, obviously mad, picks him up and whips him into the corner again and follows him in. Jamie hits the corner and turns around with a stiff boot to Chamelion's jaw. He nails Chamelion with a couple right hands, then whips him into the opposite corner, but Chamelion reverses it. He follows him in and jumps onto his shoulders, going for a hurricanrana out of the corner. Jamie counters with a high-angle powerbomb, and goes for the pin. 1...2...3/Kickout!

Brian Rentfro: That was 3!!!

Jon McDaniel: No, ref says it’s only 2!! But did you see, Jamie’s busted Chamelion’s face up! Chamelion’s bleeding from the nose and mouth!

Sensing victory, Jamie grabs Chamelion and roughly pulls him up by his hair. Jamie then goes for a scoop slam, but Chamelion hooks him and rolls him over into a small package..1…2…..Kickout!

Brian Rentfro: OUT of NO WHERE!! Chamelion just won’t give up!!

Both men are up, with Jamie going for a swift kick. Chamelion catches the leg, and steps over bringing his other foot around to hit Jamie dead in the cheek. As Jamie falls hard to the canvas, Chamelion runs to the ropes and executes a modified rolling thunder move. He covers.. 1….2…..3/Kickout!

Jon McDaniel: Was it???

Brian Rentfro: No, again, only a two count!!!

Jon McDaniel: Those moves looked awfully familiar!

On his knees, Chamelion shakes his head in shock and surprise. He gets his footing under him as Jamie pulls on the ropes to get himself upright. Chamelion bounces off the ropes to jump on his back, but Jamie moves and Chamelion ends up straddling the ropes, crotching himself. Chamelion falls back on the canvas, in pain.

Brian Rentfro: That could be the turning point! Chamelion’s bleeding and battered, and now Jamie can set him up for the kill!

Jamie quickly scrambles to the top turnbuckle, measures Chamelion and flies. But Chamelion gets his knees up and drives them into Jamie’s stomach. As Jamie rolls away, Chamelion is able to stand, and he stalks Jamie, measuring him up. As Jamie comes to his feet, holding his stomach, Chamelion spins him around and hits the S.O.S.…1……2…….3!!!

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion scores the pinfall! He retains the title!

Ring Announcer: The winner of the match, and STILL PWA World Heavyweight Champion, CHAMELION!

Brian Rentfro: I don’t believe it! With the way Jamie almost gave Chamelion a face lift, that Devious SOB manages to win another PPV match???

In the ring, Chamelion and Jamie Havok meet in the center. After brief words, they shake hands to the erupting crowd.

Jon McDaniel: A great match, and what a way to wrap up Genesis 5!

Brian Rentfro: A good event, and now we know how it all came down, I can’t wait to see what happens next week!

Jon McDaniel: Um, next week!?

Brian Rentfro: Oh.


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