World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Blood in, Blood Out

Jon McDaniel: Well uhm... I guess things are pretty crowded here at ringside, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: You're talking about all the gangsters in front row?

The camera pans to reveal that the entire first couple of rows are filled with men who are obviously members of an infamous street gang here in the Los Angeles area.

Jon McDaniel: Simon Kalis' doing... He bought out all the front row tickets and gave them to his old running dogs.

Brian Rentfro: Well they've been searched, as has everyone who entered the arena. No guns so we're cool, right?

Jon McDaniel: I don't know, Brian. We're in Kalis' American base to say. These fans are chanting his name with a feverish anticipation of his arrival. He will be welcomed as a loved and adorned conquerer here in Los Angeles tonight, folks. I know most of you are probably throwing your dinner at your TV but this is LA, and here Kalis is King.

Brian Rentfro: Like the hockey team right?! Hah! Brilliant!

Things focus now on the ADCTron and outside the Staples Center as all of the fans inside the arena chant "KALIS! KALIS! KALIS!". There is a mob of sorts outside with what looks like thousands of all sorts of gang members partying. There's alcohol, drugs and dancing as a motorcade begins to approach the arena. There are speakers literally hitched on top of the Cadillac Escalade limosuine which approaches the arena, with "California Love" by 2Pac and Dr. Dre playing loudly. The LAPD surrounds the outskirts of the arena with riot gear on backed up by SWAT as the motorcade comes to a halt outside the arena. Simon Kalis is the first to step out from the limo and the crowd outside, as well as inside ERUPT into a deafening chorus of cheers. Kalis stands on top of the limosuine with a lit cigarette hanging from his mouth, wearing a Los Angeles Kings hockey jersey and a red bandana over his head. He stomps on the limo's hood and throws two "Dubs" up as everyone in the crowd swarms the limosuine and the fans inside the arena chant feverishly.

Jon McDaniel: Oh my god...

Kalis jumps down and is immediately met with tremendous love from the obvious Blood gang members in the crowd outside the arena. They throw up their gang signs as Kalis responds in kind. A PWA Camera crew gets to Kalis and they put a microphone in his face right away.

Simon Kalis: You see this?! This is LOVE! They got a good memory here in LA! They ain't forgotten me! Right?!

Crowd: YEAH!!!

Simon Kalis: You see you were right about one thing Strader! The Yakuza were with me by money... But these guys?!

Kalis throws his arms up and smiles.

Simon Kalis: These are MY brothers, Strader. This is MY city, Strader! You wanna bring me a war?!

Kalis looks around and shakes his head.

Simon Kalis: I fucking dare you.

The crowds cheer both inside and out.

Simon Kalis: And Bubba J? Jethro Hayes? Your hours on this earth are very horribly numbered. So bring your retribution! Bring your Bandidos! Bring'em all! Cause in Los Angeles?! I AM KING! WELCOME TO MY SHOW LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! WELCOME TO PWA MONDAY NIGHT CHAOS!

Kalis throws his arms up one more time as a MASSIVE banner unfolds over the roof of the Staples Center and down it's Western side. A gigantic "ORDER OF CHAOS" skull and bones logo as Kalis throws up a B's up as we fade back to ringside, both Jon and Brian gulping nervously.

Jon McDaniel: This is going to be a long night, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Between the thousand man army outside and the two hundred man army at ringside? Kalis has the Staples Center in lockdown right now and anyone who isn't Joshua Danielson, Lucious Starr, Masa, Maya or Simon Kalis should be VERY nervous right now.

Jon McDaniel: Yeah...

Malicious vs Duff Cote d'Ivore

The Phoenix Challenge Part Three

Eric Emerson: The following match is set for one fall...

[The opening guitar riff from "Harlequin Forest" by Opeth slams through the PA and the lights go down. A single spotlight shines on the stage as the rest of the band kicks into gear.]

Into the trees
Past meadow grounds
And further away from my home
Baying behind me
I hear the hounds
Flock's chasing to find me alone

[From the back, Duff Côte d`Ivoire emerges, to a giant pop from the fans. He looks to the left, then to the right. His eyes are adorned with sunglasses he bought for around $10 before the show. Behind him, his trademark black trenchcoat floats as he walks.]

Eric Emerson: On his way to the ring, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada; he stands at 6'7" and weighs in at 275 lbs, Duff Côôôte d`Ivoooire!!

A trail of sickness
Leading to me
If I am haunted
Then you will see

[He smirks at the fans and takes off his sunglasses. He hands them to a random child at ringside and rolls into the ring.]

Searching the darkness
And emptiness
I'm hiding away from the sun
Will never rest
Will never be at ease
All my matter's expired so I run

[He climbs the far turnbuckle and raises his arms before jumping down, shrugging off his jacket, and tossing it to the timekeeper outside of the ring.]

A trail of sickness
Leading to me
If I am haunted
Then you will see

[Duff does a few stretches and waits patiently for the match to commence.]

Screams break the silence,
Waking from the dead of night!
Vengeance is boiling,
His return to kill the light.

A spotlight appears and standing inside the circle of light is Malicious.

Then when hes found, who hes looking for,
Listen in awe, and you'll hear him,

As Ozzy laughs, Malicious begins his decent down the ramp. A few members of the live crowd hold out their hands, but he simply knocks them away.

Years spent in torment,
Buried in a nameless grave.
Now he has risen,
Miracles would have to save.
Those that the beast is looking for,
Listen in awe, and you'll hear him,

Malicious finally arrives at the ring. He rolls under the bottom rope, before rolling to the opposite corner. He rolls into the corner, and sits against the post, waiting for his opponent.

Ding Ding

Collar and elbow tie up to start this match off, the slightly larger Duff using the weight advantage to send Malicious back into the corner. Malicious with a knee to the gut following it up with the signature Vertigo(Tornado DDT from the corner). Duff is down, Malicious using the time to pull Duff back up to his feet. Whip into the corner, following it up with a very short clothesline, but Malicious begins to pound away with forearm shots in the corner. Malicious mounts Duff in the corner, pounding away, but Duff counters with a release spinebuster busting the air right out of Malicious' lungs. Duff rolls over, dragging Malicious up to his feet.

Jon McDaniel: Neither man really getting a big advantage yet.

Brian Rentfro: Damn, that fat kid eating popcorn makes me want some.

Duff with a slap to the face and he follows it up with a stinging chop. The crowd obliges with a "Wooo!" before Duff pops him with another chop to the chest, then an Irish whip into the ropes. Duff bounces off the ropes Clothesline. Ducked by Malicious and both hit the ropes again. DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Both men are down, but Duff begins to move just slightly befor Malicious rolls over onto his knees and forearms. Both men up, Duff swings a right hook, Malicious ducks under. HALF-NELSON SLAM! Duff is down, Malicious in the ropes. Leg drop across Duff's throat before Malicious rolls back up to his feet, stomping away at the former Grizzly Beer Champion Duff.

Brian Rentfro: I can never say his last name.

Jon McDaniel: Its ok, no one can.

Duff grabs the ankle, pulling Malicious down onto his rear, Duff rolls up to his knees as Malicious does the same. Right from Duff, right from Malicious.


Rights fly harder and faster than homeruns in the homerun derby as neither man is willing to show weakness. Malicious falls backwards, but somehow manages to kick Duff in the gut to stop the rights from coming. Malicious rolls over to his feet and is in the ropes. Duff is right there with a lifted knee into his midsection. Malicious doubles over in pain and from the sudden lack of air in his lungs. Duff pounds away with forearms into his back before locking his own head under Malicious' armpit.

Jon McDaniel: Duff with a Northern Lights Suplex there that he holds for the pin!



Malicious rolls a shoulder up, Duff managing somehow to hold the suplex locked on as they stand. Malicious with a forward kick, sidestepped by Duff before lifting him back up, stalling Northern Lights suplex, Malicious wiggles coming back down. Malicious lifts and Duff is now in the air, his legs kicking wildly to break the hold before he comes crashing down. Duff falls back to the canvas, feet first and the hold is broken. Malicious looks at Duff, Duff looks back at Malicious.

Brian Rentfro: Collar and Elbow tieup here and here they go again.

Malicious backs Duff into the ropes, Duff uses his knee and leverage to flip Malicious backwards over the top. Malicious lands on the apron, behind Duff. Duff turns around, Malicious with a right hand, Duff falls to a kneeling position. Duff shoves a shoulder into Malicious' midsection before dragging him through the ropes back to inside the ring. Malicious sent into the ropes, Duff waits before hitting the ropes as well.

Brian Rentfro: Lou Thesz press into effect here.

Duff pounds away at Malicious before the man from Parts Unknown is able to counter by rolling Duff onto his back. Malicious pounds away with fists, but Duff rolls him back over onto Malicious' back. The wily Malicious locks on a body scissors and begins to squeeze the air right out of Duff's ribs before Duff chops him in the throat. Malicious releases the scissorhold, Duff up to his feet. Malicious with a kick to Duff's legs sends him down on one knee. Malicious with a running knee to the head before bouncing over and off the ropes a second time. Duff ducks under the second running knee lifting Malicious up into the air on his shoulders. Malicious pounds and slips off the shoulders, DDT onto the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: What a countering DDT!

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, but Duff's head is really thick.

Malicious locks Duff's ankle up into an ankle lock, trying to wear his base of operations down, but Duff is wily in his own right and begins to wiggle towards the ropes. Malicious locks it on even more secure, but Duff kicks backwards instead connecting with Malicious' head breaking the hold Duff pulls himself up with the ropes, he is off and Malicious with a drop to one knee lifts Duff onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry. Malicious spins around bringing Duff's throat across his bent knee and Duff begins holding at his throat and gasping for breath.

Jon McDaniel: Fireman's carry into a throat across the knee!

Brian Rentfro: Duff just at his Adam's apple for a mid-match snack.

Duff is rolling around and Malicious is pressing his advantage by throwing Duff into the corner. Malicious with shoulder thrusts into Duff's midsection keep him from getting a full lung of oxygen and keeps him gasping. Malicious with a swift kick to the left side of Duff's ribs before using his left leg to deliver a vicious kick to the other side. Duff is trying to protect everything, but is unable to protect all three. Malicious is methodically pressing his advantage as he climbs up for a monkey flip that will send Duff into center ring. Malicious falls back executing the flip, but Duff manages to catch his head and deliver a neckbreaker counter out of the monkey flip!


Brian Rentfro: Definitely innovative and both men are down as Scott Swindell begins the mandatory ten count.


Neither man is moving, except for breathing.


Still only breathing as the crowd is roaring their love.


Duff and Malicious blink, but it is obvious that both men are hurt here.


Scott Swindell checks both men, definitely doing his job.


Duff's right arm twitches, and Malicious looks like he is trying to roll over.


Duff rolls over, but is far from up.


Malicious doing the same.


On their knees.


Duff shoves up, falling into the ropes for momentum as Malicious does the same.


Both men duck under the clothesline. Both off the ropes. Leap frog by Malicious Duff ducks under. Malicious spins around with a kick. Duff catches the foot, Malicious with an enzeguri. Ducked by Duff, right hand to the face staggers Malicious. Duff with a second right, Malicious is still in Duff's grasp thanks to the failed kick. Dragon Screw Legwhip sends Malicious down. Duff climbs up to the top turnbuckle.


It connects solidly with Malicious' chest and this match may be over.




Jon McDaniel: Malicious with a foot in the ropes!

Brian Rentfro: The fans are definitely into this confrontation.

Duff pounds the canvas, he thought it might be over, he stands. Pulling Malicious up, Duff is pulled into a inside cradle!



Duff rolls through, the cradle is broken and Malicious rolls up to his feet. Clothesline sends him down, but the Parts Unknown native pops up to his feet. Kick by duff catches Malicious, even flow DDT!

Brian Rentfro: I think Malicious' head is caved in!

Jon McDaniel: Be serious Brian.

Duff pulls Malicious up top for a superplex and has him in position to utterly take control of this match. He pounds Malicious on the back for good measure. Duff lifts Malicious up, but counter!

Jon McDaniel: Counter! Oh My GAUD! What a Counter!

Brian Rentfro: Insane In The Membrane!




Ding Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: Winner of the match... Malicious!


Jon McDaniel: Here we go folks...

The lights dim in the arena as the ADCTron begins to burn with the skull and bones insignia of The Order of Chaos...

Eric Emerson: Introducing!

The spotlights all focus on the empty entrance ramp as "Seizure of Power" by Marilyn Manson begins to blast throughout the arena. The entire crowd, cheering loudly rises to their feet.

Eric Emerson: They are Joshua Danielson...

Danielson steps out, a confident smile over his face as the crowd recieves him well with thunderous applause.

Eric Emerson: Maya...

Maya bounces out, banging her head to the heavy rifts of the song wearing a militarized wifebeater and booty shorts with knee-long boots and a matching military helmet to boot as she throws her arm over Joshua Danielson and they stand together atop the ramp.

Eric Emerson: Masakazu!

Masakazu steps out in full Armani suit and Fedora cap, raising his arms in the air with the spotlight glistening off of his Versace sunglasses as the crowd gives a huge pop to him. He high fives Danielson and kisses his sister lovingly on her forehead as the three now stand brazenly atop the entrance ramp.


The crowd begins banging on the rafters and cheering Starr saunters out, a cocky grin over his face as he joins the others atop the entrance ramp.


Kalis steps out in his black Brioni suit, red bandana over his face and Fedora cap on his head as he throws up the Blood gang sign and the crowd ignites in cheers, especially at front row. The spotlights pan outward toward the whole crowd as the lights turn on in a flash. The five stand side by side now and stomp their right feet down, slapping their chests with their right hands before extending their right arms outward in the Order of Chaos' fascist salute.

Eric Emerson: They are... THE ORDER OF CHAOS!!!!

The entire crowd salutes them back as they all begin swaggering down to ringside. They enter the ring and strike a pose followed by saluting the crowd once more. The Order-friendly LA crowd is going nuts, every single one of the thousands standing at attention as Simon Kalis gets a microphone.

Simon Kalis: Hello Los Angeles!!!

The crowd cheers loudly as Kalis looks around.

Simon Kalis: You know I could get into a whole lot of things, talk about a whole lot of things. But really? I only came out here to do one thing.

Kalis looks at Starr who nods and smiles back at Kalis.

Simon Kalis: I'm here to show the world what happens when a city is loyal to The Order of Chaos. I'm here to show them what we do, out of the kindness and goodness of our hearts when a city stands proudly by our side like Los Angeles has done this whole week.

The crowd cheers in anticipation.

Simon Kalis: We're here to make it rain!

Kalis raises his arms up as we hear a clicking sound above in the rafters. Suddenly, $1 dollar bills begin floating down over the arena. The crowd begins jumping around reaching out as it seems there is a literal terrential rain of money from the rafters.

Simon Kalis: Ever seen what a million dollars looks like in dollar bills?! Hah!

The Order of Chaos stand in the ring as the waves and waves of dollar bills come floating down from the rafters, the crowds cheering and screaming as each individual tries to grab as much money as they can.

Jon McDaniel: This is sickening.... Brian, sit down!

Brian Rentfro: What? I like free money!

Kalis laughs as Joshua Danielson took the microphone, and looking out at the crowd, took in a cheer from the decidedly pro-Order of Chaos fans. After taking it in for a bit, he raised the microphone to his mouth.

Joshua Danielson: What’s up Los Angeles?

The crowd gave a huge pop for him, before quieting down once he put the microphone up again.

Joshua Danielson: ALL HAIL!

He held the microphone to the crowd!


Joshua Danielson: Damn right. Now, The Order has been having some problems with certain people, already probably pointed out to you, like Scott Nash Strader and his daughters, Bubba J., and the Southern TRAITOR, Jethro Hayes.

The crowd let loose with jeers after every name Joshua said.

Joshua Danielson: But for me, I’d like to point out someone who’s been a bit annoying over the past weeks. His name is Cody Bogard.

The crowd booed Cody now.

Joshua Danielson: You drew proverbial line in the sand and crossed it. But what you don’t know is that when you probably thought that you’d meet no resistance from the Order, you drew MY attention. Just know, that while I may not be the biggest man in the Order of Chaos, when I take that Intercontinental Title and claim it for the Order, you’ll be the one realizing that we’re not ones to fuck with.

The crowd cheered as Joshua looked out at them and held the microphone in the air before he brought it back to his mouth and continued.

Joshua Danielson: So Cody, be ready because when we finally meet in the ring and it’s for your title, you’d best be ready for me to make it MY title. And that’s the fuckin’ truth.

The crowd was cheering Joshua, who had a grin on his face as he passed the microphone off to Masakazu.

Masakazu: The City of Angels!

The crowd gives Masakazu a huge pop as he climbs a corner turnbuckle and slaps his chest, saluting them back as they salute him.

Masakazu: The truth is that we're not here to give out long speeches on how much better we are than the rest of these half witted pricks backstage. We needn't prove anything. The only thing missing in our repetoire is the PWA World Heavyweight Championship and if either Lucious Starr or my father somehow get screwed out of their shots then you better believe I'll be in line to become the youngest World Champion this company has ever seen! But that's unlikely cause before the summer is over either Starr or my father will be PWA's Undisputed Champion, regardless of assholes like Matt Stone or psychos like Riona Langly or stuck up bastards like my uncle Rayn. What we're doing? We know what we're doing.

Masakazu passes the microphone to his sister, Maya.

Maya: We're coming for you Cowgirls, whether you like it or not. You're getting so close to the illustrious title reign my father and brother cemented but yet no one has yet to call you dominant. The truth is for all the teams you've beaten, you've never defeated me and my brother. And you never will, because come Summer Sizzler we're declaring our right to fight to you. Sure, we have one loss, one draw, but what better way to even out the record with the one win that counts?! We're here to challenge ANYONE who thinks they can stop us from reaching our goal. Any tag team out there that wants to prove they're better than us, they can try next week in Chicago. We're on our way to tag team gold and we're going to remove these fake bitches from the championship who've defended their titles twice, maybe three times? Pathetic. This can't be allowed to stay and my bro and me are gonna fix things come Summer Sizzler, believe it.

Maya hands the mic to her father, who very graciously accepts.

Simon Kalis: Thank you. And now, ladies and gentlemen, it is my distinct honor to introduce the final member of our Order. A man I have come to know as close as a brother, a man who has found his place as the shining light of the PWA... ladies and gentlemen, your next PWA Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, Lucious Beta Starr!

Lucious takes the mic, shaking the hand of Kalis. They exchange a few words with grins on their faces, the crowd chanting and stomping their feet. Lucious steps forward, taking in the adulation before holding the microphone to his lips, addressing the crowd in a serious tone.

Lucious Starr: You were all there as the Legend's Legion. You cheered for me as the King's Court. And you all were behind me when the Shadows reigned. And now, when the Order's Lieutenant calls upon his Warriors, you cheer for me and support me. I thank you all for the support you have shown over the years and continue to show even now. I assure you that recent events have only been in the interest of you, my adoring fans, the warriors of the Order.

Lucious Starr: It has come to be that those in power oppose what it is we stand for. While we stand for entertainment, pleasing our fans who pay good money to see us do what it is we do best, such names as Lisa Seldon and Chamelion have forgotten who it is who signs THEIR paychecks. They seem to believe that making themselves the center of this once great federation is key to its future, but we do not believe this is so. Simon Kalis, Masakazu, Maya, Joshua Danielson and myself strive to bring the Pionerr Wrestling Association back to its former glory. And to do this, we have made enemies of Lisa, Chamelion, and antone else who would serve to halt our progress. And tonight, the...

The sound we’re all waiting for kicks in: Fear of Dying by Jack Off Jill, beckoning Lisa out onto the stage. She’s all smiles, a completely 180 from the grimace across Starr’s lips.

Lisa Seldon: Aw holy fuck, it’s Lisa Seldon, stealing all the hype and swearing on her own show. What a bitch, walking in his big moment like that. I wonder what the might Shadow Starr, king of boardroom and ring alike, will have to say.

Lisa snaps her fingers as Starr goes to speak, killing his mic. He’s left rolling his eyes.

Lisa Seldon: Oh holy shit again, Lisa cuts his mic. Which is kinda funny, because I heard that he was meant to be her superior - her big bad – breathing down her neck and calling all the shots. Seems to me though…

She snaps her fingers again and pipes in some music. A little Sick of It All, because that’s what she likes.

Lisa Seldon: That he’s just another one of her puppets, with ideas above his station.

She snaps again and cuts the music.

Lisa Seldon: Wanna give it a go? It’s fun. Go on, have a shot.

Starr hunches into the ropes but Lisa keeps smiling until he’s forced to give in. He clicks his fingers and triggers a little Rick Astley. Lisa is practically beaming.

Lisa Seldon: Oh shit dude, you just got Rick Rolled. On TV no less, how embarrassing. Maybe you’re not important at all.

Lisa cuts the song to save him the trouble. She’s commanding the stage.

Lisa Seldon: Don’t worry about your mic, it’s cool; I’ll do your part. Hey, I’m Luscious Starr. I’ve had three world title matches since joining the PWA and never won once. I couldn’t even beat a girl with one leg. I couldn’t even beat Riona Langly, but I bet I deserve a forth shot, even though I think I’ve won maybe one match since my super new boss took over. Not because of her either, but just because I’m terrible.

Starr looks furious as Maya snorts a laugh. The rest of the OoC give her a look but she just can’t help herself.

Lisa Seldon: I don’t deserve another shot as you can see, but by God I’m going to moan about it until it happens. And when anyone calls me on the many, many reasons why I deserve fuck all, I’ll just reiterate one of the many meaningless points that I replay every week. I changed my name, so now I’m much better. I got beaten by a tiny girl, but she hurt her leg on a bad landing that had nothing to do with me, so I guess that’s a win. I beat up Viktor Stone. No one even has a fucking clue who that is, but by God I did it. I beat up Jacob Collins too, netting me a back to back one win in maybe two months and putting barely a dent in my massive massive and constantly growing career deficit.

Lisa flings back her hair and strides across the stage.

I haven’t had more wins than losses in my entire fucking life, but that means nothing, because this time, I can totally beat the woman who made me look like her fucking rent boy every time we fought. Was that what you were trying to say?

Lisa finally draws a breath. The fans are eating it up.

Lisa Seldon: You wanna know a secret, just so you can save yourself a lot of trouble? As long as I’m employed here, you will never – ever – get another world title shot. And not because I don’t like you, but because you’re just not good enough.

A few fans turn on the idea but Lisa doesn’t seem to care, and just carries right on through.

Lisa Seldon: But I’ll give you one thing you want. Next week, you and your boyfriend get one more date with greatness before I bury you back at the bottom of the card where you belong. Because it’s going to be you and Danielson, against me and buddy Scott. And in that, you will get a real, Vulgar, Display of my Power.

And this turns the fans back in her favour. There’s still a smile on her lips, but it’s starting to look cold.

Lisa Seldon: Now get out of my ring, because you’re messing up my show. Oh and another thing. I get paid a salary, fuckrash, and your name doesn't appear anywhere near it.

And she snaps her fingers again, queuing up her own music as she walks back through the curtain.

The Phoenix vs Bronx Williams

The Phoenix Challenge Part Three

The match started off like BAM! POW! KABLOOM! With Phoenix landing a few super shots on Bronx Williams who replied with serious KOW! TAP! SMACK! Bronx with a flying lariat knocked Phoenix down. But Phoenix was quick to reply with a snap suplex that took Bronx down out quick. Phoenix with a moonsault keeps Bronx down for the moment. Then Bronx gets some offense in with a flying DDT and a curbside stomping in the corner on Phoenix. Phoenix fights back and sweeps Bronx off of his feet. THAP! WHOOSH! WHOA! Bronx goes flying when Phoenix lands a superb spinning heel kick which knocks him on his face. Phoenix irish whips Bronx into the ropes. Bronx spears him into the canvas and then Phoenix gets back up and european uppercuts Bronx into the corner.

The action continues to go back and forth, and it’s not until the third man enters the frey that things really get shaken up. With both men trading leather, Malicious enters on a blindspot for the referee and wields a chair toward the Phoenix’s head. Unfortunately the Phoenix knows its coming and the noise from the crowd tips him off to make his move just at the right moment, causing Malicious to miss one man and bury the other as he annihilates Bronx with a chair shot between the eyes.

Malicious seems stunned as he looks for Bronx, and leaves himself open to a forearm shot at the base of the skull. Malicious goes down and Brian makes a comment about the Phoenix using one of McNasty’s own moves against him. There’s no time to celebrate as he leaps onto a pin on his injured opponent and steals the win.

Winner: Da Phoenix!

God Forgives...

Jon McDaniel: Brian, I just got word Scott Nash Strader is about to arrive at the arena.

Brian Rentfro: Think he’s got other MC’s with him?

The ADCTron lights up and we are greeted with the outside venue of the inner city street kids, gang bangers, and other troubled youth their on Simon Kalis’ behalf. The air is filled with the sudden sound of a legion of motorcycles. The first dozen bikers are of the Mongol’s Oakland Chapter. They ride in parting a way to the arena doors.

Brian Rentfro: There are the Mongols.

The next dozen bikers to enter camera view are another dozen Outlaw MC members. They ride out along the roadside acting as a barricade to the outside crowd blocking them in.

Jon McDaniel: There’s the Outlaw’s. Looks they are trying to hold in the crowd, but there are not enough of them.

At that precise second what looks to be at least hundred Bandido members, appear led by the father of the PWA Tag Team Champions, Scott Nash Strader. Strader comes in flying followed by three of his Bandido Brothers while the rest cover the rest of the perimeter. Strader gets off his motorcycle, as a Prospect jumps off the back of one the other Bandido brothers bikes and gets on Strader’s. They ride out to the rest of their brothers and watch over the outside crowd. Strader is greeted by his daughters, who sport the new black t-shirt with a red VDP logo on the front, and the creed “God forgives, VDP doesn’t” on the back. Their tag team tiles hang over their shoulders as they hug their father.

Brian Rentfro: Looks like Strader is smack dab in the middle of the ghetto right now.

Jon McDaniel: Brian, that’s a bit uncalled for!

The Tag Team Champions follow their father into the arena. As they walk down the hall they run into Simon Kalis and The Dynasty of Chaos. Tamika stands nose to nose with Masakazu not backing down, much like Meghan with Maya. Strader and Kalis stare each other down for a moment as the arena and outside crowd is going crazy.

Jon McDaniel: Kalis asked for a truce this week, wonder if he’ll do it?

Brian Rentfro: I hope for some bloodshed to be honest.

SNS: Kalis, get out of my way.

Simon Kalis: Strader, what is this? I asked for a truce this week. But you go ahead bring your scum, and other Motorcyle club scum?

Strader smirks.

SNS: Have my brothers or the other clubs touched anyone? No, they haven’t.

Simon Kalis: Then why the troops Strader?

SNS: Did Russia trust Germany?

Kalis has to smile at Strader’s comment. The Dynasty and Cowgirls continue in the stare down.

SNS: Don’t you have a match to concern yourself with?

Kalis: Funny I was going to say the same to you.

Strader smiles. He motions for the girls to follow him as he walks through Kalis, Maya and Masakazu not giving the Cowgirls room as they push by. Kalis just smiles as we fade back to ringside.

Riona Langly vs Rayn vs Corey Lazarus

Triple Threat Match

Eric Emerson: This next match is scheduled for one fall and is a triple threat match… introducing first…
The lights in the arena die out completely. Slowly a heart beat can be heard through out the arena, as the green lights in the arena all start to flash simultaneously with the beat. At first it's a healthy heart, then it starts to beat erratically, someone haggardly, then slowly dies down to a crawl, before flat lining. Suddenly a ball of fire shoots heaven bound from the stage, as the intro to Korn's Evolution begins to play through the arena. The green lights fire back up, matching the base line as green lazers flash and shoot around the entire arena, smoke filling the entrance way as the lyrics drop.
I'm digging with my fingertips,
I'm gripping at the ground I stand upon.
I'm searching for fragile bones.
I'm never gonna be refined;
keep trying but I won't assimilate.
Sure, we have come far in time...
Watch, the bough break...
A man steps through the smoke, stopping at the end of the stage and taking a moment to gather his thoughts, focusing on the task at hand. He slowly lifts his head up from his downward gaze, glancing over the fans to the left, then the fans to the right, returning his gaze to center, and at the ring. He then slowly begins a stoic walk towards the ring, his fface a cold slab of stone, his focus primed.
And I'm sorry I don't believe,
by the evidence that I see,
that there's any hope left for me...
It's evolution!
Just evolution!
Eric Emerson: Weighing in tonight, at two hundred, thirty two pounds...
And I, I do not dare deny
the basic beast inside;
it's right here,
it's controlling my mind!
And why do I deserve to die?
I'm dominated by
this animal that's locked up inside!
Eric Emerson: From Chicago, Illinois, he is a former seven time World Heavyweight Champion, The Acidic One, Daniel... RAYN, KALIS!!!
Rayn, now standing just in front of the ring, walks over to the stairs and walks up them. He looks out at the fans, all indecisive as to how they should react. Half cheering, the other half not really caring. Rayn steps through the ropes and goes to the nearest turnbuckle, hopping up to the middle buckle and raising his arms into the air. He lowers them, then hops off the buckle back into the ring. He turns around, leaning back into the corner, waiting...
Eric Emerson: Introducing next…

The lights in the arena die, and the ADC-Tron shows nothing but a black and white film countdown

A trio of drumrolls cue up Slayer's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida," and the guitars ring as the bass carries the main melody. Chug-chug-chug-chug goes both guitars before going into the main melody along with the bass, and, at the 27-second mark, Corey Lazarus, Hiro Takawa, and Gregory Price emerge from the entrance curtain, with Price chomping away on a stick of gum in his mouth, Hiro looking calmly down the ramp, and Corey sipping on a bottle of Aquafina. Laz's eyes, as usual, stay hidden behind his trademark pair of silver-rimmed Ray Ban's, and he hangs his arms at his sides after he runs his fingers over his moustache and goatee.

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby!=~

Eric Emerson: Introducing at this time, accompanied by Gregory Price and Hiro Takawa...

Lazarus steps further onto the stage, turning around slowly to take a quick look at the ADC-Tron before stopping at the end of the stage, his back to the ramp and the ring before turning around. Price pats his client on the shoulder, and then looks at the ADC-Tron with him as Hiro continues looking down the ramp, stretching out and jogging in place.

~=Don't you know that I love you?!=~

Eric Emerson: He weighs in tonight at 230 pounds...

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey!=~
~=Don't you know that I'll ALWAYS be true?!=~

Eric Emerson: And standing at 6-foot-1...

Lazarus jogs in place at the end of the stage as the guitars duel into the start of the first chorus, shaking out his limbs, and throws a few shadow punches and kicks into the air.

~=Oh, won't you come with me?=~
~=And take my hand?=~

Price points up at the ADC-Tron, focusing everybody's attention to images of Laz's glory: dropping Demise head-first into a casket via the Mercury Driver to claim the PWA World Heavyweight title at High Stakes '08; appearing in the ring behind Scott Nash Strader and Matthew Engel when the lights return to normal at Good Vs. Evil '08; and leaping up to grab Kyle Stevenson's neck, drilling his knees into his back with a Lungblower as Viktor Stone powerbombs him down from Unsanctioned '09. Takawa looks up at it, unamused, and then begins walking down the ramp ahead of Corey.

~=Oh, won't you come with me?!=~
~=And walk this land?!=~

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Hollywood, California...

The guitars divebomb, and Laz starts making his way down the ramp, looking out around the arena, spying on every bit of the crowd in front of him.


The drums beat along as Corey bangs his head with them and the main melody of the song returns, Lazarus taking a sip from his Aquafina as he stops halfway down the ramp.

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby!=~
~=Don't you know that I love you?!=~

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Hollywood, California...

Laz jaws with some fans in the front row as Hiro stands between him and Price, Takawa's eyes focused on the ring, and then the trio continue making their way down the ramp. The L-A-Z turns back around to watch himself on the ADC-Tron, his trademark devilish smirk on his face as he walks backwards.

Eric Emerson: He is "The Premiere Attraction"...

~=In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey!=~
~=Don't you know that I'll ALWAYS be true?!=~

Corey turns around to face the ring as they reach the bottom of the ramp, the guitars dueling before the chorus, and then pulls himself up onto the apron, placing one foot in the ring between the top and middle ropes, using one hand to hold the top rope for balance and the other to cover his eyes as he scans the crowd again. Price walks over to the ringsteps, scaling them with a cocky swagger as he walks onto the apron next to Laz, Hiro remaining stoic on the outside with his arms crossed over his chest.

Eric Emerson: ...COREY LAZARUS!!!

~=Oh, won't you come with me?!=~
~=And take my hand?!=~

Lazarus steps into the ring and then walks to the middle of the ring, his hands on his hips and his trademark devilish smirk on his face. Price steps in afterwards, pointing the entire time to his client, applauding him, and Takawa slides in under the bottom rope, rising to his feet. The music keeps pounding away as Corey drops to a knee, his head bowed and a single fist placed on the mat, his other hand resting on his knee.

~=Oh, won't you come with me?!=~
~=And walk this land?!=~

The guitars divebomb as Lazarus bobs his head to the beat of the drums, breathing heavier and heavier as he does so.


Corey leaps to his feet as the main riff returns at the end of the chorus, his arms spread out to his side after he rips his Ray Ban's off, turning his body around to all sides of the arena as flashbulbs go off everywhere. "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" fades into silence as Corey backs up to his corner, removing his Ray Ban's and handing them off to Price. He adjusts the tape on his hands and then stretches his legs out using the middle ropes before shadow-boxing quick with Hiro, who holds his hands up for Corey to pepper with left and right jabs. Gregory steps out onto the apron and walks down the steps, taking his place at ringside in Laz's corner as Takawa slides out under the bottom rope, taking a knee at ringside to watch the match unfold.
Eric Emerson: And lastly…

### Today... my name... is pain... ###
The lights dim as a haunting melody begins to play over the PA system. As the chimes play out, flashes on the otherwise blackened ADCTron show a slideshow of violence during war throughout the ages... A guitar kicks in, adding to the melody as the speed of the images picks up, more sights being added as well as almost subliminal messages of PAIN, VIOLENCE, HELL, WAR... The guitar stops it's long riff and kicks in with the drums as the lights start to pulse red, the with more violence screaming across the ADCTron... Photos of Riona Langly mix into the slideshow, showing matches against Jamie Flynn, The Phoenix, Hunter Sullivan, SNS, Corey Lazarus, and Viktor Stone...

### Tonight... Tonight... ###
### Tonight... ###

A very low, angry growl as the lights flicker wildly, while remaining deeply red....

### GO! ###
"The New Ministry" from Walls of Jericho is in full force as a familiar spotlight lights up right behind the entrance way. Stepping out in front of it is of course, Riona Langly, her head hanging down as she soaks in the ambiance before a match.

### Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Give me your passion ###
### Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Give me your heart ###

Riona lifts her head up and scream, snapping off her crux pose as criss-crossing red pyro fires off in front of her. The pyrotechnics shoot off 5 times before coming to an end, the lights in the arena returning to normal as Riona begins her walk down to the ring.

Eric Emerson: Introducing... she comes to us from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! She weighed in this morning at 142 pounds, and stands at five foot nine inches. She is the leader of the Apostles of Ares...

### Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Now and forever ###
### Tonight... is... ours... ###

Riona stops at the end of the entrance ramp, rolling her fists as she stares inside the ring.

### Live out your dream ###
### With everything you have inside you ###
### This world can't hold us back forever! ###
### forever... FOREVER...###
### FORVER... FOREVER... ###

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, this is.... RIOOONNNNAAAA LANNGGGLLLLYYYY!!!

Riona dead leaps herself onto the ring apron and slings herself over the top rope and into the ring, stomping over to the nearest corner as soon as she lands.

### We Bleed Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Give me your passion ###
### Tonight... is... ours... ###
### Give me your heart ###

Riona climbs onto the top turnbuckle and snaps off another crux pose as red pyro flares out of the other 3 turnbuckles violently, scaring the ref in the process.

### Tonight is ours ###
### Now and forever ###
### Tonight is ours ###

Riona climbs down from the turnbuckle and starts some light stretches, her mind preparing for the match ahead of her.

Jon McDaniel: Three top competitors ready to go. Are you excited? ARE YE!?

Brian Rentfro: Yeah I guess.

The bell sounds as Corey crosses the ring toward Rayn and opens his account with a slap across the face. The crowd responds with woos and cat calls as Rayn meets him in a stare, fuming as Lazarus answers him with a smirk.

Brian Rentfro: Whoa.

Jon McDaniel: Welcome to the PWA Rayn.

Rayn looks furious now and leaps into a headlock from Corey. He tries to skirt free but Corey has him tight and won't let him go. Meanwhile Riona hangs back, looking decidedly uninterested.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like Corey is trying to get into his head early.

Brian Rentfro: I had heard he has a bit of a temper... probably why he shot his brother.

Corey maintains the hold but Rayn manages to slip out the back and pull him into a Hammerlock. He doesn't get long though as Corey drops out and sweeps the leg to put Rayn face down on the mat. The Acidic One tries to scramble to his feet but Corey catches him with another Headlock and walks him to his feet. He then looks decidedly pleased with himself as he paws at Rayn's face, only to get taken out as Riona comes straight at him with a Yakuza Kick. Corey goes down and Riona sets in about him.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like the champ is tired of waiting.

Rayn tries to turn Riona around but gets an Elbow between the eyes for his troubles. She then follows up with two more and kick to the side as he goes back covering up. She then swings for Roaring Elbow but Rayn gets underneath it with a shoulder in the gut and then drives her into the floor with a Spinebuster. Rayn pancakes her with a right hand and then charges Corey down again.

Brian Rentfro: New guy got some skills.

Jon McDaniel: Well, we hired him.

Rayn puts Corey into the corner with a Spear and then belts him with and then blasts him with a kick in the stomach. He then hooks him up for a DDT.

Brian Rentfro: Rayn Drop!

Jon McDaniel: Someone's done their homework.

Corey spins out though and scores with a hard inside leg kick followed by a Roundhouse to the ribs. Rayn goes back a few steps and Corey runs him down, scoring with a dual elbow under the jaw and a 12 to 6 elbow through the skull.

Jon McDaniel: Corey slips out and staggers Rayn with the Combo Number 5.

Brian Rentfro: Is that like the song? The incredibly old and irrelevant song?

Jon McDaniel: Kinda like his film career.

Brian Rentfro: Ouch.

Rayn stays on his feet and Corey rushes him again with the Boomerang Kick but Riona comes back in behind Rayn and gets both arms up to block the kick. She then drops Rayn to a knee with a Spinning Back-Elbow and then follows up with a Soccer Kick between the eyes of Lazarus.

Jon McDaniel: Riona saves Rayn and then puts him down herself.

Brian Rentfro: There's no job like a job done yourself.

Riona pulls Lazarus to his feet and sets him up for the Bomb Droper ReMix, but she's forced to let it go as Rayn swings at her with a Clothesline. Rayn misses but comes back around and catches a front kick. He then holds her at bay and baits her as she swings wild and aimless punches. Once he's had enough fun he then tosses her overhead. Unfortunetly for Lazarus he steps in at the wrong time and gets the point of Riona's foot across the top of his skull.

Brian Rentfro: Oh!

Jon McDaniel: Corey just got rocked!

Rayn bundles Riona up and hefts her up for a Powerbomb. He then charges for the ropes but Riona turns his momentum against him and drops back into a Hurricanrana the puts him through the ropes. Rayn gets up just in time to catch a Spear in the gut that puts both of them on the floor.

Jon McDaniel: Corey Lazarus pounces and both men go out to the floor!

Lazarus and Rayn fight to their feet and give Riona the target she needs, as she throws herself headlong over the ropes toward the two. Rayn ducks out at the last second though and leaves Lazarus to take the brunt of the move.

Jon McDaniel: And Riona follows up with a beatuiful Senton Suicida!

Brian Rentfro: And I thought the guys in the main event were going to go crazy.

Riona gets barely a second to celebrate before Rayn runs her into the guardrail. She answers back with an elbow but he catches a second and then spins her into the ring apron, crushing her back against its frame.

Brian Rentfro: The action picks back up outside and suddenly we're on the man from Death Row's turf.

Jon McDaniel: I always love the idea that the absence of ring ropes suddenly means all reason is forfeit.

Brian Rentfro: Shove it Jon, these are the rules we play by.

Rayn slams Riona face first off the apron and then pushes her into the ring and then sends Corey to follow her.

Jon McDaniel: Action going back inside... to the apparent safety of canvas.

Brian Rentfro: Bite me.

From the entrance ramp Simon Kalis, still covered in Bubba's blood comes running out from backstage. Rayn doesn't see him as he goes to slide into the ring. Kalis grabs his half brother by the legs and sweeps him back to the outside of the ring as Lazarus and Riona look on with baited breath. Kalis begins stomping down on Rayn's neck and picks him up by his long hair and whips him into the steel steps.

Brian Rentfro: The crowd is going nuts! The last time these two fought was in an unsanctioned death match and these LA fans remember it.

Jon McDaniel: Yeah, the match where Daniel "Rayn" Kalis thought he killed Simon but all he did was get him out of a lifetime contract.

Rayn gets to his feet as Riona and Lazarus continue to fight it out inside the ring, the referee unsure of what to do. Kalis licks his lips as he stares down Rayn. Rayn lunges forward and begins to unleash a fury of combos, kicks and punches on Simon. Kalis stumbles back and hits the ground outside the ring. Rayn tries to lift him up but Kalis knees him in the balls sending Rayn to the ground as well. Kalis quickly gets up and hops up onto the apron now, exchanging a few words with Riona and Lazarus who shake their heads. Kalis laughs and springboards himself off the top rope and lands an asai moonsault right onto the downed Rayn on the outside. The crowd is going nuts as Kalis heads to the front row and hugs a few of his fellow Blood gang members. It's at this point Kalis suddenly has a weapon in his hand, what looks to be that newspaper in duct tape blunt force object and he swings it right for Rayn's head. It connects and Rayn falls back down. Rayn though punches Kalis in the gut before he can go for another swing and grabs ahold of the weapon. He swings it back at Kalis and knocks him square in the face sending Kalis tumbling into the apron. He swings again and Kalis hits the floor bleeding, his gashes from earlier reopened.

Jon McDaniel: I'm not sure how Riona and Lazarus are reacting, they're sort of just watching what's going on outside between the two brothers.

Brian Rentfro: They know to stay out of this. I just wonder how many people he thinks he can go to war with and expect to come out of this in one piece.

Kalis tries to crawl away but Rayn swings the weapon repeatedly into the back of his head. Rayn drops the weapon and goes to get back into the ring but as he does Corey Lazarus dropkicks him off the apron right back onto the outside. Kalis is up on the outside and spears Rayn into the barricade seperating fans from the wrestlers. A few of those blood gang members knock into Rayn quietly, trying to hide this from the cameras as Kalis gets to his feet shaking. Kalis grabs Rayn and begins dragging him up the entrance ramp but Rayn stops him and goes for a superkick! Kalis ducks and hits a spinning heel kick right into the back of Rayn's head, sending both men to the floor on the entrance ramp. Kalis searches Rayn and grabs ahold of his Golden Desert Eagle, which originally belonged to Simon Kalis himself. He starts to run back up the entrance ramp but Rayn gives chase. Rayn tackles Simon Kalis right into the backstage area, with the cameras following them.

Brian Rentfro: Well, there he goes, stealing the show again.

Jon McDaniel: Good job reducing this incident to its singular most important point.

Brian Rentfro: Thanks.

Riona has Lazarus down on a knee in the ring with herself backed into the corner, but she seems momentarily perturbed by the action going on at ringside. Never the less it passes, and Riona charges Corey with a Roaring Elbow, only for it to be ducked. Riona then spins around and walks right into the Boomerang Kick from Lazarus that near splits her skull down the back.

Jon McDaniel: The End Credits! Riona turns off for one second and it cost her.

Brian Rentfro: Suppose by now she should expect impromptu gun fights during her matches.

Lazarus jumps onto a cover.




Jon McDaniel: And he’s done the deal!

Lazarus gets to his feet and accepts the hand of the referee, who hoists his into the air.

Eric Emerson: Here is your winner… COREY LAZARUS!

Corey shuns the referee and takes to the ropes. Riona is up sitting on the mat and shaking her head.

Jon McDaniel: Disappointment for the champ, but Corey has to be feeling good after this.

Brian Rentfro: Just getting word that Rayn and Kalis are still going backstage!

Rayn grabs the gun away from Kalis and pistol whips him in the head with it nearly knocking him out.

Brian Rentfro: Well there they go!

Kalis gets to his feet and as Rayn goes for another swing Kalis elbows him in the gut. Rayn keels forward and Kalis gouges his eyes before hitting The Tears of Redemption on his brother Daniel "Rayn" Kalis! Simon gets to his feet and smirks.

Simon Kalis: Little brother. My sweet, little brother. You're in my neighborhood. You can take your two platinum guns and shove them up your ass, brother. No matter what you do? No matter how you try to one up me?

Kalis grabs his crotch and laughs.

Simon Kalis: I'll still have the bigger dick.

Rayn low blows Kalis quickly and he cringes, falling to his knees. However at this point Maya and Masakazu show up with steel chairs and before Rayn can do anything his skull is sandwhiched inbetween two chair shots. Maya helps her dad to his feet and he spits at Rayn.

Simon Kalis: Brother you could've asked for my hand. I would've considered your membership into The Order of Chaos. Instead you come in here and you get a big match to start you career here, you think you're hot shit. You only got this match because of the name you share with me, brother. You think you're entitled to a World title shot all of a sudden? You've got a lot to learn about the PWA, little brother. You stupid little fucker. You'll never be above me, just like it was before. You could never hope to dominate in a place with me in your way and things won't change. So I'm reminding you, you've gotta earn your place here and one match doesn't make you entitled to a title shot brother. Get the idea out of your thick skull.

Kalis kicks Rayn in the head again, and he lays on the ground shaking his head.

Simon Kalis: So I've taken what I gave you by birth right. Just because you and I share blood does not mean you're going to walk in here and claim anything without my consent. You could've been by my side, but you want to try to join the legions of assholes who're standing against me? You do that, and see how far it gets you.

Kalis grabs the Golden Desert Eagle from Rayn and looks over it.

Simon Kalis: I've waited five years to hold this weapon. The truest symbol of the First Class Felon, yours truly. I left it to you as a gift of my love for you brother, and I watched from afar as you carried this weapon with pride all these years. This gun says Simon Kalis, brother. Look. It even has my name on it.

Kalis shows the side of the barrel with his name engraved into it.

Simon Kalis: I am forever duplicated, but never replicated. You're just another imposter, the only difference is our mother gave birth to both of us. You'll have to get in line before you can come at me brother.

Kalis drops the gun back into Rayn's lap.

Simon Kalis: 'Till then? Keep it, as a memento of love from your older brother Simon.

Kalis salutes Rayn and walks off with Maya and Masakazu as we fade back to ringside.

VDP Doesn't

The ADCTron lights up on the locker room door of Jethro Hayes and Bubba J. The fans in the arena start cheering loudly for the Georgia Boys. A large fist knocks on the door. The camera pans back as Nicole, Jethro’s girlfriend answers. Scott Nash Strader extends his hand as the arena starts cheering for Strader now, outside not so much.

Brian Rentfro: What the hell is Strader doing now?

Jon McDaniel: Watch and see Brian, looks like Strader is reaching out to other PWA roster members.

SNS: Hey Nicole, I’m Scott Nash Strader.

Nicole: I’m aware of who you are Scott. Come in.

Strader enters the room, and shakes the hands of Bubba J and Jethro Hayes, much to the delight of the fans inside, but again, not so much outside.

SNS: Gentlemen. War is upon your company. Simon Kalis started this war, and the only way he knew it wouldn’t destroy the PWA itself was to lure me out. I’m out. This place will fail if we don’t do something.

Bubba J: Why the fuck do you care?

Jethro shakes his head as Strader answers.

SNS: This place has my daughters under contract. I’m not going to let anyone jeopardize their career while I can still help it. Besides, both of you want to rid this place and the world of Simon Kalis as much as I do.

Jethro: What are you trying to say Scott?

Strader sneers his families trademark, and pulls out two black t-shirts, with VDP written in red on the front, and on the back “God forgives, VDP doesn’t”.

SNS: I’m offering you a spot in my squad. Jethro, I know you have always been about the fans. They make sure you get paid, but real fans respect you for what you want to do. I’ve kicking ass my own damn way for years, and listen to them right now!

The fans start a ‘S-N-S’ chant throughout the arena.

SNS: PWA’s fans are real Jethro. You don’t have to be a evil son of a bitch, but you also don’t have to be a pushover so you don’t lose ‘face’. Vulgar Display of Power will help you achieve this Jethro, but it will also help rid this place of Simon Kalis. Jethro seems to think about this for a moment.

Jethro and Bubba go to say something but Scott stops them.

SNS: I’ll know your decision based on your ring attire tonight. Until then gentlemen…

Strader salutes the men and nods at Nicole as he leaves the dressing room.

Jon McDaniel: Will Jethro and Bubba join VDP?

Brian Rentfro: Combat ends in Iraq, and begins in the PWA…

Simon Kalis vs Jethro Hayes & Bubba J

Handicap Match


Eric Emerson: The following match is scheduled for one pinfall and is a HANDICAP MATCH! Introducing first...

"Souths Gonna Do It Again" by Charlie Daniels hits and from behind the curtains outstep both Jethro Hayes and Bubba J. The Pro-Order of Chaos crowd greets them with jeers and boos, much to the surprise of Jethro Hayes at least. Bubba J shakes his head and both men make their way to the ring.

Eric Emerson: At a combined weight of 527 pounds they are Bubba J and Jethro Hayes... THE DOWN SOUTH GEORGIA BOYS!

Hayes and Bubba enter the ring and prepare themselves as they turn to the entrance ramp, ignoring the boos from the heated Los Angeles crowd. The blood gang members which line front row courtesy of Simon Kalis begin harassing and cussing out Bubba specifically, to which Bubba responds in kind with a verbal tirade of his own.

Eric Emerson: Their opponent...

The melodic intro to "Woke Up This Morning" by Alabama 3 begins to play and the fans in the arena all jump to their feet and begin cheering heavily.

I woke up this morning
Got myself a gun,
Mama always said I'd be
The Chosen One

Kalis comes out from the back, a confident grin over his face as he raises his arms to the air. Wearing baggy urban camoflauge khakis and a white wifebeater, he doesn't hide the fact he is carrying a firearm tucked into his belt as he tightly ties the urban camoflauge bandana tied over his head.

One in a million
I believe gonna burn to shine,
I was born under a bad sign,
With a blue moon in my eyes.

He begins walking down to the ring, slapping the hands of this pro-Order crowd here in Los Angeles as he passes by. He stops to pose for photos with a number of gang members at front row, throwing up gang signs with them as a security guard obliges in taking the pictures for them. Bubba J and Jethro Hayes watch on with interest.

Eric Emerson: Introducing, he is the Franchise of the PWA!

The crowd erupts into cheers and applause again as Kalis hops onto the apron and salutes the crowd by stomping his right foot down and extending his right arm outward in an upward angle in the fascist Order of Chaos style. The entire crowd responds in kind, with everyone in the Staples Center getting to their feet and saluting Kalis back.

Brian Rentfro: My God looks like a Nazi rally in 1930's Germany in here...

Jon McDaniel: Shhh...

Eric Emerson: He hails from the PIONEER WRESTLING ASSOCIATION!

They begin to chant "GLORIOUS" as Kalis enters the ring and heads to each corner, climbing up and throwing his hands in the air and basking in the love of the fans, a love he does not get anymore elsewhere. Bubba J is held back by Hayes as Kalis gives them dirty looks, passing them by on his way to each turnbuckle.

Eric Emerson: The General of the Order of Chaos... He is SIMON KALIS!

Kalis hops down and unties the bandana, throwing it into the crowd as he hands the Emerson his handgun. He cracks his neck as referee Daniel Davis nods Kalis' way with a smirk on his face. Hayes shakes his head knowing very well that Davis has a reputation as someone who favors the less honorable men in the business. Hayes remains in the ring as Bubba J takes their corner. Kalis removes the wifebeater from his body and chucks it into the crowd. He slaps his chest and moves his arched arms over his body to showcase his lean body, covered in tattoos along with some bullet and stab wounds. He slaps his chest and throws a B's up sign to his friends in the crowd before turning to face Hayes.

Jon McDaniel: This may be a handicap match, but with Davis and the rowdy Kalis-friendly crowd here... Kalis may have more help than it would seem on paper.

Brian Rentfro: You're just saying that so it doesn't look bad when Kalis beats both these former PWA Tag Team Champions on his own! ALL HAIL SIMON! YEAH!

Jon McDaniel: Brown noser.

Kalis puts a hand up and smiles as he grabs the microphone from Emerson. He asks Davis to wait who obliges as Kalis puts the microphone to his mouth.

Simon Kalis: You thought you could fuck with me, Bubba? You did so in Jethro's name? Jethro... This is Los Angeles. My city.

Kalis gets a pop as the crowd cheers him on.

Simon Kalis: Ironically, the Staples Center is where on one both intensely glorious evening I won the DRWF Eternal title in a Dog Chain match. You guys remember?

The crowd cheers in a big yes as Kalis smiles. Suddenly the smile disappears and his face looks dead with no emotion.

Simon Kalis: That night my wife was murdered outside this arena, Jethro.

Kalis shakes his head.

Simon Kalis: So while I won the battle... I lost the war. A bittersweet memory. You may not have condoned Bubba's desicration of my beautiful Vanessa's grave but he did it in your name nevertheless and I will hold you responsible regardless. So tell me Hayes, would you like to experience what I did here in Los Angeles six years ago nearly to the day?

The crowd boos as Bubba laughs nodding his head. Jethro however remains unmoved.

Simon Kalis: Cause she's dead. However...

Kalis points to the ADCTron where a live feed appears. It is of Nicole, and she is hanging by rope from her hands in her underwear. Hayes' eyes widen as she looks severely beaten and bloodied, crying and pleading for help but there is no sound.

Simon Kalis: Nicole isn't.

Kalis smirks as Hayes is held back by Bubba J now, who looks on with a fiery anger in his eyes. Hayes screams as a man appears on the ADCTron with a bamboo stick and begins beating Nicole across her stomach.

Simon Kalis: Do you have kids yet? I hope so...

The man beats her repeatedly, relentless as he brings the stick against her stomach.

Simon Kalis: You thought you could honestly fuck with me just to get a little old match?! HAH! You didn't do your homework on me, gentlemen. Why would you? You're such foolish little rednecks anyways. I don't care how innocent you are Jethro. You can blame Bubba for this, because it is his fault I am doing this.

The man on the ADCTron stops beating Nicole, whose head hangs low as she weeps. Her body covered in bruises and her face cut and bloodied. Hayes begins talking to Kalis but Kalis puts his middle finger up to him.

Simon Kalis: No. No Jethro. I don't care if you didn't send Bubba to do this, if you couldn't stop him from doing this. It's too late. It's too late for mercy. I promised you both two things, didn't I? I said I'd end your career tonight Bubba, and I will fulfill that promise just as I am fulfilling the one I made to you Jethro.

Kalis steps right up to Hayes, looking up at him in the eyes.

Simon Kalis: That I'd make your life a living hell.

Hayes is going to attack but Kalis steps back and shakes his head.

Simon Kalis: I hurt you for betraying me, Jethro. I made you suffer a million ways, but all I did was hurt your body. It's easy to hurt our bodies... Remember this?

The picture on the ADCTron changes to footage from Who's The Man 2010?!, the PWA World Tag Team Title match between Matthew Engel and Jethro Hayes versus Simon Kalis and Masakazu. Second 2 None versus The Order of Chaos. The footage shows Hayes beating Masakazu into a bloody pulp on the outside of the ring with a wrench, and EMT's taking Masakazu away in a stretcher followed by Kalis watching on nearly in tears with Engel and Hayes smiling behind him.

Simon Kalis: Masakazu won't ever admit it but he lost a step after you nearly ended my sons career that night. He's never fully recovered from that attack you know? Even then? Even when you were behind putting me in jail and helping my bastard brother Ace escape justice? I forgave you Jethro. I...

Kalis places his left hand on his left cheek and turns his head.

Simon Kalis: I turned the other cheek just as our good Lord would ask. Then you betrayed me and well...

Kalis turns his other cheek.

Simon Kalis: I turned the other cheek. But I also meted out punishment for your betrayl. For does not the book of Deutronomy say an eye for an eye?

Kalis smirks as he taps his left eye, Hayes looking on with concern in his face.

Simon Kalis: THEN YOU DESICRATED MY WIFES RESTING PLACE! You couldn't stop your hound Jethro. Your hound Bubba J and even if you didn't do it yourself? You were behind it. Even if you didn't order it. So what I'm doing Jethro?

The ADCTron returns to the live feed of Nicole strung up and beaten. The man is not on the scene anymore.

Simon Kalis: What I'm doing? I'm showing you why they call me The Original First Class Felon. You wanted to bring the death row inmate out of me?! WELL YOU GOT IT!

The man returns into the picture, and he cocks a gun. Nicole shakes her head as he puts the gun to her head. Hayes begins yelling at Kalis to stop and he smiles as he watches. The entire crowd stands on their feet.

Brian Rentfro: Cut to commercial! We can't have a murder live on PWA Television!

Jon McDaniel: This is disgusting!

The man steps back, holding the gun forward and pulls the trigger. The entire arena can hear Jethro Hayes scream in pain but...

Brian Rentfro: Water?!

The gun fires squirts of water on Nicole's face, washing the blood off of her face. Kalis pulls out a cigarette and lights it, smiling psychotically as Hayes looks on with relief on his face.

Simon Kalis: Amazing how black spray paint can make a water pistol look like a Beretta, don't you think Jethro?

Kalis lights the cigarette and winks as the unknown man snaps the water pistol in half. The ski mask covers his face the whole time, but he begins removing it. He stops and shakes his head, before reaching into his back pocket and pulling out a boxcutter.

Simon Kalis: There's something you and everyone in the PWA is going to quickly have to come to terms with Jethro. You push me? No one is safe. Not you, not your mother, not your woman, not your best friend from first grade. I am the villain the PWA needs, Jethro. So if you want to really step up to me the way you have? You better be prepared for the consequences.

The masked man cuts Nicole across the face, and she begins to bleed but luckily it seems to be a very superficial cut and is not deep at all looking more like a scratch than a stab. He holds up the boxcutter to show the blood which stains it's jagged edges. Hayes puts his hands on his heads in disbelief, the move effecting Hayes strongly regardless in the moment.

Simon Kalis: You thought Matthew Engel was bad? You stupid hick. Haha. No my dear friend. Matthew Engel is a great artist in this sport. Me on the other hand? I'm a General waging a war. War has casualties.

The man on the screen removes the ski mask and we come to see Masakazu smiling as he cuts Nicole down, cutting the rope as she falls into his arms. Masakazu kicks her in the back and puts her on her knees. He puts a bag over her head and the camera cuts to static. Kalis shakes his head as he looks at Jethro Hayes.

Jethro Hayes: And I'm going to do that to you, Simon! Just wait 'till I get my hands on you!

Hayes yells so loudly it's heard over Kalis' mic. He smirks.

Simon Kalis: I am a monster, Jethro Hayes. A monster you've unleashed upon the entire PWA. I will push things farther than anyone has before me, and because of my position I am nearly untouchable. Only Chamelion can stop me, and I'll stay out of his way. Besides... The ratings this show just got for that whole stunt? Hah. Chamelion will never admit it, but he loves what I'm doing. You ever wanna see your pretty little sister who you fuck again you'll bow to my will Jethro Hayes. This is your only course of actions.

The crowd cheers as Kalis raises his arms with a confident smile.

Simon Kalis: Get on your knees and kiss my feet. Declare me your Lord, your King, and your Supreme Commander before all of these people here tonight and I'll let you walk out of here with the location of your sweetheart. Then the bell can ring, and you can lay down next to Bubba J and I will pin both of you at once and claim my victory. Afterwards you will be forgiven your transgressions. Just bow. Bow before me now, Jethro Hayes.

Kalis drops the microphone and points to his feet with a sinister smile on his face.

Jon McDaniel: How is he not fired? How is he not in jail?! How is he allowed to run around in this company and do what he pleases? This has to stop. Mark Sommers has to stop this madness.

Brian Rentfro: ...This is the man who signed that contract almost a year ago. This is the man he was when he was at his most successful. There is nothing that Kalis won't do to destroy his opponents and enemies, Jon. Do your research... It's too late. The caged Felon has been let out. There's no turning back for anyone now.

Bubba talks to Hayes and Hayes nods. Hayes steps forward and falls to his knees in front of Kalis his face full of desperation. Kalis smiles as he raises his arms and looks towards the rafters. The crowd can't believe it as Hayes picks up the microphone.

Jethro Hayes: How about we end you Simon Kalis, and get the location out of you after we beat you halfway to Canada!

Kalis snaps his eyes forward in shock as Bubba leaps over the kneeling Hayes and spears Kalis into the turnbuckle. The fans cheer as Bubba begins pummeling away at Simon Kalis with Hayes not too far behind him.


Bubba whips Kalis into Hayes who throws out a knee and tosses Kalis to the canvas. Hayes with a leg drop and then Bubba follows up with an elbow drop on his throat. Hayes picks up Kalis' dropped lit cigarette and shoves it into his eye, but Kalis moves out of the way just enough to have his cheek burned with the crushing ember. Kalis screams as Bubba and Hayes begin stomping down on him, before Bubba picks him up and whips him towards Hayes. Hayes lifts his leg and big boots Kalis halfway back to Africa, Kalis' body bouncing back up off the canvas after impact. He stumbles forward, dazed and burned before Bubba rushes forward and lands a facebuster into the canvas on him. Finally referee Daniel Davis forces things to break up, forcing Bubba J to the apron where he can be tagged in later. Hayes backs up as Kalis slowy gets to his feet, shaking his head.

Brian Rentfro: This is madness, and this won't be over with a simple pinfall.

Jon McDaniel: I'm afraid for once I agree with you, Brian.

Kalis flicks his nose with his right thumb as he begins circling the ring, Hayes circling around him as well. Kalis bobs and weaves with his arms up, but his palms open as he sways his body to the cheering of the crowd. The crowd chants "KILL THEM! KILL THEM!" and Kalis stops in the ring and points to them while smiling at Jethro. Jethro is about to move in but Bubba J slaps him on the back, tagging him in. Jethro turns as Bubba hops into the ring and charges unleashing a serious right hook into Kalis' face. Kalis hits the canvas but gets up quickly, Bubba with another stiff right sends Kalis right back down to the canvas. Jethro gets onto the apron as Kalis rolls around and gets back to his feet unphased by Bubba's frontal attack. He continues to bob and weave, dodging a right hook from Bubba by moving to the left very quickly. Kalis uses his elbow and knocks Bubba in the face with an elbow chop to the cranium. He continues to weave through the ring, staying on his toes as Bubba fakes a right and then goes for a left. Kalis leans all the way back and throws his hands out to catch himself. As he does he flips his body back, his legs arching forward and nails Bubba with both his feet before flipping himself back onto his feet. He flicks his nose again with this right thumb and spits at Bubba J who doesn't seem to happy.

Brian Rentfro: If Lazarus is the best striker in the PWA? Kalis is definitely the most agile fighter.

Jon McDaniel: He's displaying cat-like reflexes but he's dancing with a raging bull in there. He may get gored.

Kalis moves right in front of Hayes who grabs onto him. Bubba charges forward and begins throwing lefts and rights one after another, landing each blow on Kalis' face. His head snaps back and forth, left and right with each hit as the crowd boos. Kalis finally stomps his foot down on Bubba's toes. It momentarily stops him and then he runs up Bubba's body, putting each foot forward with quickness until he finally kicks Bubba J in the face and flips himself over the top rope, over Jethro Hayes. As he falls back he grabs the back of Hayes' neck and lands a vicious reverse neckbreaker from the apron to the outside of the ring. He high fives a laughing gang member at ringside who as the camera catches just passed him what looks like a rock he picked up from outside. Kalis slides the rock into his pocket and slides into the ring and Bubba is already on him, stomping down on him hard. Bubba throws him onto his back and mounts Kalis no homo and then begins pummeling him. Kalis spits in Bubba's face and gouges his eyes, pushing Bubba off of him as Hayes gets back to the apron. Hayes yells at Bubba to come tag him in but Bubba seemingly refuses to do so. Finally Bubba gives in and goes to tag Jethro in but Kalis pushes him right into referee Daniel Davis who hits the canvas hard. Bubba falls forward into Hayes who tags himself in. As Jethro gets in the ring Kalis smirks as he pulls the rock out of his pocket. Davis is still getting himself up as Kalis swings the rock- into his own face! Kalis begins smashing the rock repeatedly in his face and Hayes looks on confused and astonished as Kalis begins to bleed heavily now from his face. Kalis smirks as he licks the blood as it trickles down.

Brian Rentfro: Well.

Jon McDaniel: If he hadn't lost his mind before? He's definitely lost it now.

Bubba stands on the apron laughing at Kalis who chucks the rock at Jethro. Jethro catches the rock and Kalis sarcastically throws himself to the ring, screaming as he holds his head. Davis looks at Hayes whose holding the rock and then looks at Kalis who is leaning against the bottom rope with his face covered in blood. Davis begins to say a few things to Hayes who throws the rock out of the ring and denies using it. Kalis is up on his feet and Davis turns his head to see this. Davis shakes his head as he jumps out of the way, Kalis sends a lightning quick superkick right into Hayes' chin. Hayes' head snaps back but he doesn't fall over. Kalis unleashes a fury of thrust kicks, alternating between his legs until he brings Hayes down to one knee. Hayes throws a great uppercut into Kalis' sternum, forcing Kalis to stop for a moment. Hayes uses his reach and grabs ahold of Kalis' neck with his hand, crushing his adams apple in his huge palm. Hayes begins questioning Kalis as he gets to his feet but Kalis struggles, holding onto Hayes' one arm with both of his hands. Kalis throws out a thrust kick which nails Hayes in the side but Hayes headbutts Kalis, sending him back. Hayes with a kick to the gut and then grabs Kalis and picks him up SLAMMING him into the canvas with a piledriver that rocks the Staples Center. Kalis seems out of it with Bubba J begging to be tagged in. Hayes nods and walks over and tags Bubba J in.

Jon McDaniel: Oh My God... Brian, do you see whose in the crowd amongst those gangster types Kalis has at front row?

Brian Rentfro: Yeah. I do Jon. I was ignoring him because the cameras haven't even panned to show him there.

Jon McDaniel: But... That's...

Brian Rentfro: I know Jon, I know.

Bubba rushes in and begins stomping Kalis down on his chest. Suddenly over the barricade, MATTHEW ENGEL comes flying in from the crowd! The crowd all jump to their feet as Engel grabs Hayes' by the feet and sweeps him off the apron. Daniel Davis the referee in the match looks outside and tries to get control as Jethro Hayes and Matthew Engel begin brawling on the outside of the ring. Bubba looks and seems ready to intervene when Davis pushes him back. Kalis is up now and smiling as he leans forward, waiting for Bubba to turn around. One thrust kick! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten! Eleven! Twelve! Thirteen! Fourteen! Fifteen! Sixteen! Seventeen! Kalis continues repeatedly, throwing in a few elbow chops, elbow uppercuts, rising knees to the face in such a quick flurry that the crowd is having trouble keeping up with the hit count. Finally Kalis hits fourty six punches, elbows and kicks on Bubba who stumbles back in a daze. Kalis bounces back and hits a superkick for hit number 47 and the crowd goes nuts! Engels already back in the crowd and Hayes is following him trying to give chase! The referee turns around just as Kalis covers Bubba J.


Jon McDaniel: AK-47! I thought we'd never see that move in the PWA from Kalis!


Brian Rentfro: Lethal combos! I don't think even Bubba is gonna get up!



Eric Emerson: The winner of this match.... SIMON KALIS!

Engel can be seen laughing as Hayes turns around to see Kalis' arm lifted in victory. Engel takes the opportunity to tackle him down amongst the fans and pummel away with lefts and rights. Kalis begins choking Bubba J in the ring immediately and Bubba fights back, headbutting Kalis. Engel is up and he begins making his exit through the crowd with Hayes slow to get up. Kalis gets up and throws his fist up toward Engel who laughs as he nods back at Kalis before disappearing from our cameras sights.

Jon McDaniel: This match is over folks, but Simon Kalis is not relenting here. We've lost sight of Hayes and Engel on top of it!

Brian Rentfro: Engel just helped Kalis steal this one! As far as Bubba? Well Jon... He said he's going to end Bubba J's career tonight, and... Well...

Before Brian can finish a black Ford F150 rolls into ringside from a small opening near the stage straight from backstage. The Order of Chaos loving fans in LA cheer loudly as it backs up to ringside where Kalis is holding the bloodied Bubba J down by the throat, choking him with his bare hands. Daniel Davis and the other referees have given up and begin retreating backstage as Maya and Masakazu step out from the truck. They drop down the back and pull out a long sliver of thick barbed wire. Masa drags a body bag and dumps it at ringside while Maya then pulls the occupied body bag out of the way, laying in a few kicks before letting go. Kalis laughs as he pulls out the barbed wire and begins whipping Bubba J with the barbed wire. He uses lock cutters and cuts off a small piece and begins tying Bubba J's hands and feet together, binding them with the barbed wire. The bell continues to sound off but Kalis does not relent as Masakazu presents him with a Confederate flag. Bubba continues to yell at Kalis to "**** OFF" but Kalis has Maya wrap the flag around Bubba's body while he follows it up with wrapping barbed wire all around his body. Kalis grabs a chair from ringside and begins beating the barbs into Bubba's body, the flag becoming woven into his flesh. Masa puts a red bandana into his mouth and closes his mouth with industrial grade duct tape. Kalis kneels down before Bubba J with a strip of barbed wire in his hand and begins gashing it against Bubba's forehead. Bubba's head shakes violently as he tries to move but the more he fights the more the barbs cut in all over his body. Hayes shows up from the barricade as we see Engel across the arena waving and laughing. Kalis stares Hayes down and points to the body bag.


Brian Rentfro: This is intense Jon. No one is coming to stop this? What is Hayes' doing?!

Jon McDaniel: After what Bubba did last week, Brian... I think he honestly brought this upon himself. And since we're in a city which clearly favors the Order of Chaos this arena is buzzing with cheers and excitement. They want Bubba's blood for what he did to Vanessa's grave. And Hayes probably just wants to get Nicole out of here, if that is her in the body bag...

Hayes opens the body bag and sighs in relief as he pulls Nicole out from it. She's bleeding and bruised everywhere but she's still breathing. Hayes stands up with Nicole in his arms and looks at Kalis holding Bubba down. Kalis looks back up and smiles as he raises his middle finger, drenched in Bubba J's blood. EMT's are waiting atop the entrance ramp and Jethro stares Kalis down before making his way up the entrance ramp with Nicole in his arms. They begin taking her to an ambulance as Kalis drops the barbed wire and begins rubbing the blood on his hands from Bubba's head on his body. He rubs the blood all over his chest, his body shivering as he does so and a disgusting smile over his face. Even Maya seems shocked as she backs up, Masakazu nodding as he holds his sister. Kalis grabs the barbed wire and cuts Bubba more and more across his whole skull and begins rubbing his face in Bubba's blood. The fans stop cheering and everything becomes quiet as Kalis stands up on his feet, shaking as he raises his hands. Bubba seems to still be conscience and obviously not too happy as Kalis licks Bubba's blood off of his face. Kalis walks over to the announcers table and quickly grabs both Jon and Brian by their necks.

Brian Rentfro: Simon, Simon... Calm down man. Please.

Jon McDaniel: Don't hurt us, Simon. You don't wanna do that.

Simon Kalis: YOU WANTED TO SEE THE REAL ME?! WHAT I AM REALLY CAPABLE OF?! HUH?! THIS! This gentlemen? Is the true Simon Kalis. Bare witness, and tell your fucking children of this day. The day I brought the PWA to it's knees with my wrath in fear of what I am capable of! You are about to witness the most extreme and shocking moment in her history! Be prepared, and if there's kids watching?! You should've already got'em out of the room.

Kalis throws them back into their seats and heads back to the truck. Kalis laughs maniacally and gets out two cans of gasoline and begins pouring them all over Bubba J. Masakazu grabs a microphone and waits as Kalis grabs more barbed wire, and begins creating a noose with it. He slides the noose over Bubba's bleeding head and tightens it around his neck before having Maya tie the other end to the hitch on the back of the truck. Kalis takes out a cigarette and Masa gives him the microphone.

Simon Kalis: The Board of Directors agreed with my motion, Bubba J. Perhaps not at how I'd deliver this message to you, no. They had no idea this would happen. But Bubba?

Kalis lights his cigarette with a match and then looks down at Bubba and smiles before dropping the match on his chest. The whole flag ignites on fire, as does Bubba J.

Simon Kalis: You're fired.

Kalis circles with his hand and Masakazu and Maya hop back into the truck as Kalis hops into the back. He slaps the side and they begin driving out from ringside, Bubba J being dragged by the barbed wire around his neck and the flames over his body.

Jon McDaniel: I can't believe what's happened...

Brian Rentfro: ...

The cameras go backstage with the truck already in the parking lot. Bubba's been dragged so far that the fire is out but he remains motionless now in the middle of the parking lot as Kalis cuts the barbed wire loose from the hitch. He motions Masa to push over as he hops into the drivers seat, still smoking his cigarette and still with microphone in hand.

Simon Kalis: I'd like to thank my good, longtime friend Matthew Engel for removing Hayes out of the picture long enough for me to do this. If there's one thing you can count on it's Hayes chasing Engel like the dumb dog he is.

Kalis leans out of the drivers side window and laughs with the cigarette hanging from his mouth, revving the engine of his F150.

Simon Kalis: YEEHAW! Say goodnight to life, Bubba J!

Kalis revs the engine again before speeding back, reversing right over Bubba Js body. Or at least he ALMOST does, but he comes to a stop before making contact with Bubba J. He revs the engine again and drives right back past him. Kalis, Masakazu and Maya step out of the truck and leave it there.

Simon Kalis: Come on, we're not that crazy... HAHA!

They make their way back into the arena as we fade from the parking lot...

Scott Nash Strader vs Lucious Starr

Guest Referee Meghan Nash Strader

Jon McDaniel: Welcome back! We are joined by Tamika Nash Strader, one half of our Tag Team Champions!

TNS: Its great to be out here Jon. I like all the garbage cans filled with dangerous goodies the Bandido’s brought out during the commercial break.

Brian Rentfro: Too bad Starr will get to them first.

Eric Emerson: Our next match, scheduled for one fall and is a No Disqualifications match! Introducing first the special guest referee….

"Unchanied” begins to play as the houselights slowly dim. At the twelve second mark lights begin to flicker as the beat and rhythm of the song begin to become louder .The ADCtron lights up with shots of MNS, smacking the taste out DeathSun’s mouth with a slap across the face. Her name flashes on the screen, and a small amounts of pyro’s shoot off as MNS steps out from behind the curtain.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from London, Ontario Canada at a height of five foot ten and weighing in at one hundred and forty-five pounds…

Meghan stops and waves at the crowd as she shifts her hips to the right side. She makes her way down to ringside in a PWA referee shirt.

Eric Emerson: Meghan Nash STRADERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

At that Meghan turns it into a stride and slides under the bottom rope into the ring and jumps up to the top turnbuckle as she raises her fist in the air. She steps down and lets Eric continue. The arena is dimmed until only a single beam of light shines on the center of the entrance ramp. The PWA-tron lights up, showing a countdown on the screen. As the countdown begins, one hears the voice of a young child.

(5) Now I lay me down to sleep
(4) I pray the Lord my soul to keep
(3) And if I die before I wake
(2) I pray the Lord my soul to take

The final line during the countdown is spoken by a grown man, running chills down the spines of those watching.

(1) May God have mercy on your soul...

The opening chords to Soundgarden's "Fell on Black Days" begin to play through the arena, a figure making his way onto the ramp. He begins to reach skyward, the anticipation growing. As his fingers touch, pyros shoot from all sides forming a star above his head. Lucious looks to the ring, slowly dropping his arms to his side.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in tonight at two hundred and sixty-three pounds...

Lucious walks down the ramp, his eyes fixed on the ring. He reaches out, allowing his hand to touch those of some nearby fans, as he slowly walks down the entrance to the arena.

Whatsoever I've feared has come to life
And Whatsoever I've fought off became my life
Just when everyday seemed to greet me with a smile
Sunspots have faded
Now I'm doing time
Now I'm doing time
Cause I fell on black days
I fell on Black days

Eric Emerson: He is the Beta Warrior of the Pioneer Wrestling Association...

Whomsoever I've cured I've sickened now
Whomsoever I've cradled I've put you down
I'm a search light soul they say
But I can't see it in the night
I'm only faking when I get it right
When I get it right
Cause I fell on black days
I fell on Black days
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate

So what you wanted to see good has made you blind
And what you wanted to be yours has made it mine
So don't you lock up something that you wanted to see fly
Hands are for shaking
No, not tying
No, not tying

Lucious stops at the bottom of the ramp, turning his head to each side. He shoots into the ring, sliding to the center as he pushes himself up. He looks to Eric, who nods to the star.

Eric Emerson: It is my honor to introduce... Lucious Starr!!

I sure don't mind a change
I sure don't mind a change
Yeah, I said sure dont mind, I sure dont mind the change
I sure dont mind the change
Cos I fell on black days
I fell on black days
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate
If you dont mind the change

Lucious starts to the northwest corner, raising one arm to the sky. The fans roar in adulation, the Fury of Hades taking it all in. He drops to the mat, turning to ring center, his eyes fixed on the special guest referee, who just stares coldy back at him.

The lights in the arena dim as the opening riff of “All Hell's Breaking Loose” hit’s the p.a. system. The ADCtron lights up with a headshot of Scott Nash Strader looking down, with his black bandanna covering his head. He slowly lifts his head as the words to the song begin.

##Heart breaker, soul shaker
Ive been told about you
Steamroller, midnight stroller
What they've been saying must be true##

Eric Emerson: Introducing next... hailing from Houston, Texas and weighing in at two hundred and ninety five pounds...

##Red hot mama
Velvet charmer
Times come to pay your dues##

Scott Nash Strader steps out from behind the curtain followed by his Vice President Rocket. He joins at him his side as he closes eyes and looks upwards.

Eric Emerson: SCOTT...NASH...STRADERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

##Now you're messin with a
A son of a bitch
Now you're messin with a son of a bitch
Now you're messin with a
A son of a bitch
Now you're messin with a son of a bitch##

They begin to walk down to the ring, Scott wearing a white muscle shirt covered by his leather Bandido Cut, blue jeans and a pair of buckled black leather biker boots. Rocket dressed the same way pretty much.

##Talkin jivey, poison ivy
You aint gonna cling to me
Man taker, born faker
I aint so blind I can't see##

Scott leans back as he grabs onto the ring ropes to pull himself up. He steps over the top rope, and stares at Lucious Starr.

##Red hot mama
Velvet charmer
Times come to pay your dues
Now you're messin with a
A son of a bitch
Now you're messin with a son of a bitch
Now you're messin with a
A son of a bitch
Now you're messin with a son of a bitch ##

The bell rings by Meghan’s hand as Strader runs forward, grabs a hold of Lucious’s throat and Lucious trips over the lead pipe he brought with him that fell, sending him back-first onto the mat as the crowd erupts. Scott, face twitching has a firm grip on Lucious’s neck and begins choking him,. Lucious frantically waves his arms, trying to catch his breath. Starr gets his hand into his tights and pulls out, a pair of brass knuckles. He begins to lose breath and his eyes start to roll back as Scott continues to coke him, then he makes a swing into the side of Scott Strader’s head, knocking him off his.

TNS: Come on Dad!

Brian Rentfro: The Order knows best Tamika!

TNS: You sure about that?

Brian Rentfro: Looks like Starr isn’t that dumb afterall.

TNS: Yeah, and Amy Winehouse doesn’t have a drug problem.

Jon McDaniel: Will you two knock it off; we’re probably already losing sponsors!

TNS and Brian Rentfro: Whatever.

Back in the ring, Lucious coughs as he gets back to his feet, only to find Scott already standing. He grabs his hand and tries to pry the brass knucks from it, but he holds onto them. He grabs the back of Scott’s hair, yanking back firmly on it. He responds by quickly pulling his head forward, free from Lucious’s hand as he continues to reach for the brass knuckles, leaving a chunk of blonde hair in Lucious’s hand.

Scott gives up and grabs Lucious’s wrist, whipping him into the turnbuckles which have no covers, he bounces off it face-first and Scott lifts his leg, hitting a big boot directly into the back of his head, sending him again face first into the turnbuckle, and then down to the mat, brass knucks sliding from his hand.

Lucious begins to quickly get back to his feet, but Scott grabs his wrist and goes to whip him into the ropes again, but Lucious blocks it, he stops, still holding Scott’s wrist and turns his towards him, he grabs his and delivers a brutal belly-to-belly suplex into the adjacent uncovered turnbuckles, his hitting it upside-down and then head-first onto the floor.

Lucious gets back to his feet and clears his head, shaking it. Scott lies, crumpled upside-down, his shoulder blades on the floor as his back arches up the side of the ropes and his legs hang above his face. Lucious grabs one of his legs and pulls, his body being yanked over his head and onto the floor in a facedown position. Lucious stands over his and grabs the back of his head, pulling his up to his feet. He then slams his face into the cage and begins to scrape it back and forth harshly against the mat, sliding it back and forth in a slow, methodical fashion. But Scott slams a few elbows into his face and quickly latches onto his neck with his upper arm, and place his feet on the side of the turnbuckle and pushes himself forward send Lucious off him.

Jon McDaniel: Going Lucious getting cocky.

Brian Rentfro: Yep but can back it up!

TNS: Oh, wow… you beat Jacob Collins… I hear you don’t even get a mark on the win column for beating him nowadays.

Jon McDaniel: OK, hello, there’s a match happening!

Scott gets back up and a fist fight emerges between the two of them, each one quickly delivering right fists into one another’s faces until Lucious begins to wane, Scott then bends over and picks Starr up on his shoulder. He runs towards the side of the turnbuckles, leaning over so to slam his back into it, and does so viciously. He then steps back as he leans against the turnbuckle, body twisting in pain, and he charges again, slamming his elbow into it once again. He steps back and Starr drops to his knees, holding his back.

Scott takes a step back and then a couple quick steps forward, kicking Starr in the face with a punt-style kick, causing his head to snap back, into the steel rod. Starr falls forward, holding the back of his head and begins to get back up, but Strader is ready for his and goes for another ram into the uncovered turnbuckle, but Starr sees him coming and leaps up, and over Strader runs underneath him and into the turnbuckle, catching his shoulder on the post. He stands up and turns away as Starr drops his legs from the top turnbuckle onto Straders shoulders and releases his hands,but Strader counters the hurricanarana attempt with a vicious spine buster.

Jon McDaniel: What a spinebuester!

TNS: That’s my dad!

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, I’m so impressed a washed up biker could do that.

Scott gets back to his feet, Lucious following, holding onto his back; Scott grabs his arm and whips him back into the corner, him still clutching at his back. He slams into the corner face-first as Scott delivers another big boot to the back of his head, putting enormous pressure on the turnbuckle, and dropping him to his knees. He gets back to his feet, runs to the far side of the ring again and charges, delivering another big boot to the back of Lucious’s head as he falls to the mat. He backs up to the opposite side of the ring again as Lucious stumbles to rise. He slowly gets to his feet as Scott runs again, he takes to the air and cross-bodies Lucious into ropes and the both flip through the ropes.

Brian Rentfro: Ya know, better ways to leave the ring.

Jon McDaniel: A little move variance by SNS.

TNS: Starr is going down, just you wait and see…

Scott pushes himself off Lucious, delivers a short kick to the face before turning to one of the trash cans filled with weapons on the outside ring the Bandido’s brought down and a big smile appears on his face. He walks over the ring and turns it upside-down and shakes loose the contents, a wooden chair, a few Singapore canes, a plastic wet-floor sign, a copy of Uncle Buck on Blu-ray and a coil of barbwire fall from it. Scott grabs the barbwire and grabs it with his right hand, and begins to wrap it around his right forearm with his left hand.

Lucious, in the meantime is back on his feet and sees Scott wrapping his arm in the barbwire. He sees a steel chair near him. He walks over and grabs the chair, but as he turns, he sees Scott following him, he delivers a few forearms into his face with his normal arm, and then runs to the side of the ring, he jumps towards it, puts his feet against the steel steps and springs off of them, his barb-wired forearm first, slamming it right into Lucious’s forehead. The two go down and Scott begins to slam his barbed arm into his face. Lucious reaches for the chair and places it in front of his head, Scott slams his arm into it and it gets gets caught on a screw in the chair. Lucious then swings the chair around, Scott following it to the ground with his arm stuck in it.

Lucious gets back to his feet, several wounds bleeding from his forehead as Scott shakes his arm to get the chair free from his barb-wired arm. Scott begins to frantically unwrap the barb-wire from around his arm as Lucious walks back to the ring and grabs another trash can from the other side. He empties it’s contents and among it are an X-Box controller, three empty beer bottles, another lead pipe, a length of thick chain, a video cassette of Raizzor: The Glory Days starring Michael Sommers and a pack of cherry bombs with no lighter.

TNS: Why the hell would they put a pack of cherry bombs in a match with no lighter?

Brian Rentfro: So the two cavemen could smack rocks together and make their own fire.

Jon McDaniel: Wait! Is that my copy of Raizzor The Glory Days?!

Scott finally unwraps the last coil of barb-wire from his arm and pulls his arm out, several cuts and puncture wounds bleeding from it, but he doesn’t care as he turns and Lucious smahes one of the beer bottles across his face. He quickly falls to the ground as Lucious grabs the chain and wraps it around his neck. He turns his back to his, hand still holding the chain and leans over, lifting his off his feet, chain around his neck.

Scott kicks into the air as he is lifted off his feet, the chain choking the life out of his. Lucious holds his in the air for several seconds before he finally whips his arms forward, chain still wrapped around Scott’s neck and slams his onto the mat. Still holding onto the chain, he pulls his to his feet and viciously wrenches his back down to the mat. Lucious lifts his up again and yanks on the chain, whipping Scott into the side of the ring. He then walks to the outside to the ring apron, slamming Scott into the ringpost. Lucious grabs a tight grip on the chain and lifts Scott into the air, he swings his arms over his head, keeping a grip on the chain around Scott’s neck and slams his down, headfirst into the trash can he just emptied. The can falls over, Scott falling limp inside it.

Brian Rentfro: Finally! He puts that piece of garbage where it belongs!

TNS: Watch it Brian...

Jon McDaniel: Don’t mind him Tamika, he’s a idiot.

TNS: Ahh must be related to Starr!

Lucious grabs the lead pipe and begins smashing the trash can with it, Scott still lying inside. With each pipe slam, the can grows more and more dented as Scott’s legs kick out. Lucious lifts the pipe high into the air and brings it down for the final blow, but Scott slides out and the Lucious cruhes the empty can beneath him. As Scott stands, you see a number of thumbtacks stuck in his face, arms and back.

Scott, still dazed, walks right into Lucious’s arms as he gets back up, he lifts his into the air and body-slams him right into the dented trash can. Lucious picks up an X-Box controller from the floor and begins to swing it around like a grappling hook by its cord. He then releases and the controller slams onto Scott’s face as he lay on the ground, right into his mouth, he kicks and holds to his mouth as he rolls over onto his front. Lucious grabs the trash can and shakes it, a sprinkle of thumbtacks and the chain that was around Scott’s neck fall out of it. Lucious grabs the chain and leans over to put it around Scott’s neck, but Scott reaches out his hand and grabs a hold of the video cassette, he then swings and smahes it into Lucious’s face, smashing it into dozens of little plastic shards.

Jon McDaniel: NO!!! GLORY DAYS!!!!

Brian Rentfro: Meh, that movie sucked anyway. The Chamelion one was much better

TNS: Actually, the idiot is right!

In the ring, Scott and Lucious get back to their feet. On his way back up, Scott grabs one of the beer bottles, he goes for a swing, but Lucious catches his arm and twists his wrist, causing Scott to drop the bottle. Scott then wraps his other arm around Lucious’s neck and jumps up, placing his feet on Lucious’s chest and kicking off with the Angelclaw. Lucious loses his grip on his and falls back on the thumbtacks poured from the trash can, and enter his backside. He winces in pain as Strader spits on him.

Scott reaches in his pocket and pulls out a boxcutter.

Jon McDaniel: What the hell is he gonna do with that?!

Scott goes over to Lucious on his knees and kicks Lucious in the chin knocking Starr to the ground.

Scott smiles as he goes for the plunge, but Lucious puts his hands up and blocks it. Scott, smiling, slowly pushes the blade closer and closer to Lucious’s chest, but he continues to struggle back. Lucious begins to gain control and slowly moves the blade away from his chest. Scott then pulls the boxcutter away quickly, Lucious pulling his hand away quickly. As Lucious looks into his hand, there’s a long, thin slice across his right palm. Scott then goes for another slash and catches him across the chest, slicing it open. Scott laughs upon seeing the wound in his chest begin to bleed.

TNS: … did he just pull a knife out of his pocket and slash Starr across the chest?

Jon McDaniel: Yes, Tamika… I believe he did.

TNS: I love my dad.

Brian Rentfro: You’re messed up.

TNS: Says the guy who sleeps with a PX doll. Don’t lie, I saw you on the plane.

Scott lunges forwards and goes for another stab, but Lucious quickly sidesteps his and grabs his arm (still bleeding from the barb-wire) with his good hand. He slams his up against the side of the ropes and begins pounding away at his hand, trying to get him to drop his boxcutter. He puts his hand against the turnbuckle and begins smashing it with his elbow. He loses grip of the blade and it slides out of his hands to the ring floor. Scott’s eyes widen as he watches the blade fall from his grasp and he begins to slam elbows into his face. He turns around, kicks Lucious in the gut and drops him with a DDT, directly on top of one of the beer bottles as it shatters under his skull. Lucious lies on the mat as Scott springs back to his feet. Scott looks around and sees the weapons around him. Meghan points to the steel chair . He grabs a steel chair and opens it, setting it up next to Lucious. He grabs the Ps3 controller and walks over to one of the trash cans that hasn’t been emptied yet. He reaches in and grabs a handful of 5 or 6 fluorescent light bulb tubes. He yanks the cord from the controller and pulls the glass tubes to himself; he wraps the cord around his waist and ties it tightly around his, along with the 6 light bulbs. He stands, covered in glass and then looks back at Lucious, still on the ground, clutching his head from the broken bottle. He picks up Lucious, and delivers the Finishing Touch back onto Lucious in a splash of shattered glass and white powder. Scott pics up Lucious,lifts him high above his head as he brings him down in devasting back breaker. He falls off Straders’ knee glass covering him as he falls back on the mat, and Lucious lays their motionless as a SNS! SNS! SNS! chant emerges from the crowd.

Jon McDaniel: Is he dead?

TNS: One can only hope. If not The Memory Remains. The one about sucking that is.

Strader stands over Starr as he places his foot on his chest. Meghan drops down for the count.




Eric Emerson: And your winner by pinfall…. SCOTT NASH STRADERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TNS: If you’ll excuse me boys…

Brian Rentfro: Where is she off too?

Jon McDaniel: Don’t know but it can’t be good.

Tamika grabs some barbed wire and the barbed wire that was around her father’s arm in the match. Scott ducks out of the ring as he nods at the Cowgirls. Lucious, on his feet, turns and throws a punch at Meghan, connecting with her jaw. Meghan and Lucious trade left and rights, but Lucious is blindsided by Tamika as she flies off the top rope delivering a huge top rope bulldog.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like Starr is paying for his transgressions.

Brian Rentfro: It’s two on one, not fair!

Jon McDaniel: Just like last week on Meghan.

Tamika and Meghan prop Starr up in the corner turnbuckle. Tamika ties Starr’s hands up in the ropes with the barbed wire, as they spread his legs hooking them through the bottom rope. Starr awakening from his daze tries to fight out of the ropes but stops, not wanting to shred his hands off. Meghan calls for a microphone. Emerson hands her one and quickly leaves the ring.

MNS: You stupid bastard. I told you I would get you back. Next time… LISTEN!

The arena is greeted with feedback as she bounces the microphone off the top of Starr’s head. Tamika hands Meghan a 2x4 she found outside the ring, and wields her own as well. Tamika and Meghan nod at eachother. At the same time, Tamika swings her 2x4 across the face of Starr, as Meghan sends hers up right into the groin of Lucious Starr. The crowd starts a holy shit chant.


Jon McDaniel: Wow, I don’t even think that was called for!

Brian Rentfro: He’ll never have kids!

‘Cowboys From Hell’ starts up over the PA as emergency crews rush down to the ring. Meghan and Tamika both spit on Starr as the crew frees him. We fade to commercial on Lucious Starr’s unconscious body.

I Just Don't Give A Duck

We take a quick jump backstage and land infront of the Phoenix, who happens to look about as happy as a man who just won his match, but is wearing a mask. If nothing else it looks to be lifted with a grin. After a second he speaks, albeit through a broken and raspy voice.

Phoenix: Lisa, here’s the deal. I'm on an unquestionable roll. Sadly, with Malicious PMSing all over the place, my opponents are going to start bitching sooner or later. So next week I figure you should just make my match a cage match. That way Malicious can't give my opponent some back door out of the shame of getting their ass kicked.

We linger on him for a moment and then cut back to the ring.

The Danger Boiz vs Cody Bogard and Marco Dante

Tag Team Match

Eric Emerson: This next match is scheduled for one fall and is your main event of the evening... introducing first.

The lights in the arena dim as the sounds of gunshots and distant explosions echo through the PA system as CNN footage of the night vision cameras footage "Shock and Awe" campaign over Baghdad, Iraq play on the big screen, there's a sudden big flash as something explodes along with a blast of white pyrotechnics from the stage as the screen goes blank for a moment. The Guitar and drum beat starts as "Super Charger Heaven" by White Zombie starts to blare through the PA.

Jesus lived his life in a cheap hotel
On the edge of Route 66 yeah He lived a dark and
Twisted life and he came right back just to do it
Again - Eye for and eye and a tooth for the truth -
I ain't never seen a demon warp deal'n a
Ring-a-ding rhythm or jukebox racket my
Mind can't clutch the feeling - yeah!


Eric Emerson: "Now Coming to the Ring! standing at a height of 6 feet 2 inches, weighing in at 245 lbs, Hailing from Trenton, New Jersey! The Current PWA Grizzly Beer Champion! He is "The Jersey Devil!" Marcoooo Danttttteeeee!!"

Marco Dante steps from behind the curtain into another shower or white pyrotechnics, wearing a pair of black wrestling tight pants with a red devil logo on each thigh, black tape on his hands and wrists. The big screen behind him playing highlights from his matches as he starts to walk towards the ring.

Running in MY HEAD YEAH
Running in MY HEAD YEAH

Hell hounds lead at the cowardly kings
And carry souls across the river Styx
Yeah! They see no evil and feel no pain
Sucking juice from a fallen angel - I dreamed
I was a super nova fucker nitro-
Burning and fuel injection - Feed the gods a strychnine
Soul a motherfucker of invention

As he walks, he high fives and knuckles to fans as he passes them, his eyes focused on the ring however, on his opponent if he's the second person out, just before reach the end of the barricade, he runs and baseball slides in under the ropes, jumping to his feet and then moving over to the turnbuckles, climbing each and thrusting both fists into the air, and then let's out a bit of a roar to get the crowd pumped.

Running in MY HEAD YEAH
Running in MY HEAD YEAH

Yeah inbreed the witches
And woship the dogs
Deformed and fuck'n lazy
Damn yourself and choke
On my name I'd love to love ya baby
Deadringer rats swinging in the trees
Immaculate conception Bury me an angel God I need
Some inspiration

Marco Dante then jumps down from the turnbuckle, going to the next, repeating the steps before and so one..for each turnbuckle then a one handed chest pound just before hopping down from the last turnbuckle, he walks to the center of the ring and waves for the crowd to get louder and louder.

Running in MY HEAD YEAH
Running in MY HEAD YEAH!

He then turns to the entrance ramp if his opponent is second, or the center of the ring to await the bell.

Eric Emerson: and his partner...

The lights suddenly dim down as the opening guitar intro to the "Power Rangers Movie" theme. Once the guitar portion ends and pick ups to the classic theme intro starts up, smoke emerges from near the entrance way.

A figure emerges from the smoke, standing while looking at the fans as he stands in the shadows. The figure is seen as strobe lights go off to reveal Cody Bogard with a black towel draped over his head, obscuring his face. Cody makes his way to the ring.

They've got a power and a force that you've never seen before.
They've got the ability to morph and to even up the score.
No one will ever take them down.
The power lies on their side.

Cody makes his way over to the ring, springing up to the ring apron, climbing the turnbuckle and posing with his arms open in a pose.

Go, go Power Rangers!
Go, go Power Rangers!
Go, go Power Rangers!
(You) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

Cody jumps from the turnbuckle as he slowly raises his hand over his head, grabbing hold of the towel and quickly swiping it off, revealing his face.

They know the fate of the world is lying in their hands.
They know to only use their weapons for defense.
No one will ever take them down.
The power lies on their side.

Cody takes his time to prepare for the match as the theme fades out.

Brian Rentfro: Such a fruit.

Eric Emerson: And their opponents...

Both enter from the curtain and stand to both side of the rampway addressing the fans. They then meet in the middle where they high five each other. Both interact with the fans on their designated side of the rampway. Inside the ring, both head to the turnbuckle and pose for the audience. If they have a championship they hold it high above their head, before meeting in the middle of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Well here we go Brian, both teams sitting on some wins and both of them would like a chance to get some more gold, but which of them wants it more?

Brian Rentfro: Time to find out.

Bogard and Chris kick off proceedings with tie-up that Chris rushes into a rear waistlock. Bogard breaks his grip and instantly leaps up for a spinning Enzugiri. Chris narrowly avoids a concussion by ducking down and then leaps on his fallen opponent with a front guillotine. Cody scrambles out and manages to get on top and then jumps back to his feet. He let's Chris up enough to walk him into a kick and then backs him to the ropes. He throws Chris with an Irish-whip but misses as Dan sneaks a tag.

Jon McDaniel: Change over. Cody doesn’t see it.

Chris comes off the ropes and ducks an elbow going one way and then a Clothesline going the other before sliding under the ropes. Meanwhile Cody turns around to follow his opponent and gets caught with a Springboard Dropkick from Dan. Dan then hits the ropes and comes back with a Lionsault while Chris leaps up into a Springboard Legdrop, which both land simultaneously. Dan goes for the first cover of the match while Chris moves to block Dante.



Jon McDaniel: Dante can’t make the save but the Intercontinental Champion gets a shoulder up.

Brian Rentfro: These two men are champions for a reason.

Jon McDaniel: Still, some impressive team work from the Danger Boiz early on.

Dan gets off Cody and throws him out to the apron before going to help Chris who has his hands full with Dante. He scores a double Axe-Handle to the back and then pitches him to the floor while Chris makes some space. He then waits for Dante to get to his feet before running up the top buckle and throwing himself to the floor with a Corkscrew Suicida that wipes out Dante on the floor.

Jon McDaniel: Crazy Chris takes to the air and scores with a beautiful takedown.

Brian Rentfro: They certainly live up to their names… their stupid stupid names.

The fans are on their feet for Chris as he pulls Dante back to his feet for Dan, who hits the ropes and comes back running. He then shoots for a Suicide Dive but gets taken out in the ropes by Bogard who nails him with a running kick from across the apron. Chris moves to help him but Dante throws him into the guardrail to slow him down.

Jon McDaniel: The champs are now turning the tide.

Brian Rentfro: It was always only a matter of time.

Bogard guts Dan with kick in the stomach and then forces him back to the corner. Dante comes back to the apron and holds Dan's arms back for Cody to score a couple palm thrusts to the chest before letting him drop to the mat. He then makes the tag and moves with Marco to put Dan to the ropes. Marco then steps forward and flapjacks him into the air for Cody to score with a hard kick to the chest as he comes back to earth. Dan goes down face first into the mat and Marco rolls him for a pin.



Jon McDaniel: Two and nothing as Dan puts up an arm.

Marco then picks his man up and sits him with a Snapmare. He then bounces into the ropes and comes back with a knee between the shoulderblades that tenses Dan up. He then lays him flat and comes off the ropes with a sliding Dropkick to the head that crushes Dan's skull and sends him across the ring. He then goes for another quick cover.



Jon McDaniel: No! Cody comes in to block but he's's too slow and Chris breaks it up.

Cody peppers Chris with kicks to the back before sending him through the ropes. Cody then helps Mrco lift their opponent up before scoring another big kick to the chest to double him up. Dante then moves in behind while Cody hits the ropes with a big straight kick that spins Dan around and stands him up right, just in time to be taken out by Dante with astiff clothesline. Dante then drops in for a third cover but the referee is too busy instructing Bogard to leave the ring to catch it.

Brian Rentfro: Oh referee!

Jon McDaniel: If you play the numbers you take the consequences.

When the ref finally comes around Dan kicks early after one, prompting Marco to have a few words with the referee while he drags Dan over to Bogard. He slams Dan down and then makes the tag to Cody, who shoots himself over the ropes with a Double Stomp into his opponents chest. Dan covers up but Cody doesn't give him a second to rest before pushing him up into a corner.

Jon McDaniel: The champs are asserting their authority.

Brian Rentfro: They’re making a lot of quick tags and keeping up the pressure on Dan. Soon it’ll only be a matter of time.

Cody scores with two solid kicks across Dan's now beet red chest before pulling him out into a Snap Suplex. He then hops up to the middle rope and leaps off high into a Legdrop which gets a little reaction from the crowd. He shoots for another cover and hooks the leg.



Brian Rentfro: And Chris breaks the cover again.

Jon McDaniel: I think one of the best things about the Danger Boiz is that they're so in tune. Chris knows when his partner is in trouble and always gets there before either Dante or Bogard can stop him.

Brian Rentfro: Breaking up pins can only keep them in the match for so long if they're not going to do anything else.

Chris breaks the cover with a Dropkick to the head and gets clear before Dante can catch him. With Dante out of position and Bogard having his bell rung, Dan tries to make a break for it and throws himself across the mat. Cody catches a leg though and drags him to the floor. He then reaches back for a tag to Dante and then holds his man down long enough for Dante to put a few stomps through his back.

Brian Rentfro: Close call but the champs stay in control.

Dante pulls Dan to his feet and drills him with a right hand in the gut, hard enough to drop Dan to his knees. Dante then rips off a kick into his chest that knocks Dan back into the corner. Dante then makes some space and comes flying with a big Spear, but Dan goes right over him and let's Dante fly into the corner post. Dan rolls out of the corner and crawls for the tag.

Jon McDaniel: This is the chance he needs, but can he make it?

Brian Rentfro: If he can’t make it now he’s done for.

Dan gets but a foot from his corner before Cody pulls him back. He then drags him up standing on one leg and almost catches an Enzugiri before letting Dan land on his face. He then pulls him up into a Waistlock and launches a German Suplex, but Dan lands on his feet and shoots back toward him. Cody turns and ducks down to avoid another kick, but Dan fakes it and then steps on his back to use Cody as a launch pad, and propels himself right into the tag.

Brian Rentfro: He makes it!

Jon McDaniel: And here comes Crazy Chris!

Chris reaches over to the adjacent rope and then throws his legs into the ring, just in time to land on Cody's shoulders and send him with a Head Scissors that puts him through the ropes Cody is quickly up and puts his arm up to block a kick, but Chris drops down in instead and scores with a Legsweep to put Cody down and then a Dropkick in the back to knock him out into the guardrail. Chris then gets a hold of Dan and points him to Cody, before sending him with an Irish-Whip that Dan uses to throw himself into a Tope-Con Hilo that wipes Cody out on the floor.

Jon McDaniel: Dan comes back and takes Cody out of the game.

Brian Rentfro: It’s all on Chris and Dante now.

Chris cheers on his partner and then turns around to find Dante, who greets him with a kick to the gut. Dante backs him up to the ropes and fires off an Irish-Whip of his own, but Chris cartwheels out and then leaps up into a Hurricanrana that send Dante across the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Looks like the fresh pair of legs was exactly what this team needed.

Jon McDaniel: Not only is he fresh, but cody and Dante were making a lot of tags, keeping them both in the match. With Cody down, the advantage is all Chris.

Brain Rentfro: He isn't going to stay down for long though. Chris better work fast!

Dante gets up and side steps Chris when he comes running. Chris then ducks an elbow on the turn and catches Dante's other arm. Dante refuses to be moved though, forcing Chris to try and meet him with a kick. It goes over head though and Dante holds onto the arm, forcing Dante into a Pump Handle position. Dante then grabs Chris' other arm and then pushes him into the air, but Chris catches him with a Head Scissors and sends Dante to the ropes. He then runs and springs off the second and twists into a Tornado DDT that spikes Dante in the centre of the ring. He shoots for the cover.



Jon McDaniel: No! Dante shoots up an arm.

Brian Rentfro: Close call though. Chris is all over him.

Chris gets up and Dan comes back to join him, looking a little worn but still willing to fight. The two get Dante off the mat and back down with a Double Suplex and then hit opposite ends of the ring. Dan comes back with a flipping Senton while Chris scores with a Legdrop. Dan then rolls through to his feet and then shoots for a Standing Moonsault that scores and nets him a cover. However he isn't the legal man and it takes a moment for Chris to get him out of the way.



Jon McDaniel: Dante is out!

Brian Retfro: Gotta wonder if they coulda had him if it wasn't for that seconds lapse.

Chris and Dan get Dante back to his feet. Dan gets out to the apron as Chris sets up behind Dante. He then puts him up on his shoulders as Dan goes for the Springboard, but he gets caught from behind by Cody who grabs a leg and slams him down to the apron. Chris sees it and gets put off his game long enough for Dante to drop down his back. He then pushes him to the ropes and let's Cody score with a big kick between the eyes.

Brian Rentfro: Cody takes out Dan and now scores a hit on Chris.

Jon McDaniel: The champs could be in trouble.

Chris goes back in a daze and right into the clutches of Dante, who wastes no time hooking him up with the Kataha-Jime and then dragging him into the air. Chris kicks his legs but Dante drills him with the Jersey Devil. And the crowd are on their feet.

Brian Rentfro: He's got him! It's over!




Jon McDaniel: No! Dan makes the save!

Cody was on the block but Dan came in through his legs to make the break and save the match for his team. The crowd are still standing and Cody is all over Dan trying to make up for his mistake. Meanwhile Dante is on his knees and stuck wondering just where to go next.

Brian Rentfro: He got him! He had him! And now he has no idea what to do next.

Cody clears Dan out the ring and gets Dante back on his feet. The two then work over Chris with a few kicks and then put him back into a corner to follow up. The two then put Chris into the opposite corner. Dante then whips Cody in who let's fly with a big Forearm Smash across his jaw. Cody then pulls Chris out and sends him right into a huge Spear from Dante that wipes him out. Dante is instantly back on his feet and the two are calling for the finish.

Jon McDaniel: A hand across the throat. They're ready to end this.

Cody gets in front of Chris and tags him with a few hard shots to the chest before pushing him back into Waistlock from Dante. Cody then hits the ropes and comes back with a big Yakuza Kick, but Chris drops out of the hold and Cody goes right through his partner. Chris gets his legs up and scoops a Victory Roll on Dante while Dan comes from over top with Springboard Missile Dropkick that takes Cody out.

Jon McDaniel: A sudden surge from the Danger Boiz, and they might have just stolen this match.



Jon McDaniel: No! He kicks out!

Brian Rentfro: What a close call.

Dan dumps Cody out to the floor and comes back to help Chris. Chris holds back Dante's arms for a series of kicks. The two then wheel Dante back into the corner and then come running as Dan scores a high knee and Chris connects with a Spear. Dan then turns and charges for the turnbuckles, running up their face and then setting off with a Shooting Star Press on Cody that spills them both across the floor.

Brian Rentfro: High high high impact on that move out of Dangerous Dan.

Jon McDaniel: And that might have been the exact opening they needed for Chris to put away Dante.

Chris shoves Dante forward and bounds up the ropes. He then comes flying but Dante steps in and crushes him with a Powerbomb out of mid-air. He then drags him back up for a second but Chris manages to hold on and score a few right hands. He then fades back and drives Dante face first into the second turnbuckle with a Hurricanrana.

Jon McDaniel: Reversal after reversal out of these men, and now Chris has the lead.

Dante comes up staggered and lets Chris score with a kick to the gut. He then hefts him up onto his shoudlers and takes him for a spin that ends with a devestating TKO.

Jon McDaniel: Crazy Bitch out of Crazy Chris!

Dante's face shatters off the mat and Chris rolls him for the pin.


Cody as at the apron.


But Dan has his leg. He won't let go.


Jon McDaniel: They've done it! Danger Boiz win!

Cody pounds the apron in frustration as Dan rushes passed him to his partner. The two then meet in the centre of the ring and throw their arms into the air.

Eric Emerson: Here are your winners… THE DANGER BOIZ!

The Danger Boiz take up opposite corners and put their hands to the air. Dan then starts motioning for a title belt and the fans cheer them on.

Brian Rentfro: Looks like they want a shot at the belts.

Jon McDaniel: The Danger Boiz are now sitting at three for three in tag team competition. And you have to think they’re next in line at this point.

We leave on an image of the two, high on the ropes, ready for their shot.