World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


The PWA is BACK!

Live on NBC from the PWA Dome in St. Louis , MO !

Pyros explode on the screen, accompanied by loud bangs that fill your 7.1 stereo surround sound, and as we pan back in HIGH DEFINITION inside the PWA Dome in St. Louis, MO, to witness the rebirth of the PWA! The sold out arena is abuzz as fans scream in standing room only fashion, as the explosions of the pyros signal one thing.

The PWA is Back!

Panning down to ringside, we’re treated with a very familiar site. Jon McDaniel and Brian Rentfro, the two mainstays of PWA announcing! Back in their rightful spots!

Jon McDaniel: Welcome everyone to Friday Night Rampage!!

Brian Rentfro: We are back! The PWA is back in action! I am so stoked!!

Jon McDaniel: We do not agree often, Brian, but this is one time where I wholeheartedly side with you! It is great to be back here announcing in the PWA!

Brian Rentfro: You should agree with me more often, it’s good for the soul!

Jon McDaniel *rolls eyes: Some things never change! Like for instance, our boss! Once gracing this very show as a PWA World, Grizzly, TV and Tag-team champion… he now has full ownership and plans to make this version of the PWA just as good, if not better, then the original.. and that’s saying a lot!

Brian Rentfro: I spent years bad mouthing him, but he gave me my old job back.. so now I’m a bit indifferent! Never the less, thanks to him, we have an amazing roster back, with some grand old stars returning!

Jon McDaniel: Names like Sirus Moran, Project X and… shockingly, old Rob Robinson himself! Each one, destined to make more history here in the new PWA! Now, tonight is going to be just one of the countless special nights to come!

Brian Rentfro: and a rather unique set up! Six matches highlight tonight! And each winner of those matches will get to select one of six keys!! And each of those keys, Jon?

Jon McDaniel: Opens a safe deposit box in TWO WEEKS, that will crown our first set of champions! Now, let’s go to the ring with our ring announcer, Eric Emerson!

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, at this time, may I introduce to you, our esteemed Owner and President, the final BWF International and World Champion, the Most Devious SOB in the Business Today…CHAMELION!!!!!!

The all-too familiar blare of ‘Come with Me’ explodes over the arena speakers as strobe lights flicker loudly over the staging area. The ADC-Tron flickers to life, showing Chamelion in action from his years in the PWA, HiC and BWF! As the music grows in intensity, a single spot light shoots in to the center of the elevated metal stage, and stepping into it, attired in a dark grey business suit with a green lizard scaled tie, stands Chamelion! On his shoulder, the BWF International title, and around his waist, glittering in the shining light is the BWF World Championship. He shares his Cheshire like grin with the crowd, before making his way down to the ring. He walks around it, shaking hands with Rentfro and McDaniel before climbing the corner stairs and slipping into the squared circle. Taking stride to the center, he undoes the World title and then hoists both over his head and receives a damned near standing ovation! Give the guy a break, eight years in the business he has to get a couple! Taking a moment to soak in the ovation, Chamelion accepts the microphone from Emerson. With both belts secure over his shoulders, the Devious one smirks.

Chamelion: Alright, alright! I know the PWA is for the superstars backstage, but I won these damned titles and I want a moment to enjoy it!!!

The crowd laughs and Chamelion waits a few beats before continuing.

Chamelion: Ok, done! I may have retired these two titles, in a tremendous match against Mark McNasty at Wrestlefest 5, but this is the PWA!! There’s an entire roster in the back, itching to get their shot to stand here, just as I am right now, a proud champion! So, I am not going to give you a long speech about the return of the PWA, nor am I gonna stand in this spot light and hog it all the time. What I am going to do, is move the show along, offer you occasional shocks and surprises for future shows and generally push my roster to be the very best they can be!

More a rousing applause greets his announcement!

Chamelion: So, let’s get to it! Tonight, we have six contests, each with a chance to earn one of those six keys you see being
placed now up on the stage.

Indeed, on the stage two crew members are putting up a large white wooden board, and they hang six keys numbered 1-6 in a row in the center of the board.

Chamelion: Each match tonight has been randomly drawn to see who goes first, with the obvious advantage of getting to choose the key they want….. and by the end of the night, six of our superstars will each hold a key that will open a box in two weeks, each with a different PWA Championship inside! So, time for me to clear the ring, and direct your attention to the future superstars of the PWA!!!

Chamelion begins to leave the ring, but stops! He turns and holds up a hand.

Jacob Collins vs The Phoenix

Keys to Glory #1(6 Keys Left)

Chamelion: Alright, I gotta do this. For old times’ sake, and a bit of irony, I’d like to introduce to you, our very first entrant into this new PWA ring! We all know who he is under that mask of his, no matter who he pretends to be… and truth be told, it’s an honor to have him here with us… weighing in at 240lbs … and hailing from Orlando, Florida… known as the ‘former’ President and owner of the Pioneer Wrestling Association, here is “The Phoenix” Rob Robinson!!!

The Final Countdown by " Europe " begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADCtron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and red pyros flare from the ring posts. The Phoenix then comes down from the rafters on a harness and enters the ring. As he un-straps, he glares at Chamelion who shrugs back and mouths ‘show off’ before handing the mic back to Emerson and exiting the ring.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, from El Paso Texas , and weighing in at 215lbs, Jacob Collins!

Jacob comes out dressed in solid black wrestling shorts, boots and both of his hands are taped. He strides to the ring, slapping hands with fans on both sides before quick stepping up the metal stairs and into the ring. He spins once in the middle, basking in the roar of the crowd before going to his corner to await the start of the match.

The bell rings as Jacob and Phoenix lock up in the middle of the ring.. Jacob then forces Phoenix down into a headlock but Phoenix powers out and shoves Jacob to the ropes. Jacob then bounces off the ropes as Phoenix lowers his head to deliver a back drop but Jacob stops and nails Phoenix with a DDT down to the mat. Jacob then covers Phoenix . 1-2-Kickout.

Brian Rentfro: It is a bit too early for pin attempts!

Jon McDaniel: Jacob is inexperienced, and excited, and I bet he’s trying his best to get this match over with against the veteran Phoenix !

Jacob then picks up Phoenix and scoop slams him down to the mat in front of the corner. Jacob then jumps up onto the top rope and moonsaults himself on top of Phoenix and covers. 1-2-kickout!

Brian Rentfro: Wow this kid is trying everything! Using by-the-book moves, but effectively.

Jon McDaniel: Yes, but Phoenix is refusing to give in on a chance to hold a PWA title!

Jacob is now starting to get frustrated because he cannot keep Phoenix down. Jacob then picks Phoenix up and whips him into the ropes. Jacob then goes for a clothesline but Phoenix ducks it and runs into the ropes and rebounds to nail Jacob with a cross body into a cover. 1-2-2¾- Shoulder up!

Brian Rentfro: That took Jacob by surprise!

Jon McDaniel: There have been a lot of covers in the start of this match.

Phoenix then starts stomping Jacob on the mat but Jacob then grabs Phoenix ’s leg and trips him up. Jacob jumps up and tries for a figure four leg lock, but Phoenix reaches up, grabs Jacob by the head and rolls him up as the ref counts. 1-2-2¾ - kickout!

Jon McDaniel: Once again Phoenix pulled a surprise pin out of nowhere and nearly won the match!

Brian Rentfro: Just shows you the inexperience of Jacob. Kid’s trying, just isn’t using his head as well as he should!

Jacob pounds his fists on the canvas, and jumps up, only to get a drop kick from Phoenix to send him back down! Phoenix then goes to the apron and climbs up onto the top rope as Jacob gets back up. Phoenix then goes for a flying cross body on Jacob but Jacob catches him in mid air and brings him down with a painful back breaker. He then covers fast 1-2-2¾ - Shoulder up!!

Jon McDaniel: Man! Jacob is learning quickly how to counter some top moves! He really surprised Phoenix there! But now he’s showing his inexperience again, taking the time to argue with the referee!

As Jacob stomps his foot twice, Phoenix rights himself and spins Jacob around and catches him with The Flame!! Phoenix then covers! 1-2-3 !!

Brian Rentfro: HAH! Too bad for the youngster! This is going to be a bitter pill to swallow, but you never, ever take your eyes off your opponent!

Jon McDaniel: The kid’s visibly upset, but Phoenix has his eyes set on one thing only!

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, THE PHOENIX!!!!!!

Sliding out of the ring, a big smile on his face, Phoenix approaches the board where the six keys hang. Feeling exhilarated at being the first to make a selection, he stands there, eyeing each key, before finally selecting key #4! He holds it up to the roaring fans, feeling confident in his selection, when suddenly the lights begin to flicker. Phoenix looks around, wondering what’s going on.

Brian Rentfro: Er, okay? Has Sommers not checked to make sure we had full power before restarting the PWA?

The lights come back on, and Phoenix cautiously looks everywhere around him. Nothing happens, so he shrugs and walks off stage with his key.

Miller Time!

Jon McDaniel: Not sure what that was all about! Still, we must move on! I have word we need to cut backstage for a moment to join Lean Bean Miller! Miller, go ahead!

The camera moves backstage and we see interviewer “Lean” Bean Miller standing by.

Miller: Ladies and gentleman, I’m here with one of tonight’s Keys to Glory participants, she is the Amazon Princess, Kirlia Gardevoir!

The camera pans over and we see the red haired vixen standing next to Miller, looking serious as she rubs her hands together methodically, nodding to the announcer.

Miller: So, I -

Voice: Excuse me, just one moment… I’ll take it from here.

Miller gets pushed aside slightly as former BWF lead announcer (and Kirlia’s newly-hired personal assistant) Don McMichael pushes himself into the scene. He looks over at Miller and waves his hands in a “shoo” fashion. Miller shrugs and hands Don the mic before walking off the scene.

Don: Much better. Ah, it feels good to be back in this position…

The crowd laughs.

Don: Now! Miss Gardevoir, tonight you’re going one on one against a man you know very well from your BWF days, Mark McNasty, for one of the Keys that will grant access to a PWA Championship title in a few week’s time. How do you feel about your chances tonight?

Kirlia: I’m feeling really good, Don. I’ve beaten Mark before, and I know I can beat him again. Tonight’s my night, my stars are aligned, and, you know, I’m on my A-game.

Don nods.

Don: You’ve been out of active competition for nearly two years now. Do you think ring rust will be a factor in tonight’s match?

Kirlia: Well, I’ve had my sister Starla coaching me back into ring shape for the last several months, so tactic and skill wise, I think I’ll be as good as I’ve ever been. Of course, training isn’t the same as fighting a live person in a competitive match, so all I can do is go out there and do my absolute best.

Don: I see. Any parting words for your opponent before your match?

Kirlia: Yeah. Mark, you’re going down tonight. Believe it.

Kirlia grins widely and holds up her left hand, then taps the bracelet on her wrist before walking off screen.

Don: Jon, Brian… back to you.

Brian Rentfro: Oooh, ooh, is she hot, or what!?

Jon McDaniel: Keep your mind on the job, Brian! Our second match of the night is very mismatched! As young Circa takes on the monster, Project X!

Circa vs Project X

Keys To Glory#2(5 Keys Left)

Brian Rentfro: MMMMM, some man on woman action, and just after I got anxious from seeing sexy Kirlia!!!!

Jon McDaniel: Can’t you even try to act normal for one night?

Brian Rentfro: Hey, enjoying a little T&A action with some Domination over a lithe young woman IS Normal !

Jon McDaniel: Oh, why couldn’t I have been paired with Nick Webb???

Brian Rentfro: WHAT WAS THAT??

Jon McDaniel: Let’s get to the ring for the introductions!!!

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from Multan , Pakistan , The Punjabi Princess, CIRCA!!!!

"Sleepless" by Hell Train hits and the strobe lights hit in quick fashion, they spin and twirl in a circle around the ring, before focusing in on the entrance way. Circa comes out of the entrance way and begins to head bang a few times to the music before stretching and jumping a bit. She dances to the ring and high fives fans on either side before jumping on the apron. She steps through the middle rope and goes to the closest turnbuckle, raising both of her arms up in the air. She jumps off the turnbuckle and waits in the ring for her opponent.

Eric Emerson: And her opponent, weighing in at a hefty 352lbs, and hailing from Parts Unknown, he is a former PWA World Champion, PROJECT X!!

Circa had been smiling, waving to the crowd and looking very confident, However, when Project X comes out, her look of confidence loses some edge. She has to look up, way up, at the seven foot monster, who towers over her 5’8 frame. The referee motions them to the center to explain the rules.

Jon McDaniel: Man, can you believe the size difference here? Almost a full one and a half feet separate these two competitors. I know the drawing was random, but couldn’t Sommers have fudged it just a little?

Brian Rentfro: Who says he didn’t? Maybe he likes the same things I do?

Jon McDaniel: I severely doubt that!

Brian Rentfro: He’s married to Psycho Sandra.

Jon McDaniel: Oh………good point.

Circa keeps a firm face, staring unblinking up at P-X. In turn, P-X nods respectfully back. The bell rings, and the two circle one another. P-X goes for a lock up, but Circa ducks under, opting to use her speed advantage to stay out of his grip. She continues this course of action, frustrating P-X to he finally gets a grip on her shoulder and throws her to the ground.

Jon McDaniel: Valiant effort by the younger, less experienced Circa. She knew to keep out of his reach.

Brian Rentfro: But in doing so, she’s frustrated the monster of a man, and is going to pay for it dearly.

Circa blinks, breathing hard and jumps right back up. P-X gets another hold and whips her to the ropes! Circa comes back, ducking under a huge swing from P-X and turns on a dime to kick him in the back of the knee. With the unexpected attack, she manages to hit just right, and P-X drops to one knee!

Jon McDaniel: Whoah!! She’s got him on his knees!

Brian Rentfro: Shouldn’t that be the other way around?

Jon McDaniel: I am SO about to call security, and this is just the second match of our first night back!!!

The crowd explodes at this, and Circa quickly bounces off the ropes and hits a solid drop kick to Project X’s face! He falls part way back, but catches himself with one hand. As he tries to right himself, Circa answers with a snap mare, taking P-X over to the canvas!

Brian Rentfro: OH, NICE!

Jon McDaniel: Circa said she was going to do whatever it took, to keep this match fast paced and out of Project X’s element!

With the beat of the crowd behind her, Circa, wasting no time, scrambles to the top turnbuckle and hits a textbook Swanton splash!! She tries for a cover, but P-X literally throws her off him, and she lands on the other side of the ref.

Jon McDaniel: Great attempt, but even with all that, Project X has a lot left in him!

Taking a moment to get his senses back, P-X rolls to his stomach, intent on pushing himself to his feet! However, that gives Circa the advantage she needs, and she rolls on top of him and applies her STF finisher!

Brian Rentfro: Ohh, woman on top! Woman on top!

Jon McDaniel: One more comment out of you, and I’m bringing out the duct tape!

Still, the size of P-X makes applying this hold problematic at best. She tries, but P-X breaks the hold and pushes her off. Standing, P-X watches Circa quickly uses the ropes to come at him, attempting a spear! P-X catches Circa around the waist, and hefts her up into a powerbomb!! Circa crashes hard, all her breath going out of her.

Brian Rentfro: OUCH!!!!!!!!

Jon McDaniel: She had him on the defensive, but the monster is back!

P-X then grabs her by back of the head, lifts her to her feet. P-X goes for a choke slam, but Circa kicks him just below the crotch, enough to startle him and break the hold without getting herself disqualified! Circa again bounces off the ropes and she spears P-X!! However, P-X doesn’t go down and she has to scramble behind him to keep from being caught! She jumps, hits a drop kick to P-X’s back, and sends him stumbling forward. Pumping her fist, she runs at him, but P-X turns, swiftly grabs her by the throat again and sends her crashing down to the canvas with The Probe! P-X drops and hooks the leg for good measure and the ref counts 1-2-3 !

Jon McDaniel: Incredible effort by Circa, but this time Goliath comes out on top!

Brian Rentfro: Dammit, I have a comment, I wanna make a comment!

Jon McDaniel: Do NOT dare to do so!

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, PROJEXT X!!!!

After the match, P-X picks Circa up and props her in the corner and applauds her efforts. He then exits the ring and walks up the ramp to where the keys are hung.

Jon McDaniel: Monster or not, Project X shows some respect for the efforts of Circa.

Brian Rentfro: I suppose, besides I do wanna see more action from that hotty!

Reaching the board, and with #4 gone, Project X has five left to choose from. After running his hands over the five keys, making them sway, he grabs a hold of #2, and walks quietly off the stage.

Jon McDaniel: Two now hold keys to titles, but what championship do they hold?

Brian Rentfro: I want to know now, Dammit! But, oh well! Now I guess we have to cut backstage again? Damned wrestlers taking away my air time!!

Nice People Do Nice Things

McNasty People Though...

We see Mark McNasty backstage. He is in ring attire, but doesn't seem his happy-go-lucky self...we can only imagine someone pissed in his corn flakes. Mark is going somewhere, but we aren't sure where. He mutters to himself.

McNasty: That sorry suck up. To think, I actually felt bad for the guy when Chamelion didn't bring him over here. I'll teach him to make me feel sympathy for him.

Mark turns a corner, and we see a cracked door. Sitting inside, is Don McMichael. Mark stops a foot in front of the door, and puts on a huge smile. He then walks in. Don stands.

McNasty: DON! DUDE! Awesome to see you!

Don: Mark, how are you buddy?

McNasty: Well, I'll be fine in a minute.

Don: What do you mean?


Don is on the floor. Mark shakes his fist in the air, trying to release the pressure of the hit.

McNasty: Now I'm great! Thanks buddy, you could always cheer me up. Now, I'm in a great mood for my match. For the mood lifter, you can even send me your bill Don.

McNasty bends over and pats Don on the back of the head; while he is face towards the ground. Mark then stands, laughs, and walks out. Cut back to ring side!

Brian Rentfro: HAHA! I like that McNasty fella!!

Jon McDaniel: I don’t think that was necessary at all! McNasty needs to keep focused on the task at hand, which is his opponent, who is about to make her way to the ring

Kirlia Gardevoir vs Mark McNasty

Keys To Glory#3(4 Keys Left)

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from Panama City , Florida , a former BWF World Champion, The Amazon Princess, Kirlia Gardevoir!!

The lights dim to an emerald hue and the fans come to their feet as the beats of NSYNC's "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" begin to pound across the sound system. The fans cheering gets louder as the Amazon Princess herself, Kirlia Gardevoir, slowly steps onto the stage, a massive python across her shoulders. Kirlia smirks and nods to the fans as she makes her way down the ramp. As she reaches the ring, two techs take the python from her and Kirlia slides inside, rolling to her feet. She smirks again, then leaps onto the nearest corner and blows a kiss to the crowd before jumping off the second rope and settling in the corner as the music fades.

Eric Emerson: And her opponent, hailing from Atlanta , Georgia and weighing in at 255lbs, also a former BWF World Champion, who just came off a tremendous battle at Wrestlefest 5, he is Mark McNasty!!!

The lights in the arena cut to black and blue as "Whatever you Became" by Cold begins to play. Two blue pyros erupt from the stage as smoke begins to flow from the back. After a moment, out walks Mark McNasty, receiving a huge pop from the audience. He stops at the top of the ramp and cocks an eyebrow, as he rubs his chin. He then smiles and points to the crowd before he walks down the ramp. He slaps hands all the way to the ring where he rolls in. Mark then walks to a corner and jumps onto the turnbuckle before pointing out to the crowd, receiving another huge pop. He goes to the opposite corner and does the same, getting another huge pop. He then walks to the center of the ring, looks to his left, then his right, and then straight up. As he does, he raises his arms straight up, and pyros begin reigning down behind him. As the pyros stop, Mark makes his way to his corner as the music fades.

Jon McDaniel: I had to dig into a little history here, but these two have a lot of it.

Brian Rentfro: Oh yeah! In fact, this is the match I expect to see some real man on woman action, since they’ve done it between the sheets, they can now do it right on the canvas!

Jon McDaniel: That’s it!! I have had enough of your derogatory comments!

McDaniel throws his headset down, turns and grabs Rentfro by the shirt collar! Dragging Rentfro out of the announcer’s area, he gives him a hard push towards the ramp and yells for him to get out of here. Rentfro can’t believe it, and is even more shocked when security comes down to escort him away! Kirlia and McNasty seem confused by the events at ringside, and even more so when the crowd explodes as Rayne, one of the mainstay BWF announcers, makes his way down. He comes over, shakes hands with McDaniel and takes Rentfro’s spot at the announcer’s table.

Rayne: Sommers told me to get my ass out here, when he saw what you just did!

Jon McDaniel: I’m no prude, but I was getting really fed up with Brian’s attitude. I sure hope you’re not like him!?

Rayne: Me? No way man! I’m far……far worse!! (*laughs*)

McDaniel isn’t sure how to take that, worried now that he may have evicted his long time partner for someone with a worse attitude, but they both turn back to the ring where both Kirlia and McNasty are ready to do battle.

Jon McDaniel: You know these two far more then I do, Rayne. Who do you think will have the better chance to score the victory?

Rayne: In all fairness, at the start of this match, it’s dead even! They both have held world titles, and are some of the biggest names from the BWF! This is what I would call a dream match, and could not tell you my idea of a winner!

Jon McDaniel: Well put, Rayne! Let’s see how this match goes down then!

The bell rings and the two lock up! McNasty starts off with a series of suplexes, catching Kirlia off guard. Kirlia fights back, and gets the advantage when she is able to counter a body slam with a small package for a two count.

Rayne: McNasty has to be careful or she’s gonna sweep him off his feet for the win!

Kirlia gets to her feet first, and nearly takes off McNasty's head with a clothesline. A suplex into a float over cover gets a two count for Kirlia.

Jon McDaniel: I think Mark’s a bit flustered here already!

Kirlia stuns the crowd when she goes for a powerbomb. She looks out to the crowd and flashes a sailor-moon esk peace symbol. However, her taunting costs her as Mark nails his trademark spine buster.

Rayne: And that was part one of one of this man's devastating trademark moves!

Jon McDaniel: Oh yeah? What this move called?

McNasty then nails the rolling thunder, completing his move.

Rayne: OUCH!

Jon McDaniel: Indeed, but what's the move called?

Rayne looks at McDaniel.

Rayne: No way am I getting into that discussion! Not one bit.

McNasty doesn't waste any time as he bends over to pick up Kirlia. But, she apparently has gotten a second wind from McNasty's attack. She shoves Mark backwards, and as he runs back at her, she hits her Amazon Snap (Chick Kick)! McNasty goes stiff and falls to the side. Kirlia almost throws herself on top of McNasty as she starts punching away at him. She is using her legs to keep him from punching back, and it seems to be working.

Rayne: She can put me in that move any day!

Jon McDaniel: Oh lord, not you too!

Kirlia stops for a second to bend over and verbally continue the assault on McNasty. However, she is stopped, forcefully, when Mark lunges at her with a head butt. The roll sends her rolling back, and Mark shoves her off him. Kirlia rolls straight through, and jumps to her feet, just as McNasty does.

Jon McDaniel: Wow, this is intense!

The two charge, and Nasty goes for a jumping sidekick. However, Kirlia pushes his feet to the side, and he falls to the mat. She goes for an elbow drop as he lands, but Nasty rolls out of the way. He then somehow manages to throw himself into the air, going for a short range punch. Kirlia however catches Mark's fist, and twists. Mark falls back to the mat, and Kirlia puts her knee into Mark's forearm. Mark lets out a scream before reaching up, and pulling on Kirlia's hair. The ref comes over and starts counting. He is at 2 when Kirlia finally gets off Mark's arm; but he's at 4 before Mark lets go. As soon as Mark lets go, Kirlia goes for a hard knee to Mark's face, but he rolls out of the way.

Rayne: ooo, and McNasty almost has his perfect face made...unperfected.

Jon McDaniel: Nice verbalization.

Rayne: Up yours.

Back in the ring, Mark manages to get back to his feet. Kirlia goes for another Amazon Snap (Chick Kick), but Mark ducks. He stops and points to his head, getting a mixed reaction from the fans. When he turns though, he’s instantly met with the Python Driver (Michinoku Driver).

Jon McDaniel: Ouch.

Rayne: No! That was the Python Driver. The Ouch was earlier.

McDaniel raises and eyebrow, but no matter. In the ring, McNasty's loose leg is wiggling like crazy as the ref counts.




McNasty rolls hard and straight out of the ring, onto his feet. He stares inside at Kirlia, realizing he almost lost his chance for a key, just like THAT! Kirlia sees Mark looking at her, and she blows him a kiss, before catching it herself, and smashing that fist into her other hand. Mark just runs his hand through his hair, before pointing at the ref, and yelling at him to hold Kirlia back so he can get back in. The ref steps in front of Kirlia as Mark slowly gets back in, but Kirlia just crosses her arms, before waving at Mark to hurry up. When Mark gets in, Kirlia storms past the ref. She blindsides Mark with a clothesline, and that puts him on the mat. Kirlia then stomps away at Mark for almost a full minute. He finally stops covering, and Kirlia smirks, pointing to the turnbuckle. She walks over, and jumps up, before signaling for the Aerotica (Swanton Bomb).

Jon McDaniel: This could be it!

Rayne: I don't know about that.

McNasty has apparently gotten his second wind, as he jumps to his feet, and rushes Kirlia. He jumps to the top turnbuckle, grabs her, and nails the Totally Nasty (Jumping DDT off the top turnbuckle)!

Jon McDaniel: HOLY COW!

Rayne: Now THAT'S exciting!

McNasty rolls into the pin.




Rayne: NO WAY !

McNasty rolls off Kirlia, hands in his hair. He looks over at the ref, holding up three fingers, but the ref puts two back in McNasty's face. McNasty gets to his feet, and puts his hands on his hips, but suddenly, he’s back on the ground when Kirlia gets him in a roll up!




Jon McDaniel: McNasty has got to keep his focus on the match!! He can’t argue with the ref with so much on the line!

Rayne: That’s obvious, but I agree as well! McNasty just held the BWF title for near three months, and is getting flustered too fast here!

McNasty angrily grabs Kirlia by the hair, all his emotions of the events in their past plus his recent losses all blend together and he hits three elbows to the side of her face! McNasty then slaps her, but gets stunned as she immediately slaps him back! As he takes a split second to register that, Kirlia locks him up and hits the Sliced Bread #2!!! She covers, hooking the leg!




Rayne: Oh, McNasty! No!!!

Jon McDaniel: It deteriorated into a bitch slap fight and Kirlia got the better of Mark!!

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, KIRLIA GARDEVOIR!!!!!

Kirlia slides out of the ring, not looking too happy at Mark. However, a smile spreads across her face as she marches up the ramp and goes over the board of keys. She looks at the four keys left, and after a moment, lifts #5 off the board and turns and mock bows to McNasty before leaving the stage.

Rayne: She can be such a little….

Jon McDaniel: I’ve thrown one out, don’t make me throw another!

Rayne: Fine, fine! But my opinion stands!

Meanwhile, Mark slides out of the ring and begins heading up the ramp. Just then, ‘Come w/ Me’ starts and he stops hard, his face growing dark as Chamelion, holding on his shoulder the BWF World Championship, comes out with a mic in hand.

Chamelion: Hold up there, Marky! I watched backstage, and while you did come up short, there is no need to be upset! The fact is, you’re a main event superstar, and I’m not going to let you be downgraded to mid card status just because you don’t have one of the keys to a title!

McNasty, obviously, doesn’t trust Chamelion and he takes a few steps closer, but Chamelion holds up his hand!

Chamelion: Now, hold on kiddo! I mean it, you’re a main event star, so next week, you are going to headline the main event match of the night…. You win that match, and I will set you up very nicely in two weeks, though I cannot give away exactly how just yet!

A slow smile creeps onto McNasty’s face, thinking just maybe Chamelion is giving him a fair shake.

Chamelion: You see, now that I’m the boss, I have to be fair! I wasn’t very fair to you when I took over as your challenger at Wrestlefest. You had your hopes set, and they were crushed!! So, for next week’s main event, Mark McNasty, you will go one on one…….with the man you were SUPPOSED to face at Wrestlefest 5!!! My brother, the Soul-Taker; RAIZZOR!!!!!!!!!

The crowd’s deafening explosion rocks the PWA Dome, and McNasty looks absolutely stunned!!! He stands there, unmoving, as Chamelion waves playfully and disappears backstage.

Jon McDaniel: I Don’t believe it!!!!!!

Rayne: The original Wrestlefest Main event!!!?? Live on Rampage in ONE WEEK???

Jon McDaniel: I do not know whether to be happy, or feel pity, for what McNasty just found himself booked in!!! McNasty vs. Raizzor as our main event in one week!!!!!!

Rayne: I can’t wait!! Now, we need to go backstage, for another segment with one of our BWF superstars.

Miller Time! Redux!

We see Kyle Stevenson sitting in his locker room. He's listening to his iPod getting ready for his match. He bobs his head to the rhythm of the music. Then a knock comes at the door.

Kyle gets up and answers the door. Lean Bean Miller is standing at the doorway wearing his usual slacks, polo shirt, blazer combination.

LBM: Hey, Kyle, may I come in?

Kyle: I guess.

Kyle backs up and lets LBM in the room. He sits down across from where Kyle was sitting earlier.

LBM: I came to ask you a couple of questions.

Kyle: Ok.

LBM: Well, my first question does it feel to be in the PWA?

Kyle: Actually, it’s pretty awesome. I mean there is so much history here. And to know that I'm about to become a part of's amazing.

LBM: Ok, so what are your thoughts on the keys to determine the new champions.

Kyle: It's a good way to determine the champions. The winners get the key of their choice. It determines what title I'll get when I win my match. It's that simple.

Just then Kyle's cell phone rings...he looks at the caller ID then back up at LBM.

Kyle: I have to take this, so we can call this over.

LBM: Ok.

He leaves the room as Kyle answers the call.

Kyle: Hello...?

Fade out and back to the arena, where the announcers are prepping for the next match.

Rayne: Kyle doesn’t even seem fazed that he has to face an unknown adversary tonight!

Jon McDaniel: As long as he’s prepared, it should be a good….

Suddenly the lights flicker and fade, similar to earlier in the night! This time, however, the ADCtron begins flickering along with the problematic lights, and then all the lights go out and on the ADCtron a single image, one now familiar to the PWA appears! It holds its position in the darkness for nearly 10 seconds before the image flickers out and the lights come back on!

Rayne: What the hell was that??

Jon McDaniel: That symbol has been seen over the last couple of weeks in all forms of PWA Media! Something big is coming!!! I can feel it!

Rayne: Well, let’s hope it doesn’t come back tonight! We have matches to get too, and we don’t have time to play detective!

IceTank vs Nick Matthews

Keys To Glory#4(3 Keys Left)

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for 1 fall and is for one of the championship keys! Introducing first... ICETANK!!!

"Stone Cold Crazy" by Metallica hits the BlazenTron as the stage erupts with pyro. The crowd begins cheering wildly as Icetank walks out onto the stage. In one hand, he holds a pool cue, the BWF is playing in that night... in his other hand, he holds a bottle of Jack Daniels. He takes a swig from the bottle and laughs, then walks down the ramp as more pyros goes off along the sides of the ramp. When he reaches the ring, Icetank takes another swig off the bottle of Daniels, then tosses the pool cue into the ring. He slides inside the ring, grabs the pool stick again, then begins taunting for the crowd until his music fades.

Jon McDaniel: Icetank looks really fired up for tonight’s bout.

Rayne: He'd better be. Let's just hope that he hasn't used all that energy up on the entrance.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent... "The Cacophony Of Violence" Nick Matthews!!!

The lights go out, and a white spiral on a black background shows up on the ADCtron. A medium paced guitar line plays two bars, and when the drums kick in, a spotlight hits the stage and Nick Matthews is standing in it. As the song continues, he walks quickly down the ramp, singing along with the words...

Jon McDaniel: Hold on, what's this!?

Icetank comes out to meet Matthews on the ramp with his pool cue. He takes a swing and Matthews doubles over as it strikes his stomach and knocks the wind out of him. Icetank raises the pool cue to large cheers from the crowd before bringing it down across the back of Matthews, sending him to his hands and knees.

Jon McDaniel: This isn't a hardcore match, the referee should do something about this!

Rayne: Quiet McDaniel! The match hasn't officially started yet, Icetank can do what he likes!

Icetank drags Matthews up by the hair and slams his face into the steel steps with the referee buzzing in his ear to get it in the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Icetank has been saying recently that the "Cacophony of Violence" doesn't actually like violence, he seems to be putting that to the test right now.

Rayne: I don't care who you are Jon, if you get your head smashed into steel at that velocity, you ain't gonna like it!

Icetank goes to smash Matthews' head into the steps again but Matthews responds with a couple of jolting elbows into his mid section. Matthews then grabs Icetank and smashes HIS head into the steps.

Jon McDaniel: Matthews responding with some violence of his own, this could get ugly pretty fast!

With Icetank reeling from the steps, Matthews grabs Icetank's bottle of Jack Daniels and cracks him across the head with it to groans from the crowd.

Rayne: Ha ha, looks like Matthews has got himself a tag partner in Jack Daniels.

Jon McDaniel: The bottle didn't even break!

Rayne: I've been through a few of those in my time Jon, and the bottles are pretty thick. Icetank will not have liked that one bit.

Matthews draws the bottle back for another shot but this time the ref hops out and gets in his way, ordering the action into the ring. Matthews sneers but does as he is told, allowing the ref to ring the bell.

Jon McDaniel: Finally some order!

Icetank is still groggy from the bottle shot and Matthews takes the initiative by kicking him straight in the head.

Rayne: Someone get Icetank some aspirin, if the hangover doesn't get him then these head shots will!

Matthews comes off the ropes and once again goes for the head with a knee drop. Icetank tries to roll away to safety with a firm grip on his head but Matthews keeps up his assault and puts the stomps right into his opponents head. Matthews picks Icetank up and attempts a chop but Icetank counters with a swift kick in the balls followed up by a swift knee into the bridge of Matthews nose. The referee warns Icetank about the low blow but he takes little of it in as he tries to shake off the cobwebs.

Jon McDaniel: It looks like Icetank is slightly concussed.

Icetank punches himself in the head, trying to regain focus and it seems to do the trick as he continues his attack.

Rayne: Man, Icetank looks pissed now!

Matthews starts to get back to his feet, still groping his privates but has little time to recover as Icetank backs him into the corner and unloads with left hands, right hands, kicks and anything else he can throw. The ref moves in to break it up but Icetank tosses him aside and throws in another kick to the balls as the ref regains his footing. Matthews collapses in a heap.

Rayne: Icetank is saying that if you give him a headache, he's going to give you fertility problems!

Icetank makes a cut throat gesture and signals for the end. He picks Matthews up and whips him into the ropes, taking him up in a sidewalk slam position and up onto his shoulder. Icetank then slides him down into the tombstone position but Matthews senses what's coming and puts all his weight backwards causing Icetank to bend back and lift up into the air as Matthews hits his feet, reversing the tombstone.

Jon McDaniel: No! If Icetank takes a tombstone to the head, the match will surely be over!

Rayne: Matthews calls this the C4.

Matthews jumps high into the air and comes down... BOOM! Icetank is out cold! Matthews wastes no time in the cover and makes sure to hook the leg, just in case.




Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match and receiver of one of the "Keys to Glory", "The Cacophony of Violence" Nick Matthews!!!

Rayne: That was just one blow too many to the head of Icetank. Matthews focused on the one body part and pounded away until victory came.

Jon McDaniel: Icetank should get himself seen to by one of our medics after this and make sure he isn't concussed.

Rayne: Have you seen that bozo!? I'm sure he's had worse.

Jon McDaniel: Well, it looks as if now another key is going to be awarded and we are going to have another new champion, but the question on everyone's minds will be, for what title?

Walking with effort up to the ramp and the board, Nick Mathews grabs key #6 without even a second thought and quickly leaves the stage. Moments later, Icetank dejectedly walks past the board, his eyes glinting with anger.

Rayne: I do not want to be the one who has to face that man next!

Jon McDaniel: Icetank has been very successful, and these last two defeats are sure to build up some rage inside him! This may have been a bad night, but it could be the turn around Icetank needs! We gotta go to commercial break, when we come back… a very special birthday celebration, will take place inside that very ring!

Happy Birthday and Stuff!

The scene comes back from commercial; standing in the middle of the ring was the ring announcer, Eric Emerson, whom was also standing in front of a large cake with 23 candles and the large numbers 23 sitting in the cake.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, let me welcome you tonight’s guest, from Calgary , Alberta- Alex Wilkie!

“Dr. Feelgood” By Motley Crue hits the ADCtron, the intro plays for a few seconds then breaks right into the main song, pyros goes off on the stage and Alex runs out, wearing a white T-shirt with the saying “This is my Birthday Suit” in black lettering and a pair of aviator sunglasses. He had a mic he hand, as he went from both sides of the stage.

Alex: Hello! ST LOUIS !!!

The crowd roared as he lifted up the microphone.

Alex: Excuse me? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!

The crowd roared even louder as Alex pretended to clear out his ears.

Alex: That’s better! Guess what today is!

He began to walk down the ramp towards the ring.

Alex: I heard that it was the 11th, does anyone know what is special about this day?

More cheers, but probably nothing anyone could make out.

Alex: That’s right, it’s your favorite hero’s birthday! And I’m turning the big 23, I feel older already!

He hopped into the ring, and grabbed a couple party hats off the table and threw them into the crowd.

Alex : …and I believe there’s enough cake here to fill the whole PWA Dome don’t you?!

The crowd cheered in approval and Alex grinned as he looked out into the crowd.

Alex: Well, the fine people who cater the food for the superstars in the back made this nice fine cake, with a bit of strawberry filling, some Bavarian cream, and all chocolate on the inside… very nice I must say… but there is no possible way I’m going to cut all of this, so…

He dug his hand into the cake threw it onto a plate and Frisbees it out into the crowd, it actually went a little farther than expected.

Alex: Yeah, that’s perfect

He did this three or four more times before wiping his hands clean.

Alex: Well, it would seem that last time I talked to you fans, I was in car driving to a Toys’ r us for its grand opening, and I seemed to have mentioned a distant cousin, Bret Hart, three times removed. And really, I was talking about the little fight he and his dog, “Brittany” the bulldog for the last Chicken wing at our last family reunion… but I can understand how that can be confusing for my Opponent, I mean how would he know my family tree?

He laughed softly, and sucked on his thumb a bit, getting some of the vanilla icing off.

Alex: But I gotta ask, Mister Moran. Have you got something against people from Alberta , because in the promo you cut not too long ago. You happened to make the comment. “At least I have the nerve, to be Canadian and not from Alberta ?” I think someone is just a little sore that we don’t have to pay PST on our items cause we produce oil… and two… well decent hockey teams… not to throw any insults at your province… but, what has Winnipeg produced other than Farmers and my Sister?

He began to walk around the ring, now looking at the entrance at the top of the stage.

Alex: Now Sirus, I have to ask you, did you really think that I’m more insane than you are? More insane to come up with different personalities… friends to talk too? I would imagine that you are just reminiscing back on your past, must’ve been hard being the only 16 year still with a stuff bear. But I digress, I’m the one who has a Storm trooper tattooed on his arms, and got excited when My girlfriend got me a Boba Fett Replica helmet for Christmas.

He laughed, lifting up his sleeve so the camera can get a shot of his tattoo that has been since many times before this.

Alex: I guess you wouldn’t expect that from an Alberta son though, huh? Too quote a certain Gunnery Sergeant “Only steers…” (He did a perfect Texas accent) “Queers and Cowboys come from Alberta .” But I’m different, You can see that obviously. Not different in the way you described Sirus, making up people and such… but different in the sense that- Other that Raizzor, I’m the only guy to Win Who’s the man and the PWA championship in the same night…and I’m going to do it again, I’m going to win the PWA Championship again. Hold it for longer than Seven days… Yeah that’s right Psycho Sandra… I haven’t forgotten yet… I hope you haven’t either… Eh, getting off track… Going to hold it for Seven days. And actually defend it and win. And you, unfortunately you’ll have to go back to the Tag teams, which, unfortunately you do not belong there, but there is only room enough for one on top, and if you try to squeeze the Moran hind quarters down- you’ll be booted off… simple as that… As the 5 year olds say.. I WILL be the king of the castle, and you… you’ll be the dirty rascal until someone like Project X or Icetank slip up and you get to move up a spot or two.

He put another piece of cake on a plate and threw it back into the crowd.

Alex: Sirus… Take this as a threat… or a challenge… You’ve been graded, and your final mark is Epic Fail… In the very center of this ring, you will be stretched to your limits… if you want to get Technical; we’ll get technical, if you wanna brawl! We’ll brawl… that’s just me, I can switch at a moment’s notice.

There was a huge grin on his face.

Alex: Ahh, you thought I was gonna make a gay joke about Sirus switching to men… Heh, sorry to disappoint, but I’m above that.

He laughed, threw some more cake out into the crowd.

Alex: Well, Sirus, Since I’m out here, you better get on out here now… let’s get this over with… it’s time for you to pass the torch, from one great Canadian to another… Let the changing of the Guard begin!

He took the cherry of the top of a piece of cake and ate it, grinning as he pulled off his shirt and threw it into the crowd as well, waiting for Sirus to come out. Two tech members clear the cake out of the ring and sets it at ring side.

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, currently in the ring, ALEX WILKIE, and now, introducing his opponent, weighing in at 234lbs and hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, here is PWA’s own Chosen One, SIRUS MORAN!!!!!

Sirus Comes down to 'More Human Than Human' playing over the speakers. On the screen above him is a clip of Sirus standing in a hallway holding onto 'Al' and waving to all of the nice people. He comes out onto the stage and smiles while being genuinely happy to be here and his aura proves it. He runs and jumps up and down the aisle. He brings 'Al' along with him to the ring, waving him in the air and greeting and high fiving as many fans as possible. He slides into the ring, tells 'Al' to behave and sets him up in the corner but out of harm’s way.

Alex Wilkie vs Sirus Moran

Keys To Glory#5(2 Keys Left)

Turning around to Alex, who has moved from the corner where he was leaning to the center of the ring, Sirus grins and says Hi then holds out his hand in a friendly gesture of greeting. Alex laughs and nods then reaches out himself. When they grasp hands however Alex pulls Sirus into a short armed knee to the gut doubling him over as the bell sounds to signal the start of the match.

Jon McDaniel: No big surprises with Alex's actions so far in this match, Rayne.

Rayne: Ruthless aggression!!! I LOVE IT!

Alex floats Sirus over from an arm twist into a wrist lock and Moran winces as he tries to reach the ropes. When he does the ref forces Wilkie to break his hold as Sirus rubs his wrist and shoulder. Looking over toward the corner, Sirus panics for a moment and we see that Al is not there. A quick search reveals that somehow Al T Bear is sitting on the table at ringside next to the remains of Alex Wilkie’s Birthday Cake. Sirus shouts over the ropes to Al something about keeping his claws out of the icing. He then turns around right into a crescent kick, which he barely ducks under.

McDaniel looks over at Al, seemingly unfazed, however, Rayne balks.

Rayne: When?? How?? WHAT??

Jon McDaniel: Just wait till you’re forced to share announcing duties with him!

Sirus fights his way out of the corner punch for punch with Wilkie. Grabbing one of Alex's punches Sirus keeps hold of him and then whips him to one corner. He runs in for a body check splash and Wilkie staggers out from the turnbuckles and Sirus grabs him around the waist in a Grizzly Hug.

Jon McDaniel: Now Sirus is showing his in ring skills! Wilkie may have been rough on the outset, but Sirus is turning the match into his type of fight!

Rayne: In other words, boring!

Wilkie has to use his head to knock Sirus back, and once he does, he shakily nails Sirus with a perfect even flow DDT. With Sirus down Alex gets up and grabs him by the legs to try and roll him over and lock in the A+ssault. As Sirus reaches over to the ropes in the corner we see Al sitting on the apron again just out of Moran's reach.

Rayne: How the hell did……??????

Jon McDaniel: It’s better to just accept it, trust me!

Sirus fights to break free, finally doing so! Both men get up, and Alex whips Sirus into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Sirus ducks, turns and gets both of Wilkie’s arms locked in for "The Nameless Knockout" and he head buts 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... !!

Jon McDaniel: Here it comes!! Wilkie is about to go night night!

Suddenly Sirus drops what he is doing and slides out of the ring. Vaulting the guard rail and taking off through the crowd.

Jon McDaniel: What the heck? Where’s he going??

Rayne: Look!! Someone’s got that spooky bear!!

Ahead of Sirus we see some kid with Al in hand. Everyone and their neighbor are stunned for a moment before Alex turns to the official and demands he do his job. It is then that the ref starts the count. The ref indeed does start the count and it reaches five as we see Sirus catch up the kid and with the help of security, he gets Al safely back!

Jon McDaniel: Sirus, come on! Hurry, get back to the ring!

Rayne: He’s willing to lose the match over a stuffed bear??

Jon McDaniel: Best not to let him hear you say that!

Sirus then looks back at the ring, as the referee counts eight and he tries to hurry back. Sirus reaches the railing and jumps over just as the ref counts ten!


Jon McDaniel: No!

Rayne: Serves him right!

Wilkie can’t believe it, as the referee holds up his hand as the winner.

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, ALEX WILKIE!

Quickly, Alex is out of the ring and running up the ramp to get his key! He grabs the #1 key and runs to the back! Meanwhile, grateful that Al is safe, Sirus picks up the rest of the cake as a reward and trudges up the ramp.

Rayne: I do not understand how that man thinks.

Jon McDaniel: As I said before……don’t bother trying! Sirus didn’t get a key, but one of these next two men, will get the last one, key #3 it appears, so let’s get back to the ring!

Kyle Stevenson vs Gabe Shelley

Keys To Glory#6(1 Key Left)

Rayne: So, any idea who this mystery man is supposed to be?

Jon McDaniel: None, all I was informed of, was that this person asked to be kept a secret until tonight’s show, as he wanted to make the biggest impact possible.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is schedule for one fall, and is for the final key! Introducing first, weighing in at 225lbs and hailing from Huntington Beach , California , Kyle Stevenson!!

The familiar bass riff to "Schism" by Tool begins to play over the speakers. Smoke starts to billow from underneath the curtain down the ramp. As the drums pick up, the strobes begin to pulsate to the song. As the song hits the first verse, Kyle steps out from behind the curtain. He looks around for a moment before sprinting down the ramp. He slides underneath the bottom rope into the ring. He gets up and goes to his corner. "Schism" fading away.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent……..

Just then, ‘Come w’ Me’ hits the arena and the crowd just goes nuts! Kyle blinks in shock as Chamelion comes onto the stage, dressed in his wrestling gear! The strobe lights shine on him as he holds up his BWF World Championship for all to see!! He then raises his other hand, which holds a microphone.

Chamelion *pausing until the noise dies enough, suddenly breaks out his Cheshire Grin*: Just kidding!

Kyle Stevenson looks confused, and Chamelion continues.

Chamelion: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disappoint anyone, or tick anyone off, but the opportunity to have a little fun was just too good to pass up! I’m not your opponent tonight, Kyle, as I made a promise to stay out of that ring and let the new blood and storied ol veterans share it instead. No, your opponent is someone special, someone who apparently loves to shock the masses any chance he gets. I never expected him in a PWA ring, but when he contacted me, I could see a new urgency in his eyes.. a fire reborn in the depths of his soul. He needs this, as much as we need him! Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, the PWA’s NEWEST acquisition… GABE SHELLY!!!!!!!!!!!

The bell rings and the two circle each other for a moment. Without warning Kyle is off, he spears Gabe, taking him down. He grabs Gabe's arm and pulls him into an arm bar. After a second Gabe leans over and punches Kyle dead in the face. He releases the arm bar and retreats to a turnbuckle holding his eye. Gabe is up and Kyle goes in for another spear. Gabe catches him this time and drops him into a DDT. Gabe picks Kyle up and Kyle hits him with a quick left jab, then he hits the ropes and comes back with a hurricanrana. He goes for the pin.



Kick out.

Rayne: Stevenson seems fired up! He doesn’t care that he wasn’t prepared for Shelly!

Kyle grabs Gabe by the hair and lifts him up. He whips him into the corner. He stands on the second rope and starts pummeling Gabe's head. The two counter each other, standing on the turnbuckle, but Kyle gets a swift punch in, and is able to hook Gabe up and sends him crashing down with a superplex, causing Gabe to bounce and roll to his stomach! Standing quickly, Kyle follows through with a leg drop on the back of his head then rolls him over and goes for the pin.



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: Kyle isn’t slowing down! Gabe may have known in advance, but he doesn’t seem as prepared as he should be!

Kyle, obviously mad, picks him up and whips him into the corner again and follows him in. Gabe hits the corner and turns around with a stiff boot to Kyle's jaw. He nails Kyle with a couple right hands, then whips him into the opposite corner, but Kyle reverses it. He follows him in and jumps onto his shoulders, going for a hurricanrana out of the corner. Gabe counters with a high-angle powerbomb, and goes for the pin.




Rayne: CLOSE, but not good enough!

Both men lay there as the referee counts to almost eight before they stumble to their feet. Both begin exchanging hard lefts and rights! Kyle gets the advantage, and throws Gabe into the corner! He then charges in and delivers a stiff knee to Gabe’s head! He backs up, focused as Gabe stumbles out of the corner, and then goes for a hard round house kick to the back of the head! However, Gabe ducks and as Kyle swings around, Gabe grabs his legs, pulls them out from under Kyle and as Kyle lands hard on the canvas, Gabe holds his legs and flips over into a pinning combination!




Jon McDaniel: What a counter to the Hell Freezes Over!

Rayne: Luck, that’s all it was; LUCK!

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, GABE SHELLY!!!!!

Kyle, now outside the ring, shakes his head in disbelief. He looks up into the ring as Gabe sits there, kind of stunned as well. Kyle slips back in and the both come face to face.

Rayne: Ohh, fight fight!!!

Jon McDaniel: It was a classic match, no need to tarnish it with a childish brawl!

Rayne: Need! Need!

Kyle then extends his hand, and as the crowd cheers loudly, Gabe takes it and they shake! Kyle then leaves and the referee holds Gabe Shelly’s arm up once again!

Rayne: Bah!

Jon McDaniel: Good showmanship by both men!

Gabe then slides out and heads up the ramp. Only one key remains, the #3 key and Gabe takes it before closing his eyes, seemingly praying it’s the right one! He then turns, raises his arms for one last pop before heading into the back. As he disappears, ‘Come With Me’ again plays and Chamelion returns to the stage!

Chamelion: I’m going to admit, I wasn’t sure if the new PWA was going to be a hit, but the turn out for this first week was amazing! The six winners tonight really earned their stripes, and the ones who came up short, let’s just say they’ve still got some good chances coming their way!

Chamelion stops and smirks.

Chamelion: Except perhaps, Mark McNasty! Anyway, our winners are not out of the woods just yet… sure, each of them took a key, but it gets much, much harder from here. You see, while I hate the cliché of running a tournament to decide a champion, I do love the challenge involved! That being said, the next two weeks are going to be quite exciting! Next week on Rampage, our six winners are going to face each other in another random draw! Three matches, six keys.. and the winners get to decide if they wanna keep the key they have, or trade with the one they beat!! Not only that, but from right now till next Friday, if any of them wish to make a trade with another winner, feel free to do so.. as often or as little as you want.. but to keep the key you have? You gotta win next week!

Chamelion’s Cheshire Grin appears.

Chamelion: But! That’s not the end of it! I did say that we would have the safe deposit boxes on Rampage in two weeks, and we will! However, before any of you backstage get to use your key to open the box, you’re going to have to DEFEND those keys in individual competition!! That’s right! Before you even know what title it is you’ve earned, you could end up LOSING the key to your opponent and the belt will be theirs!! It’s kind of like a reverse tourney.. where normally you have to win to advance, here you’ve already won, and now you have to advance to keep it!!! Good luck, to all of you………

He winks.

Chamelion: You’re gonna need it!

As Chamelion leaves to the roar of the crowd, the camera pans back to the announcers.

Rayne: Wait a minute! Sommers never said they had to go thru three matches to be champion!! It was never mentioned when this event was booked!

Jon McDaniel: The beauty of being the boss, getting to change the rules! I like it! While we thought our champions were getting crowned right away, he’s made it a tournament of sorts, but in a most unique way!

Rayne: Sure, it’s unique, but it comes out of left field!

Jon McDaniel: So? Now our ‘champions’ have work ahead of them! The PWA is off to a rousing good start! We’ll see you in one week everyone!!!!!!!!!

The scene then fades out to the PWA logo!

© PWA 2008