World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Ferarri Polo vs Marvin Wood

Dark Match

Marvin Wood wins in 4:16 by complete and utter fuck muckery of Polo's face. Polo declared unfit for continued employment.

Good Vs. Evil

The PWA logo appears on screen... Thick clouds of smoke rise around it, as two eyes glow menacingly behind it. The skull flashes bright red, lit up behind the PWA logo. The PWA logo itself begins cracking as the words "ORDER OF CHAOS" burn beneath the logo. The scene pans down to a city in tatters, soldiers moving through the town square at night. Fires burn all around, garbage litters the street. A drum roll begins to be heard, a simple rhythem reminiscent of old war time marches. The soldiers scan the rubble, all of them have splotches of blood somewhere on their muddied uniforms. Some smoke cigarettes, others gasp for air. Their faces covered in a patchwork of dried dirt and blood. They sift through the rubble, skeletons laid out before the streets around them... The scene flashes to a locker room, some time ago from an episode of PWA Rampage...

The Order of Chaos. They are all standing now, Joshua Danielson and Lucious Starr on one side with Jethro Hayes and Hype on the other as Masakazu stands at the far end facing towards Simon Kalis as they create a circle.

Simon Kalis: My brothers...

Kalis raises his hand and smiles, nodding as he looks into the eyes of each of them. Decked out in his military garb, it would appear he is ready for duty, yet beneath the camoflauge flak vest he's wearing we can clearly see his entire lower body has been wrapped up as if he'd been injured.

Simon Kalis: Everything we've each done as individuals has led us to this most opportune moment in time we now find ourselves in. It is a dangerous time, no doubt- but inherent in danger is the opportunity to better oneself.

"What we've got here... Is a failure to communicate."

Simon Kalis: I fear we've lost touch with one another, and this is one of the reasons I've called this meeting. I know not everything has gone the way we've wanted it to... Lucious.

Kalis nods to Starr who somberly nods back.

Simon Kalis: We'd all rather be standing here with Lucious Starr as our Undisputed World Champion right now.

"Some men, you just can't reach..."

The scene burns in black and white against the wall as Simon Kalis addresses The Order. The images of Riona Langly being powerbombed through the announcers table, followed by the image of only a week later... Lucious Starr smiling proudly, the entire Order of Chaos around him as he raises the PWA Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship at Manitoba Mayhem.

"So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it!"

Kalis looks at Joshua Danielson and nods.

Simon Kalis: We'd also... Rather be standing here with our PWA Television Champion, Joshua Danielson.

Kalis turns to Joshua and throws him an endearing smile, as Danielson nods back and smiles. Behind him the images flash of Matt Stone overcoming him, but also his road back to prominence within The Order as he viciously attacks Riona Langly weeks later. The image of Joshua Danielson standing tall over the broken bodies of both Riona Langly and Marxx come in flashes, still in silent black and white behind him.

"Well, he gets it!"

Kalis turns to Hayes and smiles.

Simon Kalis: Gladly I say we needn't worry about the presence of Matthew Engel, most certainly you played a major role to this effect Jethro.

Things almost freeze in the moment, paused in the moment. Simon with his hand extended toward Jethro Hayes, and Hayes smiling proudly and fondly back at him. Behind them, the grainy roll of film rolls in black and white. It shows Hayes' betrayl of The Order of Chaos and the vicious assault. The room with Simon Kalis giving the speech burns, as if the film reel were set ablaze....

...The soldiers take seats amongst the rubble. Some lean against the half blown out buildings, others sit atop burned out cars. The sounds of explosions and gunfire rattling off in the distance can be heard in the background as the drumroll picks up. Finally, one soldier stands ahead of the others. He uses his binoculars to peer further down the town square opposite their position while one of the men hoists their flag in the air.

Flash. The picture becomes clearer yet once more...

Hayes looks down at Simon with sorrow in his eyes.

Jethro Hayes: We were meant to protect, not destroy Simon!

Kalis gets to his feet but Hayes lays him out with a big knee to Kalis' face. Kalis hits the floor but lands near his fallen weapon. Kalis grabs ahold of it, using his body to block Jethro's view from catching this.

Jethro Hayes: I won't let the Order continue the path you've started tonight, Simon. I'll be there to keep you in check. I can't let you recreate The Pantheon in a new banner, Simon.

Kalis laughs as he spits out blood, getting to his feet with his head lowered.

Simon Kalis: No, Hayes. I forgave you and it brought almost everyone back to your side. I gave you redemption, Jethro!

Kalis swings his body 180 degrees, unleashing the swing of the weapon with full force, catching Hayes in the head. Hayes hits the lockers and Kalis jumps up and brings the weapon down over Hayes' head, putting him down on his knee. Kalis swings again, knocking Hayes in the face and bursting his forehead open. Hayes gets up as Kalis backs away, both men bleeding now.

Simon Kalis: I made you a Hero again, Hayes. Now!

Kalis raises his right arm up.

Simon Kalis: Let me make you a martyr!

Kalis swings again but Hayes catches it, and a power struggle ensues. Kalis uses both hands to try and push forward as Hayes responds in kind, pushing back. Kalis screams as he spits blood in Hayes' face, blinding him momentarily. Kalis kicks Hayes in the gut and swings the weapon hard one more time, knocking Hayes to the ground finally. Kalis swings repeatedly, one, two, three, four, five times before he drops the destroyed weapon over Hayes' body. Kalis kicks Hayes one more time to make sure he's down and out and steps back, a look of shock and horror on his face.

Simon Kalis: I am saving the PWA, Jethro! They need something better than what they've had! The people need a story! They need a battle! They need a war, Jethro!

Masakazu and Maya look over Hayes, who's out cold from the vicious attack.

Maya: Whoa! I don't think this guy's getting up anytime soon.

Masakazu: Father...

Kalis shakes his head as he takes out a cigarette from behind his ear and lights it up. He tilts his head back, almost remorseful for whats just happened.

Simon Kalis: We could've been such a great team, Jethro... You betrayed Riona, you betrayed me... I forgave you, and this is the thanks I get?

Kalis sighs as he takes a drag.

Simon Kalis: So be it, Southern Hypocrite. You are a marked man, and as General of The Order of Chaos I hereby declare you an enemy of our state. The sentence shall be carried out effective immediately.

Kalis grabs Jethro by the hair and lifts him up onto his back with the help of Maya and Masakazu. Kalis strains as he gets Hayes into position over a fallen chair and yells for Maya and Masa to let go...


Maya: He'll come back for our blood...

Kalis takes a well earned drag from his cigarette now. Kalis falls to his knees, tears forming in his eyes as he wipes the blood from Jethro Hayes' face. Maya seems confused but Masakazu pulls her back from saying anything as Kalis mourns Hayes, crying over him as he continues to wipe the blood from his face and hair.

Simon Kalis: We... We were friends, Jethro! You did this! You fucking did this to yourself! But... I knew you would... Which is why I attacked that random guy in the beginning of the night. Because I didn't want to believe you'd betray me, Jethro...

Kalis smiles like a father looking over his fallen son now, holding Hayes in his arms with his cigarette hanging from his mouth.

Simon Kalis: But I always see things before they happen, my friend. I am the General for a reason...

Kalis gets to his feet, wiping the tears from his eyes as he turns to face Maya and Masakazu.

Maya: ...Are you okay dad?

Kalis nods as he flicks ash onto the ground. He leans back down over Jethro Hayes, with the last of his tears for the Southern Hero gone Kalis grabs Hayes by the throat.

Simon Kalis: You have betrayed a most sacred Order, Jethro Hayes. You not only interfered with the plans of one of her founding fathers, you all out betrayed him.

Kalis looks at the burning ember of his cigarette and smiles.

Jon McDaniel: Simon, no...

Brian Rentfro: Like he can hear you.

Kalis holds the cigarette over Hayes' face now, smiling proudly.

Simon Kalis: You learn now the punishment for betraying our sacred Order. For we gave you a new life, a new birth. We gave you a new vision for the world, nevermind this company. We shall now take from you what we have given you... Our vision.

Kalis pushes the ember into Jethro Hayes' left eye to the shrieks of everyone in the arena as he grounds it and mashes it in, Hayes wincing in pain but remaining unconscience throughout the ordeal.

Maya: Welcome back, dad.

Kalis gets to his feet and clears his throat.

Masakazu: It's begun.

Kalis nods as he looks down at the badly beaten and burned Jethro Hayes.

Simon Kalis: I fear Hayes may have been right... We are turning, my children... We are turning...

Kalis licks his lips of his own blood and smiles.

Simon Kalis: We do what we must to ensure the survival and prosperity of this company, this is the oath we take as knights of The Order. By any means necassary.

Kalis inhales deeply, smiling eeriely.

Masakazu: Any means.

Maya nods.

Maya: What about Starr and Danielson?

Simon Kalis: They are good men, good friends...

Lucious Starr: Damn straight, we are.

It is at this point that we see Lucious Starr emerging from the shadows now, a satisfied grin on his face. He looks at the damage caused to Jethro Hayes, patting Kalis’ shoulder.

Lucious Starr: You know, Simon, I never understood why you let him into the Order. But now… I feel that we are that much stronger as a group.

Simon Kalis: And as for you, Lucious? Do you remain with the Order? Do you still fight to further our cause?

Lucious Starr: Simon, my friend… You know I would lay down my life for you, my friend. The Order will rise again.

Simon Kalis: And what of Danielson?

It's at this most opportune moment that Danielson walks into the locker room. He's caught off guard and looks at the entire scene before him.

Simon Kalis: Perfect timing...

Danielson looks at Hayes, then at Kalis and nods.

Simon Kalis: You still down, young brother?

Danielson smirks and salutes Kalis.

Joshua Danielson: I'm a man of my word, Simon.

Kalis nods and smiles.

Simon Kalis: You've got a bright future ahead of you, Joshua.

Kalis turns to see Hayes one more time, a look of absolute disgust and disgrace in his face.

Simon Kalis: All Hail The Order of Chaos!

The scene fades back to the city... Day break. The flag that was hoisted up earlier is clearly visible now, the skull waving in the wind amidst the smokey ruins of the city. The three letters beneath the fanged teeth, "OoC"... Shiveringly familiar. The soldiers are suiting up, finishing the lacing of their boots and the shaving of their faces. Their vests snap on, and they stand at full readiness beneath the flag. We see the hand. Leather glove, black of course, a nearly finished cigarette inbetween the index and middle fingers. It drops from the hand, and water like rain pours down. The camera pans up and we see Simon Kalis washing his face off, washing the dirt and mud. Around him Lucious Starr stands at his side, battle hardened, a golden waistline shining in the grit and grime of the scene. As Kalis and Starr walk forward in lockstep, the images flash from the grainy film reels on the walls of the blown out buildings around them. Scott Nash Strader and the Cowgirlls, finally showing their true allegiance to The Order's flag. Hero's to the people fallen all around them, we see the images of crying fans in the stands. The PWA Rampage logo burns and fades turning unto dust as the CHAOS banner is raised high...

Our empathy and remorse saved if only by the black and white grainy quality. Starr and Kalis pass by Danielson who pushes up his metal helmet, a confident smirk on his face as he leans against a broken shop window. David Blazenwing stands inside of a crater left by a bomb since passed. He nods in acknowledgment as they pass, an image of Bound by Blood burned into the concrete slab holding up a rickety building next to him. As they continue, Starr stops and extends his hand outward... Bronx Williams nods and accepts, and both men shake hands. Kalis smirks, and we see the graffitti displaying the Strader legacy on the single wall that remains of a once towering skyscraper. Scott Nash Strader holding the PWA World title, with Tamika and Meghan holding the PWA World Tag Team titles. There is an understanding amongst them as Kalis moves forward and stops dead in his tracks. The war weary, blood soaked uniform of his brother Rayn colors the gray and dark scene around them. Kalis stomps his foot, as does Rayn who salutes his brother back. The cracked windshield of the old city bus behind them displays the images of Masakazu being eliminated from the PWA entirely, and both men lower their head... Starr steps forward, looking across the town square with binoculars. The camera looks him, from bottom to top. The PWA Undisputed title shines brightly, a beacon of light and truth amongst the ruins of the urban theatre that is this battlefield. Kalis acknowledges him, and with Bronx Williams, David Blazenwing, Joshua Danielson and Daniel "Rayn" Kalis behind the both of them Kalis grabs the binoculars and takes a look...

"Well... He gets what he wants!"

Kalis lights a cigarette and nods, it hangs from his mouth as he places his right hand over the butt end of his rifle. He turns around with Starr and now both Generals face their men and nod. The streets they stand on display the film reel in simple grainy black and white once more. This time we see Simon Kalis lifting Chamelion up in the air at Manitoba Mayhem, and bringing him down with the Sentencing of the Damned as Lucious tags himself in. Kalis rolls out of the ring and spears Randall Moran, as Starr pins Chamelion and The Order takes control of the PWA...

"N' I don't like it any more than you men."

Flash. "Civil War" by Guns N Roses finally begins as the cameras pan up from them. As the camera rises, the sun is shining brightly on the new day in this war torn city. From across the distance, miles and miles away, Order of Chaos flags wave proudly and highly from the rooftops of broken and dishevelled buildings across the city. Yet one flag stands different, across the town square... The flag of The Apostles of Ares, joined on mast with the PWA's beneath it...

Look at your young men fighting

Riona Langly steps forward from the burning building, her face covered in soot, blood and ash. She wipes the right side of her face before looking up at the camera, determination and ferocity burning in her left eye while remorse and sorrow burns the lens from the right.

Look at your women crying
Raizzor throws a large fallen piece of concrete off of himself, and rises up from the blood soaked street. He looks down and extends a hand, lifting his brother Chamelion to his feet and holding onto him to help him stand. He looks out across the town square, his teeth grinding and his fists clenching...

Look at your young men dying

Johnny Maverick kicks the door open to the burned out car he finds himself in. He slides out and turns around, smiling as he reaches back and helps Maya out with him. Ollie Maverick remains in the front seat of the car, his feet kicked up a copy of Spykeman! issue #1 in his hand. Johnny and Maya look into each others eyes as they hold each other close, and in the midst of the battlefield love yet blossoms...

The way they've always done before

Marxx stands not far from them. He puts his arm around the shoulders of a headless statue, a statue of Sirus Moran himself. Bullet holes crater the statue and Marxx looks it over with both anger and sorrow as he sees the great history of the PWA being torn asunder... He looks all around him across the square as the statues of Tundra, of Showtime, of Psycho Sandra, of Thunderwolf, of Grifter... All have been nearly destroyed, memories forgotten that should always be remembered... He looks up across the town square, and points towards the enemy with his right hand while his left fist tightens.

My hands are tied
The billions shift from side to side
And the wars go on with brainwashed pride

Corey Lazarus leans against a decrepit building, watching everyone as they make their moves. He looks up and shakes his head as the neon lights to "Club Xanax" are not only off, but barely hanging off of the entrance of the building. He is stern, and prepared. However when he looks down upon his hands, they are soaking wet in blood... He tightens them and sighs, turning his attention towards the enemy across the battlefield...

For the love of God and our human rights
And all these things are swept aside
By bloody hands time can't deny
And are washed away by your genocide
And history hides the lies of our civil wars

Jethro Hayes stands atop the roof of one of the buildings, hoisting the PWA flag up high from the South. He taps his left bicep, a black armband with Bubba J's name and pulls out his rifle. He sets it up and places it against the edge of the roof, and looks through his scope. A perfect shot right at Simon Kalis, who looks back into the scope and throws Hayes a wink.

D'you wear a black armband
When they shot the man
Who said "Peace could last forever"

Flash. The camera pans all of the Apostles of Ares once more as the sun begins to set over the war torn city once more...
And in my first memories
They shot Kennedy
I went numb when I learned to see
So I never fell for Vietnam
We got the wall of D.C. to remind us all
That you can't trust freedom
When it's not in your hands
When everybody's fightin'
For their promised land


Simon Kalis almost does a double-take hearing those words before the lights suddenly go out in the Arena Mexico.

Jon McDaniel: What the hell is going on here!


The lights remain off for some time, flashbulbs illuminating the inside of the HIAC slightly, but all that can be seen inside of the Cell is a sea of black... The lights burst back on, and we see that inside of the cell, and surrounding it, are a swarm of the Hoodie Ninjas, but they haven't made a move yet...

Brian Rentfro: This is nothing, Simon's taken out all 500 of these bozos before.

Jon McDaniel: Yes, when he was fresh. He went through 3 Stages of Hell earlier tonight, they didn't... This could be bad for Simon.

While Simon is distracted by a group of Ninjas getting on the apron, behind him, more of the ninjas pull Rayn and Lucious Starr out of the ring. As soon as Starr's boot is out of the ring, all sides of the ring apron are covered by ninjas hopping up... Simon moves himself to the center, awaiting the assault... and is not disappointed as the ninja swarm past the ropes and into the ring.


Jon McDaniel: Even if they COULD get out here, look, everything is blocked up in waves of black wearing ninjas... Simon, Starr, and Rayn are trapped in there with this crowd.

Brian Rentfro: And who the fuck started this?

Jon McDaniel: I don't know, but I think we're going to find out.

Simon breaks free of the swarm of Ninjas around him and hits a couple of wide roundhouse kicks as he backs himself into a corner, knocking down some of the hoarde. They seem to take their time... And it is for good reason as one of the ninjas on the outside surprises Simon by hitting him in the left knee with a pipe! Simon goes down from the blow, and once again the hoarde is on him, beating him down with punches and kicks... Seemingly forgotten, Lucious Starr and Rayn find themselves handcuffed to the HIAC cage, slowly waking up to see this beatdown.

Jon McDaniel: I'm not the biggest Simon Kalis fan in the world, but this... this is a little much.

Simon is dragged out of the corner and dropped to his knees by two of the Ninjas, as one of the many rears back and completely obliterates Simon with a Roundhouse kick to the face!

Brian Rentfro: That kick... it... looked a little familiar.

One of the ninjas drops Simon with a stiff DDT to keep him down, and then two more bring him to his feet, blood beginning to drip once more... Another of the ninjas steps up and bashes Simon with a nasty headbutt! Simon's head snaps back, but the ninja doesn't stop as they plow through recklessly, headbutt after headbutt after headbutt. Finally, the ninja grabs Simon by his shoulders and pulls back before driving their head into Simon's with immense force, Simon being allowed to fall by the other ninjas.

Jon McDaniel: Where is security to stop this!

Brian Rentfro: They're stuck at the entrance ramp, battling it out with the ninja.

The entrance ramp is a flurry of offense as Simon Kalis' private security continues to wage war with the hoodie ninjas, and looks to be losing. The attention of the cameras and audience are drawn to the top of the cell, where more ninja are dropping down a rope with a noose on the end...

Jon McDaniel: You don't think...

As the rope is lowered to the mat, Simon Kalis is brought back to his feet by one of the ninjas, who knees him in the gut and locks in a double-underhook. He takes a moment to make a cut-throat motion before lifting Simon up and driving him right into the corner with a double underhook suplex! More ninja come in and start to stomp on Simon, keeping him down as a sick steel chair shot keeps Lucious Starr quiet against the cage. Another one rattles the cell as Rayn is given the same treatment.

Jon McDaniel: This... this is getting to be excessive!


Jon McDaniel: Why don't you go down there and help him?

Brian Rentfro: I'm a coward and value my life, that's why.

Simon is dragged to his feet once more, crimson flowing off his face, and shoved into one of the ninja, who lifts Simon up in an inverted fireman's carry. Simon doesn't stay in the position very long as the ninja spins Simon around and drives him head-first into the canvas!


The ninja in the ring give a wide birth as 4 of their numbers stand in the middle of the hexagon and reach up, unmasking themselves in a line...


The fourth one keeps their mask on, kneeling to Simon and shaking their head before pulling off it's mask...

Brian Rentfro: MAYA KALIS!?!?

Jon McDaniel: OH MY GOD!

Maya gives her father a kiss on the cheek before nodding her head, the remaining hoodie ninjas dragging Simon over to the noose and beginning to tie his feet up. Johnny, Maya, Spyke, and Corey stand in a circle around Simon... as the lights go out once again!

Jon McDaniel: WHAT NOW!?!

Jon doesn't have to wait too long to find out as the lights return, and we see that most of the Ninja have backed out of the ring, to the best of their ability, as a lone figure in white makes her way into the ring... Starr and Rayn are removed from the cell and brought into the 6 sided ring, where they are re-handcuffed with both arms, to the ring ropes.


Brian Rentfro: Should have known that bitch was behind this!

I don't need your civil war
It feeds the rich while it buries the poor
Your power hungry sellin' soldiers
In a human grocery store
Ain't that fresh
I don't need your civil war!!!!

Riona motions to the ninja above the ring, and they start pulling on the rope, beginning to hoist Simon up... Riona halts the ninja as they get Simon up to eye-level with Riona, and she pulls out from her pocket a railroad spike, the same one Simon used on her earlier in the night... With a malicious gleen in her eyes, Riona grabs ahold of Simon's head with one of her hands and rears back...


Riona slams the business end of the spike into Simon's face, opening him up even further... Satisfied, Riona nods to the ninja atop the Cell and they resume raising Simon high above the ring... Riona stands underneath of Simon, her pristine white jacket already being stained. She makes a motion and one of the ninja brings her a microphone.

Riona Langly: I told you dearest brother, that the Rights of Passage would be upon you, but you cared not! I told you Starr, that I would make you suffer, and you laughed me off! I told you Rayn, that you would not be exempt from punishment, and you ignored me! You all brought this on your heads! You are all to blame, and you will all burn for your arrogance!

Riona looks up at Simon, as the ninja finish securing him, and opens her mouth to the stream, taking in some of Simon's blood... She walks over to where Starr and Rayn are, and looks at Daniel for a brief moment before turning to Starr and SPITTING SIMON'S BLOOD RIGHT IN HIS FACE!

Jon McDaniel: UGH!

The Mexican crowd gives Riona a very American chant; "YOU SICK FUCK!" ; as Riona leans in and gives Starr a kiss on the cheek...

Brian Rentfro: THE KISS OF DEATH!

Jon McDaniel: Normally, I'd say you were making a joke... But I think, this time, you're serious.

Riona calmly walks back to the middle of the hexagon, and has Lazarus, Maya, and Spyke stand in front of her, while Johnny takes a position to her right.

Riona: All three of you have been chosen by fate... You all know the risks that come with your decision... But, you know that through our binds, through our WARBINDS we will be victorious! Now... KNEEL!

Corey, Spyke, and Maya drop to a knee, their heads bowed, as Johnny washes his hands in the flow from above... Riona closes her eyes and begins to speak...

Riona: Be without mercy at the pleas of your enemies. Safeguard those that wish for peace, so they may let lead us to the new era. Give unto those that have decreed war a war that will break the spirit and destroy the body. Do unto evil what is called evil. Never submit, even if it leads to your death... Show no mercy, show no remorse, for to the last man will our enemies fall!

Riona opens her eyes and stares down at the three before her... She motions to Johnny and he moves to each of them, painting the letters AOA on their foreheads.


As Johnny finishes marking Maya, he steps back as Riona slaps each of them in the face!

Riona: And that... is so you remember it. Now... REISE! REISE! REISE APOSTLES OF ARES, AND REPEAT WITH ME OUR VOW!

All three get to their feet and stand with Riona and Johnny in a line...


Simon continues to hang, drenching Riona as she stands, surrounded by the newest iteration of the Apostles of Ares...

Look at the shoes your filling

Raizzor steps forward.

Look at the blood we're spilling

Simon Kalis steps forward.

Look at the world we're killing

Lucious Starr steps forward.

The way we've always done before

Riona Langly steps forward.

Look in the doubt we've wallowed

Corey Lazarus steps forward.

Look at the leaders we've followed

Joshua Danielson steps forward.

Look at the lies we've swallowed

Jethro Hayes steps forward.

And I don't want to hear no more

Bronx Williams steps forward.

My hands are tied
For all I've seen has changed my mind

Johnny Maverick steps forward.

But still the wars go on as the years go by
With no love of God or human rights

David Blazenwing steps forward.

'Cause all these dreams are swept aside
By bloody hands of the hypnotized

Marxx steps forward.

Who carry the cross of homicide
And history bears the scars of our civil wars.

Rayn steps forward.

Flash. The skyline is filled with ashes, flowering the streets like snow at Christmas in a sickening testament to the war thus far. The two sides stand across from each other in the center of the town square, as the blood red moon shines above them in the clear sky.

I don't need your civil war
It feeds the rich while it buries the poor
Your power hungry sellin' soldiers
In a human grocery store
Ain't that fresh

They all look up, towards the largest statue in the center of town. Chamelions, and he stands yet, cracks cover the foundation but he stands yet and the PWA flag still flies high over the center.

And I don't need your civil war
I don't need your civil war
I don't need your civil war
Your power hungry sellin' soldiers
In a human grocery store
Ain't that fresh
I don't need your civil war
I don't need one more war

The Order flag rises. The Apostle flag rises. The whistles of a lost soldier lead us to battle...

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the Pioneer Wrestling Association proudly presents... GOOOOOOOOOOD VERSUSSSSSSSSS EVILLLLLLL!!!

FLASH! Red pyros explode from the left side of the entrance ramp as blue pyros explodes from the right, in numerical order they both meet at the center of the stage as a glorious flash of light pops up from center stage! More fireworks land like bombs all around the ring, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG near all four corners and the crowd goes NUTS as "Civil War" by Guns N Roses dies down.

Jon McDaniel: Wow! Ladies and gentlemen, it is an honor for me to welcome all of you to Detroit, Michigan! We're here LIVE for PWA Good Versus Evil and WHAT a show we have for you here tonight!

Brian Rentfro: Am I the only one who wet myself at that introduction video? Amazing, and if you thought that was great? Wait'll you see what's on stock for tonight.

Jon McDaniel: We've got Ahrid Arrafat taking on Ash Nukem to decide who will face El Gringo Tonto for the PWA Grizzly Beer Championship!

Brian Rentfro: And I've just been informed that match is now a No Disqualifaction, Falls Count Anywhere match! That should be exciting!

Jon McDaniel: Not to mention we've got a great match between Attitude Entertainment who take on the combined forces of not only Old School, but one of the great tag teams to ever grace the PWA... The Renegade Souljahz!

Brian Rentfro: I'm sure there's a lot of people out there marking out for that. Let alone the fact Matt Stone and Gringo Tonto are the Intercontinental and Grizzly Beer Champions, respectively. That's a match packed full of stars just in itself!

Jon McDaniel: You wanna talk stars, Brian? What about ROBINSON PRO VERSUS THE PWA!!!! You've got Team Robinson Pro, led of course by The Phoenix himself taking on Team PWA led by the returning Hunter Sullivan!

Brian Rentfro: Oh yeah. You want to talk returns? What about THE CONSPIRACY THEORY HIMSELF! Jacob Figgins folks, returning to fight none other than Ollie Maverick in his return to the PWA! Great stuff Jon, honestly, great stuff.

Jon McDaniel: Lest we forget Brian, that the man once known as Duff Cote D'Ivoire, The Redeemer, has a chance to free himself of The Order of Chaos yolk that controls him tonight.

Brian Rentfro: Oh yeah, epic match there Jon. He takes on BOTH Charlie Scene and Reaver, so the odds are a little against him. But who won't give their all for liberty?

Jon McDaniel: Epic? EPIC?! Folks, epic doesn't even begin to describe the main event tonight.

Brian Rentfro: Oh yeah. The Apostles of Ares. The Order of Chaos. WARGAMES! It's settled tonight folks!


Jon McDaniel: The countdown is over, ladies and gentlemen...

Brian Rentfro: The General himself...


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, please rise!

The lights dim as the words are heard over the speakers.

"*****, CHAOS!"

The hardcore opening rifts to "Otherworld" by Bill Muir begins to blast over the speakers. Pyros explode all across the entrance ramp as Simon Kalis steps out from behind the curtain, completely lit on fire!

Go now, if you want it!
Another world awaits you!
Don't you give up on it!
You bite the hand that feeds you!

Brian Rentfro: OH MY GOD!? HE'S ON FIRE!

All alone, cold fields you wander,
Memories of it cloud your sight,
Fills your dreams to raise your slumber.
Lost your way, a fallen knight!!!

The fans explode, roaring in both cheers and boos as Kalis swaggers out onto the stage and everyone in the arena turns their shocked attention towards him. He throws his arms out forward, as if to make "BANG BANG" motions with his hands, the flames flowing over him entirely. He stomps his feet down repeatedly and pyros explode behind him in a glorious display of syncronization.

Jon McDaniel: This is a whole new meaning to getting fired up for a show!

He begins to back up the entrance ramp and back onto the stage, continuing to make gunfire motions with his hands as the flames swirl all over his body.

Go into the sand, and the dust, and the sky.
Go now, there's no better plan, than to do or to die.
Free me, pray to the fayth in the face of the light
Feed me, fill me with sin, and get ready to fight!

The Order of Chaos skull and bones emblem burns over the ADCTron with images going back to The Spirit of '76, marring the screen in all the violence over the last few months. Flashes of Kalis battling Scott Nash Strader in the Prison Break Match of Summer Sizzler, flashes of Riona hanging Simon and his blood dripping down over her.

Eric Emerson: He hails from Montreal, Quebec Canada!!! Standing in at 6 feet and 3 inches tall, weighing 220 pounds!!!

Flashes continue as we see Simon Kalis deliver the Sentencing of the Damned on Chamelion at Manitoba Mayhem.

Gotta Fight!

Kalis falls back now and throws his arms in the air as golden pyros shoot out from behind him, towards him, and engulf him in a flash of light. Over the ADCTron we see flashes of Kalis burning Bubba J and dragging him with barbed wire out of the arena via a pickup truck which incites boos from the crowd. We see Riona Langly being dragged to the ring where every Order of Chaos member has their way with her, violently attacking her. The camera shows Simon Kalis leaving the scene, tears swelling in his eyes as he watches her slaughtered in the ring and Lucious Starr standing over her broken body.

Hope dies, and you wander!
The otherworld, it makes you!
Dreams, they rip asunder!
The otherworld, it hates you!

Simon Kalis finally stands still atop the entrance ramp engulfed in smoke as the heat from the fire shows itself over his body. He begins ripping off the protective gear he was wearing for the entrance as one final image flashes over the ADCTron... The entire Order of Chaos standing in a circle and saluting him.

Eric Emerson: He is the TRUE General and Supreme Commander of The PWA! He is the REAL Final Boss of Wrestling... He is Your Cult Hero! The PWA Boogeyman! He is THE FRANCHISE! He is THE ORIGINAL FIRST CLASS FELON... SIMON KALIS!

Free now, ride up on it
Up to the heights, it takes you
Go now, if you want it
Another world awaits you.

Kalis brushes off his shoulders as the music dies down and we now see that beneath the protective firesuit he is wearing a black Brioni suit, with a black silk shirt and black tie. He adjusts his collar and kicks his feet together to throw off dust and ash, giving his dress shoes a shine and sparkle in the spotlight as he hops up onto the apron. Inside the ring, hanging on the turnbuckle in the far left corner is a black Fedora which he puts snugly over his head. He grabs the microphone from Eric Emerson and waits for the cheering and the booing to subside.

Jon McDaniel: These fans are all on their feet, one way or another. Booing or cheering, hate him or love him, there is no denying the star power that Simon Kalis posseses.

Brian Rentfro: And what an entrance!


The fans begin a "First Class" chant to the amusement of Simon Kalis, but he motions them to calm down.


The fans pop loudly as Kalis looks around the packed crowd with a cocky smirk on his face.

Simon Kalis: Are... YOU... REAAAAAAADDDYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!

The fans cheer loudly and scream with passion.

Simon Kalis: Tonight you become the stage for WAR! The stage for a MASSACRE! The massacre of the APOSTLES!

The crowd boos loudly now, and Kalis doesn't seem too surprised.

Simon Kalis: The slaughter of ROBINSON PRO WRESTLING!

The fans cheer, and Kalis looks around still smirking.

Simon Kalis: And the all out annhiliation of...

He pauses, the fans rambling, mumbling and murmering to themselves creating a noisy atmosphere in the arena.

Simon Kalis: Lucious Starr's Order!

The fans cheer loudlier than any time before and Kalis stomps his foot, spitting towards them.

Simon Kalis: Yeaaaah RIGHT! You idiots! You think anything but the complete and absolute domination of The Order is happening tonight? You'd be wrong to think anything but that folks, it's true. You see what we have here tonight is the end of a tired, old and pathetic resistance force known as The Apostles of Ares. A group of brainwashed fools led to battle by a psychotic little bitch with a princess syndrome. A daddy no love me complex, and a sheer lack of any real talent.

The crowd boos but Kalis maintains a stiff upper lip.

Simon Kalis: Then you've got Raizzor who, for a big tough guy, and a damn fucking PWA LEGEND... Is just a puppet for his brother Chamelion. Which is a sad set of affairs for such a great former World Champion.

Kalis smirks as the crowd boos him more and more.

Simon Kalis: Then you've got Johnny Maverick, Marxx and Corey Lazarus. A snake with two treacherous snakes. Wow, that's really a reliable group of fella's you've got there Riona.

Kalis throws his arms in the air in sarcasm and rolls his eyes.

Simon Kalis: Then there's Jethro Hayes...

The crowd pops and cheers at the mention of his name but Kalis scoffs.

Simon Kalis: Talk about traitors, man. His whole life revolved around hunting me down and taking me out in the ring until last week. Well ladies and gentlemen, he got his chance. He gave EVERYTHING he had in him to DESTROY ME! But you know what? HE STILL FAILED!

The crowd boos loudly and intensley.

Simon Kalis: My point is this, ladies and gentlemen. If you're gonna bet? Bet on us, because tonight my reign over the PWA begins full effect. So stike a spike in that, and ALL HAIL!

Kalis points the microphone to the crowd.


"Otherworld" begins to play again as Kalis laughs and shrugs off the obvious diss from the fans.

Jon McDaniel: Things are set, everything is in play folks.

Brian Rentfro: Tonight, we go to war...

Ahrid Arrafat vs Ash Nukem

Grizzly Beer Contendership Match


Eric Emerson: The following match is schedueled for one fall and will be for the right to number one contendership of the PWA Grizzly Beer Championship, and will be a NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH!

A fancy graphic flashes over the screen displaying the Grizzly Beer title with the words "NUMBER ONE CONTENDER MATCH" for the viewing audience at home as everyone in the arena perks up.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first! He weighs in at 220 pounds, standing in at 6 feet and 1 inches tall. He hails from Jerusalem, Israel... AHRID ARRAFAT!

The drum beat for the Catalyst by Linkin Park starts as Ahrid steps out from behind the curtain and walks to the ring, carrying the Israeli Flag in one hand, wearing a pair of white long shorts with the blue Star of David and blue boots with white kick pads. He slides into the ring and waves the flag in the air as the crowd cheers, before placing it on one of the turnbuckles.

Eric Emerson: His opponent! Weighing in at 175 pounds and standing in at 5 feet 7 inches tall... He hails from the Kingdom of Hyrule... He is ASH NUKEM!

Some weird techno music made out of 90's video game theme songs plays as Ash comes running out from the back at full speed. The fans barely have time to cheer his entrance as he hops up onto the apron and springboards himself into the ring, nailing Ahrid across the face with a huge dropkick.


Brian Rentfro: This should be great! I don't think I've ever seen these two face before!

Jon McDaniel: Funny.

Ahrid gets back to his feet quickly and launches a quick strike with an open palm to Ash' throat. Ash stumbles and holds his throat but bounces off the ropes and comes back with a cross body splash on Ahrid Arrafat! The fans cheer as Ahrid counters it by catching and holding onto Ash before throwing him with a fallaway slam to the canvas. Ahrid is back up and he immediately goes on the offensive, locking in a sleeper hold on Ash Nukem on the canvas. Ash holds his arms out as Ahrid tightens his grip around Ash's neck. Ash tries to pull himself towards the ropes in vain as referee Scott Swindell checks to see if he's alright. Ahrid smirks, allowing Ash to get to the ropes. Ash grabs the ropes and tightens his grip around them but Swindell shakes his head, reminding Ash this match has no rope break.

Jon McDaniel: I think the heat of the moment caused Ash to forget this match was made no disqualification.

Brian Rentfro: He's been playing too much Rampage vs. Chaos 2011 on his Xbox me thinks.

Ash maintains his grip on the ropes as Ahrid maintains his lock over Ash's neck. Ash lets go of the ropes with his left hand, but still manages to hold on with his right. His eyes open and shut as he tries to hold on, but finally Ahrid snaps back and locks his legs around Ash Nukem's waist and Ash no longer has hold of the ropes. Ahrid seems calm as he tells Ash to just quit but Ash flat out refuses to both Ahrid and Scott Swindell, the referee. Instead Ash slowly latches his legs onto the bottom rope and pulls himself closer and closer to the edge of the ring and the apron. The crowd begins to chant Ash's name to get him back into the fight and Ash finally breaks free, throwing an elbow into Ahrid's ribs three times before falling out of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Well that wasn't pretty but Ash got himself free. To his credit, lesser men would've either passed out or quit before now.

Brian Rentfro: I'm sure Ash Nukem's got some HP Potions in his pants pocket or something. Or a necklace that gives him +5 Endurance. Hell, he could have even hacked the universe and put himself in-

Jon McDaniel: We get it, Brian.

Ash rolls under the ring immediately and Ahrid climbs out of the ring after him. Ahrid looks underneath the ring for Ash to no avail until Ash rolls out from beneath the ring on the other side. Ash holds in his hand a kendo stick, and Ahrid sees this and reaches under the ring and finds a kendo stick of his own. The fans begin cheering loudly as both men get on the apron and re-enter the ring.

Jon McDaniel: My question is what're random weapons always doing under the ring? Who puts them there?

Ash swings the kendo stick and nails Ahrid in the right thigh as Ahrid smashes his kendo stick over the left collar bone of Ash. Each man feels the hit and both swing again, this time using their kendo sticks like swords and blocking each others attacks. In quick and fluid motions they swing at each other. Ash goes for Ahrid's knees but Arrafat lowers his kendo stick and blocks. He swings his stick forward, pushing Ash's aside and goes for a fatal strike on Ash's head. Ash drops to his knees and puts the kendo stick over his head, blocking the strike by a split specond. Ash pushes Ahrid back and then swings the kendo stick towards Ahrid's legs. Arrafat jumps up, swinging his own kendo stick towards Ash's face. Ash busts a Neo and bends his body backwards to put himself on his back. The fans go nuts as Ahrid drops on Ash knee first but Ash rolls himself up onto his neck and shoulders and avoids the strike. Ash lands on his feet and lashes out at Ahrid with a vicious thrust kick to Arrafats head which connects.

Jon McDaniel: This is like a movie scene!

Brian Rentfro: Fans seem to love it!

Ash follows up with a quick strike with his kendo stick nailing Ahrid straight across the face again. Ahrid hits the canvas and Ash drops his kendo stick and quickly pins Ahrid!




Ash slams his fist in the canvas but quickly rolls out of the ring and heads for the timekeepers table. He throws the timekeeper off of his chair and grabs the steel chair, folding it up. He leaves it on the ground and reaches under the ring once again, pulling out a table and setting it up right outside the top right turnbuckle closest to the entrance ramp. He sets up the chair on the table, opening it up as if waiting for someone to sit on it. He climbs back in the ring but Ahrid is already up and has both kendo sticks in hand. Ash throws a cross block up as Ahrid swings both sticks, one towards his chest and the other towards his legs. Ahrid connects on Ash's legs and throws the sticks aside and strikes him quickly in the throat. Ahrid enraged, he quickly snaps a quick strike at Ash' left knee putting Ash down. He goes in for the kill but Ash kicks him in the gut and whips him into the corner turnbuckle. Ash follows up but Ahrid with a snap neckbreaker takes Nukem down. Arrafat sees what Ash set up outside and lifts him up onto the turnbuckle. Ahrid takes a deep breath and superplexes Ash out of the ring, smashing Ash onto the set up chair and through the table!

Brian Rentfro: WHOA!

Jon McDaniel: God DAMN! They're both in pieces after that! They have to be!

Ahrid throws his arm over Ash on the ground amongst the rubble. Swindell hops out of the ring quickly and begins the count!





Swindell stops Emerson as he looks down at Ash and Ahrid.

Jon McDaniel: Look! Ash's arm is over Ahrid!

Brian Rentfro: But Ahrid's arm is over Ash!

Eric Emerson: Uhm as a result of double pinfall, the match is a draw!

Brian Rentfro: Bah! What is this? WW-

Jon McDaniel: Exactly the type of ending no one expected for this match tonight. I'm not sure what to make of this mess.

Dress for Success

We cut too backstage to find Lisa completely out of her element – partly because she’s not in her office and partly because she seems to be dressed like a girl; with a pretty dress and everything. I mean she’s still wearing trainers, but come on; Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that. And they kinda go with the whole ensemble so we won’t look too deeply into it. The dress is nice and we’ll leave it there.

The camera catches up to it as she bumps into Johnny Maverick and Spyke backstage – the second of which instantly loses an entire bag of Bugles in surprise. Lisa doesn’t seem to notice though as she’s too busy thinking about herself and letting everything else fade into the background. She bounces up to Johnny then, who gives her a quick look up and down.

Johnny Maverick: Hey Lisa, you’re looking…

Lisa Seldon: Female! Yes, I know. I picked it out myself, from the list of things my stylist gave me. I have a stylist.

Lisa has a little spin to let her dress lift, prompting Spyke to rather loudly say nothing at all about how nice he thinks she looks.

Johnny Maverick: Well I must say; you look very much like the kinda things I fuck.

Lisa ignores the fact that these words are coming from known bisexual and all around limitless sexual experimenter Johnny Maverick, and replies with a little curtsy. She’s also blushing, which is particularly unusual of her. Unfortunately this rather nice, albeit awkward, moment between friends gets cut short as Teresa runs into focus.

Teresa Quaranta: You! What are you doing?

Lisa Seldon: Just, you know…

She grabs the material at its edges and gives a little shake and swivel.

Lisa Seldon: Showing off my new duds. You like?

By the look on Teresa’s face, she apparently does not like.

Teresa Quaranta: We’ve got a match, right now.

By the look on Lisa’s face, this is something she, in fact, was not aware of.

Lisa Seldon: But I thought that was later!

Johnny Maverick: No, you said you were having it pulled forward to near the start of the night so you could get it over with. Remember?

Lisa again bares the expression of one who clearly does not remember.

Lisa Seldon: But, like… there’s a guy with my stuff… later on, and… like…

Teresa, despite looking incredibly annoyed at the possibility of being one down against a team of people who want to tear her a new face for being apart of the company the one member down made her join, manages to forgo punching anyone in the face and simply storms off. Lisa then runs off in a different direction, allowing Spyke to finally breathe again. Spyke then turns back to his floor chips, picking a handful off the deck and scoffing them back. Johnny looks disgusted until he explains.

Spyke Gein: Hey man, five minute rule.

Johnny Maverick: Why do you get five minutes?

Spyke Gein: Because we’re the Glorious Bastards, and we’re better than regular people.

This logic seems to check out and Johnny takes a handful off the floor himself. The camera then takes a rather severe turn to the right and lands on David Blazenwing watching them from down the hall.

David Blazenwing: Now that shit, is McNasty.

He shakes his head and wanders off. We cut out of the scene.

Team PWA vs Team Robinson Pro

Captain's Fall Bragging Rights Elimination Match

We cut to the ring where all ten competitors are waiting, except for Lisa who is nowhere to be seen. The members of Team PWA all bicker with one another while the Robinson Pro team look on amused. Sarah James also happens to be at ringside.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is your special attraction, Robinson Pro vs. PWA Bragging Rights Match!

A little cheer.

Eric Emerson: This match will be an Elimination Match contended under Captain’s Fall rules, meaning if Either Hunter Sullivan or the Phoenix is eliminated, their team will lose.

Another cheer, though not quite as good.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first to my right, the team of Chris Casino, Chad Kurtis, Marcus Marion, The Phoenix and Robinson Pro World Champion, Jacob Vernar!

A few smatterings of cheers from their fans that drown amongst a rather heavy PWA favourable reaction.

Eric Emerson: And their opponents to my left, Teresa Quaranta, Katie James, Cody Bogard and Hunter Sullivan!

A much louder chorus of cheers. Teresa moves to speak to Emerson.

Eric Emerson: I have just been informed that Lisa Seldon will be competing and will be along shortly.

Jon McDaniel: What a surprise.

Some rather heated stares are exchanging between Team PWA, but they soon settle and take their corner. On the Robinson Pro side, the Phoenix takes up the ring, leading to Hunter starting for his.

Brian Rentfro: Looks like we’re going to get the captains right off.

The bell sounds as both men step forward, tease a lock up and eventually part ways as the Phoenix forces a tag out to Casino.

Jon McDaniel: There’s a surprise.

Hunter rolls his eyes but accepts the inevitable and locks up with Chris Casino, quickly putting him on his front with Hunter on a North South Choke. Hunter grinds it in for a few seconds before Casino switches out and spins over onto a Hammerlock. He slaps Hunter on the back of the head a few times for good measure.

Jon McDaniel: Hunter trying to be patient but he’s not going to like that. Not that I think Chris is going to care.

Hunter effuses to take the bait and instead busies himself getting off the mat and into a seated position. Hunter grabs on to a guillotine and stands up before taking Casino over with a Snapmare, breaking the hold. Hunter then jumps into a Side Headlock but Casino is having none of it and sends him to the ropes. He comes back but Casino ducks down then leap frogs on the second. A third return yields an Armdrag from Casino that he tries to hold for an Armbar but Sullivan gets his legs up and pulls Casino into a Head Scissors.

Jon McDaniel: Some nice back and forth early on.

Brian Rentfro: Think that’ll last?

Jon McDaniel: Not likely.

Chris bridges out and into a Headlock of his own that Hunter fights back standing. Chris hits the ropes this time and comes back with a Shoulder Tackle that puts Sullivan on his back. He shoots for the ropes again but Sullivan rolls and then jumps to his feet with an Armdrag of his own. Chris gets up and gives him one more before Hunter scalps the third. The two pop up and the fans go to cheer but Sullivan keeps moving and makes a quick tag out to Katie.

Jon McDaniel: Team PWA make the first change.

Katie runs in and blasts Casino with a Dropkick that sends him through the ropes, only to be swooped on by Chad Kurtis, who catches her rising and drops her with a Reverse STO. Kurtis looks to capitalise, but Hunter Sullivan lands a clubbing forearm to his back and then pulls him up into an Inverted DDT.

Brian Rentfro: Chris Kurtis gets buried.

Jon McDaniel: It’s Chad Kurtis.

Brian Rentfro: Like it matters.

Hunter Sullivan is up and ready, but the Phoenix catches him with a DDT of his own. The Phoenix smiles and rolls into a pin, only for Cody Bogard to pull him up into a Rear Waistlock. The Phoenix fights out with an elbow to the head, only to turn around and get nailed with an Enzugiri that sends him to the mat. Cody Bogard then jumps up only to get caught in a Rear Waistlock himself as Marcus Marion catches him from behind and drills him with a Release German Suplex.

Jon McDaniel: The Revolutionary springs into action and almost cripples Cody Bogard.

Marcus is back up and right into a kick in the gut as Teresa catches him in a Butterfly hold, but he twists out and pushes Teresa from behind into Kurtis. Chad Kurtis then doubles her over for the CK Finale, but Teresa drops to her knees and lets him sail over onto his back. Katie then comes off the ropes.

Brian Rentfro: Aerotica!

And hits the mat as Kurtis rolls out of the ring, leaving her to be scooped up into the arms of the Phoenix, who pulls her up for the Cradle Piledriver. He lets though and dives out of the way of a Viper Snap as Hunter Sullivan charges him down, only to run right into Jacob Vernar.

Jon McDaniel: He’s got him in the Clutch!

Jacob latches onto a tight Guillotine Choke while lacing his legs around Hunter’s waist to get him to his knees. The designated PWA Team Captain seems to be fading fast and lets a hand drop, but a second never gets a chance as Cody Bogard steamrolls in with a hard Roundhouse Kick down the chest of Vernar to break him off.

Brian Rentfro: The Robinson Pro killer with a huge kick.

Vernar bounces off the ropes and comes back, but Cody kicks him in the stomach, Butterfly’s both his arms and drags Vernar up onto his shoulder only for Vernar to wriggle out the back. Vernar then turns to Casino who offers him a tag… and then pulls it back as Vernar reaches out.

Brian Rentfro: Down low.

Jon McDaniel: Too slow!

Jacob Vernar gets little time to consider this very definite snub before Cody pulls him over into a pin.

Jon McDaniel: School boy attempt!



Jon McDaniel: And Vernar pops out.

Jacob rolls over to his front and onto his knees but Cody is up quicker and levels him with a foot between the eyes that jacks him up straight. He then pulls Vernar to his feet, takes his arms in one hand, his head in the other and jacks him straight up into the air.

Jon McDaniel: Kikosho Driver!

Cody drops down and annihilates Vernar with the move, eliciting a fair response from this mostly pro PWA crowd. He then rolls over into the cover.

Jon McDaniel: No one on the Rebel Pro side making a move.




Brian Rentfro: And Cody Bogard claims his third treacherous Rebel Pro scumbag scalp.

Jon McDaniel: I guess already being a man up, the Rebel Pro team decided they could afford to lose some weight. By the way, isn’t one of those treacherous Rebel Pro scumbags your top guy Rob Robinson?

Brian Rentfro: Only when competing for the PWA. Right now, he’s a treacherous Rebel Pro scumbag.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, Jacob Vernar has been eliminated!

The Phoenix looks livid at the elimination of his number one guy, but no one else on his side seems to mind all that much. Jacob Vernar is then helped to the floor while the Phoenix takes his place, landing a hard stomp onto Cody’s back upon entering.

Jon McDaniel: Here comes your scumbag now.

Brian Rentfro: I’m sorry Rob, I need this job, but I still love you.

Jon McDaniel: What?

Brian Rentfro: Nothing.

The Phoenix drops a few more kicks before peeling Bogard off the mat and putting him right back down with a Scoop Slam. Bogard arches up and points a hand toward his corner, but the Phoenix stays active, pushing him back down and landing a big Kneedrop across his face. He then latches onto a cover.



Jon McDaniel: No! The Rebel Pro team keeps the PWA at bay but Cody kicks out.

Brian Rentfro: They can’t keep the ace down!

Jon McDaniel: Big Bogard fan all of a sudden.

Brian Rentfro: Something like that.

The Phoenix holds onto a Headlock on the mat and reaches back with a foot for the tag which, strangely, he gets. Chris Casino then takes over the ring with an elbow into the chest, allowing the Phoenix to break off his grip. Casino proceeds to pull Bogard off the mat but can’t stop him charging into his corner, driving Casino into the post and allowing the tag.

Brian Rentfro: PWA working some sound tag strategy.

Katie doesn’t look to into it, but tags Cody’s back before leaping over the ropes and landing a back elbow to Casino’s face. She then lets Cody leave before putting Casino down with a Snapmare and then capitalising with a Perfect-Style Neck Snap. Casino then flops to his back and Katie jumps up for a standing Moonsault, landing perfectly and scoring a pin.



Jon McDaniel: And Chris Casino out just at the stroke of two!

Brian Rentfro: What? That was easily a close three. Just whose side are you on anyway?

Jon McDaniel: It’s called being impartial. But just so you know, in all future outings, I’m very much on whichever side you are not.

Casino pops up and Katie brings him to the corner, tagging him with a few lefts and rights before a knee in the stomach sets him up. She then makes some room across the mat and charges in but Casino gets his knees up and buries them in her chest. She goes back and Casino takes off running, nailing her with a Clothesline in the back of the head to put her down.

Jon McDaniel: Katie really taking a pounding right there.

Brian Rentfro: I’m sure that’s nothing new for her.

Casino soaks in the boos from the crowd before making the tag to Marion, who tries to capitalise on their prone opponent by dropping an elbow onto her back. Unfortunately for him, Katie rolls out the way and gives him nothing but mat. She then flips over onto her feet and makes the tag to Cody again, who catches Marcus standing and runs him back into a free corner. He then lights him with straight thrusts to the chest, getting a response from the crowd on each one, before blasting him with a Solebut.

Brian Rentfro: Cody Bogard is on form to run right through their whole team.

Jon McDaniel: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Marcus doubles over and takes a knee in the face to stand him, leading to a Back Elbow against the head which pushes him across the ring. Cody then charges in with a Yakuza Kick, but Marcus catches his leg over his shoulder, lifts up his other one and drills him with a Powerbomb. He then turns to make the tag to Kurtis.

Brian Rentfro: Looks like another scumbag is making a run for it.

Kurtis floats over with a Legdrop, hard across Bogard’s chest before making the cover.




Brian Rentfro: What!?

Jon McDaniel: The Phoenix had his legs held from the floor!

Amidst the sea of bodies on the apron, the referee was unable to catch the Phoenix holding his legs down, helping score his the first fall for the Rebel team and putting them up four members to three. Bogard tries to challenge it while he fights for breath, but the referee’s decision is final, and he’s ordered to the back.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, Cody Bogard has been eliminated!

The crowd sing their boos but quickly turn to cheers as Cody gets a hold of the Phoenix and runs him into the barrier. Cody then lands a few unanswered right hands before being swarmed by security, separating Bogard from a man swearing he’d done nothing wrong.

Brian Rentfro: What a complete tool.

Jon McDaniel: Oh so you CAN see when he’s doing wrong.

Brian Rentfro: Only against the right people.

Back in the ring, Hunter Sullivan takes the fight to Kurtis and then to the rest of the Rebel corner, but his enthusiasm gets the better of him and he takes a Shoulder Barge into the Rebel ropes. The Phoenix then takes his chance to get at Hunter by pulling him into a Chokehold over the ropes before the referee pulls them apart. Hunter then turns and levels him with a right hand for good measure before eventually succumbing to a Double Axe-Handle to the back. Hunter is then pulled out and whipped across the ring as Kurtis makes the tag out to Chris Casino, who leaps up into a Springboard, taking out hunter with a Flying Crossbody Block. Hunter goes down and Casino latches onto a pin.



Jon McDaniel: And Hunter kicks out.

Brian Rentfro: He needs to be more careful. What’s he doing in there at all?

Casino rolls off and pulls Hunter up by the hair and back into his corner for a tag. Casino then holds him in place for Marion to score a right hand in the ribs before taking him by the arm, spinning it out and dropping him face first into the mat. Marion then scores a knee down his back before securing a Chinlock.

Jon McDaniel: The Rebel Pro team looking to put the hurt on Sullivan now.

Brian Rentfro: This wouldn’t have happened if we’d had the common sense to field a full team of five.

He doesn’t get long with the move before Teresa breaks it up with a kick to the back before being escorted out of the ring, leading to Marion making the change. Kurtis is then tagged back in as Marion holds him down with his shin across Hunter’s throat, allowing Kurtis to score with a float over Senton. Kurtis then rolls Hunter onto his back and makes the tag to Casino, who springs over the ropes, lands standing on the second and launches into a crushing Springboard Moonsault. He then grabs a cover as Kurtis keeps watch.



Jon McDaniel: And Sullivan puts a foot on the ropes.

Casino gets off and Sullivan tries to reach for a tag, but Chris clobbers him with a forearm to the back and drags him to the Rebel Pro corner. He turns for a tag but the Phoenix chooses for him and pulls himself into the match. The PWA crowd simmer with mixed reactions as he stalks over Sullivan, kicks him onto his back and drops down with two hands around his throat, holding for four before letting go.

Jon McDaniel: Two men with no shortage of history going at it.

Brian Rentfro: And notice how that slime ball Phoenix waits until Sullivan is down before attacking.

Jon McDaniel: My whole world is turned backwards.

The Phoenix lets go, only for Sullivan to spit back in his eye, thus prompting the Phoenix to blast him with a series of fists between the eyes. The Phoenix then jumps off him, hits the ropes and slowly steps back in with a point precise fist drop to the chest of Sullivan. Hunter pops up and right into a Sleeperhold which the Phoenix uses to put him on the mat.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like Robinson is planning on sending a lot of these guys home early.

Brian Rentfro: Don’t know why. Not like he has to pay them.

The Phoenix grinds on his throat as hunter fights for the ropes, but the Phoenix pulls him flat and sinks it in. Teresa and Katie tease a break in but the Robinson Pro team holds them at bay, forcing Hunter to go it alone. He continues to struggle but his will starts to fade. The referee moves into check.

Jon McDaniel: Hunter could be fading.

Brian Rentfro: Fight through the pain!

The referee lifts Hunter’s arm and lets it drop once but Hunter holds up on the second and gets a little boost from the crowd. Hunter starts to fight again then, getting his legs under him and taking off the pressure as the Phoenix is forced to rise up with him. The Phoenix then ends up with a Headlock which hunter fights out with a few elbows into the ribs that eventually forces the Phoenix to let go and allow hunter to hit the ropes and drop him with a Shoulder Tackle on the return. Hunter goes to his knees and begins to move himself toward his corner, but the Phoenix is in the ropes and manages to tag out to Kurtis.

Jon McDaniel: Chad Kurtis in on the switch.

Kurtis brings and Axe Handle across Hunter’s back and begins to pull him back to centre ring, but Sullivan gets onto his back and kicks him away. Hunter then rolls to his feet, catches Kurtis running and heaves him across the mat with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Hunter then jumps up again and breaks off a tag to Katie.

Brian Rentfro: And here comes the cavalry!

Jon McDaniel: In a match with this many people, how often can we expect to hear the phrase, here comes the cavalry?

Brian Rentfro: Many, many times.

Katie ducks a Clothesline from Marion and then goes through Kurtis with a Dropsault. She then jumps back up and catches Marion with a Hurricanrana that sends him across the ring and outside to the floor. Teresa then joins in with a running elbow on Kurtis before taking a leg up from Katie and propelling her through a Moonsault to the floor.

Jon McDaniel: And Katie wipes out Marion on the floor.

Teresa steps aside again as Chris Casino enters the ring and propels himself into a Suicide Dive to the floor, but Katie ducks sending him crashing into Marion and driving them both into the barricade. Katie then jumps back up to the apron, onto the top-rope and into a huge Spinning Heelkick off the top that wipes Kurtis out.

Brain Brian Rentfro: The girls are cleaning house... which is what they were bread for.

Jon McDaniel: And the cover...



Jon McDaniel: And he escapes.

Teresa takes guard of the Phoenix but its Casino who makes the break. The referee then gets caught up with Teresa and The Phoenix, allowing Sarah to interject by clobbering Casino in the back with her cast. Meanwhile, Katie gets Kurtis back off the mat.

Brian Rentfro: Looks like Team PWA found their fifth.

Sarah gets Casino locked into the Katahajime as Katie sets Kurtis for the Extreme Makeover. Casino fights the move though, bringing Teresa over to soften him up with a Yakuza Kick. Casino however drops down, sending Teresa crashing into Sarah with the kick that tips her over the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: Ejected!

Brian Rentfro: No! My beloved Team PWA!

Teresa leans over the ropes but gets bundled out as The Phoenix hits her with a Clothesline that sends her over. Katie moves to help but gets clipped from behind as Marion blasts her with a Clothesline of his own to the back of her head.

Jon McDaniel: Marion opens up on Katie and leaves her seeing stars.

Brian Rentfro: Starrs.

Katie goes down to a knee and Marion pounces, getting her up between his legs, pulling her vertical and then impaling her in the mat with a huge Piledriver that bounces her back off the mat.

Jon McDaniel: And he plants her with the Revolutionary Thrill!

Marion covers as Casino knocks Teresa away from the ring with a Dropkick.




Jon McDaniel: And Team PWA loses their second.

Brian Rentfro: A miscarriage of justice.

The Phoenix tips Katie out to the floor.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, Katie James has been eliminated!

Teresa goes to help Katie off the floor but gets pushed aside by Sarah. The two then exchange some words before Teresa tries to walk away, but not before taking a kick to the stomach from Katie and then a cast wrapped forearm to the head from Sarah.

Jon McDaniel: Team PWA is breaking down!

Brian Rentfro: Why do you sound so happy?

Jon McDaniel: Two pay checks means I win either way.

Hunter Sullivan gets to his feet and tries to stop them, but Sarah gets in his way, allowing Katie to pull Teresa up by the hair, stretch her out and then splatter her across the cement.

Jon McDaniel: Extreme Makeover from Katie! And wasn't it just that.

Brian Rentfro: It's going to take a few correctives after that to get her nose fixed.

Sarah spits on Teresa before Sullivan can force them away, leaving her to help Katie back up the ramp, her head still spinning from the Piledriver. Sullivan then tries to help Teresa back to her feet but she's clearly not all there and he can barely get her into a chair at ringside. Meanwhile, the members of Team Robinsons Pro seem content to sit back and watch.

Jon McDaniel: Seems they’re content to wait. Can’t say I blame them since this really couldn’t be going any better.

Sullivan leaves Teresa to recover and returns to the ring where all four men are waiting.

Jon McDaniel: Sullivan throws himself to the wolves.

He tries a few times to get in but gets kept at bay. Kurtis then takes the initiative to attack but a Baseball Slide attempt gets caught and turned into a gruesome DDT off the apron to the floor. Marcus and Casino look to follow him out but Hunter breaks around the side and into the ring where the Phoenix is waiting. The Phoenix lunges with a Clothesline but Hunter ducks it and then rips through him with a Spear on the return.

Brian Rentfro: Robinson goes down.

Hunter drops on the Phoenix and begins to tear off punches before jumping off as Casino tries to hit him with an Elbow Drop, leaving him to land on his own partner.

Brian Rentfro: Hunter is all over these guys.

Jon McDaniel: they’ve got him on the run but he’s not going down easy.

Hunter then ducks another attempt from Marcus and catches him with an Inverted Atomic Drop as he turns to meet him. He then catches Marcus around the throat with arm and follows by hitting Casino with a kick that sets him up for a DDT. He then drops back, driving both men into the canvas.

Brian Rentfro: DDT, Flatliner combination from captain PWA!

Hunter pushes both of them aside and moves back to the Phoenix, catching him with a kick as he rises and attempting to pull him into a Suplex, only to have the Phoenix tall him out and go for one of his own. He gets him up but Hunter lands on his feet behind him and then hits the ropes to fire back with a kick into the back of the knee that seats Robinson on the mat.

Brian Rentfro: S.A.F!

Hunter leaps for a running knee but Robinson catches his leg and rolls back into a Single Leg Crab. The Phoenix stands up to try and put on the pressure but Sullivan uses this as a chance to kick out with his free leg and put the Phoenix off balance. Sullivan then jumps up and puts a knee into the Phoenix's gut before turning to the ropes, but the Phoenix pulls him back into a Backdrop.

Jon McDaniel: He's got him up...

The Phoenix gets Sullivan onto his shoulder but takes an elbow into the back of the head to get him back onto his feet. He then tries for the ropes again but the Phoenix doesn't mess around this time and proceeds to grab him by the back of the head and slam him into the mat. Sullivan sits up and then takes a kick down the spine for good measure.

Jon McDaniel: With authority.

Brian Rentfro: I call it god damn unnecessary.

The Phoenix then pushes Sullivan toward Casino, who gives Robinson back a scowl before proceeding to drop Hunter with a Snap Suplex. He the rolls through and grinds a forearm into his face.

Jon McDaniel: Sullivan is doing what he can but the numbers are just too great.

Casino drops a few stomps on Hunter before jumping to the ropes and shooting back with an Asai Moonsault. He then hooks a leg.


Jon McDaniel: The Phoenix pulls him off and steals the cover for himself.



Jon McDaniel: And Hunter kicks out.

The Phoenix gets to his knees alongside Casino and exchanges a few words before Marion gets in to push them apart. He then pulls Casino aside.

Jon McDaniel: Tensions in the Rebel Pro camp. Seems they're not to into their esteemed leader trying to take the head.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah Rob has always been a selfish prick.

Jon McDaniel: My world is upside down.

The Phoenix gets Hunter back off the mat and takes a few elbows in the gut before landing a knee in the stomach to quieten Hunter down again. The Phoenix then puts Hunter to the ropes and leaves Casino and Marion to take him down with a Double Shoulder Block. Hunter goes down and the two follow up with a Fist Drop from Marion and a Standing Moonsault from Casino.

Jon McDaniel: Robinson Pro settling into their groove.

The referee moves in to count the fall but Casino steps off and rather theatrically presents Hunter to their team captain, giving him the pin instead.



Jon McDaniel: And Sullivan kicks out at two.

The Phoenix doesn't react to well to Casino giving him a golf clap for his efforts, resulting in the two exchanging words again. This time though they forget all about Hunter, allowing him to work his way into the corner.

Jon McDaniel: The Rebel Pro team seem to think they've got the match in hand and can afford to bicker, but Hunter Sullivan isn't to be counted out.

Brian Rentfro: And don't forget Teresa as well.

Marion pushes his way in between his two bickering partners, forcing them at arms length but still not managing to calm them down. Thankfully a helping hand comes to his aid as Hunter lunges out of the corner with a Double Clothesline that takes down both men but narrowly misses Marion.

Brian Rentfro: Hunter Sullivan back in the game!

Hunter leans on the ropes for a breather but Marion doesn't seem to want to give him it and gets him with a forearm to the back. He then puts Hunter to the ropes and steps in for a Back Bodydrop but Hunter knocks him standing with a kick to the face and then dives passed him into a Neckbreaker.

Brian Rentfro: The Inaugural Guardian of the threshold (IGTT) cuts him down!

Hunter forgoes the cover and drags Marion back up into position for The Crumblier, but Marion stifles him with a knee in the stomach. He then moves in behind and pushes him to the ropes, right into the path of Teresa, who goes over Hunter and through Marion with a knee.

Jon McDaniel: And now Teresa jumps back into the fray.

Hunter slides out of the ring to go after Robinson while Teresa sets on Marion. She immediately latches onto a Butterfly Lock but Marion slips out of it and goes behind to drop her with a Russian Legsweep. Outside the ring Hunter tackles the Phoenix into the guardrail before the two exchange punches on the floor.

Brian Rentfro: Teresa looking for the Process of Illumination but Marion slips out.

Jon McDaniel: With the Robinson pro members taking out half their team it's not surprising they're getting desperate, but she's not going to be able to take out a skilled competitor like Marcus Marion that easily.

Marcus scoops Teresa up and slams her back down before hitting the ropes and coming back with a rolling Kneedrop. Teresa staggers up to her feet and Marion grabs her by the head. Teresa elbows him, bending him over just long enough to grab his arm and pull him into a flipkick.

Jon McDaniel: Teresa belts him with the Compass Rose, taking them both to the mat.

Brian Rentfro: But she’s not going to have anytime to rest.

Marcus and Teresa scrape themselves to their feet but Chad jumps on Teresa with a knee in the chest. She fires back with an Elbow between the eyes but stumbles back into Marion who takes her down with a Release German Suplex, dumping her on her front. Marion takes a breather and leaves Chad to his work.

Jon McDaniel: The Robinson Pro team are just heaping on the advantage. The PWA stars just can’t break the deadlock.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah but – hey, what the hell!?

Chad Kurtis settles into a Chinlock as the fans rise up in cheers as Lisa Seldon finally arrives through the curtain. Those cheers quickly turn into general murmurs of confusion as people begin to take note of the fact that she isn’t exactly dressed for action.

Brian Rentfro: Is she…

Jon McDaniel: Still wearing her outfit from earlier? I believe she is.

Lisa makes a b-line for the announce desk where she steals a headset.

Lisa Seldon: Oh my! Sorry I’m late but there was the whole thing with my clothes, and the guy didn’t show up with my gear and I managed to get some other shit like socks and shorts but I couldn’t get this thing unzipped and then -

Lisa cuts herself off as she catches wind of Teresa angrily slam on the canvas for her attention.

Lisa Seldon: Sorry! Sorry! Have to go defend the integrity of the company.

Lisa runs toward the ring. Our commentators take a moment.

Brian Rentfro: So she’s defending the integrity of the company... by wrestling in a dress.

Jon McDaniel: Ladies and gentlemen, the PWA General Manager.

Lisa hops up to the ring apron, mouths “sorry” in reply to Teresa’s mouthing of “I’m going to kill you” and shoots a blast of blue mist into the eyes of Chad Kurtis, causing him to let go of Teresa’s leg. Lisa then hops the ropes, grabs him by the head and sticks a knee between his eyes that drops him to the mat. Chad comes to his knees and then looks up at Lisa, catching a last glimpse of the world before Lisa turns him out with a huge Roundhouse Kick. Lisa drops down for the cover.




Jon McDaniel: And Chad is out of here!

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, Chad Kurtis has been eliminated!

Lisa jumps back to her feet to celebrate but her attention gets pulled to her dress and the particularly nasty blue mist stain down the front. She looks distraught, but that turns out to be the least of her worries as Marcus Marion whirls her around and blasts her full in the face with a wicked chair shot; the metal catching her along the forehead.

Jon McDaniel: And it seems that Marcus Marion, tired of the general antics of certain PWA personalities, is going to be the first of his team to cash in on the no disqualification aspect of this match.

Brian Rentfro: Well that’s not very gentlemanly.

Jon McDaniel: I would dare say it was not meant to be.

Marcus moves in for a second shot only to be caught with a kick in the stomach that sends him away. He then stumbles backwards to Teresa, who laces her hands around his chin and then drags him back into a Lungblower. Marcus then snaps back up and Lisa gives him a low bridge him out of the ring. Lisa then jumps up and walks to Teresa, who points her between the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: Lisa set to fly, which, in her current attire, would be a rare site to see.

Brian Rentfro: My morbid curiosity is peeked.

A small trail of blood is already beginning to form above her eye but Lisa seems to be more concerned with not trashing what she’s wearing anymore and tries to suggest something else. Unfortunately for her, having spend the whole match to this point a man down, Teresa has finished being reasonable and instead gives her a look that gets Lisa moving. She then runs for the ropes, leaps up onto the third and catapults into Marion on the floor, sending them both thudding into the rail.

Brian Rentfro: Spaceman Plancha!

Jon McDaniel: Probably the best dressed dive you’re going to see all night.

Teresa then looks to the other side of the ring where Hunter is currently battling Casino and the Phoenix, both of whom have their back to the ring. Teresa then takes a running leap through the ropes and comes crashing down over the back of Chris Casino as Hunter dives out of the way.

Brian Rentfro: Tope Con Hilo!

Jon McDaniel: The numbers are back and Team PWA finally has some life back about them.

The Phoenix tries to stay on top of things and throws a Clothesline at Hunter, but he dives out of the way, turns and then puts a hideous big knee through the side of The Phoenix’s head.

Brian Rentfro: Hunter puts him across the floor.

The Phoenix scrambles away but Sullivan stalks after and runs him into the barrier. Hunter follows by throwing him into a shoulder and running him into the post before driving an elbow into his jaw. He then lines his head up with the steel bar.

Brian Rentfro: This could get ugly.

Hunter charges forward with a Yakuza Kick at the Phoenix’s head but he most at the last possible second and leaves Hunter to collide with the ring frame. The Phoenix then grabs a chair from ringside and hurtles it rather haphazardly at his opponent, clipping him in the back of the head and knocking him to the floor. The Phoenix takes a knee for a moment.

Jon McDaniel: The Phoenix turns the tables.

Brian Rentfro: And saves himself from becoming a permanent fixture of the ring.

The Phoenix rather gleefully kicks Hunter in the head before turning his attention under the ring, rooting around and finally coming up with a table.

Jon McDaniel: Out comes the hardware and the obligatory references to it.

The Phoenix sets up the table at ringside and then smacks Hunter off the apron before tossing him up. The Phoenix then gets Hunter to his knees and draws a thumb across his throat, eliciting jeers all across the arena.

Brian Rentfro: The Flame off the apron!?

Jon McDaniel: Looks like the Phoenix is planning on ending it all right here!

The Phoenix bends down to pick Hunter up, but he fires back with an elbow between the eyes to knock the Phoenix off. Robinson goes back then and Hunter gets under him, lifting him up onto his shoulders, taking a step and then burying the Phoenix into the ring apron with a Death Valley Driver.

The Phoenix then rolls through the ropes and Hunter takes after him, hitting the ropes and then rushing back to obliterate the Phoenix with another Knee through the face.

Brian Rentfro: The S.A.F! And this time he drives it home!

The Phoenix goes up and over and Hunter latches onto the pin.



Jon McDaniel: No! Marcus Marion saves his team at the last possible second.

Marcus pulls Hunter to the floor and slams his face off the apron. Hunter staggers up but Marion stays on him, dropping him back with a Russian Legsweep that smashes his head against the guardrail.

Jon McDaniel: Marcus knocks him for six. Marcus peels Hunter off the floor and sends him into the ring frame before being set on by Teresa once more. He manages to land a kick in the stomach but throws a punch she manages to catch and spin him toward Sullivan, who shatters his jaw with an elbow while Teresa puts a knee into his back. She then latches onto a Dragon Sleeper and splatters the back of his head across the floor.

Brian Rentfro: Teresa puts him down hard.

Hunter the jumps back to the ring apron and through the ropes, only to run right into a Front Chancery from the Phoenix, who hangs him over the middle rope and then spikes him with a DDT.

Jon McDaniel: The Phoenix fires back!

Robinson dumps Hunter aside and gets hold of the two chairs to set upside by side in the centre of the ring. He then gets Hunter off the mat again and tries for the Cradle Piledriver again. This time he gets him off the mat but Hunter kicks his way out and drops back to his knees. A few shots to the stomach of the Phoenix set him up and Hunter hits the ropes, only to run right back into a Drop Toe-Hold that splits his nose across the seats.

Jon McDaniel: Hunter is really taking some damage tonight.

Brian Rentfro: He’ll pull through, he always does… except in large team based matches and fights with Rob Robinson.

Jon McDaniel: That’s reassuring.

The Phoenix drags Sullivan up again but tosses him aside when another idea takes his fancy. The Phoenix then comes back with a third chair and a spool of barbedwire from under the ring.

Jon McDaniel: The Phoenix is stealing the barbedwire for tonight’s main event.

Brian Rentfro: His bastardry knows no depths.

The Phoenix makes a fair stab at wrapping the chair and only cuts himself a couple of times before tying off. He then takes his new creation and buries it rather soundly in Hunter’s back. The barbs dig deep and then tear out as The Phoenix lifts off and drives a second shot home, taking great delight in watching Hunter writhe under each shot.

Jon McDaniel: He’s just digging away at him.

Brian Rentfro: They’re clearly not going to pound it out following this match.

The Phoenix then uses the barbedwire chair to bridge a gap between the other to, building himself a little platform through which to drive Sullivan. He then picks him up again, struggling to get hunter to his feet and off the mat. He barely gets him off the canvas and pointed toward the chairs before Teresa kicks out his leg.

Jon McDaniel: Teresa makes the save!

Teresa goes to move after The Phoenix as he rolls toward the outside with Hunter slowly gaining, but she doesn’t get too far as Marion grabs her by the leg and pulls her away. Teresa shoots with an Enzugiri but Marcus ducks out and then flips her overhead, only to have her land on her feet. Teresa then swings backwards with an Elbow but Marion ducks out of the way, steps up and slaps the shit out of her.

Brian Rentfro: Bitch!

Teresa goes back covering the red mark beginning to form down the side of the face and Marion follows up with a kick to the stomach. He goes looking for the Piledriver again but Teresa sweeps his legs. Teresa then pushes his legs over his head and brings him back to his feet, where upon she drives a knee into his gut before going for the Butterfly again. This time Marcus arches back, Suplex Teresa over and driving her down into the mat.

Brian Rentfro: Marcus drops her but she’s not letting go of the hold.

Jon McDaniel: He has a cover…



Brian Rentfro: Teresa finally gives it up.

The move seems to have knocked the wind from her sails and Teresa is slow onto her feet, walking her right into a Suplex Position, but Teresa dives to a knee and holds her ground for Lisa to go through him with a High Flying Knee.

Brian Rentfro: Lisa Seldon rams a knee through his chest.

Teresa takes a powder and Lisa kicks Marion in the stomach to double him over. She then jumps in behind him and latches onto an arm, preparing to bring him over face first into the chairs, however Marcus turns it around, getting under her and putting her up on a shoulder. He then grabs her legs and pulls them down, rattling her off the chairs with a gruesome Spinebuster.

Brian Rentfro: And the Quarter Back is toast!

Shreds of material hang in the barbedwire as Marion tears Lisa back off and into Suplex, which this time he uses to drop her face first with a Gordbuster across the chair.

Jon McDaniel: Now it’s Marcus tearing chunks out of her with that chair.

Brian Rentfro: And he’s done a real number on her outfit too.

Barbs hack at Lisa again as she tears herself off. Marion then moves to step around the chairs, but Teresa appears back in the ring and steps off the chairs into a Shining Wizard. Marcus manages to step aside though and catch her in a Rear Waistlock, only for Teresa to stamp down on his foot and then throw an elbow into his head to break him off.

Jon McDaniel: These two have gone move for move all night.

Brian Rentfro: Teresa seems to be upping her game though.

Jon McDaniel: Guess she didn’t like getting disrespected like that.

Teresa rolls forward and catches his legs to pull him into a Victory Roll which she uses to get him to the floor and her back on her feet. She then holds onto his legs, jumps up and skids her heels down his face.

Brian Rentfro: Face wash.

Marion goes flat and Teresa runs to the ropes, springing up to the second and then shooting herself back with a thudding Kneedrop that crushes the bridge of his nose.

Teresa covers.



Jon McDaniel: Chris Casino in to break it off.

Chris Casino leaps on Teresa with a Waistlock and pulls her from the cover right into a German Suplex that just narrowly avoids putting her neck against a chair.

Brian Rentfro: He holds on…



Jon McDaniel: Teresa pops out of the hold.

Teresa goes over and Casino jumps to his feet, pulling her with him and smashing her with a kick to the gut. He then steps forward but gets pulled back as Lisa catches him from behind.

Jon McDaniel: Reverse Cowgirl from Lisa.

Brian Rentfro: *Giggles*



Jon McDaniel: Casino escapes.

The two jump up with Casino in front, allowing him to lift an elbow through her jaw. Chris Casino levels her with a series of punches and then a kick in the ribs that puts her to a knee in front of the chair platform. He then runs for the ropes but Lisa follows just a second after and leaps up to the second just as he rebounds. Chris then comes around to find no one at all before turning just in time to catch Lisa crashing into him with a no hands Asai Moonsault.

Brian Rentfro: The Echo Effect! Casino is going home!



Jon McDaniel: No!

Brian Rentfro: Dammit dammit!

Jon McDaniel: Marcus Marion covers the ring and knocks her off.

Lisa is dragged to her feet, off the mat and driven through the canvas with a Piledriver.

Jon McDaniel: The Revolutionary Thrill again.

Brian Rentfro: He covers! No!



Jon McDaniel: and Teresa breaks it up in turn.

It’s Teresa’s turn to pull Marcus off the mat but he runs forward, crushing Teresa into the corner. Marion jumps up and blasts Teresa with a chop to the chest, then a second that wakes up the crowd once more. A third scarring chop nearly lifts her out of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Marion has Lisa down and now he’s making light work of Teresa.

Marion gets Teresa in a Suplex position with an aim of putting her on the top-rope, but Teresa gets her feet on the second and pushes off, spinning them around 180 degrees and through a rolling Snap Suplex that ends with them both on their feet. Teresa however holds on, and uses the momentum to get him just a couple inches of the mat.

Brian Rentfro: Process of Illumination! And this time she’s got him up.

Teresa immediately hooks up his arms and grinds on the hold, an immense look of satisfaction on her face. Marion struggles in the hold as the referee checks if he wants to give. Teresa has other plans for him though and pushes up off the mat.

Jon McDaniel: Suplex!

Brian Rentfro: Nowhere to go but down!

Teresa pivots flips him overhead and drives Marion down, crushing him into the canvas. She then tumbles over into the cover.


Jon McDaniel: Casino through the ropes!


Brian Rentfro: Lisa holds him back!


Brian Rentfro: And he’s out of here!

Teresa rolls off. Chris Casino pounds the mat.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, Marcus Marion has been eliminated!

Casino slips back into the ring and staggers to his feet. Teresa looks to make him her second victim of the night and grabs on, but Chris pushes her away and then jacks her up with a Superkick.

Brian Rentfro: The teeth fly!

Teresa goes out to the floor and Casino quickly follows. Meanwhile Lisa is still rearranging all her memories and trying to find her face amongst an ever rising pool of blood whole Hunter and the Phoenix are throwing fists.

Brian Rentfro: Team PWA go up three to two.

Jon McDaniel: But the members of Team PWA are all struggling at this point.

Casino plants Teresa with a Powerbomb on the floor while Hunter gets the better of the Phoenix by tossing him head over heels into the guardrail. It’s then hunter’s turn to go foraging under the ring and this time he produces some lighter fluid, which he immediately smears all over the table from before.

Jon McDaniel: Hunter Sullivan not normally a hardcore wrestler. In fact, neither is the Phoenix, but it seems like the two are willing to make an exception for each other.

Hunter finishes off the bottle and goes off to look for a lighter, but the Phoenix blindsides him before he gets a chance. The Phoenix buries Hunter’s back into the ring frame and follows with a Forearm across the jaw before sliding him back into the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Neither man is willing to give an inch. God knows what it’s going to take to keep either man down at this point.

Back outside the ring Casino has Teresa slung up against the rail and buried under the sole of his shoe. Chris grinds away at her fact before letting go dropping her to the floor. Chris then throws her up onto the apron and moves them both to the corner post.

Jon McDaniel: I don’t like the look of this.

Brian Rentfro: And they’re right above that table.

Chris gets himself sat up top and drags Teresa in front of him, pulling her into a series of Forearms. The fans then rise up in anticipation as he hooks on a Front Chancery.

Brian Rentfro: He’s going to Superplex her off the top and through the table!

Chris lets out a grunt as he pulls up but Teresa hangs onto the ropes to hold her ground and then fires back with a series of forearms in the stomach. She then leans back and blasts him between the eyes with a Headbutt that almost sends him to the floor, but he manages to hold on and kick her back down to the apron. Teresa lands on her feet but quickly drops down as she hears a whistle. Lisa then runs right over her and blasts Casino in the face with a Yakuza Kick.

Brian Rentfro: Chris Casino is dead on his feet.

Chris all but topples over the ropes but Lisa manages to hold him up. Teresa then drops off the apron, deciding that jumping off the highest point of the ring into a table probably isn’t a great career move… especially if it’s on fire. She procures something from a fan.

Jon McDaniel: Is that a lighter?

Brian Rentfro: I think so!

Teresa flicks the spring a few times to produce a flame, holds it aloft for the approval of the fans and then drops it to the deck, setting the whole face of the table a light. She then steps aside. Meanwhile Lisa is exchanging hands and finding great difficulty getting up the ropes amongst the tatters off her dress. Chris gets her with a shoulder in the gut and catches her in a Fireman’s Carry.

Jon McDaniel: Lisa is in trouble!

Brian Rentfro: It’s all about to go horribly wrong!

Chris stands up on the second rope and hears a gasp from the fans, but Lisa fires back with a series of knees to the head that loosen his grip. She then drops to her feet on the apron behind him.

Brian Rentfro: Thank God.

Lisa reluctantly tears off a section of cloth that is getting in her way before springing up to the top-rope. She then jumps off, wraps her thighs around Casino’s head and snaps back with an Inverted Hurricanrana that plunges them to the floor and right through the table, splintering and bursting in flame beneath them.

Jon McDaniel: My God!

Brian Rentfro: This is carnage.

Teresa jumps in to pull her partner aside while the referee jumps in to help Casino, who took the blast of the flame full on. Lisa, despite being cut, burned, bloodied up and ridiculously dressed - is otherwise fine.

Brian Rentfro: Is Lisa alright!? Are they still winning!?

Jon McDaniel: Brian, they’re both long out of this match!

Teresa tends to Lisa as the action goes on in the ring, both men oblivious as the exchange right hands. Hunter gets the upper hand and tries to put the Phoenix to the ropes, but Rob turns it around and drags him into a Northern Lights Suplex.

Jon McDaniel: He bridges!

Brian Rentfro: Not like this!



Jon McDaniel: Hunter Sullivan kicks out again!

The Phoenix drags Hunter off the mat and right onto his shoulders before drilling him with a Powerbomb.

Jon McDaniel: He sits out for another pin!


Brian Rentfro: No!


Brian Rentfro: No!

Brian Rentfro: No!!!

Jon McDaniel: Hunter kicks out again.

Brian Rentfro: Thank heavens.

Jon McDaniel: The Phoenix knows he’s on his own for now and is desperately trying to put him away.

The Phoenix looks irate as he drags himself back to his feet and pushes Sullivan to a corner. He then jacks several Shoulder Thrusts into Sullivan’s gut before sweeping out his legs. He then takes a few steps back before charging forward with a knee that crushes his skull against the ring post. The fans rise up as The Phoenix pulls Sullivan out again and straight up with a Vertical Suplex.

Jon McDaniel: Falcon Arrow.

The Phoenix shatters him against the canvas, laying him flat out and then reaching forward for a leg.

Jon McDaniel: Another pin!



Jon McDaniel: And he’s out again!

Brian Rentfro: I can’t watch.

Jon McDaniel: The Phoenix is throwing everything into this match but Sullivan will not stay down!

The Phoenix moves a knee and pauses, his attention turned back to the chairs from earlier. He then gets Hunter off the mat and into a standing Headscissors to set him up before lifting him off the mat. Once again Hunter fights the Flame, forcing the Phoenix to drop him back and land a couple Axe Handle shots to the back. He then tries again but Hunter clips his leg.

Jon McDaniel: He’s going for The Flame but Hunter won’t let him have it.

Hunter pushes his way free and then sends up into a series of rights and lefts that knock the Phoenix silly. He goes back and Hunter lunges for one more, but it goes overhead. Hunter then turns, right into a kick… and then into the air.

Brian Rentfro: The Flame.

The Phoenix gets Hunter up and hooks the leg, much to the dismay of the crowd. He then turns him back to the chair platform but Hunter uses it to get his hands down and pushes them apart, sending chairs scattering and both men into the ropes. The Phoenix loses his grip.

Brian Rentfro: He’s still in it!

Jon McDaniel: He won’t stay down!

The Phoenix drops a flurry of kicks to Sullivan who does his best to cover up. The Phoenix then makes for the barbedwire chair, lifting it up and taking up residence in the corner. He turns around.

Brian Rentfro: Viper Snap!

Hunter rushes forward with a Sick Kick, driving his heel into the chair which in turns connects with the face of the Phoenix, producing a sickening thud that rings out across the arena. He falls to his knees and bundled into a cover.



Brian Rentfro: He’s done it!

Jon McDaniel: No! No he kicks out again!

Sullivan is beside himself as the Phoenix thrusts himself from the cover, coming up spitting and refusing to die. Sullivan acts quickly and jumps onto an STF that keeps the fans on their feet. The referee moves in to check.

Jon McDaniel: He’s got him! Centre ring! No rope breaks! No one to help!

Brian Rentfro: This is it!

The Phoenix has no where to go but he refuses to just lie down and die, taking a swing at the referee as he asks him if he’s still in. Hunter grinds on the hold but can’t force him to quit, and so takes things a step further with a handful barbedwire. He takes a length between his hands, and digs it into the Phoenix’s face.

Brian Rentfro: Oh that’s gruesome.

Hunter hauls back on the move, pulling the Phoenix off the canvas and tearing through him with the wire. He fights it a few seconds more, but it’s too much, and he’s forced to tap.

Brian Rentfro: He’s done it!

The fans are on their feet as Hunter rolls off the Phoenix, while Robinson himself retires to the floor.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the captain of Robinson Pro has been eliminated! Declaring the winners, TEAM PWA!

Hunter gets his hand raised by the referee as Lisa and Teresa slide back into the ring. Teresa gets herself on her feet and helps Sullivan. Lisa sinks to her knees.

Jon McDaniel: Well it took everything they had, and what’s left of Team PWA is a downright mess, but they pulled it out in the end.

Brian Rentfro: I knew they had it in them.

Teresa and Hunter take up the centre of the ring and prepare to hold their hands up in victory, but can’t help but notice that Lisa doesn’t share their enthusiasm. Instead she holds onto what’s left of her dress: stained, ripped, shredded, torn, burned and very definitely crumpled in several places.

Brian Rentfro: Well… this is different alright.

Teresa helps Lisa to her feet and gives her a quick pat on the back before standing her in a line. The three then raise their hands together and earn another cheer. Meanwhile Rob is on his feet and halfway up the ramp, looking utterly incensed. The camera then fixes back on the members of Team PWA. Each one of them battered and bloodied, but still standing all the same. They part ways and we cut from the ring.

Duff Cote d’Ivore vs Charlie Scene & Reaver

Handicap Match for FREEDOM!

Jon McDaniel: This was somewhat of an impromptu booking. It wasn't originally scheduled to happen.

Brian Rentfro: Ah but thanks to Simon Kalis, he gave us a great match! This is just another reason why he should remain in power! We can have these types of matches all the time!

Jon McDaniel: Yeah because indentured slavery is so cool.

Brian Rentfro: Hey... What are you, racist? That's not fair and I find it incredibly disrespectful on behalf of our fuhrer Simon.

Jon McDaniel: Do you hear yourself?!


Eric Emerson: The following match is scheduled for one pinfall and will be a HANDICAP MATCH FOR FREEDOM! Introducing first...

"Superbeast" by Rob Zombie hits the speakers and the crowd begins booing immediately as Reaver and Charlie Scene step out from the backstage area with Simon Kalis right behind them.

Eric Emerson: Accompanied to the ring by Simon Kalis, they are the team of Charlie Scene and REAVER!

Reaver and Scene both hop up onto the apron as Kalis circles ringside and takes a seat at the announcers table with Jon and Brian.

Brian Rentfro: A pleasure to have you here with us, your Grace.

Jon McDaniel: Ugh.

Simon Kalis: What? No love for me Jon?

Jon McDaniel: Well it's just that-

Simon Kalis: Get the fuck out of here, you're fired for this match.

Brian Rentfro: HAHAHHA!

Jon McDaniel: Wait what? How can you do that, you can't do that!

Simon Kalis: Oh I can, and I just did. Keep talking and I'll make it permenant.

As Reaver and Scene stretch in the ring, Kalis gets up and lifts Jon McDaniel up by his collar, throwing him over the announcers table.

Brian Rentfro: HAH! Whoa! Hail to the CHIEF ladies and gentlemen! Or this will happen to you!

Security rushes in and lifts McDaniel up, and as Kalis orders them they escort McDaniel backstage. Reaver salutes Simon from inside the ring and Scene well... Scene tries to keep his balance.

Simon Kalis: To the task at hand.

Brian Rentfro: Yes, sir!

The sound of a helicopter overhead echoes in the arena and the lights go down. Searchlights begin to roam the arena, until the opening guitar riff from "The Ghost of Tom Joad" by Rage Against the Machine slams through the speakers. The searchlights turn into a single concentrated spotlight that shines on the stage as tension builds. The crowd rises to their feet, and Zach de la Rocha begins to rap about the impoverished. From the back, The Redeemer emerges, to a giant pop from the fans. His face, looking down, is obscured by the hood attached to his black and green cape.

++Man walks along the railroad tracks++
++He's goin' someplace, and there's no turnin' back++
++The highway patrol chopper comin' up over the ridge++
++Man sleeps by a campfire under the bridge++
++The shelter line stretchin' around the corner++
++Welcome to the New World Order++
++Families sleepin' in their cars out in the Southwest++
++No job, no home, no peace, no rest++
++No rest!++

Eric Emerson: On his way to the ring, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada; he stands at 6'7" and weighs in at 275 lbs, The Reeeeedeeeeeemer!!!

++The highway is alive tonight++
++Nobody's foolin' nobody as to where it goes++
++I'm sitting down here in the campfire light++
++Searchin' for the ghost of Tom Joad++

The band kicks in after the long, dramatic chorus and The Redeemer begins to embark towards the ring, his cape dragging on the ground behind him. He walks slowly, looking down the whole way.

++He pulls his prayer book out of his sleepin' bag++
++The Preacher lights up a butt and takes a drag++
++He's waitin' for the time when the last shall be first and the first shall be last++
++In a cardboard box 'neath the underpass++
++With a one way ticket to the promised land++
++With a hole in your belly and a gun in your hand++
++Sleepin' on a pillow of solid rock++
++Bathin' in the city's aqueduct++

He rolls into the ring and steps into the middle, peeling back the hood to reveal his skull mask and long hair. He looks at the crowd surrounding him, still going crazy, and backs into his corner.

++The highway is alive tonight++
++Nobody's foolin' nobody as to where it goes++
++I'm sittin' down here in the campfire light++
++With the Ghost of old Tom Joad++

The Redeemer does a few stretches and waits patiently for the match to commence while his music dies down. Reaver and Scene nod to each other, then look outside of the ring towards Kalis.

Simon Kalis: Yeah! Kick his ass, what're you waiting for?

Brian Rentfro: I think Charlie Scene is drunk, Simon.

Simon Kalis: Probably.


Scene rushes Redeemer who knocks him back with an axehandle smash. Reaver comes up to Redeemer now and goes for a spinning heel kick but Redeemer steps back, grabs Reaver's leg and slams him back down to the canvas. Scene rolls forward and then gets to his feet and throws an elbow behind himself, nailing Redeemer in the head but Redeemer grabs Scene and inverted DDT's his drunk ass to the canvas. Reaver is already on the top rope though and as Redeemer gets to one knee he comes flying off and hits Redeemer with a missile dropkick. Redeemer hits the canvas and now Scene gets to his feet. Scene puts his arms up in a drunken master fighting stance, wobbling but sure of himself as he unleashes a sickening kick to the Redeemers ribs.

Simon Kalis: I feel like I'm watching that one episode of Spartacus: Blood and Sand. You know the one where Spartacus and Krixus have to fight the giant Occalees?

Brian Rentfro: Oh I remember that one. They win in the end don't they?

Simon Kalis: I guess. But I doubt Reaver and Scene will cut Redeemers head off in the ring to end the fight. God, it was good in the old days. If you lost it was cause you were dead. Why don't we do that here?

Brian Rentfro: Pretty sure that'd be illegal now, uhm sir!

Simon Kalis: Right, right.

Redeemer puts his hands out and grabs Scene's foot before it can connect again and he shoves Scene back. Reaver is on his other side and latches onto The Redeemers arm and locks in an armbar but Redeemer powers his way out, chucking Reaver aside. The Redeemer gets to his feet using the ropes and hits a big boot on Charlie Scene as Scene rushes towards him. Scene bounces off the canvas and away and as Reaver launches a surprise attack, Redeemer grabs ahold of him and gutwrench powerbombs him so hard the entire arena hears the loud thud on the canvas.

Simon Kalis: So why do they call them death matches if no one dies in the end?

Brian Rentfro: Well you've been in quite a few, you'd know wouldn't you?

Simon Kalis: Well no I've been in one, and I died. Sure it was fake, but I got shot in the head on live Pay Per View. You just can't beat that.

Brian Rentfro: You come from a savage history, Sir.

Simon Kalis: Yeah but my point is, people fight harder when their life is on the line you know? Like if you're walking to the corner store for smokes and -

*Simon Kalis is temporary censored for being retarded and trying to question the man*

Reaver and Scene catch their breath in one corner as Redeemer points to them with fire in his eyes.

Simon Kalis: Hold on.

Reaver sees Kalis get up from the announcers table and pushes Scene forward. Scene looks at Reaver, then at Redeemer, then at referee Cross and throws himself to the canvas in severe agony. Scene holds his right arm and slams his feet against the canvas as if in severe pain. Redeemer isn't buying it obviously and rushes forward but with Cross distracted Reaver slides right under Redeemer and low blows him. Reaver jumps onto Redeemer's back and rips the mask off of him as Kalis slides into the ring with a steel chair in hand. Reaver leapfrogs off of Redeemer's back by kicking him. Redeemer bounces off the ropes and as he turns around runs right into a steel chair shot from Simon Kalis. Scene screams LOUDLY and pulls Cross, holding him begging for help. Redeemer doesn't go down from the shot but Kalis holds the chair over his face as Reaver springboards off the top rope and hits a superkick on the man once known as Duff Cote D'Ivoire! THE HARBINGER OF CHAOS! Kalis slides out of the ring with the chair and whistles, throwing the chair under the ring and hopping back into the place at the announcers table. Scene stops acting and gets to his feet as if everything is fine as Reaver goes for the cover!


Brian Rentfro: What an incredible finishing move by Reaver, pulled off all on his own!


Simon Kalis: Yes... All on his own is right, Brian. You have a bright future under my PWA.


Simon Kalis: DAMN IT!

Scene jumps onto Reaver's back and both men hold Redeemer down!




Redeemer throws both of them off of him and rolls out of the ring. He wipes the sweat from his face and catches his breath but from inside the ring Reaver flings Charlie Scene over the top rope and Scene crashes onto Redeemer with a cross body splash! The fans in front row go nuts, as they do all over the arena. Fans start slapping Redeemer's back as Charlie Scene begins stomping his legs and lower back. Redeemer throws an elbow wildly behind him, nailing Scene in the head and sending Charlie stumbling back. Reaver balances himself on the top rope and comes flying off the top rope to the outside of the ring but Redeemer catches him by the waist, spins and power slams Reaver onto the hard floor. Reaver winces as he holds his back in pain as Scene quickly slides back into the ring to escape the angry Redeemer.

Brian Rentfro: The Redeemer is putting up quite the fight here, Sir.

Simon Kalis: Yeah. For once. People usually do when something important is on the line. Time to call in the backup.

As Redeemer gets back onto the apron, Kalis is text messaging someone from the announcers table. Scene goes towards Redeemer but Redeemer grabs Scene by the throat and drops down off the apron, wrapping Scene's neck around the top rope as he does. Scene bounces back and hits the canvas, choking. Reaver crawls away from the situation, still holding his back in pain as he does. Redeemer ignores him and moves right towards the announcers table towards Simon.

Brian Rentfro: Oh I think we might have a guest, Sir.

Simon Kalis: Nonsense. He just needs to be reminded what he's fighting for.

Kalis points to the entrance ramp where Alexis Sharpcraft appears after a long absence, holding Redeemers daughter Morgan in her arms. Redeemer moves away from Kalis who removes his headset himself. Redeemer rushes towards the entrance ramp as Alexis lets Morgan down. Father and daughter meet outside the ring in a loving and very sweet embrace as Alexis slides into the ring at Kalis' order, joining Scene and Reaver in the ring as well. Kalis demands Cross make the ten count, and with Redeemer so distracted he doesn't notice until the count gets to 8 as Kalis hops to the outside of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Oh man, Redeemer is about to get screwed!

Redeemer turns his attention back to to the ring just as Kalis sends a thrust kick straight at his head. Cross stops his count JUST before ten and calls for the bell immediately.


Brian Rentfro: WHAT?! What in the name of ROFLS just happened here?!

Reaver and Scene look at each other in disbelief in the ring, and even Alexis can't help but smile.

Eric Emerson: The winner of this match as a result of disqualification, THE REDEEMER!

Kalis begins walking back up the ramp as Redeemer laughs and hugs Morgan once more, lifting his daughter back up in his arms.

Brian Rentfro: Kalis just freed Redeemer himself! I can't believe it folks.

Scene and Reaver slide out of the ring and begin heading backstage themselves as Redeemer is joined by Alexis Sharpcraft in their celebration at ringside.

Dress for Success is a Mess

Backstage we go again to find Johnny and Spyke stumbling upon a rather depressed and incredibly messed up looking Lisa Seldon, who is currently sitting Indian style on the floor. She lifts her to see them, sighs and then lets it flop back to dripping blood across the floor.

Johnny Maverick: Hey what’s up with you? Didn’t you just win?

Lisa Seldon: I guess.

She sighs some more, because the leader of a stable with a name like Self~Inflicted Drama should be good at sighing.

Lisa Seldon: But I messed up all my nice clothes.

Johnny Maverick: Those were all your -

Spyke, while looking over her strangely innocent and sad little face, manages to elbow Johnny in the ribs before he makes anything worse.

Johnny Maverick: What I mean is… actually… if anything, I’d say you look much better than before. Wouldn’t you agree?

Spyke does his best to agree but comes up with nothing resembling words. Having already heard what she wants though, Lisa doesn’t seem to notice, and pulls herself back to her feet.

Johnny Maverick: Of course. And what’s more, red is a very good colour on you. Brings out your… sparkle.

Lisa Seldon: Picked it myself you know.

She sounds a little meek but there’s a distinct smile despite her head being hung low and a particularly large mess of blood across her face. She then gives us another turn, only this time her audience get some very definite blood spatter. Thankfully, they’re too polite to mention it.

Johnny Maverick: And you have done well.

This seems to do it and Lisa perks up.

Lisa Seldon: Thanks. You’re the best.

Lisa pulls them both into a hug and leaves behind a rather lovely splatter pattern on there shirts that Spyke will probably never wash off for one reason or another. She then bounces off, just as Spyke finally speaks up.

Spyke Gein: I thought you looked nice too!

He reaches out, but she’s already gone.

Johnny then pats him on the shoulder, and lets us slip away.

Attitude Entertainment vs The Renegade Souljahs & Old School

Eight Man Elimination Match

Eric Emerson: Our next match is and eight man elimination match.

Jon McDaniel: Now business is about to pick up.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, at a combined weight of one thousand one hundred and eighty seven pounds the team of the Renegade Souljahz Ryan Ross, Mark Zout, Boss Magah and Burt the hurt Ryaaaaannnnnnnnn!

I’m a Souljah hits the P.A. system hard as Mark Zout and Ryan Ross step out from behind the curtain. The fans pop the roof of this place, cheering loudly and with vigour. Ryan and Mark give each other a high five as they make their way down the ramp grasping at the fans out reached hands. Boss and Burt walk out after them shaking there heads and there fists, not at the fans but the original two Souljahz. Mark and Ryan enter the ring first and hi the corners revelling in the fans adoration. Old School just watches from the outside pissed off looks on there faces, walking slowly over to their corner of the ring as the music died down and Emerson to his post again.

Eric Emerson: Introducing their opponents at a combined weight of four hundred and forty two pounds and one hundred and fifty kilograms they are Attitude Entertainment, El Gringo Tonto, Matt Stone, Xan Vaxman and El Gringo Tontocito.

I’m So Whoa hits the P.A. system, as all four men step out from behind the curtain in a single file line. Then moving side by side all walking down the ramp together, stupid smirks on there faces, not touching the fans or each other as they walk slowly down the ramp. As they got to the ringside area, Ryan and Mark both take a quick look at one another sharing the same smirk as they take a few steps away from there advancing opponents. Rebounding hard they take to a full on sprint as they near the opposite rope Mark leaps into the air as Ryan dive between the top and middle rope. Mark flipped and landed on top of Matt Stone and Xan as Ryan smashed into Tonto and his little midget friend. The fans go nuts for the highspot before the match even began. Boss and Burt look at each other in amazement. Burt hollered Aruggggah and jumped off the apron hustling over to his team mates and laying a few boots into his opponents.

Jon McDaniel: Well very interesting, these little cheats started the action before the bell.

Brian Rentfro: Well from what happened last week I don’t really blame them.

Scott Swindle leaned between the ropes and yelled at the seven men to break it up and go to their designated corners. Burt punched the Midget a few times as he was trying to get up and Ryan and Mark exchanged a few blows with Stone and Tonto but they broke it up as requested.

Jon McDaniel: That’s how you show good sportsmanship Brian a friendly break after that blatant pre match attack.

Brian Rentfro: Oh don’t get your panties in a bunch McDaniel it was just a little harmless pre-match scuffle. It’s going back to the way you like things, boring, slow and uneventful.

The men walked over to there places and Ryan attempts to get into the ring only to get pushed back to the apron and have Burt step in. An audible “I’ll take care of this,” comes out of “the hurts” mouth as he started to circle the ring. El Gringo Tonto entered the ring next adjusting his mask as he started the chase. Audible slurs were heard from Burt as the two men locked up dead centre in the ring. Tonto falls back throwing Burt across his body with a beautiful arm drag. Burt quickly gets to his feet but he’s met this time with a hip toss, he flies up and falls down hard on his back. Burt recovers quickly and reaches his feet again this time receiving a drop kick. Burt bumps to the mat holding his chest as Tonto raises his hand in the air getting a few cheers, mixed with boos.

Jon McDaniel: See now that is what wrestling should be.

Burt laid on the mat a moment catching his breath as Tonto walks to his downed opponent and grabs him by the head lifting him to a standing position. Burt knocked his foes hands away kneeing Tonto in the stomach doubling him over Burt smirked as he delivered a clubbing blow to the masked mans back dropping him to his knees. Burt dropped to a knee and clubbed him again causing Tonto to drop to his stomach and reach for his back. Burt got to his feet and leaned over dropping g a big elbow onto Tonto’s back.

Brian Rentfro: I love this style of wrestling kicking ass and taking name.

Burt left his opponent in the ring as he walked over to his corner and tagged in Ryan saying that’s how you do it. Ryan hopped in the ring, only to see Tonto had made it to his corner and tagged in Vaxman. The two men circle the ring and meet in the middle but this time around Xan kicked Ryan square in the abdomen making the former Global Champion double over he runs to the ropes rebounding quickly and lifting his knee into Ryan’s temple flipping him onto his back from the impact. Xan quickly make s a cover.




Ryan lifted his shoulder off the mat shoving Vaxman off of him. Vaxman smirked cockily as he lifted Ryan off the mat and raked his eyes. Ryan turned away from his opponent clutching his eyes in pain. Vaxman went back for more. Ryan quickly turned and leapt into the air kicking Vaxman in the back of the head. Xan’s eyes went blank as he took a quick face bump. Ryan flipped Xan over and laid on him as the ref jumped to the mat.




Xan reached up from the mat as Ryan fell off his downed foe. Ryan rolled over to his corner and tagged Zout in. Xan did the same with Stone, the two fresh men entered the ring with vigour in there eyes.

Jon McDaniel: Look at these two, fired up after there last encounter. Let’s see how these two kick it off.

The two men met quickly and firmly in the centre of the ring in a tight collar and elbow lock up. Mark gets the first move off by whipping Stone hard tom the mat with a tight arm drag, keeping hold of his opponents arm and working it into an arm lock. Matt Stone slaps the mat in pain but slowly turns it over and get to his feet turning the wrist lock into a hammer lock on Zout. Zout slaps his shoulder and reaches for Matt’s head managing to reach it he leaps into the air and whips his body down flipping Stone over his shoulder in a great looking Mexican snap mare. Matt Stone quickly got to his feet and tagged the littlest man of the group Tontocito. Mark shrugged and went over to his own corner tagging in the beast, Boss Mugah.

Brian Rentfro: Oh here we go the side show portion of this eight man tag the giant versus the midget.

Boss gave a hardy chuckle pointing at the small masked wrestler. This only got him a short but swift kick to the knee, Boss pushed the midget down by the face. The little guy bumped hard on the mat but kipped up to his feet, which drew a pop from the crowd. Boos charged at the smaller man with a boot but completely missed when Tontocito ducked. Boss looked down with a smirk but saw the mat and his face grew into confusion. Tontocito hit the ropes and rebound hard, leaping off the mat and delivering a drop kick to the back off Boss’s big ass. The giant turned slowly to see the little guy on the mat with a scowl on his face Boss leapt into the air and landed hard on his stomach as Tontocito rolled out from under the behemoths large weight.

Jon McDaniel: Little guy sure is quick; Boss just can’t get a hold of him.

Tontocito gave a hardy chuckle and kicked the fat mans jelly roll then jumped high above his opponent and delivered a Senton only to bounce back to his feet. Boss yelled an audible oh damn as he got on all fours and then back to his feet again looking perturbed. Tontocito dove to the mat and grabbed his enemies boot biting his ankle with all his little might. Boss hit the mat yelping in pain as the big guy taps out.

Brian Rentfro: That’s what I like to see! A little ankle biting, a little elimination.

Jon McDaniel: That little trickster, got big Boss to tap out by biting his ankle who would have believed it?

Tontocito leapt into the air clapping and running around the ring with excitement. Ryan swiftly got in the ring as the midget turned to face him he was met by a super kick and Ryan covered the man for a pin.




Brian Rentfro: that was a quick way to even the odds, although I’m gonna miss that little ankle biter.

Jon McDaniel: you would miss him.

Ryan quickly took a few steps back to the corner and was met by a hard blind tag from Burt. With a shrug Ryan exited the ring as Burt charged the opposing corner flipping Tonto into the ring hard. With a few stomps Tonto was holding his chest and getting drug to the centre of the ring. Burt hit the corner and went to the top waiting for his opponent. As Tonto slowly got to his feet Burt leapt off the top rope turning to his side mid air attempting to hit the cross body but with a quick leap Tonto raised both boots into Burt’s chest. Burt hit the mat hard as Tonto quickly crawled over and laid his arm across the downed veteran.




Jon McDaniel: Burt Ryan eliminated quickly, after the earlier exchange with Boss I’m thinking these two guys are way outta’ there prime.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah way out of there prime. They have one foot in the grave McDaniel, one foot.

Xan leapt off the apron and went over to the announcers table reaching across and picking up a chair Ryan enters the ring as does Xan. Tonto gets back to his feet smiling at Xan only to get hit by the chair. Xan lays the chair into Tonto a few more times as Swindle demands Xan leave the ring immediately.

Jon McDaniel: What in the hell did we just see Xan just turned on Tonto.

Brian Rentfro: Well what do you expect, Tonto won something Vaxman couldn’t.

Mark enters the ring and walks over to the downed Tonto covering him with a light arm over the chest.




Jon McDaniel: Well that just leaves Stone with the Renegade Souljahz.

Mark waited in the ring taunting the Intercontinental champion. Stone surveyed the ring and turned away jumping off the apron and walking towards the back waving the match off. Zout looked over in disgust and slide under the bottom rope taking chase as the ref started the ten count. Zout Clotheslines Stone from behind.



Zout slammed Stones head hard into the barricade.



Stone grabbed Zout and ran him across the ramp, slamming him back first into the opposite barricade.



Zout punched Stone in the Jaw knocking up the ramp and onto the stage.



Stone hustles behind the Curtain as Zout takes chase.




Eric Emerson: And the Winner of this match, The Renegade Souljaaaaahhhhhzzzzzz!

I’m a Souljah hits the P.A. system as Ryan raises his arm in the air.

It's Not What It Looks Like


We jump back stage to find Lisa, Teresa and Jethro all huddled together. Currently Lisa is sat on a desk with Teresa stood in front while Jethro fiddles with something at Lisa’s back. By all accounts it’s a zip and by all accounts it’s giving him some real problems.

Jethro Hayes: It’s stuck.

Lisa Seldon: Try harder.

Jethro fights with the zip a little more, the one intact thing left on Lisa’s burnt up, slashed and destroyed dress for the evening. He lets out a loud sigh.

Jethro: Hayes: You’ve fucked it.

Lisa Seldon: I’ve fucked it?

Lisa looks affronted.

Lisa Seldon: You’ve fucked it. It was fine until you got your hands on me and now you’ve absolutely fucked everything all up and down my back. I can’t even stand up straight anymore thanks to you.

Jethro Hayes: Maybe if we try a different angle.

He leans into her again.

Teresa Quaranta: What do you want me to do?

Lisa Seldon: I’d like you to do a lot more than just stand their looking pretty for one.

It’s at this point everyone stops what they’re doing and notices Cody Bogard standing in the doorway. He’s heard just enough to form an opinion.

Lisa Seldon: Oh Cody, just the guy I was waiting for. You really came through for us tonight taking down Vernar so I wanted to give you a reward.

She gives him a come hither motion with her hand.

Lisa Seldon: Come on man, don't be shy.

Cody looks the scene over, shakes his head and then turns away, only to run into Hunter Sullivan, who happens to have brought a bottle of lotion.

Hunter Sullivan: I thought we might need it.

Cody looks Hunter in the eyes, then to the lotion then back to Hunter. He sighs.

Cody Bogard: You’re all disgusting.

Cody pushes passed and everyone else shares a few confused glances.

Teresa Quaranta.: What a weird guy.

They all go back to what they were doing while we jump back to ringside.

Spyke Gein vs Jacob Figgins

Surprise Return (That's Figgins) Match

An odd and rather upbeat folky tune hits the speakers, a hooded figure emerging from the stage. The song is suddenly interuppted by the scratching of a record and the screaming falsetto.

Eric Emerson: Making his way to the ring...

Fog in the streets
A church clock beats
Midnight - darkness all around

Jumping onto a nearby barricade, he throws off his hood to reveal his features. Figgy proceeds to slap hands with nearby fans

You better beware
You better take care
Be prepared for the shock

Finally traveling toward the ring he takes the time to jump onto the other barricade and exchange with more fans. Before finally tossing off his hoody and casting it into the crowd

The time has come
And he’s the one
Who’s breathing down your neck

Eric Emerson: He weighs in tonight at 245 pounds and hails from Kansas City, Missouri.

Figgy hops off the barricade making a mad dash for the ring. Hopping onto the barricade, he hooks as arm about the top rope. His free arm pumping a fist into the air

Coming from behind
Now it’s your time
A loser will die

Hooking both arms about the top rope, Figgy leans back far, flipping himself into the ring. Quickly hopping onto a turnbuckle to flail his head about

Fast as a shark he’ll cut out of the dark
He’s a killer - he’ll rip out your heart
On a one way track and you’re not coming back
’cause the killer’s on the attack

Eric Emerson: He is the "Next Conspiracy" JACOB FIIIGINNNNS

Hopping off he lands in the center of the ring, boucing on his feet while awaiting the bell

Ding Ding

Referee Scott Swindell calls for the bell, and the match is underway. Spyke Gein and Figgins lock up center ring. Figgins gets a head lock, but Spyke pushes him off. Figgins hits the ropes, ducks a clothesline from Spyke on the rebound, hits the opposite ropes, and comes back with a dropkick! Spyke goes down, Figgins covers, gets a one count. Spyke springs back to his feet, ducks a forearm from Jacob, then hits a dropkick of his own! Figgins is down, Spyke covers, gets a one count, both men are back to their feet in a flash, and BOTH men go for a dropkick. Futility ensues as both men hit the mat. They are back up, and the fans give them a nice round of applause. Spyke “tips his hat” to Jacob, who responds with a smile. And a stiff slap to the face. And an “oooo” from the fans. Spyke looks slightly annoyed. But he plays it cool. After all, there’s no need to PIMP SLAP! Out of nowhere Spyke unleashes on Jacob, and the Next Conspiracy is down!

Crowd: You got bitch slapped!

Jacob rolls out of the ring to gather some thoughts and battle strategy. Spyke shrugs his shoulders, then dives through the ropes onto his opponent! Chairs, the ring bell, timekeepers, they go everywhere as the two wrestlers try and get to their feet. Spyke is up first, and he nails Figgins with a European uppercut. Figgins stumbles backwards, giving Spyke enough room to hit a discus clothesline! Figgins is down, and Spyke soaks in the cheers of the fans!

Jon McDaniel: What a dive by Spyke there!

Brian Rentfro: I've seen better, but the kid may have some potential.

Referee Swindell has started the ten count, so Spyke doesn’t waste his time on the floor. he drags Figgins to his feet… thumb to the eye! Spyke is momentarily blinded. Figgins grabs Spyke and drives him back first into the ring apron! Spyke grabs his lower back, giving Figgins the opening to plant a fist in Spyke's gut. He tosses Spyke back into the ring, and quickly follows, avoiding a count out. Once back inside, Figgins puts his power to work, taking Spyke down with Another New Crisis! Figgins with a cover!



Spyke kicks out, but there’s no authority behind it. Figgins tries to keep the advantage with LARIATOOOO!

Jon McDaniel: Figgins going for a big move here!

Spyke manages to slip out of it! Figgins tries to catch Spyke with an elbow, but Spyke rolls out of the way. Figgins is back up quickly, and tries to hit him again, and again Spyke moves. One more time Figgins tries. Spyke moves, springs to his feet, then catches Figgins with a knee lift! Followed quickly by a clothesline! Figgins goes down, Spyke hits the ropes and springs off with an elbow drop! A cover!



Figgins just manages to avoid a pinfall! Spyke quickly scales the ropes, and nails a rising Figgins with a missile dropkick! Figgins goes down, and the momentum takes him out of the ring! Spyke looks exasperated (but still cool) as he goes to the outside to retrieve his opponent. Figgins tries to crawl under the ring, but Spyke catches his leg and pulls him out. Figgins uses his free leg to catch Spyke in the jaw, knocking him into the guard rail. Spyke clutches his already sore back, giving Figgins time to hit a swinging neckbreaker! Spyke is laid out flat on the floor, and Figgins looks like the move took something out of him too! Both men slowly get to their feet as Swindell starts another ten count.





As we reach five, the competitors make it to their feet.


At seven, they manage to get to the ring apron. Spyke gets a leg through the ropes, and Swindell stops the count.

Jon McDaniel: You know, this match may just steal the show!

Brian Rentfro: With Simon Kalis' ultimate triumph coming in War Games? Hardly.

Figgins grabs Spyke, preventing him from getting into the ring. Spyke punches Jacob. Figgins punches back. The two men trade punches, until Figgins sneaks in a headbutt, then DDT’s Spyke on the ring apron! Spyke is planted, but doesn’t fall to the ground. Figgins hits the ground, but quickly pushes the champion into the ring, and climbs back in, and covers!


Spyke HAS A FOOT ON THE ROPES! A collective gasp from the fans. Jacob's eyes are wild, as he thought he had the match won. Figgins drags Spyke away from the ropes, then goes for Crisis Averted! … He didn’t quite get all of it, but he goes for a cover, hooking the leg!



Spyke gets a shoulder up as Swindell's hand was INCHES from the mat! Figgins is irate now, thinking he’s being cheated. He argues with Swindell, who tries to calm Figgins down. Figgins has none of it, as he gets in Swindell's face. He fails to notice Spyke is getting up.

School boy roll up!

Swindell counts!


Jon McDaniel: Schoolboy!


Figgins kicks out, and comes back with a HUGE STO! Spyke hits the mat hard, and Figgins composes himself before he covers.

Brian Rentfro: Here we go!



Spyke gets his foot on the bottom rope. Figgins is just LIVID. He stalks over to the corner turnbuckle, and pulls the top pad off. Swindell tries to stop this, but Figgins will have none of it. He drags Spyke up, and pulls him towards the exposed turnbuckle. He tries to drive Spyke's head into the metal, but Spyke blocks! Figgins tries again, and again Spyke blocks! Figgins tries one more time, Spyke blocks, drives his elbow into Jacob's gut, then picks him up for a faceplant on the exposed turnbuckle! Figgins goes down and Spyke covers! One!


Figgins WITH A FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE! Now it’s Spyke’s turn to look shocked. He goes to the top rope, preparing for a diving headbutt, but Figgins rolls out of reach. The fans, who were on their feet in anticipation, sit back down, only slightly disappointed. I say slightly, because Spyke looks like he’s got something else in mind. Spyke is back on the mat in a flash, and he nails a rising Figgins with a leg lariat! Figgins is back down, and Spyke goes for a full nelson body scissorlock! Figgins fights it, Spyke tries to keep the hold locked in, but Figgins drops to one knee, gets his arm free and LOW BLOW.

Brian Rentfro: That isn't going to feel good to the King Virgin!

Figgins holds his forearm, Spyke grins, and comes back with the MOTHER OF ALL PIMP SLAPS!!! Figgins falls into referee Swindell, knocking him into the exposed turnbuckle! The ref is down and out, so Figgins takes advantage, driving his thumb into Spyke's throat. Spyke tries to catch his breath, and Figgins hits Spyke with a BACKDROP DRIVER! Holy Hell! Too bad there’s no ref. This dawns on Jacob, who decides to wear down Spyke some more. He goes outside to retrieve a chair. He climbs back into the ring… Spyke is up and dropkicks the chair into Jacob's face! Figgins goes down, and Spyke quickly scales the ropes and hits a diving headbutt! He looks over at Swindell, who seems to be stirring… turns his attention back to Jacob, and slaps on The full nelson body scissorlock! The submission hold is locked in! The fans chant for Figgins to tap! Figgins reaches out for the ropes, but they’re too far away! Spyke wrenches back with all his might, and Figgins has no choice but to tap out.
If only Swindell was there to see it. The referee is still groggy, and is not aware of the tap out. Spyke releases the hold, and goes to check on Scott. Swindell seems to indicate that he’s ready, so Spyke goes back to his opponent. He drags Figgins up and yells. The fans pop huge!

Jon McDaniel: Neither man willing to stop here.

Brian Rentfro: Grant you, its been back and forth for the most part. Equal parts suckitude, but Figgins showing some promise with that low blow.

But the excitement is stopped dead when Figgins counters into a double underhook. piledriver! An already messed up Spyke is ground into the mat. Scott makes the count. One!




By gawd Spyke kicks out!

Jon McDaniel: What fortitude shown from Spyke here tonight!

Brian Rentfro: What talent from Jacob as well!

Jacob pulls Spyke up, atomic drop.

Crisis Averted!

Jacob makes the cover, hooking the leg for good measure. This time, he got all of it.




Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: Winner of the match... Jacob Figgins!

From The Ashes

The camera shifts backstage, where we see one half of the new PWA Tag Team Champions Ollie “Spyke Gein” Maverick, title over his shoulder, talking to one of the backstage techs following his match-up. He pats the title and looks up, and the smile immediately drops off his face as Katie James walks into the frame.

Ollie Maverick: What do you want?

Katie James: Calm down, future 40 year old virgin. I’m only here to issue you a warning.

Ollie Maverick: And what’s that?

Katie James: I’m not going to forget what you did to my sister, and I promise you, when - not if - we get our rematch for the titles that you and your queer brother stole from us, you’re going to regret the day you ever crossed the James Sisters.

Ollie smirks in disbelief.

Ollie Maverick: Yeah. I’ll believe it when I see it.

As Ollie finishes his sentence, Sarah James, her left arm in a cast, approaches him from behind and taps him on the shoulder. Ollie turns around and grins.

Ollie Maverick: Is this the part where you and your STD ridden sister jump me?

Sarah chuckles.

Sarah James: Not us. Her.

Sarah points in the other direction, and when Ollie turns, he takes a chair shot to the face. The chair drops to the ground along with Ollie, and the James sisters look on approvingly.

Katie James: And here I was starting to think you weren’t going to make it.

???: And miss this? Nah. TOTALLY worth the flight.

The camera scrolls over, past Sarah and Katie and settles on… Emily Corlen! The crowd pops at the surprise as Emily walks over to Katie and puts her arm around her.

Sarah James: Hey, I’m just glad you didn’t take that whole buried alive thing personally.

Emily chuckles.

Emily Corlen: Oh, I did… at first, anyways. The bottom line is, Dave called me, we smoothed everything over, he explained the entire deal.

Katie James: By the way, how did you get out of the grave, anyways? You were in there pretty deep.

Sarah James: …don’t mind her. My sister still believes that when you get buried alive in wrestling, you actually die.

Katie James: No, I don’t! Shut up!

Sarah James: Then why did you -

Emily puts her hands up, silencing the James sisters.

Emily Corlen: Ladies… please. We can discuss my Christ-like return to the PWA later. For right now, if you’ll excuse me for a moment… I have to finish sending a message to little Ollie here.

The sisters step back as Emily reaches down and picks up the steel chair, then slides it underneath the skull of Ollie, who is still barely moving after the chair shot. Emily moves behind Ollie, then flips him over onto his stomach. She grabs Ollie by the arms, lifts his top half off the ground, positions her foot on the back of Ollie’s head, then lets go of his arms and smashes Ollie’s head into the steel chair with a vicious curb stomp! The crowd utters a loud “oooh” followed by a chorus of boos as the James sisters clap.

Katie James: Final Fantasy 10? His save file just got deleted!

Sarah James: An eye for an eye.

Emily grins evilly, then walks over to the camera and gets close.

Emily Corlen: Johnny Maverick. I know you’re watching, so listen the fuck up. You are a marked man. Your brother here? The first casualty. You’re next. I’m challenging you to a match on the next Chaos. That little move I just hit Ollie with? I call it the Fatal Attraction. I promise, you’re going to be the next to feel it… and once you’ve both felt my wrath, Katie and I are going to bury both of YOU and take the Tag Team Championships for ourselves. We are Youth In Revolt… and this is one party you’re going to wish you weren’t invited to.

The camera pulls back and focuses momentarily on the three women standing together, then shifts down to Ollie, still knocked out, face down on the steel chair, before fading back to ringside.

The Order vs The Apostles

War Games Match

The cameras cut to ringside as Dr. Remo's Dome of Destruction starts lowering. The PWA ring crew finishes spooling barbed wire around one set of ropes, using the pair of wire cutters to snip it off of the half-empty spool before handing the cutters off to referee Dwayne Cross, who pockets them before sliding on a pair of kevlar gloves. At the bottom of the ramp stand Lance Weston and Scott Swindell. At the top stands Eric Emerson, bringing his microphone to his face as the Dome lowers, a few members of the ring crew unlocking its door and opening it to allow the first two participants to enter without a problem.

Eric Emerson: The following contest is your MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING!!!

Massive pop. Almost deafening. Every fan in the arena knows the carnage that's about to ensue.

Eric Emerson: The following contest is a WarGames bout to determine the fate of the Pioneer Wrestling Association. The rules are as follows...

A graphic appears on the ADC-Tron for those in the arena and replaces the live feed for those at home, a bullet point appearing each time Emerson reads off a rule.

Eric Emerson: Two participants will enter, one member from each team, and will begin the match with a 5-minute period to themselves.

On the graphic reads "2 MEN ENTER AND HAVE 5 MINUTES ALONE."

Eric Emerson: After that 5-minute period ends, another member of one team enters to make it a 2-on-1 affair for 2 minutes, and then a member of the opposing team will enter to even the odds at 2-on-2.


Eric Emerson: This continues, alternating from one team to the next, until all 12 competitors have entered the Dome of Destruction, at which point referee Dwayne Cross will be instructed to count any pinfalls or submissions that may occur.

The graphic? "THIS CONTINUES UNTIL ALL 12 HAVE ENTERED, AT WHICH POINT IT BECOMES ONE FALL TO A FINISH." The graphic stays on for a few seconds before the arena is dimmed until only a single beam of light shines on the center of the entrance ramp. The ADC-Tron lights up, showing a countdown on the screen. As the countdown begins, one hears the voice of a young child.

(5) Now I lay me down to sleep
(4) I pray the Lord my soul to keep
(3) And if I die before I wake
(2) I pray the Lord my soul to take

The final line during the countdown is spoken by a grown man, running chills down the spines of those watching.

(1) May God have mercy on your soul...

The opening chords to Soundgarden's "Fell on Black Days" begin to play through the arena, a figure making his way onto the ramp. He begins to reach skyward, the anticipation growing. As his fingers touch, pyro shoots from all sides forming a star above his head. Lucious looks to the ring, slowly dropping his arms to his side.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in tonight at 253 pounds and stands at 6 feet, 3 inches tall...

Lucious walks down the ramp, his eyes fixed on the ring. He reaches out, allowing his hand to touch those of some nearby fans, as he slowly walks down the entrance to the arena.

Eric Emerson: He represents the Order of Chaos...

Whatsoever I've feared has come to life
And Whatsoever I've fought off became my life
Just when everyday seemed to greet me with a smile
Sunspots have faded
Now I'm doing time
Now I'm doing time
Cause I fell on black days
I fell on Black days

Eric Emerson: He is the Beta Warrior of the Pioneer Wrestling Association, and the current PWA World Heavyweight champion...

Whomsoever I've cured I've sickened now
Whomsoever I've cradled I've put you down
I'm a search light soul they say
But I can't see it in the night
I'm only faking when I get it right
When I get it right
Cause I fell on black days
I fell on Black days
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate

So what you wanted to see good has made you blind
And what you wanted to be yours has made it mine
So don't you lock up something that you wanted to see fly
Hands are for shaking
No, not tying
No, not tying

Lucious stops at the bottom of the ramp, turning his head to each side. He shoots into the Dome, sliding underneath the bottom rope into the center of the ring before pushing himself up.

Eric Emerson: ...LUCIOUS STARR!!!

I sure don't mind a change
I sure don't mind a change
Yeah, I said sure dont mind, I sure dont mind the change
I sure dont mind the change
Cos I fell on black days
I fell on black days
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate
If you dont mind the change

Lucious starts to the northwest corner, raising one arm to the sky. The fans loudly voice their discontent with the would-be World Heavyweight champion, the Fury of Hades taking it all in with a smirk. He drops to the mat, turning to ring center, his eyes focused on his boots before he stands and stares up at the entrance curtain, Soundgarden dying down. Lucious walks over to the barbed wire and touches it, shaking out his hand as he nods, smiling.

Eric Emerson: And starting first for the Apostles of Ares...

"Welcome to the Masquerade" by Thousand Foot Krutch cues up, bringing forth a quartet of spotlights circling around the length of the entrance ramp. Marxx steps out from behind the entrance curtain, ignoring the pop that the fans are giving the former World Heavyweight champion as his eyes focus solely on Lucious in the ring.

Eric Emerson: He weighs in at 233 pounds and stands at 6 feet, 3 inches tal...!!

Suddenly, Corey Lazarus rushes past Marxx from the back, sprinting down towards the Dome. In the ring, Starr's grin turns into a surprised look of terror as Lazarus dives under the bottom rope, leaps to his feet, and begins laying right hand after right hand into the skull of the current World Heavyweight champion. Dwayne Cross hesitates as, at the top of the ramp, Marxx looks on, confused. He shrugs, nods, and backs up, motioning for Emerson to make the announcement. Cross, meanwhile, calls for the bell.


Eric Emerson: Introducing first for the Apostles of Ares...

Lazarus wails away on Starr, forcing him into the corner before connecting with random chops and forearms to the chest and jaw, respectively.

Eric Emerson: ...COREY LAZARUS!!!

A barrage of STIFF right forearms to Starr's head are followed up by a whip towards the barbed wire. Starr slides to a stop, though, and scuttles to his feet, trying to exit the ring. Lazarus won't let him, however, and charges in, grabbing a handful of hair and pulling him back in to drop him with a back suplex.

Jon McDaniel: Corey Lazarus is a man on fire tonight!

Brian Rentfro: He's not even supposed to be out first for the Apostles! We all saw that Marxx was coming out, Starr saw it, and for Laz to run in...

Corey mounts Lucious, laying in heavy right hands to Starr. The World champion covers up, blocking most of the strikes, but a few still make their way through.

Brian Rentfro: ...and just shove his own TEAMMATE to the side? What an ego!

Jon McDaniel: EGO?! Corey's been dead-set on aiding in the destruction of the Order since the day they set their sights on Riona Langly! He just wants to get his hands the dirtiest!


Jon McDaniel: Whatever, Brian, just call the match.

Corey gets off of Lucious, breathing heavier than ever as his body still shakes with adrenaline and fury. Starr scrambles to the outside, sitting up on the mats and backing up to the side of the Dome, his eyes wide with surprise and hints of fear.

Brian Rentfro: Look at our World Heavyweight champion, folks! Our UNDISPUTED World Heavyweight champion! The new LEADER of the Order of Chaos! He volunteered to enter the Dome first for his entire team, setting an example for the rest of them, and then he gets blindsided by that rich kid PUNK who's so stuck in the past that he hasn't won a meaningful match in over a year!

Jon McDaniel: ...UNDISPUTED?! Are you serious?!

Corey calmly slides out of the ring, regaining his composure, and stalks to Starr. A boot to Lucious's skull stuns him before Laz brings him up to his feet, whipping him back-first against the ring apron. Starr's eyes squint upon impact, the air temporarily leaving his lungs as the collision rattles his insides from the kidneys forward, and Corey lets loose with an open hand slap across his face.

Brian Rentfro: No respect, folks. No respect.

Corey hits a few right hands into Lucy's skull before rolling him back into the ring. Starr rises to his hands and knees and crawls towards the center of the ring, shaking out the cobwebs, and Laz looks at his hands, holding them palm-up in front of him. His eyes go back and forth between each hand as they rise and lower ever so slightly.

Jon McDaniel: Corey's weighing out some options here...

Laz takes one last glance at his left hand, shrugs, and slides into the ring. Starr rises up to his feet as Corey does the same, the World champion backing up as he raises his fists while Corey, amused, holds up both of his hands. Starr almost backs up into the barbed wire and leaps forward, spinning around to take a good look at what he almost did to himself, before turning back around. Corey waves him in and Lucy obliges, charging in with a lariat attempt. Corey ducks underneath and locks on a rear waistlock, slamming Lucious face-first to the canvas before floating over, paintbrushing the back of his head with a few slaps. Starr rolls away and gets to a knee, bewildered, and Lazarus stands up straight, holding a fist into the air as the crowd applauds and cheers.

Jon McDaniel: Well, it looks like he chose to out-wrestle Starr for the time being.

Brian Rentfro: That's not going to last. Starr's a solid technical wrestler, Jon, and he's been involved in more high-profile matches in the last six months than Laz has, so it's not like Lucious doesn't know how to wrestle. He's the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, for Christ's sake!

Jon McDaniel: Uh-huh...

Starr gets to his feet and stalls a little, the two men circling one another.

Lucious Starr: Wrestling, huh?

Corey nods.

Lucious Starr: Whatever you say. It's your funeral.

Both men go in for a lock-up but Starr rams a boot into Corey's ribcage, following it up with a pair of rights to his jaw that rock him a bit. He whips Corey towards the barbed wire but the Hollywood Kid skids to a stop, turning around just in time to meet a Mafia Kick to the face that forces him closer to the barbed wire, almost falling into it. Starr sees Corey still rocking from the kick and hits the ropes again, looking for another one, but Corey follows him in with a forearm that sends Starr onto the apron. Corey backs up into the center of the ring, his hands on his hips, and blows Lucious a kiss as the World champion rises back up. His face turns red with anger behind his black and white facepaint before he drops down to the floor, heading to the door.

Jon McDaniel: he trying to get out?!

Corey looks at an imaginary watch on his wrist, taps his toe a few times, and shakes his head, sliding out of the ring and walking up to Starr. Lucious sees Corey coming and starts backing away, the backing turning into a run as Corey chases him. They lap once around the ring before Starr turns and throws out a dropkick but eats the ringside mats as Lazarus swats his feet away. Starr has no time to recover, however, before the bottom of Corey's boot is introduced to his back and head several times over.

Brian Rentfro: Dammit, Starr deserves to be treated with RESPECT!!

Lazarus puts a pair of quick soccer kicks to Starr's ribs before he raises him up to his feet, drilling a downward elbow into his forehead before sliding him back into the ring. Lazarus turns and eyes a few pro-Order fans in the front row, their middle fingers drawing his attention.


Corey smirks and chuckles before hocking a nice wad of phlegm into the fan's face, drawing some shocked applause from the pro-PWA fans around him. Starr crawls over to the nearest corner and sits against it, trying to gather his bearings while Laz slides back into the ring, calmly walking over to him. Starr reaches up and plants a right hand into Corey's jaw, sending the L-A-Z back a few steps and allowing Starr to jump to his feet and rush in, looking for a lariat, but Corey kicks his arm away, punishing him with a flurry of clinch knees and kicks to the ribs and midsection before a 1-2 combination of a high roundhouse kick to the head and back spinning kick to the sternum sends Starr back into the corner, taking a seat. Lazarus rubs his cheek and backs up, waving Starr out.

Jon McDaniel: Lucious better be glad that the World title isn't on the line right now because it looks like Corey has his number.

Brian Rentfro: Oh ye of little faith! Shut your mouth and call the action unbiased like you're supposed to.

Jon McDaniel: ME unbiased?! Take your own advice!

Brian Rentfro: It's not my job to be unbiased.

Jon McDaniel: Why the hell do you think that?!

Brian Rentfro: You're the play-by-play guy, I'm the color commentator. It's my job to root for my favorites and provide some entertainment and it's your job to call the moves.

Jon McDaniel: ...riiiiiight...

Starr starts rising and looks to rush Corey, but a bicycle kick to the jaw sends him flying back into the corner. Starr goes to dive in, looking to get Corey's legs out from underneath him, but Laz fires up with a quick kick to the forehead, forcing Lucious to his feet, and then nailing a back roundhouse kick to the sternum that sends Starr through the ropes and to the floor. Corey drops to a knee, holding his arms out to his side to bask in the adulation, and then rolls out of the ring, popping a forearm into the rising Lucy's jaw to stun him. A kick to inside of his thigh follows up, then one to his ribcage, followed by the sandwiching of his head via a rising Muay Thai knee to the jaw and a downward elbow thrust to the top of his head.

Jon McDaniel: Combo #5!!

Starr drops to a heap against the cornerpost, his eyes sloshing around in his head. The countdown starts on the ADC-Tron, starting at 5.



Corey reaches under the ring and pulls out a steel chair, holding it up high for the world to see. He points to Starr, whose hands reach for the middle rope as he tries to continue pulling himself to his feet, and then readies the chair.



Jon McDaniel: Who's next in for the Order?


Megadeth's "Trust" starts with the main riff, forgoing the usual slow-build, and Joshua Danielson runs out from behind the curtain, sprinting down the ramp as Scott Swindell opens the Dome's door.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next for the Order of Chaos...JOSHUA DANIELSON!!!

Corey swings the chair at Starr but hits nothing but cornerpost as Lucious ducks down and rolls away. Lazarus drops the chair from the shock of hitting steel with steel, having no time to recover as Danielson attacks with rights and kicks, blindsiding him in order to do so. Corey, caught by surprise, covers up as Danielson unleashes on him, "Trust" dies down, and Joshua picks up the chair Laz tried to use on his Hell & High Water partner, slamming it over the top of his head.

Brian Rentfro: Hell & High Water are in control! Look at Danielson go!

Joshua pummels Laz with lefts and rights and boots at ringside as Starr tries to come to his senses, crawling to the side of the Dome and using it to start to pull himself to his feet. Corey blocks a wild right hook and jars Joshua back with a stiff forearm, letting loose with a pair of knife-edge chops...

Fans: WHOOO!!! WHOOO!!!

...before he grabs Joshua by the back of the head, looking for some clinch knees.

Jon McDaniel: Here they come...but Starr comes in with a Pearl Harbor!

Lucious nails a pair of clubs to Corey's upper back, stunning him, and then rolls him into the ring. Starr and Danielson follow him in, Starr in front and Joshua behind. Lazarus rises to his feet and gets taken down with a lariat from Lucious and a running legsweep from Danielson.

Brian Rentfro: High/Low!

Danielson jumps onto Corey and chokes him with both hands, Lazarus kicking his feet involuntarily as a means of trying to scramble out from Joshua's grasp, and Starr steps out onto the apron, hopping down to the floor.

Jon McDaniel: What's Starr doing?

Danielson stops choking Corey and looks over to his partner, the two men nodding to one another as Starr yells for Danielson to send Corey out of the ring. Joshua obliges, rolling Corey out to the floor, and Starr brings him up to his feet, spinning him around with a big, heavy right hand. Lucious ducks down and lifts Lazarus up into an Electric Chair, turning so that both men face the ring. Corey lays in a few downward elbows, but Starr holds on as Joshua hits the ropes, leaping up to the top and taking flight...

Jon McDaniel: Oh my...!!!

...connecting with a beautiful missile dropkick to Corey's chest that forces him off of Lucious's shoulders and into the side of the Dome, the impact from hitting the Dome sending the PWA Hall of Famer face-first to the ringside mats. Danielson pulls himself to his feet with the apron, holding his back as he catches his wind. The countdown shows up on the ADC-Tron...



Starr mounts Laz, laying in some right hands as Corey covers up, weathering the storm.



Danielson slides into the ring, getting to his feet as he looks up the ramp, getting ready.


"Welcome to the Masquerade" by Thousand Foot Krutch plays again to a big pop, producing Marxx from behind the curtain. He jogs down the ramp, pointing to Danielson in the ring.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next for the Apostles of Ares...MARXX!!!

Dwayne Cross opens the Dome's door and lets Marxx in, killing Thousand Foot Krutch from the PA, and immediately slams it shut, locking it after him. Danielson slingshots himself over the top rope, looking for a Frankensteiner on Marxx, but "The Midnight Role Model" holds onto him, swinging him head-first into the ring steps.

Jon McDaniel: It looks like Marxx is wasting no time dismantling his former tag partner!!

Brian Rentfro: What the hell did Joshua ever do to him?

Jon McDaniel: Well, for starters, he just tried to blindside him with a slingshot Frankensteiner.

Brian Rentfro: You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

Jon McDaniel: Exactly!

Marxx holds onto Danielson, swinging him head-first into the side of the Dome. The fans cheer him on as Starr gets up from punching Laz, putting some boots into him before he turns to see Marxx deadlift Joshua Danielson up onto his shoulders, drilling him into the mats with a brutal powerbomb.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, you never mess with a man's tag partner!

Starr rushes into Marxx, nailing a pair of right hands into his face to stun him, but Marxx counters with a sickening overhand chop followed with a picture-perfect European uppercut, sending Starr reeling back and into the waiting clutches of a rising L-A-Z, taking Starr down with a schoolboy that he transitions into a Texas Cloverleaf on the floor.

Jon McDaniel: Lucious better be glad that not everybody's involved in the match yet, which means that no pinfalls or submissions can be counted yet!

Brian Rentfro: Blah blah blah, Jon!

Danielson tries to surprise Marxx with a superkick, but Marxx side-steps him, locking on a half nelson and a half rear waistlock before flipping him over in mid-air, nailing him with a release Half Nelson suplex so brutal that Joshua lands forehead-first on the ringside mats.

Jon McDaniel: DID YOU SEE THAT?!

Danielson, somehow, manages to rise to his knees, his eyes rolling in his head, and Marxx gets up, grabbing Joshua and rolling him into the ring. Corey releases the Texas Cloverleaf and brings Starr to his feet, nailing a pair of forearms to stun him. Starr, however, rakes Corey's eyes, temporarily blinding him, and then takes him to the floor with an inverted Atomic Drop followed with an STO. Marxx comes over to him and nails a boot to the midsection, throwing a few overhand chops into his upper back, but Starr takes control with a kick below the belt, followed with a pair of rights to the skull before he picks up the chair, smacking it into Marxx's head.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah! Take control, Lucious!

Marxx staggers back, dazed, and Danielson soars over the top rope with corkscrew senton plancha, colliding with Marxx and riding him into the side of the Dome. Marxx drops down to his knees, holding the back of his head, and Joshua throws him back into the ring. Starr grabs the chair and places it against Corey's throat, choking him as Marxx rises to his feet in the ring. Joshua stands up on the apron, brushing his hair out of his face, and then slingshots himself over the top as Marxx turns to face him, somersaulting forward and connecting with a Dragonrana that dumps Marxx into the canvas on the back of his head. Danielson holds on, looking for a pin, but then realizes that pinfalls don't count yet and gets to his feet, driving a pair of boots into Marxx's skull. In comes the countdown.




Brian Rentfro: And who's going to help with the Order's dominance?



"Make Some Noise" by Krystal Meyers cues up, bringing forth David Blazenwing from behind the curtain. He pushes his hair out of his face as he calmly walks down the ramp, pointing into the Dome with a big smile on his face.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next for the Order of Chaos...DAVID BLAZENWING!!!

Blazenwing feins a yawn as he takes a big step into the Dome, pulling the door shut behind him. Dwayne Cross locks it, "Make Some Noise" dies down, and Blazenwing stands still, crossing his arms over his chest with a shit-eating grin on his face. Starr rolls Lazarus into the ring as Danielson brings Marxx to his feet, whipping him into the corner. Joshua charges in after him, looking for a corner avalanche, but Marxx ducks out of the way. Danielson, however, adjusts in mid-leap and lands on the middle rope, turning to face Marxx. Marxx turns around and Joshua flies off with a corkscrew crossbody, taking Marxx down to the canvas. Starr puts some boots into Corey's ribs as Blazenwing calmly walks over, whistling some random tune to himself.

Jon McDaniel: Way to take this all seriously, Dave.

Brian Rentfro: Why should he? The Order's got this in the bag, just like I've been saying all along!

Lucious brings Corey to his feet and shoves him into the corner as Blazenwing walks up the steps, dusting off his feet on the apron before stepping into the ring. Danielson drops some fists into Marxx's skull as David walks over to him, motioning for him to move. Joshua obliges and Blazenwing drops a knee into Marxx's face. David immediately gets back to his feet, stomps Marxx in the chest, and Danielson forces Marxx up to his feet, locking him into a double chickenwing.

Jon McDaniel: This is just disrespectful.

Brian Rentfro: Hey, when you've got this much of a lead? Revel in it!

Blazenwing helps Starr put some fists into Corey's ribs and jaw before Lucious brings Laz out of the corner, locking him into a double chickenwing as well. Danielson holds Marxx so that he faces Laz as Starr holds Corey so he's facing Marxx, with David Blazenwing stepping in between the two Apostles.

Jon McDaniel: Jeez, what's he doing?

David kicks Corey in the gut and turns, calmly walking over to Marxx. He smooshes Marxx's face up, wrenching his neck back, and then nails a knife-edge chop to his chest.

OoC Fans: WHOOO!!!

Blazenwing goes back to Corey, hitting him with a knife-edge...

OoC Fans: WHOOO!!!

...before he goes back over to Marxx, nailing a quick flurry of right hands into his ribcage. Blazenwing steps back, laughing, and then turns to Corey, dropping to a knee with both of his arms stretched out to either side, basking in the jeers of the pro-Lazarus crowd.

Brian Rentfro: Yes! Just rub it right in, David!

Jon McDaniel: ...just MOCKING Corey Lazarus...he's a Hall of Famer!

Brian Rentfro: All's fair in love and WarGames, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: Har-dee-har-har...

David gets back up and turns to Marxx, crossing his arms in a "X" over his chest and flexing, making an angry face. More jeers from the pro-Marxx crowd.

Brian Rentfro: Show those has-been hacks just what they've gotten themselves into!

Marxx breaks free from Danielson with a kick to the shin and a hip-toss, charging into Blazenwing and tackling him down. Starr breaks his hold of Corey to aid David, but this proves to be a mistake as Lazarus unleashes with forearms and back elbows and roundhouse kicks on Starr, nailing a STIFF Roaring Elbow that turns Lucious around. Corey gets him into a rear waistlock and moves so that the barbed wire ropes are behind him.

Brian Rentfro: NO!!

Jon McDaniel: Yes! Do it, Laz!

Corey starts lifting the current World Heavyweight champion up for a German suplex into the barbed wire ropes, but it gets halted via a superkick to the back of the head from Joshua Danielson. Corey staggers forward and drops to a knee, leaving himself open to a running basement dropkick from Danielson. Blazenwing gets the advantage over Marxx and mounts him, laying in vicious right hands to his skull. Cue up the countdown...


Jon McDaniel: And the odds are about to get even!



Brian Rentfro: It won't even matter, though! The Order's in complete control!



"Rise Above" by Henry Rollins and Mother Superior. The fans go crazy as "The Sadistic Sex Symbol" Johnny Maverick storms out from behind the curtain, a trashcan filled with goodies in tow.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next for the Apostles of Ares...JOHNNY MAVERICK!!!

Maverick charges down the ramp and runs through the portal to the Dome, Scott Swindell slamming and locking the door behind him. Johnny takes an aluminum crutch out from the trashcan and drops it next to him, slides a pair of fluorescent lighttubes into the ring, and hops up onto the apron. Joshua Danielson starts to come towards him but gets the trashcan thrown right into his face, some of its contents - a portable DVD player, a Guitar Hero controller, a staplegun, and a cheese grater - spilling onto the canvas. Danielson drops down, clutching his face, and then slides out of the ring. "Rise Above" fades into silence as Maverick steps into the ring only to be blindsided by Blazenwing, hammered with rights and elbows to the head and ribs. Johnny tries to get away but can't as Starr goes to work on Marxx, putting some boots into him. Blazenwing backs up and readies Johnny for a lariat, but Corey Lazarus hooks his arm, preventing him from doing so. David turns and eats a forearm, sending him back to face Maverick, who whacks him in the ribs with the aluminum crutch, doubling him over.


Johnny holds the crutch, now bent in half, up over his head as David rolls out of the ring, regaining his bearings. Starr brings Marxx to his feet and whips him across the ring towards the corner, but Lazarus and Maverick catch Marxx, stopping him mid-run. The three standing Apostles turn their attention to Starr as Lucious comes to the realization that Danielson is down on the outside and Blazenwing is down on the apron. Starr goes to jump out of the ring to his left but Laz jumps over and blocks him from doing so. Lucious goes to the right but Marxx stops him. Maverick picks up the cheese grater from the floor and waves it at Starr as he gives him a knowing grin. Lucious shakes his head, gives all three men both of his middle fingers, and then rushes out, meeting Corey with a surprise right hand. His offense is short-lived, however, as Marxx and Maverick wail away on him with Lazarus placing a boot in whenever possible.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, and THIS is fair?!

Jon McDaniel: All's fair in love and WarGames, right?

Brian Rentfro: Oh, shut the hell up...

Marxx hooks Starr's right arm as Laz hooks his left, and Johnny mashes the cheese grater into his forehead, grinding it in. He says something to his Apostles teammates, prompting them to hold the cheese grater in place as Johnny picks up the Guitar Hero controller, the one modelled after the classic Angus Young Gibson SG body, and then smashes it into the cheese grater and, thus, forcing the grater into Lucy's forehead. Corey and Marxx release the World Heavyweight champion, letting the grater drop to the canvas, and Starr drops face-first into the canvas, clutching at his face.

Brian Rentfro: Here's Danielson!

Maverick, Laz, and Marxx turn to face Joshua Danielson, who springboards off of the top rope and connects with a somersault plancha onto all three men, knocking them down to the canvas. Blazenwing steps into the ring, picking up the portable DVD player, and Danielson checks on Starr, helping him to his feet. His face is red with a few specs of blood scattered about his forehead and one gash letting loose a trickle that runs down the bridge of his nose and drips off the tip.

Jon McDaniel: Johnny Maverick's drawn first blood!

Maverick gets up to his feet first for the Apostles and Blazenwing targets him, swinging with the DVD player. Mav ducks it, though, and uppercuts him low, forcing him to drop it. Johnny catches it, rises to his feet, and shrugs, waving to Blazenwing first before smashing the DVD player over David's head. Danielson looks to wail on Lazarus as Starr wipes stares at his own blood on his hands, and in comes the countdown.






Filter's "Hey Man, Nice Shot" cues up at the first chorus, Richard Patrick's scream filling the audience. Bronx Williams hops over the guardrail at the bottom of the ramp, turning around to punk out a couple of fans, and stalks into the Dome.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next for the Order of Chaos...BRONX WILLIAMS!!!

Bronx slides under the bottom rope and stands up behind Maverick, his hair moving from the mere force of his breath, and Johnny turns around to eat a boot in the gut. A pair of rights hands follow before Bronx drops Johnny with sick release Northern Lights suplex. Danielson throws a few fists into Laz before Corey fires back with a pair of forearms to the jaw, whipping him into the ropes. Marxx rises up and kicks Bronx in the midsection, doubling him over, before hitting the ropes. He looks for a running knee to the face of Williams but Bronx catches Marxx's leg, throwing back down before nailing a boot to the gut. Danielson rebounds and charges Laz, who meets him with a Kenka Kick to the face, the force sending Danielson backflipping to mat, landing on his chest.

Jon McDaniel: What FORCE!!

Brian Rentfro: Pfft!

Bronx goes to whip Marxx into the barbed wire ropes but Marxx stops short, looking to reverse it into a short-arm clothesline. Bronx ducks under Marxx's arm and goes behind him, locking on a reverse headlock before turning and dropping to his knees, bending Marxx's back over his own.

Brian Rentfro: BEAUTIFUL backbreaker variation by Bronx...and here he goes...!

Marxx is still on his feet, hurt, and Williams quickly rises back up. He turns Marxx around and throws him face-first into the barbed wire ropes, the fans letting out a collective roar of both approval for the spot and shock from seeing it happen. Marxx drops to his knees, backing away as a little bit of blood begins seeping out of the wound on his brow where the barbed wire connected.

Jon McDaniel: Do you see how close to his eye that is?! He could have lost an eye right there!!

Brian Rentfro: It's an inherent risk, especially when you're in the ring with somebody like Bronx Williams.

Bronx smells blood and lets out a sadistic smile, rushing in and putting a pair of boots into the fresh wound to draw more blood from it. Lazarus brings Joshua to his feet and nails a pair of roundhouse kicks to the side of his head before a leaping knee sends him reeling back into the corner. Starr sees Bronx dealing with Marxx and walks over, tapping Williams on the shoulder. Bronx looks to throw a punch but stops himself, seeing that his attention has been drawn from his teammate, his "leader." Williams grabs a strand of the barbed wire and pulls it against Marxx's face, grinding it in as Marxx lets out unintentional screams of pain.

Jon McDaniel: What are they going to do?!

Starr backs up into the corner, measuring Marxx, and then rushes it, nailing a dropkick to send the barbed wire directly into Marxx's face. Bronx lets go as Marxx drops down, desperately trying to get the barbed wire out of his flesh as his blood begins to spill onto the canvas.

Brian Rentfro: Oh YEAH, baby!

Corey rushes Starr from behind with right hands, causing the World champion to bail out of the ring. Bronx starts to move towards Laz but gets tackled by Maverick, the two men trading rights and lefts as they roll out to the floor. Corey slides out of the ring and comes up behind Starr, drilling a few kicks into his lower back. Blazenwing comes to and walks over to Marxx, his hand firmly places against his head where Johnny smashed the portable DVD player. Bronx and Johnny trade shots on the outside, neither man getting an advantage, and Corey doubles Starr over and locks him into a front facelock, draping his arm over his shoulder before he quickly "slices" his own throat with his thumb.

Jon McDaniel: Box Office Bomb...!!

Danielson slides out of the ring, grabbing one of the fluorescent lighttubes off of the floor that Maverick brought into the Dome with him, stalking towards Laz and Starr. Blazenwing puts a few boots into Marxx's ribs as Bronx slams Maverick face-first into the Dome a few times, his upper hand recanted when Maverick uses the Dome as a springboard of sorts by kicking off of it and drilling a back elbow into Bronx's face.

Jon McDaniel: I'm not sure I'm liking where this is going...

Corey hooks Lucious's leg and goes to lift him up but gets kicked in the small of the back by Joshua, preventing the Box Office Bomb from taking place. Lazarus turns, his teeth clenched from the stinging pain, and turns to face Danielson, only to get the fluorescent lighttube smashed over his head. Gas and shards of glass go everywhere as Corey stands, dazed...


...before falling to his side against the Dome, barely managing to brace his fall.

Jon McDaniel: I'm glad that you're enjoying this.

Brian Rentfro: Hey, Laz is the whole reason that the Order of Chaos even came into the PWA to begin with, and then he just decides to sever his ties with them due to a slight disagreement?! He deserves everything he gets!

Jon McDaniel: A SLIGHT disagreement?! What the he...!

Brian Rentfro: Shut up and call the match!

And here's the countdown again.


Maverick puts some boots into Bronx's chest.


Blazenwing brings Marxx to his feet and whips him into the corner, charging in with a back elbow to send Marxx staggering out before connecting with a Russian Legsweep that sends the back of Marxx's head int the second turnbuckle pad.


Starr and Danielson trade boots on Corey, alternating between his gut, ribcage, and head.


Maverick sees Starr and Danielson double-teaming Laz on the opposite side of the floor and begins making his way over there, only to eat a dropkick through the ropes by Blazenwing that sends him into the side of the Dome.


"The New Ministry" by Walls of Jericho cues over the PA, drawing a massive, ridiculous, DEAFENING pop from everybody in the audience, be they pro-PWA or pro-Order. Riona Langly rushes out from the back holding a Singapore Cane wrapped in barbed wire, doing nothing to acknowledge any fans as she sprints down the ramp and into the Dome, immediately targeting Starr.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next for the Apostles of Ares...RIONA LANGLY!!!

Jon McDaniel: YES!! YES!!

Brian Rentfro: I never knew you were such a huge fan of watching little girls get hurt, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: Oh please...!

"The New Ministry" dies down as Starr sees Riona charging at him and runs away, nearly tripping over Maverick as Blazenwing stomps on him. Danielson stops choking Lazarus to turn and face Langly but eats the barbed wire-wrapped Cane, falling down and leaving a few strands of hair in the wire.

Jon McDaniel: Did you see that?!?!

Brian Rentfro: What the hell! Joshua Danielson's hair is too gorgeous to rip out like that!

Jon McDaniel: It's all fair game when barbed wire's involved.

Brian Rentfro:

Riona continues her chase of Starr, stopping only when Blazenwing surprises her with a handful of hair. Riona turns and lays a pair of wire-wrapped Cane shots into his face, dropping the former owner of the BWF. Starr slides into the ring and dares Riona to enter. She obliges, but then gets her foot caught by Bronx Williams, who pulls her out of the ring, forcing her to drop the wire-wrapped Cane, and plants a few right hands into her forehead. Riona blocks a right hand and DROPS Williams with a HUUUUUUUUUUGE elbow to the jaw, sending Bronx scrambling away on the floor. In the ring, Starr picks up the wire-wrapped Cane, which Riona sees. Langly, undeterred, slides into the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Take her out, Lucious! Baaaaaaatter UP!!

Starr dares Riona to come at him and she obliges. He swings, she ducks it and hits the ropes, and Starr turns, looking for a Mafia Kick. She catches his foot and swings him around, connecting with a STIFF backbrain elbow that forces Starr face-first into the ropes, dropping the wire-wrapped Cane to the mat. Riona picks the Cane up and readies it as Lucious rises and turns.

Jon McDaniel: Here it comes...!!

Brian Rentfro: Oh no!!

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!!! Lucious can't even fall to the mat as the barbed wire sticks into his flesh and his hair. Starr desperately tries to escape but finds himself between a rock and a hard place near the barbed wire ropes, the Cane still stuck to him. Langly smiles and backs up, charging forward and nailing another STIFF elbow to Starr, sending him back-first into the barbed wire ropes and digging the barbed wire around the Singapore Cane even deeper into his head.

Brian Rentfro: Somebody do something!!

Jon McDaniel: He brought this on himself!

Brian Rentfro: WHEN?!

Jon McDaniel: When he forced Riona to vacate the World Heavyweight title and then crowned himself champion!

Starr pulls himself out of the wire, collapsing to his knees, and manages to pull the wire-wrapped Cane off of him, producing more blood. Johnny Maverick and Bronx Williams trade shots on the floor, Corey Lazarus drills David Blazenwing between the ring apron and the steps with a flurry of rights and forearms and elbows and kicks and knees, and Marxx locks Joshua Danielson into a Camel Clutch-like hold, driving his knee right into the center of his back. The countdown starts...



Brian Rentfro: Who's next to even up the odds?


Jon McDaniel: ...are you INSANE?!



"King of the World" by Porcelain & The Tramps cues up, producing Rayn from behind the curtain. The half-brother Simon Kalis calmly walks down to the ring, in no rush, and nods as he licks his lips, cracking his knuckles.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next for the Order of Chaos...DANIEL "RAYN" KALIS!!!

Rayn steps through the Dome's door, spying Riona working over Starr in the ring, and slides in, coming up behind her to drill her with a pair of crossface punches, dazing her and pulling her off of Starr. Rayn wastes no time just merely brawling, however, and turns her around, dropping her quickly with a T-Bone suplex that dumps her onto the back of her head.

Brian Rentfro: YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!! Go, Rayn, go!!

Jon McDaniel: I'm glad you're enjoying the fact that the Order only seems to be in the lead whenever they have the odd-man advantage.

Brian Rentfro: I just enjoy it whenever Riona Langly gets dumped on her head, but now that you mention it?

Rayn gets up and mocks Riona by snapping off her very own crux pose, not realizing that Langly's already risen to her feet behind him. He turns, his eyes go wide upon his realization that Riona's barely phased, and then a pair of elbows to the face rock him back towards the barbed wire. Rather than shove him into the wire, though, Langly...

Jon McDaniel: ...headlock takedown from Riona Langly?!

Brian Rentfro: ...I'm as confused as you are...

Jon McDaniel: But...she's the First Apostle...she even said that she left her technical days behind her until she's dealt with the Order!

Brian Rentfro: Well, I'm sure we're all grateful for her wise decision just now.

Rayn locks Riona into a headscissors as Maverick looks for the Tony Jaa on Bronx outside, only for Williams to catch his knees and turn the move into a spinebuster variation against the steel ring steps. Blazenwing rakes Corey's eyes to get him away, following it up with a back suplex onto the ring apron. Marxx whips Danielson into the side of the Dome, backs up, and charges forward, but Joshua quickly leaps forward and plants Marxx into the side of the Dome with a spinning headscissors as Rayn and Riona switch off headlocks and hammerlocks and standing armbars and a variety of basic wrestling holds.

Jon McDaniel: Rayn with a rear waistlock, he's looking for a German...NO! Riona with a Victory Roll...SHE'S LOOKING FOR THE PAINKILLER OVERDOSE!

Riona gets Rayn turned over and locks on the side Indian Deathlock, reaching up to get the quarter nelson crossface hold on to cinch it in, but Starr grabs a handful of her hair, bringing her up to her feet. He whips her into the ropes, buying Rayn some time to recover and get to his feet, and leaps forward with a Thesz Press.


Starr crumbles to the mat, desperately trying to regain his breath as he rolls out of the ring. Rayn plants a pair of rights into Langly's face and then drops her with a quick DDT. He sits up, snaps another mocking crux pose, and then grabs his own handful of her hair, looking to bring her to her feet. Bronx brings Maverick to his feet on the outside, picking up the Guitar Hero controller he brought in, and then smashes it into pieces with one whack over Johnny's head, causing the former "God of Failure" to collapse into the side of the Dome. Blazenwing and Lazarus trade shots with David gaining the advantage thanks to a kick to the knee and a pair of headbutts.

Brian Rentfro: So much for the "Best Striker in PWA History," eh?

Just as Rentfro finishes his sentence, Lazarus unleashes a huge knife-edge chop...

Fans: WHOOO!!!

...that sends Blazenwing reeling back, clutching at his chest. A high roundhouse kick to the head follows, some clinch knees to the midsection weakening David even more, and Corey then winds up and connects with a picture-perfect Roaring Elbow that sends Blazenwing collapsing down. Corey drops to his hands and knees, the energy drained from him, and thus doesn't notice Joshua Danielson coming off of the top rope.

Jon McDaniel: VICIOUS double stomp from Danielson!!

Marxx pulls himself to his feet and starts making his way towards Starr as Rayn sets Riona up for the Epiphany, doubling her over with a kick to the midsection before underhooking both arms. Rayn turns to make sure to face each section of the crowd, but Riona breaks free, nailing a pair of elbows to his face that turn him around.

Brian Rentfro: Oh shiiiii...!!!

Langly hits the ropes and comes back with a BRUTAL backbrain elbow, sending Rayn face-first into the barbed wire ropes. He screams in surprised agony as Langly snaps off her own crux pose, basking in the cheers of the fans. In comes the countdown.


Danielson breaks up Riona's brief celebration by throwing a ladder into the back of her head, knocking her down to her knees as she breathes heavy through clenched teeth, holding her head to try to numb the pain.


Marxx grabs Starr and sets him up for a powerbomb, pointing to the Dome as his target.


Bronx rushes over and hits a lariat to the back of Marxx's head, allowing Starr to reverse his powerbomb attempt into a back body drop, sending Marxx directly into the side of the Dome.


Rayn pulls himself free from the barbed wire, blood trickling down his face, and Maverick is seen using the apron to pull himself up, busted open himself from the Guitar Hero controller shot to the face.


==/Time for a lil' Southern Jusitce\==

The fans pop big as Colt Ford's "Ride Through the Country" cues up, bringing forth Jethro Hayes and the very spool of barbed wire that the ring crew used earlier to set up the match. The nearly unanimous pop turns into a mixed reaction, 5-3 cheers-to-boos, as Hayes starts marching down to the Dome.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next for the Apostles of Ares...JETHRO HAYES!!!

Hayes charges down the ramp, barrelling past Dwayne Cross and Scott Swindell, and immediately charges to Bronx, throwing the spool of barbed wire right at his head. Williams ducks, luckily, but rises up to his feet just in time for a vicious Spear that sends him right down to the floor.


Brian Rentfro: Why don't you say it again, just in case somebody didn't hear you the first two times?

Starr grabs another one of the lighttubes that Maverick brought in and slides into the ring, sneaking up to Riona as Danielson peppers her with a few right hands. Hayes charges into the ring and immediately attacks Rayn, pounding away with fist after fist until Daniel Kalis crumbles into the corner, the onslaught of the scorned southerner not letting up one bit. Riona fires back on Danielson with a pair of elbows and a knife-edge chop...

Fans: WHOOO!!!

...and then whips him into the ropes, right in the direction Starr's entering the ring from. Maverick staggers over towards Starr and Lucious drops down on the apron, pulling down on the top rope just as Danielson was about to meet him, sending Joshua flying over the top with a topé con hilo onto Johnny, both men crashing down.

Brian Rentfro: AMAZING teamwork by our World champion, the REAL World champion, and his Hell & High Water comrade! That's the kind of smarts that only the TRUE World Heavyweight champion would display, folks.

Jon McDaniel: Ugh...well, speaking of which, here comes Riona!

Langly stalks in towards Starr, grabbing a handful of his hair as she winds up for a right hand, but Lucious smashes the lighttube over her head, sending her down to the mat. Starr hops off of the apron and picks up the spool of barbed wire that Jethro brought in, sending it into the ring before he rolls back in himself. Hayes and Rayn trade shots on the outside until Corey pulls himself up onto the apron.

Corey Lazarus: JETHRO!!

Hayes blocks a right hand from Rayn and nails a pair of his own before turning around, seeing Lazarus dash towards him on the apron. Hayes ducks down and Corey leaps off into Rayn, connecting with a diving spinning wheel kick that sees both men land in a heap on the floor. Corey rises back to his feet, however, and wipes away the little bit of blood that the lighttube drew from him earlier. He and Jethro just nod to one another as Bronx and Blazenwing come back into play, Williams tackling Laz into the Dome and Blazenwing dropping Hayes with a surprise inverted DDT.

Brian Rentfro: You see that? What just happened to Corey and Jethro? Those are two perfect reasons why the Apostles will NOT win tonight.

Jon McDaniel: Oh yeah? Explain.

Starr unspools a few feet of the barbed wire and looks for referee Dwayne Cross, finding him over by the door. Starr connects with a leg drop across Riona's throat before sliding out of the ring, marching towards Cross. He grabs Dwayne by the collar of his striped shirt, pinning him up against the Dome. He says something to him and Dwayne nods, frightened, before sliding off his kevlar gloves and pulling the wire cutters out of his pocket, handing them to Starr. Lucious gives Dwayne an appreciate couple of light slaps to the cheek, nodding, and slides the kevlar gloves onto his hands before he rolls back into the ring.

Jon McDaniel: What the hell is he going to...oh...oh no...oh, Jeez, no!

Starr cuts the barbed wire so that he has himself a six-foot length before giving Riona soccer kick to the ribs, forcing her to roll onto her back. She manages to rise to her hands and knees, catching her breath, and Starr uses his length of barbed wire to whip her across her back, eliciting a collective gasp from the crowd.


Jon McDaniel: You're DISGUSTING!!

Riona's eyes widen as she screams in pain, but Starr just rips the wire away from her before doing it again. And again. Blood seeps from the wounds on Langly's back and side as, on the outside, Rayn pulls a table out from under the ring, propping it up against the ring apron. Danielson picks up one of the broken ends of the lighttube that Starr smashed over Riona's head, as Lucious digs the barbed wire into Langly's back in the ring, and walks over to Marxx, digging the broken glass into Marxx's head on the outside just by the barbed wire ropes. In comes the countdown.


Blazenwing reaches under the ring and pulls out a trashcan filled with fluorescent lighttubes, stacking them up on the floor in a heap as Johnny Maverick crawls towards him from behind.


Rayn plants some right hands into Jethro's face as Marxx, his own blood flowing freely from a gash on his head, gets brought to his feet.


Bronx pounds Corey's face into the Dome, producing some blood from the Hollywood Kid, and then wipes Corey's blood off onto his hands, using it as warpaint on his face.

Jon McDaniel: Oh, that's just SICK!!


Rayn gets Jethro ready for an overhead belly-to-belly into the table, but Hayes blocks and doubles him over, setting him up for a powerbomb.


Danielson charges at Marxx with a steel chair in hand, but Marxx scoops Joshua up above his head and tosses him back-first into the barbed wire ropes, the barbs digging and slicing Joshua's back up as he skids down it. "Cross That Line" by Akon & Rick Ross cues up over the PA system, producing Simon Kalis from the back.


Eric Emerson: Introducing last for the Order of Chaos...SIMON KALIS!!!

Simon calmly walks down the ramp, a microphone in his hand, and motions for the music to be cut. "Cross That Line" dies and Kalis stops halfway, snapping off his trademark fascist salute before he brings the microphone to his face.

Simon Kalis: And so it has begun! The final battle! Angels and Demons! Good versus Evil! Give me a fucking break.

Rayn blocks the powerbomb from Jethro with an uppercut below the belt as Blazenwing nails a few right hands into Maverick's head. Starr rolls Riona out of the ring as Bronx brings Corey up onto the apron, bringing him to his feet and dazing him with a few jabs to the skull.

Simon Kalis: You see here, ladies and gentlemen. Inside of this ring you have some of the greatest wrestlers the industry has ever known! All under one roof, for your fickle pleasures!

Starr drags the spool of barbed wire out with him, cutting off another few feet of it, and then brings Langly to her feet, shoving her up against the Dome. Blazenwing scoops Johnny up into a fireman's carry, but Maverick fires off some elbows into the side of David's head, forcing him to drop him back to the floor. Lazarus surprises Bronx with a European uppercut, nearly sending the estranged Strader cousin off of the apron, and then wipes blood off his face, the deep wound in his forehead from the side of the Dome resembling a lady's private parts more than it does your typical scrape.

Simon Kalis: So much has happened over the last year... So much blood shed, and for what? For ego? For pride? For championship glory? Perhaps all these things, and yet none more vivid than the power I hold in my hands.

Bronx boots Corey in the gut, doubling him over, and then takes him down to the floor with a picture-perfect Salvation. Bronx sits up, holding his back, and inches himself to the apron, leaning up against it. Maverick swings with a wild right hook to Blazenwing but David ducks it, scooping him back up into a fireman's carry before quickly dropping him onto the pile of lighttubes with a Death Valley Driver. Johnny sits up, shards of glass sticking into his skin and stuck in his hair, and lets out a silent scream before falling to his side.

Simon Kalis: I want the entire audience here tonight, and all of you watching from the comfort of your homes to bare witness to the power of Simon Kalis! For it is I who has brought all of these poor, unfortunate souls to this crossroads of history! I have grabbed the PWA by the balls, and made her mine! Now witness them battle! All in the glory of the Supreme Commander of the PWA's honor!

Starr wraps the barbed wire around Riona's wrist and one of the bars of the Dome, doing the same with the other length he cut, and backs up, admiring his work. Rayn drags Jethro by the hair over to Starr, specifically near the spool of barbed wire, and hits him with a bulldog onto the wire, Jethro immediately rolling away and spasming as he holds his face, screaming in pain. Kalis walks down through the doorway to the Dome, smiling, and steps in, the door closing and locking behind him.

Simon Kalis: Of course, there is no honor anymore is there? There is only this moment, and in the heat of this battle...

Marxx scoops Joshua up over his shoulder, looking for Leaving Marxx, but Kalis stops mid-sentence to pull Danielson off of his shoulders, picking up a chair and smashing it into Marxx's bloodied face as he turns around. Kalis smirks and shrugs before sliding into the ring, standing tall, and bringing the microphone back to his face.

Simon Kalis: Bow before me, APOSTLE SCUM! Bow before your fucking LORD! You! Marxx! You! Johnny! You! Corey! You Jethro! And YOU! RIONA!!

Starr and Rayn focus on Riona, taking turns hitting her in the ribs with fists and boots. Kalis tosses the barbed wire-wrapped Singapore Cane out to them and Lucious picks it up, smacking it against Riona's ribs, causing little cuts to seep blood like their brothers and sisters adorning Riona's back and side.

Simon Kalis: I hereby retake the mantle of leadership of The Order of Chaos, and no man shall usurp my power! The truth is, everything has already been set in motion for the destruction and end of the Apostles! Tonight, ladies and gentlemen! We finally pass from the Era of Chaos and enter the hallowed Era of Order I spoke of from the onset! Welcome to Simon Kalis's PWA!

Bronx boots Corey in the back of the head as blood pools under his face, Danielson climbs up onto the apron and rides the chair like a skateboard into the face of a seated Marxx, Blazenwing takes some of the broken glass and digs it into Johnny's face, and Rayn grinds Jethro's crimson mask against the Dome, taking the occasional break to punch at the wounds and make them open more.


Rayn, Starr, Danielson, Bronx, and Blazenwing slide into the ring, each standing with Simon in the center. They each pop off the OoC's fascist salute, standing tall and proud.


And then, of course, comes the countdown.




Hayes crawls over to Riona, picks up the wire cutters that Starr took from Dwayne Cross, and cuts her free, pulling her up to her feet. Maverick pulls himself up to his feet with the aid of the Dome, holding onto it to get his balance, and Marxx does the same on the opposite side of the floor.


Corey reaches under the ring and pulls out a roll of duct tape, slowly wrapping it around his head to keep his wound closed.


The lights in the arena die...


The fans begin to pop, one by one. Dream Evil's "Vengeance" cues up, but the lights fail to return, just the darkness accompanying the music.

Brian Rentfro: What's...what's going on...

The lights return to show Chamelion sitting at the bottom of the ramp in a wheel chair, his left leg in a cast, flashing the Order a Cheshire cat grin, admiring the fact that all six of them have no idea that Raizzor is already standing inside the ring, behind all six members of the Order of Chaos. "Vengeance" dies down as Swindell and Weston scramble to lock the cage door, and the fans make everybody go DEAF!!


Eric Emerson: Introducing the final member of the Apostles of Ares...

The Order of Chaos look on, confused, and Kalis walks across the ring as Raizzor slowly, dramatically, drags his thumb across his throat.

Eric Emerson: ...RAIZZOR!!!

Kalis shakes his head, laughing, and then looks up at the ADC-Tron, his jaw dropping before he turns around, prompting the others to do so as well. Raizzor grabs Danielson and Bronx by their throats and lifts them up, sending both to the canvas with powerful chokeslams. Starr, Rayn, and Blazenwing dive out of the ring, but get pounced on by Hayes, Maverick, and Marxx. Raizzor points across the ring to Kalis as Danielson and Bronx roll out to the floor, slowly dragging his thumb across his throat again, and Kalis just smiles at him, taking a bow.


Brian Rentfro: Don't worry, it's just a strategy! Retreat, regroup, and re-assess the plan!

Maverick wails away on Rayn with wild rights and lefts, throwing in a few elbows for good measure. Kalis turns, sees this, and looks back to Raizzor, spying Joshua Danielson rising to his feet on the apron, readying himself for something. Simon gives Raizzor the fascist salute, takes a bow, and then leaps over the top rope onto Johnny Maverick, taking "The Sadistic Sex Symbol" down to the floor. Kalis then locks on a one-armed chinlock and begins dropping elbows into his forehead. Raizzor turns around just time to see Joshua Danielson take flight, looking for a springboard crossbody, and positively destroys him via a Big Boot in mid-air to the chest, sending Joshua scrambling out of the ring holding his sternum immediately after impact, collapsing against the side of the Dome.

Jon McDaniel: There's no rest for the wicked...

Danielson has no time to truly recover, however, as Corey Lazarus rushes up on him, sandwiching him into the Dome with a body splash. Jethro stomps away on Starr, sending the back of his head into the ringsteps a few times as Blazenwing and Marxx trade shots back and forth. Kalis brings Maverick to his feet and grates his bloodied face across the Dome, screaming at some fans in the front row.


Hayes gets the bent crutch from earlier smashed into the back of his skull by Bronx, who then slides into the ring, going right after Raizzor. Raizzor seems completely unharmed after a few big right hands from Williams, so Bronx hits the ropes, looking for a Mafia Kick. Raizzor grabs his foot in mid-move, though, and levels him with a huge right hand. Bronx pops back up to his feet and Raizzor whips him into the ropes. Williams rebounds and ducks a clothesline attempt, stopping on a dime to turn around right behind the Soul-Taker, turning him around quick and drilling him back-first to the canvas with a picture-perfect spinebuster. Laz gets Danielson in position and lifts him up for a powerbomb, charging towards the barbed wire ropes before throwing him back-first into it, the wire slicing more chunks out of Danielson's back.

Brian Rentfro: Where the fuck is Kalis?! WHY ISN'T HE STOPPING THIS?!

Jon McDaniel: Because he's too busy enjoying it!

Blazenwing doubles Marxx over, picks up Riona's barbed wire-wrapped Cane, and then takes a swing towards the head of "The Midnight Role Model," but Marxx ducks underneath it, locking on a rear waistlock, and hurls David through the table that Rayn propped against the apron earlier with a release German suplex. HUGE POP! Starr grabs Hayes by his hair and slams him face-first a few times into the ringsteps, using Jethro's own blood to turn bits of the bright, shiny steel red. Lazarus gets blind-sided by Rayn with the steel chair that Joshua skateboarded into Marxx earlier, its seat denting nearly in half over Corey's skull as Lazarus slumps down to a knee, his lights on but nobody home. Kalis grabs a length of barbed wire that once held Riona to the Dome and wraps it around Maverick's head, specifically his mouth, before pulling on it. Johnny's eyes go wide as screams force their way from his lungs, but the brothers Kalis show no mercy as Simon continues wrenching it in and Rayn puts some boots into his midsection. In the ring, Bronx goes to whip Raizzor into the barbed wire ropes, but Raizzor reverses it and sends Williams in. Bronx leaps over them and, somehow, manages to land on his feet on the apron.

Brian Rentfro: What cat-like agility!

It's all for naught, however, as Riona Langly surprises him with a shot from her wire-wrapped Cane to the back, the babed wire tearing his shirt and piercing into his flesh. Williams falls off of the apron to his hands and knees, the wire-wrapped Cane still stuck in him, and Lucious Starr surprises Raizzor with a few shots to the back of the head with the trashcan. Riona sees this and then walks to the side of the ring, digging into her boot as she does so.

Jon McDaniel: Oh no...we've seen this before...!!

Rayn comes over to her and gets it first: SPIKE SPIKE SPIKE!!! Daniel Kalis falls down, clutching at the fresh wounds in his head. Simon looks up at her and just shrugs, backing away to turn his attention to Marxx, ripping him off of Blazenwing and shoving him up against the Dome, nailing a rising knee into his face before showering his jaw and cheeks with right and left jabs. Jethro Hayes seems to not appreciate this much, though, and charges at Simon, sending him flipping backwards over himself with a MASSIVELY STIFF lariat.

Brian Rentfro: No, Lucious! Get out of the ring!!

Starr roars in approval of himself as he digs the edge of the trashcan into Raizzor's throat, not realizing that Riona has slid into the ring, coming up behind him. Lucious stands up and looks down at the elder Sommers brother, raising his fists up into the air in premature glory to a HUGE POP which, unbeknownst to Starr, is for Riona slowly raising her scratched and bloodied arms up into a crux pose, the railroad spike in one hand. Starr turns around and...


Brian Rentfro: NOOOO!!!

Starr falls down, grabbing his face, and immediately rolls out of the ring. Joshua Danielson pulls a 10-foot ladder out from underneath the ring and slides it in, following in after it, and then picks it up, tossing it into the back of Langly's head. Riona goes flying face-first into the barbed wire ropes to the amusement of Danielson, who sets up the ladder in the center of the ring. On the outside, Hayes picks up the other length of barbed wire that held Riona to the Dome and goes to whip Simon Kalis with it, but Simon produces a chair from under the ring first, throwing it into Jethro's face. Hayes dropps to a knee, relinquishing his hold of the barbed wire, and Kalis picks it up, wrapping it around his right boot.

Simon Kalis: Oh, you're going to fucking get it now, cracka...

On the opposite side of the floor, the one near the barbed wire ropes, Corey Lazarus has come to, pulling out a table from underneath the ring and setting it up parallel to the apron. On the adjacent side, Bronx Williams has pulled out his own table, setting it up perpendicular to the apron before pulling out a second for himself, also setting it up perpendicular to the apron. Danielson grabs the trashcan and climbs up the ladder, stopping only twice for a few seconds to wipe blood out of his eyes, reaching the top just as Raizzor pulls himself to his feet.

Brian Rentfro: It's about to look like a 747 just threw garbage out the window!

Jon McDaniel: What the hell kind of an analogy is that?

Brian Rentfro: You'll see!

Joshua flies off of the top of the ladder, bringing the trashcan down across Raizzor's head. The big man falls to the canvas as Danielson scrambles to his feet, picking the trashcan back up. Bronx Williams comes over to Laz and peppers him with a few rights, doubling him over and backing up a few paces. Kalis starts nailing Hayes in the face and body with jabs and uppercuts and knees before adding some roundhouse kicks into the combination, the barbed wire wrapped around his foot tearing at Jethro's clothes and skin.

Brian Rentfro: AK-47!!!

Jon McDaniel: With BARBED WIRE?!

Kalis nails a huge high roundhouse with his wire-wrapped foot to Jethro's head, sending the redneck down to the floor with a few strands of hair stuck to the wire on Simon's foot. Rayn reaches under the ring and pulls out a cinder block, smiling as blood pours over his pearly whites. Simon Kalis laughs and spits on Jethro's chest as Langly comes up behind him, reaching around to his face...


Kalis falls down and quickly hurries away, a few fresh gashes on his forehead beginning to ooze plasma. Bronx charges towards the hunched over Lazarus, looking for a lariat to the back of his head...

Brian Rentfro: TENSA ZANGETSU...!!

...but Corey steps back, causing Williams to connect with the ring apron face-first.

Jon McDaniel: NO!! URANAGE!!

Corey lifts Bronx up for a Uranage suplex but gets elbows to the back of his head instead. Rayn places the cinder block on the floor, decks Maverick in the side of the head to get his attention, and then drops him forehead-first onto the concrete brick with a DDT. Danielson rushes over to the ropes and hurls the trashcan into Corey's face, buying Bronx a little bit of time to recover. Unfortunately, Raizzor sits straight up, turning to face Joshua - his back turned to the Soul-Taker - before rising to his feet.

Brian Rentfro: No...Joshua, turn around...turn around...!

Danielson turns around a second too late, getting Raizzor's massive right hand wrapped around his throat. Raizzor's eyes widen and roll into the back of his head before he lifts Joshua high up in a Gorilla Press position, launching him over the top rope and into Bronx Williams, sending both men down. Rayn grinds Maverick's face into the cinder block as Riona makes her way towards Starr, picking up her wire-wrapped Cane on the way over.

Jon McDaniel: It looks like Raizzor's going outside to join in on some of the carnage...

Raizzor goes to the outside and brings Blazenwing up to his feet, nailing him with a few rights and boots. Rayn sees this, watching Raizzor drag Blazenwing past the bodies of Danielson, Bronx, and a kneeling Lazarus, and then shoves Maverick to the side, lifting up the cinder block and following the big man. Riona turns Starr around and swings the wire-wrapped Cane at his face like a baseball bat, but Lucious ducks underneath it. Riona turns and eats a back elbow from the current World Heavyweight champion, causing her to drop the wire-wrapped Cane, and Starr picks it up, tearing the barbed wire off of it.

Brian Rentfro: Okay...why would you take off the wire? Even I don't see a point to that.

Riona uses this opportunity to try for a Roaring Elbow but Starr ducks that as well, thwacking Langly over the side of the head with the Singapore Cane. Langly falls down, holding her head, and Starr finishes stripping the barbed wire off of it, throwing it to the floor. Rayn comes up behind Raizzor, looking to heave the cinder block at him as the Soul-Taker trades a few shots with Blazenwing, but Lazarus rushes up from behind and surprises him with a STIFF Boomerang Kick to the back of the head, forcing Rayn to miss the heaving of the cinder block and hit the door before dropping to the floor.

Jon McDaniel: I think that cinder block may have done some damage to the lock on that door...

Brian Rentfro: No shit, Sherlock.

Raizzor grabs Blazenwing by the throat and hurls him into the Dome, driving a Big Boot into his jaw that sends him down to the floor. Sommers then walks over to the door of the Dome, inspecting it, and notices that the lock is halfway dented and the welding on it is now half broken. He looks at his brother at the bottom of the ramp and the two exchange a knowing nod. Lazarus brings Rayn to his feet and drives some forearms and elbows into his open wounds before slamming his face into the table that he set up moments earlier. Kalis finds Maverick and pulls a chair out from under the ring, smiling.

Jon McDaniel: What the hell is Kalis going to do now?!

Marxx pulls himself to his feet with the aid of the Dome and staggers around the corner of the ring. Starr slides Riona into the ring and follows her in, eyeing the ladder, the two tables that Bronx set up on the outside, and the barbed wire ropes. He nails Langly with a Cane shot before getting a handful of hair, dragging her to her feet and whipping her into the corner. Kalis raises the chair up high above his head, ready to bring it down on Johnny, but Maverick surprises him with a kick between the legs, causing Simon to drop the chair behind him. Lazarus places Rayn on the table and nails a few hammer blows to his face and chest before picking up the roll of duct tape he brought out from beneath the ring, holding it up above his taped head. The fans cheer, knowing what he'll do.

Brian Rentfro: Oh God, not this...

Jon McDaniel: Yes!! Do it Laz!! Treat him like you treated Jimmy Ultros all those years ago!!

Corey starts taping Rayn to the table, passing the tape underneath it with one hand and over it with the other, occasionally stopping to gain his bearings due to loss of blood and to nail Rayn with a few shots to keep him from moving. Starr swings the Cane at Riona's head but she ducks underneath it, tumbling forward and leaping up to her feet. Lucious turns around and eats the sole of her boot.


Maverick pulls himself to his feet and grabs Kalis by the back of his head, slamming him face-first to the floor. He sees Marxx walking over, yells to him, and then places the chair that Simon was going to use over the back of Simon's own head. Marxx nods, dashes forward, and somersaults, connecting with a leg drop to the chair and, vicariously, to the back of Simon's head.

Jon McDaniel: PARTY CRASHER!!!

Maverick drops to the floor as Marxx pulls himself back to his feet, leaning against the side of the Dome for support. Riona mounts Starr in the ring, smashing elbow after elbow into his face. Raizzor kicks at the door of the Dome, looking to bust it open, but gets stopped with a chairshot to the back of the head from Blazenwing. Raizzor turns around, the shot obviously not connecting full-force, but then David dents the chair over his head, forcing a gash in Sommers's forehead that begins spilling out immediately. Corey pulls himself up onto the apron, making sure not to touch the barbed wire. He drops to a knee, the bloodloss and pain and fatigue starting to get to him.

Brian Rentfro: It looks like Corey might not even be able to continue.

Jon McDaniel: You sound awfully concerned.

Brian Rentfro: Concerned? More like ecstatic!

Joshua Danielson slides into the ring with the cheese grater in his hand, spying Riona dropping elbows onto Lucious and Lazarus getting back to his feet on the apron. Outside, Bronx Williams rushes around the ring to meet Marxx, taking him down with a leaping forearm shot to the head that sandwiches the skull of the Canadian with the steel bars of the Dome. Marxx slumps down, clutching at the back of his head, as Johnny Maverick reaches underneath the ring. Blazenwing rocks Raizzor with fists, stopping only to choke him and occasionally slam his head onto the floor. Danielson rushes towards Riona and smacks her over the head with the cheese grater, re-opening the wounds that had started to coagulate, and checks on Lucious. Starr rolls over and crawls to the bottom rope, trying to get up, and Danielson turns to Lazarus.

Brian Rentfro: Yes! Take out the Hollywood Kid!

Joshua nails a pair of rights into Corey's duct taped skull and then grabs a strand of barbed wire, looking to dig it into Laz's face. Corey stops him with an elbow to the side of the head, rocking him back a few steps, and then wastes no time, backflipping off of the apron to put Rayn through the table with a Moonsault.

Fans: L-A-Z!! L-A-Z!! L-A-Z!! L-A-Z!!

Neither Corey nor Rayn move as Danielson helps his Hell & High Water partner to his feet, Langly pulling herself up with the aid of the ropes. Danielson charges her and connects with a pair of knees to her chest, forcing her to sit down in the corner, and then backs up across the ring. Blazenwing brings Raizzor to his feet and sets him up for a DDT, but Raizzor pushes himself free, landing a HUGE right hand that drops Blazenwing into the side of the Dome. Jethro Hayes stalks over to Bronx Williams, picking up the spool of barbed wire he brought into the ring along the way. Jethro surprises Williams with a boot to the ribs, temporarily knocking the air out of him, and then grinds the spool into his face, shoving him into the Dome so that the cameras can get a good close-up of it.

Bronx Williams: **unintelligible grunts of pain**

Danielson charges into the corner where Riona is, flipping forward and connecting with a senton. He and Lucious pull her out of the corner, laying her out flat on her back, and Starr motions for Dwayne Cross to come into the ring. Cross obliges, dodging the trade-off of right hands from Blazenwing and Raizzor, and slides in, walking up to Starr. Lucious hits the ropes and then drops a leg across Riona's throat, calmly covering her with a lateral press afterwards.


Jon McDaniel: Oh, c'mon...


Brian Rentfro: YES!! YES!! THE ORDER WINS!!


RIONA KICKS OUT!!! The fans let out a HUGE roar of approval as Riona rolls onto her front, Starr looking at the referee in complete shock. Lucious motions for Joshua, and Danielson responds by sliding out of the ring, picking up the railroad spike, and then tossing it in to Lucious. Raizzor grabs David by the wrist in mid-punch and scoops him up onto his shoulder, driving him down with a running powerslam. Danielson sees this and then slides back into the ring as Lucious picks up the spike, staring with fire in his eyes at Riona. Maverick pulls a burlap sack out from underneath the ring as Simon Kalis comes to, nailing some big right hands and clinch knees into Hayes. Johnny drops the sack and comes over to Kalis, waffling him from behind with a double axehandle. Simon, however, seems barely phased by it and turns his fury onto Johnny, drilling him with rights and knees.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, Johnny, it looks like you're going home in a bodybag tonight!

Kalis goes to throw a high roundhouse kick with his barbed wire-wrapped foot, but Maverick ducks down low and nails a double fist to Simon below the belt.

Jon McDaniel: He's not "The SADISTIC Sex Symbol" for nothing!

Brian Rentfro: Oh, kiss-ass...

Jon McDaniel: You're one to talk!

Kalis drops to the floor and Maverick unravels the barbed wire from around his foot, tying it around his (Johnny's) own hand. Danielson scales the ladder as Lucious turns Riona over, talking trash into her face.

Brian Rentfro: Let the bitch know who's boss, Lucious!


Lucious spikes HIMSELF in the head.

Lucious Starr: HUH?!



Danielson leaps off of the top of the ladder towards Raizzor, looking for a crossbody, but Sommers catches him and staggers back into the door, bending the lock even more. He turns, hoists Danielson high above his head, and then throws him face-first into the door, further tearing the welding on the lock.

Jon McDaniel: That door isn't going to hold for much longer...

Starr spikes himself AGAIN and AGAIN, using his own blood to paint a bull's eye on Riona's stomach.

Lucious Starr: You've earned THIS, you BITCH!!

Starr backs up, wipes blood from his eyes, and then charges forward, looking to drive the spike directly into Riona's gut. Langly, however, catches his arm by the wrist with both of her hands, preventing him from doing so.

Fans: RI-ON-A!! RI-ON-A!! RI-ON-A!! RI-ON-A!!

Starr continues trying to dig the spike into her but Riona continues to hold him off until she manages to snap off a kick to the side of his head, making him drop the spike. She picks it up.

Brian Rentfro: Don't...don't do it, Riona...he was just kidding!


Brian Rentfro: HER title?!

On the outside, Blazenwing pulls himself to his feet as Raizzor throws Danielson against the ring apron, drilling huge fist after huge fist into his head. Jethro crawls away from Maverick, whose right hand is completely wrapped in the barbed wire that Kalis had around his foot, and towards the trio of Blazenwing, Raizzor, and Danielson. Simon Kalis pulls himself to his feet, wincing with one hand on his groin, and turns to see Johnny charge, nailing him with a running palm strike to his face with his barbed wire-wrapped hand.



Kalis drops down, clutching at his face as blood starts to seep out of fresh wounds, and Maverick drops to a knee, grabbing the burlap sack he brought out from underneath the ring with his good hand as the wire-wrapped one leaks more and more blood by the second. Starr gets to his feet as Riona gets to a knee, the spike in her hand, and Lucious charges, looking for a lariat, but Langly leaps up and drills him with a superkick to the jaw.


Starr drops only to a knee, but Riona gets him in position...SPIKE SPIKE SPIKE SPIKE!!! She tosses the spike away, not caring where it lands, and then hooks Lucious in a front facelock, lifting him off of the canvas and twisting him around into an Ace Crusher.


Bronx Williams comes to on the outside as Maverick opens the burlap sack, looking inside of it and then giving a devious, sadistic smile to the cameras. Riona makes the cover on Starr.





Jon McDaniel: DAMMIT!! I thought Riona HAD him!!

Brian Rentfro: Never count out the Order of Chaos!

Bronx plants a few right hands into Riona's face, dropping her to a knee, and turns around to eat Maverick's burlap sack right into his face. Johnny holds the sack up before he slides into the ring, emptying its contents onto the mat.

Brian Rentfro: Oh no...oh FUCK NO...

Thumbtacks. Bits of broken glass. A single piece of a cactus. Forks. Maverick spreads it out a little bit with his boot, nodding, and looks up towards the ramp as Chamelion stares back at him, a look of pleasant shock on his face. Maverick just shrugs, smiling, and slides out of the ring, bringing Kalis to his feet and sliding him into the ring. Blazenwing drils a pair of fists into the back of Raizzor's head and backs up near the door, readying himself for a lariat attempt. However, he doesn't see Jethro Hayes charging full-bore at him...

Jon McDaniel: PLOW!! PLOW!!


Sure enough, the door swings wide open as Blazenwing and Jethro comes crashing through it, both men spilling out towards the bottom of the ramp. Referees Lance Weston and Scott Swindell back up, throwing their arms up in shock, and Chamelion laughs in his wheel chair, shaking his head.


Raizzor looks at the carnage that just occurred before him, as do Maverick, Riona, Marxx, and Starr, and this buys Kalis enough time to grab Johnny's wire-wrapped hand by the wrist, shoving it into his own face. Maverick starts to reel back, desperately trying to pull the wire out of his face, and Kalis doubles him over with a boot to the midsection, lifting Maverick up and then throwing him into the poured out contents of the burlap sack. Maverick sits up in shock and pain as the fans look on, speechless. Kalis snaps off the fascist salute, smiling, and slides back out of the ring, limping over towards his brother and Corey Lazarus.

Jon McDaniel: ...I sure do hope that the office has called enough ambulances to handle everybody tonight...

Simon starts ripping at the duct tape holding Rayn to the broken table, slapping him in the face a couple of times to help him wake up. Lazarus pulls himself to his feet, seeing this, and dives at Simon, tackling him down to the canvas. In the ring, Starr comes to, grabbing the ladder and folding it back up. Raizzor finally stops staring at Jethro and Blazenwing as the two men start trading punches on the floor, each desperately trying to get to their feet before the other, and turns to meet the ladder face-first. Raizzor goes down, screaming incoherent profanities, and Starr smiles before dropping to a knee, sliding out of the ring. Bronx Williams gets to his feet on the outside and nails a pair of boots into Riona's skull before grabbing her by the hair, dragging her over towards the two tables he set up. Danielson snaps out of his temporary pain-induced coma and rolls himself into the ring. He's not alone, however, as Marxx slides in at the same time.

Brian Rentfro: This all looks WONDERFUL for my boys right now.

Bronx lays Langly out on one of the tables as Rayn comes to, pulling a chair out from under the ring and smacking it over Corey's back to get him off of his brother. Rayn grabs Laz by the back of his neck and brings him up to his feet, nailing a pair of rights into his skull. Bronx drops a few elbows into Riona to keep her on the table as Danielson struggles to stand in the nearest corner, weary of the barbed wire right next to him. Rayn and Simon whip Laz into the cage, the impact bouncing him back only a step, and then both men hook Corey under his arms and hip toss him into the barbed wire ropes, the wire slicing into his back much as it did to both Danielson and Bronx earlier.

Jon McDaniel: That's fucking SICKENING!!

Brian Rentfro: THAT'S how it was done back in the days of Death Row, which is something that Laz obviously forgets!

Jon McDaniel: Death Row closed its doors years ago!

Brian Rentfro: Once an Inmate? Always an Inmate.

Rayn and Kalis trade off putting some boots into Laz's head before walking to the other side, opposite from the tables that Riona has been placed on. Danielson manages to make it to the middle rope but gets caught from behind by Marxx, who hops up onto the middle rope next to him and corkscrews, bringing Joshua down with a sunset flip.



Lucious Starr grabs the Singapore Cane from earlier and swings between the ropes, cracking Marxx in the back of he head with it to break up the pinfall attempt.

Brian Rentfro: Smart move by the TRUE World Heavyweight champion.

Marxx's blood-covered face goes from showing pain to showing nothing but rage as Bronx slides into the ring. "The Midnight Role Model" shoves Danielson away as Williams charges in looking for a Mafia Kick, but Marxx ducks under his boot and pivots. Bronx turns around and eats a Bicycle Kick to the sternum, sending him back-first into the barbed wire ropes, eliciting a low "OOOOH" from the crowd.

Jon McDaniel: Yes! Get him, Marxx!

Bronx manages to rip himself free from the wire with relative ease, his painkilling endorphins taking over, but that doesn't stop Marxx from hooking him under his arms and turning around, dropping him with a sit-out powerbomb.

Jon McDaniel: JAGERBOMB!!

Brian Rentfro: Since when did Marxx become a yeah-dude?





Brian Rentfro: Notice how the Order seems more willing to look out for one another than the Apostles do, Jon. There's no way in HELL that they're going to be losing tonight.

Danielson plants some boots into the back of Marxx's head, going so far as to pick up the piece of cactus from Maverick's pile and hold it against Marxx's upper back, dropkicking its needles into his flesh. Marxx screams in pain and scurries to try to pull it out, prompting Danielson to laugh and turn back to Riona...but she's moved herself off of the table. Rayn and Kalis have been pulling out steel chair after steel chair from beneath the ring, each man going around the ringside area to pick up whichever used ones that they can find. They set eight them across from each other, four facing four, and set another four up on top of them like the bottom tier. The remaining chairs are folded, particularly the dented and barely-usable ones, and then laid out on top to complete the MILLION DOLLAR PYRAMID.

Jon McDaniel: Blatantly stealing a page out of the playbook of Corey Lazarus!!

Brian Rentfro: Live by the sword, die by the sword. Or, in this case...

Rayn limps over to Corey, bringing him up to his feet before dazing him with a few right hands.

Brian Rentfro: Live by the pyramid, die by the pyramid.

Daniel Kalis never sees it coming, however, when Riona runs over to him, spike in hand, and attacks. SPIKE SPIKE SPIKE, Rayn goes down. Kalis turns and sees her digging the spike into his brother's head and nods to himself, sliding into the ring. Starr breaks the Singapore Cane into shards over Raizzor's head as Blazenwing and Jethro are shown to have brawled to the top of the ramp, right by the entrance curtain. Lucious turns to see Raizzor getting to his feet, holding his bloodied head, and his eyes widen in fear as Raizzor starts walking towards him. Lucious turns and sees Jethro pounding Blazenwing's head into the support bars of the stage, Chamelion pointing at him with his Cheshire cat grin, and turns back around to see Raizzor almost at the door. Starr, seemingly out of options, charges towards the Dome, leaping up onto it and slowly making his way around it as if it were a jungle gym. Raizzor looks on, unamused, and looks to his brother. Both Sommers brothers nod to one another and Raizzor gives chase, scaling the Dome himself and crawling across it just a few yards behind Starr.

Jon McDaniel: They're...they're making their way over here...

Kalis takes one of the folded chairs off of the top of the Million Dollar Pyramid and sets it up in the ring. Johnny Maverick, however, surprises him with a charging corkscrew spear, sending Simon into the barbed wire ropes.

Jon McDaniel: DO A BARREL ROLL!!

Maverick rips Kalis away from the wire, tearing his flesh even more than it already had, and covers him.


Danielson drops a leg across the back of Maverick's head before bringing him to his feet. On the stage, Jethro doubles David over, setting him up for a powerbomb off to the concrete floor below.


Hayes lifts Blazenwing up for the Planter but David slides out of it, landing on his feet behind him. Jethro turns and eats a right hand to the jaw, rocking him, and Blazenwing uses this opportunity to scoop him up into a fireman's carry.

Brian Rentfro: YES!! DO IT, DAVID!!


Jethro fires off some elbows into the side of Blazenwing's bloodied head, staggering him, and then swings around, connecting with a DDT...



Jon McDaniel: ...holy SHIT!!

Brian Rentfro: ...Blazenwing's...dead...he's got to be...

EMTs and members of the PWA ring crew immediately rush over to the hole in the stage, some jumping down with only the tops of their heads visible.

Jon McDaniel: Uhhh...look up, Brian...

Raizzor has caught up with Starr, both men holding onto the side of the Dome just above the table that McDaniel and Rentfro are seated at.

Brian Rentfro: ...oh shit...again?!

The sounds of microphones dropping are heard as Raizzor nails Starr with fist after fist. Lucious, however, rakes Raizzor's eyes before smashing his face into the side of the Dome. Raizzor starts to drop, but Lucious catches him, taking him down with a vicious version of the Hades' Flame through the commentators' table.


All action stops in the ring as whoever is standing looks around at the carnage. Starr's hand emerges from the table wreckage at ringside and EMTs pull the unconscious bodies of David Blazenwing and Jethro Hayes out of the hole they've made in the stage, fitting them with neckbraces before tying them to stretchers. It starts back up again, however, when Corey Lazarus slides into the ring, charging at a now-standing Simon Kalis. Rights, lefts, forearms, back elbows, downward elbows, knees, roundhouse kicks, front kicks, and headbutts send Simon reeling back towards the chair, and Lazarus leaps up, looking for the End Credits, but Simon manages to duck under it. Laz lands on a knee and quickly scrambles to his feet, but Kalis catches him from behind, planting him with a Murder Backdrop Driver onto the unfolded chair.

Outside, Bronx looks for a Half Nelson suplex on Riona, but she breaks free, goes behind him, SPIKE SPIKE SPIKE to the side of his head, and plants him with the Detonator on the floor. In the ring, Kalis covers Corey with one foot, his arm raised in the fascist salute.




NO!!! MARXX MAKES THE SAVE WITH THE CANADIAN LEGSWEEP ONTO THE SAME UNFOLDED CHAIR!! Kalis squirms away as Marxx rises to his feet, his eyes fixed on Joshua as Danielson stands on the middle rope, Maverick placed chest-first against the turnbuckle pads in the corner, raining down with crossface punches to Johnny's already bloodied face. Marxx steps onto the apron, the piece of cactus STILL stuck in his back, and drives a fist into the side of Danielson's head. Joshua nearly falls out of the ring but Maverick holds onto his legs, allowing Marxx to scoop him over his shoulder after stepping onto the middle rope himself. Marxx looks behind him quick, staring at the two tables Bronx set up earlier, and leaps off, drilling Danielson through one of the tables with the Leaving Marxx.

Brian Rentfro: Are we...are we on?

Jon McDaniel: Yeah, I can hear the guys in the truck.

Brian Rentfro: SCHWOO!! I was beginning to think that people would eventually realize how much better a lot of this action might seem without us bickering back and forth, with me choosing the best talents possible and you always rooting for the never-will-be losers. Like the Apostles.

Jon McDaniel: ...REALLY?!

Starr manages to climb out of the table wreckage and falls over the guardrail into the front row, swarmed by PWA security as they push fans back a few feet, giving the World Heavyweight champion some room. Lucious pulls himself up with the guardrail and starts slowly making his way back to the other side of the Dome. In the ring, Corey pulls himself up to his feet using the ropes opposite the barbed wire, staring at the set-up ladder in the center of the ring. Rayn comes to on the outside, sliding into the ring, and Maverick staggers out of the corner, directly into the sole of Rayn's boot via a VICIOUS superkick.

Brian Rentfro: WHAT IMPACT!!

Jon McDaniel: Oh...puns...

Lucious falls over the guardrail to the floor at the bottom of the ramp, staring from behind blood-caked eyes at Chamelion. He smiles, shaking his head, and raises a middle finger towards the PWA President. Chamelion, though, just offers a laugh, pointing to the side of the Dome. Lucious looks over...

Jon McDaniel: Hey...Raizzor's getting...he's...RAIZZOR'S GETTING UP!! HE'S STILL ALIVE!!

Raizzor pulls himself to his feet using the guardrail, wiping blood from his face, and turns to Starr, staring into his soul. Lucious scrambles to his feet and dives into the Dome as Rayn brings Maverick over to the ropes near the Million Dollar Pyramid, hooking him for a vertical suplex.

Brian Rentfro: YES!! DO IT, DANIEL!!

Raizzor steps over the guardrail into the front row, surrounded by PWA Security much as Lucious was moments prior. Rayn lifts Johnny up, looking to suplex him over the top rope and through the pyramid of chairs, but Johnny digs is wire-wrapped hand into Rayn's forehead, blocking the move. Johnny lands on his feet on the apron as Rayn drops to his knees, clutching at his face. Bronx Williams slides into the ring and charges Maverick, almost knocking him off of the apron with a big right hand.

Brian Rentfro: Do it, Bronx!

Williams re-positions the ladder and pulls Johnny through the middle and top ropes, locking him into a front facelock. He backs up, dragging Johnny out so that only his shins are resting on the middle ropes and his head is perfectly aligned with the bottom rung of the ladder. Bronx nods but eats a STIFF Roaring Elbow to the side of the head from Corey Lazarus, forcing him to release Maverick and let him drop - somewhat safer - the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: Laz with the save!!

Corey whips Bronx into the corner before charging in, rocking his jaw with a huge Kenka Kick/bootscrape combo. Corey drops to a knee, holding his head, and then places Bronx up onto the top rope, pointing over to the Million Dollar Pyramid.

Corey Lazarus: ...FUCK YOU!!!

Corey grabs a handful of Bronx's hair, pulling his head down as he drills it with elbow after elbow after elbow after elbow. Corey starts climbing up to the middle rope, stopping only for a moment to slowly drag his thumb across his throat.


Laz's attempts, however, are thwarted by Simon Kalis, who hurls the unfolded chair into his back, sending Corey tumbling over the top rope and onto the apron for a brief moment before falling to the floor.

Simon Kalis: Come on, motherfucker!!

Simon slides out of the ring, meeting a rising L-A-Z on the floor, and the two begin trading stiff rights and lefts and boots, neither man gaining anything resembling an advantage. Starr pulls himself to his feet with the apron as Raizzor steps over the guardrail at the bottom of the ramp. Lucious quickly grabs the door and slams it shut, trying to fix the lock, but gets a cinder block slammed into his back, courtesy of Riona Langly. Starr drops to his knees as Raizzor calmly, methodically, opens the door. Langly shakes her head, pointing to herself, and Raizzor nods, walking by her and Starr and rolling into the ring.


Simon pounds away on Corey, causing the Hollywood Kid to fall into a slump, a string of profanities spewing forth from his mouth. Corey drops to the floor and eats a pair of boots to the skull before Simon looks up at the crowd, his face expressionless, and then turns to see Bronx hops down from the top turnbuckle and start double teaming Raizzor with Rayn. The two Order members trade shots with one another on Raizzor's head, stunning the big man, but Raizzor fires back with shots of his own, sending Rayn tumbling back and knocking the ladder over. Williams, no fear, sends a pair of boots below Raizzor's belt, doubling the Soul-Taker over.

Jon McDaniel: This doesn't look good...

Brian Rentfro: looks GREAT!!

Bronx leaps up, locking on a loose cravate in mid-leap to go for the Salvation, but Raizzor catches him and charges to the ropes, sending Bronx over the top and through the center of the Million Dollar Pyramid. Steel crashes against itself as Williams surfs the structure to the floor, getting buried by it after landing. Raizzor looks out at the crowd and flips his hair back, rolling his eyes into the back of his head.


Langly grinds Starr's head into the side of the Dome before pressing his throat across one of the steel bars, choking him. Rayn rolls out of the ring, trying to gather his bearings, and grabs a handful of Riona's hair, pulling her off, but all he gets is a BRUTAL elbow to the head. Raizzor slides out of the ring, going after Rayn, and Kalis slides in, waiting for Maverick to get to his feet. Johnny rises and Kalis charges in, looking for a lariat, but Maverick surprises him by leaping up and grabbing his arm, tossing him down into the mat before locking on a crisp Jujigatame, wrenching the hold in.


Kalis struggles, his teeth practically breaking from how tight they're clenched together, as Dwayne Cross checks in, asking Kalis if he's had enough.

Dwayne Cross: Do you give up? Do you want to continue?

Kalis doesn't even let a sound escape as he struggles to relieve the pressure, but Maverick digs some of the barbed wire STILL wrapped around his hand into Simon's arm, only adding to the pain. On the outside, Rayn tears the cactus out of Marxx's back and smashes it into Raizzor's head before sliding into the ring, saving his brother with a running stomp to Johnny's head.

Brian Rentfro: One thing you can always say about the Kalis clan, Jon, is that they know when to look out for one another.

Jon McDaniel: And they have no true loyalty.

Brian Rentfro: How can you say that after we just saw Daniel save his brother Simon?

Jon McDaniel: ...whatever...HERE COMES RIONA!!

Langly charges in, drilling Rayn with elbow after elbow into his head, forcing him into the corner. Kalis rolls out of the ring, propping himself up with the steps as he checks the fresh wounds in his arm, and Maverick rises to his feet, tossing the ladder out to the floor. Johnny rolls out of the ring and puts some boots in Simon's face before walking over to the ladder, folding it up, and placing the top through one of the open squares in the Dome and the bottom on the ring apron, letting it extend into the ring a little bit under the bottom rope.

Jon McDaniel: I'm...I'm not exactly sure where this is headed...

Johnny brings Kalis to his feet and rolls him into the ring, following in right after him. Riona continues pummeling Rayn in the corner, digging her boot into his face before some bootscrape action. Her actions, however, distract her from Lucious Starr coming up behind her. Starr picks her up into an inverted fireman's carry...

Brian Rentfro: HELL'S WRATH...!!


Langly floats over behind Starr, drilling an elbow into the back of his head. Rayn charges in towards Riona, looking for the Impact, but Langly ducks under his boot. Rayn turns just in time to eat a pair of knees to the face, courtesy of Johnny Maverick.

Jon McDaniel: The Tony Jaa...!!

Rayn drops to a knee, dazed, and Maverick and Riona both come up and start double-teaming him, much to the delight of the entire crowd. Sandwich rights. Sandwich elbows. Sandwich high roundhouse kicks!

Brian Rentfro: Oh, THIS is fair?!

Starr rushes over and scoops Riona up into an inverted fireman's carry, quickly dropping over and planting her face-first into the canvas.


Langly doesn't move as Starr rolls her over, covering her and hooking both legs. Dwayne Cross drops down for the count...


Maverick goes to break it up, but Rayn gets him into a rear waistlock, holding him back.


Johnny struggles, but Rayn holds on.



Raizzor pulls Starr up to his feet by the hair, staring at him with a piercing glare.

Lucious Starr: Oh shit...

Raizzor shoves Starr into the corner and drops bombs from the left and the right into his body and head, each shot rocking Lucy's insides all about. Rayn gets up and goes to stop it, but Maverick pulls him by the hair...

Brian Rentfro: DISRESPECTFUL...

...and locks on a rear waistlock, quickly backing up to the ropes and snapping off a brutal high-angle release German suplex, dumping Rayn out of the ring and onto the back of his head. Daniel Kalis lies motionless on the ringside mats as Johnny rises up, turning his attention towards Simon.

Jon McDaniel: Shit's about to get real...!

Maverick places Kalis up on the top rope, his back to the ladder, and then climbs up behind him, getting Kalis into an inverted front facelock.


Brian Rentfro: NO, MAV!! DON'T DO IT!!

Johnny steadies himself but then pays the price for letting Simon gather his bearings whatsoever.

Brian Rentfro: YES!! SIMON BLOCKS IT!!

Kalis fires a pair of backfists into Johnny's mouth and then hops down to the apron, crotching Maverick across the top turnbuckle. Simon crawls around the cornerpost and climbs the other side of the corner, turning Johnny so that his back is to the ladder.

Jon McDaniel: He's going, DON'T DO IT!!

Brian Rentfro: What are you...OH, HELL YEAH, SIMON!! FUCKING DO IT!!

Kalis ducks down so that he and Johnny are back-to-back, hooking Maverick's arms.

Jon McDaniel: Oh shiiiiii...!!

Kalis quickly leaps back, driving Johnny into the propped-up ladder with an avalanche Kudome Valentine. The ladder, as sturdy as it usually is, bends and contorts into some sort of Lovecraftian shape.


Jon McDaniel: ...get the EMTs out there...NOW...

Kalis crawls to the ring apron, wiping blood from his eyes, and pulls himself into the ring. Starr manages to block a right hand from Raizzor and rakes his eyes, forcing the big man away from him for a second to breathe. Before Raizzor can return to the offensive, though, Kalis throws a steel chair into the ring. Starr picks it up and smashes it over Raizzor's head, forcing the Soul-Taker to go into the barbed wire on the ropes. Raizzor lets out a cry of rage, ripping himself off of the wire and leaving behind a few strands of hair and shreds of his shirt.

Jon McDaniel: ...nobody is going to be the same after this...

Raizzor marches towards Starr but gets the steel chair dented over his skull, knocking him down to the canvas. Raizzor immediately rolls to a knee, his eyes glassy, and Starr hits the ropes, coming back with a BRUTAL chairshot to Raizzor's head. Sommers drops down to the canvas, almost lifeless, and Starr stands tall, holding the chair above his head.

Fans: FUCK YOU, LUCIOUS!! **clap, clap, clapclapclap** FUCK YOU, LUCIOUS!! **clap, clap, clapclapclap**

Brian Rentfro: I wish everybody in here would shut their mouths, or at least think before they speak, because Lucious Starr, the UNDISPUTED World Heavyweight champion and LEADER of the Order of Chaos, has been reigning supreme all night!

Starr holds the chair high above his head as Kalis crawls into the ring, sitting down against the ropes as his blood starts to coagulate, chunks of it hanging from his face. Lucious looks over at him, the former leader of the Order, and smirks, throwing the chair down to the mat. The fans let out a POP...

Brian Rentfro: Dammit...TURN AROUND, LUCIOUS!!

Jon McDaniel: YES! DO IT, COREY!! DO IT!!

Corey Lazarus rises up behind Starr as Lucious poses in premature triumph, the L-A-Z shaking with rage and his eyes focused squarely on Lucious. Corey takes something out of his pocket, a small vial, and pours its contents into his mouth before tossing it to the outside.

Brian Rentfro: ...the hell was that...?

Lazarus slowly drags his thumb across his throat, his veins popping out everywhere as his body flexes, and Starr decides, right then and there, to turn around, getting a face-full of blue mist.


Brian Rentfro: OH SHIT!!!

Starr turns around and drops to his knees to desperately try to get the mist out of his eyes, a nice layer of blue coating the caked blood and whatever remnants of facepaint there may be, and Lazarus quickly snatches him up into an inverted fireman's carry, wasting no time at all before he swings him forward and drops him head-first with a kneeling piledriver.


Corey rolls Starr onto his back and drops across him as Cross makes the count.



Brian Rentfro: NO, GET UP!!!


Simon Kalis uses the chair that Lucious dented over Raizzor's head and smashes it into the back of Laz's skull, breaking up the pinfall. Starr lies motionless, completely out cold, as Kalis brings Corey to his feet. He presses his forehead against Laz's, screaming something incoherent at him, and then leaps up and rotates, connecting with a BRUTAL roundhouse kick to the side of Corey's head that sends the Hollywood Kid crumpling to the mat.

Brian Rentfro: YES!! REMEMBRANCE!!

Jon McDaniel: Just end it now.

Kalis goes to make the cover but breaks it of his own accord just as Dwayne Cross drops down for the count, instead looking over at the corner. He looks back down at Laz and then back at the corner, nodding.

Brian Rentfro: Kalis is going up top...

Simon steadies himself on the top turnbuckle, holding onto the top ropes for support as he measures Corey out. Kalis stands up tall, raising a hand in a fascist salute...

OoC Fans: ALL HAIL!!!!


...and then leaps off the top rope, corkscrewing in mid-air as he backflips while his body moves forward, landing across Laz's sternum with his own, nailing a picture-perfect corkscrew Shooting Star Press.


Jon McDaniel: I...I can't even watch...

Kalis hooks Laz's leg, catching his breath as Cross drops down for the count.





Brian Rentfro: What the fuck?!

Sommers brings Simon up to his feet and throws him into the corner, charging in with a corner clothesline attempt. Kalis, however, ducks underneath and shoves Raizzor's back, adding some force and momentum into the sternum-first impact across the top turnbuckle. Raizzor immediately, instinctively, turns around as Kalis picks up the steel chair, rushing in towards Raizzor.


Kalis staggers back, holding his mouth, and Raizzor comes out of the corner, scooping him up onto his shoulder.

Brian Rentfro: NO!! NO!!


Kalis fights out of it, however, and lands behind Raizzor, ducking under his legs and hooking his arms, lifting him up and dropping him with an awkward and brutal Kudome Valentine, forcing the big man to fold up like an accordion.

Brian Rentfro: YESS!!! MASADRIVER!!!!

Neither man moves, just lying virtually lifeless on the mat. Dwayne Cross checks on both men as EMTs begin to enter the Dome, first checking on Johnny Maverick.


OoC Fans: KAL-IS!!


OoC Fans: KAL-IS!!


OoC Fans: KAL-IS!!


OoC Fans: KAL-IS!!

After practically an eternity, Kalis rolls over, draping an arm across Raizzor.





Brian Rentfro: Jesus NOOOOO!!!!!

Simon rolls off of Sommers, holding his face, and then crawls over to the ropes, pulling himself up to his knees. Raizzor rolls over and onto all-four's, forcing himself up to a knee.


OoC Fans: KAL-IS!!


OoC Fans: KAL-IS!!


OoC Fans: KAL-IS!!

Both men get up to their feet, and Simon turns to face the Soul-Taker. Sommers' eyes are in the back of his head, his ability to stand hampered as he staggers to either side. Kalis charges in, looking for a running knee strike...

Brian Rentfro: YES!! END IT ALL!!

...but Raizzor grabs Kalis by the throat!!

Jon McDaniel: YES!!

Sommers brings Simon's face within an inch of his own, staring deep into his eyes. Kalis looks up, fighting for air, and manages to screech out...

Simon Kalis: ...FUCK...YOU...!!

...before booting him low, breaking the goozle.

Jon McDaniel: Simon Kalis won't fucking quit!!

Brian Rentfro: Of course he won't!

Kalis rubs his throat, coughing to help get some air flow, and then picks up the chair, folding it up. He rushes in to Raizzor and smacks the chair over his head. Sommers drops down to the mat but then rises up to a knee, fresh blood spilling out of new wounds.

Jon McDaniel: This is just disgusting...

Kalis winds up and drills Raizzor with a second chairshot, sending him down on his ass, but still sitting up. Another chairshot. Another. One more. Raizzor falls back, his blood flowing free at this point, and Kalis throws the chair across the ring, dropping down atop Sommers.




Brian Rentfro: NO!! NO!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!

Jon McDaniel: ...HOLY SHIT...

Not even Dwayne Cross can believe it as Raizzor's shoulder is up, his arm held high into the air. Kalis backs off to his knees, his eyes wide, and his bottom lip quivering ever so slightly.


OoC Fans: KAL-IS!!


OoC Fans: KAL-IS!!

Simon's eyes narrow, he nods, and he grabs Raizzor by the hair, bringing him up to his knees as he points over towards the corner.

Brian Rentfro: have to, Simon...YOU HAVE TO!!!

Kalis brings Raizzor up to his feet and whips him into the corner. Kalis slowly limps in, looking to turn Raizzor around so that he position him properly for the Sentencing of the Damned, but Sommers fires off with a back elbow, rocking Kalis back a few steps.


Raizzor turns around and nails a big right hand into Simon's head.


Another pair of big Raizzor right hands into the face of Kalis.


A few more huge right hands before Raizzor goozles Simon, slowly dragging his thumb across his throat with his free hand to a DEAFENING POP before throwing him into the barbed wire ropes. Kalis gets caught in them, the wire sinking itself into his flesh and his pants, but Raizzor cares not and rips him out of it, opening some new wounds before he scoops him up onto his shoulder, dropping him down with the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker.


Raizzor looks hesitant to cover, however, and looks out across the arena. He then turns his attention to the EMTs checking on Maverick, who has started to stir on his own, and at Riona and Marxx and Lazarus, all of them beginning show signs of life and consciousness. To Starr and Danielson and Bronx and Rayn, to the wreckage of the commentators' table where McDaniel and Rentfro are now forced to hunch over, holding their headsets, and then over to his brother at the bottom of the ramp in his wheel chair and the cast on his leg.

Jon McDaniel: What's...what's he doing...?

Raizzor looks back down at Simon Kalis, who has rolled onto his stomach, and his eyes catch fire with rage and fury. Raizzor looks up at the crowd, slowly dragging his thumb across his throat again.

Brian Rentfro: No...don't...DON'T DO IT...NOOO!!!!!

Raizzor brings Kalis back up to his feet and scoops him up again, dropping him down with a second Tombstone Shoulder Breaker, immediately making the cover.


Jon McDaniel: YES!! YES!!!




Dwayne Cross calls for the bell...


...and holds up Raizzor's arm in victory. Eric Emerson's voice comes over the PA system.

Eric Emerson: The winners of the match, the team of Raizzor, Riona Langly, Corey Lazarus, Marxx, Johnny Maverick, and Jethro Hayes...THE APOSTLES OF ARES!!!!

Dream Evil's "Vengeance" cues back up as Cross motions for the Dome to be lifted back into the rafters. It stays still for the time being as more EMTs run down the ramp with stretchers and gurneys ready. The Dome begins to raise as Raizzor backs up into the corner, taking a seat and looking over at the unconscious, blood-drenched Simon Kalis. He gives him a knowing nod before pulling himself back up to his feet, using the ropes to keep himself standing.

Jon McDaniel: Not one of the 12 people that were involved in this match tonight are ever going to be the same. Not a single one of them. We may have just seen the end of some of their careers, possibly even some of their lives.

Brian Rentfro: You're forgetting the worst part, though! We just saw the end of the Order's reign of dominance over the PWA!!

Jon McDaniel: That's the WORST part?!

Brian Rentfro: Of course it is!!

Jon McDaniel: You no good son of a bitch...just cue the fucking replays...

The replays cue up indeed, highlighting all of the MAJOR highlights of the match, from Laz rushing past Marxx to take his number one entry position for the Apostles to Raizzor looking at the rest of his teammates and the fans and his brother before picking Kalis back up and drilling him with a second TSB for the win. When the cameras cut back live, the Dome has been lifted halfway above the ring, allowing EMTs and the ring crew and security to enter and exit without issue.

One More?

The destruction and bodies litter the floor, the match now over. Chamelion has a viciously evil looking Cheshire Grin on his face, a look of complete triumph giving him almost the shivers of orgasm. He sees the Apostles exit the ring, high fiving the fans and most of the Order escapes through the crowd, now fearful of Chamelion’s gaze. Raizzor and Riona remain inside the ring, as Kalis rolls out and defiantly walks up the ramp, leaving a nearly unconscious Lucious Starr behind. Kalis comes up, face to face with Chamelion and he offers his hand. Chamelion glares at him, but to his work, shakes it once and then speaks.

Chamelion: Now get the fuck out of MY building.

Kalis actually smiles at that and leaves and Chamelion turns back to the ring.

Chamelion: Brother. Thank you. Please now exit because I have an important announcement to make.

Raizzor complies, giving Riona one last look, which she returns. Once his feet hit the floor, Chamelion speaks again.

Chamelion: Now get that damned ring cleaned up and get a new referee out here. As of RIGHT NOW, I am ordering the start of a new match. It will be Lucy Starr against Riona Langly, for the PWA World Heavyweight Championship!!!

The crowd erupts in cheers. Riona smiles and the announce team chokes.

Brian Rentfro: THAT’S NOT FAIR!

Jon McDaniel: I kinda think it is.

Chamelion: The match is NO DQ, NO COUNT OUTS and if any living soul on the face of this Earth even looks to help Lucy out in anyway, he, and by he I mean Lucy, will be fired and Riona Langly will be declared the PWA World Champion by default! Get that match under way!!

The ring crew quickly cleans up the debris from the match, leaving the barbed wire up as Riona paces in one of the corners, waiting for Starr to get his ass up so the bell can ring. Starr makes it to his feet, Scott Swindell informing him of the match and his eyes tell the picture as they go wide as saucers...



Starr doesn't even get the chance to finish his thought as Riona bolts across the ring and plasters him in the face with a nasty Yakuza kick that sends him into the turnbuckle face first. Riona goes for the quick kill, trying to lock in a full-nelson for the Detonator, but Starr has the sense of mind to duck out of the hold and trip Riona up, sending her shoulder first into the barbed wire. Lucious hits a series of rabbit punches onto Riona's back, trying to keep her down while he comes up with a strategy.

Jon McDaniel: Lucious Starr looks like he's in a complete panic out there.

Brian Rentfro: Well, of course he's in a panic... He's out there, after surviving WarDome, with Riona Langly, in a title match he never expected to have.

Jon McDaniel: The Riona Langly part is enough to panic me.

Starr pulls Riona out of the ropes and smacks her with a bitch-slap, dropping her to one knee before jumping backwards for a spring as he flies forward with a thrust kick... Which Riona ducks out of the way of. Starr nearly loses his balance as Riona rolls to her feet behind him and grabs a handful of hair, screaming at him as she locks in a Reverse Front Face Lock... BOMB DROPPER REMIX!

Jon McDaniel: Riona going back into her old bag of tricks with that move.

Brian Rentfro: Head trauma, head trauma, head trauma.

Starr slams into the mat so hard that he bounces off, landing on his back as Riona goes for the cover... 1... 2... NO! Lucious just manages to get a shoulder up. Riona slaps the mat and gets to her feet, eyeing up Starr as he slowly rolls to a vertical position... ROARING EL-Starr ducks and lifts Riona onto his shoulders for the Hell's Wrat-Riona slides out! FULL NELSON! DETONATOR! Starr flies into the barbed wire face first and gets stuck there!

Brian Rentfro: OUCH!

Jon McDaniel: Couldn't happen to a nicer person.

Riona gets to her feet and looks at Starr, her smile twisting into an evil looking grin as she stalks behind Starr as he weakly pulls himself out of the wire and turns around... SPINNING BACKFIST! Starr nearly falls but Riona reaches out and yanks on his head, pulling him back in for a HANGMAN'S NE-Riona spins out of her hold...

Riona Langly: FUCK YOU STARR!

DEATHBLOW! Starr collapses to the mat and Riona pantomimes pulling a gun and shooting Starr in the back of his head. Scott Swindell looks at Riona with a bit of confusion, but Riona points to Lucious and screams out "COUNT!"




Brian Rentfro: Talk about rubbing it in.

Jon McDaniel: I call it karma... Starr won the title by a false ten-count after all.




Starr rolls over onto his back and slowly begins to get to his feet as Riona waits, ready to deliver the killing blow.




Starr gets to one knee... and collapses face-first.




Riona drops to her knees, tears falling down her face as Raizzor steps into the right with the PWA World's Title... A pressure seems to release itself on her shoulders, a genuine smile and laughter being shown on the champion's face. Michael Sommers looks down at Riona with some respect on his features as he extends his hand and helps her back to her feet, giving her the title in the process. Riona hefts the familiar gold back onto her shoulder as Raizzor turns to the still KOed Starr and drags him onto his shoulders.

Brian Rentfro: What now?

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor's taking out the trash!

Raizzor takes a moment to look into the crowd, and at Riona, and nods his head, adjusting Starr on his shoulders and dropping him with the TOMBSTONE SHOULDER BREAKER! The crowd goes crazy for this as confetti begins falling from the ceiling... Raizzor tips a figurative hat to the new champion and puts Starr back on his shoulders, pulling him out of the ring and up the ramp... As he's going up, Maya Kalis passes him, rushing down the ramp and sliding into the ring, giving Riona a hug. She's soon followed by Ollie and Johnny Maverick, Johnny bandaged up from his role in WarGames... And following them is Lacey Gloria and Jacob Figgins...

Jon McDaniel: It's an Apostle Reunion here!

The Apostles of Ares stand in a circle as Johnny and Jacob lift Riona up onto thier shoulders as the confetti falls, the last image we see for the night being Riona, a smile plastered onto her face holding up the top prize in the business once again...

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