World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Harvey The Hardcore Hippo vs Mark Zout

Harvey and Zout start in the ring with a stare down. Zout hits Harvey with a right. Harvey fires back, but Zout ducks and hits a side headlock. Zout then performs a takedown on Harvey. Mark keeps the head lock before Harvey reaches up and rakes the eyes. Zout releases and Harvey gets up. Mark runs at Harvey out of frustration and runs into a clothesline from Harvey. Mark goes down and Harvey mounts, sending straight right hands. Getting off from the count, Harvey holds his hands in the air to a boo. Mark is getting up and is drilled by a big boot from Harvey. Harvey pins for a two count. Zout is brought to his feet and picked up and slammed to the mat. Harvey pins for another two count.

Harvey brings Zout back to his feet and sends him off to the ropes, hitting him with a power slam now. Harvey gets another two count. Harvey brings Mark up, but Zout catches him with an uppercut then hits him with a hurricanranna! Mark get’s up as does Harvey and Zout hits Harvey with a dropkick. They both get up and Mark hits another dropkick. Harvey stays down for a bit and Mark gets a two count. Zout then locks in a leg lock on Harvey, who is forced to grab the ropes for a break. The two get up and Zout hits Harvey in the gut with a stiff kick, doubling him over. Zout goes for another hurricanranna, but Harvey grabs his legs and stays on his feet, bringing Mark back up and onto his shoulders, quickly spinning and hitting Mark with the Word from our Sponsor. Harvey covers Mark and gets the three count.

Winner: Harvey The Hardcore Hippo

LJ Xero vs Ronald Gay

Gay stands around the ring looking out amongst the fans in confusion as LJ seems to not be showing up. Ronald looks around and talks to the ref to shrugs at the wrestler. Suddenly never enough plays over the sound system roaring over the audience. LJ finally marches out but he doesn’t look to pleased about it. Gay starts warming up ready for his match as he watches the larger man head to the ring. The entrance is short and not soo sweet as LJ rolls in the ring and simple demands the match start.

The ref looks confused and rings the bell. Gay moves in and LJ merely shrugs him off spitting on his ‘infirior’ opponent rolling out of the ring. Gay doesn’t take kindly and follows him out side of the ring, spinning him around. Gay lands in a few punches pissing of LJ even more. Xero pushes Gay into the apron and grabs him by the arm tossing him into the steel steps. Gay tumbles and falls as the ref counts out the two men. Xero doesn’t even care as he reaches under the ring and pulls out a steel chair. The ref gets worried and rolls out of the ring trying to get him to stop. Xero merely shoves away the ref. The ref topples into the apron as Xero slams a chair into the back of Ronald.

The ref quickly calls for the bell and Xero couldn’t be happier to be out of this shit poor match as he tosses the chair to the side and walks away up the ramp flipping everyone off as he does.

Winner: Ronald Gay

Joshua Danielson vs Simon Kalis

Linzi Martin: Ohhh I can't wait for this one!

Jeff Augustee: It would seem the maniacal BoXeR booked Joshua Danielson in a First Blood match against one half of the PWA Tag team champions, Simon Kalis.

Linzi Martin: Yep, right before Danielson's big Grizzy Beer title match at Xmas @ Ground Zero!

Jeff Augustee: The bastard!

The pounding drums to 'Trust' by Megadeth hits the speakers, and the crowd is on their feet! Joshua Danielson pushed through the curtains and stopped at the top of the entrance ramp, throwing his arms out in an open handed crucifix.

Aubrey Jones: The following match is schedueled to be a FIRST BLOOD match! Introducing first, he is Joshua Danielson!!

Joshua then went down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans at ringside before sliding into the ring and jumping up to the second turnbuckle. He did the open handed crucifix pose again, before hopping down and waiting for the match to begin.

Linzi Martin: Oh Joshua looks ready to kick some Order ass!

Jeff Augustee: He's a chump if you ask me, but what do I know right?

The arena darkens as the opening bass and drums hits for "Empire State of Mind" by Jay Z featuring Alicia Keys begins.

Aubrey Jones: Introducing, hailing from New York City, New York...

)In New Yorrrrk!(
)Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of(
)There's Nothing You Can't Do!(
)Now You're in New Yorrrrrk(
)These Streets Will Make you Feel Brand New(
)Big Lights Will Inspire You!(
)Let's Hear It For New Yorrrrk! New Yorrrrk! NEW YORRRRRRK!(

Kalis steps out from behind the curtains smiling as the fans in the arena jump to their feet, a grand standing ovation.

Aubrey Jones: He weighs in at 190 pounds and stands in at an even 6 feet tall!

Kalis raises his PWA Tag Team title and winks to the adoring crowd as he slings the title over his shoulder and begins swaggering down to the ring.

Aubrey Jones: He is one half of the Pioneer Wrestling Association Tag Team Champions.... He is SIMON KALIS!!!!

Kalis slaps hands and takes time to take photgraphs with the fans alongside the front row, circling the ring to meet with the fans, hugging and high fiving, kissing the women and laughing with the men as he hops up onto the apron and throws up his arm with the tag title held high, pyro's going off behind him. He gets into the ring and hands off the tag team title. Sporting his military outfit, black, gray and white urban warfare camoflauge decorated with 5 stars on his shoulders and the Order of Chaos insignia on his left arm, a Canadian Maple Leaf surrounded by American stars on the right arm, he throws off his jacket and throws it into the crowd for a lucky fan, having autographed it beforehand. Now he fizes his matching pants, ensuring they're tucked neatly in his boots as he hops up onto the top turnbuckle and tightens the bandana which crosses over his forehead on his face, staring down Joshua Danielson as referee Dwayne Cross steps into the middle of the ring to declare the match has begun!


Danielson rushes towards Kalis but Kalis springboards himself off the turnbuckle and throws himself onto Danielson, taking both men down to the canvas. Kalis is quickly up now and reaches into his bandana to reveal he's brought a pair of brass knuckles into the match, placing them over his right fist as Danielson gets up. Danielson quickly hits a spinning heel kick as Kalis attempts to lunge fist-first with the brass knucks. Kalis snaps back, hitting the canvas and Danielson springboards himself off the top rope, throwing his body over it to bounce back and he goes for a mini-frog splash but Kalis lifts his fist and cracks Danielson in the ribs with the brass knuckles. Danielson rolls aside holding his sides in pain as Kalis uses the ropes to lift himself up. As Kalis goes to get Danielson, Joshua counters by thrusting a kick into Kalis' groin, causing an immediate collapse to the knees for the Cult Hero. Danielson gets to his feet and bounces off the ropes coming to Kalis with a missile dropkick, snapping Kalis neck up and he hits the canvas. Danielson removes the brass knuckles from Kalis' hand and waits like a predator for Kalis to get up.

Linzi Martin: Danielson could win this right now!

Jeff Augustee: God I hope so. Send that asshole back to Earth.

As Kalis gets up Danielson lunges forward himself now but as he does so the veteran Kalis hits a drop toe hold and turns it into an ankle lock. Kalis applies deep pressure now as Danielson winces in pain, pounding his free leg on the canvas as Kalis continues to apply deep pressure on the hold. Dwayne Cross looks on, simply observing the situation.

Linzi Martin: He won't win like that.

Jeff Augustee: But it may be harder for Joshua to make him bleed if he can't even barely walk, right?

Danielson finally counters, sending his free foot backwards towards Kalis. He nails Kalis in the chin, causing Kalis to stumble back and hit the canvas. Danielson grabs his ankle, holding it in pain as Kalis rolls himself out of the ring looking for any number of weapons beneath the ring. Kalis pulls out a chair and a hockey stick and throws them into the ring. Danielson grabs the chair quickly and Kalis holds onto the hockey stick as he gets himself into the ring. Danielson shakes off the limp and swings wildly at Kalis, who jumps back and goes for a slapshot into Danielson's shins, causing Danielson to hit the canvas on his knees. Kalis places the blade of the hockey stick against Danielson's head and smiles as he winds up but Danielson quickly uses the chair to stab it into Kalis' gut, causing Kalis to drop the hockey stick and hold his sides. Danielson swings again, this time upwards and nails Kalis in the face causing him to hit the canvas.

Linzi Martin: This isn't looking good for the tag champ right now.

Jeff Augustee: That bandana is coming in handy. He could be bleeding but we won't be able to tell right away. Ever the General.

Linzi Martin: And Danielson is ever the fighter!

Danielson screams profanity at Kalis as starts swinging the chair wildly into Kalis, hitting him all over the body. Kalis quickly attempts to counter by raising his knee but it fails as Danielson whacks him hard in the knee as well.

Linzi Martin: Oh my God... Vicious.

Danielson drops the chair and rips Kalis' bandana off of his face, wrapping it around his neck and choking him with it. Kalis reaches into his pocket and pulls out a bottle, spraying Danielson in the face with mace! Danielson stumbles back and wipes his eyes and Kalis is slow to get up. Danielson rolls out of the ring in search of a bottle of water and it's at this point Kalis is back to his feet with the chair in his hand now. Danielson rolls into the ring and rushes towards Kalis in a rage, but Kalis throws Danielson the chair. Danielson catches it and goes to swing but Kalis out of no where straightens his body and hits Remembrance on Danielson against the chair against his face. The crowd goes nuts as the camera flashes go off. They get to their feet as Kalis raises his hands and smirks, Danielson rolling himself over to reveal his face is covered in blood.


Aubrey Jones: The winner of this match... SIMON KALIS!

Kalis has his arms raised by Dwayne Cross now as he looks down at the disgruntled Joshua Danielson who can't believe it. Kalis gets his PWA Tag Team title from the outside and heads back into the ring, at which point Danielson shakes his head and says something inaudible. Kalis shakes his head now however and places the tag title over Danielson's shoulder, raising Danielson's arms to the cheers of the crowd.

Jeff Augustee: Oh God, spare me the pathetic sportsmanship. Please!

Linzi Martin: I think Kalis said make it the Grizzy Beer title to Danielson!

Jeff Augustee: Ever the General, Linzi... Ever the god damn General.

The Phoenix & Ryan Ross vs Bubba J & Matt Stone

Tag-Team Match

Linzi Martin: And we are back from commercial with the action having already started.

Jeff Augustee: Bubba J with a surprise attack on The Phoenix from behind.

Linzi Martin: Lets get a replay of that.

Video playback as The Phoenix is walking down the ramp, Bubba J runs from behind delivering a steel chair shot to the back of his skull. Ryan Ross turns to swing a fist but Matt Stone plants him with a DDT. Bubba J looks up shrugging his shoulders as he rolls Phoenix into the ring.

Linzi Martin: Bubba J with the haneous attack earlier as we are back to live action.

Jeff Augustee: You do what you have to do in this business Linzi.

Bubba J pulls Rob up to his feet, stomp in the gut as Phoenix is propped up in the corner. Matt whips Ross into the ringpost before clotheslining him with a short clothesline. Ryan's head bounces off the steel from the force of the blow as he stumbles forward into a hiptoss from Matt Stone. The Grizzly Beer champion rolls Ryan into the ring, stomp from Bubba J on the Ragin' Royalty superstar. Bubba J turns his attention back to Rob, thumb to the eyes gets Rob a bit of breathing room.

Jeff Augustee: Rob doing what he has to do.

Linzi Martin: Low blow from Rob has Bubba J holding himself.

Clothesline takes Bubba J down to the mat, Rob turns boot to Stone's face lays him up against the ropes. Rob with a clothesline takes Matt Stone over and to the ring apron. Ryan Ross gets up, baseball slide sends Matt onto the floor. Ross takes a running jump, flying over the top rope with a plancha onto the prone Matt Stone.

Jeff Augustee: Suicide plancha from Ryan Ross.

Linzi Martin: Phoenix has Bubba J up against the ropes.

Rob with a clothesline sends Bubba J over to the apron, on his feet. Bubba J points at his head, Rob runs with another clothesline, turning it into a running forearm at the last second. Bubba J absorbs the blow and laughs in Rob's face. Rob runs again, Bubba J with a shoulderblock through the ropes stops Rob's progress. Bubba J attempts a sunset flip, but manages to flop instead of flip and Ryan Ross laughs at him on the outside as he points inside the ring. Bubba J rolls up to his feet, shooting Ross a double bird before he dives through the ropes with a suicide dive onto Ryan Ross.

Linzi Martin: Bubba J with a sunset flop, then a suicide dive.

Jeff Augustee: That... was... hilarious...

Matt Stone rolls up to his feet, rolling inside the ring where Phoenix has gotten up to his feet, laughing. Stone takes him in the midsection with a running knee. Stone with a side headlock, Phoenix sends him into the ropes. Stone puts on the brakes and Phoenix is still locked into the headlock. On the outside Ross has gotten up to his feet, Bubba J has done the same. Bubba J charges, hiptoss from Ryan sends him back down. Bubba J rolls over up and charges again. Another hiptoss from Ryan sends him down onto his back. Ryan stands over the fallen Bubba J, who punches up with a closed fist right into Ryan's testicles. Ryan gulps as he holds himself and Bubba J rolls up to his feet, a grin on his face. Ryan laughs as he pulls a cup from his pants, slamming it into Bubba J's mouth. Bubba J begins to gag on the outside.

Linzi Martin: Disgusting.

Jeff Augustee: Funny, absolutely one of the funniest moments of the year.

Bubba J is gagging when Ryan delivers a high knee into his face. Inside the ring Matt turns the headlock into a front facelock, he hooks the leg, lifting and turning with a snap suplex, holding for a bridging pin.



Ryan slides into the ring to prevent the three as Matt is forced to release the bridge. Bubba J rolls up to his feet, doing his best to wipe his mouth clean of the awful taste. Ryan with a series of boots to Matt Stone causing him to roll into the corner for protection The referee rushes over as Matt reaches into the ropes, Bubba J grabs a cord, wrapping it around Phoenix's throat to weaken him by choking. The referee turns around just in time to miss Bubba J falling to the canvas to crawl his way around to Ryan Ross. The oppurtunity affords Ryan to stand on Matt's throat, weaking him, by a boot choke. Bubba J gets up, Ryan with a kick sends hiim sprawling, but Matt is able to roll outside and onto the floor. Ryan climbs to the top turnbuckle, flipping backwards in a corkscrew motion onto Bubba J, who is standing upright. Meanwhile, Phoenix has regained his feet, rubbing at his throat as Matt Stone rolls back into the ring. Stone looks on the outside where Bubba J and Ryan Ross are trading blows like schoolboys on the playground after school. Stone looks around, Phoenix with a standing dropkick sends him against the ropes. Irish whip from Phoenix has Matt running into the far ropes. Phoenix with a running start delivers a high knee that doubles Stone over in the center of the ring.

Linzi Martin: Did you know that the first Tornado Tag Match was held in Houston Texas? Hence the reason it is usually called a Texas Tornado Tag Match?

Jeff Augustee: Had no idea, nor did I really care.

Phoenix sets Matt up for The Flame, but Stone able to fight out of it turning it into a back body. Phoenix lands on his feet, jumping back with a back elbow into the back of Stone's skull. On the outside Ross has Bubba J up against the barricade, forearm sends him over and into the crowd. Matt lands against the ropes but manages to catch himself. Phoenix sweeps his feet out from under him and Stone lands throat first across the ropes. Ryan picks up a steel chair, he swings it nearly connecting with Bubba J's skull. Bubba J boots Ryan in the midsection.

Jeff Augustee: Trailer Park Trash!

Linzi Martin: The first Texas Tornado Tag Match was between Milo Steinborn and Whiskers Savage against Tiger Daula and Fazul Mohammed. It was the brainchild of promoter Morris Sigel. It was on October 2, 1937.

Jeff Augustee: Glad taht you are a consomate professional Linzi, but we have a match to call here.

Phoenix turns Matt around, boot to the gut as Bubba J hops the barricade. Phoenix has him set up for The Flame, but Matt counters as Bubba J nears the ring.

Phoenix counters Matt's Combo Breaker hitting The Flame on Stone. Bubba J slides into the ring, Phoenix with a boot to the midsection and he nails The Flame on Bubba J. Rob climbs to the top turnbuckle.

Jeff Augustee: Double Ashes!

Linzi Martin: That is unusual, perhaps the first time ever in PWA?

Rob covers both men, placing his feet on the ropes for leverage.




Ding! Ding! Ding!

Referee Jason Sharownski holds Phoenix's hand up high as he places the Global Title on his shoulder.

Aubrey Jones: Winners of the match, the team of The Phoenix and Ryan Ross!

Phoenix rolls out of the ring, heading up to the back as "The Final Countdown" plays over the speakers. Bubba J gets up to his feet, watching the retreating back of Phoenix holding the Global title. Bubba J helps Matt up to his feet. Boot to the gut, following it up with the Trailer Park Trash as The Ragin' Redneck rolls out of the ring. Phoenix turns at the top of the entrance ramp, pointing to the banner for X-Mas at Ground Zero, to Bubba J, then to his Global Title as he smiles.

Aubrey Jones: And with that, we have the set up for Xmas @ Ground Zero.... we're out of time here, good night!

(C) PWA 2009