World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

The Order Strikes Back!

The Challenge

Jon McDaniel: I can't believe it, but I'm getting word you know who is in the building tonight.

Brian Rentfro: Tundra?!

Jon McDaniel: No... uhhh..

"Last Ones Left(The Order of Chaos REMIX) by 2Pac featuring The Outlawz begins to play over the sound systems and the crowd immediately turns their attention towards the entrance ramp.

Brian Rentfro: Holy shit...

Eric Emerson: Introducing!

Jon McDaniel: That's right...

Pyros shoot off from the entrance ramp as Simon and Masakazu throw their fists into the air. Both men are dressed in urban camo from head to toe, each with Order of Chaos emblazened bandanas covering their face.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Montreal. Or Los Angeles. Or New York. Or Tokyo. Or Osaka, depending on the month!

Both men hop up onto the apron and enter the ring now, circling Eric Emerson who moves from the center to one of the corners as they do so. They both stop in the center of the ring, Simon with his back to Masakazu and vice versa. They stomp their feet down and as they do so, pyros shoot off from all four corners of the ring as they salute the crowd- Order of Chaos style.

Eric Emerson: They are... THE ORDER OF CHAOS!

Kalis shoots a burning gaze towards Emerson, prompting him to chuck Simon the microphone and leave the ring immediately.

Jon McDaniel: It should be clarified they are the TAG TEAM known as The Order of Chaos.

Brian Rentfro: Nah they are The Order of Chaos, Jon. Remember Kalis owns that copyright and it cannot be used without his consent so... Hence it just being The Order now.

Jon McDaniel: This is stupid and confusing.

Brian Rentfro: Shhh... Your master speaks.

Kalis turns his eyes towards the booing crowd.


He screams and roars into the microphone causing the fans to react even more negatively than they had up until this point. While we cannot see his mouth, his eyes tell a chilling story of rage.

Simon Kalis: Shut... The HELL UP!

The crowd boos him and starts up a new chant.


Kalis scoffs at their attempts to insult him as he throws the microphone to Masakazu.

Masakazu: You will show us the respect that we command.


Kalis and Masakazu look at each other momentarily, paused in the moment. Masakazu throws his father the microphone.

Simon Kalis: I am assuming direct control of The Order once again. And if ANYONE has ANYTHING to say about it? Speak now, or forever hold your pea-

The lights dim, and strobe lights begin to flash around the entrance stage when the following lyrics explode over the arena speakers. Kalis looks at the entrance ramp with his eyes wide open, as does Masakazu. Both men disgusted and shocked...

I hear voices in my head,
They council me,
They understand,
They talk to me!


Eric Emerson: From Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 245lbs…CHAMELION!

Walking confidently out onto the stage, Chamelion, attired in dark green wrestling tights and a black fishnet shirt, looks around the arena, aware of everything. Especially of the pissed off father and son inside the ring staring him down.

You got your rules and your religion
All designed to keep you safe
But when rules start getting broken
You start questioning your faith

He stands there, silently for a few moments as the music swells around him. His eyes lowered to the ring.

I have a voice that is my savior
Hates to love and loves to hate
I have a voice that has the knowledge
And the power to rule your fate

At that point, Chamelion whips his head up, his hair flying back and he has the look of a hunter about him, as he moves towards the ring with focused determination. Kalis and Masakazu wait patiently.

I hear voices crying
I see heroes dying
I taste blood that's drying
I feel tension rising

I hear voices in my head,
They council me,
They understand,
They talk to me! They Talk to me!
They tell me things that I will do
They show me things I'll do to you
They talk to me! (talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!)
They talk to me! (talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!)

As the chorus fades into the second verse, Chamelion arrives at the ring apron, a slow smile creeps across his features. Sliding into the ring on his belly, his hands propping his chest and head up, he stares intently at Simon Kalis and Masakazu as he passes them by. Masakazu seems poised to strike but Simon motions him to remain calm.

All the lawyers are defenseless
All the doctors are disease
And the preachers all are sinners
And the police just take the grease
All you judges you are guilty
All the bosses I will fire
All you bankers will have losses
Politicians are all liars

Jumping to his feet, he offers a wink and turns and moves towards the corner turnbuckle.

I see darkness falling
I hear voices calling
I feel justice crawling
I see faith has fallen

Launching himself onto the second turnbuckle, Chamelion stretches his arms out, his fingers wiggling in a come get me motion as his head lowers and his Cheshire smile appears. Masakazu spits towards Chamelion in response.

I hear voices in my head,
They council me,
They understand,
They talk to me! They talk to me!
They tell me things that I will do
They show me things I'll do to you
They talk to me! (talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!)
They talk to me! (talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!)

As the music fades, Chamelion drops down and turns, but his smile doesn’t leave his face, and his head remains lowered as he sways a little from left to right, as if in a trance as he recieves a microphone of his own.

Chamelion: Hey Simon, how's the jaw?

Kalis looks around at the crowd which is both cheering Chamelion's impromptu engagement and mocking Kalis' reaction. Kalis clenches his open fist closed and grits his teeth, scoffing at Chamelion.

Simon Kalis: You are walking a fine line Mark. You think you're valid in interrupting me?! This isn't your PWA anymore, Chamelion!

Chamelion nods, accepting the comment as fact.

Chamelion: Yeah, I got the memo. I also heard all about your little ‘proclamation’ for the PWA. Good thing I got my contract situated before hand, eh? Speaking of 'proclamations’, I got one for you, actually, it’s more of a challenge, that is; if you aren’t afraid of a challenge.

Kalis looks around at the crowd as they mock salute him with censored one finger salutes. He smirks, and throws Chamelion a Montrealais grin full of French arrogance and cockyness as he swaggers from one end of the ring to the other. Kalis maintains his pause, considering it as he bathes in the boos of the crowd. Masakazu taunts the crowd back, sneering and jeering at them as Kalis puts the microphone to his face.

Simon Kalis: What makes you think you have any right to challenge me, Chamelion

Chamelion smirks his Cheshire smile.

Chamelion: With the same 'rights' you had to challenge me at Manitoba Mayhem. The B.O.D. know what I want, and they approve, exactly the same as they did for you... that's my right. The difference, I had to accept, you don't. Leaves the whole shebang on your doorstep.

Kalis nods and looks around at the crowd as they chant towards him, using a not so endearing word for a womans private area to describe Simon Kalis.

Jon McDaniel: I'm not sure what's going to make him more angry. Chamelion or the fans!

Brian Rentfro: Ugh the people in these parts of the world just have no respect for greatness unless it's some dude playing soccer.

Kalis slaps his chest and smiles as he points to Chamelion.

Simon Kalis: I am a man of honor, but I'm also not a dumbass. So tell me, what's the challenge Chamelion?

Eyebrow raised, Chamelion looks around the arena as the fans encourage him.

Chamelion: Honor, Simon Kalis? Let’s not make this a comedy. The challenge is straightforward. I want a match with you, at the PPV. I win, I get my company back!

Simon Kalis: Let's get it straight, Chamelion. You're the one with the reputation as the most devious bastard in the business, not me. So I'm not about to fall for some trick. And this? This is an obvious trick. I mean you have no leverage here, Chamelion. What'd I get if I win? A glass of milk and a box of Oreo's? Or maybe a free case of Grizzly Beer? Please, do I look like a fool to you?

Chamelion: A trick? No, no Kalis, the word you’re looking for is ‘trap’. I’d be trapping you into a match if I didn’t have something to offer up in return. Glad I didn’t invest in the belief you’re a smart cookie.

Brian Rentfro: He can’t insult the great Simon Kalis like that!

Jon McDaniel: He just did.
Chamelion: But yeah, I figured you wouldn’t accept without something valuable in return, so I took great pains to make sure I had something you wanted. And I do.

The fans sway back and forth, either cheering Chamelion or booing Simon. Kalis smirks and nods.

Simon Kalis: Oh? REALLY? What in the world could you possibly have that would entice me to accept this bullshit of a challenge?

The smirk fades, showing that Chamelion is not completely confident with what he’s about to offer.

Chamelion: My share of PWA stock. All of it. Signed over to you, at NO cost.

Brian Rentfro: HOLY SH…

Jon McDaniel: That would make Simon Kalis.. OWNER of the PWA! I mean... No. No way. That can't happen! That can't be allowed to happen!


Masakazu bursts into laughter with Simon in the middle of the ring. The fans can't believe what they've just heard and boo and cheer with mixed reactions. Simon can't contain himself as he laughs maniacally in the ring, looking at Chamelion from afar. He finally gains his composure and clears his throat.

Simon Kalis: What's the catch, Sommers? There's always a catch.

Chamelion: I figured the catch was I get my company back when I win, wasn’t I clear with that?

He pauses, smirking.

Chamelion: But knowing how important this match is, it can’t be resolved with just an ordinary contest. No, I propose to you that you share in the same purgatory I’ve been through for the last few months, and we finish this with Three Stages of Hell!

The arena explodes into cheers at the suggested challenge, Chamelion resumes.

Chamelion: Stage one; singles match. Stage two, Tables Ladders and Chairs and then, if for some reason I haven’t busted your jaw into a new appearance; Stage three; Hell in the Cell!

Chamelion's devious grin is back as he looks at Simon Kalis with a predatory glare. Kalis stares back at Chamelion blankly, and Masakazu has clearly stopped laughing. Kalis nods in agreement, placing his left arm into the air and the microphone to his lips with the right.

Simon Kalis: So be it, Chamelion. I accept your challenge with no hesitation. Know this, Mark Sommers. You've placed your very career on the line because when I've taken complete control of the PWA? You'll never see the inside of this ring ever again.

Chamelion: Fine. Course, when I win, you'll abide by your contract and wrestle under my rules, my bookings and my direction. See, you don't get it, do you? You speak of honor, but you're just a greedy asshole who came into a place and took 'intitive' to take it over; citing honor and ratings, but this has always been about you, and your way. When we're through, you'll toe the line, just like every other good boy and girl here.

Chamelion leans in, nose to nose to Simon Kalis.

Chamelion: GOT IT!?

Kalis steps back and smirks, a beaming smile over his face as he looks towards Masakazu. Suddenly he takes his hands and gouges Chamelion in the eyes, kicks him in the gut and lays him out with the Tears of Redemption! The crowd explodes as Chamelion holds his neck and Kalis lays on his stomach right next to him with the microphone in his face.

Simon Kalis: I GOT IT MARK! I GOT IT! Now YOU tell ME?! Do YOU got it? Because we gave you the chance for ORDER! Now we give you CHAOS!

Kalis jumps back to his feet and slides out of the ring with Masakazu.

Simon Kalis: My jaws fine, how's your neck asshole?

"Last Ones Left" hits again as Masa and Simon make a run for it back up the entrance ramp.
Chamelion shakes himself to clear the cobwebs and grabs the mic on the mat.

Chamelion (coughing): Got under your skin, didn't I, Kiddo. You got this one... now I got one for you.

Chamelion stands.


Suddently from above Kalis, chunks of ice start falling.. some striking his arms, before he and Masakazu can dodge and escape. They take one more look back at Chamelion as he throws them one more devious Cheshire grin.

Jon McDaniel: Kalis is back in The Order fold folks, and now things get sticky.

Brian Rentfro: You idiot. Simon and Masa NEVER LEFT The Order! You've all been Rick Rolled by the best in the business! And by the time November rolls around? Simon Kalis will be our glorious owner!

Jon McDaniel: I hope Chamelion knows what he's doing...

Marco Dante vs Katie James

Singles Match

The match didn’t start to well for the former pokemon, turned wrestler turned wrestler who looks and acts like a stripper as Marco Dante dominated from the outset. Marco powered through his opponent and had her all across the ring, but his resolve would ware while the former champion of various things I can’t remember stayed strong. And when Marco finally faltered, she struck.

With the match turned on its head, the much lighter competitor was able to control the pace and run the match to his finish. A Swanton Bomb marked the finish, putting the win with Kaite and proving that she can wrestle… at least a little… sometimes… even if no one respects her.

Winner: Katie James

El Gringo Tonto vs Cody Bogard

Ethnic Based Singles Match

In a match that featured just as much in the way of shenanigans as wrestling, El Gringo Tonto was able to keep Cody Bogard on the back foot; wrestling when need be, but ultimately doing what he could to frustrate his opponent and keep him off his game plan.

Cody was able to take the lead numerous times with a mix of expert striking combinations and strong style manoeuvres, but never quite managed to put Tonto away. The two then went back and forth before a break in the action, brought on by an apparent mistimed dodge by Tonto that left Bogard colliding with the referee.

Tonto then freed up the straps on his mask and waited for Cody to turn and grab a hold, resulting in the mask coming away easily. The referee came around and caught sight of Cody with the mask and Tonto face down in the ropes and immediately went to call for the bell. Cody protested his innocence and found the crowd backing him. It was enough for the referee to reconsider, and he ran to the ropes to confer with those at ringside.

Subterfuge was the order of the day though, as Tonto came back still wearing his mash (a second mask under the first, because he’s fiendish, obviously) and wielding a Spanish guitar plucked from under the ropes (placed to comply with the rural weapons clause instituted on all wrestling companies when competing abroad). Tonto then played out a tune on Bogard’s face (a tune with only one note, but quite an ending) before scattering the remains under the ropes and stealing the win.

Winner: El Gringo Tonto

A Discussion of Semantics

We're backstage at Chaos as Riona Langly barges into the temporary 'office' of Mark Sommers... Chamelion tries to speak, but Riona cuts him off immediately... "Mark... If you haven't figured out by the fact that I look angry, we need to talk."

Chamelion raises an eyebrow, "When do you not look angry? What's up?"

A grin and chuckle from Riona, "Wait until you see me when I get my hands on Starr. I'll be the happiest girl in the world as I use a cheese grater to grind his face off... Anyway, I saw what you did with the Bound By Blood girls last week... You want to make them Apostles."

A shake of the head from Mark, looking somewhat whimsical in comparison to Riona's stern face, "I did say "Let's talk Apostles", yes. Corlen and Co. are ready to stand up with us against The Order. Problem?"

"With Emily and the girls being on the same side as me? None, despite the fact that me and Emily have had less than kind things to say to one another in the past..." Riona continues, looking in to the hallway behind her, "No, my problem Mark is very specific. You cannot just MAKE people Apostles."

Chamelion suddenly gets serious, his smile dropping down into a neutral look, "I didn't MAKE anyone anything. We need allies, people with the same goal as us. The Order is too powerful to not take any help we can get. What is the real problem here, define it for me so I get where you're coming from!?"

A nod of her head and Riona replies, "We need allies, both you and I agree upon that. What I don't agree with is you trying to initiate people into the Apostles of Ares that do not believe in the Creed. You witnessed it first hand last year, what the Apostles would do in order to win a war, you should know better..." Before Chamelion can reply, Riona continues... "The Apostles of Ares is not just about defeating an enemy... It's about wiping them out. A physical, mental, and spiritual swarth of destruction. We don't want just to win against the Order... We want to end The Order, through any means necessary."

Chamelion stands up and slams his fists down on his desk ever so slightly, “This isn’t your personal war, Riona, and you’re not the ‘hero’ of the piece here. Last year, you used that ‘creed’ of yours as an excuse to be the front runner of a group who’s sole purpose was to topple what I created. Now you bring em back with the belief that this is about you getting revenge, well listen close, kiddo. This is bigger then you, way bigger. This is about my company being taken from me, against my will. This is about being violated and having something I invested everything I have into ripped away from me. I’ll do whatever it takes to get it back. If that means having your Apostles and their ‘creed’ doing what you do best, then that’s fine. I know you have a lot invested in this, because of Lucious Starr and what he did, and I respect and sympathize how you feel. But I won’t stand here and get lambasted because I used a word when discussing an allegiance with Bound by Blood.”

A little bit of a crazed look gets in Riona's eyes... It's basically her 'looking to the future' look at this point... "In this war, there won't be any heroes, and I understand that. I just want you to understand clearly that if you want to form a group, then you've got the support of the Apostles... but what I won't stand for is to see you take the name and use it for your own purposes."

Marching out from behind his desk, Chamelion looks down at the girl in the AoA hoodie, “I could give a rat’s ass about ‘a name’, Riona. You barge in here and all you’re concerned about, all you begrudge me, is a name? In truth, I’m not going to argue over ‘a name’. Bound by Blood, Marxx, myself, whomever else, we certainly do not need, or care to be labeled Apostles. As long as we focus on taking down the Order, then that’s all that matters. I won’t argue with you over something that I feel is a waste of time.”

He pauses, holding his hand up to Riona before she can speak... “But I also begrudgingly understand that a devotion to something, even a name, carries a lot of faith. I won’t insult your beliefs and denounce the sincerity of the name “Apostles”, but I do warn you; this ‘creed’ of yours better not get in the way. If you go out of your way to ‘utterly destroy’ the Order and it backfires against me, then we’ll have a problem.”

A giggle escapes Riona's face as she looks at how serious Mark is... "Oh, I think you'll enjoy watching the effects of the Creed in action..."

"I never did before, Riona. Your creed has no room for leniency. You do realize this is a business, right? I can't just see 'destroying' anyone, even the Order, with such finality. Like it or not, Kalis and co. do bring in ratings. I would argue they INCREASE ratings any more then Pantheon or M.O.A. or whatever 'super stable' happens to exist at the time, but ratings equal money, money equals paychecks for the superstars and that keeps them happy, which in return means they work harder to please the fans. In truth, I don't want the Order destroyed. I want my company back. They are not necessarily the exact same goal, Riona. Best you understand that. I said this is bigger then you, and I meant it. Open your eyes, before you do something or instigate something that destroys the very foundation of what the PWA is. Got it!?" Chamelion is basically in Riona's face right now, almost screaming at the former World Champion...

"If the foundations of the PWA will be destroyed by cleansing the world of those that have laid seige to the history and traditions of this company..." Riona begins speaking, her smile slipping once more, "then I think you lack faith in this company. You know that the PWA has survived wars before and will survive them in the future... I share the same goal as the Queen does, to protect the PWA. I just do things that she wouldn't do to achieve that goal."

A pause from Chamelion as he digests Riona's words... "I don't lack faith in my company, Riona, don't ever suggest it. I'm telling you that the existance of the Order brings in the very thing we need; ratings. Last year you were instrumental in stopping Pantheon, even though your beliefs as to why you were doing it were skewered to all hell, and the War Games match did what I wanted; boosted the ratings through the roof. It's the very core reason I don't hold a grudge with you over that. What you don't get, Riona, is it's not a matter of winning or losing, it's matter of principle; I built this company to give people like you and the Order a place to call home... what you do within it's walls is fine with me to a degree, but when Kalis forced my hand and took it from me, he over stepped the boundries and I will see him pay. Apostles, Panteon, whatever name we call ourselves is actually insignificant to the fact we have a mission, a singular mission; and that's to end the Order's power. Anything else is just... icing. Keep that in mind and we'll get along fine, okay!?"

It's not exactly what Riona wants from this, but it's a compromise that she seems to be ok with... Riona extends a hand. "I... think we'll be able to get along."

Chamelion takes it and the two shake. "Good. So I won't say the word "Apostles" to anyone and you won't let your rage get the better of you, and all's well. The next step, Riona, is determining how we undermind the Order and get back the PWA, and that particular issue doesnt need a camera crew spying over our shoulders, does it?"

A grin forms on Riona's face as she snaps her fingers, a pair of the Hoodie Ninjas appearing the doorway, wearing AoA hoodies themselves... Mark seems a bit surprised as the Ninjas put a hand each on the shoulders of the cameraman... "Oh, no it doesn't... If you would, gentlemen, could you take care of this?"

We're dragged out of the door as Riona kicks it closed...

Marxx vs Mark Zout vs Matt Stone

Triple Threat MaMaMaMatch

With Mark Zout counted out in a Chilean Detention Centre (for drugs and guns, obviously) the match turned into a very Canadian themed singles match (featuring all the compulsory maple leafs you would expect).

The match started with a rather thorough feeling out-process as the two competitors traded through holds and going back and forth with the momentum. Matt did his best to assert his technical prowess and seemed to have Marxx in hand, but the considerably more French one of the two showed he had some tricks up his sleeve, and a few holds and combinations from his time in England to put Matt Stone off balance.

Rather than give up the lead though, Matt Stone did what he always does, and cheated. With a rake to the eyes to give him some space and then a kick through his knee, Matt Stone was able to reassert himself in the dominant position and began working away at the knee with an aim to force him to quit. His closest moment came with a Figure-Four, but even despite the occasional use of the ropes for leverage, Marxx was able to find the ropes himself and get free. Matt Stone was initially livid, and turned his attention to the referee, allowing Marxx to get back in the fight.

Despite doing most of his manoeuvring on one leg, Marxx ran through Stone numerous times; banding him across the ring and then following up with crushing strikes. It would seem Matt Stone’s night was coming to an end off of a leaving Marxx, but the earlier work paid off and Marxx’s knee faltered on the lift. Matt then freed himself, put Marxx to a knee and scored with the Kneel Before Zod. He then leapt for the cover but Marxx would not yet go out.

The match would eventually turn back to Marxx’s favour when he finally scored with the Leaving Marxx, but Matt Stone had the presence of mind to roll himself through the ropes before Marxx could get on top of him. The referee moved to check on Matt Stone while Marxx cursed his luck at being unable to finish him, but this was apparently the least of his worries, as the current PWA World Champion decided to interject himself, despite his first name not starting with Ma at all.

Lucious was apparently perfectly happy to accept the fine that was sure to follow this name based treachery for a chance to get back at Marxx for his words during the week. Lucious stalked his prey, waited for him to rise and then pounced with a Hades’ Flame, snatching Marxx out of air and then snapping his neck against the mat. He then jumped back to his feet and spat across the face of his victim before leaving just as quickly as he arrived.

As is also traditional, the referee conveniently missed all of this and turned just in time to find Marxx down and out with no one around. Perhaps if he spoke Spanish that wouldn’t have been a problem, but sadly the fans words fell on deaf ears. Matt Stone eventually found his was back to the ring and seemed completely unsurprised by Marxx laying flat on his back – probably assuming he wore him down by being awesome. He then slid onto a cover… for a two.

The fans rose in appreciation as Marxx just refused to die, but Matt Stone would have none of it and showed just why he was the wrestler of the year (his ability to work under pressure, not because of the cheating, obviously) by quickly turning Marxx over into a Sharpshooter – the trump card of all Canadians.

Despite having his knee busted, his neck jacked and his bag stolen back stage in a completely unrelated incident (fucking spics, aye) Marxx was utterly determined not to give in and began to work toward the rope. Unfortunately, Matt Stone had it scouted, and let Marxx get just within a fingers grasp off the ropes before dragging him back to centre stage and settling in. Stuck with nowhere to go and everything against him, Marxx decided to concede and fight on another day.

Winner: Matt Stone

Worlds #1 Boss

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Lisa Seldon: Yeah it's open...

The door to the office of Lisa Seldon swings open, and standing freshly dressed in a Brioni suit is none other than Simon Kalis!

Lisa Seldon: If it isn't the world's most angry black man!

Simon Kalis: If it isn't the worlds number one boss!

Kalis smirks as he closes the door behind him, pointing to the necklace on Seldon's neck which he gave her for her birthday.

Lisa Seldon: Am I? Coulda sworn I took a month off and got usurped. Of course I always knew it was coming, so I can’t say I’m surprised.

Kalis cracks a smirk, but Seldon rolls her eyes and there's a small awkward silence until Kalis takes a seat across from her.

Simon Kalis: So you're aware then, that I'm the actual General Manager of this show- correct?

Lisa Seldon: Et tu, Brute?

Kalis rolls his eyes this time and nods.

Simon Kalis: Upset?

Lisa Seldon: Oh, just a little.

She smiles, rather meek and hollow.

Simon Kalis: Then cheer up, because you can consider this my full approval. I want you to run rampant with your great ideas and match bookings. I enjoy them, I always did. You're also probably more liked than me, and we need a good cute face instead of my slashed up one.

Lisa Seldon: But…

Simon Kalis gets to his feet and smirks.

Simon Kalis: But I have supreme veto, and I can change anything I want at the last minute.

Lisa Seldon: Ah, the kiss of Judas. But what if you lose to Chamelion at Lucha Libre?

Kalis sighs.

Simon Kalis: Then we're all stuck working for that asshole again.

Lisa Seldon: Yes, because things back then were so much more oppressive.

Simon Kalis: And if I win, you'll get an immediate raise, Mrs. Seldon. Because I’ve always liked you and thought you were a positive influence on the company. Thee only difference, is that you’ll answer to me now, not him.

He smiles as he walks out, shutting the door behind him. We then swing back to Lisa, currently cradling his necklace in her hand. She considers for a few seconds, shrugs her shoulders and then snaps the chain from her neck.

Corey Lazarus vs Jethro Hayes

Singles Match

Corey Lazarus opens the match with a stiff chop to Jethro's chest. He grabs Hayes and whips him into the ropes, and as Hayes comes back the big man goes for a shoulder block and connects. Yet at the same time, as Lazarus spins towards the canvas he lashes out and throws a stiff thrust kick underneath Hayes' left knee cap. Hayes stumbles forward, giving Lazarus enough time to get to his feet and rebound! Lazarus rushes Hayes but Hayes catches Lazarus, lifts him up, spins him around and flattens him on the canvas with a body slam that makes the ring thunder from impact. Hayes drops onto Lazarus' throat with a leg drop but the big man is still a tad slow in getting up. Lazarus is up quickly enough and locks in an armbar on Hayes who reverses it putting Laz into a wrist lock. Lazarus reverses this into a waistlock but Hayes jumps up and falls backwards, crushing Lazarus beneath his weight against the canvas. Lazarus rolls away and Hayes gets up. Laz is up and rushes Hayes. Laz ducks a big boot from Hayes, and chops him across the chest! One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Lazarus then unloads on Hayes' knees once more with more well timed and placed strikes. Hayes grabs Lazarus by the throat and throws him away. Even though the fans cheer both men, neither of them takes focus away from the match! Hayes goes for the Plow! Lazarus dodges it and hits the Cineplex! Lazarus covers!

1! 2!! 3!!!

Winner: Corey Lazarus

Post match our two competitors share a handshake and then lift there arms for the fans. any bad blood between the two clearly shed and forgotten of... for now at least.

Rayn vs Riona Langly

Singles Match

In a battle that would no doubt have heavy implications on the almost farcical world title situation, Riona Langly and Rayn squared off and went at it hard. Despite the various disadvantages in going toe-to-toe with her much bigger and stronger opponent, Riona stayed in the pocket and struck early and often to get herself in front. Riona rocked Rayn and then outpaced him with a mix of strikes and throws where she could, but it only took one misstep for Rayn to turn the tables, as he went low on an Enzugiri attempt, snatched Langly up and impaled her with a German Suplex.

Rayn was unsteady at first, but he quickly regained his composure and set about dominating the champ in waiting, putting her through the ringer and doing what he could to belittle her and make the point of just why he’s at the top.

Riona was clearly hurt but she refused to be beaten and simply waited out her moment to strike. Her moment came with a Spear that she used to lead Rayn into the buckles and then sweep him with a roll-up. It didn’t net her the fall but did give her the drop on him as she caught him with a big roundhouse when he sat up. Rayn was stunned but quickly woke back up and the match descended back into a series of vicious exchanges.

This time Rayn caught her in the ropes and obliterated Riona with strikes before leading her into a huge Superkick that almost netted the win. He then looked to finish the job with the Epiphany, but Riona spun out and threw herself into a kick to double him up and then spun herself into a Roaring Elbow. It wasn’t enough to put him down, but did leave him open for the sweep as Riona latched onto a small cradle and made it count.

Winner Riona Langly

Rayn was quickly out of the hold but just not quick enough, and while he debated the fall with the referee, Riona took the time to celebrate with the fans at ringside.

Spyke Gein vs Lucious Starr

Singles Match

Lucious Starr opens the match with a super kick on Spyke Gein's chin. Starr bounces off the ropes and lands a vicious clothesline on Gein, sending him to the canvas. Gein rolls away and composes himself, getting to his feet and brushing off his shoulders. Starr rushes and a brawl breaks out, both men exchanging lefts and rights. Starr grabs Spyke and whips him to the ropes. As Spyke comes back, Starr goes for another clothesline but Gein ducks it and bounces off the other side, coming back and taking down Lucious with a facebuster. The PWA Undisputed Champion is unfazed as he gets to his feet and goes for an arm drag. Spyke reverses it, getting Starr into a wrist lock. Suddenly from the crowd,a wild Masakazu appears! He hops the barricade as Simon Kalis comes running down to the ring from the backstage area.

The fans go nuts with boos as Masakazu uses throw a chair to dad, and Kalis slides into the ring. Right as Spyke notices him, Kalis swings the chair and smashes it right over his head! Dwayne Cross calls for the bell but now Masakazu jumps onto the apron, springboards himself over the top rope and lands a corkscrew leg drop onto Spyke Gein. Kalis helps Starr to his feet and raises his arm "in victory". Suddenly Johnny Maverick comes running down to the ring with a chair of his own in his hand. Kalis ducks a chairshot by Maverick who misses Kalis and nails Masakazu instead! Starr takes Spyke and throws him out of the ring right over the top rope. Fans hold up signs proclaiming "WAR IN THE PWA!" as Kalis and Maverick both nail each other with a chairshot. As Maverick stumbles back, Starr gets whipped into him by Masa who gives Starr a speed boost. Starr jumps up and grabs onto Maverick, DDTing him to the canvas. There's pandamonium in the ring as suddenly Riona Langly comes running down the entrance ramp with a railroad spike in hand. Starr grabs Simon and pulls him out of the ring with Masa hopping over and grabbing the Undisputed world title. Masa hands it to Starr and both Simon Kalis and Masakazu raise Lucious Starr's hands up in victory. Maverick helps Spyke to his feet inside the ring now as Riona stares down the three men escaping up the entrance ramp. Simon Kalis, Lucious Starr and Masakazu stand atop the stage and salute the ring with smiles with all smiles as they head into the back...

Blake Witcroft vs Emily Corlen

GB Title Singles Match

The first fall of the match flicked by almost instantaneously as Emily punted Blake between the legs for DQ and a small measure of revenge. She then jumped into a Small Package but only got the two, and looked absolutely livid as her little plan to tie-up the score early backfired, leaving her one down from the outset.

Emily was able to set the pace early on but the former Grizzly Beer Champion soon regained his resolve and turned the tables. Emily was crushed to the mat by Blake, who made a point of putting her in her place as he got her down and wailed away with rights and lefts, almost costing him a fall himself.

By the end of the exchange, Emily was bloodied and shaken but intent not to drop her first defense, even after Blake tore her up a little more with a Headbutt through the bridge of her nose to bounce her off the ropes before he came running and murdered her with the running Bicycle Kick (which actually earns you a red card rather than a yellow, unless you do it to Drogba. Then it's ok).

It was a close call but Emily kicked at two, forcing Blake to look for another way to put her out.

He then moved off into the Hat-Trick and started off with a Snap Suplex that he chained into vicious Brainbuster. What was left of Emily was then drawn up for the Falcon Arrow, but she pulled back at just the right time and landed into a Hanging Guillotine Choke. Emily sunk it deep and Blake looked to be in danger as he fell to a knee, but a last surge of energy left him able to push the two of them to the ropes.

The two looked groggy as they struck out again. Emily caught her opponent flush with two open hand strikes and then swung for a Roundhouse, but Blake caught the kick and then pulled her in for the Fisherman Buster. Emily swung up her free leg though and caught him just under the chin with a knee. Blake staggered back and Emily pounced by swinging in behind him and jacking his spine with the Lungblower. Emily then leapt for the pin but Blake refused to go out and shot up an arm at the last second. Emily was mortified but she didn't let up, and hit the ropes to come back with a stunning Lionsault. She then hit them again for good measure and came back with a second before pinning him again, this time coming up with the three.

The score was finally tied up but both competitors were clearly spent, and struggled to mount any kind of offence. Upon finding their feet they swung with whatever they had left, throwing it into elbows and right hands, all leading to Blake mounting a comeback. He then pulled her for the Hooligan Buster again but Emily was able to push herself out. The two then charged, kicked up their feet and crushed each other with a set of Yakuza Kicks, putting them both to the mat.

The fans were at a fever pitch, but that was soon quelled when El Gringo Tonto made his second appearance of the night, wielding the case with the old Grizzly Beer title (not the old old one that was set on fire, but the one that came after that no one actually got to see) that his buddy Xan Vaxman had obviously given her a loan of.

The referee saw him coming but that clearly wasn't the issue, as Tonto slid through the ropes, hefted up the case and belted (excuse the pun) Emily between the eyes. The referee called for the bell while Tonto came around with a follow up shot to Blake for good measure, adding to an already high volume of blood in the ring. It was then the referee's turn to eat face case, a move which actually elicited a positive turn from the fans (who actually hate referees the world over for their inability to turn around during obvious cheating, until just after it has passed).

Tonto then celerbrated with various cases and belts while his victims did their best to come around. We then finished with a shot of Emily Corlen, bloodied, battered and out for the count, proving that, once again, when it comes to the Grizzly Beer title, it is better to be anyone else than the champ, because you're probably about to be fucked over.

The Redeemer

Masakazu rips off his ninja mask and chucks it aside as we fade in to Simon Kalis and himself in the parking lot. They're standing in front of the backseat left passenger side of their BMW X5, another new one since the last two got destroyed. Kalis lights a cigarette and nods.

Masakazu: So do we release him?

Simon Kalis: He was never a prisoner.

Kalis opens the door and Duff Cote D'Ivoire steps out. He looks down at both Masakazu and Simon and begins to back away, walking backwards to keep his focus on the two father and son.

Simon Kalis: Mr. McCoy, it's been a sincere pleasure dealing with you. Now that we're on the same page, I'll see you next week.

Duff stops moving and looks at Kalis with complete seriousness. Simon meanwhile, has a devilish grin over his mouth.

Duff Cote D'Ivoire: Call me The Redeemer, my Lord.

Duff turns around and begins walking away. Kalis exhales cigarette smoke into the air, tilts his head to one side and smirks.

Simon Kalis: Get used to it, Duff. Redeemer. You will be their salvation.

Masakazu squints his eyes confused as he turns to his father.

Masakazu: Salvation?

Simon Kalis: Mmhmm...

Kalis takes another drag off of his cigarette and nods.

Simon Kalis: The salvation of the Apostles through their destruction. Cause once I defeat Mr. McCoy over there next week? He will be my slave, and he will destroy our enemies while we sip martini's in a hot tub with three Italian women named Maria. It's time to show everyone how it's done.

Masakazu: We'll have this internal dispute under control by Lucha Libre. Then?

Simon Kalis: We'll make it Rayn shooting Starrs, young one. We'll set everything within The Order right.

Kalis blows smoke skyward as he reaches into the breast pocket of his suit jacket. Tucked under his suit is a folder with the Order of Chaos emblem over the cover page.

Simon Kalis: Then? As of Lucha Libre, the war begins. We will crush the Apostles. We will crush Riona Langly. Our enemies will taste the bitter juices of defeat and our reign truly begins...

Kalis hands the file to Masakazu, who nods as he looks it over. The camera quickly catches a glance as the words "GOOD VERSUS EVIL" become apparent and Masakazu smirks as he slams the door closed and we fade away...