World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


War Plan Red

Simon Kalis: So you see Mr. Sommers. By virtue of the fact I have not had clearance to wrestle since the week before Summer Sizzler. By virtue of the fact our prestigious Board made these arrangements to settle this power dispute once and for all. And by virtue of the fact you have attempted to make a mockery of this Board's honorable attempts to come a settlement in regards to this matter, I will not be facing Johnny Maverick at Manitoba Mayhem.

Chamelion shakes his head as we fade into his office, where the cameras just arrived.

Chamelion: Mockery you say. All your power crap is a mockery. The board already contacted me over this issue. To be honest, I’m not bothered much by this, I figured you’d manipulate your way out of the match. Funny, considering you started the war with Rebel. Anyway, I’ll find you a replacement.

Simon Kalis: No need to, sir. I've already filed the appropriate papers to have Corey Lazarus replace me in this match. You'd agree, that especially after tonight? I'll be more than injured enough to lose to you, correct? And don’t you worry about my deal with Rebel, I’m bringing the ratings to you!

By his reaction Chamelion is not amused with Simon Kalis especially as Kalis sits across him in his black robe, hood and mask.

Chamelion: You're a real piece of work, Simon.

Kalis nods as he leans back in his seat across from the PWA Owner and General Manager. Kalis removes his mask and sets it down on the desk, Chamelion grins from staring at Simon Kalis' mauled and pale face, now truly amused.

Simon Kalis: There is one more thing I'd like to discuss with you, Mark.

Chamelion: Does it ever end? What?

Kalis reaches into his black briefcase at his side and pulls out a portfolio marked "War Plan Red". Kalis slides it across the desk to Chamelion and smirks.

Simon Kalis: I believe we need to discuss these documents, Mark. They are of great importance to the future of the PWA.

Chamelion: What's in them?

Kalis turns his head to the camera crew and motions them to leave.

Chamelion: Hmph. First smart thing you've done all year.

Chamelion points to the door and the camera crew leaves as we fade...

Meghan Nash Strader vs Jethro Hayes

Down on the Farmgirl

Eric Emerson: The following is scheduled for one fall, and is a standard PWA sanctioned match. Introducing first…

The Crowd, Eric and announcers are taken back as ‘Walk’ by Pantera hits the p.a. and the VDP logo loads up on the ADCtron. The Canadian fans stand up and cheer loudly as the PWA’s Tag Team Champions take the stage, followed by the Southern Hero Jethro Hayes, Duff Coat-Diver, and Amy Nash Strader who appears at the side of the big man, Scott Nash Strader. Meghan stands at the front, as they begin their descent down to ringside.

Jon McDaniel: Thank God! Its good to see VDP still alive in all of this!

Brian Rentfro: I’m just happy to see the Strader women tonight Jon.

The group reaches the ring, as Scott Nash Strader moves up to the front, climbs up onto the ring apron, and holds down the top rope for everyone. The crowd pops as the microphone is handed to Meghan Nash Strader. She looks out at the crowd, and sneers for everyone in attendance.

MNS: Calgary, Alberta!!!

Meghan gets her cheap pop from the Albertan crowd as she continues on.

MNS: It feels good to be back home in the country I was born in. But what also feels good is this showing of unity by VDP. Here we all stand. We have battle hard since the day our newest General Manager came in with the order to attack. Mine and Tamika’s father, the man right behind me Scott Nash Strader, has been handed a low blow by the American government. Jethro Hayes best friend is still recuperating in a hospital bed. Duff, he searches for his daughter.

Jon McDaniel: What’s your point Meghan?

Almost as if hearing Jon Meghan continues on.

MNS: Tamika and I realized something, unity is a powerful thing. So when I got the word I would be facing a stable member of mine, I couldn’t believe it. I refuse to wrestle Jethro as long as we are under the same banner. I want him to get healthy, so he can finish what Bubba J started. What you see before you is the very definition of the word unity. We are one.

Brian Rentfro: now that’s pretty cheesy.

Jon McDaniel: No different than the Order.

MNS: You cut one of us, we all bleed. God Forgives.

Meghan thrusts the Microphone into the air and the Canadian fans respond.

Fans: VDP doesn’t!

MNS: That’s right. After next week, you will see the power of our Unity!

‘Walk’ starts up again as the group heads to the back.

Bronx Williams vs Lucious Starr

NYC vs The Universe

The match starts off cold, as the two Order of Chaos stablemates stare each other down for many moments. Finally they move in and grapple one another. Starr gets the advantadge and irish whips Bronx into the ropes and lays him down with a flying shoulder block to the head. Starr lands on his feet and drops backwards, landing a serious reverse elbow drop on Bronx Williams. Starr waits as Bronx gets to his feet and goes in for a clothesline, but Bronx reverses and russian leg sweeps Starr to the ground. Bronx applies an elevated boston crab on Starr at this point and keeps Starr in the middle of the ring. Starr refuses to tap out and instead, using the strength in his legs throws Bronx off of him. Bronx hits the ropes, bounces off and drops down with a leg drop on the back of Starrs head and neck clean. Bronx picks Starr up and hits a tiltawhirl backbreaker on Starr. Starr rebounds with a snap suplex that slams Bronx to the canvas hard. Starr bounces off the ropes and hits a shocking soccer kick to Bronx's face as Bronx attempts to get up. Starr gets Bronx Williams up and lifts him into Hells Wrath! Bronx refuses to tap out and so Lucious drops him down hard and hooks the leg, getting the 1, 2, 3 victory.

Winner: Lucious Starr

Corey Lazarus vs Marco Dante

Star power or Championship Material

The lights in the arena dim as the sounds of gunfire and distant explosions echo through the PA system as CNN footage of the night vision cameras footage "Shock and Awe" campaign over Baghdad, Iraq play on the big screen, there's a sudden big flash as something explodes along with a blast of white pyrotechnics from the stage as the screen goes blank for a moment. The Guitar and drum beat starts as "Super Charger Heaven" by White Zombie starts to blare through the PA.

Jesus lived his life in a cheap hotel
On the edge of Route 66 yeah He lived a dark and
Twisted life and he came right back just to do it
Again - Eye for and eye and a tooth for the truth -
I ain't never seen a demon warp deal'n a
Ring-a-ding rhythm or jukebox racket my
Mind can't clutch the feeling - yeah!


Eric Emerson: "Now Coming to the Ring! standing at a height of 6 feet 2 inches, weighing in at 245 lbs, Hailing from Trenton, New Jersey! The Current PWA Grizzly Beer Champion! He is "The Jersey Devil!" Marcoooo Danttttteeeee!!"

Marco Dante steps from behind the curtain into another shower or white pyrotechnics, wearing a pair of Airmen Battle Uniform Pants with a pair of desert tan Converse Tactical Boots,and a sage green muscle shirt tucked into his pants, black tape on his hands and wrists. The big screen behind him playing highlights from his matches as he starts to walk towards the ring.

Running in MY HEAD YEAH
Running in MY HEAD YEAH

Hell hounds lead at the cowardly kings
And carry souls across the river Styx
Yeah! They see no evil and feel no pain
Sucking juice from a fallen angel - I dreamed
I was a super nova fucker nitro-
Burning and fuel injection - Feed the gods a strychnine
Soul a motherfucker of invention

As he walks, he high fives and knuckles to fans as he passes them, his eyes focused on the ring however, on his opponent if he's the second person out, just before reach the end of the barricade, he runs and baseball slides in under the ropes, jumping to his feet and then moving over to the turnbuckles, climbing each and thrusting both fists into the air, and then let's out a bit of a roar to get the crowd pumped.

Running in MY HEAD YEAH
Running in MY HEAD YEAH

Yeah inbreed the witches
And woship the dogs
Deformed and fuck'n lazy
Damn yourself and choke
On my name I'd love to love ya baby
Deadringer rats swinging in the trees
Immaculate conception Bury me an angel God I need
Some inspiration

Marco Dante then jumps down from the turnbuckle, going to the next, repeating the steps before and so one..for each turnbuckle then a one handed chest pound just before hopping down from the last turnbuckle, he walks to the center of the ring and waves for the crowd to get louder and louder.

Running in MY HEAD YEAH
Running in MY HEAD YEAH!

[i]He then turns to the entrance ramp to wait for Lazarus to arrive.

Eric Emerson: His opponent!

The lights in the arena die, and the ADC-Tron shows nothing but a black and white film countdown

((INSERT THIS IMAGE: ... ntdown.gif ))

A trio of drumrolls cue up Slayer's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida," and the guitars ring as the bass carries the main melody. Chug-chug-chug-chug goes both guitars before going into the main melody along with the bass, and, at the 27-second mark, Corey Lazarus and Gregory Price emerge from the entrance curtain, with Price chomping away on a stick of gum in his mouth and Corey sipping on a bottle of Aquafina. Laz's eyes, as usual, stay hidden behind his trademark pair of silver-rimmed Ray Ban's, and he hangs his arms at his sides after he runs his fingers over his moustache and goatee, sliding his hands into the pockets of his acid wash jeans after he rolls the sleeves up of his black Dying Fetus DESTROY THE OPPOSITION long-sleeve tee.

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby!=~

Lazarus steps further onto the stage, turning around slowly to take a quick look at the ADC-Tron before stopping at the end of the stage, his back to the ramp and the ring before turning around. Price pats his client on the shoulder, and then looks at the ADC-Tron with him.

~=Don't you know that I love you?!=~

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey!=~
~=Don't you know that I'll ALWAYS be true?!=~

Lazarus jogs in place at the end of the stage as the guitars duel into the start of the first chorus, shaking out his limbs, and throws a few shadow punches and kicks into the air.

~=Oh, won't you come with me?=~
~=And take my hand?=~

Price points up at the ADC-Tron, focusing everybody's attention to images of Laz's glory: dropping Demise head-first into a casket via the Mercury Driver to claim the PWA World Heavyweight title at High Stakes '08; drilling Riona Langly with a picture-perfect example of the Sands of Ishtar for his first Intercontinental title at Genesis IX; dropping Thunderwolf down with the Box Office Bomb to claim the first fall in their classic 2/3 Falls match at Genesis X; and, most recently, sending Cody Bogard through the Million Dollar Pyramid from Chaos.

~=Oh, won't you come with me?!=~
~=And walk this land?!=~

The guitars divebomb, and Laz starts making his way down the ramp, looking out around the arena, spying on every bit of the crowd in front of him.


The drums beat along as Corey bangs his head with them and the main melody of the song returns, Lazarus taking a sip from his Aquafina as he stops halfway down the ramp.

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby!=~
~=Don't you know that I love you?!=~

Laz jaws with some fans in the front row as Price laughs while the duo continue making their way down the ramp. The L-A-Z turns back around to watch himself on the ADC-Tron one last time, his trademark devilish smirk on his face as he walks backwards.

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey!=~
~=Don't you know that I'll ALWAYS be true?!=~

Corey turns around to face the ring as they reach the bottom of the ramp, the guitars dueling before the chorus, and then pulls himself up onto the apron, placing one foot in the ring between the top and middle ropes, using one hand to hold the top rope for balance and the other to cover his eyes as he scans the crowd again. Price walks over to the ringsteps, scaling them with a cocky swagger as he walks onto the apron next to Laz, chomping away on his gum.

~=Oh, won't you come with me?!=~
~=And take my hand?!=~

Lazarus steps into the ring and then walks to the middle of the ring, his hands on his hips and his trademark devilish smirk on his face. Price steps in afterwards, pointing the entire time to his client as he applauds him. The music keeps pounding away as Corey drops to a knee, his head bowed and a single fist placed on the mat, his other hand resting on his knee.

~=Oh, won't you come with me?!=~
~=And walk this land?!=~

The guitars divebomb as Lazarus bobs his head to the beat of the drums, breathing heavier and heavier as he does so.


Corey leaps to his feet as the main riff returns at the end of the chorus, his arms spread out to his side after he rips his Ray Ban's off, turning his body around to all sides of the arena as flashbulbs go off everywhere. Dante looks at Lazarus and nods, but Lazarus immediately strikes Dante down with a stiff left jab putting the Grizzly Beer champion to the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: Lazarus isn't waiting for the bell, folks!


Lazarus begins kicking the shit out of Dante while he's on the canvas. Dante rolls around putting his arms up and protecting his chest. Lazarus doesn't relent as he lifts Dante up by the neck. Dante fights back, throwing an uppercut and then he snap suplexes Corey Lazarus to the canvas. Dante is up and bounces off the ropes, dropping down hard on Lazarus' neck with an elbow drop. Lazarus rolls himself onto his shoulder and grabs Dante by his neck with his legs and slams him to the canvas. When Dante hits the canvas, Lazarus lifts his feet up and brings them down but Dante rolls away to avoid the hit. Dante gets to his feet but so does Lazarus. Lazarus with a roundhouse kick which Marco Dante dodges! Marco Dante hits the former PWA World Champion with a flying lariat that knocks Lazarus to the ground. Dante goes down to begin pounding Lazarus but Laz surprises our Grizzly Beer Champ with a triangle choke bringing Dante down. Lazarus repeatedly lands heavy elbows into Dante as he chokes him but Dante throws a foot on the ropes and Dwayne Cross forces Lazarus off of him.

Brian Rentfro: Jeez. Lazarus isn't playing around, is he?

Jon McDaniel: He seems very focused tonight.

Dante is free and Lazarus is back up. Lazarus attempts a crazy move I can't think of but whatever it is, Dante dodges it and hits him with a German suplex. Dante bounces off the ropes and lands a heavy leg drop on Corey Lazarus, but Lazarus rolls away and gets to his feet ready to bounce back. Lazarus throws himself off the ropes and towards Dante. Lazarus spears Dante but Dante reverses it and before he hits the corner Dante forces himself and Lazarus down, turning it into a DDT which puts Lazarus' head into the bottom turnbuckle awkwardly. Laz holds his neck and head as Dante gets to his feet and begins stomping down on Lazarus' neck. Lazarus rolls out of the ring to find respite but Marco Dante goes to the top rope and jumps out of the ring for a flying forearm smash but Lazarus moves out of the way, grabs Dante's head and smashes it on the barricade on the outside of the ring. Dante holds his face and stumbles back as Lazarus hits him with an enziguri kick sending him to the ground. Lazarus slides back into the ring as referee Dwayne Cross begins the ten count.

Brian Rentfro: Smart moves by Lazarus.

Jon McDaniel: I think Dante is on fire tonight, myself. He's really giving it to Corey Lazarus!

Cross gets to four by the time Dante slides back in the ring. He's immediately met by Lazarus' feet as the welcoming comitee and gets stomped on his shoulders and neck. Lazarus picks Dante up and irish whips him into the corner. Lazarus follows it up with a kenka kick to Dante which sends him stumbling forward. Lazarus leaps into the air and BANG! END CREDITS! The pro-Order crowd in Calgary goes wild as Lazarus drops down for the pin.




Lazarus looks up at Dwayne Cross whose holding two fingers up and he can't believe it. Dante grabs Lazarus by the neck and takes him down, moving over him quickly and locking in another elevated boston crab to Lazarus' dismay. Lazarus flat out refuses to tap as he pulls himself closer and closer to the ropes. Price on the outside comes to his side and as Corey reaches out Price grabs Coreys hand and pulls him closer to the ropes while Dwayne Cross is saying something to Marco Dante. The Pro-Order crowd cheers as Corey Lazarus gets his hands on the ropes and Dwayne Cross forces Dante to let go of the move. Corey Lazarus gets to his feets using the ropes but Dante latches onto him and hits a jumping DDT to the canvas.


Dante looks around as the crowd boos and heckles him.

Brian Rentfro: Haha these filthy Canadians are really laying into Dante.

Jon McDaniel: How can they boo him? He's usually loved and adored by fans everywhere we go!


Lazarus is up but he isn't even bothering to showboat to the cheering crowd as he grabs Dante from behind and spins him around for a lovely neckbreaker. Dante whips Lazarus into the ropes but Lazarus gains composure as he stands on the bottom ropes. Dante follows him up and goes right over him and begins wailing with lefts and rights as he stands on the middle ropes. Lazarus slides underneath Dante and rolls away from him. Lazarus on his feet as Dante comes flying off with a splash mountain! Lazarus dodges and Dante lands on his feet. Laz lashes out and WHOA! COMBO #5 on Marco Dante! Lazarus then immediately gets Dante up and hits him stiff with a gargoyle suplex that has the Saddledome on its feet with applause and cheers.


Brian Rentfro: Hahaha this is beautiful!

Jon McDaniel: Disgusting is the word I'd use.

Dante shakes everything off but Lazarus isn't done laying in the hurt. Lazarus picks Dante up by his neck but Dante fights back! Dante grabs onto Lazarus quickly and hits a northern lights suplex! Dante backs up as Lazarus comes to and this time Dante rushes forward and spears Corey Lazarus to the ground. Dante is up on his feet and nods approvingly of his tactics as Lazarus is on his feet unamused. Lazarus comes rushing in but Marco Dante scoops Corey Lazarus up and runs forward for two feet, spins and brings Lazarus DOWN with a stunning powerslam to the canvas. Dante is up and is not relenting and as he picks Lazarus up he drills him back to the ground with a stunning spinebuster! Dante is ready to finish the match as he lifts Corey Lazarus into a firemans carry. The crowd boos, sensing whats to come but Lazarus fights his way out and down. Lazarus knocks Dante in the face with a series of punches and elbows pushing The PWA Grizzly Beer Champion into the corner. Lazarus with a roaring elbow sends Dante up and over onto the outside of the ring once again!

Jon McDaniel: Just when you think he's done, Laz fights back.

Brian Rentfro: The empire is striking back! Run for the hills jobbers! That means you, Marco Dante!

Jon McDaniel: Pfft... Hey, whats Price doing there?

Price grabs a chair from ringside and slides it into the ring for Lazarus. Dwayne Cross is adamant this will get Laz DQd but Laz calms Cross down as he sets up the chair near the ropes. Laz backs up across it and the fans rise to their feet as he extends his arms out like an airplane.


Lazarus yells so loud we can hear it on the cameras microphones as he makes a run for it. Dante just gets up on the outside as Lazarus springboards himself off the chair, over the ropes and corkscrews as he lands a senton plancha on Dante on the outside! Both men are now down and out on the outside!

Brian Rentfro: THRILLING!

Jon McDaniel: I have to admit, that was pretty cool.

Dante and Lazarus begin brawling on the outside as Dwayne Cross begins the ten count. Laz with a roaring elbow sends Dante into the barricade where a fan in an Order of Chaos t-shirt pours good Canadian beer on Dante's head. Lazarus whips Dante to the apron but as Laz comes at him Dante grabs onto the ropes and throws himself up, both his feet nailing an oncoming Lazarus in the head. Dante flips himself into the ring with great strength and Lazarus comes in after him. Dante falls to the canvas purposely and then grabs ahold of Lazarus and rolls him up!



TH-REVERSAL! Lazarus reverses the roll up and now has Dante pinned!



THR-ANOTHER REVERSAL! Dante reverses Lazarus' reversal and rolls him back up!




Dante isn't playing yo, as he grabs Lazarus and knees him in the gut, putting him between his legs. Dante lifts Laz up for a powerbomb but Laz lands behind Dante, flipping himself over. Dante turns around quickly only to be met with a kick to the gut as Lazarus picks Dante up and begins running. Laz runs right for the corner and powerbombs Dante into the turnbuckle! The crowd goes ape shit as Lazarus pulls Dante closer to the middle of the ring. Dante throws a kick upward and sends Lazarus stumbling back. Dante to his feet but shaky. Lazarus rushes forward for a grapple but Dante spins himself around Lazarus and goes for another firemans carry! Laz grabs onto the top rope while up on Dante and fights and wiggles preventing Dante from completing the move. Lazarus with an Oklahoma roll!




Dante is up quickly and goes for a lariat on a determined Corey but Lazarus catches him, brings Dante down to the canvas for a crossface hold! Laz has it just locked in when Dante reverses it, rolls Lazarus up and pins!




Brian Rentfro: This is how the kids would say, OFF DA HOOK!

Jon McDaniel: Definitely an entertaining match up. Lazarus showing when he's focused he is nearly impossible to beat, but Dante is showing a lot of grit and heart right now to keep this legend down.

Lazarus goes for a roaring elbow! Dante ducks, reverses and catches Lazarus bringing him up into a firemans carry once again! Lazarus sends furious flurries of back elbows into Dante's face and jaw forcing Dante to drop him. Lazarus applies a facelock and hooks his closest leg to Dante! The fans are on their feet, fully expecting the Box Office Bomb from Corey Lazarus! BUT WAIT! Dante sends his head back, butting it against Laz and then he goes around behind him, lifts him up into a firemans carry and drops Lazarus to the canvas with THE HANGMANS NOOSE! MARCO DANTE THAT GRIZZLY BEER CHAMPION MAN PINS LAZARUS!





Dante is up and all smiles as Dwayne Cross raises his hand. Lazarus looks up at Dante with fury as he rolls out of the ring.

Eric Emerson: The winner of this match.... Your PWA Grizzly Beer Champion.... THE JERSEY DEVIL MARCO DANTE!

The crowd here in Calgary boos Dante but we're sure you're all at home cheering him as he celebrates in the ring. Lazarus doesn't even bother looking back as he makes his exit through the back.

Matt Stone vs Jer$ey

Skipping Stones across the Jersey River

Beginning: Stone quickly rushes Jer$ey, and the ref has to call for the bell when the two connect in the centre. Jer$ey’s size and power knocks Stone to the mat. Jer$ey goes to stomp him but he rolls out of the way. Stone jumps up to his feet and hits the ropes and runs back at Jer$ey, but Jer$ey lifts him up with hands into a chokehold. Stone kicks both feet into Jer$ey’s chest, knocking him back and causing Stone to fall to the canvas. Stone is up fast and again rushes Jer$ey while he's recovering and spears him. Jer$ey buckles over and stumbles back a bit. Stone tries to back body drop him, but can't get him over. Stone ends up on his back with Jer$ey on top of him. 1...; Kick-out! Stone is out fast. Jer$ey gets onto his hands and knees, shaking his head. Stone hits the ropes, comes back and baseball slides right into his face. Jer$ey gets up onto one knee as Stone hits the ropes and does a spring board moonsault onto Jer$ey and goes for the pin. 1...2; kickout .

Middle: Stone gets up quickly from performing a swinging neck breaker and picks Jer$ey up, whipping him into the corner. Stone runs up and monkey flips him out of the corner. Stone climbs up top and tries for an elbow drop but Jer$ey rolls out of the way. Stone lands hard. Jer$ey picks Stone up and tries to whip him into the corner but Stone reverses it and drop toe holds him face-first onto the turnbuckle. Jer$ey lays there motionless then slumps into a heap on the mat. Stone starts stomping him in the corner but the ref warns him and he backs off. Jer$ey pulls himself up, pissed and runs at Stone, but Stone jumps up and goes for a hurricanrana. He tries to flip Jer$ey over but he catches him when he is hanging down. Stone waves his arms around trying to pull himself up. Jer$ey takes a few steps into the ring's center, jumps forward and sits down in a massive piled river on Stone. Stone flips back 180 degrees upon impact, landing in a sitting position, then he falls back. Jer$ey makes the cover 1…2….Shoulder up!

Jer$ey throws Stone into the corner and rushes in with a splash, Stone moves and Jer$ey hits the corner post, skull to metal and Stone takes advantage with a roll up and a 1-2-3.

Winner: Matt Stone

Duff's New Look

[Duff Côte d'Ivoire is in his locker room, sitting on a metal folding chair. Scott Nash Strader is with him, in formal attire, with a drink in hand. The trainer is peeling back Duff's bandages to check his nose. It was broken when Simon Kalis kidnapped Morgan. Duff's expression is hard and indifferent. He hasn't shaved in a while, and his stubble is evident. Bags and dark circles have formed around his eyes from a lack of sleep. The doctor jots some notes in his file and shuts it, holding it close to his abdomen as he looks back at Duff.]

Trainer: Well, Mr. Rasputin, it would appear as though you are good to go tonight. I'm just a little concerned about how you're going to protect your injury.

Duff: I have my methods, doc.

[Duff reaches into his bag and pulls from it his mask from the upcoming Mexico tour. It's shaped like a skull with long hair hanging out of the top. There's an 8 burned into the forehead. He gives it the once over, running his fingers over the latex skull.]

SNS: A mask isn't going to do the job, Duff.

Trainer: You need to take proper precautions, Mr. Rasputin, and this appears to be a purely cosmetic solution to a problem much deeper than that.

[Duff shakes his head.]

Duff: No, doc. I've had it modified. The company which made this mask offered to put a protective plate in for me. It's an ingenious method, if you ask me. It protects the wound, and frankly...

[He pulls the mask on and looks back up at his friend.]

Duff: … I make it look good.

SNS: What's with the 8 on the front?

Duff: You will learn the significance of the number in time, dear friend. Like everyone else.

[SNS frowns, and takes a drink. Duff stands up and walks over to his duffel bag.]

Duff: Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to prepare for my match. Thank you for your services, doc.

[The trainer takes his medical bag and leaves. He taps SNS on the shoulder, and whispers.]

Trainer: Keep an eye on him. I think he might be going downhill.

SNS: Can you blame him? His child is in the custody of a deranged psychopath.

[SNS stares at the trainer flatly, and takes his leave. The trainer follows. Duff smirks and pulls from his bag a pair of light green tights and a plated armour top, decorated with black and white skeletal rib decals. He pulls a skull-decorated kusazuri from his bag next, and a cape (green on the inside and black on the back). He spreads these articles out on his couch and looks at them from behind the mask.]

Duff: So, Simon, you like to play dress-up? Well, two can play at that game.

Cody Bogard vs Ash Nukem

Reference Joke

Bogard grapples Ash and spins him around for a vicious DDT to start the match. We ROFLed at home as Ash got right back to his feet and tapped the N7 logo on his chest as he rushed forward. Bogard stepped out of the way. Ash however springboards himself off the top rope, onto Bogards shoulders and begins pummeling at the former Intercontinental Champion with lefts and rights! Ash goes for a hurricanrana but Bogard overpowers him, holds Ash' head inbetween his legs and drops him for a piledriver as a wicked cool reversal of the originally planned huricanrana by Nukem. Bogard grabs ahold of Ash Nukem afterwards and hits him with a death valley driver that shakes the ring and makes Ash's body feel like a Reaper from Mass Effect just shrieked into his body and made him convulse. Bogard isn't going to relent but as he goes for a snap suplex, Ash reverses it with all his strength but then Bogard reverses it back! Ash reverses it again! Both men keep reversing, going up and down like the stock exchange until Ash gets the upper hand and brings Bogard down like the economy.

Nukem waits for Bogard to get up and climbs up top! He dropkicks him from one corner! BASE ONE! Bogard is down and Ash heads to a second corner and lands a vicious elbow drop from the second one! BASE TWO! Bogard is out of it as Bogard whips him into a third corner and takes him down with a harlem hangover! BASE 3! Ash heads to the fourth corner and as Bogard gets up Ash goes for the hurricanrana once more! He keps his legs wrapped around Bogard, spins him 3 times then drops him for the hurricanrana! ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US! He covers! 1! 2!! 3!!! Ash Nukem wins like Solid Snake with style in this highly entertaining and rofltastic match!

Winner: Ash Nukem

The Phoenix vs David Blazenwing

Legends Battle

A brawl errupts immediately as these two legends square off. Right off the bat Blazenwing uses a european uppercut to send Phoenix to the canvas. Phoenix rebounds by putting David in a wrist lock. Blazenwing frees himself and gets Phoenix into an armbar, and Phoenix escapes and gets Blazenwing into a waistlock. Phoenix moves it into a full nelson then suplexes Blazenwing to the canvas. Blazenwing gets to his feet and takes down Phoenix with an arm drag, but Phoenix rolls up Blazenwing as he goes down for a two and a half count. More back and forth brawling for a few moments with Blazenwing getting the advantadge and sending Phoenix into the corner turnbuckle. Phoenix puts himself onto the second rope and comes off with a flying missile dropkick taking Blazenwing down and out. Blazenwing rolls up Phoenix as he goes to pick him up and gets a 2 and a half count himself. The fans go ecstatic as Blazenwing springboards himself off the top rope, bouncing back and landing a stunning elbow drop on the downed Phoenix!

Blazenwing moves to pick Phoenix up but Phoenix lands a low blow without the referee seeing, and picks Blazenwing up! THE FLAMES! Phoenix covers for the 1! 2!! 3!!! for a stunning victory before the sold out Calgary crowd.

Winner: The Phoenix

Spykeman vs Duff Côte d`Ivoire

Clash of the Media


Eric Emerson: The following match-up is scheduled for one-fall!


[We hear the revving of Spykemans ATV and the fans erupt in cheers as they hear Spykemans battle cry.]

'When there's villains in your town
When there's hatred all around
Violence in your area, mass hysteria
When we arrive we'll be bringing it down'

[Spyke drives out on his ATV and stops to stand on it and pose dramatically with his hammer.]

International Superheroes of Hardcore!
We're takin' it over
International Superheroes of Hardcore!

Eric Emerson: Making his way to the ring, the Scourge of PWA's underworld... SPYKEMAN!

[Spyke man sits down and starts his ATV again, running into a cameraman before finally making his stop at the ring and jumping in and flipping over the top rope.]

'We'll be jumping over big stuff
We will crush them no matter how tough
Violence in your area, mass hysteria
When we arrive we'll be bringing it down'

[Spyke poses dramatically on the top turnbuckle, before jumping down and handing his cape over to the ref. He prepares for his opponent.]

[The sound of a helicopter overhead echoes in the arena and the lights go down. Searchlights begin to roam the arena, until the opening guitar riff from "The Ghost of Tom Joad" by Rage Against the Machine slams through the speakers. The searchlights turn into a single concentrated spotlight that shines on the stage as tension builds. The crowd rises to their feet, and Zach de la Rocha begins to rap about the impoverished. From the back, Duff Côte d`Ivoire emerges, to a giant pop from the fans. His face, looking down, is obscured by the hood attached to his black and green cape.]

++Man walks along the railroad tracks++
++He's goin' someplace, and there's no turnin' back++
++The highway patrol chopper comin' up over the ridge++
++Man sleeps by a campfire under the bridge++
++The shelter line stretchin' around the corner++
++Welcome to the New World Order++
++Families sleepin' in their cars out in the Southwest++
++No job, no home, no peace, no rest++
++No rest!++

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada; he stands at 6'7" and weighs in at 275 lbs, Duff Côôôte d`Ivoooire!!

++The highway is alive tonight++
++Nobody's foolin' nobody as to where it goes++
++I'm sitting down here in the campfire light++
++Searchin' for the ghost of Tom Joad++

[The band kicks in after the long, dramatic chorus and Duff begins to embark towards the ring, his cape dragging on the ground behind him. He walks slowly, looking down the whole way.]

++He pulls his prayer book out of his sleepin' bag++
++The Preacher lights up a butt and takes a drag++
++He's waitin' for the time when the last shall be first and the first shall be last++
++In a cardboard box 'neath the underpass++
++With a one way ticket to the promised land++
++With a hole in your belly and a gun in your hand++
++Sleepin' on a pillow of solid rock++
++Bathin' in the city's aqueduct++

[He rolls into the ring and steps into the middle, peeling back the hood to reveal his skull mask and long hair. He looks at the crowd surrounding him, still going crazy, and backs into his corner.]

++The highway is alive tonight++
++Nobody's foolin' nobody as to where it goes++
++I'm sittin' down here in the campfire light++
++With the Ghost of old Tom Joad++

[Duff does a few stretches and waits patiently for the match to commence while his music dies down.]

[Referee Dwayne Cross calls for the bell.]


[Duff and Spykeman! circle each other for a few moments, two weeks out from their last encounter. Duff stands stoic with his chest puffed out, looking down on the much shorter Spykeman!, who is keeping light on his toes. Spykeman! and Duff lock up in the middle of the ring. Duff with a headlock takeover. He squeezes the air out of Spykeman!, but Spykeman! knees Duff in the back of the head. Duff grabs his head and rolls off of Spykeman!, who jumps right back to his feet.]

Jon McDaniel: Good opening exchange from these two.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, interesting. We'll go with that.

[Duff gets up to one knee and Spykeman! is all ready trying for the shining wizard! Duff ducks out of the way and grabs Spykeman's foot. Spykeman! falls on his face, and Duff is all over his opponent, locking him in an ankle lock and twisting the tendons inside of Spykeman!'s leg. Spykeman! cries out in agony, but manages to pull his larger opponent over to the ropes for the break. The referee begins to count.]

Jon McDaniel: Duff has to break the hold here, or else he'll lose to Spykeman! for the second time in two matches, and in real short time!

Brian Rentfro: So let him, it's one more name off of Kalis' list. Boy, I bet that'd make Duff sore: thinking about how much he's helping Simon Kalis!





[Duff breaks the hold and backs away from Spykeman!, who pulls himself to his feet. Spykeman! leaning on the ropes for a moment to shake out the pain in his leg. Duff moves in to attack, but Spykeman! delivers a well-placed back-kick to Duff's midsection. Duff staggers back, winded. Spykeman! with a kick to Duff's face, causing Duff to yelp in pain due to his broken nose. Duff turns around, cursing under his breath, and Spykeman! gets him in a headlock. He runs towards the tunbuckles and jumps on the middle rope, springboard bulldog! Duff is down on the mat, he begins to pick himself up while Spykeman! climbs the ropes across the ring from his foe. Duff gets to his feet and turns around to be met with a HUGE crossbody block from Spykeman! but Duff catches him in mid-air and tosses him across the ring with a fall-away slam!]

Jon McDaniel: These two were not at a loss for words for each other this week, and they certainly aren't experiencing any love lost, either!

Brian Rentfro: Oh, Jon, you always say the most generic things.

[Duff stands up as Spykeman! rolls out of the ring and grabs his ribs. Duff with a baseball slide dropkick through the bottom rope. Spykeman! slams into the guard rail, and the fans begin to slap his back and cheer at the camera. Duff comes out of the ring and walks over to his winded opponent. He grabs Spykeman! by the hair and slams his head into the ringpost. The referee begins to count.]



[Duff takes Spykeman! over and slams his face into the ring apron. He plays to the crowd for a moment, giving Spykeman! time to recover. When he turns around, Duff is met with a roundhouse kick to his kidney. Spykeman! with another kick, and yet another.]



[Duff is kneeling on the outside, grabbing his gut while Spykeman! jumps up on the apron and delivers a running double-stomp to Duff's back! Duff grabs his back as he struggles to get to his feet.]



[Spykeman! grabs Duff's mask by the hair and hurls him into the ring, breaking the count. Spykeman! launches himself back into the ring with a somersault senton and hooks Duff's leg.]



[Duff's leg is on the ropes.]

Jon McDaniel: A resourceful move by Duff to get out of the first near-fall of the match!

Brian Rentfro: A foot on the ropes is the ultimate troll move.

[Dwayne Cross taps Spykeman's shoulder and points to Duff's foot. Spykeman! sighs and gets to his feet, pulling Duff up from the ground. He whips Duff into the ropes, Duff bounces off and Spykeman! catches him with a hurricanrana! Duff rolls through and pins Spykeman's shoulders with his legs.]




[Spykeman! slams his legs on Duff's head, and rolls over, pinning Duff's shoulders to the mat.]



[Another kickout, both competitors to their feet, greeted by a round of applause by the crowd in Calgary. Spykeman! and Duff stare at each other briefly. They lock up again and Duff takes Spykeman! over with a snap suplex. He spins around, still with Spykeman! in the suplex hold, and picks him up. He holds him for a few seconds before driving him down on his head. Spykeman! is spread-eagle on the mat. And Duff goes for the cover.]



[Spykeman! jerks his shoulder up off of the mat and Duff looks flustered. Duff stands up and picks Spykeman! up by his hair. He backs Spykeman! into the corner. WHAP! A knife-edge chop from Duff. And another. And ANOTHER. Duff grabs Spykeman! and whips him across the ring, only to have it reversed by Spykeman! Duff slams into the turnbuckle and Spykeman! lands an impressive high knee to Duff's head. Duff is clearly dazed from the quick influx of pain to his broken nose. Spykeman! drags Duff out to the middle of the ring and drops him on his head with a picture-perfect DDT.]

Jon McDaniel: Spykeman! using Duff's injury to his advantage here tonight.

Brian Rentfro: I'unno, Spykeman! Seems like a bit of a goody-goody to purposely take advantage of someone's injuries.
{: If Duff wins:}

[Spykeman! to the top rope. He looks at the crowd and flies off with a shooting star press, but Duff gets his knees up! Spykeman! rolls around on the mat in pain. Duff stands up and throws his long hair back. He looks at Spykeman! as he stirs. Spykeman! turns around right into a kick to the gut. Duff tucks Spykeman!'s head in between his legs and drops him with Fuel! He quickly floats over and locks in the Coil! Spykeman! refuses to quit. He pulls himself closer to the ropes. Closer, and still closer... but Duff stands up and drags his opponent back into the middle of the ring and locks the Coil back in! Spykeman! taps!]


Eric Emerson: The winner of this match as a result of a submission, Duff Côôôte d'Ivoooooire!!!

Jon McDaniel: An impressive show by Duff after a long winless drought, beating the undefeated Intercontinental champion!

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, but you know that it's just going to get tougher for him in the weeks to come. Especially with the Order of Chaos on his ass.

[Duff stands up and watches Spykeman! as he rolls out of the ring. He looks around at the crowd, up the entrance way, at himself in the big screen. He turns to the crowd and with hate in his voice, he looks to the heavens with arms outstretched and yells, “KAAAAAAALISSSSSS!” before exiting the ring.]

Jon McDaniel: I think that it's safe to say that Duff welcomes the Order at this point.

Starr Struck

We're backstage at Chaos as we see Riona Langly, PWA World's Heavyweight Champion, stretching out on the ground before her match with Xan Vaxman later in the night. She sees someone coming past the camera and sneers a bit...

Riona: "OK, what the fuck do you want?"

The camera whips around and we see she is speaking to Lucious Starr, who at least looks a little apologetic for once...

Starr: "Look, I came by just to say... I respect the fact that I lost last week to you."

Riona looks at him like he's an idiot...

Riona: "Lost... dude, you got knocked the fuck out. Hell, I had a little graphic added into my promo just to prove it."

A grin from the champion as she switches stretches, working out her right arm.

Riona: "Another KO with my elbow."

Starr: "Look, Riona. We both know you hit me, and we both know I was hurt. But neither of us knows for sure which one of us would have gotten the final count. How many times did I kick out before that? Lost count, didn't you?"

Riona: "Yeah, you're a resiliant little cockroach, I'll give you that. But, Starr, how many times have you had me down and never been able to get the duke on me... actually, not that many."

Lucious pauses, almost hurt.

Starr: "Okay, got me there. But how often have I given you that much of a fight, Riona? You may not want to admit it, but I've improved since the South Pacific. Hell, even Brian would be surprised to see that his former protege is as advanced without his tutolage."

Riona: "Actually, I'm ok with admitting that you've gotten better than you were back in the South Pacific. But, I have too... we all have, except for Potato."

Shaking her head and cutting Starr off with a motion, Riona continues.

Riona: "And Brian? I talk to Brian all the time, he's mildly impressed with your ability in the ring..."

Riona stands up from her stretches.

Riona: "But... it was NEVER your in-ring ability that was in question. OK, some of it was, but the problem that Brian had with you, the one that I've got with you... it's your ATTITUDE. You think that JUST because you've got the fans eating out of the palm of your hand that you deserve everything. You get definatively beaten by Laura, but just because you're popular you deserve another chance."

Lucious pauses, realizing something for the first time in months...

StarrL: "Attitude?? The only attitude I've ever had was to give the fans a show."

Riona cuts Starr off with another motion.

Riona: "You don't go out there and work for a title shot, you just sit back and bitch about it. You think that Lisa Seldon likes me? Hell no, she fucking hates me Starr, and the only reason that I got the shot that I did at Spirit of '76 was that Lisa wanted to see me bleed and she KNEW that I'd sacrifice EVERYTHING to be champion."

Starr: "Wait a second. I put Laura on the bench. I was the one who made sure she wasn't champion. Sure, she had a prior injury. But how many of us, including you and I, Riona, would have kept fighting through the pain?"

Riona: "Nonononono, let's make something clear here Starr, she got injured in a match with you, not BY you... there's a big fucking difference. I know this, because I'm the one that has to hear about it all the fucking time at home. And I hope by now that you know me Starr... you could break my damn leg clean off my body and I'd still never give up."

Starr: "Yeah, well her SPECIAL FRIEND made damn sure to let everyone know she fucking hates your guts. But Lisa, despite all that, she respects you, Riona. She hates you to no end, but she RESPECTS you. Who says that about me, huh? The fans."

The champion sighs and takes a seat on one of the equipment boxes next to her...

Riona: "Starr, I want you to answer a question for me... Do you honestly believe that there aren't just as many fans out there that respect me?"

Starr: "I know, Riona. But you have the respect of almost everyone. Hell, as much as I can barely stand you, even I respect you. But nobody ever extends that respect to me, Riona. I fight my heart out, I give everything to this business, and what do I get? A fanbase that spans half the fucking planet and the chance to be every wrestler's easy target. And do you know what hurts? The fact that as much as I give to this business, as far as I push myself into the Main Event, I'm STILL the butt of everyone's jokes."

Lucious actually looks fustrated with Riona's attitude, but he holds back his anger.

Starr: "Dammit, I'm lucky Matt fucking Stone even exists, or I'd be the prime target."

Riona... she begins to almost giggle... it turns into a full blown laugh quickly enough. Starr goes from angry to confused in 2.7 seconds, raising an eyebrow, while Riona gets the laughing out of her system...

Riona: "You... really don't get it, do you? You HONESTLY do not understand a single thing I've ever told you Starr."

Riona stops laughing as Starr actually has the balls to cut her off.

Starr: "You stand there and belittle everything I've ever done, Riona. You make me out to be the same glorified rookie I was back in BT Dub. What do you want me to 'understand', exactly?"

Riona: "Starr, I've told you before... you've taken the easy way in the business. You know WHY practically everyone respects me? Because no matter what, no matter if it was the popular choice or not, I've stuck by my own morals and sense of honor. I don't quit, I don't surrender, and I don't fold. I've been working my entire life for every scrap that's been thrown my way when it comes to this business, I've broken my bones in 6 continents to get where I am, and I've done it all without bitching, without whining, and without guilting my way into top spots because of my fanbase."

Once AGAIN Starr looks to speak, and Riona cuts him off. She's good at that it seems.

Riona: "I know that I have fans that like me, but I don't NEED their love, which is what seperates me and you. You depend on it, you're a fucking junkie Starr. If the fans honestly began to hate you, how would you react? You've never had to deal with that, right? Everything has always been about the fans and never about yourself... THAT'S why I don't respect you Starr... You don't respect yourself. You may like yourself, you may think you're better than people because everyone loves you, but inside, you're just a cold, hollow white dwarf... You may not be the same rookie you were in BTWF, and you may be a better wrestler in the ring, but the basics haven't changed... 6 years later, you're still stealing titles from Big Daddy to get noticed."

Lucious pauses, shaking his head. He ponders on this for a moment, looking back to Riona.

Starr: "The funny thing, Riona... I think you may be right."

Lucious thinks further, holding his chest as though he's been shot.

Starr: "The fans have always had my back. And you're right, I'd probably be lost without them. The thing is, Riona... I don't know any other way. I was brought up in boxing, I learned some dirty moves and got in trouble... and it was the fans who motivated me to do things the way I have been doing them for years. But you act like it's a bad thing, like the fans are a minor speck on the big map of things. But then again, is it not the fans who buy the tickets, thus allowing us our paychecks? Isn't it our job to make sure they get their money's worth? I give to them because they are responsible for everything I've gained in this business."

Riona takes a moment to think of her response before continuing.

Riona: "Respect is stronger than love. We both know that wrestling fans, they're the most fickle people in the world... Cheers today, jeers tommorow. The only thing that stays with them is respect. You make the fans respect you, and they will come to see you. I've got people all over the world that pay their money not just because they like me, but also because they RESPECT what I do both in the squared circle. They respect that I wrestle not for the fans, but for the continued survival of the business that I've given 10 years of my life to. The PWA will eventually fall, but the work that we all do will keep wrestling alive Starr... I sorta hope that someday, you'll figure that out. It may suck having one less person to pick on, but I think the business may a little bit better off because of it."

Lucious thinks, trying to see Riona's point of view. He nods, understanding.

Starr: "Riona, we've been through a lot. And until now, I never realized just how it was that we had in common. We may fight differently, we may wrestle for different reasons, but we're both impacting the future of the business. I think... maybe..."

Lucious thinks for another second, his eyes squinted. He continues, looking to the sky.

Starr: "Maybe it's about time I start thinking about myself for once. Maybe... Maybe it's time for Lucious to start worrying about Lucious..."

Rolling her eyes, Riona tries to wave Starr off.

Riona: "Good, whatever, go meditate or something about it... I've got another Order member to KTFO."

Lucious starts to walk off, but stops for a moment. He turns around, almost somber.

Starr: "I know you don't owe me anything, but... I think I owe you this much..."

Lucious extends a hand, awaiting Riona's response. Riona rolls her eyes a bit...

Riona: "You catch me with the Code now? Fine, whatever..."

Riona seems to begrudgingly shake the hand... Lucious shakes her hand, almost grinning as they release.

Starr: "One way or the other, Riona..."

Lucious begins to walk off, shouting behind him.

Starr: "I told you it wasn't over."

Riona facepalms at Starr as he retreats...

Riona: "Baka."

Riona Langly vs Xan Vaxman

Virgin Territory

Vaxman takes Riona down with a stiff kick to the vag, which would suck if she used it anyways, and then Vaxamania takes her down with a cliche DDT! Yeah! Then Riona gets to to her feet and busts his head with a roaring elbow that made Jesus applaud, because of course he watches PWA. Riona whips Vaxman into the ropes and does a flying forearm sending them both to the canvas, and as they hit the canvas Vaxman has his head driven in as Riona drives a backfist into his nose on the way down. Riona on her feet but Vaxman grabs her leg and slams her to the canvas and locks in an ankle lock. After a few moments and a number of people changing the channel, except Jesus of course, Riona spins her body around and kicks Vaxman so hard in the face Moses' hair went white all over again like he saw that burning bush again. Riona gets to her feet and as Vaxman does she lands a vicious knife edge chop on his chest! The cameras pan the crowd as she keeps doing this, but when they catch a glimpse of a young teenage boy in a "BANG ME LANGLY" t-shirt masturbating(Filthy Canadians) they cut back to Riona Langly chopping Vaxman like she's on Martha Stewarts cooking show. Vaxmans had enough and shows his technical ability by grappling Langly and lifting her up for a suplex. He holds and then slams her down to the canvas all like "tits or gtfo". He covers but the count only goes as far as he lasts in bed, 2 and a half seconds. Vaxman is supercharged and puts his boot over Riona's face as he uses one hand to hold himself and her down while using another slid onto her throat to choke her. Wayne Brady is in the crowd and yells out "Does Xan Vaxman have to choke a bitch?!" to the ROFLS of the crowd as Dwayne Cross tries to get Vaxman off of Riona. Riona pulls herself back, pulling her legs back and putting her weight onto her shoulders as she wraps her legs around the back of Vaxmans head and slams him to the canvas, giving him the first whiff of clit he's had since he came out of his mommas vagina.(LOL JK). Seriously though, this match is great as Riona pummels away on Vaxman like he just caught him cheating on her with Matt Stone. Vaxman uses his size and strength to grab Riona by the neck with both hands and throw her off of him. He gets to his feet and as she does he gives her a running knee to the elbow, laying out the PWA World Champion with style. Rionas up and counters with a back to back neckbreaker that made Vaxman go from ^_^ to X_X in two seconds. Riona covers but only gets a one and a half count because men are a superior gender and Vaxman throws her off of him, so hard and fast.

Rionas on her feet now and lands a series of vicious elbows, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, TEN! Vaxman stumbles around like he has down syndrome and Tourniquet makes him look like a choking dude with down syndrome as Riona covers for the 1, 2, 3! What a match! What a victory for the PWA UNDISPUTED WORLD CHAMPION!

Winner: Riona Langly


We fade into the locker room of Simon Kalis as he finishes putting his leather gloves back over his hands. His hood is down over the back of his robe and his mask sits on the dresser before the mirror. Kalis leans forward at the sink in his expansive locker room and washes his face. He heads over to the mirror but stops dead in his tracks.

Voice: It's time to let go, Aaron.

Kalis squints as he looks into the mirror, we see just his reflection but he sees himself with his mask on in the mirror. At least we can assume as he stares at the mask for a moment before shooting his glare back up at the mirror.

Voice: It's time to give me your hand, Aaron.

Kalis is the one speaking, but his voice goes deeper and harsher as he speaks.

Simon Kalis: I... No, I don't know what you are.

He speaks again this time but in his normal voice, his eyebrows raised and his eyes locked onto himself in the mirror.

Voice: Oh Aaron. Your mind is so troubled. Your spirit is so fragile. Give yourself to me, free yourself off the sadness you are mired in.

Simon Kalis: I'm not sad.

Voice: Yes you are Aaron. You can't lie to me.

Simon Kalis: Who are you?

Voice: I am the final side. The final piece of the puzzle, Aaron. I am your way back to the top.

Simon Kalis: I'm already on top.

Voice: No you're not. You're not even respected. Beta is using you. Vaxman is using you. Lazarus is using you. Williams is using you. Our son even thinks we're crazy and losing our mind, Aaron.

Kalis rubs his eyes and puts his hands on the dresser, lowering his head and leaning forward as he argues with himself before our cameras.

Simon Kalis: That's not true though.

Voice: It is, Aaron. Everyone is working against you, even your own brother Daniel. But of course we both know the tru-

Simon Kalis: Shut the fuck up.

Voice: What's the matter? You've always ran from the truth in some aspect or another. I am giving you freedom now Aaron. Submit your will to me, your Lord and your God. I will guide us through the flames and through the myst of traitors to new heights. Our body is so weak, Aaron. So weak. We cannot continue this way. We need me to save us.

Simon Kalis steps back and picks up the mask, staring down at it.

Voice: Yes, Aaron. Put it on. Join with me now and we can conquer the PWA the way you truly wish to, in your heart.

Simon Kalis: What about Riona...?

Voice: Oh, don't worry about her. We know the truth about her. It may be hard for you to accept but we cannot let this hinder us any longer, your love for her must be buried Aaron.

Simon Kalis: Okay I don't love Riona Langly, first of all.

Voice: Of course you're not in love with her, but we do love her for what she is. And we need to destroy her because of this at the same time. The truth is Aaron in this final piece of the puzzle you are too weak to follow your own commands. You must let me takeover. You made the sacrafice Aaron. You knew what that meant. You have brought me to the forefront of your mind. The six sides of your spirit are in perfect balance now, Aaron. Accept me. Accept me and we can crush our enemies.

Simon Kalis: But...

Voice: Look at you. Even now the cameras stand behind you with you blissfully unaware of them exposing you for the weak boy you are. Aaron... I am in control now. And we will be the greatest Champion the PWA has ever witnessed.

Kalis holds the mask with his right hand but his left hand moves up over his face and feels the scars still healing from Summer Sizzler, the stitches still closing his wounds. He stares himself in the mirror and nods, ripping the stitches out of his face and mauling himself. His teeth clench and his face trickles with blood.

Simon Kalis: We are Lord. We are Kalis.

Voice: Yes, Aaron. Put the mask on now...

Kalis stares at the mask, the cameraman backing up frightened as he puts it on and locks it over his face. He lifts the robe over his head and stares himself in the mirror.

Simon Kalis: Nos es legio. Nos es Deus. Victoria est nostri.

Kalis stomps his foot down and salutes himself in the mirror, speaking now with the deeper and harsher voice as if it were natural. Alexis opens the door bringing clearer light into the locker room.

Alexis Sharpcraft: You ready, baby?

Kalis turns his head and nods, slowly walking towards her. He grabs her by the throat and pushes her up against the wall, lifting her body with one hand. Alexis is shocked and holds onto his hand with both of hers.

Simon Kalis: We are ready, my Queen. Come.

Kalis drops her and she coughs as she holds her throat.

Alexis Sharpcraft: Have you lost your mind, Simon?

Kalis throws his arms out, showing the leather armor over his chest and sending the cape on he back of his robe back as he steps out of the locker room. He ignores Alexis and she dusts herself off and follows him as we fade...

Simon Kalis vs Rayn

Family Feud

Jon McDaniel: Five years in the making, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Five years ago these two brothers fought in an unsanctioned death match which made everyone in the industry believe Simon Kalis was killed by a single bullet to the head. His limp body was dragged through the streets of Havana, Cuba by then fourteen year old Masakazu who was crying and holding his fathers limp head as he bled onto his arms. It was a horrific sight, as you and I both watched the tape of that match before this show aired Jon. I've never seen anything more horrific, more violent in all my life. It was too extreme for even the DRWF at the time to possibly sanction.

Jon McDaniel: The winner would be the last man breathing and Simon Kalis set his brother up for victory so he could escape his iron clad contract. Over five years later, ladies and gentlemen... Here we are.

Brian Rentfro: The blood feud ends, tonight.


Eric Emerson: The following match will be an EXTREME RULES IRON MAN MATCH match, and in honor of their DRWF roots will be for the unsanctioned ETERNAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

Brian Rentfro: ?!

Jon McDaniel: What?!

Eric Emerson: Introducing, first...

"Evolution" by korn begins to play, the bass rumbling the building as the main lights die out, leaving nothing but green lasers and green strobes going near the entrance, as gren search lights circle through the crowd. The first verse of the song beings as Rayn steps through the curtain, looking at the fans in attendance before slowly making his way to the ring. He stops at the end of the ramp, looking around for a moment before running at the ring and sliding inside under the bottom rope.

Eric Emerson: He weighs in at two hundred thirty two pounds, from Chicago Illinois, he is a seven time world heavyweight champion, The Acidic One, RAYN!

Rayn climbs a turn buckle, raising both his arms into the air and tossing up the horns to the fans before hopping back into the ring. He leans against the turn buckles, then slouches down, letting himself fall onto his ass in a sitting position against the ropes. He looks around the arena at the cheering fans and nods as he turns his attention towards the entrance ramp...

Jon McDaniel: Oh man this building is about to EXPLODE.

"Forsaken" by Disturbed begins to play over the sound systems in the arena as every light turns a bright white, nearly blinding to the cameras and the fans in the arena.

Eric Emerson: Introducing.

The lights swing violently around, panning the crowd until all of the bright lights point directly at the top of the entrance ramp leaving the rest of the arena in darkness. They flash off and loud pyros explode at the entrance ramp sending red fireworks into the air. The lights refocus on the center stage of the entrance ramp and there appears a cloaked figure, his head lowered and covered by a black hood. Alexis Sharpcraft stands behind him, smiling as she looks around. The gold championship belt shines and shimmers in the spotlight around his waist.

Eric Emerson: Accompanied to the ring by Alexis Sharpcraft, he weighs in at a total weight of one hundred and eighty five pounds and stands in at six feet three inches tall.

)You see I cannot be FORSAKEN(
)because I'm not the only ONE(
)We walk amongst you, feeding and raping(
)Must we hide from EVERYONE(

The cloaked figure raises his arms in the air and we can see he is clad in brown leather armor over his chest, with baggy black pants tucked neatly into military style black boots. His robe waves around behind him like a cape extended from his shoulders, which we can see are clasped at that mark. His mask is plated, dark red and curved almost like a mishapen upside down pyramid over his face.


There is a long horizontal slit where his eyes are but nothing else as he tilts his head back and lets his arm extend to each side. The fireworks go off again, blinding us and concealing him from view. When the myst settles it seems myst comes forth from his eyes as he now steps forward. The Eternal championship raised in his hand.

Eric Emerson: He is the Franchise and Supreme Commander of the PWA... The General of The Order of Chaos. SIMON KALIS!

Kalis stops at the front of the ring and puts his arms out once more, allowing Alexis to remove the back of his robe and cape and keep it with her as he heads into the ring. The hood seems perfectly fixed over his head as he climbs onto the apron and then to the top turnbuckle. He raises a salute, Order of Chaos style towards the crowd and jumps into the ring. He looks around, delightful to some of the young children in the crowd as he stomps and yells at all sides of the crowd. He stomps his foot down and salutes the crowd, and the entire arena stands up and salutes him back in a scene chillingly reminiscent of late 1930s Germany. He holds the Eternal title on his shoulder for a moment, patting it down as he points to Rayn. Rayn stares coldly at his brother as Kalis ands Dwayne Cross the title and he raises it for all to see, the old federation emblem scratched out and replaced with the Order of Chaos seal. Kalis places his hand over his mask and removes it, throwing it aside and letting the hood fall over his shoulders. Rayn holds his emotions back as Kalis looks around, his face pale and sickly, with his bandages gone his face is littered with scars and slashes.

Jon McDaniel: A preview of Good versus Evil, folks. The lost brother versus the fallen brother. Simon Kalis looks like he died two weeks ago and is a waking corpse. It is incredibly chilling to behold in person folks. I know it must look eerie on camera, but to be here, right now in Calgary with tens of thousands of fans on their feet saluting Simon Kalis is a sight to behold. The intensity and electricity in this building is like nothing I've ever felt. It feels like Manitoba Mayhem came early and is in Alberta, folks.

Brian Rentfro: They are the last of a dying breed, you ready for this Jon? The search is over for young Daniel! He's found Simon, and now the oldest of feuds between a brother and another will be settled. Let it begin!

DING DING DING 30:00 left

Kalis stomps his foot down and salutes his brother as Rayn circles the ring. Kalis takes large, but slow steps forward into the middle of the ring and lowers his head, clasps his hands and begins to pray. Rayn circles him intently, watching very carefully for any sudden movements. Kalis remains with his eyes closed, his hands firmly clasped as Rayn stops in his movements. Kalis' lips stop mid-prayer and his eyes slowly open with Rayn behind him. Rayn tilts his head back and observes his older brother as the crowd cheers and boos and demands action, both men remaining at a stand still. Time seems to pass in slow motion for them but forever for the fans. Finally Rayn jumps forward! Kalis spins in the air, both his legs spinning behind him in a double reverse spinning thrust kick which makes the entire audience stop and go "Whoa!". But Rayn jumps back and avoids the hits. Kalis is now stretched out, his right leg far out and his left leg back inward with one fist out and the other an open palm. He stares at the canvas as Rayn backs up and bows respectfully. Kalis looks up and nods and they explode into violence! Kalis with a thrust kick which Rayn blocks with his left knee. Rayn shoots out with a straight left palm which Kalis throws his forearm up to block. He uses his other arm to lock Rayn's free arm quickly and throws a headbutt. Rayn takes the blow easily and headbutts Simon back, which Simon takes easily as well. Their legs go into full swing as they lock their eyes on one another but attempt rising knee after thrust kick at close range on each other, each blocking the others attacks. Finally Rayn throws himself back and flips Kalis forward. Kalis frees himself off the arm lock he created and with a amazing agility lands his two feet on the middle rope. He springboards himself off the middle rope and does a corkscrew moonsault onto Rayn!

24:36 left

Jon McDaniel: I've said it before, I'll say it again. Simon Kalis, even at thirty three is probably the most agile superstar on the PWA roster today.

Brian Rentfro: We're gonna need popcorn and beer, Jon. And lots of it.

Rayn rolls away and gets to his feet, smiling. Kalis is back on his feet and throws his head forward sharply, forcing his large black hood back over his head. He readies himself into a muay thai fighting stance as Rayn responds in kind. Rayn and Kalis move in towards each other in the traditional stance. Rayn with a sharp thrust kick to Kalis' left leg lands perfectly. Kalis crinks a bit, nearly falling but maintaing his balance. Kalis snaps a thrust kick forward and Rayn raises his right leg to block it with his thigh but Kalis quickly jumps and snaps his other leg forward and lands a vicious strike into Rayn's ribcage. Rayn grimaces but smiles at his brother as both men back up and begin circling each other. Simon rushes forward and throws a left elbow chop! Rayn blocks with his right forearm, and throws his right fist forward. Kalis throws his head to the right to avoid the hit and Simon grapples Rayn quickly now. Simon with a rising knee which Rayn blocks with his own leg. Rayn pushes Simon back and hits him across the head with a spinning mule kick. Kalis spins around 180 degrees and now has his back to Rayn. Rayn rushes forward but Kalis instinctively drops to his knees. Rayn almost trips but Kalis rises up just as Rayn goes over his shoulders. Now Rayn is in the air on Kalis' shoulder and he begins pummeling away at Kalis' head. Kalis walks around holding onto his younger brother before he bounces off the ropes, letting go of Rayn sending Rayn to the outside of the ring! The back of Rayn's head smacks against the barricade seperating the wrestlers from fans and he holds his head as he lays with his back to the barricade on the outside. Kalis bounces off the other side of the ropes and comes running back full speed. Simon Kalis springboards himself off the top rope, does a 360 spin and hits a stunning moonsault onto Rayn on the outside of the ring! The crowd is on their feet!

20:12 left

Brian Rentfro: Jesus Christ.

Jon McDaniel: That was amazing, absolutely amazing!

Kalis gets to his feet and high fives a fan at front row in the obvious pro-Order of Chaos crowd here in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Kalis throws Rayn into the ring and slides in now. Rayn is slow to get to his feet and turns around slowly as Kalis begins removing the brown leather vest from his chest. Kalis chucks it to the outside and removes his mask, smiling as he stares at Rayn. Kalis chucks the mask to the outside of the ring and removes the rest of his robe to leave him standing in nothing but simple black silk pants and his black military boots. The crowd rise to their feet.


Kalis raises his arms in the air and smiles as he stares at Rayn. Rayn wastes no time but suddenly the arena lights go out. There is pitch blackness and the fans are screaming and cheering. Suddenly pyros explode from all four corners of the ring and the lights turn back and Kalis stands behind Rayn seemingly on fire as smoke rises up from his feet, "Requiem For A Dream" begins to play over the speakers as Kalis winks and throws a straight left hook into Rayn's head. Rayn stumbles forward and turns around, another left hook! Then a right! Then a thrust kick! Kalis begins to unleash a fury of strikes in quick succession, the fans on their feet and counting! Rayn throws up his arms to block it but the strikes do no stop.

Fans: 32! 33! 34!

Kalis with a spinning heel kick to the back of Rayn's knee sends him onto one knee and grimacing as he looks up at Kalis. Kalis continues to pummel Rayn non-stop until Rayn spits blood toward Kalis and stumbles back.

Fans: 44! 45!

Kalis with another thrust kick to Rayn's guts sends him bouncing off the ropes.

Fans: 46!!!

Kalis leaps back in a lethal striking position and waits for Rayn to stumble forward off the ropes! Superkick to Rayn's chin sends him spinning and to the canvas!

Fans: 47!!!!!!!!

Jon McDaniel: AK-47!!! AK-47!!!! The deadliest combo in all of sports, my friends! What an amazing lethal strike combination!

Brian Rentfro: I love how Kalis gets the guys upstairs to play music during the matches, it really adds to the epic sense of war for the fans! HAH!

Kalis drops to his knees and hooks Rayn's legs!




DING DING DING 17:42 left

Simon Kalis 1 ---- Daniel "Rayn" Kalis 0

Jon McDaniel: Simon with the first pinfall over his brother Daniel!

Suddenly from backstage comes Travis Green, Rayn's new tag team partner! Alexis Sharpcraft steps right in front of him and he comes to a stop. He seems to begin hitting on her but she slaps him across the face. Kalis stands on one of the corner turnbuckles and salutes the crowd as Rayn gets himself to his feet. Rayn bounces off the ropes on the opposite side and throws himself in the air with a missile dropkick on Simon! Simon goes flying out of the ring and crashes right through the announcers table where Jon and Brian are sitting. The two announcers jump back in shock as Kalis winces and screams in pain, splinters of wood cutting his face easily open one more time. Travis Green laughs and Alexis Sharpcraft runs over to check on Simon. She pulls him out of the wreckage and the cameras quickly pan away from him as a large chunk of wood seems to have pierced his collar bone.

Jon McDaniel: OH my GOD! Kalis is bleeding horribly here at ringside, folks! This match has to be over!

Brian Rentfro: No Jon, this is one last shout out to their heritage. This is the way of their roots. This is only going to get worse.

Alexis helps Kalis to his feet and he yanks the small piece of broken wood from his collar bone. It wasn't as bad as it initially looked but Kalis is still bleeding badly from his right shoulder as he looks up into the ring. Rayn is on the top rope with his arms raised. Simon Kalis pushes Alexis Sharpcraft out of the way as Rayn flies off with a corkscrew shooting star press making him land awkwardly on the standing Simon Kalis. Kalis crashes back into the broken table, smacking his head against Rentfro's chair and breaking Rayn's fall. Rayn has Kalis up by his neck and hits a t-bone suplex on the outside of the ring on the heavily bleeding older Kalis brother. Rayn lifts Kalis up by his neck and throws him into the ring. Rayn slides in after him as Travis Green grabs a chair from ringside and slides it into the ring. Alexis Sharpcraft sees this and grabs another chair herself. Travis looks at her and winks as if to hit on her but she swings the chair and nails Travis Green right across the head, sending him crumpling to the ground in a mess. Rayn sets the chair up in the ring then Rayn lifts Kalis up and he seems dazed, bleeding from his face and his upper body. Rayn kicks Kalis and sets him up! THE DOWNS ON THE STEEL CHAIR! Kalis' face just got destroyed by the chair and the move, the chair snapping shut over the back of his neck as Rayn smashes him face first into it and Rayn rolls him over and hooks his legs, the crowd looking on in disbelief!




DING DING DING 12:19 left

Simon Kalis 1 ---- Daniel "Rayn" Kalis 1

Jon McDaniel: Rayn ties it up in astonishing fashion, folks! He is just adding to the pile of injuries on Simon and Chamelion must be LOVING every moment of this match.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah. Kalis has been decimated over the last month.

Simon remains down in the ring and Rayn gets to his feet, coughing more blood still from the ill effects of AK-47. Alexis Sharpcraft goes beneath the ring and sets up a table on the outside, yelling that Rayn is going to get his head plowed through it. Rayn shakes his head and looks around as...


Rayn's eyes widen as he looks down at his older brother Simon who begins moving to the chant of the crowd. Simon's eyes shoot open as he uses the ropes to get himself to his feet and begins stomping his right foot down look at Rayn with fire in his eyes. Rayn backs up slightly and picks the chair up off the ground, still dented and covered in Simon's blood. Simon roars and rushes forward! CHAIRSHOT! Kalis stumbles back and laughs as the crowd keeps chanting and Kalis licks the blood off of his face and smiles at Rayn. Rayn with another chairshot on Kalis who stumbles on step back but begins wiping his blood all over his body and laughing as the crowd continues to chant GLORIOUS to keep him going. CHAIRSHOT! CHAIRSHOT! CHAIRSHOT! CHAIRSHOT! Kalis stumbles but remains standing, smacking his chest as blood trickles down his head. Rayn chucks the destroyed chair aside and bounces off the ropes and leaps forward for a body splash, but Kalis catches him and drops to a knee, back breaking force as he drops Rayn to the canvas. Kalis moves around the ring stomping and head banging as he salutes the cheering pro-Order of Chaos crowd. Alexis comes up onto the apron and he grabs her and begins passionately kissing her, getting much of his blood on her and all. She jumps back down smiling looking lke a vampire with Kalis' blood on her face. Kalis turns around and is met with a European uppercut from Rayn which sends Kalis into the ropes. Kalis jumps forward and lands a spinning neckbreaker on the canvas on Rayn though taking him down and out. Kalis mounts him and begins throwing a barrage of lefts and rights to his younger brother.

7:45 left

Jon McDaniel: Super human strength. When the fans are behind this guy he's impossible to stop. Ask The Phoenix back at Who's The Man?!

Brian Rentfro: I gotta give it to Rayn though. He sure knows how to make his brother bleed. It's like a skillset to this guy.

Rayn throws Kalis off of him and Kalis stumbles back laughing. Rayn spears Kalis into the corner turnbuckle and climbs up and begins throwing his own flurry of lefts and rights on Simon Kalis. Kalis grabs Rayn's tights by the waist and runs forward, dropping him with a sit down powerbomb. Rayn holds his back in pain as Kalis gets to his feet and picks him up. Travis Green is up on the outside but Alexis takes the Eternal title from ringside and smacks him across the head again as he goes for a titty grab on her. Kalis whips Rayn into the turnbuckle. He lifts Rayn up onto his back and has him ready, the entire crowd knowing full well whats coming. Alexis moves the table on the outside so Kalis has a clear path. Kalis stands on the top turnbuckle with Rayn facing the outside of the ring upside down in his arms. Kalis begins walking sideways across the top rope with incredible balance. But Kalis drops down, he bounces Rayn's neck off the top rope, throws his feet and body back and springboards himself with Rayn over the top rope and lands Sentencing of the Damned on Rayn through the table! Both Simon and Daniel "Rayn" Kalis are in a crumpled heap on the outside of the ring and the crowd is going nuts.

5:00 left

Jon McDaniel: .... That was a career ending move, folks. Neither man is moving.

Brian Rentfro: Jesus...

Alexis checks on Simon and pulls him out of the wreck bleeding profusely. Travis does the same with Rayn and Rayn had his face slashed by broken wood from the table and is bleeding fairly badly himself. Kalis is helped to his feet by Alexis and he stumbles forward, yelling at Travis Green to back up. Green seems shocked and complies as Simon picks up Rayn and throws him into the ring. Kalis slides in and throws himself over Rayn.




DING DING DING 3:56 left

Simon Kalis 2 ---- Daniel "Rayn" Kalis 1

Simon rolls away and remains breathing heavily on the canvas as Masakazu comes running out to ringside. He clotheslines Travis Green to the ground out of no where and Alexis hands Masa the championship belt. Masa slides in and lifts his father up in his arms, handing him the title as the time winds down in the match. Kalis raises it and the crowd cheers, saluting him as they do so. Simon whispers something to Masa and he nods, sliding out of the ring and joining Alexis Sharpcraft at ringside. Kalis leans against the turnbuckle in a corner, strapping his old Eternal title around his waistline and patting his "Kalis" nameplate. Travis Green moves near Rayn and slides something shiny into the ring to Daniel "Rayn" Kalis. Rayn takes it and uses the ropes to get to his feet. Kalis looks at Rayn, with tears swelling his eyes and a proud smile forming on his face. Rayn stands up and immediately points Simon's old Golden Desert Eagle at him, cocking the very weapon Rayn used in Cuba against Simon. Kalis smiles as he stares at Rayn. Rayn uses his free hand to pull his long blonde hair back, his face covered in blood as he too smiles.

1:00 left

Jon McDaniel: To think Simon hasn't brought any weapons or guns to a PWA show since Sizzler and now look.

Brian Rentfro: This match is over anyways! Simon wins you sissy boy loser!

Kalis steps forward, stumbling now. He extends his arms out as Alexis seems ready to jump in but Masa smiles and shakes his head no. Rayn smiles and puts the gun into his belt on his waist as Kalis bows.

:45 seconds left

Kalis goes for an imaginary sword at his side and unsheathes it. He holds it out as if it exists before him and the crowd can't believe what they're seeing.

Brian Rentfro: Hey! HEY! We've seen this once before!

Kalis turns the "invisible" sword towards himself and looks at Rayn, mouthing "I love you, brother" to him as he drives the invisible sword into his chest. Kalis spits blood out of his mouth on purpose and stumbles forward, falling to his knees and then onto his back in the middle of the ring. Rayn walks up to him and looks down, as Kalis smiles while closing his eyes. Rayn falls to his knees and covers Simon Kalis.

:10 seconds left




DING DING DING :7 seconds left

Simon Kalis 2 ---- Daniel "Rayn" Kalis 2

The crowd counts down the seconds...

Fans: 3! 2! 1! ZERO!


"2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted" by 2Pac and Snoop Dogg begins to play as the crowd erupts into cheers and salutes towards the ring. Simon Kalis and Rayn are standing and they embrace in the middle of the ring, white flashes from the camera over the arena nearly blinding.

Brian Rentfro: The Brothers! They're REUNITED BABY! YEAH! YEAH!

Jon McDaniel: What?! Was this all just another... Another Deception by The Order?!

Kalis unstraps the Eternal title and puts it over Rayns chest. And after five years, Rayn hands the golden desert eagle back to Simon Kalis. Masakazu and Alexis as well as Travis Green all slide into the ring, all of them embracing in the ring.

Eric Emerson: This match shall be ruled... A DRAW!

Kalis grabs the microphone from Emerson as he quickly slides out of the ring. Kalis places his original golden gun into his waistline and holds Rayn close to him, smiling.

Simon Kalis: Welcome home brother! Welcome to The Order! Welcome home, brother!

Kalis throws the microphone down and they hug once more in the ring and they raise each others hands as the crowd salutes them.... Rayn breaks the embrace with a smile as he picks up the microphone and taps it a couple of times.

Rayn: Dearest brother, to celebrate this momentous occasion, I have brought a GIFT for you!

Simon looks to be a bit non-plussed as Rayn points to the entranceway... Coming through the entranceway are Lucious Starr and Bronx Williams, and they are dragging along a figure, who has been bound and gagged... The light shines down on the duo as they make their way down the ramp and we see that it is the PWA World Champion, Riona Langly, who they are dragging along. Simon seems a bit pale as he backs away from the scene and out of the ring.

Rayn: You wish for me and Beta to handle this Simon?

Simon says nothing as he slides out of the ring, Alexis following him with a small look of concern on her face as Bronx and Lucious dump Riona on the apron and roll her into the ring. Starr slides in and grins, asking for and being given the mic by Rayn.

Starr: I told you Riona, that this wasn't over. You're right, I need to do things for myself for a change... And for your good advice, you're going to be the first person to feel the wrath of the new Lucious Starr...

Riona screams at Starr through her gag as from out of the back rushes Johnny Maverick... He doesn't get far down the entrance ramp before he is stopped by a hoarde of FANS of the Order climbing over the barricade. Johnny tries to push his way through the crowd as Lucious bitchslaps Riona with a backhand and sets her up before driving her into the mat with the Hell's Wrath! Riona's night is far from over as Starr picks up the mic once more, spitting in Riona's face before motioning to Bronx.

Starr: Bronx, if you would.

Bronx Williams looks down at Riona, and then at Starr, and shakes his head before pulling the defenseless champion up and punishing her with the Salvation. Duff Cote d'Ivoire and Jethro Hayes join Maverick as he is pushed back by the ever growing crowd of Order loyalists blocking the path into the ring. Simon shakes his head from the crowd, looking on the display with Alexis by his side, looking thoughtful and worried as Riona takes a few more of Starr's fists before she is thrown into Masakazu's direction, who kicks her in the gut and positions her for the MASA DRIVER!

Starr: Riona, I told you that this was going to happen. I told you that the Order would reign supreme, that the fans would decide your fate!

Lucious grabs Riona by the hair and drags her over to the ropes, slapping her to make her look at the Order of Chaos loyalist fans crowding and surrounding the ring, keeping out the calvery, with Spykeman! now adding his superhero strength to wade through the mess of people.

Starr: They love us Riona, they worship us, they are devoted to us, and through their strength, we are Gods... You stand alone, and now you cannot even stand, can you! Rayn! The Penultimate Assault please!

Dragging Riona by her hair over to Rayn and Travis, Starr and Bronx help lift Riona's dead weight up to her feet so Rayn can deliver unto her the Epiphany! The Order supporting crowd cheers as Riona is hammered with finisher after finisher...

Starr: Stand with us Riona, or fall to your knees in front of the power of the Order.

Starr removes the gag from Riona's mouth so she can answer... seemingly unnoticed, Simon turns his back on the display.

Riona: Fuck you Starr... You're going wish you were dead when she gets her hands on y-

Riona is cut off as Starr bitchslaps her again. Reinserting the gag, Starr looks to the corner and then to the vacant announce table... Pointing to it, the Order loyalists around it begin to remove the monitors and speakers, leaving it barren as Starr plants Riona into the mat with another DDT. Moving over the top rope, Starr climbs up and motions for Riona to be brought to him. With the help of the Order members, Starr gets Riona's dead weight on his shoulders...


Riona lies in a heap of broken refuge as Starr stands on the top rope, looking down on Riona with distain as the Order breaks up, moving through the crowd and disappearing as security, medics, and the calvery finally break through the crowd of people... And it is with the image of the broken Champion that we fade out...

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