World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


BomberBen vs BAM

Pyros explode to open another wild edition of Friday Night Rampage! "Because of Me" by Seether rocks the Kemper Arena as the camera pans over the sold out crowd, who are all on their feet for the action yet to come! As the pyros die down, the camera zooms in towards the stage, and we hear the ringing of the bell and Eric Emerson’s voice!


Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, making his way to the ring at this time, from Portimão, Portugal and weighing in at 187lbs! BOMBERBEN!!!!!

BomberBen enters the arena to follow the sound of music with his style gangster, enters the ring as a gangster, rises to the corner in which opens and closes the arms making a gesture with the fingers as a gangster.

Jon McDaniel: What a way to kick off Rampage, right to the action!!!

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, weighing in at 265lbs… here is BAM!!!!!!!

The lights in the arena go out and there is a sudden flash across the stage. Limp Bizkit's "Rollin" hits the BlazenTron and the crowd starts booing as Bam comes out. He poses on the stage, then sprints to the ring and slides inside, posing one more time before turning towards BomberBen.


BomberBen attempts a lock up, but BAM gorilla presses him. BAM pulls BomberBen to his feet and whips him into the corner. BAM starts trading punches with BomberBen in the corner.

Jon McDaniel: BAM is a monster in that ring!

Rayne: He sure outweighs little BomberBen!

BomberBen knees BAM and hits him with a tornado DDT. He covers but only gets one.

Jon McDaniel: And as we say that, Ben comes back with a sharp counter!

Rayne: But he now has to hold up!

BAM whips BomberBen into the ropes, BomberBen ducks a boot, jumps onto the second rope and executes an assai moonsault onto BAM, sending him down to the mat.

Jon McDaniel: Quick feet for the rookie!

Rayne: BAM doesn’t know what to make of it!

BomberBen pulls BAM up and hits him with the JackPot!. Ben then covers Bam, hooking the leg.




Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, BomberBen!

Jon McDaniel: An impressive debut by the young rookie!

Rayne: BAM is no push over alright!! That was a good match, but… it’s time to really start the show!

Jon McDaniel: You’re right, Rayne! Welcome everyone to Friday Night Rampage!!

Rayne: Finally! The night is here! The titles are gonna be handed out!! Six champions will soon grace the PWA ring!

Jon McDaniel: But who will those champions be? Each one who has a key, has to defend it tonight to be able to go on and open one of the safes! It’s still not over for the potential champions!

Rayne: I can’t wait anymore, let’s get on with it!!

Mark McNasty vs Nick Matthews

Key Challenge Match #1

Eric Emerson: The following contest is for one fall with the winner walking away with a key that will unlock a random championship later on tonight. Introducing first, key holder #6, "The Cacophony of Violence" Nick Matthews!!!

The lights go out, and a white spiral on a black background shows up on the tron. A medium paced guitar line plays two bars, and when the drums kick in, a spotlight hits the stage and Nick Matthews is standing in it. As the song continues, he walks quickly down the ramp, singing along with the words. He hesitates once he gets to the stairs, and climbs then slowly. He turns and faces the crowd while standing on the apron, very Jericho-esque. When he climbs in, the lights go back on and he sits on the turnbuckle.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, Mark McNasty!!!

The lights in the arena cut to black and blue as "Whatever you Became" by Cold begins to play. Two blue pyros erupt from the stage as smoke begins to flow from the back. After a moment, out walks Mark McNasty, receiving a huge pop from the audience. He stops at the top of the ramp and cocks an eyebrow, as he rubs his chin. He then smiles and points to the crowd before he walks down the ramp. He slaps hands all the way to the ring where he rolls in. Mark then walks to a corner and jumps onto the turnbuckle before pointing out to the crowd, receiving another huge pop. He goes to the opposite corner and does the same, getting another huge pop. He then walks to the center of the ring, looks to his left, then his right, and then straight up. As he does, he raises his arms straight up, and pyros begin reigning down behind him. As the pyros stop, Mark makes his way to his corner as the music fades.

Jon McDaniel: You can cut the tension with a knife here tonight. All the superstars desperately want a key and even when they get it they still have no idea which title it unlocks!

Rayne: That's right McDaniel, they all want to get laid and the fastest way to get laid is with gold, women love shiny things.

The bell rings and both men lock up centre ring. McNasty uses his strength to pull Matthews into a headlock then brings him to the mat with a headlock takeover. McNasty applies full pressure, squeezing down on Matthews head but Matthews manages to counter by bringing his legs up and taking McNasty in a head scissors. McNasty squirms as the ref checks that no pressure is being applied to the neck. McNasty then turns onto his knees still in the scissors and rolls forward out of it, landing in position to re-apply his original headlock.

Jon McDaniel: How about that, actual wrestling for a change! Both men countering each other’s holds, it's the sport in its purest form, its...

Rayne: Booooorrrrriiiiiinnnggg!

The crowd starts to build up a slow clap, urging Matthews to make a move. Fed by their encouragement he forces himself to his feet and shoves McNasty off him and into the ropes. McNasty bounces off and tackles Matthews to the ground and continues running to the opposite ropes. Matthews attempts to tackle him at the feet with his body but McNasty jumps over and onto the ropes again but this time Matthews jumps back to his feet and takes a charging McNasty down with an arm drag into an arm bar.

Jon McDaniel: This is a clinic we're getting here!

McNasty forces himself into a standing arm bar but Matthews maintains the advantage with a few well placed kicks into the ribs. Matthews then Irish whips McNasty hard into the corner and attempts the "Flashbang" running drop kick to the face but McNasty moves while he is in mid air and Matthews crotches himself on the top turnbuckle, falling into a tree of woe position. McNasty turns the tables and nails a running dropkick right into Matthews face while he hangs upside down.

Rayne: I know a good plastic surgeon who can re-arrange that nose of his.

McNasty goes for the cover.




Jon McDaniel: Matthews still has some fight left in him!

Rayne: Matthews knows that McNasty went 3 falls with Raizzor last week, if he can hold out he'll get his chance eventually.

McNasty tries to pick Matthews up but Matthews fights back, nailing McNasty with lefts and rights that send him reeling backwards. Matthews runs for the ropes and builds momentum to come charging at McNasty for a Lou Thesz press but McNasty catches him and sends him crashing to the mat with a hard spine buster. McNasty pops back up energized and goes to the ropes himself, coming off them to nail a rolling thunder on Matthews followed by a cover.



2 3/4


Jon McDaniel: Oh man, I thought that was it there!

Rayne: Pfft, and you call yourself a wrestling expert.

McNasty is starting to look frustrated but senses the win is within his grasp, so he signals to the fans that the end is near to a large cheer. He scoops a weakened Matthews up into a fallaway slam position and moonsaults with him in his grasp to nail the "Sault Slam" to make everything academic.




Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match and the final key holder of key #6, Mark McNasty!!!

Jon McDaniel: Right now we're looking at a champion, but which champion?

Rayne: UGH! The curiosity is killing me!! And now we have to give time away to a backstage segment!! Can’t this night go any faster??!!??

Empty Hands

The camera zooms to the back locker room as we see Circa stretching. She looks over to the camera and smiles.

Circa: Second chance... My second chance as it seems... My second opportunity to take the key that is rightfully mine.

She looks at her open hands and back up at the camera.

Circa: These hands are empty Gabe... They need a key to fill them... They need YOUR key to fill them... I didn't take all of these risks just to fall short now... My late brother told me take these opportunities... So I must take your key...

She looks over at a padlock on the locker.

Circa: A key can open things... Like something that contains a title... I care not for what title it is... Merely that I get it... Of course, the one title I would obviously love is the World Title... Does your key open to that World Title? I guess we'll find out... Except...

She smirks.

Circa: It won't be your key much longer...

A full smile now crosses her face as she continues to stretch. The screen then goes black and we’re returned to the ringside area.


Jon McDaniel: See, that didn’t take so long!

Rayne: Only because she has nice breasts will I let it slide!!! HEY NOW WHAT???

Jon McDaniel seethes and the scene opens up outside in the parking lot of the Kemper Arena - the main focus being an un-zoomed tailgate of a lifted Ford F-350 Super Duty. Upon first glance, you'd of course notice Enika Engel sitting there with a cold can of Bud Lite - already decked out in her wrestling garb for the evening. Which is kind of sad - because it's rather cold out, and I'm rather sure those booty shorts don't keep your legs warm. Anyhow - she seems to be talking to herself...

Enika Engel: "So you really think I should go for an Ante up! for a second week in a row? That'd be rather predictable, wouldn't it?"

We pick up the noise of something screeching... but it's still unbeknownst to us the viewer exactly what it is.

Enika Engel: "Dude, that makes no sense to me."

She says, shaking her head. Whatever the noise is - it keeps going.

Enika Engel: "Man, I don't speak your kind of language. Maybe if Silverback hadn't met such an untimely death, I'd get him to interpretate for me."

More screeching. Our camera zooms in a little more, to catch the figure of something next to Enika Engel...

Enika Engel: "Just stick with the head gestures - I understand those. Nod it for yes, shake it for no. Do I go the same route as last week and follow up with the strategy I discussed before, or shake that shit up? Totally change my style?"

The little creature next to her shakes it's head no, but it's really unclear on which one of the aforementioned strategies he was agreeing to.

Enika Engel: "Thanks man, I knew you were the only person in PWA I could trust..."

We get a close up on the little creature dressed in a red and yellow suit next to her. All the old-school PWA fans would immediately recognize him as Jojo, former manager to Monkey McDee. Since, you know, he's a monkey. Enika takes another swig of her beer.

Enika Engel: "We should do this again sometime. You bring the truck, I'll bring the beer."

Jojo pats Enika on the back.

Jojo: "EEP, EEEEEP!"

Enika Engel: "Yep, it's kind of like that."

Enika takes one more drink of her beer and tosses it wildly out into the parking lot.

Enika Engel: "Know what? We should tag up against 'Al' and Sirus sometime. I'm sure we could kick some major teddy-bear ass. You up to task?"


Jojo nods his head.

Enika Engel: "Damned straight. I'll see to it that it's booked."

Enika takes off - leaving Jojo alone to drink on his beer..

Back at ringside, McDaniel turns full on Rayne.

Jon McDaniel: Do NOT Say it!!!

Rayne: eep!

Kirlia Gardevoir vs Icetank

Key Challenge Match #2

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing in at 287lbs and hailing from a local tavern near YOU, here is ICETANK!!

"Stone Cold Crazy" by Metallica hits, and out from the back comes Icetank.

Jon McDaniel: What the hell is he carrying?

Rayne lets out a laugh.

Rayne: You obviously didn’t see the segment between those two earlier this week!

Jon McDaniel: My cables been out, sorry!

Icetank walks out carrying a beach table, complete with umbrella sticking out from it. Icetank is also balancing two lawn chairs on top of the table. He walks down to ringside, before putting the table down; followed by taking the chairs down off the table, and sitting them next to the table. Icetank then rolls into the ring.

Jon McDaniel: This is strange.

Rayne: Oh, it's gonna get better.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, weighing in at 150lbs! She hails from Panama City, Florida, and is the holder of key #5, here is KIRLIA GARDEVOIR!

NSYNC's "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" begins to play, and out from the back walks Kirlia Gardevoir. She walks out to the top of the ramp holding two glasses.

Rayne: You mean they didn't bring me one???

Kirlia struts down to the ring, smiling and waving a finger or two at the occasional, drooling, fan. She walks over in front of the table, and puts the two glasses down. She then reaches into her pocket, and pulls out two tiny umbrellas. She puts them in the drinks, and rolls into the ring.


Icetank walks over to the ropes, and holds them open for Kirlia. She gets out, and Icetank drops to the mat, before rolling out. The ref seems a bit confused as the two walks to the lawn chairs, and sit.




Kirlia crosses her legs as she picks up her drink.





Icetank takes a huge sip before looking at Kirlia. He holds his drink out, and the two clink their glasses together.





Jon McDaniel: ...What just happen.

Rayne: HA! Those two basically said screw you to the PWA and the fans!

Jon McDaniel: So, Kirlia keeps her key? She wins a title this way? What a crock!

Rayne: More like ingenious!

Just then, ‘Come w’ Me’ plays and the fans all rise to their feet. Kirlia and Icetank look at each other and quickly get to their feet as Chamelion comes out.

Chamelion: Ya know, Kirlia, you’ve been with some strange men in the past, but this has got to take the cake!

Kirlia gives Chamelion the finger, and takes a drink at the same time. Icetank just laughs

Chamelion: I don’t book matches for my competitors to come out and sit at ringside, sharing drinks. You want to do that, ask to do commentary for someone else’s match. What you just did, was basically rub in my face, and that of the PWA, that the key you hold means very little to you!

Kirlia shakes her head no, as the key means everything to her. Chamelion shakes his head sadly.

Chamelion: Never the less, you still have it and will be crowned a champion tonight! But ya know, there is a specific reason I’m called the Most Devious SOB in the Business Today!! You two wanna screw with my key concept, fine… now I’m about to screw with you… and I didn’t bring lubricant! Kirlia, next week…whatever title you have, is going to be on the line…as you and Icetank will be tag team partners!! If either of your opponents pin either of you, the one who scores the pin, gets the title! If Icetank score the pinfall, he gets your title! Oh, and it’ll be a street fight! Pray, kiddo, you do not have the World title by the end of the night!

Kirlia throws her drink down, and Icetank has to hold her back from charging up the ring!

Chamelion: OH, and SHOULD you hold a tag title tonight, your partner.. whomever that is.. will BE your opponent, and get to choose a partner of their choice.. with the winning team becoming the PWA Tag-Team Champions!!!

Jon McDaniel: WOW!!

Rayne: Kirlia and Icetank are in shock! They’re little trick has back fired on them!

Jon McDaniel: Just goes to show you don’t screw with the boss of the PWA!!!!!

Rayne: Oh, I hope she didn’t get the world title!! What a loss that will be if she loses it in one week!

Jon McDaniel: Crew techs are clearing the ringside area as Kirlia and Icetank stalk up the ramp! So it’s time to get to our next contest!

Gabe Shelly vs Circa

Key Challenge Match #3

Eric Emerson: The following contest is for one fall and is an "All or Nothing" match! Introducing first, Circa!!!

"Sleepless" by HellTrain hits and the strobe lights hit in quick fashion, they spin and twirl in a circle around the ring, before focusing in on the entrance way. Circa comes out of the entrance way and begins to head bang a few times to the music before stretching and jumping a bit. She dances to the ring and high fives fans on either side before jumping on the apron. She steps through the middle rope and goes to the closest turnbuckle, raising both of her arms up in the air. She jumps off the turnbuckle and waits in the ring for her opponent.

Eric Emerson: And her opponent, key holder #3, Gabe Shelley!!!

As "In Fate's Hands" by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus begins to play, Gabe Shelley makes his way to the ramp with his hood up. He points to the crowd before making his way down.

Rayne: Holy crap!

Before Shelley can make it into the ring, Circa springboards off the top rope to nail a Swanton on the outside.

Jon McDaniel: Circa is showing how much she wants that key from the word go with some high risk!

Circa climbs on top of Shelley and starts pummeling away but Shelley manages to place his knee in her stomach and pull her hair forcefully at the same time to roll her off of him. They both get back up at the same time but Shelley takes the advantage by nailing a vicious clothesline from Hell that spins Circa onto her face upon impact.

Jon McDaniel: Shelley just decapitated Circa!

Rayne: Why hot babes like Circa get into wrestling I'll never know, they could be perfectly happy at home cleaning my dishes.

Shelley takes Circa into the ring a whips her into the ropes where he attempts another vicious clothesline but Circa ducks and rebounds off the opposite side to nail a cross body into a cover.



Rayne: You ain't gonna put away Gabe Shelley that easy.

Circa is full of energy as she jumps back up and waits to nail a hurricanrana on the rising Shelley followed by a drop kick as he gets up again.

Jon McDaniel: Circa has really made a point of showing her desire to win this match.

Rayne: It takes more than desire to keep a man of Shelley's stature down.

Shelley is dizzy as he pops up a third time but gets a boot in just as Circa starts to close the distance with a charge. He follows this up with a snap suplex, followed by a second and a third for the trifecta. He goes for the cover.




Jon McDaniel: She's all heart folks!

Shelley picks her up, but she mounts a rally and throws in the boot but Shelley smiles as he catches it. That smile however turns to cuckoo eyes as Circa nails an enziguiri, sending Shelley to the mat face down. Circa pounces on the opportunity to apply the sharpshooter on Shelley, the shooting pain snapping Shelley out of his daze as he tries to reach for the ropes to no avail.

Rayne: How embarrassing would it be to tap to a woman, he might as well hang up his testicles now if he does!

Jon McDaniel: He just well might as he has nowhere to go here, Circa has him dead centre in the ring. She is showing experience beyond her years here.

Shelley's hand seems to hover over the mat, a sign that Shelley's body wants to tap but Shelley's head prevails as he opts instead to push himself up and force Circa back with all the strength he can muster. Luckily for him it works thanks to Circa's light frame and he quickly turns Circa's sharpshooter into a submission move of his own, the Texas cloverleaf.

Jon McDaniel: Shelley has turned the tables!

Circa screams in pain and tries to pull herself to the ropes but Shelley drags her into centre ring where she had him only a few seconds ago. Shelley sits down and applies full pressure as Circa attempts to repeat Shelley's escape by pushing up but his weight is too much.

Rayne: This one is over, there is no way she is getting out of this. Just give the belt to Shelley now!

Circa pounds the mat, not in a tap but as a way to fire herself up. The crowd seem to will her on as she scratches and claws and tries to find any leverage she can to help pull her towards the ropes. With each inch she gains, Shelley seems to apply even more pressure and weight.

At last through great effort she comes within touching distance of the ropes. She reaches but before she can grab them, Shelley wrenches on her legs and she recoils in pain. Shelley take this chance to once again drag Circa back to centre ring to audible groans from the Circa fan base.

Jon McDaniel: Gabe Shelley may have just taken all that Circa had left right there!

Indeed, after nearly a minute in the hold, Circa has no choice and taps out!!! The ref immediately calls for the bell and demands Gabe break the hold!

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, by submission, GABE SHELLY!!!

Rayne: Dammit!

Jon McDaniel: A valiant effort by Circa!!! She put on a great match, but Gabe comes away with the win!

Rayne: I'd pout, but I want to move on fast!!

Kyle Stevenson vs Corey Lazarus

Singles Match

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing in at 230lbs and coming from Hollywood, California! COREY LAZARUS!!

Slayer’s "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" bursts over the speakers, and the lights go out, save for a spotlight on the entrance curtain! At the 27-second mark of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida," Laz walks out from behind the curtain with Gregory Price in tow. They jaw with the fans on the way to the ring, occasionally stopping for either pictures or a handshake . As the song's pre-chorus comes in, Laz enters the ring by stepping between the top and middle ropes, and then slowly walks to the middle of it, crouching down on one knee with his head bowed and a fist on the mat. As the drums leading up to the end of the chorus bang, Corey nods his head in beat, and as Araya screams "PLEASE, TAKE MY HAND," Laz jumps to his feet with his arms outstretched, spinning in a circle to view every side of the ring and the crowd!

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, weighing in at 225lbs and hailing from Huntington Beach, California, here is KYLE STEVENSON!!!!

The familiar bass riff to "Schism" by Tool begins to play over the speakers. Smoke starts to billow from underneath the curtain down the ramp. As the drums pick up, the strobes begin to pulsate to the song. As the song hits the first verse, Kyle steps out from behind the curtain. He looks around for a moment before sprinting down the ramp. He slides underneath the bottom rope into the ring. He gets up and goes to his corner. "Schism" fading away.

Jon McDaniel: Both men are nearly the same size here.

Rayne: Lazarus is a ring veteran of the PWA, and Stevenson is still trying to make his mark here!


Both Lazarus and Stevenson circle the ring, looking at each other intensely. Lazarus, the veteran, doesn’t bother moving in for the attack, opting to see what Stevenson does. Kyle, however, surprises Lazarus by taking it slow as well. Finally, they lock up, and Kyle gets the advantage with a headlock. Lazarus pushes him, trying to free himself, but Kyle actually keeps the hold. Lazarus changes tactics and instead throws Kyle up for a back body drop, but Kyle uses the momentum and flips to land on his feet. Lazarus turns, and looks shocked that Kyle is standing there, none the worse for wear.

Jon McDaniel: Lazarus didn’t expect Kyle to back up his own words!

Rayne: Kyle has a lot to prove, trying to make up for a rocky start here in the PWA.

A nod of respect to each other and they lock up again. This time Lazarus twists Kyle’s arm behind him and wrenches. Kyle reverses, and returns the favor. Lazarus slaps his own shoulder, getting the feeling back and again reverses, this time hitting a sharp elbow to Kyle’s head for good measure. Kyle stumbles forward and Lazarus races back, bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Kyle answers with a drop toe hold, floating over into a face lock.

Jon McDaniel: Fast moves by Kyle.

Rayne: Now he just has to follow it up!

Kyle wrenches back, putting torque on Lazarus’ back! After nearly a full minute, and Lazarus still not giving in, Kyle changes position, pulling Lazarus up. He goes for his own back body drop, sending Lazarus to the canvas with a hard crash, and he covers.



Jon McDaniel: Too early to go for a pin, but Kyle does come off with the first attempt.

Rayne: I bet Lazarus is re-thinking his game plan now!

Kyle bounces off the ropes, but Lazarus speeds to his feet and answers with a standing drop kick, and Kyle is sent backwards, getting somewhat tangled in the ropes. Lazarus moves in, pulls him out and hits a belly-to-belly suplex, sending Kyle to the canvas, and covers.




Jon McDaniel: That’s telling Kyle things are not that easy here!

Rayne: A hard lesson learned!

Lazarus shakes his head, grabs Kyle and brings him to his feet. He whips Kyle to the ropes, but on the return, Kyle ducks a clothesline from Lazarus, bounces off the other side and connects with a body splash and turns it into a pin!




Jon McDaniel: Close!

Rayne: I bet Lazarus didn’t expect that one!

Kyle then whips Lazarus again to the ropes, and comes from the other end and flips up behind and brings Lazarus down with a body scissors into another pin attempt!




Jon McDaniel: Kyle’s showing some real skill!

Rayne: He may overcome the odds yet!

At this point, both men realize the other isn’t a push over and they begin elevating their attacks to more vicious, power moves. Lazarus holds the advantage a good three minutes before Kyle turns it around and takes control for nearly the same amount of time. Finally, Kyle senses a chance and connects with a spear to Lazarus!

Jon McDaniel: SPEAR!!

Rayne: OUCH!!

With Lazarus down, Kyle scrambles to the top rope and flies through the air, flash bulbs going off giving his air-time a strobe-like stop in time feel, before he connects with the shooting star elbow drop!!



Shoulder up!


Rayne: We gotta see that in instant replay!

As the viewers at home are treated to a double screen, one with the replay and the other live, Kyle looks frustrated, and grabs Lazarus, bringing him to his feet. Kyle locks in a dragon sleeper, and cinches it in tight! The ref begins checking on Lazarus!

Jon McDaniel: Kyle locks on a submission hold!

Rayne: If he makes Lazarus tap out, he’ll definitely be on his way to the top!

The ref picks up his arm, it drops once! He picks it up again, and it drops again!

Jon McDaniel: That’s two!

Rayne: One more and it’s over!

The ref raises Lazarus’ arm a third time, and it drops.. only half way!! Lazarus holds his arm out, extending his pointer finger in a ‘uh-uh-uh’ motion! Kyle squeezes tighter, but Lazarus uses his leg strength and rolls, breaking the hold and catching Kyle’s arm and driving him face first to the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: Awesome reversal!

Rayne: That’s where being a seasoned vet comes in handy!

Lazarus backs away, to get feeling back while Kyle stumbles to his feet. Lazarus then moves in and connects with a German Suplex into a bridged pin!




Jon McDaniel: Kyle’s nowhere out of it yet!

Rayne: Lazarus needs to pull out all the stops now!

Lazarus rolls to his feet, and as Kyle stands, whips him to the ropes and they both come off with the same intention of a cross body splash!

Jon McDaniel: Double splash and both men are down!

Rayne: These two think more alike then I bet they’d like to admit!

The ref begins the count







Kyle rolls to his side.


Lazarus pushes himself up.


Kyle on his knees.


Lazarus on his knees, and both men trade punches!! They continue as they rise to their feet! Kyle then add in a swift kick to the shin, but Lazarus fights through the pain and Kyle in the back of his leg, causing him to fall to one knee. Corey then delivers a stiff kick to Kyle’s chest, and then another stiff kick to Kyle’s upper back. Corey then hits the ropes, and charges at Kyle, kicking off of his thigh, turning around in mid-air, and delivering a stiff knee of his own to the back of Kyle’s head.

Jon McDaniel: That’s called the Coming Attractions!

Rayne: But what’s the feature presentation!?

Lazarus then comes down to hook a cross-face lock on Kyle, but Kyle slips back and Lazarus is forced forward. Kyle then scrambles, painfully, to his feet and locks on an ankle lock on Lazarus! Lazarus spins and kicks Kyle to the ropes and as Kyle comes back, Lazarus sends him over his own body with both feet!

Jon McDaniel: Lazarus isn’t letting this one slip from his grasp!

Rayne: Kyle had better slow himself down a bit, or he’ll over shoot his goal!

Kyle crashes down, and Lazarus stumbles up, positioning Kyle and applies a front face lock with the Kyle's arm draped over his shoulder and the closest leg hooked, much like a Fisherman's Suplex. Lazarus lifts Kyle up vertically, and then releases his head as he drops to his knees. Kyle crashes down and Lazarus rolls into the cover.




Jon McDaniel: He got him!

Rayne: Lazarus picks up his first win!

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, Corey Lazarus!!!!

Jon McDaniel: That has to have been Kyle’s best match to date!

Rayne: He’s on the verge of being a break out star, he just has to get over the hump!

Jon McDaniel: Our next match will be up shortly! First, we have to cut to commercial!


Gotta Pay Some Bills!

Night of Armageddon Six: Extreme Sacrifice - available in HD and Blu-Ray exclusively at FYE and


The Virus vs. Protean
(King of Extreme Title)

Lisa Seldon & Jeffery Drake vs. Nightstryker and November

Tommy Riley vs. Silverback

Vicious vs. Aarya Ranvir
(LWF vs IWL)

Thunderwolf being forced into retirement, via no-showing Nicholas Cole's MoA Gauntlet due to injury.

Project X vs Jacob Collins

Key Challenge Match #4

Eric Emerson: The following match is for one fall, and the winner will be the holder of the Number 1 Key. Introducing first, at a height of 6' feet, and weighting a slim 215 pounds, Jacob Collins!

Jacob comes out dressed in solid black wrestling shorts, boots and both of his hands are taped. As the Servants, Cells, plays, he strides to the ring, slapping hands with fans on both sides before quick stepping up the metal stairs and into the ring. He spins once in the middle, basking in the roar of the crowd before going to his corner to await the start of the match.

Jon McDaniel: This boy has quite the challenge ahead of him.

Eric Emerson: And now, introducing next, at 7' feet, weighting 352 pounds, PROJECT-X!

The house lights drop and are taken over by the illumination of green strobe lights that dance about the PWA ramp. "Spaceman" by Babylon Zoo hits the PA system as a bright white light blasts out from the back, against this light the outline of Project X can be made as he jogs on the spot, trying to psych himself up. When the music reaches its peak he bursts forth in a rush of energy and launches his choke slamming arm up into the air as a jet of green pyros launches up behind him. He then makes his way to the ring with a purposeful walk.

Rayne: Ugh, I'm still getting chills.

Jon McDaniel: How many times I gotta tell you, you aren't the only one.

In the ring, Project X is his usual self; he stares across the ring at Collins. Collins must stare up at X with a noticeable angle.

Rayne: So let me see if I got this right. Collins gives up a whole foot, and almost 140 pounds to X, right?

Jon McDaniel: Exactly.

Rayne: Someone play this kid "Taps."

Jon McDaniel: A little early to say that considering Gabe Shelley managed to beat X last week.


As the bell rings, Collins runs right at Project X. X is ready and lunges for the young boy, but Collins slides to the mat, and through X's feet. As he slides past X, he grabs X's feet, and pulls X's legs out from under him. As Project X hits the mat, Collins jumps back to his feet, and nails a diving elbow.

Jon McDaniel: Good offense by Collins.

Collins rolls Project X over, and starts throwing punches. However, X stops him as he throws his arm up and grabs Collins around the throat.

Rayne: And he makes a stupid mistake, and gets caught.

Collins grabs at X's hand, and his legs start flailing as X sits up. X manages to stand, hand still around Collin's throat. As he gets to his feet, Project X looks to the fans, and signals for the Probe!

Rayne: And just like that, ITS OVER!

X lifts Collins, but Collins swings his legs, and gets them around Project-X's neck. Collins then nails a hurricanrana!

Jon McDaniel: REVERSAL!

Collins scurries to cover Project X. However, the ref doesn't even get to the mat as Collins is launched into the air. Collins lands on his stomach with a *THUD*

Rayne: Wow, he really tried to cover after that?

Jon McDaniel: SHH!

Project X hurries to his feet and turns to meet a rising Collins. X doesn't let Collins regain his composure though, as X runs at Collins, and knees him in the gut. As Collins falls to the mat, Project X quickly picks him up. X then grabs Collins around the throat, and throws him hard into the corner.

Rayne: Ouch.

Project X runs at Collins, and goes for a big boot; but Collins throws himself to the mat. Project X's leg goes over the top rope, and X flips over the top rope!


Jon McDaniel: YOW-ZAH

Rayne stops and looks at McDaniel.


Jon McDaniel: Shut up.

Rayne: Or what?

Jon McDaniel: You're fired.


The fans give a huge gasp as X tumbles to the ground. Collins looks at Project X getting to his knees on the outside, then to the turnbuckle. He doesn't waste a second as he runs at the corner, jumps to the top turnbuckle, and dives at X with a flying cross body.

Rayne: This could put the match in Collins favor, or mess him the hell up!

Rayne's words come true as Project X looks up just in time to see Collins coming. Project x almost throws himself out of Collins way, and the poor guy spats on the mat! The crowd lets out a collective "OOO" as Collins actually looks to bounce a little from the impact.

Rayne: I hope that kid got health insurance with his contract.

Project X walks over to Collins, and picks him up by the hair. Project X then elbows him in the back of the head for good measure, before rolling him back into the ring. Project X reaches up to the ropes, and puts one foot on the apron, then the other. X then goes back over the top rope, and into the ring. He bends over, rolls Collins onto his back, and pins.



Collins gets his foot on the rope and the ref sees. The ref points, and X looks back to see this. X seems to get an idea, and walks over to the turnbuckle. He quickly manages to get the turnbuckle cover off, and throws the pad outside the ring. X then walks back over to Collins, and he puts his hand on Collin's head, and yanks him to his feet.

X reaches out for Collins with both hands, and grabs him around the neck. X then lifts, and throws Collins into the corner, and the exposed turnbuckle.

Jon McDaniel: Collin's back is already messed up enough after that earlier crash and burn on the outside.

Collins comes stumbling back towards Project X. Even though we can't see it; you have to sense X has a smirk on his face under that mask, as he hits the Crop Circle! The fans are on their feet as X pins.





Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner, PROJECT X!

Jon McDaniel: Valliant effort by Jacob Collins.

Rayne: Blah blah blah. PX wins, end of story.

Jon McDaniel: What is your problem.

Rayne whispers!

Rayne: If I suck up to him, maybe he won't want to have a sleep over at my place.

The Wolf Is Out Of His Cage!

The scene comes back from commercial; Bud Adams is backstage, microphone in hand standing in front of the “PWA- Rampage” Logo.

Bud: “Hello, and welcome back to Rampage, I’m Bud Adams.”

He turns his head to look at the person next to him, the camera shifts so that his interviewee was seen next to him. It was Alex Wilkie, the crowd roars.

Bud: “Thanks for joining me tonight; I believe you need no introduction.”

Alex: “Of course now, I’m sure everyone here in the “The Kemper Arena” knows exactly who I am, and who I’m facing tonight.”

Bud: “Of course, one of PWA’s most highly anticipated matches since 2005, Psycho Sandra vs. Alex Wilkie, how could we forget how she ultimately crushed and humiliated you!”

Alex looks at him and frowns. He snatches the microphone out of his hands.

Alex: “You know, if you were any more incompetent Zoo control would’ve taken you back to your monkey cage… Listen up, I’ve said a lot of things this week, I’ve run my mouth about this match non-stop, and I meant everything I said… Tonight, Psycho Sandra is going to meet the end of her “Dominance” as she seems to think she has.”

He looks at Bud.

Alex: “You, Her, The Ref, everyone in the arena will see that when she beat me way back in 2005, she was facing someone completely different, tonight, she’s facing someone strong, better, faster than anyone she has faced. Your skills Sandra, they don’t match up to what I am now, I will take anything you can throw at me and ask for seconds… I will stretch you far beyond your limits.”

He gives his chin a quick stroke. And a mild grin crosses his face

Alex: “I’m poison in your veins, and slowly surely enough, I will take you down. As I’ve said before, and now I’ll say it again, come hell or high water, I will never give up to you, not again, not with this on the line.”

He holds it up to the camera.

Alex: “This is gold; this is my blood, sweat and tears…”

Alex: “Nothing that you’ve done in this world will prepare you for right now. No ride with a biker gang, no bar fights… Nothing… The wolf is out of his cage Sandra.”

He pushes the microphone back into Bud’s chest and Alex walks off screen. Leaving Bud to wonder what just happened.

Sirus and Randall Moran vs Jericho Odyssey Baldwin

#1 Contendership to the PWA Tag Team Titles

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is the PWA’s first Tag Team match! Introducing first, team #1… first, from Arkham, Asylum, weighing in at 205lbs, The Death Filter, JERICHO!

The lights go out, "Penetrate “by Godhead begins to play over the sound system, through a plume of gray smoke, emerges a man, lead by various security personnel, in chains, with a restraint mask on. As they direct him to the ring, they keep a shotgun nearby, he creeps into the ring, and he waits for his opponent.

Eric Emerson: And his tag team partner, from Hollywood, California and weighing in at 205lbs, ODYSSEY BALDWIN!!

"Here Comes the Money" - Naughty by Nature hits the arenas speakers as Odyssey Baldwin come walking to the ring in his usual wrestling gear. The crowd is booing and hissing, but he is blissfully ignorant, soaking it all in as if he was being loved instead of hated. He slides into the ring and points to the writing on his t-shirt.’’

Eric Emerson: And their opponents, introducing first, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and weighing in at 234lbs, SIRUS MORAN!!!

'More Human Than Human' plays over the speakers. On the screen above him is a clip of Sirus standing in a hallway holding onto 'Al' and waving to all of the nice people. He comes out onto the stage, with the Lovely Angels behind him, smiling while being genuinely happy to be here and his aura proves it. He runs and jumps up and down the aisle. He brings 'Al' along with him to the ring, waving him in the air and greeting and high fiving as many fans as possible. He slides into the ring, tells 'Al' to behave and sets him up in the corner but out of harm’s way as the Lovely Angels stand by, just in case.

Eric Emerson: And his tag team partner, weighing in at 235lbs and hailing from Minnedosa, Manitoba, here is RANDALL MORAN!

'Singing in the Rain' by Gene Kelly accompanied my clips from Clockwork Orange showing Mr. Alexander getting beaten up mixed in with a grinning Randall and a dancing Judy every now and again. Randall comes down to the ring with an arm wrapped around Judy. He looks like he can't wait to get in the ring and loves every minute of it. At the steps, he releases Judy and climbs the stairs, slipping into the ring. He and Sirus exchange words, before the match begins.


Baldwin and Sirus start out. They lock up and Baldwin powers Sirus into the corner, where he punishes Sirus with knee lifts. The ref breaks them u and Baldwin backs up, then spears Sirus back into the corner.

Jon McDaniel: We thought we’d get a clean break there

Rayne: Sirus did too, that guy is just waaay too trusting!

Baldwin lands an elbow drop, then another. Baldwin tries for a third, but Sirus rolls out of the way. Sirus tries to get to his corner to make the tag, but Baldwin grabs his foot and drags him towards his own corner, where Jericho gets tagged in.

Jon McDaniel: Good ring presence by Baldwin and Jericho!

Rayne: They’re keeping Sirus isolated! That’s solid tag team work!

Jericho puts Sirus in a Boston crab. Sirus reaches the ropes. He pulls Sirus to his feet and sets him up for a brain buster, but Sirus slips lose and lands behind him. Sirus turns and tries for his corner, just making the tag before he falls.

Jon McDaniel: Sirus makes the hot tag!

Rayne: And now Randall makes his first PWA appearance in years!!! Course, not saying much since the PWA hasn’t been AROUND in years!!

Randall comes in and takes Jericho down with a clothesline. Baldwin is in too, and Randall takes him down the same way. Randall sends Jericho into the ropes and ducks down for a back body drop. Jericho catches him and DDTs him! Jericho swiftly picks Randall up and whips him to the ropes and Sirus tags himself in.

Jon McDaniel: Blind Tag!!

Rayne: And Jericho didn’t see it!

Jericho power slams Randall and goes to cover. The referee won't count, telling him that Sirus is the legal man. Jericho stands up, turns around, and Sirus catches him with the Wrong Hand of Doom! Sirus then tags Randall back in and runs and dives, taking Baldwin outside the ring with him.

Jon McDaniel: Now that’s teamwork!

Rayne: It’s like they can read each other’s mind!! Or they are of the same mind!

Jon McDaniel: I wouldn’t ever go so far as to compare anyone’s mind to Sirus!!

Randall gives Jericho an admonishing look before pulling him up and finishing him off with his own finisher. Smirking, he places one foot on Jericho’s limp body and the ref counts…




Eric Emerson: The winners of the match, Sirus and Randall Moran!!!!

As the Morans walk up the ramp, the lights begin to flicker.

Jon McDaniel: Again!?

Rayne: Hmmmm, what now?

Up on the ADCtron, the screen begins to flash... and the familiar symbol returns yet again... in the same vertical pattern as last week!

Then.. a voice echoes over the arena speakers......

Voice: There are things that are born........

There are things that come back to life......

There are things that never die!!

Those that are born, from nothing....or from ashes of death......we call that Genesis!

Those who never die, last forever....for Infinity!!!

When they collide......the universe will be witness!!

Voice: Genesis 8 - INFINITY....comes to you on PPV February 15th!!

FEEL THE HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The screen goes dark and the lights return and the whole arena is explosive at the announcement!

Jon McDaniel: It's GENESIS!!!!!!!

Rayne: So that's what it was all about these last few weeks!!!! GENESIS is back!!!

Jon McDaniel: That, more then anything, says........the PWA is back baby!!!

Rayne: Oh, I'm nearly out of my seat now! Two matches to go!!! Let's not waste any more time!

The Phoenix vs Enika Engel

Key Challenge Match #5

The opening guitar riff to "Firefly" by Breaking Benjamin cuts in, which cues a few swirling pink lights from the stage - no pyro's, no bullshit.

At the eleven-second break mark, Enika Engel steps out from behind the curtain to something of a mixed reaction. Sure, a few people recognized her - but this was her first solo match, and they didn't know what to expect. Her attire consists of a pink zip-up hoodie - left unzipped, with the hood up over her head - overtop of a white ribbed belly shirt with a black "Exit Music" ensigna in the middle, rotated 35 degrees; along with a pair of white booty shorts with the name "Firefly across the back of them, black fingerless mesh gloves, and lastly a pair of pink, w/ white fur, ankle boots. She looks out to the crowd, quite excited on this eve - a smile drawn from ear to ear - as she takes a few seconds to let it all sink in.

### You my friend, you're a lot like them...###
### But I caught your lie, and you know I did... ###

As soon as the opening verse kicks in, she makes her way down the entrance ramp...

### Now I'm lost in you... ###
### Like I always do... ###

She keeps going until she reaches the bottom, her eyes now taken away from the fans, and aimed down towards the ring, she pauses for a moment....

### And I'll die to win... ###
### Because I'm born to lose!###

As soon as the chorus gets ready to kick in, small pink blasts of pyro begin firing behind her, unfortunately her budget wasn't that big her first match in...

### Firefly! ###

She throws her head back (thus removing the hood from her head and in turn revealing a white skull cap underneath) and sways her shoulders before throwing a balled fist into the air, cueing a few more blasts of pink from behind her. The ring announcer drowns out the lyrics...

Eric Emerson: "Hailing from Charleston, West Virginia - she is The FIREFLY.... ENIKAAA... ENGGGELLLL!!!!"

She was a little disappointed that she didn't at least get her height and weight called in, but it was no matter...

### Could you shine your light?###
### Now I learn your ways, 'cause they're just like mine. ###

She quickly makes her way from the bottom of the ramp, to the ring apron itself...

### Now I'm justified, ###
### As I Fall In Line ###

Which leads to her non-chalantly lifting herself up and rolling under the bottom rope, before springing back to her feet via kip-up.

### And it's hard to try ###
### When they're open wide! ###

She goes to the bottom set of ropes, and leans over, pointing to a few of her friends in the front row - giving them and the camera man a bright, white, gorgeous smile. She soon retreats to her corner and awaits the ringing of the bell.

Eric Emerson: And her opponent, weighing in at 240lbs and hailing from Orlando, FL by way of St. Louis, MO, he holds key #2! Here is THE PHOENIX!

The Final Countdown by "Europe" begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and red pyros flare from the ring posts. The Phoenix then comes down from the rafters on a harness and enters the ring.

Jon McDaniel: That man makes an astounding entrance!

Rayne: A true showman! And soon to be champion, ya know!?

Phoenix unhooks himself, never taking his eyes off of Enika. After he’s clear, he pulls on the ropes a couple of times and then turns face front towards his opposition. Meanwhile, Enika just raises an eyebrow and waits, looking rather bored.


Phoenix and Enika lock up, and Enika goes to mat wrestling to negate Phoenix's strength. Enika uses a double leg takedown to ground Phoenix, and locks on an ankle lock. Phoenix fights hard to make it to the ropes, but Enika keeps pulling him back in the middle of the ring. Finally, Phoenix is able to use his other leg to kick Enika and break the hold. Phoenix tries to stand, but falls back down. Enika then slips through the ropes and slingshots over the top rope and hits a leg drop on Phoenix.




Jon McDaniel: Enika knows she has to go hard and fast against The Phoenix!

Rayne: She’s a tough cookie, and not afraid of any man no matter how much larger he is!

Enika quickly pulls Phoenix up and hits him with an uppercut. Phoenix back peddles but then hits a swift kick to Enika’s gut! As she keels over, he hooks her into a side suplex and crashes her to the canvas.




Jon McDaniel: Phoenix is never out of the game early, and he’s proving it here!

Rayne: Some people would be a little ‘less’ violent when facing a woman competitor, but Phoenix just sees her as an obstacle to his title!

Phoenix grabs a go-behind and locks Enika in a full nelson. Enika starts to escape, so Phoenix lifts her up with a full nelson slam. Phoenix drops right to the mat with a knee to the back, and locks her arms out and back! Enika isn't close to submitting, so Phoenix releases the hold. Phoenix flips Enika over and starts to go for a figure four, but Enika kicks him away. Enika is up to her feet quickly and locks on a Texas Cloverleaf in the middle of the ring. Phoenix tries inching towards the ropes, but Enika keeps him square in the middle of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: How is she holding him back!?

Rayne: She’s got the move cinched in just right, and is using her leverage to keep him grounded! But it looks like Phoenix is making ground of his own now!

A second attempt nets Phoenix some rope, and the ref demands the break! Enika stands, frustrated, but no more angry then Phoenix who, as he stands, shoots out of the gate and nearly tears Enika’s head off with a clothesline from hell! He then begins pummeling her with kicks and punches, as if he’s lost his mind!

Jon McDaniel: Whoah! Come on, ease up there!

Rayne: It’s like Phoenix has snapped!! Has Enika unleashed a monster greater then Project X?

Gripping her by the hair, Phoenix shoots her up with a vertical suplex, and then knees her once in the throat before going for the pin



Shoulder up!

Growling, Phoenix slides out of the ring, and rips a chair out from under the time keeper!

Jon McDaniel: Stop him! There is no need for this!

Rayne: Oh, come on, don’t beat in such a lovely face, Phoenix!!

He slides in, and the ref gets in the way! Phoenix shoves him away, crashing the ref into the turnbuckle. The ref immediately calls for the bell and disqualifies Phoenix!

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, and new holder of key #2! ENIKA ENGEL!

Jon McDaniel: Which he rightly deserves!!!

Phoenix twists around, enraged, watching as Enika begins to rise wearily! Suddenly, the lights begin to flicker again!

Jon McDaniel: What? Why now? Didn’t we already find out what all this ‘hoopla’ with the lights was about?

Rayne: Someone backstage must be playing with the damned light switch!

However, unlike earlier in the night, the sound of thunder accompanies the technical difficulties! Phoenix pushes Enika down with his boot, so he can take a moment to look around. Not much caring for the distraction, he raises the chair over his head!

Jon McDaniel: Someone stop him now!


A trail of lightning hits the far turnbuckle, startling Phoenix and halting his attack! The lights then go out completely!

Jon McDaniel: We lost power!!

Rayne: You’re an astute observer of the glaringly obvious, Jon!!

Moments later, the lights burst back on to full illumination, and Phoenix is still holding the chair, glaring towards Enika, however…

Jon McDaniel: OH… MY….


Behind Phoenix, in the ring stands The Soul-Taker, Raizzor! Phoenix hears the shouting and screams of the fans and turns hard, only for Raizzor to shoot out his hand and catch Phoenix by the throat! Raizzor wastes no time and choke slams Phoenix hard to the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: The ring just shook with that impact!!

Rayne: What the hell is he doing out here anyway!!?? I mean, yay, he saved Enika’s face from becoming a tattoo on the chair, but still!!?

At this point, Enika has crawled back to her feet, breathing hard from Phoenix’s attack and a look of rage colors her face. She looks at Raizzor, who now holds the steel chair, and then to Phoenix. She stalks over, and holds out her hand. Raizzor, without emotion, hands her the steel chair.

Jon McDaniel: Turnabout is fair play, I think!

Rayne: What? He never hit her!!


Rayne: We can’t be sure!! Enika should walk away like a good girl!

She turns, hefts it up and slams it down over Phoenix’s head! A loud THUMP echoes through the arena, and then she drops the chair and exits the ring. Raizzor follows her with his eyes till she is out of the ring, and then turns to Phoenix.

Jon McDaniel: Now what’s he gonna do!?

Rayne: What more CAN he do?

Raizzor leans down, and very clearly we hear him speak coldly.

Raizzor: In three weeks, Robinson, at Genesis, The Phoenix will suffocate in its own ashes…for I…

Raizzor pauses, his voice taking on a more rough, dark edge.

Raizzor. …AM FOREVER!!

Standing, Raizzor backs up and flips over the ropes, landing on the floor outside. He makes his way up the ramp, as Phoenix slowly comes too.

Jon McDaniel: HOLY!!!

Rayne: Raizzor has challenged Phoenix, at Genesis!!???

Jon McDaniel: Phoenix is the man who defeated Raizzor at Genesis in 2002, in a Hardcore title match! Over six years has passed, and they’re going to meet again in what has got to be one HELL of a rematch!

Rayne: Since that match, as I recall, Raizzor has gone on to be undefeated at Genesis!! At 6, he beat Panzadise and at 7, finished off Erik Draven once and for all.

Jon McDaniel: You know your history, very good! With two legends defeated, I wonder if Raizzor can seal the deal and gain retribution from Phoenix!

Rayne: Well, if anything, Genesis – Infinity sure makes a lot more sense now!! But we gotta cut to commercial, when we come back, it’ll be our main event!!

Commercials REDUX


Red Circle Of Death...

A Gamers Worst Nightmare.

What we lack in games, we make up for in reliability and blu-ray compatibility. So suck on it.

Alex Wilkie vs Psycho Sandra

Key Challenge Match #6

Jon McDaniel: This should be a good contest.

Rayne: One with a lot of back story! It all started when Sandra pinned Alex in a champions vs. challengers match during the last run of the PWA! Let’s take a look!!

Champions vs. Challengers

In the main event, the champions vs. challengers match... the action was fast and furious with all ten competitors seeing action before eliminations began.

RAW was eliminated first, bringing it down to 5 on 3, when Cody Galle entered the ring to square off with Brymstone. The two went back and forth and Cody managed to roll Brymstone up for the 3. As he stood, KWB came in and slammed into him, causing him to knock the ref out. Cody took control, and was about to eliminate KWB, leaving Sandra 5-1 when out of the crowd a new PWA Superstar, Mutiny, slipped into the ring and sent Cody over the top rope to the floor, where Mutiny threw him into the steel steps before scrambling back into the crowd.

At this point, the ref revived, and noticing Galle outside, began the ten count. Galle could not make it in in time, and was eliminated, but kept the IC title.

Now, 4-2, the Grimms, Littlebear and Alex against KWB and Sandra... KWB and Sandra surprised the crowd with frequent tags as they kept Grifter in their corner, trying to take him out. However, Grifter was able to escape KWB and tagged in World Champ, Alex Wilkie.

Wilkie and KWB went back and forth, as they did at WTM? when Wilkie tossed KWB into the ropes near Sandra who blind tagged KWB. KWB came off the ropes, ducked Wilkie, twisted and hit the Syck Ride!

KWB covered, but the ref wouldn’t count... as he stood to find out why, Littlebear came in and speared KWB out of the ring, and Sandra the legal competitor, scrambled in and covered Wilkie for the 1-2-3!

Psycho Sandra was the new PWA World Champion. The ref then started the ten count on Littlebear and KWB, but they were so engrossed they didn't hear it and both were counted out.

It was down to 2-1.. Grimm’s against Sandra. Grifter came in first and the two went back and forth, and Sandra again surprised the crowd with a Kiss of Death on Grifter, eliminating him. However, no title change since Sandra had already won the world title.

Sirus and Sandra then fought with Sirus hitting the Nameless Knockout on the new World Champion and scoring the final pin fall.

Winner: Sirus Moran - Sole Survivor.

Jon McDaniel: That was a hell of a match! The two would meet one week later, and Sandra would retain! That solidified her claim as the PWA World Champion before the PWA finally closed its doors.

Rayne: Now, tonight the two meet again, but this time it’s for a key.. a key that could very well lead to another PWA World Title reign!! Let’s get to the ring for the announcements!

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, weighing in at180lbs and hailing from Washington, DC, PSYCHO SANDRA!

Sikamikanico by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers as Sandra does a series of handsprings down the ramp and ends with a mid-air flip before sliding into the ring.

Eric Emerson: And her opponent, weighing in at 250lbs and hailing from Calgary, Alberta Canada, The holder of key # 4!! ALEX WILKIE!!

The Opening Bass Rifts rumbles throughout the Arena. Feet shake and walls roll for a good 30 seconds… then the bass fades, followed by the well known opening to “N.I.B” All the lights flash Green and White as Spot lights shine around and around the arena, then focus onto the middle of the stage, there Stands Alex Wilkie with his back to the crowd, he spins around and pulls off his sun glasses, he takes a few steps forward and drops down to one knee, he lifts one hand up in the rockers salute, and behind, White fireworks go off, he gets back up to his feet. Marching down to the ring, slapping some fans hands. He makes it down to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope going to the nearest turn buckle. He grins and pulls one of his trademarked T-shirts off and throws it into the crowd. He then hops down shaking out his limbs as the music fades.


Jon McDaniel: The two look very serious here.

Rayne: Of course, so much is on the line!

The two lock up, with Sandra catching Alex in a headlock. Alex grabs Sandra's leg and lifts her in a back suplex. Sandra rolls out of the way of an elbow and both competitors are back on their feet and circling each other. Sandra dives in for a spear, but Alex counters with a DDT. Alex climbs up to the top turnbuckle and then jumps backwards with an elbow drop, nailing Sandra. Alex starts to pull Sandra up, but she blocks with a small package for 2.

Jon McDaniel: Alex had better watch himself here, Sandra’s already got two pin fall victories over him!

Rayne: Heh, Alex may be the next Chamelion! Hot in the ring, but can’t be a girl!

Alex is up fast and puts the boots to Sandra. Sandra grabs Alex's foot and executes a leg whip. Sandra grabs a side hammerlock. She turns it into a regular hammerlock then into a headlock. She holds the headlock for a few seconds before Alex backs her into the ropes and sends her across the ring. Sandra comes back and tries to slide between Alex's legs, but Alex drops above her, hooking her into a pin combination.



Shoulder up!

Jon McDaniel: Now he’s working his mind!! He saw a chance and took it!

Rayne: Kind of like seeing a hooker walking down the street, you pull over fast and get her first!

Jon McDaniel: Speaking from experience there?

Rayne: No comment.

Alex tries again, but Sandra kicks him in the back and he falls off. Sandra picks him up, whips him into ropes and bends over and hits a back body drop. Sandra turns around and tries for a quick leg drop, but Alex rolls and she lands hard. Alex runs into the ropes, comes back and sit-out dropkicks Sandra in the face and she falls back. Alex hooks the leg.




Jon McDaniel: Alex is going all out here!!

Rayne: He knows what Sandra is capable of, and also that she wouldn’t afford him any leniency!

While she's still down Alex runs into the corner and climbs up to the second rope. He sets up for a back elbow drop but Sandra jumps up and charges Alex. She hits him in the back and Alex falls on the ropes. Sandra gets Alex up on her shoulders and falls back for a belly-to-back type suplex. Sandra goes for a pin.



Jon McDaniel: Great power move by Sandra!

Rayne: But it didn’t even net her a two count! Alex is nowhere near out of this match!

Sandra picks him up and sets him up for a power bomb. She tries for the power bomb but only gets him half way up. Alex kicks and comes back down, the back-body drops Sandra who, in turn, holds on and goes for a sunset flip. Alex counters by dropping to his knees again for an axe-handle to Sandra's face but Sandra hits him in the lower stomach as he drops. Alex's knees buckle and Sandra pulls him into the sunset flip anyway.




Jon McDaniel: Awesome wrestling skills by both competitors!

Rayne: I gotta admit, they are putting on a real main event match here!! I was wondering if Chamelion was justified giving them this spot, but they’ve proved they deserve it!

Sandra stands and lifts Alex up and whips him into the ropes. Sandra bends over for the back-body drop but the Alex comes back and kicks her in the shoulder. Alex whips her into the ropes. As Sandra comes back Alex tries to gorilla press her but Sandra kicks and comes down behind him but before his feet hit the mat Alex grabs her head and brings him down in a front neck breaker. He tries for the pin.




Jon McDaniel: CLOSE!!!!

Rayne: Alex is gaining some momentum!!!

Sandra barely gets the kick. Sandra starts to get up but Alex pulls her up and DDTs her. Alex goes to the top rope and leg drops Sandra. He picks Sandra up and whips her but Sandra reverses it. Alex comes back and Sandra tries to press him up. Alex kicks, comes down behind her and kicks her in the back of the leg from behind. Sandra bends over and Alex grabs her and hits a Russian Leg sweep. Both wrestlers get up again, Sandra whips Alex to the ropes and then scores with a strong drop kick! Sandra goes for a figure four leg lock, Alex grabs her for a small package.



Reversed by Sandra!



Reversed again by Alex!



Jon McDaniel: Damn! I can’t keep up!!

Rayne: It’s like these two know each other inside and out!!

Both return to their feet, and Sandra whips Alex into the ropes! As he comes back, she lifts her leg, going for the Lobotomy, but Alex grabs her by the knee and wrenches her up off her feet! As she falls back, Alex flips himself over, holding the leg and landing on top of her, his back and head resting on her chest, as his body crashes down on her head and he holds on for dear life as the ref counts!





Rayne: What the hell was that move!!?

Jon McDaniel: Successful! That's what it was!!

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, ALEX WILKIE!!!!!!!!!!

Wilkie rolls to his feet and falls against the ropes, in disbelief. Sandra gets to her knees, feeling her nose, finding it ok, and looks crestfallen. Still, she gets up and looks at Wilkie. Alex walks up to her, and the two have a stare barely lasts before they shake hands, and the crowd roars it's approval!

Jon McDaniel: What a classic confrontation!!

Rayne: I gotta admit, that was one hell of a match!

The Keys to Glory

Sandra exits the ring, as ‘Come w/ Me’ fills the arena and the fans are ripe with anticipation as Chamelion, dressed to perfection in a forest-green business suit comes strutting out. Behind him, crew members are wheeling down six very heavy looking safes, each marked with numbers 1-6. Meanwhile, at the ring itself, more crew is taking down the ring ropes, pulling them into piles and quickly laying down velvet red carpet over the ring apron. Chamelion meets his wife, Sandra half way down the ramp and they share a hug. He whispers she did awesome and she nods, and heads to the back. Chamelion then finishes his way down to the ring and waits patiently for that to be accomplished before climbing the steel steps and walking to the middle of the ring. He receives the mic from Eric Emerson, and while the safes are being carefully aligned side by side in the ring, Chamelion addresses the wild crowd.

Chamelion: The moment you’ve all been waiting for… HERE!!

Roars from the crowd drown the arena and Chamelion smirks as he waits, finally he continues.

Chamelion: For three weeks, six keys have been in possession of various competitors. Some got traded, some were taken, and tonight, some were won off the original owner. But the wait is over, and it’s time to crown the PWA’s six champions!! So, without further ado, as they say… would our six key holders please make their way to the ring!?

‘Gonna Fly Now’ (theme from Rocky) plays as Mark McNasty, Kirlia Gardevoir, Enika Engel, Project X, and Gabe Shelly walk down to the ring, separately, and each climb into the ring to join Alex Wilkie. They all in turn glance anxiously at the safes.

Chamelion: First, congratulations to all of you, through adversity and…….oh who am I kidding, you all just wanna open your safe, don’t you.

Shared smiles and cocky grins answer him and he nods.

Chamelion: Fine, but before any of you do, I have one rule you will follow! No matter what title you get, you will come back to the other side of the ring and stand there and not cause trouble during my ceremony!!

Chamelion: Well, alright then, let’s get too it! Let’s do it like a countdown, and start with key #6, which just happens to be held by Mr. Mark McNasty!

McNasty grins at Chamelion, waving his key and goes to the safe marked #6. He slips the key into the lock and turns it. The safe opens, and he pulls out a red velvet wrapped title. Anxiously he pulls the cloth off and stares at the title in his hands. Chamelion grins and raises the mic.

Chamelion: Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you, our premier PWA INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION, Mark McNasty!!!!!!!!!

Mark McNasty smiles and holds the IC title up in the air, pretty pleased with himself!!

Jon McDaniel: WHOAH, the second biggest title in our company, and it goes to McNasty!

Rayne: Lucky SOB!

Chamelion: Well, guess I have to take the bad with the good, but I still have the BWF World title, kiddo!

McNasty gives Chamelion the finger, but Chamelion has already turned back to the fans.

Chamelion: Now, for key #5, Kirlia Gardevoir, if you’d be so kind?

Kirlia gives Chamelion a dirty look, knowing that whatever title she gets, is going to be in jeopardy next week! She goes over, slips the key in and opens the safe. Pulling the red clothed belt out, Kirlia unwraps it, and gasps!

Chamelion: Now this is super interesting! Heh, welcome, one half of the PWA WORLD TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONS, KIRLIA GARDEVOIR!!!!!!!!

Chamelion then shares his trademark Cheshire Grin with Kirlia, who really does not look happy now.

Chamelion: So, I guess that means you and Icetank will be defending your half of the title, against whomever picks up the other half here in a few minutes! Oh, do I not envy you!

Jon McDaniel: Well, we now know half of one of our matches next week! We still got four safes to open!!

Rayne: And still no world title!

Chamelion: Ok, now, it’s your turn Alex Wilkie, and I gotta admit, you earned it!

Alex takes a deep breath, goes over and opens safe #4. Following the path of the others, He unwraps the cloth and looks at the title, before lifting it in the air.

Chamelion: Alex Wilkie, congratulations, you are the new PWA GRIZZLY BEER CHAMPION!!!

Jon McDaniel: Not the worst title to wind up with!

Rayne: You're kidding, right!? The guy just beat the woman who took his world title in 2006, and this is what he gets!?

Chamelion: Three down, three to go… the World title is still in one of those safes… the TV title and the other half of the tag team titles also are still hidden.

At this point, the sound of a ringing phone interrupts Chamelion and he looks around, wondering where it could be coming from. The wrestlers look confused as well, before Chamelion snaps his fingers and fishes into his jacket pocket. He pulls out a green cell phone and flips it open.

Chamelion: Yes?

He listens, and everyone in the arena is quiet with baited breath.

Chamelion: Now that’s a good offer! I’ll be sure to relate it.

Chamelion clicks off the phone, and places it back in his pocket.

Chamelion: That was the bank, and has put an offer on the table for any of you to trade your key in for $100,000!!!

The arena laughs, Project X, Gabe Shelly and Enika Engel all shake their heads no. Chamelion smirks widely.

Chamelion: I didn’t think so! Screw the bank, there’s GOLD in there! Gabe, you have gone three weeks undefeated! Quite an accomplishment! What title have you earned through your perseverance?

Gabe struts over, bends down and opens the #3 safe. He slides the cloth covered belt out, reaches in and fishes it out from the confines. He looks at it, and his face betrays his shock.

Chamelion: Oh hell……well, devotion to the business sometimes means starting at the bottom! Everyone, please welcome our PWA TELEVISION CHAMPION, GABE SHELLY!!!!!

Jon McDaniel: You were saying!?

Rayne: I take it back, Alex was lucky!

Chamelion: It’s come down to this, two titles left. One of you is going to be Kirlia’s new partner, well for a week anyway, while the other, our premier PWA World Champion. If you two would please open your safes now, but then place the clothed belts on top of the safes and move away.

The two comply, Project X and Enika Engel look at each other intensely before they each open their safes. Carefully they place the two titles, covered in velvet red felt, on top of their safes and stand back. Chamelion walks over to the safes and asks Eric to hold the mic so he can have his hands free.

Chamelion: Three weeks, and it comes to this:

Chamelion then carefully unwraps each belt, and slides them out upside down. He looks at Enika and Project X, before turning them over. Enika blinks and Project X gasps, and Chamelion quickly makes the all important announcement.

Chamelion: Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you, our PWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION……………

A pause, a Cheshire like grin appears.

Chamelion: PROJECT X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jon McDaniel: Project X is the World Champion of the PWA!!!!!!!

Rayne: And that means Enika has to defend HER tag-team title against her own partner, next week!! Now I wonder who she's gonna choose!?

Enika quirks an eyebrow at the title, but shrugs and takes it anyway. All six champions then raise their titles as 'Gonna Fly Now' plays again, and Chamelion politely claps for all of them as he exits the ring! Suddenly however, Project X roars and clobbers McNasty with his world title!! He twists before Gabe can react and does the same to him!

Jon McDaniel: WHAT????

Project X hits a high boot on Enika, and she sprawls out of the ring. Alex Wilkie runs at Project X, who drops his world title and sends Alex down with the Probe! He turns ferociously on Kirlia, but she scrambles out from under the bottom rope and runs up the ring! Project X kicks Alex out of the ring and grabs the mic laying on the canvas.

PROJECT X: Get the fuck out of my ring!... You boys and girls are going to have to get used to this kind of thing around here from now on. I am the worst case scenario for world champion as far as the PWA roster is concerned. You see, I am not down with this whole becoming the world champion by way of lottery thing. It kind of cheapens the achievement for me. So, during my reign as champion, I am going to make all of your lives a living Hell from the bottom to the top rung of the PWA to make sure you hate me so much that you bring your A game every time!!!!

I'm going to be in your faces every week, getting in you business and making sure that you want me so bad that you can taste the title. Then, when you think you are ready and take your shot, I will crush you and destroy any self belief you once had in yourself. Then, and only then will I take satisfaction and start thinking of myself as champion. Think you have what it takes to take this away from me? Step right up, because you will only be getting knocked the fuck back down!

Rayne: I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Jon McDaniel: X wins the world title, and this is the way he shows thanks!!!!???

Rayne: AS I SAID! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Project X lifts his world title up and roars again, declaring himself the king of all he surveys. Outside the ring, Chamelion does not look too pleased. He backs up the ramp, staring at his new world champion and wonders.....what...has.. he... unleased!?

(C) PWA 2008