World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

Super Fathers Day Super Thing

Emily Corlen vs Jamie Brody

Dark Match

Following a disappointing no show the week before, Emily Corlen came out eager to impress and made light work out of Jamie Brody in a thrilling match to kick start her PWA career.

The bigger man did his best to match the pace set by his much quicker opponent, but the Emerald Phoenix dazzled him with her smooth moves and a stunning string of offence.

Following that up, it only took one Crack to the Future to put Jamie Brody out for the three, sending her to the PWA roster and him crashing out of the fed altogether.

Big Hitters

"Journeyman" hits up in the speakers as the fans jump to their feet as Jethro walks from the back. Green and Gold pyros flare as he walks down the entrance ramp, microphone already in hand.

Brian Rentfro: What in the hell is he doing out here?

Jon McDaniel: Starting the show off right I guess.

Brian Rentfro: What in the hell is he doing out here?

Jon McDaniel: Starting the show off right I guess.

Brian Rentfro: Shouldn't he be preparing for his match later this evening?

Jethro slaps the hands of fans as he walks towards the ring steps. He walks up to the top, waving to the crowd and wipes his feet before stepping into the squared circle to show his respect to those before him.

Jethro Hayes: How ya'll doin'?!

The crowd roars big time, it is a cheap pop, but they don't really care.

Brian Rentfro: Pathetic pop call from Jethro.

Jon McDaniel: Can you possibly shut up for one minute?

Brian Rentfro: Nope, not at all.

Jethro brings the mic back up to his lips.

Jethro Hayes: Ever since the first time I was in a match against the Cowgirls From Hell, something has been tickling my brain.

Brian Rentfro: Probably the spiders in there.

Jethro Hayes: Yeah probably the spiders in there, but...

Brian Rentfro: "How?..."

Jon McDaniel: "Maybe he heard you."

Jethro Hayes: But even a little before then I wanted to face another Legend in this sport, as a show of respect, and that is Scott Nash Strader.

The crowd gasps before cheering thinking of the match.

Jethro Hayes: Sure we was in Rumble in the Bronx against each other, but I'm talking about a singles match against the two of us.

He walks around the ring.

Jethro Hayes: But thanks to Tamika and Meghan, they gave me the idea that he might actually accept if I were to challenge him.

He continues pacing.

Jethro Hayes: They seemed to think that if I called him out, he'd accept...

The pacing continues.

Jethro Hayes: So, with the only thing on the line being respect... Scott Nash Strader...

The arena lights drop, and the crowd begins to get restless. Five Minutes Alone by Pantera begins to wail throughout the arena. The crowd is going into an absolute frenzy, as the PWAtron lights up with the real three feared initials, SNS. The lights begin to rise, and to Jethro’s delight Scott Nash Strader stands out on the middle of the stage. His theme plays loudly as Scott beats his foot to the beat, and soaks in the fan acknowledgement.

Brian Rentfro: Holy Crap, he’s like the Candy Man!

Jon McDaniel: There’s no mirror, nor did he say his name three times.

The fans begin to quiet down as his music begins to fade. Scott raises his microphone to his mouth.

SNS: Thank you.

The fans give Strader a pop, as he holds up his right hand which is holding the microphone. He starts to speak again.

SNS: Jethro Hayes. First off Jethro congratulations on knocking the living s**t out of Matthew Engel, that’s no easy task. He’s not an easy one to keep down. If you can do that, you have already have a good chunk of my respect. So really, what’s on the line here Jethro?

Jon McDaniel: Strader maybe not prepared for a match up with Hayes?

Brian Rentfro: Shut up Jon. He’s a B****** member. He won’t back down.

Jethro goes to speak but Scott keeps on going.

SNS: You’re looking to prove something. I know you are. You want to have the ability to truthfully say you have stood up against the best this business has, and ever will have to offer. So I’ll tell you what Jethro…

Scott lowers the mic slightly and looks about at the crowd. Jethro leans into the ropes, awaiting the answer.

SNS: You got it Jethro Hayes. Jethro Hayes versus Scott Nash Strader.

The fans go wild in their seats, Jon and Brian reacting the same.

Brian Rentfro: I told you! Strader versus Hayes!

Jon McDaniel: But when?

Strader lets the fans quiet down as Jethro beams with Scott’s answer.

SNS: Just name the time and place Jethro, and I’ll see ya there Space Cowboy. Wait, that’s Seldon’s line. Been away too long Jethro.
The crowd laughs as Strader’s music hits the p.a. again. He leaves the as a commercial ensues.

All Work and No Play

Knock knock knock.

knock knock knock.

Knock knock knock knock.

Lisa was a bit frustrated with all of the visitors lately, but this one at least seemed persistent.

Knock knock knock knock knock.

She opens the door to see the smiling face of Johnny Maverick, extending a copy of his cover issue of Playgirl magazine to PWA's newest G.M.

Johnny: Here's a little gift, and I'm not gonna beat around the bush....unless you want me to.

Lisa: Wha-

Johnny: Enough small talk, Ms. Seldon. When are you going to stop pretending there's an actual 'search' for an opponent for Riona Langly and just name me number one contender?

Lisa: Johnny I-

Johnny: And if it helps I was serious about doing a little secretarial work for you if you need it done. I can type and light file like a mofackuh.

Lisa: Joh-

Johnny: I'm also up for like a Maggie Gyllenhall/James Spader kinda secretary thing if you're into it. Spanking is fine in my book as long as you don't hit my thighs. They actually bruise a little too easy. Is that weird? I dunno if that's like an everyone thing or-

Lisa: You really enjoy the sound of your own voice don't you.

Johnny: Ha. Yeah. So about my title shot.

Lisa: Oh sure, I'll just hand the guy whose been getting his ass kicked all over REBEL Pro and PWA a free shot at the Unified Title.

Johnny hangs his head and remains silent.

Lisa: If you want a title shot then you're going to have to show me something other than naked pictures of yourself. Either prove yorself to be a viable contender for the belt or stop wasting my time.

She starts to close the dorr but Johnny blocks it. There is fire in his eyes and thunder in his voice.

Johnny: I want you to come out and watch my match against.... whatever unlucky bastard I'm fighting tonight.

Lisa: Fine. Whatever. Get out of my office.

Johnny steps away and Lisa closes the door, opening the copy of Playgirl at arms length and looking a little pale as we fade out to commercial..

Clearing the Air

There's a knock at the door and Phoenix turns his head as he finishes lacing up his boots to open the door. He does so and Hype steps forward decked out in his white ninja suit, but with a Guy Fawkes mask in his hand.

Hype: Listen... I know you can't talk right now Mr. Robinson, but I want to assure you that the person who attacked you was not me. One of my aspects, is uniformed with this mask and the person who attacked you wore such a mask.

Hype holds it up.

Hype: It wasn't me. I'm not a coward, Mr. Robinson. You know this.

Hype turns his head, ensuring the camera is facing his back. Hype lifts the mask quickly for The Phoenix before placing it down. The Phoenix's expression changes quickly as Hype shakes his head.

Hype: A sign of trust, sir.

Hype nods his head and leaves, with The Phoenix looking on somberly as we fade out...

Johnny Maverick vs Jeff Savage

Singles Match

Eric Emerson: This next match is scheduled for one fall and is your opening contest of the night. Introducing first…

Fade black. Short sound of a pulse beating in the background, followed by synth-line lead in. The crowd waits with anticipation, before the synthesizer and the pulse beat stops. Silence.


A green explosion hits the entryway as "Lights Out" by Breaking Benjamin begins. A tall man comes to the ring, wearing black jeans and a white muscle-T. He strokes his beard, contemplating the crowd, before making his way to the ring.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Independence, Missouri and weighing in at two hundred, seventy pounds… Jeff Savage!

Once in the ring, Jeff slowly walks to the corner. He regards the crowd for a moment longer, before turning to the center of the ring. He folds his hands in anticipation, waiting for the opening bell.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent…

The lights go dim and the beat starts to come in as Johnny walks out and overlooks the audience from behind his designer sunglasses.

'Yo! I crack the whip, you play the game.
Every encounter that’s obstructionary comes in my name,
so that you came to become obsessed with my location.
Clues to my identity: denied to the impatient.
Step up! I sense you’re on the precipice of something.
Me, I’m on the brink of delivering your lumpings:
make you load your save up for the fifty fifth time,
make you scroll through unskippable dialog lines,
and you still ain’t any closer to discovering why.
Got technology for lackeys that can hover and fly.
Got them other two guys in their sights and apt to wreck them.
Give the beatdown to you quicker than your finger in Tekken.'

Johnny takes off his shades as he walks towards the ring, a few of his Hoodie Ninjas keeping the fans from touching him.

Eric Emerson: From Washington D.C. and weighing in at two hundred, ten pounds… he is a former Grizzly Beer Champion… he is The Final Boss… Johnny Maverick!

'I crack the whip, you play the game...
you’re not going to get the final boss tamed. x4'

Johnny climbs the stairs and looks out at the audience, dismissing their boos wit a wanking motion.

'Elevated? I don’t give a drip if you celebrate it.
Every time you level up it’s ‘cause I delegated
your demise to the wrong size of minions.
Got a bigger batch coming. Statisticians got a dim opinion
of your chance to survive. Make your time.
I got a hundred billion of them and they’re standing in line
to make you shine light out your special move hole
(cause you got hit so hard by the energy bolt).
And it’s a moat you can’t cross, a key you can’t get.
Ain’t done the right NPC’s subquest yet.
Got to collect bullshit that I done littered in the realm.
I aim the whole game at you to fatigue and overwhelm.'

Johnny takes off his shirt to reveal his singlet and waits for his opponent.

Jon McDaniel: We’ll I’m looking forward to this exciting opener here between two men eager to impress – with Jeff Savage looking to get himself back into the title picture following a TV Title loss to Joshua Danielson, while Johnny Maverick has been angling for a world title shot of his own.

Brian Rentfro: Speaking of which…

The camera cuts back to the isle way, just in time to see Lisa Seldon sauntering down the stage and passed the ring. The two in the ring give her a look but she takes little notice as she rounds the ring towards the commentary position. There are a number of cheers for the GM as she takes her seat.

Lisa Seldon: good evening boys. Lovely to be here again, really it is.

Jon McDaniel: I take it you’re here at the request of Johnny Maverick?

Lisa Seldon: Well, he said he wanted me to watch his match and I figured I at least owed him a closer look.

We cut back to the ring for the bell, and t’s a slow opening for Savage, but not so much for Maverick, who immediately shoots in behind his man for a Waistlock before picking him up and putting him face first to the mat. With Savage a little dazed Maverick immediately latches onto a Fujiwara, but Savage is still too fresh and quickly rolls to his back. This gives Johnny an opening for a Juji-Gatame but Jeff already has a foot in the ropes. Never the less Johnny holds for the four before rolling out.

Jon McDaniel: Johnny on the offense and already looking a little more dangerous than he did before his break.

Brian Rentfro: Seeing anything you like yet?

Lisa Seldon: Eh, I guess.

Johnny shoots a quick look to Lisa and, on noticing her looking decidedly unimpressed, decides to change it up a little with a more forward approach. Jeff Savage swings with a big right hook but Johnny keeps his guard up and blocks it off before connecting with an elbow that lifts up and tears through Savage’s chin knocking him back a few steps. Johnny then spins backwards, connecting with a second elbow that lands square at the back of Savages head and bends him forward, allowing Johnny to pull him into a hard knee to the chest. This last move puts Savage into the ropes, forcing the referee to break it up.

Jon McDaniel: Now Maverick is piling on the pressure. He looks ferocious out there, and were it not for the referee, I think Savage could be in real trouble.

Lisa Seldon: I’ll admit its fun but I’m pretty sure he said he was coming out here to prove a point, not just beat up on some loser.

Brian Rentfro: I think Johnny is hindered by the fact that most of the strikes he wants to hit are essentially illegal both in the sport and out.

Lisa Seldon: Yeah I get that a lot too.

The referee starts the action back up as Savage steps forward with a kick, but the attack stops dead as Johnny brings his foot up and sinks it in just above Savage’s knee to put him to the floor. Johnny then lifts him back up with a knee under the chin, dazzling the big man and putting him to the ropes. The referee tries to step in again but Maverick gets their first and ties Savage up in a clinch in order to turn him toward the centre. The back man is reeling now and gets caught easily with two hard knees into the gut before Johnny breaks out of the hold and lands a set of palm strikes to the chest with each hand before finishing off with a spinning Backfist.

Brian Rentfro: He shoots! He scores!

Lisa Seldon: Well this turned one sided fairly quickly.

Jeff Savage does his best to get his hands up, but it does little to stop the onslaught as Johnny kicks out his inside leg to put him on his knees again. Johnny then picks his spot and comes down with a straight elbow on the point of Savages skull. The man is dead to the world and allows Johnny to easily roll through him for the Armbar.

Brian Rentfro: Johnny takes him out of the game with that elbow and then immediately locks in the Perfect Armbar, and whether he’s alive enough to tap out or not, this match is over!

The referee steps in to make the check, but the look on Savage’s face shows that he’s just not in there anymore, and he instantly calls for the bell.

Jon McDaniel: And that did it. After a thrilling series of offensive blows, Johnny puts his man out and then instantly latches onto the Perfect Armbar, and that’s all she wrote.

Brian Rentfro: He’s still got him though!

Without any kind of tap out, Johnny refuses to relinquish the hold, forcing the referee to forcibly break him off. Even that isn’t enough though, and he holds on until the fans in the front row hear a distinct pop.

Brian Rentfro: Oh that’s gruesome.

Jon McDaniel: Sickening! And absolutely uncalled for!

Lisa Seldon: Ha! Amazing!

Jon McDaniel: He’s already won the damn match; he doesn’t need to go that far!

Johnny finally gives up the hold of his own free will, leaving the referee to drop down on his victim for cover while he steps off to the ropes. Throwing a hand in the air doesn’t get much of a response, with the fans seeming a little disgusted. One person seems to be clapping though – Lisa, who is currently on her way to the ring with a microphone in hand.

Lisa Seldon: Well, that was an awesome little car crash, wasn’t it, and I suppose I am quite rightly impressed.

She swans through the ropes at this point, casually taking a step over Jeff Savage; still dead to the world and being attended to by EMTs.

Lisa Seldon: I also notice we have a lot in common. We’re both into dudes, we both really like kneeing people in the face and we’re both totally down with the idea of having a swarm of ninja sidekicks.

She stops for a quick look at Savage, taking a moment to sum him up.

Lisa Seldon: He’s fired by the way. I don’t need anymore dead weight clogging this place up.

Savage looks less than amused, though that’s probably more to do with being passed out and having a broken arm than anything else.

Lisa Seldon: So congratulations big guy, you did it: you’ve caught my eye and you’ll get your shot… somewhere down the line.

Maverick’s jaw hits the floor while his fans find their voices, forcing Lisa to wait for them to calm down before she can explain herself.

Lisa Seldon: I mean sure that was fine, but this guy right here?

She gives Savage a nudge with her foot for good measure while the medical staff slides him on to a stretcher.

Lisa Seldon: This guy is a nobody; and if you actually thought I was going to give a damn about anything you could do to this guy, then you’re a bigger credit than this roster gives you credit for.

She steps forward to give him a gentle pat on the check while he does his best to stare her down. Her tone is utterly condescending.

Lisa Seldon: Sorry Johnny, but I asked for results, not some kid thinning down the probation roster.

She gives him a smile and then walks right through him on her way out of the ring. There are a few more boos thrown in her direction, but no one looks more disappointed than Johnny himself. We cut away from the ring.

Grizzly How Queer

Lisa Seldon's office again, an amazing surprise. This time though her attention is with us, what an honour that is.

Lisa Seldon: So, bit of an issue, I originally had two contenders for the Grizzly title, but one of them has kinda dropped off in quality again and the other? Well, the other already ran off with the belt, so who knows when we'll see him again.

She just shrugs her shoulders and let's it be someone else's problem.

Lisa Seldon: As such, I'm awarding the winner of the upcoming triple threat match a title shot, partly because they all show potential and partly just because I can. What fun it is to be me.

She throws her hands in the air, celebrating the joys of being Lisa Seldon, before letting us cut to our next scene.

Ever heard of Benedict Arnold?

In the parking lot we come to see Masakazu having a smoke as he leans against the brick wall, enjoying the calm and quiet. The metal door swings open and out steps Hype, who throws his arms up in a friendly and welcoming gesture.

Hype: My dear cousin!

Hype laughs and he and Masakazu shake hands as Hype pulls out a cigarette of his own and lights it up.

Masakazu: Thought you were against smoking?

Hype: Please. Only in front of the cameras, don't want kids getting the wrong idea.

Masakazu chuckles as he points to the camera crew filming them a few feet away. Hype reacts quickly, chucking the cigarette aside. Masakazu smirks as he takes another hall from his cigarette.

Masakazu: Fool.

Hype: Hey. What would your dad say if he saw you smoking a cigarette?

Masakazu: Fuck you?

They both laugh but the laughter is silenced as a vehicle parked about ten feet in front of them turns on, high beams flashing on and off.

Masakazu: What the?

Driver: Masakaz! Matthew Engel has a message for you!

The cars wheels spin and the vehicle launches forward, barreling towards Masakazu. Hype moves quick and throws Masakazu out of the way only to be hit by the car himself, throwing himself onto the hood of the car to avoid being completely squashed against the brick wall. Masakazu gets to his feet quickly but it's too late as the driver reverses quickly, crashing into another parked car behind him.

Driver: No one just walks away from The Virus, Masakaz!

Masakazu screams as Hype rolls on the pavement in pain, holding his sides. Hype spits out blood and crawls to put himself against the wall.

Hype: Guess we're even now, eh Mas?

Hype laughs as he coughs out more blood, staining his white ninja clothing. Masakazu is frantic as he checks Hype for injuries.

Masakazu: This is all my fight, damn it. I'm so sorry f-

Hype: Hah, don't swear. Kids could be watching.

Masakazu shakes his head and pulls out his cell phone.

Hype: No... You can't call the police.

Hype struggles but Masakazu helps him to his feet.

Hype: You know I can't do the whole paramedic thing here, Mas. Don't worry.

Hype puts his hand out.

Hype: We gotta get out of here. You're going to have to call Hayes.

Masakazu: Yeah, yeah. We gotta get you to a hospital first.

Masakazu nods and hands him the keys to his own car. Masakazu helps Hype over to the black Dodge Avenger that he's rented and helps him into the passengers side. Masakazu hops into the drivers side and peels out of his parking spot before leaving tire marks on the pavement as we fade away...

Tai Tolium vs Marco Dante vs Hype

Triple Threat Match

Brian Rentfro: Well as we all saw just moments ago, Lisa Seldon announced this match would be a PWA Grizzly Beer Contendership match. Adds a little more spice than the normal circumstances.

Jon McDaniel: Are you also forgetting to mention that Hype will obviously not be participating in this match now? He was run down by a vehicle in which Masakazu was targeted for turning his back on Matthew Engel.

Brian Rentfro: Hype's fault, not Tai or Dante's. Let's get to it folks!

Alert Alert Alert Alert!
Alert Alert Alert Alert!

All the heads turned to the entrance ramp as the big screen came to life, showing a digital countdown. With each 'Alert', the countdown went down one second. With the last alert, an explosion occurred on the screen, a shower of red sparks actually showering down from the bottom of the screen and briefly covering the entrance ramp. As the spark shower finally fizzled out, Tai 'Nitro' Tolium could be seen standing there, a cocky grin on his face, slowly moving down the ramp. He scooted over to one side and exchanged some high fives with the fans, scooting over to the other side slowly and doing the same thing.

Get up, get up, drop the bombshell!
Get up, get up, drop the bombshell!

Tolium reached the bottom of the ramp and paused, slowly pulling his sunglasses off. He casually glanced from side to side the tossed his sunglasses to some lucky member in the eastern side of the arena, the red lens flashing once off the light before disappearing into the sea of bodies. Tolium hauled himself onto the apron of the ring and slowly walked along it, his eyes looking out at the western side of the arena. He nodded briefly at someone in the audience then ducked down, swinging his leg nearest the ropes up so that it went over at the same time his upper body did. Tolium hauled his other leg through as he stood up to his full height inside the ring, staring straight out at the northern side of the arena as he grinned.

And I'm not the same...
I'm not the same...

The super heavyweight slowly pulled off his jacket, shaking it a couple of times before tossing it to a technician at ringside, the wrestler walking over to the north eastern turnbuckle. He pointed out at the fans, receiving a cheap pop from them before hopping around a bit, obviously waiting for the beginning of the match. As he started hopping, Bombshell slowly faded out, the audience's cheering slowly dying down in the process.

Brian Rentfro: One down...

The lights in the arena dim as the sounds of gunshots and distant explosions echo through the PA system as CNN footage of the night vision cameras footage "Shock and Awe" campaign over Baghdad, Iraq play on the big screen, there's a sudden big flash as something explodes along with a blast of white pyrotechnics from the stage as the screen goes blank for a moment. The Guitar and drum beat starts as "Front line" by Pillar starts to blare through the PA.

It's not like I'm walking alone into the valley of the shadow of death
Stand beside one another, 'cause it ain't over yet
I'd be willing to bet that if we don't back down
You and I will be the ones that are holding the Crown in the end
When it's over, we can say, "Well done"
But not yet, 'cause it's only begun
So, pick up, and follow me, we're the only ones
To fight this thing, until we've won
We drive on and don't look back
It doesn't mean we can't learn from our past
All the things that we mighta done wrong
We could've been doing this all along.


Eric Emerson: Now Coming to the Ring! standing at a height of 6 feet 2 inches, weighing in at 245 lbs, Hailing from Trenton, New Jersey! He is "The Jersey Devil!" Marco Dante!!

Marco Dante steps from behind the curtain into another shower or white pyrotechnics, wearing a pair of black wrestling tight pants with a red devil logo on each thigh, black tape on his hands and wrists. The big screen behind him playing highlights from his matches as he starts to walk towards the ring.

Everybody, with your fists raised high
Let me hear your battle cry tonight
Stand beside, or step aside
We're on the frontline!

Everybody, with your fists raised high
Let me hear your battle cry tonight
Stand beside, or step aside
We're on the frontline!

As he walks, he high fives and knuckles to fans as he passes them, his eyes focused on the ring however, on his opponent if he's the second person out, just before reach the end of the barricade, he runs and baseball slides in under the ropes, jumping to his feet and then moving over to the turnbuckles, climbing each and thrusting both fists into the air, and then let's out a bit of a roar to get the crowd pumped.

And we'll be carrying on, until the day it doesn't matter anymore
Step aside, you forgot what this is for
We fight to live, we live to fight
And tonight, you'll hear my battle cry
We live our lives on the frontlines
We're not afraid of the fast times
These days have opened up my eyes
And now, I see where the threat lies

Marco Dante then jumps down from the turnbuckle, going to the next, repeating the steps before and so one..for each turnbuckle then a one handed chest pound just before hopping down from the last turnbuckle, he walks to the center of the ring and waves for the crowd to get louder and louder.

Everybody, with your fists raised high
Let me hear your battle cry tonight
Stand beside, or step aside
We're on the frontline

Everybody, with your fists raised high
Let me hear your battle cry tonight
Stand beside, or step aside
We're on the frontline!

We've got to lead the way!!

He then turns to the center of the ring to await the bell. Tai Tolium walks right up to him and looks down at the smaller Marco Dante as the bell rings for the match to start.

Brian Rentfro: I swear some of these guys take longer to come out for the match than the actual fighting for the match.

Tai rips into Marco quickly with a forearm smash, catching Dante off guard. Dante stumbles back and Tai plows through him with a sudden clothesline, bringing Dante to the canvas. Dante rebounds quickly, bringing himself back to his feet and grabs ahold of Tolium, Irish whipping him into the ropes and hitting him with a spinning back elbow. Tolium falls to one knee and Dante continues to drive his elbow into his collar bone and neck, trying to bring the big man all the way down. Dante follows up with a dragon sleeperhold, shaking his head as he continues to lock on further pressure on Tolium. Tolium tries throwing an elbow back at Dante but Dante slides himself out of the way and back into position each time, avoiding the hit. Finally Tolium tries to stand up, but Dante tries to force him to stay down to no avail. Tolium is on his feet with Dante holding on, still gripping him in the sleeperhold. Tolium drops back, using the force of his weight to crush Marco Dante beneath him and get the hold released from his neck.

Jon McDaniel: Obviously these guys understand what's at stake here and are putting up a pretty good fight.

Brian Rentfro: Tell that to Marco Dante. He's looking like his chances to get that grizzly beer title shot just got... Crushed! Hahahaha!

Jon McDaniel: ....

Tai gets to his feet first, obviously and lifts Dante up by the neck, sending him into the ropes now himself. Dante comes back and ducks a clothesline attempt by Tai, but on his way back Tai lifts him quickly and suddenly laying him flat out with an exploder suplex! The crowd goes nuts as Tai Tolium stands up and then drops back down with a heavy elbow drop on Dante's throat, causing Dante to roll away from the action. Tai waits for Dante as he gets up to his feet and Dante charges towards Tai. Dante launches himself forward and spears Tolium hard taking him down, but as he does Tolium wraps his free arm around Dante's head and DDT's him into the canvas during the spear. Both men lay on the canvas, Tai favoring his ribs as Dante holds his face.

Jon McDaniel: What a spear! And what a sudden and vicious counter DDT displayed by Tolium! Both of these men just wasted each other at the same time, incredible!

Brian Rentfro: You know you sound like a hippie sometimes, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: What? Why?

Brian Rentfro: Just saying, the whole unbiased commentator thing is getting old.

Jon McDaniel: But that's my job...

Brian Rentfro: Go figure.

Tai and Dante get to their feet at opposite ends of the ring now, having crawled away from each other during the commentators little job detail. Tai charges Dante this time and Dante catches Tai Tolium. Dante uses all his strength and power to belly to belly suplex Tolium to the canvas. As Dante comes up screaming with his arms extended towards the crowd, the crowd itself cheering this display of athleticism and strength. Dante wastes no time pulling Tolium into the center of the ring and latching onto his legs, bringing them up into an elevated Boston Crab. Tolium shakes his head to the referee refusing to tap out as the crowd rises up from their seats in the rivetting action.

Brian Rentfro: Yawn. Who wants to see submission holds? We want action!

Jon McDaniel: Last time I checked we were watching a wrestling match, not a street fight on the internet.

Brian Rentfro: Guess I'll have to wait for the Intercontinental title match for some crazy violence.

Tai continues to refuse to tap and instead pushes his body up onto his hands, making the move hurt more than before. But Tai screams loud as he puts his full strength into his legs and literally throws Marco Dante off of him. Dante stumbles forward and looks back as Tolium gets to his feet smiling. As Dante rushes forward Tolium falls to his knees and tackles Dante by his knees, targeting both for good measure. Dante cringes in pain as he favors his knees, and Tolium lifts him back up easily. Dante doesn't quit though and unleashes a volley of lefts and rights into Tolium's chest and face. Tolium stumbles back but responds in kind, throwing a hard left hook of his own which catches Dante on the chin and sends his head snapping back. As Dante spins around Tolium grabs him by the neck and lifts him up, planning to go for his Mortar Attack. Dante has other ideas as he frees himself of Tolium's choke hold and jumps right onto Tolium by the neck and shoulder, spinning around using the top rope against his feet as leverage before dropping the big man in a thunderous spinning facebuster which ignites the crowd.

Brian Rentfro: The crowd just exploded from that hit on Nitro!

Jon McDaniel: More cheesy zingers there, Brian?

Brian Rentfro: It's my job, Jon! HAH!

Dante follows it up with a fist drop to Tolium's face as he heads to the top rope now, but Tai "Nitro" Tolium is up quickly and as Dante flies off it's too late and Tolium catches him by the neck mid-air with both his hands. Tolium smiles as he drops Dante HARD with the Nuclear Explosion, and the crowd errupts in kind with cheers and camera flashes. Tai presses down on Dante as he makes the pin.





Eric Emerson: The winner of this match and number one contender to the PWA Grizzly Beer championship... TAI "NITRO" TOLIUM!

The referee raises Tai's hand and he smirks, fully proud of what he's just accomplished.

Jon McDaniel: Hard fought match, either of them would have been a fitting victor.

Brian Rentfro: But there can only be one, so I guess congrats and good lucks are in order for Tolium.

Jacob Collins vs Luscious Starr

Singles Match

The match started off very quickly as Starr immediately went on the assault with a snap suplex in the center of the ring on Jacob Collins. Collins regrouped and began a frontal assault by exchanging a few lefts and rights with Lucious Starr until Collins whipped Starr into the turnbuckle and went after him in chase. However Collins was surprised as Starr put his hands forward, grabbing ahold of the top rope which sent him up into the air and as Collins tried to stop he couldn't. Starr landed on Collins shoulders and as Collins tried to keep balance Starr unleashed a fury of punches to the back of his head before reverse hurricanrana took Collins down to the canvas. Collins got back up and hit a spinning mule kick on Starr. Collins grappled Starr and tried to whip him into the ropes but Starr reversed and whipped Collins into the ropes. However as Collins came back he launched himself onto Starr and landed a spinning DDT. Somehow Starr jumped up first and got himself behind Collins who was slow to get to his feet, and as Collins got up Lucious Starr hit Hades Flame and pinned him for the victory.

Winner: Lucious Starr

The Phoenix vs Blake Witcroft

Singles Match

It was a battle of the old PWA vs the new as Blake Witcroft took on the Phoenix in what looked to be a thrilling encounter.

The Phoenix looked to be the weak link in the combination though and took some time finding his rhythm. If anything he just didn't seem himself, allowing Blake to control him early and assert his position as the GB champion, doing so by keeping his man ground and working his upper back around the neck area to pick on his injury from the week before.

The champ looked too be getting too comfortable though, and but a second off the gas allowed the PWA Hall of Famer right back in, who immediately began taking it to Witcroft with a series of high impact slams. The Phoenix would eventually try for the win with a top-rope elbow, but Blake caught him in the corner with a Superplex, putting both men on the mat.

The match then broke down into a slugfest but it would be Blake who took the lead following a particularly vicious stab to the throat. Blake then looked set to score the big win, but found his attention wandering to the invading Xan Vaxman, who bypassed the ring altogether before scoring the GB title from ringside. Blake looked to give chase, allowing the Phoenix to capitalise, giving the ropes a punt and catching Blake with a low blow that the ref could do little about.

The Phoenix was looking particularly pleased with himself then as he landed the Cradle Piledriver and scored his first win since his return.

Jethro Hayes & Joshua Danielson vs The Cowgirls From Hell

Non-Title Tag Match

Brian Rentfro: What's the point of a non title match? If the girls lose they save face?

Jon McDaniel: Perhaps this is more of a test of skill than championship?

Brian Rentfro: Sure.

The lights in the arena dim as Cowboys From Hell hits the sound system. At the 17 second mark gold and silver pyros shoot upwards in the air. The arena flashes in blue and silver. ooh, COME ON! The girls ride out on a couple Harley Davidson Sporters, with the cFh logo airbrushed on the tanks. The rev the bikes as the fans head bang to the music.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next, hailing from London, Ontario Canada, weighing in at a combined weight of two hundred and sixty five pounds....

The girls start the ride down to the ring. Meghan is on the left so she takes the left and Tamika takes the right. They park in front of the announcers table.

Eric Emerson: they are the COWGIRLS FROM HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meghan and Tamika slide under the bottom rope. Meghan takes one corner and Tamika takes the opposite. They raise their fists in the air to the beat of the song, as the fans cheer loudly. They step down, and walk towards eachother placing their foreheads against eachother. They yell we are the Cowgirls From Hell, and turn to face the entrance way.

Eric Emerson: And their opponents, introducing first...

Before Emerson can continue Hayes and Danielson come running out from the back and slide into the ring quickly now as the bell sounds.


Hayes and Tamika go to their respective corners as Danielson and Meghan start it off. They circle each other and then grapple quickly. Meghan twists Danielson's right arm and then hits him quickly with a Russian Leg Sweep to take him down and out. She's up quickly and tags in Tamika who puts herself on the top rope. Shooting Star Press on Joshua Danielson! The crowd ignites into cheers as Danielson reels from the attack as Tamika gets to her feet but Danielson quickly spins his left leg, sweeping Tamika off of her feet. He brings his right leg up while still on his back and chops it down over Tamika's throat winding her momentarily. It gives Danielson enough time to tag in Jethro Hayes.

Brian Rentfro: Danielson getting manhandled by women! Hahaha!

Jon McDaniel: I'd say that counter leg sweep was pretty impressive though, Brian.

Hayes steps in over the top rope and Tamika looks up unafraid at the Southern Hero. Tamika bounces herself off the ropes and goes for a body splash but Jethro simply catches her, spins himself around and body slams her HARD into the canvas. Hayes gets back to his feet and picks her up by her hair and whips her into the ropes, but Meghan tags herself in amidst the confusion. Jethro Hayes puts out his arm and catches Tamika with a clothesline so hard she does a complete flip in the air before hitting the canvas. However Meghan is already on the top rope and jumps off, landing on Jethro Hayes' face with her feet in a missile dropkick which causes Hayes to stumble back into the corner. Danielson quietly tags himself in as Tamika and Meghan team up and double clothesline Jethro Hayes over the top rope.

Brian Rentfro: Is that even possible?!

Jon McDaniel: I don't know, but I guess so! It happened!

Danielson grabs Tamika from outside the apron and lifts her up with a snap suplex over the top rope and onto the outside accidentally right onto Jethro Hayes. Meghan confirms with the referee that Joshua is in fact the legal man of the other team and waits as he climbs back into the ring. Meghan with a flying lariat that just barely catches the quick moving Danielson. Danielson spins in dizzyness as out of no where Meghan kicks him straight into the gut and BANG!

Jon McDaniel: My Friend of Misery!

Brian Rentfro: Meghan with the cover!





Eric Emerson: The winners of this match, your PWA World Tag Team Champions... Meghan and Tamika Nash Strader... THE COWGIRLS FROM HELL!

Hayes is back to his feet and can't believe it as Danielson shakes his head inside the ring as the sister champions hop back onto their bikes and rev them up, making their victorious exit as quick as it began.

Emanuel Cole vs Matt Stone (c)

TV Title Match

The TV title match for the night kicked off with a bang as stone got on his man early on and never gave up the pace.

The result was a fairly one sided match that saw Stone stamping his authority on the match and the belt itself as he put the challenger through the ringer.

A late burst saw Cole get back into the match and able to string some offense together, but the creidt was with the champion again, who weathered the attack and came out the other side, catching Cole on a run and putting him down for the Set in Stone.

Cole struggled but saw himself getting nowhere and eventually conceded to tap.

The result was Stone going one for three in title defences as he looked to get back to the world title.

Deacon Frost vs Riona Langly (c)

Intercontinental Title Street Fight

Eric Emerson: This next is scheduled for one fall and is the PWA Intercontinental title! Introducing first…
The fans quiet down in the arena as the lights go purple. Smoke slowly rises from the entrance. A rain like mist floats through the arena as the opening guitar riff of Johnny Cash’s “God's Gonna Cut You Down” blares through the speakers.

“You can run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Sooner or later God'll cut you down
Sooner or later God'll cut you down”

And it goes on, yet no one seems to appear.
Brian Rentfro: Looks like someone got cold feet.
The fans begin to boo as Deacon’s music cuts out, but that all changes when Riona Langly appears through the curtain and marches down the ramp. She doesn’t look in the best of moods.
Jon McDaniel: Here comes the champ, and she doesn’t look impressed.
Brian Rentfro: Can’t say I blame her.
Riona slides through the ropes and comes at Emerson for answers but he seems just as confused as her. They go back and forth for a moment before the noise of the crowd pulls her attention towards the ramp. Deacon Frost finally arrives.
Jon McDaniel: Well, he’s a little late, but it looks like we’ve got a match after all.
Yet deacon makes no moves towards the ring, but merely stands shaking his head before stepping back through the curtain. Riona instantly gives chase.
Brian Rentfro: I guess the reason he didn’t speak up all week is he doesn’t really care.
Jon McDaniel: Back at Out of Control Deacon announced that he wasn’t going to face Riona before he was ready. Guess he wasn’t into that getting pulled forward.
Riona races to the back, forcing a camera switch to catch her on the other side of the curtain. She takes a quick look around to find no one, pushing her on to race down the corridors. She takes a step out of shot around a corner and then suddenly falls back into play.
Jon McDaniel: I can’t believe it! Deacon Frost just blindsided her!
Riona slides across the polished floor and then scampers to get back up, but from her hands and knees she gets caught with a knee to the face that drives her into the wall. The fans are astonished.
Brian Rentfro: Wait its –
Jon McDaniel: It’s Johnny Maverick!
Johnny impales Riona with a second knee in the chest before tearing her off the floor and sending her face first into a wall. The Intercontinental Champion falls back stunned and gets taken out by an elbow to the back of the head. This puts Riona back down on her knees and sets Johnny up for a big kick through her ribs, putting her into the air and then spilling across the floor. Johnny then stalks her down another corridor as we switch it up for a better shot.
Jon McDaniel: My God, what is he doing?
Brian Rentfro: I think he’s proving his worth, so to speak.
Riona stumbles into a table to catch her balance and then turns to throw its contents in his direction, but Johnny steps through the debris and latches his hands onto her throat, pushing her down onto the table. Riona struggles in his grasp to no avail, forcing her to put a thumb in his eye to get him off. Johnny staggers back and gives up the distance for Riona to tackle him into a wall, cracking a few tiles beneath them, but Johnny fights back with a double Axe-Handle smash into her back to put Riona to a knee.
Jon McDaniel: The Champion has some fight in her, but she’s been completely blindsided here.
Johnny pushes her off the floor with another knee that Riona answers with an elbow with some force to send him away. Riona then takes a few steps toward him but Johnny blindsides by turning and winging a trash can her way. Riona is stunned for a moment, allowing Johnny to catch her with a straight kick right in the gut to double her over, allowing him to catch her by the scruff of the neck and then heave her into the distance. Riona is given a chance to stand again but finds herself coming up the wrong way, giving up her back to Johnny who digs a shoulder into her back and then drives her through the wall.
Jon McDaniel: First he takes out Jeff Savage and now this! What has gotten into him?
Riona slumps to her knees but Johnny doesn’t let up; grabbing her by the back of the head and then smashing her into the wall. The tiles rip through her face and blood pools on the wall, giving Johnny a target as he drives her in again and again, three more times in total before he finally takes a step back. He’s just sizing her up though, and finishes her off with a foot in the back of her head, crushing her skull against the wall.
Riona’s body goes limp and slumps down against the wall, trailing a sickly claret stream down the tiles. The crowd are hushed in awe as Johnny looms over his hapless victim, who he gives one last kick to put onto her back. And then he sinks down over her, and gently places his lips to her forehead.
Brian Rentfro: Kinda freaky.
Jon McDaniel: What a sick of a bitch.
Johnny then stands up and the camera catches his face, before we all take a step back in disgust at the utter nothingness in his eyes. A patch of her blood smears his lips but he doesn’t seem to care, too busy staring her down. He then takes a step off out of shot, while we linger a few seconds more, unsure just what to think.

Grizzly Oh Dear

Jon McDaniel: So folks I guess that does it for tonight. Tune in next week when we hope to have some words from either Riona or Maverick following their altercation early  –

Brian Rentfro: Wait a minute folks.

Jon McDaniel: I’m just getting word that… that we’ve got a camera with Xan Vaxman. Somebody cue up the video screen.

We see a view from the audience towards the titantron as it cuts to a scene depicting the side of a highway with a billboard for Grizzly Beer in the background with a human figure standing on it.

The camera zooms in and it turns out to be Xan Vaxman standing with the Grizzly Beer title over his shoulder.

Xan Vaxman: "I know my taking of this title without winning it won't be a popular act but my ends will justify my means. I stand here in front of an advertisement because as I had said many times: I have a point to prove with what is on my shoulder."

He looked at the belt and back at the camera as we switched from audience view to a direct feed.

Xan Vaxman: "It saddens me that so many talented wrestlers have held this. Well. Piece of garbage. All it is a miniature version of what's behind me disguised as a championship belt created by a PWA sponsor in an attempt to shrill their product and its merchandise. Speaking of..."

Xan looked below him as the camera had panned back; showing that just below the scaffolding he was standing on was a sixty liter keg of Grizzly Beer standing upright with its top completely removed. Surrounding the keg was several Grizzly Beer memorabilia.

Xan Vaxman: "I've been waiting to do this since I got here, so I won't waste any more time."

And with the Xan held the Grizzly Beer title out in front of him before dropping it. It fell into the keg with a splash.

Xan Vaxman: "One last thing I must address. The current champion is a man that although I personally do not like I will admit deserves a honorable mention in my statement. Therefore:"

Xan Reached into his pocket and pulled out a Zippo before flicking it open, its flame burning rightly at its tip.

Xan Vaxman: "Congratulations Blake Witcroft..."

He held it out in front of him over the edge of the scaffolding.

Xan Vaxman: LAST Grizzly Beer champion!

Vaxman then dropped the lighter into the keg below. Followed by burst of light the beer in the keg was clearly on fire. Then for the first time during this scene the camera was not focused on Xan Vaxman, but instead the flames and smoke emitting from the barrel that may just be the Grizzly Beer title's final resting place as we faded to black to end the show.