World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

Better Late Than Never (except when Alex writes it and then it's better nev

Fool Me Once, Shame On You

Flyleaf’s Again blares over the P.A. system as Blake Witcroft walks down to the ring in a brand new Armani suit, a smirk on his face that leads from ear to ear. He enters the ring a gleam in his eye and a microphone in hand.

Blake Witcroft: Last week you may have seen yours truly get beat in the PWA ring on international television.

The fans pop with a large cheer for last week’s loss delivered by the hands of Jethro Hayes.

Blake Witcroft: “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, the loss last week was a gimme, it’s what we British call a freebie. I felt so piss poor for the lazy, fat, slump of a grand slam champion that I just gave him the victory. If you don’t believe me take a look at this footage I scrounged up.

The fans boo loudly as the ACDC tron lights up with the image of last weeks match. Blake’s face while getting pinned was a very snarky smile giving the intent of his actions that night. The fans boo even more loudly then when the video started. The camera cuts back to the ring.

Blake Witcroft: “Now does that face look like it was out right defeated? Does that look like I’m out cold? No way. You see what I did was give Jethro the good ol’ rub. Jethro lets get this straight now and forever you will never be as good as this fighta, chap no way no how.

The fans let out a very audible boo, a fan next to the camera, yells a go back to Britain.

Blake Witcroft: It’s not my fault that the great Jethro Hayes can’t beat me out right. There is no wa—.

"Time for a Lil Southern Unhospitality"

Crowd pops huge as Colt Ford's "Ride Through the Country" quickly follows. Jethro steps from the back wearing a black golf shirt, red PWA logo over the left space(where the pocket would be), dark brown slacks, and shiny workboots. Jethro has a microphone in hand and he brings it up to his lips.

"Nice bit of editting there Blake, glad that the Queen's University went for something good.

Jethro steps down the ramp as he talks.

"But you know, I've been thinking about it all week since you told me you gave me the win.

Jethro is about a quarter of the way down the ramp.

"I realized that you were right, because there is no way that anyone could possibly wrestle as bad as you did last week.

Jethro shakes his head.

"Here I was under the impression that you had talent, that you could step up and bring something to a match...

Jethro stands still, half-way down the ramp.

"And here I stand wrong. But there is one thing... you stunk more than my cow pasture back home in Lenox.

The crowd laughs as Blake begins to redden in the ring.

"But as you know, I don't like for anyone to give me anything, I choose to instead work for what I have, work for what I want, and therefore make it mean more.

Jethro looks at Blake.

"But some people are used to having things handed to them.

He again motions towards Blake.

"When I see you, I think of a dandy... but I could be wrong.

Jethro at the bottom of the ramp before he steps over to the steps, Blake watching him the entire way.

"But Blake, your preference is totally against the actual point here. We are discussing what happened and what I'm going to do about it.

Jethro stepping through the ropes.

"For one... I'm not going to let you just give me a win. I'm going to keep it because I did put forth effort in that match and regardless of if I like it or not, I did need a win... even if it does come at a curtain jerker's expense.

Jethro looks up and down at Blake who steps forward.

"Go ahead and spout off, I've watched your promos so I'm used to hearing the shit come right out of your mouth.

Blake is really pissed off now, but Jethro doesn't let him get a word in.

Blake Witcroft: You, you, you, you fink yo-...

Jethro Hayes: Shut up Blake, a true wrestler, someone with true talent is talking. You wait your turn like a big boy.

Blake can't stand this.

Jethro Hayes: Tell you what Blake, next week.

Jethro points to Blake.

Jethro Hayes: You...

Jethro points at himself.

Jethro Hayes: Me in a one on one match.

Jethro smirks at Blake.

Jethro Hayes: But thanks to your stunt last week, I doubt that I can pull you up past opening match.

He looks around, paying particular attention to the cameras.

Jethro Hayes: I just hope that the people at home will be able to watch us and it isn't a opening dark match. But judging by your talent, your red face, and the fact that you just suck all over... I'm not too hopeful that I can even get you as the opening match.

Jethro leans over into Blake's face.

Jethro Hayes: But watch out Blake, because I won't be fooled a second time... You on the other hand...

Jethro leans back and begins to walk backwards.

Jethro Hayes: Will always be a fool.

Cody Bogard vs Draze

Singles Match

In what resembled more of a show of outright frustration rather than an actual match, Cody Bogard put his opponent through the ringer, beating him from pillar to post before sending him packing.

While Draze did his best to mount a comeback Cody never let up, baiting him into shootouts and beating him down throughout.

The finish come off a thrilling flurry of blows as Cody beat his opponent back with chest slaps, stuck him with a kick and then floored him with thee Excalibur Slash Lariat. By this point Draze was out of it but that didn't stop Cody taking him off the mat one final time and burying him with the Kikosho Driver for the three.

A victorious Cody Bogard stood tall post match with his face in the camera, announcing to the world that he is indeed, the Ace.

Winner: Cody Bogard

The Maverick Brothers

Maya is jumping up and down as the song "Pjanoo" by Eric Prydz blasts in the locker room. She moves sensually, very explicit and often times sexually as she makes her moves in front of Spyke who watches her with baited breath. Johnny leans against the locker with a joyful smile as he watches her and she winks back at him. Nobody is paying attention as the locker room door slowly opens and in walks Reaver.

Reaver: ...I think we need to talk.

Everyone stops, the song continues to play. Johnny stands straight and motions Spyke to remain seated as Maya turns around and her face turns pale. Reaver is however, wearing a pair of navy blue Wranglers, black Lugz and a white t-shirt. He removes his mask and crumples it in his hand before letting it drop to the ground.

Reaver: I know it's been a while...

Reaver lowers his head as we fade to ringside...

Rayn Man

(missing from original airing)

The lights through the arena dim down as green lazers and spot lights fill the arena as an erie instrumental begins to play across the speakers. Only moments after the musical notes begin playing, a melodic voice begins to sing the opening verse.

)My pain filled drama queen is always screaming at your bed
Getting ready to buy you out
'Cause we all know
What goes around comes around
You should've known what I was all about
Do not test me(

Rayn steps through the curtain, walking into a fixed spot light on the stage. He drops to a knee for a moment, appearing to be praying. Then as the angelic voice begins singing the chorus be stands back to his feet, raising his arms above his head.

Eric Emmerson: Making his way to the ring, he weighs in at two hundred thirty two pounds...

)Cause I'm the fucking king of the world
Get on your knees
I'm the fucking king of the world
Do as I please(

Daniel starts walking to the ring slowly, the fans giving a mixed reaction to the new attitude of their former hero as he looks out at the croud, his face telling the people nothing.

Eric Emmerson: He's a former eight time world heavyweight champion, The Acidic Prophet...

)So get up and get out and I'll show you
What it means for me to control you
'Cause I'm the fucking king of the world(

Rayn slides under the bottom rope, standing in the ring and looking at the fans for a moment, before walking to the other side of the ring, grabbing a mic from one of the ring side crew and begins pacing circles in the ring waiting for the music to stop. Once it does stop, the true nature of the fans comes out, most of the fans in attendance curently booing the Acidic one. Rayn pauses in the center of the ring, just as he's about to speak he lowers the mic as the roaring boos grow in volume. Rayn nods his head, looking out at all of them as he raises the mic once more.

Daniel Kalis: Yeah, that's right, boo me.

The crowd now goes all out, booing the ever loving hell out of Rayn. The booing gets so loud a dull vibration begins to shake through the building, shaking the ropes in the ring. Rayn can only shake his head, chuckling to himself.

Daniel Kalis: Yeah, just like a four years ago, I get this. I completely understand. After guy comes in, aligns with face, turns on heel, I wind up kicked out of that which you love, your blessed 'ORDER' and here we sit...

The crowd continues to boo, one fan in the front row on the camera side decides it a genius idea to throw his beer at Rayn, who easily side steps the beverage, allowing it to fly harmlessly through the ring and impact the face of one of the puffed up guidos in the front row opposite side of the ring. Rayn chuckles to himself, looking at the grand mother who threw the Grizzly Beer.

Daniel Kalis: Nice aim grandma. SECURITY, remove this bitch before she decides to throw her teeth at me, kay?

Security come in and start escorting the bull of an old lady out through the crowd, the fans now going ape shit towards Rayn as he sits there in the center of the ring, shaking his head with the biggest smile on his face.

Daniel Kalis: You people are so damn brain dead you don't even know who to cheer for do ya?

Once again, the fans errupt, some threatening Daniel from the safe side of the barrier. Security is beginning to thicken up around the barrier as Daniel continues talking.

Daniel Kalis: You idiots think that The Order is seriously the thing to cheer for?

The fans go ape shit in a good way as soon as Rayn says "The Order", drowning out the rest of his sentence. Frustrated, Daniel rushes the corner, stepping up onto the middle turn buckle to gain some height and notice.

Daniel Kalis: The only thing that you ever loved out of the Order, was the founder, and a simple man, who happens to be my brother, Simon Kalis!

The fans begin to quiet down, popping at the mention of Simon's name.

Daniel Kalis: Now, here I sit, after Lucha Libre, without the world title because of my brother, and here I sit, no match tonight for whatever reason, nothing to do other than come out here and address the fact that Simon is somewhere laid up injured. He says he's going to be at Good versus Evil, but who really knows right? I mean, he takes this guy named Reaver to Rebel Pro, or excuse me, ROBINSON Pro, and begins leading him on a mission, taking out everyone. At this point, if I know my brother, he may actually be injured this time, and The Order isn't far from his thoughts. If he says he's going to be at Good versus Evil to help you Starr? You've got to be one of the dumbest people I've ever met, because I can promise you two things...

The crowd continue to yell out insults, but Rayn just talks over them.

Daniel Kalis: Number one, is that I'm going to bring my brother back to reality. He isn't the same Simon that I know and remember, and he needs a nice kick to his ass to get him back in gear, and number two, and I know you're going to love number two... Number two, is that you aren't going to make it to Good versus Evil. I don't get the chance to be in that match now, because Simon kicked me out for issuing out some much needed justice to a spoiled little bitch. So since I can't get locked in a cage with you Starr, I'm just going to take it out on ya, well, when I fucking feel like it.

The crowd boo, but a small group of dedicated Rayn fans begin to sound off through the ocean of booing. Daniel acknowledges this and nods, pointing towards the group up in the nose bleeds.

Daniel Kalis: All I've ever wanted since I got here, was the world championship, it's the same perogitive in every wrestling company I go to. At this point, I'd like to declare that since Simon interjected himself into my title match, I'm going to declare that null and void. As of this moment I'm the number one contender, I don't give a shit if Starr doesn't like it, if the board members begin to have brain anyeurisms because of my awesomeness, or Simon things I'm in fucking sane. Fact is, if the board or Lisa Seldon want to feed me someone for the number one contender spot, then I'll eat them alive any day of the week, but until then, I deserve my shot. You know I HAVEN'T LOST A FUCKING MATCH in this company that hasn't been caused by Simon? First match in, Corey Lazarus pins Riona Langly after Simon comes out to the ring and lures me back stage....

The crowd continues booing, as the group of fans continue with a "WE WANT RAYN" chant that sounds out just a hint louder and clearer than the mixture of boos.

Daniel Kalis: Then after that? Well after that it just keeps going. If it's someone that Simon doesn't care for? I beat them then get taken out by one of Simon's little friends here. And it goes on, and on, and on, even to the point where he feels the need to protect you Starr, to protect you from his own brother because even he knows that if he didn't intervene, I'd be in jail right now, for murdering your punk ass... He had to save you from the truth, because fact be told, you can't handle it. Now, if anyone wants to jump on that number one contender issue? I ain't got shit planned for Good versus Evil, unless they plan to stick me in that god awful PWA versus Rebel match, in which case I'll just prove that I deserve that shot by taking all of those punks down. I mean, come on, it's the developmental fed, you seriously think any of those chumps can hold a candle to us? Look at Reaver, he hasn't been beaten yet. What do you think will happen?

The crowd, half now chanting "P-W-A" while the other chant is something about being a Rebel and kicking your sister in the teeth for free circumcision. Daniel continues.

Daniel Kalis: The bottom line, is that I'm not going anywhere, and sooner or later, the world title is coming home to daddy. It isn't a question of can I, it's simply a question of how long do those in power, want to hold me at bay.....

With that, Rayn drops the mic as his music begins to play, sliding under the bottom rope out of the ring and making his way up the ramp towards the back, not bothering to turn around, but rather keeps his back to the fans all the way to the curtain.

Ahrid Arrafat vs Ash Nukem

Singles Match

Ash moves in for an immediate strike, a flying lariat as he goes towards Arrafat hard. He gets Ahrid in the face cleanly, but Ahrid does not falter Ash is on his feet and rushes towards Arrafat but Ahrid throws a knee out and both their knees hit like a bad hockey play, sending both men to the canvas in pain. Ahrid with a palm strike to Ash's throat but Ash hits an enziguri kick in return. Ahrid flips to the canvas and Ash drops his leg over his throat for added oomph and ROFLS. Ahrid throws Ash off of him as Ash goes for a quick pinfall, only getting a one and a half. Ahrid throws out a leg, striking Ash in the knees. Ash backs up, bounces off the ropes and hits a dropkick on the bigger man in Ahrid. Arrafat falls to the canvas but is quickly back on his feet.

Ash jumps onto the top rope quickly and as Arrafat turns around to notice him, Ash comes flying off but Arrafat steps aside and lets him land on his knees before garrotting him with a choke. Ash flails wildly and makes the ropes, forcing the referee to break them up. Arrafat holds for the four before being made to break. He then takes up his complaints with the ref. He then turns around and right into a bounding Hurricanrana from Ash, who pulls a tight cradle and holds for the three.

Arrafat bursts from the cover a second to late and Ash leaps from the ring before he can lay a hand to him, holding his hand high in the aisle way as the fans cheer him on.

Winner: Ash Nukem

Jumpin' On The Scene

Charlie Scene sits in his locker room, seemingly oblivious to the cameras standing a few feet away from him as he listens to him Hollywood Undead. He sways his head to the music until a letter is slipped beneath his locker room door. He turns to see this and then whistles at the cameraman.

Charlie Scene: Fetch.

The cameraman pauses for a moment and judging by the wobbling of focus he seems to be doing something. Then we see the sound guy, with big mic in hand rush over and pick up the letter. He hands it to Scene and then takes his place behind the cameraman, holding the microphone high above and out of sight.

Charlie Scene: Well holy shit...

He turns the envelope over, and on it we see a wax seal with the letters "FCF" emblazened upon them.

Charlie Scene: About damn fuckin' time Simon. Let's get the party started!

He rips open the letter, then turns to the camera crew with amazement.

Charlie Scene: Well? Get the fuck out of here.

They oblige and we see them quickly leave the room as we fade to ringside...

The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

... by Hunter. Yup

The camera pans open to a rare sight indeed as Hunter Sullivan is shown once more on PWA television. Maybe not as rare as it once was, but it is almost a naive welcome to the superstar. Hunter seems off in his own little world surrounded by a few bags of equipment and a few shirts hung in little wooden sections, an obvious locker room. Hunter oddly is wielding a Kendo stick and seems to be moving around the locker room fluently and striking randomly at fake intruders in the air. Everything seems a little out of place as Hunter turns back on to the door and fires another shot to the air.

Suddenly the door’s handle clinks and it slowly sways open. Entering the room is none other than Masa, the son of PWA’s most hated Simon Kalis. Masa looks up and see’s the returning superstar and immediately tosses up his arms in defense.

Masakazu: What are you doing in The Order’s locker room!

Hunter turns around calmly in slight surprise as it seems and looks Masa in the eyes. Hunter lets out an awkward chuckle and smiles at the teen, tossing out his arms.

Hunter Sullivan: Oh my! It’s been such a long time my friend, I can’t actually recall the last time we’ve talked with each other. Please, please, worry not put down your guard. I must have wandered into the wrong room, I apologize.

Masa doesn’t seem convinced and cocks an eyebrow. Sullivan looks delighted to see his old Pantheon buddy as he lays the stick against the wall and moves in on Masa. Masakazu staggers back a moment before being embraced in a hug. Hunter rubs the kids back awkwardly, laughing in short bursts suspiciously and in such a way that any persons nerve would be shaken by it. Hunter lets go his embrace and turns his back on Masa, almost intentionally.

Masakazu: What were you doing in here?!

Hunter grabs the Kendo Stick and raises it up, looking it over, taking notice in the quality of the weapon.

Hunter Sullivan: Do you remember when you guys first showed up? And by you guys I mean you and your father. Everyone just looked at you guys as some punks who hated rampage, the Order of Chaos. I liked you guys though, I really did. I was the first guy to really see potential in you two, you and your father, y’know that? That’s why I so willingly took you under my wing in the Pantheon. Those really were the days were they not?”

Masakazu kept his distance and stood near the door, eyeing every movement and sway in Sullivan’s actions. He doesn’t take to kindly to The Viper randomly prancing around his locker room with a weapon, as one would imagine.

Masakazu: Y-yeah.. I guess they were.

Hunter slides his hands down the shaft of the Kendo Stick before taking one firm swipe in the air away from Masa. The air about Hunter seems a little tense as the common knowledge of what the Order of Chaos had done to Hunter last year at Wargames flicked surely through both their minds. The only healthy remaining member of those two individuals left currently in PWA right now was him, and he knew it. Masa started a slight sweat as he looked around for something to defend himself with. The only thing in sight was a steel folding chair... located right next to The Viper.

Hunter Sullivan: Hey, speaking of that, where is your father anyway? It’s been a while, I would enjoy having a chat with him as well.

Masa looks a little offended at the question, slightly shuffling along the lockers, trying not to be suspicious in his movements, eyeing the chair.

Masakazu: He’s in the hospital right now. He’s trying to make it back to the ring in time for Wargames.

Hunter chuckled a little bit as he turned to face the boy, the weapon in hand. He points the stick out and points it to Masakazu’s chest.

Hunter Sullivan: Ever use one of these kid? I’ve had my fair amount of chances to use one. It feels pretty good I must admit. Like, after the shot hits, you can hear it, it vibrates off a nice whack.

Masa looks down at the stick and then back up at Sullivan who still has a firm grin on his face.

Hunter Sullivan: No? Have you ever been hit by one?

The comment echoes a remembrance of a year ago when Masa struck shots into Hunter’s back with a kendo stick. He remembers it well, and he knows Hunter does the same. It all comes down to how he reacts to this. ‘Look for an opening and strike’ the words echo in his head as he shakes his head no.

Hunter Sullivan: Oh? I see. I generally don’t use them myself.

Hunter swirls the Stick and grabs it by the other end, handling it over the Masa.

Hunter Sullivan: You look like the kind of guy, if you don’t mind me saying, who could really make good use out of a weapon like this. Call it... a gut feeling. Here.. take it. You’ll make better use out of it then someone like me.

Masa looks shocked and confused as he grabs the handle of the stick and pulls it away from Hunter with the slightest of tugs. He wields it in his hand and looks across at Sullivan who merely smiles back.

Hunter Sullivan: Well, I guess I’ll be seeing you around kid. Don’t be a stranger, feel free to get in contact.

Hunter turns away from Masa and heads for the door, turning his back on the wrestler, having no guard up to defend himself. Masa is confused and lacks any response to what is going on in front of him. Hunter reaches for the nob, pulling open the large wooden door.

Hunter Sullivan: Oh, and please, send your father my best wishes.

The door shuts quietly behind him leaving Masa on his own holding the kendo stick in the middle of his own locker room.

Corey Lazarus and Marxx vs The James Sisters

Tag-Team Match

We come back from commercial with all of the competitors having already been introduced. Inside the ring, Marxx and Katie are staring each other down, waiting on the bell to ring. Scott Swindell signals for the bell.


And we are off, these two PWA superstars lock up. Hip toss by Marxx and Katie is sent to the ground; she rolls over and is back to his feet. Marxx with another hip toss and Katie is sent back to the ground. Katie is getting frustrated, but the crowd is loving Marxx's mockery of Katie James. She stands up and Marxx does the "bring it" motion. Katie does just that, she brings it and is quickly down to the mat following an armbar. Katie' face slams into the mat and she grunts in pain. Sarah runs into the ring, but referee John backs him up into the corner. Marxx switches to a crossface and wrenches, Katie yelps in pain. Katie pushes up from the mat and is in the ropes, the referee counts and Marxx is forced to release the hold. Marxx looks into the crowd for their approval and is slammed in the crotch by Katie's elbow. The referee never saw a thing as Katie smirks rising to her feet. Marxx is holding himself as Katie spins around delivering a fast right handed jab to Marxx's jaw, but to his credit he doesn't go down. Marxx throws a jab back, Katie with another, Marxx with another and Katie is rocked into Marxx's corner. He looks to the crowd and to his tag team partner. Knife edge chop! Katie winces in pain and there is immediately a red welp on her chest, Marxx follows with another one... another... and one more for good measure.Marxx reaches up for a tag, but Katie shoves him away from Corey, the tag was not made.

Jon McDaniel: Katie preventing the tag there.

Brian Rentfro: Smart on her part, keep the traitors from exchanging each other.

Marxx comes charging back, dropkick from Katie levels Marxx to the canvas. For his credit, Marxx rolls up to his knees and smiles motioning for Katie to bring her best. Katie charges, shoulder block to Katie' midsection and the charge is stopped. Marxx shoots up to his feet, open handed slap, the crowd cheers. Marxx spits into his hand, another slap. Marxx is slowly driving Katie back towards LAZ's' corner. Sarah comes in and Katie delivers an eye gouge that stops Marxx cold. Short running clothesline and Marxx is sent to the mat. Katie delivers a stomp to Marxx's midsection, to his face and Katie hits the ropes. The referee is still trying to get Sarah out of the ring and does just as Corey comes into the ring. Lazarus levels Katie with a huge running clothesline. The referee, with his hands full, begins to try and get Corey out of the match. Katie and Sarah drag Marxx over towards their corner. Sarah climbs through the ropes, Katie with a boot on Marxx's throat. Marxx's eyes begin to bulge from the pressure on his windpipe, and Sarah holds Marxx's arms motioning for Katie to stomp away at his face. Katie obliges with stomps to the face of Marxx. The crowd begins to boo as Corey gets out of the ring and the referee turns to see absolutely nothing. Sarah is holding onto the turnbuckle as if she has done nothing wrong and Katie places a hand and a tag is made. They both pull Marxx from the corner and slam him backfirst into their own corner, Katie with a running clothesline and Sarah following up with another. Katie gets out of the ring at the count of four and makes the motion that they are going to destroy the competition tonight.

Jon McDaniel: Katie James awfully confident early on.

Brian Rentfro: She has every right to be.

Kick to the midsection and Marxx slumps down to a seated position, Sarah with a running knee lift into Marxx's face; he slumps down until his head is on the bottom turnbuckle. Sarah begins to stomp away repeatedly at Marxx's face and head. She climbs up to the top turnbuckle and falls back with a double foot stomp that nearly breaks Marxx's neck. She tags in Katie and they begin another double team. Both drive a double fist smash into Marxx's temple making him even more dazed than he already is. Another double fist shot and the referee is forcing Sarah out of the ring. Katie looks into Marxx's eyes and mouths that he is a loser knife edge chop to Marxx's chest. Katie mouths that she is the better here, another knife edge chop. Katie mouths that she is going to... Marxx with a right hand. Katie is rocked, Marxx turns knocking Sarah to the floor. Right hand sends Katie staggering backwards. The crowd pops louder than ever. Right hand, stutter step knife edge chop. Open handed slap to Katie's chest. The crowd gets louder. Marxx is rocking Katie's world and the co holder of the tag team belts is rocking and reeling.The referee is keeping Sarah from entering when Katie takes the oppurtunity for a thumb to Marxx's eye, the onslaught is stopped immediately. Irish whip into the ropes followed with a high knee lift sends Marxx back to the mat. Katie drags him over to the corner and places his ankle on the bottom rope. Katie tags in Sarah who climbs up top. She dives and crotches herself on Marxx's out stretched foot. The referee didn't see it because he was busy trying to get Corey back to his corner. Katie pulls Marxx up to a vertical base and shoves him violently into the corner. Marxx with a shove of his own. He takes both of their heads in his hands and slams them together, they hold them and stumble backwards. Marxx lunges for his corner and the tag, but goes only half way. He kicks back connecting with Katie's nose, a trickle of blood. Marxx lunges again and makes the tag. The crowd goes wild for Corey Lazarus!

Jon McDaniel: Tag is made!

Brian Rentfro: You expect me to actually care?

He runs in as Marxx falls to the mat, tired. Scott runs over and makes Corey get out of the ring, he didn't see the tag, but Marxx made the tag. Katie and Sarah point to their heads as Sarah pulls Marxx's head in between her legs and delivers a devastating piledriver. Corey is signaling that him and Marxx made the tag, but referee Scott Swindell shakes his head saying he didn't see it. Marxx is forced into Katie and Sarah's corner the two work on him good. Sarah with stiff right hands and Katie choking him for all she is worth. Sarah begins to slap the chest of Marxx as Katie stills prefers to choke him out. Sarah drapes Marxx's leg over the middle rope and begins working on the right knee of Marxx. Scott Swindell rushes over and administers the five count with quickness as Marxx falls down to the mat in a heap. Sarah nods and motions for Katie to back up she tags her into the match. Katie leaps to the top with a missile dropkick sends Marxx to the canvas hard. Sarah moves to the apron waiting on the next tag. Shee turns and gives the fans something to boo about even louder. Katie brings Marxx up to his knees and lifts him up with a vertical suplex; she makes the cover.



THR-- Shoulder up! The crowd goes bezerk as Marxx manages to somehow get a shoulder up. Katie and Sarah can't believe it. Katie pulls Marxx back up to his feet and small package!



THR-- Sarah in to break it up and here comes Corey Lazarus, he has had enough. Referee Scott forces Corey to his corner as Katie and Sarah are working over Marxx with punches and stiff kicks. Marxx is slumped in the corner as Katie climbs up top mounting Marxx. Running powerbomb onto Katie! Marxx stumbles back to his feet and falls short of reaching Corey. Sarah comes in but referee Scott Swindell forces him back into the corner; he turns around just in time to see Marxx tag Corey Lazzarus! Hugest crowd popping of the night! Sarah comes back into the ring and Marxx finds some reserve energy spearing Sarah through the ropes and to the outside of the ring. They both land on the concrete floor and move very little at first. Then the competitive edge of both get their blood flowing and they trade blows on their knees. Right from Marxx, right from Sarah. Back and forth. Throat thrust from Sarah and Marxx clutches at his windpipe again in this match. Sarah gets up pulling the hair Marxx is wearing over his eyes so that he can't see anything. Irish whip into the railings and Marxx somehow manages to follow up with a kick right into Sarah's face!

Jon McDaniel: Katie and Marxx may have dominated early on, but here comes the fight of Corey and Marxx to even it up!

Brian Rentfro: Never gonna happen.

Inside the ring Katie and Lazarus are going back and forth as well. Katie gets an advantage and goes for an Unprettier. Corey goes down hard and Katie is quick with a cover. Swindell hits the canvas



A hand pulls Katie off of Corey Lazarus. It is none other than the now ticked off Marxx, fury burning in his eyes. Scott tries to force Marxx out of the ring, while Sarah enters from the side. Unfortunately, the distracted referee misses the surprise addition of two Hoodie Ninjas who slide through the ropes and go after the sisters. With sending Katies flying with a knee while the second knocks Sarah stupid with a Roundhouse Kick before she can even get to her feet.

Brian Rentfro: This is ridiculous!

Jon McDaniel: This is payback.

The first Hoodie Ninja gets Katie to her feet and tags her with a series of vicious and ugly looking open hand strikes before turning her with a Backfist that sends her to Corey. Corey then rips off a low kick to buckle her legs before pulling her down into a Clinch Knee Strike that drops her to her knees. With both sisters down the Hoodie Ninjas disappear as quickly as they arrive, running back through the crowd. Meanwhile Katie slowly lifts her head, gets a wink from Corey and then a foot upside the head.

Jon McDaniel: And Corey floors her with the End Credits!

Brian Rentfro: With a little help!

Jon McDaniel: Alls fair, so they say.

With Katie down and Corey on the cover, Marxx finally releases the referee and jumps back out the ring, running around the side and grabbing Sarah before she can come too.

Referee Scott Swindell hits the canvas




The crowd are up to their feet chanting...


Eric Emerson: Winners of the match, the team of Corey Lazarus and Marxx!

Marxx lets go of Sarah’s leg and runs around the side of the ring to meet his partner leaving. The two then catch a camera, pull it in closer and lift their arms up in victory before we cut away from the ring.

Make it Rayn

not rain

UPS Dude: Mr. Kalis, we have a delivery for you.

We fade into Rayn's locker room as he stands with his hands at his hips, looking around.

Rayn: Yeah? Is it an explanation why I wasn't booked this week?

Rayn turns his head and the man shakes his head as he hands him a strange envelope. Rayn grabs it and looks up at the UPS man with confusion.

UPS Dude: Yeah, uh. It's from your brother Simon.

The UPS dude begins to back away and Rayn waves him off. Rayn looks at the envelope, before flipping it to it's back. His eyes widen slightly as he sees the wax seal with the letters "FCF" emblazened upon the back.

Rayn: You slithering little dick, Aaron.

Rayn smirks as he rips the envelope open and drops it to the ground. He reads the sparse page quickly. He smiles as he finishes reading, crumpling the paper in his hands.

Rayn: About damn time, Aaron.

He pulls out a lighter and holds the single piece of paper up, lighting it ablaze. It engulfs itself in a golden hue tinged flame until Rayn drops it. The ashes flutter to the ground. He scoffs as he takes glance at the cameracrew, making quick exit of the locker room as we zoom in on the ashes on the ground and fade...

Mark Zout vs El Gringo Tonto

Singles Match

Waiting in the ring, Mark Zout was greeted by a rather small impression of his opponent, waddleing to the ring, much to the delight of the fans.

Zout did what he could with the little Luchador, but his essentially blasé attitude almost cost him as his opponent ran him through a string of Lucha take downs leading to the pin… which got a one count before Zout pushed him off, almost tossing him out of the ring. Mark then, having grown bored with the whole thing, picked his opponent up and obliterated the tiny man with the Markout.

Zout was then set to finish, but the referee’s count was broken by Elizabeth Davis, who probably had the night off to do such things. Liz distracted the referee as the real El Gringo Tonto snuck into the match and nailed Mark Zout with his newly renamed Grizzly Beer title. El Gringo Tonto then celebrated on the ropes, riling up the fans in the process. Unfortunately he seemed to get carried away and eventually got caught by the referee. Tonto pleaded innocence as the referee accused him of taking out Zout, who was now on his way back to his feet. Mark then caught Tonto from behind with the Markout II, but Tonto struggled out and quickly dived to the floor before Mark could catch him.

Tonto then congratulated him on a nice try while Mark stood on his dinky doppelganger, counting him down for the three.

Winner Mark Zout

Mark climbed the ropes and held one arm in the air while pointing down on Tonto with the other. Tonto however seemed far from impressed and left without a fuss, his title in one hand and his mini over his shoulder.

P. W-T-F. A.

We cut into Lisa’s office, partly because we need to fill time and partly because we’re hot on the heels of the PWA Tag Team Champions. Having just been jumped by ninjas, they’re quite understandably upset and eager to let someone know. Lisa sits with her feet up on the desk, smiling politely.

Sarah James: Ninjas? Fucking Ninjas?

Sarah slams a hand on Lisa’s desk, which is probably on the verge of collapse with all the hits it has taken.

Lisa Seldon: Hoodie Ninjas to be precise.

Katie steps forward.

Katie James: This is bullshit and you know it. We’re the tag team champions, and we can’t even go a day without your fucked up friends getting in our way.

Lisa Seldon: What do you want me to do, round up all the hoodies and ask them which two it was? For one, they don’t talk –

Sarah James: You know exactly who was under those hoods.

Lisa thinks it through.

Lisa Seldon: Rob Lowe?

Sarah pounds the desk again, forcing her to be pushed back by Katie.

Katie James: Look, we’re the tag-team champions of this shit-heap, good friends with your future boss and the two people who are going to save this company from being embarrassed by a group of redneck nobodies. So unless you want us to start being a lot less helpful, you’re going to fix this.

Katie lowers herself in while Lisa raises her eyebrows at the apparent threat.

Lisa Seldon: You’re right; I’m totally going to fix this. And so while I don’t know who was under those hoods, I know a couple guys who would. And you can ask them yourselves next week, when you fight Johnny and Spyke for “your” tag team titles.

Katie scowls and steps back.

Lisa Seldon: And in a show of good faith, I’ve decided I only need one of you at the PPV. So whichever one of you gets an arm ripped off a skull caved in next week gets a show to recover. Because I’m just that nice.

It’s Sarah who is scowling this time.

Sarah James: And just who do you think you’re going to get who could even dream of filling either of our shoes.

Lisa bounces to her feet in reply, hopping around the table and throwing an arm over each of their shoulders.

Lisa Seldon: Well little ladies. Who better to represent wacky new age PWA… than me!

She then tussles the hair on both their heads before skipping out of shot. Sarah and Katie then turn to one another. One tries to offer the other some words, but quickly gives in and lets us fade from the scene.

The Confrontation

We fade in to the backstage area where we immediately see the small unit of twelve men, all in military fatigues styled after The Order of Chaos patrolling the hallways.

Major Phillip Dezmond: Joshua Danielson will be here somewhere, it's time he met us.

As Phillip turns the corner he immediately stops as he's met with the sight of Masakazu in full uniform.

Masakazu: Stand down, Major.

Dezmond throws his hand up to stop the others as he looks over Masakazu, who has donned his Order military fatigues which clearly mark him as a Brigadier.

Masakazu: That's an order.

Major Phillip Dezmond: Our orders come over your head, sir. You've been warned.

He approaches Masakazu and looks him square in the eyes.

Major Phillip Dezmond: Stand down, or face the firing squad.

Masakazu backs up and enters a muay thai fighting stance. Dezmond nods but then Masakazu's eyes widen as he sees Raizzor, towering behind the twelve soldiers.

Masakazu: Oh shit!

Dezmond doesn’t fall for the old trick, nor do his soilders who quickly learn a painful lesson for not checking their six. The figure steps into the light to reveal Raizzor in full fury mode, as he blasts into the small group of men. In quick fashion, the Soul-Taker decimates the unit, throwing them left and right into walls, striking some down with meaty fists and a couple big boots flatten still others. In moments, the only ones left standing are Masakazu and Dezmond.

Raizzor: I bring a message.

Dezmond launches an attack but Raizzor cuts him short and sends the man crashing into some pallets with a devastating chokeslam. Raizzor spins then and comes nose to nose with Masakazu.

Raizzor: Tell your father that soon he and your Order will share the same fate as these.

Masakazu looks at his feet where all twelve of the supposed legendary soldiers are laid out. He even smiles as he looks at Phillip who holds his neck in pain before looking back at Raizzor, charmed.

Masakazu: Thank you, Raizzor. You just saved me a lot of work by what you've done.

Masakazu tilts his head up and looks Raizzor right in the eyes.

Masakazu: Now there is no one to stop The Order, thanks to you.

Raizzor: No one? It does not occur to you that what I have done here to these is the very same I shall do to you and yours? Do not thank me for this mere demonstration, Masakazu, for it is a warning you'd best take to heart.

Masakazu smirks as he takes a cautious step back.

Masakazu: I respect you, sir. I always have, more than your brother. I know what you're capable of, but I also know you're a lot more mortal than even you'd care to admit.

Masa taps his right elbow and smirks.

Masakazu: Nothing a little elbow grease won't take care, Raizzor. Cause anyone can take out anyone from behind...

Masa steps back up and looks Raizzor in the eyes.

Masakazu: You think I'll go down as easily when you're looking me in the face?

Raizzor looks Masakazu up and down and steps even closer so that they are just shy of touching and with a growl that comes from deep within, he utters but one word.

Raizzor: Yes.

Masa smiles and nods as he takes a step back, once more.

Masakazu: What I wonder is why you'd follow Riona? You could find a less embarassing way of helping Mark than following Riona's pathetic war cry.

A slight tug of his lips reveals an almost smile.

Raizzor: That is of no concern of yours. The only concern you should contend yourself with, is the short time you and yours have left before the Order crumbles.

Masakazu nods, a small devious smile creeping over his face.

Masakazu: Whether I am victorious? Or defeated?

Mas extends a hand out towards Raizzor.

Masakazu: It will be an honor to do either against you.

Raizzor looks down at Masakazu's hand. Slowly he reaches out and takes hold, only to apply a deathly grip that even Masakazu gasps too. Raizzor drags Masakazu back in.

Raizzor: The Order has no honor, so none shall be extended towards it. Be grateful that I do no more here tonight, so that you may deliver my message. When next we meet, I will bury you. This, I Promise.

Raizzor lets go of Masakazu's hand, turns and walks off into the shadows.

Masa watches as he leaves and nods, sighing deeply.

Masakazu: No honor... Sadly, you're right Raizzor.

Masakazu turns around and walks off in the opposite direction as we fade.

Teresa Santana-Santana vs Masakazu

Singles Match

Jon McDaniel: Little bit of bad blood between these two after last week.

Brian Rentfro: Yes when Lisa's lap dog Teresa smacked Masa with a chair you mean?

Jon McDaniel: Not in those words but...

Eric Emerson: The following match is schedueled for one fall and, by decree of Simon Kalis, shall be a LOSER LEAVES PWA MATCH!

The crowd gasps in shock and loud rambling can be heard all over the arena.

Jon McDaniel: What?! Loser Leaves PWA?!

Brian Rentfro: Oh we knew you so little Teresa!

The lights dim and red and white strobelights begin panning the crowd at a high speed.

Eric Emerson: Introducing!

The bell rings and "Big In Japan" by Tokia begins to play over the speakers.

When your big in japan, tonight!
Big in japan, be tight, big in japan where the eastern seas so blue

Masakazu exits from behind the curtain and bounces left and right to the heavy techno beat of this remix of his original theme song.

Eric Emerson: He stands in at five feet and eleven inches tall! Weighing in at one hundred and ninety pounds!

Big in japan, alright, pay and Ill sleep by your side
Things are easy when youre big in japan
when youre big in japan!

He throws his arms up in the air and pyros explode at each side of him and he begins to run down towards the ring.

Eric Emerson: He is MASAKAZU!

Masa slides into the ring and fist pumps for the crowd, ignoring the fact he's being booed as he waits for the action to start. He looks around, with a confident grin over his face as he stretches.

The lights dim, and the spotlights in the arena pulsate and dance across the arena, in tune to the primal drumbeat of At The Drive-In's Arcarsenal. The video screen above the entrance lights up, looking like faded paper, and overlapped with drawings of rotating, interconnected gears, half-finished mechanisms and small words in a strange text. The screen flashes back and forth between the blueprints and highlights of Teresa's career.

Eric Emerson: Introducing his opponent!

The drums thump. Then, with the lights down, a soft spotlight focuses on the top of the ramp, as Teresa Quaranta storms through the curtain, smirking and raising a slight eyebrow at the audience. She wears a black, long-sleeved singlet, coupled with kneepads and a heavy pair of boots.

Eric Emerson: She hails from Toronto, Ontario CANADA!

Teresa pauses at the top of the ramp and deliberately raises two fingers to her neck for a few seconds, then to her wrist. Once her pulse is checked, she takes a deep breath, pivots towards the crowd and flicks her hand towards the ring, sticking her nose in the air and jawing snidely at the fans. As she reaches the ring, she steps through the middle rope, beige sparklers fall from above the ring, but Teresa doesn't give them much acknowledgment besides looking in their direction.


She walks to the turnbuckle and leans against it with a knowing smile, finally looking towards Masakazu. Masakazu bows in respect and she pays no attention.


Masakazu leaps forward with a stinging thrust kick to Teresa's left ribs, but she quickly sidesteps him and throws a leg out taking him off of his feet. She bounces off the ropes and hits a hard leg drop over the former Tag Champs throat. She rolls away from him and onto her belly, pushing herself up with her hands she then brings down both her knees hard over Masakazakstans chest. Masa rolls away and gets to his feet, shaking off the ring rust as Teresa charges towards him. She goes for an enziguri kick which Masa ducks, he nails her across the back of the head with an elbow thrust before following it up with a knee to the back. She keels backwards holding her back and he grabs her by the neck and hits a reverse DDT in the center of the ring on Teresa.

Brian Rentfro: Some good back and forth.

Jon McDaniel: I'd hope so, their PWA careers are on the line!

Masa is back up and he knee drops his right knee into Teresa's throat, before picking her up by her long hair and whipping her into the ropes. He kneels forward as if to throw her up but she stops the momentum, and lands a vicious kick into Masakazu's chest. Masa stumbles back as she runs, jumps and hits a shoulder block into his face. Masa bounces off the ropes and Teresa follows up with an implant DDT taking Masa to the canvas hard face first. She's on her feet once again as is Masa but he remains wobbly. She kicks him in the mid section and lands a vicious spinning neckbreaker.

Jon McDaniel: And Teresa is assuming direct control of this match, so to speak!

Brian Rentfro: Argh, come on Mas! You can do it!

Masa is up again with the help of Teresa ripping him off the canvas by his neck. She throws him into the corner and launches herself towards him nailing him hard with a roaring elbow. He throws a knee up into her midsection and then headbutts her, sending her stumbling back momentarily. Masakazu hops up onto the middle rope and comes off with an axehandle smash that lands cleanly, taking Teresa to the canvas. He springboards himself off the top rope and hits a moonsault dead on and rolls away from her, getting to his feet. He waits for her to get to her feet and then charges forward, hitting her percetly with a spear! BUT! Teresa wraps her arm around his neck as he hits her and drops down with another DDT, taking both of them down to the canvas. Teresa rolls away from Masakazu as he rolls away from her, and then both of them gain composure and rise back to their feet.


Jon McDaniel: I'd never count Teresa out after the skill she's shown in her short time here!

Teresa rushes forth and baseball slides Masakazu off of his feet, throwing one of her feet up at the last second and nailing him in the kneecap hard. He hits the canvas hard and holds his knee. She immediately locks on Death of the Future to the roars of the crowd! Masakazu tries to push himself towards the ropes but barely nudges them before his face hits the canvas. Referee Scott Swindell checks on him, and he seems adamant in his refusal to tap. Teresa continues to apply heavy pressure on him and Masakazu looks up at the crowd and the cameras, his face grimacing in pain. The crowd all rise to their feet as Masakazu yells and points towards the entrance ramp.


Jon McDaniel: God damn it, and Teresa's back is turned she doesn't see it coming!

Reaver stands at the entrance ramp with a cell phone in his hand, as Masakazu screams and sweat pours down his face as he gnaws his teeth trying not to tap. Reaver flips the phone shut and shakes his head, stomping his foot down and saluting Masakazu before returning backstage. Reaver turns around and shakes his head in sorrow before disappearing. The crowd can't believe it and Teresa pulls Masa further into the middle of the ring, as he begins losing consciencess from the pain.

Brian Rentfro: ...What?

Jon McDaniel: What? Reaver's just leaving?

Swindell asks Masakazu if he's going to quit, and Masa looks up at Swindell and yells before he begins tapping on the canvas repeatedly!

Brian Rentfro: NO!!!!


Eric Emerson: The winner of this match, TERESA QUARANTA!

Jon McDaniel: Masa held out longer than I think most men or women could against Teresa but in the end... This was the literal death of his future.

Teresa finally lets go of Masakazu and has her hand raised by Scott Swindell, and the crowd in Newark can't believe what they're seeing as Masa remains on the canvas, on his back, looking up at the lights in shock.

Brian Rentfro: This means Masakazu is gone?! The second in command of The Order of Chaos is GONE?!

Jon McDaniel: It appears that way. And you have to wonder who ordered Reaver not to help him, cause I bet you sure as hell is hot it wasn't Simon who'd do that...

Post Match Shenanigans

Teresa, still looking pretty battered, circles the ring and grabs a phone from a ring announcer.

Teresa Quaranta: I think it’s important... that people realize that I don’t just speak vapidly into the air for my own amusement. Masakazu... I asked you to think about why I would take that unforgiving steel hair and crash it into your skull. So have you thought about it?

Masa just lies there on the canvas quietly, taking deep breaths, clearly trying to recollect himself. Teresa grabs a chair and puts it over her back.

Teresa Quaranta: It’s not because you’re a feared member of the Order. It’s not because of the lives you’ve tried to destroy inside of this company, the lives you’ve thrown into disarray or the suffering you’ve spread.

She climbs inside the ring.

Teresa Quaranta: Story of your life, I guess. It’s all about daddy.

Masakazu kips up and throws a winding roundhouse kick that almost clips the chair, then he keeps spinning and falls in an exhausted heap. Teresa gives the downed competitor an irritated look as Lisa Seldon and Jethro Hayes enter down the ramp.

Lisa Seldon: Oh no, Lisa is being mean for personal gain. She's such a fruitloop.

Lisa waits for Masa to drag his head off the mat before she takes a shot at removing it; blasting him in the face with a shotgun kick. The force jacks his whole body up right and then slowly tips him over.

Lisa Seldon: You know I never liked this kid. Such a spineless, faceless little nothing.

She gives him a stiff kick in the ribs that barely registers a response.

Lisa Seldon: You know, the best thing he ever did was kick Kalis to the curb, and even then all he wanted to do was talk about how amazing daddy was. Such a tragically pointless figure. If anything, I think we're about to-do this place a favour.

Lisa steps back and let's Jethro drag the younger Kalis to his feet while Teresa places the chair around his neck. Jethro is then left to do as he pleases, which is about the time the (probably not actually called) Lisatron kicks into life, blowing up into a feed of Simon Kalis, still stuck in his hospital bed.

Lisa Seldon: Well gee, who conference called this guy?

Simon Kalis: You think you're so great, don't you Lisa? You think you're so fucking clever? If you so much as lay another finger on my son I swear...

Lisa Seldon: You’ll what Simon? Try and sit up and fall on the floor? Crush my skull with your giant video screen hands? Like you really need one more person in the world just to remind us how awesome you think you are.

Simon Kalis: Not really, Lisa. You see I fear not for Masa. He's a grown man now, and he accepts the consequences of our venture.

Kalis cringes as he looks at Masakazu being held, but Masa smiles and nods towards his father.

Lisa Seldon: Well that's some thrilling stuff, but I think you're probably talking to the wrong person. See, despite all this, I’ve really got nothing personal against you. This guy though...

Lisa hands the mic off to Jethro.

Jethro Hayes: Does...

Jethro pounds a right fist into Masakazu's face busting his lip open.

Jethro Hayes: Simon, do you remember when I tried to save Masakazu from Matthew Engel's spell?

Simon Kalis: I remember you thinking you'd save him. You chose to ignore the fact that he went to Engel for further training, but hey. You're not exactly known for your burgeoning IQ are you Jethro?

Jethro Hayes with another stunning right fist blow; Masa is out on his feet.

Jethro Hayes: Well, this has nothing to do with Engel and I'm not here to save him. I'm out here to pound away at his face...

Jethro looks at Masa's neck and the chair still around it.

Jethro Hayes: And perhaps put him in the hospital bed right beside you for a little father son time.

Jethro looks up at the Lisatron.

Jethro Hayes: You wanted to attack Bubba J while at Rehab for the injuries you caused him? You wanted this little shit right here to hurt Nicole?

Jethro with a scary laugh into the microphone.

Jethro Hayes: Well Simon, I'm here to get my revenge and it looks to me like Daddy isn't there to save the day.

Jethro boots Masakazu in the gut, lifting him up for The Planter. Teresa steps over, microphone held near Jethro as Kalis watches with concern on his face.

Jethro Hayes: Simon, you've ran long enough, I don't give a damn if you are injured or at one hundred percent. Pick a date for our match, or this Planter may just plant Masa in a bed right next to you.

Kalis holds his right hand over his mouth as he shakes his head and nods.

Simon Kalis: Anytime, any place Hayes. I never ran from anything, you just never asked me personally now did you?

Kalis checks his watch and nods.

Simon Kalis: I love you Mas. And I'm sorry.

Kalis sighs as the feed cuts... Teresa waves at the giant image.

Teresa Quaranta: We love you too! Westside for life!

The camera fades as she gets “you moron” looks from Seldon and Hayes, who drops Masa’s barely conscious body. Lisa has a microphone.

Lisa Seldon: Well ladies and gentlemen, that’s good enough for me to declare that next week, Jethro Hayes will meet Simon Kalis in your main event.

The fans cheer, because they just love it when awesome matches are offered to other states.

Lisa Seldon: What’s more, I’m uping the stakes and making a change to your scheduled War Games match. And so, introducing your new sixth entrant for the Apostles. The scourge of the Order. Mr. Jethro Hayes.

Lisa gives him a cheer and then kicks Teresa in the ankle to make her do the same. The fans then join them with a rapturous applause which carries them out of the ring. The camera zooms on Masa’s face, barely moving, but still forming the faintest uptick of a sneer...

Brazen Things

We see a man in a black trenchcoat walking down the hallways, his face hidden behind a tilted black Fedora. He comes to a stop before the locker room which reads "Bound by Blood". He reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out an envelope. As he flips it onto it's front, we see the wax seal with the letters "FCF" once again. He slips it under the locker room door and walks away, the sound of his heavy footsteps fleeting as we fade...

Riona Langly vs Joshua Danielson

Singles Match

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

### Today... my name... is pain... ###

The lights dim as a haunting melody begins to play over the PA system. As the chimes play out, flashes on the otherwise blackened ADCTron show a slideshow of violence during war throughout the ages... A guitar kicks in, adding to the melody as the speed of the images picks up, more sights being added as well as almost subliminal messages of PAIN, VIOLENCE, HELL, WAR... The guitar stops it's long riff and kicks in with the drums as the lights start to pulse red, the with more violence screaming across the ADCTron... Photos of Riona Langly mix into the slideshow, showing matches against Jamie Flynn, The Phoenix, Hunter Sullivan, SNS, Corey Lazarus, Viktor Stone, Matthew Engel, Raizzor, and Marxx...

### Tonight... Tonight... ###
### Tonight... ###

A very low, angry growl as the lights flicker wildly, while remaining deeply red....

### GO! ###

"The New Ministry" from Walls of Jericho is in full force as a familiar spotlight lights up right behind the entrance way. Stepping out in front of it is of course, Riona Langly, her head hanging down as she soaks in the ambiance before a match.

### Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Give me your passion ###
### Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Give me your heart ###

Riona lifts her head up and scream, snapping off her crux pose, as criss-crossing red pyro fires off in front of her. The pyrotechnics shoot off 5 times before coming to an end, the lights in the arena returning to normal as Riona begins her walk down to the ring, slinging the title onto her shoulder.

Eric Emerson: Introducing... she comes to us from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! She weighed in this morning at 142 pounds, and stands at five foot nine inches.

### Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Now and forever ###
### Tonight... is... ours... ###

Riona stops at the end of the entrance ramp, rolling her fists as she stares inside the ring.

### Live out your dream ###
### With everything you have inside you ###
### This world can't hold us back forever! ###
### forever... FOREVER...###
### FORVER... FOREVER... ###

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, this is.... RIOOONNNNAAAA LANNGGGLLLLYYYY!!!

Riona dead leaps herself onto the ring apron and slings herself over the top rope and into the ring, stomping over to the nearest corner as soon as she lands.

### We Bleed Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Give me your passion ###
### Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Give me your heart ###

Riona climbs onto the top turnbuckle and snaps off another crux pose as red pyro flares out of the other 3 turnbuckles violently, scaring the ref in the process.

### Tonight is ours ###

Brian Rentfro: Last week, Joshua Danielson started a fight with possibly the most dangerous person, male or female, on the active roster. Tonight… he reaps his rewards.

Jon McDaniel: Poor kid.

Eric Emerson: And her opponent!

The pounding drums to 'Trust' by Megadeth hits the speakers, and the crowd is on their feet! Joshua Danielson pushes through the curtains, stopping at the top of the entrance ramp. He is joined by Lucious Starr as he throws his arms out in an open handed crucifix.

Eric Emerson: Being accompanied by the PWA World Heavyweight Champion, Lucious Starr. He stands at 5 foot six inches, and weighs in at 198 pounds. He is The Punisher, Joshua Danielson!!

Joshua and Lucious make their way to the ring, Lucious giving Danielson some tips on Riona. Danielson nods as they reach the bottom of the ramp, Lucious giving him a pat on the back as he walks around the ring to the announce table. Danielson jumps onto the apron, but drops to the floor as Riona begins to charge him. Our resident referee, Lance Weston, offers a truce as he allows Danielson to climb into the ring. “Trust” dies down as Riona and Joshua stare each other down, Weston calling for the bell.

Jon McDaniel: Let the slaughter begin.

Lucious Starr: You are correct, Jonathon. Let the slaughter of Riona Langly begin.

Jon McDaniel: How are you…

Brian Rentfro: All Hail Lucious Starr! Champ, it’s good to have you here!

Jon McDaniel: This is going to be the longest short match in history…

Riona charges Danielson, who barely manages to roll away from the former World Champion. As Riona turns, she finds Danielson reaching out, and they find themselves in a collar-and-elbow. Riona pushes Danielson into a corner, referee Weston calling for a break. She does so, reluctantly, before off.

Brian Rentfro: That was unnecessary! What the hell did he do to Riona?

Jon McDaniel: Did you sleep away her match last week? Do you not remember what provoked this match in the first place?

Lucious Starr: He has a point, though. I mean, this is supposed to be a wrestling match, not a blood war. One would think she would show some restraint before WarGames.

McDaniel shakes his head as Riona goes back to work, Danielson making his way out of the corner into a kick to the gut from Riona. Her eyes grow wide as she throws out a knife edge chop, slamming down onto the back of Danielson’s neck. Joshua falls to the mat, holding his head as Riona kicks at him. Danielson tries to roll away but Riona mounts him, throwing chops and punches to the back of his head. Referee Weston warns Riona, garnering no response from the First Apostle. Weston proceeds with a five count, Riona getting in every second before dismounting. Weston backs her up, scolding her as Danielson reaches for a rope. He grasps the bottom rope on the west side of the ring, pulling himself up. Riona blazes past Weston, aiming for a kick to Danielson’s head, but misses as Danielson grabs the top rope and drops, Riona careening to the outside. This buys Danielson breathing room, but is compelled to further action as he looks to Lucious. Josh stands, looking to Riona, then to Lucious, then back to Riona. He shrugs, running across the ring and rebounding, soaring over the ropes as he jumps to the outside… into a tornado crossbody to Riona on the outside! Riona and Joshua hit the floor as Lucious slowly stands, grinning ear to ear.

Brian Rentfro: A beautiful move there! Keeping Riona at bay… a beautiful strategy!

Lucious Starr: Indeed, Brian. I told Danielson earlier that to defeat Riona, he needs to get into her head. By keeping up the offense and knocking her out of her comfort zone, he’s doing just that.

Jon McDaniel: You do realize that YOU couldn’t defeat Riona, right?
Lucious Starr: Guys in the back… shut off his mic.

Danielson is now on his feet, rolling into the ring as Weston reaches a count of four. Riona is not far behind; but there seems to be some hesitancy. She looks to the announce table, shooting Lucious a glare that would kill. Lucious replies with a laugh, nodding his head toward the ring. Riona looks inside, moving just in time to avoid a baseball slide from Danielson. She grabs his legs, pulling him to the outside and nailing him with a short arm clothesline. As Danielson hits the floor, Riona looks back to Lucious, shooting a grin- and a middle finger. She picks Danielson to his feet, throwing him into the guardrail before sliding into the ring to break the count, sliding right back out. She again lifts Danielson to his feet, but gets a right to the gut as she does so. Danielson grabs her tights, pulling her in as he slides away, sending Riona into the barricade. Danielson slowly crawls to the ring as Weston reaches a count of three.
Brian Rentfro: Danielson has his work cut out for him, but I think he can pull this one off!

Lucious Starr: Indeed, Brian. Joshua is as smart as he is talented, and that says a lot considering some of the half-twits in our locker room.

Jon McDaniel:

Brian Rentfro: Wow, I didn’t know you could REALLY shut his mic off…

Lucious Starr: What, you thought I was joking?

Danielson gets into the ring at the count of seven, but Riona is enraged as she jumps to her feet, pulling Danielson back out and slamming a fist directly into his nose. She slides into the ring as Danielson drops to the floor, sliding back out after the count has been broken. She grabs Danielson by the hair, pulling him up to reveal his heavily bleeding nose. She throws him into the ring, sliding in after him. She rolls him into a cover, Weston dropping to the mat.




Brian Rentfro: A close call there for Danielson, who I should think has seen better days.

Lucious Starr: It’s a nosebleed, Brian. Hell, Matt Stone gets those looking in the mirror each morning. It’s a minor injury, and he’ll come back.

Riona has a different idea, however, as she lifts Danielson to his feet and whips him across the ring. He lands in a corner, Riona charging up for a clothesline. Danielson moves just before contact, Riona’s face meeting the top turnbuckle. She grasps her nose as Danielson hops to the top turnbuckle, flying off with a senton to Riona! He hooks the leg!



THREeee… Riona kicks out just in time.

Lucious Starr: The resiliency and the talent of Joshua Danielson right there… Jon, what have you got to say now?

Jon McDaniel:

Brian Rentfro: He’s speechless! And for good reason, Danielson looks amazing right now!

Joshua slides out of the ring, Riona starting to her feet. Joshua starts to pace around the ring as Riona gains her bearings, finding Danielson on the outside. She follows him from within the ring, but Danielson soon tries to throw her off by switching directions. She slides out of the ring, Danielson jumping onto the apron and into the ring. Riona slides back in, but is met with a springboard dropkick from Danielson as she gets to her feet. Danielson rolls to his feet, not wasting a second as he charges a kneeling Riona, nailing a vicious shining wizard. She drops to the mat, Danielson into the cover.



3! NO!

Brian Rentfro: Damn! Why won’t Riona just stay down?

Jon McDaniel:

Lucious Starr: Because she’s a bitch, Brian. An evil, determined, resilient, tactful bitch. And that is what makes her so damn dangerous.

Danielson rolls to the side, checking with Weston. He confirms a count of two, Danielson looking to Lucious. Starr nods in confidence to Danielson, who shakes his head as he tries to regroup. He starts to his feet as Riona clutches her head, glaring up to the ceiling. Danielson walks to the opposite side of the ring, unsure of his next attack plan as Riona makes her way to her feet, an evil glare shot towards Joshua. He looks to Riona, shaking his head as he tries to determine his next move, Riona’s already planned. She charges Danielson, who moves- something she anticipated as she also sways, knocking Danielson off his feet with a spear. She rolls to her feet, wide eyed as she hunts Danielson. Joshua gets to one knee, not realizing Riona is right behind him as he grasps his abdomen, slowly standing. Riona charges up, jumping into the air…Detonator! Riona drops Danielson, going for the cov… no, wait… She stands back to her feet, stalking the now unconscious Danielson.

Brian Danielson: What is she doing?

Lucious Starr: Taking this thing too far. Excuse me.

Jon McDaniel:

Brian Rentfro: Where are you…

Lucious stands, walking up to the ring. He shouts at Riona, gaining her attention as well as Weston’s. Lance tells Lucious to sit down before he gets ejected, Riona slowly creeping up to the ropes. Lucious shouts something to her about this being his fight, not Danielson’s, and just finish the damn match. Weston fires a second warning, letting Lucious know there will not be a third. Riona shoots an evil grin as Lucious begins to back down, the Apostle pacing backwards towards Danielson. Weston keeps an eye on Lucious, assuring he takes his seat at the announce table.

Riona turns around, Danielson is barely moving. Lucious is back in his seat as she picks Danielson to his feet, barely standing. She spits in his face before nailing him with a brutal DDT, standing back to her feet. She isn’t done as she kicks him twice in the head, he’s out cold. Referee Weston checks Danielson, finding him unresponsive. He heads for the opposite side of the ring, motioning to the bell keeper…


Weston turns around, finding Danielson falling from a huge roaring elbow from Riona. She covers Danielson, staring at Lucious with a sick grin. Weston shakes his head, dropping to the mat as he issues a quick (and merciful) three count.



Eric Emerson: Here is your winner, the First Apostle, RIOOOONNAAAAA LAAAAANGLYYYYY!!

“The New Ministry” hits the PA, but Riona is far from finished. She lifts Danielson again, setting him up for another roaring elbow… but is knocked to the mat by Lucious Starr, who spears Riona from behind. He quickly gathers Danielson, rushing out of the ring as Riona stares up at Lucious, laughing. Lucious and Riona stare each other down as Lucious and Danielson make their exit.

First Class: Origins

We fade to the outside smoking area for patients at the Montreal General Hospital. Sitting in his wheelchair, with a lit cigarette hanging from his mouth is one Simon Kalis. Cars pass by a few yards away on the street and Kalis watches woefully as they pass by. His face is partly hidden beneath the curve of his black Fedora, and he inhales chilled breath when not exhaling cigarette smoke. A clear sign that the cold island winter is upon the city. The streetlights seem blinding to him as he looks up, turning away to shield his eyes. Other patients, who are smoking and probably shouldn't be, watch him from a distance. No bodyguards however, he sits alone with his own thoughts to keep him company.

"Blade, ready to die?"

Kalis looks up as the words are heard loudly.

"I was born ready, motherfucka!"

Kalis looks up as the heavy bass to "FATAL" by The RZA plays from a fast approaching black Mercedez-Benz ML-350 SUV. He smiles as it pulls to a stop near the smoking section, just on the corner. Kalis gets to his feet and rips the IV's out of his wrists, leaving behind the portable machine giving him his pain medication behind. In his simple white fluffy slippers and hospital gown he begins walking as fast as he can over the small grassy hill, ignoring it's frosted tips from the chilling cold. He stops at the corner and smiles as he chucks his cigarette to the ground.

Simon Kalis: So... You got the call.

Another man in a long black trenchcoat, and his own black fedora nods as a woman in a fur coat drapes Kalis with his own trenchcoat.

Man: So... Wha's the deal K? I thought you were finished?

Kalis scoffs at the man's remark and shakes his head.

Simon Kalis: You been watching?

Man: Hell yeah, nigga! We see what'chu been doin over in the P-Dubb. So you ain't answered the question I axed did you?

Kalis rolls his eyes as the man throws his arm over Kalis' shoulders.

Simon Kalis: It's pronounced ask, first of all idiot.

The man laughs in stark contrast to the seriousness of Kalis as they approach the vehicle.

Man: Whaaaaa, don't get all preachy on me old man.

Kalis turns his head and nods.

Simon Kalis: You're my little cousin, I'll always be preachy to you.

Man: Man, I'm Streets! Not your CIA-backed, freaky weirdo cult God ass havin' mothafu-

Kalis waves his hand and Streets stops.

Simon Kalis: Marcus.

Marcus: Yeah?

Simon Kalis: Contigency is in effect, old friend.

Marcus tilts his head down, as he stands a few inches taller than the six foot three Simon Kalis and nods happily.

Marcus: I figured as much. Just so you know, I ain't gonna worship you like that Reaver dude.

Simon Kalis: Right. No more cult shit, no more weird shit. No more power plays, this is contigency brotha. This is the Empire Strikes Back type of a deal.

Marcus: Hahaha yeah! YEAH! It's like a "just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!" kinda thing, right?

Simon Kalis: Precisely.

Marcus: So when's it all go down?

Simon Kalis: November 23rd.

Marcus nods and helps Kalis into the passengers seat as the woman slides into the backseat. Marcus hops into the drivers side seat and slams his door shut. Kalis removes his Fedora and a fat stack of money, wrapped in a rubberband falls off the top of his head. He throws it to Marcus who catches it and smiles.

Simon Kalis: You in?

Marcus: I remember...

Simon Kalis: So will everyone else...

Kalis smirks and fits his Fedora back to his head as they drive off, but the camera catches the back of the license plate.

1st Class
Je Me Souviens

We can hear the music thump with the bass as we fade to the PWA logo...