World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Matt 'The God' Seraph vs Kyle Stevenson

In this match up, we see Kyle Stevenson showing off some new found aggression as he pushed Seraph to his limits. But Matt using some cunning, almost tips the scales. In the midst of a insane back and forth Stevenson is able to pull out an impressive victory.

WINNNER: Kyle Stevenson

'Lion Rage' Jack James vs Nuke Fusion

Nuke Fusion took some heavy damage in the beginning of his match, but was able to fight back in the middle of the match. James kept him of his feet using the ropes to nail a few vicious neck attacks. But in the end Fusion got the victory.

WINNER: Nuke Fusion

Chamelion & Scottie Snow vs Nightmare & Hunter Sullivan

Hunter and Nightmare share few words back and forth before Sullivan agrees to head out first. Scottie is a little scared to go out, but is patted on the back by Mark building confidence. Sullivan and Scottie begin in the ring. Sullivan and Scottie circle, Hunter thwarting Scottie a few times as he moves in for an attempted lock up. The smaller man is pushed to the side and staggers. Hunter plays around a little shuffling back and forth in front of the kid, making a few fake attacks. Scottie finally irritated bum rushes Sullivan, catching him off guard and starts pummeling him back with rapid punches and kicks.

Bennett: ”Hunter made a mistake there, clearly some people are still underestimating the TV champion.

Rayne: ”He pays for it as Sullivan is assaulted back into the ropes, Chamelion seems to be enjoying himself here.

Sullivan gets a rope break backing into the ropes, the ref pushes back Scottie and waits for Sullivan to move out of the ropes. Hunter ticked off makes a rush at Scottie only to get a drop kick for his efforts. Nightmare merely shakes his head at Hunter, not understanding how he could be losing. Sullivan pushes himself back to his feet finding himself being locked in a side headlock. Sullivan smirks as the hold is wrenched in, simply using one arm back suplexing the man. Snow kicks at the mat as Hunter walks around the fallen man with a cocky smile. Grabbing the TV champ by the hair, Sullivan brings him to his feet and pushes to the ropes. After sending in a few knees, Hunter tugged him out by the hair and tossed him to the mat roughly. The ref warns of the hair pull as Snow returns to his feet holding his head.

Bennett: ”Well can’t say I’m all that surprised about this.

Rayne: ”ever wonder why Chamelion and Scottie were teamed together here tonight?

Bennett: ”Yeah does Robison dislike Mark?

Rayne: ” I think we might have answered our own question

Scottie makes a go for his corner but is cut off as Sullivan meets him half way grabbing his opponent in a waist lock. Pulling back to his own corner Sullivan switches up into an over hook on the arm, tagging in Nightmare who steals a cheap kick. A snapmare grounds the smaller man, followed by a swift soccer kick to the back. Nightmare taunts Mark whom seems egger to tag in. Pulling Scottie snow to his feet he hooks his arm over his shoulder and lifts up in seeming back suplex, stalling and looking to Mark again before motioning forward and slamming down with a face buster.

Bennett: “ Snow is getting worked over a little here, he might prove as the downfall for the team.”

Rayne: “ Now now, don’t say that, he has improved his game, might pull out some feats just yet.”

Bennett: “ well how do you think Scottie can fare when a man he is learning from, is beaten by a man he faces tonight?”

Nightmare rolls over Scottie and applies a pin, getting a mere 2 count as the TV champ manages a kick out. Nightmare pushes Scottie into the ropes after bringing him back to his feet, nailing a few euro uppercuts knocking Scottie to a seated position. Finishing off the brawl Nightmare speeds the ropes and comes back with a boot across the face. Nightmare smirks and pulls out of the rope quickly walking over to Sullivan for a tag. Hunter takes his turn rushing the cornered wrestler with his own speeding boot.

Rayne: ” Scottie really needs to grab a tag here.”

Bennett: ”Chamelion is just itching to get into that match to can see it in his face. Sullivan and Nightmare are holding a advantage keeping Scottie down and away.”

Pulling Scottie out of the ropes Sullivan applies a cravat wrenching the neck and placing a foor behind the knee. Scottie is pushed to the mat as the submission is twisted and pains the neck. Scottie wiggles and twists around, the smaller star manages to return to a vertical. Feeling his grip being warn away Sullivan nails a modified snap mare quickly following up, grabbing a full nelson, bringing back scottie to his feet. The nelson is switched into a half nelson, which brings Snow to life, making a standing switch, CRAVAT. As the switch is made, Hunter quickly grabs a Cravat in again! Back Suplex! Scottie counters! With Sullivan down Snow dives and grabs the long awaited hot tag.

Rayne: ”Oh dear, things are being set aflame now. Chamelion and Sullivan are in the same ring as reach other.”

Bennett: ” This WILL be interesting, to say the least. Here.. We… Go.”

Hunter speeds back to his feet and meets Chamelion head on. An attempted punch by Sullivan is dodged and the flurry begins. Left rights, rights and lefts. Sullivan is pushed back harshly into the ropes followed by a mean clothesline sending him outside the ring. Without missing a beat Chamelion knocks Nightmare off the apron down to join his partner in the match. With blood pumping and fans cheering Chamelion drops down to his hands and knees. Scottie charges and uses Chame as a stepping stone, leaping over the top rope with a swanton dive! Nailed it!! Fans explode as Scottie takes out both Nightmare and Sullivan with the highflying move.

Rayne: “ I don’t think I believe what I just witnessed…”

Bennett: “ I really don’t think Scottie does either..”

Scottie stands back to his feet and looks around to the fans chanting “holy shit” while maybe not as fabulous as portrayed by the fans, Scottie is ecstatic. Running along the barricade Snow gives out highfives and keeps repeating “I did it, I hit it, oh my god, I did it!” Chamelion smiles and chuckles as Scottie rolls in the ring and gives a small celebration hug.

Rayne: “ you wouldn’t know if he won the world championship or something.”

Bennett: “ Hahaha, good kid, I say if he ever did, he’d find himself in a coma.”

Chamelion rolls outside the ring and grabs a recovering Hunter and rolls him back into the ring not wanting to give up the upper hand, acting as the voice of reason in the team. Sullivan shifts to his feet and is attacked from behind locked in a sleeper hold. Slowing down the pace a little Mark Sommers pressures the Viper to his knees. Sullivan moves to his hands and knee, putting Mark in an awkward position. Sullivan quickly places his arms behind the knees of Cham, tripping him forward and getting out of the hold. Sullivan makes a grab for the foot, but is kicked off when Mark makes the roll. Hunter staggers back into the ropes and rebounds back with speed only to be rolled up with an inside cradle. A two count hits before Sullivan rolls through to his own, gaining a two count of his own. With the two count both men make it back to their feet, Sullivan charges and is nailed with a quick armdrag. Hunter rolls with the move and returns to his feet and makes a turn into a swift enzuguri. Sullivan doesn’t fall but staggers around aimlessly, allowing Mark to grab a side headlock. Hunter backs into the ropes and sends him opponent across the ring moving out to center ring awaiting his return. With that return Hunter attempts a hiptoss, it’s countered as Sommers plants his feet. Smirking, Hunter sends up a high knee catching Mark in the stomach. Chamelion doubles over and Sullivan lays his leg over the back of his neck using it to flip back and bring Chamelion up into a back suplex. Landed! Mark lands the move, and before Sullivan can do much of anything about it he is turned and given a swift kick to the stomach. Mark attempts an irish whip but a switch up sends him flying instead. Mark returns and is lifted high in the air and spun around returning to earth with a Tilt-a-whirl back breaker.

Rayne: ”Wow, Sullivan truly is a great technical artist. It’s no question that he was able to defeat Viktor Stone last week.”

Bennett: ”Chamelion, was keeping up with him, toe to toe till that last part there, surely feeling the harshness of the back breaker. “

Rayne: “hmm, Sullivan doesn’t seem finished here.”

Sullivan pulls Chamelion back up and drops him down with another back breaker. Again after that Sullivan pulls up and switches his grip to that of an exploder lifting up and twirling Chamelion with a Exploder back breaker. The back breaker frenzy continues as Hunter takes him back to a standing head scissors and lifts in a double underhook, landing another back breaker! Hunter takes a loopy Chamelion to his feet and pulls him near his corner tagging in Nightmare before locking in a ura-nage, Nightmare joins on the other side and both men lift up and drop down with one final tag team Ura-nage back breaker!

Bennett: “ Holy crap, Chams back’s gotta be throbbing from that frenzy.”

Rayne: ” Hunter and Nightmare showing some team work with that double back breaker.”

Nightmare drops down hooking the leg in a pin, only getting a two as Scottie dives in and breaks it up, only to quickly retreat. Nightmare ignores Snow for the time being grabbing Chamelion and bringing hi back to hiss feet knocking him back down with a rough headbut. Mark holds his head and tries to return to his feet, pulled up along the way nailing a knee shot, another, another, and finally a high knee to the chin. Cham staggers back into the ropes, Mark may actually need to tag in Scottie here. Using Marks sense of defencelessness Nightmare starts chopping the open chest of his opponent. The stinging slap like chops echo, Scottie growing concerned on the apron. With a thrust he decides to stick out his hand for a tag. Looking to Scotties half panicked face Nightmare smirks, taking Cham and pulling out of the ropes, lifting him up in a suplex and rebounding mark off the ropes for a slingshot suplex.

Bennett: ”Cham… uhh, well I guess he needs a tag.”

Rayne: ”Yeah, Scottie is getting better, but well, I’m not sure he would be able to do much against Nightmare here.”

Nightmare pins again, only get a 2 count. Nightmare attacks with a few brawling kicks and elbows pounding the man on the mat. Finishing off cham is locked in a camel clutch. The back is worked over before a rope break. While being pulled back to his feet Cham pulls out a desperation thumb to the eye. A quick tag to Scottie snow brings him into the match cautiously. Taking an advantage off the eye Scottie hits a low drop kick bringing Nightmare to his knees. Scottie swiftly connects with a shinning wizard knocking the larger man to his back. Cheers boost up for Scottie as the kid pulls Nightmare back up and delivers swift knees and finally rocking with a high enzuguri. Nightmare staggers on his feet, but Scottie only fires off again with another enzuguri. Nighmare staggers back to his corner glancing at Sullivan feeling loopy, tagging him in.

Sullivan enters the ring with a smirk that’s quickly wiped off as Scottie hits a toe kick and starts to it a mini flurry or fists. Hunter blocks one before returning with a hard uppercut knocking the star to his back. Scottie returns to his feet and is sent in an irish whip to the corner. Sullivan follows with a ruch, bring up a knee, that meets only turnbuckle! Scottie moves out of the way and rebounds off the far ropes! Sullivan turns around just in time to dive to the side missing the snowplow by mere inches! Scottie smashes into the steel turnbuckle and lays in a crumple. Sullivan turns back to nightmare nodding and walks towards him to make the tag again. Nightmare drops off the apron!? Sullivan stops midway to the ropes and looks confused, Nightmare starts to turn around and walk up the ramp.

Bennett: ”Wait, what? Where is Nightmare going, he just left him partner center ring!”

Rayne: ” Oh dear this doesn’t look good for Sullivan. Nightmare didn’t share many god words for Sullivan this past week, we might now be seeing the effects of that.”

Sullivan starts calling Nightmare out, cursing and swearing as he moves to the ropes pointing fingers and looking visibly angry. Grunting as Nightmare reaches the top of the ramp, Sullivan turns around INTO A VIPER SNAP!!?? Camelion proves his name as he hits the mimic, nailing Sullivan with his own brutal sick finisher! Fans go crazy at the gesture; Mark looks down at his opponent and laughs before rushing to a recuperating Scottie, shaking him to life and bringing him to the legal Sullivan. Scottie makes the cover still not fully aware of the situation. The ref drops and makes his count




After the Main Event...

In the ring, Chamelion and Sullivan face off, ready to settle their differences. Suddenly, Sabotage comes on the PA and President Robinson walks out to the ring and seperates the two.

President Robinson: Whoa there guys. Mark, I'm especially disappointed in you, you know I've got pay per views to sell and you try to give this match away for free? Here's the deal guys, I've still gotta book next week's show and being the wise man that I am, I know when to ask for help. So guys, what I want to know... I want you to pick the other's opponent for next Rampage.

Robinson hands Sullivan the microphone.

Hunter Sullivan: That's easy, Robinson. Next week, Chamelion gets to take on the Grizzly Beer champion, Jacob Figgins!

Sullivan throws the microphone at Chamelion, who catches it with one hand.

Chamelion: Wow, you must want to make things easy for me at Good vs Evil, Rob. Tell you what, let's see how Sullivan does against his partner tonight, Nightmare!