World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick



As we fade into Rampage, Our scene is none other than the backstage area of the Savvis Center, in St. Louis Missouri. But that doesn't tell you a whole lot, the backstage area is a pretty big place. To be a bit more specific we're hot on the trails of one Enika Engel, who's just leaving the temporary executive office of Mr. Sommers. We're not quite sure why - nor should we really care, all that matters is we've got a camera-man in tow as she makes her way down one of the long corridors. She's busy with a Mountain Dew in one hand, while the other quickly texts something on her phone. Her head is bowed - and she's barely paying attention to where she's going when...


She bumps into yet another familiar face - the fourth one this week to be exact. Unfortunately for her - this is one she really didn't care to ever see again. The form is none other than former PWA-extremist, and arch-rival - not to mention former friend - of the Exit Music clan, Corey Lazarus. For those not in the know - just around two years ago, Enika Engel was chased out into a busy street during one of the Pride and Honor Wrestling's events were going on; by one Corey Lazarus - the result of which ended up being Enika being stricken down by a car. While the injuries were long since past - the mental scars weren't. She hated him. With all of her heart and soul, she fucking hated him.

Corey Lazarus: "Oh, are you, are you holding up?"

Enika Engel: "...just fine, what's it fucking matter to you?"

Corey Lazarus: "Just wondering. You been alright know..."

Corey makes the sound of a screeching tire as he moves his hand forward before quickly pulling it back.

Enika Engel: "Is this your idea of a joke? What, are you gonna do - "beat me down" to get back at your old buddy? 'Cause in case you haven't noticed, we're not together anymore."

She says, using quotation fingers to add emphasis to the former "beat me down" comment.

Corey Lazarus: "Yeah...I deserve that...and so much more, honestly. No, Enny, I'm not here to be a douche. I'm here because I just got out of a meeting with Sommers about coming back to this place. It's been 6 years, and I used to be a hot commodity around these parts, so I figured I'd give it another shot."

Enika, nearly fuming with anger, just shakes her head as Corey scratches his. He bites his lower lip, and then pulls a pack of Marlboro 27s from his pocket. He flips the top open, pulls out a cigarette, and then sticks the filter in his mouth as he offers Enika one.

Corey Lazarus: "You want one?"

Corey pulls out a Zippo from the same pocket - silver, neatly polished and looking brand new - and flips the top open, sparking it and taking a couple of puffs to light his cigarette.

Enika Engel: "Sure..."

She takes a cigarette out of the pack and pulls an orange Bic out of her jacket pocket. She takes the cigarette up to her lips, flicks the lighter to life, and takes a deep draw.

Enika Engel: "Thanks, I guess."

She says, unsure of if he was really being genuine or not. Something about him, though, was keeping her there to further the conversation.

Corey Lazarus: ""Wow. Looks like you needed one pretty fucking bad, eh?"

Enika Engel: "Yeah, haven't smoked all day. Been damned near killing me.

Enika re-examines the box.

Enika Engel: "Same brand as me and everything, not quite a full-flavor, but I dig."

Corey Lazarus: "Yeah. Well, good luck out there tonight. I'll probably be seeing you around. Maybe we can meet up for lunch some time, or something. Rock n' roll, babe."

Corey flashes the peace sign to Enika, walking away as he takes a drag from his cigarette, blowing it out slowly through his nostrils. Enika pauses for a minute, and turns her head to the side to watch Laz walk away...

Enika Engel: "Maybe he's not such a bad guy after all..."

With that, the scene cuts to the ring area, where pyros explode yet again, signaling the beginning of another tremendous episode of Friday Night Rampage. The music of "Cochise" by Audioslave and the cameras pan over the sold out Savvis Center - Saint Louis, MO before settling to ringside with our announcers Jon McDaniel and Rayne!

Jon McDaniel: Welcome everyone to another exciting night of wrestling action!

Rayne: Rayne in da’ house people!!

Jon McDaniel: Sure, but I think they’re more interested in what’s going to happen here tonight! Five big matches round out the card, three will showcase our key winners as they do battle, with the winner getting to decide to keep his or her key, or take their opponent’s key for their own! Our opening contest stars a PWA Legend, Sirus Moran taking on an untested Enika Engel!

Rayne: Sweet sauce in the ring!!!

Jon McDaniel: Are you and Rentfro, Twins???

Rayne: Nah, but I love his style!

Jon McDaniel: Oh hell. Anyway, then our main event is one for the ages, as Mark McNasty must overcome the odds by defeating Raizzor in what was supposed to be Wrestlefest’s 5’s main event!

Rayne: I don’t have high hopes for McNasty! He has been on a downward spiral since losing to Icetank a couple of months ago!!

Jon McDaniel: It’s true he’s facing nearly insurmountable odds!! Still, anything can happen here in the PWA!


Jon McDaniel: Now, earlier tonight before we went on the air, four matches took place for our live audience, to determine the other contenders to the keys next week! Icetank, Circa, Psycho Sandra and Jacob Collins all scored victories to move on to fight for a key next week!

Rayne: It was retribution for three of them from losing out last week, and Sandra sneaks in to take the final spot in the challenge! I wonder if her relationship had anything to do with it?

Jon McDaniel: Doubtful, every match tonight was a shot..and the entire roster is in action!

Rayne: I suppose! Come on! Let’s get to the action!

Jon McDaniel: I agree, let’s go to our ring announcer Eric Emerson for the introductions!

Enika Engel vs Sirus Moran

Eric Emerson: The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, Enika Engel!!!

The opening guitar riff to "Firefly" by Breaking Benjamin cuts in, which cues a few swirling pink lights from the stage - no pyro's, no bullshit.

At the eleven-second break mark, Enika Engel steps out from behind the curtain to something of a mixed reaction. Sure, a few people recognized her - but this was her first solo match, and they didn't know what to expect. Her attire consists of a pink zip-up hoodie - left unzipped, with the hood up over her head - overtop of a white ribbed belly shirt with a black "Exit Music" ensigna in the middle, rotated 35 degrees; along with a pair of white booty shorts with the name "Firefly across the back of them, black fingerless mesh gloves, and lastly a pair of pink, w/ white fur, ankle boots. She looks out to the crowd, quite excited on this eve - a smile drawn from ear to ear - as she takes a few seconds to let it all sink in.

### You my friend, you're a lot like them...###
### But I caught your lie, and you know I did... ###

As soon as the opening verse kicks in, she makes her way down the entrance ramp...

### Now I'm lost in you... ###
### Like I always do... ###

She keeps going until she reaches the bottom, her eyes now taken away from the fans, and aimed down towards the ring, she pauses for a moment....

### And I'll die to win... ###
### Because I'm born to lose!###

As soon as the chorus gets ready to kick in, small pink blasts of pyro begin firing behind her, unfortunately her budget wasn't that big her first match in...

### Firefly! ###

She throws her head back (thus removing the hood from her head and in turn revealing a white skull cap underneath) and sways her shoulders before throwing a balled fist into the air, cueing a few more blasts of pink from behind her. The ring announcer drowns out the lyrics...

Eric Emerson: "Hailing from Charleston, West Virginia - she is The FIREFLY.... ENIKAAA... ENGGGELLLL!!!!"

She was a little disappointed that she didn't at least get her height and weight called in, but it was no matter...

### Could you shine your light?###
### Now I learn your ways, 'cause they're just like mine. ###

She quickly makes her way from the bottom of the ramp, to the ring apron itself...

### Now I'm justified, ###
### As I Fall In Line ###

Which leads to her non-chalantly lifting herself up and rolling under the bottom rope, before springing back to her feet via kip-up.

### And it's hard to try ###
### When they're open wide! ###

She goes to the bottom set of ropes, and leans over, pointing to a few of her friends in the front row - giving them and the camera man a bright, white, gorgeous smile. She soon retreats to her corner and awaits her opponent.

Eric Emerson: And her opponent, weighing in at 234lbs and hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Sirus Moran!!!

'More Human Than Human' plays over the speakers. On the screen above him is a clip of Sirus standing in a hallway holding onto 'Al' and waving to all of the nice people. He comes out onto the stage and smiles while being genuinely happy to be here and his aura proves it. He runs and jumps up and down the aisle. He brings 'Al' along with him to the ring, waving him in the air and greeting and high fiving as many fans as possible. He slides into the ring, tells 'Al' to behave and sets him up in the corner but out of harm’s way.

Rayne: Who are those fine looking women standing by Al this evening?

Jon McDaniel: Those are his beardy guards, called the Lovely Angels! After last week’s bear-napping, one can never be too careful.

Rayne: Can we stop with the bear puns already? There's hot chicks in and out of the ring!

Jon McDaniel: You know, sometimes I hate my job.

Rayne: Because you're a sausage jockey.

The bell rings and Sirus moves in for a lock up but Enika ducks under it and strikes him with a hard kick into the back of the thigh. Sirus's leg buckles but he stays on his feet, nodding some respect toward Enika. Sirus moves in again and but Enika rolls under his advance and takes hold of the back of his leg, yanking it to pull him down to the mat. She yanks the leg to an awkward angle and applies pressure, making Sirus visibly wince with pain.

Jon McDaniel: I think Sirus may be taken by surprise at how sharp Enika is in this match.

Rayne: You said it McDaniel, she does have a great ass!

Jon McDaniel: I never... forget it.

Enika's weight isn't enough to discourage Sirus doing a press up and turning to take the pressure off his leg. As he turns, he makes sure to catch Enika right in the mush with his boot. Sirus makes it back up to his feet and charges at the staggered Enika but she recovers quickly and takes him back down again with a drop toe hold, re-applying the pressure onto the leg but Sirus is too close to the ropes and he grabs for a break.

Jon McDaniel: Enika is coming out on top in the early going and showing Sirus a thing or two.

Sirus shakes his leg as he makes it back to his feet, feeling the strain of Enika's focused pressure, but with such focused attacks comes predictability and Sirus's experienced head predicts her next move as she comes rushing in for the chop block. Sirus simply lifts his leg and Enika goes crashing into the mat of her own power. Sirus then takes control by bringing his raised boot down hard into the stomach of the quickly turning Enika, knocking the wind right out of her.

Rayne: With foresight like that he could once again be tag team champion of the world!

Sirus seemingly lets Enika get back to her feet and catch her breath. When she does she re-focuses and charges angrily at the waiting Sirus who simply catches her in a bear hug.

Jon McDaniel: It's the Grizzly Hug!

Rayne: I so wish I was Sirus right about now.

Sirus failed to lock one of Enika's arms when applying the hug and she attempts to fight it's effects by reaching for an eye gouge but he senses what's coming and nails an overhead belly to belly on her.

Jon McDaniel: The fans are starting to sense that the end is near, it could be time for the Nameless Knockout!

Sirus forces Enika back to her feet and hooks her under his arm pits, delivering a couple of head butts to soften her up. He then whips her into the ropes and nails a sit down powerbomb after a 180 spin, the Nameless Knockout. He covers and hooks the leg.



The ref stops the count, pointing that SOMEHOW Enika got her fingers on the bottom rope, since Sirus hit the move too close to the ring apron.

Rayne: Heh, good ring presence by Enika!

Jon McDaniel: Yes, and Sirus realizes he has to do it all over again!

Sirus forces Enika back to her feet and hooks her under his arm pits again, and delivers a couple more head butts. He then whips her into the ropes and waits in position to nail the Nameless Knockout a second time, but Enika has plans of her own and leaps onto the second rope and flies back at Sirus to nail a vicious toe kick to the side of the head, a move she dubs as "Ante Up!". Sirus flips backwards, harder than even Enika intended and gets tangled in the ropes before falling to the floor outside. Enika bites her lip as the referee begins a ten count!

Jon McDaniel: Enika hit that move flawlessly, but the momentum from the ropes had a stronger affect then she expected.

Rayne: I love a woman who doesn’t know her own strength!

The referee works the ten count, and Enika looks torn to stop it or let it continue. Outside, Sirus shakes his head, getting his senses back, blinking and raises his hand, and we catch him calling out for a “Grizzly Beer”.

Jon McDaniel: That kick did more than we thought! Sirus thinks he’s back home in Canada at his bar!

Rayne: Last Call!!!!!

Indeed, the referee reaches ten and counts Sirus Moran out! He calls for the bell, and raises Enika’s hand in victory.

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, Enika Emerson!!

Enika shrugs, and exits the ring, giving Sirus a concerned look as the Lovely Angles pick him up! Sirus wobbles ‘drunk-like’ and holds onto ‘Al’, saying he has to be designated driver, and the four leave up the ramp.

Jon McDaniel: A tough break for Sirus. Two weeks in a row, losing via count out.

Rayne: He’ll bounce back, he always seems too.

Jon McDaniel: Yeah, but we have to move on! Next up, the first of the three key vs. key matches, as two of our winners last week, Kirlia Gardevoir and Nick Mathews, face off!

Kirlia Gardevoir vs Nick Matthews

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, Kirlia Gardevoir!

The lights dim to an emerald hue and the fans come to their feet as the beats of NSYNC's "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" begin to pound across the sound system. The fans cheering gets louder as the Amazon Princess herself, Kirlia Gardevoir, slowly steps onto the stage, a massive python across her shoulders. Kirlia smirks and nods to the fans as she makes her way down the ramp. As she reaches the ring, two techs take the python from her and Kirlia slides inside, rolling to her feet. She smirks again, then leaps onto the nearest corner and blows a kiss to the crowd before jumping off the second rope and settling in the corner as the music fades.

As Kirlia waits, The lights go out, and a white spiral on a black background shows up on the ADCtron. A medium paced guitar line plays two bars, and when the drums kick in, a spotlight hits the stage and Nick Matthews is standing in it. But, that's as far as he gets.


Matthews goes rolling down the ramp as Icetank comes from behind, and nails Matthews with a fist to the back.

Jon McDaniel: Oh come on!

Icetank walks up to Matthews, bends, and picks up Matthews. He then throws him down the ramp. In the ring, Kirlia looks surprised, but she is even more surprised as Mark McNasty comes from behind her, and pulls her legs out, while he is on the outside of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: SORE LOSER! This is horrible!

Rayne laughs: What are you talking about? This is awesome!

McNasty dives into the ring and gets on Kirlia's back. McNasty then begins slamming Kirlia's face into the mat. Back on the outside, Icetank picks up Matthews, and lines him up with the turnbuckle.

Jon McDaniel: NO!

Icetank uses all his strength, and throws Matthews into the ring post.

Jon McDaniel: Will somebody PLEASE stop this?!?!?!

Finally, security comes running down the ramp from the back.

Rayne: poopers.

As security gets towards the bottom of the ramp, Chamelion comes out from behind them, and onto the top of the stage. Security restrains Icetank, and almost has to rip McNasty off Kirlia. As McNasty and Icetank as restrained, Chamelion speaks.

Chamelion: Alright, fine, since you two are so gun-ho to make an impact... then Icetank, you will get one of the these two next week in action for their key... and McNasty, should you find a way to beat Raizzor tonight, you get the other one. But now, since you decided to interfere in this match, I think I’m going to put a little pressure on you! As of now, your match with Raizzor is Two-out-of-Three falls! Not only will you have to beat my brother, but do it TWICE to continue!! Next time, think before you try to ruin MY show!

McNasty shouts at Chamelion, but Security gets in between Icetank and McNasty, and escorts them backstage. As the officials attend to Kirlia and Matthews, we go to commercial.

(commercial break - people, send me some commercials to use in these spots! :))

Jon McDaniel: Welcome back folks. During the break, Kirlia and Nick were checked out, and asked if they wanted to have their match. Both instantly answered yes.

Rayne: Stupid, if you ask me! Still, this means we get to see more carnage in the ring!


The two begin circling. Matthews looks like he's trying to think three moves ahead, not taking his eyes off Kirlia. Kirlia however, blows Matthews a kiss, before a smug smile comes to her face. Matthews reaches out a hand towards Kirlia.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like Matthews may want to start this with a test of strength.

Rayne: HAH! You say it like Kirlia could possibly be stronger.

Kirlia reaches out her hand. However, at the last second, Matthews dives down and pulls Kirlia's legs out. She falls onto her back, and Matthews instantly dives onto her top half, before putting her in an arm bar. Kirlia struggles a little, but Matthews won't let her out. Matthews holds the move for a few minutes, but when Kirlia won't tap, Matthews breaks the hold. He picks Kirlia up, and knees her in the gut. Matthews then throws Kirlia to the turnbuckle, for the Flash bang. Matthews goes for the dropkick, but Kirlia ducks!

Rayne: DENIED!

Matthews lands with a leg over the ropes, and racks himself. Kirlia takes advantage, and nails Matthews with a jumping Amazon Snap. Matthews tumbles completely over the ropes, and to the floor.

Jon McDaniel: Wow that had to hurt.


Kirlia blows a kiss to the fans, and waves for a second, before rolling out after Matthews.



Kirlia bends, and knees Matthews in the side of the head.

Rayne: Wow, that girls vicious.



Kirlia picks up Nick, and whips him to the barricade.


Kirlia follows this up with a stiff clothesline that sends Nick over.

Nick reaches out, and grabs Kirlia by the skirt. Kirlia and Nick fall to the ground, crash and burn style. Nick hits hard, and Kirlia falls into a chair in the first row, banging her head.


Kirlia rolls over, and we see blood dripping down her face.


Nick manages to push himself to a sitting position.


Nick jumps to his feet, and tries to jump over the guard rail; but he stumbles, and falls to the ground.



Rayne: Ah, no, come on!!!

Jon McDaniel: Both failed to make it back to the ring!

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, the referee has declared this match; a DRAW!

Rayne: Pathetic!

Jon McDaniel: The earlier attack by Ice and McNasty has done the job! As the two disappear back stage, we’re quickly moving on.

Gabe Shelley vs Project X

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, making his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at over 350lbs and hailing from Parts Unknown; Project X!

he house lights drop and are taken over by the illumination of green strobe lights that dance about the PWA ramp. "Spaceman" by Babylon Zoo hits the PA system as a bright white light blasts out from the back, against this light the outline of Project X can be made as he jogs on the spot, trying to psych himself up. When the music reaches its peak he bursts forth in a rush of energy and launches his choke slamming arm up into the air as a jet of green pyros launches up behind him. He then makes his way to the ring with a purposeful walk.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, Gabe Shelly!

Gabe comes out, raising a hand to the sky, feeling the crowd’s roar of support surround him, and he makes his way down to the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Gabe’s surprise return last week shocked everyone.

Rayne: None more than Stevenson, who apparently has yet to recover from the shock! This will be a tremendous match!


Project X stares down at Gabe Shelley. Gabe looks to the crowd, before attempting to rush Project X. However, X doesn't seem fazed, and just puts his hand on Gabe's face, and shoves him onto his back. Gabe looks up, surprised, and jumps back to his feet. He then looks behind him, and runs to the ropes behind him. Gabe then comes running back, and jumps for a flying clothesline. While Project X takes a step back, it’s essentially still like Gabe hit a wall. Gabe thinks quick though, and sweeps Project X's feet out; causing the monster to fall on his back.

Jon McDaniel: Smart thinking by Shelley.

Shelley is back up, and runs to the ropes. He jumps on top, and takes just a second to look at the fans. Gabe then nails an elbow drop. He hooks a leg.




Rayne: Too early. Duh.

Shelley doesn't BS though. As Project X sits up taker style, Shelley runs foreword, and nails a dropkick to X's face. Gabe rolls to his knees, and does a "yes" holding his arms up. But, almost out of a horror movie, we see Project X sit up right behind Gabe. Gabe doesn't seem to know what’s going on as the fans begin screaming. But, he gets the idea quick enough when Project X reaches down, and grabs a hold of Gabe's hair. Shelley's arms start wiggling as Project X actually lifts Gabe to his feet. As Gabe touches down, he throws his left arm up to break Project X's hold. Gabe then quickly spins, and throws a hard right. BUT, Project X grabs Gabe's fist, and starts twisting. As Gabe starts cringing, Project X just continues to stare at Gabe.

Rayne: Good lord dude. Project X is just like...scary.

Jon McDaniel: I'm still not used to it.

As a last ditch effort, Gabe lunges forward with a head butt. Nothing.


Gabe looks like he's really hurting. He tries again. Still nothing.


Jon McDaniel: Are you always this big an ass?

Rayne: SHHH.

Gabe is gritting his teeth. It’s put up or shut up time. He throws his head back this time for extra momentum, before slamming foreword, into Project X's face. Project X's face bounces back, and he stumbles a foot or two. He releases Gabe's hand.

Jon McDaniel: HOME RUN!

Rayne looks at McDaniel with a "shut up" look.


Jon McDaniel: Re...RECOUNT! What are you talking about?


Jon McDaniel: I'm calling security if you don't shape up.

Rayne: Is such a sweet lady!

Jon McDaniel: Un huh, I threw Rentfro out, I’ll do it again!

Rayne: Bah.

Gabe runs at Project X and jumps as high as he can, barely getting high enough for a dropkick. However, he connects, and Project X stumbles backwards more. Gabe runs at Project X one more time, and slams al elbow into his gut. Project X bends over. Gabe quickly gets behind him, and gets to the turnbuckle.

The fans are going nuts as they look at Gabe. Gabe taunts for Project X to turn, and as he does, Gabe dives off the top turnbuckle, and nails a hurricanrana.

Jon McDaniel: NO WAY!

The fans are on their feet. Gabe is totally pumped up as he picks Project X up. Gabe then signals to the crowd, before setting Project X up for his version of the Pedigree, the Junk Yard Jam. Gabe tries, but Project X hits a back body drop! Gabe rolls away and Project X reaches out, grabs him and pulls him to his feet! Roaring, Project X lifts Gabe up into the Probe, but Gabe breaks free, lands on his feet and kicks Project X in the stomach! Gabe braces himself, and does a double knee lift into Project X's face. As Project X stumbles, holding his face in pain, Gabe quickly secures him up and this time connects with the Junk Yard Jam! The ref drops and counts!




Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, Gabe Shelly!

Jon McDaniel: Two for the returning Shelly!

Rayne: Project X looks shocked, he sits there as Shelly is awarded his key!

Jon McDaniel: So, will he keep his or take X’s?

Gabe looks once at Project X, and then smiles, keeps his own key and walks off.

Rayne: He must have a good feeling! Or he’s throwing away an opportunity!

Jon McDaniel: We won’t know until next week! Now I’m told we’re going to cut backstage!

So So McNasty!

Sitting inside a locker room is Mark McNasty. McNasty is sitting on a bench, in full wrestling attire, except for his tassels. Bud Adams walks in.

Bud: Well Mark, I was told you'd like to speak to someone, and here I am.

McNasty looks up, and we can almost see a look of sorrow and regret in his eyes. Bud seems caught off guard, and even has a sound of sympathy in his voice.

Bud: Anytime you're ready Mark.

McNasty looks back to his arm, as he grabs a tassel off the bench, and begins to put it on.

McNasty: Everyone knows by now, that tonight, I fight Raizzor. Raizzor the soul taker. Well, the thing is, Raizzor seems to think I'm full of myself. He thinks I have no idea what I'm doing. Raizzor seems to forget quickly, that I am a true fighter. I haven't lasted as long as I have in this business, by getting stepped on by guys bigger than me. No...I've survived by beating those same guys down. Even if they change the rules on me, by making this two out of three falls!

McNasty: Raizzor thinks he’s the bully on the playground, and he thinks he’s going to come over to me, and steal my lunch. But the thing is, he's picking on the wrong kid.

McNasty has on all four of his tassels now. He stands up, and walks over next to Bud.

McNasty: Because you see, I'm not in the mood to be messed up. Raizzor, you picked a bad time to go against me. Soul Taker, destroyer, whatever the hell you call yourself. Tonight, You fight Big Nasty himself. And tonight, your biggest mistake, was picking a fight with someone who has something to prove. Just as I said last time that you have issues with your brother, tonight, when you wither in agony from the pain I inflict upon will be your brother’s fault.

McNasty is turning red.

McNasty: All week, you have been so proud to mention that your brother was " just giving me the match I wanted at Wrestlefest." Well you will wish your brother wasn't so kind to me.

McNasty looks totally frustrated.

McNasty: See Raizzor, the way I see it is, I have nothing to lose at this point. I go into this match with no key like six others on the roster. I go in, with no winning streak to maintain. Hell, I don't even have much pride left anymore as far as PWAers are concerned. All they know of me, is this big man came to their fed, and lost to a chick.

McNasty finally calms down, and starts taking deep breaths.

McNasty: But that's exactly why I'm so dangerous Raizzor. Because, I don't have anything to lose. Yet, I have everything to prove. Because tonight, is all about redemption. Redemption for all these mishaps. Redemption for my lose last week. Tonight, when I beat you Raizzor, all these bad things go away.

McNasty: It’s ironic. It took me beating a legend in BWF to become recognized. I suppose tonight, it will take me beating you for these people to truly see how dangerous, and how much of a true fighter I really can be.

McNasty turns to Bud.

McNasty: Got it?

Bud looks taken back by McNasty, as he begins laughing almost uncontrollably as we go back to ringside.

Jon McDaniel: I think the man’s lost it

Rayne: Did he have it to begin with?

Alex Wilkie vs The Phoenix

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Calgary, Alberta Canada and weighing in at 250lbs, Alex Wilkie!

Wilkie comes out to SDMF by Black Label Society and strides down, and into the ring.

Eric Emerson: And, his opponent, hailing from Orlando, Florida, and weighing in at 240lbs, The Phoenix!

The Final Countdown by "Europe" begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC ADCtron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and red pyros flare from the ring posts. The Phoenix the comes down from the rafters on a harness and enters the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Both put on a hell of a show last week! This could be a defining match!

Rayne: Or a yawner, I mean, it does have a Canadian in it!

Jon McDaniel: Sighs.


The matches opens with the grapple. Wilkie gets a hammerlock, which Phoenix counters, and Wilkie re-counters, and Phoenix re-counters, and kicks him in the stomach, then in the face when he buckles over.

Jon McDaniel: Phoenix is being very aggressive here, continuing from last week!

Phoenix whips him into the ropes, then runs himself. Wilkie jumps over him and he continues running. On the way back, with his back still to Phoenix, Wilkie tries to jump over him again, but Phoenix comes up underneath him, landing Wilkie on his shoulders. Phoenix stands and quickly tilts back, hitting a backdrop on him.

Rayne: No stopping this machine! He’s going all the way, I tell you!

Phoenix climbs up top and goes for an elbow drop. Wilkie rolls and Phoenix lands hard. Wilkie picks him up and whips him into the ropes. Phoenix holds the ropes and stops and Wilkie misses the Yakuza kick he was going for. Phoenix, with Wilkie spun by the kick and his back facing Phoenix, grabs him and goes another backdrop type move. Wilkie flips back off his shoulder, grabs the ropes and lands on the apron. Phoenix isn't sure what happened and looks around, confused, but with his back toward Wilkie on the apron. Wilkie springs off the top rope just as Phoenix turns and catches him a massive flipping neck breaker. He makes the cover...




Jon McDaniel: Nice move! Wilkie is coming back full force!!

Wilkie picks him up and whips him into the ropes and catches him in a spine buster slam and goes for the pin again...




Rayne: Nice, but not good enough!!! Phoenix still has a lot of power left in him!

Wilkie picks him up and whips him into the corner, and follows up with a body splash. He chops Phoenix once. The audience "WOOO!"s. Another chop-- another "WOOO!". Phoenix suddenly grabs him and throws him into the corner. Phoenix shoulder blocks him in the corner a few times, then backs up and lets him drop the mat. Phoenix climbs up top and gets ready for the Ashes. As Wilkie gets up, he runs into the ropes, causing Phoenix to fall and crotch himself. Wilkie then stuns the crowd by delivering a perfect super kick, knocking Phoenix out of the ring!

Jon McDaniel: OUCH! Phoenix never saw that one coming!

Rayne: If we have another count out! I swear I’m leaving!

Jon McDaniel: Maybe that’s not such a bad idea!

Rayne: what??

Wilkie slides out of the ring, and grabs Phoenix and whips him into the barricade, however, Phoenix manages to reverse and Wilkie is sent flying over into the crowd.

Jon McDaniel: More crowd interaction courtesy of our superstars!

Phoenix grabs Wilkie, but Wilkie slams Phoenix head first into the barricade and as the ref counts to six, Wilkie gets back over to the ring side area and shoves Phoenix into the ring. Wilkie then scrambles to the top, aims and sails with a flying forearm! As Phoenix falls to his knees, Wilkie bounces off the ropes and goes for a drop kick! Phoenix bends sideways, though, knocking Wilkie to the canvas.

Rayne: Smart move by Phoenix!

Phoenix stands, grabs a wobbly Wilkie and starts to hook him up for The Flame, but suddenly Wilkie bursts to life, breaking free and answering with an out of nowhere Grade A Knockout!




Jon McDaniel: HOLY HELL, where did that come from!!?

Rayne: The crowd’s stunned, Phoenix is stunned, hell, Wilkie looks stunned!

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, ALEX WILKIE!!!

Wilkie slides out of the ring, seemingly in a hurry just in case Phoenix decides he wants to have a say about the outcome. Wilkie reaches the two keys, his #2 and Phoenix’s #4. He turns, and then smiles and adds insult to injury, and swipes the #4 key!

Jon McDaniel: Wilkie takes Phoenix’s key!

Rayne: They’ve switched!! And Phoenix looks pissed! He had first choice, and he wanted #2 from the beginning!!!!!!

Jon McDaniel: How will this turn out, for either of them?

Suddenly, as Phoenix starts to exit the ring, the lights begin to flicker, much the same as they did last week!

Rayne: What the?

Jon McDaniel: Look! Up on the ADCtron!!

Again, as with last week, the strange symbol appears, this time flickering in and out… and it starts to rotate, going from its original horizontal position to a vertical one…

It glows bright orange and then everything goes black! Moments later, the lights come back on, as the crowd buzzes as to what this means!

Rayne: Phoenix has his senses back, more angry then confused about things.

Jon McDaniel: He still has a key though, it’s next week he’ll have to be far more concerned about!

Rayne: Who cares, it’s time for the main event, let’s stop wasting time!

Raizzor vs Mark McNasty

2 out of 3 Falls Match

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is our main event, and it is a Two out of Three falls contest! Mark McNasty must win in order to advance to a key match next week, if he does not, he is out of the running! Introducing first, weighing in at 255lbs and hailing from Atlanta, Georgia… here is Mark McNasty!!!!!

The lights in the arena cut to black and blue as "Whatever you Became" by Cold begins to play. Two blue pyros erupt from the stage as smoke begins to flow from the back. After a moment, out walks Mark McNasty, receiving a huge pop from the audience. He stops at the top of the ramp and cocks an eyebrow, as he rubs his chin. He then smiles and points to the crowd before he walks down the ramp. He slaps hands all the way to the ring where he rolls in. Mark then walks to a corner and jumps onto the turnbuckle before pointing out to the crowd, receiving another huge pop. He goes to the opposite corner and does the same, getting another huge pop. He then walks to the center of the ring, looks to his left, then his right, and then straight up. As he does, he raises his arms straight up, and pyros begin reigning down behind him. As the pyros stop, Mark makes his way to his corner as the music fades.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, weighing in at 285lbs, he hails from Las Vegas, Nevada.. the Soul-Taker; Raizzor!!

The lights dim to near total darkness, save for four spotlights attached to the rafters that begin flowing over the arena. Smoke begins to fill the ring and a single GONG! Echoes the coming of the pyros! First, they set off on the stage, in succession as they burn a trail down the ramp until they reach the bottom. Then from the four corners of the ring, more pyros explode as the smoke grows thicker. As the mist begins to clear, the arena explodes as the shape of the Soul-Taker; Raizzor, takes form in the middle of the ring. Shooting one fist into the air, the lights blast back on, and Raizzor stands solemnly, eyeing Mark McNasty.

Jon McDaniel: McNasty doesn’t seem fazed by Raizzor’s appearance.

Rayne: You heard him earlier, he is on a mission!!!!!


McNasty laughs at Raizzor and walks to the center of the ring. Raizzor, seemingly calm and cool, walks forward as well. Just before McNasty can say anything though, Raizzor hits him with an thrust to the throat that is hard, fast and violent. McNasty backs up in shock, pain registering on his face and Raizzor begins wailing away at McNasty with enormous, vicious blows. McNasty is backed into the ropes and Raizzor whips him to the other side. McNasty however, is able to reverse the move and as Raizzor bounces off the ropes, McNasty catches him with a knee lift. Raizzor goes down but rolls back to his feet quickly, pouncing on the startled McNasty.

Jon McDaniel: McNasty had a moment of taking control, but didn’t count on Raizzor’s massive strength and quick reflexes.

Rayne: Reflexes, I might add, that seem amazing for a man his size!

Raizzor drives his fists into McNasty’s jaw and face, the only intention he has, to eradicate McNasty from existence. McNasty falls back into the ropes and Raizzor tries another whip. This time, successful, Raizzor catches McNasty with a back body drop, then hits the ropes and connects with a leg drop. Raizzor returns to his feet but gets struck with a low blow from McNasty, causing Raizzor to drop to his knees in pain. McNasty then backs up and delivers a sharp drop kick to Raizzor’s face, causing him to fall onto his back. McNasty then pulls Raizzor up and suplexes him back down. McNasty goes for a quick cover… the ref counts..


kickout by Raizzor.

Rayne: Smart thinking there, trying to get the pin early

Jon McDaniel: But it’s not likely against Raizzor!

McNasty pulls Raizzor up, but Raizzor hooks onto McNasty and hits a suplex of his own. Raizzor then drives a knee into McNasty’s chest, as he lays on the mat. McNasty tries to pull himself up, but Raizzor catches him with a boot to the ribs, and McNasty falls back down in agony. Raizzor, his eyes focused and determined, begins to wail away again on McNasty, repeatedly kicking him in the ribs and kidneys… each savage kick sending a message home. Then, Raizzor pulls McNasty up, spins him over and hits the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker. Raizzor goes for the cover..




Rayne: He just kicked out of one of Raizzor’s signature finishes!

Jon McDaniel: He wants this, BAD!

Raizzor whips McNasty into the turnbuckle, and grabs him by the hair, slamming his face into the corner repeatedly. McNasty stumbles back, bent over and coughing from the pain in his ribs. Raizzor scrambles to the top rope and delivers the Guillotine Leg Drop to the back of McNasty’s head while he’s bent over, sending him face first into the mat. Raizzor rolls over McNasty and scores the easy




Winner of the first fall: Raizzor

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor proves his dominance in the ring! If this had been Wrestlefest, Raizzor would have walked away BWF World Champion, just as his brother did.

Rayne: This is an eerie echo of what McNasty feared most! His only saving grace, is he has two chances left to overcome the Soul-Taker.

Jon McDaniel: But that’s just it! He’s down two to one! And in serious pain! I think this contest is near it’s end!

Waiting for McNasty to stumble to his feet, Raizzor steps forward and tosses McNasty outside the ring. Raizzor quickly slides through the bottom rope and attacks McNasty, whipping him into the steel steps. But McNasty stops short, barely catching himself and turns as Raizzor bounds in, and body slams him into the steel steps. Raizzor grabs his back in pain as McNasty lifts him up, throwing him back into the ring. McNasty slides inside, but is startled to see Raizzor back on his feet, charging.

Rayne: He shouldn’t be so startled, Raizzor is no normal man!

McNasty tries to deflect a wild punch, but it connects solidly, backing him into the ropes. Raizzor then knees him in the stomach, grabs his hair, and delivers a DDT, sending McNasty face first into the mat. Raizzor rolls him over and goes for a pin, but McNasty kicks out before the one count. Raizzor backs up as McNasty rises and rushes forward, but is caught with a elbow to the face, backing him up and letting McNasty get enough room to clothesline Raizzor into the turnbuckle.

Jon McDaniel: I see desperation in McNasty’s eyes! That can lead to serious mistakes!

McNasty then moves into the corner wish a hard splash, and then headlocks Raizzor and lifts him up onto the turnbuckle. McNasty, having Raizzor in place, climbs up and hooks up Raizzor for a superplex. Raizzor, however, hooks his legs around the ropes, and as McNasty goes for the move, Raizzor jerks back, and McNasty goes falling to the mat. Raizzor then sets himself upright, soars through the air and hits the Guillotine Leg Drop! The ref, in position, makes the count…



Thre-shoulder up!!!!

Rayne: HOLY *BEEP*!! He got out!

Jon McDaniel: Somehow, McNasty is going numb from the devastating move, and was able to get a shoulder up!!

Back in the ring, Raizzor recovers quickly and rolls to his feet. McNasty, however, is a little slower, using a lot of his energy to kickout. Raizzor knee lifts McNasty in the jaw and then hooks him in a reverse neck breaker. But the moment McNasty hits the mat, he is rolling back to his feet. Raizzor circles the man and they stare each other in the eyes.. The two men then lock up, dead center of the ring, and struggle for the advantage. McNasty pushes Raizzor back into the corner, and the ref tries to break the two men apart. McNasty begins to back off, the goes for a cheap shot, which Raizzor blocks and delivers his own punch.

Jon McDaniel: Had he connected, that could have been a disqualification!

Rayne: I think McNasty is losing control!!

McNasty backs off.. the two men, wary of each other, lock up again, this time Raizzor pushes McNasty to the corner, and to everyone’s surprise, breaks it off cleanly. Raizzor turns to walk to the center of the ring, but McNasty charges for the behind and with every ounce of energy he has left, connects with the Lights out!

Rayne: Whoa! Rookie mistake by Raizzor!!

The ref drops to make the count….




The winner of the second fall: Mark McNasty!

Jon McDaniel: I can’t phantom why Raizzor would break the hold cleanly and then turn his back! He’s paid dearly as it’s now one to one for falls!

Rayne: This is the deciding moment!!

The ref orders McNasty into his corner and waits for Raizzor to stand. Once he’s up, the ref signals for the match to continue and the two men stand there, eyes locked. Raizzor is seething with anger, and the two argue back and forth. Finally, unable to hold back, Raizzor strikes with a closed fist, which McNasty blocks, sending Raizzor railing back with his own. McNasty then goes on the offensive, taking advantage of Raizzor’s weakened condition to strike blow after blow to Raizzor’s forehead and face.

Jon McDaniel: McNasty’s changed!!! He’s showing the determination of a real world champion!

Rayne: He can’t let down now!

Raizzor manages to block a punch and kicks McNasty in the stomach. McNasty doubles over and Raizzor hits a Fame-asser type move to McNasty, driving him face first to the mat. Raizzor then knees McNasty in the back two times and then pulls him up. McNasty, shaken, punches Raizzor in the gut, pulls him over and hits a Pedigree on Raizzor! McNasty tries for quick cover but only scores a one count. McNasty pulls Raizzor back up and whips him quickly into the ropes, following it up with a knee lift then an elbow drop. McNasty then lifts the exhausted Raizzor up and suplexes him hard to the mat, trying another cover.. only to get a two count.

Jon McDaniel: SO CLOSE

Raizzor then takes quick advantage, flipping McNasty over by the hair and then slamming his knee into McNasty’s shoulder. Raizzor backs up and goes for a huge knee drop, but McNasty rolls out of the way and Raizzor crashes to the mat. McNasty assumes the advantage and grabs Raizzor by the hair, but Raizzor counters into a small package pinfall. The ref makes the count…..



kickout by the former champion!

Jon McDaniel: He has to get his focus back!

Rayne: He feels he’s so close, but that was a bad mistake this late in the game!

McNasty, infused with anger, starts smashing away on Raizzor, but Raizzor takes the blows.. returning his own, and the two men begin to beat each other down.. soon, both are on their knees… struggling to knock the other out.. but both unable to overcome the other. Exhausted, the two men sit back, breathing hard and staring at each other through slitted eyes, neither wanting, but having to admit the strengths of the other. Crawling back to their feet, both men attack with a renewed energy… and McNasty takes the advantage, delivering a powerbomb, suplex and body slam all in a row… Raizzor then gets control, with a Samoan drop, a "rock bottom" and two clotheslines.

Jon McDaniel: They’re breaking out all the moves!! It’s boiling over in that ring!!!

Rayne: Listen to the crowd, everyone’s on their feet!!!

Half the crowd: MCNASTY! MCNASTY! MCNASTY!!!!!!


McNasty isn’t through yet, he blocks a punch and sends Raizzor reeling into the ropes.. McNasty then comes forward, intent on finishing things, when he gets caught by Raizzor and turned over into the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker!!

Jon McDaniel: It’s over, count McNasty out!

Rayne: But WHAT an effort!

Raizzor then climbs to the top turnbuckle, measures McNasty and soars with the Guillotine Leg Drop! However, McNasty rolls!! Raizzor crashes to the canvas and even though his body screams in defiance, McNasty coughs, almost vomiting as he grabs Raizzor and flips him up and over with the Sault-Slam, landing in a cover position!




Jon McDaniel: Did he???

Rayne: HA! Yes! The ref is calling for the bell!!! McNasty got the pin!

Jon McDaniel: WOW! I saw Raizzor’s shoulder coming up at the same time the ref hit the mat with the three! Almost a photo type finish!!!

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, MARK McNASTY!!!!!!

Jon McDaniel: A great moment for McNasty!!

Rayne: Hell yeah, I knew he could do it!

Jon McDaniel: So confident after the fact!!

Rayne: HAHAH.

McNasty stands proud in the middle of the ring! Raizzor, on the outside, stares darkly for a moment, and then turns without a thought and strides up the ramp. As he reaches the entrance, Chamelion comes out with mic in hand. The brothers exchange a quick word, and Chamelion pats him on the back. He then turns towards the ring.

Chamelion: Mark, I must say, a hell of a performance. Ya know, kiddo, you had it all wrong. I didn’t do what I did to mess you up. I did it to motivate you. You were either going to prove you still had it, or get buried and be done. Frankly, this is a good outcome for you, the PWA, and even myself! Raizzor understood he had to get the job done, but that if it didn’t happen, I wasn’t gonna be hurt about it.

He pauses, and smiles.

Chamelion: And as promised, I said if you won tonight you would get a shot at a key again, and I do keep my word! Next week, you’re going to get a shot against Nick Mathews! I figure this is a bit more up your alley then the soul-taker, right? And Icetank, as promised, will get a shot at Kirlia Gardevoir!!!

The crowd roars their approval!!!

Chamelion: The other matches, you will all be able to check out on PWA.COM very shortly, but I need to comment on something! It seems that the way things have been going for Sirus, he’s still getting a feel for the ring again… and I think it’s time he has a little help, and is put in the right direction! So, next week… Sirus will be teaming with his long time friend, Grifter, to take on Jericho and Odyssey Baldwin in tag team action… the winners… well, the winners are going to get a shot at the PWA Tag Team titles at our first PPV!!!!!!!

Rayne: Somehow, I think I know how that’s gonna turn out next week!

Jon McDaniel: The Brothers Grimm returns!!!! HELL YES!

Chamelion: But before we go off the air here, I have to admit, these ‘re-matches’ are quite exciting! So I think the PWA fans deserve yet another rematch! Next week, in the main event… Alex Wilkie, who now holds key #4, is going to have to defend that key… against the person who ended his PWA World title reign… one PSYCHO SANDRA!!!!!!!!!!!

Jon McDaniel: AWESOME!!!!

Rayne: Hotness in the main event!

Jon McDaniel: Wilkie vs. Sandra, what a main event!

Back up on the ramp, Chamelion continues.

Chamelion: Oh, and of course, before I forget… (laughs)… next week, the moment everyone has been waiting anxiously for! After the main event, here in this very ring, we will find out not only WHO are champions are, but what titles they have ultimately earned!! Next week, we crown our six PWA champions!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to all of you!

Jon McDaniel: I cannot wait!

Rayne: Seven days, McDaniel… seven days and we have champions!!!

Jon McDaniel: But that’s it for Rampage tonight! For Rayne, this is Jon McDaniel saying good night!!!

© PWA 2008