World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Marxx vs Joshua Danielson

Street Fight

In a match that wouldn't be topped until the main event, Danielson and Marxx fought in a hellatious battle that took them out of the ring, to the back and even at one point, outside. They did come back in, and Danielson had Marxx so out of it, he climbed aboard a forklift and picked drove it to ram into Marxx, but Marxx got past him, climbed up and the two men traded punches as the forklift kept moving, without a driver, right into the arena, crashing into the stage from the side. Danielson kicked the off switch before he tried to hip toss Marxx onto the stage. Marxx reversed it, and instead threw Danielson onto the floor. Marxx then came down with a splash, and got the pin for the 1--2--3 as the crowd roared out of control for both men.

After the match, as Marxx celebrated, the lights dimmed and a single gong announced the arrival of Raizzor. Marxx turned as Raizzor came out with a steel chair in hand. Marxx defiantly stood his ground and motioned for Raizzor to slam the chair into him, much like last week. Raizzor obliged with a tremendous swing and due to the street fight, Marxx crumpled to the ground with one blow. Raizzor then placed one foot on top of the unconscious Marxx, and gave the impression he'd do the very same in one week.

Ash Nukem vs Xan Vaxman

No Mask vs No Mask Match

Despite the actions of last week, Xan Vaxman seemed content to let bygones be bygones, possibly just to distance himself from his alter ego. That was right up until the point that Ash once more tried to force the mask on him.

Ash then ran the ring, beating the now masked and blinded Xan Vaxman across the mat before moving in to choke on him with the mask until the referee could force him to break.

However the break would be all Xan needed to distance himself and put the mask on Ash instead. Staggering blind, Ash then walked right into a killer right hand from Xan Vaxman that put him down for the three.

Post match, Xan got on the mic and announced that if Ash wanted Tonto so bad, he could have him at Genesis, either putting an end to the vendetta he had thrust on him or killing Tonto’s title reign. The commentators wondered if Xan’s plan was to have Tonto take the fall so he could move in and win the belt for himself.

Emily Corlen vs Katie James

Friends Turned Enemies Turned Friends Turned Enemies Again Match

The camera returned to the ring for what would prove to be a personal contest between former Bound by Blood member Emily “The Emerald Phoenix” Corlen and Emily’s former stablemate and, she thought, trusted friend, “Stutterfly” Katie James.

Katie headed to the ring first by herself, the other two members of Bound by Blood seemingly nowhere to be found. Emily appeared next, ignoring the pomp and circumstance of her normal entrance and instead, sprinting down the stage towards Katie. The bell rang and the fists immediately started flying, but Brian Rentfro noticed something strange right from the get-go; Katie, it seemed, was refusing to fight back. Instead, it appeared as though she was trying to reason with Emily, but the woman who nearly won the Intercontinental Title from Matt Stone a week prior would have none of it as she continued this one-sided match.

After a few minutes of Emily controlling the contest, the lights went out momentarily, and when they came back on, Katie’s sister Sarah and Emily’s sister Jen were waiting, weapons in hand. Sarah leveled Emily in the abdomen with her chair, then Jen handed Katie the sledgehammer she brought with her, loudly telling Katie “You’re with US, not HER, now prove it and finish her off once and for all!” Sarah held Emily on her knees, and for a moment, it appeared as though Katie would bludgeon Emily into a smudge on the mat, but at the last second, she instead turned and nailed Jen in her gut with the sledge, doubling over the leader of Triple B!

Sarah immediately attempted to wrest the hammer away from Katie, but the struggle allowed Emily enough time to regain her composure and attack Sarah, hitting her with the Ashes to Ashes (Lungblower Backbreaker). The crowd cheered loudly as Jen and Sarah rolled out of the ring, licking their wounds as Katie grabbed a mic and proclaimed “Let’s get one thing straight, ladies… I was NEVER with you! Emily showed me something that I’ve never seen from either of you - friendship! At Genesis, it’s not going to be a 3 on 1 Handicap Match, it’s going to be a Tag Team Loser Leaves PWA Match, Bound by Blood versus Emily Corlen and Katie James… or as you can call us from now on, Femme Fatale!” Emily and Katie then hugged in the ring as Jen shouted loud, network-censored curse words at the duo as the camera faded to commercial again.

Teresa Quaranta & Riona Langly vs Marvin Wood & Karina Cecillia

Team Angry Maybe Not Lesbian But Definetly Bi-Curious vs Team UK

The two teams take to their corners and debate over who is to start. Teresa starts off for her team prompting Karina to step forward for hers. Teresa toys with the situation in her head before moving for a lock-up, only to find Karina backing off. Instead she shakes her head and points toward Riona, garnering a reaction from the fans. Riona tags in and moves forward, prompting Karina to tag out and drop to the floor, smiling as the fans shower her with jeers.

Marvin shakes his head, steps into the ring and walks right into a takedown from Riona Langly, which ends up with her in his guard. Riona breaks the distance and tries to fire off some hits that Marvin easily manages to deflect. Riona then rolls back and tries for a Leglock, but Marvin uses the shift in way to get back onto his feet and on-top of Riona. Riona rolls but Marvin takes her back and looks for a Sleeper. Riona makes the telephone block and shoots a few elbows into his ribs and manages to make the break. Marvin answers with a few elbows into her back as Riona gets into the ropes.

Marvin immediately breaks while Riona takes a few seconds to gather herself up, only to be caught with a shot from behind from Karina, who then moves out of reach before Riona can catch her. Riona considers following but Marvin cuts her off with a Double Axe-Handle shot to the back.

Marvin grinds Riona down and latches onto an arm, watching Teresa as he sinks in the lock. Riona fights out and lands a few hits, prompting Marvin to get back off the ground and push her into his corner, grinding a forearm across her face until the referee moves him back. Riona takes a second to breath, only to be jumped from behind by Karina, with a chokehold over the ropes. Marvin silently disappears as he watches from over the top of the referee, but still makes a point of holding him off until Karina is done.

Marvin moves in on Riona again and peels her off the mat, putting her into the ropes and taking her down with a shoulder block. Marvin then bounces into the ropes, only for Karina to tag herself in. Marvin scowls but backs off, allowing Karina to leap in on the attack, gleefully firing off shots at Riona. Karina gets her off the mat and then back down with a Snapmare, setting her up for a straight kick to the back that rattles up her spine. Karina then flattens her out again, holding her down with a foot in the throat while making the tag back to Marvin.

Marvin comes back in and drops a knee across her stomach. He then follows up with a Bodyslam and Fist Drop for good measure. He then goes for the pin but only gets the two, prompting him to get her back off the mat in a Headlock. Riona fires off a few elbows into his side and then pushes Marvin off into the ropes. Marvin comes back and puts Riona down with another shoulderblock. Marvin smiles down on her and hits the ropes again, but Riona refuses to stay down, fighting back to her feet and dodging a Yakuza Kick. Marvin turns on a dime but so does Riona, smashing him with a roaring Elbow in the jaw. Marvin falls back to his corner and so does Riona, both of them making the tag.

Both teams partners come off the ropes very slowly, walking towards the center of the ring as the crowd intensifies. Karina and Teresa move towards each other, softly jawing back and forth. Finally, they come within arm's reach of each other and -

nothing happens.

Karina grins widely and backhands her, drawing loud jeers from the crowd. Teresa licks her lips and takes a deep breath as Karina slaps her a second time, pointing down to the canvas, trying to get her to throw the match. Teresa slowly sinks to a knee - and sweeps her legs before folding her into a matchbook pin.

Two count.

Karina kicks up and throws a temper tantrum before tagging out to Marvin Wood, who has had about fifteen seconds to take a breather. He gives Karina a very cross look but slowly climbs in the ring and throws a front kick - Teresa catches it and drags Marvin to the ground, turning it into a kneebar, showing a technical adeptness that we rarely see from the #1 contender. Wood grits his teeth and pushes Teresa's back. Once that doesn't get any traction, he sends elbows to a soft spot on her ribs. After three or four elbows, Teresa jumps off of Marvin and lands a jumping elbow to Wood's chest. Wood winces and tries to make the tag to Karina -

Teresa catches Marvin's arm and pulls him forward, flipping into the air and kicking him down with the Compass Rose. Wood gets up, and Teresa hits him with the move again, and then a third time! She goes for a cover and just barely misses the three count as Wood tries to roll away. Teresa hits Wood with a series of sharp kicks to the thigh - The Purist winces and tries to return fire with a low kick of his own, but Teresa scores with a roundhouse to the skull.

She drags Marvin to her corner and makes the tag to Riona, who hits Wood with a series of rapidfire chops. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine-

Wood ducks the tenth chop and presses her in the corner, then Riona reverses the press, winds up, and hits him with a very loud TEN. Riona tries to sweep Marvin, but he adeptly sidesteps the takedown and whips Riona hard into the corner, knocking her into Teresa, who tumbles off the apron and lands hard on the outside stairs. She lets out a loud yell as her ribs hit the steel and Wood rolls her into a pinning predicament.

1 -

2 -


Marvin stumbles off of Riona, and raises his hand in victory. Karina quickly takes the oppurtunity to attack Riona even before she rises, pummeling her with right hands. Marvin watches this with a raised eyebrow, and then leaves the ring with an amused expression, posting up by the barricade on the outside. Karina pulls Riona up to her knees and lands the Divine Right, putting Riona pretty close to out of things before leaving the ring and grabbing a microphone.

Karina Cecilla: You silly, silly children. Riona, did you think you had a choice in what you'd be doing at Genesis? Or any power at all over MY choices in this or any other company?

Karina rolls a table into the ring and unfolds it.

Karina Cecilla: You know what you'll be doing at Genesis? You'll be reading the deluxe, thousand page edition of Hop on Pop while eating your meals through a straw.

She lifts Riona up and the crowd cheers as Teresa rolls into the ring, fixing her rival with an exhausted expression. Teresa steps forward and pulls Riona away from the violence - Karina smiles and applauds for a few seconds and then lashes out - going for the Divine Right. Teresa blocks the nerve strike, and flattens her with a hard knee.

Karina gasps and keels over, and Teresa strikes her again and again and again, then winds up and lands a devastating kick to the ribs that folds her over - then comes off the ropes, bashing Karina with a sliding knee to the head. The crowd cheers as Karina crawls on the ground - getting the first taste of comeuppance she's recieved since coming to PWA. She finally reaches Teresa, crawling up and grabbing her by the calves and gradually pulling herself up. Teresa's expression softens, and she extends a hand down to Karina, despite loud boos from the crowd.

The booing quickly turns to cheers as she pulls Karina into a butterfly lock. Karina lets out a loud yell as Teresa tightens the hold and throws her back, shaking the ring with the Process of Illumination. Karina's pretting much out of things as Riona slowly makes it to a corner. Before anything else can happen, Lisa's voice comes up from the ramp.

Lisa Seldon: Hey look, it’s my roster, who I just came out here to talk about. How fitting.

A smile.

Lisa Seldon: I’m not going to beat around the bush here since this is already the worst kept secret in all of wrestling, but as of tonight I will no longer be working with the PWA. Instead, I’ll be heading up Victory, the AoWF’s newest promotion, and I’ll be taking all four of these guys with me.

Lisa hints toward the ring.

Lisa Seldon: That said, I’m still in charge tonight and booking one more match at Genesis. Which, after some serious deliberation, I have decided will NOT be Karina taking on Riona.

The crowd boo, unhappy as Riona is once more denied her revenge.

Lisa Seldon: See, as much as I’d love to see Riona get utterly destroyed at the biggest PWA show of the year, I figured if I was going to be putting out what will essentially amount to a live execution of a star who was never anywhere near as good as she thought, I want it to be on my show. So instead, I’m putting her against Marvin, just like he asked, because if I can’t get to see her spirit get broken right away, then I might as well at least get to see him break her body.

The camera cut to Riona, looking expectedly down on the situation.

Lisa Seldon: And the Karina match? Well, I guess we’ll see what surfaces at Genesis. Until then, toodles.

Lisa waved and left everyone in the ring to get back to their carnage.

Mark Zout and Ryan Ross vs Chamelion and David Blazenwing

The Super Friends vs The Not All That Super Friends

Back from commercial, we find the Renegade Souljahs heading to the ring as Eric Emerson announces them. They enter, going to their corner to confer as Emerson next announces David Blazenwing. He comes out with Emily Corlen by his side, and they talk for a moment before Blazenwing finishes the walk to the ring by himself. He stops at the apron, looking into the ring at the Souljahs as ‘Come With Me’ plays and Chamelion is announced. Enjoying a moment on the stage, Chamelion then walks casually down to the ring, stopping a few steps shy of Blazenwing. The two stare sternly at each other before Chamelion walks up to Blazenwing and says something. A nod in return and the two enter the ring and take opposite corners to play to the crowd.

Chamelion then steps outside the ropes, with Blazenwing starting the match for his side. On the opposite, it’s Zout starting with Ross going out to the corner. Blazenwing and Zout lock up, with Zout taking advantage and whipping DB into the ropes. DB flies out and ducks a clothesline attempt, bouncers off the opposites and hits a clothesline of his own. Zout drops, but gets right back up, only to get hit with another clothesline. Zout rebounds and ducks a third attempt, and answers with a knife edge chop. DB falls but rights himself into another knife edge chop. DB falls and jumps up, ducks a third, hits the ropes and comes back to meet Zout with a shoulder block that both men attempt. The crowd roars as Zout and DB stand there in the middle of the ring, nodding to each other. Both then back up to the ropes and run, but it’s DB with the advantage, ducking Zout again and returning with a spear. Zout clutches his stomach and rolls over to tag is Ross.

DB smirks and turns and holds out his hand and Chamelion slaps it, coming into the match. Ross and Chamelion circle each other before they lock up. Chamelion turns Ross’s arm around into an arm-bar, holding it tight as he wrenches it upwards. Ross drops to a knee, flips around and comes up to reverse the arm-bar on Chamelion. With a twist, Chamelion turns and drops to his knee, gets his shoulder under Ross’s chest and heaves him up and over into a fireman’s carry. Ross, however, doesn’t let go of the hold and flips Chamelion to the canvas with him. Chamelion shifts his weight to get to his knees, and Ross tries to cross his legs over the arm of Chamelion but Chamelion uses his position to flip Ross to his stomach. Breaking free, Chamelion floats over and applies a headlock on Ross as he lays helpless on the canvas. Ross gets to his knees, hits two elbows to Chamelion’s stomach to break the hold and then dashes to the ropes. He comes off, but is met with a knee to the gut by Chamelion and lands on his back.

Chamelion runs to the ropes, comes off and goes for a knee to Ross’s face but Ross rolls away and Chamelion hits canvas with a thud. Ross tags in Zout, who scurries in before Chamelion can right himself and takes him back down with a chop block to the knee. Zout then takes control of Chamelion, keeping on the knee, trying to take out his vertical base. Chamelion finally manages to clip Zout in the head with an enziguri and makes the hot tag to DB, who runs in with a clothesline on Zout. Ross comes in for the save but DB takes him down as well. DB turns but the distraction allows Zout to hit a stunner on DB but as he does, Chamelion gets his legs back under him and connects with an S.O.S. Super-kick on Zout, and he falls like a rock into his corner. Chamelion stumbles to his corner as Ross tags himself in, and attacks DB. Ross goes all out with punches and kicks, putting DB down. The ref has to pull Ross off of DB at one point, and Ross climbs to the top and comes soaring off with a top rope leg drop. DB rolls away, and Ross hits nothing. Ross rolls around painfully as DB makes the difficult tag to Chamelion. Chamelion stops DB from leaving and says something to him. DB nods and both men take up positions on opposite sides of Ryan Ross. As Ross stands, DB shuffles forward and hits the Full Affect Super-kick on Ross and Ross spins around right into Chamelion’s S.O.S. Super-kick and Ross drops flat to the canvas.

DB exits the ring and Chamelion comes over and tags him. DB is surprised, but accepts the tag, gets into the ring and covers Ryan Ross for the 1-2-3. As DB stands to get his hand raised by the referee, Chamelion shuffles his feet and clips DB in the side of the jaw with the S.O.S. before leaving the ring, a big Cheshire Smile on his face. As he walks up the ramp, the lights suddenly blink out. When they return, Ryan Ross is gone, disappeared, and Mark Zout lays in the same spot Ross was with a black mask over his head. DB crawls to the corner, pulling himself to his feet, giving Chamelion a dark smile, knowing full well all bets are now off, going into Genesis.

Scott Nash Strader vs Matthew Engel

Super Showdown of Epic Proprtions! Plus Jethro Hayes!


The bell sounded and Virus and Strader went at it immediately. Hayes remained as far away from the action as possible, but was still calling the match as even as possible. Scott started the match off hot, nailing Virus with repeated strikes and slams. Virus would make a key reversal on a powerbomb attempt from Strader, turning it into a hurricanrana after nailing Scott with some big punches. Engel used his speed and agility to cut Scott down and bring him to his knees, but Scott fought back with raw strength and gave Virus a chokeslam he'll never forget. Strader then took to stomping Engel as hard as he could, even going for a pinfall. But after Virus kicked out after a 2 count, Strader tried to end it and score the victory with the Memory Remains, but Virus struggled out of it and landed behind Scott, taking down the near seven footer with a reverse DDT. Both men laid on the mat for a few seconds, then Virus came to life. Strader shortly after came to his feet. They tried going blow for blow, but virus loses that battle 9 times of out 10. Virus stopped the street fight and went into the ropes, bouncing off with a spinning heel kick and connecting. Scott was knocked back, but not down. Engel tried for a superkick, but Scott would dodge it and then hit Engel with a devastating roaring elbow. Scott would try for another pinfall, but Engel would kick out. The crowd was going crazy as these two veterans and long-time rivals were giving each other everything they had.

Unfortunately, right before Strader was about to continue his assault, Jethro Hayes got involved and nailed Strader with the Plow! Strader was knocked so hard he went through the ropes, landing on the apron and then hit the floor on the outside of the ring. Engel was getting to his feet, disappointed with Hayes' involvement. Hayes wouldn't call for the disqualification, instead he asked Engel to finish Scott off and win the match.

All Engel did was shake his head, decling Hayes' assist and a sure victory. Engel would walk out of the ring and head backstage, forcing Hayes to count both Strader and Engel out.

Winner: Draw due to Double Count-Out

Strader would come to on the outside and go after Hayes, but security (oddly enough they were punctual) got involved quickly and kept the two giants separated. Heated words were exchanged, and the stakes were raised a little higher for their match at Genesis XI.

Enika Engel vs Rayn

Crimson Cup Round Two! Someone Gets Really Hurt Again! And There's A TV Title On The Line!

In a super fantastic main event full of exploding boards and… more exploding boards, Enika Engel was able to topple Rayn, but not without taking considerable damage herself (landing on a thing that blows up isn’t fun at all you see).

Never the less, Enika Engel was able to claim yet one more decisive win, sending her to the final of the Crimson Cup and putting her one step closer to three defences of the PWA Television Title.