World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Blackhawk Down!

Jon McDaniel: Welcome everyone, To Manitoba Mayhem 2010!

Brian Rentfro: Yeah! Look at all these fans on their feet in anticipation of their heroes in the Order of Chaos coming to take power! Right here, where the story all began a year ago this night!

Jon McDaniel: The roof to the building is open and it's a beautiful, starry night here in Winnipeg, Manitoba as we get set to start things off.

Suddenly the arena lights dim and the crowd goes silent. We can hear the sound of helicopters overhead and "Seizure of Power" by Marilyn Manson- the official Order of Chaos theme song in the PWA begins to play over the speakers. Suddenly spotlights hit, and they're coming from the sky.

Jon McDaniel: Oh Lord...

Brian Rentfro: Hey those are blackhawk helicopters! Three of them!

Travis Green and Bronx Williams rappel down into the arena from the center-left chopper to the cheers of the fans, while Rayn and Masakazu rappel down from the center right chopper. The fans are on their feet as Lucious Starr and Simon Kalis finally rappel down into the ring from the center Blackhawk and pyros explode as they hit the ring. They salute the crowd and all of the men stand in the ring and look around at their adoring audience.

Jon McDaniel: Even with the departure of Corey Lazarus, Jethro Hayes, Xan Vaxman and Kalis' own daughter Maya... It seems like the Order manages to maintain a strong force.

Lucious Starr: Tonight, my subjects... my friends... my brothers and sisters of the Order. Tonight, we have much to celebrate. The Prodigal Son has returned to our midst in the form of Daniel “Rayn” Kalis. After years of pain and suffering, looking for revenge, our brother has learned to forgive and has come into his greater calling. All Hail the Son, Daniel Kalis!


Lucious Starr: Furthermore, Rayn tonight has the pleasure of fulfilling two necessities in one night. The elimination of the Southern Hypocrite, Jethro Hayes...

Crowd: BOO!!

Lucious Starr: And along with this achievement, Rayn brings the Order one step closer to our destinies: The World Heavyweight Championship under the Order’s hold. Bringing the highest honor of this business to the threshold in which it belongs. All Hail the Son, Rayn Kalis!


The Order takes in the adoration, Lucious waiting for the crowd to settle before continuing.

Lucious Starr: Tonight rings a most crucial time for the Pioneer Wrestling Association. The evil being known as the Chamelion has set his sights on dismantling the Order, and thus has poisoned the mind of a legend to turn against that which is righteous and good. Randall Moran, of the legendary Moran Clan, has had this status tainted as a result of the lies and deceit spewed from the mouth of Mark Sommers. Tonight, as a result of this deception, Randall Moran must be laid to waste, an innocent civilian casualty in this war. Randall, I offer you my condolences. With any luck, Lord Kalis and I will manage to beat enough common sense into your mind to reverse the heinous effects of Chamelion’s mind tricks. Surely you will understand that the Order has only the best in mind for the PWA. Unfortunately, Mark Sommers is a completely different story.

Lucious pauses, the crowd chanting as the Order surveys the audience.

Crowd: PWA! PWA! PWA! PWA!

Lucious raises the mic, a few other members calling for silence.

Lucious Starr: Chamelion, you have done yourself a sore misdeed by aligning yourself against us. Lord Simon Kalis and I stand for the advancement of this grand establishment, the progression of the Pioneer Wrestling Association as the grandest of federations. And yet, even as someone who should be looking out for the best interests of these halls, you attempt to stand in the way of our progress. Just when the Order finds the chance to pull the PWA into the ranks it once held, the greatness it had lost over all these years, you wish to stop us and keep the PWA in the mediocre. Tonight, Chamelion, you learn what it means to feel loss. Tonight, Chamelion, Lord Simon Kalis and King Lucious Starr will defeat you and Randall Moran, take total control of the PWA, and plunge this federation into the depths of greatness. Tonight, Lord Kalis and I enter this ring as athletes, as wrestlers, and exit as gods within this business. Tonight, the Order of Chaos will reign supreme as the new rulers of this federation. Tonight, my brethren, we will celebrate in the glory that comes when greatness is finally bestowed upon the deserving. All Hail!

Rayn, Bronx, Masakazu, and Crowd: The Order of Chaos!!

Lucious bows before his friend, Lord Simon Kalis, before handing him the mic. The two embrace, Lucious listening intently to his partner’s words.

Simon Kalis: Ladies and gentlemen... Please give it up one more time for the great and masterful Lucious Starr!

Kalis points to Starr and smirks as the crowd jump to their feet and cheer.

Simon Kalis: I am... Somber, tonight. It is a most serious occassion. An event like no other ever seen in the PWA. This night, Mark Sommers falls.

Kalis smirks as the crowd cheers those words.

Simon Kalis: I think Lucious said everything best... There is no doubt who will have absolute control at the end of this night. And then, our Order shall bring you all into a new era of the PWA that will last a generation!

Kalis clenches his fist as he raises it, the entire crowd eating up every word.

Simon Kalis: I fade away... And throw the torch to the next one, with gleaming spirit.

Kalis drops the microphone and The Order salutes the crowd as "Seizure of Power" begins to play again.

Brian Rentfro: What an entrance! Something EPIC comes this way tonight folks!

Jon McDaniel: The future of this company is at stake... Go Chamelion Go!

The Spykeman vs The Phoenix vs Cody Bogard vs Bronx Williams

PWA Intercontinental Title Gauntlet Match

Eric Emerson: The following match is the beginning contest in the Pioneer Wrestling Association Intercontinental Gauntlet match...

Eric Emerson: Now introducing from the Red Hook district of Brooklyn, N.Y.

The roaming guitar riff of Filter's 'Hey Man Nice Shot' fills the air as the camera first pans to the walkway. Noticing nobody is coming down it finally pans into the crowd where it settles on the front row.

'I wish I wouldve met you
Now its a little late
What you couldve taught me
I couldve saved some face
They think that your early ending
Was all wrong'

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at 6'4", 245lbs of vicious intent...

A hooded figure is seen standing up. As he pushes his hood back, the crowd sees that it is Bronx Williams. Bronx steps over the guard railing and just stares at the ring.

'Was all wrong
For the most part theyre right
But look how they all got strong
Thats why I say hey man nice shot
What a good shot man'

Eric Emerson: He is BRONX WILLIAMS!!!!

Bronx slides under the bottom ring ropes before pushing himself back into the corner. He sits there staring up at the ref until the match starts.

Thing of Beauty by Hothouse Flowers begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and green pyros flare from the ring posts. The Phoenix and the Smoking Leprechaun walk out to the entrance ramp and head to the ring.

Ding Ding

Jon McDaniel: There’s the bell, this one’s under way.

Bronx charges at the much smaller Robinson, but Rob quickly side steps. The two square up and Robinson begins slowly bob and weaving. He fires a couple of quick jabs that barely glance off Bronx's head. Bronx charges in again, but Robinson side steps once more, this time spinning in behind his opponent and grabbing him with a reverse waist lock. Bronx tries to spin out, but Phoenix's grip is tight. Robinson finally realizes the hold, but not before sneaking in a knee and two low kicks to Bronx's upper thigh.

Jon McDaniel: Robinson seems content to use his speed advantage here in the early going.

Bronx charges in for a third time, this time grabbing Robinson in a collar and elbow tie up. The two jockey for position, but Bronx easily wins out and begins backing Robinson into the corner. Once there he fires three huge forearms into Rob’s chest. He backs out for a moment then dives back in with a massive clothesline. Robinson staggers out of the corner. Like an enormous cat Bronx springs out of the corner and levels Robinson with another clothesline.

Brian Rentfro: Phoenix's speed is no match for the raw power of Bronx, he'll have to use his cunning as well.

Bronx pulls Robinson to his feet and fires him to the far corner. He follows closely behind and drives a knee into his opponent’s stomach. Before Robinson can gather himself Bronx drives two forearms into his lower back. Robinson falls to one knee and Bronx locks on a side headlock. After a few seconds Robinson falls flat to the canvas; Bronx cinches the hold tighter. The referee leans in, but Robinson isn’t close to finished.

Jon McDaniel: The crowd starting to get behind Robinson here.

Brian Rentfro: That’s worth about as much as a three dollar hooker in a ‘no herpes contest’ with Riona Langly the head judge.

Jon McDaniel: You’re disgusting.

Robinson manages to fight to his knees, and then to his feet. He drives two elbows into Bronx’s gut, but the behemoth refuses to let go. Robinson reels back and drives a third elbow into Bronx’s gut and finally his grip loosens. Robinson winds up in an attempt to fire another elbow, but Bronx beats him to the punch and drives a knee into the side of his head. Robinson collapses to the canvas, clutching his head. Bronx bounces off of the ropes and drops an elbow across the back of Rob’s neck. He lifts Robinson wounded body up and cinches in a bear hug.

Jon McDaniel: I hate to say it, but this could be it for Robinson.

Brian Rentfro: He’s got it locked on in the centre of the ring Jon.

Bronx begins yanking Robinson back and forth. Robinson is writhing in agony, but manages to push Bronx’s jaw to the side causing the jerking motion to cease. Robinson slams a forearm into Bronx’s throat causing the bear to release his ‘hug’. Robinson falls back into the ropes and then charges at Bronx. Robinson falls to his knees, dropping a shoulder into Bronx's knee. Robinson runs behind Bronx, bouncing off the far ropes, and then drives another shoulder into Bronx, this time into the back of his knee. Bronx drops to one knee.

Jon McDaniel: Robinson starting to turn the tide!

Robinson bounces off the ropes again, this time slamming his boot into Bronx's skull. Robinson aids Bronx to his feet, and then fires numerous strikes into the head and body of Bronx. The large man drops to his hands and knees. Robinson bounces off of the ropes again and runs through Bronx with a running knee. Robinson rolls his opponent over for the cover.

Jon McDaniel: One! Two! Oh, almost; Bronx not through yet.

Bronx rolls to the outside to regain his composure and Robinson seems content to let him do so. After a seven count Bronx rolls back into the ring. Robinson allows him to get to his feet, cleanly. The crowd cheers in approval of his sportsmanship. The two lean in for a collar and elbow tie up, but at the last second Bronx thumbs Robinson in the eye. He gets a warning, but then drives five straight right hands into Rob'shead. Blinded by the thumb, Robinson is unable to avoid the strikes. The smaller man backs into the ropes. Bronx lifts his leg and buries his right boot into Rob'sthroat. Using the top rope for support and leverage Bronx refuses to release the illegal choke. Bronx finally lowers his foot and Robinson slumps to the mat, clutching his throat and coughing something fierce.

Jon McDaniel: Bronx is exercising a very slow and measured pace. He’s done his homework and has Robinson right where he wants him.

Bronx lifts Robinson to feet and drives him back to the mat with a scoop slam. Once more he lifts the shorter man to his feet, this time he holds onto Rob'shair and pulls his head between his knees.

Jon McDaniel: Oh my God! Piledriver!
Bronx falls on his opponent for the cover.

Jon McDaniel: No! Kick out at two and a half by Phoenix!

Bronx seems agitated at the slow count, but the referee was out of position and only explains his case once. Bronx rolls Robinson onto his stomach and then stands upright. He backs into the ropes and uses the added moment to send himself air born. He falls with his massive leg draped across Rob'sneck.

Brian Rentfro: This has been a very one sided affair Hewson. Rob Rob'sback and neck have been completely pulverized.

Jon McDaniel: Don’t ever count Rob Robinson out, he has a warrior’s spirit.

Bronx lifts Robinson to his feet once more. This time he fires his opponent into the far corner, smashing his back into the turnbuckles. Bronx charges in after him, but is met with a desperation back elbow. The blow barely stuns Bronx as he moves forward again. And again Robinson delivers an elbow. Robinson seizes the moment and hops onto the second rope. He leaps off and spikes Bronx in the top of the head with an elbow. The big man staggers, but does not go down.
Robinson grabs Bronx by the hair and delivers a picture perfect standing dropkick that only serves to wobble his opponent. Robinson squares up with Bronx, in a fighting stance, and then begins driving assorted angled punches and kicks that ricochet off of every inch of Bronx's body. The large man still refuses to go down. Robinson backs off a bit and then charges at Bronx's midsection. He drags his large opponent to the mat with a spear takedown. Once mounted he begins raining blows down upon Bronx's exposed face. The referee admonishes Robinson for the closed hand blows and Robinson begs off.
The big man rolls to his knees and then staggers to his feet, unfortunately his back is to Phoenix. Robinson runs at Bronx and seems to run up his back. He grabs a handful of hair and falls back, making sure the full force of Bronx's weight smash across his bent knees. Robinson hangs onto the hair and pulls Bronx close. He scissors his legs around Bronx's midsection and cinches on a reverse headlock.

Brian Rentfro: The big man is gasping for air!

Jon McDaniel: This could be it!

Bronx's arms flail for the ropes, but he can’t quite reach them. He tries to roll out of the hold, but Rob'sgravity is centered perfectly. Bronx tries to muscle out and manages to push Rob'sarm so it is no longer across his neck, but instead is over the chin. The two struggle for the advantage. But Robinson breaks the hold and scores two short punches to Bronx's exposed face. He quickly spins to his feet, beating Bronx to the advantage. He fires two sharp kicks that drive Bronx into the corner.
Robinson fires a sharp right hand, but is blocked by Bronx. Bronx grabs Robinson around the head and throws him into the turnbuckle. After slamming Robinson with rights and lefts he backs out into the centre of the ring playing to the crowd. The crowd boos incessantly.

Jon McDaniel: There is no love lost between these fans and that man.

Robinson staggers out of the corner and Bronx buries his boot in Rob'sgut. He pulls the smaller man between his knees and motions to the crowd that this is the end. Bronx hoists Robinson into the air and flips him into jacknife position.

Jon McDaniel: Robinson fighting to break free!
Robinson slides down Bronx's back… and locks on a KATA-HAJIME!

Jon McDaniel: Bronx may be done here!

Brian Rentfro: Bronx is a big man with a ton of stamina, but Phoenix is cunning... oh who to pull for?!

Bronx struggles to break the hold but Robinson slams his heel into the back of Bronx knee and drops the big man to his knees. As Bronx continues to struggle Robinson leans forward and mounts Bronx in a camel clutch-esque maneuver.

Brian Rentfro: What the hells is that?

Jon McDaniel: This may be a new hold from Robinson.

A look of pure agony washes over Bronx's face, but the big man actually starts to stir to his feet, using pure adrenalin. After a moment Bronx slowly pulls his legs in and rises to his knees. He staggers to his feet with Robinson still hanging on. Bronx makes a last ditch effort, and dives backwards driving Robinson into the corner. Robinson releases the hold. The two are breathing heavily. Bronx staggers out of the corner first. Robinson falls to his knees.

Jon McDaniel: What a battle!

Both men are on their feet. The two square up, but only Robinson barely seems to have anything left in the tank. Bronx sends him into the corner hard, and charges with a clothesline — Robinson zips out of the ropes to the apron! Bronx collides with full velocity into the turnbuckle! Rob leaps to the top rope and springboards off… enzeguri to the back of Bronx's head!

The big man goes down!

Phoenix climbs back to the top turnbuckle.

The Ashes!

Phoenix slides in for the cover.




Eric Emerson: Winner of the match and moving on in the gauntlet... The Phoenix!

Jon McDaniel: No rest for Phoenix here as Cody is fixing to come right down that ramp now.

Bronx makes his way backstage via the side route, angry and exhausted.

The lights suddenly dim down as the opening intro to Dragon Storm 2007 plays. Once the intro finishes and goes into the main theme, smoke emerges from near the entrance way.

A figure emerges from the smoke, standing while looking at the fans as he stands in the shadows. The figure is seen as strobe lights go off to reveal Cody Bogard with a black towel draped over his head, obscuring his face. Cody makes his way to the ring.

Mizukara no ishi de sono tobi tataki
Mizukara no ishi de sono tobira wo hiraku
Taka naru mune no kodou wo Osae kurezu ni
Kokoro ni himeta Tsuyoi toshi wo moyasu

Cody makes his way over to the ring, springing up to the ring apron, climbing the turnbuckle and posing with his arms open in a pose.

Kanayaku daiya no Genseki no youni
[Itsuka wa hikari wo hanatemasu youni...]

Cody jumps from the turnbuckle as he slowly raises his hand over his head, grabbing hold of the towel and quickly swiping it off, revealing his face.

Yume no tobira wo hiraku Erabareshi senshitachi
Kagirinaki kanou sei wo Sono mune ni idaita mama
Mizukara wo shinjite tsudoishi nakama wo shinjite
Hatenaki "yume oi bito" wa Ashita e no michi wo iku dake

Cody takes his time to prepare for the match as the theme fades out.
Phoenix is leaning in the corner, taking a drink of Irish Energy drink and waiting for the bell. There is a lot of tension as the two men now begin talking trash to each other, standing almost nose to nose, and finally Phoenix unloads with a vicious slap to the face.

Ding Ding

Jon McDaniel: That'll get the match underway.

Brian Rentfro: Phoenix starting the match on his own terms here.

Bogard tries to keep his composure, but the welt on his cheek speaks volumes. Bogard smirks at Phoenix, then slaps the taste out of his mouth! And now Phoenix is the one trying to keep composed. He rears back to punch Bogard… Phoenix smirks as he rolls under the bottom rope.

Jon McDaniel: What is Phoenix doing?

Brian Rentfro: He was just in a hellacious match, he needs a bit more time to recover.

Phoenix draws massive heat from the fans, Bogard strolls around the ring, and Phoenix is yelling that he’ll start when HE’S ready. He takes a bottle of water from The Smoking Leprechaun and has a drink while Bogard yells at him to get in the ring. Phoenix just says something about “I’ve waited my entire career, you can wait a minute”, and then climbs back into the ring, where a furious Bogard charges!
…and Robinson ducks out of the ring again. Apparently he wants to wait until Bogard settles down and is willing to wrestle, not fight. Cody starts to climb out of the ring, but referee Dwayne Cross stops him, reminding him that this isn’t No DQ or No Countout… Doesn’t matter, Phoenix reaches into the ring and grabs Bogard's ankle, and pulls him hard to the mat! Cody with a snap roundhouse punch sending Phoenix stumbling away. Bogard springs up to the ring apron, then springboards into the ring for a splash… Phoenix rolls out of the way! And now Phoenix drops an elbow… Bogard rolls out of the way! Bogard to his feet, hits the ropes and goes for a dropkick to the head of a rising Phoenix… Phoenix moves just in time, Bogard lands flat in his back, and Phoenix locks on a headlock. Bogard pushes to his knees, then to his feet.

Jon McDaniel: What a rapid fire of exchange there.

Brian Rentfro: Phoenix has Cody right where he wants him.

He gets to the ropes, then pushes Phoenix off. Phoenix hits the opposite ropes, Bogard drops down, Phoenix jumps over him, hits the ropes, Bogard back up… Phoenix runs right into him with a shoulder tackle! Bogard does not go down! And now Bogard hits the ropes, and hits Phoenix with a shoulder tackle! Phoenix does not go down! Phoenix tries one more time! He hits the ropes, and comes back..

Jon McDaniel: Cody's turn to go outside.

Brian Rentfro: What is he playing at? This is a damn wrestling match not a game of cat and mouse!

And Bogard casually walks out of the way, and goes to the outside, leaving an enraged Phoenix in the ring.
Bogard talks with a fan at ringside, then turns around to get a baseball slide from Phoenix! Bogard sent into the guard rail, and the time for goofing off is over! Phoenix stomping his opponent against the railing. Bogard tries to grab Phoenix's foot and stop the assault, but instead gets a boot to the jaw! Phoenix hauls Bogard up and rams him back first into the ring apron! Bogard crawls back into the ring, with Phoenix in hot pursuit! Phoenix grabs Bogard by the hair and hauls him to his feet, and whips him into the turnbuckles! Phoenix charges in with a clothesline, then boots him in the gut. And then another boot. And another boot.
Jon McDaniel: The fans are counting the kicks like mounted punches in the corner.

Phoenix stops kicking and flashes a double bird to the fans, drawing more boos. He chops Bogard hard, and then pulls him away from the turnbuckles, and nails a roundhouse right. Bogard slumps to the mat, and Phoenix hits the ropes, going for a basement dropkick. … Bogard ducks his head, and now Phoenix is on the mat! Bogard grabs the leg of Phoenix and drops an elbow across the quad! Phoenix And then another! And now Bogard viciously kicks at the knee and upper leg, trying to ground the PWA Hall of Fame superstar! Phoenix tries to boot Bogard off, but Bogard is relentless in his focus on the leg…

Jon McDaniel: Bogard knows that Phoenix won’t be able to hit high impact moves standing on only one leg.

And now Bogard grapevines the leg, and bends the knee back, trying to get Phoenix to tap. But he’s too close to the ropes, and Phoenix grabs the bottom rope, forcing the break. Phoenix pulls himself to his feet, but Bogard chop blocks him to the mat! Phoenix rolls out of the ring, but only makes it to the ring apron before Bogard grabs him. He pulls Phoenix up, and tries to suplex him back into the ring… Phoenix counters, and he pulls Bogard up for a suplex! But the injured leg gives out, and Bogard is able to float over and land on the ring apron! He is standing next to Phoenix, and plants an elbow in Phoenix's gut. He tries to choke Phoenix with the top rope, but Phoenix gets an elbow of his own, and he gets an arm around Bogard…
And hits a Russian Leg Sweep off the ring apron! Both men sail off the apron and crash into the guard rail on the floor! That draws some cheers from the fans, thinking Phoenix may be out of it now.

Brian Rentfro: Not quite a drop from the top of a cage, but that was a huge impact move there! Phoenix hates Bogard so much for standing in his way to an IC title that he’ll sacrifice his own body just to inflict pain on his opponent!

Cross has started to count both men out. Phoenix crawls to the ring, and pulls himself up. He slowly manages to climb back in.

Jon McDaniel: If there is a double count-out does that mean Spykeman retains?

Brian Rentfro: If I really cared at that point, I'd come up with an answer.

Bogard is slower to get up, but it doesn’t matter as Phoenix has slid back out, and Cross has stopped the count. Phoenix hobbles over to Bogard, and pulls him to his feet… Bogard with a double leg takedown, and Phoenix gets catapulted into the ring post… NO! Phoenix used the momentum to spring to the ring apron, and now he jumps back off onto Bogard with a forearm! Bogard is down, but Phoenix has done more damage to his leg! Cross checks on both men, but neither wants the match to stop. Phoenix and Bogard both roll away from each other, and pull themselves back up, and into the ring. Phoenix winds up sitting at one set of turnbuckles, Bogard sits across from him. Both men glare at each other. The memories of their last match look to be flooding back, as rage fills Phoenix's eyes, while Bogard angrily sneers at his opponent, and pulls himself to his feet! Phoenix is up as well, and the two men meet center ring and unload on each other with rights and lefts! The fans are on their feet as both men batter each other, ignoring the calls from Cross to watch the fists. Phoenix rocks Bogard with a right! Then another right! He nails an uppercut that sends Bogard staggering! He rears back to land a haymaker…
Bogard with a kick to Phoenix's injured knee! He goes down, and now Bogard grabs the injured leg…

Jon McDaniel: You got to be kidding me!

Bogard hooks in a sharpshooter! Bogard is smiling as he locks in the hold Bret Hart made famous! Phoenix yells out in pain as Bogard puts all his weight into the hold. He tries to roll out of it, but Bogard has the hold locked in. He sees the ropes and starts to pull himself towards them. He inches closer and closer. He almost has the bottom rope… But then Bogard pulls him back towards the center of the ring! Dwayne Cross is right there to see if Phoenix wants to tap out… Phoenix shakes his head “NO”. He starts to pull himself back towards the ropes. Bogard tries to put more weight into the hold, but this time Phoenix is able to grab the bottom rope. Cross has to pull Bogard off of Phoenix. Bogard does not want to break the hold, even after the threat of a disqualification. Cross winds up entangled with Bogard, who finally lets go. Phoenix rolls over onto his knees, sees that Dwayne is distracted… and nails a low blow! Bogard doubles over, Cross knows something shady happened, but will do nothing. Phoenix pulls himself to his feet, and lands a forearm smash across Bogard's back, then hooks the arms…

The Flame connects! Bogard is planted into the mat! It took a lot out of Phoenix to hit that move, and he has to crawl over to Bogard to make the cover, holding his knee in pain as he does so! He drapes an arm across Cody’s chest!



Bogard gets a foot on the bottom rope!

Jon McDaniel: The fans here behind Cody Bogard.

Brian Rentfro: These fans are just as dumb as those in the Southeast part of the United States.

An explosive cheer from the fans, who thought the match was over. Phoenix pulls himself up with the ropes. Bogard rolls over onto his stomach. Phoenix limps over to Bogard and starts to pull him up. He lifts him up for a body slam… no, he sets him up in the turnbuckles for the Tree of Woe! And now he goes to the outside. He grabs a chair from ringside, and tosses it into the ring! And now he tosses another chair into the ring! And one more! Cross reminds him that this is not a street fight, and tosses the chairs outside the ring.. Phoenix uses the distraction! He reaches under the ropes and wraps his arm around Cody's throat! He chokes him out as Cross deals with the chairs!

Jon McDaniel: It’s bad enough all the blood is rushing to his head, now he’s getting strangled!

Brian Rentfro: Cross isn't doing anything about it, he hasn't warned Phoenix, so it must be legal.

Jon McDaniel: A stickler for the rules aren't you?

Brian Rentfro: Call the match.

Cross turns around to see Bogard still upside down, but the choking is done. Phoenix is back in the ring, and he hits the ropes, and comes back with a dropkick to the face of Bogard! Bogard is jarred loose and slumps to the mat, and Phoenix is starting to feel the momentum. He hauls Bogard up… and he tries to lock Bogard up for another Flame! Bogard pushes him out of it! Phoenix hits the ropes, and goes for a clothesline on Cody. Bogard ducks and goes behind, and locks on...

Metro City Special!

Bogard synches in the hold! But a lot has been taken out of him, and he’s unable to keep it locked in for very long. Cody falls off and begins to crawl for Phoenix. He finally covers Phoenix, hooking the leg!



Thre- Phoenix kicks out! Bogard looks shocked, even turning to see if Cross made a mistake. But no mistake, Phoenix survived one of his signature moves. Bogard grabs Phoenix by the mask and pulls him up, then delivers a Northern Lights Suplex! He bridges for the pin!



Phoenix kicks out! Bogard now going to the top rope, trying to finish Phoenix once and for all. Flying elbow! He sails through the air…and hits nothing but mat, as Phoenix rolled out of the way! Bogard holds his arm in pain, and Phoenix gets back up and drops an elbow across the chest of Bogard. Then another. Bogard tries to roll out of the ring, but Phoenix stops him, and hauls him back up. He whips Bogard into the ropes, Bogard ducks a clothesline… Superkick! Phoenix ducks that, slips behind Bogard, locks on a sleeper, and goes for a knock-out victory! Bogard grabs the top rope, and Dwayne tries to break up the hold, Phoenix won’t let go! But a mule kick from Bogard breaks up the hold. Phoenix doubles over, and Bogard tries to lock on the Kikosho Driver! … Phoenix pushes Bogard into the ropes! He bounces back into a HUGE SPINEBUSTER! Bogard driven into the mat, and Phoenix covers!



Jon McDaniel: That was close!

Brian Rentfro: Closest pin of the night!

Bogard barely gets the shoulder up! Bogard hauled to his feet and sent into the corner turnbuckles! Phoenix gets a head of steam and crashes in with a Stinger splash! Bogard flattened! He falls out of the corner… Phoenix goes behind, locks on the sleeper again!

Brian Rentfro: Nighty nighty Bogard.

Bogard sits down, the match and hold getting to him. Phoenix covers!




Jon McDaniel: I think everyone thought this match was over! Phoenix does not look happy!

Brian Rentfro: You got that right!

Phoenix is furious with Cross, yelling obscenities at the referee. Bogard takes the opportunity to weakly school boy Phoenix for the cover!



Phoenix kicks out, then savagely kicks Bogard in the head! He drags Bogard up and plants him in the mat with a body slam, and now Phoenix goes to the top rope! He lines Bogard up and goes for The Ashes!

And he misses!

Brian Rentfro: DAMN!

Jon McDaniel: Phoenix misses putting this match away.

Phoenix rolls around on the mat in pain as Bogard gets to his feet. He staggers over to the fallen Phoenix, and locks the beginnings of Kikosho Driver!

Bogard slips but the move connects!

Phoenix driven head first into the mat, and Bogard knows it’s over! He hooks the leg and Cross has no choice but to count!




Phoenix GETS A SHOULDER UP!! Cody’s eyes go wide as he realizes the match is not over! He gets in Cross's
face, yelling some harsh words at him, but then remembers how he caught Phoenix earlier doing the same thing, and turns to his opponent. He pulls Phoenix up for a slam… Phoenix with a small package! Kiebiech Cross with a fast count!



Bogard kicks out! Phoenix rolls to the ropes and pulls himself up. He charges at Bogard, who slips behind and tries to hit Muscle Burst! Phoenix counters with a jaw jammer! Bogard is stunned, and Phoenix goes for aMuscle Burst of his own… Bogard backs him hard into the corner, breaking the hold! Phoenix stumbles forward… Into a superkick! Before Phoenix goes down, Bogard hits the Kikosho Driver!

He doesn't slip, he connects with it solidly!

Jon McDaniel: Is this it?

Brian Rentfro: Hopefully not!

He covers!




Eric Emerson: Here is your winner… Cody Bogard!
The fans give the match a nice round of applause, regardless of their feelings for Phoenix.

Jon McDaniel: Phoenix looks out to the crowd, and shoots them another bird?!

Brian Rentfro: This isn't Ireland, he owes nothing to these Frenchies!

Jon McDaniel: What?

Brian Rentfro: Phoenix doesn't even like French's mustard.

Cody slumps in the corner, drinking from a water bottle trying to regain his strength. Cody just waits on Spykeman to join in for the final match of this gauntlet.

Phoenix makes his way to the back, next to the ramp, living for another day.


We hear the revving of Spykemans ATV and the fans erupt in cheers as they hear Spykemans battle cry.

'When there's villains in your town
When there's hatred all around
Violence in your area, mass hysteria
When we arrive we'll be bringing it down'

Spyke drives out on his ATV and stops to stand on it and pose dramatically with his hammer.

International Superheroes of Hardcore!
We're takin' it over
International Superheroes of Hardcore!

Eric Emerson: Making his way to the ring, the Scourge of PWA's underworld... SPYKEMAN!

Spyke man sits down and starts his ATV again, running into a cameraman before finally making his stop at the ring and jumping in and flipping over the top rope.

'We'll be jumping over big stuff
We will crush them no matter how tough
Violence in your area, mass hysteria
When we arrive we'll be bringing it down'

Spyke poses dramatically on the top turnbuckle, before jumping down and handing his cape over to the ref. He prepares for his opponent.

Ding Ding

Spykeman and Bogard waste no time and immediately trade blows with Cody getting the early advantage in the exchange. Cody is on the way to backing Spykeman into a corner when Spykeman salutes Cody, throwing him off guard enough to gain the advantage.
Jon McDaniel: An unorthodox move, but effective.

Brian Rentfro: I'm unimpressed.

Spykeman places his body between Cody and the referee and wraps his hands around the throat of Bogard, going for a chokeslam? while Cody’s face turns red from the lack of oxygen or laughter at Spykeman not being able to lift; the ref finally notices and stops the illegal maneuver. Spykeman shrugs to say “What did I do?” As he lowers his arms from the shrug, he plants an elbow right into the mouth of Bogard, who clutches at his mouth and checks for blood on his hands. Spykeman's back is turned as the ref is admonishing him for the unintentional illegal move as from behind Cody delivers a bulldog from the middle rope and Spykeman goes to the mat hard.

Brian Rentfro: Where is that guy selling cotton candy? I love that stuff.

Jon McDaniel: Get your head in the job at hand Brian.

Brian Rentfro: But the sugary goodness will help keep me awake.
Jon McDaniel: There is a match going on here, you do know that right?

Cody has placed a headlock onto Spykeman and is wrenching in the hold as firmly as he possibly can to weaken his opponent. Cody quickly moves from the side headlock into a wristlock into an Irish Whip to Spykeman Spykeman who bounces off the ropes. Cody launches himself at his oncoming opponent with a flying clothesline. The crook of Cody’s elbow catches Spykeman in the throat he stumbles backwards, hitting the ropes once again. He bounces right into a collar and elbow tie up from Cody. Spykeman reaches up and waves his hand in a 70s Disco dance and a thumb hits Cody in the eye. Spykeman looks to the crowd and is sorry that he accidentally poked Cody in the eye. He begins backing him into a corner, Spykeman delivers a hard slap to the chest of Cody using the meat of his palm instead of a knife edge chop, the sound reverberates through the packed arena and nearly instantly a red hand print is emblazoned onto the chest of Cody Bogard.

Jon McDaniel: Both men need to keep this fast paced, but the previous match may keep Cody from doing so.

Brian Rentfro: Then slow it down he will.

Spykeman wraps his arm behind the neck of Cody Bogard and begins to squeeze, this time the squeezing is perfectly legal as it is a side headlock. Spykeman grins sadistically as he lifts up on the neck of Cody causing the air flow to Cody’s lungs to be even smaller. Cody is beginning to turn a reddish purplish color from lack of oxygen, but the ref is powerless to stop a legal hold and the fans are cheering louder than before. Spykeman releases a hand from the hold, and Cody falls to the mat where Spykeman is beginning to stomp away at the lower back of Cody. He grins as if he is enjoying bringing pain to those whom he chooses to demolish, and maybe he does or maybe he is thinking of this being a malicious criminal.

Brian Rentfro: Bet this idiot thinks Cody is some sort of criminal.

Jon McDaniel: Spykeman definitely on the offense here, Cody tired from the previous match.

Spykeman bends down to lift Cody high up into the air with a gorilla press slam and he drops the nearly limp body of Cody Bogard across a bent knee and what air he had regained rushes out of his body as his stomach connects with Spykeman's knee. Cody rolls over and Spykeman takes the chance to leap up into the air, driving a double knee drop into Cody’s unprotected gut. He laughs, Spykeman is laughing at the gasping Cody Bogard. Lifting him to a vertical base once more, he Irish whips him into the ropes and Cody barely rebounds because of his lack of oxygen he is hardly able to stand let alone run. Spykeman hits the opposite ropes as well and slams into Cody with a Lou Thesz press and begins to beat away at both temples of Cody Bogard. The ref is there quickly to make sure there are no closed fists.

Jon McDaniel: Cody is in major trouble here, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: In trouble he definitely is.

On the mat Cody is regaining his lost breath; he is on his hands and knees gasping for every lung full. He stands back up to his knees and is obviously winded, but determined to not lose by giving up. He places a hand on Spykeman's shoulder and spins his opponent around. Cody connects with a right hand, following it up with an immediate left. A stiff forearm shot to Spykeman’s jaw sends the other man stumbling back from the barrage of hard shots from someone that seemed nearly finished not thirty seconds before. Spykeman has a surprised look on his face as Cody connects with yet another right hand, left hand, forearm shot combination. Cody climbs up the turnbuckles, to the bottom rope, as Spykeman is backed firmly into the corner. Cody, instead of delivering the standard right or left hand shots, delivers ten elbow smashes to the temple of Spykeman. The crowd is definitely split on who to get behind as Cody is punishing Spykeman with passion and vigor. He looks out to the crowd as they begin to chant “more!” Cody obliges by delivering another elbow shot before a haymaker punch and he jumps down. He hits the ropes to springboard from the middle rope with a diagonal dropkick to the rib cage of Spykeman, who grabs them in obvious pain.

Jon McDaniel: Cody Bogard on a roll now, will Spykeman be able to bounce back?

Brian Rentfro: There is the cotton candy man! Hey! I want some cotton candy!

Cody grabs the wrist of Spykeman and Irish whips him into the ropes as Spykeman is rebounding from the opposite ropes, Cody spins delivering a kick to the back of his legs. Spykeman drops to the mat and Cody is up, hooking his arm under his arm delivering a modified bulldog that drives his face into the mat and using both Cody and his own force to do the power behind the blow. The rush of air that comes from Spykeman is audible to the first five rows and Cody has momentarily slowed this match down. Cody knowing that he must keep it at his pace lifts Spykeman to his feet and goes for an over the head suplex. As Spykeman is lifted up, his foot accidently catches Cody between the legs and both of them fall, although both men hit hard, with Cody's flung fist(to catch his fall) catches Spykeman right in his superhero jewels. Spykeman again gains his vertical base once more, he stomps away at the lower back of Cody again in control.

Brian Rentfro(mumbling with a mouthfull of cotton candy): Wmanft sumf diff?

Jon McDaniel: You... are hopeless.

Brian Rentfro: Mmfnt mdfen whanfeter.

Cody tries to roll out of the way but is hard pressed to avoid the steady slow and methodical stomping away at his back of Spykeman. For every blow Cody is able to get out of the way of, Spykeman nails five. The crowd is definitely behind Cody and Spykeman.Half of the crowd is cheering Spykeman and the other half is cheering for Cody, same meaning, but different wrestlers. The sound distracts Spykeman slightly. He turns to see something flashing about in the celing(perhaps the signal?), but at that instance Cody pulls his legs out from under him and is on top of him with a quick leg drop. He stands back up, positioning himself to be behind Spykeman as he gets to his feet. Spykeman gets to his feet and senses he has made a vital mistake in this match. He finishes standing up willing to accept what fate has dealt him… Cody hooks him for the Stardust March! No! Spykeman with a back body drop to counter, charges in, lariat… Cody catches him from behind! STARDUST MARCH! Cutthroat Ace Crusher Connects!


The roar of the crowd is so loud, the slapping of the mat isn’t heard.


The crowd, if possible has gotten louder.

Thr– Spykeman kicks out and as soon as he does, the crowd pulling for Cody falls deadly silent. Cody looks down at Spykeman and over to the referee now back at Spykeman. Cody stands up a look of utter shock on his face.

Jon McDaniel: How did Spykeman kick out of that, how?!

Brian Rentfro: Funny thing about cotton candy, now I'm thirsty.

Cody brings a limp Spykeman to his feet and looks for the move he finished Phoenix off with, the Kikosho Driver, but Spykeman rolls up Cody and grabs a leg!

Spykeman sits back on Cody's legs as far back as he can without falling back over.

Jon McDaniel: Will Spykeman retain?


Cody can’t even try to kick out, Spykeman’s weight and position prevents his legs from moving.


Spykeman regrips his handful of tights as the ref’s hand heads down for the final count.


Cody twists right before the ref's hand slaps the mat, Spykeman falls off the pin!

Jon McDaniel: Cody manages to get out of the pin!

Brian Rentfro: Whoopy doo!

Spykeman doesn’t look too impressed at this turn of events.

Jon McDaniel: Bogard is looking for the win and a chance to become PWA Intercontinental Champion.

Brian Rentfro: Honestly, who really cares? The Phoenix is out of the running, Bronx Williams is out of it, who really cares?

Cody up to his feet and facing off against Spykeman, they slowly circle each other and then lock up in the center of the ring. Side head lock takedown by Bogard. Spykeman reverses it into a head scissors that Bogard quickly nips out of. Leg sweep by Spykeman that puts Bogard flat on the mat. Spykeman goes for a quick pin but is rolled off before the referee can even get into position. Bogard is back to his feet and the two men smile at each other with newfound respect. Another collar and elbow lock up. Arm bar from Spykeman. Bogard rolls through it and takes Spykeman up and over with a fireman’s carry and locks in his own armbar. Spykeman reaches out with his foot and places it on the bottom rope causing a break. The two men get to their feet and the crowd has started up a “Cody! Spykeman! Cody! Spykeman!” chant. The two men lock up once more and Spykeman drives a pair of forearms to the head of Bogard. A snapmare to the mat from Spykeman is quickly followed up by a low dropkick to the back of the head from Spykeman. Bogard rolls to the ropes and the referee backs off Cody.

Jon McDaniel: Both of these men with similar fast paced styles, but who will come out on top?

Brian Rentfro: I'm ready to see Lord Kalis demolish his Submissives!

Bogard is up and the two men go to lock up. Kick to the gut of Spykeman. Scoop and a slam from Bogard leaves Spykeman looking up at the lights. Spykeman rolls out of the way of a Bogard elbow drop and pulls Bogard to his feet. Hard chop across the chest of Bogard! Another chop from Spykeman gets a “Woooooooo!” from the crowd! Spykeman whips Bogard off the ropes but goes for a hip toss. Bogard puts on the breaks and tries to reverse it into a hip toss of his own! This time it’s Spykeman who blocks the move and he levels Bogard with a clothesline! Spykeman is back to his feet and hits the ropes to go for a rolling thunder! Bogard gets his knees up at the last second and Spykeman lands back first across the knees! Bogard is up and pulls Spykeman to his feet. He sets Spykeman up for Excalibur! The crowd jump to their feet to see the move but Spykeman quickly reverses it into a backdrop! Spykeman waits for Bogard to pull himself to his feet then hooks him from behind planting him with a release German Suplex! A cover!




Jon McDaniel: If Bogard loses this match there may not be another IC title oppurtunity for a while.

Brian Rentfro: Especially when Lord Kalis becomes the true ruler of the PWA!

Jon McDaniel: That depends on if Kalis can defeat Chamelion and Moran.

Spykeman pulls Bogard to his feet and shoots him into the ropes. Bogard ducks a spinwheel kick and snaps off a hurricanrana on Spykeman! Without wasting a second Bogard hits the nearest corner and goes for a moonsault!
Spykeman rolls out of the way at the last second and Cody eats canvas! Spykeman rolls Bogard up in a schoolboy!



Bogard kicks a shoulder up and is pulled off the mat and Spykeman goes for another German suplex. Bogard blocks it with a back elbow to the head and spins around Spykeman. STARDUST MARCH from Cody Bogard! A dazed Spykeman rolls out of the ring to catch his breath as Bogard struggles up to his feet. On the outside Spykeman has been distracted by a ringside fan who is holding a sign that reads “Crime doesn't pay!” he nods and turns away from the fan and gets nailed by a Cody Bogard suicide plancha! Both men hit the guardrail hard and the crowd is joyfully chanting “P! W! A!!” for the amazing move.

Jon McDaniel: Cody Bogard is letting it all hang out here tonight!

Brian Rentfro: I don't want to see those, hopefully he keeps it all hidden.

Bogard is up and he rolls Spykeman back into the ring. Spykeman looks dazed as Bogard climbs up onto the ring apron and hits a frog splash! Cody hooks the near leg.




Jon McDaniel: That was close!

Bogard looks shocked as the referee tells him it wasn’t a three count. Bogard pulls Spykeman up and goes for the Kikosho Driver! Once more Spykeman blocks the move, this time by taking Bogard down with a drop toe hold. Spykeman is up and drives a knee into the side of the head of Cody that stuns him. Bogard is yanked to his feet and takes another brutal looking release German Suplex! Bogard has no time to recover as he’s flattened by a ROLLING THUNDER from Spykeman! Spykeman hooks a leg.




Spykeman slaps the mat in frustration and pulls Bogard to his feet. Cody surprises Spykeman by driving a knee into his gut and then whips him into the far corner. Spykeman reverses it and its Bogard who sails back first into the corner! Spykeman rushes in and takes a boot to the face! Bogard pulls himself up to the second rope and takes flight drilling Spykeman with a tornado DDT!

Jon McDaniel: Each man seems to have a counter for each others moves! It’s going to come down to whoever hits their big move first!

Brian Rentfro: Hey can you get the attention of the nacho guy? I’m starvin’ here.

Jon McDaniel: You just ate a big cone of cotton candy.

With Spykeman prone on the mat he’s the perfect victim for a Cody Bogard diving body splash!
Bogard goes for the cover!





but Spykeman manages to roll his left shoulder at 2 & 3/4ths! Bogard is on his feet and signals for

Kikosho Driver!

Jon McDaniel: Cody going for his new finisher again!

Brian Rentfro: That's funny, he hasn't hit it once here in this match.

Jon McDaniel: Neither has Spykeman, hitting his own I mean.

Cody pulls Spykeman.

Kikosho Driver!

He hits it!

He covers!




Eric Emerson: The winner of the match and NEEEEEEEEEEEEEW Pioneer Wrestling Association Intercontinental Champion.... Cody Bogard!

The crowd are all on their feet for these two men, for this match, and for the gutsy performance put on by both men. The referee hands Cody the Intercontinental Championship and he holds it up high much to the roar of the crowd surrounding the ring.

Jer$ey vs Duff vs Ash Nukem

Contendership for the PWA I.C. Championship

Brian Rentfro: It's time I suppose.

Jon McDaniel: Yes. Time to find out who will be contending for the PWA Intercontinental Championship!

Brian Rentfro: Uhm, no silly. The new Shadow Broker DLC came out a few days ago and Halo: Reach is coming out at midnight! I've gotta beat Ash Nukem to the store!

Jon McDaniel: ....


Eric Emerson: The following contest is schedueled for one fall, and will decide the number one contender to the PWA Intercontinental Championship! Introducing first!

A little before the music hits, the lights will shut off and then white strobe lights will start flashing slow, to medium then to fast and All White Everything will blast the stereo. As Jer$ey accompany by his female friend Tiffani, rides down to the ring in a all white 76 Chevy Impala droptop with white 26" Lexani Rims on it.

Eric Emerson: Mr. YOUNG MONEY.... JER$EY!

Jer$ey hops out the car dressed in a white ed hardy tanktop with the big tiger face on the back, white NY Yankee hat, white ed hardy jeans, white and black bikers glove, two gold chains on with YM on it the other is a military ID Tag and all white Air Force Jordans.

Tiffani next lifts the door as it goes up instead of out, and walks towards the ring in a all white 1-piece baby phat dress, with white baby phat flip flops.

Brian Rentfro: What an extravagent entrance by PWA's second black wrestler!

Jon McDaniel: What? Why does that matter?

Brian Rentfro: Because this is America, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: We're in Canada right now.

Brian Rentfro: Oh well excuse me.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next...

The sound of a helicopter overhead echoes in the arena and the lights go down. Searchlights begin to roam the arena, until the opening guitar riff from "The Ghost of Tom Joad" by Rage Against the Machine slams through the speakers. The searchlights turn into a single concentrated spotlight that shines on the stage as tension builds. The crowd rises to their feet, and Zach de la Rocha begins to rap about the impoverished. From the back, Duff Côte d`Ivoire emerges, to a giant pop from the fans. His face, looking down, is obscured by the hood attached to his black and green cape.

++Man walks along the railroad tracks++
++He's goin' someplace, and there's no turnin' back++
++The highway patrol chopper comin' up over the ridge++
++Man sleeps by a campfire under the bridge++
++The shelter line stretchin' around the corner++
++Welcome to the New World Order++
++Families sleepin' in their cars out in the Southwest++
++No job, no home, no peace, no rest++
++No rest!++

Eric Emerson: On his way to the ring, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada; he stands at 6'7" and weighs in at 275 lbs, Duff Côôôte d`Ivoooire!!

++The highway is alive tonight++
++Nobody's foolin' nobody as to where it goes++
++I'm sitting down here in the campfire light++
++Searchin' for the ghost of Tom Joad++

The band kicks in after the long, dramatic chorus and Duff begins to embark towards the ring, his cape dragging on the ground behind him. He walks slowly, looking down the whole way.

++He pulls his prayer book out of his sleepin' bag++
++The Preacher lights up a butt and takes a drag++
++He's waitin' for the time when the last shall be first and the first shall be last++
++In a cardboard box 'neath the underpass++
++With a one way ticket to the promised land++
++With a hole in your belly and a gun in your hand++
++Sleepin' on a pillow of solid rock++
++Bathin' in the city's aqueduct++

He rolls into the ring and steps into the middle, peeling back the hood to reveal his skull mask and long hair. He looks at the crowd surrounding him, still going crazy, and backs into his corner.

++The highway is alive tonight++
++Nobody's foolin' nobody as to where it goes++
++I'm sittin' down here in the campfire light++
++With the Ghost of old Tom Joad++

Duff does a few stretches and waits patiently for the match to commence while his music dies down. Duff looks across at Jer$ey and smirks while Jer$ey stares back at him with cool confidence oozing off of him.

Eric Emerson: And their final opponent!

Pyros explode as a midgets dressed as mushrooms come running out and down the entrance ramp. They begin moving up and down the entrance ramp in an odd fashion, hobbling and wobbling as they do while some 90's Video Game techno music plays. Ash Nuken pops out from behind the entrance curtain and jumps over each midget, squishing them as he hops up off of one onto the apron. The fans are going nuts!

Eric Emerson: Uhhhh... ASH NUKEM!

Ash springboards into the ring and catches Jer$ey with a lariat out of no where. Duff springs into action and....!


Jer$ey rolls out of the ring right away as Duff comes up on Ash. Duff looks down at Ash who's almost a foot shorter than him. Ash' eyes widen as Duff goes for a punch but Ash uses his size to easily dodge Duff's attack. Ash with a spinning heel kick to the back of Duff's head sends Ash to the canvas but not Duff. Jer$ey remains on the outside signing autographs and taking photographs, blissfully unconcerned with the match. Duff gets ahold of Ash and lays him out flat with a gutwrench powerbomb that shakes the ring with all out force. Jer$ey slides back into the ring and goes for a left hook on Duff and nails it easily. Duff grabs ahold of Jer$ey by his neck and throws him across the ring into the corner. This gives Ash enough time to climb the top rope and launch off of it! Ash grabs Duff and plants his face to the canvas like Shepard plants Reapers into the Citadel. Ash is up and gets a big ovation from the crowd. A number of fans hold up "N7" signs to his homage and he waves to them. Jer$ey is already back on the outside and seems pissed as he dusts his shoulders off and circles.

Brian Rentfro: I loved that entrance from Ash!

Jon McDaniel: Yeah but he's a smurf compared to Duff.

Brian Rentfro: Well Ash is like Shepard. Duff is like Sovereign. And Jer$ey is like the loser who doesn't get these references.

Jon McDaniel: I don't get them...

Brian Rentfro: Of course you don't, Jon. Of course you don't!

Duff gets to his feet and Ash jumps onto his back, wrapping his legs around Duff's waist and his arms around Duff's head. Ash sways with Duff but Duff drops back and crushes Ash beneath his weight while Jer$ey finally slides back into the ring. Jer$ey covers Ash while Duff rolls off of him.



Duff stomps down on Jer$eys head and breaks the count at 1 and a half. Ash regroups and begins a frontal assault by exchanging a few lefts and rights with Jer$ey while Duff stands back and watches, waiting for his chance to jump in until Jer$ey whips Ash into the turnbuckle and goes after him in chase. However Jer$ey gets caught off guard as Ash puts his hands forward, grabbing ahold of the top rope which sends him up into the air and as Jer$ey tries to stop his movements he fails to do so. Ash Nukem lands on Jer$ey shoulders and as Jer$ey tries to get Ash off of him and keep balance Ash unleashes a fury of punches to the back of his head before reverse hurricanrana takes Jer$ey to the canvas HARD. Duff meanwhile does some scary shit as he climbs to the top rope and throws his arms up. The fans are all standing on their feet and Ash sees this and moves out of the way as Duff comes flying off and crash lands on top of Jer$ey with a frog splash.

Jon McDaniel: Did Duff just do that?

Brian Rentfro: I think he did.

We cut to the crowd and see a fan holding a sign that says "ROFLS".

Brian Rentfro: Yes. He just did that.

Jer$ey looks CRUSHED and the fans go nuts! Ash gets back up and hits a spinning mule kick on Duff which seems to have little effect on the big man. Ash goes for broke as he grapples big Duff and tries to whip him into the ropes but Duff reverses it and whips Ash into the ropes. However as Ash comes flying back he launches himself onto Duff and lands a spinning DDT. The crowd goes nuts and Jer$ey is just now getting to his feet. Jer$ey clutches his sides, still feeling the effects of that monstrous frog splash from Duff. Somehow Duff is up quickly and as Ash comes for him Duff ducks the dropick attempt. Ash springboards his feet off of the ropes and flies back, landing a blind reverse elbow strike right into the back of Duffs head! Jer$ey sees his moment to strike and grabs Ash up off of the canvas and lays him out with a brainbuster.

Jon McDaniel: Jer$ey is certainly opportunistic.

Brian Rentfro: You mean he's a whimp? I'd say so.

Jon McDaniel: Not what I said.

A fan heckles Jer$ey from front row, holding up a sign that says "JER$EY IS A BROKE ASS @#$**R" which Jer$ey yells back at him for. Ash takes the opportunity and rolls Jer$ey up!




Duff breaks the count by throwing his arm over Ash and stopping the count. Jer$ey rolls away in pain, still feeling the effects of nearly 300 pounds of grizzly Ontarian crashing into him from earlier. Ash steps back and takes a breath as Duff gets to his feet and sees hecklers of his own. "Duff's Contract: $750,000. Duff's Weird Costume: $3000. Duff's Daughter In The Hands of a Psycho: PRICELESS". Duff ignores it as he turns around, but he's met with a superkick from Ash Nukem! Duff grabs Ash' foot though and throws him to the canvas and follows it up quickly with an elbow drop onto Ash's chest. Duff hooks both legs and covers!


Jon McDaniel: I think Duff's so much heavier Ash couldn't kick out of it if he wanted to!


Brian Rentfro: These fans are creative with their signs, aren't they?


Jer$ey has the last laugh or so he thinks as he stands back but Duff slams his fist down and gets to his feet. Jer$ey rushes him and goes for a lariat but Duff catches him, throws him to the ground and locks in COIL! Ash is up and goes to break the hold but it's too late! JER$EY TAPS OUT! JER$EY TAPS OUT!



Ash can't believe it as he stomps his foot down in frustration. Suddenly Simon Kalis comes out from backstage and holds Morgan, Duff's daughter in his arms. Ash sees Kalis and rolls out of the ring and makes an exit. Jer$ey rolls out of the ring and hits the ground outside in pain. Duff yells at Kalis and slaps his chest but Masakazu comes in from the crowd with a big... cloth bag in his hand? He slides into the ring and whacks it over the back of Duff's head and thumbtacks fall all over the ring. Duff stumbles into the ropes and Masakazu uses the middle rope to hop up onto Duff's shoulders. Masakazu applies pressure and plants Duff face first into the thumbtacks and rolls out of the ring, spoiling his celebration. Masa retreats and joins his father at the top of the entrance ramp. Duff looks back up, blood over his face and yells back as Kalis salutes him and takes his daughter backstage with him. Masakazu makes a "suck it" motion with his arms as he follows suit.

Jon McDaniel: Oh man... What a way to ruin the night for Duff.

Brian Rentfro: I doubt anything but his daughter was on his mind.

A Warning

The scene fades back stage, to find Chamelion sitting in his makeshift office. On his head is a pair of oversized ear muffs. As the camera focuses in, he looks up, slips the ear muffs off and nods.

Chamelion: The reason you have not heard from me during the past couple of weeks is quite simple. I’ve been ignoring Simon, his antics and all that has been said leading up to tonight. I don’t want anything to interfere with my meditation and self awareness with what is about to transpire.

You see, I know what’s at stake, and I know how important tonight is. Randal has been a Godsend, lending his considerable in ring talents to this match, and the whole Moran clan sends their best wishes to the PWA.

But Simon, this is to you. I don’t care what your motivations are, or what you claim them to be… you’re trying to take my home away from me. No one does that. I’m not going to sit here and decree that tonight is a certainty, I know better. But what I can tell you is this; if you take over the PWA, your very future becomes questionable. No matter who sides with you, no matter who you coerce to do your bidding.. every corner you take, every breath you make, I’ll be..

Wow, almost fell into that one. But the point’s valid, I win, the company is mine, you go back to being a wrestler and doing what you do in the ring, and I’ll forget this ever happened. You somehow beat us, and I hunt you down. I make your life the ever living hell you’ve been making mine and I make you regret this every second of your waking day.

Yeah, that’s a threat, and very credible; because don’t doubt for a moment that controlling the PWA guarantees you safety… all it does is makes enemies, because I can assure you that the majority of those in the PWA.. they back me. They don’t always like me, but I ensure their careers and their lively hoods.

Bottom line, consider carefully what you do tonight, for the consequences of hunting the Chamelion are far greater then you ever could imagine. There’s a reason I’m called the Most Devious SOB in the Business Today, Simon Kalis… and you never… want to find out, what that reason is. GOT IT!?

Fade to next match!

Marco Dante vs Emily Corlen

PWA Grizzly Beer Two out of Three Falls Title Match

Eric Emerson: The following contest is a Best of three falls Iron Match and is for the PWA Grizzly Beer Championship!!!!

The lights in the arena cut to black and the opening chords of "Make Some Noise" by Krystal Meyers hits the P.A. as the stage explodes with pyro and green strobe lights fill the arena. As the crowd boos, "The Emerald Phoenix" Emily Corlen slowly rises up through the stage, her arms outstretched akin to wings.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first the opponent. She hails from Rockford, Illinois...

The flames on the stage subside and the strobe lights slow down as Emily begins making her way down the ramp. By the time she reaches ringside, the strobe lights have completely stopped and green spotlights have begun swirling around the crowd and ring.

Eric Emerson: Representing Bound by Blood...

After making her way around the ring once, Emily hoists herself onto the apron and enters the ring through the first and second ropes.

Eric Emerson: She is the Emerald Phoenix… she is EMILY… CORRRRRRLENNNNN!!!

Emily makes her way to all four corners of the ring, climbing up each and stretching her arms out like wings. After the fourth corner, she removes her cape and hands it to the referee. As the lights return to normal and the music fades, Emily slowly paces around the canvas, glancing out to the crowd and smirking.

The lights in the arena dim as the sounds of gunfire and distant explosions echo through the PA system as CNN footage of the night vision cameras footage "Shock and Awe" campaign over Baghdad, Iraq play on the big screen, there's a sudden big flash as something explodes along with a blast of white pyrotechnics from the stage as the screen goes blank for a moment. The Guitar and drum beat starts as "Super Charger Heaven" by White Zombie starts to blare through the PA.

Jesus lived his life in a cheap hotel
On the edge of Route 66 yeah He lived a dark and
Twisted life and he came right back just to do it
Again - Eye for and eye and a tooth for the truth -
I ain't never seen a demon warp deal'n a
Ring-a-ding rhythm or jukebox racket my
Mind can't clutch the feeling - yeah!


Eric Emerson: "Now Coming to the Ring! standing at a height of 6 feet 2 inches, weighing in at 245 lbs, Hailing from Trenton, New Jersey! The Current PWA Grizzly Beer Champion! He is "The Jersey Devil!" Marcoooo Danttttteeeee!!"

Marco Dante steps from behind the curtain into another shower or white pyrotechnics, wearing a pair of Airmen Battle Uniform Pants with a pair of desert tan Converse Tactical Boots,and a sage green muscle shirt tucked into his pants, black tape on his hands and wrists. The big screen behind him playing highlights from his matches as he starts to walk towards the ring.

Running in MY HEAD YEAH
Running in MY HEAD YEAH

Hell hounds lead at the cowardly kings
And carry souls across the river Styx
Yeah! They see no evil and feel no pain
Sucking juice from a fallen angel - I dreamed
I was a super nova fucker nitro-
Burning and fuel injection - Feed the gods a strychnine
Soul a motherfucker of invention

As he walks, he high fives and knuckles to fans as he passes them, his eyes focused on the ring however, on his opponent if he's the second person out, just before reach the end of the barricade, he runs and baseball slides in under the ropes, jumping to his feet and then moving over to the turnbuckles, climbing each and thrusting both fists into the air, and then let's out a bit of a roar to get the crowd pumped.

Running in MY HEAD YEAH
Running in MY HEAD YEAH

Yeah inbreed the witches
And woship the dogs
Deformed and fuck'n lazy
Damn yourself and choke
On my name I'd love to love ya baby
Deadringer rats swinging in the trees
Immaculate conception Bury me an angel God I need
Some inspiration

Marco Dante then jumps down from the turnbuckle, going to the next, repeating the steps before and so one..for each turnbuckle then a one handed chest pound just before hopping down from the last turnbuckle, he walks to the center of the ring and waves for the crowd to get louder and louder.

Running in MY HEAD YEAH
Running in MY HEAD YEAH!

He then turns to the center of the ring to await the bell.


Corlen and Dante circle each other for a moment, but Dante tries to draw "first blood" and goes in, but Corlen is quick with a hip toss. Dante up to his feet and goes back down with another hip toss from Corlen. Dante up to his feet once more and gets driven back down with a running clothesline. Corlen tries to go for a few stomps but Dante rolls out of the ring to catch his breath.

Jon McDaniel: Emily has an arrogant look about her right now.

Brian Rentfro: Period blood does that.

Dante hops up on the apron as the ref tells Emily to stay back a bit. Corlen listens and Dante gets into the ring. Corlen goes in to lock up but Dante side steps and gets behind Corlen, going for a chinlock. He locks it in on Corlen.

Brian Rentfro: Nice work there Marco, don’t let up.

Jon McDaniel: Nice? Corlen muscles out of the chinlock and throws a heavy elbow into Dante's midsection. She drives in another, and another!

Corlen goes against the ropes and springboards off, trying to connect with a moonsault but Dante dodges. Corlen bounces off the mat, but gets to one knee quickly. Dante wraps Corlen up in a sleeperhold, trying to wear her down.

Jon McDaniel: Smart move by Dante wearing Emily down for this Iron Man Match.

Brian Rentfro: That’s why he’s the GB champion they say, even if he has a belt or not!

Corlen can't seem to get out of the hold as Dante locks in the sleeper tighter. Corlen would rather pass out than give up, but she keeps trying to fight it. Corlen manages to get to her feet and knock Dante out of the hold. Corlen lands a hard right and then a stunning left. She throws Dante into the far turnbuckle. Corlen connects with a running splash and Dante falls to the mat.

Jon McDaniel: Nice Running Splash from the Emerald Phoenix.

Brian Rentfro: Come on Dante! Rip her top off!

Dante gets to his feet as Corlen goes in for the attack. Corlen drives Dante to the mat with a snap suplex. Dante climbs to his feet again and Corlen goes against the ropes. She tries for another knockdown move, but Dante counters by tripping Corlen down to the mat and applying a aggressive ankle lock.

Brian Rentfro: Dante with a nice reversal! He's locking in that hold real tight.

Jon McDaniel: The fans seem to like it. We're hearing some cheers for Dante.

Brian Rentfro: Wait, people like him?! Hmm… GO EMILY!

Corlen manages to break the hold via bottom rope, but is a bit groggy. Dante goes on the assault. He locks in an armbar on Corlen, wrenching it as hard as he can. Corlen is in immediate pain and struggling, trying to break the hold.

Jon McDaniel: The cheers are getting louder.

Brian Rentfro: Come on, you’re the kickass one in Bound By Blood Emily!

Corlen comes alive and manages to get to her feet. She FLIPS out of the armbar and puts Dante in an armlock of her own! She takes Dante down to one knee, but doesn't keep him there long as she nails a devastating kick to the side of Dante and then finishes him off with a roundhouse. Dante hits the mat hard.

Jon McDaniel: Corlen with the upperhand now.

Brian Rentfro: That’s right baby.

Corlen mounts Dante but right before she can land any punches, Dante sits up and wraps his arm around the throat of Corlen, taking her down to his side. Dante locks in another sleeperhold on Corlen in the middle of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: It could be lights out for Corlen...the crowd is liking it, and Dante does seem to be wearing her down.

Brian Rentfro: Wow, really? You sure about that one?

The sleeperhold is locked in good as Corlen seems to get groggier and groggier. The ref keeps a close eye on Corlen, but Corlen is disappearing with every second. The ref picks up Corlen's left arm, and it drops.


The cheers are getting very loud.The referee picks up Corlen's arm once more. It drops.


Brian Rentfro: COME ON EMILY!!


Eric Emerson: First count by Knockout… Marco Dante!

The fans cheer as a 30 second timer hits the ADCTron.

Jon McDaniel: Dante with the first notch!

Brian Rentfro: That’s fine Jon, Emily will get it done the hard way!

The bell rings signaling the restart of the match. Dante goes in again for another sleeper but Corlen sweeps Dante off his feet. Corlen drops down for calculated elbow drops to the sternum. She leaps up onto the top rope and hits a springbroad frog splash! She covers.


2... feet on the rope from Emily adding leverage.

Jon McDaniel: WHAT!

Brian Rentfro: Hahaha, that was quick wasn’t it?

The timer starts up again as a cocky Emily is greeted by boos from the fans. Marco nods quietly knowing not to underestimate his opponent again. The timer is up and the bell rings. Corlen connects with a few rights on Dante. She walks Dante over to the turnbuckle and smashes his face into it. Dante bounces back, only to be met with a sharp dropkick, taking him down. Dante tries to get to his feet. Corlen gets risky by jumping onto the shoulders of Dante, trying a hurricanrana. It fails. Dante slams Corlen down to the mat with a sit-out powerbomb. It echoes throughout the arena.

Jon McDaniel: Damn that’s got to hurt!

Brian Rentfro: I feel her menstruation!!

The crowd is going wild now, for Marco Dante. Both competitors get to their feet, Emily a bit more groggy than Dante. Dante wraps up Corlen in a hammerlock and turns it into an abdominable strength, bending Emily vividly.

Jon McDaniel: Ouch!

Brian Rentfro: Come on Emily, don’t let a guy from Jersey beat you!

But Emily grabs the rope. The ref checks it, but Dante won't let go. The ref begins to count and then finally Dante lets go. Dante throws Corlen down to the mat, Corlen grabs her side. Dante regroups. But, little does he know Emily is getting to her feet. Emily climbs to her feet, using the ropes, and taps Dante on the shoulder.

Brian Rentfro: Hey dumbass, behind you!
Emily connects with a high kick to the chin of Dante, laying him out. Emily crawls up to the top turnbuckle, raising an arm for the crowd.

Jon McDaniel: what she doing up there?

Brian Rentfro: Probably a top rope move! Duh!

Emily leaps high into the air off the turnbuckle hitting the Bitch Switch!!!



3 !!!!

Eric Emerson: And your winner and new Grizzly Beer Champion… THE EMERALD PHOENIX EMILY CORLEN!!!!!!!

Cowgirls from Hell vs Matt Stone & Xan Vaxman

PWA Tag-Team Title Match

Eric Emerson: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and is for the PWA Tag Team Championship! Introducing first, the challengers…

‘The One You Love to Hate’ slightly re-written for two, begins to play as Attidude Entertainment takes the stage.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario Canada weighing in at a combined weight of four hundred and twelve pounds… ATTITUDE ENTERTAINMENT!!!!

Attitude Entertainment make their way to ringside awaiting the arrival of the champions.

Eric Emerson: And their opponents…

‘Ready For Blood’ by My Ruin begins to play. At the 25 second mark a howling scream comes through the soundsystem and is met by the roar’s of two Harley Davidson black Sportsters, with cFh airbrushed on the tank. Gold and silver pyro’s shoot off down the ramp as Meghan and Tamika hold their title belts in the air.

Daughters of mara - cast this net into the shallow
Drag the water - personalities so hollow
Underneath the surface - cowards tell their tales of woe
Count your casualties so clever - nothing stays buried forever!

Eric Emerson; Hailing from London, Ontario Canada weighing in at a combined weight of two hundred and sixty five pounds…

The girls begin their descent down the ramp letting the titles slide down their arms to over their shoulders. They circle the ring, meeting tire to tire at the announcers table.

Tell your god to ready for blood words will be your own demise!
Tell your god to ready for blood - loyalty is just a lie!

Eric Emerson: They are the current PWA Tag Team Champions of the world…. COWGIRLS FROM HELL!!!

Meghan and Tamika slide into the ring, and get ready for the match at hand.


Jon McDaniel: Alright, Tamika and Matt Stone to start the match up. !

Brian Rentfro: Stone showing his superior strength...

Stone goes toe to toe with Tamika and unchambers lefts and rights, trying to chop down her down. Stone whips Doomsday into the turnbuckle and follows up with a huge corner splash. Tamika staggers forward and Stone leaps to the top turnbuckle. Stone stands straight up and comes down with a huge double axe handle to the head and back of Tamika! Tamika falls to both knees and Stone goes into the ropes. He comes back and leaps high into the air, spinning on his side, and connects with the jaw of Tamika for a huge heel kick.

Jon McDaniel: Stone showing why he’s no push over.

Brian Rentfro: Give it time Jon, those sexy Strader girls will get’er done!

Stone uses the middle rope to spring himself up into the air and crashes down on the fallen Tamika with a moonsault. He holds it for the cover.



Broken up by MNS.

Jon McDaniel: Vaxman doesn’t want to win?

Brian Rentfro: Who cares, the Strader’s girls tops could come off.

Jon McDaniel: There are more important things then titties Bria—wait, no there isn’t!

Stone gets Tamika up to her feet and connects with multiple knee strikes. Tamika is doubled over, and Stone plants her into the mat with a huge DDT! Stone covers again.



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: And Meghan dropkicks Vaxman out of the ring!

Brian Rentfro: One step closer to boobies flying everywhere...

Jon McDaniel: Oh what the hell… BOOBIES!

Meghan goes back to her corner as Vaxman stirs on the outside. Stone gets frustrated and pulls Tamika up to her feet. But, Tamika counters with elbow strikes to Stone’s stomach. Tamika lifts Stone up for a vertical suplex but drops him hard to the mat with a brainbuster! Tamika stands above Stone now, and spits on his fallen body. Vaxman recovers on the outside, getting back up to the apron. He doesn't look pleased.

Brian Rentfro: It’s your own fault Vaxxy!

Jon McDaniel: It usually is.

Vaxman tags himself in with a slap on the risen Stone’s back, and Stone looks at Vaxman with a o_O. Vaxman ignores it and goes after Tamika with lefts and rights. Tamika gets slammed into the turnbuckle. Vaxman runs back to his corner, but unbeknownst to him Meghan has tagged herself in.

Jon McDaniel: I don’t think he realizes who the legal woman is…

Brian Rentfro: Vaxman is on the top turnbuckle now... he flips off the turnbuckle and sprints towards Tamika!


Meghan just smiles and nods as she drops down for the pin.



3! No! Vaxman had his foot on the rope.

Jon McDaniel: Not so close to the ropes girls!

Brian Rentfro: They don’t need your help Jon, shuddup.

Meghan starts to argue with the ref, saying that the rope save was crap. Vaxman gets to his feet and turns Meghan around. Looking down at her from his inch on height, he grabs Meghan by the throat. He lifts her up into the air slightly. He's trying to get out of it, desperately. Meghan is let go and Vaxman falls to his knees, as Tamika’s heel connects with the back of his head. Vaxman stumbles to the ground, gathering himself together, and Tamika goes into the ropes. She springboards off, and connects with a dropkick to the back of Vaxman!

Jon McDaniel: Tamika showing great versatility tonight!

Tamika is ordered by the ref to return to her corner, and she does. Meghan gets to her feet and lays down a few stomps on Vaxman. She gets Vaxman up to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Vaxman comes back and Meghan uses the momentum to hip toss Vaxman down to the mat. Meghan goes into the ropes and comes back, hitting a running Senton bomb. She mounts Vaxman and unchambers lefts and rights, the rage building up in her eyes. The ref tries to pull her off, but Meghan pushes him away. Meghan lifts Vaxman head up toward him and finishes the attack off with a painful headbutt.

Jon McDaniel: Oh my God! I think Meghan may pull an Out of Control...

Brian Rentfro: Whatever happened to Ai Mei anyways?

Jon McDaniel: Apart from almost becoming a vegetable? A lot. She’s a messed up chick.

Meghan gets to her feet, breathing heavily, looking to destroy Vaxman in any way she can. But, she tries to calm herself, preventing another Ai Mei incident. She walks over to Tamika and tags her in. Tamika walks over to Vaxmanand gets him to his feet. She hits a quick jawbreaker, which sends Vaxman staggering back into the corner. Tamika charges in with a flying knee strike to Vaxman’s face.

Brian Rentfro: Lucky bastard!

Vaxman staggers out toward the middle of the ring, and Tamika connects with a kick to the Vaxman’s stomach that causes him to double over. She slams his head between her legs, hooks his arms, and hits her sister’s former finishing move.

Jon McDaniel: Look! Vaxman’s nose is pissing out blood!
Tamika goes for the cover, but Stone is distracting the referee. While Tamika goes to grab the ref’s attention Vaxman quickly shakes the cobwebs out, and then backs up to the corner, he goes to bulldog Tamika from behind whilst on by the ropes, Vaxman then charges, and knocks Tamika into the referee..

Brian Rentfro: What a dumbass! He just knocked his own partner as well!

Jon McDaniel: Everyone’s back in the ring now though! Looks like Meghan and Matt are now the legal team mates now.

Stone charges at Meghan. Meghan jumps up and leapfrogs Stone, who turns around, and ducks a spinning wheel kick. She locks on a rear waistlock, but Stone throws back a pair of elbows to break the hold, and then hits the ropes again. Meghan tries and lifts Stone for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Stone slides through and lands with Meghan in a armlock.

Brian Rentfro: I think it will take more than a arm bar to hold the girls down!

Jon McDaniel: Apparently as Meghan has already grabbed the ropes!

Stone releases Meghan’s arm and stands up, and walks over to the corner. Meghan gets to her feet, shaking out her arm, cracks her neck and rolls her shoulders. Stone climbs up to the top rope, perched on the top turnbuckle as he focuses on the risen and ready Strader sister. Meghan turns her back around to him, and Stone flies off with his legs spread, wrapping them around Meghan’s head and flipping backwards.

Jon McDaniel: Hurricanra---

Before Jon can finish the word Meghan whips Stone back onto her shoulders, turns the powerbomb position quickly into a fireman's carry, and then throws Stone off, dropping him on the back of his head on the mat.

Brian Rentfro: What a reversal!!!!!!!!!!

Meghan pulls herself to her feet using the ropes,and stares at the fallen Matt Stone. Meghan stomps on Stone a little bit, and then brings him to his feet. She turns Warren around, and then ducks down, tucking her own head between Stones's legs from behind. Meghan then stands up, lifting Stone onto her shoulders, and walks over to the centre of the ring. Tamika, who has wasted no time leaps from her corner turnbuckle and tackles Stone done to the mat. Vaxman slides into the ring now.

Jon McDaniel: Cemetery Gates from the champs!

Stone rolls around, trying to catch his breath as he holds his gut, and Meghan wipes sweat from her brow before booting Stone in the back of the head with her heel. Vaxman attacks Meghan from behind, but is spun around by Tamika and leveled with a very stiff upper cut.

Jon McDaniel: Ouch, Tamika looks like she can pack a hit!

Brian Rentfro: That’s what she said!

Meghan throws Vaxman out onto the apron as Tamika goes over and shoves him off the ring apron and onto the floor with her foot. She then slides out of the ring and walks over to the fallen Vaxman. She grabs Vaxman and and irish whips him into the turnbuckle steel post. The referee could care less as they aren’t the legal team mates. Meanwhile though, Stone has gained an advantage laying out the tag team champ Meghan with a double arm DDT. He moves up to the top rope, signaling for a frog splash.
Jon McDaniel: Another top rope maneuver from our competitors tonight.

Brian Rentfro: Getting ready for Lucha Libre obviously.

Tamika rushes up the steps and onto the apron, grabs onto the top rope, pulls herself up, and in a wicked show of balance run’s down the ropes delivering a missile dropkick to Stone sending him out onto the guard rail as Tamika falls back into the ring.


Stone slowly crawls back towards the ring, showing no signs of going down yet. Vaxman gets himself situated in his corner as Tamika has as well. Meghan tags in her sister as Stone does the same to Vaxman.

Tamika charges towards Vaxman, but Vaxman quickly ducks out of the way and catches her in a sleeper hold. He brings the flailing Strader to her knees. The referee comes in to check her status. He lifts up her arm. It falls.

Brian Rentfro: Not looking good.

He lifts her arm up again, it falls.

Jon McDaniel: The crowd is getting into it now Brian!

The crowd is going crazy chanting TA-MI-KA! The referee lifts her but this time it stays high in the air as the adrenaline begins pumping through the young Strader. She sends elbows back at Vaxman, finally shaking him off. A wild look of rage is in her eyes as she grabs Vaxman by his hair and yanks him forward, then dropping her elbow on the back of his head. Stone into the ring but is met with a clothesline from Meghan. Meghan hits the top rope, and knocks out Stone with the Fatality knee drop. Meghan and Tamika throw their arms up in the air and twirl their index fingers in the air.

Jon McDaniel: You know what that means!

Brian Rentfro: They’re gonna strip!

Meghan grabs Vaxman and irish whips him into the ropes. When he returns Meghan scoops him up for a powerslam, but Tamika who bounced off the adjacent set of ropes and levels Vaxman with a running neckbreaker.

Jon and Brian: OVER AND OUT!

Tamika hooks the leg of Vaxman, and Meghan kicks the stirring Stone in the stomach. The referee makes the count.




Eric Emerson: And your winners, and still PWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD…. C F H!!!!!!!!!!!!

The arena erupts as Ready For Blood hits the sound system. Meghan takes the tag team titles from Emerson and hands one of them to her sister who scored the winning pin fall. Meghan calls for a microphone. The music cuts off at Meghan’s cue.

Jon McDaniel: Time to gloat? They should, they deserve it.

MNS: “Over the past few months my sister and I have dominated this tag team division, and we have plowed through everyone put in our paths. Now in saying…”

Brian Rentfro: What, she gonna demand a title shot or something?

MNS: After watching Starr get multiple shots at titles, Matt Stone losing his chance at the title, only to be given another chance to lose which he just did… Vaxman getting title shots with only one win under his belt… tells me this company isn’t heading in the right direction for its champions.

The crowd listens intently.

MNS: Now I, on the other hand have actually won most of my matches since our triumphant return… beating men the likes of Marxx and Corey ‘Fucking’ Lazarus. So I’m laying a claim for the World title.

Jon McDaniel: But she’s one half of the tag team champions!

Brian Rentfro: She kinda has a point though Jon. Look at the people getting shots at singles titles lately.

MNS: I’m challenging the Board of Directors on this not being able to hold a singles title when you are currently a tag team champion. Those who don’t like it? That’s really too bad. Cause one way or another, the World title is coming back to a Strader waist.

Meghan drops the microphone as ‘Ready For Blood’ starts up again. Meghan and Tamika throw their tag titles over their shoulders, and Meghan makes a belt motion over her waist as she sneers her families sneer. The rest of VDP (Strader, Duff and Jethro) stands up at the top of the ramp waiting for the girls.

Jon McDaniel: There you have it! VDP is going strong, with Scott Nash Strader in the building as well.

Brian Rentfro: Of course he is, he’s living through his daughters remember?

The End of Times: Exhile Again

Kalis sits at a desk, staring blankly around the room he's in. His hood hides his eyes however, as he lays his right hand over the black and blood red mask he's become accustomed to wearing. Reaver stands to his front left, Masakazu stands to his front right... And Rayn stands to his front center.

Rayn: Bro...

Kalis looks up and raises his hand. His hand shakes as he reaches into the drawer and pulls out a single cigarette. He pulls the hood back from his head and lights the cigarette. Kalis' hand shakes as he takes a drag and sets his hand down. Masakazu motions to Reaver, and Reaver leaves the room. As he shuts the door behind him...

Masakazu: This wasn't apart of the plan.

Kalis looks up and nods at Masakazu, but his stare remains blank.

Rayn: You can't be seriously considering this? You can't let this happen, Simon.

Kalis takes another drag and smiles, flicking ash into his ashtray.

Masakazu: We won't stand for this, father.

Rayn: My nephews right. We won't.

Simon Kalis: Gentlemen... Gentlemen... Please.

Kalis stares now at the cigarette ember burning and maintains his smile.

Rayn: You're selling everyone out. On everything you worked for to do here, you let this happen? You disgrace the PWA, and you disgrace yourself... Most of all? You dishonor our family, Simon.

Kalis nods as he takes another drag and leans back in his seat.

Simon Kalis: This is why you will take over for me, Daniel. You will take my spot as General. You, Masa. You will keep an eye on things from a distance.

Kalis takes another drag and smirks.

Rayn: And you?

Simon Kalis: Exhile.

Masakazu: Pfft... Running? Again?

Kalis slams his fist down on the desk, shaking the ashtray and the mask. He looks up at Masakazu with fire in his eyes.

Simon Kalis: Not running. Reorganizing. Plotting. Preparing. I am... Weak. You know this. Both of you know this. I am unfit to lead any longer.

Rayn: BULLSHIT! I've seen you go through a LOT worse and keep going. You're making excuses now.

Kalis shakes his head as he takes another drag of his cigarette.

Simon Kalis: If I had to fight Duff right now, I'd be defeated without question. I can barely hold myself together. You've seen my mental state, and my physical state.

Masakazu: Are you telling me you did all of this, destroyed your body limb by limb... To give another man the throne?

Kalis nods and takes another drag off of his cigarette.

Simon Kalis: Yes.

Rayn shakes his head in disbelief.

Rayn: Why? Why would you do this? Right when we've been reuinited? After all these years... You're going to just up and leave again.

Simon Kalis: My ticket to Tokyo is booked. Morgan, Brian, Alexis and I will all be heading out immediately. I need to recover, I need to rest. I'm not as young and vibrant as you two. You must understand my reasons... Please.

Masakazu: Why???

Kalis takes one last drag of his cigarette and crushes it out until not a single burning ember is left. He picks up his mask and puts it on over his face, pulling his hood back over his head.

Simon Kalis: To show the world why they need Simon Kalis...

Rayn and Masakazu nod as we fade....

Corey Lazarus vs Johnny Maverick

Rebel Pro Rules

Eric Emerson: The following match is set for one fall and will be contested under Rebel Pro rules...

The opening of 'Rise Above' begins as the ADCTron displays static with the anarchy symbol just barely appearing through the static. Before the opening lyrics start, Johnny Maverick walks out and lets out an intense roar.

'Jealous cowards try to control
Rise above
We're gonna rise above
They distort what we say
Rise above
We're gonna rise above
Try and stop what we do
Rise above
When they can't do it themselves'

Johnny sprints to the ring, several members of the audience patting him on the back as he runs.

'We are tired of your abuse
Try to stop us it's no use'

Johnny slides under the bottom rope and stands quickly, hitting every corner of the ring to release an intense roar to the audience before backflipping off of the second rope.

'Society's arms of control
Rise above
We're gonna rise above
Think they're smart
Can't think for themselves
Rise above
We're gonna rise above
Laugh at us
Behind our backs
I find satisfaction
In what they lack'

Johnny throws a few kicks, knees, and elbow strikes as he awaits the arrival of his opponent.

The lights in the arena die, and the ADC-Tron shows nothing but a black and white film countdown

((INSERT THIS IMAGE: ... ntdown.gif ))

A trio of drumrolls cue up Slayer's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida," and the guitars ring as the bass carries the main melody. Chug-chug-chug-chug goes both guitars before going into the main melody along with the bass, and, at the 27-second mark, Corey Lazarus, Hiro Takawa, and Gregory Price emerge from the entrance curtain, with Price chomping away on a stick of gum in his mouth, Hiro looking calmly down the ramp, and Corey sipping on a bottle of Aquafina. Laz's eyes, as usual, stay hidden behind his trademark pair of silver-rimmed Ray Ban's, and he hangs his arms at his sides after he runs his fingers over his moustache and goatee.

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby!=~

Eric Emerson: Introducing at this time, accompanied by Gregory Price and Hiro Takawa...

Lazarus steps further onto the stage, turning around slowly to take a quick look at the ADC-Tron before stopping at the end of the stage, his back to the ramp and the ring before turning around. Price pats his client on the shoulder, and then looks at the ADC-Tron with him as Hiro continues looking down the ramp, stretching out and jogging in place.

~=Don't you know that I love you?!=~

Eric Emerson: He weighs in tonight at 230 pounds...

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey!=~
~=Don't you know that I'll ALWAYS be true?!=~

Eric Emerson: And standing at 6-foot-1...

Lazarus jogs in place at the end of the stage as the guitars duel into the start of the first chorus, shaking out his limbs, and throws a few shadow punches and kicks into the air.

~=Oh, won't you come with me?=~
~=And take my hand?=~

Price points up at the ADC-Tron, focusing everybody's attention to images of Laz's glory: dropping Demise head-first into a casket via the Mercury Driver to claim the PWA World Heavyweight title at High Stakes '08; drilling Riona Langly with a picture-perfect example of the Sands of Ishtar for his first Intercontinental title at Genesis IX; dropping Thunderwolf down with the Box Office Bomb to claim the first fall in their classic 2/3 Falls match at Genesis X; and, most recently, sending Cody Bogard through the Million Dollar Pyramid from Chaos. Takawa looks up at it, unamused, and then begins walking down the ramp ahead of Corey.

~=Oh, won't you come with me?!=~
~=And walk this land?!=~

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Hollywood, California...

The guitars divebomb, and Laz starts making his way down the ramp, looking out around the arena, spying on every bit of the crowd in front of him.


The drums beat along as Corey bangs his head with them and the main melody of the song returns, Lazarus taking a sip from his Aquafina as he stops halfway down the ramp.

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby!=~
~=Don't you know that I love you?!=~

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Hollywood, California...

Laz jaws with some fans in the front row as Hiro stands between him and Price, Takawa's eyes focused on the ring, and then the trio continue making their way down the ramp. The L-A-Z turns back around to watch himself on the ADC-Tron, his trademark devilish smirk on his face as he walks backwards.

Eric Emerson: He is "The Premiere Attraction"...

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey!=~
~=Don't you know that I'll ALWAYS be true?!=~

Corey turns around to face the ring as they reach the bottom of the ramp, the guitars dueling before the chorus, and then pulls himself up onto the apron, placing one foot in the ring between the top and middle ropes, using one hand to hold the top rope for balance and the other to cover his eyes as he scans the crowd again. Price walks over to the ringsteps, scaling them with a cocky swagger as he walks onto the apron next to Laz, Hiro remaining stoic on the outside with his arms crossed over his chest.

Eric Emerson: ...COREY LAZARUS!!!

~=Oh, won't you come with me?!=~
~=And take my hand?!=~

Lazarus steps into the ring and then walks to the middle of the ring, his hands on his hips and his trademark devilish smirk on his face. Price steps in afterwards, pointing the entire time to his client, applauding him, and Takawa slides in under the bottom rope, rising to his feet. The music keeps pounding away as Corey drops to a knee, his head bowed and a single fist placed on the mat, his other hand resting on his knee.

~=Oh, won't you come with me?!=~
~=And walk this land?!=~

The guitars divebomb as Lazarus bobs his head to the beat of the drums, breathing heavier and heavier as he does so.


Corey leaps to his feet as the main riff returns at the end of the chorus, his arms spread out to his side after he rips his Ray Ban's off, turning his body around to all sides of the arena as flashbulbs go off everywhere. "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" fades into silence as Corey backs up to his corner, removing his Ray Ban's and handing them off to Price. He adjusts the tape on his hands and then stretches his legs out using the middle ropes before shadow-boxing quick with Hiro, who holds his hands up for Corey to pepper with left and right jabs. Gregory steps out onto the apron and walks down the steps, taking his place at ringside in Laz's corner as Takawa slides out under the bottom rope, taking a knee at ringside to watch the match unfold.

Ding Ding

Brian Rentfro: Here we go with this match that is supposed to be about wrestling.

Jon McDaniel: It is being fought under Rebel Pro Rules.

Brian Rentfro: And are there any rules in that forsaken area of hell known as Rebel Pro?

Johnny and Corey circle each other in the center of the ring, both getting the grasp of their opponent. Lockup, but Johnny ducks under the arm to wrap Corey up from behind. Johnny knees Corey's knee from behind sending him on one knee. Johnny leaps up into the air, driving both knees into the back of Corey, but Lazarus rolls to the left and out of the way. Johnny comes crashing back down, but Corey is back up already. Johnny kips up to his feet, Corey sends him down with a clothesline.

Brian Rentfro: Corey dominating already.

Jon McDaniel: You can't be watching the same match I am.

Corey lifts Johnny up to his feet. Maverick slams double fists into Corey's ribs stopping him mid punch. Corey winces, but only slightly, Johnny doesn't stop there, he kicks Corey in the inner thigh before spinning around delivering a kick to the back of Corey's knees. Johnny off the ropes, springing to the middle, sending Corey down with a tornado DDT.

Jon McDaniel: Some acrobatics from Johnny there.

Brian Rentfro: They'll get him no where against the Master of Mayhem Corey Lazarus.

Johnny pulls Corey up, chop to the chest. Another chop, a third. Johnny with a fourth, but Corey catches the wrist, twisting and turning until he is to the side of Johnny. Kick to the ribs, another, and a third as Corey holds Maverick in a wristlock. Corey runs up the corner flipping back over Maverick which causes maverick to twist and flip and land on his back in the corner. Corey climbs back up to his feet. Corey stomps down on Johnny's face before slamming a knee down onto Johnny's throat! Corey is holding the knee there and Maverick is beginning to turn a shade of red that may not be so healthy for his person. Corey gets up, allowing Johnny a breath of air, before slamming the knee back down to cut off his air supply again.

Brian Rentfro: I love Rebel Pro Rules!

Jon McDaniel: Before you... oh nevermind.

Johnny manages to throw a weak punch, but as it lands near Corey's jewels, he releases the the knee choke, choosing to deliver more damage. Corey lifts Johnny up onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry, Johnny still trying to catch his breath. Corey runs forward, but doesn't go anywhere as Johnny has one arm and a leg hooked over the top rope. Johnny applies all of his weaight sending Corey over the top rope. Johnny falls to the apron before rolling back inside of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Surprise counter but effective none the less.

Brian Rentfro: Johnny's minutes are numbered.

Johnny gasping hits the ropes before rebounding. Johnny grabs the top rope sending himself over the top with a shove and a loud war cry! Johnny lands on the rising Lazarus sending him back first into the railing. Johnny pounds away with fists of rage before standing back up and delivering a spinning heel kick to the side of Corey's skull. Corey lays on his side as Johnny goes digging under the ring for some weapons. Johnny pulls out a table, a coil of barbed wire, some hand cuffs, a Crown Royal bag that looks to have tacks in it, and a... Singapore cane!

Johnny turns around, gleam in his eyes and a smile on his face. Corey looks up, Singapore cane to the face rocks him to the side. Corey over onto his knees trying to shove himself up onto his feet. Johnny golfs the cane into Corey's ribs once, twice, three, and a fourth time until the cane breaks.

Jon McDaniel: They just don't make canes the way they used to.

Brian Rentfro: Did I ever tell you how much I hate Rebel Pro rules?

Johnny stands back at the apron, lifting it to pull out a twenty foot ladder!

The crowd goes wild, they love some ladder, it always means violence and big time risk moves!

Johnny pulls it out from the confinds of the ring, laying it across the ring apron to the railing. Johnny walks over to Lazarus pulling him... Corey with a punch to the thigh of Maverick before walking up his legs and slamming both feet into Johnny's face sending hiim back first into the ring post. Corey flips on over to the other side of the railing before springing to the top of the railing. Corey leaps out as Johnny stumbles forward. Corey catches the back of Johnny's neck on his shoulder.

Brian Rentfro: What a flipping catch into a neckbreaker from Corey Lazarus there!

Jon McDaniel: I have to admit, it was very impressive.

Corey catches his breath, rolling up to his knees then feet as he looks down at Maverick on the ground. Corey with a well placed stomp right onto his face for good measure. Corey asks the seat from a fan wearing a Corey Lazarus t-shirt, the fan obliges graciously. Corey brings the weapon back, Johnny is trying to sit up.


Johnny's face is crushed by the chair, causing him to lay back down on the floor. Corey tosses the chair into the ring before lifting Johnny up and rolling him into the squared circle. Corey throws Maverick into the corner, running in with a jumping knee strike to the face and Johnny falls out of the corner. Corey springing off the ropes with a flying bulldog sending Johnny's face right into the chair. Corey rolls over pinning Johnny.




Johnny gets a shoulder up, he isn't going to be beaten that easily. Corey isn't really shocked, so he pulls Johnny back up. Irish into the ropes, Johnny rebounds. Corey with a big boot into the face sends Johnny back into the ropes. Corey with a clothesline, but Maverick with a duck and a lift sends Corey over the top onto the ladder!

Jon McDaniel: What a counter from Johnny as the ladder comes into play!

Brian Rentfro: Damn Rebel Pro!

Johnny wipes the sweat from his face, hitting the ropes. Corey lays on the ladder, shaking his head. Johnny comes flying up to the top rope leaping high into the air with a split legged front flip!

The ladder doesn't bend at all!

Jon McDaniel: Johnny connects there with that split legged front flip and the ladder doesn't give!

Brian Rentfro: Simon doesn't purchase cheap shit like Rebel Pro does.

The move costs Johnny as he rolls off the ladder, holding at his lower back, but Corey may have paid a bit bigger price as he isn't moving at all yet. Johnny stumbles over to the Timekeeper's table, getting the bell from him. Maverick comes back, obviously hurting from the encounter so far. Johnny slams the bell into the ladder as Corey moves just in time. Corey lays on the floor, struggling up to a kneeling position, and nearly failing. Johnny swings the bell. Corey catches the hand of Maverick spinning him back around to face him. Corey leaps up to the ladder, jumping up and bringing a surprised Maverick face first onto the ladder!

Brian Rentfro: My God what a facebuster!

Jon McDaniel: Bet you love Rebel Pro now.

Brian Rentfro: How'd you know?

Maverick is busted open, but Corey isn't far behind as his back is extremely red and looking like the next punch will bust him open. Corey climbs up into the ring, picking up the steel chair. He looks at Maverick, at the chair, at the ropes, and finally back to Maverick; a smile crosses his lips. Corey hits the ropes sending himself into the air off the chair!

"Hollywood airlines is ready for takeoff!"

Corey lands the signature senton plancha perfectly.

Brian Rentfro: Johnny is not going to get up after that move.

Jon McDaniel: Johnny is no push over, just wait this match is far from over.

Corey rolls the limp form of Maverick into the ring. Corey pulls Maverick to a kneeling position, he slams a knee into the now bloody face of Maverick, but Johnny just smiles. Corey is a bit taken back, but delivers a second knee strike, again Maverick's smile can be seen through the mask of blood. Johnny with a rapid fire punch right to Corey's sack and Lazarus has no choice but hold himself in obvious pain. Johnny shoves up, off the ropes, flying leg lariat takes Corey down on the canvas. Johnny quickly rolls out of the ring to grab the Crown Royal bag and bring it back into the ring. He dumps the contents into the ring, the thousand upon thousands of glittering sharp objects seem to cover the entire ring. Maverick pulls Corey up to his feet, knee to the gut. Maverick tucks his head under Corey's arm.

Jon McDaniel: Northern Lights suplex right into the thumbtacks!

Brian Rentfro: I!

Jon McDaniel: Know you hate Rebel Pro.

Maverick lifts Corey back up, knee of his own to Corey's face this time. A second knee before Maverick hits the ropes. to slam both of his feet into Corey's face sending him into another area of thumbtacks! Maverick gets back up, a few dozen thumbtacks in his own flesh and now both men are red from the blood they are shedding. Maverick pulls Corey back up, slap to the face, a bitch slap, then he spins around delivering the bottom of his boot right into Corey's jaw. Maverick is on a roll here and looks out to the crowd, he knows what they want. He knows what he wants, he knows what he is going to get as he slides out of the ring.


The crowd immediately begin the chant of "Tables!" as he slides it back into the ring. However, he isn't finished as he slides in a second and a third table. Now it seems tat there as many tables as thumbtacks in the ring, but come on lets be real here. Johnny grabs the spool of barbed wire and is back in the ring now. Corey is getting back up to his feet, a running boot to the back of his head causes him to slam face first into the tacks, but none get in his eyes which is a great thing for him. Maverick sets up a table, wrapping it in barbed wire and nearly covering the entire surface in the skin tearing wire. Maverick walks over to Corey, pulling him up by the hair on his head. Maverick with a right hand, Corey fights back with a right of his own. Right from Johnny, right from Corey. Right right right right right right right right right right. Corey ducks under the last right from Maverick lifting him up, facebuster onto the table, but it doesn't break at all. Corey rubs Johnny's face all in the wire bringing more blood from Maverick' body befor yanking him off the wire covered table and carrying him over to the turnbuckle where he mounts him in the corner.






Johnny shoves him off, Corey lands on his feet charging back in. Johnny ducks under the leg lariat coming in behind Corey who goes on over the corner to the apron. Johnny dives in with ashoulder block, but Corey manages to side step the attack. Corey springs up to the top rope, launching himself inside the ring just behind Maverick. Johnny turns around.

Brian Rentfro: What athleticism from Corey Lazarus there.

Jon McDaniel: What tenacity from both men here.

Right from Corey sends Johnny back first into the corner. Corey with a elbow to the face of Maverick rocking his head backwards on his neck. Corey using some stiff karate kicks to the ribs of Maverick softening him up even more. Corey with another series of kicks spins around delivering a kick to Maverick's face causing him to slump in the corner. Corey wants to finish this now he walks over setting up a second table, this one on top of the first. Corey eyes his work with a critical eye, he lays a chair on top of the first one before sliding out of the ring to grab a few other chairs. He tosses them into the ring, stopping as he slides in to nail Maverick with one to keep him honest in the corner. Corey lays the chairs side by side on the top of the second table, but Corey isn't finished yet. Sliding out of the ring he pulls the ladder and slides it into the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Johnny is fixing to be broken in half! Literally! Come on Lazarus!

Jon McDaniel: Loving Rebel Pro now?

Brian Rentfro: Just their rules Jon, that never changes.

Jon McDaniel: Unless Johnny is using them to his advantage.

Corey grabs Maverick onto his shoulders in a powerslam position climbing to the top of the ladder. Johnny fights back, but Lazarus twists a bit slamming Johnny's head into the steel of the ladder. They reach the top of the ladder, but Maverick begins to really fight back now, he slips off Corey's shoulders, slipping down a rung or two before catching Corey around the waist.


Jon McDaniel: Dear God! Through the tables!

Brian Rentfro: ...

Bits of table go flying up into the air, thumbtacks from the canvas hop into the air from the impact and all that is seen clearly is the dented chair that both men landed on! Referee Scott Swindell doesn't know what to do, should he check on the men or let the match go. He looks at the curtain, then decides to cheeck on the two men.

Jon McDaniel: They may be dead!

Brian Rentfro: That bastard killed Corey Lazarus?!

A big piece of table is shoved out of the way as Maverick crawls out of the table wreckage, Corey shoves the dented chair off another piece of table. Maverick tries to roll up to his feet, but loses the energy and slumps to lay on his front, the side of his face on the canvas. Lazarus is on his hands and knees, but gives a shuttering breath and just falls to nearly an identical position of Mavericks. Scott Swindell would normally count here but since Rebel Pro has no rules, count-outs don't matter.

Jon McDaniel: I don't know how much longer this can continue!

Brian Rentfro: Until there is a winner or one of them... hopefully Maverick, is dead!

Johnny manages to crawl over to Lazarus, placing an arm over his chest before passing out again.




Ding Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: Winner of the match... Johhhhhhnnnnnnnnny Mavvvvvvvverick!

Rayn vs Jethro Hayes

Contendership for the PWA World Championship

"Time for a lil' Southern Justice"

Colt Ford's special remake of this song for Jethro Hayes hits up in the arena's speakers. The youngest Grand Slam Champion in PWA history walks through the black curtain, he looks out to the crowd.

~Down the road where the black top ends, you can find Jethro Hayes with all his friends, we're used to gravel roads, and fishin' with cane poles, wasn't no swimmin' pools, jus swimmin' holes.~

Up on the screen a blacktop road begins to wind away in front of us and we travel along it as though we are in a car. Jethro holds his fisted right hand into the air and the crowd pops for. Jethro begins to walk down the ramp making sure to slap the hands of the fans along his way. Jethro goes from side to side because if they are going to respect him for what he is doing and how he is changed, he will respect them as well.

~We was dirt road poor, and cane switched raised, done came a long way since back in them days, been ‘round the world twice seen all fifty states, ate on thousand dollar china, but love sum paper plates , there aint nuthin wrong with them big city lights, but me, I prefer them slow country nights, where I can see the darkness come and then go~

Along the side of the ropes are buildings erected with the names of the Championships that he has won instead of typical names of businesses. Other such names include "Hall of Fame", "Wrestler of the Quarter", "Face of the Year", and many "Match of the Quarter" buildings are all along side the rode. He reaches the bottom of the ramp.

~Most folks is honest, and they all speak slow, you can leave your door open, aint nuttin' gunna happen, most country folks sing, but I couldn't, so im rappin, I wanna show yall where I come from, and invite yall all down to any country town~

The road winds through a small city, but the image of the very arena in which we are having the PWA show tonight comes into view around a corner. Jethro climbs the steps and is on the apron. He wipes his feet out of respect for the legends in this sport and the respect he has for this sport before stepping through the ropes.

(Chorus with John Michael Montgomery singing)
Now before I pack and things and leave, there's sumthin I need yall to understand, I seen alotta things in my life time, that's why I walk the line, I'm just a simple man, and I aint in the things for cheep thrills, but all my scars heel, so don't you ever cry for me, I aint ashamed where I'm from, you're always welcome, to take a ride through the country.

Eric Emerson: From Lenox, Georgia he stands at six feet seven inches, weighing in at three hundred and fifteen pounds... Jethro Hayes!

~Up, dressed, and gone by 5 am, he's country, and he's rappin' we gotta play him, folks been waitin for some one like me, to give ‘em some hot beats and spit that country~

Jethro hits the ropes, bouncing off to get the blood pumping a bit before his match. The blacktop road in front of us enters the arena's door and heads somewhere inside.

~His overalls don't sag, they fit, they kinda tight, got on a John Deere t-shirt, no nothin' but work. Daylight til dark, that's how I was bread, and I'll keep bein' country til the day I'm dead~

Jethro climbs the turnbuckle that faces the majority of the crowd, holding up his fisted right hand before pointing to them. Just in front of the blacktop road is a black curtain, we sit here waiting as though it is the end of our ride.

~See, country folks eat biscuits called cat heads, bar-b-q, baked beans, sweet tea, and white bread, we like to fish and hunt, aint scared of a fight, love the Good Lord and believe in doin' right,~

He drops down, rushing to the opposite side of the ring to climb up and point to that section of the crowd.

~Got 4-wheel drives, some got mud on ‘em, you can keep your rolls roice, cuz baby, we don't want 'em! So now yall all know exactly who I am, and if you aint into that, i don't give a damn!~

Jethro drops down, heading to the third corner and once again climbs up, pointing out to himself before he points to the crowd.

The chorus hits up again...

~Now before I pack my things and leave, there's sumthin I need yall to understand, I seen alotta things in my life time, that's why I walk the line, I'm just a simple man, and I aint in the things for cheep thrills, but all my scars heel, so don't you ever cry for me, I aint ashamed where I'm from, you're always welcome, take a ride through the country.~
Jethro climbs the final turnbuckle, and points to this section of the crowd.

~You might have seen me on your t.v, but honey, that don't mean a thing, you see, I'm still that same ‘ol country boy, and that's all I'll ever be, and sometime, those bright lights blind me, and make it hard for me to see, but when I need to be reminded, I take a ride through the country~

Jethro drops down, he heads to center ring where he looks down to gather his thoughts before the match.

~At about 5 o'clock on Friday afternoon, them country boys head down to the local saloon, you welcome to stop in and have a cold bottle, big city boys and stuck up super models, we don't care where ya from, as long as you polite, cuz push come to shove and every one of us will fight~

Even through the roar of the crowd, Jethro nods as he listens to the song and allows it to remind him of things in the past. It reminds him of the times he's been pushed around and how he will not let it happen anymore.

~We mostly easy like Sunday morning, ol' Colt came here to give yall fair warnin', country folks wont be pushed around, and theres some of us livin' in every town, we believe in the Bible, and the U.S.A, work hard for what you want, it's the American way, no body owe you nothin' supposed to earn your keep, but in a hard days work, get a good nights sleep,
I know some of yall think Colt's kinda odd, but I'm loud, proud and country by the grace of God!~

Jethro points to the crowd one last time as the blacktop view on the big screen seemingly flies through the screen, showing that Jethro considers those fans in attendance friends.(it goes back to the very first line in the first verse). Jethro turns to face the entrance ramp, raising his head up so that he can see it clearly.

Jon McDaniel: Big match up here next folks. This match will decide who faces Riona Langly next for the PWA Undisputed World title.

Brian Rentfro: Yep! And The Order has their entrant...

"Evolution" by korn begins to play, the bass rumbling the building as the main lights die out, leaving nothing but green lasers and green strobes going near the entrance, as gren search lights circle through the crowd. The first verse of the song beings as Rayn steps through the curtain, looking at the fans in attendance before slowly making his way to the ring. He stops at the end of the ramp, looking around for a moment before running at the ring and sliding inside under the bottom rope.

Eric Emerson: He weighs in at two hundred thirty two pounds, from Chicago Illinois, he is a seven time world heavyweight champion, The Acidic One, RAYN!

Rayn climbs a turn buckle, raising both his arms into the air and tossing up the horns to the fans before hopping back into the ring. He leans against the turn buckles, then slouches down, letting himself fall onto his ass in a sitting position against the ropes. He motions for a championship belt around his waist as Hayes makes a cut throat motion with his own hands. Rayn steps forward without fear, stomps his foot down and salutes Jethro with a cocky smirk in The Order style.


Hayes and Rayn meet in the center of the ring and Hayes launches the first attack, taking Rayn to the canvas with a well timed hip toss. The younger Kalis brother is quick to his feet and hits a sharp lariat on Hayes. Hayes immediately strikes back with a big fist to the back of Rayn's head, sending The Acidic One stumbling forward into the ropes. Hayes goes for a reverse powerbomb but Rayn flips himself over The Southern Hero and russian leg sweeps the big man off of his feet. Rayn rolls away and gets to his feet as Hayes pulls himself back to his feet as well. Rayn charges and slides down onto his back to avoid a big boot from Jethro, but as he dodges that, Jethro counters his counter and simply drops his elbow hard on the sliding Rayn and nails Rayn in his throat as he slides forward. Rayn clutches his throat as Hayes lifts Rayn up by his long hair and chucks him into the corner. Hayes rushes and slams his body against Rayn, crushing Rayn against the turnbuckles. Hayes backs up and as he does Rayn throws a swift thrust kick into Jethro Hayes' inner thigh. Hayes grimaces but keeps the pain in check. Rayn hops up onto the middle rope with his feet and jumps off, grabbing onto Hayes and spinning him around for an incredible DDT that plants the Southern Hero to the canvas hard.

Jon McDaniel: Great back and forth fighting going on in the ring. It's so perfectly executed you'd think wrestling was staged.

Brian Rentfro: Wrestling? Staged? Hah. You're thinking that MMA stuff Jon.

Jon McDaniel: Of course!

Rayn points to a fan in the crowd and throws a smile and a thumbs up as the burn victim fan holds up a sign that says "I shouldn't have ****ed with The Acidic One!". Hayes takes this moment of distraction and grabs Rayn, wrapping him up in his armpit with his face in the armpit. Hayes lifts Rayn up into the air for a suplex but drops vertically into an awkward piledriver that sends Rayn shaking in the ring. Rayn holds his head and bangs his feet on the canvas as he buries his head in his arms and hair. Jethro is back up on his feet and begins climbing the top rope. The fans stand up as the giant flies off with a leg drop! BUT Rayn rolls out of the way on instinct and Hayes lands hard on his ass and legs. Rayn flips himself in one fluid motion off of his stomach, onto his back and sends a devastating thrust kick into Hayes' face sending the big mans full body to the canvas. Rayn jumps to his feet and begins stomping down on Jethro's head, neck and shoulders. Rayn holds onto the ropes and thrashes his head as he stomps away on Hayes. Referee Swindell forces Rayn to stop after a few moments, but Rayn lands one more good kick in for measure.

Brian Rentfro: Just when you think he's down and out... He comes back to life. A true Kalis!

Jon McDaniel: I thought you were talking about Jethro?

Hayes is helped to his feet by Rayn who drives his elbow hard into Hayes' skull as he gets to his feet. Hayes fights back! Hayes sends a strong fist into Rayn's gut. Rayn stumbles back, his body in shock from the hit. Then another hit forces Rayn to let go of Jethro. Jethro swings a uppercut up and sends Rayn flying into the ropes. Rayn comes bouncing back and Hayes nails him with a pump handle slam to the canvas. Hayes goes for the pinfall!




Rayn kicks out and spits in Jethro's face. Jethro wipes his face clear but Rayn is already rolls away and on his feet. Rayn with a flying forearm smash pushes Hayes back a bit. Rayn locks in a chinlock on Hayes as he gets Hayes to one knee. Hayes reverses it smoothly into a wrist lock, but Rayn follows up that counter with his own reversal and pulls Hayes into an arm bar. Hayes slaps his arm and turns himself around, latching onto Rayn and placing him deep in a waistlock. Rayn tries to use momentum and does, pushing himself up over Hayes and as Rayn slides over Hayes' head, Rayn lays Hayes down with a reverse DDT to the canvas. Rayn hooks the leg quickly!




Jon McDaniel: All this back and forth is making my head spin!

Brian Rentfro: Here, have a Grizzly Beer. It'll make you feel better.

Rayn looks at Swindell in shock but Swindell holds up the two fingers confirming its just a two count. Rayn wastes no time attacking Hayes as he lunges forward with a fury of fists, catching Jethro Hayes off guard. Rayn lands each left and right with Hayes unable to counter. Rayn whips Hayes into the ropes and bounces himself off the opposite ropes at the right moment, springboarding himself forward and body splashing Jethro Hayes except one problem... Hayes catches Rayn and spins him around, slamming his body against the canvas. Rayn is still much quicker to his feet than Hayes but before Rayn can do anything Hayes is up and nails him down with a belly to belly suplex. Hayes headbutts Rayn as he lays on the canvas and grabs him by the neck, lifting him up and chucking him into the turnbuckle. Rayn winces as he holds his side in the corner but then rushes forward from the turnbuckle like he's on fire but gets nailed with a big boot sending him crashing to the canvas. Rayn hops back up but Jethro with a clothesline takes The Acidic One down again. Rayn doesn't relent! He gets back to his feet and this time as Hayes goes for another big boot Rayn ducks, spins him around and kicks him in the gut. X MARKS THE SPOT! The crowd erupts as Rayn takes Hayes down with one of his signature moves. Rayn, exhausted and panting, throws himself over Hayes and hooks the leg.




Rayn can't believe it and gets himself to his feet, realizing this time against Hayes will be much tougher. Hayes is not going to go out easily as he gets to his feet and dusts himself off. Rayn gets himself up and Hayes attempts to hip toss Rayn who lands himself on his feet and reverses the move, turning it into an armbar on Jethro Hayes. Hayes winces as he slaps the arm Rayn has locked up, but Hayes uses his overpowering strength to get himself free. Rayn goes for a quick swift kick but Hayes stops him, throws him against the ropes and as Rayn comes barreling towards him grabs him, spins him and brings him DOWN with the GEORGIA SLAM! The crowd can't believe it and Hayes drives his elbow into Rayn's neck for good measure, before hooking both legs.




Hayes is surprised as he looks down at Rayn, who's all smiles as he throws Jethro a middle finger. Rayn quickly rolls himself onto his shoulders, twists his body upwards and grabs onto Hayes' head with both his legs. Rayn inverts his knees inward, driving them into Jethro's neck as he then slams Jethro to the canvas, from the canvas. Rayn gets to his feet and salutes the cheering Pro-Order crowd. Hayes is up though so Rayn keeps an eye on the ADCTron to let the cameras tell him when to look back, as any true veteran would. It doesn't help though as Hayes throws a heavy left hook which throws Rayn into the turnbuckle with force. Hayes charges Rayn in the corner but Rayn throws both of his legs up into Hayes' face sending Hayes stumbling back. Rayn props himself onto the apron and then springboards himself back into the ring, throwing a spinning mule kick which catches Hayes completely off guard and sends him to one knee!

Rayn moves quickly, driving a knee into Jethro's head. Rayn grabs him between his legs and the crowd errupts! THE EPIPHANY! Rayn immediately hooks the legs on Hayes as Swindell drops for the count!





Eric Emerson: The winner of this match... Daniel "RAYN" Kalis!

Rayn has his arm raised Swindell but shoves the referee out of the way. Simon and Masakazu come down to ringside from the back and slide into the ring. Hayes gets to his feet and looks at them but Simon shakes his head as Hayes slides out of the ring. A few words are exchanged as Simon and Masakazu raise Rayn onto their shoulders, and both brother and nephew make hand signals to display a Title around Rayn's waist as the family celebrates happily in the ring. Hayes looks back, signaling things are far from over...

Chamelion & Randal Moran vs Simon Kalis & Lucious Starr

Total Control Tag-Team Match

Jon McDaniel: And now, folks. Our main event. The literal grip of control over this company we so love and hold dear to our hearts is on the line.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah. It isn't any one championship title on the line. This match will shape the future of the PWA, and whether we continue the way we have our whether a new order reigns.

Jon McDaniel: Let's pray that Chamelion and Randal Moran can stop this....


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our MAIN EVENT! The following tag team match is schedueled for one pinfall, and will be for TOTAL CONTROL OF THE PIONEER WRESTLING ASSOCIATION!

The crowd here in Winnipeg, Manitoba cheers vigorously as Emerson stands in the middle of the ring.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first...

The lights dim, and strobe lights begin to flash around the entrance stage when the following lyrics explode over the arena speakers.

I hear voices in my head,
They council me,
They understand,
They talk to me!


Eric Emerson: The team of PWA Owner and General Manager of Chaos CHAMELION AND RANDAL MORAN!

Walking confidently out onto the stage, Chamelion, attired in dark green wrestling tights and a black fishnet shirt, looks around the arena, aware of everything. Randal Moran stands by his side, searching the crowd which boos and cheers mixed.

You got your rules and your religion
All designed to keep you safe
But when rules start getting broken
You start questioning your faith

They stand there, silently for a few moments as the music swells around them. Their eyes lowered to the ring.

I have a voice that is my savior
Hates to love and loves to hate
I have a voice that has the knowledge
And the power to rule your fate

At that point, Chamelion and Randal Moran whip their heads up, Chamelions hair flying back and he has the look of a hunter about him, as he moves towards the ring with focused determination. More focused than ever before.

I hear voices crying
I see heroes dying
I taste blood that's drying
I feel tension rising

I hear voices in my head,
They council me,
They understand,
They talk to me! They Talk to me!
They tell me things that I will do
They show me things I'll do to you
They talk to me! (talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!)
They talk to me! (talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!)

As the chorus fades into the second verse, Chamelion arrives at the ring apron, a slow smile creeps across his features. Sliding into the ring on his belly, his hands propping his chest and head up, he stares intently at Emerson. Randal Moran slides into the ring and looks around at the crowd, so many of them wearing Order of Chaos t-shirts to his dismay.

All the lawyers are defenseless
All the doctors are disease
And the preachers all are sinners
And the police just take the grease
All you judges you are guilty
All the bosses I will fire
All you bankers will have losses
Politicians are all liars

Jumping to his feet, Chamelion offers a wink and turns and moves towards the corner turnbuckle.

I see darkness falling
I hear voices calling
I feel justice crawling
I see faith has fallen

Launching himself onto the second turnbuckle, Chamelion stretches his arms out, his fingers wiggling in a come get me motion as his head lowers and his Cheshire smile appears.

I hear voices in my head,
They council me,
They understand,
They talk to me! They talk to me!
They tell me things that I will do
They show me things I'll do to you
They talk to me! (talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!)
They talk to me! (talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!)

As the music fades, Chamelion drops down and turns, but his smile doesn’t leave his face, and his head remains lowered as he sways a little from left to right, as if in a trance, ready to face the obstacle in front of him. Randal Moran looks onward at the entrance ramp and nods as the crowd rise to their feet and begin chanting "ALL HAIL". Chamelion doesn't let it bother him as he his head remains lowered. Aubrey Jones, the former Chaos ring announcer enters the ring and grabs the microphone from Eric Emerson he bows out as he shakes hands with Chamelion and Mark Sommers. Aubrey scoffs as she smiles and winks at Emerson leaving the ring.

Aubrey Jones: And their opponents.

The arena lights dim as "Seizure of Power" by Mariliyn Manson, the official theme song to The Order of Chaos begins to play over the speakers. The lights pan the audiance and they all stand up and cheer. The entire crowd salutes towards the entrance ramp to the amazement of Chamelion and Randal in the ring.


Lucious Starr and Simon Kalis step out from behind the curtains. Starr is equipped for battle in his wrestling gear, while Kalis stands with his hands clasped in his black robe, hood and mask.

Aubrey Jones: Accompanied to the ring by Daniel "Rayn" Kalis, Travis Green, Bronx Williams and Masakazu....

Starr and Kalis begin walking forward. Starr smirks as he points at Chamelion in the ring while Kalis drops his robe and hood and removes his mask, giving it to Masakazu to hold onto for him. Starr begins signing autographs for his adoring fans as Kalis gives out hugs and takes photos with them. Chamelion and Randal slide out of the ring as the entire Order enters.

Aubrey Jones: They are THE ORDER OF CHAOS!

Pyros explode in the middle of the ring as all of the men salute the crowd, with the crowd saluting them back.


Kalis and Starr raise each others hands and embrace in the ring, with Starr remaining in as the obviously injured Simon Kalis holds his sides as he steps out onto the apron. The rest of the Order encircle ringside with their arms crossed as Chamelion and Randal Moran re-enter the ring. Chamelion shakes his head as "Cowboys from Hell" by Pantera interrupts and begins to play on the speakers.

Jon McDaniel: Well then! Let's just set the stage right here folks! THIS IS WAR!

Brian Rentfro: Argh!

Vulgar Display of Power stands at the entrance ramp, leaving Chamelion with a satisfied smile. Scott Nash Strader stands at the forefront, surrounded by Meghan and Tamika at his side with Duff and Hayes at the sides of Tamika and Meghan. Even Aubrey Jones is upset as she throws the microphone and exits the ring but not before wishing Starr and Kalis the best. Moran enters the apron as the Order of Chaos on the outside of the ring crowd to one side, with Vulgar Display of Power here to balance the evening at the other. Chamelion laughs, but neither Starr nor Kalis seem upset at all. In fact.

Jon McDaniel: Starr and Kalis are laughing? Why?

Brian Rentfro: They are just that great, Jon.


Starr and Chamelion start things off as Chamelion hip tosses Starr to the canvas. Starr is up quickly and takes Chamelion down with an arm drag to the canvas. Starr bounces off the ropes, lands a quick leg drop over Chamelion's throat. Starr is up and he lifts Chamelion up by the neck. Chamelion throws an elbow out into Starr's gut and grabs onto him. Chamelion goes for a DDT but before he can drop Starr reverses it and hits a northern lights suplex on the PWA Owner. Moran is reaching out for a tag desperately trying to come in while Kalis remains sedentary on the apron watching the match unfold quietly. Starr takes Chamelion back up and whips him into the ropes. Starr bounces off the opposite ropes himself and flies up with a dropkick but Chamelion grabs Starr by the legs and slams him to the canvas in an awkward powerbomb that shakes the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Some good back and forth here between Chamelion and Lucious, a reminder of Summer Sizzler.

Brian Rentfro: Oh yeah.

Chamelion tags Randal Moran in and the crowd goes nuts, even for a Pro-Order crowd they know and respect Randal Moran strongly. Starr sees this and goes over to tag in Simon Kalis. Kalis is tagged in and gingerly steps into the ring. Moran with a left! Then a right! Kalis is already shaking as Moran whips him into the ropes and lays out Simon Kalis with a shoulder block. Moran locks in a figure four leg lock on the canvas and Kalis looks as if he's been knocked unconscience! The crowd can't believe it, and referee Dwayne Cross is checking Kalis but he is not even moving. Cross lifts Kalis' arm up and drops it. 1. Starr looks on in disbelief and can't believe what he's seeing as Cross lifts up Kalis' arm again, dropping it down for a 2. Suddenly Kalis breathes life back into himself as flips himself over onto his stomach, reversing the figure four leg lock on Randal Moran. Moran shakes his head refusing to tap as Kalis lets go of the hold and rolls away in pain. Moran is up and so is Kalis. Moran with a hip toss of his own on Kalis sends the former Tag champ to the canvas. The crowd is on their feet as Kalis spins on his shoulders and back and throws out two thrust kicks from the ground and takes Moran down to the canvas. Kalis is on his feet and so is Moran. Both men grapple and lock horns. Moran has Kalis in a wrist lock which forces Simon to one knee as he slaps his other hand against Moran's. Kalis reverses it and locks in a waistlock and suplexes Moran onto the back of his head. Kalis is up slowly as is Moran. Kalis with a left which Moran blocks! Moran kicks Kalis in the gut and DDTs him into the canvas hard.

Brian Rentfro: Kalis looks more sluggish than Moran! I'd have figured it'd be the reverse!

Moran tags Chamelion in and just before Kalis can tag Starr in, Chamelion drags Kalis to the middle of the ring then drives a hard elbow into the back of his head. Chamelion mocks the pro-Order of Chaos crowd here in Manitoba but Kalis quickly rolls him up in response!







Starr leaps in and breaks the count by kicking Chamelion in the back of the head. Chaos lets loose as Moran goes into the ring and takes Lucious Starr down with a clothesline. Kalis crawls away from the fighting but Chamelion follows him and doesn't relent as he stomps down hard on Kalis. On the outside The Order of Chaos members remain still as they stare over across at the Vulgar Display of Power members across them. Tensions are obviously high as Moran superplexes Starr off the top rope to the astonishment of the crowd! Camera flashes everywhere as Kalis gets to his feet and BANG! SWEET SOUND OF SUCCESS BY CHAMELION! Moran stomps down on Starr to keep him out of it as Chamelion hooks a leg on Simon Kalis and Cross hits the canvas for the count!


Starr tries to push Moran out of the way but Moran lays him out with a death valley driver.


Starr remains down on the canvas as Moran raises his arms.




Moran gets low blowed by Lucious Starr and crumples to the canvas as Chamelion argues with Dwayne Cross. Cross holds up two fingers and tells him Kalis got his foot on the rope. Moran makes his way to the corner and back onto the apron as does Starr. Starr reaches over the top rope and puts his arm out as far as he can for Simon. Kalis leaps forward and tags Lucious Starr in. Starr hops over the top rope like a man on fire and clotheslines Chamelion to the canvas. Chamelion back up and they grapple. Chamelion with a snap suplex on Lucious Starr but Starr hops back up to his feet immediately. Chamelion rushes forward but Starr takes him down with a drop toe hold drag. Chamelion throws his arm out as he falls and tags in Randal Moran! Moran gets into the ring and unleashes a flury of stomps onto the Fury of Hades himself! Starr tries blocking his kicks with his arms but Moran lays them in good. Chamelion yells from the apron as Kalis heads to the top rope! Chamelion jumps back into the ring and pushes Moran out of the way as Kalis leaps off the top rope and hits a missile dropkick onto Chamelion, sending him out of the ring. Kalis rolls out of the ring after Chamelion as Moran lifts Starr up by the neck. Starr throws an elbow into Morans gut, slides himself behind him and hits a stunning reverse neckbreaker which sends the crowd to their feet! On the outside of the ring Chamelion low blows Simon Kalis and slams his face against the ring post. Rayn looks ready to interfere but Bronx Williams holds him back from ruining the match.

Brian Rentfro: Madness all around! The importance of victory here is so vital to the PWA folks.

Jon McDaniel: You're talking sense this time, Brian. It is.

Cross tries to tell Kalis and Chamelion to return to their corners and both men agree and do so. Starr inside the ring irish whips Moran into the ropes but right into Chamelion who tags himself in. Moran comes flying back and spears Starr to the canvas as Chamelion gets inside the ring. Starr tags Kalis in himself as he leaps up. Kalis flies into the ring but is met with an immediate body splash from Chamelion. But Kalis catches Chamelion and body slams him to the canvas quickly. Kalis heads to the top rope and throws his arms into the air as Lucious Starr tags himself in by slapping Kalis' leg. Kalis flies off with a corkscrew shooting star press! RETRIBUTION! Moran comes into the ring and goes right for Kalis, but only the referee Dwayne Cross realizes Starr is the legal man. Starr hops into the ring and covers Chamelion, hooking both legs!


Moran takes Kalis to the outside of the ring!


Moran moves to break up the count when he realizes whats going on but Kalis grabs his legs from the outside of the ring and sweeps him off of his feet.



The crowd goes NUTS as Starr leaps up in the ring and Dwayne Cross raises his arms. Bronx Williams, Rayn, Travis Green and Masakazu slide into the ring and embrace with Lucious Starr in the ring as Moran slides out in disbelief.


Chamelion can't believe his eyes as he rolls out of the ring. Kalis slides into the ring and Masa helps him to his feet. Lucious Starr and Simon Kalis are all smiles as they embrace in the ring and raise each others hands. Chamelion on the outside yells at Scott Nash Strader to attack. Strader nods, uncharacteristically and slides into the ring with Tamika, Meghan, Duff and Hayes. Now they all stand across from each other and the crowd is on their feet.

Brian Rentfro: This is going to EXPLODE folks! The Order of Chaos has ultimate power and there's nothing VDP can do about it!

Scott Nash Strader steps forward. Simon Kalis steps forward, both men staring each other down since Summer Sizzler. Suddenly a crack emerges as Kalis begins smiling. Kalis lights up a cigarette in the ring, as does Strader. Strader smirks back at Kalis and...


Jon McDaniel: WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!?!?!


Suddenly The Cowgirls from Hell turn on Duff Cote D'Ivoire and Jethro Hayes. The Order of Chaos rushes forward and joins them in beating Duff and Hayes down. Hayes gets himself out of the ring quickly and quickly grabs Duff out of there. Starr and Strader nod at each other as Masakazu high fives the Strader sisters. The fans can't believe it, but are loving every second of it. Chamelion stares on in absolute shock as he retreats up the entrance ramp with Randal Moran.

Simon Kalis: Yeah... Screw you Corey! You traitor! You think we need your money now?! You think we need YOU now? You FOOL! I only used you until I was sure I wouldn't need you, in order to usher in the true ORDER OF CHAOS! SIMON KALIS! LUCIOUS STARR! SCOTT NASH STRADER! MEGHAN NASH STRADER! TAMIKA NASH STRADER! RAYN! BRONX WILLIAMS! MASAKAZU! TRAVIS GREEN! WE ARE THE ORDER OF CHAOS! WE ARE IN CONTROL!

Kalis throws his arms up, still obviously weak as he is held up by his brother Rayn and son Masakazu. SNS holds onto his girls and smiles as he looks around at the cheering crowd.

Simon Kalis: I think Starr would like to have a few words with his loyal subjects here in Manitoba!

The crowd cheers as Kalis throws Starr the microphone.

Lucious Starr: Yes, Simon. I would. Since you and I are now in absolute control... I am booking a match, right now. Right here. Riona Langly! You must come out right now and defend the PWA UNDISPUTED WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! Against ME! Right... NOW!

Lucious drops the microphone as The Order of Chaos all slide out of the ring. Strader and Kalis share a cigarette on the outside as the bell sounds.

Jon McDaniel: Hey... Wait a minute. Riona isn't even here tonight.

Lucious Starr: If you don't show up your championship will be FORFIT and I will be the new Champion!












Lucious holds the microphone to Eric Emerson's face...

Eric Emerson: Uhm... The winner as a result of forfit and NEW PWA UNDISPUTED WORLD CHAMPION.... LUCIOUS STARR!

The crowd goes nuts as The Order of Chaos swarm the ring again and raise Lucious Starr onto their shoulders. Masakazu and Travis Green hold Starr up on their shoulders as SNS looks at Simon Kalis with his eyes wide open. Kalis nods and puts his mask back over his face as Dwayne Cross comes back to ringside with the PWA Undisputed World title and hands it to Lucious Starr.

Jon McDaniel: Oh my god this is DISGUSTING! This is a coup d'etat!


Kalis raises Starr's hand in the ring and points to him as Starr raises the World title with pride and a huge grin.

Jon McDaniel: We're out of time folks... May God help us.

Now the war REALLY begins!

Backstage the Order is celebrating with champagne, caviar, and girls hanging all over the guys. Kalis excuses himself to use the bathroom. We follow him around the corner towards the rest rooms ..


A foot lashes out, catching him in the jaw and Simon Kalis lays flat on the concrete floor, with Chamelion standing over him. Chamelion glares down to Kalis.

Chamelion: Celebrate now, Simon… Cause after tonight all your posturing, grand standing and power plays… is going to explode right in your face.

Leaning over Simon who is coming too, Chamelion shares his Devious Cheshire Grin and pats him once on the chest.

Chamelion: GOT IT!?

Fade to black.