World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick



You mistakenly tune in to what you were told was meant to be a wrestling show but instead you're greeted with what appears to be women - the bane of the industry. Currently you're seeing them from behind while being treated to some intense product placement as they go about playing the game this company has been pushing on you all week.

We then jump around in front of them, who turn out to be Lisa and Teresa. Teresa is busy angrily stabbing at buttons while Lisa appears to be going at things much more casually and successfully. This is because after several angry phonecalls and accusations of slander, the Lisa character in the game is head and shoulders above everyone else. There's also supposedly a glitch that prevents Lisa being beaten by Riona in the game.

This is not a glitch.

Teresa Quaranta: Fuck!

Your first swear of the night, which you were warned about mere moments ago, punctuates the sound of Teresa slamming her controller into the floor. Lisa then places her's down rather gently before skipping around the couch and off into the kitchen of our rather obvious film set. She then opens the door to the fridge, only to step back as a ghostly apparition appears before her.

Ghostly Apparition: Lisa Seldon, I am the Ghost of Christmas Future, come back with a terrifying vision of what's to come.

She quirks an eyebrow.

Lisa Seldon: Riona Langly?

Ghostly Apparition: Not just Riona Langly, but Matt Stone still being a champion, Hunter Sullivan in a main event match and the dreaded half hour filler segment from Simon Kalis.

The camera cuts to Teresa, who shivers on queue. Then back to Lisa, who looks suitably horrified.

Lisa Seldon: That's terrible Ghost of Christmas Future, but what can we do?

Ghostly Apparition: Repent! Change your ways or be forever damned to watch Rayn parade around as a number one contender.

The arms are up, they're really getting into it.

Ghostly Apparition: ooooo... ooooo... ooooooo -

The save finally comes as Teresa comes in from off camera, grabs them by the head and slams them off the kitchen counter. The Ghost of Christmas Future slumps to his knees, but unfortunately finds his head in the way of the fridge door, which Lisa slams against his skull again and again until he appears to keel over and die. Teresa gives him a sharp kick in the ribs but gets no reply, allowing her to breath a little easier.

Lisa Seldon: Thank God that is over.

We sharply pan around the room toward the front door which suddenly flies open. In steps an actor obviously masked up to look like Rayn.

Rayn: I'm here for my title shot.

An ear piercing scream before we jump to Teresa sitting bolt up right. Beads of sweat drip down her forehead and her breathing is erratic, but it slows as she comes to realise where she is. In a few moments she's calm.

Teresa Quaranta: It was all a dream.

A figure sits up beside her. It's Rayn again.

Rayn: That's right baby, a dream that'll last forever.

Teresa's face locks in horror and then melts down to the bone. It's fairly gruesome, but again you were warned of these kind of things before the show started.

The lone figure suddenly whips off a mask and totally surprises you with the fact that it was Lisa Seldon all along.

Lisa Seldon: Season's Greetings, and welcome to Christmas at Ground Zero!

The picture suddenly implodes and we see Simon Kalis sitting on what appears to be some sort of big production truck. Kalis is holding the game that's been shoved in our faces all week, and smirks as he holds it up for us. The Collectors Edition, with Simon Kalis on the cover.

Simon Kalis: Another perk of winning Who's The Man?! right? Now... For some reason they left me in charge of this. Now I think I can just sit here and take up another fourty minutes of air time before anyone notices.

Suddenly, a wild Johnny Maverick in a Santa hat appears. He smiles joyously as he throws his arms around Kalis and hugs him, while planting a big kiss on Kalis' right cheek!

Johnny Maverick: Hey dad!

Simon Kalis: Dad? What the fuck get off of me weirdo.

Johnny Maverick: Oh come on dad!

Maverick points to Maya who's holding up a baby that has Ollie's face.

Simon Kalis: Jesus christ!

Wild Johnny Maverick uses "I'm fucking your daughter.". It's Super Effective!

Kalis-Maverick Hybrid Baby: ROFLS!

Kalis begins to melt much like Teresa did and his hand falls off his wrist as he grabs his gun. Maverick hugs him some more and his body implodes on itself but with his last bit of strength he hits the "START" button to Christmas @ Ground Zero. The Kalis family Christmas card with Maya's legs wrapped around Johnny Maverick's waist as he holds her up while Simon facepalms drops on the Christmas tree on the screen in front of them explodes as the opening rifts to "Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones begins.


We see a large Christmas present burst open with confetti as Abbie Edwards steps out and shines about as perfect a smile as can be had from someone from England.


Charlie Scene watches her in the corner, adjusting his mask and looking about as creepy as you'd expect from someone who hasn't showered since the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics.


Jacob Figgins is in all white camoflauge as he slowly slithers on a mound of snow, a man dressed as the Grinch holds a box of oranges and smiles evily. As Figgins jumps up he stops in SHOCK and AWE as he notices the EAR PIECE in the Grinch's ears. It's true after all...


Meghan Nash Strader walks through the slave factory full of little midgets who call themselves elves and as she passes by Santa, his face goes as red as his suit while he tries to hide the tent. Ms. Claus slaps him and Meghan winks at the camera.


The song goes into full step as Maverick holds up his "I'm Johnny Maverick" World Title over his completely naked body, covering just his special area. Maya stands right next to him smiling as she reaches between Maverick and the title, while Ollie stands off in a corner seemingly nervous and Gary plays Pokemon on Nintendo DS. We see Rayn slowly walking towards them like a soldier, too serious for his own good in a shirt that says "The Real Number One Contender." FLASH

Oh, a storm is threat'ning
my VERY life TODAY
If I don't...
get some shelter!
Oh yeah, I'm gonna

We see a burned out Christmas Tree with a bunch of presents underneath it. They've all got Simon Kalis wrapping paper because he's an attention whore, and Ahrid Arrafat nods as he walks towards it with an Israeli flag in one hand and a minorah in the other. Ash Nukem is too busy playing PWA: Chaos on his Xbox 360 to notice Arrafat about to Krav Maga his ass. Meanwhile directly beneath the Christmas tree, El Gringo Tonto is fighting Xan Vaxman for the presents. Basically, hitting himself repeatedly.

War, children!
It's just a shot away!
It's just a shot away!
War, children!
It's just a shot away!
It's just a shot away!

Blake Witcroft is walking down a snowy London street with a hot cup of tea in his hands as he notices none of the police have guns in England cause they're weird. Meanwhile Jethro Hayes is somewhere in Jesusland, USA with a cold beer in his hand as Nicole stands in his arms. He raises the beer and smiles, none of these guys have good teeth.

Ohh, see the fire is sweepin!
My very street today!
Burns like a red coal
Mad bull lost its way!

We see a bottle of Orange Faygo touch someones lips. Whose? Obviously The Punichser himself, Joshua Danielson as he looks up at the massive steel cage in front of him. Marxx is too busy flexing his muscles and trying to catch his reflection on the cage to notice. But if he did notice, we're sure he'd surrender cause he's french after all.

War, children!
It's just a shot away!
It's just a shot away!
War, children!
It's just a shot away!
It's just a shot away!

Mark Zout is at an airport somewhere in America showing both of his Canadian and American passports which causes a red alert to go out. He's then groped by a sexy (and obviously not real) TSA worker as Matt Stone steps through past him with a cocky, 100% Pure Canadian smile. But when the TSA notices that Intercontinental title around his waist on the naked body scanner they tackle him incase he's one of those Canadian terrorists. Zout laughs, and nobody really cares.

The guitar solo goes on as Lucious Starr stands in a dark room somewhere, in the shadows hah get it? Anyways. Lucious seems to be haunted by the shadows himself as we see quick movement all around him. Lucious Starr shows no fear, but Raizzor slowly appears behind him and drags his thumb across his throat as he towers over the oblivious Starr.

It's just a shot away!
It's just a shot away!
It's just a shot away!
It's just a shot away!!!

We see a Viper hissing at the camera, and a bird flying high overhead on fire. Obviously CGI cause it would die right? That's when the camera pans down and we see Hunter Sullivan standing off against The Phoenix once more. Their feet grind against the snow as a blanket of barbed wire lays between them. Oh yeah, it's on. Bring it? It's been BROUGHT!

The flood is threat'ning!
my VERY life TODAY!
Gimme, gimme shelter!
Or I'm gonna

We see the burning Christmas tree once more, and we can see the entire Earth rising in the sky in the background. Sure it doesn't make sense, but then it does as Riona Langly steps forward. She looks focused and ready, as a cocky Simon Kalis steps onto the screen now himself. He points to the world, and Riona shakes her head and...

It's just a shot away!
It's just a shot away!
It's just a shot away!
It's just a shot away!!!


Pyros EXPLODE from the ceiling towards the entrance ramp in a glorious display of colors, before popping off all around the ring.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen! The Pioneer Wrestling Association PROUDLY presents, CHRISTMAS AT GROUND ZERO!!!

The fans roar from their seats and cheers are deafening as "Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones heads into it's final notes.

Jon McDaniel: I'm Jon McDaniel!

Brian Rentfro: And I'm better than Jon McDaniel! AKA Brian Rentfro!


Brian Rentfro: Proudly sponsored tonight by Grizzly Beer Kalis Malt Liqour! IT'S KALIS!

Jon McDaniel: ...What a show we have for you tonight folks! We've got the Unbooked Masses to see who'll be the final entrant to the big Rumble at Rumble in the Bronx!

Brian Rentfro: Johnny Maverick takes on Rayn in a no one knew what else to do with them match as well!

Jon McDaniel: Then we've got the return of the Christmas Parcel match! Ash Nukem! Arrid Arrafat! El Gringo Tonto AND Xan Vaxman! I hear there's a special gift in one of them besides the Grizzly Beer Title!

Brian Rentfro: What's that? A pair of Riona's panties?

Jon McDaniel: Uh...

Brian Rentfro: The next match has been brewing for a number of weeks. Jethro Hayes gets his hands on that British dude Blake Witcroft. Bloody 'ell, innit mate?!

Jon McDaniel: Old friends die hard, Brian. Marxx and Joshua Danielson have a lot of bad blood between them and now they're going to be locked in a Cage to settle this once and for all!

Brian Rentfro: The Intercontinental Title is on the line as that guy everybody hates Matt Stone defends against that creepy halfling of America and Canadia Mark Zout.

Jon McDaniel: Canada.

Brian Rentfro: That's what I said, Canadia.

Jon McDaniel: Right. And you wanna talk about highly anticipated? Who hasn't been waiting for Raizzor to go at Lucious Starr? He has been tormenting Starr ever since WarGames but now Starr has a chance to redeem himself by toppling the Soul Taker himself!

Brian Rentfro: Then we've got barbed wire fun with The Phoenix and Hunter Sullivan! They're going to rip each other apart, quite literally when the ropes render their flesh from their bones in a way that Chamelion probably thinks ruins the PG-13 look.

Jon McDaniel: Finally... Riona Langly. Simon Kalis. One on one, in a massive Glass Chamber. A match a year and a half in the making, Brian. And the biggest prize in the industry is on the line, the PWA Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship.

Brian Rentfro: Oh yeah, tuck your kids in early folks. This is December night to remember right! See what I did there, Jon? I rhymed two words and then another two words.

Jon McDaniel: Right, you really aren't that bright.

The Unbooked Masses

Battle Royal

Jon McDaniel: Well Brian, while this match may not be the huge "brawl for all" we thought it might be, the end result will still be just as important.

Brian Rentfro: No joke Jon. Whoever wins this gets to be the final entrant at the Rumble in the Bronx!

Jon McDaniel: Regardless, we still have some big names with Meghan Nash Strader and The Celtic Fury Jacob Figgins; as well as two names who could literally be on the right path to making quite the name quite quickly. Regardless, here comes the competition.

Eric Emerson: The following is the "Unbooked Masses Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal!"

Pop from the crowd. Out from the back walks Charlie Scene. As he's at the edge of the ramp "Jingle Bells" begins playing. You can't see Scene's face, but by the way he spins quickly, you can tell he's caught off guard. You can hear McDaniel and Rentfro laughing pretty hard.

Brian Rentfro: I imagine Lisa Seldon is in the holiday spirit.

Eric Emerson: Introducing the competitors. Charlie Scene!

Charlie is half way down the ramp and looking menacingly at some youngsters against the guard rail. The music continues.

Eric Emerson: Jacob Figgins!

Jacob Figgins comes sauntering out from the back. He has on some sunglasses and a small box in hand. Figgins stops at the top of the ramp and puts the box down. He flips over the top and holds up three bottles of "Chaos Theory Irish Cream Nog." Again the announcers laugh.

Jon McDaniel: Figgy feeling confident as he brings a bottle of nog for each of the competitors he's so sure he's going to throw out.

Figgy kicks the box off the stage and walks down to the bottom of the ramp. He places the three bottles by the bottom of the metal stairs before entering the ring. At the top of the ramp now we see Meghan Nash Strader.

Eric Emerson: MNS, Meghan Nash Strader!

MNS comes marching out from the back, all business. She does wave to the fans as she struts down to the ring.

Eric Emerson: And now, Abbie Edwards!

Abbie Edwards come out from the back in a Santa robe that comes down to her thighs. She also has on a Santa hat. Edwards strolls down the ramp and stops half way down. She swings open the robe to show a tank top and tight shorts. She casually pulls out a piece of mistletoe before leaning over to a little boy by the rail and kissing him on the cheek.

Brian Rentfro: ABBIE! ABBIE!

We can see Rentfro in the background standing and leaning over the announcer's desk. McDaniel grabs him by the tie and drags him back into his seat.

Jon McDaniel: Well folks, these are our competitors. Like I said, it should be an interesting ma...

The music starts again and out from the back comes strolling Marvin Wood. Wood flashes a cocky smile at the top of the ramp before beginning his walk down. He gets down to the ring and goes to get in, but referee Paul London won't let him in.

Brian Rentfro: Well folks, Marvin Wood didn't have a match for this week, which was really all that was required to get into this match.

Jon McDaniel: Not true Brian. The four competitors in this match filled out their required paper work in a timely manner and got it to Lisa Seldon in the alloted time. Marvin Wood can't just stroll out here.

Wood looks angry, but London won't budge. Wood hops off the apron and stops. He looks down by the stairs, and grabs one of the bottles of "Choas Theory Irish Cream Nog." Figgins holds up a thumb on the inside of the ring as Woods walks to the rail. He pulls an empty chair over the rail and sets it up as the four competitors look on. Wood sits and pulls a key out of his pocket to pop the bottle. With everyone starring at him, Wood looks agitated. He puts the bottle down and walks to the bell keeper. Wood dings the bell a couple times before holding his arms up and yelling, "FIGHT ALREADY!" Wood makes his way back to "his seat" as the match begins.

Brian Rentfro: Wood making the most of a bad situation. I hear that Chaos Theory Nog is quite good.

Jon McDaniel: And how much did Figgins pay you to say that?

Brian Rentfro: A good bit actually.

Jon McDaniel: *Sigh* Of course he did.

In the ring, Charlie Scene is holding off MNS as in the other corner Jacob Figgins is smiling at Abbie Edwards. Abbie puts a hand on Jacob's shoulder and smiles. Jacob looks out to the crowd and gets a huge pop. Abbie looks to the crowd before pulling another piece of mistletoe out from the side of her shorts. The crowd is in an uproar as Figgin's eyes get huge. Figgins looks to the crowd as he rubs his mouth. Abbie holds up the mistletoe and Jacob closes his eyes and leans in. Abbie gives him a quick peck on the cheek same as the boy, and Figgins looks disappointed. Abbie mouths "Sorry" before giving Figgins a high knee to the gut. Abbie holds her arms up getting a pop as Figgins falls to his knees, then his back. From the floor of the mat, Figgy holds up a thumb as he looks up and smiles; the males in the crowd giving him a huge pop. On the other end of the ring, Scene has MNS in the corner, and is dead set on pounding her face. The crowd is counting as he punches away.

Jon McDaniel: This is just sick. Scene really looks to be enjoying this beating he's giving Meghan.

Scene raises his fist in the air one more time before punching down on MNS, but she moves. He looks behind him just in time to see MNS swing for something. We flash back in front to see her go for the tender bits, and Charlie's eyes can be seen rolling into the back of his head.

Brain Brian Rentfro: The Don't F With Me!

Jon McDaniel: Perfectly legal in a match like this Brian, and I'm sure Charlie doesn't like it.

MNS actually pulls Scene down off the turnbuckle, before grabbing his head and hitting a DDT. MNS attempts to pick him up, but Scene still has enough sense left to grab Meghan and irish whip her. She slams into Abbie, and Abbie believes MNS just attacked her. To the crowds excitement, well mostly just the males again, the two begin going at it. Slap from Abbie, blocked by MNS. Attempted german suplex from Meghan, but Abbie spins over her head and lands behind her. Abbie pushes Meghan the short distance into the ropes, and when she comes back, Meghan swings for a clothesline, but Abbie ducks. By this point, Figgy and Scene have recovered and are both starring at the two girls fighting and clawing at each other. Figgy rolls out under the bottom rope, and ref London yells at him to come back in.

Brian Rentfro: Yell all you want, he didn't go over the top, so it's legal!

While the girls continue to fight, Charlie eyes Figgins on the outside. Figgins walks to where he put the bottles of "Chaos Theory Irish Cream Nog." Figgins lifts one up before he pulls a bottle opener and three glasses out from under the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like Figgins was prepared for anything with this match.

Figgins rolls back in and pops the bottle. He pours and walks over to Scene and hands him one. Figgins then waves for London to come over; he does and Figgins gives him one.

Jon McDaniel: Folks, this may be out of line, but this is insanity in the ring. While Meghan Nash Strader and Abbie Edwards fight it out for the position in Rumble in the Bronx that deserves such heart and will, the guys have started a gentlemens club!

Jon looks over to see Brian standing.

Jon McDaniel: Don't even think about it.

Brian Rentfro: You won't let me have any fun!

It's at this point the girls finally see what's going on and MNS holds up her hands. She points to the men, then back and forth between herself and Abbie. Abbie looks at the guys and nods. The two turn and stare at the guys, before Meghan spins 180 and drills Abbie with a huge lariat that sends Abbie stumbling backwards and over the top rope to the floor!


Meghan looks down and waves at Abbie on the outside, a wicked smile on her face. On the other side of the ring, London cringes as Figgy looks disappointed that the action is over so quick. Scene, his mask still on, simply throws his glass outside the ring and turns and drills Figgy in the face. Face lands on the mat and holds his nose. What we now see is Scene's glass apparently landed on Marvin Wood, still sitting ring side. Wood is obviously angered as he walks towards the ring and begins yelling at Scene. Scene sees him and simply flicks him off. Wood turns red and snarls. As Scene turns his back on Wood towards the downed Figgins, Wood vaults onto the apron and pulls Scene's top half so he's leaning on the rope. In a feet of true athleticism, Wood jumps onto the top rope, balances for a second, then comes down with a guillotine leg drop across Scene's throat that causes him to flip backwards over the top rope and to the floor. The fans absolutely explode!

Jon McDaniel: MY GOD! Marvin Wood isn't even in this match and he just eliminated Charlie Scene!

Brian Rentfro: That's not fair damnit!

Jon McDaniel: I know it isn't Brian. But unfortunately, in a match where the only rule is you're out when you touch the floor, there is really nothing referee Paul London can do except tell Charlie to leave. When he wakes up that is.

Wood stands on the apron and smiles for the first time tonight. He jumps down and over to his chair and picks up the bottle he's been drinking from. He then walks over to the downed Scene, flicks him off, and begins walking to the back. Back inside the ring, MNS and Figgins are both up. They go back and forth, both gaining control for a moment. It finally comes down to Figgins managing to get MNS in a headlock and drilling her with an inverted DDT. Meghan is dazed, and as she works on getting to her feet, Figgins produces a familiar Hello Kitty elbow pad.

Brain Brian Rentfro: Could Meghan Nash Strader have just had her ticket to the Hello Kitty Doom Doom Train stamped Jon?

Figgins waits, and as Meghan stands, he runs to the ropes and vaults back. But Meghan ducks! The crowd goes crazy, half cheering, half booing. Meghan quickly grabs Figgins around the neck for her bulldog, but actually runs towards the ropes. MNS jumps onto the top rope, then comes straight down so her body lands on the apron. Her arm still around Figgin's neck, he flips over the top rope. The middle of his back slams straight into the apron before he slumps down to the floor as London calls for the bell.


Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner, and the final entrant in the Rumble in the Bronx, MEGHAN NASH STRADER!

Rayn vs Johnny Maverick

Grudge Match

I don't know if this was supposed to be hardcore or not, but since I like to write those type of matches, it is what I wrote. It fits both men's character, imo, so either they like it or they can kiss my ass and go down to Funkytown to buy someone a beer, preferrably myself. And none of that cheap ass beer either, I'm talking Amberbock or even some Jack Daniels if they don't like to buy beer. Oh yeah, and maybe even a clean hooker with no diseases to spend the night with me at a 5 star hotel that of course they pay for as well. One of those places that leaves a little mint on your pillow. Anyways here is another match, it will be my last as I ran out of juice near the end. Hopefully this helps ya out.

The lights through the arena dim down as green lazers and spot lights fill the arena as an erie instrumental begins to play across the speakers. Only moments after the musical notes begin playing, a melodic voice begins to sing the opening verse.

)My pain filled drama queen is always screaming at your bed
Getting ready to buy you out
'Cause we all know
What goes around comes around
You should've known what I was all about
Do not test me(

Rayn steps through the curtain, walking into a fixed spot light on the stage. He drops to a knee for a moment, appearing to be praying. Then as the angelic voice begins singing the chorus be stands back to his feet, raising his arms above his head.

Eric Emmerson: Making his way to the ring, he weighs in at two hundred thirty two pounds...

)Cause I'm the fucking king of the world
Get on your knees
I'm the fucking king of the world
Do as I please(

Daniel starts walking to the ring slowly, the fans giving a mixed reaction to the new attitude of their former hero as he looks out at the croud, his face telling the people nothing.

Eric Emmerson: He's a former eight time world heavyweight champion, The Acidic Prophet...

)So get up and get out and I'll show you
What it means for me to control you
'Cause I'm the fucking king of the world(

Rayn slides under the bottom rope, standing in the ring and quickly walking over to the nearest corner. He steps up onto the middle turn buckle, raising his arms above his head, crossing them at the wrists o make an "X".

Eric Emmerson: HE IS DANIEL KALIS!!!

Rayn hops off the turn buckle, walking to the opposite side of the ring and climbing up onto the ropes, bouncing on them a little as he raises his right arm above his head, using his lef as support to balance. The croud continues to give a mixed reaction, just a slight bit more cheering for him than not. He pulls his jersey off and tosses it out into the croud, his new "King of the World" shirt on display as he waits for the bell.

The opening guitar of 'Word Up' begins to play and out walks Johnny Maverick in a pair of aviator sunglasses.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, from Washington D.C., weighing in at 200 pounds. He is the Sadistic Sex Symbol....Johnny...MAAAAAVERIIIIIICK!

'Yo pretty ladies around the world
Got a weird thing to show you
So tell all the boys and girls
Tell your brother, your sister and your mamma too
We're about to go down
And you know just what to do
Wave your hands in the air like you don't care
Glide by the people as they start to look and stare
Do your dance, do your dance, do your dance quick mamma
Come on baby tell me what's the word'

Johnny looks around at the audience and smiles at the sight of the swooning women and jealous boyfriends before he gives an emphatic hip thrust at the first 'Word Up' of the song, pyro going off right as he does so.

'A Word up. Everybody say,
When you hear the call you've got to get it under way.
Word up. It's the code word.
No matter where you say it you know that you'll be heard.'

Johnny struts his way down the ramp with a cocky smirk on his face. He stops and takes his sunglasses off and puts them on a small child a la Bret Hart. He tussles the kids hair before pulling the childs mother over and kissing her hard and passionately. He breaks the kiss and keeps walking.

'Now all you sucker DJs who think you're fly,
There's got to be a reason and we know the reason why
You try to put on those airs and act real cool
But you got to realize that you're acting like a fool.
If it's a music, we can use it
Be free to dance.
We don't have the time for psychological romance.
No romance, no romance, no romance for me mamma,
Come on baby tell me what's the word'

Johnny hops on the apron, steps through the ropes, and climbs to the second turnbuckle. He rolls his hips to the rhythm of the music as he strips off his t-shirt, then throws it to a lucky audience member. He jumps down and awaits the arrival of his opponent.

'A Word up. Everybody say,
When you hear the call you've got to get it under way.
A Word up. It's the code word.
No matter where you say it you know that you'll be heard'

Ding Ding

Jon McDaniel: A very highly anticipated match coming up here Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Rayn will destroy Maverick.

Jon McDaniel: This is a match of two wrestlers who could contend for the World Heavyweight title at any given moment.
Rayn and Johnny circle each other in the center of the ring, neither wanting to make the first move and leave a possible opening for the other to exploit. They both decide to start similtaneously, Rayn throws a right fist into Johnny's face, but Johnny manages to catch the wrist and deliver a swift kick to Rayn's back. Rayn stumbles forward, but Johnny pulls on the wrist causing Rayn to come back into a short arm clothesline that sends him down to the canvas. Johnny with an elbow drop, Rayn rolls out of the way and is up to his feet quickly. Johnny is up as well, they charge at each other. Rayn ducks under another clothesline attempt, he puts on the brakes turns around, dropkick sends Johnny outside of the ring on his face.

Jon McDaniel: It didn't take long for this match to make it outside the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Rayn is at home outside of the ring and much more in tune with his hardcore self.

Jon McDaniel: Are you kidding me? Johnny is one of the hardcorest individuals in the business today.

Johnny is getting up to his feet when Rayn comes diving over the top rope with a plancha taking Johnny back down to the floor. Rayn quickly rolls off Johnny, bringing "The I Am Johnny Maverick Heavyweight Champion" up to his feet where he delivers a stiff series of punches to Johnny's red face. Johnny has a dazed look on his face as Rayn plants right hand after right hand into his cheek causing his head to rock back on his neck. Rayn goes for a swinging neckbreaker and it is countered into a neckbreaker from Johnny. Both men go down, but Johnny is the first to stir as the crowd is getting behind Johnny Maverick with chants of "We Love Johnny(clap. clap. clap clap clap). Johnny holds onto the announce table as he pulls himself up vertically, he turns around delivering a hard stomp onto Rayn's skull before rolling Daniel Kalis back into... no wait! Rayn with an elbow into Johnny's midsection halts him from rolling him into the squared circle. Johnny pounds back with a forearm to Rayn's back, but to no avail as Rayn delivers another elbow, breaking Johnny's grip on his neck. Rayn shoves Johnny back into the announcer's table, he dives forward with a clothesline that lays Johnny out on the flimsy surface.

Jon McDaniel: This doesn't look good for us.

Brian Rentfro: It really doesn't look good for Johnny Maverick.

Rayn looks up to the top of the nearest ringpost before slapping his elbow pad, he steps up on the apron beginning his ascent to the top. Rayn turns around, but Johnny has managed to roll off of the table, Rayn leaps driving a knee into the concrete as Johnny manages to move out of the way again, the crowd explodes with cheers. Rayn is rolling around holding at his right knee as he grunts in pain, meanwhile Johnny has pulled himself up once again. Johnny has Rayn by the hair dragging him over to the ring, elbow from Rayn, another elbow from Johnny, and an elbow from Rayn breaks the hold one more time. Johnny is holding at his abdomen in pain as Rayn rubs at his knee trying to relieve the large amount of pain. Rayn with a DDT sends Johnny down forehead first on the concrete and it allows Rayn to take a small breather from trying to keep Johnny Maverickdown, the resilient SOB that he is. Rayn flips up the apron cloth revealing the underneath section of the ring and proceeds to pull out the stack of tables there. Rayn is laughing as he sets up a table next to the ring, flush against the ring apron. Meanwhile on the other side of the ring, Johnny Maverick is doing the same with a table there, these two seem to want to cause some major damage to the other. Both men have saddistic hardcore smiles on their face, knowing the damage they are going to cause. Scott Swindell isn't sure if the match is supposed to be hardcore or not, but is content to let these two men battle it out so he is giving them much room to work with here.

Brian Rentfro: Here comes the lumber.

Jon McDaniel: Rayn is doing it to put away Johnny Maverick. Johnny is doing it to please the fans and put away Rayn.

Now all four sides of the ring are braced by tables, except for one side which has a stack of three tables there to stand tall above the top ring rope, Rayn is proud of his creation, Johnny nods at the accomplishment, both men roll inside the ring; Rayn has a steel chair in his hand. He runs at Johnny, but Maverick ducks under the chair shot, back kick to Rayn sends him into the ropes. Rayn returns but a quick dropkick sends him through the ropes and onto a table there. Johnny hits the ropes, diving over the top with a beautiful flip into a seated position driving Rayn through the table and sending splinters flying everywhere. Johnny pulls a big splinter from the back of his trunks as he rolls the sawdust covered Rayn back into the ring and the watchful eyes of referee Scott Swindell. Johnny climbs to the top turnbuckle diving with a well placed leg drop that connects, Johnny hooks the leg for a cover.



Brian Rentfro: Only a two count.

Rayn shoves a shoulder up into the air. Johnny rolls up knowing that Rayn is going to be a hard person to defeat and places the steel chair in between the top and middle turnbuckle. Johnny lifts Rayn up, connecting with an atomic drop, as Rayn is holding at his back, Johnny dives with a bulldog that slams Rayn's head into the steel chair busting the other Kalis open with a huge gash on his forehead. Johnny slides out on the table before jumping to the top rope flipping over with a 360 degrees front flip into a leg drop. Johnny pulls Rayn into the center of the ring and hooks the leg.



Thre--NO! Rayn is able to kick out, much to the amazement of the crowd, but none more than Maverick who looks stunned, but resigned to add more punishment.

Jon McDaniel: So close for Johnny Maverick there.

Brian Rentfro: Rayn knows exactly what he is doing.

Johnny pulls Rayn up to his feet, planting a right hand into Rayn's jaw, but Rayn with a thumb to Johnny's eyes gets him some time. Rayn with a face rake gets the momentum to shift his way for a change of pace. Rayn with a forearm to Johnny's face bounces him into and off of the ropes. Johnny is running blind into the other ropes, Rayn charges in. Johnny with a lifted knee, but Rayn is able to telegraph the move turning it into a spinebuster that would make Arn Anderson proud. Rayn is quick though as he pulls Rayn up for his signature "X marks the spot".

Brian Rentfro: X always marks the spot Jon... what?

No wait! Johnny bounces back onto the rope flipping himself over to catch Rayn with a diamond cutter of his own!

Jon McDaniel: What athleticism from Maverick there!

The crowd is loving this type of action.

Jon McDaniel: Great counter by Johnny Maverick there.

Brian Rentfro: Do you ever shut up Jon? I mean ever?

The crowd is chanting "Maverick!" as both men are unmoving in the center of the ring, if it weren't for their chests rising and falling one might think they were dead. Johnny is the first to stir as he rolls over to drape an arm across Rayn's chest.



Thr--NO! The crowd gasps as Rayn is able to kick out for another time here in this match. Rayn is covered in blood as Johnny grits his teeth and pulls him up to a vertical base. Johnny with a scoop and a slam onto the steel chair as he climbs to the top turnbuckle once again, he flips with a moonsault! He nails it as Rayn is unable to move, but Johnny knows this isn't enough as he pulls Rayn up again, but Rayn is in a bent over position, Johnny is setting him up for a piledriver. Rayn with a low blow, in fact a double fisted low blow to the little Mavericks. Johnny turns green as the men in the crowd groan and reflexively hold at themselves in that one certain area. Rayn with a thumb to Johnny's eyes again, just for the purpose of causing Johnny's hands to move. When the protective hands move, Rayn delivers a punt kick that would make Matt McBryar of the Dallas Cowboys proud.

Brian Rentfro: He just got punted in the nuts.

Jon McDaniel: Don't you have any compassion?

Brian Rentfro: Nope, it is funny as hell to me.

Rayn rolls Johnny out onto one of the remaining unbroken tables before placing the dented steel chair right directly on his face. Rayn climbs to the top turnbuckle, diving with a Macho Man style elbow driving it right onto the steel chair sending them both through the wooden table, but Rayn cares little about his body. Johnny caught every single bit of that move and right on his face as well. The women in the crowd gasp at the viciousness of Rayn as he pulls the chair off of the now bloody face of Johnny Maverick. Rayn is smiling at his handywork as he rolls Johnny back into the ring quickly following after his prey, the crowd has grown silent worried about one of their favorite wrestlers. Rayn flicks them the bird and the silent crowd immediately begins to boo him. Rayn knees Johnny in the face as he places his cupped hand to his ear trying to make out what the crowd is doing as he smirks at them.

Jon McDaniel: Rayn doesn't care that the crowd is booing him.

Brian Rentfro: Why should he? He is a damn Kalis!

Rayn sits on Johnny's back applying a chinlock, but Rayn's hands are locked around the forehead of Johnny Maverick; who is grunting in pain. Referee Scott Swindell is there in the face of Johnny Maverick asking if he is okay. Johnny looks to Scott.

Johnny Maverick: Am I still alive?

Scott Swindell nods in the affirmative.

Johnny Maverick: Then I'm not quitting!

Johnny refuses to submit; Rayn has his fingernails in the cut in Johnny's forehead. Rayn is trying to pull the flesh right off of Johnny's skull! Maverick crawls as fast as he can for the ropes, but that is no good as Rayn doesn't let him move fast. Using his bleeding forehead to his advantage, Johnny slams his head down causing Rayn's hands to slip in the blood, Johnny quickly rolls over kneeing Rayn in the groin to buy him some much needed recovery time. Johnny is there breathing hard as the crowd is trying to get him back into the match, trying to get him to work over Rayn, trying to get him just up to confirm that he is ok. Rayn is already beginning to pull himself up with the help of the ropes, Johnny is still barely breathing in the center of the ring. Rayn is over, he pulls Johnny up, Johnny with a punch to Rayn's midsection, a second, and a elbow to finish off the combo. Rayn is doubled over breathing hard and trying to stop this offense from Maverick. Johnny shoves Rayn back into the corner, his back slams into the turnbuckle. Johnny rushes over, Rayn lowers his head sending Johnny up and over. Johnny twists in mid-air to land on the apron, Rayn climbs up the top turnbuckle. Johnny climbs as well both meet at the top.

Brian Rentfro: This can't be good, they are right beside that triple stack of tables.

Jon McDaniel: They are exchanging right hands like they just started this match.

Rayn shoves Johnny, but Maverick manages to catch Rayn by the hair pulling him into a DDT looking move. They both flip and...


The tables explode sending fragments of table into the crowd from the violence of the impact.

Jon McDaniel: OH MY…

Brian Rentfro: I too am wondering if Rayn is ok.

Jon McDaniel: I think... I think...

Brian Rentfro: Is Rayn ok?!

Rayn and Johnny crashed through all three tables to land on the hard concrete, the big pieces have fallen on top of them. Scott Swindell leaps out of the ring to dig through the biggest pieces of the table fragments as he tries to get down to where Johnny and Rayn are laying. Scott holds up two fingers and hurriedly urges the paramedics to come down to ringside. The crowd is hushed as two stretchers and four paramedics rush down to the ring. Both sets of medics place their charges on the stretchers following it by placing neck braces on both men.

Jon McDaniel: Both men gave it their all here tonight and it may have been too much.

Brian Rentfro: So, who won?

The four paramedics rush their two charges backstage as the crowd is still silent. The two are wheeled to the top of the stage before the paramedics are stopped by Simon Kalis.
Brian Rentfro: The Original First Class Felon has arrived.
Jon McDaniel: I guess it’s been fifteen minutes.
The paramedics scramble to stop him, but Kalis shoves them aside and gets his hands on Maverick’s stretcher, which he thrusts down toward the ring with reckless abandon. It collides with the ring and topples over, spilling Maverick across the floor. He then turns his attention to Rayn and kicks his over, sending him across the ramp way.
Brian Rentfro: Looks like Simon Kalis is putting his soon to be challengers on note.

Jon McDaniel: Barring the fact that he isn’t even the world champion.
Brian Rentfro: Yet.
Jon McDaniel: How can you justify this heinous attack on two clearly injured men.
Brian Rentfro: Well… he’s a Blood isn’t he? Those guys hate cripples.
Jon McDaniel: Crips, Brian.
Brian Rentfro: Same thing.

Kalis steps forward to Rayn and kicks him over onto his back. He then steps over the top of him while pulling something out of his belt.

Jon McDaniel: Is that?

Brian Rentfro: He’s got a gun!

Kalis pulls Rayn up by the hair and flashes the golden gun in his face. He then steps back, puts it to Rayn’s forehead and cocks the trigger.

Jon McDaniel: What the hell Brian!?

Brian Rentfro: That’s the gun of the FCF! The one he had forged when it began. The gun Rayn took from him and the gun Rayn used to put a bullet in his head when he believed he killed him.

Jon McDaniel: Are we about to see a murder?

Kalis let’s slip a smile as he eases of the trigger and instead decides to bury the butt of the gun into the bridge of Rayn’s nose, splattering it across his face. Rayn goes out and Kalis stands tall over him, holding his symbol in the air.

Jon McDaniel: He was told he wasn’t allowed to bring firearms into the building anymore.

Brian Rentfro: It’s not about the fact that it’s a gun, it’s a symbolic gesture.

Jon McDaniel: In the form of a lethal weapon.

Kalis looks to finish the job but he stops as he notices security swarming him. He doesn’t have a mic on him but you can quite clearly hear him shout “Relax retards, it’s not loaded.” Unfortunately, the momentary laps in concentration allows Maverick to lurch in and tackle him to the ground. The two then trade off punches before the on hand security can pull them apart.

Brian Rentfro: This match is out of control… more so than it was a minute ago.

Kalis gets carted off in the arms of security, but he looks fairly happy with himself all the same, and mouths something inaudible at Maverick before he disappears though the curtain. Maverick then takes a knee as medics try to attend to him and Rayn, but Rayn is suddenly awake once more and sending EMTs flying in every direction. He finds his feet again and points Maverick out.

Jon McDaniel: My God, this isn’t over?

Rayn can barely stand, but that doesn’t stop taking Maverick to the ground and firing punches at him. Maverick does his best to cover up before bucking Rayn off him and then staggering to his feet. Rayn gets up too, much slower and with his back to his opponent. He staggers into Johnny, who puts a knee in his spine.

Jon McDaniel: Another Body Murdered!

Johnny buries him on the stage and then falls on top of him. The referee mercifully allows the cover to stand.




Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: Winner of the match... Johnny Maverick!

Brian Rentfro: Damn Mavericks.

Jon McDaniel: I had anticipated a technical bout leaning on the stiff side, but they surpassed that by a long shot.

Johnny rolls off of Rayn and comes up sitting on the floor. The medical team move to help them again but Johnny calls them off and orders a stage hand to get him a microphone.
Brian Rentfro: And now he wants to cut a promo?

Jon McDaniel: Is he a Kalis too?

Brian Rentfro: Well he’s banging one. Maybe he caught it.

Maverick pushes off his knees and leans over Rayn. He’s currently cradling his neck, breathing heavily and bleeding in various places, but of the two he still looks the best. And he seems quite happy about it. He takes the microphone to his lips.

Johnny Maverick: Thanks for the match Danny. And good luck with your title shot.

Condescension drips from every word, even more from his smile and the gentle, reaffirming pat on the head is essentially just the icing. The fans oow.

Brian Rentfro: ooooooow.

So does Brian.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like Johnny is sending a statement… and also Rayn to the hospital.

Maverick clambers back to his feet and staggers through the curtain, finally leaving the medics to their work. They drag Rayn’s carcass back onto a stretcher.

Jon McDaniel: Sabotaged by his own brother and then beaten on the eve of his world title shot.
Brian Rentfro: When he wakes up he’s going to be pissed. People are going to die.

Don't Fear The Soul-Taker

Simon Kalis: So... Michael. I've come to see you.

Kalis closes the door behind him as he enters Raizzor's locker room and smirks as he stares at the big man.

Raizzor: Obviously.

Simon Kalis: You have a great disdain for me. Perhaps it's hatred that compels you to speak my holy name, or is it vengeance tinged with the ignorance that can only come with being a Sommer? Doesn't matter really, Raizzor. I think you know why I've come to see you.

Not moving from his spot, Raizzor scoffs.

Kalis smirks, glad to do so.

Simon Kalis: I'm glad we got that out of the way. You know, ME having to enlighten YOU big man. I'm in relief to see that you're not as stupid as you look.

Kalis chuckles to himself, feeling his balls grow talking to the legendary Raizzor like this.

Simon Kalis: You have made it your personal mission to seek and destroy every remnant of the Order's power structure. Haven't you?

Raizzor offers but one word yet again.

Raizzor: Obviously.

Simon Kalis: Obviously a man of few words, chosen well. Well let me tell you Raizzor...

Kalis steps forward and right up to the big man, looking up at him and smiling.

Simon Kalis: I'm not like the others. I won't run from you. I am not afraid of you. I fucked with your family legacy, and I deserve everything you want to throw at me. I can accept my fate gladly and willingly... The thing you need to know though, is I won't go down as easily as you think.

Turning, Raizzor stands to full height, towering above SImon Kalis and looks down over him.

Raizzor: You presume to know what I think, Simon Kalis. Do not take me for a fool who does not acknowledge your past accomplishments, or your skills inside the ring.

Raizzor glares down.

Raizzor: And it has become old and stale, these games we play.

Kalis nods.

Simon Kalis: I won't act like a fool when it comes to you either, Raizzor. There are only two men in the PWA with five world title reigns. The Phoenix, and you. I have decimated the Phoenix on every turn, but I know you will be different. I hold no qualms with knowing full well that my career is on the line against you. I just wanted to pay you the respect in saying I accept your right to destroy me for what I've done... But I won't go down without all the blood in my body being spilled first.

A slow shake of his head.

Raizzor: Three men have that honor, Simon Kalis. If you continue along the path so narrow, without the periphial vision to see beyond your own desires, your fall will be of your own creation. I may not need lift my hand against you. And your respect means little to me, coming after all that has happened. The stereotypical drivel is, as I said, getting old.

Simon Kalis: Hahaha... So be it, Soul Taker.

Kalis drops to one knee slowly, and lowers his head.

Simon Kalis: I submit to my destiny.

Kalis looks up sharply over the towering Raizzor and grits his teeth.

Simon Kalis: And you will lay your hand on me, one way or another. Whether you want to or not...

Kalis gets back to his feet and steps up to Raizzor one step further, tilting his back and going nose to chin with Raizzor.

Simon Kalis: Because even if Starr, or Rayn or anyone else deserves their fates? They were still MY men, and MY soldiers. And NO ONE fucks with my people, Raizzor.

A small smile creeps over Raizzor's lips.

Raizzor: Then you may call me 'No One'. This show of concession is a mockery and you should be well embarrassed. But this is not the first time, is it, Simon Kalis, that you have taken the road to oblivion to avoid a fate worse then death, is it not? Your 'act' does not impress me. The time will come when we stand across from each other, and your mockery will come with a heavy price tag.

Simon Kalis: My mockery?! HAHAHA!

Kalis reaches behind his back as he steps away from Raizzor and pulls out what looks like a 9mm pistol. He aims it square at Raizzor's head and his smile evaporates into somber tranquility.

Simon Kalis: The time will come when you face down the barrel of Simon Kalis, and like everyone else...

Kalis pulls the trigger, and a little flag with the "FCF" logo comes out.

Simon Kalis: You will fall.

Kalis drops the fake gun and turns his back on Raizzor.

Simon Kalis: Give Lucious my love... Hahahaha.

Folding his arms, Raizzor whispers one word.

Raizzor: Simon.

Simon turns and Raizzor lashes out with lightning speed, catching Kalis by the throat and slamming him back against the closed door. Raizzor speaks calmly despite his action.

Raizzor: Next time you pull a gun on me, it better be loaded, because dead is the only way youre going to survive. When this is over, one of us will be laying in a grave somewhere. One of us will be a survivor... and believe me... it will be I.
Raizzor drops Simon Kalis to the floor.

Raizzor: You're excused.

And Raizzor turns his back on Simon Kalis. Kalis holds his arms, smiling with a silent laugh behind it.

Simon Kalis: Michael. So dramatic, baby. See you soon. One day Michael Sommers... Destiny awaits us.

Kalis opens the door and rubs his throat as he walks out and we turn to look at the Soul-Taker.

Raizzor: I *AM* Destiny!

Fade out...

Ahrid Arrafat vs Ash Nukem vs El Gringo Tonto/Xan Vaxman ©

Christmas Parcel Match

Eric Emerson: This next match is a triple threat match for the PWA Grizzly Beer Title. In it, competitors will compete for two falls, with the first fall earning the winner their choice of prize while the winner of the second fall will earn the remains.

The fans cheer for rules.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first…

Ash makes his way out to the ring. The feed then skips and cracks out for a bit. By the time it returns he’s just reaching the ring and his music is fading away. Once again his ring intro remains a mystery.

Eric Emerson: Next…

The drum beat for the Catalyst by Linkin Park starts as Ahrid steps out from behind the curtain and walks to the ring, carrying the Israeli Flag in one hand, wearing a pair of white long shorts with the blue Star of David and blue boots with white kick pads.

Eric Emerson: From Jerusalem and weighing in at two hundred, twenty pounds… "The Scorpion" Ahrid Arrafat

Eric Emerson: And lastly…

"Hey amigos . . ."

A very Mexican style rhythm started to play for a short period of time

"Adelante amigos . . ."

It was at this point that a litter throne rose up from a lift on the top of the stage, it was being carried by two men, all of which appeared to be poor as they wore tattered clothing. Gringo himself, naturally, was sitting in the chair as they carried him down to the ring as if he was a god or something.

Eric Emerson: From Definitivamente No Mexico.

It gets a chuckle.

Eric Emerson: And weighing in at 100 kilograms.

When he got to the ring the litter was turned so that he could easily stand to enter the ring. He stepped onto the apron as the two men set the human-powered transport vehicle down before both sliding into the ring and holding open the ropes for him. He entered the ring without even so much as acknowledging them.

Eric Emerson: He is the Grizzly Beer Champion… El Gringo Tonto!

Tonto then focuses on his opponent as the two men leave the ring.

The bell rings out as Ash comes across the ring and takes Ahrid out with a Dropkick. He jumps back to his feet and immediately gets blasted with a Forearm to the back of the head by Tonto that puts him down amongst the ropes. Tonto then reaches down to get Ash but Ahrid reaches through the ropes and jabs him in the throat, sending him a choke, coughing and spluttering.

Tonto tries to grab Ahrid as he climbs back up to the ring but Ahrid sees him coming and steps up into a Guillotine Choke that garrottes him over the top-rope. Tonto struggles to break free as the referee moves in to count.

Jon McDaniel: He’ll only get five, but the way he’s cranking on that move it might be all he needs!

Ahrid breaks at the count of five and lets Tonto slump to the ground. He then moves in to capitalise but Ash catches him with a running kick to the side of the head as he comes through the ropes. This brings Ahrid up straight and right in line for a Superkick, but Ahrid catches it and throws his leg over the ropes before blasting him with a kick up through the thigh. Ash tries to cower away but Tonto is on him with the takedown before he drops back with a Kneebar.

Jon McDaniel: Ahrid all over both men here.

Brian Rentfro: With the Grizzly Beer title on the line and God knows what else, is in store, nobody wants to walk out of this match the loser.

Ash scrambles back on his elbows and dives into the ropes to force the break, but that doesn’t stop Ahrid squeezing every last second he can from the hold. He finally lets go at the top of the count and lets Ash squirm into the ropes. Ash then locks himself around the bottom strand and lets Ahrid pound away on him with right hands before the referee breaks him off.

Jon McDaniel: Ash is trying to take a moment to draw breath but Ahrid is having none of it.

Brian Rentfro: These two have been going back and forth for months and it looks like Ahrid is about done with it.

Ahrid steps back in and pulls Ash away from the ropes; dragging him to his feet and clobbering him in the back with a right hand. He then lifts a knee into his jaw to jack him up straight before following with a back elbow that clocks him around the ear. Ash covers up but Ahrid goes low and sweeps out his legs before sinking a kick deep into his spine. It tenses Ash up and allows Ahrid to get him back off the mat and into the corner.

Ahrid then whips Ash across the ring and right into the path of Tonto, who pushes him up from underneath and sends him into the buckles. Tonto then runs forward and ducks through a Clothesline from Ahrid that lands him in a School Boy rollup.



Jon McDaniel: Ahrid snaps out of the cover.

Tonto gets up first and grabs Ahrid in a clinch, but Ahrid manages to knock him back with a Thrust Kick. Unfortunately, the two of them seem to have misplaced Ash, who bounds backwards of the ropes where he landed safely, catches hold of Ahrid and snaps back with a Rewind-Rana that sends Ahrid head first into Tonto’s gut. Tonto staggers back and Ahrid drops to his knees, giving Ash a platform that he uses to bound off and take down Tonto with a leaping Enzugiri.

Tonto goes over and Ash turns back to Ahrid, only to be caught and dragged through the middle rope. Ash lands on the apron though and quickly scurries back to his feet to land a Shoulder Thrust on Ahrid. Ash then leaps up onto the ropes and into a Springboard at Ahrid, but Tonto pushes ahrid out of the way and steps into Ash’s path, catching him on his shoulder and then burying him with a Snap Northern Lights Suplex.



Ahrid snaps Tonto’s bridge with a Double Stomp.

Ahrid pushes Ash aside and drags Tonto back to his feet. The Champion is still in it though and fights back with a kick to the gut. Ahrid answers with a Palm Thrust that Tonto trades with a Knife Edge Chop. The two go back and forth to the delight of the crowd, right until a whistle from the apron grabs their attention. It’s at this point that Ash launches himself into another Springboard, only to get clawed out of midair by a double Clothesline.

Ahrid and Tonto get Ashe between them and begin trading him back and forth off of a flurry of right hands. Ash goes limp off of each shot until he eventually crumples to his knees and begs both of them to stop. Ahrid and Tonto give each other a look before setting on him again, but Ash reaches up and snatches both of them with finger jabs to the eyes. He then rolls out of the way as Ahrid and Tonto blindly run through each other with a set of Clotheslines.

Ash selects Tonto as his dance partner and gets him off the mat and against the ropes with an Irish-Whip. Tonto comes back and runs into a Hip-Toss that leaves him seated on the mat and open for Ash to jack his neck with a Perfect Necksnap. This time Tonto goes flat and Ash follows up by hitting the ropes and jumping up into a Back Senton that lands him across Tonto’s knees.

Ash immediately bounces back to his feet and staggers around the ring, right into a kick in the gut from Tonto that he immediately turns over into a Neckbreaker across his knee. The crowd oow as he snaps him back over and into a DDT. It never comes off though as Ash sweeps out his legs and jumps forward into a bridge.


Tonto grabs the rope.


But forces himself off with his free hand.


Brian Rentfro: What!?

Jon McDaniel: He just cost himself the match!

Ash leaps up and scampers out of the ring as Tonto gets back to his feet, furious at Ash, the referee, the other part of himself and anyone who happens to be nearby. It doesn’t help that Ash is on the outside making belt gestures at him. Tonto kicks the rope in frustration.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, winner of the first fall and earning first choice of prize, Ash Nukem!

Tonto kicks the rope once more for good measure and then turns around into a hanging Triangle Hold from Ahrid.

Jon McDaniel: His night is about to get a whole lot worse.

Ahrid drags him down to his knees and cranks on the hold. Tonto struggles for the ropes but his free hand isn’t his and he refuses to grab the ropes.

Brian Rentfro: He’s fading. This could be over!

Tonto’s arm starts to drop but he suddenly pulls himself back around and staggers to his feet, bringing Ahrid with him.

Jon McDaniel: The champ is fighting it!

Brian Rentfro: What power.

Tonto locks on to Ahrid, grapples him off the mat and then slams him down on the back of his head with a makeshift Powerbomb, instantly severing his grip. Tonto then falls back to the ropes to recover and wait for Ahrid to get off the mat.

Brian Rentfro: What a counter! Even despite himself trying to sabotage himself.

Jon McDaniel: And the fans are on their feet!

Tonto staggers forward with a soccer kick through Ahrid’s chest that bowls him over onto his knees. He then hooks on an arm, twists it around his leg and rolls for a pin.

Jon McDaniel: La Magistral!

Brian Rentfro: Counter!

Ahrid Tonto onto his shoulders.



Brian Rentfro: He’s out!

Tonto scrambles to his feet and Ahrid goes with him, right into a Small Package Roll-up for the champ.



Jon McDaniel: They break again.

Another try with a School Boy roll-up from Tonto.


Jon McDaniel: Feet on the ropes!



Brian Rentfro: He’s done it! He wins the fall!

Ahrid finally breaks out as Tonto kicks off the ropes. Ahrid tries to go back at it but the referee gets in his way and puts up his hand to show him the three. Tonto meanwhile gets up to his feet and lifts his hand in victory, but it’s bittersweet as he looks down to Ash; smiling and waiting for his first pick of the prizes.

Eric Emerson: Winner of the second fall, El Gringo Tonto!

Brian Rentfro: What a match. El Gringo Tonto fought hard against three men, one of whom was himself, to score the second pin and perhaps even hold on to his title.

Jon McDaniel: Fought hard against three men, except the one who beat him.

Brian Rentfro: Whatever.

Jon McDaniel: We’re now going to take a short trip to the back before returning for our prize giving ceremony.

Giant Strader Vision

The ADCTron lights up and the fans erupt to see Meghan Nash Strader standing outside the arena, smoking a cigarette, waiting for her sister to come and pick her up. Meghan and the fans looked shocked as Scott Nash Strader walks up to the arena doors. The fans begin cheering for the former PWA World Champion, as he embraces Meghan with a hug. She pulls back and notices he’s in plain clothes.

MNS: What are you doing here Dad?

SNS: I’ve come to see a friend. Is that ok? Why aren’t you staying?

Meghan rolls her eyes at her dad, and just looks up at him.

MNS: There’s that big flood back home in L.A. and I got to get my stuff out. Please don’t do anything stupid Dad.

SNS: Who? Me? When have I ever done anything stupid?

Even the crowd laughs as Strader walks past his daughter, and into the arena. Meghan just shakes her head slowly.

The Ceremony

We return to the ring with Lisa Seldon and Eric Emerson standing by with Ash Nukem and El Gringo Tonto. A tree with two presents beneath sits between Lisa and Emerson who each have a microphone… not that you asked, but now you know.

Lisa Seldon: Ok guys, here’s the deal. Two presents, to two guys, Ash gets first pick and then Tonto here gets the leftovers because he’s a failure.

Tonto makes a face. Least we assume he does, what with the mask and all.

Lisa Seldon: so, Ash, get to it.

Ash takes the time to mull over his decision before picking, changing, changing again and finally landing on a box. Tonto grabs the one remaining and scowls.

Lisa Seldon: Well, let's see what you got.

Tonto rips through his paper first, folds back a box lid, smiles…

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen -

And then thrusts his title into the air.

Eric Emerson: El Gringo Tonto retains the Grizzly Beer Title!

The fans react accordingly, which is a mix of confusion and disappointment for Ash mixed with a smattering of boos for Gringo Tonto. He doesn’t hang out to celebrate much, but holds up his title for all to see.

Jon McDaniel: Least someone is happy.

Back in the ring Ash looks gutted as he watches Tonto walk off with his belt.

Lisa Seldon: Uh oh. Don’t cry kid, maybe there’s something nice in yours.

She smiles, because that’s her thing.

Lisa Seldon: Oow! Maybe it’s a puppy.

She frowns, because that’s her other thing.

Lisa Seldon: but you’re probably going to want to get it out of there… or it’ll die.

Ash sighs as rips back the packaging to his own gift to produce and entirely similar box. He then cracks the lid, looks in, then looks back at Lisa and Emerson with confusion.

Brian Rentfro: What is it?

Ash reaches in… and produces a title of his own.

Eric Emerson: Presenting your NEW Television Champion… Ash Nukem!

The fans explode in an entirely none literal sense as Ash slowly hoists his title up into the air. Emerson stands back and gives him an approving smile while Lisa moves to fix the title around his waist.

Brian Rentfro: Well, that was unexpected.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like the sudden talent swell in the PWA has prompted another title back out of retirement.

Brian Rentfro: He’ll never be as good for it as Matt Stone.

Lisa pats the face of the title and then steps back alongside Eric Emerson. Ash meanwhile seems to finally be warming to the idea of a title of his own, and by the time the picture starts to leave, he’s beaming us a smile.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

The ADCTron lights up and we get a glimpse of Scott Nash Strader walking through the hallways of the arena trying to find a certain locker room. Scott stops as a man steps in his way. The fans erupt at the sight of Jethro Hayes. Strader just stares at him.

Brian Rentfro: Uh oh, this can’t be good for Jethro.

SNS: Jethro, I don’t have time for this, I’m looking for Kalis. Have you seen him?

Strader asks with a smirk. Jethro shakes his head and responds.

Jethro Hayes: Last time that got me burned, literally, by Kalis. Besides I wouldn’t help you if you asked.

SNS: Fine, whatever, just get out of my way.

SNS pushes by Jethro, and Jethro has a smile creep across his face.

Jethro Hayes: Hey Strader.

Scott stops and turns around to look at Jethro.

Jethro Hayes: Ever wonder how your girls got their double contract remade into the solo one for Meghan?

Strader just blinks, turns and is about to start walking again, but Jethro grabs his shoulder. Strader turns to go face to face with the Southern Hero. Jethro pulls an envelope out of his back pocket, and puts it under Strader’s chin. Strader swipes it out of his hand, as Jethro laughs and begins walking down the hallway.

Jethro Hayes: See you in February you dirty son of a bitch.

Strader has a look of confusion over his face. He rips open the envelope and pulls out a folded paper. He unfolds and the look on his face is that of pure anger. He punches the wall, as he drops the paper and storms off down the hallway. The camera moves down to show a picture of Scott Nash Strader and Jethro Hayes with a big ‘v.s.’ in between, and the word Genesis behind them. The fans erupt loudly.

Jon McDaniel: WOW! Hayes versus Strader at GENESIS! That is amazing!

Brian Rentfro: Did it say what kind of match?

Jon McDaniel: No Brian, I believe it says TBD.

Blake Witcroft vs Jethro Hayes

Singles Match

The opening riff hits the P.A. System as Blake Witcroft steps out from behind the curtain in his brilliantly tailored suit. With his arms out stretched he taunts the crowd flipping the bird to the audience closest to the stage.

I love the way that your heart breaks
with every injustice and deadly fate
Praying it all be new
and living like it all depends on you

Blake shakes his head as he walks down the ramp not allowing the fans to touch him pointing towards himself while saying words inaudible to the fans around him.

Here you are down on your knees again
trying to find air to breathe again
And only surrender will help you now
I love you please see and believe again

As he steps onto the matting around the ring at which point he looks around at the fans bends his elbows and nods his head vigorously before, walking up the steps and taking a few steps on the apron before turning quickly and thrusting his arms out to his side leaning against the ropes.

I love that you’re never satisfied
with face value wisdom and happy lies
you take what they say and go back and cry
you’re so close to me that you nearly died

Blake stepped through the middle and top rope and entering the ring and walking around in a large circle before taking off his sports coat and dress shirt and stretching out before his match as he waited for his opponent.

Here you are down on your knees again
trying to find air to breathe again
And only surrender will help you now
I love you please see and believe again

"Time for a lil' Southern Justice"

Colt Ford's special remake of this song for Jethro Hayes hits up in the arena's speakers. The youngest Grand Slam Champion in PWA history walks through the black curtain, he looks out to the crowd.

~Down the road where the black top ends, you can find Jethro Hayes with all his friends, we're used to gravel roads, and fishin' with cane poles, wasn't no swimmin' pools, jus swimmin' holes.~

Up on the screen a blacktop road begins to wind away in front of us and we travel along it as though we are in a car. Jethro holds his fisted right hand into the air and the crowd pops for. Jethro begins to walk down the ramp making sure to slap the hands of the fans along his way. Jethro goes from side to side because if they are going to respect him for what he is doing and how he is changed, he will respect them as well.

~We was dirt road poor, and cane switched raised, done came a long way since back in them days, been ‘round the world twice seen all fifty states, ate on thousand dollar china, but love sum paper plates , there aint nuthin wrong with them big city lights, but me, I prefer them slow country nights, where I can see the darkness come and then go~

Along the side of the ropes are buildings erected with the names of the Championships that he has won instead of typical names of businesses. Other such names include "Hall of Fame", "Wrestler of the Quarter", "Face of the Year", and many "Match of the Quarter" buildings are all along side the rode. He reaches the bottom of the ramp.

~Most folks is honest, and they all speak slow, you can leave your door open, aint nuttin' gunna happen, most country folks sing, but I couldn't, so im rappin, I wanna show yall where I come from, and invite yall all down to any country town~

The road winds through a small city, but the image of the very arena in which we are having the PWA show tonight comes into view around a corner. Jethro climbs the steps and is on the apron. He wipes his feet out of respect for the legends in this sport and the respect he has for this sport before stepping through the ropes.

(Chorus with John Michael Montgomery singing)

Now before I pack and things and leave, there's sumthin I need yall to understand, I seen alotta things in my life time, that's why I walk the line, I'm just a simple man, and I aint in the things for cheep thrills, but all my scars heel, so don't you ever cry for me, I aint ashamed where I'm from, you're always welcome, to take a ride through the country.

Eric Emerson: From Lenox, Georgia he stands at six feet seven inches, weighing in at three hundred and fifteen pounds... Jethro Hayes!

~Up, dressed, and gone by 5 am, he's country, and he's rappin' we gotta play him, folks been waitin for some one like me, to give ‘em some hot beats and spit that country~

Jethro hits the ropes, bouncing off to get the blood pumping a bit before his match. The blacktop road in front of us enters the arena's door and heads somewhere inside.

~His overalls don't sag, they fit, they kinda tight, got on a John Deere t-shirt, no nothin' but work. Daylight til dark, that's how I was bread, and I'll keep bein' country til the day I'm dead~

Jethro climbs the turnbuckle that faces the majority of the crowd, holding up his fisted right hand before pointing to them. Just in front of the blacktop road is a black curtain, we sit here waiting as though it is the end of our ride.

~See, country folks eat biscuits called cat heads, bar-b-q, baked beans, sweet tea, and white bread, we like to fish and hunt, aint scared of a fight, love the Good Lord and believe in doin' right,~

He drops down, rushing to the opposite side of the ring to climb up and point to that section of the crowd.

~Got 4-wheel drives, some got mud on ‘em, you can keep your rolls roice, cuz baby, we don't want 'em! So now yall all know exactly who I am, and if you aint into that, i don't give a damn!~

Jethro drops down, heading to the third corner and once again climbs up, pointing out to himself before he points to the crowd.

The chorus hits up again...

~Now before I pack my things and leave, there's sumthin I need yall to understand, I seen alotta things in my life time, that's why I walk the line, I'm just a simple man, and I aint in the things for cheep thrills, but all my scars heel, so don't you ever cry for me, I aint ashamed where I'm from, you're always welcome, take a ride through the country.~
Jethro climbs the final turnbuckle, and points to this section of the crowd.

~You might have seen me on your t.v, but honey, that don't mean a thing, you see, I'm still that same ‘ol country boy, and that's all I'll ever be, and sometime, those bright lights blind me, and make it hard for me to see, but when I need to be reminded, I take a ride through the country~

Jethro drops down, he heads to center ring where he looks down to gather his thoughts before the match.

~At about 5 o'clock on Friday afternoon, them country boys head down to the local saloon, you welcome to stop in and have a cold bottle, big city boys and stuck up super models, we don't care where ya from, as long as you polite, cuz push come to shove and every one of us will fight~

Even through the roar of the crowd, Jethro nods as he listens to the song and allows it to remind him of things in the past. It reminds him of the times he's been pushed around and how he will not let it happen anymore.

~We mostly easy like Sunday morning, ol' Colt came here to give yall fair warnin', country folks wont be pushed around, and theres some of us livin' in every town, we believe in the Bible, and the U.S.A, work hard for what you want, it's the American way, no body owe you nothin' supposed to earn your keep, but in a hard days work, get a good nights sleep,
I know some of yall think Colt's kinda odd, but I'm loud, proud and country by the grace of God!~

Jethro points to the crowd one last time as the blacktop view on the big screen seemingly flies through the screen, showing that Jethro considers those fans in attendance friends.(it goes back to the very first line in the first verse). Jethro turns to face the entrance ramp, raising his head up so that he can see it clearly.

Jethro and Blake stare across the broken down ring that has been set up for this particular match, neither man willing to give an inch and both wishig the other would just go somewhere else. Referee Scott Swindell has been given the pleasureable task of officiating this match and explains the rules to both competitors.

Scott Swindell: Now, the object of this Ground Zero match is to stay within the chain link fence, anything inside the perimeter is fair game, but once outside of the fence you will be peanalized by a free five minute beatdown by your opponent.

Scott looks to both men, checking that they understand the rules so far. Jethro and Blake continue to stare daggers of hatred at each other.

Scott Swindell: The wrestler not able to answer the countdown to zero will be declared the loser of the match. Do each of you understand the match rules?

Again he looks to both men, each of them not losing eye contact as they nod their understanding.

Scott Swindell: Well then, let the Ground Zero match... begin!

Scott jumps back as both Jethro and Blake come together center of the broken ring.

Jon McDaniel: That ring is liable to give way at any moment.

Brian Rentfro: It looks better than the Rebel Pro ring, wonder if they want it.

The two bulls meet in a collar and elbow, Jethro quickly with a go behind that Blake counters with one of his own. Hammerlock from Blake and Jethro drops to one knee lifting the Brit up onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry. Blake adjusts his weight falling off Jethro's back to bounce off the sagging ropes delivering a clothesline. Jethro ducks under the attempt, hooking and delivering a Northern Lights Suplex that causes dust to bounce up from the dilapidated ring. Jethro rolls over and up to his feet dragging Blake up to his feet, tossing him over the sagging top rope to the dirt below. Jethro launches himself over the top rope to the outside, landing with a plancha splash on the rising Blake Whitcroft.

Jon McDaniel: Jethro with a plancha to the rising Whitcroft.

Corey Taylor: About all that hick can do.

Jethro pounds his right forearm into Blake's face until he is up against the ring post. Jethro charges with a clothesline, but Blake ducks to the left out of the way. Jethro clotheslines the post, jerking to the left and holding his arm in pain. Blake with a kick to the bend in Jethro's left arm before hooking the arm around the post, pulling and alternating yanking on Jethro's wrist. Jethro swings out with his right but Blake dodges away just out of reach before kicking Jethro in the midsection and once again pulling on that left wrist to slam it into the ring post. Jethro catches Blake with a right fist knocking him backwards and untangling his wrist from Blake's grasp. Jethro holds at the arm, checking that nothing is broken. Jethro charges at Blake, who meets Hayes with a flurry of punches to combat those in which Jethro is throwing as well. Blake ducks under, Jethro on his shoulders in a fireman's carry, but Jethro wiggles to bring him down with a DDT on the dirt floor. Jethro picks up a piece of metal, hefting it to test its weight and Blake rises to one knee. Jethro brings the metal down, but Blake lunges forward with a sort of spear nailing Jethro in the midsection sending the metal sliding down Blake's back and Jethro onto the floor, Blake on top of him.


Jon McDaniel: There are buried C4 explosives on the field?

Brian Rentfro: Jon, it would appear so.

Jethro winces in pain as the explosive goes off on his back, the layer of dirt doing very little to cushion the impact of the explosion. Blake laughs as he pulls Jethro up, nailing him with a broken steel chair sending him back to one knee. Blake with a second shot to Jethro's extremely red back before delivering a second shot as well. Blake lifts the chair high up over head, Jethro with a punch to the inner thigh and Blake drops the chair. Jethro rises with a closed right fist to Blake's chin rocking him backwards. Jethro picks up the chair, swings and connects with Blake's midsection before turning around and delivering a stunner.

Brian Rentfro: Jethro stole that move.

Jon McDaniel: Actually, a lot of people use a stunner, just varying alterations to the move.

Jethro pulls Blake up, slamming his right fist into the Brit's mouth as they reach the broken down section of a building that has been erected to show what a literal Ground Zero attack would be like. Jethro with a right, Blake fights back with a right of his own. Jethro with a right, Blake with a right, Jethro, Blake, Jethro, Blake! Jethro with a boot to the gut and a neckbreaker, but Blake counters into a neckbreaker of his own. They both release and lock up, Blake with a wristlock, but Jethro kicks out sideways into Blake's midsection before lifting him up with a stalling vertical suplex!

Jon McDaniel: Look at the strength of Jethro Hayes there!

Brian Rentfro: Bet he uses Performance enhancing drugs...



Down on a piece of metal, Blake yelling out in pain as the corner pierces his flesh. Jethro stomps down on Blake before pulling him back up to his feet.

Jethro: Predictable huh?!

Jethro slams his fist into Blake's face before picking up a broken board, the blood trickling down Blake's back. Whitcroft with a low blow causes Jethro to drop the board.

Blake: Yeah, predictable!

Blake drops an elbow onto Jethro's back before leveling a kick to the elbow of Jethro's left arm. Jethro winces in pain, but Blake isn't finished as he golfs the board right into Jethro's face.

Brian Rentfro: Geeze! What a shot!

Jon McDaniel: I can't argue against that.

Jethro stands up from the swing, his eyes staring off somewhere else. Blake swings and connects with Jethro's midsection doubling Hayes over before bringing the board down on the back of Jethro's skull. Jethro goes down like a sack of bricks and Blake is going to town on Jethro's head with the board. Blake brings it down with a resounding crack and the board breaks in two pieces, Whitcroft tossing them away like the trash they are.

Brian Rentfro: Blake wearing Jethro out here.

Jon McDaniel: Both are busted open now, but I think Jethro may be out cold.

Blake backs off as Scott Swindell begins the countdown.






Jethro shoves up to one knee, not out of this match yet and pushes on up to his feet. Swindell stops the count and here comes Blake flying from about five feet away.


Jethro brings up a piece of metal right into Blake's face sending the Brit down in a crumpled heap. Jethro doesn't let Swindell count though, instead choosing to bring Blake up to a seated position. Jethro slams the metal right into Blake's face, the thin sheet crumpling around Blake's head. Jethro pulls him on up, whip into the door hanging off its hinges in the doorway. Blake's face and body smash through the door, tearing it off its hinges. Jethro follows into the broken corner of the building and finds Blake struggling up to his feet in the corner near the remains of some stairs. Jethro comes on into the room, a vase nails him right in the face sending him stumbling back out of the door.

Brian Rentfro: Jethro went in and Blake was ready for him.

Jon McDaniel: I do believe this is the first match of its kind in PWA History.

Blake comes back out of the door, but Jethro nails him with The Plow!

Jon McDaniel: The Plow!

But Jethro isn't moving either, and the screen splits to show a replay of The Plow onto Blake.

~Jethro lunges forward with The Plow to Blake as he steps through the door. Jethro's head makes solid contact with the door frame and he goes down on top of Blake, his eyes closed and a new cut opening up on his forehead.


Jon McDaniel: The replay shows that Jethro's head makes solid contact with the door frame and it appears that he is out cold as well.

Brian Rentfro: What is to happen here?

Jon McDaniel: I'm told that this match must have a winner, no draw at all will be acceptable.

Blake and Jethro both begin to stir, nearly similtaneously, but Blake may be a tick quicker as Jethro nailed the frame at full tilt while Blake only received about three quarter spear speed. Jethro up, leaning in the doorway, blood trickling down his face as Blake turns around. Boot to the midsection of Blake and lifting into position for his jacknife powerbomb!

Jon McDaniel: Jethro going for The Planter!

Blake counters with a face buster onto the step of the door!

Brian Rentfro: Blake counters!

Whitcroft takes a moment to pull himself together and up to his feet before stomping on the back of Jethro's head. Blake pulls him up, right handed slap to the face sending blood droplets flying into the air and off of Jethro's face. Hayes shakes his head from side to side as he stumbles back against the corner of the building. Blake jumps up into the air, kick to the face of Hayes has him reeling for the moment and down on one knee. Blake lifts a torn cushioned arm chair up over his head, tossing it towards Jethro, where it slams heavily into his side. Jethro rolls over from the impact and slowly tries to struggle back up to his feet. Blake comes over with a punt kick to Jethro's face sending blood flying onto the wall before he lifts Jethro's face up by the hair slapping the taste right out of his mouth. Jethro weakly shoves him back just enough to get Blake off him. Blake comes back with a smirk on his face and Jethro slams a picture frame up into Blake's face sending the Brit down on one knee, digging glass out of his face.

Jon McDaniel: Blake rushed into that one without scouting it first.

Brian Rentfro: And if not for that low blow from Hayes, it wouldn't have happened.

Jon McDaniel: What low blow?

Brian Rentfro: Undoubtedly you didn't see it because Jethro did it, yet you always see them when the guy that the fans dislike supposedly do them.

Jethro uses the chair to pull himself up, wobbling slightly as he regains his equilibrium. Blake digs a piece of glass out of his cheek and the blood starts to flow from that wound to land in a heavy drop on the floor. Jethro comes in with a knee into Blake's face rolling him onto his back. Jethro lifts him up onto his shoulders before walking up the flimsy stairs to a very partial second floor. Blake struggles on Jethro's back as they reach the second floor.

Brian Rentfro: What does that hick think he is doing?

Jon McDaniel: Gee, I'm not sure, ending the match?

Jethro tosses Blake up into the air, bringing him down onto his knee, Blake's ribs making big contact with the knee. Blake rolls over and nears the edge of the second floor before he manages to stop his roll and hold at his ribs. Jethro walks over, knowing the possible damage should he charge and Blake move out of the way. Jethro lifts Blake up, but Blake tries a low blow. Jethro lifts his knee to block before slamming the point of his elbow down into Blake's temple. Blake tries to shrug the elbow off, but blood in his eyes temporarily blind him and Jethro is on the offense. Jethro boots him in the midsection, going for The Planter off the second floor!

Back Body Drop!

Jethro slams heavily onto the floor below, the broken remnants of a sidewalk and he may be done for. However, Blake is unable to allow the count as he is on his front spent after the counter. Scott Swindell stands there unable to count as he can clearly see that both men are down. Blake is the first to stir after what would have been a definite victory for either man, should either of them been able to rise and start the count. Blake pulls himself up thanks to the broken piece of wall and stares down at Hayes who is still lying motionless on the broken sidewalk. Blake nods his head before launching himself off the floor with a body splash!

Jethro moves!

Jon McDaniel: Jethro faking it there and it costs Blake!

Brian Rentfro: That damn liar, the Southern Hypocrit!

Blake went for a high risk and it didn't pay off, but neither is Jethro able to counter as he is barely able to shove up to his knees.

Jon McDaniel: This match is taking its toll on both men.

Brian Rentfro: Come on Blake, put that hick in his place!

Jon McDaniel: Glad for the unbiast opinion of my broadcast partner.

Jethro gets up to his feet, nodding at Scott.




Blake up to a knee.



Blake on both knees and halting.




Blake on his feet, both men covered in dirt, blood, wood, and all sorts of stuff. But they still slam together with rights and lefts flying as neither can really stand the sight of the other. Jethro with a haymaker from the right, but Blake dodges in under the big punch delivering boxing style jabs to Jethro's unprotected chest and body. Jethro falls back from the blows but Blake presses his advantage with more and more rapid fire jabs. Jethro grabs a side headlock to prevent the jabs but Blake delivers an elbow into Jethro's ribs. Jethro struggles to tighten the hold, but Blake slams an elbow into his ribs before lifting him up delivering an atomic drop. Jethro stumbles forward, Blake leaping to catch him with a bulldog into a pile of debris. Trash goes flying as Blake and Jethro go through a pile of boards, plaster, trash bags, and all sorts of materials. Once again Scott Swindell is unable to count but this time because he cannot see either man.

Jon McDaniel: I'm not sure but I think Jethro's skull cracked a board in half there.

Brian Rentfro: Check the replay.


Blake with Jethro's head wrapped up goes diving through the debris with the bulldog. Jethro's head nicks the end of a broken board sending the jagged end slicing across his skin for another wound on his head, barely missing his eye by inches.


Jon McDaniel:I was wrong, but what a close call there with the jagged end of the board barely missing Jethro's left eye.

Brian Rentfro: Jethro could have been blinded there, not even I realized the hatred these two men have developed over the past months.

Jon McDaniel: Are you feeling remorseful?

Brian Rentfro: Hell no, I love it!

Blake shoves a hand high through the destroyed pile of debris, pulling himself up as though coming out of a grave. Blake is bloody and covered from head to toe with all sorts of materials and debris. However, Blake is pulling Jethro through the debris by the hair on his head, Hayes being in much the same condition as Blake. Jethro is holding something in his hand, bringing it up to slam it into Blake's face. Whitcroft goes stumbling back atop the debris and Jethro whips the now seen barbed wire wrapped fist into Blake's face again. Whitcroft goes backwards, stumbling to keep his balance atop the debris when Jethro drops the barbed wire into a whip and begins to wear Whitcroft out like he is a red headed stepchild. Blake stomps down on a board, the end going up between Jethro's legs and he drops the wire and cups something more precious as he drops to one knee.

Jon McDaniel: That... is going to hurt, not tomorrow, not in a minute, but right freaking now.

Brian Rentfro: Damn right, but it gets Blake the advantage back.

Blake looks down where Jethro had whipped him with the wire, slamming a knee into Hayes' face for good measure. Blake with a DDT onto the broken board, snapping it in half thanks to the impact of Jethro's hard skull and force of the move. Blake stands up, pointing down to Hayes and ordering Scott to count.




Blake looks on, almost seeming to dare Hayes to get up.


Jon McDaniel: Jethro may be out cold.

Brian Rentfro: Hopefully so.


Nope, Jethro is up on one knee, shoving himself up and Blake is hopeless to stop the rise as it would start the count over again.


Almost there...


Jethro is up and the crowd roar their approval, they love them some Jethro and despise them some Blake.

Brian Rentfro: How?

Jon McDaniel: I don't see how either man is moving, let alone still fighting!

Jethro lunges at Blake, who grabs him for another DDT but uses the momentum to lift him up and onto the other side of debris, both men going to the ground.


Another C4 explosive detinates, this one catching mostly Blake on the back. However, Jethro is unable to capitalize on the fortunate explosion as he is down as well and tangled in the barbed wire surrounding the perimeter at the bottom of the chain link fence.

Jon McDaniel: These two men are going to kill each other!

Brian Rentfro: Jethro, I wouldn't mind so much but Blake doesn't deserve it.

A pause as the camera looks for movement from either man.

Brian Rentfro: Change that, I don't want Jethro to die, because he is so easy to make fun of.

Jethro grabs a hand hold in the fence and pulls himself up, weakly turning around to look at the blody form of Blake laying there motionless. Scott Swindell begins the count.









Brian Rentfro: Come on Blake, that pig sticker is going to win!



Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, Blake Whitcroft was unable to answer the countdown, so your winner.... Jethro Hayes!

Jon McDaniel: These two men have gone through hell here tonight Brian.

Brian Rentfro: No Jon, they have just went through Ground Zero.

Jon McDaniel: You know... you are right.

A New Challenge

We go backstage to find Jethro, bloody, bandaged, and winded from his match with Blake Witcroft, stumbling into his locker room. He stops short, as we turn and look across the room to Chamelion, leaning back against the lockers with his arms folded.

Chamelion: Hey, Hazy, how you feeling?

Jethro leans against the door, the pain of his match not so much forgotten as put on the backburner temporarily. He stares at Chamelion, not ashamed of his actions against Chamelion.

Jethro Hayes: If you want me to be passive or apologize for my actions... forget it.

Chamelion: SHUT UP!

Jethro blinks slowly as though he really doesn't give a damn... which he doesn't. and Chamelion shoots off the bench and stalks over to Jethro.

Chamelion: I don’t want to hear reasons, excuses, nothing. You took a chair to me, when I was down with a broken leg. You, of all the people in the PWA whom I’ve respected and called friend, caved into Lisa’s desires and tried to take me out of the PWA. You nearly destroyed everything I was working at, you almost made me lose my company. If it wasn’t for my brother, we’d have been a man short for War Games and I might have been out on the street. What did she do, give you your first ever blow job, take your virginity, for you to trade in your scruples for what exactly? What did you really gain out of it in the end?

Jethro tries to speak but Chamelion cuts him off.

Chamelion: I...

Jethro steps up to his full height, glowering down at Chamelion.

Jethro Hayes: I got my match with Simon Kalis, no I didn't win but the pleasure I got at pounding his face and body, was well worth the price.

Chamelion: I said shut it! I’m in here right now because I made a promise and I’m making good on it. At Rumble in the Bronx, it’s you and I. We’ve fought before, when it was about respect and honor, but now Hayes, this is just pure simple anger. I almost told Raizzor to add you to the list and take you out along with the Order, but I wanted this myself.

He stops and rubs his chin, unshaven from yesterday and Jethro breaks in.

Jethro Hayes: If you want remorse, shove it up your ass right along with the respect that you supposedly had for me. If you can't respect the fact that I did what I did for me, something that you've done before, then Mark... you can go to hell. The passive Jethro... is long gone.

Chamelion holds up a hand.

Chamelion: I don’t want to hear it. You want to defend yourself, make excuses, you save it for our match. Don’t waste your breath because right now if I hear just one more word out of you, I might just throw you through a door or a window. Just zip it and I’ll walk out of here without any further issue and we’ll settle this in the ring like men, and not while you’re in the condition you are now.

He jerks his arm to tell Jethro to move, but Hayes stays standing there. Chamelion opens the door and stops, lowering his head he growls cruelly.

Chamelion: You are no Sirus Moran.

Jethro Hayes: Never claimed to be, it all of you assholes that compared me to Sirus, not me that compared myself to him. Sirus made his own way and so does Jethro Hayes. If you, Raizzor, or anyone else don't like it... they can all fuck off.

Chamelion slams the door on an angry Jethro Hayes.

Marxx vs Joshua Danielson

Cage Match

The arena is under a dimmed light. Only the tron is flashing as Welcome to the Masquerade by Thousand Foot Krutch plays through the arena. All of a sudden, four bright spotlights starts turning around like on a red carpet and stops all of a sudden, doing a "X" form with their rays of light. Red and blue spotlights turns in circles over the crowd as Marxx appears from the entrance ramp, wearing his signature black leather coat.

He walks to a side of the ramp, raising his arm, then walks to the other side, where he does the same thing. While walking to a side to another, we could notice he was dancing a little bit. After, he comes back to the middle of the entrance ramp as he motions the crowd to cheer louder with his hands each sides of him. From there, he puts his arms in front of his face in his usual X, and then drops them quickly at each sides of him, a huge smile on his face. He let go a "Woo!" before starting his walk to the ring.

Eric Emerson: On his way to the ring, from New Brunswick, Canada, by the way of Indianapolis, Indiana: Marxx!

He starts walking on the ramp, clapping in the nearest fans hands. He stops in front of the ring, then turns back by the fans as he takes off his leather coat to the crowd's excitement. Then, he rolls inside the ring and jumps on a corner, where he does an X with his arms in front of his face before dropping them to each side. He jumps off the turnbuckle and does the same thing on the opposite side before going back to his corner, where he starts stretching.

As Marxx’s music drops, the lights go back down in the arena. ‘Diemuthafuckadie!’ by Twiztid hit the PA system, and the crowd began to boo!

A red light comes over the entrance ramp, as Joshua Danielson steps through the curtain, sporting a black T-Shirt and black tripp pants instead of his usual red! He slowly bounces along to the music, taking in the hate from the crowd! He doesn’t seem to care though, as he stops at the top of the ramp and looks out at the crowd, before throwing up the middle fingers, getting the crowd to boo some more!

Joshua walks down the ramp, looking at Marxx with a smirk on his face. He points at Marxx, and mouths something at him, along the lines of “I’m gonna kill you.”

Eric Emerson: And introducing next, from Des Moines, Iowa… He is “The Punisher” Joshua Danielson!

Joshua slips off his T-Shirt and drops it at his feet as he approaches the ring to do battle with his former best friend. Finally, he slides into the ring and gets to his feet. Joshua doesn’t play to the crowd at all, and instead slinks into the corner opposite of Marxx as the cage begins lowering down onto the ring. Once it’s finally secured into place, Joshua’s music dies down and the referee in the ring with the two calls for the bell!

Ding ding!

The bell rings and Marxx is off like a house of fire on Joshua! He tackles him and starts laying on shot after shot to Danielson’s forehead! Joshua finally rolls him off of him, only for Marxx to jump right back on top and keeps laying in hard rights and lefts!

Jon McDaniel: Marxx has been waiting a LONG time for this match! He finally gets Joshua right where he wants him and is wasting no time!

Once again Joshua rolls Marxx off of him, and once they’re to their feet, Marxx goes to take Joshua down again, only this time Joshua is having none of it! Danielson sprawls and flattens out before sending a couple of knees at Marxx, getting him to back off. Marxx is to his feet again, but this time Joshua and him circle before Joshua charges in going for a right hand. They begin trading shots in the middle of the ring, before Joshua puts a stop to that with a boot to Marxx’s stomach! Marxx bends over as Joshua goes off the ropes. He comes back and smacks Marxx with a front dropkick to the side of the head! Marxx goes down to one knee as Joshua gets up to his feet quickly. Joshua goes off the ropes again and comes back attempting a Shining Wizard, but Marxx ducks and gets up behind Joshua before throwing him backwards with a German Suplex!

Joshua rolls to his feet a bit groggy, holding his neck, as Marxx quickly grabs him behind his head and goes to throw him into the cage face first! Joshua blocks it and sends an elbow to Marxx’s gut, backing him off. Joshua turns back to Marxx and sends a kick to the back of his knee, sending him down on one again before going off the ropes. Before he can do anything though, Marxx quickly gets to his feet, grabs Joshua behind the head, and sends him bouncing off the cage face first!

The sound of the steel structure echoes through the arena. Joshua is on the floor, holding his head. Marxx takes a few steps back, looking at Joshua, just to make sure he was knocked out enough to go and try to escape. He climbed on the ropes, grabbing the cage. As he had both feet on the top rope, Joshua went back on his feet and grabbed Marxx by the tights, pulling him down. Marxx fell on his feet and tried to retaliate with a punch, which Joshua dodged before sending Marxx down with a kick and a Jawbreaker.

Marxx was on the mat and tried to roll on his chest, looking to get back on his feet. But as he was on his knees and hands, Joshua jumped on the opportunity to run at the ropes, bounce on them and come back with a vicious kick to the ribs. As Marxx grabbed his ribcage and rolled on his back, Joshua rushed for a cover.



Kickout by Marxx!

Joshua gets on his knees, attacking Marxx with a flurry of punches and forearms. Marxx tries to cover himself as much as he could, but it gets harder as Joshua doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon! Then, Joshua stops all of a sudden. He gets on his feet, which gives some time to Marxx to get on his as well. Joshua charges at Marxx, trying to sneak behind him and grab him around the waist. He tries to lift him, but Marxx shakes his legs, forcing Joshua to drop him. Marxx turns around, but gets caught in Joshua’s clothesline. With Marxx on the floor a second time, Joshua gets on his knees, waving at the referee outside to open the door. He walks by it, but Marxx grabs his ankle. Joshua tries to drag Marxx for a little bit, but then turns and stomps Marxx’s arm with his free foot. He continues to walk by the open door while Marxx gets on his knees and hands, almost getting in a sprinter stance, and then runs at Joshua with a forearm in the back, forcing him to stop him to go at the door. As Joshua falls on his knees, the referee closes the door.

Marxx grabs Joshua by the hair and pulls him to his feet before sending him off the ropes with an irish whip. He ducks a double handed swing to the face before going off the far ropes and getting smacked down to the mat with another double fisted swing on the way back! The crowd’s into this one, as Joshua pops right back up to his feet and goes off the ropes again, ducking a clothesline attempt by Marxx, before latching onto him and swinging around for a headscissors! They’re both to their feet, and they both go towards each other before locking up with a collar and elbow tie up? Marxx quickly gains the advantage, twisting Joshua’s arm out, before looking to whip Joshua hard into the cage! Joshua slides down, avoiding the cage. Marxx rushes in, but Joshua lifts him up with a huge Flapjack into the cage! The crowd boos as both men are on the mat.

Crowd: Marxx! Marxx! Marxx!

Both men are slow getting to their feet, the fast pace tiring them both. Once they’re to their feet, they begin trading right hands. They’re going blow for blow before Marxx breaks it up with a kick to Joshua’s gut and bends him over. Marxx puts Joshua’s head between his legs, before lifting him up for a powerbomb! He goes closer to the cage, but just before he can toss Danielson into the cage, Joshua counters into a sunset flip pin!



Marxx kicks out again!

Joshua rolls over onto his front, before pushing up to his feet, as Marxx does the same. Joshua goes to smack Marxx with a right hand, but Marxx ducks it and grabs Joshua in a dragon sleeper hold. He goes to lift him up for a move, but Joshua spins out to his feet, but gets a boot to his knee for his troubles! As Marxx goes off the ropes, Danielson gets to his feet, but then is taken down to the mat with a running STO! Marxx hooks the leg for the cover!



Joshua gets the shoulder up!

Marxx and Joshua are on the mat for a bit, as the crowd starts a slow clap! They begin getting to their feet, and once the slow clap has become a fast clap, they start trading shots! Each shot sends the other down to one knee, before they stand up and send a shot towards the other’s way. Finally, Joshua misses a shot, and instead of returning, Marxx grabs Joshua’s arm and sends him into the cage once again! As he hits the ground, we see a cut starting to form on The Punisher’s forehead! Marxx sees this too, and he jumps right on it, kneeling over Joshua and sending shot after shot to Joshua’s forehead, before giving up and just trying to rip open his flesh with his fingers! The crowd roars on, implying that they’re enjoying seeing Marxx finally get his revenge!

Finally, Marxx stops tearing at Joshua’s forehead as the blood is pretty much flowing now. He stands up and begins to stomp on Joshua’s chest, causing him to cover up and roll away from the pain, underneath the bottom rope and between the cage. However, this offers Joshua no comfort, as Marxx goes off the ropes before smashing Joshua into the cage with a baseball slide! The crowd is eating all of this up! Marxx gets to his feet and puts his fist in the air, receiving a pop from the crowd, before picking Joshua up to his feet to continue the onslaught. Joshua’s staggering even though Marxx is holding him by the hair, but Joshua has enough sense to stick out his right foot and football kick Marxx straight in the groin, dropping them both to the mat!

The crowd was obviously on the side of Marxx in this match, as evidenced by the chants they begin to start.

Crowd: Fuck you Joshua! *Clap clap clap-clap-clap!* Fuck you Joshua! *Clap clap clap-clap-clap!*

Joshua rolls over and began crawling to the ropes, as Marxx does on the other side of the ring. Each one begins grabbing onto the ropes before using them to get to their feet, very slowly. Both are to their feet, before Marxx goes to trade shots once again, but Joshua staggers him with a high jumping roundhouse to the head! As soon as Joshua hits the mat, he pops up again and smacks him with another, this time sending him down to the mat! Joshua slowly crawls over and throws an arm over Marxx!




Marxx gets his shoulder up in the nick of time!

Joshua rolls onto his back, placing his hands on his face, exhausted from the match. Marxx is on his stomach, and the crowd is roaring for Marxx to get to his feet! Some fans actually seem to be turning towards the side of Joshua! Joshua rolls onto his stomach, and slowly begins pushing up to his feet, as does Marxx. Finally, both of them begin getting up, before Joshua collapses back onto one knee and Marxx is on his feet. Marxx turns and sees Joshua on his knee, before collapsing his chest with a bicycle kick and collapsing into the ropes! As he uses the ropes for support, Marxx looks up at the top of the cage, before slowly deciding to climb the ropes, looking to ascend the cage! The crowd sees this, and begins to get to their feet. Joshua turns on his stomach, and slowly crawls towards where Marxx is climbing.

As Marxx gets to the top rope very slowly, Joshua grabs onto the bottom rope, and is looking to follow him up! Marxx starts to climb the cage, as Joshua grabs onto the second rope and begins to pull himself to his feet. Finally, Joshua is to his feet, and Marxx is almost to the top of the cage! Danielson puts it into gear, as fast as his worn down body can go! He steps onto the second rope and reaches up to Marxx’s foot, grabbing onto it, trying to slow him down so he can catch up! Danielson starts to climb the cage, as Marxx is finally ontop, sitting there, throwing down shots at Joshua’s face, slowing his climb to the top. Joshua finally reaches the top, throwing a shot at Marxx before swinging his leg over and sitting on top of the cage with him!

The crowd knows only something bad can come of this, as slowly but surely, they each begin throwing punches at each other! Joshua wipes some of the blood out of his eyes, as his face is covered in a crimson mask! Joshua sends a right to Marxx’s face as more and more fans are turning to his side as the match goes on!

Marxx hits Joshua with a shot!

Crowd: WOOO!

Joshua hits Marxx with a shot!

Crowd (Mostly): BOOO!

Marxx hits Joshua with a shot!

Crowd (Mostly): WOOO!

Joshua hits Marxx with a shot!

Crowd (Half): BOOO!
Crowd(Other Half): WOOO!

Joshua blocks a shot from Marxx, and grabs onto his head, before bringing it forward and slamming it down onto the top of the cage that’s between them! With Marxx stunned, Joshua grabs Marxx’s outside leg, and swings it up and inside of the cage! The crowd senses something BIG is coming, and is on their feet! Joshua stands up ontop of the cage, before taking some of the blood from his forehead, and forming an upside-down cross on Marxx’s forehead. Finally, he jumps in the air and latches onto Marxx’s head with his legs, looking to hurricanrana him from the top of the cage to the inside of the ring! While in midair though, Marxx shifts his weight forward and turns it into a SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB FROM THE TOP OF THE RING! Both men are down as the crowd begins chanting!


The impact sent Marxx bouncing beside Joshua, and he’s so exhausted, he can’t make the cover! The crowd is on their feet! After laying there for about thirty seconds, Marxx rolls over and begins to throw an arm over Joshua as the crowd counts along with the referee!





Marxx rolls on his back, shocked that Joshua even lifted the shoulder up after that hit! He looked to the ceiling for a second, shaking his head.

Marxx: Tabarnack…

(Tabarnack: French equal of “holy crap”, “damn”, “shit” and “fuck”, combined together. Credit: Urban Dictionnary)

He rolls on his chest again, trying to reach for the ropes and get on his feet from there. As Marxx got on his knees, Joshua was on his knees and hands, looking to reach in his pocket for something. He takes out a silver flask, obviously containing a certain liquid. Could it be the same liquid that blinded Marxx weeks ago in the ring?

The gesture is unnoticed by Marxx, who keeps getting to his feet. The referee, who was checking on Marxx, didn’t see the flask neither. Joshua does too, taking a sip out of the flask at the same time. Once both men were on their feet, Marxx turned by Joshua, only to notice that his cheeks were bigger than usual. As Joshua tried to spit that liquid into Marxx’s face, looking to blind him again, Marxx dodges and it blinds the referee!

Unhappy that his tactic didn’t work as expected, Joshua decides to go for a clothesline, which Marxx dodges as well before going behind Joshua and bring him down with the Canadian Leg Sweep!

Marxx gets to his knees, covering Joshua and hooking the leg. Since the referee can’t see anything, the crowd starts counting.

Crowd: ONE!

Crowd: TWO!

Crowd: THREE!

Crowd: FOUR!

Crowd: FIVE!

Crowd: SIX!

Since he was waiting for nothing, Marxx just let it go, getting back on his feet. He looked by the referee, who was rubbing his eyes. Obviously, he was unable to do anything in this match for a while. Therefore, Marxx decided that this would be the time to climb the cage since a pinfall wasn’t going to work.

He grabbed the cage and started climbing on the ropes. Once he reached the top rope, Marxx started climbing the structure with his feet. He put one foot on the wall, and then tried to put the second foot, but unfortunately…

Joshua was holding it. Marxx started shaking the leg, trying to break free, but it wasn’t working. Joshua was holding it tight, pulling him down. Marxx did all he could to hold on the cage, but after a few seconds, it was just too much. Not only he fell, but he fell with a leg on each side of the ropes, groin first on the top rope!

Joshua fell in a sitting position after that, looking at what he just caused. He smirked, satisfied by the result. He went back on his feet and decided that it was now his time to climb the cage. He started climbing and once he had both feet on the top rope, he had a moment of hesitation. He looked at the top of the cage, and then at Marxx, who was still on the top rope like Harry Potter on his broom. He looked at the top of the cage again, and then looked back at Marxx, this time with an evil smile on his face. He grabbed the wall with both hands, and then started jumping on the top rope, causing Marxx to bounce on it, inflicting even more pain to his masculine attributes. The crowd roared in disapproval, but it didn’t stop Joshua from doing it. After a while, he stopped. He took a few seconds, and seeing Marxx was still on the top rope, he decided to bring him down with an Enziguri.

Joshua fell on his chest on the mat, next to the blinded referee as Marxx fell on his head, still holding his crotch. A new referee came in by the door as Joshua went for Marxx, covering him.




Foot on the rope!

Joshua looks at the new referee in exhaustion. He pushed up to his feet and wiped some more of the blood off of his face, before going back over to Marxx, looking to pick him up. Both men are on their feet, and Joshua sends a couple of jabs at Marxx’s face, connecting with his forehead. As Joshua goes for another clothesline, Marxx ducks and Joshua goes off the ropes. As Joshua comes back, Marxx bends down to send Joshua up with a back body drop, but Joshua kicks him in the face, standing him up! Marxx goes for a bicycle kick to stop Joshua’s momentum, but Joshua ducks and Marxx gets the SECOND referee in the face, taking him out! Joshua goes off the ropes for another lariat, but Marxx takes him out with a shoulder block!

Marxx goes down on one knee, and looks over towards the door. The crowd sees this and starts cheering, so Marxx gets to his feet and goes over to the doorway and hops down to the floor, but looks back and sees that there’s no referee conscious. Knowing he couldn’t get the win until they’re awake, he reaches under the ring and pulls out a steel chair! He slides back in to inflict more pain onto his former friend, before getting to his feet. He pounds the chair on the mat, waiting for Danielson to get up! Finally Joshua’s on his feet, completely oblivious to what’s coming! Marxx winds up as Joshua turns around. Marxx goes to swing the chair over his head, but gets a foot to his groin for his troubles! He collapses to his knees, holding his groin as he drops the chair!

Joshua looks at the chair and gets a smirk on his face. He grabs onto it, and stands in front of Marxx, looking down upon him as he holds his man parts. Joshua takes his hand under Marxx’s jaw and makes him look up at Joshua, before taking the chair and slamming it down upon Marxx’s forehead! Marxx collapses onto his chest as a small bit of blood begins to drip onto the canvas! Joshua throws the chair away and it smacks the cage as the crowd boos! Joshua drops to his knees, and begins to yell into Marxx’s face as he lay on the ground.


Joshua slowly turned Marxx over onto his back as the second referee begins to come to. Joshua covers Marxx with a lateral press as the referee slowly makes his way over to administer the count.




Marxx’s foot slips onto the ring ropes once again!

Joshua can’t believe it! He rolls off of Marxx, and puts his hands over his face as he wonders what he has to do to finally put Marxx down! Joshua finally rolls onto his hands and knees and slaps the mat! He’s frustrated and the crowd knows it!

Crowd (Half): Let’s go Marxx!
Crowd (Other Half): Josh-wa Danielson!
Crowd(Half): Let’s go Marxx!
Crowd (Other Half): Josh-wa Danielson!

Joshua finally pushes up to his feet and looks upward before going over to the ring ropes. His ascent towards the cage, is a bit slowed, and he looks back before realizing why. Marxx has a hold of his left foot! Marxx is holding on to his foot, but Joshua continues to climb the ropes! As Joshua is climbing, he seems to be inadvertently helping Marxx to his feet, and by the time Joshua begins climbing the cage, Marxx is standing up and beginning to climb himself! This begins to become a race to the top, albeit a slow one. Marxx is climbing as fast as his exhausted body will let him, and Joshua is doing the same! Finally, Joshua throws one leg over the top of the cage, then the other, and not long after, Marxx is doing the same! The first one to touch the floor is going to win this match!

Joshua stops to throw a punch at Marxx, which connects, before Marxx does the same to Joshua! Before ya know it, the two are slugging it out on the side of the cage! With each shot, both look like they’re going to fall to the floor, but they keep hold of the cage. Finally, Marxx ducks one of Joshua’s shots, and grabs him around the neck, before slipping his other hand in under his arm in a half nelson! Marxx falls backwards, taking both of them through a table below with a Canadian Leg Sweep! The crowd is going wild as they wonder who won this contest! The referee goes over to Eric Emerson, and whispers something to him.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, because both men hit the table and touched the floor at the same time, the referee has declared this bout a draw!

The crowd is disappointed, but at the same time, they’ve just seen an amazing match! Both men lay in the wreckage of the table, as the crowd is on their feet with a standing ovation for both competitors! A chant begins in a small corner of the arena, before it engulfs everybody and it’s louder than the clapping!

Crowd: PWA! PWA! PWA! PWA!

The EMT’s are out to check on both Marxx and Joshua, as both men are still not moving. They load each of them on stretchers, before taking them backstage, the crowd still in awe of what they just saw!

A Southern Boy Can Survive

The Camera opens up on the arena and suddenly..

"...I am the American Bad Ass!"

There is a mixed reaction from the Ford Center sold out crowd as The Renegade Southern steps out from behind the curtain as "American Bad Ass" starts to play, he walks to the ring, in his street clothes, with a microphone in his hand and quickly climbs into the ring and walks to the middle of thesquared circle and raises the mic to his lips.

Jimmy Henderson: Cut the FUCKING Music!

The music plays on for another moment.

Jimmy Henderson: I said..'CUT..THE....FUCKING..MUSIC!!'

The music fades right after his outburst.

Jimmy Henderson: Thank you..Where do they find these stupid fuckers anyways? Fuck it..I'm not here to btich about the PWA technical crew in our sound booth..I'm here to bitch about whom write the cards for Chaos. I'm sick and tired of sitting in the fucking back at ever show, wondering when I'll be able to come out here and into this ring and be able to kick some poor, unwitting bastard's teeth in once again. I really don't give a rat's ass whom Lisa Seldon signs me in a match with. If you dumbasses here in Oklahoma City think this is an open challenge, then you're right!

His comment does however earn him louder boos from the crowd to which Jimmy just smirks and shakes his head.

Jimmy Henderson: Go ahead...Boo..see if I care. Point is, last match I had was when Marco Dante and I were the 'Hell-Raisers'. Thanks to Mister Arrafat, that's not the case anymore. Marco may be my friend, but I still felt he needed to step it up alittle bit more and I told him as such. I'm still in it to win it, but for single competition this time. No more tag team bullshit! The James sisters may have taken some of my pride with them, but they didn't take my dignity and never my sense of humor! I'm Rebel Born and Rebel Bred, and when I die, I'll Be Rebel Dead! No more fucking around for the Renegade Southerner! I challenge anyone tonight or even at Rumble in the Bronx! It doesn't matter to me!! IF you're ready to man up, come on out!

Jimmy throws down the microphone as a resounding zthud is heard through the speakers, along with a bit of feed back, the camera fades for a bit as Jimmy Henderson laid his open challenge on the table and exited the ring.

It Tolls for Thee

Kalis sits alone in his locker room, a black hooded sweatshirt on and the hood up over his head. He's lacing up his boots, and for the first time we see him in wrestling tights in the PWA. Suddenly we hear the cocking of a gun and we see a black Glock placed against the back of his head. Kalis stops lacing his boots and sighs.

Simon Kalis: Let me guess...

Scott Nash Strader: Give me one good fucking reason not to decorate this gray locker room with some Simon Kalis.

Kalis smiles behind the hood.

Simon Kalis: I know you're upset, Scott.

Kalis slowly stands up, his arms slightly raised as he turns around to face Scott Nash Strader. The big man looks down at Kalis with disgust as he puts the gun right to his forehead.

Scott Nash Strader: Upset? Far from it Simon. I'm calm, can't you tell?

Simon Kalis: And Chamelion asks why I need a gun...

Scott Nash Strader: After the big fucking target that has been painted on my family via my daughter, why wouldn’t I?

Kalis smiles as he grabs the gun and presses it harder against his head.

Simon Kalis: What the fuck is stopping you tough guy?

Scott Nash Strader: I want know why you've been a god damn Interpol Agent, Kalis? For twelve years? Jesus Christ do you have any idea what kind of position you've put me in? You know what they do to a rat, even if they just think he is?

Simon Kalis: I know, and perhaps I should've told you sooner. But you've gotta understand Scott, there's more here at play than you're fully aware of. Let me...

Kalis points to a briefcase on a wooden table inside his locker room. Scott backs up and motions Kalis to get it with the gun still aimed at his head. Kalis pulls the hood down and cracks open the briefcase. Inside it's full of cash, with an envelope marked "To Scott Nash Strader" on it. Kalis holds it up for Scott to see as well as the piles of cash. He puts the envelope back into the briefcase and shuts it. He walks over and puts it down at Scott Nash Strader's feet.

Simon Kalis: Code is 187.

Strader scoffs.

Scott Nash Strader: LA murder code, or maybe a code of ethic?

Simon Kalis: Sure. Everything you need to know is in the envelope. If you still wanna kill me, you know where I'll be Scott. I'm not afraid of you, or death. In our life we know the end result at the start.

Scott picks up the briefcase and lowers the gun.

Scott Nash Strader: Our life. Hmm... sadly your probably not far off.

Kalis smirks.

Simon Kalis: You're right, but I'll bet you I'm the smartest moolinyan you've ever met after you read that letter Scott.

Strader scoffs and leaves the locker room without missing a step. Kalis nods as we fade out...

Hunter Sullivan vs The Phoenix

Barbedwire Mayhem

Jon McDaniel: This could be match of the night Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Of course, its got two of the greatest wrestlers in the business involved.

Jon McDaniel: I don't know how much wrestling will be accomplished here tonight, but in that ring is two of the greatest ever to step into the PWA squared circle.

Eric stands center ring, watching around waiting for his signal to start. With thumbs up from a stage hand listening through a headset, Eric begins his announcement.

"The following matchup is scheduled for one fall, This match has a 60 minute time limit, and will end only with a count out, Disqualification, a three count, or Submission. Entering first from Corner brook Newfoundland Canada, he is the Viper, HUNTERRR SULLIVVAAAAN"

The lights begin to fade, dimming to a calming light. Green and purple start to glow and flash, the arena looking to the stage as A Perfect Circle starts to play and blare. Sullivan is waiting in the gorilla position for the lyrics to hit before bursting out onto the stage. Fans are already responding in a harsh chorus of Jeers.*

You're such an inspiration for the ways
That I'll never ever choose to be
Oh so many ways for me to show you
How the savior has abandoned you

*With the signal of the beginning lyrics Hunter storms out of his position, of course to a series of discriminating chants and boos. Hunter’s artier showed off as he started moving his way across the stage. The green and purple lights reflected and caused glimmer on his body. A cool, calculating smirk seemed steady and planted on his face, an unnerving confidence, a form of malevolence shines through. The ramp was laid out before him, en route to his goal.*

Fuck your God
Your Lord and your Christ
He did this
Took all you had and
Left you this way
Still you pray, you never stray
Never taste of the fruit
You never thought to question why

*Sullivan walked calmly and professionally down the ramp. The steel ramp under Hunter's feet reacted with a clank, none of which could be heard over the music and jeers in unison. Soon Sullivan found himself on the matting surrounding the ring. He reacted quickly, rolling into the ring and heading towards the turnbuckle that was closest. Soon climbing up it he merely looked around and reacted with a combined smirk-scoff.*

It's not like you killed someone
It's not like you drove a hateful spear into his side
Praise the one who left you
Broken down and paralyzed
He did it all for you
He did it all for you

*The music died off and Sullivan dropped back to the mat, looking around the ring, making a few last mental notes. His new music finally cutting off and settling.

Thing of Beauty by Hothouse Flowers begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and green pyros flare from the ring posts. The Phoenix and the Smoking Leprechaun walk out to the entrance ramp and head to the ring.

Ding Ding

It doesn't take long and these two are throwing rights and lefts, forget about the traditional collar and elbow lockup. Rob with a thumb to the eyes gets the advantage, but since there are no rules then there is no admonishing him for his underhanded tactics. Rob with a series of chops backs Hunter towards the ropes and turns him around expertly. Rob with a belly to belly suplex, but Hunter counters with a neckbreaker, that Rob counters back into a belly to belly. Hunter stops it with a thumb to the eyes himself before going for a belly to belly suplex of his own. Rob counters with finally a neckbreaker and pulls himself up off the canvas.

Brian Rentfro: There was a bit of wrestling.

Jon McDaniel: I never said there wouldn't be any wrestling, just not much of it.

Rob stomps down on Hunter as he tries to roll out of the way and get back up to his feet. Rob goes for a stiff kick to the ribs but Hunter manages to catch the foot and pull Rob into the barbed wire wrapped ropes and score the first trickle of blood in the match. Hunter isn't waiting for the match to progress slowly, he pulls some strands of the barbed wire from around the floor and begins to quickly wrap it around Rob's neck and choke the life right out of him early.

Brian Rentfro: This match may be over quickly as Hunter seems to literally be going for the kill.

Hunter doesn't just stop with the wire around the neck, choosing to wrap it all over Rob's head before shoving him down to the canvas with a trip and a shove. Hunter springing off the bottom rope with a foot stomp onto the head of Robinson, driving the wire into his mask and into his face as well. Hunter laughs as he pulls Rob back up vertical but Rob surprises him with a kick to his inner thigh before sending him forehead first onto the canvas with a DDT. Rob rolls Hunter over, dropping a knee into Hunter's face. Rob pulls a strand of barbed wire from around his head and wraps it around his knee pad before he drops his second knee into Hunter's face and now "The Viper" is bleeding from some barbed wire related wounds. Rob pulls Hunter up, whip into ropes and as the barbs dig into Hunter's flesh he rebounds with a roar. Running knee into Rob's midsection doubles the two time Hall of Famer over in the center of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: So early and both men already bleeding.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, this match promises to be a blood bath.

Hunter follows the running knee up with a swinging neckbreaker before he calmly pulls Rob back up to his feet. Hunter yells out in primevil fury as he drags Rob's face across the top rope, tearing the mask and causing a flap of it to dangle from Rob's temple and show the bleeding flesh below. Hunter begins to smash Rob's face into the barbed wire covered top turnbuckle to hopefully bleed Rob out of the match early. Hunter with the face smash once, twice, and a third time. But wait, Hunter isn't finished and is going for a fourth time!

Jon McDaniel: Hunter is going to ruin Rob's face!

Brian Rentfro: (Outcast song mimic) I'm sorry Mrs. Robinson, I am for real, I never meant to make your husband cry, but I don't apologize for it a single time.

Jon McDaniel: Never, sing again.

Robinson counters with an elbow into Hunter's ribs stopping the fourth face smash short of Hunter's intended goal. Rob with a second elbow, then a face smash onto the now bloody turnbuckle for Hunter!

Jon McDaniel: They are gonna kill each other!

Rob with a second face smash before just grinding Hunter's face into the barbed wire and leaving it glistening with very red blood from the Canadian Hunter Sullivan. Hunter stumbles back, his face a very crimson mask, but Rob isn't through as he just drags his face slowly across the top rope into a leg sweep onto a steel chair!

Jon McDaniel: Where did that chair come from?

Brian Rentfro: A barbed wire Leprechaun?

Hunter's face slams hard into the barbed wire covered steel chair and he is motionless near center ring. Rob with a leg drop onto the back of Hunter's head, driving his face into the chair and following it up nicely with a barbed wire covered knee pad into the back of his skull. Rob is panting heavily, blood dripping from his forehead and off the torn piece of mask that is flapping in the breeze of his actions. Rob lifts the chair up, swinging it right at Hunter's face.

Jon McDaniel: Rob looking for a homerun!

Hunter with a jumping roundhouse kick sends the chair right back into Rob's face! Hunter pauses as Rob is trying to get back to one knee. Sullivan wraps some wire around his boot, perhaps looking for the Viper Snap here.

Brian Rentfro: I don't think we've ever seen a Barbed Wire Viper Snap, have we?

Rob gets up on one knee, Hunter with a running enzeguri, the barbed wire on his boot sticking to the back of Rob's head. Hunter takes a moment to regain composure and wrap a lot more wire around his boot and pull himself up to his feet once more. Hunter pulls Rob up, Irish whip into ropes.

Brian Rentfro: Here it comes!

Jon McDaniel: Barbed Wire Viper Snap!

Rob with a shoulder block to Hunter's non Viper Snapping leg!

Jon McDaniel: Rob counters!

Rob takes the chance to do some more damage to that left knee. Rob with an elbow drop onto the knee, a knee stomp and a double foot stomp for good measure. Rob looks at his elbow, then drops a barbed wire elbow onto the knee for good measure. Rob gets some strands of wire and wraps it somewhat securely around Hunter's neck before tossing him over the top rope and subsequently hanging him there!

Jon McDaniel: Rob's gonna hang him!

Brian Rentfro: You know, I think Rob knows that.

Thankfully for Hunter the wire breaks and unfortunately for him sends him into the barbed wire mess that is the ringside area. Hunter scrambles around in the wire, trying to catch his breath and get out of the wire. However Rob isn't going to let him rest as he launches himself over the top rope with a suicide dive to the outside!

Brian Rentfro: Hunter moves!

Yes, Hunter moves out of the way just as Rob is coming down to complete the dive, allowing Robinson to have a very harsh landing in the barbed wire mess as well. Rob is rolling around trying to free himself and Hunter is nearly finished freeing himself from the mess. Rob is up to his feet, untangling his feet from the mess when he is spun around from behind. Boot to the midsection and Hunter delivers a piledriver to Rob sending him head first into the mess that is ringside!

Jon McDaniel: EMTs, stand by because these two men are probably gonna need your services when this match is over.

Brian Rentfro: Does the winner get the perk of being the first to be attended to?

Hunter hooks Rob up, Fisherman's suplex and Rob is looking to be in a very bad way here as he is completely tangled in the wire. Hunter pulls Rob back up... Uranage Slam and its looking hopeless that Rob will be able to remove himself from the wire as Hunter begins to methodically stomp on Rob to keep him down in the mess.

Jon McDaniel: The match may be coming to an end here Brian.

Hunter assists Rob in getting out of the wire, he wants to do a bit more damage to Rob while he's got the legal chance here. Hunter lifts Rob up with a belly to back suplex. Rob counters with a stiff elbow to Hunter's temple. Hunter tries to continue with the suplex, but Rob delivers another stiff elbow shot to the temple and Hunter drops Rob. Rob is coming back to the floor, stunner! Hunter's eyes roll up into his bloody head, but both men are down. Both men are a lot of things here, bloody, down, panting, and looking the worse for wear to name just a few.

Jon McDaniel: This match is everything it promised to be, bloody, violent, and close to the final bell!

Brian Rentfro: Hell yeah! Violence! Blood! Sweat! and Tears!

Jon McDaniel: Neither man is crying Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Crying? I'm talking about tears in the flesh! Wahoo!

After a few minutes both men begin to get back to their feet, Robinson actually a bit ahead of Sullivan. Rob looks over his shoulder at Hunter's progress and nods as he steals Hunter's idea from earlier. Robinson begins to wrap his own boot over and over surrounding it with a few strands of barbed wire. Robinson leaps over and as Hunter draws himself up to one knee Rob delivers a running enzeguri to the back of his head. Hunter ducks slightly, but Rob anticipated that and springs off the railing to slam the bottom of his boot right into Hunter's face and a cracking sound is heard as blood begins to pour heavily from Hunter's nose. Rob pulls himself up, stomping down on Hunter's face to try and pulverize his nose beyond fixing by surgeons.

Jon McDaniel: I think Hunter's nose is broken.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, that sound definitely sounded like a nose breaking.

Jon McDaniel: Had experiece with that?

Brian Rentfro: I wasn't always the buff stud sitting here Jon, I was once as wimpy as you.

Rob lifts a couple of strands up into the air, whipping them down with extreme force onto Hunter's chest and is whipping him heavily, tearing flesh and bloodying him severely in the process. Rob rolls Hunter back into the ring, cause that is where the pin has to take place, but Rob isn't finished yet. Rob tosses Hunter into the corner roaring barbed wire elbow shot!

Brian Rentfro: Hunter is still alive!

Hunter counters drop toe hold sends Rob's already bloody face into the turnbuckle! Hunter lifts Rob up, military press position... he drops Rob face first onto the barbed wire padding and as Rob falls back of fthe wire, he leaves most of his mask and face behind... or it seems like that anyways.

Jon McDaniel: Geeze, there is blood everywhere Brian! This canvas is ruined!

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, Clorox won't be getting this out.

Hunter lifts Rob back up for another press slam face first onto the turnbuckle, but Rob counters and brings Hunter's throat across the top rope! Hunter gags, holding at his throat as Rob springs from the apron to the top rope to dive at Hunter with a elbow shot to Hunter's face. Hunter is down!

Jon McDaniel: Here is the end! Its gotta be!

Rob climbs up top, diving off with a barbed wire Ashes!

Hunter moves!

Rob rolls around as he holds at his elbow, but Hunter is already shoving back up to his feet. Rob seeing Hunter's progress gets up, but Hunter is already there with a hip toss into the corner, Rob sticking back first on the turnbuckles and hangs there momentarily. Hunter slams a knee into Rob's midsection and this action causes Rob to drop off the turnbuckles and onto his head. Hunter takes the moment to wipe the streaming blood from his eyes and from his pouring nose. Rob charges back in somehow, Hunter with another drop toe hold sends Rob face first onto the bottom turnbuckle. Hunter is back up.

Brian Rentfro: Geeze what a curb stomp there from Hunter!

Jon McDaniel: I think he just broke Rob's nose in return.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, it did sound like that.

Hunter is pressing his advantage with a foot stomp, knee drop, and elbow drop combo to the back of Rob's head and doing his best to press Rob's broken nose and sore torn face into the wire to create as much damage as possible.

Jon McDaniel: Either way it goes, I don't think either man will be having a good Christmas.

Brian Rentfro: Especially at Ground Zero.

Hunter rips Rob's face off the turnbuckle, Rob's face now bloody and torn beyond recognition. The only way you know its him is the remnants of his mask on the back of his head. Rob is on his knees and Hunter is standing over him, looking at the ropes for a Viper Snap.

Brian Rentfro: Rob with a set of barbed wire brass knuckles to Hunter's nuttles.

Hunter is the shade of Christmas with a green tint to all of the blood as he holds hiimself in obvious pain, all of his other injuries temporarily forgotten. Rob with a short pull yanks Hunter into the barbed wire turnbuckles, Hunter still holding his nuttles though. As Hunter stumbles back, Rob levels the chair shot at his face taking Hunter stumbling back. Rob shoves up to his feet, before he falls back into the ropes exhausted and thanks to the enormous amount of blood loss. Rob charges at Hunter!

Rob avoids the Viper Snap attempt, spinning around with a boot to the midsection.

The Flame!

Rob rolls Hunter over before falling on top of Hunter, unconscious as he falls.




Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: Winner of the match... The Phoenix!

Eight paramedics rush down to the ring, two stretchers and begin loading the hamburger meat onto the stretchers.

Jon McDaniel: Well folks, we're going to take a short intermission to rebuild the ring and, you know, vomit. So here's a special video filmed earlier in the week.

Date Night

Simon Kalis: So what? You're not a big fan of Tron?

Seldon scoffs at Kalis as we see them both sitting in what appears to be a fancy Italian restaurant. Lisa Seldon has a beautiful red dress on, as Kalis leans forward with the usual Brioni suit he likes to wear.

Simon Kalis: Come on, Lisa. I know we've had a strained relationship...

Lisa Seldon: We'd have to have a relationship for it to be strained, fuckrash.

Lisa raises her voice a little too loud and causes a few people to look over, but she clearly doesn’t care. Kalis sighs as he leans away from Lisa. She spins the linguini at the end of her fork, appearing obviously bored as Kalis takes a sip from his glass of wine. "Con Te Partiro" plays in the background softly amidst the atmospheric restaurant where it's obvious the patrons here are of a higher social class. There a few of them who look with sneers at Lisa and Simon sitting across from each other.

Simon Kalis: After all we've been through? I mean, out of all of your loyal peon subjects... I was the only one who remembered to get you something for your birthday. It was a nice gesture wasn't it?

Lisa Seldon: Yeah, when you were brown-nosing with management to get a leg up on the competiton. Cause, you know, that’s what you do.

Kalis rolls his eyes and nods.

Simon Kalis: I guess I have no chance with you, do I?

Lisa Seldon: Oh what ever gave you that idea? The wedding ring on my finger or the fact you've actually met my husband before? Not to mention that time you put a hit out on me.

She clicks her fingers.

Lisa Seldon: Oh yeah, and I hate you. But I’ll get over that I’m sure.

Kalis sighs as he nods.

Lisa Seldon: Besides, aren't you trying to get with your dead wife’s twin sister?

Simon Kalis: I may as well climb a tree, tie my dick to it and jump off.

Lisa Seldon: Ideally.

Simon Kalis: The point of this date wasn't to get into your pants or anything. I figure that won't happen for me, but... I just wanted to say I'm willing to put the past in the past and work to make a better show for you on Chaos.

Lisa Seldon: Oh so you won't be taking up half the allotted air time anymore? We have to pay when we run over you know. You’ve also pretty much killed the show that was on after us. Tens of actors have lost perfectly solid roles because of you.

Kalis' eyebrow rises up slightly.

Simon Kalis: No I'll still do that. I'm just saying you know, things will be different in the new year. And I was wondering...

Kalis leans in again and smiles.

Simon Kalis: Do you think I've got a chance with Teresa Quaranta or what?

Lisa smiles as she leans in close.

Lisa Seldon: No.

Simon Kalis: What about Laura?

Lisa Seldon: Definitely no.

Kalis sighs again as he leans away from Seldon. He reaches out and grabs her hand and smiles, though she seems disgusted.

Simon Kalis: Maybe if I'd done things differently everyone wouldn't hate me so much. And maybe, in another life Ms. Lorenzo...

Kalis lifts her hand up and kisses it before putting it back down. She raises an eye brow piqued by exactly what he thinks he's doing. He takes a savouring sip of his wine and puts it down, rising to his feet. He reaches into his pocket and throws $400 on the table.

Simon Kalis: Enjoy the linguini and oysters, Mrs. Seldon.

Lisa Seldon: I mean, I don’t like either of those things, but sure.

Kalis lowers his head as he turns away and begins walking off.

Lisa Seldon: Simon!

Kalis turns his head.

Simon Kalis: Yeah?

Lisa Seldon: Thanks.

Kalis nods and walks away as we fade back to ringside.

Jon McDaniel: Well... that was painful.

Brian Rentfro: Probably should have taken the date with Maverick.

Theresa if you would Pleasa

The camera fades in to see a surprising face standing on top of the ramp, a firm, resolute look on his face.

Scottie Snow: Tonight, I want to talk about respect.

Jon McDaniel: Here's Scottie Snow... uh, isn't he supposed to be in Rebel Pro?

Brian Renfro: Well he's making a cameo appearance! Have we mentioned he's a former PWA champion? Because he sure will!

Scottie Snow: People throw around that word nowadays like it means nothing, but I don't think any of you understand what respect really means. Respect...

Snow sneers as he strolls down the ramp, but the crowd starts to boo, already getting bored with his lecture.

Scottie Snow: Hey SHUT UP! I am a member of the Pantheon and a former WORLD CHAMPION. So all of you need to shut your mouths. Anyway, Respect is earned. Respect is an acknowledgment of skill, of what someone brings to the table. And despite all my skill - which is abundant - none of you PWA fans show me any respect. And the PWA shows me... are you guessing? Are you guessing? NO RESPECT.

Scottie folds his arms and shakes his head disapprovingly as the fans only increase in volume. He climbs into the ring ropes and talks louder, trying to drown everyone out with the power of his microphone.

Scottie Snow: Just because Team PWA won that little Bragging Rights match at Good vs. Evil, they've all got a little spring in their steps. And so do all of you. Your joke of a General Manger, your ugly, scraped up world champion, this fat referee -

Snow stops talking long enough to give the ref a tremendous backslap. The ref hops out of the ring while the fans boo.

Scottie Snow: But you know what? If I had been there backing Rob up, Team PWA would have fucking lost.

Jon McDaniel: Rebel Pro sent some really good competitors to that match... I don't think Scottie Snow would have made the cut.

Scottie Snow: But the past is the past, and that's OK. Because Rumble in the Bronx is coming. The chance to headline Genesis is coming. And I'm going to win that rumble and embarrass all the so-called stars in PWA and make sure Rob Robinson is really proud of me. And once I've done that -

For a moment, darkness and silence engulfs the entire arena and viewers on television see a blank feed. Then, a single light winks in and out of existence on the ramp, and is followed by another one, and a third as the epic opening to "Rising Mercury" comes to life over the PA. Just barely visible, a heavy fog begins to settle in on the ramp and migrate down to the fans below as a row of 12 women in skimpy white togas and angels wings made of the finest goose down make their way to the ramp.

Two women stand in front, burning torches scented with purest sandalwood as the fumes waft into the awestruck crowd. Still others throw rose petals, staring into the crowd and the camera with looks of focus and intense devotion. Finally, six of the women stand in the center of the formation, holding up a litter on their backs, and as this company of angels make their way down the ramp and a majestic, heavenly light spreads through the arena, we see Teresa Quaranta in the litter, surveying the surroundings.

Jon McDaniel: Well, here we go.

The caravan comes to a stop outside of the ring, and two angels on each side carefully escort her down from it. Teresa looks at Snow, grabs a microphone, and enters the ring.

Teresa Quaranta: Do you feel disrespected, Scottie? How tragic. If it mkes you feel any better, I respect you. And all of the wonderful people here respect you.

She's cut off by a storm of jeering from the stands. Teresa watches this with a smirk, hen turns back to Scottie and shrugs.

Teresa Quaranta: Okay, I guess they think you're a creepy weirdo. But Lisa Seldon? She respects you so much. I was just backstage with her, and let me tell you, that address you just made to the fans here literally took her breath away.

SMASH CUT TO: Lisa Seldon's office. The General Manager is laughing hysterically, gasping and wiping tears from her eyes.

Teresa Quaranta: She doesn't you winning the Rumble in the Bronx would really be an embarrassment at all. In fact, she thinks you becoming PWA champion once again would be a huge achievement. And so, she arranged a little tuneup match for you going into the Pay-Per-View. With me.

Scottie Snow's face suddenly falls. Teresa unwraps her toga and tosses it to the outside. Scottie slowly tries to back out of the ring, but the angels have surrounded the ring as the bell goes off. Scottie turns around to try to talk his way out of things, but Teresa lands a big jumping roundhouse to the skull that sends Scottie flying backwards into the turnbuckle, dizzy and covering his head.

Well, we're underway for this totally sanctioned match between Teresa Quaranta and Scottie Snow. Jesus.

Jon McDaniel: Let's talk about what Teresa needs to do to win the Rumble in the Bronx match.

Brian Renfro: What? There's a highly competitive match going on right here, and you need to call every second of it.

Teresa traps Scottie's head between her knees and presses up and down, slamming his skull into the canvas over and over.

Jon McDaniel: She's not as fast as Riona Langly but isn't big enough to go toe to toe with the Redeemer or Jethro Hayes. So you'll often see her moving a lot and getting a head of steam for attacks, which could leave her vulnerable in a match like the Rumble if she breaks it out at the wrong time. Still, I think she's got the right balance of skills to do well in New York.

She pulls Scottie to his feet, hitting him with a series of loud kicks that draw cringes from the crowd.

Brian Renfro: So, any strategies for trying to pull out a win?

Jon McDaniel: You mean... for Scottie Snow?

Teresa has Scottie pinned against the turnbuckle and is just slapping him in the face with his own hand over and over.

Brian Renfro: God no, I mean generally.

Jon McDaniel: Well, she tends to have a bit more trouble with world class technical wrestlers. I emailed Teresa earlier today and she told me she's spent a lot more time working on that aspect on her game, and it probably contributed a lot to even surviving that match with Marvin Wood.

She grabs Snow by the neck and throws him over the top rope - he lands on the canvas back first with a loud thud. Teresa then talks to the referee, clarifying the rules of the match while the girls swarm Scottie, kicking him and calling him cutting names like "jerk" and "poopie head" (excluding a couple of girls who used to work in porn, who loudly insult Snow with the sort of language youi don't want to hear on family TV)

Jon McDaniel: None of those girls are trained wrestlers -

Brian Renfro: And it shows! Still, I guess every little bit helps.

Finally, one of the more coordinated girls rolls Scottie under the ropes again. Teresa grabs him by the hair and pulls him up, deftly unloading a series of kicks to his stomach and backhanding him across the face once he lowered his guard. Teresa pulls Scottie into an Irish Whip, then pulls back on the hold and flips forward, kicking Snow full on in the face.

Jon McDaniel: The Compass Rose is hard to predict and even harder to counter. Scottie Snow probably doesn't know which way is up right now.

Teresa grabs Snow's feet and grabs both of his ankles. She pulls them up, puts them under her arms and heaves back, rocketing him into the turnbuckle, landing a backdrop driver as he rebounds. She pulls him up again and hits him with a series of knife edge chops, pressing him into the turnbuckle. She puts her legs over his shoulders and slides out of the ring, locking in a Tarantula. The referee begins to count the illegal hold.



Before he can go any further, one of the angels taps the referee on the shoulder. When the referee turns around, she gives him a long hug, wishing him a Merry Christmas. This continues with another girl, and another, until a line is going in and out of the ring. Meanwhile, Scottie Snow is screaming inside of the ropes.

Brian Renfro: This is clear dereliction of duty here!

Jon McDaniel: Look, everyone has priorities, and for some people getting christmas hugs from hot women is a higher priorty than making sure your co-worker's spine isn't falling off.

Finally, after an eternity, the line ends, and the ref gives a shocked look before going back to count the hold. He gets to four before Teresa breaks it and enters the ring - she jumps to the top rope and lands a stomping moonsault to the chest that leaves Snow coughing in agony.

Divine Intervention! Teresa's going to lose a kneecap one day doing that move. That's another move that can turn the tide of a match and create momentum very quickly. Teresa circles Scottie with a grin on her face as he very, very slowly gets up, pushing off the ropes. She whips him around into a Butterfly Stretch -

Brian Renfro: Scottie Snow is tapping out! It's all over!

Jon McDaniel: No, no, the ref can't count submissions, he's tying his shoes. Tragic things could happen if someone in the ring were to trip on someone's shoelaces in there.

Brian Renfro: Give me a BREAK!

The ref stands up just in time for Teresa to flip him onto the mat with the Process of Illumination. The ring rattles with the impact, and Scottie Snow is out cold.

Jon McDaniel: You know what, the ref might have counted that submission if Scottie hadn't slapped him across the face a few minutes ago.

Brian Renfro: Whatever happened to impartiality?

Teresa starts to lock in the Death of the Future, but looks out into the crowd and shrugs her shoulders before flipping Scottie into a regular old Boston Crab. The pain shocks Snow awake, and he frantically taps out, bringing this epic match to a close.

Brian Renfro: Well, Teresa is clearly exhausted. Scottie really took her to her limits, he's a great athlete.

Jon McDaniel: No, no, and... no.

Teresa motions for a microphone and coughs once or twice before speaking, with a very humble look on her face.

Teresa Quaranta: Apparently, it's a real shocker to be here for a month without talking about how you're going to win the PWA World Championship. I guess I'm old-fashioned, but I've never thought of a world title shot as something that you blog your way into... or hype your way into... or talk your way into. I mean, anyone who knows me knows that I can talk and talk and talk without ever shutting up sometimes, but if you ask me, a world championship is hallowed ground, and no one should put themselves there unless they've been placed into contention.

Suddenly, the look on her face brightens.

Teresa Quaranta: But what do you know, it's Rumble in the Bronx season. And now, everyone's a title contender! So I can say whatever I want. I've fought both of the championship contenders. We've got Riona Langly, who's apparently been on a methadone drip since she won at WarGames. We have history. And on the other hand, there's Simon Kalis, a man who is singlehandedly doing his best to make PWA painful to watch. We have business. Unfinished business. On the third hand, there's Rayn, who is an overrated asshole who hasn't won a wrestling match since the Taft administration, so it's probably best to leave him out altogether. It's safe to say... that I can beat any of those three people to become the first PWA champion that's actually ENTERTAINING since um... probably forever.

Teresa Quaranta: But... I can't get a world title shot booked for me five months in advance because I beat some random guy. And I can't get a world title match by being the ethnically mismatched sibling of my wife's identical twin sister's cousin twice removed... I don't have an army to get me a title match... or even a coast guard for that matter. I can't devour anyone's soul to get a title match... not to mention people's souls probably give you gas. If I want to go to Genesis, if I want to end Kalis' reign of utter stupidity, if I want to show Riona Langly that I am the best on the planet, if I want to give Daniel Kalis the chance to become a fifty eight time champion or however many it is... there's only one way to do it.

The crowd hoots and applauds in support, and Teresa nods.

Teresa Quaranta: New York's done a lot of great things for my career. It's given me a lot of opportunities. And in a couple of weeks, it's going to give me an opportunity to main event Genesis, and nobody from Raizzor to Mark Zout allll the way down to Scottie Snow is going to stop it from happening.

She hands the mic off to one of the angels and Mercury Rising plays again as the scene fades.

Lucious Starr vs Raizzor

Grudge Match

The arena is dimmed until only a single beam of light shines on the center of the entrance ramp. The PWA-tron lights up, showing a countdown on the screen. As the countdown begins, one hears the voice of a young child.

(5) Now I lay me down to sleep
(4) I pray the Lord my soul to keep
(3) And if I die before I wake
(2) I pray the Lord my soul to take

The final line during the countdown is spoken by a grown man, running chills down the spines of those watching.

(1) May God have mercy on your soul...

The opening chords to Soundgarden's "Fell on Black Days" begin to play through the arena, a figure making his way onto the ramp. He begins to reach skyward, the anticipation growing. As his fingers touch, pyros shoot from all sides forming a star above his head. Lucious looks to the ring, slowly dropping his arms to his side.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in tonight at two hundred and sixty-three pounds...

Lucious walks down the ramp, his eyes fixed on the ring. He reaches out, allowing his hand to touch those of some nearby fans, as he slowly walks down the entrance to the arena.

Whatsoever I've feared has come to life
And Whatsoever I've fought off became my life
Just when everyday seemed to greet me with a smile
Sunspots have faded
Now I'm doing time
Now I'm doing time
Cause I fell on black days
I fell on Black days

Eric Emerson: He is the Beta Warrior of the Pioneer Wrestling Association...

Whomsoever I've cured I've sickened now
Whomsoever I've cradled I've put you down
I'm a search light soul they say
But I can't see it in the night
I'm only faking when I get it right
When I get it right
Cause I fell on black days
I fell on Black days
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate

So what you wanted to see good has made you blind
And what you wanted to be yours has made it mine
So don't you lock up something that you wanted to see fly
Hands are for shaking
No, not tying
No, not tying

Lucious stops at the bottom of the ramp, turning his head to each side. He shoots into the ring, sliding to the center as he pushes himself up. He looks to Eric, who nods to the star.

Eric Emerson: It is my honor to introduce... Lucious Starr!!

I sure don't mind a change
I sure don't mind a change
Yeah, I said sure dont mind, I sure dont mind the change
I sure dont mind the change
Cos I fell on black days
I fell on black days
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate
If you dont mind the change

Lucious starts to the northwest corner, raising one arm to the sky. The fans roar in adulation, the Fury of Hades taking it all in. He drops to the mat, turning to ring center, his eyes fixed on the mat

Jon McDaniel: So much bad blood between these two has been building up since Good versus Evil, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah except now Raizzor won't be able to interfere in Starr's match. Raizzor has been costing Starr his matches left, right and center like a big baby. Time for him to pay.

Jon McDaniel: Regardless of whether you'd say that to Raizzor's face or not... Lucious Starr is next to pay for the sins of The Order of Chaos.

Eric Emerson: And now…hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada……

A striking rift signals the beginning of “Vengeance” by Dream Evil and the lights blink out, save for one shining spotlight on the stage. Words flow from the speakers as the fans rise as one to face the stage, a huge pop resounding throughout the entire arena.

I have worked for nothing, slaved in vain
All those years that I've been pushed around
They better watch their backs now, those who gave me pain
'Cause vengeance screams their names tonight

Pyros explode on each side of the entrance as steam rises up through the grates of the stage.

All of you sinners
You better run and try to hide
You've all been dreaming
So you better hide to stay alive

Stepping from the cloudy smoke, wrapped in his long black duster and head down, Raizzor appears.

Marching out now, out to kill
The rain of blood has just begun
Blocked emotions now released
In darkness you will fear my name

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at 285lbs, he is The Soul-Taker; RAIZZOR!!!

All of you sinners
You better run and try to hide
You've all been dreaming
So you better hide to stay alive
All of you sinners

Stalking down the ramp, Raizzor’s eyes do not leave the ring, projecting fear to all who stand within it. He turns and silently climbs the steps as the song continues its shrill warning.

Can you hear me?
I'm closing in on you
Can't you feel it...

Through the ropes he slips, shrugging his leather duster off in one clean move. Muscles rippling under his elbow length sleeves, Raizzor rotates his arms to loosen himself up, never once taking his gaze off the center of the ring and anyone who happens to be in his sights.

I will show no mercy you will not survive
'Cause vengeance screams your names tonight!

Uncharacteristically, Raizzor proffers a slight smile, suggesting painful vengeance to come and turns to push his chest against the ropes and spread his arms wide to the crowd, as if wishing to engulf them all into his soul. This causes a massive reaction as the crowd explodes with louder cheers.

All of you sinners
You better run and try to hide
You've all been dreaming
So you better hide to stay alive

As the song dies, Raizzor turns and awaits the bell’s toll. Starr stares at him sternly as he looks around the ringside area. The ring is surrounded by tables yet to be set up, folded chairs and folded ladders. There is one folded chair, one folded ladder and one folded table already in the ring. Starr quickly grabs the chair as...


Jon McDaniel: And we're off!

Raizzor shakes his head as he calmly steps forward towards Starr. Starr jumps forward and smashes the chair over Raizzor's face. Raizzor takes a half step back as Starr lashes out again with the chair but to no seeming effect on The Soul Taker. Starr slams the chair in Raizzor's knees which does have Raizzor take a step back but Raizzor quickly hits a European uppercut on Starr sending him stumbling back. Starr swings the chair again but Raizzor grabs it with both hands and then pushes it hard into Starr's face. Starr stumbles back shaking his head as Raizzor now swings the chair and fully dents it over Starr's head. The chair crumples and drops as Raizzor grabs Starr by the throat and lifts him up, chokeslamming him onto the dented chair which straightens it out again from the impact of Starr's body. Starr cringes as he holds his lower back in pain and rolls away off of the chair. Raizzor calmly follows him and stomps down on Starr's neck and chest repeatedly. Starr covers himself up to fend off the beating and rolls out of the ring to avoid further damage. Starr quickly picks up a ladder as Raizzor climbs out of the ring. Starr rushes forward and uses the ladder like a battering ram, knocking Raizzor off of the apron and onto the ground below. Raizzor lands on his feet, even if just barely and headbutts Starr. Starr throws the ladder at Raizzor, who catches it before it can hit him across the face. But Starr hits a standing dropkick into the chair which whacks against Raizzor's face.

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor always looks dominant.

Brian Rentfro: Dominant? He just took a ladder to the face.

Starr grabs a chair quickly and opens it up placing it down. He turns around and walks right into Raizzor who kicks him in the gut then grabs his head and neck. Raizzor spins around and slaps Starr's back as he drops him into the open chair with a spike DDT. The chair closes on Starr's head as it's forced shut by the impact and Starr yells as it does. Raizzor is back up and he walks over to one of the folded tables and sets it up. He picks up Starr and throws Starr onto the table, the chair still attached to Starr's head. He rips the chair off of Starrs head and whacks it into his chest a few times before placing it back under Starr's head, neck and shoulders. Raizzor hops onto the apron and points to the top turnbuckle as the fans go nuts. Raizzor carefully climbs to the top rope and jumps off with an elbow drop onto Starr's throat through the table!!! The crowd goes NUTS as the table collapses and Starr is left in a horrible mess of wreckage of the chair and table. Raizzor may've done at least a bit of damage to himself as he gets himself up. He picks Starr up and rolls him into the ring. As Raizzor climbs the apron and gets into the ring Starr seems to be surveying whats inside the ring. He sees the table being propped up in one corner and begins to crawl towards it. Raizzor shakes his head as he begins walking towards Starr but Starr pushes himself onto his back as Raizzor gets right behind him and, using both his feet, Starr snaps his feet inbetween Raizzors. Raizzor trips forward and goes right through the table!!! Starr smirks as he uses the ropes to get himself to his feet and the crowd cheers the violence! Raizzor is now laying in a heap of broken table as Starr raises his arms in the air and then goes for the ladder in the opposite corner.

Jon McDaniel: The gusto on these guys!

Brian Rentfro: Starr is showing why he really did deserve to be PWA Champion. Mark my words, he will win tonight.

Jon McDaniel: Against Raizzor? Unlikely.

Brian Rentfro: You're so predictable, Jon.

Starr sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring and begins to climb it as Raizzor slowly pulls himself out of the debris. As Raizzor stands up, he doesn't see Lucious Starr balancing himself on top of the ladder. Raizzor turns around, sees the ladder and looks up as Starr comes flying off with a seated senton splash over Raizzor that sends them both right back into the debris of the table and the cameras flashing all over the arena in a blinding array of lights. Raizzor grits his teeth as he pulls a piece of wood out of his shoulder that went in and the entire crowd grimaces at the sight.


Jon McDaniel: Jesus Christ!

Brian Rentfro: On a popsicle stick!

Starr rolls away having hurt himself a bit in the fray as well. Starr grabs the ladder from the bottom as Raizzor chucks the bloody piece of wood out of the ring. Starr pulls the ladder forward and it drops right onto Raizzor but Raizzor catches it with both hands. Raizzor slams it down onto Starr and then brings it back up again only to slam it back down over Starr once more. Starr rolls out of the ring to catch his breath as Raizzor chucks the ladder aside and shakes everything off. Raizzor is on his feet in the ring, as is Starr on the outside of the ring. Raizzor sets up the ladder in the ring as Starr sets up some tables outside of the ring. Starr sees Raizzor busy making sure the ladder is sturdy so he grabs a chair and slides into the ring. He uses it like baseball bat and swings into Raizzor's legs, hitting him in the back of the knees. Raizzor catches himself as he stumbles forward with the ladder. Starr swings again into Raizzor's bleeding shoulder but Raizzor quickly turns around and in lightning quick manner grabs Starr by the throat. Starr drops the chair but spits in Raizzor's face and knees him in the groin. Starr grabs both of Raizzor's arms and hits a double armed DDT onto the steel chair which sends the fans to their feet! Starr quickly begins climbing the ladder that Raizzor set up in the ring but he doesn't see just how quickly Raizzor sits up as if nothing had happened. Raizzor is back to his feet and chucks the chair that he just dented with his face onto the table set up outside the ring. Raizzor then taps Starr on the leg as Starr nears the top of the ladder. Starr looks behind himself and sees Raizzor and wildly throws a kick at the Soul Taker. The Untamed Fury can't get to Raizzor who grabs onto Starr and puts Starr onto his shoulders now. Starr begins punching Raizzor repeatedly in the head. But Raizzor turns towards the outside of the ring and lifts Starr up by his pants and then throws him out of the ring, face first! The cameras flash once more as Starr crashes through the chair, through the table, all face first and lays on the ground outside the ring in a now bleeding mess. Raizzor isn't finished as he climbs back up to the top rope and comes off with Version 2 of the Guillotine. His leg crashes over the back of Starr's neck and head and now both men find themselves in a debris field.

Brian Rentfro: THAT CRAZY MANIAC! Starr could be hurt REALLY bad!!!

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor is demanding the payment for Starr's war crimes with The Order of Chaos in blood, Brian.

Raizzor turns Starr over and lifts him up. He throws Starr into the ring and slides in after him. Raizzor puts both his hands on Starr's chest and whips his hair back as he yells at Dwayne Cross to make the count.


Brian Rentfro: Oh my god get up Starr!!!


Jon McDaniel: One more target marked off Bria-


Brian Rentfro: Hah WHAT Jon?

Jon McDaniel: I uh...

Brian Rentfro: WHAT?

Jon McDaniel: ...

Brian Rentfro: EXACTLY!

Raizzor slowly grins as he looks down at Starr who's bleeding all over himself now. Raizzor slides out of the ring and grabs two more tables, sliding them into the ring. He sets one up and looks back at Starr who is still holding onto himself in pain. Raizzor stops to ponder for a moment as he puts the second table on top of the first one.

Jon McDaniel: What now?

Brian Rentfro: I wonder what goes through this mans mind sometimes...

Raizzor opens up the second table and sets it perfectly on top of the first. He now moves the ladder into a good position a bit away from the two tables but Starr is up! Starr irish whips Raizzor into the ladder to which Raizzor simply begins climbing it. Starr points towards the sky as he rushes after Raizzor, wiping the blood from his face just as he begins climbing up right after Raizzor. Raizzor throws a kick back at Lucious which he moves his face out of the way a few times. Lucious is just beneath Raizzor as Raizzor reaches the top of the ladder and it sways precaciously. The crowd is on their feet as Starr puts his back to the ladder and grabs Raizzor's legs. Lucious' veins pop as he pulls Raizzor down and forward!!! LUCIOUS STARR TAKES RAIZZOR OFF THE LADDER, THROUGH THE TWO TABLES AND THE RING CRASHES IN ON ITSELF!!!! GRIM REAPER ON THE SOUL TAKER!!!! THE CROWD GOES NUTS, THE CAMERAS ARE FLASHING AS THE RING IS NOW A CRATER!!!


Starr and Raizzor are both demolished in the center of the broken ring. Dwayne Cross looks in to see whats happened, and as he does he sees Lucious Starr throw himself on top of Raizzor.


Brian Rentfro: All I can say is wow!


Jon McDaniel: If anyone is gonna kick out of that, it's Raizzor!


Cross jumps to his feet and calls for the bell.


Eric Emerson: The winner of this match as a result of pinfall, THE UNTAMED FURRRRRRYYYY... LUCIOUS STARR!!!!

Starr crawls out of the destroyed ring and rolls onto his back before slowly getting to his feet using the ropes. He wipes the blood from his face as he looks down at Raizzor in shock, Dwayne Cross raising his hand.

Brian Rentfro: Hah! Raizzor has failed! YES!

Jon McDaniel: I think Starr is in as much shock as we are...

Brian Rentfro: This is such a big, and incredible victory for Starr. Such vindication after Raizzor tormented him all month. But when it counted most? Starr won! LUCIOUS STARR WON!!!

Jon McDaniel: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm getting word that we're pulling the World title match forward because... well... because we have to build a new ring.

Riona Langly (C) vs Simon Kalis

Glass Chamber Match

We pan away from the ring to our giant ominous box setup by the ring. A number of lucky fans are pushed right up to the glass, surrounding it on each side. The rest have their eyes fixed to the screen.

Jon McDaniel: This is it folks. The match everyone has been waiting for.

Brian Rentfro: Perhaps the match these two have been waiting for, for a very long time. Simon Kalis has been a thorn in Riona's side since he arrived to the PWA in August 2009. Things have heated up, cooled down and heated up again over the last year and a half.

Jon McDaniel: They have fought in wars, as allies and as enemies. The Order of Chaos of Masakazu and Simon Kalis initially helped the Apostles destroy The Pantheon by turning on Hunter Sullivan at a pivitol point of WarGames 2009.

Brian Rentfro: We all know now they only helped to take out the only thing stopping The Order from making it's own push for power and dominance over the PWA half a year later, culminating in last month's WarGames in bloody fashion. And just when Riona could rest at ease? Kalis was held back by the Board of Directors the entire time the powerplay was underway from fighting for any titles. The only thing the Apostle victory over The Order did was free Simon of that bondage, and set him loose on Riona Langly as she took back the title from Lucious.

Jon McDaniel: With the help of Chamelion, of all people- Simon Kalis was given a shot at Riona.

Brian Rentfro: He warned her her war path would be doom for her. He might be right. Hell, PWA HISTORY might be made tonight. Has there ever been a black World Champion?

Jon McDaniel: Not sure...

Brian Rentfro: There you go!

Jon McDaniel: Regardless! Now these two will fight for the top prize in the business and inside of the unique and entrapping Glass Chamber. Fifteen feet high and twenty five feet wide all around, this will enclose these two competitors inside of it's clutches with no ring, no ropes, no weapons, no possibility of interference. This will be the truest one on one bout of wrestling ever seen in PWA history. There will be a winner folks, there will be an Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.


Eric Emerson: The following match is schedueled for one fall and will be a Glass Chamber Match for the Pioneer Wrestling Association UNDISPUTED WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

The crowd explodes with cheers as the cameras pan the massive Glass Chamber that surrounds what was once ringside. The ring has been completely removed and instead Olympic wrestling mats have been put in its place.

Eric Emerson: Introducing FIRST, THE CHAMPIOOOOON!!!!!

### Today... my name... is pain... ###

The lights dim as a haunting melody begins to play over the PA system. As the chimes play out, flashes on the otherwise blackened ADCTron show a slideshow of violence during war throughout the ages... A guitar kicks in, adding to the melody as the speed of the images picks up, more sights being added as well as almost subliminal messages of PAIN, VIOLENCE, HELL, WAR... The guitar stops it's long riff and kicks in with the drums as the lights start to pulse red, the with more violence screaming across the ADCTron... Photos of Riona Langly mix into the slideshow, showing matches against Jamie Flynn, The Phoenix, Hunter Sullivan, SNS, Corey Lazarus, Viktor Stone, Matthew Engel, Raizzor, and Marxx...

### Tonight... Tonight... ###
### Tonight... ###

A very low, angry growl as the lights flicker wildly, while remaining deeply red....

### GO! ###

"The New Ministry" from Walls of Jericho is in full force as a familiar spotlight lights up right behind the entrance way. Stepping out in front of it is of course, Riona Langly, her head hanging down as she soaks in the ambiance before a match.

### Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Give me your passion ###
### Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Give me your heart ###

Riona lifts her head up and scream, snapping off her crux pose, the Intercontinental Championship flinging out in her left arm, as criss-crossing red pyro fires off in front of her. The pyrotechnics shoot off 5 times before coming to an end, the lights in the arena returning to normal as Riona begins her walk down to the ring, slinging the title onto her shoulder.

Eric Emerson: Introducing... she comes to us from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! She weighed in this morning at 142 pounds, and stands at five foot nine inches. She is the PIONEER WRESTLING ASSOCIATION... UNDISPUTED HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!

### Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Now and forever ###
### Tonight... is... ours... ###

Riona stops at the end of the entrance ramp, rolling her fists as she stares inside the glass chamber. Maya Kalis runs out from behind her and gives her a big hug and high five as they both stare into the looming Glass Chamber.

Eric Emerson: Accompanied to the Glass Chamber by MAYA!!!

### Live out your dream ###
### With everything you have inside you ###
### This world can't hold us back forever! ###
### forever... FOREVER...###
### FORVER... FOREVER... ###


Riona saunters into the glass chamber, calm, cool and collected.

### We Bleed Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Give me your passion ###
### Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Give me your heart ###

### Tonight is ours ###
### Now and forever ###
### Tonight is ours ###

Riona starts some light stretches as she hands referee Lance Weston the PWA World title and Maya blows her a good luck kiss from just outside the chamber.

Jon McDaniel: Riona looks ready, she knows what needs to be done. She didn't fight through all the adversity she's had to face only to have the World title slip through her fingers for a third time this year.

Brian Rentfro: You forget who she's facing. He is the man who has main evented almost every single pay per view since his return in February at Genesis. When he came to the PWA, he was called the Future. The Future World Champion, a Future Hall of Famer.

Jon McDaniel: Now you're going to say Riona isn't going to be a Hall of Famer one day?!

Brian Rentfro: Oh no I think she will, but she is facing an opponent blessed with destiny. The Original First Class Felon, The Last Superstar. Your next World Champion folks...

Eric Emerson: Introducing next, THE CHALLENGER!

"The World Is Not Enough" by Garbage begins to play over the sound systems as the lights in the arena all dim, with a single spotlight shining on the entrance ramp.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds, standing at six feet and three inches tall. He hails from MONTREAL, QUEBEC CANADA!

From backstage, a number of individuals in black tuxedo's begin pouring out on the right side of the ramp. All of them have the letters "FCF" spray painted on their backs and Richard Nixon masks over their faces. On the left side a number of women in black dresses step out, FCF spray painted on their backs and Richard Nixon masks over their faces.

The world is noooooot enough!!!
But it's the perfect place to start, my love!!!
And if you're strong enough???
Together, we can take the WORLD apart, my love!!!

As the chorus finishes, there is a loud screech over the sound systems as the song is cut off and "Walk on Water" by Ozzy Osbourne hits the speakers.

Eric Emerson: Accompanied to the Chamber by MASA.. KA... ZU!!

Masakazu removes his Richard Nixon mask and throws it in the crowd, stepping forward and recieving a fairly nice applause from the fans. Suddenly however the lights go all out, and gold pyros begins to slowly rise in arches towards the center of the entrance ramp in a consistent stream of sparks.

Eric Emerson: He is the ORIGINAL First Class Felon... THE LAST SUPERSTAR.... SIMON KALIS!

The lights turn back on as Simon Kalis stands in the middle of the pyros with a black hoodie on that covers his face. He sways back and forth then throws his arms into the air, as well as his gaze as the pyros fire off in one final explosive precussion that has the fans both cheering and booing. The pyros stop and Kalis removes the hood, throwing it to a fan. He steps forward, and for the first time he is sporting traditional wrestling gear. Kalis adjusts his elbow pads and stretches. He's wearing black spandex tights from the waist down, with the word "OUTLAW" emblazened on his left leg and the word "KALIS" on his right. As he steps forward he hugs Masakazu and we can see that the First Class Felony emblem is emblazened right over his ass. He adjusts the knee brace on his left leg and begins moving forward towards the chamber.

Jon McDaniel: Don't think I've ever seen Kalis actually wear anything but jean shorts or khaki's to the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Kalis is reminding us that he was once known as a very great technical wrestler. I think the tights are a visualization of that fact.

Kalis walks around the chamber and fans clap his back and taunt him as he passes by them. He places his hand on the chamber as he passes it by, looking it over up and down as he taps against the plexiglass. He hugs Masakazu one more time before stepping into the chamber with Riona and senior referee Lance Weston. Masakazu meets up with Maya and they both smile and hug each other. Weston finally grabs the PWA World title from Riona and raises it in the air for everyone to see before handing it to the ring official who takes it out of the chamber. As he does this Rayn comes from the backstage area and joins Masa and Maya at ringside. Masakazu and Maya both seem ready to strike out at their uncle but he raises his hands to say he is here to spectate and stands away from them, a cynical smirk over his face.

Jon McDaniel: Jeez the whole Kalis family is out here for this match aren't they? But if Maya is sort of on Riona's side, and Mas on Simon's... Who is Rayn with?

Brian Rentfro: He's gonna be with whoever walks out of here Champion, and by that I mean he probably wants to get Rumble in the Bronx started tonight.

Westen pats down Riona Langly for any weapons and does the same to Kalis as the glass chamber is now locked, sealed and ready. Security removes the barricades from ringside and fans from front row pour in to get a closer look. They all press against the glass, slapping and hitting it as Riona and Kalis begin to circle each other in the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Gotta say I'm loving the new look Kalis. I don't think he's wrestled in actual wrestling tights for half a decade.

Jon McDaniel: How do you get the taste of his ass out of your mouth, Brian? It's time for Riona to show us why she is the PWA's last hope.


Kalis grabs the edge of his tights by the waists and pulls them forward, allowing them to snap back against his skin. He smiles at Riona as he grabs ahold of his junk and gives her a wink but Riona is having none of his supramist bullshit as she charges in right off the bat. She immediately goes for a lariat but Kalis sidesteps her and lands a quick strike with the side of his palm into her throat. He grabs her head and neck and DDT's her into the mats before wrapping his legs around her torso and maintaing the hold. He yells as he rips into her neck, pulling back and closing his arm tightly around it. Riona starts throwing punches wildly into his ribs and gut trying to escape. Finally she does and she sits up, Kalis throws her a cocky smirk as she sits on top of his lip but she immediately strikes him with a punch straight to his throat. He immediately coughs and chokes, rolling away from her while he holds his throat. Riona grabs him by his right leg and lifts it up, smashing his knee into the ground. She does it again as he tries to crawl away before stomping repeatedly on the back of his knee, then his knee cap as he rolls onto his back though the reinforced knee pads he's wearing help stave off severe damage. Kalis sends out a sharp thrust kick to Riona's tights, alternating between his legs for kicks until she backs off. Kalis rolls away and gets to his feet, placing his fist against the glass and fist bumping another fan through it as Riona stands back and catches her breath.

Jon McDaniel: This is intense, Brian. Some serious back and forth here.

Brian Rentfro: Riona seems a little out of it already though doesn't see? Perhaps she's distracted by the massive bulge in Kalis' tights.

Jon McDaniel: I think the question is why YOU noticed that, Brian.

Riona and Kalis rush each other but Riona stops short and grabs Kalis by the shoulders, throwing him face first towards the plexiglass wall. He hits it and bounces back, holding his face as Riona kicks him in the back of the knee. It brings him to one knee. She grabs his neck and head again and drops back for an inverted DDT that snaps Kalis knee as well. Kalis grabs his left knee as Riona instinctively gets back to her feet. She takes a few steps back then runs forward and hits a double foot stomp right on that very same knee, the left one with the brace. Kalis winces in pain and rolls away as quick as he can. He looks up as the fans at the wall slap their hands against it mocking him. Riona calmly walks towards him and grabs him by the neck again, lifting him to his knees. Kalis punches her in the gut and grabs her shoulders, reaching up and bringing her down while pulling himself up. He knees her in the face and then wraps his hand around her neck. He lifts her up quickly, all the way and into the air. Cameras flash across the arena as he brings her down to the mat hard with a thunderous chokeslam, catching everyone off guard with the move. Kalis climbs on top of Riona, wrapping his legs around her waist and pressing his knees against her ribs as he holds both her shoulders down.


Brian Rentfro: That's one way to do a pinfall.


Jon McDaniel: You're telling me!


Riona quickly pushes forward, kneeing Kalis in the stomach and holds him down for a cover just as he did her.


Brian Rentfro: I think Simon is enjoying the position he finds himself in.


Jon McDaniel: What gave it away? The giant smile?


Kalis throws Riona off of himself and quickly rolls away and onto his feet. He begins swaying back and forth in a fighting stance as Riona gets to her feet as well. Kalis rushes her and Riona drop toe holds Kalis face first into the glass chamber wall. Kalis' head snaps back and blood spurts everywhere. The fans against the glass wall cheer, hoot and holler as Kalis rolls onto his face and holds his nose... It's broken and bleeding! He scoffs as Riona rushes towards him and lands a moonsault onto him as he's laid out, making sure she hits her leg over his face. Kalis quickly pulls himself onto his shoulders in a great display of athleticism and spins on his shoulders like he was break dancing before bringing both his legs back down towards Riona as she gets up. He grabs her by the waist with his legs and jumps onto back with a big push. He locks his legs around Riona and slams her to the mat and then applies an unorthodox crippler crossface from behind instead of next to her. He pulls her arm back and screams as Riona refuses to quit. Weston continues to check on her but Kalis does not relent until we hear a huge POP! Kalis falls back and off of Riona as she winces in horrible pain, her left arm hanging limp off of her torso as she gets to her feet using Lance Weston as a pull. Kalis is back on his feet and wipes the blood from his face as he stalks her carefully. Riona stumbles forward and snaps her dislocated shoulder back into place to the oohhhs and ahhhs of the fans immediately in front of her. Kalis grabs Riona quickly and smashes her face against the glass chamber walls once, twice, thrice! She stumbles back and Kalis unleashes a sickening barrage of lefts and rights. Riona's head twists as blood spurts from her mouth and she stumbles forward again. Kalis taunts the fans by putting his ass to the glass chamber wall as the fans try to kick it to no avail.

Jon McDaniel: This is raw, Brian. It is a real fight, a real wrestling match.

Brian Rentfro: I'm surprised they're both bleeding now so easily.

Jon McDaniel: WarGames' stitches probably haven't fully healed yet.

Kalis turns around as Riona clotheslines him to the ground for his insolence. He's right back up but The PWA World Champion hip tosses his black ass to the olympic wrestling mat below. Kalis gets right back up again and dodges a straight punch from Riona only to get an blind elbow to the back of the head as he steps passed her. Riona jumps onto Kalis' back and locks in a sleeper hold as she holds on to the much taller challenger. Kalis swings his body back and forth trying to get Riona off of him but she only maintains her hold over his neck. She spits blood forward but only gets a little bit on Simon's face. It's enough though to blind Kalis slightly as she puts her feet to his feet and then kicks him forward with tremendous force into the glass chamber. Kalis' face boings off the glass chamber walls as the fans howl at him from behind the glass. Riona goes up behind him and begins smashing his face against the wall repeatedly. She doesn't stop to the point everyone's lost count and Kalis' stitches on his forehead from WarGames have burst open. Kalis stumbles backwards in a complete daze as Riona kicks him in the gut and delivers him to the mat with a double armed DDT. Kalis' head bounces off the mat and he remains motionless, rolling onto his back and blood all over his face. The glass chamber rattles as the fans squeezed against it smack their hands against it hard begging Riona to pin. She just laughs as she grabs Kalis by the throat and lifts him to his knees. Kalis kneels before her on his knees and his head tilted back. He smirks as he wags his tongue really fast near Riona's crotch and Riona responds with a swift knee to the side of Kalis' head. Kalis droops over to the right side but straightens himself out, still wagging his tongue with a cocky grin. Riona knees him again, this time he droops over to the left side. Riona begins chopping his chest with her backhand to the roars of the crowd! One! Two! Three! Four! Kalis is using his hands by putting them behind him to just keep his balance as his chest turns red. Suddenly he pushes himself forward and grabs Riona's legs. He sweeps her off her feet and rolls her forward onto her shoulders as he presses himself up against her, he grabs her arms and holds her down with himself arched over her! Weston drops for the count!


Jon McDaniel: I'm seeing a pattern here, Brian.


Brian Rentfro: What? The fact Kalis makes sure his crotch is against Riona's everytime he pins her?!


Kalis falls off of Riona as is still obviously hurt, but smiling as he holds his chest with his left hand and wipes the blood from his face with his right.

Jon McDaniel: He better realize that'll probably only piss Riona off more and not help his cause here.

Riona Langly leg drops onto the downed Kalis and then proceeds to apply a front face lock on her challenger. Kalis winces in pain as Riona pulls back and applies ever increasing pressure. Lance Weston is down on one knee and checking Simon Kalis out to see if he's finished. Kalis yells no but his hand begins to slowly raise in the air. The crowd stands on their feet, the fans right at the glass chamber press up against it to get the best look possible. Kalis seems ready to tap as he quickly slams his hand down BUT he stops and waves it around with a middle finger. Riona cusses him out as she moves with the hold, applying more pressure but Kalis maintains a cynical laughter. He begins pushing himself up off the mat with his free hand and lifts Riona up with him. He throws himself, by the side she is on, into the glass chamber forcing Riona to let go. Kalis grabs Riona by the neck and lifts her up against the glass chamber wall with his right hand. She kicks but he moves his upper body from side to side to avoid the kicks as she grabs his hand with both of hers. Kalis smirks as he chokes her while holding her up before pushing her around and taking her from the wall of the glass chamber back into the air. He puts his hand on her lower back and slams her down hard to the mat. Kalis lifts her up to a sit up position and immediately locks in the katahajimi collar choke hold. The fans roar, in shock at the move Kalis locks on. He puts his face to Riona's and talks into her ears but she yells back, refusing to surrender. Riona tries to shoot an elbow blindly into Kalis' sides and it works but Kalis immediately improvises and locks his legs around Riona and rolling both of them to the mat. He kicks her legs as she elbows his sides all the while Kalis is maintaining the katahajimi.

Jon McDaniel: Wow. This match has been pretty intense so far.

Brian Rentfro: The fans are eating this up, Jon.

Riona wins out as she throws another elbow with her free arm into Kalis' side, he lets go. He keeps his legs wrapped around Riona and laughs but Riona turns it against him by using one arm to make sure his legs stay wrapped around her. She pushes herself up to her feet in reverse then arches backwards, putting her head against Kalis' chest as she rolls him up for an arching pin.


Brian Rentfro: Whoa!


Jon McDaniel: Kalis can't believe it!


Kalis gets his legs free and throws his shoulder up but his lower back is in pain from the weird pin. Kalis tries to crawl away from Riona but she grabs back onto him and locks in an Indian Deathlock! Kalis winces in horrible pain as he thrashes about in the ring. Riona throws herself back and forth against the mat and back up as she maintains the Indian deathlock on Kalis. Kalis grabs his legs and shakes his head furiously refusing to tap out. The crowd is on their feet as Kalis yells in pain, even Masakazu and Maya at ringside can't believe what they're seeing. Kalis looks around in gut instinct for the ropes and screams an obsenity as he realizes there are no ropes.

Jon McDaniel: I don't think I've ever seen Kalis in this much genuine pain. At least he's never expressed it so violently and Riona knows she has him. His knees are his weak point and she is going to break his legs and win this match!

Brian Rentfro: I wouldn't count Simon out just yet but he sure is pissed now that it clicked there is no rope breaks.

Riona brings herself completely forward then drops back, this time she's the one laughing and smiling as Kalis' head rolls around on the mat, he's stopped thrashing around.

Jon McDaniel: They say the Indian Deathlock is the most painful submission in all of wrestling, and seeing Kalis slowly slip away like this I'm inclined to agree here Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Come on Simon! Get up! Get up! No one has EVER made Kalis pass out or tap out! Don't let Riona finish you this way!!!

Kalis' eyes close and the blood from his forehead has slowly stopped running, but it covers his eyes and mouth. Riona feels victory within her grasp now as she continues to apply pressure and Lance Weston has no choice but to raise Kalis' right arm. He holds it up, and Kalis' arm falls limp.


As Weston throws up a one, it seems half the crowd begins cheering and chanting for Kalis to get up while the other half cheers Riona on.


Weston raises Kalis' hand again, and it drops limp for a second time but his eyes have opened!


Brian Rentfro: Oh my GOD NO! KALIS! WAKE UP! GET UP!


Lance Weston raises Simon Kalis' hand for a third time...



Lance Weston drops Kalis' right hand for a third time and... Kalis holds it up! He holds it up and screams as he pushes himself up and grabs Riona's head, hooking it into his left arm and pulling her towards him. He screams, she screams back at him as Kalis begins wailing on Riona's ribs and chest with right after right fist while holding her head between his left arm. Kalis yells in pain until finally Riona falls back and her Indian deathlock is released. Kalis rolls away screaming as he holds his knees, but Masakazu behind the glass wall puts his fist to the wall near Simon and yells at his father to get up. Maya kneels down and calls for Riona to get back to her feet as well, pushing her aunt to finish off her father. Rayn stands back amongst the crowd of fans, his arms crossed and simply nodding in respect to both Riona and Simon.

Jon McDaniel: This folks, is what it's about. The PWA World title on the line, and two of the premier athletes in the PWA today giving it every ounce of flesh and blood to have it. This is the PWA at it's best, folks.

Brian Rentfro: Wow I'm sweating here, whew.

Kalis remains in a fetal position and Riona holds her sides as she curls up opposite Simon. She's first to her feet, but slowly. Meanwhile Kalis tightens the brace over his left knee as he sits up against the Glass Chamber wall and catches his breath. Fans near that side of the wall bang the glass behind him and taunt and cheer him on. Riona leans against the glass chamber wall where she is, and looks at Simon and nods. Kalis gets to his feet slowly and wipes the fresh and dry blood from his face and nods back at her. He moves forward gingerly, Riona moves forward readily.

Simon Kalis: You're mine now.

Riona Langly: We'll see about that, Simon.

Kalis points to Riona and smiles as she rushes towards him. Riona rushes Kalis and goes for a running knee to the head, to which Kalis uses his veteran presence of mind to sidestep and avoid. Riona tumbles forward but maintains her balance as she presses against the chamber wall. Kalis jumps forward and kicks her straight on the spinal cord, sending Riona to her knees in pain. Kalis places his left leg on her lower back as he grabs her arms and begins pulling back, using his stronger right leg to maintain balance and control. Lance Weston checks on Riona to see if she'll quit but she flat out refuses as Kalis leans into the move. Suddenly Kalis slips his left leg up, and lets go of Riona's right arm as he shoves her face first into the glass chamber wall with a vicious sliding kick to the back of her head. All the while he tries to rip out the arm he had previously dislocated from her shoulder. Riona's head smacks against the glass chamber wall and Kalis drops to his right knee behind her and begins smashing her face repeatedly against it. Fans take pictures quickly on their cell phones as Kalis wails on her head until she begins bleeding all over the place. Lance Weston intervenes and forces Kalis to back off for a moment while he checks on Riona. Riona hits the mat and doesn't seem to be moving as Weston checks on her, the fans are all in shock at the pure brutality of such a simple mode of attack that Kalis himself got earlier in the match. Kalis steps back, still groggy and still aching in his knees as he begins ripping the olympic wrestling mat from the ground.

Jon McDaniel: Jesus Christ what is he doing?

Brian Rentfro: Showing us Da Row Inmate in him, Jon. Oh yeah. Ask Corey Lazarus 'bout it 'bout it.

Jon McDaniel: I thought there'd be no weapons in this match?

Brian Rentfro: The floor isn't a weapon, Jon!

Weston turns around to watch as Kalis rolls up the olympic mat and pushes it into a corner like a rolled rug. He stomps his foot down on the bare concrete floor of the arena as Riona gets to her feet. Maya is in front of her from outside the chamber and points behind her. Riona quickly turns around as Kalis goes for a roundhouse kick and she ducks it quickly. Riona jumps up behind Kalis and wraps her right arm around his neck, dropping back for a DDT straight onto the concrete and bashing the back of Kalis' head against it.

Jon McDaniel: BACKFIRE!

Kalis grabs the back of his head in pain as Riona, on her knees before him begins bashing his head up and down against the concrete. Kalis quickly counters and rolls himself onto his shoulders, grabbing Riona by the neck with his legs and slamming her to the ground. He rolls away and gets to his feet as she stands up, wiping the blood from her face and parting her hair back. Kalis dekes in front of her, she sidesteps but he was faking and he gouges her in the eyes! Kick to the sternum! TEARS OF REDEMPTION!!! The crowd is ON THEIR FEET as Kalis hooks both legs quickly!!!




Brian Rentfro: And the NEW PWA Wor-



Brian Rentfro: ...

Kalis sits up and can't believe what he's seeing. He looks up at Lance Weston who holds up two fingers and then back at Riona who is just smiling back at him.

Jon McDaniel: Riona Langly has done a rare thing folks.

Brian Rentfro: Whatever. She's just lucky Simon can't do the Sentencing since there's no top rope.

Jon McDaniel: Don't make excuses. You're downplaying the heart and spirit of Riona Langly who deserves our adulation and respect right now.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, yeah.

Kalis gets to his feet absolutely pissed off, as Riona slowly gets back to her feet. As Kalis turns around he's met with a sudden spike DDT right onto the concrete floor and he yells out in pain as he begins to bleed from the open wound on his forehead again. Kalis crawls away from her and she smiles sadistically as she stalks him from behind. Kalis gets to his feet and Masakazu rushes over to the side where he is and from behind the glass chamber wall he tries to warn Simon but it's too late as Riona gets up behind him and wraps her arms under Simon's. She holds for a moment and steps back, Kalis' eyes widening as she drops back and hits the DETANATOR!!! THE DETANATOR ON SIMON KALIS! The crowd goes NUTS!!!! Maya jumps up and down as Masakazu holds his head with both hands, Riona turning Simon over and hooking the leg.


Jon McDaniel: NOW, Brian. NOW it's over!





Jon McDaniel: I can't believe it...

Brian Rentfro: Neither can Riona, Jon...

Riona looks at Weston who shakes his head holding up two fingers. Kalis grabs Riona's hair and pulls her towards him and begins whispering into her ears. She pushes him off and he smirks as he licks his lips and grabs his crotch in absolute disrespect and defiance. Riona crashes an elbow straight over Kalis' throat and his eyes pop as he begins to choke and hold his neck. He rolls away on the cold concrete and still feels the pain of the Detanator. Riona wipes the blood from her face, as does Kalis and they both get up. Riona rushes to Kalis! She lands a vicious roaring elbow! Another! Another! And ANOTHER! Kalis is groggy and as Riona goes for yet another, he drops himself to his knees and sends a right fist straight into her gut. She keels forward and he grabs her by the waist and pulls her down to the cold concrete ground. He quickly lifts her up by the leg and pulls it over himself and locks in an Argentine leg lock on Riona Langly! Langly writhes in pain as she shakes her head refusing to tap out. Lance Weston checks on her and she maintains she's not quitting as Kalis screams at her.


Suddenly from the entrance ramp, which is barricaded from the fans, a menacing figure appears. Kalis continues to apply pressure and Riona continues to shake her head but Kalis' eyes shoot up as none other than Raizzor himself stands atop the entrance ramp glaring back at Simon. Riona raises her hand with a clench fist, gritting her teeth and shaking her head wildly but right before anything happens Kalis lets go of her and stands up. Raizzor points at Simon Kalis while Riona Langly takes the time out to recover, holding her right leg in agony. Raizzor takes his thumb and drags it across his throat and then points back to Simon Kalis. Kalis nods in acceptance but he shouldn't have let himself get distracted. Riona is right up behind him and grabs Kalis by the crotch and rolls him up, he slams his head on the concrete hard as she does this.


Raizzor's mouth twitches, as if he was almost going to grin.




Lance Weston waves his arms saying no, no, NO! Kalis' shoulder is up and Riona slams her fist into his chest in anger. Kalis laughs it off and smiles as he remains on the ground breathing heavily. Riona Langly is on her feet and she shakes her head as she notices Raizzor, who slowly disappears back behind the curtain. Kalis slowly gets to his feet and the back of his head is cut open now and he's bleeding a bit. He pulls his tights out and grabs a black bandana from somewhere inside his tights, Riona looks at him with disgust as he wraps it around his bald bleeding head to slow the bleeding. Riona rushes Kalis but he opens his arms and grabs onto her. He lifts her off of her feet and locks in a bear hug of all moves. He swings her around in his arms like a ragdoll, putting his face near her chest and smiling. She spits blood at him and he stumbles back, blinded but maintaining his grip around her. Riona sends a roaring elbow into his head but Kalis maintains the hold. He shoots back with a headbutt which sends Riona's neck snapping back. Kalis rushes forward blindly and slams her against the glass chamber wall. She throws another roaring elbow into his head but all it does is get some of the blood out of his eyes allowing him to see with one eye open. He slams her against the wall again and smiles as he does so, but Riona has had enough. She puts her thumbs in his eyes and he begins to scream but he maintains the hold. Riona yells as she tries literally ripping his eyes out so Kalis slams her to the ground with him on top of her. He's winded and remains on top of her, forcing his weight onto her. He smiles and she headbutts him back, pushing him off of her. Kalis rubs his face and looks up and the fans pressed against the glass walls cringe as his eye appears to be bleeding and severely red in the left socket.

Simon Kalis: You fucking BITCH! You blinded my left eye! WHAT THE FUCK!?

Kalis kicks the ground as he holds his face and Lance Weston checks up on him. Riona looks at him and laughs as she sits up against one side of the glass chamber and catches her breath.

Brian Rentfro: Kalis might be blind in his left eye after that! Jesus!

Jon McDaniel: I guess he should've taken the contract WITH health care that Chamelion offered him in the first place? Serves this prick right.

Brian Rentfro: How dare you!

Lance Weston: I may need to call the bell on this one, Simon.

Simon Kalis: Like fuck you will.

Kalis jumps to his feet and slides the bandana over his left eye and stomps his feet several time. Riona is on her feet and she points her hand towards him in a classic "bring it bitch" fashion.

Riona Langly: So much for your "EYES of Eternity" there, Simon.

Simon Kalis: You're a special kind of cunt, you know that?

Kalis rushes Riona and she rushes Simon, but she stops quickly as Kalis spears her! BUT Riona locks his left arm around Kalis' neck and slams his head into the glass chamber walls as he spears her against them. She continues this, not letting go. Kalis wiggles his way out of it and they lock horns and grapple for the first time in the match. Kalis goes for a suplex and lifts Riona all the way up in the air! But Riona's fighting back and manages to get herself back to her feet and then she grips Kalis' tights and in a sheer display of adrenaline RIONA suplexes SIMON and awkardly into the glass chamber wall! Kalis crumbles into a heap upside down on his head against the wall and with his body bent out of shape, his legs arched over his head Riona throws herself onto him crushing his own body against itself as she makes the cover!


Jon McDaniel: 5'9, 140 pound Riona Langly just suplexed 6'3, 215 pound Simon Kalis. That was pure adrenaline folks and super human strength!


Brian Rentfro: Yeah? All the good it'll do!


Brian Rentfro: See?

Kalis kicks out at the two and a half count and falls over onto his side, breathing heavily. Riona rolls away from him and lays on her back in disbelief.

Riona gets back to her feet with a fiery passion in her eyes but so does Simon Kalis. Out of NOWHERE Kalis straightens his body and hits REMEMBRANCE on Riona Langly! Riona doesn't fall down though! She stumbles back in a complete and utter daze as Kalis yells at her. He begins unleashing a barrage of kicks and punches. He hits her in the face several times with a quick succession of lefts and rights. He jumps back and forth, swaying and dancing on his toes as he sends out vicious kicks to Riona's thighs, snapping them out Muay Thai style and instead of hitting with his feet he hits with his shins to her thighs several times. He follows it up with an elbow uppercut to her face, then grabs her with his left hand by her hair as he repeatedly brings roaring elbows into her skull. She stumbles around nearly falling as Kalis puts himself behind her and unleashes more Muay Thai styled power kicks to her back and the back of her legs. He's literally swirling in circles around her kicking her repeatedly all over, aiming his shins like baseball bats into her thighs, knees, ribs and arms. The crowd is going nuts trying to keep up with the count as Kalis lays in a rising knee to her chest for the 46th strike... Finally he jumps back and screams as he sends out a vicious superkick to Riona Langly's face, sending the PWA World Champion spinning, then to her knees, and finally she collapses onto her stomach.

Brian Rentfro: AK-47!!! AK-47!!! AK-47!!! And it's NEVER looked better!

Kalis gasps for air as he falls to his knees, completely drained by the 47 strike hit combo as he rolls Riona over onto her back. He puts himself on top of her and collapses over her. Lance Weston drops for the count!




Brian Rentfro: ALLL HAILLL!!!!



Brian Rentfro: ...I'm speechless.

Kalis rolls off of Riona and breathes heavily. He shakes his head and puts his hands on his chest in utter disbelief. Riona is smiling as she turns her head and looks at Simon who looks back at her. The crowd is on their feet and cheering so loud it is absolutely deafening. Kalis rolls away after a few moments onto his stomach and uses all of his strength to push himself up to his feet. Riona is slow moving as she claws at the glass chamber wall to help her get to her feet. Both of them are on their feet now, wobbly at best. Kalis saunters forward groggily as does Riona and both of them put their fists up.

Simon Kalis: Time to finish this.

Riona Langly: Let's.

Riona unleashes a quick right hook which Kalis dodges from hitting his face, but she still connects with his neck. He coughs and chokes as Riona throws out a roaring elbow but Kalis strikes first with a quick thrust kick to her thighs. She winces and everything stops. Kalis breathes heavily, holding his chest as he continues to cough and show the wear and tear of the match. He looks at Riona with a heavy heart as she looks at him, her eyes glassing. One quick and final elbow into Kalis' chest sends him stumbling and onto the concrete floor in pain. Riona falls to the floor with him and looks up at him as she begins to wrap him up and locks in the Painkiller Overdose.

Jon McDaniel: This has to be it, there's no way Kalis can escape. The AK-47 weakened him too much and it didn't work. He shot himself in the foot, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: I won't lie, Riona Langly has surprised everyone here tonight I think. Kalis is finished...

Riona leans hard into the left, she breathes heavily as she yells at Kalis to just give in. Kalis continues to scream no amidst him choking on his own spit and blood. Riona looks at him as her eyes fully glass over and in that moment Kalis breaks out of the Painkiller Overdose. Riona collapses in front of him.

Jon McDaniel: ...

Brian Rentfro: ...

Kalis rolls Riona over and begins locking himself into her with both her arms and legs. He wraps his hands around her neck and rolls over... THE EYES OF ETERNITY! Kalis locks it in and screams for her to quit. Riona doesn't yell, scream or even say no as she continues to stare blankly out from the hold. Kalis continues to apply pressure and Riona's eyes roll into the back of her head. Weston checks on her and she isn't even conscience anymore. He calls for the bell.



The crowd is heavily booing, and heavily cheering depending on where you're sitting as Kalis rolls off of Riona and breathes heavily. The security begins pushing fans back and placing the barriers up as the glass chamber is slowly opened from one side. Kalis turns his head to Riona as they both lay barely moving on the ground and smirks.

Jon McDaniel: ...I can't believe it. He's done it.

Brian Rentfro: Is this the most GLORIOUS day you've EVER seen, Jon?! OUR LORD IS RISEN!

Jon McDaniel: ...Riona didn't tap, she wasn't pinned. Her body just gave out. Her spirit took her only so far...

Rayn starts to back away and smirks as he heads back up the entrance ramp. Masakazu and Maya both rush into the Glass Chamber and check on Simon and Riona respectively. Maya holds Riona trying to wake her up as Masakazu helps Simon to his feet. Lance Weston comes back into the chamber and hands Simon Kalis the PWA World title, and Kalis collapses back to his knees in tears as he hugs the title close to his chest.

Brian Rentfro: Whatever you think about him Jon, this is an amazing moment to behold.

Jon McDaniel: They both fought hard and valiantly, in what is sure to be remembered as one of the best World title matches this year Brian. I know...

Masakazu hugs his father, while Kalis continues to hug the World title inside the Glass Chamber. Finally after a few moments Kalis gets to his feet and throws the title over his shoulder, while Maya helps Riona to her feet. Maya hugs her dad and kisses him on the cheek but goes back to Riona, Kalis nods in acceptance. Kalis hoists the PWA World title one more time as Masakazu holds him up. He rips off his bandana to reveal his Terminator red eye and smiles as Riona and Maya make their way back up the entrance ramp....

Wreck Her

Ollie Maverick is standing around backstage, his face mostly concealed under his hoodie. One of the ring crew bumps into him and spills hot coffee all over him, but instead of shrieking in pain like a normal person would, he just sighs at the inconvenience.

Worker: Oh shit, hey are you alright?

Ollie Maverick: I'm fine I just... shit. I have to wear my ring gear around backstage now. I'm not even booked tonight.

Worker: And you're still hanging around?

Ollie Maverick: ....Yeah.

Worker: That's....pretty sad. Well, as long as you're okay.

Ollie nods and ducks into 'The Glorious Bastards' Locker Room. He turns on the light to see his brother sitting with his legs crossed.

Johnny Maverick: We need to talk.

Ollie Maverick: Have you just been sitting here in the dark this whole time?

Johnny Maverick: That's not important right now, but if you have to know I am on the uberman sleep schedule, and this was my required 20 minutes of sleep. What's important is that i've been putting a lot of work into trying to get you laid and you aren't helping me.

Incidentally, for a man who just took and give quite an ass kicking a whole ago, he looks quite together.

Ollie Maverick: Johnny, it's not a big deal. It'll happen when it happens.

Johnny Maverick: That's the attitude of people who end up dying virgins. I know you like Lisa, you know you like Lisa. hell, Lisa probably knows you like Lisa. Go tell her. Now.

Ollie Maverick: I can't do that, Johnny. She's married.... and she frightens me.

Johnny Maverick: Oliver, I am warning you. Don't make me do this.

Ollie Maverick: Do what?

Johnny Maverick: Oliver, if you don't march into Lisa Seldons office and tell her how you feel right now, I will work my charm on her. Ollie, look at me. I will WRECK her. I will give her a night and a half of PERFECTION that will ruin any chance of her finding satisfaction with another partner. Not because I want to, but to teach you a lesson about being a man. How many languages do I need to say it in, Ollie? A fhail in ann! Ibi Inite! Da Rhein zu bekommen!

Ollie Maverick: What the hell are you talking abo-

Johnny Maverick: GET IN THERE!

Ollie nods and puffs out his chest before he changes into his ring gear because of the huge coffee stain and marches over to Lisa Seldons office. He knocks on the door that was just barely hanging on due to the many visits of Spykeman! and Lisa opens it. Ollie starts to try and form words but his nose just starts bleeding and he passes out.

Johnny Maverick: Or have a stroke. Whatever. Say Lisa, can you get his legs?

Lisa shrugs and helps pick Ollie up and carries him offscreen.

Matt Stone (c) vs. Mark Zout

Intercontinental Championship Match

Jon McDaniel: Well folks, it has been a night of thrills, spills, death-defy moments and gallons of blood. Quite simply it has been a night to remember and yet we've still got one more match left.

Brian Rentfro: We've already seen one champion dethroned. Will we see another? Not if Matt Stone has anything to say about it, and believe me, he does.

Jon McDaniel: Pity he's not fighting this match alone. Brian. He's in there with Mark Zout, and for me this is his chance to shine. And in the last match of the year, is there really anywhere better.

Brian Rentfro: Pity the wrestler of the year is about to cap this one showing everyone just exactly what he can do.

Eric Emerson: The next match is a thirty minute Iron Man Match for the PWA Intercontinental Championship! Introducing first, the challenger…

The opening drums of 'Riding On The Wind' take over the P.A. system, while at the same time the lights begin flashing - alternating between blue and black light bulbs with every pound of the drum. At some points the alternation is so quick it seems as if both are flashing at the same time.

Eric Emerson: Representing Seattle, Washington; he stands at five feet, ten inches, and weighs in tonight at two hundred five pounds…Mark Zout!

Zout erupts from behind the black curtain, his bare chest and abdomen glimmering under the hot lights, and in the case of the black lights, extremely short platinum blonde hair even glows green-ish color (although it seems like tiny green dots all over his skull) - matching the patches of white on his white and red camouflage pants and white DC Courts. From his spot on the top of the stage, he runs in place as he turns a complete circle. When he is again facing the ring, he thrusts a fist into the air before beginning a sprint to the ring. Once he has nearly reached the side of the ring, Mark dives between the bottom and middle ropes, rolling off the canvas and ricocheting off the ropes, running the length of the ring a couple times to warm up for the match about to unfold.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent…

Say whoa (whoa)
The more I feed it (whoa)
The more I need it (whoa)
You say whoa
Whoa is me
I'm so whoa

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario Canada weighing in at one hundred ninety pounds…

Matt Stone comes out from the back to a chorus of boos accompanied by her personal interview Elizabeth Davis. He struts down the ramp towards the ring, wearing his patterned hoodie with a large Maple Leaf on the back. He threatens to hit a member of the crowd who was holding up a "Canada sucks" sign and just walks on.

Say whoa (whoa)
The more I feed it (whoa)
The more I need it (whoa)
You say whoa
Whoa is me
I'm so whoa

Eric Emerson: He is the PWA Intercontinental Champion… accompanied by Liz Davis…MATT STONEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt whispers something to Liz and she nods, walking around the ring and taking a seat in a folding chair set up for her. Matt gets on the apron and gets inside the ring, heading straight to a corner and mounts the middle turnbuckle raising his hands. "I'm the best there is!" He shouts out over the loud jeers being rained down on him. He shakes his head to their reaction. "You don't deserve to see me!" He shouts out getting down and taking off the hoodie, setting it on the apron where Liz gets up to retrieve before returning to her chair. Matt get's ready for his Zout, staring at him at ringside, whilebouncing off the ropes to loosen up as his music fades away.

DING DING!!!!!!!

Jon McDaniel: And there’s the bell.

Zout mouths of Matt Stone abit, as Stone ignores him the best he can. Zout challenges Stone to a test of strength, the two begin to go at it with a test of strength. Stone gets the upper hand and applies a headlock to Zout. He sends a few fists to the skull, but Zout shoves him off and he goes into the ropes. Stone bounces back and knocks Mark Zout down with a spear. Stone bounces off the ropes and looks to jump up with a Lou Thez Press as Zout hops up, but Mark Zout sidesteps the Intercontinental champion. Zout brings a returning Matt Stone down with a snapmare..

Jon McDaniel: You just don’t see enough snapmares these days.

Brian Rentfro: I wonder who’s gonna win… the real Canadian or the fake Canadian?

Matt manages to pick himself back up while Zout’s hands are wrapped around his neck and squeezing hard. He shoves Mark back intoto the ropes, but Zout bounces back and nails Matt Stone with a Roundhouse! Stone stumbles back trying to keep his balance, but Zout quickly cleans his spiderwebs with a couple right hands followed by a hard, stiff left. Matt Stone stumbles back into the closest corner, Zout climbs up the second rope. He looks out at the crowd yells loudly and begins punching Matt Stone, crowd counting along.











Zout hops down as Matt looks to be dazed and confused.

Jon McDaniel: Nice punches out Zout, the crowd fired him up.

Brian Rentfro: A doo doo doo… what was that? Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.

Stone eye gouges Mark Zout, blinding him temporarily. He turns Zout around so he’s in the corner, then surprises Zout with hard edge (wooo) knife chops forcing the challenger to his knees. Stone twists and - - -

Jon McDaniel: Kneel to Zod?

Brian Rentfro: No, look!

Stone is about kick him in the head, but Zout moves forward and so does Stone causing him to sack himself on the middle turnbuckle. Zout in a fluid motion hits a drop kick to Stone’s back causing him to bounce his head off the turnbuckle as he falls down to the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: Vicious Sleepless in Seattle and now is seeing an opportunity to gain the first fall!!!!

Zout jumps up to the top rope and leaps off with a suicide plancha. He covers




Zout demands it was three, but Dwayne Cross says no. Zout turns his attention back to the Intercontinental champion. He picks Stone up and sends him into the ropes, but Stone drops him with a drop toe hold. Matt quickly turns Zout over and somehow manages to lock in a sharpshooter!

Jon McDaniel: Stone trying to gain his first victory here in this Iron Man Match!

Brian Rentfro: Thank God this isn’t for an hour.

Matt lets go of the hold, waits for Zout to stand up, and when he does - - -

Brian Rentfro: The C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!

Jon McDaniel: Dwayne is making the count!





Eric Emerson: For his first fall at ten minutes and thirty four seconds, MATT STONE!!!


Matt Stones moves over to his corner, resting, while Zout nearly puts his fist through the mat.


Dwayne Cross signals for the men to start again. Matt and Mark meet up in the ring in forward grapple. Stone gaining the advantage he goes to toss Zout into the corner, but Zout leaps to the second rope and goes for a cross body block! Stone catches the cross body attempt, but Zout in a fluid motion hits - - -

Jon McDaniel: THE MARKOUT!

Brian Rentfro: How in the hell did he do that so fast?

Mark Zout hooks the Intercontinental champions leg.




Ding Ding!

Eric Emerson: First fall for MARK ZOUT, now tying Matt Stone at twelve minutes and two seconds!!!


Jon McDaniel: Great counter by Zout nailing the Markout! He tied up Stone in a minute in a half Brian!

Brian Rentfro: Stone will win Jon none of the Stoners are worried!

Jon McDaniel: Stoners?

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, it’s a new name I’m trying to have catch for the legion of Matt Stone fans!


Zout measures up Stone and tries taking his head off with a low Roundhouse Kick as they meet up in the middle of the ring, tied at one a piece, but Stone dodges the forthcoming kick. Turning around, Zout walks right into a nasty Stone Cutter to stun him. Buying himself some time, Stone tries to send Mark to the opposite side of the ring again, but he reverses by putting his foot in Stone’s gut near the ropes. He lunges at the champion …

Jon McDaniel: Oh shit, MOVE BRIAN!!

Stone catches Zout and uses Zout’s momentum to send him out over the top rope and rolls in between the seats of the announcers at ringside.

Brian Rentfro: Jon…you swore… and used Riona’s tag line. You’ve changed man, you’ve changed.

Zout looks up at McDaniels and Rentfro looking over him, but that’s quickly broken up as Stone pulls up Zout and yanks back over to the other side of the announcers table. Stone wraps both arms around Zout’s back before driving him back-first into the turnbuckle post! What looks like blood flies out Zout’s mouth. Stone rolls him back into the squared circle. Stone makes a cocky cover with his foot on Zout’s chest.




Zout gets his shoulder up easily as Stone smirks and yells at Zout about moving back to the States. Stone lifts him up. Matt yanks Zout’s head down before driving a series of knees at his chest, and lifts him up with a gut-wrench powerbomb.

Jon McDaniel: This is one reason why you can’t argue that Stone is not a good champion.

Brian Rentfro: Coming around Jon-boy?

Smelling victory, Stone takes him down to the mat with a DDT and begins to let the fists go, nailing Zout continuously with left and rights trying to wear down the challenger. Dwayne Cross starts his count as Stone now starts to choke Zout. Stone gets up and backs away, watching Zout who notices he’s bleeding pretty good from his mouth.

Jon McDaniel: Good thing this isn’t a first blood match

Rolling the woozy Zout over, he goes for the cover.




Buying himself some time from Stone Zout rolls out of the ring. After a few seonds Zout rolls back in. Zout wipes some of the blood away from his with his hand. Stone lunges at Zout but Zout sends two kicks to the ribs stunning the champion long enough for Zout to whip him to the ropes. Stone reverses and tries for a Short-Arm clothesline, but Zout ducks under the move, wraps up Stone in a Half Nelson before releasing Stone with a snap suplex.

Brian Rentfro: Come on Stone don’t let this chump beat you!!!

Jon McDaniel: Zout looking like he’s going to finish things off. He better hurry, there is only three minutes or so left!




Jon McDaniel: So close to getting the win right there, but Stone’s pride won’t go away that easy.

Arguing with Dwayne Cross doesn’t sway the him in favor of Mark Zout, so he just continues the assault by picking Stone up and pushing him into the nearest corner. From there, Zout climbs the turnbuckle and re-introduces Matt Stone to a series of hard lefts and rights to the forehead that the fans count along with.





F- OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stone a champion’s sense, drops down causing Zout fall face first onto the turnbuckle. Stone, awaits the returning Zout as he turns around and - - -

Jon McDaniel: C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stone drops and hooks the legs. The timer on the ADCTron lights a 6, then 5.






Eric Emerson: Your winner by a two to one decision, and still PWA INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION…. MATT SSSSSSSSSSTONNNNNEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Jon McDaniel: He did it with one second left, amazing.

Brian Rentfro: That’s why you should join the Stoner Nation!

Matt Stone clambers, struggles to his feet and then sinks to his knees again, but once again the referee puts the title in his hands, and it all seems worth it. Across the way Mark Zout is coming too. And with his title shot passed, he looks devastated. Matt Stone doesn't pay him a blind bit of notice and makes his way up the ropes to show the world who is still on top. It all ends as a rather loud clapping noise booms out over the speakers. From Lisa Seldon, once more making her way out to the ramp.

Lisa Seldon: Well, what can I say except what a match. Matt Stone once again proves why he is where he is, even despite the naysayers. And you.

She points over to Zout, still sitting on the mat.

Lisa Seldon: You might have lost tonight, but you took him right to the wire when it meant the most. Not to mention the tear you've been on as of late. I think this calls for a rematch. Say... Genesis?

The fans reply with a standing ovation and a rematch chant breaks out through the crowd. Matt Stone and Mark Zout lock eyes.

Jon McDaniel: They've really gone back and forth all this month. Hell, even for months before, and it looks like we're going to get one last instalment before all is said and done.

Curtain Call

Then, without warning, the Jobber Blues House Band is wheeled out on stage by a group of techies. They begin to play a jazzy rendition of “Slaughterama” by GWAR, and a fat little man with a tuxedo (but no under-shirt) and bow-tie emerges from the back. He looks Lisa Seldon up and down and grins.

Lisa Seldon: Who the fuck are you and why are you looking at me like that?

???: Who am I? WHO am I? You don't know who I am? Well, then let me enlighten you.

He clears his throat.

???: I AM ONE CRUDE DUDE, I HAVE A ROCK-N-ROLL ATTITUDE, AND I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU IN THE NUDE... (mimicking an echo, at lower tones) nude... nude... Robert – I've never been much of a holiday hero, but I think that could change if we were buddy-buddy; 'cause it's Xmas at Ground Zero and you've GIVEN ME A CHUBBY – Greenberg!

The crowd is in stitches after Greenberg's display of poetic prowess. Lisa simply quirks an eyebrow in reply.


The JBHB begins playing “Slaughterama” again, and Duff Côte d'Ivoire emerges from the back, wearing a blue-and-white pinstriped suit with $10 shades. The camera pans the crowd and we see shots of women closing their knees and blushing, holding onto each other. The men in the audience have conveniently moved their foam fingers in front of their pants. Duff flashes his million-dollar grin and waves to the crowd, blowing kisses to them and everything of the sort. Greenberg hands him the microphone and Duff waves at the combatants in the ring, who have decided to stick around to witness the spectacle.

Duff Cote d'Ivore: Hey, Mark! Congratulations on becoming the new Intercontinental champion! … Oh, wait, you lost! Well, damn, I guess you were wrong. But that's okay! Management likes you SO much, they'll give you another shot at Genesis!

The crowd cheers, and Duff looks over to Seldon.

Duff Cote d'Ivore: Ms. Seldon! Hello! How are you? Good? Well, you look like you're enjoying yourself.

Apathetic stare from Lisa.

Lisa Seldon: I was.

Duff Cote d'Ivore: Lees, there's something that you've forgotten: I've been sitting on a PWA Intercontinental title shot for about ten years now! Remember? That time I beat Jerky and Ash Nuke-in-my-breeches?

Seldon looks contemplative, having not been around for their meeting at Manitoba Mayhem, about three months ago.

Duff Cote d'Ivore: Ah, that's okay. You were probably doing something involving lubricant and Laura Estella.

Lisa Seldon: Actually It was Hunter Sullivan and I needed help undoing a zip, but that doesn't sound particularly good so I'm going to stop now.

Robert Greenberg: I'll make you sound good. Screaming and shouting on the end of my fine-feeling wood.

Lisa looks nauseous.

Duff Cote d'Ivore: Anyway, I've been sitting on that title shot forever, and I think that it's time for me to cash it in. Now, I could be a real douchebag and cash it in right now, and easily demolish both of our wonderful competitors... or I could go the benevolent route and wait for Genesis.

Duff considers for a while, and looks at his adoring audience, who hang on his every word.

Duff Cote d'Ivore: Well, I think we can all say that I'm certainly not dressed for the occasion, but that's never stopped me from laying down a massive beatdown before. On the other hand, do I really want to taint my long-awaited Intercontinental title shot with the foul stench of “you're a coward”? Pride versus gold. Hrmm.

Duff consults with Greenberg for a few moments, and turns around to his opponents.

Duff Cote d'Ivore: Well, gents, enjoy your vacation. It is Christmas, so I'm going to be generous and give to you, Matt Stone, the comfort of knowing that you'll be keeping my belt warm for another few weeks. And you, Mark Zout... well, I'm giving you a pass on being embarrassed twice in one night. And since I have the last word on the last show of PWA in 2010... I'd like to welcome tonight's guest, Father Time!

Duff motions towards the entrance, and Father Time emerges from the back. His beard drags on the ground and his back is incredibly hunched. He waves to the fans. By this point Lisa Seldon has decided she's about done for the night and leaves, shaking her head as she goes. Unfortunately for Zout and Stone, they don't have that luxury.


Zombies swarm the stage and attack Father Time, pinning him to the ground and ripping the flesh from his body, leaving a nice big blot of blood in the middle of the entrance ramp and traumatizing any children watching tonight. Duff and Greenberg are laughing and clapping. Once they're finished the zombies of 2000-2009 retreat back to obscurity and the pale Father Time twitches as he bleeds out.

Duff Cote d'Ivore: Well, everybody, that's all we've got for this year! I've killed everyone worth killin'! But come back next year when I line up a fresh batch of corpses for my own personal amusement on DUFF-MAAAN! SEE YOU IN 2011, BITCHES!

He waves us out for the last time this year. Copyright logos fly by and the picture fades out.