World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Joshua Danielson vs Shadow Starr

Jeff Augustee: Welcome to Chaos everybody! Our opening match should be an exciting one.

Linzi Martin: Despite the fact that both men never showed up on the PWA airwaves this week and spoke a word to each other?

Jeff Augustee: Even so. Starr is a tag champion, and Danielson's a rising star.

In the opening match for Chaos, Shadow Starr was supposed to take on Joshua Danielson in what was supposed to be a promising match, but it fell short of expectations when both men never made it down to the ring. The cameras would pan backstage to see both Danielson and Starr arguing and then brawling in hallway! Since both competitors never made it down to the ring and the bell never sounded, Chaos declared the match a no contest.

Linzi Martin: Well, that was disappointing. I guess when two competitors that are booked to fight each other don't even say a word to each other the whole week to even try to build up the match, thi--

Jeff Augustee: Shit like this happens?

Linzi Martin: Yes, Jeff. How eloquent of you.

Jeff Augustee: I try. *belch*

Linzi Martin: Are you drunk?

Jeff Augustee: Not yet. *cracks open another beer*

Marxx & Jacob Figgins vs The Andalusian & Simon Yip

Jeff Augustee: Well, at least they showed up this time.

Linzi Martin: Indeed Jeff. All four competitors are here, and Marxx and Yip will be starting for their respective teams.


Marxx and Yip started out the match with the Intercontinental Champion dominating Yip right at the beginning with calculated strikes and impressive suplexes. Marxx would then tag in the Next Conspiracy, who would go to work on Yip's right arm, targeting the elbow and bicep with strikes and submission moves, but Yip hung in there tough and managed to block a punch from Figgins and nail Figgins with a roundhouse kick to the jaw. Yip would use this opportunity to tag in the impressive Andalusian who would begin to dominate Figgins as best he could. Andalusian tried to finish off Figgins with a superplex, but Figgins kicked out at the last second. Figgins would buy some time with a rake to Andalusian's eye and tag the IC champ back in. Marxx would win the match with the Leaving Marxx! and the pinfall on Andalusian, as Figgins took out Simon Yip with the Tony Jaa!

Winners: Marxx & Jacob Figgins in 8:10

Linzi Martin: An impressive showing by the Intercontinental Champion who's been on a hot streak ever since he won the IC title back, Jeff.

Jeff Augustee: There's no doubt in my mind that Marxx can battle for the top prizes in this company, but he is devoted to being the best Intercontinental Champion he can be.

Sullivan agrees to Steel Cage match?

Bud Adams: ‘Sullivan sir, I know you have a match coming up but you also have genesis.’

The shot widens and shows Hunter trying to push off the pesky interviewer in the locker room.

Hunter: ‘Yeah, me and Figgy, what of it.’

Sullivan grows impatient and irritated as he wraps up his wrists.

Bud Adams: ‘Well he recently Commented on challenging you to a Cage match, you know, one of these old school ones. “

Hunter rips the tape and looks at the shorter man

Hunter: “and?”

Bud buts in quickly after “Well do you accept it?

Hunter: “I don’t know, I never really intended on facing Figgy in the first place, but I must say, it was naive of me to think Chamelion wouldn’t capitalize and Figgy would want vengeance.”

Hunter thinks for a moment.

Hunter: “if you see something in a cage, what’s your first impression?”

Bud: ‘uh, well I guess I think like a zoo, and they are there for our viewing pleasure?’

Hunter smirks : “ how accurate indeed. See, me and Figgy are like animals, two individuals trying to be the alpha male. I don’t see why we don’t settle this is a cage match like animals.”

Bud: “is that a yes?’

Hunter: “that is a yes bud.’

Bud: “Sweet, The other guys are going to be sooo jealous when i break the news of this.’

Wet cut.

Ronald Gay vs Treacherous Hippo Love

Jeff Augustee: I've been looking forward to this match, Linzi.

Linzi Martin: Because you're also a Christian?

Jeff Augustee: No, because there's nothing more hilarious than a guy who calls himself a hippo. *belch*

Linzi Martin: Disgusting! And this match is happening because a few weeks ago Hippo attacked Ronald to send a message about Chaos' Money in the Bank match.


Harvey and Ronald started out swinging, both men angrily looking to beat down the other. Harvey would get the advantage and put Ronald in a camel clutch. Ronald would refuse to tap out and eventually made his way to the bottom rope, but not after suffering some pain by the hold. Harvey would try to beat down Ronald as much as he could, kicking him in the back of the head and using the ropes to choke him. Ronald would battle back with some elbows to the gut and a quick DDT. Ronald tried for a top rope elbow drop, but Harvey rolled out of the way at the last minute. Harvey would resume his assault on Gay and take him down to a knee. Harvey would try a running drop on a kneeling Ronald, but Ronald would move out of the way. Ronald made it up to his feet and kicked Harvey low, taking him up and down with a massive jackknife powerbomb. Ronald would pin Harvey for the three count.

Winner: Ronald Gay in 7:34

Jeff Augustee: An impressive bounce back for Ronald Gay, who lost to Danielson last week in that triple threat match. I guess the Hippo had it coming?

Linzi Martin: I assure you Jeff it's far from over between these two, as their battle will continue at Genesis in the Money in the Bank match.

Bubba J vs Viktor Stone

Bubba and stone both being larger individuals start off and express as much. A test of strength holds no winners until Viktor delivers a headbut, only for bubba to shake it off and hit his own. Both men fight around in the test of strength until they get a rope break. Viktor starts to take advantage pummelling in strikes but bubba well versed also replies with a nice few shots himself. No one gains a true advantage for each time one guy hits something the other comes back with something just as hard. Viktor finally takes a real upper hand when he hits a harsh clothesline, taking to the mount.

Bubba gets knocked around with fists and strikes. Viktor lets up and hits the ropes hitting an elbow drop on his return. Not much actual wrestling as both men just punch away at each other’s body. Bubba gains his own advantage countering a whip and power slamming his opponent. Taking things out of the flow Bubba drops down and locks in a fujiwara armbar. Viktor uses his strength to drag himself into a rope break. Viktor gets to the outside and bubba follows getting a face full of metal on the stairs. Bubba falls behind again as Viktor works over the arm on the outside a while rolling bubba back in near the ten count.

Viktor stomps, smashes, wrenches and pounds away at the arm. Bubba being bounced around for a while finally manages a counter hitting a DDT counter. The arm handicaps the wrestler as he tries to maintain his advantage with a few power moves before forcing Viktor into the corner, nailing a second rope superplex. Viktor covers for a 2 count.

Wanting to end things here Viktor lifts up Bubba and locks him in a Dragon Sleeper before calling only for the Body bag, Bitches. SOLID CONNECTION. 3 count! Fans are on their feet as the Champion gets put under by Viktor stone. A possible turn around for the wrestler.

Winner: Viktor Stone in 9:21

Viktor turns to make his way up the ramp, stretching out his back and rubbing his neck.

Augustee: And a fine effort by both men right there.

Stone looks up the ramp just in time to see Thunderwolf marching out from behind the curtain, carrying his trademark sand wedge in his hand. Stone's eyes widen, and then squint as he puts up his fists, ready to fight. Wolf shakes his head and swings with the golf club, barely missing Viktor as Stone ducks underneath it.


Dustin drops the wedge as Stone nails a pair of rights to his jaw that rocks him back a step. Viktor goes for a big right hook, but Kelser ducks underneath it, turning around immediately as his hand moves to his mouth. Stone turns back around, and Thunderwolf sprays a blue mist right into his eyes.


Stone drops to his knees, furiously wiping at his eyes, and Dustin calmly picks up his wedge, swinging it hard and bending the shaft around Stone's head. Viktor drops down to the floor, his face tinted blue as a fresh gash on the side of his head from Thunderwolf's sand wedge begins pouring out blood. Wolf doesn't stop, however, and puts the boots to him, delivering a pair of soccer kicks to the open wound as PWA security rushes out from the back and surrounds him.

Augustee: Why would he do something like this?! He has no history with Viktor Stone!

Wolf looks up and sees security surrounding him, three members of the team grabbing him from behind. Dustin, however, puts up no fight, and looks right into the camera.

Thunderwolf: Suddenly it doesn't feel too good when you bring those who aren't involved in on the war, does it, Corey?

Security escorts Dustin back up the ramp as EMTs rush down, tending to Stone. A pool of blood has formed beneath his head, and his eyes, glassed over and rolling into the back of his head, scan the ceiling, unable to focus on any one thing.

David Blazenwing vs Casey Campbell

No Disqualification

The match started explosively, as during Casey’s entrance, Blazenwing came down and attacked Campbell from behind, only to discover that it wasn’t even Casey, it was a nameless stand-in! Casey then ambushed DB from behind, attacking him across the back with a steel chair. Casey took a few more shots with the chair across David’s midsection, but stopped when Blazenwing’s theme “I Came to Play” started playing - despite DB already being out - and former BWF stars and Blazenwing confidants The Big O, Stryker Cloud and Xander Strife came down the ramp!

The three men got in between Casey and David, pulling DB up while keeping Casey at bay. Casey went to the ring and started yelling at the special ref, Chamelion, who after a few moments of deliberation, headed up the ramp and signaled for the three men to leave! The crowd booed as Casey smirked triumphantly. Their goal was complete, however; DB was back to his feet, however worse for wear, and charged the ring as the bell officially rang for the match to begin.

Throughout the match, Campbell moved a little faster and hit a little stronger than DB did, often outmaneuvering the former two-time BWF Champion. Several two count attempts started to wear on the Cool Factor, though, who couldn’t seem to keep DB down. Casey called for the PWNED!!! point-blank spear and started to lift Blazenwing to his feet, but was distracted as former PWA superstar Kirlia Gardevoir jumped into the ring and started attacking Casey! Casey fought Kirlia off and leveled her with a PWNED!!! spear, then turned around right into a Full Effect super kick from Blazenwing! DB covered, but Casey kicked out at two!

Blazenwing seemed shocked that anybody kicked out of the super kick, but pulled Casey up to try for it again. DB went to the corner and started calling for a second super kick, but suddenly, a hooded man leapt the barricade and blindsided DB in the back of the head with a leaping forearm! The man then removed the hood to reveal himself as… Mark McNasty!!! The shocked crowd watched as Mark and Casey pulled Blazenwing - who was still nearly out from McNasty’s Lights Out forearm - to his knees and started yelling inaudibly at him. Casey’s former manager, MC the Midget, headed down the ramp and into the ring, joining the other two men as they pulled Blazenwing to his feet and Casey nailed the PWNED!!! spear. Chamelion tells McNasty and MC to stay back, but still has no choice but to make the three count, giving Casey the victory.

WINNER: Casey Campbell, via pinfall

Ryan Ross vs Hunter Sullivan

Main Event

Ryan and Hunter face off together for the first time in a long time, and not only that, this is their first solo bout. The ref quickly rings the bell and backs off letting both men start their bout. Hunter moves forward and Ryan mimics. Being out of the ring awhile does nothing to slow down the former champ as he shoots a single leg and rams Ryan back into the turnbuckle. Uncharacteristically Hunter delivers point blank closed fists shocking and staggering Ross. The ref quickly calls off the attack pulling Hunter back and sharing some unkind words. Ross shakes himself clear, not liking the beginning of the match. Hunter waits for Ross to leave the corner before moving in and both men locking up with a elbow collar. Ryan takes a short spurt of vengeance and in an act of karma headbutts his opponent before quickly taking advantage with a breakaway dropkick.

Hunter rolls off the ground and back to his feet ducking a clothesline. Ryan turns around and Hunter quickly hits a toe kick, locking in quickly a front face lock. Ryan being fresh, counters, breaking the fingers and twirling up with an arm wrench. Hunter taps his shoulder rolling forward, twirling again, Ryan looks at Hunter and mimics what he just did, topping off with a leg sweep. Hunter on his back quickly nips up and twirls returning to the position, sweeping now Ryan to the mat. Ryan smirks and like a mirror does exactly as Hunter does, only he brings Hunter up into a hammerlock this time around. Hunter backs into the hold and breaking through the arm gap, locking in his own. Ryan Copies again, and the fans give out a slight chuckle. Hunter grows irritated in the hammerlock as Ryan toys with him. Dropping to his knees and reaching up Hunter Snapmares Ryan overhead to a seated position in front of him. Chin lock follows up and Ross’ hoolagin attitude is interrupted with the submission.

Ryan eventually makes it to his feet and slings Hunter off into the ropes, a quick rebound later and Ryan hits a Back Body drop that Hunter counters, landing on his feet. Both men acknowledge the abilities of the other and quickly follow up with a test of strength. Ryan takes advantage this time around focusing on the arm this time with various arm wrenches and elbows. Hunter rarely manages a counter but on a slip up by Ross manages to counter a hip toss attempt into a roll up pin. 1.2. kick out. Ross is a little shocked by the counter and rises to his feet where he gets taken over by a rough rolling elbow, staggering the Red Hot wrestler. Sullivan goes on to take the advantage for a short while, dropping Ryan in an inverted atomic drop followed by a bulldog.

Hunter counter acts Ryan’s previous arm assault by working on the back, dropping knees into the lower back whenever Ryan hits the ground. Bringing Ross back to his feet Hunter takes quick advantage of the dazed state and drops him in a pendulum back breaker, applying a submission follow up. Ryan manages to push himself off the knee before getting back to his feet on his own. Hunter whips him into the ropes and waits for the rebound, thinking another back breaker, but as he lifts him into the air in what looks like a spine buster Ross rolls over the top in a pin. 1,2, kick out. Similar to how Hunter turned things around with his pin Ryan takes advantage, hitting the ropes and hitting various dash attacks. Clearly straight out of an ‘ultimate warrior” playbook Ryan shows his cardio knocking the man down. Hunter gets irritated and smart rolling out of the ring, only for a suicide dive to level him!

Fans are clearly behind Ross as he holds his back and rolls Hunter back into the ring for another 2 count. To the top rope goes Ryan who is caught in his endeavours. Grabbing Ryan by the neck and crotch Hunter manages to toss the star from the top rope. The whiplash of the move curls Ryan’s back but he refuses to stay down getting back to his feet. Hunter takes his turn with the dash attack, euro uppercutting the star into the opposing turnbuckles. Ryan hits the buckles and Hunter quickly pulls him away only to irish whip him full force right back in. Ryan drops to the mat and Hunter celebrates taunting the fans. Ryan starts climbing and Hunter dashes off the ropes for an S.A.F, Ross catches the wrestler out of the corner of his eye, violently dodging backwards. Hunter hits the ropes and gets his foot caught slightly, but enough for Ryan to take advantage with a bridging belly to back suplex. Rope break.

Hunter holds his neck and rolls from the ring again, Ryan hits the ropes again but Hunter has learned from the previous attack and dodges quickly, only to look back and see Ryan laughing in the ring at faking him out. Hunter calms himself and stays cool, waiting for Ryan to back off before re-entering the ring. Both men lock up and Hunter gains the advantage with a go behind and an Olympic wrestling style takedown. With a headlock following up Ross fights in the hold, trying to rise to his feet. Once there he tries for another belly to back but finds himself losing out when Hunter brings him back down and plants him with a hard headlock takedown. 2 count with Ross’ shoulders down. Ross eventually gets out with a leg scissor counter, only for Hunter to pull out and almost lock in a Texas clover! Ryan manages to hit the ropes before he can be turned.

Two finisher scares and Ross is learning to be a little more on his feet and aware. Hunter is forced back away from the ropes where Ross is. Hunter circles waiting for his opening and both men lock up once again. Ross quickly gains an advantage by comically spitting in Hunters face. The wrestler stumbles back and finds himself victimized by a rough enzuguri. Hunter wipes his face clean disgusted and insulted by the fans laughter. Ryan pulls the former champ to his feet and pushes him against the ropes for a few stinging chops. Hunter who has grown angry counters, switching places with Ryan. Hunter doesn’t go for the chop and viciously nails in a few elbow shots ending off with a quick step back and a cactus jack clothesline to the outside.

Both men stagger to their feet and meet each other with a brawl, hauling back and taking turns with their respective shots. They keep firing, and firing, shot after shot, and the fans even count along, 6,7,8,9,10,11,12. The only issue is the count out as both wrestlers stop and look to the ring as the ref yells nine, quickly sprinting back into the ring in time. Once at their feet Hunter goes for another shot, continuing their little game of one up’s. Ryan quickly ducks the shot and grabs Hunters arm, gripping it and pulling him back in his own back breaker. Hunter is pulled back to his feet where he gets a vicious whip across the ring, returning into a snap power slam. Hunter stays on his back and Ross points to the top rope, climbing up once again. ROYAL SPLA- No, Hunter rolls out of the way! Ryan feels the burn of missing his own finisher just as Hunter had earlier. Hunter quickly capitalizes and tries a cover, 2 count.

The number one contender for the Global belt shows his resilience and ability to hang with the big boys. And while he’ll never admit it, Hunter knows it as well. Hunter pulls up the growing wrestler and keeps him on his knees, slapping him around a little before pushing his back a bit, letting everyone know how dazed he is, and how he has the match won now. Hunter hits the ropes and returns, VIPER SNA- Ryan played possum and quickly counters with a leg drag. Hunter rolls and Ross quickly capitalizes, grabbing Hunter by the head and hooking under the arm. RED HOT HOLD! Locked in solid!

Hunter’s face grows red quickly! Fans are cheering at the hold as Ross cranks it arching the back hard, keeping his bridge, and maintaining the choke. Hunter squirms but it’s no good as the ropes are impossible for him to grasp in this angle. Ryan breaks a smile in the middle of the hold, he’s got him. Hunter raises his hand in what looks like he’s about to tap. No, he refuses, and with a shock move kicks out one of Ross’s legs, breaking out the bridge! Hunter is still victimized by the choke but pushes himself slightly on top of the red hot warrior. 1 count and Ross flips Hunter over to his other side, but before he can realize what he’s just done Hunter wraps a leg under the bottom rope, Rope break!

The commentators mention the intelligence under pressure of the former champion who takes in his first smooth breath of air. Hunter is drained however and doesn’t fight back to much when Ross pries him off the ropes and to his feet. Kneeing hard into the abdomen Hunter doubles over and nearly staggers off his feet. Ryan does full force as he locks in a front face lock and tosses Hunters arm over his head. TWISTY ROC-No Hunter swiftly breaks the hold and flows under the arm up behind his opponent. HALF NELSON SUPLEX! Both men are down and not to interested in moving all too soon.

Hunter manages to push himself to his feet first staggering into the corner, Ross does the same in the parallel corner. Both men shake themselves clear and stagger towards each other. Ross quickly locks up with Hunter and makes a quick advantage move, whipping Hunter into the turnbuckle. Ross follows but quickly see’s his mistake as Hunter jumps to the second rope and jumps off with a spring board Shin kick! No Ross rolls under! He climbs the ropes and positions himself for a moonsault. A quick reacting Hunter however gets the Red hot wrester from behind in an electric chair.

Hunter backs away and turns around, BUT ROSS ROLLS FORWARD IN A VICTORY ROLL! 2 count! Hunter counters, rolling forward into a Gorrilla clutch! Ross is struggling back and forth in the hold! Hunter pressures the legs and leans forward. The inverted Clover leaf doing it’s job. Hunter pulls the hold back into the middle of the ring and drops down adding the body scissors! Ross has nowhere to go and no option left as the Red Hot Warrior strives to battle on just a little more. The valiant fight ends for Ryan Ross as he taps out!

Eric: “And your winner due to Submission at 24 minutes, The Viper, HUNTER SULLIVAN.”

Hunter lets out of the submission hold and gathers himself to his feet, staggering from the long bout. Ross, who is happy to be out of the hold rolls from the ring. Walking up the ramp way fans slowly build up a ‘RYAN ROSS” chant. Ross smirks, the chant takes from the sting of loss. He bows to the fans and makes his way to the top of the rampway.

Hunter: “Why don’t you people just shut up. In case you never noticed, I won the match.”
The fans boo down on the ring, and to Hunter who has grasped away the microphone from the announcer.

Hunter: “Y’know Ross, you did fight well. You fought a lot better than I expected, I’ll give you that. Maybe you can actually walk out of Genesis as the winner, I don’t know, it’s possible. So for the match you just gave me, thanks, you’re pretty good.”

Hunter: “Except I’m still fucking leagues ahead of you. Now get out of my arena. I got shit to talk about.”

Hunter: “Yeah, This IS about Genesis, and this IS about Jacob. See, yeah I accept that cage match, and yeah, I look forward to facing off against you one last time. I look forward to snatching away a victory from you. Hopefully you just seen what happened, hopefully you’re not too doped up on marijuana to understand what I’m saying, or to care, but let this match be a lesson to you. I can beat you fair and square, I’m still as good as I have ever been. I made Mr. Ross here tap see, I made him give in, and by G.O.D, If you haven’t noticed, the cage won’t have any Submission, it won’t have any Pin fall. Why am I bringing that up? Because I don’t have to stop, I don’t have to let go. I can lock in my Texas Clover, and I can sit there and stretch back until the cows come home. No ref is going to say stop, no ref is going to pull me off your carcass. Fig, back when I took you out I was looking for the perfect match, Wargames wasn’t lingering in my mind then, Wargames wasn’t motivating me to be more aggressive. What I’m trying to say Figgy, is I hope you have a good high going into that match, because it’s going to need your best bunch to dull the pain out.”

Hunter tosses out the microphone as Chaos goes off the air.