World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Step by Step... Heart to Heart...

As we fade in outside the Kemper Arena, we can clearly hear the loud rap music blasting from the BMW X5 that rolls into the front entrance, "Addicted to Money" by Lil Scrappy specifically. On the front license plate we see "Cha0s" with the Order's skull and bones insignia filling out the background. As it rolls to a halt, Simon Kalis steps out first from the drivers side seat decked out in his ceremonial black Armani suit, stylishly stitched vertically with gold lines to match the PWA Tag team title around his waist. He adjusts his black bandana, and lights up a cigarette as Masakazu steps out from the passenger side, wearing a matching Armani suit- however his is gold with black stripes, stylishly matching the PWA Tag Team title over his shoulder. He adjusts his tinted shades in the glare of the lights as fans who gather to enter begin flashing their cameras and attempt to approach The Order of Chaos. It's at this point Kalis reaches behind the PWA tag title on his waist and pulls out a firearm, raising the barrel to the sky and firing three shots to disperse the crowd away from the entrance. The security guards awaiting with their metal detectors at the entrance smile and hold onto their tasers as the champions make their way towards the entrance.

Masakazu: Father, you are crazy.

Simon Kalis: I'm indestructible.

Kalis winks as the security guards nod and step out of the way. He walks through the metal detector, setting it off as he places the gun back into it's place behind the title. Masakazu shakes his head, a villaneous grin creeping over his face as he steps through as well. It's at this point their bodyguard, The Desert Eagle greets them at the entrance holding a very interesting...

Simon Kalis: I've got you a present, you know. For Christmas.

Masakazu: What? Is that what I think it is?

The Desert Eagle bows as he presents the sheath for the samurai sword to Masakazu. Masakazu looks to Kalis and smiles as he takes a hold of it, partly removing it from the sheath to see his perfect reflection in the ice cold blade. At the blades handle is marked "The Rising Warrior" on one side, and "Masakazu" on the other. He snaps it back into it's sheath and uses the strap to sling it over his shoulder and onto his back.

Simon Kalis: We started with Mayhem, taking these championships.

Masakazu: We drank their Bad Blood... Defeating Riona Langly.

Simon Kalis: We were the Good, versus the Evil... Destroying the Pantheon.

Masakazu: And now?

Both men look at each and smirk.

Simon Kalis: We bring them to Ground Zero. The supernova of the Starr.

Masakazu: And the bleed out for the Beast.

Masakazu chuckles as Desert Eagle enters the arena first to clear the way, both Kalis and Masakazu following suit.

Linzi Martin: Oh my God they've got their weapons inside now! AWESOME!

Brian Rentfro: They obviously cannot defeat Viktor Stone and Shadow Starr without the aid of some weaponry, quite illegal weaponry might I add.

Linzi Martin: Oh shush! They'd never use them in a match, besides. It's obvious they've come to destroy whatever team you Rampager scum have got for them! ALL HAIL THE-

Brian Rentfro: Shut up!

Winner Gets IC or GB Title Shot

Seven Man Battle Royal

Linzi Martin: “ Welcome to Ground zero folks! We begin with the Grizzly beer and IC title battle Royal!”

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen this contest is a 7-man Over the top Battle Royal where the winner will be granted a future shot at the Grizzly Beer or Intercontinental championship! Introducing first, Harver the HARDCORE HIPPO!

The lights fade and red and white spotlights cris cross the arena as the frenetic sound of violins and horns burst from the house speakers. "Come to the Circus" by Circus Contraption hits the first chorus and on the big screen clips from freak shows and circus side shows flash by. As the spotlights converge on the entrance out steps a Hippo smoking an oversized cigar and waving at the crowd. From behind him a little clown riding a unicycle emerges from the curtains. Harvey heads toward the ring with the clown following behind throwing confetti at the crowd. On reaching the ring, Harvey slides under the roops, stands up then proceeds to remove his costume head and gloves, set them down in the corner and wait for his opponents to come.

Eric Emerson: From Abaleesa, Algeria: The WISHING STAR!

Then, the opening notes of Rock the Casbah begin to play. The entrance hallway fills with smoke fog, and a series of sparkler firecrackers begin to shoot off behind the fog, until it looks like pandemonium. The Wishing Star emerges from the mists, running full speed, a blur of colors, sprinting toward the ring. With two impressive leaps, he finds himself inside the ring. Once he stands still, you can see he wears a brilliant blue robe and a slightly darker tagelmust turban. He walks to the center of the ring, stretches his arm into the air and a colorful flare shoots out of his hand.

Eric Emerson: From the Better Hollywood: "The Anti-hero" L... J... XERO!

Never Enough plays and LJ Xero leaves backstage and comes out with an unhappy white clown mask worn during plays during the pre-1900s and a black leather coat looking down to the floor throughout his entrance walk to the ring, he rolls into the ring and camps down into the corner like Raven usually did. The arena lights are nothing but strobe lights flicking on and off... During his walk to the ring, the screen changes to his titantron which has "The Harvester of Sorrow" flashing, which changes to people being executed via the guillotine, images of torture devices used during the Spanish Inquistion, the Holocaust, images of Nagasaki and Hiroshima after the A-Bomb was dropped... Then "The Anti-Hero" flashes and its greeted with images of Stalin speaking, Saddam Hussein, Hitler, Pol Pot and finally, Barack Obama... It returns to LJ Xero entering the ring to crash into the corner ala Raven.

Eric Emerson: From Toronto, Ontario, Canada: ADRIAN ADDIDAS!

And Adrian makes his way to the ring on "Pocket full of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield

Eric Emerson: From barcelona, Spain: The ANDALUSIAN!

The audience listens as a trumpet fanfare echoes through the stadium, lauding the beginning of Return of the Tres as it starts to play through the loudspeakers.

The lights dim, slightly.

Intermittently, the music is accompanied by the sound of lightning bolts as the strobes flash in unison. A horse's whinny can be heard echoing from far away, presumably the halls behind the entranceway.

In a scarlet vest, a brown suede duster and brown leather-hide chaps, a barefoot man hides his face under the silhouette of a wide-brimmed sombrero cordobés a la Zorro. He cracks a long black leather whip, and tilts his head up, allowing the lights from the room to illuminate his tan face.

He slowly walks to the ring, his gait is altered slightly - he appears to limp like John Wayne, as if his legs were sore from riding a horse. As he walks, he slowly removes his jacket, which makes him look a bit like Kung Lao from the Mortal Kombat universe. He neatly folds his jacket, and sets it on a table at the side of the ring, carefully placing his hat atop it.

With a few well placed hops, The Andalusian finds himself springing into the ring, using the ropes to propel himself upward. He drops in a low, wide stance, and slowly runs his fingers through his hair.

Eric Emerson: From Washington, D.C.: JOHNNY MAVERICK!

The opening bass line of 'Open your eyes' by AFI fills the arena, Johnny bursting out of the curtain as soon as the lyrics to the song start.

'You think I give a shit, I´m watching through your eyes
I just can't fucking stand the way you always have to criticize.
You have to find something wrong in everything you see,
It seems it's not that hard for you to find everything that's wrong with me.'

Johnny pounds on his chest and roars before sprinting down to the ring.

'Open your eyes and face the truth
Open your eyes, the real problem's you.'

Johnny slides under the bottom rope and quickly climbs to his feet, he climbs the turnbuckle and smacks himself in the face a few times before leaning back and giving the audience another roar.

'Does it build your self-esteem to look for
mistakes in everyone else?
The only answer that I could find is that you're just not happy with yourself.
You, hide something about yourself when you point out everybody else's
The problems that you have are just a little much for you to take.'

Johnny jumps down and prepares himself for his opponents.

'Open your eyes, and face the truth.
Open your eyes, the real problem's you.'

Eric Emerson: And from Milwaukee, Winconsin: David BLAZENWING!

The lights in the arena go out as the opening riffs of "The Man Without Fear" begin playing across the P.A. system. A loud "STAND BACK! Blazenwing's comin' at ya!" is shouted moments before the heavy bass kicks in. The crowd cheers loudly as smoke covers the stage, illuminated by green lasers shooting off in all directions. Slowly, a masked figure begins rising up from the fog... it's Blazenwing! The crowd cheers louder as Blazenwing reaches the top of the stage and tosses his hands up in the air, posing for a moment before heading down the ramp. He high fives a few fans before heading up the stairs and climbing the nearest corner, stopping to pose again on the top turnbuckle. Blazenwing then leaps down into the ring and removes his cape, tossing it to ringside. The masked wrestler then leans into the corner and focuses as the music fades.

Everybody stares at left and right, looking to see who's ready to charge first.


Jon McDaniel: “Lets get started, this is sure to get us off to a hellacious start!”

As soon as the bell rings, The Andalusian and the Wishing Star charges by Johnny Maverick, tossing him in a corner while they kick and stomp him. On the otherside, Blazenwing and Adrian Addidas exchanges some fists while Harvey forces LJ to back to the ropes with chops. After a couple punches, Blazenwing manages to block one of them and whips Adrian into a corner. Andalusian and Wishing Star continue their teamwork against Maverick, trying to put him on the corner, where it would be easier to throw him outside. Wishing Star climbs on second rope, but Maverick tosses him off. ANdalusian climbs as well, but maverick tosses him off too. From there, Maverick, who was simply sitting on the corner, stands on the second rope and jumps off with a clothesline on both. As for Harvey, he decides to step back and charge at the biggest man in the match to clothesline him outside, but in a bad luck, LJ ducks and sends him flying over and end on the outside.

Harvey the Hardcore Hippo has been ELIMINATED!

Linzi Martin: “ Can’t say I’m surprised by that one, and frankly a little relieved.”

Jon McDaniel: “Understood, it’s got to look bad for pwa in general to have a hippo as champion.”

Blazenwing goes for a couple chops on the cornered Adrian and sees LJ close from the ropes. So, he decides to send him Adrian. LJ answers to that human bullet by sending him to the floor with a Spinebuster. From there, he grabs Adrian's head and brings him back on his feet, sending him over the top rope and out of the match.

Adrian Addidas has been ELIMINATED!

Jon mcdaniel: “Shine is one of the most interesting of people who keep showing up to do something.”

Linzi martin: “If by something you mean dance around in speedos drinking lemonade then yes.”

Johnny, in the meantime, has decided to only work on one of them. He was going after the Andalusian, bringing him back on his feet and send him to the mat with a Scoop Slam first, and then following soon after with a Knee Drop to the ribs. Wishing Star was taking his time to get back on his feet and Blazenwing has now shifted his attention on LJ, getting closer and send him lefts and rights until LJ had enough and sent him to the ropes and bring him to the mat with a Flapjack once he came back. Johnny was taking his time to bring Andalusian back on his feet. He sends him over the top rope, but Andalusian resists, grabbing the bottom rope with his hands and wraps his leg around it. Johnny was stomping him to make him fall, but that was only until Wishing Star ran to him and sends him to the floor with a Capoeira Legsweep. From there, LJ takes the relay as Blazenwing is slowly getting back on his feet on the other side of the ring. After making the save, Wishing Star approaches from The Andalusian and helps him to get on his feet, an idea that revealed itself being a bad one as The Anldausian ceases the opportunity to climb on the first rope, grab Wishing Star's tights and neck and flips him outside.

The Wishing Star has been ELIMINATED!

Jon mcdaniel: “And Wishing star is out.”

Linzi martin: “Well there goes all the stupid gimmick wrestlers.”

David turns by him as Wishing Star is more than frustrated at him after such a betrayal. But after all, that was the game! But as Andalusian starts a fight of words with Wishing Star, Blazenwing charges from behind and ceases the opportunity he has to send a forearm right into The Andalusian's back, causing him to fall outside and be eliminated as well.

The Andalusian has been ELIMINATED!

Jon McDaniel: “We’re down to 3 and it could be any of these three.”

Linzi martin: “One of these three men could hold themselves as a great opponent for Matt or Ian... if they retain.”

As Andalusian gets back on his feet, Wishing Star can only laugh at that instant Karma as they walk back to the backstage. In the meantime, LJ Xero had taken things in charge, being able to eshaust Johnny and now waiting for Blazenwing to turn back before sending him to the canvas with a Big Boot. LJ was now the man in control. He grabs Blazenwing, put him back on his feet and tosses him into a corner. From there, he steps back, only to run at Blazenwing with Shoulder Trusts before ending the sequence with a knee to the rib cage, sending Blazenwing in a sittign position in the corner. He looks back at Johnny, who is slowly coming back to his feet in the opposite corner. He approaches from him, but Johnny defends himself with a couple chops to keep him away, but it doesn't work for very long as LJ goes for a Headbutt, sending Maverick back on the floor.

He grabs Johnny and then tosses him in the corner. But at the opposite of what he did with Blazenwing, he tries to send him over instead of weakening him. He puts one leg over the top rope and then tries to lift the second one, but Johnny grabs the ropes, resisting. LJ still tries to force him over but then Blazenwing, who had recovered enough to get back on his feet, charges at LJ and sends him a couple forearms to the back. LJ turns by him and David continues to strike as he steps back, looking to being LJ to the middle of the ring before running by the ropes and jumping into a Crossbody. Unfortunately for him, LJ catches him. However, LJ takes a little bit too long to react and Blazenwing manages to get out of that position and bring LJ to the mat with a DDT. In the meantime, Johnny was getting off the ropes, falling on his knees and waiting to see the outcome of this confrontation between the Anti-Hero and the masked man.

Blazenwing gets back on his feet, only waiting for LJ to do so. LJ approached from the ropes, looking to use them to get on his feet. Once he's standing, David approaches and tries to grab LJ's leg and send him over, but the bigger man forces him to step back wiht a punch. Then comes Maverick who tries the same thing, but LJ uses the same tactic. Then, Blazenwing and Maverick look at each other and they each grab a leg, flipping him over the top rope as LJ ends his run on the concrete floor.

Linzi martin: “This could be it and YES!”

LJ Xero has been ELIMINATED!

Jon Mcdaniel: “LJ is out and eliminated, it’s down to Maverick and Blazenwing!”

It was now down to Blazenwing and Maverick. Both men are on their knees and hands after throwing LJ outside. They stare at each other as they get to their feet. Maverick is the one to initiate the fight, starting with a lock-up, a position from which Blazenwing pushes Maverick to the middle of the ring. Johnny puts him in a Side Headlock, but Blazenwing tries to counter by lifting him in a Back Suplex, which was not successful as Johnny was aboe to use that leverage to bring David to the floor with a Bulldog. He stands, looking to drop on him with a Legdrop, but Blazenwing rolls away. He waits for Johnny to get back on his feet before grabbing his head in a Reversed DDT position, ready to go for the Sudden Impact, but Johnny reverses after a couple shots to the ribs. He gets behind Blazenwing, which appeared to be the biggest mistake he made in this match as he was just at the perfect place to get to the mat with a Blazecution coming out of nowhere.

Linzi martin: “Blazenwing is a former world champion, who has had great matches with men such as Mark McNasty and other individuals. Not only will this be big if maverick can gain a title chance he can also say he tossed out a former champion.”

Blazenwing was in a sitting position after the hit, taking his time to get to his feet as he saw Johnny was not moving. He went for a couple stomps, which brought Johnny back on Earth, to say the least. Blazenwing rolled him closer from the ropes, where he grabbed Johnny and lifted him in a Suplex, dropping his body on the rope. He fell back into the ring, which may not have been Blazenwing's intention. He walked to the middle of the ring, only waiting for Johnny to get on his feet, which he did by using the ropes. As he turned back, Blazenwing decided to give a little more impact to his elimination attempt by waiting a second or two before to the other side and bounce on the ropes, ready to come with a clothesline that would theorically send Maverick out of the ring. But, as he was coming back, Johnny was charging at him and hit him to the face with a OF,MF! (Oh f*ck, my face!) After the hit, both men were on the floor, exhausted.

After a while, both are getting back to their feet, Johnny being the fastest by a couple seconds, if not less that that. He looks at Blazenwing and grabs his head before throwing him over the ropes. After Johnny was able to send Blazenwing over, he doesn't look at him and raises his fist as if he thought he won, not even noticing that David was able to grab the rope and simply fell on the apron. But then, he turns by Blazenwing and discovers that he had no reason to celebrate since his opponent never touched the floor. He waits for him to get back on his feet before running by the opposite ropes and come back with a Baseball Slide to the legs, which would make him fall. But David jumps over Johnny, causing Maverick to be outside. He's really upset to be outside the ring, but then he remembers that it was an OVER THE TOP Battle Royal, so he is still legal in the match. With that in mind, he grabbed David's ankles and pulled him down, face first on the apron, causing him to touch the floor and give the win to Johnny Maverick.

Linzi Martin: “OH MY, And Johnny has done it, Matt stone knows exactly who he is going up against if he can pull it out of Ground zero as champion. Not an optimistic message for him.


Eric Emerson: The winner of this match: JOHNNY... MAVERICK!
Jon McDaniel: “But lest be forget the hardwork of Blazen wing who almost pulled it out here tonight. He definitely has a title coming sooner of later.”

As his name is pronounced, Johnny rolls back into the ring as a frustrated Blazenwing looks at him, having hard times to believe he fell in such a trick. Maverick gets his hand raised by the referee and then runs by the turnbuckle, on which he climbs and celebrates not just his victory, but his secured shot at the Grizzly Beer or Intercontinental championship. Which one he would get? It only depends on which roster he would be in when he comes back from the Holiday break.

Order of Chaos (c) vs Shadow Starr & Viktor Stone

Tag-Team Title Match

Aubrey Jones: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest, scheduled for one fall…for the PWA Unified World Tag Team Championships! Introducing first, the challengers…

The arena goes black and a digital readout pops up on the screen. The readout on the screen slowly starts to countdown to 00:00. Suddenly Pyros explode through the arena and “Always” by Saliva begins.

I hear, a voice say "Don't be so blind"
It's telling me all of these things
That you would probably hide!
Am I your one and only desire?
Am I the reason you breathe,
Or am I the reason you cry?

Random still-frames of Shadow Starr and Viktor Stone in action throughout their career cover the screen. The Rampage Logo flashes on the screen as Shadow Starr and Viktor Stone walk out from behind the entrance curtain wearing matching PWA Rampage shirts as the song continues.

Aubrey Jones: He is a former IC and TV Champion…

Always, always, always,
Always, always, always,
I just can't live without you!

Aubrey Jones: The man formerly known as “The Beast”, Viktor Stone...

They reach the ring and Starr rolls under the bottom rope as Stone pulls himself onto the apron. Viktor steps between the ropes and hops onto the middle turnbuckle as Starr kips up to his feet, outstretching his arms to his sides with his hands open, smirking as he turns around to look at all of the audience.

Aubrey Jones: ...and his partner, also a former IC Champion…

I love you!
I hate you!
I can't get around you!
I breathe you,
I taste you!

Viktor takes his Rampage shirt off and tosses it to a ringside attendant on the outside, while Starr tosses his into the crowd.

Aubrey Jones: Shadow Starr!!!

Stone stretches out over the top ropes while Starr throws out a few jabs and punches getting ready for the match.

I can't live without you!
I just can't take anymore
This life of solitude
I guess that I'm out the door
And now I'm done with you!

Aubrey Jones: ...Now Presenting...

"Last Ones Left(Order of Chaos Remix)" by 2Pac & The Outlawz begins to blare over the arena and the fans are quick to jump to their feet. The strobe lights search the crowd, flashing colors of blue and white.

Aubrey Jones:...The Army of Honor...

The anticipation is building now as the famed skull and bones logo of the Order begins to appear faintly over the tron.

Aubrey Jones:...Masakazu...

The fans cheer loudly for his name as the skull and bones over the tron becomes clearer and clearer.

Aubrey Jones: ...Simon Kalis...

The fans erupt into an even louder chorus of cheers as the Order's logo finally appears clearly and fireworks are set off in the center of the stage as both Simon Kalis and his son Masakazu now appear from behind the curtains.

Aubrey Jones:...Your Unified Tag Team Champions, THE ORDER OF CHAOS...

Both men now make their way down to the ring, slapping the hands of fans as they pass by and playing to the crowd until they get into the ring and await the coming fight.

Linzi Martin: And the ref is reading the rules down to both teams. He raises both titles above his head and signals for the bell as he hands them to a ring hand.

*Ding, Ding*

Eyebrows pointed down to the bridge of his nose in a scowl, Masakazu stepped out onto the apron, then gives Kalis a pat on the shoulder. Ready to get things started, SK ambushes Starr with a leaping forearm to the side of the head, catching the former IC Champion on the temple. Kalis scores with a string of swinging rights, before a boot crashes into Starr’s ribs. SK sprung up and dropped a Elbow across the back of Starr’s bowed head.

Linzi Martin: Oh…and that took Starr down very quickly.

Jeff Augustee: You know I hear Circa used to bend over like that!!

As Stone urges him on, a snarling Starr crawls back up, holding the back of his head. Very soon, a certain someone would be thinking twice about trying showing up Starr. Kalis flings himself into the ropes, building up speed before exploding off the canvas with a flying crossbody… only for Starr’s boot to play the role of surface-to-air missile, imprinting itself into Kalis’s stomach area.

Linzi Martin: And that brings things back to a level area.

A groggy Kalis crawls up the ropes, where he was met face-to-face by Starr. boom. A headbutt smashed into SK’s nose. Boom. A knee ploughed into his side. BOOM. An elbow slammed into the crown of Kalis’s skull. With Kalis out on his feet, Starr tosses him overhead with a head-and-arm suplex. Looking decidedly shell-shocked, Kalis rallied to the corner, only for Starr to descend upon him with a flurry of hard elbows to the back of the skull, each mirrored by a torturous knee to the face or torso.

Linzi Martin: sways out of the corner, then crumples into a heap on the canvas.

Tag! Pressing his foot into Starr’s grip, Stone was flings backwards into a rapid spin, rotating past a moonsault to land across Kalis in a crude senton. Stone goes for the quick pin.



A trio of hard kicks to the chest sent SK staggering back to the corner, where Stone rushes in and connected with both knees, holding on and dropping back to impale his opponent with an inverted lungblower. As a winded Kalis rose, Stone scores with a kick to the outside of his knee, followed by a knee to the side, then a spinning backfist across the jaw. As Kalis sways back and forth in front of him, Viktor arches back, tagging in Starr, who connects with a leaping complete shot. Starr drops for the pin.

Jeff Augustee: Good tag team work by the challengers.




Despite his brutalizing, Kalis again managed to thrust a shoulder up. His reward? A fist to the teeth from Starr. Checking quickly with his tongue, Kalis was happy to know that he still had each chiclet in the same place. Starr draggs him up, then hoists him up for a powerbomb… where SK reeled off a desperate volley of right hands to Starr’s nose before taking his opponent down with a hurricanrana.



Linzi Martin: Kalis showing why he is ne half of the Tag Team champions.

Jeff Augustee: And Starr showing us why not being focus can hurt you.

As they get up, Starr swings for a knock-out blow, only for Kalis to nimbly duck and score with a spinning heel kick into his side. Starr stoops down, clasping his abdomen, leaving him open to a Muay Thai angle kick from Kalis that almost snapped his head off at its neck. As Starr crumbles to the ground, Kalis jumps on him.




Not able to put Starr down for the count, Simon, body still stinging from the earlier attack, staggers to his corner. Tag! Rubbing his hands together with glee, Masakazu barged past Kalis and measures up Starr. Head? STOMP. Shoulder? STOMP. Arm? STOMP. Hand? STOMP. Ribs? STOMP. Thigh? STOMP. Knee? STOMP. Groin? STOMP. Ignoring the referee’s warnings, Masakazu pulls Starr up with a quarter-nelson, using the hold to deliver a barrage of knees to his ribs and spine, then dropping down with a quick leg sweep.

Linzi Martin: There’s that Thai boxing background coming to work.

Jeff Augustee: Thai boxing, we call that a stomp and sweep over here.

With Starr struggling for air, Masakazu punishes him with another solid stomp to the ribs, before pulling him up into a Vertical Suplex and dumping Starr stomach first across the top rope. Lining up his prone opponent, Masakazu drives a roundhouse knee deep into Starr’s face, almost forcing Starr off the ring apron. Masakazu quickly follows that up with a European uppercut to the former boxer. Masakazu lines up for another shot, but Starr blocks, only to be brought off the ropes with a gutwrench suplex. Masakazu tries for the pin.




Pulling Starr up by the arm, Masakazu plants a boot to his side which drops Starr to one knee. Tag! Bounding into the ring, Kalis stings Starr’s jaw with a string of jabs, before landing a discus punch that flattens him. With Starr groggy, Kalis shuffles back and charges at Starr. This time, however, Stone manages to yell a warning loud enough for his partner, who flung Kalis overhead with an explosive capture suplex.

Linzi Martin: Oh he got some good air on that one.

Tag! Masakazu charges into the ring. Tag! Stone vaults over the ropes. A storming lariat from Masakazu is ducked by Stone, quickly wraps Masakazu in a clinch and starts to fire off some knee shots. With Masakazu stunned, Stone connects with a spinning back heel kick to take him off his feet, before going for a pinfall.



As Masakazu staggered up, an eager Stone rushed him with a Lou thez press, but the Masakazu catches him and drapes Stone neck first across the top rope. Seeing a gasping Stone grab his whiplashed neck, Masakazu tries to go in for the kill and take Stone down with From Japan With Love, but Stone reverses and lifts Masakazu up in a Firemen’s Carry looking to nail Spinal Tap Orgy… only for Masakazu to reverse and land on his feet. He spins Stone around…FROM JAPAN WITH LOVE!!!

Both men lay on the ground for a moment! Masakazu is up and grabs Stone, who at the last minute rolls towards his corner. But Stone’s fingertips grazes those of Starr, not enough for the referee. Kalis rushes the ring, trying to knock Starr off the apron, but his punch is blocked and a brutal elbow is delivered to his face. Storming into the ring, Starr grabs Kalis and starts to tussle with him until both men go up and over the top ropes, bouncing off the apron then crashing down to the floor.

Jeff Augustee: And we should of saw this coming!!

The brief distraction allows Stone to pull himself up with the ropes, Masakazu quickly grabs him and goes to whip him across the ring, Stone hits the ropes and just barely ducks the Yakuza kick attempt by Masakazu. Stone quickly turns around and waits. Masakazu turns around and is greeted with a boot to the midsection. He applies the double arm underhook but Masakazu is able to counter it right into the clinch.

Linzi Martin: He is going for Muay Thai High!!!!!

Masakazu grapples Stone then lifts his knees into his knees at first, then his ribs, thehis chest before leaping up(still in grapple) to deliver a double rising knee blow to the Stone's face. As Stone falls, he goes for the pin.




*Ding, Ding*

Eric Emerson: The winners of the match, and STILL PWA Tag-Team Champions; The Order of Chaos!

As Kalis and Masakazu hold their titles high, we cut backstage.

A Word with... Gay!?

Bud Adams stands backstage with a mic.

Bud Adams: I am standing just outside the locker room of Emperor Ian, where I'm hoping to get a few words with the Intercontinental Champion about his upcoming title defense in the Santa's Sur-

Bud is cut off by Ronald Gay, who grabs the mic.

Ronald Gay: Hello friends, I hope that you all are enjoying the show so far. I don't want to take up too much time, but I have something that I need to talk about. I gave this speech on last week's Chaos, but to my dismay it was cut from the broadcast. Luckily, this is going out live. As you all know, we are less than a week from Christmas Day. Now for most of you this is a very important event, with gifts to buy, decorations to put up, relatives to spend time with. However, it's clear that most of these folks do not understand what Christmas is all about. It's not about presents and buying useless overpriced crap. It's not about wasting time decorating your homes and running up the electric bill to show off your "Christmas spirit". Christmas is not even about pretending to get along with people you despise for a few days. Now many of my contemporaries would go on to explain that Christmas is really about Jesus Christ, and that we should put the focus back on him. However, the truth is Christmas is not about the Lord and Savior at all. You see, during the heyday of the Roman Empire, there was this festival called Saturnalia, which was in honor of the pagan deity Saturn. During this holiday, people gambled, sacrificed, and generally sinned their backsides off. It was quite far removed from Christianity. Now you may be asking what this has to do with Christmas. Well in the centuries following the Lord's death and resurrection, early Christians spread throughout the Empire spreading the good word. The satanic forces controlling Rome realized what a threat this was, so they created an official Church of Rome, which was superficially Christian. However, it was actually nothing more than pagan ritual in disguise, and it similarly put a "Christian" facade on it's terrible festivals. You see, Christmas is no more than Saturnalia with a few alterations. It is certainly not a holy day, nor is it even the birthday of the Son of God.
The truth is that it doesn't matter what day he was born on. Christians should celebrate his coming every day. That doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money and time every day. What it means is that we should be thankful for His great love gift and try our best to live by His rules. If we all could try a little harder, then this Planet would be a much happier and healthier place.
I know that a lot of conservative pundits like to talk about the War on Christmas. Now I think their hearts are in the right place, though I admit some may have ulterior motives. But as a true Christian, I am in support of a war on Christmas. What it comes down to is that conservative Christians tend to be wrong but for the right reasons, while secular liberals and people of other religions are right but for the wrong reasons. You really aren't any worse off celebrating Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. In fact I'd say it's better to celebrate Hanukkah, as at least that holiday is actually inspired by Biblical events. Alright, I am running long, so I will take my leave. Enjoy the rest of the show and God bless you all.

BJ Haze: And all you bless God babeh!

Bud looks in BJ's direction, and gets smooched by the old man.

Gay: See you all next year!

He hands a sick-looking Bud the mic back and they walk away.

Bud Adams: I guess I'll talk to Ian later. Right now I gotta find a toilet to puke in.

He runs off.

Emperor Ian (c) vs Trent Bradley vs. Marxx

Intercontinental Santa's Surprise Match

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is the Santa’s Surprise match!

Eric Emerson: The rules are as follows; At ringside we have a Christmas tree, and under that tree are three presents! Each present holds inside a slip of paper. One of the slips reads “Intercontinental Championship.” Whomever gets that slip, wins the IC Championship! Now, the other two slips have papers that also hold something valuable… but no one knows what they are!

Eric Emerson: And now, the competitors; introducing first….
The first chords of "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" by Tomoyasu Hotei plays over the loud speakers as the crowd rises to their feet. When the drum beat hits, "The Scranton Shooter" Trent Bradley bursts through the curtain. Wearing a white towel over his head, his intense eyes glare towards the ring as he quickly makes his way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring at this time... from Scranton, Pennsylvania, weighing in tonight at 241 pounds... he is... TRENT BRADLEY!

Bradley climbs the stairs, wipes his boots on the apron, and enters the ring between top and middle ropes. He quickly jumps on the second turnbuckle and stares out to the crowd before taking the towel off his head and tossing it to the fans.
The arena is under a dimmed light. Only the tron is flashing as "Shackler's Revenge" from Guns 'N Roses plays through the arena. All of a sudden, four bright spotlights starts turning around like on a red carpet and stops all of a sudden, doing a "X" form with their rays of light. Red and blue spotlights turns in circles over the crowd as Marxx appears from the entrance ramp, wearing his signature black leather coat.

He walks to a side of the ramp, raising his arm, then walks to the other side, where he does the same thing. While walking to a side to another, we could notice he was dancing a little bit. After, he comes back to the middle of the entrance ramp as he motions the crowd to cheer louder with his hands each sides of him. From there, he puts his arms in front of his face in his usual X, and then drops them quickly at each sides of him, a huge smile on his face. He let go a "Woo!" before starting his walk to the ring.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next, from New Brunswick, Canada, by the way of Indianapolis, Indiana: Marxx!

He starts walking on the ramp, clapping in the nearest fans hands. He stops in front of the ring, then turns back by the fans as he takes off his leather coat to the crowd's excitement. Then, he rolls inside the ring and jumps on a corner, where he does an X with his arms in front of his face before dropping them to each side. He jumps off the turnbuckle and does the same thing on the opposite side before going back to his corner, where he starts stretching.
Eric Emerson: And their opponent, he weighs in at 202lbs, hails from Imperial County, California, and he is the PWA Intercontinental Champion; Emperor Ian!
"Manic Depression" by Carnivore plays as Emperor Ian walks to the ring as fast as he can, ignoring the fans.
Brian Rentfro: I don’t much care for the concept of this match, and I know those three don’t either. Just another Mark Sommers screw job.

Jon McDaniel: You’ve been watching too many Ian promos!


The match starts off slowly, Ian, Marxx and Trent all circle each other in the ring… eyeing each other, sizing each other up… Then Marxx immediately jumps Ian, he kicks him hard in the gut and turns quickly to Trent and elbows him twice with both elbows in the gut. Trent is winded, but he comes back quickly with a hard right to Marxx’s face, he grabs him into a snapmare, but as soon as he is up, Ian comes from behind him with a sort of Reverse clothes line.

Brian Rentfro: And all three of these men going at it like there is no tomorrow!

Jon McDaniel: Well after tonight, there might not be for one of these men! I mean, who knows what’s in those presents. A pink slip perhaps!?

Ian picks Trent up and tosses him into the rope, he goes down to lift Trent up over his shoulders, but Trent quickly kicks him in the shoulder, Ian yelps and turns around as he holds his wounded shoulder, Trent grabs him and hits a quick reverse DDT on him! Trent laughs and stands up, only to turn right into a hard European uppercut from Marxx Marxx! Marxx just looks down at Trent and to Ian, he shrugs it off like it was nothing and leans down to pick up Ian, Ian- whom was playing possum- snaps up and rolls Marxx into a cradle pin!




Brian Rentfro: WHAT!?

Jon McDaniel: Out of no where, Ian scores the first pin, shocking everyone. Especially Marxx!

Eric Emerson: The winner of fall number one: Emperor Ian! After the match, he will have first choice of the three presents under the tree!

Marxx rolls out of the ring, cussing out loud at being pinned! Ian hops up to his feet, he grins and picks Trent up and lifts him into a guerilla press… he tosses him over the top rope! Marxx just nearly jumps out of the way as Ian brushes off his hands as if he took out the trash.

Brian Rentfro: Ian is dominating early, proving himself to be a champion!

Marxx rolls under the bottom rope and immediately goes to spin Ian around and lock him into a DDT! But he just barely lifts him off the ground be Ian forces his weight back down to his feet, he lifts Marxx up into a sort of Modified German SupMarxx and pins Marxx to the ground!



Trent Pulls Ian out of the pin and out of the ring! Trent begins to beat the living hell out of Ian, he smashes him into the edge of the Canvas of the ring- and finishes off with a hard whip into the ring post! Ian goes down with a hard Thud, and Trent turns his attention to Marxx Marxx, Marxx just laughs at Ian who is lying on the ground with what could be a concussion.

Brian Rentfro: Oh my god! Ian just got killed by Trent!!

Jon McDaniel: Okay, I take back what I said, Ian is out of the match!

Trent rolls into the ring and marches right up to Marxx who just stands there and watches him walk right up to him, Trent grabs Marxx by the neck, but Marxx just delivers a hard kick to the gut and lifts him into a superplex like position, he keeps Trent hanging there for a second… but Before he can drop him from his hanging superplex… Ian comes up from the outside of the ring and grabs Marxx by the ankles! Marxx stumbles for a moment then falls forward flat on his face with Trent falling down not quiet half a second later. Ian laughs and pulls Marxx out of the ring, he tosses him into the barricade and rolls under the bottom rope, he checks behind him to make sure he isn’t being tailed by Marxx, but only turns around into Trent!

Brian Rentfro: Look out!!

Jon McDaniel: I can’t look!

Trent grabs Ian before Ian can even think to start his retreat! He lifts him up quickly then brings him down with a force with the Bradley Buster! Trent goes for the pin!




Eric Emerson: The winner of fall number two: Trent Bradley!

Brian Rentfro: Dammit!

Jon McDaniel: Rooting for Ian are we?

Brian Rentfro: No! I don’t want this match to end! So much could happen that hasn’t yet!

Trent turns around after he gets to his feet only to meet Marxx’s own Leaving Marxx!


Ian exhaustedly pushes Marxx off Trent to avoid the third and final fall! Marxx curses as he gets up to his feet and picks Ian up again, an evil look across his face… twists Ian into position for the Leaving Marxx! but Ian slips out of it, he pushes Marxx into the ring post-

Brian Rentfro: Oh! Hard hit by Ian there! But can he capitalize?

Jon McDaniel: I’m almost sure he can withstand anything Marxx can throw at him!

Ian Charges at him, basically tackling him hard in the lower back- he pushes Marxx hard into the ring post, Ian grabs him in a tight waist lock and lifts his heavy body into the air, he tosses him back in a hard German SupMarxx.

Jon McDaniel: Told ya!

Ian crouches down into the turnbuckle, he grins as he watches Marxx get to his feet, obviously… Ian has something in mind…

Brian Rentfro: Ian may be sizing Marx up!

Marxx turns around and Ian charges at him! He goes for a rough Spear! But out of nowhere! Trent uses his own Spear to take down Ian! He jumps up to his fist ready to attack Marxx. But Marxx reacts much more quicker than Trent and Super Kicks Trent right in the chin, falls down to Ian and hooks his leg!




Brian Rentfro: Did you see what Marxx did!!?

Jon McDaniel: He just stole Chamelion’s finisher and laid Trent out for the fall! Each man has scored a pinfall in this contest! That means one of them is champion, and the other two… oh hell… what could be in store for them!?

Eric Emerson: The winner of the final fall, MARXX!

All three men are out of the ring, in different corners, staring darkly at each other. At this point, a familiar theme we have not heard in quite along time begins….

“Uh huh, yeah!”

The crowd rises to their collective feet, as ‘Come With Me’ by Puff Daddy lights up the arena, and out comes Chamelion! The lights flicker on stage and he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, enjoying a moment of listening to his old theme music, glad to be back in the way he most desires. He then walks down to the ring, a mic in his hand and looks at the three competitors.

Chamelion: I gotta say, I am a bit surprised at the quickness of this match. I expected to have much more time in the bathroom then this! When I heard the third bell ring, I had to rush! Thank goodness I didn’t have a “There’s Something about Mary” Moment!

The crowd laughs.

Chamelion: So, each of you scored a pin. That means you each get a present. This is going to be most interesting. You see, I know, of course, what’s in each of those presents…and one of you isn’t going to be very happy when this is over.

All three men look at each other, then at Chamelion, and a bit of concern shadows their faces.

Chamelion: But let’s not wait around, shall we!? Ian, you won the first fall, so you get to select any one of the three gifts you wish. Don’t bother shaking them, as they all just have that paper in them.

Ian stalks over, and looks at the three identically wrapped boxes of identical size. Taking a deep breath, he grabs the middle package.

Chamelion: Don’t open it just yet, kiddo! Trent, your turn.

Trent doesn’t waste time, he grabs the package on the right. Marxx looks at them both, and as Chamelion steps back, Marxx takes the third and final present.

Chamelion: Okay guys… go ahead and open them.

At this point, Chamelion begins walking backwards up the stage, grinning mischeviously. Ian, Trent and Marxx rip open the boxes and grab for the papers inside. They read them….. Ian’s face becomes a sheet of white…. Trent’s face lights up in an odd way…. Marxx’s face beams with success…. And the camera guy near them peeks over their shoulders to read the papers in their hands.

Marxx: PWA Intercontinental Championship.

Trent Bradley: PWA Grizzly Beer Championship Match.

Emperor Ian: FIRED!

Marxx is awarded the PWA IC championship while Ian is handed a contract for a shot at the PWA Grizzly Beer championship. Ian, however, drops to his knees in shock… this was not at all what he expected.

Brian Rentfro: No way! Emperor Ian is fired!?

Jon McDaniel: This is not the kind of Christmas Ian was hoping for. Look at Chamelion, however, HE looks like he got his Christmas wish!

Ian looks up at Chamelion, who waves back and he jumps to his feet and goes after Chamelion. Chamelion opts to turn and hightail it backstage for the time being.

Jon McDaniel: So, Marxx has reclaimed the PWA IC Championship, and Trent Bradley will now get a future shot at the Grizzly Beer Champion… this could be quite interesting!

Brian Rentfro: Who the hell cares!? The PWA has lost one of its best, with Ian being fired!

Jon McDaniel: I don’t really like it either, but we have to move on now!

Extinguish The Flame

The scene switches from the ringside area to focus in on a flickering candle. The long black wax stick is lit, the flame dancing warmly at the wick’s end. A large hand comes into view, above the candle, teasing the flame, and the familiar voice of the Soul-Taker floats to our ears.

Raizzor: “As the flame burns, the wax melts and the life of this candle slowly, slowly dwindles to extinction. If left unchecked, the flame could burn for a long time to come, providing a sliver of light in the darkness that surrounds it. The flame fights valiantly to keep the darkness at bay, to illuminate even a fraction of the world against the all encompassing black that threatens to consume it without mercy.”

Into the frame steps Raizzor, his hand still over the flame, as he sways his fingers back and forth, causing the flame to dance and flicker.

Raizzor: “But the flame is weak, as the candle melts, it loses its strength and soon it will snuff itself out. Yet to allow it to burn beyond its time is to risk the flame spreading, igniting that which resides around it and burning innocence to dust. Even a flame that provides warmth must be respected, must be managed, controlled and if necessary, prematurely extinguished.”

His eyes reflect the flame’s orange dance, as he peers down closer, a small smile illuminated by the light of the candle’s glow.

Raizzor: “Like this flame, Matthew Engel is a risk to those around him. For a time, he has burned as the light, leading the PWA forward in his own, misguided way. But his time is fading, his flame flickering as it nears its end. But like any responsible individual, I see that Matthew has been left unchecked for too long, allowed to burn hot and alone, and in doing so he has become a threat to the very promotion he has been assigned to govern as its champion. To the likes of Jethro Hayes and Riona Langly, Matthew Engel has burned them. He has caused their innocence to go up in flame; ripping Miss Langly’s psyche apart, turning her animal, and forcing for a time, Jethro Hayes to tuck tail and run.”

Tilting his head, Raizzor scrutinizes the undulating flame’s dance.

Raizzor: “Matthew has allowed his flame to burn out of control, and in doing so, expects he will progress being the time frame this candle has left, to be champion into the next decade. His ego swells with his belief that I am not worthy of replacing him, of taking what he holds so dear away. Matthew believes that because Miss Langly is sidelined, no one is rightful to challenge him for the spot he now holds. But I pose this query to you, Matthew Engel; what makes a man ‘worthy’? You question my tactics, but they have been effective. You question my status, but War Games has shown you that I am still fit to fight in that ring. You question my morality, yet who jumps others from behind?”

Standing up, Raizzor moves his hand slowly away from the candle.

Raizzor: “I may not have been in a ring since War Games. I may not have climbed the ladder through the current roster, besting those who exist and decimating all in my path to reach you, but where it matters most I have succeeded: I have you in my sights. The challenge was set before you, and it was to you to accept. You wanted Miss Langly, but you did say, you did speak the words that if she did not come forth, you would face me. You deemed me worthy with those words. You didn’t want too, you hoped with all that you are that Miss Langly would make it back in time and you would not have to fight me, that you would have your way with a woman you had already damaged. But the pact had been sealed, and with my brother’s announcement, it became reality.”

Raizzor closes his eyes for a moment, breathing softly.

Raizzor: “You say you ‘found out’ with that announcement, but in truth you should have been prepared. The contract signing allowed you the chance to back out, to deny me the match, but you accepted. Your strike at my turned back was just another act in your long opera of trying to take advantage of your opponent’s weakness. You have played the same song since you took the PWA Championship, and it is time to change the tune.”

Raizzor: “It is time to allow the darkness to seep in and take hold of your heart, Matthew. You have sinned and the devil comes calling. You have blackened your soul, and it is time to deliver it into hell itself. I know you are ready, Matthew. I know you have studied me, delved deep into my past and I suspect you know me as well as I know myself. Do you not think I have done the same? I am prepared for all that you bring to this dance, Matthew. However, things are not as you think they are. I have changed, in ways you cannot imagine. Tonight I will show you how I have changed, for I will do things you have not seen before, I will strike with a ferocity reserved only those who face death’s door. I will deliver upon you a punishment unlike you have ever felt. I will extinguish your flame, Matthew Engel, and lead you into the darkness.”

With that, Raizzor douses the flame with his hand, and all goes black as his voice echoes forth.

Raizzor: “Tonight, Matthew Engel, I will be your chauffer, your guide, and I will drive you to hell! This, I Promise!”

Matt Stone (c) vs Jacob Figgins vs Joshua Danielson

Grizzly Beer Triple Threat Match

The camera comes into focus as it follows the champ, Matt Stone, heading into the boiler room. As the champion, he is awarded the advantage of entering first. Referee Dwayne Cross is standing at the door, holding it open. Matt turns and hands him the Grizzly Beer title. Stone rolls his shoulders and takes a step in, followed by the cameraman. The room has been fit with extra lights so that the people in the audience and at home can see what’s going on. Stone starts to take his shirt off when we hear a scream and the camera shoots to the right in time to see Jacob Figgins came running from around a corner and hits Stone over the head with a lead pipe. Matt crumples down to the ground with his shirt still over his head.

Jeff Augustee: “What was Jacob doing already in the boiler room? I sense foul play”

Linzi Martin: “I’m sure he was just there getting a feel for the area, it is new to everyone”

Jeff: “I bet that no good Dwayne Cross let him in early just to spite Stone.”

Jacob wasted no time getting down on the ground and trying to lock in the Conspiracy Theory on Stone ho was struggling with his shirt still. “Oh shit” was heard and the camera turned to see Joshua standing at the door now, looking on. He took a few steps inside the boiler room as the referee closed the door and started locking it. Stone was still struggling on the ground and managed an elbow to Jacob’s ribs to get the man to back off for a moment. Danielson tried to sneak up behind Jacob, reaching down and grabbing the lead pipe. Figgins made it to his feet and Joshua tried to bring it down across Jacob’s head, but Figgins got his hands up to block the blow. “Get Stone, you idiot” Jacob shouted to Joshua, but brought his foot up and kicked Danielson in the gut, who released the pipe.

Jacob spun around quickly, but didn’t see Stone anywhere. “Fuck” he said under his breath, then turned back to Joshua and took a forearm to the face. Joshua brought the offense and hit Jacob with a back elbow, then grabbed him by the back of the head and tossed him to the left, against the concrete wall. Joshua looked pleased with himself and went and grabbed the lead pipe again. He spun it in his right hand and brought it down across Jacob’s back, causing the man to cry out in pain.

Jeff: “Joshua is looking pretty proficient with that pipe, this match could go in his favor and IU couldn’t be happier for the kid.

Linzi: “Don’t count out Jacob Figgins just yet, that man has been through a lot in his career and this isn’t the worse.

Jeff: “I’m not counting out the champ yet either, but this match might just be something special.”

As that was said, Stone came out from the left-hand side of the screen and grabbed Joshua from behind, forcing him forward into the concrete wall! Stone had a smirk on his face as he turned his attention to Jacob. Matt grabbed him by the back of the head and tossed him off screen, the camera turning to see a table set up. Matt had a smirk on his face, picking up Jacob and trying to place him on the table, but Figgins still had some fight left in him. Jacob sent a right hand to Stone’s jaw, knocking him back a bit. Jacob charged at Stone and tackled him, knocking him through a plate glass window! “Ah shit, ah shit” was heard from Stone as he rolled on the ground, Jacob looking over his own wounds. Joshua came over and saw the two men down, a gleam in his eye. He reached down and grabbed Jacob first, looking to take out the other contender first. He saw the table that was set up and brought him over to it. Joshua smashed Jacob’s head off the table once, twice, then a third time. Danielson then ducked down and lifted Jacob up onto his shoulders, slowly standing up.

Jeff: “This could be the end of Jacob Figgins in this match, what do you think Danielson is going for here?”

Linzi: “I think he calls this the Punishment”

Jeff: “Well if this hits, it certainly would be punishment for Jacob”

Linzi: “It doesn’t look like Jacob is just going to roll with it though, he’s fighting it”

Joshua’s legs were a little shaky and it didn’t really matter what his intentions were, because Jacob was able to slide down his back. Shocked, Joshua soon found himself atop of Jacob’s shoulders and he was lifted high in the air, hitting his head on an arrant pipe that was going across the ceiling. Jacob shifted him up and drove him right through the table with a devastating Crisis Averted!

Linzi: “What an amazing move there by Jacob Figgins. Joshua just went right through that table, someone see if he’s okay.”

Jeff: “You weren’t concerned when Stone went through the glass…where is he, anyway?”

Dwayne Cross came over as Jacob rolled over and grabbed Joshua’s head and arm, locking in the Conspiracy Theory. Joshua was screaming out in pain when he went through the table and he was screaming out even more, forced to tap out to Jacob’s hold.

Jeff: “Big deal, so Jacob got Joshua to tap out, fat chance he’ll get the champ to tap

Linzi: “Well with Joshua eliminated form the match, that leaves just Jacob Figgins and Matt Stone in this battle for the Grizzly Beer championship. So far this match has had a lot of…

Jeff: “Look out, here comes Stone!”

Stone came over and sent a sick kick straight at Jacob’s head as he had the Conspiracy Theory still locked in. Jacob released the hold instantly and slumped to the right. A shot of Matt’s back showed blood trickling down from several different sources. Matt looked over to the side and grabbed a steel chair that was just laying around. “Now we take you to school” Stone muttered as he grabbed the weapon and came over to a dazed Jacob Figgins. Matt rose the chair high in the air and went to bring it down Jacob’s head popped up and liquid came out of it, right into the face of Matt Stone

Jeff: “Where did that come from? Did he just spit in Matt’s face?”

Linzi: “He had a flask in his pocket, took a sip and caught the champion napping”

Matt started flailing around from the mist as Jacob made his way to his feet. Jacob went to grab Matt’s head and bring him down for a front chancery, possible to set him up for a DDT but Stone spun out of it and leapt in the air, grabbing Jacob’s head and bringing up his arms and hitting him with the C-c-c-c-combo Breaker! Jacob bounced off Stone’s knee and fell backwards. Matt rubbed his eyes and crawled over to Jacob, looking for a cover Nope, he looked to lock Jacob’s arm and his head, applying his submission hold, Set in Stone. Matt instantly pulled back and Dwayne got in position for Jacob to fight and fight, but in the end he had no choice and tapped out. Dwanye immediately started counting for Stone to break the hold, which he did and demanded Dwayne raise his hand, which he did.


Eric Emerson: "The winner of the match, and Still PWA Grizzly Beer Champion; MATT STONE!

Jeff: “There you have it, another successful title defense from Matt Stone, beating out Jacob Figgins an Joshua Danielson. How impressive was that?”

Linzi: “Actually, Jacob eliminated Joshua…but I guess congratulations are in order.

Jeff: “You’re damn right they are, congratulations Matt Stone. Merry Christmas indeed.”

Prediction: Pain

We go backstage and the camera is panned on the locker room of one Matthew Engel. Bud Adams is standing by, and knocks on the door. No response. He does it again, and finally a reaction.

Matthew Engel: *beep* OFF!

Bud Adams turns to the camera, red in the face.

Bud Adams: Mr. Engel, we'd just like a few words with you concerning Raizzor's statement earlier tonight about your World Title match.

Some rustling can be heard in the locker room, and finally the door opens. Engel appears, his World Title drapped over his left shoulder for good measure. He's in his gear, minus the tuxedo jacket.

Matthew Engel: It's a joke that Michael Sommers can refer to himself as a responsible individual. What I've been trying to say, and what he continues to deny, is that this is all part of his sick game. I'm not trying to pass blame onto others, because I do take full responsibility for what I did to Riona Langly. I have no regrets, and yes that indeed makes me twisted in the eyes of others. But I stopped caring about other people's judgments a long time ago. However, I know that Michael saw his plan, his opportunity come into fruition when I destroyed Riona at Good versus Evil. He didn't see a respected colleague be tortured and beaten, he saw nothing but an opportunity to slither his way into the World Title scene.

He has no respect for Riona, for me, and for this belt. He thinks he's doing the world a favor by attempting to take it from me and put it around the waist of someone who's more worthy of holding it? Spare me, Raizzor."

Bud Adams: Raizzor also said that you had the opportunity to back out at the contract signing, but you didn't. What have your intentions been all along, Mr. Engel?

Matthew Engel: My intentions were to prove to everyone that Riona Langly, not Michael Sommers, deserved to be across the ring from me tonight. And now, for all intents and purposes, I am going to show everyone that when Raizzor tries to play with me, he's playing with fire. Tonight, he will get burned, and in the new year I will defend my title against Riona Langly. He thinks I'm looking past him, that I won't take him seriously, and essentially make a mistake, but he has no idea what I'm truly capable of. He has never been across the ring from me, one on one, and he's going to understand tonight why exactly I am the World Champion and one of the most dominate man in the business today.

Bud Adams: What exactly is your prediction for tonight's main event World Championship match?

Matthew Engel: My prediction?

Bud Adams: Yes, please.

Matthew Engel: Pain. That one word will sum up everything that will happen tonight, and you can all seek comfort in believing that Matthew Engel will continue his World Championship reign into 2010. Now, if you'll excuse me, I still need to prepare.

Bud Adams: Of course, thank you Matt.

Engel bows his head and steps back into his locker room, slamming the door behind him. We cut back to the commentators for our next match.

The Phoenix (c) vs Ryan Ross vs Bubba J

PWA Global Title Match

Aubrey Jones: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to one of two main event championship matches for this evening.

Jeff Augustee: The better of the two, is what she meant.

Linzi Martin: No argument there.

The smashing guitar riffs of "Alcohol" hit the speakers and from the back walks The Ragin' Redneck Bubba. In his right hand he holds a bottle of liquor and he looks out at the crowd.

Aubrey Jones: "From Durham North Carolina, he stands at six feet two inches and weighs in at two hundred and fifty pounds... The Ragin' Redneck... Bubba!"

Bubba nods at the announcement of his name before walking slowly down to the entrance ramp. He gets some cheers, some boos, but all in all it is a mixed reaction. He walks up the ring steps and into the ring where he climbs the turnbuckle and chugs a gulp of the liquor in the bottle before putting the lid back on and setting it in his corner.

Aubrey Jones: Introducing next, from Seattle, Washington...

The Bird and the Worm Hits the PA system and plays it's rock and roll intro, and as soon as the lyrics hit the sound Ryan Ross steps out from behind the curtain. The fans give him a mixed reaction the Smarks cheer and the Marks boo. Ryan doesn't Care for any of it and just relishes in his own glorious wonder, as he steps down to the ramp and slowly walks down to the ring side area.

Aubrey Jones: He weighs 220 pounds and stands 6 feet 2 inches... he is the "RAGIN' ROYALTY"... RYAN ROSS!

At this point he walks over to the stairs and point to the crowd giving them the thumbs don in disapproval. Ryan then goes to the closest turnbuckle and mounted it throwing his arms out to his side as his music slowly fades out.

Aubrey Jones: And now, your Global Champion... hailing from Orlando, Florida...

The Final Countdown by Europe begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and red pyros flare from the ring posts. The Phoenix the comes down from the rafters on a harness and enters the ring, handing off his Global Title to referee Joe Irving.

Aubrey Jones: He stands 6 feet even and weighs 230 pounds... THE PHOENIX!!!!

Jeff Augustee: Just moments away from another highly anticipated Global Championship bout. The intensity in the ring is immense.

Linzi Martin: When Ryan Ross and Bubba fought for the contendership, I never thought in a million years it would be a draw and Joe BoXeR would grant them both a shot at the title.

Jeff Augustee: Joe's a fair man, and it's a shame he won't be continuing his duties as GM into the new year.


Right away Phoenix takes charge and goes after Bubba, launching lefts and rights at the Ragin' Redneck. Bubba defends a few punches, but Phoenix sneaks one past his guard and connects violently with Bubba's jaw. Phoenix whips Bubba into the ropes and takes Bubba down with a powerslam. Phoenix gets Bubba up to his feet and slams him face first into the turnbuckle and then clips Bubba behind the left knee, taking him down. Ross is just sitting back, but finally gets involved as he kicks Bubba in the back of the head.

Jeff Augustee: You had to know Rob and Ryan would be working together for a little bit. The Royal Court is a strong bond, unlike the former Pantheon.

Linzi Martin: They were bonded together for different reasons. And Ross drops Bubba down with a DDT! He covers!


Phoenix pulls Ross off of Bubba.

Jeff Augustee: Some jawing between Phoenix and Ross.

Linzi Martin: Rob is not gonna let Ross win this match, I can guarantee you that. That title means more to him than anything at this point.

Jeff Augustee: Even Yoohoo?

Linzi Martin: That's a tough call.

Ross backs off and Phoenix grabs Bubba by the head, but Bubba fights back with an elbow to Phoenix's gut. Ross comes over for assistance, but Bubba stops him in his tracks with a flying elbow. Phoenix tries to kick Bubba, but Bubba catches it and clotheslines Phoenix to the mat!

Jeff Augustee: And Bubba bounces back with a little offense, sending a message that keeping him down won't be easy.

Linzi Martin: Message received, I believe!

Bubba begins to ground and pound the Global Champion, but Ross bounces off the ropes and nails Bubba in the back with a dropkick that knocks him off the Phoenix. Ross grabs Bubba by the head and tries for a suplex, but Bubba reverses it and suplexes Ross to the mat. Phoenix is up to his feet and nails Bubba with a forearm to the head, and then a quick chop to Bubba's chest.

Crowd: WHOO!!

The Phoenix delivers another sickening chop, echoing through the arena. Bubba grunts from the pain.

Crowd: WHOO!!

Phoenix shoves Bubba into the corner and then charges in with a corner splash and connects. Bubba stumbles out of the corner and the Phoenix takes him down with a fisherman's suplex! Phoenix bridges it for the pin.



Kick out!

Jeff Augustee: Close one there, as The Phoenix and Ryan Ross continue their double team on a helpless Bubba.

Linzi Martin: They can't be a team forever in this match, neither of them want to share the Global Title.

Ross turns Phoenix around and starts jawing at the Global Champ. Phoenix tries to explain that he's the Global Champion and he intends to keep it that way, but Ross doesn't like it. Phoenix turns around and goes back to Bubba, who's nearly up to his feet now. Phoenix tries for a knee strike, but Bubba blocks it and thrusts his elbow out, catching Phoenix right in the nose. Phoenix backs off, and blood pours out of his nose.

Jeff Augustee: Did Bubba just break his nose?

Linzi Martin: I don't know, but he's bleeding!

Ross tries to look at the nose, but Bubba doesn't waste any time and picks Ross up and down for an atomic drop. Ross bounces around the ring and then Bubba spears him to the mat! Phoenix tries to stop the bleeding, but forgets about it for a second and tries to clothesline Bubba, but Bubba counters with a spinebuster and slams the Global Champion down to the mat. Bubba goes into the ropes and comes back with a kneedrop right over the Phoenix's forehead. Bubba begins to stomp the Global Champ until Ross intervenes with a missile dropkick from the top rope!

Jeff Augustee: What an aerial assault from Ross, he nearly knocked Bubba out of the ring.

Linzi Martin: Ross just saved The Phoenix yet again.

Bubba is on the apron now and uses the ropes to get up and Ross nails him with a right hook. Bubba leans back a bit, but holds on to the top rope. Ross goes into the opposite ropes and comes back, spearing Bubba through the top and middle rope! Both men go down to the outside, and Ross lands painfully on the outside. Phoenix gets up to his feet, wiping the blood from his nose and out of his mouth. Referee Joe Irving doesn't know what to do, and his inexperience shows. He starts to count.

Irving: 1!

Jeff Augustee: Phoenix could just wait this out and still remain Global Champion.

Linzi Martin: Rob might be a bastard, but he's not a coward Jeff.

Phoenix ascends to the top rope as Bubba begins to get to his feet. Bubba senses the Phoenix in flight and moves away, but The Phoenix lands right on top of Ryan Ross with The Ashes!

Jeff Augustee: Phoenix just hit Ross with the Ashes!

Linzi Martin: I told you that double team wouldn't last forever! Granted Ross and Phoenix are allies, but this is every man for himself! And Rob can't make the same mistake by fully trusting Ross like he did Hunter Sullivan.

Ross is nearly out, and Bubba looks on with a devious smile. Rob rises to his feet and stares down Bubba J. Ref Joe Irving has stopped counted, and has decided to not let a countout occur.

Jeff Augustee: Joe Irving has stopped the count.

Linzi Martin: Well, with all three men on the outside, I don't blame them. However, he is yelling at them to get back in the ring, but nobody's complying.

Phoenix and Bubba interrupt their stand off with a serious of back and forth blows. Phoenix gets the upperhand and knees Bubba in the gut, and then slams him face first on the barricade. The fans are going crazy, with Phoenix and Bubba chants all around them. Phoenix again and again slams Bubba into the barricade, which is barely separating them from the crazed PWA fans. Phoenix kicks Bubba in the gut and tries to go for the Flame, but Bubba reverses with a body drop on Phoenix!

Linzi Martin: OUCH! Phoenix just connected with all the steel that is the rampway.

Jeff Augustee: Yeah, but could you imagine if Phoenix hit the Flame on Bubba on the rampway? He'd be knocked out cold.

Ross is back up to his feet and runs at Bubba, catching him with a spinning heel kick! Ross is up to his feet and stomps on the downed Bubba, and then drops to a knee and delivers some hard shots to the head. Phoenix is back up to his feet and Ross rises up and turns around. Ross is yelling at Rob, pissed off as all hell.

Jeff Augustee: Rob's trying to explain it was just business.

Linzi Martin: I don't think Ross is hearing him.

Ross goes after Phoenix, but Phoenix side-steps and trips Ross to the ground. Phoenix quickly latches Ross in a sharpshooter!

Jeff Augustee: Where the hell is Joe Irving?!

Joe Irving finally slides out of the ring and continues to yell at Rob to break it up and bring it back in the ring. Ross is yelling out in pain from that sharpshooter, and Bubba finally gets up to his feet. Phoenix releases the hold anticipating Bubba's attack, but it's too late as Bubba nails Phoenix with a kick to the chest. Bubba grabs Phoenix by the head and moves toward the ring. Bubba slides Phoenix into the ring and Ross is trying to get back up to his feet. Bubba gets in the ring and Phoenix tries to defend himself with an european uppercut. He connects again, and Bubba is staggering. Phoenix nails Bubba with a mule kick and Bubba flies back into the turnbuckles. Phoenix puts Bubba on the top rope, and then climbs up to the middle rope.

Jeff Augustee: Uh.. is he doing what I think he's doing?

Linzi Martin: .. I think he's going to attempt a top rope Flame!

Jeff Augustee: That will end Bubba's career!

Phoenix gets Bubba's head between his thighs, but just before he could execute a move that would no doubt permanently injure Bubba, Ross slides into the ring and clubs Phoenix in the back!

Linzi Martin: Ross with the save!

Ross drags Phoenix back down to the ring and then hits him with the Den-O-Tornado!

Jeff Augustee: DEN-O! It's over! We could have a new Global Champ!

Ross covers.




Linzi Martin: Bubba just launched himself off the top rope and crashed down on Ross!

Jeff Augustee: And barely keeps the match still going. I thought Ross had it won!

Bubba gets Ross up to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Ross bounces back and Bubba tries to go for a tilt-a-whirl slam, but Ross slips out of it and lands on his feet. He nails Bubba in the back of the head with a roundhouse kick. Bubba falls to a knee and Ross goes into the ropes. Ross bounces back and nails a rising Bubba with a flying knee.

Jeff Augustee: It looked like Ryan was going for a thrust kick to the head at first, but he adapted to Bubba getting to his feet and connected with a beautiful flying knee.

Linzi Martin: Ross nails Bubba with some shots to the gut, and then executes a perfect northern lights suplex!

Ross bridges it, and holds for the count.



Kick out!

Jeff Augustee: And Ross almost wins again. It's getting close, Linzi!

The Phoenix is back up to his feet, and gets behind Ross. He takes Ross down with a reverse DDT, and then turns his attention to Bubba. He stomps on Bubba's chest, and then gets him up to his feet. Phoenix goes for the Flame, and connects!

Linzi Martin: THE FLAME! Phoenix can retain!



Broken up by Ross!

Jeff Augustee: WHAT!

Linzi Martin: I thought he had the three!

Jeff Augustee: Me too! But Joe Irving says Ross broke it up just before he hit the mat for a third time. A really close call there.

Ross angrily goes after Phoenix, and takes him down with a swinging neckbreaker. Bubba is trying to get up to his knees, and Ross ascends to the top rope.

Linzi Martin: A big time aerial move from Ross can seal his first singles championship!

Bubba is up to his feet now, but only in time to see Ross crash down on Phoenix with the Royal Splash!

Jeff Augustee: Royal Splash!

Bubba immediately kicks Ryan right in the temple and pulls him up to his feet.

Linzi Martin: Trailer Park Trash!

Jeff Augustee: Bubba hits it with authority and the Phoenix is out from that Royal Splash!

Bubba covers...





Aubrey Jones: And the winner of this match... your NEW Global Champion... BUBBA... J!!!!!!!!

Jeff Augustee: What an upset! I can't believe it!

Linzi Martin: And the Ragin' Redneck finally captures PWA gold in the form of Chaos' top title!

Jeff Augustee: The Phoenix is not gonna like this one bit, Linzi. He'll be back, there's no doubt about that.

Bubba raises his arms in the air, and referee Joe Irving hands him the Global Title. The fans are going crazy here, and Bubba raises the Global Title in the air!

Linzi Martin: I don't think Bubba can believe it!

Jeff Augustee: Well, he did get the unintentional assist from Ryan Ross.

Linzi Martin: And The Phoenix won't forget it!

Matthew Enge (c)l vs Raizzor

PWA World Title Match

Eric Emerson: The following match is set for one fall and is your Main Event of the evening, it is for the Pionner Wrestling Association World Heavyweight Championship...

Three quick drum beats pick up and then a GONG! Echoes and the arena lights die down as a red eerie glow illuminates the arena. The lyrics pick up as the stage begins to cloud over with a mist and a shadowly shape takes form within the growing fog.

##You've done it now
You've gone and made a big mistake
and I can't allow, you to think you can just walk away
so turn around, and face the piper you're gonna pay
'cause the end is now
this is gonna be your judgement day##

Eric Emerson: He weighs in at 285lbs........he hails from Las Vegas Nevada..........

The music and lyrics continue to illustrate the tension that permeates the entire arena... and the shadowed figure begins to move forward, breaking out of the mist to reveal the Soul-Taker.

##You're gonna Pay, You're Gonna Pay
there's no forgiveness this time
You're gonna Pay, You're Gonna Pay

It's my business, your mind
You're gonna Pay, You're Gonna Pay
I'm burning these ones to the ground
You're gonna Pay, You're Gonna Pay
I'm gonna Bring you down##

Eric Emerson: He is the Soul-Taker..........RAIZZOR!!!!!!!!

Moving with a slow dedicated purpose, Raizzor stalks to the ring. He comes to the steps, where he stops and shrugs off his leather duster, letting it fall to the floor around his feet. Raizzor steps into the ring.

##No more chances,
No more excuses, no lies
your stories ending, time to say your goodbyes
nice guys, it's said they always finish last
but bad-asses, are always kicking asshole's ass##

kick it

With his chest rising and falling slowly, Raizzor moves around the ring with slow steady steps.

##You're gonna Pay, You're Gonna Pay
there's no forgiveness this time
You're gonna Pay, You're Gonna Pay
It's my business, your mind
You're gonna Pay, You're Gonna Pay
I'm burning these ones to the ground
You're gonna Pay, You're Gonna Pay
I'm gonna Bring you down##

Finally, he enters the ring and sheds off his leather duster. Turning, Raizzor eyes the stage and the challenge to come.
Eric Emerson: Introducing now, hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin...

"Moonlight is thought to transform some people into strange creatures to drive others mad..."


[one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind]


"Does the moon actually possess such strange powers?"

"Or is it all just... lunacy?"

The song "Moon Baby" by Godsmack kicks in hard as Matthew Engel appears from backstage. Green and silver pryos shoot off in front of him, and the crowd is on their feet.

Eric Emerson: He stands six feet and weighs in tonight at 217 pounds... he is a two time World Heavyweight and Intercontinental Champion... he is MATTHEW..ENGEL!!!!

Engel makes it to the ring and climbs in. He removes his tuxedo jacket, dress shirt, and tie. He is wearing his usual white wife-beater, dark green dress pants, and black boots.

Ding Ding Ding!

Jethro Hayes: Both men here with something to prove.

Jon McDaniel: They are just staring at each other.

Brian Rentfro: Engel is in no way intimidated.

Raizzor lashes out with a right hand, stretching with a second and Engel is sent down to his knee. Matthew shoves up connecting with a right of his own, but Raizzor catches the fist, slamming his right hand into Engel's jaw. Raizzor shoves Engel into the corner, following in with a running knee into his midsection. Raizzor wraps his hand around Engel's throat and here comes Lance Weston.





Fi--Raizzor breaks off the choke, looking daggers at referee Lance Weston.

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor utilizing the five count there.

Brian Rentfro: Blatent cheating by Raizzor is what you mean to say.

Jethro Hayes: Both of these men are not going to hold anything back, former allies; now enemies.

Raizzor comes in with another knee, Engel falls to the canvas throwing a punch upwards into Raizzor's thigh. Raizzor stumbles backwards, Engel hops up to his feet, springing off the middle rope with a clothesline that takes the big man off his feet. Engel hits the ropes, jumping up to the middle rope, flipping backwards onto canvas. Raizzor rolls out of the way, sitting up before standing on his feet. Engel holds at his midsection as he slowly gets back up to a vertical base. Raizzor comes in with a lifted knee backing Engel into the corner.

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor showing why he is a multiple time former Heavyweight Champion.

Brian Rentfro: Because he cheats his way into victories? Because his brother owns the company?

Jethro Hayes: Raizzor earned this match because he is still one of the best in PWA, regardless if he wrestles every week or every other quarter.

Forearm to Engel's throat. Matthew is looking the worse for wear as Raizzor chops his chest in the corner. Lance is there checking that there is no shananagans going on. Raizzor with another chop, but Matthew with a thumb to the eyes gets him a bit of breathing room. Lance warns Matthew of the illegal tactic but Matthew just shoves past him. Forearm to Raizzor sends him bending over the top rope. Engel with a second, he whips Raizzor into the ropes. Raizzor with a reversal. The Soul-taker lowers his head for a back body, but Matthew telegraphs the move with a swift kick to his face. Raizzor stands up, eyeing Engel with hatred burning in his eyes.

Jon McDaniel: This doesn't look good for Matthew.

Brian Rentfro: Do you smell something?

Raizzor throws a right hand, Engel sidesteps the blow, flipping Raizzor with a hip toss. Engel hits the canvas, holding at his midsection, that move took something out of him. Engel rolls up to his feet, but there is Raizzor already back on his feet. Raizzor kicks out with a big boot, Engel catches the foot, Raizzor with an enzeguri, Engel avoids it by ducking his head before delivering a kick to Raizzor's back. Raizzor sent into the ropes, Engel runs leaping over the top rope catching Raizzor in a bulldog position slamming Raizzor's throat across the top rope.

Jethro Hayes: Devastating move there, slamming the airway shut with major force.

Jon McDaniel: Innovative move from Engel there.

Brian Rentfro: Matthew showing why he is the current World Champ and someone sitting here with us isn't.

Raizzor bounces back into the ring, landing on his back. Engel climbs to the top turnbuckle, flying off with a moonsault onto Raizzor where he hooks the leg for a cover.


Raizzor kicks out with authority after the count of one and Engel looks over to Lance Weston before gulping. Raizzor throws Matthew off of him before sitting up. Raizzor rolls over to his knee, going to stand up. Engel comes through with a shining wizard taking Raizzor down again. Engel continues the cmomentum by springing backwards off the middle rope with a moonsault then climbing to the top turnbuckle. Engel jumps off with a leg drop across Raizzor's throat before he rolls up to his feet once more.

Brian Rentfro: Engel using the momentum to dominate Raizzor here.

Jon McDaniel: Engel using the momentum to keep on the first serious bit of offense he has been able to muster so far in this match.

Jethro Hayes: Don't count either man out of this match, Engel can come at you from any angle while Raizzor is tough to put down at any point in a match.

Raizzor sits back up, Engel with a dropkick to the side of his head rolls the Soul-taker onto his side, Engel with another dropkick sends him onto his face. Engel is breathing hard, not wanting to slow down and keep his offense flowing. Engel drops a knee on the back of Raizzor's skull, a second knee, he goes for an elbow, but Raizzor rolls out of the way and Engel slams his elbow into the canvas. Matthew holds at his elbow before shoving up to his feet, Raizzor is pulling himself up with the ropes. Engel dropkicks Raizzor into the corner before leaping up and sending Raizzor across the ring with a hurricanrana. Engel lays there for a second, catching his breath. Raizzor sits up.

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor sits up, unaffected by that hurricanrana.

Brian Rentfro: Watch out Engel!

Raizzor slams into Engel's back with a running knee that sends Engel face first into the turnbuckle. Matthew turns around Raizzor with a clothesline nearly sends Engel over the top rope. Matthew is on defense, but unable to defend himself momentarily. Raizzor slams into Engel with a second clothesline that does send the World Champion over the top rope to the floor below. Raizzor bounces off the ropes as Engel is on his hands and knees. Raizzor dives through the ropes with a diving shoulderblock taking Engel back down to the floor on his front. Raizzor rolls back up to his feet, using the announce table for support. He pulls Engel up to his feet as Lance Weston begins the ten count.


Matthew with a low blow to Raizzor's groin buys him some time.


Engel turns to jump up to the apron.


Engel dives back with a clothesline that lays Raizzor out on the announce table.


Jethro Hayes: I think, we'd better move here fellers.

Jon McDaniel: I think you are right.

Brian Rentfro: I'm outta here, first smart thing you've said.. ever.


Engel grabs one of the vacated steel chairs, slamming it down on Raizzor's face before placing it on his chest.


Matthew rolls into the ring before climbing to the top turnbuckle. Engel dives off the top turnbuckle with a senton bomb through the chair and table. Raizzor was not there! Raizzor lays beside the table, pulling himself up with the railing that protects the fans from harm. Debris flies in every direction as Engel crashes through the table, Raizzor looks down at Engel who lays on top of all of the debris. Raizzor grabs Engel by the hair, pulling his opponent up to a vertical base. Right hand to the face as Lance starts another ten count.


Raizzor with a second right hand to Engel's temple.


Raizzor with a forearm to Engel's throat and he has him up against the ringpost.


Raizzor goes for a clothesline, Engel falls down from his leaning position. Raizzor slams the crook of his arm against the post, holding at his arm in pain. Engel looks up, just unable to capitalize.


Raizzor stomps down on his face as he holds his arm against his chest. Engel sits up against the ring, pulling Raizzor forward and causing his forehead to slam into the ringpost.


Raizzor's head bounces off, blood trickling from the fresh wound, Engel trips him so that he lands on his back.


Matthew pulls himself up , rolling into the ring to break the count. The announcers sit back down, although they have no table in front of them, they do still have their headsets.

Jon McDaniel: And I think we are back.

Jethro Hayes: Yeah, I hear ya Jon, Brian can you hear me?

Brian Rentfro: Unfortunately.

Engel looks over the top rope at his opponent before hitting the ropes and rebounding. Engel dives over the top rope with a suicide plancha onto Raizzor. Engel rolls himself over and back into the ring as though he was just taunting Raizzor. He tells Lance to do his job and count Raizzor out.







Raizzor sits up, turning his head slowly to stare up at Matthew Engel inside of the ring.


Raizzor stands up as Engel hits the ropes a second time.


Engel dives over the top rope, Raizzor catches him. Raizzor slams him back first into the ringpost before slamming him down on the floor.


Raizzor rolls into the ring, stopping the count before he quickly rolls back outside. The Soul-taker rolls Matthew into the ring, quickly following him after. Raizzor stomps on Engel's left knee, before placing the left ankle on the bottom rope. Raizzor jumps up, coming down on the left knee, causing extreme damage. Lance gets over there quickly to warn Raizzor and to begin the five count.


Raizzor looks over to Lance before his eyes roll up into the back of his skull and he moans.


Raizzor comes down a second time on the knee.


Lance is a bit freaked out, but continues the count as Raizzor comes down a third time.


Raizzor yanks the leg back, hyperextending the left knee before he falls on it with an elbow drop. Engel is rolling around in pain, trying to avoid the onslaught, but unable to get away from the offense Raizzor is putting him through. Raizzor up again with an elbow drop, but Engel is able to bring his right foot up and over catching Raizzor in the temple and sending him into the ropes.

Brian Rentfro: Excellant counter by Engel there.

Jethro Hayes: I tend to agree, either man can come at you from various angles.

Jon McDaniel: There is always fight in both men, it is just up to who wants it more.

Jethro Hayes: Or who makes the most mistakes.

Engel slowly pulls himself up, looking over to Jethro as he does so, he gives Hayes a dirty look before continuing his journey upwards to his vertical base. He turns, limping over to Raizzor. Chop to Raizzor's chest, right fist to his jaw and a warning from Lance Weston. European uppercut rocks Raizzor's head backwards as Matthew mounts Raizzor in the corner. Right hand comes down to slam into Raizzor's jaw, another comes down to connect with his temple, Raizzor shoves the World Champion off and down. Matthew lands on his feet, but he crumples on his left leg that Raizzor has worked over. Raizzor charges out of the corner with a clothesline.

Brian Rentfro: Over the shoulder arm drag from Matthew has Raizzor on his back.

Jon McDaniel: But Engel is down as well.

Jethro Hayes: Matthew needs to capitalize here, this could be the difference in the match.

Matthew struggles up to his feet again, limping heavily on his left leg, he pulls Raizzor up, kick to the back of his skull. Matthew is in obvious pain as he stands there, trying to rip the wound on Raizzor's forehead open all of the way. Raizzor slams a fist up into Engel's chin buying him some time. Raizzor gets up to his feet, the match taking its toll on both men. Raizzor stalks towards Engel who is doing his best to keep out of the Soul-taker's way. Raizzor throws a right, Engel ducks out of the way kicking the back of Raizzor's knees sending him onto one knee. Engel grits his teeth as he runs forward with a shining wizard, Raizzor blocks it by falling down to the canvas to break Engel's stride. Matthew goes flying on over, landing heavily on his left knee that buckles. Engel holds onto the top rope for support as Raizzor stands back up. Both men stare across the ring at each other before they charge in.

Jon McDaniel: It seems that neither man is going to ever lose.

Jethro Hayes: A big prize is on the line here in this match, both want it more than anything.

Brian Rentfro: Can you state anything that is more obvious Hayes?

Engel ducks under the collar and elbow tie up, kicking out with a side kick that connects with Raizzor's ribs. Engel continues with the attack as he comes at Raizzor with another kick, Raizzor catches the foot. Raizzor stomps out on the left knee of Engel who falls to the canvas on his back, right foot held in Raizzor's hands. Engel shoves his arm out, he grabs the bottom rope to break Raizzor's grasp.


Raizzor drops down on the left knee with an elbow before grinding the point of his elbow into the knee.


Raizzor pulls Engel away from the ropes, Engel fights through the pain to connect with a toe kick to Raizzor's forehead; a glancing blow, but effective. Raizzor stumbles backwards and Engel quickly rolls out of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Where is Engel going?

Jethro Hayes: He looks like he is getting his belt and leaving town.

Brian Rentfro: He is just making sure it is still there.

Engel grabs his belt before heading towards the ramp. Raizzor isn't having any of this though as he rolls out of the ring to give chase.


Matthew rushes towards the ramp.


Raizzor catches him by the collar of his shirt.


Matthew slams the title belt backwards over his shoulder into Raizzor's bleeding forehead.


Raizzor stumbles back, releasing his grasp of the collar.


Engel turns around, running belt smash to the bleeding forehead of Raizzor.


Engel drops the belt, rolling into the ring, the count is broken. Engel rolls back out of the ring. He pulls Raizzor back up to his feet. Irish whip into the ring steps.


Jon McDaniel: I think Matthew has snapped.

Brian Rentfro: Never, his mind is as clear as a crystal spring.

Jethro Hayes: Matthew knows what he is doing.

The steps go flying as Raizzor's shoulder and forehead slam into them with the force of the Soul-taker's weight. Engel slowly stalks over, a smile on his face as Raizzor is unmoving on the floor. Engel picks up the top part of the steps, he slams it into the back of Raizzor's skull. Raizzor is still unmoving on the floor. Engel climbs to the top turnbuckle, diving off with a corkscrew.

Jethro Hayes: One of the most devastating moves in wrestling, no matter the size the Euthanasia can take you down.


Jon McDaniel: Raizzor may be out cold.

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor can lose the match and the chance at the title if he is counted out.

Jethro Hayes: Engel will want to beat Raizzor inside the ring, no doubt about that.

Engel rolls Raizzor into the ring, he hooks the leg to make the cover.




Jon McDaniel: Raizzor with a shoulder up just in time!

Lance points over to the timekeeper, indicating that it was only two, Raizzor kicked out just before his hand hit the mat. Engel can't believe it as he gets in Lance's face about the call.

Jethro Hayes: Engel better keep on the offense here, don't let Raizzor rest.

Brian Rentfro: It was a win! Raizzor didn't kick out... it is... a conspiracy by Raizzor's brother!

Jon McDaniel: Brian, get off it.

The crowd explodes with cheers as Raizzor sits up behind Engel, tilting his head to both sides cracking his neck. Engel turns around as Raizzor reaches up grasping him around the throat. Engel kicks out to the midsection of Raizzor breaking the grip. Swinging neckbreaker takes Raizzor down once more. Engel holds at his throat as he climbs up to the top turnbuckle, his back to Raizzor.

Jethro Hayes: Matthew going for the Euthanasia here, a very devastating move.

Brian Rentfro: If he hits it, Raizzor is done fore.

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor rolls to his side, gasping. He looks up at Engel and pushes to his feet!

Engel looks back over his shoulder, seeing Raizzor getting to his feet, and quickly turns to face forward, but in the process he slips! One leg drops below the top rope and Engel scrambles to regain his footing. In the meantime, Raizzor has reached the corner and knocks the other foot out from under Engel. Engel crotches himself!

Brian Rentfro: OW!

Jon McDaniel: Tactical move on the part of Raizzor!

Brian Rentfro: He used the ropes, he cheated, call for the bell!

Raizzor then grabs Engel, pulling the green-faced champion up on his shoulders and pulls his head down to hold it Engel is a semi-balled position.

Brian Rentfro: What .. what is Raizzor doing!?

Jon McDaniel: I think its Raizzor’s new finishing move he commented on earlier.

Raizzor then drops Matthew Engel to the canvas with a modified Muscle Buster.

Jon McDaniel: Oh My God! Engel was just “Driven to Hell”!

Raizzor rolls over on top of Matthew Engel and hooks both legs tight.




Ding! Ding! Ding!

Jethro Hayes: We have a new PWA World Champion.

Eric Emerson: Winner of the match and NEEEEEEEEEEW Pioneer Wrestling Association World Heavyweight Champion... Raizzor!

The lights flicker as Raizzor holds the World title belt over his head, the strap dangling down; Raizzor stares down at Engel's still unconscious form, inhaling oxygen desperately as he holds his footing over the fallen Engel. The crowd is deafening, as Raizzor has returned to the top of the mountain. The Soul-Taker motions for the referee to secure the title around his waist, as there is little to no energy left in the new champion. With the cheers of the crowd behind him and the PWA World's Heavyweight Championship around his waist, Raizzor departs to the back, leaving Matthew Engel lying in the ring.

Brian Rentfro: This is impossibly bad! Raizzor is the champ! How can anyone match up to him now?

Jethro Hayes: Well shucks, it ain't that hard. I, for one, am looking forward to testing myself against the big fella once again. Now, if you gents don't mind, I think I'm gonna go in the back and congradulate the new champion in person.

Jon McDaniel: Jethro, it was a pleasure having you here tonight, and I think I speak for the entire PWA audience that we can't wait to have you back in the ring once more.

Brian Rentfro: You don't speak for me.

Jon McDaniel: And you don't speak for anybody.

Jethro takes off his headset and begins the walk up the ramp as Raizzor disappears behind the curtain. Engel gets to his feet in the ring, and slams a fist down on the mat in fustration over being beaten... As he gets to his feet, the crowd makes a bit of noise. The noise isn't for Virus, however, but rather the man in the Pantheon hoodie who jumps the railing and slides into the ring. We can't see any features of the man's face as he attacks Engel!

Jon McDaniel: Some strange man is attacking Matthew Engel!

Brian Rentfro: Hey, get that fan out of here!

The hooded man lays into Virus with right hands, but they are weak and inefficient as Matthew rolls to his feet after giving the man a desperate knee to the gut. The man charges, but Virus puts an end to him with a roundhouse kick to the face that sends him face down onto the mat.


Jon McDaniel: Who is he talking about?

Brian Rentfro: Another of Raizzor's tricks.

Virus reaches down and pulls down the man's hood, showing that he is one of Johnny Maverick's Hooded Ninja...


Brian Rentfro: Well, you know, Virus did like, nearly cripple his crush.

Before Matthew can leave the ring, another of the Hoodie Ninjas, also wearing a Pantheon hoodie, comes out of the crowd and into the ring. This time, lacking the element of surprise, Virus dispatches this one easily with a DDT. Getting back to his feet, Engel just looks pissed.


As seemingly replying to Engel's boast, 3 more of the Hoodie Ninjas jump out of the crowd and enter the ring. The first Ninja gets to his feet as the other 3 pounce on Virus.

Jon McDaniel: The numbers game is catching up to Matthew Engel...

Brian Rentfro: As good as he is, he can't go against a 5 on 1, especially after being in a World Title match like he just went through. Retreat Matt!

Virus manages to fight back well against the numbers advantage, getting two of the Ninjas to take each other out with a slight move to the left as one of the Ninjas spears the other. This distraction allows Virus to slide out of the ring, looking to take Brian's advice, but yet 4 more of the Ninjas hop the barrier, blocking Engel's path... At the top of the ramp, Jethro Hayes looks down on this with a smirk on his face.


Jon McDaniel: After all that Engel has put Jethro through, you think he's gonna save him from this?

Virus has to think fast as the Ninjas approach him on all sides. Reaching under the ring, he yanks out a steel chair and swings wildly upwards, managing to hit a Ninja as he was reaching down for him. Taking this advantage, Virus slides back into the ring and rushes to the other side to escape through the crowd, but is cut off once more by 2 more Ninjas. Engel drops the chair in surprise and fustration as the 11 Ninjas stalk him in the middle of the ring... All of them wearing Pantheon hoodies like Virus had worn the AoA sweatshirt 1 month prior.


Jon McDaniel: I don't think that's going to bring out whoev-WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LIGHTS?!

The lights have gone out, obviously. Flashbulbs sparkle in the crowd for a few seconds...

Jon McDaniel: Maybe Raizzor's come back to help his opponent.

Brian Rentfro: Not bloody likely. He's probably come back to rub the defeat in.

Jon McDaniel: That doesn't sound like Raizzor.

Brian Rentfro: But that is what a Sommers would do in this situation, isn't it?

With a pop, the arena lights return to normal, and the crowd goes ballistic. The Hoodie Ninjas have all vanished, leaving Engel in the middle of the ring alone. Alone... with one person, as RIONA LANGLY IS STANDING BEHIND HIM WITH THE STEEL CHAIR!


Jon McDaniel: And she doesn't look happy!

Brian Rentfro: SHE'S NEVER HAPPY!

Virus slowly turns around as he realizes someone is behind him...



Brian Rentfro: You could have hurt him you bitch!

Jon McDaniel: So, you're against her this week.

Riona throws the chair down and stares at Matthew, her cold eyes seeming to burn with hate as she stands over him. At the top of the ramp, Jethro Hayes looks shocked at how vicious that chairshot was.

::Today... my name... is pain...::

Walls of Jericho's "The New Ministy" hits as Riona turns to the crowd and hops onto a turnbuckle, snapping off one of her famous crux poses.

Brian Rentfro: Enjoy your victory while you can, because we all know Virus is going to make you pay like he did at Good vs. Evil.

Jon McDaniel: How can you say that? Matthew Engel got EXACTLY what he deserved just now.

Riona makes a mistake, keeping her back turned to Virus as he slowly gets to a vertical base, grabbing ahold of the dented steel chair. Jethro goes to make a move to help Riona, but he doesn't go very far as Raizzor rushes past him, sliding into the ring and preventing Engel from hitting Riona with the chair. Realizing this may be the time for a good tactical retreat, Matthew Engel slides out of the ring and starts to walk up the ramp, where Jethro stands waiting for him...


Brian Rentfro: Won't someone stop this madness?

In the ring, Raizzor shakes his head at Engel and tries to leave the ring... But suddenly, his arm is grasped and he is yanked around to face Riona, who looks less happy than usual. She doesn't say anything, instead just looking pissed off... And then she points to the PWA World Championship around Raizzor's waist.

Jon McDaniel: She wants the title!

Brian Rentfro: No shit Sherlock... Next you're going to tell me that Raizzor is tall, right?

Raizzor just smirks at Riona's anger and nods... Riona lets go of Raizzor and he departs the ring, heading up the ramp as Virus makes a retreat into the crowd. Raizzor unclips the World Title and holds it high into the air as Riona, Jethro, and Virus all stare at what they all hope will be their prize in the future.

Jon McDaniel: And it seems like the gauntlet has been laid down!

Brian Rentfro: There's a big gold bullseye on Raizzor's chest, and I know one of those three will hit it. I hope it's not Riona.

Jon McDaniel: Ignoring you! Well, for Linzi Martin, Jeff Augustee, and sadly, Brian Rentfro... this is Jon McDaniel for the PWA, wishing everyone Happy Holidays, and we'll see you all in 2010, the year of GENESIS X!

Raizzor continues to hold the title high as the PWA closes out a sucessful 2009...

(c) PWA 2009