World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


SeVen vs Kyle Stevenson

Winner: SeVen

Simon Yip vs Cody Bogard

Opening Contest

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Sunday Night Rampage! Our opening bout is set for one pinfall or submission and has a 15 minute time limit!

Brian Rentfro: I bet the Asian guy finishes Cody off in 10.

Jon McDaniel: Brian that's a little racist.

Brian Rentfro: I'm rooting for him! How can that be racist?

The lights suddenly dim down as the opening intro to "Trouble Man" pick ups and smoke emerges from near the entrance way.

A figure in a navy blue shiny long jacket emerges, standing while looking at the fans as he stands in the shadows. The figure emerges as strobe lights go off to reveal....CODY BOGARD!!!!! Cody makes his way to the ring.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, hailing from San Mateo, California...

Gonna be trouble
It's gettin' out of hand
Gonna be trouble
But baby, I'm the man

I'm gonna save you
I'll be your knight
I'll be your saviour
How 'bout tonight? YEAH!

Cody makes his way over to the ring, springing up to the ring apron, climbing the turnbuckle and posing with his arms open in a pose.

Eric Emerson: He stands 5'11 and weighs 210 pounds... He is... CODY... BOGARD!!!!

Gonna be trouble
Baby, I'm the trouble man
Want a fighter? Come on--
But don't you understand?
I can't be double
Baby, I'm the trouble man

Cody jumps from the turnbuckle as waits for his opponent.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, hailing from San Franciso, California...

Brian Rentfro: See, he's not even from Asia, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: ....

The arena blacks out. The only light that is seen is that of the stage. The music hits.

-Yeah (Screaming)

A wall of smoke rises from the center of the stage that connects to the ramp.


Simon Walks out.

Eric Emerson: He stands 6'0.. and weighs 160 pounds... He is... SIMON... YIP!!!!!

-All I ever wanted was destiny to be fulfilled
-It is in my hands
-I must not fail
-and I must not fall

Simon holds the jade necklace around his neck. He closes his eyes in concentration. After a moment, he kisses the stone and walks down the ramp.

-Even through the darkest days
-This fire burns always
-This fire burns always

All of a sudden, he stops in the middle of the ramp. He starts hopping in a circle and rotating his neck to loosen up.

-This is the proving ground
-As the heat begins to rise
-Turn away from yesterday
-Tomorrow is in my eyes

He reaches the ring apron. To stretch a little more, he puts his right leg on the apron and leans forward to stretch his hamstring. He then alternates to his left.

-Nevermore to be held down
-By the weights against me
-Nevermore to be cast aside
-This day is mine

He slides into the ring and bows to the referee. If the opponent is already in the ring, he bows to him as well.

-Even through the darkest days
-This fire burns always
-This fire burns always

He finally then pops his knuckles and stretches out his fingers before the music ends. He is now ready for some action.


Cody and Simon circle each other in the ring and finally lock up. Cody gets the advantage by putting Simon into a headlock, and Cody nails Simon in the head with rapid punches. Simon shoves Cody off into the ropes, Cody bounces back with a diving forearm smash taking Simon off his feet. Simon bounces back up and Cody is there, nailing him with a clothesline. Simon bounces back up again and Cody tries for another clothesline but Simon ducks underneath. Cody turns around and Simon nails him with a roundhouse kick! Cody falls to a knee and Simon goes into the ropes. He comes back and nails Cody in the chest with a front dropkick. Cody falls through the ropes and to the apron. Simon gets up, and Cody starts to get up. Simon hops up to the turnbuckle and flies off, nailing Cody with another dropkick from the top rope. Cody flies off the apron and lands on the outside.

Brian Rentfro: That Asian guy is fast!

Jon McDaniel: Brian! He has a name! It's Simon Yip!

Brian Rentfro: Whatever! He's fast!

Simon rests in the ring as the ref begins the count.

Ref: 1!



Cody gets up to his feet.


Cody slides into the ring.

Jon McDaniel: And Bogard breaks the countout, but Simon was waiting for him!

Brian Rentfro: The Asian Guy is really pounding on Bogard!

Jon McDaniel: ....

Yip nails Bogard with punches to the back and a kick to the ribs. Bogard flops on his back and Yip continues the assualt with kicks to the chest and head of Bogard. Yip forces Bogard up to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Bogard bounces off the ropes and goes into a spear position, but Simon dodges it with a leap frog. Bogard clears underneath Simon and bounces off the other side of the ropes, but Simon is prepared and nails Bogard with a spinning heel kick, connecting perfectly! Bogard falls to the mat and Simon covers.



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: And Bogard kicks out right after 2. That Asian dude is going on the run now.

Jon McDaniel: Brian you really might get us in trouble.

Brian Rentfro: We're the PWA, Jon. We can't be touched by the EEO.

Simon forces Bogard up to his feet, but Bogard counters with a quick jab to Simon's stomach. Bogard follows up with another, and another, and then Bogard nails Yip with a roaring elbow! Yip is knocked to the mat and Bogard launches off the middle rope with a springboard moonsault and stays on top for the cover.


Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: And that--

Jon McDaniel: Simon Yip kicks out right after 2!

Brian Rentfro: Jon, don't interrupt me when I'm trying to call that--

Jon McDaniel: Simon Yip keeps the match alive and Bogard is on the attack again!

Brian Rentfro: Damn it!

Bogard gets Yip up to his feet and sends him into hte turnbuckles. Yip nails the turnbuckles back-first and Bogard charges in, but Yip gets his boot up in time and connects with Bogard's jaw. Bogard charges in once more, but Yip lifts his boot up again. However, Bogard slides underneath and out of the ring, grabbing Yip by his ankle and taking him off his feet! Yip crashes to the canvas face-first, and Bogard gets back into the ring.

Jon McDaniel: What a counter there by Bogard. He had--

Brian Rentfro: That Asian guy!

Jon McDaniel: ... Bogard fooled him by trying for the corner charge again but went low with the ankle sweep. Bogard back in the ring now and has Yip up to his feet.

Brian Rentfro: Bogard tries for the Final Destruction, but that A--

Jon McDaniel: Uhh Simon Yip reverses it into the Imprint! And it leaves Bogard nearly unconscious!

Yip nails Bogard with the Imprint and makes the cover.





Eric Emerson: And your winnner is... SIMON... YIP!!!!

Brian Rentfro: Finally the As--

Jon McDaniel: Simon Yip bounces back from a string of tough losses!

Brian Rentfro: Damn it Jon! Would you just let me say that--

Jon McDaniel: Simon Yip looked strong tonight!

Yip gets his hand raised in victory as Bogard rolls out of the ring to recover. The crowd gives Yip a solid pop for earning his second career victory over a tough opponent like Cody Bogard.

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

We are backstage at the Q Arena here in Cleveland, Ohio. Matthew Engel comes into view, receiving a loud disapproval from the crowd. Engel is dressed in a black Armani suit and wearing a pair of silver Aviator-style John Varvatos sunglasses. Engel is heading towards his locker room, no luggage as far as we can tell. He might have already nestled in for tonight's event. Just as he reaches his door, a familiar voice down the hall calls out to him.

"Well hey there Matthew."

Engel pauses for a moment, his hand on the doorknob, seconds from entering his room and forgetting what he just heard. He inhales, then exhales, keeping his focus on the door.

"Lisa. What a surprise."

The camera turns to the left and Lisa Seldon comes into view, her blonde hair as luscious as ever. Keeping her eyes focused on Engel, she manages to flash a smile knowing the camera is pointed at her. A decent amount of HiC and LWF fans give her some cheers. There’s probably a single pR:V chant in there too but no one really cares about that. She bounces towards Engel and stops about five feet away, leaning up against the wall.

Matthew Engel: "You know what I love about you? You're nothing like your husband."

Engel finally turns towards her, resting his right hand inside his jacket, on his left shoulder.

Lisa Seldon: "Well gee, thanks. Anytime I’m not compared to my drinking, smoking, drug-filled, thirty year old aging adolescent husband is a great day.”

Matthew Engel: "Yeah. Why, last time I saw you, you were competing in that one federation run by the Charms with my older brother. Liberty, was it."

Lisa Seldon: "Yeah, Joe and I go way back... I think. I don’t know. That’s not really why I’m here anyway. Thing is, you’ve had a bit of a run in with a dear friend of mine in Laura, and I’m here to see what we make amends for that.”

Matthew Engel: "If you're here to cause a commotion, I highly recommend that you pause and rewind. This isn't something you want to go through with."

Lisa tilts her head and quirks her brow. She has a quick scan of his eyes before she sheds a little laughter.

Lisa Seldon: "Oh my, haven’t we gotten bold.”

Lisa pushes off the wall and passes around his back. He doesn’t bother to follow.

Lisa Seldon: “Thing is Matthew, what you did there didn’t do you any favours. See, Laura isn’t just a friend of mine, she’s also my trainee. I’ve went to great lengths to make sure she gets the best possible start in this sport and you aren’t exactly helping things. And while I’m sure she’s more than happy and capable of dealing with that little dilemma herself, I figured it would be much more… effective if I dealt with this for her.”

Lisa circles around again, this time back in front.

Lisa Seldon: “She’s got a lot going on after all. She’s on the verge of becoming an Undisputed Champion and I’d hate for her to have you clouding her mind.”

Engel leans down toward her, feigning sympathy.

Matthew Engel: "Why Lisa, I had no idea she was your protégé. I imagined that Riona was the one showing her how to be a World Champion. I just hope she doesn't take two years to do it like Riona did."

Lisa smirks just a little and brushes back her hair.

Lisa: “Funny.”

Engel lays his right arm at his side, putting his hand in his pocket.

Lisa Seldon: "Again though, Laura isn't hers Matthew, she's mine, and so it’s not her you have to deal with."

Engel takes his left hand and removes his sunglasses, putting them in his jacket pocket.

Matthew Engel: "Lisa, I'll be honest with you. Truly, I had no idea Laura meant that much to you. I thought she was Riona's shining star, and it was simply payback for what she did to mine."

Lisa raises an eyebrow, her curiosity peaked, and so she leans back into the wall and folds her arms, ready to hear him out.

Matthew Engel: "Yeah, you might not have known that. It's all Riona's fault... and I will add that Laura's got a big mouth and I'm sure you know that. However, Riona paralyzed a friend of mine, my protégé, a man I trained to be a star in Pioneer Wrestling. She cut him down way before his prime. He was going to be amazing, Lisa. And, if I wanted full retribution for what she did to him, you wouldn't be here right now. You would be at Laura's bedside, begging her to come out of a coma."

Lisa smirks again.

Lisa Seldon: "I don't think you could really comprehend what I would be doing right now, but I’m sure you wouldn’t like it.”

Matthew Engel: "No, you’re right. You’d probably have done exactly what I did.”

Lisa Seldon: "Perhaps."

Matthew Engel: "But Riona only cares about herself, and loathes the fact that she's living with Laura. So I didn't go all the way like I could have. I simply sent a message."

Lisa rolls her eyes.

Lisa Seldon: "Yeah, loud and clear."

Engel steps forward and drops a hand on her shoulder. Lisa gives it an eye but doesn’t bother to react. He throws real meaning into his words.

Matthew Engel: "I’m not your enemy, Lisa. If anything we’re two people with the exact same problem. It’s Riona, destroying the people dear to us and anyone else around her, because that’s what she does. Laura and Jackson both felt it. Johnny Maverick, Lacey Gloria, Jethro Hayes... the list goes on. She continues to do this to herself. So, if I were you, I’d worry less about me, and concentrate on how you're going to get Laura out of Riona's fallout."

Lisa lifts her head and thinks for a moment. Then suddenly kicks off the wall… and walks right by.

Lisa Seldon: "Maybe you're right, Matthew. Guess I’ll see you around.”

THLove vs Dos Cara

Fade in to the match already in progress...

Jon McDaniel: The Lucadore has realy been fighting with renued focus this match.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, I guess you could Dos and Cara are of one mind where Hippo is concerned.

In the ring T.H.Love is layed out on the matt after a hip toss by Dos Caras. As Hippo struggles to a standing position Two-Face climbs the turnbuckles behind him. Turning around the Treacherous One is met by a verticle splash body press from the top rope.

1 ... 2 ...

But Love manages to get one foot under the ropes and the referee tells Cara to let him up.

Jon McDaniel: A perfectly executed manuever almost got the man of two minds an early win here.

Brian Rentfro: But Hippo still has enough ring presence to make the rope break. Probably why he's the odds on favorite here tonight.

There is a commotion in the crowd and as we watch we see it part and then close again all the way from the back. Meanwhile in the ring the T.H.Love is up and circling Dos Cara warily. Dos aims a spin kick at Hippo's head but T.H. dodges it and catches the foot taking Cara to the mat this time. He keeps hold of the leg as he twists the Luchadore into a half crab position.

Brian Rentfro: Did you see that I think ...

Jon McDaniel: Yes it looks like The Hippo formerly known as Hardcore is making his comback.

T.H. places one foot behind Dos's knee and then drops all of his weight down into a knee slam. Cara grabs his leg rolling in pain as Hippo smirks. Meanwhile the parting of the sea of fans gets closer to the announce position and we watch as a figure squeezes between tight packed bodies. We get glimpses of short and green and a definite trail of smoke as a woman jumps out of the way like she was just goosed.

Brian Rentfro: No, not that, I think it is ... it's gotta be the Smoking Leprechaun coming out from the back.

Jon McDaniel: Can't be him, Irish Phoenix is not scheduled to fight till the tag match.

Love pulls Cara up from the matt and swings him toward the ropes in an Irish whip as the crowd finally parts and we see "Shorty" O'Red dressed in the leprechaun costume climbing through the baricade.

Brian Rentfro: Damn! I was hopin' it was the monkey.

Shorty:Fnck you too Afro!

Brian Rentfro: That's Rentfro!

Jon McDaniel: So are you here to wish your boss luck?

Shorty:Piss off you stupid wanker, why the fnck would I want to do that?

Dos Cara ducks under an obvious clothsline attempt and executes a puntos de tornado off the opposite ropes skipping Hippo across the ring like a stone.

Jon McDaniel: Isn't Hippo your best friend or something like that?

Shorty:Pft! Ever since he dumped the costume da Boss has been a fncking asshole.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, isn't it great!

Hippo takes a couple of chops to the chest before he grabs Cara spins him around and locks in a reverse bearhug. He tightens his hold as Dos struggles. The Ref raises one of Cara's arms and watches it drop.

Jon McDaniels: And he's got the Hippo Hug locked in. It seems like it will be only a matter of moments for Cara

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, Hippo sure is ... Hey where are you going?

Shorty hops down from his chair and scrambles under the ring. The Referee lifts Cara's hand again and lets it fall. As he tries it a third time we see "Shorty" O'Red climbing the ropes. The Ref lets Cara's hand go again just as Shorty leaps from the ropes and nails Hippo in the back of the head with a flying dropkick. As everyone falls to the ground Cara rolls away and Shorty starts pounding his boss around the head and shoulders. The Referee Calls for the bell

ding ding ding

Eric Emerson: Winner of the match by Disqualification ... T.H.LOVE ! !

Jon McDaniel: So, despite having a bad run in the ring today T.H.Love gets the win.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, and he learns a valuble lession in the process.

Jon McDaniel: Oh? And what is that?

Brian Rentfro: Never piss off a one of the Wee Folk.

Lucious Starr vs Matt Stone

The bell rang as these two superstars locked up in the center of the ring. Stone showed some superior skills by turning Starr's hammerlock into one of his own and taking him down with a bulldog. Stone then began to work over Starr's arm with a grapevine submission hold, but Lucious quickly got into the ropes to break it up. Lucious got on the offensive by reversing an Irish whip and taking Matt down with a shoulderblock. Starr landed an elbow drop and quickly followed it up with a leg drop and then a knee drop onto Matt's head. The tide turned again when Stone was able to reverse a figure four attempt into a cover where he managed to get a solid two count. Starr tried to regain the offense but Matt was able to nail one of his signatures, the Stone Cutter, for another near fall. Matt went for the Kneel before Zod, but Lucious caught Matt's ankle, whipping him over his head to lock on a single leg Boston Crab. Lucious worked over Matt's back with a series of suplexes, bridging a German suplex for a count of two, but Matt was able to kick out with some authority. Starr wasn't finished though as he pulled Matt back up to his feet, locking in "I Claim Your Soul." Matt refused to give, somehow breaking out of the hold. Starr was surprised and went for Hell's Wrath, but Matt blocked it with a punch to the midsection.

Stone was able to keep on the offensive with his own set of suplexes, as he taunted both Starr and the crowd. Starr's back was worked over with a knee and Matt used a leglock to further weaken his opponent. Matt locked in a figure four onto Lucious, but Starr was able to reach the ropes after about three minutes in the submission. The damage had been done though as he was very slow to reach his feet.

Matt went for his finisher, but Lucious was able to hit Hades' Flame out of nowhere for the pin and the win.

Winner Lucious Starr 13:44

Laura Estella vs Ronald Gay

Jon McDaniel: “Welcome back folks. We’re just about to get underway with our next match, pitting Laura Estella against Ronald Gay. And joining is tonight is one of the PWA’s newest signees and the trainer of Estella; Lisa Seldon.”

Lisa Seldon: “Hi!”

Jon McDaniel: “So Lisa, a lot of people have been wondering, what brings you back to the PWA?”

Lisa Seldon: “Well, essentially I’m here to make sure Laura doesn’t do anything stupid.”

Brian Rentfro: “Sounds like a full time job.”

Lisa Seldon: “Sure enough.”

Eric Emerson: “Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first…

"Onward, Christian Soldiers" plays as Gay walks down the ramp followed by BJ Haze.

Eric Emerson: “From Waco, Texas… weighing in at two hundred, forty two pounds…

BJ hands out pamphlets to fans in the front rows, while Ronald waves to the crowd.

Eric Emerson: “This is… Ronald Gay!

He enters the ring and kneels down to pray.

Eric Emerson: “And his opponent…”

A deafening wail as “Natural Born Killas” takes over the arena.

Eric Emerson: “Hailing from Los Angeles, California… and weighing in at one hundred, thirty-five pounds.”

There’s a flash of sirens on the ramp way as Laura steps out from the ramp and takes a knee on the ramp.

Eric Emerson: “This is… Laura... Estella!”

The fans shower her with cheers as Laura leaps back to her feet and walks marches down the ramp. Lights swarm the arena. It’s all very chaotic.

Jon McDaniel: “Looks like Laura is fighting fit once again.”

Brian Rentfro: “Guess that knee wasn’t as hurt as we thought.”

Lisa Seldon: “Yeah. Lets see if she can keep it that way.”

Laura throws herself up on the apron, landing on one knee and taking the ropes in hand. She leans back for a second and lets her eyes tour the arena before throwing herself through the ropes. Emerson looks to leave but not before Laura stops him to take the microphone off her hands. She then bats it a few times, her music quickly fades.

Laura Estella: “Now I heard what you said last time out, and I know you fully intend to duck out of this match, but I’m going to give you a chance to reconsider.”

Laura takes a trip across the ring, nearing Ronald in his corner.

Laura Estella: “So this is it, Gaylord, this is your last chance. Either you can slink out like a coward, sighting religious reasons or whatever else you can conjure up to save you from the thought of knowing that you never had a chance against me… or you can stay, put up your best and get torn down, go out with a bang and, for once in your life, actually be a somebody.”

Laura steps up into his face.

Laura Estella: “One shot Ron, one chance at greatness. What’s it going to be?”

Ronald pauses to consider his movements… and then simply shrugs and departs from the ring. The referee begins a count.

Laura Estella: “Yeah, I thought so. Walk on, fat boy. Walk on.”

He doesn’t bother to look back and just carries on up the ramp as the referee makes the call.”

Laura Estella: “Cool; seven and oh.”

Laura clears her throat.

Laura Estella: “Anyway, while I’m here, I figured I could air a little personal grievance of mine. With that in mind, someone cue me up Matthew Engel’s music, because I’d quite like to talk to him.”

Brian Rentfro: “So when you said you were here to stop her doing anything stupid –.”

Lisa Seldon: “Yeah…”

There are a few moments before anything happens. He’s not on call, obviously, but sure enough his music kicks in, and Engel begins to walk the ramp way.

Laura Estella: “Actually no, cut it off again, shit’s awful. Guns and Roses, man? Jeeze.”

The music cuts out but the Virus carries on, if you could see his eyes beneath his fancy Aviators they’d probably be rolling. Laura leans onto the ropes on his side.

Laura Estella: “That’s it baby, work that catwalk!”

He doesn’t look so impressed, and stops short at the foot of the ramp. Laura leans over the ropes into him. She arches her brow.

Laura Estella: “Hey big guy.”

Laura treats him to a smile but he just waves his hand and tells her to back up. Laura instead takes a seat on the ropes and gives him an open. He huffs but obliges, taking a quick lap around the ring and coming back to face her. She offers up the microphone but he doesn’t take it. Instead he just leans forward.

Matthew Engel: “What?”

Laura takes a step back and goes for a walk.

Laura Estella: “Charming.”

Laura walks him around to bring his back to the ramp way.

Laura Estella: “I mean, you try to give a man some extra air time - ‘cause God knows we don’t see enough Engel on TV – and this is the attitude I get. I’m hurt man, really.”

Growing tired, he snatches the microphone out of her hand.

Matthew Engel: “Look, if this is about Genesis, that’s already been taken care of. So how about you get out of here and go talk to your friend, before I make you look like a very stupid, very sore little girl.”

Laura looks taken aback, but she’s still smiling. Laura then grabs back the microphone but he doesn’t let go, forcing her to pull it out of his hand.

Laura Estella: “Gotta admit you’ve lost me there, which really is a pity because I had a whole speech prepared and everything, but now I’m worried it’s not going to make sense.”

She considers her next move… then shrugs.

Laura Estella: “Oh well.”

Laura then blasts him full in the face with the microphone. The Virus goes down and Laura is all over him. Meanwhile, Riona Langly has made an appearance sneaking down the ramp and into the ring. Laura then steps back to allow Riona to take over the attack as she ducks out of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: “Hey Lisa, looks like she’s doing a perfectly good job looking after herself with you.”

Lisa doesn’t reply, having already left the announce booth to surround Laura. Laura gives her a look of disdain and passes her by, snatching up a chair and turning back to the ring. Lisa steps in her way again and warns her not to do it, but Laura pushes past her and back into the ring.

Brian Rentfro: “It’s about to get real.”

Back in the ring, Laura lines up a shot as Riona gets Engel back to his feet. Riona then pushes him into the line of fire and Laura throws up the chair. Unfortunately everyone has forgotten Lisa, who pushes Riona, bumping Engel out of the way and leaving Riona to take the hit as Laura brings the chair around and right through her face.

Jon McDaniel: “Oh that’s… that’s not going to end well.”

Laura’s eyes go wide as she realises what she’s done and quickly drops down to Riona’s side to check on her. Just as quickly though she jumps back to Lisa, pushing her into the ropes and getting up in her face. In reply Lisa says nothing, just holds up her hands and then leaves through the ropes.

Brian Rentfro: “Jon… what’s going on?”

Jon McDaniel: “I haven’t a clue.”

Meanwhile, Engel is back on his feet and stooping over Riona. He gives her a smile, offers her a few choice words and then leaves the ring before Laura even notices.

Brian Rentfro: “Any idea?”

Jon McDaniel: “Sounded like; looks like I’ve got a few more friends.”

We end on a shot of The Virus, walking up the ramp looking fairly pleased with himself, Riona and Laura visible behind him, gathering themselves up in the ring. The scene skips ahead.

Masakazu vs Jethro Hayes

"Time for a little Southern Unhospitality" blares over the speakers as the slow build to Sevendust's song "Aggression" builds, nothing happens. The guitar hits and out from the back just as the words begin, is "The Southern Hypocrit" Jethro Hayes to loud booing.

"Sickening the things that I see
Can't stop my mind from slowly wandering
Dream'n again I think you're
With me but there is where the thinking ends"

He smirks out to the crowd as he walks down the ramp dressed in his black overalls, white button up shirt, and black wrestling boots.

"Sleep time, no longer
Looks like, it's over"

He doesn't even make an attempt to glad hand the fans as he stares into the ring, the arrogant look plastered all over his face. He points to the Tag Team Championship around his waist.

"Took your wrist and cut it open
And now it seems I'm (throwing you over the edge)
We had a gift no one had
You never thought I'd be (cutting you open again)"

Eric Emerson: From Lenox, Georgia, he stands at six feet eight inches and weighs in at three hundred and fifteen pounds... he is one half of the Pioneer Wrestling Association Tag Team Champions, one half of Second 2 None, he is "The Southern Hypocrit" Jethro Hayes!

"Sorry the pain seems endless
Lay still, I'll soon be done with you
Till then you're left to deal with torture
I'm sure in time you've gotten use to it"

Jethro nods as he steps over the top rope, handing his belt over to Matthew Engel on the outside.

"Constant, controller
Your life, is over
(I'm takin pride in my work as you bleed)"

Jethro stares up the entrance ramp, ready for the match to begin, cracking his neck from side to side slowly as though he is enjoying the slight pain.

"Took your wrist and cut it open
And now it seems I'm (throwing you over the edge)
We had a gift no one had
You never thought I'd be (cutting you open again)"

"I'm left to deal with my conscience
Forgive me now
I have to finish the shit I started
Not what I wanted"

"Took your wrist and cut it open
And now it seems I'm (throwing you over the edge)
We had a gift no one had
You never thought I'd be (cutting you open again)"

"Took your wrist and cut it open
And now it seems I'm (throwing you over the edge)
We had a gift no one had
You never thought I'd be (cutting you open again) "

Jon McDaniel: A man I once admired, but now can't stand.

Brian Rentfro: He is one of the best this business has to offer.

As "Big in Japan" by Alphaville hits the speakers, the fans rise up in a chorus of cheers.

Eric Emerson: Introducing, weighing in at 190 pounds and standing in at 5'11...

Masakazu pops out from back and throws his arms in the air, a huge smile across his face. His hands wrapped in ceremonial rope, along with this biceps,
he's wearing only a pair of baggy black pants without boots. The ceremonial rope is around his legs and feet as well as he begins making his way down to
the ring, slapping the hands of fans along the way.

Eric Emerson: He is one half of The Order of Chaos... He is MASAKAZU!

He slides into the ring and hops up onto the top turnbuckle of each corner, saluting the fans in the customary fascist salute of the Order of Chaos. They
cheer and salute him back, as he hops back down and stretches waiting for the match to start.

Ding Ding

Jethro and Masakazu circle each other, Jethro being extremely nonchalant as Masa looks for an opening. Jethro reaches for a test of strength, Masa shakes his head in denial. Jethro sticks his hand out for a shake, but Masa again shakes his head.

Jon McDaniel: Masakazu not falling for any trick of Jethro's.

Brian Rentfro: Jethro is honorable, he wouldn't do anything like that.

Jethro continues to hold his hand out, but Masa continues to shake his head. Masa's head goes to the left in a shake and Jethro slams a running forearm into his head rocking the lightweight back. Masa stumbles, trying to catch his feet, but Jethro pounces with rights and lefts pounding them with precision on Masa's skull until he is against the ropes. Jethro grabs him by the head, tossing him half-way across the ring, laughing as he does it. Jethro takes a running charge as Masa gets back up to his feet, he spins around tripping Jethro. Jethro's throat lands across the bottom rope and he gasps for breath. Masa is trying to shake the cobwebs, but Jethro is back up to his feet, anger boiling off of him in waves. Jethro slams another running forearm into the side of Masakazu's head knocking him to one knee.

Jon McDaniel: If Masakazu gets an oppurtunity, he has to take advantage of it.

Brian Rentfro: Keyword is If there Jon.

Jethro slams the point of his elbow right into Masa's face, sending his head rocking backwards on his neck. Jethro picks him up, high over his head in a gorilla press, releasing him with a slam. Masakazu's body bounces off the canvas and Jethro is there slamming a knee right into the ribs sending him over onto his back. Jethro pulls Masakazu's head up, slamming his right knee into the forehead and face of the Order of Chaos member's face. Jethro lifts him back up, onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry, he releases him to slam across the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Calf Toss, a rare move from Jethro.

Jon McDaniel: Jethro is setting up for the move he has renamed Trident after the Sea God Poseidon's three pointed spear.

Masa somehow manages to get up to his feet, his back to Jethro who launches himself at his opponent. Masakazu turns around, but Jethro's shoulder slams right into Masa's midsection, flipping him over upon impact. Jethro stands up as the crowd is booing heavily towards "The Southern Hypocrit". Jethro steps out of the ring, heading over to the timekeeper's table where he takes the microphone from Eric Emerson.

"Do you see who is supposedly The General?"

Jethro is panting hard as he steps back into the ring, Masakazu still not moving. From the back, Simon Kalis stops on the top of the ramp. Jethro eyes Simon, smirking as Engel points at Masakazu in the center of the ring.

"Do you see your son Simon? Do you see what I am doing to him?"

Jethro stomps down on Masa's head, before lifting him up to his feet, Masa's face pointed toward Simon. Jethro pounds a fist into the side of Masakazu's face, the sound reverberating in the microphone.

"Hey Simon, what do you think about him now? Huh?! Think your way of destroying us is any better?"

Simon has what appears to be tears in his eyes as he slams his feet together, throwing his hand up to his forehead in the Fascist Salute that he holds.

Jon McDaniel: This is just wrong, go ahead and end the match.

Brian Rentfro: Show him something Jethro, teach him a lesson.

Jethro whips Masa into the ropes, but grabs the attention of the referee quickly as Matthew brings up a steel chair to slam into the running Masakazu's face causing him to bounce back into the ring. Jethro spins around catching Masakazu in a belly to back suplex, flipping him over to land on his neck and head in an ackward position. Jethro picks up the microphone again.

"Softening him up Simon, because he is either going to learn his lesson and never mess with the best again..."

He stomps down on Masakazu's face, but the damage is already been done.

"Or I'll cripple him worse than you are Simon. You are broken down, you are a cripple, and son... will be like father. He wants to be like the old you..."

Jethro smirks, picking Masakazu up again as Simon still stands in the slauting position.

"Fine by me."

Jethro shoves Masakazu's head between his thighs, lifting him up in Planter position. Jethro jumps up into the air, bringing Masakazu down with even more force onto the canvas. Jethro hooks the leg, making sure to keep his eyes trained on Simon at the top of the ramp.



Jethro pulls off of Masakazu, as if he actually kicked, Jethro even has the shocked facial expression. Matthew is playing along as well, but the crowd is booing heavily.

Jon McDaniel:This is just wrong.

Brian Rentfro: How did he kick out?

Jethro pulls the lifeless form of Masakazu back up, dragging him over to the turnbuckle. Jethro climbs up, bringing Masakazu to the top turnbuckle with him. Jethro slams Masakazu's head between his legs again, lifting him up.

Jon McDaniel: He is going to kill him!

Brian Rentfro: Total domination fro Jethro here!


Masa's body is driven into the canvas, extremely hard and Jethro hurriedly makes a cover, but decides to change for something.

"You know something Kalis, I haven't had a submission win in a very... very... very long time."

Jethro grabs the ankles of Masakazu, turning him into The Combine Seat. Jethro makes sure that Engel is watching his back because Masakazu's face is turned toward his father's salute.

"Do you see the pain Simon? Can you feel the pain? I'm going to break more than his spirit Simon."

Jethro is taunting Simon Kalis.

"If this is your General, what a pathetic army you have, must be toy soldiers."

Matthew laughs as the arm falls for the third time.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Jon McDaniel: Thank goodness the match is over.

Brian Rentfro: What a great technical match.

Jethro releases the hold, turning to grab his tag team belt from Engel. Matthew climbs into the ring as Simon turns to walk back through the entrance curtain. Jethro and Matthew look down at Masakazu, both begin to laugh.

I Didn't Come Here to Bargain

Brian Rentfro: “ Spectacular competition we just seen here between these three teams.”

Jon McDaniel: “Indeed it was.”

As the commentating continues between Brian and Jon, Johnny wobbles in next to them to the time keeper, feeling the effects of the hard fought match. He hands out his hand for his Grizzly beer championship and is politely handed to him. Maverick shakes his head, holding his neck, when he is suddenly grabbed from behind and swung a 180 into the steel post of the ring!

Brian Rentfro : “ What the hell is this!”

Hunter stands over Johnny with a smirk on his face. The viper pulls the aching wrestler off the matting and rolls him into the ring. Johnny still cradles his belt as he staggers on his knees once in the ring. Sullivan looks around at the booing fans and keeps his smile, yanking out a pair of hand cuffs. The Former global champion rolls into the ring, measuring Johnny off for a quick soccer kick to the chest.

Jon McDAaniel: “Hunter is going after another individual on his list, and so cowardly he is, Johnny just had a match!”

Brian Rentfro: “Seems vengeance doesn’t see through glasses of cowardice, just opportunity.”

Hunter keeps himself on a slithery and happy line as he cuffs one arm of Johnny and pries the GB title out of his hands, tossing it to the side. Hunter takes the free side of the cuffs and brings it to the ropes, latching it onto the second rope. With the hard part out of the way Hunter smiles and slowly walks towards the ropes, asking for a microphone.

Brian Rentfro: “He’s got Maverick tied to the ropes, never has anyone done this and have it end good. What’s he got planned here I wonder.”

Hunter is handed the microphone and starts to calmly walk around the ring, is posture is elegant and he keeps his eyes on Maverick who is slowly starting to pull himself to his feet. He brings the microphone to his lips.

Hunter: “Hey there apprentice. What’s up.”

Maverick doesn’t reply still gathering himself.

Hunter: “Fair enough. So, here I am, little ol’ me, standing around backstage thinking and wondering, how do I get that match out of Johnny? Well, I tried asking nicely, you know, because I’m a nice like that, but you rudely told me no.”

Hunter leans forward and picks up the grizzly beer title tossing it over his shoulder.

Hunter: “So what I thought I’d do is come out here and ask you one more time.. Can I have a match with you at Who’s the Man?”

Hunter walks over to Maverick and leans down on his knees, placing the microphone in front of his face. Johnny smiles before spitting in Hunters face, laughing afterwards.

Johnny: “Why would I do that, this is just too much fun!”

Sullivan brings his hand up and wipes the spit off his face, calmly, he doesn’t lose his cool. He lays the microphone down next to him, taking his time, placing the belt next to it. Sullivan follows up and brings Johnny fully to his feet before blasting him with an elbow, knocking him off his feet again. Once there Hunter picks up the microphone and steps forward, right onto Johnny’s throat. As if he’s not even doing it he puts all his weight on the boot leaning on the ropes.

Hunter: “You know Johnny, I would realllllly enjoy a match with you. It be like a breath of fresh air. What do you think. Up for putting that belt up against me? You don’t have an opponent as of yet after all.”

Johnny kicks at the ground and tries to push to foot off his neck.

Hunter: “Johnny? Mave? OH DEARY ME! Looks like I’ve been standing on your throat. “

Hunter slowly pulls off and walks back into the ring more-so, letting maverick catch his breath. Sullivan turns around and leans down again.

Hunter: “So what do you say?”

Johnny: “Haha, there isn’t a thing you could do to me in this ring that would make me say yes. Watching you squirm is just too much fun to give up. You’ll never get what you want.”

Hunter lets out a sigh and laughs a bit in Johnny’s face.

Hunter: “You almost make this too fun. Well, lets see.”

Hunter stands up and looks around, smiling at the time keeper from earlier. Sullivan drops down and rolls from the ring and gently walks over to him, extending out his hand. The time keeper looks up a little confused.

Hunter: “Come on now man, I’m going to need that chair you’re sitting on. Make it quick please.”

The time keeper stands up and hands him the chair timidly and backs off away from the wrestler. Sullivan smiles and thanks him politely and rolls into the ring. He places the chair in front of Johnny and sits on it, looking at the Grizzly beer champion who was now trying to reach his belt. Sullivan notices and kicks it away from his grasp.

Hunter: “Up here Johnny. That belt isn’t going to help you very much right now. So, as I was saying. Match, I really think about now you should be accepting. From here on in, things can tend to get bloody. You really want to do that? I heard you planned to go to Las Vegas soon. He a shame if you had to go all wrapped up in bandages.”

Johnny laughs.

Johnny: “ There isn’t a SINGLE THING you can do with that chair to change my mind. Hit me with it i dare you, bust me open, you’ll get the same reply. No, No, NO. You’re going to sit home at The pay per view and look around at everyone one else having their little matches while you rot away.”

Hunter looks away trying to keep his coolness in front of the cocky punks taunting. The Viper only smiles and stands up, grabbing and folding the chair. He lifts it up and brings it up for a brutal swing.... When he suddenly stops. Down the ramp way comes Johnnys new love interest Jackie, all distraught and panic ridden. She rolls into the ring and runs to Maverick, who had closed his eyes awaiting the shot, holding him. Hunter steps back a huge smile creeps up his face.

Jackie: “Just accept the match dear, just do it, I can’t sta-“

Suddenly Hunter grabs the girl by the hair and pulls her to her feet. Johnny looks up and tries to grab her and keep her away from the Viper. Johnny turns vicious, thrashing around the ring, trying anything to get out of the cuffs. He pulls and hauls as hard as he can until his wrist looks like it’s about to snap, but he couldn’t get out.

Hunter: “What a lovely surprise we have here. You know Johnny, this is quiet the catch, especially for you. What’s her name again, Jackie? Well Jackie really seems to care about you. Be a shame if anything happened to her.”

Johnny is to his feet but can’t get to the two. He turns around and tries to undo the turnbuckle pad, he’s too jittery to get it done as he fumbles over it. He turns around and drops to his knees.

Johnny: “okay you SICK FUCK, you got the match. YOU GOT IT! There you got what you wanted, let her go! LET HER GO!! NOW! HUNTER I SWEAR IF YOU DO ANYTHING TO HER!! I’LL SLAUGHTER YOU. I’LL KILL YOU!! YOU GOT YOUR MATCH NOW FUCK OFF!”

Hunter in calm mellow fashion turns to the wrestler and brings the microphone up to his mouth.

Hunter: “What’s that Johnny? I can’t seem to hear you.”

Johnny’s eyes open wide and he viciously tries to escape once again. Hunter merely smiles as he continues.

Hunter: “In fact, my ears have been pretty bad since WarGames. All I can seem to pick out these days are the anguishing sounds of vengeance. Ever hear what that sounds like Johnny? You know, to hate someone SOOOO much, that all you can think about is how to ruin their lives?........No?”

Hunter pauses.

Hunter: “You will.”

Sullivan tosses the woman down to his knees. Johnny is actually in tears as he reaches for his love who stands out of reach. Hunter lifts the chair and slams it down on the back of her head. One solid smack.
Everyone falls silent.

The crowd is silent as Johnny is in such a sputtering rage he doesn’t even make a sound. Hunter on the other hand looks to be enjoying himself quiet well. He pulls out the key to the Handcuffs holding them in front of him.

Hunter: “I’ll see you at the Pay-per-veiw then ol’ boy.”

Hunter tosses the key to Johnny’s feet and walks away, rolling under the bottom rope and heading up the ramp way. Johnny quickly undoes the cuffs and goes to his loves side, rolling her over and holding her, trying to figure out if she’s okay. Medics start on their way down to the ring, but are suddenly cut off by a man in a black hoodie. In fact, there are several blocking the way.

Brian Rentfro: “Wh-Whats this!”

Jon McDaniel: “Hoodie ninjas! They are just swarming the ring, there has to be about fifty of them!”

Johnny keeps his head down, as he is quiet physically and literally crying out of both rage and sadness. The hoodie ninjas enter the ring and surround their fallen master, they swarm around him, until suddenly there is nothing to see. The ring is a mass of Black as Hunter turns around a little interested in what’s happening.

Suddenly the lights crackle.

The PWA-TRON blinks and flickers a ghostly sight one after another. A red light flashes down upon the ring until suddenly the Hoodie ninja’s drop to their knees, bowing at the individual in front of them.

The Crimson Ghost.

Maverick’s alter ego lifts up his hand and points at his new target of destruction.

Laughter hits the sound system and we fade to commercial...

Riona Langly vs Hunter Sullivan

Winner: Hunter Sullivan

Viktor Stone vs Marxx

Special Referee - Vitaly Petrov

Winner: Marxx

Renegade Souljahs vs Chaos Theory vs Irish Phoenix & Bubba J

Tag-Team Triple Threat

Winner: Phoenxi & Bubba J

Jacob Seldon (C) vs Matthew Engel

London's Burning Match for the AoWF King of Extreme Championship

Winner: Jacob Seldon

Kalis broke into the ring, laying Engel out for Seldon to pick up the victory.