World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Yep. A Mother****ing Tank

The scene fades to outside of the Tropicana Field here in St. Petersburg, Florida where pandemonium is hitting the streets. Spotlights from the arenas roof search the sea of people gathered outside of the arena itself and finally locks on to a black Abrahms tank rolling through the city. A camera crew gets near it for a closer inspection and finds the skull and bones emblem of the Order of Chaos painted in white on either side of the tank as it pulls past the crowds on a designated route towards the arena. Two gang members with their faces covered in red bandanas hang from either side of the tank, waving to the crowd.

Jon McDaniel: Oh my god he wasn't kidding... He's coming to Summer Sizzler in a tank.

Brian Rentfro: Jeez...

Kalis pops out from the drivers seat and stands up from inside the tank as it continues to move forward. He's wearing a black and white urban camoflauge military uniform and salutes the booing crowd through the procession. Suddenly as the tank nears the arena the crowd disperses quickly. Kalis halts the Abrahms and suddenly police sirens can be heard from all sides, their flashing lights turning on and unifying into one blinding force. Helicopters over head can be seen placing a spotlight directly over the tank and Simon Kalis, who uses his arm to cover his eyes. Suddenly a SWAT team rushes in from all sides of the crowd and mounts the tank. Kalis jumps out and tries to make a run for it only to be tasered as he does so. He hits the pavement in shock and the police rush around him and handcuff him immediately. They tackle his two friends and handcuff them as well. They lift Kalis up and smash his face in several times with their batons before placing a black bag over his head. Kalis struggles but they simply crack him again in the ribs to force him down before a black truck rolls up and he's thrown into the back of it. Kalis' two friends are placed in separate police cruisers however, away from him. Lisa Seldon, who happens to have turned up for the procession, is beaming a delicious smile.

Lisa Seldon: Man, that guy is fucking awesome.

The sirens blare and the truck speeds off as we fade back to ringside.

Brian Rentfro: Uhm... Did the police just abduct Simon Kalis?

Jon McDaniel: Looks like it. This could be for the Death Row Prison Break tornado tag team match coming up later this evening.

Brian Rentfro: That's a mouthful. You forgot to mention that the match is now considered unsanctioned by the PWA in a copout move by Mark Sommers.

Jon McDaniel: Whatever the case? Things are off to a heated start already...

Joshua Danielson vs Trent Sunderland vs Jimmy Henderson

Triple Threat Match

Eric stands center ring, watching around waiting for his signal to start. With thumbs up from a stage hand listening through a headset, Eric begins his announcement.

"The following matchup is scheduled for one fall, and will end only with a count out, Disqualification, a three count, or Submission. Entering first from Toronto Ontario Canada, He is Trent Sunderland"

The lights begin to fade, dimming to a calming light. Purple and Orange start to glow and flash, the arena looking to the stage as The Doors starts to play and blare. Sunderland is waiting in the gorilla position for the lyrics to hit before bursting out onto the stage. Fans are already responding in reply*

People are strange when you're a stranger
Faces look ugly when you're alone
Women seem wicked when you're unwanted
Streets are uneven when you're down

*With the signal of the beginning lyrics Trent storms out of his position. Trents’s artier showed off as he started moving his way across the stage. The orange and purple lights reflected and caused glimmer on his body. A cool, calculating smirk seemed steady and planted on his face, an unnerving confidence. The ramp was laid out before him, en route to his goal.*

When you're strange
Faces come out of the rain
When you're strange
No one remembers your name
When you're strange
When you're strange
When you're strange

*Sunderland walked calmly and professionally down the ramp. The steel ramp under Trent's feet reacted with a clank, none of which could be heard over the music. Soon Sunderland found himself on the matting surrounding the ring. He reacted quickly, rolling into the ring and heading towards the turnbuckle that was closest. Soon climbing up it he merely looked around and reacted with a smile.*

People are strange when you're a stranger
Faces look ugly when you're alone
Women seem wicked when you're unwanted
Streets are uneven when you're down

*The music died off and Sunderlad dropped back to the mat, looking around the ring, making a few last mental notes. His new music finally cutting off and settling.*

The PWAtron shows the Confederate battle flag and the American flag, crossed at the poles on a black screen as the amp warm up for "Hell Yeah" by HellYeah is heard and then the words "American by Birth but Southern by the Grace of God" appear below it.

"Fuck the norm, I can’t understand
Live my life, by the rules of no one
I am me, that can’t be wrong
I do what I do, when I do, that’s how I like it
Conformity, amputate my soul
Made of stone, smashed the mold
Indifferent, so fuck you all that
Whine, bitch, nag, complain, cry"

Eric Emerson: Now coming to the ring! Weighing in at 191lbs and standing at a height of 5 feet 9 inches, hailing from Burlington, Vermont by way of Mobile, Alabama! He is.."The Renegade Southerner"!! JIMMMYYY HENDERSOOOOOONNNN!!!

"If ya don’t give a shit ya getcha’ hellyeah
Throwin’ fists in the pit ya getcha’ hellyeah
Think you’re fuckin’ with this well hell no.
Balls, volume, strength getcha come on
Drinking beer smoking weed ya getcha’ hellyeah
Gotta bruised attitude ya getcha’ hellyeah,
Think you’re fuckin’ with this well hell no
Balls, volume, strength getcha’ come on"

Jimmy walks from behind the curtain and starts to walk to the ring a bit, and then stop on the aisle to converse a bit with a random fan, all smiles.

"Fuck you all, that won’t understand
Be a man, no more and no less,
I’m just me, no matter what you say,
I am, who I am , what I am, that’s how I like it
Typical, fucking lifeless clones
My attitude, embrace my own
I don’t care, so just walk away and live your
Dull, dead, bland, boring, life"

After a bit of conversation and a few hand slaps and several "Hell Yeah!"'s flashing on the screen behind him showing different clips of Jimmy from different angles between flashes.

"If ya don’t give a shit ya getcha’ hellyeah
Throwin’ fists in the pit ya getcha’ hellyeah
Think you’re fuckin’ with this well hell no.
Balls, volume, strength getcha’ come on
Drinking beer smoking weed ya getcha’ hellyeah
Gotta bruised attitude ya getcha’ hell yeah,
Think you’re fuckin’ with this well hell no
Balls, volume, strength getcha’ come on"

After few more steps, Jimmy dashes towards the ring with vigor and slides in under the ropes and then pushes to his feet, then starts jogging the ring and bouncing off the ropes to limber up a bit.

"Don’t give a fuck and don’t think I ever will,
For the prim and the proper it’s a shallow jagged pill,
Don’t really care if you like me
I just hold up my drink and get my HELLYEAH!
So point your fingers and throw your stones,
I’ll be smokin’ and drinkin’ and breaking fucking bones
To all you fuckin’ people thinking you’re better than me,
I hold up my middle finger and give my hellyeah!"

In the middle of the song verse, Jimmy actually goes off to a nearby turnbuckle and climbs it, flipping the double bird and screaming out "Hell Yeah", having a whole crowd of middle fingers come back at him and a resounding "Hell Yeah!" right back at him to which he grins widely.

"If ya don’t give a shit ya getcha’ hellyeah
Throwin’ fists in the pit ya getcha’ hellyeah
Think you’re fuckin’ with this well hell no.
Balls, volume, strength getcha’ come on
Drinking beer smoking weed ya getcha’ hellyeah
Gotta bruised attitude ya getcha’ hellyeah,
Think you’re fuckin’ with this well hell no
Balls, volume, strength getcha’ come on"

Got your whiskey and weed
Balls volume and strength"

Jimmy hops down from the ring post, doing a 180 degree spin in mid air before landing on his feet and he walks to the center of the ring, waiting for his music to finish before the match starts.

The pounding drums to 'Trust' by Megadeth hits the speakers, and the crowd is on their feet! Joshua Danielson pushed through the curtains and stopped at the top of the entrance ramp, throwing his arms out in an open handed crucifix.

Joshua then went down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans at ringside before sliding into the ring and jumping up to the second turnbuckle. He did the open handed crucifix pose again, before hopping down and waiting for the match to begin.

Ding Ding

Joshua starts off with a right handed palm strike before Trent is able to register that the bell has even rung. Jimmy catches the wrist, using his agility to flip up onto Joshua's arms to bring him down with an arm scissorlock from a standing position. Trent is back up stomping away on the exposed head of Joshua Danielson before he brings down a boot on Jimmy's head as well. Jimmy gets up, chop to the chest of Trent, but Sunderland fires a right hand back at Jimmy who isn't able to duck under the blow and slams back first into the corner. Trent follows in with both hands flying in rapid fire succession on "The Renegade Southerner" Here comes Joshua with a flying scissorkick that slams Trent into Jimmy in the corner.

Brian Rentfro: Jimmy Hendrix just got the wrong end of that deal.

Jon McDaniel: You mean Jimmy Henderson.

Brian Rentfro: Don't tell me you haven't almost made that mistake.

Jon McDaniel: ...

Joshua rolls Trent up from behind.



Jimmy slams an elbow down onto Joshua's neck breaking the hold. Danielson is up firing rights into Jimmy, but Henderson fires back some rights os his own. Joshua levels a kick towards Jimmy, but Henderson catches the ankle. That's ok because Joshua is ready with a enzeguir.

Brian Rentfro: Joshua with an enzeguri!

Jon McDaniel: That Jimmy Hendri... Henderson ducks!

Brian Rentfro: Ah hah!

Jimmy slams his forearm into the back of Danielson sending him down. His small victory is short lived as here comes Trent bslamming him into the ropes, finishing off with a whip into the opposite ropes. Jimmy bounces off and returns. Arn Anderson spinebuster onto the canvas! Trent stays for the pin.



Danielson is having none of that as he flies forward and flipping somehow managing to bring Trent over in a roll with him. Trent is just as surprised as anyone else but quickly comes back to himself as Joshua lands a stunning elbow right to his chin. Trent is rocked back from the impact of the blow, but Jimmy is coming back to hiimself as well. Jimmy leans down, he yanks Joshua up by the hair. Whip into the ropes. Jimmy lowers his head.


Joshua makes him pay with a swinging neckbreaker off the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: Vicious neckbreaker from Danielson.

Brian Rentfro: All of those lessons with Simon and the OOC must be paying off.

Joshua is pleased with himself and maybe looking to finish this match early. Joshua crouches on the top turnbuckle as Trent is getting back to his feet. Joshua leaps from the top with a spinning crossbody.


Trent turns him over.


Trent makes a cover.



ThreSave by Jimmy to prevent a loss. Trent is up and furious, but Jimmy wants to win just as much. Trent with a right, Jimmy with a right.

Jon McDaniel: The larger Trent will come out on the winning end of this one.

Brian Rentfro: Danielson may be out.

Trent with a third consecutive right hand backs Jimmy up. A fourth sends him hunched in the corner. Trent with a shoulder block to Jimmy's midsection folds him over in the corner. Trent lifts Jimmy up onto the top turnbuckle before following hiim up. Trent hooks him for a top rope superplex. Jimmy counters at the last second falling on top of Trent with a simple crossbody. Trent gasps for breath, but Jimmy is already moving again as he bounces off the ropes. Jimmy leaps to the top rope, bouncing into the air while flipping backwards.

Brian Rentfro: Dropkick from Danielson connects!

Jon McDaniel: Right in Jimmy's stomach, that can't feel good at all.

Evidently not as Jimmy is clutching at his midsection in pain as he rolls around. Joshua leans over Trent, pulling him to his feet.

Small package from Trent!




Joshua kicks out but just barely and they are in the ropes, Scott Swindell makes them break it up. Joshua fires a kick to Trent who dodges around the kick, to spin and land a kick of his own on Joshua's planted knee. Danielson falls back into the corner whre Trent pounds a forearm into his chest before a stinging chop slams into Joshua's chest. Trent with a second before dropping to one knee and slamming his elbow right into Joshua's bread basket. Trent up again, knee into the gut and Joshua is doubling over at the waist. Trent off the ropes with a swinging neckbreaker takes Danielson down, but he has forgotten about Jimmy as he flies through the air with a land on Trent's shoulders. Joshua is helpless as he watches Jimmy flip backwards sending Trent to land on his head. Henderson is off the ropes and leaping to the top turnbuckle. Joshua dives forward to hit the ropes, but Jimmy leaps down just in time.

Jon McDaniel: Alabama Twister!

Brian Rentfro: That may be the end!

Jon McDaniel: "I think he was going for his "Hey Ya'll Watch This" finisher, but managed to change his course at the last second.



Trent with a boot into the side of Jimmy's face rolls him off the pin. Jimmy is back up, diving towards Trent .

Jon McDaniel: S & M!

Brian Rentfro: He hit that Exploder brainbuster out of nothing, absolutely nothing!

Trent covers.



Danielson has something to say as he trips on the referee somewhat accidentally on purpose. Scott Swindell says something to Danielson about it, but Joshua just slams the boot of his right foot into Trent's forehead rolling him off of Jimmy. Danielson with a series of kicks to Trent's thighs before moving up his body to his side, but Trent fights through the pain to slam a fist right into Joshua's mouth. Referee Scott Swindell warns Trent about the use of closed fists, but Trent doesn't hear him as he slams another fist into Joshua's mouth. Scott Swindell gives one last warning about the closed fist. Jimmy rolls Trent up from behind.



Joshua lands a leg drop across Jimmy's back breaking up the pin. Jimmy rolls up to his feet really ticked off now. Joshua makes him even madder with a knife edge chop to the chest. Joshua with a second, a third, and a fourth!

Jon McDaniel: A Chop fest!

Brian Rentfro: Jimmy's chest is redder than his neck!

Jon McDaniel: Not funny.

Brian Rentfro: I thought so.

Joshua with a Northern Lights Suplex into a bridge pin.



Brian Rentfro: Look out below!!!


Trent comes flying off the top rope with a Double Stomp and brings all of his girth down through Danielson in mid-bridge. The crowd doesn’t so much cheer as turn away in disgust.

Jon McDaniel: What impact!

Brian Rentfro: Oh, that was gruesome.




Ding Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: Winner of the match... Trent Sunderland!

Trent clambers to his feet while the referee looks for something to scrape up Danielson’s remains. Meanwhile Jimmy scrapes himself up and ditches the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Well, I guess he warned us.

Jon McDaniel: Still, poor Danielson.

Cody Bogard© vs Spykeman!

PWA Intercontinental Championship

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 20-minute time limit, and is for the Pioneer Wrestling Association INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

The lights go dark and the Spyke Signal starts searching the arena as Spykeman!'s entrance music - "ISHC Theme" by the International Superheroes of Hardcore - begins, it finally finds Spykeman standing high atop the ADCTron, hooked into a special harness.

'When there's villains in your town
When there's hatred all around
Violence in your area, mass hysteria
When we arrive we'll be bringing it down'

Spykeman poses dramatically before he jumps, soaring above the audience as a cable guides him towards the ring, the audience pops huge for the Jade Guardian of Justice's exciting entrance.

'International Superheroes of Hardcore!
We're takin' it over!
International Superheroes of Hardcore!'

Eric Emerson: Making his way to the ring, The Scourge of the PWA Underworld...SPYKEMAN!

It appears Spykeman! may have made a miscalculation as he soars OVER the ring, completely missing the mark for his landing.

'We'll be jumping over big stuff
We will crush them no matter how tough
Violence in your area, mass hysteria
When we arrive we'll be bringing it down'

The crowd goes silent for a moment as Spykeman!'s miscalculation sends him crashing through the announce table. Rentfro and McDaniel back off, pretty angry that they lost their announce table so early in the show. Spykeman! stands a few moments later and poses dramatically (if a bit dizzily) and the crowd pops even louder. Spykeman! jumps up onto the apron then springs over the top rope and awaits the arrival of the Intercontinental Champion.

Brian Rentfro: Well that was...interesting...

The lights suddenly dim down as the opening guitar intro to the Mighty RAW's "Go Go Power Rangers." Once the guitar portion ends, smoke emerges from near the entrance way.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent...

A figure emerges from the smoke, standing while looking at the fans as he stands in the shadows. The figure is seen as strobe lights go off to reveal Cody Bogard with a black towel draped over his head, obscuring his face. Cody makes his way to the ring, being passed on both sides by members of the PWA Ring Crew with the necessary parts of a brand new announce table.

Eric Emerson: He weighs in tonight at 210 pounds...

They've got a power and a force that you've never seen before.
They've got the ability to morph and to even up the score.
No one will ever take them down.
The power lies on their side.

Eric Emerson: And stands at 5 feet, 11 inches tall...

Cody makes his way over to the ring, springing up to the ring apron, climbing the turnbuckle and posing with his arms open in a pose.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from San Mateo, California, he is the current, reigning, and defending PWA Intercontinental champion...!

Go, go Power Rangers!
Go, go Power Rangers!
Go, go Power Rangers!
(You) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

Cody jumps from the turnbuckle as he slowly raises his hand over his head, grabbing hold of the towel and quickly swiping it off, revealing his face.

Eric Emerson: CODY BOGARD!!!

They know the fate of the world is lying in their hands.
They know to only use their weapons for defense.
No one will ever take them down.
The power lies on their side.

Brian Rentfro: Well, at least the newest members of the ring crew are quick and efficient.

The camera catches Rentfro and McDaniel sitting back down at their almost-completed new table, a quartet of the PWA ring crew putting the final bolts in and sliding in the monitors. In the ring, referee Dwayne Cross checks both men, keeping an eye on Spykeman.

Jon McDaniel: I'm just glad that the Board has finally allowed us to keep replacement tables in the back at all times!


Cody Bogard walks back and forth in place glancing at the flubber like oddity that is!). Spyke hops around a little bit and walks around the ring, low to the matting before springing into a jump. Cody seems a tad confused with how to approach his opponent and shuffles in a strife, circling his crazy opponent. Spyke suddenly attacks like a twitch and goes to hook a foot in a slide but Cody dodges and steps back before attempting quick kick that Spyke dodges.

Jon McDaniel: Spykeman looks like he's scouted some of Bogard's offense for tonight.

Cody gets back into a defensive position as Spykeman moves his way to all fours and scurries around the ring like a dog before shooting a lock up. Cody quickly breaks to the side and hooks an arm wrench, calming the oddity. Cody forces his opponent to the ground with an elbow to the shoulder. He keeps the squirmy opponent there with a knee before letting go of the closer arm and hooking the far one in an arm bar. Cody keeps the green wonder grounded with his weight and knee and bends back the elbow in submission.

Jon McDaniel: Of course, a smart move by the current Intercontinental champion, looking to take one of Spykeman's arms out of commission. You could, theoretically, eliminate half of a man's arsenal by targeting one arm.

Spykeman screams in pain as Cody wrenches the hold in tighter, looking around at the crowd.

Brian Rentfro: It looks like Spyke's using his super strength...

Spyke counters by pushing up and flipping Cody onto his back in a move reminiscent of a fireman’s carry. The arms are still locked as Spkye and Cody get back to their feet and Cody is sent into the ropes. Spyke leap frogs over the return but Cody stops and catches Spyke in a power bomb like hold only for the hyperactive wrestler to push off the shoulders, hook an arm, and send Cody over head and through the bottom rope to the outside.

Jon McDaniel: Beautiful armdrag counter by Spykeman.

Brian Rentfro: It looks like the required luchadore spot has been filled by the Jade Justice.

Cody isn’t too hurt, just shaken up before he pushes himself back to his feet, dodging in time a baseball slide, tugging the challenger out onto the floor. Cody connects with a harsh elbow pushing the challenger into to steel turnbuckle. Cody grabs Spykeman once more, smashing his head into the apron thrice before rolling him back in and following up. Spyke, dazed, gets to his feet, holding his head, only for Cody to drop to the mat with an elbow into Spyke's head.

Brian Rentfro: Ouch!

Jon McDaniel: Solid strategy again from Cody Bogard tonight.

Brian Rentfro: Do you ever get tired of blowing smoke up the kid's ass?

Jon McDaniel: Do you ever get tired of trying to take the heat away from our champions?

Cody keeps things physical smashing elbows into the back of the wiz kid’s head, enjoying the smashing. Growing pumped Bogard shoots to his feet and taunts the fans with a roar. Bogard beats his chest once before pulling Spyke to his feet and pushing him into the corner, whipping him across the ring. Cody follows through in chase connecting with a high boot across the face of the challenger. Spyke falls to the lower ropes as Cody nods, showing the crowd his intensity and that he is far from boring. Spyke seems out of it until Cody hits the far ropes and tries to return with a face wash boot. The foot misses as Spyke grabs the top rope and pulls himself onto the turnbuckle with great athleticism and a ‘skin the cat’ like fashion. Cody flows to the outside seamlessly after missing the boot, only to turn around into a cross body!


Fans cheer for Spyke as he gets to his feet and staggers a bit from the rough housing. Cody is dazed and gets a grip on the steel guardrail to pull himself up.

Dwayne Cross: C'mon, get back in the ring! 1! 2!

Spyke and Cody seem to get themselves back in the game at the same time, but it’s Spyke who reacts first by slicing the air, hitting Cody in the chest with a kick. Cody winces and snarls, hitting the ground with his fists before slamming a retort kick into Spyke’s chest. Spykeman's chest glows a red and he staggers back but mocks the champion with a monotone look on his face.

Dwayne Cross: 3! 4! 5!

Jon McDaniel: I'm not exactly sure you'd ever want to trade kicks with Spykeman. He may have some of the downright stiffest kicks this side of Jonathon Wehali!

Brian Rentfro: Oh yeah, I remember him...

Dwayne Cross: 6! 7!

The superhero shows off his one superpower and launches a Kick back at Bogard. Cody, feeling the sting, backs into the steel, holding his chest. He was at a disadvantage in this situation but his stubborn attitude forces him to launch another kick. The ref at 8 now is the only reason Spyke forfeits the challenge by rolling back into the ring, Cody following.

Jon McDaniel: It looks like Cody may have learned his lesson about trading kicks with Spykeman.

Once both men hit their feet they lock up, Spyke kneeing Cody in the stomach before launching him across the ring. Spyke hits a superhero pose and places out his hand demanding Cody stop upon his return. He does just that in confusion, but quickly shakes his head and launches out an elbow, only for it to be ducked. Spkye spins his opponent, wheelkicking him in the back of the head. Cody goes down and Spyke manages to make a cover.



Jon McDaniel: And Bogard kicks out emphatically!

Brian Rentfro: He looks a bit embarassed.

Cody sits up, shaking out the cobwebs, and Spyke hits the ropes, diving in with a punch to the back of the skull. He covers again...



Jon McDaniel: Cody kicks out at 2 again...

Spyke stands up, strikes a flying pose, and jumps up, coming down with a standing somersault senton across Cody's midsection. He quickly leans back to make the pinfall attempt, hooking a leg.



Brian Rentfro: Bogard with the REVERSAL...!

Cody reverses Spyke's lackadaisacal pin attempt into a crucifix.




Spyke kicks out, jumping to his feet, and Cody quickly rises to his. Spykeman rushes in with rights and lefts, each blocked by the IC champion, who sends Spykeman flying halfway across the ring with a brutal shotei to the jaw.

Brian Rentfro: It looks like Spykeman CAN fly after all...

Spykeman scrambles to his feet, leaning against the ropes, and Bogard rushes in, stretching his palm out before swinging it up towards Spykeman's jaw.

Jon McDaniel: Kikoshotei...NO!!!

Spykeman ducks underneath the Kikoshotei attempt and back body drops Cody over the top.

Brian Rentfro: Bogard lands on his feet!

Cody, standing tall on the ringside floor, shakes his head as Spykeman makes the common rookie mistake from that academic reversal by playing to the crowd. Bogard shrugs and hops up onto the apron, holding onto the top rope.

Jon McDaniel: Here he comes...

Spykeman turns around just in time to eat a springboard diving lariat, folding him in half like an accordion. Bogard immediately makes the cover...




Cody jumps to his feet, staring down at Spykeman while he shakes his head. He looks up at the crowd in front of him before turning to all four sides of the ring, nodding. He holds his fist up into the air before bringing it down quick, a solid section of the fanbase roaring with approval.

Jon McDaniel: And it could be all over here!

Bogard grabs Spykeman by his hair, looking to pull him to his feet. Spykeman surprises Bogard, though, by leaping up and drilling him with a leaping uppercut...

Spykeman: SHO-RYU-KEN!!

...knocking the Intercontinental champion down on the canvas. He quickly rushes up the turnbuckle, turning around to face the ring, and stands up tall, placing his hands on his hips.

Brian Rentfro: Here it comes!!!

Spykeman flies off of the top turnbuckle, somersaulting forward with a beautiful 450 in mid-air before falling down head-first into Cody Bogard's torso, Spykeman himself landing on his knees.

Jon McDaniel: JADE JUSTICE!!

Spykeman quickly stumbles on top of Cody, hooking a leg as Dwayne Cross drops down for the count.





"ISHC Theme" cues back up as Spykeman leaps up to his feet, falling backwards against the turnbuckles. Cross gets the Intercontinental title from a ringside attendant, rushing it over to Spykeman and handing it to him as he raises his hand up into the air.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match, and NEW PWA Intercontinental champion...

Spykeman quickly leaps over the top rope, landing on the ringside mats and rolling up to his feet, limping up the ramp with the Intercontinental title raised high in the air.

Eric Emerson: ...SPYKEMAN!!!

Honesty is the Best Policy

The cameras cut backstage to the parking lot where a dozen men with full riot gear - shields, batons, some with teargas guns, helmets with masks, kevlar armor, etc. - form a circle around the cameraman, the sound crew with him, and the trio of Corey Lazarus, Gregory Price, and Bronx Williams. Corey and Bronx are already dressed up for their tag match later tonight, Price replacing his usual collared shirt and sportscoat with a black Order of Chaos tee, and Laz chuckles a little bit, looking down at the pavement from behind his silver-rimmed Ray Ban's.

Lazarus: Oh, Duff, Duff, Duff...see, it's one thing for Rayn to get his facts wrong considering he's still so damn delusional about his place in the world, about his role in this sport and in his first truly big-time company, but you? You've been around here for a little while. Now, truth be told, you've always come and gone as you seemed to be pleased with, or maybe it's been you coming and going depending on what the suits have determined your worth to be, but the fact remains that you know of the two of us, of both Mr. Williams here...

Corey pats Bronx on the shoulder, who just continues staring at the camera from behind his hair.

Lazarus: ...and, yours truly, the L-A-Z. Yet you do seem to have gotten confused over the years, and, given how hard you were whacked over the head from everybody in the Order and their mother, it's actually something you should likely get an MRI or a CAT Scan for since memory loss or the loss of the ability to differentiate reality from fantasy are often signs of a major concussion. You spouted off about my affinity for handguns last night, Duff, and, well, that's just not true at all, babe.

Corey slides his Ray Ban's down to the tip of his nose, tilting his head forward to look at the camera.

Lazarus: Do I look like the kind of man that NEEDS a gun?

He pushes his Ray Ban's back over his eyes and then flexes both arms, lifting them up to show his near perfect definition. He releases, letting out a quick breath, and flashes his trademark devilish smirk.

Lazarus: Kalis is one thing. He has a gun for protection because he can't afford the best personal security force that money can buy like I can. Well, he couldn't, technically, until I decided to sign the checks for him. Was this out of the kindness of my heart? Was it out of some iota of respect that we share for one another due to us both having destroyed our bodies in the ring way back when? Or perhaps it was because he told Maya to let me do whatever I wanted to her, regardless of whether it involved going elbow deep or just letting a few business associates have their brutal degrading way with her? No, no, no, Duffy. It was all because I forged a plan between the time that your friend Scott Nash Strader dropped the ball almost two years ago when we teamed up to take on Jonathon Wehali and El Rey de Corazone, when I had to save our team from taking more punishment and ended up paying for it by being on the shelf for three months with a broken clavicle. He took the opportunity of the Hollywood Kid being on the injured list to go on to challenge for the PWA World Heavyweight title...MY World Heavyweight title...and was given chance after chance by the Board and by Sommers to go after the belt in one-on-one competition, the way that the World title was MEANT to be fought over. Me? I had to weasel my way into a six-person free-for-all known as the Dome of Destruction.

Corey slides his Ray Ban's off, handing them to Price.

Lazarus: And soon, kids, the plan I developed in my living room back at the old Estate, the one that's already costed me millions of dollars to bring this far, will come to its ultimate conclusion. Tonight is but a speedbump, Duff, and you and Rayn are about to get run over by a pair of true titans in this business. Rock n' fucking roll...

The scene cuts to...

Emily Corlen vs ???

Mystery Showdown

The lights in the arena cut to black and a slow piano intro begins to play. After about ten seconds of the soothing piano music, the bass immediately kicks in, along with the opening chords of Gwen Stefani’s “What You Waiting For?” and the stage explodes with pyro as green strobe lights fill the arena. As the crowd cheers, "The Emerald Phoenix" Emily Corlen slowly rises up through the stage, grinning, her arms outstretched akin to wings.

Eric Emerson: She hails from Rockford, Illinois…

The flames on the stage subside and the strobe lights slow down as Emily begins making her way down the ramp. By the time she reaches ringside, the strobe lights have completely stopped and green spotlights have begun swirling around the crowd and ring.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in tonight at one hundred forty five pounds…

Emily slowly makes her way around the ring, reaching out to the fans and nodding. After making her way around the ring once, she hoists herself onto the apron and enters the ring through the first and second ropes.

Eric Emerson: She is the Emerald Phoenix… she is EMILY… CORRRRRRLENNNNN!!!

Emily makes her way to all four corners of the ring, climbing up each and stretching her arms out like wings. After the fourth corner, she removes her cape and hands it to the referee. As the lights return to normal and the music fades, Emily slowly paces around the canvas, glancing out to the crowd and smiling.

Jon McDaniel: Emily Corlen seems awfully upbeat for somebody who doesn’t know who she’s facing tonight.

Brian Rentfro: So the kid believes in herself. Since when is that a crime?

Jon McDaniel: Come on, you saw her showdown in Lisa’s office last week… Miss Seldon was not happy with her, and when Lisa’s not happy, people get hurt.

The crowd hushes as Emily leans back casually on the ring ropes.

Eric Emerson: And, introducing her opponent…

Eric pauses, waiting for the other wrestler’s theme music to kick in. It never does.

Eric: Introducing her opponent…

Another pause, and nothing. The crowd starts to buzz as Emily stares at the stage smugly.

Jon McDaniel: What’s going on? Where is Emily’s opponent?

Brian Rentfro: Somebody check catering, it could be a fat guy!

Jon McDaniel: Oh, stop…

Eric prepares to attempt a third introduction, but before he can begin, the camera cuts backstage, and we see some local wrestler, presumably the opponent lined up for Emily, out cold in a pool of his own blood. Three sets of legs can be seen surrounding the body, but the cameras never pan up. The three assailants walk away and the camera cuts back to the ring.

Jon McDaniel: What in the world is going on? And who was that? Emily’s opponent?

Brian Rentfro: Or at least what’s left of him!

Emily is smiling now, and the referee begins to question her. She feigns knowledge as the crowd begins to fidget, not sure what's going on. After a few moments of nothing, "Make Some Noise" by Krystal Meyers hits the P.A. system and out walks Jen Blazenwing, followed by…

Jon McDaniel: Who’s that behind Blazenwing? Isn’t that former PWA Tag Team Champion Kirlia Gardevoir?

Brian Rentfro: It sure is, and her sister Katie Starr! I thought she was still injured!

The trio of divas slowly saunter to the ring, Katie carrying a broken Florida state flag – a prop of the fallen local wrestler still lying backstage. The crowd boos heavily at the sight of this, but the women just shake it off, walking up the steps and entering the ring to join Emily. The crowd boos a little louder when Emily walks up and hugs Jen.

Jon McDaniel: What is going on out here?!

Brian Rentfro: I think we’re about to find out!

As the music fades, Jen pulls a microphone out from her back pocket. The crowd is still booing.

Jen: Shut up!

The crowd boos louder.

Jen: Let me make one thing perfectly clear to all of you mouth breathers here in Florida tonight… nobody gives a damn about your stupid opinion, so sit down, SHUT THE HELL UP, and let me talk!

The crowd continues booing loudly.

Jen: What you see before you, here in this very ring, is excellence personified. We are not just four women who dabble in wrestling. We are not personified by these things on our chest or the things under our panties. We are sisters… sisters with passion unlike any other, sisters who are sick of the status quo and are finally ready to rewrite the story the way WE see fit.

Jon McDaniel: What in the world is Jen Blazenwing going on about?

Brian Rentfro: If you’d stop talking over here, maybe we’d find out!

Jen: My name is Jennifer Abigail Corlen-Blazenwing. I am an entrepreneur, a business woman, a bitch and your worst nightmare. What I have behind me is a force unlike anything the PWA has ever or will ever see.

She turns her attention to Kirlia.

Jen: This woman, BWF fans should recognize her. Two-time BWF World Champion. Cruiserweight, Tag Team, International Champion. Not to mention a former PWA Tag Team Champion to boot. A title that, I understand, she is eager to get back around her waist. The woman formerly known as Kirlia Gardevoir. You can call her Sarah James.

Jen hands the microphone to Sarah.

Sarah: I’ve been away from wrestling for a long time, but I’ve never stopped training. If you thought I was good before, you haven’t seen anything yet. Jen got one thing wrong, though… my close friends can call me Sarah James. The rest of you jackoffs can call me Shooter. Get in the ring with me and you will tap. End of story.

Sarah passes the mic back to Jen, who then turns to face Katie.

Jen: The one woman in our group who personifies the word diva. Don’t let that fool you, she’ll still beat your ass without a second thought. She is Katie Starr no more… I give you Katie James.

Jen gives the mic to Katie.

Katie: I’ve always tried to fight for the fans, but when I subbed for Jen’s husband David at Genesis a few months ago, you people booed me, and then cheered when Chamelion screwed us over! On top of that, I heard people were happy I got injured! Well guess what? I’m back and I’m pissed, fuckers! If you thought you hated me before, just wait until I’m the first thing you see when you wake, the last thing you see before you sleep, and the bitch that fuels your nightmares!

Katie lobs the microphone back to Jen in a huff. Jen merely grins.

Jen: And finally, ladies and gentleman, there’s the woman who without none of this would be possible. She’s risen from the dead, but now we’ve given her the tools to rise from mediocrity, automatically giving her a leg up on everybody from this backwater state. The Emerald Phoenix, and my sister, Emily Corlen.

Loud boos as the mic is passed to Emily.

Emily: Wrestling, this is a dog eat dog world. I realized very quickly in PWA that I wasn’t going to get anywhere without a little help. Take last month at Spirit of ’76, for example. Myself vs. Xan Vaxman. Who won? I did. What’s the only thing people remember? Xan cheap shotting me after the match like the little bitch that he is. What’s the result? Xan has a Grizzly Beer Title match tonight, and me? Curtain jerking against some local fuck. That title shot is MINE, and so help me God, there will be retribution. I’m nobody’s stepping stone!

Emily thinks for a moment as if preparing to say more, then stops and hands the mic back to Jen.

Jen: We are united. We are dangerous. We are focused. We are deadly. We are sisters. We are Bound by Blood. And soon, the PWA roster will be drowning in it.

Jen smirks.

Jen: If you think Kalis and his Order is bad… you ain’t seen NOTHING yet. I told you the story would be rewritten… starting tonight.

Jen drops the mic in the center of the ring and turns to leave with the other three women as “Scandalous” begins playing again.

Jon McDaniel: Bound by Blood? What do you think they’re planning for tonight?

Brian Rentfro: I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out!

Jon McDaniel: If I were these four, I’d be more worried about the Order of Chaos! Did they really think calling Kalis out was wise?


All of a sudden the arena goes dark. The ADCtron shows a black screen with eight blank spaces.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

A voice pierces the darkness.

"Simon Kalis has assembled quite an army. Bronx Williams, Corey Lazarus, Xan Vaxman, Lucious Starr, Joshua Danielson, his two children."

_ P _ _ _ _ I _

"You'd have to be an idiot to stand against a man like that"

_ P _ C F _ I _

"Some kind of jackass with more guts than brains and more grit than sense."

_ P I C F _ I L

"Some kind of.....maverick"


Duff Cote d’Ivore & Rayn vs Bronx Williams & Corey Lazarus

Tag Team Match

Eric Emerson: Our next match is a standard tag team match! Introducing first…

The lights in the arena die, and the ADC-Tron shows nothing but a black and white film countdown

((INSERT THIS IMAGE: ... ntdown.gif ))

A trio of drumrolls cue up Slayer's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida," and the guitars ring as the bass carries the main melody. Chug-chug-chug-chug goes both guitars before going into the main melody along with the bass, and, at the 27-second mark, Corey Lazarus and Gregory Price emerge from the entrance curtain, with Price chomping away on a stick of gum in his mouth, as they are bet with boos, and Corey sipping on a bottle of Aquafina. Laz's eyes, as usual, stay hidden behind his trademark pair of silver-rimmed Ray Ban's, and he hangs his arms at his sides after he runs his fingers over his moustache and goatee.

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby!=~

Eric Emerson: Introducing at this time, accompanied by Gregory Price...

Lazarus steps further onto the stage, turning around slowly to take a quick look at the ADC-Tron before stopping at the end of the stage, his back to the ramp and the ring before turning around. Price pats his client on the shoulder, and then looks at the ADC-Tron with him.

~=Don't you know that I love you?!=~

Eric Emerson: At a combined weight of four hundred and seventy five pounds...

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey!=~
~=Don't you know that I'll ALWAYS be true?!=~

Eric Emerson: Representing the Order of Chaos...

Lazarus jogs in place at the end of the stage as the guitars duel into the start of the first chorus, shaking out his limbs, and throws a few shadow punches and kicks into the air.

~=Oh, won't you come with me?=~
~=And take my hand?=~

Price points up at the ADC-Tron, focusing everybody's attention to images of Laz's glory: dropping Demise head-first into a casket via the Mercury Driver to claim the PWA World Heavyweight title at High Stakes '08; appearing in the ring behind Scott Nash Strader and Matthew Engel when the lights return to normal at Good Vs. Evil '08; and leaping up to grab Kyle Stevenson's neck, drilling his knees into his back with a Lungblower as Viktor Stone powerbombs him down from Unsanctioned '09.

~=Oh, won't you come with me?!=~
~=And walk this land?!=~

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Hollywood, California...

The guitars divebomb, and Laz starts making his way down the ramp, looking out around the arena, spying on every bit of the crowd in front of him.


The drums beat along as Corey bangs his head with them and the main melody of the song returns, Lazarus taking a sip from his Aquafina as he stops halfway down the ramp.

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby!=~
~=Don't you know that I love you?!=~

Eric Emerson: He is The Premiere Attraction...

Laz jaws with some fans in the front row as Bronx stands between him and Price, and then the duo continue making their way down the ramp. The L-A-Z turns back around to watch himself on the ADC-Tron, his trademark devilish smirk on his face as he walks backwards.

Eric Emerson: He is...

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey!=~
~=Don't you know that I'll ALWAYS be true?!=~

Corey turns around to face the ring as they reach the bottom of the ramp, the guitars dueling before the chorus, and then pulls himself up onto the apron, placing one foot in the ring between the top and middle ropes, using one hand to hold the top rope for balance and the other to cover his eyes as he scans the crowd again. Price walks over to the ringsteps, scaling them with a cocky swagger as he walks onto the apron next to Laz.

Eric Emerson: ...COREY LAZARUS!!!

~=Oh, won't you come with me?!=~
~=And take my hand?!=~

Lazarus steps into the ring and then walks to the middle of the ring, his hands on his hips and his trademark devilish smirk on his face. Price steps in afterwards, pointing the entire time to his client, applauding him. The music keeps pounding away as Corey drops to a knee, his head bowed and a single fist placed on the mat, his other hand resting on his knee.

~=Oh, won't you come with me?!=~
~=And walk this land?!=~

The guitars divebomb as Lazarus bobs his head to the beat of the drums, breathing heavier and heavier as he does so.


Corey leaps to his feet as the main riff returns at the end of the chorus, his arms spread out to his side after he rips his Ray Ban's off, turning his body around to all sides of the arena as flashbulbs go off everywhere. "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" fades into silence as Corey backs up to his corner, removing his Ray Ban's and handing them off to Price. He adjusts the tape on his hands and then stretches his legs out using the middle ropes. Gregory steps out onto the apron and walks down the steps, taking his place at ringside in The Order’s corner. Jst before Eric can introduce his partner Bronx Williams has made his way over the guardrail from the fans. Eric nods and continues on

Eric Emerson : And one half of their opponents…

"Evolution" by korn begins to play, the bass rumbling the building as the main lights die out, leaving nothing but green lasers and green strobes going near the entrance, as gren search lights circle through the crowd. The first verse of the song beings as Rayn steps through the curtain, looking at the fans in attendance before slowly making his way to the ring. He stops at the end of the ramp, looking around for a moment before running at the ring and sliding inside under the bottom rope.

Eric Emerson: He weighs in at two hundred thirty two pounds, from Chicago Illinois, he is a seven time world heavyweight champion, The Acidic One, RAYN!

Rayn climbs a turn buckle, raising both his arms into the air and tossing up the horns to the fans before hopping back into the ring. He leans against the turn buckles, then slouches down, letting himself fall onto his ass in a sitting position against the ropes.
Eric Emerson: And his partner… representing Vulgar Display of Power…

The opening guitar riff from "Twist of Cain" by Danzig slams through the PA and the lights go down. A single spotlight shines on the stage as the drums begin to build tension. The crowd rises to their feet, and the rest of the band kicks into gear. From the back, Duff Côte d`Ivoire emerges, to a giant pop from the fans. He looks to the left, then to the right. His eyes are adorned with sunglasses he bought for around $10 before the show. Behind him, his trademark black trenchcoat floats as he walks.

I can feel it move me..
~~Feel it shove me...~~
~~As I break the law~~
~~I can feel it's jabbing~~
~~Cuts the numbness then I~~
~~I come alive yea!~~

~~Twist of Cain~~
~~Yea drives my brain~~
~~Yea twist of Cain~~
~~Make me come alive~~

Eric Emerson: On his way to the ring, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada; he stands at 6'7" and weighs in at 275 lbs, Duff Côôôte d`Ivoooire!!

~~Twist of Cain~~
~~Yea drives my brain~~
~~Yea twist of Cain~~
~~Make me come alive~~

He smirks at the fans and takes off his sunglasses. He hands them to a random child at ringside and rolls into the ring.

~~I took it standing~~
~~Broke commandments~~
~~And he tumbled like a toy~~
~~Like a crimson highway~~
~~Spreading out~~
~~From his forehead to the ground~~

He climbs the far turnbuckle and raises his arms before jumping down, shrugging off his jacket, and tossing it to the timekeeper outside of the ring.

~~Twist of Cain~~
~~Yea drives my brain~~
~~Yea twist of Cain~~
~~Make me come alive~~

~~Twist of Cain~~
~~Yea drives my brain~~
~~Yea twist of Cain~~
~~Make me come alive~~

Duff does a few stretches and waits patiently for the match to commence.
Jon McDaniel: Alright here we go!

Bronx Williams enters the ring first for Sex and Violence and Duff for AWE. They lock up in the middle of the ring. Duff whips Williams to the ropes. Williams bounces off and Duff clotheslines Williams to the mat. Williams back up quickly to his feet. Duff grabs him sets him up and power slams him to the mat. Williams quickly back up to his feet. Duff goes for a punch but Williams catches it and hit’s a drag arm take down. Williams back up to his feet as Duff up to his. Duff drives a knee into the midsection, he lifts him up and Williams slides down his backside. Williams jumps on his back applying a sleeper hold.

Duff falls back into the corner and rams Williams into it. Williams climbs up to the middle turnbuckle as Duff turns around and gets hit with a flying clothesline sending him to the mat. Williams up to his feet followed by Duff. Williams whips Duff into the corner and Duff tags in the nearby Rayn. Rayn jumps up onto the top rope and hits a springboard round house kick on Williams sending him back down to the mat. Rayn grabs the leg of Williams and applies a knee bar. Williams tries to get out but can’t. He reaches for the ropes, but is just out of reach. He slowly uses his strength to get there and to get the hold released.

Rayn gets up to his feet as does Williams. Rayn connects with a series of punches and whips Williams but Williams reverses it and Rayn gets sent into the corner instead. Duff tags himself in.

Brian Rentfro: Lots of action so far, I can’t keep up!

Jon McDaniel: Some great PWA talent on tonight.

Duff grabs Williams by the hair and slams him into the turnbuckle. The ref declares it a hot tag and orders Duff into the ring. Duff rolls out of the ring and heads back to his corner as Rayn gets back in. Bronx Williams charges in and hits an ezuguri on Rayn. Williams heads over and tags in Corey Lazarus. Corey enters slowly, sizing up the brother of Simon Kalis. He charges in to try and knock Rayn off his feet but is countered by a big boot. Rayn drops an elbow but Corey rolls out of the way. Corey up and puts a headlock on Rayn, only get a back body suplex for his trouble. Rayn locks an armbar on Lazarus and moves over to tag in Duff, who hops off the turnbuckle to drive an elbow into Corey’s shoulder, and tags Rayn back in. Corey exits as he tags in Williams.]

Jon McDaniel: Nice tags, everyone is staying fresh.

Rayn takes Williams down with a leg sweep. Williams gets back up. They lockup. Rayn sends Williams to the corner of the ring. Rayn uses a snap mare takeover on Williams.

Brian Rentfro: Snap mare!? That move sucks Rayn, just like you!

Williams is back on his feet. Duff tagged in by Rayn. Bronx Williams gets bounced off of the ropes and hit with a backdrop diver on him.

Jon McDaniel: What a tremendous match so far!

Bronx Williams runs and clotheslines Rayn flipping him right over, he moves over and tags in The Premiere Attraction. Lazarus stalks Rayn as he slowly gets to his feet. Rayn and Lazarus lock up, and Rayn takes control. He moves around and gets behind Lazarus with a rear waistlock, he then quickly Irish whips him into the ropes, he goes for The Impact on a returning Lazarus, only to have Corey duck it, and counters with a release Dragon suplex.

Jon McDaniel: Veteran work from Corey Lazarus!

Rayn makes the tag to Duff but just barely. Duff moves in quickly trying for a short arm lariat on Lazarus, but Corey ducks, and hits Duff in the back of the head with a hard elbow sending him into the corner. He tags Bronx back in, who goes for his own lariat missing Duff completely and is irish whipped into the corner. Or is he? He reverses the move sednding Duff there instead. He moves in and hits The Fall From Grace with ease on Duff. He goes for the cover.


Duff escapes escapes and makes the tag to Rayn. They lockup. Bronx Williams sends Rayn to the corner of the ring with rough force that he bounces back down to the mat face first.

Brian Rentfro: That had to hurt!

Corey is tagged in by Williams. Corey executes a gut-wrench powerbomb on Rayn.

Jon McDaniel: gut wrenching! No pun intended!

Duff is then tagged back in by Rayn. Duff grabs Corey and whips him over the ropes, but Lazarus hangs on. In a flash Duff is running and Corey pulls down on the ropes to make Duff go flying over into the guardrail. The fans boo at Lazarus, as Duff groggily makes his way back to his feet. Lazarus hops down as the referee starts to make the count. Rayn and Williams enter the ring and square off. Williams, showing signs why he’s a Strader, starts sending out left and rights, as does Rayn.


Jon McDaniel: You know it’s kind of funny and sad too. Williams and Rayn are both hated by their older family members, and the feeling is mutual. Plus they are all tag team competition tonight.


Brian Rentfro: Hey, this is almost like the match coming up. Minus the bloodshed and prison.


Rayn and Williams go in with a simple lock up. Rayn moves into a hammer lock and applies pressure. Williams quickly reverses that and takes it into a head lock. Rayn shoots a couple of elbows into Williams back to soften him up and tries to push him off into the ropes, but Williams takes a hand full of Rayn's hair and uses the leverage to pull himself back into the head lock. Rayn tries again but again Williams pulls himself back into the head lock by the hair.


Jon McDaniel: Williams fighting dirty trying to win for The Order.


Brian Rentfro: That’s what the Order does. They win Jon!


Williams wrenches down on the headlock and Rayn again eases the pressure by shooting a couple of elbows into Williams's back, but instead of pushing him off, irish whips him to the corner with such strength he too flips over the top rope onto the ring apron just like Lazarus did minutes ago. Rayn comes running in with a clothesline, but Williams blocks. He hooks on a suplex, and is sent flying into his own partner Duff who Corey Lazarus just threw into the mix.


Jon McDaniel: Some basic team work from both sides really tonight Brian.
Brian Rentfro: So I’ve noticed.
Corey pushes Duff back into the ring, negating the count and climbs in as they are the legal men of the match still. Williams takes his place at his corner, while Rayn is slow to get back to his post. Lazarus offers up his hand in a test of strength which Duff accepts and begins to get the better of Lazarus when Lazarus goes for a cheap shot kick that Duff manages to dodge. Duff breaks out of the test of strength and wrenches it into a wrist lock on Lazarus. Lazarus winces as Duff pulls him over to his corner and tags in Rayn who’s made it back. Duff keeps the writs lock applied as Rayn goes up top and brings a double axe handle crashing down.

Jon McDaniel: Good team work!

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, ok, whatever you say Jonny boy.

Lazarus shakes off his arm as Rayn pummels him into the corner where he unloads with lefts, rights and kicks. Once he is sufficiently weakened, Rayn marches to the other corner and comes charging at Lazarus in a splash attempt, but Lazarus moves at the last second, making Rayn bounce face first off the turnbuckle. As Rayn turns around, dizzy, Corey delivers a low kick to the inside of his thigh and then follows that up with a mid-roundhouse kick to their ribs. He then leaps onto Rayn and sandwiches their head with a downward Muay Thai elbow thrust to the top of their head, and a rising Muay Thai knee to their jaw.

Brian Rentfro: Remember Mambo # 5?! Well that’s Combo # 5!




Brian Rentfro: Slow count right there!

Lazarus puts the stomps to Rayn before tagging Williams back in. They start to double team Rayn as the ref begins a count for Lazarus to leave the ring. They both whip Rayn into the ropes and send him crashing down to the mat with a double back body drop. Lazarus then goes to his corner as instructed as Williams puts a camel clutch on Rayn.

Jon McDaniel: Rayn better tag in Duff before its too late, Williams and Lazarus are putting on a bit of a show.

Williams wrenches the hold as the ref asks whether he wants to quits or not. Rayn grits his teeth and fights to his feet before running backwards and ramming Williams into the corner. He stops, takes a deep breath and comes charging in. BOOM! Williams goes down! Lazarus rushes in, BOOM! Lazarus goes down. Rayn picks up Lazarus and tosses him to the outside. Lazarus looking rather pissed off jumps back up on the apron, and has his hand out for the tag. Both Williamsand Rayn take the opportunity and tag in Duff and Corey.

Jon McDaniel: What a good match so far to help start off the night of the ‘Tag Team Matches’.
Brian Rentfro: Yeah a win for The Order of Chaos!

Corey and Duff circle each other, and Corey takes Duff down quickly with a drop toe hold. Lazarus quick to his feet bounces off the ropes and connects with swinging DDT on the risen Duff. Williams cheers his partner on as Corey lifts Duff up and locks in like he’s going for a fisherman’s suplex.

Brian Rentfro: I smell a Box Office Bomb!

Corey lifts up Duff, but Duff, not quite knocked out enough flips his legs in the air bringing Corey down with an unsuspected face slam. The fans start to cheer as Duff crawls over and tags in Rayn.

Jon McDaniel: Here we go!

Rayn rushes the ring just as Laz gets to his feet and goes through him with an elbow. He then meets Bronx with more of the same before turning back to Corey and catching him on a charge to drive him into the corner. Rayn turns around to hunt down Bronx but he’s already there and lifts Rayn with a kick to the stomach. He then hits the ropes behind Rayn and throws himself into a Lariat but Rayn ducks down at the right moment, sending Bronx spilling forward. Rayn then follows up with a Superkick, catch Bronx just under the jaw on the turn.

Brian Rentfro: The Impact.

Jon McDaniel: And Bronx ran right into it!

Bronx staggers to the ropes and bounces back into a kick in the gut. Rayn then gets him down and gets a hold of his head for a DDT, and almost misses Lazarus coming in from the side with the End Credits. He gets his head down in time but Corey lands on his feet. Rayn then loses his grip, allowing Bronx to slip free and get around behind him. Corey launches a Mull Kick that smashes Rayn in the face, just before Bronx buries him with a German Suplex.

Jon McDaniel: Bronx bridges, but he’s not the legal man!

Bronx lets go and Corey shoots for the cover, but Duff is back to break it up. Bronx gets him with a series of Forearm Shots to slop Duff up and Corey comes back to join him. The two then wing Duff to the ropes and then charge him down, but Duff gets both arms up and destroys them with a Double Clothesline.

Brian Rentfro: It’s all breaking down now!

Duff helps Rayn to his feet and then the two go after Corey. They beat him down with a few stomps before Duf gets Corey by the legs in a Wheelbarrow and turns him to Rayn. He hooks his arms for the Mic Check. However Bronx is up again and charges Duff from behind with the Lariat. Rayn calls for him to duck but can’t get out of the way himself and gets mowed down.

Brian Rentfro: Bronx scores with the Tensa Zangetsu!

Bronx turns around and gets a kick in the gut from Duff that sets him up for the Piledriver. Duff wastes no time getting him to the air, hooking the leg and then burying him with the Cradle Piledriver.

Brian Rentfro: Now Duff returns the favour with Fuel, but Corey is back on his feet.

Duff can’t get up fast enough, and only gets as far as a knee before Corey scores with the End Credits. Tearing through Duff and putting him back to the floor. The fans are on their feet.

Brian Rentfro: They’re all down!

Jon McDaniel: But Corey still has some life in him.

Laz gets back up and turns to Rayn. He then drags him off the floor to his feet and unloads on him with a two Elbows and then one from behind. He then twists into a Roundhouse Kick but Rayn catches his leg and then spins him around. He then catches Corey with a knee in the chest and then a leg sweep that drops Corey on his face. He then hooks up his arms and pulls him to his feet, but Corey sinks to a knee and refuses to stand.

Brian Rentfro: He’s fighting it!

Rayn lets free his arms and smashes Corey with a Double Axe-Handle to the back, but Corey surges to his feet and smashes him with a Headbutt. He then goes to town with a series of Elbows that rock Rayn and then a kick through the legs that puts him down. He then grabs Rayn by the hair and drags him, face first, into a series of knees.

Brian Rentfro: Check out War Lazarus!

Laz pushes him away and Rayn snaps back with a Superkick. Corey goes back but wont go down and Rayn shoots with another but Corey falls to one side and lets him pass by. He then catches Rayn and hefts him up onto his shoulders.

Brian Rentfro: Mercury Driver!

Lazarus gets him tight but Rayn refuses to go out and begins firing off with elbows to the side of Corey’s head, forcing him to let go. He then drops down in front of him and swings with a Backfist, but Corey gets his arms up and knocks him the other way. He then gets him behind and scores a Schoolboy Roll-Up



Jon McDaniel: No!

Brian Rentfro: So close.

Rayn pushes him off but Corey comes back and falls right into a Small Package.



Bronx slides across the mat and pushes it the other way.




Rayn explodes from the cover a second to late.

Jon McDaniel: What a steal!

Eric Emerson: Here are your winners… COREY LAZARUS AND BRONX WILLIAMS!

Corey and Bronx ditch the ring as Rayn and Duff fight to their feet. The two in the ring are furious but outside Corey is beaming a wide smile. He offers Rayn three fingers. He replies with just one.

Brian Rentfro: How vulgar.

Black Bag A Biker Day

We fade in, and it's a scene with a view inside the cramped jail cell that Scott Nash Strader is sharing with a fellow Bandido he was arrested with. Suddenly their cell door opens, which piques the interest of Scott. He saunters towards the open cell but before he can even look outside a number of riot police, all dressed in black from head to toe jump him. They taser him a few times to stop him from fighting back and place a black bag over his head. They tighten it around his neck and begin pulling him out of the cell. His fellow Bandido MC is warned off as the cell door shuts behind them and they drag Strader past the other cells. The other prisoners holler and scream, some cheering, some booing, some just yelling gibberish as Strader is draged through and into the hallway.

Brian Rentfro: Jeez. What're these guys doing? First Kalis got arrested and had a black bag put over his head, now Strader.

Jon McDaniel: Yeah. At this point I'd be a little worried if I were Engel and Hayes.

They finally get Strader into a dingy, dimly lit hallway. The hall is distinctive in how completely shut off the prison cell doors are.

Simon Kalis: This isn't funny to me. You better let me out.

We can hear Kalis clearly, as if he holds a microphone but he's nowhere to be seen. They drag Strader and open a cell door and it becomes obvious where they are: Solitary confinement. They attach a small microphone to Strader and shove him into the small space, shutting and locking the door behind him.

Scott Nash Strader: What the fuck is this?

Simon Kalis: Oh! Is that you Scott? Haha, yeah. They threw us in the SHOE.

Scott Nash Strader: Shut the hell up, Simon.

Simon Kalis: They tasered you too eh?

There's silence as the camera crew is forced out by the correctional officers.

Scott Nash Strader: When we're free of these cells, I'm going to kill you Simon Kalis.

Simon Kalis: Cool. I'll be sure to TiVo it.


Cowgirls from Hell © vs Danger Boiz

PWA Tag Team Championship

Hey man, I know writing this early runs a big risk of if someone sends in strats. But, I write them early one because I'm busy with stuff with Rebel Pro on Thursday and Friday and my weekends are usually fairly busy and I may need time for rp'ing. So, if someone sends in a strat they can just wad it up and toss it in the toilet because well... well... because they just can. Anyways here is the match.

Eric Emerson: The following match is set for one fall and is for the Pioneer Wrestling Association Tag Team Championship of the World...

As a mix of "Hero" by Skillet and "Mental Health" by Zebrahead blasts over the PA system, both Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris enter from the curtain with each standing on one side of the rampway. The stare at each other, taunt the fans, and a blast of pyro explodes from behind them. They then meet in the middle where they high five each other. On their way to the ring, they interact with the fans on their designated side of the rampway. Dan jumps on the side of the ring and poses on the ropes, while Chris makes his way to the turnbuckle. Dan flips backwards over the ropes, while Chris backflips into the ring. They meet in the middle, where the pose for the fans.

The lights in the arena dim as Cowboys From Hell hits the sound system. At the 17 second mark gold and silver pyros shoot upwards in the air. The arena flashes in blue and silver. ooh, COME ON! The girls ride out on a couple Harley Davidson Sporters, with the cFh logo airbrushed on the tanks. The rev the bikes as the fans head bang to the music.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next, hailing from London, Ontario Canada, weighing in at a combined weight of two hundred and sixty five pounds....

The girls start the ride down to the ring. Meghan is on the left so she takes the left and Tamika takes the right. They park in front of the announcers table.

Eric Emerson: they are the COWGIRLS FROM HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meghan and Tamika slide under the bottom rope. Meghan takes one corner and Tamika takes the opposite. They raise their fists in the air to the beat of the song, as the fans cheer loudly. They step down, and walk towards each other placing their foreheads against each other. They yell we are the Cowgirls From Hell, and turn to face the entrance way.

Ding Ding

Meghan starts off this contest with Dangerous Dan of the Danger Boys. Dan asks for a test of strength but Meghan delivers a kick to his shins in stead. Dan holds at his offended shin, Meghan with a beautiful roundhouse that sends Dan stumbling away. Meghan hits the ropes, slaps the outstretched hand of Tamika and bounces towards Dan. A leap frog sends her over Dan, Tamika with a running bulldog to the surprised Dan takes him down. Daniel Davis makes sure to get Meghan back to the CFH corner, she obliges willingly as she blows a kiss to the far from impartial referee.

Jon McDaniel: Meghan taunting the referee early here.

Brian Rentfro: She can taunt me any day.

Tamika pulls Dan up to his feet Irish whip into the ropes. Dan springs back from the middle rope, connecting with a back elbow right into Tamika's mouth and catching her by surprise. Dan pulls her up, forearm to the mouth to further stun her before a stinging chop to the chest sends her back first into the corner. Dan lifts his hand to tag in Chris, but Tamika shoves him forward as she dives as well. Dan stumbles back, Tamika rolls forward springing up to her feet and delivering a surprise clothesline that takes Dan down to the canvas. Tamika off the ropes with another tag, but this one to Meghan who leaps to the top turnbuckle. Tamika jumps into the air, leg drop across Dan's throat before Meghan dives as Tamika rolls off to deliver a knee drop into his stomach. Meghan holds for the cover and here comes Chris to the rescue.


The pin is stopped as Dan kicks out easily enough in the early going.

Brian Rentfro: Too early for a pin, but Tamika has a damn fine set of legs.

Jon McDaniel: Keep your mind on the match Brian.

Tamika with a chop, but Chris catches the wrist and turns it into a hip toss sending Tamika backwards. Chris in the ropes, baseball slide sends him and Tamika out to the floor. Meghan pulls herself up to her feet, helping Dan up as well. Whip into the ropes, Dan with a leap jumps over Meghan. Dan doesn't wait though as he launches himself over the top rope to the outside and sends Tamika chest first into the announce table positioned at ringside. Dan hops up to his feet, happy with the turn of events.

Brian Rentfro: Meghan flying over!

Jon McDaniel: Look out!

Brian Rentfro: Every show, why do they mess with us every single show?!

Dan's chin smacks heavily onto the table. Up in the ring Daniel Davis has finally decided to start the count, all be it at a very slow pace.


Tamika gets up with the help of Chris. Whip into the ringpost, Tamika hooks her arm around the post swinging around to meet Chris with the toe of her boots. Chris ducks under and catches her swinging legs by the ankle. Chris continues the spin, spinebuster onto the floor.

Jon McDaniel: Tamika was just slammed on her neck and shoulders!

Brian Rentfro: I'll take care of her.

Chris gets up to his feet, before walking over to where Meghan is chopping the chest of Dangerous Dan.


Daniel has just reached the two count, a very slow count as these two teams go at it on the outside. Chris pulls Meghan by the hair, and that is a major accident on his part. Meghan drops down, sweeping Chris' legs out from under him and she rides him on down to the floor with her forearm slamming heavily into his throat. Meghan shouts something unintelligible into his face before Dan yanks her off his brother and tag team partner. Dan rolls her back into the ring where this match is supposed to take place. Daniel Davis just shrugs before going back to the action in front of him. Chris begins making his way to his corner as Tamika does the same, though she rubs at her neck a bit along the way. Dan whips Meghan into the ropes, she slides between his legs and he spins around. Dan has learned a bit though as the toe of his boot conencts solidly with Meghan's temple and she slumps forward. Dan catches her and slams her to the canvas with a belly to belly suplex. Dan off the ropes with a baseball slide that sends Meghan rolling over near the corner.

Jon McDaniel: Dangerous Dan climbing up top here.

Brian Rentfro: He does like to live dangerously.

Dan is in position for his patented shooting star press and leaps!

Meghan rolls out of the way!

Jon McDaniel: Crash landing for Dangerous Dan.

Brian Rentfro: Live by the flight, die by the flight.

Dan is holding himself after the impact of body and canvas, but Meghan is getting up shaking her head as she leans on the ropes. She runs forward aiming a kick at Dan's head, but he manages to fight through the pain and flip her over onto her back, perhaps out of desperation? Dan rushes forward to the ropes, he pulls himself up. Meghan is up as well and she doesn't look happy. Collar and elbow, Dan with the size advantage quickly overpowers the smaller Meghan. Meghan twists and ducks under to be behind Dan, she slams her knee into the back of his sending him down to the canvas. Meghan with a side headlock, she walks Dan forward on his knees.

Brian Rentfro: Tag from Meghan there has Tamika into the match.

Jon McDaniel: Tamika wants a piece of Chris, but looks willing to take out her frustration on Dan instead.

Tamika exchanges the position with Meghan, using the side headlock to wear Dan down for a big set up move then a finisher. Dan fights up to his feet. Elbow to her stomach, a second, and a third breaks the hold. Dan off the ropes sends his shoulder into Tamika's midsection doubling her over at the waist. Dan off the ropes with a springboard and he catches Tamika with a tornado DDT!

Jon McDaniel: That is one Dangerous Path there.

Brian Rentfro: Well, Tamika and Meghan aren't PWA Tag Champs for nothing.

Dan makes a cover, Daniel Davis into position.



Meghan in with the save before Chris can make it there. Meghan looks up at the sound of his approach. Reverse roundhouse but Chris catches her on both sides of his neck. Chris walks forward.

Brian Rentfro: Reverse hurricanrana by Meghan!

Jon McDaniel: But Dan and Tamika are the legal participants!

Meghan turns around, Dan levels her with a shoulder block into the corner. Dan off the ropes as Meghan stumble steps out and Dan with a springboard bulldog takes her down. But here comes Tamika, you can never count out a Strader. Dan drops to one knee and launches himself towards Tamika with a clothesline; Tamika is unable to avoid the big blow as she flips over backwards from the impact. Dan helps Chris up to his feet. Dan stumbles under Chris' weight over to their corner where he legally tags Chris into the match.

Brian Rentfro: Having worked the entire match so far has taken its toll on Dangerous Dan.

Jon McDaniel: While Dan has been the legal man, Chris has been involved with the match in very big ways; I don't think Tamika has been herself since that high angle spinebuster.

Tamika up on the apron as Meghan is crouching in wait. Chris looks over to Tamika as Meghan rolls into a crouch behind him. Chris turns around just as Meghan launches herself with a double face kick. Chris falls into the ropes and bounces off; Meghan continues by whipping him into the opposite ropes. Meghan reaches over for the tag, as Tamika is now the legal participant in the match. Chris rebounds, Tamika rolls under hitting off the ropes herself. Chris rebounds and Tamika leaps into the air, as though for a leap frog and as Chris ducks under, she comes down with both knees right onto the back of his neck. Chris is hurt and Tamika rolls him over for a pin attempt.



Dan in to break it up, but here comes Meghan again. Daniel Davis is able to get hold quickly, forcing both back to their respective corners. Tamika with a stinging chop to the chest then a beautiful roundhouse elbow right to his jaw that rocks his head sideways. Tamika is paying him back for that spinebuster earlier. Tamika whips him towards the ropes and here comes Meghan into the ring. Meghan with an attempted bodyslam on the rebounding Chris as Tamika levils Dan with a superkick before hitting the ropes herself.

Jon McDaniel: Over and Out!

Brian Rentfro: And just like that the Danger Boys' dream of being PWA Champions are over.

Tamika makes the cover.




Ding Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: Winners of the match and STIIIIIIIIIILL PWA Tag Team Champions of the World... Tamika and Meghan Strader... they are The Cowgirls From Hell!

Men Are Talking

Backstage at Summer Sizzler, we see Matthew Engel walking down a hallway. The crowd erupts in mostly boos, but there are some cheers in there for him. It doesn't bother him, and Bud Adams from the PWA Reporter Staff tries to get some words out of the former World Champion.

Bud Adams: "Matthew! Are you back for good?"

Engel stops and turns around, giving Bud a smirk.

Matthew Engel: "We'll see, Bud."

Engel turns back around and he begins walking, but he's stopped again by Lucious Starr. Bud tells the cameraman to keep the camera on them, and Lucious speaks up.

Lucious Starr: "Matthew - we need to talk."

Engel lets out a chuckle and then removes his Ray-ban Warrior sunglasses.

Matthew Engel: "What's up... Lucy?"

Lucious Starr: "Don't *beep*ing call me that."

Matthew Engel: "Whoa, whoa. Watch the language - there are kids present."

Engel points behind Lucious, who turns around and spots Meghan Nash Strader down the hallway talking to some fans.

Lucious Starr: "*beep* her, Engel. I'm here to talk about the Order of Chaos, and about us."

MNS unfortunately hears that remark, and excuses herself from her fans.

Lucious Starr: "I know that Simon has entrusted you, but quite frankly I don't know how I feel about that. I want to know if --"

Matthew Engel: "Lucious, I'm here to do my own thing, and you can continue to do... whatever it is that you do. I won't step on your toes as long as you don't step on mine. And - well hello, Meghan. You're looking ravishing tonight."

Meghan Nash Strader: "Lucious, you need to watch that big mouth of yours."

Lucious lets out a devilish smile. We all seem to have forgotten his trademark lead pipe in his right hand.

Lucious Starr: "Quiet, Meghan. Men are talking."

MNS seems quite upset and rightfully so. How sexist.

Meghan Nash Strader: "You better hope that Chamelion doesn't end your career tonight, because we're far from over. VDP is going to make you and the Order pay for everything you've done, and you're going to bleed by the bucket."

Lucious has now gone from playful to downright pissed off. He raises the lead pipe, turning around. He attempts to quickly strike Meghan right in the head with his lead pipe, but a hand quickly reaches out and grabs onto Starr's right wrist, bending his wrist and making him drop the pipe. It was Engel's hand, and Starr looks confused.

Matthew Engel: "Run along, Meghan."

Meghan backs away, giving Engel and Starr the middle finger and then vanishes down the hallway.

Lucious Starr: "I think you just stepped on my toes there, Matthew. This isn't going to work, I can tell already."

Matthew Engel: "Calm yourself. I didn't want you injuring one of my opponent's daughters while he was locked away in prison for our match tonight. I need Strader as tame as possible."

Lucious rolls his eyes and picks up his lead pipe, making his way down the hallway as well. Engel turns around toward Bud and the camera crew.

Matthew Engel: "You get all that? Make sure Scott gets a copy in his prison cell before our match. Tell him I showed his daughter some compassion."

We ready the cut to ringside. However, out of no where a number of all-black armored police surround him with batons and tasers in hand. Engel looks around and nods, moving forward for an pre-emptive strike. He's immediately struck in the chest with a baton before a taser electrifies him on the side of his neck. He hits the floor and a black bag is placed over his head. He's immediately cuffed and dragged off out of sight...

Chamelion vs Lucious Starr

Steel Pipe In Your Face & On A Pole

Jon McDaniel: What an evening it’s been so far, and it’s about to explode.

Brian Rentfro: Damn right it is! You’re about to see Mark Sommers finally get what’s coming to him!

Jon McDaniel: What the heck do you mean, Brian?

Brian Rentfro: It’s obvious! Lucious Starr is doing so much more than anyone else here in PWA. Every time he’s held down, he comes back, he finds ways to get to the top; he doesn’t wait on the Brass to tell him where to stand; he’s a true champion and he’s going to prove it tonight.

Jon McDaniel: Are you blind? Lucious has broken the rules, cheated the bosses and tried to end Chamelion’s career, this is a match about redemption, Chamelion’s redemption!

Brian Rentfro: Cut the bull, Jon; this is about Starr’s rise back to the top!

Eric Emerson: The following contest, scheduled for one fall, is the Lead Pipe on a Pole match!

Eric Emerson: The rules of the match are as such; DQs, count outs count. Only the lead pipe will be legal once it’s brought into play by either man. A victory can be achieved by pin fall, submission, DQ or count out. Introducing first, from Las Vegas, Nevada and weighing in at 245lbs… CHAMELION!

‘Come With Me’ strikes up, causing the arena to explode into cheers and screams as Chamelion steps onto the stage. Looking left then right, he nods and starts to make his way down to the ring.

Jon McDaniel: It’s been months since Chamelion has been inside the squared circle, and he’s back solely to put Lucious Starr in his place.

Brian Rentfro: Keep that in mind, Jon; MONTHS; so it’s likely Chamelion has the ring rust that’ll be his downfall.

As Chamelion continues his way to the ring, the crowd’s volume suddenly rises and noticing, Chamelion turns sharply as Lucious Starr bolts from the back and runs the Devious One over with a vicious clothesline on the steel ramp!

Jon McDaniel: Come on, the match hasn’t even started yet!

Brian Rentfro: Genius! See, Starr knows what has to be done to be a top Starr here in the PWA!

Rolling to his knees, Chamelion tries to resituate himself but Starr punt kicks him in the stomach, the fierce rage on Starr’s face showing that his intentions are not so much to win the match, but to finish Chamelion off permanently. Gasping, Chamelion rolls down the ramp, and Starr pursues.

Jon McDaniel: He’s out to destroy him.

Brian Rentfro: I’m sure he’s winning a lot of fans right now.

Grabbing Chamelion by his hair, Starr drags him up and throws him against the steel steps. Backing up, Starr rushes in with a high knee, but Chamelion drops and Starr strikes the steps with his knee and he flails over to the floor, clutching his knee in pain. Chamelion pulls the ring apron up and fishes underneath, finding a folded steel chair.

Brian Rentfro: Hey, weapons are not allowed in this match, only the steel pipe hanging on the pole!

Jon McDaniel: But as you know, the match has not officially started yet!

Moving around the stairs, Chamelion hefts the chair above his head, aiming for Starr. Starr kicks out harshly, clipping Chamelion in the leg and causing him to stumble. Starr then rushes forward and spears Chamelion against the rail barrier.

Jon McDaniel: Starr is all over him; Chamelion can’t get a look in.

Brian Rentfro: That Devious Son of a Bitch will find a way out of this, watch.

Getting a hold of the chair that was dropped, Starr swings it but Chamelion moves again, and Starr strikes the barrier. Chamelion then thrusts his arm up between Starr’s legs and the blue that swells in Starr’s face says it all. Now to his knees, Starr gasps and Chamelion coughs before pulling Starr up and tossing him bodily in the ring. Rolling in after Starr, Chamelion yells at the ref to start the match.


Jon McDaniel: Finally, they’re in the ring and the match can begin.

Brian Rentfro: Sure, now that Starr is at a disadvantage.

On his feet, Chamelion begins to curb stomp Lucious, aiming for every extremity he can reach. Starr screams obscenities back at Chamelion, but they do no more than fuel Chamelion’s vicious attack. Pulling Starr to his feet, Chamelion sling shots him to the corner and Starr connects chest to pole with a resounding slap. The impact forces him to step backwards, only for a sharp clothesline plummets Starr’s face into the turnbuckle. As Starr turns around, dazed, blood can be seen flowing from his nose and mouth.

Jon McDaniel: He caught him good.

Brian Rentfro: Starr is like a wounded animal though. He’ll fight this to the death.

Pulling Starr from the ropes, Chamelion then goes classic and applies a headlock. He wrenches on the headlock but Starr, rebounding from being dazed, brings up his legs and counters into a head scissors. Chamelion struggles but manages to kip out of it and get back to his feet where he runs to the ropes. Starr hops up and meets Chamelion in centre ring with an arm drag into an arm bar. Chamelion fights onto his feet and tumbles out of the arm bar, once again going to the ropes. He comes off them and gets caught with a drop kick from Starr. He pops right back up and receives another drop kick for his troubles. Starr keeps up the momentum and backs Chamelion into the corner where he weakens him with a few slugs to the jaw. Starr then runs to the other corner and charges at Chamelion in an avalanche attempt but Chamelion moves at the last second.

Jon McDaniel: Nobody home!

Chamelion keeps Starr in the corner and unleashes a barrage backhand chops, forearm strikes, head butts and kicks and finishes off with an axe kick that puts Starr on his ass. Starr is propped up and sitting against the turnbuckle as Chamelion takes a run up and attempts a drop kick to the face, but it is Starr’s turn to move at the last second, leaving Chamelion to be crotched on the bottom turnbuckle. Chamelion falls on his back holding his privates!

Jon McDaniel: That’ll sting in the morning.

Brian Rentfro: It’ll probably sting right now.

Starr grumbles but doesn’t complain as he picks Chamelion up and whips him into the ropes. Chamelion grabs hold of the ropes as he hits them to stop his momentum and Starr decides to charge at him instead. Chamelion ducks as he comes in and back body drops Starr over the top rope, all the way to the outside with a thud.

Brian Rentfro: Holy hell!

Jon McDaniel: That’s a good way to break a neck.

Starr is a little groggy from the fall but shakes it off and gets back to his feet as Chamelion comes at him with a baseball slide. Starr manages to catch him by the legs and yanks him out of the ring forcefully to the hard padding on the outside. Chamelion’s head connects with the floor to a loud thud. Starr then keeps his grip on the legs and slingshots Chamelion into the nearest barricade. Chamelion hits hard and is launched over into the crowd to big cheers.

Jon McDaniel: It’s back and forth action all over the arena.

Brian Rentfro: And we’ve still got a Battledome and a Prison Riot match to go.

Starr climbs the barricade and brings a double axe handle down on Chamelion that knocks him into the laps of the front row. He unloads lefts and rights into his face before tossing him back over the barricade, well aware of the count. Tossing Chamelion in, Starr rolls in after him but Chamelion is quick off the mark and already waiting on his feet as Starr comes in. He lifts Starr up in a vertical suplex, drops him hard and makes the cover.




Jon McDaniel: So close.

Brian Rentfro: He’s wearing him down but he can’t stop him.

Chamelion picks Starr up and lifts him for a another suplex but Starr slides right out of it behind Chamelion. Starr uses the positioning to nail a super reverse DDT! He makes the cover.



Thr... Kickout!

Jon McDaniel: My God, how did he kick out of that?

Starr growls as he picks Chamelion up and whips him into the corner. He props Chamelion up and sits him on the top turnbuckle right there the pole with the lead pipe is. He signals this is it, and starts climbing up with him. Once perched within reaching distance, Starr then pummels Chamelion in the head and the crowd counts along with him.


Starr stops long enough to look the dazed and now bloody face of Chamelion, staring him in the eye and mouths ‘fuck you!’ before rearing back with his fist. The momentary pause, however, brings Chamelion’s focus to bear and he kicks hard, sending Starr dropping face first into the turn buckle yet again, right between Chamelion’s legs. Disgusted, Chamelion shoves Starr back into the middle of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion pulls himself out of trouble.

Brian Rentfro: That’s his job.

Realizing where he is, Chamelion drags himself upright and turns, and as the crowd roars loudly, he grabs the lead pipe and drops down into the ring.

Brian Rentfro: And here comes the real weaponry.

Jon McDaniel: Because the rest of them were just icing.

Hefting the lead pipe, Chamelion cocks his head as Starr, back turned to him, struggles to his feet. Once to a vertical base, Starr turns and comes face to face with Chamelion. Seeing the pipe in his hand, Starr holds up his hands in defense. Chamelion licks his lips and then tosses the pipe gently into Starr’s hands.

Brian Rentfro: What the hell!?

Starr blinks, shock and awe replacing his worried look. He looks down at the pipe, as the arena roars with shock of its own. As Starr gets a wicked grin on his face and looks up…


A well placed S.O.S. sends Starr sprawling on his back, looking at the arena lights, as the lead pipe falls out of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: NO!!

Chamelion drops and covers, hooking the leg.





Jon McDaniel: Well, I don’t really know what to say here.

Brian Rentfro: That wasn’t fair, I tell you, not fair!

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, CHAMELION!

Sitting on his knees over a fallen Lucious Starr, Chamelion wipes the blood of his mouth and shakes his head. Rising, he gets his hand raised and nods to the fans as he wobbles to the ropes. Leaning on them, he rests for a few as his music plays, trying to orient himself. Meanwhile, Lucious rolls over, double vision blurring his eyes, but with sheer will power, he pushes off the canvas and before Chamelion can turn, connects with the Hade’s Flame! Chamelion crashes to the canvas and Starr rolls from the ring, shouting obscenities.

Jon McDaniel: That was uncalled for, the match is over!

Brian Rentfro: See, you just cannot keep Lucious Starr down!

Starr stomps up the ramp, to the resounding boos of the crowd, and he flips em all off before disappearing backstage. In the ring, medical crew attend to Chamelion before helping him out of the ring.

Marco Dante © vs Xan Vaxman

PWA Grizzly Beer Championship

Eric Emerson: The following match is a GARDEN STATE DOG COLLAR MATCH! Both competitors will be fastened with dog collars and a steel chain will connect them. There are no disqualifications and no countouts, and falls must occur IN THE RING. This match is for… THE PWA GRIZZLY BEER CHAMPIONSHIP!

Suddenly a fast and heavy paced beat hit the PA as "The Way of the Fist" began to play


Xan Vaxman then burst out from behind the curtain and stoped at the top of the ramp to look out at the people in the stands as they jeered for the man responsible for destroying the Grizzly Beer title belt.

You want it, you got it!
Everything you needed and more!
You said it, I heard it!
Careful what you wish for!
Deleted, defeated everything you've ever been!
No mercy, it's the way of the fist!

He started to make his way down the ramp at this time.

Strapped with rage, got no patience for victims!
Sick and tired of the whole fuckin' world!

I don't remember asking you about your imperfections.
You might win one battle,
But know this, I'll win the fucking war!

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, the challenger! He comes to us from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and weighs in at two-hundred and twenty two pounds. He is representing the ORDER OF CHAOS... This is Xan Vaxman!

End of the goddamn road! (Right!)

Step to me, step to me motherfucker!
Zip your lip, you've run out of time!
Step to me, step to me anybody!
Talk the talk, now walk the damn line!
Step to me, step to me motherfucker!
Shut your face, it's your turn to die!
Step to me, step to me anybody!
Talk the shit, your ass is mine!

He stopped at the bottom of the ramp, grabbing a sign from somebody in the front row. Ripping it in half before walking over and throwing it to somebody on the other side closer to the steps, he then ran up the steps and walked along the apron slowly before getting in the ring.

I don't remember asking you about your imperfections!
You might win one battle!
But know this, I'll win the fucking war!

He walked across the ring and got on the middle rope and stood looking out at the live crowd for few seconds before making a hand gesture resembling a sphincter which he held at shoulder height, jerking it forwards and backwards at the audience in general before jumping back down to face his opponent and making a hollow fist from one hand and the slapping the open palm of the other over the hole three or four times as the music died down.

[The lights in the arena dim as the sounds of gunshots and distant explosions echo through the PA system as CNN footage of the night vision cameras footage "Shock and Awe" campaign over Baghdad, Iraq play on the big screen, there's a sudden big flash as something explodes along with a blast of white pyrotechnics from the stage as the screen goes blank for a moment. The Guitar and drum beat starts as "Super Charger Heaven" by White Zombie starts to blare through the PA.]

Jesus lived his life in a cheap hotel
On the edge of Route 66 yeah He lived a dark and
Twisted life and he came right back just to do it
Again - Eye for and eye and a tooth for the truth -
I ain't never seen a demon warp deal'n a
Ring-a-ding rhythm or jukebox racket my
Mind can't clutch the feeling - yeah!

Eric Emerson: Now Coming to the Ring! standing at a height of 6 feet 2 inches, weighing in at 245 lbs, Hailing from Trenton, New Jersey! The current, reigning and defending PWA Grizzly Beer Champion! He is "The Jersey Devil!" MARCOOOOOOO... DANTTTTTEEEEEEEEE!!

Marco Dante steps from behind the curtain into another shower or white pyrotechnics, wearing a pair of black wrestling tight pants with a red devil logo on each thigh, black tape on his hands and wrists. The big screen behind him playing highlights from his matches as he starts to walk towards the ring.

Running in MY HEAD YEAH
Running in MY HEAD YEAH

Hell hounds lead at the cowardly kings
And carry souls across the river Styx
Yeah! They see no evil and feel no pain
Sucking juice from a fallen angel - I dreamed
I was a super nova fucker nitro-
Burning and fuel injection - Feed the gods a strychnine
Soul a motherfucker of invention

As he walks, he high fives and knuckles to fans as he passes them, his eyes focused on the ring however, on his opponent if he's the second person out, just before reach the end of the barricade, he runs and baseball slides in under the ropes, jumping to his feet and then moving over to the turnbuckles, climbing each and thrusting both fists into the air, and then let's out a bit of a roar to get the crowd pumped.

Running in MY HEAD YEAH
Running in MY HEAD YEAH

Yeah inbreed the witches
And woship the dogs
Deformed and fuck'n lazy
Damn yourself and choke
On my name I'd love to love ya baby
Deadringer rats swinging in the trees
Immaculate conception Bury me an angel God I need
Some inspiration

Marco Dante then jumps down from the turnbuckle, going to the next, repeating the steps before and so one..for each turnbuckle then a one handed chest pound just before hopping down from the last turnbuckle, he walks to the center of the ring and waves for the crowd to get louder and louder.

Running in MY HEAD YEAH
Running in MY HEAD YEAH!

He then turns to the center of the ring to await the bell. The fans settle down to their seats as both Xan Vaxman and Marco Dante are finally in the ring with each other. One on one. Both men slowly move to the center of the ring, meeting nose to nose, staring each other with malice in their eyes. Both men have bad intentions and everyone in the arena knows it. Neither man says a word or backs down as the ref connects the chain on each of their necks; causing the fans to stand in an intense staredown. The ref signals that the chain is securely placed on both opponents and instructs both men to go into their corners. Xan cockily smiles as he steps back to his corner, while “The Jersey Devil” refuses to back down and stays in the middle of the ring, he’s waited too long for a chance to just walk away from this moment.

The ref for this match, Scott Swindell, signals for the bell to be rung as we are under way!


Brian Rentfro: This will be nice... a good appetizer for the Prison Brawl...

Jon McDaniel: Don't make me think of that match, ok? Let's just focus on Dante and Vaxman.

Xan moves the chain side to side, obviously stalling, wanting very little of the enraged Marco Dante. Marco stands his ground in the middle of the ring, refusing to break eye contact with his opponent. The fans chant for the Jersey Devil as Xan Vaxman circles around, trying to see what the best action he could take. He slowly makes his way closer and closer before finally locking up with champion. The champion instantly breaks the hold and lifts Xan up, trying to go for the Hangman’s Noose early! NO! Xan quickly slides off and franticly rolls to the outside!

Jon McDaniel: And Dante's got the early advantage.

Brian Rentfro: Just wait a bit, Dante's anger is feeding him... When it dies out, Vaxman will be taking over.

The fans cheer loudly as Xan nearly was finished right there! Marco stands in his ground and screams for Xan to come on a bring it! Xan looks up at the champion and quickly pulls the chain, causing Marco Dante to be pulled to the outside of the ring via middle rope. Xan quickly jumps on the champion and stomps away to his shoulder and chest. Xan then quickly drops to his knees and blatently chokes him with his bare hands. Marco winces in pain as his face turns red, the fans furiously boo while the ref can’t do anything but watch.

Brian Rentfro: See, just as I said.

Jon McDaniel: Don't be smug, Marco could die out there!

Brian Rentfro: He came up with the match, he should accept the consequences.

Xan looks to the chain and wickedly smiles. He grabs the same chain and wraps it around the neck of Marco Dante, wrapping it around really tight. Xan stands up and drags the helpless champion across the floor. Marco kicks and screams as Xan continues to drag him to one of the guard rails. By the chain and chain alone, Xan lifts him to his feet and forces Dante’s head to be placed on the guard rail, showing the fans how beat red he is from lack of oxygen. Xan lifts Dante’s face up and continues to insult him and his fans, asking them if this is the champion that they all know and love.

Jon McDaniel: Now this is just sick!

Brian Rentfro: Nah, this is fun. Look at how much Xan is enjoying this...

Jon McDaniel: But it's not very fun for Dante, now is it?

Brian Rentfro: Well, it's not supposed to be fun for him.

Marco looks in the faces of his fans, all of which are booing the challenger. Despite being choked and helpless, Marco reaches inside of himself and slams his elbow right onto the mid section to Xan. And again! And again! Finally, shot after shot, Xan relishes his grip from the chain and stumbles away. Marco takes in a deep breath and coughs, using the guard rail to get him back to his own two feet. He knows he cannot afford to give Xan any time to regroup and think again, so he makes his way to the challenger. The fans begin to cheer! Xan quickly pulls the chain again, but Marco knows better now and doesn’t budge! Xan franticly tires to pull harder and harder to force the champion off balance. Instead, the much larger Dante yanks the chain, causing Xan to bolt forward where he is greeted with a HUUUUUUUGE clothes line!

Jon McDaniel: Marco nearly took Xan's head off!

Brian Rentfro: Good job from the champion now he needs to follow it up or else he's kaput.

Marco finally gets the upper hand in this fight for the Grizzly Beer Championship! The fans cheer as he grabs hold of Xan Vaxman; forcing him up to his feet. Marco looks around the arena, smiling the entire time as he forces Vaxman’s head in-between his legs. Marco lifts him up with ease and SLAMS HIM TO THE GROUND WITH A HUGE POWERBOMB!

Brian Rentfro: YEAH! NICE!

Jon McDaniel: Weren't you AGAINST Dante before?

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, but I like violence. That's what I'm really cheering for.

A huge THUD is heard once Vaxman hit’s the thin padding, screaming his head off in the process. The fans love every second of it as Dante stands, looking to please the fans while punishing his challenger in the process. The fans start a deafening one more time chant, that causing a huge smile to spread across the face of the champion. He is delighter and picks up Xan again, looking for another power bomb! But NO! Xan is hurt but not out! He stays on Dante’s shoulders and slams a handful of chain into the head of Dante! This causes the champion to be stunned, losing balance as he falls backwards and has Xan land right on his face, ass first!

Brian Rentfro: Lay into him Xan!

Jon McDaniel: Always unbiased, aren't you Brian?

Both men lay on the floor, Xan cannot capitalize on the opportunity, as his back is in too much pain to stand up while Dante holds his face, rolling around. Xan Vaxman is the first ho his feet as he rolls into the ring. He favors his back as he looks down to the outside, where Dante seems to be knocked out. Xan smiles as he knows this is the perfect chance for a pin, he uses the chain and pulls the dead weight of Marco Dante closer and closer to the apron. He finally gives up and rolls back to the outside and forces the champion back in. He then pins him quickly, One, Two, NO! The champion kicks out! He still has some fight left in him.

Vax took too long and his mistake may cause him dearly. He curses to himself and hatches a new plan. He gets off the champion and wraps the chain around his fist, pacing around the ring until Marco Dante is finally able to get to his feet. Marco is still out of it, his legs wobbly and has no idea what’s waiting for him. Vax pulls the off balanced Marco towards him and slams his fist right into the face of the champion! Marco backs up after the shot and briefly falls to one knee before getting pulled d in again! And again! The forehead of Dante bleeds as he continues to get punched out by the dastardly challenger.


Jon McDaniel: Get some fucking therapy!

Brian Rentfro: Maybe I'll do that... I hear Lacey Gloria works wonders.

Jon McDaniel: You just want to get laid.

Brian Rentfro: Duh!

Vaxman smiles and gets close to the champion, thinking it’s only a matter of time before he goes down for good. He looks down for the champion and spits right in his face, causing the fans to go into a frenzy of rage. Vaxman takes a few steps back and pulls Marco in again, swinging with a ride chain assisted bunch to the head of the champion. Before the shot can land, Marco puts his arm up and counters with a clean shot of his own! And another! And another! Xan quickly tries to escape from the champion by running to the outside, but Marco pulls him back in for a HUUUUUGE spine buster to the already hurt back of Xan! Marco lands on top of Xan for the cover! ONE, TWO, TH-- NOOOOOOO! XAN KICKS OUT!

Jon McDaniel: So close! I thought the champion had him there.

Brian Rentfro: And I thought you were going to stop assuming things. Look, we're both wrong.

Jon McDaniel: Dick.

The fans stomp on their feet for the action that’s going on. Marco’s cut is now a gash, as his face is turning crimson. Xan is squirming around, holding his back, his face covered in anguish as he moves to the ropes, trying to pull himself up. Marco’s fans are completely going rapid for the champion, causing him to get to his feet despite the blood and beatings he has received so far. His fans cheer as her goes back to attack the disrespectful challenger. He pulls him in again and begins to SQUEEZE his lower back with a bear hug.

Jon McDaniel: FINALLY! Dante's going to make Xan pay for his disrespect!

Brian Rentfro: What disrespect? Xan disrespects the belt, not the champion.

Jon McDaniel: To some, that's the exact same thing.

Brian Rentfro: Those some are stupid...

Jon McDaniel: You realize that she's probably listening, right?

Brian Rentfro: ... please don't kill me Riona.

Despite all the cheers Marco is getting, the screams of Vax Vaxman still manage to overshadow the cheers. His back is in really bad shape, he’s really hurting bad. Xan looks around for the chain, knowing that hasn’t failed him yet, it very may well save him from losing by submission. Marco recognizes this and adds some SERIOUS squeezing to the already tight bear hurt, forcing him to drop the chain and scream in absolute agony. Vax knows it’s going to take something personal to get the hold broken. Just then, the ref asks him if he quits, the response causes the fans to gasp.


Brian Rentfro: Well, that's pretty clear I'd say.

Jon McDaniel: I'll agree with that.

Brian Rentfro: And in other news, there is 6 inches of snow in Hell right now.

Marco Dante, a very proud champion and takes great pride in his state. He breaks the hold and looks at Vax, who is absolutely relieved that the bear hug is no more. Vax is on one knee, holding his back and grunting to himself. Marco wipes the blood from his eyes and looks at his hands, seeing the chain covered with his blood. Marco lifts the chain up and shows it to the fans who cheer! Marco wraps the chain around his fist and grabs Xan by the hair and PLOWS him with a STIFF chain assisted right!


Brian Rentfro: Wrong sport idiot.

Marco is like a raged fueled zombie at this point, the only thing that has him going is his rage form Vax Xanman and holding the championship for the first time. He looks at the fans and stomps his feet, letting them know this is almost over. He lifts up the challenger and puts him on his shoulders again, this time he knows better. He begins to spin in place, BUT WAIT! VAX SLIDES OFF THE SHOULDERS AGAIN! Vax quickly lands on his feet as Marco wins one last time before stopping to see Vax STANDING. Playing possum all along, he delivers a HUGE PUNT RIGHT INBETWEEN DANTE MARCO’S LEGS!

Jon McDaniel: That's not right!

Brian Rentfro: No rules, remember?

Marco lets out a grunt and drops down to both his knees! Vax rushes behind the champion who holds himself, Vax quickly uses the chain and wraps it around the neck of the Grizzly Beer champion and DROPS DOWN FOR A CHAIN ASSISTED SLEEPER! The fans boo causes to arena to shake as Xanman wraps his legs around the waist of Marco Dante! Marco’s arms slowly begin to fade in and out, the sleeper being extra tighter than usual with the help of the chain. Choked and bloody, despite the fans cheering for him, Dante Marco is forced toward unconsciousness. The referee moves to check, and drops the arm once.

Brian Rentfro: He’s fading…

A second time.

Jon McDaniel: Come on Dante!

The referee lifts his hand for a third time… and never catches the drop as Vaxman gets smashed in the back of the head with the briefcase, currently being wielded by Emily Corlen. Vaxman loses his grip on Dante and tries to cover up, by Emily wails on him with shots, forcing him to the mat.

Brian Rentfro: What the hell?

Jon McDaniel: No rules, right?

Emily beats Vaxman into the ground while Dante struggles back to his feet. He then turns to find Emily beating on his opponent but, considering who his opponent is, he doesn’t seem that bothered and eventually joins in.

Brian Rentfro: Oh come on now!

The two eventually end their onslaught and drag Vaxman back to his feet. Dante then wraps the chain around his throat, drags him in and crushes him with the Hang Man’s Noose.

The fans are going absolutely BALLISITC at this point as the champion drapes his arm around the chest of Xan Vaxman!






Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, and STILL PWA Grizzly Beer Champion... THE JERSEY DEVIL... MARCO DANTE!

Scott Swindell prepares to hand over the briefcase containing the Grizzly Beer title belt to Dante but Emily intervenes and takes it off his hands, wishing to present it herself.

Jon McDaniel: Well folks, this is a real feel good moment. Marco Dante gets his title and both he and Emily get to give Vaxman his comeuppance.

Emily walks forward with the case and, inevitably, smashes it across Dante’s face.

Brian Rentfro: Double what the hell!

Emily then goes off on Dante, smashing him across the point of the skull until he gives up the fight. She then doesn’t even bother to celebrate, choosing instead to just walk off with the case. The crowd are a mix of confused and very very confused.

Brian Rentfro: So, wait, instead of Dante getting his belt or Vaxman getting rid of it. Vaxman gets cheated out of a chance to destroy the Grizzly Beer title and Dante once more remains the champion with no belt.

Jon McDaniel: That seems to be the jist of it.

Brian Rentfro: Awesome. Now lets go backstage to what I can only assume is Simon Kalis doing some more black guy stuff.

Southern Injustice

Jethro Hayes can be seen now, calm in the midst of the storm.

Jethro Hayes: I'm waiting.

Hayes shakes his head as he looks around. Finally, a group of black armored police show up, smacking their batons against their hands.

Jethro Hayes: I was wondering when you'd show up. I'll come peacefully.

Officer: Hah. Yeah. Right. Okay.

Hayes steps forward with his hands up but the moment he gets to the officers they crack their batons over his head and chest and back, bringing him down. They taser him, quickly cuffing him and then placing a black bag over his head. They start dragging him off as we fade...

Rob Robinson vs Mark McNasty


Jon McDaniel: The last time these two met in a Battle Dome, things ended badly for both men.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, well, McNasty stirred up a hornet's nest this time, Jon. How dare he try to steal the identity of the PWA's greatest hero?

Jon McDaniel: When did he pretend to be Sirus Moran?

The two men are raised and then lowered into the Battle Dome. An air horn sounds and the cables release, dropping both men into the cage. Instead of the usual scramble for weapons, they calmly walk up to each other and stand eye to eye, sizing the other up. The crowd is on their feed, ready for the action to begin. Robinson glances around and holds his arms up and the crowd gets louder. Robinson smirks and McNasty throws a punch. The two men trade punches until Robinson blocks one and goes on the offensive. Robinson runs through his usual offense, enhanced by the various weaponry in the Battle Dome. Once McNasty is down on the mat and taken a few hits, Robinson slows down and starts to savor the attack.

Uncharacteristically, Robinson begins to play to the crowd, encouraging them to count along as he hits McNasty with a cane. Really getting into it, Robinson stands over McNasty and brings the cane up over his head, then thinks better of it, tosses it aside and steps away to grab a shovel. He bounces it in his hands a few times to get a feel for it and then stands over McNasty again. The shovel comes up over Robinson's head but he took too long and McNasty kicks him in the vulnerables.

Now McNasty takes over with his own weapon enhanced offense. Unlike Robinson, he totally ignores the crowd and just commences to kicking some ass. Robinson is soon wearing a crimson mask to match McNasty's. Soon the mat is covered in the two men's blood and the Battle Dome looks like that scene in the Shining where the blood floods out of the elevator. The visual is cool but none too good for traction as McNasty quickly finds out. He lands flat on his ass, bouncing his head off a steel chair.

Both men get to their feet, none too steadily, and go back to trading blows with Singapore canes. The crowd crowd "ooohs" as Robinson connects with a swing and "aaaahs" when McNasty lands a blow. McNasty ducks a swing and makes like a Cobra Kai, sweeping the leg. Robinson collapses, clutching his leg in pain. Now McNasty smirks, probably (the blood is obscuring most everything by this point), and starts rummaging through the plunder, looking for something. Robinson slaps his hands together and rubs them frantically and starts doing something mysterious to his wounded leg, but apparently Hollywood has lied to him yet again.

McNasty has found what he's looking for and grabs the previously discarded shovel. He grabs it on the end and charges at the prone Robinson, driving the point of the shovel towards his chest. Robinson rolls out of the way, his legs tangling in McNasty's, dropping him to the mat. The shovel is standing straight up, stuck in the mat, the canvas ripped. Once again, both men are on their feet. Robinson slips and McNasty catches him in a DDT, planting him on the mat and ripping the hole just a little bit more. McNasty staggers to his feet and slowly climbs the turnbuckle. He launches himself off with the Broken Straight Jacket and manages to land it perfectly, which is pretty damned impressive considering how tired he must be. Perfectly except for the part where Robinson rolled out of the way at the last second. McNasty is dazed on the mat, which is now ripped even more. Robinson grabs a corner and yanks, pulling the hole just a bit bigger.

Now Robinson makes his way to the corner and climbs up. He shakes his head no and climbs up to the top of the cage, raising his arms in the air. The crowd are on their feet, knowing what's coming next.

Brian Rentfro: Rob, remember what happened last time you did this? Don't do this!!!

Robinson obviously can't hear Rentfro's warning because he launches himself off the top of the cage, landing a well placed elbow in McNasty's sternum, nailing the Ashes. As Rentfro feared and the crowd hoped, the mat gives way with a loud rip, slowly growing under the weight of the two men. Robinson realized what's happening and tries to crawl away, but suddenly the mat just lets go and both men tumble out, slipping through the hole.

Seconds later, Mark McNasty hits the mats below and blood splatters around from the impact. Twenty feet above him, Robinson has his arms wrapped around the beams that form the support structure. Looking down and seeing McNasty laying there groaning, Robinson lets go of the pipes and falls down, landing yet another Ashes on his arch-enemy.

Brian Rentfro: NOOOOOO!

Jon McDaniel: Brian, Rob is fine, he's moving. Barely. McNasty broke his fall.

The EMTs (not the former PWA wrestler) run down to ringside and tend to the two men. Robinson is able to make his way to the back supported by Moke Doshky and Scottie Snow (but mostly carried by Doshky). McNasty is loaded onto a stretcher and they wheel him up the ramp. When they get to the top, one of the paramedics leans down and stops pushing. McNasty raises his arm in the arm to the applause of the crowd.

A Brief Encounter

Backstage again, where we find the current, reigning, and defending PWA Undisputed World Heavyweight champion, Riona Langly, finishing up her pre-match rituals by jogging in place just outside of her locker room. She boxes with a few shadows along the wall, bobbing and weaving before throwing stiff elbows into the air. Half a dozen men in full riot gear surround her - HOLLYWOOD SECURITY - which turns her attention to Corey Lazarus, still wearing his ring gear with the addition of a sleeveless white American Psycho tee. Riona says nothing as she glares at him, shaking her head.

Lazarus: What, you don't approve?

Riona Langly: Of course I don't. You're a piece of shit, Corey. And I guess you always have been.

Corey puts his hands on his lips, tonguing the inside of his cheek briefly. He shakes his head as Riona goes back to shadow boxing, clearing his throat.

Lazarus: Hey, it's just business, Riona. You know what that's like.

Langly surprises Corey with a smack across his face, prompting Hollywood Security to rush in. Laz quickly waves them back, smirking.

Riona Langly: Yeah. I know all about business...

She stares at him intently, taking a pair of steps back, and Lazarus shrugs, lowering his Ray Ban's to look at her in the eyes.

Lazarus: Not that you really need it, but good luck tonight.

Riona Langly: Thanks.

With the tension so thick it would require a diamond-tipped chainsaw to cut into it, Corey smirks, backing away.

Lazarus: I'll be seeing you around, babe.

Hollywood Security follows Corey off-screen, leaving the camera to focus on the PWA Undisputed World Heavyweight champion.

Riona Langly: Yeah...I'll see you around...

Riona stares off at Corey as he leaves, her mind once focused solely on Matt Stone now swimming with thoughts about a man she once respected. She sighs before throwing a few more elbows into the air, ducking under its punches and kicks before throwing more of her own.

Riona Langly © vs Matt Stone

PWA Undisputed World Championship

Story of the match... Riona dominates at first, Stone catches a lucky break when Riona goes shoulder first into the ringpost, and spends a long time working on the arm.

Riona regains the advantage and goes all 'I'M AMBIDEXTERIOUS BITCH' and left armed Roaring Elbows him to bits.

Winner: Langy-langly-lang

Jethro Hayes & Scott Nash Strader vs Matthew Engel & Simon Kalis

Death Row Prison Yard Match

Brian Rentfro: Well folks, this is it.

Jon McDaniel: It's time to head to the prison where the following match will take place.


Eric Emerson stands in the center of the ring with the microphone in his hand and nods.

Eric Emerson: The following match is an UNSANCTIONED Death Row Prison Break Tornado Tag Team Match!

Brian Rentfro: What a mouthful.

The scene transitions over the ADCTron to the solitary confinement wing of the prison, where referee Dwayne Cross stands at the end of the hallway.

Eric Emerson: The first team to successfully escape the prison complex shall be declared the winners! All four men have had small microphones placed on their persons so we may hear them throughout this match.

"The Prisoner" by Iron Maiden begins to play over the intercom of the prison and four cell doors open slowly. Scott Nash Strader and Simon Kalis step out, staring across at each other from across the narrow hallway as Jethro Hayes and Matthew Engel join them. All four men stare at their opponents with determined ferocity in their eyes as Cross raises his arm, then brings it down to signal the beginning. Kalis rushes towards Strader as Hayes does to Engel. The four men lock horns, with Strader getting the advantadge on Kalis. Strader spins himself around to get himself behind Simon Kalis and he full nelson slams Kalis into his cell. Hayes smashes Engel's face against the cold brick walls repeatedly, but Engel sends a reverse elbow into Hayes' gut and then immediately grabs him, planting him down with a sudden facebuster. Kalis gets to his feet and is met with a serious boot to the face as he turns around by Strader. Kalis low blows Strader, forcing Strader to wince in pain momentarily. Kalis hops up and DDT's Strader into the toilet and holds him there, laughing as he flushes the toilet with Strader's face in it. Hayes is on his feet and brawling with Engel and getting the advantadge.

Simon Kalis: Eat shit Strader.

Jethro Hayes: Why do you want another singles match Engel? You aren't doing so hot with a partner now!

Brian Rentfro: Whoa. This is getting out of hand maybe.

Jon McDaniel: You can say that again.

Hayes goes for the Plow right away but Engel sidesteps him and Hayes plows his shoulder into the side opening of one of their cells. Kalis comes over quickly and starts slamming the door open and shut on Hayes head as Engel lays in a number of stiff soccer like kicks into Hayes' ribs. Engel points behind Kalis as Strader comes, not looking happy at all. Strader grabs Kalis by the neck and begins choking him as he moves him away from Hayes. Engel attempts to save Kalis but Hayes trips him sending Engel to the floor. Hayes drives his elbow hard into the back of Engel's neck repeatedly while both men remain on the ground. Strader, being much bigger and stronger than Kalis holds him up against the wall with one hand while he uses the other to lay waste with fists of steel into Kalis' somewhat injured ribs. Kalis chokes and coughs and struggles but finally latches onto Strader's mid-section with his legs, wrapping himself around Strader. Kalis uses his hands to push himself off the wall and begins pummeling Strader in the face with lefts and rights as Strader remains choking him at the same time. Hayes is on his feet and he lands a perfect leg drop on Matthew Engel on the ground. However Engel reaches into one of the open cells and grabs an empty food tray, and as Hayes comes back over to him Engel crumples the tray over Jethro Hayes' head stunning him temporarily. Engel gets to his feet, bang, spinning enziguri kick to the head with the tray still wrapped around Hayes' skull sends him to the ground. Kalis pushes Strader into one of the cells and puts his elbows forward over Strader's face as they both hit the cold cement ground. Kalis drives his elbows into Straders face, recoiling them between Strader's head and the cement floor. Kalis grabs a pillow off of the bed and puts his knees to Strader's chest and the pillow over Strader's face while laughing.

Simon Kalis: Who's dying now?!?!

Matthew Engel: Let's go!

Engel comes in and motions Kalis to come. Kalis nods and gets to his feet but as Engel turns around he's met with a thunderous clothesline by Jethro Hayes. Kalis seems shocked but Strader returns an earlier favor and low blows Kalis. Kalis' knees fold and he holds his crotch, his jaw dropped open. Strader is up and wraps the pillow around Kalis' neck and starts choking him from behind. Strader snaps a kick forward into the back of Kalis' leg snapping him to the ground as Hayes picks Engel up and irish whips him all the way to the other end of the hall towards the last cell. Strader takes Kalis head and shoves it through the food tray opening of a closed cell, and Kalis begins screaming as the prisoner inside begins attacking him. Engel is cornered now by Strader and Hayes. Engel dekes to get passed them but Hayes clotheslines and Strader big boots Engel in the chest at the same time, knocking him down. Kalis remains trapped and Strader and Hayes begin walking off towards the exit of the solitary unit.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like Strader and Hayes are a few steps ahead of Kalis and Engel.

Brian Rentfro: The Glorious and The Virus are gonna make a swift comeback though, don't count them out!

Strader and Hayes make a run for it as Engel pulls Kalis' head out of the cell. His face is scratched up but both men run quickly to catch up with Hayes and Strader. They make a swift turn into the next hallway and past the security doors. Hayes is ahead of Strader and makes it past a secure checkpoint but Engel and Kalis both tackle Strader down. As they do so the door which Hayes passed shuts. Engel and Kalis get up and move toward Hayes who looks at Strader in dismay. Strader is up and already on the move towards the other end of the hallway as Kalis climbs the prison barred door which Hayes narrowly passed through. Hayes makes a run for it and Kalis slides himself through a small opening and just barely gets himself through. Engel nods and heads after Strader while Kalis chases after Jethro Hayes. Kalis turns a corner and is met with a shoulder to the head power move by Hayes as he does so. Kalis hits the ground hard. Engel turns a corner and Strader has the same idea however Engel sidesteps Strader and smashes him with a European uppercut. Lefts and rights are exchanged by both Engel and Strader until Engel superkicks Strader right into the chin sending Strader through another security door. Engel leaps forward and goes for a flying forearm smash but Strader stops him with a crossblock, knocking Engel back. "Kick A Little" by Little Texas plays over the intercoms for a little ambiance to the violence as Hayes repeatedly kicks and stomps Kalis while he's on the ground.

Jethro Hayes: Told you that I changed!

Engel gets back at Strader with a few quick lefts and rights but Strader grabs Engel and belly to belly suplexes him to the ground. Strader begins choking Engel with his bare hands while lifting his head up and smashing it against the cold cement ground below. Kalis does a breakdance spin and kicks Hayes repeatedly in the shins and stomach as he spins on his shoulders and neck, forcing Hayes to fall back. Kalis jump flips himself back to his feet and springboards himself off the wall and into a perfect thrust kick to the face of Jethro Hayes. Kalis immediately bolts down the hallway and is lost to the cameras. With Engel and Strader, Strader has Engel out cold from the strangulation. Strader gets up and begins heading down the hall but Engel's eyes shoot open right away, and he holds in a few coughs deep in his chest as he gets to his feet. He makes chase after Strader but with a methodical approach to each quick step as he turns the corner. Strader bursts into the medical bay of the prison which has been emptied and looks around for any sign of anyone else. He notices Simon Kalis just outside the opposite door. Kalis is fixed near the ceiling, his legs split across to each wall as Hayes walks right under him. Kalis drops down onto Hayes' shoulder and hurricanranas him into the medical bay through the glass doors on that side. Glass shatters, shards flying everywhere as Hayes and Kalis land in a heap. Engel sneaks up right behind Strader and jumps onto his back with a broken door handle in his hand and begins smashing it down across Strader's head. Strader stumbles around before falling back, crushing Engel beneath his back and weight.

Jon McDaniel: Jesus Christ! Kalis just pulled some Tom Clancy moves on Hayes! Whoa!

Brian Rentfro: This is like a movie! I love the music playing over the intercoms too!

"Stunting Is A Habit" by David Banner featuring Chris Brown begins playing over the intercom and Kalis gets to his feet, dancing to the music with his fists up as he looks towards Strader. Strader shakes his head and wipes blood from the top of his head, a souvenir from Matthew Engel. Kalis springboards himself off of a hospital bed and body splashes Strader. Strader and Kalis hit the ground but Strader picks Kalis up in his arms and then body slams him into the ground. Meanwhile Engel and Hayes are back up now and brawling in the opposite side of the medical bay. Hayes with a serious chop to Engel's chest sends Engel back for a moment. Hayes with another chop, and another! Engel rebounds with a spinning neckbreaker out of nowhere right over the shards of glass. Both Engel and Hayes wince as little shards slash their bodies. Strader is up and goes for Kalis but Kalis throws himself across the room, jumping back with feline-like agility. Kalis grabs a tranquilizer gun left on one of the tables and cocks it, aiming right at Scott Nash Strader.

Simon Kalis: Hahaha. Yeah, it's time I finally used a gun in a match. Don't you think?

Scott Nash Strader: You're a pathetic son of a bitch, Simon.

Strader rushes forward but Kalis lets off a single shot right into his neck. The little tranquilizer dart connects and Strader stops in his tracks, holding his neck and ripping the little dart out. Kalis quickly reloads and fires off another shot into Strader's chest before leaping forward and whipping Strader in the face with the little tranq gun. Engel has a fire extinguisher in his hands and as Hayes gets to his feet he smashes it over Hayes' head. The fire extinguisher goes off, the nozzle spraying thick foam directly towards Kalis and Strader and emptying out over both of them. They seem almost stuck and frozen in the thick foam. Engel nods at Kalis who nods back, and Engel makes a quick exit out of the med bay. Hayes is up and shakes his head and gives chase, as Strader and Kalis are now stuck facing each other in a whole lot of thick foam. Kalis slowly pulls a cigarette out and lights it. Strader pulls a cigarette out and Kalis lights it for him, and throws him a joyous smile.

Scott Nash Strader: I can't believe you shot me you little shit.

Simon Kalis: I've got a good shot. Play a lot of Call of Duty and Halo in my spare time.

Scott Nash Strader: You know, when we get out of this? I'm going to kill you Simon.

Simon Kalis: Nah. We're good! I feel like we're really bonding right now, don't you?

"Creeping Death" by Metallica begins to play over the intercoms now as Hayes and Engel battle through the next corridor in the massive prison complex. Hayes with a forearm smash on Engel! Engel with a right hook on Hayes! Hayes with a headbutt on Matthew Engel! Engel responds with a stiff kick to the shins on Hayes, grabbing him and landing a snap DDT to the ground. Engel gets to his feet and starts kicking into Hayes. Hayes grabs Engel by the legs and sweeps him off of his feet. Hayes gets to his own two feet now and holds Engel's legs as if about to put him into a Boston crab. However instead of turning Engel over and applying the move, Hayes lifts Engel all the way up into the air and then sitdown powerbombs him into the ground. A few guards watch intentively, snapping photos with their phones as they stand near the entrance to the GenPop.

Jethro Hayes: How could you give Nicole up to Simon?!

Matthew Engel: Jethro it will always be your fucking fault because of the business you chose to be in, you put her in the hospital the moment you got together with her.

Jethro Hayes: No! This is your fault! Simons fault!

Matthew Engel: No Jethro, only yours.

Kalis is holding up his lighter to the sprinklers until it sets off in the med bay. He drops his hand in diress as the foam begins washing away and he escapes its thick disgusting grasp. The effects of the two tranquilizer shots are showing on Strader as he's slow to free himself, any lesser man would've already passed out to them. Kalis circles and laughs as he throws a snap thrust kick to Strader's head, connecting hard. However Strader fights onward and grabs Kalis by the neck again. Kalis kicks and tries to free himself but Strader lifts him up and chokeslams him through a glass cabinet which holds a bunch of medical supplies. Kalis screams and winces as his back is cut up and flesh rendered slashed as he lays on the ground bleeding. Strader picks Kalis up and throws him onto one of the hospital beds. He smashes his elbow into Kalis' face and then straps Kalis wrists and ankles down to secure him to the bed. Strader searches the bottom cabinets until he finds a jar of clear liquid. He opens it up and takes a whiff, taken aback by what is obviously some doctors hidden stash of moonshine. He pours it all over Simon Kalis who screams as the pure alcohol burns his cuts and slashes. Strader reaches into his back pocket groggily and lights a match.

Scott Nash Strader: Told you I'd kill you.

Strader drops the lit match on Kalis who is immediately set ablaze. Strader wastes no time and gets out of the med bay and goes for Hayes and Engel. Luckily for Kalis the sprinklers are already on and the fire is put out quickly enough before it can really burn him. Kalis still winces in pain but the fire burned off enough of the wrist straps allowing him to power himself free. Kalis falls to the ground, his face bleeding from being chokeslammed through the drug cabinat. However he finds a small bottle of morphine and a fresh syringe. He fills the syringe up and slaps his forearm, sticking the needle in and injecting himself with a large burst of morphine. He sits there against the bed for a moment, his eyes roll into the back of his head and he smiles. He gets to his feet and rummages through more things in the medical bay, putting a bottle of painkillers in his pocket, a scalpel and a small first aid kit. He quickly wraps his body in medical gauze and begins making his way towards where Strader went.

Simon Kalis: If this was an RPG, I just got a shot of an invincibility potion Scott!!!

We move back to Matthew Engel and Jethro Hayes as they have found themselves inside GenPop. "Five Minutes Alone" by Pantera plays over the intercom now as Engel looks around and a switch on the wall catches his eye. Before Jethro can stop him, Engel hits the switch. An alarm goes off signaling the release of the inmates. Cell doors open with loud thuds, and the inmates begins to wander out. Engel looks at Jethro and smirks.

Brian Rentfro: Ahh, The Virus has opened the cells!

Jon McDaniel: This isn’t looking good.

Hayes lunges at Engel, but Engel side steps, tripping him with his right foot causing Jethro to go flying into tables that set up for free time for the inmates. The inmates are looking down from all levels of GenPop and cheering for the fight that is happening in front of their eyes. Engel stalks Hayes with a chair and lands it across Hayes back four times, taking his time with the each shot. A couple of black men come down, wearing red bandanas, and they walk around Jethro Hayes. They nod at Engel and begin feeding Hayes kicks to the side and stomach.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like Kalis has friends on the inside too.

Brian Rentfro: Come on Engel, take out Hayes!

The camera switches to outside GenPop where a battered and bruised Scott Nash Strader is trying to get in, but since Engel popped the cells, GenPop went lock down. Strader slams his fist against the wall not being able to get to his partner. Strader looks around, and can’t seem to see Kalis in sight, but he is wrong Kalis is just down the hall as the camera switches to the Glorious one. Kalis has bandaged himself obvisouly and not very well.

Simon Kalis: I once knew a man named Strader, he attracted a traitor. Now he’s going to suffer, unlike no other. Hahahaha! Hehehehehe!

Jon McDaniel: I think Kalis is high off of morphine, Brian.

The camera switches back inside GenPop where a massive brawl has ensued. Members of the Outlaw MC, which are friendly with Scott Nash Strader and his brother Bandido’s, have entered the fray, as a massive prison riot is now in effect. Hayes battles back and forth with Engel trading left and rights, more blood getting on each of their fists. One of the Outlaw’s that was beating Engel joins in again. Jethro Hayes and the Outlaw begin to double team Engel.

Brian Rentfro: That’s no fair, get off Engel!

Jon McDaniel: You were fine when it was Engel and the Bloods!

Just in the nick of time, Riot Control shows up. They begin firing tear gas into GenPop and the sound of automatic rifles and firearms can be heard. Rocket nods at Jethro to get the fuck out. Hayes see’s a door open fifty steps away and bolts for the door as the Riot Control has started letting out live ammunition on the rioting prisoners. Engel noticing Hayes escaping, makes his way to the exit as well. Camera switch and we are following Strader who still seems hopped on tranquilizers . Strader has found the kitchen, and smiles as he looks around at all the possible weapons.

SNS: Oh Kalis this is going to be fun.”

"War of the World" by DJ Pablo plays over the intercom as Strader heads over to the industrial dishwasher looking for anything to grab and use as a weapon. Meanwhile unbeknownst to Strader, the deranged Kalis has snuck into the kitchen. He looks into the camera, smiles producing the scalpel he had earlier. He runs at Strader with a war scream.


As the doped Strader slowly turns around and tries to duct, Kalis stabs Strader in the top of the right shoulder. Scott is taken back as he looks at the scalpel in his arm. Before he can move Kalis has grabbed a hanging pot off the rack above the dishwasher, and hammers the scalpel down into Strader’s shoulder. Strader yells out in pain.

Jon McDaniel: This is just out of hand!

Brian Rentfro: This is so intense! Come on CHAOS!

Kalis circles Strader as he opens his first aid kit. Kalis smiles widely as he drops the first aid kit on top of Strader’s head and pours some rubbing alcohol around the scalpel stuck in Strader’s arm. Strader yells out in agony as Kalis takes a pasta stirring wand, winds up and cracks Strader right in the groin. Simon jumps ontop of Strader bringing his left hand down in a fist connecting with his face, and the other rebrandishing the ‘hammer’ pot from earlier connecting with Strader’s face.

Simon Kalis: Welcome to my nightmare Strader.

BAM! Another shot to the side of Strader’s face. Kalis gets up off of the fallen former World Champion, as Strader turns to his side slightly and spits out what look to be a few teeth. Kalis leans back against the counter and lights up a cigarette. He spits on the fallen Strader. Strader makes it to his knees, and from the mess Kalis had made earlier, and sees a two meat tenderizers that fell down. Strader grabs as he gets up. He too pulls out a cigarette, but can’t find a light.

Simon Kalis: *whistles*

Strader looks at Kalis, as Simon tosses him a pack of matches. Strader smirks as the flame ignites and lights his cigarette. Strader tosses the matches back, as Simon smiles through the blood and blue smoke. Strader takes a deep drag, and exhales slowly still dazed from the Tranq and beating.

SNS: Kalis, you know, as soon as I’m done this smoke… I’m going to fucking kill you right?

Kalis grins and exhales.

Simon Kalis: So you’ve said.

Strader, deciding he isn’t waiting sets his cigarette down on the edge of what looks to be a prep table. Scott lunges forward and begins swinging with the meat tenderizers. Kalis, quickly, grabs his pot and the long pasta wand. He blocks the shots with the pot, making loud clanking sounds as Kalis jabs Strader’s midsection with the pasta wand, like a sword. Strader catches the pasta wand in between his right forearm and bicep. He yanks his arm inward, pulling Kalis in. Kalis is met with an elbow to the side of the head, and two solid left hand shots from the meat tenderizer in Scott’s hand to Simon’s side.

Jon McDaniel: What is this, a jousting match?

Brian Rentfro: I don’t see knights or horses dumbass.

Simon falls after Scott brings his leg up into the groin of Kalis. Scott, lifts up his oversized left foot and brings it down hard on the stomach of Kalis, who folds upwards as blood spurts out of his mouth. Strader walks back over to the prep table and replaces the cigarette in his mouth. He takes a deep drag as his left hand yanks out the scalpel Simon had put there earlier. He looks at it carefully and a sneer creeps across his face. Scott walks over to Simon, kneels down and looks him right in the face while sliding the dull side the scalpel down the side of Simon’s face.

SNS: No Kalis… welcome to… MY nightmare. Haha.

Kalis screams as Strader eventually puts a literal x across his face but not before Strader caught up the defending Kalis hands and wrists. Scott, see’s the half full bottle of rubbing alcohol nearby so he grabs it and begins to pour over Kalis as Strader kneels in front of him, watching Kalis go through agony. Strader stands up as Kalis is gasping for air as the alcohol penetrates the cuts all over Kalis’ arms and face. Strader looks at the wall they are infront, and is delighted by the fact is a dry good shelf, with 3kg cans of sauce and other cooking oils and products sit.

SNS: Well Simon, see you in HELL!

Strader grabs onto the rack, and pulls it straight off the wall and the shelf with its entire heavy product crush Kalis. Strader flicks his cigarette butt on the mess Simon Kalis is underneath. The camera moves into see if Kalis is alive and is greeted by a wink from The Glorious One, but alas Strader has left and thinks Simon is done for. Kalis sticks up a middle finger and smiles.

Simon Kalis: God bless morphine.

Brian Rentfro: Haha, the Glorious One has fooled Strader!

Engel has managed to get the slip on Jethro, or so he thinks anyways, and comes busting through a set of double hinged doors to find his self in the gym of the prison as "Nietzsche" by the Dandy Warhols plays over the prison intercoms now. He looks around, but keeps the lights off. Engel’s head snaps back and looks behind him as he can hear Jethro yelling for him.

Jethro Hayes: Yout hought Cowboys Stadium was a fight... this is a fight! Come out come out wherever you are Engel. There some boys hear that wanna make you squeal like a pig! So get out here so I can give you to them. SOUEY!!!!!!!!!

Engel’s eyes widened and he ducks behind a weight machine off to the right of the doors. Hayes busts through looking for Engel. He moves over to the light switch and just as he flips it on, Engel blindsides him from the side with a loose dumbbell from the floor, and smacks Hayes across the face, blood spraying out of Jethro’s mouth. Engel gets up and kicks Hayes in the stomach.

Matthew Engel: You would know all about squealing like a pig, deliverance boy.

Engel see’s a bench press and walks over to it. He empties the weights off the barbell, and picks it up swinging it side to side as he comes to Hayes. Hayes, almost back to his feet is met with a swift upward swing to his chin lifting him a foot off the ground. Engel repeatedly whacks Jethro the barbell, not noticing that Scott Nash Strader has now found the gym as well. He stalks up behind Engel, and with one quick move catches the unsuspecting former World Champion with a reverse DDT onto the hard cement floor. Strader gets up and helps Jethro to his feet.

Jon McDaniel: Things were getting bad real quick for Jethro.

SNS: Don’t worry Jethro, I killed Kalis.

Brian Rentfro: Match isn’t over yet.

Hayes nods and goes over and picks up Engel.

Jethro Hayes: Fine, but this one is mine.

He pauses.

Jethro Hayes: Believe me now, Engel?!

Strader nods as two Blood members from the prison riot come busting in and head for Strader. Hayes takes Engel and irish whips him towards the mirrors on the wall for the weightlifters, and the glass shatters as Engel connects face first to the glass. Meanwhile two black men from the Blood’s are fighting off the big man Strader, and are able to get him down to his knees. Jethro see’s this and turns around and goes to help Strader. Engel, slowly pulls himself up, small glass fragments sticking out of his cheek and forehead. He grabs a 2 pound free-weight, and in the style of Brett Favre, launches it like a football.


Too late, as Hayes turns around the free-weight catches him directly in the chest knocking him down to the ground. Strader jumps up and takes down both blood members with a double clothesline. Engel is recuperating pulls fragments of glass out of his face as Hayes slowly begins to sir, but not quickly at all. Strader grabs a hold of the punching bag, and with a load roar pulls it right from the ceiling.


Engel turns and looks over at Strader, and his eyes widen once again as Strader approaches him holding the punching bag like an oversized baseball bat. Engel comes running at him, but Strader treats him like a curveball, and connects with a large swing sending Engel back a couple meters onto his ass. Strader walks over to him and slams the big bag down over Engel multiple times, before leaving it over top of him. Strader moves over to Hayes. Hayes tries to point Strader. Strader turns around and is met in the chin with a super kick off a bench-press from Simon Kalis. Strader stumbles backwards, falling backwards, through a pane of glass, one story up.

Simon Kalis: HAHAHA!

Kalis goes over to the pane and looks down. Strader landed on couple Death Row prisoners in the rec yard and is slowly moving around. Kalis pulls out one of those meat tenderizers that Strader wielded earlier, holds it by the handle, and aims it at Strader’s head. He throws it with a quick fluid motion and the mallet bounces off the skull of Strader, as the Death Row inmates, fans of Simon Kalis obviously, circle Strader. Kalis holds up his platinum "Pioneer Wrestling" chain and kisses it, leaving blood over it as he holds it up for the cameras and smiles.

Jon McDaniel: This is disgusting, why are allowing this on PWA airwaves?

Brian Rentfro: Don’t be a panzy. This is the Era of CHAOS! God I love it! Who knew ultraviolence could be so entertaining?!

Kalis goes and gathers up Engel from under the punching bag, and they make their way out of the gym. Engel looks back at the rising Hayes and tells Simon to hurry. Hayes, with his wind back, gets up, and runs over to the window where Strader went through. He looks down and see’s his partner fending off a dozen Death Row inmates. Strader sees him and points behind Hayes motioning him to go after Kalis and Engel.

Jethro Hayes: Which way did they go?

Hayes, picking up the scent of blood and rubbing alcohol heads out ito the hall way. He can see the two of them turning the corner in the hallway. Jethro runs after them and slides around the corner. Kalis is trying to get the checkpoint door open, and finally does but Engel gets tackled by Jethro Hayes. Kalis heads through the door, but it closes and locks automatically. Kalis bangs his fist against the door pissed off because he can’t get Engel over. Kalis stomps off down the hallway.

Jon McDaniel: Just like most of the night, the competitors have been separated again.

Hayes and Engel trade left and rights through another doorway into a new hallway as "Children of the Grave" by Black Sabbath plays over the prison intercom now. The halls are padded, so add some protection as Hayes and Engel have themselves locked up in a grapple pushing eachother against the walls with vicious force, both their heads taking many bangs off the padded walls. Engel throws Hayes back over a stretcher, and grabs a wheelchair by the wall. Engel grabs some medical tape that’s out on a cart, and heads back over to Jethro. Jethro, throws a fist up at Engel’s face, but Engel ducks and brings a elbow down hard across the brow of Jethro. He picks Hayes up and roughly puts him in the chair.

Matthew Engel: Ever wanted to be a fireball?

Engel wraps the medical tape around the wrists of Hayes securing him into the wheel chair. Engel pulls out a bottle of lighter fluid he had been hiding in his pants. Engel douses the wheels and sparks them up with his lighter. He starts pushing the wheel chair, and turns into a run, and he pushes Jethro off down the hall. The camera switches into the room at the end of the hall, where a Therapist is having a group session with the inmates in which we now know is The Psych Ward. The double doors blast open and the room is filled with smoke as Hayes comes rolling in. He hits a lip on the ground and is sent out of the chair, the medical tape melting enough from the heat. He goes straight into the inmates.

Brian Rentfro: It’s madness in the madhouse! I love it!

Jon McDaniel: Then men in there and in this match need all the psych ward help they can get!

The delusional inmates begin fighting with eachother, and the look of shock on Engel’s face is very evident at the sight before his eyes. While mesmerized by the madness in the madhouse, Hayes is back up, and hits Matthew Engel with an empty folding chair. Engel stumbles back, but returns the favor with a swift kick. Meanwhile in another hallway we see Simon Kalis sneaking up behind a security guard. He taps on a sleeperhold. He slowly but surely brings the guard down, and he passes out. Kalis drags him into a storage closet.

Jon McDaniel: Not even guards are safe! What the hell is Simon Kalis doing?!

Simon Kalis: A little snug, but it will do.
Brian Rentfro: Unsanctioned madness baby!!!!

Simon re-enters the hallway dressed as the security guard, his face half covered by riot goggles. He lights up a cigarette and leans back against the wall, trying hard to contain his euphoric stupor and joy. Footsteps and mumbled swear words can be heard as Scott Nash Strader enters the hallway. Simon casually checks to make sure his night stick is close to grab. Strader approaches Simon, thinking he’s a guard taking a smoke break.

SNS: Good to see my taxes at work. Have you seen a black piece of shit, no offense, come this way?

Simon Kalis: Yeah, I think he went that way homie.

Strader goes to continue down the hall, but the voice doesn’t seem right. He turns around to be met with the nightstick to side of his head.

Simon Kalis: Ha, you are stupider then you look! Homie! HAHAHAHA!

He removes his riot goggles and smiles at the fallen Strader. Simon may live to regret not making sure Strader was all the way out, because Scott has grabbed the pepper spray dangling off Kalis’ belt. He sprays it into the eyes of Kalis who grabs them yelling out in agony.

Simon Kalis: MY EYES!!!! My fucking eyes!!!!

Strader back to his feet, grabs Kalis, and irish whips into a wall. A rather large rolling bookshelf is in the hallway, and Strader gets an idea. He picks up Kalis, and holds up against the wall. With his other hand he grabs the shelf, and begins rolling and slamming it into Kalis by its side. Every time Kalis looks to fall, Strader holds him up and rams the book sehlf back into him. Strader lets the shelf roll away as Kalis falls to the floor.

Brian Rentfro: Come on Simon, don’t let this biker scum do you in!

SNS: Come on Kalis! Get up SOLDIER! ON YOUR FEET!

Strader swings his left leg back and sends it back forward catching Kalis in the gut and lifts him up in the air a couple feet before he crashes to the ground. Strader pulls Kalis to his knees by his guard’s shirt. He throws Kalis head between his legs, and lifts him up with Strader’s Finishing Touch. Kalis is sent crashing into the book shelf. Kalis convulses on the top of the mangled book shelf.

SNS: Now would you just fucking die already?!
Simon Kalis: Ahhhhahaha....

Strader begins to walk over the fallen Kalis as he gurgles blood curdling laughs, but Kalis still with life, has unattached a tazer from his belt and catches Strader in the leg. He convulses and bounces off the wall and falls. Kalis reaches over and tasers him right in the chest. Strader, being a big man, grabs the taser and yanks it from Kalis hand. Kalis lunges to get it back, but is met right between the eyes with a live tazer.

Jon McDaniel: Brian, I think we are going to lose four stars tonight.

Brian Rentfro: At the most two Jon. Engel and Kalis are rock and roll.

Strader and Kalis lay in the mess convulsing as "Last Ones Left(ORDER OF CHAOS REMIX)" by 2pac and The Outlawz, the original tag team theme for Masakazu and Kalis, plays over the prison intercom. Meanwhile in the loony bin, Engel finishes wrapping Hayes in a straight jacket with a sick smile over his face. Hayes struggles to get free but Engel kicks him in the head and then slams the door shut to the ward cell. Engel takes a moment to get abreast of his surroundings before running down the hall. He finds a staircase and climbs up to the top. He bursts through the door and finds himself on the roof of the psych ward, with victory in sight. He looks down into the yard and his eyes widen as he sees Simon Kalis come flying through a window pane and into a broken heap on the grass in the yard.

Matthew Engel: Come on Scott! Play nice, now!

Strader walks forward into the yard and starts cussing back at Engel who taunts him from atop the Psych Ward roof. Kalis slowly gets to his feet, biting his bottom lip in rage as he stands up. Engel points to Strader to look out, and as Strader turns around Kalis gouges him in the eyes and then kicks him in the gut following it with an impressive stunner! The Tears of Redemption! Engel takes a deep breathe and takes a few steps back as Kalis lays a few stiff kicks into Strader's head. Kalis steps out and gets on one knee, pointing heroically towards Engel as Matthew Engel comes FLYING OFF THE ROOF AND HITS EUTHANASIA ON SCOTT NASH STRADER! HOLY SHIT IS RIGHT JIM! Engel hurt himself somewhat with the stunning move but Kalis is there to help him get to his feet quickly. Both men look towards the fence a few yards away and smile, victory is at hand!

Simon Kalis: Where's Hayes?

Matthew Engel: Sipping pina collada with the crazies in psych ward.

However what Engel nor Kalis see is Hayes bursting onto the roof top from the same door that Engel used moments ago, still in a straight jacket and all. Kalis and Engel look over Strader and smile in satisfaction. Hayes has other plans however and takes a few steps back, taking a deep breath and bolting towards the edge... HAYES JUMPS OFF THE ROOF AND THROWS HIMSELF RIGHT INTO BOTH ENGEL AND KALIS, KNOCKING EVERYONE THE FUCK OUT! Hayes, Engel, Kalis and Strader now all lay in a massive heap in the yard as guards with rifles watch on from the towers in suspense. Hayes with that incredibly destructive cross body splash on both Engel and Kalis from the roof of the psych ward, annhiliating every man in the match.

Brian Rentfro: Words cannot describe what we've just seen folks.

Jon McDaniel: Hospital bills might.

Strader is the first one to get up as "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin begins to play over the outdoor speakers in the yard, almost poetically signalling the end of things. Strader looks around at the pile of bodies before him and then turns to face the fence. Kalis however gets to his feet, his veins popping and his body running on adrenaline and morphine. Kalis tackles Strader to the grass and begins pummeling away at him, but Strader reverses and throws Kalis off of him. As he gets up he kicks Kalis in the face to keep him down as Hayes gets to his feet as well. Strader and Hayes make a run for the fence and victory now. Strader is onto the fence first, ignoring the barbed wire electric current at the top. Hayes gets tackled down by Matthew Engel and Engel begins knocking the shit out of Jethro Hayes with a flurry of lefts and rights. As Strader gets to the top of the fence he is careful and methodical to avoid the electric barbed wire but Kalis is already climbing up after him. Kalis latches onto Strader's legs and pulls him down! Strader's chest gets shredded into the barbed wire and an electric current blasts through him, but it stops quickly due to the prison riot still going on inside. Kalis falls on his ass to the ground but Strader is flesh locked into the barbed wire. MATTHEW ENGEL WITH IMAGES AND WORDS ON JETHRO HAYES! Finally, Hayes is completely knocked out and Kalis begins climbing the fence again quickly. He climbs over Strader and drives his weight onto Strader's back, gnawing his chest against the barbed wire as he throws himself off and Kalis lands onto the outside of the prison fence where referee Dwayne Cross is waiting. Engel follows suit, driving his knees into Straders back before throwing himself off but not before kicking Strader in the face as he does so. Engel lands on the outside as Strader falls back into the prison yard, some of his flesh still attached to the fencing high above. A bell sounds back at the arena.


Dwayne Cross raises Matthew Engel and Simon Kalis' arms in victory, and both men look at each with satisfied smirks.

Eric Emerson: The winners of this match! MATTHEW ENGEL AND SIMON KALIS!!!

The crowd in Tropicana Field are on their feet, applausing and giving a standing ovation to all four men back at the prison.

Jon McDaniel: What these guys just did is... No words for this, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: I'm speechless, Jon. I really am. Wow.

Prison Intercom: And she's buying a... stairway... to heaven!!!