World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

Super Lisa Seldon Birthday Party Of Doom!

You Can Run But You Can't Hide

earlier this week

We fade in to what appears to be a county jail somewhere in Georgia as we catch a glimpse of Bubba J sitting on the bench inside the large holding cell. There are a few other men in there with him, wandering and going back and forth before one of them seems to slide something out from beneath his sleeve. Just as he does this, it's as if the police officer guarding them takes the hint and begins to whistle as he leaves the immediate area and heads for the bathroom. The man approaches Bubba J and quickly strikes, but Bubba counters immediately by grabbing the mans hand and squeezing down until he lets go of the crude shank. Bubba headbutts him and pushes him up against the bars and begins wailing on the young black man repeatedly until he's down on the floor. Bubba lays down some curbside stomps on the young man's neck until he begins to choke and struggle for air. Bubba lifts him up by his shirt and slams his head against the jail cell bars again.

Bubba J: Who sent you?

Man: Hah...

Bubba smashes the mans face against the bars again, heavily and repeatedly until he begins to bleed. Bubba holds him now, pushing him against the bars. If not for intimidation, then to simply hold the young man up before he collapses.

Man: It's worth it...

Bubba J: Who sent you? Kalis?

Man: Hah... The Eye of Rah is watching, Bubba.

Bubba J knees the man in the gut before slamming him back up against the bars again.

Bubba J: What's that supposed to mean?!

The man is out on his feet and he hits the floor hard as Bubba J lets go. Bubba looks around, silently daring any of the others to attack. They step away in fear as we fade out back to ringside...


The music kicks in as the first official Chaos of the new era kicks off, and we couldn’t have picked any less fitting a setting. Not that it isn’t a nice venue by any means, and certainly with its charms, but compared to, say, The Skydome, its a little lacking.

The nightclub come venue fills at most a couple thousand, at a push and only thanks to a balcony section that surrounds the dance floor where our ring has setup. For what it’s worth when SiD took this place they did so specifically knowing they’d want to hold the occasional show. So far it saw a fairly memorable run of shows under Lisa’s Mourning Glory banner and a less than memorable Curtain Call show which no one will ever remember seeing, but of course, none of those shows had the PWA name tagged to it and everything that comes along with it.

There is a backstage area and there are a few locker rooms, but not quite enough as needed, as shown by the slew of trailers lined up in the car park to fit the rest of the staff. They also had to make some cutbacks, and any pyrotechnic displays tonight are certainly on the down low. Indoors fireworks in a venue like this aren’t exactly the best.

Still, it’s Lisa’s birthday (two days after the show) and by God she was going to have what she wanted, even if it did seem likely they’d be running this show at a loss. A drop in the bucket and all that was how she got it passed the BoD, who let it go considering they’d just given a man who’d done nothing but bother her, a voice in their cabinet. Let’s just say they called it even.

We cut down to ringside and land amongst Jon and Brian, with as many fans as can fit jammed in behind them. We’d call it intimate if we were trying to be kind.

Jon McDaniel: Good evening ladies and gentlemen I’m Jon McDaniel alongside Brian Rentfro, and welcome to another exciting addition of Rampage.

Brian Rentfro: Don’t you mean Chaos.

Jon McDaniel: but of course. And Chaos definitely seems to be what’s on the cards tonight as Lisa is prompting this as a special birthday special to herself. And God knows what that’s going to lead to.

Brian Rentfro: Chaos is the name.

Jon McDaniel: anyway, lets jump to the ring for our first match.

The Sunshine Warrior vs Spykeman!

First Match Of The New Era Match

The match starts with Sunshine Warrior landing a hiptoss on Spykeman. But Spykeman is up and strikes a heroic pose quickly before hitting a flying headbutt on Sunshine. Sunshine hits the canvas and gets back up, grabbing Spykeman and locking him into a wristlock. Spykeman reverses, putting Sunshine into an armbar! Sunshine reverses, putting Spykeman into a waistlock! Spykeman reverses, getting behind Sunshine and suplexing him from behind onto the canvas! Spykeman goes to the top rope quickly and hits a shooting star press on Sunshine Warrior which flattens him on the canvas. Sunshine is being pummeled by lefts and rights from Spykeman, before Sunshine headbutts him and pushes him away. Sunshine gets up and points skyward to the sun, we can only assume. But as he does this Spykeman leaps across the ring and springboards himself off the ropes, landing a moonsault on Sunshine. Sunshine locks in a sleeperhold though quickly to reverse, but Spykeman is having none of it as he gets to his feet breaking out of it. Sunshine spears him but Spykeman grabs ahold and drops himself, still holding onto Sunshine and it turns into a counter DDT. Spykeman is on his feet and strikes another superhero pose to the enjoyment of the crowd before he grabs Sunshine and hits a fishermans suplex. Sunshine is up and retaliation, lefts and rights then Sunshine springboards himself off of the middle ropes and lands a flying elbow into Spykemans head. Spykeman has to come back and does when he hits Sunshine with a springboard bulldog taking him down. Sunshine begins to act quickly, sweeping Spykeman off of his feet and driving an elbow hard into his throat. Spykeman retaliates with an AMAZING dragonrana! It's as Sunshine gets to his feet that Spykeman throws a bunch of lit m80's at Sunshine distracting him as he tries to avoid being burned or possible exploded! THE SHANG CHI KICK! Sunshine lands into some more m80s as Spykeman covers him for the 1, 2 and 3!

Winner: Spykeman!

Filmed Earlier This Week

A camera cuts on to find the cells of a South Georgia jailhouse. Boots on concrete are heard as a man rounds the corner to reveal himself as Bubba J. However, the Redneck From Hell is not angry, but has a smile on his face and a piece of paper in his hand.

Bubba J: "Glad that you all could make it, I see my request came through."

He smiles as the camera watches him walk out of the door and follows him quickly. A black car is waiting out front and Bubba J slides into the passenger seat. The top of the car reveals that this is a taxi, but Bubba J holds up a hand stalling the driver momentarily.

Bubba J: "Oh yeah, you do know that you are supposed to follow me right?"

He evidentally gets the right answer as he smiles and holds up the piece of paper.

Bubba J: "Simon... I know you are watching and probably wondering how I got out. You are probably wiping the piss right out of your pants because you know that there is nothing to hold me back. You may be the First Class Felon... but I'm the Redneck From Hell and I have no problem taking out anything that you value as precious."

He shrugs as a can of Copenhagen is handed to him and getting one he smiles back at the camera.

Bubba J: "Simon, I'm coming to hit you hard son, going to hit you harder than anyone has ever hit you. But enough of the mystery, I bet you are wondering how I got out."

He holds up the piece of paper so that the camer can get a good look at it.

The laughter comes from the car, behind the piece of paper. The piece of paper is a PWA contract, but the signature of who signed it is blurred out on purpose.

Bubba J: "Wondering who signed it? It is legit Simon, don't worry about that, but I can't tell you only thing you need to know is that it got me out of jail and gives me permission to do exactly what I did last week."

Another spot of laughter. The car drives away. Time to get on with the show.

The Danger Boiz vs The Hoodie Ninjas

Surprise Tag Team Encounter

The pool of ninjas retreat (assuming a group of ninjas is referred to a pool. Perhaps it's a cowel or a shroud of ninjas, who knows. It's hard to say because traditionally they work in teams of one, so 500 is fairly unfamiliar territory. Perhaps this means there isn't a word and we get to choose. Therefore, I'm settling on shroud not that any of this matters at all, so let's just get back to pretending I'm not here).

Brian Rentfro: What a bore.

Hey fuck you bald patch.

Brian Rentfro: Bite me... except you can't because you don't even have a body.

Jon McDaniel: Ouch.

You slimy little - anyway, the shroud of ninjas get into a huddle and there seems to be some conferring (in absolute silence of course) before two of them are elected to go forward. One of them takes up a space on the apron and the other one steps forward into a Dropkick from Dangerous Dan.

Brian Rentfro: Do they ever manage to land the first hit at all?

Jon McDaniel: It's rare for them to have even hit someone by the end.

Dan gets the ninja bullies the ninja back into his teams corner and makes the tag to Chris, who leaps over the ropes and catches the ninja with a back elbow upon landing. The ninja falls seated in the corner as both Dan and Chris hit the ropes and come back with a Double Dropkick, crushing the ninja between them.

Brian Rentfro: You know, it's not everyday you actually see that the ninjas are the ones who are outnumbered.

Dan gets the ninja to his feet and peppers him with a few shots while Chris sizes him up from a distance. He never gets a chance to act though as the second ninja comes in from the outside and drops a Double Axehandle shot across his back. Chris goes down to a knee as the ninja lands a few more shots. He then stands him up in an over arm guillotine and points a hand to the ropes.

Brian Rentfro: My God they're winning! And now he's going for a move!

Jon McDaniel: Let's not over sell them Brian.

Brian Rentfro: I'm sorry it's just not everyday you see one of them actually doing well. I mean, who would have known ninjas were so capable of sneaking up on guys and attacking when they weren't looking.

Jon McDaniel: Umm...

The ninja runs Chris to the ring posts and gets all the way into the air before Chris decides to call it quits and stalls him in mid flight. He calls for his partner and drops him onto his shoulders when he arrives. Dan then launches him off toward Chris again who takes him out of the air with an Ace Crusher. The fans shoot them a cheer except for one particularly loud mouth guy in the front row.

Brian Rentfo: Who is that guy in the frontrow? Looks familiair.

Jon McDaniel: That Brian, at least according to my ear piece would be Dr... Dr. Tittylover, apparently, from Rebel Pro.

The camera jumps onto the man on the frontrow, who flashes them a gold-toothed smile.

Brian Rentfro: Must be here to cheer on Marina, but why is he choosing this match to act-up.

Jon McDaniel: You know black people, always yelling at the screen.

Brian Rentfro: Dammit Jon, you're supposed to be the good guy but sometimes you're kinda racist.

With one ninja now out for the count, Dan gets up the second in a standing Headscissors as Chris goes out to the apron. Dan motions to the crowd to get them involved before pulling the man up onto a shoulder and taking him for a spin. He then sits out, burying the man face first into the mat. The impact gets a pop as Dan quickly scurris to his feet and rolls the ninja to his back. Out on the apron, Chris does his best to ignore the cat calls from Dr. Tittylover as he bounds up to the top rope and then takes flight with a Shooting Star Press, annihilating the man beneath.

Jon McDaniel: Danger Zone from Dangerous Dan and the Crazy Days outa Crazy Chris. And you gotta figure this one is in the bag.

Brian Rentfro: Boy these ninjas really aren't that good, are they.

Jon McDaniel: No, not really. New rules on their numbers have really kicked them in the ass.

Chris hooks the leg for the cover while Dan steps in the way to stop a break; all of which seems entirely unnecessary.




Jon McDaniel: And that does it.

Brian Rentfro: Surprise!

Dan and Chris get to their feet and have their arms raised by the referee. Meanwhile the ninjas drag what's left of their buddies out of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Still, easy or not Brian, the Danger Boiz are now two for two in tag team action.

Brian Rentfro: Gotta imagine they're going to be looking for a title shot real soon.

Dan and Chris share a high five as the crowd sing their praises. Safe of course from their new number one fan who is really letting them have it.

Brian Rentfro: My God this guy is obnoxious.

Jon McDaniel: Well wha -

Brian Rentfro: No Jon, no. That isn't cool.

Dan and Chris leap out from the ring and to the rail, prompting a few members of security to get between them and Dr. Tittylover. He doesn't seem that bothered though and slowly gets to his feet at securities request. He then dusts himself off, straightens his shirt and then whips the back of his hand across Dan's face. Security push the Doctor out of the way and jump on The Danger Boiz before things can get any worse.

Jon McDaniel: Whoa there!

Brian Rentfro: Pimp Slap!

The Danger Boiz are livid as they try to get at the Rebel Pro star, but he doesn't seem that interested and merely flashes them a golden smile before walking away. Security struggle to get the Danger Boiz to step back.

Brian Rentfro: Maybe he was just here casing the competition.

Jon McDaniel: If it hadn't been for security he'd have got a real up close view of what they can do.

Our disgruntled but victorious Danger Boiz head to the back while the fans cheer them on.

The Eye of Rah

Brian Rentfro: These fans are on their feet. You know who's coming out next?

Jon McDaniel: Uhm.... No?

Suddenly a number of gun shots are heard over the speakers in the arena, frightening some people in the crowd as "Many Men" by 50 Cent begins to play.

) Many Men, Wish Death Upon Me(
)Blood in my eye dawg and I can't see(
)I'm tryna be what I'm destined to be(
)And niggas tryna take my life away...(

The anticipation quickly evaporates as Simon Kalis steps out from behind the curtains and is met with heavy boos, although there remain some cheers scattered amongst them.

)I put a hole in a nigga for fuckin' with me(
)My back against the wall now you gon' see(
)Better watch how you talk when you talk about me(
)Cuz I'll come and take ya life away(

Kalis waves to the crowd as if everyone were cheering for him and giving him a standing ovation. His bodyguards step out from behind the curtains behind him and at either end of them they carry flags.

Jon McDaniel: Those flags have the Eye of Rah on them...

Brian Rentfro: It's watching you Bubba! Haha! Brilliant!

)Many men, many many many many men(
)Wish death upon me(
)Lord I don't cry no more(
)Don't look to the sky no more(
)Have Mercy On Me!(

Kalis gets to the apron and hops up, bowing before the booing crowd as he smiles and waves.

)Have mercy on my soul(
)Somewhere my hurt turned cold(
)Have mercy on many men(
)Many many many men(
)Wish death upon me(

Two of the bodyguards stand outside the ring guarding the entrance ramp, waving the Eye of Rah flags for everyone to clearly see. Kalis gets a microphone and stands for a moment as the chorus to "Many Men" plays once more. He looks around and points to everyone in the crowd as the words hit their ear drums. Finally as the music cuts out, Kalis adjusts the collar to his exquisite black Brioni suit before putting the microphone to his lips.

Simon Kalis: Hate on me. My suit cost more than the car you drove here in.

He winks as the crowd boos him in response. He adjusts the Fedora cap on his head, tilting it so the black bandana wrapped around his head is visible beneath the tip of the rim of the Fedora. He swings his arm out to adjust the cuffs and the spotlight catches his wrist watch and the reflection off the numerous diamonds studded along it's diameter blind the camera with a flash.

Simon Kalis: That's right, soak it in ladies and gentlemen. Not only am I the face your wife sees when she closes her eyes in the sack with you, I am wealthier and healthier than any of you carbonated soft drink curdling, triple cheese bacon burger scarfing lards sitting here tonight and watching at home. Look at this place. Half of you take up two seats, one for each ass cheek. You better have paid for both those seats, let me tell you.

Kalis smirks as the crowd boos, some banging on the rafters as he walks around the ring dressed as if he was the Godfather of the Italian Mafia. Kalis licks his lips slowly, sliding his tongue from right to left as a wide smile appears on his face.

Simon Kalis: You owe me better than this! I have brought CHAOS back into your living rooms, and this is the thanks I get?!

Kalis looks around, shaking his head as they continue to boo. One fan jumps the barricade and is swiftly met with a pistol whip by one of Kalis' body guards. There's now a large commotion at ringside as they pull a 9mm out of the deranged fans belt buckle and hold him down while PWA security arrive to escort him away. One of Kalis' bodyguards throws the 9mm into the ring and Kalis catches it. Holding his hand with the microphone up in the air, he completely takes the 9mm apart and drops it onto the canvas in pieces. The crowd cheers the fan as he's lead away in handcuffs into the backstage area.

Simon Kalis: Somebody get this get a Bandido MC jacket or something. Kid's earning his patch isn't he?

Kalis says as he tsks under his breath. He climbs the top turnbuckle in one corner and throws his arms into the air. Cameras flash as the crowd boos.

Simon Kalis: Et tu, Brute?!

Kalis hops back down and dusts off his left shoulder with his right hand.

Simon Kalis: You want a piece of me?!

The crowd responds exactly how you'd imagine they would.

Simon Kalis: YEAH?!

The crowd pops with cheers trying to tell Kalis a resounding yes.

Simon Kalis: GET IN LINE THEN!

He smiles as they all begin to boo heavily, drowning out even the possibility of thought.

Simon Kalis: I am doing all of this for you! Can't you see it?!

He walks around, circling the ring with one hand up while shaking his head. The scene is epic, definitely photogenic considering his most definite sophisticated gangster outfit.

Simon Kalis: I tried being your hero! I really, honestly did! What I said before?! It was a lie! I didn't plan for this to happen. Not like this anyways. I wanted to be your hero! Your role model! I really did. It's just that... Well... Look!

Kalis points all around into the crowd.

Simon Kalis: What happened here?! To be a hero I needed a villain, so yeah... I painted magnificent portraits of men like Johnny Maverick as the evil ones, the shining serpents in the tall grass here to lead us unto temptation. He was evil! He was a villain! But he wasn't good enough! Not for you! Not for the PWA! He just wasn't good enough, and when the going got tough the bitch got going!

Kalis winks as he points to a fan holding up a sign with the Captain America shield.

Simon Kalis: The PWA was growing stale! Everyone was going through the motions, no one was trying as hard as they could! How else do we end up with Matt fucking Stone as number one contender?! A guy who's batting at .500 for goodness sake! Riona Langly versus Johnny Maverick for the WORLD title?!

Kalis motions as if he's about to puke.

Simon Kalis: Makes me SICK! So the PWA needed a true villain, a true mastermind to kick it's ass into gear! And in less than two weeks I've done MORE than anyone of you has done in two months!

The crowd boos, but Kalis does not relent.

Simon Kalis: We went from the PWA being mentioned on wrestling talk shows to sports radio shows again, why?! Because of what I've done. I've created a big bad monster, finally. I finally created the evil dark knight... But I am the darkness now! I am the bad guy now? Why?! Because I made a few people bleed?! Admit it, you loved every god damn second of it!

He throws a middle finger up in the air, which is hastily censored.

Simon Kalis: The PWA needed a villain to unite itself together, and I have done this. I am the great evil that courses through the veins of this fine and prestigious company! When I look in the mirror who is it that I see there?! The Phoenix?! Matthew Engel?! Hunter Sullivan?! HAH! I still see the same Simon Kalis that was there two months ago, the same man you all cheered and adorned and loved... It is YOU who percieve things differently, not me. If you can't see what I'm doing is for the best then you're a fool. Absolute fool!

Kalis stomps his foot down and spits into the crowd.

Simon Kalis: Now I have so many people who wish to do me harm? Why? Face it. The Straders are shook. Where've those Bandido's been since the Spirit?! No where! Where was the great retaliation of these Cowgirls?! No where! Bubba J? He's just one drunk redneck and while that may be normal for the whales in the crowd it is the exception in the business. I am a legend, near mythic status. There's a reason I have the best win-loss percentage amongst anyone with over ten matches under their belt. So while I've got a Hall of Fame batting average, look around at those whom you now idolize and witness yourself mirrored in them.

Kalis looks around and smiles.

Simon Kalis: Losers. Each and every single one of you.

The crowd boos and Kalis simply responds with a dubious chuckle as he looks around.

Simon Kalis: I do have a surprise, tonight. There's actually a reason I'm out here besides eating up as much air time as I can.

"Cowboys From Hell" hits the sound systems and the crowd cheers vehemently. Kalis acts shocked and surprised, falling to his knees and throwing his hands up VERY sarcastically as... A very random, beat up old fat man in a bikers clothing makes his way down to the ring. For added effect, he has an eye patch covering one eye and he stumbles towards the ring trying not to fall. The words "IF SCOTT NASH STRADER AND JETHRO HAYES MATED..." appear over the ADCTron and Kalis gets to his feet laughing as the fat old biker rolls himself into the ring. Then the words "THIS WOULD BE THEIR CHILD" appears and the crowd boos heavily. Kalis checks over this beat down biker and stomps down on his throat three times before lifting the microphone back up.

Simon Kalis: Look at this, ladies and gentlemen! This is the combination of your most favored athletes. I mean what do you call this? A redneck? A biker? One eyed Jimmy? I mean look!

Kalis kneels down and rips the eye patch off, with the man begging and pleading for mercy. It shows that his left eye has been burned with a cigarette crushed into it.

Simon Kalis: How, very, very sad. Isn't it? This man exemplifies the type of men you people judge to be worthy of your cheers and adulation, yet he is nothing but a drunkard and a slob. Yet I have done everyone for all of you, for this entire company! I am doing what must be done and you'd spit on my face for it!

Kalis spits on the mans face and kicks him again, to the boos of the crowd until...

A gruff voice comes over the sound system.

"I'd hold that for a minute Simon."

The voice is recognized, but not confirmed until the screen flashes to a dark night and Bubba J. The crowd goes wild, but Simon sneers.

Bubba J: "See Simon, as you well know, I signed this little piece of paper earlier today and caught a flight."

Bubba J pulls from a Budweiser can.

Bubba J: "While you stand there and talk shit about promises, things you are doing for the fans..."

He makes a scoffing noise.

Bubba J: "I haven't heard more shit since the last time I was constipated. But that is neither here nor there, but the thing is Simon, you do what you do... not for the fans, but for your damn self."

Bubba J walks a bit, heading somewhere as gravel is heard crunching beneath boots.

Bubba J: "You do what you want to do for Simon. You think you are all big, bad, just because you own stock in the PWA... but yet you still couldn't keep me from getting a contract could you Simon? How big and powerful you are, let me tell you I'm shocked right down to my Wolverine boots."

Bubba J stops, looking down at something that we can't see.

Bubba J: "But Simon, you did have one thing right, I am a drunken redneck and damn proud of it. As the saying goes, American by Birth, but Southern by the Grace of God."

Bubba J continues staring down at the item, his eyes not on the camera, but his back is to it instead.

Bubba J: "But Simon, Rednecks take care of their friends, they take care of their own; they are loyal if nothing else."

He laughs.

Bubba J: "And I'm exacting retribution for Jethro, but I've got a feeling he'll be getting retribution of his own soon... very very soon."

Another pull from the can and a devilish chuckle from Bubba J.

Bubba J: "See Simon, you denied me a match last week and had me sent to jail because I didn't have a contract. Well, I've got a contract so I'll ask one more time nicely before I take drastic measures.

His back still to the camera.

Bubba J: "I challenge you to a match next week."

Simon laughs.

Simon Kalis: Yeah? Oh is that right, dear Bubba? Hah... Let me think... How about... No? Hm? Hell mother****in' no, in fact.

Simon laughs, but Bubba J's laughter drowns him out and immediately Simon stops laughing as a tombstone comes into view.

Bubba J: "I notice by the lack of sound and the fact that you've just hit your knees that you recognize the name on the tombstone?"

Bubba J laughs a very cold... very cold laugh.

Simon Kalis: Bubba... Take a look at what you're doing. I.. You... You wouldn't....

Bubba J interupts him.

Bubba J: "I wouldn't Simon?! I f*bleep*king wouldn't!"

Bubba J now lifts a sledgehammer to his shoulder and lines up for a homerun swing.

Simon Kalis: Bubba... This isn't right man. You're standing on my wifes grave... Please...

Kalis falls to his knees inside the ring and he removes his Fedora hat and chucks it aside, shaking his head.

Simon Kalis: Please Bubba... You're doing something that is unforgivable. The last time my wife was brought into this business she was murdered on live Pay-Per-View television, Bubba... Do you understand what you're about to do? I think you do, and since you're a better man than I am morally you'll reconsider this course of action.

Bubba J: "Accept the match Simon, it is your only recourse."

Simon Kalis: ...No.

Bubba J swings, the head of thehammer heading straight for the name... "Vanessa"

Simon Kalis: ENOUGH! I accept your god damn match...

Kalis gets back to his feet, picking up the Fedora hat and putting it back neatly on his head but his hand holding the microphone is visibly shaking.

Bubba J stops, but brings the hammer up high, as though he is preparing for another blow.

Bubba J: "Well, that was very easy. But Simon, as the days have changed, so has the match. See, you had a little attack planned for me while I was in jail and well..."

He shrugs.

Bubba J: "I want a handicap match with Jethro and myself taking you on, after all Jethro isn't 100% so..."

He shrugs again.

Simon Kalis: Fine! I accept! Now step away from the tombstone.

Bubba J shrugs.

Bubba J: "I don't take kindly to people sending others to take care of me, I don't take kindly to people attacking my friends, I don't take it kindly when I'm sent to jail for doing something that you yourself did just the week or so before."

Bubba J smiles, staring a hole into Simon.

Bubba J: "But most of all... I don't take kindly to you!"

With that Bubba J spins around and brings the sledge hammer to connect solidly with "Vanessa" on the tombstone. The stone cracks and the top half falls to land on the grass. Bubba J turns to face the camera again as Simon Kalis collapses to his knees inside the ring, lowering his head and covering his face with his hands.

Bubba J: "See you Monday asshole."

The feed cuts from the ADCTron, and all of the fans in the arena remain loudly silent.

Brian Rentfro: Uh... What do you say to that, Jon?

Jon McDaniel: Kalis may deserve a lot of things but this... This was a whole nother level, Brian.

Kalis shakes inside the ring, visibly upset as he struggles to get to his feet.

Simon Kalis: Bubba... Bubba... What you've done...

Kalis looks around at the silent crowd, tears and anger swelling in his eyes.

Simon Kalis: I am going to fucking gun you down, right now. If I see you, you are dead. D-E-A-D dead Bubba. I will go to jail tonight for your murder, no problem you redneck son of a bitch.
He tilts his head all the way back and wipes his eyes. He picks up the 9mm that he'd disassembled minutes ago and quickly puts it back together as he hops over the top rope and onto the outside of the ring. He cocks the gun and begins rushing up the entrance ramp where he is greeted by security. He immediately pistol whips the security guards in his way and shoves them out of his way. He stops at the entrance ramp, shaking like a leaf with anger. He raises the gun to the air and fires off five shots into the arena's ceiling with a deadly look in his eyes before turning around and heading backstage...

Jon McDaniel: Dear God... He is about to lose his mind, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: I think Bubba doesn't realize what kind of nerve he's pinched... Bubba's a dead man, Jon.

I always struggle with segment names, so this one shall be called

Hanging Out On Equipment Box and Shooting The Breeze Party Time!

Lisa Seldon: Well what up, Josh-wah?

We break the scene just in time to catch Joshua Danielson rounding a corner and running straight into the great and powerful GM herself, currently sitting on an equipment crate and gently cycling her legs. He initially looks a little defensive but she makes no moves to threaten and instead she just barrels right on into what she has to say.

Lisa Seldon: Joshua, I feel we haven’t really had a chance to talk; which is a real shame, because I’m always looking to be the kinda boss who really connects with her employees.

She pats a space on the crate next to her which he silently declines. A little shrug is her only reaction.

Lisa Seldon: So I wanted to get your stance on something. I’ve been having some particular problems with your buddy Lucious and I can see that it’s only going to get worse. Your boy Kalis has always been my buddy, for now at least, and I’m sure his kids would fall in line if I needed them too, but Lucious; well, he’s always been kind of a fuckrash.

She twirls her hand in the air before settling on the word.

Lisa Seldon: Since I got the job he’s done nothing but get in my way, demanding title shots he doesn’t really deserve and throwing a series of fits every time I’m forced to turn him down. He never gives up either, and I’m quickly realising that he probably never will, unless I shut him down myself.

She crosses one leg over the other and leans into the wall, taking a pause while she does.

Lisa Seldon: Now, I can do this and I can do it very easily. Not to mention in a way much more certain than Laura when her and Johnny destroyed him on live TV. You may recall that night she and her buddies put your head through a wall for good measure, but that was more out of youthful enthusiasm rather than an absolute need. Thankfully, of the two of us, I’m a lot more rational.

She treats herself to a little smile.

Lisa Seldon: I guess what I’m saying, Josh-wah, is that: while I’m perfectly happy to crush Lucious like the little gnat he really is to me, not to mention anyone else who happens to be around him at the time, I’d like to avoid any further confrontations arising from that, save those which are absolutely unavoidable. Currently, that’s you, but it doesn’t have to be. And so what I’d like to know is; when Starr starts getting what’s coming his way… where will you be?

It doesn’t take but a second for Joshua to answer.

Joshua Danielson: With all due respect miss Seldon, over the past months, Lucious has grown close to me like a brother. Because of that, you must know that any attempts to “crush” him outside of a match setting will be met with resistance, not only from him, but from myself.

Joshua pulled a bottle of Orange Faygo out of his pocket and took a drink before shrugging and looking at Lisa.

Joshua Danielson: But on the other hand, I do know how much pride Lucious has in his in ring abilities. As you saw with your own eyes when he faced Laura Estella at Out of Control, I didn’t interfere on his behalf. I gave him all the room he could to operate.

Joshua Danielson: So to answer your question miss Seldon, where will I be? I’ll be helping defend my brother in arms. Very nice chatting with ya. We should do this again sometime.

Danielson smiled as he walked past the equipment crate and left the General Manager sitting kicking her legs.

Lisa Seldon: Well... that's a shame.

Lisa kicks off the box and walks out of shot while we cut back to the ring.

Duff Cote d’Ivore vs Joshua Danielson

Bad Dudes Singles Match

The match starts off strong for Duff. He stands a full foot taller than the much smaller Danielson and he begins by using his size to his advantadge. He attempts to corner Danielson who uses his speed and agility to dodge and avoid the bigger man. Finally Duff charges Danielson and crushes him between himself and the turnbuckle. Duff holds this position steady and begins wailing on Danielson with lefts and rights with no escape for Danielson. However Danielson finds an exit and as Duff goes for another large left Danielson slides down and ducks out between the big mans legs. Danielson springboards himself skyward with the middle rope and lands a vicious heel kick to the side of Duff's head which sends the big man stumbling back. Danielson with a vicious knife edge chop, then another! Then a third! Duff isn't playing and he grabs Danielson by the head and smashes his head against Danielson's. Danielson hits the canvas but is up quickly. He goes for a roundhouse kick but Duff catches his leg and lifts him up by the leg throwing his body forward and catching him by the neck. As Duff catches Danielson by the neck he spins around and chokeslams Danielson to the canvas. Danielson is up but groggy and Duff hits a double axe handle smash on Danielson sending him right back to the canvas. Danielson doesn't believe in the word quit though, he's right back on his feet and as Duff attempts to level him with a flying clothesline it's easy for Danielson to duck and dodge the move. Duff hits the canvas and Danielson springboards himself off of the top rope and lands a senton splash right on the downed Duff. Danielson pins but only gets a 2 count as Duff throws Danielson off of him violently. Danielson is back up though and on the attack. He exchanges blows with Duff again but Duff's pack more power and he knocks Danielson to the ground. Duff then gets onto Danielson and locks on COIL. For about two minutes Danielson refuses to quit until Duff leans into the move and Danielson is forced to tap out and thus Duff picks up the victory.

Winner: The Duff Man

Death Row

Lisa Seldon: Wait, I can’t hear you, who is on their way here?

The door to Lisa Seldon's office bursts open with a huge kick from Simon Kalis as he storms in, gun still in hand. Lisa gives him a look and then puts her ear back to the phone.

Lisa Seldon: Never mind.

She puts down the phone and does her best ease the tension. She doesn't look particularly easy for once.

Lisa Seldon: Hey buddy, seems like you brought me a present. How about you put that down on the desk nice and carefully.

Kalis' right arm shakes as he holds the gun in that hand. Seldon eyes the pistol carefully.

Lisa Seldon: Come on man, you’re on live TV playing with a gun. Don’t do anything stupid… anything else stupid anyway.

Kalis' whole body shakes as he stares Lisa Seldon cold in the eyes... He grips the pistol, his right index finger rubbing the trigger.

Simon Kalis: Lisa... Lisa... I... He... You... you're right.

Kalis puts the gun down on her desk before taking a step back. Two police officers now enter the office and stand behind Simon Kalis, one with cuffs in his hands.

Lisa Seldon: Good, now, here’s what’s going to happen. After you shot a hole in the roof (my roof by the way) the BoD held an emergency press conference about what to do. Thankfully I managed to calm them down and so you’re not going to get fired or anything, but you’re probably going to get at least a night in a cell to cool off. That was really the best I could do.

Kalis turns his head and sees the police officers and nods. He turns back to face Lisa.

Simon Kalis: Lisa... I'm sorry.

Kalis falls to his knees and grabs Seldon by the legs and feet and begins to cry right in front of her, the officers and the cameras. Lisa can't believe it but she tells the officers with her hands not to grab him.

Simon Kalis: That's the love of my life! My god damn soul mate and he just desecrated her grave, Lisa! How do you expect me to react?!

Lisa Seldon: This is kinda weird man.

Kalis lets go of Lisa Seldon and sits back on the floor, breathing heavily.

Simon Kalis: Please... I'm sorry for how I reacted. Please...

Police Officer 1: Hah. My, how the mighty have fallen.

Police Officer 2: What a way to give out your ultimate weakness there Kally boy. I guess if someone pissed on her grave you'd open fire into the crowd, huh?

Lisa Seldon: Would you two shut the fuck up? No wonder you’re always turning up here and getting your ass beat.

Kalis remains motionless on the ground while Lisa, being the least affectionate person in the world, begrudgingly extends him a hand. He looks up, eyes wide open and accepts as she helps him get to his feet.

Lisa Seldon: Take some time there, Mr. General.

Kalis smiles for the first time since the incident.

Simon Kalis: Everyone is fucked. Everyone, Lisa. Everyone.

Lisa Seldon: You don't mean that.

Simon Kalis: There are cameras here. I say attention to my fellow Order. Attack everyone on sight. Attack everyone on sight who is under contract to the PWA.

Lisa Seldon: Shut up Simon. Don’t make this any more awkward than it already is.

Kalis nods.

Simon Kalis: Consider them aborted, Mrs. Seldon. Cancelled, whatever. There is going to be hell to pay regardless. This man has taken things too far, Lisa. Too damn far...

The police officers grab him by the shoulders and slam him against the desk. Lisa backs off, shaking her head as they handcuff him.

Lisa Seldon: Bit harsh, guys.

Police Officer 1: Aaron Simon Kalis, you are under arrest for the unlawful discharge of an illegal firearm in a public area. You have the right to remain silent.

Police Officer 2: You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be provided to you. Anything you say or do can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Simon Kalis: I know my rights, officers...

They shove Kalis forward towards the exit but he stops himself and turns back to face Lisa Seldon.

Simon Kalis: I am sorry, I really am. This... This is too far. Just promise me one thing... When you book that handicap match? Make it Death Row Rules for me... Please.

Lisa sighs.

Lisa Seldon: I don’t even know what that means Simon, but I’m pretty sure it’s the kinda thing I’m not going to do. I spend a lot of time each week stopping you getting killed and I’m not about to just do it for you.

Simon Kalis: I’m not going to die... they are.

The officers begin to push him out again but Kalis shakes his head.

Simon Kalis: One more thing, sirs. In my pocket, please give it to Mrs. Seldon.

One of the officers reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small little jewelry box with a little red ribbon on it. He hands it to Lisa Seldon who looks at Kalis curiously.

Simon Kalis: Happy Birthday, Lisa.

The officers push Kalis out of the office now and begin dragging him off as Lisa opens the little box and pulls out a white gold necklace, with a white gold pendant. The pendant has the planet Earth on it, and arched over the top and bottom it says...

Lisa Seldon: World's Number One Boss. Well gee, now I feel bad.

She holds up the necklace and pendant as we fade...

Lisa Seldon: Such a weird guy.


Riona Langly: So what you’re saying is… you want me, on my first match since regaining the world title, to fight a porn star.

Lisa Seldon: Well. A porn star slash wrestler.

We cut in just in time to catch Riona and Lisa in a hot debate over her career. Apparently we've missed some details, but we manage to pick t up quickly enough. For anyone not in the know, Riona is quietly angry and Lisa is incredibly amused.

Riona Langly: Right, a porn star slash wrestler. And you want me to fight this porn star slash wrestler… in a large vat of soup.

Lisa Seldon: Tomato soup specifically. It’s the only kind I like.

Riona Langly: Right… ok… well, I won’t need this anymore.

Riona pauses for but a second before she hefts a rather shiny gold belt out of her bag and dumps it on Lisa’s desk. Lisa looks down on it and grins.

Lisa Seldon: Riona…

Riona is already half way out of the ring when Lisa calls her back.

Lisa Seldon: Riona please, just give me a second here.

Riona swings back around; her face on fire, even if she still manages to hold her voice

Riona Langly: No, I think after like ten years of this, I’ve had enough. You’ll have my resignation on your desk tomorrow morning.

Lisa Seldon: No I won’t.

Riona Langly: No you’re right, you won’t, because what I ought to do is shove it up your ass. I mean, what the fuck would you do in my place?

Lisa Seldon: In your place? I’d probably be looking pretty upset and incredibly ugly, but I’d be ultimately relieved that any company in the world, let alone one as prestigious as this would have missed the fact that I’m generally just a mid-level talent and nothing more.

Riona can’t help but laugh. If she had sleeves, she’d currently be rolling them up.

Lisa Seldon: Look… let me explain.

The thoughtful look on Lisa’s face forces her to consider. When Lisa pushes a chair out from under the desk, she considers it a little more.

Lisa Seldon: Now, Riona, the thing is… I really, really hate you.

Riona rolls her eyes while she looks for something else to occupy her time. The wall seems to do the trick.

Lisa Seldon: I hate your face, your voice, I hate the way you ramble on and on anytime you get in front of a camera, despite never being able to ever find a point. I hate your pointless catchphrases, your nonsensical threats and the way you carry yourself with an air of accomplishment and seniority you’ve done nothing to deserve.

Riona picks this point to gently tap her belt, still lying face up on the table.

Lisa Seldon: Like a list of wins over Matt Stone and Raizzor impress me at all.

The two share a look and a smile.

Lisa Seldon: Personally, I think you’re a lower form of life than me; always blabbering on about equality and the rights of women as wrestlers, when I’m pretty sure I dealt with that already being absolutely exceptional in everything I did. And none of this would bother me much at all if it wasn’t for the fact that you and I are always going to be linked, and you will always be comparable to someone as magnificent as me. I particularly hate that.

Lisa then sits back in her chair with her hands behind her head, her little tirade over. Riona then leans forward in her seat, with her expression seeming to show that she’s not having nearly as much fun with this.

Riona Langly: Well that’s great; and I think you’re a moaning, whining, neurotic little bitch, but I keep all that to myself, because I don’t like to waste people’s time with the utterly inane.

Lisa Seldon: No more than necessary anyway, right?

Lisa clears her head.

Lisa Seldon: Anyway; you forgot skittish and harebrained, and I’m getting off track.

She laughs at her own little joke. No one else does.

Lisa Seldon: I really hate you, for all manner of reasons, but what I hate most is that my little girl lives with you, which makes it really hard to fuck with you without feeling bad.

Riona Langly: Except…

Lisa Seldon: Except tonight! Because it’s my birthday and this is your present to me!

Riona lifts her brow.

Riona Langly: It was my birthday on Friday and you didn’t get me a thing.

Lisa Seldon: What do you mean; I gave you the world title.

Riona Langly: After you put the idea in Johnny’s head for him to come after me and then went out of your way to screw me up, putting me in Intercontinental Title matches on a weekly basis, including on the same night when I had to win that world title you “gave” me.

She even goes as far as to use the finger quotes. Lisa has to bite her lip for fear of her smile taking off on its own.

Lisa Seldon: I was making stars; and thanks to you I got two guys over huge. Not to mention how hilarious that whole sequence of events was.

Riona’s teeth are clenched so hard there’s a worry they’ll crack. Lisa breaks down into a sigh.

Lisa Seldon: Look, I know I’ve been screwing you around for years, so consider this my last hurrah. You do this one last incredibly degrading job for me, and I’ll forget just how much I really don’t like you.

This time there’s some genuine consideration from Riona, who looks one from Lisa’s glorious smile to her belt and then back again. Eventually she lays a hand on the gold.

Riona Langly: Fine, you’ll get your match, and I’ll make sure there’s plenty of red all over her by the time I’m done. Then, you do your job like an actual fucking boss, and stop pissing me around.

Lisa Seldon: Consider it done.

Riona snorts in defiance as she storms out the room with her belt dragging behind.

Lisa Seldon: I definitely will not do anything bad, for at least the rest of the day.

Lisa kicks her feet up on the desk as we fade out of shot.

Frontline II TURBO vs The Dynasty of Chaos

Supreme Tag Team Encounter

The lights in the arena die down, leaving only an old fashioned, black and white film countdown on the ADC-Tron, the film flickering and a beep heard after every digit.

[img] ... ntdown.gif[/img]

The octave drone at the start of Darkest Hour's "Convalescence" fills the arena as strobelights focus on the entrance curtain. A slide of the bass and a hit of the snare at the 13-second mark brings a spotlight onto the curtain, bringing the attention of all in the arena to the duo of Corey Lazarus and Hiro Takawa, with Gregory Price not too far behind.

Eric Emerson: Making their way to the ring at this time, weighing in at a combined 450 pounds, and being accompanied to the ring by Gregory Price...

Corey and Hiro slide under the bottom rope and into the ring, both flipping up to their feet simultaneously before going back-to-back, turning around slowly to face each side of the arena while Price calmly walks over to their corner on the outside.

Eric Emerson: ...the team of Hiro Takawa and Corey Lazarus...

Hiro and Laz stop turning and rush to opposite corners, leaping up onto the second ropes and holding their fists high above their head.

Eric Emerson: ...FRONTLINE II TURBO!!

"Convalescence" dies down as both men hop down from the opposite corners, walking over to their assigned corner as they talk strategy.

Jon McDaniel: This should be an interesting contest to say the least.

Brian Rentfro: I'm gonna have to say I agree with you.

Jon McDaniel: Did hell freeze over just now and I missed it?

Brian Rentfro: Highly likely, Jon. Highly likely.

The lights in the arena dim as the opening to "World War III" by The Ruff Rydaz begins to play over the speakers, the hard basslines reverberating throughout the arena. The ADCTron fills with the fiery emblem of skull and bones repersenting The Order of Chaos and the crowd ignites in a fury of boos as Maya and Masakazu step out from behind the curtains.

Eric Emerson: Introducing, their opponents...

Maya and Masakazu stomp their right feet down, slapping their chests with their right hands before extending them outwards towards Lazarus and Hiro in the ring- saluting them only as a bonafide Order of Chaos knight would. Maya removes her military camoflauge jacket and reveals a tight white tanktop to go with her similarly colored urban camoflauge military-esque booty shorts. Her boots ride up her entire leg up until the knee, tied tightly.

Eric Emerson: At a combined weight of three hundred and thirty five pounds...

Masakazu is wearing similar military garb. He removes the jacket to reveal no shirt, and his wavy urban camoflauge pants sway with each movement. He wears no boots, only traditional rope wrapped around his feet and his biceps and his fists. They lower their right arms and begin walking towards the ring.

)You Talk It! We Live It!(

)You Want It! We Give It!(

)You Start It? We End It!(

They slide into the ring together now and stretch, keeping a good distance away from Corey Lazarus and Hiro Takawa.

Eric Emerson: They are Maya and Masakazu... The Dynasty... of... CHAOS!

Masakazu and Lazarus take their respective corners as Maya and Hiro remain in the ring, now circling each other.


Maya bobs and weaves in the ring with her fists placed up high. Hiro encircles her, entering a staunch fighting stance as he moves around looking for an opening. Hiro throws a stiff thrust kick towards Maya who leans back and away from it. She snaps herself back in place with a stiff right punch straight for Hiro's face which he dodges and blocks successfully. Hiro with a takedown legsweep forces Maya to the canvas where she instinctively tags in Masakazu very quickly. Masakazu enters the ring slowly, as Hiro backs up. Masakazu nods, and then bows. Hiro bows as well, both men showing a little respect to each other. They enter their fighting stances and go all out. Masakazu sends a stiff right kick into the ribs of Hiro Takawa. Hiro responds at the very same time with a snap left kick into Masakazu's sides crunching him to the right. Hiro steps back and tags in Corey Lazarus, as Masakazu regains his composure.

Brian Rentfro: A little kar-a-tay here on display. Thing is I came to see WRESTLING! When did this sport become MMA, Jon?!

Jon McDaniel: What can I say? A lot of PWA's talents have many talents outside of wrestling and it makes for some interesting match ups.

Lazarus and Masa immediately begin trading blows. Masakazu springboards himself off of the middle ropes and goes for a flying thrust kick to Lazarus' head. Laz ducks the attempt and attempts to nail a spinning heel kick on the back of Masa's head as he lands on his feet but Masa instinctively ducks the attempt and jumps in the air, spinning his body with a double barreled scissors kick which Laz blocks with both his legs by switching from left to right in quick succession as the kicks came. The crowd stands on their feet as Laz goes for a flying lariat on Masa who flips himself backwards and lands back on his feet. Mas rushes forward and appears to be going for an elbow chop which Laz begins to dodge until Mas switches it up quickly and jumps up, bringing a rising knee into Lazarus' face catching him completely off guard. Masakazu backs up and then charges for another but Lazarus spins around him, pushing him forward by his back and then leaping forward with a devestating roaring elbow which sends Masakazu flipping over the top rope and onto the outside but not before Maya quickly reaches out and tags herself in while Masa is on the way out.

Jon McDaniel: Ouch! What a hit!

Brian Rentfro: There's a reason that Corey Lazarus is the Best Striker in the history of the PWA, Jon.

Maya hops in and shakes her head as Lazarus begins moving towards her. Lazarus strikes first, he goes for a rising knee strike on Maya. She instinctively weaves herself aside and dodges it and lashes out, she throws a heavy right punch to the back of Lazarus' head. She begins flailing her arms and her fists at Lazarus, knocking him repeatedly in the head with her fists. He's caught off guard but he jumps back and goes for a roundhouse kick. Maya ducks and spins around, The Spider G Flex on Corey Lazarus. Lazarus falls back near his corner and as he falls Hiro tags himself in. Lazarus shakes his head and rolls out of the ring for a moment as Masakazu coyly slides in. Hiro is already going towards Maya when he jumps in the air and comes down hard with an elbow chop across Maya's face. He backs up and hits her with a knife edge chop across the chest which makes her smile with satisfaction as she falls to her knees of her own volition.

Jon McDaniel: What the hell is she doing?

Brian Rentfro: Oh hah, I can see it now.

Masakazu is already there and he places both of his hands on Maya's head as he springboards himself over her and lifts his legs up and lands right onto Hiro, spinning him down in an awkward hurricanrana. As they hit the canvas Masakazu grinds his knees further into Hiro's neck as Maya is already back up. She runs to the ropes, springboards herself off and lands on Hiro with an asai moonsault as Masa gets out of the way. As soon as she hits Hiro, she rolls off because Masa is already throwing himself off the top rope and he drives a hard elbow down into Hiros throat. Lazarus is back at the apron but the referee Dwayne Cross already has Masa forced back into his corner before Lazarus jumps in. Maya springboards herself off of the middle ropes and goes for a double European uppercut which Hiro tactfully evades. BANG! Dawn's Early Light takes Maya down real quick. Her neck almost breaks from the impact it looks like as Hiro quickly hooks the leg.


Masakazu jumps up onto the top rope.


Masakazu jumps off the top rope with a Frog Splash!


Masakazu lands on Hiro and Maya all at the same time as he hits the frog splash perfectly, breaking up the count. As Hiro comes to Maya throws an elbow and hits him in the face as Masakazu throws Hiro off of her. Masakazu drags the still groggy Maya to their corner, jumps back onto the apron, tags himself in and then jumps back into the ring. Hiro snaps into action and tags in Corey Lazarus. Lazarus is in and both he and Masakazu begin moving back and forth. They grapple each other, Masa goes for a knee rise into Laz's gut but he blocks it with his own leg. Lazarus attempts a rising knee of his own but Masakazu blocks it with his leg. Masakazu headbutts Lazarus who headbutts him back in kind. Lazarus mixes things up, swinging Masakazu around with an arm bar. Masakazu blindly throws an elbow behind himself to hit Lazarus who ducks it. Lazarus grabs ahold of Masakazu properly and spins him back around and lands a devastating DDT onto the canvas. Lazarus is back up quick and so is Masakazu. Lazarus with a roundhouse kick but Masakazu catches his leg. Masakazu puts out his own leg and sweeps Lazarus off of his feet and quickly grabs ahold of his other leg, turning him over and applying a Boston crab on the true Franchise of the PWA. Lazarus shakes his head vehemently refusing to quit as Masakazu drags them both into the middle of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: For all of Masakazu's training in key martial arts, I think a lot of people forget that he and his father are very technical as well.

Brian Rentfro: I prefer Maya's style. Throw punches till the other guy's knocked out. Can't hate a brawler.

Hiro hops over the ropes and goes to break the move but Maya is already reacting. She springboards herself off the top rope and hits a body splash on Hiro. All hell breaks loose as she starts an all out brawl with Hiro, both of them exchanging blows as Masa keeps the Boston crab locked hard on Corey Lazarus. Hiro roundhouse kicks Maya just as she connects with a hard right swing of her own. They both knock each other down hard, Hiro taken aback by how hard the punch was. Maya licks her lips as they're bleeding and smiles while Masakazu displays unthought of agility, bending his back all the way into an arc, his head touching Lazarus' and the Boston crab at a huge breaking point. Lazarus uses what strength he has and grabs onto Masakazu's hair, pulling down on it. Masakazu tries to return to the original Boston Crab positioning but he can't as Lazarus screams while ripping into his hair. Everything snaps as Masakazu falls forward, Lazarus arms slamming against the canvas with two chunks of Masakazu's hair and blood. Masakazu screams as he holds his head while Hiro clotheslines Maya over the top rope. Cross gets Hiro to the corner and he does so, reaching out for Corey to tag him in. Corey shakes his head and begins yelling profanities as he stomps down on the yelling Masakazu. Masakazu goes into a fetal position as Lazarus viciously unleashes thunderous kicks to his head, neck and back. Lazarus laughs as he grabs Masakazu by the back of the neck with both hands and lifts him up. He throws Masakazu into the corner and unleashes on him with thrust kicks to every side of his body. Masakazu puts his arms up in a block to protect his face but the damage is done as he crumbles to the canvas in a bloody mess.

Brian Rentfro: Whoa! I think Lazarus just unleashed a streak of frustration out on an unsuspecting Masakazu!

Jon McDaniel: The best Striker, as you said...

Lazarus goes for a pinfall as Hiro flies off the apron and hits a getting up Maya with a lariat.



Lazarus puts his feet up on the bottom rope!


Dwayne Cross sees this and stops the count and tells Lazarus to get off of Masakazu. Masakazu coughs out blood and crawls away as Maya gets herself shakily back to their corner. Maya gets onto the apron and Masakazu tags her in, rolling himself onto the apron and breathing heavily. Hiro is on the apron now and warns Lazarus who turns around and rakes Maya's eyes. She yells as she goes to cover her face and Lazarus sends a stiff thrust kick into her gut forcing her to kneel forward. As Lazarus steps forward Maya pushes her face into his crotch. Lazarus screams as Maya bites hard somewhere on his crotch and he backs up, both hands on his family jewels as Maya spits blood in his face and grabs him by the throat. She jumps up onto him, wrapping her legs around his body and smiling as she uses one hand to grab that very same part while pushing forward with the other on his chest. She reaches up with both hands and wraps them around his neck, grinding on him with her lower body and choking him with her hands while screaming at him. She bangs her head against his hard once, yelling some more as Dwayne Cross tries to get her off of him. She does it again, and then again and again repeatedly until both she and Lazarus are bleeding from their foreheads from the headbutts. Hiro jumps in and grabs Maya lifting her off of Lazarus and right into a reverse suplex onto the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: Did I just hear Corey Lazarus call Maya a crazy bitch?!

Brian Rentfro: That was kinda hot either way. Whew. Can she grind. Johnny Maverick is one lucky guy.

Jon McDaniel: She's like a black widow...

Brian Rentfro: Hah! There! You just coined her a nickname Lazarus was wondering she had or not! The Black Widow! It works! Or no, even better... The Preying Mantis! The female kills the male after intercourse! Scary and hot! Wooo!

McDaniel rolls his eyes at the announcers table as Rentfro hoots and woots while now Hiro picks Maya up by her hair and hip tosses her around the ring like a ragdoll. She lands right on Cross knocking the ref out. Lazarus is up now, smiling and laughing while Hiro watches Masakazu cautiously, but Masakazu has hit the outside of the ring and is still holding his ribs from the vicious assault Lazarus unleashed on him moments ago. Maya gets to her feet and now stares across the ring at both men of Frontline II Turbo. She stomps her foot down, slaps her chest and salutes the both of them with her eyes wide open as they look at each other before rushing her. Lazarus with a knife edge chop while Hiro holds her left arm and smashes his elbow repeatedly into the side of her head. Some fans boo, some fans cheer as Lazarus lashes out with thunderous kicks into the right side of her body while Hiro elbows her until her eyes are rolling into the back of her head.

Jon McDaniel: I think Maya is crazy but really guys? Is this what it's come down to? Frontline double teaming a woman? Come on.

Brian Rentfro: She's probably wet by this, and I don't mean from the blood on her face.

Jon McDaniel: Shut up, Brian. She's Kalis' kid.. you want him gunning you down in an alley?

Brian Rentfro: Point taken, but look! Hiro's got some of that Striker ability that Lazarus has! Hah!

They let go of her and she collapses to her knees, her head rotating in circles with blood trickling down her face. Hiro stands in front of her as Lazarus stands behind her and both of them go for roundhouse kicks at the same time, crunching her skull inbetween both of their legs and she hits the canvas in a bloody mess. Lazarus is about to pin when he sees Dwayne Cross is still knocked out. He seems angry as he grabs Maya by the throat and begins choking her with one hand on her neck as she lays on the canvas. Maya puts her hands around his arm and tries to scream but can't as Lazarus lifts her head up and slams it down on the canvas, all the while choking her. Hiro decides to take her leg and start unleashing a barrage of thrust kicks into her inner thigh while Lazarus is choking her. He wipes the blood off of his face and slaps it on her chest with his free hand before lifting her up all the way to her feet. They whip her into the ropes and she springboards herself onto the outside and onto the ground. Masakazu meanwhile, with no one looking is up and he quietly rolls himself into the ring with a dead look on his face.

Jon McDaniel: Oh boy Masa does NOT look happy right now.

Brian Rentfro: They just beat his sister down like they were gonna rape her outside of Starbucks! HAH!

Masakazu screams as he raises one arm in the air, forcing both Lazarus and Hiro to turn around. He rushes in! Flying forearm smash to Lazarus! Thrust kick to the thigh of Hiro! Elbow punch to Lazarus! Masakazu pushes himself up on Hiro's own falling leg and brings a rising knee right into his face! The crowd is going nuts as Masakazu begins taking the fight to both Frontline II Turbo wrestlers. Lazarus tries to block another elbow chop but Masakazu brings his knee right into Lazarus' gut and then as Lazarus keels over he brings it up again into his face. Hiro goes for a grapple but Masakazu spins himself around and hits a 360 thrust kick into Hiro's chin pushing both men up against the ropes. Maya is getting up but Frontline finally get the better of Masakazu as they both hip toss him to the outside, and he lands right onto his sister Maya. Now both Dynasty kids lay on the ground outside, breathing heavily. Hiro leans over the top rope, keeping an eye on them as Lazarus climbs the top rope turnbuckle and throws his arms in the air, the cameras flashing as he yells to the crowd something inaudible.

Jon McDaniel: Judging by his showboating, he's obviously quite proud of what's happened here.

Brian Rentfro: Frontline is crushing these kids, sad.

Masa picks Maya up and begins to carry her in his arms as he walks back over to their corner which is actually near the entrance ramp. He begins walking up the entrance ramp as Cross gets to his feet and sees what's happening. Lazarus dares Masa to walk out as Cross begins a ten count. The crowd boos, while Masa looks at his battered sister who remains motionless in his arms. Lazarus looks like he's about to go to the outside but Hiro grabs him, and pushes him back. Hiro goes back to his corner and Lazarus tags him in with a smile on his face. Masakazu slides Maya into the ring as she is the legal competitor. He gets to the apron and tags himself in, pulling Maya back to the outside. He puts a cigarette in her mouth and lights it for her as she begins to come too, sitting on the outside smoking with blood all over herself. Masakazu slides back into the ring now and wipes the blood out of his hair, two chunks of it still sitting inside the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Hiro Takawa showing some respect by letting Masakazu do what he's done. Maya needs to rest up, though I'm not sure smoking is the healthiest way.

Brian Rentfro: No probably not but hey.

Masakazu stomps his right foot down, slaps his chest and extends his right arm out with the Order salute. He bows afterwards, as does Hiro but as Hiro is bowing Masa jumps forward and lifts a kick right into his face. Hiro stumbles back and Masakazu grabs ahold of him and hits a snap suplex onto the canvas. Masakazu is up quickly and hits an elbow drop onto Hiro's throat. Lazarus is growing impatient on the apron as he reaches out for Hiro to tag him in. Yet what he doesn't see is Maya crawling on the outside of the ring towards him. Masakazu bounces off the ropes and lands a leg drop on Hiro, but Hiro quickly springs back into action and grabs onto Masakazu, locking him into an Indian Deathlock on the canvas. Maya gets right up behind Lazarus and... Grabs his ass? He turns around and it's at this point she grabs both his legs and sweeps him off the apron onto the outside. Lazarus hits his head against the side of the ring on his way down which stuns him. Maya slaps him across the face and blows smoke into his face. She smiles as she goes to put her cigarette out in his eye but he grabs her arm and pushes her back. Maya rushes forward and lifts her knee into Lazarus' face and his head snaps back, banging against the apron at the same time. Inside the ring Masakazu refuses to tap as Cross checks on him. Maya gets on the apron and leans over as far as she can. Masa extends his hand and tags her in.

Brian Rentfro: This match is all over the place.

Jon McDaniel: Passions are boiling over, without a doubt.

Hiro lets go and backs up as Maya stays on the apron to finish her cigarette. Masakazu is up and Hiro grabs ahold of him and lifts him up, getting him into position for Taka Nadare! Maya drops the cigarette and gets into the ring as the legal person. She superkicks Hiro hard! Perdition! Hiro drops to the canvas and so does Masa who rolls away. Maya stomps one more time on his neck and goes for the cover until Lazarus slides into the ring quickly, grabbing a handful of her hair and dropping her with Combo #5! The crowd goes nuts but Masa is already up and he grabs Lazarus from behind! One reverse DDT! Masa doesn't let go and lifts him back up, another reverse DDT! He picks Lazarus up one more time and drops him one more time with another reverse DDT! From Japan With Love! Lazarus lays on the canvas motionless but as Masakazu turns around BANG! Time Traveller on Masakazu by Hiro Takawa! Hiro immediately locks in the H-Lock as both Maya and Laz remain on the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: Wait who's legal right now? Maya and Hiro, right?

Brian Rentfro: Think so. Crazy action though, I wonder if Cross realizes whose legal. I mean Maya looks really young but she has to be legal if she's wrestling.

Jon McDaniel: Not what I was talking about, Brian...

Hiro finally lets go Lazarus is up. Lazarus goes to the corner and Hiro tags him in while Masa gets to the corner and Maya tags him in. Laz and Masa scuffle with each other in one corner as Maya runs around the outside of the ring to attack Hiro. Hiro tosses her into the ring and now both he and Maya begin to scuffle on the opposite side of Lazarus and Masa. Maya charges into Hiro but gets dumped to the outside as Masa stuns Corey in the corner with a vicious thrust kick to the head, backing up to get ready to charge in. Takawa surprises Masa nailing him with a forearm smash. Masa stumbles forward as Hiro brings down his elbow over the back of his head, stunning him. Lazarus quickly knocks Maya to the outside of the ring as Hiro sets Masakazu up. Hong Kong Blues! Hiro drags Masakazu into the middle of the ring as Lazarus goes for the cover.



Maya attempts to enter the ring but Hiro keeps her at bay.


No! Unable to reach the ring, to break the count, Maya settles for pulling the referee to the floor. He is livid, but he can’t get a word in as Hiro grabs Maya and throws her into the guardrail. She comes back with a shoulder into his gut and buries him into the ring frame, and the two go down trading blows. Corey sees what’s going on and moves to interject as Masa rolls over in the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Maya sweeps the referee and it looks like all hell is about to break loose.

Corey gets Maya off Hiro with a Full-Nelson while Hiro instinctively throws up a kick into Maya’s ribs. She doubles over and Corey sets about her while the referee tries to get the action back to the ring. It only gets worse though when Masa staggers back to his feet in the ring and throws himself into a Plancha, whipping out all three of them on the floor.

Brian Rentfro: The referee has lost control!

Jon McDaniel: There’s too many bodies for him to deal with, and I don’t think he’s going to get this fight back to the ring.

All four competitors struggle on the floor as the referee tries to restore order. When Masa knocks him out of the way though to send Corey across the floor, that’s when he decides he’s had enough and calls for the bell. He screams for a no contest while beckoning help from the back.

Brian Rentfro: No contest!

Jon McDaniel: Can you blame him? He’s trying to get this controlled before it gets out of hand.

A team of referees swarm in between them and keep the teams at bay. Unfortunately Corey has found himself away from the action, and he waists no time in getting back in the ring. He has a chair in hand which he sets up by the ropes and then hits the opposite side to propel him back into the action. He lets out a battle cry and then takes flight, stepping off the chair for extra momentum.

Brian Rentfro: Hollywood Airlines Taking Flight!

Corey spins and twists through the air before falling into the throng of people and annihilating anyone unfortunate enough to be caught beneath him. Bodies spill on all sides like water out of a pool. The Kalis kids land on the side by the entrance way and Maya looks to get back at him, but Masa holds her back by the arm and swears her off. She struggles with the idea but Masa insists, and the too run off into the night.

Brian Rentfro: And the Kalis twins are gone!

Jon McDaniel: The match is over Jon, and with nothing to play for they’ve likely got a lot more to worry about backstage.

Brian Rentfro: Gotta start putting together bail for one thing.

Maya and Masa dart through the curtain while Hiro helps Corey to his feet. The referees stay in their way to prevent them following, but neither man looks particularly inclined to do so anyway. They share a few words as the fans cheer them on, still on a high from his dive.

Vengance is a Ditch Best Served...

Next Week?

Maya and Masakazu are now quickly running down the hallway in the backstage area before they come to a complete stop in front of a line of security guards.

Maya: Get out of our way, right now.

Masakazu: This isn't a negotiation, gentlemen. Out of our way.

Security Guard: Listen, calm down. We just need to have a word with you two to ensure some semblance of order right now. Things are tense around here right now.

Masakazu enters a fighting stance immediately, and Maya quickly follows suit. They stare down the group of about seven security guards, who all reach for their tasers slowly.

Security Guard: It doesn't need to be this way... We just want to make sure everyone remains safe.

Maya: And we want to do is get to our dad who's in jail right now.

Masakazu: We're not running around here looking for a fight... We're heading to the parking lot, and getting out of here.

The security guards all look at each other and ease off. They stand aside and open a path for the two siblings. Maya and Masakazu return to a peaceful stance but continue to stare them down.

Maya: We're fleeing.

Masakazu: It's not right now that you should be worried about. It's next week when we bring down the wrath of God on everyone in our way. That includes two bit security pricks like you.

Security Guard: Maybe you haven't heard? Word just came down the grapevine. No more private security details for your dad or any of you. Big boss is laying down the law. Any firearms starting next week from anyone other than... Pricks, like us, results in an automatic termination of your contract and your immediate release from the PWA. But hey? You didn't hear it from me. You'll get the official memo soon enough.

Maya and Masa look at each other, disdain and disappointment in their eyes.

Security Guard: Yeah. No more gangsters hijacking this beautiful program. Next week things are going to be different. Any attacks on us are automatic suspension for you Order guys.

Masakazu looks down at his feet and nods quietly. He whispers something inaudible under his breath to Maya, who looks down at her feet and smiles.

Maya: So... All these changes come into effect... When...?

Security Guard: Are you deaf or just stupid? Next week.

Masakazu: So that means... This week.

Masakazu and Maya look up and quickly re-enter their fighting stance. They don't say another word as they charge forward. Masakazu unleashes a flurry of muay thai thrust kicks, taking out three guards himself within seconds. They hit the cold cement floor hard, bleeding from the head. Maya grabs one of them and throws him against the wall, lifting her knee right into his groin and sending him collapsing in a pile of pain to the floor. The three remaining guards reach for their tasers but Maya grabs one off of one of the fallen guards and tases another guard herself, sending him convulsing to the ground. She throws Masakazu the taser who runs and lifts his knee into one of the guards, cracking his head back. And as he falls Masa tases him until he hits the ground. Now the original security guard they were speaking to drops his taser and begins to back up, smiling with his hands up.

Security Guard: Now... Hey, listen. I have a family. I have kids.

Maya: What? You think we're going to kill you?

Masakazu: That is incredibly insulting, and racist if I may say so dear sister. He thinks because half the blood running through our veins is of African descent we're just mindless killers off the street doesn't he?

Security Guard: No hey guys, it's nothing like that...

Maya: Yeah... Quite frankly, dear brother, I'm incredibly insulted. My ladyness and honor has been offended!

Maya walks right up to the last guard with a mean mug before she slaps him across the face and drives the heel of her boots into his foot. He winces and hits the ground in pain. Masakazu reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a wad of cash and rips open the rubberband holding it together. He throws the money in the air and dozens upon dozens of Benjamin Franklins flutter to the floor.

Masakazu: Accepting this money means you can't take any legal action against us. Agreed?

Maya: Yeah, I mean there's at least fifty grand in there. Our dad gives us a big allowance for these types of things.

Security Guard: Okay, okay... Listen. I'm sorry, okay?

Maya: What was that?! I didn't catch that. Did you bro?

Masakazu: Not at all sis... Hm?

The guard gets to his feet as the others, now with a return to their bodily functions begin grabbing the money off the floor. Masakazu dusts off the security guard and nods.

Masakazu: You understand, don't you?

Security Guard: I know what Bubba did was wrong... But, you guys can't just go around assaulting people. You've gotta learn you can't go on rampages whenever things don't go your way.

Maya and Masa look at each other and laugh.

Maya: Rampages? Is this what you think this is?

The guard shrugs until Masakazu hits him with a roaring elbow to the head. He hits the floor, landing in a pile of cash.

Masakazu: No. This is Chaos. And you can tell your big boss, and we know who he is... To-

Maya: Shh.. Now now, since when am I the voice of reason? Lets go.

Masa nods as he motions Maya to do something. She grumbles under her breath and reaches into her bra and pulls out a similar wad of cash. She rips the rubberband off and throws the cash at the security guards picking it up on the floor. They walk off and make it to the door marked "EXIT" and head straight for the parking lot and away from the arena...

Jon McDaniel: Was all that necessary?

Brian Rentfro: Guess so. I guess things are going to be different next week. Serious rules being placed down here. We don't want people going on a rampage... Making things too chaotic, do we?!

Jon McDaniel: Your word plays are never funny, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Hey. At least I try.

Riona Langly vs Marina Blue (Rebel)

Special Lisa Birthday Choice Fuck You I Hate You Riona Match

Jon McDaniel: Well folks, our Rebel Pro challenge match is coming up next, and apparently, it’s going to be contended in a giant bowl of soup.

Lisa Seldon: It surely is Jon. Let the good times roll.

The camera pans over to the entrance way, where we see two competitors and, sure enough, a rather large bowl of soup between them.

Jon McDaniel: I can’t believe you got her to agree to this.

Lisa Seldon: I know, to think she’d be so gullible as to think doing this will make me leave her alone. Like I have any morals at all.

The match starts off much as you'd expect, with Riona looking incredibly unwilling while the girl from Rebel Pro wades right in. To her credit, Marina looks right at home (at least as much as you can) as she slashes through the vat of soup. Anyone familiar with Rebel Pro will notice nothing particularly untoward about her appearance while our PWA audiences will be busy checking their pulses at the sight of what a gentleman would describe as some very revealing attire that leaves little to the imagination (the censors made her wear some trousers but luckily no one is looking that low anyone. It's all eyes up top if you will. Riona meanwhile is in sneakers, jeans and a hoodied sweatshirt, looking to get involved in the festivities as little as possible. She enters the fray, and promptly falls on her face with a satisfying splat.

Lisa Seldon: I knew this was the right idea and she’s instantly proved it to me.

Riona does her best but struggles for purchase, and goes down again easy as her feet slip out swinging a right hand. Marina is on her with two hands in her hair, and smothers Riona in watery mess until she's able to get free. She staggers away but manages to keep her feet, only to get caught in the gut with as good a kick as you could expect in the circumstances.

Jon McDaniel: Well this is depressing.

Lisa Seldon: Depressingly fan-fucking-tastic.

Jon McDaniel: This is easily the second worst match in PWA history.

Lisa Seldon: Shark tank?

Brian Rentfro: What are you talking about man, this is hilarious! Hurricanrana!

Brian gives us all the benefit of his lovely voice as he bursts out laughing at the sight of Marina finding the air and managing to pull off a Hurricanrana into the mess, earning the applause of the masses. Unfortunately Marina holds her down and grinds her pelvis into Riona's face, earning a few catcalls from all over the building. Riona struggles to get out by she just finds her front and let's Marina ride her back. She spanks her ass a couple of times before putting her hand where it's not really welcome, causing Riona to face plant again. You'd have to imagine this was a mistake.

Lisa Seldon: I told her to do that, and I said I’d pay her extra for it too.

Jon McDaniel: Oh dear. Seems like she's trying to degrade the champ and make her look bad on her own show, but I imagine that now she's going to get it now.

Brian Rentfro: Having done my research, I can tell you she probably gets it every other night as it is.

Lisa Seldon: Yeah, in the face!

Jon McDaniel: You really are the perfect couple for this job.

Brian Rentfro: I'm aware that wasn't a compliment but I'm going to take it all the same.

Marina leaves Riona to wallow in her mess as she hits the edge of the pool to reply to a few jeers from the PWA faithful. It's a moment of recovery for the champion she never should have given up, and Riona comes up spitting in a rage. Her feet don't fail her this time as she barrels into Marina, sending them both over the edge.

Brian Rentfro: Everybody out of the pool!

Jon McDaniel: Looks like fun time is over, because we're in Riona's turf now and boy does she look miserable.

Brain Rentfro: I wouldn't be so quick to sell Marina out. A lot of these Rebel Pro guys might seem like goofballs but they're as hardcore as they come.

Lisa Seldon: Yeah, when I was setting this up, I made sure to find someone who could take a hit and give it back, as well as being famous for her double penetration work. If it was only the second part that was important, I’d just have phoned up my buddy Joanna Angel and have her tip me off to someone on the cheap.

Jon McDaniel: That’s the worst choice for a name drop I’ve ever heard.

Lisa Seldon: That all sounds a little anti-Semitic to me, Hitler.

Jon McDaniel: What?

Lisa Seldon: I’m sorry but no, I won’t cheapen this moment any further by going on about how much you clearly hate Jews.

Brian Rentfro: Also a man of your age can't use the word turf unless it's in reference to gardening.

Jon McDaniel: Guess all these Kalis segments are getting the best of me.

Riona leaves Marina on the floor as she pulls off a soaking wet jumper (ignoring the complimentary wolf whistles of course) and reveals her more traditional wrestling attire beneath. She then mops off her face and does what she can with her hair while she waits for Marina to get to her knees. The champ then slings a sleeve around the poor girl’s throat while the referee looks on from a safe distance.

Brian Rentfro: Guess he decided that the traditional PWA rule set isn't in effect for this.

Jon McDaniel: Seems more than likely.

The referee hints that maybe murder isn't the best option but Riona doesn't hear a word of it as she uses the makeshift noose to send Marina into the barrier, splattering a few lucky fans with a thick red sauce (of a reputable brand name of course. No expense is spared in the PWA after all). Riona then brings her back and chucks her into the other side, letting her back snap across the steel frame before reeling her into an Elbow Strike that cleans her out. The fans respond a little more respectable than last time.

Brian Rentfro: What a couple of crazy hot messes these two girls really are.

Jon McDaniel: Really? This is doing it for you?

Brian Rentfro: Well, the implication for hotness was there. I'm just going along with it.

Riona pulls her up with the aid of the jumper and pitches her over the rail into the lap of some lucky fan - who has apparently chosen not to be there and let Marina crash through their seat instead. The fans clear the way as Riona steps out over the rail and hits Marina in the side with a Push Kick that sends her over the furniture. Marina tries to get up again but Riona slams a chair across her back before whipping it off out screen, taking the chance to choke her opponent with her bare hands this time.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like she’s back in her rhythm.

Lisa Seldon: Looks more like she’s incredibly pissed… as well she probably should, considering what I’m doing here.

It takes a set of nails across her face before Riona can be made to let go, and when she does she comes back around, scooping Marina up by the hair and plowing her into the floor. Marina tries to keep her at bay by throwing chairs from off of her back, but Riona manages to step passed a few shots and walk right into a kick in the stomach that bends her over, followed by a second one that lifts up and tears through her jaw. Riona staggers back and Marina chucks a chair in her face. The force of the shot leaves it wrapped around Riona’s neck and allows Marina to score the follow up when se grabs Riona by the head and throws her forward, stabbing the seat up into her throat as she hits the ground.

Lisa Seldon: Marina on the comeback trail, right into pain town, just out side of ouch my face city with a population of no teeth whatsoever!

Jon McDaniel: You make me miss Laura.

Marina manages to shake out the cobwebs and several pints of Campbell’s soup as she gets Riona off the floor with a Snap Suplex that buries Riona in a pile of chairs and then follows up with a standing Moonsault that nets her a pinfall.



Jon McDaniel: Shoulder up from Riona Langly, who seems to have decided that, the only thing worse than being in this match would be losing it.

Brian Rentfro: Just to check; we’re going falls count anywhere as well.

Lisa Seldon: Apparently.

Brian Rentfro: Shouldn’t you know?

Lisa Seldon: Sorry I only pick the rules when I’m fucking people over.

Jon McDaniel: that’s not what this is?

Marina gets her feet and whips Riona into the barrier. The champ clatters with the steel and staggers forward while Marina runs passed her and leaps up onto the rail. A highflying attempt looks on the cards but Riona cuts it out by throwing a Mule Kick into the barrier to screw up her balance. Marina tries to right herself but momentum takes her off the barrier and she turns around just in time to have her face shattered by Riona who puts the point of her elbow right through it. A pin attempt would seem the likely option but Riona seems content to pass the time kicking her in the ribs before she turns away to stack up some chairs.

Jon McDaniel: Riona opts to pass up a pin attempt by going for more damage. I hope this isn’t a decision she’s going to regret.

Lisa Seldon: I imagine she’s still too busy regretting turning up tonight to worry about something like that.

Riona builds herself a fair mound of chairs before she turns back to Marina and drags her off the floor by a belt loop. She then sets her up for a German Suplex into the pile, but Marina wraps a leg around her to hold her off while she peppers her with elbows to the side of the head until she lets go. Marina then turns toward and sizes up a kick… which she places right between the champion’s legs with enough force to lift her off the ground. All except three people in the building are stunned to silence.

Brian Rentfro: Oh my God.

Lisa Seldon: My entire life has been leaping up to this moment, and it was absolutely perfect.

Jon McDaniel: I imagine in Riona’s mind, this is now officially a Deathmatch.

Riona looks equal parts hurt and stunned as Marina takes a step to the side and then cracks her on the base of the skull with an Enzugiri that has the champ rocked. Riona then falls forward into a Headlock which Marina uses to take her on a run, stepping up the rail when she reaches it and going over to bring Riona down throat first on the rail while she lands in the ringside area. Riona staggers back and gives Marina a fair distance to cover, but The Rebel Pro Superstar hits the rail at some speed and Springboards herself into a High-Angle Missile Dropkick. The two land hard amongst the concrete and steel chairs, but Riona easily takes the worst of it and gives Marina a chance to shoot for a cover.



Jon McDaniel: Riona kicks out again.

Brian Rentfro: She’s far from out of it but Marina’s… unorthodox style clearly has her off her game.

Lisa Seldon: I think taking that C*nt Punt had a lot to do with it as well.

Brian Rentfro: Well yeah.

Lisa Seldon: Wait, did I just get bleeped for c*nt? I can’t say c*nt on my own TV show, but I can say arse, shit, fanny magnet and fuckrash.

Brian Rentfro: What is she on about, what bleeps?

Jon McDaniel: No idea. All I can her is an unnecessary amount of swearing.

Marina struggles to get Riona up again and eats a forearm for her trouble. She answers back with a kick in the stomach and then a knee between the eyes that wobbles Riona, giving time for Marina to snatch up a chair and softly lob it into the air. It makes an easy catch for Riona, which if course is exactly what Marina wanted.

Jon McDaniel: Marina going for thee… uh…

Brian Rentfro: The Dirt Pipe Milkshake?

Jon McDaniel: … are we actually putting this on TV?

Lisa Seldon: To be fair, the dirt pipe milkshake is actually a corner to corner dropkick that tends to feature a chair. This in fact, is just a kick in the face… with a chair.

Riona stops the chair just before it hits her face and Marina leaps up with a Spinning Heelkick, but Riona manages to duck the incoming shot and, as Marina comes back around to face her, shatters the chair across her face.

Brian Rentfro: Good lord, she just split that steel chair down the middle.

Lisa Seldon: Well, technically the seat part is only toughened plastic.

Jon McDaniel: Well I’m sure that’ll make all the difference when it comes time for her Rhinoplasty.

Lisa Seldon: Totally does Jon, and I’ve been hit in the head with enough things to know.

Jon McDaniel: Well now it makes sense.

Lisa Seldon: What is that supposed to mean, Jon?

The shot cracks a fissure down Marina’s forehead (though admittedly it is hard to tell amongst all the gunk already caked on her face) but Riona doesn’t seem to think it’s enough and decides to take her head off with a Homerun Swing that sends her across the floor. Marina is clearly out of it but the little pain slut has just enough life left in her to find her feet and stagger aimlessly toward her opponent. Riona kicks her in the gut and doubles her over, and then genuinely considers making her one with the floor off of a Devolution. However she settles on a Powerbomb instead, and whips Marina up on her shoulders, turns back to the mess of chairs she created and brings her down on the back of her head with a Sitout Powerbomb, kicking her legs over her arms in mid fall for a little extra oomph.

Lisa Seldon: Not specific famous Japanese Wrestler Bomb!

Jon McDaniel: I don’t think that’s what it’s called.

Riona stacks her up on her shoulders for the pin.



Brian Rentfro: Huh!?

Jon McDaniel: No! Marina digs down deep and springs from the cover at the last second.

Lisa Seldon: See? She’s just as hardcore in the ring as she is in Brian’s DVD collection.

Brian Rentfro: Who told you of the precious collection!?

Riona is furious as she's forced to her feet again. This time she hefts Marina up onto her shoulders, gets her in position and then buries her into the mess of steel with a Death Valley Driver.

Jon McDaniel: Riona ups the ante with a Death Valley Driver

Lisa Seldon: I hope this is about done, because without a giant bowl of soup I’m not getting what I wanted.

Riona covers for a final time.




Jon McDaniel: No!

Brian Rentfro: You're kidding me.

Riona protests while a few fans cheer for the finish, but the referee holds up a hand ensuring it was only a 2. This time Riona is so incredibly far beyond mere anger as she pushes the referee away and forces what's left of Marina off the floor. The starlet is spent and can't even stand, forcing Riona to put her in a chair before she can open up on her with a series of elbow strikes. Marina's head ricochets off of each blow as she fades from the match. Riona then pulls her up by the hair and spins into the big finish, but a foot in the gut stops her on the turn, and a headbutt between the eyes puts her back a pace.

Brian Rentfro: This is starting to get seriously ugly.

Lisa Seldon: I think she was always seriously ugly.

Jon McDaniel: Was the entire purpose of this match existing so that you could sit here and belittle her all night.

Lisa Seldon: Oh Jon, perhaps taking this job at all was about that.

Riona's face is a mess of sauce and blood (whether it's hers or not) as Marina follows up with two open hand slaps and then shoots for a Roundhouse. She connects with the ribs of Riona but the champ weathers the blow and holds onto her leg with one arm, while using the other to stick a clean straight right between the eyes. She then spins her around and catches her with a kick in the gut to put her into position for a Vertical Suplex. Marina finds herself hanging in the air, but at the apex of the move Riona tosses her forward dropping her on her feet and giving her just the right distance as she goes for a spin and then annihilates Marina with the Roaring Elbow… except Marina drops to the floor and Riona catches nothing but air.

Brian Rentfro: Huge huge huge elbow from Riona but she misses.

Lisa Seldon: And just like usual, Marina is down on her knees.

Jon McDaniel: I hope any parents at home stopped their kids watching this match.

Lisa Seldon: Any parent which let a kid watch this match was pretty fucked before I came along anyway, so let’s not totally blame the decline of the modern youth on me.

Marina leaps back up with a chair in hands but as she pitches it to Riona, the PWA Champion kicks it right out of midair and to the floor. Marina stares in a bit of shock as Riona stalks her down, looking like she's going to commit homicide on the Rebel Pro star. Riona starts to turn for the Roaring Elbow once more, and Marina ducks again, only to find herself with a face full of Reebok as Riona fakes the elbow and instead straight-kicks her right in the face! Riona doesn't hesitate, grabbing both arms and wrenching them behind Marina's back, forcing her onto her stomach before Riona starts to brutalize her with stomps to the back of the head. Riona releases the hold and drags Marina to her feet... She backs, hoping to get enough momentum in order to finish her off, but she doesn't notice as Matt Stone slinks out from the crowd, grabs a steel chair and buries it into Riona’s back. Stone slams the chair right into the back of Riona's head and she falls right into a cradle from Blue!


Jon McDaniel: Riona could be in MAJOR TROUBLE HERE!



Jon McDaniel: No, she’s out!

Brian Rentfro: Unbelievable.

Marina looks surprised but she refuses to give in when she’s so close and snatches up another chair. Riona gets to her knees and Marina leaps up, putting the chair beneath her feet and burying it into Riona’s face with a Dropkick. This one shatters too and Riona goes down stunned as Marina hooks legs, pants and anything she can get ahold of.

Jon McDaniel: Marina catches her again and she’s got her rolled up!




Jon McDaniel: And there's the bell! This one is over.

Lisa Seldon: Fuck yeah!

Riona and Marina explode from the cover and Riona moves to attack, but the referee holds her back. She looks shocked as the referee waves three fingers in her face, but no one looks more surprised than Marina, who sinks down to her knees.

Brian Rentfro: My God, what a travesty.

Lisa Seldon: Why?

Brian Rentfro: Well, we just got beat, and it’s all your fault.

Lisa Seldon: Is that bad?

Brian Rentfro: Well it would have been fine if she’d just came in, hit some moves and looked good taking an ass kicking, but you just got our champion beaten by some stripper from the little league fed we roll around with.

Jon McDaniel: I hate to agree with him but it does kind of make us look bad.

Lisa Seldon: Oh… then I probably messed up when I started talking to the Rebel guys about getting the guy from earlier in a match.

Riona is completely beside herself, and then she notices Matt Stone holding the chair on the entrance ramp. She twitches for just a second before running after him. Marina on the other hand is ecstatic as she leaps into the arms of a few adoring fans who’ve worked their way around to her side.

Brian Rentfro: You what!?

Lisa Seldon: Well you know, fresh talent, new stars, it seemed like a good idea.

Brian Rentfro: It’s only a good idea if we win!?

Lisa Seldon: Then I guess our guys need to get better.

Brian Rentfro: Our guys are the best in the world dammit! Anyway, it was all Stone's fault that Riona lost!

Lisa Seldon: Not tonight. And anyway, just call it motivation… not the soul wrenching loss it actually is.

Brian Rentfro: Riona's still the champ; the title wasn't on the line... She's still the better wrestler...

Lisa Seldon: Try telling that to our winner.

Jon McDaniel: Taking Stone out of the equation, you still have to give it to Marina... She came in out of nowhere and scored the huge upset win over the PWA World Champion.

Lisa Seldon: Yeah. Fucking aye to that whore right there. Anyway, I should probably retire to the back and make sure Riona doesn’t break any of my stuff, or like, my challenger.

Lisa dumps a headset into Brian’s lap while he glares a hole through her back. None the less, she skips away quite happy with herself.

Brian Rentfro: You know what I think the worst part of all this is?

Jon McDaniel: What's that?

Brian Rentfro: Well, I mean, we had all this violent hot action between Riona Langly and a well known hardcore porn star... and Johnny Maverick wasn't even here to see it.

Jon McDaniel: Its ok Brian, I'm sure he has TiVo.

Johnny Maverick (who leans in over the barricade from behind them): Its cool, I bought a ticket.

We linger on a shot of Marina, swarmed with fans and with her fist in the air before we cut from the ring.

Riona is peeved

We're backstage as Lean Bean Miller is trying to chase down the PWA World Champion after her shocking loss to Marina Blue...

Lean Bean: Riona, Riona! Any words about what just went down out there?!

Riona stops, her head still stained blood reds, her back to Miller... She seems to twitch a little bit more before spinning around and shattering Lean Bean's face with a Roaring Elbow. Lean Bean immediately hits the floor as some of the stagehands and techs around them run off from what could be a very bad situation... Ignoring the fleeing crowd around her, Riona picks up the mic and tilts her head ever so slightly towards the camera...

Riona Langly: Stone... Death is too good for you. Death means that the pain stops...

A crack of her neck.

Riona: And as far as you go Marina... This isn't over. I'm going to pay you back for this. You came into my home, disrespected me, made a mockery of this business, made a mockery of the PWA World's Title... Oh, this isn't over by a long shot, trust me.

Riona throws the mic down onto Miller and storms off, apparantly heading towards Lisa's office...

The Phoenix vs Marco Dante

The Phoenix Challenge Part Two

Eric Emerson: "This match is set for one fall! First man out tonight is a PWA Hall of Famer! Accompanied by the Smoking Leprechaun!
The Phoenix!!"

Thing of Beauty by Hothouse Flowers begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and green pyros flare from the ring posts. The Phoenix and the Smoking Leprechaun walk out to the entrance ramp and head to the ring.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent...

[The lights in the arena dim as the sounds of gunshots and distant explosions echo through the PA system as CNN footage of the night vision cameras footage "Shock and Awe" campaign over Baghdad, Iraq play on the big screen, there's a sudden big flash as something explodes along with a blast of white pyrotechnics from the stage as the screen goes blank for a moment. The Guitar and drum beat starts as "Super Charger Heaven" by White Zombie starts to blare through the PA.]

Jesus lived his life in a cheap hotel
On the edge of Route 66 yeah He lived a dark and
Twisted life and he came right back just to do it
Again - Eye for and eye and a tooth for the truth -
I ain't never seen a demon warp deal'n a
Ring-a-ding rhythm or jukebox racket my
Mind can't clutch the feeling - yeah!


Eric Emerson: "Now Coming to the Ring! standing at a height of 6 feet 2 inches, weighing in at 245 lbs, Hailing from Trenton, New Jersey! The Current PWA Grizzly Beer Champion! He is "The Jersey Devil!" Marcoooo Danttttteeeee!!"

[Marco Dante steps from behind the curtain into another shower or white pyrotechnics, wearing a pair of black wrestling tight pants with a red devil logo on each thigh, black tape on his hands and wrists. The big screen behind him playing highlights from his matches as he starts to walk towards the ring.]

Running in MY HEAD YEAH
Running in MY HEAD YEAH

Hell hounds lead at the cowardly kings
And carry souls across the river Styx
Yeah! They see no evil and feel no pain
Sucking juice from a fallen angel - I dreamed
I was a super nova fucker nitro-
Burning and fuel injection - Feed the gods a strychnine
Soul a motherfucker of invention

[As he walks, he high fives and knuckles to fans as he passes them, his eyes focused on the ring however, on his opponent if he's the second person out, just before reach the end of the barricade, he runs and baseball slides in under the ropes, jumping to his feet and then moving over to the turnbuckles, climbing each and thrusting both fists into the air, and then let's out a bit of a roar to get the crowd pumped.]

Running in MY HEAD YEAH
Running in MY HEAD YEAH

Yeah inbreed the witches
And woship the dogs
Deformed and fuck'n lazy
Damn yourself and choke
On my name I'd love to love ya baby
Deadringer rats swinging in the trees
Immaculate conception Bury me an angel God I need
Some inspiration

[Marco Dante then jumps down from the turnbuckle, going to the next, repeating the steps before and so one..for each turnbuckle then a one handed chest pound just before hopping down from the last turnbuckle, he walks to the center of the ring and waves for the crowd to get louder and louder.]

Running in MY HEAD YEAH
Running in MY HEAD YEAH!

[He then turns to the entrance ramp if his opponent is second, or the center of the ring to await the bell.]

Both men charge in for a collar elbow tie up which Dante moves to start pushing Phoenix back against the ropes, the official steps int to break them up, Marco takes a step back with his hands up and Phoenix chops him across the chest as the first blow of the chest, Marco Dante seems to wince a bit but fires off with a right hand, catching his opponent in the jaw and follows it up with a quick scoop slam. The Phoenix is right back of his feet, toe kicking Dante in the midsection, doubling him over and then steps in to lock in a side head lock, Phoenix starts to put pressure on Dante's head and neck.

Jon McDaniel: The Phoenix asserting his authority on this match early.

Brian Rentfro: That’s what he does Jon, every time.

Marco tries to move and wiggle to gain a way out, but Phoenix steps with him and starts to move towards the ropes then tries to bound off the ropes and use Marco body wait against him for a running bulldog and Marco shoves out of it as he hits the brakes, making Phoenix land on his butt, Marco still standing, walks over and grabs up Phoenix and scoop slams him back to the mat and then goes right for a fist drop to the head.
Phoenix rolls on the mat a second holding his head, Marco goes for the first cover of the match!



Brian Rentfro: Never in a million years.

Jon McDaniel: Careful Jon, he’s not a PWA Champion for nothing.

Both men are right back to their feet once again trading blows, Phoenix ducks a huge right from Dante and runs towards the ropes, bounding off, Dante drops to his belly and pops back up as Phoenix passes over him, as Phoenix bounces off the other side, and comes right back at Dante, Phoenix goes for clothesline of his own and connects, sending Dante to the mat, now, Phoenix covers!



Phoenix now pulls Marco to his feet and rakes his eyes, the official warns him about it. Marco staggers back and suddenly charges forward, sending Phoenix to the mat hard with a lariat of his own.

Jon McDaniel: The Phoenix is trying to control the pace but Marco is holding him move for move.

Brian Rentfro: That’ll happen with young guys. He’s just going to end up punching himself out though, and then he’s done for.

Marco drops elbow to Phoenix, popping back up to drop a second one, Phoenix favoring his throat a little after that one. Marco sees this and goes for another cover.




Jon McDaniel: The Phoenix is out but Marco is starting to prey on that injury.

Marco goes to a corner and crouches low, waiting as Phoenix to slowly get back up, Phoenix is back on his feet and here comes Marco! SPEAR! No! The Phoenix pulls the referee in the way and lets him take the hit, almost breaking him in half in the process.

Jon McDaniel: My God, what impact.

Brian Rentfro: And what games man ship from The Phoenix. Watch him take this one now.

Marco checks on the referee and The Phoenix pounces, smashing him in the back of the head with a forearm shot to put him on the mat.

Jon McDaniel: Wow.

Brian Rentfro: The Phoenix just knocked his Lights Out with that hit.

The Phoenix preps Dante with a few more shots before spreading him across the canvas. He then eyes the ropes, getting a little cheer from the crowd.

Jon McDaniel: Going up top, looking to capitalise on Dante’s mistake.

Brian Rentfro: Not to mention looking to show up Malicious for stealing his move last week.

The Phoenix climbs the ropes and takes up a stance at the top. For once, he looks a little wobbly.

Brian Rentfro: What is he doing? He’s hit that elbow a million times but he looks totally out of place tonight.

Jon McDaniel: I don’t think he’s thinking about the elbow drop Brian.

The Phoenix sways on the ropes as he readies himself. He then takes a breath and leaps into the air, throwing himself into a backflip. The collective breathes of everyone anywhere in the world watching this match are held as The Phoenix leaps up into a Shooting Star Press. Strangely though, he seems to be pulling it off.

Jon McDaniel: I don’t believe it.

Brian Rentfro: My god it’s true, he really is the greatest wrestler of all time!

Jon McDaniel: I can’t believe Rob Robinson, of all people, in 2010 no less, just hit a Shooting Star Press.

Brian Rentfro: He really is a man who is constantly surprising people.

Jon McDaniel: No argument there.

The Phoenix doesn’t go for the cover right away, but instead leaps up to the ropes and throws up an arm at his now adoring fans. What he doesn’t catch though is that a fair number of those cheers are for the man rushing up behind him in Malicious, who takes The Phoenix off the ropes with a forearm in the back. The Phoenix goes down to the floor and Malicious leaps out after him and sets on him with a series of kicks. The fans are on their feet but with the referee down there’s no one to help him.

Brian Rentfro: I can’t believe this! Why is no one stopping this!

Jon McDaniel: Because his opponent is on the mat and the referee is down.

Brian Rentfro: Don’t get smart with me Jon, not right now!

The Phoenix is dragged to his feet and thrown into the guardrail, hitting it hard and then staggering into a kick from Malicious that sets him up for a standing guillotine. Malicious holds him up for the Implant DDT, and then sticks him straight down on the ring steps. A few panicked gasps ring out amongst the fans.

Brian Rentfro: Insane in the Membrane on the ring steps! My God!

Jon McDaniel: Technically it isn’t the Insane in the Membrane unless it’s off the top rop, but that’s probably for the best as if he’d hit that onto the ring steps, he might have killed him.

Brian Rentfro: He might have killed him anyway!

Malicious rolls what’s left of The Phoenix into the ring as he goes over to slap some life into the referee. Meanwhile Marco is back up and looking a little dizzy from the shot to the back of the head. He has the Phoenix down though and isn’t currently in the right frame of mind to explain why, so he opts to get him to his feet and hooks up a Kataha-Jime from standing. He braces his legs and then gets the Phoenix into the air.

Jon McDaniel: The Jersey Devil with the Jersey Devil!

Marco gets the Phoenix almost vertical into the fall before driving the back of his neck into the mat. The Phoenix doubles up on his shoulders and Marco has just enough strength to hold onto a bridge. Meanwhile Malicious has the referee back in the ring to make the slow count.




Jon McDaniel: The referee calls for the bell, and Marco Dante takes this one home.

Brian Rentfro: A travesty Jon. How can he be ok with that?

Jon McDaniel: Probably because The Phoenix pulled the referee in the way and then blindsided him so he didn’t actually see the attack happen.

Marco still looks dazed as he rolls out of the ring and heads off to the back. He still manages to get a hand in the air and earns a few cheers as he walks off. Meanwhile The Phoenix is still down and Malicious is in the ring.

Brian Rentfro: My God, isn’t anyone going to help him at all.

Jon McDaniel: I think they just might.

The fans explode once again as Cody Bogard charges the ring, instantly stealing Malicious’ attention away from the Phoenix so the referee can get him out of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: I don’t think I’ve ever been happy to see Cody Bogard before tonight.

Malicious vs Cody Bogard

The Phoenix Challenge Part Two

As soon as the bell rings, Malicious dives forward, tackling Cody to the canvas. The Intercontinental title falls out of the ring, swooped up by an observant ringside attendant, and Malicious drives wild rights and lefts into the face of Cody, who does his best to cover up.

Jon McDaniel: We're off right away! Rights and lefts galore to the Intercontinental champion in this non-title match-up.

Brian Rentfro: Given the showing by Phoenix already tonight against Marco Dante, I'd be ready to go insane on anybody placed in front of me to keep the score in my favor.

Bogard quickly gets a grip on the bottom rope and pulls himself onto the apron, dropping down to the floor while the referee pulls Malicious away, holding him at bay so that Cody can gather his bearings.

Jon McDaniel: An early lead by the former Television champion...

Brian Rentfro: Isn't he also a former World Heavyweight champion?

Jon McDaniel: Let's not talk about that, Brian.

Malicious shoves the referee out of the way and reaches between the ropes, quickly reaching for Bogard, but Cody meets him with a surprise Shotei to the cheek, sending Malicious reeling back and dropping down to the canvas, grabbing around his eye as he grunts in pain. Bogard steps up onto the apron, focusing on Malicious as he rises to his feet, and then springboards off, connecting with a diving forearm to the back of Malicious's head.

Jon McDaniel: Springboard flying forearm!

Cody quickly rolls Malicious over, hooking a leg.



Brian Rentfro: It's going to take more than just a single forearm to the head to keep somebody down in the PWA, Cody.

Bogard gets to his feet and delivers a quick pair of stomps to Mal's head before dropping an elbow into his sternum, covering again.



Jon McDaniel: Barely a 2-count.

Bogard grabs Malicious by the back of the head, bringing him to his feet, and then nails a forearm to the face. He hits the ropes, coming back and looking for the Kikoshotei.

Jon McDaniel: Kikoshotei...NO!

Malicious ducks underneath Cody's palm thrust attempt and Bogard hits the ropes, rebounding again. Bogard turns around just in time to eat a vicious big boot to the face, causing him to backflip over and crash down to the canvas.

Brian Rentfro: Head Trauma!

Malicious covers, planting an elbow into Cody's face during the cover.



Bogard gets a shoulder up, prompting Malicious to quickly mount him, pounding away with rights and lefts again. The ref yells at him to let up on the closed fists, but Malicious ignores his pleas and demands, continuing with the onslaught.

Jon McDaniel: Malicious is just NOT letting up!!

Malicious finally gets off of Bogard, rising to his feet, and pounds both fists into his chest over and over, screaming to the heavens.


Brian Rentfro: It's apparently no secret who Malicious is seeing Cody as tonight.

Bogard forces himself up to his hands and knees, getting sent back down to the mat with a swift soccer kick to the ribs. Malicious hits the ropes and flies forward, driving his head into Cody's. Bogard rolls away, grabbing at his brow, but Malicious pulls him back, drilling a pair of rights into his face before hooking a leg.




Jon McDaniel: Cody Bogard's not the Intercontinental champion for no reason, folks.

Brian Rentfro: The reason why may be because Riona Langly took pity on him and wanted to focus more on Johnny Maverick in the main event at Spirit of '76, but who's asking?

Jon McDaniel: Ugh...Malicious with a rear chinlock...

Malicious doesn't clench the hold in for long before he drills a pair of downward elbows into the top of Bogard's head, hits the ropes, and nails a dropkick to the back of his head.

Brian Rentfro: Basement dropkick!




Malicious jumps to his feet, glaring at the referee, and then looks down at Cody. Malicious slowly drags his thumb across his throat, grunting and growling all the while, and then goes to bring Bogard to his feet.

Jon McDaniel: Malicious brings Cody up to his fe-NO!! INSIDE CRADLE!!




Cody rolls away as Malicious rushes to his feet, furious, and Bogard rises to a knee, his eyes on Malicious. Mal charges in, as wild-eyed as ever, and goes for a Clothesline From Hell.

Jon McDaniel: Schizo-Maniac...MISSES...Cody behind...oooohhhh...!!!

Bogard quickly grabs Malicious into a rear waistlock and lifts him up high before dropping him down with a brutal high-angle German Suplex.

Jon McDaniel: Muscle Burst!!

Brian Rentfro: Malicious is back up!

Malicious rises to his feet, shaking off the cobwebs, and gets nailed with a quick Kenka Kick to the jaw that rocks him back into the ropes. Bogard charges in, drills Malicious in the jaw with a Kikoshotei, and then begins nailing slaps to his head so fast that his hands resemble the rounds fired out of a machine gun.


Bogard hits a major slap across Mal's head...

Cody Bogard: -RAAAA!!!!!

...Malicious stumbles forward and directly into Bogard's grasp, hoisted onto the Intercontinental champion's shoulders in a fireman's carry.

Jon McDaniel: Bogard's got him up...DEATH VALLEY BOMB!!

Cody drops Malicious down to the mat on the back of his head with a vicious Death Valley Bomb and then rises up, staring directly into the hard camera and, vicariously, to the audience at home. A smile appears on his face as he nods his head, and he raises a fist up into the air, eliciting a solid chant.

Fans: CO-DY!! CO-DY!! CO-DY!! CO-DY!!

Brian Rentfro: Bogard's been gathering quite a fanbase lately...

Jon McDaniel: Winning a few high-profile matches does that, Brian.

Cody quickly drops his fist down as he walks over to Malicious, whose movement is slow and lethargic on the mat.

Jon McDaniel: Cody bringing Malicious up to his feet...

Bogard scoops Malicious up onto his shoulder for an Emerald Flowsion, but Malicious quickly slides off and lands on his feet behind him. Cody turns around and eats a straight headbutt to the bridge of his nose, sending him back into the ropes. Blood begins trickling down from his nostrils as Malicious hits the ropes behind him, charging forward. Bogard takes a step forward...

Brian Rentfro: It looks like his nose is broken...!!

...Malicious rushes in while he raises his arm up...

Jon McDaniel: ...SHIZO-MANIAC!!

The impact sends Bogard down to the canvas on the back of his head and sees Malicious spin around, catching the top rope behind him with his arms to prevent him from moving. Bogard lies virtually lifeless on the canvas, facing the rafters, and Malicious looks over at the corner nearest him, pointing to it and nodding violently.

Brian Rentfro: He's...he's going up! Malicious is going to fly!

Malicious marches over to the corner and steps out onto the apron, ascending to the top turnbuckle. He steadies

himself, crouched, and then rises to his feet, lifting his arms up slowly.

Jon McDaniel: Malicious is gonna fly...NO!! CODY'S UP!!

Bogard kips up to his feet and charges into the corner, jumping up onto the top turnbuckle to meet Malicious with a pair of stiff forearms.

Jon McDaniel: Bam! Bam! Bogard is looking to take Malicious down tonight!!!

Forearm! Forearm! Cody winds up for another one, but Malicious catches him with a pair of headbutts to his broken nose, causing him to lose his balance and step down to the middle ropes so as to not fall. Malicious fires off another trio of headbutts to Bogard's broken nose before locking him in a front facelock, grabbing a hold of the waist of his tights, and lifting him up as he leaps off of the top rope, driving Bogard forehead-first into the canvas from 6 feet up.


Malicious quickly rolls Bogard over, hooking both of his legs for the cover as he counts along with the referee via bangs of his head.





Malicious crawls off of Bogard, grunting and growling into the nearest camera as the referee - hesitantly - raises his hand in victory.

Eric Emerson: The winner of this match...MALICIOUS!!!

"Bark at the Moon" cues back up at its start and Malicious rises to his feet, brushing the yarn dreadlocks of his mask out of his face.

Bandido Nation

Jon McDaniel: Well Brian, it’s been well over a week since we’ve heard anything from the Strader clan…

Brian Rentfro: The Glorious One showed us he is the baddest man in wrestling today!

On Brian’s last word ‘Hair of the Dog’ performed by Guns and Roses begins to play through the arena. The fans, and announcement crew looks confused as the lights lower. As the drum intro ends and Slash’s riffs begin to play, and Axel’s voice spews over the sound system the PWAtron lights up, and we are presented with a image from outside. The Cowgirls From Hell kick the doors to the arena open, and instantly is flooded with a dozen men on Harley Davidson’s rocking the Bandido patches proudly. The Cowgirls close the arena doors and flash wicked grins.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like the Strader’s aren’t finished yet.

Brian Rentfro: That’s a lot of motorcycles coming towards us.

We move back up to the entrance, and out rides Scott Nash Strader. He stops at the ramp and throws his fist in the air as he fellow MC Members enter the stage. Strader hits the throttle and heads to the ring. The bikers get off their bikes, producing baseballs from their saddle bags. Strader enters the ring as the Bandido’s guard the ring. Strader motions for Emerson’s microphone. The music dies down.

Jon McDaniel: You know this new theme for Strader might just be a warning for Kalis.

Brian Rentfro: Kalis won’t notice, I guarantee it.

SNS: Alright. I’m going to pretty fucking candid right now. Order of Chaos… you’ve fucking pissed me off. Every single fucking one of you is a marked head in the Bandido nations across the globe and all our support clubs. More importantly however, is that I’m now again under contract for the PWA, and when I kill each and every single one of you in the ring, I’ll be getting paid for it.

Jon McDaniel: This is going to end up going way to far Brian…

Brian Rentfro: Pretty sure it already has.

SNS: All through the years of the PWA and the AOWF men like Styx, Ridel, Matt Attict, Tommy Riley and more recently like you Simon Kalis have been viewed as the most vicious men in this business. Groups like your damn Order and the Masters of Armageddon have been pegged as eye for eye tooth for tooth kinda guys. Then there is me…

Strader looks out at the crowd with his left eyebrow raised up. He walks around the ring as he starts to talk again.

SNS: I’m not like you and the men mentioned before. I’m worse. I’ll rip your fucking face off and wear it as a mask. Doubt me? Why don’t you give Ai Mei Montrose a call and asked her what happened after she killed my wife and kidnapped my daughter? You may think I’m full of shit. Some of you may even call me a has been. Some would say I’m not a man. You’re right too about the man part… cause I’m Freddy Kruger on steroids. I’m Jason Voorhies without the crazy mother. I’m Waco fucking Texas. I’m a monster. Each and every one of the Order is going to going to feel my wrath.

Scott stops, and looks up at the entrance ramp as if staring through the wall into the Order’s dressing room.

SNS: It started with Maya and Mazakazu. It will end with Simon Kalis at the PPV. But in the meantime, I’ve arranged with the important members of the Board, you know the ones that actually can do shit around here… and low and behold they gave me a match for next week!

Jon McDaniel: This should be interesting…

SNS: Lucious Starr. You decided to land the back of a steel rod into the back of my daughters head, and treated her like someone should treat your mother for the simple reason of not aborting you. You also decided to spit on me, my patch, and my family. So guess what, you got a match next week. Just like how you’re going to lose to another family member of mine tonight. So next week, in a no disqualification grudge match it will be Lucious Starr against me.

Brian Rentfro: Simon must be able to stop this! Starr too! I mean, they have a ton of shares.

Jon McDaniel: Like you said a few weeks ago Brian, Strader has more money than most around here, maybe he paid the rosters salary for the past year. Who knows with these whack jobs we call wrestlers!

SNS: Yes, that’s right Starr. You and me. Oh, and the men currently surrounding the ring? They’ll be there too to make sure your butt buddies stay the fuck out of the way. Oh, and did I mention…. Meghan is the special guest referee?

The fans in the arena start cheering loudly as the family sneer appears across Scott’s face.

SNS: The Order of Chaos is going to get a taste of my Vulgar Display of Power, oh and by the way shitheads…

Scott brings up his right arm, slapping his bicep with his left hand as he extends his middle finger to the camera ending it with a cut-throat motion with said middle finger. ‘Hair of the Dog’ starts up again as the men wait for Strader to get on his bike. Strader fires up his Wide Glyde, and is followed up and out of the arena by his Bandido brothers.

Jon McDaniel: I truly believe someone is going to end up dead in the next while.

Brian Rentfro: You may right be right, but they are crazy.


We cut to the private dressing box for Rebel Pro, which in fact contains just one person, Marina Blue, currently fixing herself up and doing whatever she can to not look like a woman he just got beaten up in a big bowl of soup. A second figure looms into the background, and even though there isn't a desk in front of her, we still recognise Lisa Seldon from a mile off. Obviously she's smiling, she always is.

Lisa Seldon: You know, thanks to you I'm getting a lot of shit thrown my way. The BoD are furious that I just let our world champion get beaten by the porn star from the little fed, and Riona is probably going to try and tear off my face at some point.

Marina Blue: Probably should have thought of that when you set this up.

Lisa let's out a laugh.

Lisa Seldon: Thought of it? I'm pretty sure I prayed for it.

Lisa runs a hand through her hair as she saunters up to Marina's side. She'd consider giving her apat on the back if she didn't think it get stuck there. An arena that wasn't an arena and had no showers probably wasn't the best choice for this. Still, she was having fun.

Lisa Seldon: Anyway, the BoD and the censors are probably going to shit their pants if thy find out I'm doing this, but if you ever need a second job in the wrestling industry, then give me a call.

Marina gets to her feet as Lisa pulls her into a handshake.

Marina Blue: Gee thanks. And if you ever want to make some extra cash doing movies, they're always looking for red heads with nice tits.

Quite surprisingly, Lisa lights up.

Lisa Seldon: Oow, actually I've been looking to get into acting. You think you could help me out?

Lisa puts her arm around Marina and walks her out of shot. Marina tries to explain herself but Lisa is already off and running, and it seems better to just let her talk. We cut out of the scene.

Long Time Coming

The scene switches to find Chamelion sitting on a bunch of stacked pallets, slowing eating an Arby’s Roast Beef sandwich. A voice rings out, catching his attention.

Voice: Sommers!

Swallowing the bite, Chamelion tilts his head around at the call of his name, and the camera follows his gaze to find Lucious Starr, stomping towards him.

Chamelion: Oh, hey there, Lucy, been wondering when I would bump into you.

Starr: The name is Lucious, and you have no idea who you’re messing with here.

Chamelion: NO Idea? I rather think I have a good idea who you are. You’re Lucious Starr, formerly Shadow Starr, a man who I mocked in a class room months ago and today has this wild, unrealistic belief controls part of the PWA. Am I close!?

Starr: Oh, I believe it, because it’s true, and I don’t appreciate you sticking your large nose into something that’s already rolling.

Chamelion rubs his nose, eyes going cross eyed as he tries to check it out. Starr waits a beat, then huffs.

Starr: Are you listening to me!?

Chamelion: Trying, but this rather large nose is blocking some of your hot air.

Starr: Don’t you fucking mock me, Sommers!

Chamelion: Did it once, do it again, I always say. Listen, kiddo, it’s like I said… I own 51% of all viable PWA stock. I have been, am, and always will be the supreme owner of Pioneer Wrestling Association. I came out last week to inform you, and Simon Kalis, that I’ll be watching you… not that I would immediately stop you. See, I trust Lisa to do the right thing, to run the shows as they should be, and she will deal with you accordingly.

Starr: And she will do exactly as I tell her too, I promise you that. If you even so much as step one foot in my path…

Chamelion: Starr, I’ve been patient, even gentile in letting you get away with a lot… but you will never, ever tell me what to do in my own company. In fact, when you rile me, I tend to make snap judgments… decisions not always for the best for the company, but certainly for myself. Here’s a snap judgment right now. Your attitude needs quelled…

Chamelion jumps down off the pallets, his food forgotten.

Chamelion: Sooo, you’re bid to challenge for the PWA World title at Summer Sizzler, is here by revoked.

Starr: WHAT?

Chamelion: SO long as I’m around, cognizant of what’s going on here, you’re going to be banned from any world title shots. GOT IT!?

Chamelion turns to stalk off, and Starr grabs his arm and spins him around.

Starr (dark voice): And what happens if you’re NOT around, Sommers!?

Sharing his Cheshire Smile, Chamelion extracts his arm from Starr’s grip.

Chamelion: Don’t you worry, Lucy, I plan to be around for a LONG time to come.

Chamelion turns his back on a fuming Starr and walks away.

Lucious Starr vs Bronx Williams

Special Lisa Birthday Choice Fuck You I Hate You Lucious Match

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first… from the Red Hook district of Brooklyn, N.Y.

The roaming guitar riff of Filter's 'Hey Man Nice Shot' fills the air as the camera first pans to the walkway. Noticing nobody is coming down it finally pans into the crowd where it settles on the front row.

'I wish I wouldve met you
Now its a little late
What you couldve taught me
I couldve saved some face
They think that your early ending
Was all wrong'

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at 6'4", 245lbs of vicious intent...

A hooded figure is seen standing up. As he pushes his hood back, the crowd sees that it is Bronx Williams. Bronx steps over the guard railing and just stares at the ring.

'Was all wrong
For the most part theyre right
But look how they all got strong
Thats why I say hey man nice shot
What a good shot man'

Eric Emerson: He is BRONX WILLIAMS!!!!

Bronx slides under the bottom ring ropes before pushing himself back into the corner.
Brian Rentfro: This one looks to favor Bronx, being labeled an “I hate you, Lucious” match by our general manager. And after what we’ve seen between these two in recent weeks, I can only think that both Lucious and Lisa are out for blood.

Jon McDaniel: But with Lucious in the ring and Lisa watching backstage… who will be first to see it?

Eric Emerson: And his opponent…

The arena is dimmed until only a single beam of light shines on the center of the entrance ramp. The PWA-tron lights up, showing a countdown on the screen. As the countdown begins, one hears the voice of a young child.

(5) Now I lay me down to sleep
(4) I pray the Lord my soul to keep
(3) And if I die before I wake
(2) I pray the Lord my soul to take

The final line during the countdown is spoken by a grown man, running chills down the spines of those watching.

(1) May God have mercy on your soul...

The opening chords to Soundgarden's "Fell on Black Days" begin to play through the arena, a figure making his way onto the ramp. He begins to reach skyward, the anticipation growing. As his fingers touch, pyros shoot from all sides forming a star above his head. Lucious looks to the ring, slowly dropping his arms to his side.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in tonight at two hundred and sixty-three pounds...

Lucious walks down the ramp, his eyes fixed on the ring. He reaches out, allowing his hand to touch those of some nearby fans, as he slowly walks down the entrance to the arena.

Whatsoever I've feared has come to life
And Whatsoever I've fought off became my life
Just when everyday seemed to greet me with a smile
Sunspots have faded
Now I'm doing time
Now I'm doing time
Cause I fell on black days
I fell on Black days

Eric Emerson: He is the Beta Warrior of the Pioneer Wrestling Association...

Whomsoever I've cured I've sickened now
Whomsoever I've cradled I've put you down
I'm a search light soul they say
But I can't see it in the night
I'm only faking when I get it right
When I get it right
Cause I fell on black days
I fell on Black days
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate

So what you wanted to see good has made you blind
And what you wanted to be yours has made it mine
So don't you lock up something that you wanted to see fly
Hands are for shaking
No, not tying
No, not tying

Lucious stops at the bottom of the ramp, turning his head to each side. He shoots into the ring, sliding to the center as he pushes himself up. He looks to Eric, who nods to the star.

Eric Emerson: It is my honor to introduce... Lucious Starr!!

I sure don't mind a change
I sure don't mind a change
Yeah, I said sure dont mind, I sure dont mind the change
I sure dont mind the change
Cos I fell on black days
I fell on black days
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate
If you dont mind the change

Lucious starts to the northwest corner, raising one arm to the sky. The fans roar in adulation, the Fury of Hades taking it all in. He drops to the mat, turning to ring center, his eyes fixed on the mat

Brian Rentfro: And here we go again!

Lucious and Bronx meet ring center, eyeing each other carefully. Lucious begins to laugh, Bronx raising a brow as he discerns Lucious’ intentions. He steps forward, getting into Lucious’ face. Lucious stops laughing; now switching to the offense as he warns Bronx, daring him to make a move. Bronx shakes his head, extending his arms and offering Lucious a free shot. Lucious steps back, shaking his head as he begins to exit the ring.

Jon McDaniel: What the hell… is Lucious seriously LEAVING the match? Bronx is offering a free shot, and Lucious is LEAVING?

Brian Rentfro: Lucious is a coward, Jon. All that talk, but he knows a real challenge when he sees it. He’s not going to…

Before Brian can finish his statement, “Voices” hits the arena as Chamelion makes his way out to the ring. Lucious stops dead in his tracks as Chamelion holds up his right index finger, indicating that Lucious isn’t going to flee this match so easily. Lucious weighs his options as Bronx hangs poised on the ring ropes, waving his opponent back into the ring. Lucious turns, flipping the bird to Chamelion as he slowly walks back to the ring, Bronx clearing the way.

Jon McDaniel: Well, whatever Lucious’ intent was, the Owner of PWA has halted him from doing anything but fight in this match.

Brian Rentfro: And that’s how Lisa Seldon does business.

Jon McDaniel: Actually, I think this specific incident is in no way tied to Lisa… I think there might be some bad blood brewing between Sommers and Starr.

Starr slides into the ring, Chamelion pacing the end of the entrance ramp. Starr turns, meeting Bronx face-to-face. Bronx grins, swinging for the fences with a quick throat thrust that knocks Starr back over the top rope. Lucious holds on to the rope, rubbing his chin as he tries to shake off the move. Bronx steps up, grabbing Lucious’ arm and flips the Fury in. Lucious hits the mat, Bronx throwing a stomp to his midsection before taunting to the crowd, drawing a mix of cheers and boos. He turns, finding Lucious on his feet, stepping up to his opponent. Lucious fires out, nailing a flurry of jabs to Bronx’s abdomen, doubling over the Red District Resident. Lucious takes this moment to place a well-aimed boot to the side of Bronx’s head. Bronx hits the mat, Lucious throwing his feet into his head, referee Lance Weston having to pull the Fury away.

Brian Rentfro: And there’s that ruthless side of Lucious that we have come to know. It’s that aggressive talent that may very well see Lucious as a World Champion.

Mark Sommers: Not likely. Lucious may be more determined and whatnot, but he’s also gotten rather sloppy. He’s missing big moments because he’d rather focus on the World Title than stay involved in the match he’s fighting in the moment.

Lucious stalks Bronx as he rises, setting his sights on William’s left knee. As Bronx lifts himself, Lucious charges with a chop block that sees Bronx bend over backward at the amount of force. Lucious grins, grabbing Bronx’s leg and applying an ankle lock. Bronx reaches out, grabbing the ropes immediately. Lance Weston orders Lucious to release the hold, getting to a count of four before Lucious reluctantly obliges. Lucious backs away for a moment, allowing Weston to check on Bronx, but is quickly back on the offense as he pulls Bronx to ring center. He flips the big man onto his belly, pulling him into a single leg crab. Bronx pushes himself into a pushup, struggling for a moment to find his balance. He finally manages to focus, forcing his leg straight, effectively throwing Lucious off. Lucious rolls up, turning around into a standing Bronx Williams, who fires a quick uppercut to the Fury. Starr reels back for a moment, coming back up with a clothesline attempt. Bronx ducks, charging for the ropes as Starr rebounds, this time Lucious ducks a clothesline from Bronx. They both rebound again, leaving the ground as he attempts a flying clothesline, Bronx reacting just in time to nail Lucious with a big boot to the gut. Lucious grabs his belly, falling to the ground and rolling onto his side. Bronx now goes on the offense, nailing a few shots to Lucious’ ribs before ascending the nearest turnbuckle, stalking Lucious.

Brian Rentfro: What is Bronx doing here?

Jon McDaniel: Well, if he knows that power is keeping them matched, than perhaps he’s looking to shake Lucious with a different offense.

Mark Sommers: I’m not sure if going airborne is a good idea for Bronx. But hell, if it works, it works.

Lucious struggles to his feet, still reeling a bit from the boot. He stands, surveying the ring to find that Bronx has apparently left. He turns to Chamelion, flipping him the bird for a moment before turning back around, INTO A DIVING SPEAR FROM BRONX! Lucious is now holding his gut in pain, rolling on the mat as Bronx goes for the cover, Weston sliding in.

Kick-out at 2 ½.

Mark Sommers: Did you see that? That’s why Lucious isn’t in the World Championship race. He’s so focused on everything else going on, he forgot the turnbuckle right behind him. And he paid for it.

Brian Rentfro: Can’t disagree with that, and Williams is looking to be in control now.

Bronx grabs a handful of Lucious’ hair, pulling him to his feet. A forearm to the sternum of Lucious doubles him over, Bronx locking a side headlock in before waving to the crowd, pulling Lucious up into a suplex. He holds Starr up for a few moments, whether this is a personal measure or an act to draw the crowd’s reaction, we’re not sure. He begins to fall back, Lucious attempting to struggle out but is too late on the defense to avoid the move, Bronx quickly taking the cover again.


Bronx checks with the referee, Weston confirming a two count. Williams shakes his head as he stands, looking to the crowd as he signals for the end. He stalks Lucious closely, watching as he writhes in pain on the mat. Lucious reaches out, finding a rope as he begins to pull himself to his feet. Bronx is careful to stay out of Lucious’ immediate view, stalking the Fury as he finally gets to both feet, turning around… INTO A Salvation!! NO!! Lucious pushes Bronx off at the last moment, sending him into the ropes. He rebounds, Lucious wrapping his arms around Bronx’s waist and lifting him with a german suplex! Bronx hits hard as Lucious rolls out of the ring, regrouping for his next move.

Jon McDaniel: And there is that perseverance that makes Lucious Starr the main eventer that he is. Even after all those brutal attacks to his abdomen, he manages to come back just enough to avoid being defeated in the early going.

Mark Sommers: True, he is resilient. But again, his focus is off and he isn’t thinking straight. If he wants to be the champ, he has to stay in tune to this moment.

Lucious and Bronx both rest on one knee, Weston reaching a count of five as Lucious stays outside the ring. Bronx surveys the situation, seeing Lucious outside once more, shaking his head. He gets to his feet, charging the ropes before sliding under, right into Lucious’ path. Lucious reacts quickly, lunging at Bronx and sending him straight into the steel ring steps. Bronx hits, bending backwards a bit before slowly walking off, Lucious grabbing Bronx and throwing him into the crowd barricade with a belly-to-belly suplex. Lance has reached a count of four on both men at this point, Lucious crawling for the steel steps as he makes his way to the ring. Bronx is now arching his back in pain, reaching out for any way to struggle to his feet. Starr has rolled into the ring, Lance reaching a count of seven as Lucious ascends the turnbuckle.

Brian Rentfro: What the hell is Lucious doing?!

Lucious waits, Weston reaching a count of nine before Bronx is fully on his feet. It is at this precise moment that Starr leaps, nailing a vicious cross-body to Bronx, right into the barrier! Starr is launched over the barrier, while Bronx crumples into a near lifeless heap inside the ring area, Weston making the count as the crowd begins to chant “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” The crowd seems to be helping Lucious as he is pushed over the barricade, Starr landing beside Williams. Bronx is still motionless as Lucious grabs him by the leg, trying to drag himself and his opponent back to the ring. Weston reaches a count of seven, Lucious abandoning that idea for a moment as he barely slides into the ring, falling back out. He uses the ring steps to get to his feet, stumbling towards Bronx as he once again grabs his leg, dragging him to the ring. He picks Bronx up to his feet, throwing him into the ring and sliding himself in, breaking Weston’s count at six. He crawls over, making the cover.

3! NO!!!

Jon McDaniel: Holy hell! Bronx Williams, after taking that punishment outside the ring, STILL kicks out!

Brian Rentfro: But here goes another cover…

KICK OUT! The crowd roars!

Brian Rentfro: Somehow, some way, after taking not one but TWO throws into the crowd barrier, and even taking Lucious’ weight behind one, he manages to find the strength and the wherewithal to kick out and continue this match!

Jon McDaniel: You can see the frustration in Lucious’ face; I can’t blame him. I mean, Bronx went limp for a few moments outside the ring, and I don’t know how much longer he will last at this point.

Starr argues with Lance, accusing him of counting too slowly. Lance shakes his head, trying to explain. Bronx rolls slowly over to the ring ropes as the two continue to argue, holding his midsection. Lucious finally yells in Lance’s face to count faster, turning to make another cover on Bronx. Williams isn’t there, however, as Starr looks almost shocked to see him on one knee against the ropes. He storms over, grabbing a handful of Bronx’s hair, starting to lift Williams to his feet. Bronx fires out, nailing a jab to Lucious’ midsection. Lucious loosens his grip on Bronx, Williams firing another shot to the gut. This time, Lucious releases Bronx’s curls a bit more, a few falling out as Bronx fires one more shot into Lucious’ stomach, the Fury falling back a step as Bronx leans into the ropes, shooting like a slingshot into a shoulder tackle. He fires shots into Lucious’ head, unrelenting as Weston tries to break him off. Lance issues a five count, Bronx finally releasing at four. Lucious is now reeling as Bronx again crawls for the ropes, looking to get ahead. He manages to get to his feet, still clinging to the ropes for balance. Lucious is slowly crawling for the nearest turnbuckle, Bronx watching closely.

Brian Rentfro: Well, in a twist of the tale, it looks like a weathered Bronx is once again in control as Lucious crawls for safety. The only question is which of these men will have the strength and endurance to finish this thing in their own favor…

Jon McDaniel: Well now that Lucious has reached that corner, it seems that Bronx has something rather painful in mind.

Lucious sits in the corner, resting his wounds as Bronx begins to slide along the ropes, a twisted grin on his face. He shouts as he leaves his feet, nailing Lucious with a sick dropkick to the face. Lucious crumples up, falling to the mat as Bronx rolls to his knees, feeling the end. He drags Lucious to ring center, applying a camel clutch.

Brian Rentfro: It’s all over now! Lucious won’t be able to reach the ropes, and I would be EXTREMELY surprised to see him escape this one.

Jon McDaniel: I don’t know, Brian. We’ve seen a lot of things in this match that otherwise defy the odds, and while I would be surprised to see Lucious come back, I’m not sure it’s completely improbable.

Bronx wrenches on the face of Lucious, who shouts in pain. Lance questions Lucious, who can’t seem to struggle out but is reluctant to submit. He finds himself working his legs up into a bent position beneath him, Bronx applying more pressure. Lucious shouts again, the crowd beginning to cheer for their uncrowned champion, trying to will him back into the match. Lucious gathers all of his remaining strength, pushing his legs up to throw Bronx backwards, releasing the clutch. Starr falls, landing inches from Bronx, Williams quickly rolling into a pin.

3! BUT NO!

Brian Rentfro: Just when Bronx had this thing won, Lucious seems to instinctively reach his foot out to catch the ring gropes. That’s what we in the business call deep strength.

Mark Sommers: It’s what we in the business call dumb luck, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: My bad…

Bronx is damn fed up at this point, knowing that he’s won this match. He turns to Weston, who confirms a two count, then back to Starr. Bronx throws a few punches into Lucious’ head before getting to his feet, dragging Lucious up as well. He whips Starr into a corner, a scowl on his face as he shakes his head, charging for the Fury. He leaps, coming down hard onto Lucious… NO! Lucious, whether out of instinct or exhaustion, drops to the mat, Bronx crashing into the turnbuckle and falling to the mat. Starr looks up, finding Bronx barely on one leg as he reaches up, pulling Bronx into a schoolboy.

Kick out JUST before the three.

Brian Rentfro: And Lucious managing to drop right in time to avoid that clothesline splash, almost taking this match with a roll up. But now both men are crumpled up like old homework as Lance Weston issues a ten count, possibly the only thing that will end this match.

Mark Sommers: I wouldn’t be so sure, Brian. Lisa has had some interesting moments, I’m almost interested to see what will happen if neither of these two answers the ten count.

Jon McDaniel: The scary thing is… I actually think Mr. Sommers is right…

Lance reaches a count of eight before Lucious grabs a rope, slowly pulling himself over. Bronx is reaching out; trying to pull himself up as well as Lance reaches nine. Lucious manages to pull himself to his feet just before the ten, breaking the count just long enough to slump back into a corner. Bronx is up on one knee, Bronx and Lucious eyeing each other as Weston checks both men, neither wanting to end the fight. Bronx is first to his feet, but Lucious isn’t far behind as he stands in the corner, still grasping on the top rope. Bronx grabs Lucious’ free arm, trying to drag him out of the corner, but Lucious merely wraps his arm tighter around the rope. Bronx fires a shot to Lucious’ chin, dragging him out a bit more. Lucious fires a boot into Bronx’s ribs, causing him to loosen his grip just long enough for Lucious to reverse the hold, dragging Bronx into a crossface! Bronx is now in more shock than pain, unaware of how Lucious could manage the strength. Lucious wrenches Bronx’s face with everything he’s got, but Bronx is less than eager to submit. Bronx positions an arm beneath himself, pushing up to release the hold. However, as Lucious sense the movement, he shifts his weight to force Bronx back onto his belly. Bronx is agitated, pulling his arm under himself again. This time, Bronx pushes himself up a bit, but also pulls his knees up to support himself. Lucious again shifts his weight, but Bronx pushes on his knees to use Lucious’ momentum against him, rolling him into a pin.

Lucious kicks out at 2 ½.

Brian Rentfro: Lucious didn’t want to let that hold go, but Bronx forced him into a position where he either had to or lose the match. And I think that any athlete would have released that hold rather than be defeated because of it.

Mark Sommers: Most of the smart ones, anyways. But then again, applying pressure to injure your opponent is a hell of a way to send a message, win or lose.

Bronx and Lucious are both on one knee, eyeing each other from across the ring. The fatigue shows on both men’s faces, the match taking its toll. As each one gets to their feet, they stumble to ring center, where each one dares the other to make a move. Neither one seems to lash out, Weston eyeing both men carefully as they each wait for the other to strike first.

Brian Rentfro: Why don’t they just hit each other? I mean, one punch will probably put the first hitter up for the win…

Mark Sommers: Well, Brian, that’s where you fail to understand the in-ring warrior. They both know that this is the final fight before one of them burns out. The idea is that the first man to strike is the desperate one, the man who NEEDS to win. By being the man to be struck, it puts them at risk to lose, but they go out in a blaze of glory. Bottom line is that one will walk out with a notch on his record, while they both go out knowing the other was the true victor.

Jon McDaniel: Thank you for that insight, Mr. Sommers. I never knew that much about in-ring competition.

Mark Sommers: That’s why I’ve held basically every title in this business while you two are paid to sit here and talk.

Back in the ring, Lucious and Bronx continue their standoff, both men refusing to fight. Lucious has finally had enough, however, as he turns and walks away. Bronx grins, shouting “coward” at Lucious, who stops his exit from the ring. He turns back to Bronx, who grins as he hits Lucious’ buttons. Lucious steps right into Bronx’s face, a shouting match ensuing. As they continue to argue, Lance steps in to break it up, inadvertently shoving Lucious as he tries to push them apart. Lucious is pissed at this point, throwing a fist to the chin of Bronx. Bronx stumbles back, Lucious grabbing his arm and irish whipping him into the ring ropes. Lucious attempts a clothesline on the rebound, Bronx ducking under, rebounding again. Lucious attempts a shoulder block, but Bronx sidesteps the move. Lucious turns, right into a left hook from Bronx. He stumbles back, this time it is Bronx who whips Lucious into a corner. Bronx charges up, ready to nail Lucious with a shoulder block… but Lucious moves, Bronx slamming shoulder-first into the ring post! He comes out, Lucious quickly throwing his arm around Bronx’s head, lifting him into a suplex. He holds Bronx for a moment before dropping him sideways across his shoulders, applying a torture rack!

Brian Rentfro: The end is nigh! Here comes Hell’s Wrath!

Jon McDaniel: Good night, Bronx… and sorry, Lisa!

Mark Sommers:
Lucious nods to the roaring crowd, who know what’s coming next. Lucious lifts Bronx, dropping him to the mat… NO! Bronx shifts his weight, landing on his feet as Lucious begins to slip, Bronx quickly jumping up and grabbing Lucious’ head. He drops to the mat, bringing Lucious with him as he nails a devastating Salvation!! THE COVER!



Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, Bronx Williams!!

Brian Rentfro: I don’t believe it! Lucious had it won, and Bronx Williams pulled a huge upset tonight over the PWA’s self-proclaimed Megastar!

Mark Sommers: Lucious is talented, I give him that. But like I said, his focus is off. Now, if you’ll excuse me…

Jon McDaniel: Lucious is dazed, and I feel that once he realizes what just happened, he won’t be very happy with Bronx… I wouldn’t be surprised if Lucious adds Bronx to his hit list…

The Invitation

Bronx is relaxing inside of his locker room when a envelope slides under his doorway. Bronx reaches down and picks up the envelope.

Bronx Williams: Hmmm...a party invite, so soon?

As he opens it, he indeed finds a invitation addressed to him. Bronx reads through the invitation a and smiles.

Bronx Williams: And so it begins...

Bronx gets up and leave his locker room. As the cameras focus down on the invite, you see the name of the person who sent it....KALIS.

Nothing 'bout Luck

The PWAtron lights up, and we are in the Cowgirls From Hell dressing room. The Tag Team Champions sit on a bench in the room, with Lean Bean Miller beside them. The fans in the arena are cheering for the girls as Lean Bean starts his interview.

LBM: Meghan is good to see you weren’t seriously injured last week, and Tamika its always a pleasure.

cFh: Thanks Beaner.

LBM: After last week’s vicious attack on the two of you by the hands of The Order, and your fathers comments and revelations earlier, how are you handling everthing?

TNS: Well Beanie, things haven’t been easy. Nothing’s easy about this business, and that’s why we are a part of it. Simon Kalis and his lackies brought this war upon themselves. They know who our father is, and they’ve gotten what they wanted.

MNS: Or have they?

LBM: What do you mean Meghan?

MNS: Simon has said his plan was to draw our father out of retirement, to try and lays claim he is better than him. He got our father out of retirement, but even he didn’t expect the entire Bandido Nation would be on him. So no, they got more then they asked for in this case.

LBM: But its well known Simon is backed by the Yakuza.

TNS: The Yakuza backing someone not of their own race? Only money can do that. Money eventually dries up. But our father’s back up are his brothers, and aren’t in this for money. They are in it because a member of their club has been attacked. The Yakuza have no loyalty to anyone but their own, Simon will realize that.

LBM: I see. Now, with Summer Sizzler just around the corner, do you have any idea who you could be defending your titles against?

MNS: At the moment, we have made fools of every tag team on our roster, except for the Dynasty, but that’s coming soon we promise.

TNS: All we have to go is internet rumblings about a Rebel Pro team challenging us for the titles. But you can’t believe everything you read on Radio Rich’s blog.

LBM: Well, its good to see you still have your fighting spirit. Good luck ladies.

The girls smile, and look at the belts over their shoulders. They look back at LBM.

cFh: Luck has nothing to do with it when you’re the Cowgirls From Hell.

Changing Of The Guard

We cut back to ringside and onto a shot of Jon and Brian, both of them doing their dandiest to look involved.

Jon McDaniel: Well after what has been a fairly interesting night.

Brian Rentfro: Don’t lie Jon, it’s been awful. Rebel Pro invasions, Rebel Pro wins, a fan jumping the barrier, Kalis being arrested, Lisa Seldon going on a rampage and ruining everything.

Jon McDaniel: The soup match.

Brian Rentfro: Actually I enjoyed that part, but the rest was abysmal. But it’s all going to be ok, because now we’ve got a match with the two top stars in the PWA, and that is going to be outstanding.

Lisa Seldon: Oh yeah, right… one more thing.

Lisa Seldon slips in behind them, giving Brian a little fright for good measure. That was her plan after all.

Lisa Seldon: Now this isn’t easy to say, ‘because I like you guys I really do.

Jon McDaniel: Oh no…

Lisa Seldon: But you see… you’re the Rampage guys and this is Chaos. And chaos already has a staff.

Brian Rentfro: what, the retired hack and the stupid bimbo.

Lisa pulls a sheet of paper out of her pocket, scans a few lines down and then comes back nodding.

Lisa Seldon: Yes that’s them. And for the foreseeable future, they’re going to be covering the main events.

Brian Rentfro: What, you mean?

Brian’s eyes dart from Lisa to the three security guards that are now standing on the other side. Jon just sighs and packs up his stuff to go, but Brian doesn’t look like he wants to go.

Lisa Seldon: Sorry guys, blame the BoD, I always do.

Jon McDaniel: Well folks, I guess we’ll see you next week.

Brian Rentfro: No Jon! No! It’s the greatest match ever coming up and God dammit I’m going to be here to watch it.

Jon shakes his head and leaves him too it, while Lisa Seldon gives him a sigh and then snaps her fingers. The two security guards not escorting Jon to the back pounce on Brian and forcibly tear him from the announce desk, much to the amusement of the crowd who cheer them on. This leaves us with Lisa Seldon, who shoots back to us with a smile.

Lisa Seldon: Anyway folks, we’ll be right back with Jeff Augustee and Linzi Martin for your main event, right here on Chaos!

Some jazz hands as we take a break.

Matt Stone vs Xan Vaxman

Super Heeltastic Main Event

I came to play!

Matt Stone's theme can be heard in the arena and the crowd begins to show their disapproval for the second longest reigning Grizzly Beer champion in PWA history.

I came to play
There's a price to pay
Time for you to get down on your knees and pray
I came to pay
Say goodbye to the good old days
They're never coming back
Watch your future fade
I came to play
I came to play to get my dues paid
I guess you had a dream
But it cant be safe
I came to play!

Stone comes out of the back followed by Elizabeth who just looks happy to be there. Stone has an arrogant smirk on his face as he holds up the Wrestler of the Year trophy. He walks up to the camera, remarking 'Now the ratings go up'. Stone brushes past the cameraman now and heads to the ring, followed by Elizabeth.

I'm here to stay
Best get out of my way
I have come to play

Aubrey Jones: Accompanied to the ring by his personal interviewer Elizabeth, he weighs in at one hundred-ninety pounds, from Ottawa, Ontario Canada. He is the Wrestler of the Year and the PWA World Undisputed Title number one contender. He is… Matt Stone!

I go inside this light
I see new life unfold
Each second I burn brighter
Your fire is going cold
You could try to beg for mercy
Go ahead and try to run
No escape and no redemption
Understand the ends begun

Standing in the ring now, Stone looks out at the crowd and raises his hands in the air, holding the trophy just as high as he can. He hands the trophy to Elizabeth on the outside of the ring and hits the ropes a few times in preparation for his match.

Jeff Augustee: I can’t wait to see this! Two of the most underhanded men in this company going toe to toe!

Linzi Martin: I don’t think this will be a clean fight, but that doesn’t stop me from being interested.

Suddenly a fast and heavy paced beat hit the PA

Break this shit down!

Xan Vaxman then burst out from behind the curtain and stoped at the top of the ramp to look out at the people in the stands as they jeered for the man responsible for destroying the Grizzly Beer title belt.

You want it, you got it!
Everything you needed and more!
You said it, I heard it!
Careful what you wish for!
Deleted, defeated everything you've ever been!
No mercy, it's the way of the fist!

He started to make his way down the ramp at this time.

Strapped with rage, got no patience for victims!
Sick and tired of the whole fuckin' world!

I don't remember asking you about your imperfections.
You might win one battle,
But know this, I'll win the fucking war!

Aubrey Jones: And his opponent, on the way to the ring, weighing in at two-hundred and twenty two pounds, he is Xan Vaxman!

End of the goddamn road! (Right!)

Step to me, step to me motherfucker!
Zip your lip, you've run out of time!
Step to me, step to me anybody!
Talk the talk, now walk the damn line!
Step to me, step to me motherfucker!
Shut your face, it's your turn to die!
Step to me, step to me anybody!
Talk the shit, your ass is mine!

He stopped at the bottom of the ramp, grabbing a sign from somebody in the front row. Ripping it in half before walking over and throwing it to somebody on the other side closer to the steps, he then ran up the steps and walked along the apron slowly before getting in the ring.

I don't remember asking you about your imperfections!
You might win one battle!
But know this, I'll win the fucking war!

He walked across the ring and got on the middle rope and stood looking out at the live crowd for few seconds before making a hand gesture resembling a sphincter which he held at shoulder height, jerking it forwards and backwards at the audience in general before jumping back down to face Matt and making a hollow fist from one hand and the slapping the open palm of the other over the hole three or four times as the music died down.

Jeff Augustee: Xan was kind enough to let us hear his entrance music tonight, and I have to admit: that was pretty bad-ass!

Linzi Martin: I think he just forgot his iPod at home Jeff...

Joe Irving called for the bell to start up this content as the two men locked up in the middle of the ring, but something was noticeably wrong when Matt Stone turned it into a side headlock.

Linzi Martin: Wait...why are they moving so slow?

Jeff Augustee: It’s called conserving energy, duh!

Without question these two were moving in slow-motion as Xan pushed Matt off and he nonchalantly walked to the ropes before barley touching them and walking into a upright standing Xan’s shoulder, falling down.

Linzi Martin: What the heck is this?! They’re making a mockery of this main event!

Jeff Augustee: Calm down, they’re just having some fun. The action will pick up any moment now!

Xan walked the to ropes to his side as Matt sloooowly rolled to his belly, when Xan came back he lightly stepped over Matt and walked to the other ropes as Matt stood up. When Xan came back Matt did an “arm drag” which consisted of Matt hardly touching Xan and Xan rolling forward.

Xan then got up and slow-motion ran at Matt, going for a clothesline, which Matt would slowly duck only for Xan to come back and literally tap Matt on the back of the head with another one before going for a pin attempt.



Matt kicked out so slowly that you saw him starting to kick out at one. Xan complained to the referee, even his voice was being faked to sound in slow motion

Xan: Thaaaat waaas threeeee.

Joe Irving: It was two!

Xan: Whaaat? Yoooou’re taaaalking tooooo faaaaast!

Just then Matt with a slow-mo roll up



Xan slowly kicked out and as Matt “ran” at him he caught him in the easiest to see coming inside cradle of all time.



Matt kicked out as the two of them stood up, fists raised in a “stand off”

Jeff Augustee: See?! A stand off! This is great! These guy’s are hilarious!

Just then Xan broke out of slow motion and walked over towards the ropes facing the announce table and asked for a microphone.

Linzi Martin: Oh no! Please don’t give him the mic!...don’t give EITHER of them the mic!

Xan Vaxman: Well that was fun.

The crowd, who was shocked or laughing before was booing very loudly at this point.

Xan Vaxman: Did you people honestly think Matt Stone and I were going to compete against each other just for YOUR personal entertainment? Fuck no!

Xan walked over to one of the corners of the ring and leaned with his back against it as he continued to address the crowd in attendance.

Xan Vaxman: You see, Matt and I actually have history long pre-dating the PWA. I grew up with this guy over here, we’ve known each other since we were eight years old!...Yes that means I’m Canadian too, big whoop!

Linzi Martin: That explains a lot actually...

Jeff Augustee: Be quiet when the wrestlers are talking, that’s commentating 101!

Xan Vaxman: Besides, Matt isn’t in the way of current quest to rid the PWA of the Grizzly Beer title, so this match is meaningless. Referee! come here! I have something important to tell you!

Joe Irving walked over to Xan.

Joe Irving: What?!

Xan then proceeded to slap Joe Irving across the face. Joe was stunned for a moment and then called for the bell.

Aubrey Jones: Here is your winner by Disqualification, Matt Stone!

Linzi Martin: Oh come on! That’s our main event?!

Jeff Augustee: You heard Xan he doesn’t care about any match that has nothing to do with his goals, it’s that simple.

Xan Vaxman: Matt, consider this my apology for that tag match I walked out on you in if you want.

Now that the main event has been officially ruined by these two men Xan Vaxman walked over and handed the microphone to Matt Stone as they used their free hands to shake before Xan left the ring, walking up the ramp. As he was going the crowd was throwing garbage at him right up until he went through the curtain.

Linzi Martin: I don’t usually agree with the fans doing things like that but I’m very hard pressed not to.

Jeff Augustee: They were told not to throw things at the wrestlers at the beginning of the night before we went on-air, at this point they’re asking to be kicked out of the building!

Linzi Martin: We can’t kick ALL of them out!

Matt Stone looked out in the audience who was booing him, Luckily they havn’t begun to throw garbage in his direction yet so he had an arrogant smirk on his face. Matt would take a few steps around the ring before addressing the audience.

Matt Stone: In case you missed it PWA, the winner of the match is Matt Stone. You better get used to hearing that , because come Summer Sizzler, in front of that sold out audience, those will be the words that are heard across the entire country, the continent, the whole world. The winner of the match, and new PWA World Heavyweight Champion…Matt Stone. My entire country will rejoice, parades down every major street. Rioting may occur, but that’s the Canadian Way, right Montreal?

Stone chuckled at his own reference, knowing the vast majority of this American audience wouldn’t get it. Just another way to prove he truly was a dick.

Matt Stone: So Riona, while you’re back there licking your wounds, just know this, I’m gunning for you. You might remember me as the joke of PWA, clutching to his third tier title as hard as he could, but I promise you that I am no longer that man walking around with a bag of assorted snack food. I’m matured in this business, and I have finally earned my shot at your title. I was screwed out of money in the bank, I was screwed out of that 6 pack challenge match, but I won’t be denied in my third attempt at glory. No, Riona, you and I haven’t really had a match one on one, but if I have anything to say about it, our first one on one encounter will be your last. I’m not messing around here Riona, I know you can be one hardcore psycho bitch, let’s just see how hardcore you can get when you’re stuck between a Stone and a hard place.

Matt puts the microphone down and walks to the ropes as his theme music blares out, having sent his message out to Riona.

::Today... my name... is pain...::

Matt Stone stops in his tracks as Riona Langly comes barrelling out from behind the curtain towards Stone.


Jeff Augustee: Matt, run you fool, she's going to kill you!

Matt Stone doesn't need any encouragement as he immediately slides out from the other side of the ring and hightails it into the crowd... He seems to think he's safe and hesitates for just a moment, which is enough time for Riona to slide into the ring and rush the ropes, springboarding off of them and into Matt in the crowd!

Linzi Martin: Damnit Riona, you're going to get us all sued!

Jeff Augustee: If you were in that match Riona was in earlier, you'd be seeing blood too, wouldn't you?

Linzi Martin: Yeah, probably.

Security finally manages to catch up with the rampaging PWA World Champ as she lays down fists on Stone in the third row... The guards pull Riona off of Stone and the challenger quickly makes his escape, dashing deeper into the crowd. Riona screams as she tries to get through, laying out one guard with a Roaring Elbow as the others try and hold her back... And it's with this image that we fade, Riona screaming out Stone's name as 7 security guards keep her from disembowling Matt Stone...


We cut to the outside in the parking lot, with a camera panning down to find Chamelion sprawled out, blood oozing from a wound on his head. We pan up and left to find Lucious Starr with a lead pipe.

Starr: “Now you’re no longer around, are you, Mark Sommers?”

Starr walks off, laughing as the scene fades on the battered Chamelion.

©PWA 2010