World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


The Arrival

"Swang" by Trae, Pimp C and Hawk blasts out of the stereo systems of the approaching sleak black BMW X6 as it pulls up to the front of the arena. An army of security guards place their hands over their tasers as it rolls to a stop, the chrome rims still spinning even though the X6 is at a halt. Simon Kalis pops out of the drivers side and Masakazu and Maya come out from the passenger and back doors respectively. They're all uniformly dressed in urban camoflauge military garb as they make their way to the metal detectors. Kalis passes through first, smiling as he lifts his pant legs up to reveal no hidden guns as he lifts up his shirt to show the same thing.

Security Guard: We checked the toilets as well this time in every part of the arena.

Simon Kalis: How thoughtful of you.

Masakazu passes through without incident but Maya steps through and walks right up to the security guard, placing herself right onto him. She smells him from the neck and shakes her head.

Maya: You are not alpha male material. Is that why you're a security guard?

She tilts her head back and forth smiling.

Maya: Not good enough are ya?

Security Guard: Excuse me?

Masakazu: Hah, come on.

Maya coyly winks as she skips along to rejoin Mas and Kalis at the arena entrance.

Maya: So is this the reception you get everywhere you go?

Simon Kalis: Well some people are just plain stupid, Maya. They'll never understand that our guns aren't meant to be used in this business, but merely a symbol of our power. Symbolism is important, don't you think?

Maya: Nah, but kicking a bitch's teeth in is.

Kalis and Masakazu smirk as they open the doors for Maya.

Simon Kalis: Welcome home, sweetheart.

Masakazu: I figured home would be a jail cell like you, father.

Maya sticks her tongue out in jest as she swaggers into the arena throwing her arms up.

Maya: There's a new queen in town, suckas!

Masakazu looks at Kalis with a smile.

Masakazu: Are you sure you know what you've unleashed?

Simon Kalis: Yes. Riona and Laura combined together... On crack.

Kalis laughs as they both enter the arena now behind Maya, while we cut to the ring to get started.

Starr Struck

yes, i actually just called this starr struck, i'm that lazy with naming

Brian Rentfro: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Rampage! I'm Brian Rentfro, here as always with my partner Jon McDaniel, and what a night we have in store for you.

Jon McDaniel: After last week, we have quite a bit of fallout to address. Johnny Maverick was the person named as the second entrant to fight for the world title following his vicious attack on Riona Langly the week before. Riona on the other hand has a match against Jethro Hayes for the Intercontinental Title and if she can win tonight, she could end up walkign out of The Spirit of '76 as a double champion.

Brian Rentfro: And after the heinous actions of Xan Vaxman, he has been suspended indefinitely. But after an accident reported this week in England, the Grizzly Beer Championship has been vacated and is up for grabs. Tai Tolium, an up-and-coming star on the circuit, is one of the men fighting for position at Spirit of '76. Tonight, a triple threat match will name our second person fighting for the coveted Grizzly Beer Championship.

Jon McDaniel: And for the main event, Matt Stone defends the Television Championship against Simon Kalis, possibly one of the most controversial and unpredictable men currently on the roster. Matt has had himself his best run in PWA since losing his Grizzly Beer Championship, and he looks to be back on top. But then again, if any man can topple the current TV Champ, it's the man who managed to defeat 500 hoodie ninjas a few weeks back.

The lights in the arena dim, leaving but a single flame in the middle of the entrance ramp. The audience is silenced at this, wondering what is going to occur. A single voice cries out, recognized as the voice of Simon Kalis.

Simon Kalis: ALL HAIL...

Other voices ring out, none easily discerned but all quite memorbale voices.

Others: The Order of Chaos!

These voices die down, the ticking of a countdown reel beginning on the Ramp-tron. Lights flicker throught the arena as the beginning chords of Fell on Black Days hits the PA, a dark figure stepping out of the shadows.

Brian Rentfro: What the hell?!

Jon McDaniel: I thought he was rehabbing!

Lucious Starr walks down the entrance ramp, greeting fans as red and purple pyros light the entrance ramp. He slowly makes his way to the ring, Eric Emerson announcing this unexpected guest.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the Rampage ring, the Fury of Hades, Lucious Starr!!

Lucious enters the ring, shaking Eric's hand. Eric passes him the mic, exiting the ring. Lucious takes a moment to take everything in, slowly moving the mic to his lips as he begins.

Lucious Starr: I'm going to do my best to make this short and sweet. Tonight, I intend on watching the matches of my Spirit of '76 opponents, Riona Langly and Johnny Maverick.

Brian Rentfro: Is he seriously going to act like he's going to be involved in the World Championship match?

Jon McDaniel: Why not? He earned it the last round, and let's face it, he IS the reason Laura Estella is no longer the World Champion.

Lucious Starr: I know what many of you, including our General Manager, is thinking right now. But allow me to explain. You see, even losing to Laura Estella at Out Of Control, I was the one responsible for putting her out of action. I took Laura to her limits, I took her to the walls, and I was the one who was able to come back to the active roster. I did what I said I would: I promised to leave Out Of Control as World Champion or make sure Laura couldn't. And guess what... just like I always do, I kept my promise. I walked out without the title, but I made sure that Laura wasn't walking at all. Now, I'm sure you're wonde...

Just as to be expected, Fear of Dying by Jack Off Jill cuts him off. It doesn't last long though as Lisa steps out to the stage, microphone already in hand.

Lisa Seldon: Well look, if it isn't Luscious Starr, the very man who, just a week ago scored a shocking upset by losing to Spyke Gein. Come now to deliver us from the apparent mediocrity of our main event scene, to somewhere much much lower.

Starr stands with his hands on his hips and waits her out.

Lisa Seldon: And how could I refuse, after your last shot at the title, hell, every shot at the title has gone so well.

Lucious Starr: Lisa, let's cut the crap. You and I both know that, "coincidences" aside, I am the reason Laura Estella is no longer champion. We also know that had she not had you in her corner, I might be champion right now, being that the referee would have ended that match much sooner. But let's look at the business side of this match.

Lisa Seldon: Business side? Please, how would letting you run the main event scene even further into the ground than you already have, do anything for business.

Lucious Starr: Think about it, Lisa. Lucious Starr, the biggest name in wrestling today.

This garnishes a pop from the crowd, to which Lucious grins.

Lucious Starr: Johnny Maverick, the man who's so busy posing for magazines that his win-loss record is irrelevant at this point. And then... there's Riona.

Lisa Seldon: Massive dyke as she is, lets not pretend she isn't at least above average.

Lucious Starr: Oh, no, Lisa. I agree fully with you. But as we all know, I have not, to date, been able to topple Miss Langly in the ring. Which makes this a do-or-die match for me. You see, I'm willing to forego any missteps to the championship, any opportunity thrown my way, for as long as Riona is champion as long as I get the opportunity to prove myself against her. There is no one on the roster who has not been defeated by me aside from Riona, which is why this means so much. The World Championship, an opponent I have never defeated, and the event that sets everything in motion to be the match of the century. Riona Langly, Lucious Starr... Johnny Maverick... the Undisputed World's Heavyweight Championship. The ultimate match to determine the fate of the industry's most prized possession. I think, Mrs Seldon, that you will see things quite clearly in that light.

Lisa smiles to herself as she has a little think.

Lisa Seldon: No.

The crowd boo but before he can reply, Lisa snaps her fingers to cue someone up and, with a burst of static, his mic drops dead.

Lisa Seldon: Sorry about that, but I'm done listening to you. And I'm done entertaining the notion that, after your here and there at best performances over the past few weeks, you should be anywhere near the main event.

Lucious screams defiance in her direction but she's not really listening.

Lisa Seldon: No, I quite like my main event as it is. Not that I'm just going to cast you adrift. Next week you'll have a match and a topflight opponent. And if you can come out of that not looking like a buffoon, then we'll talk again. But right now, you're crowding up my ring, and we've got a show to run.

Lisa then drops her mic, gives him a wave and then leaves the scene before he can get another word in. The fans do their best to cheer him on, but he looks beside himself with rage.

Jon McDaniel: Well, looks like we wont be seeing him in the main event next week, but he will be in action, and with the mood he's in, I'd hate to be the guy they put him against.

Starr leans on the ropes and scowls as we cut to commercial.

Johnny Maverick vs Masakazu

Grudge Match

The two size each other up and loom around the ring in a tight circle, neither looking to be the first to make a mistake. Masa strikes first with an inside low kick to Maverick that wakes up the crowd. A second from Masa hits the point again but the Maverick answers with one of his own. Masa makes some distance for a second.

Masa then steps back in and kicks back an attempted kick from Maverick before catching him in his guard and landing a few knees. Masa then tries to pull Maverick down into a knee strike through his nose but Maverick gets up his arms to block and then pushes through to shake Masa off. Maverick then comes in with a high Roundhouse, forcing Masa into a block with his hands, and then a low sweep which Masa manages to jump.

What looked to be an altogether messy and bloody affair between these two warriors actually started out as a back and forth battle of skill as both men tried to out do the other standing up. Their similar styles meshed well and both were able to score striking combinations against one another that had the crowd on their feet.

As time wore on though, Masa’s temper started to get the better of him as Maverick’s altogether lackadaisical style started to get on his nerves. When things would start to get particularly rough between the two, Maverick would scores with a hair pull, paint brush or overly blatant thumb to the eye, all to get on Masakazu’s nerves. Seemingly it was starting to work, as Masa’s attacks began to get more furious as the fight wore on. This played right into Johnny’s hands and allowed him to control the pace of his frustrated opponent and eventually fight him to the mat.

Johnny then began to work the arm of his opponent in preparation for one of his finishers, scoring with holds and strikes where he could, and even managing to tie Masa up with a hanging Juji-Gatame in the ropes.

Masa could feel the match slipping away as Johnny brought him down in the centre with a Waka-Gatame in the centre and came close to tapping and fighting another day. However the will of a warrior is always strong and Masa was able to find the ropes and keep the match going.

It was now Johnny’s turn to feel a little hard done by as he angled for the finish off of the perfect Armbar. Masa picked this point to get back in the fight and tripped Johnny out of the Arm-Wringer and then scored with a few combinations to put Johnny into the ropes. Masa then picked the pace back up with a few pin point kicks, starting low and scoring three strikes up his left hand side, ending with a high kick to the head before he pulled him around and scored with a series of Inverted DDTs, his signature “From Japan with Love” combination.

The win was in sight as he pulled Johnny off the mat, but Johnny had a little left in him and managed to drive him back into the corner before connecting with a step up knee in the face. Not content just to win though, Johnny lined up and aimed with the Barrel Roll. Unfortunately, Johnny’s maiden voyage (not just a phrase but actually the first time he’s tried for it) ended with him crashing into the turnbuckle as Masakazu skipped up and out of the way. Masa then pulled Johnny out and hooked up his arms for the MasaDriver, but Johnny dropped out the back and then proceeded to kick up his legs and force Masa over into a Prawnhold. Johnny then leaned back into the ropes for extra leverage and let the referee count the three, much to the crowds chagrin.

On the count of three Johnny broke the hold and leapt through the ropes as Masa scrambled across the mat after him. Johnny seemed content to have gotten one over Masa, and left him with a cheery smile and a thumbs up as he passed through the curtain. Back in the ring, Masa accepted the cheers from the crowd, but looked furious none the less as he angled for a way to get back at him.

Winner: Johnny Maverick

Little Green Mean Machine

if you know what a mean, mr sheen

The camera jumps to lift and we immediately find ourselves backing up in front of Spyke Gein, who is currently tearing down the hallway at a fair pace. Meanwhile Johnny Maverick lags just a place behind, looking thoughtful and kinda beardy.

Spyke reaches a door and suddenly stops. Meanwhile Johnny gives it a look over and shakes his head.

Johnny Maverick: I think this is probably a bad idea man.

Spyke Gein: You only think that because all your ideas are bad and so it’s all you know. But this is me, and everything I do is great.

It’s the last we hear before they pass through the door and let it swing shut behind them. The camera closes in on a symbol, and it’s not very clear they’re in the female toilets. We’re quick to follow.

Spyke Gein: Besides, I’m the PWA’s hot new sensation. I mean you saw me knock out Starr in one hit, and I’d have gotten Kalis too if he hadn’t cheated. I mean, there was only supposed to be one of them there, not three!

Clearly he’s still a little upset as he pounds his fist on the countertop.

Spyke Gein: Clearly though, I’ve got all the moves.

Johnny Maverick: All one of them?

Spyke Gein: Yes! And it’s the most deadly move of all. And now I’m going to prove it by knocking out some random girl and getting some title shots, just like you did last week!

Johnny moves to correct him but Spyke holds up a hand to keep him back. The sound of flushing draws his attention and draws him closer to the stall. He then stalks into position, draws himself up and, as the door unlocks, leaps into action and destroys the person walking out with a huge Roundhouse Kick. The poor girl goes down in a heap and Spyke celebrates exactly like you would if you were in his shoes. Johnny moves in to examine the victim….

Johnny Maverick: Oh man.

And bursts into laughter; because unfortunately for Spyke, he just kicked out probably the last person he should.

Spyke Gein: What? What is it?

Johnny Maverick: You’re fucked.

Spyke Gein: Why, who is it?

Spyke looms in and starts to look a little pale. It’s a look that prompts us to follow, as we creep over his shoulder and find ourselves looking down on a very unconscious Lisa Seldon.

Johnny Maverick: You just knocked out your boss.

Spyke Gein: Ah shit! I told you this was a bad idea. Anyway, I got a match to get to, so you look after her and I'll get out of here.

Johnny offers to correct him but the little green blur is already a little green blur, and gone before he can even say a word. Instead then, Johnny decides to help Lisa off the floor, if only because he’d like to keep getting paid to break people’s arms.

Lisa Seldon: Who am I again?

Back on her feet but clearly not all there, we decide just to leave them to it.

Front Line II Turbo vs The Hoodie Ninjas (w/Spyke Gein)

?Tag Match?

Eric Emerson: This next match is scheduled for one fall and is a tag team match. Introducing first…

'Black Math' by The White Stripes kicks in as Spyke bursts out onto the stage. The little green blur stomps around and waves to the fans before throwing himself down the ramp before a large number of ninjas follow him down.

Eric Emerson: Accompanied by Spyke Gein and weighing in at… a lot, apparently. THE HOODIE NINJAS!

Two ninjas join Spyke in the ring while the rest disperse either under the ring or into the crowd. Clearly, there is a plot afoot.

Jon McDaniel: I guess we’re about to see some foul play.

Brian Rentfro: If this was Kalis, we’d call it the art of war and it would be tactical rather than cheating.

Eric Emerson: and their opponents…

The lights in the arena die down, leaving only an old fashioned, black and white film countdown on the ADC-Tron, the film flickering and a beep heard after every digit.

The octave drone at the start of Darkest Hour's "Convalescence" fills the arena as strobelights focus on the entrance curtain. A slide of the bass and a hit of the snare at the 13-second mark brings a spotlight onto the curtain, bringing the attention of all in the arena to the duo of Corey Lazarus and Hiro Takawa, with Gregory Price not too far behind.

Eric Emerson: Making their way to the ring at this time, weighing in at a combined 450 pounds, and being accompanied to the ring by Gregory Price...

Corey and Hiro slide under the bottom rope and into the ring, both flipping up to their feet simultaneously before going back-to-back, turning around slowly to face each side of the arena while Price calmly walks over to their corner on the outside.

Eric Emerson: ...the team of Hiro Takawa and Corey Lazarus... Hiro and Laz stop turning and rush to opposite corners, leaping up onto the second ropes and holding their fists high above their head. Eric Emerson: ...FRONTLINE II TURBO!! "Convalescence" dies down as both men hop down from the opposite corners, walking over to their assigned corner as they talk strategy.

Brian Rentfro: This should be fun.

Jon McDaniel: Something like that.

Hiro elects to start for his team while one faceless ninja leaves the other inside at Spyke’s command. On the sound of the bell the ninja rushes forward and runs right into his doom which comes by way of a high flying knee from Hiro that tears through the ninja and drops him flat out on the canvas. Spyke pounds on the canvas to encourage his man but it falls on deaf ears as he lays there totally still and dead to the world. Hiro turns to Corey Lazarus and recieves a shrug of the shoulders in reply, but their little conference leaves just enough time for Spyke to drag one ninja out by his foot and replace him with another.

Jon McDaniel: And so it begins.

Brian Rentfro: So what begins?

Jon McDaniel: The copious amounts of cheating we both knew we were in for.

Brian Rentfro: Oh right, yeah… that.

Hiro turns back to finish the job, only for this ninja to pop right back to his feet and rip off a few Martial-Arts kicks. Hiro looks a little confused but this doesn't stop him stepping into a mid level Roundhouse Kick and catching the man's leg. The ninja hops on one foot for a second as he plans his next move, but Hiro decides for him and sends the man through a spin. He then catches him from behind, hops up to his shoulders and destroys him with the Inverted Hurricanrana. Spyke looks beside himself.

Brian Rentfro: How long can he keep this pace up though?

Jon McDaniel: Against these guys, probably quite a while.

Hiro gets this second ninja back into the corner and begins to tag him with a few neat combos before the referee forces him to break off the man in the ropes. The referee backs him into the opposite corner and prompts a second change as Spyke hauls one ninja out of the ring while another comes through the crowd to take over. Hiro gets released and comes in for an Irish-Whip, but the fresh man manages to hit the ropes running and propel himself through a backflip off the ropes. Unfortunately, Hiro seems to have grasped the game and doesn't rush in, but waits for the man to land just in front of him before burying him with a release German Suplex.

Jon McDaniel: Well there go the ninjas… wearing them out I guess.

Brian Rentfro: Strength in numbers Jon.

The ninja tumbles through the ropes to the floor only to seemingly appear back on his feet and completely unhurt. This one jumps up to the apron and aims for a Springboard, but Hiro counters it by hitting the ropes just in front of him, causing the man to fall forward onto his shoulders. Hiro then steps to the centre of the ring, pivots and then swings the ninjas legs out behind him.

Brian Rentfro: Taka Nadare, coming up.

Hiro drags the man forward into the mat and snuffs him out, but decides not to waste his time with the cover and instead makes the tag to Lazarus.

Brian Rentfro: Here comes the fresh man.

Jon McDaniel: That would imply that Hiro had actually broken a sweat.

Corey doesn't enter the ring, but takes up position by the ropes in the centre while Hiro takes a new entrant out with a legsweep and then a high Roundhouse. This ninja goes to his back and Hiro hits the ropes for a moonsault just as Corey comes into the ring with a Somersault Legdrop, effectively ending this mans run for the night.

Jon McDaniel: And this has essentially devolved into an exhibition for the Frontline team.

Brian Rentfro: Least they've got some sweet moves.

Hiro and Corey get back to their feet, just in time for Hiro to take a ninja into the air with a backdrop before Corey plucks him out of the sky with a gruesome Sitout Powerbomb. This one seems out of it as well but Corey hauls him to his feet and then up to his shoulders while Hiro preps the second.

Brian Rentfro: Why aren't they making a change?

Jon McDaniel: Because they've already committed two men into the ring.

With one ninja on Coreys shoulders and the second staggered in the ring, Hiro leaps up to the ropes and then comes off with a Double Stomp, driving his heels into the carried man's spine before leaping off into a Hurricanrana onto the second, driving him into the mat and making him into a target as Corey stacks the second man on top of him with a Samoan Drop.

Corey rolls the top man off to Hiro and pins the second.



But the third man gets them as Spyke sweeps Corey's leg from the outside. Corey is livid but it's Hiro who gives chase around the outside. Spyke is off and running but Hiro catches up and would have had him around the third side of the ring were it not for an all new ninja that takes him out with a shoulder tackle and drives him into the guardrail.

Brian Rentfro: One of them just did something that worked!

Jon McDaniel: God help us all if they ever learn how to work.

With Hiro down this new ninja plops himself into the ring and staggers to his feet when Corey turns around. The Hollywood Kid doesn't fall and catches him around the head, but what he doesn't expect is for the man to burst out and score with a vicious knee into the gut.

Jon McDaniel: I think we might have a ringer here Brian.

The new more offensive ninja manages to rail off a second with a high knee strike that knocks Corey back into the centre of the ring. The ninja then throws himself back into the ropes but before he can make his attack, Hiro jumps back into the fray and knocks Corey out of the way. The ninja tries to nail Hiro instead but he ducks out of the way and catches the ninja in a rear Waistlock and forces him to the ropes for the Oklahoma Role.

Brian Rentfro: This new guy seems to have some nice striking abilities.

Jon McDaniel: Yeah… kinda familiar if you ask me.

Hiro propels the ninja to the ropes but he ducks down and drags Hiro with them, sending them both through the ropes and onto the floor. Corey dusts himself off and has a look, but he forgets about the third (if even) man in Spyke Gein, who catches him over the ropes with his Trademark High Velocity Roundhouse Kick to the back of the head. Corey staggers forward, and right into a Small Package from the ninja left in the ring.




Jon McDaniel: I can’t believe it!

Brian Rentfro: What an upset!

Spyke barrels into the ring and towards the winning ninja who throws open his arms. Spyke goes as far to push him out the way though as he rushes the turnbuckles and throws up his arms.

Jon McDaniel: What a maroon.

Brian Rentfro: It was a team effort Jon, and he was as big apart of that as anyone.

Corey sits up as Hiro rejoins him and both of them look absolutely baffled as they watch Spyke work the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: I can’t believe this idiot has managed to get over some of the top names in the PWA twice in a row.

Brian Rentfro: It’s the mark of a winner Jon. He’s got it.

Feeling a little hard done by, Corey and Hiro seem to have decided they’re not quite done for the day, and so Corey loads Spyke up onto his shoulders. Spyke flails his arms as he tries to get away, but Corey isn’t letting go as he steps into position. Meanwhile Hiro hops up onto the ropes, gets to his feet and then takes to the air. The crowd are in awe as he catches Spyke out of midair, twists and then buries him into the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: Back to the Future! And it seems only fair after everything they went through tonight.

Brian Rentfro: What are you talking about? They knew what they were getting into and they weren’t ready for it at all.

Jon McDaniel: They knew they were going to fight multiple ninjas, the outside man and a very obvious Johnny Maverick?

Brian Rentfro: You’re that sure it was Maverick, based off of two knee strikes?

Jon McDaniel: More based off the guy managing to do anything at all! The rest of these ninjas are just fodder.

Brian Rentfro: No Jon, they’re trained professionals.

Jon McDaniel: I think I’d like our chances against them.

Corey and Hiro get to their feet and hold their hands high for the cheer. Never the less, the match is lost, and despite finishing on a high, they leave defeated. With them gone a few ninjas return to help Spyke up who, despite being near unconscious, still manages to hold up an arm while being dragged from the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Well… I guess he’s the winner.

What's with all the Hype?

because don't believe the hype had already been done

The doors to the backstage area swing open, and in walk Simon Kalis, followed closely by Joshua Danielson. They are walking very slowly down the hall, and they seem to be discussing their respective matches later tonight.

Simon Kalis: You’ve got a golden opportunity before you tonight Joshua.

Joshua Danielson: Speak for yourself man. I’ve only got a contendership match tonight. After tonight, YOU’RE going to be the one with gold around your waist.

Joshua laughed as they continued walking.

Simon Kalis: Yes Joshua, but you seem to be doing exactly as Jethro told you to do last week, and that‘s always a good thing to do.

Joshua Danielson: Yes, but I do still regret losing my TV title to the likes of Matt Stone…

Simon Kalis: Look at it this way. You may have lost, but you put up one hell of a fight, and you defended that title like a champion should. I am proud of you, and you should be proud of yourself.

Simon put one hand on Joshua’s shoulder as they walked. Joshua looked down on the ground before stopping and looking at Kalis.

Joshua Danielson: If I may ask you something though Simon… What was with the reasoning behind Hype? You told me and the rest of the Order, but I never got WHY you were doing it.

Kalis took his hand off of Joshua’s shoulder.

Simon Kalis: Well... I've always worked under the pretexts of the Art of War, written by Sun Tzu a few hundred years ago. The book still holds merit today. Just as when, at the beginning of our tag team title reign Mas and I joined The Pantheon to destroy it from within it was an act of deception. That's one of the cornerstones of the art of war. Another is to defeat your enemy without firing a single shot...

Kalis looks at Joshua in the eyes and smirks.

Simon Kalis: Obviously in our line of work, that's not possible. You see the situation with me being suspended forced me to retake the mantle of Hype once more. I did it once before, long ago and it worked out well in the end. So I worked it until my suspension was removed last week. I could've gone on with the illusion, but I figured there was no point in continueing the game. I know I can and will defeat Matt Stone, and my path back to the World title will be set. The art of deception is the key to really getting what you want as far as your goals are concerned. It's never failed me, and sure I get the reputation of being untrustworthy to outsiders but those in The Order will always know my true intentions.

Simon began walking away as Joshua stayed where he was. Joshua put one hand behind his head and looked at the floor, before looking back up at Kalis.

Joshua Danielson: “I’m going to go and shower up and get ready for my match. Don’t get into any trouble sir!”

Joshua laughed before going serious. He stomped his right foot and threw out his arm in the Order of Chaos’ facist salute.

Joshua Danielson: “All hail…”

Simon Kalis: “The Order of Chaos…”

The camera cut to ringside to get ready for the next match.

Emily Corlen vs Cody Bogard

Intercontinental Title Contendership Match

The match started off with a bang as Corlen took down Bogard with a Russian leg sweep, sending the man to the canvas. Bogard quickly rebounded by duck and rolling himself to his feet, landing a roundhouse kick which sent Corlen bouncing off of the canvas. Corlen got back up and clotheslined Bogard but he bounced back up quickly, landing a flying lariat in response. The back and forth continued, with Corlen hitting a hurricanrana as she jumped off the top rope and executed the move to perfection. She went for the first pinfall but only got a 2 count as Bogard kicked out. Bogard got up, ducking an elbow chop from Emily Corlen as he then landed a Half Nelson Suplex on Corlen taking her down. Corlen doesn't relent as she counters immediately with an arm drag, flipping Bogard to the canvas and then dropping on him with a leg drop. Bogard rolled away and got to his feet dodging a drop kick from Corlen. He then came back and hit her with a cross body block to take her down. He covered but only got a 2 count. Corlen attempted the Crack To The Future next on Bogard but he reverses it, sending Corlen to the canvas scrambling. Corlen's up quickly but Bogard has her, Gemini Complex! Bogard pins and gets the 1, 2, 3 for the victory in this hard fought and close match.

Winner: Cody Bogard.

The Order and The Chaos

and your little green blur too

Knock. Knock. Knock.

The three open the door and all enter the office of one Lisa Seldon in a scene that is becoming quite commonplace for Rampage as Kalis, Masakazu and Maya take a seat before their General Manager.

Maya: Wow. I'm kind of upset now.

Lisa Seldon: Aw sweet, another Jr. Kalis Jr here to complain that, even on day one, she feels under used because she's not getting what she wants.

Maya: No, not that. I'm cool with that for now. I'm upset that you're fucking married to some dude. Shame, really. I can see good things with us babe.

Lisa Seldon: Awesome! As if enough people don't think I'm gay already!

Simon Kalis: Uh don't mind her.

Kalis kicks Maya's leg and smiles at Seldon. Maya looks at her father and rolls her eyes along with her head sarcastically.

Masakazu: Uhm yeah, my sister's a little edgy.

Maya: Edgy? Fuck you, you're the one who's all meditatively obtuse or whatever.

Simon Kalis: Shhh, both of you. We're here for a reason.

Lisa Seldon: There's a first.

Maya: He's always beating around the bush, that's what he called foreplay according my mom.

Simon Kalis: What the-

Maya: I'm here, I'm gonna tag with my bro.

Maya slaps her hand down on the desk and smiles sarcastically.

Maya: Tag title shot please!

Masakazu tries to hide his amusement as Kalis clears his throat somberly avoiding eye contact with Lisa Seldon.

Lisa Seldon: Is this thing serious?

Maya: What? Why the fuck not?

Simon Kalis: Wait... I have a proposition of my own, Mrs. Seldon. I'd like to ask you to allow me to be the special guest referee for the World Title match next week. I think you'll agree given Maverick's intense nature these days, this match needs a bit of an extra enforcement to ensure a good ending to the Spirit of '76.

Lisa Seldon: You had me at wait.

Maya seems disappointed.

Maya: What about me?

Lisa Seldon: You two are going to team?

Masakazu: That we are Mrs. Seldon.

Lisa Seldon: Fine, I'm sure we've got someone for you.

Maya smiles happily.

Maya: Whatever brings the blood curdling action to me Lisa!

Lisa Seldon: Great, you two get a match, this cripple gets to prance around in zebra striples and pretend he's important, all the Kalis' leave me alone for another week, it's a win all 'round. Now do your little...

The three stand up, stomping their right feet down and extending their right arms out.

Lisa Seldon: Wait!

They all suddenly stop in their places as Lisa's eyes dart to the open door. The camera pans right to follow her eyes and catches a little tuft of green hair just peaking by the door frame. Spyke realises he's been seen, and takes off running.

Lisa Seldon: Get back here you little green fuck!

And Lisa gives chase, leaping over her desk and off into the halls. The members of the Order of Chaos look a little confused, but they're already into the stance, and the cameras are still on.

Simon Kalis: All Hail!

Masakazu: The Order of Chaos!

Maya: ...Motherfucker!

They walk out and we fade...

The Phoenix vs Tai Tolium

Singles Match

Eric Emerson: Introducing first… he is a bonafide PWA Hall of Famer…. He is…


Thing of Beauty by Hothouse Flowers begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and green pyros flare from the ring posts. The Phoenix and the Smoking Leprechaun walk out to the entrance ramp and head to the ring.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent…. The number one contender to the PWA Grizzly Beer title…. TAI ‘Nitro’ Tolium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alert Alert Alert Alert!
Alert Alert Alert Alert!

All the heads turned to the entrance ramp as the big screen came to life, showing a digital countdown. With each 'Alert', the countdown went down one second. With the last alert, an explosion occurred on the screen, a shower of red sparks actually showering down from the bottom of the screen and briefly covering the entrance ramp. As the spark shower finally fizzled out, Tai 'Nitro' Tolium could be seen standing there, a cocky grin on his face, slowly moving down the ramp. He scooted over to one side and exchanged some high fives with the fans, scooting over to the other side slowly and doing the same thing.

Get up, get up, drop the bombshell!
Get up, get up, drop the bombshell!

Tolium reached the bottom of the ramp and paused, slowly pulling his sunglasses off. He casually glanced from side to side the tossed his sunglasses to some lucky member in the eastern side of the arena, the red lens flashing once off the light before disappearing into the sea of bodies. Tolium hauled himself onto the apron of the ring and slowly walked along it, his eyes looking out at the western side of the arena. He nodded briefly at someone in the audience then ducked down, swinging his leg nearest the ropes up so that it went over at the same time his upper body did. Tolium hauled his other leg through as he stood up to his full height inside the ring, staring straight out at the northern side of the arena as he grinned.

And I'm not the same...
I'm not the same...

The super heavyweight slowly pulled off his jacket, shaking it a couple of times before tossing it to a technician at ringside, the wrestler walking over to the north eastern turnbuckle. He pointed out at the fans, receiving a cheap pop from them before hopping around a bit, obviously waiting for the beginning of the match. As he started hopping, Bombshell slowly faded out, the audience's cheering slowly dying down in the process.

Eric Emerson climbs out of the ring and the cheers and chants of the crowd gradually fade to a dull roar. Referee Jason Sharownski steps into the center of the ring as the timekeeper rings the bell and the match is officially under way! As The Phoenix slowly comes toward the middle of the ring, Tai rushes out of the corner, running full-speed at Rob, catching him by surprise and immediately planting him to the canvas with a spear! A loud “OH!” rolls through the crowd as Tai quickly gains the mount position, pummeling Rob mercilessly with a series of punches to the head!

Brian Rentfro: Whoa! I didn't see that coming!

Jon McDaniel: Apparently, neither did Robinson!

In the ring, Tai slows his flurry of punches, taking his time as he lines them up, looking to do as much damage as possible. This gives Rob a chance. As Tai throws another punch, Rob is able to move his head just out of harm's reach. He reacts quickly, grabbing Tai's arm and twisting to the side, throwing his leg over Tai's head and locking in an armbar! Tai shouts in pain, but quickly moves to roll toward Rob in an effort to break the hold, but Rob's already clamping down on the hold. As referee Head hits the mat to watch for a submission, Tai kicks and writhes on the mat, trying to move toward the ropes, finally finding the bottom rope with his boot and the ref quickly steps in to break the men apart. The two men gain their feet and step back from each other, starting to slowly circle the ring. They lock up quickly, pushing each other around the ring as they vie for position. Tai sneaks in a swift knee to Rob's midsection, doubling him over. He grabs Rob's head and tights, planting him to the mat with a brutal snap suplex. He moves in to continue the assault, but Rob quickly rolls away and gains his feet. Tai continues his assault, wrapping his hands around Rob's throat and hoisting him into the air before throwing him to the canvas like a rag doll. He circles the ring, waiting for The Phoenix to gain his bearings. Just as Rob starts to sit up, Tai rushes up from behind him and kicks him in the back of the head. Rob rolls forward with the impact, sliding under the bottom rope and retreating to the outside of the ring. Tai starts to follow him, but decides against it, pacing the ring like a caged animal as the referee starts the count.



Jon McDaniel: Tai is making an excellent showing early in this match, sending The Phoenix to the outside of the ring to recover and get his game back together!

Brian Rentfro: He's just trying to take the easy way out! The ref needs to haul his ass back into the ring!



Outside the ring, Rob seems to have gained his bearings and slowly climbs the ring apron. Tai rushes forward, eager to continue the fight, but Rob hops off the apron back to the floor. Tai shouts at Rob in anger and steps back from the ropes. Rob slides into the ring and Tai launches himself toward The Phoenix, looking to take his head off with a clothesline! The Phoenix ducks at the last moment and Tai bounces off the ropes, running right into an elbow from Rob! The Phoenix doesn't waste any time, unloading on Tai with a series of right hands to soften him up before whipping him hard into the nearest turnbuckle. The thud of the impact echoes through the arena and Tai stumbles out of the corner, right into the hands of The Phoenix who plants him on the mat with a suplex! Rob quickly follows it up with a legdrop right across Tai's throat! Hooking the leg, Rob goes for the pin.



Tai gets his shoulder up, breaking the count. Rob gets to his feet and backs away slowly, allowing Tai to stand. The two men lock up in the center of the ring once more, but this time it's Rob who gets the upper hand, trapping Tai in a side headlock, pummeling him with punches as he drags him across the ring. He goes to plant Tai with a The Phoenix, but the Captain is able to shove him off at the last second and Rob drops to the canvas, landing on his tailbone! Rob holds his lower back in pain as he rolls on the mat, but Tai doesn't let up. He grabs Rob and hauls him up, pushing him into the corner. Shoving Rob into the turnbuckle, he unloads with a series of brutal chops. The smack of flesh on flesh sounds loudly with the assault and Rob falls to one knee, clutching his chest in pain. Tai hoists him onto the top rope, climbing after him, launching both of them into the air and planting Rob with a superplex! Rolling onto The Phoenix, Tai goes for the pin!



Rob gets his shoulder up, barely breaking the count. Tai goes to haul him up again, But Rob catches him by surprise, grabbing his foot and sweeping it from under him, planting Tai on his back. Rob scrambles to his feet, still holding Tai's leg as he looks for the Figure Four! But Tai is able to stop him, kicking out and nailing Rob in his lower back, knocking him away. Tai gets to his feet with a kip up, rushing forward and wrapping his arms around Rob's waist before he can turn around, hoisting him up and taking him down hard with a German Suplex! Holding the move, he tries for another pin!



Somehow, Rob is able to kick out of the pin attempt!

Jon McDaniel: This has been unbelievable, Brian! Tai is looking to make short work of Rob Robinson in his poor performance last week!

Brian Rentfro: He's come damn close, Jon!

Jon McDaniel: But the veteran's been able to hang in there like despite his Yoohoo addiction so far! Let's see if he can keep it going and pull out a win!

Brian Rentfro: I don't think so, Jon! I think Tai has this one in the bag!

Tai is standing across the ring from Rob, waiting for the PWA legend to get to his feet. Rob slowly stands, shaking his head in frustration. When Rob is on his feet, Tai comes forward and as Rob reaches out to lock up he kicks Rob in the gut, doubling him over. He drops Rob to his knees with an axehandle to the back, following it up with a brutal kick to the head! As Rob rolls on the mat, Tai jumps to the top rope, giving a salute to the crowd as they begin to cheer. Behind him, Rob has gotten back to his feet and is rushing forward in desperation, grabbing the Captain's tights. Tai answers the attack with a kick to Rob's face, knocking him back. Tai then leaps up for a Double Axe-Handle, but Robinson snatches him out of the air with a Clothesline that puts him on his back.

Brian Rentfro: What a counter from the PWA Legend.

Robinson waists no time in leaping up to the ropes, picking his target and scoring with a high leaping, picture Perfect Elbow Drop, right through the big mans chest.

Brian Rentfro: And now the Ashes! And just like that, The Phoenix is back!

Jon McDaniel: How quickly you jumped back onto the team.





Brian Rentfro: And he's done it again, just like I always knew he would.

Eric Emerson: Here is your winner... The Phoenix!

The referee tries to raise his arm but The Phoenix snatches it away and then storms out of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: He's getting out of here in a hurry.

Brian Rentfro: Well, after all the people who attacked him since he's return, can you blame him?

The Phoenix runs through the curtain and leaves us behind. The crowd cheer him on all the same.

Cowgirls Do Tell

Jon McDaniel: What a show so far!

Brian Rentfro: All we’re missing is our tag team champions…

Almost on cue ‘Cowboys From Hell’ begins to pound out the sound system as the arena begins to go nuts.

Brian Rentfro: I gotta try that more often!

Meghan Nash Strader and Tamika Nash Strader walk out from under the PWAtron, Tag Team Titles firmly clasped around their waists. Both girls have their trucker sunglasses on, black leather wrestling boots, blue jeans, and white cFh v.2 t-shirts. Meghan holds the infamous Playgirl magazine in her hand, as they walk down the rampway, slapping the hands of the fans.

Jon McDaniel: Wonder what the girls are doing here? Our esteemed General Manager gave them this week off.

Brian Rentfro: Who cares? We get to see the Strader sisters!

Meghan walks up the steps to the ring, and holds the middle rope down for her sister Tamika, and Meghan follows her inside. They stand proudly in the ring, holding their fists up. Eric Emerson hands both girls a microphone, as the music slowly dies down.

cFh: Hello *insert city name*, its good to see you have noticed we took this town over too!

‘C-f-H! C-F-H! C-F-H!’

Jon McDaniel: Great reception from the crowd tonight!

Brian Rentfro: Look at them!! I’m giving them a standing ovation!

Jon McDaniel: But you’re sitt---- oh God, this is a family show!

TNS: First off, I’d like to address my opponents in last week’s match, especially Mazakaz. All of you, minus Tai Tolium, put on a good effort, and really there was only one loser but on the other side of the coin there was only one winner as well. So Mazakaz, when it came down to it, you took the easy route to victory, by going after Tai, because let’s face it you know you can’t nor ever will pin me.

Jon McDaniel: A little bit of a sore loser?

Brian Rentfro: You heard her Jon, she wasn’t pinned.

TNS: You made a point that neither I, nor my sister has faced all the members of your Order of Bandits. I wasn’t speaking of the all time roster. I was speaking currently. Let’s see… we Cowgirls took out Hell and High Water, members of your Order. We took out Lucious Starr and Simon Kalis with a double pin. We then beat Jethro Hayes again with Danielson as his partner. All ended in wins. So really, the only Order member we haven’t had a decisive win over is you.

MNS: You can’t say anything about Hype, as the world and Matt Stone figured out who really was behind the mask. Either you played along, or you’re more of a fool then your father raised you to be. Good luck against Johnny Maverick tonight, you’re going to need it.

Jon McDaniel: They are right; the only one they don’t hold a true win over in this incarnation of The Order is Mazakazu.

Brian Rentfro: Let’s hope that will change sooner than later!

MNS: Speaking of Johnny Maverick, have you all had the opportunity to view this new issue of Playgirl?

Meghan holds up the Magazine for the crowd and you can hear the cat calls of the cougars, jailbait, and light in the loafer’s men. Meghan smiles out at the crowd as she flips it open and looks at the picture. She nods her head in approval and holds the magazine sideways as Maverick’s centerfold unravels in front of her. Both Meghan and Tamika move their glasses down and their eyes go wide.

TNS: I think Johnny might be the one who is half black here Mazakaz.

Meghan smiles for the crowd and tosses the magazine out towards a group of woman in the front row.

MNS: Really though, we didn’t come out here to talk about Maverick’s talent and junk, although maybe later…

Tamika punches her sister in the shoulder, and Meghan gives her head shake.

MNS: Anyways, we’re out here to issue a challenge to the PWA. We are sick and tired of waiting for the suits in head office to find tag teams for the PWA, to take us on. It’s getting pathetic. How many chances should Corey Lazarus get? How many new tag team partners does he need to realize he’s not getting his fingers on our gold?

The fans cheer both Lazarus and the Cowgirls.

TNS: After the Pay Per View, when we have retained our Tag Team championships, we are looking for any combination of wrestlers from the back. We are the second longest reigning PWA Tag Team Champions of this era, and are looking for a real challenge. Let’s face it; Front Line hasn’t proven they will be any trouble so they don’t even enter our current equation.

MNS: We’ve already proven we can beat the best men the PWA has had to offer us whether its tag team action, or my singles record. Marxx, Corey Lazarus, Jethro Hayes and Simon Kalis to name the ones that actually mean something. Can anyone back there dethrone us? Any two men, or women or whatever back there think they can round up the Cowgirls and take our titles?

Jon McDaniel: Strong words from our PWA Tag Team Champions!

Brian Rentfro: They just want a real challenge, and not what’s been put in front of him.

MNS: We anxiously await our next set of opponents, head office appointed or not, we’ll take to your limits and show what it’s like to lose to a set of female Strader’s.

TNS: The fans know we’ve already taken over this place, it’s time to show the rest of you.

cFh: We’re the Cowgirls From Hell, and we will leave you so broken, your only friend will be a bottle of vicadin.

Fade to commercial break on the sneering faces of the PWA Tag Team Champions.

Tricky Little Green Bastard

Spyke barrels down a hallway and right into a dead end with Lisa on his tail. He turns and finds her staring him down, but he’s got a smile for her.

Spyke Gein: You didn’t think I had a forgotten about a back up plan, did you?

Lisa sighs.

Lisa Seldon: The ninjas.

Spyke Gein: Yes, the ninjas!

And he snaps the fingers, prompting a number of faceless goons to appear from all the places faceless goons appear from. Unfortunately, as is the them of the night, they appear blindingly in effective and get crushed in a matter of seconds in a style reminiscent to anyone who had seen her in The Lost Gold of AJ Epic (available on Amazon). She puts one into a wall with a Straight Kick, catches a kick from another and shatters her knee with his elbow and then rips up a third by dragging him down into a Knee Strike. And if there were anymore they’d be all over her, but it’s been a rough day for ninjas thus far. Lisa turns back to Spyke unfortunately, he’s somewhere else entirely. Lisa looks a fair bit annoyed, mouths something about killing that little green bastard and then storms away.

Joshua Danielson vs Jacob Collins vs. Marco Dante

Grizzly Beer Title Contendership Match

The match started off a little slow, with all three men circling the ring and keeping an eye on one another. Collins jumpstarted the action by going for missile dropkick on Marco Dante, but Dante caught him by the legs, powerbombing Collins onto the canvas. Dante lifted him back up and threw him towards Danielson like a ragdoll. Danielson with a spinning heel kick on the falling Collins caught him awkwardly in the side of the neck. Dante powered through Danielson with a belly to belly suplex, taking him to the canvas. Dante with the pinfall got only a 1 count because Collins broke up the pin. Collins with a quick left hook hit Dante hard and then Danielson with a springboard enziguri kick took Dante to the canvas. Collins went for the pinfall and got a 2 count as Danielson came flying off the top rope with a frog splash landing on both Collins and Dante. Danielson covered Dante but got a 2 count as Collins broke it up. Collins and Danielson exchanged lefts and rights until Dante got up and double clotheslined both individuals to the canvas. Dante covers Collins but Danielson throws his arm over Collins as well out of instinct, and they both get the 3 count. After the confusion has settled, both Marco Dante and Joshua Danielson are declared victorious!

Winners: Marco Dante and Joshua Danielson

Evil Captain America

Johnny Maverick: It's unfortunate, it really is.

The scene fades in quickly as we see Maverick standing over Riona Langly once again. She's being held down by a number of hoodie ninjas, there must be at least a dozen who are all taking shots into her ribs and beating her senseless at the command of Johnny Maverick.

Johnny Maverick: This is a new day in the PWA, Riona. The old days are going to end when you end.

They seem to be in one of the expansive hallways in the arena as Maverick now lays a crushing blow to Riona's face, busting her lip open. A few hoodie ninjas force her to her feet and Maverick looks down on her with such disappointment.

Johnny Maverick: Things could have been so different had you listened.

The camera switches views for a moment as the hoodie ninjas bring Riona down again. Simon Kalis, Masakazu, Maya and Jethro Hayes turn the corner and begin running down the hall. The hoodie ninjas let go of Riona and immediately attack the three. Maverick begins laying in a few more blows to Riona's chest but she fights back now, sweeping him off of his feet and smashing his head against the cold cement floor. Kalis with a sweeping roundhouse kick clears out a few hoodie ninjas at once. Masakazu is giving out thrust kicks as each one comes and Maya brawls, fist for fist with every hoodie ninja that comes for her. Hayes plows through a few of them by charging them and slamming them against the wall. Maverick shakes his head and flees the area down the other way of the hall as the hoodie ninjas also begin to run away. Kalis and Masakazu clear out the remaining two as Maya extends her hand to Riona Langly.

Maya: You really do look like her, don't you?

Riona spits blood on the floor as Maya helps her to her feet.

Riona Langly: Thanks, but I didn't need your help Simon... Had it under control.

Kalis looks to her and nods, as she looks with disdain at Hayes.

Simon Kalis: I saw that, Riona.

He smirks and offers her a hand towel. Riona wipes the blood off of her face and picks up her PWA Intercontinental title from the floor.

Riona Langly: What's your game Simon? You know that Hayes is wrestling me tonight, why not, you know, let me get taken down so Jethro can get his victory and win all that respect he wants back.

Maya backs up and joins Masakazu in sending off the last two hoodie ninjas as Kalis shakes his head, Hayes steps forward.

Jethro Hayes: It's not how we do things, Riona.

Simon Kalis: He's right. It would've certainly helped us, but we are honor bound. Besides...

Kalis looks down at the cement floor.

Simon Kalis: You will always be considered a friend to The Order, even if you have disagreements with some of our member knights.

Riona rolls her eyes.

Riona Langly: Starr will always be Starr, you put a fresh coat of paint on the same car, it's still the same broken down car.

She seems to pause as she glances at Jethro, her eyes taking a brief moment of pity before going hard again.

Riona Langl: Jethro... I still can't trust him after what he did to me, I still want to hurt him for what he did. I know you forgave him, but you shouldn't of.

Hayes looks at Riona, a sense of disappointment in his eyes.

Jethro Hayes: I..

Simon Kalis: Don't worry friend.

Kalis turns back to Riona.

Simon Kalis: You will still lose tonight, Riona. But I wish you the best at the Spirit of '76...

Hayes looks at Riona once more before backing away and joining Maya and Masakazu in the hoodie ninja clean up.

Riona Langly: Simon, as I said, this is my fight, and I'll take Johnny out on my own... He broke the pact of the Warbound, he needs to pay dearly.

Kalis smirks, before stepping a foot closer and looking Riona directly in the eyes.

Simon Kalis: Even if you don't think you need it... I'll be there for you, Riona.

Kalis opens his arms for a hug, but Riona sighs a bit before backing up and walking away.

Riona Langly: No Simon, too many wounds...

She walks away and Kalis' arms fall to his side. Maya creeps up on him and jumps onto his back, laughing.

Maya: Maverick's pretty cute isn't he?

Kalis rolls his eyes as we fade....

Jethro Hayes vs Riona Langly ©

Intercontinental Title Match

On the sound of the bell Jethro stepped forward and offered out his hand for Riona to shake, only to take an open hand slap across the face. Jethro nodded like it was nothing more than what he expected and let the match begin.

Before he could get a hand on her though, Riona scored with a series of elbows from each side to back him into the ropes. She then went for the Irish-Whip but Jethro blocked it with one of his own and then settled in for a backdrop. One he got instead though was a foot between the eyes and an attempt for a Rolling Elbow that he just narrowly managed to avoid. Instead, Jethro scooped her up and splattered her with a Spinebuster. Jethro then settled into the task of wearing Riona down, even if she did seem intent on fighting him all the way.

With the fight dying out from Riona, Jethro put her down with the Snapmare and then hit the ropes for the knee, but Riona caught his leg on the rebound and then dragged him into a Half Crab which she chained into an STF. Jethro gritted his teeth and fought through the pain on his way to the ropes, but the damage was done and Riona had the edge once again. She then rushed for the finish, scoring with Elbow Strikes before baiting him into a rolling forearm that looked to score her the win, but Jethro remained too alive and forced her to look elsewhere for the finish. Too heavy to lift, Riona instead sized him up for the Whiplash, scoring with a few more strikes to get him ready.

Riona then leapt off for swinging DDT, but Jethro remained too strong, managing to catch her in midair and then hold his ground before tossing her up off his shoulder into the air, letting her fall head first toward the mat and into his arms in an amazing show of strength. He then jacked her up for the Planter, or at least attempted to as Riona dropped behind him into a Sunset Flip. Jethro rolled through it though and tried to score with a big kick on the upswing, but Riona let the foot pass her by and scored with a School Boy roll-up, turning over onto her back for extra leverage.

Hayes kicked out again though and sent Riona flying. The two then jumped back to their feet with Riona getting up first and aiming with a Clothesline. Jethro side stepped it though, as well as catching her arm with her own and swinging her up onto his shoulders. He then looked to crush her with a Samoan Drop, but Riona used the momentum to catch him on the jump, throwing her weight down and swinging him over into a Crucifix Bomb. Jethro landed hard on the back of his head and went out just long enough for Riona to score the three.

The crowd were on their feet for the two of them when they struggled back to their feet, Riona with her belt on her shoulder and Jethro with his hand out-stretched yet again. The crowd were pleading for her to accept it but, with barely a thought, Riona pushed passed him and off out of the ring. Riona then left up the ramp, never looking back, the crowd jeering her all the way.

Winner: Riona Langly

Hype vs Matt Stone ©

TV Title Match

Brian Rentfro: Well it's the moment of truth, isn't it?

Jon McDaniel: It would seem so, Brian. The PWA Television title hangs in the balance next, folks. Matt Stone versus Hype! Right now!

Eric Emerson: The following match is schedueled for one pinfall, and is for the Pioneer Wrestling Association Television Championship!

I came to play!

Matt Stone's theme can be heard in the arena and the crowd begins to show their dissapproval for the longest reigning Grizzly Beer champion in PWA history.

I came to play
There's a price to pay
Time for you to get down on your knees and pray
I came to pay
Say goodbye to the good old days
They're never coming back
Watch your future fade
I came to play
I came to play to get my dues paid
I guess you had a dream
But it cant be safe
I came to play!

Stone comes out of the back followed by Katrina who just looks happy to be there. Stone has an arrogant smirk on his face as he holds up the Wrestler of the Year trophy. He walks up to the camera, remarking 'Now the ratings go up'. Stone brushes past the cameraman now and heads to the ring, followed by Katrina.

I'm here to stay
Best get out of my way
I have come to play

Eric Emerson: "Introducing, accompanied to the ring by his personal interviewer Katrina, he weighs in at one hundred-ninety pounds, from Ottawa, Ontario Canada. He is the Wrestler of the Year, Matt Stone!"

I go inside this light
I see new life unfold
Each second I burn brighter
Your fire is going cold
You could try to beg for mercy
Go ahead and try to run
No escape and no redemption
Understand the ends begun

Standing in the ring now, Stone looks out at the crowd and raises his hands in the air, holding the trophy just as high as he can. He hands the trophy to Katrina on the outside of the ring and hits the ropes a few times in preparation for his match.

Eric Emerson: And introducing his opponent...
The hard bass to "Almost Famous" by Eminem begins to blare as the strobe lights pan the audience and Hype steps out from behind the curtains.

"You dream of trading places"
"I have been changing faces"
"You cannot fill these shoes"
"There is too much to lose"

Hype, dressed in all white from head to toe poses atop the entrance ramp with the Who's The Man?! 2010 Platinum championship to the cheers of the crowd.

"Wake up behind these trenches"
"You run around defenseless"
"There is too much to lose"
"You cannot fill these shoes"

Hype begins making his way down the ring clapping the hands of fans as he does so, removing the two ceremonial swords from his back and handing them to lucky fans before he hops up onto the apron.

"...but be careful what you wish for!"

Eric Emerson: Introducing, he hails from Montreal, Quebec Canada and stands in at 6 feet tall while weighing in at 180 pounds... The ultimate aspect of HYPE!

Hype goes to each turnbuckle and raises one arm in the air before backflipping off of the final one and throwing off the long sleeve gloves covering his hands and forearms, revealing the numerous tattoos across them. The crowd begins chanting "GLORIOUS" as Hype raises his hands in the middle of the ring. Matt Stone doesn't bother waiting and lunges at Hype, spearing him from behind into the corner causing Hype to hit his face on he turnbuckle.


Hype stumbles back confused as Stone rolls him up for the pinfall quickly!



Hype kicks out easily and rolls away from Stone, getting himself back to his feet.

Brian Rentfro: This is bullshit, Jon. Everyone knows that's Simon Kalis underneath that mask, why the charade?

Jon McDaniel: Don't ask me.

Matt stone kicks Hype in the back of the head hard and Hype stumbles to the canvas, dazed and confused. Stone bounces off the ropes and goes for a flying lariat as Hype gets to his feet but Hype throws himself forward, hitting a reverse thrust kick straight into Matt Stone's chin. The impact throws Stone to the canvas hard and Hype turns his body 180 degrees with his leg still outstretched before returning to a fighting stance. Matt Stone starts to get up and just as he does Hype jumps onto the top rope, springboarding himself off and nailing Stone in the head with a double enziguri kick which sends him spinning and onto his knees. Hype follows up quickly, putting him into a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring while Dwayne Cross now checks out the situation.

Brian Rentfro: Stone is going to destroy the imposter.

Jon McDaniel: You gotta admit Kalis, err I mean Hype really rebounded from the initial wave of attacks by Stone.

Brian Rentfro: And Stone will rebound from this.

Stone extends his arms, shaking his head trying to get out of the hold. He slaps Hype's arms but Hype, on one knee remains vicious as he pulls back and nods his head trying to put Matt Stone out. Stone starts pushing Hype up as he gets to his feet, sending a few shots with his elbows into Hype's possibly injured ribs. Hype releases the hold and stumbles back clutching his sides. Stone bounces off the ropes and Hype attempts a roundhouse kick which Matt Stone ducks. Stone behind Hype now grabs Hype from beneath his legs and hits a suplex sending Hype crashing hard on his neck against the canvas. Stone is up quickly and snaps a few quick kicks into the back of Hype's head. Stone picks Hype up by the head and irish whips him into the ropes and catches him with a corkscrew neck breaker. Hype winces on the canvas as he holds his neck, Stone obviously focusing on that part of his body. Hype crawls away but Stone grabs him by the leg and pulls him back into the middle of the ring. Stone with a sudden elbow drop right onto the back of Hype's neck before he locks him into a Sharpshooter submission hold.

Brian Rentfro: What'd I tell you? Matt Stone is dominating this match.

Jon McDaniel: Knowing who's under that mask Brian, I wouldn't dare say this is over.

Hype winces and grimaces as he shakes his head refusing to tap. Stone leans into it, applying significant pressure. Hype tries to push himself towards the ropes but as he gets close Stone relieves pressure only to pull him back into the middle of the ring with no escape. Hype's right hand starts to raise but instead of tapping he clinches his fist and puts both his hands on the canvas, pushing up. He screams clearly as Stone leans into it at the same time, creating immense pressure but Hype then rolls himself into himself snapping Stone forward. Hype quickly gains the balance and completes the sudden reversal, now locking Matt Stone into a sharpshooter to the cheers of the crowd. Hype starts thrashing his head as he pulls Matt Stone into the middle of the ring and uses his size advantadge to lean back even more than Stone himself could.

Brian Rentfro: I've never seen that before!

Jon McDaniel: Always the veteran tactician, what a reversal!

Hype releases the hold voluntarily and stumbles forward, falling to his knees and holding his lower back, obviously adversely effected by the move before. Hype shakes it off and gets to his feet as Matt Stone stays on the canvas a moment, catching his breath. Hype springboards himself off of the top rope and lands an asai moonsault onto Stone's back. Hype rolls away and gets to his feet now, pointing into the crowd as he removes the top of his little white ninja outfit. He chucks it into the crowd and slaps his chest, showing all of those famous tattoos. Stone is up and he rushes forward, Hype ducks but Stone immediately springboards himself off the middle rope and blindly puts out his elbow as he bounces back, catching Hype directly in the head. Hype falls to his knees, kneeling forward as Stone points to his head now smiling. Kneel Before Zod! Stone viciously kicks Hype in the side of his head, sending him to the canvas slumped over on his right side. Stone rips the mask off and spits into it, chucking it into the crowd. Kalis looks completely dazed as Stone falls to his knees and hooks both legs for the pin.






Stone jumps to his feet in disbelief as the crowd continues to chant. Stone climbs the turnbuckle and starts cussing into the crowd as Simon Kalis begins rising to his feet, stomping his feet on the canvas and nodding his head as the crowd continues to chant "GLORIOUS". The cheers are so defeaning Stone doesn't hear Kalis stomping his feet, and as Kalis salutes the crowd he rushes toward Matt Stone. Stone turns around while still standing on the middle turnbuckle only to get a headbutt right into his stomach. He keels forward and Simon Kalis climbs the turnbuckles with him, latching onto his tights and lifting him up and both men fly in the air as Kalis drops Stone into the center of the ring with a middle rope suplex. The crowd goes nuts and Kalis jumps to his feet and begins blowing kisses into the crowd. Kalis bounces off the ropes and drops down on Matt Stone with a leg drop over his throat, rolling away and getting back to his feet. Kalis kneels forward, his hands on his knees and with his eyes locked on Matt Stone now.

Brian Rentfro: What a big surprise. The snake reveals his true colors. The whole reason Stone's been focusing on his neck is because he knows to kill a snake you have to cut off it's head.

Jon McDaniel: I think this is proving to be one of the hardest fought Television title matches of all time, personally. And I'm loving every second of it!

Kalis watches as Matt Stone gets up and BANG! Remembrance hits Matt Stone squarely in the face sending spit and blood into the air. Stone wobbles a bit before hitting the canvas and Kalis hooks the leg for the pin.




Kalis sits up with his eyes wide open as he looks back at the now bloodied Matt Stone who spits back in his face. Kalis drives his elbow hard into Matt Stone's throat and hooks both legs this time, putting his feet out and using it as leverage as his body goes concave to apply tremendous pressure on the pin.




Kalis rolls away in disbelief as Matt Stone shakes his head, refusing to give up. Kalis is on his feet and he heads to the corner and begins removing the top turnbuckle. He chucks it aside and Matt Stone is already back up and behind Kalis. Stone smashes Kalis' face into the exposed turnbuckle but Kalis hits him with an elbow chop to the collar bone and gets himself back. Kalis jumps back, putting his feet on the middle ropes and springboarding himself up. He splits his legs as he lands on Stone he closes them up and Stone wobbles around with Kalis on his shoulders now. Kalis lays in a few lefts and rights and as he attempts a hurricanrana Stone runs forward and allows Kalis to fall forward. Stone with a face busting powerbomb into the exposed turnbuckle, Kalis hits his face right on it and snaps his head back awkwardly as he hits the canvas, himself a bloody mess now in an instant. Stone and Kalis both remain on the canvas now, breathing heavily with blood trickling down their faces.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah! Score one Matt Stone baby!

Jon McDaniel: These Canadians are not showing each other an ounce of mercy, and the crowd is loving every moment! What an incredible reversal by Stone, he really messed Kalis up with that move.

Stone is up on his feet first and as Kalis uses the ropes to get to his feet he's still incredibly dizzy. He turns around only to be met with the C-C-C-C-COMBOBREAKER! The fans boo loudly as Kalis hits the canvas in a bloody mess, Matt Stone hooking both legs and covering.



And Kalis shoots up an arm, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

Jon McDaniel: I can’t believe it, the Combo Breaker! And he’s still not out.

Matt Stone is all over the referee, pleading and screaming at him for a change in the count, but he was certain it was only two and the match goes on. Stone is distraught as he drags Kalis up for another Combo Breaker, but the Cult Hero refused to stay down and sent Stone back into the ropes. Stone hit them and rebounded right into a knee in the stomach and then a High-Roundhouse kick on the back of the head as he fell forward. Stone went to his knees.

Jon McDaniel: He won’t be denied!

Kalis points to the heavens as he drags Stone up, hooks his arms and then begins scoring with a barrage of Headbutts that send Stone to the ropes. Kalis the turns him around and forces him onto the ropes, but Stone fights back with a string of elbows that knock Kalis back. Kalis comes at him again but Stone drops off the ropes and lands behind him, before pushing him into the ropes and then dropping back with an Oklahoma Roll.



And again Kalis bursts from the cover, woozy but alive as he fights to his feet. The crowd explode as Kalis launches a knee into Stone’s face and puts him back to the ropes. Kalis charges him down for a Yakuza Kick, but Stone ducks out and hooks his arms from behind, pulling him into a Backslide.



Matt Stone kicks his feet up onto the ropes.



Eric Emerson: The winner of this match and STILL the PWA Television Champion.... MATT STONE!

Stone is handed the belt and has his hand raised, the crowd booing loudly. Kalis sits up shaking his head as he wipes the blood off of his face.

Brian Rentfro: What'd I tell ya? Stone's the greatest!

Jon McDaniel: Tell that to Kalis right now.

Stone continues to celebrate as Kalis rolls out of the ring and salutes him on his way back up the ramp, but with the one finger salute. Stone smiles as he holds up the Television title and responds in kind.

Jon McDaniel: Both men fought courageously but only one could win, and it’s just such a pity it had to happen like this.

Brian Rentfro: And the right one won!

Jon McDaniel: If you can call that a win.

Brian Rentfro: That’s what it’ll say in the history books.


Jon McDaniel: So, for all of us in the PWA, we'll see you next week for Sp-


We cut backstage, near the Gorilla Position, where we see that Johnny Maverick is backpeddling from someone. He's already got a cut below his eye, and he looks wild and unstable as he disappears through the curtain to the outside. The camera swings around, and there is Riona Langly, stalking Maverick with a barbed wire Singapore cane.


Brian Rentfro: Did you see her eyes Jon, they're REALLY scary right now. Maverick might not MAKE it to the PPV.

We cut back to the arena scene where Johnny Maverick is on the ramp, trying to escape from Riona. Seeing that this isn't going to be good for him, Matt Stone quickly rushes out of the ring, grabbing the TV Title and hoppng the barricade into the crowd. Simon Kalis looks on at the scene with a smile forming on his face as Maverick gets closer and closer to him. Riona suddenly flies out from the curtain, dropping the Singapore cane onto the ramp and spearing Maverick down, laying into him with elbow after elbow. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… Maverick manages to block the 6th and rolls Riona over, throwing some fierce punches of his own. 1, 2, 3… Maverick stops the assault and grabs a lock of Riona's hair to drag her to her feet. Kalis doesn't seem to mind the attack on Riona, knowing that she can take it... But, his attention is so rapt unto the fight, that he doesn't notice Spyke Gein coming out of the crowd and into the ring. Telling the crowd to shush, Gein aims just right and WHAM! ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE BACK OF SIMON'S HEAD! Simon tumbles over the top and to the floor, landing awkwardly as the effects of his match with Matt Stone become apparant.


Jon McDaniel: The man was just in a hellacious TV Title match, and Spyke has the element of surprise. A total lucky shot.

Brian Rentfro: A lucky shot that he's going to brag up and down to the world about.

Back on the ramp, Riona has regained control of the fight and is laying into Maverick with her patented knife edged chops. Leading Maverick to the ring, Riona goes to whip him into the steel steps, but Maverick reverses, but then Riona reverses again and Maverick goes flying, his knees bashing the steps as he takes a spectacular tumble over them. Riona quickly ducks the attempt at a roundhouse by Spyke and punches him right in the balls as his leg is in the air. The male half of the crowd jeers this move badly as Spyke rolls around the floor crying in pain. Riona looks to Kalis as he is still out and shakes her head just slightly before going back to the attack on Maverick, grabbing his face and smashing it into the barricade over and over again.

Brian Rentfro: Hey guys, save this for the PPV!

Jon McDaniel: I'm going to tell her you said that.

Brian Rentfro: I'll be good!

Jon McDaniel: Seriously, where's security, this is gonna get out of ha-

Jon McDaniel is shut up by florescent light tube that Riona has pulled out from underneath the ring... She measures Maverick up... SMASH! LIGHT TUBE TO THE FACE! Langly looks down at the Final Boss with smouldering hate as she tosses the remains of the light tube aside. Maverick's face is covered in bits of glass and cuts are evident all over him from the attack, but Riona doesn't seem to care as she grabs a loose handful of hair and begins to smash her knee into Maverick's face over and over again, causing the light wounds to blossom into a .4 Muta. She finally gets her fill of smashing Maverick's face in and pulls him over to the announce table. Rentfro and McDaniel clear the way as Riona elbows Maverick again, and goes under the ring, pulling out a steel chair.

Riona eyes up Maverick as goes for the kill, but Maverick manages to slither out just in time as Riona hits nothing but table. Riona drops the chair from the vibrations, and that's all the opening Johnny needs as he desperately kicks Riona in the gut and drives her hard into the floor with a DDT. Grabbing the chair himself, he places it under his legs and leaps off with a nasty double-leg drop to the back of the head. Tossing the dented chair into the ring, Maverick calls for Spyke to get his ass up! Spyke slowly rolls into the ring as Maverick slides Riona in. Picking up Riona tenderly, Spyke screams and rockets a roundhouse kick that hits the mark perfectly, causing Riona to slump to the mat as Maverick goes under the ring and pulls out one of Riona's specialties... a glass table! The crowd screams in horror as Johnny slides it into the ring while Spyke picks Riona up and drives her HARD into the steel with a Fisherman's Buster. Johnny kicks Riona off of the chair and points out Kalis getting to his feet, so Spyke rushes over and slides into home plate, and Simon's face, with a baseball slide! Spyke stands up, still shakily, and says "YOU GOT SERVED BITCH!"

Johnny, meanwhile, has Riona right where he wants her as he smacks her down to the mat once more with the steel chair right to the skull. Johnny's blood is dripping to the mat, while Riona is starting to bleed herself... Grabbing the glass table, Johnny sets it up in the middle of the ring, before pulling Riona up to a vertical base. She doesn't stay there long as Spyke and Johnny kick her in the gut at the same time, doubling her over. Maverick grabs Riona and hoists her for a powerbomb while Spyke jumps to the top rope... Maverick spins, holding Riona right above the table... THE LIGHTS GO OUT! Bodies seem to hit the mat, but no glass is shattered from the sounds of things in the ring. The lights seem to return, and LACEY GLORIA IS KICKING ASS! She's brandishing Riona's discarded Singapore cane and unloading with shot after shot after shot to Maverick's face, as Riona is slumped against the ropes, looking surprised at her friend's sudden appearance. Spyke gets to his feet, blood flowing on his chest from where Lacey must have hit him... WHACK, BARBED WIRE TO THE FACE! Lacey begins to scream at Maverick that he's sick and needs help...

Riona slowly gets to her feet and looks into the crowd, her spirits falling very quickly as we look around, where a veritable army of Hoodie Ninjas are storming the ring from the crowd. Grabbing the steel chair, Riona and Lacey stand back to back as the Ninjas surround the ring, nobody seeming to want to get in the ring with the two. It seems like about 300 or so of the Ninjas are out right now at ringside, some of them actually doing something by pulling Maverick and Spyke out of the ring, and others making it worse by putting the boots to Simon Kalis on the outside. Finally, after what seems like ages, 20 or so Ninjas slide into the ring and the fight is on! CRACK! Riona lays out a Ninja with a nasty chair shot and ducks as Lacey blasts one coming up from behind her. The two go to work, laying out Ninja after Ninja with shots to the head.

Just as it seems like the two have the upper-hand... Johnny and Spyke slide into the ring and the numbers game catches up with the duo. Lacey gets seperated from Riona and thrown into the corner HARD as Spyke and several Ninjas lay into her with stiff kicks that bring the Second Apostle to a seated position. Grabbing the steel chair, one of the Ninjas holds it in front of Gloria's face as Spyke rushes up, dropkicking it right into her skull. On the other side of the ring, it takes 5 Ninjas to hold Riona Langly back as Johnny lines her up and crushes her with one of Riona's own Roaring Elbows. Riona takes the blow like a champion, turning to Johnny and spitting blood into his face. There's a sick little smile there as he works his tounge around, licking the blood off her lips as he goes right in with the worst kind of attack possible... A kiss. Riona is stunned for just a moment as Maverick continues that evil little smile, telling her that he's finally gotten what he wants out of her... Well... maybe not. He goes in for another one, and Riona's foot flies up, smashing him in the nuts. She elbows the Ninjas around her, dropping them like flies as more come into the ring... This is impossible, there's no way she can fight them all off...


Marylin Manson's "The Fight Song" hits the PA and the crowd goes crazy as the remaining Order of Chaos rushes the ring... Jethro Hayes, Masakazu, Maya Kalis, Lucious Starr, and Joshua Danielson all come out as the ringside suddenly becomes a warzone!

Maya is the first to hit the ring, sliding through the carnage and laying into Ninja after Ninja with stiff shots that would make Riona smile if she wasn't too busy giving out Roaring Elbows to anybody wearing a black hood in sight. Pulling Lacey out of the corner that she was trapped in, the two girls look to a group of Ninjas on the outside and rush over the top, hitting stereo dives to the outside that take out a number of Ninjas. Kalis manages to finally get into the ring and pays Spyke back for his abuse as he pulls him up and WHAM, REMEMBERENCE RIGHT TO THE SKULL! Spyke is nearly out cold as Kalis turns and starts delivering more punishment to the Ninjas as they enter the ring. A JUMPING KNEE takes care of one Ninja as Kalis then slams another on the back of the neck with a chop as he lands on his feet. One of the Ninjas gets close to Kalis, but Riona quickly steps in, taking them out with a NASTY Spinning Backfist. The two stare off at each other, even with carnage surrounding them... And then quickly turn, delivering Reality Checks to each of the Ninjas about to attack them.

Suddenly, Maverick is back in the game as he rushes Kalis and hits him in the back with the BARREL ROLL! Kalis and Maverick each tumble out of the ring, and that leaves Riona completely alone with all of the Ninjas. Luckily for her, fighting the odds is Riona's specialty so IT'S CHOPS FOR EVERYONE! Ninjas fall left and right as Riona unloads on the crowd with her retard-strength knife-edge chops as a few Ninjas dive in and manage to grab her legs. Some of the Ninjas rush to take her down, but she manages to duck backbodydrop one of the Ninjas into a group of four looking to take her from behind. Quickly freeing his legs, Riona steps back and finds herself in the corner, completely surrounded. Gouging the eyes of the Ninja closest to him, Riona then nails a Ninja in the face with a Roaring Elbow, before kicking him backwards into the crowd, clearing a small path. One of the Ninjas sneaks up and springboards over the rope at her, but he's quickly taken care of as Riona catches him and uses the momentum to murder him with a sick spinebuster! The look in Riona's eyes causes some of the Ninjas to back up from her... Until she realizes that two of the Ninjas are behind her and they've unmasked... She turns around... BACKFIST FROM TAMIKA! JUMPING KNEE FROM MEGHAN! IT'S THE COWGIRLS FROM HELL! Riona doesn't even have a chance to think straight as they quickly position her just right... OVER AND OUT THROUGH THE GLASS TABLE! The Cowgirls stand over their father's rival with matching smirks, but suddenly find themselves turned around and in a fight with Maya and Masa!

Finally getting free of the Ninjas that got to him on the floor, Joshua Danielson doesn't stay in the ring too long as he slides in, runs to the ropes, and flips over the top with a FOSBERY FLOP INTO ANOTHER GROUP OF NINJAS! After getting to his feet, The Punisher quickly looks for higher ground as the Ninjas attempt to encircle him. Running around the ring, nailing Ninjas with kicks at every opprotunity, Joshua jumps onto the barricade and runs along it before leaping off and driving a Ninja into the floor with a Hurricanrana! Finding himself back to back with Lucious, the two Order members quickly fly into the fray. Shadow grabs a steel pipe from under the ring and starts to nail any Ninja that comes near him, his anger at being shot down by Lisa earlier in the night evident on his face. Grabbing the pipe and turning it in a reverse grip, Starr sees Spyke stirring on the outside and plows through Ninjas to almost decapitate Gein with a huge Lariat. Seeing Joshua ready to fly, Starr drops down and gives Danielson a boost as he hits a SHOOTING STAR ELBOW ONTO SPYKE! Danielson barely has any time to react as more Ninjas appear from the crowd, and him and Starr fly over the barrier into the crowd to meed them head on.

Getting to his feet on the outside and seeing his children in the ring getting the better of the Cowgirls, Simon turns and sees that he's got a loose circle of Ninjas around him as well... Grabbing a chair from ringside very calmly, Simon reaches into his pocket to pull out a cigarette, only to see that he is out... Looking at the Ninjas, he shakes his head before spinning and KNOCKING ONE THE FUCK OUT! Kalis begins to tear into some of the Ninjas around him, bending the chair right over one of the Ninja's head. Some more Ninjas try to rush Kalis, but he merely laughs as he fends them off like a knight fighting off a dragon, but naturally with his superior Muay Thai skills. Handing out many elbows and kicks, Kalis easily takes these Ninjas down, even as more seem to stream in, with there being about 300 or so out fighting or knocked out. Bodies are flying everywhere as Kalis continues the beating, picking up one of the Ninjas and using him as a battering ram as he blows through the circle, spearing the Ninja into the barricade. Kalis turns to the Ninjas and does the fascist salute before running into the fight once more, looking out in the corner of his eye as Jethro fights off Ninjas near the entrance ramp, him never really making it down to the ring.

Jethro finally busts through the hoarde that had surrounded him as soon as he made his way out, plowing through Ninjas like a man possessed, giving out lariats and shoulder-tackles like one wouldn't believe he was capable of. Getting into the ring just as the fight between the Dynasty and the Cowgirls slips to the outside, Jethro is barely able to get to the dazed Riona before Johnny Maverick slips into the ring and makes a swing with Riona's Singapore cane. Jethro manages to duck the swing and disarms Johnny with a simple punch to the face that drives the Final Boss into the ropes. Feeling the effects of the blood loss, Johnny is no match for Jethro's stength as he kicks him in the gut and looks to powerbomb him over the top and to the floor. Thankfully for Maverick, a relatively undamaged group of Ninjas manages to get in and clip Jethro's knees, causing him to drop the Boss.

Johnny gets to his feet and looks for Riona, only to find that she has gotten to her feet... ROARING ELBOW! Johnny staggers back into the ropes and hits them just right to tangle his arms up. Riona stalks Johnny, and grabs ahold of his face, looking at it oddly before she reaches back and SLAPS THE TASTE OUT OF JOHNNY'S FACE! The crack of the slap is heard even above the chaos at ringside, as Riona reaches into the pocket of her pants and pulls out... HOLY CRAP, IT'S THE RAILROAD SPIKE! Riona seems conflicted as she stares at the weapon of the First Apostle... but her eyes grow cold as she sees the Third staring at her with that crazed look on his face. Matching his, she holds the spike up... and is tackled from the side as 10 Ninjas come to their Master's rescue. Johnny looks at though his life has flashed before his eyes as the Ninjas untangle him from the ropes, but Riona isn't held for very long either as she starts spiking any Ninja she can get her hands on.

Out of the corner of her eye, she sees Jethro powerbombing a Ninja over the top and INTO THE CROWD. Jethro turns around and locks eyes with Riona for just one moment before he's tripped up and pulled to the floor by the Cowgirls from Hell. Riona seems conflicted to help her former friend, but the decision is made for her as more Ninjas flood into the ring to stop her from getting to Maverick as he slides to the outside. To his credit, Jethro is taking the barrage of attacks from the Cowgirls well, but it's not enough as Meghan hits My Friend of Mercy. However, for her, she's in just the right position as Lacey comes out of nowhere and slams her face into the mat with the Dysfunction! Lacey gets to her feet, but it's brief as Tamika whacks her in the back of the head with a roundhouse kick. Lacey goes down to her knees, and Tamika takes advantage, locking in the Suicide and Redemption while a circle of Ninjas around her keeps Masa and Maya from getting to her. However, the Ninjas don't expect it when Danielson comes flying off the barrier and OVER the Ninjas to take out Tamika with a spinning forearm. Josh gets to his feet, but Johnny comes from behind and plants him with the ABM to the floor!

Bodies, mostly Ninjas, are everywhere... Ninjas are being made mincemeat of by Riona and Kalis in the ring, Roaring Elbows and Muay Thai knees causing broken noses for most. The Cowgirls are back to their feet and fighting with Maya and Danielson, neither one getting an advantage but making a mess of things regardless. Spyke Gein is being PLANTED by Jethro Hayes through the announce table! Lacey and Masa are standing back to back, wielding Singapore canes as they crack Ninjas over and over again. Johnny is fighting Starr for the Perfect Armbar on the floor.

And up on the ramp, watching all of this with great satisfaction, is Lisa Seldon. She smiles at the carnage at ringside as the overrun fin-

Get Lost On The Hype

Backstage with Matt Stone after his thrilling upset win. He’s bloody and beaten, but there is still a title in his hands and a smile on his lips.

Lisa Seldon: I am Hype.

Lisa swans into the room with wide and vivid smile on her lips; he goes to move but he’s too worn down, and so he lets her say her piece.

Lisa Seldon: That was what was on the letter handed to me the first day I met Simon Kalis. I am Hype, and this was his big Fuck you to the Board of Directors who had put him on the shelf and kept him away from the prize he knew he deserved.

She paces the room, emphatically throwing her hands into every gesture.

Lisa Seldon: I am Hype and whether the BoD likes it or not, I will win that TV Title, shoot back to the top and force my way into the World Title picture.

She stops doead centre, and turns on her toe to face him again.

Lisa Seldon: So yeah, I knew it was him all along and I was perfectly happy to see him jump back to the top at your expense because I didn’t like you at all. Since I go back to the PWA, I’d seen you do nothing but half ass your way through promos and give even less in your matches, and the very idea of having to build shows around you on a weekly basis made me sick to my stomach.

She lowers down into him, but for what it’s worth he doesn’t seem all that bothered. Tired more than anything.

Lisa Seldon: I wanted you dead, buried and gone from my world by the end of the night, and yet here you are; another win under your belt and off on your back to the main event, just like you promised. And here I am; a changed and enlightened individual. Maybe Matt Stone isn’t a complete waste of space after all. Maybe he can actually be that top star he looked to become all those months ago.

She drops a hand to his shoulder as she pulls herself around to his side.

Lisa Seldon: And from now on, people are going to tell you cheated and stole a win from a better man. But they’re all just looking for an out, and they won’t ever be able to tell you that you, on the night, you didn’t deserve That you toppled a legend in this sport, one way or another, on your way back to the top.

A stiff pat on the shoulder for his work.

Lisa Seldon: Congratulations on your title shot man. You earned it.

She turns to walk away, but snaps her fingers and turns back.

Lisa Seldon: Oh, and by the way: get over me, I’m married.

The camera hangs over Matt Stone, and then cuts out to darkness.