World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

Air Date: October 24th, 2008

The scene opens to Eli Storm sitting in the offices of PWA Chaos. Storm is dressed to the T as he is finally back on Chaos TV. Storm grins and waves the cameras closer to him. He clears his voice and speaks to the fan.

Storm: Yes, yes, yes…finally after all the e-mails and calls, “The Head of Chaos” has returned. And I’m back in charge of the show that I made the best on TV. And now once again I have returned to once again big the show back to the heights that I brought it to the first time. With that being said, I’m going to introduce some new elements to Chaos. So I hope you are ready for a long ride. Because I’m starting the engine now!!!

Storm pushes the camera out of the way and it automatically fades to an empty ring. In the ring you see all of the PWA Championships. The picture begins to go into static. AS the static slowly fades you see the Guy Fawke mask. As the cameras pull back, the mask slowly slips off and hits the ground and lands face up. The camera follows the mask down, not paying attention to who the mask fall off of.

Wrestler: “The Talent Is A Lie…Everything is a Gimmick…”

Suddenly you can hear the dragging drums and samples of Smashing Pumpkins’ “The Beginning IS The End Is The Beginning”.

' Send a heartbeat to…'

"The Viper" Hunter Sullivan is seen powerbombing someone and quickly wrapping them up in the Texas Cloverleaf. You can see the person tapping wildly as he leans back.

' The void that cries through you…'

The next clip you see are of The Farm and Harm Express are seen warming up in the mirror. In front of them lay the PWA Tag Team Titles.

‘ Relive the pictures that have come to pass…'

The next scene is of Riona Langly taping her fist as the IC Title sits on her duffle bag. She looks down at the belt and then at her image in the mirror before cutting the tape..

' For now we stand alone…'

The song picks up, the camera returns to normal, and a steady drumbeat plays. Letters slowly begin to display themselves on the black screen.

PWA…C. H. A. O. S.

' The world is lost and blown…'

The letters crumble away to the image of Viktor Stone punishing a punching bag in a empty gym, with all types of strikes.

' And we are flesh and blood disintegrate…'

Now we see both Scottie Snow and Jacob Figgins, both men with their respective TV and Grizzly Beer Championships.

' With no more to hate…'

The picture of each PWA Champion flashes before the screen and rest on the picture of Scott Nash Strader holding the PWA World Title to his chest as the last line of the first verse echoes and the PWA Logo appears. The screen switches to the announce table and shoots all over the arena as the crowd goes nuts. Pyros shoot all over the arena as the cameras shoot to the announce table. Rayne and Richard Bennett are both there shuffling through some papers getting ready to call the show.

Jamie Flynn vs El Rey

In a match up that had a slow build, it was former PWA Tag Team Champion, El Ray that took the first steps in getting the match to go his way. But current champion, Flynn is able to fight back and get the upperhand. But El Rey goes to the well one too many times allowing Jamie Flynn to pick up the win in this contest of skill.

WINNER: Jamie Flynn

When The Beast Comes

Bennett: Rayne, there’s a limo pulling up into the garage.

Rayne: Richard, you’ve been here for a while now. There are always a limo pulling up. What’s the surprise.

Bennett: Well, don’t you want to know who is in it?

The driver steps out and walks over to the passenger door and opens it. Immediately we see a pair of Timberland boots hit the concrete. Out steps "The Beast" Viktor Stone with a bag around his right shoulder. You can hear the crowd in the arena roar in approval as he scoffs and walks inside the building.

Bennett: Viktor Stone has arrived.

Rayne: In a limo…must be trying to feel good after losing out on his World Title shot.

As Viktor walks into the building, PWA interviewer Toshi Wang walks up to him.

Toshi Wang: Excuse me, Viktor?

Viktor: ...What?

Toshi Wang: I know you have a match coming up on Rampage, but people want to know why did you pull out of your World Title match?

Viktor Stone: You mean, it isn’t plain to see?

Toshi Wang: Uhm…well…you see….

Viktor Stone: Lil' Toshi...I busted my ass to earn that title shot. I fought night in and night out! One on one, I earned my moment. The PPV was supposed to be my moment, and my moment alone. And it was given away. Robinson allowed it to be handed to someone else. That was mine. My spot and mine alone. So when I saw that my spot was going to be shared, it pissed me off. SNS didn’t have to defend the title 4 weeks straight in order to get the match, I did. And I should have had to share it with anyone. If SNS wanted a shot, they could of given it to him at the next show. He could have been the next big defense. And it was easily given away. So I took myself out of the match, You deny me my match, so I denied the Front Office’s plans for a match. And I see you with that look on your face. Worse comes to worse, I can and will earn another title shot. But the way I see it. Just like Scotty, I’m owed and I will get what I’m owe. And until then…I do what I want…when I want!

Bennett: Looks like Stone isn’t happy with the events of the PPV.

Duff Cote d'Ivoire vs Showtime

This was a great back and forth match up that had the two men digging into their arsenal. Showtime, still reeling from his TV Title lost showed off great skill and used his veteran skills to keep Duff on his heels. But it was a last minute burst of energy from Duff that enabled him to get the pin.


Jethro Hayes vs Nuke Fusion

The other half of the Tag Team Champions is in showing tonight against Fusion who is looking for the big win. Hayes uses his strength and sneaky speed to push Nuke to his limits. Nuke though is able to counter with some will place moves to slow up the champion. After a brutal back and forth exchange Hayes is able to pull Fusion into his finisher and getting the pin.

WINNER: Jethro Hayes

The lights in the arena die again, replaced by the glow of the ADC-Tron as the infamous burning PWA logo appears before falling off-screen. Rain then pours from gutters of apartment buildings down into the litter-filled alley below, steam rising from the sewer grates. The Man walks into view, his features hidden from the glowing streetlamps by a well-placed dumpster, turning him into little more than a silhouette.

Man: ...Good Vs. Evil...a name so fitting for when rapture shall come...

The Man steps into the light, revealing him to be wearing a dark gray Capone hat, a white mask with symmetrical black designs on either side, an old beige trenchcoat, and a pair of worn beige slacks.

Man: ...fear not, children...the sins of the many shall be cleansed...rapture is coming...

Scottie Snow vs 'Lion Rage' Jack James

Television Title Match

Lion Rage’ Jack James is standing in the ring, staring blankly at the stage awaiting the entrance of his opponent.

Rayne: You know, I'm starting to like this James guy.

Bennett: He is an impressive wrestler.

Rayne: No, that's not it.

"You Know You're Right" by Nirvana starts to play and Showtime comes out and slides into the ring and stands next to Colin Peterson, handing him an index card. Peterson looks uncertain, but Showtime looms over him threateningly.

Colin Peterson: And his opponent, from Beaverton, MI... weighing in at 295 pounds... SCOTTIE "THE PRANCER" SNOW!!

The familiar intro of the Pink Panther theme starts to play as the arena lights dim slightly. Scottie ?The Panther? Snow runs out to the top of the entrance ramp, does a bad kung fu pose, then high tails it to the ring.

Bennett: Scottie Snow is our TV champion. Who would ever thought that we would ever say anything like that.

Rayne: Yeah, but here is the kicker, what if he defends that title 3 times in a row and gets a shot at the PWA World Championship.

Scottie turns, but is almost decapitated by James who roars in with a clothesline. Scottie drops to the mat and is immediatley set upon as Jack puts the boot in, beating Scottie towards the ropes. Scottie tries to get up, but can only get back to his feet when James pulls him up. The sensation of standing up soon ends as James hooks Scottie up and slams him to the mat with a snap suplex. Keeping his arms locked on Snow, James rolls through and delivers a second snap suplex and attempts a third, only for Scottie to start fighting back by punching James in the gut with repeated shots.

Bennett: James was wearing Scottie out with those multiple suplexes, but now Scottie is fighting back.

James finally let’s go of Scottie and is now staggering holding his midsection. Scottie then charges in and nails James with a Lou Thez Press, with Scottie landing on top of him and now delivering mounted punches.

Bennett: Look at Scottie go! Winning the title could be the boost he needs to redefine his career.

Rayne: Well, as long as someone beats the hell outta someone, I'm happy.

Scottie gets off of James and drags him up. James is whipped into the ropes, but he rebounds and hits Scottie with a knee to the gut. James goes to grab him, but Scottie counters out, swinging behind James and delivering a german suplex with a bridging pin.

Bennett: German suplex from Snow. He must of gained that from training with Stone!



Rayne: Get back at him, Jack! I want to see Scottie suffer!

Bennett: Are you really happy with your life, Rayne?

Rayne: What? Of course. Didn’t you see the picture I took with your mother?

Scottie and James lock up in the middle of the ring. James tries to suplex Snow, but Scottie counters and drops behind him. He tries to take James down with a crucifix, but James has enough power to stay on his feet. Scottie rolls off and hits the ropes. Scottie comes off with a crossbody, but James catches him and nails a fallaway slam. James drops down and locks in a triangle choke as the crowd cheers. Scottie quickly reaches the ropes and the referee starts a 5 count, warning James to break the hold, which he does on about 4 and a half.

Bennett: If I was Scottie Snow, I would try to get this match over with as quickly as I can.

Rayne: I you were Scottie Snow, the match would be over.

Bennett: Hey, I know a little about wrestling.

James pulls Scottie up and gets behind for what looks to be a belly to back suplex.

Rayne: Well, allow me to farther your wrestling experience by telling you if James nails this then we have a new champion!

James tries to hit the move, but Scottie is struggling and manages to block it. James spins Scottie around and attempts a kick that Scottie blocks, then turns into a hard t-bone suplex.

Bennett: Scottie takes a page out of Stone's playbook! What a t-bone suplex and just when it looked like James was ready to put him away!

Scottie rolls over and covers Dawson.



Bennett: Another near fall!

Scottie waits for James to make his way back up to a vertical base. James stands, looking slightly unsteady on his feet. Scottie hits a kick to the gut and goes for the Panther Bomb. James however manages wiggle off Scottie shoulders and shoves Scottie away and face first into the turnbuckle. Scottie bounces out and stumbles straight back into James. James lifts Scottie high into the air and holds him in a inverted suplex position for several seconds. After about 8, he drops Scottie with a vicious impact onto the top rope.

Bennett: That’s known to some fans as the Hangman Suplex. And it looks like Jack thinks it’s enough to win the belt!

Rayne: That's more like it!



Bennett: It wasn't enough, Scottie got his shoulder up!

Rayne: DAMN IT!!! Do it again!

James pulls Scottie up and whips him into the ropes, hitting him with an impressive tilt-a-whirl slam as Scottie comes back. Scottie takes the fall badly, but manages to get back up soon enough. James follows him up with a series of blows to the chest and head. James goes to whip Scottie again, but Scottie counters yanking James towards him and into release northern lights suplex. James spends a few moments on the canvas before trying to get up. Scottie dropkicks him in the face, leaving James lying before he heads up to the top rope with the fans somewhat behind him.

Bennett: High risk move right here!

Rayne: Get up Jack... actually maybe he should stay down, who knows what that idiot Scottie Snow will do?

Scottie is perched patiently on the top turnbuckle as he waits for James to get back to his feet. Eyes glazed over, Jack gets back up and slowly stumbles 180 degrees to face Snow. As soon as he's in position Scottie dives off looking for a crossbody press. He hits the move, but James catches him in his arms. But James can barely hold him as he's staggering back with Scottie in his arms and he staggers straight back into the ropes as he dumps Scottie over his head, over the top rope and to the ringside floor.

Crowd: OHHHHH!

Bennett: Scottie went looking for a crossbody, but ended up being thrown out of the ring!

Rayne: James barely caught The Panther and barely got him over the top rope. But he did, and Scottie Snow hit the ground face first!

James bides his time in the ring while Scottie tries to recover on the outside. It's only when Scottie starts moving that James leans over the ropes to inspect his opponent, giving Scottie the opportunity to take advantage and hangman him on the top rope. Scottie slides into the ring as James stumbles backwards, struggling for air. Scottie hits a kick to the gut, followed by the Panther Bomb.

Bennett: Panther Bomb! Panther Bomb!

Rayne: Aw no!

Scottie crawls across and makes a cover.

ONE ...

TWO ...

Bennett: James got a foot on the bottom rope! He escapes after Snow's finisher.

Rayne: That was Scottie’s main move and it wasn't enough to get the job done!

Scottie looks to the heavens in disbelief, thinking he had the match won. He goes back to work on Jack, stomping him in the back a few times, before heading to the second rope. Scottie jumps off and nails a driving elbow drop to James. He looks to crowd and signals for another Panther Bomb. He nods and pulls James back up. He goes to kick him, but James catches his foot and pulls Scottie into a hard cradle suplex.

Bennett: Scottie went for his finisher again, but this time James saw it coming!

Rayne: Scottie is running out of ideas here, it's only a matter of time until James finishes him off!

James gets back to his feet and he pulls Scottie up, hitting him with a few hard shots to the head before suplexing him again. James looks set to end the match, picking up Scottie's leg wrapping around his neck. Both arms are placed on it, one at the knee, the other at the ankle, keeping it in place. He lifts them into the air, in the move called the stretch muffler, before sitting back down in a variation of the half crab.

Bennett: Scottie is in trou-... what's he doing here?!

To everyone’s surprise, Viktor Stone has made his way down the aisle Scottie is fighting back the pain from the submisson. James has it locked in tightly as Stone watches on in amusement. Scottie tries to claw his way to the ropes as Viktor is shaking his head in disapproval. Scottie finally makes it to the ropes and the referee is giving James the five count to break the hold. Stone, seeing his window of opportunity, waits for the ref to check on Scottie. Jack makes the mistake of having his head too close to the ropes. Stone grabs Snow’s TV Title and blasts Jack in the head. The referee doesn't even notice his interference as he turns around and sees Stone pointing to a laid out Jack James. Snow quickly drops down on top of Jack for the pin.

Bennett: Damn that Viktor Stone!




Bennett: All because of Viktor Stone... and it doesn't look like he's done!

As the referee raises Jack hand in victory, Stone slides into the ring and just stares at Snow. Snow goes to shakes Stone’s hand and Viktor just shakes his head. He yells something at Scottie before dropping down and leaving the ring. The camera follows Stone as he makes his way up the rampway as Snow stands in the ring. When the camera cuts back the TV champ, Showtime is standing behind him. Showtime taps Snow on the shoulder, Snow spins around, sees Showtimes, and runs out of the ring, up the ramp.

Showtime: Thats what you have to offer Robinson? A bunch of wrestlers who run and prance? You started a war with me, but I think you brought a bunch of flowers to the fight. (he throws down the mic and walks back to the back without even smiling)


Backstage, Scottie Snow finally starts to slow down, looking over his shoulder and he literally runs into President Robisnon.

President Robinson: Whoa, Scottie, where's the fire?

Scottie Snow: Its Showtime, Rob. He...he was going to attack me!

President Robinson: And you were running?

Scottie Snow: Old habits, I guess. Look, I'm sick of him, Rob. He made the ring announcer call me "The Prancer" and then chased me off! But why does he think he's so great, anyway? I mean, I beat him!

President Robinson just smiles and walks away.