World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Joshua Danielson vs Ronald Gay vs The Andalusian

Aubrey Jones: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Saturday Night Chaos! Our opening match is a triple threat match scheduled for one pinfall or submission. Introducing first, hailing from Des Moines, Iowa...

The pounding drums to 'Trust' by Megadeth hits the speakers, and the crowd is on their feet! Joshua Danielson pushed through the curtains and stopped at the top of the entrance ramp, throwing his arms out in an open handed crucifix.

Aubrey Jones: He stands 5'6" and weighs 198 pounds... he is JOSHUA... DANIELSON!!!!

Joshua then went down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans at ringside before sliding into the ring and jumping up to the second turnbuckle. He did the open handed crucifix pose again, before hopping down and waiting for the match to begin.

Aubrey Jones: Introducing next, hailing from Waco, Texas...

"Onward, Christian Soldiers" plays as Gay walks down the ramp followed by BJ Haze. BJ hands out pamphlets to fans in the front rows, while Ronald waves to the crowd. He enters the ring and kneels down to pray.

Aubrey Jones: He stands 6'3" and weighs 242 pounds... RONALD... GAY!!!!

Gay begins to stretch in the ring as he keeps his eye on Danielson.

Aubrey Jones: And introducing last, hailing from Barcelona, Spain...

The audience listens as a trumpet fanfare echoes through the stadium, lauding the beginning of Return of the Tres as it starts to play through the loudspeakers.

The lights dim, slightly.

Intermittently, the music is accompanied by the sound of lightning bolts as the strobes flash in unison. A horse's whinny can be heard echoing from far away, presumably the halls behind the entranceway.

In a scarlet vest, a brown suede duster and brown leather-hide chaps, a barefoot man hides his face under the silhouette of a wide-brimmed sombrero cordob├ęs a la Zorro. He cracks a long black leather whip, and tilts his head up, allowing the lights from the room to illuminate his tan face.

He slowly walks to the ring, his gait is altered slightly - he appears to limp like John Wayne, as if his legs were sore from riding a horse. As he walks, he slowly removes his jacket, which makes him look a bit like Kung Lao from the Mortal Kombat universe. He neatly folds his jacket, and sets it on a table at the side of the ring, carefully placing his hat atop it.

Aubrey Jones: He stands 6'3" and weighs 260 pounds... he is.. THE ANDALUSIAN!!!!

With a few well placed hops, The Andalusian finds himself springing into the ring, using the ropes to propel himself upward. He drops in a low, wide stance, and slowly runs his fingers through his hair.


Josh and Gay go right at it, and Gay nails Josh with a forearm to the head. Gay puts Josh on his back with a scoop slam. Andalusian gets involved by taking Gay down with a back body drop. Andalusian goes against the ropes and nails Josh with a kneedrop to the head. Gay gets up to his feet and takes out Andalusian at the knees. Gay gives Andalusian a kick to the chest and he falls to the mat. Danielson is back up and takes Gay down with a reverse DDT. Danielson covers.


Kick out!

Jeff Augustee: Not even a two.

Linzi Martin: Danielson is looking to get a big win here to climb up the Chaos ladder.

Danielson pulls Gay up to his feet, but he's interrupted by a big forearm to the back from Andalusian. Gay gives Andalusian a kick to the gut and tries for a DDT, but Andalusian slips out and puts Gay in a hammerlock and then slams Gay face-first to the mat. Danielson is back at it as he gives Andalusian a kick to the jaw he'll never forget. Danielson tries to chop down the big Spaniard with punches and kicks. He presses Andalusian up against the turnbuckles. Danielson sprints back to the opposite side and then charges at Andalusian. He leaps for a corner splash, but he's taken out with a spear by Ronald Gay!

Linzi Martin: Wow! Gay out of no where just takes out Danielson!

Jeff Augustee: That had to hurt!

Andalusian grabs Gay by the head, but Gay nails Andalusian with an elbow to the gut and then a jawbreaker! Gay is cleaning house as he stomps on Danielson and Andalusian. He covers Danielson.



Kick out!

Jeff Augustee: And that was a smart move on Ronald's part, but it didn't pay off as Danielson shows his resilience.

Linzi Martin: I would have done the same myself.

Jeff Augustee: If you ever wrestled.

Linzi Martin: Hey, I know how to fight.

Gay gets Danielson up to his feet as Andalusian uses the ropes to get up. Gay whips Danielson into the ropes and Danielson bounces back and takes Gay down with a flying forearm smash! Danielson pops back up to his feet, but his celebration to the crowd is cut short by a deadly clothesline from Andalusian. Andalusian gets Danielson back up to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckle. Andalusian charges and smashes Danielson into the turnbuckle. Andalusian pummels Danielson in the corner with knees and elbows, and then hip tosses Danielson back to the middle of the ring. Gay is back to his feet and gives Andalusian a punch to the jaw, Andalusian returns the favor and knocks Gay back a few steps.

Jeff Augustee: Good God! The Andalusian just leveled Ronald Gay with the Flamenco!

Linzi Martin: What a kick! Gay looks about knocked out!

The Andalusian goes for the cover as Joshua Danielson is up to his feet.


Danielson springboards off the top turnbuckle...


Broken up by Danielson with a elbow drop to the back of Andalusian's head!

Linzi Martin: What a last second save by Danielson!

Jeff Augustee: And Danielson is covering Ronald Gay!



Kick out!!!

Jeff Augustee: Oh man! I thought Danielson had it!

Linzi Martin: So does he!

Danielson argues with the ref for a moment, but that allows Andalusian to recover. Andalusian puts Danielson in a rear waistlock and takes him down with a german suplex. Gay begins to the stir and tries to use the ropes to get back up to his feet. Andalusian goes after Danielson and gives him a kick to the ribs and then a quick elbow drop to the chest. Andalusian gets Danielson up to his feet but Danielson fights back with punches to Andalusian's stomach. Andalusian ends Danielson's counter with a big time headbutt.

Linzi Martin: Ouch!

Danielson falls to the mat, and Gay attacks Andalusian from behind with a dropkick to the back! Andalusian goes flying over the top rope and crashes to the floor below. Danielson manages to make it up to his feet, but not before Ronald Gay nails him with a kick to the gut. Gay grabs him by the arm and whips him into the ropes. Danielson bounces back and ducks underneath an attempted clothesline. Danielson nails Gay with the Punishment!

Jeff Augustee: The Punishment from Danielson!

Linzi Martin: And The Andalusian is still on the outside!

Josh makes the cover as the Andalusian gets to his feet.



Andalusian slides in, but it's too late.



Aubrey Jones: And the winner of this match... Joshua... DANIELSON!!!!

Linzi Martin: And Andalusian just missed breaking up that count by half a second.. he doesn't look too pleased.

Jeff Augustee: Well that's what happens when you get dropkicked out of the ring. He should blame Ronald Gay for that, Danielson just did what anybody else would do.

Danielson has his hands raised in victory as Gay rolls out of the ring and heads backstage. Andalusian looks down to Danielson and gives him a nod of respect, and then leaves the ring himself.

The Jade Assassins vs Viktor Stone & Shadow Starr


The match started out with Viktor and Simon Yip going at it. Viktor would get the advantage and keep Simon in their own corner, utilizing the double team when the referee wasn't looking. Viktor would tag in Shadow Starr and Starr would put the boots and fists to Simon. Simon then would counter Starr with a rake to the eyes and a small escape opportunity to tag in Spyke. Spyke came into the match and took it to Shadow Starr as best as he could, but Starr would counter with an attack of his own and put Spyke down with a hangman's DDT. Starr then tagged Viktor Stone back in who would go to work on Spyke. But, Spyke manages to escape Viktor and tag in Simon Yip who gives Viktor a run for his money in the ring and kept Viktor down with the The Imprint! Simon would cover Viktor and Starr would run in for the save, but Starr was stopped by a Spyke's variation of the roundhouse kick dubbed The Norris. Simon's Imprint proved to be too much for the Tag Champ and got the pinfall.

Winners: The Jade Assassins in 8:41

Jacob Figgins vs Harvey the Hardcore Hippo


Figgins started off dominating this match in the early going, by demolishing Harvey with constant knee and forearm strikes. Figgins whipped Harvey into the ropes and tried for a spinebuster, but Harvey would slip out of it and take Figgy down with a reverse DDT. Harvey would begin his offense finally and take out his frustration on the Next Conspiracy, hitting him with fists and kicks, finishing off his brutal attack with a soccer kick to the back of Figgy's skull. Figgy would be dazed from the move and Harvey would take advantage by smashing Figgy into the turnbuckles. Harvey would hit a superplex on Figgy and try for a pin, but only get a two count. Harvey would continue his offense with an atomic drop into a superkick combo, going for a pin again. Harvey would only get a two count and begin to argue with the ref. In the mean time, Figgy would recover and get back to his feet. Harvey would turn around, only to be met with the Tony Jaa!!!! Figgy would get the three count.

Winner: Jacob Figgins in 7:16

Ryan Ross vs Blazenwing


The bell sound and Ross and Blazenwing mixed it up early with punches, with the advantage going to Blazenwing. He whipped Ross into the ropes and Ross countered with a duck underneath into a full nelson slam. Ross took out his anger on BW with punches and kicks, trying to keep the former BWF superstar down as much as possible. BW would counter with a rake to Ross' eyes and a running enziguri, knocking Ross to the mat. BW went on the offensive and tried to beat down Ross as much as possible for the three count. And after a devastating Blazen Bomb, BW would go for the pin only to get a two count. Ross was struggling to bounce back as BW tried to wear him down with brawling and submission. BW then latched on The Shock Lock, but Ross crawled out of it and got to the bottom rope.

Then suddenly a crazed fan with a baseball bat would hope the barricade and run past security, sneaking into the ring and trying to attack Blazenwing. In self defense, BW dodged an attack from the crazed fan, who would accidentally hit Ryan Ross in the back with the baseball bat. The ref then called the match on account of disqualification and BW was furious. The hooded vigilante would escape BW's grasp in the ring, and then reveal himself as none other than Casey Campbell! BW went crazy in the ring, demanding Casey to get back here so he could fight him. But Casey casually made his way to the back, sending a message to wait for next week.

Winner: Ryan Ross by Disqualification in 9:12

Bubba J vs Marxx

Champion's Match

Aubrey Jones: The following match is set for one fall and is your main event of the evening...

The arena is under a dimmed light. Only the tron is flashing as Welcome to the Masquerade by Thousand Foot Krutch plays through the arena. All of a sudden, four bright spotlights starts turning around like on a red carpet and stops all of a sudden, doing a "X" form with their rays of light. Red and blue spotlights turns in circles over the crowd as Marxx appears from the entrance ramp, wearing his signature black leather coat.

He walks to a side of the ramp, raising his arm, then walks to the other side, where he does the same thing. While walking to a side to another, we could notice he was dancing a little bit. After, he comes back to the middle of the entrance ramp as he motions the crowd to cheer louder with his hands each sides of him. From there, he puts his arms in front of his face in his usual X, and then drops them quickly at each sides of him, a huge smile on his face. He let go a "Woo!" before starting his walk to the ring.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, from New Brunswick, Canada, by the way of Indianapolis, Indiana: Marxx!

He starts walking on the ramp, clapping in the nearest fans hands. He stops in front of the ring, then turns back by the fans as he takes off his leather coat to the crowd's excitement. Then, he rolls inside the ring and jumps on a corner, where he does an X with his arms in front of his face before dropping them to each side. He jumps off the turnbuckle and does the same thing on the opposite side before going back to his corner, where he starts stretching.

The fast paced riffs of "Alcohol" by the Dropkick Murphys jam into the arena as the crowd, love him or hate him, stand up. The crowd knows that there is fixing to be some fighting going on now as from the back steps Bubba J, a bottle of Wild Turkey with American Honey held in his left hand. Bubba J looks to the crowd, he holds up the Global title as the lyrics begin comeing through.

~We're gonna die when the sun comes up
~We'll drink until we drop
~My blood's one hundred proof"

He holds up the Wild Turkey, smiling before chugging a bit of the bourbon.

~We're gonna stumble twist and crawl
~Got 99 bottles of beer on the wall
~I'd rather drink than fuck

He begins to walk down the ramp, his bottle and Championship belt held high.

~No doubt about it
~Can't live without it
~No doubt about it
~I can't live without it, alcohol

Aubrey Jones: From Durham, North Carolina, he stands at six feet two inches and weighs in at two hundred and fifty pounds, he is the current Global Champion... Bubba J!

~Why it's my destiny?
~You get the beer

He is at the top of the ring steps.

~We get the time
~You get the coke, gimme a line

He steps through the ropes and immediately up posing to the crowd on the top turnbuckle.

~No doubt about it
~Can't live without it
~No doubt about it
~I can't live without it, alcohol

He takes a big swallow of the Wild Turkey, smiling before putting the cap on and setting it in the corner.

~We're gonna die when the sun comes up
~We'll drink until we drop
~My blood's one hundred proof
~We're gonna stumble twist and crawl
~Got 99 bottles of beer on the wall
~I'd rather drink than fuck

He hands his belt off to the technician.

~You get the beer
~We get the time

He climbs up the turnbuckle, holding both clenched fists high in the air.

~You get the coke, gimme a line

He plays to the crowd, not really carrying if they love him or hate him, though most love his "Don't Give A Shit" attitude.

~No doubt about it
~Can't live without it
~No doubt about it
~I can't live without it

Ding Ding

Collar and elbow, but Bubba J with a roaring elbow smash backs Marxx up. Bubba J with a second smash sends Marxx down to one knee. Bubba J charges in, Marxx with a fist right into Bubba J's stomach, European uppercut backs him up even further. Marxx dives out with a single leg takedown, but Bubba J pounds a fist and forearm into his back sending him down to both knees.

Linzi Martin: Hard knocks early on.

Jeff Augustee: Typical Bubba J.

Marxx shoves up, sending his shoulder into Bubba J's gut before leaping up to his feet to send the sole of his boot into the redneck's face. Bubba J charges from the ropes, his fists flying and connecting with Marxx's head backing them both up into the center of the ring. Marxx reaches out, catching Bubba J with a wristlock, turning it into a hammerlock. Bubba J slaps at his shoulder before reversing it into a hammerlock of his own, releasing to send Marxx down with a bulldo... Marxx shoves Bubba J into the ropes. The redneck comes back with a clothesline, but Marxx ducks under the outstretched arm delivering an elbow to the back of Bubba J's head that staggers him.

Linzi Martin: Marxx standing toe to toe with the champ here.

Jeff Augustee: He is a champ himself.

Linzi Martin: True.

Bubba J turns around, hip toss from Marxx has Bubba J on his back. Marxx with a stomp to the head before hitting the ropes for a leg drop. Bubba J rolls out of the way and Marxx crashes on the canvas, Bubba J gets up to his knees. Marxx is on his knees and these two begin trading rights and lefts from their kneeling position, but neither is getting an advant... Bubba J with a thumb to the eyes gets him the advantage. Referee Joe Irving warns Bubba J about the illegal tactic, but he merely flips Joe the bird before standing up.

Jeff Augustee: Bubba J with a thumb to the eyes there.

Linzi Martin: I really don't think he cares if he cheats or not.

Jeff Augustee: He comes from Rebel Pro, I don't think they give a care about anything down there.

Bubba J with a big soupbone right, a second big soupbone and Marxx is hurting against the ropes. Bubba J with an Anaconda Vise to Marxx has him struggling for breath. Joe Irving is there with the count which Bubba J releases at four before turning to give Joe the finger again, he is telling Joe that he is number one here twice in this match. Joe backs up, this allows Bubba J to intimidate him more by stalking Joe, but it also allows Marxx to get up to his feet. Bubba J turns, right from Marxx, Right from Marxx, a third right from Marxx rocks the Global Champion. Irish whip into the ropes, back body has Bubba J on his back.

Linzi Martin: Bubba J goes down hard on his back.

Jeff Augustee: Marxx showing why he is Intercontinental Champion.

Linzi Martin: Marxx making a bid for a Global Title shot as well here.

Bubba J is getting back up to his feet, not wanting to stay down for very long. Marxx locks him up, neckbreaker to the Global Champion, Marxx makes the cover.


Tw-- Bubba J kicks out immediately before the count of two, showing his stubborness.

Jeff Augustee: Bubba J is a tough man to take down Linz.

Linzi Martin: It is Linzi and Bubba J is perhaps the toughest man in PWA right now.

Marxx stomps on the face of Bubba J before dropping a knee into the middle of his forehead to cause even more damage. Marxx hits the ropes, leg drop across his throat and he hooks the leg again.




Bubba J kicks out still, Marxx is content with the match continuing. He pulls Bubba J up to his feet, chop, chop, chop, chop, and the series of chops has the crowd wooing and Bubba J reeling. The Global Champion is in the corner with an extremely red chest. Here comes the Intercontinental Champion, shoulder block to Bubba J in the corner. Bubba J is nearly folded in half from the force of the impact, but he manages a few clubbing blows to the back of Marxx who shrugs them off, the match is wearing on Bubba J, not to mention the fact he can't breathe that well from the impact.

Linzi Martin: Bubba J pounding away, but not with a whole lot of power.

Jeff Augustee: Marxx is making Bubba J wrestle his match.

Marxx climbs the turnbuckle, one fist to the head. Marxx goes for a second, but Bubba J counters with a high angle spinebuster that slams Marxx's shoulder blades into the canvas. Bubba J sits there, holding onto his legs, dazed and confused.

Jeff Augustee: Desperation high angle spinebuster there.

Linzi Martin: Did you see the impact of Marxx's shoulder blades there?

Bubba J rolls up to his feet, using the ropes for assistance before leaning on the top rope. Marxx rolls over to his feet, Bubba J charges sending him down with a clothesline. Bubba J then hits some mudstomps on the IC Champion for good measure and then begins to walk them dry. Bubba J snarls as he pulls Marxx up to his feet, right hand to his temple backs him up. Bubba J unleashes another right fist backing Marxx into the corner. Bubba J with a shoulderblock, a second, and a third has his opponent on uneasy street.

Linzi Martin: Bubba J is like a man possessed.

Jeff Augustee: Well, he is fighting hard while the adrenaline is pumping, but once he comes off that high... he won't be good for much.

The crowd is really into this match, but begin to boo as Mark Zout makes his way from the back to stand on the entrance ramp to watch the match.

Linzi Martin: What is he doing down here?

Jeff Augustee: Watching the talent on Chaos?

Bubba J flips him the bird before delivering a stiff elbow to the back of Marxx's skull. He checks on Zout, who still isn't coming down the ramp before sending Marxx into a vertical position in the corner. Bubba J mounts Marxx in the corner.

One! Two! Three! Four! Five!

Zout begins to walk down the ramp, Bubba J hops off of Marxx, getting in a fighting stance begging Zout to come on down and get some. Zout laughs as he stops his decent down the ramp, pointing at Bubba J and laughing.

Jeff Augustee: Zout mocking Bubba J with his royal crown and septar.

Linzi Martin: Bubba J doesn't look like he is too happy about it.

Bubba J charges into the corner, Marxx lifts up a foot, the redneck slams his face right onto the sole. Mark Zout laughs on the outside as he points with his septar. Marxx with a lifted knee into Bubba J's face before sending him down with a butterfly suplex. Marxx hits the turnbuckle, climbing up top before diving with a leg drop onto the throat, he hooks the leg.




Shoulder up, Bubba J got his shoulder up and this match continues here tonight. Marxx pulls the Global Champion up to his feet, Irish whip into the ropes. Marxx scoops Bubba J up for a powerslam, but changes his mind at the last second.

Linzi Martin: The D.S.C!

Jeff Augustee: The impact of Bubba J's skull meeting canvas there, how is he still conscious?

Marxx hooks the leg, looking for a win.




Bubba J somehow uses his thick skull and stubborness to roll a shoulder up and keep the match going. Marxx can't believe it and the crowd goes "Ohhhhhhh". Marxx lifts Bubba J up...

Jeff Augustee: Marxx going to leave his Marxx!

Linzi Martin: Bubba J counters, a bit strangely, but a counter never the less.

Marxx holds at his streaming eyes as Joe Irving warns Bubba J about the thumb to the eyes once again, Bubba J looks up from his knees... double eagle to Joe Irving. Bubba J hits the ropes, running knee to Marxx sends him down on his face. Bubba J with a fist drop, a second, and here he goes again with the boot stomping. Bubba J steps on Marxx and begins to walk around on the IC champion, showing that he is bigger than Marxx. Bubba J steps off, Marxx tries to get up to his feet. Bubba J with a clubbing forearm blow that has Marxx woozy. Bubba J with a second, now a right hand stumbles Marxx into the corner. Irish whip from Bubba J. Marxx with a reverse Somoan Drop and Bubba J is down and surprised. Marxx hurries up to his feet, pulling Bubba J along with him. He gets the redneck on his shoulders, Leaving Marxx!

Linzi Martin: Leaving Marxx!

Joe Irving slides into position.




Ding! Ding! Ding!

Aubrey Jones: Winner of the match.... your Intercontinental Champion... Marxx!

Marxx slides out of the ring, letting these two men confront each other. Zout with a right, Bubba J with a right back to Zout stumbles the self proclaimed King back. Zout reaches into his trunks... brass knuckles to Bubba J sends him against the ropes with blood streaming down his forehead. Bubba J is woozy and a bit confused by the blow.

Linzi Martin: Come on, the match is over!

Jeff Augustee: But Zout isn't finished yet.

Zout with another brass knuckle assisted right hand, the wound opens up further and Bubba J seems to be unconscious. Zout slides out of the ring, snatching a steel chair from a fan before he slides back into the ring. Bubba J is trying to get back up to his feet, Zout smiles. Bubba J kicks out with a boot catching Zout in the midsection the chair falls to the canvas. Bubba J with a right hand backs Zout into the corner, Bubba J throws a right hand, but Zout sprays him in the face with something blinding the Global Champion. Bubba J claws at his eyes, trying to clear them so he can fight back. Zout picks up the steel chair... whammo! Bubba J falls to one knee, swinging wildly with punches that connect with the air. Zout with a second steel chair shot has Bubba J on both knees. Zout with a third shot, this one to the face, sends Bubba J back into the corner in a seated position.

Linzi Martin: Come on, this isn't right!

Jeff Augustee: It may not be right, but is definitely interesting.

Zout reaches into his pants, pulling out two sets of handcuffs as he smiles crazily. Bubba J is unaware of this, still being blinded from the spray and also the blood pouring down his face. Zout pulls Bubba J's right wrist up, locking it to the top rope before locking the left wrist to the other top rope on the other side of the corner.

"Burn In My Light" hits the speakers and the crowd begins to boo heavily as from the back comes Ryan Ross with a cocky grin on his face.

Linzi Martin: And what is he going to do out here?

Jeff Augustee: Easy pickings, take your chances when you are given them.

Mark Zout looks up, smiling as Ross comes down the ramp. Zout with a boot to the face of Bubba J before he pounds away with a series of lefts and rights to the furious, but helpless Bubba J. Ryan slides into the ring, walking over to Zout placing a hand on his shoulder. Zout turns around as he steps to the side. Ryan shakes his head no more, he doesn't want it this way. Mark looks a bit confused and the two exchange words that the microphones don't pick up but eventually Zout hands over the keys.

Linzi Martin: What is going on here?

Jeff Augustee: It looks like Ryan is unlocking the handcuffs, is this a smart idea for the challenger?

Ryan lifts Bubba J to a somewhat standing position. Bubba J swings out with a right hand, but Ryan catches it before pushing Bubba J back into the corner.

Ryan Ross: I don't want it like this Bubba J. I want you to be at 100% come Genesis and let it be known, anyone tries anything on you and they have to deal with me.

Bubba J wipes the blood from his eyes as he stares at Zout, fury burning in his eyes as he flips him the bird. Bubba J looks at Ross before reluctantly nodding. Ryan and Bubba J stare at each other for a moment before Bubba J grabs his Global title and steps out of the ring to head back up the ramp. His back is to Ryan and Zout, showing that he believes Ryan's words, not something Bubba J does is trust somebody, let alone an enemy.

Linzi Martin: His back is unprotected and Ryan is doing nothing.

Jeff Augustee: Bubba J trusts him for some reason and that isn't something he does easily. Ryan has done something to earn this trust.

Linzi Martin: Well fans, we'll see you next week at our regular scheduled time.

(C) PWA 2009