World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick




Life from nothingness.

The beginning of all.

On this night, one will rise to stand above all others.

Achieving their own Genesis.

Championships defended, challenges striving to overcome the odds on the biggest stage of them all.

A years passing, waiting, itching to be in this moment for one purpose only.

To be champion.

To reach Genesis.

To BE the Genesis of all that is to come.

Simon Kalis against Teresa for the PWA World Championship.

Matt Stone against Duff for the PWA Intercontinental Championship.

Ash Nukem against El Gringo Tonto for the PWA Grizzly Beer Championship.

The Phoenix against Enika Engel for the PWA Television Championship.

Challenges who will stop at nothing, Champions who know what it’s like to be the best.

Yet, among all those who strive to reach, or maintain their spot at the top, others seek to prove themselves against the nay sayers.

David Blazenwing


Jethro Hayes

Scott Nash Strader

Matthew Engel

Lucious Starr



Names entrenched in the history of the PWA, each with a purpose.

Tonight, some will claim the golden ring.

Some will be buried under the weight of defeat.

This is Genesis.

Where it all begins.

And where it all ends.



To the beginning.

Pyros then shoot off, as the scene opens on the PWA Dome in St. Louis, Missouri and the home of Genesis XI! We shoot to ringside with our announcers, Brian Rentfro and Jon McDaniel.


Brian Renftro: Oh yeah! Every year I get chills when I hear that! Genesis, where we began! We’ve made it twelve years to this point, and we have so much happening tonight!

Jon McDaniel: That we do, Brian! We’ve also been told that because of our amazing card, and all our matches, we’re heading to ringside immediately! Let’s get this show on the road!


Jon McDaniel: This match is odd at best ladies and Gentlemen. The confused and slightly deranged alter ego of Ryan Ross has come back to fight longtime friend and now apparent enemy Mark Zout, For reasons we cannot fathom.

Renfro: You know what I think this is just Ross’s way of taking out his frustrations on his former tag team championship partner. Ross is a guy that will do anything to win but Zouts new line of competition BS. Has finally pushed him over the edge. I hope he exacts every bit of revenge possible.

Jon McDaniel: I forgot, playing fair wasn’t a part of the winners hand book Brent.

Brian Rentfro: I knew you’d no know thing about it.

Eric Emerson: This match is a qualifying match for the WHO’S THE MAN TOURAMENTTTTTTT! Introducing first from Seattle, Washington by way of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, he is part American, part Canadian, and all heart. He is MARKKKK ZOUTTTTT

The lyrics begin, and Mark bursts out from behind the curtain. He sports new Green and Black tights with sick-looking kickpads. This author felt it was very important to include just how awesome these kickpads are. He raises both arms in the air, drawing a positive reaction from the Marks in the audience.

Where are the people that accused me
The ones who beat me down and bruised me
They hide just out of sight
Can't face me in the light
They'll return but I'll be stronger

God, I want to dream again
Take me where I've never been
I want to go there
This time I'm not scared
Now I am unbreakable
It's unmistakable
No one can touch me
Nothing can stop me

Mark slaps the hands of his fans as he runs down the entrance ramp until he dives into the ring, between the bottom and middle ropes, rolling afterward. He stands in the center of the ring, arms raised.

Sometimes it's hard to just keep going
But faith is moving without knowing
Can I trust what I can't see
To reach my destiny
I want to take control but I know better

God I want to dream again
Take me where I've never been
I want to go there
This time I'm not scared
Now I am unbreakable
It's unmistakable
No one can touch me
Nothing can stop me...

Mark is handed a microphone from a ring technician. He waits patiently for the crowd to quiet down before speaking.

Zout: Last week the world witnessed something I myself thought would never happen. After our match – a hard fought battle comprised of blood and sweat – after two years of ups and downs… After kidnapping a bear from the freaking zoo… After everything we’ve been through together Ryan Ross stabbed me in the back. He laid me out with the FuturePlex and slipped a Dos Cara mask over my lifeless body.

Zout: I spent this last week doing a bit of soul searching. I considered the possibility that perhaps I did something to wrong this man. Perhaps I stole the spotlight, or drank the last Grizzly Beer. Something… Anything! I wanted desperately to give Ryan the benefit of the doubt. I was, unfortunately, reaching for straws.

Zout: Ryan, the entire time we worked and lived together – all the times you called me broseph and we cracked a couple beers together – that that was just a load of bull, wasn’t it? You’ve always been jealous of my talent. I know it now. You’ve been trying to hold me back, and I wouldn’t put it past you to have thrown our match last week. Well, it’s real easy to sabotage your best friend when you’re keeping him in the dark about it, isn’t it? I’m not in the dark anymore, Ryan. Your lies can’t affect me anymore.

Zout: Tonight, Ryan, I get my shot on you one on one. Tonight you’re going to face me – whether you’re behind that mask or not. Tonight, Ryan, it’s all coming back ten fold. Get your ass out to this ring right NOW so I can end you like you ended our friendship!

Eric Emerson: Introducing his opponent he now hails from parts unknown, he is the man with two faces. He is DOSSSSSSS CARAAAAAAAA!

The lights dim and then shut off. Camera flashes light the arena, as bulb after bulb erupt with light and dim down to darkness once again. Freedom fighter by creed starts to play as a single spot light flashes down on to the stage. Freedom fighter hits the chorus as it starts to repeat as if the track was skipping and with little warning the track changed into Monster by Skillet. Dos Cara Now appeared in the center of the spot light seemingly coming from nowhere. He walks with anger as the bass lines boom the speakers. Dos makes his entrance to the ring and quickly charges the unprepared Mark Zout, Dwayne Cross calls for the bell as the match is underway.

Jon McDaniel: Well looks like Dos is going right with the winners handbook and starting this contest off with a cheap shot.

Brian Rentfro: You’ve never read the winners hand book, you’ve never won anything in your life.

Dos swings his fists like hammers into Marks prone face. Mark stumbles back into the corner with his hands covering his face As Cross gets in to break the two men up. Dos cautiously steps back a few feet to let mark out of the corner.

Brian Rentfro: Come on cross why’d you break that up before it got good.

Mark took a few steps out of the corner but was quickly met with a swift kick to the guts. Mark doubles over in pain as dos lifts him back to a standing position repelling him backwards off the ropes and whipping him hard across the ring. Mark runs from one end to the other bouncing off the opposite set of ropes and flying back at break neck speeds. Dos moves in for a hip toss getting himself in a ready position. Mark runs right into it, flipping high into the air and over rotating landing perfectly on his feet. Mark turns quickly hooking Dos’s arm and dragging him to the mat.

Jon McDaniel: Nice counter into and arm drag by Zout it looks like he recovered from the beginning of the match beat down.

Renfro: you’d like that wouldn’t you.

Mark rolls to his feet and turns as Dos jumps to his feet and charges. Mark quickly dropped to the mat hooking his opponent’s arm again whipping him to the mat this time holding on with an armbar. Dos slaps at marks hand but does nothing to loosen the hold that his foe has on him. Dos rotates his body getting to a kneeling position, then to a knee. Mark pulls on his arm but Dos just uses the momentum to regain his feet. The two men stand in the center of the ring Mark holding the armbar tight as Dos flips forward roles backwards and the jumps to his feet holding Mark in a wrist lock of his own. Mark Zout rips at Cara’s hands to break the hold but to no avail. Mark turns and lifts Cara’s arm over his head pulling down hard. Mark breaks Dos’s grip turning back around quickly putting Dos in a wrist lock. Mark smirks as Dos moves his leg in between Marks and pushes him backwards knocking him to the mat.

Brian Rentfro: Dos may lose the upper hand but Mark just can’t seem to hold it for long, I guess the competition is just too much, HA, HA, HA.

Dos points at his head as he turns to the ropes getting a head of steam and charges them. He rebounds hard and fast turning towards his down foe leaping into the air and landing hard on Zout with a senton. Mark grips his stomach in pain as Dos moves off of him and goes for a quick cover.
One t—NO Mark lifts his shoulder up after a short one count. Dos quickly scoops up Marks head and wraps his arms around it. He squeezes tightly, Mark reaches up to some unknown object or person, trying to find energy to escape the hold.

Dwayne Cross leaps to the matt checking Mark for a submission. Dos releases the hold realizing it won’t win him the match. Dos throws his opponents head on the ground. Marks skull bounces off the mat. He grips it in pain as he rolls to his stomach. Dos lifts his foot and drops it down hard on marks back. Mark lifts his head and lets out a little moan. As Dos stomps him again and again.

Jon McDaniel: Mark needs to catch a second wind here or this won’t end well for him.

Brian Rentfro: Either way it won’t end well for him Jon.

Dos lifts Mark off the mat slowly savoring every moment but he gets met with a stiff shot to the stomach. Dos moves backwards slightly as mark slams his fist into his foes stomach again. This time Dos releases his grip on his opponent as Mark delivers another stiff shot to the stomach. Then he smashes his fist straight into Dos’s masked face. Dos covers his face. Mark lifts his foot and kicks Cara square in the chest, knocking him to the mat hard. Mark with a burst of energy rockets himself across the ring rebounding hard and fast off the ropes. Running towards his now downed opponent he leaps into the air and rolls across Dos’s body. Mark uses the momentum to roll back to a standing position. He then jumps into the air and flips backwards attempting to crush Dos with a standing moonsault. Dos pulls his knees up hard and fast cutting knocking the wind out of Mark.

Brian Rentfro: That little burst of energy didn’t last long.

Jon McDaniel: Dos made an instinctive move and it cost Mark Zout.

Mark Rolls to the mat clutching his aching ribs. Dos rolls back to his shoulders moving forward quickly and nipping up to a standing position. The fans boo loudly as Dos taunts them pointing to the downed Souljah. Dos walks over to Zout grabbing his hair and pulling him up slowly. On his feet now mark clutches his rib as Dos pulls him towards his knee and Mark crashes hard into it. Mark clutches his ribs as Dos Front face locks Mark and lifts him off the ground snapping him hard back first on the mat.

Jon McDaniel: that snap suplex had a little something extra on it.
Mark arches his back as Dos gets to his feet and moves to the corner. He lifts himself to the top and leaps leaning backwards but Mark Zout rolls out of the way and Dos crashes to the mat. Both men lay gathering their wits as Dwayne Cross starts the count.



Mark starts to stir.



Dos rolls to his stomach.



Mark gets to one knee.



Dos hops up breaking the count. Mark reaches his feet moments later looking at Cara with enough time to duck the closeline. Mark turns quickly and strikes Dos In the face rocking him backwards. Zout pulls his fist back a second time and rocks Cara again. Dos stumbles back as Mark leaps into the air and delivers a nice Mexican dropkick. Zout gets to his feet, as dos stumbles back to a standing position. He gets met with another dropkick. Dos falls to the mat rolling to the floor trying to regain some of his composure. Mark rolls to his feet looking for his foe that he instantly realizes, is now outside. With a head of steam mark hits the ropes bounding off and reaching the other side with speed and ease he leaps over the middle rope spinning midair and crashing hard into Dos’s unprepared body. Both men hitting the matting on the outside as the fans cheer with vigor.

Jon McDaniel: Whoa look at that ode to Nirvana. That flat lines Dos’s chances I’d say Rentfro!

Brian Rentfro: HUMF!

Mark Gets to his feet slowly, and rolls under the bottom rope getting in the ring and raising his arms. The fans go bananas. Dwayne Cross walks over to the ropes and starts the count.


A masked man hops the barricade and slides under the bottom rope.


The masked man grabs Mark in a reverse face lock and lifts him up and drops him connecting in a futureplex.


Dos gets to his feet as the masked man rolls under the bottom rope and under the ring.


Jon McDaniel: Did you see that who was that man in the Dos Cara mask?

Brian Rentfro: Does it matter it was Dos Cara!


Dos Rolls into the ring as Cross turns to see the downed Zout. Dos runs over for the cover. Dwayne hits the mat.

Jon McDaniel: NOOOO




Dos picks up the cover for the three count.

Jon McDaniel: Zout was cheated here tonight folks by his former friend and partner Ryan Ross this is disgusting.

Brian Rentfro: He did what he had too, he used the winners hand book.

Young Love


Johnny Maverick pulls Maya Kalis into an abandoned area of the arena.

Maya Kalis: Got something freaky planned, stud?

Johnny Maverick: Kind of. Well....yes but not for here. I've been thinking a lot lately.

Maya Kalis: That's never good.

Johnny Maverick: Actually, I think this time it might be.

Maya Kalis: Alright, I'm ready.

Johnny Maverick: I love you. I know that sometimes it seems like I don't care but I love you. I realize I have a lot of flaws. I have a bit of an ego, I... look, my brother told me I need to start taking my life seriously and you know what? I think he might have been right. I wanna fix that, now.

Johnny gets down on one knee.

Maya Kalis: Oh my god I'm getting really wet Johnny babe... YES!

Johnny Maverick: Wow, I didn't even ask me?

He takes out a ring that he definitely spent some good money on.

Maya Kalis: I thought you were gonna tongue me but yes... YES!

He slips the ring on her finger and the two share a heated kiss.

Johnny Maverick: Tell you what. After my match and announcing my tag partner. let's go do something crazy, hot, and possibly in public.

Maya Kalis: Totally.

Maya sounded like both an excited little girl and the ferocious sex-kitten she is. Johnny plants a small, sweet kiss on her forehead.

Johnny Maverick: I love you, you crazy whore.

Maya Kalis: I love you too, you smarmy, violent asshole.

He grabs his two tag belts and walks away, shooting a lingering glance and smile at Maya before he disappears from view. It's at this point that Rayn steps out from behind the shadows with another man who is cloaked by a long draping hood.

Rayn: Maya, I need to talk to you.

Maya turns around a bit startled.

Maya Kalis: Why? And who the fuck is that?

The man in the hood smirks before pulling it back and smiling.

Masakazu: Who do you think?

Maya screams in excitement and rushes over to give Masakazu a big hug and kiss on the cheek.

Maya Kalis: Adrian! I haven't seen you since you went to Thailand to to do coke off whores tits!

Masa blushes and scratches the back of his head.

Masakazu: No I went there for more training...

Rayn pushes himself inbetween the two siblings.

Rayn: That's besides the point. You've gotta get out of here Maya. Your father has some crazy plot like he usually does, but it involves you and Johnny.

Maya looks up at her uncle confused.

Maya Kalis: So dad's finally gonna try to strike back huh?

Masakazu: Pretty much. Come on, sis.

Masakazu extends his hand and smiles.

Masakazu: We gotta go, get you to safety.

Maya scoffs.

Maya Kalis: I can take care of myself, ya know?

Rayn: Not when your dad has lost his marbles.

Masakazu: He's finally revealing the FCF tonight. He's been waiting until Genesis to do it. He was expecting me to help beat you down in front of Johnny.

Masa smirks.

Masakazu: Obviously got another thing to show that asshole.

Maya Kalis: Fine. Let's go.

She grabs Masa's hand and begins to walk away with him but stops to look back at her uncle, Rayn.

Maya Kalis: Thanks.

Rayn: Don't mention it, kiddo.

She nods and Masa winks at his uncle as he takes off with Maya. Rayn walks off and winks towards a partly opened locker room door as he passes by. The door slowly creaks open but we fade back to ringside...

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for a spot in the Who’s The Man!? Tournament. Introducing first, CODY BOGARD.

he lights suddenly dim down as the opening intro to Dragon Storm 2007 plays. Once the intro finishes and goes into the main theme, smoke emerges from near the entrance way.

A figure emerges from the smoke, standing while looking at the fans as he stands in the shadows. The figure is seen as strobe lights go off to reveal Cody Bogard posing at the entrance way. Cody makes his way to the ring.

Mizukara no ishi de sono tobi tataki
Mizukara no ishi de sono tobira wo hiraku
Taka naru mune no kodou wo Osae kurezu ni
Kokoro ni himeta Tsuyoi toshi wo moyasu

Cody makes his way over to the ring, springing up to the ring apron, climbing the turnbuckle and posing with his arms open in a pose.

Kanayaku daiya no Genseki no youni
[Itsuka wa hikari wo hanatemasu youni...]

Cody jumps from the turnbuckle as he thrusts his arm into the air to a hail of cheers.

Yume no tobira wo hiraku Erabareshi senshitachi
Kagirinaki kanou sei wo Sono mune ni idaita mama
Mizukara wo shinjite tsudoishi nakama wo shinjite
Hatenaki "yume oi bito" wa Ashita e no michi wo iku dake

Cody takes his time to prepare for the match as the theme fades out.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent…

The lights through the arena dim down as green lazers and spot lights fill the arena as an erie instrumental begins to play across the speakers. Only moments after the musical notes begin playing, a melodic voice begins to sing the opening verse.

)My pain filled drama queen is always screaming at your bed
Getting ready to buy you out
'Cause we all know
What goes around comes around
You should've known what I was all about
Do not test me(

Rayn steps through the curtain, walking into a fixed spot light on the stage. He drops to a knee for a moment, appearing to be praying. Then as the angelic voice begins singing the chorus be stands back to his feet, raising his arms above his head.

Eric Emmerson: Making his way to the ring, he weighs in at two hundred thirty two pounds...

)Cause I'm the fucking king of the world
Get on your knees
I'm the fucking king of the world
Do as I please(

Daniel starts walking to the ring slowly, the fans giving a mixed reaction to the new attitude of their former hero as he looks out at the croud, his face telling the people nothing.

Eric Emmerson: He's a former eight time world heavyweight champion, The Acidic Prophet...

)So get up and get out and I'll show you
What it means for me to control you
'Cause I'm the fucking king of the world(

Rayn slides under the bottom rope, standing in the ring and quickly walking over to the nearest corner. He steps up onto the middle turn buckle, raising his arms above his head, crossing them at the wrists o make an "X".

Eric Emmerson: HE IS DANIEL KALIS!!!

Rayn hops off the turn buckle, walking to the opposite side of the ring and climbing up onto the ropes, bouncing on them a little as he raises his right arm above his head, using his lef as support to balance. The croud continues to give a mixed reaction, just a slight bit more cheering for him than not. He pulls his jersey off and tosses it out into the croud, his new "King of the World" shirt on display as he waits for the bell.

Bogard and Rayn meet in the center of the ring and Bogard launches the first attack, taking Rayn to the canvas with a well timed hip toss. The younger Kalis brother is quick to his feet and hits a sharp lariat on Bogard. Bogard immediately strikes back with a big fist to the back of Rayn's head, sending The Acidic One stumbling forward into the ropes. Bogard goes for a reverse powerbomb but Rayn flips himself over Bogard and Russian leg sweeps Cody off of his feet. Rayn rolls away and gets to his feet as Bogard pulls himself back to his feet as well. Rayn charges and slides down onto his back to avoid a big boot from Cody, but as he dodges that, Cody counters his counter and simply drops his elbow hard on the sliding Rayn and nails Rayn in his throat as he slides forward. Rayn clutches his throat as Bogard lifts Rayn up by his long hair and chucks him into the corner. Bogard rushes and slams his body against Rayn, crushing Rayn against the turnbuckles. Bogard backs up and as he does Rayn throws a swift thrust kick into Cody Bogard' inner thigh. Bogard grimaces but keeps the pain in check. Rayn hops up onto the middle rope with his feet and jumps off, grabbing onto Bogard and spinning him around for an incredible DDT that plants Cody Bogard to the canvas hard.

Jon McDaniel: Great back and forth fighting going on in the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Lots of stake here, a chance to become ‘The Man’ of the PWA!

Rayn jumps up, showboating and Bogard takes this moment of distraction and grabs Rayn, wrapping him up in his armpit with his face in the armpit. Bogard lifts Rayn up into the air for a suplex but drops vertically into an awkward piledriver that sends Rayn shaking in the ring. Rayn holds his head and bangs his feet on the canvas as he buries his head in his arms and hair. Cody is back up on his feet and begins climbing the top rope. The fans stand up as Bogard flies off with a leg drop! BUT Rayn rolls out of the way on instinct and Bogard lands hard on his ass and legs. Rayn flips himself in one fluid motion off of his stomach, onto his back and sends a devastating thrust kick into Bogard' face sending the big mans full body to the canvas. Rayn jumps to his feet and begins stomping down on Cody's head, neck and shoulders. Rayn holds onto the ropes and thrashes his head as he stomps away on Bogard. The referee forces Rayn to stop after a few moments, but Rayn lands one more good kick in for measure.

Brian Rentfro: Just when you think he's down and out... He comes back to life. A true Kalis!

Jon McDaniel: And here I thought you’d be done with the sucking up to the Kalis men.

Bogard is helped to his feet by Rayn who drives his elbow hard into Bogard' skull as he gets to his feet. Bogard fights back! Bogard sends a strong fist into Rayn's gut. Rayn stumbles back, his body in shock from the hit. Then another hit forces Rayn to let go of Cody. Cody swings a uppercut up and sends Rayn flying into the ropes. Rayn comes bouncing back and Bogard nails him with a pump handle slam to the canvas. Bogard goes for the pinfall!




Rayn kicks out and spits in Cody's face. Cody wipes his face clear but Rayn is already rolls away and on his feet. Rayn with a flying forearm smash pushes Bogard back a bit. Rayn locks in a chinlock on Bogard as he gets Bogard to one knee. Bogard reverses it smoothly into a wrist lock, but Rayn follows up that counter with his own reversal and pulls Bogard into an arm bar. Bogard slaps his arm and turns himself around, latching onto Rayn and placing him deep in a waistlock. Rayn tries to use momentum and does, pushing himself up over Bogard and as Rayn slides over Bogard' head, Rayn lays Bogard down with a reverse DDT to the canvas. Rayn hooks the leg quickly!




Jon McDaniel: All this back and forth is making my head spin!

Brian Rentfro: Here, have a Grizzly Beer. It'll make you feel better.

Jon McDaniel: We can’t drink at ringside!? *pause* Can we!?

Rayn looks at the ref in shock but the ref holds up the two fingers confirming its just a two count. Rayn wastes no time attacking Bogard as he lunges forward with a fury of fists, catching Cody Bogard off guard. Rayn lands each left and right with Bogard unable to counter. Rayn whips Bogard into the ropes and bounces himself off the opposite ropes at the right moment, spring boarding himself forward and body splashing Cody Bogard except one problem... Bogard catches Rayn and spins him around, slamming his body against the canvas. Rayn is still much quicker to his feet than Bogard but before Rayn can do anything Bogard is up and nails him down with a belly to belly suplex. Bogard head butts Rayn as he lays on the canvas and grabs him by the neck, lifting him up and chucking him into the turnbuckle. Rayn winces as he holds his side in the corner but then rushes forward from the turnbuckle like he's on fire but gets nailed with a big boot sending him crashing to the canvas. Rayn hops back up but Cody with a clothesline takes The Acidic One down again. Rayn doesn't relent! He gets back to his feet and this time as Bogard goes for another big boot Rayn ducks, spins him around and kicks him in the gut. X MARKS THE SPOT! The crowd erupts as Rayn takes Bogard down with one of his signature moves. Rayn, exhausted and panting, throws himself over Bogard and hooks the leg.




Rayn can't believe it and gets himself to his feet, realizing the fight against Bogard is tougher than he expected. Rayn gets himself up and Bogard attempts to hip toss Rayn who lands himself on his feet and reverses the move, turning it into an arm bar on Cody Bogard. Bogard winces as he slaps the arm Rayn has locked up, but Bogard uses his strength to get himself free. Rayn goes for a quick swift kick but Bogard stops him, throws him against the ropes and as Rayn comes barreling towards him grabs him, spins him and brings him DOWN with a sit down powerbomb! The crowd can't believe it and Bogard drives his elbow into Rayn's neck for good measure, before hooking both legs.




Bogard is surprised as he looks down at Rayn as Rayn quickly rolls himself onto his shoulders, twists his body upwards and grabs onto Bogard' head with both his legs. Rayn inverts his knees inward, driving them into Cody's neck as he then slams Cody to the canvas, from the canvas. Rayn gets to his feet and salutes the cheering Pro-Kalis crowd. Bogard throws a heavy left hook which throws Rayn into the turnbuckle with force. Bogard charges Rayn in the corner but Rayn throws both of his legs up into Bogard' face sending Bogard stumbling back. Rayn props himself onto the apron and then springboards himself back into the ring, throwing a spinning mule kick which catches Bogard completely off guard and sends him to one knee! Rayn moves in, sliding Bogard between his legs to finish him off, but Bogard blocks and hits a back body drop. Rayn hits the canvas hard, and Bogard shakes his head as he turns. Rayn stumbles to his feet, and Bogard quickly locks him up with a double arm over hook, and with all the last of his power, connects with the Gemini Complex! Rayn is out and Bogard covers.





Eric Emerson: The winner of the match… Cody Bogard!!

Brian Rentfro: Bogard did it!

Jon McDaniel: Barely, but he’s overcome the odds.

Rayn falls out of the ring, angry and stalks up the stage as Bogard celebrates.

Lisa Seldon: Ladies and gentlemen we’re now ready for our next match, which is a special Victory Wrestling showcase! As such, you get me! But not just me, because as this is a special occasion, you’re also getting my favourite brother… Joe!

Joe BoXeR: Favourite?

Lisa Seldon: Well, I’m sure if Matt was here I’d tell him the same. I don’t like to play favourites you see, gotta treat everyone equally.

Joe BoXeR: I see…

Lisa Seldon: Anyway, to the match, where the future of this community clashes… with Riona Langly. What a treat!

The match starts similar to their last, with Marvin taking the upper hand in a Collar-and-Elbow tie-up and pushing Riona back into the corner. He then winds up a Chop but Riona ducks under and lights him up with one of her own before crunching him with an Elbow. She then darts back out of the way and lets him bear down on her, where she takes him down with a Drop Toe-Hold and then rolls straight over him into a North-South position. Marvin moves to power out, but not before Riona can reach under and tag him with a few punches before he gets back to his feet.

Lisa Seldon: Riona with a few cheap shots. That being her major.

The two end up standing but Riona holds on, putting a knee into his ribs before Marvin pushes her onto the back foot. He slides her towards the ropes and then arches back, taking her off her feet and over the top of him, before slamming her hard into the canvas with a Northern Lights Suplex. The referee moves in to count but Marvin rolls through before he gets a chance, landing on top of her and landing in an Armlock while digging his knee into her shoulder.

Lisa Seldon: And now Marvin fights through and lands Riona in a hold. Impressed?

Joe BoXeR: Yes actually. I’m sure he’ll make a great opponent.

Lisa Seldon: Make great amounts of money? I hope so.

Marvin tries to wrench on the move but his loose base allows Riona to arch up and twist back over onto her feet. Marvin comes up with her but Riona drops back into an Armdrag. The two jump up again but Riona is there first and smacks him with a Dropkick that puts him into the corner. Riona rushes to follow with an Elbow but Marvin ducks it and catches her underarm. Riona then hangs there as Marvin marches out to the centre of the ring and tosses Riona across it with a Release Uranage.

Lisa Seldon: And Marvin hurls her clear across the ring.

Riona tries to get up again but Marvin drives a knee into her side to knock her to her back. He then grabs Riona by one arm and lifts, dragging her onto her feet and then up into the air, where he holds her for a precious few seconds before pulling her back down, jarring her shoulder. He then steps under her arm and kicks out her leg, dropping her face first into the mat where he begins looking for a Fujiwara. Riona feels it coming though and rolls onto her back, allowing her to kick her off before scrambling back into a corner to get her bearings. Marvin steps after but Riona gets her feet up, only to have Marvin push them aside and leave her hung up on the top-rope. Marvin then secures a Hammerlock behind her back while bringing her up onto his shoulders, holding her in place with the Argentine Carry while keeping on the hold.

Lisa Seldon: An impressive display of strength.

Joe BoXeR: Creative too.

Lisa Seldon: I mean just being able to lift fat ass at all there is impressive. But doing it, holding her in the air for that long and pulling her arm out of its socket? I know I’m a fan.

Riona refuses to give in, prompting Marvin to push her off and let her come down hard on top of her arm. Riona pulls it out from under her where Marvin catches it again, pinning it down at the wrist under one foot before dropping a knee into her Elbow joint. Riona calls out in pain and tries to swat him with her free hand, but Marvin keeps his knee buried to hold her at bay, applying some pressure before quickly jumping out of her range.

Joe BoXeR: Marvin keeping her down but Riona is still in it.

Lisa Seldon: Hopefully up until the point where he tears off her arm and fashions it into a hip necklace.

Joe BoXeR: I’m sure you’d be all over that on eBay.

Riona gets up but Marvin catches her with a Single-Leg, but Riona manages to maintain her balance and pull them back into the ropes. The referee tries to break them up but Riona takes care of that herself with an Elbow to the back of his head. This causes Marvin to back away, but as Riona steps from the ropes, Marvin puts her back with a push kick, sending her out to the apron. The referee chastises him for putting Riona to the outside, but Marvin pays him little attention and turns back to Riona, walking right back into an Elbow square in the jaw.

Joe BoXeR: And she’s right back in it.

Riona shakes her arm, clearly aching every time she lands a blow, and giving Marvin some time to recover. Riona then races for the ropes and pushes herself up, but Marvin is there first and runs up their front, catching her as she lands, grabbing hold of her arm and taking her off the top with a huge Armdrag, that splatters her across the ring with a sizeable thud. Riona meanwhile rolls away, clutching at her shoulder.

Lisa Seldon: Oh can you feel that joint bursting. Least she can.

Marvin follows her into the corner, catching a leg and throwing it aside, allowing him to drop down over her and land a few forearm shots of his own. The referee urges them out of the corner and Marvin is happy to comply, dragging Riona out by her injured arm and then dropping a leg on top of it. Riona bites down before a scream can be heard, but this does little to ward Marvin from the attack, as he locks her arm between his legs and then rolls over onto his front to apply some pressure.

Lisa Seldon: And now he’s really working it.

Joe BoXeR: You’re really enjoying this aren’t you?

Lisa Seldon: Well it’s just so nice, sitting here with my brother and watching a master at work… as he rips off the arm of a person I’ve never liked. It’s wonderful, I love family time.

The referee moves to check but Riona refuses, prompting Marvin to go a little further, pushing up on his hands to bend the joint at an even stricter degree. Riona pounds the mat with her feet but she’s still far from done, even with Marvin cranking on the hold. Despite the pain Riona manages to fight back, getting afoot under Marvin and kicking out one of his arms to put him off balance. He falls and she manages to get away, jumping back to her feet and right on the attack with a leaping Roundhouse Elbow that sends Marvin reeling. Riona then follows up as Marvin is doubled over, charging in and lifting a kick up through his face, snapping him back straight and allowing Riona to jump past him with a vicious Neckbreaker. She then jumps on the cover.



Lisa Seldon: And the pain carries on.

Marvin kicks out, jarring Riona’s arm in the process. Never the less she drags him up off the mat and backs him into a corner where she nails a few Elbows with her good arm. She then whips him across the way but runs straight into a kick that sends her back. Marvin then stalks forward with a Shoulderblock that sends her across the ring. Riona rolls back to her feet and charges back at him, launching a Forearm at his face that rattles his jaw. It sends him back but Marvin manages to catch her with a kick in the stomach and then latches on to a Butterfly Lock.

Joe BoXeR: Double Underhook Suplex…

Marvin lifts Riona up for a Suplex, stalls at its height and then releases an arm, allowing him to fall down into a Juji-Gatame that brings the fans to their feet.

Lisa Seldon: And boom! What a transition!

Riona locks her hands and holds on for dear life, but Marvin fires away, smashing his leg down across her face until she finally lets go, and then drags back with the Armbar, eliciting a scream from Riona the moment he cranks it on.

Lisa Seldon: And it’s all over except the screaming. Lots of it if we’re lucky.

Riona frantically kicks her legs and desperately struggles for the ropes but Marvin keeps her grounded and locked in the hold. The referee is in her face but Riona holds out, begging to reach the ropes. She starts to move and this is when Marvin really cranks on the hold. But Riona perseveres, holds on and drags herself to the bottom rope. Marvin holds for four, but is forced to break the hold. The crowd begin cheering Riona on.

Lisa Seldon: Fickle Riona loving bastards.

Joe BoXeR: No one likes Riona but it’s hard not to get behind her in a match like this.

Lisa Seldon: Didn’t she cripple the spare brother? As if I don’t have enough to not like her for already.

Marvin then drags Riona up by her injured arm and whips her towards the ropes. He then falls back into the ones behind him and launches an STO, but Riona ducks under his arm and rolls into a School Boy pin.



Joe BoXeR: Two and nothing!

And Marvin kicks out onto his knees, but Riona lights him with a kick in the face and pushes him back onto his feet. She then reaches one arm around his neck and prepares to snap back with the Tourniquet, but Marvin kicks her leg out and puts Riona onto a knee. Marvin then steps back and charges for a step-up knee, but Riona rolls through and springs back to her feet. She then launches a Superkick but Marvin steps aside and waits for her to turn before launching a jaw crunching Lariat. Again though Riona ducks and hits the ropes, springing up to the second and then throwing herself back, catching Marvin around the head and drilling him with a Snap DDT that lifts the crowd once more. Riona then tries to capitalise, moving to crawl, but instead she falls flat out, unable to get a hand over his chest.

Joe BoXeR: And they’re both down. Now it’s just a question of which of them wants it more.

Lisa Seldon: No actually I don’t think it is.

The crowd begin to boo as Karina Cecilla picks this particular moment to stalk down the ramp, slowly surveying the ring, picking out her target. She slides belly first into the ring and then rises from the mat, looming over Riona Langly with meaningful intent. She then moves in for the kill, but can’t help but notice as the fans begin to cheer.

Joe BoXeR: And the cavalry.

Teresa slides into the ring as Karina bails out, and backs away as Teresa yells down at her. Teresa then turns around to check on Riona, and walks right into an STO from Marvin Wood. Meanwhile Karina slides into the ring.

Lisa Seldon: Well this is picking up all of a sudden.

Joe BoXeR: If you say so.

The referee does his best to regain control, but Karina drags Riona back to her feet and then knees her in the chest. She then steps back and throws a Spinning Backfist, but Riona ducks, causing Karina to crack Marvin across the jaw. Karina looks surprised, but not quite as much as when Riona smashes her with a Roaring Elbow, sending her across the ring.

Lisa Seldon: Gayed!

Riona then turns, nails Marvin with a kick and buries him with the Tourniquet. She then leaps into a pin.




Joe BoXeR: And Riona snatches the win.

Lisa Seldon: I’d say stolen myself.

Riona clambers off of Marvin as Karina comes off the mat. She then launches another elbow at her but Karina kicks up and smashes Riona in her hurt arm. She staggers away but Karina latches on and hammers her into the mat with the Air Raid Crash. The fans being to boo. Marvin meanwhile gets back to his feet, rubbing his jaw and looking thoroughly irritated. He stamps down on Teresa for good measure.

Joe BoXeR: Well this is a waste.

Lisa Seldon: Really, I’m quite enjoying it.

Joe BoXeR: What, the gangland beating?

Lisa Seldon: Well, it might not be fair but whatever is. Of course, maybe if you knew a fine upstanding guy who’d be willing to step in and lend a helping hand to the needy. Not to mention really selling himself and perhaps getting a leg up in the standings with his new company, in which all of this people happen to preside.

Lisa flutters her eyelashes and gets a sigh from Joe. Still, not one to be called out, Joe rises to his feet, throws off his headset and slides into the ring, much to the joy of the fans.

Lisa Seldon: Now it’s a party!

He goes first after Karina and smashes her with a Clothesline. He then turns to Marvin and locks to whip him across the ring, but Marvin grounds himself and spins into a back elbow, only for Joe to duck, catch him under arm and lift Marvin into the air. He kicks his legs but it gets him nowhere as Joe goes for the Great Bazaar. However he gets cut off as Karina returns to the action, blowing dust in his eyes and causing him to drop Marvin. Joe then drops Marvin and ducks another Backhand shot from Karina, who decides instead to take a powder. Joe then ducks another STO attempt from Marvin, who in turn dodges out of the way of a Yakuza Kick through from Teresa. Marvin then decides, with the odds heavily out of the favour, to slide under the ropes himself.

Lisa Seldon: What a shame. If only we knew a person who could take some money/interest from this whole occasion. I wonder who.

We’re then left with three stars in the ring, two on the outside and the fans on their feet, desperate for the action to go on. It’s all for naught that as the two on the outside separate: Marvin marching up the ramp and scowling all the way, while Karina points out her two targets in the ring, gives them a smile and then departs herself. We then cut out from the ring.

Divided We Stand

Jon McDaniel: Wow, this night has barely got started and it's already shaping up to be one of the most exciting nights in PWA history

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, that's YOUR opinion.

All of a sudden we hear 'Shame On A Nigga' by System of a Down Ft. RZA begin playing and the crowd erupts in cheer as 'The Sadistic Sex Symbol' Johny Maverick steps out from behind the curtain, a tag title on each of his shoulders. He smiles out at the audience as he strolls to the ring casually. He walks up the stairs and hangs one tag title on the ring ropes before stepping into the ring and taking off his aviator sunglasses. A member of the ring crew emerges and hands johnny a microphone and Johnnys music dies down.

Jon McDaniel: Presumably, Johnny is finally going to pick his new tag-team partner here tonight.

Brian Rentfro: Man, I hope he picks me. We'll be the best team of ladies men of all time! Don't worry Jon, you can have our throwaway trim.

Jon McDaniel: I'm so honored.

Johnny Maverick: I've had a lot of questions running through my mind for the past few days. How can I make my brother forgive me? How am I going to win the REBEL World title? How does Matt Stone still have a job? How much fun is it going to be to send him packing without the Intercontinental Title? How am I going to wrangle my fiance, Emily Corlen, and David Blazenwing into a four-way? Why is the sky blue? Do I know the muffin man?

The audience laughs as Johnny continues on his spiel.

Johnny Maverick: BUT! There is one important question that has been looming over me. Who am I, Johnny Maverick, going to make my new tag partner AND tag team champion. This is not an easy decision to make. As we all know, my former partner was my little brother Ollie. Ollie is off to some fancy new wrestling company and I wish him all the luck in the world. As far as options go? Well.... let's see. I could call up Jacob Figgins, reform the insanity and product placement that was CHAOS THEORY.

The crowd pops at that idea.

Johnny Maverick: OR I could call up another little brother of mine. That Geek Gary may deserve another shot and I'm sure everyone here wants another chance to roll for the MAVERICK INITIATIVE!

The audience cheers at this idea, a camera actually manages to find a fan in the audience with a 'BRING BACK GARY MAVERICK' sign. On closer inspection, that fan is Gary Maverick.

Johnny Maverick: Hell, I could make Marina Blue, Teresa Quaranta, Meghan Nash Strader, and Riona Langly fight over it. Maybe in Bikinis..... in a big tub of tapioca pudding...

Johnny stares off in the distance for a moment before shaking himself out of it.

Johnny Maverick: I'd totally do it if I could ignore the fact that they would all kill me. Easilly. Hell, I wouldn't even struggle. Plus, Tapioca is one of the few puddings you can't make instantly. We'd need to buy a LOT of snack packs.

The audience laughs.

Johnny Maverick: Alright, I'm going to save this idea for when I have something else that hot amazonian women might want. The fact of the matter is that I want to give this belt to someone who has never been given their chance to shine. That is why my new tag partner, and the NEW Tag team champion is... Ash Nu-

All of a sudden, Johnny is interrupted as the guitar rifts open up to "Death Rides A Horse" by Ennio Marricone plays. Johnny instantly drops his microphone and tag belt and pulls a pair of chrome knuckles out of his pocket and slips them on. The crowd immediately roars in boos as...


Pyros begin to shoot off towards the entrance in an arch over the entrance.

Eric Emerson: It is my sincerest honor to announce the arrival of your PWA Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion to GENESIS XI!!!!

Simon Kalis steps out already in his black FCF wrestling gear, with OUTLAW emblazed on his left leg and KALIS on the right. He taps the PWA World title over his waist as he steps through the pyros and exhales the smoke from his mouth and nostrils.

Eric Emerson: Accompanied this evening by former PWA Chaos General Manager and one half of the longest reigning PWA Tag Team Champions of ALL TIME.... Tamika Nash Strader!

Tamika steps out, the large Versace shades hide her eyes but she's casually dressed in a black FCF tee and jeans as she wraps her arms Simon Kalis atop the entrance ramp. She recieves a mixed reaction of boos and cheers, some fans still unsure of what she's doing with Simon Kalis.

Eric Emerson: He is SIMON KALIS!!

Johnny rolls his eyes in the ring at the elaborate entrance.

Jon McDaniel: Simon's obviously got something to say here.

Brian Rentfro: Rayn and Masakazu did warn Maya that he had some sort of devious plan waiting for Maverick.

Simon Kalis: My son...

The crowd boos and Maverick has already entered a fighting stance, waving his chrome knuckled fists and waiting for Simon to make a move.

Simon Kalis: Is that any way to behave before your future father in law?

Simon and Tamika hold hands as they begin slowly walking down the ramp.

Simon Kalis: I think you may want to cut out the tough guy act, Johnny. The piper has come for his due.

Simon smirks as Tamika and he stop just in front of the ring.

Simon Kalis: You've been a thorn in my side for far too long. You've made two attempts to end my career, you've fucked my daughter in my house in my bed and on top of it all you've made a mockery out of the Kalis legacy itself.

Johnny just shrugs it off and says something inaudible towards Simon.

Simon Kalis: I have held my blade sheathed from you for far too long, Maverick. The chickens have come home to roost...

Simon points to the ADCTron and we see images from outside the arena. Mavericks eyes widen and his jaw drops as we see Masakazu points inside the trunk of his Audi A8. Inside we see Maya bound, gagged and bleeding.

Simon Kalis: The key word here is that you have TRIED to ruin my career. You have TRIED to ruin my life. You've been playing a cat and mouse game with me since I came to the PWA and I have never truly engaged you in it. Now I won't just try to ruin your career, Johnny. I will. I won't just try to ruin your life, Johnny. I. Already. Have.

Maverick lowers his fists as over the ADCTron Masakazu slams the trunk shut. Masa hops into the car and speeds off, burning rubber in his wake. Simon walks up the steel steps as he's seranaded by boos and sits on the middle rope as Tamika steps in, smirking. Simon steps into the ring and taps his eye patch, the FCF emblem emblazened over it.

Simon Kalis: Don't worry Johnny boy, she'll be fine. Truth be told I'm having her sent away to be put into rehab for her drug abuse issues. The same sort of issues you allow her to carry out. I mean you want to start taking your life seriously? You should start by learning how to be more than a good lover... But also how to be a good friend and husband.

Simon steps right into Maverick's face and is literally nose to nose with him.

Simon Kalis: Your life sincerely begins anew tonight, Johnny boy.

Simon grabs Johnny's head with both his hands, balancing the microphone in his right. He stares menacingly into Johnny's eyes and kisses him on both cheeks before stepping back.

Simon Kalis: You're as family now. With that in mind it's time you learned your place in this family. And so Johnny Maverick... Kneel before your patriarch.

The crowd boos and Maverick looks around with blank emotion in his face. Tamika points to the ground and taps her foot, expectant as much as Simon is.

Simon Kalis: You wanna see Maya again, don't you?

Maverick bites his bottom lip as he falls to one knee. Simon reaches into his back and grabs the hanging t-shirt that was tucked into his tights.

Simon Kalis: Remove your shirt, Johnny.

Johnny looks up angirly and does as commanded, the crowd watches on and the boos drown out thought itself.

Simon Kalis: Put the new one on.

Johnny mutters curses under his breath as he slides on the new shirt. Simon motions him to rise to his feet and the crowd boos as we see Johnny wearing a t-shirt with the First Class Felony emblem.

Simon Kalis: Welcome to the fam, boy.

Simon smirks as he points down to the canvas.

Simon Kalis: Now I believe you dropped something of yours.

Maverick picks up the PWA Tag Team titles and throws both over his shoulders. Simon shakes his head.

Simon Kalis: Guess who's your new tag partner, partna?

Simon snatches one of the PWA World Tag Team titles and throws it over his shoulders, laughing.

Simon Kalis: Ladies and gentlemen! To the thousands in attendance and the millions watching all across the world! WELCOME! Your NEWWWWW PWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!


Brian Rentfro: Ahahahaha HE IS! HE IS!

Simon throws his arm around Maverick.

Simon Kalis: Johnny Maverick! Simon Kalis!

Kalis pats Johnny on the back but it's obvious to everyone that Maverick is in shock and utter disbelief at what's happening.


Simon forces Johnny to pose with him for pictures from the crowd, but their facial expressions couldn't be more opposite.

Brian Rentfro: YES! YES! The tag team titles have finally found their way BACK to their rightful owner! ALL HAIL SIMON KALIS!

Jon McDaniel: Oh get your face out of his ass for a second, Brian. This is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my life.

Brian Rentfro: Simon Kalis! Making history tonight folks!

Kalis climbs the turnbuckles and embraces the booing crowd as he holds up the PWA World title in one hand, and his half of the PWA Tag Team titles in the other. Maverick looks on and can't believe it.

Jon McDaniel: The only thing this does is ensure Simon walks out of Genesis a Champion. But let's hope he's just a tag champion by the end of the night.

Brian Rentfro: No way! He should enter that Grizzly Beer title match and try to just triple crown himself right now!

Simon Kalis straps the tag title on his waist and then the PWA World title over his waist, overlapping the two titles as he and Tamika make their way out of the ring. Or at least they're about to, except Simon stops and smirks. He picks the microphone back up and points at Maverick. Maverick looks down at his chest and sighs as the FCF emblem flashes back at him. The crowd BOOS heavily as Rayn jumps the barricade from the fans and grabs a steel chair from ringside. Rayn, wearing a First Class Felony shirt proudly.

Simon Kalis: One last thing Johnny boy. Like I said, this isn't the Order. This is more of a loose alliance of friends, good guys, bad guys and everyone inbetween. A gang... if you will. And do you know how gangs do things?

Johnny rolls his eyes as Rayn swings the chair and cracks it over his head.

Simon Kalis: We do initiations!

Simon whips the microphone at Maverick and Rayn swings the chair repeatedly over Maverick's back and head. Simon stomps down repeatedly on Maverick and he's now bloodied and bruised in the ring, the crowd booing loudly. Rayn and Simon embrace in the ring, laughing hysterically with each other! Tamika rolls her eyes, but smirks fondly.

Brian Rentfro: Ah those silly Kalis brothers! The double double double triple cross! HAHAH!

Jon McDaniel: This is sick, vile and disgusting.

Brian Rentfro: I know. Johnny's being really ungrateful right now and it makes me sick.

Jon McDaniel: That's NOT what I meant.

Brian Rentfro: Look at it this way. Johnny's got the best possible tag team partner he could've ever hoped for! To think he was probably about to say Ash Nukem! HAH!

Jon McDaniel: I'm not even going to comment on that pile of BS you just said Brian... This is a dark moment in the PWA's historic tag team titles.

"Black and Yellow(FCF REMIX)" by Wiz Khalifa hits as Tamika, Rayn and Simon make their way up the ramp happy as can be as EMT's rush to check on Johnny Maverick who is completely out of it in the ring...

Jon McDaniel: "Despite what Enika said earlier this week, this match has the makings of an instant classic, Brian."

Brian Rentfro: "Really? You think so? I'm rather compelled to agree with Enika, Jon. Two years ago, this could've been a headlining bout... but now it seems rather last minute, and we'll be lucky if The Phoenix even bothers to show up tonight."

Jon McDaniel: "I've got word that he's in the building, so I highly doubt that's the case."


Eric Emerson: "The following match is scheduled for one pinfall or submission. And it is for the PWA Television Title! Introducing first, hailing from Tuckers Town, Bermuda..."

The opening guitar riff to "Firefly" by Breaking Benjamin cuts in, which cues a few swirling pink lights from the stage - no pyro's, no bullshit.

At the eleven-second break mark, Enika Engel steps out from behind the curtain to something of a positive reaction; with her fiancé Dustin "Thunderwolf" Kelser following in suite; which brings in even more fanfare. Her attire consists of a pink zip-up hoodie - left unzipped, with the hood up over her head - overtop of a white ribbed belly shirt with a black "Exit Music" emblem in the middle, rotated 35 degrees; along with a pair of white booty shorts with the name "Firefly" across the back of them, black fingerless mesh gloves, and lastly a pair of white, w/ pink fur, ankle boots. She looks out to the crowd - a smug smile drawn from ear to ear - as she takes a few seconds to let it all sink in.

### You my friend, you're a lot like them...###
### But I caught your lie, and you know I did... ###

As soon as the opening verse kicks in, she makes her way down the entrance ramp - Thunderwolf following in suite ...

### Now I'm lost in you... ###
### Like I always do... ###

She keeps going until she reaches the bottom, her eyes now taken away from the fans, and aimed down towards the ring, she pauses for a moment....

### And I'll die to win... ###
### Because I'm born to lose!###

As soon as the chorus gets ready to kick in, large pink blasts of pyro begin firing behind her, her budget a little more substantial since the last time she was around for this song and dance...

### Firefly! ###

She throws her head back (thus removing the hood from her head and in turn revealing a white skull cap underneath) and sways her shoulders before throwing a balled fist into the air, cueing a few more blasts of pink from behind her. The ring announcer drowns out the lyrics...

Eric Emerson: "She stands 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 140 pounds.. The FIREFLY.... ENIKAAA... ENGGGELLLL!!!!"

She quickly makes her way from the bottom of the ramp, to the ring apron itself...

### Could you shine your light?###
### Now I learn your ways, 'cause they're just like mine. ###

Dustin puts a hand on Enika's shoulder and says a couple of words, followed by a quick kiss for good measure...

### Now I'm justified ###
### As I Fall In Line ###

Which leads to her non-chalantly lifting herself up and rolling under the bottom rope, before springing back to her feet via kip-up.

### And it's hard to try ###
### When they're open wide! ###

She goes to the bottom set of ropes, and leans over, pointing to a few of her friends in the front row - giving them and the camera man a bright, white, gorgeous smile. She soon retreats to her corner and mentally preps for the upcoming bout.
Jon McDaniel: "You've got to wonder if she's even in any sort of shape for this match."

Brian Rentfro: "What, are you trying to say she's fat?"

Jon McDaniel: "No! Of course not, I'm saying after what she's been through during the Crimson Cup tournament over the past few weeks, one has to think it's taken a toll on her body."

Brian Rentfro: "She's an Engel, they're a rather corn-fed group of individuals."

Jon McDaniel: "This much is true, on raw talent one would have to give her the odds in this match-up."

Brian Rentfro: "Yeah, but look at what she's up against tonight. A true pioneer of this organization. He'll do whatever it takes to get a check in the win column."

Jon McDaniel: "A cheater, through and through. I can't remember ever seeing him win a match clean."

The lights in the PWA Dome go out, leaving the arena in total darkness. Carl Orf's "Carmina Burna" starts to play. Thunder cracks in the arena, complete with lightning effects. Hooded men come out with torches and light more torches all along the stage and ramp area, then leave. As the music reaches a crescendo, the cry of a bird of prey fills the arena and the outline of a giant flaming bird appears above the ring. It flies down towards the stage, hitting at the entrance with an explosion. When the crowd's vision clears, a large pile of ash is where the bird was. With the lightning effects getter brighter and more frequent, a figure rises slowly out of the pile of ashes. The cry of the bird of prey is heard again and the arena lights snap on as "The Final Countdown" starts.

Jon McDaniel: "Did his sponsorship with Guinness end?"

Brian Rentfro: "I'm not entirely sure, but this is Genesis - and..."

Thunderwolf makes his way over to the announce booth, and picks up a head-set.

Thunderwolf: "And this jack ass is still using my father's theme music. I've got half a mind to run up the entrance ramp and knock his teeth down his throat on premise alone."

The Phoenix finally comes out - to a enormous chorus of boos. He takes it all in as if it's nothing, a wild array of pyrotechnics going off behind him.

Brian Rentfro: "Where is Dalton these days anyway?"

Thunderwolf: "Happily retired, probably rolling over in his bed at the thought of this yokel disgracing his legacy like this."

Robinson reaches the bottom of the ramp, smirking up at Enika Engel - simply in the best shape of his life.

Jon McDaniel: "So instead of being over here with us, don't you think you should be over there watching your wife's back? Phoenix never has played by the rules, after all."

Thunderwolf: "I practically had to beg her to let me come out here with her in the first place, she likes building her own legacy."

Jon McDaniel: "Yeah, but you know yourself what the Phoenix is capable of. He cost you the PWA Heavyweight title against Psycho Sandra a number of years ago, that has to leave a bitter taste in your mouth."

Jumping up onto the Apron, Phoenix is met with even more boos - taking it all in, because to him, this meant a job well done.

Thunderwolf: "He's an embarrassment to himself and and an even bigger embarrassment to everyone that surrounds him. You see, once upon a time this man had a vision - but somewhere along the way Mark Sommers got in his head and corrupted him. It's a shame too, because he could've went down as the greatest promoter this side of..."

Brian Rentfro: "Dalton Campbell?"

Thunderwolf: "Shawn Twilight. My father is the best, and don't you doubt that for a second."

After a moment, Phoenix stretches his back over the ropes - before putting a leg between the middle and top rope, making his way through.

Eric Emerson: "Standing at six-foot even, and weighing in at two-hundred and thirty pounds... he is... THE PHOEEEEEEEENIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The Phoenix then takes center stage - striking a pose in the middle of the ring. Enika takes a few steps out of her corner, rolls her eyes and...


Is immediately met by a standing-side kick from the Phoenix!

Brian Rentfro: "Shades of Styx there, Dustin."

Thunderwolf: "Shades of everyone and their mother, there, Brian."

He follows up with a cover, but it's much too soon in the match as Enika throws a shoulder up. They're both up to their feet immediately and circling one another, this ends in a grapple that sees Phoenix forcing Enika into the corner. He throws a knife edge chop heavy into her chest. He goes for another, but she side-rolls out and sweeps his legs out from under him, landing him face first into the turnbuckle. It isn't enough to really do much damage, but it buys her enough time to get to her feet and grab him with a from-behind arm drag, immediately followed by both him kipping up and her bouncing off the ropes - following up with a high-angle missile dropkick that takes him down, and ends in a flip and a roll on her end.

Jon McDaniel: "She certainly has him on style points, if nothing else."

Thunderwolf: "If nothing else?"

Brian Rentfro: "Yeah, look at him taking sides."

Jon McDaniel: "Really? You're really going to go there?"

They're both up once again, and Enika hits a clothesline that bounces off of Phoenix's neck, he growls and stomps - then runs off the ropes and hits Enika with his own clothesline which she manages to withstand as well, albeit knocking her to the ropes... one more time Phoenix takes to the ropes and goes running in...

Jon McDaniel: "Enika pulls the rope down! Phoenix goes flying!"

Brian Rentfro: "But Phoenix held onto the ropes... he has Enika by the head, and brings her neck down hard against the back of the ropes!

Thunderwolf: "It's going to take more than that to take her down."

Enika grabs at the back of her neck as Phoenix smiles on towards her, hopping to the top rope in one fluid motion. Enika turns around in just enough time to drop to the ground as he comes diving off in a cross-body formation...

Brian Rentfro: "What's she..."

With one hand on the ground and he rest of her body pushing forward into the air, Enika lifts her left leg up in a hard, spinning, motion - clipping The Phoenix right in the face.

Thunderwolf: "Martelo-do-Chão! She just killed Rob Robinson!"

Robinson lands with a violent thud, Enika hooks a leg...





Shoulder up!

Jon McDaniel: "Enika almost takes Rob Robinson's head off, but it's too early in the match!"

Brian Rentfro: "Shades of Angelus Dellanuite there, with that mix of Capoeira."

Thunderwolf: "Really? You're just going to ignore the fact that I'm sitting here?"

Brian Rentfro: "Sorry."

Phoenix, with a slightly bloody lip now, pushes to his feet, where an already waiting Enika swings out with a wild roundhouse kick, connecting with nothing but air and opportunity. Phoenix grabs her by the neck and comes down hard with a snapping neck breaker. He's immediately back to his feet and bounces off the ropes, hitting her with a forward, borderline kicking boot scrape to the forehead. He bounces off the ropes again and slows down his pace, walking across her face, putting all his weight down as he walks. The crowd greets this with a chorus of boos.

Jon McDaniel: "Very unsportsmanlike."

Thunderwolf: "Neither is getting thrown into an exploding board - this is nothing."

He holds his arms out to the side as he finishes his step. Enika, crawls to her feet, and in a semi-dash, chop blocks his legs out from under him. She immediately grabs onto an ankle, twisting it with as much force as she can muster.

Brian Rentfro: "Ankle lock!"

He writhes in pain for a second, but just as surely crawls his way over to the ropes, the ref calling for a break.

Thunderwolf: "Funny, the guy can walk all over her face, but the second he grabs the ropes - ref is all over it."

Brian Rentfro: "Ref's totally in his back pocket, he totally said that in his interview the other day."

Thunderwolf: "We tend to not watch much from him you see, he's rather stale and stagnant."

Enika holds it to three before giving it a hard twist and forcibly pulling him back yet again. She wrenches on the ankle and drops down into a grapevine.

Jon McDaniel: "Not giving up whatsoever on this hold!"

Phoenix pounds the mat in frustration for around a half a minute. Using his upper body strength, he finds the strength to bring himself to the ropes yet again. This time Enika breaks. The ref forces her back, which is greeted by a 'fuck you' as she shoves past him and goes straight in for Phoenix again. He grabs at his ankle, but manages to get to his feet where they tie up once again. He whips her off and into the ropes with almost enough force to send her over, but somehow she manages to come back with a run, wall-climbing Phoenix in the process. As soon as she lands on her feet though, she's turned inside out with a devastating lariat that forces her into a full flip. Robinson isn't done though, as he pulls her to her feet again, this time by the hair, knocking her down yet again with a short-arm clothesline that he drops down onto his own knee, crashing her spine hard. He covers...

Jon McDaniel: "This could be it!"






As soon as the hand hits for two, Enika throws a shoulder up.

Pulling her up by the hair once again, he knees her in the chest. He grips hard into her scalp and follows up with a European uppercut, knocking her into the corner. He then proceeds to slap the taste out of her mouth, and utter something along the lines of 'bitch'.

Thunderwolf: "He does it again, I personally end his career."

He tries once again, but Enika blocks it and nails him square in the head with a thunderous elbow. This staggers him back again, but he clotheslines her back into the corner yet again. He then takes to climbing up the middle rope and pounding down with shot after shot into Enika's face. He lines up for one more, and connects, before hopping down. Enika slumps over into the corner. Phoenix drags her out just a little ways from the corner, giving her a hard stomp before he ascends to the top turnbuckle.

Jon McDaniel: "He's going to try and end it right here, going for the Ashes!"

Elbow drop... off the top...

...but he fails to connect as she rolls out of the way with time to spare. He crashes down hard as she's already to her feet, hopping over him in the process. She wily springs to the top rope, flips out, holds her legs in, pushes out and comes down with...

Brian Rentfro: "Standing on the Rooftops! Double-foot stomp! It's over!"

A quick cover...









Jon McDaniel: "Only two! She's not finished yet though!"

As Phoenix pushes to his feet, Enika goes running and bounces off the second rope this time, wildly swinging her body and a leg out, with the perfect amount of arc...

Brian Rentfro: "Ante up..."

Jon McDaniel: "No! He ducks it! Enika lands with a thud!"

Phoenix climbs over her prone body and locks on an elevated camel clutch in the middle of the ring. She starts to fade...

Thunderwolf: "She's small enough, she can get out of this."

Brian Rentfro: "I don't know man, he's wrenching down awfully tight!"

The ref checks Enika's hand... it drops once. He checks it twice... and her eyes pop to life. Her face completely red, she uses all of her lower body muscles to pull her legs out from under Phoenix. Phoenix in terms lifts up and has her down to her knees in a modified wrenching full nelson. She begins to fade again, or so Robinson thinks, as she quickly pushes to her feet. He loses grip of the hold which gives Enika enough time to hop into the air and come down with a jumping cutter. She tries for the pin...








Brian Rentfro: "So close!"

Robinson grabs a handful of tights just as he kicks off, putting Enika into a pinning predicament of his own...





Thunderwolf: "Not even close."

Enika throws Phoenix off of her, cart wheeling back to her feet. Phoenix and Enika meet back up in the middle of the ring once again - both wanting to end this thing quickly. A series of hard strikes follow as the two of them trade blows, kick for kick, punch for punch. Enika misses a roundhouse, which gives Robinson a chance to go for a sweep, which she hops over. An arm drag from Phoenix follows, but they're both back up again immediately. Enika hits a hurricanrana and holds it in for a pin, not even getting a one count. Another arm drag from Phoenix, but Enika's up just as quickly with a roaring elbow that staggers Phoenix backwards...

Brian Rentfro: "They want this thing to be over!"

No sooner than he says that do the lights go out.

Thunderwolf: "Jesus, what now?"

Around fifteen seconds go by before the lights come back on, the ref laid out...

Jon McDaniel: "Well there's one officiating crew member down..."

Brian Rentfro: "More importantly... look at who's in the ring!"

Out of nowhere, The Phoenix is taken down from a gigantic boot to the face.

Jon McDaniel: "Size fifteen! That's Project X! He's back!"

Enika's eyes go wide as she turns around only to be met with a size fifteen of her own. This of course doesn't stop there, as he immediately picks her up, and runs up the turnbuckle with her, almost with cruiserweight speed....

Jon McDaniel: "Thunderwolf's leaving the announce booth!"

His gigantic hand goes around her throat, and he comes off with a monstrous choke slam... crushing Enika's small frame to the mat.

Jon McDaniel: "The Probe! He just killed Enika!"

Thunderwolf, in this time, has managed to hit the top rope (not turnbuckle), and comes spiraling off, grabbing Project X by the neck and bringing him down hard with a 720 DDT.

Brian Rentfro: "Vapor Transmission!"

Project X lays there for a moment, slumped over as Phoenix tries to push himself to his feet... Thunderwolf the only one standing tall. He taunts Project X to get up.

Brian Rentfro: "Eight years ago, Genesis Five - Redux! We saw these two men battle for the PWA Intercontinental Title... and here we go again!

Project X lets out a roar and pushes to his feet quickly as Thunderwolf sprays him with an array of punches... before bouncing off the ropes and tackling/spearing Project X through the middle rope. The two continue to brawl on the outside, and up the ramp. On the inside, Enika is out... and Phoenix is up. He reaches down into his tights...

Jon McDaniel: "Oh come on, no Phoenix! Not this way!"

After a moment, Enika starts to stir. On the outside, Project X is laying some hard fists into Thunderwolf, backing him up the ramp.

Brian Rentfro: "What's that?"

Phoenix brings out a pair of brass knuckles...

Jon McDaniel: "History repeats itself. Ask Marcus Collins how this feels."

Enika is up, and charges in - only to be first hit in the crotch with the brass knuckles, dropping her to her knees, and then straight into the jaw. Blood goes flying out of her mouth as she slumps over.

Jon McDaniel: "Cheating bastard! Why?! This could've went down as a classic!"

He nails her one more good time in the skull before quickly trying to revive the ref. The fans shower the ring with trash as he throws his knuckles out into the crowd. There'll be a fine for that later. Phoenix lifts Enika up one more time... cradle piledriver.

Brian Rentfro: "The Flame! That's going to do it..."

Thunderwolf has managed to secure a chair from a fan in attendance, he swings it wildly - blasting Project X to the ground. Phoenix slowly crawls over onto Enika.





Thunderwolf makes it to the ring, realizing what had just happened.





He gets a hand on Phoenix, just a millisecond too late.


Eric Emerson: "Ladies and gentleman... you winner and NEW Television Champion... THE PHOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENIXXXXXX!!!!"

Jon McDaniel: "This is just ridiculous. The match had all the makings of something legendary, only to be squandered away by both Project X, and a cheating Phoenix."

Brian Rentfro: "The Phoenix said just last night, exactly what it was he was going to do. Whether that meant cheating or not, he was coming away with the television title."

Phoenix had managed to roll off of Enika quick enough so that Thunderwolf couldn't get a hold of him. He retreats up the ramp, but not before collecting his new prize, and spitting on Project X. On the inside, Enika, head abuzz, comes to... realizing that she had just lost the match. She pounds the mat in anger, as Thunderwolf reaches out his hand to pull her up.

Jon McDaniel: "We'll sincerely miss Enika Engel over here in the PWA, and we wish her the best in her future endeavors over in our sister promotion, Victory Wrestling!"

Brian Rentfro: "You don't have to sugar coat it. She stabbed us in the back, and so she in turn got what she deserved here tonight."

Jon McDaniel: "Funny, that wasn't the song and dance that you were parading around when Thunderwolf was over here."

Thunderwolf goes to help Enika out of the ring, but she pulls away for just a moment... despite her anger, she just wanted to take one last look out to the fans of the PWA, and in her own way, tell them goodbye. This is where she started her professional wrestling career after all, but she was on to the next phase. She exits the ring gracefully, throwing up a number one. Then in turn, she heads for the back.

Final Words of Warning

Backstage, we find intrepid reporter Bud Adams standing along side both Raizzor and Chamelion, the Krymson Dragons.

Bud Adams: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my distinct pleasure to have here next to me, two men who will be competing in very important matches here at Genesis tonight. The Chamelion and his brother, Raizzor. Gentlemen, welcome.

Both men nod.

Bud Adams: If I may begin with you, Mark. Tonight you make history with the first ever meeting between you and David Blazenwing. Are there any concerns going into this match?

Chamelion: Concerns? No. Tee’d off? A bit. Davey Boy got riled up in his last blog, deciding to hit close to the vest about how important this match is to him, and how he’s accusing me of thinking this is business. But the man forgot how I separated business and personal at the end. Business wise, he’s a competitor in the BWF, he brings in people, makes sales in the merchandise department and is an asset. But putting that aside, I told him straight up this match was personal. Personal because he stood against me with the Order of Chaos. Personal because he was an instrument in my possible fall as owner of the PWA. He thinks this is business? No, this IS personal. I go out tonight, and will stop at absolutely nothing to beat David Blazenwing, even if it costs me my soul. GOT IT?

Bud nods, and turns to Raizzor.

Bud Adams: Speaking of souls, tonight you seek to collect your latest victim. Marxx.

Raizzor: I am amused by Marxx’s belief I do not take this match seriously, or that I do not see it as important. While I downplayed the importance of Marxx’s reasons, in no way was I attempting to downplay the seriousness of this contest. This is Genesis, and that word alone should be the defining reason to showcase how important this match is to me. How important standing tall in the middle of the ring on this very night is. I will demonstrate this to Marxx, in no uncertain terms. When the moment comes, not only will I beat Marxx, I will demolish him. I will do so not only to prove to him how much this night means to me, but because I know it will take everything that I have, to keep that man down.

Bud Adams: So you won’t take this lightly, then?

Raizzor: I take nothing lightly. I faltered against Lucious, and tonight I will send the message back to him, and to those yet in my path that I do nothing lightly. Marxx, heed my warning, boy, your desire to beat me, to make a name for yourself, will not happen on this night. Someday maybe, but for now, say your prayers, make peace with all you need too, for the Darkness is coming to claim your soul, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. This, I Promise!

Raizzor drops his head, and Adams finishes.

Bud Adams: There you have it folks; two men with a mission, and opponents who’d better be at their very best. Back to ringside!

Máscara contra Cabellera, Lucha en Jaula (Mask vs. Hair, Lucha Rules Cage Match)

Eric Emerson: “The fallowing is a lucha rules cage match for the Grizzly Beer championship! Now in this match the loser will either lose his mask or have his head shaved bald!”

The Crazy Frog techno version of the theme from "Beverly Hill Cop" begins to play through the arena. As blue and red pyros begin to shoot all the way down the ramp, a wall of white explodes at the top of the ramp. As the fans begin to cheer loudly, out from the back walks four Fragdolls; four of the best gaming girls the world has to offer. As they line up, they all point to the back, and out walks Ash Nukem! Nukem has on a huge leather jacket, jeans, and sunglasses. He turns around to show an original NES stitched into the jacket with "Old School Gamer" stitched under it. Ash turns back and begins heading down the ramp, Fragdolls behind him.

Eric Emerson: “Introducing the challenger, weighing in at one-hundred and seventy-five pounds...Ash Nukem!”

Ash reaches the ring and walks up the ramp to the apron. He holds the ropes open as the four Fragdolls come up the ramp, and enter the ring. They each go to a turnbuckle and climb it, as Ash walks to the middle of the ring. He looks to his left, then to his right. Ash holds up an arm and points at each girl once, before throwing his arms in the air. At the same time, all four Fragdolls point above Ash. Suddenly, NUKEM lights up in Red and Blue pyro above Ash as the crowd goes nuts. Finally, the crowd calms down as Ash removes his jacket and glasses. One of the girls take them as Ash holds the ropes open for the girls to leave the ring.

Off to the side of the entrance stage an Aztec pyramid prop was wheeled in fallowed by several men and women dressed as jaguar warriors each with a microphone attached to their headdresses. They climbed up to different levels of the structure.




It was obvious at thing time that these people were Acapella musicians preforming the sounds of the instruments within El Gringo Tonto’s entrance theme ‘te quiero puta’ with their voices. Drums kicked in as they were raised from beneath the stage via a lift.

Not long afterward Gringo himself slowly was raised upward from the inside of the pyramid, he was dressed like Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec god of war and sacrifices, as shown by the feathers, cloth, cold and jewels that adorned his entrance attire. Around his waist the championship belt.

Eric Emerson: “And his opponent, from Mexico City, New Mexico weighing in at one-hundred kilograms, he is the Grizzly Beer champion El Grrrrinooo Tontooooo!”

He stood ominously on the top of the structure for a few moments before slowly descending the stairs, when he got to the bottom Gringo Tontocito was waiting for him there, dressed like a Aztec priest and bowing at his feet.

He made his way to the ring, up the steps. Fallowing shortly behind Tontocito, who opened the ropes for him. He took this time ones inside the ring to pose with his championship before removing his entrance clothing and giving them to a ringside official as well as the title.

The cage lowered slowly. It was round and did not fit perfectly with the square ring, the turnbuckle posts were snug against the cage walls but on each side there was a small semi-circle of space between the cage and ring, barely enough room for two men to fit (approximately 3-4 feet of distance). The door was shut, but not locked.

Jon McDaniel: “Those were some spectacular entrances from both men!”

Brian Rentfro: “I liked Gringo’s better. He didn’t need pyros!”

Jon McDaniel: “With the pyramid... Where do you even get a prop like that?”

Brian Rentfro: “Probably the same place Lisa Seldon got Johnny Maverick his world title.”

Jon McDaniel: “Ouch...”

Ding Ding Ding.

The two men approach each other and gringo began to inform his opponent of his inferiority, degrading Ash verbally. Being face to face Ash wasn’t going to take this so he would deliver a right hand to Gringo Tonto’s jaw, causing his body to snap to the side. This appeared to anger him more then anything as the luchador attempted a wild clothsline which Nukem ducked and ran to the ropes for a springboard cross body taking Gringo to the mat. He quickly stood up and ran to the ropes again only this time Gringo was up and waiting for him with a tilt-a-whirl attempt which was countered into an arm-drag that sent Tonto out of the ring under the bottom rope!

Jon McDaniel: “This match is off to a great fast-paced start!”

Brian Rentfro: “This is stupid! They have to fight for ten minutes before they can even try to leave! They should be conserving energy!”

Jon McDaniel: “I thought you’d enjoy this...”

As Gringo began to get up Ash ran to opposite ropes and came back with a suicide dive attempt, which conveniently for the current champ lived up to it’s name as Tonto moved out of the way causing Nukem to fly face-first into the cage wall!

Brian Rentfro: “I do now!”

Gringo took this time to pick Ash up and slide him into the ring before fallowing him in and locking in a side leglock.

Brian Rentfro: “aw man...”

Jon McDaniel: “You wanted smart Brian, this is smart. He can’t win with this hold but injuring the legs will take away from Ash’s fast-pasted style and make it harder for him to climb the cage!”

The hold was locked in tight but Ash wasn’t giving in, he was struggling to either get free or get his shot in at Gringo. Eventually he found just that as an opening was free though to deliver a kick straight to Tonto’s mask, breaking the hold.

Once off the canvas Ash delivered a kick to the gut fallowed to an attempted Irish whip to the ropes, which Gringo ducked under and pulled Ash into a side head lock. Nukem managed to back Gringo into the ropes and push him off and sending him running on the rebound Ash leapfrogged gringo waiting for him to come back but Tonto stoped himself on the ropes. Ash gave chase only to be backdropped over the ropes. Unfortunately for Tonto, Ash landed on his feet on the apron and springboarded off the top rope with a dropkick to the back of the champion’s head!

Ash with a pinfall attempt, but the outside officials reminded him that won’t get the job done here.

Brian Rentfro: “Idiot.”

Jon McDaniel: “Adrenaline mixed with inexperience. Nothing more, nothing less. He’s putting on a great performance thus far despite that.”

Ash went to the side of the ring to ask one of referees if the time limit was up but before he could even finish the sentence El Gringo Tonto snuck up behind him and connected with a back suplex.

Gringo slid under the bottom rope and asked for himself instead. The referee shook his head no. Tonto slid into the ring, grabbed Ash as he was getting up and connected with a northern lights suplex fallowed by a leg drop before sliding back out and asking how much time was left.

Scott Swindell: “Two minutes.”

Gringo reentered the ring and attempted to grab Nukem for another move but Ash swatted his arms away and connected with a dropkick that took gringo down for a moment, fallowed by another, and then another. On the third gringo was down and dazed more then the other two so Ash climbed to one of the top turnbuckles and delivered a missile dropkick!

Ash began to climb to cage in an attempt to escape, he wasn’t going to take the time to ask this time as he figured he’d just try his luck.

Gringo began to give chase up the wall of the cage not long after but wasn’t able to catch ash as he managed to get out thru the roof. Shame for him there was still a minute left so he had to return to the ring.

As he was climbing in Gringo had caught up to him. The two men were hanging upside down on the roof trading occasional blows until gringo managed to get himself between Ash and the cage, trying to force a fall by pushing him off with his body.

Luckily for ash his grip on the bars was very tight so instead gringo threw a back elbow, nailing Ash in the face, fallowed by another. On the third attempt at a teeth shaking elbow Ash managed to duck, grabbing Gringo’s opposite shoulder well letting go of the cage forcing both men to fall all the way to the mat with a Sensory Overload!

Crowd: Holy shit! Holy Shit!

Jon McDaniel: Sensory Overload! From all the way up there?!

Brian Rentfro: I’m not even sure who that fall did more damage to!

Both men were down but Ash was still able to barley leave the ring again to try another attempt at climbing but was grabbed by the ankle by Tontocito who was still outside the cage! The crowd was booing as this was happening but it also gave Tonto the time he needed get out and stinger splash Nukem against the cage bars.

Tonto began climbing the cage, making sure to step on Ash, who was on his hands and knees at this point for a boost adding insult to injury. Ash grabbed Tonto by the laces of his mask pulling him off the cage by them before delivering a kick to the groin, bashing his head against the cage then rolling him back in the ring.

Ash fallowed after him, attempting to deliver a running headscissors takedown to Gringo but amazingly all he managed to do was use his legs to pull off the mask!

Eric Emerson: “Ladies and gentlemen, Xan Vaxman has joined the match!”

Upon standing back up Ash and Xan stared at each other in shock, neither were really sure what to do. That is until Xan motioned to Ash to climb the cage!

Ash didn’t hesitate to do as he said and began climbing the cage. He was exhausted to he was hanging by just his hands because part way up the cage his feet slipped off the bars.

As he was hanging above the ring Xan held up his feet to make it easier for him. Then, with no warning Vaxman pulled him down by the ankles and right into the RuleBreaker!

Jon McDaniel: There’s no way he’s getting up from that! That’s one hell of a low blow!

Xan shrugged and began to head to the cage, with the intent to climb it and win the title for himself.

But just then a unknown masked man ran to the cage, hitting referees on his way and got into the cage.

Eric Emerson: “Ladies and gentlemen, This masked man has joined the match!”

The first thing he did was pull Vaxman off the cage and throw him into the ring before sliding in and picking up the Gringo Tonto mask off the ground nearby and putting it on.

Seeing this Xan went ballistic and began throwing right hand after right hand at the Masked Man, ones hard enough to knock out most men! Xan then grabbed the man by the head, twisted the Gringo mask and delivered one more of ‘his four best friends’, the last of which layed the man out!

Xan left the ring and climbed up the cage, when he got to the top Ash was starting to climb from the other side the two men where hanging and the masked man began to get up. With a kick to one of Ash’s shoulders he dropped right into the arms of the masked man, who threw him out of the ring and into the bars with a powerbomb toss!

Xan used this time to climb up and out of the cage.

Eric Emerson: “Your winner and NEW grizzly Beer champion... Xan Vaxman!”

Ash was down, and possibly in need of medical attention as the masked man climbed the cage and out.

The cage was raised. EMT’s were checking on Ash, but he barely managed both get up and to stagger his way over to the barber’s chair.

Xan, the new champion approached him. Electric razor in hand. He looked at it and put it on the announce tale before extending a hand to Ash.

Ash stood up, slapped Vaxman’s hand away, and gave him back the razor!

Ash Nukem: “I don’t want the easy way out! I lost, shave my head!”

Xan actual smirked at Ash for that. He couldn’t help but be impressed by his need to fulfil his obligation and be a good sport.

Not long after Ash was bald, he looked kind of strange but all the same he took it like a man. Now that it was over with he extended his hand, which was welcomed and shook by the champion before it was raised, despite his defeat.

Only Pain

Jon McDaniel: Hold on, hold on... I'm getting something from the back Brian. Apparently Enika Engel has been attacked in her dressing room.

Brian Rentfro: Geez, you don't imagine it was the midget do you?

Jon McDaniel: Let's find out. We have a camera ready to go right now.

The camera view flickers away from Jon and Brian at ringside and into pandemonium. We catch only the briefest glimpse of Dustin Kelser's profile, a wide trail of blood oozing down the side of his face, past his temple to his cheek, before his hand violently shoves at the camera lens. Our view rocks and shakes as the camera man is no doubt thrown off balance. In the background the sound of running water, a shower perhaps.

Thunderwolf: I'll fucking kill him! I'll kill all of them!

The loud pang of metal being hit is heard before our camera view finally steadies itself to refocus on Thunderwolf. Forehead to locker, hands resting against this same locker on either side of his head (one holding an iPhone), he pounds his head lightly against the metal. Not loud enough to repeat that initial pang, but he does beat out a steady and hollow sounding drum. Just the thud of head on metal and the pattering are the rooms only sounds until he speaks again.

Thunderwolf: How the fuck could I be so stupid? I just... I just...

The camera view starts to swing away from Dustin, slowly panning across the modest sized dressing slash locker room. Which seems large enough to comfortably serve three to four people, but tonight was only being used by Enika. We first slide across a aluminum bench where it looks like Enika started to discarded her ring gear. Her signature ankle highwhite boots rimmed in pink fur lay in front of the bench. A little further away from the bench a white belly shirt with a sports bra peaking out lays in a heap on the floor. Past that we're treated to a small pool of blood, grapefruit sized in diameter.

Thunderwolf: It's my fault. My fucking fault.

Still our camera man continues to sweep across the room past the small pool of blood until we reach the entrance way to the shower. Steam still wafts out of the white tiled room. At the foot of the doorway rests the last articles of Enika's ring gear, a pair of white booty cut shorts, a hint of black panties showing through the folds. However, what most draws the eye is the spattering of blood on the floor coming out of the shower stall, dribbling across the white of the shorts, and heading straight towards the exit where our cameraman currently has himself located.

Thunderwolf: If only I'd just...

Another loud pang of metal and our camera view lurches back over to Thunderwolf. He stands now looking back towards the shower... towards the blood.

Bud Adams: Dustin! Dustin, what happened here? Where's Enika?

Apparently Bud Adams finally arrived, but his question doesn't budge Wolf's eyes away from the blood on the floor.

Bud Adams: Mr. Kelser? Where is Enika? Is she alright? Are you alright?

Finally and slowly Thunderwolf turns his head to look back towards us, but not directly at the camera but off to its left a bit. Dustin's face is a story of pain, rage, confusion and turmoil. His answer doesn't come quickly but when it does come it seems as if its a struggle just to get the words out.

Thunderwolf: I... I don't know. She was in there taking a shower and then... the door opened. He's quick you know?

Dustin pulls his gaze away from Bud and looks down to his phone. He grimaces at what he sees.

Thunderwolf: I don't really have a choice do I?

Bud Adams: Well I...

Thunderwolf: Go. Please. Everything will be okay. Enika will be okay. This is all just one big fucking game.

We hold on Thunderwolf a moment later as he continues to study his phone and then we flicker away back to ringside where we find Brian and Jon once more.

Jon McDaniel: Not sure what to make of that Brian, but it appeared to me as if Enika Engel has went missing. her husband, Thunderwolf, apparently attacked and then Enika abducted.

Brian Rentfro: You have no proof that Thunderwolf was attacked or that Enika was abducted, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: Do I have to point out the obvious Brian?

Brian Rentfro: Do I have to point out how insane all of this sounds? Furthermore... how the hell did someone get a naked Enika Engel out of the stadium without anyone else noticing?

Jon McDaniel: Well see as to that, what I think is...

Brian Rentfro: Jon... Jon... I really don't care. Isn't this like a wrestling event? Shouldn't we be announcing matches and what not? Should we really be wasting our time with this?

Jon McDaniel: Fine Brian, you're right. Fans we'll keep you posted if we find out anything else tonight. For now let's move on to our next match.

Pep Talk

The camera moves backstage, where we see David Blazenwing taping up his wrists in the locker room. The crowd half cheers, half boos, but the reaction quickly turns to all cheers when Emily Corlen and Katie James walk into the picture. DB looks up and smiles.

David Blazenwing: Hey, girls.

Katie James: Hey. You doing alright?

David Blazenwing: Oh, yeah. Just focusing on my match. Readying my mind, you know, all that funky yoga stuff.

Emily looks up and down at Dave, in his normal ring gear, and chuckles.

Emily Corlen: Hey, Mr. Samurai Power Ranger. Where's the suit? That's half the reason we came over here!

David rolls his eyes and chuckles.

David Blazenwing: Well, uh, funny story. Turns out I'm not actually gonna be dressing like a Power Ranger for my match tonight.

The crowd cheers loudly.

Emily Corlen: Why not?

David Blazenwing: Here's the thing. Remember that representative from Saban Brands Inc. I told you I got in touch with?

Katie and Emily both nod.

David Blazenwing: Well, it turns out he didn't actually work for them. I don't know if it was some random confused guy, maybe some fan screwing with me, but the point is, without Saban's okay, I'm not about to go out there and dress up like a Power Ranger only to get sued. Last thing I need is to lose all my money right as I'm re-opening BWF.

Katie James: Oh, right, that's this Saturday, isn't it?

David Blazenwing: Yep. It's gonna be a hell of a night, that's for sure.

Emily puts her hand on David's shoulder and smiles.

Emily Corlen: Alright, I'd love to stay and chat, but Katie and I have a match of our own to prepare for.

David nods.

David Blazenwing: Right. Hey, you girls know I'll be keeping an eye on things, right? I'll be out there if you need me.

Katie James: Thanks. The same goes for us.

David shakes his head.

David Blazenwing: I appreciate the offer, but I need to do this alone tonight. Beating Chamelion with assistance isn't going to prove anything. When I beat him, it needs to be all me.

Emily Corlen: Why do you feel the need to prove anything at all?

David stands up, pats Emily on the shoulder herself, and smirks.

David Blazenwing: That, my dear, is a conversation for another time. Knock 'em dead tonight, girls.

Katie leans in and hugs David.

Katie James: We'll do our best. Be careful out there.

David Blazenwing: I will. You too.

Emily and Katie both nod at David, then turn and exit the locker room. David turns back to his locker behind him and reaches into a bag hanging from the hook before pulling out a picture of his daughter.

David Blazenwing: Don't worry, Mel. Daddy's gonna make you proud tonight.

David kisses the picture, looks at it for another moment, then places it back inside the bag it came from and starts pacing the locker room as the camera moves back to ringside.

Eric Emerson: The following match is scheduled for one fall, and is the historic first meeting between these two wrestling superstars and federation owners.

The crowd explodes, knowing what the match coming up is, and anticipates what they call a barn burner.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first……

The lights in the arena all cut to black and the Tron comes to life, pulsating with a green light as a quiet beat gets louder with every flash. It gets faster and faster, and louder with each pulse, until the pulsating light explodes into the words "True Icons Never Die" and “Till I Collapse” by Eminem feat. Nate Dogg blares across the arena sound system.

Eric Emerson: He hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin…

The stage fills with smoke and the crowd comes to their feet, a mix of cheers and boos as the smoke clears on the stage and a man in a dark green trenchcoat stands, head down, facing the Tron. He raises his hands and snaps his fingers, causing four loud bursts of pyro to ignite, two on each side of him, before spinning around Y2J style to reveal David Blazenwing!

Eric Emerson: Weighing in tonight at 245 pounds…

His sunglasses shining with the glare from the arena lights, David looks to the left, then to the right, nodding towards the crowd before walking down the ramp. After stopping to slap hands with the few people not booing him, David moves towards the ring steps and hops up and down a few times in front of them before quickly racing up the steps to the apron side facing the stage. He stops and pulls his sunglasses off, then leans down and steps through the middle of the ropes to enter the ring. David walks across the ring and leaps up onto the second rope in the corner nearest the timekeeper, then pulls off his trenchcoat and tosses it towards the timekeeper.

Eric Emerson: He is The Full Effect… he is DAVID… BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZENWING!!!

David smirks and points to the fans, then slaps his chest a few times and points up towards the sky, closing his eyes and saying a short prayer. David leaps down from the corner and immediately turns to sit down in the same corner, ala Raven. David then rests his head on the second turnbuckle pad as his theme fades and the crowd continues, half cheering, half booing.

Brian Rentfro: The man looks ready.

Jon McDaniel: That he does, but so will his opponent.

As the fans settle, the lights go out completely. A few moments later, a single light shines onto the stage, where the black curtain mentioned at the beginning of the night’s show is lifted to reveal a set up of musical instruments. Drums, guitars, keyboards. At this moment, Emerson speaks.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, at this time, I’m proud to introduce to you, performing live…one of the greatest bands of all time…. QUEEN!

Jon McDaniel: WOW!!!


The crowd just explodes, the roof figuratively gone from the arena as the members of Queen appear on stage. They all look around and nod as the rhythm to their famous hit “We will Rock you’ starts. The arena full of fans quickly join in to the beat, and the band gets right into the song.

Buddy you’re a boy make a big noise
Playin’ in the street gonna be a big man some day
You got mud on yo’ face
You big disgrace
Kickin’ your can all over the place

We will we will rock you
We will we will rock you

Buddy you’re a young man hard man
Shoutin’ in the street gonna take on the world some day
You got blood on yo’ face
You big disgrace
Wavin’ your banner all over the place

We will we will rock you
We will we will rock you

Buddy you’re an old man poor man
Pleadin’ with your eyes gonna make you some peace some day

You got mud on your face
You big disgrace
Somebody better put you back in your place
We will we will rock you
We will we will rock you

As the guitarist goes into a loud solo, the light on Queen splits to a second spotlight that sweeps over to center stage, and the arena’s cheers rise as Chamelion stands there, Cheshire Grin on his face as he sways to the music, entranced. The music grows louder as Chamelion starts his walk to the ring, and Queen jumps into a second set of the lyrics, pointing to David Blazenwing that they are meant for him.

Buddy you’re a boy make a big noise
Playin’ in the street gonna be a big man some day
You got mud on yo’ face
You big disgrace
Kickin’ your can all over the place

We will we will rock you
We will we will rock you

Buddy you’re a young man hard man
Shoutin’ in the street gonna take on the world some day
You got blood on yo’ face
You big disgrace
Wavin’ your banner all over the place

We will we will rock you
We will we will rock you

Chamelion slides into the ring, jumping up and taking position on the corner turnbuckle and plays to the crowd as Queen continues….

Buddy you’re an old man poor man
Pleadin’ with your eyes gonna make you some peace some day

You got mud on your face
You big disgrace
Somebody better put you back in your place
We will we will rock you
We will we will rock you

As Queen finishes, Chamelion offers them a respectable clap as the arena explodes into cheers. Queen bows before their light flickers out, and Chamelion drops down to turn towards Blazenwing, who looks a bit perturbed at the entrance, but seems equally impressed.

Brian Rentfro: WHAT an entrance.

Jon McDaniel: How did Chamelion manage this!?

Brian Rentfro: I don’t know, you couldn’t set something this good up if you wrote your own story! What a way to come to the ring!

Jon McDaniel: And what a statement to make to David Blazenwing.

The ref calls both men to the center, to explain the rules, with Blazenwing intent and focused and Chamelion somewhat cocky, his Cheshire smile firmly in place. Once the rules have been established, the ref orders both men to their perspective corners.

Jon McDaniel: Here we go!


Blazenwing and Chamelion lock up in the middle of the ring with Chamelion gaining the quick advantage and forces Blazenwing backwards to the corner. The ref orders the break and Chamelion obliges cleanly, backing up to the center of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: After all the heated words, both men want to play this by the book. I was hoping for no holds barred.

Jon McDaniel: You’ll get that with Raizzor and Marxx, later on.

The two lock up yet again, this time with Blazenwing taking the advantage to force Chamelion into the other corner. Another order by the referee, and Blazenwing breaks away and backs up. Both men nod to each other.

A third lock up ensues, this time with Chamelion trapping Blazenwing in a front face lock. Blazenwing pushes his palm to Chamelion’s back and shoves, sending Chamelion into the ropes. Blazenwing falls, and Chamelion hops over him, but just as he does, he suddenly drops his whole body backwards, flopping on top of Blazenwing and taking the air out of him.

Jon McDaniel: Tactile move by Chamelion to not play the criss-cross game with Blazenwing!

Grinning his Cheshire smile, Chamelion spins to his feet and grabs Blazenwing, assisting him to a vertical base. Chamelion goes for a clothesline, but Blazenwing ducks and Chamelion spins around as Blazenwing connects with a leaping roundhouse spinning hell kick to Chamelion's mouth. The Devious One falls back in the corner stunned and Blazenwing follows up with right hands to his stunned opponent. Blazenwing leans across Chamelion delivering several kicks to the ribs of Chamelion, who winces with each blow. Blazenwing keeping the momentum going while it is on his side tucks Chamelion's head underneath his armpit for an over the head suplex, but Chamelion manages to block the move. Blazenwing is determined as he lifts Chamelion up into the air, but Chamelion tucks his knees and falls back to the ground and the two are locked up again with Chamelion's head tucked under Blazenwing's armpit.

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion blocked a move?!

Brian Rentfro: Appears as though he did.

Chamelion lifts Blazenwing up into the air and spinning away from the corner, drops Blazenwing onto the mat with a thunderous slam. Both wrestlers roll to their side and grab at their lower back, the pain obvious on each of their faces. Chamelion rolls on through to his knees, but is panting from the exertion of blocking and completing the move. Chamelion picks Blazenwing up to his feet, whipping him hard into the ropes and Blazenwing bounces back with a springboard kick, but Chamelion manages to catch him and plant him with a sit out spine buster wrapping a leg, he makes a pin.



TH--Blazenwing kicks out, but just barely the move having stunned him.

Jon McDaniel: Both superstars letting it all hang out here.

Brian Rentfro: This is Genesis, nothing gets held back!

Pushing his legs away from him, Chamelion stands up once again pulling Blazenwing to his feet. Scooping him, Blazenwing is slammed to the mat with a scooping body slam and Chamelion is climbing to the top turnbuckle where he dives with a double ax handle. Blazenwing moves out of the way and Chamelion lands on the mat with a crash, holding his elbows that made the most contact with the mat.

Brian Rentfro: Not one of Chamelion’s usual moves.

Jon McDaniel: I think it’s too early to be going up top, anyway.

Blazenwing bounces from one side of the ring to the other leaping over Chamelion, he springboards with a Moonsault onto the back of Chamelion. Pulling him to his feet, the crowd cheering, Chamelion is lifted up and over the top rope to the ring apron outside. Chamelion is dizzy from the quick moves and still slightly stunned from the Moonsault but holds onto the ropes. Blazenwing takes a running leap to the middle turnbuckle, to the top and drives a dropkick into the side of Chamelion's head, who goes flying to land on the mat outside. Blazenwing lands feet first on the apron and climbs back into the ring. Again, he hits the opposite ropes as he comes back he begins his leap about two feet from the ropes. He momentarily balances on the top rope before leaping to the outside onto Chamelion, who had gotten to his knees.

Jon McDaniel: A high risk move pays off for Blazenwing there.

Brian Rentfro: He nailed it beautifully, 9.5.

Grabbing the left wrist of Chamelion, he whips Chamelion into the ring apron back first and Chamelion bounces back out holding his back. Blazenwing climbs up onto the announce table leaping with a hurricanrana that drives Chamelion's feet across the corner of the announce table.







Jon McDaniel: They need to watch the count!

Brian Rentfro: There is a lot between these two men, and a count out would not resolve anything.

Blazenwing rolls back into the ring and the count is stopped; Chamelion is grinning as he lays on his back. Blazenwing is climbing to the top turnbuckle again and Chamelion is rolling up to his feet. He begins his turn as Blazenwing dives from the top turnbuckle; Chamelion catches him...


McDaniel(from far away): Jesus Brian, they came right at us.

Rentfro(far away as well): I want a raise for treatment like this.

Chamelion had caught Blazenwing and delivered a spine buster through the announce table. The groans are heard coming from Blazenwing as his back is the one driven through the table. Grabbing him up, Chamelion rolls Blazenwing into the ring, and covers.



Shoulder up!

Jon McDaniel: Our table’s been decimated, Blazenwing’s back may be broken in two, but we’re back on the air to call the action.

Chamelion doesn’t seem fazed that Blazenwing escaped. Lifting him up high into the air, Chamelion drops Blazenwing onto the mat with another suplex and Blazenwing clutches at his back in obvious pain. Chamelion with another cover.




Blazenwing slips his shoulder out, just barely.

Brian Rentfro: The man won’t quit.

With a grunt, Chamelion steps to the corner, climbs it to the top and points to the crowd before measuring the downed Blazenwing. With a flourish, the Devious One launches himself with the intent of hitting a vertical splash, but Blazenwing gets his knees up at the last second and Chamelion is doubled up as he hits and rolls away, his breath taken away from him and his face turning green from the impact.

Jon McDaniel: Blazenwing’s not out of this yet!

Determined, Blazenwing pulls himself up, still showing pain to his back and he follows Chamelion who has rolled to the corner. Chamelion gives Blazenwing a dirty Cheshire Grin, motioning to come in and get some more. Blazenwing obliges, sending a driven kick into Chamelion’s midsection. Chamelion falls over, double and Blazenwing hits an uppercut that straightens Chamelion out. Blazenwing then whips Chamelion across the ring, and he makes a loud impact to the turnbuckle. Blazenwing rushes in where Angels fear to tread and goes for a leaping drop kick, only to get his feet entangled in the corner ropes as Chamelion has dropped to the left and scampered away. With Blazenwing now caught up in the ropes, Chamelion smirks darkly and begins to offer Blazenwing some free kicks and stomps to his chest, stomach and head.

Brian Rentfro: No mercy from the Devious One!

The ref has to pull Chamelion away to get the demolition of Blazenwing to end. Chamelion shrugs, and turns and moves to the other corner, hopping on the second ropes and playing to the crowd as the ref untangles Blazenwing.

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion’s getting too cocky here, it may backfire.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, you know in these situations, it usually does.

With Blazenwing untangled and now propped against the ropes, nearly out of it, Chamelion drops down, turns and measures the man before racing across the ring. As Chamelion comes in for the attack, Blazenwing steps forward with his left leg, drops his shoulder and catches Chamelion in the stomach. Blazenwing heaves his body straight up and hits a tremendous back body drop that sends Chamelion up, over and he clears the ring post in the corner. Chamelion goes sailing out of the ring, and comes crashing down leg first onto the steel steps outside.


The impact is followed by a loud crack, and Chamelion’s face goes completely green and his features display the most terrible of pains. He grabs his leg, the same one broken months ago by Jethro Hayes, and pulls it towards himself as he shrinks into a ball.

Jon McDaniel: Oh, no.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, shit.. this doesn’t look good.

The ref is outside the ring, while inside, Blazenwing is on his knees, the momentum of the push having taken all his energy. The ref is quickly at Chamelion, asking if he’s okay, and Chamelion shakes his head emphatically no.

Jon McDaniel: I’m no doctor, but I think Chamelion’s re-broken his leg!

The ref turns and starts calling for the paramedics. Blazenwing, now up, turns and sees what’s going on and concern clouds his features.

Brian Rentfro: Even Blazenwing looks worried.

Jon McDaniel: Probably because one of his BWF talents is possible critically injured.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, come on, give the man some credit.

Chamelion spits on the floor, and tells the ref to screw the medics and pushes him away. Pulling himself up, Chamelion crawls into the ring, his leg twisted in a way that says without a doubt it’s been broken in the same way as before. Blazenwing looks shocked, and backs away, as if he doesn’t want to continue.

Jon McDaniel: Blazenwing showing concern.

Brian Rentfro: In this case, I’d agree. Chamelion needs to forfeit. No shame in it, with such an injury, it’s out of his power to continue.

Yet, Chamelion grabs the ropes and pulls himself up to his one good leg. He yells at Blazenwing.

Chamelion: We finish this! You want to beat me, Davey Boy, then you’re gonna fucking earn it!

Blazenwing shakes his head but then offers a nod that he understands. Chamelion grins through his green faced pained look and again says ‘bring it on!’

Jon McDaniel: Suicidal.

Brian Rentfro: But man, as much as I hate Mark Sommers, he doesn’t just give up. Never has, never will.

Blazenwing steps forward and goes to kick Chamelion’s good leg out from under him, but Chamelion hops over his swing and slaps Blazenwing across the cheek. Blazenwing turns, his concern gone and he slaps Chamelion back, nearly taking him off his foot. The collective crowd gives a loud “OOOOOH!” at that moment.

Jon McDaniel: And respect takes a backstage.

Brian Rentfro: I disagree, this IS about respect.

Chamelion slaps his arms around the top rope and uses them to support his body as he kicks out with his good leg, catching Blazenwing JUST shy of the crotch. Blazenwing’s face matches Chamelion from the impact, and the ref looks to go to call for the DQ but Blazenwing grabs him and croaks out “NO!” The ref understands, backing away and Blazenwing turns as Chamelion launches out of the ropes and plants Blazenwing on his back with a Lou Thesz Press! Chamelion begins to pound away on Blazenwing with lefts and rights before Blazenwing desperately slams his arm down on Chamelion’s broken leg. Chamelion yelps and slides away, the pain too much and he protects his leg as he slithers into the corner.

Jon McDaniel: Blazenwing had no choice. But I don’t think he wanted too.

Blazenwing gets to his feet and grabs Chamelion and throws him against the corner. Blazenwing jabs at Chamelion who pulls his arms up to protect himself the best he can. Blazenwing knows the best course to finish this, grabs Chamelion’s arm and with all his might, whips Chamelion out from the corner. Chamelion takes a step on his good, then on auto pilot puts his other leg out and he collapses, nothing to hold him up and he falls. The crowd is chanting Chamelion with all their might, but it’s not enough. Chamelion is down, and Blazenwing covers, hooking the good leg.



Thre/Shoulder up.

Brian Rentfro: Damn, he won’t stay down! This could end his career.

Jon McDaniel: Reputation, Respect, Six years of history between these two and Chamelion will not give it up with a broken leg holding him down.

Blazenwing sighs and pulls Chamelion up to his foot, helping him to steady himself so that Blazenwing can deliver the Coup de grace. Suddenly, and giving up the last of everything Chamelion is, Chamelion somehow steps back on his broken leg and before it can bend out from under him, he launches his good leg out and catches Blazenwing with the S.O.S.!

Jon McDaniel: OH MY GOD!

The crowd explodes at the move, Blazenwing falls like a rock onto his back, completely out and Chamelion falls away, tears in his eyes as he grabs his leg again, the pain so bad that he himself is knocked out.

Brian Rentfro: I can’t believe he went for it. Hell, I can’t believe he nailed it!

The ref looks to both men and has no choice but to start the ten count.

Jon McDaniel: If it ends this way… it won’t settle anything, except to say that neither man gave up and no matter what he goes through, Chamelion doesn’t stop.

Brian Rentfro: and Blazenwing respected him to keep fighting, even though he didn’t seem to want too at first.

The ref continues his count, reaching six before Chamelion stirs, turning to his stomach, he begins the slow crawl.

Fans: SEVEN!

Chamelion inches towards the down and out Blazenwing.

Fans: EIGHT!

Lugging his body, broken leg and all, Chamelion slips his fingers forward.

Fans: NINE!

And desperately gets ONE finger onto Blazenwing’s arm. The ref qualifies that as a cover and drops.



THRE/Blazenwing pulls his arm away, just barely and Chamelion’s hand flops to the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: No!

Brian Rentfro: His one good chance, maybe his only chance, gone! Blazenwing had time to recover.

Chamelion pushes him to his knees, or more his one knee, as he tenderly tries to keep the other at bay from the canvas. Blazenwing rises, slowly, dizzy and turns to see Chamelion. Chamelion spits on the canvas, looks Blazenwing full in the face and gives him the middle finger. Blazenwing’s face goes red and he launches with the Full Effect super-kick.


Chamelion falls back, done. Blazenwing falls on top, and hooks the good leg, slaps his hands together and secures the pin fall out of respect, knowing it takes everything to keep Chamelion down.





Brian Rentfro: It’s over!

Jon McDaniel: Thank God!

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, DAVID BLAZENWING!!

The crowd is mixed with cheers and boos, much the same way when Blazenwing entered the match. He looks down at Chamelion, how damaged he is, and he pulls his arm away from the ref and moves over to the fallen man. Grabbing Chamelion, he hoists the man up and props him against the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: Now what?

Brian Rentfro: Insult to injury!?

Chamelion stirs, and the two men’s eyes find each others, now focused and dark. Blazenwing says something to Chamelion, who replies in a hushed tone. Both men speak for a moment, the crowd restless as to what’s going to happen. Blazenwing then steps back one time, and holds his hand out. Chamelion doesn’t hesitate, he nods and takes Blazenwing’s hand and they shake firmly. The crowd erupts.

Jon McDaniel: Well, what do you know!?

Brian Rentfro: Respect wins out. Usually I have something to say about that, but not this time.

The medics come down with a wheel chair, and Blazenwing actually assists in getting Chamelion out of the ring and into the chair, where the medics examine Chamelion quickly before wheeling him up the ramp. The entire arena is on their feet, cheering for the performance both men put on and Blazenwing walks up the ramp next to Chamelion, before both men disappear back stage.

Jon McDaniel: This upcoming match is a personal one for each of the combatants involved. To give everyone a brief history on this match, several months ago, Emily Corlen joined PWA but didn’t really start gaining momentum until her sister Jen Corlen-Blazenwing and their friends Katie and Sarah James appeared, christening themselves Bound by Blood. The group gained notoriety by beating down and sneak attacking anybody who got in their way, and the group soon brought the Grizzly Beer and Tag Team Titles under their banner. Things took a turn for the worse, however, when Jen, Sarah and Katie turned on Emily following a loss to El Gringo Tonto, putting her on the shelf and siding with Simon Kalis and the Order of Chaos. Once the Order was vanquished from PWA, Jen disappeared and Sarah was “injured” in a Tag Team Title loss to the Glorious Bastards. Now, I use air quotes when I say injured because as we would later find out, Sarah wasn’t really –

Brian Rentfro: Hey, Jon?

Jon McDaniel: Yes?

Brian Rentfro: I thought you said it was going to be a “brief” history.

Jon McDaniel: Yes, yes… well, long story short, Emily came back to help Katie after Sarah went down, but it was a trap to put Emily out of PWA forever. What Jen and Sarah didn’t expect, though, was that Katie and Emily would bond during their time together and when finally prompted to choose a side, Katie shocked everyone by picking Emily over her own sister and Bound by Blood. So now, we have Emily and Katie, as Femme Fatale, taking on Jen and Sarah, as Bound by Blood, and the losing team will be forced to leave PWA.

Brian Rentfro: It’s always a shame to lose a perfectly good set of –

Jon McDaniel: Brian!

Brian Rentfro: I was going to say talented performers.

Jon McDaniel: Sure, you were.


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentleman, the following tag team contest is scheduled for ONE fall, and the losing team must leave the Pioneer Wrestling Association!

"Make Some Noise" by Krystal Meyers hits the P.A. and the lights in the arena begin flashing pink and gold as Bound by Blood, Jen Corlen-Blazenwing and Sarah “Shooter” James, walk out onto the stage.

Eric Emerson: Now approaching the ring, they hail from your wildest imaginations, by way of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Panama City, Florida...

Sarah stands on the stage, staring with focus at the ring, while Jen runs her hands down her hips, accentuating her curves as the fans boo. The two women then make their way down the ramp and roll into the ring. Sarah begins throwing punches into the air while Jen puts her hand up towards the crowd, smirking.

Eric Emerson: Jen Corlen-Blazenwing... Sarah “Shooter” James... they are... BOUND... BY… BLOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!

As the music fades, both women convene in the center of the ring and talk amongst themselves, focusing on the match at hand.

Jon McDaniel: Both women seem focused here tonight. They’d better be; their jobs are on the line!

Brian Rentfro: Here we go!

The crowd pops loudly as before their music can even start, Emily Corlen and Katie James come tearing down the ramp. “Written in the Stars” by Tinie Tempah feat. Eric Turner begins playing for a few seconds, but quickly stops as the duo slides into the ring and begin throwing wild punches at their sisters! Referee Scott Swindell calls for the bell and this match is on!


The crowd cheers loudly as both Emily and Katie back their respective sister into parallel corners of the ring, still throwing punches. They turn to look momentarily at each other, then each grab one of their sister’s arms and whip them at the same time towards the middle of the ring. Both Jen and Sarah have the same idea, though, and both reverse the whip, instead sending Emily and Katie colliding into one another in the center of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Quick thinking there on the part of Bound by Blood, and a good reminder that the two of them are the veterans going into this match. Sarah, of course, the only former World Champion in this contest with two BWF Championships to her credit, and a killer submission to boot.

Jon McDaniel: That submission is what won her and Katie the Tag Team Titles off of the Cowgirls from Hell a few months back. I have to imagine both members of Femme Fatale are aware of just how dangerous Sarah’s Deathknell is.

The crowd boos as Sarah drags Katie to the side of the ring, then rolls out to ringside before pulling Katie by the legs and dropping her unceremoniously to the outside mat head first. In the ring, Jen mounts Emily and begins lobbing punches in the Emerald Phoenix’s face. After several tough looking punches, Jen stands up and gives the crowd the “talk to the hand” gesture (prompting more boos) before running to the ropes and dropping a leg across Emily’s throat. She covers.




Emily gets her shoulder up. She rises to one knee as Jen walks over to her corner and tags in Sarah. Sarah enters the ring between the second and third ropes, then runs to the ropes on the opposite side of the ring and bounces off before kicking the still-rising Emily as hard as she can with a stiff kick to the abdomen. Emily doubles over and Sarah goes for the cover.




Again, Emily is able to get the shoulder up. Without missing a beat, Sarah shifts her body weight and begins to apply the Deathknell (Gogoplata Chokehold)!

Brian Rentfro: Here we go! This could be it right here if Sarah can get that hold locked in!

Emily struggles to avoid the Deathknell, fighting it with everything she has. Sarah, meanwhile, quickly gets the upper hand and very nearly gets the move locked in, but before she can fully cinch it, Katie, who has recovered from her fall on the outside of the ring, has climbed onto the apron! She seamlessly leaps onto the ropes, and then flies forward at her sister, hitting Sarah with a missile dropkick that breaks up the attempted submission.

Jon McDaniel: And there’s Katie James with the high-flying moves that made her famous!

As Sarah and Emily lie on the mat, Katie heads back to her corner and calls for Emily to tag her in. Jen does the same for Sarah, and as both women in the ring come to, they each begin crawling for their corner. Sarah makes it to hers a few seconds faster, but Emily is still able to tag Katie in before Jen can reach her to stop the tag. Katie leaps over the ropes and starts laying into Jen with punches before whipping her into the ropes and hitting her with a picture perfect Falling Star (Dropsault). Katie rolls to her feet and runs to the ropes, then charges at Jen before leaping off the mat and hitting the Flipping Out (Standing Shooting Star Press)! Katie covers.



No! Sarah breaks up the pin attempt, then punches Katie several times before referee Swindell pulls her off and ushers her back to her corner. Katie and Jen both reach their feet and lock eyes before Katie throws a punch, but Jen blocks it ducks behind Katie before hitting her with a Corlen Crusher (Russian Leg Sweep). Jen then stands up and points at Emily, flipping her off before running to the ropes and hitting a shining wizard! Jen covers.


No! Incensed by the middle finger from Jen, Emily bounds into the ring quickly and kicks Jen with a hard big boot, causing her sister to flop to the mat on her stomach. The crowd “oohs” as Emily kneels down and glares at Jen’s body with a look of venom in her eyes. Sarah jumps into the ring and charges Emily, but the Emerald Phoenix sees it coming and rolls behind Sarah, leaping up and dropping her with a hard Ashes to Ashes (Lungblower Backbreaker)! The crowd cheers loudly as Katie rises to her feet and surveys the damage, then looks to the top of the turnbuckle nearest her.

Jon McDaniel: Katie James might be ready to fly here!

Jen starts to stir from the big boot, but Emily is prepared and hooks the arms of Jen before lowering her boot onto Jen’s head with tremendous force, rendering her near-unconscious with the Dust to Dust (Curb Stomp)! As Katie heads to the top rope, Emily turns Jen onto her back and drags her into position. Katie poses momentarily for the crowd, then soars off of the top rope with a beautiful Aerotica (Swanton Bomb)! Katie looks up at Emily and points to her, then back at Jen, but Emily shakes her head and points back at Katie. Katie nods, then covers Jen as Emily watches to make sure Sarah doesn’t reappear.





Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentleman, here are your winners… Emily Corlen and Katie James… FEMME FATALE!!!

“Written in the Stars” by Tinie Tempah feat. Eric Turner hits the ADC-Tron as Katie stands up and her and Emily hug before lifting each other’s arms in triumph.

Jon McDaniel: And with that, Bound by Blood is gone from PWA! What an amazing showing from the winners here tonight, especially after that rough start.

Brian Rentfro: In wrestling, it’s not about how you start, but how you finish, and Femme Fatale proved that tonight.

As Emily and Katie celebrate in the ring, Jen and Sarah slowly back up the ramp and stop at the stage. Sarah turns in disgust and leaves, but Jen, microphone in hand, is… smiling? The music stops as Jen raises the microphone to her lips.

Jen Corlen-Blazenwing: Oh, you won, alright, congratulations for that. But, tell me, did you REALLY win? Or did I just let you think you won?

Emily and Katie look to each other, confused, then back to Jen.

Jen Corlen-Blazenwing: Ladies, I didn’t spend four years as the C.E.O. of the BWF without learning a few things about match contracts, and I can certainly recognize when two idealistic women are going to be so determined to get their revenge that they don’t read a contract closely enough.

Back in the ring, Emily has finally grabbed a mic.

Emily Corlen: What the hell are you going on about, Jen? Spit it out already!

Jen smirks.

Jen Corlen-Blazenwing: Oh, come now, sis, you surely don’t want to ruin this moment for me, do you? Ha ha ha… had the two of you actually read the contract you signed for this match, you would have noticed that only the wrestler that obtained the victory was eligible to keep their job. Now, I know you’re blonde, Em, but do you think you know what that means?

Emily drops the mic, stunned.

Jen Corlen-Blazenwing: Oh, NOW you’re at a loss for words. Very well, I’ll spell it out for you; since Katie was the one who pinned me to win the match, only SHE keeps her job. Emily, darling… YOU’RE FIRED!!!

The crowd boos loudly as Emily stares down into the ring, dejected. Katie tries frantically to apologize to Emily, who nods and puts a hand on Katie’s shoulder.

Jon McDaniel: Of all the low down, dirty, rotten… that bitch let herself get pinned by Katie just to insure that her sister would end up unemployed! She knew this would happen!

Brian Rentfro: How about that moment towards the end of the match where it looked like Katie offered Emily the chance to cover Jen, and Emily allowed Katie to get the pin instead? She’s gotta be regretting that now!

Back on the stage, Jen grins malevolently.

Jen Corlen-Blazenwing: Ladies, this is why you don’t mess with the Queen Bee. Ta ta for now. Emily, we’ll see you on the unemployment line! Ha ha ha!

As the crowd boos, Jen drops the mic on the stage and flips off the ring again. She chuckles and turns around… right into a Full Effect superkick from David Blazenwing! The crowd explodes as David stands over Jen’s body, which crumpled to the stage like a sack of potatoes from the kick.

Jon McDaniel: It’s… David Blazenwing! He just superkicked his own wife! What’s that all about!?

David shakes his head as he picks up the mic that Jen dropped.

David Blazenwing: Jen, Jen, Jen. You know, for years, I’ve had to sit back and idly watch by as you became more and more of a depraved lunatic BITCH, obsessed with the pain and suffering of others, like it somehow got you off. Well, you know what? After my epic showdown with Chamelion earlier tonight, I’ve done some thinking and I’ve had a change of heart – literally.

David smirks and walks down the ramp, Jen still lying motionless on the stage.

David Blazenwing: You see, Jen and I, we met several years ago, sometime in, was it 2000? We got married in 2003, shortly after BWF opened, and we have a daughter together, my lovely little Melody Anne. She just turned six in December, actually.

Scattered applause from the crowd as David reaches the ring and slides inside.

David Blazenwing: I was head over heels for Jen, and I thought she was head over heels for me, too. That was before 2006… when the woman I thought loved me admitted to cheating on me with another man… Mark McNasty.

The crowd boos, but also pops at the mention of McNasty.

David Blazenwing: We’ve been having problems ever since. Sure, she kicked McNasty to the curb, but let’s be honest, it’s McNasty, who wouldn’t have seen that coming? Still, on the same hand, she cheated – on ME – with MCNASTY. That’s just… unforgivable.

The crowd laughs.

David Blazenwing: We tried to work things out because I still loved her… but it’s been almost five years now, and I still don’t feel the same way I did when we first got married, and now I’m sure I never will, especially with her running around doing crap like this.

The crowd boos as Blazenwing turns around and notices Jen reaching her feet on the stage, rubbing her jaw.

David Blazenwing: Oh, good, Jen, you’re awake. I was afraid you might miss this announcement of mine. First, you’ve been replaced. I found a new woman, one who makes me feel like you used to make me feel before your lying ass cheated on me.

David glances over at Emily and grins. Emily chuckles and smiles back at David. Blazenwing then takes a few steps forward… and French kisses Katie!

Brian Rentfro: Well, I didn’t see that coming. I thought it’d be Emily for sure, especially after that promo Blazenwing cut last week in the hotel room, and those rumors online.

Jon McDaniel: Just goes to show, you can’t believe everything you read.

David turns back towards the stage, his arm draped around Katie, and grins widely.

David Blazenwing: Second, and most importantly… I’m filing for divorce. Oh, and ha ha, remember that one time I got you drunk and you signed that pre-nup? No? Well, you did, so don’t expect to get anything… including Melody!

The fans cheer loudly at this as Jen drops to her knees, shouting obscenities at the ring.

David Blazenwing: Karma’s a bitch, Jen, and so are you. WE’RE FINISHED, AND SO ARE YOU!

David leans over to kiss Katie again as Jen starts to cry. After the kiss is finished, both David and Katie walk over to Emily and hug her as the fans start chanting “Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye” at Jen. Security quickly appears and drags Jen from the stage kicking and screaming as all three individuals in the ring wave goodbye in the most sarcastic way possible. David raises the mic one more time.

David Blazenwing: Emily, I promise, we’ll find a loophole soon, we’ll get you back into PWA… your story isn’t finished. Not yet.

Emily nods at David and smiles, tears welling up in her eyes.

David Blazenwing: Until then, I can at least give you this… ladies and gentleman, please give it up for my student and unfortunately for now, former PWA wrestler, “The Emerald Phoenix” Emily Corlen!

The crowd cheers loudly as Emily steps onto the nearest turnbuckle and stretches her arms out like a phoenix. “Written in the Stars” by Tinie Tempah feat. Eric Turner starts playing again across the P.A. as Emily drops off the turnbuckle and gets another big hug from Katie. David then raises both women’s arms as the crowd continues to cheer.

Jon McDaniel: Despite winning tonight, Emily Corlen’s PWA journey ends at Genesis XI. Blazenwing claims we’ll see her again, but only time will tell if he and Katie are successful at getting her re-instated.

Brian Rentfro: Knowing the way things work with the Board, it would be months, even years before we see progress. Contracts tend to be iron clad here in PWA, but anything can happen.

Jon McDaniel: And that includes tonight here at Genesis XI, because we’ve still got more amazing pay-per-view to come, including our main event showdown pitting PWA World Champion Simon Kalis against Rumble in the Bronx winner Teresa Quaranta!

Making Friends and Influencing People

We jump backstage in the PWA Dome and catch a glimpse of Bubba J, still smarting from his match two weeks ago with pain. He tanks a beer and hurls a can across the hallway, whipping it right across the path of Lisa Seldon, who skips into view. Despite that though, she smiles.

Lisa Seldon: Bubba! Just the man I was looking for.

Lisa opens her arms as if trying to offer him a hug. In turn he burps and cracks open another can. Still she perseveres.

Lisa Seldon: Say, I was just reviewing your match with Pain from a couple weeks ago and got to thinking; isn’t that just the kind of match that would have worked better in a Victory ring?

Bubba takes a swig and waits for her to get to the point.

Lisa Seldon: Even better than a ring though, why not a truck? And why not have the two of you fight on top of that truck until hurling the other into the ground with a gruesome splat? You know, for fun!

Lisa’s voice jumps up to a peak, but Bubba carries on starring through her. Finally he clears his throat.

Bubba J: So you want me to take that little emo son of a bitch, tear him in two and then dump his ass on the sidewalk because you don’t like him?

Lisa blinks but her smile never cracks.

Lisa Seldon: Yup! That’s the jist of it. And what’s great is you don’t like him either. So we’re all winners!

Bubba crushes another can and throws it overhead.

Bubba J: Whatever. I’ll take another crack at him. I owe him for that.

Lisa Seldon: Great! Let me buy you a beer.

Lisa takes Bubba J under her arm and walks him down the hall. The camera then cuts away.

Brian Rentfro: What a night this has turned out to be, and next we roll into an Intercontinental Championship match.

Jon McDaniel: This was supposed to be a triple threat match, however we have not seen or heard from Johnny Maverick as of yet. I would suppose that this will now be a singles match for the title.

Brian Rentfro: That or Lisa will have someone to replace Johnny. Or hell, she might even make an “I’m Johnny Maverick Intercontinental Championship” just to help the guy out.

Jon McDaniel: Not interested in Johnny, huh?

Brian Rentfro: Oh, no. I’m all in favor of a guy having a World Championship made especially for him, simply because he got hurt.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Pioneer Wrestling Association Intercontinental Championship! At this time, please welcome the personal announcer for Duff-Man, ROBERT GREENBERG!!

Robert Greenberg: GOOD EVENING, LADIES AND GERMS! I AM ONE RUDE, CRUDE DUDE WITH A ROCK-AND-ROLL ATTITUDE! ROBERT -- Genesis is the place to be, all because it’s starring me, all the ladies want a piece of me, just drop your bras and show your tits to me -- GREENBERG!

The crowd goes bananas.


The band plays on and Duff-Man emerges from the back. His million-dollar-smile can be seen from the nosebleeds, and he's wearing a blue-and-white pinstripe sport jacket. He waves to the crowd, blows kisses, and gives out high-fives as if they were going out of style. He stops at ringside to give his cheap sunglasses to some lucky fan.

Duff looks in the ring and smiles as he climbs the stairs. He gets in the ring and walks over to his corner, waiting for the match to begin. He stares up the ramp as “Slaughterama” dies down, allowing another tune to kick up... to the dismay of the crowd.

Say whoa (whoa)
The more I feed it (whoa)
The more I need it (whoa)
You say whoa
Whoa is me
I'm so whoa

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, from Ottowa, Ontario, Canada! Weighing in at one-hundred and ninety pounds...

Matt Stone comes out from the back to a chorus of boos accompanied by her personal interview Elizabeth Davis. He struts down the ramp towards the ring, wearing his patterned hoodie with a large Maple Leaf on the back. He threatens to hit a member of the crowd who was holding up a "Canada sucks" sign and just walks on.

Say whoa (whoa)
The more I feed it (whoa)
The more I need it (whoa)
You say whoa
Whoa is me
I'm so whoa

Eric Emerson: He is the current Intercontinental Champion, MATT STONE!!!

Matt whispers something to Liz and she nods, walking around the ring and taking a seat in a folding chair set up for her. Matt gets on the apron and gets inside the ring, heading straight to a corner and mounts the middle turnbuckle raising his hands. "I'm the best there is!" He shouts out over the loud jeers being rained down on him. He shakes his head to their reaction. "You don't deserve to see me!" He shouts out getting down and taking off the hoodie, setting it on the apron where Liz gets up to retrieve before returning to her chair. Matt get's ready for his opponent, bouncing off the ropes to loosen up as his music fades away. Matt and Duff circle each other as the referee calls for the bell, starting the match.

Brian Rentfro: Obviously this is going to be an intense match, being that Matt Stone has held that title for five months now. Duff is a hell of a challenger, but as we’ve seen, Stone can hold his own when it comes to defending the belt he cherishes.

Jon McDaniel: Indeed, Brian. It should be interesting to see how Duff fairs against the Champion.

The bell rings and Duff charges up, looking to start things with a stiff shoulder block. Matt sidesteps the maneuver, launching a boot to the back of Duff’s leg. Duff goes to a knee, Stone quickly launching a kick to the head. Duff catches it, spinning Stone around as he gets to his feet. Stone takes a step back, coming up with a shoulder block that barely phases the bigger man. Stone takes a few steps back, charging up with another shoulder block. Duff barely budges, laughing off the smaller man. Duff reaches out, grabbing Stone by the arm and whipping him across the ring. Stone rebounds, ducking under a clothesline attempt from Duff. Duff turns, looking to nail a quick elbow, but Stone ducks under once again. Stone rebounds, jumping to the second rope and launching off with a dropkick. Duff stumbles back, allowing Matt to charge up and knock the big man down with a stiff shoulder block. Duff hits the mat, Stone dropping into the cover. Scott Swindel drops to make the count, but Duff tosses Matt off of him before his hand hits the mat. Duff starts to his feet, Matt quickly rushing over with a kick to the chest. Duff falls back into a sitting position, and Matt falls into a nearby set of ropes with a shining wizard attempt. Duff falls back, Matt tripping over himself as Duff sits back up, grabbing the left leg of Matt Stone and rolling him into a schoolboy.

1! 2! Kick-Out!

Brian Rentfro: A slight miscalculation by Matt almost costs him the title there...

Jon McDaniel: Well, to be fair he just barely slapped the mat for two when Matt rolled out.

Duff is on his feet, as is Matt. Duff heads to ring center, offering a hand for a test of strength. Matt scoffs, looking at Duff like an idiot. Duff shrugs, charging up to Stone. Matt ducks out, heading for a nearby corner. Duff stalks up, eyeing Stone’s movements, charging up as Matt centers himself. Matt grabs each side of the top rope, pulling himself up and over the ropes to avoid a body splash. Duff comes off the turnbuckle, clutching his chest as Matt bends, shooting over the top rope into a cross-body... NO! Duff catches Matt mid-jump... PRESS SLAM!! COVER!

Kick Out!

Jon McDaniel: DAMN.

Brian Rentfro: Nice move by Duff there... Matt’s trying to hold his own, and he’s doing well. He’s just got to find a way to get past the strength of Duff.

Duff is checking with the referee as Matt rolls out of the ring, Liz consoling him. They share a few words, but then Greenberg walks over. Just as he reaches Stone and Davis, Duff looks over to notice his sidekick hitting on Elizabeth... and a mean right hook from Matt Stone to knock the announcer head over heels. Stone stands over Greenberg, a look of annoyance as he contemplates how to punish Robert further. He doesn’t get the chance, however, as Elizabeth screams over an incoming Duff. Matt looks up, his eyes growing wide as he just barely ducks a huge boot. Liz isn’t so lucky, and hits the floor as Duff plows right through his move. He looks back to survey the damage, Elizabeth out cold as Matt checks on her. EMT’s rush the ring, and Scott Swindell yells for both men to get into the ring. Each one does so reluctantly, and Swindell calls over Eric Emerson.

Eric Emerson: Referee Scott Swindell has just informed me that both Elizabeth Davis and Robert Greenberg are now BANNED from ringside for the duration of this match!

Matt’s eyes grow wide as he watches his interviewer and friend being towed away on a stretcher, and Greenberg looks pissed as he’s being helped to his feet and escorted away from ringside. Duff watches Elizabeth pass, yelling “I’m Sorry” as EMT’s rush her backstage. Duff turns to an irate Matt Stone, who charges up with a stiff elbow. Duff falls back from the unexpected attack, Matt launching a series of right and left fists, a few kicks, more punches. Duff tries to push Matt off, but the Champion is fired up. He allows himself to be pushed off a few steps, only to charge up and nail a serious double knee attack to the defending Duff. Duff-Man clutches his chest as he comes off the ropes, Matt jumping up with a C-C-C-C-C-c-c-c-c-c-combo BREAKER!! NO! Duff manages to get one arm out, shoving Matt away and hitting a clothesline as Stone drives up again. Duff walks up a few steps, turning to measure up his opponent. Stone shakes off the attack, starting to his feet as Duff recharges, taking a few breaths. Stone stalks up to Duff, launching a mean left chop to Duff’s chest. Duff reels back, sending a chop back at Stone. Stone winds up, sending another mean chop to Duff’s chest. Duff swings back, nailing a swift chop right between the pecs. Both men’s chests are lit up now, neither one backing down as they continue to throw backhanded chops into one another. Duff swings back for a chop, but is cut down as Matt throws a quick kick to his left knee. Duff buckles a bit, Matt falling back into the ropes as he attempts a shining wizard. Duff reacts quickly, pulling Stone up into a SPINEBUSTER!!! NO! Stone reverses into a DDT! But wait!

Brian Rentfro: A beautiful reversal there by Matt Stone.. who keeps his hold on Duff’s head!

Jon McDaniel: A mean move there, and Stone is looking to retain by submission!

Matt yells at Duff to give up, Swindell sliding in to check Duff. Duff refuses to give in, reaching out wildly for any sign of a ring rope. Finding none, he slowly finds his way to his hands and knees. Matt is forced to his knees to keep the hold in, which allows Duff a moment to work out a plan. He pushes his way into Stone, who slowly is forced backwards. He finds himself against the ring ropes, Duff shoving him through the ropes. Matt is forced to release the hold, opting to grab the top rope as he pulls himself to his feet on the apron. Duff is quick to act, throwing himself forward into Matt’s gut, knocking the champion off the apron to the floor below.

Jon McDaniel: A great move there by Duff, forcing Matt to break the hold and dropping him to the outside.

Brian Rentfro: And screwing himself out of a title. We’ve seen this before- now Matt Stone walks up the ramp, taking the DQ loss and the automatic retain. It’s almost a signature move for Stone.

Jon McDaniel: Don’t be so sure...

Duff climbs to his feet via the ring ropes, Matt reeling on the floor. Stone starts to his stomach, pushing himself up as he surveys the area.



Duff watches as he catches his breath, Stone turning towards the ramp. Duff shakes his head, looking to Scott Swindell.


Stone is now on his feet, slowly making his way up the ramp as he shakes his head.



Duff slides out of the ring, then back in to break the count. Matt raises an eyebrow, wondering what Duff has planned. Duff exits the opposite side of the ring, heading for the announce table.




Duff grabs the Intercontinental Championship from the timekeeper, sliding into the ring. He slides back out, reaching under the ring for something. Matt stops dead in his tracks, wondering what Duff has planned.






Duff emerges from beneath the ring, holding a sledgehammer. He sets the title face-up in the middle of the ring, grinning from ear to ear as he looks to Matt, to the sledge, back to Matt, back to the sledgehammer. Matt shakes his head as Duff raises the hammer high above his head, mouthing “buh-bye”. Matt charges back to the ring, sliding in just before a count of nine. Duff drops the hammer behind him, throwing a punch to Stone’s nose. Stone drops, clutching his nose with his left hand as he scans the ring with his right. Duff kicks the hammer out of the ring and tosses the IC Title back to the timekeeper, stalking Stone.

Brian Rentfro: Now, that was uncalled for.

Jon McDaniel: Stone was getting ready to walk out of the match. If Duff wants to bluff, it’s up to Matt to decide how far it will go. Matt called Duff’s bluff and paid for it.

Brian Rentfro: Heh. Duff’s Bluff. Hehe.

Jon McDaniel: Shut up, Brian.

Stone is back to his feet, Duff close behind. Duff locks in a half-nelson, throwing the champ up and over his shoulder. Matt folds up like a rag doll as he hits the mat, clutching the back of his head. Duff walks up, using his foot to flip Matt to his back. Duff makes the cover.

3! NO!

Jon McDaniel: Stone just barely gets the shoulder up there, and Duff is looking to grab his first Intercontinental Title.

Brian Rentfro: Are you kidding me? Stone always pulls out the last stop to keep his title. Duff will get close- oh, SO close- but my man Stone’s got this one in the bag.

Jon McDaniel: Care to make a bet?

Brian Rentfro: Are you kidding? We’re on the air, Jon! Making a bet now would cost us our careers! Here, I’ll write the terms down so we can burn the evidence later.

Jon McDaniel: Brilliant.

Duff is on his feet, arguing with Swindell. Meanwhile, Stone crawls for the ropes, staggering on his knees as he makes his way towards the arguing wrestler and referee. Duff screams in Swindell’s face, causing the ref to turn for a split second... LOW BLOW!! CRADLE!

Jon McDaniel: NO! NOT THIS WAY!!


Brian Rentfro: Told you!





Brian Rentfro: What the hell?!?!

Jon McDaniel: The ring presence of Duff Cote d’Ivoire! Reaching out and grabbing that bottom rope just in time to break the pinfall!

Brian Rentfro: Why the hell doesn’t he just give up?!?

Stone slowly gets to his feet, a look of trepidation on his face. He turns to Duff, who is slowly getting to his feet, still holding his groin. Matt crouches down, waving Duff on. Duff turns around...

C-C-C-C-C-c-c-c-COMBO BREAKER!! Duff falls into the ropes, coming off Stone grinning as he stares down Duff... WHO LAUNCHES A HUGE BOOT TO HIS FACE!! Stone hits the mat, Duff dropping to one knee. Stone seems almost out of it, Duff scooping him up as he stumbles to find his balance.

Brian Rentfro: No, no, no, no, no...

Jon McDaniel: Heh. This is it.

Duff manages to his feet, lifting Stone into a powerbomb, flipping into a lungblower midway through, nailing the RAGNAROK!!! COVER!!


Jon McDaniel: It’s all over, ladies and gentlemen!


Brian Rentfro: NO! MATT, PLEASE!!


Brian Rentfro: I DON’T WANT TO WEAR A DRESS...



Duff rolls off, both men nearly unconscious. Robert Greenberg and Elizabeth Davis run down the ramp, tending to their respective charges. Robert manages to bring Duff to, alerting him to the situation. Duff grins from ear to ear, starting to raise an arm in victory. Robert helps him up... most of the way, anyhow... and he accepts his new championship. Robert and Duff make their way up the entrance ramp as Matt Stone starts, realizing what just happened as Liz tries to consol him.

Jon McDaniel: We have a new Intercontinental Champion, a great ending to a great match, and the best part is that at the next Chaos, Brian gets to wear a dress while he announces the show!

Brian Rentfro: But... but... you can’t... We aren’t allowed to make bets! That’s not right! We’ll get fired! Too bad!

Jon McDaniel: Normally, I would agree with you there. But I think this is one situation Chamelion will let slip.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, shi...

Victory Bound

We're backstage at the PWA Dome as we see Joe BoXeR walking down a hallway. He reaches a locker room and knocks, immediately allowed to be let in. The PWA camera crew is able to catch what is going on. Joe and his younger brother, Matt, shake hands and sit down in the locker room.

Joe BoXeR: "How's it going?"

Matthew Engel: "Just peachy, Joe. You anxious about Victory?"

Joe BoXeR: "Not in the least."

Matthew Engel: "You doing alright? You look a little pale."

Joe BoXeR: "Yeah - just had some bad seafood last night."

Matt didn't buy it, but didn't push the topic any further.

Matthew Engel: "I got a big match tonight. Granted, it's Starr...but...I just don't know, man."

Joe BoXeR: "He's gonna be a challenge, you know that right?"

Matthew Engel: "Of course. I just.. I'm not sure I can do this anymore. I act tough on the airwaves and in the ring, but my confidence is really hurting right now."

Joe BoXeR: "I don't understand. You bounced back from your loss to Bubba, the only reason you went to a draw against Scott is because Jethro interfered. You made the right decision there, I'm proud of you. And now? You've got a chance to be in the top bracket of the Who's The Man?! tournament, a proper road to what you've been looking to do ever since you left."

Matt leans back a bit, taking Joe's words in.

Matthew Engel: "You're're absolutely right. But, when I was how I was before...with the Masters, or the Pantheon, or out for blood...I felt invincible. I felt indestructible, and that no matter what, I was going to prevail. And now? I don't have that same feeling. I feel vulnerable and weak, Joe."

Joe BoXeR: "Let me clue you in on something. You'll never be a Master...or a Charm...or an Apostle or part of the Order of Chaos. You just won't. You know why? You're an Engel, and that's all there is to it. Our family is built around simple principles, like never backing down and never giving up. Don't you see that? You don't need some group or some bullshit cover to give yourself that feeling of invincibility and confidence.

You're an Engel. When you get inside that ring, it's a special experience. Your resilience is what carries you in this place, your abilities to turn any match into a main event match just because you're in it is what carries you."

Matthew Engel: "Yeah, I think I know what you mean. I just...I guess it's just pre-match jitters or something. It's been a long time since I've been fighting for my own cause, Joe. For so long, I was weaving terrible webs of madness and despair, courtesy of Darren Ridel and his ingenious control. All that's been brushed away, and now it's just me. The man. I hope I can make it work."

Joe sighs.

Joe BoXeR: "You will. Just remember how good and how tough you are in that ring, and that's all you need to know. You adapt to your opponents, and you give them credit and respect where they deserve it. But you don't march to the beat of their drum - ever. You're out there for you and yours...and that's all you can do. That's all I can do too. People will get it soon enough, and you'll be a World Champion again before you know it."

Matthew Engel: "You make it sound easy."

Joe BoXeR: "That's my gift."

Matt lets out a laugh.

Matthew Engel: "Why Victory, Joe?"

Joe BoXeR: "Why not?"

Another laugh between the two.

Matthew Engel: "You think you're ready?"

Joe BoXeR: "The question is 'are they ready?'. Heh."

Matthew Engel: "Well played. Now if you don't mind, I've got yet another Genesis match to win."

Joe BoXeR: "By all means. Good luck."

Matt gets up from his seat, fully dressed and ready to go for his match. He makes his way toward the entrance as we cut to ringside...

Eric Emerson: "Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one pinfall or submission, with the winner earning a guaranteed spot in the Who's The Man?! tournament!"

The crowd pops at the mention of the WTM?! tournament.

Eric Emerson: "Introducing first, hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin..."

Matthew Engel steps out from behind the curtains as one of the moving spotlights shines down on him. He is in his usual dark green tuxedo. The magnificent voice of Axl Rose comes to life.

"Please allow me to introduce myself..
I'm a man of wealth and taste.

I've been around for a long, long year..
Stole many a man's soul and faith."

The crowd gets on their feet, but most of them are booing the former World Champion. Engel begins to make his way down to the ring.

Eric Emerson: "He stands six feet tall and weighs in tonight at 210 pounds... "

"Pleased to meet you.. hope you guess my name
But what's puzzling you is the nature of my game."

Engel remains focused on the ring, and reaches the steel steps. He ascends onto the apron, and climbs into the ring between the top and middle ropes.

"I watched with glee..
As your kings and queens..
Fought for ten decades..
For the Gods they made."

Eric Emerson: "He is a three time World Heavyweight Champion and a two time Intercontinental Champion... he is MATTHEW.. "VIRUS"... ENGEL!!!!"

"Just as every cop is a criminal..
and all the sinners.. saints..
as heads is tails, just call me Lucifer..
'cause I'm in need of some restraint.

So if you meet me..
have some courtesy..
have some sympathy..
and some taste.

Use all your well learned politesse
or I'll lay your soul to waste."

Engel has removed his jacket, tie, and dress shirt, revealing his standard white undershirt. He begins to stretch in the ring and prepare himself for the match.

Brian Rentfro: "Engel is looking better tonight, Jon. At least better than he has in the past couple of weeks."

Jon McDaniel: "I'll grant you that, Brian. He looks healthier and focused. I hope he's staying true to his word and this isn't just another ploy on his part."

Brian Rentfro: "Does it matter? Engel's arguably one of the best wrestlers here."

Jon McDaniel: "Well, Starr is going to put that to the test tonight for sure, Brian."

Red and violet lights shine around the arena, falling at the center of the entrance ramp. Cee Lo Green’s "Fuck You" hits the arena, as white fireworks light the ramp. Lucious Starr emerges to a mix of cheers and boos, throwing up both hands- which are flicking off all in attendance. Lucious slowly makes his way down the ramp, playing to the fans as he almost dances his way down.

I see you driving 'round town
With the girl i love and i'm like,
Fuck you!
I guess the change in my pocket
Wasn't enough i'm like,
Fuck you!
And fuck her too!
If I was richer,
I'd still be with ya
Ha, now ain't that some shit? (ain't that some shit?)
And although there's pain in my chest
I still wish you the best with a...
Fuck you!

Eric Emerson: "Making his way to the ring, from Akron Ohio!"

Lucious stops mid ramp, gyrating to the tune. He points to either side of the ramp, a few female fans cheering while a few are totally not buying it, Lucious blowing a kiss to a nearby female fan.

I'm sorry
I can't afford a ferrari,
But that don't mean I can't get you there.
I guess he's an Xbox
I'm more an Atari,
But the way you play your game ain't fair.

Eric Emerson: "Weighing in at two hundred and fifty-three pounds..."

Lucious continues down the ramp, eying the ring as he descends.

I picture the fool that falls in love with you
(oh shit she's a gold digger)
(just thought you should know nigga)
I've got some news for you
Yeah go run and tell your little boyfriend

Eric Emerson: "He is the Untamed Fury...a former PWA World Heavyweight Champion..."

Lucious circles the ring, stopping by the announce table. He salutes the announce team, then turns to leap onto the ring apron. He waves to the crowd, taking in the mixed reaction as his intro continues.

I see you driving 'round town
With the girl i love and i'm like,
Fuck you!
I guess the change in my pocket
Wasn't enough i'm like,
Fuck you!
And fuck her too!
If I was richer,
I'd still be with ya
Ha, now ain't that some shit? (ain't that some shit?)
And although there's pain in my chest
I still wish you the best with a...
Fuck you!

Lucious slides in between the top and middle ropes, climbing the nearest turnbuckle.

Eric Emerson: "Ladies and gentlemen, he is Lucious 'Beta' Starr!!"

Now I know
That I had to borrow,
Beg and steal and lie and cheat.
Trying to keep ya
Trying to please ya.
'Cause being in love with your ass ain't cheap

Lucious again flips the bird, jumping to the mat below as he waits for the match to begin.

Jon McDaniel: "Here we go! A lot of heated words between these two superstars the past week and they're more than ready to back them up."

Brian Rentfro: "No kidding, Jon."


Engel and Starr circle each other around the ring. Starr has the height and size advantage, so Engel decides not to lock horns with Starr and instead slips underneath Starr's grasp, circling behind him. He tries for a reverse DDT but Starr drives his elbow right into Engel's gut. Engel doubles over and Starr executes a big-time double-underhook slam that takes Engel down. Starr gets to his feet and lays the boots to Engel, connecting on his chest and head. Starr brings Engel to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Starr connects with a shoulder tackle that puts Engel on his back. Starr goes into the ropes and comes back, trying for a senton bomb but Engel rolls out of the way. Engel gets up to his feet and lands a kick right to Starr's ribs as he's trying to get up. Engel goes into the ropes and nails Starr with a flying spinning heel kick that takes Starr down to the mat. Engel up to his feet, Starr shortly gets up after. Engel dodges a punch from Starr and slams his knee into his gut as hard as he can. Starr doubles over and Engel takes him down with a DDT.

Engel goes for a cover...



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: "And Starr kicks out right after two! Some great action to start off this match, Brian."

Brian Rentfro: "I'll agree with you there, but it's only a matter of time before Engel takes over and beats him again."

Jon McDaniel: "Could you not be such a kiss-ass?"

Brian Rentfro: "If you pay me enough I won't be."

Engel gets Starr to his feet and whips him into the corner. Starr lands tough, but bounces out of that corner with anger and speed and catches Engel with a clothesline! Engel nearly flips in mid-air as he's leveled. Starr gets Engel to his feet and nails a few knife-edge chops to the chest of Engel. The appropriate response "WOOOOO!" from the crowd echoes throughout the arena. Engel backs up a bit, in some serious pain from the chops. Starr nails Engel with a right, then a left. Engel is against the ropes and Starr gives Engel shots to the stomach and ribs. He grabs Engel in a side headlock, taking off and then nailing Engel with a running bulldog. Engel's face gets planted into the mat and Starr quickly continues the assault with a high-impact knee drop connecting on the back of Engel's head. Starr rolls Engel over for the cover.



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: "Whoa! That was too close, Jon."

Jon McDaniel: "Starr almost won that right there, Brian. What an upset that would have been."

Brian Rentfro: "There won't be an upset tonight, Jon. The only time Starr ever beat Engel was when Engel disqualified himself!"

Jon McDaniel: "That was a long time ago, and Starr has vastly improved."

Starr argues with referee Dwayne Cross for a moment, but gets back to Engel as Engel is trying to get up to his feet. Starr grabs Engel by the head, but Engel fights back with punches to Starr's stomach. Engel winds back and nails Starr with a hard punch to the jaw. Starr staggers back and Engel makes a run at him. Starr tries for a clothesline, but Engel ducks underneath. Starr turns around but is immediately met with a dropkick to the chest from Engel. Starr gets knocked back and almost on his back, but manages to catch the ropes. Engel runs at Starr, but Starr has other plans and launches Engel up and over the top rope. Engel crashes on the outside and rolls up to the barricade.

Jon McDaniel: "Good God! Engel got some air on that fall! He looks like he's in some serious pain."

Brian Rentfro: "He'll be fine, Jon. Don't worry."

Referee Dwayne Cross begins the count as Lucious Starr makes his way to the outside.

Cross: 1!

Starr grabs Engel by the hair and nails him in the face with a hard punch. Engel gets turned around and lays across the barricade. The crowd is going crazy and Starr delivers a stiff kick to Engel's side. Starr picks Engel up and drops him throat-first over the barricade!

Cross: 2!

Brian Rentfro: "Damn! C'mon, Engel!"

Jon McDaniel: "Calm down, Brian."

Engel tries to get to his feet. Starr goes for another kick, but Engel blocks it and lands an uppercut on Starr. Starr is staggering back and then Engel connects with a roundhouse to Starr's face!

Cross: 3!

Starr falls to the ground and Engel grabs him by the hair. He gets him to his feet and slams him face-first into the ring post.


Cross: 4!

Engel nails Starr with more punches and then kicks him in the gut. Engel tries for another DDT, but Starr reverses out of it and hits Engel with a northern lights suplex. Engel lands roughly on the mat and Starr rises to his feet.

Cross: 5!

Starr gives Engel a kick to the face he'll never forget, and Engel is now bleeding from his nose - a sight we've seen many times before. Starr picks Engel up to his feet and rolls him into the ring right as Cross is about to count for 6.

Cross: 6!

Lucious hops up to the apron and finds the nearest turnbuckle. He climbs up to the top as Engel is laying in the ring, tending to his nose. Starr leaps off and connects with a five star frog splash! He stays on top of Engel for the cover...



Kick out!!

Brian Rentfro: "YES! Engel kicked out!"

Jon McDaniel: "What athleticism by Lucious Starr, he's bringing out all the stops to try to beat Engel and get himself into the Who's The Man?! tournament."

Engel shows his resilience and tries to get to his feet as Starr can't believe it. He was sure he had it won right there, but Starr carries on and grabs Engel by the head. He drives his elbow into the back of Engel's head a few times and then whips him into the turnbuckles. Engel crashes and lays against the turnbuckles. Starr attempts a body splash in the corner, but Engel moves out of the way just in time. Starr bounces off the turnbuckles, forcing to get turned around and met by Engel's foot. Engel nails Starr with a jumping side kick and Starr falls to the mat like a bag of bricks. Engel uses the quick turn around to try to score the victory.

Engel hooks the leg.




Jon McDaniel: "That was super close. Engel surprises Lucious with that side kick and nearly scores the victory right then and there, but Starr managed to get his shoulder up just in time."

Brian Rentfro: "Starr got lucky, Brian. Lucky that his jaw wasn't dislocated! Count it!"

Jon McDaniel: "Dumb."

Engel gets Starr up to his feet and assaults him with knee strikes to the stomach and a few to the chest. Starr is forced to double over from the pain and Engel takes him down with a twisting neckbreaker. Engel goes to the ropes and jumps to the middle rope, launching himself high into the air as much as he can in moonsault fashion. Engel flips in the air and lands directly on top of Starr's chest with both boots!

Brian Rentfro: "High Voltage! What a move!"

Jon McDaniel: "Did you have an accident after seeing that, Brian? Sheesh."

Engel goes for the cover, hooking both legs as a smile comes across his face.



3 -- NO! KICK OUT!

Brian Rentfro: "WHAT?!"

Jon McDaniel: "Starr kicked out! He isn't giving up, Brian!"

Engel slams the mat in frustration, but doesn't bother to argue with Dwayne Cross. Engel gets Starr back up to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Engel tries for the roaring elbow, but Starr ducks down and nails Engel with a spear! He nearly broke Engel in two as Engel was making the turn around for the timely connection on the roaring elbow. Engel looks out of it as Starr gets to his feet, catching a second wind and roaring out to the crowd.

Brian Rentfro: "Good Lord, Engel looks devastated."

Jon McDaniel: "Starr had all the momentum he could muster into that spear...damn that was painful to watch."

Starr turns his attention away from the crowd as Engel begins to stir. Starr is stalking Engel from behind, waiting for the right moment. We're not quite sure what, but those of us that know Starr well know what's coming. Engel is up to his knees now, trying to shake off that semi-truck that just hit him. Engel is up to his feet finally and Starr attacks! Starr nails Engel with the Hades' Flame!

Jon McDaniel: "HADES' FLAME! That's gotta be it Brian! Starr will add another big name to his list of victories!"

Brian Rentfro: " can't be!"

Starr hits the move perfectly, and Engel looks out of it. Could it be the end? Starr covers Engel.



3---KICK OUT!!!!

Brian Rentfro: "YES!!!"

The crowd is going crazy...Engel kicked out at the very last second, keeping the match alive and his hopes for another World Championship alive.

Jon McDaniel: " much as most people despise Engel, he is incredibly tough to keep down."

Starr can't believe it. He was sure - moreso than last time - that he had it won. He gets to his feet as the crowd is going crazy. We are hearing chants for both superstars...

Crowd: "VIRUS! VIRUS!"


The rhyming chants are shaking the very foundation of the arena as Engel manages to get to his feet. Engel, blood still trickling down his nose, past his mouth and down his neck and chest. He gets to his feet, trying to make his surroundings known. He quickly turns around and Starr is on the other side of the ring. Starr simply nods his head, a sign of respect for Engel's well-known resilience. Engel retorts with a similar nod, and wipes the blood away. Starr and Engel go at it again.

Left...right...left...right...both men exchanging their best punches with everything they've got. The crowd is growing louder, as they anticipate who will come out victorious in this all-out war between two PWA superstars.

Brian Rentfro: "I can barely hear anything, Jon! The crowd is going crazy!"

Jon McDaniel: "What Brian?!"

Brian Rentfro: "I can barely hear - oh shut up! Just watch!"

Starr and Engel are still exchanging punches, taking the beating but dishing it out the best they can. Finally one of them - Engel - is able to break the pattern and deliver a stiff kick to Starr's left leg. Starr falters a bit and Engel nails Starr with a superman punch! Starr falls back into the ropes. Engel nails Starr in the gut with a kick and Engel lifts Starr up, putting him stomach-first on the top rope. Engel hooks both of Starr's arms and nails him with a double-arm implant DDT!

Brian Rentfro: "150%! That's the move that helped Engel beat Phoenix at last year's Genesis!"

Jon McDaniel: "Now Engel is going to the top rope!"

Engel heads to the top turnbuckle, with his back to the ring. He leaps off and hits the Euthanasia perfectly - like he always does. He stays on top of Starr, and Cross hits the mat for the count.





The crowd goes nuts as Engel rises victorious.

Eric Emerson: "And the winner of this match, solidifying their spot in the Who's The Man?! tournament... MATTHEW "VIRUS" ENGEL!!!"

Engel's left arm is raised by Cross, but Engel falters back into the ropes, feeling dizzy and disoriented from the blood-loss and pain. Starr manages to roll out of the ring, holding his stomach/chest area as he struggles to breathe.

Brian Rentfro: "See Jon?! I told you Engel would come out victorious!"

Jon McDaniel: "Yeah yeah. No matter what, it was a great match and Starr took Engel to the max tonight."

Starr slowly walks up the ramp, but turns around. Engel is staring him down and Starr holds his head up high. Engel gives him that same nod from earlier in the match, and the two exchange a non-verbal display of respect.

Eric Emerson: The following match is set for one fall and will be contested under a Hell In The Cell banner...

"Time for a lil' Southern Justice"

Colt Ford's special remake of this song for Jethro Hayes hits up in the arena's speakers. The youngest Grand Slam Champion in PWA history walks through the black curtain, he looks out to the crowd.

~Down the road where the black top ends, you can find Jethro Hayes with all his friends, we're used to gravel roads, and fishin' with cane poles, wasn't no swimmin' pools, jus swimmin' holes.~

Up on the screen a blacktop road begins to wind away in front of us and we travel along it as though we are in a car. Jethro holds his fisted right hand into the air and the crowd pops for. Jethro begins to walk down the ramp making sure to slap the hands of the fans along his way. Jethro goes from side to side because if they are going to respect him for what he is doing and how he is changed, he will respect them as well.

~We was dirt road poor, and cane switched raised, done came a long way since back in them days, been ‘round the world twice seen all fifty states, ate on thousand dollar china, but love sum paper plates , there aint nuthin wrong with them big city lights, but me, I prefer them slow country nights, where I can see the darkness come and then go~

Along the side of the ropes are buildings erected with the names of the Championships that he has won instead of typical names of businesses. Other such names include "Hall of Fame", "Wrestler of the Quarter", "Face of the Year", and many "Match of the Quarter" buildings are all along side the rode. He reaches the bottom of the ramp.

~Most folks is honest, and they all speak slow, you can leave your door open, aint nuttin' gunna happen, most country folks sing, but I couldn't, so im rappin, I wanna show yall where I come from, and invite yall all down to any country town~

The road winds through a small city, but the image of the very arena in which we are having the PWA show tonight comes into view around a corner. Jethro climbs the steps and is on the apron. He wipes his feet out of respect for the legends in this sport and the respect he has for this sport before stepping through the ropes.

(Chorus with John Michael Montgomery singing)
Now before I pack and things and leave, there's sumthin I need yall to understand, I seen alotta things in my life time, that's why I walk the line, I'm just a simple man, and I aint in the things for cheep thrills, but all my scars heel, so don't you ever cry for me, I aint ashamed where I'm from, you're always welcome, to take a ride through the country.

Eric Emerson: From Lenox, Georgia he stands at six feet seven inches, weighing in at three hundred and fifteen pounds... Jethro Hayes!

~Up, dressed, and gone by 5 am, he's country, and he's rappin' we gotta play him, folks been waitin for some one like me, to give ‘em some hot beats and spit that country~

Jethro hits the ropes, bouncing off to get the blood pumping a bit before his match. The blacktop road in front of us enters the arena's door and heads somewhere inside.

~His overalls don't sag, they fit, they kinda tight, got on a John Deere t-shirt, no nothin' but work. Daylight til dark, that's how I was bread, and I'll keep bein' country til the day I'm dead~

Jethro climbs the turnbuckle that faces the majority of the crowd, holding up his fisted right hand before pointing to them. Just in front of the blacktop road is a black curtain, we sit here waiting as though it is the end of our ride.

~See, country folks eat biscuits called cat heads, bar-b-q, baked beans, sweet tea, and white bread, we like to fish and hunt, aint scared of a fight, love the Good Lord and believe in doin' right,~

He drops down, rushing to the opposite side of the ring to climb up and point to that section of the crowd.

~Got 4-wheel drives, some got mud on ‘em, you can keep your rolls roice, cuz baby, we don't want 'em! So now yall all know exactly who I am, and if you aint into that, i don't give a damn!~

Jethro drops down, heading to the third corner and once again climbs up, pointing out to himself before he points to the crowd.

The chorus hits up again...

~Now before I pack my things and leave, there's sumthin I need yall to understand, I seen alotta things in my life time, that's why I walk the line, I'm just a simple man, and I aint in the things for cheep thrills, but all my scars heel, so don't you ever cry for me, I aint ashamed where I'm from, you're always welcome, take a ride through the country.~
Jethro climbs the final turnbuckle, and points to this section of the crowd.

~You might have seen me on your t.v, but honey, that don't mean a thing, you see, I'm still that same ‘ol country boy, and that's all I'll ever be, and sometime, those bright lights blind me, and make it hard for me to see, but when I need to be reminded, I take a ride through the country~

Jethro drops down, he heads to center ring where he looks down to gather his thoughts before the match.

~At about 5 o'clock on Friday afternoon, them country boys head down to the local saloon, you welcome to stop in and have a cold bottle, big city boys and stuck up super models, we don't care where ya from, as long as you polite, cuz push come to shove and every one of us will fight~

Even through the roar of the crowd, Jethro nods as he listens to the song and allows it to remind him of things in the past. It reminds him of the times he's been pushed around and how he will not let it happen anymore.

~We mostly easy like Sunday morning, ol' Colt came here to give yall fair warnin', country folks wont be pushed around, and theres some of us livin' in every town, we believe in the Bible, and the U.S.A, work hard for what you want, it's the American way, no body owe you nothin' supposed to earn your keep, but in a hard days work, get a good nights sleep,
I know some of yall think Colt's kinda odd, but I'm loud, proud and country by the grace of God!~

Jethro points to the crowd one last time as the blacktop view on the big screen seemingly flies through the screen, showing that Jethro considers those fans in attendance friends.(it goes back to the very first line in the first verse). Jethro turns to face the entrance ramp, raising his head up so that he can see it clearly.

The lights in the arena dim as the opening riff of “5 Minutes Alone” hit’s the p.a. system. The (federation initials)tron lights up with a headshot of Scott Nash Strader looking down, with his black hair hanging in his face. He slowly lifts his head as the words to the song begin.

##I see you had your mind all made up you group of Pitiful liars.
Before I woke to face the day, your master Plan transpired.
Something told me- this job had more to Meet the eye.
My song is not believed?
My words some- What deceiving? Now I'm unwhole.##

Scott Nash Strader steps out from behind the curtain followed by his wife Amy Nash Strader. She joins at him his side as he closes eyes and looks upwards.

##But you can't crush the kingdom
Can't be what your idols are. Can't leave the scar.
You cry for compensation. I ask you please just give us...##
As they begin to walk down to the ring, Scott wearing a white muslce shirt, blue jeans and a pair of buckled black leather biker boots. Amy has form fitting blue jeans, a red small tee, and platinum hoops hang from each ear.

##5 minutes alone##

##5 minutes alone##

##5 minutes alone##

Scott leans back as he grabs onto the ring ropes to pull himself up. He steps through the second and third rope as his wife takes a seat by ringside.

Ding Ding

Jethro and Scott stand center ring, surrounded by weapons hanging from the steel cage and the fans in the arena; both men lean forward and shake hands as they prepare for the match. Collar and elbow lockup, Jethro shoving with all of his 315 weight, but Scott using his 3 inches of height advantage to create a stalemate here in the match as they open it up traditionally.

Jon McDaniel: It isn't often, this perhaps the only time, that Jethro Hayes has had to look up to an opponent.

Brian Rentfro: Jethro may outweigh him by thirty something pounds, but height can play a major role as well.

They release the hold, staring at each other and both go for a forearm shot and both connect sending the other stumbling. Jethro charges forward with a clothesline, SNS ducking under and kicking backwards with his right foot, Jethro spins around catching the foot. SNS with a reverse enzeguri catching Jethro just over his right eye sending him into the ropes. SNS presses his advantage as Jethro rebounds off the ropes missing a running forearm smash. SNS spins out of the way of the forearm, but doesn't avoid Jethro's kick into his ribs bending him over in pain. Jethro presses his advantage with a forearm to the back of SNS sending him down on one knee. SNS sends a right fist into Jethro's midsection before shoving him back towards the center of the ring. Jethro bounces off the ropes with a running knee, but SNS slams Jethro down onto the canvas with a spinebuster that seems to shake the very foundation of the building. SNS off the ropes, leg drop onto Hayes has SNS in firm control. SNS pulls Jethro up, sending him into the ropes and he follows quickly with a elbow smash sending Jethro over the top rope to the floor below. Jethro lands heavily on the outside and SNS climbs up top, looking to do some major damage while he can. Jethro gets up, a bit groggy, but turns to see SNS flying at him with an axe handle smash. Jethro catches SNS, tossing him into the cage with a release belly to belly suplex and the cage rattles upon impact as Scott's huge frame bows out the mesh of the cage. Jethro stalks over, picking up the steel chair hanging off the cage to use as a weapon. Jethro swings down as SNS is on one knee, connecting with a solid thunk on his skull and laying him out on the floor, the un padded concrete floor. The fans are on their feet, not wanting to miss a minute of this action and Jethro is pulling SNS back up to his feet.

Jon McDaniel: Jethro showing his strength there as he threw SNS into the cage.

Brian Rentfro: No one is doubting or has ever doubted Jethro's strength, but then again Oxes are strong, dumb as rocks, but strong.

SNS with a shot into Jethro's junk, doubling the big man over in pain as he holds himself, but SNS doesn't stop. SNS sends Jethro down with a swinging neckbreaker onto the floor and winces a bit as he gets up to his feet a second time. SNS digs under the ring as though the weapons hanging from the cage aren't enough. SNS pulls out a wooden table and he is right, there are no tables hanging from the cage so he did just right. SNS sets up the table, looking over at Jethro who is on one knee. SNS with a running knee mmisses as Jethro ducks to the side firing right hands rapidly into Scott's ribs that he kicked earlier, but SNS fights through with a roundhouse kick to the back of Jethro's skull. Jethro accepts the blow, but manages to somehow get up to his feet and meet SNS with a look of determination on his face. Right from Jethro, right from SNS! Right from Jethro! Right from SNS!

Brian Rentfro: My GAWD its like two bull elephants fighting over mating rights!

Jon McDaniel: It is two of the biggest men to ever step into a PWA ring going at it!

Neither man has slowed down, they are both red and look sore, but neither man has stopped throwing fists into the other's face and head! SNS with a left catches Jethro off guard, but only for a moment as Jethro returns the left fist with one of his own and now four fists are flying and four fists are connecting! The crowd are still on their feet cheering on their favorite in this duel of fists!

Jon McDaniel: Do you hear the sound of their fists striking flesh?!

Brian Rentfro: I can't believe they are still standing!

SNS stumbles, but so does Jethro as these two appear to be very evenly matched here tonight! Jethro with a running charge, SNS with a hip toss sends him over to crash into the steel and leave a dent where he slammed into it as well! Jethro rolls back over and somewhat up to his feet, SNS with a running knee slams it right into Jethro's face but the big man wavers on his knees shaking his head and refusing to go down. SNS nods and slams a second knee into Jethro's face before pulling him up and whipping him into the corner post. Jethro's forehead connects with a solid sound and he bounces back into a release German suplex that causes Jethro's skull to cslam heavily onto the concrete.

Brian Rentfro: Someone check the floor, it may be dented!

Jon McDaniel: SNS in control here, but who can tell for how long?

SNS drops a knee onto Jethro's head before pulling him up and the back of Jethro's shirt is bloody as the concrete opened up a wound on the back of his skull. Jethro stumbles forward, but SNS helps him along with a running bulldog slamming Jethro face first onto the concrete. SNS rolls Jethro over, slamming the back of his skull into the concrete, trying to open the wound up even more, but Jethro shoves with a right hand and SNS backs off somewhat out of surprise. SNS pulls Jethro up to his feet, lifting The Souther Hero up into the air for The Memory Remains!

Jon McDaniel: Look at the feat of strength here!

Brian Rentfro: I repeat my statement about the Ox.

SNS drops Jethro and Hayes rolls on through, much to the shock of everyone. Jethro up to his feet lunging at SNS with The Plow. SNS spins out of the way, Jethro runs up the side of the steps spinning around with a roundhouse kick catching SNS right in the face sending him against the ring apron. Jethro with another Plow attempt, but SNS once again spins out of the way. Jethro dives into the ring, up to his feet quickly and off the opposite ring ropes. SNS turns around and Jethro launches himself over the top with a big man plancha, SNS catches him!

Jon McDaniel: My GAWD!

The momentum carries SNS into the steel cage, but Jethro uses the chance to grab a staple gun and release a few staples into Scott's body!




Brian Rentfro: Jethro is treating SNS like he is just a stack of papers!

SNS drops Jethro, but Hayes isn't finished, he sends a staple right into Scott's forehead causing a small trickle of blood to begin flowing from the wound. Jethro with a forearm backs SNS up a bit, but the clothesline sends him down onto the wooden table SNS set up a bit ago. Jethro looks up to the top of the cage and out to the fans before digging under the ring as well. Jethro pulls out a ladder, setting it up near SNS for a very high risk move here to possibly end the match.

Brian Rentfro: Its not often that these type of moves pay off, but when they do.

Jon McDaniel: Will the ladder hold Jethro's weight?

Brian Rentfro: Easily, he supposedly uses them all the time.

Jethro begins climbing up, but SNS rolls off the table and shoves the ladder as Jethro is half-way up its height. The ladder falls, but Jethro jumps down before he is injured from the fall, he looks up and SNS slams a chair right into his face sending him against the cage. SNS with a second shot and a third busts the forehead of Jethro open and the blood begins to flow down his face to create a crimson mask.

Brian Rentfro: Now Jethro's bleeding from the forehead, wonder if it is blood or his brains?

SNS swings the chair again, but Jethro slams a double fist into his stomach causing SNS to drop the chair. Jethro lunges forward, but SNS lifts a knee to meet his face standing him back up. SNS with a second knee catches him in the midsection and a DDT puts him on the concrete for now. SNS lifts the ladder up, closing it and suplexing it onto Jethro's back before rolling the big man up to his feet and slamming his face into a pizza pan hanging from the side of the cage leaving a red smear that is not pizza sauce.

Brian Rentfro: Mmmmm pizza...

Jethro stumbles away from the onslaught, but SNS gives chase with another pizza pan slam to the back of Jethro this time. Jethro hits one knee and SNS removes a cheese grater from the cage wall, bringing it across Jethro's skull, drawing even more blood from the wound on the back of his skull. SNS walks to the front of Jethro kicking him in the face for a field goal that would have been good from about forty yards that has Jethro seeing stars and a loss in his future if he doesn't pull things together and soon. SNS drags the grater across Jethro's face leaving red lines that slowly begin to fill with Jethro's blood. Hayes slumps onto his forearms as he tries to find the strength to continue here in the match. SNS lifts him up Cherry Whiskey Bomb onto the pizza pan and cheese grater!

Jon McDaniel: Jethro's face is going to look like raw hamburger meat!

Brian Rentfro: Anyone down for hamburger pizza?

Jon McDaniel: Nope, not anymore.

Brian Rentfro: Cheeseburger then?

Jethro is out of it, he' got to be but SNS knows how Jethro acts and fitghts, so he keeps pouring the offense on as the fans cheer him on, but half cheer for Jethro to get up. SNS spies the table and a smile crosses his features as he drags the lifeless form of Jethro over towards the table, but SNS doesn't place Jethro on the table, instead he shoves him backwards into the ring apron before delivering a stunner to Hayes to put him out for a bit. SNS digs under the ring pulling out another two tables and smiling as he begins to set them up; Jethro still isn't moving. SNS grabs a few steel chairs and lays them on the first table in their ready to be set in position. SNS lifts a second table up on top of the first table of chairs and proceeds to place a few chairs up there, stacking them on their backs(laying down). SNS stomps on Jethro's face for good measure before he sets the ladder up and drags the third table up onto his shoulders to set it up on top and create a three table tier. SNS takes a moment to admire his handywork and knowing it will finish Jethro off, it would finish anyone off.

Brian Rentfro: SNS looking to put this match away here.

Jon McDaniel: This doesn't look good for Jethro at all here.

SNS begins dragging Jethro up the ladder, getting him ready for something big, something huge, something major even. SNS has the ladder steady and secure, getting Jethro up onto his shoulders for Scotch Valley Driver!


Jethro counters, fighting back to stand on the table fighting with SNS on the ladder!

Brian Rentfro: I do believe this is a first here.

SNS with a right, but Jethro rolls out of the way onto the backside of the ladder sending SNS struggling to hold onto the ladder as it sways from the weight of the two men. SNS with a huge right hand, Jethro avoids by ducking to the right and he connects with a chop that SNS falls back from. SNs lands on the table, quickly rolling up to his knees and back to the ladder with a dive towards Jethro!

Brian Rentfro: All that work and they aren't going to fall into it?

Jethro and SNS fall towards the cage, the ladder toppling over with their combined amount of weight!

SNS grabs the cage, but Jethro shoves away from the cage, using the momentum to into the cage to create force to move away from the cage. The ladder moves away from the cage!


Bits of table and blood fly up into the air from the impact as both men go all the way through the tables to the concrete floor below!

Jon McDaniel: Oh! MY! GAWD!

Brian Rentfro: That... was... awesome!

The referee steps into position, moving a big chunk of table out of the way in order to see if there is a pinning position taking place.




Ding Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: Winner of the match.... Jethro Hayes!

Jon McDaniel: He may have won, but he's not going to be wrestling next week.

Brian Rentfro: Who knows, again I say the thing about the Ox.

Tick Tock

The screen opens from the PWA prompt to black onto a desert scene. There is a rumble of thunder as the sky darkens with storm clouds. In the distance, walking along a deserted stretch of road, a silhouette approaches.

"Keep that thing in your pants
You got nothing for me, no
Your sister knows how to dance
And she might be more my speed, yeah"

As the figure continues forward the storm clouds race along with him. The scene itself pulls back and soon a large city rises up, clips of the various PWA Champions are projected upon the towering sky scrapers.

"She moves just like a panther baby, I'll bet you never knew and I say
This is how we'd go about it to make our heads explode all night
This is how we'd go about it to make our heads explode"

The dark robes of the powerful figure whip in the storm's winds as he steps into the metal and glass canyon. To his left we watch as the PWA Tag Champions, "The Glorious Bastards" Johnny and Ollie Maverick are seen in action. To his right Matt Stone is shown winning the Intercontinental Title. As he passes the buildings they dissolve into dust to be blown away in his wake.

"I am a pillar of salt
You'll never be worse than me, no
So get in the fucking car
We got us a world to bleed, yeah "

The shadowy form pauses glancing from side to side at the next two towers. Watching El Gringo Tonto defend the Grizzly Beer title and Enika Engle in her first TV title defense. Then he looks skyward, his features still obscured, and a peal of thunder is accompanied by twin bolts of lightning as they streak down from the clouds to strike the two buildings causing both the sky scrapers and the GB and TV champions to erupt in flames.

"I hold all the combinations to give you peace of mind and I said
This is how we'd go about it to make our heads explode all night
This is how we'd go about it to make our heads explode all night
I got all the combinations you know, don't you know I'm always right?
This is how we'd go about it to make our heads explode"

The black cowled man continues on his path. He stops to look at the final building, watching PWA World Champion, Simon Kalis on it's facade. The building begins to shake and sway as if it is caught in an earthquake and after a few moments the glass walls shatter and the building explodes.

"Whisper in my ear
Your own little take on hell
We gotta get one thing clear
Oh, when we go to the citadel"

The camera zooms in on the dark figure but before we can see his whole visage the scene fades and we get only a glimpse of a sinister smile from the shadows of his cowl before the scene goes black.

"And I could slide right in your moment as long as I was in your skin and I said
This is how we'd go about it to make our heads explode all night
This is how we'd go about it to make our heads explode all night
I got all the combinations you know, don't you know I'm always right?
This is how we'd go about it to make our heads explode, explode, explode, oh"

As the song ends, words and a symbol appear against the black ...


Then the screen goes black for five beats before the screen returns us to ringside for the next match.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is set for one fall and will be contested under No Holds Barred rules...

The arena is under a dimmed light. Only the tron is flashing as Welcome to the Masquerade by Thousand Foot Krutch plays through the arena. All of a sudden, four bright spotlights starts turning around like on a red carpet and stops all of a sudden, doing a "X" form with their rays of light. Red and blue spotlights turns in circles over the crowd as Marxx appears from the entrance ramp, wearing his signature black leather coat.

He walks to a side of the ramp, raising his arm, then walks to the other side, where he does the same thing. While walking to a side to another, we could notice he was dancing a little bit. After, he comes back to the middle of the entrance ramp as he motions the crowd to cheer louder with his hands each sides of him. From there, he puts his arms in front of his face in his usual X, and then drops them quickly at each sides of him, a huge smile on his face. He let go a "Woo!" before starting his walk to the ring.

Eric Emerson: On his way to the ring, from New Brunswick, Canada, by the way of Indianapolis, Indiana: Marxx!

He starts walking on the ramp, clapping in the nearest fans hands. He stops in front of the ring, then turns back by the fans as he takes off his leather coat to the crowd's excitement. Then, he rolls inside the ring and jumps on a corner, where he does an X with his arms in front of his face before dropping them to each side. He jumps off the turnbuckle and does the same thing on the opposite side before going back to his corner, where he starts stretching.

Eric Emerson: And now…hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada……

A striking rift signals the beginning of “Vengeance” by Dream Evil and the lights blink out, save for one shining spotlight on the stage. Words flow from the speakers as the fans rise as one to face the stage, a huge pop resounding throughout the entire arena.

I have worked for nothing, slaved in vain
All those years that I've been pushed around
They better watch their backs now, those who gave me pain
'Cause vengeance screams their names tonight

Pyros explode on each side of the entrance as steam rises up through the grates of the stage.

All of you sinners
You better run and try to hide
You've all been dreaming
So you better hide to stay alive

Stepping from the cloudy smoke, wrapped in his long black duster and head down, Raizzor appears.

Marching out now, out to kill
The rain of blood has just begun
Blocked emotions now released
In darkness you will fear my name

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at 285lbs, he is The Soul-Taker; RAIZZOR!!!

All of you sinners
You better run and try to hide
You've all been dreaming
So you better hide to stay alive
All of you sinners

Stalking down the ramp, Raizzor’s eyes do not leave the ring, projecting fear to all who stand within it. He turns and silently climbs the steps as the song continues its shrill warning.

Can you hear me?
I'm closing in on you
Can't you feel it...

Through the ropes he slips, shrugging his leather duster off in one clean move. Muscles rippling under his elbow length sleeves, Raizzor rotates his arms to loosen himself up, never once taking his gaze off the center of the ring and anyone who happens to be in his sights.

I will show no mercy you will not survive
'Cause vengeance screams your names tonight!

Uncharacteristically, Raizzor proffers a slight smile, suggesting painful vengeance to come and turns to push his chest against the ropes and spread his arms wide to the crowd, as if wishing to engulf them all into his soul. This causes a massive reaction as the crowd explodes with louder cheers.

All of you sinners
You better run and try to hide
You've all been dreaming
So you better hide to stay alive

As the song dies, Raizzor turns and awaits the bell’s toll.

Ding Ding

Lock up center ring, Raizzor with a forearm shot backs Marxx up, Raizzor pouring on the offense with a second forearm shot. Irish whip by Raizzor sends Marxx into the ropes, but he springs off the middle rope with a back elbow catching Raizzor in the mouth backing The Soul-taker up for a change. Marxx using the momentum nails Raizzor in the midsection with his shoulder before lifting him for an over the shoulder belly to belly suplex taking Raizzor over onto his shoulder. Marxx off the ropes quickly with a leg drop onto canvas as Raizzor rolls out of the way quickly and is up to his feet. Raizzor with a right hand to Marxx causes him to stumble as it connects solidly with the side of his skull. Raizzor with a second has Marxx backed up against the ropes and a he goes for a third. Marxx grabs the wrist, flipping Raizzor over the top rope and to the outside. Raizzor rolls over to lessen the impact and up to his feet in one fluid motion and staring up as Marxx comes flying over the top!

Jon McDaniel: Marxx launches himself over the top!

Raizzor catches him in flight, onto his right shoulder, then slams him back first into the corner post before dropping him onto his head with a piledriver.

Brian Rentfro: He had a chance to deliver his Tombstone Shoulderbreaker right there and didn't follow through.

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor knows that it is too early to go for something like that.

Raizzor pulls Marxx up to his feet, shoving him backwards into the post. Raizzor with a running knee into his opponent's midsection doubles him over. Raizzor lifts a knee into Marxx's face as he pounds down with a forearm shot onto his back. Raizzor with a whip sends Marxx back first into the railing and quickly follows in with a clothesline attempt.

Jon McDaniel: Marxx has a chance here to be one of the two men to defeat Raizzor at Genesis.

Brian Rentfro: Phoenix did it.

Jon McDaniel: As I was going to say, it can be argued that no one has ever defeated Raizzor at Genesis since the one match in question was pre-recorded.

Raizzor slams into Marxx with a knee after connecting with his clothesline attempt and pulls Marxx down for a knee strike. Marxx with a shot into the kidneys takes Raizzor by surprise and Marxx presses his advantage with a second shot into the ribs. Marxx with a stiff elbow into the ribs, a second, and a third loosens Raizzor's grip on his head and a kick into the stomach causes his grip to go away completely. Marxx with a roundhouse punch to the side of Raizzor's head spins him towards the apron of the ring where Marxx leaps up to, driving Raizzor back with a dropkick right to his face. Raizzor stumbles back, but Marxx is already there tripping him up sending the back of Raizzor's head slamming onto the top of the railing. Marxx yells out to the crowd to get them pumped up and they yell back in return. Marxx pulls Raizzor up to his feet, delivering a few forearm shots to the chest then rolling The Soul-taker inside the squared circle.

Jon McDaniel: Marxx showing why he is a legitimate threat to dethrone Raizzor at Genesis.

Brian Rentfro: Hard to bet against Michael at Genesis though.

Marxx bends down to pull Raizzor up to his feet and receives a fist right into his face standing hiim back up. Raizzor rolls over to one knee, but Marxx is on it with a knee into the left side of his face sending Raizzor into the ropes. Marxx pulls Raizzor on up, but The Soul-taker delivers a throat thrust backing Marxx up and temporarily halting his dethroning bid. Raizzor with a second throat thrust and elbow to the face before capping the combo with a knee into the midsection doubling Marxx over center ring. Raizzor tucks his opponent's head under his arm, lifting and completing a vertical suplex that shakes the ring violently from the harsh impact. Raizzor rolls over to shove himself up vertical. Raizzor bounces off the ropes, delivering a leg drop of his own, this one connecting with Marxx's throat solidly enough for Raizzor to go for a cover here.



Marxx kicks out with some authority, making it evident that the match will need to continue for a bit longer before he is wore down enough to be pinned.

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor there with about a one and a half count.

Brian Rentfro: Not nearly enough, so The Soul-taker presses on.

Raizzor backs Marxx up into the corner with a series of fists, elbows and forearms until Marxx's back is pressed into the turnbuckle pads. Raizzor with a stiff elbow to the side of Marxx's face before slamming his knee into Marxx's midsection violently. Raizzor continues to press his advantage with a second knee shot before going for a third.

Jon McDaniel: Marxx counters with a stomp on Raizzor's left knee!

Raizzor still connects with the shot, but there isn't much behind it and Marxx presses his advantage now. Marxx stomps down on the side of Raizzor's left knee before sweeping Raizzor's feet out from under him and landing on top of him with fists into his face and knees into his ribs. Marxx rolls over and up to his feet before bouncing off the ropes with a baseball slide dropkick into Raizzor's rinbs that send him to the ring apron. Marxx runs and leaps over the top, coming down with a leg drop across Raizzor's throat which sends both men on to the ringside mat when he connects.

Jon McDaniel: What a move by Marxx there showing his athleticism.

Brian Rentfro: Instead of Soul-taker, he may need to become a Head-taker after that move.

Marxx gets up to his feet, dragging Raizzor up as well and whipping him into the Announcers' table.

Brian Rentfro: Here we go again, and remind me why don't we get hazard pay?

Raizzor bends backwards from the impact of his back on table, but Marxx doesn't wait for him to regain composure as he sends him on top of the table with a flying karate kick. Marxx climbs up onto the table, bringing Raizzor into position for a piledriver on top of the table.

Brian Rentfro: I think I'm gonna go now.

Jon McDaniel: Yeah, I'm gonna agree.

Raizzor is up... and driven down through the table with the impact of the piledriver, but Marxx takes a bit of damage as well when the table collapses from the impact. Marxx rolls out of the debris and up to his feet, holding a section of the table up over his head before bringing it down on top of Raizzor's exposed back with a thwacking sound. Marxx lifts Raizzor up to his feet, but The Soul-taker isn't done yet as he shoves Marxx back into the railing protecting the fans out of desperation. Marxx rebounds by running at Raizzor with all of his energy on display, or seemingly anyways. Raizzor shoots up straight, catching Marxx and delivering a spinebuster on top of the broken table that was so recently the Announcers' table. Raizzor lays back after completing the move, perhaps exhausted beyond endurance, or perhaps just collecting energy.

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor is done for.

Jon McDaniel: Both men are still breathing Brian, but I'd have to say that both are a little worse for their wear right now.

Raizzor slowly begins to stir in the form of rolling over in order to get to his feet. Raizzor crawls for the railing, hoping to use it for assistance while Marxx slowly begins to stir as well. The crowd is split on who to cheer for, so it is split fairly evenly through the arena. Raizzor pulls himself up along the rail as Marxx shoves himself up vertically, his back to Raizzor. Marxx stumbles forward, the ring apron catching him before he falls, his right hand going to the lower portion of his back. Marxx turns around, Raizzor with a forearm to the chest and a whip sends him slamming back first into the corner post. Marxx stumbles forward, still holding at his back as Raizzor lifts him up, turning to slam him back first onto the floor.

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor showing why his record is what it is at Genesis with that surge of adrenaline.

Jon McDaniel: Yes he is, but one must wonder how much does each man have left?

Raizzor pulls himself up, stomping down on Marxx with his stronger right leg before lifting Marxx up to his feet. Raizzor rolls Marxx into the ring, following him in to bring the match back inside the squared circle. Raizzor lifts Marxx up vertical, whip into the ropes. Marxx avoids the clothesline, rebounding right into a big boot from The Soul-taker. Marxx falls down onto the canvas, Raizzor hits the ropes leaping into the air for a big time knee drop...

Marxx rolls out of the way just in time! Raizzor comes crashing down on the knee that Marxx stomped earlier and Raizzor grunts in pain as his hand goes down to try and rub feeling back into the leg. Raizzor tries to get up to his feet and is successful in doing so as Marxx comes flying over with a spinning heel kick. Raizzor ducks under the kick lashing out with a right hand into Marxx's kidneys to send him on over towards the ropes. Raizzor shoves up, now limping heavily on his left leg as he pulls Marxx up to his feet.

Jon McDaniel: Marxx with a quick rollup!



Raizzor able to roll on over into the ropes to break the count and he is up to his feet. Raizzor goes after Marxx with all that he has left, but Marxx ducks under the blow getting inside Raizzor's guard sending him on over with a Northern Lights Suplex!

Jon McDaniel: Marxx using this momentum ride while its lasting!

Brian Rentfro: Its what both men have to do here, neither want to lose on the biggest show of the PWA's year!

Marxx releases the bridge for the pin and is up to his feet with a knee drop onto Raizzor's chest before climbing up top, looking for a high risk move because its gonna take something big for him to put Raizzor away and he knows it. Marxx leaps out and lands with a splash from the top rope, his forearm coming down across Raizzor's throat as he lands.

Brian Rentfro: Not only did he hurt the bulk of Raizzor's body, but he temporarily cut off his air supply with that forearm shot!

Jon McDaniel: Marxx wasn't a PWA World Heavyweight Champion for nothing.

Marxx pulls Raizzor up, whipping hiim into the ropes, running forward to meet him with a knee into the midsection before bouncing off the ropes with a swinging neckbreaker to take the big man back down in the very center of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Both men seem to be running on fumes here Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Its amazing how many miles you can go once the gauge says Empty though Jon.

Marxx rolls up to his feet, pulling Raizzor along with him and looks to be ready to finish this match here and now. Marxx sets Raizzor up for Leaving Marxx...

Jon McDaniel: Marxx with Leaving Marxx!

Raizzor counters with a tornado DDT sending Marxx down head first onto the canvas!

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor doesn't have this Genesis record for nothing Jon!

Raizzor rolls over to his feet, using the ropes to pull himself up and hopefully end this match. He looks down at Marxx before slowly pulling the man up to his feet, making sure to put as little weight on his left leg as possible until he has to. Raizzor flips Marxx over, going for the Tombstone Shoulderbreaker!

Jon McDaniel: Marxx counters and is in position for a Tombstone Shoulderbreaker of his own!

Marxx stumbles forward, but Raizzor slams his fist into the back of Marxx's left knee and he stumbles, dropping Raizzor onto his head with a piledriver instead. However, there wasn't much on it and as Marxx stumbles backwards, Raizzor is struggling back up to his feet. Raizzor with a clothesline sends Marxx... no wait! Marxx with a cat skinning comes back into the ring ducking down with an elbow into Raizzor's midsection but The Soul-taker spins out of the way. Marxx's elbow goes by harmlessly as Raizzor is able to avoid the blow. Raizzor with a running knee strike, but Marxx spins on one knee out of the way shoving Raizzor in the back sending him chest first into the turnbuckle.

Marxx charges in, but Raizzor spins around slamming a knee into Marxx's midsection before flipping him over and completing the Tombstone Shoulderbreaker.

Brian Rentfro: That’s it!

Jon McDaniel: It should be, but look!

Raizzor denies himself the pin. Grabbing Marxx by the throat, he lifts Marxx up to his feet and then into the air with a devastating choke-slam! As Raizzor drops Marxx, he lunges forward without a pause to hit the ropes and comes back with the Guillotine Leg Drop on Marxx. Raizzor finally makes the cover, hooking both legs.




Ding Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: The Winner of the match... The Soul-Taker; Raizzor!

Jon McDaniel: I think, what Raizzor did there was use all his finishing moves in quick succession to ensure Marxx would stay down for three.

Brian Rentfro: In a way, it demonstrates that he respects that Marxx could have come back from just the tombstone. That he needed to put all the nails into the coffin quickly. It worked.

Raizzor stands, arm raised, and soaks up the lights, sounds and screams of the fans, as he once again has taken center stage on the greatest platform in the PWA. Raizzor then steps towards Marxx, who is trying to rise to his feet, and much like before with Chamelion and Blazenwing, Raizzor helps Marxx to stand, and gives him a solid nod of appreciation, before letting Marxx have the ring. Raizzor drops out, heading up the ramp as Marxx stands alone, realization of his loss sinking in, but standing proudly in the middle of the ring for his effort.

Jon McDaniel: Marxx will have a strong future here, as demonstrated by this week’s promos and the fight he took to Raizzor in the ring.

Brian Rentfro: I suspect he’ll be in contention for a spot in the Who’s The Man? Tournament, which begins next week!

Who's The Man!?

The scene cuts from ringside to pitch black on the ADC-tron.

Slowly, a name appears

The Phoenix

Then another.

Cody Bogard

And then yet another

Matthew Engel

With each name, they appear and fade a little quicker

Matt Stone

David Blazenwing


Mark Zout


Ash Nukem

Jethro Hayes

Yet faster, almost the name blurring into each other as they pop up and fade out.

Lucious Starr

El Gringo Tonto

The Redeemer

Johnny Maverick

Joshua Danielson



And then the screen goes black with a BOOM and two names appear side by side, eliciting major screams from the fans.

Simon Kalis...................Raizzor

And then as those two names fade, a question appears dead center of the screen with a voice over.

Who Will Be….

The Man!?

Voice Over: Who’s the Man? Who’s the Franchise of the PWA? Who will stand tall as the one man to rule them all? Find out March 28th on Pay-Per-View

The screen fades out.

For a moment, darkness and silence engulfs the entire arena and viewers on television see a blank feed. Then, a single light winks in and out of existence on the ramp, and is followed by another one, and a third as the epic opening to “Rising Mercury” by Nick Ingman comes to life over the PA. Just barely visible, a heavy fog begins to settle in on the ramp and migrate down to the fans below as a row of 12 women in skimpy white togas and angels wings made of the finest goose down make their way to the ramp.

Two women stand in front, burning torches scented with purest sandalwood as the fumes waft into the awestruck crowd. Still others throw rose petals, staring into the crowd and the camera with looks of focus and intense devotion. Finally, six of the women stand in the center of the formation, holding up a litter on their backs, and as this company of angels make their way down the ramp and a majestic, heavenly light spreads through the arena, we see Teresa Quaranta in the litter, surveying the entire arena with a grin and eating a bunch of grapes. She soaks in the cheers while wearing an olive wreath and an elaborate white toga with gold trim. The caravan comes to a stop outside of the ring, and two angels on each side carefully escort her down from it, lovingly removing all of the extraneous gear. A couple of other girls escort her to the ring and a very soft mist descends from the rafters as the music begins to peak. Naturally, a spotlight falls on her as she raises her arms and soaks in the adulation of the crowd.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, hailing from Toronto, Ontario. Standing at a statuesque 6’3″, she loves children, small animals, and YOUR favorite local sports team… this is Teresa Quaranta!

Despite the overbearing length and cheesiness of the entrance, the fans are receptive – she gives an elaborate bow and goes to her corner.

Jon McDaniel: This is what everyone has been waiting for. A match more than months in the making. This is destiny.

Brian Rentfro: The superpower versus the proxy!

Jon McDaniel: That is an oversimplification and insulting, to be honest.

Brian Rentfro: This is GENESIS!

The opening guitar rifts to "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" by Tomoyasu Hotei kick in as the lights in the arena go out. An arch of pyros from the left and the right of the entrance spark up and reign sparks over the curtain to the back.

Eric Emerson: Introducing, her opponent! He weighs in tonight at two hundred and thirty pounds...

We can see Simon Kalis' silhouette along with that of Tamika Nash Straders in the midst of the pyros as they hold each other close, staring at one another.

Eric Emerson: He stands in at six feet three inches tall and hails from Montreal, Quebec Canada...

Pyros shoot off from the top of the ADCtron to the ceiling as the lights flash back on and we see Simon and Tamika share a kiss atop the entrance ramp.

Eric Emerson: Accompanied to the ring by Tamika Nash Strader!!!

The arch of pyros are gone and Simon and Tamika both exhale the smoke from them as they turn to make the walk down to the ring. Simon's entire torso is covered by a flag with the PWA logo which he removes and begins waving as he makes his way down to the ring.

Eric Emerson: He is one half of the PWA World TAG TEAM Champions...

Simon and Tamika hold hands as they come to a stop in front of the ring. Teresa nods as she looks out at them and Simon smirks, nodding back. Simon hands the PWA flag to a lucky fan at ringside and begins circling the ring, tapping the two titles around his waist.

Eric Emerson: He is the Pioneer Wrestling Association Undisputed WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!

Simon Kalis removes his FCF eye patch to shockingly reveal he finally has a prosthetic glass eye in the once empty socket. He puts the eye patch over a young fan at ringside and signs a autograph for the young boy, posing with Tamika for a few pictures with the fans at ringside. Teresa rolls her eyes in the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Unbelievable! What a kiss ass!

Brian Rentfro: No it's called being a true showman and a brilliant entertainer! He just made that kids night! That little kid is going to talk about Genesis XI for years to come and how Simon handed him his eye patch.

Simon hops onto the apron with Tamika, and she wraps her arms around his waist as he holds the PWA tag team title in one hand and the PWA World title in another.

Eric Emerson: He is THE LAST SUPERSTAR!

Simon Kalis pushes back, arching his back over the ropes as he raises his arms and titles into the air. Pyros explode from behind him towards the ceiling of the PWA Dome and a lot of fans cheer. Simon yells out to them and smiles as he enters the ring with Tamika by his side.

Eric Emerson: He is SIMON KALIS!!!!

Simon climbs each of the turnbuckles and raises his arms in the air. He hands the PWA Tag title to Tamika who throws it over her shoulder and slides out of the ring. Simon turns his attention to Tamika and smirks as he hands the PWA World title to referee Lance Weston. Simon and Teresa now stand staring towards each other as Lance Weston holds the PWA World title up for all to see, the camera flashes blinding in the arena.

Brian Rentfro: We're finally here.... GENESIS XI! Teresa Quaranta! Simon Kalis! The biggest prize in all of wrestling! LIVE AT THE PWA DOME!

Jon McDaniel: Are you reaaaaaaady?!


The bell sounds and Simon and Teresa begin to circle the ring. Simon snaps the tights around his waist and flicks his thumb across his nose, lifting his nose at Teresa. Teresa moves in quickly and hits a quick right hook on Simon. Simon stumbles back, Teresa lashes with a shin kick to his ribs. Simon crumples forward and she hooks him up inbetween her left arm and drives her elbow down into his spine a few times with the right. Simon slaps her on the ass and laughs but Teresa isn't amused as she lays in one more elbow before falling back with a DDT. Teresa is up first and quick and picks Simon up by the neck and head. She whips him into the ropes and as he comes back she puts her arm out and clotheslines him to the canvas. The crowd cheers as she bounces off the ropes and drops down onto him with a leg drop. Simon rolls away holding his neck and uses the ropes to get to his feet. Teresa hits a quick stiff kick into his back as he gets to his feet and sends the champ onto the outside quickly. Simon slides back in the ring and is met with quick kicks from Teresa as she puts her hands on the ropes for leverage to stomp down on Simon. Simon manages to roll away and gets to his feet. He runs towards the ropes and springboards himself off the middle rope as Teresa gives chase but she side steps him and instead of hitting the elbow he lands flat on his back in the ring. Teresa quickly with an elbow drop on Simon's back as he tries to roll away onto his stomach.

Jon McDaniel: For everything that was said this past week, Simon looks completely out of it here as Teresa dominates.

Brian Rentfro: Simon's been through a lot! He's just getting warmed up!

Teresa flips him over and hooks both his legs!




Simon laughs as he casually grabs the ropes and Weston forces Teresa off of him. Teresa is determined with fire in her eyes as Simon looks up at her and laughs. She nails a soccer kick right into his ribs but he still laughs even as he clutches his sides and coughs. Teresa goes for another kick but Simon's laughter disappears, replaced with rage as he grabs her right leg and spins on his back. He sweeps Teresa off her feet to the canvas and flips her over onto her stomach as he gets up and locks in a half crab submission. He uses her knee pads for grip as he pulls back and yells. She's reaching for the ropes but Simon is watching the match on the ADCTron as the cameras show them over the big screen, seeing this he lifts her forward with him and squats towards the middle of the ring before dropping back onto her lower back and pulling up and back with the submission move. Simon's nodding his head as Tamika claps from the outside of the ring. Lance Weston is on one knee and he asks Teresa if she's going to quit but she obviously refuses to tap.

Brian Rentfro: What was that, Jon? Simon may've lost an eye but he knows the ADCTron shows the action in the ring while it's going on, and being the veteran he is he's using that to help him see things he'd otherwise miss.

Jon McDaniel: I won't lie that was good veteran instinct on his part but Teresa won't be quitting this easily either.

Weston begins a count for Simon to let go of the hold and so he does so early, spinning himself and driving an elbow of his own into Teresa's spine. He holds her down and violently lashes out with repeated elbows to her spine. He quickly jumps to his feet and puts his foot down over her back, grabbing her arms and pulling up now as he applies a surfboard submission on her again, showing his evolving tactics. He pulls and pulls, sliding his foot up and down over her back to alternate the pressure points. Teresa's smarter than that and she uses her free legs, swinging them painfully to the side to kick Simon's foot out from beneath him. Simon trips up and falls back, nearly onto his back but he manages to catch himself and balance out. Teresa is up quickly, rubbing her back only momentarily before charging to Simon. She lands a vicious bakatare sliding kick that sends Simon back down to the canvas. She quickly hops up the turnbuckle and as Simon gets on all fours she jumps off the top rope and double foot stomps him right on the back. Simon crumples flat onto the canvas and kicks the canvas in pain from the significant pressure the move hit. The crowd roars with approval as Teresa lifts Simon up and whips him into the ropes. Simon comes back and Teresa with a THUNDEROUS spinning heel kick knocks the spit right out of Simon's mouth. He bounces down to the canvas and Teresa quickly hooks the legs again.


Jon McDaniel: Teresa trying to put this one away as fast as she can!


Brian Rentfro: She knows the longer this match goes, the less chance she has. That's all!


As Simon kicks out he locks his legs around the arm Teresa used to hook them with. He spins up and grabs her face and locks in a crippler crossface on Teresa! Everyone in front row jumps up in disbelief to the reversal as Tamika looks on from the outside, slamming her fists down on the canvas and yelling at Simon to rip Teresa's head off. Simon laughs as he bleeds from his lip, licking the blood up and spitting it down at Teresa's head. Lance Weston is already down and asking Teresa if she's going to tap, she yells out no each time he asks as Simon pulls back harder and harder.

Jon McDaniel: Now this is interesting, folks. You'll notice Teresa's offense is much more standard than Simons. Since Simon lost his left eye, he's been bulking up and "returning" to the oldest style he knows- technical submissions.

Simon maneuvers his body more and more onto Teresa's back as he pulls back on her head and neck, locking in her arm well. She wildly throws punches at him and hits him a few times in his side and shoulder but from her position the hits aren't as hard as they could be.

Jon McDaniel: He is going to try to wear out Teresa's neck and back in the hopes that if he can hit his finisher she will be cooked. We may never see the high flying, most agile wrestler in the PWA that was the Simon Kalis we knew. But this may be much worse. If there's anyone that can survive this onslaught though it's Teresa Quaranta.

Brian Rentfro: Talk about Marvin Wood. The real Purist is right here in front of us! Haha!

Simon is trying to snap her arm back as he slowly wiggles his whole body onto Teresa's, maintaing the crossface. He slides his clasped hands down over her neck and yanks back harder than before, beginning to choke her. Lance Weston immediately tells Simon to let go of the hold and he refuses. 1. Simon continues to pull back as Teresa chokes on the illegal hold. 2! Simon lets go, not wanting to risk it and he gets to his feet and stomps his foot down, saluting the crowd in the Order fashion we haven't seen in months. Teresa rolls onto her back and holds her throat in obvious pain as Simon cusses out the crowd which is booing him. He climbs to the top rope, carefully balancing himself as he looks down at Teresa.

Jon McDaniel: Oh boy this is really high risk. It could backfire, Simon lacks the depth perception he once had to pull off a move from the top rope.

Simon stands up and raises his arms, signalling RETRIBUTION!


Simon flies off, and the cameras flash as he spins in a corkscrew but he fails to see Teresa lift her knees up over her body as he completes the corkscrew shooting star press. He lands right onto her knees and bounces off her in absolute pain as he holds his chest and ribs. He rolls right out of the ring yelling and cussing her out. Teresa is back on her feet and waves to the cheering fans.

Brian Rentfro: FUUUUUU--

Jon McDaniel: It backfired, and HARD folks! Simon is in a lot of pain right now and Teresa is up and ready to get back to him.

Tamika rushes over to check on him as he shakes his head, obviously saying no to whatever question it is she asked. Teresa steps out of the ring onto the apron as Lance starts his ten count. Tamika warns Simon and tries to cover him with her own body as he gets to his feet and as Teresa comes off with an axehandle smash Simon looks up, pushes Tamika out of the way and takes the full force of the hit himself.

Jon McDaniel: Some care for the Champ as Tamika tried to take the hit for him, but Simon refused.

Brian Rentfro: As much as you people curse Simon, he refuses to win matches by cheating. He may be a bad guy? But he's a bad guy with honor and whoa-

Rentfro's cut off from talking as Simon stumbles right into the announcers table. Teresa grabs Simon by the head and clocks him across the face with a stiff elbow. Simon spits blood, his lip already busted open as Teresa knees him in the chest once, twice, thrice! Teresa shoves him into the apron as Lance Weston hits six on his ten count.

Jon McDaniel: Get yourself and Simon back in the ring, Teresa! You won't win the title by count out!

Brian Rentfro: She knows, Jon!

Teresa smashes Simons head against the ring apron and tosses him in as Lance hits the eight, sliding in herself as he hits nine. Simon begins crawling away from Teresa as she stands up in the ring. Simon gets to his feet and turns around but BANG! SPANISH INQUISITION FROM TERESA QUARANTA ON SIMON KALIS! The impact is SO hard Simon's glass eye pops out of his head and a fan catches it at ringside! Simon hits the canvas in a heap as Teresa falls onto him with the cover!


Jon McDaniel: Eye popping move from Quaranta!


Brian Rentfro: Ugggghhhh!


In pure gut instinct, Simon throws his leg onto the rope and cancels the count. Teresa looks up at Weston and shakes her head as Simon finally opens his eye and smirks. He throws an elbow at Teresa who dodges it. She rolls away from him and gets back to her feet as Tamika yanks Simon's glass eye from the fan and throws it into the ring back to him. Simon holds up his palm and asks for a timeout as he pops the glass eye back into his head. He looks to Teresa who kicks him in the gut and lands an implant DDT onto the canvas. She's back to her feet and stomps down several times on his back, neck and head. Simon crawls away and she sends a few more stiff kicks into his ribs and back as he tries to, each hit forcing Simon to stumble as she hits them. She picks Simon up by his head and spins him around nailing him with a Canadian backbreaker to the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: You may've noticed Simon hasn't made any pin attempts, but Teresa has made a few and each time she's come closer!

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, yeah. YAWN! That's only cause Teresa is desperate, and Simon's going to make his pinfall attempt count.

Jon McDaniel: I wouldn't call it desperate, I'd call it smart and focused.

Brian Rentfro: You're just biased, Jon.

Simon is obviously hurt and Teresa lifts him back up. Simon throws a heavy punch to Teresa! She throws one back, Simon with another! They go into an all out brawl, exchanging lefts and rights with each other but Simon quickly steps back and kicks her in the gut. Simon places her in a piledriver position. He turns around with Teresa in said position to face the announcers table but it's a mistake, he took too much time. Teresa grabs onto his tights with her hands on the backside of Kalis. Using her own momentum she flips herself forward inbetween Simons legs, sliding with her back on the canvas and up and over onto her feet behind Simon. Simon's eyes widen it happens so quickly as Teresa grabs ahold of him by jumping up to grab him by the neck and spins around, landing a corkscrew neckbreaker on the surprised World Champion. The crowd can't believe it as Teresa gets back to her feet and stomps her feet on the canvas pointing towards them, then motioning the title belt around his waist. The crowd cheers her on as she looks back down at Simon and shakes her head.

Jon McDaniel: This may be disasterous for Simon. Instead of trying to look cool by holding Teresa in a piledriver he should've dropped, instead this!

Brian Rentfro: ALL HAIL KALIS!

Jon McDaniel: And who did you say was biased?

Teresa lifts Simon up and whips him into the corner. She rushes forward and hits a spear right into his midsection. Simon stumbles forward seemingly out of it but he snaps out of it and hops right over the top rope to the outside. He coughs a bit as Tamika throws him a cigarette and a lighter. Simon thanks her and begins to walk away from the ringside area smoking a cigarette. He throws an arm around Tamika and leans against the guard railing seperating them and the fans as some fans slap his back. Teresa looks out to him and throws her arms up like what the fu-

Brian Rentfro: Relax folks, Simon's just taking a breather.

Jon McDaniel: By having a smoke break in the middle of the main event for GENESIS XI?! My GOD! Talk about arrogant, folks. This isn't just another Chaos here!

Brian Rentfro: Hey. HEY! He's been through a lot!

Lance Weston is already at four. Teresa is holding the ropes and yelling at him to get back into the ring.


Jon McDaniel: Maybe he realizes he can't beat Teresa and is just going to get himself counted out. Therefore losing the match, but keeping the title!


Brian Rentfro: You wish he was that cheap.


Simon walks back to the ring and slides in, the cigarette still in his mouth and slides right back out to restart the count. Teresa can't believe his audacity. Simon flips her the bird and rejoins Tamika as he smokes his cigarette, completely not giving that special F word for where they are or what they're doing.


Brian Rentfro: See? He's just plotting how he's going to finish her!


Jon McDaniel: Yeah I don't think Teresa is going to wait now.

Teresa slides out of the ring and rushes Simon. He drops the lit smoke and stomps it out mid-dodge of her clothesline. Tamika backs away, not interfering as Simon grabs Teresa by her hair and twists, pulling her in and hitting a reverse DDT onto the ground outside the ring. Simon drags Teresa and knees her in the gut as he elbows her in the back at the same time. He puts her between his legs and lifts her up into a powerbomb position! The cameras flash as he wags his tongue laughingly before dropping her with a sit down powerbomb right onto the steel steps! The crowd OHHHHH'S all at once as Weston hits the seven count. Simon quickly throws Teresa back in the ring and slides in at the nine count. Simon locks in a sleeper hold and begins twisting his arms and body around violently.

Brian Rentfro: It's over now!

Jon McDaniel: Yes because Teresa Quaranta, the nearly undefeated number one contender who won this shot at the RUMBLE IN THE BRONX is going to suddenly tap out to Simon's Sleeper Hold of Doom!

Brian Rentfro: Yeah. Basically.

Teresa reaches her arms out and elbows Simon in the gut as she forces him to stand with her. She continues to send elbows into his gut before he finally lets go! Teresa quickly grabs onto his neck and drops with a 3/4 neckbreaker that sends Simon bouncing up and then to the canvas.

Simon holds his neck in pain and crawls onto his stomach. Teresa is on her feet but wobbly, still feeling the effects of the powerbomb. She takes the corner opposite of Simon and lines him up as he gets onto his hands and knees. He seems taken out of it and Teresa rushes forward! The entire arena stands on their feet and flashes from cameras ignite as SNAP! CRUELTYS HEART! Simon's head snaps to the right and he hits the canvas unconscience. Teresa quickly pulls him further into the ring and drops down to hook both legs.




Brian Rentfro: COME ON SIMON! GET UP!



Teresa gets to her feet and begins to smile, she can't believe it as Lance Weston grabs the PWA World title from ringside and hands it to her, raising her hand in the air.

Eric Emerson: The winner and NEW Pioneer Wrestling Association WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION..... TERESA QUARANTA!!!!!

The fans cheer wildly as Teresa holds the title up proudly. Tamika quickly helps Simon out of the ring and he throws the PWA Tag title over his shoulder. He doesn't look back as Tamika helps him to the top of the stage. Once there, he tells her to go on, and then turns and looks back down the ramp, and offers a small clap for the new champion.

Jon McDaniel: SHE DID IT! She finally did it! Teresa is the NEW PWA World Champion!!!

Brian Rentfro: ...

Jon McDaniel: Don't mind Brian, he's just speechless to this wonderful moment! Here at Genesis XI, the biggest show in wrestling Teresa did it!

Brian Rentfro: ...

Jon McDaniel: What a night! What a tremendous PPV! Genesis has lived up to its name in all its glory.

The confetti drops from the roof, the fans roar as Teresa soaks it all up, a single tear from one eye glimmers in the bright spot light, and she celebrates the fact that she is now the PWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Jon McDaniel: Well, ladies and gentlemen, Brian Rentfro is still speechless, which is music to my ears, so I will just say for the both of us, Good night and...


The lights drop suddenly, the crowd rustles. When they come back on...

Jon McDaniel: My God.

On the stage, surrounding Simon Kalis, stands not one, but FOUR Raizzors. Four men, identically dressed and the same shape and size of the Soul-Taker stand on either side and front and back of Simon Kalis. All four wear the same mask Raizzor adorned back at Genesis 7, and all four raise their arms and simultaneously draw their thumbs across their throat. Then the lights flicker and fade, and moments later, when they come back on, a shaken Simon Kalis stands there, all bravado gone, as he is now pale white.

Jon McDaniel: A message sent.

Teresa's music restarts and even she takes a moment to blink at what just took place, but resumes her celebration as Simon Kalis stumbles off the stage to the back, leaving the new champion to have her moment.

Jon McDaniel: Well, I dont know what to say about that, except to tune in next week for Chaos, as the road to Who's The Man, begins! Good night!

(C) PWA 2010