World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

The Go Home Show, Essentially

The Deal

Earlier This Week

Tensions are apparent as we fade into the scene inside of Mark "Chamelion" Sommers' office inside of the PWA headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. Simon Kalis sits across from Jasmine Lee Sommers, who is taking over office duties while her brother in law recouperates at home, with his black Fedora tilted down over the right side of his face. His smirk creeps over the left side as he looks down and finishes signing some papers before sliding it across the desk to Jasmine. She looks over the papers and nods.

Jasmine: You've made the right decision here today, Simon. My brother in law will finalize things with the Board of Directors by Friday.

Kalis scoffs as he looks up at Jasmine and nods.

Simon Kalis: This isn't capitulation, Mrs. Sommers.

Jasmine: I know. But it's a step in the right direction for you.

Kalis gets to his feet, pulling his cane out from next to him to help hold him up. Jasmine looks at him, serious in her gaze.

Jasmine: Good luck against Jethro. You look like you may need it.

Kalis turns his head and nods as he exits the office and we fade to Chaos...

Captain on Deck

Cameras litter the parking lot as a 2009 Maserati MC12XX pulls up, speakers blaring. We see an Order of Chaos logo emblazoned across the passenger side door, a broken star on the driver's. As the car is parked and the engine shut off, the doors open to find Lucious Starr and Joshua Danielson stepping out. As they proceed to the door, a distressed Masakazu runs up from behind.

Masakazu: General... I have word...

Starr and Danielson turn, glad but somewhat confused as to Masa's presence.

Lucious Starr: Kaz? It's good to see you, kiddo. But I thought you were kicked off Chaos last week...

Masakazu: I was. That's why I had to wait here for you. Without a REBEL pass, I can't even show my face inside the arena... well, minus a ticket, but who the hell uses those anymore?

Lucious Starr: I see your point...

Masakazu: Look, I don't have much time. Security will be here to evict me soon enough. But I needed to tell you about last week.

Lucious Starr: Look, you fought valiantly against Quaranta. And believe me, Reaver will pay for his betrayal on his own time. Leader or not, I won't allow such an unjust travesty against...

Masakazu: No, it's not that. It's Raizzor.

Lucious Starr: Sommers? The hell does he have to do with anything?

Masakazu: Look, he came to me last week, issued a warning. Took out a group of elite Order militia in a moment's time. And he's looking to do the same to us at Good vs Evil. Frankly, I wouldn't see him as much a threat, but then again, he did take out THE best military forces on the planet. I'm just going to warn you now, watch your backs. Raizzor may be looking to send a message again this week.

Masa looks to Hell and High Water, assuring they understand. Starr looks to Danielson, they share a glance. They both look to Masa, Starr laughing.

Lucious Starr: Thanks for the warning there, Kaz. But I don't fear Michael Sommers. He's an overhyped version of Chamelion.

Masakazu: Lucious, we are talking about the militant group of the Order. A branch composed of the best the world has to offer. A set of...

Lucious Starr: Kaz, I fear no man. I fear no group. I don't give a shit if these guys were genetically engineered super freaks hell bent on destruction. I am the best in the world. And I am in charge of all things Order within the PWA.

Masakazu: You're making a grave mistake, Lucious.

Lucious Starr: If I want to make a mistake, it is my mistake to make. But I do not make mistakes. Thank you for the word of caution, and I will be sure to watch my back. But I won't fall to Raizzor. Not tonight, not at Good vs Evil, not ever.

Starr turns, he and Danielson start for the arena.

Masakazu: You're a fool if you think you're going to stay in control.

Starr stops, turning his head ever so slightly. One can almost see a grin as he turns, not taking another step.

Lucious Starr: Raizzor is no threat to me. Your father is no threat to me. This militant branch of the Order? Not even a blip on my radar. I am in charge, whether you want to believe it or not. And as far as control... well, let's just say I have a few stops to make before my match tonight. So if you'll excuse us...

Starr and Danielson salute Masakazu, the young Kalis hesitantly salutes back. Starr and Danielson walk out of sight, into the arena, as Masakazu shakes his head.

Masakazu: Poor fools...

Blake Witcroft vs Jethro Hayes

Grude Match

After the commercial break the camera starts the scene with a nice close up of Blake Witcroft’s face. The camera zooms out to reveal Blake standing in the backstage interview area with, Lean Bean Miller.

Lean Bean Miller: Well Blake last week, you said that you let Jethro Hayes beat you. What exactly did you mean by that?

Blake Witcroft: Well it’s quite simple really, the big oaf was in some what of a slump so what did I do I, helped him out wif a win. Don’t you forget it Milla’, Blake Witcroft has never been beaten for his Grizzly Beer title. I was screwed by an injury, and then I was screwed by the southern pig Jethro Hayes.

The fans boo audibly, as Blake runs his tongue between his gums and his lower lip.

Lean Bean Miller: How could you say you’re doing him a favor? He’s a former grand slam champion, and it looked to me like you were beat one, two, three.

Blake Witcroft: Of course it looked like he had me beat, that was the point. Milla’ I’m startin’ to think you aren’t as smart as you seem. I did what I had to do to make it look convincing. I had the fans tricked, I had that idiot Jethro tricked, and by all means it seems like I had you tricked. You see, when a man doesn’t get a win every so often, it makes them soft. It makes them feel like they lost there touch. It can break a man; I don’t want Jethro to be broken by any loss. I want him to be broken by my loss. Think of this Milla’, Blake Witcroft runs Jethro Hayes out of the PWA.

Lean Bean Miller: I guess so.

Miller’s face goes from an unhappy scowl to a look of well a look that said look out you pompous ass. Jethro Hayes moved out from behind a curtain with a devilish look in hi9s eyes.

Jethro Hayes: I ain’t waitin’ till our match tonight.

Blake turned around to see his foe charge and hit him with a huge closeline, turning him inside out on the concrete back stage. Blake hold his head whilst Jethro lifts him of the concrete before whipping him into the brick wall.

Jethro Hayes: Call me a pig will ya.

Blake holds his head as he slowly walks down the hall way after crashing hard into the wall. Jethro walks after him with a giant grin on his face. Blake turns quickly and punches Hayes right in the nose causing the mountain of a man to flinch and whip his head back. Blake grabs Jethro by the hair and walks him over to a near by service table. Blake then slam’s his enemies head hard into the table rattling off a few bottles of water. Witcroft grabs his opponent by the waste from behind and lifts him in the air kicking the table over as he loses his feet. Blake thinks quickly and crotches Jethro on the table. The redneck grabs his balls in pain as Blake took a few steps back and charged at the brute with a kick to Jethro’s face.

Brian Rentfro: This action got started quickly, there match was up next but the bell hasn’t sounded and there still back stage. Blake thinking on his feet using the table, this ladies and Gentlemen is a true master of the craft.

Jon McDaniel: If you mean using underhanded tactics, makes you a master of the craft? That’s a first in my book.

Blake lifted Jethro only to receive a firm jab to the ribs, causing Blake to double over in pain. Jethro then lifted a knee into Blake’s face lifting him to a standing position, without much effort. Blake clutched his face as Jethro reached out of the camera’s view grabbing a pipe. Jethro lifted it high above his head and slammed it into Witcroft’s back. Blake hit the concrete moaning in pain and reaching for his back as Jethro laid a few boots to his downed opponent.

Brian Rentfro: Look at that, what a cheat, Jethro using any and everything to get the advantage in this one.

Jon McDaniel: Didn’t you just praise Witcroft for using the same tactics?

Brian Rentfro: Damn it man it’s different.

Jethro walks out of view for a moment grabbing some other item to inflict pain but as soon as he gets into range blake lifts his boot kicking the big man in the stomach. Blake lays a short but painful blast of punches and kicks as he pulls Jehtro toward the gorilla area.A right hand sends Jethro through the black curtain, spinning down to his right knee. Blake rushes through the curtain with a steel chair, bringing it down on Hayes' head to send him onto his forearms and knees. Blake with a second shot sends Jethro onto his front completely.

Jon McDaniel: These two have been fighting since their altercation just a bit earlier!

Brian Rentfro: Of course they have, as the kids used to say... durh.

Jethro begins to struggle back up, but a well placed punt kick to his head rolls him over onto his back. Blake slams the chair down into Jethro's face before jumping down with a leg drop. Jethro rolls out of the way just in time to allow Blake to leg drop the steel chair instead. Jethro up to his knees as Blake rolls over to his. Both men shoot up to their feet, throwing right fists aiming to destroy the other! Jethro with a big right backs Blake up the ramp, but the big right from Blake backs Jethro down the ramp instead. Jethro with a two right hands and Blake is forced to back up, Jehtro with a knee takes him in the midsection before lifting him up with a vertical suplex onto the ramp!

Jon McDaniel: This match isn't even official yet!

Brian Rentfro: But Blake is already killing Jethro!

Jethro rolls over, pulling Blake up so that his back is facing the ring. Jethro grabs Blake by his shirt, slamming a fist right into his face backing him down the ramp. Jethro with a second, a third, and a fourth punch to put Blake's back against the ring apron. Jethro spits on his palm...

Brian Rentfro: Disgusting!

Then bitch slaps the taste right out of Blake's mouth sending his head jerking to the side with the violent slap. Jethro follows him towards the ring steps, but Blake falls down, tripping Jethro up and sending him face first into the steps. Jethro rolls off them, holding at his mouth.

Brian Rentfro: And Jethro has a match later tonight!

Jon McDaniel: Jethro has a fight on his hands right now!

Blake, with a cocky smile on his face, pulls Jethro up to his feet. Forearm to the throat backs him against the ringpost. Blake rams Jethro's skull into the steel repeatedly bringing a dull thunk from the post.

Brian Rentfro: Well, that skull is empty.

Blake rears back...

Brian Rentfro: What a slap to the face by Blake, sending Jethro down to his knees!

Jethro holds at his cheek before shoving up to a vertical base and turning to face Blake. Blake slams a knee into Jethro's ribs, seeming to soften him up for later tonight. Blake with a knee lift into Jethro's ribs before an Irish Whip sends Jethro slamming into the guardrail.

Jon McDaniel: I'm wondering how much Jethro will be able to fight later tonight.

Brian Rentfro: Serves him right for calling out an already injured man.

Blake rushes after Jethro, bringing his knee up into Jethro's sternum causing all of the air to rush right out of his lungs. Blake grabs the back of Jethro's head, slamming it face first into th4e announce table.

Brian Rentfro: The action is right here Jon.

Jon McDaniel: Get it in the ring Blake.

Blake turns to Jon, shaking his head before face planting Jethro once again on the table. Blake points to Jethro before yelling at the crowd.

"Look at your Southern Hero now!"

Jethro slams an elbow into Blake's ribs backing him up, but Blake manages to maintain control of the hair. Blake comes in with another knee lift, this one to the face.


Through the table!

Jon McDaniel: Jeez!

Brian Rentfro: That idiot just destroyed our table!

Jethro grabs a breath or two before pulling Blake up and rolling him into the ring.

Ding Ding

Jethro wipes his face off before rolling into the ring himself. Jethro pulls himself up against the ropes, and turns around for Blake. Whitcroft has gotten back up to his feet.

Jon McDaniel: Yellow Card!

Jethro nearly topples back to the outside, but Blake catches him, setting him up, and dropping him with a fisherman's Buster into a pin!

Brian Rentfro: Hooligan Buster!




Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: Winner of the match... Blake Witcroft!

Blake rolls out of the ring, smirking as he backs up the ramp. Jethro raises his head from the canvas, looking at Blake but there is just a smile on his face.

Jon McDaniel: What is he smiling about?

Brian Rentfro: I don't know, he just lost and he is smiling? Told you all there is something off about Jethro Hayes, maybe too much moonshine fumes have gone to the head.

Special Delivery

We fade in to the locker room for The Glorious Bastards, Johnny Maverick and Spyke Gein. But neither of them are there, only Maya stands inside of the locker room flexing her once broken arm in front of a mirror. She scans her arm with her eyes in the reflection, holding it, pressing it and flexing to see how it's improved. She gasps when she sees a hooded figure enter the locker room through the mirror.

Man: Maya...

She turns around slowly and enters a fighting stance, fully expecting a confrontation. The man removes his hood and reveals himself to be none other than Simon Kalis.

Maya: Dad!

The hood drops and Kalis stands in full Order of Chaos military uniform as Maya jumps him with a big hug.

Maya: Oh my god, are you okay?

Kalis nods and smiles as he hugs her back. She takes a few steps and looks him up and down.

Simon Kalis: Don't worry, I'm fine. You know me.

Maya: Yeah, yeah. But you're a goofball. I mean, what're you thinking by coming here???

Simon Kalis: I had to deliver this personally, to you.

Kalis reaches into his vest and pulls out an envelope marked with Maya's name. He hands it to her and she flips it over, her eyes widening as she gazes at the wax seal of the "FCF".

Maya: I figured you'd come to me with this.

She looks her father in the eyes and nods as she shoves the envelope down her pants for safe keeping. Kalis rolls his eyes and turns around to leave but she grabs him by the shoulder.

Maya: You know I can't accept until this war is over, right?

Kalis nods and turns around, smiling. He opens up his military vest to reveal a black t-shirt with the golden words "FIRST CLASS FELONY" beneath them.

Simon Kalis: All Hail The PWA, sweety.

Maya smirks and Kalis winks at her as he turns around to leave, buttoning his vest back up to conceal the shirt as we fade...

Falmboyant Asshats

A camera follows Lucious Starr backstage, walking with a mission. He reaches an intersection in the hall, turning... and bumps right into Daniel "Rayn" Kalis.

Lucious Starr: Watch where the hell you're going, asshole!

Rayn: You got that wrong bud, you need to watch where the fuck I'M walkin ass hat.

Lucious Starr: I'm the fucking champ, you piss ant. You get the fuck out of my way.

Rayn: You're only the champ because Simon wants you to continue being champion, for whatever the fuck god knows why. Why do you think he'd knock us both out and drag you over the top of me?

Lucious Starr: You self-absorbed piece of shit! Do you hear yourself when you talk? Or do you just sit there and spit your self-righteous bullshit in hopes that people will bow to your way of thinking?

Rayn: What the fuck are you talking about, you fucking moron?

Lucious Starr: You're a moron, Daniel. Lucha Libre? Simon attacked ME first, you incompitant monkey fuck.

Rayn: Doesn't really matter now does it? He knocked us both down and PUT your arm over my chest.

Lucious Starr: Please! Spare me the bullshit! He was saving YOU, Danny boy! Think about it! He attacks me first. Attack the bigger threat, give the underdog some confidence in himself. By attacking me, he gave you the idea that you were all the threat you wanted to be. But the truth is far too big for you to see, you half-wit. Simon saw that I was a bigger threat than he had percieved, and as such spared you from what he could only begin to comprehend as to what I could do to you. You see, Daniel, I'm what you might call a "loose cannon". Powerful, focused. But you don't know where I'm going to strike next. I could do for many, but I end up doing what's best for me. Why? Not because I'm selfish, but because frankly we're all in it for Number One, aren't we? And the way I see it, if Simon turned his back on me once, what's to stop him from doing it again? Which is why he had no choice a few weeks back. He laid down because he knew the only way to stay safe was to give me exactly what I demanded. And you? You're nothing more than a fucking pest I plan on slapping away the moment I get the chance.

Rayn: You really think that highly of yourself, don't you? Honestly, can I ask you, do you think I haven't heard this little speech? Let alone, you don't honestly think I didn't see this coming? You think I haven't been lurking around the back, watching you work up the courage to finally tell me off? I've been in this business ten fucking years Starr, I've seen guys like you come and go, and you know what they all have in common? Once I show the world what they're really like, in your case a flamboyant little ass hat that couldn't beat me one on one to save his own balls, they disappear. The one common is that I remain. So go ahead, cherish your days as champion, because if Riona doesn't get to you first, I will.

Lucious Starr: Flamboyant ass hat?? Bitch, I’m the fucking show and everyone knows it. I fucking prove it everywhere I go and whether you like it or not, it’s the truth. You want flamboyant, look at Simon. He’s the one twisting the Order’s mission to his own cares. Me, I’ve ALWAYS been about PWA’s greatness. And do you want to know why, Daniel?

Rayn: Because you’re a fag with a superiority complex?

At this point, Lucious has heard enough, lunging at Rayn. They begin to throw hard strikes at each other, crashing into walls and random scenery. Security comes over and tries to pull the two apart, but to no avail. Soon, however, more security shows up and there are at least five men on each wrestler, the two trying to get back to each other.


A click of a gun, Lucious' red face is seen through his almost completely removed makeup. We see a Para-Ordnance LDA, aimed right at the face of Rayn. Security backs away ever so slightly as they try to keep him back without making any fatalities. All goes silent as Lucious keeps his finger on the trigger. All the guards back off, wanting to get clear of the gun.


Without hesitation Rayn walks right up to the gun, until it's poking him in the nose.

Rayn: You don't have the balls Starr. You can't be me, you can't pull that trigger. You're talking to a guy that was willing to kill his own flesh and blood only to prove that he was better. I see straight through this act. Now either shut your fucking mouth and pull the trigger, or get the fuck out of my way...

Rayn walks off pushing past Starr, who lowers the gun as he turns the corner and walks out of sight. A security guard starts toward Lucious, causing him to raise the gun to his face.

Security: Oh, god... please, I've got a family... Oh, please dear god...

Lucious pulls the trigger, a click is heard but nothing happens. Lucious grins ear-to-ear, opening the barrel... which we now see is empty. He laughs as he drops the gun, whispering into the guard's ear.

Lucious Starr: You honestly think I'm gonna carry a loaded gun around here? Guns kill people. Idiot.

Lucious turns, laughing as he walks off to his target destination.

Ferrari Polo vs Ash Nukem vs Ahrid Arrafat vs El Gringo Tonto

Non-Title Fatal Four-Way Match

An absolute mad tussle of mad shit in which the end result was Polo getting his ass handed to him by three different guys. Near choked into unconsciousness by Arrafat or bludgeoned by Ash and Tonto, it became more a contest of which of the three of them would be the one securing the fall. In the end, it would be Tonto getting the win as Arrafat had Ash out fighting on the floor.

Polo was choked into unconsciousness by Tonto to secure the win, much to the shegrin of the two on the floor. Ash made a return to the ring and squared off with Tonto looking for a fight, but it would be Arrafat who would take care of him, putting Ash back to the floor and burying him in the rail before leaving. Tonto celebrated with his Grizzly Beer Title while Ash came too on the floor.

The Continued Adventures of Team LS!

A camera is in the General Manager's office, finding Lisa Seldon spinning in her chair. A knock on the door catches her attention, but doesn’t do much to slow her down.

Lisa Seldon: Doors open.

The door opens, ushering the World Champion into her office. Lisa drops two hands on her desk to stop herself, and then gives him a wonderful smile.

Lisa Seldon: Well it’s my old buddy Luscious. To what do I owe this pleasure?

He goes to reply but something seems to sidetrack him.

Lucious Starr: Do you just sit in here spinning around all day?

Lisa Seldon: Well…

She turns her head this way and that.

Lisa Seldon: Not all day, but I like to give the camera boy here something to focus on every now and then. Keeps him sharp, you know.

Lucious shakes the thought away and pulls himself back on point.

Lucious Starr: Look, Lisa, I get it. The Order is a horrible group, and we are on a mission of darkness that makes you want to puke. I know. But that's part of why I'm here.

Lisa cradles her head in her hands and yawns quite dramatically.

Lisa Seldon: Fascinating.

Lucious Starr: Look, you're the general manager. I'm the General of the Order. I know at this point we're all but rivals, but I think I have the solution.

Lisa Seldon: We’re not rivals, Luscious. We’re two people in a boss to worker bee situation where I could honestly crush you at anytime. And the only viable solution you could offer me is disbanding your group, dropping the belt and fucking off, taking all your weekend warriors and ridiculous racist druids with you.

He rolls his eyes. She smiles a little more.

Lucious Starr: Well... no. But I am proposing a truce.

she practically lights up.

Lisa Seldon: Oow, a truce with the worker bee. Pretty sure I got bored screwing you around anyway and moved on. What’s even the point?

Lucious Starr: Look, as long as the Order is making power plays, we're stepping on your toes. As long as you're assaulting Order members, you're stepping on ours. So what I'm suggesting is a simple agreement. The Order will go along with the rules set down by our general manager, and you won't attack any members of the Order... and further, take any unjust actions toward us. Way I see it, if we stay off each other's toes; we might be able to stay civil towards each other.

Lisa Seldon: Really? And Simon was happy with you basically giving in to me was he?

Lucious Starr: You think Simon is behind this? He's neurotic, Lisa. He's lost sight of what the Order was meant to do. I agree that your assault of Reaver was a bit over the top, but Simon is too involved to overlook this minor injustice and look at the bigger picture. Myself? I figure why make more enemies when it would be easier to simply work with the people we're going to have to deal with for the rest of our careers anyways?

Lisa Seldon: You make me sound so morbid and sinister.

He shrugs.

Lucious Starr: Yeah. So, what do you think?

Lisa Seldon: I think you should probably stop coming grovelling to me every time things get too hard for you. It’s not very becoming of you, especially since we’re supposed to be super mortal enemies.

He takes a step back and crosses her arms while Lisa batters on ahead.

Lisa Seldon: Further more, I don’t think ma boy Kalis is going to be too happy with you going behind his back and rubbing shoulders with the girl who almost got his kid crippled last week… but he probably wasn’t too into what you did to him either, so I suppose that’s a bit moot.

He goes to speak but she holds out her hands.

Lisa Seldon: That being said, I’ve got a ton of Rebel Pro bullshit to deal with, so I’m perfectly happy to stand back and watch all you guys tear each other apart. Which I guess means, as long as no one else tries to steal my job, I couldn’t give a shit what you do.

She leans back in her chair.

Lisa Seldon: So I guess, sure, call it a truce if that’ll make you happy. For now though, I gots work to do.

Starr then shows himself out and the camera follows. The wording might not have been the best, but the results were the same, and he flashes a wicked smile before walking away.

Mark Zout vs Matt Stone

Singles Match

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing in this corner: Weighing two hundred four pounds and standing at five feet, ten inches, he’s the Moondog Killa, P.S. Zout! And in this corner, standing at five feet, nine inches, and weighing one hundred ninety pounds, Matt Stone! This match is for one fall! To win, Stone must make Zout submit, or pin him for a three count! Alternatively, Zout must make Stone submit, or pin him for a five count!

At hearing this news Matt Stone throws his head back in laughter while P.S. Zout throws his arms out in complaint. He complains to the referee, who points to Zout’s own managers. Zout turns his back to argue with Old School over the stipulations as the bell rings. Stone erupts from his corner, nailing Zout in the back of the head with a clothesline. As Zout crumples, Stone thrusts several fists into the back of his head until the official peels him off after a four count.

Jon McDaniel: Can you believe that, Brian? Mark Zout’s own managers gave Matt Stone a two second advantage! Why on Earth would they do such a thing?!

Brian Rentfro: I’m not sure, Jon, but Stone will take advantage of whatever edge you give him - that’s how he got to where he’s at now. You can’t afford to give him an inch, or he’ll take a mile, just as we’re seeing now!

Stone backs away from Zout with his hands in the air, but just as soon as the official moves out of his way, Stone lays right back into Zout with more hard rights, then whips him in a circle by the shoulder and head, sending him between the ropes and crashing to the floor outside. Zout rolls into the barricade and uses it to help him stand up, several marks giving him pats on the back and shoulders. As the official begins his count on Zout, Stone take the opportunity to taunt about the ring, yelling out slurs against his American opponent and all of Zout’s supporters, resulting in several jeers reverberating back toward him. The team of Old School talks to Zout, the athlete nodding in agreement. At the count of eight Zout climbs up the steel steps and steps through the middle and top ropes, signaling to the official that he is prepared to continue.

The two athletes circle counter-clockwise in the ring, each looking for an opening on their opponent, before exploding into a collar-elbow tie up. Working one another for leverage, it is Zout who gains the upper hand, twisting himself under the left arm of Stone. Halfway there he slams Stone’s elbow down against his own shoulder in a quick arm breaker, then quickly twists through the rest of his motion, holding Stone in a secure wrist lock. Zout twists the hold harder, causing a twinge of pain to cross the face of Stone and resulting in stone doubling over, searching frantically for an escape. After a few moments he is able to turn into the hold and slip himself between the body and left arm of Zout, holding him now securely in a hammer lock! It is now Zout’s turn to express the pain he feels in his bicep and forearm on his face. Zout swings his right arm behind his head, looking for a punch to Stone’s face, but Stone tucks his cheek in tightly against Zout’s shoulder blade, giving his opponent no room for counter attacks. With a smirk, Stone lets loose his own right hand and slaps Zout across the back of the head with it, making a mockery of his opponent whilst yelling his superiority in Zout’s ear.

Zout’s eyes lock with that of his manager Burt, and after a quick nod, Zout reaches behind his right shoulder, catching Stone behind the back of the head, then quickly drops down, popping his hips back. Stone flies over his opponent’s head in a clever snap mare and lands on his arse in front of Zout. Zout capitalizes with a quick drop kick to the back of Stone’s head. The two take their time getting to their feet on opposite sides of the ring, doctoring their injuries to ensure no serious damage had been dealt before beginning to circle once more.

Jon McDaniel: After a rough start for Zout, he seems to have evened up the odds just a bit with some technical prowess.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, that was a good exchange for the both of them. It doesn’t seem like either one of them hold too much of an advantage over the other there. What we’re going to look for now is how they both try to take the match in opposite directions now, each looking for their own advantage.

After more circling, the two motion for another lock up, but Stone catches Zout hard in the gut with a toe kick instead. Stone puts Zout into a headlock, wrenching his forearm into the throat of his opponent, threatening verbally to take Zout’s whole head off. Zout, aware of his surroundings, backs Stone into the ropes, then flings Stone forward with the momentum. Stone bounds off the opposite ropes, catching Zout hard with an impressive shoulder block. Taking only a second to look down at Zout with an ‘I’m better than you.’ expression, he crosses to the ropes at his left. As he comes back, Zout finds quickly his feet and jumps over Stone with split legs in a leap frog. Thinking quickly, Stone ducks his head, bounding off the opposite ropes. This time as he comes back Zout drops in front of his feet. Stone, in a split-second decision, hops over Zout, bounding off the ropes again. This time as Stone comes off the ropes Zout is poised and ready to deliver a hip toss. Stone is fed straight into it, gaining maximum altitude before coming back to the mat, dictated by the whip of Zout’s arm. With quick thinking, however, Stone comes down on his side, throwing Zout over himself with a hard arm drag!

Brian Rentfro: See, Jon, they abandoned that sissy chain wrestling crap and now there are some hard impacts being made. Not surprisingly, it’s Zout who’s on his back writhing in agony! Hahaha!

Jon McDaniel: That certainly was a great display of athleticism on behalf of both men, but yes, Matt Stone does seem to have taken the edge here. We’ll just see if he can capitalize, or if that ego of his will hinder his chances.

Stone slaps his hands, as if cleaning the dust off of them as he approaches Zout, who is using the corner to stand. Stone turns Zout to face him and launches a heavy European uppercut. As Zout’s head rocks back, Stone mounts the second turnbuckle, delivering right hand after right hand as his followers count along with the strikes.


Stone the hops up, wrapping his legs around the back of Zout’s neck and falls backward, sending Zout sprawling against the canvas in the middle of the ring after a vicious hurricanranna! Then, Stone spreads his arms out wide, accepting the cheers of his followers and the jeers of the marks to mean the same thing: praise. He crosses to Zout, lifting him by the head and shoulder, and raises the side of his knee hard into Zout’s mid section. As Zout doubles over, Stone laces his arm around his opponent’s throat, then, stepping behind him, drops hard to his knees, torqueing the back and throat of Zout over his own back.

Brian Rentfro: There it is, Jon! The Stone Cutter! The end is near!

Jon McDaniel: If Zout can’t find a way to get back into this match, I’m afraid you may be right, Brian.

Stone comes to his feet, kicking Zout onto his back and covers him with one boot, commanding the official to count. Swindell gets in position and begins his count.


A slight smile crosses the face of Stone. He waits for Zout as the athlete is on his hands and knees, finding his feet, a sly grin on Stone’s lips. As Zout finally reaches his feet, Stone jumps into the air, grabbing Zout by the back of the head and raising his knees to Zout’s face. As they crash toward the mat, Zout pushes Stone off! Stone lands on his feet, however, and both men stumble backward into the ropes. As they bound back at each other, Stone searches for a hard clothesline, but Zout ducks under it, hoisting Stone up quickly into an Argentine position and with a windmill motion sends Stone’s body over his own, catching his opponent in a cutter hard against the canvas and immediately covers for a pin. Swindell is quickly in position and begins the count.

Jon McDaniel: Markout II! Markout II! It’s over, Brian!


Brian Rentfro: NO!


Brian Rentfro: NO!


Brian Rentfro: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

On the count of three Zout uncovers Stone, and gets to his feet, raising his arms into the air in victory, the fans cheering in ecstasy with him, but Swindell puts Zout’s arm down, pointing to Stone and rolling his hands as if the match is still on. Zout argues that he had reached a three count, but Swindell reminds him he needs the five to win. Stone stands up behind Swindell and Zout pushed Swindell out of his way, lifting Stone in fireman’s carry and swinging his oponent outward, connecting with another cutter against the mat. Swindell gets in position again and begins his count.

Jon McDaniel: Another Markout!


Brian Rentfro: This is garbage!


Brian Rentfro: Did you see Zout lay his hands on the referee?! This should be a DQ!


One the outside of the ring, the team of Old School is attacked from behind by El Gringo Tonto and Tontito.


Tontito runs in circles away from “Boss” Magah until “Boss” runs straight into Tonto’s Grizzly Beer Title!


Swindell raises Zout’s arm in victory, but as Zout turns to face his managers he sees them being beaten on the outside of the ring near the entrance ramp. In a split-second decision, Zout dives through the middle and top ropes, nailing Tonto and Tontito with the Ode to Nirvana. Zout tosses Tontito into the ring, followed by Tonto, and begins to doctor his two managers to their feet, but is nailed from behind by a man who jumped out of the audience! As the camera pans in closer we see it’s none other than Xan Vaxman!

Brian Rentfro: What the hell is going on, Jon?

Jon McDaniel: Is that… Xan Vaxman?! But he’s supposed to be El Gringo Tonto, who’s already in the ring! I have no idea what’s going on, Brian!

Vaxman has mounted Zout, and is delivering sharp punches to the athlete’s skull when the PA system explodes with Creed’s Freedom Fighter. Running down the ramp is Ryan Ross, who delivers a hellish Super Kick to the side of Vaxman’s head. Ross rolls Vaxman into the ring and aids his best friend to his feet.

Brian Rentfro: Ryan Ross?! What the hell is he doing here?

Jon McDaniel: Rumors have been circulating that Ross would return to action to tag with his old partner, Zout, but this was totally unexpected tonight!

As Attitude Entertainment gain their bearings inside the ring, shaking the cobwebs loose, Old School and the Renegade Souljahz compose themselves outside of the ring. Both sides spit insults at one another, and as it seems the outside group is about to storm the ring and engage Attitude Entertainment, we hear the PA Erupt once more, with the voice of Lisa Seldon!

Lisa Seldon: Whoa-ho there. Hold up fellas.

Lisa is on the entrance ramp with a microphone in hand. A witty smirk crosses her lips as an idea worth sharing crosses her mind.

Lisa Seldon: Now, as much as I would love to watch you mindless befouling idiots tear each other apart, I don’t see the point in doing that here when I can do it in an even bigger way on Pay Per View, and since the way that show is going anyway, then why not. So I say, a week from tonight, we pit Attitude Entertainment, against the combined team of Old School and the Renegade Souljahz, in an eight man elimination tag team match!

The fans cheer the announcement as Lisa helps hyping them up. Jack off Jill’s Fear of Dying fills the arena as Matt Stone and El Gringro Tonto lift their titles into the air. Seldon throws her head back in laughter as the screen fades for commercial.

Super Lucky Shoes

We cut backstage to where Lucious Starr is lacing his boots, slapping each side of his boots for good luck. He stands up, and we see Raizzor standing behind him. Lucious grins, shaking his head.

Lucious Starr: Been a while, there, Mike.

Raizzor barely offers a reaction, glaring down at Lucious Starr with disdain as a reply.

Lucious Starr: Oh, come on, Mikey. Last year we shook hands after that triple threat match. Are you telling me you don't still think of me as highly as then?

Lucious turns, being met with a cold stare from Raizzor. This doesn't seem to phase our World Champion, though, as Raizzor replies.

Raizzor: You are a false champion, Lucious Starr, undeserving of that title you proudly carry around as if you beat Miss Langly fairly for it. My ‘respect’ for you died along with your respect for the very championship you hold.

Lucious Starr: Look, Michael. I don't give a shit about that whole Riona beating you thing. Frankly, if she dropped the title to a rookie a month later, it was obviously a fluke. And as far as you're concerned, well... your best days are behind you. And my best days? I'm livin' them. So as far as I'm concerned, you can take your unstoppable freak persona to some other nit wit, cause I sure as hell ain't buying it.

Raizzor: It amuses me that you underestimate me, Lucious Starr. I wouldn’t be so cocky if I were you. I can level you right here, right now if I so choose.

Lucious Starr: You think so!?

Lucious gets right into Raizzor's face, both men near growling.

Lucious Starr: Why don't you fucking do something about it, then?

The two stand toe-to-toe, the tension building with each passing second. Raizzor actually takes the first step back, a whisper of a smile upon his features as he comments.

Raizzor: Now is not the time, Lucious Starr. I would not give you the satisfaction of having any excuse for when you fall in eight days.

Lucious Starr: Coward.

Raizzor shoots him a glare.

Raizzor: Such an accusation proves beyond a ‘Shadow’ of a doubt you do not know me.

Raizzor turns, opening the door.

Raizzor: I will see you soon, Lucious. And hopefully, you will have gained some knowledge- and respect- by then.

Raizzor shuts the door behind him, a cocky grin spreading across Lucious' face.

Lucious Starr: Yeah. You too, asshole.

He turns, grabbing his World Title off a nearby shelf and draping it over his shoulder. He turns to head out the door, the camera fading to the ring.

Riona Langly & Marxx vs Lucious Starr & Joshua Danielson vs Teresa Quaranta & Rayn

Shit hits The Fan Six Person Tag

All the competitors have been introduced, but the match still isn’t underway, and the competitors are arguing over who’ll kick off this six-way. Lucious Starr sits in the corner, clutching the world championship and giving cool looks to the rest of the ring, especially Riona and Rayn. Finally, Teresa and Riona lock eyes and get in the ring, getting these proceedings to a start.

The bell rings, and Riona tries to take Teresa off of her feet. Teresa throws Riona off and goes for a big superkick - Riona rolls out of the way and counters with a roundhouse of her own. Teresa narrowly evades the kick to applause from the crowd. Teresa grins, but Riona looks more annoyed than anything. They lock up, and Teresa gains the upperhand right away and transitions to a side headlock. Riona keels backwards looking for a body drop, but she doesn’t get Teresa all the way up - she lands an elbow to the back of Riona’s head and lands a series of hard chops to the First Apostle, slowly backing her across the ring.

Riona ducks a knife edge chop, and Teresa quickly doubles her over with a savage mule kick. With Riona clearly winded, she lifts her into the air and hits a gutbuster to her already battered midsection. Teresa steps forward -

And Lucious Starr tags himself in, running past Teresa and battering Riona with forearms to the back, chest, and wherever she isn’t covering up. He pulls her up and then drops her with a series of short clotheslines before throwing her into the ropes. Riona rolls off his back and bounces off the opposite ropes, but Joshua Danielson knees her in the small of the back, allowing Lucious to take charge with a pump-handle slam. Goes for a two count - nothing.

For the next couple of minutes, Starr keeps the momentum going, keeping Riona reeling with an array of power moves culminating in a sitout lariat from the top rope that still only manages to get a two count. Finally tired of playing around, he lifts Riona into Hell’s Wrath, a modified torture rack that puts even more pressure on Riona’s midsection. Riona senses the state she’s in and throws a series of elbows to the skull - Lucious flips her over into an Argentine neckbreaker, but Riona shows amazing dexterity, landing on her feet and tagging the closest person available - Rayn!

Marxx folds his arms on the other side of the ring, but Rayn’s already in and charging towards Starr - who calmly tags Danielson in and rolls out of the ring. Danielson has time to give Starr a WTF look before Rayn pulls him in by the neck. Rayn hits a big Northern Lights Suplex that rattles the ring, and Danielson crawls up just in time to eat a huge spear followed up by punches to the side of the head. He goes for a cover and only gets two. He pulls Danielson up and shows him to Starr, screaming at him to tag in. The champ folds his arms and yawns.

Rayn kicks Danielson in the gut and flattens him with an Epiphany, then seamlessly converts it to a shoulder breaking Cattle Mutilation. Danielson’s shocked back into things and lets out a big scream - and just at that moment Marxx breaks the submission, punting Daniel Kalis full on in the teeth - he throws Kalis into the turnbuckle and hits him with a bunch of jabs. As the ref tries breaking them up, Teresa senses an opening and locks the Death of the Future on Danielson, who is just really having a bad day at this point. As the ref spots this flagrant rule violation, Riona chips in and knocks Kalis down with a big sidekick, and Marxx drags Danielson to his corner and tags himself in. The two brawl, but Rayn eventually eludes a clothesline and whips Marxx to the corner - right in front of the champion. Finally, Lucious rolls his eyes and tags himself in -

And jumps about ten feet into the air as the always intimidating Raizzor appears from nowhere in the front row. Starr says something to him, and then slaps Marxx on the back and shoves him back to Kalis. Starr jumps off the apron and grabs his belt - meanwhile Marxx gets an Epiphany in the middle of the ring - Teresa and Riona brawl just long enough for the three count.

Rayn gets up, knocks Joshua Danielson off the apron, clotheslines Riona over the top rope, and goes after his own tag partner until she rolls under the bottom rope - finally alone in the ring, he soaks in the reaction from a crowd that isn’t sure what to think - but does know that Daniel Kalis will be a force to be reckoned with at War Games.

The Return of Gary Fucking Maverick!!!

among others

Static floods across the ADCTron, slowly cutting in and out looked to be the parking lot outside the arena. A figure in a black hoodie could be seen, but for only for a second as the camera cut back to static. The image finally returned but seemed a bit shakey and still way out of focus.

???: “Dammit Gary, you better get this thing working”

Gary: “I’m trying, I’m not getting paid to get yelled at”

The second voice which was off screen could be recognized as Gary Maverick trying to work what ever technical difficulties that may be experienced.

???: I’m not paying you at all, ya damn twerp.

Gary Maverick: Then why did I agree to do this?

???: .If you don’t you get a date with my hatchet throwing ex.

Gary Maverick: Point taken.

A few knocks are heard before the picture finally comes in clear, a thumbs up appearing in front of the camera. Taking his cue, the hooded man throws his hood back to reveal a man who had taken a bit of a Hiatus from PWA “The Next Conspiracy” Jacob Figgins, once his face is revealed, he slips on his silver framed sunglasses

Jacob Figgins: Greetings, faithful followers of the Figgified nation, the critics glued to their ass buckets, the yuppies in the back, even the motherfucker mopping the floors. It’s been a damn long seven months away. But fear no longer, I finally found the time away from slaying dragons and other epic shit to finally take a look at the letters asking me to come back. And it looks like I finally have stuff in order enough to do so. The FBI finally quit tinkering with my light bulbs, the cia quit bugging my toilet, and I finally got my fuckin’ Tivo.

No longer do I have to sit back and wonder when I’ll be able to enter the ring again. It’s no longer wondering, it’s a certainty. And I realized a lot of stuff has gone down since I left. The Order of Chaos is raising all kinds of hell, flipping PWA over on it’s side. The Apostles are once more battling in the war games…and where the hell did all these people come from? Nevertheless I am not here to…

???: Got any change, brother?

Jacob finds himself interrupted by a man who can only be described as an aging hippy. Donning torn jeans and a ratty grateful dead t-shirt. With a grumble, Figgy pulls a quarter from his pocket and tosses it over his shoulder, so the hobo could get off screen

Jacob Figgins: Now where the hell was I? Oh yeah. Nevertheless I am not here to take part in such wars, I think I had my fill of those the last GvE. I am here to get som unfinished business finished, kick around a few new people, kick around a few people I already kicked around before. And revitialize the PWA chapter of the Figgified Nation. So I might as well get started. I lay down a challenge, anyone willing to face me can. Whether the management picks them or all of a sudden someone has the figs to face me I’ll be in the ring, ready. And whoever I face, you can call the cops, you can call the coast guard, you can write a letter to your damn congressman. Once the bell rings all the back up in the world won’t save you from the wrath of PWA’s Captain of Conspiracy. Once more the PWA shall feel the Fig Effect…Yuppies!

???: Calm down, you’re like hashing my mellow, man.

Figgy face palms as the hippy seems to return in frame, looking a lot more stoned than usual. With his free palm, Figgins covers the lens of the camera.

Glance into the blackness.

Cody Bogard vs The Phoenix

PWA vs Robinson Pro

Bogard refuses to take things lying down, charging across the ring and flattening the Phoenix with a running European uppercut,, obviously looking to replicate the blitzkrieg that won him a match last week. The Crisis Ace throws Rob Robinson into the corner and flattens him with a series of machine gun slaps, each of them signaling that the former IC champ was back in action. The crowd chants ORA, ORA! with each hit and Robinson staggers out of the corner. Bogard jumps up the top rope and goes for a cross body, but Rob steps to the side and kicks the fucking bejeezus out of Cody Bogard’s face.

Rob throws Bogard over the ropes and gives him a sickening Irish whip into the steps and Rob rolls him into the ring and gets a two count. Robinson snarls at the ref and grinds his boot onto Bogard’s hand before hitting him with a running big boot that sends an electric crack through the crowd. Robinson strikes him with more forearm smashes to the face before dropping him with another back suplex. He stomps around, waiting for Bogard to get up. Bogard kips up but Robinson hits a running knee to the face. He follows up with a Russian sweep and hooks the leg. Another two count. Robinson climbs the top rope and jumps off, but Bogard springs to his feet and smashes him with a spinebuster. Bogard slaps the mat and brings the crowd to his feet, trying to rally them to help knock off the Phoenix. Bogard hits the Stardust March and rolls around, urging, begging Robinson to get up. He picks Robinson up - and The Phoenix counters with a swinging neckbreaker.

He shakes his head as the crowd quiets. Robinson runs at him hitting him with a big boot that knocks him into the corner. Bogard staggers out of the corner, and as he does, Robinson hits him with a big chop that leaves Bogard in agony. He falls against the ropes and Robinson whips him stomach first into the rope. Robinson hits a huge spinning spinebuster and gets a two count. Bogard raises a fist into the air and shakes it, refusing to give up. Robinson gives him a spiteful kick, and Bogard catches the leg, sweeping it and bending him into a Texas Cloverleaf. Robinson slowly pushes out, and Bogard lights him up with a series of chops, backing him into the ropes, and - Robinson thumbs Bogard in the eye.

Bogard staggers away, still unable to get off the blocks. Robinson DDT’s him and slowly goes to the top rope - and he falls all the way down to the canvas.

Hunter Sullivan steps away from the turnbuckle with a huge grin on his face as Bogard crawls to his feet. He takes a deep breath, lifts Robinson up and nails the Kikosho Driver for the win.

Bogard gets to his feet to celebrate, but his music is quickly cut as Lisa Seldon’s voice takes over the speakers. She saunters to the ring.

Lisa Seldon: Haha, did you see that Rob? Did you see that when you got your head absolutely caved in?

Lisa Seldon slides into the ring.

Lisa Seldon: Well no, I suppose you didn’t.

Lisa picks a kick in his side and then turns to Bogard to offer him a high five, but considering everything that’s just went down, he shakes his head at her and turns away.

Lisa Seldon: Oh come Bogie, I’m great fun.

Cody slips through the ring and walks away, victorious none the less but no less confused about what to think of his team.

Lisa Seldon: Well, whatever man. See you on Tuesday.

She shrugs it off, and turns back to the Phoenix.

Lisa Seldon: Looks like my guys just did a number on you, while yours are nowhere to be seen. Which kinda got me thinking; this isn’t just about teams, it’s about players.

She wonders around the Phoenix who, thanks to Bogard, doesn’t really have much to say for himself.

Lisa Seldon: So I figured we could up the anty, and instead of just elimination, we make this, a Captains Fall match. Anyone else gets pinned, they’re eliminated, but if either you or my team captain, Hunter Sullivan gets pinned, the match is over.

She lowers herself next to him.

Lisa Seldon: Guess you can call it a test of your leadership. See just how much the boys at Robinson Pro have really changed thanks to they’re fearless leader, when they know he’s the only one who needs to take the fall. And while I’ve got all the confidence in the world in my guy to come through this looking like a star. I can’t say I’d feel the same about you.

Lisa then jumps back and starts to leave while the camera lowers onto the Phoenix. A last shot of him, and we cut to a break.

The Gang!

A door swings open in Lisa’s office, because what you don’t know is that there is constantly a camera rolling in Lisa’s office waiting for people to walk in - which makes it particularly hard for her to do things like burp or fart, but she finds a way. The fat is then cut leaving only these exciting little scenes to be cut and spliced in between matches.

The more you know!

Back to Lisa’s office though, where Johnny Maverick is currently swanning on in with Spyke being pulled along behind. Lisa lights up, as she does for any company, which is a creepy, voiceless camera, content to just sit quietly and film her all day.

Johnny Maverick: Lisa!

Lisa Seldon: Johnny and the Fatman! Always a pleasure and so on. So, what can I do for you?

Johnny pushes further in and throws himself down in a chair while Spyke takes up residence in the doorway.

Johnny Maverick: Well, it’s about Spyke.

Lisa holds up a hand.

Lisa Seldon: Sorry man, I’m married and attractive and don’t do it for money.

Spyke Gein: Hey!

Johnny shakes his head.

Johnny Maverick: No no, it’s about him and our match this week. He hasn’t felt right since the whole…

Johnny looks for a word that fits while Spyke fills in for him.

Spyke Gein: Rape incident.

Johnny Maverick: Yeah that. Since then he’s been really weird and creepy… kind of annoying… needy… irritating.

Spyke Gein: I think she gets it.

Lisa looks him up and down.

Lisa Seldon: Yeah I could see that.

Johnny Maverick: Then you understand I need to fix this or adopt a new brother.

Lisa nods at his perfectly reasonable claims.

Johnny Maverick: So, we were wondering if this week we could get rid of all the rules and just go crazy on these bitches.

Johnny holds out his hands and waits on a reply. Lisa leans back in her chair.

Lisa Seldon: Well sure, but how does going crazy on those bitches help him being a whiner?

Spyke suddenly surges out of the corner and drops hands onto Lisa’s apparent punching table.

Spyke Gein: Because I want a chance to cunt punt that bitch so hard it paralyses her cervix.

Lisa thinks his suggestion over, but not for long.

Lisa Seldon: Sure then, why not. I mean, it’s not my vagina.

Spyke suddenly lightens up.

Spyke Gein: Well thanks man, you’re the best!

The two start to leave but Lisa waves them back.

Lisa Seldon: Wait. What do you mean ‘man’?

Spyke Gein: Well… you know…

Spyke turns to Johnny for help but he backs away. Spyke then turns back to Lisa, who suddenly looks a lot less friendly than usual.

Spyke Gein: I didn’t mean you were a man, man. I just meant you were one of the guys.

Lisa Seldon: One of the guys!?

Lisa jumps to her feet… which admittedly isn’t much of a jump.

Lisa Seldon: I’ll tell you what Mister. I’m a 5’6” incredibly girly woman, with boobs and legs and really nice hair.

Lisa starts to get very tall as she walks straight over her desk.

Lisa Seldon: And check these shoes man. These are some awesome shoes.

Spyke Gein: Yeah I’ve got some of them myself.

Johnny stifles a laugh. Lisa, very definitely, does not.

Lisa Seldon: That’s it.

Spyke takes a step back but not quite far enough as Lisa jumps off the desk, grabs him by the head and connects faces in a not entirely loving embrace.

Lisa Seldon: There! Would a man do that!?

Lisa doesn’t give him a chance to answer and marches out of the room, which is probably for the best because what comes out is…

Spyke Gein: Well, a gay man might.

Spyke looks to follow but decides he’s probably safer without her. He then turns to Johnny.

Johnny Maverick: Second time buddy! Up top.

Johnny throws up a hand for a high-five but Spyke leave him hanging. We fade out of the scene.

The Glorious Bastards vs The James Sisters ©

Tag Title Main Event

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, this next bout is for the tag team titles and is your Main Event of the Evening!

A cheer from the fans as the lights start to dim.

The arena goes dark and the ADCTron is filled with static. All of a sudden we hear the voices of Johnny Maverick and Spyke Gein.


The symbol for anarchy bleeds in through the static as Johnny and Spyke step out, turn to face each other, then headbutt each other as hard as they can. The crowd is erupting in cheers for PWA's resident playful vicious assholes.

'Complacent working class get up and off your ass
You say you'd die for freedom but the riot never comes
We need a revolution
A social Evolution
The socialites who wave the flag are holding smoking guns
They say we have to fight
Unite, Unite, Unite
The same old men defile the earth and take away our rights
The rules should more than bend, their world is gonna end
Cause I'm not going down a pawn in a global class war'

Johnny and Spyke sprint like madmen to the ring. Johnny slides under the bottom rope and Spyke hops to the apron and springboards over the top rope effortlessly.

'We are the ones with the power to devour one and all
Tear down the old foundation brick by brick and watch it fall'

Johnny and Spyke hit every corner of the ring and throw up a defiant fist that the audience throws back at them happily. They backflip out of their corners and throw a few warm up kicks as they await their opponents.

'So damn us into hell with stories that you tell
The time is now, the door is here, pass through it and you're free
The rules should more than bend
Their world is gonna end
I'm not going down a pawn in a global class war'

"Make Some Noise" by Krystal Meyers hits the P.A. and the lights in the arena begin flashing red and pink as the James sisters, Sarah and Katie, walk out onto the stage.

Sarah stands on the stage, staring with focus at the ring, while Katie runs her hands down her hips, accentuating her curves as the fans boo.

Jon McDaniel: Not a lot of Order fans tonight.

The tag team champions reach the bottom of the ramp before being taken out as Johnny takes Spyke Gein by the head and launches him through the ropes into both sisters. Johnny soon follows them to the floor but Katie gets him around the waist and runs him into the ring frame, only to take a knee in the gut and be pushed back into the rail. Johnny then throws up a Scissor Kick but misses the mark and lands on the rail, allowing Katie to belt him with an Uppercut as he tries to right himself.

Katie backs up and then comes running at Johnny, but the second she takes to the air, Spyke comes in from the side and tackles her over the barrier into the crowd.

Brian Rentfro: Wow.

Jon McDaniel: The little green blur flying out of nowhere.

The fans are on their feet and so is Johnny, just in time to hit the deck as Sarah comes runs up through a Cannonball Flip over the ropes that sends both Katie and Spyke through the crowd. Sarah takes the least damage and is first on her feet, only to be struck in the midsection by Johnny and hooked up for a Suplex on the floor.

Brian Rentfro: It’s about to get messy out there.

Johnny drags Sarah up and lets her go, only for Sarah to go over the barrier and land on her feet. Johnny turns around and walks right into a Superkick that staggers him back. Sarah then makes some room and takes off running, but Johnny gets his wits about him and kicks the rail back, slamming it hard into her gut and pushing her away. He then steps up to a chair, off the rail and into a high-flying knee that wallops her between the eyes and spills her across the floor.

Brian Rentfro: And Johnny Maverick destroys her with the Tony Jaa.

Jon McDaniel: This match could be over a lot quicker than expected.

Johnny rolls Sarah into the ring and swoops on a cover.



Jon McDaniel: And Katie pulls him from the floor.

Sarah rolls away as Katie slides in, but Spyke is right behind her and holding on by a leg, allowing Johnny to drop an elbow on the back of her head. Spyke then follows in and helps Johnny drag Katie to her feet before putting her right back into the mat with a Double Suplex. Spyke then jumps back to his feet and puts his back to Katie whole Maverick gets up and hits the ropes, landing back with a Kneedrop while Spyke flips over through a Standing Moonsault. He then holds onto the cover.


Jon McDaniel: Johnny standing guard.


Brian Rentfro: And Katie jumps out again.

Spyke rolls off and gingerly dusts himself down while Johnny gets Katie back on her feet. Johnny then blasts Katie with a series of gruesome and stinging strikes, ending with a sharp stab in the throat and then a Spinning Back Elbow that sends Katie into the hands of Spyke. Johnny then runs backwards into the ropes but gets low bridged as Sarah pulls down the ropes from the outside, landing him hard on the floor. Meanwhile, Katie breaks Spyke’s grip with an Elbow to the head and turns up into an Overhead Roundhouse Kick.

Jon McDaniel: Johnny takes a huge fall to the floor as Spyke goes down in the ring.

Spyke drops to a knee and looks a little dizzy as Sarah lunges in the ring and takes him out with a Running Dropkick in the chest. Spyke tries to fight out again but this time Katie snaps him upright with a kick in the face before Sarah puts a knee through the back of the head. Katie then finishes him with a flipping Legdrop to the back of the head before rolling him into a pin.



Jon McDaniel: And Spyke pops out shoulder!

Katie drags Spyke back to his feet and Sarah helps toss him into the corner where the two beat on him with kicks before tossing him into the opposite corner. The two then charge across the ring with Katie landing a High Knee while Sarah goes in for a Spear. They then back up, allowing Spyke to stumble out of the corner and Sarah to latch onto a Kataha-Jime. Spyke struggles with it but not for long as Katie blasts him full on with a Dropsault which gives Katie the momentum to take him over and bury him with the Suplex.

Jon McDaniel: Katie sticks him with the Falling Star, right into the Bullet Wound from Sarah!

Brian Rentfro: And Spyke is out of it.

Spyke bobbles over onto his knees, goes a little glassy eyed and then flops onto his front. Sarah then rolls him over and takes a step back, allowing Katie to score with a big Standing Shooting Star Press.

Brian Rentfro: Starrstruck!

Katie leaps onto the pin.


Maverick leaps in.


But Sarah holds him at bay.


Jon McDaniel: No! Spyke kicks out!

Katie looks disgusted as Spyke rolls out of the pin, and puts a foot into the side of his head for good measure. She then runs over and hits Johnny with a Basement Dropkick to help Sarah put him to the floor. Meanwhile Spyke is already staggering back to his feet and walks right into a Double DDT from the sisters. Sarah then kicks Spyke flat and then proceeds to accept a leg from Katie which she uses to turn her over into a standing Phoenix Splash. Katie hooks a leg.



Jon McDaniel: Johnny covers the ring and breaks the pin.

Sarah thumps the mat in frustration before crushing Johnny with a Dropkick. She then follows him to the floor and leaves Katie to clean up. Katie then leaps out to the apron and makes for the ropes, but Spyke catches her on the top and begins to go at her with right hands. Katie has the higher ground though and manages to fight him off before kicking him back to the mat. She then stands up top.

Brian Rentfro: Katie shoots for the Aerotica!

Katie takes off, flips and lands hard across Spyke’s knees. She gets to her feet and arches out her back, walking right back around into a kick to the stomach from Spyke. He then grabs hold of her leg, lifts up and destroys her with a Fisherman Buster.

Jon McDaniel: Katie goes limp!

Spyke into the cover.



Jon McDaniel: And Katie kicks out again!

Brian Rentfro: Neither of these two wants to give in.

Spyke gets Katie up as Johnny leaves Katie on the floor. Spyke then throws Katie to Johnny who jacks her up onto his shoulders.

Jon McDaniel: Ritual Disembowelment!

Brian Rentfro: That’s The Crimson Ghost’s move!

Jon McDaniel: they’re pulling out all the stops to win this.

Katie gets stabbed in the gut and bounces off, right back to Spyke who sweeps her legs and then lands a stomp on the top of her head. Katie’s neck buckles and she sinks to the mat for Spyke to mat where Johnny makes the pin.


Jon McDaniel: Spyke blocks.


Brian Rentfro: Sarah slips through.

Jon McDaniel: And Sarah breaks the cover.

Spyke jumps on Sarah and throws her to the floor, but as he moves to follow, she swings a chair up from the floor and smashes him between the eyes. Sarah then bumbles him to the floor and slides into the ring with the chair in hand.

Jon McDaniel: Sarah taking advantage of the rules.

Brian Rentfro: Or lack.

Sarah clobbers Johnny with the chair before helping Katie to her feet. The two then whip Johnny across the ring while Sarah sets up the chair, allowing Katie to Drop Toe-Hold Johnny face down across the seat. Johnny splits his lip and Katie goes for the pin.



Brian Rentfro: And Johnny is out again. Katie drags Johnny to his feet and pushes him toward Sarah, who swings a chair… and collides with the back of Spyke.

Jon McDaniel: Spyke rushes in and saves his brother.

Brian Rentfro: and his porn career. That shot was going straight face.

Spyke stumbles and Katie tackles him to the mat, but Johnny has his wits about him, and as Sarah goes to swing again, Johnny leaps up and drives a knee home.

Brian Rentfro: The MavJaa-inator!

Jon McDaniel: And he just broke that chair through her face!

Sarah tumbles through the ropes and Johnny goes shortly after as Katie hits him in the back with a Dropkick that puts him on the apron. Katie then turns and winds up standing right in front of Spyke, who launches a Roundhouse Kick at her head, which only just misses as Katie drops to the mat… and rips down his pants.

Brian Rentfro: Pants! She just pansted him!

Spyke drops to his knees just as Johnny returns, stepping off Spyke’s shoulders and lunging at Katie with a Flying Knee. Katie drops down as well though and gives Johnny nothing, allowing him to land behind her before she shoots up, sticks a foot in the back of his knee to drop him down and then blasts him with a Roundhouse Kick in the side of the head.

Katie then turns around, just as Spyke jumps back to his feet and leaps up into a Hurricanrana.

Brian Rentfro: No pants Rana!

Spyke jumps back to his feet looking utterly incensed and drags Katie with him.

Spyke Gein: Final Fantasy 10 bitches!

Spyke then annihilates Katie with a huge Roundhouse Kick that sends her spilling into the ropes. But Spyke isn’t done and drags Katie up again and off toward Johnny. He lets her slip past before grabbing onto a Rear Waistlock and bridging into a Devastating German Suplex, just before Spyke comes off the ropes with a Legdrop.

Brian Rentfro: No pants Legdrop!

Jon McDaniel: The Bastard Plex!

Johnny holds on for the pin.



Spyke Dropkicks Sarah off the apron!


Jon McDaniel: They’ve done it!

Johnny jumps off and Spyke leaps toward him but Johnny holds him at bay, because really, no one wants any part of that right now.

Eric Emerson: Your winners… and NEW PWA Tag Team Champions of the World… Johnny Maverick! Spyke Gein! The Glorious Bastards!

The referee hands Johnny and Spyke their titles and lets them be thrust into the air. Spyke rushes to the ropes and throws his up high.

Brian Rentfro: Is no one going to tell him?

Jon McDaniel: Don’t think he cares. I mean, at least they’re clean.

Spyke bounces off the ropes and back to Johnny, who decides what the hell and gives his pantsless brother a hug. The referee then gets between them, takes an arm of each and hoists them into the air, earning cheers all throughout the arena. Meanwhile, Sarah, gash on her head and all, helps Katie out to the floor. The two then sulk up the ramp, but not before turning back to the ring and casting a menacing look at their opponents.

Jon McDaniel: Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t think this one is over, but for tonight at least we have new champions crowned.

Spyke and Johnny take up separate corners and soak in the cheers.

Brian Rentfro: Well that’s it for us tonight folks.

Jon McDaniel: But be sure to tune in later tonight for our special empty arena match between Jethro Hayes and Simon Kalis. For Brian Rentfro, this is Jon McDaniel, saying God Bless, and good night.

The PWA logo fills the screen, trademark and out.

The Darkest Hour

Simon Kalis: So... What'd you say?

The scene fades into the parking lot outside of the arena where we can see Simon Kalis, back in his Brioni suit and Fedora cap standing across from another individual.

Simon Kalis: Will you be our sixth man?

Man: Isn't Starr the leader? Isn't he to make this decision?

Simon Kalis: In his mind he's the leader. Everyone knows who has been, is, and always will be the true power behind The Order... Me. When you think of The Order of Chaos? When you see our emblem? Who's name burns on the tip of your tongue? Hm? Mine.

The camera turns and we finally see the other man opposite him.

Rayn: I'll be there.

Kalis nods and extends his hand for a shake. Rayn reciprocates but pulls his older brother in closer and puts his lips to Simon's ears for a whisper.

Rayn: But I have unfinished business. And I will do what I always do, brother.

Rayn backs up and Kalis nods.

Simon Kalis: I expect nothing less, Daniel.

Both men open their left hands and reveal a wax seal in their palms, the same wax seal we've seen on the envelopes handed out recently...

Rayn: Let it be done.

Simon Kalis: All Hail The Order of Chaos. All Hail Lucious Starr!

Kalis smirks, as he crushes the FCF seal in his left hand. Rayn smiles back and crushes the seal is in his hand.

Rayn: Yeah. It's so bad they should call this a felony...

Simon Kalis: Yeah. A first class fe...

They both turn to face the cameras, stomping and saluting in The Order of Chaos fascist style as we fade to the PWA.