World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Operation Phoenix Down

Taken From Earlier in the Week

We fade into a large office room, or what appears to be more like a conference room. It becomes very obvious, very quickly, where we are. We are in St. Louis, Missouri, the headquarters of our beloved Pioneer Wrestling Association. We can barely see the shadowy figures who sit at the round table on the Board of Directors. However a few people are visible. Across from each other are Simon Kalis and Mark "Chamelion" Sommers at opposite ends of the round table. Honorary seating has been given to Lisa Seldon and Rob Robinson of the PWA and Robinson Pro Wrestling respectively.

Simon Kalis: Ladies. Gentlemen. I believe we all know why we're here, don't we?

No one notices the camera crew that has slipped into the room and has begun filming the proceedings.

Simon Kalis: The first issue on deck is Lisa Seldon and her future as General Manager of the PWA. As you're all aware, I have put forth the request to have her removed following the Lucha Libre event in Mexico and have myself put in as General Manager.

Kalis pauses as he surveys the board room, with Chamelion and Seldon obviously none too pleased. Chamelion offers a scoff that causes Kalis to glare before he continues.

Simon Kalis: Since my admission onto the Board of Directors, you'd be hard pressed to argue with the results of my actions. The war I created in that ring has made all of us a great profit with sky rocketing ratings, revenues and attendance figures to back me up.

Chamelion interjects.

Chamelion: Are we REALLY going to go over this AGAIN, Simon? Just get on with it.

Everyone seems to nod in agreement with both the statements made by Kalis and Chamelion. Kalis remains standing, smiling as he looks across the table at Chamelion and Lisa Seldon.

Simon Kalis: Countless other confidential agreements that have been made since my arrival on this Board have helped further expand the PWA's net worth. The rise can not just be attributed to myself, however. Each of you, and every fighter in the PWA helped this happen. However it must be noted without myself or The Order as a catalyst these things may never happened. So now I ask you all to trust me once more, and accept my proposal to fire Lisa Seldon.

Chamelion again speaks up.

Chamelion: I am not going to remain quietly here while you summarily paint yourself a hero and put the weight of the PWA success on your shoulders.

Alan Jenison: With all due respect, Mr. Sommers. Simon Kalis has the floor.
Again, a glare from Chamelion and a warm smile from Silon Kalis, meanwhile, there's quiet whispers amongst the Board, most of whom remain hidden by the shadows.

Simon Kalis: Ahem, while we do share lineage with Rebel Pro and we do share a purpose in the AOWF with them, her attacks on my apprentice in Rebel Pro were completely illegal and she must be punished.

Alan Jenison: Simon, those aren't grounds to terminate her contract on. You know this. You also know that Rebel Pro is part of the AOWF community and as Mr. Sommers has pointed out before, we do talent trades and talent visits on many occasions.

Kalis shoots a look at him and shakes his head.

Simon Kalis: She was objective, sir Jenison. I placed her back in charge. I did, ME! Precisely because I counted on her being neutral throughout the so called war being waged right now. Yet when she attacked Reaver she chose a side, whether she realized it or not. Therefore the position of General Manager is compromised. Had I known this Board would accept an unfair practice I'd have simply established myself as General Manager when I had the opportunity. But I did not do so out of conflict of interests.

Alan Jenison: I understand that, and we appreciate that gesture.

Insert Chamelion scoff.

Alan Jenison: However Mrs. Seldon was on a long vacation and her place as General Manager was never in question, nor was it ever up to you solely to decide her fate on this manner at your own discretion.

Kalis shakes his head and stares sternly at Jenison.

Simon Kalis: So I say we put it to a vote. All in favor of removing Lisa Seldon from her position, raise your hand accordingly.

Simon raises his hand, as do three other Board members. Yet the majority do not.

Simon Kalis: All opposed...

The majority, including Chamelion with cocky grin in place, raise their hands.

Alan Jenison: You've done good things for the company, Simon. Even if Mr. Sommers won't readily admit it given the conflict that has arrisen between the both of you...

He pauses for a moment, and Chamelion gives him a ‘well, Duh’ look.

Alan Jenison: However, we have to refuse your request to fire Lisa Seldon.

Simon Kalis’ brow furrows furiously, however our attention is pulled across the room as another figure slams their hand across the desk and snarls a laugh. We pan through a room of stuffed shirts and land on Lisa Seldon, looking utterly out of place with her feet up on the table, showing off a pair of black sneakers, knee-high black and white stripped socks and a floor length black skirt that seems to show the world of business is not where she belongs. Not even a blouse this time, just a black t-shirt with a white star, because she’ll at least be formal with the colours if nothing else.

Simon Kalis: You must understand...

Every word dripping in spite as he forces out a hand in her direction while she flirts with looks of shock and amusement.

Simon Kalis: She’s a menace. She’s done nothing to advance this company, she’s attacking my people outside of this company and she couldn’t even get to her own hearing on time. She’s treating this whole thing like a joke.

Lisa Seldon: That’s because it is a joke Simon, because we both know you can’t get rid of me. I mean, do you honestly think Jension, or Samuel or any of these clowns actually have the balls to get rid of me?

There’s a fair amount of angst ridden tie-fixing and muttering throughout the room as Lisa jumps to her feet.

Lisa Seldon: They’d love to, believe me they’d love nothing more than to never have to see me in this office again, but they understand I’m a necessary evil, and that’s because I deal with shit like you so they don’t have to.

Kalis pounds the desk in frustration as Chamelion sneaks in a whispered.

Chamelion: *I* am glad she’s here.

Simon Kalis: I’m a business man! I have made the PWA millions of dollars since I began this war, Lisa! What exactly have you done?!

Lisa Seldon: Please, you’re a street thug with a credit card and I’m a badly dressed sociopath, but they’ll tolerate me because I’m content just to do my job, fucking around with Riona Langly, crushing guys like Starr when they get too uppity and making sure guys like you stay the fuck out of their business.

Simon Kalis: Yet here I am on their board.

Lisa Seldon: With your money, which is all they ever wanted from you. Do you honestly think they thought Sommers would be stupid enough to let you win this much power? You were just their little cash cow who they humoured and tuned out. And now that they’re stuck with you don’t think for a second they aren’t just begging for me to jump this desk and tear your fucking face off, you jumped up little Puff Daddy wanna be shit.

Simon Kalis: I’d love to see you try, bitch.

She moves, kicking back her chair and creating the kind of air you can only get from a group of people a lot closer to their product than they ever thought they’d be. Gun manufacturers, staring down the barrel, who daren’t move a muscle.

Lisa leans her fists into the table. Pulses start to lower.

Lisa Seldon: I wouldn’t dream of making it that simple for you.

She smiles again before turning out from the room.

Lisa Seldon: See you in Mexico Simon. Wanna talk this out a little more, you know where I'll be.

She leaves, smirking as she notices the camera crew filming everything. Kalis is still standing again, looking around and judging the reactions of the Board. He nods at Chamelion who shrugs and smirks right back at him.

Simon Kalis: Well then... If this is the filth you want running daily operations.

Kalis sits back down and shakes his head.

Simon Kalis: So be it.

Alan Jenison: Yes well, either you or her? We'd still have filth wouldn't we?

Kalis chuckles and nods in Jenison's direction, but in a way that says "I'll beat the shit out of you if you talk up again" way. Chamelion takes the floor for a moment.

Chamelion: So far, Simon, I’ve heard nothing but hot air out of your mouth, a child throwing a tantrum when he can’t get his own way. You keep up with this ‘I’ve made PWA money’ and I constantly have to remind you that the numbers over the three years show waves and lulls. You can only take credit for so much, not all of it, and I’ll fight you word for word, tooth and nail, whatever until you get it through your head that you are not the damned ‘savior’ of this company.

Simon gives Chamelion and stern look, and choosing to ignore him, moves on.

Simon Kalis: The next order of business is two fold. My own contract.

Chamelion: What're you trying to pull now, Simon?

Simon Kalis: If you'd pay attention, Mark, you'd know exactly what I'm up to.
Chamelion shoots Kalis the bird.

Alan Jenison: This proposal, to amend your contract... It will remove you from exclusivity with the PWA and allow you to enter into combat inside Robinson Pro Wrestling.

Chamelion raises an eye brow and Kalis nods.

Simon Kalis: It would make my contract two way, officially making it an AOWF contract but also leaving my salary to the expense of the PWA.... Even if I left and competed solely in the Rebel... Or Robinson Pro Wrestling.

Kalis smirks and throws Chamelion a wink.

Chamelion: I’d so love to hear your explanation on how you think I’m going to just allow THAT to happen?

Simon Kalis: Well let's face it Mark. This Board has denied me more requests than it has granted. I am preparing for your inevitable screwjob to loosen my grip over the PWA. In preparation of this possible outcome I'd like to ensure my career is secure, legally and financially speaking. Remember I am The Last Superstar, Mark. As you're all no doubt aware, but something the public is not aware of... This entire war was waged to create other, new superstars by giving them the opportunity to earn glory through warfare. A timeless means of advancing the little people into a superstar status. It's already working. Just by having that match with Engel, Strader and Hayes, we four put on a show worthy of the main event of Summer Sizzler over Matt Stone versus Riona Langly. But that isn't right, and what I've done is begun fixing this discrepancy to ensure the importance of the Champions.

Chamelion: I’m having a laugh at your self delusions, kiddo, what exactly does this have to do with your contract?

Simon Kalis: Well, I have been barred from competing for any championship by this Board of Directors. I am still a fighter, still a superstar. I want my freedom. You're the idiots who barred me and yet gave Starr a hundred and one chances until he had to just outright steal it from you. Severely devaluating the World title and prestige of the PWA itself, might I add. Whereas had I been allowed to defeat Riona this problem would not exist. I mean, do we have a deal? All in favor to amend my contract, raise your hands.

Chamelion: When you came to this board meeting today, did you just summarily ignore everything I said a couple of days ago, or are you really that narrow minded!?

Again, Kalis glares towards Chamelion and again speaks in a deep, demanding tone.

Simon Kalis: ALL In favor to amend my contract!?

Everyone but two raise their hands. Jenison and Chamelion.

Simon Kalis: Everyone opposed, raise your hand.

Jenison raises his hand, but oddly Chamelion chooses to keep his on the desk. Simon looks at him, and Chamelion has an odd smile on his face.

Simon Kalis: Well now that it's passed... It does make sense, my logic is unquestionable. I am The Last Superstar. I am the only one capable of restoring the prestige and honor to the World title. But because you idiots barred me now you're left with a fanbase which mocks its own Champion and competitors who dismiss us for the very same reason. What I question is how can Lucious steal the World title and I can't even say who's the GM of the show I control? Hmmm?

Chamelion: Lucious Starr abused his power as a leader of the Order, Simon Kalis. Your action to remove Lisa is a selfish and unjustified attempt based on not doing business inside the ring where such business is handled.

Jenison chimes in.

Alan Jenison: Remember he lost his power, you did not. You know the rules and you know your limits. I think everyone here today will regret heavily the decision to allow this amendment to pass nearly unanimously.

Chamelion: Oh, I’m not regretting it, Jenison. Let Robinson deal with this asshole for a while, I don’t care. I hope though, that Simon Kalis understands that amending contracts also nulls and voids previous agreements, and I’m sure the Board will be quite pleased to reconsider his yearly salary.

Simon Kalis: What!?

Chamelion: Oh, nothing… we can certainly discuss that detail in private… if you’re still even allowed into a PWA ring after Lucha Libre. Besides, on the subject of the World champion, I thought you'd want to keep your buddy Starr as Champion?

Kalis sighs heavily, and wags his finger.

Simon Kalis: My mission was to bring honor, prestige and pride back to the PWA. Not to have a paper Champion. I'd much rather Johnny Maverick be Champion than Starr because at least he's capable of winning it through his own merit.

Chamelion: You'd never admit that publicly.

Simon Kalis: That's besides the point.

Kalis turns his attention to Rob Robinson and smiles.

Simon Kalis: Mr. Robinson, you have your match. Simon Kalis versus Lisa Seldon in Rebel Pro. If she can run around and attack my men in Rebel Pro, she can certainly face me in my debut match.

Rob Robinson: I may not be the biggest Simon Kalis fan in the world, but I'll admit that he's a major star, especially compared to the window lickers I've currently got on the Robinson Pro roster. And nothing could make me happier than raising Robinson Pro's profile on Chamelion's dime. Just remember Simon, you may be a star but so is Scottie Snow. But most importantly, I've seen everything you've done in the PWA but while you're in Robinson Pro, just remember who's name is on the marquee and we'll get along just fine.

Kalis smirks and shakes his head, even Chamelion has a chuckle at that.

Simon Kalis: Riiiiight. Don't worry, I can help you raise Robinson Pro's profile even further with my star power. It's the least I can do, because it's obvious the PWA has already begun to burn by Chamelion's hands.

Chamelion slams his fist down on the table, finally fed up with Simon Kalis’ ego.

Chamelion: You mean by YOURS! You set the fire, Simon! Just so you could try to put it out and be a hero! And now you say you're going to Rebel Pro?! You're pathetic, Simon. That's why you're doing all of this, tucking your tail between your legs because you know you'll lose at Lucha Libre and have nothing left!

Kalis shakes his head and smirks.

Simon Kalis: No Mark. If I lose, you'll have nothing left.

Kalis reaches under the table and throws a t-shirt to Chamelion. Chamelion holds it up and it reads "The Last Superstar" on the back, with Simon Kalis' picture on the front.

Simon Kalis: I must prepare the soldiers for the true purpose of my takeover of the PWA...

Kalis waves his hand in the air and we can see the tension amongst the Board of Directors rise as he throws a sharp glance at Robinson and a smirk appears over his face.

Simon Kalis: Next, we discuss the AOWF...

Kalis' eyes widen as he finally notices the camera crew.

Simon Kalis: What the hell?! SECURITY!

The cameracrew rushes out the door and we cut to static, returning to Lucha Libre...

Bound by Blood vs The Cowgirls from Hell ©

PWA World Tag Team Titles

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 45-minute time limit, and is for the PWA World Tag Team championship!!

"Make Some Noise" by Krystal Meyers hits the PA and the lights in the arena begin flashing red and pink as the James sisters, Sarah and Katie, walk out onto the stage.

Eric Emerson: Now approaching the ring, they hail from Panama City, Florida...

Sarah stands on the stage, staring with focus at the ring, while Katie runs her hands down her hips, accentuating her curves as the fans boo.

Eric Emerson: Representing Bound by Blood...

Finally, the two sisters make their way down the ramp and roll into the ring. Sarah begins throwing punches into the air while Katie puts her hand up towards the crowd, smirking.

Eric Emerson: Sarah "Shooter" James..."The Starr Diva of PWA" Katie James...they are...BOUND...BY...BLOOD!!!

As the music fades, both sisters convene in the center of the ring and talk amongst themselves, focusing on the entrance curtain as the lights in the arena dim.

Eric Emerson: Their opponents...

Pantera's "Cowboys From Hell" hits the sound system, the opening guitar drone pumping up the few loyal CFH fans left amongst the PWA crowd, even south of the border. At the 17 second mark gold and silver pyros shoot upwards in the air. The arena flashes in blue and silver.

-=-Ooooooh, COME ON!-=-

Eric Emerson: They are the current, reigning, and defending PWA World Tag Team champions...

The girls ride out on a couple Harley Davidson Sporters, with the cFh logo airbrushed on the tanks. The rev the bikes as the fans head bang to the music.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from London, Ontario, Canada, they weigh in at a combined weight of two hundred and sixty five pounds...

The girls start the ride down to the ring. Meghan is on the left so she takes the left and Tamika takes the right. They park in front of the announcers table.

Eric Emerson: Meghan and Tamika Nash Strader, they are...the COWGIRLS FROM HELL!!

Meghan and Tamika slide under the bottom rope. Meghan takes one corner and Tamika takes the opposite. They raise their fists in the air to the beat of the song, as the fans cheer loudly. They step down, and walk towards each other placing their foreheads against each other. They yell...


...and then take off the Tag Team titles from around their waists, handing them to a ringside attendant.


Meghan and Tamika knock fists before sending Tamika towards the middle of the ring. MNS stands off in the corner, letting Tamika get her bearings first. Katie and Sarah agree that Sarah will step up to accept their challenge. Sarah walks over to Tamika and laughs. They exchange verbal warfare before TNS quickly gives "Shooter" a shove. TNS looks at Katie and shakes her head before firing back with a barrage of lefts and rights at TNS.

Jon McDaniel: And we're off right away!

Back inside the ring, Katie grabs the ropes and looks over at Sarah, raising her eyebrows in a “Wow” like look. Katie goes in closer and invites Tamika in for a lock up, to which TNS obliges. Katie surprises Tamika by forcing her down to the canvas, pinning her shoulders to the mat.


Brian Rentfro: Quick one count.

She pushes up quickly and they go the other way but quickly Tamika falls backwards, lifting Katie over into the BBB corner with a monkey flip. Sarah asks if Katie wants a break and she gives her a “you know me better then that” look. Katie walks right back over to Tamika and puts her hands out again, this time surprising the legal Strader sister with a boot to the midsection and a fireman's carry takedown into a headlock. Meghan jumps into the mix now and quickly ends the hold.

Jon McDaniel: The action looks like it's about to pick up...

Brian Rentfro: Meghan's throwing herself in here, and this is going to get nasty!

Jon McDaniel: Lucha Libre Style!

In comes Sarah, as this one officially enters the realm of lucha. Sarah and Meghan begin to exchange blows as Sarah throws her to the ropes but MNS counters. Sarah rebounds and ducks a clothesline attempt before nailing a vicious dropkick to the back of Meghan's head. MNS staggers forward holding her head as we cut over to Katie and Tamika. Katie has her in the corner, driving fist after fist into Tamika's face as the fans count along.

Fans: Uno! Dos! Tres! Quatro! Cinco!

That’s about as far as Katie gets, though, as TNS lifts her up slightly and then drops down, sending her face into the top turnbuckle.

Jon McDaniel: It looks like Katie Starr could need some serious dental work after that Stungun onto the top turnbuckle!

Brian Rentfro: I’ve only seen Riona take it in the face like that!

Jon McDaniel: If I was you, Brian, I wouldn’t be talking about her so much, especially with her wrestling later on.

Tamika gets to her feet right away as Sarah charges in. A deep Japanese arm drag takes the challenger down to the mat, Sarah rolls quickly back to her feet and gets sent down with another. Sarah pounds a fist into the mat in frustration as Katie sneaks up from behind and locks in a rear waistlock on TNS. Katie lifts up in a high angle and releases, looking for a German suplex, but Tamika lands on her feet. Meghan charges in, looking for a surprise lariat, but Katie ducks underneath it, turning around to be met with a vicious batering ram-like headbutt to the chest from Tamika.

Jon McDaniel: Thick Headed!!

As Katie stumbles back, Sarah rushes right past her and leaps into the air, catching TNS by surprise with a picture perfect Tornado DDT!

Jon McDaniel: Brutal looking DDT right there...

Brian Rentfro: And this one is may be over.



Tamika gets her foot on the bottom rope, breaking the count, and the referee takes a few steps back, drawing Sarah's attention. She turns around, trying to see why the ref is stepping back, and gets caught with a big Kenka Kick from Meghan Nash Strader. But before MNS can capitalize on the move, though, Katie is back up throws Meghan into the corner, meeting her with a HUUUUGE corner elbow to the jaw. Meghan staggers out and eats a Stungun over the top rope from Katie as Tamika begins making her way to the top turnbuckle. Katie sees her out of the corner of her eye, but to no avail as TNS flies off the top with soaring crossbody, keeping on for the cover.



Katie kicks defiantly, rising to her feet before rolling out of the ring, trying to gather her bearings on the floor. Sarah tries to surprise TNS with a lariat, only for Tamika to duck and answer with a quick Double Arm DDT.

Jon McDaniel: And Tamika is on a nice roll!

Brian Rentfro: That’s the smartest thing I’ve heard you say so far.

Sarah kips up to her feet, runs in, and snaps off a beautiful hurricanrana, looking for a pinfall attempt that gets broken up quickly as Meghan dives in with an elbow. MNS rolls out of the ring to where Katie is recouperating, grabbing the James sister by her hair before slamming her into the guardrail.

Jon McDaniel: This is not where you want to be with a Strader.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, both Meghan and Tamika have shown that mean streak that seems to increase whenever they go outside of the ring, all thanks to watching their father.

Jon McDaniel: It looks like Katie is finding that out the very, very hard way.

Back inside the ring, Sarah is able to block a right hand and get Tamika off of her with a well-placed forearm shot to the jaw. Both women roll back and hop up to their feet, locking up in the middle of the ring. TNS whips Sarah into the ropes and gets surprised as KJ holds on, dropping her with a short-arm lariat before dropping down into a cover.




Jon McDaniel: I thought that was it!

Brian Rentfro: So did I!

"Shooter" gets up now, a trickle of blood visible now from her right nostril. She brings Tamika to her feet and whips her into the corner, but TNS rushes back, looking for a Kenka Kick. Sarah ducks underneath Tamika's boot, locking on a rear waistlock, but Meghan slides back into the ring, surprising her with a pair of rights to the back of the skull, forcing her to release TNS. Meghan picks Sarah up on her shoulders, calling to Tamika.


TNS quickly obliges, scurrying over to the nearest corner before charging to the top. She flies off with a lariat...


...and nearly takes Sarah James' head off before dropping down with a lateral press.



Brian Rentfro: 3...NO!!!

Katie breaks the pinfall with a basement dropkick to Tamika's skull before jumping Meghan from behind, taking her through the ropes and back to the outside. Sarah gets back to her feet now as Tamika rises to hers, and the two meet in the center of the ring, exchanging forearms. TNS gets the better of it, doubling Sarah over for a powerbomb attempt, but Katie surprises her with a springboard missile dropkick to the face, sending her crumpling to the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: BEAUTIFUL springboard dropkick from Katie James!!

Brian Rentfro: Wow, imagine that. I guess pigs can fly.

Jon McDaniel: Oh, c'mon!!

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, yeah, I'm kidding. LAWL jay kay and all that.

Jon McDaniel: Huh?

Brian Rentfro: You need to get out more.

Meghan surprises the James sisters with a springboard double clothesline, one to the back of Katie's head and one to the jaw of Sarah, and checks on Tamika, almost reviving her. TNS pulls herself to her feet, and the two Straders look at each other, nodding. Tamika brings Katie to her feet and sends her outside of the ring as Meghan stands Sarah up, whipping her into the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: Here it comes...

Katie quickly scrambles to her feet on the outside and dives under the bottom rope, charging behind Tamika and locking her into an inverted front facelock, dropping her with a rolling cutter as Sarah gets lifted up for a powerslam by Meghan, swinging her body around before she gets planted into the mat and locking on a Gogoplata.

Brian Rentfro: I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!

Jon McDaniel: Extreme Makeover on Tamika, and Sarah's got the Deathknell locked tightly on Meghan!!

Katie covers Tamika with a jackknife pin, counting along with the referee.



Meghan passes out from the flow of blood to her brain being cut off by Sarah's Gogoplata.



Katie rolls off of Tamika as Sarah releases the Gogoplata, both James sisters getting up to their feet and meeting mid-ring, their hands raised by the referee as "Make Some Noise" cues back up.

Eric Emerson: The winners of the match, and NEW...


Eric Emerson: ...PWA World Tag Team champions...

A ringside attendant hands the ref the Tag titles, who then hands them off to Katie and Sarah.

Eric Emerson: ...BOUND BY BLOOD!!!

Tamika crawls over to Meghan, checking on her unconscious sister as Katie and Sarah slide out to the floor, making their way back up the ramp with the Tag belts draped over their shoulders.

Chamelion Segment Yeah!

The fade to the live show starts backstage with Bud Adams standing next to a rather stern looking Chamelion, holding the same Simon Kalis T-shirt in his fist that Kalis tossed at him at the meeting.

Bud Adams: Mark, we just saw what happened at the Board of Directors meeting last week, with Simon Kalis re-negotiating his contract and expanding himself possibly to Robinson Pro wrestling. What do you have to say about that?

Chamelion looks at Bud for a moment, takes the shirt and blows his nose all over Simon’s likeness. He then throws the shirt down, sniffing to clear his nostrils.

Chamelion: Bud. Over the past few weeks, the war of words between Simon and I have focused on his self belief that he is the PWA’s hero, savior, that our ratings are solely attributed to his actions. I don’t deny that currently this war is a forefront of internet talks, fan interaction and more people tuning in every week. What I do argue is that his actions have ‘saved’ the PWA. Saved it from what? That we had a lull? I’ve already, many times, explained it to Simon, who’s thick skull my words do not seem to penetrate that this happens to every fed. The Pantheon spiked the ratings. McNasty and Phoenix spiked the ratings. Genesis alone, spikes ratings. Kalis is one among many, and not that special. Hell, Bud, if anything the Order is the most pathetic excuse for a threatening invasion, as almost everything that has happened since Manitoba Mayhem has been infighting and lost causes. This is why Simon’s renegotiating his contract. He knows his gig is up, and again like before, he’s retreating with his tail between his legs.

Bud Adams: Despite all that, Mark, you are in a match with him tonight and if you lose, you’re company belongs solely to Simon Kalis, and you’ll be fired.

Chamelion: Well aware of that, good buddy. I know what I put up to get him into this match and I know the sacrifice at hand. I’m ready for it. I won’t like it should I lose, but I need my company back and out of Simon’s hands and this was the only course left to me.
Bud Adams: Your focus is squarely on Simon Kalis, but you’re not the only one invested in this war. Riona Langly and her Apostles have made a stand against Kalis, and Riona herself has warned you not to stand in her way in this war.

Chamelion: Riona’s threats don’t bother me. She, like Simon, has an ego that it seems this whole ordeal is all about them. Simon thinks he’s the PWA’s Last Superstar, and Riona thinks her and her creed with the Apostles will end Simon Kalis once and for all. Both of them need to take heed of MY Creed… for Simon, it’s a matter of taking my company back and for Riona, she needs to understand I don’t want Kalis, or his Order, completely destroyed. I know good business and keeping Kalis, the Cowgirls, Lucious in the PWA means a larger roster and a more robust card each week. Riona warns me that I’m next if I get in her way, well I return the warning that if she goes too far, she’ll be next… and unlike my brother.. I don’t go down to a few shots to the cranium.

Bud Adams: I truly hope that any issues between you and your team mates can be resolved or held off till you beat Simon Kalis tonight… and all I can say to that is good luck to you, Mark, and that the PWA Is squarely behind you.

Chamelion: Thanks, Bud.. I have no intention of letting them, the fans… anyone down. GOT IT?!

Chamelion stalks off as the scene fades to the opening of Lucha Libre.

Charlie Scene vs Teresa Quaranta

Everyone Loves Lisa Seldon Singles Match

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…

The lights dim, and the spotlights in the arena pulsate and dance across the arena, in tune to the primal drumbeat of At The Drive-In's Arcarsenal. The video screen above the entrance lights up, looking like faded paper, and overlapped with drawings of rotating, interconnected gears, half-finished mechanisms and small words in a strange text. The screen flashes back and forth between the blueprints and highlights of Teresa's career.

The drums thump. Then, with the lights down, a soft spotlight focuses on the top of the ramp, as Teresa Quaranta storms through the curtain, smirking and raising a slight eyebrow at the audience. She wears a black, long-sleeved singlet, coupled with kneepads and a heavy pair of boots.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at one hundred ninety pounds and hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada… this is… TERESA QUARANTA!

Teresa pauses at the top of the ramp and deliberately raises two fingers to her neck for a few seconds, then to her wrist. Once her pulse is checked, she takes a deep breath, pivots towards the crowd and flicks her hand towards the ring, sticking her nose in the air and jawing snidely at the fans. As she reaches the ring, she steps through the middle rope, beige sparklers fall from above the ring, but Teresa doesn't give them much acknowledgment besides looking in their direction.

She walks to the turnbuckle and leans against it with a knowing smile, waiting for the match to start.

Eric Emerson: And her opponent…

"Everywhere I Go" by Hollywood Undead begins to twang across the speakers, drawing everyone's attention. The lights dim as strobes go off in unison with the beat as the chorus begins and Charlie walks out from the back and poses on stage, a hand full of cards as he raises both arms over his head.

Eric Emmerson: Making his way to the ring, from Hollywood, California... CHARLIE SCENE!!!

The crowd begins cheering as the girls on the floor seats all rush the rails. Charlie starts handing out the cards to the hottest girls only, as he makes his way towards the ring. He stops once he hits the floor mats, posing again as the song continues playing. He counts the cards in his hands, and continues, walking around the ring handing them out to the hot bitches. Once he runs out, he slides under the bottom rope into the ring and looks over at his opponent, leaving his hat, glasses, rag, and hoodie on.....

Charlie starts the match right at the bell with an attempted dive at an Ankle Pick that catches Teresa off guard. She manages to stay standing initially though and goes over onto his back with a Mounted-Hammerlock. Charlie struggles with it initially but manages to get a leg under him and his free arm around his opponents head. Teresa holds onto the move but can't stop him fighting to his feet and then sending her off with a Snapmare.

Teresa lands seated and Charlie shoots for a Sleeperhold but Teresa locks up an arm and slips out before dropping him face first into the mat. She then tries to secure a hold on his arm but Charlie rolls to his back and then kips up, only to drop back down immediately and send her off in an Armdrag. Teresa rolls to her knees and sweeps Charlie for a pin as he comes running but he pushes her off before the ref can even hit the mat. Teresa then jumps up into a leg sweep herself that earns a pin with similar results. This sends Charlie up first and allows him to catch Teresa with a knee and back her into the ropes. He then tries to whip her to the ropes but Teresa turns it around and launches an upward flipping kick that just barely misses the mark as Charlie darts out of the way.

Teresa floats over onto a knee and puts up her hands to catch a kick. She then stands up with his leg in hand and sweeps him, dropping Charlie to the mat and leaving him open for a leaping stomp that hits the floor as Charlie rolls behind her. He then catches onto a School Boy attempt for the pin.


Jon McDaniel: Teresa pops out early.

Teresa rolls over onto her knees and into a Guillotine from Charlie that she manages to spin out before he can properly secure it. Teresa then comes away with a Wristlock but Charlie is quickly to his feet and works his way through a roll through, bridge and twist back standing that allows him to alleviate the pressure. He then slaps her hand away and launches an Enzugiri, but Teresa decides to walk away, letting him catch nothing but the air before he plummets to the mat. He goes down and gets a rather harsh kick through the top of his head for his troubles.

Brian Rentfro: Guess we're done testing the waters.

Jon McDaniel: Apparently.

Charlie turns over into the ropes for a chance to get his bearings but Teresa drags him back to his feet and puts him into the ropes with the aid of a Forearm shot. Teresa the turns to whip him away but instead kicks out the back of his legs to sit him down and then follows with a stiff Roundhouse kick in the chest to flatten him out. Teresa then bounces into the ropes and comes back with a Senton, landing her full weight across his chest. She turns over into a cover.



Jon McDaniel: Charlie escapes at the count of two.

Teresa then picks him up and flattens him again with a Snap Suplex that she floats over on top and holds down an arm for the cover.



Brian Rentfro: Charlie sits up.

Jon McDaniel: But Teresa tries for a Kimura.

Teresa bends his arm around his back and begins to work the hold while Charlie scrambles for the ropes. She doesn't get long as Charlie soon finds purchase with a foot but it's enough to leave a lasting impression as Charlie comes up rotating his shoulder. Teresa instantly sets upon it with an Arm-Ringer that drops him face first to the canvas before she turns around and drops a knee into his shoulder blade. She then leans on it and torques his arm until Charlie is able to fight out onto his back.

Teresa then lifts him up again and sends Charlie to the ropes, making sure to use his worked over shoulder for a little extra push. She then leads with a back elbow but Charlie ducks under, grabs on and sends her to the ropes in his place before catching her with a huge Spinebuster on the return.

Charlie jumps around to her side and leaps back into a Standing Moonsault, knocking the wind from her and dropping into the pin.



Jon McDaniel: And Teresa jumps out.

Charlie then jumps to his feet, leans back and launches himself into a standing 450; earning some love from the fans as he hooks the leg for another pin.



Jon McDaniel: And Teresa pops out again!

Charlie lumbers Teresa up into the corner and thunders a knee into her gut. He then whips her to the opposite corner and follows but Teresa uses the ropes to push herself up and come over behind him. She then hooks both his arms, lifts and drops him with a Tiger Suplex. The referee jumps in to make the count but Teresa let’s go of an arm, swings herself around and cinches in a Crucifix Armbar to the delight of the fans.

Jon McDaniel: Teresa with the Juji-Gatame, and this could end it right here.

Teresa wrenches back deep with every intention of popping his shoulder, but Charlie fights her all the way and even manages to get off his back. He then rolls her onto her shoulders while the referee jumps in for a pin.



Jon McDaniel: Teresa powers out!

Teresa cranks his arm until the very last second before slipping out, and as Charlie backs away he can’t help cradling his arm. Teresa then shoots again but Charlie ducks under, bends his knees and then leans into a backflip that catches Teresa turning and smashes her in the chest. He falls right over her for the pin.



Jon McDaniel: Teresa still won’t stay down.

Brian Rentfro: She’s got some fight in her, but he’ll ware that out soon enough.

Charlie then pulls Teresa back to her feet once again and lifts her up in a Vertical Suplex. His arm looks to be bothering him but not enough to break his grip, and he holds her aloft for a few moments before dropping her back forward with a huge Gordbuster. Teresa crashes down face first and pops back to her knees from the impact. Meanwhile Charlie turns his attention to the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like he’s setting up for the Shadows over Ares.

Brian Rentfro: That’ll do it.

Even with the aid of only one arm Charlie manages to fight his way to the top-rope, and poises himself as Teresa struggles off the mat. He then leaps into the air, set to crush her with the backsplash, but Teresa steps aside and lets him crash to the canvas.

Brian Rentro: Crashing and burning! Crashing and burning!

Charlie bobs back to a knee and Teresa ties him up for a La Magistral.


He struggles…


Kicks his legs…


Jon McDaniel: She got him!

Charlie breaks from the cover just seconds too late and comes up with his hands on the referee. He calls it a two but the referee guarantees a three count. Teresa just leaves them too it and takes herself up the ropes to celebrate.

Jon McDaniel: A hard fought match from both of them, but in the end it was the early shoulder work by Teresa that left him unable to break the pin.

Charlie gives it up with the referee and turns his attention to Teresa, who holds her fingers up with an inch gap, implying just how quickly it can happen. She then jumps down the ropes to the apron, then the floor and then makes her way back up the ramp as we cut to the back.

Sticks & Stones

We fade backstage where there's an obvious commotion going on. It's only when we see Matt Stone get thrown into the hallway do we realize what's happening!

Jon McDaniel: What the hell?! Is Cody attacking Stone early?!

Brian Rentfro: I doubt it, it's not like him...

Voice: You've held my name in your mouth too long, Matthew.

Kalis steps out from Stone's locker room holding a long wooden staff. He spins it in between both his hands and brings the staff down over Stone's back. Stone fights back throwing out a kick and nailing Kalis in the shins. Kalis stumbles back and uses the staff for support, but Matt Stone is already back up. Stone rushes and takes down Kalis with a hip toss onto the cold cement and the crowd inside the arena is going ballistic!

Jon McDaniel: Whoa! Simon's attacking Matt Stone?!

Brian Rentfro: Don't be surprised. Kalis has held a grudge since Stone cheated him out of the TV title.

Stone grabs the staff away from Kalis and begins bashing it down over Kalis' back. Kalis winces as he crawls away but Stone continues to lay the assault in.

Jon McDaniel: Plan backfired, didn't it?

Kalis smirks as he flips forward from his chest, over himself and back onto his feet. The moment he lands on his feet he sends a superkick right into Stone's face, knocking Matt Stone back down.

Brian Rentfro: You forgot. Kalis is arguably the most agile star of the PWA!

Kalis walks over to Matt Stone but Stone swings the staff from the ground. Kalis catches it and stomps down on Stone's neck, snatching the staff away from him. Kalis brings it up then back down hard on Stone's face not once, not twice but thrice! Stone begins bleeding and he looks up at Simon with anger as Kalis backs away and slams his staff down on the ground.

Simon Kalis: You thought yourself untouchable by The Order? Is that right Stone? Why? Cause Vaxman had your back?

Kalis swings the staff right into Stone's knees again, cracking his knee cap hard.

Simon Kalis: You keep playing your "victory" over me, week in and week out like a badge of honor.

Kalis swings the staff again, cracking Matt Stone's other knee.

Simon Kalis: You weasel, you never beat me. You never could, and you never will. Your insolence and repeated disrespect has brought you the wrath of God himself.

Kalis swings the staff at Matt Stone's face but Stone grabs onto it with both hands and pushes back as hard as he can. It's a struggle as Kalis pushes forward and Stone pushes back. What Matt Stone doesn't see is Reaver and Masakazu walk up behind him.

Simon Kalis: You wanna see what it's like to be the victim of an unfair circumstance?

Reaver and Masakazu both launch thrust kicks into the back of Matt Stone's head. Stone lets go of the staff and Kalis brings it down on his face so hard his forehead begins to bleed.

Simon Kalis: Talk shit now, Matthew.

Kalis drops the staff and kneels down, smiling.

Simon Kalis: You think I was too good to notice you mouthing off repeatedly every SINGLE FUCKING WEEK ABOUT ME?!

Kalis smacks Matt Stone across the face, but Stone laughs and spits blood at Simon's face.

Reaver: Master, what shall we do to him?

Kalis gets to his feet and wipes the blood off of his face. Masakazu smirks as he looks down at Matt Stone and Matt Stone gets to his feet and begins backing away with his fists up.

Simon Kalis: It was known publicly I despised you, Matt Stone. Makes sense, you come from Ottawa so your arrogance is readily explained. But not your stupidity. You tested the waters and think you can get away with it?

Kalis picks up his staff and approaches Matt Stone, staring him straight in the face.

Simon Kalis: You better warn Xan that Attitude Entertainment's special protection is over. And you are ALL FUCKED! DO YOU HEAR ME MATT?! YOU... ARE... ALL... FU-

Before Kalis can finish, Stone knees Kalis in the gut, grabs the staff and swings it hard at Simon's face. Kalis stumbles backwards bleeding now himself as Stone drops the staff and begins walking away.

Matt Stone: Cry me a river, loser.

Reaver appears ready to give chase but Kalis waves him off.

Reaver: Master...

Simon Kalis: At ease, Colonel.

Reaver nods as Stone fades from the scene down the hallway. Kalis wipes his own blood this time, off of his face.

Masakazu: You're not going to let him just walk away are you?

Kalis smiles as he shakes his head.

Simon Kalis: It's time to revise the Fatal Four hitlist. I think we need to substitute one person...

Kalis points down the hallway to where Matt Stone left.

Simon Kalis: For another.

Reaver and Masakazu nod as Kalis smirks in the direction Stone went.

Simon Kalis: Spread the word to all those loyal to our cause.

Kalis turns his head to Reaver who bows his head before Kalis.

Simon Kalis: Attitude Entertainment are no longer under the protection of The Order of Chaos. Spread the word that they were, since no one was aware of that situation. Let the so called "Stars of the PWA" see the traitors in their midst, marking them as co-conspirators with us. If they feel we're guilty, then so shall they be.

Masakazu: But what about Vaxman? He's still a-

Simon Kalis: That weasel is nothing, and he'll burn for his treason. Ransack their locker rooms, have security strip search them for any contraband right now. Make their lives a living fuck hell.

Kalis wipes the blood from his face and begins to move towards Reaver and Masakazu. Kalis motions Reaver to go with his hands and Reaver nods and makes a run down the hall towards the Order of Chaos section of the arena. Kalis puts his arm over Masakazu and smirks.

Masakazu: They were silent supporters father. I think you made a mistake in attacking Stone.

Simon Kalis: No, son. No more games. We're not going to tolerate any failure from within or disrespect from without.

Masakazu: What does that mean?

Simon Kalis: Trust me. War is coming to the PWA, young Mas.

They begin to walk away from the cameras.

Masakazu: I thought we were already in war?

Simon Kalis: This is Civil War and when I win tonight, the Civil War of the PWA will be over...

Kalis pauses.

Simon Kalis: What I'm really talking about is the world war, metaphorically speaking.

Kalis smirks and kisses Masakazu on the top of his forehead as we fade, blood still trickling down Simon's face...

Cody Bogard © vs Matt Stone

PWA Intercontinental Title

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 30-minute time limit and is for the PWA Intercontinental championship!

Say whoa (whoa)
The more I feed it (whoa)
The more I need it (whoa)
You say whoa
Whoa is me
I'm so whoa

Down With Webster's "I'm So Whoa" cues up, bringing Matt Stone out from the back to a chorus of boos, accompanied, as usual, by his personal interview Elizabeth Davis.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, the challenger! He weighs in tonight at 190 pounds...

He struts down the ramp towards the ring, wearing his patterned hoodie with a large Maple Leaf on the back. He threatens to hit a member of the crowd who was holding up a "Canada sucks" sign and just walks on.

Eric Emerson: ...and stands at 5 feet, 9 inches tall...

Say whoa (whoa)
The more I feed it (whoa)
The more I need it (whoa)
You say whoa
Whoa is me
I'm so whoa

Eric Emerson: Being accompanied to the ring by Elizabeth Davis, he hails from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and is a former two-time PWA Grizzly Beer champion, and a former two-time PWA Television champion...

Matt whispers something to Liz and she nods, walking around the ring and taking a seat in a folding chair set up for her. Matt gets on the apron and gets inside the ring, heading straight to a corner and mounts the middle turnbuckle raising his hands. "I'm the best there is!" He shouts out over the loud jeers being rained down on him.

Eric Emerson: He is...

Stone shakes his head to their reaction. "You don't deserve to see me!" He shouts out getting down and taking off the hoodie, setting it on the apron where Liz gets up to retrieve before returning to her chair.

Eric Emerson: ...MATT STONE!!!

Matt gets ready for Bogard, bouncing off the ropes to loosen up as his music fades away.

Jon McDaniel: It should be interesting to note, folks, that Matt Stone also holds the record for being the last PWA Television champion...TWICE.

Brian Rentfro: That's right. He was so good at defending the title both times he won it that the Board of Directors had to declare it defunct just to get it off of his waist!

Jon McDaniel: Well, I'm not sure that's exactly why, but...

The lights suddenly dim down as the opening intro to Jam Project's "Dragon Storm 2007" plays. Once the intro finishes and goes into the main theme, smoke emerges from near the entrance way.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next, he weighs in tonight at 210 pounds...

A figure emerges from the smoke, standing while looking at the fans as he stands in the shadows. The figure is seen as strobe lights go off to reveal Cody Bogard posing at the entrance way. Cody makes his way to the ring.

Eric Emerson: ...and stands at 5 feet, 11 inches tall...

Mizukara no ishi de sono tobi tataki
Mizukara no ishi de sono tobira wo hiraku
Taka naru mune no kodou wo Osae kurezu ni
Kokoro ni himeta Tsuyoi toshi wo moyasu

Cody makes his way over to the ring, springing up to the ring apron, climbing the turnbuckle and posing with his arms open in a pose.

Eric Emerson: From San Mateo, California...

Kanayaku daiya no Genseki no youni
Itsuka wa hikari wo hanatemasu youni...

Cody jumps from the turnbuckle as he thrusts his arm into the air to a hail of cheers.

Eric Emerson: He is the current, reigning, and defending PWA Intercontinental champion, he is "The Crisis Ace"...

Yume no tobira wo hiraku Erabareshi senshitachi
Kagirinaki kanou sei wo Sono mune ni idaita mama
Mizukara wo shinjite tsudoishi nakama wo shinjite
Hatenaki "yume oi bito" wa Ashita e no michi wo iku dake

Eric Emerson: ...CODY BOGARD!!!

Cody takes his time to prepare for the match as "Dragon Storm 2007" dies out. Bogard stretches out on the ropes as, in the opposite corner, Matt Stone jaws with Elizabeth Davis. Referee Dwayne Cross comes over to Stone to pat him down and Matt obliges, talking trash the whole time. Cross rolls his eyes as he goes back across the ring and checks Bogard for concealed weapons before Cody unbuttons the Intercontinental title from around his waist, handing it to Cross so that he can show it off to Stone across the ring before holding it up high.

Jon McDaniel: And THAT is what this match is all about.

Brian Rentfro: And all of the bragging rights that come with it!

Cross hands the belt off to a ringside attendant, and calls for the bell.


Bogard carefully steps out from his corner as Stone swaggers out, brushing Davis away. Elizabeth hops down from the apron and stands at ringside, cheering her man on.

Jon McDaniel: Both men in the center of the ring now...some trash talking from Matt...

Stone jaws away with indiscernible language to Cody, who just stands calm with his hands on his hips, smirking.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, don't worry about it. It's probably just Matt telling Cody how nice he looks in his pansy yellow booties.

Stone goes for a tie-up, but Bogard ducks underneath and nails a stiff knife-edge to Matt's back, the sound of flesh on flesh echoing through the arena. Matt winces, drawing his arms back, and turns around quick to meet a pair of stiff knife-edges to the chest.

Fans: WHOOO!!! WHOOO!!!

Cody whips Matt into the ropes and looks for clothesline, but Stone ducks underneath it and locks on a rear waistlock.

Jon McDaniel: Standing switch, Cody with the go-behind...reversal by Stone...oh, c'mon!

Matt just paintbrushes the back of the Intercontinental champion's head, causing Bogard to turn around, unamused.

Brian Rentfro: What's wrong with that? Stone knows that he's got this match in the bag, so why not just let him enjoy himself?

Stone mimics Bogard's stance - hands on his hips, an uber-serious face, and a tapping of the toe - before piefacing him and holding his fists up high in premature victory. Bogard smiles, clapping, and then surprises Matt with a series of machine gun slaps to the face and chest.

Bogard: ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA!

Stone rakes Cody's eyes to get away, drawing a warning from Dwayne Cross, and then locks Cody into a side headlock. Bogard nails a pair of forearms to Matt's lower back and shoots him off into the ropes. Matt rebounds and sends Cody down with a shoulderblock, waving at him before hitting the ropes again. Cody gets up and leapfrogs over the charging Stone, catching him in an armdrag upon his second rebound. Matt sits up and Cody holds onto his arm, locking it in a kneeling armbar.

Jon McDaniel: Picture-perfect armbar by the Intercontinental champion...

Brian Rentfro: Oh, c'mon! Cody's obviously doing something illegal here.

Jon McDaniel: Like what?

Brian Rentfro: Like, I don't know...he's going against the Geneva Convention!

Jon McDaniel: ...not only does that not apply to the confines of a wrestling ring, Brian, but I just don't think that's the reason you're complaining.

Matt fights to his feet, wincing from the pain of the hold, especially when Cody grinds the point of his elbow into Stone's tricep. Matt looks to roll forward to alleviate the pressure and look for an escape, but Cody rolls with him, surprising him by turning the armbar into a perfect Triangle Choke.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, look! Matt, Cody's got you near the ropes! Get to them!

Matt scoots himself towards the ropes, placing his foot on the bottom rope. Cross sees it and slaps his hands together to quickly get Bogard's attention.

Dwayne Cross: Break it up, he's on the ropes! 1! 2!

Cody releases the Triangle Choke and backs off, taking a traditional Grecco-Roman stance as Stone slowly gets to his feet, the challenger's eyes locked on those of the champion. They circle and lock up with Bogard getting Matt into a full-arm dragon twist. Stone kicks Cody in the back of the knee, looking to break the hold, but Cody replies with a kick of his own to Matt's chest, forcing himself to break his own hold.

Jon McDaniel: Bogard to the ropes...

Stone ducks underneath a Kikoshotei attempt, getting Bogard into a rear waistlock, and then dumps Cody down with a near picture-perfect German suplex, bridging his back for the pinfall.



Bogard kicks out, but Matt keeps on him, seguing the German bridge into a Camel Clutch that finds Matt digging his knee into the small of Bogard's back. Cody grunts and moans in pain, keeping his hands firmly on the canvas. Matt reaches one hand into his nose, hooking his nostrils and pulling them for added pain, a move which Dwayne Cross refuses to allow.

Dwayne Cross: Alright, break it up! 1! 2!

Stone: Why? He looks like a pig!!

Dwayne Cross: 3!

Stone turns to Bogard, relishing in this insulting torture.


Dwayne Cross: 4!

Stone backs away, holding his hands up at his sides, and then hits the ropes, dropping a knee into the back of Cody's head. He rolls the IC champion over, driving a forearm into his face as he covers with a lateral press.



Bogard defiantly kicks out, turning his back to Stone, and Matt rises to his knees, shaking his head.

Brian Rentfro: Don't worry, Matt. Just hit him a few more times and, you know, hold his shoulders down for a 3-count.

Jon McDaniel: If only it were all that simple.

Stone brings Cody to his feet and whips him into the corner, following in right after him with a corner clothesline. Cody looks to stumble out, but Stone turns him around and makes him stand on the middle rope, his back to the ring. A pair of clubbing forearms to Cody's back keep him there as Matt steps out onto the apron, nodding in approval of himself.

Jon McDaniel: And there's the kind of cockiness that one might expect from a two-time Television and two-time Grizzly Beer champion.

Brian Rentfro: And he earned all FOUR of those title reigns, might I add.

Stone climbs up to the middle rope via the outside and Bogard fires back. A series of headbutts rock Matt, nearly sending him off of the top.

Brian Rentfro: Oh no!! This doesn't look good!

Cody reaches out and grabs Stone's head, locking him into a front facelock. He looks out quickly at the crowd, pointing up into the air.

Jon McDaniel: He's going for a Superplex!!

Brian Rentfro: No! That won't be good at all!

Cody looks to hook Stone over, but Matt's firm grasp of the top rope prevents the move from happening. Bogard tries another time and meets the same result, as well as a pair of fists to the ribs that knock some of the wind out of him. Stone stands up straight and then flies over Cody, slamming him down to the canvas with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb.

Brian Rentfro: Yes!! Papa was a Rolling Stone!!

Matt quickly shuffles to Bogard, falling atop him.


Stone loosely hooks a leg.


Matt's eyes widen...



Brian Rentfro: Whaaaat?!

Stone sits up, amazed, and looks down at Cody, shaking his head. His eyes, wide from amazement, narrow as he swallows the saliva in his mouth, nodding.

Stone: Okay...alright, no big deal...

Stone rises to his feet, grabbing a handful of Bogard's hair.

Dwayne Cross: Let go of the hair! 1! 2!

Matt brings Cody up to his feet and whips him into the ropes, taking off in the opposite direction. Both men rebound and charge at each other, with Stone leaping up for a flying forearm that Bogard ducks underneath. Cody rolls forward to his feet, quickly turning around, and charges at the rising Stone. Matt quickly tries to mount a defense but fails as Cody nails him with a Kenka Kick, the force sending him onto the apron.

Jon McDaniel: They could be going to the outside...

Cody hits the ropes again, looking for a Kikoshotei, but Matt gets a hand up, blocking it. Stone looks for a right hand but Bogard blocks that, connecting with a surprise headbutt that dazes him. Cody nails a shotei, dazing him again, and then steps between the ropes and onto the apron next to him.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, this just does not look good for Matt!

A pair of forearms to the side of Matt's head rock him, nearly sending him off of the apron, but Cody doubles him over from behind, locking one arm between his legs and the other underneath Bogard's in a pumphandle position.

Jon McDaniel: Pumphandle powerslam off of the apron...!!

Brian Rentfro: NO!! Stone reverses it!!

Bogard deadlifts Matt off of the apron towards his shoulder, but Stone floats over and lands on his feet in the ring. Cody turns around to eat a big right hand to his face, allowing Stone the opportunity to hit the opposite ropes. He comes back, charging in for an Axe Bomber, but Bogard blocks it and drills a forearm into his jaw, sending him rocking back.

Jon McDaniel: Bogard's going aerial...

Cody looks to springboard off the top rope but gets crotched over it via a surprise field goal-style kick to the top rope by Stone. The male fans collectively groan as Matt mocks Cody, feigning his own groin being in pain.

Stone: Ouch! Ouch!

Jon McDaniel: Oh, give me a break...

Matt brushes off his shoulders and climbs the corner, facing Bogard. Stone stands up straight, steadying himself, and quickly runs across the top rope...

Brian Rentfro: Holy...!! deliver a swift 'rana back into the ring to Bogard, drawing a pop from the crowd. Stone jumps up to his feet, smirking, and Bogard rolls to his stomach, forcing himself up to a knee.

Brian Rentfro: Finish him off, Matt! You've got him reeling!!

Matt brings Cody up to his feet and stuns him with a right hand before running the ropes, looking for a lariat. Bogard ducks underneath Stone's arm and locks on a rear waistlock, drilling him with a BRUTAL high angle release German that finds Matt landing on his face rather than his upper back.

Jon McDaniel: Oh MAN!! What a Muscle Burst!

Brian Rentfro: That was SICK!! You'd have to be some sort of demented sociopath to enjoy doing that to a man!

Jon McDaniel: Impartiality, folks. Impartiality.

Bogard rises to his feet as Stone gets to his face, holding his nose, and Cody charges forward, nailing a STIFF lariat that rocks Stone down to the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: Excalibur Slash!

Cody grabs Stone's legs and rolls forward with a jackknife cover.




Brian Rentfro: YES! Stone kicked's alright, people, Stone's still in it!

Cody gets up to his feet and backs into the corner, staring down Stone as the former two-time Grizzly Beer champion starts to stir. Cody takes a stance, readying himself to charge, and Stone gets to a knee.

Jon McDaniel: Cody's getting ready...

Brian Rentfro: Who's not being impartial now, Jon?

Jon McDaniel: I'm just calling the action!

Matt rises to his feet, his back to Cody, and Bogard dashes out just as Matt turns, unleashing a brutal Kikoshotei and falling on top of Stone as Matt drops to the mat, hooking his nearest leg.





Cody sits up, shaking his head, and then looks out at the crowd in front of him, his face stoic for a moment.

Brian Rentfro: Wait...what's...what's Cody doing?

Bogard cracks a smile, nodding his head, and then gets to his feet, slowly dragging a thumb across his throat as he lets out a laugh. Cody grabs Matt by the back of the neck and brings him to his feet, doubling him over with a surprise roundhouse to the midsection. Cody lifts Matt up with a gutwrench...

Jon McDaniel: Sanada Ten Braves...!!


...but Stone forces himself out and lands on his feet in front of him, quickly kicking out Cody's right leg.


Stone boots Bogard in the side of the head quick, knocking down to the mat. Matt dives down and locks on an Anaconda Vise, cinching it in and pulling back to really put the pressure on Cody's shoulder and neck.

Brian Rentfro: SET IN STONE!! Tap, Cody! TAP!!

Bogard struggles in it, his grimacing face showing the obvious amount of excruciating pain he's in, but his own attempts at fighting out of it are met with nothing more than Matt yanking back, causing more damage in the process.

Jon McDaniel: It does NOT look good for the champion right now, folks.

Stone leans back, his head nearly touching Cody's knees, and that proves damning as Bogard surprises him with a pair of knees to the back of his head, forcing Matt to loosen up on his hold. Cody takes full advantage and turns over, dragging Matt down into a surprise pinfall attempt.



Matt kicks out with relative ease and both men scramble up to their feet, Stone in the center of the ring and Cody in the corner. Stone charges in, looking for a corner lariat, but Cody rolls underneath it, quickly rising to his feet. Stone turns and eats a Kikoshotei, knocking him goofy.

Jon McDaniel: Here it comes...

Cody hits the ropes, looking for a second Kikoshotei, but Stone leaps into him, grabbing the back of his head with both hands as he places his knee against his jaw, drilling him with a vicious, surprise Codebreaker.

Brian Rentfro: C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-...!!

Jon McDaniel: Oh, just say it already!

Brian Rentfro: ...COMBO BREAKER!!!




Dwayne Cross calls for the bell...


...and gets the Intercontinental title handed to him by a ringside attendant, passing it along to Matt Stone as he rises to his feet, holding his arm up into the air in victory.

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, and NEW...

Some fans cheer, but most boo.

Eric Emerson: ...PWA Intercontinental champion...

Some fans even throw some garbage into the ring, drawing a huge "WTF?" face from Matt.

Eric Emerson: ...MATT STONE!!!

"I'm Like Whoa" cues back up as Matt holds the Intercontinental title high above his head with one hand, using the other to rub his jaw. Bogard rolls out of the ring to the outside, using the apron for leverage to bring himself to a knee. Stone exits the ring and struts up the ramp with Elizabeth, arm-in-arm, showing her how beautiful his new piece of gold looks.

Corey Lazarus vs The Phoenix

First Time Ever in Mexico

Jon McDaniel: Again with this?

Lisa Seldon: That’s right Jon, you fly to Georgia, I’m there! Mexico, I’m there! You can’t get rid of me Jon, I’m eternal!

Jon McDaniel: My life.

Brian Rentfro: Cheer up Jon, least you’ve got me here instead of that loser Corey Taylor.

Jon McDaniel: My terrible terrible life.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first…

The lights in the arena die, and the ADC-Tron shows nothing but a black and white film countdown, the film flickering and a beep heard after every digit.

A trio of drumrolls cue up Slayer's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida," and the guitars ring as the bass carries the main melody. Chug-chug-chug-chug goes both guitars before going into the main melody along with the bass, and, at the 27-second mark, Corey Lazarus and Gregory Price emerge from the entrance curtain, with Price chomping away on a stick of gum in his mouth as Corey sips on a bottle of Aquafina. Laz's eyes, as usual, stay hidden behind his trademark pair of silver-rimmed Ray Ban's, and he hangs his arms at his sides after he runs his fingers over his moustache and goatee.
~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby!=~

Eric Emerson: Introducing at this time, accompanied by Gregory Price and Hiro Takawa...
Lazarus steps further onto the stage, turning around slowly to take a quick look at the ADC-Tron before stopping at the end of the stage, his back to the ramp and the ring before turning around. Price pats his client on the shoulder, and then looks at the ADC-Tron with him as Corey cracks his neck to either side, stretching out and jogging in place.
~=Don't you know that I love you?!=~

Eric Emerson: He weighs in tonight at 230 pounds...
~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey!=~
~=Don't you know that I'll ALWAYS be true?!=~

Eric Emerson: And standing at 6-foot-1...
Lazarus continues to jog in place at the end of the stage as the guitars duel into the start of the first chorus, shaking out his limbs, and then throws a few shadow punches and kicks into the air.
~=Oh, won't you come with me?=~
~=And take my hand?=~

Price points up at the ADC-Tron, focusing everybody's attention to more clips of Laz's glory: dropping Demise head-first into a casket via the Mercury Driver to claim the PWA World Heavyweight title at High Stakes '08; drilling Riona Langly with a picture-perfect example of the Sands of Ishtar for his first Intercontinental title at Genesis IX; dropping Thunderwolf down with the Box Office Bomb to claim the first fall in their classic 2/3 Falls match at Genesis X; and, most recently, sending Cody Bogard through the Million Dollar Pyramid on the 8/9/2010 edition of Chaos.
~=Oh, won't you come with me?!=~
~=And walk this land?!=~

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Hollywood, California...
The guitars divebomb, and Laz starts making his way down the ramp, looking out around the arena, spying on every bit of the crowd in front of him.

The drums beat along as Corey bangs his head with them and the main melody of the song returns, Lazarus taking a sip from his Aquafina as he stops halfway down the ramp.
~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby!=~
~=Don't you know that I love you?!=~

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Hollywood, California...
Laz jaws with some fans in the front row before turning back around to watch himself on the ADC-Tron, his trademark devilish smirk on his face as he walks backwards down the ramp.
Eric Emerson: He is "The Premiere Attraction"...
~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey!=~
~=Don't you know that I'll ALWAYS be true?!=~

Corey turns around to face the ring as they reach the bottom of the ramp, the guitars dueling before the chorus, and then pulls himself up onto the apron, placing one foot in the ring between the top and middle ropes, using one hand to hold the top rope for balance and the other to cover his eyes as he scans the crowd again. Price walks over to the ringsteps, scaling them with a cocky swagger as he walks onto the apron next to Laz.
Eric Emerson: ...COREY LAZARUS!!!
~=Oh, won't you come with me?!=~
~=And take my hand?!=~

Lazarus steps into the ring and then walks to the middle of the ring, his hands on his hips and his trademark devilish smirk on his face. Price steps in afterwards, pointing the entire time to his client, applauding him. The music keeps pounding away as Corey drops to a knee, his head bowed and a single fist placed on the mat, his other hand resting on his knee.
~=Oh, won't you come with me?!=~
~=And walk this land?!=~

The guitars divebomb again as Lazarus bobs his head to the beat of the drums, breathing heavier and heavier as he does so.

Corey leaps to his feet as the main riff returns at the end of the chorus, his arms spread out to his side after he rips his Ray Ban's off, turning his body around to all sides of the arena as flashbulbs go off everywhere. "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" fades into silence as Corey backs up to his corner, removing his Ray Ban's and handing them off to Price. He adjusts the tape on his hands and then stretches his legs out, using the middle ropes, before shadow-boxing. Gregory steps out onto the apron and walks down the steps, taking his place at ringside in Laz's corner.

Eric Emerson: and his opponent…

Thing of Beauty by Hothouse Flowers begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from U2Town Irleland and weighing in at two hundred, thirty pounds…

The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and green pyros flare from the ring posts.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen… his is… THE PHOENIX!

The Phoenix and the Smoking Leprechaun walk out to the entrance ramp and head to the ring.

The bell brings both men dead centre and the crowd to their feet in anticipation at the very idea of seeing two PWA legends square off, and that excitement never seems to leave them. Our two stars however look positively settled as they lock up for the first time, linking hands in an apparent test of strength offered up by Robinson. Corey goes along with it and prepares to take a second hand, only for Robinson to twist under into an extended Wristlock. Corey goes doubled over as Robinson applies the pressure and winces a little more as Robinson buries an Elbow into the back of his. Corey takes it though and lets himself be held at bay before he drops to a knee, rolls forward into a bridge, twists out and comes up into a top Wristlock that he brings down to the floor. Corey then tries to come up with a Kneedrop in the chest but The Phoenix gets his feet under him and sends him backing into the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: Starting a little slow with these two.

Brian Rentfro: Kinda strange when you think how much they must know each other.

Lisa Seldon: Maybe it’s an issue of respect… or maybe it’s because one of them is a very old man while the other is an aging celebrity who spent most of his early years getting hit in the head with very solid, blunt objects and now probably struggles just getting out of bed in the morning; probably covered in dribble and utterly unaware who he is until his multiple concussion addled brain finally kicks into gear.

Brian Rentfro: So you’d say the Phoenix has the advantage this time?

Corey hits the ropes and comes running but the Phoenix ducks down out his way and Corey steps over. He then hits the opposite ropes and comes back as the Phoenix goes over him with a Leapfrog and then steps back for a Hiptoss attempt on the third turn. Corey blocks it though and instead hits a knee to the gut. He goes for a second but it’s caught in the Phoenix’s free arm, who then sweeps the leg and puts Corey on his back. He then drops for an elbow but Corey rolls out of the way and then spins around a kick of his own that goes overhead as the Phoenix drops flat on his back.

Jon McDaniel: Fans are going wild for these two PWA stars going back and forth.

Lisa Seldon: Shouldn’t that chocolate filled bastard slow it down before he has a heart attack?

Corey scrambles up and right into a Rear-Waistlock which he manages to ground before sinking an elbow to break the Phoenix’s clasped hands. He then spins with a Back Elbow but the Phoenix ducks it, grabs him around the waist and then crushes him into the corner. Spit flies from Corey’s mouth as he takes the hit, but he manages to stay standing and holds on when the Phoenix tries to send him to the opposite corner. He then pulls the Phoenix back and drills him with a Yakuza kick that sends the Phoenix scurrying through the ropes.

Brian Rentfro: The Phoenix retreats.

Lisa Seldon: Everyone knows getting kicked really hard in the face is one of Robinson’s biggest weaknesses.

Phoenix takes a powered and goes off holding his face while Corey follows, but he only gets as far as the apron as the Phoenix suddenly kicks back in and takes out the legs, slamming Lazarus face down on the apron. The referee moves to admonish him but the Phoenix blows him off and moves after Phoenix, grabbing him up and hurling Lazarus into the barricade which buckles behind him.

Lisa Seldon: Phoenix bringing the heat! Hence the name I guess.

Brian Rentfro: Suppose if he was cool and calm we’d call him the Leviathan.

Lisa Seldon: Or if he was the undisputed king of all the beasts we’d call him the Griffin.

Brian Rentfro: Or if he had three heads we’d call him the Chimera.

Lisa Seldon: Or if he was made of wood we’d call him the Dryad.

Brian Rentfro: Or if he livid in the ocean, ate women as sacrifices and was the child of the God of the Dead we’d call him the Kraken.

Lisa Seldon: Or if he was a great water born, ship destroying whirlpool that killed all of Odysseus crew we’d call him Charybdis.

Jon McDaniel: Are you guys quite done.

Lisa Seldon: For now.

The Phoenix buries a knee into the chest and then turns to smash him face first into the ring apron. Corey staggers away but Phoenix comes up behind him and runs him face first into the ring post, which rings out from the blow. A welt appears above Corey’s eye as he goes down to a knee.

Lisa Seldon: The Harpy in full control as he puts Lazarus into the post.

Jon McDaniel: So you’ve found your theme then.

Lisa Seldon: Yes I have!

The Phoenix sends Lazarus back through the ropes and follows in before he can find his feet. Corey backs up along the mat while throwing a few solid leg kicks. The Phoenix lets him go before managing to catch a leg and jump down into a knee bridge. Corey grimaces as the Phoenix settles into it and then answers with a few chops into the Phoenix’s extended leg before he cranks the move a little deeper, forcing him to give up.

Jon McDaniel: The Phoenix has Lazarus grounded but he’s fighting him all the way.

Corey slams the mat with a fist in frustration before he comes back up with a chop through the chest of the Phoenix. It cuts deep and forces the Phoenix to react by sinking in deeper before Corey lights him up with a second chop that forces the break. Lazarus then jumps back up and stings the Phoenix with a leg kick on the outside that convinces him to back off for a second, but the Phoenix refuses to give up the momentum and tackles Lazarus back into the corner.

Jon McDaniel: Corey tries to fight back but the Phoenix stays on him.

Brian Rentfro: He’s still in it but that blow to the head outside had to hurt him.

The Phoenix digs in with a Shoulder Block that knocks the wind out of him. He then drags him into a Knee in the stomach to double him over before dropping an Elbow on his back to get him to the ground. The Phoenix then moves around him and tries for a Chinlock but Corey turns around and takes him to the mat with an Ankle Pick. Corey then holds onto a leg and blasts it with another kick that sends the Phoenix diving for the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: Corey Lazarus putting a bull’s-eye on the Phoenix’s leg early on.

Lisa Seldon: They don’t look as devastating as some other shots but when you start working the leg kicks you can tear a guy down quickly, and it’s especially effective against someone like the Ouroboros who isn’t going to be able to get him up for the Cradle Piledriver or climb the ropes for the Elbow Drop if Corey keeps working him over.

Brian Rentfro: Check out Lisa Seldon trying to act like the analyst tonight.

Lisa Seldon: Hey, I might only be able to name you one type of Armbar, and it’s called Jeffery Drake’s Armbar, but I know all about kicking people until they fall down.

Brian Rentfro: Really, only one?

Lisa Seldon: I was exaggerating, it’s at least three.

Jon McDaniel: All-righty.

The referee calls for a break on the ropes and steps in when Corey refuses to give it up right away, but the Phoenix baits him in by pulling up his leg to get Corey close enough for a thumb to the eye just above the referee’s view.

Jon McDaniel: Once again the Phoenix takes a shortcut rather than keep this a straight fight.

Brian Rentfro: Corey might have talked this match up like it was an exhibition but in the Phoenix’s eyes it’s a chance for revenge and he’s going after it by any means necessary.

The Phoenix gets to his feet and lifts Corey with a European Uppercut before turning Corey over with a Bodyslam. Corey bounces to the mat and lays flat for the Phoenix to follow up with a Pin-Point Fist Drop between the eyes. Corey’s instant reaction is to sit up and he finds himself caught in a Sleeperhold for good measure.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like the Phoenix’s game plan is to ground him and ware him out.

Lisa Seldon: Can’t kick the shit out of you if he can’t get up.

Corey reaches for the ropes but the Phoenix grounds him on his side, forcing Corey to go another way with an elbow in the ribs. The force sends a shockwave up the Phoenix’s side and forces him to loosen his grip and allow Corey to rollout onto his front. The Phoenix then drops an Elbow onto his back for good measure.

Jon McDaniel: The Phoenix is staying on him.

Lisa Seldon: You could say that the Cerberus is a proverbial wild dog, just as his name would seem to imply, but that would merely be as an act to raise the ire of certain commentary parts.

Jon McDaniel: How incredibly droll.

Lisa Seldon: Why thank you.

The Phoenix takes Corey off his feet and up into a Vertical Suplex position but Corey immediately begins answering back with quick chops about the Phoenix’s face, forcing him to let him go. Corey then sinks a deep inside leg kick that puts the Phoenix on one knee before he rears off Roundhouse Kick that sails over head. The Phoenix then catches him from behind with a Schoolboy.



Jon McDaniel: And Corey kicks him off at the two!

Corey rolls over onto his knees and gets caught in a top North-South Guillotine that the Phoenix uses to hold him down before going to the side and sticking him with a knee in the gut. However there’s a little glimmer of pain in his eyes from the impact on his softened up leg.

Lisa Seldon: You know, I can’t be the only one but I’m totally not buying into this whole Corey Lazarus as the best striker in the PWA just because he doesn’t know anything about timing.

Jon McDaniel: A little jealous perhaps?

Lisa Seldon: I wouldn’t say jealous as much as I would say insulted that he thinks he’s up there. I mean, when he was hanging in that Suplex and throwing chops, he could have dropped a knee on down on the Nemean Lion’s head and had him rocked. Instead he keeps peppering him with these little distraction shots when he could be doing some real damage.

Brian Rentfro: Someone is a little sore.

Lisa Seldon: I’m not a fan of all these would be strikers coming up who think they can call themselves that because they can throw a mean Haymaker.

Jon McDaniel: Would that be a shot at Riona Langly.

Lisa Seldon: No it’s across the board, but don’t even get me started on Hail Mary.

The Phoenix gets Corey up again but with the fans beginning to get behind him he begins to stir. The Phoenix carries him into a Headlock but Lazarus begins to fight back with Elbows into the side to break free before aiming for the ropes. The Phoenix doesn’t let him though as he grabs him by the back of the head and slams him into the ground before he can get moving.

Jon McDaniel: the fans are trying to help him but the Phoenix wont have it.

The Phoenix reaches down to get him again but this time Corey lifts his leg and kicks him right on the top of his head. Corey then turns around with another crushing inside leg kick that brings the Phoenix to his knees before an up kick sends him into the ropes. The Phoenix holds on but Lazarus is up quick and takes him over the ropes with a Clothesline.

Jon McDaniel: And now Corey’s striking is starting to take effect as he sends the Phoenix back to the floor.

Brian Rentfro: Still think he’s terrible.

Lisa Seldon: Never said he was bad, just that he’s a long way off if he thinks an endorsement from Riona Langly and a Back Brain Kick are enough of an argument to start calling himself the best striker in the PWA. I’d rank Johnny Maverick above him for a start.

Jon McDaniel: And yourself I suppose.

Lisa Seldon: I was being modest actually.

Jon McDaniel: How did that feel.

Lisa Seldon: Cold and unfamiliar.

The Phoenix lands on his feet and falls back into the barrier. He then pushes himself back toward the ring but it’s just in time to catch a Baseball slide between the eyes that sends him across the floor. Corey then mounts him on the floor and begins reigning punches until the referee steps in to pull him off, sending Corey away with his arms open to the fans who cheer him on.

Brian Rentfro: That sycophant.

Lisa Seldon: Ha!

Corey then comes back around, drags the Phoenix to his feet and lights him up with a Forearm shot through the jaw. The Phoenix falls back into the ring apron before answering with a wicked chop across the chest, but Corey grits his teeth and steps through it into another forearm that knocks the Phoenix to the floor. The Phoenix then does his best to crawl away but Corey lifts him up and throws him against the barrier where he stiff him in the chest with a Roundhouse kick. The Phoenix goes to fall forward but Corey throws him back up and drills him with a second.

Jon McDaniel: The Phoenix being drilled on the outside.

The Phoenix stumbles across the floor and lands in the arms of the referee who is desperately trying to get them back toward the ring. He then turns and pushes him into Lazarus to create some distance while he hobbles off again. Corey pushes past and onto the Phoenix again, only for him to come around with an Elbow shot upside his head that puts Corey back a few paces. Corey doesn’t stay back for long though and leads with a straight kick into the chest that sends him along ringside and crashing through the time keeper.

Brian Rentfro: They’re coming over this way.

Corey judges the distance and takes off at him, but the Phoenix gets a foot onto the time keepers chair and kicks it forward, tangling it amongst Corey’s legs and dropping him down. The referee moves in to warn him but the Phoenix leaps on Lazarus with a boot to the back of his head before falling against the ring apron. The Phoenix won’t let up though, and thrusts Corey back first into the nearest post before cracking him with a chop to the chest again.

Jon McDaniel: Trying to get himself some breathing room.

Lisa Seldon: Fat chocolate filled bastard could probably do with it.

The Phoenix then gets a hold of the chair, snapping it shut and aiming it toward Lazarus. His first swing gets caught by the referee who tries to stop him, but the Phoenix throws him off and then whips off a second that elicits a screaming from the fans at ringside as he hurls it at Corey’s head.

Jon McDaniel: No!

Thankfully all he catches is the post as Corey ducks out of the way, causing reverberations up through the steel that force him to drop the chair. The Phoenix then turns around, and right into an Arm Capture.

Jon McDaniel: Corey Lazarus with the Uranage!

Lazarus gets the Phoenix off his feet and splatters him across the ringside floor, much to the delight of the fans. Corey joins the Phoenix in a heap on the floor but it’s not long before he manages to claw his way up with a fist raised to the fans.

Jon McDaniel: He buried him with that move, and the fans are loving it.

Brian Rentfro: Yes, however I’m sure they’ll be equally as excited for the Phoenix’s inevitable comeback.

Corey heaves the Phoenix back into the ring and slides over him for the cover.



Brian Rentfro: Foot on the ropes!

The referee sees it and breaks the count, forcing Corey onto the attack again.

Corey struggles with the Phoenix again, who gets to his knees and manages to push Corey away. The Phoenix then stands up into a Forearm smash that catches Cody flush but he comes back with another solid kick around the side of the shin that buckles the Phoenix's leg.

Jon McDaniel: The Phoenix is being baited into a fist fight and that's the last thing he needs.

The Phoenix clambers up again and belts Corey with another Forearm that gets another leg kick in reply. This time though he manages to stay standing and answers back with a slap across the face. Corey seems to wake up.

The Phoenix begs Corey on and gets a slap of his own for his troubles. The Phoenix answers but Corey fires back in kind, growing in intensity as both men trade shots. Corey takes over though, open hand slaps on each side rocking his opponent to the point where he can barely stand. The Phoenix is finally given a chance to reply, and he spits in Corey's face.

Lisa Seldon: Eew eew eew! So not cool Scylla!

Brian Rentfro: Everything else that goes on in the sport and this is what bothers you?

Lisa Seldon: Hey, I’ll spilt a guy open and he can bleed all over me if that’s what he’s in too, but he just spat in his face, that shit’s just nasty.

Brian Rentfro: Sounds like someone needs to watch some more porn.

Corey wipes off his face and comes back at the Phoenix simply shaking his head. He then rushes forward with a devastating right hand that sends the Phoenix tumbling into a knee in the ribs from the left that buckles his knees. The Phoenix tries to cover up but Corey drops the point of his elbow onto his skull, rocking the Phoenix and forcing him to back up.

Jon McDaniel: Still think he’s not good on his feet?

Lisa Seldon: I think he’s trading hands with a guy completely out of his element and that doesn’t mean as much as say doing it to like a Masa… I don’t know I’m running out of names to drop.

Brian Rentfro: Simon Kalis?

Lisa Seldon: Yeah you’d like that, wouldn’t you?

Corey Lazarus tags him with lefts and rights before pulling him into a knee in the gut that buckles the Phoenix’s legs. Corey then pushes him away and jumps to the side and leaps up with a devastating Enzugiri but the Phoenix ducks and lets him hit the mat before jumping on his back with a Half Nelson. He then pulls him to his feet, catches an arm around his throat and drags him to the mat.

Brian Rentfro: The Phoenix snaps on a Kataha-Jime.

Jon McDaniel: He could finish him right here.

The fans are going wild as The Phoenix hooks on a Body Triangle for leverage and buries the choke.

Jon McDaniel: The Phoenix comes back from some brutal shots and now he’s all over him.

Lisa Seldon: I think people are just so used to picture the Hydra as a cheating bastard that they forget just how good a technical wrestler his is sometimes. And I think Corey throwing himself so heavily into striking now puts him at a serious disadvantage.

Corey thrashes on his back but the Phoenix has him tied up and dangerously close to going out as he cranks on the hold. Lazarus tries to roll out but the Phoenix holds onto the triangle, forcing Corey to go to the legs with vicious and wild elbow strikes to the point of the Phoenix’s injured leg until he’s forced to let go of the body scissors, allowing Corey to get his feet on the mat. The Phoenix cranks back but Corey rolls over him into a pin.



Jon McDaniel: No! The Phoenix releases rolls out just before the three.

Brian Rentfro: But Corey was in that choke for a good few minutes. He’s going to come back woozy.

Corey staggers to his feet just a second after the Phoenix and immediately dives into a flying knee that misses the mark. The Phoenix goes behind him into a Rear Waistlock but Corey arches back and drives the point of his elbow into the Phoenix’s head. The Phoenix loses hold of Corey who staggers forward, jumps up, twists and this time connects with a huge Boomerang Kick to the back of the head.

Jon McDaniel: Corey destroys the Phoenix with the End Credits!

Brian Rentrfo: Covers! No!



Brian Rentfro: He’s out!

Lisa Seldon: The Mega Shark throws up an arm!

Corey sinks to his knees with his hands over his face but the crowd refuse to let him rest, forcing Corey to drag the Phoenix up yet again and drive him into the corner. He then begins peeling off forearms, relentlessly driving the Phoenix’s head back into the turnbuckle over and over again before he backs up and drives a straight kick right into the Phoenix’s chest.

Jon McDaniel: Corey really working the Phoenix now but he’s not going down.

Brian Rentfro: Corey wants to prove that he’s better, but after their last match there’s no way the Phoenix is going to back down.

Lisa Seldon: He’s a total cunt but he’s an incredibly proud one.

Corey backs up to the opposite corner, raising his hands to the fans to stir them again. He then turns and takes off running at the Phoenix, aiming with a high-flying knee but the Phoenix catches him out of midair and hammers him into the mat with a Powerbomb before collapsing back into the corner.

Jon McDaniel: Corey goes down but can the Phoenix capitalise?

Brian Rentfro: Corey has done a number on him but he’s fighting it.

The Phoenix struggles to hold his own wait and lets the ropes do the work as he pulls himself up to the buckles. He then pounds on his knee as it threatens to give out and then pushes it up under him on the ropes. He takes too long though and gives Corey time to react, charging him down and scoring with a running Yakuza through the knee that instantly causes the Phoenix to shrivel. Corey then pushes himself up the ropes and catches the Phoenix in a Guillotine.

Brian Rentrfro: This is where he finished him last time.

Lisa Seldon: The Siren isn’t taking this match lying down but if Corey hits him with the Sands of Ishtar the only thing that’s going to becoming back to the States is his remains.

Corey lifts, getting the Phoenix off the ropes and earning another scream from the fans as they teeter on the ropes. The Phoenix holds onto the buckle though and then fires back with a few jabs in the side before putting a foot into Corey’s gut and dropping him back to the mat.

Jon McDaniel: Lazarus plummets to the mat and the Phoenix is looming dangerously.

Lisa Seldon: The Rathalos is poised to fly!

Brian Rentfo: What’s a Rathalos?

Lisa Seldon: Oh I started running out of mythological creatures so I’ve moved onto creatures from Monster Hunter.

Brian Rentfro: I thought we were getting a little thin around about the Mega Shark.

Lisa Seldon: I fail to see how the Mega Shark was any less believable than, say, a twelve legged, six headed, cliff dwelling monster that snatches sailors right out of their ships but whatever man.

The Phoenix rises up, shakey at first but, he finds his feet and lifts the fans as he sails up into the air.

Brian Rentfro: The Ashes!

And crashes to the mat, hitting nothing but the dirt as Lazarus rolls out of his way.

Brian Rentfro: No!

Lisa Seldon: The proverbial Ceadeus becomes the proverbial Jaggi.

The Phoenix rolls and drags himself ever so slowly off the mat and right into the plum as Lazarus lifts a knee into his chest that pulls him to his feet.

Jon McDaniel: He’s got him right where he wants him!

Lazarus drags down into another knee that shatters the bones all through his nose. The Phoenix goes to fall to his knees but Corey pulls him and blasts him in the eyes with a series of Forearms jarring him again and again before pulling him into another knee that crushes his chest. The Phoenix falls into a standing Guillotine and Corey slashes a thumb across his own throat.

Jon McDaniel: The Phoenix is out on his feet.

Corey then jacks the Phoenix straight up in the air… and annihilates him with a Brainbuster.

Brian Rentfro: No no no!

Jon McDaniel: Corey hooks a leg!


Brian Rentfro: No!



Lisa Seldon: The Vǎrkolak awakens!

An inch from the mat the Phoenix jumps back to life and sends Lazarus away, who comes back looking largely disappointed. He then catches the Phoenix rising with a kick in the gut and pulls him as if for a Fisherman Suplex.

Brian Rentfro: Box Office Bomb!

Lisa Seldon: This is where he shines.

The fans jump to their feet as Corey gets the Phoenix off the mat, but he kicks out with his free leg and pulls them back to the mat. The Phoenix then runs a shoulder into Lazarus’ gut to double him over and then leaps ontop of Corey, hooks his leg and draws him off the mat, struggling all the way.

Jon McDaniel: He’s got him up.

Brian Rentfro: On one leg too.

Lisa Seldon: He must really hate Corey. I don’t blame him really.

The Phoenix struggles all the way up but Laz has other ideas and stops the Phoenix in his tracks with a well placed knuckle shot through the knee. The Phoenix immediately breaks down and drops Lazarus to the mat; who jumps back up with a knee in the chest that knocks the Phoenix into the ropes while Laz himself goes back to take a breath.

Jon McDaniel: Back and forth they go again, but I think this time he might just be spent.

Lisa Seldon: The Daymo Hermitaur retreats to its shelf before our very eyes.

The Phoenix pushes himself back out of the ropes but Laz is waiting for him, and drops him with a rather stiff kick through the leg. The Phoenix pushes back off the mat only to be blasted again and sunk back to the mat. The third time he stands and takes a kick, but manages to stay on his feet this time and break out a right hand, smashing Lazarus across the jaw. This time he seems taken aback, and so decides to throw a forearm instead, right between his eyes.

Jon McDaniel: And here we go again…

The two go back and forth, forearms from Lazarus, right hands from the Phoenix, this time with enough venom to send him back. And he begins to take the uphand, throwing lefts and rights, firing at Corey and sending him back toward the ropes, right until Corey leaps back with another killer knee in the chest that knocks the fight right out of him. Corey then throws a Roaring Elbow, but the Phoenix ducks under, catches him in a Half Nelson and slams the back of Corey’s neck across his knee.

Brian Rentfro: The Pink Slip!

Jon McDaniel: The very move he used to beat Jamie Flynn back at Genesis Nine.

Lisa Seldon: I believe that was actually the Massive Wave of Interference but either or, right.

The Phoenix can barely stand as he puts Corey across his bad knee, but he grits his teeth and pushes back to his feet, running on pure adrenaline at this point as he captures Corey again in a standing Head Scissors and draws him off his feet. Corey, still woozy, tries to fight out again with punches at the knee, but the Phoenix won’t be denied and holds on, before annihilating Corey with the Cradle Piledriver.

Brian Rentfro: The Flame! The greatest move in all of wrestling!

Lisa Seldon: No Viledriver.

The Phoenix scrambles on the mat, struggling for the pin… but he gets it, and the referee jumps in.




Brian Rentfro: Yes! He did it!

Lisa Seldon: Well fuck. The Phoenix pulls it out.

Jon McDaniel: Out of names?

Lisa Seldon: No, the match is over. Bell to bell shenanigans only.

The Phoenix can’t even pull himself to his feet, but he has his hand in the air all the same, and a glorious and hideous smile plastered across his lips for good measure. The referee helps him up, and then the Phoenix pushes him away to fall into the ropes, where he looks out over the fans who throw back cheers and boos in equal yet excessive measure. On the mat Corey is coming too, and looks stunned as the referee checks him over.

Jon McDaniel: Still blaming it on his apparent subpar striking.

Lisa Seldon: Hey I never said he was bad. He’s got skills, just doesn’t always make the best choices. Also, compared to certain people who happen to be involved in the PWA, he’s just not quite there.

Jon McDaniel: And down come the walls of her humility.

Corey takes a look at Kalis, and shakes his head as he watches him stagger up the ropes. The Phoenix then throws out his hands, soaks in the reaction and sees us out as we cut back to a commercial.

Lisa Pulls Some Crazy Shit!

We jump to the office of Lisa Seldon, which obviously isn’t the same office we see her in every week, since she doesn’t have the ability to control space and so has to make do with a different room setup for her each time rather than a magical door way that connects doors all over the world to the same room.

Her actual office is back on the set of the West Wing, but we’ve covered that already.

Tonight we arrive at the back of Jethro Hayes, who is beckoned in with all manner of glee. Lisa, who seems never without a smile, looks like she actually means it tonight.

Lisa Seldon: Jeffy, please, sit down.

Lisa fans out a hand toward the one other chair in the room, and after a moment he obliges, placing himself down silently. The room then settles as Lisa rocks back and forth with a gentle squeak in her chair, drawing out the moment just for the sheer awkwardness of it all. Time hangs in the air for just a touch too long before she finally speaks.

Lisa Seldon: So… last week you came to me with an idea, and I said I would think about it.

Jethro Hayes: Actually ma’am, what you said was you would get me a match with Simon.

She nods a long while she pushes her chair back as far as it will tilt.

Lisa Seldon: Yes I suppose I did, but then I changed my mind.

She lets the moment hang again while she slowly lowers herself back.

Lisa Seldon: See, not to put too fine a point on it, but as things stand in the PWA, your career is essentially in a toilet.

He tries to speak but she cuts through him, spinning herself to one side and talking up to the air so as to avoid any possible interruption.

Lisa Seldon: Since losing the number one contendership, you’ve won maybe a couple matches at most and lost a whole lot more in return. And to guys like Matt Stone no less. Hardly becoming of the youngest grandslam champion in PWA history, wouldn’t you say?

Again she doesn’t waste time letting him reply.

Lisa Seldon: What’s more is you’ve completely fallen out of touch with the PWA faithful. I mean, you’re less popular than Corey Lazarus, who paid Kalis to start a war. Hell, you’re less popular than Spyke, who runs through arenas Roundhouse kicking people in the face. Even Riona Langly doesn’t want to be seen with you, and her best friend is a camera man who she pays to be around.

He slumps back in his chair, dropping an over the back. He looks everything from bored to quietly furious, but he waits her out a little longer.

Lisa Seldon: Quite frankly, you’re no one in this place right now, and so if you think you’re anywhere at all worth putting into position to fight the PWA’s big bad, then you’re even stupider than that guy who decided to make me a target his first week on the job.

She smiles and turns back this way, still looking off to the air and talking to herself.

Lisa Seldon: But of course that’s just today. What about tomorrow.

She lets the words hang again while she spins in her chair for one agonisingly slow turn.

Lisa Seldon: There are people in this company who like to think that they’re in a war of two sides and that I’ve already picked mine, but that would be a bit of a misconception. Simon forced me to react the other week and so I showed him just what I was willing to do, but the fact is I’m not happy to drop one dictatorship for another just because it’s a little less offensive. And so while everyone is rooting for Chamelion to crack open Simon’s head and take back the reigns. I’m hoping they kill one another right there. And if not? Well I’m sure I can help them along.

Lisa turns back facing forward, kicks her feet up onto the desk and finally gives him a measure of attention.

Lisa Seldon: I can’t imagine this to be a popular sentiment, and I have enough people with eyes on my throat as it is. And while I’m perfectly capable of looking after myself, the fact is I can’t spend my time fighting every little skirmish when I’ve got bigger things to be dealing with. So what I need is faces, and while I have people practically spilling through my doorway begging to help me, I’m just not sure who to trust.

She begins rattling off names, a finger bent back as she considers each one.

Lisa Seldon: There are the Bound by Blood girls, but everyone knows you can only trust a Blazenwing for so long before it puts a knife in your back. There’s Maverick and Spyke, but Johnny is still so far up Riona’s ass that he doesn’t even know where he is half the time. And then there’s Teresa, who, while wonderfully volatile, is one person… who would probably throw me under a truck for a Meatball Sub. I know I’d do it to her.

A little smile to herself and another gap which Jethro decides to fill.

Jethro Hayes: I already gave you my word that Simon wouldn’t lay a hand on you and I don’t need anything in return.

Lisa Seldon: Yes, and while that was positively wonderful of you, I need a little more than that.

She leans back a little further for good measure.

Lisa Seldon: See, I know what you want Jethro. I know this isn’t just about getting a chance to pull one over on a couple guys who wronged you, you want redemption. You want your place back alongside the PWA faithful, arm in arm, fighting those who would oppress us and other such wonderful ideas.

She gives him a wicked grin.

Lisa Seldon: I can get you all that, but in return you have to help me, and I feel it only fair to worn you that I’m a disenfranchised, misanthropic cunt with ideas on taking this company as my own.

She lifts her hands just a little.

Lisa Seldon: I guess what I’m asking is what’s worth more to you; your pride, or the PWA, because God knows what I’ll do to it.

Her tone at the last seems just a little too cold with her smile all the same.

Lisa Seldon: I’ll give you some time to mull that over. Just try not take too long. I got ideas to set in motion.

He gets the message and leaves without another word, stopping only once in the doorway where a thought happens to grab him. It passes, for now, and he’s off on his way.

Emily Corlen © vs Blake Witcroft vs El Gringo Tonto

The Good the Bad and the Ugly II - Street Fight - PWA GB Title

Eric Emerson: The following contest is set for one fall and is a Super Ass kicking, someone's gonna get really hurt in the street... Street Fight for the Pioneer Wrestling Association Grizzly Beer Championship...

"Hey amigos . . ."

A very Mexican style rhythm started to play for a short period of time

"Adelante amigos . . ."

It was at this point that a litter throne rose up from a lift on the top of the stage, it was being carried by two men, all of which appeared to be poor as they wore tattered clothing. Gringo himself, naturally, was sitting in the chair as they carried him down to the ring as if he was a god or something.

when he got to the ring the litter was turned so that he could easily stand to enter the ring. He stepped onto the apron as the two men set the human-powered transport vehicle down before both sliding into the ring and holding open the ropes for him. He entered the ring without even so much as acknowledging them.

The opening riff hits the P.A. System as Blake Witcroft step out from behind the curtain in his brilliantly tailored suit. With his arms out stretched he taunts the crowd flipping the bird to the audience closest to the stage.

I love the way that your heart breaks
with every injustice and deadly fate
Praying it all be new
and living like it all depends on you

Blake shakes his head as he walks down the ramp not allowing the fans to touch him pointing towards himself while saying words inaudible to the fans around him.

Here you are down on your knees again
trying to find air to breathe again
And only surrender will help you now
I love you please see and believe again

As he steps onto the matting around the ring at which point he looks around at the fans bends his elbows and nods his head vigorously before, walking up the steps and taking a few steps on the apron before turning quickly and thrusting his arms out to his side leaning against the ropes.

I love that you’re never satisfied
with face value wisdom and happy lies
you take what they say and go back and cry
you’re so close to me that you nearly died

Blake stepped through the middle and top rope and entering the ring and walking around in a large circle before taking off his sports coat and dress shirt and stretching out before his match as he waited for his opponent.

Here you are down on your knees again
trying to find air to breathe again
And only surrender will help you now
I love you please see and believe again

The lights in the arena cut to black and the opening chords of "Make Some Noise" by Krystal Meyers hits the P.A. as the stage explodes with pyro and green strobe lights fill the arena. As the crowd boos, "The Emerald Phoenix" Emily Corlen slowly rises up through the stage, her arms outstretched akin to wings.

Eric Emerson: She hails from Rockford, Illinois...

The flames on the stage subside and the strobe lights slow down as Emily begins making her way down the ramp. By the time she reaches ringside, the strobe lights have completely stopped and green spotlights have begun swirling around the crowd and ring.

Eric Emerson: Representing Bound by Blood...

After making her way around the ring once, Emily hoists herself onto the apron and enters the ring through the first and second ropes.

Eric Emerson: She is the Emerald Phoenix… she is EMILY… CORRRRRRLENNNNN!!!

Emily makes her way to all four corners of the ring, climbing up each and stretching her arms out like wings. After the fourth corner, she removes her cape and hands it to the referee. As the lights return to normal and the music fades, Emily slowly paces around the canvas, glancing out to the crowd and smirking.

Ding Ding

Jon McDaniel: Here we go with this Grizzly Beer Title match.

Brian Rentfro: As if I could really give a damn.

Emily with a flying front kick takes Blake off his feet, allowing El Gringo to slip in with a kick to the back of her leg taking her to the canvas. Gringo picks her up quickly, tossing her into the corner before flying with a leg lariat to send her out of the ring and to the floor below.

Jon McDaniel: That didn't take long to get outside the ring.

Brian Reantfro: Do you smell nachos?

Blake rushes forward, but Gringo launches himself over the top to the outside with a plancha taking the rising Emily back down to the floor. Blake climbs through the ropes heading to the fight between Gringo and Emily near the announce table. Blake pounds a double axe handle smash into Gringo's back sending him stumbling away and to the railing. Blake slams a stomp onto Emily's face before chasing after Gringo with another meaty fist shot. Gringo dives over the railing as though he is running away, but instead leaps from a chair with a roundhouse kick taking Blake off his feet momentarily. Emily is up on the railing, diving out and landing on Gringo's shoulders. Emily twists and flips sending Gringo down with a hurricanrana on the concrete.

Brian Rentfro: Oh to be that close.

Jon McDaniel: Brian, you do know she is married... right?

Brian Rentfro: Do what? How in the hell do nachos get married? I'm talking about that lady over there munching away on those cheesy delicious, mouth watering corn tortilla chips. Did you actually think I meant Emily Corlen?

Jon McDaniel: Well...

Brian Rentfro: Disgusting.

Blake is back up, but Emily has a roundhouse kick for him sending him back down and she is standing tall here in this contest. Gringo gets up, swinging a steel chair slapping it right up against Emily's head and she is down on her ass. Blake charges in with a spear to Gringo's side sending him into the scattering crowd. Blake gets up, pulling Gringo up to his feet, pounding his face with a lovely fist to the mouth.

Jon McDaniel: That has got to hurt.

Brian Rentfro: What? To be that big and still eat?

Jon McDaniel: Call the match Brian.

Brian Rentfro: I'm calling the Nach... I mean match.

Blake lifts Gringo into the air, but the standing dropkick that Emily delivers sends Gringo crashing down on Blake's chest.


Emily pulls Gringo off of the pin, backing him through the crowd with knife edge chops that have the crowd Woooooing contentedly. Blake gets up and stumbles after the two, knowing that the first pinfall is te only pinfall in this match. Blake stumbles after his two opponents. Emily with another chop has Gringo against the cement block wall. Emily with a chop, but Gringo ducks away and Emily chops the wall and immediately holds her hand in pain. Gringo lifts her up for a cradle suplex, but Blake enters the fight with a shoulder block into his midsection causing Emily to land on top of Gringo for a pin.


Blake stomps down on Emily's head before pulling her up to a vertical base and Irish whipping her through the door at the right. Blake turns to follow her, but Gringo has other ideas as he shoulder blocks the back of Blake's knees sending him down on the floor. Blake tries to get back up, but Gringo flips over him catching his head with a flipping stunner and Blake is out... for now. Gringo gets up, leaping to the railing that is a little above his head before looking down on Blake below. Gringo pulls hiimself up.

Jon McDaniel: What is he doing?

Brian Rentfro: Probably something really stupid.

Gringo holds out a hand, receiving a steel chair. He yells something out in Spanish before leaping forward and flipping three hundred and sixty degrees to land with the chair underneath his leg on Blake Whitcroft.

Brian Rentfro: GEEEEEEZE!

Jon McDaniel: Effective as Blake may be out for good.

Gringo gets up to his feet, walking a bit shakily towards the door that Emily was recently Irish whipped through. Gringo steps through the door, right into a broom handle greeting. Gringo stumbles backwards and Emily follows through with another broom handle shot, but this one to his midsection. Gringo fights through the broom handle to slam his head into Emily's forehead and she goes down heavily. Gringo adjusts his mask and what appears to be a smile crosses his features under the mask. Gringo walks forward pulling Emily up to her dead weight vertical base. Gringo lifts her up onto his shoulders, swinging her around to drop her throat across his shoulders in a stunner. Gringo lifts her back up, whipping her into the wall and she rebounds right into a spinning leg lariat and El Gringo Tonto is in firm control here. Gringo leans over Emily saying something to her, but here comes Blake, not to Emily's rescue but to extract some punishment on El Gringo. Blake slams into Gringo sending him head first into the wall; however it doesn't phase El Gringo.

Jon McDaniel: El Gringo just headbutted the wall and it didn't phase him at all!

Brian Rentfro: He must have a harder head than Jethro Hayes!

Blake digs his fingers into Gringo's mask, trying to rip it right off his face, because it is perfectly legal in this match. Gringo fights back with punches to Blake's ribs and kidneys but Blake is determined to unmask his opponent. Emily comes flying from the side with a boot right into Blake's face before turning her attention to Gringo. El Gringo waves at her before delivering a swift kick to her thigh that Emily catches. El Gringo seems a bit surprised then tries to kick her in the back of the head, only to have her shove him forward, nose first into the wall.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, that has got to hurt.

Jon McDaniel: I heard the crunch and it has got to hurt.

El Gringo spins around, blood streaming from the nose holes in his mask and his hand is at his nose; fury in his eyes though. El Gringo lunges forward, Gringo leaps over Emily right into a vicious knee lift from Blake and a DDT that sends him onto the floor where a small pool of blood begins to grow. Blake turns to see Emily eyeing him like a shark in bloody water. The two lock up, Blake using his weight advantage to over power the Grizzly Beer champion. Blake has her in the concession stand area where fans are ordering all sorts of food and adult type beverages.

Brian Rentfro: Nachos!

Jon McDaniel: The fans are right in the middle of this one!

Blake slams Emily's head into a cash register causing it to "ding" appreciatively. Blake with a second face slam closes the register. Emily is holding at her forehead but manages to deliver an elbow into Blake's midsection. Blake doubles over allowing Emily to leap up to the table and fly backwards to slam Blake's face into the counter. Blake falls backwards into the rack of chips and cups sending them flying in all directions. Blake tries to get up, but the dropkick from Emily sends him right back down. Emily turns around to play to the crowd, but El Gringo comes rolling over the counter with a mop bucket right to her face and Emily falls away from the bucket's second shot.

Jon McDaniel: These stars really want that belt!

Brian Rentfro: Did you see all the chips Blake crushed?

Blake pulls himself up, furious that a woman was getting the better of him in the match. Emily stumbles right in front of him, he lifts her up, back dropping her onto the grittle on the side.

Jon McDaniel: GEEEEEEZE!

Brian Rentfro: Anyone for grilled Blazenwing?

Emily quickly falls off the really hot grittle and to her knees; Blake side stepping her low blow shot. Blake spins around, here comes El Gringo Tonto with the mop bucket held high. Blake dives to the left, deeper into the food area as Gringo brings the bucket down on top of Emily's head. Gringo turns around to give chase to Blake he runs. A freezer door opens up, Gringo runs right into it, the bucket only partially protecting him. Blake shuts the door slamming Gringo's head into the door for good measure. Gringo falls back and Blake is on him with a tube of frozen hamburger patties!

Jon McDaniel: Now, I've seen everything.

Brian Rentfro: Those things are damn hard!

At this point Jen Blazenwing appears on the scene, screaming for Emily to get back in the fight.

Brian Rentfro: What’s this?

Jon McDaniel: Bit of moral support I’d guess.

Blake swings the patties, but Gringo manages to kick them back up into his face and Blake drops them to the ground. Emily crawls up behind the two men, barely conscious, but still in the presence of mind for something devious. Blake and Gringo are exchanging rights and lefts. Emily lifts the patties, falling back.

Brian Rentfro: Double low blow!

Jon McDaniel: With frozen hamburger patties!

Both men fall, holding themselves. Emily rolls over, smiling at her basic, but highly effective move.

Emily gets up, pulling herself up with the handle of a freezer and Blake is doing the same. Blake steps over Gringo, who kicks out with a double foot kick to Blake's right leg. Blake stumbles forward into a face buster from Emily and Whitcroft is down. Emily drags Gringo up, the two fighting with fists and elbows through the Emergency Exit door into the parking lot.

Jon McDaniel: Fans, these two are taking the fight to the street!

Brian Rentfro: Where else should a street fight take place?

Emily slams Gringo face first into a parked car, but Gringo fires back with a kick to her ribs before rolling her up onto the car. Gringo lifts her up; Northern Lights suplex onto the windshield!

Brian Rentfro: So, who has to pay for that repair?

Jon McDaniel: The PWA?

Blake comes out of the building spotting El Gringo going for the pin.




Blake pulls him off the car, pounding him in the lower face with forearms and fists; causing droplets of blood to go flying. Gringo fires back with a kick to Blake's inner thigh, but Whitcroft side steps again, bringing his knee up and delivering a DDT onto the pavement. However, tanks to his special mask El Gringo rolls over and is back up to his feet pointing at himself. Gringo rushes forard flipping to a handstand and locking his feet around Blake's head whipping him down to the pavement. Emily leaps from the top of the car with a leg drop, but Blake manages to roll out of the way.

Brian Rentfro: What is that?

A short person, otherwise known as a midget, steps from around the car and is a clone of El Gringo Tonto, except for the height. He pounds Blake with a tiny fist while the real El Gringo Tonto takes a breather. Blake shoves the small person down before kicking him in the face hard. However, a big over weight person, dressed exactly like El Gringo comes from behind another car, holding a cheeseburger and a order of fries. Emily Corlen quickly takes him out of the game in mid-chew and her and Blake look at each other. Well their alliance didn't last long as they begin to pound each other, Emily using chops to back Blake up against a car's door. Emily then prepares for the big finish but Jen bumps into her, temporarily throwing her off her game.

Jon McDaniel: Bit of miscommunication.

Jen apologises and directs Emily back into the fight, who rushes with a flying leg kick, but it misses as Blakerolls out of the way and Emily's foot goes through the window.

Jon McDaniel: WHOA!

Brian Rentfro: Imagine what that would have done to Blake!

Emily extracts herself, her leg bleeding heavily.

Brian Rentfro: It looks as if she forgot to change her -

Jon McDaniel: Don't even!

Blake lifts her up tossing her back over his head, but Emily catches onto his head pulling herself onto his back in a sleeperhold. El Gringo gets really angry at this and leaps to the roof of the car, jumping down on both people, a foot for Blake and a foot into Emily's face breaks up the sleeper hold. Emily falls away, Blake falls forward. Irish whip from Gringo sends Emily into traffic!

Jon McDaniel: This has gone too far!

Brian Rentfro: I love it, a street fight in the street! With TRAFFIC! Yeah BABY!

A car slams on its brakes as Emily runs out in front of it, slamming into the side of a moving car before falling back.

Jon McDaniel: Good thing that car was slowing down for the stop light!

Brian Rentfro: Come on, it’s got to end in the street!

Gringo lifts Emily up slamming her head down into the pavement with a super brainbuster from the top of the parked car; the driver trying to figure out what in the hell is going on.


Blake rushes forward, but is speared out of nowhere by Jethro Hayes!

Brian Rentfro: What is he doing?!


Jon McDaniel: Extracting Revenge!


(inside the building) Ding Ding Ding

El Gringo holds his hand in the air, the new Grizzly Beer Champion.

Eric Emerson: Winner of the match and NEEEEEEEEW PIoneer Wrestling Association Grizzly Beer Champion... El Gringo Tonto!

Jethro gets up and walks away after his spear of Blake Whitcroft, a smile on his face. Meanwhile Jen consoles Emily on the street as she struggles to move. All thanks to not Xan Vaxman, who gets handed the PWA Grizzly Beer title and hoists it up in the air, finally his to do as he pleases.

Redeeming the Redeemer

Simon Kalis is in his office. He's sitting, Indian style, in the middle of his floor, the desk is pushed a little bit out of the way. The lights are out, but the room is still illuminated by candles, strategically placed. He's deep in meditation when there's a solid knock on the door. He sighs, and speaks with his eyes still closed.

Simon Kalis: Enter.

He opens his eyes when he hears the door open and The Redeemer steps in. His mask is still covering his face, he hasn't taken it off since he first dawned it over a month ago. He's wearing a long, black trench coat along with a black shirt and blue jeans. His hands are closed at his side as he looks down at his supervisor. Kalis smirks.

Simon Kalis: My Redeemer. What say you?

The Redeemer: Kalis. I'm here to inform you that I don't plan on fighting in tonight's match. I'm not with the Order, I will never be a part of the Order.

Kalis gets to his feet and wipes himself off as now looks up and stares The Redeemer in the eyes.

Simon Kalis: Mr. McCoy, this is not our arrangement. You lost our match. You lost your freedom. In exchange for your service I've given you your daughter back but...

Kalis waves his finger and smirks.

Simon Kalis: The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh Redeemer.

Redeemer laughs under his mask, looking at Kalis. He looks away and opens one hand. Before Kalis can even react, he swings a long axe and smashes Kalis' desk with it, sending splinters all over the place. The desk snaps in two. The axe falls by Redeemer's side.

Redeemer: I don't think you understand, Simon. I said that I'm not in the Order. But if I have no other choice but to participate in this match... well, I will be at the ring. But I promise you this: I will act under my own orders, and I show my true colours to the world, and you might not like what you'll see.

He leans closer to Kalis, close enough that Kalis can smell menthol on his breath.

Redeemer: Something you'll find with me, Kalis, is that I'm not easily broken or made to obey the rules. Comprendé, amigo?

Kalis scoffs and pats The Redeemer on the shoulder.

Simon Kalis: You were already broken the moment you got into my crosshairs, Mr. McCoy. Don't be fooled by your own ignorance or be blinded by your own arrogance. You are mine to command and this is how it will be for good.

Redeemer steps back from his crosses his arms, the whole of the blade just above his fist. If he wanted to, he could attempt to use the axe as a hatchet on his assailant.

Redeemer: That a fact? Well, Simon, just remember this when things start going in a direction that you hadn't anticipated. When Bronx and Mas and Reaver all get crushed out there, remember what I've said here.

Simon Kalis reaches into the desk drawer and puts a picture of Morgan down on the desk for Redeemer to see.

Simon Kalis: And you remember who has your daughter, you son of a bitch.

Redeemer looks down at the photo and snatches it.

Redeemer: I know.

He turns and his trenchcoat floats behind him as he exits, stage left. Kalis nods as he goes, and returns to his sitting position. He grabs his laptop bag and pulls out his computer and a bottle of KY jelly and begins typing contentedly.

Riona Langly/Marxx/Johnny Maverick/Spyke Gein vs Masakazu/The Redeemer/Reaver/Bronx Williams

Luchariffic Tag Supreme!

### Today... my name... is pain... ###

The lights dim as a haunting melody begins to play over the PA system. As the chimes play out, flashes on the otherwise blackened ADCTron show a slideshow of violence during war throughout the ages... A guitar kicks in, adding to the melody as the speed of the images picks up, more sights being added as well as almost subliminal messages of PAIN, VIOLENCE, HELL, WAR... The guitar stops it's long riff and kicks in with the drums as the lights start to pulse red, the with more violence screaming across the ADCTron... Photos of Riona Langly mix into the slideshow, showing matches against Jamie Flynn, The Phoenix, Hunter Sullivan, SNS, Corey Lazarus, Viktor Stone, Matthew Engel, Raizzor, and Marxx...

### Tonight... Tonight... ###
### Tonight... ###

A very low, angry growl as the lights flicker wildly, while remaining deeply red....

### GO! ###

"The New Ministry" from Walls of Jericho is in full force as a familiar spotlight lights up right behind the entrance way. Stepping out in front of it is of course, Riona Langly, her head hanging down as she soaks in the ambiance before a match.

### Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Give me your passion ###
### Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Give me your heart ###

Riona lifts her head up and scream, snapping off her crux pose, the Intercontinental Championship flinging out in her left arm, as criss-crossing red pyro fires off in front of her. The pyrotechnics shoot off 5 times before coming to an end, the lights in the arena returning to normal as Riona begins her walk down to the ring, slinging the title onto her shoulder.
Eric Emerson: Introducing... she comes to us from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! She weighed in this morning at 142 pounds, and stands at five foot nine inches. She is the PIONEER WRESTLING ASSOCIATION... UNDISPUTED HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!

### Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Now and forever ###
### Tonight... is... ours... ###

Riona stops at the end of the entrance ramp, rolling her fists as she stares inside the ring.

### Live out your dream ###
### With everything you have inside you ###
### This world can't hold us back forever! ###
### forever... FOREVER...###
### FORVER... FOREVER... ###

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, this is.... RIOOONNNNAAAA LANNGGGLLLLYYYY!!!
Riona dead leaps herself onto the ring apron and slings herself over the top rope and into the ring, stomping over to the nearest corner as soon as she lands.

### We Bleed Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Give me your passion ###
### Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Give me your heart ###

Riona climbs onto the top turnbuckle and snaps off another crux pose as red pyro flares out of the other 3 turnbuckles violently, scaring the ref in the process.

### Tonight is ours ###
### Now and forever ###
### Tonight is ours ###

Riona climbs down from the turnbuckle and starts some light stretches, her mind preparing for the match ahead of her.

Jon McDaniel: This should be very, very interesting Brian.

The arena is under a dimmed light. Only the tron is flashing as Welcome to the Masquerade by Thousand Foot Krutch plays through the arena. All of a sudden, four bright spotlights starts turning around like on a red carpet and stops all of a sudden, doing a "X" form with their rays of light. Red and blue spotlights turns in circles over the crowd as Marxx appears from the entrance ramp, wearing his signature black leather coat.

He walks to a side of the ramp, raising his arm, then walks to the other side, where he does the same thing. While walking to a side to another, we could notice he was dancing a little bit. After, he comes back to the middle of the entrance ramp as he motions the crowd to cheer louder with his hands each sides of him. From there, he puts his arms in front of his face in his usual X, and then drops them quickly at each sides of him, a huge smile on his face. He let go a "Woo!" before starting his walk to the ring.

Eric Emerson: On his way to the ring, from New Brunswick, Canada, by the way of Indianapolis, Indiana: Marxx!

He starts walking on the ramp, clapping in the nearest fans hands. He stops in front of the ring, then turns back by the fans as he takes off his leather coat to the crowd's excitement. Then, he rolls inside the ring and jumps on a corner, where he does an X with his arms in front of his face before dropping them to each side. He jumps off the turnbuckle and does the same thing on the opposite side before going back to his corner, where he starts stretching.

Brian Rentfro: Oh I'm sure it will be, Jon.

The arena goes dark and the ADCTron is filled with static. All of a sudden we hear the voices of Johnny Maverick and Spyke Gein. 'FUCK. YOUR. ORDER.' The symbol for anarchy bleeds in through the static as Johnny and Spyke step out, turn to face each other, then headbutt each other as hard as they can. The crowd is erupting in cheers for PWA's resident playful vicious assholes. 'Complacent working class get up and off your ass You say you'd die for freedom but the riot never comes We need a revolution A social Evolution, The socialites who wave the flag are holding smoking guns They say we have to fight, Unite, Unite, Unite The same old men defile the earth and take away our rights The rules should more than bend, their world is gonna end Cause I'm not going down a pawn in a global class war' Johnny and Spyke sprint like madmen to the ring. Johnny slides under the bottom rope and Spyke hops to the apron and springboards over the top rope effortlessly. 'We are the ones with the power to devour one and all Tear down the old foundation brick by brick and watch it fall ' Johnny and Spyke hit every corner of the ring and throw up a defiant fist that the audience throws back at them happily. They backflip out of their corners and throw a few warm up kicks as they await their opponents. 'So damn us into hell with stories that you tell The time is now, the door is here, pass through it and you're free The rules should more than bend, Their world is gonna end I'm not going down a pawn in a global class war'

Brian Rentfro: They have no idea what they're walking into.

Jon McDaniel: I wouldn't be so sure.

"Glass Shatters" by Disturbed hits over the airwaves as the ADCTron burns with The Order of Chaos emblem. The crowd immediately reacts in a chorus of boos and jeers as the spotlight shines on the stage.

Eric Emerson: And their opponents! Repersenting THE ORDER OF CHAOS!!!

Reaver and Masakazu step out on the stage and point towards the ring. Reaver removes rubs his mask and laughs as he points to Johnny Maverick.

Eric Emerson: They are...

Emerson pauses, waiting for Bronx and The Redeemer. Simon Kalis steps out from behind the curtain and puts his arms over Reaver and Masakazu, the crowd boos even louder.

Jon McDaniel: What's this?! Where are Bronx and Redeemer?!

Brian Rentfro: Well I'm just getting word they never showed up to the arena tonight, Jon...

Kalis kisses both Reaver and Masakazu on the top of their heads and salutes them as they begin their march towards the ring.

Eric Emerson: Repersenting The Order of Chaos... REAVER AND MASAKAZU!

They both look back and salute Simon themselves, determination in their eyes. Kalis nods and disappears behind the curtain as Masa and Reaver hop onto the apron and enter the ring.

Jon McDaniel: They're screwed! There's no hope for them! Why don't they flee!?

Brian Rentfro: No surrender! No retreat! Get'em boys! Get'em!


An all out brawl errupts as Marxx, Riona, Johnny and Spyke overtake Reaver and Masakazu quickly. Referee Dwayne Cross goes to interrupt but Spyke and Johnny double hip toss Reaver into the corner turnbuckle as Marxx lifts Masakazu up for a powerbomb. As he drops Masakazu, Riona is there and grabs on delivering a reverse DDT at the same time, stunning Masakazu. Finally Cross has some semblance of control and gets Marxx, Riona and Spyke to their corners leaving Masakazu and Johnny Maverick in the ring. Reaver slides out of the ring holding his sides on the outside as Maverick unleashes a fury of snap kicks and elbows into Masakazu. Masakazu bounces off the ropes and delivers a swift rising knee straight to Mavericks head, knocking him back in his Captain America-esque outfit. Masakazu looks at Reaver as Maverick composes himself and tags him in. Reaver springboards off the top rope right into an enziguri kick from Johnny Maverick!

Brian Rentfro: At least Cross has made this as fair as it possibly can be but...

Jon McDaniel: You reap what you sow, Brian. And now Masa and Reaver get to be the first to fall at the hands of Team PWA!

Brian Rentfro: They are the Pioneers, Jon!

Jon McDaniel: Of their own destruction, Brian!

Reaver gets to his feet and adjusts himself accordingly as Maverick moves in for another strike! Reaver locks in an arm bar on Johnny Maverick though and holds him down as hard as he can. Maverick reverses it into a wrist lock and then spins Reaver around, whipping him into the ropes and nailing him with a huge dropkick. Reaver bounces off the canvas and right back to his feet only to get met with another enziguri kick by Maverick which sends him back down to the canvas. Spyke leans over the ropes and gets tagged in. Spyke goes up top and comes flying off with a senton splash that Reaver reacts to with a knee jerk violent convulsion in the ring. But the cameras pick up Reaver laughing as he jumps to his feet and nails a spinning heel kick on Spyke! Reaver stumbles forward and goes to tag in Masakazu who leans over reaching for the tag but Spyke pulls him back at that last second, sets him up and nails him with a snap suplex that shakes the ring. Masakazu stomps his foot in anger and begins to cuss at Spyke but Maverick yells something back which infuriates Masa even further.

Jon McDaniel: Low blow. I think he mentioned something about what Maya tastes like.

Brian Rentfro: And wondering if it's what he tastes like, since they're twins. Hah, that's sorta funny though.

Spyke leg drops on Reaver who seems out of it at this point as Spyke tags in Marxx. Marxx gets into the ring and flexes for the crowd who snap photos quickly but this gives Reaver the time to throw himself towards his corner and tag in Masakazu. Masakazu jumps onto the top rope, balancing himself and as Marxx turns to face him Masakazu flies off and lands on him, spins in a circle on his shoulders and brings him down with an electrifying hurricanrana! Masakazu begins screaming as he stomps down on Marxx's head, holding the ropes to use as leverage. Riona acts before referee Cross can and chops Masakazu on the chest from the apron, sending him back. Masakazu lunges forward but gets a roaring elbow in the head from the apron. Marxx catches him and rolls him up!




Masakazu kicks out and lands away from Marxx with the force it took to kick out. Masakazu looks at Reaver and nods, as Reaver nods to him back as well. Masakazu gets to his feet and reaches to his side, sighing heavily as he begins to unsheathe an invisible sword. Marxx steps back and smirks, shaking his head as Masakazu holds this invisible sword out toward Marxx and nods.

Jon McDaniel: Coward. He's gonna Hara Kiri and throw the match!

Brian Rentfro: Masa is smart, he knows Reaver and him will get demolished if they continue.

Before Masakazu can make his next move...


Those words are heard over the speakers and Masakazu's eyes widen as he jumps back to the safety of his corner with Reaver.


Marxx turns to face the entrance ramp as "Break Your Neck" by Busta Rhymes begins to play over the speakers. Kalis, in his black linens, brown leather armor and mask runs down to the ring from the back to the boos of the crowd. He jumps forward, curling his body up as he rolls past the Team PWA corner and towards Reaver and Masa. The music stops as Kalis hops up onto the apron and grabs a microphone.

Simon Kalis: I am inserting myself by the power invested in me! GOT IT?!

Kalis throws the microphone as he tags himself in from Masakazu. Marxx rushes forward as he and Kalis now grapple in the ring. A struggle ensues between the two. Kalis gets the upper hand after kneeing Marxx in the gut and throws him towards his corner. Riona tags herself in and gets into the ring now, adjusting her mask to make sure it stays on. Silence hits the crowd as they all rise to their feet with baited breath. Kalis and Riona begin circling each other calmly, with everyone on both sides stomping their feet on the aprons.

Brian Rentfro: OH SHI-

Jon McDaniel: WHOA! This is about to get HUGE!

Riona makes the first move, lunging forward and driving a roaring elbow straight into Kalis' face. She steps back after one, holding her elbow as Kalis taps his metallic mask and laughs. He lunges and grabs her by the throat, and headbutts her! Once! Twice! Riona with a quick uppercut into Kalis' gut sends him reeling back as she rushes forward and hits a flying lariat. Kalis is shaken as Riona continues the assault with a tiger suplex, driving Kalis hard into the canvas by surprise. Reaver and Masa beg for the tag and begin to distract referee Dwayne Cross. In this moment Kalis reaches under his chest armor and pulls out a railroad spike, nailing it over Riona's head. She hits the canvas and he gets on one knee and begins bashing it repeatedly into her head. He throws the railroad spike out of the ring as he lifts her up by her hair and throws her into her corner. Riona avoids getting tagged by Spyke as she rushes forward and jumps Simon. A sunset flip powerbomb sends Kalis into the canvas hard and by surprise. He rolls out of the ring and shakes his head as Dwayne Cross finally notices Riona and how she's bleeding from her forehead. He looks out to Kalis who shrugs his shoulders before sliding back into the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Yes! Make her bleed!

Jon McDaniel: So much for honor, eh?

Kalis tags Masakazu in and gets on the apron with Reaver. Riona rushes forward and clotheslines Masakazu so hard he flips before he hits the canvas. She leaps forward to Simon and dropkicks him off the apron as he whispers something in Reaver's ear. Reaver sees Simon fly off to the outside and grabs Riona, suplexing her right out of the ring and to the outside. Dwayne Cross begins to check on the carnage on the outside as Marxx, Johnny Maverick and Spyke enter the ring and surround Masakazu. Masakazu, on his knees looks up and then proceeds to low blow both Maverick and Marxx sending them to their knees in pain. He rolls away before Spyke can soccer kick him in the head and jumps to his feet. Kalis and Riona still fight on the outside as Reaver comes to and slides into the ring. Riona smashes Kalis head against the metal post repeatedly until Kalis collapses on the ground knocked out. Masakazu tackles Spyke to the canvas but Spyke elbows him in the face awkwardly, splitting his eyebrow open. Cross is still yelling at Riona and and doesn't see Reaver reach into his little pouch and pull a handful of sand out. He blows it into Marxx's eyes as Marxx gets up and dropkicks him over the top rope. Marxx wipes his eyes furiously as Maverick and Reaver now stand together in the ring. Kalis gets to his feet and lunges at Riona as she gets on the apron. He puts her on his shoulders and drops back, crashing her right through the Spanish announcers table at ringside!

Brian Rentfro: Whoa! Glad I'm not them right now!

Jon McDaniel: Something is fishy! This match has just turned into utter chaos!

Reaver begins to remove the top turnbuckle padding in the ring as Spyke and Masakazu exchange lefts and rights in the other corner. Maverick goes to attack but Reaver ducks out of the way and rips his mask off. Maverick, with shock in his eyes can't believe what he's seeing as Reaver throws him his mask. Reaver then rushes past Maverick and smashes his face into the exposed turnbuckle, cutting himself open. He screams for help and collapses, and as Dwayne Cross turns around he sees Maverick holding Reaver's mask and calls for the bell.


Eric Emerson: The winners as a result of DISQUALIFICATION.... Masakazu, Reaver and Simon Kalis... THE ORDER OF CHAOS!

Kalis gets to his feet as Reaver laughs at Maverick one last time. Masa leaps over the top rope and joins his father on the outside as Reaver leaps over and joins his master as well.

Brian Rentfro: My God...

Jon McDaniel: You know who that is, Brian?

Brian Rentfro: That's Maverick's brother, Jimmy...

Marxx is up and clear and spears Masakazu into the corner post, dinging Masakazu's head off of the back of it. Spyke follows up by throwing himself over the top rope with a suicide plancha on Reaver. Marxx lifts Masakazu up and brings him over to the steel steps. Kalis rushes to help but Riona tackles him to the ground as Marxx drops Masakazu on the steel steps with Leaving Marxx! Riona rips Kalis' mask off and begins smashing his face in with roaring elbows, one after the other after the other after THE OTHER!

Brian Rentfro: Simon you need your strength for Chamelion! Run! Run!

Kalis sees the railroad spike he threw out of the ring earlier and grabs it and brings it across Riona's face sending her off of him and down. Reaver runs to Masakazu and helps him up as Marxx heads over to Kalis and Riona. Reaver and Masakazu join Kalis outside the ring and Marxx stops, but remains in fighting stance. Spyke is back in the ring snapping Johnny out of it as Kalis picks Riona up in his arms and forces a smile.

Jon McDaniel: I... I think he's crying?

Brian Rentfro: Whaaaaaaat?

Kalis kisses his hand then places that hand on Riona's forehead as Reaver kneels down and pulls out a white feather from his pouch. He hands it to Simon, and Simon wipes Riona's blood onto it and gives it back to Reaver. Marxx seems ready to intervene as Kalis hugs Riona on the outside once more, whispering something in her ears before getting to his feet and throwing Marxx the middle finger. Reaver and Masakazu begin to back away as "Seizure of Power" finally begins to play and all three men of The Order leave up the entrance ramp. Reaver laughs as he points to Johnny and Spyke in the ring, slapping his own face as he does so.

Brian Rentfro: I wonder what Kalis said to her.

Jon McDaniel: Team PWA got screwed tonight, Brian. Out right, screwed over. This has to end. Chamelion has to win tonight and stop this madness.

Brian Rentfro: No. Justice was served tonight, and this is what we call... The Order Strikes Back!

Kalis, Reaver and Masa salute the Team PWA in the ring as Riona is on her feet easily now, looking back at Kalis with burning rage in her eyes. Kalis points to the ADCTron and we see the emblem of the Apostles of Ares, on fire and overshadowed by the skull of The Order.

Jon McDaniel: The fires of war burn, Brian. They're burning strong.


Oh Alex you are a pistol

The camera shifts backstage, where we see Jen Corlen-Blazenwing and the James sisters talking. After a moment, the now former Grizzly Beer Champion, Emily Corlen, approaches her, seething.

Emily Corlen: What... the hell... was that?

Jen Blazenwing: I'm sorry, dear, it was an accident... you know I'd never make you lose the Grizzly Beer title on purpose! Don't worry though, you'll get a rematch, I'm sure.

Emily turns her head and growls, her fists clenched. She looks like she's considering attacking Jen for a split second, then walks off with a disgusted huff. Moments later, the sound of one of the arena exits slamming can he heard loudly.

Katie James: Should we, um... go after her?

Sarah James: She looked pretty pissed off.

Jen, however, merely smirks.

Jen Blazenwing: Let her be. This plan proceeds, with or without her.

The three women walk off, and the camera shifts back to ringside.

Simon Kalis vs Chamelion

Three Stages of Hell (Winner earns PWA stock)

The lights dim, and strobe lights begin to flash around the entrance stage when the following lyrics explode over the arena speakers.

I hear voices in my head,
They council me,
They understand,
They talk to me!


Eric Emerson: From Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 245lbs…CHAMELION!

Walking confidently out onto the stage, Chamelion, attired in dark green wrestling tights and a black fishnet shirt, looks around the arena, aware of everything.

You got your rules and your religion
All designed to keep you safe
But when rules start getting broken
You start questioning your faith

He stands there, silently for a few moments as the music swells around him. His eyes lowered to the ring.

I have a voice that is my savior
Hates to love and loves to hate
I have a voice that has the knowledge
And the power to rule your fate

At that point, Chamelion whips his head up, his hair flying back and he has the look of a hunter about him, as he moves towards the ring with focused determination.

I hear voices crying
I see heroes dying
I taste blood that's drying
I feel tension rising

I hear voices in my head,
They council me,
They understand,
They talk to me! They Talk to me!
They tell me things that I will do
They show me things I'll do to you
They talk to me! (talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!)
They talk to me! (talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!)

As the chorus fades into the second verse, Chamelion arrives at the ring apron, a slow smile creeps across his features. Sliding into the ring on his belly, his hands propping his chest and head up, he stares intently at **Insert either ‘Emerson’ or his opponent**

All the lawyers are defenseless
All the doctors are disease
And the preachers all are sinners
And the police just take the grease
All you judges you are guilty
All the bosses I will fire
All you bankers will have losses
Politicians are all liars

Jumping to his feet, he offers a wink and turns and moves towards the corner turnbuckle.

I see darkness falling
I hear voices calling
I feel justice crawling
I see faith has fallen

Launching himself onto the second turnbuckle, Chamelion stretches his arms out, his fingers wiggling in a come get me motion as his head lowers and his Cheshire smile appears.

I hear voices in my head,
They council me,
They understand,
They talk to me! They talk to me!
They tell me things that I will do
They show me things I'll do to you
They talk to me! (talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!)
They talk to me! (talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!)

As the music fades, Chamelion drops down and turns, but his smile doesn’t leave his face, and his head remains lowered as he sways a little from left to right, as if in a trance, ready to face the obstacle in front of him. He turns to the entrance ramp and stage now as do all the fans...

Eric Emerson: Introducing next. Here to perform Simon Kalis' theme song "The World Is Not Enough" is Garbage!

From the stage, the band known as Garbage begins to play the opening rifts of "The World Is Not Enough" as the lights in the arena fade, shining a spotlight on the band at center-right of the stage.
I know how to hurt
I know how to heal
I know what to show
And what to conceal
I know when to talk
And I know when to touch
No one ever died from wanting too much

Pyros explode from the four corners of the ring as Simon Kalis steps out from behind the curtain. He is in his black robe, which drags from the bottom behind his feet as he steps forward. He lowers his head, as it remains covered by his looming black hood. The crowd catches a glimpse of his dark blood red and black mask...
The world is not enough
But it is such a perfect place to start, my love
And if you're strong enough
Together we can take the world apart, my love

Eric Emerson: Introducing! He weighs in at two hundred and twenty pounds! Standing in at six feet and three inches tall...

The world is not enough
But it is such a perfect place to start, my love
And if you're strong enough
Together we can take the world apart, my love

Kalis' head creeps upwards, and his eyes meet Chamelion's in the ring as he nods from the stage, the band still singing.

Eric Emerson: He hails from Montreal, Quebec CANADA!

People like us
Know how to survive
There's no point in living
If you can't feel the life
We know when to kiss
And we know when to kill
If we can't have it all
Then nobody will


The boos pick up as Kalis slowly raises his arms in the air.

The world is not enough
But it is such a perfect place to start, my love
And if you're strong enough
Together we can take the world apart, my love

Eric Emerson: He is the sworn Leader of the ORDER OF CHAOS! HE IS SIMON KALIS!!!!!!

Kalis crashes his arms down, and more pyros explode off from behind him.

The world is not enough
But it is such a perfect place to start, my love
And if you're strong enough
Together we can take the world apart, my love

Kalis walks over to the band and stands next to Shirley Manson, the lead singer of Garbage. He sings the next part with her.

I feel safe
I feel scared
I feel ready
And yet unprepared
The world is not enough
But it is such a perfect place to start, my love
And if you're strong enough
Together we can take the world apart, my love

They hug and Kalis begins making his way down to the ring, the music almost drowned out by the boos and heckles from the crowd. Kalis points to Chamelion as he makes his way up the steel steps. Kalis stands at the apron and drops his robe off of his body, leaving only his leather vest armor piece, silk black shirt and pants tucked neatly into his military style boots.

The world is not enough
But it is such a perfect place to start, my love
And if you're strong enough
Together we can take the world apart, my love

Kalis heads to each corner turnbuckle and salutes the booing crowd, Order of Chaos style. He does this at each corner before standing in the middle of the ring, across from Chamelion.

The world is not enough
But it is such a perfect place to start, my love
And if you're strong enough
Together we can take the world apart, my love

The song ends, and the crowd cheers the band as they bow from their lively performance as Kalis and Chamelion continue to stare each other down.


Chamelion with a quick headlock, but Simon shoves him into the ropes breaking the hold. Simon comes back with a clothesline that Chamelion easily ducks under delivering a kick to the lower part of Simon's back. Kalis spins around, bringing up his foot but Chamelion catches it without thinking, but Simon counters with an enzeguri sending Chamelion down to the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: Fast paced early on.

Brian Rentfro: All Hail Simon Kalis!

Simon leaps up, bringing down a knee, but Chamelion rolls out of the way quickly springing up to his feet catching Simon off guard. Chamelion into the ropes bouncing off with a front kick, but Simon ducks this time delivering a kick to Chamelion's back sending him into the ropes. Chamelion bounces back, Simon with a back body. Chamelion flies over the top rope, catching and holding onto the top rope. Simon spins around intending to dive over the top, but Chamelion is springing from the top rope having caught himself barely. Chamelion with a split legged leap catches Simon's head and brings him down with a face smash onto the canvas. Chamelion gets up, running up the corner back flipping with a knee drop onto the back of Simon's head.

Jon McDaniel: What action here.

Brian Rentfro: All Hail Simon Kalis!

Simon shoves up to his feet shoving Chamelion back into the corner. Chamelion runs back out and this time Simon spears him back into the corner instead of going for a back body. Chamelion slams hard in the corner. Simon leaps to the middle rope pounding down with the fists of precision onto his head.

Brian Rentfro: Look at Simon dominate Chamelion here.

Jon McDaniel: Riiiiiiiiight.

Simon leaps onto the shoulders, flipping backwards and sending Chamelion sliding across the ring into the other corner. Simon up fast and leaping to the top rope running along the side before corkscrewing himself in mid-air to come down with an elbow drop onto Chamelion's face. Simon up and playing to the crowd, but they are booing hiim, no matter what amazing moves he performs.

Jon McDaniel: Impressive move from Simon there.

Brian Rentfro: As if there were any doubt.

Simon pulls Chamelion up to his feet, shoving him backwards into the corner. A stinging chop to the chest and Chamelion winces with the impact, his chest reddening almost immediately. Simon with a second stinging chop. Simon with a thir... NO! Chamelion catches the wrist bringing up his right foot into Simon's ribs causing Kalis to try and protect his ribs. Chamelion with a second quick kick nails the arm hard and Simon is on the defensive here. Chamelion with a knee into the midsection before planting Simon with a DDT in the corner. Chamelion up onto the top turnbuckle diving off with an elbow drop to the back of Simon's neck. Chamelion pulls Simon back up to his feet quickly slamming Simon back first into the corner.

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion with a quick stinging chop of his own.

Brian Rentfro: All Hail Simon Kalis!

Jon McDaniel: Is that all you know have to say?

Brian Rentfro: No, but it is the most important.

Chamelion looks to the crowd before slamming Simon in the cheek with a series of right and left palm strikes. Chamelion lifts his right hand aloft, spitting into the palm before slapping the taste right out of Simon's mouth. Simon stumbles forward, Chamelion off the rope with a bulldog sends Kalis down on his face. Chamelion rolls him over before hitting the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion going for The Final Touch!

Brian Rentfro: And he misses!

Simon just rolls out of the way avoiding the lionsault off the ropes. Simon up as Chamelion is on his knees holding at his midsection. Simon with a boot right to the back of Chamelion's skull sends hiim face first onto the canvas. Simon off the ropes with a baseball slide right into the right side of Chamelion's face rolling him over. Simon off the ropes again with a leg drop across ther throat. Simon gets down in the face of Chamelion smirking and slapping Chamelion now. Chamelion reaches up and with shades of Raizzor grabs the throat of Simon shoving him backwards. Simon clutches at his throat as Chamelion kips up to his feet with a flourish. Simon charges in.

Jon McDaniel: What a move from Chamelion there.

Brian Rentfro: The thief!

Chamelion ducks under a swing from Kalis spinning around to lock him in a full nelson and ride him down to the canvas. Simon rolls over but Chamelion quickly releases the hold to prevent a pinning predicament by Simon. Both men up on their feet into a collar and elbow lockup. Chamelion loses the battle allowing Simon to get him into a front facelock. Chamelion lifts Simon up, Northern Lights suplex into a bridge pin!




Simon able to barely get a shoulder up in time and he is as surprised by that counter as anyone in the building except for Chamelion who just smirks and waves mockingly at Simon. Kalis is up to his feet again, fury on his face. Simon with a feint to the left but connecting with a solid right knee sends Chamelion into the ropes. Chamelion bounces back, right into ahurricanrana from Simon that slides Chamelion right out of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Look at Simon go!

Jon McDaniel: I'm pretty certain this has been a very back and forth contest so far.

Brian Rentfro: You are biast.

Jon McDaniel: I am the least biast of the two of us.

Chamelion gets up, his back to the ring as Simon launches himself over the top rope. Simon connects with the over the top rope diving shoulder block sending Chamelion's face right into the railing. Simon gets up, spitting towards a fan with a Chamelion = Success poster. Simon pulls Chamelion's head up by the hair asking if this looks like success, but the fan has no idea what he is saying. Simon slams Chamelion's face into the railing again before making him kiss the corner post as well. Simon rolls him into the ring before climbing jup to the top turnbuckle and preparing to leap. Simon leaps catching the rising Chamelion with a missile dropkick that rolls Chamelion over into a seating position in the corner. Simon with a running leap into the air coming down right on Chamelion's chest. Simon bucks in the corner, humiliating Chamelion a bit before pulling him out.

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion on the receiving end of Simon's pattented humiliation segment of his matches.

Brian Rentfro: All Hai...

Jon McDaniel: Stop it already.... Chamelion counters with The Rupture!

Simon is flat on his back, Chamelion falling down to a pin.



Simon manages to just get his foot on the rope.

Brian Rentfro: Come on Simon, full control rides on this!

Chamelion rolls off, hitting the ropes and bouncing over Simon. Chamelion springs and springs back with a lionsault.


Simon rolls out of the way, pointing to his head, having scouted that move. Simon turns around.

Jon McDaniel: Sweet Sound of Success!

Simon falls in place almost bonelessly as Chamelion points to his temple before falling and hooking the leg.




Ding Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: The winner of the First Stage of Hell.... Chamelion!

"Voices" hits up in the speakers briefly as Chamelion drinks some bottled water over in the corner. Simon is up in one of the other five corners, as far away from Chamelion as he can get for the moment. Simon has a cigarette in his lips and is already taping up for the next portion of this contest. Chamelion waves his hand in front of his nose trying to keep the smoke from getting into his lungs.

Brian Rentfro: The thing is, it is always important to get that first win in a match like this.

Jon McDaniel: Definitely.

Brian Rentfro: Because that makes your opponent have to get two in a row to gain the lead.

Jon McDaniel: Exactly and doing that against a competitor like Chamelion is nearly impossible.

Brian Rentfro: For anyone but Simon Kalis, he is probably the only one who can do it.

Scott Swindell indicates that it is time to begin the second of the three matches. Simon puts his cigarette out and tilts his head to get the kinks out of his neck. Simon holds up a finger before he slides out of the ring. Simon digs under the ring and pulls out a twenty foot ladder and slides it into the ring, on the other side of the ring Chamelion is sliding a table and a couple of chairs into the six sided ring. Chamelion looks inside as a second ladder is placed in there before Chamelion places a second table to nearly completely fill the ring. Chamelion looks at Simon, who looks back and both nod. They get back into the ring and lock up. Chamelion with a swift side headlock and Simon shoves him into the ropes, however Chamelion holds on this time. Chamelion pounds a fist into the top of Simon's head before giving him a nuggy to the top of the head, taking his turn to humiliate Simon. Simon with an elbow into Chamelion's ribs loosens the hold, a second one almost breaks it, and the third definitely breaks it. Simon into the ropes, he jumps into the air bringing both knees together into Chamelion's face before falling to the canvas. Simon picks up a steel chair, no reason not to use it.

Brian Rentfro: Justice Steel!

Jon McDaniel: Simon not waiting to bring the weapons into the contest.

Simon swings connecting solidly with Chamelion's skull sending him down to one knee shaking his head. Simon with a second swing and Chamelion is down. Simon rolls Chamelion over onto his back, stomping down on his face and doing his best to tenderize Chamelion's face really good before continuing to do something else. Chamelion slams a fist into Simon's thigh to back Simon off slightly. Simon comes back in though but Chamelion is able to flip him over onto a table that hasn't been set up yet. Chamelion pulls himself up to his feet as Simon stands up. Chamelion turns around, right into a front kick by Simon taht sends Chamelion back against the corner. Simon mounts him in the corner pounding down with rights and lefts, but the crowd does not count along. Chamelion catches him around the waist, bringing him out of the corner intending on a spinebuster.

Jon McDaniel: No more wrestling as these two men intend to pound each other into pulp!

Brian Rentfro: Simon is the ultimate butcher!

Simon is pounding away at Chamelion's head with force, but Chamelion quickly leans forward for the spinebuster, Simon countering at the last second to send the two men over and Cham's head right onto a steel chair. Simon gets back up, wiping at his hands before pulling a ladder up. Setting the ladder up, he climbs up intending for a very high risk move. Simon launches himself from the top with a leg drop, but Chamelion moves out of the way and Simon crashes. Simon gets up, holding at the back of his leg, but Chamelion doesn't let his opponent rest as he swings a ladder right into Simon's rib cage. Simon doubles over from the impact, doubling himself over the side of the ladder. Chamelion places the bottom part on the top rope and climbs to the top of the set up ladder.

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion getting ready to fly!

Brian Rentfro: But he is going to splat like bird shit on my car window!

Chamelion leaps, Simon rolls out of the way, Cham body splashes the ladder and groans as he just lays there. Simon lays on his back, trying to catch his breath and rid himself of some of the pain.

Brian Rentfro: Told you, Simon is going to win this entire thing!

Chamelion isn't moving, but Simon is managing to do some as he is on his knees. Looking over to Chamelion, Simon smiles and shoves himself up to his feet where he sets up a table just below the set up ladder. Simon pulls Chamelion up, rolling him over onto the table, pounding his elbow right into Chamelion's throat to keep him there.

Jon McDaniel: Vicious elbow shots, but highly effective.

Chamelion is gasping for breath but Simon is far from finished as he picks up a steel chair to bring it down on Cham's face, but Chamelion manages to roll off the table. Whether out of desperation or sheer luck, Chamelion manages to roll off the table. Simon leaps over the table, pulling Chamelion back up to his knees in a worship position. Chamelion shoves Simon into the corner, but Simon manages to rebound with a springboard roundhouse kick. Chamelion pops up between Simon's legs, slamming him down and through the table with a spinebuster! Simon rolls off the debris and we notice that Simon landed on a steel chair that went through the table as well.

Jon McDaniel: I didn't even notice the chair!

Brian Rentfro: Simon did.

Simon gets up to his knees, all be it very slowly, but Chamelion is moving just as slow. Chamelion's face is red as he is still trying to catch his breath after those elbow shots to his throat. Chamelion pulls Simon's face up, but Kalis manages to shove him backwards into the corner. Chamelion bounces back out and Simon swings a chair up at Chamelion's midsection. Cham ducks out of the swing's path, booting Simon in the side of the head which causes Simon to roll out of the ring. Chamelion leans on the ropes for a second before running up the slanting ladder to launch himself over the top before he flips over backwards in mid-air.

Jon McDaniel: Holy Shit!

Chamelion lands with a splash onto Simon on the outside, but the move cost him as well as he clutches at his right knee which made solid contact with the floor.

Brian Rentfro: Chamelion is hurt, serves him right.

Jon McDaniel: The question is, did the move hurt Chamelion or Simon more?

Brian Rentfro: Not sure there, but one can only hope Chamelion.

Cham gets up, but his right leg gives way and he falls into a seated position against the railing where he violently tries to get feeling back into his knee. Simon crawls for the ring's apron and is barely able to pull himself to his knees. Simon looks back at Chamelion, sweat pouring from his body in what seems like rivers. Chamelion is still trying to get some feeling back into the knee and Simon is pushing up to his wobbly feet. Simon somehow manages to run, slamming a knee into Chamelion's face and Cham stops trying to get feeling back into the knee as he lays on his back. Simon nods his head before bringing Cham back over towards the ring..

Jon McDaniel: These two men are going to kill each other!

Brian Rentfro: Believe me, if Simon really wanted you dead, you'd be dead.

Simon rolls Chamelion back into the ring without a struggle before crawling in himself. Kalis takes the time to set up a pyramid of chairs up onto the the second table before pulling Chamelion up the ladder with him. Simon looks down as he drags Chamelion up the ladder. Chamelion with a wild swing connects with Simon's thigh and they leader of The Order's grip loosens. Chamelion with a wild punch again connects and the two men fall, but only about eight feet to the canvas where they lay in a heap. Scott Swindell has no choice but to let this match continue as he was ordered that it must end. Chamelion crawls over to Simon placing an arm across his chest.



Simon with a shoulder up and Chamelion's head droops; it is never that easy. Chamelion listens and the cheers of the fans seem to be getting to him as he struggles to the ropes and up to his feet. Simon rolls over, his back to Chamelion before turning around.



Simon ducks under slamming a fist right into Chamelion's nether region. Chamelion drops like a bad habit before he holds at himself in tat all too familiar position of male protection. Simon pulls Chamelion up the ladder, Cham helpless to do anything to stop him at the moment.

Jon McDaniel: What a low blow from Simon Kalis there!

Brian Rentfro: I was unaware that this match had rules Jon, when did it start having rules?

Top of the ladder, Simon with a fist to Cham's face rocks him nearly off the ladder. Surprisingly Chamelion finds something somewhere inside him to fire a right fist back at Simon catching him off guard with a right hook. Simon nearly falls, but manages to fire a right back at Chamelion, now Cham fires a right back. Right from Cham, right from Simon, right, right, right, right, right.

Jon McDaniel: It is like the match is starting all over again!

Brian Rentfro: Don't fight fair Simon, fight to win!

Simon catches the back of Chamelion's head, bringing him face down onto the top of the ladder, he slumps out cold and easy for the picking. Simon climbs on up, balancing precariously on top of the ladder as he lifts Chamelion up...








And through the pyramid of chairs on the table!

Jon McDaniel: Holy!

Brian Rentfro: Kalis, yeah I know.

Simon makes the cover.




Eric Emerson: Winner of the second match and tying the score at one win a piece... Simon Kalis!

Simon crawls for his corner, over debris and sits there. Simon just sits there as EMTs check on the condition of Chamelion who still isn't moving in the debris that is a table and chairs. Simon lights up a cigarette, but doesn't seem to really have the energy to smoke it. A technician hands him a bottle of Gatorade and he barely has enough energy to drink any of it.

Jon McDaniel: These two guys are going to kill each other Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Granted Chamelion may get killed, but how do you kill a person like Simon Kalis?

Jon McDaniel: You mean a self proclaimed god?

Brian Rentfro: Exact... what do you mean self proclaimed?

The technicians are working furiously to remove the debris from the ring before the cell is lowered from the ceiling. Chamelion is sitting up in the corner and Simon is looking at him, a smirk forming around the cigarette. Chamelion with that trademark grin before a devilish glint flickers across his face. The crowd is chanting, they are really into this match now and definitely loving the hardcore aspect, they want to see flesh battered, torn, and two careers shortened; because by god they paid around fifty bucks and they want their money's worth.

Jon McDaniel: They've just received the signal to lower the cage fans.

Brian Rentfro: Signaling the doom of Chamelion.

The cage is half-way down when both men pull themselves up to begin the last and final portion of this match.

Brian Rentfro: And... the cage settles into place Jon, lets get it on!

The cage settles...

Ding Ding

Collar and elbow to start this match off, Chamelion quickly ducking behind Simon with a rear waistlock. Chamelion lifts Simon up, dropping him with a German suplex onto his neck and head before releasing and rolling up to his feet. Simon rolls over, kick right to his face from Chamelion sends him into one of the six corners. Chamelion dives in with a knee towards Simon's throat, but Kalis rolls just out of the way in time causing Chamelion to somewhat crotch himself in the corner. Simon with a kick to the face of Chamelion while he is trapped in the corner before pulling him out and slamming him in the chest with a set of forearm shots.

Jon McDaniel: These two are going at it like they've not been in two hellacious matches.

Brian Rentfro: What exactly is in that Gatorade?

Jon McDaniel: Or that cigarette Simon was smoking?

Brian Rentfro: He didn't inhale!

Chamelion shoves Simon backwards, bringing his feet up into Simon's chest in a short dropkick that sends Simon rolling across the ring. Chamelion with a running leap jumps over Simon back flipping out of one corner onto Kalis in a back flip into a Lou Thesz Press!

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion showing his agility there.

Brian Rentfro: Showoff.

Chamelion pounds down with rights and lefts, but Simon rolls him over. Simon pounding down with rights and lefts, Chamelion counters by rolling over again!

Jon McDaniel: These two men just beating the bloody hell out of each other!

Brian Rentfro: Get him Lord Kalis!

Chamelion slams an elbow into Simon's jaw before shoving hiimself up and off the ropes quickly. Baseball slide misses as Simon sits up quickly and rolling up to his feet. Double dropkick!

Brian Rentfro: Both men thinking the same thing there, where does Chamelion get off doing something like that?

Jon McDaniel: Doing what?

Brian Rentfro: Thinking like Lord Kalis.

Both men back up, collar and elbow again, Simon with the side headlock, Chamelion shoving him into the ropes. NO! Chamelion running up the turnbuckle flipping over behind Simon bringing him down with an inverted DDT! Chamelion pounding an elbow into Simon's face. Chamelion pulls his face up, pounding a fist right into Simon's mouth before chunking him towards the cage. Simon manages to bring his feet together and kick backwards off the cage and over Chamelion to land on his feet. Simon rushes forward grabbing Chamelion in a side headlock on his way and ramming him head first into the steel!

Jon McDaniel: What an exchange there!

Brian Rentfro: I never doubted any of it.

Chamelion falls backwards, a bit of blood now trickling down his forehead from the tiny cut there. Simon pulls him up, but Chamelion with a jab into his kidneys halts his next move. Chamelion with a neckbreaker takes Simon down onto the ground. Chamelion with an arm scissors trying to wear Kalis down some, but Simon quickly rolls over to release the pressure and using his free arm pounds away at Chamelion's chest until the hold is released. Both men back up, kick to Chamelion's ribs, but Chamelion fires back with a kick to Simon's ribs as well. Punch from Simon, punch from Chamelion.

Jon McDaniel: These two men trading rights!

Brian Rentfro: Glad you don't state the obvious.

Simon with a big swinging right, Chamelion ducks under. Northern Lights Suplex!

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion with a Northern Lights Suplex counter there fans!

Brian Rentfro: I'm not going to repeat myself for anyone.

Chamelion rolling up to his feet, leg drop across Simon's throat. Chamelion back up, kicking at Simon's arms then looking to the crowd. Off the ropes.

He leaps over Simon.

He springs off the ropes with a lionsault...


Chamelion makes the cover.




Simon kicks out, barely but that is all that matters. Chamelion pulls him up to his feet, Irish whip into the ropes. Simon comes flying back with a forearm taking Chamelion down to the canvas. Simon off the ropes, jumping over Chamelion with a lionsault onto Chamelion as well.

Chamelion moves and is up firing a kick at Simon's ribs. Simon catches the right leg, pounding Chamelion in the face with his fist. Chamelion's head rocks back on his neck and Simon presses forward with a second and a third punch. Chamelion with an enzeguri, but Simon ducks under the sloppy attempt exchanging the foot to dive forward and take Chamelion down with a bulldog.

Brian Rentfro: What a sloopy enzeguri attempt.

Jon McDaniel: Of course it was, Chamelion had just been punched in the face.

Simon lifts Chamelion back up to his feet and begins to fire punches rapidly into Chamelion's body.


Brian Rentfro: Simon up to twenty!

Chamelion with a thigh kick stops the count at twenty-seven. Chamelion with a leg sweep takes Simon down before he bounces off the ropes. Elbow to the throat and Chamelion is back with the advantage. Simon falls out of the ring and digs under the ring as Chamelion heads over to the door and the padlock.

Brian Rentfro: Now, isn't the only way to win a pinfall or submission?

Jon McDaniel: I'll Google it right now and show you.

Brian Rentfro: You think you are so fancy with that laptop.

Jon McDaniel: According to Wikipedia, you can win by pinfall or submission although in some cases people have won outside of the cage.

Brian Rentfro: Ok Mr. Nerdboy.

Simon pulls out a boltcutter and heads over to the cage where he cuts the cage open and begins to climb up top. Chamelion walks out of the door and looks up to see Simon climbing and after shrugging his shoulders he follows his adversary up top.

Jon McDaniel: Both men reach the top and these fans are going wild!

Brian Rentfro: I could say that their mother is ugly and they'd go wild, they don't understand a word we are saying.

Simon and Chamelion reach the top and are staring at each other.

Collar and elbow on the top of the cage, but Chamelion doesn't follow through instead going for a wristlock and a swift kick to Simon's ribs. Chamelion flips on over, with the back of his leg coming down across the back of his neck driving him face first into the cage. Chamelion pulls Simon up to his feet and mimics throwing him over the top, the crowd boos heavily; Chamelion looks confused.

Jon McDaniel: What are they doing?

Brian Rentfro: Coming down to do this thing right!

Chamelion turns around to find The Order, consisting of Bronx Williams, Masakazu, Lucious Starr, and Joshua Danielson rushing down to ringside with Joshua climbing up the cage quickly. Simon with an elbow into Chamelion's ribs gets him the advantage and shoves him back. Simon lifts Chamelion up. Chamelion fires a right hand, Simon ducks under.

Brian Rentfro: Boys of Sommer!

Simon connects solidly with a superkick nearly sending Chamelion over the top of the cage and to the floor and here comes The Order climbing up the side of the cage; Simon urging them on.

Brian Rentfro: Climb you guys, prove your allegience!

Jon McDaniel: Prove that Simon can't win a big match of importance without help is what you mean!

Brian Rentfro: Blasphemy! Ye shall be stoned!

The crowd erupts in cheers as Marxx, Riona, Johnny Maverick, and Spyke Gein come from all areas of the fans to scale the cage right behind The Order.

Brian Rentfro: Simon has a microphone, lets us listen with reverence.

Simon Kalis: The Winner of this match must be the first one to touch the floor after this declaration!

Simon hurriedly climbs down the opposite side of the cage, the one away from The Apostles as The Order hold Chamelion at bay. The Apostles take on The Order at the top of the cage right before Simon touches down.

Jon McDaniel: What is he doing!

Chamelion launches himself over the top of the cage head first, but slowly flipping!


Brian Rentfro: What an idiot!

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion just went through our table!

Simon turns around, both feet on the mat and just stares.

Ding Ding Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, I've just been informed by all referees involved that both Chamelion and Simon Kalis have touched down similtaneously!

Brian Rentfro: Throw the red flag! I demand the referees use instant replay!

Jon McDaniel: Ladies and gentlemen, Chamelion is down and out at our feet, and while he might have saved the match he’s in serious trouble.

Brian Rentfro: You’re right there, because here comes Kalis, and he doesn’t look pleased.

Kalis pushes passed a handful of EMTs and reaches down through the wreckage to come up with Chamelion’s head in his hands. The medical team do their best to separate them, but Kalis pushes them aside and brings Chamelion back toward the ring. Then he grabs a chair for good measure.

Jon McDaniel: Come on Simon, the match is over and he’s hurt enough as it is.

Brian Rentfro: Not quite yet Jon.

Kalis stalks about Chamelion before driving the steel chair down across his back, eliciting agonising screams as he tries to crawl away. A second shot brings the fans back into it, bellowing obscenities as Kalis knocks his defenceless opponent senseless on the mat. A final shot flattens him, and Kalis turns his attention to a leg.

Jon McDaniel: This is disgusting.

Brian Rentfro: Finally Chamelion pays the price for a war he had no place in starting. And there’s no one left who can help him.

Kalis laces the chair around Chamelion’s leg and stamps down, instantly bringing Chamelion back to life and lifting the tempers of the crowd even further. A second one finds its mark and brings Chamelion up off his back, only to be taken down again as Kalis punts him in the chest. He then drags him back toward the corner and sets himself up on the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: He’s going to break his leg!

Brian Rentfro: No where left to run! No where left to hide!

Jon McDaniel: But here comes Jethro!

The fans hate turns to cheers as Jethro rushes down the ramp, chair in hand and swinging with the bitterest of intention. Kalis sees it coming and just manages to slip down to the floor, leaving Jethro standing guard as he backs off up the ramp. Yet the cheers rise again, and as Kalis turns from Jethro he finds Lisa Seldon standing at the top of the stage.

Jon McDaniel: Stuck with Jethro on one side, Lisa on the other and nowhere to go.

Brian Rentfro: I can’t watch.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like Kalis’ comeuppance is about to come.

Kalis snarls at Lisa, but can’t help but notice as she looks right passed him to the ring. Jethro meets her gaze and immediately his hands start to shake. He swallows a heavy breath to try and calm his nerves, but he’s noticeably shaken. Lisa however just taps her wrist as if indicating the time.

Jon McDaniel: What… what’s going on?

Brian Rentfro: Your guess is as good as mine.

Jethro starts to breath heavy as he turns around to face Chamelion, sweat on his brow and anguish cutting across his face. However he holds his nerve lifts the chair and whips it down, shattering Chamelion’s knee.

Jon McDaniel: No! He’s going after Sommers!

Brian Rentfro: What the hell!

Jethro brings the chair down across the chair wrapped around Chamelion’s leg, over and over again while the crowd scream in hysterics. Chamelion does his best to turtle up but Jethro goes at him relentlessly, hammering through his defences before knocking him out cold. He then brings the point of the chair up and down into Chamelion’s knee.

Jon McDaniel: What the hell has gotten into him? Is he backing the Order?

Brian Rentfro: I… I don’t think so.

Garbage begins to rain from the stands as Jethro brings the chair straight down on Chamelion’s knee, splintering what’s left of the bone, and then tosses it off to the side. He then marches up the ramp, pushing passed a rather bewildered Simon Kalis and stopping at Lisa to meet her with a growl. She however seems utterly delighted and even gives him a little cheer before bouncing back through the curtain. Jethro then turns back to the ring, his anger falling down into dismay as he looks at what he’s done. He too then parts from the ramp, leaving Kalis alone.

Jon McDaniel: I can’t believe it Brian. First Jethro chases Kalis off of Chamelion and then goes after him himself, and it seems it was at the request of Lisa Seldon!

Brian Rentfro: But she’s been against Kalis ever since she got back. I don’t understand it.

Jon McDaniel: Well I might not know what’s going on, but one thing is for certain, Mark Sommers needs some serious medical attention.

Kalis himself then looks back to the ring and, despite his confusion, as he looks over the chaos, he starts to smile and then breaks into a laugh as he sinks to his knees, positively elated at the destruction going on around him. The cameras pan towards the entrance ramp as The Order flees but all the fans point towards the ring and as the camera pans back all we can see is a pair of feet sliding under the ring.

Lucious Starr © vs Rayn

Hell in a Cell - PWA World Title

Jon McDaniel: There's a lot of bad blood between these two, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Between them The Order nearly crumbled and now one remains and one is gone. But there can only be one Champion.


Eric Emerson: The following contest is schedueled for one fall, and is for the PIONEER WRESTLING ASSOCIATION UNDISPUTED WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first, the champion!

The arena is dimmed until only a single beam of light shines on the center of the entrance ramp. The PWA-tron lights up, showing a countdown on the screen. As the countdown begins, one hears the voice of a young child.

(5) Now I lay me down to sleep
(4) I pray the Lord my soul to keep
(3) And if I die before I wake
(2) I pray the Lord my soul to take

The final line during the countdown is spoken by a grown man, running chills down the spines of those watching.

(1) May God have mercy on your soul...

The opening chords to Soundgarden's "Fell on Black Days" begin to play through the arena, a figure making his way onto the ramp. He begins to reach skyward, the anticipation growing. As his fingers touch, pyros shoot from all sides forming a star above his head. Lucious looks to the ring, slowly dropping his arms to his side.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in tonight at two hundred and sixty-three pounds...

Lucious walks down the ramp, his eyes fixed on the ring. He reaches out, allowing his hand to touch those of some nearby fans, as he slowly walks down the entrance to the arena.

Whatsoever I've feared has come to life
And Whatsoever I've fought off became my life
Just when everyday seemed to greet me with a smile
Sunspots have faded
Now I'm doing time
Now I'm doing time
Cause I fell on black days
I fell on Black days

Eric Emerson: He is the Beta Warrior of the Pioneer Wrestling Association...

Whomsoever I've cured I've sickened now
Whomsoever I've cradled I've put you down
I'm a search light soul they say
But I can't see it in the night
I'm only faking when I get it right
When I get it right
Cause I fell on black days
I fell on Black days
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate

So what you wanted to see good has made you blind
And what you wanted to be yours has made it mine
So don't you lock up something that you wanted to see fly
Hands are for shaking
No, not tying
No, not tying

Lucious stops at the bottom of the ramp, turning his head to each side. He shoots into the ring, sliding to the center as he pushes himself up. He looks to Eric, who nods to the star.

Eric Emerson: It is my honor to introduce your PWA Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion... Lucious Starr!!

I sure don't mind a change
I sure don't mind a change
Yeah, I said sure dont mind, I sure dont mind the change
I sure dont mind the change
Cos I fell on black days
I fell on black days
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate
If you dont mind the change

Lucious starts to the northwest corner, raising one arm to the sky. The fans roar with boos, sneers and jeers, the Fury of Hades taking it all in. He drops to the mat, turning to ring center, his eyes fixed on the mat.

Jon McDaniel: And now...

Eric Emerson: And now, his challenger!

"Evolution" by korn begins to play, the bass rumbling the building as the main lights die out, leaving nothing but green lasers and green strobes going near the entrance, as gren search lights circle through the crowd. The first verse of the song beings as Rayn steps through the curtain, looking at the fans in attendance before slowly making his way to the ring. He stops at the end of the ramp, looking around for a moment before running at the ring and sliding inside under the bottom rope.

Eric Emerson: He weighs in at two hundred thirty two pounds, from Chicago Illinois, he is a seven time world heavyweight champion, The Acidic One, RAYN!

Rayn climbs a turn buckle, raising both his arms into the air and tossing up the horns to the fans before hopping back into the ring. He leans against the turn buckles, then slouches down, letting himself fall onto his ass in a sitting position against the ropes. He points towards Lucious and makes hand signals marking a belt over his waist as the cell is lowered over the six sided ring. The fans are cheering for Rayn as he points to the crowd. The newly fixed cell lowers and....


Dwayne Cross moves aside as Starr and Rayn meet in the center of the ring. Rayn hip tosses Lucious to the canvas and then hits him with a leg drop. Rayn rolls away and gets to his feet now. He bounces off the ropes and comes back with a moonsault, connecting smoothly on the Champ. Lucious isn't intimidated as he rolls and gets to his feet. He throws out a stiff kick to Rayn's chest as Rayn rushes him once again. Rayn stumbles back and holds his chest as it reddens from the hit. Starr smirks as he jumps forward and hits a snap DDT out of no where in the ring. Rayn rolls away, holding his neck as Starr gets to his feet. Starr goes to one of the corners and climbs up to the top. As Rayn gets to his feet and turns around, Lucious comes down with an axehandle smash from the top rope over Rayn's head. Rayn stumbles back but throws a kick out, nailing Starr in the gut. Rayn grabs Starr and lands a vicious spinning neckbreaker which electrifies the crowd!

Jon McDaniel: Neither man wasting too much time in getting into this.

Brian Rentfro: It's been a long time coming, Jon!

Rayn is up first but Starr sweeps him off his feet by kicking his knees out from beneath him. Rayn hits the canvas and Starr puts his weight onto his upper chest, lifting both of his legs high into the air. He spins around and then brings both of his knees down on Rayn's chest. Rayn grabs his chest and smacks it, yelling as it reddens further but Starr already has plans. Starr grabs ahold of Rayn by the back and neck and locks his legs around his waist from behind and locks in a chicken wing submission hold on the canvas. Rayn yells that he's refusing to tap as Dwayne Cross checks on him every couple of seconds. Rayn tries to escape but can't seem to as it seems the life fades from him and his eyes begin closing. He fights to keep his eyes open but he's no longer yelling, and he smacks his chest with his free arm as Starr roars while applying more and more pressure.

Jon McDaniel: Things are looking bleak for Rayn right now.

Brian Rentfro: You forget Jon, he's a Kalis. Victory runs in his veins.

Rayn's eyes widen and he yells as he throws all of his weight back on Starr and bites down on his arm. Starr lets go of the hold and looks at Rayn with the "WTF MIKE TYSON?!" look as Rayn rolls away. Rayn looks down and grabs a pair of brass knuckles on the canvas. Starr looks to his feet and grabs a lead pipe that just... Appeared on the canvas?

Brian Rentfro: Hey? Where did those weapons come from?

Jon McDaniel: Hmph... Guardian angel?

A hand quickly disappears beneath the six sided ring as Rayn slips the brass knucks on and Starr picks up the lead pipe, smacking it in his other hand. They rush each other and Rayn ducks the pipe swing. He cracks Starr in the back of the head but Starr continues with the swing going a full 360 and nailing Rayn in the back of his knees as he hits the canvas. Both men fall to the canvas now and Rayn leaps forward and onto Starr. Rayn begins wailing on Starr with lefts and rights, focusing on the rights cause that hand has the brass knuckles. Starr's head snaps back and forth but he grips the lead pipe and brings it across the side of Rayn's head. Rayn falls off of Starr and Starr sits up and gets to his feet. Starr begins bashing in the back of Rayn's head with the pipe before chucking it outside of the ring. Starr climbs to the top rope in one corner and then jumps onto the cell and begins climbing up.

Jon McDaniel: What is Starr doing?!

Brian Rentfro: Something crazy, no doubt.

Rayn remains in the ring, holding his head as he bleeds from it somewhat. He shakes his head trying to shake off the concussive blunt shots as Starr works the top of the cell like monkey bars and positions himself right over Rayn. Starr takes a deep breath and drops down, putting his elbow out and crashes into Rayn in the center of the ring! The crowd goes nuts as Rayn convulses in the ring from the devastating elbow drop and Starr hooks the legs.




Starr can't believe it as he looks down at Rayn in disgust. Starr gets to his feet and pushes Dwayne Cross into the ropes, but Cross bounces back and accidentally runs into Starrs elbow as Starr tries to grab him. Dwayne Cross hits the canvas and Starr can't believe his luck. Rayn meanwhile has the lead pipe in his hands now and the brass knuckles still on his right fist. He's slow to get to his feet as Starr tries to wake Dwayne Cross up. But Starr instinctively realizes something is wrong and gets to his feet and turns around. Rayn cracks him in the face with a right hook then swings the lead pipe into his ribs. Starr keels forward and Rayn drops the pipe, puts him between his legs and hits The Epiphany on Lucious Starr! The crowd goes nuts but Cross is still down and out. Rayn shakes him to wake him up but from beneath the ring comes a bloodied and battered Simon Kalis.

Jon McDaniel: I KNEW IT! I knew he was hiding under the ring! I could've sworn I saw him slip under after the Chamelion match!

Brian Rentfro: But what's he going to do?

Kalis slides into the ring and smiles as he opens his arms up to his brother Daniel. Rayn shakes his head, unsure of how to react. Starr meanwhile slowly grabs the lead pipe and smiles as he gets to his feet behind Rayn.

Brian Rentfro: Damn... This doesn't look good.

Jon McDaniel: I guess blood isn't thicker than water...

Starr lines up the shot like a baseball swing and swings! Kalis throws Rayn out of the way and ducks the pipe swing. Rayn looks on in shock as Kalis gouges Starr's eyes and hits Tears of Redemption on Lucious Starr! The crowd doesn't know how to react as Rayn and Kalis hug in the ring.


Jon McDaniel: I can't believe it...

Cross has come to and can't believe what he's seeing as Kalis raises Rayn's hand in premature victory. Suddenly, Kalis swings Rayn around, gouges his eyes and hits Tears of Redemption on Rayn! The crowd immediately begins to boo Kalis again as he puts Starr's arm over Rayn, but he also put's Rayn's arm over Starr. Kalis yells at Cross to make the count.





Eric Emerson: As a result of double pinfall... This match shall be considered a DRAW! And STILL PWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.... LUCIOUS STARR!

Jon McDaniel: I can’t believe it! Simon Kalis just laid waste to both men.

Brian Rentfro: Do you think after the last match he decided he had to do something crazy to upstage everyone?

Jon McDaniel: I’ve got no idea what he’s thinking, but folks this will have to wait until next week, because we’re out of time.

The camera clings to the last few desperate seconds of life. A shot of Simon Kalis standing over his victims, both arms in the air.

Reise Reise!


Simon Kalis almost does a double-take hearing those words before the lights suddenly go out in the Arena Mexico.

Jon McDaniel: What the hell is going on here!


The lights remain off for some time, flashbulbs illuminating the inside of the HIAC slightly, but all that can be seen inside of the Cell is a sea of black... The lights burst back on, and we see that inside of the cell, and surrounding it, are a swarm of the Hoodie Ninjas, but they haven't made a move yet...

Brian Rentfro: This is nothing, Simon's taken out all 500 of these bozos before.

Jon McDaniel: Yes, when he was fresh. He went through 3 Stages of Hell earlier tonight, they didn't... This could be bad for Simon.

While Simon is distracted by a group of Ninjas getting on the apron, behind him, more of the ninjas pull Rayn and Lucious Starr out of the ring. As soon as Starr's boot is out of the ring, all sides of the ring apron are covered by ninjas hopping up... Simon moves himself to the center, awaiting the assault... and is not disappointed as the ninja swarm past the ropes and into the ring.


Jon McDaniel: Even if they COULD get out here, look, everything is blocked up in waves of black wearing ninjas... Simon, Starr, and Rayn are trapped in there with this crowd.

Brian Rentfro: And who the fuck started this?

Jon McDaniel: I don't know, but I think we're going to find out.

Simon breaks free of the swarm of Ninjas around him and hits a couple of wide roundhouse kicks as he backs himself into a corner, knocking down some of the hoarde. They seem to take their time... And it is for good reason as one of the ninjas on the outside surprises Simon by hitting him in the left knee with a pipe! Simon goes down from the blow, and once again the hoarde is on him, beating him down with punches and kicks... Seemingly forgotten, Lucious Starr and Rayn find themselves handcuffed to the HIAC cage, slowly waking up to see this beatdown.

Jon McDaniel: I'm not the biggest Simon Kalis fan in the world, but this... this is a little much.

Simon is dragged out of the corner and dropped to his knees by two of the Ninjas, as one of the many rears back and completely obliterates Simon with a Roundhouse kick to the face!

Brian Rentfro: That kick... it... looked a little familiar.

One of the ninjas drops Simon with a stiff DDT to keep him down, and then two more bring him to his feet, blood beginning to drip once more... Another of the ninjas steps up and bashes Simon with a nasty headbutt! Simon's head snaps back, but the ninja doesn't stop as they plow through recklessly, headbutt after headbutt after headbutt. Finally, the ninja grabs Simon by his shoulders and pulls back before driving their head into Simon's with immense force, Simon being allowed to fall by the other ninjas.

Jon McDaniel: Where is security to stop this!

Brian Rentfro: They're stuck at the entrance ramp, battling it out with the ninja.

The entrance ramp is a flurry of offense as Simon Kalis' private security continues to wage war with the hoodie ninjas, and looks to be losing. The attention of the cameras and audience are drawn to the top of the cell, where more ninja are dropping down a rope with a noose on the end...

Jon McDaniel: You don't think...

As the rope is lowered to the mat, Simon Kalis is brought back to his feet by one of the ninjas, who knees him in the gut and locks in a double-underhook. He takes a moment to make a cut-throat motion before lifting Simon up and driving him right into the corner with a double underhook suplex! More ninja come in and start to stomp on Simon, keeping him down as a sick steel chair shot keeps Lucious Starr quiet against the cage. Another one rattles the cell as Rayn is given the same treatment.

Jon McDaniel: This... this is getting to be excessive!


Jon McDaniel: Why don't you go down there and help him?

Brian Rentfro: I'm a coward and value my life, that's why.

Simon is dragged to his feet once more, crimson flowing off his face, and shoved into one of the ninja, who lifts Simon up in an inverted fireman's carry. Simon doesn't stay in the position very long as the ninja spins Simon around and drives him head-first into the canvas!


The ninja in the ring give a wide birth as 4 of their numbers stand in the middle of the hexagon and reach up, unmasking themselves in a line...


The fourth one keeps their mask on, kneeling to Simon and shaking their head before pulling off it's mask...

Brian Rentfro: MAYA KALIS!?!?

Jon McDaniel: OH MY GOD!

Maya gives her father a kiss on the cheek before nodding her head, the remaining hoodie ninjas dragging Simon over to the noose and beginning to tie his feet up. Johnny, Maya, Spyke, and Corey stand in a circle around Simon... as the lights go out once again!

Jon McDaniel: WHAT NOW!?!

Jon doesn't have to wait too long to find out as the lights return, and we see that most of the Ninja have backed out of the ring, to the best of their ability, as a lone figure in white makes her way into the ring... Starr and Rayn are removed from the cell and brought into the 6 sided ring, where they are re-handcuffed with both arms, to the ring ropes.


Brian Rentfro: Should have known that bitch was behind this.

Riona motions to the ninja above the ring, and they start pulling on the rope, beginning to hoist Simon up... Riona halts the ninja as they get Simon up to eye-level with Riona, and she pulls out from her pocket a railroad spike, the same one Simon used on her earlier in the night... With a malicious gleen in her eyes, Riona grabs ahold of Simon's head with one of her hands and rears back...


Riona slams the business end of the spike into Simon's face, opening him up even further... Satisfied, Riona nods to the ninja atop the Cell and they resume raising Simon high above the ring... Riona stands underneath of Simon, her pristine white jacket already being stained. She makes a motion and one of the ninja brings her a microphone.

Riona Langly: I told you dearest brother, that the Rights of Passage would be upon you, but you cared not! I told you Starr, that I would make you suffer, and you laughed me off! I told you Rayn, that you would not be exempt from punishment, and you ignored me! You all brought this on your heads! You are all to blame, and you will all burn for your arrogance!

Riona looks up at Simon, as the ninja finish securing him, and opens her mouth to the stream, taking in some of Simon's blood... She walks over to where Starr and Rayn are, and looks at Daniel for a brief moment before turning to Starr and SPITTING SIMON'S BLOOD RIGHT IN HIS FACE!

Jon McDaniel: UGH!

The Mexican crowd gives Riona a very American chant; "YOU SICK FUCK!" ; as Riona leans in and gives Starr a kiss on the cheek...

Brian Rentfro: THE KISS OF DEATH!

Jon McDaniel: Normally, I'd say you were making a joke... But I think, this time, you're serious.

Riona calmly walks back to the middle of the hexagon, and has Lazarus, Maya, and Spyke stand in front of her, while Johnny takes a position to her right.

Riona: All three of you have been chosen by fate... You all know the risks that come with your decision... But, you know that through our binds, through our WARBINDS we will be victorious! Now... KNEEL!

Corey, Spyke, and Maya drop to a knee, their heads bowed, as Johnny washes his hands in the flow from above... Riona closes her eyes and begins to speak...

Riona: Be without mercy at the pleas of your enemies. Safeguard those that wish for peace, so they may let lead us to the new era. Give unto those that have decreed war a war that will break the spirit and destroy the body. Do unto evil what is called evil. Never submit, even if it leads to your death... Show no mercy, show no remorse, for to the last man will our enemies fall!

Riona opens her eyes and stares down at the three before her... She motions to Johnny and he moves to each of them, painting the letters AOA on their foreheads.


As Johnny finishes marking Maya, he steps back as Riona slaps each of them in the face!

Riona: And that... is so you remember it. Now... REISE! REISE! REISE APOSTLES OF ARES, AND REPEAT WITH ME OUR VOW!

All three get to their feet and stand with Riona and Johnny in a line...


Simon continues to hang, drenching Riona as she stands, surrounded by the newest iteration of the Apostles of Ares... and with that... our broadcast comes to a close.

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