World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


The theme of the Halloween series plays over the system as a skeleton walks out onto the screen. The skeleton turns to speak to the camera.

"Welcome to a special edition of Pioneer Wrestling Association's Friday Night Rampage. We have three main event matches set in store for you. Enjoy and hopefully no one will... die?!"

The skeleton's mouth gaps open and a shrill chilling alughter fills the speakers as the camera comes to life pointed at the middle of the wrestling wring. In the middle of the ring where the PWA logo normally apperas is a huge jac-o-lantern is painted on the canvas. The lights go dark and only the exit signs are visible, an eerie haunted house music begins to play then Korn's Dead Bodies Every blares to life as first orange pyro blares in the darkness from the approximate position of the ring and the lights come back to life. From up above, black and orange confetti sifts down and both orange and blick fireworks shoot from the entrance ramp making their way to a massive red explosion at the ring.

Jon McDaniel: What a show planned here for you fans tonight.

Brian Rentfro: The show is jam packed with three high powered matches.

Jon McDaniel: A huge tag match, a rare television Intercontinental title match and a triple threat contest.

Brian Rentfro: All but one PWA champion here tonight and they have the nerve to say Chaos is up to Rampage's caliber.

Jon McDaniel: Lets take it to ringside for the first match.

Jacob Figgins vs El Rey vs Viktor Stone

Eric Emerson: Introducing now... standing at 6'0" and weighting in at 237 pounds...

A pulsing beat hits the speakers as "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck" by Grinspoon begins to play as a man steps out from the smoke rising up from the
entrance ramp. The man is wearing Black boots and Black kneepads and Blue baggy jean shorts. He tops that off with a Grey hoodie with the sleeves rolled
up and the hood over his head. He also has his fists and forearms taped up.

"Nothing breeds more contempt for this world than the memories now formed...
Every moment a new seed is grown to no reason the trouble unfolds...
For the trials of today, I'm no jury,
Really don't care how you feel
The pleasant notion of miraculous change drifts into multiple jeers...
You want the good life
You break your back
You Snap Your Fingers, You Snap Your Neck

Eric Emerson: He hails from Hartford, CT... he is VIKTOR "THE BEAST" STONE!!!!

Pyros spike up from the entrance all the way down the ramp. The man beings to make his way down the rampway as Red lights flicker throuhout the arena.
On the screen behind him, you can see clips from Stone's various MMA and Pro-wrestling matches.

Seconds drip through my hands, washed of moments unborn
All the spaces between bleed, a tribute to a sacrament never exposed...
A message to the forces I've no pity, don't know how thankful to feel...
Expectations of our daily bread gives me the hunger to steal...
You want the good life
You break your back
You Snap Your Fingers, You Snap Your Neck
Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck

Stone makes it ringside and slides under the bottom rope. He hopes up and scans the crowd while taking off his hoodie, reveling his shirtless, Tattooed
body. Stone starts to stretch against the ropes and then leans in the corner waiting for the match to start.

Jon McDaniel: The ladies love the next man to come out.

Brian Rentfro: As you seem too.. hmmm

As the latin rhythms of "Baila Casanova" by Paulina Rubio begin to play El Rey de Corazones emerges from the entrance curtains in
his ring gear along with a black sombrero and toreador jacket. Holding the curtain open for Montaña Rose (who is holding a large bouquet of flowers) El
Rey then takes Rosa in his arms and they dance a brief Muñeiraon stage before El Rey begins dancing a Bolero down the ramp as Rosa follows tossing flowers
out to the crowd.

When they reach the bottom of the ramp Rey turns and takes the bouquet (Which is all roses now) from Montaña and then procedes to pass them out to the
women in the front row. Then he removes his jacket and hat and hands them to Rosa before he climbs into the ring and waits for the starting bell.

Brian Rentfro: And now, the Grizzly Beer champion.

Jon McDaniel: He should be fired up and ready for this confrontation after his defeat of Riona last week.

The lights in the venue dim as a hand becomes visible throwing the entrance curtain open. And out comes the Celtic Fury receiving
a mixed reaction from the audience as "Battle Song" blares into the speakers.

Hear the sound of swords fulfill the night
Feel the winds of death on your skin
See the arrows fly, flaming in the sky
Hear the screams of men, as they die

At the top of the entrance aisle, Figgins turns his back to the audience outstretching both of his arms and leaning back. Finally he spins on one foot
and spits energy drink onto the aisle infront of him. Letting his arms fall back down to his side he began his trek towards the squared circle

We won this battle with might and fearless hearts
We came and we fulfilled our prophecy
So now we shall march back towards our kingdom
With heads up high and glimmering eyes
we returned with our glory

"Making his way to the ring... Weighing in at 267 pounds...He is the Celtic Fury...JACOB FIGGINS! "

Silence now falls upon this blood red field
Vultures feasting with the flesh of dead bodies
"This is a great moment for all of us
but now its time to head back home victorious"

The lights returned to normal and Figgins raised his head letting the audience's eyes grace him. Looking from left to right, a smirk crawled across the
features of Figgins as he runs up the ring steps and walks along the apron taking a swig of his energy drink before putting the bottle down next to the
southeast turnbuckle. He leaned against the ropes outstretching his arms once more and spraying a light mist onto the floor outside the ring.

We won this battle with might and fearless hearts
We came and we fulfilled our prophecy
So now we shall march back towards our kingdom
With heads up high and glimmering eyes
we returned with our glory

Finally entering the ring, via the top and middle ropes, Figgins turns on one foot and extends his arms for a final time acting as if it was a privilege
to the audience to watch him perform in the squared circle and within the venue itself. Dropping his arms he takes off his ring jacket and throws it outside
of the ring to get prepared for his upcoming bout.


These three men circle each other, but Viktor is the first to strike leveling the other two combatents with a double clothesline; he immediately begins to assault El Rey trying to ground the masked superstar. Viktor wrenches in an ankle submission, going for a submission victory early, but is attacked from behind by Jacob Figgins to both help himself and El Rey out. Viktor is not pleased with the interference and stands back up, now facing Jacob face on. Jacob, for his part, is not cowering in fear from the man known as The Beast. Viktor swings with deadly accuracy, but Jacob avoids the blow right into a standing dropkick form El Rey who also missed his target but makes a quick cover on the downed Jacob. The cover is broken up immediately by Viktor, who isn't planning on this match ending early and the ref doesn't even have time to hit the mat for the count. Viktor drags El Rey to his feet by his mask and they begin to trade blows and surprisingly, El Rey begins to back Viktor into a corner. Delivering a chop to the chest of Viktor, he succeeds in knocking Viktor into the corner. The King of Hearts looks to the audience, getting their approval, and knife edge chops Viktor's chest once again.

Brian Rentfro: The momentary slip in attention to the match just cost El Rey.

Jon McDaniel: Huge running forearm to the back of El Rey's head knocking him into Viktor's face.

Jacob rolls up El Rey from behind and the ref makes a two count before Viktor breaks up the pin. Jacob turns to face Viktor face to face and these two are trading rights and lefts with Viktor getting a slight upper hand as Jacob slips over his feet. Viktor takes advantage by planting a boot into Jacob's gut and finishing off the combo with the Whipper Snapper and Viktor covers.

ONE! TWO!-- El Rey flies from the top turnbuckle to stop the pin with a body splash onto the two downed men. El Rey yells out something in Spanish as he lifts Jacob to his feet.

Jon McDaniel: Tango Pasado del Amor!

Brian Rentfro: Nah, I don't really like tangerines on my taco salad, takes away from the salsa flavor

El Rey covers Jacob as the ref gets into position quickly.


Viktor is stirring slightly.


Viktor realizes what is happening and accidently on purpose bumps into the referee causing him to break the count. El Rey is furious, but the ref already has the Beast backed up in the corner against the ropes. From behind Jacob rolls up El Rey, but the ref is giving his full fury on Viktor and paying little attention to the match at hand and the crowd counts up to seven before the ref realizes his mistake.

ONE!-- Viktor stomps onto the lower back of Jacob, breaking the count for yet another time. Jacob has had enough and charges at Viktor from a crouching position and hits Viktor with his full force taking Viktor down into a ground and pound takedown technique. Jacob is releasing his fury at being that close to a victory and to have Viktor break the count. El Rey sits up, watching the procession before him, it is easily visible that he is smiling under his mask.

Brian Rentfro: The ref needs to do something about Jacob's actions against Robinson's protege.

Jon McDaniel: He is, he is watching.

Having to finally decided that Viktor has received enough punishment, the ref stops the beating. Jacob stands up right into El Rey's Tango Pasado del Amor for a second time in this matchup. Viktor makes it to his feet as El Rey is getting to his to make the cover on the downed Jacob; El Rey doesn't see Viktor behind him, poised to strike. El Rey senses something and turns to investigate.

*Boot to the gut* and all of El Rey's resistance is out in one big gush of air and Viktor connects with a near neck breaking Whipper Snapper.



Eric Emerson: Winner of the match... Viktor "The Beast" Stone!

Two guys are sitting in the production truck in the back lot of the arena, and they are startled when someone dressed as Cap N' Crunch comes storming into inside. The man, after close inspection appears to be The Kumquat Kid. The fans in the arena start cheering wildly. KK flashes a big toothy grin at the camera.

Brian Rentfro: What is he doing here dressed as Cap N' Crunch?

Jon McDaniel: Well it is Halloween...

KK pulls out a box of his costume and its Cap N' Crunch cereal.

KK: There you go buys, have breakfast. I have work to do.

The production guys shrug and get out of their chairs and tend to the cereal. KK looks at the entrance music line up, and we see him pull out the song originally set for Duff Coatdiver and Scott Nash Strader.

KK: Boring entrance music? Not on my watch. Maestro, please. Oh Mashed Potatohead, Duff Beer, you're going to love this!

KK laughs as as we move back to the arena. Eric Emerson stands in the ring and begins announcing the next match.

Eric Emerson: The next match is a non title tag team match! Introducing first, weighing in at a combined weight of five hundred and seventy five pounds...

Over the sound system we here “The Bird is the Word” by the Trashmen. The crowd begins to laugh.

Brian Rentfro: Ok, thats kind of funny.

Jon McDaniel: Only The Kumquat Kid...

Scott and Duff step out onto the stage shaking their heads. Scott looks up at ring to see Cap'N Crunch dancing to the song. He realizes its Ryan Lewis and runs down the ramp towards him, Duff following. KK jumps in realization he's in danger and runs as Scott and Duff just hake their heads. They get into the ring as Eric Emerson starts to announce the PWA Tag team champions.

Harm & Farm Express vs SNS & Duff Cote d'Ivoire

Brian Rentfro: What an exciting matchup there in that triple threat, do you think the next match can be as good?

Jon McDaniel: With three of the five PWA belts in that ring, yeah it can only get better.

Brian Rentfro: Are you saying that the previous contest lacked enthusiasm?

Jon McDaniel: By no means..., oh... nevermind.

The cranking of a tractor is heard throughout the arena and the video entrance of Jethro Hayes begins playing over the big screen.
Cows moo, on the screen cows are shown in a green pasture. Pigs are oinking, on the screen pigs run around in mud within a fence. The scene on the screen
goes to rolling hills, showing combines in the field harvesting crops, tractors harrowing the ground preparing for the new crop; semi trucks are hauling
off the harvested crop. A man walks up the 3 steps and opens the door on the cab of his John Deere tractor, he is wearing a John Deere trucker hat, and
is missing a few teeth, evident by the grinning face he turns to the camera, he waves at the camera; it is part of a family video. He climbs on into the
cab of the tractor; along with the cranking of the tractor on the screen, the beginning of Thank God I'm a Country Boy by John Denver begins to play over
the speaker system.

~Well life on the farm is kinda laid back
~Aint much an old country boy like me cant hack
~Its early to rise, early in the sack
~Thank God Im a country boy

The curtains are pulled back by two people and the front of a John Deere 4720 tractor is seen in the backstage area, smoke boiling up from the muffler.

~Well a simple kinda life never did me no harm
~A raisin me a family and workin on a farm
~My days are all filled with an easy country charm
~Thank God Im a country boy

When the words "kinda laid back" are heard, the tractor begins moving forward slowly down the ramp the tractor is moving at about 3 miles an hour.

Eric Emerson: "From Lean Ox, Ga; weighing 315 pounds and standing at 6' 7"... he is one half of Farm and Harm Express and is a co holder of the PWA tag team championship... Jethro Hayes!"

With the mentioning of his name, Jethro toots the tractor's horn inside the cab and waves to the crowd, he revs the tractor's engine slightly in response
to the crowd.

~Well I got me a fine wife I got me a fiddle
~When the suns comin up I got cakes on the griddle
~Life aint nothin but a funy funny riddle
~Thank God Im a country boy

The tractor arrives at the bottom of the ramp and Jethro stops the tractor, toots the horn while reving the tractor to full power; then he shuts the tractor
off. Jethro climbs out of the tractor to a huge pop, he waves and climbs down. Jethro is wearing overalls with a yellow John Deere shirt underneath, brown
Wolverine boots, and a John Deere hat.

~When the works all done and the suns settlin low
~I pull out my fiddle and I rosin up the bow
~The kids are asleep so I keep it kinda low
~Thank God Im a country boy
~Id play sally goodin all day if I could
~But the lord and my wife wouldnt take it very good
~So I fiddle when I could, work when I should
~Thank God Im a country boy

He touches a few fans hands on his way to the ring steps. He climbs up the steps and gets into the ring He walks to one corner and waves to those fans.

~Well I got me a fine wife I got me a fiddle
~When the suns comin up I got cakes on the griddle
~Life aint nothin but a funy funny riddle
~Thank God Im a country boy

He walks to another corner and waves to those fans, nodding along with the music.

~Well I wouldnt trade my life for diamonds and jewels
~I never was one of them money hungry fools
~Iid rather have my fiddle and my farmin tools
~Thank God Im a country boy

He walks to the third corner and waves to those fans with thumbs up in the air, still nodding along with the music; he mimics playing a fiddle.

~Yeah, city folk drivin in a black limousine
~A lotta sad people thinkin thats mighty keen
~Son, let me tell ya now exactly what I mean
~Thank God Im a country boy

Reaching the fourth corner, he takes off his hat and throws it into the crowd; shaking his head he prepares for the match.

~Well I got me a fine wife I got me a fiddle
~When the suns comin up I got cakes on the griddle
~Life aint nothin but a funy funny riddle
~Thank God Im a country boy
The song fades away slowly with the chorus repeating while it dwindles into silence.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next his tag team partner in Farm and Harm Express, from Seattle, Washington...

The house lights dim, as the image of a red ouroboros flashes on the monitor...

Amidst the cheering, "The Pot" subtly begins to play over the arena.

Who are you to wave your finger?
You must have been outta your head
Eye hole deep in muddy waters
You practically raised the dead

Rob the grave to snow the cradle
Then burn the evidence down
Soapbox house of cards and glass so
Don't go tossin' your stones around

You must have been... high
You must have been... high

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at two hundred and five pounds...

As the sounds of Tool kick up and the bass begins to resonate, Jamie Flynn appears at the top of the ramp to the ovation of his fans. Wearing his trademark
Aviators and a black hoodie, he raises his arm to them and begins his walk to the ring.

Foot in mouth and head up ass
So whatcha talkin' 'bout?
Difficult to dance 'round this one
'til you pull it out. boy,

You must have been... so high
You must have been... so high

Eric Emerson: He is... JAMIE FLYNN!!

He slides under the bottom rope and rolls into the ring. He walks briskly to a corner and hops up, throwing one arm up into the air and soaking in a few
more moments of the crowds' admiration.

Now you're weeping shades of cozened indigo
Musta got lemon juice up in your... eye!
When you pissed all over my black kettle.

You must have been... high! high!
You must have been... high! high!

Removing his shades and sweater, he hands them off to an official outside the ring and moves to his corner, where he stretches out a few last-minute kinks
and waits for the match to begin.

Brian Rentfro: Jamie undoubtedly has to hate that name.

Jon McDaniel: I think it explains them perfectly.

Brian Rentfro: You would, hey John, whats that?

Jon McDaniel: I don't know, where?

Brian Rentfro: On your nose.

Jon McDaniel: It looks like... yeah, crap, I knew you were a brown noser.

Jon McDaniel: Huh, what does that have to do with anything relating to what we were talking about?

Brian Rentfro: Nothing, but I was told in my earphones to fill some space, so I did.

[An old nylon-string guitar begins playing lonely notes over the loudspeakers and the sound echoes as if it's residing deep inside
of a sewer. When the first drum beat hits, building the anticipation, a series of black lights illuminate the stage and vapor dances in its glow. After
about forty five seconds, the classical guitar is interrupted by Randal Blythe's growling vocals.]

--Our father, thy will be done!--

[The classical guitar is replaced with distorted electric guitars tuned to drop D, playing the slow and droning "Vigil" by Lamb of God. The lights surrounding
the curtain flicker in a constant strobe and Duff Côte d'Ivoire emerges from the back wearing long, black leather jacket. Beneath this, he wears a black
tee shirt, blue jeans, and combat boots.]

--I have denied--

--This life its worth--

--I will not be the victim--

[He glances around to the crowd and the smirk turns into an arrogant, toothy grin.]

--Show me how it hurts to rot from the inside out--

--This vigil burns--

--Until the date our fires overtake you--

Eric Emerson: On the way to the ring: from Chicago, Illinois, he stands at 6'7" and weighs in at 275 lbs., Duff Côte d'Ivoiiire!

[He walks to the ring in long strides. He surveys his surroundings again before rolling into the ring. A lone spotlight shines on him as he plays the crowd
from the middle rope in the far corner for a few moments.]


[Duff jumps down from his perch and waits impatiently for the match to begin.]

Eric Emerson: Introducing next, his tag team partner...

The arena lights dim, as noise starts erupting over the p.a. . A voice booms through the arena.

"Why don't you ask me what its like to feel like a freak?"

At that the front entrance erupts in pyro's and fire as Scott Nash Strader and his sister/manager Vanessa Strader step out from behind the curtain.

~ Hey, do ya love me. I'm untouchable darkness
A dirty black river to get you through this
Hey, do ya love me I'm a devil machine
Get into my world all american dream ~

Strader looks around as the crowd starts pumping to the rhythm of the music.

~ In the mouth of madness
down in the darkness
no more tomorrow
down in the hollow ~

SNS begins his descent down to the ring, slapping a few of the fans hands on the way. Vanessa Strader follows Scott closely behind.

~ In the mouth of madness
down in the darkness
no more tomorrow
down in the hollow ~

Strader pulls himself up into the ring and runs over the to right corner turnbuckle and leaps up pumping his fist in the air as Vanessa stands ringside.

~ i'm demon speeding
i'm demon speeding
i'm demon speeding
i'm demon speeding ~

Strader jumps down and looks up the entrance ramp awaiting his opponent.

Jon McDaniel: The fans love the Straders.

Brian Rentfro: I bet they like his sister... I know I do.


Jethro and Jamie speak among themselves in one corner while Duff and SNS speak in the other, it is determining who will start the match. Jamie nods and crawls through the ropes, Jethro is starting the match for Farm and Harm while SNS is starting for the other side. Scott walks towards Jethro, who quickly tags in Jamie, who in turn leaps from the top turnbuckle flashlike landing on SNS. Jethro walks out of the ring to stand on the apron in his corner. On the mat, both Jamie and SNS are rolling around throwing punches back and forth like a high school fight.

Brian Rentfro: No love lost between these two.

Jon McDaniel: Both have talked smack and it is coming down to these blows here.

SNS is on top of Jamie connecting with massive right hands to the temple of Jamie, who is throwing right hands into the side of Scott's head. Meanwhile, Duff has gotten off theh apron and is nearing Jethro; having seen his adversary, Jethro comes down to meet him face to face.Jethro throws a right hand, Duff ducks the haymaker to connect with a Japanese arm drag to the concrete outside.

Jon McDaniel: Jethro and Duff going at it outside the ring and outside the match.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, ain't it great.

Back in the ring, Jamie is running off the ropes into a clothesline from SNS, taking him down to the canvas. SNS goes for the pin, but Jamie rolls over too quickly. SNS Irish whips Jamie into the corner where Jamie runs up the turnbuckles leaping from the top with a moonsault onto SNS taking him to the mat, hooking a leg Jamie goes for a pin.

ONE! TWO!-- SNS kicks out with authority.

Brian Rentfro: A picture perfect moonsault, but a picture perfect kickout by Strader as well.

Jon McDaniel: And these two brawling on the outside, the ref has no idea what to do. Count a pin, or break these two up.

Duff whips Jethro into the announce table quickly following with a running splash that drives Jethro's sternum into the table. Jethro pushes back up off the table turning with another right hand that Duff ducks under but Jethro catches him with a left hand to the face and Duff staggers backwards. Jethro advances on Duff, who for his part, comes forward again to meet Jethro. Once again, these two trade blows as a group of referees comes down to the ring to break these two up; they are semi successful as they break apart, but the look in each of their eyes is that this is far from over.

Brian Rentfro: That fight isn't over yet John.

Jon McDaniel: That is very true, these two appear to absolutely hate each other.

Inside the ring, as both Duff and Jethro climb to their respective corners, SNS slams Jamie to the mat with a scoop slam. Strader hits the ropes with a springboard moonsault onto the prone form and goes for the pin.

ONE! TWO!-- Duff is just a bit too late as Jethro stomps on the back of Strader's head to break up the count. The ref's distraction, in getting Jethro back in his corner, allows SNS and Duff to double team Jamie in their corner. Jethro is quick about getting out of the ring and making it a legal match. SNS and Duff were not expecting Jethro to go quietly and were caught by the referee who admonishes them on the double team, but the two continue the double team until the ref counts to five. SNS reaches out and tags in Duff, making him the legal man, and also allowing for another count of five for the double team. Jamie is winded and sweaty in their corner, but the two are working him over with quick tags in and out of the match.

Brian Rentfro: Duff using some of those MMA moves on Jamie as he strikes with quick stiff kicks to Jamie's ribs.

Jon McDaniel: It isn't pretty for Jamie, but for the team of SNS and Duff, it looks like solid gold.

Duff reaches back delivering a knife edge chop to the chest of Jamie, who flinches with each blow; Duff then repeats the process with another knife edge chop. Pulling him out of the corner, Duff forces Jamie to rebound off of the ropes, but Jamie reverses the whip with one of his own. Duff bounces back right into a back body drop from Jamie who hits the mat just as Duff's back bounces off the canvas; Jamie looks at his corner, which seems to be miles away. Jethro is slapping the turnbuckle, getting the crowd into the match and Jamie begins to crawl towards at the very least a momentary respite from the action. Reaching out, he makes the tag and the referee acknowledges the new legal man as just on the other side of the ring, Duff tags in SNS.

Jon McDaniel: The world champ is now taking on the co tag champ.

Brian Rentfro: These two have never met, so how will it go down.

Jon McDaniel: Will there be any niceties?

The answer is quickly coming as both SNS and Jethro tie up in the middle of the ring, with his strength Jethro is quickly on top, but SNS shows that he isn't the champion for nothing as he uses his knowledge of wrestling to whip around Jethro locking him into a wristlock into an armbar takedown to the mat. Duff stares on as Jamie does the same in their respective corner; Jethro's power and strength come into play as he begins to power up out of the armbar. SNS noticing what is happening quickly switches from the armbar into a side headlock, doing his best to cut off Jethro's air supply. It seems to be working as Jethro's face is turning a beet shade of red, but he continues to force his way up to first one knee, then the second. SNS looks to be thinking of his next move and just as he appears to head in that direction, Jethro falls back to one knee. SNS sensing weakness, wrenches in the side headlock and now Jethro's eyes are bulging out. In his corner, Jamie is now yelling encouragement and slapping the turnbuckle. Jethro falls back to the mat on his front and SNS is confident of the headlock as all of a sudden, Jethro forces his way to his feet and grabs SNS by the waist slamming him down to the mat. SNS holds onto the headlock, but Jethro is back to his feet, the headlock having been somewhat loosened by Scott's impact with the canvas. Jethro once again grabs him around the waist, this time he runs sideways into the nearest neutral corner, Scott's side connecting solidly with the three turnbuckles; the hold is broken at once. Showing speed not known to him, Jethro spins around and connects with a haymaker before falling to the mat and SNS falling on top of him.

ONE! TWO!--Jethro powers out of the pin, his inexperience showing, but his strength allowing for him to make up the mistake.

Brian Rentfro: Close call there.

Jon McDaniel: But he got out of it quick enough.

Both men are winded as Jethro whips SNS into the ropes, but Scott reverses the whip, Jethro reverses again and SNS bounces off the ropes with a flying cross body. Jethro just laughs at SNS, but a poke in the ribs and Jethro drops SNS who spins with a knee to the back of Jethro's injured knee from the tag championship match at London's burning. SNS with a bulldog and Jethro is down to the mat. SNS is up dragging Jethro as he tags in Duff. Duff seems to be happy at the turn of events and begins to pound away on the face of Jethro in their corner; the ref admonishes him for using closed fists. Duff shrugs and continues with the closed fists anyways. Duff climbs up the turnbuckle and pounds away at the thick skull of Jethro with huge right hands then switching to deliver the right side of Jethro's face with huge left hands. He climbs down and while holding onto the middle rope, rams into Jethro's gut with first one shoulder block, then he repeats with another, then a third. Jethro is gasping with each shoulder block but Duff is relentless in his pursuit of injuring Jethro in this match, or at the very least causing him to lose the match.

Brian Rentfro: Nightmare's training showing up in this matchup.

Jon McDaniel: That fact, cannot be denied

A forearm from Duff catches Jethro in the mouth, but he isn't busted open yet, Duff seems to be disappointed that he isn't as he nails Jethro's face with a spinning back elbow to Jethro's left eye. Jethro goes to clutch at his now injured eye, but Duff catches the hand and yanks down on the limb trying to dislocate it from his shoulder socket. Duff looks over at Jamie and grins mockingly, knowing that Jamie is powerless to stop the onslaught of offense. Duff once again climbs up the turnbuckles, going for the pounding from before. Jethro grabs Duff in a desperation bearhug and before SNS can do anything about it he runs out growling and slams Duff to the mat in the middle of the ring. Jethro bounces back up to his feet, by sheer adrenaline and reaches out to tag in Jamie for he collapses in a heap on the ring's apron. Jamie climbs up to the top turnbuckle and dives with the Suicide Devil's Plancha and covers for the pin.


SNS runs in, but Jethro stumbles in to stop the world champ from preventing the pin.


Jethro and SNS stumble around the referee and the two men on the mat and nearly stop the count anyways with their fighting.



Eric Emerson: Winners of the match.... Farm and Harm Express!

Brian Rentfro: They did it, yet again.

Jon McDaniel: Maybe a miracle team? Maybe Jethro isn't as dumb as he looks.

Brian Rentfro: But Jamie has gotten every pin for his team.

Jamie's music begins to play over the speakers as SNS and Duff make their way slowly to the back.


Brian Rentfro: Alright Jon it's about that time for the main event. Who do you got?

Jon McDaniel: Riona Langly is gonna put on another impressive display and keep her title.

Brian Rentfro: I think Showtime can pull off the upset, but -- wait, who's that?

Matthew "Virus" Engel is on the stage as the fans begin to boo and cheer him. He makes his way down to the ring in khakis and a black silk shirt. He has a microhpone in his hand.

Brian Rentfro: He's back! I knew it!

Jon McDaniel: Don't get your hopes up, let's hear what he has to say.

Matthew Engel: "It's good to be back. Spending two weeks on your back can really put things into perspective. But before we talk about anything important, let's touch on an issue that's been kept in the dark as of late.

Who is the mystery man? Nobody can seem to track him down. You know who I'm talking about, that weirdo who keeps coming on the big screen to tell us the rapture is coming. I was more scared at the end of my match with Strader than I could ever be with this guy.

You keep throwing your empty threats at me. You keep hiding in the dark; don't bother to come out into the light, because you're going to find out your outnumbered and outgunned. I promise you."

Jon McDaniel: Engel's trying to play victim here when he himself has caused enough damage.

Brian Rentfro: Engel paid for all of that, Jon.

Matthew Engel: "But let's talk about what everyone wants to know. Am I done? Is my wrestling career over? Will I ask Scott Nash Strader for a rematch? I think it's fairly obvious. I'm here, and I'm not going away any time soon. As for Scott, well, do you think I'm content with the results of London's Burning? Hell no, I --"

Suddenly, Rob Zombie's "Demon Speeding" hits the PA system as the World Champion walks out onto the stage. With a mic in hand, his music is immediately cut off as he gets right down to business.

Scott Nash Strader: "Hold up a second Matthew. You're not content with the results? Please, do explain a little more, so maybe I can understand how you are able to play this victim card?"

Matthew Engel: "Victim card? I wasn't a victim that night, Scott. I'll give you your due justice. You did what you needed to do, and now you're the World Champion. But, don't think for a second that if you weren't in that position, you would have came out on top. Your extreme necessity to win is why you're holding that belt, and my wanting of change and forgiveness is what allowed me to fall to you. But I'm not done. And I won't put myself in that position again. You thought you were dangerous? Now what are you fighting for? Respect? Glory? Your best chances are with revenge, and you've had yours.

When it comes down to raw talent, you don't have it, and I'm going to show that to you."

Brian Rentfro: He's calling him out! I love it!

Jon McDaniel: What makes Engel so sure he'll get another chance?

Scott Nash Strader: "It's funny you know Matthew. A few weeks ago I was against all the odds. Whoever made the bet on me in Vegas is probably retired now."

Scott lets the crowd get a chuckle out of that for a second.

Scott Nash Strader: "But I will give you one thing Matthew, that was one of the toughest matches I've been in; as short as it was. But you remember a few weeks ago, when I was telling you the only way I knew I could beat you was for the chance to hold this title that's right here, on my shoulder, and not to focus on revenge. You really think I'm going to let go of this title so quickly? I have no intentions. And I'll gladly grant you a rematch. I want you to come at me, I want that challenge."

Jon McDaniel: Maybe Engel knows Strader better then Strader himself!

Brian Rentfro: Or maybe Strader is drunk.

Scott Nash Strader: "There's just one problem though... Jamie beeping Flynn."

Matthew Engel: "I'm quite aware of Flynn's situation right now. And he's not a problem. Whether he takes that title off you or not, doesn't change the fact that I'm going to win it back. I don't care if I have to fight you, Flynn, or whoever.. all I care about is the World Title. And right now, you're holding it. And right now, you're the target.

I'm not mad at what you did to me. I'm not here to play the sympathy card. I'm here to let you know that I haven't given up, and I'm going to be back on top soon enough. Your real test is whether or not you can survive this next month."

Scott Nash Strader: "That's good to hear Matthew. I'll be here; waiting. Waiting for you. Don't you worry about the ownership papers on this piece of gold, it'll be in my name for a long time."

Strader drops the microphone, as Demon Speeding comes back on. Scott waves at Matthew, and exits the stage.

Technical Difficulties

The lights die all over the arena, just as they've done countless times before. As in prior weeks, a burning PWA logo appears on the ADC-Tron before falling off-screen, replaced by the face of a man in a white mask with symmetrical black blotches on either side of his face, and an old Capone hat atop his masked head.

Man: ...good...evil...words...they've lost all meaning, all purpose...

The man's jaw barely moves beneath the mask, his facial features entirely concealed.

Man: ...the PWA...its talent, its office...none are innocent...all must pay...all will...

The man removes his hat, dropping it off-screen.

Man: ...fear not, children...rapture is coming...

The light that barely illuminates him dies, leaving only a silhouette. The man removes his mask...but the lights return, and the ADC-Tron re-focuses on the ring.

Riona Langly vs Showtime

IC Championship Match

Jon McDaniel: The following matchup is a rare IC title matchup.

Brian Rentfro: They are all on tv John.

Jon McDaniel: No they aren't.

Brian Rentfro: Beg your pardon, but what do they watch the matches on?

Jon McDaniel: I seriously need to talk to President Robinson about a new partner.

The arena lights dim as indigo stage lights face toward the entrance... The music starts softly with a bell noise.

I would never bother you
I would never promise to
I would never follow you
I would never bother you

Never speak the word again
I would crawl away for you

I would stay away from here
You won't be afraid of fear
No thought was put into this
Always knew it would come to this

Things have never been so swell
I have never felt to fail


You know you're right
You know you're right
You know you're right

Marcus steps out onto the stage. He takes a deep inhale letting the world rest on his shoulders. He's wearing tights that go past his knees and low cut
shoes. On his body is on old school blue PWA shirt. He looks straight at the ring and begins and medium pace walk down the aisle. He doesn't touch any
of the fans hands as he comes down, but he knows they are there.

I'm so warm and calm inside
I no longer have to hide
Lets talk about someone else
Stinging silver begins to melt

Nothing really bothers her
She just wants to love herself
You won't be afraid of fear
No thought was put into this
Always knew it come to this

Things have never been so swell
I have never felt to fail....

Marcus gets into the ring, throws his shirt into the crowd, takes his hair and combs it behind his ears with his hands, and exhales.

A soft pinging noise fills the speakers, the lights flickering along with it. As the pinging comes to a stop, the lights in the arena shut off completely,
and orchestral intro to "Planet Hell" by Nightwish begins. The crowd claps along with the music as images of angels and death flash across the screen,
superimposed with flashes of ring action. The lights begin to flicker along with the beat of the drums. And without a warning, the music stops and a massive
explosion of pyro goes off as the metal part of the intro begins, the lights coming back on with a fury. Blue lasers fly about the arena as Marco Hietala
begins singing.

### Denying the lying ###
### A million children fighting ###
### For lives in strife ###
### For hope beyond the horizon ###

The lasers switch to a reddish hue as Tajra begins to sing....

### A dead world ###
### A dark path ###
### Not even crossroads to choose from ###
### All the blood red carpets before me ###
### Behold this fair creation of God ###

As Tajra's pace and the music calm down considerably, a spotlight bursts out from in front of the curtain as a figure slowly makes its way out in front
of it, head tilted down. The figure stops just in front of the light, head tilted down. Her long, black hair flows over her shoulders, the red bangs at
the front hiding her face as she silohettes herself on the light.

### My only wish to leave behind ###
### All the days of the earth ###
### An everyday hell of my kingdom come ###

The woman slowly lifts her head up, hair hanging down over her face and obscuring most of it. Finally, as the second of the song begins, she throws her
arms out to the side in a crucifix pose and flicks her head back, her hair flying back over her shoulders and revealing her face. A huge pop occurs as
a stream of silver sparks fall from the screen above her, the light behind her blacking out. She ignores any sort of minor pain that the sparks would
be causing her as three silver fireworks shoot off from the top of the tron to fly off and hit sets above the ring, causing minor explosions and the lasers
to switch back to blue.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next... coming to us from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! She weighed in this morning at 140 pounds, and stands at five foot

### The first rock thrown again ###
### Welcome to hell, little Saint ###
### Mother Gaia in slaughter ###
### Welcome to paradise soldier ###

Riona unstraps the PWA Intercontinental Championship from her waist and raises it high with one arm, pacing across the entrance ramp and showing everyone
what she's got as the lasers turn back to red with Tajra's voice returning.

### My first cry neverending ###
### All life is to fear for life ###
### You fool, you wanderer ###
### You challenged the gods and lost ###

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, this is.... RIOOONNNNAAAA LANNGGGLLLLYYYY!!!

Riona lowers her arm and begins to make her way down the ramp as silver sparks suddenly fly up from either side of the entrance ramp to shower down over
her, creating a tunnel of sorts due to the arching shape. Riona's typical neutral gaze not showing much of her thoughts towards the crowd. The arching
shape keeps her from specifically reaching out for high fives, but she doesn't bother to stop the few pats on the back she gets through the tunnel of sparks.
Riona stops at the bottom of the ramp as the sparks finally dissipate, looking up into the ring for a few moments before walking over to and up the stairs.
She quickly climbs up to the top turnbuckle and snaps off a crucifix pose with the Intercontinental Championship in her right hand as silver pyro shoots
up from the other three turnbuckles with a loud pop as soon as the chorus begins.

### Save yourself a penny for the ferryman ###
### Save yourself and let them suffer ###
### In hope ###
### In love ###
### This world ain't ready for The Ark ###

She holds the pose there while the chorus goes on, the lasers finally ending. Finally, Riona lowers her arms and hops down into to her corner, doing some
last minute stretches and getting ready for the match as the lights return to normal.


Showtime and Riona stare at the other, before they begin circling. Each is looking for a moment in which to attack the other, they finally lock up. Riona with the advantage as she backs Showtime into the corner, but the ref is there to break it up. Showtime slaps Riona across the left cheek, and Riona pounces on her foe in this match. Instead of slapping she delivers a right hand, forearm shot, right hand, right hand, and another right hand and she ends the combination with a jagged elbow to his chin; she follows this up with a repeat of the combination. Showtime is reeling backwards with each blow, but being up against the corner, his body has no where to go so his head bounces back and forth. Riona yells something unintelligible at Showtime, but the words are not clear enough to be distinguishable to the microphones in the camera.

Brian Rentfro: Riona not taking that slap too lightly.

Jon McDaniel: Marcus should have known better.

Marcus is unable to defend himself against Riona's onslaught of offense as she continues to pound away at his face. The referee is finally able to get between the two of them and stop the closed fists from Riona; she nods and backs away. Marcus shuffles out of the corner into an Irish whip from Riona, Marcus reverses the maneuver and now Riona is into the ropes. She charges back with a head of steam, but is taken down as Marcus delivers a clothesline he falls down for a pin, but Riona kicks out too quickly. These two stand toe to toe in the very center of the wrestling ring and lock up one more time. Marcus backs Riona up before using the lock up to knee Riona in the gut and lift her up over his head in a sort of suplex; they both go down. Marcus is up and ontop of Riona throwing knife edge chops and she is quickly, but firmly, backed into the corner. Knife edge chop, knife edge chop and the chest of Riona is beginning to get red where her top allows skin to show. Showtime has a look in his face that we have rarely seen as he continues the chops; he places a forearm to Riona's temple and now she is the one rocking back. Showtime grins as he delivers one more knife edge chop. Showtime lowers himself placing a knee into her midsection as she doubles over, he swings her around with a neckbreaker in the corner. She is too close to the ropes for a pin, so he drags her into the middle of the ring and begins to stomp away on her body.

Jon McDaniel: Showtime showing that he is still a man to be weary of.

Brian Rentfro: With authority too!

Riona reaches up grabbing the ankle of Showtime and twisting the joint in her grasp; Marcus groans falling to the mat as Riona pulls his foot out from under him. Riona is up to her knees as Showtime is still falling to the mat and she is on him like a hungry dog on food.

Brian Rentfro: While still having a few technical holds, this has turned out into a fight.

Jon McDaniel: And both very capable of winning a fight.

Brian Rentfro: Riona definitely able to do that after holding onto the GB title for so very long.

Riona picks Showtime up to his feet placing him in a very basic behind the back wristlock. She lifts him up into the air and twisting with him in her arms falls back driving his shoulder into the ring canvas she holds onto his wrist and pulling him back up to his feet, drives him down again. She stands back, quickly catching her breath before turning on the after burners in her attack. She is red faced from turning on a faster pace and Showtime is red faced from holding in the pain. Riona lifts Showtime to his feet and Irish whips him into the corner with high powered velocity; the force causes him to bounce back out of the corner. Riona charges at her foe, but he manages to bend over with a back body drop to Riona who lands on the apron on her feet looking stunned. Marcus taking the oppurtunity charges with a clothesline and Riona ducks shoulder blocking Marcus in the stomach. He doubles over and Riona hits a nearly perfect sunset flip for a pin.

ONE! TWO!-- Showtime kicks his feet wildly and causes the pin to break up, but Riona is very pleased with herself and awaits Showtime's return to his vertical base. He stands back up, with his back to Riona, she charges at her opponent. She slows her advance, Showtime not yet knowing she has reached her feet. He is nailed from behind with a forearm shot that staggers him slightly.

Brian Rentfro: Tourniquet!

Jon McDaniel: Its all textbook now.

Riona covers the limp form of Showtime for the pinfall.



Eric Emerson: Winner of the match and STILL Intercontinental Champion... Riona Langly!

Jon McDaniel: Ladies and Gentlemen, ghouls, monstors, and witches not to mention all other types of possible PWA fans this does it for Friday Night Rampage and have a safe and Happy Halloween.

Brian Rentfro: And lots of candy.