World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Prisoner vs. Akina

Singles Match

A short match, with Prisoner dominating on offense, ending with the Blitzkrieg.

Winner: The Prisoner

Gabrielle vs. Tidwell

Singles Match

Gabrielle starts off quickly, running up behind Tidwell as he walks down the ramp and attacking him with a steel chair. Gab continues the beating all the way to the ring. Tidwell begins to fight back with some punches, but Gab quickly nails him with the Waking Nightmare for the pinfall. However, after the match, Gabrielle continues the beatdown, forcing the referee to reverse his decision. Security finally has to come and drag Gabrielle out of the ring.

Winner: Rod Tidwell


President Robinson is walking around backstage, still limping from his match against King Agony. Panzadise sees him in the hallway and stops him.

Dise: Hey, Rob. Just wanted to mention that you looked really good in your match last week. I think Silverback is going to have quite the challenge on his hands.

Robinson: Uh, yeah...I was wanting to talk to you about some, Dise.

Dise: What's up?

Robinson: After my match with King Agony, I realized I'm not going to be ready to face Silverback at Sizzler. Hell, I'm still sore from the beating Agony gave me. There's only one man that's up for that job. This coming Sunday, you're going to be facing Silverback for the title, Dise. But before that happens, we've got to have the old Dise back. I can't send in some boring guy for the fans to cheer. They simply won't do it. And having a champ that can't draw a dime is worse than having an MoA champ.

(Dise just looks at Robinson and shakes his head, then walks away.)

Robinson: Dise, at least think it over!

Ridel vs. Elliot Draven

Singles Match

A much more even match, but Ridel pulls ahead on offense before finishing up with a DDT. A solid effort from both men.

Winner: Ridel

Marcus Collins vs. Chase Wilson

Singles Match

Collins is accompanied to the ring by Gabrielle. They start off with strong, with Wilson on offense and controling the pace of the match. But halfway through, Wilson leans into the ropes and Gabrielle trips him, allowing Collins to take over. Collins wins with a superplex.

Winner: Marcus Collins

Convict vs.Ty Copas

Grizzly Beer Title Match

More back and forth action, with lots of near falls from both men. Finally, Ty Copas ends it with the Fruit Loop for the win.

Winner: Ty Copas 1