World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick



Lisa Seldon: So… you still hate me?

The camera cuts into Lisa Seldon’s office (where it likely takes up permanent residence with the rate we’re here) and brings us into shot before the eponymous heroine herself, currently turning as far away from a pile of work she’s pretending doesn’t exist and looking thoughtfully on Laura Estella. The sight of the general manager and former PWA Champion together gets a pop from the crowd, who tend to get excited over the simplest things.

Laura Estella: Oh totally. I mean, on the plus side I did go out on top, having defeated pretty much everyone of value this company could throw at me. But the other hand though, you’re a total bitch, and the sooner I can come back and run this company into the ground, the better.

Laura gives a little smile as she pushes back her hair, but the potentially touching moment is cut dramatically short as a fist crashes through the door and throws it open. An unconcerned Lisa Seldon looks up over her pile of work that isn’t really there and gives her characteristic smile to the person who just burst into her office. The camera guy is shoved to the side as Bubba J walks past him.

Lisa Seldon: Why Bubba, what a pleasure. Please, have a seat.

Bubba J slams his ass into the chair, staring over the distance between him and Lisa.

Bubba J: I want a match with Simon Kalis.

Lisa picks up her eyebrows and leans forward into her hands.

Lisa Seldon: Shocking.

Bubba J: Give me a match with that sumbitch Lisa, this week, next week, or at any house show... I don't give a fuck... I'm going to kill him.

Lisa just smiles.

Lisa Seldon: Really, and after I did so much to avoid having him killed on my last show. I’m afraid I can’t let that happen.

Bubba J stands up, slamming his meaty palm down on the desk, sending a few papers fluttering with the force of the blow.

Bubba J(gritting his teeth): Either you give me a match with him or I'll do it the illegal way...

Bubba J laughs a cold and calculating laugh.

Bubba J: I don't mind jail, prison, but I'll have his blood on my hands one way or another. What that asshole did to Jethro is unexcuseable. Jethro is my boy and I'm going to take my anger out on the sumbitch who did this to him... do you understand Lisa?

Bubba J leans over the desk, but the unconcerned Lisa just smiles.

Lisa Seldon: Do you mean inexcusable?

Laura snorts a laugh in the corner of the room, but Bubba doesn’t see the funny side and decides to do Lisa a favour by clearing her desk for the evening. He drops his fists onto the desk again and leans in, sneering.

Bubba J: Either get me my match or give him a warning. I’m coming for that shit-stirring motherfucker tonight, whether you ok it or not.

Bubba then takes a step back and a smile appears on his face as he calmly walks out of Lisa's office. The camera then flips back to the two girls.

Laura Estella: What do you care who wants to fight Kalis?

Lisa Seldon: I don’t, really, but I’ve got nothing else to do tonight, and I think this could be a lot of fun.

Laura sighs and shakes her head as we cut out of the scene.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first from the Red Hook district of Brooklyn, N.Y.

The roaming guitar riff of Filter's 'Hey Man Nice Shot' fills the air as the camera first pans to the walkway. Noticing nobody is coming down it finally pans into the crowd where it settles on the front row.

'I wish I wouldve met you
Now its a little late
What you couldve taught me
I couldve saved some face
They think that your early ending
Was all wrong'

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at 6'4", 245lbs of vicious intent...

A hooded figure is seen standing up. As he pushes his hood back, the crowd sees that it is Bronx Williams. Bronx steps over the guard railing and just stares at the ring.

'Was all wrong
For the most part theyre right
But look how they all got strong
Thats why I say hey man nice shot
What a good shot man'

Eric Emerson: He is BRONX WILLIAMS!!!!

Bronx slides under the bottom ring ropes before pushing himself back into the corner, where he throws off his hoodie. He sits there starting up at the ref until the match starts.

Brian Rentfro: The last time Bronx was in a PWA ring, he was partnered with Deacon Frost and competing for the Tag Team Titles.

Jon McDaniel: Anyone who knows the history of Bronx Williams, understands that he isn’t all there in the head. You don’t believe me, check the HiC DVDs. Now the nut job is here without Frost or Storm holding his leash.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, hailing from Portland, Oregon…

"Cells" by The Servant begins over the arena speakers, Jacob Collins walks out to the stage, a concentrated look on his face. Attired in a standard black spandex wrestling outfit, he moves at a brisk pace to the ring, high fiving the kids on each side of the entrance way. Once he reaches the ring, he climbs the stairs and steps through the ropes, hopping back and forth to loosen up.

Eric Emerson: At 5’11”, 172lbs… "The Perennial Loser"…JACOB COLLINS!!!!

Bronx pulls himself out of the corner and meets Collins in the middle of the ring, BW standing few inches taller than Collins, but Collins not backing down a bit. The staredown continues as the ref calls for the opening bell. Still neither man moves, both men attempting to see who flinches first. And then a collar and elbow tie-up, and BW overpowers Collins to apply a headlock. Collins opens up with some stiff body shots to BW, but BW doesn't let go. Collins places one leg behind BW's legs and uses his momentum to trip BW backwards. Collins quickly twists his hips, getting the bigger man up in the air for a modified German suplex.

Brian Rentfro: To some extent this is Sommers vs. Strader, with the Sommers striking first.

Jon McDaniel: The Sommers aren’t that bad, but the Straders…like damn roaches.

BW rolls to his feet, nodding his head at Collins. Another collar and elbow tie-up - but no, Collins fakes out BW at the last second with a quick elbow shot to the jaw. Collins applies a standing wristlock and starts to fire stiff kicks at BW's exposed ribs, one, two, three times. BW fires off a clothesline with the other arm, but Collins ducks under and nails a dropkick to the thighs of Williams, dropping him down to his knees. BW is now leaned over on all fours, Collins bounces off the ropes and drills BW on the side of the head with a spinning heel kick! BW falls over to his back. Collins, not losing one step, comes crashing down across Bronx’s chest with a leg drop! You can almost hear the air exit BW as Collins crashes with hard impact. Collins keeps the offense on, pops up and starts to drive kicks BW's stomach and ribs. BW counters by simply swiping at Collins’ ankle, causing Jacob to stumbling away. Collins quickly regains his footing while BW tries to get his breath back in the corner.

Brian Rentfro: smart strategy here from Collins. You use your speed against the bigger man, keeping him off balance.

Jon McDaniel: Yeah…but as always….speed does slow down.

Brian Rentfro: but will it in time for Bronx to do something.

Jon McDaniel: Well why don’t you go down to the ring and ask him.

Collins charges in at BW again, but BW moves to the side and Collins goes crashing into the corner. Williams is quick to take a few steps back, before smashing Collins into the corner with a clothesline. BW steps back and lets Collins stagger backwards. BW hooks Collins up in a inverted facelock before driving him down with a reverse DDT! Collins quickly rolls to the outside to give himself space as Bronx pops up and stares at the man who defeated his former partner. The ref tells Bronx to move back as Collins takes his time getting back into the ring. Collins and BW lock up again, BW pushes Jacob into the corner, Collins is able to slip out and start to fire shots at the thighs of Williams. BW stumbles back, Collins gets a few steps under him and then jumps on BW, to plant his knees on Bronx’s chest, but BW catches him and drives him back into the mat with a sit down Powerbomb!!!!

Brian Rentfro: And THAT is just one reason why Bronx Williams is a man not to take lightly!

Collins shouts out in pain and clutches his back. BW picks him up and drops him over the ring ropes onto the ring floor! BW slides out of the ring and starts to stalk Collins. Williams is stomping his right foot on the ground waiting for Jacob to stagger around. Collins spins around and side steps the Yakuza Kick, but is caught off guard with the following clothesline. BW slams both fist into the ring apron and rolls Collins back inside. Williams slides back in and shots the ref a look as he starts to stalk Collins again!

Brian Rentfro: That is the look of a mad man!

BW waits for Collins to stand up...Collins is up, but hunched over, BW moves in for a knee lift but in one motion Collins raises his head at the last second, BW's connects with only air, Collins quickly pops up and connects with a flipping dropkick that sends Bronx to the mat!

Jon McDaniel: Oh, man! Nice counter!

Collins grabs both of BW's feet and stomps right on BW's private parts! Bronx starts to clutch and roll around. Collins runs to the corner and hops on the turnbuckle. Not noticing that Bronx had gotten up right behind him. As soon as Collins spins forward on the turnbuckle, Bronx is in his face.

Brian Rentfro: Damn that was fast and now Collins is caught on the turnbuckle.

Jon McDaniel: And I love it!

Williams starts to fire shots into the shocked face of Jacob. After 4 powerful shots, Bronx begins to climb the ropes. Collins rakes the eyes and tries to fight back, trying to push Bronx off the ropes. Punches and elbows strikes. A front thrust kick knocks Bronx off the ropes and onto his knees. Collins hops off the ropes and goes for a Tornado DDT, but Bronx blocks it and nails a punch to the gut. Williams starts to drag Collins body out until only the feet are hanging on the ropes. He waits for a moment before driving Jacob’s face into the mat

Brian Rentfro: Agony's Kiss!!!

Collins is visibly dazed. He is slow making his way to his feet as Bronx gets a crazed looks in his eyes. As Collins make sit to his knees, Bronx nails a kick to the midsection. Bronx backs up against the ropes before coming off with a Clothesline from Hell to the back of Collin’s head! TENSA ZANGETSU!! The ref drops down for the pin.




Bronx rolls off of Collins and just stares at him for a moment. Bronx gets to his knees and cups Collin’s head. Through the nearby mics you can hear Bronx say to Collins, “Now you can become better then the name…trust me…trust me…”. Bronx lets Collin slide down off of him as he stands up and rolls out of the ring. Williams hops over the guard railing and disappears through the crowd as the cameras focus back on the announce crew.

The Simon Kalis Show

The Takeover: part 1

The sick revs of a group of Kowasaki Ninja 650r's can be heard in the distance as they pull up in front of the arena. Ten black motorcycles come to an easy stop, yet an eleventh gold one spins on the front wheel as it comes to an abrupt stop in front of the arena. Eventually it's at a standstill on it's front wheel before coming to a bounce and on both wheels as the driver of the gold Kowasaki Ninja kicks out the stand beneath him. He steps off as the other ten follow suit, all removing their helmets one by one. The man with the golden crotch rocket and the golden helmet removes his lastly, his face wrapped in a matching golden covered bandana while another golden coloured bandana is wrapped over his head. He pulls the bandana down over his face and smirks into the camera.

Simon Kalis: Good evening, PWA.

Kalis moves forward to the security guards waiting for his presence, followed in tandem by the ten Japanese men around him.

Security Guard: You know the drill, Mr. Kalis.

Simon Kalis: I'm not carrying any weapons, whatsoever.

The ten Japanese men open their suit coats to reveal each of them has two pistols holstered at either side of their ribs.

Simon Kalis: They do. But...

Kalis reaches into the breast pocket of his black and gold Armani suit and hands the guard a number of folded papers.

Simon Kalis: They are my personal security contingent, and thusly authorized to carry small firearms and utilize them with lethal force in the defense of my person.

The guard sifts through each individual sheet of paper, ten in all and stamped with the approval of the local sherrifs department.

Security Guard: I guess after last week you've got a good reason to be a scared little bitch, huh Mr. Kalis?

Kalis smirks as he tries to pass by the security guard, but the security guard promptly kicks Kalis in the gut with his knee as he tries to pass. Kalis keels forward a bit, and shakes his head.

Simon Kalis: Defense.

One of his bodyguards pistol whips the security guard, and a standoff pops off. Kalis motions the Japanese men to lower their weapons.

Simon Kalis: We come in peace?

Security Guard: You're so slick, Bubba J's after you too now...

Simon Kalis: Hmph... Welcome to the Takeover, my friend.

Kalis turns his head uneffected before entering the arena followed by his security detail.

Jon McDaniel: Since when were Yakuza a security detail? These guys are really being allowed into the arena tonight?

Brian Rentfro: Well with the Bandidos MC after Kalis, it can only be safe to assume he had backup this time.

Nana nana nana nana!!

Lisa Seldon: You definitely told him to come?

Intern: I did, I did!

Lisa Seldon: What was he dressed like?

Intern: Like normal.

Lisa Seldon: No mask or anything?

Intern: No... should there have been?

Lisa leans back in her chair and casts a set of eyes onto the silver box that now seemed to follow her from one building to another. She let go of a sigh.

Lisa Seldon: Flick that switch.

The intern gave her a look but shortly obliged. They flicked a large and ominous red switch on the box and with a flash, a large S illuminated what seemed to her to just be her roof.

Intern: What did th -

Lisa Seldon: Just give it a second.

The intern took a step back and waited. Lisa counted to five in her head before a figure kicked through her door.

Spyke: What is the matter Commisioner?

Lisa Seldon: Ah, Spkye... man. Spykeman, you're here.

Spykeman: Indeed I am commisioner. For in the heat of danger, nothing could keep me away.

Lisa Seldon: well, it's about your match.

Spykeman: of course, my encounter with the Emerald Phoenix, my most sinister and hated enemy.

Lisa Seldon: Yeah her. Anyway it's mostly about the ninjas. We want you to cut back on the number.

Spykeman: Ninjas? Why, I think you've once again mistaken me with a certain facially marvellous fellow superstar.

Lisa forces her smile an inch wider.

Lisa Seldon: Of course. On the off chance you happen to see Spyke though, could you perhaps tell him that marketing and finance are all over me for a certain list of five hundred or so guys who wrestle as one but demand to be paid separately?

Spykeman: Never fear! Should the issue arise, Spykeman will be... There?

Lisa Seldon: Near?

Spykeman: Excellent work!

Spykeman offers a thumbs up on his way out the door (where he happens to catch his hammer and take a fair amount of the frame with him).

Boom Biddy Bye-Bye

A black BMW pulls into the arena's parking lot, all thumps and highs as blaring Rap music is heard. Two figures get out of the car, Maya and Masakazu. Bubba J watches this from the shadow of his truck, Simon's children none the wiser.

Bubba J: Simon... you f*bleep*ked up, now your world is about to be f*bleep*ked up.

Bubba J laughs in a whisper as the trio walk into the arena. Bubba J grabs a black gym bag from the floorboard of his truck and opens the door.

Bubba J: Make sure you get this on camera, I'm sure that Lisa pays you for something.

Bubba J quickly walks over to the black BMW and he smiles as he looks down at the vehicle. Bubba J pulls a bat from the bag, slamming its wooden form into the front window. Bubba J grunts as the two passenger side windows shatter under his barrage. Whistling a tune, he smashes the back glass into fragments before doing much of the same to the driver's side windows as well. Bubba J lifts a hand and the sound of a truck cranking is heard.

Bubba J: Say good-bye to your ride Simon, I'm sure you have a ton of memories.

A hook is handed to Bubba J and he places it expertly under the car. A electric whining noise is heard as the back of the car is raised into the air. Bubba J looks at the rearend and smiles. Turning from the car, he motions to the towtruck driver.

Bubba J: You know where.

A grunt of acknowledgement is heard and Bubba J turns to pull out some white blocks from his gym bag. A devilish smile crosses his face as he also pulls out a roll of ducttape.

Bubba J: Don't f*bleep*k with a Southerner Simon. You talk about Deathrow bred and your little misplaced sperm wants to say Deathrow Dead...

He smiles as he gets down on one knee. Pulling a strip of tape, he tapes a chunk of the white substance to the gas tank of the car.

Bubba J: Well, time for you to meet a Southerner that doesn't play the honorable game like Jethro does. He has changed some, sure, but ruthless like me... he is definitely not. You want to play with BB guns, welcome to the big time son.

Bubba J places a few more blocks on the gas tank as well as around it. Getting up, the Redneck from Hell tosses a block or four into the inside of the car and he walks to the driver's side glass. Peering in, we see a yellow stream come flying in from the side, covering the seat in one last disgrace.

Bubba J: Now, where to pop the hood on this expensive of junk?

He pulls a lever, the hood pops up. Bubba J, with the experience of a shadetree mechanic pops the hood and dumps the remaining five blocks of white material into the car's engine. He smiles as he slams the hood down.

Bubba J: Take it to the spot Herb... you follow him and make sure to stay a good distance away.

Bubba J laughs as the car is pulled out of the parking spot and Bubba J heads back into the arena. He stops by his truck and pulls out a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat, with thumbtacks and glass glued to its surface. Several dark stains marr the wood and metal of the implements attached to it. Bubba J kisses the bat and holds it with reverence.

Bubba J: Ripper... its time to take you out of retirement and lets go have some fun.

Brian Rentfro: I think we are fixing to get extremely bloody.

Jon McDaniel: I don't think it is us that needs to be worried, but Kalis may want to look out.

Fade back into the arena.

Emily Corlen vs Spyke Gein

(not) Singles Match

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall…

Obligatory crowd pop for anything that happens.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first…

The lights dim as the Aquabats kick over the stereo system.

Eric Emerson: From Osaka Japan, and weighing in at one hundred seventy five pounds…

Spykeman bursts through the curtain on his ATV, revs it up and then shots for the ring. A handful of Hoodie Ninjas follow shortly.

Eric Emerson: He is… SPYKE… man… SPYKEMAN!

Spyke circles the ring once on his ATV (only narrowly missing a few ninjas who manage to leap from the path of his snow plow) before snatching his Sledgehammer off of his Sledgehammer wrack and hitting the ring. His music dies down as he takes his corner… where he seems to be having particular difficulty explaining the necessity of the hammer to the referee.

Brian Rentfro: Guess she kicked him a lot harder than we thought.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent…

The lights in the arena cut to black and a slow piano intro begins to play. After about ten seconds of the soothing piano music, the bass immediately kicks in, along with the opening chords of Gwen Stefani’s “What You Waiting For?” and the stage explodes with pyro as green strobe lights fill the arena. As the crowd cheers, "The Emerald Phoenix" Emily Corlen slowly rises up through the stage, grinning, her arms outstretched akin to wings.

Eric Emerson: She hails from Rockford, Illinois…

The flames on the stage subside and the strobe lights slow down as Emily begins making her way down the ramp. By the time she reaches ringside, the strobe lights have completely stopped and green spotlights have begun swirling around the crowd and ring.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in tonight at one hundred forty five pounds…

Emily slowly makes her way around the ring, reaching out to the fans and nodding. After making her way around the ring once, she hoists herself onto the apron and enters the ring through the first and second ropes.

Eric Emerson: She is the Emerald Phoenix… she is EMILY… CORRRRRRLENNNNN!!!

Emily makes her way to all four corners of the ring, climbing up each and stretching her arms out like wings. After the fourth corner, she removes her cape and hands it to the referee. As the lights return to normal and the music fades, Emily slowly paces around the canvas, glancing out to the crowd and smiling.

Brian Rentfro: Well, the ninjas are in place.

Jon McDaniel: Here we go again.

The inevitable onslaught of ninjas begins again, but it’s quickly halted by the less inevitable sledgehammer Legsweep that puts the first ninja on his back. He tries to protest but Spykeman smites the evildoer with the Norris, effectively ending his night. For the ninjas that didn’t get the message, Emily is on hand with moves of her own. She takes a set of ninjas out with a Double Clothesline and then ends another two, stacking them both up for a Bitch Switch.

Brian Rentfro: So wait, they’re a team now?

Jon McDaniel: I think it’s more that Spyke is turning over a new leaf… apparently.

Spykes moves a few more ninjas down with a Hammer sweep while Emily does her own dirty work with a Solar Flare that puts one into a group of the rest. She gets back to her feet and backs up, right into Spyke(man) who is doing the same. The two turn and look to come to blows, but Spykeman puts that on hold by pulling her into a particularly manly superhero handshake. She doesn’t seem to know what to think.

Brian Rentfro: I don’t know what to think either.

Jon McDaniel: Sorry?

Brian Rentfro: Nothing.

Spykeman and Emily then part ways. She heads off one way, ducking a kick and taking out a following Ninja with a Blazekick of her own. She then hooks the ninja she just dodged and nails him with the Dragon Suplex. Much to the crowds delight. Meanwhile Spykeman throws his trusty hammer forward, crushing one of the nogoodnicks ribs, and proceeds to throw Norrisesque Roundhouse kicks to anyone in his way. Eventually it’s enough to drive the ninjas back. And with the numbers getting the best of them (two on five hundred?) not to mention their leader seeming to turn rouge, they quickly slink away.

Brian Rentfro: You know, I kinda like this guy. Every week it’s a new adventure.

Jon McDaniel: The ninjas probably aren’t as big fans of his as you.

Spykeman then turns and strikes a heroic pose before offering his hand up for a teamwork based high-five. Emily however doesn’t seem as into their new found partnership and nails him with a kick in the gut. Spykeman goes down and Emily catches him up from behind, looping his arms back and into hers.

Jon McDaniel: Emily Corlen spins him into the Burn Notice!

Brian Rentfro: And thus the adventure is over.

Emily gets him face down but Spykeman pulls out and then catches her in a Waistlock. Spykeman then heaves her overhead into a German Suplex, but she manages to land on her feet and launch herself into another Blaze Kick. Unfortunately, Spykeman is all about face kicks, and gets a hand up to block while throwing a kick of his own. Emily takes the Norris full in the face, falls back into the ropes and then stumbles into an easy Small Package.




Brian Rentfro: My God.

Jon McDaniel: I can’t believe that actually came off.

Spykeman bounds to his feet and leaps into the ropes where he rips off a salute to the fans. Meanwhile Emily has snapped back to life on the mat and seems shocked to find that she went out. Spykeman takes up another corner, this time hoisting his hammer into the air.

Brian Rentfro: You know, this is probably the worst case scenario.

Jon McDaniel: Whys that?

Brian Rentfro: Because the fact that he won, means he’s probably going to think this was a good idea… and he’s probably going to keep doing it.

Jon McDaniel: Dear God!

The referee helps Corlen up in the corner while Spykeman finishes up his tour of the ropes. He then bounds out of the ring and back to his ATV – remembering to set up his Sledgehammer on his Sledgehammer Rack, obviously, and then revs it to life. He makes a pass of the ring, tagging a few hands in transit, before speeding up the ramp again, and off to save the world again.

Rise of the Empire

The Takeover: part 2

Jon McDaniel: Well I just got word that we're going to be joined by a special individual.

Brian Rentfro: Ohhhh, who? Who?!

Jon McDaniel: *Sigh*.... Simon Kalis.

"Got Yourself A Gun" by Alabama 3 hits the sound systems and the crowd gets to it's feet, some booing yet others cheering as Simon Kalis appears from behind the curtain. He has a smug look on his face as he swaggers down to the ring, surrouned on either side by Japanese gangsters acting as his security detail this evening. He hops onto the apron and bows before the mixed reactions in the crowd before entering the ring and being handed the microphone by Eric Emerson. He adjusts his Armani suit collar and throws a charismatic wink into the camera.

Brian Rentfro: Love him or hate him, he has charisma and charm.

Jon McDaniel: What happened to you Simon...

Kalis clutches the mic closely, smiling as he puts it to his lips.

Simon Kalis: ALL HAIL!


Usually the whole crowd would be with him, but only about half remain loyal while standing up to salute The General of Order in the ring.

Simon Kalis: I didn't think half your city was full of treachorous bitches!

This gets a big pop from the segment that cheered but large boos from those who didn't.

Simon Kalis: Ordo Ab Chaos! Order From Chaos! This is what I give you! Can't you see it? Here, on the first show back for Monday Night Chaos!

Some fans cheer, but others still boo.

Jon McDaniel: This show is called Rampage...

Brian Rentfro: Uhhh... Haven't you heard? The General has just decreed we are now Monday Night Chaos! So that's what we are!

Fans in the crowd wave the old PWA Chaos banner amongst themselves, Kalis taking notice and throwing a thumbs up their way.


Many fans boo and jeer, cussing at Kalis under their breath while others are raunchy, loud and obnoxious as they cheer him on.

Simon Kalis: This is our show now! This is MY show now! And if anyone has anything to say about it, now is your chance to speak up...

Kalis puts the microphone down and looks to the entrance ramp. Yet it remains lifeless and the speakers remain silent.

Simon Kalis: I thought so. Not a single peep, not even from Bubba J who's going around attacking those closest to me. Unfortunately for him I have no need to face a worthless redneck. Request denied, asshole.

Kalis winks again, half cheers half boos again.

Simon Kalis Let's see how much air time the PWA will allow me this week, shall we?!

Kalis hops up onto one of the turnbuckles and leans back, lighting up a cigarette and adjusting the bandana over his forehead. He speaks for a few moments with his bodyguards at ringside before picking up the mic again.

Simon Kalis: Some people might say that having bodyguards shows weakness on my part. That's a lie. The simple truth is, important people such as myself need protection. And since I am legally bound to no longer carry weapons on me, I have a contigent of crazy motherfuckers who'll do that on my behalf. Which brings me to why I'm out here...

Kalis pauses, surverying the crowd as the boos grow louder and the cheers begin to fade as the fans realize what he's become....

Simon Kalis: Scott Nash Strader. You are a pawn, dear sir. A puppet, the strings attached from your arms and legs to my fingers nigga. You were set to face Hayes in a one time match, yet here you are. Back from the shitty bar from where you came from in cousinfuck, Alabama.

Kalis winks as the crowd boos him, although some remain loyal cheering him on.

Simon Kalis: For all your greatness, for all your valor and prestige amongst the AOWF at large you returned to the PWA not just for one match now. For Simon Kalis declared it so. I, with my black Canadian ass Scott, brought you back. Only I was capable of doing so. Only I was able to prod you from whatever rock it was you were sleeping under all this time while your precious daughters fought onward as the silly naive girls they are. Yes Scott, I am above you in every way possible. I forced you back into the PWA on my terms, on my conditions. You are my pawn, dear biker man. I have in effect, with your help- saved the PWA. And there are serious reasons why I would want the PWA to be as successful as it possibly could be... But, we'll get into that later.

The crowd begins chanting "KIX", an old insult from Kalis' past which he brushes off. The small ten percent who still cheer for Kalis try loudly to block that out.

Simon Kalis: With the fall of Matthew Engel, with the unfortunate dethroning of Laura Estella we saw something incredible hapen. The rise of Johnny Maverick. When I saw this happen, I knew this company was in trouble. When I declared our Order's intentions of protecting this company, I meant every word Scott. We declared that we would defend the PWA from enemies both foreign and domestic. The worst kind of enemy arose in this company, Scott. Apathy. Apathy for the state of affairs from every wrestler involved save The Order of Chaos. We have, and by we I do mean me... I have been the driving force. This is both good and bad. It's good because I know what I am. Sommers knew what I was when he signed me to the PWA back in August. A bonafide legendary superstar, already carved and born through the fires of battle. What we came to see Scott was a ratings boost for the PWA Wednesday Night Chaos show, which without me would surely have failed. It was jokingly referred to as the Simon Kalis Show, but was that a joke? It was referred to that way because I was and always have been one of the most dominant wrestlers in this industry Scott. I declared the Chaos show as my own and offered myself along with my son Masakazu in the service of this budding show. You may recall, it was your daughter Tamika at the time tasked to run the show.

He waves to his remaining loyal fans, there are few. Yet they wave a "PWA MONDAY NIGHT CHAOS" banner over themselves to show where they are. Meanwhile others begin throwing t-shirts and other Kalis memorabilia at ringside.

Simon Kalis: I gave your daughter a great show, Scott. She did well, because The Order of Chaos did well. The only titles at stake were the PWA Tag Team Championships and we won them not for ourselves, but for the Chaos brand. And when Sommers dared to trade us to the Rampage roster, we willingly threw our match to the Chaos team to ensure those Tag titles remained on the Chaos brand. We were never selfish in our loyalty. It saddened me that we came back too late to save the show as it was taken off air, Rampage having won the battle of the PWA as it were. The tides only turned because The Order was taken out, everyone knows this Scott. If you can take away anything from this, it is the knowledge that I can single handedly make or break brands. I can also single handedly make or break individuals. Estella won the World title at Who's The Man. But no one saw her as anything more than a false champion. No one respected her until she defeated me. When she defeated Simon Kalis! Well... She must be the real deal then! Perhaps things would have been different had I not had to fight Masakazu before, but hey... The past is the past. What I am trying to say is, Scott...

The fans begin clamoring for Scott Nash Strader to show up but their chants fall on deaf ears.

Simon Kalis: What I'm saying is Scott, the PWA was obviously in dire straits until The Spirit of '76. What I've done is save us from continued mediocrity, and while I declared Riona my Champion when she won at Genesis X I will not do so now. My eyes are ahead. Whether I decide to take out Dante for the Grizzly Beer title or Bogard for his Intercontinental title first makes no difference does it, Scott. I am in lust. My waist has been barren for too long, and rest assured my children will defeat yours for the PWA Tag Team titles when they meet. I mean no disrespect, you know. I'm not the one who pissed on others, and while I certainly flashed my penis to your daughter Meghan it wasn't meant as disrespect. It was meant as dominance. I knew the consequences, so did Maya and Masa. What you did was help me bring back an angry beast to the PWA. Together Scott, we shall give the fans the greatest match to be seen yet in this illustrious company. What I did was prove that I could prod an angry, emotional beast out of his cage. My actions were not born of pure emotion, they were thought out and methodical. They were premeditated Scott. You run in with passion in the heat of the moment, and you only make yourself look like a fool playing into my hand. So bring your Bandidos, Scott. Bring your biker gang friends to meet me head on. Threaten to end my life, but do so knowing that you reap what you sow. I have single handedly renergized the PWA, and you are the blunt tool from which we shall destroy the PWA in our wake and reforge it anew. In my likeness, in my image shall the PWA be reborn. I will claim my rightful place as the supreme leader and champion and you shall return to the rock from which you came forth from. You and all others will worship the ground I walk on. Lick my spit from the cold pavement, and taste the ash of my cigarettes on the tips of your tongues. You see Scott, what that little snake Matt Stone reminded me of when he cheated his way to victory was simple... Honor does not gauruntee victory anymore. No it takes a whatever it takes attitude to secure victory, and while he won like the bitch he is he still won didn't he?

Simon Kalis: I used to be that way. I thought things could be different here. I thought I could retake my mantle of Cult Hero and lead the PWA into a new Golden Age and that didn't even mean that I be World Champion. I was blinded by my own complacency and having not wrestled for four years prior didn't help. No, I am now reminded of what I truly am. What I am truly capable of. I am not only the master of my destiny, but I am the master of all of yours. You Scott, your daughters, Matt Stone, Riona Langly, Cody Bogard, Malicious, The Phoenix and on and on and on... I am your fucking master. My only equals are the elite guard of The Order of Chaos, and if I am your master so are they. You will soon come to learn that the Simon Kalis you all once knew has died. He has died because he was given injustice once again, and I have always reacted negatively to injustice. And so Scott Nash Strader, through you I will bring the end of the PWA as we know it. And once I have done so, I will remake it into the PWA of Simon Kalis. Rampage will be no more, and CHAOS shall return to the airwaves. In fact it returns tonight as you'll see soon enough my friend. Everything I do is thought out, everything I do is executed with the methodical precision of a surgeon Strader. You are my scalpel, and when I've destroyed you my takeover comes into full effect. I know you're watching... Seething, your veins popping at their necks and every single one of you assholes backstage just wondering how?! How can they even let this man talk for twenty minutes on air? Haha...

Kalis raises a middle finger in the air, winking at the camera as boos bounce off the walls of the arena.

Simon Kalis: I gave you a chance to be with me, Riona. I offered you my hand and my friendship over and over again. Yet you refused because you feel you've been betrayed too many times. The emotional mistrusts of a stupid bitch gone awry, well that's fine sweetheart. The Apostles are no more, and now the final pieces of the puzzle are in place. No Apostles. No Resistance. No Pantheon... Only we. We are marvelous tacticians, hahaha! Tonight you bare witness, all of you bare witness as The Order of Chaos takes the PWA by the balls and begins the greatest takeover this company has ever seen. You thought the Pantheon were a bunch of bad guys? You ain't seen nothing yet.

Kalis stomps his foot down, saluting the crowd.

Simon Kalis: Dear PWA.... Say hello, to the newest member of the Board of Directors!

He drops the microphone as "Got Yourself A Gun" as he slides out of the ring, accompanied by his security detail. Kalis begins laughing hysterically as he points to himself and waves to the crowd. Fans boo, throwing garbage and spit at him as he makes his way back up the entrance ramp. Coldly he doesn't even look back.

Brian Rentfro: ...Wow.

Jon McDaniel: He's delusional, Brian. He can't get rid of Monday Night Rampage. It's impossible. It'll never happen.

Brian Rentfro: Never... Say never, Jon. I mean he just said he's apart of the PWA Board of Directors now. How? I don't know! But would he lie about it?

Jon McDaniel: Yes, Brian. Yes he would lie about it.

Did I Do That?

Fuck Yeah I Did!

Masakazu walks out of the bathroom, looking around to make sure that no one is following him, his father has warned him to watch out.

Bubba J(off camera): Well hey there son.

Masakazu's head snaps up and turns towards the voice. A barb wire baseball bat slams into his midsection before uppercutting his chin. Masakazu is instantly knocked out. However Bubba J doesn't continue to beat him, instead dragging him back into the bathroom. Kneeling down, Bubba J is right in Masakazu's face, a grin covering his features.

Bubba J: Seems that there has been a major pissing contest here lately Masakazu.

He shrugs.

Bubba J: Hell, I even joined in on the fun a bit earlier. But... the time for pissing is over. Tell your daddy, if he ain't watching already, that I want a match with him.

Bubba J stands up, but he pulls Masakazu up, piledriver into the bowl of a toilet.

Bubba J: But time for a quick rinse before you do that for me.

Bubba J laughs as he flushes the toilet and walks towards the door. He takes one look back over his shoulder.

Bubba J: Did I do that?

He pauses before looking into the camera and smiling.

Bubba J: F*bleep*k yeah I did.

Jon McDaniel: Oh My God! Bubba J is on a war path.

Brian Rentfro: He has gotten to one of the Order members, will he make it to a second?

Marco Dante and Cody Bogard vs Xan Vaxman and Duff Côte d`Ivoire

Tag Team Match

Brian Rentfro: Welcome back from commercials folks, everyone's here and ready to do some damage.

Jon McDaniel: The back and forth this week between these two teams was intense, and I expect the match to be the same.


Dante and Xan Vaxman start things off inside the ring. Dante rushes forward but Vaxman dodges away and tags in Duff right off the bat. Duff comes in and charges Dante with a heavy clothesline, bouncing the Grizzly Beer Champion onto the canvas and right back up. Dante is up in a hurry, trying to neutralize Duff's size by striking him with a left kick to his right knee. Duff stumbles back and into the ropes and he goes for a body splash which catches Dante head on. Dante isn't crushed though, pushing Duff off of him as he rushes to his corner and tags in The Crisis Ace. Bogard hops onto the ropes and springboards himself off, launching himself with a dropkick to Duff. Duff stumbles back and Vaxman tags himself in and gets into the ring. Xan with an armdrag takes Bogard down. Bogard sweeps his legs and takes Vaxman off of his feet. Xan wraps his legs around Bogard's right arm and begins pulling back hard.

Brian Rentfro: Back and forth, back and forth. Cats and dogs, cats and dogs.

Jon McDaniel: Yeah but who're the cats? And who're the dogs?

Vaxman pulls hard and then raises one leg and brings the heel of his foot down right on Bogard's throat which the referee warns him about. Bogard reaches out with his free arm to Dante and finally tags him in. Vaxman immediately releases the hold and rolls away from Marco Dante as he gets into the ring. Dante lunges with a spear but he barely catches Vaxman with it. Vaxman falls back and tags in Duff on his way down before rolling out of the ring quickly. Duff gets in and stomps on Dante who's still on the canvas. Dante gets to his feet and he and Duff begin exchanging lefts and rights until Duff finally kicks him in the gut. Duff positions Dante and lifts him up for a powerbomb but as he brings Dante down, Dante reverses and lands a stunning DDT on D'Ivoire.

Brian Rentfro: Meh.

Jon McDaniel: What? That was a great reversal!

Dante tags in Bogard once more who gets into the ring and hits a flying lariat on Duff. Duff grabs ahold of Bogard though and whips him into the corner turnbuckle. Duff body splashes Bogard in the corner, crushing him between the turnbuckle and himself. Bogard stumbles forward and Duff lands a vicious backhanded chop on Bogard's chest. Bogard stumbles back into the corner and Duff with another vicious chop, one after another. Bogard blocks a chop finally, and headbutts Duff. Duff backs up and tags in Xan Vaxman. Vaxman comes in and hits a shoulder against Bogard's head but Bogard gets the advantadge quickly with a spinning heel kick that catches Vaxman in the back of the head. Vaxman stumbles forward right into a right hook by Dante from the apron. Bogard grabs ahold of Vaxman and hits a German suplex on the surprised too many X's and V's named guy. Vaxman however grabs onto Bogard and locks in a chicken wing hold on the canvas, completely locking Bogard in. Vaxman pulls back and applies more pressure to the hold as Bogard shakes his head.

Brian Rentfro: I think Duff and Van are the cats.

Jon McDaniel: Why you say that?

Brian Rentfro: Dogs are loyal.

Jon McDaniel: Hm okay.

Dante gets into the ring and stomps on Vaxman to get him to release the hold. Duff gets in quickly and forearm smashes Dante across the face sending him into the corner. Bogard is on his feet and he challenges Duff straight up. Duff grabs Bogard by the neck and lifts him high into the air before chokeslamming him down and hard onto the canvas. Yet at the last moment Bogard throws his body upwards, landing his lower body over the back of Duff's head. And as Duff slams him down by the throat Bogard pushes his weight down and facebusts Duff across the canvas at the same time in the most awkward move ever. Duff and Bogard are down and out now as Dante smiles, pointing towards Vaxman. Vaxman looks around and shakes his head, hopping over the top rope and heading back up the entrance ramp. Dante calls out to him but Vaxman has disappeared behind the curtains now, leaving Dante, Duff and Bogard in the ring together.

Brian Rentfro: Told ya. Cats are independant. Dogs are loyal.

Jon McDaniel: Astute observation but this leaves Duff in a bad way here.

As Duff gets to his feet and realizes he's been ditched he can't avoid the Excalibur Slash in time, which sends him tumbling back by Bogard. He stumbles right into Dante who stands behind Duff now. Jersey Devil! Dante plants Duff hard and since Bogard is the legal man, he pins.





Eric Emerson: The winners.... MARCO DANTE AND CODY BOGARD!

Duff remains in the ring with the two celebrating Champions in disbelief.

Brian Rentfro: Vaxman just screwed over Duff just so he could avoid fighting Dante. I LOVE IT!

Jon McDaniel: No one can fault Duff for this sudden loss, without question.

Got No Qualms

Bubba J: Got no problems about hitting a bitch hun.

Maya looks up into Bubba J's face, she is startled.

Bubba J: Cause I am white trash like you've never seen.

He slams a boot into her face before dragging Ripper across her lovely face.

Bubba J: Jethro protected you and this is how you repay him... by standing back and letting him be beaten?!

Bubba J slams a foot down on her now bloody, but still lovely face. He picks her up, tossing her head first into the locker, denting it heavily. Bubba J gets right back in her face.

Bubba J: Tell your daddy that this piece of White Trash wants a match with him.

He laughs.

Bubba J: If he doesn't accept this week... next week the other members go down and this train of pain won't stop until I circumnavigate the entire Order.

He slaps her as hard as he can. Picking up the bat, he slams it into her ribs before dragging it across her midsection and face one more time.

Bubba J: I have no problems repeating the trip.

He kicks her until she is in a seated position. Her unconscious head lolls on her neck, her chin resting on her chest. Bubba J gets right back in her face.

Bubba J: You think Johnny Maverick is a bad sumbitch...

He laughs as he stands up and turns.

Bubba J: Bitch... you ain't seen nothing yet.

Fade back into the arena.

Malicious vs Matt Stone

First Match of the Phoenix Challenge

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall… introducing first…

The lights cut out. What's heard next is Ozzy Ozbourne's howl from "Bark at the Moon." As it finishes, the song begins.

Screams break the silence,
Waking from the dead of night!
Vengeance is boiling,
His return to kill the light.

A spotlight appears and standing inside the circle of light is Malicious.

Then when hes found, who hes looking for,
Listen in awe, and you'll hear him,

As Ozzy laughs, Malicious begins his decent down the ramp. A few members of the live crowd hold out their hands, but he simply knocks them away.

Years spent in torment,
Buried in a nameless grave.
Now he has risen,
Miracles would have to save.
Those that the beast is looking for,
Listen in awe, and you'll hear him,

Malicious finally arrives at the ring. He rolls under the bottom rope, before rolling to the opposite corner. He rolls into the corner, and sits against the post, waiting for his opponent.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent…

Matt Stone's theme can be heard in the arena and the crowd begins to show their dissapproval for the longest reigning Grizzly Beer champion in PWA history.

I came to play
There's a price to pay
Time for you to get down on your knees and pray
I came to pay
Say goodbye to the good old days
They're never coming back
Watch your future fade
I came to play
I came to play to get my dues paid
I guess you had a dream
But it cant be safe
I came to play!

Stone comes out of the back followed by Katrina who just looks happy to be there. Stone has an arrogant smirk on his face as he holds up the Wrestler of the Year trophy. He walks up to the camera, remarking 'Now the ratings go up'. Stone brushes past the cameraman now and heads to the ring, followed by Katrina.

I'm here to stay
Best get out of my way
I have come to play

Eric Emerson: "Introducing, accompanied to the ring by his personal interviewer Katrina, he weighs in at one hundred-ninety pounds, from Ottawa, Ontario Canada. He is the Wrestler of the Year, Matt Stone!"

I go inside this light
I see new life unfold
Each second I burn brighter
Your fire is going cold
You could try to beg for mercy
Go ahead and try to run
No escape and no redemption
Understand the ends begun

Standing in the ring now, Stone looks out at the crowd and raises his hands in the air, holding the trophy just as high as he can. He hands the trophy to Katrina on the outside of the ring and hits the ropes a few times in preparation for his match.

Jon McDaniel: Well folks this is it, the first match in the challenge set down by the Phoenix to see which of these two men could net the most wins between now and Summer Sizzler.

Brian Rentfro: And the first chance for the Phoenix to take the lead as Matt Stone is here to do the work for him.

Malicious hears the bell and shoots for a double leg, but finds nothing but the mat in his hands as Matt artfully dodges to the left. Stone then drops a kick on his back and turns onto his back with a Hammerlock. He does his best to keep Malicious grounded but the bigger man powers out and back up to his feet. He then ducks out of the hold around into a top wristlock and uses it to fire Stone into the corner.

Jon McDaniel: Malicious coming out big early on.

Brian Rentfro: He'll blow it, like everyone does eventually around Matt Stone.

Stone tries to leap out of the corner but Malicious catches and shoots him back into the buckles. Malicious then throws out a flurry of Forearms before turning the move over into a Bulldog. Stone goes down and turns over onto his back and Malicious comes off the ropes with a Kneedrop across the bridge of his nose. He forces Matt into a cover.



Jon McDaniel: And out!

Brian Rentfro: Ha! He can think again if he thinks he's going to get one over future world champion Matt Stone like that.

Malicious pulls Matt into a Headlock and eats a few Elbows in the ribs for good measure. Matt then breaks the lock and hits the ropes, returning with a leaping Clothesline. Malicious gets his arm up and hits back with one of his own, causing Matt Stone to fall back through the ropes. Matt gets up just in time to catch Malicious with a shoulder into the gut. He then leaps up and catches Malicious in a Headscissors before dragging him into a Hurricanrana onto the floor. The fans get to their feet.

Jon McDaniel: Huge attack from Matt Stone.

Brian Rentfro: He's lucky he didn't break his neck.

Jon McDaniel: And Malicious?

Brian Rentfro: Eh...

Matt manages to save himself on the ropes and then looks to go a little bigger as he bounds up to the ropes and shoots with a Moonsault. Malicious manages to brace himself and plucks Matt out of midair, before turning and launching him into the guardrail. Matt hits it throat first and goes and goes back reeling, right into the grasp of Malicious who launches him into the rail on the other side.

Jon McDaniel: Still not looking good for Matt Stone.

Brian Rentfro: I'm telling you the turn is coming.

Malicious gets Matt up on a shoulder and runs him into the ringpost. Matt Stone looks hurt and struggles to cover up amongst a barrage of kicks that ends with a knee between the eyes, snapping Matt's head back into the post again.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like Malicious is back and he's going for this in a big way.

Malicious rips Matt off the floor and smashes his face off the mat before rolling him into the ring. He then comes over the ropes and lands into a Double Stomp, driving the wind from his lungs and crushing his ribs for good measure. He bounces off him and then takes up the cover.



And the referee turns at the demands of Liz on the outside, catching sight of Matt's foot strung up on the ropes. Malicious gets back to his feet and swats at Liz to chase her away. He then gets Matt off the mat with a Suplex and drops him in the centre of the ring. He turns to the ropes and looks for the kill.

Jon McDaniel: Malicious going up top.

Brian Rentfro: For a big guy he sure can cut up some air.

Malicious gets up to the ropes and pulls a throat slashing motion to rile up the crowd. He then turns around toward the ring and catches sight of Matt Stone rushing up in front. Matt Stone tries to latch onto a Combo Breaker from the top rope, but he loses his footing and has to settle for a Belly to Belly Suplex instead. Malicious shatters his spine against the mat and Matt rolls into the cover.



Jon McDaniel: Shoulder!

Brian Rentfro: Dammit!

Matt clumsily drags Malicious to his feet and pushes him into the corner, tagging him with a few body shots for good measure before forcing Malicious up onto the ropes. He then climbs up himself and sets up a big Superplex, but Malicious has a hold of the ropes and refuses to let go, forcing Matt to soften him up with a few more blows. Malicious starts getting his own hits in though, and eventually puts Matt Stone back to the mat. He doesn’t get a lot of breathing room though as Matt rushes him again, leaping up onto the ropes and securing the move, but Malicious his hits wits about him now and instead of being hurled, he forces Matt Stone into the air and then lets him go, dropping the number one contender to the mat with a huge Gordbuster.

Jon McDaniel: What a counter!

Brian Rentfro: No no no.

Matt Stone rolls over onto his back and Malicious ascends to the top-rope. He then gets to his feet and prepares to fly, but not before turning and giving a big F-U in the direction of the curtain. He then takes to the air and comes down hard with a huge Elbow Drop.

Brian Rentfro: What!?

Jon McDaniel: And Malicious nails him with the Ashes.

Brian Rentfro: who the hell does he think he is?

Jon McDaniel: Think he thinks he’s the guy taking the lead.

Malicious into the cover.




Jon McDaniel: And it’s all over.

The bell sounds as Malicious steps up to his feet and raises an arm to the fans who answer with cheers… much like they do for anyone facing Matt Stone.

Eric Emerson: Here is your winner… MALICIOUS!

Brian Rentfro: Can you believe this? What a crock, having to steal the Phoenix’s moves because he knows he can’t get the job done himself

Jon McDaniel: Looks like he got it done to me Brian, and it looks like he’s now up one to nothing.

Brian Rentfro: Only because he went first. Watch the Phoenix do so much damage tonight that they have to give him twice as many points.

Matt Stone gets to his knees as Elizabeth moves to help him, but the camera is firmly on Malicious, whose eyes are fixed to the curtain.

Jon McDaniel: Folks, we’ll be right back.


"Alcohol" picks up in the speakers and it has been a really long time since the fans have heard this song. Bubba J walks out from the back, Ripper in his hand. They still cheer this man, even if his actions tonight are a little hanous. Bubba J steps into the ring, a pissed look on his face. He grabs a mic and clears his throat.

Bubba J: Pick up the PWA Tron!

An image flickers before showing a deserted road, only Simon's car in the frame.

Bubba J: I just came from Lisa Seldon's office and once again she has refused to allow me to fight Simon Kalis.

He shrugs.

Bubba J: That or that Canadian Pansey is too damn scared to face the Hardcore Hell that awaits him, should he ever find his balls and face me like a man.

The crowd are cheering this Hellacious Redneck on.

Bubba J: But, fine if he don't because I'm having a ton of fun eating away at his reserve, his Order a nibble at a time.

Bubba J pulls out his cell phone.

Bubba J: What you see up there is Simon's beloved car, the one that he has had for a very long time. Perhaps his pride and joy.

Bubba J shrugs.

Bubba J: Anyways, I just wanted to show him what will happen to those things that he loves... children included. Anyways, let me call Jethro so that you can all hear how he's doing.

The crowd roars, they are curious about Jethro's status.

Bubba J: Now lets see, how does this thing work again?

Bubba J presses a green button. A blasting white light envelopes the screen, followed a moment later by a extremely booming sound. Bubba J looks up, trying to hold back the smile but failing miserably. Instead of the failed shocked look, a smile crosses his lips, but not a good smile if you are Simon Kalis or anyone aligned with him.

Bubba J: Oops...

Bubba J shrugs.

Bubba J: Guess I forgot my cell phone and picked up the detinator instead.

He laughs as the crowd, a bit shocked, nervously do as well.

Bubba J: More of that where it came from, Simon until you accept anything and every thing you hold dear will slowly be destroyed.

"Alcohol" hits back up and Bubba J exits the ring.

The Phoenix vs Sunshine Warrior

First Match of the Phoenix Challenge

Thing of Beauty by Hothouse Flowers begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and green pyros flare from the ring posts. The Phoenix and the Smoking Leprechaun walk out to the entrance ramp and head to the ring.

I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine.
I got a love, and I know that it's all mine.

**With the opening lyrics of the beautiful Natasha ringing in over the sound system, it's only right that a horizon be shown across the Jumbo-tron. The lights dim and the stage lights up with reds, oranges and yellows. **

Do what you want, but you're never gonna break me.
Sticks and stones are never gonna shake me.

**With that Adrian and be seen bursting through the curtain and bouncing around with his natural cheery aroma. **

Take me away: A secret place.
A sweet escape: Take me away.

Take me away to better days.
Take me away: A higher place.

I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine.
I got a love, and I know that it's all mine.

Do what you want, but you're never gonna break me.
Sticks and stones are never gonna shake me.

I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine.
I got a love, and I know that it's all mine.

Wish that you could, but you ain't gonna own me.
Do anything you can to control me.
Oh, no.

Take me away: A secret place.
A sweet escape: Take me away.

Take me away to better days.
Take me away: A higher place.

There's a place that I go,
But nobody knows.
Where the rivers flow,
And I call it home.

And there's no more lies.
In the darkness, there's light.
And nobody cries.
There's only butterflies.

Take me away: A secret place.
A sweet escape: Take me away.

Take me away to better days.
Take me away: A higher place.

Take me away: A secret place.
A sweet escape: Take me away.

Take me away to better days.
Take me away: A higher place.

Take me away: A secret place.
To better days take me away.

Take me away to better days.
Take me away: A higher place.

The sun is on my side.
Take me for a ride.
I smile up to the sky.
I know I'll be all right.

The sun is on my side.
Take me for a ride.
I smile up to the sky.
I know I'll be all right.

Phoenix and Adrian are near the referee as he explains the rules and checks that neither man has any hidden weapons.


Jon McDaniel: Where in the hell did the Smoking Leprechaun come from?

Brian Rentfro: Who cares, Adrian just got hit in the nuts!

Ding Ding

Jon McDaniel: Folks, after his win just moments ago, The Phoenix needs this match in order to stay neck and neck with his opponent on their way toward Summer Sizzler.

Brian Rentfro: If anyone can rise to the pressure, it's this guy right here.

Scott Swindell calls for the bell to start this match - after the low blow as Phoenix hits his opponent with a Russian leg sweep. Officials are wondering what to do about the Smoking Leprechaun. Shine is struggling to get to his feet, but Phoenix is already up and bouncing off the ropes scissors kick! Right to the chest of Adrian, and the returning Adrian falls to the mat. But Phoenix picks him right back up again, opting to go for the arm wringer before kicking Sunshine right in the ribs. And another! An Irish whip by Phoenix sends Shine against the ropes - dropkick - missed! Shine held onto the ropes and Phoenix hit nothin' but canvas!

Jon McDaniel: Sunshine Warrior isn't someone to take lightly.

Phoenix is stunned but is able to pop back up to his feet. Shine is springing from the top rope... hurricanrana! And Phoenix is sent tumbling across the ring. He's quickly back on his vertical base, but not for long as he's taken down by a lariat! Adrian's going up top! Phoenix is struggling to get back up - he's shaken, but not as shaken as he's going to be - Eclipse! And Sunshine just took his opponent out!
Both men are down momentarily, but it's Shine who gets back up first. He's holding onto the ropes to support himself as he watches Phoenix get back to his feet - Whisper In The Wind! Shine goes for one of his patented moves and he's going for the cover.




Phoenix kicks out, but this time it's Shine who picks his opponent up, positioning him for a piledriver or powerbomb - but he can't get Phoenix up in the air! It looks like Rob's going to reverse this as he lifts Shine up - SUNSET FLIP!



Phoenix kicks out again, sitting up almost instantly before getting clocked by a dropkick to the face! Sunshine pops back up to his feet, rallying the crowd behind him as he waits for his opponent to get back to his feet ... And Adrian charges - RUNNING FAMEASSER! Phoenix just got drilled!

Jon McDaniel: Sunshine going for a high risk move here.

Brian Rentfro:Maybe this sun will burn itsself out?

High angle swanton CONNECTS! Shine rolls over, draping himself over Rob!


Jon McDaniel: Phoenix barely able to kick out there.

Brian Rentfro: He had plenty of time

SLAP! Phoenix just slapped the taste out of Adrian's mouth! But we all know Sunshine Warrior isn't going to stand for that. And the forearm smash says exactly that! He's got Phoenix by the back of the head as he pummels the Irishman with a series of forearm shots, slowly but surely forcing him back into the corner. Swindell splits them up, but Adrian's back in with a knee to the midsection. An Irish whip follows as Phoenix is sent across the ring - float over! Sunshine Warrior was rushing in, but suddenly the tables are turned as he's on the receiving end of a back suplex. And a pin attempt.



Warrior kicks out!

Jon McDaniel: Sunshine Warrior isn't going down that easily. If he wants to win this, Phoenix is going to have to put a lot more effort in.

It's followed by a quick body slam and a couple of stomps for good measure before Phoenix goes to grab a leg of his fallen foe. Kicked off! Adrian fires off a stiff looking right leg to the face of his opponent, causing Rob to stumble back. Adrian is back on his feet and he connects with a snap suplex. Both men get back up again, and once again it's Adrian who strikes first with an arm drag. Into the arm bar. Phoenix, however, is already working back to his feet as the hold has been relegated into a wrist lock. RAKE TO THE EYES! Phoenix takes the easy way out and a dropkick knocks Adidas off his feet.

Brian Rentfro: See, Jon, he's always thinking!

Jon McDaniel: And taking the easy way out...

Both men get back to their feet as the crowd try and rally Sunshine Warrior. A chant supporting him starts up as Phoenix calls for a tie-up. Accepted. They lock up collar and elbow, and Phoenix sneaks in with a side headlock. No. He's pushed away towards the ropes by Adidas ELBOW SMASH! Phoenix goes down, only to get right back up. Palm strike to the chin sends Phoenix down again. He tries to get back up again though, but only manages to get to his knees before Adidas lashes out with a martial arts kick to the chest. And a second! The crowd pop as each kick lands - all four of them! But Phoenix is still on his knees, his chest going red before our very eyes as Adidas runs against the ropes - YAKUZA KICK!

Jon McDaniel: That damn near took his head off!

Phoenix rolls backwards upon impact, forcing Adidas to roll him back again as he hooks the leg.




Phoenix kicks out. He's lifted back to his feet before being dragged to the corner, whereupon Sunshine Warrior starts up a series of knife edge chops! Another Irish whip sends Phoenix across the ring again. But he floats over the top as Adidas runs into the turnbuckle again. Lariat ... attempt by Phoenix as the move is ducked - ROARING ELBOW! The discus elbow just clocked Phoenix, causing him to slump back into the corner. Adrian points to the top turnbuckle - and the crowd cheer - as he lifts Phoenix up top. SUPERPLEX! And Adrian rolls on top for the pin attempt!



Jon McDaniel: Not quite a three count.

Brian Rentfro: That was hardly a two count, Jon. Don't count Phoenix out yet. He's not a quitter.

Adidas can't quite believe he hasn't put his opponent away yet, but nonetheless he drags Phoenix back up once again. Another suplex by Sunshine Warrior - no! Phoenix drops down the back - BASEMENT DROPKICK! Right to that left knee! Adidas drops to the mat as Phoenix grabs hold of the leg again - elbow drop to the knee! He pops right back up, and delivers another elbow drop to the knee. And this time, Phoenix drags his opponent towards the ropes, draping his leg over the bottom rope before jumping down on it! But he's still not done. Phoenix has locked in a standing leg lock, but Adidas's too close to the ropes as he grabs hold of one - but Swindell is going to have to get involved here.





and Phoenix breaks the hold before dragging Adidas up via a handful of hair. Shin breaker by Phoenix! Adrian drops to the canvas but he's trying to get back up on his own - scissors kick! And Phoenix goes for the cover.




Adidas kicks out! But he's down, and it looks like it might stay that way as Phoenix makes his way towards his opponent's legs again. FIGURE FOUR! Sunshine Warrior tries to fight out of it, but he can't manage it this time, and Phoenix has the hold locked in tight - and he's holding onto the ropes for leverage! Scott Swindell is busy checking for a submission, so he doesn't see it, but the crowd does! And they're booing. Swindell looks round, but Phoenix lets go in the nick of time. A small chant of "PLEASE DON'T TAP" starts up, just as Rob grabs the ropes again.

Brian Rentfro: I told you, Jon, Rob is a thinker. He

Jon McDaniel: No doubt, The Phoenix is a legend here in PWA.

Swindell looks round again (at the crowd's behest) and this time he sees Rob has a hold of the ropes! Oh, he's angry. He is admonishing Rob , ordering him to break the hold, but the cocky veteran's not going to let a referee order him around.

Jon McDaniel: Phoenix using the ropes for leverage and he has just been busted!

Phoenix has taken his eye off his opponent, and Sunshine Warrior has managed to use the ropes to get back to his feet. He's hobbling, but Phoenix is too busy getting right up in the face of Scott Swindell to notice. CUTTER!

Brian Rentfro: Ha, he knew it was coming!

Phoenix spun round in the nick of time, and managed to strike first as he's now rolling Adidas over again. Hook of the leg.




Adidas kicks out! But it looks like Phoenix has had enough. He's mad, and I think he's had enough. He lifts Adidas back up for what has to be the final time as he hooks Adrian in for The Flame! NO! Sunshine Warrior with a punch to Rob's midsection. He's fighting back, and by God he has the crowd on his side. Another punch by Adrian causes Rob to release the hold, but Rob tries for a lariat - ducked - and countered with an Irish whip to the corner. Phoenix goes for the float over again. Phoenix catches him with a boot to the gut. Set up, Cradle Piledriver!

Jon McDaniel: The Flame!

Brian Rentfro: Yes! That's how the Phoenix does it!




Ding Ding Ding

Jon McDaniel: And so it seems both men are off to a winning start in this series.

Brian Rentfro: But only one man can take it, and it's that man right there.

The Phoenix get to his feet and smiles a little for what he's done before heading from the ring. His music fills the speakers once again.

No Money, No Problems

The scene fades in quickly backstage as a number of police officers attempt to restrain Bubba J.

Simon Kalis: Destroying my whip is one thing Bubba... But fucking with my family is another.

Bubba J elbows one police officer, and then smashes his head against the cement wall. Kalis steps back a moment as he watches while Bubba J unleashes a flurry of fists into the second officer. The second officer is knocked down and out hard as Bubba J lunges towards Simon Kalis but gets tasered down by another police officer before he can get to him. Bubba J is cuffed and lifted back to his feet.

Simon Kalis: You want a match with me? You're not even on the PWA roster anymore. If you were, your actions would have been considered legal here tonight. Since you're not, you assaulted my children and destroyed my property. I am pressing charges Bubba J.

Bubba spits in Kalis' face without saying a word as the cops begin to haul him away.

Simon Kalis: No match for you, you redneck bastard.

Kalis smirks as we fade out...

Takeover Finale

The scene fades in, and we can see five men on either side of Lisa Seldon's office.

Lisa Seldon: Hmm… you’re timing is a little off this week.

Simon Kalis: Mrs. Seldon.

Kalis bows a bit out of respect before taking a seat across from her. She doesn’t exactly return it, and instead kicks her legs up onto the desk.

Simon Kalis: I assume you know why I'm here.

Lisa Seldon: How is it you assume I'm a mind reader every single week you come to see me?

Simon Kalis: The letter I gave you at The Spirit of '76. You've had a chance to read its contents I hope? If you did, I'm sure you are fully aware of the magnitude of what I've done. Of what I've become....

Lisa Seldon: Yeah, and what a stunner. Kalis plays an overly complicated powerplay. Shocking. I wonder how many corporate takeovers I’ll have to stifle today.

Simon Kalis: You are now aware of the undeniable truth that I have power in this company. As does Starr. None of those watching can understand the lengths I've gone to accomplish what I have, but suffice to say... The ramifications are boundless. While Maverick was fired for assaulting a fan, week in and week out I brought weapons into the arenas of combat for the PWA without punishment. I slashed security, I roamed the hallways with a semi-automatic assault rifle of Russian origin yet here I am today.

Lisa Seldon: Marvelous isn't it?

Simon Kalis: Not a word many would use to describe the situation, but suffice to say... Pleasing is a word I'd use myself. But now is the time Mrs. Seldon. The end of PWA Monday Night Rampage, is tonight.

Kalis leans back in his chair and smiles.

Simon Kalis: And Monday Night Chaos begins next week, reborn and anew.

Lisa Seldon: Wow after all this, a simple sign change. My word Mr Kalis, you’ve really outdone yourself.

Kalis smirks, but quickly goes to a serious look unamused by the comparison.

Simon Kalis: This will be the last Rampage for the PWA, for a long time. Hopefully ever. As of next week, Mrs. Seldon. I'm glad to say that you'll be the fine General Manager of PWA Monday Night Chaos. The Board of Directors has agreed to my proposition to terminate the Rampage brand and renew the PWA Chaos television program.

Jon McDaniel: What?!?!

Brian Rentfro: Never say never, Jon...

Seldon nods with a distinctly pleasurable smile over her face.

Lisa Seldon: Such a clever little puppet, aren’t you.

Simon Kalis: Heh. I am, Mrs. Seldon. I look forward to making the both of us that much more better off. I'm sure you heard about the salary increase I secured for you with the Board of Directors as a result of this transition? This was my proposal after all.

Lisa Seldon: You don't need to keep kissing my ass, I’m plenty rich and cheerful enough already. Still, nice to see you still understand that, even with your mouth on the ears of the BoD, I’m still the one calling the shots.

Simon Kalis: Of course, but then... You see the benefits of our mutual partnership in this most profitable endeavor. You and I, Mrs. Seldon... We're partners now. I hope you realize this. While you are my boss as a wrestler, if I feel the need to... Relay a new proposal for new management my words will be heard amongst the Board.

Lisa Seldon: No Simon, I don’t realize that at all. In fact, all I see is one more little boy playing in my sandbox. Just one with some serious aspirations.

Simon Kalis: Yes, mam. Now I digress... Welcome to the Simon Kalis Show- the Seldontastic Edition.

Kalis gets to his feet and stomps his right foot down, saluting Mrs. Lisa Seldon. He smirks as he throws her a wink.

Simon Kalis: All Hail The Order of Chaos, Mrs. Seldon.

Lisa Seldon: Coulda sworn it was Seldontastic Voyage.

He makes his exit as we fade to ringside...

Simon Kalis vs Dangerous Dan

Singles Match

Dan stands at the edge of the ramp, salutes to the fan, then several burst of pyro explodes into the air. Dan addresses the fans, where he then enters the ring and poses on the turnbuckle.

The melodic intro to "Woke Up This Morning" by Alabama 3 begins to play and the fans in the arena all jump to their feet and begin singing along.
I woke up this morning
Got myself a gun,
Mama always said
I'd be The Chosen One

Kalis comes out from the back, a confident grin over his face as he raises his arms to the air. Wearing baggy urban camoflauge khakis and a white wifebeater, he doesn't hide the fact he is carrying a firearm tucked into his belt as he tightly ties the urban camoflauge bandana tied over his head.

One in a million
I believe gonna burn to shine,
I was born under a bad sign,
With a blue moon in my eyes.
He begins walking down to the ring, clapping the hands of fans as he passes by.

Eric Emerson: Introducing, he is the Franchise of the PWA!
The crowd erupts into cheers as Kalis hops onto the apron and salutes the crowd by stomping his right foot down and extending his right arm outward in an upward angle in the fascist Order of Chaos style. The entire crowd responds in kind, saluting him back.
Eric Emerson: He hails from the PIONEER WRESTLING ASSOCIATION!
They begin to chant "GLORIOUS" as Kalis enters the ring and heads to each corner, climbing up and throwing his hands in the air.
Eric Emerson: The General of the Order of Chaos... He is SIMON KALIS!
Kalis hops down and unties the bandana, throwing it into the crowd as he hands the Emerson his handgun and waits.

Ding Ding

Simon lunges with a quick thrust kick taking Dan off his gameplan. Simon with a vicious spinning heel kick takes Dan down on the canvas. Simon, continuing to work extremely quickly picks up Dan's right ankle, slamming his elbow into the joint in trying to weaken it. Simon wraps his leg around Dan's right leg falling back to torque the knee the way it is not meant to be moved. Simon bounces back up, dropping back down and Dan begins to crawl for the closest rope. Simon laughs at Dan's attempts as he grabs his ankle again.

Jon McDaniel: Simon the only offense so far in this contest.

Brian Rentfro: He dominates the shows with his segments, so what is different about his match?

Dan kicks out, connecting with Simon's chin forcing him back into the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: Dan with a desperation kick, but it connects solidly.

Dan flips up onto his feet, bottom of his foot connects with Simon's face rocking him back even further. Dan leaps to the top rope onto Simon's shoulders. Hurricanrana out of the ring and both men slam into the floor! The crowd is going wild and Dan is back up on his feet, limping slightly, but back up. Dan gives a little salute to the crowd before leaping over Simon to the railing, then performing a beautiful backflip onto Simon. The count is up to four, but no matter as Dan rolls Simon back into the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Dan's offense is big time impact moves and Simon is reeling.

Brian Rentfro: Give it time, Simon will turn the boat around.

Dan pulls Simon up, Irish whip into the ropes. Reversal by Simon has Dan in the ropes, but he just springs to the middle rope and flips backwards. Caught by Simon, piledriver sends Dan's head into the canvas. Simon up again, wiping his forehead, but soldiering on here. He pulls Dan's ankle,stomp on the ankle, Simon slams a double knee into the ankle. Simon lays the ankle on the rope, before climbing to the top turnbuckle. Simon leaps with his feet planted together.

Jon McDaniel: Simon just low blowed himself!

Brian Rentfro: Dangerous Dan purposefully lifted his right foot.

Jon McDaniel: Of course he did, but it is legal as he didn't mean to kick Simon there.

Simon is holding at hiimself, Dan is struggling to his limping gait. Dan with a standing dropkick sends Simon face first into the turnbuckle, Dan pounds Simon's face into the top turnbuckle padding.









Simon with an elbow into Dan's midsection before spinning around with a backfist into Dan's temple. Dan holds at his head, Simon with a thigh kick sends Dan down on one knee. Simon leaps over Dan, spinning around with a dropkick to the back of Dan's head slams him face first into the canvas. Simon off the ropes with a springboard knee to Dan's skull has him the advantage back. Simon lifts Dan up, whip into the corner where he lays into his ribs with kick after kick and mounting him from behind. Simon plants both feet into Dan's back while holding him in a loose sleeper hold.

Jon McDaniel: A weird but effective reverse monkey flip.

Brian Rentfro: Trust Simon Kalis to be innovative with the pain.

Simon is smiling as the torment of Dangerous Dan continues here in this match. Dan grunts from the force of the rights and lefts to the side and back of his head continues. Simon pulls him up, Simon looks out to the crowd, Dan with a punch to Simon's thighs halts Simon's offense. Dan shoots up, the top of his skull connecting solidly with Simon's chin and Simon holds at his chin. Clothesline takes Simon down, but Dangerous Dan is on the war path. Dan in the ropes, baseball slide connects with Simon's face and Dan is back up again.

Brian Rentfro: Dan is on steroids, he's got to be.

Jon McDaniel: Just because he is beating Simon right now?

Brian Rentfro: No one can beat the First Class Felon!

Dan pulls Simon up, quick scoop slam lands Simon on his back and Dan climbs to the top. He leaps out, flipping leg drop... misses! Simon rolls out of the way and is up quickly to press his advantage. Simon pulls Dan up to a kneeling position before he begins trash talking Dangerous Dan, and then gives him a loving slap across the face. OOOOOOH, the fans groan. Dan fires back with a right hand, and the fans turn to cheers. Dan hammers him again, and again, and the third into the corner. The referee steps between Dan and Kalis the instant Simon sticks his head out of the ring between the middle rope.

Brian Rentfro: All of the slapping is unnecessary.

Jon McDaniel: Would you feel the same way is Kalis was slapping Dan?

Brian Rentfro: Of course not!

Dan raises his hands to show his cooperation, and Kalis pushes the ref out of the way and kicks low on Dangerous Dan. Simon comes back with a right and a left, then snapmares Dan down to the sitting position, he runs off the ropes and plants his boot in the small of Dan's back. Dan writhes in pain, and Kalis pushes him down to the mat and drops a quick elbow. He jumps back up and plants another elbow. Kalis jumps up once again, this time goes off the ropes and hits another elbow drop. Kalis covers with a lateral press and a forearm cross face.


Brian Rentfro: Kalis definitely looks focused, like the First Class Felon he is, and is looking to make short work of Dan , but we all know far too well it will take much more to put Dangerous Dan down.

Kalis rips Dan up to his feet by his ears, and throws him into the corner. Kalis throws a knee into Dan, driving out the air. A front elbow meets Dan's forehead, and he follows with another knee before scooping Dangerous Dan up and mounting him into the tree of woe. The fans curse the First Class Felon as he lays a boot into the chest of Dan, then backs up to the opposing corner. He leans back on the corner pointing at Dan, and slaps his feet. BOOOOOOOOOOO. Simon grabs his crotch and belches, then charges at Dan with a baseball slide.

Jon McDaniel: Dan curled up!

Brian Rentfro: Kalis just went balls first into the turnbuckle!

Dan unhooks his legs from the turnbuckle, and collects himself on top of the turnbuckle. Simon crawls out from the turnbuckle and slowly climbs to his feet, while Dan stands up on the turnbuckle post with his back to Kalis. Dan jumps back, Kalis turns around--FLYING BACK ELBOW--connects right in Simon's face. The fans pop as both men hit the mat. Kalis rolls on the mat towards the ropes, and onto the apron while holding his face. Both take a moment before getting to their feet, this time they both charge in and lock up. Kalis slips the arm and wrenches Dan into a side-headlock. Dan pushes Kalis off, and Kalis rebounds off the ropes laying Dan down with a lariat. The First Class Felon yanks Dan to his feet, and pulls him in, up, and down with a harsh spinebuster! Kalis rolls over on top of Dan and hooks the leg.



Simon pushes Dan's shoulder back to the mat and mounts him--WHAM! WHAM! WHAM!
Jon McDaniel: Kalis got some tremendous shots in right to the face while he had Dan's legs pinned down, but the referee plowed over Simon to get him off of Dangerous Dan.

Kalis pushes the ref off him and gives him a few choice words, including the bird, but Simon is stunned when he is suddenly rolled up from behind with a schoolboy pin.



Two is all Dan gets, one more second of hesitation and this match could have been over. Simon gets to his feet and charges Dan only to be taken down with an arm drag, he jumps to his feet again with another charge this time planted down with an elevated hip toss! The fans rally behind Dangerous Dan, as Kalis rolls to the ropes and pulls himself up, holding his back and staring down his opponent. Dan tells the Felon to bring it, and bring it he does with another charge, and this time Dan ducks a lariat. Simon rebounds, Dan ducks an oncoming lariat, but Kalis wasn't looking for a lariat! He hits Dan with a huge running DDT! Simon yells at the downed Dan, "get up bitch!" He yanks Dan back up to his feet, and stuffs Dangerous Dan's head between his legs. Kalis gives the top of Dan's head a solid two-pump hump to piss off the fans, and pulls Dan up and down with a piledriver!

Brian Rentfro: Vicious piledriver there, this match may be over.

Jon McDaniel: Two devastating moves with Dan landing on his head, and now Kalis covers! This could be all, One, Two--KICKOUT AT TWO!

Brian Rentfro: If not for those steroids, Dan would have just lost the match.

Simon looks up at the referee with three fingers up, but the referee tells assures him it was two. Kalis shakes his head in disappointment, and gathers the heap that is Dan back up to his wobbly feet. The fans remind Kalis what they think of him with a "KALIS IS-A-LOSER" chant. The champ looks around while holding up the wobbly Dan and says, "Yeah? Well watch this--" Dan suddenly comes alive and spins Simon around and hits him with a backdrop driver!

Jon McDaniel: Oh my! Dan snapped to and hit a beautiful backdrop driver, and now both men are down!

Brian Rentfro: Just the way you like it, both men down.

Kalis slowly gets to his knees holding his neck while Dan works his way up on his knees and elbows. Both men work their way up to their feet at almost the same moment, but it's Kalis who runs in downs Dan with a massive big boot! Kalis grabs Dan with some frustration and pulls him to his feet, grabs him from behind and tosses him up into a German suplex--he floats over into a elbow drop right to Dan's face!

Brian Rentfro: Great combo there.

Kalis pins, and the ref counts--


KICKOUT! Kalis slaps the mat in aggravation. The First Class Felon gets to his feet and throws a thumb across his throat. He grabs Dan up once again and throws Dan's head between his legs. Kalis looks around at the fans while pointing to Dan, and they give him all boos in return. Simon pulls Dan's body up--and DOWN! Simon with a sitout powerbomb!

Jon McDaniel: Big impact there Brian.



Jon McDaniel: I can't believe it, Dan kicked out! Kalis is in the referee's face, arguing that it's three, but the referee's decision stands.

Kalis yells "F*ck this!" He jumps out of the ring and grabs his homemade newspaper weapon. The fans berate him with boos, popcorn, and drinks, but he doesn't care. Kalis slides in the ring with the homemade weapon from last week and slams the top on the ground, yelling for Dan to, "GET UP DAN! GET UP!" Slowly Dan stirs, wobbly, but eventually climbs to one knee, and then his feet. Dan turns around, Kalis reels back and---

Jon McDaniel: The referee grabbed the other end of the homemade weapon from the First Class Felon! Simon doesn't want to give it up, but the referee just pushed the weapon into his chest!

Kalis stumbles back, and Dan rolls him up with a school boy! The referee throws the weapon down on the mat and counts--



Th--Kalis BARELY KICKS OUT! Dan stumbles back into the corner, still feeling the effects of Simon's powerbomb, and Kalis looks up at the referee ensuring he kicked out on time. Dan comes at Kalis as he gets to his feet and shoots him with a right, Kalis throws back a right of his own, and they continue trading shots back and forth, each shot more reeling than the next. Dan gets the upperhand and battles Kalis into the corner and climbs up on the middle rope. He looks down at the First Class Felon and holds his fist in the air, the fans echo the count of his punches
NINE aaaannnndd....
Kalis hooks underneath Dan's legs and pulls him up!

Jon McDaniel: Dan is in a bad place right now!

Dangerous Dan tries to battle out with driving punches to Simon's head, but Kalis keeps him up, walking him around the ring--and then towards the rope AND --- !

Brian Rentfro: HOLY SHIT!


The crowd groans at the site of Dangerous Dan and Simon Kalis going from the ring and through the table on the outside. Both men lay in the wreckage of monitors, wood, and two empty metal chairs.

The referee begins his mandatory ten count after a brief hesitation.


Dan begins to stir every so slightly.


Simon is now stirring as well. The fans rally for Dan to get up. Dan rolls over onto his stomach, slowly becoming aware of his surroundings, just as Simon is doing the same.


Dan crawls towards the ring, and props himself up.

Simon is now beside Dan, but both are just exhausted.
Dan pulls himself up, barely able to stand.


Dan gets an arm into the ring, and gives it one big push to beat the clock---

Simon rolls in right behind Dan as they both get back into the ring. Kalis gets to his feet first and lays down a few quick curbside stomps on Dangerous Dans' head. Kalis lifts Dan up and whips him into the corner turnbuckle and the crowd boos loudly as Kalis signals what's to come. Kalis climbs the turnbuckle and takes Dan up with him, double underhooking his arms and holding him upside down over his back. Kalis stands on the top rope with Dangerous Dan on his back, trying to keep his balance before dropping off. The cameras flash across the arena as Dan lands on his neck and shoulders with the Sentencing of the Damned! Kalis rolls him over and hooks the leg with a smile on his face!





Eric Emerson: The winner of this match, SIMON KALIS!

The fans pelt the ring with food items, and Kalis gets his hand raised in victory. Dangerous Dan shakes his head while on the mat, and he tries to pull himself up in the corner. Kalis looks at Dan in the corner, hardly able to prop himself up, and Kalis grabs the newspaper weapon still laying in the ring. The boos get louder as they see Kalis haul back with the weapon and--no. He drops the weapon and laughs as the referee urges him out of the ring. Kalis grabs his pack of cigarettes from the ring apron, taps one out, lights it up, pulls it back into his lungs then aims to slam Dan's eye with it and--no. He points at all the fans laughing as they boo him... but he's got something more sinister on his mind. Kalis grabs a chair!

Jon McDaniel: What the hell is he doing?

Brian Rentfro: Practicing for next year's Homerun Derby?

Simon looks at the chair, to his homemade weapon. He drops the chair, going for his weapon instead. The weapon glistens with dried blood as it is fastened dead center towards Dan's chest. Kalis reaches back with his modified weapon, Dan turns right into it and--WHAM! Blood pours out of Dan's mouth as the First Class Felon looks down at him laughing.Again and again Kalis lashes out on Dan, beating him repeatedly with the makeshift weapon as the bells sound repeatedly. The referee instructs Kalis to get the hell out of the ring, and he brushes off the man dressed in stripes. The 2010 Who's The Man winner steps through the ropes as "Got Yourself A Gun" plays for his exit. He looks back at Dangerous Dan who lays in the ring a bloody mess and laughs as he flips the bird to the fans.

Jon McDaniel: That was just unnecessary, just another despicable act from the First Class Felon. Dan gave you everything he had tonight, and yet... a heartbreaker. A real heartbreaker, Brian.

Dan is slow to get to his feet. The disappointment etched on his face is almost physically painful. He came so close, took everything Kalis had, and yet...
The fans rise to their feet. They applaud, louder and louder.

Dangerous Dan looks out over the crowd, his body language... but the emotion overcoming him can't be any more genuine.
With the fans love surrounding him, Dan takes a very long walk back to the dressing room.


We cut back to Lisa’s office and find her on her own, back beneath a heap of papers and looking incredibly bored. And she’d be wondering why despite this they insist on keeping a camera on her if she wasn’t currently being disturbed by the noise outside. Eventually it breaks as Luscious Starr storms into the room. To her credit, Lisa looks overjoyed.

Lisa Seldon: Oh my how thoughtful, bringing yourself to save me toe trouble of finding you to kill you. If only you’d brought the blender for your face, my day would be complete.

He joins in on the mood. Smiles all-round.

Lucious Starr: So, you WERE paying attention this week.

Lisa Seldon: Of course, I watch all the videos my little puppets send me, because I’m a wonderful and involved boss. Incidentally, I do all the lying down and taking it in my house. I also do the standing up and the literal bending over backwards. I’m quite flexible… not that you asked or anything.

She pulls her knees up to her chest for good measure. He does his best not to take any notice her general weirdness. Instead he rolls his eyes and tosses a folder onto her desk.

Lucious Starr: Simon might have time for your bullshit, but I’m busy, and for now, it’s time.

Lisa Seldon: Time? Time for what; the stamping, saluting and fucking off? Because I’ve been beg -

Lucious Starr: Shut up, bitch. It's my turn to talk.

She tilts her head and pains some sadness. The trembling lip is of particularly good effect, but he’s too busy to care. He throws open the folder and pushes it beneath her nose. She can’t help but notice a few particular highlighted passages.

Lucious Starr: You talk too damn much. And you’ve been allowed to get away with it because of your position. Now however we hold a great deal more influence than you could dream. See it isn’t just Kalis who has a place on the BoD, it’s me. I’ve bought up just as much shares as he has and taken up my place right there with him. So you won’t just be dealing with him anymore, but the both of us, and I’m a lot less fun.

Lisa glances over the page and then moves her eyes up to find the Fury grinning down on her. She gives him one back before putting a foot up on her table and shoving the various piles of

Lisa Seldon: You know what I like about you Order of Chaos guys? You in particular?

She kicks a foot up onto her table and shoves the various piles of paper to the floor for the second time tonight. For good measure she then mounts the table and takes up an Indian position in the centre.

She kicks out her legs, dropping one on each side of him.

Lisa Seldon: You’re so fucking stupid, that it makes doing this job a complete fucking dream, because there is nothing I love more than watching you morons try and outwit me.

She holds up his folder…

Lisa Seldon: This?

And tosses it against the wall, spraying a few more loose files amongst the pile.

Lisa Seldon: You think you can use this against me? You think a handful of shares mean shit to me?

Notorious for her smile, this one is so wide she can barely hold it up.

Lisa Seldon: All you’ve got there is enough stock that, if I wanted to fire you, I’d have to put it in writing. Probably on a postit note that contained the words goodbye and lol.

Lucious Starr: On the contrary, my dear Lisa. You see, while I don’t much appreciate the way you screwed me last week, I can’t help but admire how you fuck with everyone equally. This makes you, in my opinion, a much better manager than BoXer was, and a far superior general manager overall. However, I have decided that one way or the other, you can make up for your actions last week.

She throws back her head and laughs out loud.

Lucious Starr: Lisa, I have two words for you: World Championship. You and I both know that the World Title is the one and only thing I want. And as far as the angle… Riona Langly, World Champion, against Lucious Starr, a man who has yet to defeat her in the ring? It’s so damn perfect, it has match of the century written all over it. So, here’s the deal. Tonight, I’m going to take the fall.

Lisa Seldon: Oh on that we’re agreed.

Lucious Starr: Tamika and Meghan are going to learn what happens when they screw with the Order. But in order for them to save face, I am going to beat them to the point where the referee has no choice but to call the match. Next week, you set the rematch. Hell and High Water versus Cowgirls from Hell, PWA Tag Team Championship, in a no-DQ match. Why? Because not only do I get to inflict more pain on those two jokes we are forced to call champions, but Joshua and I get to prove what we are made of and exactly what a bunch of flukes they are.

Lisa Seldon: And your World Championship opportunity fits in where, exactly?

Lucious Starr: Next Pay Per View. Hell and High Water face the Order of Supremacy and the Cowgirls from Hell in a Tag Team Championship match. Whether I retain or Masakazu and Maya leave as champs, I don’t care. But the main event will be Riona Langly, defending the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship against Lucious Starr in a Last Man Standing match.

Lisa Seldon: And you think a few spreadsheets and the secret BoD handshake are going to be enough to force my hand?

Lucious Starr: Well, then, Miss Lisa… I’m afraid you run the risk of losing the greatest position you’ve ever had…

She leans in closer, thickens her voice.

Lisa Seldon: You honestly think I’ll let you get in the way of my job.

Lucious Starr: No, Ms Seldon. Not your job. Something else instead.

His grin fades in place of his and her expression turns cold and she pulls herself up nose to nose. She looks eyes with him for a few seconds and then snatches a few words between her lips.

Lisa Seldon: Try me.

He just shakes his head, perhaps a little ominously and then walks away. We leave her for the night.

Hell and High Water vs The Cowgirls from Hell

Non-Title Tag Match

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for our main event!

The crowd roars in anticipation, knowing what is to come.

Eric Emerson: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall, with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first, at a combined weight of four hundred and fifty one pounds, representing the Order of Chaos. Lucious Starr and Joshua Danielson, they are Hell and High Water!!!

The crowd roars as Disturbed’s “Inside the Fire” plays, noting the entrance of the Order’s two most loved members. However, after a few chords, the duo seems less than present. The call goes out over the speakers, Eric Emerson shaking his head as he holds up the mic.

Eric Emerson: Lucious Starr and Joshua Danielson have not been seen as of recently. Therefore, your winners by default, the PWA Tag Team Champions, the Cowgirls from He…

Eric is cut short as the tag team champs are thrown from backstage, landing hard on the entrance ramp. Two men, appearing as Hoodie Ninjas, stalk the women as they rise. The hooded duo attack, each one grabbing one of the sisters Strader and throwing them into a crowd barricade. The sisters fall, holding their heads. As the hooded assailants continue their assault, the crowd goes into an uproar as Lucious Starr enters the scene, lead pipe in hand. He heads toward Meghan Nash Strader, ordering the Hoodie Ninja to hold her still.

Brian Rentfro: What the hell?! Have the Hoodie Ninjas joined the Order?

Jon McDaniel: Well, with Maverick gone, they need someone to follow…

Starr shouts something into Meghan’s face before slamming the pipe into her midsection, the ninja dropping her to the floor. At this point, Tamika has nailed the other ninja with a vicious jawbreaker, knocking him over the crowd barrier. Tamika lunges for Starr… but is jumped by Joshua Danielson! A senton from behind Starr sends Tamika to the ground, Danielson throwing jabs into Tamika’s face.

Brian Rentfro: I don’t believe this! Hell and High Water have joined forces with the Hoodie Ninjas, and now they’re brutalizing the Cowgirls from Hell!

Jon McDaniel: Wait a second… I don’t think those are Hoodie Ninjas, Brian…

As the thrown ninja stands on the barricade, his hood has fallen off to reveal… MASAKAZU!! As Hell and High Water lead the Strader girls to the ring, Masakazu is helped by the other supposed Hoodie Ninja, who reveals “himself” to be Maya. The siblings grin as Starr and Danielson take the fight into the ring, where Eric Emerson has left the ring as the referee, Lance Weston, attempts to gain some order. He pushes Lucious and Joshua, getting in their faces to get things going the right way. Lucious seems to back away as Joshua heads for the Cowgirls, but rushes up as Weston turns around. The Cowgirls are all but defenseless at this point as Danielson and Starr start throwing fists into each of their opponents. Weston grabs Starr by the hair, the two men meeting face to face. Weston seems to be scolding Starr, even mouthing the words “you know better, Lucious” as he speaks.

Brian Rentfro: Lance Weston is arguably the best referee in this business. Look at him, going toe-to-toe with the biggest man in the ring and demanding respect for his position.

Jon McDaniel: And you notice how Lucious respects Weston enough not to lay a hand on the official. Makes you realize just how powerful the respect factor is behind the scenes.

Starr seems to argue with Weston, who stomps his foot as he demands Starr into the corner. Starr shakes his head, heading for his turnbuckle. Weston pulls Danielson off, Joshua noticing that Lucious has left the fight. He shakes his head, allowing Lance to help the Cowgirls to their feet and start the match. Tamika seems less punished, so Meghan allows her sister to start off against Danielson.


Danielson and Tamika tie up, the worn Tamika bending under the pressure of Joshua’s surprising strength. Joshua whips Tamika across the ring, jumping over her on the rebound. She falls back, Meghan making a blind tag as Joshua sets up, nailing Tamika with a leg lariat. He goes for the cover, Lance signaling too late as Meghan steps in, throwing a few kicks into the side of Joshua’s head. Starr steps in to break it up, but Lance sees him and stops the Fury. It is at this moment that Meghan nails a kick to the kidneys on Joshua. Danielson goes down clutching his side while Meghan helps her sister out of the ring. She turns, Lance Weston looking to continue. Meghan raises Joshua to his feet, planting a boot to his midsection. She raises him up, planting him with a suplex and mounting the Punisher. She throws a flurry of fists into his face, trying to draw blood. She garners a count of four before being forced off of Danielson, allowing only a moment before mounting him again. This time, however, Joshua reacts quickly, rolling her into a schoolboy.

Kick out at 2 ½!

Brian Rentfro: And what looked to be a one-way dance sees the Champions fighting back, but for how long? Certainly that brash attack before the match has Lucious and Joshua with the upper hand.

Jon McDaniel: True, but you can never count the Cowgirls out. They are from some damn good stock, and they aren’t about to allow the Order of Chaos turn them into a joke.

Joshua and Meghan are on their feet, exchanging blows. Joshua goes for a hook but Meghan ducks, using his own momentum to throw Joshua with an arm drag. Joshua stumbles to his feet, charging Meghan who jumps, twisting her body as she sails over Danielson. Joshua turns, halting himself mid charge and is met with a roundhouse kick to the face! Meghan now takes the cover, Lance Weston dropping.

Kick-out! Seconds from a three.

Jon McDaniel: That right there is why the Cowgirls are the champs. Even with the odds stacked against them, they manage to find a niche to come out on top.

Brian Rentfro: But Lucious is still fresh; if Joshua can tag him in, it might be over within moments.

Joshua struggles to find his footing, still slightly dazed from the kick. Meghan starts up, throwing a slap into the side of Joshua’s head. Joshua turns, angered, as Meghan throws another palm right across his cheek. Joshua stumbles back, coming up with a clothesline attempt that is ducked by Meghan. Both rebound, Joshua missing a leg lariat but Meghan right on cue with a beautiful dragon screw, planting Joshua on the mat. Meghan doesn’t go for the cover as she heads for Lucious, spitting in his face. Lucious starts in but is stopped again by Weston, as Tamika has entered the ring and both Cowgirls now hit Joshua with a Wishbone Legsplit.

Jon McDaniel: Okay, I was cool when they were doing it legally, but this below the belt thing has GOT to stop.

Brian Rentfro: Hey, you said the Cowgirls were champs for a reason. Looks like that reason may very well be the absence of male anatomy!

Jon McDaniel: Funny, Brian. Funny.

Tamika and Meghan whip Danielson into their corner, Weston turning around. He yells at Tamika, who runs over and hops the rope. Meghan heads over, tagging her sister as she lifts Danielson to the top turnbuckle. Tamika sets up inside the ring as Meghan lifts Joshua, hitting a Superplex… and Tamika hits a shooting star press onto the downed Joshua Danielson. Tamika takes the cover, Meghan heading to block Lucious.

3! NO! Lance Weston is pulled from the ring, Masakazu distracting him with some sort of injury.

Brian Rentfro: What the hell? He’s deliberately screwing the Cowgirls! He doesn’t belong out here!

Jon McDaniel: Yeah, try telling HIM that.

Brian Rentfro: On second thought… he’s cool.

Lance Weston calls for the bell, speaking to the ring officials. Eric Emerson lifts his mic, addressing the crowd.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of this match as a result of a disqualificati…

“Fear of Dying” cuts him off mid sentence as Lisa saunters out onto the ring. She looks as cheery as ever.

Lisa Seldon: Oh dear, what a pity, my main event in ruins. What a way to end the last Rampage. Guess I’ll just have to restart this match, No count outs, no time limits and no disqualifications. And if you two Kalis kids aren’t up to that, you can kiss all your little career aspirations bu-bye.

She gives them a little wave for good measure and then saunters out of shot.

Brian Rentfro: WOW! After Spirit of 76, it looks like Lisa Seldon is all about making Lucious Starr’s career a living hell, and…

Jon McDaniel: IT’S STRADER!!

The crowd is in an uproar as Scott Nash Strader and crew hop the barricade, wielding everything from baseball bats to bike chains to lead pipes. Starr hops into the ring, eyeing the legend as he goes after Masakazu and Maya, the siblings quickly making a getaway as they find themselves vastly outnumbered. Strader turns to Lucious, both gazing sternly at each other as Meghan and Tamika stalk Joshua Danielson. Starr tells Scott to “bring it, Old Man” as Tamika and Meghan set up Joshua, nailing the Over and Out!! Starr and Strader Sr have now begun to go at it outside the ring, trading blows as SIMON KALIS ENTERS THE FRAY! Kalis starts swinging for the fences as he clears the Bandido’s from his path and then sends his Yakuza swarm to occupy the rest. Masakazu and Maya have now re-entered the battle, Maya with a chair and Masazaku with a newspaper wrapped in duct tape. They go to work on the Bandidos as Kalis continues to make his way to SNS, Starr heading into the ring as Strader heads for Kalis. The sisters Strader are now on a team assault on Starr, whipping him across the ring. He grabs the ropes, stopping his momentum, the Cowgirls charging. Starr falls back, charging right back and nailing a double clothesline on the duo. He checks on Danielson; he’s dazed but still moving. Starr sets his sights on the Cowgirls, throwing a hook into Tamika, followed by a jab to Meghan.

Brian Rentfro: All hell has broken loose, thanks to Lisa Seldon’s sudden order. Chaos has ensued, and now I don’t know whether to call the tag match or call the outside battle!

Jon McDaniel: Call the one you’re PAID to call, Brian. Security will take care of everyone else.

Starr is now realizing the danger of playing the odds, the numbers game taking its toll as he begins to take more damage from the Cowgirls than he is able to dish out. The Straders attempt another Over and Out, but Danielson charges Tamika from behind and stops their momentum. Weston has all but given up on order, taking a seat outside the ring as the Cowgirls and the Order start beating on each other. Tamika is up on her feet, but only for a second as Danielson takes her down with a cross body. Meghan has Starr on the mat, kicking him in the face and dropping some elbows as he fails to muster a decent comeback. Suddenly, Meghan and Joshua lock eyes, realizing that they are the two standing members of their respective teams. It is at this moment that Danielson charges Meghan, looking for a wheel kick. Meghan ducks, grasping Danielson around his waist and lifting him for a German Suplex. Danielson is released, using the timing and his momentum to land on his feet, nailing a turning Meghan with a spear. Meghan goes down, but Danielson is not able to capitalize as Tamika is back on her feet, clasping a sleeper hold on Danielson. The cruiserweight begins to fight back, but the match has taken its toll as Danielson fades. Suddenly, Tamika releases her hold as Starr manages to kick her directly in the face, knocking her unconscious. Starr takes the cover, Weston rushing in.

3! NO!!

Brian Rentfro: And Meghan just manages to save the match for the Cowgirls!

Jon McDaniel: But it appears as though security has FINALLY cleared everyone else out.

Starr picks up Tamika, pointing to Danielson. He whips Tamika into a corner, the crowd knowing what is coming next. Starr heads to the turnbuckle, lifting Tamika onto his shoulders as Danielson hits the top turnbuckle. Danielson jumps… AND IT ALL GOES TO HELL! Meghan nails Starr’s leg with a massive boot, dropping him and Tamika into a suplex. Danielson is in mid-air, not able to stop himself as he drops helplessly into a ROUNDHOUSE TO THE FACE! Danielson is out like a light as Starr gets to his feet, Tamika still out cold. Starr turns around, getting a boot to the gut! Meghan places Lucious into a standing head scissors, jumping up and nailing the Fury with MY FRIEND OF MISERY!!



Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners, the PWA Tag Team Champions, Tamika and Meghan Nash Strader, the Cowgirls from Hell!!

“Cowboys from Hell” hits the speakers as Meghan checks on her sister, who is starting to move. Meghan smiles as she assures Tamika, Tamika beginning to smile back as she hears the music. The EMT’s start to the ring…

Brian Rentfro: OH MY GOD!!

Brian Rentfro’s reaction would come from the sight of Lucious Starr, lead pipe in hand, nailing the back of Meghan Nash Strader’s head. The Cowgirl’s music shuts off, Starr throwing a boot into Tamika’s face. He calls for a mic, fury in his eyes.


Lucious drops the mic, picking Meghan to her feet. He sets her up, dropping her with Hell’s Wrath… FACE-FIRST INTO AN EXPOSED TURNBUCKLE! Lucious seems more tense than ever, his eyes dropping to Tamika. It is at this point that Scott Nash Strader comes charging back down the ramp, holding a steel chair. Lucious takes one glance, knowing his odds are probably slim after the match he just lost. He ducks from the ring, helping Joshua Danielson over the crowd barricade as they make their getaway. Strader checks his daughters; they are hurt but still breathing. EMT’s surround the ring, checking on the Cowgirls.

Brian Rentfro: My god… Lucious has lost it…

Jon McDaniel: He could have given Meghan a concussion, or worse… that could put her on the injured list for months!

Brian Rentfro: Well, obviously the personal war between Lisa Seldon and Lucious Starr have only begun, and now Starr may very well have a target on his back for the legendary Scott Nash Strader to aim for.

The camera cuts to a short commercial as the PWA regains its bearings.

The Curtain Call

Jon McDaniel: And I guess, this is truly it for Rampage….I can’t believe it.

Brian Rentfro: Believe it, next week, it’s Monday Night Chaos… so, for the shocked McDaniel, this is Brian Rentfro saying Good N…

The lights switch off on Rentfro, cutting him off in mid sentence. The crowd buzzes, wondering what just happened and then a single spot light appears on the stage. Every eye turns, the buzzing growing louder when…

‘Come with Me’ by Puff Daddy lights up the arena and the everyone in attendance shoots to their feet, popping loudly as President Mark Sommers; AKA The Chamelion steps onto the stage in a specially tailored business suit, holding a mic. He waits as the crowd settles slightly.

Chamelion: Greetings ….Did ya miss me!?

The crowd pops again.

Chamelion: I’m glad, I’ve missed all of you, too. I’m going to cut to the chase, which is rather unusual for me.

Opening his suit he brings out a piece of paper.

Chamelion: Simon Kalis. Lucious Starr. Do you know what is on this paper? Nah, course you don’t, you’re not standing here next to me. If you were, you’d discover something that seems to have blown over both your heads.

Taking out a pair of reading glasses, Chamelion slips them on and then opens the paper. He squints at it for a moment, and then shakes his head and throws the glasses off.

Chamelion: I’m far too young to need these.

Crowd laughs.

Chamelion: What I have here, is documentation on the current stocks and bonds options for the PWA. It lists majority share holders, both individual names, company holdings and the like. I even have it on a nice pie chart!

He smirks.

Chamelion: Now, on this neat little pie chart, there is a giant portion of the pie, covered in green, that takes up a whopping 51% of the whole pie. Anyone wanna guess who owns that piece of pie?

Another loud pop.

Chamelion: Correct. I do. Mark Sommers, OWNER.. key word.. OWNER of Pioneer Wrestling Association. And when I sit back and let Lisa Seldon run the place and support most of her decisions, the Board of Directors are quite happy. So, Lucious, Kalis; I am out here tonight, breaking a long silence and sabbatical, to inform the both of you that I’m watching. Both eyes, both ears, they are on to you… so a warning; fair, concise, and straightforward; do not play games with the Most Devious SOB in the Business Today; and more importantly; don’t SCREW WITH MY HOME. Otherwise, you’ll find the only chaos you’ll enjoy, is keeping your place in the unemployment line.


Chamelion: GOT IT!?

The PWA Logo comes on the screen as the camera focuses in on Chamelion’s angry look.
Credit PWA 2010