World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick



Robbie Robinson - Welcome to Pioneer Wrestling Association's very first pay per view, Genesis! We are live from the just completed PWA Dome is downtown St. Louis, the home of the PWA. This is a night of firsts for the PWA. We will have our first Hell in a Cell match, the first Intercontinental Champion will be crowned, we'll also crown the first Harcore Champion, and we'll the champion's first title defense as EMT. Things ought to be exciting tonight, indeed. So, without further ado, let's get to ringside and get things going.

Ironheart & Flash Lightning Jones vs. Dr. Steven Remo & Chris Longhorn

Tag-Team Match

Jon McDaniel - Our special ring announcer tonight is former Global Wrestling Association World Champion, Moke Doshky.

Moke Doshky - Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Genesis! Introducing first, in our beginning bout, the team of Ironheart and Tommy "Flash Lightning" Jones! (Eye of the Tiger comes on the PA as Ironheart and Jones enter the ring.) And their opponents, Dr. Steven Remo and "The Texas Stud" Chris Longhorn.

Jon McDaniel - Remo and Jones start things out. Remo sends Jones to the ropes with an Irish whip, and follows through with a clothesline. He pulls Jones up, and whips him into the corner with Longhorn. Longhorn holds Jones, and Remo lands a dropkick. A quick tag brings Longhorn in. Longhorn works Jones over, and hits a swinging neckbreaker. He's going for the Texas Rattler Leglock already! Jones is able to reach the ropes.

Brian Rentfro - Jones needs to get to his corner and make that tag. There is no way that this match will last much longer if he doesn't.

Jon McDaniel - Longhorn goes for a vertical suplex, but Jones blocks it and reverses it. He falls backwards to his corner and attempts the tag. Ironheart is having no part of it! He leaves the ring apron! Longhorn goes to tag out to Remo. Remo leaves the ring too! Remo and Ironheart are leaving the ring together! Jones is ready for him, and hits Longhorn with lefts and rights, staggering the Texas Stud. Longhorn goes down hard. Jones pulls him back up, and delivers a DDT. Jones is going up top, I think he's planning on the Thunder and Lightning! Longhorn pulls his knees up.

Brian Rentfro - Let me tell you something. When you're coming down off the top rope and you see the guy moved or pulled his knees, and you know that there isn't anything you can do about it, that is the least amount of fun you'll ever have.

Jon McDaniel - Longhorn looks reluctant to get in and battle his friend, but doesn't have much choice. Jones stands, and rushes Longhorn. It looks like he has no such problems. He is battering Longhorn with his fists, knocking him to the mat. But Jones isn't stopping, he's still hitting Longhorn. The ref pulls him off Longhorn.

Brian Rentfro - It looks like Jones is tired of Longhorn keeping him out of the spotlight.

Jon McDaniel - Jones sends Longhorn into the ropes, lets him rebound to the other rope, and nails a powerslam! One, two, kickout. Ironheart hits a desperation DDT, and makes the tag. Jones is climbing up top, and hits the Thunder and Lightning! Jones makes the cover, one, two, three!

Moke Doshky - Your winners, Tommy "Flash Lightning" Jones and Ironheart!

Brian Rentfro - What a great match! That was strange, though, with Ironheart and Remo leaving together. Jones avenges his loss at the hands of Longhorn in the IC tourney. That was bell to bell excitement. Let's just hope that we can keep that up tonight.

Mr. T vs Big Bubba Bad

Singles Match

Jon McDaniel - This match could be the sleeper hit of the night. These two guys are not only fighting for respect in this fed, they're fighting for the chance to fight the Hardcore Champion on Tuesday Night Chaos.

Brian Rentfro - Well, in the end, this is going to be a brawl. Don't look for fancy moves, just lots of punches and kicks. Remember, this is a falls count anywhere match, so there will be plenty of action.

Moke Doshky - This contest is a pinfalls count anywhere match with the winner to face the Hardcore Champion this Tuesday Night. Introducing first, from Miami, Florida, Mr. T. (Ruff Ryders' Anthem by DMX starts on the PA as Mr. T walks to the ring.) His opponent tonight, from Parts Unknown, Big Bubba Badd. (Highway to Hell by ACDC starts)

Jon McDaniel - Badd doesn't even make it into the ring before he is jumped by T. T slams Badd's face into the safety rail. Badd fights back with some punches, but the former boxer is just absorbing them. He whips Badd into the guard rail, nearly knocking it over.

Brian Rentfro - Badd has got to start fighting back, or he can kiss that title shot goodbye.

Jon McDaniel - An eye rake from Badd saves him from going throat first onto the rail. Now it is T's face being slammed into the railing. Badd takes him down with a Russian legsweep, and covers. One, two, kickout. Mr. T is trying to go backstage.

Brian Rentfro - That can't be good. This arena was just completed yesterday, so there is still plenty of contrusction materials back there.

Jon McDaniel - T is running for the back, I'm not sure why. Badd is following. Badd catches T at the buffet table, and scoops him up!

Brian Rentfro - Not in the cookies!

Jon McDaniel - T is slammed down onto the table, breaking it. Food went everywhere. T is still trying to get to the locker rooms.

Brian Rentfro - Maybe he's hoping to put a door between him and Big Bubba Badd. That's his only hope tonight.

Jon McDaniel - You may be right about that. Badd is just brutal tonight. Badd grabs a trash can and throws it at T. T goes down, but he's right outside his locker room. Badd goes to pick up Mr. T, but the locker room door opens! The Practice all flood out and attack Badd! This is incredible! Mr T. hits the Heart Attack, and goes for the pin. One, two, KICKOUT!! I can't believe it! The Practice are coming back to take care of Badd, but the ref is demanding they leave! They must either leave, or T will forfeit the match! The Practice leaves, reluctantly. Mr. T pulls Big Bubba Badd to his feet and once again hits the Heart Attack! One, two, three!

Moke Doshky - Your winner, Mr. T!

Brian Rentfro - That was brutal. It took four men to beat Big Bubba Badd. He put on a strong showing at the debut PPV, and I think that he'll make a big splash around here.

The Diamond Connection vs. Deadly Combination

Tag-Team Match

Jon McDaniel - This is going to be good. We've got a strong new tag team division, and this ought to be a good demonstration of what it is capable of.

Moke Doshky - Introducing first, the team of the Diamond Connection. (The Diamond Connection walk to the ring) Their opponents are the team of Nitro and Nuke, the Deadly Combinaiton!

Brian Rentfro - Where's Nitro and Nuke? They haven't showed yet.

Jon McDaniel - I've got a bad feeling about this. Our camera crew is still backstage from the last match, so we'll see if they can't find them. There's their locker room. It is a disaster area. The lockers have all been knocked over. It looks like a hurricane came through.

Brian Rentfro - President Robinson and the Aegian Dreams Corporation won't be happy about that.

Jon McDaniel - We've got some stage hands back there moving the lockers. Nitro and Nuke are trapped beneath the lockers. It looks like Nitro is out, but Nuke is still awake.

Nuke - Raiz....Raizzor.

Brian Rentfro - Raizzor did all that? I can't believe it. What kind of man is he? He took out both Nitro and Nuke.

Jon McDaniel - Well, whatever the cause, the tag match for tonight is off.

Moke Doshky - This match has been declared a No Contest.

Cinergy vs. B. Dubbs vs. Prima Donna vs.Raizzor

PWA Hardcore Title Match

Jon McDaniel - All week, we've been hearing from the men in this bout. Now, it is time for them to put up or shut up. If you thought our last hardcore match was brutal, wait until you get a load of this one. I've got to say, that I think careers could be ended tonight.

Moke Doshky - The following match is for the PWA Hardcore Championship. This is a four way dance. Whoever gets the pin gets the gold. As a hardcore match, there are no rules, no disqualifications. Any item or move is considered legal for this match. Introducing first, from Miami, Florida, Cinergy. (Bow Down by the Westside Connection comes on the PA). Next, from the mean streets of Chicago, B. Dubbs. (What's My Name by Snoop Dogg comes on). Our third man hails from Hollywood, California, Prima Donna. (Testosterone by BUSH blares out of the PA). And finally, from Parts Unknown, Raizzor!

Jon McDaniel - I'm not sure if these men know what they're in for. Raizzor is like a wild beast. All four men go at it in the middle of the ring. No one has picked an opponent, they are just hitting anyone that gets in the way.

Brian Rentfro - This reminds me of Thanksgiving at home.

Jon McDaniel - Prima Donna and Raizzor spill out of the ring, and are battling up the isle. B. Dubbs and Cinergy are fighting it out in the middle of the ring. Rights and lefts by Dubbs and Cinergy. Cinergy gains the advantage with a low blow. That will stop anyone. A piledriver sends Dubbs crashing down hard. Prima Donna and Raizzor are battling at the entrance way, slamming each other into the guard rails and PWA logos.

Brian Rentfro - I know that those two have some kind of feud going, but they need to get back in the ring. This isn't a falls count anywhere match. That was twenty minutes ago.

Jon McDaniel - Cinergy hits a DDT on Dubbs, and goes for the cover, one, two, kickout. The match could have ended with Raizzor and Prima Donna never having really been in the ring. Dubbs gets up and ducks a clothesline, a dropkicks Cinergy over the top rope. He scrambles out of the ring and picks up the time keeper's bell. He takes a swing that Big Mac would be proud of, and lays out Cinergy! He must of hit a vein, because the blood is flowing freely. Meanwhile, Prima Donna just slingshotted Raizzor off the entry ramp! That must be a ten foot drop to the concrete below! Raizzor is getting up! That man's endurance is incredible! Dubbs goes for another shot with the bell, but is cut short by another low blow. Cinergy is taking the bell and going up top. Dubbs gets to his feet, but is cut down by a flying axhandle and the wrong end of that bell!

Brian Rentfro - Man, I never get tired of seeing that move.

Jon McDaniel - Both B. Dubbs and Cinergy are bloody messes. Raizzor is climbing back up the entry way, going after Prima Donna singlemindedly. He ducks a chair from Prima Donna, and scoops him up! He hits the Tombstone Knee Driver on top of the chair! Back in the ring, Dubbs and Cinergy have just climbed back in, and are trading chair shots. This is incredible that either of them is still standing! Raizzor isn't even looking toward the ring, he's intent on finishing off Prima Donna. He pulls Prima Donna to his feet, and it looks like he wants to go for another Tombstone! Prima Donna is able to get his weight shifted, and reverses the move! He delivers a tombstone to Raizzor! Raizzor staggers to his feet, and the two start to trade punches and kicks.

Brian Rentfro - This reminds of my third marriage. Want to hear about it?

Jon McDaniel - Not now. Cinergy goes for the the Bolt, but Dubbs ducks it! Dubbs stuns Cinergy with a kick to the stomach, and hits the Orphan Maker on top of one of the chairs! One, two, three! B. Dubbs is the first Hardcore Champion! What a match!

Brian Rentfro - Prima Donna and Raizzor still haven't stopped fighting! They made it backstage somewhere, and I don't think anything will stop them! They never even looked at the ring. I don't think that either of them wanted the belt so much as they wanted to hurt each other.

Moke Doshky - Your winner and new Hardcore Champion, B. Dubbs!

Fear vs Southpaw

Singles Match

Jon McDaniel - We've got a few moments while the Cell is being lowered. We want to tell you a little about our new home, the PWA Dome.

Brian Rentfro - Our new arena was made possible by the Aegian Dreams Corporation. They bought the land that was formerly occupied by the St. Louis Arena, the former home of the St. Louis Blues, and built us this great state of the art dome. He can hold 85,000 plus people. The centerpieces of the PWA Dome are the amazing aqauriums that stands 100 feet tall and 200 feet long at the north and south entrances to the dome. The north gate has the saltwater fish, and the south gate has fresh water fish. The best thing about this arena, is that it is the only large scale auditorium of it's type designed for wrestling. The lower level also houses our brand new corporate offices. In addition, St. Louis is home to some real wrestling history. Many great champions were crowned here, including Ric Flari, Dusty Rhodes, Rocky Miavia, and Harley Race. Pioneer Wrestling Association is proud to call this it's home.

Moke Doshky - This is a special Hell in a Cell match. Intoducing first, from Transylvania, Fear. (Fear enters the cage) His opponent, from Macon, Georgia, "Southpaw" Sammy Sissco. (Southpaw enters the cage)

Jon McDaniel - The two men circle each other. They lock up, and Fear easily overpowers the rookie. Southpaw gets to his feet and runs at Fear. Fear sidesteps and takes Southpaw down with a drop toehold. Fear takes the advantage, and applies a rear chinlock to Southpaw.

Brian Rentfro - He's just trying to wear him out here. Fear is strong, but not as fast as the Southpaw. He's got to wear him out, then worry about beating him.

Jon McDaniel - Southpaw eventually reaches the ropes. Fear breaks the hold. He whips Southpaw into the rope. Southpaw ducks a clothesline, and tries to back with one of his own. Fear ducks it, but doesn't avoid Southpaw's DDT. Southpaw gets to his feet, and Fear is right behind. Southpaw goes for a vertical suplex, but Fear is blocking it. Fear reverses it. Southpaw is down. Fear goes to the outside of the ring, and starts climbing the cage. He goes hand over hand until he is hanging over Southpaw, then lets go. A big stomp of the stomach of Southpaw. Southpaw gets pulled to his feet and whipped into the ropes. Fear back drops him into the cage! That has got to hurt! Fear goes outside and slingshots Southpaw into the cage. Southpaw is busted open.

Brian Rentfro - Southpaw needs to mount some offense. But at this point, I'd settle for some defense. He hasn't done anything but the one DDT, and that's not going to win him the match.

Jon McDaniel - Fear rolls Southpaw back into the ring. He positions Southpaw near the corner, and starts to go up top. Southpaw somehow gets to his knees and pulls on the top rope! Fear falls down on the turnbuckle. Southpaw climbs up, and hits the Down South! He goes for the cover, one, two, three! What an upset! Southpaw beats Fear!

Brian Rentfro - I can't believe it! Fear was controlling the whole match, and then Southpaw hits his finisher out of nowhere to get the win. Score one for the underdog. I think that Fear had a lot on his mind going into this match. He's been concentrating on Rage, but now that Rage has joined him, I think that he's had some planning to do. Southpaw got a great win over on of the superstars of the PWA.

Moke Doshky - Your winner, "Southpaw" Sammy Sissco!

Dr. E. Pain vs. Mikey P.

PWA Intercontinental Title Match

Jon McDaniel - This has been a great evening so far, and the two most anticipated matches are yet to come. The next match will feature Dr. Pain and Mikey P. The winner will be the new PWA Intercontinental Champion.

Brian Rentfro - These two men have fought before. Pain won with the help of a masked man. And since this is a double elimination tournament, Mikey has to beat Pain twice, while Pain only has to win once. The odds are in Pain's favor.

Moke Doshky - This match is for the PWA Intercontinental Championship! Since this is the final match of the double elimination tournament, if Mikey P. wins the first match, a second match will start immediately. Introducing first, from Parts Unknown, Dr. E. Pain. (Pain enters the ring) His opponent tonight, Mikey P. ("Damaged" by Black Flag starts on the PA as Mikey P. goes to the ring)

Jon McDaniel - They start out slowly, with a knuckle lock. Pain powers down Mikey. Mikey is on his knees, and Pain breaks the hold. Mikey P. wastes no time in hitting a low blow. Mikey P hits Pain with a great snap suplex. Mikey P goes for a Boston Crab! The ref checks Pain, but he's going for the ropes. He makes it! Pain stands, but he is wobbly legs. Mikey goes for a dropkick, but Pain dodges. Pain goes for a choke on Mikey! Pain breaks the hold at the four count.

Brian Rentfro - Look at the entrance ramp! The masked man is coming to ringside!

Jon McDaniel - Mikey P. looks at the masked man, but quickly turns his attention back to Pain, just in time to catch a clothesline! Pain goes for a pin, but Mikey P gets his foot on the ropes. Pain gets Mikey P. in an arm wrench. Mikey reverses it and hits the Holidays in the Sun! One, two, three!

Brian Rentfro - Mikey P. gets his first win, but he still has to do it one more time!

Jon McDaniel - The second match has started! Pain recovers from the Holidays in the Sun. Mikey P backs up and goes for a superkick. Pain catches his foot, and pulls Mikey P to the mat. Mikey P stands up, only to get a DDT! Pain picks up Mikey P. and sets him on the top turnbuckle! Pain lands the Cardiac Arrest! He goes for the pin! One, two, Pain pulls Mikey P. up! What is he doing?

Brian Rentfro - The masked man is saying something to Pain. He's got a chair, and he's calling Pain over.

Jon McDaniel - Pain pulls up Mikey P and holds him so the masked man can clobber him with a chair. Mikey P ducks it and Pain gets hit! Mikey P goes for the pin! One, two, three! Mikey P. is the new IC Champion!

Brain Rentfro - The masked man is furious! He's shaking his head and pounding the mat! He didn't want Mikey P. to win that belt for some reason!

Jon McDaniel - He's got no one to blame but himself. If he would have let Pain go for the pin, there wouldn't have been a problem. I think that more will come of this.

Rage vs. EMT

PWA World Title Match

Jon McDaniel - This is the match we've been waiting for. Rage and EMT. The World Title is on the line. If you remember, Rage is the only man to have beaten EMT. But, it was before he won the belt.

Brian Rentfro - I'm excited about the special guest referee. We've been keeping this a secret, so no one knows about this, but I must say that this is going to be great.

Moke Doshky - Ladies and gentlemen, this is the main event. The World Title is on the line. Allow me to introduce the special guest referee. He plays for the St. Louis Blues, please welcome Tony Twist! (The St. Louis crows goes crazy as Blues Power by Eric Clapton comes on the PA and Twist enters the ring) Introducing first, the challenger. He hails from Chicago, Illinois (the crowd boos), Rage! ("Walk" by Pantera come on) Now, the champion. He has been pinned on time in the PWA. Formerly known as Tundra, he is now known as EMT! (Dr. Feelgood comes on)

Jon McDaniel - This is what it all boils down to. The gold is on the line, and these two both want it. EMT goes for a scoop slam. He pulls up Rage, and hits a DDT. One.....Two....kickout. EMT is complaining about the slow count.

Brain Rentfro - As long as Twist keeps it the same for both men, there isn't a problem.

Jon McDaniel - Rage goes for a double leg takedown, and applies an ankle lock! EMT finally reaches the ropes. Rage executes a back breaker on EMT. The champ is having a hard time! Rage cover, one..two.. kickout! EMT is complaining that Twist is counting faster for Rage! EMT clobbers Rage with a short clothesline, then hits a brainbuster! He covers, one....two....kickout! EMT is now yelling at Twist!

Brian Rentfro - The Twister is not having a very consistent cadence. He is all over the place when it comes to counting. It isn't just for EMT. He goes slow and then fast for both men. But let me tell you, not getting an even count is very frustrating.

Jon McDaniel - Rage kicks EMT in the stomach and hits a swinging neckbreaker. He covers, one..two.kickout! That was a fast count! I don't think that EMT is going to take much more of that. EMT sidesteps a dropkick, and sets up the 911. He hits it! One.....two.....Rage kicks out! EMT is steaming! He powerbombs Rage and covers, One......two....kickout! Rage is lucky to still be in this. A snap suplex by EMT and a pin. One....two....foot on the rope. EMT can barely contain himself.

Brian Rentfro - He has had the match won on three occassions, but Twist just isn't doing a good job as ref. That is why you only have qualified officials for title matches.

Jon McDaniel - Rage is able to Gorilla press EMT and he goes for the pin. One.two.kickout.

Brian Rentfro - That was the fastest count all night! EMT needs to do something about this!

Jon McDaniel - I think he may take your advice before much longer. EMT is up and ducks a clothesline. He hits an inverted DDT and covers. One....two....kickout! EMT is getting in Twist's face now. They are both yelling at each other. Rage is just now getting to his feet.

Brian Rentfro - It looks like Rage is smart enough to stay out of this. He needs to take his time and rest. Let EMT get on the ref's bad side, and it will make the match that much easier for Rage.

Jon McDaniel - EMT spits on Tony Twist! Twist hits EMT with a right hook! EMT is out cold! Rage dives in for the pin! One..two..kickout! I can't believe that he kicked out of that!

Brain Rentfro - The Practice is at the entry ramp. What are they up to?

Jon McDaniel - EMT just hit the 911! He starts to go for the pin, but he sees the Practice at the ramp. He's leaning over the rope yelling something to them. Rage is behind EMT, he rolls him up into a pin, one, two, three! Rage is the new PWA World Champion!

Moke Doshky - Your winner, and new Heavyweight Champion of the World, Rage!

Jon McDaniel - That was a travesty of justice! EMT had the match won several times, but the count was too slow. But that doesn't change things. Rage is the champion.

Brian Rentfro - I'm sure that the effects of this match will be felt for a long time. It will be interesting to see how this affects the upcoming cards.

Jon McDaniel - We'll just have to wait and see. We're all out of time tonight. Join us on Tuesday at Chaos. Goodnight everybody! 1

(C) PWA 1999