World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick



Segment 1: R.E.S.P.E.C.T(near opening)

"Ten Thousand Fists" by Disturbed blasts from the speakers of the Kalis' new BMW X7, a rare vehicle indeed. It shines in the streetlights as it comes to a stop in front of the arena.

Masakazu: What's wrong? Why are you stopped in front of the arena?

Maya: Yeah. You know we can't park here anymore.

Kalis shakes his head, gripping the steering wheel tightly.

Simon Kalis: I'm not coming.

Masakazu raises an eyebrow, perplexed.

Maya: But here we are about to dish it to those Strader girls! Come on, dad.

Kalis shakes his head and sighs.

Simon Kalis: You guys listen to Starr, alright? He's in charge.

Masakazu: But father...

Simon Kalis: No buts. I can't be here.

Masakazu smirks as he looks at his father. Simon Kalis rubs the wedding ring on his finger, staring blankly into it.

Masakazu: You've got doubts.

Kalis scoffs as he turns to face Masakazu.

Simon Kalis: Doubts? No. Apprehension, perhaps...

Maya: You need to leave everything in the past now dad. It's all about today.

Simon Kalis: Did your boyfriend Johnny Maverick give you that piece of wisdom, child?

Kalis stares into the rearview mirror at Maya in the backseat. Her eyes widen and she leans back into her seat, keeping quiet. Maya unbuckles her seatbelt and rolls her eyes, stepping out of the car.

Masakazu: Father, she can be foolish sometimes.

Simon Kalis: I'm not angry, Mas. I'm not angry with her. I'm not even angry with Maverick himself. He's young and brash, and had every right to attack me.

Masakazu: Then what is it?

Kalis smiles as he lights a cigarette and exhales towards the open window.

Simon Kalis: You were still in county, but she'd been released...

Masakazu: You're not making any sense, father.

Kalis looks at Masa and smiles. He puts his right hand and pats Masa lovingly on the cheek. Masa looks down and cringes as he ganders at the numerous slashes and deep cuts from Strader.

Simon Kalis: When I lay in the ring, helpless and injured...

Kalis leans back in his seat and smiles, as he takes another drag from his cigarette.

Simon Kalis: I was left for dead, and I realized something.

Masakazu raises his eyebrow and nods, looking at an impatient Maya outside the car.

Masakazu: What're you saying?

Kalis removes his wedding ring, and Masakazu's face immediately turns a pale white.

Masakazu: Father...

Simon Kalis: Maya knew I'd be attacked, Mas. She failed to inform me out of her love of Johnny Maverick.

Masakazu: What?!

Simon Kalis: No, relax. I understand. I remember what love is. Perhaps she truly loves Johnny Maverick. I just want you to know... When the end is nigh, leave.

Masakazu: Leave? Leave what?

Simon Kalis: Leave ringside. Because Maya is going to face Southern Justice. And I will not warn her, nor will I stop it.

Kalis lowers his head, his left hand trembles as he grips the steering wheel with it and his hand shakes with his cigarette in his right.

Masakazu: You can't be serious?

Simon Kalis: Go now, my dearest son. Let your sister be reminded of her place, and her family before she sides with a low life scumbag like Maverick again. Let her learn her lesson. Let it be swift and painful.

Masakazu: I can't let Hayes do this.

Simon Kalis: You will. When you see Jethro Hayes coming to the ring for your blood, you will abandon her to her fate.

Masakazu: This is disgusting.

Simon Kalis: What's disgusting is your sister would chose to side with Rebel scum than her own family. Let it be done.

Kalis reaches over and opens Masakazu's side door.

Simon Kalis: All Hail.

Masakazu nods, Kalis turns towards him and extends his right arm out in the fascist Order of Chaos salute.

Masakazu: The Order of Chaos.

Masakazu steps out of the car and shuts the door. He stomps his right foot down and salutes his father. Maya rolls her eyes and grabs Masakazu to get into the arena as Kalis drives away, "Power of the Dollar" by 50 Cent blasting from the car as he rolls away.

Maya: What took so long? You guys plotting to take someone out or something?

She hops and skips joyously into the arena not waiting for a response, while Masakazu stands back and nods.

Masakazu: Something like that, sis... Something like that.

Masakazu sighs deeply and follows his sister into the arena as we fade to ringside...

Rayn vs Ash Nuken

Opening Contest

The match started off as Rayn took down Ash with a Russian leg sweep, sending the man to the canvas. Ash quickly rebounded by duck and rolling himself to his feet, landing a roundhouse kick which sent Rayn bouncing off of the canvas. Rayn on his feet now begins a fist fight with Ash. Lefts and rights are exchanging between both men but Rayn uses his size advantadge to take Ash down with a hip toss to the canvas. Rayn drops onto Ash with a leg drop and goes for the cover for a quick victory but only gets a 2 count. Ash got back up and clotheslined Rayn but he bounced back up quickly, landing a flying lariat in response. The back and forth continued, with Ash hitting a hurricanrana as he jumped off the top rope and executed the move to perfection. Ash goes for his first pinfall but only gets a 2 count as Rayn kicks out.

Rayn gets up, ducking an elbow chop from Ash Nukem as he then lands a Half Nelson Suplex on Ash taking him down. Ash doesn't relent as he counters immediately with an arm drag, flipping Rayn to the canvas and then dropping on him with a leg drop. Rayn gets to his feet and dusts himself off just in time as Ash springboards himself off the middle ropes and lands a devastating clothesline on Rayn but Rayn counters it midfall and locks his arm around Ash' head pulling him in for a DDT and snapping his arm back from the clothesline. The crowd goes nuts and cheers the excitement in the ring until Simon Kalis shows up at the entrance ramp and points at Rayn. He moves in closer and Rayn begins yelling and arguing with Kalis as Ash Nukem takes the time to get to his feet and gather himself back up together. Kalis points behind Rayn as Ash comes forward with a missile dropkick which catches Rayn in the face as he turns around. Rayn hits the canvas and Ash goes up to the top rope and flies off with a shooting star press! Ash covers and hooks the leg! He gets only a two and a half but can feel victory is coming close as he presses on.

Rayn rolls away and got to his feet dodging another drop kick from Ash Nukem. He then came back and hit him with a cross body block to take him down. Rayn covers but only gets a 2 count.

Rayn is on his feet and arguing with the referee as Ash gets up and pushes him forward. The referee falls into the turnbuckle and hits his head, holding his head in pain as he lays on the canvas. Kalis slides into the ring and looks at Ash Nukem for a moment. Rayn gets to his feet and turns around and Kalis gouges his eyes, kicks him in the gut then plants him with Tears of Redemption! He throws a middle finger at Ash Nukem who shakes his head and covers but Kalis grabs Ash Nukem up and hits Tears of Redemption on Ash Nukem now too! He takes Rayn and throws him over Ash Nukem as he slides out and as the referee comes to. 1, 2, 3! Ash rolls out of the ring in disbelief as Kalis slides back into the ring and begins stomping down on his younger brother. Ash hightails it out of there followed by Kalis who raises his arm in salute towards Rayn as Rayn gets to his feet and seems pissed off inside the ring even though he won.

Emily's Arrival

The words "Earlier Today" flash across the PWA's giant screen and the camera shifts to the outside of the Xcel Energy Center, where PWA interviewer Toshi Yang is talking to a handful of fans waiting to gain entry into tonight's Chaos broadcast. The attention of all involved slowly turns, however, as a stretch limousine pulls up to the group and stops. The back door opens and one by one, the members of Bound by Blood exit the vehicle. Sarah and Katie ignore the fans and head inside, while Jen makes a beeline for Toshi and Emily stays close behind.

Jen: Toshi. I see you're doing well.

Toshi beams slightly at the sight of her old boss.

Toshi: Mrs. Blazenwing! How have you been?

Jen: Excellent, as you can see. And you? How's your brother... Soda or whatever his name was.

Toshi chuckles slightly.

Toshi: Akoda. And he's back in Japan, helping our father out with the family business.

Jen nods curtly.

Jen: Good. If you'll excuse me.

Before Toshi can raise a hand to add anything, Jen pushes her way past Toshi and enters the arena. Emily watches Jen leave, then shrugs. Toshi turns her attention to the younger sister.

Toshi: Emily, before you go, perhaps a question or two for tonight's broadcast?

Emily: Yeah, I guess.

Toshi: What do you think your chances are against Marco Dante and the Danger Boiz tonight?

Emily scoffs at the question.

Emily: Please. Have you seen me lately? I'm on fire! And if that wasn't enough, I've got backup in two of the toughest women to ever lace up wrestling boots. We're not going to lose tonight... or ever.

Toshi nods.

Toshi: And what about your forthcoming title match with Mr. Dante for the Grizzly Beer Title at Manitoba Mayhem?

Emily grins.

Emily: You and the rest of these fans *Emily points to the group of fans still standing outside of the arena* had better get used to the sound of Emily Corlen, Grizzly Beer Champion.

Emily stretches her arms and poses, then heads inside the arena. The feed then shifts back to ringside.

Jer$ey vs The Spykeman

Non-Title Match (Or Too Bad, So Sad Match)


We hear the revving of Spykemans ATV and the fans erupt in cheers as they hear Spykemans battle cry.

'When there's villains in your town
When there's hatred all around
Violence in your area, mass hysteria
When we arrive we'll be bringing it down'

Spyke drives out on his ATV and stops to stand on it and pose dramatically with his hammer.

International Superheroes of Hardcore!
We're takin' it over
International Superheroes of Hardcore!

Eric Emerson: Making his way to the ring, the Scourge of PWA's underworld... Your PWA Intercontinental CHAMPION... SPYKEMAN!

Spyke man sits down and starts his ATV again, running into a cameraman before finally making his stop at the ring and jumping in and flipping over the top rope.

'We'll be jumping over big stuff
We will crush them no matter how tough
Violence in your area, mass hysteria
When we arrive we'll be bringing it down'

Spyke poses dramatically on the top turnbuckle, before jumping down and handing his cape over to the ref. He prepares for his opponent, looking out towards the entrance ramp and awaiting Jer$ey.

Jon McDaniel: This should be an interesting match, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Indeed. A lot of heavy words flown back and forth between these two men.

A little before the music hits, the lights will shut off and then white strobe lights will start flashing slow, to medium then to fast and All White Everything will blast the stereo. As Jer$ey accompany by his female friend Tiffani, rides down to the ring in a all white 76 Chevy Impala droptop with white 26" Lexani Rims on it.

Jer$ey hops out the car dressed in a white ed hardy tanktop with the big tiger face on the back, white NY Yankee hat, white ed hardy jeans, white and black bikers glove, two gold chains on with YM on it the other is a military ID Tag and all white Air Force Jordans.

Tiffani next lifts the door as it goes up instead of out, and walks towards the ring in a all white 1-piece baby phat dress, with white baby phat flip flops.


Spykeman! comes flying towards Jer$ey and nails him with a flying headbutt. He stumbles back and Spykeman! is quick to follow up with a stunning DDT! BAM! WHOOSH! CAW! Jer$ey ain't playing though as he makes a quick duck and roll to get away from Spykeman! and revaluate the situation at hand. Jer$ey nods and says a few unkind words to Spykeman! who strikes a pose to the cheers of the crowd. Jer$ey moves in and grabs Spykeman! by the wrist and then takes him to one knee with a well executed arm bar. Spykeman! taps his free hand on his locked arm and shakes his head. Jer$ey allows Spykeman! to escape the hold but he goes up behind Spykeman! now and locks in a waistlock on the PWA Intercontinental Champion.

Jon McDaniel: Some impressive technical skill on display here from Jer$ey.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah! Who's going to save you now Spykeman!?

Spykeman! throws his elbows in the back of him, nailing Jer$ey in the rib cage a number of times until he lets go. Jer$ey stumbles back and Spykeman! grabs ahold of him quickly, planting him down hard with a quick Fishermans suplex. Spykeman! goes to the top rope and flies off with a magnificent shooting star press right onto Jer$ey and the crowd goes wild with cheers! Spykeman! strikes a heroic pose for the crowd and smiles but Jer$ey doesn't seem to happy as he gets to his feet. He takes Spykeman! down and locks in a triangle choke hold on our superhero. Spykeman refuses to tap out as referee Dwayne Cross kneels forward to check on him. Jer$ey's face screams intensity as he pulls back and applies tremendous pressure on the submissive maneuver.

Jon McDaniel: Spykeman! isn't looking too good right now.


Jon McDaniel: What the hell?

Brian Rentfro: Sorry I got warped into it.

Dwayne Cross forces Jer$ey to let go of the hold and he doesn't seem to pleased with it but moves on. Spykeman! kicks his knee in from the canvas however forcing Jer$ey to one knee in pain. Spykeman! with a diving knee drop on Jer$ey puts him down awkwardly and in pain. Spykeman! isn't relenting as he stomps down hard and fast on Jer$ey to keep him down. Spykeman! with a split legged moonsault lands firm on his target Jer$ey and goes for the cover!




Jer$ey kicks out after two and pushes Spykeman! off of him. Spykeman! rushes to the ropes, bounces off them and lands a diving double foot stomp on Jer$eys chest. Jer$ey trips Spykeman! by grabbing his left leg right after though and Spykeman! hits the turnbuckles face first hard. Jer$ey gets to his feet and sees his chance to capitalize, so he rushes forward and rams Spykeman! inbetween himself and the corner turnbuckles. Spykeman! stumbles back holding his chest and Jer$ey lays him out with a spinning neckbreaker! He jumps to his feet and smacks his chest, nodding his head as he yells out into the crowd. Some cheer, some boo this display of confidence and dominance. Jer$ey turns around and Spykeman! is already up! Spykeman! leaps forward but Jer$ey grabs onto him and plants him to the canvas with a belly to belly suplex!

Brian Rentfro: Can't touch this! Dun dun-dun-dun! Can't touch this!

Jon McDaniel: You are weird sometimes, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Why thank you.

Jer$ey is up now and he lays in wait for Spykeman! to get to his feet! Spykeman! is up and Jer$ey goes for a shining dropkick! Spykeman! dodges it, springboards himself off of the top rope and goes for a mule kick and lands it hard on Jer$ey. Jer$ey stumbles back and then BANG! THE SHANG CHI KICK! Spykeman! quickly covers and hooks the legs!





Eric Emerson: The winner of this match. SPYKEMAN!

Brian Rentfro: What a shocker. Spykeman! wins yet another match!

Jon McDaniel: He may seem foolish to some, but his talent is undeniable folks!

Ain't The A Kick In The Head

A backdoor somewhere in the arena opens and in walks Simon Kalis. Masakazu is waiting for him and nods as he arrives.

Masakazu: Welcome back, father.

Simon Kalis: Everything is set, I take it?

Masakazu nods as both men begin making their way deeper into the arena. Suddenly Johnny Maverick appears however and Masakazu is the first one to see him. Kalis stops in his tracks and holds Masakazu back. Johnny approaches and walks right up to Kalis, and puts his hand out and... Begins rubbing Kalis' bald head. Kalis does not seem amused, especially as Johnny Maverick jumps forward and plants a Bugs Bunny like kiss right on Kalis' face. He backs up and Kalis and Masakazu both seem shocked by this, right up until Maverick smacks Kalis across the face.

Johnny Maverick: Not here Kalis! Kids might be watching!

He seems happy enough, about right until Kalis reaches forward and grabs him forward. Maverick looks into Kalis eyes and his eyes widen as Kalis pulls in and gives Maverick a passionate kiss on the lips. Kalis pushes Maverick aside and nods and begins to move forward. Masakazu is taken aback by this as Maverick raises an eyebrow, not upset but confused.

Simon Kalis: It's called the kiss of death, tapette.

Johnny Maverick: Odd, I didn't think the kiss of death would have quite so much tongue in it, but oh well. Aw....look at your poor little son, he looks so left out.

Masakazu is fuming with rage, in stark contrast to his fathers calm demeanor as Maverick reaches into his back pocket where a long black t-shirt is hanging. He chucks it to Masa, gives him a good old High School football team slap on the ass and waves goodbye as he walks off. Masakazu opens the t-shirt up and...

Masakazu: My Sister Got Banged By Johnny Maverick!?

Masakazu throws the t-shirt back at Maverick but he's already off singing an interesting Dean Martin tune to himself happily...

Johnny Maverick: How lucky can one guy be? I kissed him and he kissed me. Like a fella once said, ain't that a kick in the head?

Right after the 'kick in the head' line, Johnny turns to a passing wrestling reporter looking for a scoop and roundhouse kicks him hard, knocking him out COLD.

Masakazu: What the HELL was that all about?

Kalis turns his head and smiles as Johnny continues making his way down the hall.

Johnny Maverick: My head keeps spinnin;
I go to sleep and keep grinnin;
If this is just the beginnin,
My life's gonna be.... BEEEEEE- EAUTIFUL!


Tommy Davis vs Corey Lazarus

Singles Match

:: Nothing in the arena changes. There's no light show, there is no pyro, even the titan tron is blank as Tommy Waits "Goin' Out West plays. ::

Well I'm goin' out west
Where the wind blows tall
'Cause Tony Franciosa
Used to date my ma

:: The Pride of the Davis Family farm, Tommy Davis walks out. He is greeted with boos and chants of boring. Davis stands still and looks at the general public, disgusted in what America has become. He shakes his head and continues to make his way to the ring. ::

Used to date my ma
They got some money out there
They're giving it away
I'm gonna do what I want
Do what I want
And I'm gonna get paid
Little brown sausages
Lying in the sand
I ain't no extra baby
I'm a leading man
Well my parole officer
WIll be proud of me
With my Olds 88
And the devil on a leash
My Olds 88
And the devil on a leash

:: Davis arrives to the ring and slowly circles around the ring. Fans grow impatient, groaning as Tommy slowly walks around the ring. Tommy has a stare of death on his face as he keeps moving around, slowly rolling under the bottom rope. ::

Well I kno karate; Voodoo too
I'm gonna make myself available to you
I don't need no make up
I got real scars
I got hair on my chest

:: Goin' Out West comes to a complete stop as Tommy stands up and leans in the corner. The owner of the Davis family farm perches himself in a corner, waiting for his opponent to enter the ring. ::

Brian Rentfro: This guy is screwed. He is facing the great Corey Lazarus and I'm not sure he understands how valiant he will have to fight to win this.

Jon McDaniel: Anything can happen, Brian. Never count anyone out.

The lights in the arena die, and the ADC-Tron shows nothing but a black and white film countdown

((INSERT THIS IMAGE: ... ntdown.gif ))

A trio of drumrolls cue up Slayer's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida," and the guitars ring as the bass carries the main melody. Chug-chug-chug-chug goes both guitars before going into the main melody along with the bass, and, at the 27-second mark, Corey Lazarus and Gregory Price emerge from the entrance curtain, with Price chomping away on a stick of gum in his mouth and Corey sipping on a bottle of Aquafina. Laz's eyes, as usual, stay hidden behind his trademark pair of silver-rimmed Ray Ban's, and he hangs his arms at his sides after he runs his fingers over his moustache and goatee.

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby!=~

Eric Emerson: Introducing at this time, accompanied by Gregory Price...

Lazarus steps further onto the stage, turning around slowly to take a quick look at the ADC-Tron before stopping at the end of the stage, his back to the ramp and the ring before turning around. Price pats his client on the shoulder, and then looks at the ADC-Tron with him.

~=Don't you know that I love you?!=~

Eric Emerson: He weighs in tonight at 230 pounds...

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey!=~
~=Don't you know that I'll ALWAYS be true?!=~

Eric Emerson: And standing at 6-foot-1...

Lazarus jogs in place at the end of the stage as the guitars duel into the start of the first chorus, shaking out his limbs, and throws a few shadow punches and kicks into the air.

~=Oh, won't you come with me?=~
~=And take my hand?=~

Price points up at the ADC-Tron, focusing everybody's attention to images of Laz's glory: dropping Demise head-first into a casket via the Mercury Driver to claim the PWA World Heavyweight title at High Stakes '08; drilling Riona Langly with a picture-perfect example of the Sands of Ishtar for his first Intercontinental title at Genesis IX; dropping Thunderwolf down with the Box Office Bomb to claim the first fall in their classic 2/3 Falls match at Genesis X; and, most recently, sending Cody Bogard through the Million Dollar Pyramid from Chaos.

~=Oh, won't you come with me?!=~
~=And walk this land?!=~

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Hollywood, California...

The guitars divebomb, and Laz starts making his way down the ramp, looking out around the arena, spying on every bit of the crowd in front of him.


The drums beat along as Corey bangs his head with them and the main melody of the song returns, Lazarus taking a sip from his Aquafina as he stops halfway down the ramp.

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby!=~
~=Don't you know that I love you?!=~

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Hollywood, California...

Laz jaws with some fans in the front row. The L-A-Z turns back around to watch himself on the ADC-Tron, his trademark devilish smirk on his face as he walks backwards.

Eric Emerson: He is "The Premiere Attraction"...

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey!=~
~=Don't you know that I'll ALWAYS be true?!=~

Corey turns around to face the ring as they reach the bottom of the ramp, the guitars dueling before the chorus, and then pulls himself up onto the apron, placing one foot in the ring between the top and middle ropes, using one hand to hold the top rope for balance and the other to cover his eyes as he scans the crowd again. Price walks over to the ringsteps, scaling them with a cocky swagger as he walks onto the apron next to Laz.

Eric Emerson: ...COREY LAZARUS!!!

~=Oh, won't you come with me?!=~
~=And take my hand?!=~

Lazarus steps into the ring and then walks to the middle of the ring, his hands on his hips and his trademark devilish smirk on his face. Price steps in afterwards, pointing the entire time to his client, applauding him. The music keeps pounding away as Corey drops to a knee, his head bowed and a single fist placed on the mat, his other hand resting on his knee.

~=Oh, won't you come with me?!=~
~=And walk this land?!=~

The guitars divebomb as Lazarus bobs his head to the beat of the drums, breathing heavier and heavier as he does so.


Corey leaps to his feet as the main riff returns at the end of the chorus, his arms spread out to his side after he rips his Ray Ban's off, turning his body around to all sides of the arena as flashbulbs go off everywhere. "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" fades into silence as Corey backs up to his corner, removing his Ray Ban's and handing them off to Price. He adjusts the tape on his hands and then stretches his legs out using the middle ropes before shadow-boxing quick with Hiro, who holds his hands up for Corey to pepper with left and right jabs. Gregory steps out onto the apron and walks down the steps, taking his place at ringside in Laz's corner. Lazarus looks over at Davis and gives him that trademark smirk as the bells ring.


Davis moves in quickly and strikes first! He goes for a clothesline but Lazarus instinvtively ducks and dodges the attempt only for Tommy Davis to spin himself around and get Laz in a headlock. He brings Laz down to a knee as he ravages him with the headlock, referee Swindell looking on attentively. Laz reverses and gets Davis into an armbar before whipping him into the ropes. Lazarus bends forward to flip him but Davis stops himself but Lazarus slides forward and sweeps Davis off of his face. Lazarus looks like he's about to do push ups, both his fists against the canvas as he lifts his lower body up, spins towards Davis on the canvas and brings his knees down hard on Davis' neck. Lazarus gets to his feet and elbow drops right onto Davis' lower back as he rolls around and winces in pain.

Brian Rentfro: Lazarus is a tricky guy.

Jon McDaniel: Incredible anticipation on both of their parts.

They're both up and Lazarus rushes forward but then weaves in and out near Davis, throwing him off guard. Davis with a body splash catches Lazarus by surprise but Lazarus moves swiftly after being hit and rolls away. There are a group of fans in the front row who are wearing Order of Chaos and Corey Lazarus merchandise. Lazarus gets saluted by the group of fans and they quickly point behind him as Tommy Davis rushes forward. Lazarus snaps forward and throws a blind kick in back of him, but Davis stops rushing and avoids the kick. Lazarus spins 180 degrees and brings his other leg out with a roundhouse kick nailing Davis in the neck not the head. Davis stumbles to the canvas and coughs as Lazarus bounces off the ropes and dropkicks Davis in his lower back sending him crashing forward.

Brian Rentfro: Lazarus is a dominant beast, folks. Even the smart fans over there in front row know it.

Jon McDaniel: More likely he signed another cheque to Kalis then Kalis paid for them to be there.

Brian Rentfro: Hater.

Jon McDaniel: Fascist.

Davis is up and dodges a clothesline attempt from Lazarus. He kicks Lazarus into the corner. He begins wailing at Lazarus with lefts and rights repeatedly to the cheers of the majority of fans in attendance. Davis seems confident as he drives his elbow into Lazarus' shoulder and then whips him away from the corner. He rushes to Laz but Laz slides under the ropes and then onto the apron. Corey Lazarus springboards himself off the top rope into the ring and lands a vicious wheel kick on Tommy Davis sending him down and out. Again somehow striking Davis surgically in the neck with that wheel kick as if with purpose. Lazarus goes for the pinfall.




Davis refuses to give in as he favors his neck. Lazarus gets to his feet unimpressed and begins stomping down on Davis' lower back, using the ropes for leverage as he does so. Davis rolls away and Scott Swindell the official doesn't seem pleased with how Lazarus is working the match. Davis is up and hits a few jabs repeatedly in Lazarus' face pushing him back. Laz bounces off the ropes and Davis puts out a knee taking Lazarus down to the canvas quickly. Lazarus gets up but gets his eyes raked by a reinvigorated Tommy Davis! Davis whips Lazarus into the ropes and puts out his shoulder nailing Lazarus in the face and putting him down onto the canvas quickly. But Lazarus is up again and smiling as Davis looks on with frustration. Davis rushes forward and goes for a hip toss but Lazarus dodges and weaves himself behind Davis. Lazarus kicks Davis in the back of his leg putting him on one knee and everyone sees what's coming.

Brian Rentfro: Coming Attractions! Here we go baby!

Yet instead Lazarus springboards himself off Davis' knee and springboards himself up and over and locks on a chinlock! The crowd boos Lazarus but he maintains the hold and then lifts Davis up and drops him down awkwardly on his neck. Lazarus rolls Davis over and locks on a Boston Crab, pushing back and applying amazing pressure to Davis' lower back. Lazarus lets go and heads up top slowly. He seems to be preparing for a moonsault but Davis gets up and throws his fists out knocking Laz down and he lands on his crotch on the top rope. Davis gets up top and the crowd is on their feet as it appears to be ready to powerbomb Lazarus! BANG! Davis crashes face first into the turnbuckles along with Lazarus as Laz attempts to escape it at the last second and both men remain down on the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: That looked painful! Davis almost had Lazarus though!

Brian Rentfro: Keyword, almost.

Lazarus gets to his feet first and lifts Tommy Davis up and sets him up for the Box Office Bomb. Instead Davis gets free and gets his feet to the canvas but Lazarus quickly nails him with a roaring elbow to the face and drops him on his head with CinePlex!!!! Lazarus covers!





Eric Emerson: Winner of this match... COREY LAZARUS!

Me TV! Episode One

The camera cut to inside of the ring, where Xan Vaxman was sitting on a director's chair holding the Grizzly Beer Title briefcase on his lap, he was just left of a table with a old TV set with rabbit ear antenna sitting on top of it, the screen showed static. To the right of the TV was a significantly less fancy looking chair, possibly from a children's playhouse. Standing behind Xan was a particularly Large man, although something about him seemed familiar.

Xan Vaxman: "Welcome losers, rejects, and eyesores to the first ever episode of Xan Vaxman's Me:TV!"

The fans booed as one would expect considering they were just insulted.

Xan Vaxman: "Now my first guest is a man who I've been a thorn in the ass of since Spirt of '76 last month! A man who's probably going to barrel down to the ring and try to take what I have sitting on my lap. but thats what he's for."

he pointed behind him at the big man.

Xan Vaxman: "As for who he is I'll get to that later, right now it's time to bring out my guest. Please welcome the supposed Grizzly Beer Champion: Marco Dante."

There was no response

Xan Vaxman: “...Marco Dante.” response

Vaxman was visibly getting frustrated

Xan Vaxman: “Seriously Marco?! You think you’re going to try and ruin MY show by refusing to come out here?! Well congratulations! All you’ve managed to do is prove that you’re what Emily Corlen and the rest of her members of menstruation claim to have between their legs!”

Xan let out a huff and started to calm himself down

Xan Vaxman: “As the old adage goes ‘the show must go on’, and go on it will but first I’d like to send a little message to Emily and Marco: Have your match at Manitoba mayhem, and do have fun with it because I will personally be coming down to that table!..”

He pointed to the announce table at ringside.

Xan Vaxman: “...just to watch. Don’t forget ladies, I have what you’re fighting for and the big man will be with me then as well so don’t try and go suddenly growing a pair Dante. As for Emily, in the event I win she said I can keep the belt. That’s sweet of you Corlen, it really is, but you’re offering me an empty Parcel. I’ll still take it, just remember though that it won’t be staying empty long even if you win...because I call the winner.”

He turned to the large man behind him

Xan Vaxman: “I’ll be honest with you...people: This man is my backup tonight in two different ways. One. Incase Marco Dante came barreling down to the ring swinging his arms like a retarded gorilla. Or Two. Incase Marco Dante tried to no-show just to spite me. Of which he did the latter. So welcome my guest for the debut of Me:TV, Leroy LaMontrose!”

The fans booed, most probably from the direct association this man had with Vaxman.

Xan Vaxman: “You may recognize this man in two ways: One. Back in 2009 he was in the PWA before, as Matt Stone’s bodyguard. At that time he went by the stage name Zach Hazard. Or Two. From cage fighting MMA leagues across the world as his real name, which he is using now.”

Vaxman looked at him, and fired off his first questions.

Xan Vaxman: “Tell me Leroy, why is it you failed in your attempt to make a impact last time you were here in the PWA?”

He put the microphone up in front of Leroy’s mouth

Leroy LaMontrose: “I’ve only been a professional wrestler for two years and I made a rookie mistake. I assumed that the PWA wanted me to only use my professional wrestling training in the ring and not utilize my MMA background.”

Xan Vaxman: “and why exactly would you assume that? Pro-wrestling is no stranger to a mixture of styles and you wouldn’t of been sacked so quickly and deemed ‘useless’ if you use used what you brought to the table!”

Leroy LaMontrose: “A rookie mistake, and one I feel stupid for. I admit it, I never watched professional wrestling, I never even liked professional wrestling. I couldn’t continue my MMA career because of a steel plate that had to be inserted into my shin because of a horrible injury that never even happened in a cage! Pro-wrestling is the only place I could find a job fighting so I took it. It’s that simple.”

Xan Vaxmam: “Nice insight but you never answered the question.”

Leroy LaMontrose: “oh right, sorry. Well, I made a mistake. That is all. I thought that any pro-wrestling promotion out there would only care to see my pro-wrestling background. Much like any boxing promoter only wants to see boxing. I don’t hide it, I screwed up the first time I was here.”

Xan Vaxman: “You do Matt Stone is my partner. How is your relationship with him?”

Leroy LaMontrose: “Matt never knew about my MMA background, he met me at a gym and thought I was simply big enough to be an effective bodyguard. I have no hard feelings towards him for helping get me canned the first time, in some aspects I deserved it. So I’m still loyal to Matt Stone for helping me try and get my foot in the door, even if all I did was botch the effort.”

Xan Vaxman: “Now me! My turn! What about me!?”

Leroy LaMontrose: “Uugh...I’m loyal to you too, you did some background research on me and took the time to talk the talent scouts into bringing me back. Thank you.”

Xan Vaxman: “Hear that folks, he’s loyal to Matt Stone and I! Attitude Entertainment just found itself an enforcer! But before we wrap this thing up I need to address something with you Leroy: You have all the background credentials to make it big in the ring, what do you have to say to those who say your lack of ability on the mic will hurt you?”

Leroy LaMontrose: “You feel free to respond to any insult directed towards me with your mouth Vaxman, I’ll do it with my fists. Lets see which one works better.”

Xan Vaxman: “That’s the end of show! Me: TV episode one is done and over with! But before we go I’m announcing right here and now on behave of Leroy LaMontrose a challenge, to whoever walks out of Manitoba Mayhem as grizzly beer champion! If you’re not a coward you’ll face the big man on the first chaos after the PPV! The next episode of Me:TV is scheduled for whenever the hell I feel like it and if you don’t like that too bad! ”

“Way of the fist” began to play again as we went to commercial.

Marco Dante & The Danger Boiz vs Emily Corlen & Bound by Blood

Guys vs Dolls Match

The match starts out with Emily Coren and Dangerous Dan starting things out for their respective teams. Things start out slowly for them but Emily soon get’s the upper hand, tagging in Sarah James. Sarah keeps the momentum for her team with basic wrestling holds, isolating Dan in her corner. Tagging in Katie, Bound by Blood ensure they always have the fresh competitor in the ring. Dan starts to fight back on the weaker Katie and manages to tag in Crazy Chris. Chris rushes in the ring and takes down Katie, knocking Emily and Sarah off the apron for good measure. He comes back and starts working on Katie’s arm, but is soon attacked by behind by Sarah. The attack seemingly pissing her off. Chris goes down to his knees and Sarah drags Katie over to their corner and tag out. Sarah comes in and attacks Chris some more, now working him over. Marco was getting frustrated on the apron but couldn’t be tagged in. Sarah brought Chris back to their corner and tagged in Emily. Coren came into the ring and physically dominated Chris, taunting Marco on the apron. Dan got in the ring and charged Emily out of frustration and was dropped by a stiff clothesline. Chris had regrouped though and went for a schoolboy on Emily, getting just over a two count before Emily kicked out, Jen clapping at ringside. Emily was sort of embarrassed from that, but Chris was sort of unconscious after he received Emily’s stiff kick to the head. Emily walked over and tagged in Katie who immediately went to the top rope and leapt off, hitting Chris with her Aerotica. Katie rolled to the corner and tagged in Sarah who got in the ring and grabbed Chris’ legs, rolling him over and locking him in the Red Snapper. Dan was getting up and was dropkicked out of the ring quickly by Katie. Chris cried out and was forced to tap out, but that wasn’t the end of it. Marco got in the ring and grabbed Katie by the back of the head, tossing her out of the ring. Sarah saw this and ran at him, but was cold cocked by a stiff right hand. Forcing her down on the mat. Marco glared at Emily on the apron and called for her to get in the ring. Emily did as she was challenged, but took her time. By the time she got up to Marco, both Katie and Sarah were up and the three of them had Marco surrounded, it didn’t look good for the reigning Grizzly Beer Champion as the three girls closed in. Just when it looked like Marco was out of luck, Emily held up her hands to Katie and Sarah. She motions for them to back off and they reluctantly do. Marco takes a step backwards towards the ropes as he has his cheek brushed by Emily. “See you at the pay-per-view... champ." Emily says with a smirk as Marco leaves the ring, backing up the ramp looking at the three victorious women in the ring, Jen getting in now and the four celebrate their win, Emily motioning for the title around her waist.

All Hail Simon Kalis

Alexis Sharpcraft: So... It's done, my Lord?

The camera focuses in on the scene now, and we appear in a darkened room lit only with candles. A man in a dark robe stands facing the mirror and inspecting his uniform. We can't see his face or any of his features, a large black hood is over his head. He seems to nod however, that much is for certain.

Alexis Sharpcraft: Are you sure about what you're doing tonight? I mean, it's a big step.

Alexis is holding something as we notice now. It seems to be an envelope. As the camera zooms in we can sort of see that it's made out to Riona Langly.

Alexis Sharpcraft: ...Simon?

The man turns around now and we can see the front of him. She called him by Simon Kalis' name, however this man is completely dressed in a way unbecoming of Kalis.

Kalis: I am sure.

He speaks with a low, monotone voice. Chilling and unlike the normal charismatic charm of Simon Kalis. We can see the body armor over his chest, it seems to be designed in a manner of ancient warriors society. His robe stretches out from the back and there appear to be cuffs connecting it to his shoulders as some sort of cape. The brown leather armor is strapped to his chest and resembles some sort of ancient armor from armies long passed. He extends his hands out, and it is then we see the slashes and cuts over his hands that belong to Simon Kalis following the prison break match at Summer Sizzler. Alexis places black gloves over his hands and tightens them on. She adjusts everything on his body, making sure nothing is loose. His mask is chilling, it seems to be a black metal with Satanic dark blood red runes over it. They are dark and the slits for his eyes are thin and veiled at best.

Alexis Sharpcraft: My Lord...

Kalis nods.

Alexis Sharpcraft: You look very badass in this outfit, I must say.

Kalis nods and raises his arms into the air.

Kalis: I am the Supreme Commander of the entire PWA, Alexis. It's time to begin Phase 3 of this operation. The masses will bow before me.

Kalis extends his right arm out, his palm facing downwards as he slowly crunches it into a fist.

Kalis: Or be obliterated in the essence of my power.

Alexis nods and hands him the envelope. He bows and heads to walk out of the room.

Alexis Sharpcraft: My Lord...

Kalis turns his head to face her. She stomps her right foot down and salutes him, fascist Order of Chaos style.

Alexis Sharpcraft: All Hail Simon Kalis.

He nods and exits the room, swiftly closing the door behind him putting all the candles in the room out. All that remains is an eerie glow on the locker room floor, that of the bleeding skull of The Order of Chaos as we fade to ringside.

Brian Rentfro: What the hell...?

Jon McDaniel: I bet most people don't remember, but when the Order arrived they did some kind of Satanic ritual in their locker room with candles and their skull and bones emblem glowing on the ground.

Brian Rentfro: Alexis is referring to him as her Lord? She said hail Simon Kalis, not The Order?

Jon McDaniel: I'm going to go ahead and say Simon Kalis has lost his mind again, after everything that's happened.

Brian Rentfro: No... I know what's happening. Kalis isn't sitting back anymore, folks. Watch out now.

Jon McDaniel: You're a delusional fool, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: All Hail Simon Kalis!

The Phoenix vs Bronx Williams vs Cody Bogard

IC Contendership Match

Eric Emerson: Now introducing from the Red Hook district of Brooklyn, N.Y.

The roaming guitar riff of Filter's 'Hey Man Nice Shot' fills the air as the camera first pans to the walkway. Noticing nobody is coming down it finally pans into the crowd where it settles on the front row.

'I wish I wouldve met you
Now its a little late
What you couldve taught me
I couldve saved some face
They think that your early ending
Was all wrong'

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at 6'4", 245lbs of vicious intent...

A hooded figure is seen standing up. As he pushes his hood back, the crowd sees that it is Bronx Williams. Bronx steps over the guard railing and just stares at the ring.

'Was all wrong
For the most part theyre right
But look how they all got strong
Thats why I say hey man nice shot
What a good shot man'

Eric Emerson: He is BRONX WILLIAMS!!!!

Bronx slides under the bottom ring ropes before pushing himself back into the corner. He sits there staring up at the ref until the match starts.

Thing of Beauty by Hothouse Flowers begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and green pyros flare from the ring posts. The Phoenix and the Smoking Leprechaun walk out to the entrance ramp and head to the ring.

The lights suddenly dim down as the opening intro to Dragon Storm 2007 plays. Once the intro finishes and goes into the main theme, smoke emerges from near the entrance way.

A figure emerges from the smoke, standing while looking at the fans as he stands in the shadows. The figure is seen as strobe lights go off to reveal Cody Bogard with a black towel draped over his head, obscuring his face. Cody makes his way to the ring.

Mizukara no ishi de sono tobi tataki
Mizukara no ishi de sono tobira wo hiraku
Taka naru mune no kodou wo Osae kurezu ni
Kokoro ni himeta Tsuyoi toshi wo moyasu

Cody makes his way over to the ring, springing up to the ring apron, climbing the turnbuckle and posing with his arms open in a pose.

Kanayaku daiya no Genseki no youni
[Itsuka wa hikari wo hanatemasu youni...]

Cody jumps from the turnbuckle as he slowly raises his hand over his head, grabbing hold of the towel and quickly swiping it off, revealing his face.

Yume no tobira wo hiraku Erabareshi senshitachi
Kagirinaki kanou sei wo Sono mune ni idaita mama
Mizukara wo shinjite tsudoishi nakama wo shinjite
Hatenaki "yume oi bito" wa Ashita e no michi wo iku dake

Cody takes his time to prepare for the match as the theme fades out.

Ding Ding

Phoenix darts in with a quick right jab to Cody before a side kick stuns Bronx Williams before he can attack the Cody focused Phoenix. Phoenix runs, leaping over Cody, delivering a kick to his back as he slides out of the ring to the outside and beside the Smoking Leprechaun. Bronx stares as Phoenix slides under the bottom rope, but misses as Cody darts in with a spinning heel kick sending him onto the ropes. Cody with a knee into Bronx' ribs, but Cody able to fight back with an elbow to the side of Cody's face. Bronx with an Irish whip sends Cody running across the ring, before leaping into the air, driving both of his feet right into Cody's face.

Brian Rentfro: Brilliant strategy by Phoenix here.

Jon McDaniel: What? Watching from the outside?

Brian Rentfro: Exactly, letting these two beat themselves up and he comes in scoring the victory.

Bronx pulls Cody up to his feet, pounding him with shots to his ribs until he is up against the ropes. Irish whip, Cody leaps from the top rope with a roundhouse kick to Bronx's head turns him away from the onslaught. Cody leaps to the middle rope, coming off with a springboard tornado DDT that sends the back of Bronx' head onto the canvas. Cody makes a quick cover.



Phoenix breaks up the count by asking Scott Swindell if he knows what time it is.

Jon McDaniel: What is Phoenix doing?

Brian Rentfro: Making sure he is on Primetime, he doesn't waste any of his energy on the least valued time slot.

Phoenix nods as Scott Swindell gives him a mouthfull before shrugging. Bronx tries for an armlock, but Cody rolls off of him and out of the way. Cody springs up to his feet, charging at Bronx with a lifted double knee strike. Bronx catches hiim, falling down slamming Cody's face into the top turnbuckle. Cody falls back as he clutches at his face, but Bronx is there with a kick to Cody's shins that cause him to lower his right arm. Bronx with a severe right palm strike that rocks Cody backwards from the impact, but Bronx continues the assault with a rapid fire combo of right and left palm strikes. Cody in the ropes, Irish whip sends him across the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Bronx dominating with that strike style.

Brian Rentfro: And you wonder why Phoenix isn't in there. His mask doesn't need that kind of punishment.

Bronx catches Cody off the ropes with a belly to belly throw, but Cody manages to hold on and deliver a reverse neckbreaker by flipping over Bronx on the throw. Bronx goes down hard and Cody makes another cover.

Jon McDaniel: Phoenix making another time inquiry?

Brian Rentfro: Of course, not quite his time yet I guess.

Cody is furious as he didn't even get a one count there, he yells out to The Phoenix.

Brian Rentfro: How disrespectful. Cody should be fined!

Bronx is getting up in the center of the ring, a neckbreaker not enough to keep him down. Cody turns around with a spinning knee shot. Bronx's head stops the knee, but he suffers for it. Cody launches himself with a series of rapid fire kicks, punches, and knee strikes that send Bronx down onto one knee firmly. Cody off the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: Phoenix trips up Cody.

Brian Rentfro: How dare Cody put his foot in Phoenix's way, trying to make it look like Phoenix trips him up.

Cody stumbles forward.

Belly to belly throw over his shoulder causes Cody to land on his head and neck in the corner. Bronx stalks over, shoving Cody up to his feet before slamming him upside down in the corner. Bronx stands on Cody's throat as Scott Swindell begins the mandatory five count.





Phoenix comes over, asking for the time again and Scott Swindell is furious with him now, turning to tell him off.

Jon McDaniel: What is Phoenix playing at?

Brian Rentfro: Time is money, Prime Time is more money, and he wants this match to continue so that he can make the most. Nothing but business Jon.

Bronx keeps his foot on Cody's throat, causing him to turn a nasty shade of red and purple.





The Smoking Leprechaun monkies onto the ring apron, pointing at his watch with his lit cigarette. Scott Swindell has had enough, he begins to yell at the Smoking Leprechaun like he can undersand him. Meanwhile, Phoenix is pounding rights and lefts into Cody's ribs as Bronx stands on his face and throat, Cody may be unconscious in the corner.


Scott Swindell noticed and Phoenix backs off, letting Scott get on with his count.




Bronx breaks the foot choke, choosing instead to pound his knees and stomps into Cody's body. He is stomping with malicious intent when from behind Phoenix with a reverse swinging neckbreaker that takes Bronx's throat across his shoulder. Phoenix with a few well placed stomp before the Smoking Leprechaun begins to scream. Phoenix looks up, realizes he is on camera and quickly slides out of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Nearly time, and here Phoenix getting anxious and accidentlly giving these morans what they want.

Jon McDaniel: What? I can't believe this.

Cody falls from the corner, gasping for breath, but wanting to take advantage of Bronx being down. He crawls over, making the pin. However, Phoenix is checking on the time again and here comes the Smoking Leprechaun into the ring.

Cigarette right to the back! Cody spins around and begins to chase the Smoking Leprechaun around the ring. Smoking Leprechaun leaps to the top rope, diving out of the ring and laughing.

Jon McDaniel: Is he laughing?

Brian Rentfro: You'd be laughing too if you were him, it is funny.

Jon McDaniel: What's funny?

Brian Rentfro: I dunno, laughter is contagious, ask Myth Busters.

Cody lifts Bronx up, swift kicks to the ribs of the other part of this supposed triple threat. Cody climbs up the corner. Monkey flip sends Bronx near center ring. Cody off the ropes up to the middle, back flip knee drop across Bronx's throat gets Cody a bit more breathing room. Cody rushes up the corner, leaping off and corkscrewing himself in mid air with a body splash onto Bronx. Cody yells out to the crowd as he builds his momentum and calls for his finisher.

Phoenix rushes in as the Smoking Leprechaun pokes Cody in the calf. He slides in right behind Cody, rolling him up from behind and placing his feet on the ropes for leverage.




Ding Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: Winner of the match and challenging for the Intercontinental Title... The Phoenix!

Phoenix celebrates when Chamelion comes out with a mic in hand.

Chamelion: Whoah, hold it…hey Robbie, I remember a time or three when I’d win an important match, only for you to come out and either take my title away, change the outcome.. well, you know. And I would have been content to let it all slide, until your little monkey decided to hand you this victory. Sadly, the fate of the IC title at Manitoba Mayhem will be decided by two honest competitors, so ref, this match is restarted!

Brian Rentfro: What!?

Phoenix glares at Chamelion and from behind, Cody throws Phoenix out of the ring and pulls Bronx up.

Jon McDaniel: Bronx is still out of it, and now Cody is going to take advantage of the restarted contest!
Brian Rentfro: NOT FAIR!

With the referee distracted by a shouting Phoenix, Cody kicks Bronx below the belt to ensure success and hits the Gemini Complex!

Cody covers.


Phoenix dives in!


The Smoking Leprechaun tries to pull Scott out of the ring.


Ding Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: Winner of the match and challenging for the Intercontinental Championship... Cody Bogard!

Cody rises to celebrate, taunting an enraged Phoenix when Chamelion stalks back onto the stage.

Chamelion: You’re kidding me, RIGHT!? Cody, didn’t I just say…. Oh hell, never mind… Ref, start the match again, someone’s winning this the right way!

Chamelion walks to the back again, Cody and Phoenix both now pissed with Chamelion, when Bronx shakes free the cobwebs and shoves Phoenix into Cody who tumbles outside the ring. Phoenix stumbles backwards into Bronx Williams!

Brian Rentfro: Tensa Zangetsu!

Cody dives in!


Here comes The Smoking Leprechaun!

Another Tensa Zangetsu!

Bronx covers Phoenix, hooking the tights for good measure.




Ding Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: Winner of the match and challenging for the Intercontinental Championship... Bronx Williams!

Bronx quickly rolls out of the ring, a big grin on his face. At this point, Chamelion returns yet again, shaking his head in disgust.
Chamelion: I swear, you couldn’t write this kind of shenanigans! What the hell you three? Do you each, for some unexplainable reason have to go overboard just for a damned I.C. Title shot!? Wait, don’t answer that; I’ve been in your shoes… I know how important this is to you.

A pause.

Chamelion: Fine, have it your way… we’re going to decide who truly deserves to be the Intercontinental Champion….at Manitoba Mayhem, you three will join Spykeman in a four man match… but Gauntlet style.. see Spyke’s not cheated his way to the title, so no reason he has to face all four of you… two of you will start, the winner faces the third and whomever wins that match faces Spykeman for the Intercontinental Championship. Congrats, you all get your shot.. but you’re gonna have to go through hell, to get it.. GOT IT?

Chamelion leaves the three confused and angry men at ringside as he stalks to the back.

Jon McDaniel: A four way gauntlet match, outstanding!

Brian Rentfro: Not fair to Phoenix! Not fair.

Jon McDaniel: Off it, Brian.. all three men got pinfalls by cheating, so there’s no way to tell who really won; Chamelion’s answer gives them all a chance, when he could have DQd them all and given Spykeman the night off.

Brian: Grrr, fine! Let’s just move on!

Dear Riona

Riona Langly is finishing her preparation for her much anticipated title defense against Starr coming up when the door to her locker room slowly opens. She gets to her feet and while she isn't in a fighting or defensive stance, knowing her skill she can quickly leap into one.

Riona Langly: You don't knock anymore?

Kalis walks into the room and closes the door behind him. Riona looks him up and down as he bows before her and lowers his head only slightly, leaving the large black hood covering his face for the most part. She notices the mask and the entire outfit and shakes her head.

Riona Langly: Is that you... Simon?

Kalis simply nods and gestures his left hand as a sign of peace, moving it slowly outward and bowing once again.

Simon Kalis: I am the Supreme Commander of the PWA, and I am your Lord.

He seems completely serious, but Riona isn't buying it for a second.

Riona Langly: I was wondering when you'd come to see me. We haven't spoken since you made this bone headed takeover move.

Simon Kalis: Dearest Riona, there is no need for hostilities between you and I. I come not as an attacker, but as a peacemaker. I am not Lucious Beta Starr, my dearest Riona.

Riona Langly: Uh huh, right. So what is this? Hype version two point zero or something?

Kalis moves forward, one step only, and very slowly. He clasps his hands in front of him, keeping his head slightly lowered.

Simon Kalis: You could say that. I am here because I had a private investigator look into your past, Riona.

Riona Langly: Oh yeah? You're obsessed with me now?

Kalis shakes his head no. He remains calm, and methodical in his approach. He takes another step forward.

Riona Langly: Stay back. I have no reason to trust you.

Simon Kalis: No, you don't. If I was you, I wouldn't. Yet I ask you to remember that even though I did sacrafice my honor to wage this war, I have never sent anyone to attack you behind your back. Nor have I ever cheap shotted you, and I've had the opportunity. If you had lost to Matt Stone, I would have come for your blood. But you did not, and so I will not.

Riona Langly: Then what are you doing here, Simon? Or is that Darth Kalis now?

Kalis shakes his head, but not even a chuckle or a snicker as he normally would. He takes one more small step forward. He reaches into his belt and pulls out an envelope. He extends it forward to Riona. She takes it from him and sees her name on it but chucks it aside onto the floor. Kalis nods and turns around and begins heading out.

Riona Langly: That's it?

Kalis stops and turns around to face her again. Yet now his head is tilted upward, his chin up and he seems to be looking down upon her.

Simon Kalis: You are still my Queen, dearest Riona. The information contained in that envelope will shed much light on the deeper aspects of my adoration and respect for you. I always had my suspicions you know, but now... Now I know. And so shall you.

Kalis lets out a sigh, and lowers his head once more.

Simon Kalis: I hope you will read this information and take it to heart, and forgive me for what I've done. You can join me, Riona. You can rule the PWA as Champion forever under The Order's reign. But...

He finally scoffs.

Simon Kalis: I know you well enough to know that you will never join me in this endeavor. So all I'll say is... Please Riona. Stop me. You are the only one who has the slightest chance to stop me and destroy me. This is my final act of kindness to anyone, and most of all to you. When I walk out of this room, you will no longer be safe. Forgive me... And stop me, if you can Riona.

He extends both his arms outward as he bows once more and turns around, the bottom of his black cape swings in a fluid motion as he walks out of the room. Riona simply stares at the letter on the floor and nods as we fade...

Tyson & Jordie Davies vs Matt Stone & Xan Vaxman

Tag-Team Supreme Match

Matt Stone and Davies start us off inside the ring, and Matt Stone wastes no time demolishing Davies. He nails him with a shoulder block right to the head that sends him to the canvas in a world of pain. Stone leg drops over his neck and then picks him up and whips him into the ropes. As Davies comes back Matt Stone hits a spinning mule kick across Davies' head that sends him hard to the canvas HARD. Davies scrambles and tags in Tyson quickly. Leroy watches on attentively outside with his arms crossed as Stone tags in Vaxman. Tyson runs in and Vaxman greets him with a massive spear into the corner turnbuckle. Xan Vaxman ties up Tyson in an arm bar and then twists him around and plants him with a DDT delivered to perfection. Tyson lands a punch into Vaxmans head but Vaxman takes him back down with a lavishing vertical suplex to the canvas. Tysons up, so is Vaxman. THE RULEBREAKER! Vaxman lays Tyson out and hooks the leg. 1, 2, 3!!! Attitude Entertainment with a VERY dominating win!


[Duff Côte d'Ivoire has the night off. He's walking through the backstage area of the Xcel Centre in St. Paul, Minnesota, dressed in a black T-shirt and blue-jeans. He's rocking his cowboy boots, and a pair of cheap shades; along with a black VDP bandana wrapped across his forehead. As they say, you've gotta re-pree-sent, son. He stops short of the table set up backstage. Only a few feet from him, Alexis Sharpcraft steps out to grab a cup of espresso from the chrome machine on said table. She glances over and sees him, and smirks in a way that infuriates him.]

Duff: Well, you've certainly got some nerve.

Alexis: Excuse me?

Duff: I said, you've got some nerve showing your face around these parts.

Alexis: It's a free country, I can be wherever I want. I'm just doing my job.

[Her cup topped off, Alexis takes a quick sip of her espresso. She loves the sweet sensation of caffeine rushing through her system. She closes her eyes and embraces it with a satisfied smile, neck outstretched as she looks up. She does this partially to show off her amazing figure, and make Duff envious of that which he cannot have.]

Duff: What's that? What's your job? Running my name through the mud some more?

Alexis: Oh, honey, I gave up that whole 'journalism' thing weeks ago. I didn't need to be constrained by any man, let alone that little shrimp, what's-his-face. I've moved on to greener pastures. Besides, I much prefer being closer to the action when I see you lose, week-in-and-week-out. You really do well to prove the point I made in my brilliant article about how run-down you really are, though. You're like an old dog, Duff; you need to be put down.

[Duff snorts. He reaches into his too-tight pocket and produces a pack of Marlboro menthol 100s. He lights up and takes a drag, tucking his lighter back into his pocket. He blows smoke in Alexis' face.]

Duff: I might have been on the shit-end of the stick for the last few weeks, Puggly, but I'm still pretty rusty. There's a bit of work involved transitioning from a rather passive career, to an active one.

Alexis: You should run for office, you can pull more excuses out of your ass than anyone else in this company.

[Alexis giggles at him as his face turns a light shade of red, both out of anger and embarrassment. He takes a puff and ashes on the arena floor. Let the janitor work for his money.]

Duff: I hear through the grapevine that you're running with the Order now. Was that specifically to spite me?

Alexis: I have a legitimate interest in the Order. His name is Simon Kalis, and soon, he's going to own this place. Come Manitoba Mayhem, he will be running things, and you, Duff, are going to be incredibly fucked. And trust me, he does fuck incredibly.

[Duff sneers, and looks away. A knee-jerk reaction. He couldn't bring himself to look at her while she said that stuff, wounds still mildly fresh. He takes another drag and lets the nicotine seep into his taste buds while images of Simon Kalis squeezing her breasts in ecstasy played in his head. The thought of his hands caressing her smooth skin was enough to make Duff chuckle as an improvised defence mechanism, but Alexis is likely to see through it, and smirks knowing that she's twisted a corkscrew in his heart.]

Duff: Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Your daddy was black, and they always say we strive to date our parents. It's just a shame you decided to side with such a misguided person out of spite for me.

Alexis: I thought that I told you...

[A defensive tone enters her voice as she gets closer to him, and looks up at him while the smouldering white stick hangs from his bottom lip.]

Alexis: … I'm not doing this in spite of you.

[Duff looks down at her for a moment, indifference in his eyes. She's become just another whore to him, and having her this close made him feel slightly ill. He smiles, and blows smoke into her face. She turns away, coughing. Alexis always hated Duff's habit. At least it got her to back off.]

Duff: If you say so. You're the one screwing the guy with dead wife issues. He probably sees her every time you ride him. I bet he's even called out her name once or twice. But then...

[He takes one last drag.]

Duff: … Simon Kalis is a sick puppy like that. He'll join his wife soon enough.

Alexis: Is that a threat?

Duff: It's common knowledge, Alexis: Simon Kalis is a dead man walking.

[Duff drops the butt on the ground and grinds it in with his leather boot. He turns, and walks away. Alexis stares at him for a moment, eyes wide, then puts her chin up in the air and walks back to the OoC locker room.]

Meghan Nash Strader (with Tamika) vs Maya (With Masakazu)

Sorta Singles Match

Opening: Meghan and Maya both made their ways to the ring with their siblings there for support. Meghan and Maya started the match with a test of strength, which Meghan over powered the young 18 year old girl. Maya, not being one to go down easy, well, not in a wrestling match anyways, pants the Tag Team Champion. As Meghan pulled them back much to the dislike of the men in the crowd, she was brought down with a swinging DDT. Maya continued showing a bit of versatility by landing an underhook facebuster, running bulldog, and vertical suplex oh my.

Middle: The match really didn’t stay in the favor of Meghan at all. Just like the opening, Maya got the advantage. Meghan went for the top rope at one point, but was taken down by the young Kalis with a neck breaker. Maya continued her domination of the Strader sister turning the match into more of a brawl then a wrestling encounter. Maya showed her experienced brawler ways by a showing of vicious left and rights, shoulder thrusts and running clotheslines. Maya finished off with The Wickenhousser.

End: Maya continued her dominance, but Meghan was able to gain a bit of ground, not a lot though, landing a brainbuster then hitting the top rope and performing the Fatality on Maya. Meghan tried for a cover but got barely two. Maya responds with the TRIPLE Rainbow, and gets the easy 1-2-3. As Maya celebrates in the ring Meghan and Tamika leave nodding up at the entrance way.

Winner: Maya

"Time for a lil' Southern Justice"

The fans realize who is coming out and are both shocked and happy.

Brian Rentfro: What is this freak doing out here?

Jon McDaniel: Well, looks like a bit of Southern Justice.

Jethro walks down the entrance ramp, glaring at both Masakazu and Maya inside the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Lets not forget that Jethro has vowed vengence on Masakazu.

Brian Rentfro: He wouldn't dare take on both him and Maya?

Jethro steps up onto the apron and Masakazu slides out of the ring behind Maya. He slips off through the crowd. Jethro's attention follows him, but Maya is weary of a faint by Jethro. Maya watches with tears in her eyes as Masakazu shakes his head as he hops into the crowd and makes an exit, he himself looking upset.

Brian Rentfro: Where is Masakazu going?

Jon McDaniel: Heading for the hills is my guess.

Maya gets to her feet and stares at Jethro, understanding what is happening. She wipes her face and spits at Hayes. Jethro stands across from Maya, who dives at Jethro. He catches her in mid air, she plants a kiss on his mouth.

Brian Rentfro: Jethro is cheating on Nicole?

Jethro slams his head into Maya's mouth, busting her lip severely. Maya falls to the canvas. She looks up into the downturned face of Jethro, but she smiles.

Jon McDaniel: I don't think that will work Maya!

Maya reaches up, clutching and rubbing between Jethro's legs; doing anything to avoid the wrath of the Southern Hero. Jethro looks down, anger and hatred on his face, but it is all masked by revenge. Maya rubs a second longer.


Jethro slams his knee into Maya's face before lifting her up tossing her into the corner. Jethro runs over, slamming a lifted knee into her midsection.

Brian Rentfro: Stop this Hayes!

Jon McDaniel: She and the rest of that gang deserve what they get Brian!

Jethro lifts her up, slamming her down center ring. Jethro whips her into the ropes, bouncing off them himself.

Jon McDaniel: Oh My God! What! A! Plow!

Maya flips over Jethro's back, landing on her back and hurt. Jethro pulls a microphone from the front pocket of his overalls.

Jethro Hayes: Simon, you want to hurt one of mine?

Jethro doesn't have any inflection in his voice.

Jethro Hayes: You want to say an eye for an eye?

He glares down at Maya.

Jethro Hayes: Just like your bastard of a son ran away to hide, these fans are going to watch you hide wherever you are. Whether you are hiding backstage, in a hotel room, or are watching this on a cell phone...

He lifts the right wrist of Maya, holding it firmly in his grasp.

Jethro Hayes: Just like this isn't over Simon, you and me are far from over. See, you had Nicole hurt on your orders, I'm fixing to hurt your daughter on my own orders.

Nothing from backstage, the crowd is silent. Jethro clutches the wrist more firmly.

Jethro Hayes: Simon, I told you all that I changed. I told you all that I'm not going to take this shit lying down anymore. I've told you that I'm taking justice in my own hands.

He looks down at Maya.

Jethro Hayes: Now I show you the first verdict of Southern Justice!

He wrenches the wrist before stomping down on Maya's elbow.


Jon McDaniel: Oh My God, he just... did you hear that sound?

Brian Rentfro: I can't believe it! He just snapped her arm at the elbow!

Maya shrieks in pain as Jethro releases her wrist.

"When you find him, be sure to tell your dad "Hi" and be sure to blame him because the reason your arm is broken... is his fault."

Jethro walks away, Maya glaring at his retreating back, tears of pain leaking from the corners of her eyes. Jethro makes his way up the entrance ramp and stops dead in his tracks halfway up. "Forsaken" by Disturbed begins to play and the ADCTron glows with the Order of Chaos skull and bones emblem.

You see I cannot be forsaken
Because I'm not the only one
We walk amongst you
Feeding, raping
Must we hide from everyone

The crowd rises into boos and jeers as Simon Kalis saunters out, with Alexis Sharpcraft and Masakazu behind him at either side. Kalis motions to Hayes and Hayes walks right up to him. Kalis looks up, however any facial expression of his is hidden behind the dark mask. Hayes pushes him aside and walks backstage. Maya lays in the ring screaming and crying, holding her broken wrist in writhing pain. Alexis has a microphone in her hand and the music dies down.

Alexis Sharpcraft: You need to listen sweety. Your Lord and Father has something to say to you.

She puts the microphone up to Kalis' face.

Simon Kalis: Sweet, sweet Maya... My poor, fragile child. You have disgraced our family, dearest Maya. And for this, I allowed this attack to take place. I knew Jethro Hayes was going to strike, and I let him do it.

Maya yells in the ring and Masakazu is obviously distraught. He moves to go help her but Kalis puts his left arm out and holds him back. He turns to glare at Masakazu who sighs and steps back.

Simon Kalis: I let it happen... Just like you, let your boyfriend attack me. You knew he was going to strike me, you knew he was in the building last week. Yet you let it happen Maya. You let your own father be attacked by a Rebel Pro coward last week. I have been through so much Maya, so much. Men have tried to kill me on numerous occassions since this war began. To literally kill me... Then I got myself a little injured during the Prison match. I was okay though, I was going to be fine. But Maverick's attack was the final straw and left me bed ridden for almost four days, and has left me with a serious concussion and re-opened the internal bleeding I've suffered. You let him attack me sweetheart, and I let Hayes attack you. Now, we are even.

The crowd boos and Maya screams in pain. Yet now Kalis begins slowly marching forward, fans booing and jeering at him. The cape-like back of his robe drags behind him and as he gets in front of the ring he extends both of his arms outward to the side as Alexis unhooks the back of his robe and the cape and hood fall to the ground. Just the black covering over his head with the brown leather armor remain, along with classic military issue black boots on his feet. He hops up onto the apron and enters the ring, as does Masakazu. Kalis kneels down and lifts Maya up into his arms, as Alexis kneels forward and holds the microphone for Kalis.

Simon Kalis: My sweet daughter, how I love you. You know I love you, and I'd never let anyone hurt you...

Maya nods as she sobs, her arm looking disgusting as it hangs limp all ways that the camera tries to avoid having it appear on television.

Simon Kalis: Even though I've had my issues with Johnny in the past, was I not accepting of your relationship with him? Did I not afford you every freedom to live your life the way you wanted? Have I not provided for you? Have I not been there for you? Did I not teach you every single thing you know?

Maya nods and sobs and we can hear her apologize to Simon.

Simon Kalis: So now you have to chose, Maya.

Masakazu turns around and crosses his arms, and lowers his head.

Simon Kalis: Do you love Johnny Maverick?

She nods while still crying, she nods a resounding yes.

Simon Kalis: You knew he'd attack me and try to take me out, didn't you Maya?

She nods again, crying as she apologizes over and over.

Simon Kalis: And you didn't tell me because you love him?

She nods and sobs.

Simon Kalis: You have been given everything to you, Maya. Because I always treated you better than I did Masa. I made him work and struggle to teach him how to survive and be successful, and against my own knowledge I babied you because you were my baby girl. I'm sorry for that, Maya. Maybe this is my fault. But now... I'll make things better.

Maya reaches up with her good hand and carasses her father's mask. He removes it and the crowd cringes, his cuts are re-opened and they look as fresh as Summer Sizzler. Maya cringes and cries and shakes her head as Kalis grabs her hand and makes her feel his face.

Simon Kalis: You let your boyfriend redo this to me, sweetheart. So now I must hide my face behind a mask... Because I am horrifying to behold. Don't worry my child, this'll all be over quickly. Because I know how to make things right baby. I love you, okay? I love you Maya, and I always will.

Kalis gets to his feet and looks around, tears rolling down his face. He puts the mask back on over his face and shakes his head. Masakazu removes his Armani suit jacket and throws it aside and turns around, wiping the tears from his face and he nods. Alexis sighs and steps back and gets out of the ring with the microphone. Kalis reaches his hand out for Maya and he grabs her good hand. He lifts her up but then headbutts her in the face. She hits the canvas and Kalis begins stomping on her broken arm right at the elbow. Maya screams in agony as the crowd boos. Kalis grabs her up by the broken arm and begins spinning her in circles and sends her flying forward right into a super kick from Masakazu which lays her out.

Jon McDaniel: Oh my god Brian... Kalis is attacking his own daughter.

Brian Rentfro: Wow...

Alexis Sharpcraft: Maya. Consider yourself relieved of duty with The Order of Chaos.

The crowd boos but Alexis shakes her head ignoring them.

Alexis Sharpcraft: You betrayed The Order and you know the consequences for treason against this most sacred Order. Let the punishment be carried out, as ordered by your Lord Kalis.

Kalis picks her up and wipes the tears from her eyes and whips her into the turnbuckle. He lifts her up on his back as he climbs the ropes. Masakazu gets himself into position as Kalis positions himself on the top rope.

Jon McDaniel: Oh my GOD NO! You know what this is Brian?!?!

Brian Rentfro: The deadliest tag team finisher of all time...

Kalis jumps off with the Sentencing of the Damned but before he lands Masakazu grabs Maya's neck and they combine for a top rope invartabreaker neckbreaker blast. Maya shakes in the ring from the impact as kneels forward and grabs her by the throat and begins choking her.


Brian Rentfro: The finishing move of the original tag team tandem of Simon Kalis and Masakazu. Deadly man, just deadly... I can't believe they just did that to Maya.

Alexis Sharpcraft: Let the Supreme Commanders words be known to all in the PWA and all in the Order of Chaos. NO ONE is above justice! Not even his own flesh and blood! NO ONE is above justice in The Order of Chaos! Let this be a warning to anyone who dares cross their LORD Simon Kalis.

Kalis extends his hand out to Masakazu who reaches into his back pocket. Alexis gets back into the ring as Masakazu hands Kalis a scalpel, the same instrument used to stab and slash his face, arms and hands by Scott Nash Strader. Alexis holds the microphone to his face.

Simon Kalis: Oh god... Maya. You brought this upon yourself, my beautiful child. Now you will know my pain, baby. And you will know I am your Lord... When I lay my vengeance upon thee.

Kalis takes the scalpel and but his hand trembles and he lets go and falls back. He seems to be breathing heavily and gets up with the help of Masakazu. Kalis stomps his foot down one more time on Maya's broken arm and slaps his chest, extending his right arm outward in salute. Masakazu does the same.


"Last Ones Left(THE ORDER OF CHAOS REMIX)" by 2Pac featuring the Outlawz, the old theme song of the former Tag Team champions plays as they all leave Maya bleeding and crying in the ring. Alexis drops the microphone next to her and leaves with Masa and Simon.

Maya: Dad... DAD! PLEASE! I'M SORRY!

Maya screams into the microphone but drops it quickly. Kalis stands outside the ring as Alexis reclasps the back of his robe back to his shoulders and pulls the hood back up over his head. They make their way to backstage, but Johnny Maverick shows up from the crowd and slides into the ring quickly. He holds onto Maya in the ring and wipes the tears from her eyes. She looks up at him and smiles lovingly as she uses her good arm to place her hand on his face. Kalis, Masakazu and Alexis don't even bother looking back as they disappear behind the curtains and Johnny Maverick picks Maya up in his arms as the EMTs finally get a chance to rush towards the ring as we fade...

Time for the Star to Shine

Simon Kalis: Hello, old friend.

Kalis enters the dressing room of one Lucious Starr, your future PWA Undisputed World Champion. Starr looks up and nods as he extends his hand out to Simon. They shake hands and Kalis closes the door behind him.

Lucious Starr: Listen... I saw what happened out there with Maya. I'm sorry.

Simon Kalis: You needn't be. I had to make an example out of her. No one is above justice within our Order, not even myself or my own children.

Kalis grips his hands together before himself and raises his head slightly. Starr nods and takes notice of the new robe, hood and mask he is now wearing.

Lucious Starr: I also saw you visit Riona and give her a letter. What's the deal Simon?

Simon Kalis: The envelope had information pertaining to her past and our connection because of that past. It isn't important in this moment, my friend. What is important that you are ready to defeat her and capture the Undisputed World title.

Lucious Starr: I am.

Kalis nods slowly and puts his hand on Starr's shoulder.

Simon Kalis: I know you are. You will be the PWA Undisputed World Champion, Lucious.

Lucious Starr: I appreciate the confidence, Simon. But I know you didn't come in here to tell me that.

Kalis nods slowly, every move he makes is slow and methodical. He removes his hand from Starr's shoulder and chuckles underneath the mask.

Simon Kalis: You're right. The truth is, my friend... Failure is not an option tonight.

Lucious Starr: I know that already.

Simon Kalis: Yes, I am aware you know. But let me tell you dear friend...

Kalis steps forward slowly to look Starr in the eyes.

Simon Kalis: I trust you, and I believe in you Lucious. I have however, held myself back long enough and if you do not...

Lucious Starr: I know Simon. I will win tonight.

Kalis nods and turns around to leave the locker room. He stops at the door and lowers his head.

Simon Kalis: I trust you, Lucious. I trust in you, as well, and always have where everyone has attempted to make you a fool. I know you are not a fool, old friend. However if Riona wins, I am coming for the World title. I will put direct intervention into this situation to ensure if not myself, then you are the World Champion before everything is said and done.

Kalis raises his head and turns around. He stomps his foot down and salutes Lucious Starr.

Simon Kalis: All Hail.

Lucious Starr: The Order of Chaos.

Starr salutes him back and nods as Kalis nods back. Kalis leaves the room and we fade...

The Bounty

Chamelion returns to the stage, mic in hand and addresses the PWA fans.

Chamelion: Before any of you think I’m going to delve into more drama concerning Simon Kalis, you’re wrong. I will deal with him at Manitoba Mayhem. No, I’m out here for another purpose. I’m out here to remind Lucious Starr that if he does not defeat Riona Langly here tonight, this will be his last ever attempt to challenge for the PWA Undisputed Championship. No matter his claim to power, so long as I am in control, he is done. In fact, I am offering a bounty to Riona Langly. Defeat Starr, in any fashion what so ever, and you will earn something I almost never allow; A night off.


Chamelion: That’s right. You, Riona, will not have to face anyone at Manitoba Mayhem, and still be paid the winners share of a World title win. You always say I’m against you, or upset about your win over Raizzor… and personal feelings aside, you complete this task, you get rewarded. In fact, if you hurt Starr within the confines of the match and prevent him from showing up at the PPV, I’ll triple your bonus. I’m that serious that Starr’s future ends here, TONIGHT! GOT IT?

With that, Chamelion disappears backstage, and we go to commercial.

Riona Langly vs Lucious Starr

PWA World Title Match

Eric Emerson: The following match is set for one fall with a 60 MINUTE TIME LIMIT, and it is for the Pioneer Wrestling Association, UNDISPUTED HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD!

The arena is dimmed until only a single beam of light shines on the center of the entrance ramp. The PWA-tron lights up, showing a countdown on the screen. As the countdown begins, one hears the voice of a young child.

(5) Now I lay me down to sleep
(4) I pray the Lord my soul to keep
(3) And if I die before I wake
(2) I pray the Lord my soul to take

The final line during the countdown is spoken by a grown man, running chills down the spines of those watching.

(1) May God have mercy on your soul...

The opening chords to Soundgarden's "Fell on Black Days" begin to play through the arena, a figure making his way onto the ramp. He begins to reach skyward, the anticipation growing. As his fingers touch, pyros shoot from all sides forming a star above his head. Lucious looks to the ring, slowly dropping his arms to his side.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in tonight at two hundred and sixty-three pounds...

Lucious walks down the ramp, his eyes fixed on the ring. He reaches out, allowing his hand to touch those of some nearby fans, as he slowly walks down the entrance to the arena.

Whatsoever I've feared has come to life
And Whatsoever I've fought off became my life
Just when everyday seemed to greet me with a smile
Sunspots have faded
Now I'm doing time
Now I'm doing time
Cause I fell on black days
I fell on Black days

Eric Emerson: He is the Beta Warrior of the Pioneer Wrestling Association...

Whomsoever I've cured I've sickened now
Whomsoever I've cradled I've put you down
I'm a search light soul they say
But I can't see it in the night
I'm only faking when I get it right
When I get it right
Cause I fell on black days
I fell on Black days
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate

So what you wanted to see good has made you blind
And what you wanted to be yours has made it mine
So don't you lock up something that you wanted to see fly
Hands are for shaking
No, not tying
No, not tying

Lucious stops at the bottom of the ramp, turning his head to each side. He shoots into the ring, sliding to the center as he pushes himself up. He looks to Eric, who nods to the star.

Eric Emerson: It is my honor to introduce... Lucious Starr!!

I sure don't mind a change
I sure don't mind a change
Yeah, I said sure dont mind, I sure dont mind the change
I sure dont mind the change
Cos I fell on black days
I fell on black days
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate
If you dont mind the change

Lucious starts to the northwest corner, raising one arm to the sky. The fans roar in adulation, the Fury of Hades taking it all in. He drops to the mat, turning to ring center, his eyes fixed on the mat.

### Today... my name... is pain... ###

The lights dim as a haunting melody begins to play over the PA system. As the chimes play out, flashes on the otherwise blackened ADCTron show a slideshow of violence during war throughout the ages... A guitar kicks in, adding to the melody as the speed of the images picks up, more sights being added as well as almost subliminal messages of PAIN, VIOLENCE, HELL, WAR... The guitar stops it's long riff and kicks in with the drums as the lights start to pulse red, the with more violence screaming across the ADCTron... Photos of Riona Langly mix into the slideshow, showing matches against Jamie Flynn, The Phoenix, Hunter Sullivan, SNS, Corey Lazarus, Viktor Stone, Matthew Engel, Raizzor, and Marxx...

### Tonight... Tonight... ###
### Tonight... ###

A very low, angry growl as the lights flicker wildly, while remaining deeply red....

### GO! ###

"The New Ministry" from Walls of Jericho is in full force as a familiar spotlight lights up right behind the entrance way. Stepping out in front of it is of course, Riona Langly, her head hanging down as she soaks in the ambiance before a match.

### Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Give me your passion ###
### Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Give me your heart ###

Riona lifts her head up and scream, snapping off her crux pose, the Intercontinental Championship flinging out in her left arm, as criss-crossing red pyro fires off in front of her. The pyrotechnics shoot off 5 times before coming to an end, the lights in the arena returning to normal as Riona begins her walk down to the ring, slinging the title onto her shoulder.

Eric Emerson: Introducing... she comes to us from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! She weighed in this morning at 142 pounds, and stands at five foot nine inches. She is the PIONEER WRESTLING ASSOCIATION... UNDISPUTED HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!

### Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Now and forever ###
### Tonight... is... ours... ###

Riona stops at the end of the entrance ramp, rolling her fists as she stares inside the ring.

### Live out your dream ###
### With everything you have inside you ###
### This world can't hold us back forever! ###
### forever... FOREVER...###
### FORVER... FOREVER... ###

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, this is.... RIOOONNNNAAAA LANNGGGLLLLYYYY!!!

Riona dead leaps herself onto the ring apron and slings herself over the top rope and into the ring, stomping over to the nearest corner as soon as she lands.

### We Bleed Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Give me your passion ###
### Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Give me your heart ###

Riona climbs onto the top turnbuckle and snaps off another crux pose as red pyro flares out of the other 3 turnbuckles violently, scaring the ref in the process.

### Tonight is ours ###
### Now and forever ###
### Tonight is ours ###

Riona climbs down from the turnbuckle and starts some light stretches, her mind preparing for the match ahead of her.


Collar and elbow lock up, Riona using her speed to deliver a stiff elbow to Starr's face backing him up. Knowing her size should be a disadvantage in this match, but never is, Riona jumps into the air delivering a series of right and left palm strikes backing Lucious up further. Riona jumps into the air delivering a stiff elbow to the side of Starr's face rocking hiim to the side.

Jon McDaniel: No love lost here between Lucious Starr and Riona Langly.

Brian Rentfro: Right now, she is whoopin' his ass is what is going on.

Riona dives to the side delivering a swift kick to the right ribcage of Starr before jumping back slamming her knee into the same ribs. Starr protects his ribs as Riona dives in for another series of blows, Starr trying to get in the first offense of the night. Starr grabs the wrist, Irish whip into the ropes. Riona bounces off, ducks under the clothesline attempt, springing to the top rope and catching Starr on the way down with a springboard DDT. Riona wastes no time in climbing to the top turnbuckle and diving with her knees placed together delivering a double knee drop to Starr's forehead.

Jon McDaniel: Riona with a double knee drop right on Starr's forehead!

Brian Rentfro: Riona wanting to retain is not going to hold anything back.

Riona pulls the much larger Starr up to his feet, peppering his face and body with forearms and kicks before twisting him to a back to back position... DEATHBLOW ROAR-COUNTERED!

Brian Rentfro: Lucious Starr saves his fucking head with that counter!

Jon McDaniel: His first offense comes at the perfect timing to prevent that sick elbow of Riona's.

Riona is stunned, but Starr is struggling back up to his feet, wanting to press his advantage while he's got one. Lucious pulls Riona up to her knees. Starr with a resounding knee strike right to The World Champion's face. Starr pulls the knee back as he grabs the back of Riona's skull.

Brian Rentfro: Starr may have busted her open with that second knee strike.

Jon McDaniel: If he didn't with the second, the third and fourth one may.

Starr repeatedly slams his unprotected knee into Riona's face and forehead, wearing her down with brute force instead of finesse. Riona struggles back up, but Starr catches her wrist. Irish whip sends Riona into the ropes. Starr explodes off the opposite side ropes with a shoulder block, but instead of flipper her over, he catches her delivering a spine snapping tilt a whirl backbreaker to the PWA World Champion.

Jon McDaniel: What a backbreaker there from Lucious Starr.

Brian Rentfro: Totally the sort of thing we need from our next World's Champion.

Starr makes the cover and Scott Swindell is there to make the count.



Riona kicks out easily enough, even though her hand goes right to the lower portion of her back. Lucious is not bothered though as he pulls Riona back up to her feet. A kick to her ribs causes her to lean to the right, Starr snaps her down with an armbar into a submission.

Jon McDaniel: It'll take more than that to cause Riona to submit.

Brian Rentfro: But it wears anyone down and that is vital in any match; especially a World Title match.

Riona sees the ropes, and reaches her hand out to grab the bottom one. Not quite long enough... Starr wrenches on the hold, Riona's eyes close in pain but her head shakes as she refuses to tap or submit to Starr. Starr yells something at Riona, but she grits her teeth and crawls for the bottom rope an inch at the time. Riona reaches out as Starr applies the most amount of pressure that he can...

She's got it! Riona in the ropes and the crowd explodes. Starr can't believe it, but he surely knows how tough Riona is. He doesn't let her rest though as he lifts the wearying Riona back up into a front facelock.

Brian Rentfro: Starr going for a vertical suplex here...

Riona slams a right fist into his midsection before slamming the heel of her left palm into the ribs that she was concentrating on while ago. Starr loosens the hold, but doesn't release it just yet, but a serious punch to his inner thigh causes him to drop the hold completely.

Jon McDaniel: Starr drops the front facelock.

Riona spins around... ROARING ELBOW! Riona doesn't get the best impact from the move, so Starr only stumbles back from the blow, but Riona seizes the opportunity to press her attack on the challenger to HER PWA World's Championship. Riona jumps into the air, front kick to Lucious' face makes him woozy on his feet. Spinning roundhouse kick to the right ribcage again, then a thiigh kick sends him on one knee. Riona off the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: Riona leaps!

Her knees come together, slamming into the back of Lucious' head, sending him face first... and hard... into the canvas. Riona grabs both of Starr's arms and pulls back in a nasty surfboard before repeatedly stomping down on his skull... Once, twice, thrice, four times, five times, Riona's eyes are burning red as she continues to hammer down on the challenger. Stopping as she sees Starr is out it, Riona makes the cover and Scott Swindell slides into place.



Starr with a shoulder up! Riona shakes her head in slight fustration and levels him with another forearm to the jaw before getting him to his feet...

Brian Rentfro: Riona cannot put Starr away... He's too much for her, his determination is just that much stronger than Riona's elbow.

Jon McDaniel: Not to mention he has finally gotten this match from Lisa, he doesn't want to waste it.

Riona whips Starr into the corner where she follows up leaping into the air to slam into him preparing for elbows and knees. Starr turns around lifting both feet into her face sending her flying backwards to land on her back in the center of the ring. Starr comes out, the fires of Hades fueling his flames. Irish whip into the corner sends Riona in back first. Starr charges in with a knee into her midsection before throwing an uppercut into her chin that rocks her head backwards on her neck. Starr lifts her up to the top turnbuckle, climbing up after her. Starr spins around as he catches her head over his shoulder in a 3/4 facelock.

Brian Rentfro: Supercutter! SWEET VICTOR FOR STARR!

Jon McDaniel: Lucious going for the cover...



Riona shoves a shoulder up, she isn't done yet. Starr can't believe it, but the fans believe in Riona as they jump to their feet to give her support. Starr pulls her up, knee to the face before sending her into the ropes and delivering a back body drop onto the canvas. Starr doesn't wait as he bounces off the ropes to deliver a leg drop that would make Hulk Hogan proud. Starr knows that he must cause as much damage as possible, so he doesn't attempt a pin instead opting to deliver more damage. Lucious lifts Riona up into a vertical suplex.

Jon McDaniel: I don't know if this is smart.

Brian Rentfro: He should have pinned her while he had the chance, at the very least make her kick out again.

He falls back delivering a stunning vertical suplex, but he isn't finished yet. Starr trash talks Riona inside the ring as he brings her back up.

Jon McDaniel: What a brainbuster from Lucious Starr!

Brian Rentfro: If her head isn't squashed, her brains are scrambled.

Lucious picks Riona back up, choosing to go for high impact moves that will wear her down quickly. Fisherman's suplex into a bridge pin.




Riona kicks out, barely getting a shoulder up before the three, but she does and this match continues.

Jon McDaniel: Riona able to kick out there.

Brian Rentfro: Barely, but she did and Starr looks to be getting frustrated.

Starr pulls the PWA World Champion up again, setting his head under her armpit for a Northern Lights suplex.

Jon McDaniel: Riona counters with a DDT... no! Rear Naked Choke!

Scott Swindell is there to check on Starr, but his foot is in the ropes, causing Riona to break the hold; she refuses.





Riona breaks the hold and screams "I HAVE TILL FIVE!" Riona backs away for a second, then pulls Starr up to his feet. Starr slams his shoulder into Riona, winding her and flipping her over onto her back. Starr doesn't waste any time though as he quickly hooks her into a single leg Boston Crab. Starr's face is sweaty and he seems to be trying to recover from that choke hold. Riona spins trying to kick and connecting with Starr's temple, but only grazing it. Starr in the ropes as Riona kips up to her feet.

Starr rushes back, arm outstretched for a Clothesline From Hell! Riona ducks under.



Starr collapses to his knees and Riona winds up... WHAM! ROARING ELBOW TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Starr is out cold, but Riona's not finished with him as he pulls him to his knees and sets him up in a standing head scissors...



Riona holds Starr in place for the cover...


Suddenly the lights go out, and the fans explode with roars of cheers, boos and screams…

Brian Rentfro: What the hell just happened!?

Cameras flash, hoping to catch an instance of what’s happening. Finally, the lights blast back on, and Riona and the referee are in the ring, but Lucious Starr is not!

Jon McDaniel: Where the heck is Starr?

Confusion paints Riona’s face, and after a few moments, the referee has no choice, and begins a ten count.

Brian Rentfro: Where’d Starr go? Who took him, who’s behind this!?

Confusion reigns over the PWA as the ref reaches ten.


Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, as a result of a count out, and STILL PWA Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.. RIONA LANGLY!

Riona rips her arm out of the referee’s grasp and glares angrily at being devoid of her rightful moment.

Jon McDaniel: Someone took Starr, whether to save him or not is the burning question. Riona’s won, and by the rules Starr no longer can challenge for the PWA World title!

Brian Rentfro: But, he didn’t lose, not by pinfall or submission and if it was beyond his control to be taken, then he’s not failed the Order!

Jon McDaniel: I’m not sure Simon will see it that way! Folks, we’re out of time! See you next week!

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