World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick



Jon McDaniel: We are live in the home of the PWA, St. Louis, Missouri! We've got some spectacular matches lined up for tonight. Hell in the Cell with Skippy and Chamelion, President Robinson and Sirus against President Crippler and Spectre in a loser leaves town match, all the titles are on the line, and we have the debut of the New Age Panzies in the PWA!

Brian Rentfro: Don't forget the footage of the recent PWA Hall of Fame induction ceremony! In fact several past PWA stars are here in the Dome tonight.

(The camera pans across the crowd and shows many of the wrestlers. Dr. Steven Remo, B. Dubbs, The Corpse, Triple B, Mr. T, Chris Longhorn, Gareth Evans, and several more are in the crowd.)

Jon McDaniel: The folks in the Dome already had a special treat tonight. The PWA had a battle royal involving some of our new up and coming talent. Congratulations to "Sensational" Scott Cairns, the new PWA Internet Champion!

Skippy the Plunger Boy vs. The Masked Lard

Singles Match

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, the fattest wrestler in the world...The Masked Lard!

(The Masked Lard comes out to the ring, taking several breathers on the way.)

Ring Announcer: His opponent, from the sewers of New York City...Skippy the Plunger Boy!

(Howdy Ho! comes on the PA and the Mr. Hanky theme plays as Skippy enters the ring.)

Jon McDaniel: Skippy looks at the Masked Lard and gets out of the ring. He starts digging around under the ring for something. What is he looking for?

Brian Rentfro: He's finally lost it!

Jon McDaniel: He's come out with a box of doughnuts! The Lard starts drooling on himself and hurries out of the ring! Skippy starts running around the ring holding up the doughnuts and the Masked Lard is trying as hard as he can to keep up. The ref is counting still. The Lard is winded and sits down hard! Skippy throws him the doughnuts and rolls back into the ring. The ref is at 8...9...10! Skippy the Plunger Boy wins again!

Brian Rentfro: Well, Skippy wins another one!! Now they’re playing that stupid music again.

Jon McDaniel: Hey, it’s Jasmine! She’s on the stage with the mike!

Jasmine Lee: Okay, that’s it!!! I am sick of this!! Michael, I am tired of seeing you humiliated week after week, and I am going to do something about it TONIGHT! Mrs. X, get your ass out here!!

Brian Rentfro: What is she up too?

Jon McDaniel: I don’t know, but look!! Mrs. X is on the stage.. and she’s wearing a mask!! At least it’s not that stupid blue dot!

Mrs. X: My Dear, you should watch your mouth. There is nothing you can do for ol’ Skippy.

Jasmine Lee: I bet there is, Mrs. X.. I want to take you up on that offer you made, to fight in the ring for the name of Raizzor!!!

Mrs. X: Oh really? Well, I would be happy to let you get your little butt kicked all about the ring. Of course you can have your little match. Which PWA star would you like to get trashed by tonight, my dear?

[Jasmine walks right up to Mrs. X, and points to her]

Jasmine Lee: YOU!

Mrs. X (shocked): What? Uh, no way, Mrs. Sommers.. it doesn’t quiet work that…..

Jasmine Lee: You said ANY PWA star.. you are part of the PWA, Mrs. X! I challenge you to a match, or are you chicken to get into the ring with me??

Mrs. X: That’s the last thing I am, Mrs. Sommers.. But I do remember Michael saying he’d never let you fight (turns to Michael, who is still in the ring) Isn’t that right, Mr. Sommers?

Michael (from the ring): I did say that…

Mrs. X: (turns back to Jasmine): So you see, I cant….

Michael (from the ring): However, I think I would love to see a cat fight tonight, How about it, everyone??

[The fans explode and Mrs. X backs off, holding her hands up and trying to deny the challenge. Jasmine Lee steps right up to her, and grabs her by the hair, leading her into the ring!!! Michael jumps out and walks up the stage, to stay well away from the action]

Jasmine Lee vs. Mrs. X

For Raizzor's Name

Brian Rentfro: I don’t believe it! We’re actually going to see a woman’s match in the PWA!!

Jon McDaniel: Genesis is the place for first time events!! But Mrs. X is struggling to get away!! The ref is calling for the bell!! We have a match!!!!!

[Mrs. X angrily rips away from Jasmine, and tries to roll out of the ring. Jasmine grabs her by the leg and pulls her back in. Mrs. X doesn’t scream or anything, and as she comes back in, she kicks Jasmine with her other leg, and Jasmine falls on her butt. Mrs. X gets up, straightens out her top, and glares down at Jasmine.]

Mrs. X: Fine, you want it this way, you have it!

[Mrs. X kicks Jasmine in the side, and Jaz gasps. Mrs. X swings again, but Jasmine rolls away. Jasmine jumps up and dives into Mrs. X with a spear. The crowd erupts and Jasmine pulls Mrs. X to her feet. Mrs. X lifts her elbow up to strike Jaz in the chin, backing her off. Then Mrs. X skillfully strikes with a crescent kick and Jasmine is back down.]

Brian Rentfro: Mrs. X knows how to wrestle??

Jon McDaniel: I wonder who’s trained her?

[Jasmine rubs her jaw, sets her determination and trips Mrs. X as she comes in. Jasmine then jumps onto of Mrs. X and grabs her by the hair, pulling back painfully. The ref admonishes Jasmine who shrugs and lets go.]

Brian Rentfro: Jasmine doesn’t want a DQ.. that will spell the end of Raizzor for sure.

[Mrs. X stands up, Jasmine whips her into the ropes and goes for a clothesline. Mrs. X ducks it, stops, turns and kicks Jasmine in the back. Jasmine, flustered, turns and ducks a swing by Mrs. X, grabs her and turns her over into a Tombstone Shoulder Breaker! The crowd goes nuts seeing this and Jasmine covers for the pin. The ref counts…..1……2…..kickout!]

Jon McDaniel: No real surprise, there wasn’t much power behind that move.

[Mrs. X rolls out, and goes at Jasmine who quickly grabs Mrs. X and rolls her into a small package, the ref counts…..1……2……3!]

Brian Rentfro: Whoah!!! Jasmine got the pin!!! Almost out of no where!!!!!

Jon McDaniel: Jasmines sliding out of the ring! The crowd is going insane! Michael’s down there now, embracing Jasmine and Mrs. X is screaming in the ring!!

Brian Rentfro: Michael's backing up.. he’s ripping away the Skippy outfit.. LOOK!! Under.. that’s Raizzor’s costume!!

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor is BACK!!!!!!

[Mrs. X paces the ring, angry and glaring at "Raizzor", who in turn.. smirks back. Takes Jasmine’s hand and walks up the ramp. Moments later, Mrs. X throws her hands up in annoyance and leaves the ring.. stalking up stage.]

Brian Rentfro: Well, that’s one problem solved!! That impromptu match was amazing!!

Jon McDaniel: Sure was.. now, its time for our next event!

Rage vs. Krazy White Boy

Singles Match

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, Krazy Whyte Boy!

(Christmas at Ground Zero by Weird Al Yankovic starts playing and KWB enters the ring.)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, from the Dakota Badlands...Rage!

(The arena goes dark, blue strobe lights begin going off throughout the arena like lightning, and "When Worlds Collide" by Powerman 5000 begins playing. During the intro of the song a woman's voice can be heard, "Can you feel it?.............The Adrenaline?..............The Future?..............The Legend...........THE RAGE!?! Red, blue, and green pyros explode on the stage and down the aisle as Rage comes out wearing an unbuttoned black trench coat. He casually walks down the aisle, taking the time to slap the occasional fans hand before entering the ring. Rage stands in the middle, arms held high in the air as he stares toward the heavens. The strobes stop and the house lights come back on as Rage takes off the jacket to reveal his in ring attire (black pants with red "flame" designs on the sides).)

Jon McDaniel: Listen to the crowd is going crazy for the return of Rage!

Brian Rentfro: Just as long as Fear is gone, I don't care.

Jon McDaniel: The bell rings, and Krazy Whyte Boy rushes Rage. He batters the big man down with punches and kicks. KWB whips Rage into the ropes and takes him down again with a dropkick. Rage quickly to his feet, but he's wobbly. KWB coming off the ropes and tries for a flying body press, but Rage drops down, hitting the mat, sending KWB flying between the ropes and on to the floor. Rage goes up top and KWB gets to his feet, only to be caught with a double axehandle. Rage whips the Krazy Whyte Boy into the guardrail and hammers his head into it! The fans are counting along, one...two...three...four...five! Rage goes for another whip, but KWB reverses it.

Brian Rentfro: This is the kind of action I was wanting to see. Two guys just beating the crap out of each other until one can't move! Go Krazy Whyte Boy!

Jon McDaniel: KWB is running toward Rage! He launches himself off the steel stairs for a splash, but Rage moves out of the way. KWB is in trouble now! Rage rolls him back in the ring, and then rolls in himself. Rage grabs one of KWB's legs and pulls it way back in a half crab. KWB won't give up and fights his way to the ropes. Rage releases the hold. Rage sends KWB into the ropes, and gets his head down for a back body drop. KWB sees it coming and stops short, DDTing Rage! He covers him! One...two..kickout!

Brian Rentfro: Both men are tired and hurting. I'm personally surprised that the match has gone on this long without a pin attempt. Back in my day, when you got the advantage, you took advantage of it!

Jon McDaniel: I would dare say Krazy Whyte Boy is taking advantage now. He's locked Rage into a camel clutch. Rage is fighting for the ropes, but KWB keeps applying the pressure. Referee Lance Weston is asking Rage if he wants to quit, but Rage ignores him. He keeps fighting for those ropes, reaching...reaching...he made it! KWB isn't breaking the hold just yet, though. Lance Weston warns him, and he finally lets go. He pulls Rage to his feet, and prepares for a suplex, but Rage hooks his foot and blocks it. KWB tries again for the suplex with the same result. Rage reverses the suplex and holds KWB straight up in the air. Its the Breakdown! Rage covers, one...two...three! Rage wins the match!

Brian Rentfro: All luck, right there. Krazy Whyte Boy had him. KWB made one mistake, and that was he kept beating that dead horse. If the move doesn't work on the second try, give it up! Do something else! What, are you just gonna stand there and get your move blocked for thirty minutes?

Jon McDaniel: Brian, do you ever actually listen to yourself? Just out of curiosity.

Metalhead vs. Brymstone

PWA Television Championship Match

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger...Metalhead!

(Metalhead enters the ring.)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, the PWA Television Champion...Brymstone!

(The arena lights go out as sinister music begins to play. Brymstone walks out to the entrance ramp, and pyros go off, forming the shape of a Celtic dragon.)

Jon McDaniel: The rules for this match are that the fight can take place anywhere and it is submission only. Metalhead is taking that to heart, because he rushes Brymstone before he can even enter the ring. Brymstone is fighting with his robe still on! Metalhead dropkicks the champ into the steel guardrail. A spin heel kick sends Brymstone's head crashing into the railing again. The champ stumbles away from the rail, but Metalhead spears him back into it, hitting his own head in the process. His forehead is split open and the blood is starting to flow. Brymstone nails Metalhead with a series of chops, leaving Metalhead's chest bright red. The champion gorilla presses Metalhead and drops him throat first onto the railing. Brymstone finally takes off his robe, and puts the boots to Metalhead. Brym wraps the robe around his opponent's neck and starts choking him out!

Brian Rentfro: Well, in this match that's just as legal as anything else!

Jon McDaniel: Metalhead whips Brymstone into the entrance area. Metalhead is standing next to the stage curtain and is yelling insults at Brymstone! The champ charges and Metalhead moves the curtain aside and catches him with a drop toe hold. It looks like Brymstone fell into a small plastic wading pool. What is this all about?

(The camera zooms into the pool and it is full of thumbtacks.)

Jon McDaniel: I can't believe this! Metalhead jumps onto Brymstone and puts him in a camel clutch right in the tacks! The champ is able to power his way to his feet, but Metalhead won't let go! He's literally hanging on the back of Brymstone! Brymstone turns around and drops into the tacks backwards! Both men are up now!

Brian Rentfro: That is the second most disturbing thing I've ever seen!

Jon McDaniel: The second most disturbing? What was the first?

Brian Rentfro: Earlier tonight one of the midget wrestlers got between the Masked Lard and the catering table... Now that the PWA is minus one wrestler, maybe I can get a raise!

Jon McDaniel: Brymstone throws Metalhead over the guard rail right into the lap of former hard core champion, Big Bubba Badd! Triple B gets up and starts pounding on Brymstone, and Metalhead joins the fight! Both men are hitting the champ, but he's trying to fight back. Now B. Dubbs comes out of the crowd and tries to help Brymstone and the crowd goes nuts!

Brian Rentfro: I can understand why Triple B got mad, he came here for the Hall of Fame ceremony and got a fight dumped into his lap. But what is B. Dubbs doing?

Jon McDaniel: Looks like he didn't like this double teaming. Brymstone nails B. Dubbs with a right hand, and I'm not sure if that was an accident or not. Neither is B. Dubbs! He's turned on Brymstone now! All three men are laying into him with everything they've got! Now Mr. T is out to help his friend Dubbs! And Brymstone knocks him down! All four men are starting to be too much for the champion, as he starts getting wobbly! Dubbs and Mr. T hit a double suplex on Brymstone right on the steel ramp! Triple B hits a splash and now Metalhead slingshots him up the ramp!

Brian Rentfro: This isn't fair! No one should be expected to defend his title like that! Not against four men!

Jon McDaniel: Finally security is out to try and get some order. Brymstone is swinging wildly, not caring who he hits! T and Dubbs go down! So does Triple B! Another punch sends Metalhead to the floor! Watch out! One of the guards just got a blind kick to his head! Now all the guards are rushing Brymstone! Even he can't fight off a dozen men at once! One of the guards has a tazer, but Brymstone is still fighting them off!

Brian Rentfro: He's got the adrenaline flowing, and he's not going to stop fighting for a while!

Jon McDaniel: The guard hits Brymstone with the tazer, but the big man only goes down to one knee and still has two guards in choke holds! He gets tazered again, and now he releases the guards! One more tazer brings the champion down! Now the two guards he was choking join in with the tazers! Brymstone has taken five shots with a tazer gun, and he's not moving! Metalhead slaps an arm bar on Brymstone. Lance Weston checks Brymstone's arm, but I can already tell you what happens. The arm falls three times, and Metalhead is the new Television champion!

Brian Rentfro: Never before have I seen such a travesty of justice! The only thing even approaching my level of horror over this is my complete lack of title shots during my active career! I can't believe this!


Jon McDaniel: This clip is from the first Genesis, and gives a tour of the PWA Dome, our home and headquarters in St. Louis. We're very proud of this complex and even more proud that it has hosted both occurrences of our premier event, Genesis. Let's go back and watch as my partner, Brian Rentfro, tell us more about the Dome.

Brian Rentfro - Our new arena was made possible by the Aegian Dreams Corporation. They bought the land that was formerly occupied by the St. Louis Arena, the former home of the St. Louis Blues, and built us this great state of the art dome. It can hold 85,000 plus people. The centerpieces of the PWA Dome are the amazing aquariums that stands 100 feet tall and 200 feet long at the north and south entrances to the dome. The north gate has the saltwater fish, and the south gate has fresh water fish. The best thing about this arena, is that it is the only large scale auditorium of it's type designed for wrestling. The lower level also houses our brand new corporate offices. In addition, St. Louis is home to some real wrestling history. Many great champions were crowned here, including Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Rocky Miavia, and Harley Race. Pioneer Wrestling Association is proud to call this it's home.

Jon McDaniel: Last year's Genesis was the first event to be hosted at the PWA Dome, and we're glad we are still here to carry on the tradition.

Brian Rentfro: Enough of this, Jon. Let's get back to the action!

The Brothers Grimm vs Might & Magic

PWA Tag-Team Championship Match

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, the challengers...from Winnipeg, Canada...The Brothers Grimm!

(Sirus and Grifter walk out with Urn. Both are wearing black armbands.)

Jon McDaniel: This match is going to be brutal! The Dragon stole Al last month and threw him in a chipper/shredder and now Sirus carries Al's remains in the urn.

Ring Announcer: and their opponents, the PWA World Tag Team Champions...Might & Magic!

(Heavy by Collective Soul plays on the PA as the Dragon and Mokeangelo come out. The Dragon is wearing a PWA-version Al doll head on a chain around his neck.)

Jon McDaniel: The Dragon runs right for Sirus and the bell rings! Both men trade blows, but they refuse to go down. Finally, Sirus blocks the Dragon's punch. He whips the Dragon into the ropes and nearly takes his head off with a clothesline. The Dragon gets up and is met with another clothesline. The Dragon rolls to his corner and tags in Moke. Moke charges Sirus, but gets a drop toe hold for his effort. Sirus tags in Grifter, who proceeds to suplex Moke. Moke gets sent to the ropes and Grifter executes a powerslam on him. One...two..kickout. Moke reverses an Irish whip and scoops up Grifter in a gorilla press slam! Dragon comes off the top with a leg drop on Grifter, and the ref gets in his face. Moke goes up top and hits the Turtle bomb on Grifter! One...two...the Dragon tell Moke to break the cover and he does!

Brian Rentfro: Most people are wondering why Dragon did that, but when you have the match in hand like this, you can afford to take chances.

Jon McDaniel: The Dragon whips Grifter to the ropes and Sirus tags himself in, but the Dragon doesn't see it. The Dragon clotheslines Grifter down and starts to gloat. Sirus taps him on the shoulder and as he turns around, Sirus hits him with the Nameless Knockout! One...two...three! The Brothers Grimm are the new tag team champions!

Brian Rentfro: They cheated! That wasn't a legal tag!

Jon McDaniel: The ref saw it, so it counts. It isn't my fault your monitor went out during the tag.

Troy Martin vs Ashe vs Nightstryker

PWA Intercontinental Championship Match

Ring Announcer: The following match is a three way single elimination match for the Intercontinental Title! Coming to the ring first, Troy Martin!

("Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit starts as the lights dim, and the words "Sit on it and Spin" flash across the ADCtron, followed by clips of Martin flipping the bird, and hitting The Trojan Horse. Troy Martin walks out onto the ramp of the PWA set. He is wearing his usual black wrestling tights, with "Sit on it and spin" written down the right leg in yellow graffiti. He has a black W4F t-shirt on, and the W4F World Title around his waist. He stands for a moment, and then makes his way down to the ring....)

Ring Announcer: The next opponent, Ashe!

("Mudshovel" by Staind starts and the lights go down as Ashe comes out. He paces around the ring before entering.)

Ring Announcer: Finally, the Intercontinental Champion, Nightstryker!

(The lights dim slightly as a loud crack of thunder rumbles through the arena. Another one follows. Nightstryker steps out into the entryway as the sound
of rain fills the arena. He's wearing a blue, cutoff t-shirt with lightning scattered all over it. Blue jeans and dark blue sunglasses accompany the
attire. After standing there a moment, another crack of thunder is heard, and at Nightstryker's feet a light blue path of light that leads to the ring
appears. He follows the path of light to the ring and enters as the lights brighten.)

Jon McDaniel: Both men rush the champ right off the bat. Nightstryker falls under the assault like a load of bricks. Now Ashe turns on Troy Martin and starts hitting him! But now Nightstryker is back up and hits a belly to back suplex on Ashe! Troy Martin with a double leg takedown on Nightstryker from behind, causing the champ to fall flat on his face. Ashe misses a spinning heel kick and Troy Martin quickly locks a Boston crab on him. Ashe is trying for the ropes, but Nightstryker hits Martin before he can get there. Nightstryker whips Troy Martin into the ropes and back body drops him outside the ring. Ashe gets behind the champ and executes an inverted suplex.

Brian Rentfro: Look over there! Big Poppa Panzy is coming out of the crowd!

Jon McDaniel: BBP pulls up one of the mats around the ring and then pull Martin to his feet! He DDTs Troy Martin on the concrete! Inside the ring, the champ sends Ashe into the ropes, Ashe ducks a clothesline and knocks Nightstryker down with a flying forearm on the rebound! Nightstryker is pulled to his feet and Ashe hits the Inferno! He makes the cover, one...two...three! Ashe is the new Intercontinental Champion!

Brian Rentfro: A lot of fast paced action there, and that excitement is only building up our triple main event! The biggest stars in the PWA will meet in three matches

Spectre vs. Sirus Moran

Robinson or Crippler Fired Stipulation Match

Jon McDaniel: Wow! What a night we have had so far! Can you believe this Brian!

Brian Rentfro: What is hard to believe is the fact that the best is yet to come, we still have got the World Title match, plus Skippy and Chameleon are going face off inside that steel cage that is hanging above our heads….

[Brian points up and the camera zooms in on the steel cage…]

Jon McDaniel: But first, we have a match that, regardless of the outcome is going to change the face of the PWA forever!!!! Sirus and Spectre are going to face each other and if Sirus loses then he President Robinson are going to have to leave the PWA forever! If Spectre loses then he and Crippler are going to leave the PWA forever.

Brian Rentfro: Emotions will be running high in this match, and both men will be fighting for more then their lives, they will be fighting for their careers, if you would focus you attention on the ADC-Tron now we have a quick recap of the events that led us to this moment.

[On the ADC-Tron we see a figure walking through the parking lot of the PWA headquarters carrying a pair of cutters in his hand. He walks up to car with a license plate the reads "Banshee" and slides under the car. As he comes back out we see his face, it is President Robinson. The clip plays again and this time the figure is Remo, again it plays and the figure is Dark Phoenix]

An Unsolved Mystery

[The scene fades and we see a Voice in the Dark standing in the middle of the ring taunting Raizzor, he is claiming to be the one behind Banshee’s death. Sirus comes out through the crowd and rips off the figures hood revealing a shocked Crippler]

False Accusations

[Raizzor is then seen running down the ramp attacking the Crippler, hitting his finisher repeatedly. The Crippler screams out for mercy but Raizzor is relentless. Crippler is taken away on a stretcher.]

A Price is paid

[Nightmare is then seen in the ring with Robinson, the beating is quick and painful in the end, Robinson too is carried away]

A Tragedy strikes

[The Crippler is appointed Acting President of the PWA, despite his past, the Crippler becomes popular with the fans and brings the PWA to new heights, shattering past box office records.]

All is not lost

[Sick of the good life the Crippler turns heel again. This time it is Robinson who returns to save the PWA. An imposter Crippler is seen giving a resignation speech, Robinson takes this opportunity to seize control of the PWA by force. Raizzor returns to the ring and the Crippler forms a stable called all the Presidents Men is formed to battle Raizzor and his followers.]

The Conflict Begins

[Both stables begin to fall apart, in the meantime a new CEO of Aegean Dreams is named, her identity a purposes are a mystery to all. She sides with the Crippler, as she is not fond of Raizzor and would like to see him gone from the PWA.]

The Plot Thickens

[A match is signed a year from when it all begin, at Genesis 2. Crippler and Spectre Vs. Robinson and a mystery opponent. Losers leave town. Robinson names Sirus to fight for his cause, knowing that if he loses then the PWA loses one of their biggest money makers….]

It all ends tonight…. One way or another

Jon McDaniel: The hairs on the back of my neck are standing up right now Brian, I can’t believe that it has come to this!

Brian Rentfro: Personally I want The Crippler to win, Robinson has always been a bit of a weenie….

Ring Announcer: The following match is a loser leaves town match and is scheduled for ONE FALL…. Making his way to the ring now, from Parts Unknown, he is the masked phenom and former member of All the Presidents Men…. SPPPPPPPECCCCTTRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

[The lights go down and green pyros flare as a laughing skull appears on the ADC tron. Enter Sandman plays and Spectre comes down to the ring wearing a black leather mask and dressed all in black. He steps into the ring and spins around, as more green pyros flare from the turnbuckle.]

[After the Pyros have stopped the Canadian National anthem plays and The Canadian Crippler comes down to the ring in his wheel chair. He is looking around nervously, he looks at Spectre in the ring, the man who is going to fighting for him and they stare at each other, the Crippler reminds Spectre that he will be fired if he loses, Spectre simply shakes his head and turns his back on the Crippler.]

Jon McDaniel: The Crippler looks a little agitated Brian!

Brian Rentfro: He has every right to be, too be the Crippler right now, must be like…. Like being covered in brown gravy and put in a room with a rabid wolverine. The only way you will live is if the wolverine doesn’t eat you.

Jon McDaniel: Umm… yeah, something like that.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent weighing in at 234 pounds from Winnipeg Manitoba he is the master of the nameless knockout and current PWA Heavy weight champion on the Worrrrrrrld!! SIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRUS MORAN!!!!

"I am a real Canadian…"

The unofficial them song of the Brothers Grimm starts to play over the speakers. But a slightly different version. On the screen we see 'the Great Big Sea' playing their hearts out.

Sirus steps out onto the stage wearing a full Mountie uniform. Black pants, red coat and black hat. Grifter straddles up next to him wearing a jersey from the Canadian National team. A woman whom we've seen a few times already is with them as well. Dark haired and well formed, she's wearing a bandana and a skimpy bikini with what we have to assume is the Canadian flag on the top and bottom. 'Urn' has a little Canadian flag taped to his side. They compose each other quite well and walk to the ring. Just as they get there Grifter tosses 'Urn' up in the air. Sirus sheds his jacket and tosses the hat into the crowd revealing his 'L7' on the forehead. His shirt has a picture of two men playing table hockey with the caption 'CANADIAN NATIONAL HOCKEY TEAM' under it. He catches 'Urn' we it comes down and runs around the ring frantically as the music changes to 'More Human Than Human'. He hops into the ring and shows 'Urn' to each corner of the arena then hands him back down to Grifter. Sirus gets ready for the match. The lady picks up the jacket and puts it on.

[Hail to the chief begins to play of the PA system and the president of the PWA Robbie Robertson comes down to ring side. He is carrying what looks like a bowling bag with him to the ring. He sets it down on the announcers table and stands next to the ring opposite the Crippler. He looks up at Sirus and flashes him a rictus grin.]

Jon McDaniel: Is Robertson planning on going bowling or something?

[Just as they are about to ring the bell Mrs. X appears on the ADC Tron. She is sitting in her office and the ominous blue dot obscures her identity.]

Mrs X: Since this match is so very important to the PWA, I have decided that there must be a winner, as result I have decided to make this match a no time limit, no disqualification match. There will be no ambiguous endings tonight, we will have a winner two of you will be forced to leave the PWA. I wish you both the best of luck.

[The screen fades out and the bell rings DING DING DING and the two men circle each other in the center of the ring. Sirus goes for a football style tackle and sends Spectre down into the mat. Sirus gets to his feet and begins to work Spectre over, punching him repeatedly in the head. Sirus then picks up Spectre and tosses him into the turnbuckle. Sirus follow up into him with a huge splash, as a roar erupts from the crowd.]

Jon McDaniel: Sirus has control in the early goings.

[Sirus then pulls Spectre out of the turn buckle and whips him across the ring…. NO Spectre reverses the move sending Sirus into the turnbuckle. Spectre runs over and hits Sirus in the face with a marital arts style roundhouse kick. Stunned, Sirus slumps down and Spectre begins to choke him with his boot. The referee tries to break the hold but not before the Crippler yells out that there is no DQs!]

Brian Rentfro: I bet the Crippler is happy with what he is seeing right now!

[Spectre breaks the illegal choke and begins to stomp Sirus with a series of kicks to the stomach. He then drags him by the hair and tosses him into the ropes. On the return Spectre hits Sirus with a HUGE ddt! The Crippler cheers on his man from ringside as Spectre makes the quick cover 1… KICKOUT!]

Jon McDaniel: That may have been enough to beat a jobber, but not the current world champion!

[Spectre stands up and runs into the ropes to get momentum and goes for a knee to the chest, but Sirus rolls out of the way at the last minute, causing Spectre to hit the mat and toll on his knee in pain. Sirus then catches his breath as Spectre slowly gets to his feet, Sirus however was waiting for Spectre and as soon as he gets up contacts with a hard right to the chin, then a left then another left. The fans are cheering as Sirus is punching Spectre in the jaw. Sirus then bounces off the ropes and bulldogs into Spectre and goes for a cover…. 1…2KICKOUT]

Brian Rentfro: Fairly even match so far, with no man dominating the other.

[This time Sirus picks Spectre up off the mat and throws him into the ropes, Robinson grabs the ropes and causes Spectre to spill down onto the outside. Robinson takes advantage of this situation and gives Spectre a couple of kicks to the chest while he is on the ground. Sirus bounds over the ropes and lands right on the back of Spectre, flattening him to the ground. Sirus then picks up Spectre and goes to smash him into the guardrail, however Spectre counters and sends Sirus’ head down instead. Spectre leans back to catch his breath, he then grabs Sirus by the back of the next and sends him flying across the floor, his back hits the steel ring post with the thud!]

Jon McDaniel: The action has left the ring, it won’t be too long before this gets messy!

[Spectre picks up a chair from ringside and swings it at Sirus, who ducks and causes the swing to go wide. Spectre drops the chair and chases after Sirus who is running up the ramp. Spectre launches himself at Sirus and sends both men down to the ground. Spectre then whips Sirus into the metal guard rail that is keeping the fans from the aisle. People cheer as Spectre moves in and begins to punch Sirus in the head while he is lying on the ground. Sirus staggers to his feet only to be met by a clothesline by Spectre that sends both men into the crowd!]

Brian Rentfro: Where will the action take us next?

[Sirus and Spectre are now exchanging punches in the crowd, with neither man getting the advantage over the other person. Spectre goes for a roundhouse kick but Sirus catches it and reverses the move with a wicked enziguri. Spectre falls to the ground and Sirus then hits him with a double underhook suplex right in the middle of the crowd! A fan throws a half full glass of beer which bounces off Sirus’ back and coats him with beer.]

Jon McDaniel: Aw, now that is just not appropriate….

[Unfazed, Sirus picks up Spectre and tosses him back into the aisle. He then throws him the general direction of the ring and follows after him. He runs right by the Crippler who trips Sirus from his wheel chair with the handle of a broom. Sirus goes crashing down to ringside next to Spectre who has toppled down there as well. Spectre slowly gets up and he picks up Sirus and tosses him into the steel ring steps. Thy make a loud crash and fall out of place. Spectre then picks up the top step and goes to smash in the skull of Sirus but before he can do so he drops the step, because Robinson has nailed him in the back with a chair.]

Brian Rentfro: Neither man wants to lose this match!

[ Spectre angrily turns around and nails Robinson with a hard right hand, Robinson recoils and rubs his chin where Spectre hit him. Spectre then turns around to face Sirus but instead he meets a steel chair that Sirus picked up while his back was turned! Sirus then pulls Spectre into the ring where he makes a cover 1….2….3… NO!!! Spectre Kicked out!]

Jon McDaniel: I think that the Crippler was inches away from losing his job there!

[Sirus picks up Spectre and tosses him into the rope and goes for a belly to back suplex, but Spectre counters the move and hits a suplex of his own. Spectre manages to hang on to Sirus and flip over to hit another suplex… he is still hanging on! Spectre hits a third Suplex and both men lie in the middle of the ring face up trying to catch their breath!]

Brian Rentfro: Both men are begging to wear down here! I am on the edge of my seat!

[The referee is just looking at both men, preparing to make the count if either man moves. Spectre begins to stir and he places his arm over Sirus chest… the referee counts 1…2… kickout by Sirus! Sirus rolls over to the turnbuckle and drags himself to his feet. Spectre does the same over to his turnbuckle and just lies there trying to recover. Sirus then lowers his head and charges at Spectre. He nails him right in the chest with a spear type move and he is stunned in the corner.]

Jon McDaniel: Sirus is really using his head there!

[Sirus then climbs the turnbuckle and begins to punch Spectre repeatedly in the head, The fans count 1..2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9..10! Sirus punches his one more time for good measure and then suplexes him off the second turnbuckle onto the mat!!! Sirus goes for the pin 1….2…KICKOUT!]

Brian Rentfro: I am not sure how Spectre kicked out of that! But I bet the Crippler is happy.

[Sirus tosses Spectre into the ropes and Robinson grabs him by the feet hauling him down to ringside, Sirus follows up with a baseball slide knocking Spectre into Robinson and sending both men into the announcers table! Sirus tries to slam Spectre’s head into the announcers table but Spectre reverses the move and Sirus’ head comes crashing down into the table. Spectre picks up a cable and begins to choke Sirus who is flailing around. Sirus grabs Robinson’s bowling bag and goes to hit Spectre in the head with it. As he swings the bag a small brown thing comes flying out of it onto the floor!]

Jon McDaniel: It’s Al! It’s Al! Robinson had Al!

[Sirus sees this and manages to push of Spectre, he goes over to Al and checks to see if it is real, he searches for the stitches where Remo cut open Al to insert the Roll of quarters he hugs Al to his chest and then… THUNK]

Brian Rentfro: Spectre just interrupted this merry reunion with the ring bell! He is dragging Sirus into the ring….

[Spectre drags Sirus into the ring and makes the pin. Robinson runs into the ring and tries to break the pin,but before he can do so the Crippler leaps out of his wheelchair and tackles Robinson to the ground and begins to punch him in the head. The referee makes the count 1….2….3!!!!!!!]

Jon McDaniel: I can’t believe it! The Crippler was never Crippled! It was fake! I knew it!

Brian Rentfro: Who cares! Sirus and Robinson are gone!!!! Sirus and Robinson are gone!!!! The Crippler is calling for a microphone….

[The Crippler stands in the middle of the ring with Spectre and receives a microphone:]

Crippler: Spectre, I knew you would come through in the end….

[Spectre just glares at the Crippler and leaves the ring without saying a word.]

Crippler: Thank you, Thank you, hold your applause please. You didn’t really think that I would be in a wheelchair for 8 months do you because of a couple of pathetic Tombstone Shoulder Breakers! No I was simply biding my time, waiting for the right moment. A time when I could use my Crippled image to my advantage and destroy my enemies. That time was tonight, at Genesis two…. Robinson I did you and the PWA a favor by doing this tonight…. There was no imposter… I just got bored of being in my wheelchair all the time. Sirus, I know that you were used by Robinson, and as a result on Wednesday I will offer you a new contract, however you will have to forfeit your world title shot tonight, my Canadian friend there is nothing I can do about that… Take "Al" and go home happy. Good Night.

[The fans cheer as The Crippler leaves the arena… The ADC-tron lights up and the scene is inside Raizzo's locker room. Raizzor is there with Jasmine when all of a sudden the door bursts in and Chamelion comes charging into the room, He has a belt in his hand and he is taunting Raizzor with it…. Chamelion dashes out of the room, and Raizzor charges after him, the two weave through the basement of the arena and eventually come out of the aisle. The Crippler sees this and picks up the ring bell and he LEVELS Raizzor with it as he runs by! The Crippler laughs and runs off to the back room]

Raizzor vs Chamelion

Hell in a Cell Loser Leaves Town Match

Brian Rentfro: Well, Genesis 2 has already been a shocking night! And its about to get ever hotter! Raizzor is finally back, and is going to go head to head with his brother, Chamelion.

Jon McDaniel: Not only will this match take place inside the steel cage, but whomever loses, has to leave the PWA. We’ve already lost one president tonight.. Now we’re looking to lose a superstar.

Brian Rentfro: Any guesses who’s going out?

Jon McDaniel: None, whatsoever… Let’s get to the ring announcer!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is our special Hell In The Cell Match! The rules are simple.. there is no DQ, no countouts.. the only way to win is by pinfall, or submission. Also, recently added, the loser will have to leave the PWA. Now, introducing the combatants. Making his way to the ring, he is the X-Vice President of the PWA, he is a former part of All The President’s Men and a former IC Champion. He weights in at 245lbs, and hails from the Great Lakes State… he is CHAMELION!!

[The lights go down, and spotlights scan the arena, and the music "You Think You Know Me?" (Edge’s in WWF) begins playing. Chamelion walks onto the stage, grinning wickedly and scanning the arena with his eyes. Then, Chamelion turns around, and as he does.. the music fades to be replaced by chants… ominous chants. And then, 6 druids walk out onto thee stage, pushing a HUGE, Black Casket!!!! Chamelion has a giddy look in his eyes as he caresses the black surface and then leads the druids and the coffin to the ringside area.]

Brian Rentfro: This must be the surprise that Chamelion talked about!

Jon McDaniel: His confidence is overwhelming, let’s see if he can back it up!

Ring Announcer: And his opponent… he is a former Three Time PWA World Champion, he has fought desperately to earn back his name, and tonight.. thanks to his wife, Jasmine Lee… he has been successful. Now, he steps into the ring with his brother to settle a feud that has torn a part a once happy family. He weights in at 285lbs, hailing from parts unknown.. ….RAIZZOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[The lights dim, and The Final War by Insignia begins blasting on the speakers. Jasmine Lee comes out first, dressed in a tight leather leotard, with red slash marks across her chest. She turns, and out steps Raizzor… dressed in his black outfit, red slash marks across his chest as well. But now.. silver lightning bolts shoot down from the waist to his boots, which are black with blood markings dripping down. There is a menacing look in Raizzor’s eyes.. Michael Sommers is gone.. replaced by the darkness that knows no bounds, and all that energy.. is directed.. at Chamelion. Raizzor motions Jasmine into the back, and she steps behind the curtain. Raizzor then makes his way down to the ring, he stops.. looks intently at the casket sitting off to the side, and shakes his head. Raizzor then looks up at his brother, slides into the ring , and stands.. staring intently at Chamelion, who is rubbing his hands, giggling gleefully. The cage lowers.. and when it slams to the ground, the bell sounds… and the match is underway.]

Brian Rentfro: The two men are circling each other, testing the steel mesh and looking for openings.

Brian Rentfro: I am surprised Raizzor can concentrate on this match after learning that news!! Here they go!!

[Raizzor attacks, but Chamelion ducks and runs to the other side of the ring. Raizzor twists and seeks out Chamelion again, who ducks and rolls, coming up away from his brother.]

Brian Rentfro: What is Chamelion doing??

Jon McDaniel: I’d say he’s scared, but he’s laughing!

[Raizzor glares at Chamelion and tries a third attack, this time though, Chamelion steps to the side and trips Raizzor up with a drop toe hold! Chamelion then rolls over and bits Raizzor on the leg!]

Brian Rentfro: A simple move, and Raizzor fell for it!

Jon McDaniel: He’s not into this match the way he should be!

[Raizzor shouts in frustration and tries to kick Chamelion off, but Chamelion has already jumped to his feet, and is dancing around the ring like a boxer, clicking his tongue and giggling!]

Brian Rentfro: The man is truly crazy!! This is his career on the line!!

Jon McDaniel: Crazy or not, he’s getting under Raizzor’s skin!

[Raizzor again tries to swipe at Chamelion, but this time, the younger of the two brothers slides outside of the ring to the floor. Raizzor slides out after him and begins to chase Chamelion around the ring. Chamelion reaches the other side and quickly rolls into the ring, as Raizzor follows, Chamelion viciously attacks with a swift kick to Raizzor’s face, sending the former champion back to the floor in pain!]

Brian Rentfro: Smart move by Chamelion!!

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion is controlling this match.. and Raizzor!!

[Raizzor gains control of his senses, and climbs the steel stairs and onto the ring apron. Chamelion charges, attempting to knock Raizzor off, but the big man pulls the top rope down and Chamelion goes flying down to the floor, hitting the steel cage with his head!]

Brian Rentfro: Oh man! That’s gonna turn the advantage big time!

[Raizzor jumps down onto the floor, and grabs Chamelion by the hair. Pulling him to his wobbly feet, Raizzor whips Chamelion into the steel mesh, and with a resounding clang, Chamelion bounces painfully off and onto the floor. Raizzor then turns, and rips apart the steel steps.. taking the top half to smash onto Chamelion. However, Chamelion regains his balance and drop kicks the steel steps into Raizzor’s face.]

Jon McDaniel: Ow! That's twice now that Chamelion’s damaged Raizzor’s face. It’s amazing he’s not bleeding!!

Brian Rentfro: Still early in the match!

[Chamelion climbs over the steel steps and drives a knee into Raizzor’s groin! Raizzor rolls over in pain and Chamelion turns, grabs the steps, and throws them into Raizzor’s side!! Chamelion then jumps onto the mat, turns and comes flying down with an elbow to the same area! Raizzor gasps in terrible pain!]

Jon McDaniel: Oh man! Chamelion’s really laying into Raizzor!!

[Chamelion grins widely, and reaches under the ring, and pulls out a table! Chamelion pushes it into the ring, and climbs in after. Chamelion then pulls the table up, flips open the legs and sets it in the middle of the ring. Wiping his hands, and chuckling, the young brother then slides out, pulls the injured Raizzor to his feet and throws him into the ring. Getting in himself, Chamelion drags Raizzor up, and whips him into the ropes, Raizzor however, manages to reverse the move.. and as Chamelion comes careening back, Raizzor back body drops Chamelion onto the table, which amazingly, does not break.. the legs just bend slightly out.]

Brian Rentfro: Chamelion had plans for that table, and they just backfired!

[Raizzor then turns, and limps to the corner, climbs the ropes to the top.. turns.. and sails through the air, coming down with the Guillotine Leg Drop! Chamelion’s eyes snap open, and he rolls amazingly quick out of the way, letting Raizzor crash through the table and missing his target!]

Jon McDaniel: That high risk maneuver failed!! I don’t think Raizzor’s got much of a chance now!

[Chamelion is laughing as Raizzor groans painfully from admits the debris. Chamelion tilts his head, as if just getting a new idea, jumps out of the ring, and drags out a ladder!!! Chamelion tosses it into the ring, and moves back inside. Chamelion then lifts the ladder up, holds it high, bounces off the ropes and drives the huge metal ladder right into Raizzor! Chamelion then begins punching at Raizzor through the steps, when suddenly, Raizzor’s hand shoots up through the grating and catches Chamelion by the throat! Chamelion gasps in shock and sudden lack of air, and Raizzor struggles to his feet, not letting go of his hold. Now standing, with the ladder stuck between the two men, Raizzor uses all his strength to Chokeslam Chamelion to the mat, with the ladder crashing down on top of him!!]

Brian Rentfro (Almost jumping out of his chair): HOLY!!! Did you SEE THAT!!!??

Jon McDaniel: What a move!! What a comeback!! Raizzor’s up!!!

[Raizzor throws the ladder to the side, and picks up the dazed Chamelion and sets him up.. and delivers a huge powerbomb, right into the table debris. Turning, Raizzor goes and sets the ladder into the corner, tilted, and then picks up his brother by the hair. Raizzor glares down at Chamelion, and whips him into the steel ladder.. Chamelion bounces back, holding his forehead and Raizzor catches him into a back suplex.]

Brian Rentfro: For a moment, I didn’t think we’d see Raizzor with any advantage.

Jon McDaniel: Now that he does though, he’s gonna make Chamelion pay dearly!

[Raizzor turns, lifts up Chameleon's legs and drives a knee into his groin. Chamelion cries out and tries to roll away, but Raizzor holds the legs up, steps on foot between to the side, wraps the legs around his, and turns him over into the Sharp Shooter.]

Brian Rentfro: A submission move, and a famous one at that?? Not something I expected from Raizzor.

Jon McDaniel: This is a weardown move.. and a painful one at that! Chamelion’s struggling to reach the ropes, but Raizzor has the move cinched in!

[Chamelion squints his eyes, his rage building and with all his might, pushes with his legs… Raizzor stumbles, but doesn’t break the hold, but it’s enough for Chamelion to reach the ropes.. he grabs them, but knowing this is Hell In the Cell.. Chamelion grabs the second set, then pulls himself up to the third set, uses the balance and forces Raizzor away. Raizzor stumbles out of the move and turns, a small look of surprise on his face. Chamelion tries to lift himself up with the ropes, but Raizzor gives a swift kick, taking out Chamelion’s stand. The younger brother falls flat on his back, and Raizzor kicks him to the floor. Chamelion pushes himself to his feet, twists towards the ring and watches Raizzor come sailing out through the ropes!!!! Chamelion throws himself to the side and Raizzor hits face first into the steel cage!!]

Brian Rentfro: Man, Chamelion’s quick!! Raizzor just hit his face for the third time!!

Jon McDaniel: And it’s the charm, Raizzor’s bleeding!!

[Through blood stained eyes, Raizzor sees Chamelion crawl slowly, painfully back into the ring. Raizzor tries standing, but is groggy from the sudden loss of blood. The ref, which we’ve ignored up to this point, but does exist climbs out to check on Raizzor’ status. Chamelion meanwhile, sets up the Ladder next to the turnbuckle, and stands the legs apart. Chamelion turns and moves to intercept Raizzor, who is pulling himself into the ring with much difficulty. Chamelion hits a perfect drop kick onto Raizzor, who almost made it up, before being sent back down to the mat. Chamelion then jumps behind Raizzor, and grabs his legs.. pulling him around, and applying a Boston Crab!]

Brian Rentfro: Both men now, are trying submissions!!

[Raizzor, through the fog of the pain, snaps suddenly clear of his surroundings. Raizzor turns and sees the steel ladder in front of Chamelion. Raizzor grimaces, bites his lip, and strains.. and with the effort, sends his little brother careening into the steel ladder! Chamelion strikes hard, and falls backwards, with the ladder tiltering on the edge of falling. Raizzor climbs to his feet, a new surge of energy and a need to finish this, he tips the ladder over onto Chamelion!]

Jon McDaniel: OUCH!! Chamelion’s nearly out!!

[Raizzor then pulls the ladder back up… sets it back into position.. and bends down confidently to collect Chamelion. Raizzor pulls him up to his feet, and attempts to turn him over. However, Chamelion too, has urgency to guide him.. and without thought, he jams an elbow into Raizzor’s stomach. Raizzor backs off, trying to regain his breath, and Chamelion steps to his side, wraps an arm around his neck, the other arm lifts up Raizzor’s leg.. and Chamelion screams in rage, and delivers The Rupture on Raizzor!!!]

Brian Rentfro: I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!! Chamelion’s got the match won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[The ref scrambles over, as Chamelion has Raizzor wrapped in the small package pinfall. The ref strikes the mat…..One………..Two……..Thre-Kickout!!!!!! The ref’s hand, inches from the mat, stops short as Raizzor miraculously rips free of Chamelion’s lock!]

Jon McDaniel: No one’s ever kicked out of the Rupture!!!!!

Brian Rentfro: The man’s career is on the line here!!!!!

[Chamelion is in shock!!! He sits back.. staring at his brother, who, still gasping for pain, tries to sit up! Chamelion can’t believe it, and has trouble regaining his focus. Raizzor then sits up, snapping Chamelion out of his disbelief, and both men climb to their feet. Raizzor turns and stares a burning hole of defiance into Chamelion, who in turn, sneers back. The two lock up, and fight for control. Chamelion wraps Raizzor up into a headlock., but the former champ pushes Chamelion into the ropes and shoulder tackles him on the return. Raizzor then bounces off the ropes, Chamelion drops, Raizzor jumps over to the other side, Chamelion jumps to his feet, throws a clothesline that Raizzor ducks. Chamelion then bounces off the other side, and as the two meet in the middle.. both hit with clotheslines!!]

Jon McDaniel: Both men are down!! Raizzor’s face is almost covered in red!! Chamelion now has a slight cut on his face as well!! They’re both gasping for breath, but not moving otherwise!

[Chamelion struggles back up, and Raizzor follows suit. Raizzor attacks, but Chamelion knees him in the stomach, and as Raizzor bends over, Chamelion hooks him, and flips him over into a fisherman’s suplex. The ref makes the count………two.- kickout by Raizzor. Chamelion, getting frustrated, pulls Raizzor up and swings hard. Raizzor though, ducks, wraps his arms around Chamelion’s waist and pivots him over. Raizzor connects with the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker!]

Brian Rentfro: NOW it’s over!!!

[The ref slams the mat… One…….two…..Thr-KICKOUT!!!!!!]

Jon McDaniel: I don’t…believe.. it!!

[Raizzor stand back.. watching his little brother try to get back up, and he shakes his head.. in surprise, respect and a little bit of concern for his little brother. But Raizzor knows he must finish this. Chamelion turns, gasping for breath, and looks Raizzor in the eye.]

Chamelion: You are not getting out of this, "Dear" brother!!

Raizzor: This game ends now!

[Chamelion screams in anger, rushes foreword, but Raizzor ducks and both men hit the ropes opposite each other. Chamelion comes charging back, and Raizzor uses the ropes as momentum, and comes sailing back with the Flying Clothesline! Chamelion slams hard to the mat, nearly out! Raizzor then walks over to the turnbuckle with the ladder.. climbs the ropes.. then places his palms on the top of the ladder. Then, with all his strength he has left, Raizzor pushes himself up and over, and from nearly 10 feet in the air, Raizzor comes crashing down onto Chamelion with the Guillotine Leg Drop! Raizzor painfully rolls over and hooks Chamelion’s leg. The ref counts……One…….Two……Three!!!!!]

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor did it!!! Raizzor won!!! Chamelion’s OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!

Jon McDaniel: What a match!!! What a bloody battle those two had.. But now it’s all ov…

[Suddenly, the lights fail. The arena is thrown into pitch black!]

Jon McDaniel: What the hell??

[Then, exaggerated by the mikes around the ring, we hear the creaking of something opening.. it is the casket!! The audience grows deft.. and then.. we hear the ripping… tearing sound of metal!!! The cage.. being ripped open by some unknown force!!]

Brian Rentfro: I have a bad feeling about this!

Jon McDaniel: Get those lights up, NOW!!!!!!

[Almost on McDaniel’s command… the lights do come back on. We look into the ring. Raizzor is standing, staring at the huge rip in the cage. Blood drips from the jagged edges, and Chamelion is no where to be found. Raizzor turns in all directions, a real look of fear etched in his face……and the lights go out again.]

Brian Rentfro: Dammit Raizzor.. get out of there!!!!!

Jon McDaniel: You don’t think……?????

Brian Rentfro: There’s no wa……..

[The lights snap back on.. and the whole arena goes dead. In the ring, standing dead in front of Raizzor, towering above the former champion, is everyone’s worst fear……


……and standing next to the behemoth 8 foot tall monstrosity, is a disheveled, pained Chamelion.. who is grinning wickedly and stares at his shivering brother…]

Chamelion (loudly): SURPRISE RAIZZOR!!!!!!!!

[As if a command, Nightmare thrusts his hand outs, and grips Raizzor by the throat. Raizzor struggles, but the loss of blood has taken his strength…. And he can’t break free.]

Chamelion: Would you look at that? What do you think, Dear Brother?? You have been soooo smart tonight.. and man, you did it.. you beat me. I guess I am no longer with the PWA.. But does it really matter?

[Chamelion hauntingly circles around Nightmare and the struggling, out of breath Raizzor..and continues on… meanwhile, almost the entire locker room of wrestlers has spilled onto the stage..]

Chamelion: Now, I know everyone has the same question on their mind.. Why is Nightmare here?? Why do I not fear this monster? Well, I guess this is as good a time as any.. [looks up on stage and sees Mrs. X standing there with everyone else] Ahh, there you are… remember this guy?

Remember what he.. and the Voice In the Dark did to you?? To Rage??? Do you remember all that, Mrs. X.. Well, I got news for you, you little tramp!! I WAS THE VOICE IN THE DARK!!! I was the one who ALL ALONG, planned the demise of my brother… All this time.. all that was done.. setting it up so Raizzor would win the title.. so he would agree to Remo’s terms at Summer Sizzler… I won that night!! With Raizzor gone.. I controlled 50% of the federation!!!!! All that was left.. was President Robinson.. and at Dead Man Walking.. I eliminated him as well!! The PWA WAS MINE!!!!!!! Completely ALL MINE!!!!!

But it didn’t work.. no.. Raizzor made it back!! I had to pretend to be part of his group.. the Legends of the Ring.. I had to wait.. bide my time!! And then Ironheart came in, and almost turned Nightmare from me.. But I got him back.. I brought him back so when I won.. we’d take over the PWA again.. But it didn’t work, did it? I am out of the PWA..

It doesn’t matter.. I don’t care for the power anymore.. non of you have to worry about the big man here.. he goes with me… But.. if any of you ever think.. ever dare.. to come after us.. let us give you a little demonstration… of what would happen…

[Chamelion turns, looks up at the giant 8 foot monster, and smiles…]

Chamelion: My old friend.. dispose of this trash.

[Nightmare says nothing, makes no appearance of having heard Chamelion. But then, with a mighty scream, Nightmare lifts Raizzor up into the air, and delivers the most devastating HELLSLAM ever.. smashing Raizzor down, through the mat.. ripping away the canvas, the plyboard underneath.. sending Raizzor down to the very concrete of the floor! The crowd screams.. Rentfro and McDaniel are out of their chairs, backing away from the massacre. Chamelion laughs insanely as he tumbles into Nightmare.. the monster turns, looks down.. and tenderly.. helps Chamelion out of the mess. Chamelion turns.. dances on his balls of his feet.. watching the ring parts continue to fall over, covering the remnants of a man once called Raizzor. On Stage, Jasmine Lee Sommers comes barreling down the ramp, her face agape in horror.. and she tries to run by Chamelion, who snatches her by the hair!!]

Chamelion: Whoo ho-ho!! Where are you going, eh, Jasmine??

Jasmine: Let me go, you Son of a B****!!!!!

Chamelion: Oh, now.. such harsh language from such a pretty face!! Perhaps we should do something about your behavior… Nightmare?

[Nightmare turns, but then, the Grimms, and a few others, run and stand defiantly between Nightmare and Jasmine.]

Chamelion (giggling): Ohh, the heroes to the rescue. [Let’s Jasmine go] Go on, gentlemen, take her.. I have no use for that slut anymore. [Turns to Nightmare] Come, old friend, let us depart from this ragged piece of crap federation, we have plans.

[Chamelion and Nightmare lumber past the startled wrestlers, Jasmine cries into Grifter’s arms… but then, as Nightmare and Chamelion disappear.. Jasmine breaks free, and struggles to join the arriving paramedics in digging out Raizzor. Half the PWA wrestlers join in, trying to help]

Brian Rentfro: Umm, uhh.

Jon McDaniel: I can think about as much to say…This.. it’s terrible.

Brian Rentfro: Nightmare.. that was Nightmare!!

Jon McDaniel: I know.. I know.. They’re pulling Raizzor out now!! He’s.. oh god! His one shoulder looks twisted. Raizzor’s a real mess…

Brian Rentfro: They’ve got him on a stretcher.. Jasmine’s staying with him. The Grimms are helping to push the stretcher up the ramp. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a tragedy… but.. we have to keep going..

Jon McDaniel: We’re going to need a new ring…..

Hall of Fame Ceremony

Jon McDaniel: While the ring crew get a new ring set up, let's take a look at a special video of the first ever PWA Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

(Paranoid by Black Sabbath plays as clips from past PWA matches and events start.)

(A clip is shown from the first Genesis, with Rage beating EMT for the World Title. Now the scene changes to the Prima Donna/Raizzor Hell in the Cell match. Next up is President Robinson pinning both Rage and Fear for the World title, only to have Mikey P come out and challenge him and then win the title. Highlights of Nightmare's reign of destruction are shown. Shots of Dr. Steven Remo, the Corpse, Cinergy, Triple B, and Fear hitting their finishers follow. The Brothers Grimm are shown holding Al after winning their first tag titles.)

(The scene cuts to a banquet hall in the St. Louis Chase Park Plaza Hotel. President Robinson is at the podium.)

President Robinson: This is a very proud day for me, both personally and professionally. In the past year, the PWA has grown and flourished beyond anything I ever imagined. And during that time, we've had some of the greatest wrestlers in the world step inside our ring. To celebrate their careers, even if they are still going strong, the PWA has founded the Hall of Fame. Tonight, we induct the first class of wrestlers, managers, and PWA personalities into it.

(President Robinson steps away from the podium and Jon McDaniel steps up to it.)

Jon McDaniel: Let's start from the beginning. Tundra, who was also briefly known as EMT, was the very first PWA World Champion. This is reason enough for his inclusion in the Hall. Not to mention, he was one of the first men hired to compete here. He has had many memorable matches and even though he is gone, he is not forgotten.

Jon McDaniel: The next two men are being inducted as singles wrestlers, but it is only fitting that they both be inducted at the same time. Rage and Fear entered the PWA as mortal enemies. Their feud helped put the PWA on the map. As time went by they formed a tag team and had success with that. They are also each former World Champions.

Jon McDaniel: What can be said about Mikey P that he hasn't said himself? That is hard to say. An underachiever, this man, much to his amazement, found himself at the top of the game as the World Champion. Also a favorite with the fans, due to his flippant attitude, he more than deserves his spot in the Hall of Fame.

Jon McDaniel: There are few groups that can put their differences aside for any length of time in the PWA. Perhaps this next group was no different, but they indeed left their mark. The original ICONS, Prima Donna, Cinergy, The Slice, and Southpaw were unconventional and laughed in the face of authority. This group carried a lot of gold at various points, and that was no accident. Prima Donna had the most success of them all, becoming the World Champion and helping to define the "next era" of the PWA, and as such, he is to be inducted as a singles wrestler as well.

Jon McDaniel: There are many men that the fans love to hate, but none more than Dr. Steven Remo. He was smug, he was cocky, he was smart, and he was one of the finest wrestlers ever to enter the ring. He loved to play both sides against each other, a famous example being his original siding with President Robinson, then his war against him later. Dr. Remo reached the peak of the PWA also, serving as our World Champion.

Jon McDaniel: We've had many strange people in the PWA. Sirus, Mokeangelo and the list continues. But perhaps none are as unique as the Corpse. The green man dominated his opponents and took place in many of the classic PWA matches. Another former World Champion, he was also articulate and intelligent, but he could also fight when the time came.

Jon McDaniel: When you look at the roster of singles wrestlers, one name stands out as the definition of the PWA. That man is Raizzor. Originally known as Chamelion, this man held nearly every belt and fought every person to enter the PWA. While there have perhaps been bigger stars, Raizzor will always be synonymous with the PWA.

Jon McDaniel: Just as Raizzor defines the PWA as a singles wrestler, the Brothers Grimm define it as a tag team. Clearly the most dominate tag team in the history of the fed. And not only have they had much success as a team, but the individual members have seen glory. Grifter gave credibility to the Television title. But Sirus Moran is in a league all of his own. He was held every title except the Internet and is a multiple time World Champion. In addition, their manager/mascot/friend 'Al' is included in the Hall of Fame as not only a recognizable PWA figure, but also a wrestler. This stuffed bear has won battle royals and tag team matches. Not too shabby.

Jon McDaniel: Finally, we give recognition to the men that made the PWA what it is today. These are the men that run the show. Rob Robinson, Alec Wilcox, and Chris Bitner have manned the desk in the office while the wrestlers get to have the fun. For keeping the PWA around for this long and hopefully much longer, they are in the PWA Hall of Fame.

Jon McDaniel: Ladies and gentlemen, the first fifteen members of the Hall of Fame.

(The scene is back in the PWA Dome where the new ring is now set up. The camera pans the crowd and shows some of the new Hall of Famers in attendance, Dr. Steven Remo, Fear, Mikey P are all shown.)

Jon McDaniel: I've just received word that there is a commotion in the back...

(‘Living Dead Girl’ by Rob Zombie explodes through the arena and a massive explosion engulfs the stage. For a moment the flames remain, then as quickly as they appeared, they are gone. The music continues as the arena lights fade down. Green strobe lights begin flashing and a shadowy figure walks through the curtain and stands on the stage. The audience is silent, some finally realizing the riddle has been solved, others, claim that they knew all along.)

The figure walks out of the shadows as the house lights come back up. The haunting eyes of none other than Beth Andersen, estranged wife of Rage, stare across the arena as she begins walking toward the ring. Fans boo, some cheer, but all seem to be throwing garbage at ‘Banshee’. She enters the ring and pulls a mic.

Beth: I know, I know. You knew it all along, didn’t you? You just chose to keep it to yourself because you didn’t want to ruin the surprise. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. A man in the back is saying the same thing right now. Only problem is that he never really knew.

Raizzor, you may have suspected that I was behind the mask of Mrs. X, but you never really knew for sure. How do I know? It’s obvious (*sarcastically*) ‘BIG BROTHER’. You never did a single thing to help me when I was being held captive by The Voice and Nightmare. And when I ‘died’ in that plane crash, who was the only man I knew who didn’t show up at my funeral? That’s right, it was you. You never cared, Raizzor. There was never anything on your mind except how you could steal me away from Rage. It was lust, Raizzor…your lust for the one thing you couldn’t have. That’s why you took for that two bit hussy, Jasmine Lee; she was a replacement for me.

Yes, Raizzor, it is revenge that I am after. Don’t think that I haven’t told Rage about the late night phone calls, when you tried to convince me to leave my husband and come to you. You were Rage’s friend, Raizzor. But, behind his back, you were his worst enemy. He knows now, Raizzor!! He knows, and he isn’t happy!!!!!! He’s coming for you, and he is very, very PISSED OFF this time!

One more thing... Crippler, you claimed that was an imposter, you admitted tonight that there was no imposter. As the CEO of this company it is my job to make things right when my employees screw up. As a result I have decided to reverse the decision of the match that happened earlier. The new winners are….. Sirus and President Robinson!

(With that, Beth Andersen exits the ring and heads up the ramp to a barrage of boo’s from the crowd.)

Brian Rentfro: What? I thought...wasn't she...what the hell is going on?

(Sabotage by the Beastie Boys comes on the PA)

Jon McDaniel: What now?

(President Robinson comes out to the top of the ramp with a microphone.)

President Robinson: Well, it is good to be back in charge. As if I ever had any doubts that I would be... Unfortunately for Sirus, he doesn't walk out of this so easily. You see, the decision may have been reversed but for a good thirty minutes he was gone and the PWA was without a World Champion. But, as everyone knows, I'm nothing if not fair. So in the interest of fairness, I'll allow any of you friends to step into the ring in your place. The only catch is, no Morans are allowed. That goes double for Grifter. They aren't actually defending for you, because you're not the champ, Sirus. They just have the chance for some vengeance. How lucky can one guy be? I got rid of that fool, Crippler and I got my precious title off of you!

(Sabotage plays again, the crowd is throwing a fit and Robinson heads to the announcer table..)

Jon McDaniel: You just issued a blank check there. You're saying anyone that wants can step in to defend Sirus' honor?

President Robinson: I said no Morans and the person that does this has to be a friend of Mr. Moran. That means there isn't a single person that is going to help.

Panzadise vs Project X vs The Corpse

PWA World Title Match

Ring Announcer: Introducing first in this World Title elimination match, he is a member of the New Age Panzies and former TWSN World Champion...Panzadise!

(Big Pimpin comes on the PA. The arena is black, then explosives begin shooting from all over the arena. Once that is complete, Panzadise enters and stands under the big screen. He looks over the arena and smiles as the crowd goes insane. He then walks down the aisle, teasing the ladies and mocking the ass holes. During his entrance numerous colored lights are panning over the crowd and ramp. He then enters the ring, stands in the middle, and puts his Fist in the air. Explosives erupt from the turnbuckles, and the lights come on.)

Ring Announcer: The next opponent, from Area 51...Project X!

(The lights go out and everybody is left in the dark .The phantom of the opera starts playing and then suddenly a blinding white light covers the ramp and Project-X appears wearing all black and a black mask with a phantom of the opera mask over it.As he walks down the aisle the light turns white to green and then back again.)

Ring Announcer: Finally, the last opponent...

(More Human Than Human plays and no one comes out on the ramp.)

President Robinson: I knew it! No one is going to stand up for that worthless piece of crap! That's what you get for being a psycho, Sirus! I hope you enjoy Al, because that's the only friend you've got!

(The arena lights flash as a festive Cajun jig plays, getting the crowd to rise to its feet in anticipation. The crowd quiets and all eyes are on the Hall of Fame inductee as he stands from the VIP section. The cushioned seat beneath him is scarlet…

…but his flesh is green and stringy blonde hair hangs over his forehead and in his face. Wiry muscles twitch beneath a neatly pressed linen suit – it hangs on his frame with the swagger born only of expensive tailors in overseas shops.

The Corpse sweeps one wickedly taloned hand through his mane, pushing it back in cords over his head. Now, his eyes: His gaze penetrates the arena, picks out people here and there and pins them to their seats.

The hush grows heavy. A PWA assistant producer in a white polo shirt leans out over the rows to hand The Corpse a black microphone.

He stands, glaring. He’s focused on the ring and its inhabitants, now.

The Corpse: "Thank you, PWA fans. So….here I stand."

(That’s enough for the crowd, which erupts and buries The Corpse in an audible avalanche of cheers. He waits, then speaks as it recedes.)

The Corpse: "Maybe, in days or weeks ahead, we can allllllll play a little game of catch-up. But for now, it is alternately my great pleasure and – because of circumstance – my distasteful displeasure, to speak about the greatest PWA superstar ever to grace our ring."

The Corpse: "He’s been the pivot point of our programs. His merchandise has been the highest or next-highest seller since the PWA’s inception. More than that, he’s been fair, smart, funny, lovable, honest, loyal…"

(The Corpse lowers his head, and his voice.)

The Corpse: "…and, though I’ve failed to reciprocate more than once, he’s been this man’s one true friend."

(The Corpse looks up, and determination very nearly radiates from his features. He’s angry, too.)

The Corpse: "Sirus Moran is everything good and worthwhile in this federation, and for him to be jerked around, lead astray, abused and mislead, is spit in the face of every man, woman and child that tunes in to us each week. It’s a dishonor to every worker that’s risked his or her life in the ring to pump money into the PWA coffers."

The Corpse: "Sirus is the PWA." (Pause) "Sirus is also my friend."

(He lowers the mic a moment, then raises it again.)

The Corpse: "Tonight, I right the wrong of having left my friend when he needed me. Tonight, I stand for the PWA, it’s fans, it’s ideals, it’s soul."

The Corpse: "Tonight, I fight for Sirus. For you, friend – finally, this is for you."

(The Corpse climbs over the rail and walks to the ring.)

Robinson: This isn't fair! The Corpse isn't an active wrestler! He has here for the ceremony, not to be in my main event! Get him out of there!

Brian Rentfro: You said anyone could do it!

Robinson: You are so close to fired, Rentfro...

Jon McDaniel: The Corpse rushes in and takes both men down with a double clothesline! Panzadise is up fast and gets dropkicked out of the ring by Corpse. TC turns around to deal with Project X, but gets caught in a choke. Project X throws him into the turnbuckle, then splashes him. Panzadise is up top on the other corner and nails Project X with a missile dropkick. TC comes out of the corner and hits an elbow drop on the fallen X. Dise grabs TC by the hair and pulls him to his feet. Dise nails TC with an inverted DDT!

Brian Rentfro: Who am I supposed to root for here?

Robinson: Anyone but the Corpse!

Jon McDaniel: Project X is up, Dise tried to hiptoss him, but he can't move X. Project X hits Dise with a short clothesline. Corpse is behind X and executes an inverted suplex! All three men are starting to slow a bit. I think the pressure is getting to them all. Corpse covers breaks the pin. Corpse turns to Panzadise and nails him with a belly to belly suplex. Corpse covers Dise. One..two..kickout! Project X spins TC around and hits the Probe! One...two...his foot is in the ropes! Project X kicks the Corpse out of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Go Project X!

Jon McDaniel: Panzadise runs into the ropes behind Project X, runs toward the big man...he jumps up in the air, catches Project X's head in a bulldog headlock. Dise flies over the top rope and X's neck hits hard on the ring rope! How did he do that?

Robinson: Damn...I knew I hired that kid for a reason...

Jon McDaniel: I think that finished off Project X! Dise looks like he hurt himself a bit on that dive, but it was a beautiful move! He covers Project X! One...two...three! Project X has been eliminated! The Corpse has had time to collect himself outside the ring, and now he rolls in. TC and Dise trade punches...The Corpse ducks a discuss punch and he locks on the Closed Casket! Panzadise is in trouble! Corpse moves to the center of the ring, and there is no place for Panzadise to go! Referee Lance Weston checks Dise's fell once...twice...three times! The Corpse is the new PWA World Champion!

Brian Rentfro: Here come the Panzies out of the back! That new Victor something or other is with them! They rush in the ring and start to beat on the Corpse! The Moran clan have left their seats and are running to the ring now! The Prisoner, Fletch, and Grifter all run in to help the Corpse! The Panzies roll out of the ring and head back up the entrance ramp. The Morans and The Corpse celebrate in the ring and the crowd is loving it!

Jon McDaniel: What a great night this was. We're all out of time. Remember, this week Chaos and Rampage have been canceled. Instead, look for a special edition of Friday Night Mayhem! See you then!