World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


RJ Banks vs The Icon

Jon McDaniel: Welcome folks to Saturday Night Rampage, and we're about to get right into action here as RJ Banks fights the debuting Icon here in our opening match.

Brian Rentfro: The Icon looks impressive, but I think RJ Banks' experience is going to pay off here.


Banks and Icon would battle back and forth in this match, with Banks getting the early advantage. Banks kept trying to take down the Icon with aerial assaults and moves, but Icon would roll out of the way on a five-star frog splash attempt from Banks. Icon would go to work on Banks with strikes and keeping Banks grounded with a leglock and a sleeperhold. Banks would break both holds and then nail Icon with chops and forearm strikes. Icon would fall to a knee and Banks would almost take Icon's head off with a Yakuza Kick! Banks would climb the rope and drop down on the Icon with a 450 cannonball splash and get the three count.

Winner: RJ Banks in 6:14

Brian Rentfro: Not exactly an impressive debut for the Icon.

Jon McDaniel: Not really, but RJ Banks picks up a much needed win.

Brian Rentfro: Indeed, he's feeling pretty good about it right now. Hell I would too if my record was as bad as his. Luckily I'm undefeated.

Jon McDaniel: You've never won a match!

Brian Rentfro: And I've never lost a match! Ha!

The Wishing Star vs The Bomber

Jon McDaniel: Folks, I regret to inform you that neither competitor made it to the arena tonight so this match is being declared a no contest by President Chamelion.

Brian Rentfro: I think they're going to see some red tags in their lockers, Major League style!

Jon McDaniel: Red tags? This isn't a movie, Brian. And the Bomber is booked for the Rampage Money in the Bank match!

Brian Rentfro: He is? Pfft. We all know the sexy carpet-eatin' machine Laura Estella is gonna win that!

Jon McDaniel: Brian!

Brian Rentfro: WHAT?! I can't help it!

The Phoenix vs Cody Bogard

Jon McDaniel: Our next match should be a good one, Brian. Cody Bogard almost pulled an upset last week by nearly defeating Riona, even with Matthew Engel's sick interruption.

Brian Rentfro: I thought it was cool.

Jon McDaniel: You would. Either way, The Phoenix might have his hands full here tonight with Cody Bogard, who is only in his third match here and has been impressive.

Brian Rentfro: Jon.. he's not THAT good. Riona was still hurting last week!

Jon McDaniel: Regardless, Cody showed some good skills in the ring.


Cody started off the match strong, keeping Phoenix backed into corners with elbows and punches. Cody would hiptoss The Phoenix into the middle of the ring and try for a diving headbutt off the top rope, but Phoenix would roll out of the way just in time for Cody to smash his head into the canvas. Rob put Cody in a dragonsleeper hold to wear down Cody's neck, and even after several minutes in the hold, Cody wouldn't give up and eventually broke the hold. Cody tried to fight back, but Rob quickly put down Cody's offense with a kick to the knee and an european uppercut. Rob would take advantage now and give Cody a little assault and battery himself, driving his elbows and punches into Cody's neck to weaken it for the Flame. Cody would uppercut Rob with the back of his head however and suplex Rob to the mat. Cody would nail a springboard moonsault off the middle rope and stay on for a pin attempt, but Phoenix would kick out right after two. Phoenix wiped a little blood away from his mouth, giving Cody a nod, but that respect wouldn't last much longer as Phoenix would duck an attempted lariat from Cody and drive Cody head-first with the Flame. Rob would score the pinfall after a three count.

Winner: The Phoenix in 8:41

Jon McDaniel: And Robinson earns a victory here on Rampage by dismantling Cody Bogard.

Brian Rentfro: See Brian? Cody's still got some learnin' to do.

Jon McDaniel: He put up a good fight Brian, give him that at least.

Brian Rentfro: Uhh... maybe.

The Phoenix disappears backstage with his head held high, savoring the victory as much as he could.

Laura Estella vs Matt Stone

Back to the arena and immediately into action as we return just in time to see Laura come from the air and nail Stone with a Tope Con Hilo during his entrance. His music cuts and we’re immediately underway.

Calista: Good evening folks. Your regular broadcast staff are… somewhere. So for the next ten minutes or so you’ve got me! Calista Miller! Alongside drugged up professional wrestler and Mexican –

Alexis: - Argentinean –

Calista: - B-Movie sexpot Alexis Sykes.

Alexis: Hey.

Calista: Back to the action though and it’s already pretty hot and heavy as Laura takes the early advantage.

Alexis: Yeah she’ll do that. Bitch is a fucking snake.

Calista: You teach her that then?

Alexis: Probably.

Laura wipes out Stone in the isle way, quickly getting the fans into the action. Laura then grabs him up by the hair, pushes his cohort aside and then throws Matt into the barrier. He hits hard into the steel before slumping down to the floor, leaving him in perfect position for Laura to score with a running Yakuza kick, crushing his skull against the barrier.

Calista: And it’s all Laura so far. Though considering they’ve been at it for maybe five minutes, and the match hasn’t actually started, that doesn’t really mean anything.

Laura pushes him to the floor and then steps aside as Katrina jumps down to help him. It doesn’t do much good though as Laura returns with a chair in hand, swinging wild at Katrina to get her out of the way and then turning back to Stone. Laura then brings the chair up over head and into the hands of Katrina who does her best to stop her. Laura then turns and easily kicks her off, but it’s enough to give Stone an opening as he comes from the floor and tackles Laura into the barrier. He then connects with an Elbow about the face to slow her down.

Calista: And it turns! It’s like chess… with humans!

Alexis: I’m totally glad I got on a plane to come see this.

Pressing the momentum, Matt very quickly halls Laura up, presses her into the air and then drops her down, throat first, across the barrier to a sickening impact. He then turns and plays to the crowd a little while Laura struggles on the floor, and then gives her a kick about the head when she reaches her knees.

Alexis: Stupid bitch should have just kneed him in the face or something when she was up there. Aren’t I teaching these people anything?

Calista: Apparently not.

Matt looks to follow up as he hefts Laura up onto one shoulder from behind and then runs her into the corner post. The wind sinks from Laura as she clatters to the settle and then hangs from the post, allowing Stone to tie up her legs and then drop her head first into the floor. A few fans give a little cheer but he doesn’t really notice, and instead sizes Laura up with a big stomp to the face. He then gets her up again, pauses to consider putting her back in the ring, and then instead resolves to heft her up and carry her around the ring.

Calista: Looks like they’re coming over this way.

Alexis: Brilliant, cause I can’t see shit going on over there.

Stone then dumps Laura onto the commentary desk and then lays her out with a stiff Hammer Fist shot in the chest. He then turns away towards the ring and very casually puts himself up on the apron. Once more he plays up for the fans and then grasps the ropes as he prepares for his dive. It never comes though as Laura comes up from behind and drops a Forearm across his back. Laura is then quickly up onto the apron and coming in from behind with a Waistlock, earning a cheer as she prepares to throw him from the ring.

Calista: Laura looking for the German Suplex but Stone doesn’t seem into it.

Alexis: Put your back into it motherfucker!

Laura leans back as far as she can go but Stone holds his ground in the ropes. Seeing it’s beyond her, Laura instead jumps back to the floor and sweeps Stone’s legs out from beneath him. Matt’s face smashes into the apron and leaves Laura an opening to jump back up to the apron and then come down on Stone with a Legdrop to the back of the head. Stone then staggers back and falls into the announce table while Laura slides back into the ring and begins sizing him up.

Calista: Sweet change of plan by the Estellasarus who is looking to follow up with something big.

Alexis: Shouldn’t need to, should have just killed him with the Suplex.

Laura gets Matt in her sights and then runs for the opposite ropes. Rather unexpectedly though she takes flight over the opposite rope, flies through a high arc and utterly annihilates Katrina with a Front-Flip Senton. The crowd explodes.

Calista: Sweet Motherfucker.

Alexis: Yeah that looks like something I taught her. Neutralise the sidekick and even the playing field.

The fans are still in a tizzy as Laura leaves Katrina splattered on the floor, hits the ring with a run and then knocks Stone back with a Baseball slide. She’s then quick on her feet on the apron and runs its length, hopping over a shot from Stone and then leaping up to the turnbuckle before taking Stone down with a Moonsault.

Calista: This is a lot of seriously flashy shit from Laura for a change.

Alexis: Someone’s been watching their Lisa Seldon tapes.

Not wanting to give up the momentum, Laura is back up and brings Stone with her. A Mule kick sets him up and then Laura runs for the post. This time she catches it in her hands and swings around the pole, comes back around and lands into a Hurricanrana. Stone stands his ground though and leaves Laura hanging for a momentum before hefting her back up, gaining some steam and tossing her Powerbomb style into the Guardrails.

Alexis: PWA’s security structure getting a real work out tonight.

Matt quickly follows up with a Knee to return the favour from earlier and then drags her back to her feet and throws her, under arm, across the floor. Laura hits hard and arches at her back while Stone sinks to a knee to recover.

Calista: A lot of action in, well I guess it’s still early going since they haven’t actually started.

Stone thinks better of carrying out the fight on the floor and hefts Laura back into the ring. She’s not all out of it though and manages to throw herself into a knee on the head as he slides back in the ring. Laura then gets him up and whips him for the ropes, but Stone holds on and pulls her into a Back Elbow. He then spins forward but Laura manages to get down to a knee and presses for a Double-Leg Takedown. Stone holds on though and drops an Elbow to her back before pulling her up onto his shoulder. Laura slips out though and steps into the ropes before turning around into an attempted Clothesline from Stone that she blocks by throwing up a straight kick into his arm.

Calista: Lotta back and forth here as I say things to fill the dead air.

Stone holds his arm for a second but shoots for another, only for Laura to grab hold and spin under, allowing her to pull Stone down into a Knee Strike. Spit flies as he recoils from the blow, right into a combo of hooking blows and then a kick to the stomach. Laura sees him dip and looks to score with the Spinning Backfist but Stone has it scouted and drops down before catching her on the turn. Laura struggles but gets taken up and dropped face first from the Waistlock. Stone then swings around into a North-South position but Laura manages to turn it over into one of her own and quickly begins scoring with Knee Strikes to the top of the head. The blows are solid and force Stone to react as he presses forward and forces the action back to standing. Laura holds on to the clinch though and looks for another knee but Stone manages to catch it and then sweeps up her legs and dumps Laura on the back of her head.

Alexis: Still going but Laura looks to have screwed it by not being as good as me.

Stone holds up her legs and looks for a Submission but Laura manages to kick him off. Laura then nips back to her feet but gets caught with a Side Knee Shot into the stomach that forces them both back to the ropes. Stone then Snapmares Laura and falls up with a running Boot into the back and then a Kneedrop to finish off. Stone forgoes any follow up at this point and instead falls back into the ropes.

Calista: Stone comes out the better of that exchange but he took a lot of damage throughout.

Laura gets over onto her front but Stone’s attention is to the outside at Katrina who is now just getting back up. Stone demands the referee make the check on her and, while he’s distracted, leaps from the ring to retrieve a chair.

Alexis: Stone going for the easy way out… like he said he would… like a pussy.

Calista: Like you wouldn’t do the same.

Alexis: No but it would probably be more stylish.

Stone hits the ring again looking quite pleased with himself, and with the referee still distracted, takes up his stance and prepares to take Laura out. The crowd seems less than pleased as Stone winds up, but instead of taking the swing he throws the chair to Laura for the easy catch, she anticipates the move though and throws up a foot to kick it back into his face. Matt gets staggered from the blow, opening himself up to a kick to the gut that allows Laura to secure him for her Cross-Armed DDT.

Calista: Thee… uh…

Alexis: Stain of Mind?

Calista: Should have gone for the Splatterhouse. It’s a much cooler name.

Laura connects, dropping Stone on his skull and taking no chances as she dives on the cover… though at least remembering to kick the chair under the ropes while the referee is still distracted.

Calista: Hot stuff! And the referee is on the count.




Calista: Three! And the bell!

The ref calls it.

Eric Emerson: Your winner by pinfall… Laura Estella!

Point Click Kill by the Shizit picks up as Laura gets to her feet and into the corner to celebrate.

Alexis: Well Laura wins in I suppose reasonable fashion after taking far too many hits and almost letting him steal it in various places where I would not.

Calista: Kinda harsh.

Alexis: Well it’s true. Motherfucker was all over her various times, beat her on the floor, and then almost had it in the ring. Apparently though it’s true, cheaters never pros pure.

Calista: Except Laura last week.

Alexis: Well…

Calista: And Matt Stone before.

Alexis: Yeah…

Calista: And Chamelion.

Alexis: Ok…

Calista: And you.

Alexis: Yeah I think we get it.

Laura heads up the ramp while Katrina tends to Stone in the ring. We then cut away.

We Used To Be Friends

The scene cuts to a dull, lifeless black background, fading in on a slow-motion clip of Thunderwolf and Corey Lazarus from some time in late 2001. The two men stand in the center of the PWA ring, holding off various other PWA stars from the time from entering. Over this clip, we hear the voice of Corey Lazarus.

Lazarus: We were best friends, Dustin.

Cut to another slow-motion clip of Corey and Wolf training in the ring at the Front Line Academy, circa the summer of 2000, with Corey's extremely long hair soaked in sweat and sticking to his back as Thunderwolf's unscarred body hits the ropes.

Lazarus: We trained together, travelled together.

Both men, covered in their own blood, leaning against one another in the corner of the ring for support, their eyes virtually rolling over in their skulls.

Lazarus: We bled together.

Cut to a black-and-white feed of Corey himself, a black bandana wrapped around his recently buzzed head, sweat dripping from the tip of his nose as he sits on the top rope in a dimly lit Front Line Academy.

Lazarus: But somewhere along the line, Dustin...we grew apart. You turned your back on me. You left me alone, a lamb to the slaughter of a rabid pack of wolves.

Corey shakes his head, hanging it low.

Lazarus: I'm not saying anything that I haven't said a million times before. Nothing new is going to be uttered tonight, or next week, or any other time up to Genesis. And why is that? Is it because neither one of us can think of anything to say to one another? Or maybe it's because this match doesn't mean now what it would have meant a year ago, or even three years ago. Bullshit.

He looks up at the camera, his eyes burning holes into the audience at home.

Lazarus: It means more than ever now. At Genesis X, the biggest Genesis of all time, we finally go one-on-one. We finally step into the ring against one another, for the first time in either of our careers, and we get to see who the better man truly is. On that night, February 28th, I prove to you, I prove to the PWA, and I prove to every other person on the entire planet what I've known for nearly a decade: that the L-A-Z is not only in the same league as you, Dustin, but that the Hollywood Kid, "The Premiere Atraction," THE MAN, is better than you in every single possible way. But hey, Wolf, that's life. Deal with it. Rock n' roll, Dusty.

He smirks, nodding his head.

Lazarus: Rock n' fucking roll.

Riona Langly & Johnny Maverick vs Matthew Engel & Jethro Hayes

Main Event

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the main event! This match is a tag team match scheduled for one pinfall or submission with a thirty minute time limit. Introducing fi--

Emerson is interrupted with "Sympathy for the Devil" performed by Guns N' Roses. Engel makes his way down to the ring, not his usual entrance tonight. He is already down to his wrestling attire, completely focused on the ring in a deranged way. He holds a mic up to his mouth.

Matthew Engel: "Take a break, Eric. I'll take it from here."

Eric looks a little ticked, but climbs out of the ring anyway and finds his seat by the commentator's table.

Jon McDaniel: "Kind of wrong dismissing a legendary announcer like Emerson."

Brian Rentfro: "It's Engel's show practically, Jon."

Jon McDaniel: "Since when?"

Engel climbs into the ring and is greeted with plenty of boo's from the audience. "Sympathy" dies down and he speaks again.

Matthew Engel: "In just a few moments, you all are going to witness the initial descent of Riona Langly. It will begin tonight, and it will end at Genesis when she fails to win a World Championship once again. But, I'd like to take the spotlight off of her for just one moment and turn my attention toward my opponent for Genesis, The Phoenix."

The crowd pops for the five-time World Champion.

Matthew Engel: "Rob, there's no doubt about it that when you truly put your mind to something, chances are you're going to be successful. You have shown us time and time again that when you're involved in an important match, you give it your all and more times than not, you are victorious. Hell, just about this time last year when I was in my first month of retirement, you defeated Jamie Flynn to remain World Champion. That is no easy task, because no matter how you or I feel about Jamie, he was very talented both in the ring and in front of the camera.

Some would say you were able to win because of an important assist from Might and Magic. It's a good observation, but you had already been in two World Title matches that night. You managed to be beaten by Scottie Snow, but then took it upon yourself to win the title back from him later that night. Well done, Rob. When it was all said and done, it was your destiny to be World Champion at the end of the night. Nothing could stand in your way, not even the lyrical assassin himself, Jamie Flynn. So, who's to say I won't fall to that same fate this year? In perhaps the biggest event of all of PWA's glorious history, you are across the ring from Matthew Engel in a match for pride and glory, not gold."

A "PHOEN-IX" chant starts up around the front rows. Engel takes a minute to give a few people the finger, which of course is blurred out for you.

Jon McDaniel: "Engel really showing his appreciation of the fans here."

Brian Rentfro: "They need to calm down and let him speak, Jon."

Matthew Engel: "But Rob, what I want to know is when are you going to stop coasting by on the fact that you have been a five-time World Champion, a two-time Global Champion? When are you going to wake the hell up and realize that.. that what you did last year isn't reason enough for any of us to be intimidated by you anymore? This is a brand new year, Robinson. This is a brand new Genesis. This is time for redemption, and on the biggest stage of them all, you have a chance to stabilize your career and put yourself back on track. Beating me inside the ring at Genesis would definitely prove that, but you have to take that kind of control on a weekly basis. So far, the only time your hand was raised this year was tonight after you barely got by Cody Bogard. I mean.. really? If you managed to just get by him, what gives you the right to claim that you're going to defeat me at Genesis?

Do you see where I'm going with this? Losing to Johnny Maverick and Raizzor, barely beating Cody Bogard.. this just won't cut it. Rob I do have respect for what you've done for the PWA, since its beginning and up until the end of 2009. There's no doubt about it that you are one of the biggest names in PWA history, with seven major title reigns and all kinds of other awards and accomplishments. But, just once, can you do without preaching to me how good you were?

Can you tell me how good you are right now? Can you tell me here, in the present day, that you are going to defeat Matthew Engel without a shadow of a doubt? I know you have a knack for not caring, and then when something important comes along, you pour everything that you are into a match and somehow manage to win. Even when you took back the Global Title from Hunter Sullivan at Bad Blood, you surprised us all. We all thought Hunter would still be champion, but Rob, you proved us wrong. Inside the Battledome, you defeated Hunter Sullivan and took back what was rightfully yours. I understand that now, but.. you've fallen since then. Hell, both of us have fallen since then, losing our titles at Ground Zero.

I don't want this match to be about who strokes their ego the most. This match needs to be about our rise back to the top, our moment for redemption, and about putting on the best damn match at Genesis. I have respect for The Phoenix who was dominating the World and Global Title scenes last year. I have respect for The Phoenix who won the Dome of Destruction, despite how I feel about how that match came into fruition. Can you bring that Phoenix to the ring at Genesis? Because the Matthew Engel you're going to see is the same Matthew Engel who defeated Jethro Hayes at Bad Blood, who defeated Marxx at Summer Sizzler, who went to the finals of the Intercontinental Title tournament by defeating Jethro Hayes, Crimson Ghost, and Riona Langly in one night. You will see the Matthew Engel who defeated Matt Stone just this past week, despite almost succumbing to my wounds after my match with Riona at Chaotic Rampage.

This is what I expect of us, and this is what the world will expect. This is a battle between a future Hall of Famer and a current Hall of Famer. This is a battle long in the making, and it will never be forgotten."

There's a ruckus in the crowd behind Engel. Both Riona Langly and Johnny Maverick have snuck through the crowd, hopped the barricade, and crept their way into the ring behind Engel.

Jon McDaniel: "Bad news for Engel right here. He's been dishing out some extremely harsh threats towards these two, and I think they're tired of it."

Brian Rentfro: "So they're going to attack him from behind? Cheap! Engel was right all along."

Engel senses a presence behind him and turns towards Riona and Johnny, who now hold their ground on both sides of Engel. They decided to skip the theatrics tonight and get down to business.

Matthew Engel: "Welcome you two. Honestly, I'm glad you could make it. Last time I saw both of you, you were covered in fear and desperation, hoping that I wouldn't carry out any of my promises made to both of you this past week."

Riona says something to Engel, which doesn't transfer over the sound system in the arena.

Matthew Engel: "Crazy? No. I know exactly what I'm doing. What do you think, John boy? Should I break her nose, shatter her kneecaps? Or maybe I should just start with the he--"

Johnny can't take it anymore as he lunges at Engel, but Engel catches Johnny right in the throat and begins to squeeze as hard as he can. Johnny fights back with a kick to Engel's gut, but Engel doesn't let go of the choke. Riona rushes toward Engel, but Engel quickly answers with a roundhouse to Riona's jaw, knocking her to the mat. Johnny was let go in the process and tries the Tony Jaa on Engel, but Engel moves out of the way and Johnny lands on one knee and gets up to his feet immediately. Engel still has the mic in his hand.

Jon McDaniel: "Where is Jethro Hayes?"

Brian Rentfro: "I wish I knew, but Matt looks like he might be able to take care of himself."

Jon McDaniel: "I doubt it. As good as Engel is, Maverick and Riona are too much for him."

Matthew Engel: "I don't think Jethro will be joining us tonight. It's just us three. And you know what? This is exactly what I--"

Suddenly Jethro Hayes bursts out from backstage and sprints down to the ring! The crowd erupts in cheers for the Southern Hero as he reaches the ring and slides in. Referee Lance Weston is imploring Johnny or Riona to go back to the corner so they can officially get the match going. They both ignore Lance Weston, who doesn't even attempt to try to persuade Matthew Engel to go to the corner. Hayes gets to his feet and looks Engel dead in the eyes. Hayes snatches the mic away from Engel.

Jethro Hayes: "You're not having this match without me."

Hayes tosses the mic back to Engel and then climbs through the ropes onto the apron, taking his spot in the corner. Jethro yells "YOU CAN GO FIRST!"

Matthew Engel: "I guess security found your lockerroom door bolted shut. Shame, I was really hoping you'd take my advice and stay out of this."

Engel finally tosses the mic away and begins to get ready for the match. Johnny asks Riona to go first, and Riona declines. Johnny gets a little upset, but climbs out onto the apron and stands in the opposite corner. The bell finally sounds.


The showdown begins as Engel and Riona circle each other in the ring. Engel has a malicious smile on his face, while Riona looks on with anger and determination. Riona lunges forward and tries for a collar and elbow, but Engel denies her and instead nails her in the jaw with the right punch. He follows that up with a quick one-two punch combination and then hits a dropkick on Riona. Riona falls into the turnbuckle and then Engel smashes his knees into Riona's gut several times. Engel puts Riona on the top rope and then climbs to the middle rope. Riona fights back with elbows and forearms, but Engel holds on. Riona delivers a headbutt to Engel which knocks him back down to the mat. Engel gets up to his feet and Riona leaps off and tries for a missile dropkick, but Engel dodges it just in time. Riona manages to roll up to her feet after impact and Engel grabs her by the hair and smashes her face right into his kneecap.

Jon McDaniel: "Ouch! That's gotta hurt. It seems Engel is just bent on punishing Riona."

Brian Rentfro: "That's what he said he would do, Jon. Engel is a man of his word."

Engel gets Riona up to her feet and slams his fist repeatedly into her stomach and then gives her a big-time chop to the chest. The crowd responds appropriately with a "WHOO!!" and Engel whips Riona into the ropes. Engel tries for a running lariat, but Riona ducks underneath and bounces off the other set of ropes. Engel turns and follows and tries for a running enziguri but Riona throws her arms up and deflects most of the kick which sends her stumbling toward her own corner. Engel bounces up to his feet and Riona meets him with a big right hand that sends Engel back a few steps. Riona nails Engel with a roundhouse kick and then gives him a dropkick to the knee. Engel falls to one knee and Riona takes him down with a yakuza kick!

Jon McDaniel: "Nice kicks from Riona there!"

Brian Rentfro: "Yes they were Jon, but Engel is just laughing. That's.. a little disturbing."

Engel laughs as he tries to get back up to his feet, but Riona ignores it and grabs him by the head. She runs with Engel and slams him face-first into the turnbuckle. Engel stumbles back a bit and Riona springboards off the top rope and lands on Engel's shoulders to attempt a hurricanrana, but Engel holds onto Riona with all his strength to prevent her from going anywhere.

Jon McDaniel: "Riona tried for a hurricanrana but Engel isn't letting go!"

Brian Rentfro: "And Engel puts Riona down with a huge sit-out powerbomb! Did you see the back of Riona's head bounce off the canvas Jon?!"

Jon McDaniel: "It looked rather painful Brian, and correct me if I'm wrong but I believe his older brother taught him that countering move."

Engel looks over at Johnny Maverick who is reaching and reaching for Riona to make a tag. Engel starts laughing at Johnny and yells out "I told you you'd be begging to take her place!" Engel grabs Riona by the hair and drags her away from Johnny Maverick, and then begins to brutally strike Riona in the face and back of the head with punches and elbows. Engel finishes his assualt by spiking his elbow into the back of Riona's neck. Riona falls to the mat and then Engel gives her a soccer kick to the back of the skull. He tries for a pin.

Jon McDaniel: "Engel going for a pin here?"

But it was only a trick to lure Maverick into the ring. Engel sees Maverick climb through the ropes and Maverick tries to stop Engel, but Engel grabs him by the throat again and gives him a knee right to the gut. Maverick is taken down with a double-arm DDT. Riona uses the ropes to get back up to her feet and gives Engel another dropkick to the knee, this time to the back of his bad knee. Engel falls to a knee and Riona returns the assault of strikes and forearms. However Engel manages to block one and give Riona an uppercut she'll never forgive.

Brian Rentfro: "And Jethro is begging for a tag himself, Jon. It seems Engel has a gameplan to keep him out of the match."

Jon McDaniel: "That's not smart Brian. Engel can't win this by himself."

Brian Rentfro: "Well Engel said he cares more about punishing Riona than winning the match."

Maverick finds his way back into his corner as Riona is knocked down from that uppercut from Engel. Engel takes Riona's right leg and gives her a stomp to the inside of her knee. He does it again and again, and then leaps and drops an elbow right on Riona's chest. Her gives her a few kicks to the stomach and ribs and then gets her up to her feet. He then whips her into his own corner where Jethro backs off a few steps so the referee Lance Weston doesn't get suspicious. Engel charges and tries for a corner splash but Riona moves out of the way just in time. Engel hits nothing but turnbuckle and Riona stumbles over to her own corner and tags in Johnny Maverick.

Jon McDaniel: "And Maverick is finally tagged in and very eager to get a piece of Engel!"

Brian Rentfro: "Maverick nails Engel with a flying knee to the forehead!"

Engel falls to the mat and Maverick mounts Engel, unchambering lefts and rights on Engel's head and face. Engel tries to put up his arms to block them, but then puts him back down on the mat and continues to laugh at Maverick as Mav punishes Engel with those strikes. Mav gets Engel up to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Engel bounces back and Maverick takes him down with a spinebuster. Maverick goes for a pin.


Broken up by Jethro Hayes!

Brian Rentfro: "Hayes drags Maverick off of Engel and gives Maverick a gut-wrench powerbomb! Good Lord!"

Jon McDaniel: "Good save by Hayes there and referee Lance Weston instructs Hayes to go back to his corner, and of course Hayes obliges."

Engel and Mav get up at relatively the same time and Mav gives Engel a kick to the gut, followed by a fisherman's DDT. Mav springboards off the middle rope with a moonsault and connects, holding on for another pin attempt.



Hayes and Riona both enter the ring, but Engel kicks out right after the two. Riona nails Hayes in the jaw with a superkick! Hayes stumbles back from the impact and Maverick finishes Hayes off with a Tony Jaa that knocks Hayes out of the ring and to the outside!

Jon McDaniel: "And down goes Frasier!"

Brian Rentfro: "Jethro Hayes is NOT Joe Frasier."

Jon McDaniel: "It was just an expression. Calm down Brian."

And now Engel is left in the ring with Maverick and Riona. Maverick gets Engel up to his feet and whips him in Riona's direction. Riona tries for the assisted roundhouse kick for a knockout blow, but Engel rolls underneath the kick and comes up behind Riona. Engel delivers a skull-crushing blow to the side of Riona's head as Johnny Maverick charges towards Engel. Engel doubles over and lifts Maverick up and over the top rope. Maverick crashes to the outside. Engel picks Riona up and grinds her face against the ropes until reaching a turnbuckle, then he smashes her face into it. He gives her repeated kicks to the gut and then gives her a knee uppercut, laying her out against the ropes. Engel whips Riona to the other side of the ropes and she bounces back. Engel lifts her up and down for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that makes her scream in pain. Engel drops to a knee by her head and tells her something, then gives her calculated strikes to the nose and forehead. Riona begins to bleed out of her nose, but Engel is stopped by a high-flyin' Maverick who catches Engel with a missile dropkick to the head and right shoulder.

Jon McDaniel: "Maverick with the save there, it seemed Engel had Riona pinned down and no where to go."

Brian Rentfro: "And it's nice to see Jethro Hayes join us again. He still seems a little fuzzy from the Tony Jaa."

Engel is knocked over towards Jethro Hayes, who slaps Engel on the back and tags himself in!

Jon McDaniel: "And Hayes finally enters the match!"

Brian Rentfro: "Oh crap Jon, Engel might go berserk now! He didn't want Hayes in the match at all!"

Hayes gets into the action and Maverick tries to give Hayes a knee to the gut, but Hayes blocks it and runs over Maverick with a clothesline. Maverick bounces back up but Hayes does it again with the clothesline. Maverick is back up again and Hayes delivers the Plow!

Jon McDaniel: "THE PLOW! And Maverick just got bulldozed!"

Brian Rentfro: "Hayes is going for the win!"

Hayes covers Maverick.



Broken up by.. Engel?

Brian Rentfro: "And Engel just dragged Hayes off of Maverick! What the hell?"

Jon McDaniel: "Engel is signaling Hayes to tag him back in, but Hayes turns his back and goes back to work on Maverick."

Brian Rentfro: "Engel is not happy right now."

Engel goes back to the corner and Hayes gives Maverick an atomic drop, and then bounces off the ropes and takes Maverick down with a flying shoulder tackle. Riona is back in her corner and reaching for Maverick's hand to tag herself in. Hayes takes a step back, letting Maverick crawl over to Riona.

Brian Rentfro: "That's a ballsy move right there. Hayes is letting Riona get back in the match."

Jon McDaniel: "Hayes has a lot of respect for Riona, and enjoys fighting her for the challenge."

Hayes towers over Riona, who doesn't back down for a second. Riona fires with a chop to Hayes' chest, but Hayes gives Riona a knee to the gut. Hayes clubs Riona on her back which sends her to her knees. Hayes goes against the ropes and tries for a running shoulder block that would demolish Riona, but Riona moves out of the way and Hayes barrel rolls back up to his feet. Riona catches Hayes with a kick to the mouth and tries to cut the big man down with punches and kicks. Riona shoves Hayes into the corner and then uses a springboard assist to deliver a big uppercut to Hayes. Hayes stumbles forward and Riona takes Hayes down with a running bulldog.

Jon McDaniel: "Riona pulls together a nice string of offense on the former World Heavyweight Champion."

Brian Rentfro: "Emphasis on the Heavyweight."

Jon McDaniel: "Jethro is over 300 pounds of muscle, Brian. It's ridiculous!"

Riona tags Maverick back in for a double team. Maverick hops up to the turnbuckle and leaps off, while at the same time Riona springboards off the middle rope, and Maverick connects first with a double footstomp on Hayes' chest and Riona falls on Hayes with a moonsault double kneedrop to the chest as well. Hayes is gasping for air and Maverick goes for the cover.



Broken up by Engel, who gives Maverick a kick to the head and then lifts Maverick up and down with a brainbuster!

Brian Rentfro: "No matter how Engel feels, he still doesn't want to lose this match."

Hayes is getting up to his feet and Engel is forced back to his corner. Maverick is getting up and Hayes gives Maverick a kick to the back. Hayes picks Maverick up to his feet and nails him with a german suplex. Hayes lands on top of Maverick's throat with a big leg drop. Hayes takes Maverick over to the corner and tags in Engel, who looks at Hayes with a surprise look. Hayes holds Maverick and Engel delivers a shot right to Maverick's ribs. Engel takes Maverick down with a double underhook suplex.

Jon McDaniel: "Engel is like a mad dog, Brian. It's scary."

Brian Rentfro: "A mad dog who was just unleashed by Jethro Hayes of all people."

Engel begins to maul Maverick with rights and lefts. Engel continues to brutalize Maverick and then gets him up to his feet. Engel sends Maverick into the ropes and Engel tries to telegraph a dropkick, but Maverick holds onto the ropes and Engel misses. Blood pours from Maverick's mouth and nose and Maverick walks over to Engel. Engel nails Maverick in the gut with a snap kick, but Maverick dishes back a kick to Engel's face that puts Engel on his back. Maverick puts Engel in a sharpshooter!

Jon McDaniel: "And Maverick has got that sharpshooter locked in! Engel looks to be in some serious pain."

Brian Rentfro: "Really? You can see the pain behind his laughter? What is wrong with him?"

Engel is just laughing as Maverick pulls back harder on the sharpshooter. Hayes is trying to give Engel a little support to get to the ropes. Engel is crawling and crawling to break the hold, and Maverick is using all his strength to keep Engel in the middle of the ring. Engel slowly makes his way to the bottom rope and finally grabs hold. Johnny releases the sharpshooter, but the damage was done as Engel barely manages to make it up to his knee. Maverick gives Engel a right hook to the jaw that lays Engel across the middle rope. Johnny begins to angrily choke Engel with the middle rope as referee Lance Weston instructs Johnny to break it up. Weston gives him the count.

Weston: 1! 2! 3! 4!

Maverick finally lets go and Engel falls back into the ring, still with a sick smile on his face. Johnny gives Engel a kick to the gut and yells "WHAT'S SO DAMN FUNNY MATT?!" And all Engel can do is laugh and groan from the pain. Mav picks Engel up to his feet and tries for the ABM, but Engel reverses out of it and nails Johnny with the Sons of Plunder!

Brian Rentfro: "Sons of Plunder from no where! Maybe that's why Engel was laughing!"

Jon McDaniel: "And Johnny Maverick looks devastated, still bleeding and now being dragged over to his own corner by Engel himself."

Engel drags Johnny over to Riona and sticks his hand out, begging Riona to make the tag. Riona makes the tag and climbs into the ring. Engel holds Maverick up who's finally coming to. Maverick tries to fight back but Engel puts him in a full nelson and then tosses Maverick away through the top and middle ropes. Riona and Engel finally collide again and Riona gets the advantage with a kick to the gut. Riona puts Engel in a side headlock, running up the turnbuckles and nails Engel with a Tornado DDT!

Jon McDaniel: "Nice move by Riona there!"

Brian Rentfro: "Riona begins to pummel Engel into the canvas! Now she's gone crazy!"

Jon McDaniel: "She's trying to survive, Brian!"

Hayes can't take it anymore as he climbs through the ropes and pulls Riona off of Engel. Riona delivers a punch to Hayes, but Hayes comes back with a punch of his own that sends Riona reeling back. Hayes delivers the Plow to Riona in the corner turnbuckles!


Jon McDaniel: "She doesn't look good after that, Brian."

Riona collapses in the corner, and Hayes tries to return to his. But Maverick gets back in the ring and nails Hayes in the back of the head with a spinning heel kick. Hayes falls forward and lands face-first on the top turnbuckle. Maverick continues to punish Hayes in the corner as Engel gets back to his feet. Engel looks at Maverick, then at Riona. He smiles wickedly and goes after Riona. He drives his knee into her face multiple times and then grabs her by the hair and throws her down to the mat. Engel climbs up to the top turnbuckle. Maverick has got Hayes backed up in the corner, but Hayes blocks a kick from Maverick and gives Maverick a punch to the jaw. Hayes tosses Maverick into the corner and begins to go to work on Maverick. Engel is on the top turnbuckle. With his back to the ring, he then leaps off backwards, turning his body around 180 degrees before somersaulting forward a full 450 degrees, landing with a body splash across Riona's torso.

Brian Rentfro: "EUTHANASIA ON RIONA! That's gotta be it!"

Jon McDaniel: "And Engel stays on top of Riona for the cover!"





Eric Emerson: And the winner of this match... Matthew Engel and Jethro Hayes!

Engel gets back up to his feet as Hayes stops assaulting Maverick in the corner. Hayes looks over to Engel and gives him a nod, but Engel gives Hayes a menacing stare. Engel slides out of the ring and shoves a PWA staff person out of their steel chair. Engel folds it up and slides back in the ring.

Jon McDaniel: "Oh man, Engel don't do it! Somebody's gotta stop him!"

Brian Rentfro: "The only one who can is Jethro Hayes!"

Engel stands up in the ring about ready to destroy Riona with the steel chair, but Hayes rushes over and turns Engel around, telling him not to do this.

Jon McDaniel: "Hayes is imploring Engel to leave and let it go. Engel doesn't look pleased."

Hayes tries to convince Engel to drop the chair, but Engel turns his back on Hayes and goes back to Riona. Hayes tries to grab the chair out of Engel's hands, but Engel doesn't let it happen. Engel yells "GET THE *BEEP* OUT OF HERE HAYES!" But Hayes doesn't move, still telling Engel to stop. Engel lets out a laugh, and then...


Hayes is laid out by Engel with the steel chair, blood pouring out of a cut from his forehead. Maverick finally gets back to his feet and charges at Engel, but Engel throws the chair at Maverick, who catches it, and then Engel dropkicks the chair back into Maverick's face!

Jon McDaniel: "Good God! We need security out here right now before Engel destroys everybody!"

Brian Rentfro: "Yeah this might be getting out of hand here."

Engel picks up the dented chair and lets out another laugh, throwing it away. He slides out of the ring as Riona is starting to get up to her knees. Engel pulls out something from underneath the ring. It's the barbed wire Singapore cane that was used to distract Riona last week and was a main weapon in their match at Chaotic Rampage.

Brian Rentfro: "Oh God, he's got that damn barbed wire cane again!"

Security immediately rushes down from backstage as Engel slides into the ring. Riona is up to her feet and dazed, and Engel is tackled by security right before he can swing and hit her with the cane. Engel is furious and fighting off the security, but about seven guards are on top of Engel and he isn't going anywhere. Riona climbs out of the ring and joins Johnny Maverick at the rampway entrance, both who look at Engel being restrained by several security guards.

Jon McDaniel: "Engel has finally lost it, Brian."

Brian Rentfro: "Despite his craziness, he was rather dominate tonight."

Jon McDaniel: "But at what cost? He needs.. serious help."

Langly and Maverick disappear backstage as the show ends with Engel being led up the rampway by PWA security.

(C) PWA 2010