World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Welcome to Chaos!

"The Empire Strikes First" by Bad Religion hits the sound system as a brilliant spectacle of pyros go off to signify the beginning of Saturday Night Chaos. Joe BoXeR comes down to the ring in a fine suit, with a microphone in hand.

Linzi Martin: And welcome to Chaos everyone, we are live from the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, New York!

Jeff Augustee: The hometown of the Buffalo Bills, and the worse record in Superbowl history. Hey Linzi, how do you count to 4 in Buffalo?

Linzi Martin: One, two --

Jeff Augustee: Uh, no. It's oh and one, oh and two, oh and three, oh and four...

Linzi Martin: I don't get it?

Jeff Augustee: The Bills went to four consecutive Superbowls and lost each one. It's a joke, Linzi.

Linzi Martin: Oh.. funny. Now quiet, Joe is about to speak.

Joe's music dies down as the fans start a "CHAOS!" chant.

Joe BoXeR: That is right, folks. No matter the result of Good versus Evil, we all truly know which is the better show. Rampage is bleeding, everyone, and their talent is withering away. The only remaining legendary talent they have is my own brother, Matthew Engel. Other than that, you've got no one. There are even Rampage talent that are begging to come to Chaos, because they know I produce a quality product.


Joe BoXeR: I'm out here tonight to talk about the future, everyone. In just a few weeks, the PWA will be engaged in another amazing pay-per-view as X-Mas @ Ground Zero draws closer. Some of the card has been laid out for us, as The Phoenix will defend his Global Championship against both Ryan Ross and Bubba J!!!

The crowd goes crazy, as they know that will be a terrific match.

Joe BoXeR: And our own Grizzly Beer Champion, Matt Stone, will be taking on the Fallen God himself, Jacob Figgins, for the Grizzly Beer Title!

Another pop from the crowd.

Joe BoXeR: Of course, I have no doubt that the Order of Chaos will be able to hold off any tag team that Eli Storm and the rest of Rampage decides to send our way. I mean, who does Eli Storm really have that can even hope to take the tag titles away from Simon and Masa? Nobody. And I don't see the Krymson Dragons teaming back up any time soon.

Some boos for the Sommers brothers.

Joe BoXeR: So who will be Global and Grizzly Beer Champions as we head into the new year? Ground Zero is only a few weeks away, and Chaos will show the world how its done when the best talent of the PWA go at it!

Linzi Martin: He's got a point there.

Jeff Augustee: Maybe Chaos didn't win at Good versus Evil, but it's no lie we have a much bigger talent pool than Rampage.

Joe BoXeR: But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Tonight is going to be another fantastic show, so let's get it started!

Harvey the Hardcore Hippo vs Chris Rage

The match started quite eventfully as Harvey immediately took control with a stunning clothesline on Chris Rage that sent him flying over the top rope. Harvey rolled out of the ring and start pounding Rage with a flurry of kicks to the ribs on the outside fully utilizing the Hippo Stomp in this one and then quickly rolled him back into the ring. It was as Harvey rolled into the ring himself that Rage took some offense and baseball slid right into Harvey's face. Rage whipped Harvey into the ropes but before he could do anything Harvey countered and jumped up, landing onto Rage with a body tackle. Harvey quickly applied a crossface lock on the downed Rage but Rage refused to tap and in fact broke free of the hold. It was at this point Rage went into a rage himself and speared Harvey into the turnbuckle. Rage climbed up on Harvey and started throwing fists to the counts of the crowd but The Hippo countered and body slammed Rage onto the canvas. It was at this point that Harvey thought he had it won but he got rolled up by Rage for the first count, which Harvey easily broke out of.

After some more back and forth between the two, Rage grappled Harvey and hit got himself behind him and landed a perfect full nelson slam, arching himself for another pin attempt but Hippo kicked out after two. It was at this point that things went badly for Rage as Hippo whipped him straight into Dwayne Cross, the referee for the match, knocking Cross out. Hippo then removed the padding off of one of the turnbuckles and as Rage rushed towards him, Hippo hit a drop toe hold on Rage sending him face first into the exposed turnbuckle. As the referee Cross and Rage both got up, Hippo grabbed Rage and set him up for A Word From Our Sponsor, nailing him in the middle of the ring and hooking the leg for the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Harvey The Hardcore Hippo in 6:27

Ronald Gay vs Jacob Figgins

The match starts out with Gay getting the advantage and pummeling Figgins on the mat. Gay gets Figgins up to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Figgins bounces back and nails Gay with a flying knee. Figgins tries for a sidewalk slam but Gay twists out of it landing behind Figgins and then dropping him to the mat with a reverse DDT. Gay lays the boots to Figgins' chest and head, and then gets Figgins up to his feet. He tosses Figgins into the corner. Gay tries for a corner splash, but nobody's home. Figgins nails Gay with a german suplex, and bridges it, but Gay kicks out.

Figgins brings Gay up to his feet, but Gay counters with a fireman's carry into a facebuster! He covers Figgins, but Figgins kicks out right after two. Gay gets Figgins up to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Figgins ducks underneath a clothesline from Gay, and bounces off the other set of ropes. Gay turns around, only to be met with the Tony Jaa! Figgins goes for a cover on Gay, who seems to be knocked out.





Winner: Jacob Figgins in 7:21

Joshua's Challenge

The pounding drums to 'Trust' by Megadeth hits the speakers, and the crowd is on their feet! Joshua Danielson pushed through the curtains and stopped at the top of the entrance ramp, throwing his arms out in an open handed crucifix.

Joshua then went down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans at ringside before sliding into the ring and jumping up to the second turnbuckle. He did the open handed crucifix pose again, before hopping down.

Joshua grabbed a microphone as he waited for the crowd to die down. Once they did, he took a deep breath before beginning.

Joshua Danielson: “Matt Stone versus Jacob Figgins, for the PWA Grizzly Beer Title, at Christmas at Ground Zero.”

The crowd cheered for a second, before dying down again.

Joshua Danielson: “Now, we all know that that match will be electrifying, and probably will tear down the house… But my question is… Why not toss a bit of Punisher into that match? Huh? Joe, I know I lost against Figgins, so based on principle, I shouldn’t get the shot… But you see, I’ve been doing great lately. I mean, defending Chaos against TWO Rampage wrestlers and all… But let’s hear the fans decide… If you want to see Matt Stone, versus Jacob Figgins… Get loud!”

The fans cheer, beckoned by Joshua.

Joshua Danielson: “Okay, pretty loud reaction… Now, if you want to see Matt Stone, versus Jacob Figgins… Versus Joshua Danielson, GET LOUD!”

The fans roared their approval.

Joshua Danielson: “Now, we know what the fans think Joe… Now, what do YO--"

Bad Religion's "The Empire Strikes First" hits the sound system as the General Manager of Chaos, Joe BoXeR, comes out from behind the curtains. The crowd is on their feet, giving Joe the appreciation he would deserve. Joe has a microphone in hand and waves to the fans around him. The music dies down, and Joe begins to speak.

Joe BoXeR: "Josh... there's no doubt you've made an impact on Chaos, and the fact that you took on not just one but two Rampage wrestlers and defeated them is proof enough that you're devoted to Chaos' cause."

Josh smiles with pride in the ring.

Joe BoXeR: "I was really trying to push the ultimate Grizzly Beer title showdown between Matt Stone and Jacob Figgins, but you've proven yourself that you can compete with Jacob Figgns. And tonight? You will have a chance to face the Grizzly Beer champion himself. So here's the deal."

The crowd hushes for a moment, in anticipation of BoXeR's terms.

Joe BoXeR: "You beat Stone tonight? I will give you your spot in the GB title match at Ground Zero."

The crowd cheers, and Josh claps. "The Empire Strikes First" hits the sound system again and Joe goes backstage, waving to the fans as he disappears.

Linzi Martin: Well Jeff... if Joshua can beat the GB Champ here on Chaos, he will be fighting for the Grizzly Beer title at Ground Zero.

Jeff Augustee: That was a good move on Joe's part, because Joe wants nothing but the best for the Chaos matches on pay-per-views. He's still trying to win the war against Rampage.

LJ Xero vs Johnny Maverick

Xero and Maverick stare each other down in the middle if the ring as the bell sounds, Maverick looking up into the eyes of his opponent. Xero brings down a hard chop on Johnny’s chest and backs him up, Johnny runs at Xero and is met with a foot to the face. Xero drops an elbow on Maverick, then lifts him up and slams him down to the mat. Xero hits the ropes and jumps in the air for a splash, but Maverick rolls out of the way. Johnny gets up quick and dashes to the ropes, catching Xero in the head with a low dropkick. Maverick kicks Xero’s ribs and mounts his back, grabbing at his head and pulling back for a camel clutch

Maverick pulls back on Xero’s head for a few seconds before LJ starts to get on his feet and falls backwards, landing on Maverick. Johnny releases Xero and the big man rolls to the right and gets to his feet. Maverick struggles to his feet, and he’s grabbed from behind and tossed backwards with a half nelson suplex. Xero goes for a cover, but Johnny kicks out at two. Xero gets to his feet and pulls up Johnny and looks to get him in a Queen Suplex, but Johnny counters and catches Xero in the head with an elbow. Maverick gets a quick kick on the inside of Xero’s right leg, then grabs his head and hits Xero with a ddt. Maverick gets a cover for a two count.

Johnny gets to his feet and sends a kick at Xero’s head, then lifts him up a bit and hit’s another DDT on the big man. Maverick goes for another cover and gets the same two count as before. Johnny gets to his feet and calls for Xero to as well. When LJ gets up, Maverick springboards off the middle rope and goes to drive his knee into LJ’s face, but Xero catches him! Xero, with his big arms around the torso of Maverick, squeezes him with a bear hug. He starts to toss Maverick from side to side and he constricts the breathing of Maverick.

Johnny quickly pokes Xero in the eyes and wraps his legs around Xero’s toso, grabbing his head in the Banned in DC leaning back and pulling the big man to his knees, forcing him to tap out after a few moments of torture.

Winner: Johnny Maverick in 12:13

Matt Stone vs Joshua Danielson

Aubrey Jones: Ladies and gentlemen, our next match is scheduled for one pinfall or submission. Introducing first, hailing from Des Moines, Iowa...

The pounding drums to 'Trust' by Megadeth hits the speakers, and the crowd is on their feet! Joshua Danielson pushed through the curtains and stopped at the top of the entrance ramp, throwing his arms out in an open handed crucifix.

Aubrey Jones: He stands 5'6" and weighs 198 pounds... he is THE PUNISHER... JOSHUA DANIELSON!!!

Joshua then went down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans at ringside before sliding into the ring and jumping up to the second turnbuckle. He did the open handed crucifix pose again, before hopping down and waiting for the match to begin.

Aubrey Jones: Introducing last, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada...

God Damn I love Me

The opening of "I don't care" by Fallout Boy can be heard as from the back Matt Stone walks out with a smirk of arrogance. He had the Grizzly Beer Championship over his shoulder.

Aubrey Jones: He stands 5'9" and weighs 190 pounds... he is the current Grizzly Beer Champion... MATT STONE!!!!

He was wearing a Chex Mix t-shirt over his wrestling attire. Stone relieved his GB title to the referee and began taunting Joshua Danielson, who was trying to stay focused.

Jeff Augustee: Earlier tonight Joe BoXeR said that if Josh wins, he would face Stone and Figgins at Ground Zero with the Grizzly Beer title on the line.

Aubrey Jones: I'm sure Stone will do everything he can to make sure that doesn't happen.


Stone and Danielson lock up, but Stone overpowers Josh and shoves him into the ropes. Stone connects with rights and lefts on Josh and then slams Josh face-first into the turnbuckle. Stone takes Josh down with a german suplex and goes for a cover.



Kick out!

Jeff Augustee: and the GB Champ has got Josh on the run here.

Linzi Martin: Not for long! Danielson nails Stone with a elbow to the gut and then executes a jawbreaker!

Jeff Augustee: That's gotta hurt!

Stone stumbles backwards from the impact and falls into the corner turnbuckles. Danielson nails Stone with a corner splash. Stone stumbles out of the corner and Danielson takes him down with a bulldog. Danielson makes a cover.



Kick out!

Jeff Augustee: Not nearly enough to keep the Grizzly Beer champion down.

Linzi Martin: Danielson gets Stone up to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Stone comes back and nails Danielson with a running lariat!

Josh pops back up, but Stone is right on top of him and delivers a sickening chop to Josh's chest.

Crowd: WHOO!

Stone hits him again and Josh's chest turns red.

Crowd: WHOO!

Stone whips Josh into the ropes and Stone doubles over to for a body drop on Josh, but Josh flips over Stone and rolls him up for a pin!



Kick out!

Jeff Augustee: Sunset flip pin by Danielson there, almost had Matt!

Linzi Martin: And Stone is livid as he gets to his feet and nails Josh with a kick to the head!

We can hear Stone mock Danielson as he slaps him on the back of the head, but Danielson doesn't take it lightly as he nails Stone in the thigh with a thrust kick. Stone stumbles back holding his leg and Danielson takes him down with a dropkick. Danielson goes into the ropes and comes down with a kneedrop right on top of Stone's head. Stone tries to get up to his feet, but Danielson delivers a soccer kick to Stone's back. The impact of the kick is sickening as Stone drops to the mat.

Jeff Augustee: What a kick by Danielson... Stone's back is beat red.

Linzi Martin: Danielson gets Stone back up to his feet and whips him into the corner. Danielson tries for another corner splash, but nobody's home!

Danielson stumbles out of the corner and nails Danielson with the Stone Cutter!

Jeff Augustee: A great technical move by Stone and he goes for the cover.



Kick out!

Linzi Martin: Danielson kicks out right before the three and Matt argues with the ref.

Jeff Augustee: It was a slow count, I'll give him that, but Matt needs to concentrate on Danielson.

Danielson gets to his feet and rolls Stone up from behind!





Aubrey Jones: The winner of this match... JOSHUA.. DANIELSON!!!!

Linzi Martin: What an upset! Josh with a sneaky roll-up defeats Stone!

Jeff Augustee: Sneaky or not, Josh has placed himself in that Grizzly Beer title match on Ground Zero!

Stone is furious, and continues to argue with the ref. Finally he throws his hands up and walks away.

Linzi Martin: COMBO BREAKER on Joshua Danielson!

Jeff Augustee: Unnecessary.

Linzi Martin: Maybe, maybe not, but Stone is sending Josh a message regardless.

Stone spits and then slides out of the ring. He grabs his Grizzly Beer title and disappears backstage. Josh finally comes to, and the crowd is cheering for him.

The Royal Court vs The Order of Chaos & Bubba J

Main Event - Six Man Tag Match

Aubrey Jones: The following match is set for one fall and is your Saturday Night Chaos main event...

"Available" from Flo-Rida and Akon starts playing as we see RJ coming out of the curtain, wearing his signature black sweater with
the letters "RJ" embroidered in the back with a shiny fabric, the same color as his pants, and his sunglasses. He turns back, pointing at the shiny letters on his back with his thumbs before turning back by the crowd and get to one knee. He extends his arms from each sides, confident smile on his face as the crowd was sending him a negative reaction, but he didn't seem to bother about that.

Aubrey Jones: Making his way to the ring, from Beverly Hills, California, weighting in at 205 pounds: R... J... BANKS!

RJ makes his way to the ring, not even looking at the crowd. He climbs on the apron and gets to the middle of it. He takes off his sweater and fakes to throw it to the crowd. Instead, he just drops it to his feet for someone to grab it. He gets inside the ring, where he climbs on the first and second rope, bouncing while he raises his fist in the air. He gets off the ropes and goes in his corner.

The Bird and the Worm Hits the PA system and plays it's rock and roll intro, and as soon as the lyrics hit the sound Ryan Ross Steps out from behind the curtain. The fans give him a mixed reaction the Smarks cheer and the Marks boo. Ryan doesn't Care for any of it and just relishes in his own glorious wonder, as he steps down to the ramp and slowly walks down to the ring side area. At this point he walks over to the stairs and point to the crowd giving them the thumbs down in disapproval. Ryan then goes to the closest turnbuckle and mounted it throwing his arms out to his side as his music slowly fades out.

Aubrey Jones: Representing Seattle, Washington; he stands at five feet, ten inches, and weighs in tonight at two hundred five pounds…

My pain filled drama queen
Is always creeping at your bed,
Getting ready to buy you out.
'Cause we all know what goes around comes around. You should have known what I was all about.
Do not test me.

At the end of these words emerges the nephew of The Powerhouse, sporting a new platinum blonde look.

'Cause I'm the fucking king of the world
Get on your knees
I'm the fucking king of the world
Do as I please
So get up or get out and I'll show you
What it means to control you
'Cause I'm the fucking king of the world.

Aubrey Jones: The ‘King of the World,’ Mark Zout!

Zout passes by several Markz on his way down to the ring looking to slap his hand, jeering and sneering at them instead, resulting in tremendous boos to reign down on him.

When he reaches the ring he ascends the steel steps nearest himself and wipes his white DC Courts on the apron before stepping between the top and middle ropes. His silver shorts glimmer under the lights as he moves atop the second turnbuckle opposite his opponent. He raises his index finger, pointing to the crowd, and is met with a sea of disapproval. In retaliation, he crosses one arm in front of his torso and and raises the other violently so the inside of his elbow slaps his forearm and curves upward in a fist. He then spits toward the crowd before hopping down.

Jeff Augustee: There is one team down, one to go.

Linzi Martin: Both teams with harsh words this week, but one has to wonder about Simon Kalis' health.

The smashing guitar riffs of "Alcohol" hit the speakers and from the back walks The Ragin' Redneck Bubba. In his right hand he holds a bottle of liquor and he looks out at the crowd.

Aubrey Jones: "From Durham North Carolina, he stands at six feet two inches and weighs in at two hundred and fifty pounds... The Ragin' Redneck... Bubba!"

Bubba nods at the announcement of his name before walking slowly down to the entrance ramp. He gets some cheers, some boos, but all in all it is a mixed reaction. He walks up the ring steps and into the ring where he climbs the turnbuckle and chugs a gulp of the liquor in the bottle before putting the lid back on and setting it in his corner.

...Presenting... "Last Ones Left(Order of Chaos Remix)" by 2Pac & The Outlawz begins to blare over the arena and the fans are quick to jump to their feet. The strobe lights search the crowd, flashing colors of blue and white. ...The Army of Honor... The anticipation is building now as the famed skull and bones logo of the Order begins to appear faintly over the tron. ...Masakazu... The fans cheer loudly for his name as the skull and bones over the tron becomes clearer and clearer. ...Simon Kalis... The fans erupt into an even louder chorus of cheers as the Order's logo finally appears clearly and fireworks are set off in the center of the stage as both Simon Kalis and his son Masakazu now appear from behind the curtains. ...THE ORDER OF CHAOS... Both men now make their way down to the ring, slapping the hands of fans as they pass by and playing to the crowd until they get into the ring and await the coming fight.

Ding Ding

Bubba J, Masakazu, and Simon Kalis are huddled in the corner, deciding who is going to start off this contest when Ryan steps forward to start for the Royal Court. Bubba J points to himself and turns to face off against his enemy as of late. Bubba J smiles as he licks his lips and pops his neck. He rushes in, but Ryan jumps back kicking Bubba J in the forehead and tagging out to Mark Zout.

Jeff Augustee: Smart move by Ryan Ross there.

Linzi Martin: Getting Bubba J off his game plan of crash 'em bash 'em.

Mark leaps over the top rope, dancing around Bubba J, who is rubbing the spot where Ryan's foot connected solidly with his abnormally thick skull. Mark and Bubba J with a collar and no wait, Mark Zout with a thumb to the eyes following it up with a side headlock. Bubba J shoots Mark into the ropes, but Zout plants his feet with the breaks. Bubba J with an elbow to the ribs as he sends Zout back into the ropes. Zout holds on again, but a second elbow breaks the hold. Bubba J lifts up, atomic drop. Bubba follows it with a running bulldog off the ropes catching Zout mid-ring. Bubba J up quickly, he rushes over. Right hand to Ross sends him off the apron, left to Banks sends hiim down as well. Bubba J turns back, running high knee to Zout takes him down to the canvas. Bubba J reaches over, tagging in Masakazu, who jumps onto the top rope. Masakazu with a front flip into a leg drop across Zout's throat as Bubba J steps through the ropes to share a cigarette with Simon on the ring apron. Both men stand there talking as Masakazu whips Zout into the corner. Right hand from Masakazu before jumping back to deliver a well placed spin kick to the side of Zout's temple. Bubba J takes the red hot ember of his cigarette and places it right into Zout's cheek, effectively burning him as Simon does the same thing on the other side. Meanwhile, the referee is being distracted as Ryan Ross and RJ Banks try to climb into the ring. Bubba J with the crook of his elbow tightly around Zout's throat as he calmly smokes a cigarette to blow it into Zout's face. Bubba J releases the hold, waving mockingly over to Ryan Ross before flipping RJ Banks off like the true redneck that Bubba J is. Masakazu pulls Zout out of the corner, low blow from Zout but here come Bubba J and Simon into the ring. The referee quickly heads them off and in come The Royal Court.

Jeff Augustee: Zout doing what he has to do to stay alive in this match.

Linzi Martin: How often do you see someone burn another person with a cigarette?

Jeff Augustee: Not very often.

Zout shoves Masakazu into the waiting arms of RJ and Ryan. They lift him up, dropping him on his neck and shoulders. Bubba J shoves past the referee as Simon does the same. Ryan with a roundhouse to Simon, but he ducks it sending Ryan down with a backwards thrust kick to his thigh. Bubba J sends RJ down with a clothesline before lifting him back up into the corner. Mark Zout has gotten back up, covering Masakazu near center ring. Bubba J pounds on RJ's face.


Masakazu with a kick out as Simon stomps down on Zout's head. Zout rolls over to his back, knee drop from Simon but Zot has rolled out of the way. Mark rolls up to his feet as Ryan comes out of nowhere to deliver a Shining Wizard onto Simon Kalis.

Linzi Martin: Beautiful Shining Wizard from Ryan Ross.

Jeff Augustee: What about that shove from RJ Banks in the corner.

Bubba J is laying on his back as RJ climbs to the top turnbuckle, he nails a picture perfect moonsault onto Bubba J. The Royal Court is standing tall here in this contest right now, but Masakazu is getting back up to his feet, Zout with a running boot rolls him out of the ring and onto the mat outside. Ryan Ross and RJ lift Bubba J up, dumping him unceremoneously out of the ring to the outside mat. All three men look at Simon Kalis who is struggling back up to his feet as the referee is trying to get Ryan and RJ out of the ring.

Jeff Augustee: Simon isn't the legal man here.

Linzi Martin: I don't think they really care right now.

Mark whips Simon into the ropes, he helps him back; speeding up his run. Bubba J reaches up pulling Simon out of the ring and to safety, he flips all three men a bird as Masakazu is slipping into the ring from behind. The referee has his back to Masakazu, running forearm takes Zout onto the canvas. Bubba J slips into the ring, clothesline to Banks, but Ryan spins to catch Bubba J with a knee into the midsection. Bubba J is folded over at the middle, Ryan leaps to the middle rope, springing back with a leg drop that sends Bubba's face into the canvas.

Jeff Augustee: I think Ryan may have Bubba J's number.

Linzi Martin: Ryan showing why Bubba J really can't put him away for good.

Jeff Augustee: But Bubba J is just as stubborn.

Ryan rushes over, but the referee forces him out of the ring and then rolls RJ out onto the apron. The referee helps Bubba J up to his feet, then leads him onto the ring apron where Simon Kalis is just stepping up. Masakazu pulls Zout back up, whip into the ropes. Zout catches the top rope and holds on, reaching out to tag in Ryan Ross. Ross steps through the ropes as Masakazu plants his feet, motioning for Ryan to come and get some. Ross runs in, Masakazu ducks, but Ross delivers a stunning elbow to Bubba J's head taking him down to the floor. Simon yells at the referee to do something, but Masakazu rolls Ross up with a pin.



RJ stomps on the back of Masakazu's head breaking up the pin.

Jeff Augustee: Surprise roll up nearly got the win.

Linzi Martin: Lucky for Ryan RJ was able to break it up.

The referee pushes RJ back to his corner, but doesn't see Bubba J nail Ryan Ross in the back with a steel chair. Bubba J drops the weapon as he steps up. Masakazu lifts Ross up, driving him face first onto his knees. Masakazu hooks the leg, for a pin.



Mark Zout in as he rolls Masakazu off of his long time friend and tag team partner. Masakazu gets up, but here comes both Simon Kalis and Bubba J into the match.

Jeff Augustee: Here we go again... total pandimonium.

Linzi Martin: It is why Chaos is the superior brand here in the PWA.

RJ dives forward with a spear that takes Bubba J by surprise as Mark Zout delivers a vicious right hand to Kalis that sends him back into his own corner. Mark jumps up, hurricanrana sends Simon sliding across the ring. RJ punches Bubba J with right and left hands to the face, rocking the redneck with the ferocity of a uncaged beast. Masakazu gets up to his feet, Ryan still out cold on the canvas, he stands behind Zout. Masakazu taps him on the shoulder and Zout turns around Right from Masakazu, a second, and a straight foot thrust to his left knee takes him down onto one knee. Masakazu hits the ropes, Shining Wizard to Zout takes him off his feet, Here comes Ryan Ross though, struggling up to his feet, but he still isn't in this match. Masakazu hits the ropes, baseball slide sends Zout onto the floor outside. Masakazu looks over to where Bubba J is laughing at RJ's punches, absorbing the vicious fists like they are nothing. Bubba J rolls over, headbutt by the redneck. Masakazu and Simon with looks of astonishment on their faces.

Jeff Augustee: I guess this is why Bubba J is still standing after that vicious attack by the Royal Court at Bad Blood.

Linzi Martin: His skull is pretty thick, hardhead that he is.

Bubba J looks under RJ's left eye... right fist. He pulls the arm back, a second right fist and RJ is busted open under his eye. Bubba J gets up as Ryan and Zout are getting up on the outside. Bubba J backs up, he dives through the ropes!

Linzi Martin: Dive to the outside!

Jeff Augustee: It isn't like you've never seen them before.

Linzi Martin: But by a man of Bubba J's size and background?

Jeff Augustee: Good point Linzi, I stand corrected.

All three men go down on the mat as Masakazu and Simon look on in astonishment, Masakazu nods before climbing to the top turnbuckle. Bubba J rolls off Ryan and Mark before Masakazu dives from the top with a swanton onto the two men on the outside. Bubba J rolls towards the ring, finding his steel chair from earlier as the referee has lost complete control here in this contest. Bubba J waits in position for Ross to get back to his feet, he taps the chair on the mat... he waits. Ryan gets up to his feet, back turned to Bubba J, he swings, but the chair doesn't move.

Jeff Augustee: RJ able to catch the chair in mid-swing.

Linzi Martin: That isn't going to make Bubba J a happy man.

Bubba J looks up, he falls as Simon delivers a dropkick that sends RJ out of the ring and to the floor outside, where Bubba J has the steel chair back and ready for use. Ryan leaps up to the apron, running along, delivering a modified missile dropkick right into the side of Bubba J's head. As Bubba J falls RJ lifts his foot to slam the chair right into Bubba J's face and the sharp edge on the chair slices the Ragin' Redneck open across the forehead.

Linzi Martin: Bubba J is busted open here.

Jeff Augustee: More correctly, he was sliced open.

Linzi Martin: I stand corrected.

Masakazu, Mark, Ryan, and RJ pull themselves back up, only Masakazu being the only non Royal Court member outside of the ring. Masakazu doesn't back down though as he prepares to fight here, but all three members of the Royal Court go down in a heap as Simon dives from the top turnbuckle with a crossbody. Masakazu shakes his head as he helps hiis father up from the pile. Simon holds at his still hurt ribs and smiles before getting Masakazu to help him roll Zout and Ross back into the ring. Bubba J shoves past them to pull Ross up, forearm before he shoves him into the ring. Masakazu and Simon smile before they roll Zout and RJ into the squared circle after Ross. Zout manages to get up as Simon and his son are getting into the ring. Zout kicks the ropes, nailing both of them in the crotch with the bouncing middle rope. Bubba J is up to his feet, but RJ delivers a blow to his balls with a double axehandle blow and Bubba J falls onto one knee. The referee manages to get Zout and RJ to their corner as Ryan rushes in from the ropes. Ryan with another Shining Wizard, but Bubba J blocks it by shoving him off and onto Simon and Masakazu?

Jeff Augustee: That isn't going to set well with the Order of Chaos.

Linzi Martin: I don't think he meant to.

Bubba J looks over, a look of shock on his face, he thought they were still on the outside of the ring. Bubba J comes over, pulling Kalis up to his feet, Simon smiles and nods that he is alright. The referee, Jason Sharownski, pushes Bubba J and Simon back to their corner; they go without any fuss. Masakazu lifts Ryan up to his feet.

Masakazu hits the From Japan with Love succession of inverted DDTs on Ross as Bubba J and Simon hit the ring again.

Jeff Augustee: MasaDriver!

Linzi Martin: Aren't I the one that is supposed to get all excited?

Masakazu hooks the leg for the cover as Simon and Bubba J prevent The Royal Court from interfering.




Ding! Ding! Ding!

Aubrey Jones: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winners of the match... The Order of Chaos and Bubba J!

The Order of Chaos remix of "Last Ones Left" hits as The Royal Court roll out of the ring, living to fight another day, but this battle is far from over.

Jeff Augustee: I don't think this is the last we will see of these six men, not by a long shot.

Linzi Martin: The only thing settled here tonight was a victory for Masakazu, Simon Kalis, and Bubba J. The war... is far from being over.

(C) PWA 2009