World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

Lisa Seldon in action *crowd explodes from the awesome*

A New Rayn

(alex is amazingly funny by the way)

Camera's fade in, and we're back stage in the undercarriage of the United Center in none other than Chicago, Ill. A door down the hall way opens up and we see none other than estranged brother of First Class Felon Simon Kalis, Daniel Kalis. He looks down the way away from the camera, towards the empty arena, sitting like a haunted house until the show begins tonight. Daniel turns and starts walking towards the cameras. At first he walks past them, but the cameras begin to follow him, so he does what he does best, talk.

Daniel "Rayn" Kalis: Well, since I've been here, I know that I've shaken things up a little. I know Simon's trippin now, otherwise he wouldn't have come into my match last week against Corey and Riona. But well, that's ok Simon, it's perfectly fine. We were in Los Angeles last week, your home away from homes, where all the worthless pond scum that mooch off of hard workers like us Simon. You talk about being a boss? A boss of what? A run down neighborhood in a city filled with nothing but crime? You're pathetic Simon.

Daniel pushes open a door, and walks outside the arena. Fans that arrived extra early to catch the stars arriving flip out, knowing Rayn is one of their own. He waves for a few moments before walking up to the nearest police officer he can see.

Daniel "Rayn" Kalis: Hey, twinkle tits, who's in charge?

The police officer addressed, a fat donut eater, points down the line towards the man standing at the far end of the line.

Fat Cop: That'd be Lieutenant Anderson sir.

Daniel "Rayn" Kalis: Thanks tubby. You might want to find something better than the Krispy Cream diet.

Daniel tags the cop in the gut with a light back hand, then smirks and walks down the line of police, camera's still following and fans still cheering.

Daniel "Rayn" Kalis: Hey, Anderson, what's goin on?

Lt. Anderson: Well, as you heard the PWA wanted extra security because of attempts on the life of... Simon Kalis. This guy related?

Daniel "Rayn" Kalis: Yeah, something like that. Look guys, while it's appreciated what you're doing here? You aren't needed. You can pack up all the donut eating machines inside and go do something better.

Lt. Anderson: Sorry sir, but I can't do that unless I get the order from the top.

Daniel "Rayn" Kalis: Oh really? Ok, you stay right there, let me make a phone call.

Daniel pulls out his Samsung Alias and flips it open, holding down one of the numbers on the key pad for a moment, then lifts the phone to his ear. He waits a few moments, looking around as fans take pictures.

Daniel "Rayn" Kalis: Hey Randy! How's it going? ...... Good, good, listen, I got this thing I'm doin down at the United Center here in an hour or so, and I need favor from ya. ....... Yeah, all the police presence? You can remove them and send them on their way... Yeah, I know it's your responsibility, but it's my brother and he needs to learn we don't play by his rules... Yeah, I know it's fucked, but it's on me. Just pull them..... Alright.

Daniel flips the phone shut and slides it into his pocket. He walks back over to Anderson, smiles and nods, then looks down at his watch. Daniel looks towards the sky, and begins counting some of the stars, then he looks back at his watch, and then waves a finger in the air. At that time, the Lieutenants radio crackles as we hear the dispatcher's voice come over the thing.

Dispatcher: Lieutenant Anderson, your unit needed on a one eight seven due to a fifty one fifty down town.

Lt. Anderson: Roger that dispatch, we're packin up and movin out.

Daniel smiles at the Lieutenant as he walks away, starting to give orders to the police standing around back here and gets on his radio, letting the police inside know. Daniel walks back to the building, as the wave of police start flooding out of the doors. After a good twenty or thirty exit, they all head out to their cars, and leave just like that, leaving the normal show security outside dealing with the fans. Daniel hols his arms, outstretched towards the camera.

Daniel "Rayn" Kalis: Ya see Simon? Welcome to my world bitch. Have fun tonight...

Daniel walks over to the fans and starts signing autographs as the image fades.

Many Men

(Wish Death Upon Me)

We fade to the area just outside the United Center in Chicago, Illinois as fans gather for the action to proceed later in the evening. The scene is vibrant, beautiful as the sun sets over the Windy City while a brand new, white BMW X6 rolls into view. The PWA On Demand camera on her dashboard turns on and we come to view her occupants. "Ave Maria" plays softly from the speakers as Simon Kalis drives the X6 into a full stop at the front of the arena. He tilts his Versace sun glasses down to take a more clean look outside as a large number of fans begin to yell and cuss as they approach the vehicle. Masakazu seems dazed off, nodding and smiling as he listens to the soft tones of the song. Maya seems disgruntled and annoyed as Kalis surveys the scene in contemplation. We faintly notice a metal briefcase in the backseat with Maya as..

Simon Kalis: I guess it isn't safe to park out front anymore, is it?

Masakazu: Probably not, I mean. Especially when we're actually arriving early for once instead of right before the show starts.

Simon Kalis: Good point.

Maya: Could change the music you know dad. Like, put something on a little less 1800s and maybe a little more in tune with todays teenage angst and social oppression?

Kalis rolls his eyes as he rolls the vehicle away from the front entrance.

Simon Kalis: Security's a little light, isn't it? Frolicking in the wind like little dicks on a clothesline.

Maya finally fed up with the religious song in latin leans forward from the backseat and begins to scroll through the songs on the iPod attached to the car stereo. Kalis begins pulling into the back entrance of the arena slowly, entering the parking lot. Finally "Highway to Hell" by ACDC begins to play and Maya smirks jumping into the back again and singing along. Kalis itches on his chest, opening the top of his silk dress shirt to scratch revealing a bullet proof vest covering his upper body.

Masakazu: Precautious, no?

Simon Kalis: These days we can't be too sure kiddo.

Maya: Hey mama! Look at me! I'm on the way to the promised land!!!

Just as Maya says this, another vehicle comes into view as Kalis is reversing into his parking spot. It's a black Yukon XL, a massive beast of a truck and it comes barreling towards the Kalis family in the X6. Kalis sees it at the last minute but it's too late as it plows right through the drivers side area, crushing the front left side and pushing back the engine upwards and into the windshield. The BMW spins and smashes into other parked cars before coming to a stop, with the black Yukon slowing down and turning around. Kalis is bleeding from his head and looks around to check on Masa and Maya. Maya winces as she holds her arm, her elbow having gone right through the back seat passenger window. Shards of glass having slashed her right arm with many cuts but luckily nothing piercing her body through.

Simon Kalis: Maybe now you'll listen to me when I say wear your seat belt...

Kalis smirks before coughing and checking on Masakazu. Masa seems to be the least harmed and looks around as he undoes his seatbelt. He looks over his father and his face cringes. The steering wheel is pushed forward and has itself locked between Kalis and the seat, with the drivers side door crumpled right over his bleeding knee.

Masakazu: I have to get you out of here!

Simon Kalis: That asshole is making his way back, just get your sister out.

Masakazu: But-

Simon Kalis: It's an order, kiddo.

Kalis smiles as he pats Masa on the face. Masa nods, determined fear overtaking his face. He opens his door easily as the Yukon XL quickly barrels back. He grabs Maya after opening the back seat door and pulls her out. She drapes her good arm over his shoulders and he moves the both of them away from the BMW X6 they came in with. We can see Kalis on the PWA on Demand camera looking towards the oncoming truck.

Simon Kalis: This is what happens when they take my guns away... Fuck you Sommers.

The Yukon XL crashes through the passenger side door and crushes the front right side of the vehicle completely in. The X6 spins back into it's original position and then right into the other cars opposite it. The engine finally gets pushed entirely through the windshield and partly ends up in the seat where Masakazu was in. The Yukon XL speedily drives out of the parking garage and the PWA On Demand camera inside the vehicle is now cut to static...

Jon McDaniel: Well as we all just saw, Brian... Yet another attempt was made on the life of Simon Kalis. This isn't the first time, and I'm afraid it isn't going to be the last.

Brian Rentfro: Simon Kalis has made himself a target for all kinds of grimey individuals across the country since this hostile takeover by The Order of Chaos. As is, we're unsure if this is gang related or what is looking more and more obvious is directly related to the wrestling industry.

Jon McDaniel: With security footage from the parking garage, the license plates were identified and the person responsible for this was arrested earlier tonight. It appears that they were simply a crazed Jethro Hayes fan out for revenge from Kalis' actions last week.

Brian Rentfro: Two weeks ago that guy jumped the barricade with a loaded handgun when Kalis was cutting an in-ring promo. Things are getting out of hand here, and now it seems even Maya is hurt. Although probably not as badly as her father.

Jon McDaniel: As it stands, following the incident today neither Simon, Maya or Masakazu himself are here anymore. They've left and are currently be treated at an undisclosed hospital in the Chicago area. Masakazu has that cage match against The Phoenix tonight but it's still unclear if he'll even bother to return.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah. Plus Kalis' brand new Beamer just got wrecked again, three weeks after Bubba destroyed the X5. Wonder if there's an X7 for him to buy.

Jon McDaniel: Hold on, Brian. I'm getting word that something is happening outside.

The camera switch scenes to the front entrance of the arena were a taxi pulls up and comes to a stop. Masakazu steps out first from the passengers side as Maya steps out from the backseat. He entire right arm is wrapped in bloody gauze her white wifebeater still has dried blood on it from earlier today.

Maya: It's time to fuck shit up, dear brother.

Masakazu: People are gonna pay for this. You got the orders?

Maya: Anyone who gets in our way is getting laid out.

They enter the arena quickly, brushing aside the beefed up security. Maya flexes her right arm and winks at the camera as she passes by and we fade...

Have a Drink on Me

The camera opens up on the PWA Grizzly Beer Champion, 'The Jersey Devil' Marco Dante walking down a hallway backstage, with what appears to be a six pack carton of bottled beer and it's not Grizzly beer, but Samual Adams' Boston Lager.

Rentfro: Dante gonna get tanked before his match with Spykeman?!

McDaniel: Probably not! Remember what he said about owing Riona Langly a drink? You'd need a clear head to go up against a competitor like Spykeman!

Rentfro: He's gonna get tanked with Riona Langly!? Woohoo! 'Brown Chicken Brown Cow!'

McDaniel: No! It's about mutual respect! Look what she went through at 'Spirit of '76' and Rampage a couple weeks ago, suffering that loss to Marina Blue of Rebel Pro! That was a blow against the entire PWA Roster!

Rentfro: Maybe so! But Marina was SMOKING hot!

McDaniel: You still don't get it...

Marco Dante stops outside the dressing room for the current PWA World Heavyweight Champion, Riona Langly, he knocks on the door gently, takes a beer out of the carton and holds it in his hand by the neck, and waits for the door to open, to which when the door was finally opened, he'd holds out the beer bottle to Riona.

Marco Dante: I said I owed you a drink so, here you go. I felt you got screwed in your match with Marina and then got screwed out of the Intercontinental Title by Johnny Maverick, but you still kicked his ass even as injured as you were, to win the World Title. You've got more heart than anyone else in the PWA.

Riona seems to look a little confused before she shakes her head and accepts the beer...

Riona Langly: This was sorta unexpected, but fairly stand up of you... But, your choice in booze is not all that good. Sam Adams Boston Lager? Really man?

There's a smirk on her face that betrays her words... She seems pleased by the action.

Marco Dante: Well, it was the best out of what they had at the liqour store...

Riona Langly: You're kidding, right?

Marco Dante: No joke...

Riona chuckles and Marco joins in.

Riona Langly: Well, I guess it's still better than Grizzly Beer. You know I've still got cases of the stuff from when I was champ? The only person who drinks the crap is my next door neighbor.

Marco laughs, and Riona seems to turn a little more serious.

Riona Langly: Look... treat that title well. I know you don't have a belt for it right now, and if you're a champion worth your salt, you're going to take it out of Xan's ass at Sizzler. But, be smart, be intelligent, and use that title well... Because the GB title was my first title in the PWA, and it still means alot to me. Don't make me think of jumping down the card and kicking your ass into shape.

Marco nods and Riona extends a hand, which Dante accepts.

Riona Langly: Have fun against Spykeman, he's a kook but he's dangerous none the less.

Another nod from Marco and Riona closes the door as we go back to ringside.

Marco Dante vs Spykeman

Singles Match

Marco strikes first, taking Spykeman out of particularly heroic pose with a big running boot. He then gets him off the mat and into the corner where he works him over with a few blows to the body. Spykeman gets his dukes up but Marco punches through them and then sends him to the opposite corner. Spykeman bounces out from the force and Marco charges him down, only to run right into massive palm strike that wipes him out. Spykeman takes the opportunity to finish up his heroic pose from before.

Brian Rentfro: That strange eccentric man.

Spykeman follows up by getting Dante to his feet and lighting him up with a chop. He then throws him to the ropes and scores a leapfrog before turning into a Dropkick as Dante comes the other way. Dante goes into the ropes off the kick and then bounces back, allowing Spykeman to catch him with a Hurricanrana into a cradle.



Jon McDaniel: And he's out!

Dante explodes from the cover and sits up, only for Spykeman to rush him from behind. Dante stays seated and Spykeman hits the ropes and comes back with a kick aimed at the front, but Dante catches his leg and rolls through, taking Spykeman over into a Half Crab. Spykeman immediately begins pounding the mat in pain.

Brian Rentfro: Spykeman is caught and he's in trouble.

Jon McDaniel: I'm not so...

Spykeman Whines and squirms and hammers the ground in pain as Dante settles into the hold, but it's all a little theatrical, and Dante breaks off the hold. Spykeman continues writhing in apparent pain while Dante takes a step back and watches.

Brian Rentfro: Strange kid.

Jon McDaniel: Yup.

Spykeman carries on the charade until he notices Dante standing over him. He then sits up and dusts himself off, and rolls just before Dante can bring a kick down on the point of his head.

Brian Rentfro: So... you think being impervious to pain is one of his superpowers?

Jon McDaniel: I think it's as close to a superpower as he's going to get.

Dante dodges another kick and then rolls to his back where he catches his third and sends him away. Spykeman rolls to his feet and whips off a kick that falls into Dante's hands. He then tries to lift him up but Spykeman gets his other leg in play and then leaps up to roll Dante for an Armbar. Dante however keeps his balance.

Brian Rentfro: Someone's been watching their Johnny Maverick tapes.

Jon McDaniel: That or going 'round his place and bothering him when he tries to sleep.

Dante gets his hands locked together and holds Spykeman up on his shoulders for a pin.


Jon McDaniel: Rolls it.

Spykeman turns off his shoulder and gives Marco the chance he needs to get him off the ground and slam him on the back of his head to break his grip. Spykeman lies stunned for a moment, giving Marco time enough to smash a knee into his face. He hooks the leg.



Jon McDaniel: Out at two!

Dante rolls off Spykeman and then pitches him to the ropes. Spykeman gets tagged with a kick in the stomach to double him offer. Dante then hits the ropes off to the side and comes back with a knee in the side of the head that stands him up and turns him away. Marco then latches on to a rear waistlock and turns Spykeman over in the air with a German Suplex that brings him down on his skull. Unfortunately Spykeman rolls through and comes up with a leaping Yakuza Kick in the back of Marco's head to take him down.

Brian Rentfro: Using his hard head again.

Spykeman leaps into a Prawnhold as Dante gets to his knees.



Jon McDaniel: Marco struggles free.

Dante gets up to his knees again and narrowly misses a kick thrown at his face. Spykeman gets turned around and Dante catches him with a School Boy Rollup.



Jon McDaniel: Spykeman breaks out just in time.

Spykeman rolls out to his feet and let's rip with the Roundhouse Kick to the face, but Dante catches his leg in both hands and spins him around, three hundred and sixty degrees, right back into his grasp.

Jon McDaniel: Hangman's Noose!

Dante latches on but Spykeman kicks him loose. He then fires off the Roundhouse Kick toward his face but Dante blocks and pulls him into a Small Package.




Brian Rentfro: He got him?

Jon McDaniel: Out of nowhere no less.

Spykeman explodes from the cover and looks to fight on, but the referee holds him back, telling him it’s too late. Marco meanwhile rolls out of the ring, gathering up his title and hitting the stage.

Eric Emerson: Here is your winner… Marco Dante!

Marco stops at the ramp and offers Spykeman a hand for a match well fought before carrying up the ramp. Spykeman meanwhile looks a little disappointed, but never the less he sulates the fans on each side; all of them cheering him on. We jump to commercial.

Intercontinental Fightle!

(less funny this time)

The fans in attendance are all on the edge of their seats, waiting for the lights to dim, and the show to begin. the PWA theme plays on the speakers as the announcers make their way down to the announce table. Just as they're passing the ring, the music stops, and "Evolution" by Korn begins to play. The arena instantly leaps from suspensful to instantly rabid as smoke fills up the entry way and the lyrics begin. Slowly a figure is seen walking out through the smoke, as Daniel Kalis fully steps out through the smoke, the fans going nuts as he soaks it all in for a moment, then he runs with mic in hand and slides into the ring under the bottom rope, the fans completely oblivious that the show hasn't even offically started yet. Daniel stands up, motioning with his hand, draging it across hs throat as the music stops.

Daniel Kalis: Wait just a minute, cut their mics too.

He points towards the announce table, as the two men begin flappin their mouths, but no words can be heard.


The place errupts as if the Cubs had just won the world series. Literally the show security start moving towards a small riot breaking out in the crowd.

Daniel Kalis: Easy there peeps. I wanted to come out here before the show OFFICALLY starts, and well, basically take this time to have some face time in PWA. I also have to thank them for letting me go a little ape shit here, but anyways, onto the big things goin on with the Rayn man...

The fans begin cheering again as Daniel once again motions for silence and the fans begin to die down.

Daniel Kalis: First off, five years ago I started a campaign to help Chicago the best I could...

The fans nut up again, thanking Daniel for everything he's done to help make the city safe again. For a second time, Daniel motions with his hands, and the fan banter dies down to a low rumble.

Daniel Kalis: Now, when I got here earlier this morning, I noticed there were a lot of police here. So I had to ask them why they were here? I mean, I've done shows everywhere, and never have I seen that many police. So I approached them and asked, "Hey, why the hell are ya here?' They told me that they were here to make sure there were no attempts on the life of Simon Kalis.....

Daniel begins to nod like a school teacher as the fans begin to boo in such a manner that it feels like the building would collapse. Daniel calms them best he can.

Daniel Kalis: Calm down, the guy IS my brother, shit. So what I did, was I got on the phone, and made a little call to the chief of police. I told him basically, that the showing of police, it made me a bit nervous, and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to fully perform, and beat Jethro Hayes here tonight, and so, they're gone!

The fans becin applauding.

Daniel Kalis: Damn right. I know the stoners up top want their distance so they can blaze. Come on, there is no security in nose bleeds we all know that. I know that the drunk guy over there, in the third row? He might start some shit later and he doesn't want to get arrested for having a good time, right?

The crowd plays right into Daniel's hands. They cheer and applaud everything that he says. Daniel calms them down for a moment, before once again speaking.

Daniel Kalis: Now, the thing is, I have a decision to make. One, I could join the already massive amount of the roster and go take down Simon...

The crowd is literally going ape shit right now. The Los Angeles Riots are jealous of what's going on in this arena right now. Things are being thrown, the crowd is ape hearing Daniel mention taking down Simon.

Daniel Kalis: Yeah, I thought you'd like that one. Or, there's the other option, since Simon's booked against Strader this coming pay per view thing? I have nothing better to do, and since we all know that Rayn equals ratings, I thought maybe, you guys could help me by showing just how much you'd love to see the home town hero bring home the PWA INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

The crowd goes insane. The PWA security comes out in full, surrounding the ring and making sure that their security plants in the crowd aren't being pummeled by the fans and their seeming insane cheering.

Daniel Kalis: Does Chicago want to see another loss from the cubs???

Daniel holds the mic out to the fans as they all yell in unison.

Fans: NO!!!!!

Daniel Kalis: Do you want to see the Bulls bring home another NBA trophy???

Again, he holds the mic out to the fans.

Fans: NO!!!!!

Daniel Kalis: Let me guess, I bet you want to see me, Daniel Kalis, Chicago born, raised, bred, the savior of the city..... get a shot at the PWA Intercontinental championship?

Daniel holds the mic out.

Fans: YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel Kalis: And you want to see me beat the hell out of Cody Bogard right?

Again the fans go nuts, yelling out yes one more time. Rayn looks up towards the ceiling, then looks back towards the announcers, before looking towards the main camera and pointing towards it.

Daniel Kalis: The fans agree, I agree, Lisa, make it happen...

Daniel drops the mic as "Evolution" by Korn begins playing and Ray get's out of the ring through the ropes. He walks over to the guard rails, slapping hands with the fans as he makes his way back up the entrance stage and back through the curtain...

A Fruitful Partnership

[In an anonymous room somewhere in the arena, a single lamp was hanging over a desk. A pair of tattooed forearms sit on the desk, laced at the fingers in a praying formation. The voice behind them clearly belongs to Simon Kalis.]

Simon Kalis: So what exactly makes you think I can believe a single word coming out of that pretty little mouth of yours?

[A flattered giggle from the other side. Alexis Sharpcraft leans over the table, so that Kalis can see her face. She wanted him to know that she was being sincere.]

Alexis Sharpcraft: Look, let’s just say that I have my sources. I belong to the wrestling media, or I did, anyway. My guys are good with their stuff, they could tell you if a tag team was headed for Splitsville based on what they ordered at breakfast this morning.

[She smirks.]

Alexis Sharpcraft: Besides, why would I lie to you?

Simon Kalis: I’m not sure. There’s a lot of reasons you may have. For all I know you’re a spy. I invented the infiltration trick so lets just say I’m not the trusting type. Besides sweetheart, what makes you even think you’re safe with me given the connections you’ve held?

[Alexis gives a nonchalant laugh.]

Alexis Sharpcraft: Well, Duff broke my heart. He left me for dead in the desert once because I had a one-night-stand with a woman at a bachelorette party thrown by a lesbian. He just finished snuffing out my writing career in Wrestle Mark Magazine because the editor there was too much of a wimp to stand up for my right to free speech. He’s done more morally reprehensible things to me than I care to remember. I have no reason to spy for Duff, Mr. Kalis.

[She leans back into the darkness.]

Alexis Sharpcraft: Besides, I might be crazy, but I’m not suicidal. If I was here on a mission from Duff or Strader, you’d know, and I’d be in a world of pain by now.

[Kalis leans back in his seat, taking a cigarette from behind his ear and lighting it up. He takes a moment to admire the smoke as it billows skyward and nods.]

Simon Kalis: You’re right. That camera would be off, you’d be tied up and in the back of a truck on your way to an Indian reserve to be dumped into a quick sand pit and no one would know we ever spoke. So really then, I suppose there is an arrangement to be made between us. What do you want to do with The Order exactly?

[She leans forward again. The light gleams off of her black makeup.]

Alexis Sharpcraft: Whatever I’m needed for. I know that the numbers for the VDP are beginning to get bigger, and you’re in dire need of recruits. I can bring the media to your side if you let me, we’ll make VDP look like the bad guys. People will start questioning who is good, and who is evil in the equation. Everyone needs someone working PR. I just want Duff to suffer.

[There’s eagerness in her voice, and she speaks in a quick manner. Her fiery eyes grow wider and more excited with every word.]

Simon Kalis: Well... I already work the media pretty good myself but since this whole takeover people look at me like I’m some sort of bad guy. When really, I’m the sweetest most kind man you’ll ever meet. Plus, if you really wanted to get back at Duff you could always sleep with me and leak a sex tape on the internet.

Alexis Sharpcraft: I won’t lie, boss, you’re pretty damn attractive, and I am recently single. I saw the look in Duff’s eye when I told him that I was sleeping with that dweeb running Mark Plaza, so I can imagine how he’d react when I tell him I’ve been with you. We’ll have to see about that. I make no guarantees, though.

[Kalis smirks as he rubs the wedding ring on his right hand, taking another drag from his cigarette.]

Simon Kalis: Yeah, we’ll have to see about that. But I suppose, you’re more than welcome to come to the winning side of this battle if you’d like. Probably a good career move what with me being on the PWA Board of Directors. I think this friendship can work well for the both of us.

Alexis Sharpcraft: I’m inclined to agree with you, Mr. Kalis. I look forward to a very fruitful partnership between our two parties.

[Alexis stands up from her chair, and the chains on her attire could be heard jingling. She reached across the table, a talon ring on her index finger, and offers a handshake to Kalis.]

Simon Kalis: To a fruitful partnership.

[Kalis accepted and they shook hands.]

Hiro Takawa vs Cody Bogard

The battle between Cody Bogard and Hiro Takawa started out a lot slower than expected as each man tested the water going back and forth on strikes without really giving much a way. The battle continued tentatively around the ring with nothing more brutal than the odd leg kick being scored. However the blows mount up and Cody quickly found himself working on dead legs as Hiro picked him away.

The gentle chipping away forced Cody to up the pace and bait Hiro into a shootout that saw the two of them trading straight up shots, allowing Cody to get the lead with a German Suplex out of a strike exchange. Cody then asserted his authority and kept up the pace, but the earlier work of Hiro in breaking down the legs made it difficult for him and Cody soon found himself unable to keep up the lead.

Hiro then fought his way back and used the speed game to his advantage, bringing the match back to stalemate. A trade off of moves and reversals allowed Hiro to score with the Back to the Future, knocking Bogard silly and leave him on his knees for Hiro to follow up with the Omega Burst for the win.

Despite losing a tough match though, Cody showed his humility by shaking his opponents hand and then raising him up to the fans, showing there were no hard feelings for a well fought match.

Winner: Hiro Takawa

Coallition of the Willing, Part 1

The scene fades into the backstage area where it seems Xan Vaxman is getting prepared up for his upcoming match, putting on his boots with his foot elevated on a bench until we hear a knock on the door.

Xan Vaxman: What!?

The door opens and we see Maya enter his dressing room, with her father in tow. Simon Kalis remains seated in a wheelchair, with the same clothes he was wearing during the accident. His entire body is covered in blood, his head wrapped in bloody gauze as are his left knee and left arm. A metal briefcase sits on his lap and he looks up unamused at Vaxman.

Xan Vaxman: Well, you look like shit. not that it's anything that won't get better.

Simon Kalis: Your right, these wounds will heal, Xan. You got my message I take it?

Xan Vaxman: Nope. What'd you want?

Kalis smirks and nods, Maya leaves the dressing room and closes the door behind her.

Simon Kalis: There's a price to be paid when you sit at the top of all the other kretins who mass around men like you and I these days.

Xan Vaxman: You're an apple Simon. I'm an orange. So explain how we're alike again.

Kalis smiles as he taps the metal briefcase on his lap.

Simon Kalis: We all have needs, Xan. We all have our missions, our quests... Our principles and our beliefs. Am I right?

Xan Vaxman: You're boring me, get to the point.

Kalis laughs, but his happy demeanor quickly dissipates and he looks at Vaxman with mistrust.

Simon Kalis: Listen, Xan. I'm here because we have a deal. I have pushed you into contendership for that Grizzly Beer title you so covet to destroy. I've even made the arrangements to have the future of that championship decided by the winner at Summer Sizzler. I've done a lot for you already, Xan. All I am here to do is confirm our arrangement.

Vaxman turns around and nods.

Xan Vaxman: The Order of Chaos has my support for it's takeover. So yes, Simon. You get my vote of confidence. I'm just surprised you didn't come knocking for it sooner. Why the sudden change of interest?

Kalis chuckles again, as Maya opens the door again and comes to the handles of the wheelchair.

Simon Kalis: The voice of the PWA's last Grizzly Beer Champion would be important to have on my side.

Vaxman turns around and sneers, a little smirk creeping over his face.

Kalis pops open the briefcase and smiles before closing it back shut.

Xan Vaxman: That was it, wasn't it?

Simon Kalis: A little reminder and incentive, Mr. Vaxman. Good luck this evening. You'll need it with a loser like Matt Stone as your partner.

Kalis is wheeled out by Maya as Vaxman finished lacing up his boots for the contest ahead.

Matt Stone and Xan Vaxman vs The Danger Boiz

Tag Team Match

Before the match, the PWA World's Champion, Riona Langly, takes a seat at the commentary booth... Stone seems to give her a cocky look as his partner looks towards Riona with scorn. The sound of the bell kicks off the clock and Xan makes a beline for Chris with an elbow through the face. Xan then gets him up and pushes him back to his teams corner, allowing Stone to work him over with a few punches to the exposed ribs before they're forced to ake the tag. Stone comes in and carries on working him over before scoring a Headlock Takedown.

Riona Langly: Look, I'm not trying to hate when I say things like Matt Stone is a complete waste of space... He's got the talent to make it, but he doesn't bother.

Jon McDaniel: He was Grizzly Beer Champion for a record time...

Riona Langly: But at the same time, look at his work lately outside of the ring. He doesn't care unless there's a title on the line.

Stone makes the tag back to Xan with his foot and then keeps Chris flat as Xan comes in off a run and drops his braced knee across his opponents chest. Xan takes back over by pushing Chris into a corner.

Xan whips Chris to the opposite side and takes off after him, but Chris gets the ropes in hand and boosts himself into the air. Unfortunately Xan isn't close enough, and he ends up landing Xan's shoulder. He tur back toward the ring and sets up for a Powerslam, but Chris manages to wriggle out of his grasp and score with an Armdrag instead, putting Xan across the ring.

Brian Rentfro: So, what do you think about the Danger Boiz?

Riona Langly: Meh...

Jon McDaniel: Just 'meh', there's got to be more than that.

Riona Langly: Look, it's simple, they haven't done anything to really deserve the hype they give each other.

Xan gets up and steps right into a kick in the stomach that shunts him into the ropes. Chris then whips him off and makes the quick tag to Dan. Dan then runs around the the adjacent apron and waits for Xan to get taken down with a Drop Toehold before he comes over with the aid of the ropes to score with a Frontflip Legdrop across the back of Xan's head. He then rolls him for the cover as Chris keeps guard.



Jon McDaniel: Only a two.

Brian Rentfro: But it's the Danger Boiz who have to worry about winning here.

Riona Langly: Yeah, really, don't want to look like weaklings right as they've gotten their title shot.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, you wouldn't know ANYTHING about that, would you?

Riona Langly: Brian, you do know I know 36 different ways to break your right foot? Would you like a demonstration?

Brian Rentfro: No, I'm good.

Dan gets Xan up into the centre of the ring and blasts him in the chest with a straight kick that doubles him over. Dan then takes to the ropes but Matt sneaks across the apron and scores with a hefty through the ropes that stops him in his tracks. Dan turns to catch him but Matt leaps off the apron and let's Xan clean up with a Clothesline in the back of the head.

Riona Langly: I got to give some credit when it's due, they've got the teamwork down.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, assholes stick together!

Riona Langly: So, why aren't you in their corner then?

Xan gets Da back to their corner and lights him up woth a few kicks before grounding him with a Snapmare. He then drives a stiff kick into his back before making the tag back to Stone. Stone then enters with a Springboard and comes down with a Dropkick on the back of Dan's head, putting him down for the cover.



Jon McDaniel: And Dangerous Dan kicks out again.

Brian Rentfro: Chris wasn't quick enough on the break but I guess he didn't need to be.

Jon McDaniel: We saw last week the kinda punishment he can take and still come back to win it.

Riona Langly: Taking punishment isn't really enough, you can take all the punishment you want, if you can't dish it out, you're nothing.

Stone slips off the cover and changes over into a knee in Dan's throat. The referee starts the count but Stone is off by four and with a tag to Xan for good measure. The two then get Dan up and send him to the ropes. Xan steps forward and pushes Dan into the air, but instead of falling into Stone, he kicks out his legs and nails him with a high angle Dropkick.

Xan turns around to see what's going on and then immediately leaps for Dan, who manages to avoid him with a forward roll. Dan jumps up to his feet and right into a rear Waistlock, but Xan can't get him up and nstead finds himself chucked forward as Dan pulls down. Xan goes over onto his back and Dan rolls through, right into the perfect distance to leap for the tag.

Chris steps through Xan with a knee and then tosses himself into a Koppo kick at Stone that clips him on the jaw and puts him into the corner. Chris then rolls backwards and s himself up as a step for Dan,who cross the ring, pushes himself off his partners back and flies into Stone with a high Double Knee.

Riona Langly: See, I like what I'm seeing now.

Jon McDaniel: You only like it because they're beating Stone, right?

Riona Langly: Yeah, pretty much.

Chris then takes off at Xan and catches him with a back elbow that staggers him. In the centre of the ring. Dan then runs in behind Xan and takes a low stance while Chris lands a back hand that turns Xan around. He's groggy but awake just enough to the Superkick from Dan coming, and pushes passed him to leave Dan blasting hisown partner in the face. Chris falls into a shoulder tackle from Stone while Xan bundles Dan out of the ring.

Stone laces his hands around Chris's face and sticks his head into the back of Chris neck before dropping to a knee, jarring his spine. Chris then staggers forward into Xan and finds himself propped up on Xan's shoulder. Xan then waits for Stone to drop to his back and throw up his knees before throwing Chris forward and shattering his spine of Stone's knees.

Jon McDaniel: Huge impact off of that move.

Brian Rentfro: And they needed it because they're running out of time.

Stone shrugs Dan off and Xan jumps onto a cover.



Jon McDaniel: No! Chris Sweeps him through the ropes.

Riona Langly: Good sense of timing from Chris there, got to say.

Matt Stone leaps for the ropes and nails Chris with a Baseball Slide and then follows to the floor, leaving Dan and Xan alone with the minutes counting down.

Xan gets Dan off the floor and up for the Atomic Drop, but Dan breaks free and catches a Small Package.



Jon McDaniel: Xan explodes from the cover.

Brian Rentfro: He can't afford to keep giving up time though.

Xan scrambles but only manages to get as far as his knees before Dan catches him in a La Magistral.



Brian Rentfro: And Xan saves the match with a kickout...

Riona Langly: OK, I like what I'm seeing here from the Danger Boiz... Not only are they keeping the element of surprise, but these quick covers are going to tire out Xan and Stone and keep them from gaining enough momentum to end the match.

Jon McDaniel: You know, why aren't you out here more often? That's some good analysis.

Riona Langly: I can't stand this wishy-washy idiot next to me. Either like me or not Brian, ok?

Brian Rentfro: I don't have to listen to you, you know that?

Xan gets to his knees again but Dan leaps onto his shoulders as he gets up and tries to pull him into a Crucifix Pin, but Xan falls back into the ropes to stop the take down and then hefts Dan back up onto his shoulders. He then runs him into the corner, jamming his head into the buckles. He then whips around to finish him off, but the momentum allows Dan to whip out his legs and score with an Inverted DDT.

Jon McDaniel: Good impact there, but is it enough to win the match for the Boiz?

Riona Langly: Have I mentioned how stupid I think that name is?

Brian Rentfro: You probably mentioned it once. But, you know, you say so much in those videos of yours that I forget half of what you ramble on about.

Dan leaves him flat and clambers the ropes, where he shoots up an arm to the fans. Be then turns himself around and prepares for the big finish, but Xan manages to get a hold of the referee and push him to the ropes, causing Dan to spill and crotch himself on the top. The referee is furious but Xan feigns ignorance while doing his best to look hurt, holding his head as he drags himself from the floor.

Riona Langly: Aww, look, he's so completely innocent.


Outside the ring Matt has the situation in hand, and comes back toward the ring with a chair in hand. He slips it under a corner and then moves around the ring to catch the referee's attention while holding him in place. Xan gets the signal and moves for the chair while Dan pulls himself into the ropes.

Xan comes back with a weapon in his hands and a smile on his face, and pays no attention at all when the fans raise their voices. Unfortunetly it's not for him, and as Xan takes the chair up, he gets tackled from behind, and Marco Dante begins raining down the punches.

Jon McDaniel: I guess it's payback time.

Riona Langly: Of course it's payback time man. I'm glad that Dante is finally learning to MAN UP.

Brian Rentfro: That was smooth.

Marco lands a barrage of punches to the back of his head before stepping off and grabbing the chair. He then let's Xan get to his knees. Meanwhile Matt is attacked by Chris, freeing up the referee. He turns just in time to see Marco bring the chair around and smash Xan in the back off the head. He immediately calls for the bell.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, your winners of this match by way of disqualification, the team of Matt Stone and Xan Vaxman.

The Danger Boiz are rightly furious but Marco doesn't seem to share their concern, and instead winds up with another hard shot across Xan's back before tackling him out of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: So, wait, it was in the time limit. Does this mean...

Jon McDaniel: Think we're about to find out.

Riona Langly: Well bitches, it's been fun...

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, due to the conclusion of this match falling within the ten minute time limit, the team of Matt Stone and Xan Vaxman have earned a future tag team title match!

Dante and Vaxman brawl to the back, while the Danger Boiz walk away, looking fustrated with themselves and the outcome of the match... Matt Stone stands alone in the ring, looking pleased but with his back to the commentary table...

Jon McDaniel: Stone really should be paying attention to things...

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, Riona hasn't really gotten him back for that loss to Marina Blue.

Riona slides into the ring and stands behind Stone as he slowly turns around, facing the champion. Riona spins around for a Roaring Elbow attempt as Stone quickly scurries out of the ring and up the ramp... Riona smirks and holds her fingers together, showing how close he was to experiencing Sizzler a week early.

Jon McDaniel: You think she was going to hit him?

Brian Rentfro: Would you doubt her?

Jon McDaniel: Probably not...

Brian Rentfro: Still, Xan and Stone have gained themselves a Tag Title shot at any PPV of their choosing, that's a nice thing to have in their back pocket.

Jon McDaniel: I think that's the last thing on Stone's mind right now...

Stone glares daggers at Riona from the entrance ramp as we head to the back.

My Cold Dead Hands

The scene fades into Lisa Seldon's office as the door creeks open. Simon Kalis is wheeled in by Maya and Lisa doesn't seem surprised to see the very injured elder of the Kalis clan seated before her, the mysterious metal briefcase in his lap. A lit cigarette hangs from his mouth as he looks up, his face clouded by smoke and smiles at Lisa.

Simon Kalis: If it isn't the worlds number one boss.

Kalis points to the necklace around her neck which he bought her for her birthday. She holds it in her fingers and nods.

Lisa Seldon: Well I figured since you were the only one who bought me anything.

She sits at her desk and now looks Kalis in the eyes.

Lisa Seldon: Listen, buddy. Can I call you buddy? I figure since I've saved your life half a dozen times we should be buddies by now, right?

Simon Kalis: Right.

Lisa Seldon: Well I imagine you're not too happy about what happened this afternoon in the parking lot.

Simon Kalis: This is what happens when I'm not allowed to have my gun on me. But hey that's more my fault than yours, right? I misused a gun and now I'm forced to suffer with weekly attempts on my life. Not to mention...

Maya: Not to mention my arm. Look at my fucking arm! People are gonna think I'm emo or something.

Lisa Seldon: Right, peculiar child you are. So what's your point Simon?

Simon Kalis: My point is I'm a man of my word, Lisa.

Kalis taps the briefcase and puts it on her desk.

Simon Kalis: More than refurbished, it's a brand new gift for Marco Dante. I'd give it to him myself but I figured he might not want it from me, you know. He's probably a closest Kalis hater.

Lisa Seldon: Hey who isn't?

Kalis' left eye brow raises curiously as Lisa smiles back at him, cracking open the briefcase and seemingly impressed with it's content.

Lisa Seldon: Oh great. A new Grizzly Beer title. How generous of you. And look! Not a single Order of Chaos mark or emblem on it, how objectively sweet of you.

Simon Kalis: I try.

Lisa Seldon: So if this is new... What'd you do with the old, half melted Grizzly Beer title?

Simon Kalis: Donated it to the PWA Hall of Fame to keep in a case for the glaring idiots who try to kill me to enjoy.

Lisa Seldon: You're a sucker for love, Simon.

Simon Kalis: Right... Listen...

Maya butts in, displeased.

Maya: Listen, bitch. Where the fuck is my brother and I's tag team title shot?! You know the one I asked you for when I got here?!

Lisa Seldon: Who are you again?

Kalis shakes his head, smirking as Maya scoffs in disgust.

Maya: Well excuse me, you know who I am!

Simon Kalis: Sweety, sweety. Calm down.

Maya scoffs and turns around furiously, shaking her head.

Simon Kalis: Don't mind her. She takes after her father when I was her age.

Lisa Seldon: I imagine so. Which is curious, Simon. Here you are, kissing my ass every week. Knowing full well I have a little problem with your buddy Luscious Starr. Every single member of The Order of Chaos bitches and whines for a title shot. Danielson wants the Intercontinental title shot now it seems, by the way not happening, Starr is relentless in his pursuit of the World title. Your kids want the Cowgirls. But you... You just kiss my ass, every week it seems. Not that I don't mind, but I'm not just a pretty face Simon. I know you've made a deal with the Vaxasarus for the Grizzly Beer title so that leaves you...

Simon Kalis: With my cock in my hands?

Lisa Seldon: I was going to say empty handed, because I’m a woman of class and upbringing, but yeah, if you like.

Simon Kalis: What's your point, Lisa?

Lisa Seldon: Well, you know with all the things The Order has done as a whole you're also the one who takes the most heat but yet gets the least reward in return. Why are you doing this then? I mean I just wanted to know incase someone finally succeeds in killing you on my show so I can explain why I shouldn't be fired when it happens. I mean you're stuck facing Scott next week, and he’s probably going to try and stamp on your head again. If he doesn't, you just might've pissed Jethro Hayes off enough for him to do it. Then there's all those angry Bubba J fans, one of whom I'm sure was the one who tried to take you out today. Then there's those Bandido guys, nasty stuff. Do I need to go on?

Kalis takes a drag of his cigarette and smiles softly.

Simon Kalis: No I see your point, but what're you getting at?

Lisa Seldon: I guess... What I'm asking you is. Are you criminally insane or just one serious attention whore?

Simon Kalis: You know that's a good question.

Kalis takes another drag from his cigarette and winks

Simon Kalis: I'm just such an attention whore it must be criminal.

Lisa Seldon: Come on. You're just standing by while Starr is going to try every single way he can for another big shot? He's had so many, you've only had one and you went through three matches in one night to earn it.

Simon Kalis: Nor do I wage any true attacks on Matt Stone or Riona Langly, those who should be my truest targets. Instead I get a psychopathic biker after my ass and throw in some crazy rednecks.

Lisa Seldon: Exactly! Why are you so stupid?

Simon Kalis: Mrs. Seldon... This is your show. You call the shots, not me. I can change things and make things happen if I really want to, sure. But I'm not trying to step on your toes, I know my place. All I'm doing is waiting patiently. My goal is the success of the PWA and ratings for the shows you run. And sure, Stone versus Langly is going to be a draw at Summer Sizzler... But really? Who gives a fuck about them, am I right? People are going to be putting asses to those seats to see Scott and me. They're going to want to see if Engel and Hayes are really going to go at it one more time, for one more classic. I'm already the numer one superstar on PWA television, Lisa. I don't need a gold belt to make that obvious. Eventually, you'll come to the realization why I should be Undisputed Champion anyways. In the unlikely event that Starr doesn't succeed of course. I mean, look at me.

Kalis laughs.

Simon Kalis: I'm loved and hated extremely. And the only reason it may look like I kiss your ass, is just because the PWA needs strong leadership. Regardless of your ties to VDP and Strader, you still have my respect. And while I go around getting votes of confidence for the Order... You have my vote of confidence.

Kalis extends his hand over her desk. Lisa hesitates but shakes his hand and nods.

Lisa Seldon: Fine, fine, but I'm still going to kick the teeth on Luscious face in tonight.

Simon Kalis: You can try but I won't feel sorry for you when he and Danielson rip you guys.

Lisa Seldon: Yeah whatever. Stop eating all my air time, ass face. What makes you think you can do that?

Simon Kalis: I'm on the Board of Directors, remember?

Lisa Seldon: Yeah, who isn’t these days.

Maya rolls her eyes and begins wheeling Kalis back out.

Maya: If you wanna fuck her just make a move, jeez dad.

Simon Kalis: Uh no.

Lisa Seldon: Man it’s nothing but sex with you people.

Maya: What, black people?

Lisa Seldon: No, perverts.


The Board Meeting

Corey Lazarus - wearing a pair of stonewash bootcut jeans, a white collared t-shirt left unbuttoned to reveal a white beater tucked into his jeans, and a pair of black combat boots underneath his jeans - is talking to Gregory Price, sporting his usual black three-piece Armani.

Gregory Price: So, you're sure that everything's cool with this?

Corey Lazarus: Yeah, everything's cool. It's time, and all...

Suddenly, Hiro Takawa walks to them, sipping a bottle of water and wiping his head with a white towel. They stop talking and turn to their friend (and client).

Corey Lazarus: Hiro, bro, what's up?

Hiro Takawa: Nothing of note, Corey-san. I was wondering where you and Gregory-san disappeared to following my match with Cody Bogard.

Gregory Price: Don't worry about, Hiro. We were just looking to finish some business arrangements that we had arranged. You know, giving our signatures, going over any basic riders, stuff like that.

Hiro Takawa: Ah, that is acceptable.

Laz checks his platinum Rolex quick, tapping the face of it.

Corey Lazarus: Whoa, man...uhh, time to go. That meeting and all.

Price raises an eyebrow until Corey nods, causing him to nod as well.

Gregory Price: Right. Our meeting. Well, Hiro, we will be seeing you later on. The meeting will likely be going on until the end of the show, so, ummm...

Corey Lazarus: Stay out of trouble.

Hiro smirks as Corey gives him a wink. Lazarus and Price walk away from their fellow partner, who nods before turning around and walking back towards the Frontline II TURBO locker room.

Jethro Hayes vs Rayn

Singles Match

"Evolution" by korn begins to play, the bass rumbling the building as the main lights die out, leaving nothing but green lasers and green strobes going near the entrance, as gren search lights circle through the crowd. The first verse of the song beings as Rayn steps through the curtain, looking at the fans in attendance before slowly making his way to the ring. He stops at the end of the ramp, looking around for a moment before running at the ring and sliding inside under the bottom rope.

Eric Emerson: He weighs in at two hundred thirty two pounds, from Chicago Illinois, he is a seven time world heavyweight champion, The Acidic One, RAYN!

Rayn climbs a turn buckle, raising both his arms into the air and tossing up the horns to the fans before hopping back into the ring. He leans against the turn buckles, then slouches down, letting himself fall onto his ass in a sitting position against the ropes.

Brian Rentfro: Well Hayes did want Kalis...

Jon McDaniel: Just not the one he expected I suppose.

"Time for a lil' Southern Justice"

Colt Ford's special remake of this song for Jethro Hayes hits up in the arena's speakers. The youngest Grand Slam Champion in PWA history walks through the black curtain, he looks out to the crowd.

~Down the road where the black top ends, you can find Jethro Hayes with all his friends, we're used to gravel roads, and fishin' with cane poles, wasn't no swimmin' pools, jus swimmin' holes.~

Up on the screen a blacktop road begins to wind away in front of us and we travel along it as though we are in a car. Jethro holds his fisted right hand into the air and the crowd pops for. Jethro begins to walk down the ramp making sure to slap the hands of the fans along his way. Jethro goes from side to side because if they are going to respect him for what he is doing and how he is changed, he will respect them as well.

~We was dirt road poor, and cane switched raised, done came a long way since back in them days, been ‘round the world twice seen all fifty states, ate on thousand dollar china, but love sum paper plates , there aint nuthin wrong with them big city lights, but me, I prefer them slow country nights, where I can see the darkness come and then go~

Along the side of the ropes are buildings erected with the names of the Championships that he has won instead of typical names of businesses. Other such names include "Hall of Fame", "Wrestler of the Quarter", "Face of the Year", and many "Match of the Quarter" buildings are all along side the rode. He reaches the bottom of the ramp.

~Most folks is honest, and they all speak slow, you can leave your door open, aint nuttin' gunna happen, most country folks sing, but I couldn't, so im rappin, I wanna show yall where I come from, and invite yall all down to any country town~

The road winds through a small city, but the image of the very arena in which we are having the PWA show tonight comes into view around a corner. Jethro climbs the steps and is on the apron. He wipes his feet out of respect for the legends in this sport and the respect he has for this sport before stepping through the ropes.

(Chorus with John Michael Montgomery singing)
Now before I pack and things and leave, there's sumthin I need yall to understand, I seen alotta things in my life time, that's why I walk the line, I'm just a simple man, and I aint in the things for cheep thrills, but all my scars heel, so don't you ever cry for me, I aint ashamed where I'm from, you're always welcome, to take a ride through the country.

Eric Emerson: From Lenox, Georgia he stands at six feet seven inches, weighing in at three hundred and fifteen pounds... Jethro Hayes!

~Up, dressed, and gone by 5 am, he's country, and he's rappin' we gotta play him, folks been waitin for some one like me, to give ‘em some hot beats and spit that country~

Jethro hits the ropes, bouncing off to get the blood pumping a bit before his match. The blacktop road in front of us enters the arena's door and heads somewhere inside.

~His overalls don't sag, they fit, they kinda tight, got on a John Deere t-shirt, no nothin' but work. Daylight til dark, that's how I was bread, and I'll keep bein' country til the day I'm dead~

Jethro climbs the turnbuckle that faces the majority of the crowd, holding up his fisted right hand before pointing to them. Just in front of the blacktop road is a black curtain, we sit here waiting as though it is the end of our ride.

~See, country folks eat biscuits called cat heads, bar-b-q, baked beans, sweet tea, and white bread, we like to fish and hunt, aint scared of a fight, love the Good Lord and believe in doin' right,~

He drops down, rushing to the opposite side of the ring to climb up and point to that section of the crowd.

~Got 4-wheel drives, some got mud on ‘em, you can keep your rolls roice, cuz baby, we don't want 'em! So now yall all know exactly who I am, and if you aint into that, i don't give a damn!~

Jethro drops down, heading to the third corner and once again climbs up, pointing out to himself before he points to the crowd.

The chorus hits up again...

~Now before I pack my things and leave, there's sumthin I need yall to understand, I seen alotta things in my life time, that's why I walk the line, I'm just a simple man, and I aint in the things for cheep thrills, but all my scars heel, so don't you ever cry for me, I aint ashamed where I'm from, you're always welcome, take a ride through the country.~
Jethro climbs the final turnbuckle, and points to this section of the crowd.

~You might have seen me on your t.v, but honey, that don't mean a thing, you see, I'm still that same ‘ol country boy, and that's all I'll ever be, and sometime, those bright lights blind me, and make it hard for me to see, but when I need to be reminded, I take a ride through the country~

Jethro drops down, he heads to center ring where he looks down to gather his thoughts before the match.

~At about 5 o'clock on Friday afternoon, them country boys head down to the local saloon, you welcome to stop in and have a cold bottle, big city boys and stuck up super models, we don't care where ya from, as long as you polite, cuz push come to shove and every one of us will fight~

Even through the roar of the crowd, Jethro nods as he listens to the song and allows it to remind him of things in the past. It reminds him of the times he's been pushed around and how he will not let it happen anymore.

~We mostly easy like Sunday morning, ol' Colt came here to give yall fair warnin', country folks wont be pushed around, and theres some of us livin' in every town, we believe in the Bible, and the U.S.A, work hard for what you want, it's the American way, no body owe you nothin' supposed to earn your keep, but in a hard days work, get a good nights sleep,
I know some of yall think Colt's kinda odd, but I'm loud, proud and country by the grace of God!~

Jethro points to the crowd one last time as the blacktop view on the big screen seemingly flies through the screen, showing that Jethro considers those fans in attendance friends.(it goes back to the very first line in the first verse). Jethro turns to face Rayn, staring him down clearly.

Jon McDaniel: Everyones been looking forward to this match all week, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: They certainly had their fair share of words exchanged so let's see how it all blends into pure violence!

Jon McDaniel: Hey, wait a second!

"World War 3" hits the sound systems and Maya comes out from the backstage area by herself, quickly making her way to the ring. She passes by and waves at her uncle Rayn before taking a seat at the announcers table, her legs wide open as she scratches herself with a beer in the other hand. Brian Rentfro seems a bit distracted...

Brian Rentfro: Well uhm... Uhm... uhm...

Jon McDaniel: Hello.

Maya: Yeah, get the fight on. I wanna see some blood that isn't coming from my-

Jon McDaniel: Heart! We all do feel sad for a broken heart.

Maya: Actually I was going to say-

Brian Rentfro: You miss Maverick, we know.


Rayn looks out over the top rope and yells at his young niece at ringside while Hayes grabs him from behind and reverse snap suplexes him to the canvas. Rayn is caught completely off guard and rolls and gets himself to his feet. Hayes charges with a shoulder block, knocking Rayn down to the canvas one more time. Rayn gets to his feet and is met with an elbow shot right to the side of his head sending him off balance into the corner. Rayn responds finally, with a sickening knife edge chop to the chest of Hayes. The crowd ohhhhs with each chop as Hayes stumbles back. But Hayes grabs Rayn's head with his hand and drives his own head down hard onto it and in effect Rayn who hits the canvas. Rayn laying on his side sends a ferocious thrust kick into the shins of Jethro Hayes. He repeats until Hayes hits the canvas on his knees. Rayn gets to his feet and hits a sitdown DDT, twisting Hayes spine, neck and head into the canvas hard.

Jon McDaniel: What an amazing addition to the PWA roster in Rayn.

Brian Rentfro: He is a Kalis afterall, right Maya?

Maya: Pffft. My bro beat him for a title when we were still 14 years old. Rayn sucks, don't get it twisted. He has the shitty side of the family genes.

Rayn gets to his feet and lands an elbow drop on the back of Hayes' head. Rayn applies a crossface submission maneuver on Hayes while on the canvas and pulls back on his head, putting his thumb into Hayes' sorta injured left eye. But Hayes doesn't tap out, instead Hayes gets to his feet with Rayn still hanging onto his face. Rayn wraps his legs on Hayes' back and begins elbowing him in the collar bone but Hayes drops back and crushes Rayn beneath his body. Rayn winces and rolls away holding his side as Hayes gets to his feet. Hayes bounces off of the ropes and lands a stunning leg drop.

Brian Rentfro: Hayes is one big guy, he's scary.

Maya: He's a pussy, please. He once cried to my dad on national television. Ugh, imagine how he is in bed.

Brian Rentfro: Bet you have!

Maya: Hey, uhm no. The only one I've fantasized about is Johnny Maverick and the real thing was even better.

Jon McDaniel: Hey there's a match going on please!

Brian Rentfro: No no, I wanna hear this.

Rayn holds his neck and coughs for a moment. Rayn gets to his feet and ducks a clothesline attempt from Jethro. Rayn grabs on and hits a spinning neckbreaker. Maya seems to get fed up and throws her headset off and goes to the ring apron. Rayn is up but he decides to ignore her and go for Hayes but in that moment of distraction Hayes grabs onto Rayn and lands a perfect one armed DDT. Maya begins talking to referee Daniel Davis and he's all smiles as she begins rubbing her chest and smiling towards him. Rayn counter attacks with a drop toe hold into the turnbuckle as Hayes rushes towards him. Rayn climbs the top rope as Hayes gets to his feet. Rayn attempts a hurricanrana but Hayes catches him and takes him down with a gorilla slam to the applause of the crowd.

Brian Rentfro: This is great stuff.

Jon McDaniel: I agree, even with whatever Maya is doing this match is exciting!

Brian Rentfro: Oh, I was talking about her ass but that too I guess.

Jon McDaniel: Don't let Simon hear tha... Wait a minute.

Masakazu jumps the barricade from the crowd with a steel chair in hand. Maya sees him and grabs referee Davis and begins an intense and passionate make out session on the apron which enthralls him completely. Masakazu slides in and ducks a big boot from Hayes. He swings the chair and nails Hayes directly in the face! Davis seems to be turning around but Maya hops over the top rope and lands on top of the referee, wrapping her legs around him and going all out in her seductive attack. Rayn is on his feet and he and Masakazu stare each other down now as Hayes holds his head now bleeding.

Jon McDaniel: Oh man these two had a huge feud five years ago, Brian. This is about to reignite right here.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah feud match yeah okay cool... Davis you dog.

Rayn attacks, spearing Masakazu into the corner. Hayes is on his feet and he picks up the chair. Rayn holds his young nephew against his will for an open shot as Hayes tees up the chair. Hayes swings and Masakazu ducks, Hayes smashing the chair right across the face of Rayn and leaving it indented with his skull. Rayn crumbles to the canvas and Hayes turns quickly only to rush into Masakazu who grabs him from behind. One DDT! Two! THREE! From Japan With Love! Masakazu gets up and kicks Hayes. He goes to get Rayn but Hayes is right back up as if nothing had happened. Masakazu stops dragging Rayn and turns around only to be begin shaking his head. He puts his hands up and says something inaudible as Hayes grabs him by the neck and begins crushing his throat in his massive redneck hand. Maya gets off of Daniel Davis and adjusts her bra strap as she jumps onto the back of Hayes who flips her over and onto the canvas. Hayes grabs her with his other hand and lifts both twins up in the air and chucks them over the top rope and onto the outside of the ring with sheer force and strength. They hit the barricade and lay outside hurt, Maya holding her already mashed up right arm from the car accident earlier in pain.

Brian Rentfro: That was HOT! Davis has a hickey I think!

Jon McDaniel: No... The plan backfired.

Rayn and Hayes are both up and Hayes wastes no time going for Rayn. Rayn ducks a powerslam grab attempt and gets behind Hayes. He tries a reverse suplex but can't get Hayes off the ground! Hayes spins around and gets behind Rayn and attempts the same move but as he throws Rayn up and back Rayn flips himself over and lands on both feet. Rayn whiplash effects Hayes with a superkick that sends the Southern Hero stumbling forward. Rayn jumps off the middle rope, springboarding himself and lands a body splash that takes Hayes down. Maya and Masa on the outside of the ring retreat quickly as Rayn gets to his feet, cussing them out as they run. Rayn seems distracted and Hayes moves in to capitalize. Hayes spins Rayn around but as he does Rayn kicks him in the gut and sets him up. EPIPHANY! Hayes' face meets the canvas hard and Rayn rolls him over and hooks the leg.





Eric Emerson: The winner of this match.... RAYN!

Rayn has his hands raised in victory and Hayes seems resigned to that fact.. Suddenly however, Matthew Engel comes running down from backstage and slides into the ring with brass knuckles over his right hand. Rayn is in his way first still celebrating and he knocks Rayn to the canvas hard with a right hook. Rayn hits the canvas hard and Hayes goes for an all out attack on Engel. Hayes attempts THE PLOW on Matthew Engel only for Engel to sidestep him and get out of the way. Engel hops the top rope again and begins heading backstage. Hayes stomps and yells inside of the ring as Simon Kalis still in a wheelchair is helped onto the top of the entrance ramp by Maya and Masakazu. Engel and Kalis exchange glances and nods as Engel heads backstage without stopping. Rayn and Hayes are on their feet, each livid for different reasons as Kalis motions a throat getting slit from atop the entrance ramp.

Coallition of the Willing, Part 2

The scene fades in and we can clearly see the camera man is running to catch something on film. The door to Bronx Williams' locker room comes open and we see Maya wheel Simon Kalis out, who has a large smile on his face. Lean Bean Miller is with the camera crew and tries to stop them.

Lean Bean Miller: Hey! Hey Simon! Maya! What'd you guys talk to Bronx Williams about?

Kalis sticks the middle finger up and smiles as Maya wheels him off, leaving Lean Bean Miller with nothing as we fade.

Malicious vs Bronx Williams

Singles Match

From the outset, both men went to town on each other with anything that wasn’t nailed down. Chairs, barriers, the announce booth and even the ringsteps were brought into play through the course of the evening.

The relentless onslaught of Malicious had Bronx on the ropes, and no matter how bad he hurt him, Malicious always struck back and put him on the back foot. A string of chair shots put Bronx on the way out and Malicious looked to finish the night with the aid of the steps.

Malicious looked to score with the Implant DDT, but Bronx fought out and put him to the corner. Bronx then got a hold of him with a baseball bat and put the hurt on Malicious, almost taking him out of the match. It was all academic then as Bronx got the bat against his throat, added in a full nelson to secure a vicious choke and then finished him off with a Dragon Suplex out of the hold, splitting the bat across his throat in the process.

He couldn’t hold for the bridge but he got the pin, and celebrated amongst his fans, blooded, battered but victorious on the night.

Winner: Bronx Williams

More like Sommers Sizzler!!!

‘Come with Me’ by Puff Daddy sparks the fan’s reaction, as en mass they erupt to their feet to catch a glimpse of Mark ‘The Chamelion’ Sommers, as he saunters onto the main stage area. Wrapped around his head in a thick white bandage and in his left hand, a lead pipe. For a moment, he stands still, letting the loud pop from the fans roll over him. Finally he makes his way down to the ring, a firm thin line of his lips declaring he is not in a jovial mood.

Stepping into the ring, he takes the mic from Eric Emerson who was ready to call the next match and looks around the arena. Taking a deep breath, he raises his left hand, pipe and all, above his head and speaks.

“See above me the instrument of Lucious Starr’s attempt to end my career.”

Loud boos penetrate the cheering, signifying the fan’s stance on what happened two weeks ago. Chamelion eyes shift, and he keeps his hand held high.

“I stand here now with a message to Lucious Starr.”

He lowers his hand, dropping the pipe onto the canvas and turning his face right into the nearest camera, a slow Devious Smile plays across his features.

“Luuuucccy, I’m HOME!”

The Devious smile blends into a snarl.

“And I’m about to make your life a living hell!”

The snarl fades now, the Devious smile returns.

“What most people may not recall is that years ago, I nearly had to retire due to a concussion, a very serious concussion that doctors said could end my life early if I ever got hit in the head as severly as I did two weeks ago. It wasn’t until I made a deal with the same ‘monsters’ who created The Corpse, using the same drug, to cure my injuries. I believed myself safe from such risk again. Until Starr’s actions.”

Sighing, Chamelion shrugs.

“Now, the doctors are saying the risk is back, and they are strictly against what I’m about to do. Unfortunately for them, and for Lucious, is that I own this company and cannot be forced by the same restrictions of a no compete issue that I can enforce on any of my talent. That being said….”

Chamelion grins again.

“At Summer Sizzler, I extract my revenge. Lucious, like it or not, strap up your boots, because you and I are going to have a match.”

The crowd roars its approval.

“And not just any match…”

Bending down, Chamelion picks up the lead pipe.

“This very pipe you used on me, is going to hang from a pole in one of the corners. Reach it, and you have fair game to strike me with it. I get a hold of it, same thing goes on you. Wanna end my career permanently, Starr, then you just have to do something so very few here are capable of doing.”

Pause, and he winks.

“Be better than me. But be warned, I get my hands on it… and your future for the PWA World Championship… just like your skull, gets crushed. GOT IT!?”

Dropping the mic, Chamelion turns and stalks out of the ring as ‘Come with Me’ strikes up again; and the challenge for Summer Sizzler, is set in place.

Duff Cote d’Ivore vs Riona Langly

Singles Match

The match starts quickly, Riona and Duff circling the ring and keeping an eye on one another. Langly jumpstarted the action by going for missile dropkick on Duff, but Duff caught her by the legs, powerbombing her onto the canvas. Duff lifted her back up and threw her towards the turnbuckle like a ragdoll. Riona with a spinning heel kick on Duff caught him awkwardly in the side of the neck. Duff then powered through Riona with a belly to belly suplex, taking her to the canvas. Duff with the pinfall got only a 1 count because Riona kicked out. Riona with a quick left hook hit Duff hard and then she followed it up with a springboard enziguri kick took Duff to the canvas. Suddenly Masakazu and Maya came down to the ring and began circling. Riona paid no mind but Duff kept a watchful look after he kicked out from the pinfall by Riona with a 2 count. Duff and Riona exchanged lefts and rights until Riona landed a few serious roaring elbows to Duff's head. Duff hits the canvas hard and Riona covers quickly, getting the 1, 2, 3. She has her hand raised in victory and recieves the World title back. Masakazu and Maya slide into the ring, and wait for Riona to get out of the ring. They swarm Duff and begin stomping down on him hard. Maya has a pair of brass knuckles and stradles Duff as she beats his face into a bloody pulp. She grinds on him and pounds his face as Masakazu kicks him repeadtly in the ribs and side until Scott Nash Strader and the Cowgirls From Hell show up. Masakazu and Maya see them coming and jump over the top rope, over the barricade and disappear into the crowd as the VDP stands strong behind the now bloodied Duff. Scott stares at Duff for a moment before shaking his hand, solidfying him with a Vulgar Display of Power.

Winner: Riona Langly

(Emerald) Phoenix Rising

We cut backstage and into the office of Lisa Seldon – obviously. Less obvious though are the guests filing through the door. One Jen Blazenwing and one Emily Corlen, fresh off her injury.

She looks fairly cheerful as she marches up to the desk. Lisa doesn’t even bother to look up.

Emily Corlen: Well, I’m back fit and ready to return. Who have you got for me?

Lisa signs off on a few more things before giving her a look. She seems decidedly uninterested.

Lisa Seldon: So you are… who was it again?

Emily Corlen: Emily. Emily Corlen.

Lisa Seldon: Right, right, the Blazenwing chick.

Lisa bursts into a laugh.

Lisa Seldon: You are not very good.

Emily looks a little taken aback while Jen looks to take a step toward her.

Lisa Seldon: I mean, I’ve given you nothing but chances and you blow them every time. I told Dave you didn’t have any killer instinct and he tried to beat it into you, but apparently all that did was push you to get yourself hurt, which in a way was kind of a blessing, because after losing to the superhero of all people, I really had nothing for you to do.

Jen takes a step forward again but Emily puts a hand up to hold her back. Lisa ignores the two of them and just rolls right on.

Lisa Seldon: Funny thing is; I hadn’t even noticed you were gone. And please Jen, stop thinking about hitting me; I’d hate to have to beat up all my players today.

Jen looks furious but Emily pushes her back. Her voice drops a beat.

Emily Corlen: You talk to Dave?

Lisa Seldon: Sometimes. I talk to a lot of people.

Lisa kicks her legs up on the desk and bites her lip through a cheeky smile.

Lisa Seldon: But I’m a nice person, and the Blazenthings have always been cordial with me, so I’m going to do them a favour, because I’m lovely, and I’ll find you a place on my show next week.

Emily Corlen: Against whom?

Lisa Seldon: Against whomever I feel like. It’s Florida, it’s a big place with some background for us, and I’m sure I can find someone there looking for their big break… even if it is just you.

Jen pushes passed and sticks her fists into the table.

Emily Corlen: You’re not even going to give her a real opponent?

Lisa Seldon: I’m not going to waste talent on a silly little girl who’s just going to go out there and hurt herself again. What would be the point?

Jen and Emily lock eyes with her but Lisa isn’t budging, and sends them off, utterly fuming.

Death row

"Down the road where the blacktop ends"

The crowd isn't used to this entrance music, but they are definitely used to the man who walks out from the back carrying a baseball bat.

Jethro: "Cut the music!"

Jethro, as of late, hasn't been acting his typical normal happy go lucky self. He slaps the barrel of the bat against his leg as he walks down the ramp and enters the ring.

"Last week..."

He stares at the images that now flicker onto life on the PWAtron, something that he ordered not to happen again; glad to know his wishes aren't granted. Jethro is furious, and unable to get his emotions in check.

"Yeah, you all see what happened last week when that bastard Simon Kalis took Nicole and let his son beat her..."

Jethro is furious as that bat keeps slapping his leg, but he only has eyes for the images on the screen.

"She still lays in the hospital, but is recovering."

The crowd are silent, watching this segment unfold.

"But someone who is not recovering is me."

He growls that last as the images replay themselves in a continuous loop, making Jethro watch with horror and disgust as Bubba J is burned then dragged.

"But I will get my revenge. You see."

Hayes turns in the ring, staring out at the fans.

"For so long you all have cheered me when I was respectful of my opponents. You all cheered me when people walked all over me. But now, we'll see how respectful of me, we'll see whether or not you cheer me when"

He lifts the bat up high over his head.

"When I take Southern Justice into my own damn hands!"

The crowd waits... waits... then explodes as they realize that Jethro will no longer be walked all over. They finally realize that he let people walk all over himself for them. Jethro just glares at the images still rolling past.


He grins that devils grin that says that I know something you don't know.

"You are dead, you just don't know it yet. See, as of my agreeing to join up with Vulgar Display of Power... and thanks to the action of you last week..."

Again that smile.

"I don't give a damn what I do to you as long as I get a piece of you. Whether Rayn, Scott, or myself gets to you first... I only ask for a piece of your Canadian Ass so that I can give it a little Southern Justice as well."

The crowd love this, they actually like this new Jethro already.

"I don't care if I lose matches, I don't care if I win, or if they are even a draw... my only goal right now is to destroy your career as you know it."

Jethro holds up a hand, holding one finger up.

"But there is one more person to blame with this besides MasakazuKnowThatIJustHoldOntoPeople'sCoatTails and Simon Kalis..."

An image of Matthew Engel pops up onto the PWA Tron.

Matthew Engel: "So Jethro, you are finally getting around to that bee in your overalls?"

Engel laughs a mocking laugh, knowing what is really bothering him.

Jethro: "Engel..."

Total disgust on Jethro's face and filling his voice.

Engel: "Well good to see that you still have your IQ equal to that of a retarded third grader."

The crowd boos, Jethro just glares as he grips that bat harder.

Engel: "Don't flatter yourself - you're not scaring anyone with that kind of wood."

Jethro stares, Engel manages to chuckle to himself.

Engel: "While I'm baiting you for the second week in a row, let me set the hook and catch the biggest retard fish in the lake."

Jethro stares, Engel smiles down on Jethro; very condescendingly.

Engel: "Did you like my little video tribute to last week? Consider it Engel's Highlight Reel, the best of the PWA for last week."

Jethro's face loses all expression, no emotion.

Engel: "Look at you. You think you've experienced a true horror and that has made your exterior tougher, but I can see your world crumbling, Jethro."

Matthew chuckles.

Engel: "I am sorry about Nicole, there was nothing I.."

Jethro: "Shut the f*bleep*k up Engel!"

Matthew is surprised enough that he does exactly that, but a cat eating the canary grin fills his face as he has gotten to Jethro.

Engel: "Good Hayes, good. So that mask is only paper thin... I knew it."

Jethro looks up at Engel.

Jethro: "Engel, you came back for a reason and I know that that reason is me."

Engel nods his approval.

Engel: "One of the reasons."

Jethro: "But I don't give a damn because I want to face you for another reason Matthew."

Jethro paces from side to side.

Jethro: "See, I know you came to distract me from being able to help both Nicole and Bubba J. I know you came back to torment me over that decision, and I know you came back because you and I will never be finished."

Engel's eyebrows raise up, Jethro is smarter than he believed.

Jethro: "But more than anything I am going to kick your ass at Summer Sizzler because you allowed Nicole to get hurt. You know how much I feel for her."

He turns around, hatred in his eyes.

Jethro: "You know because you are the one that got us introduced, you meant for her to break my heart after our break up as a team. You had her as a fail-safe backup plan didn't you Matthew?"

Jethro with the knowing smile, Matthew with the "How did you know?" smile.

Jethro: "See, she actually did fall for me Matthew, something you didn't foresee for all of your intelligence, she fell for this Southern Hick and that surprises you more than anything doesn't it? Or is it the fact that I figured it out, that I know that surprises you?"

Engel goes to speak.

Jethro: "Shut the f*bleep*k up Matthew, I'm not finished."

Engel, surprisingly does it again; the second time in this night.

Jethro: "See, I was going to ask to be put into that match with SNS and Simon in a triple threat so that I could get my hands on Simon and get my match with Scott."

He shakes his head.

Jethro: "But oh no, you changed all of that with this revelation because Nicole told me all about it after the attack on her. She wanted to keep that deep dark secret from me to spare my feelings. She wanted to keep me from hurting, from feeling betrayed..."

Jethro is animated in the ring, pacing back and forth.

Jethro: "But oh no! Engel!"

He smiles at Engel on the big screen, it is as though no one else is in the arena at this moment.

Jethro: "But it isn't betrayal that has me pissed off. It is that you put her welfare on the line. You made her do something against her will and now she is laying in a hospital because I love her and she loves me. You basically put her there because you forced her to be with me in the beginning."

Jethro shakes his head.

Jethro: "For that I am going to make sure that you and Simon are defeated at Summer Sizzler. I am going to make sure that VDP gets a Vintage Definite Pin on both you and Simon's ass. Because the two of you seem to be so damn tight..."

Jethro smiles as he stops and faces Matthew.

Jethro: "How about accepting a Tag Team Challenge Match between SNS and myself taking on the two biggest pieces of shit that two women have ever given birth to in, you and Simon Kalis?"

Jethro holds up a hand.

Jethro: "But wait before you start shitting from the mouth and let me finish for once."

Jethro leans over the top rope.

Jethro: "Simon is so Death Row that it is pathetic. How about you and I do something we've never done?"

Another knowing smile.

Jethro: "A Death Row Prison Match. Prisoners, a prison, fighting, blood, weapons... all of that lovely stuff. What do you say Engel? You've been away for a while after our match at Cowboys Stadium..."

He chuckles.

Jethro: "I guess the real question is if Matthew Engel is man enough to accept the challenge."

Engel responds accordingly.

Engel: "Man enough? I wouldn't be wasting your time, and more importantly my time, by coming back and bothering with a Southern piece of trash like yourself if I wasn't. Consider that challenge accepted on behalf of myself and Simon Kalis, because at Summer Sizzler -- you're going to feel what Hell is really like."

The feed is cut and Jethro steps out of the ring a hot mess, agitated from this encounter and ready to do battle as soon as possible. Hayes makes his way up the ramp-way and disappears backstage. We cut back to our commentators.

Brian Rentfro: Yes, Engel is back Jon and he's in top form. Nobody gets under Hayes' skin like Matthew Engel.

Jon McDaniel: I'm not sure if that's a good thing, Brian. Just when the PWA was starting to recover from his tight grasp, he comes back and continues to mess with one of the few heroes left in this sport.

Brian Rentfro: Hero?! Do you not remember what he did to us in the spring?

Jon McDaniel: Regardless... it sounds like we're going to have a hell of a tag match to possibly headline, or come close to, the hottest event of the year... SUMMER SIZZLER! Scott Nash Strader will be teaming with Jethro Hayes to face Simon Kalis and Matthew Engel in a...

Brian Rentfro: Death Row Prison Match! Pay attention, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: Right. Fans, we'll get more details soon enough about the exact specifics of this match.

Lisa Seldon & Scott Nash Strader vs Hell & High Water

VDP vs. OoC

We jump back from adverts, just in time for the bell but too late for the entrances. Which is really a pity when you consider that Lisa and Scott appeared from what was essentially a lake of fire only to be upstaged by Hell and Highwater parachuting into the building. Laura Estella also joined the proceedings, riding a golden pirate ship across the sky.

Of course, many of these things didn't happen, but the thought was there, right.

Jon McDaniel: Ladies and gentlemen it's my pleasure to welcome Laura Estella to the commentary booth.

Laura Estella: Hi! Hope my golden boat doesn't get in the way.

There's very little conferring from the corner of Hell and Highwater as to who is going first, as Starr marches forward and points a finger toward Lisa who is currently sitting on the top-rope. Hs smiles and drops into the ring while Scott takes over the apron.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like we’ve picked our starts.

Laura Estella: Bet the other guy never even gets a tag. Lisa and Strader are just going to kill this cunt and then go home.

Lisa skips forward to meet Starr, and is positively glowing when he offers her the first hit. Naturally she obliges, and sends a straight kick up into his stomach.

Laura Estella: Already hurt.

Jon McDaniel: Isn’t he the same guy who put you on the injury list?

Laura Estella: No, what put me on the injury list was a combination of ladders, chairs, gravity and Engel, but thanks for reminding me.

Danielson offers to trade but Starr waves him off and then fires off a shot at Lisa that she manages to dodge. He then chases her to the corner but Lisa runs up the posts and then flips over him onto her feet. She stops to take a bow while he dusts himself off and then pushes him passed as he charges to the ropes. Starr comes back but Lisa throws herself into a split-legged drop down.

Brian Rentfro: Oow, limber.

Laura Estella: Pervert.

Lisa rolls to her back and kicks her legs up for a Monkeyflip, but Starr stops in time and catches her in a Wheelbarrow attempt. He then drags her off the ground but Lisa gets a hand to him and hurls him across the ring with an Armdrag. The two of them jump back and Lisa shoots with a kick that gets caught in his hands. She then throws an Enzugiri but Starr ducks and let's her go overhead. She lands on her foot though and manages to get her hands down as Starr flips her off, sending her through a Cartwheel and spreads her arms to the fans, raising the ire of Starr once more.

Jon McDaniel: I thought she was here to prove a point.

Laura Estella: She is. The point is that he’s so far below main event level that she doesn’t even really know he’s there.

Brian Rentfro: That’s what I’m getting from it.

Starr comes at Lisa with a Back Elbow that misses, however he catches an arm and manages to whip her to the ropes. Starr drops down as she returns but Lisa steps up straight onto his back and then leaps as he stands up, kicking out her legs and catching him around the neck as she shoots for a Hurricanrana. Starr holds his ground though and let's her hang to the floor before whipping her back up onto his shoulders. Lisa goes straight over him though and tries to get him with a Sunset Flip, but remains too sturdy to move.

Brian Rentfro: Can’t get him.

Laura Estella: Doesn’t need to; watch.

Starr drops to his knees for a pin, but Lisa arches her back and manages to rise up behind him. Lisa waits for him to get up before throwing a punch, which he easily catches and uses to whip her to the floor. Lisa kips-up though and throws her legs back around his head, allowing her to pull him into a Head Scissors. She then flips back over onto herself while Starr jumps back up himself. Lisa gives him a little clap that he doesn't seem to appreciate.

Laura Estella: And people say she’s not great at getting people over.

Brian Rentfro: She’s not; she buries everyone she gets near.

Laura Estella: Not me.

Jon McDaniel: Wonder why.

Lucious marches forward and throws a kick but Lisa steps in and stamps him down just above the knee. Starr steps back while Lisa twists into an inside Legkick that digs through the joint before she gets her instep behind his heel and sweeps him to the floor. He tries to stand up but Lisa is too quick and brings an Axe Kick down through his knee joint.

Brian Rentfro: Oh that one is going sting.

Laura Estella: See how he likes it.

Starr stands up but looks to be on less than steady legs, prompting Lisa to through herself into a Basement Dropkick against his knee. Starr rolls through to lessen the impact and comes up with a tag to Danielson. Lisa does the same to Scott.

Brian Rentfro: Change over!

Scott comes in but Danielson gets there first and catches him with an elbow that pushes him to the ropes. He then shoots a one-two punch combination before hurtling Scott to the ropes; however Scott comes back with a Big Boot, prompting Danielson to launch himself to the mat. Danielson jumps up and hits the ropes himself and comes back with a Lou Thez Press, but Strader runs through it, catching him in his arms and charging him to the ropes where he dumps him on his partner.

Brian Rentfro: And now Scott brings the power game into play.

Laura Estella: This is a total mismatch, isn’t it?

The Hell and Highwater boys get to their feet on the outside, only to be struck down again as Lisa leaps straight up to the top-rope and then down through both of them. The crowd rise.

Jon McDaniel: Beautiful Spaceman Plancha!

Laura Estella: Doing your homework, aye?

Jon McDaniel: So many people doing fives now, I have to get all the names down.

Lisa pitches Danielson back to SNS and makes back to her corner. Scott gets him up into a Headlock but Danielson fights back with a few elbows into the ribs. Scott gets knocked back and lines up the perfect distance for Danielson to catch him with a Back Brain Kick that puts him on a knee.

Jon McDaniel: Scott Nash is in trouble!

Laura Estella: What really, after one kick?

Brian Rentfro: Give it up Jon, they never listen.

Laura Estella: It’s true, we’re stubborn as fuck.

Danielson gets Scott from behind in a Waistlock and pulls him to his feet, but he just can’t get Scott off the floor and eats an elbow for his trouble. Danielson staggers back, but he quickly returns with a clothesline. Unfortunately, Scott ducks it and sends him to the ropes. Scott then takes off on a run himself, and as the two meet again, Scott puts his foot up and rips through Danielson’s face. He goes head over heels and crashes face first into the mat.

Laura Estella: Stubborn and right.

Jon McDaniel: You people are a chore to be around.

Laura Estella: I hope this isn’t more racism, ‘cause I heard about you.

Jon McDaniel: What, I –

Brian Rentfro: Jon, Jon, Jon. Tisk tisk.

Scott gets Danielson off the mat and hefts him into the air with a Gorilla Press, pushing him up to full height before sending him forward, spinning him in the air and dragging him down into a spine shattering Backbreaker. Outside the ring Starr regains his composure and prepares to enter the ring, but he gets meet from behind by a pipe in the back of the knee.

Jon McDaniel: It’s Mark Sommers!

Brian Rentfro: He’s back, and he’s got that pipe.

Jon McDaniel: The same pipe that Starr took him out with.

Laura Estella: Do I care about this?

Jon McDaniel: No, all you care about is whatever your sociopathic lesbian friends are doing this week. This part here is for the rest of us.

Laura Estella: Ouch.

Starr slips off the apron and Chamelion brains him again with the pipe, bringing it down across his back twice and then finally finishing it off with a vicious smash that bends the pipe around his skull.

Jon McDaniel: Oh my word, he’s out.

Laura Estella: Bet they top it in the ring.

Scott pays no attention to the trouble outside as he steps over Danielson and makes the tag to Lisa, who bounces into the ring and sets about Danielson with a running Soccer Kick that rips through his face. The referee tries to get one of them to leave, but Lisa promptly pushes him to the mat while Scott gets Danielson up in the corner. Scott then sends Danielson to the opposite corner. Scott and Lisa then take off running at Danielson, with Scott nailing him with a big Spear and Lisa snapping back his head with a Dropkick.

Brian Rentfro: Well this has all gone a bit wrong.

Laura Estella: I think the referee is more worried about keeping his job than he is about telling the PWA General Manager that she can’t just do whatever she likes.

The referee tries to make a count, but he’s quickly dismissed by Lisa who backs him into a corner. Meanwhile Scott gets Danielson up for a Powerbomb and turns him to the ropes. By this time Lisa is out on the apron, and as Scott gets him on his shoulders, Lisa leaps up and springs from the top-rope toward them, catching onto Danielson’s back and digging in her knees as Scott fires them both to the mat, splintering Danielson in two as Lisa lands with an elevated Lungblower.

Brian Rentfro: Oooooooooooow, he’s toast!

Laura Estella: I wouldn’t even say that, I’d say he’s more scrambled eggs.

Brian Rentfro: Or mashed potatoes.

Laura Estella: Blood pudding.

Brian Rentfro: Apple crumble.

Jon McDaniel: I hate both of you.

Danielson is dead to the world but Scott and Lisa aren’t quite content to finish him, and Scott gives Lisa a leg up that they use to flip her into the air and send her over with a Moonsault Double Stomp, driving Lisa, heels down, right into Danielson’s chest. At this they’re finally content and Lisa props a foot on Danielson’s chest while Scott throws the referee down to make the cover.




Jon McDaniel: And it’s over.

Brian Rentfro: Finally… painfully.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, your winners, Lisa Seldon and Scott Nash Strader!

The sound of the bell prompts Lisa to jump up into Scott’s arms in the apparent loving embrace of two friends who just brutalised a man while his friend got a pipe wrapped around his head on the floor.

Laura Estella: Well, watch out tag division.

Jon McDaniel: What, the tag division dominated by his daughters who also happen to be her friends?

Laura Estella: That is correct.

Lisa and Scott drop and prepare to walk away, but not before Lisa makes her way around the ring to Starr and Chamelion. She looks the carnage up and down, Starr lying face down, bleeding into the mat, with Chamelion standing over him, beaming a smile. She then offers him a handshake which he rather begrudgingly accepts, only for Lisa to pull back her hand and run it through her hair and then walks away. There’s a chuckle from a few fans. Chamelion puts a microphone to his lips.

Chamelion: Still an attention seeker, right?

Lisa answers his question at the top of the ramp, by turning away from the ringside area and mooning him before joining back with Strader.

Chamelion: Yeah, I thought so.

The two throw up their arms and earn their applause before leaving through the curtain. We’re left with Chamelion then, standing over the body of his victim.

Kneeling next to Starr, who's laying face down in his own blood and sweat, a welt growing noticeably on the back of his head, Chamelion eyes the lead pipe in his hand and speaks.

Chamelion: Yeah, someone's gonna voice an opinion about how unfair it is that I get three weeks to heal from being smacked in the back of the head by this pipe, and you, Lucy, have just six days to be ready for our match.. but I gotta shrug my shoulders and reply...

Dropping down next to Starr's ear, Chamelion whispers into the mic.

Chamelion: Who said I was ever fair?

Pushing to his feet, Chamelion looks down upon Starr's strewn form and gives his best Cheshire Grin as the scene fades to commercial.

Coallition of the Willing Finale

The camera crew stands outside the locker room/office of the Order of Chaos, and we can certainly hear voices emanating from inside the locker room as the cameraman opens the door slightly, sticking a microphone inside.

Simon Kalis: We appreciate your invaluable financial support in this operation, old friend. This is big.

The cameraman opens the door slightly more, zooming in on the two men sitting down at a glass table in the middle of the room, sharing a pair of fluteglasses of champagne. Kalis, bandage up and in a wheelchair, nods at the man across from him - Corey Lazarus.

Corey Lazarus: A toast, babe.

Corey hoists up his fluteglass, tilting it slightly to his fellow Death Row Inmate.

Corey Lazarus: To the future.

Simon Kalis: To the PWA.

They clink their fluteglasses and drink their champagne, nodding at one another when they finish.

Simon Kalis: Take care of yourself, old friend.

Corey Lazarus: You too, Simon.

Lazarus gets up from his chair, adjusting the collar of his shirt before he leaves the locker room, catching the cameraman as he opens the door. He stares into the lens, gives the camera - and the audience - a wink, and then whistles the melody of "Amazing Grace" as he walks down the corridor, nodding to Gregory Price who has been on his iPhone just down the hall. The cameras cut back to Jon and Brian at ringside, Jon shaking his head in disbelief as Brian nods, flashing a shit-eating grin.

Jon McDaniel: ...Corey Lazarus too...?

Brian Rentfro: Well, Lazarus is a smart guy, Jon. It's no surprise that he'd back the winning horses.

Jon McDaniel: This is disgusting...

Masakaz vs The Phoenix

Cage Match

Eric Emerson stands at ringside as the PWA ring crew put the finishing touches on the steel cage that has lowered from the rafters, securing it to the ringposts with a combination of steel brackets and black plastic tie-wraps.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a Cage Match as a part of the Phoenix Challenge, and is your main event of the evening!!

The fans roar at the very idea of the cage match, nevermind the participants.

Eric Emerson: The only ways to win will be by pinfall, submission, or by escaping the cage and having both feet touch the ringside floor. Once the bell rings the man calling the shots will be senior official Lance Weston!

The camera cuts to Weston in the center of the ring and, by proxy, the middle of the cage. Some smarkier fans boo Weston, who just rolls his eyes. The lights in the arena dim as the opening to "World War III" by The Ruff Rydaz begins to play over the speakers, the hard basslines reverberating throughout the arena. The ADCTron fills with the fiery emblem of skull and bones repersenting The Order of Chaos and the crowd ignites in a fury of boos as Maya and Masakazu step out from behind the curtains.

Eric Emerson: Introducing....

Maya and Masakazu stomp their right feet down, slapping their chests with their right hands before extending them outwards towards the entire arena- saluting them only as a bonafide Order of Chaos knight would. Maya removes her military camoflauge jacket and reveals a tight white tanktop to go with her similarly colored urban camoflauge military-esque booty shorts. Her boots ride up her entire leg up until the knee, tied tightly.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in tonight at 190 pounds and standing at 5 feet, 11 inches tall...

Masakazu is wearing similar military garb. He removes the jacket to reveal no shirt, and his wavy urban camoflauge pants sway with each movement. He wears no boots, only traditional rope wrapped around his feet and his biceps and his fists. They lower their right arms and begin walking towards the ring.

Eric Emerson: He hails from Tokyo, Japan...

)You Talk It! We Live It!(

)You Want It! We Give It!(

Eric Emerson: And represents the Order of Chaos...

)You Start It? We End It!(

Eric Emerson: Being accompanied to the ring by Maya...

Masa walks up the ring steps and climbs into the ring, giving a quick Order salute to the jeering crowd.

Eric Emerson: He is...MASAKAZU!!!

He takes his corner as Maya gives the cameras a wink and a lick of the lips, stretching out on the top rope. "Ride or Die" quiets as the lights in the arena die again, replaced by the image of a flaming bird on the ADC-Tron. "Things of Beauty" by the Hothouse Flowers begins playing, the flaming bird on the ADC-Tron soaring towards the screen before bursting into white and green pyro all along the entrance stage. The Phoenix walks out from behind the curtain, adjusting his mask, and the Smoking Leprechaun hops beside him, trying to keep up.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 230 pounds and standing at 6 feet even...

Robinson wastes no time, swiftly marching down the ramp.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from...U2-Town...Ireland...

Emerson's hesitation only makes Phoenix shake his head as he climbs the ring steps, walking between the top and middle ropes to enter the ring.

Eric Emerson: Being accompanied by the Smoking Leprechaun...

Masakazu doesn't wait for the bell and rushes in, rocking Phoenix with elbows and knees as Weston calls for both the bell and the cage door. On the outside, referees Danny Davis and Scott Swindell man the door, slamming it shut and producing a steel rod to stick into the lock.


Jon McDaniel: And Masakazu is wasting no time!

Brian Rentfro: As well he shouldn't! The entire Order have been receiving death threats from fans as well as fellow PWA talent, so the longer he's away from security the more danger he's in!

Masakazu drills Phoenix with a pair of knife-edge chops in the corner...

Fans: WHOOO!!! WHOOO!!!

Brian Rentfro: ...they still do that?

...and then whips him into the ropes. Phoenix rebounds and ducks a high roundhouse kick, hitting the opposite ropes. He comes back off again and ducks underneath a twisting knee strike, stopping in his tracks. Masakazu lands and gets caught in a rear waistlock.

Jon McDaniel: BIG German suplex from Robinson!

Phoenix bridges and Weston drops down for the count.



Brian Rentfro: And Masa kicks out at 2.

Robinson rises to his feed, holding his head, and puts a pair of boots into Masa's skull. On the outside, Maya begins shaking the cage, trying to both invigorate her brother and get into the head of Robinson. Phoenix gives her a nice one-finger salute, prompting Maya to smack her own ass, and Robinson shakes his head before bringing Masakazu to his feet.

Jon McDaniel: A pair of rights by Phoenix, whip into the corner...

Robinson charges in and nails Masakazu with a brutal clothesline. Masa stumbles out and drops to a knee as Phoenix adjusts his mask again, shaking out the cobwebs.

Brian Rentfro: Phoenix in...

Robinson brings Masakazu to his feet and drills a pair of rights into his skull. He hits the ropes and comes back with a lariat attempt, but Masakazu leapfrogs over him...

Jon McDaniel: AMAZING agility by Masakazu!

...and Phoenix hits the opposite ropes. He rebounds and looks for another lariat but eats a brutal double-knee to the chest, Masakazu riding him down to the canvas and staying atop for the count.




Brian Rentfro: Phoenix got lucky, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: Masakazu looks to go airborn...

Masakazu climbs up to the top rope, his back to Robinson. On the outside, Maya cheers him on as the Smoking Leprechaun...well...he lights up another cigarette. Masakazu checks behind him quick to find Robinson up to a knee, and then flies off with a moonsault press, bringing Phoenix back down to the mat for another pin attempt.




Jon McDaniel: And the former PWA President kicks out again!

Brian Rentfro: Masa doesn't look too happy...

Masakazu gets to his feet, shaking his head, and then gives the Order of Chaos salute to Maya, who returns it, before nodding his head, dragging his thumb quickly across his throat.

Brian Rentfro: End it, Masakazu!

Masakazu stomps Phoenix in the side of the head quick before bringing him up to his feet, doubling him over with a pair of clinch knees.

Jon McDaniel: He's going for the Masa-Driver...wait...what the...?!

The fans pop huge as Jethro Hayes rushes down the ramp, a 2x4 in one hand and a fluorescent lighttube in the other. Maya turns and sees him, readying herself for a fight. Hayes rushes right up to her and ducks a high roundhouse attempt, shattering the lighttube over her head the moment she turns back around to face him, sending shards of glass and the fluorescent gas everywhere.


Jethro motions for the cage door to be opened as Masakazu throws Phoenix aside, preparing for a fight. Davis and Swindell refuse to open the cage, trying to talk Jethro out of it.


Brian Rentfro: Well, there's a pair of nice thousand-dollar fines!

Davis and Swindell lie in a pair of heaps on the ringside floor as Hayes pulls the steel rod out of the lock to the door, swinging the door open violently as he rushes into the ring. Masakazu strikes first, though, with a flurry of elbows and quick jabs, causing the Southern Hero to drop his 2x4. He whips him into the ropes and turns, readying himself for a lunging knee strike, but Hayes surprises him with a brutal Spear, sending Masakazu backflipping over himself.

Jon McDaniel: PLOW!! PLOW!! PLOW!!

Hayes rises to his feet and grabs the 2x4 again, holding it up high for all of the fans in the arena to see. On the outside, Maya comes to, picking glass out of her face and hair. She sees what's going on inside - focusing on how senior official Lance Weston is allowing it to happen - and rises to her feet, crawling over to the steps. Danny Davis tries to stop her, but she punches him square in the face, rushing into the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Maya up behind Jethro...

Maya turns Jethro around and surprises him with...a kiss?!

Jon McDaniel: ...what the hell is wrong with this chick...

Brian Rentfro: I don't think Kalis would appreciate you mocking his daughter on-air.

Jethro pries himself away, shocked, and Maya laughs, wiping bits of blood from her forehead and licking it off of her fingertips. Hayes shakes his head and swings with his 2x4, Maya ducking it and uppercutting him between the legs. Hayes drops his 2x4 and then eats a Kenka Kick to the face from Masakazu. Masa drops to the mat and then rises to his knees, holding his ribs and looking for his breath.

Jon McDaniel: Here comes Phoenix!!

Robinson comes up behind Masakazu while Maya stands over Jethro, rubbing her crotch. Phoenix grabs Masakazu by his hair, turning him around, and then boots him in the midsection, doubling him over. He locks his head between his thighs and cradles a leg, lifting him vertically before jumping up and landing in a seated position, spiking the top of Masakazu's head into the canvas.

Brian Rentfro: THE FLAME!!

Phoenix rolls Masakazu over and covers him, hooking a leg.




Jon McDaniel: And Maya with the save?!

Maya pulls Phoenix off of her brother by his mask before drilling an elbow into the side of his head. She steps back and snaps off a swift Superkick, sending Phoenix down.

Brian Rentfro: Maya with the Perdition!

Jon McDaniel: But neither Masakazu or Phoenix can make the count now!

Maya stands tall in the center of the ring, snapping off the Order salute, but immediately stares up the ramp the moment she hears Pantera's "Walk" cue up after the drumming just prior to the main riff (the guitar slide being the first sound heard). Scott, Tamika, and Meghan Nash Strader all calmly walk out from behind the curtain, with Scott in the center and Tamika to his right and Meghan to his left.


Brian Rentfro: It looks like this show has finally started to live up to its name!

Scott shakes his head at Maya, his arms crossed over his chest, and the clan Nash Strader calmly start walking down the ramp. Maya wipes more blood off of her forehead, wiping it across her face as warpaint, and then crouches down, holding up her hands and waving her fingers towards them.

Jon McDaniel: All hell is about to break loose...

Tamika stops walking calmly down the ramp and charges towards the ring, diving through the ropes. Maya takes the fight right to her, the two trading punches at close range so that few connect and the ones that do are without much momentum. Meghan looks up at her father, a knowing smirk on his face, and Scott nods, prompting Meghan to follow Tamika's lead and rush down, diving into the ring. She rips Maya off of Tamika and begins pummeling her with rights, Tamika joining in on the fun once she quickly regains her bearings.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, c'mon! Now the odds aren't anywhere near even!

Jon McDaniel: All's fair in love and war, Brian, and the Order of Chaos officially declared war on the Straders and the rest of the PWA a long time ago.

In the ring, Jethro comes to, seeing the Cowgirls go to town on Maya. He rubs his head, smiling, and then looks up the ramp to see Scott, still calmly walking down the ramp. He points up behind him, wide-eyed, and Scott turns to eat a brutal right hand from Bronx Williams, knocking him down onto the steel ramp.

Brian Rentfro: And it looks like Bronx has decided to renew the family war he's had for years!

Bronx puts the boots to Strader, bloodying his face, and then drops down, pounding away with big, heavy right hands. Tamika and Meghan look up as Jethro begins leaving the ring, taking a step onto the steps outside of the cage.

Jon McDaniel: What...Xan...?!

Xan Vaxman jumps over the guardrail, quickly rushing up and slamming the cage door into Jethro's head, knocking him off of the steps and onto the ringside floor. Meghan and Tamika bring Maya to her feet, oblivious to Xan's involvement, and then Meghan whips her into the ropes. She rebounds and gets caught into a powerslam, but Tamika rushes off of the perpendicular ropes, catching Maya with a neckbreaker on the way down.

Jon McDaniel: Over and Out!!

Tamika and Meghan rise to their feet and turn their attention to Bronx beating on Scott on the ramp and Xan taking it to Jethro at ringside. They focus up on Bronx and walk towards the cage door.

Brian Rentfro: It looks like the match may end one-on-one after all!!

Tamika steps out of the ring and charges up to Bronx, surprising him with a soccer kick to the jaw that knocks him off of Scott. Meghan rushes up behind her and drops down on top of Bronx, laying in rights and lefts as Tamika checks on their father. From behind the curtain, though, rush Lucious Starr and Joshua Danielson. Starr grabs Meghan by the hair, ripping her off of Bronx and slamming her head into the guardrail. Danielson spears Tamika into the guardrail as well, the impact lessened due to Tamika having seen it coming. The two begin trading shots as Scott tries to get to his feet, blood flowing freely from his nose and staining his denim.

Jon McDaniel: I...I can't even follow this!

Jethro's gotten Xan off of him, the two trading blows at ringside over by the commentary table. In the ring, Masakazu and Phoenix rise to their feet across from one another, looking at the chaos surrounding them. Masa smiles, the same sadistic one that his father has, and Phoenix shrugs, ignoring it. The two's eyes meet each other and they nod, both using the ropes to pull themselves to their feet.

Brian Rentfro: I give up...

Starr eats a few right hands from Meghan, knocking him down to a knee, but rises up and blocks a lariat attempt, nailing a knee into her midsection. He then picks her up onto his shoulders in an Argentine Rack and flips her over, dropping her face-first onto the steel ramp with the Hell's Wrath. In the ring, Masakazu and Phoenix charge at one another, each throwing rights and lefts into the face of the other.

Jon McDaniel: Yes, there is STILL a match going on in the ring!

Starr admires his handiwork of knocking Meghan out and then turns his attention to Scott. He pushes a fan in the front row off of his chair, picking it up and folding it, and marches towards him, swinging the chair into the back of his head.

Brian Rentfro: Lucious Starr with a BRUTAL chairshot to Scott Nash Strader!!

Starr places the top of the chair into Strader's throat, pushing down on it to choke him. Danielson and Tamika trade more punches at ringside, with Tamika gaining the advantage. Right, right, right, right, and Danielson falls into the guardrail. Tamika charges and drills him with a knee into the midsection, bringing him away from the guardrail. Jethro and Xan continue trading punches, Jethro taking control, but Xan kicks Hayes low, dropping the PWA Grand Slam champion to his knees. Cody Bogard and Marco Dante soon make their presence known, rushing out from behind the curtain, and they focus on Lucious Starr, double-teaming him with rights, lefts, and stomps.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, Jesus Christ...

In the ring, Masakazu drills Phoenix with a pair of clinch knees, sending him into the corner. He rushes in, nailing a big elbow, and then hits him with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex into the center of the ring. Back outside, Xan is choking Jethro with one of the camera cables, Danielson has tossed Tamika into the crowd, SNS has escaped Starr and is now trading shots with him, and Bogard and Dante are making their way over to Danielson. Suddenly, Matthew Engel rushes out from the back to a mix of boos and cheers, a baton in his hand, and he uses it to smack SNS off of the back of his head with it, sending Strader down to the floor. He immediately goes up behind Dante, doing the same, and then starts trading punches with Bogard.

Jon McDaniel: Masakazu makes the cover!




Masakazu is livid, pounding a fist into the mat before pounding one into Phoenix's face, and then rises to his feet, signaling, once again, for the finish.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, here it comes!

Masakazu brings Phoenix to his feet and locks him, nailing a pair of knees into Robinson's knees. He then drills a pair into Robinson's ribs before leaping up, drilling both knees into Phoenix's face, sending him falling back to the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: Muay Thai High!!

Masakazu drops down quick for the cover, hooking a leg.




Senior official Lance Weston calls for the bell, shaking his head at the chaos surrounding the cage.


Masakazu rises to his feet, shoving Weston away, and then exits the ring, leaving Phoenix still inside of it. He charges into Strader as Starr moves on to Bogard, double-teaming him with Engel.

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match...MASAKAZU!!!

Engel ducks a Shotei from Bogard and rocks him with a haymaker, sending him back into the guardrail. He turns back to Dante as Starr comes over, and two begin sandwiching the Grizzly Beer champion with punches and kicks. Suddenly, Rayn rushes out from the crowd, hopping over the guardrail and charging Masakazu.

Brian Rentfro: So much for security, eh?

Xan Vaxman stops beating down on Jethro Hayes and heads over to Marco Dante, smirking all the while. Engel and Starr see Vaxman coming and nod, making their way over to the downed Hayes. Rayn tackles Masakazu down to the floor, pounding away with vicious rights that all hit their mark. Danielson goes to join in the fray against Dante, but Duff Cote d'Ivoire runs down from the back, getting Danielson's attention. Danielson foolishly begins making his way over and gets a surprise slingshot lariat from Tamika, sending him down to the floor. Rayn continues his assault on Masakazu, Engel and Starr put the boots to Hayes, Vaxman grabs another camera cable and begins choking Dante with it, Duff helps Scott to his feet before stomping away on Danielson, Tamika finds Meghan and helps her to her feet, Maya come to and charges towards the Cowgirls, and, in the ring, Phoenix rises to his feet, leaning against the ropes as he watches the chaos unfold.

Jon McDaniel: Robinson's proving why he's not an idiot...

Engel brushes Starr away, who goes over to aid Maya as she struggles against Tamika and Meghan. Starr grabs Tamika by the hair and tosses her face-first into the side of the cage, allowing Meghan and Maya to square off perra y perra. Scott sees this and marches right past his elder daughter, brushing away some caking blood from around his mouth, and grabs Starr by the throat, throwing him back-first into the guardrail.

Brian Rentfro: That was almost a Goddamn chokeslam!

Jon McDaniel: Into the guardrail, no less!

SNS grabs Starr by the hair and drives a knee into his jaw, and then another, and then another, then doubles him over with one to the gut. Meghan and Maya take turns trading right hands before Maya dives onto her, biting at her forehead and ripping at her hair. Tamika rises to her feet, blood pouring from a gash above her eyebrow, and turns to eat a big right hand from Vaxman before he turns his attention back to Dante. Engel looks over and sees Rayn wailing away on Masakazu and leaves Hayes to deal with it. SNS drops Starr with a pair of clubbing blows to his back and then walks over to McDaniel and Rentfro, pointing at them.

Jon McDaniel: What? You want us to...?

Brian Rentfro: Oh shit...!!

The sounds of McDaniel's and Rentfro's microphones hitting the ground are heard as the camera catches them running to the side of the ringside area free from the chaos, backing themselves into a corner. SNS goes to pull a monitor out and then drops it back down, shaking his head. Vaxman brings Dante to his feet and goes to whip him into the cage, but Marco reverses it and sends Xan face-first into the steel mesh. And again. And again. The Grizzly Beer champion then grabs a handful of Xan's hair and grates his face across it, throwing in a few rabbit punches for good measure.

Engel grabs Rayn by his mane of hair, ripping him off of Masakazu, and then puts the boots to him. Rayn quickly covers and fights to his feet, trading rights with Engel as Masakazu crawls over to the guardrail, looking to help himself to his feet. SNS grabs Starr just as he's about to rise up again and whips him over the commentary table, breaking one of the nice leather roller chairs as he crashes against it. Strader then checks on Tamika as Dante drops Vaxman to the floor with a DDT, sitting up to catch his breath while he rubs his throat.

Maya gets off of Meghan, catching her wind, and then stomps on MNS's neck a few times. Scott helps Tamika to her feet and turns his attention back to Starr, walking over towards him as the Beta Warrior begins pulling himself up to his feet, his facepaint chipping away by the second. Engel blocks a big right hand from Rayn and sends the PWA newcomer face-first into the steel ringsteps with a drop toehold, reaching underneath the apron to produce a cinder block. Engel looks back underneath the apron and then stands up, shaking his head in disbelief.

Dante mounts Xan and begins dropping bombs - right, left, left, right, right, right, headbutt, right, left, right, left, headbutt, elbow, elbow, elbow - as Jethro Hayes limps over towards Engel and Rayn. Maya turns and Jethro surprises her, Spearing her into the guardrail with the Plow. Duff picks Danielson high up above his head and lawn darts him into the side support beam of the cage, the smaller Danielson bouncing off and immediately clutching at his head.

Scott walks around the commentary table and picks up the timekeeper's bell, smashing Starr over the head with it.




He then places Starr's head between his thighs and points to the table as the crowd roars in approval. Engel positions the cinder block just right and scoops Rayn over his shoulder, grabbing his head from behind with his free arm. Hayes slowly pulls himself to his feet as Vaxman rakes Dante's eyes to get free, crawling away to the relative safety of the bottom of the ramp. "Relative" because Duff Cote d'Ivoire is still standing there, noticing Xan after putting a pair of boots into Danielson's skull. Duff walks over to Vaxman as Scott Nash Strader hoists Lucious Starr high up onto his shoulders, driving him back-first through the commentary table - monitors and all - with his trademark Jacknife powerbomb: the Finish Touch.

Rayn tries to fight out of Engel's hold, but Matthew backs up into the cage, stopping the effort. The Virus then rushes forward towards the cinder block and swings Rayn around, driving him face-first into it with his own finish of choice, the Sons of Plunder. Blood immediately pools as Rayn grasps at his face in agony, but Engel's small sense of victory is short lived as Jethro rushes him, pounding away with clubbing blows that drops the PWA Hall of Famer to his knees. Tamika rakes her nails across Maya's back, but the opposite of the intended effect occurs as Maya turns, laughing, and headbutts the younger half of the PWA World Tag Team champions in the face.

Scott spits onto the near-lifeless body of Lucious Starr before he turns back to the chaos, charging in sending Maya down with a big-time lariat. Duff boots away on Vaxman and doesn't see Joshua Danielson come up behind him, a newly-found steel chair in hand. Danielson cracks the chair across Duff's back, barely phasing him, and Cote d'Ivoire turns around. Danielson hits him square in the forehead with another chairshot, but it, too, doesn't phase him. Duff eggs him on, laughing, and Vaxman leaps up, nailing an uppercut below the belt that brings Duff to his knees, allowing Danielson to back up, run forward, and leap up into the air, coming down with a leg lariat into the chair and then into Duff's face. Duff falls forward as Danielson clutches at his leg, and Vaxman turns to see Bronx Williams driving fist after fist into Marco Dante's face.

Scott sees his cousin pounding away on Dante and goes to stop it, but gets a surprise flying knee to the side of the skull from Masakazu that sends him down to the floor. Masakazu then looks over and sees both Cowgirls pounding away on his sister, so he grabs the cinder block that Engel used on Rayn and begins stalking his way over. Rayn, however, has other plans for his nephew, and drills the sole of his boot into the cinder block and then into Masakazu's face with his trademark Superkick, the Impact.

Suddenly, the lights in the arena die, replaced by an old-fashioned, black and white film countdown. ... ntdown.gif

A blast of pyro turns the lights back on as Slayer's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" cues up at the start of the first verse and we find Corey Lazarus marching down the ramp, with Gregory Price pushing a mini-dumpster full of steel chairs behind him. Laz immediately targets Jethro Hayes, pulling him off of Engel by the hair before dropping him with a brutal Roaring Elbow. Vaxman and Danielson continue trading shots on Duff with the steel chair that Danielson used just moments earlier, and Price pulls Danielson aside as Vaxman rolls Duff over, placing the top of the chair against his throat.

Corey grabs Meghan Nash Strader by her hair from behind, ripping her off of Maya, and then drops her with his sheer-drop cradle backdrop suplex, the CinePlex. Rayn sees his former Death Row Inmate and charges him, tackling him prior to unleashing a fury of punches to the Hollywood Kid's skull. Dante takes over for Hayes with a beatdown on Engel, but the elder Matthew dodges a right and gets away before driving the tip of his boot into the back of Marco's head with an enziguri. Rayn gets off of Lazarus and goes to stomp on him again, but Corey catches his foot, tripping him up. Corey kips up to his feet and grabs the cinder block, dropping it across Rayn's chest.

Danielson and Price empty the mini-dumpster chair by chair, setting 8 of them up 4 across from 4, and then 6 on top of them 3 across from 3, folding up the remainders and placing them on the top row to complete the Million Dollar Pyramid. Vaxman leaves Duff lying there, trying to catch his breath, and then attacks Tamika from the side, dropping her down with a surprise lariat. Corey turns over to Masakazu, helping him to his feet, and pats him on the back before being met with a big right hand from Scott that sends him reeling back against the guardrail. SNS continues the assault, connecting with a few more right hands, but gets cut off by a boot to the gut from Bronx. SNS doubles over, turning towards Williams to try to defend himself, but only gets Bronx's version of the Ace Crusher, Salvation, instead.

Price directs traffic with Danielson, telling him to grab a ladder from under the ring. Danielson does so, setting it up, and then nails Duff with a soccer kick to the skull. Cody Bogard runs over and surprises him, though, with the Kikoshotei, sending Danielson down to the floor. He turns towards Price, pointing to him, and starts walking towards him. Lazarus, however, rushes up behind him and nails him with an elbow to the back of the head, knocking him down to a knee. Lazarus looks at the Million Dollar Pyramid, then back at Bogard, then back at the Million Dollar Pyramid, then back at Bogard, and finally at Price. He nods, slowly dragging his thumb across his throat, and turns to Danielson, pointing to Bogard and then to the Pyramid and then to the ladder.

Engel grabs a handful of Jethro's hair and brings him to his feet, slamming him face-first into the cage. Maya goes over to Masakazu, and the two them walk over to Starr, picking him up from the table wreckage, an arm over their shoulders, and begin walking around the ring, helping him towards the ramp. Vaxman brings Dante to his feet and pokes him in the eyes before dropping him with his stiff, usually "illegal," Atomic Drop, the Rule Breaker. Vaxman laughs and turns around, walking over to the ramp where he finds Danielson booting Duff in the face while Price and Lazarus hoist Bogard up onto the ladder. Vaxman grabs the chair he used to choke Duff earlier and climbs up the opposite side of the ladder, nailing Bogard over the head as he starts to try to fight back. Lazarus flashes his trademark devilish smirk as Price holds the ladder steady, Xan climbs back down, and Bronx Williams produces a pair of handcuffs from his pocket, hooking one end around the guardrail and the other around Scott's ankle. He produces another pair, dragging Tamika and Meghan over towards the guardrail. Engel reaches into his own pocket and produces his own pair of handcuffs, hooking one around Jethro's wrist and the other around the steel mesh of the cage.

Matthew walks over to Bronx and holds Tamika's and Meghan's wrists against the guardrail, giving Williams enough time to loop the handcuffs through the guardrail and latch them onto the wrists of both Cowgirls. Corey climbs up the other side of the ladder, grabbing Bogard into a front facelock, and then reaches over the top of the ladder, cradling his leg. Engel and Bronx join the rest at the bottom of the ramp with Matthew walking up to Price. Gregory produces his own pair of handcuffs - the fourth pair overall - and hands then to Engel, who sits Duff up, latching one cuff around his wrist and the other around the mesh of the cage.

Price steadies the ladder as Vaxman walks back over to Dante, stomping the Grizzly Beer champion in the face. Lazarus looks out over the crowd, nodding, and yells out.

Lazarus: ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

Corey flies off of the ladder with Bogard in tow, dropping him through the Million Dollar Pyramind with his avalanche fisherman's powerbomb, the Sands of Ishtar. The chairs scatter everywhere along the ramp as Corey lies down in the mess, a pained smile creeping across his face. Bogard lies there, unconscious, and Price rushes over, helping his prized client up to his feet. At the top of the ramp appears Hiro Takawa, still wet from his post-match shower, looking over all of the carnage. Price looks up at him and waves him down, but Hiro just turns around and walks back through the curtain.

Rayn appears from virtually nowhere and attacks Danielson from behind, sending the smaller man flying into Xan Vaxman. Rayn goes to make a move towards the still-recovering Lazarus but gets stopped by an Engel diving forearm, sending him back into the cage. Vaxman recovers quick, grabbing one of the broken chairs from the Million Dollar Pyramid, and rushes over to the Acid One, slamming it into him over and over again.

Engel pulls Vaxman away, nodding, and the fully-formed Order of Chaos begin their solemn march up the ramp towards the curtain, showering in the hate-filled boos, hisses, and jeers from the Chicago crowd. They all reach the top of the ramp and turn to face the audience and the ring as Phoenix looks on, chuckling a little to himself from inside the safety of the steel cage. The new Order of Chaos all muster whatever they can to give the salute to the complete dissatisfaction of the audience. One by one they limp through the curtain, wiping away whatever blood they may have on them, until only Bronx Williams is left. He looks down at his fallen family, nods, and then backs through the curtain, a stoic look on his face.

Jon McDaniel: Well I guess we're about done here folks. Despite losses on both sides, Malicious holds out, going one point ahead of the Phoenix in their challenge run.

The Phoenix celebrates a little in the ring, taking to each corner and throwing up his arms to the fans. The reaction is decidedly mixed, but it positively explodes as an arm tears through the mat.

Jon McDaniel: My God!

The Phoenix doesn't notice at first, but the continued sound of the fans prompts him to turn around, and as he does, he catches the figure of Malicious, clawing his way through the matress, looking utterly demented.

Brian Rentfro: Oh this isn't good.

Jon McDaniel: And he's got nowhere to run.

What little of the Phoenix's face that's on display suddenly pails, but he composes himself long enough to launch and attack and he meets Malicious with a string of punches. The fans explode and Malicious fires back, and the two hold each other by the masks and fire off an endless string of shots.

Brian Rentfro: Here we go!

Jon McDaniel: We've been waiting for these two to get it on ever since they got back.

Brian Rentfro: And the fans are on their feet.

The Phoenix gets the upperhand with a thumb to the eye and sends Malicious away into the ropes, he then looks quite lpeased with himself as he moves to follow up, but Malicious charges him down and grabs him by the head. He tries to get a better hold of him but The Phoenix pulls away. The mask comes loose.

Brian Rentfro: Wait a minute, that's not Robinsion! That's!

Jon McDaniel: Mark McNasty!

Mark's eyes dart around the arena as the fans ring out in awe. He then sets on Malicious, getting a hand on his head.

Brian Rentfro: Then that means...

Mark pulls at the mask, sending it flying and revealing Rob Robison underneath.

Brian Rentfro: You mean... you mean all this time i've been supporting Mark McNasty over Rob Robinson!?

Jon McDaniel: 'fraid so.

Marck and Robinson get each other in their grasp, fingers embedded tino each other's throats as the show is forced to a close. The copyright logo hangs below a shot of the hellbent on finishing one another. Exclusive

Backstage after the closing events of Chaos. Mark McNasty and Rob Robinson are brawling through the back halls. Robinson is a man possessed, and he looks the part. While the Malicious mask is gone, the black around his eyes and the dim lighting make his eyes black voids. McNasty frantically fights against Robinson, trying hard to mount a strong attack long enough to slip away.

Robinson: You stole my life!

McNasty: You should thank me, it wasn't that great to begin with.

McNasty barely ducks a punch from Robinson. McNasty trips and falls to the ground. He rolls, but not quick enough. Robinson dives on top of him and slams his forearm across Mark's throat, pinning him. Robinson is in McNasty's face. The black voids where his eyes would be make the moment quite intense.

Robinson:This is usually the part where the guy in my spot would say he's shouldn't be surprised at this outcome. But Mark, I'm NOT surprised. You always did think you were better than you were. It only makes sense you'd steal the persona of one of the most popular figures the PWA has ever seen to make up for the crappy career you've had to deal with.

McNasty grunts and headbutts Robinson. Robinson flinches just enough, and Mark rolls him over. McNasty gets Robinson face down and puts his knee in Rob's back.

McNasty: Always stuck in that fantasy world of your's Rob. I mean seriously, you should thank me. Hell, you should thank me a lot! I made your raido show a hit. I brought your career back from the killing it again. Regardless. You'd never have made such an epic come back without me in the picture. Way I figured it, the only way the Phoenix could get any better off was if I just took over. And look what I did. You haven't had such a great win lose record since you had a full head of hair!

Robinson gets an arm back and pull's McNasty's leg out from under him. Mark crumples into a heap, and Robinson jumps on top of him.

Robinson: You can think whatever you want Mark. But this is the simplest point of all. You stole my career away from me, for the second damn time. Its time I return the favor.

McNasty and Robinson are back on their feet. Rob lunges for Mark, but at this point trainers rush in and begin pulling them apart. Robinson is spitting from screaming so loud.

Robinson: You stole my career like you stole those wins from me McNasty. That's why I intent to correct it all in one night. Sizzler, you and me, BATTLE DOME 2!

Robinson and McNasty are finally pulled off screen.