World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Ultros vs. Akina vs. Liu Kang

Triple Threat Match

(We cut to the ring as our first match is ready to happen.)

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, our first match tonight at the Pioneer Wrestling Association's biggest Pay-Per-View of the year, Genesis III, is a triple threat, one fall wins all match with a 10-minute time limit.

Brian Rentfro: Well, PWA fans, it looks to me like this match is going to open the PPV...not too exciting.

Jon McDaniel: Well, I don't know, Brian. Akina is a solid competitor, as is Liu Kang, and Jimmy Ultros looks very, VERY impressive.

(The lights dim until only the stage can be seen. The piercing cry of a black falcon echoes through the arena as the bird of prey swoops in an across the ring. A lithe figure, not seen before now, clad in a form fitting shiney black leather outfit steps suddenly out of the shadows, her boots clanking softly on the floor as her cold black eyes take in the room. The black falcon arrows in on her as she raises a heavily gloved arm and lands gracefully, it's razor sharp talons sinking partially into the glove. After it lands the room is plunged into sudden darkness before several white pyros flare to life silhouetting Akina and the falcon as it lets out another piercing cry and lifts off her arm. The bird arrows out of the room as Akina slowly steps into the ring. She smiles brilliantly and tosses her shimmering raven black braid over her shoulder as the pyros slowly fade and the lights come back on, then blows a kiss to a random male in the crowd before leaning back again a ring !
post and waiting.)

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, from Tatsua, Okinnowa, Japan...weighing in tonight at 128 pounds, and standing at 5 feet, 3 inches tall...AKINA!!

(A mixed response is given to Akina as the lights return to normal and the falcon cries are cut off. The lights go out and fire engulfs the outside of the titan tron and "My Way" by Limp Bizkit blares over the PA system as Liu Kang comes out and stands right near the fire and then jumps the fire and runs to the ring.)

Ring Announcer: Introducing next, from Bangkok, China...

Brian and Jon: Bangkok...CHINA?!

Ring Announcer: ...Weighing in tonight at 230 pounds and standing at 6 feet, 9 inches tall...LIU KANG!!

Brian Rentfro: I thought Bangkok was in Thailand?

Jon McDaniel: No, Brian, it's in your house, since that's what you do best...

(A **smack** is heard from the commentators as "My Way" dies down and Liu Kang slides into the ring, doing various martial arts warm-ups. ""Eternal Glory" by Rhapsody begins to play as Jimmy Ultros walks out onto the PWA entrance way. Multicolored lights go up and down the aisle as gold ones swirl over the audience. He's dressed in an elaborate robe with jewels spelling out the word "Ultros" on the back. He's followed by his mute butler, Ingmar, and his bodyguard Bruno Krong. He walks down the aisle, sneering at the fans to his right and left. He climbs up the steps, walks forward a few steps, looks out to the fans with a disdainful look, and steps through them into the ring. He walks to the center of the ring, stops and opens his arms as Ingmar walks up from behind and disrobes him. He then walks over to the corner farthest from the entrance way and leans back.)

Ring Announcer: Introducing last, but not least, from Short Hills, New Jersey...weighing in tonight at 209 pounds, and standing at 5 feet, 11 inches tall...JIMMY ULTROS!!

(The fans, not knowing who any of these three are, give a lukewarm response as the bell rings. Liu Kang and Akina circle each other as Ultros continues leaning back in the corner of the ring.)

Brian Rentfro: Well...since I just taught Jon here to mind his own business...

Jon McDaniel: (makes a slurping sound, and another **smack** is heard from the commentators)

Brian Rentfro: And again...the match is underway. And...oh! Powerful right hand from Liu Kang to Akina!

Jon McDaniel: Heh heh heh...Brian is in the closet...

(One more **smack** is heard from the commentators as Brian dopeslaps Jon, and Liu Kang is beating away on Akina. Kang continues to pound Akina's head into the mat of the ring, as Ultros walks out from the corner and grabs Kang by his hair. Ultros delivers an inverted DDT, bringing Kang right down to the mat, and then looks over at Akina. Akina jumps to her feet, and walks over to Ultros. Ultros goes for a right hook, but Akina ducks it and backflips, landing a foot into the back of Jimmy's head.)

Brian Rentfro: That's gotta hurt!

Jon McDaniel: Not as much as your ass does from what you do in your spare time...

(Finally, we hear a loud **THUD** from Brian and Jon as Jon's mic is cut and we hear the **SMACK!** of Jon's head landing on the table.)

Brian Rentfro: That oughtta teach you...little son of a...anyways, ladies and gentlemen at home, back to the match! And Akina with a great superkick to Liu Kang right there!

(Kang falls down, holding his jaw, and Akina goes to the top rope, facing Kang. Ultros runs over to the corner, delivers a running forearm to Akina's midsection, and then delivers an Iconoclasm off of the top rope to Akina to the center of the ring.)

Brian Rentfro: Oh my! We've never seen that move before in the PWA!

(Ultros gets boos from the crowd for attacking a woman, and he relishes in it. As the referee is focused on Ultros, who is now stomping on the downed Akina, Ingmar and Bruno Krong drag Liu Kang out of the ring and begin double-teaming him, beating him ruthlessly with the steel steps and their boots.)

Brian Rentfro: Damn...poor Liu Kang! And now Akina mounting some payback to Jimmy Ultros!

(Akina delivers a series of punches, open-hand slaps, and knife-edge chops to Ultros, and bounces off of the ropes, coming back with a spinning heel kick. Ultros catches this, and turns it into a one-armed powerbomb. Akina is folded over like an accordion from the height that Ultros forced her down. Meanwhile, on the outside, Bruno and Ingmar have stopped their mugging of Liu Kang, and have rolled him back into the ring. Ultros sees Liu, and then walks over to him. Liu sees Ultros coming, and then jumps to his feet before delivering a rainbow kick to Ultros, knocking Jimmy out of the ring.)

Brian Rentfro: Jimmy Ultros has been kicked out of the ring! And now, as Ultros tries to recouperate, Akina comes back to and her and Liu Kang are trading off punches again.

(Akina gets the upper hand and whips Kang into the corner. Akina turns Kang around, and then perches him on the top rope for a super Atomic Drop. Akina goes on the ring apron, and makes her way to the top rope. She puts Kang's head between her legs, as if to go for a powerbomb.)

Brian Rentfro: Oh...and it's...a...SUNSET FLIP FROM THE TOP!

(Akina just landed the top-rope Sunset Flip, and she hooks Liu Kang's leg. The referee counts: 1...2...Liu gets his other leg on the bottom rope. The referee breaks the pin, and Akina goes back to the top rope. Kang gets to his feet quickly, and then pushes the top rope outwards, crotching Akina on the top turnbuckle. Liu Kang signals for the end of the match.)

Brian Rentfro: We may see that Order Of Light that my sources have told me about from Liu Kang.

(Sure enough, Liu Kang goes to the top rope, gets Akina into a front facelock, and cradles a leg. Liu Kang flies off of the top rope with Akina in tow, and delivers a top rope Fisherman's DDT. He rolls over for a cradle pin. 1...2...)

Brian Rentfro: And Jimmy Ultros is back in the action as he breaks up the pin attempt!

(Ultros brings Kang to his feet, and whips him to the corner. Kang reverses Ultros, and then delivers a running avalanche when Jimmy makes contact with the corner turnbuckle pads. Liu places Jimmy on the top rope, and follows suit. Applying a front facelock, the fans are now excited as they cheer for what could be the end of the match.)

Brian Rentfro: Liu Kang has the money in the bank here as he is about to deliver ANOTHER Order Of Light, this time to Jimmy Ultros!

(Ultros delivers a couple of punches to Kang's midsection, and then delivers a Urinagi spinebuster off of the top rope to Liu Kang. Kang, in obvious pain, holds his shoulders as Ultros moves in for the kill. Jimmy places Liu Kang in a seated-position, and then crosses both of Kang's arms over his throat. Ultros turns Liu Kang over, and wrenches back in a Goku-Raku Special.)

Brian Rentfro: All That Glitters!! Will Kang submit...will Liu Kang end the match for his own health...and...YES HE WILL!!

(The bell rings as Liu Kang nods his head yes in agreement to the ref's questions of whether or not he'll submit. Jimmy Ultros raises his hands in the air as Ingmar and Bruno Krong slide into the ring, congratulating their employer.)

Ring Announcer: And your winner...JIMMY ULTROS!!

(The fans boo as Faith No More's "Epic" fills the PA system again and Ultros, Ingmar, and Krong make their way to their locker room. Jon McDaniel finally awakens...)

Jon McDaniel: Whoa...where am I? Dammit, Brian...don't take my jokes about you and your closet homosexuality so damn hard!

Brian Rentfro: First off, I'M NOT GAY!! Second off, I can kick your ass any day of the week, so I'd be wise if I were you and stop harassing me!

Jon McDaniel: Sure...whatever...

Animal vs. Acid

Singles Match

Jon McDaniel: Ladies and Gentlemen I have just gotten word that we are going to have a special guest referee for the next match!

Brian Rentfro: I wonder who it is?

[Suddenly white fireworks scream up from the top of the ramp as "The Final Countdown" by Europe begins to thump across the arena. The fans are all on their feet to cheer or jeer the leader of the PWA chapter of the Masters of Armageddon. The entrance ramp is empty though, but suddenly our attention is drawn to the top of the arena where we see The Spider rappelling down from the rafters in a harness. He is wearing the referee's striped shirt and dress pants. He hits the ring and cuts himself free sending the harness back to the ceiling.]

Jon McDaniel: What an entrance by The Spider!

Brian Rentfro: What is he doing here, Dalton doesn't have any business refereeing this match! Does he even know what a fair fight is?

Jon McDaniel: The Spider has been getting in a lot of trouble with some of the younger talent here in the PWA. All this is a result of the recent
recruiting that The Spider has been doing lately, I think that something serious is going to come to a head tonight!

[The arena goes black and Strobes begin to flash, The cure's "BURN" Begins and a green spot fight flares to life and circles the arena. The speakers emit the sound of the jungle and Animal walks out and into his adoring fans screams of "Animal! Animal! Animal!" His tiger by his side strolls with him lazily, but both are tense with the fury of an animal barely contained. Animal Circles the ring and jumps up onto the apron. his pet, Mira, Sits beside the Announcers table waiting for her master to finish his business. ]

Brian Rentfro: Animal seems surprised to see Dalton standing there with the referees uniform on! Dalton simply greets Animal with a smirk as if to say "What did I do!"

Jon McDaniel: I think that Acid might have a bit of an edge tonight as Animal and Spider haven't exactly been getting along lately.

Brian Rentfro: Don't be so quick to count your chickens Jon, I think that you will find that there is no love lost between Acid and The Spider either! I'll give Dalton this, he sure does know how to make enemies!

[As the man they call Acid walks his way to the ring the lights dim down and then green pyros shoot all over the arena. He is wearing a black tee-shirt with a grunge band on the front, as well as torn jeans. He also wears black boots and has a bandana around his head.]

Jon McDaniel: The Spider is checking Acid right now to make sure that he doesn't have any foreign objects on his person. See Brian, Dalton has been nothing but professional thus far in the match.

Brian Rentfro: This match is just starting out right now, I wouldn't keep your praise in check for a while until we see what unfolds.

Jon McDaniel: Satisfied, Dalton calls for the bell which echoes throughout the arena. The two men circle each other in the center of the ring with Animal making the first move growling and tackling Acid around the waist. Animal takes Acid to the ground and beings to pummel his with a flurry of punches to the head.

Brian Rentfro: Animal has taken the advantage early on with his primal savagery! Acid isn't about to give up though and is he manages to break the momentum of Animal by smashing his head right into the nose of his attacker. Animal backs off stunned and shakes his head to regain his senses.

Jon McDaniel: That's using your head! Acid doesn't waste anytime and immediately hits a leg drop toe hold sending Animal face first into the mat. Acid then straps on a Boston crab and goes for a submission early on in the match. Dalton is checking to see if Animal taps out

Brian Rentfro: Animal is fighting the hold and has now made his way over to the ropes. Dalton demands that Acid break the hold immediately. Acid complies and picks up Animal by his scruffy mane and lands a hard kick to his chin with his upper thigh. A dazed Animal falls prey to a swinging neck breaker. Acid makes the pin and Dalton counts 12 kick out after two!

Jon McDaniel: Animal is lying on the mat right now while Acid lands a series of kicks to his midsection. He once again picks up Animal and tosses him hard into the corner. Acid tries to follow up with a bronco buster style splash but Animal slides down out of harms reach. Acid's crotch hits the steel pole hard and he is now lying on the mat in obvious pain.

Brian Rentfro: Oh Jesus, that looked painful! Seeing that the tides are turning Animal thinks about going in for the attack but decides to retreat to the corner to catch his breath. As Acid slowly struggles to his feet, Animal is ready for him and he hits a sweeping roundhouse kick that sends Acid flat onto his back.

Jon McDaniel: With Acid on the ground Animal is now climbing up the turnbuckle to go for a high risk move. Animal hits a textbook sunset flip of the top rope and is now going for a pin on Acid...1...2..kick out! I can't believe that Acid kicked out of that last move.

Brian Rentfro: Acid rolls out of the ring and tries to catch his breath for a couple of seconds. However it isn't long before Animal comes over and runs the still dazed Acid into the steel steps which come a part in a loud crash. Animal is picking up one half of the steps now, oh my god! He is going to kill Acid with that!

Jon McDaniel: Wait, Dalton has now grabbed the stairs away from the much smaller Animal and is yelling at him to take it back into the ring. Animal spits at the ground and drags Acid over to the rail where the crowd is yelling and cheering at these two young athletes!

Brian Rentfro: Animal attempts to slam Acid down into the rail but with quick reflexes Acid manages to extend his hand and block the move! Now Acid has jumped over the railing and into the crowd. He just grabbed a beer from a fan in the stands and he dumped it all over the head of Animal.

Jon McDaniel: Animal seems to be enraged but his wet hair has now gotten into his eyes. Acid reaches out and grabs Animal for another neck breaker over the railing. The momentum of Animal sends both men into the crowd. The fans are being held back by security just an arms length away from these two fighters!

Brian Rentfro: The two men are now exchanging hard left and right punches with neither man seeming to get the advantage! This isn't a fight anymore it has turned into an all out brawl! Dalton is still screaming at the men trying to get them back to the ring but no one is listening to him. Animal now has a choke hold around the neck of Acid and is forcing him to walk backwards towards the railing where both men tumble to ringside just next to us at the table!

Jon McDaniel: Uh-oh it looks like Mira is getting excited as she is beginning to growl at the two men who are struggling with each other at our feet! Animal manages to get a hold on Acid and tosses him into the ring. Animal follows up and drags him over into the corner.

Brian Rentfro: Animal is setting up Acid for the Eye of the tiger!

Jon McDaniel: Animal heads over to the other side of the ring hitting an absolute brutal huricanrana on Acid sending him into the center of the ring. Animal makes the cover but Dalton isn't going for the count, instead he is climbing the turnbuckle even though the two competitors don't know it! What is he doing?

Brian Rentfro: He's going for the Hero's Victory! Dalton does a suicide swan dive of the top rope right into the back of Animal who is making a cover on Acid! Both men are out cold in the center of the ring now!

Jon McDaniel: Dalton is now dragging the limp arm of Acid on top of Animal. He drops to his knees and makes the count 1.2.3!!!!

Ring Announcer: The winner of this match by pinfall. ACID!!!!!

Brian Rentfro: That little bastard! I can't believe he just did that! As a referee he is supposed to be impartial!

Jon McDaniel: What is done is done Brian, but I am sure that the question on everyone's mind is what does this all mean? Is Dalton interested in having Acid join the Masters of Armageddon? It also looks like a confrontation between Animal and Spider is almost inevitable now!

Brian Rentfro: This is the PWA at it's best!

Cereal Killas vs. Perfect Execution

Tag-Team Match

Announcer: Our next contest is a tag team match set for one fall.

First weighing a combine weight of 485 lbs. The tag team of The Convict and The Excutioner, Pefect Exuctionnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

("The Struggle Within" by Metallica hits and the arena falls int blue pyros shoot upwards and The Convict enters the arena area.Titantron shows pictures of jail cells. The Convict and Excutioner go down to the ring and both get onto different turnbuckles and more blue and red pyros shoot up.)

Announcer: And their oppenent weiging a combine weight of 502 lbs, they Chase Wilson and Ty Copas the Cereal Killasssss!!!!!!!

(The lights dim as Rage Against The Machine's "Bulls on Parade" blares over the P.A System. Chase and Ty step onto the entrance ramp to a mix reaction from the fans and pyros go up behind them .Chase is wearing loose leather pants with a blue flame going up the right leg of the pants and then over that he is wearing black leather trench coat. Ty is wearing black combat boots with dark red snow camaflauge pants and a black ICP Real Juggalo hoodie. Both men walk to the ring with mean and determine looks on their faces. Once in the ring Chase takes off his coat and Ty takes of the hoodie.)

Jon McDaniel: This is a good match. I like the Cereal Killas cause they are more balanced. They have the big man Wilson and the quick fast guy Copas.

Tony Danza: Perfect Execution are two very athletetic guys. This will be a great match.


Brian Rentfro: Ty and Convict start it off. Both the smaller men off their respective teams. Convict is four inches taller than Ty, but doen’t out weight by a lot.

(Both men hook up, and Ty goes behind Convict and wraps him up, and starts headbutting him. The Convict rolls free, and gets up in meets Chase Wilson’s fist. The crowd lets out a little cheer as Ty and Chase take turns punching Convict. Exectioner tries to get in but is held back by the ref, and The Cereal Killas do some illegal double teaming. Chase gets in without tagging Ty and starts kicking a mudhole in Convict in the corner. Chase backs up and measures up Convict and charges at him in the corner but the Convict moves out of the way and gives Chase an elbow to the face.)

(Convict goes over to his corner and tags in Executioner who runs at Chase, but Chase gives him a big boot to the face. He tags in Ty, who goes right up to the top turnbuckle and waits for Executioner to get back up. Ty goes for the missle dropkick, but the Executioner smartly moves out of the way. Executioner gives Ty an irish whip into the ropes and leap frogs him when he comes back, but when Ty comes off the ropes he hits a dropkick on the Executioner who was still turning around. Ty drags Executioner over to the ropes and wraps his head into the ropes, sorta like what happens to peoples arms, but with their neck. Ty runs off the opposite ropes and jumps on the Executioner upper back.)

Tony Danza: That could kill a man!!! Come on ref.

Jon McDaniel: I wonder if I could pay Ty could do that to you?

Tony Danza: What?

Jon McDaniel: Nothing, pay attention to the match Tony.

Brian Rentfro: Ty almost executed the Executioner their. (Laughs at his joke while Jon and Tony stay silent)

(The ref undoes the ropes from around Executioner’s neck. As Ty starts kicking him again, and grabs him by his hair and takes him back to the Cereal Killas corner. Ty makes the tag to Chase who gets in and press slams the Executioner.)

(Chase sends Executioner into the ropes and back body drops him to the outside. Chase goes over to the ropes and gloats, but Convict comes in and pushes Chase onto the outside. Ty gets in the ring and spears the Convict. Chase slowly gets up and the Executioner is waiting for him and slams into the ringpost.)

(Executioner picks up Chase, again but Chase wiggle free and puts Executioner’s back on his shoulders and rams him into the ringpost crotch first.)

Both Jon and Tony: OOOoooooooooooooh.

Brian Rentfro: The Convict picks up Ty and hits a powerbomb. Chase slides and closelines the Convict. He picks him up and hits a standing suplex. He picks up a dazed Convict and runs off the ropes and hits the Choas!!!

Jon McDaniel: This match is over.



No… Executioner jumped of the top turnbuckle and broke up the count.

Tony Danza: Was the Convict even the legal man?

Brian Rentfro: I think you are right Tony.

Jon McDaniel: Shut up, it doesn’t matter now.

Brian Rentfro: Chase slowly gets up, as the Executioner waits for him and goes picks him up for a bodyslam. OH MY GOD!!!! Ty just jumped off the top rope and hit Chase, knocking him on top of Executioner.




The Convict gets up and grabs Ty from behind and hits a pumphandle slam. Ty rolls outside and pulls on Convict’s leg causing him to go outside. Ty goes to whip Convict into the baracade, but gets it reversed. Convict comes charging at him but Ty back body drops him into the crowd and falls down.

Inside the ring, Chase is undoing the turnbuckle, but Executioner runs up and gives him a flying knee to the back. Executioner starts pounding Chase’s head into the turnbuckle, and the crowd counts along.






Tony Danza: 6




Jon McDaniel: I didn’t know you could count that high.

Brian Rentfro: Chase falls down, as the crowd cheers for Executioner. Executioner picks up Chase and hits a devasting spine buster. Back outside, Ty suplex Convict back to the ring area. Ty goes and gets a chair and waits for Convict to get up and


Jon McDaniel: Ty just took of Convict’s head with that.

Brian Rentfro: Ty turns around and the Executioner jumps off the top rope the outside, but Ty hits him with the chair in mid air.

Tony Danza: The ref is only let this continue cause it is Genesis!!!

Brian Rentfro: Ty throws the dented chair down and picks up Convict, but the Executioner chop blocks him. OH MY GOD!!! Chase Wilson just hit a sucide dive through the middle rope on the Executioner, knocking them both into the baracade. All four men are out.

The ref begins his count.







Ty gets up and rolls the Convict into the ring.

Jon McDaniel: I don’t even know who the legal men are.

Tony Danza: That makes two of us. I don’t think anyone knows who are the legal men are now.

The Convict low blows Ty, and gives him a ddt. And the cover



2 ½

Man, both team won’t quit. Back outside Chase slowly gets up and the Executioner gets up and charges him, but Chase catches him and stun guns him onto the ring apron. Chase slides into the ring and gives the Convict a hudge closeling from behind causing him to spin. Chase grabs the Convict and puts him into a powerbomb.

Jon McDaniel: What is Ty doing?

Brian Rentfro: Ty climbs up the turnbuckle springboards off the top rope while Chase powerbombs Convict, while Ty hits somersaults shoulder neck breaker (blockbuster) on him.

FROOT LOOP!!!!!!!!!!! They just hit the froot loop.

Jon McDaniel: It all over now.


2… No the Executioner breaks up the count.

All four men start exchaing punches, until Convict and Ty role to the outside. Executioner kicks Chase in the stomach, and puts his head between his legs.

He is getting ready for the Executioner Block (powerbomb), he picks up Chase, but Chase slides free and is behind the Executioner. The CHAOS!!!! Chase just hit the Chaos.

He goes for the pin


2… Convict tries to run in but Ty trips him up


Tony Danza: What a match.

Brian Rentfro: I think Cereal Killas have shown everyone they are ready for those tag titles.

Announcer: And the winners, Chase Wilson and Ty Copas, the Cereal Killas!!!!!!!

Rage vs. Project X

Singles Match

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, from Natural Selection...Rage!

(The arena goes dark, blue strobe lights begin going off throughout the arena like lightning, and "When Worlds Collide" by Powerman 5000 begins playing. During the intro of the song a woman's voice can be heard, "Can you feel it?.............The Adrenaline?..............The Future?..............The Legend...........THE RAGE!?! Red, blue, and green pyros explode on the stage and down the aisle as Rage comes out waring an unbuttoned black trench coat. He casually walks down the aisle, taking the time to slap the occasional fans hand before entering the ring. Rage stands in the middle, arms held high in the air as he stares toward the heavens.)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, Project X!

(The lights go out and everybody is left in the dark .The phantom of the opera starts playing and then suddenly a blinding white light covers the ramp and Project-X appears wearing all black and a black mask with a phantom of the opera mask over it.As he walks down the aisle the light turns white to green and then back again.)

Jon McDaniel: Rage attempts a lock up with P-X, but gets tossed back like a rag doll! Rage bounces off the ropes and eats a big boot from the monster! Project X pulls Rage up and tosses him across the ring into the turnbuckles with one hand! Rage charges out of the corner right into a gorilla press from Project X! P-X pulls Rage up again, but Rage blocks him with a low blow!

Brian Rentfro: That'll stop anybody!

Jon McDaniel: Rage comes off the ropes and takes P-X off his feet for the first time with an odd flying reverse neckbreaker!

Brian Rentfro: That's the kind of fight Rage is going to need to work on. He's got to hit a big move and then keep moving. If he stands still too long, P-X is just going to swat him like a fly.

Jon McDaniel: Rage finally taking some control of the match now as he flings X into the ropes, and follows it up with a lariat, and that sends X stumbling back, but it doesn't drop him...

(Suddenly "Final Countdown" by Europe hits the PA-system...erupting through the arena...The Spider...Gabrielle...and the chrome masked, giant, Brutal emerge from behind the curtain...Without pause they start to make their way down to ringside amiss the boos. Rage ignores the intrusion as he lands a drop kick on X's chest, and finally drops him to the canvas...)

Brian Rentfro: comes the Calvary.

Jon McDaniel: Never, ever fails...though I should have guessed...a few times now we've seen the M.o.A and these "Natural Selection" members seen together...

Brian Rentfro: Coincidence...Rage, pounding away on X with some hard punches as he straddles his chest...

Jon McDaniel: The M.o.A reaching ringside now, and it looks like Spider is trying to get Rage's attention...

Brian Rentfro: Rage, finally rolls off of X's chest, and turns to Dalton...Looks like Dalton is asking him to throw X to the outside...

(Rage slowly shakes his head in the affirmative, and turning back to Project X is met with a hard kick to the gut...Rage bends over at the waist trying to suck in air...)

Jon McDaniel: Hey now! X catching Rage off guard there with that boot to the gut, and now he goes into a roll, and comes up with an uppercut...WHOA! And that had to rattle a few screws loose as Rage finds himself on his back, and fast!

Brian Rentfro: Luck...X, still trying to clear the cobwebs out as he rises to his feet, and hits Rage with a few stomps...X now picking up Rage, and no he let's him drop as he finally notices the M.o.A on the outside...

Jon McDaniel: Ah no you big dope...get back over there and...Yeah ok! X turning away from Spider and his crew, and again picks Rage back up...SCOOP SLAM, and that one shook the house. X's power is just amazing!

Brian Rentfro: -yawn-...Hmm? What? You mean X hasn't been pinned yet? You gotta be kidding me. X again picking up Rage, and again cuts an eye over towards Spider...AND THAT'S all Rage needed as he hits a palm thrust to X's sternum...backing X up, and then quickly hits a drop kick!!

Jon McDaniel: X goes stumbling back and hits the ropes...he's dangerously close to the M.o.A now as they look on with hungry eyes...the ref is watching them closely though as Rage is struggling to his feet.

Brian Rentfro: And though that was a brilliant combination by Rage it was not enough to daze X as he comes rushing back at Rage!!

Jon McDaniel: WHOA!! Rage, baiting X perfectly and sends him flying over the top rope with a high arched butterfly body back drop!!


(An "Eww!" resounds through the crowd as X slams into the concrete...flat on his back, the back of his head bouncing once before it comes to a rest...X slowly reaches up to hug his stomach as he struggles for his next breath...)

Brian Rentfro: HA! X landing with a reverse belly flop, and now the anxiously waiting M.o.A start to move towards X...X, not even aware of the danger he's in as Rage still looks to be a bit groggy in he ring...

Jon McDaniel: Damn them!! Spider drops a boot across X's face, and Gabrielle hitting a senton bomb, and that can't make it any easier for X to catch his breath...

Brian Rentfro: And now the big man Brutal collects X by his hair, grasps him around the throat...SPINNING CHOKESLAM!!


Jon McDaniel: X again hitting hard, and the ref is now admonishing the M.o.A, but there's little he can do...outside of that ring there are no rules...Spider giving the ref a cocky grin...What I wouldn't give to see that grin permanently removed...

Brian Rentfro: If you're not careful Mc I'll go tattle tale on yo...

Jon McDaniel: Mira...

Brian Rentfro: Like I was saying...The Brutal again scooping X back up, and rolls him into the ring...The Brutal's a scary guy...

Jon McDaniel: A bully is more like it...Not much of a match now...I mean X doesn't even seem conscious...Rage hoisting up X now...THE BREAKDOWN!! Rage hits the breakdown, and now the pin...





Ring Announcer: Your winner via pinfall...RAAAAAAAAGE!!

("When Worlds Collide" by Powerman 5000 starts up as Rage throws his arms up in victory...The boos start to tumble in, but Rage and the M.o.A ignore them as Rage rolls out of the ring, and is met with a handshake from Dalton...)

Jon McDaniel: Oh yeah...feel real proud of yourselves're all big men aren't you?

Brian Rentfro: Well I don't think they are...I mean I don't think they're all big men.

Jon McDaniel: Huh? agree with me?

Brian Rentfro: Oh yeah...I mean Gab's a chic and you know...

Jon McDaniel: Shut up...Wha? Look! Coming down from the rafters...a coffin!?!

(The camera view shifts up the rafters where a coffin, attached to a drop line, drops from the rafters slowly...)

Brian Rentfro: Hmm...damndest thing really.

(The coffin finally reaches the ring floor, and carefully settles onto the about the same time X starts to come to...slowly rolling over onto his side...)

Jon McDaniel: This has M.o.A all over it...Project X has a buried alive retirement match against Nightstryker on the 20th of April at NoA 3...

Brian Rentfro: So?

Jon McDaniel: (Shaking his head) Burial...Coffin...? You're hopeless...X now rolling to his knees, and yep he finally sees the coffin.

(X shakes his head a bit, and then finally rises up to a knee, and slowly looks around the arena, and then finally back to the coffin...His brow wrinkles into a scowl, and then the lid suddenly pops open an inch...)

Jon McDaniel: THAT'S STRYKER IN THERE!!! Slam that lid back down on him X and light it on fire!!!

Brian Rentfro: (Looks to McDaniel in shock) Whoa...someone's a little blood thirst.

Jon McDaniel: (With a malicious glint in his eyes) Not blood thirsty...just after justice...

Brian Rentfro: Well you have no proof that Stryker is in there...

Jon McDaniel: Well I don't need proof and neither does X as he rushes over to the coffin and flings the door open...HUH!?!

(From within the coffin an individual wearing a dark mask slowly rises to his feet...X, takes a step back in surprise, but the rage is soon back in his eyes as he grabs the mystery person by his dark colored shirt and pulls him in close...)

Brian Rentfro: Told ya...

Jon McDaniel: Wait!! Stryker just slid out from under the ring...HE HAS A BAT IN HIS HAND!!! Stryker now sliding into the ring...sneaking up behind X...X LOOK OUT!!

(Project X actually hears McDaniel, and turns his head to look at McDaniel quizzically...)


Brian Rentfro: that hurt. And X crumples down to the ring floor via a shot to the back of the head with a bat...thanks to Stryker...with the assist from McDaniel.

Jon McDaniel: (Holding his head in shock) No...I no...I didn't mean to.

Brian Rentfro: (Patting Jon on the back) Sure ya didn't big guy...

(Stryker throws his bat down as the masked man steps out of the coffin, and then reaches back in to produce some chains...Stryker then stands X up, and the chains are tightly wrapped around his torso...pinning his arms to his side...)

Jon McDaniel: What now?

Brian Rentfro: I'd say something painful.

(Stryker hoists the bound X up on his shoulder, and steps into the coffin...a chorus of boos start to resonate through the arena as Stryker looks the crowd over, and then finally drops X with the Mindbender.)


Brian Rentfro: EWW!! Stryker planting X straight on that stack of dimes of his, and it sounds like that might have busted the bottom of the coffin...

Jon McDaniel: If not his neck...we're gonna need paramedics down here...Wait...what now? Stryker crawling out of the coffin now, and he slams the lid down over X!!

Brian Rentfro: Goody...Stryker now latching the coffin, and throws a thumbs up into the rafters...The coffin starting to raise back up into the rafters as the masked individual exits the ring now, and Stryker grabs onto the drop line...rising with the coffin...

(The coffin raises higher and higher...until finally at 15-feet it stops raising, and begins to sway gently above the ring...Stryker pulls a mic from within the folds of his black trenchcoat...)

Jon McDaniel: They always want to talk...always.

(Stryker's mic comes to life...)

Nightstryker: At Night of Armageddon, X...I'll do you the favor of making sure you're dead before I bury you...

(Stryker lets the mic drop from his grasp, and then tangling himself around the drop line...reaches down, and pulling a lever...releases the coffin.)

Jon McDaniel: OH F-BEEP-!!

(The coffin seems to fall in slow motion at first as a few people in the crowd let out a collective scream...Turning a spinning it plummets closer, and closer to the ring...Stryker tangled around the drop line watches it fall with a smile in his eyes...)


(The coffin hits the ring floor like a small explosion...tearing through the canvas and shattering beneath it...a gasp from the crowd is followed by an eerie silence)

Jon McDaniel: Oh my God...oh my God...Project X was in that just went through...oh my come the paramedics...

Brian Rentfro: Ten to one he's dead, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: Shut up, RENTFRO!!

(McDaniel flings off his head phones, which hit the table with a loud clunk, and rushes into the ring...just as the EMT's are sliding into the ring...)

Brian Rentfro: There goes the hero McDaniel again...Yeah...So hey this reminds me of that one company picnic we had back in late 97...Yeah. So McDaniel was tossing back the juice, and then...

(Rentfro, is suddenly cut off as the crowd erupts into cheers, as the "Phantom of the Opera" starts up...As through the crowd of EMT's we see Project X rising himself out of the hole in the ring...)

Brian Rentfro: McDaniel should have bet me...

(Groggily, as if his head were attached to a piece of string X is pulled free from the hole...blood oozing from his forehead...And with an EMT under each arm he is escorted out of the ring, and up the rampway...McDaniel returns to his seat...a small smile on his face, and beads of sweat across his forehead...)

Brian Rentfro: There goes my him as he goes...

Jon McDaniel: Shut up...

Brian Rentfro: There goes my hero...he's ordinary...


Brian Rentfro: ...

Jon McDaniel: -ahem-...So we'll need a commercial break now as they clean the ring up for the next match...

Syck & Twisted vs. Krymson Dragons

PWA Tag-Team Championship Match

Jon McDaniel: "Welcome back folks to this, the biggest, most anticipated wrestling event of the year: Genesis! So far, the third installment in wrestling’s premiere show is living up to its billing; and, Brian, a glance down the card tells me that we may be calling the best Pay-Per-View ever!"

Brian Rentfro: "Well, all things considered, your lack of talent is being carried pretty damn well by my shining broadcast expertise."

Jon McDaniel: "I think the home viewers around the world might have a different view, Brian." [Turning to the camera.] "Folks, we haven’t yet heard word on Project X’s condition after the vicious beating he took just before the break at the hands of the Masters of Armageddon, who proved their total lack of integrity by ganging-up on P-X."

Brian Rentfro: "Interfering in matches is part of wrestling, Jon – just like stealing gum is a part of visiting your neighborhood convenience store."

Jon McDaniel: [Stares in confused disdain.]

Brian Rentfro: "What? Am I wrong? Am I?"

Jon McDaniel: [Shaking his head.] "I’m hearing from the voices in my head that we’re ready to begin the night’s next exciting match – and this one’s going to be a real blow-off."

Brian Rentfro: [To a fan behind the announce table] "…was I wrong? You steal gum when you go, right? I don’t get it…"

Jon McDaniel: "The challengers in this PWA World Tag Team Championship match won the ire of the tag champs when the disgustingly attacked, in tandem, the PWA’s top female worker, Psyco Sandra."

Brian Rentfro: "On top, maybe. I’d call her a ‘special friend of the program’ to the Drag – on’s, but I’m not convinced that her particular friendship would be of interest to them, if you know what I mean."

Jon McDaniel: "I certainly don’t. I do know, though, that Syck and Twyzted – the team of Ashe and Krazy Whyte Boy – laying their hands on Sandra would be a crime the Dragons wouldn’t let go unpunished. The heat from this oven of anger’s been intense, Brian, and the fans can’t wait to see these four men go at it."

Brian Rentfro: "Umm…I can wait, Jon. I can wait all night long."

Jon McDaniel: "Didn’t President Robinson strictly prohibit you from drinking pre-show?"

Brian Rentfro: [Raising a flask and taking a nip from it] "Sure, but he didn’t say a word about DURING the show, Jon."

Jon McDaniel: "Oh, boy. Here come the challengers now!"

[Crowd reaction is mixed.]

[Welcome To The Jungle blares over the arena's sound system. The ADC-Tron flashes a pictorial documenting the transformation of Krazy Whyte Boy. KWB flips a heavy metal sign and dives off the stage into the crowd and surfs to the ring. He then slides into the ring to await his partner.]

Jon McDaniel: "That’s the first half of this entertaining duo."

[The lights in the arena go out and "The Twyzted One" is heard over the p.a. and seen on the big screen. "Creeping Death" by Metallica hits over the p.a. Ashe appears and headbangs to the music before throwing his arms up in the air to form the heavy metal sign. He makes his way down the ring, giving high fives, trying to make sure he gets everyone he can. He circles the ring slapping the fans' hands until sliding under the ropes.]

Brian Rentfro: "Well, I’m sure women around the world are jealous of the hair in the ring right now. Otherwise, these showboaters don’t have a prayer."

Jon McDaniel: "Weren’t you just speaking disparagingly of the OTHER team?"

Brian Rentfro: "Why yes. The president asked me to be more evenhanded in my calls, so I’m going to be an equal opportunity hack critic."

[Announcing is interrupted by the entrance of the tag champs.]

[The Lights dim as the ADCtron flickers to life. Four claws rake across the screen, leaving a bloody trail that drips down to form the word "Krymson". Then, from the "O" a beautifully designed dragon flies out and breathes green fire that becomes the word "Dragons". Both words then come together to create the logo; "Krymson Dragons"... this sparks a hard rock guitar rift with a gong sound similar to the Undertakers as both Chamelion and Raizzor enter the stage. As the crowd pops enthusiastically, the two sprint to the ring where Chamelion slides in under the bottom rope while Raizzor steps up and over the top rope – and take it immediately to the challengers!]

Brian Rentfro: "Old. Nice creaky joints, guys."

Jon McDaniel: "Wow! No bell yet, but Raizzor and Chamelion are working over KWB and Ashe in a berserk rage! They’ve worked their targets back into opposite corners. Raizzor whistles to signal Chamelion, and the Dragons irish whip S&T from the corners – SMACK! – into each other face first! KMB and Ashe are up slowly in the middle of the ring – stereo clotheslines from the Dragons put S&T back down!"

Brian Rentfro: "The boots! The boots! Oh, man: that’s some good stompin’, boys."

Jon McDaniel: "Veteran referee Dwayne Cross urges the Dragons to start the match. After several more kicks, Raizzor shoves Ashe under the ropes and makes his way to what will now be the Dragon’s corner. That makes Chamelion and KWB the legal men."

Brian Rentfro: "Chamelion’s really come a long way since his days with STABLE. Remember that? When he kept kissing up to them, trying to learn to wrestle? Remember?"

Jon McDaniel: "Chamelion’s showing his stuff now, Brian. He has KWB up by the hair as Ashe shakes the cobwebs off in their corner and begins to shout for the tag. KWB can’t respond as Chamelion hits a drop kick to the knee, then follows up with a textbook parallel knee lock."

Brian Rentfro: "He’s known for sticking to by-the-book techniques. Some people say that’s good for wrestling. I say it’s good for Chamelion, because it’s the only thing he can do. I guess he could always bore his opponents to sleep with his arsenal of snoozefest moves – the Chamelion Filibuster, we should call it."

Jon McDaniel: "Both men up again. Chamelion grapples with KWB for a test of strength, but KWB looses one hand, runs up the ropes and spins for a one-arm dragon arm whip. Hands still interlaced, KWB hits a legdrop on the same shoulder, then hits a seated cross-body armbar."

Brian Rentfro: "There’s a joke in this somewhere – I just can’t find it. Are you sitting on it, Jon? Get up."

Jon McDaniel: "I will not. Chamelion’s in the ropes and Cross breaks the hold. The crowd likes the technical expertise they’re seeing. KWB hotshots Chamelion into the neutral corner and falls with the effort. Chamelion bumps over the top and is groggy near the apron – WHOA! KWB with a tope con hilo! Chamelion’s knocked silly!"

Brian Rentfro: "And that’s news because…?"

Jon McDaniel: "Ashe and Raizzor off the aprons to the floor, and we’ve got a pier six at the railing. Raizzor’s rights take Ashe down fast, then buckle KWB. He rolls Chamelion into the ring and goes to the corner to stomp some encouragement. The fans clap along as Dwayne begins the count. Ashe drags KWB to their corner, helps him in, then smacks his back to tag himself in…just as Chamelion makes the tag to Raizzor!"

Brian Rentfro: "Raizzor over the top rope and it’s go time!"

Jon McDaniel: "Ashe ducks a sweeping haymaker and drives a forearm into Raizzor’s gut, slides under the monster’s arm for a kick to the back, and leaps for a reverse head scissors roll-over DDT!"

Brian Rentfro: "Raizzor was bent backward and upside down before landing head-first into the mat. Lucky he has that Stegosaurus brain in his ass, to keep his feet moving. See? He’s right back up."

Jon McDaniel: "That’s tried-and-true toughness, Brian. Ashe with a double front kick to Raizzor’s chest – Raizzor barely moved! Raizzor grabs the fallen Ashe’s leg and…lifts him into the air!? Midair stomp to Ashe, hung like a bat in Raizzor’s double-fisted grip!"

Brian Rentfro: "KWB wants in but Cross is there to stop him. Back turned, the ref misses a low blow punch by upside-down Ashe, who rolls as Raizzor drops him.

Jon McDaniel: "Flying burrito by Ashe is followed by a standing moonsault. Raizzor gets rolled, and Ashe is looking to hook the Tuner! Raizzor’s in agony in this modified Indian deathlock!"

Brian Rentfro: "Ow – all that bridging and wrenching looks painful!"

Jon McDaniel: "Chamelion in to break up the hold with a stomp. Cross waves him out as Raizzor lurches to his feet. Ashe drags him to the S&T corner and tags KWB in. Double team on Raizzor wipes him out and – oh, my – S&T hooks the Sharp One in a double-cobra clutch…and drops that hold into a double-team bulldog!!"

Brian Rentfro: "I bet Chamelion doesn’t approve of that fancy-pants wrestling at all."

Jon McDaniel: "KMB with the cover. Raizzor out at 2. Crowd is now fully behind Raizzor. Another tag and Ashe hits a springboard missile dropkick. Cover gets two. Raizzor is fighting back, but he’s wiped out AGAIN with another quick tag and a KMB second turnbuckle lariat. Another double team stomps a hole in Raizzor’s chest."

Brian Rentfro: "Chamelion’s REALLY furious now. Raizzor’s trapped in that corner."

Jon McDaniel: "Burst of strength, and Raizzor surprises KMB with a vicious uppercut and a jawbreaker!! The crowd loves it! KMB rolls in pain as Raizzor crawls for the tag. High drama here, folks – Raizzor’s gotta make this tag! Crowd chants, ‘Dragons, dragons…’ but will it be enough?"

Brian Rentfro: "KMB’s shaking it off…"

Jon McDaniel: "HOT TAG TO CHAMELION! KMB MAKES IT TO ASHE! Chamelion with a series of clotheslines on Ashe, and he lifts him into the Rupture! What’s he doing? He’s kicking Ashe into the S&T corner, and calling for KMB! KMB begs off with wide eyes, but Ashe tags in his own reluctant partner!"

Brian Rentfro: "I’m afraid Chamelion might be getting a little too big for his britches, here."

Jon McDaniel: "Chamelion pulls KMB over the rope with a aerial snapmare, then drops a knee on KMB’s shin. Another! Oh, now a neck wrench, and KMB’s eyes are rolling in his head. Chamelion elbows Ashe and climbs the turnbuckle in the heel corner! WHAT A MISTAKE! Ashe recovers and rings Chamelion up before the Dragon can launch his high-risk move."

Brian Rentfro: "You leave the safety of the mat, you put your life on the line. That’s what Regular Chamelion gets."

Jon McDaniel: "KMB is up and limps to the neutral corner, dragging Chamelion along. Folks, I think he’s going to finish this. He punches Chamelion in the nose, drawing blood, then climbs tiredly to the top turnbuckle. This metal head is calling for the Syck Ride! Chamelion sways on his feet…Krazy Whyte Boy flexes his knees, leaps, lands astride Chamelion’s shoulders for a hurranc—NO! Oh, GOD! Chamelion caught him! Sit-down powerbomb INTO THE BOTTOM TURNBUCKLE! KMB is destroyed! Ashe sees the end near and runs in as Chamelion pulls KMB up in a pin…Raizzor turns Ashe inside out with a running big boot, and here’s the count:"


Jon McDaniel: "The Dragons win! What sweet revenge they’ve exacted on Syck & Twyzted! Chamelion with an, innovative reversal – that turnbuckle powerbomb – shows he can create on-the-fly AND nearly decapitates his hated rival. Dragons raise their hands in victory, then raise their title belts."

Ring Announcer: "Winners, and STILL PWA World Tag Team Champions, the Krymson Dragons!"

Brian Rentfro: "The crowd may be happy, but they’re also stupid, and I can always lose wait. Or, is it, I’m ugly and you’re fat, and although you lose wait, the crowd will still cheer? Hmm…"

Jon McDaniel: "Wow, what a finish!"

(Both Raizzor and Chamelion celebrate in the ring for a minute, then roll out and head up the ramp.Weariness and shock plays through Chamelions body as he hangs his head a bit, exhausted from the match.)

(Brushing some hair from his sweat soaked forehead he wraps an arm around Chamelion's shoulders, and begins to move him up the rampway...)

Jon McDaniel: There goes Raizzor and Chamelion...great showing from both teams, but it just wasn't Syck & Twyzted's night...Hopefully this isn't the last we've seen of them.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, geez how I hope it's the last time, and besides what are the odds of a "team" lasting in this day and age? That loss will crush them and they'll retire again...Besides that, I'm sick of Raizzor and Chamelion too!

Jon McDaniel: You know...if you were human...your opinion would almost matter...Chamelion and Raizzor helped build this federation...helped get us to three-years.

Brian Rentfro: to the hand Jon, cuz the face ain't listening. WHOA!!

Jon McDaniel: What!?!

Brian Rentfro: Entrance!

(The camera view spins to the top of a ramp way where we find both Chamelion and Raizzor entrapped beneath a net...They struggle in vain to free themselves and then suddenly two-men storm out from behind the black curtain...the shorter and bulkier of the two launches himself at Raizzor with body splash...)

Brian Rentfro: WHOA! Who the hell are these guys? The short one just drove both him and Raizzor into the steel, and the short one's right back up and stomping away at Raizzor...Chamelion is trying to help his brother, but that nettings stopping him...HA! I love it...

(As Chamelion looks on at his downed brother...trying to lunge at his attacker...the taller, thinner, and blonde of the attackers...hits Chamelion to the side of the face with a thrust kick, and Chamelion crumples to the ground...)

Jon McDaniel: Twenty to one that that was that guys finisher...Now that young blonde kid is working Chamelion over...few stomps, and a g-leg drop...

Brian Rentfro: Heh...I like these guys...extremely violent.

Jon McDaniel: Yeah...I wonder if Raizzor and Chamelion know these guys...

Brian Rentfro: I don't know, but...there's another one of them crawling down from the ADCtron...

(As all the attention is now turned to the rampway, and mixed reactions travel through the crowd...another man does indeed crawl down from the ADCtron, but this one is more of a giant then a man, and as he finally reaches the top of the rampway...he dwarves his two-compatriots...)

Brian Rentfro: Holy goat crap McDaniel...look at the size of that one!

Jon McDaniel: (Looking at Rentfro) Yeah ooook. The giant now joining in on the beating, and well I have no idea who any of these guys are...but they don't seem to like Raizzor or Chamelion...and hey looks like they're letting off...maybe we'll get some answers now...

(The three-attackers do indeed back away from the downed Dragons...the smaller one's breathing heavily...the giants chest heaving in and out evenly..."Final Countdown" by Europe starts up...)

Jon McDaniel: CRAP!!

Brian Rentfro: Hehe...I knew it!

(From behind the curtains the Masters emerge...Dalton, Bryce, Gabrielle, and The Brutal...They all come to stand around the three new arrivals. The short, scarred one stands a bit away from the others...the tangled mass of Chamelion, Raizzor, and the net at his feet...he reaches back behind him, and a mic quickly finds its way into his hand from his tall giant...)

Jon McDaniel: Ok...let's find out who this guy is now...

(He crouches down slowly...getting extremely close to Raizzors ear...a wicked smile spread across his face...)


"When you wake up my dear...sweet child...When you wake up I want you to remember this, and then...then I want you to demand vengeance...retribution. My associate and myself require satisfaction...we require a challenge in the form of two."

"It could have been anybody really..."

(He moves closer to Raizzors ear, and then starts to smell his hair...)

"I hear, and understand that you don't disappoint my young friends, and so if...if you crave...hunger for answers...then I extend and invitation to you...the both of you."

"Night of Armageddon 3, San Diego, April 20thish...We can dance a little, and I can teach you new steps you've never had the satisfaction of incorporating into your routine...Don't disappoint me boys...I crave something...something new, and...fresh."

(With that he clicks the mic off...backs away from Raizzors ear, and then brushes some hair from Chamelions face...A wicked smile...that spreads into scars jutting from t he corners of his mouth he finally stands, and raising to his feet...he raises both of his hands out to his side...revealing terrible scars in the palms of his hands...)

(He bows, and then walking backwards vanishes into the black curtain...a moment later the other Masters follow...)

Jon McDaniel: So...what was his name again?

(Rentfro shrugs, and shakes his head...)

Brian Rentfro: Guess we'll find out if the Yellow Dragons accept his challenge?

Jon McDaniel: Yellow? They weren't the guys who were jumped...

Brian Rentfro: gotta get the people's attention somehow...Ring crews out cutting Chamelion and Raizzor free from t he netting...They'll be fine, and hey look KWB and Ashe go right back to biggie...

Jon McDaniel: -sigh-

Corey Lazarus vs. Metalhead

PWA Hardcore Title Match

(The cage is set up. Two walls are steel chainlink fence, the other 2 are 2 are horizontal bars. All 4 walls are more or less lined with barb wire and there are 2 poles across the top with chainlink fence across them, a bridge. Suspended about 6 feet above the brigde is a chainsaw. Inside the cage there are lamps from a tanning bed in 2 opposite corners, each with 2 flourescent light bulb, both lit. In the far corner is a cactus that stands 4 feet high. The fourth corner has the door to the cage, which is still open. Hanging on the chainlink fence next to the door there are 3 flat heating lamps about 9 inches square each, also lit. Hanging on the two bar walls are steel trash cans full of weapons. The floor of the cage is scattered with street signs, steel chairs and the like. "Coma America" by Amen begins to play. Corey is
introduced by the announcer, who is standing outside of the ring.)

Brian Rentfro: Well this certainly is a giant steel death trap. What kind of sensible real wrestling could go on in there?!

Jon McDaniel: You don't get it Brian! This is about sensible wrestling. This is about the brutal brawl for PWA's infamous Hardcore title. This isn't about proving who's a better wrestler. This is about proving who is more of a survivor.

Brian Rentfro: Survivor: Interesting choice of words... Here comes the challenger now, Corey Lazarus.

(Lazarus walks down to ringside to kind of a neutral response form the crowd. Alot of the fans are Lazarus fans just because he's a good wrestler, but alot
of the crowd follows Metalhead as Hardcore champ. Lazarus reaches the ring and climbs in. Ring side attendents ready a chain and padlock for the door.
The openning riff to Meshuggah's "Gods of Rapture" blasts over the PA. Instantly the crowd starts cheering. The ring announcer introduces Metalhead
from ringside once again.)

Jon McDaniel: Here he is. The hardcore champ. The hardcore idol of the PWA. I've personally got my money on him. He's the tougher man. He's got more experience here both in the PWA and in this kind of match. He's got a definate edge.

Brian Rentfro: I don't think so. Lazarus has more than proven himself here in the PWA and I think he's got a good chance. He may not be Mr. Ultrahardcore over
here, but he has more wrestling skill altogether. All he needs to do is avoid Metalhead's assault and then out wrestle him.

Jon McDaniel: Your still not getting it! This isn't about out wrestling someone. This is going to coem down to who can stay on their feet longer, who has a higher
threshhold of pain and who can take more abuse.

Brian Rentfro: We'll see about that Jon, we'll see. I still Lazarus is the better man.

(Metalhead has already started walking down to the ring. He has the Hardcore belt over his shoulder and his left hand and forearm are tapped up and
wrapped in barbwire. As he gets closer to the ring he throws down the belt and runs in. The ref runs in behind them and the door is shut. Metalhead
opens with a barrage of punches to Lazarus' head and neck. He fights him into the corner, pushing his back into the cactus. He then pulls Lazarus out of
the corner and whips him toward one of the corners with the tanning lamp. Lazarus gets whipped, but turns around and skids to a stop halfway there. He
grabs a ONE WAY sign off of the floor and runs at Metalhead. He goes his head but Metalhead puts up his hands and blocks. Lazarus kicks him in the stomach,
causing him to buckle over and then cracks him on the back with the sign. Metalhead drops to all fours)

Jon McDaniel: Out wrestle him... huh?

Brian Rentfro: You just watch!

(Lazarus stomps on his head a few times, then lifts him up and whips him into the ropes. Metalhead narrowly misses the trash can on the wall, but one of
his dread locks gets caught on the barbwire. He comes off the ropes, then stops suddenly, arching his back, and trying to free himself. Lazarus uses
this as he runs up and starts kicking Metalhead in the ribs. He turns Metalhead around and heaves him over for a german suplex, tearing the dreadlock and leaving a lock of hair on the wall. Metalhead's landing has a hard metallic sound as he lands on a stop sign on top of a steel chair. Lazarus goes for the pin. 1... kick!)

Brian Rentfro: You see?! You'd never see Metalhead do a german suplex. He's going to out wrestle him.

Jon McDaniel: Don't count your chickens Brian. Look at this.

(In the ring Metalhead is up to his hands and knees and Lazarus is beating his back with the chair over and over again. Metalhead is trying to avoid it but
not making much progress. As Lazarus winds up again Metalhead low blows him with his barbwired hand. He slowly stands up and grabs Lazarus' hair. He
punches him in the face with 2 left hands and he's gushing already.)

Jon McDaniel: Metalhead's drawn first blood. I don't think this is going to last too much longer.

Brian Rentfro: I disagree. I think this is only the beginning. Lazarus still has a lot of figth left in him.

Jon McDaniel: I don't know it he'll survive this...

(Metalhead pulls Lazarus closer to one of the tannign lamps leaning in the corner. He whips Lazarus into it, but Lazarus reverses, slides down and
scissor sweeps Metalhead face first into the lamp. There's a crash and an explosion of glass fragments and white dust. The crowd almost all at once
goes "OOOOOHHHH!"_

Brian and Jon: OOOOHHHHH!!!

(As the dust clears and Metalhead isn't moving the crowd starts a "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" chant. Lazarus gets to his feet and drags Metalhead by his foot
out of the corner. He turns him over to go for the pin but Metalhead rolls over and kicks him in the jaw. Lazarus staggers back and Metalhead stands up.
He grabs the top, now broken half of one of the bulbs, runs up and shatters what's left on Lazarus' head, sending him to the mat. He then takes a break
he wipe the powder otu of his eyes and use his dhirt to wipe his now bloody face.)

Jon McDaniel: WOW! That's amazing. How could anyone get up from that? Brian?! Did you see that.

Brian Rentfro: I think we all saw it, Jon. An unbelievable display of cheating on Metalhead's part. I guess you can't blame him, its what he does.

Jon McDaniel: HOW DID HE CHEAT?! Its a hardcore match... no... its THE Hardcore match!

(Lazarus, by this time, is slowly getting up. Metalhead walks over to him and gives him a few shots to the face before whipping him into the ropes, picking
up a stop sign and nailing Lazarus in the head on his return, dropping to the mat again. Metalhead drops the sign and pulls a trashcan off the wall.)

Brian Rentfro: What is he doing?!

Jon McDaniel: Apparently he's doing what he does best. He's defending his title to the absolute best of his ability.

Brian Rentfro: But what more could he do to Lazarus?

Jon McDaniel: How abour put him face first through a lit set of flourescent bulbs.

Brian Rentfro: He better not!

(Metalhead dumps the can on top of Lazarus and out come a hockey stick, a wet floor sign, a barbwire baseball bat, another steel chair, a crutch, another,
wooden crutch, wrapped in barbwire, and a bunch of thumbtacks that here apparently on the bottom. He winds up and dents the trash can over Lazarus'
ribs. He takes the wooden crutch in one hand and lifts Lazarus to his feet with the other. He winds up with the crutch, but Lazarus blocks and counters
with a headbutt. As Metalhead staggers back Lazarus pushes him into the ropes and whips him across the ring. One his return Lazarus monkey flips him onto
the pile of junk from inside the can with a sickening crunch.)

Brian Rentfro: Again, another move that Metalhead would never do!

Jon McDaniel: Oh please! You don't win Hardcore matches with technical moves. Just watch!

(Lazarus stands up and pulls Metalhead to his feet. He whips him hard into the cactus. Metalhead hits it and, after sticking for a second, falls back onto
the mat. After another send, the cactus tips over and lands on him, getting a pop from the crowd. Lazarus walks over and stops on the cactus, driving it
into Metalhead face and chest. He then walks over to the corner and climbs up top. As the crowd cheers he reaches the top, then reconsiders, shaking his
head. The crowds boos him angrily as he climbs down. He quickly grabs the trash can off the wall and places it on top of the cactus, then springboard
moonsaults onto it, recieving a huge "OOOOOOOHHHH!!!" from the crowd. Its almost developes into a chant buck not quite. The ref slides down and counts.
As he slaps his hand down for "1" he gets something caught in the palm of his hand. He shakes it, sits up to get whatever is out and ends the count. Not
that it matters, Lazarus has already slid onto the mat holding his ribs.)

Brian Rentfro: So close.

Jon McDaniel: It was not! He wouldn't have stayed on for the full 3 count anyway.

Brian Rentfro: Don't give me that! Metalhead is helpless under that cactus! It could've ended right there! I want that ref's job!

(Back in the ring the ref is up to 2 on his 10 count, since both men are down. Lazarus slowly gets to his feet, and is up by 6. He rolls the cactus off of
Metalhead and, after untangling his hair, lifts him onto his feet. Metalhead is covered in cactus needles and he shirt is matted to his chest with blood. His face is also cut up and bloody. Lazarus pulls him by his hair over to the heat lamp on the wall nearest the door. He bashes Metalhead's face into it as sparks explode out and glass falls to the mat. Metalhead suddenly pulls back, a look of obvious pain on his face as he tries to resist. Lazarus punches him in the stomach and swings him into the next of the 2 remaining, lit lamps on the wall. Again, almost the same reaction, but this time Metalhead's knees buckle and he almost falls back, but Lazarus holds his shirt and pulls him back to his feet.)

Jon McDaniel: It certainly looks like Lazarus wants this next pin to be the last one. Metalhead's definately in trouble.

Brian Rentfro: Better man, huh?

Jon McDaniel: Brian... who's taken all of the glass in the match, who was buried under a cactus, who's covered in his own blood. The man deserves the title just for
surviving all that!

(Lazarus swings Metalhead into the second lamp but Metalhead grabs the cage, stopping himself before his hits it. He elbows Lazarus in the jaw, kicks him
in the stomach, and grabs him for a powerbomb.)

Jon McDaniel: Is Metalhead getting a second wind?

Brian Rentfro: How could he?! Look at him!

(Metalhead pulls Lazarus up, but can't lift him all the way. He turns around and hits a sloppy powerbomb through the other tanning bed lamp that's leaning
in the corner. There's an explosion of white powder and the crowd explodes into a "Metalhead"chant. Metalhead slowly staggers back, then catches his
balance against the cage wall. He wipes his face of with his right hand and then points up at the bridge with a sadistic grin on his face. The crowd
again explodes into random cheers and shouts.)

Brian Rentfro: What could be be talking?!

Jon McDaniel: He couldn't be going for the chainsaw! That's inhuman!

(Metalhead grabs Lazarus by the foor and drags him so he's just to the left of being under the bridge. He then leaves Lazarus laying there, breathing hard,
not moving and begins to climb the cage. He gets up to the bridge, squares off with Lazarus and instead of grabbing the chainsaw, he jumps off, landing
a legdrop square on Lazarus' neck. Lazarus arches his back and jerks around on the floor, shocked back into consciousness, then falls over on his side,
holding his neck. Metalhead on the other hand, lands and falls flat on back. Lazarus recovers quickly, surprisingly enough and crawls away, holding his

Brian Rentfro: A short lived comeback... Metalhead may have just done himself in. Lazarus should go for the pin and end it.

Jon McDaniel: That's not what it looks like.

Brian Rentfro: WHAT?!

(Lazarus is now climbing the cage, going for the chainsaw. He starts clmibing and Metalhead begins to recover. He sees Lazarus climbing the cage and starts
climbing up the opposite wall. The both reach the top of the cage at the same time.)

Jon McDaniel: Oh no... this could get ugly.

(Lazarus and Metalhead both run for the chain saw. Metalhead spears Lazarus and shoves him to the edge of the cage and over. Lazarus falls and grabs the
end of one of the poles of the bridge. He's hanging above the announcer's table.)

Jon McDaniel: OH MY GOD!

Brian Rentfro: This can't be safe! I think we're done for tonight!

(Jon McDaniel and Brian Rentfro both get up and run. Metalhead stands and walks back to the chainsaw. He wipes his face and then yanks the chainsaw
down into his hands. As he revs it up the crowd goes nuts. He revs it a few times to work the crowd, then walks over to Lazarus, who is still dangling
above the announcer table. Metalhead, in one clean cut, saws the end of the pole off. Lazarus falls off of the cage and onto the announcer table.
Unfortunately he only his the end of it, cracking it about one of the legs, but not breaking the table, then rolls onto the floor, stunend after such a
stiff landing. Metalhead waves the chain saw in the air, getting the crowd even more worked up. He gets down and starts trying to climb down the the
outside of the cage with the chainsaw, which isn't really working. Lazarus starts to get up and grabs the cage for support. The shaking casuses
Metalhead to loose his balance and drop the chainsaw into the cage. It hits, tears up a piece of the mat and turns off. Metalhead also falls over the edge
through the body of the announcer table, smashing it, and getting another huge pop from the crowd. Lazarus, seeing what he's done, suddenly realizes
that he's go the advantage. He picks up Metalhead and and walks him up to the door. One of the ring attendants runs up with bolt cutters and clips the
chain, openning the door. Lazarus throws Metalhead into the cage and falls on top of him. The ref runs up. 1...2... KICKOUT! Lazarus rolsl off, obviously
pissed. Metalhead starts to recover, coughing. He uses the cage to stand up and stands next to the only lit heating lamp left. Lazarus has his back
turned to him, picks up the chainsaw and revs it, making the crowd cheer. He doesn't care about the crowd anymore, though. Pissed as hell he turns and
rushes Metalhead, sidesteps, grabs the Lazarus' forearms and smashes the end of the chainsaw into the lit lamp. It literally explodes, sending glass out
of the cage and into the crowd and after a second or so of sparks, it blows the circuit and the lights go dead. In the darkness we hear something his the
mat then a count. 1...2...3... There's a momment of hesititiation before the lights go back up and "Gods of Rapture" plays. Metalhead is covering an
unconscious, twitching Lazarus, who has smoke comign off of him. The chainsaw is on the floor, burning and medics swarm the ring as Metalhead slowly stands
up and accepts his belt from the Ref)

Ring Announcer:The winner and still Hardcore Champion, Metalhead!

Psycho Sandra vs. Nightstryker

PWA Grizzly Beer Title Match

Ring Announcer: This match up is scheduled for one pin-fall with a 45-minute time limit, and is for the PWA Grizzly Beer title!

(The crowd erupts into cheers, and moments later "Sikamikaniko" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers hits the PA-system…)

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring first from Washington D.C…

(The excitement in the arena builds as the lights in the arena drop, and a giant computer generated chili pepper appears on the ADCtron…a countdown begins in front of the pepper at 7…)

Ring Announcer: Standing at five-feet four-inches, and weighing in at 130-pounds…



Ring Announcer: She is a member of the Los Amigos…



Ring Announcer: ..she is the last Internet Champion…




(As her name is announced the countdown reaches zero, and the computer rendered pepper explodes on the screen into a giant mushroom cloud…at the same time red and green fire works shriek from the top of the ramp way into the darkness…one after the other…)

(Finally the tanned and toned Sandra pops out from behind the black curtain, and the lights come back on full…With a red bucket in hand she starts down to ringside…tossing chili peppers to the fans…)

Brian Rentfro: Ie mommie…

Jon McDaniel: Close your mouth Brian…you’re drooling all over the place.

Brian Rentfro: Right…

(Sandra finally reaches ringside, and sliding into the ring begins to toss some more peppers to the fans….until finally she hands the bucket down to a ring attendant, and takes up position in a corner…)

Jon McDaniel: Sandra seems in good spirits.

Brian Rentfro: Oh well with a body like that…

Jon McDaniel: Quiet Brian.

(Sandra’s music slowly fades out…)

Ring Announcer: And her opponent from Chicago, Illinois...

(The lights finally give out, and the arena is plunged into darkness as AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" begins to filter into the arena through the PA-system.)

Ring Announcer: Standing at six-feet four-inches, and weighing in at 254-pounds...

(The boo's from the crowd soon begin to resonate in the darkness...Across the ADCtron the image of rolling clouds...flickers of lightning, and then suddenly the top of the ramp way is struck with a lightning bolt...and simultaneously the house lights come back up as white pyros ignite around the top of the ramp way...)

Ring Announcer: He is a member of the M.o.A...He is the CURRENT PWA Grizzly Beer Champion...He is NIGHHHHHHTSTRY-KEEEEEEEER!!

(Nightstryker slowly pushes the curtains apart, and steps through into the resonating arena…The Grizzly Beer title worn around his waist he looks the hostile crowd over with contempt, and then fixing his gaze on Sandra starts down to ringside…)

Brian Rentfro: He looks good with gold around his waist.

Jon McDaniel: Everyone does Brian.

Brian Rentfro: No, but he looks God like.

Jon McDaniel: I think you’ve found a new height is ass kissing.

Brian Rentfro: Oh no…I can go much higher…

(Stryker reaches ringside, and let’s his knee high trench coat drop to the ground…a ring attendant quickly picks it up as he rolls into the ring, and slowly starts to remove the belt from his waist…careful to watch Sandra as she stretches out her legs in the corner…)

(Stryker finally hands the belt over to the ref who quickly holds it up into the air…)


Jon McDaniel: Well looks like this match is underway, as the ref hands the belt down to the time keeper, and Stryker and Sandra start up into a slow circle…

Brian Rentfro: You know Jon this is just a stupid match…Stryker is gonna…NO!

Jon McDaniel: Hehe…yes! Sandra with a quick move…drops Stryker with a spinning heel kick, and after a few stomps to the head drops an elbow down on his spine.

Brian Rentfro: It was luck…all luck…she hasn’t got a chance…you wait. Just let Stryker get his head into this thing, and …NO!!!

Jon McDaniel: Well that should get his head into the game as Sandra stood him up, and then dropped him again with a DDT!

Brian Rentfro: That’s not right…

Jon McDaniel: Sandra now with a couple of stomps again…NO!!

Brian Rentfro: HEHE! Stryker playing a little possum and spins Sandra down with an ankle lock submission! Dammit! Sandra too close to the ring, and Stryker is forced to break the hold.

Jon McDaniel: Stryker and Sandra quickly roll back to their feet, but Stryker still looking a little woozy from Sandra’s initial attack. Sandra and Stryker circling each other again…Stryker trys to grab at her leg again, but Sandra quick to dodge away from that one.

Brian Rentfro: Oh you just wait till he gets his hands on her…he’ll snap her in two!

Jon McDaniel: You know Brian…she’d kill you if she heard you talking about her like this.

Brian Rentfro: Well…she can’t so shut up…Stryker and Sandra locking up now, and…YES! Stryker throwing her down to the mat, and now he backs of…letting her get back up.

Jon McDaniel: Stupid move on Stryker’s part…he should stay on her. Give her too much room to breath, and she’ll come back and hurt you.

Brian Rentfro: Please Jon…this is Sandra we’re talking about. Not Gab. Sandra back to her feet now, and Stryker again takes a playful lung at Sandra.

Jon McDaniel: Ok Jon, but I’m telling you…Bryce better wake up quick or he’s gonna find himself flat on his back…Stryker with another lung…WHOA! Sandra anticipated the attack, and just dropped an elbow into the back of Stryker’s head!

Brian Rentfro: Ehh…and Sandra quickly drags Stryker back to his feet, and flings him into the ropes…Sandra falling Stryker in…Stryker hits the ropes…WHOO! Sandra with an amazing cross body block, and the pin…



And Stryker gets a foot out onto the ropes, in your face Sandra!

Jon McDaniel: Sandra…grabbing Stryker’s hair now, and is just laying into him with some hard rights, and the ref hovering over Sandra, trying to make her break as Stryker still has his foot on the rope.

Brian Rentfro: That cheating tramp! Ring the bell end this thing! This is ridiculous.

Jon McDaniel: Finally Sandra rolling off of Stryker, and getting in the refs face…no Sandra…real bad idea. Just stay on Stryker…ok good. Sandra now turning back around to Stryker…EWW! Drives a boot right into his midsection!

Brian Rentfro: She should be put to death for that.

Jon McDaniel: Uh-oh…Sandra signaling for the Lobotomy now…and listen to this crowd explode! We could see a new Grizzly Beer champion here!

Brian Rentfro: Stryker slowly getting to his feet, and Sandra is right behind him…TURN AROUND STRYKER!

Jon McDaniel: And he is…right into a boot from the midsection! Now Sandra sitting him up…NO!! Stryker just back body dropped her to the outside!!

Brian Rentfro: And Sandra hits hard on her back as Stryker slumps back down to his knees in the ring…he’s just catching his breath.

Jon McDaniel: Sure Brian…Sandra finally sitting up as Stryker pulls himself up using the ropes…He still looks pretty shaky. Sandra gave him a hell of a work out in there.

Brian Rentfro: No she didn’t…she just got lucky! Shut up Jon! Any minute Stryker is gonna rally here…SEE! He’s gesturing for Sandra to get back in the ring…now were gonna see Stryker deliver the pain!

Jon McDaniel: Sure…Sandra crawling back into the ring now, and moves out to the center…They lock up, and Stryker slips in behind Sandra…GERMAN SUPLEX!

Brian Rentfro: WHOO! For the pin…


2…No dammit! Sandra kicking out at the last minute, but Stryker really drove the base of her neck into the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: Stryker rolling away from Sandra now, and she slowly gets to her knees grabbing at the back of her neck…Stryker down to one knee now, and just watching Sandra…this doesn’t look good…

Brian Rentfro: Sure it does…Stryker now stalking over to Sandra, and a kick to her ribs raises her up off the canvas, and sends her rolling for the ropes…Stryker leaps on her now, and is just tagging her with left and rights in the face…

Jon McDaniel: The ref needs to stop this…those are closed hand punches to the face…Finally he stops, and now he’s choking her out…The ref counting…and Stryker brakes at four.

Brian Rentfro: Stryker crawling off Sandra again, AND KICKS her in the face with the hell of his boot! This is great.

Jon McDaniel: Brian you’re a sick man…Stryker not letting her rest as he reaches down to pick her up by her hair…YES! Sandra delivers a sharp kick to his abdomen, and Stryker doubles over gasping for air. And Sandra with a uppercut drops Stryker to his back! Both wrestler down now…I don’t know where Sandra got that burst of energy from, but she needed it.

(The crowd begins to chant for Sandra…)


Jon McDaniel: Sandra starting to move now…Stryker to his hands and knees, facing away from Sandra, still trying to catch his breath after that gut shot.

(Suddenly Sandra sits upright…her eyes wild…her hair plastered to her face by sweat…the fans explode.)

Brian Rentfro: That’s not right.

Jon McDaniel: OH YEAH! Sandra’s back now…She quickly moves to her feet. Stryker has his back to her…He doesn’t realize she’s up.

Brian Rentfro: No! Dammit Stryker turn around!

Jon McDaniel: Sandra stalking up towards him…lines him up…BULLDOG!! Sandra with a beautiful sneak attack and just drives Stryker’s face into the mat! Quickly rolls him over…hooks him…



3…NO! Stryker kicking out right at the last second, and Sandra slaps the mat in frustration.

Brian Rentfro: I’m at a loss for words…this match has just went on for far too long…She should have lost already.

Jon McDaniel: Nevertheless…Sandra drags Stryker back off the ground…tosses him into the ropes…Here he comes…HURRICANRANA!! What? NO!

Brian Rentfro: YES! He reverses and the MINDBENDER!! Stryker falls across her body….





Ring Announcer: Your winner and still the PWA Grizzly Beer champion… NIGHHHHHHTSTRY-KEEEEEEEER!!

(The crowd erupts into boos as "Thunderstruck" starts up…A weary and exhausted Stryker rolls off of Sandra…his chest heaving with each breath he looks up into the rafters…)

Brian Rentfro: Yes! Yes I knew he could do it…I knew it! See that skill!? That pizzazz!?

Jon McDaniel: More like luck Brian…He got lucky. Sandra had his number, but one wrong move, and that cost her the whole thing. Still…that was a great match wasn’t it?

Brian Rentfro: That is was Jon…that it was…especially the part with Stryker winning. HA!

Jon McDaniel: Hardly a win…look at him…he can barely move. How’s he gonna handle himself against McDee now?

Brian Rentfro: Uh…uh…Oh hey look Sandra starting to come around now.

Jon McDaniel: That’s what I thought.

(Stryker’s music slowly fades out as the fans start to cheer for Sandra as she climbs to her feet, and then reaching the ropes she looks back over her shoulder at the fans, and Stryker…and smiles…waving her hand to the fans.)

(The pop that follows is enormous. She smiles again and slowly crawls out of the ring. As she does the curtains separate and both Chamelion and Kowareta come rushing down to ringside…)

Brian Rentfro: Those bastards! They’re gonna beat on an already tired man! Have they no decency?

Jon McDaniel: I don’t think they’re here for Stryker Brian.

(As Kow and Chamelion reach Sandra the three-embrace in a hug. Chamelion raises Sandra’s hand to a deafening roar from the crowd, and placing an arm around her shoulder walks with her towards the back…)


Jon McDaniel: See…now that’s a solid stable…small yes, but they care about each other.

Brian Rentfro: Sure that’s all nice and cozy for the resident swingers of the PWA, but if I ever see Spider come out here and hug Stryker after a match…I’ll quit.

Jon McDaniel: Promise?

Brian Rentfro: Don’t we have another match to call?

Jon McDaniel: Yeah…probably the most anticipated match of the evening…McDee versus Stryker…Too much goes into this match…I don’t even know where to begin.

Brian Rentfro: Let’s start with the fact that Stryker has already beaten McDee, and this is a stupid match that he shouldn’t have to wrestle. Stryker’s been saying for weeks McDee either accepts the retirement match or no match, and Robinson just keeps forcing Stryker to face McDee…this place is unjust.

Jon McDaniel: I hope that’s the most you’re going to say on any one topic tonight…I couldn’t take much more.

Brian Rentfro: I despise you.

Jon McDaniel: The feeling is mutual. Well looks like our ring announcer is ready to start this classic battle…

Nightstryker vs Monkey McDee

Singles Match

(The camera shifts over to the center of the ring to find our waiting ring announcer…)

Ring Announcer: This match is scheduled for one-pin fall with a 45-minute time limit

(The PA-system suddenly crackles to life…)


("Brass Monkey" by the Beastie Boys erupts through the arena as the fans erupt into a roar of cheers...Stryker who had appeared near comatose suddenly rolls off his back, and to a crouching position…his eyes fixed on the curtain.)

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring first from out of Hartford, Connecticut...

(Red fountain pyros ignite, horizontally, across the darkened entrance way in unison with the music...the noise volume increases...)

Ring Announcer: Standing at six-feet two-inches, and weighing in at 230-pounds...

(Red spotlights shoot down from the rafters, and begin to sweep through the crowd...not on its feet...)

Ring Announcer: Also a former PWA World Champion...He is the master of the Spunky Monkey...He is MON-KEEEEEEY MC-DEEEEEEEEEE!!

(McDee bursts through the black curtains, and shower of red pyros...and the cheering intensifies ten-fold, but tonight there’s no smile on his face…tonight he doesn’t show the crowd his appreciation…tonight his gaze reaches across the arena to the ring, and to Nightstryker…)

(Stryker returns the gaze with weary eyes…His body glistening in sweat…his hair plastered to his face…He remains in his crouch…his muscles tense and ready to explode…He hadn’t expected Sandra to throw so much at him…hadn’t planned on how tired he’d be for this moment in time…Titles didn’t mean anything right now…just him and McDee)

Jon McDaniel: WHOA! I can feel the heat coming off both these men…Just look at McDee…this is going to be a war!

Brian Rentfro: Eh…minor brush fire Stryker will quickly extinguish.

(McDee’s eyes still locked on Stryker he starts down to ringside…the fans reach out to get a piece of him, but he moves right by them…Bryce…all he wants is Bryce…)

Jon McDaniel: McDee on his way down here now, and despite what you say Brian…this match is gonna be one they’ll be talking about for years.

(Stryker’s eyes grow colder as a mask of hatred drops across his face…his muscles go tighter)

Brian Rentfro: Maybe a few days…HEY NOW! Stryker just dived out of the ring through the ropes, and spears McDee to the floor!! McDee’s head just bounced off the concrete, and now Stryker throwing left and rights like crazy!!

Jon McDaniel: …Um…the ref yelling at both men, but I don’t think Stryker cares, and well this means they can’t start the match…GOUGE TO THE EYE! And that gives McDee some breathing room as he kicks Stryker off of him!

Brian Rentfro: Yeah. And I’m sure that pussy McDee will take it right back into the ri…BIG BOOT to Stryker’s face, and that sends Stryker stumbling back into the apron clutching at his nose…

Jon McDaniel: Lariat from McDee and that bends Stryker backwards over the apron, and now he drops to his knees…ELBOW to the back of the head, and Stryker takes a nose dive into the concrete! AND NOW MCDEE jumps on top of Stryker and grabbing him by the hair is just pounding his face into the concrete!!

Brian Rentfro: This isn’t right…none of this is right…if Stryker was a hundred percent this wouldn’t be happening…EWW!! Blood just spurted all over the ground beneath Stryker’s face!! And look at that sick look on McDee’s face…he’s a psycho! A freaking psycho!

Jon McDaniel: I…I have not seen this side of McDee since he went by the name MacDonald, and now finally McDee stomps ramming Stryker’s face into the pavement, and hefts him to his feet,…MY GOD Stryker’s face is just a blood covered mess…

Brian Rentfro: He’ll pull through…he’s been through worse…Aww man! McDee just flung Stryker into the railing, and Stryker tumbles head over heels to the other side scattering a lot of the fans from their seats, and…damnit…he doesn’t even look conscious.

Jon McDaniel: I agree Brian…I’m thinking maybe they need to get security down here before someone gets killed…McDee is just an animal tonight…Hold on…McDee charges the railing, leaps up on it, and dives at Stryker…!!


Brian Rentfro: WHOO!!! Stryker managed to catch McDee at the last second with one of those vacated chairs!! But McDee’s body still fell heavy on Stryker, and now the both of them are in a heap on the other side of the railing.

Jon McDaniel: I was amazed that Stryker was aware enough to get that chair up…His breathing right now appears really labored, and his body has to near to dehydration…Both men starting to move now. They both seem groggy…like they don’t even know where they are.

Brian Rentfro: McDee slowly pushing himself off Stryker…shaking his head a bit, and I’m surprised that chair shot didn’t bust him open…Both mean crawling up to their knees now…the fans really behind McDee…bastards.

(Slowly McDee and Stryker raise to their knees, and then slowly turn to face one another…)

Jon McDaniel: WOW!! There is no stop in these two as now they’re unleashing left and right on one another…Back and forth…back and forth!! Both of these guys having to be running off rage…especially Stryker!

Brian Rentfro: And Stryker unloading a gut shot, and McDee hunches over grabbing at his stomach! Smart move by Stryker as he gets to his feet, grabs McDee by the hair, and a quick knee to the face plants his back to the concrete!

Jon McDaniel: Stryker unleashing a few stomps now…ah crap! Stryker going for a chair, and…


Jon McDaniel: AGAIN…McDee takes a hard chair shot to face, and with his head against the pavement there was no leeway this time, and I see a cut above his right eye…and that’s going to eventually affect his vision through this ma…


Brian Rentfro: HAHA!! Another chair shot, and that one went across McDee’s ribs! I love it…Just look…just look at that hunger in Stryker’s eyes…the blood on his face…McDee won’t be walking away from this one!

Jon McDaniel: Shut up Brian…And now Stryker is just using the top of that chair to ram it into McDee’s chest over, and over, and over again…He’s trying to break McDee’s ribs!

Brian Rentfro: And that’s the whole point…HUH!?!

Jon McDaniel: YES!! McDee able to catch Stryker by the ankle, and pulls his feet out from under him!! Stryker falls hard to the concrete…loses his chair, and McDee finding the energy somewhere to get to his hands, and knees, and now he’s crawling aimlessly through the crowd.

Brian Rentfro: Looks like Stryker managed to shake a few screws loose in McDee’s head, and Stryker doesn’t stay down for long as he slaps his hand against the concrete and is right back up to his feet.

Jon McDaniel: Stryker goes storming over to McDee and lands a hard kick into McDee’s rib cage, and that sends McDee rolling away, and the fans are giving these two a wide berth as Stryker moves towards McDee again.

Brian Rentfro: Stryker now standing over McDee is just yelling at him now, and a few slaps to the back of the head. HAHA! Stryker grabs McDee by the hair, and rams his face into the seat of a nearby chair…this one’s over.

Jon McDaniel: Over? They haven’t even entered the ring yet…None of this means anything…There’s no clock…no rules. This is mindless hatred for each other.

Brian Rentfro: Well whatever…Stryker now picks up McDee from the floor and slings him into the crowd…The crowd parts for McDee, but the chairs remains as McDee goes crashing through them. Told ya his match with Sandra wouldn’t affect him.

Jon McDaniel: You never said that.

Brian Rentfro: Sure I did. Stryker picking up a chair again, and begins to make his way over to McDee…who doesn’t even know where he is right now as he’s still trying to escape into the crowd.

Jon McDaniel: The crowd isn’t giving him any help as they just keep backing away from McDee, and now Stryker up on McDee again…


Brian Rentfro: Ouch…bet that hurt…heh. McDee drops to the concrete after that chair shot, and Stryker flips him over with his foot…Listen to these fans boo Stryker…what disrespect for their Grizzly beer champion.

Jon McDaniel: I don’t like this…This doesn’t look good. No…

Brian Rentfro: YES! Stryker now grinding the top of the chair into McDee’s throat! McDee thrashing around violently trying to take a breath, but Stryker’s whole body is leaning on the chair!

Jon McDaniel: He’s trying to kill him!…Oh wait no he throws the chair away…

Brian Rentfro: Only to drop to his hands and knees! And now he’s chocking out McDee with his bare hands!

Jon McDaniel: Stryker is insane…he is trying to kill McDee…McDee punching at Stryker, and tearing at Stryker’s hands…LOOK AT THAT! McDee’s finger nails just ripped into Stryker’s wrists…Stryker isn’t stopping…McDee’s actions are slowing down…he can’t get any air! We need some security here!

(Suddenly from out of the crowd a guardian angel leaps onto Stryker’s back and starts to claw at his eyes…)

Brian Rentfro: DAMN YOU JOJO!

(Stryker is finally forced to release his death grip on McDee…who immediately clutches at his throat…and sits up trying to take in air…)

Jon McDaniel: HAHA! Go Jojo! Rip his damn eyes out!


Brian Rentfro: If not for that damn monkey…McDee would be dead, and the world would be a better place.

Jon McDaniel: If not for that damn monkey Stryker would find himself in an insane asylum pretty damn quick…OH NO!!

(Finally getting a hold of Jojo Stryker pulls the monkey off his faces, and slams it into the ground…then before Jojo has time to react Stryker winds back, and delivers a hard kick that sends Jojo sailing over the crowd…)

Brian Rentfro: Ohmigod! I hope Stryker’s rabies shots are up to date…look at his face! That monkey tore the crap out of it!

Jon McDaniel: His face? What about Jojo? That kick could have shattered every last bone in his body!?

Brian Rentfro: He’s a bionic monkey Jon…

Jon McDaniel: Oh yeah…Wait…where did McDee go?

Brian Rentfro: Well what do you mean? He was right? Um…where’d he go?

Jon McDaniel: I don’t know, and neither does Stryker as he searches desperately for McDee…pushing fan after fan aside.

Brian Rentfro: See…McDee ran away…like a little girl.

Jon McDaniel: No I don’t think…Look there by the ring…IT’S MCDEE! He’s all the way up here by ringside!

Brian Rentfro: What? No! No McDee is rolling into the ring…chicken.


(Stryker turns at the sound of the bell, and his face drops at the discovery of McDee in the ring.)

Jon McDaniel: NO! Smart move…with McDee entering the ring he just started the match. I don’t think Stryker will make it back to the ring in time as the ref starts to count…



Brian Rentfro: Stryker trying to get back to the ring, but the fans aren’t letting him through…Interference…interference!



Jon McDaniel: Yeah…I’m kinda with you on this one Brian…I don’t wanna see it end like this…this is too big for a count out, and McDee leaning on the ropes now watching Stryker fight through the crowd.



Brian Rentfro: GO STRYKER GO! Stryker just pushed his way through the crowd to the railing, and now stumbles over to the other side.



Jon McDaniel: Come on Stryker get up! AH-HA! He leaps at the ring…


Brian Rentfro: WHOO!! Just made it, but McDee is on him quick, and is now stomping away at Stryker!

Jon McDaniel: McDee grabs Stryker by his hair, and now is dragging him around the ring! The fans are going nuts.

Brian Rentfro: YES! Stryker grabs a wrist and spins McDee down to the ground in a wrist lock!

Jon McDaniel: But he quickly releases it, and lunges at McDee! He’s still out for blood! McDee to quick though as he uses Stryker’s momentum against him, and spins around behind him to apply an ankle lock!

Brian Rentfro: McDee really applying the pressure now, but Stryker is thrashing his head around violently. The ref down in Stryker’s face…AND STRYKER GRABS HIM BY THE THROAT!

Jon McDaniel: McDee releases his hold, and rives a fist right into the back of Stryker’s neck, and it gets the desired effect as Stryker loses his grip on the ref. McDee keeps up the assault as he hefts Stryker back up to his feet from behind…GERMAN SUPLEX!

(Time seems to slow for everyone in the arena as we watch McDee pull Stryker backwards in a high arc German Suplex…The flashes from a hundred different cameras go off in unison as the top of Stryker’s head slams into the canvas…)

(It sticks like that for a moment…and then in a quick, sharp, jerk his head snaps forward, and his shoulders hit the mat…)

Jon McDaniel: Oh my…I uh…

(The crowd is quiet as the ref counts…)





(There’s no announcement of the winner…no ovation…just an eerie silence as McDee hops to his feet with his arms in the air…)

Jon McDaniel: Stryker…Bryce isn’t moving.

Brian Rentfro: I…

(Slowly McDee’s head clears, and he notices the odd silence, and then he slowly turns around to face Stryker…He takes a few cautious steps towards Stryker, and gives him a little tap with his foot…Stryker doesn’t respond.)

Jon McDaniel: Oh man…oh man…The uh…the EMT’s and security are making there way down to the ring now…This isn’t good.

(McDee drops to a knee and gives Stryker a little shake…suddenly panic flashes across his face. And placing a hand on Stryker’s chest he looks down to the EMT’s and motions for them excitedly to hurry into the ring…)

Jon McDaniel: EMT’s in the ring now, and they quickly swarm Bryce. So far I haven’t seen any movement from Bryce…McDee looking really grief stricken…These two use to be really good friends…really good friends. Looks like through all the talk…McDee still cares...We’re gonna cut away for awhile…WHAT!?!

(As the paramedics had begun to administer a neck brace…Stryker weakly grabbed at McDee’s throat…)

Jon McDaniel: I can’t believe it! Almost paralyzed and he’s still trying to kill McDee!

(The crowd erupts into a mixture relief, cheers, and boos…McDee backs away from Stryker…shaking his head remorsefully.)

Brian Rentfro: Well McDee did try to kill him!

Jon McDaniel: It was a German suplex Brian! He didn’t mean to do that…You saw how worried he was…McDee isn’t a killer.

Brian Rentfro: So you say…I say he started to feel guilty…McDee needs to be investigated. That man being hauled out on the stretcher was violated.

(McDee standing in the ring alone…so lost in thought doesn’t even hear his music start up…doesn’t see Jojo enter the ring and brush against his leg…He just shakes his head, and slowly exits the ring in the wake of the EMT’s and Stryker…)

Jon McDaniel: If any part of you were human Brian…you’d see how bothered McDee is at the fact that he almost killed Stryker…

Brian Rentfro: All an act…and see told you the monkey was alright.

Jay vs. Skippy the Plunger Boy

Shark Tank Match

Brian Rentfro: We have seen a tremendous night of PWA action here tonight so far at the third annual extravaganza known as Genesis. However, ladies and
gentleman get ready, because we are now about to experience the second ever Shark Tank Match in PWA history. Luckily, the PWA already has large aquariums build in, so we've removed the salt water fish and added sharks for this match. It should be a hell of a sight!

Jon McDaniel: And not only is this match one of the most dangerous matches ever in wrestling, but it will contain two of the top PWA up and comers in
Jay and Skippy better known as MVP. Let's get right to it!

(The lights dim as we pan to the left corner side of the arena were a deep hole is seen with water going in over 50 feet. Inside six 10 foot killer sharks are seen swimming around as 25 feet above a bridge of about 15 feet wide and 30 feet long and is seen. Two entrance doors are seen on the bridge, one at it's ending left side and the other at it's ending right side, we now switch to the announcer who is in the middle of the bridge.)

Announcer: The following match is the second ever Shark tank match! The winner of the match must throw his opponent off the bridge like structure and
into the 55 feet deep shark tank!

Brian Rentfro: This will be amazing.

Announcer: Introducing first, the special guest referee for this match. He was in the first ever PWA Shark Tank match, The Prisoner!

("Sympathy for the Devil" by the Rolling Stones plays as The Prisoner emerges out of the right hand side door. He walks to the left end of the bridge raising his arms to receive the fans positive reaction.)

Announcer: Now introducing, the challenger, weighing at 238 pounds and standing 6 foot 3…Jay!

(As the lights dim in, the crowd gets covered by a shadow of blue. Suddenly the techno beginning of Moby's "The Blue light of the Underwater Sun" blast throughout the arena. Jay enters through the right hand side door wearing new white and black tights. He walks towards The Prisoner and begins talking trash. The Prisoner ignores him as Jay maintains himself and walks away with an angry face.)

Announcer: And his opponent weighing in at 263 pounds and standing 6 foot 11…Skippy!

(The Super Mario Brothers theme song plays over the arena as fans erupt in cheers. Skippy comes out from the left hand side as the announcer has exited through the right door. Skippy stands in the middle of the bridge and looks at the fans with a smirk only to get attacked from behind by Jay. Skippy falls down as Jay stomps away and now begins to choke Skippy.)

Brian Rentfro: Just like Jay to be a coward and come up from behind!

Jon McDaniel: Say that to his face!

Brian Rentfro: Oh heavens no!

(Jay now lets go off the choke as The Prisoner circles both men. As Jay goes to pick up Skippy by the hair he is low blowed. As Jay ducks his lower body in pain Skippy delivers a leg drop on the back of Jay's neck. Jay goes down in pain as Skippy stands up and looks at the fans. The fans erupt in cheers. Skippy now picks up Jay and delivers a suplex on the bridge.)

Jon McDaniel: Skippy is taking it to Jay early in this match and Jay seems to be in pain.

Brian Rentfro: When you face a man with the talent of Skippy, win or loose you will be in pain!

(Skippy now picks up Jay and tries swinging him off the bridge but Jay puts the brakes on and lands 4 feet away from being shark food. Skippy charges towards Jay but Jay trips him as Skippy goes flying over the bridge. He hangs on as he looks down above. Jay now manages to get up and notices what he has just done. He smirks as he goes to step on Skippy's hands only to be tripped by Skippy's free arm. Skippy gets back up and clothes line Jay onto the bridge.)

Jon McDaniel: Skippy was almost shark food!

Brian Rentfro: But he came back quickly and continues the beating on Jay.

(Skippy now punches Jay and then picks up to body slam him. Jay, however, gets out of the body slam and spins Skippy around to deliver a belly to belly suplex. Skippy goes down hard as Jay goes for the pin. The Prisoner reminds Jay that there are no pin falls. He pushes The Prisoner as he turns his back on Skippy. The Prisoner pushes Jay back, Skippy spins Jay around and plants him with a DDT so hard that a small piece of the bridge breaks and plunges into the water. Jay's head goes through the whole. The camera zooms into Skippy who looks down at the small piece of the bridge that fell into the water. The killer sharks rush towards the bridge piece tearing it apart.)

Brian Rentfro: Oh my God!

Jon McDaniel: Skippy just drove Jay's head through that bridge!

Brian Rentfro: And the match is not even nearly done!

(Skippy now picks up Jay's head. We can now see that Jay has been cut open on top of his head. Skippy picks up Jay in a position for a power slam and runs
towards the end of the bridge. He throws Jay off. Jay, however, did not go into the water. He has disappeared. Skippy looks confused as he looks around
for Jay, he then ask The Prisoner who tells Skippy he does not know where Jay went.)

Brian Rentfro: Were did Jay go?

Jon McDaniel: He just disappeared right before our eyes!

(The fans begin to chant…"More, more, more" as if to say they want more of the match. Skippy lays down and looks under the bridge. The camera along with
Skippy spots a passage way. Jay must have swung himself in there. Skippy stands back up looking out for Jay. As he backs away Jay comes out from the
left door bleeding with steel pipe in his hands. Skippy turns around and gets nailed with it going down onto the bridge as Jay falls next to him. Both men
are down, and we can now see both men are bleeding from their heads.)

Jon McDaniel: A steel pipe! A steel pipe! A steel pipe! A steel pipe! A steel pipe!

Brian Rentfro: Straight to Skippy's head!

Jon McDaniel: Both men are down! Both men are bleeding and both men may be dead!

(Jay makes the first move to get up. Shortly Skippy follows. As Jay struggles to get up we see his blood dripping onto the bridge. Skippy is now up and kicks Jay in the ribs then falls back down. Jay rolls over to the back end of the bridge holding his ribs. The Prisoner just looks on going to each man to check if they can continue.)

Brian Rentfro: How much more can these two go?

(Skippy, once again is the first to be on his feet, he walks over to Jay who is struggling to get up. He picks him up and swings him towards the other end
of the bridge, but Jay reverses it and swings him, Skippy now reverses it and sends Jay, Jay does the same and both men fall at the end of the bridge near
the edge. Jay's legs are over the bridge and dangling as Skippy climbs back onto the bridge. He steps on one of Jay's hands. Jay dangles and looks below
at the tank. The sharks are seen swimming. Jay hangs on with one hand as Skippy smiles looking down at Jay. Jay now brings his legs up to the bridge
and slides them across the bridge tripping Skippy and getting himself back on the bridge. Skippy goes down holding his head in pain and still bleeding from
the pipe shot. Jay also bleeds as his white and black tights are stained with his own blood.)

Jon McDaniel: This does not look good at all!

Brian Rentfro: Both men are destroying each other! Just stop this match!

(Jay walks over to Skippy. He looks down on him as a drop of Jay's blood falls on Skippy's face. He now picks up Skippy and headbutts him back down. As he goes to pick him up again Skippy picks Jay up and delivers a michinoku pile driver!)

Brian Rentfro: Did you see that twisted pile driver!

Jon McDaniel: I felt it!

Brian Rentfro: Put the women and children to bed!

(Skippy manages to get up as Jay has been knocked out. Skippy gets on top of Jay and begins to punch Jay's face in. He continues and continues until Jay bleeds more from his facial area, now coming from his nose and lips. Skippy gets off Jay and goes into the left door. He comes back out with a toilet plunger in his hand. Smiling, he puts down the plunger and goes back into the left door. He comes out with gasoline and matches in his hands, the fans go wild as Jay is struggling to get back up bleeding from everywhere.)

Jon McDaniel (In a slow voice): Oh no, please don't, this is too much.

Brian Rentfro: He wouldn't, would he?

Jon McDaniel: We thought Jay would put out these kind of tricks but it looks like Skippy is more viscious than ever!

(Skippy pours gasoline on the plunger then lights it on fire. He waves it up high as the crowd goes while and flames wave on the plunger. Skippy gets into position to nail Jay in the face with it. As Jay gets up he has his back turned on Skippy. He now turns around and Skippy charges towards him. Jay ducks and super kicks Skippy off the bridge. Skippy goes plunging back first with plunger in hand into the shark tank. The crowd goes wild in awes and cries and cheers.)

Brian Rentfro: Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!

(The bell rings as Jay gets up and The Prisoner raises his hand. His face is covered in blood as the techno beginning of Moby's "The Blue light of the Underwater Sun plays". Jay now tries to plunge The Prisoner but to no avail as The Prisoner runs out through the right door. Jay looks around the crowd with a bleeding face. We see the tank now, but the camera obscures us from seeing what is going on to Skippy, mothers are seen covering their children's faces as Jay climbs down a rope ladder along the side of the shark tank..)

Ring Announcer: Your winner...Jay!

Jon McDaniel: Skippy now slowly rising to his feet just pulling himself out of the tank, and both of these kids just gave us one hell of a show, and the fans on their feet now applauding both men...

Brian Rentfro: Yeah...I'll tell you what I'd applaud...I'd applaud the both of them

Jon McDaniel: Hmph...Skippy now looking over to Jay, and Jay returning the gaze...I hope they're not thinking about going at it again...

Brian Rentfro: Hey why not...maybe they'd kill each other...Wait...Skippy moving towards Jay now, and...Ah nuts...he extends a hand towards Jay.

Jon McDaniel: See...sportsmanship is still alive in the PWA, and yes Jay accepts MVP's hand, and listen to these fans...

Brian Rentfro: I'm trying not to Jon...

("Final Countdown" by Europe starts up in the arena...the cheers quickly turning to jeers...)

Brian Rentfro: we're going to see something interesting!

Jon McDaniel: Will it never end?

(Both Jay and Skippy turn to face the entrance as Gabrielle, The Brutal, and Nightstryker step out from behind the tank...Skippy and Jay quickly go back to back, and grab up chairs...Jay beckons for them to "bring it on"...)

Jon McDaniel: Well looks like to me that neither Jay nor Skippy are going to back down to the M.o.A...and this is what we need more of in the PWA!

Brian Rentfro: That and a better health plan...The M.o.A's rushing the ring now...WHOA!


Jon McDaniel: Ohmigod! Skippy just hit Jay from behind...He just slammed that chair against the back of Jay's skull, and now he's pounding away on Jay's back with the chair...What the hell?

(The Masters hit ringside and join Skippy in his attack on Jay...)

Brian Rentfro: YES! YES! YES! Hit the idiot with the chair...again...again...Ow...that looked painful.

Jon McDaniel: I...I can't believe it...Skippy has joined with the M.o.A...

(As the Masters continue to stomp away at Jay, Skippy steps away from the group, and lets his suspender top fall away revealing a black tank-top with the letters, MVP, in blue across it's chest, and then reaching into his pocket he pulls out a pair of sunglasses and places them on his face...)

Brian Rentfro: Say bye bye to Skippy baby!! MVP is back!

Jon McDaniel: Was there a difference?

(Finally the other Masters break off their attack on Jay, and turn to face MVP...For a moment the three: Gabrielle, Nightstryker, and The Brutal just look at MVP, and then finally Stryker extends his hand...MVP smiles and accepts his handshake...The fans booing increases as the four-masters turn from the ring, and the unconscious body of Jay...)

Deadline vs. The Spider

AOWF Undisputed Championship Match

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall, and is for the Undisputed Inter-Federation Championship! Intoducing first, the challenger… He is a former W4F World Champion.. he is DEADLINE!!!!

[Deadline comes out, wearing a W4F T-shirt and walks to the ring. He climbs in and plays to the crowd!]

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, he is a member of the MoA, and is the Undisputed Inter-Federation Champion!!.. The SPIDER!!!!!

[The Spider then comes out, raising his arms up, with the title wrapped around his waist. He walks confidently to the ring and slides in.]

Brian Rentfro: The Undisputed Title is an interesting belt to win. At first, four federations competed for the chance to become the premier title holder..

Jon McDaniel: Of which Chamelion won…

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, and we’ve had some interesting champions since then.. MVP, Sirus Moran, Jay.. all have had their names etched into history with this title.

Jon McDaniel: And now Deadline aims to be included on that list.. there’s the bell, let’s get to the action!!

[Both men circle each other, trying to find an opening. Deadline advances, but Spider backs off. They circle some more and again, Deadline attempts a lock up, but Spider ducks him and moves away. Frustrated., Deadline rushes in a third time but gets caught with a knee to the gut and flipped to the canvas.]

Brian Rentfro: The Spider’s playing games here with Deadline.

Jon McDaniel: And it’s working, he sucked Deadline in and now has the advantage.

[The Spider picks up Deadline and bodyslams him back to he mat, then he drops a hard elbow onto Deadline. Deadline rolls away, in obvious pain and The Spider follows him closely. Deadline grabs the ropes and tries to get to his vertical base, but Spider lashes out and trips Deadline down. The Spider then goes to work on Deadline’s knee, striking it repeatedly with hard kicks!]

Brian Rentfro: The Spider is not giving Deadline any quarter, he’s really taking it to him!

Jon McDaniel: The Spider wants to bring some presitgue back to the Undisputed Title.. and I know he doesn’t want bad showing at the PWA’s greatest event!

[The Spider grabs Deadline by his injured leg and drags him to the center of the ring. The Spider then wraps his leg around and goes for a figure four, but Deadline strikes The Spider with a closed fist and it sends him sprawling down. Deadline then climbs to his feet, and tests his wobbly leg. Pressing his advantage, Deadline drops down and punches The Spider over and over on the face! The Spider tries blocking, but it takes the ref, forcing Deadline back to break the cycle! Deadline shouts at the ref and gets past him, pulling The Spider up. Deadline whips Spider into the ropes and clotheslines him back down. Deadline then climbs up the turnbuckles to the second rope and uses the height to hit a hard knee to The Spider’s ribs!]

Brian Rentfro: Deadline’s making a comeback!

Jon McDaniel: The Spider was getting to cocky, and Deadline’s going to make him pay for it!

[Deadline continues to attack mercilesly on The Spider, and picks him back up. Deadline strikes with two hard forearms and then tries another whip to the ropes. The Spider painfully reverses the whip and Deadline is sent to the ropes. Deadline ducks Spider’s clothesline, hits the other side and on the way back in, both men clothesline each other to the canvas. The ref immediately begins the 10 count.]

Brian Rentfro: Both men are nearly out from that collision!

Jon McDaniel: Spider will retain the title if they both get counted down!

[The ref reaches 8 when both men stir and start to climb to their feet.. once on their knees, however, both men strike at each other, back and forth. Deadline gets the upper hand and knocks Spider back to the canvas. Deadline then jumps up, hits the ropes and delivers a splash onto Spider for the pin.




Brian Rentfro: I thought for sure Deadline had it there.

Jon McDaniel: Spider won’t go down that easily!

[Deadline pulls Spider to his feet, but Spider sucker punches Deadline below the belt. Deadline stumbles back, and The Spider pulls him in and powerslams him to the mat. The Spider then climbs to the top rope and attempts the "Hero’s Victory"! However, Deadline rolls away and The Spider crashes to the canvas again.]

Brian Rentfro: Spider almost had the match won!

Jon McDaniel: Almost is not good enough, this is sure to turn the tide into Deadline’s favor!

[Deadline is back up, and he lifts Spider into a vertical suplex! As Spider crashes to the mat, Deadline rolls over him for the cover.




Frustrated, Deadline grabs Spider, who hooks Deadline’s trunks and pulls hard.. sending Deadline through the ropes and outside the ring. The Spider slides outside and attacks Deadline while the ref begins the count. The Spider whips Deadline into the steel post, knocking Deadline back and down. The Spider then grabs a chair from ringside, and prepares to strike Deadline, but the ref jumps out and gets in his way. The Spider yells for the ref to move it or lose it, but the distraction allows Deadline to drop kick The Spider over the railing and into the audience.]

Brian Rentfro: This match is getting carried away!

Jon McDaniel: Far away, right into the crowd!

[Deadline climbs over the railing and both men brawl into the stands. The ref follows, trying to bring order to the match.. yeah right. Spider and Deadline exchange punches and kicks, and The Spider grabs the beer tray of a nearby vendor and slams the whole tray and beer over Deadline. Covered in beer and dazed, Deadline stumbles back and The Spider presses the attack.]

Brian Rentfro: Hey! No drinking on the job!

Jon McDaniel: I don’t think he got any in his mouth!

[The Spider pulls back and slams his fist into Deadline who falls over the railing back into the ring area. The Spider climbs over and grabs Deadline, tossing the beer-soaked injured wrestler back into the ring. The Spider then climbs to the top rope and jumps with a hard elbow, but Deadline rolls again. Slamming hard into the mat, the Spider holds his arm in pain. Deadline climbs painfully to his feet, and shakes his head to clear the cobwebs. The Spider shakes himself and gets to his feet, and as he turns, Deadline hits him with a cresent kick! Deadline tries again for a cover.



Thre. Kickout!]

Brian Rentfro: SO CLOSE!!!!

Jon McDaniel: Deadline thinks he got it! He’s screaming at the referee!!

[Deadline pushes the ref back, yelling at him. While distracted, The Spider pulls himself up again to the top rope and as Deadline turns, The Spider hits The Hero’s Victory on Deadline and covers.




Brian Rentfro: Spider retains the Undisputed Title!!!

Jon McDaniel: Deadline allowed himself to be distracted, and The Spider took full advantage of it!!!

Ring Announcer: The winner of this match, and STILL Undisputed Inter-Federation Champion….. The Spider!!!!!

Brian Rentfro: Great match between those two, but Spider showed his superiority in that match!

Jon McDaniel: Yes he did… well, the night’s getting along well… it’s time to move on to our next match up!!

President Robinson Interview

("Heavy" by Collective Soul comes on the PA and the fans start to boo as President Robinson walks out onto the ramp and to the ring.)

President Robinson: So, it looks like tonight is a big night for us in the PWA. Starting year number three...Who woulda thunk it? Let me tell you all one thing...I don't care who the competition is...QMEW, TWSN, W4F, SWA, our old partners in the RJW, I don't care who, HIW, who the hell ever, they come to play our game, and guess what happens? Whether it is yesterday, today, or tomorrow, the PWA does what we've always done and that's play the game better than anyone else could ever hope to.

(The crowd cheers)

President Robinson: You're damn right to cheer. We've put so many people out of business it stopped being funny a long time ago. To steal a phrase, we're the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. Oh can take that to the damn bank. So tonight we're here for the third installment of Genesis and back in the day, people laughed, they said you can't count on annual events in this business. They said that people come and go, that the fans are too fickle. They said that it just doesn't happen. Well, we've proven them wrong.

(The crowd cheers louder.)

President Robinson: Oh yeah, that's exactly right folks. Now let me tell you something. I don't come out here and mention all this to pat myself on the back or kiss up to the boys in the back. Nope, I don't need to do that to feel good about myself, ok? I come out here and say this because it is fact, plain and simple. We've had all the stars and legends compete in our ring. The Corpse, Tundra, Sirus, Raizzor, Rage, Fear, Spider, McDee, Stryker, if they're someone important, odds are they started here. So when I come out and say we're the best, I can back it all up.

(The crowd roars.)

President Robinson: And I say this, because it relates to our current World champion. (the crowd boos loudly) Yes, just like the PWA, Showtime is the best thing going today! Oh, its true my friends. There's not a damn wrestler active today that can hold a candle to him. Especially not that worthless Sirus Moran! Dear lord, I swear I wish I'd never signed that contract of his. Don't ask me what the hell I was thinking, because to this day I don't know. But what I do know for sure is that Sirus embodies what is wrong with the PWA. There's not much bad about us, but Sirus is the exception to the rule. And just like we crushed all those other promotions, tonight in the PWA Dome, the home of the PWA, Showtime is going to crush Sirus. And you'd damn well better believe you can take that to the bank. Because I don't care if it is tonight at Genesis or April 29th in Las Vegas at High Stakes, Showtime and the PWA...we're the best ever!

Matt Attict vs. Gabrielle

PWA Intercontinental Championship Match

Ring Announcer: This next match up is scheduled for one-pin fall with a 45-minute time limit, and is for the PWA Intercontinental Championship!!

(The crowd erupts and "A Bitter Sweet Symphony" by the Verve begins to build through the arena as two-spotlights light up the top of the ramp way...)

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring first from Miami, Florida...

(The ADCtron comes to life as the words "Epitome of Perfection" start to scroll across the screen...and as the "n" slips off the screen his name erupts across the screen, emblazoned in gold..."Matt Attict"...)

Ring Announcer: Standing at five-feet ten-inches, and weighing in at 267-pounds...

(White, flare, pyros ignite across the length of the top of the rampway...their brilliance hiding the entrance...)

Ring Announcer: He is a former member of the M.o.A...He is the self-proclaimed Epitome of Perfection...He is MATT AAAAAAAAAAATTIIIIIIIIICT!!

(The white pyros cut off around the rampway abruptly to reveal Matt Attict in a statuesque pose...His blonde hair, not a hair out of place...his skin a golden bronze...his physique...what ever woman dreams of...what every man attempts to become. He drops the pose, and straightens his body...poping his neck once he starts down to ringside looking over the crowd from behind a pair of dark shades...a white smile...)

Jon McDaniel: Matt Attict...once a master Master, and just about a year ago he had a small appearence here in the PWA...Now he's back, against the M.o.A, and is recieving his first PWA title shot here tonight at Genesis...

Brian Rentfro: And he'd never have this title shot if not for Gab...Gab, is giving him this oppurtunity...without her he would have been in today's dark match...Which by the way was pretty killer tonight...wouldn't you say?

Jon McDaniel: Oh yeah...those two kids put on a good show...I just can't remember their names right now...

(Attict finally reaches ringside, and rolling into the ring under the bottom rope finally comes to rest int he middle of the ring, and rising up to one knee strikes one last pose...his head down...his arms raised...and a blinding white light shinning down on him from above...)

(Finally the light dims to normal, and his music slowly fades out as he stands, and moves to a nurtal corner...)

Ring Announcer: And now coming to the ring from New York, New York...

(The lights flicker a bit, and then slowly dim as the booing begins to build in the arena...)

Ring Announcer: Standing at six-feet even and weighing in at 135-pounds...

("After the Flesh" by My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult suddenly blares through the arena...Attict slowly turns his head toward the entrance...)

Ring Announcer: She is the current and defending PWA Intercontinental Champion...She is a member of the Masters of Armageddon...This is...GAAAAAAAB-RIIIIIIIIIELLLLLLLLLLE!!

(Her hands slowly parting the black curtain she pushes it to the edges of the frame...Her dark hair tied back in a small tail, her pale flesh glowing in the spotlight, her blue eyes taking in the arena...She finally steps through the doorway, and let's the curtain close behind her...)

(Over her right shoulder the IC title rest...her left shoulder is exposed, as the black, oversized, sweater, she wears hangs loosely from her frame... She doesn't drop her head today...nor does she appear meek. Instead she looks out across the arena at Attict, and smiles...)

Jon McDaniel: And this is a new Gabrielle were looking at it seems...she appears more confident then what we've seen of her in the past...Head up, and well she's smiling.

Brian Rentfro: Beauty...

(Gab remains there on top of the ramp way, barefoot, not moving towards the ring, and then slowly from behind her the curtains begin to part, and her mammoth tag-team partner...The Brutal emerges. His chrome mask glistening...his dark hair falling down around his face...he places a giant hand on Gabrielle's bare left shoulder. With his assuring touch she starts to move down to ringside...)

Jon McDaniel: Beauty and the Beast...I'm really interested in seeing how the two of them will work together in their first tag-match...

Brian Rentfro: They'll kill...she's the speed...he's the power...Perfect team...old school style.

(Gab and Brutal finally reach ringside, and letting the title fall from her shoulder she hands it to The Brutal, and with her eyes on Attict she slides into the ring...The ring announcer steps out of the ring using the steel steps, and the referee slides in...Gab's music fades out...)

Jon McDaniel: Attict and Gabrielle both moving towards the center of the ring as the ref checks the both of them over, and now he's signaling for the bell...


[Attic stares at Gabrielle across the ring, as the ref holds the IC title up for all to see. Then, as the ref hands the title to a technician at ringside, he calls for the bell and the two combatants circle each other in the ring.]

Brian Rentfro: After Gabrielle won the IC title, a lot of people believed she wouldn’t keep it as long as she has.

Jon McDaniel: It’s obvious their skeptisism, Gabrielle weighs in only at 135lbs, but she is a tall individual. Her light weight allows for some excellent luchador manuevers.

Brian Rentfro: Gabrielle does stand above Matt Attic, but he outweighs her nearly two to one, at 267lbs himself. This match could be over quickly if all he has to do is sit on her.

Jon McDaniel: (laughs) Its like comparing Andre the Giant to Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania III.. but remember who won that one!

Brian Rentfro: I still say it was Andre at the beginning.

Jon McDaniel: You were always the blind one, wern;t you?

[The two lock up and via for position. Matt over powers Gabrielle and sends her realing into the corner. Gabrielle gets up, brushes herself off and calls for another test. They lock up again and again, Attic overpowers Gabrielle and she flies butt first into the corner. Angry, she jumps up and rushes Attic and slaps him hard in the face. Attic turns, eyes angry and throws a hard punch at Gabrielle, who tries to deflect the wild punch, but it connects solidly, backing her into the ropes. Matt Attic then knees her in the stomach, grabs her hair, and delivers a DDT, sending Gabrielle face first into the mat. Matt Attic rolls her over and goes for a pin, but Gabrielle kicks out before the one count. Matt Attic backs up as Gabrielle rises and rushes forward, but is caught with a elbow to the face, backing him up and letting Gabrielle get enough room to clothesline Matt Attic into the turnbuckle. Gabrielle then moves into the corner with a hard splash, and then headlocks Matt Attic and lifts him up onto the turnbuckle. Gabrielle, having Matt Attic in place, climbs up and hooks up Matt Attic for a superplex. Matt Attic, however, hooks his legs around the ropes, and as Gabrielle goes for the move, Matt Attic jerks back, and Gabrielle goes falling to the mat. Matt Attic then sets himself upright, soars through the air and hits a devastating elbow and goes for a cover. One... Two.. Kickout!]

Brian Rentfro: Gabrielle's not giving up yet!

[Back in the ring, Matt Attic recovers quickly and rolls to his feet. Gabrielle, however, is a little slower, using a lot of energy to kickout. Matt Attic knee lifts Gabrielle in the jaw and then hooks her in a reverse neck breaker. But the moment Gabrielle hits the mat, she is rolling back to her feet. Matt Attic circles her and they stare each other in the eyes.. The two then lock up, dead center of the ring, and struggle for the advantage. Matt Attic pushes Gabrielle back into the corner, and the ref tries to break the two apart. Matt Attic begins to back off, the goes for a cheap shot, which Gabrielle blocks and delivers her own punch, knocking Matt Attic back. Gabrielle races forward, but Matt Attic steps aside and drop toe holds Gabrielle to the mat. Matt Attic then clobbers Gabrielle in the back of the neck with an elbow drop, but Gabrielle again, rises to her feet!!]

Brian Rentfro: Gabe is one tough chick!

[Attic goes to grabe her, but Gabrielle catches him, and flips him onto the mat. Gabrielle then delivers a few elbows of his own, and then picks up Matt Attic and powerbombs him. Gabrielle goes for the cover…1….2 kickout! Matt Attic crawls back to his feet and the two begin exchanging punches. Attic then swiftly kicks Gabrielle in the stomach and she staggers back and Attic clotheslines her back down. Attic then grabs her by her hair and forces her back to a vertical stance, he then whips her to the ropes but Gabrielle jumps, plants her feet on the top rope and flies backwards with a reverse moonsault and connects with Matt Attic, and they tumble to the mat, and Gabrielle hooks the leg. 1---2---Kickout!]

Jon McDaniel: WHAT a move by Gabrielle!! She almost had attic there!

[Outside the ring, The Brutal slams the mat and looks angry at the ref. Gabrielle is back up and she climbs the turnbuckles to the second rope. Attic crawls up to his feet but Gabrielle connects with a solid elbow to the back of the neck. Gabrielle then turns as Attic again tries to get up, and she goes for a drop kick, but Attic swaps her feet away and she falls butt first to the canvas. Gabrielle rolls away and gets up and turns only to get hit with a cresent kick by Attic. Attic signals to the crowd and grabs Gabrielle and sets her up on the top rope. Attic quickly jumps up and holds her in place as he executes the Attic Attack! Matt makes the cover!!!]

Brian Rentfro: Attic’s got the win!! But where is the ref???

Jon McDaniel: The Brutal is on the apron, he has the ref distracted!

Brian Rentfro: Attic’s up! He’s coming over and yelling at Brutal!!

Jon McDaniel: Gabrielle’s got time to recover! She’s on her feet!! Brutal’s down off the mat now!

[Matt Attic flips Brutal off and turns around, and Gabrielle connects with the Waking Nightmare! The crowd erupts as Gabrielle hooks Attic’s leg and the ref counts ..


Brian Rentfro: The distraction payed off!! Gabrielle retains the title!!!

Ring Announcer: The winner of this match, and STILL PWA Intercontinental Champion… GABRIELLE!!!!

Jon McDaniel: The Brutal sliding into the ring now and he tackles Attict from behind, and is now clubbing him in the back of the head with hard left and right...


Brian Rentfro: WHOO!! The Brutal just bashed his face plate into the back of Attict's skull, and that cut Attict wide open...We have blood all over The Brutal's mask!!

Jon McDaniel: The Brutal's girth able to keep Attict down as now Gabrielle comes rushing over, and drops a knee...RIGHT into the back of his head...If Attict doesn't coem away with a concusion tonight I'll be surprised...Oh lord...

(The cameras cut up to the top of the rampway as the M.o.A reinforcements come storming down to ringside...Spider...Stryker...and two-men in carrying a black bat...the other carrying ropes and chains...)

(All four hit the ring and immedietly start to work Attict over...With six-Masters in the ring now The Brutal pickes himself and Attict up off the ground, and holding Attict in a full nelson leaves his torso wide open for a shot from the black bat...)


Jon McDaniel: Ugh...And they let Attict fall to the ground, and his insides have to be hurting...not to include his head, and those chains and rope are starting to scare me now...

Brian Rentfro: You have something in your closet you haven't told us about yet Jon?

Jon McDaniel: Oh grow up!

Brian Rentfro: Oh...lookie comes a cross from the ceiling.

(The camera view shifts upwards where we do indeed find a wooden cross descending from the rafters...thick chains wrapped around it's arms...)

Jon McDaniel: Oh come on! You've gotta be f'n kidding me! They can't do this...

Brian Rentfro: Well they are.

(The base of the cross hits the ring floor with a small thump, and the Masters quickly bind Attict to the cross, and then happy with their work they all take a few steps back to stand in a loose half-circle in front of the crucified Attict...)

Jon McDaniel: Now what?

(And in response...the two-masked men pull off their dark masks to reveal themselves, and yet still they are not recognized here int he PWA, but the man on the cross knows who they are, and a new rage burns in his eyes as he tugs at his bonds...)

Brian Rentfro: Abunai and Ridel...

Jon McDaniel: How do you know that?

Brian Rentfro: I remember when they were in the SWA...

(One of them...Asian, compact, he stands with his arms folded, black Oakleys, and a mic in his hand...)

(The other one...white, short blonde hair, his arms at his side, a mic in one hand, the black bat in the other, blue Oakleys...The Asian moves in close to Attict, and grabs him by the hair...pulling his head as close as he can to his.)

Abunai: "Well...isn't this a happy little reunion Attict? vets? Your family in this vicious sport, and you turned away...and then you blamed us for your short comings...and then you blamed him. Maybe...maybe you forgot what we do to those that turn on us? Abandon us?"

"Did you think that maybe you were immune from all this? That the great Matt Attict couldn't find himself, humuliated, and strung up...?"

(A sharp tug to Atticts short hair...)

"And so we're here now Attict, and so instead of attacking our bretheren here in the can now finally be a man, and deal with those you really want to hurt. Speaking of dealing with remember Ridel right? The guy who swallowed his past to be a part of the future? Yeah...he has something to say to you."

(The blonde guy, Ridel, takes a few steps forward, and Abunai releases his grip on Attict's hair and takes a step back...folding his arms across his chest once again.)

Ridel: "It's funny...because I use to respect you, Attict. A lot of us did...a lot of the younger guys that is. And I have to break you at Night of Armageddon. And you know...I think you want someone to break you..."

"And not just anyone, but a's what logic dictates. You know what NoA is all's about us, and knowing still come walking into our den. The camera men, the announcers, the ring announcers, the referees, the's all there for us Attict, and you still come walking in...Don't tell me you're not looking for a way out..."

(He smiles)

"And believe me...I'm more then happy to be that "means to an end..."

(He starts to turn from Attict, and then follows to turn all the way through...unloading a powerful shot with the bat across Attict's face...)


(The back of Attict's head hits the cross, and then his head falls limp to his chest...Ridel holds a thumb up, and the cross, with Attict attached, slowly starts to raise into the rafters...Abunai again rises the mic to his lips...)

Abunai: "And yet no one believed the Masters when they said more would come? Hmm...I suppose no one in the PWA's delt with professionals before...What we say we do...What we do get results...Those results secure our future, and our legend...M.o.A Supreme."

(Abauni clicks off his mic, and the Masters turning from Attict on his rising cross, exit the ring one by one, and start to move up the ramp way...)

Hall of Fame Ceremony

(The scene cuts to the Korsand Ballroom in the Chase Park Plaza Hotel in St. Louis. The room is full of PWA stars, both past and present. As the camera sweeps the room we see the Moran clan, all clad in tuxes, Raizzor, Chamelion, and Jasmine Lee, along with former stars like Ron Porter and BBB. Jon McDaniel walks to the podium.)

Jon McDaniel: Its hard to believe that another year has already passed. And that of course means it is time for this year's Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Last year, we inducted 15 men in the first year of the awards. For 2001, the class is much smaller, but no less important to the success of the PWA. As we enter our third year of operations, it is good to look back and remember the people that made us what we are today. Without these people, the PWA would never have reached to heights that it has, and thus this award was created. And now, without further ado, the 2001 PWA Hall of Fame induction!

Jon McDaniel: Our first inductee is a man that dominated the Hardcore title like no other. His only competition in the matter is the current champion, Metalhead. He held that title an unprecedented 105 days straight during 1999 and 2000. During this period, the Hardcore division was at its peak, with several people wanting the title, but Reese was able to hold them all off. And that was just during his second reign as champion. He'd already held the belt once previously. Although he entered the PWA as a second to fellow Hall of Famer, the Corpse, Reese became his own man and made his mark on the promotion.

Jon McDaniel: Our next two inductees are bitter enemies currently, but in the past, they were the best friends. They are also unique in that they both entered the PWA together when we aquired the first incarnation of the W4F. Monkey McDee, then known as Stephen "The Monkey" MacDonald, and Nightstryker, formed the Creatures of the Night together, winning the tag team titles. McDee would go on to set a record for most days as World Champion at 80 days, which was only recently broken. Nightstyker holds the record of most days with the IC title, at over 81 days. This isn't even taking into account the other titles these men have held. Nightstryker defeated McDee for the World Title, and McDee has held the Hardcore title. Since entering the PWA, their fates have been intertwined and I doubt that their battle at Genesis III will be the last. And even though they've gone seperate ways, which McDee recently siding with the Moran Clan on occasion and Stryker joining the MoA, whether friend or foe, these two have provided the PWA with some of its greatest battles.

Jon McDaniel: Speaking of MoA, our next inductee is the current leader of the PWA branch. Dalton "The Spider" Campbell was one of two men that totally dominated the World Title scene during 2000. He recently broke Monkey McDee's record by holding the World title a total of 84 days! As such, he's the longest reigning champion in PWA history! The Spider came into the PWA with a bang, stealing the vacant PWA title from President Robinson's office and holding a gimmick tournament to crown the new champion, which culminated at Battle Dome 2000. Even from the beginning, the Spider has controlled others to do his bidding. But there was wonder if he could back up his actions in the ring. He put all doubts to rest by controlling the World Title during the last half of the year. His first World Title reign came after runs with both the tag titles as part of DEATH and the IC title. During this first reign, he went for an unparalleled 71 days with only a 2 minute period of not holding the title. While that technically disrupts the title reign, it is still a very impressive feat.

Jon McDaniel: The final wrestler to be inducted is the other man that dominated the World title picture during 2000. Panzadise had an impressive 3 title reigns covering 62 days during the middle of 2000. During that time, like the Spider, he was a fighting champion, taking on and defeating all comers. During this time, Dise became one of the most popular PWA superstars, second only to Sirus Moran, winning the fans over with his wit and humor, but also being a man of action inside the ring. Panzadise couldn't be contacted to show up tonight, but hopefully he'll be getting is award in the mail.

Jon McDaniel: Finally, we have our award for backstage work. Last year we honored the men that had run the front office of the PWA and this year will be no different. While the previous honors were awarded based on the discretion of the front office, the following individual was unanimously voted into the Hall of Fame by his peers. Anytime the topic came up, his was always the first name on the list for inclusion. He's been a member of the PWA since nearly the beginning and during the last year, he's been a huge help in planning events and coordinating things. He's also been the unofficial historian of the PWA, keeping track of title changes and keeping an exhaustive list including dates and important points about the title matches. Just as the PWA couldn't survive without the other men listed, the active wrestlers, the PWA can't survive without the help in the adminstrative offices. So, tonight we induct Jarett Charowsky into the PWA Hall of Fame. Ladies and gentlemen, the class of 2001.

Sirus Moran vs. Showtime

PWA World Title Match

Ring Announcer:The following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the PWA World Title. Introducing first, the challenger...he has held every PWA title and is currently one half of the Brothers Grimm...Sirus Moran!

("More Human than Human" blares out on the PA as the crowd goes nuts. They cheer louder and louder, but still Sirus doesn't appear on the ramp. Suddenly, his music is cut off. The crowd boos, suspecting foul play. "I am a real Canadian" comes on instead and the crowd goes crazy again. Sirus Moran comes out at the top of the ramp and the roar of the crowd mutes the explosions of the pyros. Sirus walks to the ring, slapping the hands of fans at ringside before rolling in and awaiting the champion.)

Jon McDaniel: This is going to be one hell of a match!

Brian Rentfro: Without a doubt, Jon. This is what it is all about right here. The main event at Genesis and Showtime shocked the world by walking in here as the defending champion!

Ring Announcer: And his opponent...the PWA World Heavyweight Champion...accompanied to the ring by Sarah...he is Showtime!

(The lights go out, and the arena goes silent except for a few jeers. Maroon fireworks shut straight up from the stage breakin the silence. Off to the right
is the band Creed. They start playing "What If" As they strum the first few strings of the guitar Showtime clips come on the ACD tron. As soon as the singing starts Showtime steps out with Sarah. Showtime is wearing maroon tights with a black and white barbwire disigned on them. He is wearing black knee pads, maroon elbow pads and his wrist have white tape on them. He is wearing a sleavless shirt of the Showtime dragon with the sides cut, so it is like a pancho. Around his waist is the PWA world Title and it is over the top of his shirt. Sarah is wearing a maroon and silver silk dress with silver high heels and a diamond necklace. As they step on the entrance way, pyros go of behind him, and fans boo them with a passion. Showtime slowly walks to the ring keeping his eye on Sirus, the whole time. He hops on the apron and climps up the turn buckle, takes his title off his waist and raises it with one hand as the fans boo him even louder, but the flash photography is
almost blinding.)

Jon McDaniel: The two men stare at each other as Showtime says something to Sirus. Sirus doesn't reply so Showtime slaps him! The crowd nearly boos him out of the ring! They aren't happy with the champ! Showtime mouths off again and still no response from Sirus, so he tries to slap him again, but Sirus catches his arm and hits an armdrag takedown. The crowd is going nuts! Both men jump back to their feet, Showtime charges Sirus but gets a clothesline. Showtime is back up and runs into a second clothesline. Showtime is up again, but now he rolls under the clothesline and hits a thrust kick to the back of Sirus' head! Sirus goes down hard!

Brian Rentfro: That's why he's the champ. He's not going to fall for any of that crap from Sirus.

Jon McDaniel: I thought you hated Showtime, Brian...

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, but you also think your mustache looks good.

Jon McDaniel: Sirus starts getting up, but Showtime stops him with a dropkick. Showtime locks on a fujiwar arm bar and yells to the crowd at ringside. These people just hate him! Sirus tried getting to the ropes, but Showtime pulls him back to the center of the ring. Showtime pulls Sirus up by the arm and works a hammerlock. Sirus elbowsmashes his way out and whips Showtime into the ropes. Showtime hits an asai moonsault off the ropes onto Sirus! 1...2.kickout!

Brian Rentfro: See, that right there is what makes Showtime such a great champ! Sirus never saw that coming!

Jon McDaniel: Showtime stomps Sirus to keep him down, then jumps up and lands with his knee on the injured arm of Sirus. Showtime grabs Sirus' feet and drags him a bit. What's Showtime doing? He slingshots Sirus into the turnbuckle! Showtime climbs up top and poses for the crowd. He just had to duck a flying water bottle! Showtime comes sailing off the top with a legdrop, but Sirus rolls out of the way! Sirus pulls Showtime up and whips him into the ropes...powerslam! Showtime gets whipped into the turnbuckles with Sirus following, but Showtime kicks his legs up and Sirus runs under him. Showtime jumps up and hooks under Sirus, rolling him back in a pin. 1...2.Sirus reverses the move and rolls through. 1...2.Showtime reverses on Sirus now! 1...2..kickout! Both men are up and Sirus clotheslines Showtime!

Brian Rentfro: But look at that! Sirus used his injured arm! See how he's holding it funny now?

Jon McDaniel: Showtime brings Sirus down with a legsweep then uses the ropes as a springboard to nail a back elbowdrop on Sirus. Showtime covers...1...2.kickout. Showtime slaps the mat in frustration and pulls Sirus to his feet. Kick to the stomach of Sirus and a DDT by Showtime. He covers...1...2.kickout! Showtime is yelling at the referee now, saying it was a slow count.

Brian Rentfro: I think it is pretty obvious to the whole world the Showtime had the match won right there!

Jon McDaniel: While Showtime is arguing with the referee, Sirus gets to his feet. Showtime turns around and throw a punch, but Sirus blocks it and hooks the arm. Moran hooks Showtime's other arm and starts the headbutts! The crowd is cheering Sirus on, but Showtime hits a belly to belly suplex on Sirus. Showtime gets up and poses for the booing crowd. Sirus rolls him up from behind! 1...2..kickout! That was close!

Brian Rentfro: Sirus is such a cheater!

Jon McDaniel: Showtime kicks Sirus in the stomach again and signals for the End Product! Showtime lifts Sirus up in a waistlock, but Sirus launches himself backwards off the champ's shoulders. Now Sirus kicks Showtime and swings him up in a waistlock! End Product on Showtime! Sirus used the champ's own move on him! Sirus hooks the leg and covers! 1...2..kickout! Unbelievable!

Brian Rentfro: That impressed the hell out me right there. As great a champ as Showtime is, there's no shame in getting pinned by such a devastating finishing move.

Jon McDaniel: Do you owe him money or something? Sirus drops an elbow on Showtime, then pulls him up and whips him into the ropes. Spinebuster on Showtime! 1...2..kickout! Sirus points up to the ceiling and the crowd explodes. Moran puts the champ on the top turnbuckle and climbs up. Sirus tries to superplex Showtime, but the champ hooks his foot under the top rope and won't go. Showtime shoves Sirus off and down to the mat. Showtime walks the top rope...he hits the Walk of Fame!

Brian Rentfro: That's the move that won him the title! Sirus is done for!

Jon McDaniel: 1...2..Sirus has his foot on the ropes! This is just amazing.

Brian Rentfro: I'll say this much for Sirus, that's what you get from being a veteran, you always know where you are in that ring. He knew he didn't have the strength to kick out, but he managed to pull out the save. And like him or not, you've got to admit, that's one sign of a champion.

Jon McDaniel: Showtime is besides himself and the crowd is ecstatic! Showtime pulls Sirus up, but Sirus counters with a jawbreaker. Sirus grabs Showtime's feet and holds them while jumping over in a bridge for a pin! 1...2..Showtime holds Sirus by the waist and bridges up! Showtime has Sirus in position for a piledriver, but Sirus sits up and nails the champ with a facebuster! Sirus covers...1...2..kickout!

Brian Rentfro: And at this point you've got to wonder what's keeping either of these men going.

Jon McDaniel: Sirus pulls Showtime up and hooks the are the 5 headbutts! Showtime gets whipped into the ropes! Its time for the Nameless Knockout! No! Showtime comes back with a flying forearm! The headbutts must have busted Showtime open, because he's bleeding heavily from the forehead. Showtime kicks Moran mercilessly then slides out of the ring and grabs a table from under the ring and comes back into the ring with it. He sets up the table puts Sirus on the top turnbuckle. He's going to superplex Sirus through the table! Is he going for the DQ win?

Brian Rentfro: I don't think so, Jon. The ref knows better than to give us a cheap finish at Genesis! He's going to cut both men as much slack as possible until they start using guns and knives.

Jon McDaniel: Showtime climbs up and slaps Sirus. Here comes the superplex, but Sirus hooks his foot! Showtime tries again, but Sirus hooks the foot again! Sirus punches Showtime in the midsection, then scoops up the champ. Moran steals a page from Nightstryker and hits a sitdown piledriver through the table! Both men are collapsed on the mat and neither is moving!

Brian Rentfro: That was an impressive move, but you've got to question how smart Sirus was to try it. I mean, it obviously took as much out of him as it did Showtime, so what was the benefit?

Jon McDaniel: You've finally made a good point, Brian. Sirus manages to roll over and drape an arm over Showtime and the roar in the PWA Dome is deafening! 1...2..kickout! But both men are still just laying on the mat.

Brian Rentfro: I'm telling you, Jon, whoever gets up first has got this match won!

Jon McDaniel: We'll see about that, because Showtime has pulled himself up! Sirus is still struggling to get up, so Showtime helps up by the hair. Showtime whips Sirus into the ropes, but Sirus reverses it...Nameless Knockout! The crowd is so loud I can barely hear myself!

Brian Rentfro: That's not going to matter if Sirus can't make the cover. Look Jon, both men are out again!

Jon McDaniel: Sirus is stirring....he rolls over to cover...1...2...3! Sirus Moran is the new PWA World Champion! What a match! The referee raises Sirus' hand, though he can't even stand yet. Showtime rolls out of the ring and limps up the ramp. Here comes Grifter out of the entrance!

Brian Rentfro: That's not Grifter. That's the masked man that's been with Jay...he's out to help Showtime.

Jon McDaniel: If he's helping, he's got a funny way of showing it! A short clothesline sends Showtime rolling back down the ramp to the ring. The man rolls Showtime into the ring. Sirus turns around, but the man grabs him and throws him out of the ring then turns and pulls Showtime up to his feet before kicking him and hitting a vicious DDT!

Brian Rentfro: Here comes Jay to put a stop to this! He's running down with a ball bat!

Jon McDaniel: Jay slides into the ring and swings at the mystery man! Wait! He stopped just short and now he's hitting Showtime with the bat! We're witnessing the explosion of Sudden Impact! Jay sets Showtime on the top turnbuckle and hits him with a J-Plex.

Brian Rentfro: Now the Morans are coming down!

Jon McDaniel: Sirus is rolling back in the ring and fighting with the masked man while Grifter and Fletcher make the save on Showtime! Grifter picks up the mystery man and Sirus comes off the rope to hit the Clan Destine on him! Sirus is taking off the man's mask...oh dear lord...its Troy Martin! Jay hits Grifter from behind with a forearm and he and Troy run up the ramp!

Brian Rentfro: I can't believe what we've seen tonight! Sudden Impact is over and we've got a new World champion. Big changes are afoot in the PWA!

Jon McDaniel: You can say that again, Brian. We're out of time tonight, but we'll see you all on a special post PPV edition of Chaos on Thursday! Goodnight folks!

(The camera shows the Moran's celebrating in the ring and Sirus helping Showtime up and shaking his hand, much to the crowd's delight. Showtime raises Sirus' hand and stays in the ring with the Moran Clan as the scene fades to black.)