World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

Lisa Goes Mad Some More! Yay!

Scarlette May vs Felix Cassidy

Dark Match

The live crowd was treated to a stunning show of chain wrestling by two of the newest PWA superstars; Felix Cassidy and Scarlette May. Cassidy took control six minutes into the match and looked to be ready to pick up the victory but Scarlette hit a Wheel Barrel Flatliner for a reverse and with Cassidy down on the canvas, she picked up the victory with her patented 540 Corkscrew Senton from the top rope.

Winner in 7:13: Scarlette May

A Riona Bit

We're backstage, and as is common to happen during wrestling programs, someone has been laid out by another person. We're at a low angle, looking at the African-American, bald head of the victim... Simon Kalis to be precise. On the back of his head, the finishing touches of a tag are being put on in bright pink to show up on the dark skin...

Voice: And there we go... all done.

The person reaches down and pats Simon on the back of his head, where we spin around and see that it's a rough version of Riona's Cross Target logo... Simon groans, before bringing a hand down and pointing up...

Voice: Oi, look up.

And with that, the camera pans up to see Riona Langly, tossing a can of spray paint into the trash on the other side of the hall, which is a pretty decent basket. She looks to be roughed up a bit, probably from fighting Kalis.

Riona Langly: Look, camera dude, I know you get sick of following around Simon and Lisa all the time, so why don't you follow me for a bit, I'm a woman of my word and I've got an errand to run.

Riona walks away from the scene and we follow, and as we do, Riona continues to talk.

Riona Langly: Now, I'm not usually one to do these backstage segments because, frankly, I'm usually prepping for my matches during this time. Simon knows why I did what I did just now and he'll lecture you for an hour or two on why anyway...

She turns the corner as some medics come rushing by her.

Riona Langly: Always in such a rush these guys, I swear... Now, basically, I said some things in my promo and made some promises to a certain Souljah that I intend to keep.

The PWA World's Champ stops at a door marked 'Renegade Souljahs' and lightly raps on the door with the back of her fist. She hears some scrambling in the room and the door opens, revealing Mark Zout... in the background, we see Jacob Figgins ranting to Ryan Ross...

Jacob Figgins: I'm telling you Ryan, there is a conspiracy involving the difference between flat shoelaces and the round ones, I just haven't discovered their evil purpose yet!

Mark has the decency to look a little embarrased...

Mark Zout: Umm... Sorry about that. What can I do for you Rio-

Riona cuts him off as she is apt to do.

Riona Langly: Look, I'm here because I said that I would do something to you in my last promo...

Zout tenses as Riona spins around, looking like she's going to deliver a Roaring Elbow... and then changes right near the end, extending the hand for a shake. Mark flinches and pokes the hand as if it is safe... and finally shakes.

Riona Langly: Please, like I'd do to you what I did to Simon back there. Anyway, my jobs done, you've got a rant to break up, and you've probably got something involving Lisa to film. So... ta ta!

Zout closes the door as Figgins begins to go off about the evils of crunchy peanut butter and we cut back to ringside for our next match.

To Hell And Back

PWA ADCTron lights up, and we are greeted with the scene of black leather boots strutting down the back hallways of the arena. A second pair appears behind the first and the camera slowly pans up the two sets of slender legs, to now watch two black miniskirts walking down the hallway. The male fans hoot and holler loudly and even the commentating staff has to make a chauvinistic comment or two.

Brian Rentfro: Jon… I know those legs and hips from anywhere.

Jon McDaniel: Brian, be quiet, this is still somewhat a family show… and while they are quite… pleasant, I don’t believe you can tell who someone is by looking at their legs and hips.

Brian Rentfro: Ten bucks says that’s the Strader sisters.

Jon McDaniel: Didn’t you read the post today? Now lets see- - - -

Jon’s jaw drops as the fans erupt in delight as we are greeted by Meghan Nash Strader and her sister Tamika Nash Strader. Meghan looks into the camera out to the crowd, smiles, and winks, before knocking on a door. The camera turns towards the door and the name plaque reads Mrs. Universe aka Lisa Hayley Seldon. Lisa herself answers the door, and smiles widely as she allows the sisters to make their way into the office. The door closes on the camera lens as it tries to follow them in.

Brian Rentfro: The sisters are back!

Jon McDaniel: Don’t get to excited Brian. Meghan said she wouldn’t disrespect her sister by coming back without her.

Brian Rentfro: Pretty sure that was Tamika behind her, unless Scott has another kid. Listen, I was right about who it was why do you doubt me now?

Jon McDaniel: Touché old friend. Anyways, it’s time for our first match!

Mark Zout vs Matt Stone vs Duff Cote d’Ivore

Triple Treat Something About Titles Match

Down With Webster’s Whoa Is Me fills the air of the packed Nationwide Arena and Eric Emerson’s deep, commanding voice over-laps the music, introducing the next bout.

Say Whoa! (Whoa!)
The more I feed it… (Whoa!)
The more I need it… (Whoa!)
You say Whoa!
Whoa is me…
I’m so Whoa!

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen! The next bout is officiated by referee Daniel Davis and is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, on his way to the ring, accompanied by the beautiful Elizabeth Davis, out of Ottawa, Ontario, standing at five feet, nine inches and weighing in at one hundred ninety pounds… He is the PWA Intercontinental Champion… Matt Stone!

Matt Stone emerges from behind the curtain sorting his patterned hoodie with a very prominent Canadian Maple Leaf on the back, his Intercontinental Championship over lapping it around the waist. Elizabeth Davis is on his arm fawning over him - even more so as he threatens to knock a disrespectful fan into his place.

Say Whoa! (Whoa!)
The more I feed it… (Whoa!)
The more I need it… (Whoa!)
You say Whoa!
Whoa is me…
I’m so Whoa!

He continues along the entrance ramp, taking the stairs up to the apron, and stands on the bottom rope, pulling up the middle so that Elizabeth may easily enter the ring. Once inside the squared circle, she returns the favor, sitting on the middle rope and holding up the top. Matt slips through and stands at center ring, holding his arms out with a smirk on his face. Elizabeth removes the title from around his waist, slinging it over her shoulder, and then removes his hoodie, taking it with her as she exit the ring and takes a seat near ringside. Matt bounces up and down and shakes his limbs, warming them up for the match to begin as his music fades.

The sound of a helicopter overhead echoes in the arena and the lights go down. Searchlights begin to roam the arena, until the opening guitar riff from The Ghost of Tom Joad by Rage Against the Machine slams through the speakers. The searchlights turn into a single concentrated spotlight that shines on the stage as tension builds. The crowd rises to their feet, and Zach de la Rocha begins to rap about the impoverished. From the back, The Redeemer emerges, to a giant pop from the fans. His face, looking down, is obscured by the hood attached to his black and green cape.

Man walks along the railroad tracks
He's goin' someplace, and there's no turnin' back
The highway patrol chopper comin' up over the ridge
Man sleeps by a campfire under the bridge
The shelter line stretchin' around the corner
Welcome to the New World Order
Families sleepin' in their cars out in the Southwest
No job, no home, no peace, no rest
No rest!

Eric Emerson: Introducing next, from Toronto, Ontario, standing at six feet, seven inches and tipping the scales at two hundred seventy-five pounds… He is the number one contender for the PWA Intercontinental Championship… The Reeeeedeeeeeemer!!!

The highway is alive tonight
Nobody's foolin' nobody as to where it goes
I'm sitting down here in the campfire light
Searchin' for the ghost of Tom Joad

The band kicks in after the long, dramatic chorus and The Redeemer begins to embark towards the ring, his cape dragging on the ground behind him. He walks slowly, looking down the whole way.

He pulls his prayer book out of his sleepin' bag
The Preacher lights up a butt and takes a drag
He's waitin' for the time when the last shall be first and the first shall be last
In a cardboard box 'neath the underpass
With a one way ticket to the promised land
With a hole in your belly and a gun in your hand
Sleepin' on a pillow of solid rock
Bathin' in the city's aqueduct

He rolls into the ring and steps into the middle, peeling back the hood to reveal his skull mask and long hair. He looks at the crowd surrounding him, still going crazy, and backs into his corner.

The highway is alive tonight
Nobody's foolin' nobody as to where it goes
I'm sittin' down here in the campfire light
With the Ghost of old Tom Joad

The Redeemer does a few stretches and waits patiently for the match to commence while his music dies down.

The opening drum roll and guitar rift of Fozzy’s interpretation of Judas Priest’s Riding On The Wind takes the arena by storm, resulting in a large pop from the audience in attendance. We can hear once more Eric Emerson’s voice command the attention of the fans.

Eric Emerson: Introducing now, fighting out of Montréal, Québec, and representing Seattle, Washington, standing at five feet, ten inches, and weighing in at two hundred five pounds… He is accompanied by Old School… The number two contender for the PWA Intercontinental Championship… Mark Zout!

Shooting for the stars
Cruise the speed of light
Glowing God of Mars
Body burning bright

Zout explodes from behind the curtain, his loose cargo style red camoflaudge print pants swaying with the choppy running motions of his legs as he emerges. The audience pops louder, seeing him, and he is eager to run down the aisle of the entry way leading to the ring, slapping hands and granting high fives all around the ring.

Well I’m riding,
Riding on the wind
Yes I’m riding
Riding on the wind!

Zout stops short of entering the ring, taking time near the announce table to stip off his iMark shirt and sign it with a silver sharpie. He then walks it to a wide-eyed, brown-haired child in the front row and placed it in his hands, patting him on the head.

Tearing up through life
A million miles an hour
Blinding all in sight,
Surging rush of power
Well I’m riding
Riding on the wind
Yes I’m riding,
Riding on the wind!

As Burt The Hurt Ryan and Boss Magah finally approach the apron on the outside of the ring after walking slowly down the ramp Mark dives into the ring between the bottom and middle ropes and rolls forward, standing at the center of the ring, receiving a final pop before making his way to his corner.

The official, Daniel Davis, ran over the rules of the match while frisking each man individually as Zout’s music died away. He then turned to the time keeper’s table and signaled for the bell.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

As the opening bell sounds, Mark Zout and The Redeemer are quick to pull out of their corners, circling briefly before locking up in a collar-elbow tie up. At the same time, Matt Stone is content to slip out of the ring and watch the action from the outside.

Jon McDaniel: Well, the match is underway, and it looks as if Zout and Redeemer are quick to start it off, but notice Matt Stone crawling to the outside like a coward.

Brian Rentfro: It has nothing to do with cowardice, Jon. Matt Stone is a strategist, and if those two morons want to wear each other out straight away, that’s their business. Matt Stone is wrestling a smart match right now, and that’s what you have to do to succeed in these three ways.

It is fairly quickly that Redeemer, using his physic to his advantage, gets the edge up on Zout, pressing him backward into the ropes and bending him uncomfortably over the latex-coated steel cables. Official Daniel Davis begins his count, reaching four before Redeemer whips Zout hard off the ropes sending him to the adjacent side of the ring, punishing him with a brutal flying lariat on Zout’s return, sending the smaller athlete into a shooting-star motion before colliding face-first with the canvas. The Redeemer’s fans let off a small pop as Redeemer lifts Zout by the back of the neck and under an arm. Redeemer shoots his hip into the midsection of Zout, doubling his opponent over, then tucks his opposition’s head between his knees, lifting him around the stomach for a power bomb, but no! Zout’s legs scissor around the head of Redeemer and use the own big man’s momentum to swing his body out and away, taking Redeemer to the mat with a head-scissor takeover!

Even as Zout reaches his feet, he’s selling his midsection. Still, with an arm holding his ribs, he sends a sharp heel down into the crux of the rising Redeemer’s shoulder. Redeemer shrinks back from the strike, but it delays his vertical base only slightly. With both men on their feet once more, Redeemer looks to catch Zout off guard with a heavy right, but no such luck. Zout ducks the blow, hooking the leg of Redeemer behind the knee with the roll-through and covers him in a school boy for only a one count. Redeemer pumps his legs forward, sending Zout rolling away and finds his feet again with the aid of the ropes near his side. When he reaches his feet, however, Zout is standing again as well, and already has a running start. Zout sends a dropkick to the left knee of Redeemer, but the big man stays up with the aid of the top rope. With his free hand, he swings for a back fist at Zout, but the smaller athlete is still too quick for him so early in the match up. Zout easily dodges what would have been a wincing blow, and throws another kick to the back of the same knee. Zout, in an impressive show of speed, is already vacant from the spot when Redeemer throws a back elbow that could have split his skull, and charges at Redeemer from the opposing ropes, arm extended for a clothesline to send Redeemer over the top rope. Don’t count the big man out so early, though. With a great answer, Redeemer hooks his arm under the extended arm of Zout, sending the quick athlete over the top rope and crashing into the outside barricade with a clever hip toss, and not too soon!

There is no rest to be had for Redeemer, however. Matt Stone - having been watching from the outside -takes this opportunity to slip into the ring and drops a few hard boots into the softened knee of Redeemer. Quickly, as Redeemer is still busy selling the knee, Stone tangles it up in the middle rope, torturing the joint. Official Daniel Davis begins his count against Stone to back off the ropes, but the fans still boo, feeling the count was rather slow not only to occur, but to progress. Just before five, Stone drops another sharp heel into the tied up knee of Redeemer, queuing the larger man to bump to the canvas and roll out of the ring to nurse his wounds. Stone takes this opportunity to turn his back to his opponents and taunt to the hard camera, receiving numerous boos for doing so with the occasional wildly enthusiastic cheer sprinkled in.

Jon McDaniel: Well, say what you want about him, folks, but Matt Stone is the current Intercontinental Champion for a reason, and I think he’s displaying that right here tonight.

Brian Rentfro: This guy is great. He is the future of the PWA, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him as World Heavyweight Champion within six months - if he even decides to vacate his current title by then.

Jon McDaniel: Vacate?

Brian Rentfro: Well, yeah. Who on this roster can take it from him?

Jon McDaniel: I think I could name a fe--

Brian Rentfro: Look out, Stone!

Stone had taken a bit too long flaunting his in-ring prowess to the jeering fans, and they now popped as he turned straight into a springboard hurricanranna from Mark Zout, who immediately followed through with several sharp right fists to the champion’s face. The crowd turns sour again quickly, however, as Official Daniel Davis pulls Zout off of Stone and pushes him into a corner, scolding him over the closed fist. The arena is a reign of boos as the champion, Stone, is allowed to regain his composure, much to the dismay of the fans, and Mark Zout. Zout rolls his eyes at the official, but then quickly pushes him sideways. He is unable to move himself in time, though, and takes a loaded knee to the jaw from the charging champion, Stone. The blow is enough to send Zout’s head reeling backward, then again and again as Stone delivers fierce closed hand punches to the side of Zout’s skull from a mounted position on the second turnbuckle. Official Daniel Davis doesn’t seem to notice the closed fists.

Jon McDaniel: Oh, would you look at this! After scolding Zout for closed fist strikes, he just allows Stone to return the favor!

Brian Rentfro: Cut the guy a break, Jon. There’s a lot going on in that ring, and he’s bound to miss something!

Stone dismounts the turnbuckle and bounds off the ropes as Zout stumbles out of the corner, delivering a running neck breaker with hellish impact upon his return. He immediately hooks the leg of Zout and Official Daniel Davis begins a count with alacrity.




Zout manages to squeeze a shoulder blade loose, ending the count. Stone turns to face the official, slapping his palm with the back of his hand three times in quick succession, but is met with two fingers held in his face as a response. Shaking his head with an aggravated exhale, Stone, from a side mount, applies a forearm cross face under the nose of the supine Zout, causing his opponent to grab hurriedly for his arm, kicking his feet against the mat with an obviously uncomfortable groan escaping his throat. This was the opening Stone was looking for, however, and he quickly capitalizes, manipulating Zout’s left arm into an Americana and raising the elbow of his opposition to apply increasingly painful stress to the rotator cuff.

Official Daniel Davis inquires whether Zout would like to submit upon Stone’s request, but the only response he received was an undecipherable bellow and no definitive answer. Stone raises the elbow higher still, threatening to break Zout’s arm if he didn’t receive the answer he wanted to hear, and the way Zout’s free hand hovers over the mat has us all convinced he is strongly considering the possibility. Burt The Hurt Ryan, who had previously said or done nothing to impact the match begins to pound on the apron from outside the ring. The audience picks up on the queue and soon most of the arena is clapping in unison, cheering Zout on. Zout’s hand, wavering above the mat turns to a closed fist and begins pumping to the beat of the applause. Stone attempts to apply further pressure, but before he is able to, Zout bridges up onto his head, then rolls over Stone, freeing his arm, and slams several hard right elbows into the brow of Stone before rolling off and away and crouching against the ropes, massaging the injured shoulder. The arena is explosive with mostly cheers - some boos, and the look on Zouts face tells us all he’s wondering if he made the best decision for himself by continuing the match.

As he rises, Stone checks his brow for blood, but finds none. With a set jaw and eyes ablaze he charges for Zout in the corner once more. Zout has ample time to respond on this go around, however, and strafes out from the corner, entwining his legs between the running Stone’s and drives Stone face first into the bottom turnbuckle. Quickly, while stone sells the error, Zout applies a standing leg lock, met by Official Daniel Davis’ count to get out of the ropes.


Stone holds tightly onto the ropes, attempting to kick Zout off to no avail.


Stone screams at the official to speed his count and DQ Zout, but the count’s speed fails to alter.



The official gives Zout a final warning, but Zout doesn’t seem to pay him any mind!


Brian Rentfro: Mark Zout just got himself disqualified!

Jon McDaniel: NO! Official Daniel Davis has waved off the DQ!

A fraction before the count of five was announced, Zout pulls Stone hard off the ropes in the corner by his feet and drops immediately into the Puget Sound of Pain, ordering Official Daniel Davis to ‘ask him!’ The official does just that, but gets no response save a guttural howl as Stone pries at Zout’s locked hands around his throat, then claws at the mat, yearning to reach the ropes once more!

Brian Rentfro: Can you believe this referee?! Zout obviously reached the five count!

Jon McDaniel: That’s not quite the way the official saw it, Brian. You should give him a break, though. There are a lot of things going on in the ring, he’s bound to miss something!

Zout arches his back further, applying greater pressure to the calf and shin of Stone, and pulls more tightly against his opponent’s throat, further cutting off Stone’s air supply. Forty seconds pass, and it feels like an eternity with Stone’s hand hovering just inches above the mat, ready now to give in. Stone’s hand hit’s the mat, but Official Daniel Davis fails to call for the bell!

The Redeemer, fresh now from his time on the outside of the ring delivered a crushing boot to the face of Zout, saving the match for Matt Stone, and more importantly - himself! Zout’s head rocked back, torqueing his neck, and he crumpled next to Stone near the ropes. Stone, wincing, rolls out of the ring due to veteran ring awareness and lays dormant on the apron just on the outside of the ropes. Redeemer walking more steadily now, but not as quickly as the beginning of the match, drops another rough boot into Zout, this time to his ribs. Zout rolls away from his attacker, favoring his stinging ribs, but Redeemer is stalking his prey like the pride leader would an invading lion.

Redeemer catches up to the rolling Zout easily, and begins lifting him, throwing in a forearm shot here and there while doing so, and drags him to the center of the ring. Once he has Zout on his feet in the middle of the canvas, a hard, definitive hand encompasses Zout’s throat and The Redeemer lifts Zout into the air for a mighty choke slam, but no! Zout delivers a desperate kick to the left knee of Redeemer, and lands safely on his feet. He backpedals into the ropes behind him, and comes running back with a head full of steam, absolutely pancaking the larger man with a shoulder tackle -- No! Redeemer is just one step ahead as he ducks under, hooks a leg, and drives Zout spine first into the mat, all of his own weight crushing the smaller man in the process. Official Daniel Davis is there for the count!




No, Mark Zout threw a hard right fist straight into the air, giving himself enough momentum to pop his right shoulder blade off the mat, if only momentarily. Redeemer immediately goes for a second pin and Official Daniel Davis again begins his count.




Zout kicks out again, this time more quickly, but perhaps he shouldn’t have. Without wasting any time to argue the count, Redeemer rolls Zout over and applies an intense Fujiwara armbar. To the left arm of his opponent. Zout screams, his hand immediately moving to tap, but instead he uses it to post up and roll in toward Redeemer, hooking one of his arms with his injured left and the other with his left leg, propping Redeemer into the air with a crucifix pin! Official Daniel Davis begins his count.


Jon McDaniel: The crucifix pin won Mark the match last week against our World Heavyweight Champion…


Jon McDaniel: Can it work for him again?


Redeemer rolls backward through the hold, standing and falling back with enough speed to prevent Zout from releasing his grip before all two hundred seventy-five pounds of The Redeemer come crashing down against his ribs in a nasty Samoan drop! Davis, again with the count.

Jon McDaniel: Absolutely brutal!


Brian Rentfro: Don’t you just love it?



Zout, raising his feet into the air, then slamming them downward somehow gathers enough momentum under himself to pop a shoulder off the mat! The fans in the arena are going crazy over the show they’re witnessing between these three stars! Redeemer, more annoyed with his opponent’s refusal to quit than angry, lifts Zout from the mat by the back of his neck and under his injured arm, then lifts him behind his own shoulders in crucifix position. He takes a few steps forward for a running crucifix bomb, but Zout slips out from behind him, and manages to lift him into an argentine position. The larger man is too heavy for him to flip over, however, especially with the weakened state of his left arm, and so Zout falls down sideways, hitting the Markout II, looking more like an inverted Death Valley Driver. Again the fans pop for the great counters, reversals, and the limit’s the three men have seemed to push past all night!

Jon McDaniel: Markout II! Markout II! Zout hit the Markout II, Matt Stone is still laying on the apron, but can he capitalize?!

Brian Rentfro: Speaking of mark outs…

Jon McDaniel: Don’t confuse my excitement for favoritism.

Zout begins crawling… AWAY from The Redeemer!

Brian Rentfro: I don’t think Mark knows where he is, Jon!

In the corner of the screen we see Elizabeth speaking to Stone. He’s on his stomach, his arms cradling his mid section. Zout reaches the ropes on the opposite side of the ring and begins to slowly pull himself up. Redeemer is in the center of the ring, prone, not moving. Stone rolls under the bottom rope and stands up, holding his Intercontinental Championship. Boss immediately climbs onto the apron and points Stone out, trying to tell the official to turn around, but Davis won’t have any of it, interjecting himself between Zout and Boss he commands Boss to get down or he’ll be ejected. Boss tries to argue, and Davis points toward the locker room!

Jon McDaniel: Unbelievable! Boss Magah is trying to tell Daniel Davis about what’s going in in the ring, and the official won’t even look!

Brian Rentfro: It’s about time that cheater got ejected!

Stone takes the opportunity to rush at the preoccupied Zout from behind, swinging the championship wildly!

Boss Magah: IGGY!

Hearing the command shouted by his manager, without even second guessing it, Mark rolls to the side and the Intercontinental Championship collides with the back of Davis’ skull! Davis falls to the mat in a heap, and Zout lifts Stone onto his shoulders in fireman’s position. He screams in pain as he uses his trunk to twist the weight of Stone around to deliver a knock out Markout! But NO! Stone, slips out, connecting with a belt-assisted double knees to the face as he bumps backward!

Jon McDaniel: Markout! No!

Brian Rentfro: C-C-C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!

With The Redeemer still unresponsive in the center of the ring, Zout is laying just a few feet away, his forehead bleeding from the title re-opening his wound from the previous week. Boss and Burt slap their hands against their heads, unable to believe what is happening, and Elizabeth is shaking her hands in excitement on the opposite side of the ring. Stone falls over Zout’s chest and slides the title over to Elizabeth, who retrieves it from the side of the ring. Stone waits for the count for a solid twenty seconds before crawling over to Official Daniel Davis and slapping him across the face a few times in succession. Davis is slow to stir, but he does after a few more seconds and crawls slowly - as quick as he can muster - to Zout and begins his count as Stone lays an arm over his chest.


Jon McDaniel: Unbelievable! This is a tragedy to justice!


Brian Rentfro: The smarter, more ruthless athlete did what he had to in order to secure a victory. You could learn a thing or two.


Jon McDaniel: NO!

Brian Renfro: Quit being biased, Jon. It’s unbecoming.

Jon McDaniel: No, I mean NO! The Redeemer has broken up the pin! This match is still going!

The Redeemer had lunged forward, Pushing Stone away from his other opponent to save the match for himself. He now struggled to find his feet, Stone doing the same. The two reached their vertical bases at the same time and Stone stumbled forward, catching Redeemer with a sharp right cross across the jaw. The fans responded to the blow screaming in jeers. The Redeemer stumbled backward, but came back with a right straight of his own, the fans cheering in chorus. Matt Stone connects again.

Fans: BOO!


Fans: YEAH!


Fans: BOO!


Fans: YEAH!


Fans: BOO!


Fans: YEAH!


Fans: YEAH!!


Fans: YEAH!!!

The Redeemer follows through with a toe kick to Stone’s gut, doubling the smaller athlete over. Wrapping an arm around Stone’s head, Redeemer pulls him down, spiking him with an even flow DDT!

Zout has been trying to find his own feet under himself, and he staggers forward. Redeemer Irish whips Zout into the ropes, and as Zout returns Redeemer lifts him by the waist, whipping him around in a spine buster! No! Zout sprawls out and whips Redeemer into the opposing ropes. As Redeemer comes back, Zout lifts him by a single leg, and slams him down toward the mat with a high impact Flap Jack! No! Stone flies into position, catching the head of Redeemer, and punishing his face with two brutal knees on the way down!

Brian Rentfro: C-C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!

Stone and Zout, fueled by adrenaline, both clamber to their feet. Stone leaps forward for a C-C-Combo Breaker,

NO! Zout pushes him backward and steps over the fallen Redeemer. Stone bounds off the ropes, and as he returns, Zout hoists him up into another Markout! NO!

Jon McDaniel: Stone slips out--

Brian Rentfro: NO!

Stone manages to slip out of the Markout, but as he’s returning to his feet Zout manages to sneak up a sharp knee, nailing Stone with a heinous GTS! Stone crumbles to the mat and Zout, with nothing left in the tank collapses backward, landing on the body of The Redeemer. Official Daniel Davis painfully gathers his position at The Redeemer’s shoulders, beginning his count.





Jon McDaniel: Ladies and gentlemen, this was a match for the ages! All three competitors gave everything they had and we couldn’t have asked for a better match!

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, you’d be singing a different tune if the champion would have won.

Jon McDaniel: Impartiality, Brian. You could learn a thing or two.

Eric Emerson: Your winner, and NEEEEEEEEEEWWW number one contender for the PWA Intercontinental Championship, at twelve minutes, two seconds via pin fall…Mark Zout!

Mark Zout reaches the top of the entrance ramp, turning around to peer back at Matt Stone. Stone is sitting on his knees holding his blood-smeared title against his chest with Elizabeth at his side. Stone points to the title, mouthing, ‘It’s still mine.Zout mouths back, ‘Not for long,’ motioning as if he’s strapping an invisible title around his waist. Then, holding his ribs with his right arm, he disappears behind the curtain.

Passing The Torch

The ADCTron lights up again, and we see The Glorious Bastards hanging around with a young attractive couple. Johnny has his hand up on the wall leaning in towards the female, as Ollie fights with a vending machine closeby.

Johnny Maverick: Listen, after the show, Ollie’s lodged up at the Howard Johnson… you two should definitely swing by. I hear he’s got a Jacuzzi. And a babies arm holding a grapefruit.

As the male has a look of curiosity on his face it’s soon broken by the arrival of the Strader sisters. Ollie noticing runs up and stands beside Johnny, ready for action. Meghan steps up close to Johnny. She looks him in the eye, and extends her right hand to the PWA Tag Team Title on his shoulder. Ollie goes to move in, by Johnny stops him with his arm, out of basic curiosity of where this is going.

Brian Rentfro: Look, there they are again!

Jon McDaniel: Look at the way Meghan is looking at Maverick and his title.

Meghan strokes the face plate of the belt, as Tamika has stepped forward, and stares at the strap over Ollie’s shoulder.

MNS: Take care of our babies Johnny.

Meghan winks, and blows Maverick a kiss. Tamika and Meghan strut down the hall and disappear around a corner as we flash back to Maverick and Ollie.

Ollie: What the hell was that? Were they hitting on us?

Johnny Maverick: Me maybe… I hope Maya doesn’t see this.

Leaving his Marxx on Danielson

Spotlight, camera, ACTION!

‘Trust’ by Megadeth hit the PA System and the crowd boos Joshua Danielson as he walks out from behind the curtain. He is wearing street clothes before him and Lucious’ tag match later on in the night. Joshua doesn’t stop at the top of the ramp, and keeps going on down to the ring with a microphone in his hand. Once he gets to the ring, he walks up the steps and gets inside, motioning for his music to stop playing. When ‘Trust’ stops playing, Joshua raises the microphone to his lips to begin speaking.

Joshua: Marxx, I have a couple things to say to you, so wherever you are, you’d better listen up. First, nice little show you put on last week. Refusing to leave the ring until I came out, even though you knew full well I was preparing for my match with Raizzor. Nice.

Joshua paces the ring and wipes his mouth with his other hand before continuing.

Joshua: Secondly Marxx, I know you want to get your hands on me. When you were out there, I could see it in your eyes. You wanted to tear me limb from limb. You wanted my blood on your hands Marxx. Well, now that I went to General Manager Seldon about it, you’ll have your chance at X-Mas at Ground Zero. Marxx, it’ll be you and me, one on one.

Spotlight, camera, ACTION!

Voice : Jooooooshuuaaaaaaaa…

We can hear a familiar voice echoing through the arena.

Voice: There you are Joshua!

The voice becomes clearer. It was obviously Marxx speaking. However, he was nowhere to be seen. Joshua looks around, trying to see where he was.

Marxx: So you decided to not skip this representation Josh? Even if you decided to create a whole scenario, but then run out when things wouldn’t go as you thought they would. You never thought I could take my pen and start writing the scenes, didn’t you? You never thought that this whole script, everything you started to set in place, it would go out of your hands and be passed to someone a little more... Qualified to direct it. But guess what? IT JUST DID!

The camera goes everywhere, hoping to catch Marxx. Even the crewmembers around the arena look confused, trying to find where Marxx could probably be.

Marxx: From now on, I’m the director, and you’re nothing but a b-rated actor signed to fill the dirty role in all of this. Your performance is not even worthy of the main actor role. Damn, I wouldn’t even have you to change the garbage in the greenrooms, but once a deal is made, we got to respect it. And that’s exactly what you’re gonna do!

The fans cheer for that statement, but still, nobody has a clue of where Marxx could possibly be.

Marxx: You can’t run from what’s coming at you, man. You’re in the cast, and I’m the director. So you will do as I say, and there’s absolutely no escape to the carnage that the next scene will be.

Then, spotlights start pointing to the roof as a cage grid starts getting lower. On top of it, there is Marxx, simply sitting with a microphone in hands.

Marxx: Oh yes. Oh yes! At Christmas at Ground-Zero, this is where we will shoot the final scene, and there is no other stage to do it than where animals like you belong. Inside a 15-foot high steel cage!

The grid gets lower and Marxx decides to stand on it. In the meantime, Danielson moves closer to the ropes, where the grid can’t reach.

Marxx: In two weeks, I invite you to step inside my world. And it is a really unpredictable world you’re going to step in. What you’re about to experience is the epiphany of punishment. Carnage will reign inside the ring and unlike you in the last couple of weeks, no one will escape from filling their role. If that’s what it takes to put my hands on you, then so be it!

The grid is now on the canvas.

Marxx: I never said I liked to do what I’m about to, but you leave me with no choice Josh. What’s going to happen, you only attracted it to yourself. But don’t worry, once it’s over... It will be over for good!

Marxx looks up and points at the roof.

Marxx: Spotlights...

The lights shut down everywhere except over the ring.

Marxx: Camera...

With that said, a cameraman gets inside the ring and makes a close-up to Marxx’s face. Marxx approaches from him with the microphone. He turns by Joshua. The image is now Marxx face to face with Joshua. He approaches the microphone from his mouth, looking at Danielson straight in the eyes.

Marxx: ACTION!

With that said, he drops his microphone. He stays in front of Josh for a while before Danielson takes his own microphone.

Joshua: So Marxx, instead of it just being you and me one on one, it’ll be you and me in a cage match? I say bring it on. But if you want me so badly Marxx, then why do we need to wait for X-Mas at Ground Zero?

Joshua throws his microphone down and quickly jumps Marxx with a Lou Thesz Press, and immediately begins pounding away with right hands before Marxx turns him over and starts hitting Danielson with shots of his own! Eventually they both keep turning each other and hitting each other with wild shots! Marxx gets off of Joshua and both of them keep fighting on their feet before security streams from backstage and begins to pull each other apart! Marxx breaks away from his security and lands one last shot to Danielson’s jaw before being pulled away from him. The camera zooms in on his face with a sly grin on it, as Chaos goes to commercial.

Rayn vs Marvin Wood

Singles Match

Rayn and Woods stand toe to toe in the ring. Eye to eye, the two men start exchanging blows. Woods takes the upper hand with a quick arm drag. He quickly gets to his feet and nails a drop kick, knocking his foe to the mat, hard. Marvin grabs a quick headlock tugging and pulling Rayn’s head. Rayn stomps the mat, getting a little fan reaction. He lifts himself to his feet, with relative ease; Rayn lifts and drops his foe hard on his back with a back suplex. Marvin clutches himself in pain, as Rayn gets to his feet and kicks his downed foe. Marvin covers up, trying to stop the boots from delivering too much pain. Rayn lifts his foe off the mat, ready to execute some deadly manuever when the lights flicker. Rayn looks around and then up on the stage, the Soul-Taker appears. Rayn glares at him, and Raizzor draws his thumb across his throat, indicating that Rayn is next on his hit list. Rayn laughs and goes to deliver a move on Woods but gets a stiff shot to the gut doubling the acidic one over. Woods flips Rayn around grabbing him in a reverse DDT and dropping him on his head. Marvin keeps hold of his foes head slapping on the Imperfect Science for the win.

Winner: Marvin Wood

After the match, Rayn glares up at Raizzor, knowing full well the distraction cost him the victory, and promised a bloody punishment for the Soul-Taker.

Ran Out Of Titles!

The ADCTron lights up again, and dead centre of the screen is the name plate Riona Langly. The fans erupt at the very mention of their World Champion. A female hand appears and knocks on the door. After a few seconds Riona opens the door, and is taken back at who is in front of her. Meghan Nash Strader throws up the Strader sneer as the crowd erupts again at the sight of Meghan.

Jon McDaniel: What is Meghan doing tonight?

Brian Rentfro: Come on Jon, she’s just letting everyone know that the Cowgirls are back!

Riona Langly: What the hell do you two want?

The camera pans back to show Tamika is there as well. Tamika just smiles back at Riona’s glare. Before Riona can get another word Meghan starts talking.

MNS: Listen Riona, I know you probably don’t like us all that much considering the whole thing surrounding the Apostles and The Order. Things… well they got a little messed up ya know? You got screwed, Lucious Starr made a mockery of this sport, and well we made the wrong move ya know? I mean it’s not like your perfect either.

Riona Langly: Now- - -

MNS: (cutting off Riona) So that’s why I’m here. Why we’re here I should say. We wanted to apologize for helping Lucious Starr take away your title, and the dignity of this sport.

Brian Rentfro: CFH showing remorse? What’s going on?

Jon McDaniel: Maybe this is the girl’s respective mother’s side traits coming out. Just because they are Strader’s doesn’t mean they are as despicable as their old man.

Brian Rentfro: Geez, that was a bit harsh, even for you Jon.

MNS: Besides… it all worked out in the end. You got your title back, things are somewhat back to normal, and my sister and I got what was coming to us, right? Listen, have yourself a good night Riona, and good luck out there.

Meghan winks at her, and blows her a kiss as well. Meghan and Tamika head on down the hallway and disappear again as Riona stands there with a quizzical look etched upon her face. The camera catches up and continues to follow the girls down the hallway. Meghan stops and pulls out her cell phone and looks at it as Tamika keeps walking. Tamika walks into a wall of a man, and we move to see its Jethro Hayes!

Brian Rentfro: Oh God, get out of there girls!

Jon McDaniel: What comes around goes around Brian. These girls betrayed Jethro after what he did to help them.

TNS: Oh, Jethro. How you been?

Tamika just looks up at Jethro who doesn’t seem to show much emotion. Meghan appears, and her eyes widen as she sees the big man eyeing her little sister. Meghan walks up and puts her hand gently on Jethro’s arm, which is allowing his hand to squeeze Tamika’s hurt shoulder. He looks at Meghan as she talks to him.

MNS: Listen Jethro, if there’s anyone you should be really mad at, it is our father. It wasn’t our idea to do what happened to you. We were listening to our dad in hopes he would help us get far. Look at where it got us Jethro. We lost our Tag Team Titles to a team who couldn’t even hold onto them for a month…

Jethro’s head turns quickly as Tamika talks as well.

TNS: My shoulder is preventing me from active competition. We know we fucked up Jethro.

Meghan gently squeezes his arm, and he lets go of Tamika’s shoulder. Meghan smiles at the big man, and takes his hand. She looks at it, then back up at him.

MNS: I’m about to do something, I don’t think anyone has ever done for you ever in the PWA… and that’s say I’m sorry. We’re sorry. We know we will probably never be able to make it up to you…

TNS: But we have a good shot at getting there.

Jon McDaniel: What is she talking about?

Jethro looks at Tamika with a stone cold stare. She swallows hard and continues.

TNS: Let’s just say we have secured something for you. Something you’ve been craving for a long time now.

Meghan cuts in now.

MNS: Good things eventually happen to good people Jethro… we know there is still one in you. Go talk to Lisa, she has some news for you.

Jethro takes his hand back, tilts his head and then shakes it. He turns around and walks off down the hall, looking back a couple times with an odd look of glee on his face. Camera turns back to Meghan and Tamika.

TNS: The old man is going to be pissed.

MNS: Screw him Tamika, he owes us.

Tamika just nods as we fade to commercial.

Riona Langly vs El Gringo Tonto

Champion vs Champion

We come back to commercial with the match already in progress. EL Gringo Tonto has the advantage on World Champion Riona Langly, with a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring. Langly looks like she's ready to pass out when the lights go out. Confusion reigns until they return and Tonto is laid out in the middle of the ring with FCF spray painted over his mask. Riona looks pissed, but takes the advantage to finish Tonto off with the Painkiller overdose.

As soon as the match is over, Riona leaves the ring in a huff, angry that her match was interfered with by this 'FCF'.

Contract Signing

We fade in to Chamelion's office, and he's obviously one of the more important people around with two different assistants at either side of him taking notes on his orders. Suddenly however, without a knock, Simon Kalis swaggers his way into the office with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. Chamelion looks up with a raised eyebrow as Kalis takes a seat, kicks up his feet and blows smoke in the air.

Simon Kalis: Hey buddy. How's it going?

Chamelion: Simon Kalis, how ... okay... it is to have you visit my office. However, since the sign on the door says 'No Smoking', you'll be receiving a $1000 fine. So, to answer your query, I'm doing rather well, thank you.

Kalis reaches into the breast pocket of his black Brioni suit and pulls out a wad of cash wrapped in a rubberband. He begins counting Benjamins until he hits ten, then slams the cash down on the table. He ashes the cigarette on the floor and takes another drag.

Simon Kalis: How's that? I'm pretty good myself, THANKS FOR ASKING.

Chamelion: Put the shit out, and we'll get down to business. I mean, after all, you certainly want what's in the folder here... or should I just put it through the shredder?

Kalis nods, removing his feet from Chamelion's desk and slightly lowering his head in apology.

Simon Kalis: Of course, boss.

Kalis takes one last drag off his cigarette, then crushes it into the desk until it's out.

Simon Kalis: It's out, just like you asked. So, business?

Chamelion just shrugs, pulls out a set of papers and sits them right down over the ashes. Smiling, he quips.

Chamelion: Since you seem content to damage my property, your future can clean it up. Here's the contract. Riona's portion is signed, all you have to do is add your name.

Chamelion holds up a hand.

Chamelion: But, before you do, I've taken the liberty of .. adding a bit of spice to your match.

Simon Kalis: Ohhhh, spice. What's the big surprise good bossman sir boss sir?

Kalis is obviously sarcastic, and throws Chamelion a patronizing smirk and wink. Chamelion doesn't care about the sarcasm, he's dealt with much worse and just smiles back.

Chamelion: First, 'Ol Buddy', now that you're back under MY control, I gotta tell you I don't care if you have an asshole attitude with me. Hell, I wouldn't expect anything less, and I REALLY don't care if my fines bother you or not.. that thousand pays off some of my bills, so I'm all happy. But for the spice, you and Riona Langly are going to get to do something new, unique, stylish. I even think you might LIKE it.

Simon Kalis: Oh yeah? So quit stalling already. There's cameras in here watching us bossman. Is this going to be like your brother Michael winning the world title for me like he won the PWA back for you or what? Cause I'd love the irony of that.

Chamelion: Ironic that you mock me for utilizing my resources since it's exactly what you have done the last four months. You forget that Raizzor's lively hood is based off the income the PWA Makes, as much as it does for me... so he had just as much vested interest in that match. Besides, kiddo, between the two of us, I honestly knew he had a bit of a better chance then I did in War Games. I have no PROBLEM admitting that. Anyway, I'm sure you heard about the massive purchase of Plexiglass I made a few weeks ago, right?

Simon Kalis: Yeah, and I'm pretty sure you're not going to use it to start a massive grow op in the basement of PWA HQ in St. Louis. So what're you getting at?

Chamelion: You know the saying "living in a glass house?" Well, considering all the screw jobs and fuck ups the Order of Chaos was responsible for, I kinda figured this World title match needed to be settled in a way that no one could interfere. Hell in the cell, cage match, elimination chamber, Dome of Destruction; they all have weaknesses.. you either climb over them, or you hide under the ring. So, at Ground Zero, you and Riona are going to fight in what I call a Glass Chamber match. Fifteen foot high walls of plexiglass. NO ring, just mats lining the floor. The barriers around the fans will be removed too. They can all cram up right to the glass and watch you two fight it out until there's a winner.

Simon Kalis: So... What're you saying is. Riona can't run from me any more. You know the story, the history. When I got here, it was her and I. Fighting it out. She was bitter I took the tag titles off of Ian and her. Then she hid behind a tag match again with Lacey. She never wanted me one on one. She's afraid of me, Mr. Sommers. So you're right. I love this idea. Hell, you're a god damn genius in my eyes right now. My question is why? Why make this so good for me?

Chamelion just grins, and the door that Kalis opened without knocking swings close, and behind it stands the Soul-Taker; Raizzor.

Chamelion: Because, ol buddy, there's someone who really would love it if you became PWA World Champion.

Kalis spins in his chair, as Raizzor stands there with his arms folded and a very small whisp of a smile on his face.

Raizzor: Good luck, Simon Kalis.

Raizzor leaves the room as Chamelion chuckles.

Chamelion: What good's a shit list, right? if there's no ultimate goal at the end?

Kalis smirks, chuckling to himself as well as he grabs the contract and slides it towards himself.

Simon Kalis: Sure. Hell, it looks like I made Raizzor sort of smile. That's a miracle in and of itself right? Just tell me, one more thing before I sign... Riona has no idea about this, does she?

Chamelion: To be honest, I don't know. Lisa has a copy of the same contract, and she didnt say when she'd have Riona sign.

Simon Kalis: Hah. And I told Riona, I tried to warn her... That letting you get the PWA back would be doom. Funny how things work out, isn't it?

Kalis grabs the contract and signs the dotted line.

Simon Kalis: How she has now sown what she will reap. Thank you, Mr. Sommers. All Hail The PWA.

Kalis slides the contract back and smiles as gets back to his feet and heads for the door.

Simon Kalis: And tell your brother... I'll be waiting.

Chamelion: Oh, you can tell him yourself. As for 'doom', as you put it... I finally figured it out... the doom you speak of, it isn't me destroyin the PWA or anything like that... its that as long as I hold your leash, champion or not; your future here is doomed. You and my brother, when you do finally meet... well, you know his history... smile now, boast even.. fuck, Simon, be all consuming that you're the best... but when you face Raizzor... the real Kalis will come out.

Kalis nods and turns his back to Chamelion. He lifts off his suit jacket and rips off his dress shirt. He points to his back. The tattoo's at either side of the large cross. The mask that laughs, and the mask that cries.

Simon Kalis: Laugh now. Cry later.

Kalis turns his head back to Chamelion, and somberly nods.

Simon Kalis: Don't worry. I get you. My soul was born to be taken. Haha.

Chamelion smirks.

Chamelion: Then it's about due. Good day, Simon.

Simon Kalis: One more thing... Sorry about the desk.

Kalis points to the front of the desk as he leaves, and it shows the letters "FCF" were carved into it as they spoke. The knife still sticks out as the exlamation point.

Simon Kalis: Good day, Mark.

As Kalis leaves Chamelion turns to an aide.

Chamelion: Please send a fine to Mr. Kalis in the sum of $25,000. Mahogany desks don't come cheap. Thanks.

The aide nods and Chamelion suddenly adds.

Chamelion: Shit, forgot to moan about my leg.

He rubs the cast.

Chamelion: Ow. Ok, we can fade now.

We fade out...

Shit Gets McNasty

The camera moves backstage, where we see former BWF head interviewer Don McMichael standing with a PWA microphone.

Don McMichael: Ladies and gentleman, it is my pleasure to introduce to all of you, the one, the only… David Blazenwing.

The camera pans over to David Blazenwing, amidst a chorus of boos (with a smattering of cheers). DB grins.

David Blazenwing: Thank you, thank you. You’re too kind. Last week, some internet dirt sheet reported that I was going to be appearing this week on Chaos to announce my imminemt retirement.

The boos become cheers.

David Blazenwing: Let me finish. Trust me.

More boos.

David Blazenwing: Now, you should all know by now, especially when it comes to me, that you simply cannot believe everything you read. The truth of the matter is, yes, I have been contemplating retirement, simply because I’ve done everything there is to do in this business already.

David smirks.

David Blazenwing: Look at me. I just turned 30 years old in September. I am in my prime right now! I’ve been World Champion in so many different organizations, I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve actually held the distinction of being any one promotion’s top man! Not to mention I’ve defeated some of the biggest names this business has ever seen… The Executioner. The Legend. Cody Clark. Adriana Garcia. Countless others who I simply don’t recall due to the fact that I’ve just beaten so many people, I’ve had to forget some to remember others!

David laughs loudly. The crowd continues to boo.

David Blazenwing: But, there is one man I’ve never fought… one wrestler who I’ve gone nose to nose with on multiple occasions but I’ve never battled inside this ring. Someone who I KNOW I can beat. They’re here, in PWA, and they’re one of the driving factors behind my return to the ring. I’m challenging you to a match, and promise me when I say, when - not if - you give me what I want, that shit’s going to be SO McNasty! That’s right… I’m challenging YOU, -

Before David can utter the name of his challengee, the feed is interrupted by a quick pan to Mark McNasty sitting behind a desk in a suit. The crowd cheers and he says without missing a beat:

Mark McNasty: So… Good vs. Evil.

A clip from the last pay-per-view event begins playing.


Teresa, despite looking incredibly annoyed at the possibility of being one down against a team of people who want to tear her a new face for being apart of the company the one member down made her join, manages to forgo punching anyone in the face and simply storms off. Lisa then runs off in a different direction, allowing Spyke to finally breathe again. Spyke then turns back to his floor chips, picking a handful off the deck and scoffing them back. Johnny looks disgusted until he explains.

Spyke Gein: Hey man, five minute rule.

Johnny Maverick: Why do you get five minutes?

Spyke Gein: Because we’re the Glorious Bastards, and we’re better than regular people.

This logic seems to check out and Johnny takes a handful off the floor himself. The camera then takes a rather severe turn to the right and lands on David Blazenwing watching them from down the hall.

David Blazenwing: Now that shit, is McNasty.

He shakes his head and wanders off. We cut out of the scene.


After the crowd settles, Mark continues.

Mark McNasty: Now, come on, Dave. Have you really become nothing more than a bad punchline? The first time you said it, yeah… it was kinda cute. But the longer this whole “the shit was McNasty” thing goes on, the more it drags my name down! I mean, the great Mark McNasty, nothing more than a punchline in a Blazenwing joke?! Hell, I should sue you for libel! Your joke has a better chance of screwing up the legacy of my name more than Robinson or Cham ever could. Knock it off… or else.

Mark smiles and the crowd cheers loudly before the feed cuts off and moves back to Blazenwing, who looks incensed.

Don McMichael: Uh… do you have anything to say to -

David Blazenwing: YEAH. I have something to say. Mark, I MADE YOU. I can do or say whatever the HELL I want! And if you want to do something about it… you know where to F***ING FIND ME!

Blazenwing scowls, then storms off before the camera settles back on Don.

Don McMichael: …guess we’ll have to wait to see who he was going to challenge after all.

Don shrugs and walks off screen as the camera shifts back to ringside.

Jacob Figgins & Ryan Ross vs Lucious Starr & JOSHUA!

Tag-Team Match

The teams settle down and go to their respective corners, picking the starting man. Ross for the Souljahz and Starr for Hell and High Water. Both men meet at the center of the ring, initating grapples, Ross changes his mind and nails Starr in the gut with a back heel kick before a test of strength can start. With Starr reeling, Ross takes the bigger man down with a hip toss. Ross runs to the eastern ropes, rebounding and attemping a leg drop on the downed Lucious. Starr is able to roll out of the way in time for Ross to his nothing but canvas! Lucious kicks the seated Ryan in the chest laying him flat on the mat. Grabbing a fist full of gelled hair, Lucious pulls Ross back to his feet. Ryan comes to life launching right and left hands at Starr to successfully loosen the hold. Of course Lucious uses his boxing past to gain the advantage in the bout of fisticuffs, sending Ross reeling.

Wrapping up, Lucious takes Ryan to the mat with a hard belly-to-belly slam. The still fresh Ryan is quick to find himself back to his feet. Yanking Starr to the ropes with an irish whip, Ryan tags Figgy in. Jacob charges into the ring, catching Starr on the rebound with a knee lift. Ryan bounces off the ropes landing cleanly with a leg drop on Starr’s chest. Figgins goes for the pin as Ryan scramble back to his corner. But only a one count. Figgy pulls Lucious back up and whips Starr, Joshua is in reach for a Blind Tag. Starr ducks under a Figgins Lariat , while Joshua flies over the top rope and hit’s a drop kick on Figgy. Joshua tries to keep his momentum going, rebounding off the ropes to nails the downed Figgins with a RUNNING FLIP SENTON!! Pin

Figgins grabs a hold of Danielson, as he pulls himself up. Her tosses the smaller man across the ring with a fallway slam. Figgins goes over and tags Ross in, while Danielson makes the tag to Starr. Starr floors Ross with a clothesline and goes into the ropes. But Starr is tripped up as he realizes that FIGGY PANTSED HIM!! The ref scalds Figgy for his misconduct, while Figgy argued that the rules said nothing about pantsing. Ross takes the time to pull a Hello kitty elbow pad from his boot and fit it about his hand, catching Starr in the jaw with a left hand as he gets to his feet. Ross goes for the pin but Joshua rejects it before the ref could even count. Starr is close enough for a tag, bringing Danielson into the match.

Figgins and Danielson are trading shots in the middle of the ring before Jacob ducks one of Joshua’s right hands and goes off the ropes. As Joshua turns around, Figgins nails him with a jawbreaker lariat! At the same time, Ryan Ross ducks a lariat from Lucious Starr on the outside, and as Starr turns around, Ross nails him in the jaw with a super kick! Joshua is wobbling on his feet as Ross climbs onto the apron and begins going up to the top rope.

Jacob grabs Danielson from behind and turns him around, before snapping him down to the mat with Another New Crisis! Figgins then gets to his feet and pulls Danielson’s limp body towards Ross’ corner before getting out of the way as Ryan comes crashing down onto Danielson with the Spincycle! Starr, recovered on the outside, goes to dive in to the ring when a large hand from under the ring grabs him. Starr shouts out in terror as Raizzor appears and drags the screaming Lucious Starr under the ring.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Ross covers Danielson.


Eric Emerson: Your winners, by pinfall, Ryan Ross and Jacob Figgins!

As Ross and Figgins celebrate, Lucious Starr breaks from under the ring, running for his life up the ramp as Raizzor stands and follows at a slow pace, stalking Starr to the back.

The Phoenix Says Some Shit And We All Have A Great Day

We're back from commercial and the Final Countdown starts to play. The Phoenix comes out, dressed in a dark blue suit with matching mask and he heads to the ring to join PWA GM Lisa Seldon, who is once again dressed in a fancy dress, as she is for all special occasions and certain Wednesdays. It’s black today and very pretty if she does say so herself.

Lisa Seldon: Well check out captain fancy in his sweet duds.

Rob Robinson: Well it’s a special occasion. Me.

He straightens up his tie and misses the opportunity from Lisa to offer her something nice in return.

Lisa Seldon: I dressed up to. See.

She gives a quick spin and flourish. He gives her a quick look over.

Rob Robinson: Uh-huh…

Some awkward silence as Lisa gathers up some cards.

Lisa Seldon: Ok then. So let’s get down to it, questions from the fans, starting first with Brandon who asks: dear Mr Phoenix, how did you come to found PWA?

Rob Robinson: I couldn't find my sunglasses, so I was basically turning the house upside down. Then I moved the newspaper. That's how I found the PWA. Jesus kid, check out the first episode of PWA Radio for that story.

Lisa Seldon: He also asks: why did you choose to dawn the phoenix mask originally?

Rob Robinson: Because I didn't want people to know who I was.

Lisa takes a look at him like she’s expecting a little more. It never happens and she moves on to another question.

Lisa Seldon: A different Brandyn with a badly spelt name would like to know who was the worst person you ever had to fight?

Rob Robinson: Like the worst person as a person or the worst person as in the worst wrestler? It doesn't matter, because the answer is the same: Hunter Sullivan.

Lisa Seldon: Correct!

She tosses the card over her shoulder.

Lisa Seldon: A Mrs L Seldon would like to know how it felt getting your ass handed to you by a team of people you made? She also writes made in inverted commas, implying it to be a fabrication.

Rob Robinson: Is she talking about that time those robots I made out of LEGOs turned on me? That was kind of scary, actually. My mistake was programming them to be able to repair themselves.

Lisa Seldon: Sounds awful. I hope these evil LEGO robots didn’t kick your ass really bad and make you and all your new friends look like sissy bitches.

Lisa clears her throat before he can jump back in.

Lisa Seldon: She then goes on to say: you’ve met Riona Langly, how awful is that chick, amirite?

She nudges him in the ribs like the old friends that they are not.

Rob Robinson: I can neither confirm nor deny that I've met Riona. Actually, that's a lie. There's tons of video tape of us having matches. So, does she mean awful as in an awful person or awful as in an awful wrestler? It doesn't matter, the answer is the same: very awful.

Lisa Seldon: Who do you most respect in this business?

Rob Robinson: Besides me? This is actually really easy. Lean Bean Miller. Now there's a dude that knows how to conduct an interview.

Lisa looks a little offended and speaks down into her cards.

Lisa Seldon: Well that’s a bit rude. Not like I’ve done this before or anything.

She quickly moves on to the next card.

Lisa Seldon: Anyway… what do you think of Ryan Ross walking around calling himself the last Global Champion? Feeling like retiring him, or at least his face?

Rob Robinson: I tend not to think of Ryan Ross at all, to be honest.

Lisa Seldon: And what’s the deal with all the guys coming back to knock the shit out of you? Are we expecting Jamie Flynn any day now?

Rob Robinson: No, not really expecting Flynn to come back. He already tried that to underwhelming results. The reason I figure all these clowns are coming out of the woodwork to attack me is because that's the only way they can get the job done. Look at who has been doing it and you'll see. Mark McNasty, I sent his ass packing once and then did it again when he had the nerve to pretend to be me. Now Hunter Sullivan is trying the same shit, but unless my memory is amazingly wrong, I handed him his ass in the Battle Dome, too. What I'm getting at is, if you value your career; don't get into a Battle Dome match with the Phoenix.

To herself again.

Lisa Seldon: Unless you’re Sirus…

Hunter Sullivan: I got a question.

Attention suddenly turns to the stage where none other than Hunter Sullivan makes his presence known. The Viper grows a smirk as he walks with a sense of egotism.

Hunter Sullivan: How did it feel, exactly, to have your company's best crushed under the feet of PWA?

Robinson smirks and goes to reply but is cut off by his PPV opponent. Sullivan slowly keeps walking down the ramp as he speaks up again.

Hunter Sullivan: No, wait. How did it feel to have barbed wire ripped across your face? Yeah, I’m thinking that’s a little more interesting... Because generally speaking, the former wasn’t all that surprising. So… HOW DID... that FEEEEL. Give us detail; give us a moment by moment account of the pain and anguish. I’d love to know how that breaking point felt.. How did it feel to tap out to a man you claimed wasn’t even in your league. How’s that FEEEL Rob? Let’s ask those tough questions, the ones that everyone is waiting to hear.

Hunter lowers his microphone and lets Robinson speak up in retort this time.

Rob Robinson: Well Hunter how about yo-

Hunter Sullivan: No wait.... let me ask you something else. I know right, make up my fucking mind... but I think you’ll like this one a lot more. It’s a little more down your alley.

Hunter removes the bandage from his forehead showing the wound Rob had inflicted a week prior.

Hunter Sullivan: How did it feel ripping the barbed wire into my head?

Rob stops a little taken back.

Robinson: What’s your point kid? Why are you even out here? I’m having a lovely time talking about myself down here and you always seem to want to step in and try to rain all over my parade. However, like last time, it’s not going to work. There is no-

Rob is cut off again.

Hunter Sullivan: Did you ... like it?

Rob Robinson: Did I like it, what the hell is wrong with you? I drop you on your head too hard last week? Of course I liked it. Loved it. Any time I get to put you in your place I enjoy it. Any time I get to prove you’re not as good as I am, it’s a great freaking time.

Robinson stops for a moment, glad that for once he wasn’t talked over.

Hunter Sullivan: Good... excellent. Would you say you’d like to do it again then?

Rob Robinson: What the hell are you getting on with? If you have something to say then say it.

Hunter Sullivan: Fine, fine. I’ll get to the point. I loved it too. Good VS Evil, ripping into you with the barbed wire, I loved the holy high hell out of it. It was a fucking hoot and holler.. so much so that I’d love to have a chance to do it again… as much as I want... you know, without that sticky legal… assault charges or whatever those people call it in the real world. SO, I’m offering you a challenge.

Hunter Sullivan: Barbed wire mayhem. Me, and you. Hunter, and Robinson. Christmas at Ground Zero... where we can legally rip into each other with these weapons, these barbed wire contraptions. So pal... My friend... What do you say to that question... you in?

Rob Robinson: I guess you were too busy planning your little speech to listen to the last question Lisa asked me. Hunter, the last time you thought you were big enough to cross me I didn't have any problem putting you in your place. So am I in? I'm in like Flynn, my man. Not Jamie Flynn though, that was just an expression.

Lisa steps, rather forcibly, in between them, pushing them apart as best she can and out of the shot to bring the camera on her.

Lisa Seldon: Well, looks like its official. So tune in too Christmas at Ground Zero to see two egotistical, self-centred motherfuckers – not me – throw each other around into barbedwire and generally mutilate one another for your viewing pleasure.

She looks to one and then the other, back to the camera, gives us a smile and cues us to fade out.

Xan Vaxman vs Raizzor

Challenge Match

Jon McDaniel: I can’t believe Xan is putting himself through this crap. After what happened to him in his match with Riona…

Brian Rentfro: Uh, Vaxman didn’t have a match with Riona, El Gringo Tonto did!

Jon McDaniel: Why do I bother explaining reality to you? None the less, Xan Vaxman is about to go one on one with Raizzor, and no matter the reason, he’s not in good shape.

Brian Rentfro: Well, neither is Raizzor. It’s been just a couple of weeks since War Games, and he’s still on the mend. He was just very, VERY lucky that his brother stopped Lucious Starr from permanently re-arranging his face last week.

Jon McDaniel: Very true. And what do you suppose was up with Raizzor and Rayn earlier?

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor was booked against Xan, not by his choice, he only wants Order members. He's probably telling Rayn he's next on the hit list, for what ever good that will do him?

Ding Ding Ding!

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall……Introducing first, weighing in at 222lbs and hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; XAN VAXMAN!

"Light's Out" by Mindless Self Indulgence plays and Xan limps down to the ring, taking time to slap high fives with the fans, but after each one, shows a grimace of pain.

Brian Rentfro: What a man, to not back down to a match with Raizzor after all he’s been through.

Jon McDaniel: Kind of an idiot, if you ask me.

Brian Rentfro: I make a note never to.

Eric Emerson: And now…hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada……

A striking rift signals the beginning of “Vengeance” by Dream Evil and the lights blink out, save for one shining spotlight on the stage. Words flow from the speakers as the fans rise as one to face the stage, a huge pop resounding throughout the entire arena.

I have worked for nothing, slaved in vain
All those years that I've been pushed around
They better watch their backs now, those who gave me pain
'Cause vengeance screams their names tonight

Pyros explode on each side of the entrance as steam rises up through the grates of the stage.

All of you sinners
You better run and try to hide
You've all been dreaming
So you better hide to stay alive

Stepping from the cloudy smoke, wrapped in his long black duster and head down, Raizzor appears.

Marching out now, out to kill
The rain of blood has just begun
Blocked emotions now released
In darkness you will fear my name

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at 285lbs, he is The Soul-Taker; RAIZZOR!!!

All of you sinners
You better run and try to hide
You've all been dreaming
So you better hide to stay alive
All of you sinners

Stalking down the ramp, Raizzor’s eyes do not leave the ring, projecting fear to all who stand within it. He turns and silently climbs the steps as the song continues its shrill warning.

Can you hear me?
I'm closing in on you
Can't you feel it...

Through the ropes he slips, shrugging his leather duster off in one clean move. Muscles rippling under his elbow length sleeves, Raizzor rotates his arms to loosen himself up, never once taking his gaze off the center of the ring and anyone who happens to be in his sights.

I will show no mercy you will not survive
'Cause vengeance screams your names tonight!

Uncharacteristically, Raizzor proffers a slight smile, suggesting painful vengeance to come and turns to push his chest against the ropes and spread his arms wide to the crowd, as if wishing to engulf them all into his soul. This causes a massive reaction as the crowd explodes with louder cheers.

All of you sinners
You better run and try to hide
You've all been dreaming
So you better hide to stay alive

As the song dies, Raizzor turns and awaits the bell’s toll.

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor seems to be moving a bit more fluidly now. If he can best Danielson a week ago, he can certainly overcome Xan Vaxman who just finished a match not long ago.

Brian Rentfro: He did!? When!?


Surprisingly, Vaxman makes the first move, rushing in to throw rights and lefts at a startled Raizzor. A few connect, before Raizzor throws his palm in Vaxman’s face and shoves him backwards. Xan shakes it off and rushes in again, but Raizzor is ready this time and a lariat clothesline delivers Vaxman’s bruised body to the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor did not expect Xan to come out fighting.

Brian Rentfro: A rare mistake on the Soul-Taker’s behalf, sadly he won’t make such a mistake again against Vaxman.

Raizzor waits for Vaxman to rise, showing a bit of respect. Vaxman strikes with a right hook, and Raizzor then returns a punch, staggering Vaxman back towards the ropes. Another hook, and Vaxman is forced back even more. Vaxman responds with a quick jab, and another, and now it is the Soul-Taker forced to take some retreating steps. Vaxman gets Raizzor to the ropes, grabs his arm and whips him to the opposing side, however Raizzor plants his massive foot, and swings Vaxman around so he’s the one that actually hits the ropes. Vaxman comes off, ducks Raizzor’s swing and bounces off the opposite side. He collides with Raizzor, shoulder to shoulder and Vaxman drops like a sack of potatoes, gasping in pain!

Jon McDaniel: For some reason, Xan is trying to match power with the larger Sommers brother.

Vaxman gets back up, hits the ropes again, and tries again but the collision sends Vaxman back to the canvas.

Brian Rentfro: He’s not backing down, I tell you. He means to show Raizzor he’s in perfect shape!

Vaxman spits on the canvas, struggles to get to his feet and runs to the ropes but Raizzor back peddles to hit the opposite ropes. Both men come at each other, and Raizzor swings hard, but Vaxman ducks and he twists behind Raizzor and as the larger man turns, Vaxman kicks him in the midsection, doubling him over! With Raizzor bent, Vaxman goes off the ropes, comes back with a huge scissor kick, but Raizzor stands at the last second and as Vaxman turns, Raizzor catches him by the throat!

Brian Rentfro: Here it comes!

Raizzor lifts Vaxman into the air, but Vaxman twists, lands on his feet and again kicks Raizzor in the gut. Grabbing him by the head, Vaxman hits a swinging neck breaker and finally puts Raizzor off his feet. Vaxman stands, but Raizzor quickly sits up. Vaxman doesn’t waste a moment, and again uses the ropes to come back to hit a sitting drop kick, but Raizzor twists to the side and as Vaxman lands on his back, Raizzor goes to the ropes, uses them to launch off and hit a huge leg drop on Xan Vaxman! Quickly, the Soul-Taker hooks the leg.


Jon McDaniel: No! Vaxman with SOME power left in him.

Vaxman pushes Raizzor off, and rolls to his feet, and both men lock up and Raizzor gets the advantage and locks in Vaxman's head for a Stiff DDT, Vaxman's head hits hard! Raizzor follows with a fist drop into Vaxman's stomach and covers him for a pin



Thre…Shoulder up.

Jon McDaniel: Barely got out of that one!

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor’s trying some quick pins to put Vaxman away before he hurts himself more. A rare, and unusual show of respect by the Soul-Taker.

Vaxman grabs his stomach and rolls over for the ropes...he begins to stand up but Raizzor kicks him back down to the outside of the ring. Vaxman lands on his hands and knees and Raizzor slips out to pick him up off the ground and then lifts him up into a scoop slam and lets Vaxman go on safety rail. Vaxman hits his head hard and falls back over. Raizzor lifts Vaxman up and rolls him back into the ring. Raizzor climbs up onto the apron and begins to go over the top rope but Vaxman jumps up and jars the ropes, catching Raizzor in between the legs...the action is effective, as Raizzor’s face goes white and he holds on, sickened. Vaxman takes a few steps back and spears Raizzor out of the ropes and falls to the outside with him, both landing hard. Vaxman grabs his shoulder as it hits the safety rail, and Raizzor rolls away, favoring a leg.)

Brian Rentfro: I can’t believe the moves Xan is putting on, despite looking like he’s ready to keel over.

Jon McDaniel: Xan swore that no matter what, he wouldn’t back down from anyone, especially Raizzor. He’s out to prove a point.

Vaxman is the first to his feet, he begins to lift Raizzor up but Raizzor counters with a thrust to throat. Vaxman staggers a little ways backwards and Raizzor follows up with a big boot, it hits Vaxman in the face perfect and Vaxman falls backwards smashing the back of his head into a chair that was quickly abandoned by Emerson. Vaxman grabs the back of his head and Raizzor, hearing the count, rolls Vaxman back into the ring. Vaxman, seemingly on instinct, jumps to his feet and backs up to the opposite set of ropes and goes running and stuns the crowd with a suicide plancha over the top ropes, catching Raizzor and smashing them both into the matted floor surrounding the ring. Raizzor's head bounces off the floor and he falls backwards almost unconscious.

Brian Rentfro: Suicide attempt by Vaxman, this man is amazing!

Jon McDaniel: He knows he has to go ALL out, if he’s going to have a chance against the bigger man here.

Vaxman stands first, and picks Raizzor up and rolls him to the inside. Vaxman then quickly mounts the steel steps to the apron and then to the turnbuckle. Aiming, Vaxman comes off the top with a flying elbow but Raizzor gets his knees up. Vaxman hits Raizzor’s knees and you can here a crack from his ribs, he bounces back into the ropes holding his ribs. Vaxman coughs as Raizzor steps in and grabs Vaxman and sets him up in a pump-handle position. Raizzor then lifts Vaxman up, turns him over and brings him crashing down!

Brian Rentfro: I can’t look!

Done, Vaxman can’t move much more… and Raizzor mercifully scoops him up and turns him over. At that point, Lucious Starr comes running down the ramp, sledge hammer in his hand.

Jon McDaniel: Here comes Starr, not that I’m surprised After what Raizzor did to him earlier, I figured he'd be looking for revenge.

Lucious jumps up on the canvas and yells at Raizzor, waving the sledge hammer. The referee goes to demand Lucious get off the apron, as Raizzor just looks at him and drives Xan down with the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker. Raizzor patiently covers, a small smile on his face as he stares at an enraged Lucious. The ref turns to see the cover and drops to count.





Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, Raizzor.

Raizzor quickly rises and goes right after Lucious, who drops from the apron and begins backing up the ramp at a quick pace, all the while cussing out the Soul-Taker.

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor didn’t fall for the usual tactic, this time.

Brian Rentfro: Regrettably, he is not one to fall for many of the typical distractions utilized by wrestlers trying to get an upper hand. And now he’s after Starr, who’d better retreat much quicker then he seems to be.

As Starr reaches the top of the ramp, he back peddles to the entrance and taunts Raizzor. As Raizzor gets onto the stage, a crack is heard and suddenly the portion of the stage where Raizzor stands gives way, and the Soul-Taker plummets out of site, with the sound of a crash being heard from inside the stage.

Jon McDaniel: HOLY SH…

Brian Rentfro: HA HA! Did you see that? Starr lured Raizzor in, AGAIN! Raizzor crashed through a trap door in the stage!

Two cameramen rush over, peering down into the hole, but the combination of smoke and blackness prevents them from seeing anything. Starr, meanwhile, is doubled over, laughing.

Jon McDaniel: Well, that was not a typical ‘set up’.

Brian Rentfro: Hell no it wasn’t! Starr’s the smart one here, he got one up on Raizzor again! Payback’s a bitch, Sommers!

Jon McDaniel: Before Brian finds other clichés to rip apart, we better move on! If we here more of Raizzor’s condition, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Brian Rentfro: You might tell em, I simply don’t give a sh..

Cut to next segment.

Simon Kalis vs Teresa Quaranta

First Encounter Match

The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

The Order NEVER Dies!

"Hello Zepp" by Charles Clouser begins to play as the arena lights dim, and the ADCTron blackens with nothing but the skull and bones emblem of The Order of Chaos remaining. The image burns away and there's a quick flash of light.

Eric Emerson: Introducing!

The ADCTron shows images like an old black and white movie reel. They show Simon Kalis rolling Emperor Ian up and winning the PWA tag team titles with Masakazu! The image burns away and shows Simon Kalis defeating Jacob Seldon, and then as a bloodied and battered mess, it shows Simon Kalis defeating The Phoenix and winning Who's The Man?! 2010.

Eric Emerson: He weighs in at two hundred and twenty pounds...

The image burns away as we see Simon Kalis lift Jethro Hayes onto his back with all his might and strength and drop him over a steel chair for a ground version of the Sentencing of the Damned. Kalis holds Hayes in his arms and wipes Hayes' face before burning his eye with a lit cigarette. The scene pauses and burns away as we now see Simon Kalis and Matthew Engel making it over the top of the electrified fence, Scott Nash Strader's skin being ripped asunder by the barbed wire as he falls and Engel and Kalis standing with their hands raised. They both look at the fallen Hayes and Strader with grins as that scene pauses and burns away as well...

Eric Emerson: He hails from Montreal, Quebec...

The new image burns onto the screen again, this time from WarGames 2010. Kalis quickly leaps back, driving Johnny into the propped-up ladder with an avalanche Kudome Valentine. The ladder, as sturdy as it usually is, bends and contorts into some sort of Lovecraftian shape. Kalis rolls away, blood drenched as the scene pauses and burns away...


Kalis steps out from behind the curtain in a simple pair of black jean shorts and black boots, with a black bandana tied around his forehead as he makes his way to the ring. He ignores the booing fans and slides into the ring and heads for each top turnbuckle. He throws his middle fingers out to the fans and cusses back at them before standing in the center of the ring and raises his arms up.

Jon McDaniel: Absolutely a big time atmosphere this week. Simon Kalis could really use this win to keep his momentum going white hot into Christmas at Ground Zero! But if her words this week are any indication, Teresa's going to have a lot to say about it.

Brian Renfro: Here's a perfect oppurtunity - Kalis' profile has never been higher, he's coming off a huge loss at WarGames, and his body's still very beaten up. He's gonna need to go back to relying on his technical skill and old fashioned brutality if he wants to leave this match in the driver's seat. And he will! Because he's the best!

The lights dim, and the spotlights in the arena pulsate and dance across the arena, in tune to the primal drumbeat of At The Drive-In's Arcarsenal. The video screen above the entrance lights up, looking like faded paper, and overlapped with drawings of rotating, interconnected gears, half-finished mechanisms and small words in a strange text. The screen flashes back and forth between the blueprints and highlights of Teresa's career.

The drums thump. Then, with the lights down, a soft spotlight focuses on the top of the ramp, as Teresa Quaranta storms through the curtain, smirking and raising a slight eyebrow at the audience. She wears a black, long-sleeved singlet, coupled with kneepads and a heavy pair of boots.

Teresa pauses at the top of the ramp and deliberately raises two fingers to her neck for a few seconds, then to her wrist. Once her pulse is checked, she takes a deep breath, pivots towards the crowd and flicks her hand towards the ring, sticking her nose in the air and jawing snidely at the fans. As she reaches the ring, she steps through the middle rope, beige sparklers fall from above the ring, but Teresa doesn't give them much acknowledgment besides looking in their direction.

Jon McDaniel: A star could be born tonight, and Teresa following her winning streak with a victory over Simon Kalis would really cement her in the top tier of PWA and be the latest in a series of really great moments. She's made it clear that she wants to stop Simon's next scheme before it gets off the ground and this could really put the breaks on his credibility.

Brian Renfro: Hey now, there's no truth to any sort of rumors that Simon's scheming anything. He's an honest and reasonable man.

She waves at the crowd before getting in the ring, and these two are already circling.

Brian Renfro: Here we go!

The two of them circle back and forth, and finally Teresa slides behind Kalis, sweeping his leg and taking him into the mat. Quaranta tries to get some sort of submission going, but Kalis has still retained a bit of his quickness from the brutal WarGames match and scrambles to his feet, sending a devastating roundhouse to the face - Quaranta ducks it and shoots him into the ropes - when Kalis rebounds, she fires off a high back bodydrop. Kalis pops to his feet and narrowly avoids a superkick by leaning back - he shoots forward and rolls her into a pin for the two.

Quaranta kicks out and tries to use her speed to his advantage, connecting with a dropkick to the right knee, dropping him down onto his left. Rising back up, she bounces off the nearest set of ropes and storms back, looking to hit a Shining Wizard knee to the face, but to no avail; as Simon Kalis ducks beneath the attempt and rolls to the ropes. Quaranta's still running - she reverses course and clotheslines him over and to the floor. Quaranta exhales and paces around the ring as the crowd cheers. Kalis gets to one knee outside and shoots an icy glare inside the ring. He bites his lip, takes a deep breath, and rolls inside.

Teresa lets him in cleanly and the two lock up in the middle of the ring. They push for position, and Kalis slowly gets the advantage, pushing Teresa to the turnbuckle. But before he pins her there, Teresa reverses and traps Kalis in the corner. The official steps in to force the clean break, and once it's made, Kalis abruptly steps up and throws Teresa into the corner before leveling her with a sharp European Uppercut! Quaranta falls back to the corner and takes a seat on the middle turnbuckle. Kalis shoots a boot into Quaranta's midsection, the stands her up and unleashes a series of knife edge chops that draw howls from the crowd. Finally he pulls her out of the corner and whips her into the opposite ropes, waiting for Quaranta to hit back-first. She does, and runs right into a lariat. Kalis takes control of the offense, pulling her leg and sending a series of sidekicks to the hamstring. He finally drops a pair of elbows into her knee, and Teresa yells out in pain for the first time of the evening.

Jon McDaniel: What's Teresa Quaranta need to do to come out of this match with the W?

Brian Renfro: It's Simon Kalis - so honestly, it's hard to say. So many people have tried and failed to knock Kalis off during his time in PWA using power, speed, technical ability, brawling - you name it and Kalis has found a way to overcome it. Outside of basic stuff like hit the other guy and don't get hit, I don't know what to tell her. It's taken awhile for these two to feel themselves out, but Simon Kalis has gotten the first significant advantage of the match and he's really working to take away her mobility and agility.

Before Teresa can try fighting out of it, she's thrown into the air and hit with a shinbuster. Teresa staggers up to her feet and squeezes her eyes, quickly getting a chop block before she staggers to the ropes. Kalis throws a devastating Released German Suplex that lands her back towards the middle of the ring, cutting it off and keeping her from getting to the ropes. Teresa rolls onto her back and puts her hands up - it doesn't do much since Kalis is instantly back on the leg, rolling her into a half crab.

Jon McDaniel: And Kalis is only exacerbating the situation, he's elbowing that knee and Teresa looks like she's in serious trouble.

Quaranta starts to go to the ropes, but Kalis quickly drags her back to the ropes. Teresa puts her head in her hands in frustration before slowly pushing up with her hands. She pushes out of the crab and rolls out, pushing Kalis away and into the ropes - as he rebounds, he jumps into the air and hands hard on her leg, completely stuffing the comeback attempt.

Kalis doesn't waste any time, laying in a series of stomps to Quaranta's leg. She turns to her stomach, so Kalis measures her up and punts her in the side. Quaranta shakes her head and crawls to the ropes, leveraging her arms over the middle rope. Kalis drives his right knee into the back of Quaranta's neck, strangling her across the ropes. Simon Kalis grabs the top rope to keep his balance, placing all his weight on Quaranta's neck. The ref gives a five count and Simon breaks at four and a half.

Brian Renfro: And let me tell you, Simon Kalis does not want to get DQ'ed. Everytime he comes to the ring he wants to be known as the undisputed BEST, and this week is no different. It's looking really good for him now.

Finally, he runs and bounces off the opposite ropes, leaps up and crashes his weight down across the upper back of Quaranta who rolls backward and lands to both knees. Kalis walks to her, grabs her head from the side, and delivers a series of right fists down into Teresa's skull. He lets go of the head, causing Quaranta to fall to his hands and knees before following up with a kick to the gut that crumples her and gets a sympathetic moan from the crowd. She pops to his feet from the force of the kick, staggering around in a doubled over position. She staggers to Kalis, who sidehooks her, carries her across the ring, and finally delivers the side Backbreaker. He covers, being sure to hook the leg. One, two, another kickout. Kalis stands and grabs a handful of Quaranta's hair, ignoring the warning of the official before throwing her into the air and giving her a vicious pancake into the canvas.

Feeling it, Kalis rises to the turnbuckle with Teresa down and out. And finally, he launches off with a corkscrew shooting star press!

Brian Renfro: That's Simon Kalis - he's a risktaker even in his injured state!

Kalis circles, smiling at the booing capacity crowd and stomps her hands as she slowly tries to pull herself up. He waits for Teresa to crawl across the ring and pulling herself up at the ropes, then clubs her in the back with a forearm shot. Quaranta staggers to a corner, leans back against it, and kicks Kalis in the gut. She fires another one, then another. Teresa goes for a front kick - but Kalis catches it and stomps it against the middle rope to end the rally. The crowd gives an audible moan as Kalis bounces to the middle rope, standing directly above Quaranta's face. He raises a balled right fist into the air, then begins hammering away at her. Teresa ducks a blow, scrambles behind Kalis and pushes him over the top rope -

Brian Renfro: Kalis goes down! And it looks like he landed right on his neck from that height. He is in bad shape.

Teresa goes onto one knee, calmly waiting as the ref starts the count out.

Brian Renfro: What's she doing, she needs to follow up on the offense right now.

Jon McDaniel: I actually disagree, this is the first time in a few minutes she's hd to recuperate.

Brian Renfro: To hell with that! That's Simon Kalis down there, get up and kick his head in.

Despite the brutal injury, Kalis is on a knee by 7 and slowly gets to his feet. He touches the apron right before being counted out - just in time to get a baseball slide to the head. Teresa's still favoring her leg a bit, but Kalis' neck is so sore that he can barely stand. Teresa hops over the top rope, he weakly swings a punch at her direction and Teresa deflects it, counterattacking with a series of hard knees to the head that get the crowd rolling for the first time tonight. Teresa grabs Kalis by the neck and drapes him across the barricade on the outside by the throat.

Teresa lands on the barricade and jumps down, curb stomping the Order of Chaos leader and and driving his throat into the barricade! Kalis flies back, gasping in pain as Teresa follows up, throwing him back into the ring. Teresa knees Kalis upside the head and pulls him into a powerbomb position -- but the damage done to her knee comes into play and she can't manage the power move - Kalis reverses into a DDT!

Kalis rises up slowly, grabbing his head. He crawls up to the turnbuckle and sways back and forth before leaping off with the Rebribution Corkscrew Shooting Star Press - and misses! Teresa just barely gets a leg up, kicking him in Kalis' already injured neck!

Kalis went to the well again and he really, really paid for it. Teresa hooks his leg and locks in the Death of the Future!

Jon McDaniel: This is the same hold that knocked Masakazu out of action a few weeks ago!

Brian Renfro: Simon Kalis hasn't ever tapped out in his entire career!

There's a first time for everything! His hand's up!

Jon McDaniel: It goes up, and...

Kalis clenches his hand, refusing to tap out yet.

Teresa rolls off the hold and slaps the mat in frustration before locking in a Dragon Sleeper, bending Kalis' neck back painfully. Barely aware of himself, Kalis swings a wild series of rights upward, and one connects right under Teresa's eye, making her drop the hold. He charges in - Teresa kicks him in the stomach and locks on a butterfly lock. She pauses, throws him backwards - and Kalis lands on his feet again, flooring Teresa with a diamond cutter out of nowhere! Cover!



3 - NO!

Teresa just barely kicks out of the surprise move. Kalis rolls over and pushes her into the turnbuckle, setting her on the top rope with the Sentencing of the Dammed.

Jon McDaniel: Here we go!

He jumps off the top rope and Teresa lands squarely on her neck!

Brian Renfro: Sentencing of the Damned! Nobody's ever kicked out of this one!

Jon McDaniel: Kalis can barely move, he can barely make the cover! He should be in a hospital and not a ring!

After about five seconds without moving, he slides an arm over and makes the cover.




Jon McDaniel: And Simon Kalis is your winner!

Kalis slowly walks to the turnbuckle, throwing his hands up as Teresa rolls on the canvas.

Brian Renfro: Simon Kalis is looking amazing going into Christmas at Ground Zero. What's Riona - or ANYONE - going to do to stop him from winning PWA's biggest prize? He doesn't claim to be a villain, he just claims to be the best - and he's come one match closer to proving it.

Kalis pulls Teresa to her feet and the two lock eyes... and weakly shake hands as the camera fades to black.

A Declaration!

Simon Kalis is walking up the ramp, when suddenly the sweet and sexy guitar riff from Eddie Van Halen’s finger tips plays ‘Unchained’ throughout the arena. The heavy bass of Michael Anthony and drumming of Alex Van Halen kick it up as David Lee Roth’s voice rings throughout the arena. Simon Kalis has a stunned look on his face, as Meghan steps out from the under the ADCTron, fist raised in the air as her head bobs to beat. The fans are on their feet, having been waiting for this moment from the beginning of the show. Tamika is close behind her smiling out to the crowd. Meghan opens up her leather jacket to reveal a blue baby T, with the Superman emblem on her chest, as the same emblem displays up on the ADCTron.

Brian Rentfro: Yes! They are finally coming out to see me!

Jon McDaniel: I doubt it’s to see you. I wonder how Simon feels about this, after just leaving and leaving War Games to end in Riona’s favor.

Meghan walks up to Meghan and nods at him, smacks his ass firmly causing him to jump a little in shock, and keeps heading down to the ring. Tamika just smiles at him as she too passes by. He shrugs it off and heads back up towards the entrance, but doesn’t actually leave.

Jon McDaniel: Interesting. Are they coming over here?

Meghan and Tamika come around to the announcers table, lean over and kiss Brian Rentfro on the either cheek, wave and smile, and turn and flip off Jon McDaniel, making the capacity crowd laugh. Jon shakes his head.

Brian Rentfro: I told you they were coming to see me! I am Chaos Jon. Never forget it.

Meghan grabs a microphone and slides into the ring under the bottom rope. Tamika takes a seat with the announcers throwing a headset on.

TNS: Hey Brian, how ya been handsome?

Brian Rentfro: Just fine and yourself?

TNS: Besides the bum shoulder, not to shabby. Just got a new job.

Jon McDaniel: Let me guess, you’re going to manage Meghan?

Rentfro slams his hand on the announcers table.

Brian Rentfro: Jon, no one asked you.

Back in the ring Meghan signals for the music to stop and she raises the microphone up to her mouth.

Jon McDaniel: Meghan finally letting the cat out of the bag.

TNS: Jon, please be quiet while my sister speaks.

MNS: It’s been forty nine days since Tamika and I lost the tag team titles and since we’ve been seen. And I thought what better place than the home of the Columbus Blue Jackets to return!

The fans erupt at the up and coming soon to be dominant NHL club that call Nationwide Arena their home. Good cheap pop earned. Score.

MNS: Now, as most of you have heard by now my sister Tamika will not be returning the ring anytime soon.

Brian Rentfro: Yes, Tamika we are sorry not only for you, but for us as well. Your in ring talent will be missed.

TNS: Thank you Brian.

MNS: I thought, maybe, without Tamika by my side I wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything else in the world of wrestling. I began to doubt myself, and the Cowgirls From Hell’s future.

The fans begin to boo.

MNS: No, let me finish. It’ll be good I promise.

Meghan walks over to the ropes overlooking the announcers table where her sister sits with McDaniel and Rentfro. She smiles and continues.

MNS: But then my sister pointed out that wrestling wasn’t the only thing she was capable of doing. She could manage me. She has the GM experience, and wrestling knowledge to make sure the Strader legacy continues. When she told me this, at first I had my doubts. I mean, we royally fucked up and lost a lot of respect by joining that man over there hiding near the curtain.

Meghan points at the entrance way and Kalis just waves out at the crowd as she continues on.

MNS: Before we lost the titles, I spoke about breaking free from the restriction set by the Tag Team titles. I wanted singles glory as well. I crave it. So, that’s why I’m back. I’m not back to extract revenge, but rather to continue down the path the Cowgirls were heading before our error in judgment ruined everything. I’m back, with Tamika by my side.

TNS: That’s me!

Brian Rentfro: It sure is!!

Brian and Tamika giggle as Jon shakes his head.

MNS: Now, I’m not high on my own supply, and I realize I need to start from the bottom again. So I figured, I’d announce right here after the main event match that I’m going to start right at the bottom.

The fans begin to boo again.

MNS: No no, it’s ok. Because I know I can do it. By the blood that runs through my veins, and with my sister at my side I can accomplish anything I set my sights on. This is the beginning of a new era PWA! See you next Tuesday.

Meghan winks and blows a kiss to the capacity crowd. Tamika gets up from her seat and hugs Brian before joining her sister at the ramp as ‘Unchained’ starts up again, as the fans cheer loudly. Simon Kalis applauds loudly, and heads backstage as the girls now stand at the top of the entrance ramp, arms raised in the air before the scene cuts to commercial.

Marxx vs Hunter Sullivan

Singles Rematch

As we return from commercial, Eric stands center ring, watching around waiting for his signal to start. With thumbs up from a stage hand listening through a headset, Eric begins his announcement.

"The following matchup is scheduled for one fall, This match has a 60 minute time limit, and will end only with a count out, Disqualification, a three count, or Submission. Entering first from Corner brook Newfoundland Canada, he is the Viper, HUNTERRR SULLIVVAAAAN"

The lights begin to fade, dimming to a calming light. Green and purple start to glow and flash, the arena looking to the stage as A Perfect Circle starts to play and blare. Sullivan is waiting in the gorilla position for the lyrics to hit before bursting out onto the stage. Fans are already responding in a harsh chorus of Jeers.*

You're such an inspiration for the ways
That I'll never ever choose to be
Oh so many ways for me to show you
How the savior has abandoned you

*With the signal of the beginning lyrics Hunter storms out of his position, of course to a series of discriminating chants and boos. Hunter’s artier showed off as he started moving his way across the stage. The green and purple lights reflected and caused glimmer on his body. A cool, calculating smirk seemed steady and planted on his face, an unnerving confidence, a form of malevolence shines through. The ramp was laid out before him, en route to his goal.*

Fuck your God
Your Lord and your Christ
He did this
Took all you had and
Left you this way
Still you pray, you never stray
Never taste of the fruit
You never thought to question why

*Sullivan walked calmly and professionally down the ramp. The steel ramp under Hunter's feet reacted with a clank, none of which could be heard over the music and jeers in unison. Soon Sullivan found himself on the matting surrounding the ring. He reacted quickly, rolling into the ring and heading towards the turnbuckle that was closest. Soon climbing up it he merely looked around and reacted with a combined smirk-scoff.*

It's not like you killed someone
It's not like you drove a hateful spear into his side
Praise the one who left you
Broken down and paralyzed
He did it all for you
He did it all for you

*The music died off and Sullivan dropped back to the mat, looking around the ring, making a few last mental notes. His new music finally cutting off and settling.

The arena is under a dimmed light. Only the tron is flashing as Welcome to the Masquerade by Thousand Foot Krutch plays through the arena. All of a sudden, four bright spotlights starts turning around like on a red carpet and stops all of a sudden, doing a "X" form with their rays of light. Red and blue spotlights turns in circles over the crowd as Marxx appears from the entrance ramp, wearing his signature black leather coat.

He walks to a side of the ramp, raising his arm, then walks to the other side, where he does the same thing. While walking to a side to another, we could notice he was dancing a little bit. After, he comes back to the middle of the entrance ramp as he motions the crowd to cheer louder with his hands each sides of him. From there, he puts his arms in front of his face in his usual X, and then drops them quickly at each sides of him, a huge smile on his face. He let go a "Woo!" before starting his walk to the ring.

Eric Emerson: On his way to the ring, from New Brunswick, Canada, by the way of Indianapolis, Indiana: Marxx!

He starts walking on the ramp, clapping in the nearest fans hands. He stops in front of the ring, then turns back by the fans as he takes off his leather coat to the crowd's excitement. Then, he rolls inside the ring and jumps on a corner, where he does an X with his arms in front of his face before dropping them to each side. He jumps off the turnbuckle and does the same thing on the opposite side before going back to his corner, where he starts stretching.

Ding Ding

Collar and elbow, Hunter with a quick knee backs Marxx into the ropes. Hunter following it up quickly with a brainbuster Marxx counters with a tornado DDT!

Jon McDaniel: What a counter!

Marxx pulls Hunter up to his feet, sending him backwards into the corner with a stiff series of forearms. Marxx aims for a big right palm strike, Hunter grabs the wrist converting it into a hammerlock. Marxx slaps at his shoulder but Hunter sends him crashing to the mat with a hammerlock suplex. Hunter rolls over and up to his feet.

Brian Rentfro: What a counter!

Jon McDaniel: What a copycat.

Marxx holds at his shoulder and neck, rubbing furiously as Hunter circles his prey like a shark sensing blood. Hunter drops a knee onto the neck of Marxx before grinding the point of his elbow into the right shoulder for good measure. Hunter back up, jumping up into the air to drop an elbow onto Marxx's neck and once again grinnding his elbow into the right shoulder/neck area.

Jon McDaniel: Hunter methodically working over the shoulder and neck... Hunter with a crossface submission!

Hunter pulls back, doing his best to make Marxx tap out and leave his own marks on Marxx. Marxx moves his leg over and is able to hook the rope and force Hunter to break the hold. Scott Swindell is there to warn Hunter, who has no intention of releasing the hold.






Hunter releases the hold, knowing he has done some major damage to Marxx's neck and shoulder, severely limiting his chances in this match. Hunter pulls Marxx back up, jawing with the crowd. Marxx delivers a stiff elbow into his ribs, Hunter gasps. Marxx delivers a second and a third elbow into the ribs before spinning around and delivering a knee strike right into Hunter's exposed ribs. Sullivan clutches at his right side Marxx boots hiim in the midsection.

Jon McDaniel: Marxx with a double underhook suplex!

Marxx drops an elbow onto the left knee of Hunter before popping back up and dropping another one. Marxx holds the left ankle, dropping a knee into the side of Hunter's knee before locking on a standing leglock submission. Hunter immediately begins to crawl for the ropes. Hunter kicks out, but Marxx scouts the counter falling backwards to hyperextend Hunter's left knee. Sullivan grunts out in pain, resigned to make it to the ropes for salvation.

Jon McDaniel: Hunter crawling for the ropes.

Brian Rentfro: Hunter's just toying with Marxx.

Hunter rolls over into the ropes, finally able to grab the bottom rope for safety and the garanteed rope break. However, Marxx refuses to break the hold, returning the favor of Hunter from earlier.




Brian Rentfro: Disqualify him Swindell!



Marxx releases the leg lock backing off as Hunter pulls himself up vertically. Marxx runs forward, back body from Hunter sends Marxx up and over the top rope. Hunter stumbles forward, but Marxx has landed on the apron. Marxx with a spring to the top and a dive forward into a springboard bulldog! Marxx with the cover!



Brian Rentfro: Hunter able to kick out and show his endurance there.

Jon McDaniel: I don't think Hunter was expecting such a quick return from Marxx there.

Marxx pulls the groggy Hunter up, but Sullivan with a forearm to Marxx's midsection gets him a moment of reprieve. Hunter lifts Marxx up, smashing him down onto his left shoulder with a double unerhook shoulder breaker to Marxx's already weakened left shoulder.

Brian Rentfro: What a move from Hunter there.

Sullivan with a knee drop onto the left shoulder as he continues to target that body part area with a knee drop to the neck as well. Hunter locks on an arm trap submission, but Marxx is in the ropes quickly to break the hold. Hunter pulls Marxx out of the corner, locking on a seated half nelson to the left shoulder and Marxx is in a bad way as he is seated center ring. Marxx begins to slap the mat to get the crowd behind him and it is working.

Brian Rentfro: He is tapping out!

Jon McDaniel: No, he is gaining momentum as he tries to reach the ropes.

Hunter mouths off at the crowd and Marxx, telling him its useless to try and beat him. Hunter falls back, increasing the pressure of the half nelson submission. Marxx rolls over onto his front, shoving up with his legs and one free arm. Marxx begins to fall back down to the canvas slowly, a grin spreading over Hunter's face. Marxx shoves backwards violently and Hunter is slammed into the corner with extreme force. Marxx spins around quickly, slamming his knee into the ribs that he nailed earlier with nearly the same move. Hunter holds at his ribs, gasping for breath and Marxx sits him on the top turnbuckle.

Jon McDaniel: Marxx going up top here!

Brian Rentfro: Stop him! Disqualify him!

Marxx climbs up after Sullivan, going after him for a big time top rope move. Marxx locks in in a belly to belly suplex. Marxx grunts, falling backwards and sending Hunter over his shoulder with a release, but Marxx lands on his shoulder and neck, and he begins to rub at it quickly. Marxx is back up to his feet, using the momentum while he has it and fighting through the pain of his neck and shoulder injury.

Jon McDaniel: Marxx landed ackwardly there, but Hunter still took the majority of that fall.

Brian Rentfro: Are we PG 13?

Jon McDaniel: No.

Brian Rentfro: Damn then.

Marxx goes after Hunter's knee with single minded determination now. He lifts Hunter's knee up into the air, driving it down with force into the canvas. Marxx holds the ankle, dropping elbow after elbow onto the inside of the left knee, doing his best to take away Hunter's base. Marxx drops a knee onto the inside of the knee to do some further damage. Marxx holds both ankles, then locks in a figure four leglock in the very center of the ring! The crowd is roaring in approval!

Brian Rentfro: Isn't this move outlawed or something?

Jon McDaniel: Not that I know of.

Brian Rentfro: It should be.

Hunter groans in obvious pain, rolling his body over towards the ropes, but Marxx quickly rolls back the other way and Hunter is back in the center of the ring. Hunter sits up, but Marxx is there and the two begin to exchange stinging chops while Hunter is locked in the submission. Marxx falls back, increasing the pressure on the knee but Hunter uses the second to flip both of them over and nearer to the ropes. Marxx tries to roll them back over, but Hunter is preventing this and Marxx is forced to break the hold before his own knee is damaged in this match.

Brian Rentfro: Brilliant strategy by Hunter there.

Hunter pulls hiimself up, gasping and holding his left knee before trying to get some feeling back into it. Marxx rushes over with forearms to the chest of Hunter Sullivan and bringing the crowd back into it and up to their feet! Marxx with a stinging chop to Hunter's chest backing him into the ropes. Hunter grabs a quick standing side headlock, but Marxx lifts him up, dropping Hunter's left knee across his own bent knee. Hunter releases the side headlock, in favor of holding at his knee.

Brian Rentfro: I saw Marxx with some brass knucks!

Jon McDaniel: No you didn't and you are not a very good liar.

Hunter stumbles away, clutching at his left knee, Marxx levels his shoulder into the back of Hunter's left knee taking his opponent down. Hunter holds the ropes, preventing Marxx from getting a submission hold on and possibly breaking his leg. Marxx pulls Hunter from the roopes, but immediately clutches his eyes in pain.

Jon McDaniel: Hunter should be disqualified!

Brian Rentfro: Because Marxx is crying? Hardly reason to disqualify Hunter.

Marxx spins around, wiping the tears from his streaming eyes when Hunter drops a elbow from the middle rope onto his left shoulder. Hunter with an arm wrench before exchanging it for a wristlock. Hunter kicks at the ribs of Marxx and asks hiim how he likes to be beat in the ribs. Hunter locks on a Full Nelson while he is in the center of the ring, being sure to do his best to shake Marxx back and forth to cause damage to the left shoulder and neck of his opponent. Marxx begins to fade as he drops to one knee, trying to find somewhere where the pain isn't so bad.

Brian Rentfro: Marxx fading fast!

The crowd begin to chant Marxx's name, but the former PWA World Champion drops down to his other knee. The crowd gets louder and Marxx is back up to his feet, stomping his right foot in time with the crowd. Marxx drops down, bringing Hunter's chin down into his head, causing himself some pain, but breaking the hold as well.

Brian Rentfro: Idiotic there.

Jon McDaniel: How? It broke the hold and did exactly what he wanted it to do.

Hunter holds at his chin as Marxx climbs slowly, ever so slowly up to his feet. Marxx turns around, clothesline takes him back down to the canvas. Hunter stomps away at the shoulder and neck of Marxx before pulling him back up to a vertical position. Hunter locks on an armbar, but Marxx is in the ropes and after a count of four Hunter releases the hold so that he doesn't get a disqualification.

Brian Rentfro: Hunter with a STF!

Marxx groans in the hold, but wiggles just enough to keep Hunter from locking it on securely. Marxx scoots forward and is into the ropes as Hunter is furious that he was unable to properly lock on the submission. Hunter pulls Marxx up.

Jon McDaniel: Marxx with a double leg take down!

Brian Rentfro: But Hunter fights back vertical!

Hunter lifts Marxx up, delivering the Avalanche suplex that he calls the Crumbler!

Brian Rentfro: Hunter with the Crumbler and this match is over!

Hunter whips Marxx into the ropes.

Viper Snap!

Marxx avoids the kick! The crowd roars! Marxx with the Canadian Leg Sweep out of no where!

Jon McDaniel: Canadian Leg Sweep!

The crowd are back up to their feet, cheering on Marxx!

Brian Rentfro: What are these idiots cheering about?!

Scott Swindell begins a ten count as neither man is moving in the center of the ring. Marxx crawls slowly for the ropes as Hunter begins to do the same.


The crowd is chanting for Marxx.


Some in the crowd are chanting for Hunter as they love his technical style.


Marxx reaches the bottom rope, but is unable to climb up to his feet, across the ring Hunter is having the same difficulty.


Scott keeps looking at both man, not wanting to miss anything.


Marxx grabs the bottom rope, pulling himself up.


Hunter has ahold of the middle rope and is on one knee, but both men are breathing extremely heavily in this contest.


Marxx grabs the top rope, but does he have the strength to pull himself up? Does Hunter have the strength either?


Jon McDaniel: Both men have given it their all here!

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, Marxx has cheated blatently while Hunter has fought a good clean contest.


Both men are up, Scott backs off letting them come together in the middle. Marxx throws a haymaker, but Hunter counters with a half nelson suplex dropping Marxx onto his neck and shoulder!

Brian Rentfro: Great counter from Hunter!

Hunter covers for the pin.




Marxx able to barely get his shoulder up, but he does and that is all that counts.

Jon McDaniel: Marxx fighting through all the pain!

Brian Rentfro: And I suppose Hunter is just walking on roses in the park?

Hunter pulls Marxx back up, letting his frustration fuel him. He lifts Marxx up, Brainbuster DDT! He covers again.



Marxx able to kick out again, this time even slower, but still the kickout is all that matters. Hunter shoves Scott out of the way, dragging Marxx up to the top turnbuckle.

Brian Rentfro: Hunter is going to finish the match here and now!

Half Nelson Superplex!

Jon McDaniel: Marxx is countering this attempt with elbows of fury to Hunter's ribs, thank goodness he kneed them heavily earlier!

Marxx breaks the hold, ducking up under the arm as Hunter grabs his ribs. Fireman's carry on the top rope, Marxx delivers a top rope stunner from the fireman's carry position!

Jon McDaniel: Hunter's got to be broken!

Marxx crawls over to Hunter, lifting him up and into position...





Hunter gets his foot into the ropes, stopping the count!

Brian Rentfro: Hunter's still in this one!

Jon McDaniel: What is it going to take to put these men away?!

Marxx nods out of respect as he drags Hunter up, he knows what he must do. The crowd jump up, some in their seats jumping as Marxx lifts Hunter up top.

Jon McDaniel: This'll have to do it!


Marxx makes the cover!




Ding Ding Ding

The crowd are on their feet as Marxx's music hits back up in the speakers and he slowly crawls for the ropes to pull himself up.

Eric Emerson: Winner of the match... Marxx!

Jon McDaniel: What a match!

Brian Rentfro: Damn cheater!

First Class Felony

Jon McDaniel: What a show, ladies and gentlemen and-

Brian Rentfro: Wait, did you see that?

Suddenly the lights completely drop out and the fans begin screaming at the unknown events proceeding. The ADCTron goes static with nothing on screen as the fans continue to scream and yell.

Jon McDaniel: What's going on?!

Brian Rentfro: I have no idea...

Suddenly the arena lights FLASH brightly, going pitch white to a blinding extent for just a few seconds but everyone in the arena shrieks.

Brian Rentfro: AH GOD MY EYES!

Jon McDaniel: MAKE IT STOP!

Quiet. The arena lights return to normal, and all that remains, surrounded by static on the ADCTron is an emblem.

Jon McDaniel: Jesus Christ.

Brian Rentfro: No Jon... The First Class Felony.

Voice over ADCTron: War has come and gone. The imperialists have won. Our soldiers have fallen and dispersed. Fear not, ladies and gentlemen. Our insurgency has begun.

The ADCTron scene changes and we see six figures standing in front of a hanging banner. The words behind them read simply "ORDO AB CHAO" and a seventh individual is on the ground before them, with a black bag over their head and on their knees.

Jon McDaniel: Ordo ab chao? That's the Order of Chaos' true motto. Order out of Chaos.

Brian Rentfro: Dear God is that a machete?

Five of the figures are in black, from head to toe. The one on their knees is in red, but the middle man is in all white. And the bright lights behind him blind us to anything more specific than that. He steps forward and places the machete to the throat of the person on their knees.

Voice over the ADCTRon: You will never know who we truly are. You will never know who our members are. We will walk amongst you... As friends, as family, as peers and as enemies. We could be your tag partner. We could be your rival. We could even be your brother, or your boss.

The man in white scoffs and the lights dim. Suddenly there are dozens of men and women in ski masks behind him.

Voice over the ADCTron: There could be dozens of us.

The lights go off, then come back on with only him standing in front of the camera. Still, with the one in red on their knees.

Voice over the ADCTron: Could just be myself.

The lights in the scene go off then back on. Suddenly, there are six people in black behind the one in white.

Jon McDaniel: Okay, so at first there were just six of them plus the person in red. Then there were like thirty of them in black.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah I'm with you.

Jon McDaniel: Now there should be five people in black, but there's six. Confused yet?

Brian Rentfro: $50 says this is a Kalis segment.

Jon McDaniel: You're on.

The man in white removes his mask, revealing himself to be Simon Kalis.

Brian Rentfro: AWESOME!

Simon Kalis: Truth is you'll never know. And it starts tonight.

Kalis rips the mask off the person in red, revealing them to be Riona Langly. The crowd GASPS!

Simon Kalis: With this bitch right here.

Kalis slices the throat but instead of blood, we hear Kalis laugh as confetti pops up and we hear the laughter of children fill the speakers.

Jon McDaniel: What the hell is this?! Some kind of sick joke!?

Brian Rentfro: I'm ROFLing, as it were! HAH! Brilliant!

Kalis kicks the dummy-body forward as the lights behind him all fade, leaving a spotlight just on him.

Simon Kalis: Amazing what special effects can do these days, right?

The lights turn back on and suddenly the entire PWA roster, albeit computer generated, stands behind Kalis.

Simon Kalis: So who are we? Are we newcomer, casual and pompous British assholes?

The computer generated Marvin Wood steps up and pretends to nod happily.

Simon Kalis: Are we fallen Apostles or Order Soldiers?

Computer generated fakes of Marxx and Joshua Danielson step up as if they were two good friends.

Simon Kalis: Are we champions?

Matt Stone and El Gringo Tonto step forward albeit they are merely computer generated images of them.

Jon McDaniel: Great. So Kalis learned how to do CGI and now he can make everyone look like an asshole?

Simon Kalis: It could be anyone. It could be everyone.

The computer generated images of the PWA roster fade away.

Simon Kalis: It could be just me. Or really...

The lights behind Kalis go off, then back on. Suddenly there is a computer generated image the entire REBEL Pro roster behind him.

Simon Kalis: Maybe I'm bringing you the war I tried to save you all from.

Kalis smirks as the lights go back off behind him and all that remains is the banner behind him. Except this time it no longer says "ORDO AB CHAO". Instead, all that there is the FCF emblem.

Simon Kalis: You chose to be occupiers. With that comes the rise of the insurgents. The First Class Felony baby.

Kalis unholsters a gun from behind him and aims at the camera.

Simon Kalis: The war took a few months. A motivated and unknown guerilla insurgency on the other hand? Ha.

Kalis fires, but all that comes out is a white flag with the word "ROFLS" on it.

Simon Kalis: Bang, bang. You shoulda killed my career when you had the chance Riona.

The scene fades as the computer generated images behind Kalis on the ADCTron change repeatedly and rapidly with him smirking as he makes motions with his hands over his waist.

Jon McDaniel: I don't like the look of this at all...

Brian Rentfro: The Insurgency is on, Jon... This is the aftermath.

We see Kalis wave one more time as confetti rains down all around him as we fade to the PWA logo.