World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

The American Scheme

Lisa for America

Well she did it, she got the set onto the set of the West Wing and now she’ll probably never leave, without being forcefully dragged. To put it in perspective, if the company were to fail right now and force her to be disbarred from ever competing again, she’d leave happily with just this memory.
She also got to meet Martin Sheen. Mary Louise Parker was busy but she sent her best wishes.
Rob Lowe did not get an invite; his second snubbing by a member of the PWA.
Lisa Seldon: Good evening my fellow Americans… immigrants with work visas… and of course the illegals!
There’s a sweet presidentially background riff accompanying her performance. Think strings and lots of them. She walks around the desk to bring herself closer to the camera.
Lisa Seldon: In my time in charge of this company, I’ve quickly come to realise that the PWA is in need of some change. With four singles titles between around twenty competitors, competition has struggled. The need to do well on a weekly basis has fallen away when a mere two wins gets a person back into contention, and stars who should be pushing the way forward, are being driven to settle.
She takes a step back and plops herself down on the desk.
Lisa Seldon: In short, the PWA is at risk of growing stale, and it is my duty to make sure that doesn’t happen.
She kicks her legs up and under her, because even the desk of President Barlet isn’t sacred.
Lisa Seldon: In two weeks time this company returns to Pay Per View with the Spirit of ’76, and by the end of the night, we will have an Intercontinental Champion and a Grizzly Beer Champion. For one of these titles, there will not be another.
She covers her mouth for dramatic effect and takes a space for the crowd to fill with oows and ahs like you know they will.
Lisa Seldon: So next week, we fill out our contenders, and for those of you lucky enough to earn those shots, I’d suggest you make the best of them, because the time of contender ships thrown at anyone with a win to their name is fast coming to a close.
There’s a little cheeky wink and a smile before our picture cuts away. Time to get on with the show.

Cody Bogard vs Marco Dante

Singles Match

The match started off quickly with both men going for offense off the bat. Bogard with a forearm smash forced Dante back momentarily, but Dante countered quickly with a hip toss sending Bogard to the canvas quickly. Bogard got back up quickly and hit a flying lariat which sent Dante into the corner. Bogard rushed forward but Dante moved out of the way quickly, forcing Bogard into the turnbuckle hard. Dante hits a reverse neckbreaker and quickly goes for the pin but Bogard kicked out at the one and a half mark. Bogard got himself to his feet quickly, rolling dodging a heavy clothesline from Dante. Bogard back up now laid out Dante with a springboard mule kick which sent the fans into a frenzy of camera flashes. Dante wasn't having any of it and as Bogard went for a hurricanrana, Dante reversed the move and powerbombed Cody Bogard into the canvas hard going for the pinfall once again. Cody Bogard kicked out at the two count and rose to his feet quickly. Dante attempted a body slam which Bogard got out of at the last second to counter with a facebuster. And as Dante got up, Cody Bogard unleashed Last Dread Dust on Marco Dante and hooked both legs for the 1, 2, 3. After the match Bogard shook hands with Dante out of respect and both men raised the others hands to the cheers of the crowd.

Winner: Cody Bogard

Order Out Of Chaos

The locker room door closes as the camera crew skirts in and gathered in what is probably the largest space availible in this arena, are all members of The Order of Chaos. They are all standing now, Joshua Danielson and Lucious Starr on one side with Jethro Hayes and Hype on the other as Masakazu stands at the far end facing towards Simon Kalis as they create a circle.

Simon Kalis: My brothers...

Kalis raises his hand and smiles, nodding as he looks into the eyes of each of them. Decked out in his military garb, it would appear he is ready for duty, yet beneath the camoflauge flak vest he's wearing we can clearly see his entire lower body has been wrapped up as if he'd been injured.

Simon Kalis: Everything we've each done as individuals has led us to this most opportune moment in time we now find ourselves in. It is a dangerous time, no doubt- but inherent in danger is the opportunity to better oneself.

Kalis clasps his hands behind his back, straightening out his posture.

Simon Kalis: I fear we've lost touch with one another, and this is one of the reasons I've called this meeting. I know not everything has gone the way we've wanted it to... Lucious.

Kalis nods to Starr who somberly nods back.

Simon Kalis: We'd all rather be standing here with Lucious Starr as our Undisputed World Champion right now. We'd also...

Kalis looks at Joshua Danielson and nods.

Simon Kalis: Rather be standing here with our PWA Television Champion, Joshua Danielson.

Kalis turns to Hayes and smiles.

Simon Kalis: Gladly I say we needn't worry about the presence of Matthew Engel, most certainly you played a major role to this effect Jethro. I wouldn't say for us to take pleasure in the unfortunate events that had befallen poor Matthew, but most certainly his loss to Jethro at Who's The Man?! lead him to this end... Even before this, all of his actions led to his downfall and peril and I would remind all of you to not feel sorrow for this man, he needn't our empathy. He made his choice, as have we. As have you, Masakazu.

Masakazu lowers his head.

Simon Kalis: You've been forgiven your trespasses, not by my own doing but by the doing of the brothers that encircle you Mas. It is obvious that while Engel himself has been removed indefinitely, his influence and corruption remains strong and well in the hearts and minds of those who followed his descent to darkness. I am of course referring to Johnny Maverick.

Kalis observes the reactions of each of the men present.

Simon Kalis: He believed he could destroy our newest brother, my nephew by marriage, Hype.

Kalis winks over at Hype who softly nods, clutching his side.

Simon Kalis: Not even an army can stop us, gentlemen. Not even an army of five hundred men can take even ONE of us down!

Kalis raises his hand, index finger pointed upward and a distinctly confident smile over his face as he looks across the room.

Simon Kalis: Most of us here, are veterans of the war with The Pantheon... To the two of you who are not, consider yourselves lucky to have been spared the horror that entire situation was.

He looks to Danielson and Hype who acknowledge the comment with a nod.

Simon Kalis: Those of us who did, however... It took a part of our very beings that we will never get back in order to have won such a battle. Yet the evil and tainted legacy lives in through men like Johnny Maverick and...

Kalis lowers his hand and head, taking a deep breath as he shuts his eyes hard.

Simon Kalis: I thought he was a friend. I thought he'd be standing here amongst us right now along with Jacob Figgins. I... I thought a lot of things would be different at this fork in time, gentlemen. I didn't think I'd be standing here, disgraced by my own foolish actions...

Jethro Hayes steps up in dissention to that last comment, but Kalis nods in acknowledgement.

Simon Kalis: I know you may not feel that way, but the world certainly does- as do I. As does this company which sought to suspend me indefintely. Another reason I asked you all to gather here with me this evening... I'm here to tell you that my suspension was lifted this morning.

All of them begin to smile and clap, and Kalis does smile as well but he shakes his head as well to the confusion of his brothers.

Simon Kalis: However I will not be returning to action anytime soon.

The disappointment sweeps the room.

Simon Kalis: But what I do is not important, because this gathering isn't about me. It's about us, and what we are going to do together. You may recall that the reason I'd asked each of you, individually, to join The Order was my belief that the PWA needed a guard. An elite group of individuals selected for the merits of their character and skill to protect this company from any threats to her existence. For while there has been a great power vacuum left in The Pantheon's wake to this day... We have not sought to selfishly claim reign over everyone else.

Kalis smirks, shaking his head as he chuckles.

Simon Kalis: No, we will not change course now... Somewhat. We are not here to command the entire PWA. I am not even here to command any of you. I said long ago that we are all here as equals, and each of us is a vital component to this unit- none greater or lesser than the other. For we are the sum of our parts, not the individual. That is why I am asking you all now if you understand what all of this means, and if you wish to remain a member of this Order...

Kalis pauses as the weight of this suggesstion settles in amongst the other five men.

Simon Kalis: Each of you are aware of the war I have waged since my suspension, unknown to others or even the fans and only known to the Board of Directors and our General Manager. It is deceptive, most probably dishonorable in the eyes of a few... I make no bones about this, and will not apologize for anything I've done. I know you've had issues with Winnie over this, Lucious... I know some may look at you differently in respect to the rest of us, Danielson... Hayes, you've always been a leader in my eyes. Masakazu, Hype... You are both bound to me by family heritage but not bound to obey me or follow me...

Kalis clears his throat as he takes a cigarette out from behind his ear and lights it. He takes a drag and then continues.

Simon Kalis: I fear for this company, the PWA. I fear for it's very life, gentlemen. For what we are now beginning to see is the sincere lack of commitment by the sum of it's parts. For while certain individuals may maintain a high work ethic and status for themselves, and there are certainly up starts who are rising... I sense a sincere lack of commitment which is merely the beginning of the end. The PWA is growing stale and stagnant, and we must correct this course. We must do this, by any means necassary.

Kalis takes another drag off of his cigarette and nods to all of them.

Simon Kalis: By any means necassary, gentlemen. We may not have the luxury of being the quiet protectors, unified by our admiration and respect for each other any more. I've realized that whether we claim it or not, we have filled the power vacuum left by the Pantheon... And we grow stale and stagnant along with the PWA itself. This spells disaster for us all, even pathetic men like Blake Witcroft and fools like Johnny Maverick are in danger of their own incompetance destroying us all. The Cowgirls maintain a hold on power simply because Masakazu and I haven't had the pleasure of showing them a true tag team.

Kalis winks at Masakazu who nods in favor.

Simon Kalis: Riona Langly... What can I say about her? Her goals have always been intertwined with ours whether she realizes this or not, and if she does, she will never admit such. Always stubborn, always a lone wolf amonst the many packs howling for her blood. I say to all of you, gentlemen. It is time I believe to say that all of these men and women have done one thing to the PWA... They have stained it with mediocrity and the pestulence of their very nature. This is a pest we are tasked to remove, gentlemen. I would say the only two worthy of our respect are Laura Estella and Matt Stone. I know it is difficult Starr, but she defeated the both of us in one on one combat and this is worthy of our admiration. Stone defeated you Danielson, and while he is a howling bafoon he did accomplish something I thought nearly improbable for him.

Kalis flicks some ash away, and lowers his head slightly.

Simon Kalis: We must take charge of the PWA. We must set things right, and complete the healing process. It may sound like I am saying we each need a title to target, but I am not. Jethro, you are going to face SNS and this will do wonderous things for the PWA. Win or lose, but I'll side with win, this will be great for this company. You've always understood the need to protect this gem we all call home. You are the Hero the people look up to more than anyone else, even now. Even after everything that has happened.

Kalis looks to Lucious Starr.

Simon Kalis: You are also a hero, Lucious. You give the people hope, because no matter how much the world tries to hold you down you're always fighting back and standing up for yourself. You never give up, you never quit Lucious. This is why I admire you so much, and why I know your destiny is to be a glorious World Champion one day.

Kalis smiles as he looks to Joshua Danielson now.

Simon Kalis: I know that losing that title was heart breaking, Joshua. But do not lose focus my friend, do not forget who you are and what you repersent. I mean, let's be honest... You're probably not the most intimidating wrestler out there given your relatively short stature, but that doesn't change just how incredibly talented and gifted you are. Everytime you go out there, everytime you lace those boots up there are millions upon millions of kids adoring and idolizing you. Because those kids get told they're too small for sports, that they'll never make it... And if they dream of being football players or hockey players or even wrestlers... They can look at you, Joshua. And they can say he made it. He's talented, he might be small but god damn does he rock. They see you as their example and that is more important than just one match. The PWA has not seen the best of you yet my friend, and you know this. We all know this.

Kalis looks around now, and stops at Masakazu.

Simon Kalis: You, like Hayes, are an example of redemption Masakazu. Except with Hayes it was a fake turn, you... I know you wouldn't have brought Maya out and beaten her senseless on live television if you'd been faking. I find it difficult to forgive you, but I have. You remind people that there is always hope, no matter how far someone has fallen into the depths of depravity reserved for only the worst of this society. You're so young, son, and I'm so proud... You're nowhere even near your prime and you've already done so much.

Kalis now turns his attention, finally to Hype.

Simon Kalis: We all know what you had to endure and the fact you're even standing here now is a testament to your willpower, Hype.

Kalis turns to focus on everyone once more.

Simon Kalis: So...

Jethro steps forward, holding up a hand to let everyone know that he has something to say.

Jethro Hayes: Simon, I respect everyone here in this meeting.

He pauses for a breath, gathering the words he wants to say.

Jethro Hayes: While your words sting me.

He nods, knowing that what he is fixing to say is the truth.

Jethro Hayes: I know them to be true. The action hasn't changed for it is still as great as it was before I started here in the PWA, but those fans need more than just great wrestling action.

He points out to the inside of the arena, where the crowd is.

Jethro Hayes: They need a story to follow, something to make the matches mean more to them, and I am going to do the best I can to bring them that.

He lowers his hand, turning to each member as he speaks.

Jethro Hayes: Joshua, you are one of the fastest risers in the PWA, you bring high impact action to the ring but I believe that you lack focus.

He holds up a hand, forstalling Joshua's retort.

Jethro Hayes: I don't say this to hurt you, but from my own experience. You are capable of being PWA World Champion, but I feel that you are a little young right now in this federation to gain that. If I may give you a little more advice, I'd go after the supposed next highest belt in the Grizzly Beer belt so that you can show your growing as well as your ability to step up your game.

He nods to Joshua.

Jethro Hayes: I believe in you Joshua, even if no one else does, but it doesn't matter if we all believe in you.

He turns his head to Simon before turning back to Joshua.

Jethro Hayes: You must believe in yourself most of all.

He shakes Joshua's hand. Jethro turns to Lucious Starr.

Jethro Hayes: A man that I have faced numerous times and a man that I respect as well.

Jethro nods to Lucious.

Jethro Hayes: Starr, you are Main Event talent and very capable of challenging for the PWA World Title, so if I were you... I'd go for it. Do you have a right to put your name into the hat for the other challenger?

He stares right into Starr's face.

Jethro Hayes: I believe that you do, should you step up and take that challenge... I'd train, train, and when your muscles are buring for rest... lift that one more weight, run that one more mile, curl that one more arm curl.

He stares at Starr still.

Jethro Hayes: You can do it Starr, I see the drive and determination in you, so go out there and earn that shot, challenge for that shot, and win that belt Starr.

Starr nods and Jethro turns to Hype.

Jethro Hayes: I'm sorry that this has happened to you Hype, but I'm glad that you sacrificed yourself to make sure that this guy right here could go on and continue."

He sticks out a hand, shaking Hype's.

Jethro Hayes: It shows guts, it shows conviction, and that is the recipe for growing character. I don't know a whole heck of a lot about you, but from what I do know... I like.

He turns to Masakaz.

Jethro Hayes: Masa.

He shrugs while smiling.

Jethro Hayes: To leave the fold of Engel, whether from a fake turn or a real one... isn't an easy thing to do. He takes being made a fool of very seriously But, I am proud of you sir and look forward to being cohorts or whatever you'd call it for a long time to come. You've got what it takes to go far and now that the disease is out of your system, you'll shine bright.

He shakes his hand before turning to Simon.

Jethro Hayes: Fearless leader? Equal compadre? Or just plain old friend, it doesn't matter how I address you because the respect and adoration is still there. Joshua and myself did what we could to defeat The Cowgirls From Hell, but in the end it just wasn't meant to be. Perhaps it is because we could never get together and train.

He shrugs.

Jethro Hayes: I'm not sure. But a bit of a warning Simon, these are a team that needs to be taken seriously, the Straders are not a family to take lightly in this business and Scott has taught all of his talent to his daughters. Be weary, but be vigilant.

He nods to Simon and Masakaz.

Jethro Hayes: Meanwhile, I am going to face off against the Phoenix again and see if there is anymore things I can learn from that Wil E Coyote type of wrestler. But there is one more thing that needs to be addressed.

He looks at Starr.

Jethro Hayes: I said that you were capable of being World Champion, and I believe that. So don't think that I am going to talk to Ms. Seldon about being the other challenger, because I have to go after Riona.

They all look shocked, Jethro turns back to Simon.

Jethro Hayes: I have to, I disrespected her with the turn, I must challenge her. She is one of the toughest people I've ever faced in the PWA and I have to face her before I can face SNS, with her feelings towards me, she will hold nothing back and probably bring more to that table than anyone else in the PWA.

Jethro steps back. The men let what Hayes has said sink in for a moment, and Joshua Danielson steps up forward.

Joshua Danielson: If I may speak, I don’t have much to say, but I feel it’s important for me to say it. Since the beginning, I’ve been down. I’ve been dedicated to the cause from the very beginning. From the very moment you brought me into the Order, I’ve been shedding blood for this. When the Cowgirls from Hell and Laura Estella beat me down backstage, yeah, I could have called it quits in the Order, but I didn’t. I’m not one for quitting what I’ve got myself into, so I’m not about to do it now. Whatever it takes to get the job done, I’m in.

Joshua nods as he steps back, and all the men look around at each with belief in one another. Hype clears his throat and steps forward, unsheating his sword and placing it down on the ground.

Hype: You're the one who trained me and made me what I am, Uncle Simon. You know where I stand.

Hype looks around and nods to everyone.

Hype: My sword, is with all of you.

Hype sheathes the sword and bows before everyone before stepping back. Masakazu nods and steps forward, lowering his head.

Masakazu: I know you guys don't have any reason to trust me...

All of them shake their head.

Simon Kalis: Don't be ashamed. Look in our eyes as you speak, Mas.

Kalis smiles lovingly as Masakazu looks up and nods.

Masakazu: I'm probably the youngest guy here and it's intimidating at times, you know? Having a dad like the dad I have, having the friends like you guys that I have... I forgot for a moment who I was, and in selfishness I tried to usurp something I hadn't earned. But I realize now we all have to earn everything we get, and that nothing is going to be given to us. I fell to the whispers of a snake and ate the forbidden fruit sorta speaking... I'm sorry. I'm sorry to all of you, because I knew why my father wanted to invite you all to this Order. It's sacred, it has been since the evening it was formed over five years ago.

He pauses, clearing his throat and looking around at everyone in the room.

Masakazu: This Order is everything to my father and I. It is his legacy more than anything, and even though he'll say we are all equals and brothers I know he has risked many things by inviting you all into this fold. There is a great legacy that has been built on his blood and others, and he knows if it were tarnished his brothers would come for him... Even though he didn't speak of it to me, I know this is one of the reasons he has called this meeting. So everyone is clear, that we all know what we're doing here. We are guardians, more than anything. We are guardians of this sport, and this company. The elite of the elite, the top of the top and the best of the best from every aspect of this sport is standing here in this room. This is not by destiny, but by design that we are all standing in this room here together tonight.

Masakazu smiles.

Masakazu: We are the best, make no mistake gentlemen. And it's an honor to stand here next to all of you tonight.

He nods and steps back now. Starr smirks as he steps forward now to speak.

Lucious Starr: You know where I stand, Simon.

Everyone nods in agreement now as Simon Kalis steps forward one more time.

Simon Kalis: So let it be known to all, gentlemen. Just exactly who we are, and what we stand for.

Kalis stomps his foot and extends his right arm forward in the fascist Order of Chaos salute.

Simon Kalis: All Hail...

Everyone else salutes as well, their hands all pointed toward their united center.

Simon Kalis: The Order of Chaos.

The camera cuts as we fade to ringside now...

Jon McDaniel: Wow...

Brian Rentfro: Zzzzz... Uh, huh?! Huh? Wha? Is it over now?

Jon McDaniel: Psssh, stop acting Brian. You were as rivetted by that meeting as everyone here was.

Brian Rentfro: I'm going to be rivetted by the explaination that Mrs. Seldon gives for ever allowing them that much air time in one slot!

Emily Corlen vs Tamika Strader vs Tai Tolium vs Masakaz

Fatal Four-Way

The arena lights slowly dim as the opening riffs ‘She’s Got Balls’ by AC/DC begins to play over the sound system. The arena flickers silver lights to the beat of the drums. Smoke slowly fills the entrance way, as Bon Scott’s voice fills the crowd’s ears.

She's got style that woman
Makes me smile that woman
She's got spunk that woman
Funk that woman

Eric Emerson: Introducing one half of the PWA Tag Team Champions of the World….

Tamika steps through the smoke, PWA Tag Team Title around her waist, as she struts out to the beat of the song.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at one hundred and thirty five pounds, residing in Los Angeles, California…

She's got speed my babe
Got what I need my babe
She's got the ability
To make a man outta me

She stops at the bottom of the ramp, unclasping her title and holds it up high in the air for the fans as they cheer on.

Eric Emerson: Tamika… Nash… STTTTTRADERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

But most important of all
Let me tell you
My lady's got balls
She's got balls

Pyro’s shoot up the ramp way with three large fire blasts with each resounding ‘She’s Got Balls’. Tamika sneers, as she slides under the bottom rope. She holds her hand in the air with the title before handing it to the referee.

The lights in the arena cut to black and the opening chords of "Through the Fire and Flames" by Dragonforce begin as green strobe lights start flashing at a frantic pace. As the crowd cheers, the stage erupts in flames and "The Emerald Phoenix" Emily Corlen slowly rises up through the stage, grinning, her arms outstretched akin to wings.

On a cold winter morning in a time before the light
In flames of death's eternal reign we ride towards the fight
When the darkness has fallen down and the times are tough alright
The sound of evil laughter falls around the world tonight

The flames on the stage subside and the strobe lights slow down as Emily begins making her way down the ramp. By the time she reaches ringside, the strobe lights have completely stopped and green spotlights have begun swirling around the crowd and ring.

Fighting hard fighting on for the steel through the wastelands evermore
The scattered souls will feel the hell bodies wasted on the shores
On the blackest plains in hell's domain we watch them as they go
In fire and pain now once again we know

Emily slowly makes her way around the ring, reaching out to the fans and nodding. After making her way around the ring once, she hoists herself onto the apron and enters the ring through the first and second ropes.

So now we fly ever free, we're free before the thunderstorm
On towards the wilderness our quest carries on
Far beyond the sundown, far beyond the moonlight
Deep inside our hearts and all our souls

Emily makes her way to all four corners of the ring, climbing up each and stretching her arms out like wings. After the fourth corner, she removes her cape and hands it to the referee.

So far away we wait for the day
For the light source so wasted and gone
We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days
Through the fire and the flames we carry on

As the lights return to normal and the music fades, Emily slowly paces around the canvas, glancing out to the crowd and smiling.

Alert Alert Alert Alert!
Alert Alert Alert Alert!

All the heads turned to the entrance ramp as the big screen came to life, showing a digital countdown. With each 'Alert', the countdown went down one second. With the last alert, an explosion occurred on the screen, a shower of red sparks actually showering down from the bottom of the screen and briefly covering the entrance ramp. As the spark shower finally fizzled out, Tai 'Nitro' Tolium could be seen standing there, a cocky grin on his face, slowly moving down the ramp. He scooted over to one side and exchanged some high fives with the fans, scooting over to the other side slowly and doing the same thing.

Get up, get up, drop the bombshell!
Get up, get up, drop the bombshell!

Tolium reached the bottom of the ramp and paused, slowly pulling his sunglasses off. He casually glanced from side to side the tossed his sunglasses to some lucky member in the eastern side of the arena, the red lens flashing once off the light before disappearing into the sea of bodies. Tolium hauled himself onto the apron of the ring and slowly walked along it, his eyes looking out at the western side of the arena. He nodded briefly at someone in the audience then ducked down, swinging his leg nearest the ropes up so that it went over at the same time his upper body did. Tolium hauled his other leg through as he stood up to his full height inside the ring, staring straight out at the northern side of the arena as he grinned.

And I'm not the same...
I'm not the same...

The super heavyweight slowly pulled off his jacket, shaking it a couple of times before tossing it to a technician at ringside, the wrestler walking over to the north eastern turnbuckle. He pointed out at the fans, receiving a cheap pop from them before hopping around a bit, obviously waiting for the beginning of the match. As he started hopping, Bombshell slowly faded out, the audience's cheering slowly dying down in the process.

Brian Rentfro: We've still got two mre entrances, I hate four-ways.. unless...

Jon McDaniel: Just stop right there.

Suddenly, a hard techno bass begins to play over the sound systems as the arena lights darken.

"We are... THE PRODIGY"

The lights turn back on as "Invaders Must Die(The Great Remix)" by Prodigy begins to blast and Masakazu comes out from the behind the curtain, his fists and feet wrapped in ceremonial rope which he displays fully to the cheering crowd.

Eric Emerson: Introducing, he weighs in at 190 pounds and stands in at 5 feet and 11 inches tall...

Masakazu raises his arms in the air and tilts his head back as the fans cheer his approach.

Eric Emerson: He is Masakazu!

Masakazu begins making his way down to the ring clapping the hands of fans as he passes them by.

"Invaders... MUST DIE"
(All Hail The Order!)
"Invaders... MUST DIE"
(All Hail The Chaos!)
"Invaders... MUST DIE"
(All Hail The Order!)
"Invaders... MUST DIE"
(All Hail The Chaos!)

Masakazu raises his arms up in the middle of the ring basking in the love of the crowd as he waits for the match to start.

Ding Ding

Tamika wastes no time in attacking, not the other woman in the match, but in going after the biggest person in the contest, Ty Tolium. Tamika springs up, slamming the sole of her boot right into Ty's face sending him stumbling backwards. Tamika drops on one knee as she tugs at his wrist sending him running across the ring. Tamika runs, rolling on the canvas, springing back up to deliver a roundhouse kick that sends Ty over the top rope to the outside. Tamika is up on the top turnbuckle, diving over with a corkscrew dive onto the rising Ty Tolium. Meanwhile, Masakazu ducks under a clothesline attempt from Emily slamming the heel of his boot into the lower portion of her back. Emily slams face first into the turnbuckle, spinning around and here comes Masakazu. Emily aims for another clothesline, but Masakazu ducks under this one as well, but his face meets the well placed knee of Emily and he drops on one knee. Emily runs up the knee, toe kick to his temple lays him flat on the mat.

Brian Rentfro: Fast paced action here Jon.

Jon McDaniel: I can't keep up with it all.

Tamika pulls Ty back up to his feet, but the closed fist to her midsection catches her off-guard. A neckbreaker sends her on the floor and Ty rolls back into the ring, having taken out Tamika for a bit. Emily has Masa in the corner, delivering a stinging chop to his chest that draws a "Woooo" from the crowd. Here comes Emily with another chop, but here comes Ty with a boot into her back slamming her into Masakazu. Emily falls back, Ty lifts her up onto his shoulders in a reverse fireman's carry. Masakaz leaps up top, diving over Ty and Emily, flipping to bring Ty's throat across his shoulders in a three quarter facelock into a stunner.

Jon McDaniel: Holy snizzle Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Like him or hate him, that is some amazing athleticism.

Emily falls on Ty's back, quickly rolling to her feet, her back to the ropes. Tamika flips herself over the rope, reverse hurricanrana with a spin launches Emily towards the other side of the ring. Tamika spins back up to her feet, but here comes Masakazu with a scissoring kick that Tamika ducks under. Tamika catches Masakazu's legs on either side of her head, spinning around.

Jon McDaniel: Sit out spinebuster to Masakazu!

Brian Rentfro: What impact, you'd think they were heavyweights!

Tamika makes a cover.



Ty slams his large kneecap right into Tamika's head rocking her to the side and breaking up the pin. Tamika rolls up to her feet, Ty slams her back with a clothesline. A big boot to the gut doubles her over and he lifts her onto his right shoulder. Running powerslam takes Tamika out for the mean time. Here comes Emily into the scurmish though as she flies from the middle rope with an elbow that catches Ty by surprise. Stumbling back, Ty uses the momentum to bounce into and off of the ropes. Emily gets back up to her feet, running train smash sends her crashing backwards into a roll up pin from Masakazu!




Ty drops an elbow onto Masakazu's neck breaking up that pin.

Brian Rentfro: That was a close one.

Jon McDaniel: The action is all over the place here in this contest.

Ty lifts Masakazu up, airplan spin toss sends him into the rising Tamika, sending her back down. Emily gets up, Ty slams a meaty forearm down on her back sending her back to one knee. Ty aims for another forearm, but Emily sweeps his legs out from under him, much in the way Booker T does his Spinarooni. Ty falls down, his head slamming into the heel of Tamika's boot. Emily rolls the leg over as she makes a pin attempt.



Tamika is having none of it, female unity or not, she stomps down on Emily's face, stopping the count.

Brian Rentfro: No female comradary in this match.

Jon McDaniel: Tamika wants to prove that she can be a successful singles wrestler just like Meghan.

Tamika pulls Emily off of Ty, slamming her back with a stiff forearm shot to the face and completing the combo with a elbow right to the mouth. Emily stumbles back into the corner, Tamika charges in. Emily ducks down, but Tamika changes by leaping up top, flipping backwards, double foot stomp to the bent over Emily's back sends her face first into the canvas. Tamika pulls Emily up, stands her in the corner, Tamika uses her left and right shin bones to kick at Emily's ribs, softening her up and weakening her for later in the match. Here comes Masakazu, but he is going after the much larger Ty Tolium. Masa lifts the big man up to his feet, series of kicks to the shins, knees, thighs and one particular vicious one sends him down on one knee. Tamika flies over, Shining Wizard takes Ty down, before Masa has a chance to complete the move. He looks over to Tamika, who is waving at Masa as to say "Thanks for the present." Masa goes after Tamika, wanting to eliminate what he might feel to be the biggest threat. Emily crawls over, not one to look a gift horse in the mouth and covers Ty.



The back of Tamika slams down on the pin after a vertical suplex from Masakazu; the pin is broken up. Masa in the ropes, baseball slide into Tamika's face rolls her off the duo of Emily and Ty. Masa off the ropes again, this time in air as Tamika launches herself up from one knee to slam her left shoulder right into Masa's solarplexes. Masa goes down, holding at his chest and trying to breath fully. Tamika spins around, here comes Emily into the fight. Tamika ducks under, raising up quickly with Emily on her shoulders in a fireman's carry. Tamika spins around, Ty launches himself with a shoulder block right into Tamika's gut with such impact that he flips the two of them over his shoulder and into center ring. The impact causes Tamika to slam into Emily, knocking the wind out of both women and the referee sees a pinning position.



Ty drops an elbow to break it up.

Jon McDaniel: No one is safe here!

Brian Rentfro: Will it ever end, no one is giving the other a chance.

With both girls down, Tai gets a hold of Tamika and dumps her through the ropes and to the floor. Tai then grabs Emily, wrapping two huge fists around her throat and dragging her to her feet. Tai then dead lifts her off the mat and lets her hang and flail in the air.
Brian Rentfro: Tai Tolium looking for that Nuclear Explosion.
With his attention on Emily however, Tai loses sight of Masakazu, allowing him to land a stiff straight kick into the back of Tai’s leg, causing it to buckle and him to drop Emily into the corner. Tai goes to a knee, allowing Masakazu to land kicks all across the big man’s frame before arching his leg up and bringing it in hard on the back of Tai’s head with an arching Roundhouse. The blow is jarring but Tai stands up and right into another choke bomb.
Jon McDaniel: Masakazu threw everything into that kick, but it hasn’t fazed him at all!
Brian Rentfro: If anything, now he’s just mad.
Tai gets him up but Masakazu swings his legs up around the big mans waist and pulls in tight, allowing him to score with a set of palm strikes to each side and force the big man to let go. From a seated position on the top-rope, Emily took her chance to return the favour, leaping off and scoring with the Lungblower as Tai stumbled back.
Brian Rentfro: Crack to the Future! That’s such an awful name.
Jon McDaniel: Awful but effect as Tai is on rubber legs.
Tai bounces off and falls forward but Emily doesn’t get a chance to capitalise as Tamika sweeps the leg and then drags her to the outside to break up any pin attempt. The two then grapple on the outside, giving Masakazu all the room he needs to rip through him with a set off knees, dropping Tai’s jaw and putting him out across the mat.
Jon McDaniel: A precision Martial-Arts strike from Masakazu as he catches Tai wonder and scores with the Muay Thai High!
Masakuza waists no time and drops forward into the cover.
And both Emily and Tamika shoot for the pin just a moment too late.
Jon McDaniel: And Masakazu scores a big win here to get himself back on track.
Brian Rentfro: Against a number one contender no less. Gotta think this will go a long way to get him into contention.

Eric Emerson: Here is your winner... Masakazu

Masakazu bounds to his feet and into the ropes to celebrate with his fans. Emily and Tamika share a few heated words but it doesn’t come to anything and both go their separate ways, leaving Masakazu to celebrate.

Game Face

Suuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey sends the crowd to their feet, yelling at the top of their lungs as their own home grown wrestler comes from the back. The music of Korpiklaani is drowned out by the yells, cheers, and hog calls from the Georgians in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia. Jethro stands at the top of the ramp, staring at the crowd, his head moving from side to side. Jethro nods his head in appreciation and places his hands out to one side of the ramp slapping hands before doing the same to the other side; giving each side ample opportunity to touch a wrestler. Jethro steps flat footed onto the ring apron before leaning back, holding onto the top rope and giving an extremely loud hog call.

Jethro Hayes: Suuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!

The crowd responds, as they do, Jethro steps between the top and middle ropes, heading towards the side where Eric Emerson holds out a microphone for him.


The crowd cheers even louder.

Jethro Hayes: I've had some home cookin' (big pop), caught a Braves game (bigger pop), but... Damn! It feels good to be home! (Biggest pop yet!)

Jethro smiles as he turns from side to side, taking in the entire crowd.

Jethro Hayes: Come on, get on your feet!

The crowd, who haven't sat down yet yell even louder, some even getting in their seats to stand taller.

Jethro Hayes: Ya'll enjoying the action so far?!

They are and they are showing it, he nods.

Jethro Hayes: Alright... alright... but it is time to get down to a bit of business here and a challenge that I need to make. Later tonight I face The Phoenix and I need what whits God gave me to hopefully pull out a win over him.

The crowd gives a kind chuckle as their cheering dies down.

Jethro Hayes: So, with that said, I need to get this one particular thing off my chest, remove it from my shoulders, and get the worry of it out of my head.

Jethro nods as he paces.

Jethro Hayes: I had a friend a long time ago.

He continues the pacing, looking from the big screen to the crowd and back again.

Jethro Hayes: A person that I trusted.

Same thing.

Jethro Hayes: Someone that I respected and I knew respected me back.

He continues doing much of the same, getting into the role.

Jethro Hayes: But while I am not known for my smarts, I have been known to do a few stupid things in my time...

He tries to think where to go and what to say.

Jethro Hayes: Not so long ago, I screwed this person over and made her think I didn't trust her. I did and still do trust her, but nevertheless, I did accidentally disrespect her.

He shakes his head, becoming agitated at himself.

Jethro Hayes: And that was never my intention because not only did I trust her, respect her, but I looked up to her for what she has done, was doing, and will do. I looked up to her as a mentor because of her talent, her technical ability, and her determination to overcome the odds in this business packed mainly with males.

He squares his shoulders, facing the entrance ramp.

Jethro Hayes: I need to face her to ask for her forgiveness and to try and earn her respect back. But more importantly, with the match between SNS and myself coming up, I know that she knows how to beat him, the weaknesses that he has... but more importantly than all that...

He just stares at the black curtain.

Jethro Hayes: I know that she knows mine. I know that she will push me as hard as anyone back there, taking no prisoners on the way, and bending every joint until it breaks if I don't have the smarts to submit. She will work me to death if I don't give up. She'll continually beat me down if I don't stay down for the count of three.

He continues the stare.

Jethro Hayes: Riona Langly! I challenge you to a match next week on Rampage. Title or no title, it doesn't matter to me... but I need to face you as an opponent, as an equal, and at the very least... a former friend...

Jethro lowers the microphone, his head, and the crowd hushes waiting to see if Riona's music will hit. Unfortunately what he gets instead is Fear of Dying by Jack of Jill; the particularly loud and blaring calling of your fancy new GM. She quickly bounds out to the stage.
Lisa Seldon: Oh, sorry dude, wrong chick. See, Riona kinda got her ass kicked last week so I doubt she’s gonna get here to chat. You know, with all the bleeding, but it’s cool, I can cover her side anyway.
Jethro leans forward into the ropes and settles in.
Lisa Seldon: Essentially, she’s going to tell you that she doesn’t want to fight you right now, because you broke her heart and betrayed her and she doesn’t want anything to do with you and yadda yadda yadda.
Lisa smiles and quirks her head.
Lisa Seldon: But whatever man, I think she’s a dick and I’m on your side, and so next week you’re going to be you and her for the Intercontinental Title.
The crowd explodes (not literally).
Lisa Seldon: So have fun with that. I mean, she wont, so I guess someone has to.
Lisa then turns, drops the mic on the stage for a massive ring of feedback and then walks off the stage; leaving Jethro scratching his head.
Jon McDaniel: Well it’s not quite the response he wanted, but he’s getting somewhere.
Brian Rentfro: and you know Riona isn’t going to like having this thrown at her just one week before she’s supposed to be fighting for the World Championship.
Jon McDaniel: There are certainly going to be some fireworks next week Brian.
Brian Rentfro: And I can’t wait.

Spyke Gein vs Luscious Starr

Singles Match

The camera returns to the ring to find Spyke Gein already in place and dropping kicks on the turnbuckle pads as he waits to begin.
Eric Emerson: and his opponent…
The arena is dimmed until only a single beam of light shines on the center of the entrance ramp. The PWA-tron lights up, showing a countdown on the screen. As the countdown begins, one hears the voice of a young child.

(5) Now I lay me down to sleep
(4) I pray the Lord my soul to keep
(3) And if I die before I wake
(2) I pray the Lord my soul to take

The final line during the countdown is spoken by a grown man, running chills down the spines of those watching.

(1) May God have mercy on your soul...

The opening chords to Soundgarden's "Fell on Black Days" begin to play through the arena, a figure making his way onto the ramp. He begins to reach skyward, the anticipation growing. As his fingers touch, pyros shoot from all sides forming a star above his head. Lucious looks to the ring, slowly dropping his arms to his side.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in tonight at two hundred and sixty-three pounds...

Lucious walks down the ramp, his eyes fixed on the ring. He reaches out, allowing his hand to touch those of some nearby fans, as he slowly walks down the entrance to the arena.

Whatsoever I've feared has come to life
And Whatsoever I've fought off became my life
Just when everyday seemed to greet me with a smile
Sunspots have faded
Now I'm doing time
Now I'm doing time
Cause I fell on black days
I fell on Black days

Eric Emerson: He is the Beta Warrior of the Pioneer Wrestling Association...

Whomsoever I've cured I've sickened now
Whomsoever I've cradled I've put you down
I'm a search light soul they say
But I can't see it in the night
I'm only faking when I get it right
When I get it right
Cause I fell on black days
I fell on Black days
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate

So what you wanted to see good has made you blind
And what you wanted to be yours has made it mine
So don't you lock up something that you wanted to see fly
Hands are for shaking
No, not tying
No, not tying

Lucious stops at the bottom of the ramp, turning his head to each side. He shoots into the ring, sliding to the center as he pushes himself up. He looks to Eric, who nods to the star.

Eric Emerson: He is... Lucious Starr!!

I sure don't mind a change
I sure don't mind a change
Yeah, I said sure dont mind, I sure dont mind the change
I sure dont mind the change
Cos I fell on black days
I fell on black days
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate
How would I know
That this could be my fate
If you dont mind the change

Lucious starts to the northwest corner, raising one arm to the sky. The fans roar in adulation, the Fury of Hades taking it all in. He drops to the mat, turning to ring center, his eyes fixed on the mat.
Brian Rentfro: Well folks, this one is going to be… well… it’s going to be something I’m sure.
Jon McDaniel: My thoughts exactly Brian.
At the sound of the bell Starr immediately pounces and puts Spyke on the canvas with a hard Clothesline. Spyke then gets up and walks right into a Football Tackle that drives him all the way back into the corner. The wind is driven from his lungs before his jaw is shattered with an Elbow strike. Spyke then staggers forward and right into a Belly-to-Belly Suplex that sends him all the way across the ring.
Brian Rentfro: This is going as I figured.
Jon McDaniel: Pretty much.
Spyke struggles to get off the mat but Starr pins him down with a few stomps before pulling him off the mat by his hair and then blasting him in the chest with a right hand that crumples him into the ropes. Starr looks to move in and finish him off but the referee forces the break, giving Spyke time to get himself out of the ropes.
Brian Rentfro: Apparently the referee wants him to get roughed up a little more before the finish.
Spyke steps forward, looking a little tentative now as he offers up a hand for a test of strength. Starr accepts it but he only gets one as Spyke drops the hand and rips off a Roundhouse Kick, blasting Starr between the eyes. It seems to stop Starr in his tracks and for a moment there’s nothing… and then very slowly he starts to keel over.
Jon McDaniel: What?
Brian Rentfro: You’re kidding me.
Spyke moves in for a follow up but the referee gets in the way. He then drops down to check on the man and after a few seconds he calls for the bell. Spyke can’t believe his luck and apparently neither can the fans who are stunned into silence.
Brian Rentfro: So… when he talked about how awesome this kick of his was.
Jon McDaniel: I guess he wasn’t joking.
Spyke celebrates like anyone would when they topple a man with all of one shot while the referee attends to the man on the mat. It takes a well for the fans to register what just happened.
Jon McDaniel: Well I guess this just goes to show that, in this sport, anything really can happen.
Brian Rentfro: I thought it showed that, above everything else in life, never let a man kick you in the face.
Spyke leaps into the center of the ring and reels off a few more Martial-Arts kicks for your viewing pleasure before we cut from the scene. Somewhere, right now, Laura Estella is very happy.

More Like Scott Nash Tantrum

We’re backstage and we all see Bud Adams looking for someone. He’s on the prowl, peaking in some of the dressing rooms. The look on his face tells us he’s reached his destination. He adjusts his tie, clears his throat and knocks on the slightly open door. The fans erupt as they are greeted by the smiling face of the one and only Scott Nash Strader. He’s the SNS we remember with the biker boots, blue jeans and leather jacket. Although he is not wearing any MC colors.

Bud Adams: Scott, welcome back to the PWA!

SNS: First off Bud, I’m not back in the PWA.

The fans boo loudly. Scott smirks as he looks behind as if he can see the fans.

Bud Adams: Well, what are you doing on PWA Television and why did I get an order to come find you?

SNS: Well I’m a special VIP tonight, as I’m here to watch Tamika’s first singles match, and of course make an announcement concerning Jethro Hayes.

The arena goes from boos to cheers.

Bud Adams: So are the sources true in saying you will be once again gracing the PWA ring again?

SNS: Yes. For one last match, against Jethro Hayes.

Bud Adams: We heard it live on Rampage, The Spirit of 76 will see----

SNS: No, it won’t.

Bud Adams: But you just said---

SNS: No you jack ass, what I said is I will be facing Jethro in one last match. I didn’t say when. That’s his choice. I also know for a fact he won’t be choosing this PPV. Besides, I want him at 100%.

Bud looks annoyed with Strader and gets a little short with him.

Bud Adams: You’d think you could’ve not wasted---

Strader stands up and Bud steps back a little bit. Strader walks up to him, Bud trying to stand his ground. Scott grabs Bud Adams by the collar.

SNS: Payton once swung a reporter by his ears around a bar because he was an ignorant idiot. How would you like to feel what that poor reporter felt?

Bud Adams just smiles and shakes his head. Strader laughs as Bud quickly scurries out the door. The crowd laughs with Strader as we cut back to the ring.

Hiro Takawa vs Deacon Frost

Tag Title Contenders Match

The camera returns to the ring to find the next match already underway, and Deacon Frost pounding Hiro into the mat with a series of vicious Hammerfist shots.
Jon McDaniel: Welcome back folks. Our next match is already underway and so far it has been all Deacon Frost.
Brian Rentfro: Well that’s not surprising. He jumped him at the bell and he’s been all over him since.
Deacon gets Hiro up on one shoulder, builds up some speed and then drills him into the mat with a running Powerslam.
Jon McDaniel: This is actually our first look at the newcomer, but so far Deacon hasn’t given us any room to see this new guy’s potential.
Brian Rentfro: for a guy who came up with Corey Lazarus, I expected better.
Deacon rebounds on the ropes and comes down on his man with a big Legdrop that causes the rest of his body to arch up in a spasm. Deacon then swings his leg out and leans into a cover.
Jon McDaniel: And he’s out!
Brian Rentfro: But he’s hurt none the less.
Hiro crawls over onto his front and dabs at his mouth for any signs of blood. Deacon doesn’t give him much time though and hauls him back to his feet. Hiro begins to fire back with a few right hands to the gut but Frost stops that move in its tracks with a knee in the chest to quieten him down. Deacon then gets down and drags Hiro up onto his shoulders.
Brian Rentfro: Going for the KTFO already.
Jon McDaniel: Looks like he wants to take this one home quickly.
Deacon rounds the ring with Hiro on his shoulders, but the Frontline trainee is far from finished, and begins tagging Deacon with elbows to the side of the head. The force of the blows start to rock Deacon, and when he pushes Hiro up he loses his grip, allowing Hiro to swing his legs around Deacon’s neck and then snap back, driving the big man down on the point of his skull.
Jon McDaniel: A huge reversal from Hiro Takawa, and suddenly this match has opened right back up.
Brian Rentfro: Pretty sure he calls that one the Time Traveller. Bet Deacon wishes he could travel back in time to a point where he hadn’t just had his spine compacted.
Deacon Frost rolls through and comes up seated in the ropes. Hiro is on him though and drags the bigger man up into a Front Facelock. He then stiffs Deacon with a knee before taking off a few steps toward the corner and up the buckles, allowing him to take off into the air, through a spin and then drive Frost down hard into the centre of the mat with a DDT.
Jon McDaniel: And now Hiro is all over Deacon; first with that Hurricanrana and now the Tornado DDT. And he’s not letting up.
Hiro jumps to his feet again and takes off toward the ropes. He then leaps over onto the apron and turns to take the ropes in hand. It takes a few seconds for Deacon to get his feet but Hiro waits him out and then lets fly as he hops up to the ropes and into the air, only to be caught in the massive fist that wraps around his throat. Deacon then rips him off the mat for a Chokeslam, but Hiro gets a foot up into his chest and kicks off into a Backflip.
Jon McDaniel: What a show of agility!
Deacon goes back as Hiro lands on a knee. Hiro then steps up and forward and as Deacon comes off the ropes he kicks down into his knee, causing it to buckle and forcing Deacon down onto one leg. Hiro then rips off a few jabs before going off into a twist and bringing a hard karate style chop into the side of Deacon’s neck to soften him up. He then jumps backwards to create some distance before lashing out and scoring with Superkick to the downed man, snapping back his head and sending the fans into a frenzy. Deacon is all but out and Hiro can sense it as he runs backwards into the ropes.
Brian Rentfro: Deacon Frost is dead in the water… least it looks like he’s about to be.
Takawa then comes back off the ropes and steps up for a Shining Wizard. Instead of throwing out the knee though he kicks himself up into the air over Deacon’s head before lashing out his legs, bringing them down into the back of Deacon’s head, crashing his heels through his skull.
Jon McDaniel: And now the Omega Burst! And this one is all over!
Brian Rentfro: Looks like Corey Lazarus reached into his pack of cards and pulled out an ace with this kid.
Deacon Frost tumbles face first into the mat and Hiro Takwa wastes no time in rolling him over for the cover.
Brian Rentfro: And he’s done it.
Jon McDaniel: What a thrilling debut as Hiro Takawa comes out of nowhere and shocks the world with a big win over the man mountain in Deacon Frost. I’ll tell you, I’m excited to see where this guy is heading.
Brian Rentfro: I’m excited to see what he and Corey can put together as a team.
Jon McDaniel: Well you’ll get your chance Brian, because these two are heading to the Spirit of ’76 with the titles on the line.
Brian Rentfro: Frontline and the Cowgirls, I can’t wait.

Eric Emerson: Here is your winner... Hiro Takawa!

Back in the ring Hiro is up in the ropes and celebrating with his new found fans. If anything he looks altogether reserved and humbled by the applause, but he’s no less enjoying it, and a triumphant fist into the air only serves to rile them up more. We linger on it just a few seconds more before we cut to the back.

Low Moral Fibre

In a surprise to no one at all we once again turn up in Lisa’s office and land down beside her. Her attention is somewhere else though, and she’s already into her spiel.
Lisa Seldon: Well, I guess you did it. I told you to go out there and impress and now here you are, breaking skulls and taking names.
Then camera pans across to desk to bring Johnny Maverick into view. He looks about as smug as you could possibly imagine.
Johnny Maverick: What can I say; I’m as exciting as I am well read. How was my article by the way?
Lisa Seldon: You laid it on a little thick with the gay shit and I still don’t agree with my position on your list… but that’s beside the point.
She rises up to her feet and rounds the table.
Lisa Seldon: You Johnny are a sensation, and I don’t think anyone in this company has had a chance to realise it.
She stops behind him and drops her hands onto his shoulders, for what it’s worth, he lets her.
Lisa Seldon: You’re dynamic, exciting, violent and most importantly you have absolutely morals to speak of.
He nods along as she lowers herself down and whispers by his ear.
Lisa Seldon: You’re the perfect little weapon, and it’s time we exploit those abilities to the fullest.
She pats him on the shoulder and steps back.
Lisa Seldon: So congratulations Johnny, on becoming the next number one contender to the PWA World Heavyweight Championship.
Lisa then puts out a hand as Johnny rises to his feet, beams her a smile and then pulls her into a hug. She gives him the standard I’m ready to get out now back pat to which he eventually obliges.
Lisa Seldon: Now… how do I go about getting myself an evil army of ninjas?
Johnny then drops an arm around her shoulder and begins to talk her through his secrets, but before we can hear a word, we’re gone.

Jethro Hayes vs The Phoenix

All-Star Singles Match

Jon McDaniel: The next match should really be an instant classic, don't you think?

Brian Rentfro: One washed up loser fighting a PWA Legend? Please.

Jon McDaniel: Calling The Phoenix a washed up loser is really a tad bit much, don't you think?

Brian Rentfro: Who said I was referring to Phoenix?!

Thing of Beauty by Hothouse Flowers begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and green pyros flare from the ring posts. The Phoenix and the Smoking Leprechaun walk out to the entrance ramp and head to the ring.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, standing in at six feet tall and weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds... THE PHOENIX!

Phoenix enters the ring alone now, stretching and waiting for his opponent Hayes.

"Suuueeeyyy!" blares through the arena's speakers as Korpiklaani's "Journey Man" comes to life immediately following the hog call by Jethro Hayes. The
back of the PWA big screen is John Deere green, the yellow outline of a deer runs onto the screen to turn its head to the crowd before it is frozen in
mid leap, creating the John Deere logo.

The song hits the seven second mark causing John Deere green and yellow pyros to shoot up from the entrance ramp. Simultaneously with the ignition of the
pyros, John Deere green and yellow lights begin to play across the assembled crowd as images of the John Deere logo move around inside the ring.

"I was born in a deep forest"

On the screen is the image of Jethro after his first match here in PWA, a match against Duff.

"I wish I could live here all my life"

Jethro is shown on the screen holding the Grizzly Beer championship, his first championship ever in professional wrestling.

"I am made from stones and roots"

Various clips from his battles both alongside and against Jamie Flynn flash past on the screen.

"My home, these woods and roads "

Jethro driving in his tractor appears as though he is driving through the screen when he bursts from the backstage area on his trademark John Deere tractor.

"All my life I loved this sound"

He stops the tractor to toot the horn to the crowd's enjoyment.

"Of the crowd's sound"

More images flash by on the screen, Jethro holding the PWA Tag Team Championship gold with Jamie Flynn, then Hunter Sullivan and then with Bubba J.

"Eagles flies where the winds blows free"

Jethro battling against Chamelion, The Phoenix, Viktor Stone, and Riona Langly flow past on the screen.

"Journey is my destiny"

Jethro stands in the center of the ring holding the PWA Television Championship high into the air, sweat pouring down his face.

"Free, free as a journey man "

Images from every one of his matches speed past on the screen.

"Free, heat in the moonlight "

Jethro stops the tractor at the bottom of the ramp to climb down and wave his hat to the crowd.

"Free, free as a journey man "

He lifts his hand for all of the fans to see.

"Free, heat in the moonlight"

The images slow on the screen to show Jethro in the Elimination Chamber winning the PWA World Heavyweight Championship. Images of him wearing it for various
functions flash past in time with the music.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, from Lenox Georgia, he stands at six feet seven inches, he weighs in at three hundred and fifteen pounds... Jethro Hayes!

"Ragged trousers, rucksack in my back "

Scenes of Jethro and Hunter in their Full Metal Mayhem match, Jethro bloody, Hunter bloody, and both men beaten.

"Narrow road behind me "

He climbs up the steps and into the ring before pointing again back at the crowd.

"I never look back "

He climbs the turnbuckle to holler to the crowd.

"Long way is in the past "

He runs to the next corner to climb up and holler to this section of the crowd.

"As in front of me "

The third corner is no different as he scales it quickly to cup his hands around his mouth to yell at this section.

"Hunger keeps me going "

On the screen Jethro is shown defeating Hunter Sullivan for the PWA Intercontinental Championship, making him a PWA Grand Slam Champion.

"I don't care where it leads "

Jethro looks at this image as he climbs down from the third corner to scale the fourth and final corner to yell here as well.

"Fire burns under my feet "

He tosses his hat to one section of the crowd before stretching against the ropes.

"Journey men pleasure and destiny "

The image of him defeating Hunter slides past to show Jethro surrounded by a multitude of kids and other fans; it slowly slides past.

"Sky is black, stars shows me the way "

He stands there to nod his head at the image.

"Moon whispered how to keep my faith "

He spins around with one arm outstretched to point at the crowd one last time before the match starts.

"Free, free as a journey man "

The image of him nailing Matthew Engel with the chair.

"Free, heat in the moonlight "

Jethro slamming Matthew through the steel chair with The Planter freezes on the screen.

"Free, free as a journey man "
"Free, heat in the moonlight "
"Free, free as a journey man "
"Free, heat in the moonlight "
"Free, free as a journey man "
"Free, heat in the moonlight "


Jon McDaniel: Damn Jethro towers over most everyone he fights.

Brian Rentfro: Maybe they should put him, Tai Tolium and Raizzor in a three way battle of the giants and get it over with.

Phoenix wastes no time attacking Hayes as he lunges forward with a fury of fists, catching Jethro Hayes off guard. Phoenix lands each left and right with Hayes unable to counter. Phoenix whips Hayes into the ropes and bounces himself off the opposite ropes at the right moment, springboarding himself forward and body splashing Jethro Hayes to the canvas. Phoenix is much quicker to his feet than Hayes but before Phoenix can continue his attack Hayes is up and nails him down with a belly to belly suplex. Hayes headbutts Phoenix as he lays on the canvas and grabs him by the neck, lifting him up and chucking him into the turnbuckle. Phoenix rushes forward from the turnbuckle like he's on fire but gets nailed with a big boot sending him crashing to the canvas.

Brian Rentfro: Lucky move by Hayes, it's nothing.

Jon McDaniel: Tell that to Phoenix's face.

Phoenix gets himself up and Hayes attempts to hip toss Phoenix who lands himself on his feet and reverses the move, turning it into an armbar on Jethro Hayes. Hayes winces as he slaps the arm Phoenix has locked up, but Hayes uses his overpowering strength to get himself free. Phoenix jumps up onto Hayes from behind and hits a reverse hurricanrana and the stunned crowd quickly snaps as many pictures as it can as Hayes rolls himself back up and to his feet. Hayes throws a heavy left hook which throws Phoenix into the turnbuckle with force. Hayes charges Phoenix in the corner but Phoenix throws both of his legs up into Hayes' face sending Hayes stumbling back. Phoenix pops himself onto the apron and then springboards himself through the top and middle ropes with a suicide plancha catching Hayes out of no where and putting the big man down.

Brian Rentfro: And from the ashes he rises!

Jon McDaniel: You're dreaming if you think Jethro Hayes is finished from that.

Phoenix gambles on more aerial offense and heads to the top rope, balancing himself on the top far right turnbuckle as he flies off with a frog splash only to be met with the crunched knees of Jethro Hayes. Phoenix bounces off, rattled and clutching his ribs as Hayes gets himself to his feet. Phoenix tries to get himself up and rebound but Hayes out of no where with the Calf Toss as he lifts up then slams down Phoenix dazzles the crowd. Phoenix reels but before Hayes can cover Phoenix with an eye gouge rolls away from the temporarily disabled Hayes. Phoenix gets himself back to his feet and rushes forward for another body splash but Hayes latches onto him, spinning him around and then crashing him down to the canvas. Hayes goes for the cover but Phoenix and his veteran sense immediately puts a leg on the rope before a one count can even be had. Phoenix rolls himself out of the ring and onto the outside to catch his breathe as Hayes gets stopped from following by the referee.

Jon McDaniel: Cowardice.

Brian Rentfro: You're joking right? Every veteran knows that using the little time they have on the outside to recuperate is an intelligent tactic.
The Phoenix begins to pace around the ring to catch a breath and catch his bearings. It’s about then that a noise begins to surge through the fans as one of them drops over the rail.
Brian Rentfro: Looks like a Phoenix fan has gotten a bit over excited.
Jon McDaniel: I don’t think that guy is here to watch the show Brian, it looks like.
The noise catches the Phoenix’s attention and turns him around, just in time to be met with a Forearm shot to the face that puts him on the floor. The crowd are on their feet as the man gets down on the PWA legend and begins scoring with punches while the Phoenix does his best to cover up.
Brian Rentfro: What!?
Jon McDaniel: That mask, Brian, that’s the mask of Malicious!
Brian Rentfro: McNasty is back!?
The Phoenix is forcefully pulled to his feet and then driven hard back first into the ring steps, causing his head to shot back and rattle of the steel. The Phoenix goes limp but Malicious pulls him up again and hurls him back into the ring where the ref is still dealing with Hayes.
Brian Rentfro: I can’t believe it!
Jon McDaniel: Folks we have just seen the return of Mark McNasty.
Brian Rentfro: And he’s just cost the Phoenix this match!
The Phoenix staggers to his feet but he’s clearly not all there and stumbles into the back of Jethro. The big man then turns around, expecting a sneak attack, and lands a boot into the Phoenix’s gut to double him over. He then steps into position over the Phoenix, lobs him up into the air and then drives him into the mat with the Planter.
Jon McDaniel: He got all of that move right there.
Brian Rentfro: This isn’t fair, and he’s supposed to play fair.
Jon McDaniel: How can he? He didn’t even see what happened.
Jethro stacks the Phoenix up on his shoulders and leans forward into the pin.
Jon McDaniel: And that’s all she wrote!
Brian Rentfro: What a crock.
Jethro rolls off the Phoenix and up to his feet. He then dusts himself off and lets the referee hoist his arm into the air. Considering what he’s just done he looks pretty pleased with himself, blissfully unaware of Malicious sneaking back through the crowd.
Jon McDaniel: What a night Brian. Mark McNasty makes his return and Hayes scores another big win on his way to facing Riona Langly and then Scott Nash Strader.
Brian Rentfro: But… but why would he do that? And why the mask?
Jon McDaniel: I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

Eric Emerson: Here is your winner... Jethro Hayes!

Jethro makes his way over to attempt to help the Phoenix up, but the referee is already on it and directs him away. In reply Jethro just shrugs his shoulders and takes another victory lap before we cut away from the scene.

If You Put Their Initials Together, You Get MLK

You Know, Like Martin Luthor King

We can now see Simon Kalis and Masakazu enter the office of none other than their charismatic General Manager, Lisa Seldon.

Lisa Seldon: Simon, and little Simon, eating up yet more air time amongst our already tight television schedule! How awesome for me.

Kalis smirks as he and Masakazu take a seat across from Lisa Seldon.

Simon Kalis: These things have a habit of happening with me in the fold, Ms. Seldon.

Lisa Seldon: Apparently.

Masakazu: I'm guessing by seeing the both of us here, a woman as intelligent as you can decipher why we're here together.

Lisa Seldon: Not a fucking clue little Simon, because I’m a highly paid, very experienced and yet stupid little girl, with no possible concept as to what you two, of all people, could possibly want.

Kalis laughs and Masakazu rolls his eyes.

Simon Kalis: Well... You know what we want, Mrs. Seldon.

Lisa Seldon: Ah, but what you want and what you get…

Simon Kalis: I'm aware of that, Mrs. Seldon. This is why I implore your business sense to look at the picture we're painting... The Order of Chaos! Masakazu and Simon Kalis! Undoubtedly the greatest tag team seen since the PWA reopened, at times compared to even the Brothers Grimm in their ability to sustain domination and championship gold around their waist...

Masakazu: The fourth longest PWA Tag Team title reign, which, given their history, is no small feat.

Lisa Seldon: You’re no Sudden Impact for my money, but then who is.

Kalis shrugs his shoulders.

Simon Kalis: This Order of Chaos versus the PWA Tag Team Champions, Tamika and Meghan Nash Strader. Of course whether it's for the titles or not...

Masakazu: Rightfully up to you.

Simon Kalis: However, such a match would be more than worthy of a regular old Rampage. It would surely bring the crowds flocking back, as I'm sure you're aware ratings usually go up when I'm competing...

Lisa quirks an eyebrow.

Lisa Seldon: Look man, I’ve done my research here and what I’ve found out is that you’re a essentially a large walking mess, kinda like Laura, and I think that cost the both of you and everyone watching a much better match. Why you’d want to rush your suspension and spoil another dream match is just beyond me.
Simon Kalis: I know, but...

Lisa Seldon: Not to mention the fact you've been shot at least four times, stabbed twice... Broken several bones in your legs, ruptured discs in your back and now have a lower body injury to boot. Why, my understanding is nobody could believe it when you came out of retirement and joined the PWA. Your career was finished due to injury, was it not?

Kalis nods somberly.

Simon Kalis: Yes, yes it was.

Lisa Seldon: And you tried to commit suicide, didn't you?

Kalis clears his throat, taken aback by Lisa Seldon's knowledge.

Simon Kalis: That was... an exigent circumstance, Mrs. Seldon.

Lisa Seldon: You shot yourself in the shoulder while driving your car, subsequently crashing your car and effectively ending your career Simon. There is so much wrong with that picture, don't you think?

Simon Kalis: How do you know all of that?

Lisa Seldon: Got a good finder-stuff guy. He can’t get you into the White House.

Masakazu: Fair enough.

Simon Kalis: So are you denying our challenge? The tag division is weak, and the Champions have not had to prove themselves at all.

Lisa Seldon: I can't let you return to action full time, not in the state you’re in now anyway. Besides the terms of the suspension clearly state you need to take anger management classes and see a psychiatrist after the stunts you pulled last time you were allowed to roam the arena in the state of mind you had.

Simon Kalis: Understandable...

Lisa Seldon: But hey... no matter what I say you’ll find some sneaky bastard plan to get whatever you want anyway. So I’ll level with you; you carry out all the hippy I won’t kill anyone else I promise bullshit and get yourself fixed up so we can actually have a match worth having… and I’ll put something together.
Masakazu: That's all we ask, Mrs. Seldon.

Simon Kalis: We appreciate it.

Lisa Seldon: You better. Now do your little -

Kalis and Masakazu stand up and stomp their feet, saluting Lisa Seldon.

Lisa Seldon: Yeah that...

Masakazu: ALL HAIL!

Simon Kalis: The Order of Chaos!

Lisa Seldon: Awesome.

They make their exit and we fade away...

Jamie Havoc vs Matt Stone (c)

TV Title Match

We return to the ring, the opening blasts of Amen’s Coma America already beginning to fill up the arena.

Jon McDaniel: This should be interesting as we step into the next title defense for Matt Stone, bringing him one step closer to the Undisputed Championship if he succeeds tonight.

Brian Rentfro: Pffft... Gonna be a walk in the park for Matt Stone folks.
The former PWA Champion stepped through the curtain into a warm reception from the fans. The smile on his face seemed to show he was enjoying it for a change, and so he stopped for a second to soak in their cheers before stepping down the ramp, rotating a shoulder as he went.
Jon McDaniel: Looks like we’ve got some real diehards here who remember this guy.
Brian Rentfro: Well they better get their fill now, because he’s not going to last.
Jamie Havoc hit the floor and then quickly bounded up onto the apron. He paused here for a quick look out across the arena before shooting a smile toward the camera.
Jon McDaniel: Looks like he’s missed this place, and you know, we’ve missed him.
Jamie then circled around to his corner, taking a seat on the middle rope and waiting to begin.

I came to play!

Matt Stone's theme can be heard in the arena and the crowd begins to show their dissapproval for the longest reigning Grizzly Beer champion in PWA history.

I came to play
There's a price to pay
Time for you to get down on your knees and pray
I came to pay
Say goodbye to the good old days
They're never coming back
Watch your future fade
I came to play
I came to play to get my dues paid
I guess you had a dream
But it cant be safe
I came to play!

Stone comes out of the back followed by Katrina who just looks happy to be there. Stone has an arrogant smirk on his face as he holds up the Wrestler of the Year trophy. He walks up to the camera, remarking 'Now the ratings go up'. Stone brushes past the cameraman now and heads to the ring, followed by Katrina.

I'm here to stay
Best get out of my way
I have come to play

I go inside this light
I see new life unfold
Each second I burn brighter
Your fire is going cold
You could try to beg for mercy
Go ahead and try to run
No escape and no redemption
Understand the ends begun

Standing in the ring now, Stone looks out at the crowd and raises his hands in the air, holding the trophy just as high as he can. He hands the trophy to Katrina on the outside of the ring and hits the ropes a few times in preparation for his match. He now turns his attention to Havoc however "One BBoy" by DJ Pablo begins to blare from the sound systems catching everyone off guard.

Eric Emerson: Introducing, the special guest commentator for this match... Representing THE ORDER OF CHAOS.... HYPE!

Hype jumps out from behind the curtain and throws his arms up, bobbing and weaving to the music as he slaps the hands of the cheering fans while making his way to ringside. He points to Matt Stone and motions for a title around his own waist as he passes by and takes a seat next to Brian Rentfro and Jon McDaniel. His voice machine of course, making him sound robotic at best.

Hype: I don't think neither one of them is too happy to see me here.

Brian Rentfro: You mean us? Cause if you mean us, you'd be correct.

Jon McDaniel: Don't mind Brian, Hype. He's not always happy having good folks visit us. Besides, after what happened last week how are you feeling?

Hype: I'm fine. Me not competing this week was a precaution by Mrs. Seldon, nothing more.

Brian Rentfro: D'uh!
Eric Emerson stepped forward into the centre of the ring.
Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is schedule for one fall for the PWA TV Title and is your Main Event of the evening.
The fans will cheer anything in case you hadn’t noticed.
Eric Emerson: Introducing first in the corner to my right. Weighing in at two hundred, thirty five pounds and coming to you tonight by way of Brooklyn, New York… He is a former PWA World Champion… he is… JAMIE HAVOC!
He looks a little embarrassed to hear the name, but he steps up for a cheer all the same.
Eric Emerson: And his opponent in the corner to my left, weighing in at one hundred-ninety pounds and coming to you from Ottawa, Ontario Canada. He is the 2009 Wrestler of the Year and the current reigning and defending PWA Television Champion… he is… MATT STONE!
Matt Stepped up this time into a much more mixed reaction. He takes it in his stride though and gives them all a good look at the belt before handing it off to the referee. Meanwhile Havoc is busy taking a look at their guest commentator for the evening, taking his eye off his opponent and leaving him open to attack as Stone leaps up from behind him with a flying lariat causing him to bounce off the ropes and stumble backwards. The referee calls for the bell.
Brian Rentfro: And Matt Stone gets us off and running.
Stone catches himself and jumps up with a flying enziguri kick to the back of Havocs head, forcing Havoc down to one knee. Havoc with a reverse elbow into Stone's gut sends Matt reeling back as Havoc gets back to his feet. The much bigger man that Jamie Havoc is compared to Matt Stone, he grabs ahold of Matt Stone and whips him into the ropes and as Stone comes back Havoc leaps forward with a flying forearm smash flipping Stone in the air before he hits the canvas and the crowd goes wild from the heavy hit.

Brian Rentfro: Matt Stone just let that happen, obviously.

Hype: Stone's weak, and he always faces weak opponents which make him look better than he is.

Jon McDaniel: A little harsh there, no?

Hype: Not really, I know talent when I see it Jon. I don't see any talent in the ring right now but I'll safely predict Matt Stone will retain.

Stone uses the ropes to help himself get back to his feet as Jamie Havoc lays in wait to strike. Stone turns around and throws a heavy left which Stone easily ducks. Matt Stone counters with a right hook of his own and Havoc replies in kind with a left haymaker which sends Stone stumbling back a bit. They begin exchanging lefts and rights back and forth until Stone smartly ducks a fist and springboards himself off the top rope and while spinning through the air quickly lands a swift martial arts kick which ends with Havoc hitting the canvas. The crowd boos Stone who brushes their disdain off by raising his arms in the air in the middle of the ring with Havoc at his feet.

Jon McDaniel: That was a surprisingly well executed martial arts kick there, no?

Hype: Is that what he calls it? How enticingly original.

Brian Rentfro: You should watch your mouth. Matt Stone is a former wrestler of the year here, you're nothing Hype!

Hype: Haha... I'm a bonafide outlaw, Brian. Think about that.

Hype chuckles to himself at ringside as he points to Stone who comes to that side of the apron as both men exchange a few words. Hype points to Havoc who lands a disgustingly heavy clothesline on Matt Stone sending him over the top rope and onto the outside. Havoc climbs out of the ring and onto the apron and drops all of his weight into an elbow drop onto the throat of Matt Stone who rolls away coughing and holding his throat. Havoc points to Hype as he lifts Matt Stone up by the neck and lifts him up for a chokeslam, however Stone counters himself out of it by flipping himself forward and onto Havocs shoulders. Stone lands a hurricanrana on the outside as Dwayne Cross hits the six count and quickly slides back into the ring to catch his breath.

Hype: Not like this, Stone.

Brian Rentfro: Where the hell do you think you're going?!

Hype jumps from the announcers table as Cross hits the eight count and lifts Havoc up, pushing him into the ring as the count of nine is reached much to the dismay of Matt Stone. Hype sits back down at the announcers table and clears his throat.

Hype: If this prick is going to win, he'll do it with honor by actually defeating his opponent.

Jon McDaniel: I like how you think, Hype.

Brian Rentfro: Victory is victory is it not?

Hype: Not as a Champion.

Stone shakes his head and runs toward the downed Havoc and hits him across the side of the face with a sudden baseball slide. Stone back up but Havoc is quickly following. Stone runs into the ropes and bounces off and Havoc is up as Stone rushes him. Havoc catches Stone in a spinning body slam but Matt Stone counters it while Havoc moves his body around and Stone unleashes a devastatingly powerful DDT on Havoc as they both hit the canvas. Havoc however seems unfaphased as he sits right back up and gets to his feet. Stone bounces off the ropes again and goes for a body splash, bad idea, Havoc catches him and this time doesn't pull any theatrics as he quickly spins himself around and slams Matt Stone into the canvas. Havoc is up and seems to be signalling for the end.

Jon McDaniel: You may be wrong, Stone looks almost finished.

Hype: A weasel like him has more tricks up his sleeve, trust me.

Brian Rentfro: For such a young guy you seem to think you know a lot there, Hype.

Hype: I know more than you do, Brian. You belittle Jon to make up for your own shortcomings all the time here, so I wouldn't talk.

Jon McDaniel: Ouch...

Matt Stone gets to his feet using the ropes and as he turns around is met with a staight up standing lariat sending him crashing back to the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: I've seen his tapes. Havoc is going to try to end this right now.

Havoc lifts Matt Stone back up and places him in a piledriver position. Havoc turns around with Stone in said position to face the announcers table but it's a mistake as Matt Stone grabs onto his pants with his hands on the backside of Havoc. Using his own momentum Matt Stone flips himself forward inbetween Havocs legs and up and over onto his feet behind Jamie Havoc. Havocs eyes widen it happens so quickly as Stone grabs ahold of him by jumping up to grab him by the neck and spins around, landing a corkscrew neckbreaker on the surprised Jamie Havoc. The crowd can't believe it as Stone gets back to his feet and stomps his feet on the canvas pointing towards them, then motioning the title belt around his waist.

Jon McDaniel: Wow, impressive.

Hype: Matt Stone does have one good thing going for him. He's Canadian, and we're very agile and quick to strike.

Brian Rentfro: You're Canadian?

Hype: Haha... Ignorance breeds the futile mind you have, Brian.

Matt Stone starts laying in some heavy kicks, using the ropes as leverage until referee Dwayne Cross breaks it up. Havoc grabs Stone's leg while he's still down and pushes Stone to the ground. Havoc gets himself up and stomps directly on Matt Stone's crotch causing Dwayne Cross to tell him off and warn him, while Stone winces in pain from the hit. Havoc mounts Matt Stone and begins laying in hard lefts and rights all over Matt Stone, busting his lip and face open causing Matt Stone to start bleeding. Dwayne Cross finally gets Jamie Havoc off of Matt Stone now as Stone checks his face for blood.

Brian Rentfro: Damn it, Stone would've won this match four minutes ago had you not interfered and helped Jamie Havoc.

Hype: I am making Matt Stone a better wrestler for it, Brian. I am here to help him realize his potential.

Jon McDaniel: Are you saying you're trying to recruit him for The Order of Chaos?

Hype: What?! No, no. Not even close Jon. I have my reasons.

Brian Rentfro: Care to enlighten how Matt Stone bleeding makes him better?

Hype: He will walk out of this match undeniably the true winner, and more respected for it. Watch.

Jon McDaniel: I see Havoc taking this to be honest.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah well that's just your opinion, Jon.

Stone smacks the canvas as he gets to his feet, wiping the blood off of his face and spitting towards Jamie Havoc. Havoc doesn't take kindly to this and rushes in, spearing Matt Stone into the turnbuckle. But as he does so, Stone wraps his arm around Havoc's neck forcing his head to ram right into the metal area of the turnbuckle's foundational pole, sending Havoc stumbling back and falling to his knees on the canvas. Stone clutches his ribs as he climbs the top rope and Havoc struggles to get to his feet. Havoc turns around as Stone flies off the top rope with a missle dropkick but Jamie Havoc catches Matt Stone mid air and spins him around 180 degrees before planting him awkwardly on the back of his neck with a powerful snap powerbomb which shakes the ring.

Jon McDaniel: My GOD! What an INCREDIBLE reversal! An even more incredible powerbomb! It shook the ring and Stone landed horribly on his neck!

Brian Rentfro: Damn... This could be over.

Hype: O, ye of little faith... Havoc won't win. The Television Championship is mine to claim.

Jon McDaniel: So that's why you're here...

Jamie Havoc hooks the leg.




Stone kicks out, much to the surprise of Jamie Havoc as Stone looks at him smiling with blood trickling down his face. Havoc lifts Stone up by the throat and whips him into the ropes. Stone stops dead in his tracks and gets into another all out brawl with Havoc, but this time Havoc's powerful punches have no effect as Stone is going on pure adrenaline. Stone smiles as he hits with all his might sending Havoc stumbling back for the first time in this situation. Suddenly!

Hype: C-c-c-

Brian Rentfro: C-c-c-


Matt Stone quickly hooks the leg.


Hype: It's been fun gentlemen!


Hype: But this is my cue!



Eric Emerson: Winner of this match, and STILL PWA Television Champion.... MATT STONE!

Dwayne Cross raises Stone's arm in the air as Hype grabs the PWA TV title from ringside and slides into the ring. Cross hightails it out of there as Stone stares down Hype hard. Hype looks at the belt for a moment before offering it out to Matt Stone. Stone takes it cautiously and raises his hand in the air again, this time with the TV title. Hype stands back, nodding with his arms crossed and it appears he is saying a few things to Matt Stone before walking past him to check on his opponent. As Hype checks on Havoc Stone rushes and clocks Hype over the back of the head with the TV Title. As he does so Hype hits the canvas, a part of his mask lifted up over the back of his head.

Brian Rentfro: Look! There's skin! Clear, unburnt skin!

Jon McDaniel: What the hell? I think the skin is...

Matt Stone leans down and rips the mask off but as he does so the lights to the arena short circuit for a moment and go out. They come back on and Hype is now back up, his mask fully on and he stands behind Matt Stone. Stone looks around before turning around and putting his fists up, dropping the TV title to the canvas. Hype shakes his head and stomps his foot, saluting Matt Stone Order of Chaos style before pointing to the TV title.

Jon McDaniel: I couldn't see the patch of skin, though I'm sure it just may be a part of him that didn't burn.

Brian Rentfro: I smell bullshit, Jon! I have since day one.

Hype removes a chain from underneath his clothing and holds it up for Matt Stone to see, the chain reading "Pioneer Wrestling". Hype jumps over the top rope and starts heading to the back, slapping the hands of fans as he does so.

Brian Rentfro: You don't think... You know who's chain that is, don't you?!

Jon McDaniel: I do, but... We're out of time folks, goodnight!