World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick



(In the lower right hand corner of the screen a count down clock is slowly ticking away the seconds to Genesis. We've got 30 minutes to go. A montage of the current and past PWA superstars comes on the screen and slowly fades to black on the PWA logo. Lean Bean Miller is sitting at a desk.)

Lean Bean Miller: The whole year comes down to this day, folks. We're live at the PWA Dome in St. Louis and we're getting ready for the fourth annual Genesis! This is the place where legends are made and champions are born, and right now we're less than thirty minutes away from the action! There's still time to order this exciting event. But before the big show will start, I'm here to run down the matches.

Lean Bean Miller: Our first match is a triple threat match. Slush, Rigamortis, and Tribulation are all three guys that are on the way to doing huge things in the PWA and they're all going to meet in their very first Genesis match. Triple Threat matches are always tough to predict, but I've gotta go with Slush. He's a former IC champ and I wouldn't be surprised to see him main eventing this event next year!

Lean Bean Miller: Next up, we've got a pair of matches with a very interesting twist. Earlier in the day I recieved word from management that the winners of each of these matches would go on to face each other later in the night for the IC title, which Sirus Moran has forfeited. The first match features Fallen Angel and Quicksilver, two guys that come and go in the PWA. Quicksilver has been pretty impressive in his showings, but I'm picking Fallen Angel to step it up a notch and prove to the world just how good he is. The other match, Showtime vs. Panzadise is going to be a brutal showstopper. Both men are multiple time former World champions. Both men know how to fight. And both men hate each other's guts. This is going to be Dise's first match back in the PWA. Showtime has been struggling lately, but he's still a more than capable of pulling off the win. Panzadise is out for revenge since Showtime cost him his last World title. Who will pull the win off? I'm thinking it will be a double DQ, giving Fallen Angel the IC title by default!

Lean Bean Miller: The next bout is a three way tag team battle. Celtic Warrioress and Blood Warrior will face the G-Men and Half Breed. Again, we've got a group of first time Genesis wrestlers that could blow the roof off the dump. G-Men have been working hard for this match, but I think the experience of the Warrior'ess'ess, err...the guy and the chick will win!

Lean Bean Miller: What can be said about Raizzor that hasn't already been said? Tonight he's furthering his record as the only man to compete in all four of the Genesis events. Tonight he'll be trying to bring his Genesis record to 2-2 against the Phoenix. Now, while Raizzor has done it all in the PWA, the Phoenix is just getting started. He's the hardcore champion, which is no small accomplishment, but Raizzor has been there and done that already. This is a feud that started months ago when the Phoenix started challenging Chamelion and Raizzor, even though Raizzor was retired. Raizzor finally accepted the challenge and this match was born. In the weeks since, the two have been fighting tooth and nail. This match is about more than a title, its about blood. Say what you will about Raizzor, the man knows how to win a blood feud. Going with the experience on this win.

Lean Bean Miller: Sirus Moran has been a staple of the PWA since nearly day one. He's won every title and had more honors laid at his feet than anyone else in memory. Jeffery Drake is in the same position in the AOWF. He's been the top dog so long, I'm not sure anyone can knock him off the porch. But if any man can, its gotta be Sirus Moran. These two are going to lock up for the first time ever tonight at Genesis, in a match that I'm really looking forward to. Sirus' Undisupted World Title will be on the line against Drake's AOWF World Title. Only one man will walk away the winner and we'll have a true Undisputed Champion. I'm not even sure I can predict a winner for this one. Since Sirus is fighting on home turf, I'll go with him. Besides, if I didn't pick the PWA guy, I doubt I'd have a job long.

Lean Bean Miller: Thunderwolf gets a set of matches tonight. In his first outing, he'll be taking on Chamelion. You see, several months ago, a group called Pioneer Entertainment bought the PWA from Aegian Dreams. The buy out didn't go as smoothly as hoped, and PE only ended up with 50% of the company. The SWA were part owners, led by Thunderwolf. Tonight Thunderwolf puts up his stock in the PWA against Chamelion. I can easily see this match becoming a gang war, renewing the SWA vs. PWA battles of earlier in the year. In the end, I think the PWA will prevail.

Lean Bean Miller: Then Thunderwolf takes on the Cinderella of the PWA, Psycho Sandra. She came back to the PWA and won a random drawing for a World title shot. Luck was with her again as she took the title from Showtime and is now coming into the biggest event of the year as the defending World Champion! Thunderwolf is a former World champion and these two will clash in what's sure to become a classic match. I think Sandra will put up a great battle, but in the end, this is Thunderwolf's night. I'm predicting a new World champion when all is said and done.

Lean Bean Miller: Folks, its nearly, not the wrestler. We're just moments from the opening match, so if you haven't ordered already, do so now! Besides all these matches, we've got a lot of other surprises in store. The other owner of Pioneer Entertainment is set to make a statement and at Genesis, the unexpected can always happen. In years past we've seen some huge returns, so who knows what could happen tonight?

(The screen fades to black and a PWA logo. "Rise" by the Cult starts against another montage of classic PWA moments, including Psycho Sandra winning the PWA World Title.)

Slush vs. Rigamortis vs. Tribulation

Triple Threat Match

Ring Announcer: The following is a triple threat match. The man that makes the first pin is the winner! Introducing first...Rigamortis!

("Headache" by Dark Lotus starts up. The stage fills with smoke and then Rigamortis stumbles out. Rigamortis walks to the edge of the stage. Rigamortis starts to stumble down the ramp. The fans pat him on the back knocking dust from his old dusty clothes into the air. As the air clears Rigamortis is seen in the ring. He's leaning against the ropes oppisite of the ramp watching up the stage.)

Ring Announcer: His opponent...Slush!

(Fight Music by D12 begins as the lights go out. A path of the color blue illuminates the ring and the isle to the ring. Slush appears out from behind
the curtains with a case a beer. He approaches the ring looking directly at it not bothering with any fans. He puts the case down next to the ring, and takes a beer out. He climbs the top rope and raises his can of beer. Opens it and chugs it.)

Ring Announcer: And finally...Tribulation!

(Tribulation comes to the ring to the song "Indestructible" by Matthew Good Band. He walks onto the stage, stares a hole through his opponents and then slowly walks down the ramp towards the ring. He walks up the stairs and through the ropes.)

Jon McDaniel: All three men rush to battle in the center of the ring. Slush kicks Rigamortis in the stomach and then he and Tribulation team up to hit a double suplex on him. Slush bends down to pick up Rigamortis, but Tribulation sends him to the mat with a scissor kick. Tribulation then hits a standing moonsault on both men.

Brian Rentfro: That was a pretty nice move. Of course, back in my day we didn't have to do flips and all to show off!

Jon McDaniel: Slush is up to his feet, but Tribulation grabs him and throws him over the top rope. Rigamortis is pulled up and Tribulation hits the Burden. 1...2...3!

Brian Rentfro: That match was short and sweet, but more than that, it showed everyone that Tribulation isn't someone to mess with!

Interview 1

(The words Pioneer Entertainment flash on the screen as "How Soon is Now" comes on the PA. The words fade away to a black screen where we can make out the outline of a man's head. When he speaks, the voice is digitally distorted.)

Voice: Well, well, here I am, finally. The other owner of Pioneer Entertainment was come, but is he too late? Probably so. Thunderwolf, you're about to ruin everything I've worked so hard for. Does that make you happy? Probably, though you may be too dumb to fully realize what you've done. Perhaps I should explain things in more detail, but first, why don't you meet your business partner.

(The lights come on and President Robinson appears on the screen. Now when he speaks, we hear his own voice.)

President Robinson: Let's go back in time for a history lesson, shall we? Way back in March 1999, I started the PWA. And ever since that day, I've watched people destroying and tearing down what I've worked so hard to build. And Aegian Dreams...those lazy bastards wouldn't lift a finger to save what I'd built! So I did what I had to do... As much as it pained me to do so, I slowly sabotaged the company, lowering its value until it was within my price range. Well, in a way. I still needed a partner to help me with the funds, but the price was so low that I knew if I didn't act, someone else would. I started Pioneer Entertainment with that goal in mind. I couldn't openly go to investors, because it was a clear conflict on interest, not to mention that the people I approached hated me. But I was desperate and had to make a deal with the devil. I approached Styxx of the MoA, because I'd heard rumors that he was interested in opening a promotion for his men. A deal was made, but Styxx broke it off at the last minute. I'd already started the buyout process and was stuck. The only other option was the defunct SWA.

President Robinson: I sent Frank Gotch to talk to Thunderwolf, the default owner of the SWA. They agreed to fund half of the purchase and I was able to get the documents signed. Finally, the PWA was mine. Well, at least half of it, thanks to that damned Mack Moran. But that wouldn't be a problem since I was going to sign a match...well, have Frank sign the match. Due to some concerns over conflict of interest, not to mention a huge buy-out clause in my contract, I had to be "fired." So we came in, turned the PWA around and started the slow climb to domination. But that wasn't good enough for T-Wolf, was it? No, you decided to deviate from the plan. I found out that you've staked your portion of the PWA in a match against Chamelion! And what do you get if you win? Please explain to me the logic of signing that match.

President Robinson: So here's the deal, Thunderwolf. I'm not about to let one of the Sommers boys get a hold of what I've worked so hard to build. Its too late for you to back out of the match right now, the dye has been cast. But I will make you one promise. If you should happen to lose, if for any reason you lose that stock, you're going to be very sorry. I make bad things happen to people, T-Wolf, keep that in mind. And if this were to happen...I'd have to make something very bad happen to you. So do whatever you have to do, because my plans are already set and ready to go. Good luck, Thunderwolf. No matter what happens, you're going to need it.

Interview 2

Brian Rentfro: Well, Fallen Angel got lucky I guess, stepping right into an IC title match tonight.

Jon McDaniel: I wonder what happened to Quicksilver?

Brian Rentfro: The PWA works in mysterious ways, Jon.. Now.. WHOAH!!!

[The Lights dim to almost nothing... Purple strobe lights dance madly around the arena. Quick, blue flashes of light set the grave into a black and white like image. "To Live Is To Die" by Metallic kicks up and the fluorescent spotlight shines down on the rampway. Draven comes out, and walks calmly down to the ring. He steps up the ramp and over the top ropes, and looks out to the crowd. Draven walks over and holds his hand out for a mike, which he gets from a nervous tech at ringside.]

Draven: Does it surprise you, PWA fans, that I have come out before you? I have heard the empty threats by Chamelion and Raizzor.. and they do not frighten me. In fact, I welcome them... I welcome them into my domain.. So that I may show them the true darkness.. a true hell.. Yes... here, now.. I challenge Chamelion... let him come forth.. the coward.. let him come forth, if he should so dare...and face me.. tonight..... to be burried ALIVE!!!!

Brian Rentfro: WHOAH!!

Jon McDaniel: Eric Draven has challenged Chamelion to a Burried Alive match here tonight??? Chamelion can't accept that!!! he's got Thunderwolf later on!!!

['Come With Me' hits the arena and the fans are on their feet as Chamelion comes racing out, but before he gets far.. Raizzor catches him and holds him back.]

Brian Rentfro: Oh, the fans don't like that!! But Raizzor wasn't going to let Chamelion ruin his chances...

Jon McDaniel: Draven's got a cruel smile on his face there.

Draven: What's the matter? For all your gloating, you're not going to come after me? Is the fear swelling in your heart, Soul-taker, for what I will do to your brother???

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor's whispering in Chamelion's ear... Chamelion looks angry.. wait...NO WAY??

Jon Mcdaniel: Chamelion's smiling!!! He's grinning like a mad cheshire cat.. he's patting Raizzor on the back.. and leaving!>????

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor's coming down to the ring now.. Slowly, calmly... Even Draven looks a little surprised by this.

[Raizzor steps into the ring and walks right up to Draven. He stares Draven in the eyes as he takes the mike from Draven.]

Raizzor: Draven.. I accept your challenge.

Brian Rentfro: WHOAH! Listen to the crowd reaction to that!!!! Draven is taking the mike back!

Draven: It matters not to me.. you or your Brother.. I will bury you tonight... and you will never bother me again.

[Raizzor takes the mike back, and smiles his dark grin.]

Raizzor: Believe me, Draven.. I welcome everything you got... but be warned... you will not be prepared for the Soul-Taker... NO ONE ever has!

[Raizzor drops the mike and the two men go nose to nose.... before security is down to the ringside to force the two out of the ring. Raizzor nods and backs up, falling over the top rope and landing to his feet.. just as Draven does the same on the other side.]

Brian Rentfro: A burried alive match!! TONIGHT!!! That's going to be great!! Raizzor will finally put an end to that SOB Draven once and for all!!!

Jon McDaniel: Or will Draven claim another in his evil quest?? The ring is cleared, we can continue on now!!

Showtime vs. Panzadise

Singles Match


[Explosions begin to errupt as the crowd leaps to their feet. Showtime begins heading down to the ring as they continue to go nuts.]

John Jon McDaniel: “Well, things are about to pick up!”

Brain Brian Rentfro: “Listen to these idiots!”





[Showtime enters the ring as maroon pyro shoot up through the arena. He bounces into the ropes and loosens up as the crowd pops.]

Brian Rentfro: “There are those damn maroon explosives Panzadise has been talking about. Those things should be banned!”

John Jon McDaniel: “I can’t wait until my contract expires...”

Brain Brian Rentfro: “What is that supposed to mean?”

[Just then the screen is taken over with a redish tint.]


Brian Rentfro: “Whoo-hoo, here we go!”

[Tony Danza comes out from behind the curtain and stands at the top of the enterance ramp. He then puts his hands over his head and points to the curtain. Panzadise then appears as the place explodes in a mixed reaction. Dise throws the NAP sign into the air and begins walking down to the ring nonchaluant...]

John Jon McDaniel: “The last time these two superstars met in the ring was last year at London’s Burning. And as we all know, Showtime came out on top and won the PWA World Title.”

Brian Rentfro: “Shut up John, everyone knows that Showtime needed Jimmy Ultros to help him win. Showtime couldn’t do it himself, look at him.”

[Panzadise enters the ring and throws the NAP sign up to the crowd. Tony Danza heads over to the announcers booth and puts on a head set.]

John Jon McDaniel: “How nice of you to join us Tony.”

Tony Danza: “Thanks John, now please quiet down while Panzadise beats Showtime back to Marina Del Rey.”

Brian Rentfro: “That’s it, show him who’s the boss!”

[Dise and Showtime meet in center ring and begin circling each other. Dise then puts his hand up to ask for a test of strength. Showtime begins looking over the crowd to see if he should accept. Showtime then locks hands with Dise, but instantly Dise pulls him forward and knees him in the stomach. Dise then smashes a forearm over his back and throws him into the ropes. Dise goes for a clothesline but Showtime ducks it. Showtime comes off the opposite ropes and delivers a dropkick to the panzy. Dise hits the mat hard and pulls the referee in front of him as he begs off.]

John Jon McDaniel: “Showtime showing his quickness here early on!”

Tony Danza: “There’s Showtime fighting cheap as always.”

[Showtime pushes the referee out of the way and begins hammering on Dise. Dise begins fighting back as the two engage in a slugfest. Dise gets the upperhand and drops Showtime with a suplex. Dise grabs Showtime by the hair and starts pulling him to his feet. Showtime then grabs Dise’s head and rolls him up in a small package.




Brian Rentfro: “That son of a bitch almost had him!”

Tony Danza: “Showtime is the dirtiest player in the game, no question about it.”

[Both men get to their feet as Showtime charges at Dise. Dise grabs him, lifts him up, and drops his next over the top rope with a hot shot. Showtime hits the mat holding his neck in pain. Dise then uses his boot to choke Showtime while he’s down. The referee warns Dise to stop. Dise quits and turns his back to Showtime. He throws the NAP sign up to the crowd as he gets a pop. In the background Showtime is back on his feet and headed to the top rope. Dise turns around and Showtime hits him with a missle drop kick from the top! Showtime jumps on him for the cover...





Dise gets back to his feet and throws a fist at Showtime, but the Dragon ducks it. Showtime then kicks him in the stomach and locks his head. He then signals for the Marina Del Rey plex. Showtime tries to flip him back, but is having no luck. Dise then reverses it and hits him with a variation of the move. Showtime’s shoulders are touching the mat...




Dise gets up in the referee’s face and begins arguing about the slow count.]

Brian Rentfro: “This referee needs to learn how to count!”

Tony Danza: “Well, there is nothing we can do about Showtime paying off the officials before the match.”

[Showtime gets to his feet and runs at Dise. Dise turns around from arguing with the referee and gets clotheslined over the top rope. Dise stumbles around outside the ring as Showtime launches himself over the top rope and splashes down on the panzy. Both men hit the ground and look to be in pain.]

John Jon McDaniel: “Showtime justs risked everything on that dive!”

[Showtime gets to his feet first and grabs Dise. He smashes his head into the guardrail as Dise holds his head in pain. Showtime grabs his head again and tries to smash it into the guardrail, but Dise blocks it and elbows Showtime in the gut. Dise goes to toss Showtime into the ring steps, but Showtime reverses it and Dise goes crashing into the steps. Showtime then climbs onto the ring apron and leaps off towards Dise. Dise moves out of the way and Showtime goes smashing into the steps! Again both men are down in pain!]

Brian Rentfro: “Get up Dise, you panzy!”

Tony Danza: “Hey, watch it Brian.”

[Dise gets up first and rolls into the ring. Showtime follows him in as well. Dise chops Showtime across the chest. He then grabs his head and sets up for a DDT. Showtime pushes Dise off and Dise goes into the corner. Showtime then runs towards Dise. Dise sees him coming and pulls the referee in front of him. Showtime jumps in the air and hits a splash in the corner on both the referee and Dise. The referee falls to the ground as Dise tries to catch a breather.]

Brian Rentfro: “What is Showtime attacking the referee for?!”

John Jon McDaniel: “Are we watching the same match? Dise pulled that ref in front of him! That damn panzy!”

[Showtime checks on the referee momentarily, but then focuses his attention back on Dise. Dise, who is still shooken up from the splash, turns around and walks right into neckbreaker. Dise is down on the mat in pain. Showtime runs towards the ropes and springs off them with an Asai Moonsault. He lands it perfectly as the crowd errupts. Showtime then stands, waiting for Dise to get back up. Dise slowly reaches his feet as Showtime lcoks on the Hollywood Dream! Dise looks like he is ready to blank out.]

Tony Danza: “Please, excuse me...”

[Tony Danza rushes up from the announcers booth and grabs a chair. He folds it up and slides into the ring behind Showtime. He winds up and cracks Showtime over his head. Showtime hits the mat hard as Danza exits the ring with the chair. Both Dise and Showtime are down and not doing much moving around. Dise then gets to his feet and realizes Showtime is in serious pain. He laughs as the Hollywood Dragon gets to his feet.]

John Jon McDaniel: “This is sickening.”

[Dise then kicks him in the stomach and delivers the Panzadise Bomb with everything he has left in him. Showtime hits the mat as Dise falls on top of him. Tony Danza revives the referee as he notices the pin...




Brian Rentfro: “Dise just won the match! Fair and square like he said he would!”

Ring Announcer: “And the winner of the match, PAAAANNNNNZAAAADIIIISE!”

! N-N-N-New Age Panzies !

[The NAP music begins as Tony Danza helps Dise to his feet. The two leave the ring to a mixed reaction. A small “DISE SUCKS” chant has begun through the arena. Dise throws up the NAP sign as they dissapear to the backstage area. Meanwhile, in the ring, Showtime is getting to his feet realizing what has happened.]

John Jon McDaniel: “This is a disgrace Brian. The NAP are a bunch of cowards, they are street punks.”

Brian Rentfro: “I know, don’t you love it!”

Raizzor vs. Eric 'Valek' Draven

Burried Alive Match

Brian Rentfro: I'm looking so forward to this! I hope Raizzor destroys Draven once and for all!

Jon McDaniel: Whatever Raizzor said to Chamelion to convince him to let Raizzor handle this must have been good. Chamelion was all set to be in this match, but he's already booked later against Thunderwolf.

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor also competed earlier in the day against Phoenix, and isn't entering this match at 100%. Draven has an advantage!

Jon McDaniel: But the Sommers Brothers have never run from a fight... Raizzor's going to do whatever it takes to put Draven away. Let's get to ringside.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is the Buried Alive Match!!! The only way to win is to throw your opponent into the gravesite by the entrance ramp, and cover your opponent with dirt. There are no rules and no disqualification’s in this match... introducing first, weighing in at 285lbs.. from Nevada... he is the Soul-Taker... RAIZZOR!!!

[Instruments of Destruction begins, and from behind the curtain… a large casket on wheels comes out, pushed by Raizzor himself. Raizzor pushes the casket down to the ringside area, and then crawls in the ring. Standing, Raizzor climbs the closest turnbuckle and stares out at the fans. Then he slides outside, and walks around the ring towards the announce table, where he stands waiting.]

Ring Announcer: And his opponent....ERIC VALEK DRAVEN!!

[suddenly, the lights fade out. Purple strobe lights dance madly around the arena. Quick, blue flashes of light set the grave into a black and white like image. "To Live Is To Die" by Metallic kicks up and the fluorescent spotlight shines down on the rampway. Draven comes out, and walks calmly down to the ring. He steps up the ramp and over the top ropes, and looks out to the crowd. He gives Raizzor a stare and turns away, to gaze out over the fans of the arena. Raizzor climbs the ropes as Draven finishes his entrance within the ring, using the distraction from the crowd to nail him from behind. Draven, somewhat surprised, turns around, shoving Raizzor back into the corner. He then backs away, and calls for Raizzor to fight, to the crowds delight.

Brian Rentfro: Draven's acting all noble like, makes me sick.

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor sees right through it... this is going to be a vicious battle!

Raizzor rushes at Draven and slams him with something he wouldn't expect: blows from his fist directly into Draven's face. Instead of backing away, Draven waits for Raizzor to get close enough, then knees him in the gut, followed up by a couple of massive hits to the back of his neck. He then shoves Raizzor back into the same corner, this time capitalizing with a chokehold. Raizzor fights back with a knee to the stomach. As Draven's hold loosens, Raizzor knees him again, and switches the hold. Raizzor gets Draven around the neck and slams his face into his knee.

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor takes control!!!

Jon McDaniel: But Draven took his earlier attack, he could be bluffing!

Draven raises back up, showing the blows to be having little to no effect. He quickly regains the chokehold he had on Raizzor, this time he leans into with all his weight, almost putting Raizzor over the top rope. Raizzor falls over the top rope, but regains his footing quick enough to grab Draven's feet from under the ropes, and pull back. Draven's head is slammed onto the canvas, and his body is dragged out of the ring. Raizzor nails him in the sternum with an elbow drop. Raizzor then drags Draven over towards the steel steps and works on the rest of his body. He begins a series of brutal attacks on his back and kidneys using his boots to stomp Draven into the steps.

Brian Rentfro: There we go!! Raizzor’s taking to Draven the right way!!!

Jon McDaniel: I’ve not seen Raizzor this vicious in a long time!! This is very reminicent of the Raizzor that first came into the PWA!

Draven rolls off the steps and uses the guardrails to pull himself up. He turns and moves slowly towards Raizzor...quickly, Draven starts to charge, spearing Raizzor to the mat. He begins to lay the punches on Raizzor, then switches to another chokehold. Draven stands and pulls Raizzor up by his hair and whips into the ring post. Raizzor crashes hard, back first. Draven slowly stalks over and pulls Raizzor back to his feet, lifts him up and over his shoulder and begins to ram Raizzor's back into the steel post before attempting a stun gun off the guardrails, but Raizzor gives a surprise offense and slides back. He then shoves Draven headfirst into the guardrails.

Brian Rentfro: Draven best not get cocky, or Raizzor’s going to continue to surprise him like that!

Draven, still standing, begins to fight back, hitting Raizzor with quick open hand thrusts to the throat. Raizzor grabs Draven by the hair and throws his head into the guardrails again. Draven wraps both hands around Raizzor's neck and lifts him high in the air, before spinning around and slamming him hard onto the concrete on the other side of the rails, in a mass of screaming fans. Draven climbs over after him and pulls him up and whips him into a group of empty chairs. Raizzor stumbles around the chairs and falls. He struggles to his feet again and again, only to fall.

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor looks pretty banged up!

Jon McDaniel: Dislike him or not, Draven is a strong S.O.B.!!!

Draven walks over and grabs a chair and begins viciously slamming it into the face and chest of the fallen Raizzor. Raizzor however, has grabbed a chair of his own with his left hand. Before Draven has another chance to nail him with the chair, Raizzor throws his chair into Draven's face and sends him falling into the chairs. He then grabs Draven by the hair and drags him back around to the outside of the ring. While he's down, Raizzor grabs a camera from one of the cameramen, and throws the whole of it into Draven's groin.

Brian Rentfro: Eeeep!!!

Jon McDaniel: That’ll teach Draven to keep his pants up!!!

Holding his groin, Draven crawls and rolls towards the announce table, using it to pull himself up Raizzor grabs the camera up again, and thrusts it into Draven's back. Draven wretches backwards, grabbing a small monitor while he does so. He swings it, catching Raizzor in the temple. Raizzor grabs his head and falls back, reaching for an object to chuck back at Draven. Draven pins Raizzor's knee down and begins driving the corner of the monitor into his knee. He tosses the monitor aside and begins digging underneath the ring for more torture devices.

Brian Rentfro: Back and forth with the PWA equipment!!

Jon McDaniel: Damn good thing we’re insured!

Raizzor reaches back and grabs whatever can be gotten, which is at this moment, a security rail from the fan section. Raizzor rushes up to Draven, who is still under the ring, and slams the rail onto his back. Draven falls to his knees, holding his lower back. Raizzor grabs Draven by the hair and neck, picks him up to his feet, and shoves him back into the ring. Raizzor then knees Draven in the stomach and executes a sidewalk slam to the outside and into the coffin. Draven begins to slowly sit up, but Raizzor gauges Eric in the eyes, wraps both hands around his neck and starts to choke Draven back down into the casket.

Brian Rentfro: YES!!! Draven’s gonna get burried

Jon McDaniel: Don’t be too hasty, we’ve seen Draven get up from worse!

Raizzor quickly slams the lid shut and begins pushing the coffin towards the entranceway, where the Grave waits. He makes it half way up the ramp when the lid swings open and Draven again sits up, much quicker this time, and before Raizzor can react, Draven wraps his hand around Raizzor’s neck, climbs out of the coffin, and lifts Raizzor up above his head, holding the there awhile, then finally driving him down into the casket with a massive Choke slam. He slams the lid shut.

Brian Rentfro: Sheesh, that man’s not human!!!

Jon McDaniel: There’s little chance for Raizzor now!!!

Draven pushes the Casket up the ramp, just opposite the Grave. He stops and walks up to the edge of the ramp, looking down the 10-foot or so drop to the unpadded concrete floor.

Brian Rentfro: No Way……….

Jon McDaniel: ….He wouldn’t DARE!!!

He moves back and pulls the coffin back a ways to get a running start before he sends the Coffin with Raizzor inside sailing over the edge, crashing to the floor below.

Brian Rentfro: Oh God!!

Jon McDaniel: ………

Draven leaps off the ramp to the floor and slowly stalks over to the bent and battered Casket. He raises the lid....only to be met with Raizzor's hand gripping his neck. Draven fights against the grasp but nothing seems to loosen Raizzor's grip. Raizzor lifts Draven high in the air and Choke slams him onto the broken coffin. Draven slides off to the floor. Raizzor pulls him up by his hair and hoists Draven up and over his shoulders, attempting a Tombstone Piledriver onto the concrete floor.

Brian Rentfro: How did Raizzor survive that fall???? Let alone turn the tide on Draven??

Jon McDaniel: If Draven’s not human.. what is Raizzor???

Draven slips out of the hold and behind Raizzor. Raizzor turns to be met with open hand thrust to his throat from Draven. Raizzor stumbles back, and retaliates with a right hand...Draven responds with a left...Raizzor with another right...Draven gets in another Throat Thrust and Raizzor stumbles back, but once again returns with a hard right. The two men trade punches back and forth, first Draven, then Raizzor. Draven breaks the sequence with a block, face rake, knee to the gut, and ends it by backing up a few feet and hitting a flying lariat, sending both men over the rails and back into the crowd.

Brian Rentfro: The fans are getting their money’s worth tonight!!!

Jon McDaniel: Better then even front row tickets!!!

The two are slow to get back to their feet, and when they do, the fistfight resumes, this time Draven clearly has the upper hand on the still dazed Raizzor. He punches and throat thrusts' Raizzor back towards ring side...Raizzor begins to wake up a little and the tide quickly shifts. Raizzor uses a combination of kicks, chops, and hard rights and lefts to work Draven back to the walkway between the entrance and the ring area.

Brian Rentfro: Any form of wrestling went out the window a long time ago with these two.

Jon McDaniel: It’s down to a matter of who wants it more… who wants to burry the other above anything else..

Raizzor whips Draven back into the abyss of screaming fans, but holds onto to Draven's arm. He yanks him back and ducks down low, sending Draven up and over him and the rails crashing into the steel ramp with a back body drop. Raizzor climbs over and pulls Draven to his feet only to down the man again with a snap suplex. He pulls him back up and lifts Draven over his shoulders. Raizzor trudges, slightly weighted down by the big man, to the Grave side. There, Raizzor maneuvers Draven into another Tombstone attempt, and is successful with the move this time. He stands over Draven, who seems to be out cold.

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor wants it in the worst way.. he just destroyed Draven, all that’s left now is the gloating!!

Jon McDaniel: Not to mention, WINNING the match!!

Raizzor turns to search for the Shovel, ready to end this match. Draven, amazingly, and eerily, slowly sits up. Draven moves behind Raizzor, grabs him by the hair and pulls his head back into a reversed DDT onto the steel grating of the ramp, blooding the back of Raizzor's head. Draven, also, has been busted open on the top of his head, apparently from the Tombstone, as the blood now oozes and flows down his face and onto his shirt.

Brian Rentfro: Damn!!!

Jon McDaniel: Told You!!!

Draven lifts Raizzor up by his neck and Choke slams him down into the empty Grave. Draven jumps down into the Grave and pulls Raizzor up. He looks out to the fans, rolls his eyes back into his head and signals for the Impaler.

Brian Rentfro: No!!! Damn it!! NO!!!

Jon McDaniel: We’ve seen this before.. when Draven was last in the PWA… even Raizzor won’t escape from this!!!

Draven lifts Raizzor up, but Raizzor reverses the move and ends up hitting Draven with another Tombstone. Exhausted and bloody, Raizzor pulls himself out of the Grave and locates the Shovel. He turns around in time to see Draven, again, slowly sitting up.

Brian Rentfro: Draven’s impossible!! Will nothing keep this man down!!

Jon McDaniel: Might take Heaven and Earth to stop the hell that is Draven!!

Raizzor shakes his head, and drops to one knee in exhaustion as Draven pulls himself out of the grave. Raizzor drops the shovel and uses what may be the last of his strength to spear Draven back into the grave, taking himself along with him. Both men lay at the bottom of the grave, nearly out.

Brian Rentfro: A last ditch move by Raizzor, but it cost him.

Jon McDaniel: Now, it’s only a matter of who can move first.

Suddenly, Draven stirs, and pulls himself painfully up and out of the grave. Draven crawls painfully over to the shovel, uses it to stand, and turns... Draven pushes the shovel into the mound of fresh soil to begin the burrying process.

Brian Rentfro: Dammit!! Draven's gonna win this!

Jon McDaniel: WAIT!! LOOK!! A fan just jumped the guard rail!

The camera crew catches a man in a large over coat and sports cap race over behind Draven and he rips the shovel out of the startled man's hands. Draven spins in surprise and the man rips off his hat and coat.....

Brian Rentfro: I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!


The Spider raises the shovel and slams it into Draven's forehead! Draven stumbles but doesn't go down, and in fact, starts to step forward to take the shovel from the Spider.. but a hand reaches out from inside the grave as Raizzor grasps his left leg, stumbling Draven into another shovel shot. Draven starts to wobble backwards.

Brian Rentfro: How did the Spider get here???

Jon McDaniel: Bought a ticket maybe??

Draven drops to one knee, dazed and as the Spider lifts the shovel up, Raizzor stands, picks Draven up and with the last of his strength, lifts Draven into the Last Ride Powerbomb... but he holds him there as the Spider uses the shovel to slam Draven down a good 12 feet into the grave. Raizzor collapses as Chamelion races out with two more shovels.. he drops one next to Raizzor as Chamelion and The Spider begin burrying Draven.

Brian Rentfro: With a little assistance from The Spider, it looks like Raizzor has Draven all covered!

Jon McDaniel: They're scooping dirt into the grave as fast as they can!! They want this over as soon as possible.

Raizzor stands and begins helping, and the three men cover Draven up.. the bell rings and the match ends. 'Instruments of Destruction' begins and Chamelion and The Spider hold up a dazed Raizzor's hands... and the crowd explodes. With the grave nearly completey full, the three men stare darkly at it, before turning and walking off.

Brian Rentfro: Amazing match between those two!!

Jon McDaniel: If not for the reasons behind this, I'd have to say both men put on a classic war... I'm amazed Raizzor was able to compete after the horrendous battle he had with Phoenix earlier in the day.

Brian Rentfro: When you're defending the rights of the ones you love, you can do anything!

Jon McDaniel: Kind of mushy coming from a guy like you, Brian!

Brian Rentfro: Hey, I can be mushy!! Draven got what he deserved.. it's good we'll not be seeing any more of him. Whoah!! Whats going on?

Jon McDaniel: We're losing the lights!!

Suddenly, the lights fade out. Purple strobe lights dance madly around the arena. Quick, blue flashes of light set the grave into a black and white like image. "To Live Is To Die" by Metallica kicks up and the fluorescent spotlight shines down on the Gravestone that simply reads "R.I.P". Simultaneously, as the heavier part of the song begins, the soil begins to stir and break. Slowly, the purple gloved hand of Eric Draven reaches out from underneath the many pounds of crushing dirt.

Brian Rentfro: Holy shi....

Jon McDaniel: Maybe this isn't over yet... The security and medics are racing down to attend to Draven... not that he deserves any help... but we're not going to let this slow Genesis down... it's time for our next match, for the Tag-Team Triple Threat Match!!!

Blood Warrior & Celtic Warrioress vs. Half Breed vs. G-Men

Tag-Team Triple Threat Match

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, the team of Blood Warrior and Celtic Warrioress!

(The arena goes dark green mist like substance comes from the b/s area green pryos errupting, as soft celtic chanting starts, a loud screech over the music as it changes to Cradle of Filths ~ At the Gates of Midian and she makes her entrance raises both arms over her head scowls at the fans, a spot light in red starting to spin around above head as a large white flash like lightening lights up the whole arena and Blood Warrior stands by her side. The pair smiling at each other kissing before walking to the ring, snarling and insulting fans as they go.)

Ring Announcer: The next team are the Half Breed!

("Unreal" by ill Nino blares up. The lights go out and the song plays for a couple short minutes. Just then a large explodsion goes off on stage. CJ Insane and Jane all step out. CJ holds his chair high above his head while Insane throws a couple warm up punches and kicks. CJ, Insane and Jane all walk to the ring. CJ takes off his shirt and shades. He hands his chair shirt and shades to Jane and then jumps up onto the ring apron. He climbs up the ropes and then stops on the middle rope on the outside and puts both fists into the air. Insane slides in under the bottom rope and then bounces off the ropes on the oppisite side of the ring. CJ jumps over the top rope and then both of them watch up the ramp. They both get down ready to run and attack whoever comes out.)

Ring Announcer: Finally...the G-Men!

("Defy You" by the Offspring comes on the PA as the G-Men head to the ring.)

Jon McDaniel: Tony and CJ start off the match. CJ whips Tony Greene into the ropes and clotheslines him down. Green is back up quickly, but CJ knocks him back down. Green rolls over to a corner and tags in Blood Warrior. Blood Warrior hiptosses CJ, then pulls him up and rams his head into a turnbuckle. CJ elbow smashes his way out of the corner and dropkicks the Blood Warrior over the top rope! Insane Klown hits him with a double axehandle off the apron. The two start to fight outside the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Celtic Warrioress rushed into the ring to take her partner's place! The ref is going to allow it!

Jon McDaniel: CJ pounds on the Warrioress and beats her to the mat. CJ hits a Rocker Dropper and covers. 1...kickout. CJ pulls Warrioress up to her feet and starts to whip her into the ropes, but Warrioress reverses it. When CJ hits the ropes, Chris Greene tags himself in. CJ doesn't look pleased, but Tony Greene comes into the ring and tosses him over the top rope. He follows him out and they fight on the outside now!

Brian Rentfro: Damn, with all this brawling, you'd think the match was being broadcast from the Hardcore Cafe!

(The referee gets knocked out by a stray superkick from Celtic Warrioress, and then Chris Greene spears her down. Blood Warrior and Insane Klown brawl on the outside, and CJ and Tony Greene are trading punches as well. Suddenly, "The First Noble Truth" by Shadows Fall blasts over the PA system, and Corey Lazarus runs down the ramp wearing a pair of torn camouflage denim shorts, Chuck Taylor's, a silk silver shirt, and a knee-length wallet-chain. His long, brown hair is pulled back into a neat ponytail, which is braided, and he has a smile on his face. Laz rolls into the ring, and knocks CJ down with a somersault dropkick from behind. Laz does a kip-up back to his feet, and Tony Greene thanks him. Laz smiles, and extends a hand for a handshake. Tony begins shaking, and Laz just kicks Tony in the gut, and then lifts him up for a brainbuster variation, it seems, but then drops Tony down with a reverse Emerald Fusion. Tony spasms on the ground, holding his head and neck, and Laz rolls to his feet. Chris Greene gets to his feet as Laz gets to his, and Chris tries to spear Laz. Laz leapfrogs over Chris, and then backflips and kicks Chris in the back of the head just as Chris got to his feet and looked at Laz after the failed spear attempt.)

Jon McDaniel: Corey Lazarus is back!

Brian Rentfro: He is, Jon, he is! And he's destroying all of the competitors in this match!

(Celtic Warrioress is down and out in the center of the ring, and Laz jumps up onto the top rope and swan dives out, flipping into a 450 Splash at the
last moment.)


(Laz looks out at Insane Klown and Blood Warrior on the outside, who are still trading punches, and then laughs. Blood Warrior and Insane Klonw turn, still punching each other slightly, and Laz runs at them, leaping over the top rope and connecting with a corkscrew splash. Laz rolls to his feet,
holding his lower back, and then runs back up the ramp. The referee comes to as Chris Greene and Celtic Warrioress both get to their feet, Chris holding his head and Warrioress holding her ribs.)

Jon McDaniel: Chris Greene hits Warrioress with the G-Buster! 1...2...3! The G-Men win it all!

Raizzor vs The Phoenix

Solitary Confinement Match

Brian Rentfro: Our next match wass actually pre-recorded earlier today. Because of contractual agreements between Raizzor and the PWA to officiate the Undisputed/AOWF World Title Match tonight… Raizzor and Phoenix battled a few hours ago. Now, we were not allowed to interview either man as they showed up here tonight, so even we do not know the winner… we’ll learn it the same as you here tonight.

Jon McDaniel: Because it’s pre-recorded, we’ll do the intros here and now… the challenger, Raizzor.. hails from Nevada and weighs 285lbs while the champion, Phoenix.. comes from parts unknown! Let’s get to the action.

[The P.E.T (Pioneer Entertainment Tron) comes to life and the fans in the arena explode into cheers as we watch Raizzor entering into the Solid concrete cell, a 12x12ft encloser with a solid steel door. The scene cuts to inside the camera as he positions himself at the far end. We then watch Phoenix enter the picture outside, where he drops the Hardcore title into the ref’s hands, and then boldly walks into the cell. Before the steel door can shut, Raizzor charges Phoenix and drives him against the door frame. Phoenix punches Raizzor in the stomach, backing him up and Phoenix enters the rest of the way. The ref closes the door, and our view changes to above the cell, where the four cameras are stationed.]

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor went for the early advantage, but it looks as if Phoenix was ready for that!!

Jon McDaniel: The element of surprise is over, and comes down to who can survive!

[Phoenix slams his foot into Raizzor’s gut, bending the challenger over and then drives his elbow down on the back of Raizzor’s skull. Phoenix then wraps his arm around Raizzor and rushes forward, causing Raizzor’s forehead to collide with the concrete wall. Raizzor drops to his knees, but Phoenix isn’t finished… he twists behind Raizzor and pulls Raizzor to his feet. Phoenix attempts to drives Raizzor to the floor with a reverse neck breaker, but Raizzor pokes Phoenix in the eyes, causing the champion to back off.]

Brian Rentfro: Phoenix really is ready for this, he took the advantage early on!

Jon McDaniel: It made Raizzor have to take a cheap shot to break free!!

[Raizzor turns around, while Phoenix wipes his eyes, and the Soul-Taker delivers a series of hard punches, followed by a round house that Phoenix manages to duck, and Raizzor painfully makes contact with the concrete wall. Phoenix drives his elbow into Raizzor’s gut, lifting him off the ground and carrying him backwards against the other side. Phoenix hits Raizzor in the gut two more times with his knee, then folds Raizzor over and goes for a piledriver!!]

Brian Rentfro: A pile driver on the cement floor?? No Way!!

[Raizzor struggles and instead, lifts his body up, carrying Phoenix up and over behind him and Phoenix collides with the wall, and falls head first to the floor. Phoenix, dazed, tries to push himself up, but the Soul-Taker comes crashing down with an elbow to the back of the head. Raizzor backs up, against the other wall.. and attacks with a drop kick, smashing Phoenix’s head against the wall. Raizzor then wobbles over to the steel door and bangs on it… the ref opens it, and Raizzor begins to step out.]

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor’s wasting no time to finish this match.

[Raizzor gets one foot out before Phoenix reaches over and grabs his other leg, and with his strength he pulls the challenger back into the cell. The ref closes the door just as Phoenix hits a shot to Raizzor’s groin, causing the Soul-Taker to gasp and drop to the floor. Phoenix picks up Raizzor’s legs and turns him around into a Boston Crab, applying as much pressure to the small of Raizzor’s back that he can.]

Brian Rentfro: Submissions do not count in this match!!

Jon McDaniel: I think Phoenix knows that… he also knows the damage you can cause with a Boston Crab maneuver!!!

[Raizzor gets his palms under him and pushes up, and is able to power out of the move, sending Phoenix into the wall. Phoenix quickly recovers and before Raizzor can turn around after rising, Phoenix shoves Raizzor face first into the wall. Phoenix grabs Raizzor by the head and slams him face first two more times before Raizzor has the will to elbow Phoenix and turn the tide.]

Brian Rentfro: That did it, Raizzor’s busted open!!!

Jon McDaniel: Blood’s over his eyes too!!! This will make it harder for him!!

[Raizzor grabs Phoenix by the hair and unceremoniously slams Phoenix’s skull repeatedly into the concrete wall over and over.. Phoenix begins to bleed harshly from a wound on his forehead and Raizzor backs up as Phoenix turns around dazed. Raizzor then grabs him by the throat and chokeslams him to the hard floor!]

Brian Rentfro: OUCH!!! Phoenix won’t be getting up any time soon from that one!!

[Walking painfully to the door, Raizzor again bangs on it, and the ref opens the door. Raizzor turns, as Phoenix struggles up and he steps forward, turns Phoenix over and tries for the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker, but Phoenix struggles, turns him over and delivers a straight Tombstone of his own. Phoenix then crawls over the dazed Raizzor and out the door. The ref raises Phoenix’s hand in victory!]

Brian Rentfro: That’s it!!! Phoenix wins the match!!

Jon McDaniel: What a vicious match that was, both men are bleeding and bruised all over.

Brian Rentfro: Neither man wanted to be in there any more then they had to be… but it’s been settled whos the best man tonight!! Let’s get the ring announcer’s call!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the Solitary Confinement match, and STILL PWA Hardcore Champion, PHOENIX!!!!

[Phoenix walks out onto the stage, carrying the Hardcore title on his shoulder as the crowd screams and boos. Phoenix smiles anyway and stands there for a moment before leaving.]

Brian Rentfro: Congratulations to Phoenix, who put on a great performance earlier… but let’s get on with the rest of the show!!!

Sirus Moran vs Jeffery Drake

AOWF World & Undisputed Championship Match

Jon McDaniel: Next up we have one of the biggest match-ups of the night, for both the Undisputed and AOWF World Title!!! This could quite possibly be the biggest match the history of the AOWF community

Brian Rentfro: A lot of heated words have been thrown back and forth in the weeks leading up to this match....let's take a look back...

(Footage of Sirus hitting a powerbomb onto Panzadise is shown..."Sad but True" by Metallica starting up in the background...a powerbomb to Ty Copas...)

Sirus Moran: I'm a patient man and I accept and appreciate all that comes my way. I figured eventually I'd get my chance at the world title, it's just a bonus that it happens to be you.



I'm your life

I'm the one who takes you there


I'm your life

I'm the one who cares


they betray

I'm your only true friend now


they'll betray

I'm forever there....

(the lyrics fade out...Jeffrey Drake hitting the Juji-gatame on many a variety of different opponents, a pin to Showtime. The lyrics fade back in after Drakes short words...)

Jeffrey Drake: Stop playing the glamour pup. Stop playing the innocent.

I'm your dream, make you real

I'm your eyes when you must steal

I'm your pain when you can't feel

sad but true

(Fade out...Sirus Moran and Thunderwolf in the ring, Sirus Moran with the pin against Marcus Collins and Brian Anderson...Fade in...)

Sirus Moran: Grizzley Beers for everyone!!!

I'm your dream, mind astray

I'm your eyes while you're away

I'm your pain while you repay

you know it's sad but true

(Drake putting various opponents in submissions, forcing them to tap out...ending w/ Drake defeating Chronos in his final UW Burn appearance)

Drake: I'll break your fucking arm!


you're my mask

you're my cover, my shelter


you're my mask

you're the one who's blamed


do my work

do my dirty work, scapegoat


do my deeds

for you're the one who's shamed

(Sirus Moran is shown hitting the Nameless Knockout on the Spider....)

I'm your dream, make you real

I'm your eyes when you must steal

I'm your pain when you can't feel

sad but true

(Jeffrey Drake racking up a win over Chris Pike after a long and drawn out battle, the Legion at ringside.)

I'm forever there


I'm your hate

I'm your hate when you want love


pay the price

pay, for nothing's fair

(Sirus Standing with Al clutched in his arm...a simple smile on his face.)

Sirus Moran: There are an infinite number of angles for which to fall, but only one to stand!!!


I'm your life

I'm the one who took you here


I'm your life

and I no longer care

(Jeffrey Drake...a look of arrogance in his ring, with Elisabeth at his side...)

Jeffrey Drake: You're just not that fucking good. Stop being so humble, you're not that great.

I'm your dream, make you real

I'm your eyes when you must steal

I'm your pain when you can't feel

sad but true

(One last shot of both competitors...a picture of both, a title in there hands...a look of pride in both there eyes, but in two totally seperate ways...)

I'm your truth, telling lies

I'm your reasoned alibis

I'm inside open your eyes

I'm you

Sad But True..................

Jon McDaniel: We have word that our first competitor is getting ready to come...and guess what...Drake will come out first!

Brian Rentfro: Why?! Drake's the AOWF World Champion for crying out loud!!! He should at least get the distinction of being the second to come out!

Jon McDaniel: Mack Moran and Thunderwolf must have seen it a different way, I guess.

"Plush" by the Stone Temple Pilots hits over sound system, the fans begin booing.

Jon McDaniel: WOW!!!! Listen to that fan reaction, these people must really be 100% behind the PWA. Everyone from the UW has dogged us at least once or twice, yet were just as game as they are.

Brian Rentfro: What I wouldn't give for a job on Burn...

Jon McDaniel: What was that?

Brian Rentfro: Oh nothing Jon, but wouldn't it be great to see me and Unified Wrestling Commissioner Andrew Laffin buck heads? That'd be great! It'd be genius! It'd be...

Jon McDaniel: It'd be death to all of us now let's see what happens here...

Drake walks down to the ring, no site of Elisabeth Ramsey. He ignores the boos and continues towards the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall...and it is for the AOWF Undisputed title...and The AOWF World Heavyweight Championship. Entering first...weighing in at 240 lbs. He is the current holder of the AOWF World Title...standing at 6'4" he is....JEFFFFREEEEYYYY DRAKKKKKEEE!!!!

Drake continues as gold pyro's shoot off from all directions, he ignores them and enters the ring. He goes to the center and waits for Sirus to come out. A cocky, yet determined look on his face.

Brian Rentfro: Jeffrey Drake seems to be taking this match very seriously, wait a minute...

Jon McDaniel: There's Raizzor, coming off that Hardcore Title match tonight. He's still able to referee this thing I'm guessing. With him reffing this thing...who knows what could happen.

Brian Rentfro: Drake's gonna get screwed over, I just know he is. Remember...Team Supreme...Sirus and Raizzor....Old Skool...M.o.A. Renegades...all those things have got to mean something...

The lights begin swirling around the arena and all the fans jump to there feet as "More Human than Human" hits over the sound system. Every fan is up cheering there hearts out. Sirus Moran walks out and the fans let out an even larger cheer. Sirus Moran has the Undisputed title around his waist, the AOWF Tag title over his left shoulder, and the PWA tag title over his right. Who know's where his other titles are...Sirus turns around and goes behind the curtain...the fans get a little unruly...but he quickly re-emerges with 'Al' embraced in his arms...

Jon McDaniel: Sirus Moran is coming out a huge ovation tonight...I've never heard this place so loud!!!

Brian Rentfro: He's coming down as we speak...he's rolling into the ring and...thank god the ring announcer has cleared the ring before he has to go through that huuuuuge list of titles. Sirus and Drake are squared up in the middle of the ring...Raizzor stands between them, but now he moves. Sirus extends his hand...but Drake refuses to shake! Ha!

(Sirus Moran looks in Drakes direction, and Drake returns the look...with laughter in his eyes. Drake acts like he's going to lock-up but fakes back and Sirus stands there, not falling for it. Sirus finally charges in and locks up with Drake forcing him towards the ropes, he hits a knife edge chop that Drake takes as almost nothing. Drake sticks out his chest for Sirus to do it again. Sirus rares back but drops down to his legs and sweeps Drakes feet out from under him. Drake falls down but immediatly hops to his feet, pulling Sirus up with him. They lock up again and this time Drake get's the momentium, he whips Sirus into the ropes, Sirus ducks a clothesline, bounces off the other ropes, drake hops over him...they both bounce off the ropes...double clothesline.)

Brian Rentfro: Both men are down!

Jon McDaniel: No! Both men are up!

(Both men quickly get to there feet and Sirus immediatly hooks up with drake, he tries for a hip toss but Drake drops it down into a reverse armbar.)

Brian Rentfro: Sirus is in some serious pain but it's way too early in the match for a tap out. Drake is pulling Sirus's arm around his neck, and pulling back even tighter now with this hold.

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor checks to make sure Sirus isn't tapping, Drake wrenches tighter as Sirus inches for the ropes. A little bit further...inch by inch...he made it! Drake breaks the hold, and now he's stomping a pot hole in our Undisputed champion! Drake picks Sirus up off the ground, he has him in a reverse torture rack now, he's bending Sirus in two!!! Stop it!

Brian Rentfro: Drake drops him backwards with ease smashing him beneath his body to the canvas...he rolls him up for a cover...

Raizzor: 1........shoulder up!

Jon McDaniel: Kick out! After that spectacular move from Jeffrey Drake.

Brian Rentfro: Sirus gets to his feet and barely makes it to the turnbuckle, Drake is charging towards him, elbow smash to the head of Sirus!

Jon McDaniel: Jeffrey Drake seems to be making this his match here tonight, Drake with another elbow smash, Drake goes for one more but Sirus, ducks out of the way. Sirus bounces off the ropes, flying clothesline! Drake's down!

Brian Rentfro: Sirus whips Drake to the ropes, Drake holds onto the comes Sirus, he's going to clothesline Drake over....Drake holds the top rope down, but Sirus puts on the brakes a second before sailing over. A kick to the midsection of Drake, Sirus bounces off the ropes...running DDT! He just planted Drake with that move.

Jon McDaniel: Sirus is down on the ground punching Drake with everything he's got. Drake pushes Sirus off, but Sirus comes right back with another round of punches to the face of Drake. He pulls Drake to his feet...keeps hold of his arm, SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE!!! Sirus with the cover...

Raizzor: 1.....2....

Brian Rentfro: He kicked out! Ha!

(Sirus Moran picks Drake up by the waist and hits a belly-to-back suplex. Sirus picks up Drake and side slams him. He stands up and whips Drake into the ropes and hits a powerslam, he pulls up a leg)

Raizzor: 1....

Jon McDaniel: Kick out!!!

(Jeffrey Drake pushes Sirus off of his chest and pushes himself to his feet. He pushes Drake down before he can stand all the way up, and elbow drops him back down. Drake grabs Sirus's leg, bends it back...and sits down on Sirus's back....)

Brian Rentfro: Half Crab! Drake is putting on the pressure now. Sirus is so far from the ropes, he's going to tap!

Jon McDaniel: Sirus is trying to fight it, he's clawing his way to the ropes...but Drake just pulled him back to the center. Sirus is still fighting it!!!

Fans: SIRUS!!!! SIRUS!!!!! SIRUS!!!!

Brian Rentfro: Sirus going on another attempt for the ropes...but Drake is grabbing Sirus's other leg...he's twisting him around...he's pushing himself to his feet...another twist...leg in place...

Jon McDaniel: Elevated Boston Crab! Raizzors lifting his hand....

Raizzor: 1......

Jon McDaniel: Come on Sirus get up!

Raizzor: 2.......

Brian Renfro: Come on let it hit!!!

Raizzor: ......

Jon McDaniel: Sirus's hand didn't hit!!! Drake is furious! He's wrenching back harder...Sirus is making one last attempt for the ropes...HAND ON THE ROPES!! Drake has to break the hold.

Brian Rentfro: Drake picks Sirus up and locks on a sleeper, he drops it down into a sleeper drop. Drake is choking Sirus....but Raizzor isn't having it. Drake is in the face of Raizzor, but Raizzor doesn't look intimidated.

Jon McDaniel: Drake is picking Sirus up once again, body slam. Drake picks Sirus up again, Drake picks him up in a vertical suplex....Sirus slips out...

Brian Rentfro: Sirus pushes Drake into the ropes...Sirus jumps into the air....DROPKICK OVER THE TOP ROPE!!! DRAKE LANDS ON THE OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!! GET UP DRAKE!!!

Jon McDaniel: Drake is getting ready to slide back in....Baseball slide from Sirus to the forehead of Drake. Drake goes sailing into the safety rail. Sirus is going to the outside....

Raizzor: 1.....

Jon McDaniel: Sirus with one helluva a haymaker to Drake....

Raizzor: 2.....

Brian Rentfro: Drake answers back with a kick to the midsection!

Raizzor: 3......

Jon McDaniel: Drake with a knee smash to the head of Sirus...

Raizzor: 4.......

Brian Rentfro: Sirus right back up to his feet...a shot to the leg of Drake...

Raizzor: 5........

Jon McDaniel: Sirus with another shot...Drake's on the ground!!!

Raizzor: 6......

Brian Rentfro: Sirus is up on the apron...what's he going to do?!

Raizzor: 7......

Jon McDaniel: Sirus jumps off with a leg drop.....

Raizzor: 8....

Brian Rentfro: Drake rolls out of the way...Sirus is holding that leg...Drake grabs Sirus and rolls him under the bottom rope.

Jon McDaniel: Drake ties up with Sirus, T-bone suplex. Drake goes up top.....splash to Sirus. 'Al' with a look of concern, Drake with a pin....

Raizzor: 1.......2.....Shoulder up.

(Drake looks frustrated as he drops down with a chop to the neck of Sirus. He follows up with a leg drop to the throat and goes for another cover.)

Raizzor: 1.....kickout!

(Drake picks Sirus up and drops him down with a shin breaker, Drake puts him down and sticks his foot in the back of Sirus and pulls his arms back for a surfboard stretch. Sirus pulls away and makes a leap for the ropes holding his back. Drake charges towards him, Sirus ducks, kicks him in the midsection...lifts him up....)

Jon McDaniel: HANGMANS DDT!!!! MY GOD!!!! IS DRAKE ALIVE AFTER THAT?!?!?!?!?! The cover....

Raizzor: 1......

Jon McDaniel: This soon?!

Raizzor: 2......

Brian Rentfro: Kick out Drake!!!


Brian Rentfro: Drake's foot is on the ropes! Yes!

Jon McDaniel: Drake is holding his neck but so is Sirus. Both of these men have put each other through hell tonight.

Brian Rentfro: Drake and Sirus lock-up...Sirus with a neck-breaker...but Drake breaks free and hits a neck-breaker drop. Drake lifts Sirus back up...reverse DDT! The cover...

Raizzor: 1.....2....kickout!

Jon McDaniel: Sirus staggers to his feet, as soon as he becomes stable Drake whips him into the ropes...Drake catches him with a sleeper. Sirus closes his eyes for a he fading?!

Brian Rentfro: Sirus looks like he's going to give....


(Sirus quickly scoops Drake up into his arms and hits a fallaway slam. Drake somehow hops right back up to his feet and before Sirus can figure out whats going on locks on another sleeper)

Jon McDaniel: NO NOT AGAIN!!!

Brian Rentfro: But Sirus is fighting it...

Jon McDaniel: Sirus somehow gets free and ducks behind Drake....the NARCOSLEEPY!!! It's been ages since I've seen him lock on this move!!!

Brian Rentfro: Drake looks tired...Sirus is wearing him down....

Jon McDaniel: LOW-BLOW!!!!!!!! NO!!!! DRAKE WITH THE LOW BLOW!!!!

Brian Rentfro: Drake picks Sirus up in a suplex position....BRAINBUSTER!!!

Jon McDaniel: Another cover from Drake...

Raizzor: 1......

Jon McDaniel: No!!!

Raizzor: arm is on the ropes!

Brian Rentfro: Screw that he had him pinned!

(Drake picks a tired Sirus up off the ground...and out of no where Sirus hit's three Wrong Hand of Doom's in a row, Drake staggers and falls backwards. Sirus picks him back up once again and locks Drakes arms under his armpits....the crowd gets to there feet.)

Jon McDaniel: Yes THIS COULD BE IT!!!

Fans: ONE!!! (Headbutt to Drake) TWO!!! (Another headbutt to Drake) THREE!!! (Another headbutt) FOUR!!! (Once again) Five!!! (One last headbutt)

Jon McDaniel: Sirus Moran....

Brian Rentfro: He whips Drake to the ropes....the pick up....on his shoulder....

Jon McDaniel: NAMELESS KNOCKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NAMELESS KNOCKOUT!!!!!!!!!!! NAMELESS F'ING KNOCKOUT IT'S OVER!!!!!! PIN HIM PIN HIM PIN HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Rentfro: Damn Jon...calm down....GET UP DRAKE GET UP!!!!!

Raizzor: ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jon McDaniel: COME ON!!!!!!!!

Raizzor: TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jon McDaniel: YES YES COME ON!!!


Jon McDaniel: NO!!!! Drake kicked out! I be damned!


Brian Rentfro: Drake kicked out....what a shame....

(Drake looks furious...he and Sirus tiredly meet up in the middle of the ring...he suddenly grabs onto Sirus's arm...jumps to the ground...and...)


Jon McDaniel: Drake increases the pressure, Sirus is screaming out in pain. He's looking around at the fans...

Fans: Let's go Sirus let's go!!!!! *clap clap* Let's go Sirus let's go!!!!! *clap clap* Let's go Sirus let's go!!!!! *clap clap*

Jon McDaniel: Drake pulls back a little harder...Sirus is blacking out....

Brian Rentfro: But Drake doesn't wanna win it this way. He just rolled Sirus onto his back. He's going up top....oh no....

Jon McDaniel: Don't do it Drake!!! Don't do it!!!

Brian Rentfro: Here he goes....


Brian Rentfro: Sirus is pulling himself up on the ropes....Drake looks to be getting up too though. He's going to get up first. There both up...there tying up....drake looks like he's going for a floatover suplex...


Brian Rentfro: NO!!!

Fans: ONE!!! TWO!!! THREE!!! FOUR!!! FIVE!!! SIX!!!! SEVEN!!! EIGHT!!!! NINE!!! TEN!!!!!!

Jon McDaniel: The whip into the ropes.....

Brian Rentfro: HOLY!! Raizzor just got between the two of them and hit Drake in the face with the Big Boot! Drake slides half way across the ring on his back from the impact!1

Jon McDaniel: What the hell did Raizzor do that for?? Sirus is stomping up to Raizzor, he spins him around!

Brian Rentfro: It looks like Sirus Moran is demanding an explanation from Raizzor. Raizzor is looking out to the crowd, almost as if he's ignoring Sirus.

Jon McDaniel: Sirus is frustrated!! He's still trying to get Raizzor's attenti...NO!!!

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor's got Sirus by the throat.. No way, he's not going... YES, a CHOKESLAM!!! Raizzor just chokeslammed Sirus Moran!!!

Jon McDaniel: What the hell is wrong with Raizzor???!!!?? Why is he doing this!???

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor's outside the ring now, what's he doing?? He just threw the timekeeper to the floor... Oh god, Raizzor's got a steel chair.

Jon McDaniel: He pushes the chair into the ring and slides in after it!! Drake's stirring.. Drake is crawling to his feet...!!!!

Brian Rentfro: And Raizzor clobbers him in the back of the skull with the chair...!! THIS IS A TRAVESTY!! Where's security????

Jon McDaniel: Now Sirus is moving, Oh man.. He Wouldn't...

Brian Rentfro: But he does.. Raizzor delivers the same chair shot to Sirus too.... Now both Sirus and Drake are busted wide open and on their backs on the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor drops the chair.. Now what is he.. hes ripping his ref shirt off and tossing it on top of Sirus Moran!!!

Brian Rentfro: Wait!! Raizzor's leaving!! What does this mean???

Jon McDaniel: Medics are coming down to ringside to attend to Sirus and Drake.. Raizzor is heading up the ramp.. listen to those boos and jeers from the fans!!

Brian Rentfro: They're even tossing trash at the Soul-Taker.. and he's shrugging it off like it's nothing... Jon???

Jon McDaniel: What, Brian??

Brian Rentfro: Who the hell won the match???

Jon McDaniel: Mack Moran's down at ringside.. he's conferring with the time keeper and other officials...

Brian Rentfro: The announcer's in the ring now.. this is big!!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen.. because of the circumstances at hand, it has been officially determined that this match is a DRAW!!! Therefore, Both men retain their individual championships...

Jon McDaniel: I don't believe this!!!

Brian Rentfro: After all these two men went through to reach this spot.. and that damned Raizzor screwed them both!!! I swear he's going to pay....

Jon McDaniel: What ever his punishment will be.. he's also got to contend with Sirus, who I'm sure will be more then willing to deal with him soon!!!

Brian Rentfro: This sucks!!! But we have to move on.. the ring's cleared... it's time for the IC Title match between Panzadise and Fallen Angel!!!

Fallen Angel vs. Panzadise

PWA Intercontinental Championship Match

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, Fallen Angel!

(The lights in the arena go out as red flames fall from the rafters and ignite the ramp into flames. The video screen displays a phoenix and dragon flying in the night sky behind a crimson moon above a wolf that is howling atop a mountain as "Down With The Sickness" by Disturbed begins to blare. A cry of a phoenix is heard. The hollow voice of Fallen Angel is heard saying "I destroy you..from the inside out..Never say die.." He emerges swinging his black sceptre cane and pointing to the heavens. He lets out an evil laugh and then proceeds down the ramp with his brother Nic Midnight by his side. He enters the ring as Midnight takes his cane and coat from him. He extends his hands out like a phoenix and then slams them down causing the ring to ignite into flames of various colors. Fallen Angel licks his lips and prepares for battle.)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent...Panzadise!

(The NAP Theme Music begins to blare over the speakers as Panzadise stands on the entrance ramp with Tony Danza. He looks over the crowd grinning as he begins to make his way down to the ring. Fans reach to get their hands on Dise, but he smirks and pays little attention to the reaction. He then enters the ring, and stands dead center. Dise looks over the crowd, shrugs, and throws the NAP sign into the air. The places explodes as red and silver Flames shoot From all Four turnbuckles.)

Jon McDaniel: Fallen Angel wastes no time rushing Dise, but Dise easily shoves him aside. FA rushes Dise again, but Dise picks him up and hits a Snake Eyes on the turnbuckle. FA gets whipped into the ropes and he eats a big boot. Now what's Dise doing? He backs the referee into a corner, asking questions.

Brian Rentfro: I think I know what's going on! Tony Danza has grabbed a chair and he's sliding into the ring!

Jon McDaniel: Danza is taking a warm-up swing...He swings, but FA kicks the chair back into his face. Now Fallen Angel grabs Danza and throws him out of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: But Dise is ready, look at this! He's standing behind Fallen Angel!

Jon McDaniel: Angel turns around, only to meet a kick to the midsection. Its the Panzadise Bomb! Dise covers, 1...2...3! Panzadise is the new IC champion!

Thunderwolf vs Chamelion

Stock Match

[The lights dim out to dark blue as Thunderwolf’s music begins to play.]


! NOW, NOW !


John Jon McDaniel: “This match is gonna be huge!”

[White lights begin flashing through the arena as smoke appears at the enterance ramp. Thunderwolf and Misty Blaze appear at the top of the ramp as the crowd loses it. They errupt in a “Thunderwolf” chant as he makes it to the ring. Both Misty and Thunderwolf enter the ring and start to play the crowd. Misty gives Thunderwolf a kiss as his theme music gets interupted...

The crowd again errupts in cheers as Chamelion’s music begins to blare. Chamelion stands at the top of the enterance as pyro begin shooting all over the stage. As they clear, Chamelion is seen making his way down to the ring playing off the fans.]




[Chamelion slides under the bottom rope and slithers towards the center of the ring.]



[He gets up and stares Thunderwolf down. The music cuts out as the two superstars stare face to face.]

John Jon McDaniel: “You can feel the electrictiy!”

[Chamelion extends his hand, and Thunderwolf does as well. Both men then break off and circle each other as the match gets underway.]

John Jon McDaniel: “25% of the PWA’s stock is going to be decided in this very match, Brian!”

Brian Rentfro: “Just like Panzadise said, you had better be selling that stock soon when you have guys like this in a match.”

John Jon McDaniel: “You can love these guys, or you can hate them, but these two superstars are what the PWA are all about!”

[Chamelion and Thunderwolf instantly lock up, and Thunderwolf gets the advantage. He cranks on Chamelion with a headlock, but Chamelion pushes him into the ropes. Thunderwolf bounces off and is met with a dropkick by Chamelion. Thunderwolf gets right back up and is met with another dropkick. Chamelion goes over to pick Thunderwolf off the mat, but Thunderwolf rolls him up in a pining combonation.




Both men are quick to get back to their feet. They both stare each other down as the fans get riled up about the match.]

John Jon McDaniel: “Already both men showing a lot of intensity!”

[Both men lock up again. This time Chamelion drives a knee into Thunderwolf’s mid section. While Thunderwolf hunches over in pain, Chamelion drops him with a rocker droppper. Chamelion hits the ropes and jumps up for a leg drop. Thunderwolf rolls out of the way and Chamelion lands hard. Chamelion is slow to get up, and Thunderwolf is there waiting. He winds up and goes for a standing side kick, but Chamelion catches his leg. Thunderwolf then leaps in the air and gives him an enziguri to he back of his head. Again Thunderwolf goes for the pin.





Chamelion just barley escapes. Thunderwolf then waits as Chamelion gets to his feet.]

Brian Rentfro: “Chamelion better get with it here, does he want the stock or not?”

John Jon McDaniel: “Both men are out there to win this thing, there is no doubt about it.”

Brian Rentfro: “You don’t say?”

[Chamelion slowly gets up and Thunderwolf comes racing at him for a spear. Chamelion sees it coming and side steps it. Thunderwolf bashes his shoulder into the corner ring post. Chamelion then heads over to him and locks his head. He lifts him up and drops him on his back with a suplex. Chamelion then lifts him up and hits him with a snapmare suplex.]

John Jon McDaniel: “Chamelion is now in control of this match.”

[Chamelion grabs Thunderwolf and throws him into the ropes. He goes for a clothesline, but Thunderwolf ducks it. On his way back, Chamelion ducks down for a back body drop, but Thunderwolf stops in front of him, kneels downs, and hits him with an uppercut to his throat. Chamelion grabs his neck in pain as Thunderwolf hits him with a northern lights suplex. Chamelion’s shoulders are down...



Chamelion kicks out quickly and shoves Thunderwolf away from him. Again the crowd is getting pumped about this intense match.]

Brian Rentfro: “I love it! They are beating the hell out of each other!”

[Chamelion races towards Thunderwolf, but Thunderwolf moves away and sends him into the turnbuckle. Thunderwolf starts laying punches on him as the crowd goes wild. Chamelion then reverses it and tosses him in the corner. Again the crowd goes nuts as Chamelion whacks away at Thunderwolf. Chamelion bashes his head into the turnbuckle as Thunderwolf wobbles around trying to catch his barrings. In the mean time, Chamelion leaps up onto the second rope and comes off with a tornado DDT. Chamelion then picks Thunderwolf up off the mat and tosses him outside the ring. Chamelion eyes down Thunderwolf outside the ring. He then runs at him, and baseball slides him under the bottom rope. Thunderwolf falls back and smashes his back into the guardrail. Misty Blaze races over to Thunderwolf to check on him as Chamelion rolls under the rope and heads over towards him.]

Brian Rentfro: “Misty should bitch slap Chamelion!”

[Chamelion comes over to Thunderwolf and grabs him from his conversation with Misty. As Thunderwolf turns around he sprays a green mist into Chamelion’s face. Chamelion grabs his face in pain.]

Brian Rentfro: “What in the hell was that?!”

John Jon McDaniel: “That damn green mist just got shot into Chamelion’s eyes!”

[Thunderwolf grabs Chamelion and throws him under the bottom rope. He then follows him back into the ring. Chamelion isn’t really sure where he is as Thunderwolf connects with several right hands. Thunderwolf bounces into the ropes and takes Chamelion down with a huge clothesline. Thunderwolf then signals for the Internal Flame as he heads to the tope rope.]

Brian Rentfro: “If he hits this it’s over for Chamelion!”

[Thunderwolf signals to the crowd and leaps into the air for the shooting star press. Right before he hits it, Chamelion rolls out of the way and Thunderwolf bashes his face against the mat. Both men are down in pain.]

John Jon McDaniel: “Somehow Chamelion got away. He still has something left in him.”

Brian Rentfro: “Yeah, some green mist in his eye.”

[Thunderwolf gets to his feet first. He tries to make his way over to Chamelion who is slowly getting back up. Chamelion bashes Thunderwolf in the stomach as he gets up. He hits him again. Thunderwolf staggers back, but out of nowhere he grabs Chamelion and signals for the Cry of the Wolf. Thunderwolf is about to hit his finisher when Chamelion puts his arms around Thunderwolf’s waist and drops back. Thunderwolf’s falls forward and his neck gets dropped onto the top rope. Thunderwolf and Chamelion are again both down.]

John Jon McDaniel: “What a battle!”

[Again both men slowly make it to their feet. Chamelion punches Thunderwolf, Thunderwolf punches back. Thunderwolf then goes for a heel kick, but Chamelion ducks. As Thunderwolf comes around, Chamelion is there. He locks him up and delivers The Rupture.]

John Jon McDaniel: “Chamelion just hit him with the Rupture. Thunderwolf is down and out!”

[Chamelion gets up, and with everything that’s left runs into the ropes. He jumps up and hits him with a moonsault from the second rope...]

Brain Brian Rentfro: “The People’s Splash!”

[Chamelion covers Thunderwolf...




John Jon McDaniel: “Chamelion just won the match! He now owns 25% of the PWA’s stock!”

Brian Rentfro: “I must admit, that match was quite impressive.”

[Chamelion staggers to his feet as the crowd goes insane.]



[His music blares as the sold out crowd screams. Thunderwolf is now up watching Chamelion celebrate. Chamelion turns around as the two stare each other down. Then, the two once again shakes hands as Chamelion raises Thunderwolf’s arm up to the crowd.]

John Jon McDaniel: “This is truly a great moment in the history of the PWA!”

Brian Rentfro: “I think Thunderwolf should shoot him with some more of that mist!”

[Both men walk backstage together.]

Brian Rentfro: Ok, I just sent a message to the director in the back. We're going to be taking a short break while I go buy a beer!

Hall of Fame Ceremony

Jon McDaniel: Ladies and gentlemen, now we're going to back to last night's Hall of Fame induction dinner, once again held at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel here in St. Louis.

(The screen switches to a large ballroom. PWA stars past and present fill the room, along with various members of the pro wrestling press. Jon McDaniel is standing at the podium at the front of the room.)

Jon McDaniel: Time flies, doesn't? Now we're ready to induct another dozen people into a very elite club, the PWA Hall of Fame. Each year we reward those that go above and beyond the call of duty and have helped to shape the PWA into the success that it is today. Let's not waste any time and get right to the awards.

Jon McDaniel: Our first inductee this evening is a man that revolutionized the Hardcore division in the PWA. Last year's inductee, Reese, held that title for a then record setting 107 days. This man, Metalhead, held it for 171 consecutive days. No one before or since has dominated the division like him. In addition to this, he held the IC title for a very respectable two months along with other title reigns, including the Television title.

Jon McDaniel: Within just the last month, we've witnessed history in the PWA, as we crowned our first female World Champion. Our next inductee set the way for this monumental event. Gabrielle slammed open the door for female atheletes in the PWA. She started by winning the Television title, then progressed to the Hardcore Title, the Tag Team titles, and even the IC title! Gabrielle, along with other women such as Samantha Moran and Psycho Sandra, showed the PWA that the women were just as capable as the men.

Jon McDaniel: Now we get to her friend and sometime tag partner, Marcus Collins. He is another guy that's nearly done it all in the PWA. He's held numerous titles, and when he gets ahold of one, people are frightened to challenge him for it. But day in and day out, few people could be counted on to perform with such quality and consistency as Marcus Collins.

Jon McDaniel: Now we'll induct the first of two stables into the Hall of Fame. The Masters of Apocalypse controlled the PWA for much of its time here. It featured members such as Marcus Collins, Gabrielle, Dalton Campbell, and the Brutal. When these guys got together, no one was safe.

Jon McDaniel: The other stable we'll induct is the Moran Clan, the first family of the PWA. Sirus, Fletcher, and Mack Moran, Grifter, the Prisoner and 'Al' make up this elite group. I'd go over their accomplishments, but let's face it. If you don't know who these guys are, you're not a PWA fan.

Jon McDaniel: Next up is a special induction. Both Showtime and Jay have been vital to the success of the PWA. Separately they're former World champions, amongst all the other accolades they've gotten. So in honor of their drive, determination and success, they're being inducted each as singles wrestlers into the Hall of Fame. However, their tag team, Sudden Impact, was also a dominating force. Only the Brothers Grimm can challenge them for the title of best tag team. And only Sudden Impact could knock off the Grimms as tag champions. Indeed, Showtime and Jay are legends.

Jon McDaniel: Our next inductee follows his brother into the Hall of Fame. We can be speaking of none other than Chamelion. Chamelion has been a trooper in the PWA, finally overcoming the long shadow that his brother Raizzor casts. Once he found his own place on the roster, he could be unstoppable. Holding the Television, IC, Grizzly Beer, Tag, and World titles, he's secured himself a place in the Hall of Fame.

Jon McDaniel: Our final wrestler to be inducted is another master of Hardcore wrestling, Corey Lazarus. Lazarus was one of the first SWA wrestlers to jump to the PWA. He's also the longest single reigning Grizzly Beer champion ever. That's also not including a run of over 3 months as Hardcore champion.

Jon McDaniel: Finally, we have our backstage awards, for people that help to keep the PWA running as smoothly as it does. This year, we take into consideration not only the people that help run the PWA, but also those that help to run the wrestling community that the PWA is a part of. During the first year of operation, President Alec Wilcox entered the PWA into the AOWF community. Since then, we've taken part in several inter-promotional events against wrestlers from our allied federations. In recognition of the work and dedication it takes to keep such a large community active and running, we're inducting Ben Duke and Matt Leistikow-Starbuck into the PWA Hall of Fame. Ladies and gentlemen, that is the class of 2002!

Psycho Sandra vs Thunderwolf

PWA World Title Match

"Voices" by Disturbed hits over the PA system, T-wolfs intro video starts up on the ADC-Tron, and the lights dim out to a dark blue color...T-wolf comes out once again w/ his beautiful wife by his side. Her sparkly blue dress catching the eyes of all the male fans. Silver pyro's shoot straight up on both sides of wolf and Blaze as they walk down the ramp. T-wolf and Blaze stop right before wolf enters the ring. T-wolf gives blaze a quick kiss on the lips, and she hugs him back wishing him goodluck. T-wolf jumps into the ring and the lights come back on...)

Jon McDaniel: I guess we'll be going right into our next match-up....the ring announcer isn't even daring to stand up do to time restraints on tonights show.

"Sikamikaniko" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers hits, and Sandra comes running down the ramp, Chamelion right behind her. She immediatly dives in and meets up with an already fatigued T-wolf in the middle of the ring. A sandra chant starts up, but at the same time, so does a t-wolf chant...

Jon McDaniel: T-wolf and Sandra exchanging blows now, Sandra gets the upper hand and whips T-wolf to the ropes. T-wolf bounces off...he knocks Sandra down with a flying body press. He get's back up and pulls her with him, what's he going to do here.

Brian Rentfro: He lifts her up into a vertical suplex position...and drops her down face first in a front suplex. The cover...

Ref: 1......

Jon McDaniel: A kick-out from Sandra, both are on there feet, T-wolf and Sandra lock-up once again, and Sandra executes an arm drag....

(Sandra follows up with a standard hammerlock, which T-wolf quickly reverses into a hammerlock of his own. Sandra trips T-wolf over to the ground and quickly applies a chinlock. She wrenches back, and T-wolf wiggles to freedom. T-wolf stands up....


Jon McDaniel: T-wolf just sneezed...and Sandra's taking the advantage as she clotheslines him down. The cover....

Ref: 1......2....kick-out!

(Sandra picks T-wolf up from behind, locks her arms around his waist....and hit's a german suplex with a bridge.)

Ref: 1.....kickout!

Brian Rentfro: Chamelion and Blaze both watch impatiently outside the ring, look at Blaze tonight...pregunant...but still gorgeous....

Jon McDaniel: Take your eyes off of Blaze and pay attention to the match Brian!

(T-wolf gets to his feet and wearily pulls back to the turnbuckle...Sandra comes charging in shoulder first, but somehow T-wolf flips his body back into a handstand on the turnbuckle, Sandra hits hard and comes off holding her shoulder. Sandra takes a few steps back as T-wolf sets up on the turnbuckle...)

Brian Rentfro: Missile drop kick from wolf...he's going for the pin....

Ref: 1....2....kickout!

Jon McDaniel: It's way too early to go for pins on Sandra, she's fresh into this match. And T-wolf seems to be recomposing himself pretty well also. These two are going to have to work each other down. Neither of them will give it up that easily.

Brian Rentfro: T-wolf is picking Sandra up now, he whips her to the ropes...spinebuster! T-wolf turns around...moonsault into another cover....

Ref: 1....2...

Jon McDaniel: A near fall there, and Chamelion seems to be setting up a table on the outside for some odd reason. I guess it's there incase anyone decides to come down and try and interfere in this match. It has T-wolfs attention though. He's shaking his head at Chamelion...Sandra rolls him up from behind with a school boy...

Ref: 1....2......

Brian Rentfro: Another near fall there from Sandra. Sandra picks wolf up and locks him under her arm...snap suplex! She picks him back up...another snap suplex! She's got him up...and one more for good measures!

Jon McDaniel: Sandra picks T-wolf up once again and whips him to the turnbuckle. She's setting him up on the top rope....she has him locked and secure....SUPERPLEX!!! SUPERPLEX!!!

Brian Rentfro: The Cover....

Ref: One....!!!

Jon McDaniel: This could be it....

Ref: Two!!!

Brian Rentfro: It's too early...

Ref: Th....

Jon McDaniel: T-wolf managed to get his foot on the ropes much to the delight of his wife on the outside. Sandra picks T-wolf up once again, a quick jab...another, she goes for one more but T-wolf ducks... Standing Side Kick! He just nailed Sandra in the temple with that vicious kick! But look, he's holding that right ankle of his. He's injured that ankle so many times and look at him holding it. He's pulling himself up with the aide of the ropes...Sandra is still down though. T-wolf picks her up, locks his arms aroudn her waist and....

Brian Rentfro: THAT'S IT THE FATAL END!!! HE HIT THE FATAL END!!!!! He's holding it in a bridge position for the pin...

Ref: ONE!!!......TWO!!!......Thr....

Brian Rentfro: She kicked out!

Jon McDaniel: Sandra just kicked out of that very stiff looking Northern lights suplex. T-wolf has Sandra by the legs now...he's setting her up for a sharpshooter....he's twisting her around...HE HAS IT LOCKED!!!

Brian Rentfro: But she's right there at the ropes...T-wolf has to break the hold.

Jon McDaniel: T-wolf pulls Sandra to her feet....he's calling for a hurricanrana....he's in the air...he wraps his legs around her neck...but she won't flip over!!! She has a hold of T-wolf, she pulls him up...POWERBOMB TO THE OUTSIDE!!! OH MY GOD T-WOLF JUST WENT THROUGH THAT TABLE THAT CHAMELION SET-UP!!!

Ref: One!




Jon McDaniel: This could be it...

Ref: Five!



Brian Rentfro: Chamelion just rolled T-wolf back in. Sandra is standing him up now...he's out of it though. Sandra locks on a sleeper...but T-wolfs fighting it. An elbow! Another elbow! T-wolf is free...he bounces of the ropes...FLYING LARIAT TO SANDRA!!! How did he come off that table so quickly.

Jon McDaniel: There both down though. T-wolfs wore down, I don't think he can take much more. The ref isn't even going to begin counting. This match is going to go down to a pinfall or submission. T-wolf is still feeling the effects of that table. Sandra is getting to her feet now, T-wolf tries to stand up but has a little trouble. There both to there feet now. Sandra is telling Thunderwolf to come get her, he smirks and tries to go running for a spear but almost falls over do to his ankle, Sandra ax handles T-wolf in the back!

Brian Rentfro: T-wolf falls over, but he's back up quickly to his feet with a burst of adrenline. SPEAR!!! SPEAR!!! Somehow he did it!!! He speared Sandra down!

Jon McDaniel: He's locking on the Wolf Clutch!!! This could be it!

Brian Rentfro: She's way to close to the ropes...but T-wolf pulls it back to the center. She fights one more time and gets to the ropes. She's pulling herself up...she's in the center of the ring...T-wolf comes running in...Sandra ducks....AND T-WOLF CLOTHESLINES THE REFEREE!!! NO!!! All hell could break lose now.

Jon McDaniel: T-wolf and Sandra are locking up again...and there trying to overpower each other from ringpost to ringpost. Sandra has T-wolf now...going for a Russian Legsweep...but T-wolf elbows her, bounces off the ropes behind him....FACEBUSTER!!! He's locking on the Wolf Clutch again in the center of the ring. Sandra's looking tired. She can't take anymore.....SHES TAPPING!!! SHE TAPPED OUT!!! But there's no ref to see it!

(T-wolf get's up and tries to revive the ref. Before he can, Sandra is right back up on the defensive...she kicks T-wolf in the stomach and lifts him up...and hits....)

Brian Rentfro: The Lobotomy!!! She goes for the cover!


Jon McDaniel: He's still out!!! That would have been a three count!

Brian Rentfro: Sandra is going to try and revive him now...but T-wolf is getting up too. He pulls Sandra off the ref and ties up with her, they break the hold and both take a few steps back....

Jon McDaniel: T-wolf is tired but still ready to go. Sandra goes bouncing off the ropes and tries to hit Thunderwolf with a back elbow, but T-wolf catches her with a backdrop. T-wolf jumps to the top of the turnbuckle as the ref regains conciousness...and split-legged frogsplash on Sandra. He rolls up one of Sandra's legs...

Ref: 1...........2.........kickout!

Brian Rentfro: So close...

Jon McDaniel: T-wolf picks Sandra up once again....he's going for a fishermans suplex....BUT NO!!! Sandra with an Enziguri!!!

Brian Rentfro: Sandra locks on an anklelock...T-wolf is screaming out in pain...he's reaching for the ropes...he's a finger length away...HE GOT IT!!! THE REF SAID HE TOUCHED!!!

Jon McDaniel: T-wolf rolls to the outside with Blaze, and Sandra's going over to talk to Chamelion. Both hop back into the ring almost simutaneously. T-wolf extends his hand...Sandra shakes it, but is ready incase T-wolf tries anything. He doesn't, he shakes and backs that was sportsmanship in the middle of this match! They tie up.....

Brian Rentfro: Look who's coming down the ramp! Its President Robinson!

Jon McDaniel: Dear lord! He's limping and has a black eye. What the hell happened to him?

Brian Rentfro: He probably was late getting the money to his bookie. Believe me, I know from experience that you need to pay your bookie early and often!

Jon McDaniel: Robinson has hopped up on the ring apron and is yelling at Thunderwolf! T-Wolf is doing his best to ignore him, and Robinson responds by spitting on him! T-Wolf heads toward Robinson, but Robinson grabs T-Wolf's head and jumps off the apron, pulling T-Wolf's throat down hard on the ropes!

Brian Rentfro: That used to be my finishing move!

Jon McDaniel: Thunderwolf turns around clutching his throat and walks right into the Lobotomy! Sandra drops down and covers! 1...2...3! Psycho Sandra retains the title!

Brian Rentfro: Look at Robinson! He looks like the happiest man on earth!

Jon McDaniel: Now Robinson is getting into the ring! He looks at Thunderwolf and spits on him again! Now Robinson puts one foot on Thunderwolf and demands the referee count. 1...2...kickout! Robinson's eyes are huge!

Brian Rentfro: Thunderwolf is getting to his feet...Robinson is begging off!

Jon McDaniel: Robinson is trapped in the corner! T-Wolf has grabbed his jacket and looks to the crowd!

Brian Rentfro: Robinson is a goner!

Jon McDaniel: Wait! Out of the crowd! Its Jay and Showtime! They storm the ring and beat down Thunderwolf! Sudden Impact are back!

Brian Rentfro: Showtime kicks Thunderwolf in the stomach and hits the End Product! Now Jay pulls him up and sets him on the top turnbuckle...its the Jay-plex! Robinson raises Jay and Showtime's arms and celebrates in the ring!

Jon McDaniel: By the looks of it, President Robinson and Sudden Impact are back, I just wonder what that means for the PWA! Folks, we're out of time, we'll see you this Saturday on Midnight Thunder!