World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


When Heroes Fall

The Mercedez Benz SL 500 swerves, commiting a one hundred and eighty degree spin right up onto the curb of the entrance to the arena. A crumpled can of Guiness comes flying out of the drivers side window as Simon Kalis steps out in full form. No longer arriving in a suit and tie, Simon Kalis sports a flak bulletproof vest. Two seperate chains of bullets criss cross over his chest and back as an obvious pistol sticks out from atop his belt buckle and his military-style urban camoflauge khakis. Kalis leans forward and adjusts his boots before straightening out his back. An AK-47 assault rifle is slung over his back as he finishes smoking what looks like a marijuana cigarette and chucks that to the side. Security at the entrance notices, and the guards eyes widen as Kalis approaches while adjusting the urban camoflauge bandana over his head.

Security Guard 1: You can't come in here like that!

Kalis headbutts the first security guard and he collapses to the ground, when Kalis viciously strikes him with a boot to the throat leaving him choking and barely able to breathe. The second security guard pulls out his own weapon and opens fire on Kalis, hitting him twice in the chest but of course the vest only lets Kalis feel a slight recoil. Kalis stumbles back and reaches for his back pocket, pulling out a butterfly knife and fantastically flips it open before throwing it towards the second security guard.The guard dodges but Kalis kicks him in the face with a forward thrust kick so quick and powerful it puts the guard down and out. Kalis kicks his weapon away and spits on his face before reaching behind his ear and lighting up a cigarette.

Simon Kalis: The sweet taste of success.

The third and final security guard stands like a deer in the headlights, unsure of how to react.

Security Guard 3: Wha... What're you doing, sir?

Kalis smiles so insincerely he does not make an attempt to mask the near psychotic fire in his eyes as he walks up to him, whispering in his ear.

Simon Kalis: This is a declaration of war, my brother.

Kalis grabs the security guard by his neck and DDTs him onto the cold hard pavement, causing the guard to begin bleeding out unconscious on the sidewalk. As Kalis gets himself back up his hands shake uncontrollably as he takes a draw from his cigarette. He now enters the arena after passing the metal detectors, which go off of course. However as the camera pans around at the witnesses on the street dialing 911, we see one cloaked in with a black hood over himself. He removes the hood and as his robe opens up we see the silver armor he wears beneath it, his long white hair unmistakable amongst the more average denizens of the area.

Masakaz The Great: I am here. It is my time now, father.

The crowd all turn to see Masakaz remove the robe and let it drop to the pavement as he begins making his way towards the arena entrance, his leather jacket waves from the bottom in the wind as does his hair while female fans take photographs of the younger Kalis. Masakaz passes over the downed security guard and enters the arena right behind his father Simon as we fade to BoXeR's office. Joe was watching the whole thing on his 42in High Definition TV. He immediately picked up the phone and dialed a number.

Joe BoXeR: "Find Simon Kalis, right now."

Cut back to ringside.

Jon McDaniel: What is happening?

Brian Rentfro: I think the stress finally got to Kalis and he snapped, Jon. He snapped, and now he is armed to the teeth with all sorts of weaponry. Oh no, not a steel chair... or a nightstick, or a table or a 2x4 like a normal wrestler. This guy has an AK-47 with him and a lot of bullets. I mean, a lot of bullets folks.

Jon McDaniel: I think Kalis just guaranteed his ticket to jail by assaulting those guards tonight, Brian. He should know better...

Brian Rentfro: He's high, Jon! He's also probably very drunk! What kind of role model is this for our youth? Some hero, Jon. This guy is gonna go to jail, AGAIN, where he belongs!

Jon McDaniel: Something is afoot here tonight Brian... I fear what the aftermath will be of this incident.

Matt Stone vs Ronald Gay

In the opening match of Rampage, Matt Stone and Ronald Gay wrestled an exciting and high-impact match. It was declared that this would be Ronald Gay's last match in the PWA, and he would leave the PWA on a high note as he would defeat the former two time Grizzly Beer Champion in just under twelve minutes.

Winner: Ronald Gay


The camera pans backstage on Simon Kalis, who is in his locker room.

Simon Kalis: I do not forgive.. I do not --

A letter slips under his door which alarms him. He immediately jumps to his feet, wielding his Desert Eagle, and opens his door. He pops out and looks down the hallway in both directions. No one is there. The letter is addressed to "The Glorious". He lays down his gun for a moment and opens the letter up.

"Dearest Simon,

The path of your 'salvation' begins now. The only way to save your son is to visit the 'Hero' of the South.

Most affectionately,

Matthew Engel"

Simon's reaction is anger and despair. He crumples the letter up and tosses it behind him. He grabs his Desert Eagle and rapidly walks out of his locker room door, heading down the hallway and disappearing. We cut back to ringside.

Jon McDaniel: This can't be good, Brian. It seems that, retired or not, Matthew Engel is still fighting the war on his terms.

Brian Rentfro: Engel is a manipulative bastard that can turn anyone against anyone.. and that's why he's so good at what he does, Jon. Engel's impact is still felt so heavily here without him having to be here. And he's not retired, Jon. Just wait, he'll win that lawsuit.

Jon McDaniel: We were both there, Brian. Jethro defeated him.

Brian Rentfro: Not bloody likely!

The Reunion

The scene starts with Joshua Danielson. He walks around backstage until we hear a door opening. He looks at the direction of the door and sees his long-time friend, Marxx, walking in the arena. He wasn’t expected here as he was out for the week after his match with Riona Langly. Joshua walks by him, surprised to see him around.

Joshua : Hey Marxx!

Marxx : Josh! Holy crap dude, I didn’t see you since you came back!

Joshua: Yeah I know, these past weeks were craz...

Joshua stops, smelling the air.

Joshua: ... You smoked?

Marxx looks a little embarrassed.

Marxx: Yeeaaahhh...

Joshua: DUDE! You told me you stopped months ago!

Marxx: Wow, wow, chill out, calme toi! It’s under prescription.

Joshua, in anger, slaps Marxx’s shoulder, who grabs it in pain. His expression changes as he sees the grin on Marxx’s face.

Joshua: Oh sorry man!

Marxx: I told you!

Joshua: No seriously, I didn’t know. That’s why you’re not in attire tonight?

Marxx: Oui.

There’s a little silence, and then Joshua tries to break it.

Joshua: So, where have you been this past week? I tried to reach you a couple times and you didn’t answer!

Marxx: Sorry about that. I... I felt like just staying alone and relaxing.

Joshua: You’re sure it has nothing to do with... This Saturday?

Marxx: This Saturday? Nahh...

Joshua: Don’t tell me you already turned the page on what happened. You don’t just lose the title at less than thirty days of a rec...

Marxx: TWENTY-FIVE days. Less than four weeks and this record was mine. Do you know how it feels to have a goal and fall short at the last couple steps to get to it? It’s just... It’s just painful man, to think that I was this close and then all of a sudden someone comes in and steals the title from me... I’m so frustrated. Not at Riona, but at myself for failing at the last miles. And it’s not the type of chance I’ll be able to get back anytime soon, it was one hell of a road to retain the championship and keep it for this long, I don’t know if I’ll be able to repeat this again.

Joshua: Hey man, don’t be so hard on yourself! Who didn’t get a single win in almost a year and then became the Television champion back in our days in London?

Marxx: That was me...

Joshua: Exactly! And who became the PWA World champion after only 3 months in the company?

Marxx: That was me...

Joshua: Oh yeah it was you! And who defeated Matthew Engel at Manitoba Mayhem and became a double champ?

Marxx looks at Joshua, really confused.

Marxx: ... That was Jethro Hayes actually...

Joshua: Uhh... My bad. But whatever, you’re a fighter man! You got it in you! You can stand up faster than anyone else and beat them all one by one until you reach the top! You don’t need this record to be great and you’re gonna prove that to all of them!

And he slaps Marxx’s shoulder again, who grabs it in pain once more. He glares at Joshua.

Joshua: ... Sorry!

Marxx: Please, don’t touch me for a while, okay?

Joshua goes to the other side, where he’s sure to not hit the bad shoulder.

Marxx: But you’re right, t’as raison. I’ll stand up from that. But now, I need some time to get over it...

Then all of a sudden, Marxx is interrupted by two people clapping in their hands. The camera goes to the left, showing Meghan and Tamika Nash Strader, the Cowgirls from Hell, walking by Joshua and Marxx.

MNS: How touching is that! The emotional meeting of two long-time friends!

TNS: Oh, I could cry right there!

Joshua steps to the front.

Joshua: What do you want?

TNS: Not a whole lot. Just wanted to hear who was spewing all the sappy crap.

MNS: Really Danielson? Starr to Marxx? Well I guess THAT’S somewhat of an improvement.

This time, Marxx had enough. He stepped next to Joshua before he could jump on them.

Marxx: First of all, premièrement, it’s Marxx. And secondly, deuxièmement, you don’t need to go through someone to send your little bitchy remarks. If you have something to tell me, you say it to my face or you shut it. I can defend myself...

MNS: That’s not what Riona said...

And the Nash Strader sisters started laughing as they exchanged a high five. Marxx had enough of these two. He was ready to explode. He grabbed Maghan by the collar and dragged her to an inch from his face.

Marxx: You know... You might be a girl, t’es peut-être une fille, but I wouldn’t mind to beat down the piece of trash you are. One Nash Strader already went to the ground by himself for me, I wouldn’t mind to force one there if I had the chance to do so. This week... Not really possible. But next week, you better get prepared, because I challenge you, one on one, un contre une, in the ring.

Marxx waited to seconds, and then let her go. She stepped back, going next to her sister before giving her answer.

MNS: Really? After I kicked your ass in Rebel Pro? Sure, I’ll have my assistant clear my schedule. Be my pleasure to do it again.

And with that said, they walked away from Marxx and Joshua.

Joshua: Wow... You’re sure about this? Are you even in shape to get to the ring with someone for next week?

Marxx: Don’t worry about this man, inquiète-toi pas pour ça, all I want is put my hands on her and knock the teeth of her wonderful smile down her throat.

Joshua: But... You know her sister’s gonna be there, right? You will need someone to balance things for you. Let me come to the ring with you next week, I’ll make sure Tamika don’t even climb on the apron.

Marxx looks at Joshua, not too sure what to answer.

Marxx: Hmm... Do as you wish, if you think it’s necessary.

With that said, Marxx walks away, leaving Joshua there, looking at him as the promo ends.

Corey Lazarus vs Bruce Cable


Lazarus and Cable would start off trading blows, but the big man Cable would get the advantage and corner Laz into the turnbuckles. Cable would lay into Laz with forearms and knees and then whip Laz to the opposite turnbuckles. Laz would crash hard into the turnbuckles but burst out of the corner and nail Cable with a spinning heel kick, connecting perfectly. Cable would be knocked to the mat from the move and Laz would capitalize and mount Cable, dishing out lefts and rights showing Cable some ground and pound work. Laz would move Cable up to his feet and deliver back-to-back chops to the chest as the crowd would respond accordingly. Laz would send Cable into the ropes and Cable would come back and nearly behead Laz with a running lariat. Cable would stomp on the grounded Laz repeatedly and then bring him to his feet. He would lift Laz up in a Gorilla Press, trying to go for the Stroke of Midnight which would surely keep Laz down for the 3 count, but Laz would slam his knee cap into Cable's head and drop to the mat in front of Cable. Laz would topple a dazed Midnight with The End Credits and go for the pin.





Winner: Corey Lazarus in 8:10

A 'Favour'

“Ms. LoCo herself, Lisa! How the hell are ya?”

We burst into the scene, all smiles and cheers from Scott Nash Strader who marches into frame with his arms open wide biker cut proudly displayed, almost as if waiting for a hug. The camera pans around to Lisa Seldon, sitting on an equipment crate and shooting a look that says she’s probably not going to reciprocate.

Scott: “It really has been a long time. What, 3 maybe 4 years since we actually talked.”

Lisa: “Could have been longer.”

Lisa takes her eyes off him and turns to her left toward the PWA Undisputed Champion Laura Estella. They’d originally just been shooting the breeze but the look on Laura’s face implied she was enjoying this a lot more.

Scott: “Come on now, there’s no need to be like that. We used to be friends.”

Lisa: “My last memory of you is getting hit in the face with a hockey stick.”

Scott: “Well yeah, you killed my best friend.”

She raises an eyebrow and Laura snorts out a laugh.

Scott: “That is, I was lead to believe you killed my best friend. It’s wrestling, you know how it is.”

Lisa begrudgingly accepts that she does in fact know how it is, but she still doesn’t look too impressed.

Lisa: “Also there was all the lesbian shit.”

Laura: “Well…”

Laura looks her up and down and then doesn’t bother to finish her sentence as Lisa shoots her a glare. It’s enough of a break as Scott needs to turn the conversation around.

Scott: “So I was thinking back to HiC and Vulgar Display of Power and how it was I who got you your break with us when I put in the good word for you. Plus, remember that date I set up for you and Woondang?”

Lisa: “Did you now?”

Her words are positively dripping but he doesn’t seem to notice… or care at least.

Scott: “I saw a lot of potential in you, I knew Lisa ‘LoCo’ Lorenzo was going to be literally the future of this sport, and I was right. I wanted to be able to get behind the past of bullshit between us and the fact Chamelion was once part of VDP. I guess in a lot of ways I really helped you out back in the HiC… and so I figured I might be good for a favour.”

Lisa doesn’t reply as she’s busy looking for her jaw which just landed on the floor somewhere.

Scott: “I wish I could be here for my daughters Lisa, but the simple fact is I can’t. I’ve done a lot of bad things, and I have paid the price. You can’t even deny that. I don’t want Meghan and Tamika to pay for what I’ve done in this business. Things are keeping me from the business, and there are matters that I’m dealing with on a constant basis…”

Laura: “All the biker shit?”

Scott: “You know it doll.”

He nods.

Scott: “I can’t be around as much as I’d like and even if I was they probably wouldn’t listen to me anyways. So in saying that, do ya think, you know for a ‘old friend’ you could guide them along in their young careers’?”

Lisa’s finally found her jaw but she doesn’t look happy.

Lisa: “So, wait, you come up to me out of nowhere, drop an oops, sorry for trying to smash up your face and then try and pawn your kids off on me so you can go drive around on your hog or whatever with your biker dudes?”

He’d hoped it at least sounded better than that when he said it, but shrugs his shoulders and nods.

Lisa: “Who says I even want your kids anyway?”

Laura: “Why not, they’re good.”

Lisa suddenly snaps onto Laura.

Lisa: “How would you know?”

Laura: “Well, they’re the tag champs for one and they’ve been doing a lot of work out of the Cathouse.”

Lisa blinks quite furiously.

Lisa: “What?”

Laura: “Yeah, didn’t you see the rumors? Training with legends in California? That was Alexis. They’re coming along in leaps and bounds too.”

Lisa scowls at her, then one for Scott too who just flashes a sort of shit eating smile.

Laura: “Oh just help the guy out already. He helped you in the HiC and you’re not doing anything else anyway. If the PWA is going to pay you to hang around you might as well work for it.”

Lisa seems aware she’s not really winning.

Lisa: “Fine. I’ll be their road dad or whatever. I mean, I saved your career and you were with the Keslers. I can probably fix there’s too.”

Laura: “Yeah…”

Laura stretches out the word as she does her best not to make eye contact. It’s not a worry though as Lisa suddenly bounds to her feet and takes off passed Scott.

Lisa: “Just point me to them already.”

Jacob Seldon vs THLove vs Joshua Danielson

TV Title Contendership Match

Eric Emerson: This match is scheduled for one fall, and is for the number one contendership to the PWA Television Championship!

Jungle drums sound around the arena. On stage a fog rises around the entrance as we view a murky river on the big screen. As a Hippo head breaks the surface we hear "Bim Bomb" fade in over the native rhythms. The beast opens his jaws wide and bellows just as T. H. Love steps through the roiling fog. He pauses to glare at the crowd for a moment before continuing on to the ring. Rolling under the bottom rope The Treacherous One kips to his feet and waits for the opening bells.

"Just you hold on a goddamn minute now!"

The opening salvo of "Original King" by Brother Ali kicks up on the soundsystem to a pop from the crowd as Jacob Seldon makes his way through the entrance curtain. Lit cigarette between his smirking lips, he saunters unhurriedly down the entry ramp, exchanging words with some of the louder-mouthed fans.

Eric Emerson: Introducing, from Ottawa, Canada by way of Albuquerque, New Mexico and weighing in tonight at one hundred and ninety seven pounds...

Reaching the ring apron, Seldon stubs out his cigarette and exhales one last cloud of acrid smoke before rolling under the bottom rope and clambering to his feet on the canvas. He grins up at the crowd and gestures to his t-shirt which is emblazoned with the long defunct Liberty Wrestling Federation logo.

Eric Emerson: Representing Self-Inflicted Drama, this is - JACOB SELDON!

Seldon nods in recognition of another pop from the crowd and then makes his way over to an unoccupied corner of the ring to rest against the turnbuckle in anticipation of the start of the match.

The beginning to “Upside Down Kingdom” by As I Lay Dying hits the PA System, and the lights dim. There’s a huge cheer from the crowd as Joshua Danielson pushes through the curtain and steps onto the entrance ramp! He looks out at the crowd, before pointing out at a random point, then reaches down and slaps the ground with both hands before continuing down the ramp.

He slaps the hands of the fans at ringside, before taking off his T-Shirt and tossing it out into the crowd, who scramble for it, while giving another huge pop! Joshua climbs up onto the ring apron and into the ring.

Eric Emerson: Introducing now, from Des Moines, Iowa… Weighing in at one hundred and ninety eight pounds…

Joshua climbs up to the second turnbuckle and throws his hands into the air, before backflipping off and landing on his feet as Eric Emerson continues.

Eric Emerson: He is The Punisher… Joshua Daaaaaaaaaaaanielson!


The three men circle each other, trying to feel each other out as the crowd is on their feet in anticipation of this bout! Eventually, Seldon goes after TH Love with a kick to the gut, but as soon as that connects, Joshua is right there with a front kick of his own, doubling over Jacob. Joshua goes off the far ropes, but is quickly sent down to the mat with a shoulder block from Love. And again, as soon as Love turns towards Jacob, he’s sent down to the mat by a dropkick by Protean, leaving him the lone man standing tall!

Jon McDaniel: A quick start from all three men in this match!

Brian Rentfro: I don’t know why Seldon and Danielson are even trying. Love’s obviously going to take this one.

Jon McDaniel: You never know, I think either Danielson or Seldon could win this.

Brian Rentfro: They could, but they won’t.

Love and Danielson are back to their feet, and it’s a stand-off once again, all three men circling. This time it’s Treacherous Hippo Love going after Danielson with a lariat, but Joshua ducks and Seldon is quick to bend Love over with a snap kick to his stomach. However, when that happens, Danielson comes flying over Love, smacking Jacob in the chest with a dropkick, and while falling, drops Love to the mat with a one handed bulldog!

Jon McDaniel: Amazing move by Joshua! His return to PWA definitely has not gone unnoticed!

Brian Rentfro: What has he done since returning? One match, losing with Lucious Starr at RPM 2. Big deal.

Jacob Seldon is up quick, as is Joshua Danielson. They trade punches, before Seldon gets the advantage. Jacob goes off the ropes, but is quickly cut off by a charging TH Love, taking Jacob out with the Hippo Charge! The crowd is going crazy at this intense, all out action this early in the match! Danielson waits until Love turns around, and runs at him, going for a jumping lariat, but Love sidesteps to send Joshua into the corner, but Joshua catches himself on the second rope before looking to jump back and take Love out with a turning body press. Those plans are foiled however, as Love catches and turns, snapping Joshua to the mat with a power slam! He looks for the cover!

Ref: 1! 2!

Jon McDaniel: And Seldon is in for the breakup!

Brian Rentfro: I told you, TH Love is taking this match!

Jon McDaniel: He easily could have right there, had Protean not been right there for the breakup!

Joshua rolls over to the side of the ring to recuperate as Seldon and Love start going blow for blow, trading punches! Love starts to get the upper hand, but then Seldon unleashes with a flurry of punches, driving Love back to the ropes! Jacob sends Love off the ropes, and looks to hit him with a lariat, but Love ducks under and went off the far ropes. This time, Love goes for a lariat, but Jacob ducks. Love keeps going to the far ropes, only to get taken out over the top rope by a Danielson head scissors! Joshua is back to his feet inside the ring, and Seldon gets a running start at Danielson, only for Joshua to duck down and lift Seldon up into the air, with the momentum sending Seldon outside onto Love who is on his feet. Love catches Seldon and turns before tossing Jacob into the ring barrier! Sooner than TH can turn around, Joshua Danielson goes off the far ropes and vaults over the top, onto Love with a twisting body press!

Crowd: Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

Jon McDaniel: Amazing athleticism by Danielson right there! He tossed Seldon onto Love, distracting him, only to come back at TH Love with a twisting body press!

Brian Rentfro: Yes indeed Jon.

Joshua is up, and he gets Seldon up too, rolling him inside the ring before climbing onto the apron. Seldon gets to his feet a bit groggily, and Danielson goes to leap up to the top rope, but Love, who is up to Danielson’s surprise, grabs onto his foot and pulls him down, face first onto the apron as the crowd gives him uber heat for that! Joshua is down on the floor on the outside, and Love slides into the ring to take advantage. As Seldon turns around, he turns right into a running boot to the chest from Love, who is quick to make the cover!

Ref: 1! 2!

Brian Rentfro: How did Seldon get the shoulder up from that!

Jon McDaniel: Protean is showing a lot of heart in this triple threat!

TH Love is to his feet, and grabs Jacob Seldon by his hair, pulling him to his feet. Love plants a couple of hard punches into Seldon’s forehead, before Jacob blocks a punch and bends Love over with another front kick to the gut! Protean goes off the ropes, before coming back and nailing a drive by kick, sending Love spinning down to the mat! Jacob’s quickly back to his feet again, but runs over to Love, cutting off his airway with a heavy guillotine leg drop! He makes the cover as the crowd’s begging for him to get the win!

Ref: 1! 2! Thr-


Brian Rentfro: How does he do it?

Jon McDaniel: I don’t know, but out of nowhere, while we were focused on the match, Joshua was somehow able to make it up to the top rope and break up the count without us seeing!

Indeed, the instant replay on the screen shows Joshua Danielson getting up to the top while Seldon smashes Love with the drive by kick, then flipping off the top, breaking up the pinfall with a twisting moonsault off the top!

Joshua and Seldon are up, going blow for blow! Joshua gets the advantage, before Seldon ends up turning the tables on him and driving him backwards a few steps. When Joshua is backed to the ropes, he fights back with a snap kick to the side of Jacob’s left leg, sending him down to one knee. Love is finally back to his feet, and runs at Joshua, looking for a lariat, but Danielson pulls down the top rope, sending TH Love to the outside! Seldon is on his feet, and looks to send a hard right hand at Joshua, but Joshua ducks and stuns him with a step up enzuigiri! Joshua gets back to his feet as Seldon is out on his, so Joshua takes the opportunity to grab Seldon on his shoulders, go to the middle of the ring, and snap Protean down with The Punishment! He holds him in pinfall position as the referee counts!

Ref: 1! 2! 3!

Eric Emerson: Here is your winner, and number one contender to the PWA Television Championship, Joshua Danielson!

Jon McDaniel: He’s back! The Punisher is back to form! And now he’s got a shot at the PWA TV Title!

Brian Rentfro: Joshua worked hard, but I’m STILL very surprised that TH Love didn’t win the match!


The camera pans backstage on Jethro Hayes. Although not scheduled to be here tonight, he has decided to come down for his own personal reasons. Bud Adams immediately follows up on the report of Hayes' arrival, and manages to catch Jethro outside his Black Hummer in the parking garage.

Bud Adams: "Jethro! How are you doing sir?'

Hayes looks over at Bud, and tries to give him a genuine smile. It was harder than it looked.

Jethro Hayes: "I'm doin' alright, Bud. I'm just here to talk to some people tonight, I'm not wrestling."

Bud Adams: "I know that, is there any chance we could get an interview?"

Jethro Hayes: "I.. I just can't right now. Bud, we'll have to do this later."

Bud just stands there, a little disappointed, but he understands. Awkward silence. Jethro breaks the ice.

Jethro Hayes: "Anything else?"

Bud Adams: "Oh, right! I was told to deliver this letter to you. I think it's from Simon Kalis."

Jethro Hayes: "Really. I'll take that, then. See ya later, Bud."

Bud hands over the letter and disappears. A camera stays behind and is panned on Jethro Hayes, who opens the letter. It was address to "The Southern Hypocrite".. Jethro doesn't look too pleased. Forgetting that the camera is on him, Jethro chooses to read the letter out loud.

"Dearest Hypocrite,

I'm sure you've come to a painful realization that this letter was not from your friend Simon. The sad part is that you think you got rid of me, and the tragedy is that you believe you won. Jethro.. I cannot express to you how wrong you really are. You think you are what this place needs, what the fans want, and what the sport yearns for.. and yet, you've gone to extreme measures to ensure that everyone will question your judgment and your loyalty. By turning your back on them and joining me, even if it was a ruse all along, you've already ensured a victory for me.

You didn't beat me at RPM 2 in the ring. In fact, I assure you the next time we step into the ring, you will be destroyed by the very hands you have sworn to keep out of the PWA.

You will never defeat me, because by vilifying yourself out of a chaotic obsession to face me in the ring, you will always be a Hypocrite. You were the one who imprisoned Kalis wrongfully. You were the one who took him and his son out of the game so our rise as Second 2 None would be as quick and as painless as possible. And then, just like that, you brought him back so you could use him as some kind of puppet to help strengthen your supposed 'war' against me.

I am forever embedded into this company's history, as one of the best this business has ever seen. You? You'll go down as the man who betrayed everything he stood for just so he could satisfy his own greed and obsession.

Consider this a declaration of victory, hero. But, your war isn't over yet. Your actions have left you in the wake of a brooding monster that will be on your doorsteps soon. He is Great, he is Merciless, and he will destroy you and Simon.

Most affectionately,

Matthew Engel"

The crowd in the arena falls silent, hearing the news of Jethro's actions from start to finish while apart of Second 2 None. Jethro's head hangs low.. this was why he came here tonight, to tell Simon the truth. Jethro looks to his left and realizes the camera is on him, and he's filled with sadness.

Jethro Hayes: "No..."

Then, the sound of a gun being cocked is heard. Jethro pauses in fear, and looks behind him. Simon Kalis is appears from around a corner, and his eyes are blazing with anger and sadness. He approaches Jethro.

Simon Kalis: "It was you all along, wasn't it?"

Jethro Hayes: "Simon.. I admit I went too far, but it was necessary. You have to believe me. Men like Engel can't continue to be apart of something we love so much."

Simon looks down at his Desert Eagle. He brings it up to his head, and rubs his temple with the barrel.

Simon Kalis: "Hayes.. I never thought in a million years you would take it this far."

Hayes looks away for a moment. Both men are on the brink here, and Kalis is ready for anything as he lowers his gun to his hip, ready to draw on a moment's notice. We can hear PWA security squandering.

Jethro Hayes: "It is my fault, Simon. I was so bent on destroying Engel, I didn't think about the consequences. It was a well-laid plan, but it has hurt everything I love. I.. I can never forgive myself for what I did, but I am going to try to do everything I can to earn back forgiveness from the fans and my colleagues.. and try to walk the path of the Southern Hero once more."

Kalis is slowly raising his gun.

Jethro Hayes: "Simon.. please. I am truly sorry for everything I've done.. from your imprisonment to your son's betrayal and poisoned mind. But.. Simon, there is still a war on our hands, and if we are to survive it, we must stick together."

Kalis puts the gun to his head.

Jethro Hayes: "No!"


Kalis looks over and immediately goes into a sprint deeper into the parking garage. Security runs after him, and we cut to ringside.

Brian Rentfro: "An interesting development, Jon."

Jon McDaniel: "Hayes had Simon imprisoned and then released? It doesn't make sense."

Brian Rentfro: "I believe Engel."

Jon McDaniel: "Oh I'm sure you do. Normally I'd think this was just a ploy by Engel, but.. Hayes verified it in front of Simon Kalis and the PWA Universe. This is a tragic and dark day, ladies and gentlemen."

Cody Bogard vs Jer$ey


The cameras cut to Eric Emerson in the ring, who clears his throat before raising the microphone to his face.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 20-minute time limit, and is a PWA vs. Rebel Pro inter-promotional match-up!!

The lights suddenly dim down as the opening intro to Eikichi Yazawa's "Trouble Man" pick ups and smoke emerges from near the entrance way.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first...

A figure emerges from the smoke, standing while looking at the fans as he stands in the shadows. The figure is seen as strobe lights go off to reveal Cody Bogard with a black towel draped over his head, obscuring his face. Cody makes his way to the ring.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from San Mateo, California, he weighs in tonight at 210 pounds...

Gonna be trouble
It's gettin' out of hand
Gonna be trouble
But baby, I'm the man

I'm gonna save you
I'll be your knight
I'll be your saviour
How 'bout tonight? YEAH!

Eric Emerson: ...and standing at 5 feet, 11 inches tall...

Cody makes his way over to the ring, springing up to the ring apron, climbing the turnbuckle and posing with his arms open in a pose.

Eric Emerson: Representing the PWA...

Gonna be trouble
Baby, I'm the trouble man
Want a fighter? Come on--
But don't you understand?
I can't be double
Baby, I'm the trouble man

Cody jumps from the turnbuckle as he slowly raises his hand over his head, grabbing hold of the towel and quickly swiping it off, revealing the new 2nd stage mask.

Eric Emerson: ...CODY BOGARD!!

The fans applaud as Bogard tosses the towel to the ringside attendants, and "Trouble Man" dies down, replaced by a smack of the drums as Drake's "It's Over" cues up. From behind the back comes Jer$ey, cascaded in green strobe light with a confident smile on his face and a cocky swagger in his step.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 228 pounds and standing at 6 feet, 3 inches tall...

Jer$ey holds up his hands and turns around, revealing the "YM" printed on the back of his tanktop. He walks down the ramp, heralded with general indifference by this primarily PWA crowd.

Eric Emerson: He hails from Paterson, New Jersey, and is representing Rebel Pro...

And on come some boos. Jer$ey ignores them, brushing them off of his shoulder, and takes off his green Yankees hat as he riches the ringside area.

Eric Emerson: ..."Mr. Young Money"...

Before he can take his dog tag and his golden iced-out brass knuckles chain off from around his neck, Bogard soars through the middle and top ropes with an elbow suicida, connecting square on Jer$ey's jaw.

Eric Emerson: ...JER$EY!

The ref calls for the bell as "It's Over" dies...


...and Bogard nails a few stomps on the Rebel Pro representative on the ringside floor. He grabs him by the back of his neck and brings him up to his feet, sliding the taller man into the ring under the bottom rope.

Jon McDaniel: And we're off to IMMEDIATE action!

Brian Rentfro: After the last few weeks of Bogard's PWA career, Jon? I'm not surprised he'd look to immediately make an example out of some Rebel Pro punk.

Cody hops up onto the apron, holding up a fist. Jer$ey rises to his feet, still staggered by the elbow suicida from mere seconds prior, and turns, his eyes meeting Bogard's.

Jon McDaniel: Cody over the top...HURRICANRAN...NO!!

Jer$ey reacts quickly as Bogard is in mid-air and dives forward as Cody's legs connect with his shoulders, slamming Cody's back directly into the canvas.

Brian Renfro: Brilliant powerbomb reversal right there.

Jer$ey wastes little time and floats over for the cover.



The former PWA Television champion gets a shoulder up at the 2, and Jer$ey gets to his feet, still rubbing his jaw. He grabs Bogard's arm and locks him into a triangle choke, arching his back to gain leverage on the hold.

Jon McDaniel: And Jer$ey calls his triangle choke the Million Dollar Stretch, and he's definitely wrenching it in.

Brian Rentfro: Bogard's almost near the ropes...

Cody gets a foot out onto the bottom rope, and referee Scott Swindell calls for the break.




Jer$ey relinquishes the hold, and then drops a knee into Bogard's forehead.

Brian Rentfro: Ouch!

Jon McDaniel: This isn't a Mark McNasty match, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: And that wasn't the O-U-C-H, Jon! It was a knee right to the forehead from somebody who has a height and weight advantage over Bogard, so the natural instinct is to say "ouch"!

Jon McDaniel: Jer$ey brings Cody to his feet now...

Jer$ey locks Cody into a front facelock and drapes his arm up over his shoulder. He looks around the crowd quick and then points up with his free hand before using it to grab a hold of the waist of Cody's tights.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like Jer$ey's looking for a brainbuster...!

Brian Rentfro: Bogard gets out of it!

Cody floats over and lands on his feet behind the Rebel Pro star, which prompts him to turn around and try to ready himself. Bogard unleashes a vicious flurry of open hand slaps to Jer$ey's face, shouting...

Cody Bogard: ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA!

...over and over as he does so. He connects with the final slap, one harder than the punches of many men, and turns around, hitting the ropes with great intensity. He rebounds back, rushing towards Jer$ey with a tremendous amount of speed, and launches forth with a Kenka Kick.

Jon McDaniel: Jer$ey ducks it!!

Bogard turns around now, and is met with a punishing combination of rights and lefts, "Mr. Young Money" trading off which hand is throwing the quick jabs.

Brian Rentfro: Blow for Blow!

Jer$ey hits the ropes this time, and connects with a brutal lariat that causes Bogard to back flip and twist, landing on his hip.

Jon McDaniel: Did you see that lariat?!

The fans pop huge for the impact of the move, and Jer$ey leans against the top rope, looking out into the crowd with the same confident smile on his face that he had during his entrance.

Jon McDaniel: I think we need to check that out again...

REPLAY: Jer$ey rebounds off of the ropes towards the dazed Cody Bogard, and unleashes a stiff and swift lariat, connecting with Bogard's chest, throat, and jaw, that sends the former PWA Television champion flipping backwards from the impact, twisting in mid-air before landing on the canvas on his hip.

Back to real time, and Jer$ey drags Bogard over to the nearest corner, dropping a pair of stomps across his chest before stepping over him to the turnbuckles. He points up, and then climbs to the top turnbuckle, his back to the ring.

Brian Rentfro: It looks like he's going for the Million Dollar Sault...!

Jer$ey takes flight, backflipping with an amazing amount of grace for a man his size before crashing gut-first across Cody Bogard's raised knees.

Jon McDaniel: Bogard scouted it!! He scouted it!!

Jer$ey flies to his feet, clutching at his gut as he gasps for breath, and then drops down to his knees.

Brian Rentfro: Cody up...!

Bogard clears the cobwebs from his head as he leans against the top rope, and Jer$ey rises to his feet, across the ring from him. Cody charges and ducks down slightly, rising up with a vicious palm thrust to Jer$ey's jaw.

Jon McDaniel: KIKOSHOTEI!!

Jer$ey turns around, his face lacking both color and coherence, and bounces off of the top rope, turning right back around to face the standing Bogard.

Brian Rentfro: Cody scoops him up...!!

Bogard scoops Jer$ey up onto his right shoulder, his right arm holding Jer$ey's leg as his left hand holds onto the back of Jer$ey's head. Cody drops down to his side, driving Jer$ey into the mat on the back of his head, neck, and shoulders with a brutal Emerald Flowsion.


Brian Rentfro: The cover!!





Cody rolls off of Jer$ey, rising to his feet before falling backwards into the nearest corner. Referee Scott Swindell rushes over and raises his hand in victory, and Eric Emerson speaks into the microphone.

Eric Emerson: The winner of this match, representing the PWA...CODY BOGARD!!

The fans cheer as "Trouble Man" cues back up, and Bogard slides out of the ring, slapping a few hands in the front row. In the ring, Jer$ey barely comes to, rolling to the outside and falling to a knee, his hand firmly placed on the top of his head.

Brian Rentfro: And the PWA wins the battle this week, folks.

Jon McDaniel: Before we get to our next match, fans, we have to take a quick commercial break.

Jer$ey finally gets to his feet as Bogard walks behind the entrance curtain, and the scene cuts to a commercial.

All Hail The Order of Chaos

Joshua Danielson and Lucious Starr raise their hands forward, saluting Simon Kalis in The Order of Chaos' fascist style.

Simon Kalis: I look upon you both today, as equals. Equals in this Order established so long ago amongst three of the most bitter rivals with a common fundamental purpose.

Kalis strokes his goatee and smiles.

Simon Kalis: That original purpose was the complete and utter domination of any federation or association we so chose. Of course, in the PWA... We are sworn protectors of this association. And given recent events, we must be ever more alert to the dangers she faces with the revival of the AOWF and the close ties to Rebel Pro. A war is in the making, and that war will be the fiery baptism you both need to taste. The formation of this alliance is a harbinger of iller intent, gentlemen.

Starr and Danielson nod accordingly as Kalis turns his back and holds his hands behind himself.

Simon Kalis: This is the NAFTA to the North American Union, gentlemen. Where nations lose their sovereignty, so does the PWA lose itself in this AOWF. With rumors of a joint show occurring Monday evenings between the two the evidence has never been more present.

Kalis lowers his head.

Simon Kalis: But for now, we must wait cautiously and each move forth with our gameplans. Each of you has in himself the qualities and ability of a true champion. You would not have been accepted into this elite Order had you not. While they may see you as a perennial loser, Starr? I see you as a future franchise player.

Kalis turns around now and smirks.

Simon Kalis: I was called a perennial loser. I was bashed and looked down upon just as you have been, Starr. Yet look at where I am now. A global superstar, renown throughout the wrestling industry and coveted by many. This is your future as well.... Both of you, gentlemen. For they look upon you Danielson and see a man doomed to remain in the midsection of this PWA. I see a Glorious one in training.

Both Danielson and Starr nod positvely at the statements from Kalis.

Simon Kalis: There is no glorious coming together for us. There is no grand attack or grand speech planned. Just us, just this room, just this meeting. For as I told both of you before, do not look to me to bark orders and commands at you. I will never ask you to do something I wouldn't do first. You are my equals in the Order. I trust each of you to learn from one another and for me to learn from you. We are all here to remain at the best level to the best of our ability. They will call us names, surely. They will lambast us and put us down and doubt our intentions. But gentlemen we are the protectors and future of this company, and it is up to us to save it from it's enemies. Both foreign, and domestic. You will know who they are by instinct, you will defeat them by skill. You will overcome them with cunning and claim victory with tactical precision. You are of an Order older than most federations and filled with such rich history and championship glory a trilogy could be directed in theatres. Welcome, gentlemen.

All three men salute each other now.

Simon Kalis: All hail...

Joshua Danielson: The Order of...

Lucious Starr: ...Chaos.

Fade to ringside....

Cowgirls from Hell vs The Order of Chaos

Non-Title Tag Match

The lights dim, and the crowd hushes as the hard bass line for "Soldier" by Eminem hits. The fans jump to their feet in a loud chorus of cheers as a red spotlight shines down onto the entrance ramp to reveal Simon Kalis standing in the midst of it. He is decked out in his military garb, baggy urban camouflage khakis and US Military issue boots with only a wifebeater on over his chest and a black bandana tied around to the front on his head. He slowly removes the wifebeater and chucks it into the crowd as he begins making his way to the ring.

Eric Emerson: Introducing, he hails from the Pioneer Wrestling Association!

This gets a loud pop from the crowd in attendance as Kalis stands before the ring and kisses his PWA chain before hopping up onto the apron and getting into the ring.

Eric Emerson: Standing in at an even six feet tall and weighing in at one hundred and eighty pounds. He is the Franchise of the PWA and a founding father of The Order of Chaos.... He is... Simon Kalis... THE GLORIOUS!

Kalis hops up onto each turnbuckle and salutes the crowd, fascist style before standing in the middle of the ring.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next, his partner.

The arena is dimmed until only a single beam of light shines on the center of the entrance ramp. A few seconds pass before the first line of "Second to None" plays, purple and red spotlights joining the first beam.

It's the real authentic
Leave ya'll dented
Forget what ya heard
If I said it, I meant it
Did it for real
While ya'll pretended
Back for more
Startin' the war to end it

The ramp explodes as cascades of fireworks rain upon the backstage entrance, Shadow Starr stepping out to ecstatic fans. He looks to his right, pauses, then looks to his left, taking in the adulation. He then focuses his sights on the ring, making his way down the entrance ramp.

Rippin' like I'm working a chainsaw
New York to Cali
New Jersey to Crenshaw
Speak the gift while you plead the fifth
My team is sick
We eat, sleep, and breathe this shit
Rough and rugged
Kill 'em soft

Shadow takes his time heading to the ring, shaking hands and giving high fives to the fans coming down. He slowly walks from one side of the ramp to the other, trying not to miss too many people on his way down. He gets to the bottom of the ramp, turning back towards the top of the ramp.

We don't leave one standin' when we breakin' 'em off
Takin' a loss?
Not a chance in your life
If being fresh is wrong, I don't wanna be right
Stop, drop, and roll
We got soul
Safe to pop off when we lock and load

Shadow takes off his hat, throwing it into the crowd. He smiles as the cheers continue, making his way into the ring.

So this how we get this done
You can check on the rep, yep,
Second to None

Shadow climbs the northeast turnbuckle, raising his arms skyward as he raises his index and middle fingers on each hand. He climbs down, and high fives Simon Kalis as both men look to the entrance ramp.

The lights in the arena dim as Cowboys From Hell hits the sound system. At the 17 second mark gold and silver pyros shoot upwards in the air. The arena flashes in blue and silver. ooh, COME ON! The girls ride out on a couple Harley Davidson Sporters, with the cFh logo airbrushed on the tanks. The rev the bikes as the fans head bang to the music.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next, hailing from London, Ontario Canada, weighing in at a combined weight of two hundred and sixty five pounds....

The girls start the ride down to the ring. Meghan is on the left so she takes the left and Tamika takes the right. They park in front of the announcers table.

Eric Emerson: they are the COWGIRLS FROM HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meghan and Tamika slide under the bottom rope. Meghan takes one corner and Tamika takes the opposite. They raise their fists in the air to the beat of the song, as the fans cheer loudly. They step down, and walk towards eachother placing their foreheads against eachother. They yell we are the Cowgirls From Hell, and turn to face their opponents. Tamika and Kalis will start the match as Starr and Meghan take to their corners.


Kalis extends his hand in respect and Tamika responds favorably, and both shake each others hands to the cheers of the crowd. Kalis and Tamika back up from each other and then both charge forward. Tamika grabs onto Kalis by his shoulders and leapfrogs over him grabbing onto the back of his head and dropping him down with a reverse neckbreaker. Kalis is up immediately to her surprise and lands a devastating superkick to the young Strader sending her bouncing on the canvas. Kalis picks her up by the hair and whips her into the corner where Starr "accidentally" has his elbow out to greet the back of her head. She stumbles forward and then hits a spinning mule kick on an unsuspecting Simon Kalis. She gets behind him and, using all her strength takes Kalis down with a snap suplex that's more suplex than snap.

Jon McDaniel: Tamika is a tough girl, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: And very good looking too! Who wants to see these two Order of Ugos win anyways?

Out of nowhere she lands an asai moonsault on Kalis but Kalis is quick to recover and he jumps to his feet. Kalis tags in Starr and hops over the top rope as Starr jumps in and goes to clotheseline Tamika, but she ducks and kicks out his knees from under him. She grabs him by the hair and slams him to the canvas as she then tags in her sister Meghan. Meghan hops into the ring and immediately begins work dropping down with a guillotine leg drop on Lucious Starr. Starr throws her off of him and gets to his feet and arm drags her back to the canvas as he begins stomping down on her chest. Behind the refs vision Meghan punches Starr in the groin area causing him to stumble back as Kalis complains to no avail. Meghan goes for a DDT but Starr reverses quickly and northern lights suplexes her to the canvas. He quickly tags in Kalis who jumps onto the top turn buckle and jumps off with a frog splash which Meghan avoids by rolling away.

Jon McDaniel: Key awareness by MNS.

Brian Rentfro: Kalis better get aware, take a look at the entrance ramp Jon.

Everyone in the ring stops momentarily as a line of riot police in full armor and shields begin walking towards the ring. Kalis looks on, acknowledging to Starr they're here for him. Meghan uses the distraction to back rake Kalis who stumbles forward as Meghan tags in Tamika. Kalis doesn't even look back as he hits a reverse thrust kick into Tamika's face sending her to the canvas. He turns around and grabs her legs and places one foot forward and begins applying a sharpshooter to the younger sister. He locks the submission move in tightly and Tamika doesn't have the strength to move herself towards the ropes. Meghan jumps in but so does Starr and they double clotheseline each other to the canvas.

They get back up and as the referee is distracted Tamika taps her hand three times on the canvas but no one sees it. Kalis lets go of the hold as Meghan and Starr brawl it out on one side of the ring. Kalis helps Tamika to her feet and in response she grabs Kalis by the throat and moves in, whispering something in his ear. He smiles and to the shock and surprise of everyone in the arena they share a quick kiss. Meghan's eyes widen as do Starrs, but Starr grabs Meghan by the throat and tosses her over the top rope and jumps outside to continue the fight. Tamika knees Kalis in the gut and then in the testicular region before hitting a Russian leg sweep to take The Glorious One down. Kalis is in shock as she heads to the top rope quickly and then comes off with an elbow drop which connects with Kalis' throat causing him severe pain.

Jon McDaniel: What was that all about?

Brian Rentfro: Kalis is a pedophile, Jon. It's obvious now.

Kalis holds his throat as Meghan rushes to the apron and gets tagged in by Tamika. Starr does the same and gets tagged in by Kalis and both of them meet in the middle of the ring now, legally. Starr hits a German Suplex on Meghan taking her down and begins going to work by throwing a number of stiff rights and lefts to her face. She knees him in the gut and then rakes his eyes, pushing him off as he winces in pain.

She gets to her feet and quickly hits Friend of Misery on Starr but Kalis jumps into the ring. Tamika does so as well and out of no where takes Kalis down with Bitch on The Run! Both the sisters pin the downed superstars.





Eric Emerson: The winners of this match.... The Cowgirls from Hell!

The sisters immediately slide out of the ring and grab their tag titles as the riot police on the outside of the ring begin banging their batons on their shields. It seems as if Tamika tries to talk them out of their plan but she gets shoved aside. The Cowgirls break through the police line and begin heading to the back. Starr looks at Kalis who says something inaudible to him and then hops onto the outside of the ring. Kalis shows no resistance and raises his arms in the air as he falls to his knees but the police react violently and swing their batons towards his face, knocking him out as they begin bashing him repeatedly to the boos of the crowd. They cuff Kalis as Starr looks on from inside the ring with a dazed and frustrated look as they drag Kalis off in cuffs for the second time on PWA television.

Brian Rentfro: The era of the Glorious is over before it began, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: ....

This is War

Jon McDaniel: Well that's it for him folks, Simon Kalis has been arrested and I wouldn't dare hazard a guess as to when he'll return.

Brian Rentfro: If ever. How many times has he been arrested exactly, Jon?

Jon McDaniel: I won't guess that either, Brian.

Suddenly the arena falls dark as "Requiem For A Dream" by Clint Mansell begins to play over the speakers. The lights return and we see Masakaz The Great, dragging what looks like a person inside a body bag towards the ring. The crowd boos and fans spit towards him as he makes his way, his smile never leaving his face as he lifts the body bag and slides it into the ring. Masakaz himself gets onto the apron and raises an arm in the Order of Chaos fascist salute, but the crowd reacts negatively while his menacing smile remains. He enters the ring and lays a swift kick to the person inside the body bag before recieving a microphone.

Masakaz The Great: Hello, PWA.

The crowd boos in response, Masakaz The Great remains all smiles.

Masakaz The Great: What? You're tired of listening to me already? I thought you'd be sick of the nonsensical dribble my father spouted every week.

The crowd begins to chant "GLORIOUS" in reference to his father, the now arrested Simon Kalis. Masakaz scoffs the chant off.

Masakaz The Great: You cheer a criminal and idolize a monster. Proving just how foolish you people truly are.

They boo again, yet Masakaz is not moved to change course.

Masakaz The Great: No you listen to me. Simon Kalis is finished in the PWA, and whether you like it or not the reign of Masakaz The Great begins tonight. I have sat back patiently, awaiting my chance to shine and it has been denied to me for too long. For too long I propped my ailing father up. For too long I stood in the shadows of his grand spotlight and watched him fail to ever win when it mattered most. Of course I speak most recently of his downfall to Laura Estella, and I bet I was the only one amongst you who saw that coming.

The crowd boos louder and louder with each word as Masakaz throws his head back, his long white hair flowing behind him as he turns his head and smiles coldly.

Masakaz The Great: For too long did I wait for my moment of glory and always my father told me to remain patient. Why should I remain patient when I am in my prime and he is far past his? Why when he has become weak and impotent in his waning years when he yields his power out of love and respect for worthless people such as yourselves! He has grown weak, oh dear friends! The Simon Kalis I knew would never have been defeated by a woman, he would never have yielded respect to her afterwards either! The Simon Kalis I knew was driven by power, by a lust and by a greed so epic no man or woman could ever hope to stifle his ambition to be at the top. In his day he was a great man, feared and respected by both fan and wrestler alike. Now he is NOTHING, worth NOTHING- just like each and every single one of you.

Masakaz raises his head slightly, to portray a sense of superiority to the booing crowd.

Masakaz The Great: The First Class Felon was replaced by The Cult Hero and that Hero has fallen, buckling at the knees trying to showboat and entertain all of you. Even his letters stopped making any sense near the end, and he is now heading to the place he belongs. Prison. This is where the vaunted bird shall remain in his dying days. For his weakness was born of his love for you, and make no mistake... I have no love for you, for any of you. Least of all the PWA.

He looks towards the entrance ramp with a clear look of disgust over his face.

Masakaz The Great: Do you know how much he applauded some of the people back there? People like Riona Langly? People like Lucious ****ing Starr?! Hell, he was sooooo powerful in his praises of Estella behind the scenes you'd think he'd lost his mind. He'd never have gone that far in public, but he genuinely believed in people like this... How pathetic.

Masakaz kicks the person struggling inside the body bag for good measure as the crowd looks on, shocked by the words of Masakaz.

Masakaz The Great: Some of you are hurt by what I say. You certainly loved me. I mean at first I thought my father had some sort of hidden agenda regarding all of you fans. I believed he was playing you to the fullest to have you all tooting his horn, buying his t-shirts and chanting his name. Our plan was to destroy The Pantheon and takeover the rule of PWA for ourselves. Soon it became evident that his love for all of you and for the PWA itself was real... And I was sick. Like watching a tamed tiger dance for the crowd I saw a once great and vicious animal become domesticated by the PWA. This association, it's fans and it's wrestlers destroyed Simon Kalis! All of you destroyed the man my father was and weakened him! But I should have seen it coming in his love for this one...

Masakaz now points to the person inside the body bag who is barely moving now.

Masakaz The Great: This woman whom he has worked his entire life to protect. He never wanted anyone to know of her existence, but he would willingly sacrifice his sons Brian and I to the wolves without a second thought. And so, dearest father. I hope you can see this. I hope you see clearly what I do tonight, and as you rot away inside a jail cell I hope you see what Engel has done for me. The Virus flows through my veins, father!

Masakaz The Great opens the body bag and pulls out a young woman who is badly bloodied and beaten and drags her into the middle of the ring.

Masakaz The Great: I can see you screaming now, father. Watch! Watch as I declare war on the PWA for destroying you! Watch as I do this, by destroying the one person left that you care about.

Masakaz reveals his fists are enveloped in brass knuckles to the camera.

Masakaz The Great: Watch, as I destroy my twin sister and your precious daughter you thought too vulnerable to be exposed to this business. I hereby declare war upon all of you, and I do this with the sacrificial blood of my sister.

Masakaz looks at her and smiles.

Masakaz The Great: I expose her now father, and now there is no one here to save your dearest Maya.

Masakaz drops the microphone and begins to pick her up by her hair, as she begs and pleads him to stop.

Jon McDaniel: Oh my god! Kalis has a daughter?! Masakaz, what are you doing!? She's your sister for Christs sake! Stop! Stop the madness!

Brian Rentfro: So this is what Kalis was once... I am in awe.

Masakaz strikes her hard across the face and she stumbles back but not down as Masakaz hits her across the temple of her head and she collapses to the canvas, shaking and coughing blood.

Jon McDaniel: Someone stop this! He'll kill her inside that ring!

Suddenly "Journey Man" hits and Jethro Hayes comes rushing out with a steel chair in hand. Masakaz looks up and jumps back as Hayes slides into the ring. Hayes swings the chair but Masakaz ducks and spins his right foot to kick out Hayes' legs from under him. Hayes stumbles forward and Masakaz jumps forward and hits him in the back of the head with the already bloodied brass knuckles in his hands. Hayes stumbles forward but spins around, chair in hand and swinging towards Masakaz. Masakaz raises both fists forward and blocks the chair shot, creating an indent in the chair as the brass knucks protect him from much pain. Maya is up and spits the blood out as she strikes her brother in the back of the neck with a flash of a thrust kick. Masakaz stumbles forward and right into a chair shot from Jethro Hayes. Hayes backs up as Maya rotates on the tips of her toes, her other leg outstretched as she spins rapidly and hits Masakaz repeatedly in the head with what looks like a muay thai fashioned thrust kick. After three spins and three hits she stumbles back and crashes into the turnbuckle as Hayes swings the chair with such force it indents Masakaz's face into it.

Jon McDaniel: Holy ****! Jethro Hayes just flattened Masakaz with that chair shot!

Brian Rentfro: I'm more interested in Maya, as good looking as she is with fighting skills.

Masakaz slides out of the ring, disoriented and angered as he wipes the blood from his face. Hayes helps Maya up and holds her in his arms as he trades a verbal war with Masakaz. Maya begins to collapse again from the blood loss but Hayes maintains a hold and picks her up in his arms as EMT's rush to the ring. Masakaz salutes Hayes and Maya in the ring, smiling and laughing as he makes his exit. Maya looks limp in Jethro's arms as he places her down for the EMTs to work on her. The crowd cheers him inside the ring, and he looks on somberly before looking down at the horribly beaten Maya Kalis.

Brian Rentfro: So... This is war. Never gets old, does it Jon?

Jon McDaniel: Matthew Engel may have been retired by Jethro Hayes... But he has left a terrible monster in his wake inside of Masakaz The Great. I didn't know Kalis had a daughter, Brian. I don't think anyone did. Let alone did we know she is Masakaz's twin. For him to do this to her speaks volumes as to how badly the so called "virus" has infected him.

Brian Rentfro: I only see a man with his destiny in his hands. But from the look on Jethro Hayes' face, I'm thinking that destiny may lead through the defacto leader of The Order of Chaos...

Jon McDaniel: The Southern Hero... Things just got real, Brian.

Jethro stares at Masakaz, anger and is that a bit of sympathy on his face for Simon's son?

Jethro: "Hey Masakaz.... I'll give you one week to change your mind. One week to turn around. Because you don't want to go down this path, because Masakaz..."

Jethro doesn't even grin, but the tone of one is there. He stands with his back to Maya to protect her from Masakaz who is at the top of the ramp.

Jethro: "Masakaz, you claim to have the Virus running through your veins... I know someone else who knows just as much about Engel... and he's standing right here! One week Masakaz... one week.

Deacon Frost vs Riona Langly


Riona sarcastically tried to bring Frost into a test of strength, but her humor fell on Frost's lack of sense of humor and Frost gave her a boot to the gut and then put her on her back with a devastating powerbomb. The crowd was quite shocked as Riona looked to be in quite some pain. Frost would go for a cover, but Riona would kick out right after 2. Frost would bring Riona to her feet and toss her into the corner turnbuckles. Frost would charge and sandwich Riona between him and the turnbuckles. Riona would stumble out of the corner and Frost would take her down with a death valley drop. Frost would cover again, but Riona would kick out. Frost would slap the mat in frustration and keep his offense going, but Riona interrupted it with a toe stomp and a quick roundhouse to Frost's jaw. Frost would stumble back and Riona would throw everything she had into a roaring elbow, knocking Frost back against the ropes. Frost would yell out in anger and Riona would try another but Frost would stop the second attempt with a boot to the face. Frost would grab Riona by her hair and toss her out of the ring.

Frost would climb out of the ring as Riona was trying to get to her feet. Frost would try to grab her but she would kick him the stomach and then slam him face-first into the barricade. The crowd was going wild on the outside and referee Scott Swindell had started the count.

Swindell: 1!



Frost and Riona would continue their battle on the outside. Riona would lay Frost against the barricade with brutal chops to the chest.



Frost's chest turned bright red, but he would counter with a big headbutt to Riona.



Frost would throw Riona face first into the ringpost.



Frost gave the ref a middle finger and then gave Riona a boot to the head!



Winner: Draw to a Double Count Out

Frost would try to continue his punishment on Riona Langly, but PWA security would separate the two in a matter of seconds to keep this from going out of control, considering all of the stuff that has happened with Kalis tonight.

At A Crossroad

The familiar rift of ‘Come with Me’ lights up the arena and the fans jump to their feet as PWA Owner Mark ‘The Chamelion’ Sommers makes his way onto the stage. He smirks at the loud welcome and waits a few before lifting the mic he has in his hand, up to his lips. The arena settles, eager to hear the exciting news he has been holding onto for the past few days.

Chamelion: As most of you by now know, there are rumors floating around of a brand new show being developed and I’m here tonight to turn those rumors into fact.

The crowd cheers.

Chamelion: As you all know, recently the PWA offered its television network to a small regional federation called Rebel Pro, to air their promos, release their news and conduct all ‘behind the scenes’ efforts and to share time slots with them for airing their regional programming. I did this because of a few factors, which I won’t go into detail here tonight.

Chamelion: However, during the negations and subsequent welcoming of Rebel Pro into the PWA community, I sat down with Larry Gordon and ironed out a co-creative endeavor, and that endeavor starts tomorrow night, May 3rd in a premier episode of what is being called ‘Crossroads’.

More cheers.

Chamelion: Crossroads will be the first ever weekly show which is an exact 50/50 event for both Rebel Pro and PWA, focusing first on recapping the last shows in both PWA and Rebel, previewing both programs upcoming events and airing promos from both Rebel and PWA… but this is where it becomes interesting….

Chamelion pauses.

Chamelion: Each week, in the main event of Crossroads, one superstar from the PWA will compete in a match against a Rebel Pro superstar!

The arena roars its approval, and Chamelion nods along.

Chamelion: Both Joe Boxer and Larry Gordon will select, in secrecy, a competitor and they will meet on Crossroads in a match that will alternate one week with PWA rules and the next week with Rebel Pro’s.. Less than complete rulebook.

Chamelion offers a chuckle to that.

Chamelion: So, to recap, each week Cross roads will begin with a recap of the previous week’s events, air the promos of the two superstars destined to clash at the end of the night, preview both feds upcoming shows and then in the main event, a match between PWA and Rebel Pro!

Huge cheers.

Chamelion: Tomorrow night, tune in at 9pm EST for the premier episode, and the reveal of the following week’s first epic clash between PWA and Rebel pro… as they meet at the Crossroads!

‘Come with Me’ lights up again, and Chamelion offers a single tip of his head before heading backstage.

The Phoenix vs Laura Estella

Glorious Past vs Bright Future

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first…

Thing of Beauty by Hothouse Flowers begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and green pyros flare from the ring posts.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at two-hundred, thirty pounds… The Phoenix!

The Phoenix and the Smoking Leprechaun walk out to the entrance ramp and head to the ring.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent…

A shrill wail cuts in over the speakers as Natural Born Killas takes over the arena.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at one hundred, thirty five pounds, and is the current reigning PWA Undisputed World Champion… Laura… Estella!

Just a little fan fair tonight as the PWA Undisputed Champion makes her way to the stage - belt around her waist and Lisa Seldon at her side. The fans greet them both with a cheer.

Brian Rentfro: Looks like we’re getting an extra commentary partner for this match.

Jon McDaniel: How do you mean.

Brian Rentfro: Well you know these Self~Inflicted Drama kids can’t pass up an opportunity to get on air.

Laura makes her way to the head of the ramp, has a little lock around and then drops to one knee, plunging a fist into the ground as the stage explodes in pyrotechnic light behind her. She then throws out her hands, sending fireworks shooting out in rows behind her.

Brian Rentfro: Fancy. I guess holding that title has really upped her entrance budget.

Laura and Lisa exchange some pleasantries at the top of the ramp before making off toward the ring. Lisa makes sure to tag any hand offered too her and seems in particularly high spirits for this evening. Once at the ring Laura leaps up and lands with one knee on the apron before turning to look back up the ramp. Meanwhile Lisa makes her way around the ring toward the commentary booth.

Brian Rentfro: Told ya.

Laura quickly makes her way into the ring and up into the ropes, throwing up her title for a few more cheers before dropping back down and into the corner. The belt is handed off to the referee as she gets herself ready. The music begins to die down.

Jon McDaniel: At this time I’ would like to announce the arrival of former PWA Tag Team Champion Lisa Seldon.

Lisa Seldon: It’s a pleasure to sit in your commentation station.

Jon McDaniel: So Lisa, what brings you out here tonight?

Lisa Seldon: I don’t know yet, I didn’t work out any contract terms yet.

Back in the ring the referee checks down both competitors.

Jon McDaniel: This match promises to be a stormer as we have the Glorious Past of the PWA going up against its Bright Future.

Brian Rentfro: Gotta wonder why this isn’t our main event.

Lisa Seldon: I wouldn’t get too excited. Good money says he gets crushed in minutes.

Jon McDaniel: Not a fan of the Phoenix.

Lisa Seldon: no, the last time I was here he jumped me during a match and I ended up getting pinned by Mark McNasty or something. So I’m kinda looking forward to him getting embarrassed.

Jon McDaniel: I guess we’ll see, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

The bell rings as the two make their moves. The Phoenix swings first with a Clothesline, only for Laura to duck down and catch him from behind with a Hammerlock.

Jon McDaniel: Laura with the early advantage.

Lisa Seldon: Watch what happens now.

The Phoenix looks each way as he plans out his counter, but it doesn’t really seem worth the bother as Laura steps around to his side, sweeps the leg and rolls him forward onto his back. Laura then drops both her knees into his free arm to hold him down and then hooks a leg for good measure.




Jon McDaniel: What?

Brian Rentfro: Really?

Lisa Seldon: I call that one the Lotus Tie.

The referee is as shocked as anyone as he calls for the bell, but not quite as shocked as the Phoenix who eventually finds his feet and grabs the referee in both hands. There referee looks shaken but it’s too late, the call has already been made.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner… The PWA Undisputed Champion… Laura Estella!

There isn’t much of a cheer at first but it gets there eventually as Laura pops up to her feet and throws her hands up in the air. The Phoenix is livid and currently in the corner shaking the referee by his collar.

Lisa Seldon: Well guys, it’s been fun and I’ll see you around.

Jon McDaniel: Eh… goodbye.

There’s a little noise in your ears as Lisa drops the headset and rounds the ring, just in time to catch Laura dropping out of the ring. She hands Laura her title and gives a little applause as Laura hoists it up in the air. Back in the ring the Phoenix is trying a start a chant of five more minutes, having seemingly forgotten that the match would have had to have ended in a draw first.

Brian Rentfro: Well I guess that’s it then. Good thing this wasn’t the main event after all.

Jon McDaniel: You get the impression that the Phoenix approached this match with something else on his mind, and that few seconds with his head out of the game was all it took.

Brian Rentfro: Yes, our champion really is a sneaky little –

Jon cuts him off and we’re left with the image of Champion and mentor at the top of the ramp. Laura turns and gives everyone a bow before leaving through the curtain. We then jump to our next scene.

Jamie Flynn vs Johnny Maverick

Singles Match

Eric Emerson: Our next match is scheduled for one pinfall or submission... introducing first, hailing from Washington, D.C...

The opening guitar gives way to a furious assault of bass as Johnny Maverick walks out from behind the curtain, glaring at the audience accusingly before taking a sip of his water bottle.

'Everybody's an Enemy
telling me lies and it's killing me
why they all they want to get rid of me
Everybody's my enemy
Several try to disguise the devil in them
Wanting to get into my cerebellum but I'm
Ready and willing to tell them that I can't f with them
Exhale so hard it got my chest swelling
like my dick does watching naked women
do sick stuff on my porn collection on television'

Johnny makes his way to the ring, threatening any of the fans who get close enough to try and touch him.

Eric Emerson: He stands 6'2 and weighs 210 pounds... he is the current PWA Grizzly Beer Champion... THE FILTH AND FURY...

'TRUST nobody
I don't know who to call a friend
they all just pretend to be
FUCK Everybody this is to all of ya'll
cuz everybody is an enemy x2'


Johnny enters the ring, and just as the lyrics say 'Fuck Everybody' the second time he raises his middle fingers to the entire audience before backing into a corner and leaning back casually.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent.. hailing from Seattle, Washington..

"Knights of Cydonia" cues up, but there's no sign of Jamie Flynn.

Eric Emerson: Standing six feet and a quarter inch.. and weighing 205 pounds...

Still no sign of Flynn.

Eric Emerson: He is.. JAMIE.. FLYNN!!

Someone finally comes out, but it's not Jamie Flynn.

Jon McDaniel: I wonder why he's out here?

Brian Rentfro: I think Johnny is thinking the same thing.

Joe BoXeR: Ladies and gentlemen, I regret to inform you that Jamie Flynn did not make it here tonight. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Jamie did not inform anyone in the PWA Front Office of his absence tonight and thus will be forfeiting his match. Therefore, your winner tonight.. Johnny Maverick.

Johnny looks unamused.

Jon McDaniel: Where the hell is Flynn? Is he pulling a disappearing act again?

Brian Rentfro: Oh hardy har, Jon. Can't we all get past that? I'm sure Flynn has a damn good excuse for not being here tonight.

Jon McDaniel: I guess we'll find out next week.

Jacob Collins (C) vs Blake Witcroft

PWA Television Championship Match


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, our final match of the evening is scheduled for one pinfall or submission and is for the PWA Television Championship! Introducing first, from Darlington, England...

The opening riff hits the P.A. System as Blake Witcroft step out from behind the curtain in his brilliantly tailored suit. With his arms out stretched he taunts the crowd flipping the bird to the audience closest to the stage.

Eric Emerson: He stands 6'4 and weighs 250 pounds... HE IS BLAKE.. WITCROFT!!!

I love the way that your heart breaks
with every injustice and deadly fate
Praying it all be new
and living like it all depends on you

Blake shakes his head as he walks down the ramp not allowing the fans to touch him pointing towards himself while saying words inaudible to the fans around him.

Here you are down on your knees again
trying to find air to breathe again
And only surrender will help you now
I love you please see and believe again

As he steps onto the matting around the ring at which point he looks around at the fans bends his elbows and nods his head vigorously before, walking up the steps and taking a few steps on the apron before turning quickly and thrusting his arms out to his side leaning against the ropes.

I love that you’re never satisfied
with face value wisdom and happy lies
you take what they say and go back and cry
you’re so close to me that you nearly died

Blake stepped through the middle and top rope and entering the ring and walking around in a large circle before taking off his sports coat and dress shirt and stretching out before his match as he waited for his opponent.

Here you are down on your knees again
trying to find air to breathe again
And only surrender will help you now
I love you please see and believe again

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, hailing from Portland, Oregon...

As "Cells" by The Servant begins over the arena speakers, Jacob Collins walks out to the stage, his TV Championship around his waist, a concentrated look on his face. Attired in a standard black spandex wrestling outfit, he moves at a brisk pace to the ring, high fiving the kids on each side of the entrance way.

Eric Emerson: He stands 5'11 and weighs 172 pounds.. he is the "PERENNIAL LOSER" and your PWA Television Champion.. JACOB COLLINS!!

Once he reaches the ring, he climbs the stairs and steps through the ropes, hopping back and forth to loosen up.

Jon McDaniel: Jacob’s come a long way in the last month.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, and it’s a long way down once he loses here tonight!

Immediately the two men lock up, and Collins pushes Blake to the corner. The ref orders them to break it apart, and Collins steps back, arms in the air. He backs to the center of the ring and Blake follows! Again, the two lock up and then twist around, each viewing for the advantage and this time Blake pushes Collins to the opposite corner. Again, the referee is there and orders them to break apart. Blake backs away, arms in the air and then quick as that, smacks Collins across the face!

Jon McDaniel: Blake shows his disrespect for ‘The Yanks’ with a slap to Collins’ face.

Brian Rentfro: That’s just the first slap, the big one comes with Collins getting pinned.

Jon McDaniel: Would you stop that!

Rubbing his cheek and nodding at Blake, Collins steps out and motions for a third lock up. They return to the corner again, but this time, Collins doesn’t break the hold and the ref is forced to separate them. As he does, Blake uses the distraction to come out of the corner fast, but Collins is ready and sidesteps him, smacking Blake on the back of the head as he passes. Blake twists, rage on his face and Collins merely grins in response.

Jon McDaniel: Collins is having a little fun here! He promised if Blake wanted to take it the title he’d have to work for it.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah yeah, I think those are closed fists he’s using, too!

Blake growls and rushes Collins who answers with a hard swing, taking Blake down to the canvas! Blake staggers back to his feet only to receive a knife edge chop, and then two hard punches before Collins grabs his head and brings him to the corner, smashing him face first into the turnbuckle. Blake turns, and Collins delivers two more knife-edge chops followed by two punches before directing him away from the corner against the ropes. Collins then whips Blake across the ring, but Blake reverses it and Collins is sent to the ropes. Blake bends over for a back body drop but telegraphs it too long and Collins stops short and hits a forearm smash to the back of Blake’s neck.

Jon McDaniel: Collins with the advantage now, hammering Blake with hard hits to the back of the neck!

Brian Rentfro: Blake should be more careful not to give away his moves like that!

Collins then answers with a DDT, sending Blake down hard. He then covers Blake.



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: A little early to do that, but it definitely sends a message to Blake!

Blake gets up slowly, and Collins goes to measure for another hit, but Blake falls through the second and third ropes, landing outside the ring to collect himself. Collins is forced back by the referee, who turns to administer the ten count.

Brian Rentfro: Admittedly, that’s a smart move to get his bearings back!

Blake doesn’t take the whole ten, as he shuffles back into the ring. Collins is right there, however, grabbing Blake and forcing him to the ropes. Another Irish-whip by Collins, which again Blake reverses, but as Collins comes back, Blake finds himself down on the canvas with a shoulder block. He stands quickly, but gets body slammed back down, and covered.


Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: Blake set something off in Collins! Collins is really taking it to him!

Collins brings Blake up and drives two knee lifts and an elbow to the back of the shoulders before a knife edge and a right punch staggers Blake and Collins hooks him up into a suplex! As they land, Collins floats over for the cover.



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: Nice suplex, but it doesn’t get the job done.

Brian Rentfro: Going to take a lot more then basic wrestling moves to put a man like Blake away, and Collins is nothing but a basic wrestler!

Collins again is on his feet, pulling Blake with him and he staggers Blake with three right hands, the third landing Blake on his ass on the mat. Collins again covers.



Shoulder up.

Jon McDaniel: Collins is dominating here, Blake better find another path if he wants to start mounting some offense!

Brian Rentfro: A path that doesn’t result in his face being used as a punching bag, coming from the man who is a living punching bag too!

Collins stands, and turns a moment to feel the crowd behind him. Blake stumbles up to his feet, and when Collins turns to attack, a thumb to the eye changes the momentum! With Collins temporarily blinded, Blake offers his own set of rights and lefts. A good half dozen shots sends Collins down hard on his back. Quickly, Blake pulls Collins up and tosses him into the ropes, hanging arms and shoulders over the bottom rope. Blake then goes and sits on top of Collins, squeezing his body against the bottom ropes. The ref is quickly there, counting the five that Blake has to break the hold.

Jon McDaniel: Blake is really pulling out all the stops here! He’s not afraid to go toe to toe with Collins in a real fight!

Brian Rentfro: Of course not, the British never back down from a fight!

McDaniel bites his tongue at that as Blake jumps off and as Collins pulls himself away, Blake punches him once and sends him to the corner. Blake strikes with two more right hands, before Collins answers with one of his own. Collins follows with another two punches before Blake stops him with a kick to the stomach and then a kick to his left knee, putting Collins down to one knee. Blake then grabs him by the hair and pulls Collins up, and pushes him to the corner before whipping his across the ring. Collins hits hard with his back against the turnbuckle as Blake follows in with a clothesline. With no where to go, Collins’s head snaps backwards.

Jon McDaniel: Good tactic by Blake, and a nice follow up to keep Collins off guard.

Again, Blake resorts to some stiff kicks to Collins’s midsection, putting him down in the corner. Blake doesn’t stop until Collins is laying flat on his back and it takes the referee to get Blake out of the corner.

Brian Rentfro: Vicious attacks by Blake, this is what I like to see!

Blake feigns to hear the ref’s warning, before coming back in to collect Collins. However, Collins shoots out of the corner with a stiff shot to Blake’s gut, taking the air out his lungs. Then, from a kneeling position, Collins drives a hard shot into Blake’s jaw, causing him to turn away with the force of the hit. Blake then allows his body to turn back the other 180 and he answers with a kick to the head, sending Collins down on his stomach. As Collins goes to the corner to right himself, Blake follows with three hard kicks, slowing Collins down and allowing Blake to back away and catch his breath.

Jon McDaniel: Blake needs to recoup, and by putting Collins back down in the corner, he may have his chance.

Brian Rentfro: Bout time someone sent Collins to the corner!

As Brian says that, Blake steps in and suddenly Collins shoots out of the corner with a shoulder block, sending Blake on his back and Collins back down to his knees!

Jon McDaniel: Wow, that shot was like a train wreck, taking both men down and out for the moment! The ref is beginning the ten count on both men!

It’s only to a count of four before Collins stirs and starts to climb back to his feet, however, Blake also rights himself and even does so a bit quicker. Before Collins is all the way up, Blake goes for a right hand, but Collins blocks it and strikes back, twisting Blake away. Blake tries again, but again is blocked and receives a right hand that staggers him. Collins quickly exercises his right to abuse Blake’s face with two more hard right hands, knocking Blake down. Collins then forces him up and whips him across the ring, and delivers a superkick to Blake’s jaw, sending him hard to the mat again.

Brian Rentfro: Copy cat of Uncle Mark’s S.O.S.

Jon McDaniel: Effective use of it, too!

Bringing Blake to his feet, Collins whips him to the corner and follows with a clothesline that whips Blake hard. Collins then whips him across the ring to the opposite corner and Blake hits again and falls on his ass. Collins smiles and raises his hand to elicit a strong reaction from the crowd. He then races in and executes a bronco buster! The ref comes in and orders Collins away, counting to five. As Collins puts his feet down, and the ref tries to push him back, Blake swings up and hits a low blow on Jacob Collins.

Jon McDaniel: Low blow!! Low Blow!!

The ref misses the move by Blake and he takes swift action with Collins doubled over and pulls him into The Hooligan Buster!





Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, and NEW PWA Television Champion, Blake Witcroft!

Brian Rentfro: HA! Told you!

Jon McDaniel: Maybe so, but Collins proved to be a Perennial Winner here tonight with his efforts against Blake… I’m sure these two will meet again!

Brian Rentfro: Sure they will, Collins just loves to be used as a meat grinder… but hey, I’ll give him credit, four wins in a row, a title run… the kid’s not kidding that he has a future, but its still not anytime soon!

(C) PWA 2010